Managerial Menticide

Note: The Monday Taki post is up. The subject of it and today’s post is the new way to look at the system ruling over us. Of course, Sunday Thoughts is up behind the green door for those needing audio stimulation. Much of it is about the situation in Europe and the evolving Canadian dictatorship.

One of the problems with the Opposite Rule of Liberalism is that it relies on the old Left-Right dichotomy of American politics. This framing persists despite the fact that it is a vestige of a bygone era that no longer works today. The political divide is now between those who adhere to the basket of ideas called Western liberalism and those who defend the post-Marxist managerial state. The latter group is made up almost entirely of members of the ruling class.

In other words, we now live in a world divided by those in the system of control that hovers over the West and those who live under it. The Dirt People versus Cloud People framing is a much more honest, if a bit sarcastic, framework for the world. The ruling system is like a miasma that hangs over society, infecting the minds of the people and their relations with one another. We can see the elites at the top, just barely, but the system they control is all around us.

A big part of what ails society is this sense that things are not as they seem, but it is hard to get a read on why. That noxious miasma that lingers in every aspect of society often leads people to doubt their own senses. Their experience tells them things about the world and people in it, but everywhere they look they are getting messages telling them that what they think they see is not true. Instead, they are to believe something that is often the opposite of what they experience.

This is where the Opposite Rule continues to work. Those who are aware of the contradictions of daily existence can apply the rule to the information stream that comes from the system, filling the area around them. Whatever is in the air at the moment, start from some version of the opposite, and the truth will be near. The Opposite Rule of Liberalism is best restated as the Opposite Rule of Managerialism. This organic, self-aware system that rules over us is the opposite of truth.

A useful example comes from the daily barrage of “information” from the system about the crisis in Ukraine. Here is a story from the New York Times headlined, “Russia has been laying groundwork online for a ‘false flag’ operation, misinformation researchers say.” Note that this story is not behind the usual paywall, as they want wide circulation of it. Note also that the writer is one of the infants they employ to copy and paste material into “news reports.”

This news report starts with a news report from a European based group called European Expert Association, which is described as “a research group that focuses on security in Ukraine.” When you take a look at who these people are, it becomes obvious that they are Ukrainian activists. These are not neutral observers searching for the truth about the crisis. More important, when you look at their resumes you see all the familiar NGO’s that are pushing for war with Russia.

Of course, this is the New York Times, the first draft of history and the leader in the American news media. They do not just take this at face value. They hand it to a group called the Global Disinformation Index, a nonprofit “research” group. These are the go-to guys for the Times reports on misinformation and disinformation. To the shock of no one in the Times offices, the researchers at Global Disinformation Index confirmed everything said the European Expert Association.

The reason the Times was not surprised by what they heard back from the Global Disinformation Index is the person running it is Anne Applebaum. She is a notorious warmonger and neoconservative. Here she is advocating for the liquidation of the Afghanis and the Syrians as a “solution” to those problems. Applebaum is a big believer in what Stalin supposedly said about people causing problems for the regime. No man, no problem. Applebaum just scales it up.

Her partner in this enterprise is a Ukrainian activist named Peter Pomerantsev, who is probably on the payroll of a Western intelligence service. His biography does not pass the laugh test. His role in life has been to seed Western media with anti-Russian information dressed up as Ukrainian nationalism. The rest of the staff of the Global Disinformation Index all have an axe to grind with some enemy of the neocons, past, present or in the future.

The point of this walk through the swamps behind the ministry of disinformation is to illustrate how the new rule works. If a media outlet is claiming to root out disinformation, you can be sure they are not doing that. Instead, start with the assumption that they are waging a disinformation campaign. That is what you see in the New York Times story and any story containing the words “Global Disinformation Index.” Then you can begin to figure out what is really going on with the story.

Of course, the entirely new obsession with misinformation and disinformation by government and mass media is a big lie. Since forever, people have known that governments lie all the time. They have known that the media is partisan, a form of activism more often than not. Yet suddenly we are being told that the media and the government are now declaring war in false information. Since they are the only possible source of disinformation, this means war on themselves.

The big lie, for those unfamiliar, is a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. This is now the default tactic of the managerial state. They tell us that Eskimo truckers protesting vaccine rules are white supremacists. Then they bring in a “hate expert” to claim that freedom is a form of violence. These outlandish whoppers are then signed off on by new experts who sagely tell us the moon is made of cheese.

Unlike normal propaganda techniques, this new tactic is not to further a cause, although it can be used that way as we see with Ukraine. The neocons are simply taking advantage of a defense mechanism that has evolved since the Cold War. By flooding the zone with outlandish nonsense, the system prevents cogent analysis of what it is doing or contradicting it in any way. It is a form of menticide to paralyze the people by suspending them in a solution of false narratives.

This is the utility of the Opposite Rule. It helps clarify the new relationship between the leviathan and the people. Instead of viewing society as a hierarchical structure that is responsive to the will of the people, you see that it is an adversarial relationship between a ruling organism and the people. This ruling organism is the vast administrative state made up of government, corporations, the academy, non-profits and the mass media. It is a fully integrated organism.

The endless waves of information, mostly false information, is its primary defense mechanism against what it sees as a threat. That threat is the people over whom it hovers like a noxious cloud. The point of the false information is to keep the people in a fog of confusion about who really rules over them. You cannot rebel against that which you are not even sure exists. Menticide is the primary defense mechanism of this system of social control we call managerialism.

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166 thoughts on “Managerial Menticide

  1. “The three “journalists” were given a story by the State Department that claims Putin is organizing death squads for after the invasion. He plans to unleash these death squads on the LGBTQI+ community in Ukraine.”

    If only.

    • There isn’t an invasion.

      FFS there is an 8 year civil war going in the Ukraine and thousands of Russian troops have been in the Donbas since 2014.

      The situation today is no different than yesterday.

        • I realize you were joking, I was just pointing out the framing is complete BS. The place is ongoing 8 year warzone, not some gay version of switzerland.

          Still, stuff like that never got in the way of the fuckwits in the US press.

  2. This is all true and there’s a feel of mania and desperation to it. Like we’re heading for some kind of waterfall.

    • Now we know what it’s like to be inside the mind of a woman whose biological clock is ticking

      I attribute 90% or more perhaps to this manic feeling to the simple fact that women dominate the airwaves and culture and that same sensation and feeling that’s inside them as they get older and older and no one will make a kid with them. Time running out. They become ever more frantic. And I mean this not saying they wanted kids, but that there is this built in clock that finds expression somehow, some way. It manifests.

      On top of it, I think the boomers like hillary had this idea they would be alive to see their stupid utopia come to fruition but are now realizing, eh, probably not, you’ll be dead way before it happens if it ever does. So there’s that munchian horror to today’s mania.

      But yes, there is definitely the sense that lots of people feel the clock ticking in many areas of life and that time is simply running out.

      Provides additional insight into the Trump hatred, how he stole precious time from them that should have been used to further along their goals. But no, he had to come along like some big dumb ox and fuck up the program. And for that he must suffer and be punished until dead.

      • I think you’re hitting on something here. All kinds of emotions from these people are coming to a head. Especially with the boomers in charge. There’s a dichotomy. On the one hand they were terrified of the virus, of an existential end, literally stopping the world in an attempt to save themselves, yet on the other hand knowing that the end is near for them, and so horrified that the world will exist without “moi,” they would smash it all to pieces and turn it into a radioactive wasteland. It has the feel of a faithless people who are angry that they’re about to shuffle off to an oblivion of eternal blackness. A people who worshiped the essence of youth, only to find it lost like dusty old VHS tapes in a storage closet.

        • To paraphrase Terry Pratchett:

          You search for spells and amulets to hold off aging, partake in rituals, spend endless money on anti-aging medicine and seal yourself in a room covered with mystic symbols and Kabala writings.

