The Haunting

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General Hastings Ismay famously said that the point of NATO was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” Since the 1950’s this has been the commonly accepted view of the alliance. After the war this made perfect sense as the Western nations faced off with the Soviets. There was also the well-understood fear of German nationalism. Britain and America had just gone through a terrible war in order to defeat the Nazis.

This sentiment carried on through the Cold War, even though it should have become obvious that German nationalism was no longer a real fear. The generation that fought the Cold War, however, was haunted by the past. NATO was just one example of an institution that evolved around the fear of nationalism in general, but that special nationalism in particular. The added threat of communism, which was often described in the same terms as fascism, only added to the fear.

This fear was obvious after the collapse the Soviet Union. The reunification of Germany was the central concern, as Europe reorganized. Margaret Thatcher was opposed to German reunification on the grounds that she was still not sure the Germans had been cured of their desire to conquer the world. The Russians, of course, had other reasons, in addition to her ancient fear of German nationalism. The post-Cold War period would also be haunted by those old fears.

This specter continues to haunt the minds of American foreign policy elites, who have transferred old fears of German nationalism onto Russia. NATO probably should have been dissolved or replaced after the Cold War. As a practical matter, it existed to check the Warsaw Pact, which no longer exists. Russia was flat on her back after the collapse of communism and the rest of Europe was rushing to embrace liberal democracy and American consumerist economics.

Most important, it was obvious to anyone engaged with reality that Germany was long past nationalism, especially that special form of nationalism. In fact, fascism in general existed only in the fevered minds of oddballs out on the fringes and the professional antifascist on the Left. As a political force, political fascism was less relevant than monarchism in Europe. The only role left for NATO was to keep America engaged in Europe, which could be done economically.

Of course, those old fears have proven to be far more important than observable reality among American elites. Since the 1990’s it has been a relentless drive to expand NATO to the edge of the Russian frontier. First it was the old members of the Warsaw Pact then it was Balkan nations. Then it was the scheme to add the former Soviet republic of Georgia, a nation thousands of miles from the Atlantic. Then, of course, it was the scheme to add Ukraine to NATO.

It is assumed that the sole reason to keep adding nations to NATO is to contain the Russians, but that old fear of German nationalism is still there. Germany is now the dominant economy of Europe and the leader of the European Union. It is the German relationship with both Russia and Ukraine that is at the heart of the current crisis that had led to war in Europe. Germany has been developing stronger ties to Russia, especially economic ties, and Washington hates it.

This is why Washington has refused to even consider peaceful solutions to the crisis in Ukraine over the last ten years. Those disputed eastern provinces have been racked by a civil war for close to a decade. Estimates vary, but the consensus is that twenty thousand people have died there since 2014. The Ukrainian government has been supplying those militias with weapons, which come from the United States through the Ukrainian military or various NGO’s.

Obviously, one driver in all of this is corruption. War is good for the war business, so the usual suspects have been happy to provoke all sides in this conflict. Zelensky has been for sale since day one, so he has been easy to manipulate. The greater issue has been the number of important Americans on the payroll of the Ukrainians. Hunter Biden is just one example. Many others have been taking bribes from Ukrainian interests seeking to profit from the turmoil.

None of this would be possible, however, if Washington were not haunted by the shadow of long gone figures. The old joke was that the foreign policy establishment wakes up most nights to the sound of hoofbeats. While certainly true in many cases, it is also true that they live in the shadow of antifascism, which has become something of a cult among the American ruling class. Who they are now is defined by the fear of and opposition to that long gone political movement.

This strikes the practical minded as implausible, but people are not willing to sacrifice for practical things. That should be obvious now. The Russians are risking economic isolation in order to restore their pride and sense of identity. This war will cost them economically, but it will all be worth it to feel that ancient pride again. The Ukrainian soldiers who know they are fighting a hopeless battle, will fight to the end because there are things more important than stuff.

The crisis in Europe that promises to plunge the world into depression, revolt and possibly nuclear war is not about stuff. It is about that old specter that should have been consigned to the history books long ago. It is the apparition of fascism that has driven Western elites to the brink of madness. Their desire to free themselves of this haunting is driving them to try and reorganize the world in opposition to it. Instead, they are driving the world to organize against the madness of the West.

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240 thoughts on “The Haunting

  1. @JerseyJeffersonian

    I’ve been to New Jersey only twice, but missed the peaches both times. Grown in the south? Pine barrens region?

