A Sickly Return

One of the things I forgot about travel is that I always pick up a bit of the plague whenever I spend time in airports. Back when I was traveling on a regular basis, my immune system was used to it, so it was a day or two of a very mild cold the week after I got back from a trip. Having been off the road for two years, my white blood cells are out of practice or perhaps my memory cells have forgotten. Regardless, I picked up a nice case of Ebola on the trip to Florida.

I rarely get colds or the flu. I think the last time I got the flu was in the 1990’s, but the best I can say is it was a long time ago. Colds are a different thing. Like everyone I get those from time to time, but for me it is always very mild. Mostly just some sneezing and the sniffles for a couple of days. Like the flu, the last time I got a serious cold that had me struggling was so long ago I cannot recall the date. I remember Bush was the president, so a little less than twenty years ago.

That said, I did have the man’s version of Covid back when this started. That was not particularly impressive, as plagues go. It was pretty much like having a bad cold with a fever for roughly a week. Three days of getting sick, three days of being sick then three days of getting over being sick. This softer, girly version is much milder, but it seems to stick around for longer. The worst part is it has messed with my sleep. I am more tired right now than legitimately sick.

That is why I did a one-take show this week. I had something more elaborate planned, but I am running low on energy. It is also why the show is a bit rambling. I started to lose the plot in the second half of the show. It was also a chance to clear up some questions about the two big topics of the week and clear out the items in the mailbox. I have a two hour show I have been plotting, so maybe that will next week, assuming the plague lifts and I am fit for recording again.

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  • 03:00: AFPAC
  • 25:00: Ukraine
  • 55:00: Closing

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256 thoughts on “A Sickly Return

  1. It needs to be said, Part 2.

    There are some important lessons to be gleaned from the war in Ukraine. First, people will fight when their back is against the wall (even Normie will get off the couch when he has no choice otherwise). Second, because it took so long to wake up, the Ukrainian people are now battling Russian armor and artillery rather than a small cadre of disease cells. And lest there be any doubt, they will pay a horrific price for that delayed action. Russia has air supremacy over Ukraine and can make the rubble bounce if they so choose. And to be brutally honest, Russia is not the enemy, it is the catalyst of the cure.

    Here is the history that matters. A decade ago, Soros set his sights on harvesting the natural resources wealth that could be exploited in Ukraine, but he needed to own the government and police in order to secure his grift. And during Obama’s first term, VP Biden was offering his services to the highest bidder and China was buying successfully, so Soros figured this was a viable option. Hence the “orange” revolution that brought Zelensky to power, in which Soros further secured his dominance by placing Lunch Pail Joe in charge of backstopping Zelensky with US foreign aid. And Joe was happy to do so in exchange for the vig. A plague of Soros-affiliated oligarchs then descended upon Ukraine and the game was on. If Soros has stopped there, nothing further would have come of it, but he got greedy. The US state dept then pushed EU/NATO membership onto Zelensky and he stupidly brought up rearming with nukes. This forced Putin’s hand and made war inevitable.

    The moral of this story – if the Ukrainian people had rid themselves of the home-grown disease cells back in 2014, there would have been a whole lot less pain and death. And now that Ukraine has been betrayed by the Biden Administration and left to face the horror of war alone, hopefully the rest of the planet will come to see that the US government should never be trusted again. And that is no trivial thing.

    • TomA: I have deep sympathies for ordinary Ukrainian people, whose country has been looted by ‘Russian’ oligarchs and manipulated by ‘American’ politicians and bureaucrats, all of whose loyalty is to themselves and their tribe. That being said, Russia was provoked into this war and the Ukrainians’ resistance is merely prolonging their suffering. Those operating in America’s name plotted and planned and executed this, and the entire world will suffer the economic consequences.

      Meanwhile, the media has found it ludicrously easy to manipulate Joe Normal (and far too many purportedly in the DR) into jingoistic anti-Russian hysteria. Kicking Russian cats out of competitions, replacing a Russian opera singer with a Ukrainian, renaming chicken kiev – have we really not moved beyond this ridiculous, childish moralistic faux-patriotic fervor? I don’t want Joe Normal on my side; he is unreliable and far too easily swayed by easily-disproven lies and propaganda.

      I am neither pro-Putin nor anti-Ukrainian. I am anti-Globhomo, and anti-oligarch of any stripe. This is not our war but we, too, will suffer the fallout. And of greater concern to me – so will our children.

    • Another hard-to-swallow truth.

      The Ukrainian people are both victims and enablers in their current predicament, which should be a lesson to us as well. Like all the former Soviet states, Ukraine has been riven with official corruption since the collapse in 1991. They acquiesced to this looting out of habit because 80 years of communism had taught them the hard lessons of the gulag plus 60 million dead due to starvation and genocide. Hence it’s pointless to blame them for this.

      But in the past year, following the trial balloon about rearming with nukes, Putin made it very clear that war was coming as a result. They largely chose to back Soros’ stooge Zelensky despite the severe risk of war with Russia. With 20-20 hindsight, we can now see quite clearly that preemptively exiling Zelensky a year ago would have been a far less deadly and destructive alternative.

  2. I feel a bit sheepish telling you that I had the the most girliesh, sissiest, looserst version of the ‘Vid ever. Almost asymptomatic – I worked out on day 1 and day 3 and there was no day 4 for me. The wife had a much worse time – about 7 days of a pretty crummy cold-type of deal. She must have done something to deserve that, so I don’t feel to bad for her.

      • In the west, people carry around miniature Poodles and teacup Chihuahuas as “comfort pets.”

        In Russia, a bear who can help hold down a tree so its master can work out his pecs is the preferred companion.

        Speaks volumes.

        • Their women are raising black jaguars and actual cougars as pet house cats on JewTube.

          I suppose if you can afford to feed them why not? Bears are supposed to be very intelligent and loyal companions if properly raised.

          • Remember Chocolate and Cupcake, two bears that two half-wit enviro dim bulbs recorded themselves cavorting and fawning over with the Disneyland bears, even gave them cutsie names. While the camera was recording Chocolate and Cupcake turned on fluffy-bunny lefties and chowed down on them, right in front of the camera. Chomp. Chomp. Yep. Reality is that thing that just because you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

    • ” Like the announcers calling a pro-wrestling match, those charged with manufacturing consent have supplied us with a story in which the beleaguered Babyface must face a dastardly Heel, and by God how we’ve come out for it.” The carnival atmosphere to it all has to be seen to believed. A strange mix of hubris and callousness.

    • Not going to be pretty when the boomer cons who Stand with Ukraine realize they’ve been had

      They will be riding around in circles on their Harleys screaming at the sky

    • Great article. Thanks for the link, 3g4me. I shared it with an online friend, on our side of the great divide, whom I met years ago via an old timey wrestling message board. We both loved it.

  3. Browsing around the web this morning, I happened across this gem (for real, not sarcasm) from The American Mind, via Revolver. Michael Anton – who wrote the Flight 93 post about Trump – hits this one out of the park. One might claim he’s attacking hypocritical Conservative, Inc. and cowardly reptilian repukes but nah, not possible. As he notes, everything is fine.’

    • “In response to my Okie compatriots in the State Legislature and others across the country, I would remind you it wasn’t Vladimir Putin who has been conducting a scorched-earth culture war upon our beliefs, history, and identity, and degraded our social fabric to the point we now have to fight against the normalization of transsexualism. It wasn’t the Russians who outsourced our productive capacity while sending us upon one misbegotten war after another and flooding the country with drugs. It wasn’t ‘Ivan’ who caused the biggest wealth transfer in human history with the Covid scandal, fomented riots across the country, or “fortified” the election. Most of the ills I’ve seen metastasize over the course of my life, with increasing speed over recent years, were not the result of some foreign plot, but were born right here. ”

      This is a common and consistent theme developing. It helps that it is true.

      And Oklahoma must be absolutely the most cucked place imaginable.

  4. Hey Z-man! Apparently you have a lot of fans now in S-E Ukraine. Isn’t that just neat!

    • That journalist, Christopher Mathias, makes a living calling out “fascists” while carrying on like the biggest blackshirt in journalism.

      Headline: Huffpost / Yahoo News:

      An Elementary School Teacher’s Secret Life As A White Nationalist Writer

      “A group of anti-fascist researchers, the Anonymous Comrades Collective, figured out Welton’s double life and shared the details with HuffPost. Many nameless fascists today lead double lives, hiding behind avatars to promote their noxious beliefs online while holding down respectable day jobs in education, military, law enforcement, medicine or the government. (Communists in our midsts! 1947 – Frip) But leading an extremist life online carries the risk of exposure and the fear that one day soon it may all come crashing down — something it appears Welton may have anticipated.”

    • Is Christopher Mathias a retarded AI or something? Who writes this garbage? I expect better out of a high school newspaper.

  5. New York doctors are recommending young blood to rejuvenate old blood. Clinics available in Antigua!

    I wonder what they’ll be getting up to next.