          You lie back on your bed to sleep and Death says in your ear: “Dark in here isn’t it”.

  3. FWIW, Lawrence Tribe is on Twitter calling for the arrest of Carlson and Republicans, most of Fox News for “treason” and “insurrection” given Putin’s moves “against our ally Ukraine.” So there is that. And Trudeau is going to be selling off the seized trucks and campers and personal property of the protesters, with reportedly plans to seize the real estate, personal property, cars/trucks etc. of all the donors. So its escalating.
    And in such escalation charisma and leadership matter. Who looks at Trudeau, Ardern (“the lockdowns will like my mental illness never end!”), Scholz, Macron, Biden, Johnson, etc. as a leader? Someone trusted, to inspire and energize. Or even someone feared? Madame Ceaucescu sneered famously “let them hate so long as they fear” but the fear the Managerial State Eunuchs project is non existent. And this is the one great weakness of the Managerial Elite. They spread globally through inter-marriage, the same few Global Schools, and endlessly propagate the Davos line of the Great Reset, and elite ownership of working class girls as 14 year old whores (no lie, WEF is tweeting out that the age of consent must be LOWER than 13 for “human rights” ugh). But they anti-select for Charisma and leadership. Any amount of White male leadership is ruthlessly eliminated by the fake and gay Davos / Managerial class.
    It looks like with the latest China sanctions on US firms Lockheed and Raytheon and Putin recognizing the Donbass that we are going to have some form of War against BOTH Russia and China. And that makes all bets off — none of the chinless wonders above can operate when oil is not $100 a barrel but $200 and stays there for ten years. A Charismatic leader, who is trusted, can weather hardship (for a while anyway): Napoleon, Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Washington, and Churchill come to mind. And Biden, Trudeau, and Ardern are not that.

    • “Lawrence Tribe is on Twitter calling for the arrest of Carlson and Republicans, most of Fox News for “treason” and “insurrection” given Putin’s moves “against our ally Ukraine.” ”

      And just think about that. Tribe, that moron, is considered an intellectual heavyweight by the Cloud People.

    • Donald Trump pretended to be that in 2016.

      And got his head handed to him for his trouble.

      He’s only a few years older than me, and man, it’s hard to do a big paradigm shift at our age. But maybe the horse will learn to sing…

    • I watched a video of Klaus at some WEF function where Trudeau was the featured speaker. Klaus was on one side of the stage at a lectern, and Trudeau off to the other side in a sofa chair with, I believe, farid zakaria sitting opposite a coffee table.

      The way Klaus talked about Trudeau was much like how a sports ball team owner talks about a great new draftee. But you should have seen Trudeau, sitting there, and what came across loud and clear was that here was man with daddy issues. A young man desperate for a father’s approval. I usually don’t like to get into pop psychology stuff, but it was a textbook showcase. I think anyone who has raised a son could spot it from a mile away.

      Point being, they definitely go after these people who are emotionally vulnerable and needy of some kind of father figure, and they find it in ole Klaus. And he plays them to perfection, the cold hearted bastard he is.

  4. Speaking of front groups, behind Big Vaxx are government service providers:
    (Link for brevity)

    These companies(?) are on contract, and will fullfill their duration- so no “will of the people”, or politicians, or social results will stop the process.

    I don’t know how to describe this strata, except as a segregate culture and economy running in parallel with peoples’ economies. They have no visible product. We have no input or points of connection.

    How then, does the Dirt fight…a Cloud?

    • (PS- responding to a comment below, the small hats led the way and built the church, but now the Church of Big Lies is very, err, inclusive.

      It’s not just small hats any more, not by a long shot. Far too many joined the self-contained career ladder following the squeaky wheel.

      The Prince of Darkness has found many hosts on His frequency, and is making more. The bacteria have found the sugar in the Petri dish.)

  5. One does not need to posses extraordinary levels of prediction when your enemies trumpet what they are doing. Calls to arrest on “insurrection” various Republicans have been going on for almost six months from the Atlantic, Huffpost, the usual suspects. There is an attempt to disqualify one Republican in North Carolina on that matter. Those efforts are too sporadic and lack the scale and scope of national arrests required to keep the fig leaf of Democrats in Congress to rubber stamp the Brandon Regime’s plans. So it will be national, and the massive attempt to create a land war with Russia over Ukraine, gays, etc. is the fig leaf in turn for a declaration of martial law.

    Madame Ceaucescu once sneered, “let them hate, so long as they fear.” Yet no one fears: Brandon, Horse Lady Ardern, Trudeau (who bravely ran away), Macron, and the rest. They may hate them, particularly for financial ruin, but are not feared. Trudeau exempted blacks and other non Whites from any restrictions on protests. Once most/all White working and middle class internalize that they are ruled (and badly) by non-White occupiers their natural attributes will turn to other things. For example, there is a rush on to Monero and other crypto currency that ownership is harder to track. Not impossible, but likely too difficult at scale for say 100 million deplorables. Food is not getting any cheaper, wages are not going up, crime is not going down. And “The Lives of Others” shows why the Marxist system broke down in East Germany and how its breaking down now: even cossetted regime sympathizers like the writer-director will have things (a hot girlfriend) that others will covet and under that brutal system (and Trudeau’s dictatorship) means that elites eat each other.

    The 90,000+ people made financial untouchables, they are basically a standing army of ready made monkey-wrenchers with no motive to do anything else, given the statements of relentless pursuit and punishment. And this is not East Germany, the complexity of modern society means any concerted effort to spread out pain by highly motivated people is very difficult to stop. Its also a preview of the struggle ahead for those thoughtful.

  6. Thanks for introducing me to Joe Sobran, Z-man. I knew of him but never read any of his articles. He was an awesome writer and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  7. You want some Big Picture?

    The first priority of the bloodsucker (really it’s an imperative) is to remain attached to the host. If the host gets pissed one day and rips it off, throws on the concrete, and stomps its guts out; then that is the end of the bloodsucker.

    The second priority is to persuade some misguided alphas to hold the host’s arms behind his back so he can’t rip off the bloodsucker. Or alternately threaten the host with severe harm is he even thinks of ripping off the bloodsucker.

    The third priority is all about jockeying for the best site on the host for bloodsucking. Even parasites have a hierarchy and they are perfectly willing to backstab other parasites in hope of acquiring a fatter vein or artery.

    It really is this simple, and the reason why voting harder is just suicide in slow motion.

  8. “What do the Borg have to fear from the people?”

    Exactly nothing, as far as I can see. Elections are frauds and any protestors can be cancelled/jailed/deplatformed/debanked. Borg hold all the cards on use of physical and non-physical force and coercion.

    Dissidents are disorganized and have no leadership or organization. They have no way to really inflict PAIN on the individuals who rule and the cops who enforce that corrupt rule. The truckers inflicted economic pain and some media pain, but there is nothing to stop them from being crushed and thrown down the memory hole.

    The dissidents/protestors are too unorganized and TOO NICE.

    • This is why I’ve supported secession all these years. I knew the other side was simply too strong to defeat conventionally. This was always inevitable. I told everyone and no one listened. Of course, I was opposed in these efforts by a gaggle of boomers who merely want to die in their old age with the delusion they were going to take ‘Merica back any time — that when the shooting started the good guys would win because “we have all the guns.” Or that the military would protect us. Nope. Organization and commitment, and having the institutional high ground, are what matters. The right doesn’t have ANY of that.

      Because these people opposed independence back when it had a shot of working, you’ll probably live under a Trudeau like dictatorship, or worse, in the United States before the end of this decade. You guys don’t really think these people are willing going to give up power, do you? The guy up north didn’t even have a majority government when he imposed his rule. Forget the polls or voting trends. They’ll find a reason to deprive you of power. Period.