    The trees around here are white with blossoms. WE have a cold snap coming Saturday night–or so they tell us. But it won’t be cold enough for enough hours to do any harm, so things will be okay. But the price will skyrocket: fuel, transportation, etc. Still, there’s nothing like fresh peaches, is there!

    Thanks for your reply. All the best to you!

  2. @ Dr. Dre:

    “Pretty good”?? 😉

    And those Russell girls were pretty, I’ll give ’em that.

    And I am favorably impressed with your knowledge of Carolina. And given that you are even reading this blog at all, I must say that I *hope* you will come back to us. Yankees who think like us are always welcome.

    And as far as I’m concerned, you could take the place of either or BOTH SC senators.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply.

  3. Since Z Man’s post has stimulated some comments on fascism I’ll just repeat the question that I ask periodically:

    How are we going to get out of our current predicament without fascism?

    No, don’t bother to reply. No one else has a belieable counter-argument either.

    • Certainly, it’s an option, but your comment seems to assert it’s the only option. That’s only true if you give a very broad definition of fascism as to mean a government with a strongman leader. Both Russia and China have authoritarian strongmen, but are they both fascist?

      I’d also say an option is a restricted democracy that resembles more of an oligarchy or aristocracy. Only landowners vote, only married people, intelligence tests, no females (probably a pipe dream), etc. Z has spoken about it before, but who you let vote really decides the direction of a society. If you let crazy childless women wearing vagina hats living in apartments with their cats vote, you’re going to get representatives that reflect that fact.

  4. Does anyone even know what fascism really is these days? For those who use the word, it’s just weaponized noise, devoid of any meaningful definition.
    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini. Gee, sounds like what the good ‘ol USofA is today.

    Furthermore, there’s a difference between fascism and National Socialism, but not one person in 100 million could define the difference, certainly not any leftist.

    This is not just bizarro clown world we inhabit, it’s a post-Truth society, where the goal is to foist off some jackass’s favorite narrative on as many unsuspecting rubes as possible, replete with magic words and some fake moral imperative.

    The first goal of the anti-left should be to take back the language, and agree upon a standard usage that will effectively attack the left. But since it’s more fun to just sit around and write erudite articles, I suspect any organized opposition will continue to never materialize, ho hum.

  5. Z-Man has to keep his sense of propriety, so he cannot say the real reason why America and other Western European nations have such an enduring hatred of Germany and Russia. I’ll say it for him: “The Jews.” It’s the worst-kept, but quite easy to research “open secret” of the history of the West going back at least a century.

  6. Z Man, I’m not sure what NATO would be replaced by. It’s a semi-useful tool. In the event that a threatening black blob surges toward Europe on the map, NATO can be there as a shield to black the way.

    Actually, to be specific, if there is a collapse in world civilization, it is THEN that Nato assumes its useful posture. All the socialc connections would be there, then, and the pieces would be ready to be picked up.

    • Z Man, I’m not sure what NATO would be replaced by.

      You don’t ask a surgeon what he’s going insert to replace the tumor he cuts out.

    • The day that NATO will be used for protecting Europe from black migrants is the day I’ll admit that my entire world view has been wrong.

      But this is not that day.

  7. Let me add, that the missing Russian Air force is likely a part of this. They seem to lack enough trained pilots, and aircraft mechanics to keep sorties up. Many have questioned if the West has enough either to keep a realistic sortie system up when pilots are shot down and so are planes. Afghanistan was not known for SAM sites or a robust anti-air defense. The US fought basically the Special Forces Olympics for the last twenty years not real industrial enemies like Russia and China and it shows certainly. In the FT John Dizzard in discussing how Hydrogen was a non-starter noted that Westinghous and thus Toshiba went bankrupt because they could not find enough skilled welders, supervisors, and other technical workers to finish a plant on schedule. And that France has pushed back its latest reactor coming on line by five years for the same reason.

    There is a dearth of enough skilled, High IQ White people and that is a direct consequence of the war between women and men. Most White women would rather hook up away with rappers and various other dudes in an urban environment and not even now settle for some beta dude at age 35 — there is now the cachet of being Lesbian after hitting the wall.

    • Whiskey my guy, don’t disagree on a certain level but the idea that Russia is lacking high IQ white men because their women are slutting around with Black thugs is laughable. Russian men ARE the drunk and irresponsible thugs.

      It’s also not just a white person thing, every society is seeing low birth rates for high IQ people as they stay in school later, chase $$$ more, and pursue other interests than having children and end up with only 1 or 2 kids.