    • It used to be that Geritol (“For iron-poor, tired blood…) was good enough, but not now, I guess. Formerly, it was selling your plasma for extra cash while getting your corpuscles and (maybe) platelets back, but now that is yesterday’s news. Tomorrow you will need to sell whole blood to earn some scratch it would seem. Where does this leave donating blood to the Red Cross? How can one be sure that such donations will even go toward the medically needy? After all if there is money to be made from replacement of senescent blood, why not dupe people into giving it away for free under false pretenses as a selfless act for mankind, and then rake it in? When rampant neoliberalism worms it’s way in, making every act subject to corruption, how does one know?

    • They have actually conducted experiments on rats that seem to indicate injecting older rats with the blood of young rats does seem to rollback some effects of aging.

      Looks like Elizabeth Bathory may have been on to something after all….

  6. Interesting point about the criticism of Fuentes for not getting laid enough. I notice that it’s always 40, 50, 60 year old guys talking to me about “getting laid”. They love to talk about how they were always out at bars when they were my age. I think it’s a little bit cringe and distasteful to boast about your sex life, especially when it involves being with multiple partners, and especially when the guy is in his 50s. Sounds pretty degenerate and gross actually, to be drinking all the time and putting your member in strange places.

    There’s also a high probability that Fuentes is not a virgin despite never having a girlfriend and not going out. To have sex in 2022 you just need to have attractive photos on a dating app, and be able to hold a conversation long enough to go from the date to your bedroom. If you aren’t attractive, then you’re screwed. Maybe that’s one reason I’m not impressed about old guys telling me how they “got laid”. Dating apps take away the fun and excitement and it turns into a monotonous “going through the motions” type thing from Match -> Date -> Bed.

    In fact it’s gross, empty and disillusioning. I haven’t had as much sex as I could have lately because I just don’t care enough to go get it when it’s such an empty and boring grind on dating apps. And it’s hard to find a good girlfriend. Part of the balance I guess, for me a stable conservative life sounds nicer, for somebody who grew up in a conservative time I’m sure sexual liberation seemed thrilling and fun. Obesity, living at home (unaffordable housing), 3rd world immigrants, and decreasing testosterone levels all play a role in decreasing sex having for young men too.

    But I would warn older guys – if he’s a young, relatively attractive white guy, he’s probably not sexually inexperienced even if he’s never had a girlfriend and/or doesn’t go out much. We just don’t talk about it as much and definitely don’t put p*ssy on a pedestal.

    • I suppose most of the criticism comes from the mid-life crisis types who look at the past with rose tinted glasses. Any good man appreciates the dwindling youth of their partners while recognizing their time is past. However, my problem with these types is that they only exist in the past. Yes, I remember when I was 16 and fooling around with some little hottie my age. However, I don’t dwell in it – that time is gone. My estimation of a man, however, is not in their ability to recount the past. My proof is Mrs. Eloi – who is still no 16 year old, but my god, she is a good looking woman all these years later. That is the proof of a man’s prowess – and it speaks for itself 🙂

    • that’s weird guys commenting on some other guy’s sex life (haven’t seen the comments doing this). kind of a gay thing if you ask me. i used to walk at lunch time with a buddy at work; a really nice guy, good guy all the way. but. he would talk incessantly about his sex life, at great and disgusting detail. hated that.

    • In a similar vein to the 50 year old sex talking guy, I got recently stuck in a conversation with a 50 year old weed guy. Part of the cringe is the tendency of middle aged men to monopolize a conversation and not let the younger guy get a word in. I suppose the positive of being talked over is that my actual thoughts on the matter didn’t get expressed.

    • You are correct but its about 20% who get most of the action. Official stats pre covid about 1 in 3 guys 18-35 got no action in a year which puts them alongside married guys in their 40’s and 50’s

      I suspect its probably far higher and from what I hear, a lot of the 18-22 crowd is basically sexless and a lot have a social media induced autism.

      Lefties use the term — Puriteen and if you our man Severian’s Blog he sees a lot of this where he teaches.

      Who knows its not fit talk and I’m far too old to care anyway.

    • To the Tinder app “Alphas,” the guys with wives and kids are homos but the bachelors rooming with other men are heterosexual masculinity defined

      Clown world on steroids

      Yeah, it is really something how these guys are all over Gab calling Nick a homo. It is an obsession. Begs the question, why doth they protest?

      That said, and something I have always found berry interesting is that the intensity of an orgasm goes to 11 when the guy knows he is having sex for the purpose of getting his wife pregnant. If one applies the evolutionary logic to it, it makes sense, since reproduction is the goal and thus why not maximize the pleasure when put to that purpose? These guys who have random sex are always looking for ways to heighten the pleasure, and who knows the drugs and kink they go to to get there, but meanwhile the little secret is that the best sex is when a loving man and wife are all tangled up trying to make a baby.

  7. The other day someone linked to an article from Tablet by Lee Smith. Many agreed it was a good summary of the Ukraine conflict. Yesterday he and Glenn Greenwald talked about it. I haven’t watched it yet. Should be good. Wondering how a fairly honest journalist from…Tablet…is going to handle a fully honest journalist such as Greenwald. (For me, I’m not sure how I’m going to handle Greenwald’s voice for an hour.)

    “Lee Smith and Glenn Greenwald Discuss Ukraine and the Deep State”


    • Watched about half of it. Skipped around. Pretty much the guys from Tablet playing dumb about American motives. America the benevolent, yadda yadda. And Greenwald explaining otherwise. It was all polite and academic. So now Tablet can say they’ve honored the great bearded tradition of argumentation. i.e. We went toe-to-toe with Greenwald. Now we can move on. Typical YouTube comment: “Good to see civilized debate.”

  8. trumpton: “Who was the buy side again?”

    Martin Armstrong, hedgie, totally agrees that this is a bankers’ raid.

    Russia’s assets are ripe for stripping, Ukraine is a staging base.

    What is this, 1933?
    Screaming headlines heard last night:

    World Bankers Declare War On Russia
    Putin’s Plan: Eliminate All Ukranians

    Erase The Shame and Impoverishment of 1991
    Persecuting Imaginary Enemies

    Putin Hates Democracy
    Free Crimea!

  9. Ration cards. This is all about the ration cards.

    Oh gods. We’ll get Kanye West instead of Bing Crosby.

  10. As a 14th generation Scots/Anglo American, my take on the Ukraine mess can be summed to “forget it Jake, it’s Slav-town”. Plus the one thing you can count on from current media is they are all generally wrong. I watched some breathless talking showing a hot video take of “Russians shelling of a nuclear plant”. All I saw was a bunch of illumination rounds landing on parachutes,

    • As soon as I heard “Russians are shelling a nuclear plant from 4 sides” I knew it was fake. As if they would just open fire on a nuclear reactor for no reason.

      • Maybe the Ukes had sidled up close to the station, kinda like putting their weaponry in a civilian area, for protection? I actually read an story that the Russian military had given those in the plant ( in this account, Ukrainian legal authorities auditing against fraud) warning that shelling of the military equipment was about to begin, and giving them time to scoot. But who can tell?

      • In our cities, it’s mostly blacks killing blacks by the 100’s.

        In wars, it’s mostly whites killing whites by the thousands.

        They don’t do it as often, but when they do, whites go on killing frenzies.

    • We used to snag those illumination rounds (and the parachutes, too) and light them RIGHT up.

      The building they were attacking was the administrative office. I speculate they were trying to prevent an “incident”. The ethnic Ukrainians would be mere collateral damage.

  11. Why, Zman, that flowerpot you’re wearing today looks rather fetching.

    That would’nt be…Hermes, would it?

    • *facepalm*
      Of course! And we accuse Russians of ittle green men!

      Well, those hidden Americans can’t aim for squat. Lobbing ordnance all over the place, like at each other.

  12. Somewhat OT but interesting — Derbyshire in his column related his son who served five years honorably in the Military (White/Asian) was looking for a job in finance and could not find anything. Derb contacted one of the few people he still knows and was told that Finance has made a stand — “no more White guys” and that Asians and particularly half-Asians are “White adjacent” and also taboo. Apparently its all black, all the time, unless its young women.

    This is never going to stop until all White guys are dead. It just is. It can’t be turned back or turned off, there is no off switch and it will only ratchet up higher. The moral basis of our society is all around hating White guys and worshiping blacks. The more criminal and dysfunctional, the more black people are worshiped.

    • Blacks are legendary for their money managing skills

      A massive untapped resource !! Look to the homeless camps as well for diamonds in the rough

      It’s a huge win for society !!

      • When they tear down Holo museums to put up a statue of some dead Nigerian child pimp in Keev, you’ll hear both God and Adolph laughing together in Heaven.

        But, because of conscription, at least this time the Nazis are kicking J**s OFF the boxcars!

    • “The moral basis of our society is all around hating White guys and worshiping blacks.”

      Societal daddy issues lol. Peel away all the layers and I think it’s really that simple.

  13. Spectacular effort Z! And congratulations on your transition – err… I better clarify – congrats on transitioning into a Yesterday Man. Had I a few more brain cells I could have written this episode word for word. Your handling of your transition is graceful, eloquent, and admirable. For far all too many of us, this ends with us becoming irrelevant Grumpy Old Men…. that, in your words “yell and rant and throw things at the TV. The guns in my house have to be locked up to keep ME out of them during fits of incoherent RAGE! 🙂

    The coming economic fluctuations will, over all, be good for America – or whatever survives of it. America has been farming out jobs, resources, brain power, and talent and trading it for pajeets, violent and stupid rag heads and blacks, Mexicans and endless swarms of third world human trash. There is no nice way to say it: America is becoming the world’s landfill for problem people. Things can’t keep going like this, and it’s already over – this WILL end badly for our kids and grandkids, and very, very badly for those that will rise against them. It’s not only time to put America first, it is time for America to get in the game and take an active interest in being there and doing what needs to be done to stay there.