      And it could come as soon as that American trucker convoy reaches DC. Guess how they might spin that: InSurReCTioN! Seize their bank accounts! It’s all a Russian plot. Disinformation! “Deplatform” Fox News! Arrest protestors and their supporters! National emergency! Suspend elections, disqualify republicans for supporting InSurRecTioNisTS!

      If you’re under 40, your life is going to be a nightmare for the rest of it. Consult the lives of middle-aged Soviet peasants circa 1930 for how your life might shape up from here on out. Things didn’t have to be that way. Out there somewhere is a universe where conservatives, instead of being excuse-making spinless simpletons, split off their red states before Trump left office. That’s a free country where the far-left doesn’t exist and our people have a glorious and free future to leave to our children.

      • He has a massive majority government, you just can’t see the real party structure from the outside.

      • There’s just no way to HURT the people in charge PERSONALLY and they have so many ways to personally hurt the little people who may oppose them and prove themselves minor nuisances from time to time.

        The politicians and the controllers are totally protected and hold all the levers of power. The only way to get to them would have be highly illegal, paramilitary, mafia-like tactics.

        • Khazakstan proves you wrong, it just takes balls. They fucked those dudes up, burnt their houses down. Next thing you know, rich fucks are running to the airport. That’s coming here, sooner than you think.

  9. This is why I think environmentalism— as distinct from archaic John Muir “naturalism” or whatever— caught on in the control-freak post-60s Left coalition (which of course inherited a lot of guilty white Rockefeller Republican types), replacing 1930s prog enthusiasm for futurist gears and smokestacks. These are folks who don’t necessarily like going outside much, rarely to leave their urban theme parks, but it’s a romance of an idea: something happening far away from you not only affects you in some concrete sense, but in fact is a challenge to take up. Politically this works only so far, because average people can agree that something happening on Earth, or in the solar system, galaxy, etc. does affect them by virtue of living in the same galaxy. That’s just a kind of trivial pretext that feeds the invigorating delusion to the intellectual: “I observe this environmental scandal from
    The NY Times front page; it’s calling out to me; summon the justice leagues to do something about this.” The guy who loves power and controlling things but doesn’t want to start by controlling his own household, wants to skip that step (“leapfrogging” in Steve Sailer’s term) is destabilizing and malignant in any social setting, yet he’s a natural expert; per Troy McClure, it’s the part he was born to play, baby.

    • “but it’s a romance of an idea: something happening far away from you not only affects you in some concrete sense, but in fact is a challenge to take up.”

      This is the entire crux for the leaders of leftist philosophy (Not the mindless rabble, mind you. Just their demographic base). Pick a problem nowhere near you. Attach preening, self-righteous moralism to it. Manufacturer a date somewhere in the future (preferably a generation or two away so no one remembers the date decided on) by which something MUST be done about it, and voilà, you have created the thesis that will result in your desired synthesis. Of course, you will need an antithesis, but that is easy to achieve when the proponents of the antithesis are the same as the proponents of the thesis. Simplicity itself when you control the money, manufacturing, media, transportation, unions, military, government, law enforcement/organized crime, education, really anything necessary to pull off your schemes.

  10. Looks like some of Whiskey’s predictions are coming true. “Calls have emerged” [from whom?] to arrest anti lockdown MPP Randy Hillier. He was already expelled from the Conservative Party. In the federal House of Commons, the “debate” on keeping the Emergency Measures is currently taking place. Trudeau has painted anybody who votes against the extension as an “enemy of democracy”.

    Looks like they might just arrest the entire (completely anemic and useless) Conservative Party to ensure Trudeau’s bills pass. Whiskey has been saying that they’re going to arrest Republican politicians in DC.

    • Hopefully those Republicans will get the death penalty, so that there’s no chance for them to betray their base every again. I couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

    • B125: I’m so terribly sorry to see what White Canadians are having to go through. Hopefully more of them are learning, albeit far too late, that they cannot trust ‘their’ government and particularly not any of their LEOs. Breaking away from patriotism and love and trust of one’s country is extremely painful, and all of us here have gone through it. Once free, however, the pain is replaced by black amusement. I hate to say the truckers were naive, but they’re being taught a brutal but vital lesson.

      • If they are lucky they might even learn from it.

        Unfortunately, given the interviews I saw its not looking hopeful for most.

        • they keep playing the victim card

          spoiler alert, nobody cares. you either give the bully a bloody nose or he will keep beating you

      • I hope they’re learning, too. The police bootlicking and “Back the Blue” were common themes during the whole protest. I tried telling several different groups of people that the Blue are the State thugs – NOT the upholders of justice – and all I got were blank stares and uncomfortable fidgeting. Does not compute for most people apparently.

        These people still think (thought?) that the system considers them people. But actually, as a white person, your only duty is to line up willingly to be exterminated. The system is not ours anymore and we are not part of their future plans.

        People keep playing victim on Twitter, appealing to that non existent neutral arbiter. They’d better learn fast.

  11. Zman you must know very different white nationalists to me, Liberalism comes in a distant second place behind the tiny hat wearers. Also how can we be post-Marxist when we were never Marxist?

    Blaming Marxism and not Liberalism is an old paleo-con perspective, which it seems is what you really are.

    • Even the anti-Semites make this case. They just blame it on their favorite bogeymen. Post-Marx is a term of art to describe the evolution of Marxist thought beyond economic relationships into cultural constructs and relationships. This displaced the old American Progressivism that dominated from the 19th century through the end of the Cold War. The paleos have contributed to this with their analysis of the managerial state, but it is not solely a paleo concept.

      And yes, I draw greatly from the paleos because their analysis has been correct, with regards to the evolution of the managerial state. Being right strikes me as important.

    • Every Ed Dutton piece is pretty cool. He sometimes spreads the autism definition outward in too many directions (For example, I heard him speculate that Margaret Thatcher was autistic. No, she only had a very logical mind and preferred the company of men as her advisors without all the female drama. Can’t blame her for that.) But otherwise, he is able to explain so much of our present state from a biological/evolutionary vantage that makes sense and, unfortunately, makes this mess seem inevitable.

    • A million years ago, I described this as edgytarianism. The Right-egdytarian puts his right foot on the line of acceptable right-wing content and his left foot inside the line. The challenge is to side stepping as the line moves left. Gavin McInness stumbled and found himself outside the line and anathematized.

      The left-wing variant puts his left foot outside the line on the left and his right foot on the line. His challenge is to keep up with the line as it moves left. If he gets overtaken, he stops being edgy in interesting. Bill Maher used to do this act, but he has now flipped over to the other side..

  12. My opinion is that we’ve been living in a dictatorship for a long time, that’s masquerading as “liberal democracy”. They simply had no need to use force or vote rigging during the 1945-2020 period. TV and print media had a stranglehold on public opinion, and life was good – even with the worst event, demographic change of major cities, the vast majority of whites were able to pack up and move unharmed into the suburbs. There was also Vietnam, but, again, none of the events seriously threatened the legitimacy and control of the false left-right liberal democratic system.

    Today we have the internet and alternative media. They’ve been trying to censor it, but millions and millions are able to access different points of view and different narratives. MSM is screaming louder and more hysterically than ever, yet it is moving the needle less than ever. If the MSM was this wild in 1970 all the anti vaxxers would have been rounded up and shot by the concerned population. No matter how much they scream, I only get glimpses of the MSM when I pass a TV with the news playing and spend more time on places like Z Blog.

    We also have declining living standards. People are starting to feel that they have nothing to lose. The working class has been especially affected and it’s creeping up to the middle class now too. Average salary in Canada is 60,000$, average house price is 800,000$ (and much much more in major cities). Middle white collar class is finding out the hard way that they aren’t actually special or better than the nasty blue collar workers. Trudeau is throwing wild threats around, however it’s again moving the needle less than it would have 50 years ago. Many of the “anti vaxxers” are already living on the margins of society – a frozen bank account probably isn’t that big a deal.