  8. I am not sure the elites obsession with ghosts of the past is the main reason for the war and the direction of it. Rather, I’d say the real reason is the open warfare between women and men of the West. Once the pill, condom, anonymous urban living, social atomization, and rising female education and income hit a tipping point the war was on and was reflected in Elite power circles and concerns. Scandinavia is probably a good example — its female elite soon imported as many violent, low IQ, non-White, warrior types mostly violent young men as they could, followed by Germany. Just like BLM, it was always White women young and not so young looking for the violent low IQ thug of their dreams and hoping against hope that they too could be the #3 squeeze of some future Warlord / Rapper as happened in Seattle’s “CHAZ.”

    This of course creates weakness, as the West relies upon White men young and old to defend society, maintain order, build and maintain things, and improve technology if not create new tech. We are running out of White men so more unified, less diverse societies see weakness and opportunity. There was never, EVER going to be peace while the West let its women run wild like that blonde woman in Wal-Mart screaming her “p—-” mattered and BLM. No one will fight and die for the Colors of Benetton, and non Whites only care about the gibs and White women. They can’t fight, and they won’t fight for a place on the map. Certainly not against other Whites.

    • RE: warfare between men and women

      I’ve noticed something about the radio.

      All the male singer songs are about baby please don’t leave me I love you so much you’re so wonderful I’m so lucky to have you.

      And half the female songs are like: I don’t need you, f off and die, you’re not my type anyway, it’s OVER don’t you get it. Even the female songs that are a little like the male seem to be holding back.

      • There’s a great song by Nina Simone. “Do What You Gotta Do”. In fact I put it in the top 30 vocal performances ever. In a nuanced way.

        Anyway, in reply to your comment on male vs. female lyrics. This lyric never seemed right to me as sung by her.

        So you just do what you gotta do
        My wild sweet love
        Though it may mean that I’ll never kiss
        Those sweet lips again
        Pay that no mind
        Find that dappled dream of yours
        Come on back, and see me when you can

        I could never see a woman saying or thinking that. 1. A woman isn’t ok with you leaving her. 2. If you do leave. She doesn’t want to see you again.

        Turns out, I recently discovered that the song was originally written for a man. Johnny Rivers.

        She sang this live in the studio with a real band.

      • Its the black relationship dynamic, which has been pushed into the west via pop music conditioning for the last 60 years.

    • Whiskey is a solid guy who has been active longer than me. Respect, dude.

      However, his post highlights the difficulties in how we conceptualize our opponents. He says:

      “I am not sure the elites obsession with ghosts of the past is the main reason for the war and the direction of it. Rather, I’d say the real reason is the open warfare between women and men of the West.”

      This is a vital issue. Are our primary opponents other races or women?

      I trust that almost all clear thinking people will realize that women have little agency of their own. They cannot be the enemy. If you think they are the enemy then you are purposefully overlooking who is controlling the women.

      For a decade, Whiskey’s ancestral commitments have struck me as questionable. And such commitments determine how we see the world. It is likely that he is covering for his people and deflecting blame onto women.

  9. Hitler didn’t take on the world, He took on the Bankers, a sin punishable by death. Now with hyperinflation and the complete destruction of our society, our morals, our history…we’ll understand.

    • So many DRs do not have the independence of thought to evaluate uncle A outside of History Channel narratives.

  10. “For accuracy, what Kruschev pasted onto Ukraine was Crimea, … .”

    Right you are! (I didn’t believe you, so I checked). Thanks for setting me straight.

    • No problem. I would hope that you would do the same for me. Thanks for all of the good links you drop here for us, too.

  11. The same people who can’t even for a second put themselves in the mindset of Russians who are nervous about NATO encirclement are going to the the same people who are gobsmacked when China does a “at dawn they came” raid on Australian nuclear sun pens right before they launch the first US/Australian joint venture sub in a few years.

    The same idiots who believe “empathy” is the highest virtue, they have it, and you don’t.

    • how is china worse than the tyrants currently running australia? you know, the ones setting up “camps” for the unvaxxed?

    • Cry me a river.
      “Never heard such vulgarity”
      These people are half the country?
      There is no cure, no voting a way out.
      If people like this are your neighbors keep an eye on them.
      Add them to a list.