    If you want to compare Fuentes to old relics… yeah, he has similarities to The Bad Orange Man. But both men bear striking similarities to Lee Iococca. If you want to talk about wrecking balls – that guy kicked Henry Ford Jr. in the balls, crapped in his fish tank, and wiped his arse on Ford’s drapes on the way out. After he did that – he did it all over again by pulling Dodge out of the toilet. That is the potential I see in Fuentes and his goofy young friends…and they are half way there already.

    Say what you want about Yesterday Men, kids. You will discover shortly that you have very, very big shoes to fill. And – you have what it takes to do it.

    Have a good weekend you guys.

  14. biden and his handlers, plus idiots like lyndsey graham, are creating both the conditions and the necessity for a military coup. which i consider the best possible outcome for the current madness.

    • But… a coup for who. exactly? Putler? Zelensky? Or us?

      Tell me as a Canadian that a regime change here would be a bad thing…

    • Lyndsey Graham has now ensured that if anything happens to Putin, the US will be blamed. And that will invite tit-for-tat responses from whomever takes power post Putin. This would be a fast-track to nuclear winter. Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.

  15. I’ve been wondering what Putin has been thinking of late. Here’s what I think:

    I think Putin is similar to Hitler, believing the men of the West to be weaker than they are. Whether or not he is justified in grabbing territory is immaterial to my current point, which is that Putin probably felt — before going in — that Western reactions would be mild and sanctions-based.

    His experience in taking Crimea “showed him” he could get away with anything. The real lesson of dealing with the West is you can go one step, you can go two steps, but you can’t take that third big step without encountering opposition.

    • If anyone has been bent on “world domination” and a enforcing a suffocating uniculture that is the “end of history”, it sure ain’t Russia or Putin.

      • I should have been clearer.

        I don’t care whether Putin is obsessed with grabbing territory. My point is that he’s pushing the West around. The Z man’s group’s opinions are not standard Western opinion.

        You can cross the West once, fine.

        You can defy the West a second time … PROBABLY.

        But if you interfere with the West’s feelings, the West is quite likely to punch you in the nose. That’s all my point is.

        • What feelings are those?

          That a puppet state of graft and exploitation should run unhindered?

          That Russia should have NATO missiles on its border?

          You’re the one making the Hitler comparison.

          • Easy, easy, Catx is right about the “end of history”.

            The US is a yard dog that suddenly turns and bites for no reason.

        • Ukraine doesn’t belong to the West, therefore Russia can’t be pushing the West around by invading Ukraine. But the West certainly wants to conquer Ukraine, by hook or by crook. It is the West that has been provoking Russia ever since the Cold War’s conclusion. We’re now seeing the results of the provocations.

    • All I’m saying is that a country that bans Facebook, probably forever, can’t be 100% evil.

        • My comment elsewhere when it was announced that OnlyFans was banning Russians:

          “Who do we have to invade to get American girls banned from OnlyFans? That would be great!”

    • Any sane person recognizes that having a dementia patient as president is an overt weakness and would be fully justified in assuming that this weakness is a liability. But that reality is irrelevant to Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

      Soro’s owns Ukraine and has been actively trying to slow-walk that country into the EU and NATO alliance as a means of gaining leverage over Russia. During the past year, Ukraine has been floating the trial balloon of rearming with nukes again. Putin feels the same way about that as we would if China negotiated with Canada or Mexico to install their nukes on our border.

      The stupidity and hypocrisy of painting Putin as Hitler is truly insane and risks starting WW3 the same way WW1 got started. Will we never learn?

    • “His experience in taking Crimea “showed him” he could get away with anything.”

      Turn off your TeeVee.

    • Except the men of the West have ceded their rule to screeching women and homosexuals. The real lesson of dealing with the West is that our politicians have the mindset of women. Our word means nothing, we throw tantrums at the slightest criticism, and faced with an actual adversary that can hit back we resort to gossip campaigns and effeminate attempts at social ostracizing.

  16. Yeah, getting ill isn’t fun, but that’s why people interact—keeps everyone’s immune system tweaked for optimal performance—assuming you are not physically stressed or in some way immunocompromised.

    A while back, I wrote about blood work being done to check whether or not I had a second bout of COVID-19 of the Omicron variant. I said I’d share when the results were known. Well, results are in—yes.

    This time the blood work went down to T cell levels as well as antigens and antibodies—about 30 days after recovery. Antibodies found in abundance, whereas prior testing showed none (but that was not entirely unexpected if you clear the infection quickly).

    That would make twice within a year I’ve had Covid, always about New Years and after interaction with extended family over Christmas. That’s life, but family comes before the State. Delta infection was felt as a 2-day mild cold. Omicron a four day sore throat (tonsillitis like) and stuffy nose.

    For the record, I’m old, maskless, and unvexx’d. No co-morbidities other than age. This is not a death sentence. YMMV, but if you fit into the true high risk profile (not the BS stuff the CDC and Fauci feeds us), by all means get the jab.

      • Doctor has agreed to prescribe upon request. No stock pile on hand. However, hydroxychloroquine plus zinc is taken therapeutically, as well as vitamin D and extra C. But not sure it’s necessary as none was used during the first bout with Delta.

        I suspect I’m not very susceptible to Covid complications, or perhaps the environment of living in the Sonoran desert keeps respiratory ailments to a minimum. I’ve not seen snow in ages.

  17. I’m a little uncomfortable with the section where the Zman is detailing all the diversity at AFPAC.

    The eagerness to run away from the “White Nationalist” or “White Supremacist” labels to me seems like an implicit acceptance of the left’s position that Whites advocating for Whites is something to be embarrassed about.

    The labels may be ridiculous, but the point of them is that the right reacts, it disavows, and in doing so, confirms the left’s framing.

    • As a followup, when was the last time you heard anyone on The Squad disavow their left-wing radicalism? AOC doesn’t say, “No, we’re not socialists!” She embraces it.

      The left doesn’t care about being called out for their radicalism. They implicitly understand that acting embarrassed about what you believe is a sure way to look like a weak loser. They don’t disavow or explain, they attack. Any hypocrisy is quickly lost to the Mayfly memories of the public.

    • No organization that trumpets its dieversity has the interests of white people in mind. And if it isn’t interested in my people, I’m not interested in it.

    • AFPAC being diversity-positive is ok. To gain any mass traction it has to be. Since most of us here aren’t white supremacists, but rather white defenders, we should support AFPAC. It seeks to defend whites against demonization. It promotes rationality and justice for all. That’s all we can ask at this point.

      • “AFPAC being diversity-positive is ok. To gain any mass traction it has to be.”

        That’s certainly the conventional wisdom. My faith in conventional wisdom is weak these days. I mean, that’s basically what the right has been doing since the Eisenhower years. How’s that working out?

        • Vizinni: There are no perfect game plans. You think in terms of nails. I think in terms of clay. You go with your gut. I’ll go with mine. Stay elastic my friend.

          • “You think in terms of nails. I think in terms of clay.”

            I have no idea what that means.

      • “That’s all we can ask at this point.”

        “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp
        Or what’s the heavens for?”

        • By “all we can ask for at this point”, I don’t mean it’s necessarily the end. Perhaps this is a bide-our-time moment. The future is fluid. We’re not in a position to be so choosy. Movements like AFPAC keep our foot in the door.

      • Frip: “It promotes rationality and justice for all. That’s all we can ask at this point.”

        Justice for others is all Whites can ask for at this point? And ask it from whom? My sole concern is a future for White children. If that entails something that is perceived as ‘injustice’ for other races, too damn bad.

      • I take exception to your first line for the following reason. Many non-whites are backing off of their support for the dems right now because of how bad the economy is. I listen to them chat with others at places like the food store, gas station/coffee line etc. and they sound like us on economic issues and might be open to what Fuentes & Co would like to do. However, once we start getting into issues that White Americans want to see addressed,such as getting rid of affirmative action, HUD & The Dept of Education, we lose them.
        I’ve seen it time and time again and with rare exception, once you get beyond basic economics and begin addressing issues that are hurting White Americans specifically, then it’s game over for non-whites in terms of being allies

        • That’s because at a fundamental level they are not allies and never will be, while they are in OUR space consuming our resources. We can be allies with them when they are back in their own countries, when we our separate countries have shared interests.

    • Yeah but if these guys wait long enough, the label of white nationalist won’t have any weight

      Time is on their side — not on the old hippy namecallers’

      • True. But they have to be disciplined about not falling into the trap of feeling like they have to *prove* they’re not White nationalists. “Look at our negro and our homosexual and our Indian!”

        Ignore, deflect, attack.

      • They’ll just replace white nationalist with another label that’s even more “evil.” You can’t wait out Leftist anti-white racism. It battens when it is not combatted forthrightly. And that is what’s been happening for close to 60 years.