    The importation of millions of tribal third worlders has helped observant white people, which is another negative for the ruling class. I have learned alot about how to play the game from indians, chinese, and muslims. Based on what I’m seeing from various white people, others are noticing too and applying it to various social networks (ie. church, job networks, etc). White liberals (the useful idiots of the managerial state) are very poorly suited to the poorer and tribal future we’re heading for.

    “Liberal democracy” is dead and it will die with the Boomers. We don’t really know what the future will look like, but it will be radically different than what we knew in the past. I’m not calling for unrealistic optimism, but there are alot of people who don’t buy into the entire system anymore.

    • “My opinion is that we’ve been living in a dictatorship for a long time, that’s masquerading as “liberal democracy”.”

      I sometimes play a mental game and try to pinpoint the date of the transition to full-blown dictatorship. The end of the Second World War is a pretty good guess but I suspect it really started with widespread broadcasting, which was quickly controlled via licensing to use as propaganda, so around the previous world war is my starting point.

      The inability to control the narrative and the widespread dismissal of the State’s propaganda has it on edge (Zelensky certainly is thinking, “these people are nuts”). I would be in total despair but/for this White Pill and several others like it. Our lives will be made miserable, but these monsters may not be long for it.*

      *The caveat is the State may take us all out with them via a nuclear war. Most of the crap with Ukraine is stupid and superficial but the reckless behavior toward a nuclear power is the one thing to give pause. These are religious fanatics, after all, and a worldwide Jonestown is not out of the question.

    • Oh, and one more thing. Don’t be surprised at the state’s escalation. They will escalate up to and including shooting all white dissidents on sight

      • IMO, low tech pushback will be more effective because it causes constant irritation that leads to capitulation, like the water dripping on stone method employed by 5 year olds wanting to go to Disneyland, repetitive irritations frequently end with, OK fine, ask you father, if its ok with him its ok with me. What if the food supply contracts for feeding government military suddenly ended, what if all restaurants were closed (note I said all), what if there were no tires available nor service technicians to change them, etc. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the pebble in your shoe.

        • Parents tend not to imprison their children and shoot them in the head after too much complaining.

          • Both the US and Canada are well armed. Neither are ready to start shooting and take power but remember even Jews fought back .

            Bad Whites aren’t as prone to going Masada either and don’t value martyrdom.

            However going from rioting to civil war is not an easy choice to make. Its not there yet though Trudeau might push Canada there.

            Also bad whites make up most of the people who operate trucks, make food and such are Bad Whites. Lefties are stupid enough to try and shoot people but that is fast track to the end of everything.

      • B125: Agreed. The state cannot allow open and effective opposition to go unpunished. The Canadian truckers had too many allies and sympathizers, and took extraordinary efforts not to fall into the ‘evil notsee’ media trap. What we really need to see is sub-rosa coordination of crucial White workers (water, electric power, etc.) that would affect thousands of people.

        The problem is that, even if those sanding or breaking gears could trust one another not to turncoat, their own wives would never be on board. If they cannot even get police officers’ families socially isolated and shunned, there’s no way they can or will coordinate any effective opposition.

        • That’s because the truckers made the same mistake the alt-right made: fighting the enemy on their turf. It’s an uphill battle. Ottawa is a leftist city just like Charlottesville is. All successful rebellions have a base of support where the local populace is sympathetic. Provinces like Alberta could organize their own boycotts and blockades from their side, from a position of strength where the authorities are more likely to be sympathetic to the local population. That stands a much better chance of success than a disorganized charge up the enemy’s high ground.

          • Your comment is precisely why I think the DC convoy is already in trouble.

            On top of that, their well-publicized route runs through the blue state of Colorado and blue hive of Denver. I can see the state of Colorado using their police and national guard to shut the convoy down there.

            I also don’t like the fact they’re traveling through blue Illinois, even though the southern part they pass through are red counties.

          • There were tons of people from out of town, the nearby rural areas, and other provinces. The city was swarmed with supporters of the convoy. A handful of counterprotesters here and there, but pathetic in their minuscule numbers and weak looking appearance soy boys and neurotic shrimpy gender studies broads, miscellaneous, all masked up and with unfunny, lame signs and chants and no Canadian flag in sight. I think the convoy succeeded much more than it is given credit for.

    • B125, vote rigging is old in America. Your dating is merely acknowledging the new height it reached in the US in 2020. In 2020 it was audacious, and worse—wide spread and decentralized.

      My first experience with such fraud was in the1960 election between JFK and Nixon. Nixon lost Illinois thanks to mayor Daily and his machine registering cemeteries. That cost him the presidency. Daily gave Nixon Illinois in 1968 by busting heads during the DNC convention, so I guess it’s sort of a draw.

      As an aside here in AZ, the fraud findings are eye opening, but no takers for investigation and prosecution. The GOP officials, Gov on down, will do nothing. A private investigative organization was hired to investigate fraud and turned up an interesting finding. They did the same thing the Dem’s did for Jan 6 rioter’s arrests—obtain cell phone records to fix on time and triangulation of location of individuals around our “drop boxes”.

      Turns out over 200 “suspicious” cell phones were repeatedly tracked to these drop box locations multiple times and during late night hours. Further, some of these cell phones visited multiple boxes and were then traced to several “non profit” charitable activist organizations. Some or these organizations were recipients of outsider money from some of the gazillianares we often talk about who contributed millions in donations to these “local” organizations.

  13. I usually take the “opposite rule of liberalism” as a bit of tongue in cheek playfulness. But then I read stuff like this from the freedom is violence article linked above:

    “For many, freedom is a malleable term — one that’s open to interpretation.

    That flexibility, in part, has fuelled its growth among certain groups, said Barbara Perry, director of the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism at the Oshawa-based Ontario Tech University.

    “It is a term that has resonated…. You can define it and understand it and sort of manipulate it in a way that makes sense to you and is useful to you, depending on your perspective,” she told Cross Country Checkup.”

    Absolute pure projection on their part. They do this all the time. The manipulation of language is a cornerstone in how they operate. Like their supposed love of “democracy” which is anything they happen to agree with at the moment. It’s like they are just jealous and are thinking “hey, misleading people is our job!!”

    • Freedom is a noun that derives from the verb “to free.” “To free” has a concrete meaning: A bird, for example, is in a cage, I open the door and free it. Nominalizations are often fuzzy words, wherein each person goes inside their head and finds their own meaning. Your freedom’s meaning is not my freedom’s meaning. Further those meanings are a combination of innate biochemistry, experience and the installation via society/media. That’s way liberty, democracy, brotherhood, salvation, etc. are very useful words, they fit just right as the size self-morphs to the beholders form.

  14. It ain’t patty cake anymore. Things are about to get real. Like an innocent standing on the beach facing an oncoming tsunami, you will not be saved by an erudite understanding of the Big Picture. They want to sow despair and it’s handmaiden, surrender and subservience. But this is how you fight back.

    Kill your TV and stop rubbing feces into your eyes & ears. Get to a safe place and survive the coming Crazy. Wait for the fog of chaos. That is when the Jackboots will be least formidable and effective because they will be tied up quelling the mobs. Use your hereditary blessings of intelligence, creativity, and innovation. Use what you know and do everyday. Be the unexpected bolt from the blue. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to sure. Emergent behavior will do the rest.

    • Hear, hear! I’d love to hear from the folks that down voted this comment. You have a better plan? Vote harder? What a maroon.

      • Let’s start with the basics. What do you want power for?

        Once you get that done, move on.

        First Principles isn’t just for engineering.