  12. I simply have to mention this gem, with the idea that the JAE might try to turn Kievan into Russia’s second Afghanistan:

    “Maybe Vlad needs to sneak some Stingers and AK-47s into our inner-city areas, with a note – “Oh Hai America! I found some of your stuff over here and I am just returning it to you!””
    ~Penelope Dreadful

  13. ABC NBC and CBS are feeding old normies a new blend of pig slop that “No Fly Zones” are just a normal policy position. You know I support concealed carry, Bob supports more soy subsidies, I support No Fly zones, He is a Democrat and I’m a Republi… wait what was that about No fly zones.

    They are telling normie that this is the hip smart good position that some backwards politico still haven’t caught up with. Not bothering to explain what it means. It just means no flying and no bombing all right. Puppies and kittens. What’s the matter, Russia will just be like Iraq or Afghanistan remember. You can sit their and watch it from your coach. As long as you are comfortable. After all a miracle Covid has passed.

    I’ve given up on conventional politics. Media, wealthy and the Uniparty have masterful control. NPCs (BLM-> Covid->Ukraine->) are such system loyalists that they would fellate themselves on command. Normie has a total information blackout and covid shows how easily they will go along with anything. This is not partisan. Normiecons are getting corralled by boomer whisperers like Hannitty and Dan Bagino. The younger gayer normiecons are corralled by Shapiro.

    Questions is why. Does the system actually want war with Russia. Or is this 4d chess and partially directed at Russia as pressure/intimidation. I will always lean towards them being sane and extremely evil, so no war. But if Russia falls this would be an unmitigated disaster. There will be nothing keeping them in check. They have carte blanche to do anything in Europe. Open doors to bring the global south into Europe.

    • They don’t want global war, but will settle for a large European one.

      They are using the confrontation to destroy the west, monetary collapse of the Euro, energy and food rationing are unavoidable. A NATO conflict would be just an addition.

      The US has some hope of riding it out with a severe recession, given its resources and location.

      Germany will suffer an industrial collapse and the rest are in for severe food shortages.

      This is the massive demand destruction they have been working for, tied into the now terminally affected population from the jabs and all the other destruction they primed with the continent wide imprisonment and mass importation of the 3rd world.

      Europe is completely fucked if they don’t pull back and quickly.

      But they won’t as the entire political class is all in on the funeral pyre.

    • I’ve avoided most reporting on conflict, lest I “get fooled again”. However, these guys seem level headed. Best part was the map they showed illustrating the expansion of NATO since 1997. Not a particular fan of Putin, but a long life and some knowledge of history after WWII would seem to indicate to me a deliberate pattern to destroy the long fought for buffer zone the USSR established after the war. Some critical thinking (always in short supply) would seem to indicate a deliberate provocation and even attack on the security of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  14. The damned “leadership” of this (former) country don’t give a crap how many people have to die in order for them to fulfill their apparent manifest destiny. Here, there, anywhere – you do what you’re told or else. We’ve mostly picked on weaklings over the last 70 odd years and now we actually think we can take on a place that can fight back in kind. There’s no hell hot enough for the cabal fomenting the past disasters and leading from behind in the charge into this one.

  15. Corporate media is so dumb.

    “Beijing aligned itself with Putin as Russia prepared to invade Ukraine. Now its efforts to edge away are constrained by leadership politics.”

    They truly think some of us buy what they are still selling.

    The statement put out last month made it crystal clear that Russia and China present a united front moving forward. China continues to grow economically at home, with many Chinese consumers entering the equivalent of the middle-class in the country. Russia, with its vast resources of energy supplies and other raw materials provide easy access to the Chinese markets.

    It would be naïve to think that there were no high-level discussions and preparations made between the two countries before the invasion of Ukraine.

  16. It’s definitely strange to me. I have no fear of nationalism, and I certainly hope it’s a defining characteristic of my cohort. To see how identity has been suppressed, even to the point of destroying differences between men and women, and all allegedly to end war, save the world, promote freedom— it seems absolutely insane. All of my life, I’ve had the sense of living in a madhouse and wanting no part of it, of constantly being stifled and smothered, and the building resentment that goes with that.

    “We know there’s a big hole in your soul, but here’s some stuff to fill it with, some entertainment to keep your mind off of it, a 401(k) to make you feel secure. You can be whatever you want to be, as long as it’s not yourself.”

    Fuck that shit.

    Fear is a powerful emotion. It’s tempting to think there’s some evil design to it all— I certainly do most of the time— but it’s possible it’s just fear shaking the world to pieces. An old but not ancient fear that needs to be gotten over.