    • Agree. I cringe so hard at “based” diversity hires. I’m glad Michelle Malkin is supposedly on my side. She is still not one of my people. Frankly I want nothing to do with any Filipina or Filipino.

  18. ever since i retired in 2020 i have kept my BAC more or less above 0% the entire time. and i never caught *anything* not even a minor bug. did not catch the coof, of course. by replacing food calories with alcohol calories (i.e. eating less to compensate) i haven’t gained any weight, either. now i am not getting blindingly drunk, and always have a couple of dry days each week. so far it is working out great according to blood labs :). am now working on a treatise i call Alcoholistics.

    • Are we doing the “Herr Doktor” thing again? Because I kinda enjoy being “Herr Doktor Professor Severian, PhD.” Sure, it’s a mouthful, but [write your own Kamala Harris joke, I’m tired].

      • I was in Germany some time ago and it’s a hoot when you get introduced. Love the formality. But as I think about it, it does establish a relational order up front that I admire in the people. Nothing grates me more as when a clerk or teller addresses me as honey or sweetly or dear.

        Just the other day, I was in a big box store buying a new dishwasher. The clerk asked wife and me whether we wanted an extended warranty. Wife looked at me an said what do you think and I replied whatever you want (I was paying anyway). Clerk (female, New Yorker obviously) immediately started dressing me down to the wife…”don’t you just hate it when men won’t give you a straight answer…must be the XY chromosomes…etc”. Hell, she didn’t even look at me, just the wife.

        Amazing, yet forgivable since I’m a former New Yorker myself. Brought back memories of the attitude and lack of formality prevailing over there between people. I have the sales clerk a 5 star rating on their survey. 🙂

        • “Nothing grates me more as when a clerk or teller addresses me as honey or sweetly or dear.”

          I suppose it’s a cultural thing. Here in Appalachia female cashiers and clerks do that to me all the time and I find it heartwarming.

        • Compsci
          You’re a better man than me. If any sales clerk treated me like that I would’ve walked out.
          Screw her. The Yelp review would have been legendary.

          There’s nothing worse than some asshole trying to make you feel like they are doing you a favor by taking your money.

          • It’s all in the mannerism used by the clerk, plus as I said I’m a reformed New Yorker. I simply smiled as I was amused by the episode so far away from the East. But yes, if it had not been what it was, I’d have simply walked out immediately. I am no saint and my temperament is not exemplary, even in best of situations/interactions.

      • isn’t there some redundancy in using both “herr doktor” and PhD? I have a ZhD BTW, but am not bragging 😛

        • Not sure in spoken addressing, the PhD might be used, but in written communication, most likely. Here we have “doctors” who have PhD’s and doctors who have “MD’s”.
          Newspaper publication standards used to state that only MD’s were to be called “doctor” in news articles. When I was a grad student, we made fun of the medical side of the university as they were the only ones addressing each other as “doctor” in normal collegial communication.
          On the other hand, I remember the academic side of the house were always keen to address/introduce faculty as “professor”. So I considered this a bit of a hissy fit between the hierarchy.
          My co-workers—even today—still somewhat tease me (friendly however) by calling me “doctor”, a term I have never, ever used as a salutation.

    • On the label of Pernod’s:
      “WARNING: Contents, if taken internally, may cause fornification.”

  19. When it comes to Ukraine/Russia, I just assume I don’t know anything and what little I do know, which comes from the press, is probably just propaganda and lies. I cannot read or speak Russian or whatever language the Ukrainians speak. Even listening to Putin, I am stuck with whatever some SJW transcribes as what he has said.
    I know globohomo has closed ranks and is speaking in unison against Russia. When the entire globohomo world closes ranks and speaks in unison, I can only assume evil is afoot. The entire English speaking press and managerial class is donning Ukrainian flags and denouncing Putin as Hitler. So I just assume that Russia is probably the good guy in this.

    • It really is that simple: whatever they’re for, I’m against. Most dissidents seem the same way, that what is important is that our oppressor gets punched in the face.

      • The whole “Enemy of my enemy is my friend” bit just doesn’t work for me. Rather I prefer “The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy… no more no less”

        Globohomo and all its trappings are my enemy. Russia may or may not be my enemy in the future but I REFUSE to make them my enemy at the promptings of globohomo shills.

        MY enemies are all around me in North America. There is enough of them here to last the rest of my life. I don’t need to go to the other side of the world to find additional ones.

        • Or in this case, as Netanyahu said to our Congress, “…sometimes the enemy of your enemy is *your* enemy as well…”

          • there are so many logical fallacies in popular culture, it affects my blood pressure. (this is me agreeing with you, BTW)

    • The temptation is strong to be contrarian and I understand it. But that is how we got genuine flat-earthers in our ranks, and it’s how the AF guys doubt evolution. I even heard some anti-Semites suggest that science was a Jewish trick.

      I’m finding myself, for the first time in like 3 years, generally agreeing with my normie associates. This is jarring but I suppose that every now and then we’d agree on something. But I’ll make sure to say “I agree with you BUT for this reason…” and I delight in seeing the confused look on their face, like I proved that Earth has two moons.

      • To be frank, I’m not as reactionary as that.

        It’s just that I think of these people as absolutely evil and that anything they support is either openly or secretly evil, or at a minimum, against my interests. I know they lie incessantly. I haven’t paid that close of attention, but I have a seen a number of news stories with old pictures in them being supposedly taken this week with fake stories.

    • I understand just enough Russian to know if a translation is approximately correct or not. The recent speech Putin gave about the history of the Russian Ukraine was given to us straight…because it doesn’t matter.

      It was a good remedial geography lesson—imagine having a president who knows *anything*—and a sanely argued case for Putin’s territorial claims and against NATO/American incursions at Russia’s edge. Who listened to it? In the West, even among dissidents, almost no one.

      Propaganda does perverse work even on us. We know Putin’s the less bad guy, because globohomo is both our enemy unto death and never right about anything. Our knowing *can* stop there, so it does.

      • When I get a transcript off kremlin.ru, I presume it’s not only correct, but that the translation was vetted by Putin himself (since he speaks good English, when he wants to).

        Otherwise, I’ll go with RT or InessaS as likely to provide honest translations.

        Myself, I only know a little Russian… da, nyet, vodka, and some basic profanity.

    • It’s kosher theatre so the slaves forget they’ve been shot up with aids and their rights are long gone. Putin and Joe Bedpan work for the same boss, Schlomo the banker. Wrestlemania for the masses…shit for brains believe anything..just put it on a tv.

    • This is it exactly. In addition to the incessant “keev! keev! Putin bad! keev! keev! Putin Hitler! Putin war crimes! keev! …” Overlooked is any mention that only very recently Zelinski publicly bragged it up about getting nukes, at about the same time Kamaltoe cackled loudly with excitement that Ukraine should join NATO. You think the Russian government might have any problems with this? Of course globohomo doesn’t.

      Speaking of globohomo, Zelinski outright reeks of it. I like James Howard Kunstler’s name for this conflict: Operation Cleanup in Aisle Four. I see the Russians as, in the end, simply taking out some trash. Beyond all the Azov crazies, corruption to an indescribably slimy level, and installed wokester SJW shit in Ukraine, one can only imagine how many, truly an enormous number, of crack pipes Hunter Biden has lost and left behind while their taking bribe money and globohomo instructions.

      As part of the mop up operations near the end of this, it will require several Russian battalions simply to locate all of these crack pipes and properly dispose of them at a landfill.

  20. Great podcast as usual.

    Once upon a time, before literacy was a common thing, wisdom was passed between generations in the aural tradition using stories and tales that embodied a kernel of hard-earned truth about reality. Today’s podcast strikes me as having that quality.

    Recent events have value as hard lessons about reality that cannot be covered up by political blather and propaganda. Covid has taught us to never trust anything that our government says anymore and that public figures who lie repeatedly with a straight face are to be reviled and scorned because that feedback mechanism is the civil form of remedy. The key lesson of Ukraine is that their feud is not our feud and it’s lethal folly to get between the Hatfields and McCoys. I will go one step further and say that the elimination of Soros’ henchmen running the corrupt cartel in Kiev should become a role model for the rest of us going forward. The MSM have the good-guy/bad-guy dynamic completely reversed. Putin is a tough-as-nails ethnic Russian defending his turf and the comedian masquerading as president of Ukraine is just as crooked and phony as Biden and his core allegiance is to Soros not the Ukrainian people.

    Normie will not wake up to this reality until he is hit upside the head with a 2×4, so we must wait for the curative collapse before it makes any sense to roll up our sleeves. But we can use the interregnum to get fit and ready for that day. When the time comes, you will need skill to navigate around the jackboots. Hone those skills now.

    • Yes, there was a very nice conversational, fireside chat quality about this show

      Very much enjoyed it

    • The money men know that once the hysteria ends, which will be next week or maybe the following week, reality will come back into the room. Reality says Russia has to be connected to the global economy.

      • You also have to love that retail investors can’t buy those bonds or Russian stocks.


        • Its for your own safety citizen.

          Now if you just take your medicine, put on that mask and stand 6 feet away like a good little boy we shan’t punish you anymore.

          • Trumpton @ 5:35 and Citizen,

            Yes, this certainly smacks of the foresight exhibited by Canada through their plan for confiscation of bank accounts of those holding “incorrect political views”. Oops, the world, let alone the Canadians, just learned that ever-shifting rationales for confiscations were now the practice of that political class going forward. Working out well, I’m sure.