      • TomA, among others, seem to be oblivious to the reality that the American empire exists because of it’s banking system, not it’s military. The jackboots of the federal government are nerds with glasses, not camo-wearing gun-toters. The real power in America is wielded by people working for the FDIC, IRS, SEC, Federal Reserve and Treasury. The way to undermine the system is not by randomly shooting LEOs, but by living without cards or checks (or, as a stretch goal, without taxable income). If you’re using a card to purchase ammo, you’ve completely misread your situation.

        • Who said anything about “randomly” shooting LEOs? Are you crazy? That is not the road to salvation in any scenario. If you read my prior postings, you will see that I have counseled avoiding them whenever possible. They want the plebs at the bottom of the social pyramid to fight each and die in large numbers so as to eliminate as many alphas as possible. Use your brain and you can figure where the focus properly belongs.

    • I am inclined to what you prescribe; already working on being less fat and more fit and thinking “sand in gears.” Forgive my ignorance and remind me again what the four “S”s are.

      • If you want a super basic safe thing try some of those “I did this.” Biden stickers and use them. Its actually very effective money wrenching. Not destructive, not violent

        Of course you’ll get permission first 😉

    • We wouldn’t have to run away and hide like cowards if we had supported and organized around a red state independence movement back when it had a shot at working. Of course, you were one of the main opponents here on this blog.

      >My solution: secede, or at least attempt it, and (maybe) live in peace.

      >Your solution: do nothing, run away, hope other people fight our battles for us, lose and certainly live in a tyranny for the rest of our lives.

      That’s why the right lost — spineless, disorganized, hyper-individualistic, unimaginative, hopelessly brainwashed with archaic dogmas. It’s honestly hard to feel sorry for the right at this point. Maybe the other side deserves to win? They certainly want it more. This side just wants to grill, chill, and get along. Whatever they say to the contrary is merely window dressing. Prepping, getting off the grid, fantasies of boomer gun club rebellions that other people fight, Civil War 2 talk = excuses to do nothing.

      • Omegatron Variant: While I share your frustration, I think you are tarring with a rather broad brush. People discussing preparing for social and economic instability, or looking to relocate to more rural areas, are not precisely ‘running away.’ It’s hard to expect a man to fight when his family is directly at risk – one of the reasons every modern TEOTWAWKI book runs with the theme that the LEOs will all be AWOL after the first few days because they’ll be off looking after their own families first. For this same reason I believe the totally social rather than legal act of shunning LEOs’ families would make an enormous impact – but it’s not ‘nice’ and thus would need to be enforced by men against the protestations of their wives.

        As far as secession, best of luck. I don’t think a single state or even county has a plethora of White people willing to coordinate to even attempt it. In this I agree with Tom A – people are still too comfortable, still convinced that if they keep their heads down, somehow no one will come for them and their children. They’re wrong, but you’ll never convince them of this. Thus we all wait on reality to reassert itself. When that occurs . . . who knows? Hope I live to see it.

      • “Of course, you were one of the main opponents here on this blog.”

        I think you have me mistaken for someone else. I have never expressed opposition to secession. Go for it. I hope you succeed. And as to the rest of the whining about things you find disheartening, a better use of your time might be to work on a solution that you can get behind, and then spread the word.

      • When the state wants to destroy someone, they start by cutting him off from the financial system. Secession doesn’t address this. The root of federal power is trade in dollars. Secession without an alternative currency that blacklists trade in dollars is pointless. Until, you get off the dollar, you will be beholden to the dollar system. Secession and guns won’t do a thing for you in the meantime.

  15. The likely Nash Equilibrium in all this probably looks like Bartertown in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. The Dirt People will achieve some stable equilibrium with the Cloud People through their control of basic yet essential thermodynamic processes: energy generation, farming and transport. It’s going to take a general strike. But the point will be made and The Cloud folks will turn their attention to inventing 24 new genders or worry about women’s rights in Uganda.

    Meanwhile, the “hive mind” phenomenon amongst the journalists and managerial elite has become self-organizing and “emergent”, as Zman has suggested in prior essays. Yes, there are examples of directed propaganda like the one he writes about today. But the insidious ones need no direct input.

    The acerbic and astute Substack pundit Freddie Deboer attributes this phenomenon to intra-elite competition. Once the moral and political positions of the Overlords have been set, the drones in “journalism/management” commence to fight amongst themselves to see who among them can most prominently proclaim the “party line”. As Deboer points out, this explains the Covidian episode pretty weIl.


    • “intra-elite competition…”
      “has become self-organizing and “emergent””.

      Comments like this are so good it makes me regret my nattering on about the immaterial, “spiritual” aspect. So not practical…yet.

  16. “Freedom is a form of violence.” Yes, and Liberty is racist, the statue has to go.
    Maybe replace her with George Floyd?

    • The Left is correct here. The driver for personal freedom over tradition and morality is what got us into this mess. Well that and the incessant lust for cheap labor

      Easy Divorce, Abortion on Demand, Birth Control for the unmarried, Porn, Legal Weed, Free Speech on Campus and for under 21. All of these things made people more free but in so doing harmed society.

  17. Triple size / ultimate whopper: your government and media are not lying to you and your best interest are foremost in mind.

    • Spot on as usual, SISL. Just one teency little addition – Triple size/ultimate whopper: your government and media are not lying to you and your best interests are foremost in mind, COMRADE.

  18. Speaking of the managerial state, I’m about halfway through The Report from Iron Mountain.

    This is a thin tome published in the late 60s that purports to be the output of an expert group that was asked to study the potential effects of genuine peace and disarmament on the US.

    The Establishment has widely dismissed this book as a satire and a hoax.

    To me it reads like a precise explanation and justification of the operating principles of the modern endless war society.

    • Washington (the President) warned against “foreign entanglements,” Eisenhower against the MIC. Now the US is dominated by both interests.

    • By the way, Iron Mountain is a former mining town in Michigan, very close to Canada. The old mines were repurposed for records storage. (Been there, too. Nice.)

  19. I’ve been currently watching the John Hurt version of Orwell’s 1984 on Hulu.

    38 years ago, the ascending left was using Orwell to cast a light on the rigidity of thought that can occur when any ideology becomes orthodoxy. They were then in the “taking over the institutions” phase of the revolution, so they successfully used terms like “Newspeak” and “Thought Criminal” to convince us all that anal sex with just fine, that races that were in the stone-age a couple of centuries ago are exactly the same, and that Christians were horrible prudes. In their
    mind it was the far-right that controlled everything and it was their duty to speak “truth to power”. (They still believe this).

    Yet here we are, and the mainstream media is essentially accusing normal working class truck drivers of “newspeak” by “abusing” the word freedom (IE using it the way freedom is actually meant).

    The elites have fully become IngSoc and have gotten so good at being IngSoc that they can convince the proletariat that THEY are IngSoc.

    It’s insane lol

    • I strongly think that Orwell was actually writing about what was already happening around him at the time from his experience with govt and people he knew in the newspapers.

      How information was managed, created and redefined continually.

      He was good friends with David Astor, had many links to people who worked out of the SOE and later British Intel, as well as newspaper owners. He married just before he died to a woman who worked at the British Information Research Department (an information warfare part of the FO) and assigned his copyright to them just before death.

      As to the purpose, who knows.

      • I strongly think that Orwell was actually writing about what was already happening around him at the time

        Indeed – he said as much himself. I’ve heard that Orwell wanted to call the book 1948 (the year it was published) but that his editor prevailed upon him to be less on the nose.

          • I meant how far back?

            Pre-war maybe?

            I actually mean this in a real sense, not just the Fed and Wilson, but a unified intentional inner/outer party dialectic and prole management across the important areas of the west.

          • Good question. You hear all kinds of origin-points thrown around but certainly pre-war, probably pre-WWI.

          • That is a very interesting question. Here is a link to a post that, beyond its potential usefulness in comprehension of the political forces operant in Canada today, traces the deep connections between present trends to the intentions of elites going back as far as to the Eugenecism/World Socialism movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries. An important character in the rise of technocratic authoritarianism in Canada was Pierre Trudeau. The post necessarily gets down in the weeds because the decades long, patient infiltration of governance, academia, science, etc. was very self-consciously conspiratorial. Parallels from Pierre’s rule to today are very interesting.