    • Break up of nationalism is break up of the family unit writ large

      The two go hand in hand for our rulers

  17. Re: The Taki Mag post and American consumerism aka “our values”

    In the last year I’ve seen a push in several “otherwise” Bible Belt states to legalize mobile sports betting apps.

    Only 25 years ago, outside of Vegas, Atlantic City NJ, and a few other equally low-class places, normal people cringed at the idea of legalized gambling in their communities. They instinctively knew that it wasn’t good for ANYBODY to have local community working class families going cold and hungry because dad gambled away his paycheck again. What passed, up to that point, for conservatism in this country was being swallowed up by libertarian nonsense. So it has been a remarkable trajectory of chipping away at cultural and religious values to make it easy for Americans to become addicted and indebted because of legalized gambling.

    Mark my words, we aren’t all that far from local zoning ordinances being scrapped to make it easier to put liquor stores, pawn shops, and strip joints next to public middle and high schools. Who will object when career day at your child’s school has a table set up for pole dancing?

    • Such objections would be flagrant examples of white supremacy. Everybody knows that.

      • Yea, because clearly zoning ordinances are white supremacist and designed to keep Tyrone
        out of Becky’s panties. From Jim Crow to Jim Eagle, it’s all the same!

      • “The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math” is the phrase in my state.

    • A government that takes in revenue from vice, gambling, booze & legalized dtugs starting with weed soon to be followed by everything else. (See Oregon)
      Is obviously not concerned with the welfare of its constituents. Therefore it is no longer legitimate imo.
      I am no angel nor do I consider. Myself to be a blue nose prude. However this is government. No society can long endure when the people are amoral.
      Globohomo is firmly in the driver’s seat
      God promised not to flood the world again degenerates have taken the symbol of his promise. Nuclear fire far off?
      I’m just a simpleton, something doesn’t smell right. & I’m feeling very uneasy.
      Is my family’s long lucky streak finally running out.

      • Who was it that said, “…some ideas are so stupid, only an academic can believe in them…”

        To paraphrase Goldwater, “…to be an academic is no “virtue”, to be a simpleton, no vice…”

        Stay simple…

  18. A carload of drunken ruffians pulls up out front of your home. As a responsible father, you tell your daughter, “No daughter, you are not going with them.” She gets mad, and calls you “fascist!” That’s how it goes.

    The icky people have taken over the west. Pretend men traded our homeland for a third burger. Weak minded celebrate their children’s mutilation, to the cajole and applause of the Icky ones.

    Russian don’t want that, and they have real men who say “No.”

    • From your bigoted view. I mean – aren’t you really blaming the victim and reinforcing the patriarchy? If she consents to that pack of ruffians having their way with her and she enjoys it at the time, only to regret it later, isn’t that rape? And wasn’t that rape caused by you blaming her and reinforcing the patriarchy? #fightthepatriarchywithlogic

    • Former apostolic nuncio. Doubt they’d let him speak today. But then again, most speaking for the truth these days are outcasts or retired and not under the thumb.

  19. Gerontocracy explains it all, at least on the Yankee Empire side. Our existing rulers were so defined by the Cold War… and are now so old… that they can’t give it up. It’s not that Toothbrush Two is waiting in the wings, it’s that they can’t even conceptualize that Russia might not be the bad guy this time around.

    Cue the tiny-hatted grifters nursing thousand-year grudges.

    • I’m seeing in multi-cultural Los Angeles that no non white gives the Ukraine war a moment’s thought

      If this is the future, then when the old white boomers die off and the country becomes majority non white the interests of this country are going to be way way different, and what happens in Europe will become largely irrelevant. So that tells me that the USA is no longer carrying the flame of western civilization. It performed admirably for a time, but the flame is probably being handed over the Russia and Central Europe was we speak

      • Exactly. What famous statements have been issued from Kenya? Nigeria? The African Alliance? Nothing will be said as they do not see this as affecting them.

        The “West” is dying the death of a thousands cuts, a process that began decades ago. As you stated, once the scales tip irrevocably to majority-minority, the sociopolitical landscape will be very different indeed.

      • I don’t think America ever carried Western civilization’s torch. Political prepotency is not the same as western advocacy. The torch-bearers have always been Greece, Rome, Italy, Germany, France and England. But now, as you suggest, Russia has taken the mantle.

      • Same in Toronto. Muslims mostly support Russia but are quiet about it. Nobody else gives 2 craps about whiteys fighting for some land in Eastern Europe either way.

    • Is it starting to feel like one endless Purim celebration or is it just me?