            Frankly, given this openly-articulated doctrine being in place, why should Russia, or any other nation out of favor with the neoliberal consensus not think that confiscation of US citizens’ and corporations’ assets are now fair game? Don’t think these consign dumbshits considered that two can play. And given the enthusiasm with which they are mistakenly dick-wanding with their extralegal confiscations, why not indeed? Fool around and find out.

        • RSX the Russian ETF is currently trading for 5.35. In late October it was in the low 30s. I have been thinking about pick up some shares, it seems to have stabilized at this level.

          • The issue is that RSX owns ADRs or GDRs, which means the shares are held at American or international financial institutions, not at the Moscow exchange.

            Could that be an issue? Who knows. I say this as someone who owns RSX as well as Lukoil’s ADR. Would have been better if I bought the stocks directly on the Moscow stock exchange.

          • I agree with Citizen.

            RSX is a derivative- so it could be delisted/withdrawn and that would be the end of it, unlike the ADRs which are actual share claims on MOEX.

            Unfortunately Yandex on the NASDAQ has the same issue and could just be cancelled.

            Ironically, direct ownership on MOEX seems by far the safer option.

          • Sorry, I forgot to put my main point. Trumpton is right. The real danger is that the ETF is delisted and liquidated. Now, how that happens when MOEX is closed down, I don’t know.

            If you own the ADR, you own the security, albeit it’s held at an American financial institution. No one can sell it, except you. They shut down ADR trading earlier this week for Russian stocks.

            But, again, RSX announced that they weren’t taking new cash anyway.

          • As we were saying:


            “Russia stocks will be deleted from all FTSE Russell Equity Indices on March 7, and MSCI Russia Indexes will be reclassified on March 9 from emerging market status to standalone markets status “at a price that is effectively zero,” the index providers said in separate statements Wednesday.”

            They will “sell” the Russian stocks – ADRs and GDRs – at a price of zero.

          • They have effectively killed foreign listings of any kind.

            Why would any company list in the US or London if they can get suspended and wiped at the whim of some admin?

            Look at the sanction noises against India, China and any other nation that dares to defy the globohomo.

            YNDX its not sanctioned but is halted by NASDAQ (for its own good) and will probably default due to the halt (terms of notes) and be bankrupt.

            The entire financial market is now effectively lawless being driven by EOs and admin edicts.

            The indexes are just going along in the virtue signalling.

            If the US was intentionally trying to collapse itself as a financial center it could not do much worse.

          • Trumpton,

            Indeed. But the same holds true for central bank reserves. By freezing Russia’s CB treasury holdings, you effectively tell CBs around the world that those treasury bonds that you bought aren’t your bonds. They are your bonds so long as you don’t piss us off.

            This is bigger than just exchanges.

            If countries wanted to get away from the dollar system before, they’re making it priority number one now. From a CB perspective, treasuries are pointless – at least when it counts.

            Yes, they need dollars – for now. But they’re going to move heaven and earth to move away from that system over the next decade or two.

            The United States just shot itself in the foot, like the dumb fucks that our leaders are.

          • Citizen:

            I agree. However, its more like they put the gun in their mouth and pulled the trigger, they just have not realized it yet.

            No debt financing means no more west as we know it.

      • Globohomo can stay insane a lot longer than reality can exist. So to speak. There has to a be a demon, a devil, and Russia and Putin are it. They have been since Trump and likely will remain so for quite some time. The State Dept is now threatening China over evading sanctions.

        The US is basically that middle aged blonde White woman in Wal-Mart throwing things and screaming BLM and about her lady parts mattering.

        • Whiskey: “Globohomo can stay insane a lot longer than reality can exist.” Funny. And that’s the opposite of our pet notion of reality winning out in the end. Hopefully you’ll post a Whiskerian 8,000 word explanation.

        • “They have been since Trump … .”

          It was O’Bama who called Russia “a gas station pretending to be a nation.”

          It didn’t start with Trump. Have you forgotten the (((Project for a New American Century)))?

    • Yeah I wonder why – shortly following the junk status downgrade, so all the funds have to dump them.

      See also:


      Looks like Russia is suspending payments (and dividends) temporarily.

      But they also note that “”A ban on the writing-off of securities from the accounts of foreign investors has also been introduced.”

      So it looks like they are not intending to wipe everyone out.

      Who was the buy side again?

      • ”A ban on the writing-off of securities from the accounts of foreign investors has also been introduced.”

        That’s the key. The only real danger in all of this was that Russia/Putin would wipe out foreign investors in Russian companies (stock or bond).

        • The tricky bit really whether the brokers will ever let you take possession of the underlying or receive any payments due to the sanctions.

          Obviously this is just a factor for retail, the IBs will be fine.

          • The sanctions won’t be forever.

            So much of this is about scaring investors or forcing investors who want to hold to sell out of fear of sanctions or medium-term losses.

            People think that institutional investors (pension funds, endowments, family offices, etc.) are these long-term thinkers not swayed by short-term results or market panics. That’s simply not true.

            Having to take an additional 5% loss on a portfolio because you bought Russian securities (even if someday those securities pay off) will get you fired. They know that.

            Also, there’s the PR and regulatory threat.

            It’s not worth it for these guys.

    • I *think* what it means is that the globalists now making a *serious* effort to take over Russia (as they did right after the breakup of the Soviet Union–and they then engaged in wholesale looting of Russia for several years before Yeltsin turned to Putin in desperation) *mean* to take over Russia soon–getting rid of Putin “by any means necessary.”

      They *mean* to possess Russia and everything in it. And that includes the companies y’all are talking about.

      I think that’s what we are seeing.

      • Possible. They made a lot of money in the 1990s. They also want a weak Yeltsin-like Russia. Either way, the West can’t just cut off Russia completely.

        • “They also want a weak Yeltsin-like Russia.”

          I can’t say you are wrong, but I think what the want is to *possess* what *used to be* Russia.

  21. Answer yesterday from commenter The Infant Phenomenon. (Or the world summed up in two lines).

    “What the hell am I missing?”

    “Incalculable and unimaginable criminality and corruption.”

  22. Hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe some delicious Grandma Towler’s tea, lemon and honey could help.

    Also, I’d be proud if my kids became’ doo-doo heads’. Fuentes and his crew are quite useful as they are extremely popular. They have a good, solid message and deliver that message clearly and articulately.

    • “Bush himself was an eight-year plague.”

      For which there seems to be no cure but exorcism.

      • Father Malachi Martin the exorcist believed that many of the elite were what he called perfectly possessed , that is instead of trying to oust the demon they welcomed it since their goals were basically the same.

        Personally I don’t think any supernatural explanation is required for elite behavior but who knows.

  23. A few months ago, my little brother sent me an OTC drug regimen recommended by a group of doctors for re-enforcing your immune system, full of vitamins and other stuff that everyone already knows about. One thing I’d never seen before was ‘melatonin’, to help with getting better sleep.

    It made a huge difference. I tend to lay awake for hours before I fall asleep, even when I’m exhausted. I’m just can’t shut off my brain and think about nothing. With Melatonin, I don’t even have to try. This stuff knocks me right out and I sleep pretty soundly all night long. It’s not like sleeping pills either. No drunken, drugged feeling in the morning.

    • it’s by far the best sleep aide going. completely natural and not a narcotic or ambien-like poison. causes some pretty vivid dreaming, too :). people underestimate how critical quality sleep is to overall health.

    • Melatonin is quite good, but if you want to strengthen your immune system, you will not do it by taking anything that comes in a bottle from the drug store.

      Learn the *simple* skill of lacto-fermentation and increase your intake of lacto-fermented foods.

      Find a source of raw milk. It is lawful now in 44 states (but not in Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, or Rhode Island), and drink raw milk.

      Drink raw kombucha, which is now available in most grocery stores.

      Lacto-fermented beet juice–“kvass”–the blood of the earth–is one of the best–and easiest–things you can do. (Don’t fall for those cheesy powdered beet-juice products; anything powdered like that has been denatured by having been subjected to enormous pressure–and therefore heat–to produce the powder, and besides, health does not come from a bottle in the drug store.)

      DO NOT TAKE blood-pressure or anti-cholesterol meds. There are all-natural OTC products that DO WORK.

      Learn about NNT: the “number needed to treat.” This is the number of patients (let’s say those with hypertension) who have to take a blood-pressure drug before ONE such patient benefits from said drug. That number for hypertension (from memory) is around 22 or 23. That is to say that 22 people have to take that “medication” in order for ONE of them to benefit. Twelve of those will have to be taken off that drug because of unspecified “muscle damage.”

      Pharmaceuticals have their place, but the VAST majority are useless at best and harmful at worst. IT’S A RACKET.

      FOOD is your best medicine. The old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” IS TRUE.

      Your DIET above and beyond EVERYTHING else is critical. Pay attention to your immune system. Your gut. The human biome.

      Cut out refined salt and sugar TOTALLY. Switch to sea salt, but be sure that it IS sea salt. Much is sold AS sea salt that is NOT sea salt. Replace refined (table) sugar with Dulcie or Rapadura or organic maple syrup or maple sugar.