            Plot spoiler: after the 30 year interval had passed after Pierre’s passing, when the dossier documenting his time and deeds would have supposedly been available for public access, it was discovered that the archives had been destroyed. Well, well.

            This is worth a read in my estimation, in the spirit of the Talking Heads, “Well, how did I get here?”


          • 33° Masons?The Illuminati?
            Look, it’s simple. Human society is hierarchical; and nobody likes being lower than the next guy. There’s a reason Hobbes’s thought experiment works and that’s because everybody draws on their own experience to grasp the war of all against all. The Arabs generalize it thusly: I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousins; our family against the tribe; our tribe against their tribe; and so on. Just like the turtles, it’s conflict all the way down.

          • @maus
            You forgot the ancients of Mu. Waving your hands around like its natural is just stupid.

            We are not talking about hierarchy.

            We are talking about an inner set of people, in authority positions who appear to be involved in some supra-national entity, who, since at least ww2 have systematically and consistently operated to destroy the entire western world against the interests of the rest of the people in those nations. They have done this with consistently applied conditioning and redefinition of language to aid in that behavior.

            This is not a normal hierarchy situation and has no precedent in history.

            To not consider this as an outlier that needs examination is indulging in a conspiracy of coincidence that is so improbable as to be ridiculous.

        • “I’ve heard that Orwell wanted to call the book 1948 (the year it was published) but that his editor prevailed upon him to be less on the nose.”

          I’ve read that it was his wife. The story was that he was having trouble coming up with a name, so she suggested that he transpose the 48 to 84.

  20. The Hive may have replaced the Left, but the Hive’s problem is the same problem the Left has always had: They can’t see the obvious consequences of their positions. It just doesn’t compute for that fascist up in Canada, for instance, that taking away all possible means of nonviolent protest might not lead to total, docile compliance. He has asked himself “What else are they gonna do, not just stand there and have their lives ruined”? And he can’t think of an answer.

    The same way, Stalin’s quip about problem solving goes both ways. Should any individual cell in the Borg suddenly find itself on the receiving end of the kind of treatment the Borg metes out… but no, that’s impossible, because none of our experts has even considered the possibility. Therefore, it doesn’t exist.

    • What if the Hive is perfectly aware of what they are doing?

      What if they are simply gambling on the belief that they, rather than the protestors, have the critical mass required to impose their diktats on the populace?

      • “What if they are simply gambling on the belief that they, rather than the protestors, have the critical mass required to impose their diktats on the populace?”

        Sounds like the irresistible force/immovable object problem.

        • The populace/immovable object is too busy having Super Bowl bacchanalia in every neighborhood in America. A trip to the grocery store Super Bowl Sunday morning filled me with despair at the happy chatter inevitably regarding “dip for this evening.” The worst was two little children happily announcing to all and sundry that they were “getting ready for our Super Bowl party.”

          All this, as Canadian truck drivers were in the brutal cold were risking their livelihoods, bank accounts, and custody of their children (I read that the government was preparing to possibly remove the truckers’ kids from their homes). Professional sports – opiate of the asses.

      • They already have.

        – most truck drivers are compliant immigrant slaves. they will just import more to replace the unvaxxed drivers and “fix” the driver shortage
        – critical mass of voters has been reached in Canada that Trudeau will never lose another election. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are full of non-whites and that’s enough for him to win. He doesn’t need “your” vote.
        – when all else fails just fraud your candidate into office. Calgary “elected” some Punjabi commie with a mixed race trans child, that nobody voted for.

        Any kind of election is now meaningless. Not saying this to demoralize it just is what it is.

        • Most likely possibilites I see:

          1. Overlords crush and win. They pretty much control all financial leverage and most of the violence, normy not very likely to rise off of his couch to risk life and limb.

          2. Could escalate. Not much other choice for the downtrodden but to escalate at this point if they want to win. Maybe pull a reverse possum (“give up” the visible protest, and go the boycott/price-cott route and inflict pain).

          3. Outside foreign intervention takes over. Having ruined any pretense of cohesion, a foreign power (or powers), if it so desired, could waltz in and take what they want under pretense of restoring order, blah blah. Not necessarily what I see for Canada, but somehting like that happening to the US down the line is not outside the realm of possiblity. We are well on the way to self-destruction. At some point (like a dropping stock price) someone will come in to swoop up for the gains. Just too many goodies here to let them go to waste. The right suitor might not even find that much resistance from a significant contingency of the population.

          Regardless of what happens, the Convoy has been yet another episode of veil tearing. In particular, the veil that the cops are your friends. NO – cops, like the military, will follow orders. If the order is “shoot mommy and baby” they will shoot mommy and baby.

          • Long-term laying low will not work if they manage to implement the digital ID and CBDCs tied to your social credit score.

            They will program the CBDCs to decay at say, 5% for every day you are not actively participating in pro-regime activities.

          • My guess is #1. The protests were very important and alot of fun, but didn’t really get the sense that the people there were “serious” or capable of getting “serious” (if you catch my drift). Lots of fat rednecks drinking and revving their engines. Repeatedly talking about how they’re not racist. Basically the NASCAR crowd that the regime loves to paint as the “racists”. In reality, the true, serious “real racists” are not the NASCAR crowd.

            Don’t know if there are enough serious people to do anything. I’m not aware of any. My guess is #1 but a temporary removal of provincial vax passports before they bring them back in some form in the fall. Federal mandates stay. State of Emergency maintained during gun grab. More people realize the regime is rotten and focus more on their local groups rather than federal politics.

            But we will see.

      • That’s probably what Great Britain thought when confronted with those deplorable colonists in the 1770s. We’ve got the navy; we’ve got the redcoats; we’ve got the tea and manufactured goods. This’ll be over in a snap.
        As Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke intimated in 1871, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. I suspect the Borg are in for a shock, but there’ll be plenty of pain and anguish to sober everyone involved.

  21. After reading the Taki piece and media’s inability to question anything given to them by their government handlers, I thought which headline would be more believable in the real world?

    1. “Russia invades country X to arrest, imprison, and execute LGBTQ+s!!!”

    2. “The USA invades country X to arrest, imprison, and execute those who oppress LGBTQ+s!!!”

    To ask the question is to answer it, and honestly, the US has been doing #2 for a couple decades now.

    • They really appear to be going all in with, “Alphabet soup camps,” as the Ukrainian version of Iraqi WMDs.

      Is it just me or are the stars nearly right?

      • Alphabet soup camps!

        I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that one. I can smell the nostalgia. Poor King Hamman is spinning in his grave.

        Professionals with a time machine would cap Rosseau…
        but a true Ascended Master would sort out Richard Kemper.

        (The dodgy communist lawyer at Nuremberg who claimed all the evidence for the Holy Altar Fire were unwritten conversations he overheard at Wannsee.)

        Jaffa posited that Lincoln was the Second Founding.

        We Boomers can affirm that the mythical Holy Altar Fire was the Third Founding.

        As Citizen said, it ruined them, even as it ruined us- and the moral pillar of fantasy victimhood pulls all amitious opportunists, eventually, under its sway. It’s just too easy not to do.

  22. In the same way that those who claim to be fighting against “hate” frequently appear to be the most hateful folks alive, those who claim to oppose “disinformation” are often among its most persistent purveyors. Another Opposite Rule may be this: the more vehemently people claim to oppose some pronounced evil, the more likely they are to be guilty of committing that evil themselves. The psychological term for that phenomenon is PROJECTION.

    • I doubt it’s projection, rather than very conscious and deliberate, a strategy to pre-emptively discredit any accusations. “Felix? Rape? Noooo way, he can never shut up about how much he hates rapists.”

      Accusing whitey of hate and racism is a way to confuse him about the hate and racism constantly leveled at him.

      • It’s a mix. Some people are undoubtedly employing deliberate deception to gaslight the normies. To one extent or another, it’s a conscious strategy to subvert civilization. Nevertheless, dysfunctional people have a habit of warring against their inner demons by externalizing and attributing those demons to society itself. They genuinely cannot face ugly truths about themselves and consequently project. Do you think that many of the Antifa goons are self-aware enough to realize that they are actual hateful little goblins merely pretending to fight against hate on behalf of some larger strategy? Seems unlikely. Most of them are probably true believers (self-deluded, in other words). Those funding Antifa, however — that’s a different matter. I suspect the financiers are deliberate saboteurs.

        • “Most of them are probably true believers … [but] those funding Antifa [are] a different matter.”

          I separate them into the cattle being stampeded and those who are consciously organizing and initiating the stampedes. Once I realized this, I found that I didn’t hate the cattle anymore. Justified hatred requires sapience. One doesn’t hate mountain lions or Ebola virus particles, in spite of the necessity to energetically ensure that they remain far away from those you love.

  23. > “European Expert Association”

    When I first read this I thought Z Man was just being pithy and sarcastic with their organization’s name. No one could be that arrogant and out of touch, right? Then I clicked the link. Good grief.

    Just like no one who has to tell everyone he is King is really king, no one who has to tell everyone he’s an expert is an expert.

    • It recalls the old days of Marxist banana republics where every one of them had at least two of “democratic”, “people’s”, or “republic” in their name. The day the Navy SEALs start calling themselves “The Elite Navy SEALs” we will know that they are no longer elite.

  24. My progressive, academic town’s online bulletin board was full of laughter and ridicule this morning at word that “some racist truckers” may be looking to replicate the lorry drivers up there in the “Great White Racst North.” One poster pointed out that “This is the USA not wimpy Canada” where an American “freedom convoy” will quckly get busted and wil be “January Sixthed”. Many online posters cheered. I don’t usually find these retainers of the managerial state so frank in their expression of contempt for the Delorables.

    Like the Borg of Star Trek fame, resistance to the managerial state would seem to be futile. What do the Borg have to fear from the people? An election? Some protestors? Dissidents who can be canceled at the drop of a pink pussy hat? World developments will eventually crush our budding American dictatorship, but the dictator class and their smug, arrogant, progressive retainers aren’t worried about it. Lacking a rocket to send me on my intergalalctic way before Krypron explodes, I’m stocking up on toilet paper.

    • ask the bolsheviks at their show trials, what they had to fear. the word of the day is “internecine”.

    • > One poster pointed out that “This is the USA not wimpy Canada” where an American “freedom convoy” will quckly get busted and wil be “January Sixthed”.

      These jokers hide behind their zoom calls and always expect someone to do the dirty work on their behalf.

      • Well, they ability to terminate someone’s financial existence remotely certainly reduces the importance of doorkickers as a limiting factor in their program.

        • I think about the Solzhenitsyn quote a lot, to paraphrase, about what if everyone had made sure to take a couple hacks with an axe to the secret police each time they went out for the night to make their arrests, ensuring there was always the risk they too wouldn’t make it home.

          How can you live up to what is a very reasonable call to defense in those circumstances, when you’re dealing with keystrokes instead of kicked in doors?

        • I lament that I, but alas, have only one upvote to give. The default enforcement mechanism of the managerial class isn’t force of arms but access to markets, via use of financial institutions. There are a lot of dissidents that are slow on the uptake about this, but the theater of the culture war is the marketplace and the arms are dollars. Stockpiling ammo is worthless because our rulers aren’t going to fight on that terrain.

          (As an aside, there are roughly 60 mil. rural Americans, but only 1.3 mil active duty Armed forces and approximately 600k LEOs. Obviously, TPTB are at an extreme numerical disadvantage in a hot conflict. However, most rural people can only make money by selling raw materials to the Borg, who in turn can afford to freeze them out of the market one at a time, then buy them out in bankruptcy. This the most effective way of defeating the managerial class would be to pay down debts more rapidly instead of buying ammo.)

    • As noted elsewhere, the US truckers could park their rigs en masse in private lots and just not work for few weeks. Unhideable shortages appear, and they have leverage.

      Instead, it looks like they’re going to go down the Canadian trucker route. Maybe softer? It’s a LARP, really.

      The managerial state has made the idea of labor so toxic to normal people, the concept of a work slowdown or stoppage just never crossed their minds.

      • Agree in principle, but it’s far easier for morale when everyone is congregating together and holding each other accountable. That’s far harder to do in a distributed space. It’s also much better visual propaganda for the cameras.

        There were some successes, the pilots sick-out being a prime example. Most right-wing organizations don’t have the cohesion to work in coordination to wreck the system in subtle, annoying ways yet though.

        • I agree.

          I should’ve written “organized labor”, ie, unions. (Private sector).

          There’s leadership, skin in the game, and accountability. There’s something the cameras can be pointed at, which is paramount.

          Most importantly, they’re 100% legal, and have oceans of regulations and government agencies that exist to protect them.

          Historically formed in coal country where both private companies and the federal government forces would unite to crack heads. Sound familiar?

          (Not saying that they can’t be crooked as F. But leviathan ain’t going to stop without pushback, and selfies in Ottawa and swiping speaker podiums isn’t effective.)

        • True, but they should go to someplace else. Gum up a Red State capital until the squishes running that state agree to champion your demands, for example.

      • ProZNov-

        Yes, and it could be very low effort by focusing on deliveries of critical goods. Taking such non-action would eventually impose far higher costs on the Bolsheviks.

        The only thing achieved in Ottawa was the perfect cover for the govt to vastly expand its emergency powers and ability to seize assets.

        The MSM blackout and spin effectively limited awareness and ensured few conversions among normies.

        I believe that jurisdictions that claimed to roll back restrictions are merely playing possum for now.

      • Not even necessarily a work stoppage. A sudden “price equalization premium” to combat White Privilege to deliver particular goods and sundries to Ottawa or other places of “White Privlege” would do the trick. Why shouldn’t a Starbucks Tall Cafe Americano cost $35 (Canadian) in Ottawa?

        Stopped up toilet in an MP’s flat? $54,000.00 (Canadian). Want me to tow that truck or tractor? $459,000.00 (Canadian)(up front for government clients).

      • It strikes me as a LARP, appealing to the sort of people that attended Trump rallies and nattered on about Q. They appear to be attention-seekers and grifters, since their website claims they’re demanding an end to national state of emergency. I agree that COVID panic is well past the use-by date, but honestly federal law and regulation about COVID guidelines and restrictions are pretty much dead letter. Compliance is pretty much optional. Moreover, ending the federal guidelines won’t do anything for state guidelines, which are the ones that have more teeth.

        If these protestors wanted to make a point, they should blockade DC until the Jan 6 protestors are released. That they’re focusing on a purely symbolic victory that has no practical value should tell you everything you need to know about these clowns.

      • ProZNoV: Spot on. The American truckers
        lost me when they proudly advertised their ‘protest’ as diverse and multicultural (I don’t recall the precise terms they used but that was the very clear gist). Going to DC with its black LEOs and all the security fences is mere theater. All they really need to do to have an affect is, as you noted, park somewhere in rural America and stop delivering goods. Another benefit of this would be the ability for supporters to get them money and supplies without going through modern tech or the US mail.

        Everyone is fixated on the idea that if they somehow make a large enough public and ‘peaceful’ protest, their dear leaders will ‘hear’ their woes and undertake change. The very mindset is so alien to me as to be incomprehensible.

    • imbroglio: I may be alone in wanting to see Putin or the Norks crash our grid, but I’m utterly sincere. I honestly don’t see any other way out of Clown World for normal, decent White people.