      Bee pollen or (TRULY RAW) honey (which contains bee pollen) supplies the body with ALL 5000+ known enzymes–the ONLY thing that actually DOES anything in the body–repair and healing. But the enzymes must have minerals and vitamins to use as tools. But minerals and vitamins that come in a bottle from the drug store are unrecognizable by the body and are largely expelled. Most “vitamins” from bottles are made from coal tar.

    • Careful about the dosage level of melatonin. As an older guy, sometimes sleep was getting dodgy, and I started using melatonin, and it worked well.

      But funny thing happened; I started to have loose stool, although I did not make any connection. Consulted physician, puzzled, was thinking about tests.

      I started to think about what about my regimen had changed, and realized that the only substantial change was the usage of melatonin. Did some search engine queries with differing terms, and discovered that in some people melatonin is associated with my problem. Stopped using, and in a few days the problem was altogether gone. What do you know…

      • The OTC melatonin dosage is WAY too high. The body naturally makes and needs a really teeny tiny amount. The lowest-dose OTC meds are something like 100x to 1000x too strong. That’s going to upset other systems since biochemical balance matters.


        “High melatonin secretion leads to nausea, seizures, headache, mood swings, memory disruption. impaired vision and other senses.”

        Same with overdosing.

        Safe medical dosage for deficient self-production starts at 0.1 mg/day, up to a max of 5mg/day. (I find even that’s too much, it makes me feel dizzy and rinky, like I’m coming down with something.)

        If you’re not sleeping well, first thing to investigate is thyroid, specifically T3 conversion and utilization. Covid is known to destroy thyroid tissue (in about 30% of cases examined).

  24. Half way through the post today. The AFPAC dust ups have had little interest to me until this show. My passing assumptions about them were mostly negative, likely influenced by my reading of folks that are paying attention to them.

    Your commentary and perspective offered today sounds very much like you are carrying water. So they “don’t want to be pigeon-holed” but you cannot escape the shine or polish of the company you keep. You carefully walked the line with generalities about their position on women, anti anti-semitism, White Nationalists are stupid and childish, etc., which surprised me. Your platform and endorsement carries significant weight but this felt like a miss.

    Brands ultimately fail if they are solely positioned by what they are not. The rabbit hole discussions around race, nationalism, economy and other buckets would be interesting but a group of boys (yes) that are trying to create a new thing that fears / hates / rejects Traditionalism and proper women’s roles because they grew up in Marmville screams immaturity. They will grift and be successful in their chosen playground. But they won’t change anything.

    • why not start your own blog to peddle your opinions? don’t think many people come here, to hear your opinions on anything.

    • The “they’re not evil white guys because they had a black guy speak at their thing” was a little bit trite. Blacks like Jesse Lee Peterson want to live in a white world with white rules, and thus they’re just along for the ride in terms of what whites can (hopefully) put together.

      Note: there is nothing wrong with this, in fact there would be something wrong if what they were selling only appealed to their own narrow group.

  25. Haven’t listened to this yet, but I will offer this: Zman sick is far superior to 99.9 % of commentators in perfect health.

  26. Nick Fuentes and his execrable crowd have said some inexcusable things regarding women and girls. When ‘nazis’ say comparable things about other races they are cancelled, even by people like you. This is what is called a double standard.

    • These “execrable” things said by Fuentes et al and the Nazis–are they true or are they false? To me, that is all that matters.

      • they are verifiably true. Of course, too many people are the ‘dear leader’ types who don’t have the desire to find out if the person they have put their hopes in is a little turd funded but who knows what organizations. The amount of lockstep in the comments here truly breathtaking, apparently truth is not just the first casualty of war, but also of sycophancy.

          • “For your sake, I hope English is not your primary language.”

            I’m pretty sure he’s literally Hitler, so …

        • “The amount of lockstep in the comments here truly breathtaking”

          It is unanimity of opinion, not lockstep, Brainiac. But we are gratified to learn that you find us breathtaking. Doubly so, since we find you a crashing bore.

        • ronehjr: I see no sycophancy here. Many of us disagree with Zman on various issues, in ways both large and small. Generally we respect one another’s opinion and argue with facts and reason rather than mere emotion. I am not persuaded Fuentes’ group is the future, and I have heard/read both positive and negative things about him from various sources I trust to various degrees. As I have said before at other websites, I am no one’s acolyte.

          Women generally find men’s unfiltered opinions of them extremely discomfiting. I know when I first started reading Chateau Heartiste that I sometimes found some of the rawer comments a bit jarring . . . but I made it a policy to never comment there and just kept reading, and ruminating . . and learning. Women should generally keep out of mens’ business, and that includes politics.

      • where are my white gloves, men’s size ‘dainty’.

        paging white knights and orbiters on the white courtesy phone!

    • “This is what is called a double standard.”

      And you are what is called a crashing bore.

  27. Your cold, flu, Covid experience mirrors mine. It’s a reminder to really appreciate good health. Get well soon.

  28. I, too, got the end-of-the-world virus about 6 months ago. Nothing to it. I was mildly sick for about a week. Took naps every afternoon because I felt tired. The only thing that went beyond the week was a dry, annoying cough that lasted about 4 weeks. But, we were all sold on how the Wuhan flu was going to kill people at the rate of the Bubonic Plague. I think this has woken many people up concerning TPTB and propaganda. If the Chinese flu was as deadly as we were told originally, there would be bring-out-your-dead pickups on a daily basis. There wasn’t, of course, and two years have gone by with the same lies being told. It went from “death” to “cases”, cases being supposed infection. But, not death. However, there are still people out there that are afraid of it and believe that the “medical” personnel that tell you to mask up and keep 6 feet social distancing are well-meaning professionals that should know what they are talking about. One concern I have, now that “Putin is Hitler” has replaced COVID as the end of the world, is how many people can’t make the intellectual jump from “They wouldn’t lie to us about that because its war!” to “Never trust the bastards!”.

    • Many in my family got covid in December. It’s not instant death but it not nothing either. Ten days to two weeks plus lingering after effects.
      A mother scratcher of a bug. Most were forty or under.
      One family member just dies at 74 from it but as they say he had a lot of help from comorbitities.

      • By “Nothing to it!” I meant, “No big deal”. Of course, it was “something”. A case of the flu, which comes back every year. Except the last two, where it disappeared.

        • “Except the last two, where it disappeared.”

          Because CDC and WHO stopped influenza surveillance.

          I’m tellin’ ya: The medical establishment is a fraud.

          • The medical establishment at the federal, corporate and academic levels, is part of the Power Structure. And the lower levels are required to do the Power Structure’s bidding.

    • I had the coof in early January. (On those rare occasions I get sick, it’s always in early January.) I was extremely fatigued and dealt with sporadic low-grade fever for about 36 hours, and that was far and away the worst of it. Recovered very quickly and had the same lingering dry cough you experienced. Truthfully, I’ve had worse colds.

      • Had it at the same time. The dry, racking cough was the worst of it. It’s still lingering, but we’ve had very dry, winter weather since then. When spring finally hits and the air adds humidity I expect that to resolve. My office mate got it the same week, he had headaches and lost his taste for a week, but the both of us continued coming in to work, missing only a day and a half combined. We’re both 50 and pure blood. All in all, it was a cold and if we didn’t have the psychotic break, I wouldn’t have thought about it at all.

        • I work in academia, and the rule here is that if you test positive for the coof, you must quarantine for one work week. I wasn’t exactly shedding tears over that requirement, silly though it may be.

          I’m in the same age cohort as you and my blood is untainted as well.

  29. Small piece of info from a Greek, placed in the North East of aforementioned country:

    “The Ukrainians [‘refugees’] come now… and their jackets! We can’t even afford jackets like that! The bring their big SUVs, too.”

    This should be amusing, as it is no secret that Ivans galore are buying up property in this area, also. Jacking the price up. Perhaps the final smack in the face, the Ukrainian ‘refugees’ must rent an over-priced apartment from the Ivan who bought it a couple of summers back.

    I cannot say I’m surprised, however: Sub-Saharans have long been known to arrive in The Isles with very nice smartphones.

  30. Worst flu I ever had was caught on an airplane. I had to go to Dallas for some training and on the way home I got seated next to a very overweight guy who coughed all over me for several hours. I was in bed for a week. I slept basically all day every day for that week. I was only like 25 then.

  31. Someone said here a couple days ago(paraphrasing):

    It’s Globohomo/GAE vs. Anti-vaxxers, truckers, Christians, flyover rubes, NRA, White “Supremacists and RUSSIANS/Putin, i.e., “The Right.”

    As of now it looks like the majority of people are stampeding to the beat of the state’s massive war propaganda campaign just as they did to the Scamdemic.

    These are perilous times.

    • I don’t know. We have one poll on this Ukraine business and it is a mixed bag for the regime. About half of Americans were responding favorably to the propaganda, which is low given the effort. I suspect the default for most people is that we have no business in this mess. Note that Biden has not gotten a bump and his ratings on this are dismal.

      I suspect the “Putin is evil” stuff sticks, but that is as much a carry over from the old days as from this situation.

      • I read a blog from a ex Green Beret Colonel (82 y/o)-he is cheering on the Ukrainians. One of the commenters said: “Still fighting the Cold War, Colonel?”