  25. Thanks for the Taki piece. Sobran’s Hive has been a particular favorite of mine and keeping the memory of Joe S. alive for the next generations is good work. Prescient guy, as are you sir!

  26. Zman normally your on the ball but this has to be the strangest thing you’ve ever written.

    ‘The political divide is now between those who adhere to the basket of ideas called Western liberalism and those who defend the post-Marxist managerial state.’

    In the English speaking world the political philosophy that rules our life, our parents and their parents going all the way back to the Glorious Revolution of 1688, is Liberalism. As it is a progressive ideology it keeps changing because variety or change is a defining feature of our civilization. . The managerial state is the outgrowth of classical liberalism, not it’s enemy.

    Liberalism is the source of our problems, not the solution to them.

    • This is popular talking point among white nationalists, but it is without foundation. We live in post liberal societies that are best described as post-Marxist, because they are increasingly defined by the post-Marx or cult-Marx ideas that evolved in the last century. There is no direct line from Locke to Marcuse, Freud and so on.

      • I’ll say it again: thank you for pushing back against this narrative. These crypto-commies that hide behind pro-white ideology are pushing hard on this false dialectic. Just as they did in the early days of the Holocough these guys are saying that natural rights and liberties are a bad thing. And just as our rulers are grabbing naked and total power… weird, it’s almost like they serve the interests of our enemies!

        I wonder if there is a WEF for wignats.

      • The reason it is a post liberal society is at least partly because certain of its pillars turned out to be its greatest weaknesses. At this point Liberalism is a proven failure. Even if restoring various aspects of it were possible the attempt would be irrational and indulging in nostalgia.

      • Patrick Deneen, who is a catholic integralist not a white nationalist, argues that Liberalism is a death spiral that inevitably challenges first Authority, then Tradition, and finally Nature itself. That’s how you get from Locke to Marcuse. I think it’s a compelling argument, but personally, I would prefer less St. Benedict and more Deus Vult.

        • I think he is wrong in his analysis and will be writing about that soon. It is interesting how these remnant revanchists have arrived at the same conclusion from different starting points.

        • Locke never envisioned his philosophy implemented with decaying property rights. That’s why there is no direct line. He probably also never thought about the nuking of freedom of association. And while we’re at it, he damn sure didn’t contemplate legalized homosexual marriage or turning a blind eye towards transsexual government clerks who like to have sex with puppies.

    • I had to re-read that line and think about it for a second. Agree with Z’s response. However, these hyphenated and compound-word descriptors are always a bit loose and generally require some foundational knowledge. I’ll admit to have to think on these sometimes.

    • It won’t just be subscription-based immunity.

      It will be every single aspect of your life.

    • Even Microsoft Word is sold via subscription. Despite the fact that a word processor does about as much as it did back on 7 MHz computers with 9 inch black and white screens thirty years ago.

  27. “European Expert Association”

    Here’s how to tell the IC focus group-tested this name: the world “expert.” This is meant to appeal directly to the NPC’s who lap up everything that connotes expertise in an area in which they are woefully ignorant. It flatters them to believe they are insiders because they know full well the experts always are right.

    As to the Ukraine, I actually detect quite a bit of frustration that the cucks have not been whipped into a war frenzy. All of official D.C. is onboard with a mass murder, of course, but the dupes who normally fight a losing war for the empire are not down with it, at least yet. Americans may have the attention spans of gnats, but Afghanistan is far too recent.

    Also on the propaganda front, Putin has been doing nuclear drills. This is to scare the feminized ladyboys who continue to wear face diapers and stay the hell away from people. These particular NPC’s are totally down with another Forever War but/for the fact it might give them nuclear cooties.

    Finally, since I’m skipping around so much, 60 MINUTES was a laugh riot last night. First, it did a tearjerkers for our Ukrainian allies that more or less resembled something Goebbels would have produced if he were mentally retarded. This was followed by a story on “Havana Syndrome,” which American diplomats and intelligence operatives claim to have suffered after being blasted with microwaves. In a previous life, this condition was known as paranoid schizophrenia. No culprit was named, but the implication was the hand of the dastardly Putin was involved.

    Soviet and to a lesser extent Hitlerian propaganda was not so blatantly stupid. We expect them to lie to us. We just wish the lies were a higher quality.

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  29. From today’s WSJ headlines:
    “Freedom Convoy Leaves Ottawa, Quiet Returns”

    Opposite headline:
    “Erie Quiet Descends on Ottawa as State Security Forces Crush Citizens Peacefully Protesting Government Tyranny”

  30. like any parasite, the ruling class is dependent on the host organism. and they are actively damaging that host, without realizing they are dooming themselves in the process.

    just watch all sorts of wars start breaking out, as non-democratic states go after one another, like one group of looters attacking another group, to get their ill gotten gains for themselves. it’s going to be all against all in a kaleidoscope of mayhem.

    and all the managerial cadres will be so surprised when they start being persecuted too. and they start going hungry and without power. just like in every other socialist shit hiole. people never learn, but they always pay.

    • Parasitical is the only real analogy.

      Take the sacculina parasite in crabs. It invades the host, then forms a central body in the organism. It then extends tendrils into the crab’s brain, nervous system, gut, reproductive system.

      It entirely controls the crab through chemical releases into the nervous system and hijacking the crab’s own systems. All of the crab’s activities are used for energy to feed the parasite and enable it to replicate to find other crabs. The crab itself is a hollowed out zombie, but is completely unaware it is not directing its own behaviors. The parasites impulses have replaced its own.

      The parasite sterilizes the female crabs and makes male crab’s lose their male behaviors and their fighting claw, and instead they mimic female behaviors, even to the extent of helping the parasite larvae as a female crab would.

      Sound familiar?

      Until we accept all the institutions, and others, are a parasite and must be dealt with like one it will not change.

      • Trumpton, that was a brilliant comment! But I must say, I’m happy I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.

      • There are parasites that affect human psychology too, though humans aren’t necessarily their primary host. T. gondii is the classic example. I have to wonder if the real reason they’re so hysterical about Iver and HCQ is that they’re protecting a “useful” parasite. Could just be professional courtesy though.

    • The parasites could never quite understand the fable of the goose that laid the golden egg.

      • Parasites like this always kill the host. They can’t do anything else.

        Its what they do. Its doable while the hosts outnumber them.

  31. My baseline is anything out of the media or government (one and the same) is a lie and/or extreme exaggeration, so I can sort of see through the fog. The problem is, we’re bombarded with it 24/7/365 and it’s tough to tune it all out. Further, the lies are continually told in oh so serious tones and with somber faces. It’s utterly laughable these idiots can keep it up, but they’re all just bees in the hive and seemingly have no self awareness (as Z posits in his Taki piece). Another prime example is the Covid hoax, which seems to be falling apart daily, but the “safe & effective, get your booster” mantra doesn’t end. At some point, one would think the whole edifice would collapse, but the miasma of lies keeps it afloat somehow.

    • Now that the Covid19(84) thing has run its course, they’re now claiming that the fowl flu has reemerged in NYC. When does it end?

      • I’d argue that the returning Olympic athletes may have been infected or had something planted in their luggage.

        I mean, what a perfect opportunity to rapidly spread a pathogen to over one hundred nations.

        Oh wait…that argument is rayciss!!

        • A similar plot using attractive young women with allergies from all over the world was foiled by the British Secret Service in 1969.

          • Tom Clancy expanded the concept to all Olympic attendees in his Crichton-esque novel, Rainbow Six.

            Also, consider the extreme measures imposed on the 2022 athletes as a beta-test for sleeping in the pods and eating the bugs.

    • its interesting how you use the word “covid hoax”. Obviously the virus exists – but the way the media and government has behaved has made it so that it might as well be a hoax.


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