        • Ja, that would be Col. Lang at his blog, a daily visit for me for years. That commenter probably got banned.

          That blog was an island of sanity on Middle Eastern matters, particularly regarding the war in Syria for years, so this was a shocking development.

          Now the one guest poster there carrying the torch for sanity is the former CIA man, Larry Johnson, who years ago had his own blog, No Quarter, which was a worthy read, too.

          • Yes it is. Interesting blog and I still read it, but the Colonel can be very pissy-I got banned and don’t even know what set him off.

          • I never quite got banned, but got ganged up on by the Colonel and TTG for getting a bit too “noticey” anout the J component to some issues.

            TTG, one of the guest posters, of Lithuanian ancestry, is totally unforgiving about that nation’s past vis a vis the Russians, blindly forgetting the bad acts of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth toward Russia. He is a good example of why President Washington cautioned these United States about attachments to foreign governmentsby its citizens in his Farewell Address.

          • Agree. The Colonel is very good on Middle East and very bad on everything else. As typical with boomers, he believes in the techno narcissistic fantasy of Mars travel.

            Just remember every war he was involved in – Vietnam and Iraq – he was on the losing side.

        • I am hoping for a quick resolution. We all know how it ends. The Russian speaking part of Ukraine will be set free from the Ukrainian part. It will be “independent” like Belarus is independent. The Western part of Ukraine will remain independent, but disarmed. The only question is who will be in charge.

          This is the deal that could have been made months ago.

          • That’s the way I see it. Western Ukraine will be constitutionally neutral. The Switzerland of the east, although the skiing won’t be quite so good.

          • it could have been like czech republic, and slovakia, except the people involved in ukraine are not nearly that pragmatic.

          • That is highly unlikely. Remember you thought Trump would win — which he did — and did not foresee the insanity of stealing an election leaving the stealer no legitimacy or support in a crisis. People are speculating openly about the Regime suspending elections “during wartime” to cling to power using just force.
            Biden’s people want/need the war to go on forever, no victory (even worse for them) or defeat. They need the Devil, the demon per Hoffer, and “White People = Putin” is already the formula. US Troops will be sent in to keep Russia from taking the entire country or KEEEEEV! but not enough to turn the tide; meanwhile another round of repression of White dudes will start here at home. Sky high prices are part of the Great Reset so there’s that. Constant War in Europe suits Davos and Team Brandon/Obama just fine.

          • Putin has a lot to lose if this drags on. Not the Putin/Hitler nonsense, but the aura of Russian might will fade quickly and I suspect we will become emboldened in future endeavors involving Russia.
            If one compares our recent wars in the sandbox (yeah, I know different folk), we rolled them up pretty quickly. Putin has a clock running and I think he knows it.

          • Yep. The United States cynically inflamed the situation and dangled out NATO membership solely to drive a wedge between Russia and Western Europe. Barring a false move that sets the world on fire, which is quite possible, this could have been resolved years ago.

      • Yeah, I don’t know how our rulers and their media pull back from “Putin is evil.” By making him Hitler with a Russian accent, they are burning our bridges with Russia, at least if Putin or any other self-respecting Russian is in charge.

        Our elites are making this personal, which is stupid but it’s what they do. It’s how cancel culture works. They don’t know any other way.

        It’s going to be hard to get back to business as usual with Russia after this. My guess (and I’ve been wrong about pretty much everything) is that our elites would be fine with Russia stuck in a quagmire in western Ukraine and much less connected to Europe after all of this dies down.

        The more that Europe integrated with Russia, the less it needed the US. Our leaders might get what they wanted here.

        The really bad guy in all of this is Zelensky. He pushed Ukraine joining NATO and the EU, knowing that he’d provoke the Russians. Yeah, he’s a stooge for the US, but he betrayed his country.

          • Ha, true. He’ll just move to the US or Israel and fit right in. They’re a nomadic people. As Z says, as long as you have two hats in an area, you have Israel.

            Still, he cause a lot of death and damage to Ukraine.

        • “The really bad guy in all of this is Zelensky. He pushed Ukraine joining NATO and the EU, knowing that he’d provoke the Russians. Yeah, he’s a stooge for the US, but he betrayed his country.”

          I’m not sure of this Zelensky character, he could one of a certain group have a country, but it’s not the one they’re in/running.

          If this is the case, the betrayal can only be expected.

          Mark you, Western elites of all shades pretty much exist in the ‘global plane’. The World is Their country. I guess that’s why it’s so easy to betray/sell-out.

        • “Our elites are making this personal, which is stupid … .”

          That depends on what they want to prepare the population for. I believe they are preparing us for a long war. They have not done one single thing in the opposite direction.

  32. It seems to have moved to the “Killer Clowns from Outerspace” phase as the US is threatening China with reprisals if they help Russia evade sanctions (whatever that means).

    So The US and the EU are going to sanction Russia, India and China all at once.

    It’s turning into those crazy bastards who start slapping fatwas on everyone who disagrees, until there is one guy left issuing fatwas against the entire world from his cave in the desert.

    The west is obviously trying to destroy itself as fast as possible, so the only thing left is to let off all their nukes in the silos just to show everyone who is boss.

    • “The west is obviously trying to destroy itself as fast as possible, … .”

      Seems that way, but I *think* they are trying to save themselves. They mean to get their hands on Russia’s natural resources. These are resource wars.

  33. Well, I’d absolutely agree that our leaders are the bad guys. The Russians and Ukrainians each have reasons for what they’re doing. Whether you agree with them or not, they have debatable reasons.

    Our leaders are putting the world in tremendous danger – for no reason at all. That’s evil. The odds of the actual hot war moving past Ukraine are quite low, but the odds of a global financial crisis are not small; it’s not likely, but it’s high enough to be a very real danger.

    What’s more, they’re throwing gas on the fire with the media going nuts about brave Ukraine and everyone wearing the stupid blue and yellow lapel pins. I was walking my dog yesterday, and one of my neighbors had wrapped blue and yellow tape around their tree. Getting people emotionally stoked in this situation isn’t a great idea.

    Our leaders are putting the world in serious danger for no reason.

    • I must respectfully disagree with you.

      Somebody posted this “must-read” on yesterday’s thread, but maybe you didn’t see it:


      The war is just getting started. And besides this “White supremacy network” thing, this Ukraine action begins the critical–and final–phase of the resource wars that were kicked off by nine-eleven–along with the surveillance state (a whole generation of adults has never known anything else). The West MUST get Russia’s natural resources or else. The World Health Organization has everything ready now for the world-wide “vaccine passports” to finish constructing the worldwide open-air prison. The legislation is now ready for forcing a digital “currency” onto the whole world. We are entering the make-it-or-break-it phase for the globalist cause.

      • Digital currency is the key. Bad enough they have control over the banks with fiat paper currency. But having to use a State controlled card for transactions means complete control over Homo Economicus.

          • PM Modi forced on India several years ago. TONS of suicides was the result. Well, one result. And immediate one. Around a million if I recall correctly.

            Sweden is inches away from it.

        • I truly expect Americans to give ’em a run for their digital “money.” The immediate result could be pretty dramatic. Black markets will arise quickly. They simply do not have the manpower to control 320 million people (that we know of) in a country as vast as ours.

          I’d expect them to say that digital is the only way to pay your taxes, and that would work for a big share of the population, but not for everybody by any stretch of the imagination. I expect digital “currency” to be a hard sell here, and I don’t expect it to go down peacefully AT ALL. I suspect it will be rejected ultimately, but there will be real trouble.

          They might try to punish resistance with the death penalty or long periods of hard time. But that would generate even fiercer resistance.

          They can’t finalize their global totalitarian state without it. But I doubt they can force it on the US.

      • Am I reading by the article correctly? The CIA is arming ragheads to kill whites?

      • “The West MUST get Russia’s natural resources or else.”

        The West could have had access to them all by bringing Russia into its orbit during the 1990’s on the same terms as every other country considered a part of it. Greed beyond a certain level becomes indistinguishable from stupidity (like importing Mexicans for $5/hour lower wage and losing your country), and then there is the angle that a consequential part of our ruling class sees Cossacks under every bed.

  34. One of the things about what used to be called American exceptionalism was that we didn’t go for the “it’s complicated” argument. History had no meaning for us. There was a good guy and a bad guy. We picked a side and fought for that side. Nuance was for academics and pussies. Just ask George W. Bush. That is part of what’s driving the over-the-top Ukraine support.

    That, and nobody is allowed to invade a country except the U.S.A.

    • Yeah, I can’t think of one thing said about Putin/Hitler and the Ukraine fiasco that the US has not done multiple times just in my lifetime. I try not to think too hard about it, because I tire of the conservative argument/charge of hypocrisy when we are the biggest hypocrites on planet earth.

  35. I heard one of our guys say Ukrain is the European George Floyd. Have to agree on that one.

    • Perfect. Between that and someone here yesterday pointing out that the West is trying to inflict a “financial Dresden” on Russia, I’ve got two pithy turns of phrase to use on normie.

      • I like to send ’em pictures of Sergei Lavrov and Hillary Clinton, cackling like a witch, holding that big red “Reset” button.

        Tough, smart diplomacy. Remember that? Tough. Smart.

        • Funny you should mention Herself. She’s been in my thoughts, too. “We came; we saw; he died!”


        • A “top trannies!”

          B “which trannies? you don’t mean Admiral Levine?”

          A “TOP trannies.”

          B “I’m pretty sure Levine is a bottom.”

  36. @Z Man – I would take you up on the assertion that US foreign policy is explicable in terms of dumb people who keep making the same mistakes over and again.

    Yes, they are dumb – but if that was All, then their mistakes would be all over the place, in both directions. But that is not the case. The problems are always in the same direction – and that means (surely?) that there is specific evil intention behind the dumbness.

    And that evil intention is ultimately demonic hence negative and oppositional – anti-God/-creation/-The Good. And proximally leftist – and that leftism is the “post-Marxian”, New Leftism, post-sixties permanent revolution, identity groups, sexual revolution, anarcho-tyranny.

    Since the Millennium the US/ UK/ EU and West generally have intervened consistently worldwide to support radical and destructive element, subvert morality (and nationalism), and deliberately create chaos as the basis for permanent revolution and increasing global totalitarianism.

    (These interventions have nearly always been directed against Christians, and have usually led to violence against, killing of, and ethnic cleansing of Christians in particular – this was the case in the ‘Arab Spring’, through Africa and South Asia.)

    Exactly the same in the present case. However, the scale and monolithic nature of the propaganda may be the greatest even yet.

    There are no goodies and baddies, but there are baddies and worse baddies – and it is the easiest thing in the world to know who are the worst guys here – at least for those who are not subservient to the Globalist Agenda. Pick your favourite evil people, the worst liars, the most corrupt and degenerate Westerners – and they are all saying exactly the same thing on this subject.

    So we know for sure that They are the nastiest bad guys, and that what they say is necessarily untrue, manipulative, and directed against the likes of Us.

    That’s enough, that is all we really need to know – isn’t it?

    Things are very complex, true; but the basic situation is *not at all difficult* to discern. It was not with SSM, transagenda, climate, the plandemic, St George, nor the Vx nor anything else where the world government mount a massive propaganda-censorship exercise.

    Such is the world-historical *extremity* of the Establishment’s unnatural inversions and lies; it is here-and-now easier to locate the greatest and worst evil than ever before.

    • Indeed. The stupidity of many on the world stage is undoubtable. But The Evil is there. However, many in The West simply cannot bring themselves to believe that ‘X may be Evil’, or the even stricter statement ‘X is Evil’.

      We do not need to analyse even too deeply to see this. It can be seen plain as day in the actions (and the consequences thereof) of those in government, media, big technology &c.

    • “but if that was All, then their mistakes would be all over the place, in both directions”. this is a logical fallacy. when a machine is broken, it is broken in a specific way. did not read rest of your comment because it was too long, and i noticed you mention demons.

      • Azazel! Your fangs, so bloody! Your claws, so sharp!

        Blood scarlet is certainly your color. And the entrails… that look is so YOU!

  37. In high-school I went to a Brainiac “magnet school” for a couple years, where I was miserable. There were these Greek statues all over the place with “undersized junk,” as you put it. Someone asked an antiquities teacher about it (Yes, we had Latin courses offered) and he said that the Greeks were so adamant that their best men were above such earthly pleasures that their word for a mentally retarded person was “ποσθών” / poston, which translates as something like “large member.”

    Contrast that with the over-the-top priapic stuff and you’ll see that letting the little head rule the big one caused a lot of violence and hindered the hell out of progress. Courting one woman is fine, but chasing a bunch of women is maybe the greatest waste of energy ever. There are no happy endings for Lotharios/Inamoratos, lady’s men. I agree with Bukowski that I could spit on Casanova’s grave without thinking twice. And “Honeypots,” and female-based spy operations/kompromat ops show that the kids are right to eschew putting sex front and center. Either channel that energy into family formation or put it aside until you’re ready to form a family.

    Taking positions on sexuality in this “thing of ours” is like taking a position on religion. It opens a pretty big wedge through which all kinds of enemy forces can march through. Even “Terrible Tom” Metzger used to say he was agnostic on gays. I don’t want to throw them off buildings or burn them. I want them to shut up.

    We need to focus on demographics and what to do for ourselves when the empire crumbles. Other than that, I view these kinds of events as ecumenical councils

    • Well, a quick survey of the cultures that produce statues with exaggerated members makes it pretty clear those cultures were the intellectual opposites of the ancient Greeks.

    • And speaking of our thing: It’s time–especially now more so than ever–to start thinking *concretely* about our state, esp. the economic system we want. It is called “distributism.” For 1000 years it was part of the mix that provided a stable, functioning, and just society.

      I urge this short and readable book (publ. 1912) on all in “our thing”:


  38. Contracted the stomach bug earlier this week and found myself having to wretch if I so much as switched positions while sleeping. Thankfully, that’s as bad as things usually get for me. Drinking lots of water, washing my hands frequently and exercising several days a week work wonders.

    • It’s going around. I had it a month or two ago. I’ve been sicker… but not by much, thank God. I was puking like someone sent me nudes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

  39. Z:

    Hot Bourbon Toddy
    2 OZ bourbon
    1 Tablespoon honey
    1 Tablespoon lemon juice
    1 lemon wedge
    6 OZ water

    Add the bourbon, honey, and lemon to a coffee mug. Heat the water to a boil. Pour the hot water into the coffee mug over the bourbon, honey, and lemon. Stir, add lemon wedge, sip, and relax.

    It might not cure you, but you won’t give a damn about COVID after two and you’ll sleep like a rock with no coughing or hacking. I speak from experience.

    • That is my medicine whenever I need it. My mother used to give us that home remedy when we were kids. Less booze, obviously, but the same idea. Old remedies really do work.

        • Lolz, I really think you are a Wright. I had a grandfather that sent me 2dollar billls for my birthday, had forgotten until z resurrected the memory.

      • This is why the FDA has an extensive list of herbs, minerals, and other natural compounds they are itching to ban.

        • I don’t think the FDA has ever cared about “herbs, minerals, and other natural compounds”. They are multi-billion dollar industries and have no scientific requirements before they go out on the market. And they have never worked for me, mostly because I expect results, not just someone telling me how well it worked for them. It gets in to the realm of faith. If you believe something will work for you, its amazing how many times it does. If you did a double blind study of said remedy, would it? Probably not.

          • “It gets into the realm of faith. […] If you did a double blind study of said remedy, would it?”

            I know a thing or two about double-blind, randomized-controlled trials. I am retired from CDC, where I spent 27 years in medical research and publishing as a medical writer and editor. In 1992, I was appointed by members of the National Academy of Sciences to permanent (lifetime) membership on the international Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. There is no higher professional qualification in the world for my field. And I point this out that only because I am going to disagree–respectfully–with your statement, and I KNOW what I am talking about.

            In 27 years, I worked on exactly three (3) important publications. That’s right. Three important publications in 27 years. Two were about the utter uselessness of double-blind, randomized-controlled trials. They are utterly worthless. The whole thing is a monumental scam; a racket perpetrated by dishonest, conscienceless, or outright stupid people. You’d be horrified at the number of dolts who have PhDs and MPHs from Johns Hopkins and Harvard and Stanford, etc.

            So as a matter of “faith,” the faith in double-blinding and randomization is entirely misplaced.


            Because such studies and trials are *perpetrated* (that’s right!) by people who either (a) have no idea what they are doing, or (b) cheat.


            The whole thing is a racket.

            When one momentarily loses ones senses and elects to read one of these “peer-reviewed studies” that has been published in the most prestigious journals in the world, here is how to do that: Read the “Methods” section FIRST. That’s right: IGNORE the Abstract and the Introduction and go straight to “Methods.”

            If that section does not SPELL OUT “CHAPTER-and-VERSE” *precisely* how the “randomization” or “double-blinding” was done, then the entire study is a fraud, and you can save yourself the annoyance of reading the drivel.

            The two published articles of mine explaining these things were published in Britain b/c *nobody* in North America would publish our findings. (This was an Anglo-American team of researchers from CDC and Oxford University.)

            Those publications led directly to the formation of an international committee of around 30 scientists and researchers (last time I checked) whose *sole* function now is to raise the standards of rigorous research throughout the world. Last time I checked–maybe three years ago–I don’t really remember (or care anymore)–that committee had made exactly ZERO headway in more than thirty (30) years of dedicated and determined effort. The problem they wet out to remedy has proven immune to remedy.

            If the outrages and comedies of the past two-plus years have not wised people up on the integrity AND KNOWLEDGE of the “scientific community,” then such people are beyond help.

            ZMan is RIGHT: Old folk remedies are generally efficacious.

            Learn to preserve your food through lacto-fermentation. Increase your intake of lacto-fermented foods to strengthen your immune system. 80% of your immune system is in your gut–the human biome.

            There are, it turns out, not one, but NINE vagus nerves in the gut-brain axis, and many REAL scientists are beginning to suspect that it is the gut that controls the brain, not the other way around. The jury is still out on that, but I fully expect that to be confirmed.

            I’m beginning to ramble.

            Faith in “science” is misplaced.

            The divine order is real, and learning to live in harmony with it is the key to health of every kind.

            Sorry for the prolixity.



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