      • So the nukes fly on the 16th shlomo & shlomete will be partying in their mineshaft.
        I swear I’m hearing Vera Lynn singing very faintly.
        I forgot and nobody reminded me to say my prayers.
        Damn mineshaft gap !

    • OTOH, one can legitimately wonder if these nearly dessicated autarchs still hold any real power, or are they mostly pudding bags like the current home intruder occupying the White House?

      • ” … like the current home intruder occupying the White House?”

        He’s a hologram, I’m tellin ya!

        • Funny enough I thought something similar watching the SOTU clips.

          Go back and watch some on YT. He has some very odd and defined outlining around his head and jacket, plus the depth between the foreground and those sat behind him just looks odd, like its shot in 2 different resolutions.

          Looks like 2 videos overlaid, or the way live motion capture is inserted.

          The side angles are all long distance.

          It was very disconcerting, like watching an old film where the special effects keep intruding.

  20. Excellent piece at Taki, Z. Western elites cannot conceive of any greater motivation domestic or foreign than raw consumerism despite all the evidence to the contrary right in front of them. Much of the Trump/Russia hoax stemmed from their religious faith that Americans were totally satisfied and craved nothing outside cam whores and plastic garbage from China. I cannot recall the title for the life of me, but there was book whose cover featured an Arab girl in a burqa using an electronic gadget. It was another “end of history” fantasy and was published at the bloodiest point of the Balkan wars. McWORLD or something of that nature.

    This is a religious faith for them well worth a nuclear exchange to eliminate the heretics and non-believers. They make the Wahhabists look like light weights.

  21. F*ck Trudeau. Let’s Go Brandon.
    End all mandates. Transparency over COVID-19 origins, vax effectiveness and side effects. Official apology from the government over vax coercion.
    End all 3rd world immigration, anti-white ideology, and start repatriation.

    Until all these conditions are met the Globohomo State is my enemy. Not Putin. Any allies of the State are also my enemy. Fox News can say whatever it wants but I’m not falling for it. The invasion is happening right here – from Mexico, India, China, Africa. I have a burning hatred for our own governments and institutions now – they’re clearly all rotten – and dropping the vax passport so I can access bread and circuses again and pretending like all is forgotten does not cut it.

    Definitely not risking my life in a war so that Zelensky, Blinken, and the Wall Street usurers can make billions more, continue their pedophile ring, and develop bioweapons (or worse).

    • Putin never tried to force a “vaccine” on me. Putin never called me a racist. Putin never tried to groom my kids. Putin does not hate me and I do not hate Putin.

  22. America is for all practical purposes a fascist nation. It certainly is economically. The only real competition is on the continuously atrophying mom and pop level (fly United and understand). It’s all big players, from big banks to big airlines to big tech etc., that have carved up the economic space. Aside from wage and price controls (the price controls will be here one day) U.S. monetary policy is scarily similar to Nazi Germany, which made a bee line for the gold reserves of any country it occupies back when gold and not oil tied everything together. They couldn’t stop spending. At least they got autobahns out of it.

    The word fascism is a rubber mask for anti-racism and anti ethno-centrism among whites. “Our Democracy” was supposed to end those things in their tracks years ago. Yet the persist. This war, the one the Nato countries have been waging for years, is a war on the human soul and condition. They scrub and scrub the white race, but they can never get it clean of its dominating features. So when we have a nuclear exchange over a country that is only known for its wheat and its euro-trash strippers and call girls, it’ll be perfectly natural for them. After all, this is a religious war.

    • “fascism in general existed only in the fevered minds of oddballs out on the fringes and the professional antifascist on the Left.”

      as in–Hitler? You’d be surprised how quickly oddball sentiments morph into commonly accepted themes, masks anyone?

      • The louder we scream something in a rage the more we are what we scream. We scream “fascist!” while living in a country full of duopolies with politicians rotating on corporate boards. Substitute Raytheon for Krupps and this place is a late fascist state, which will go to war as it runs out of gas. What makes this round of fascism different is that its a literal mirror image of the pro-white first round. This one is an anti-white, rainbow version. It screams into the mirror at an image of Hitler, but like a cat, doesn’t recognize itself.

        • Merriam-Webster definition of fascism:

          “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”

          Let’s survey the 4 key aspects as defined in the dictionary:

          1. exalts nation and often race above the individual

          Certainly our government now exalts race above the individual. The darker races.

          2. stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader

          Definitely have an autocratic federal government and many autocratic state governments as witnessed by the COVID crap.

          3. severe economic and social regimentation

          Cancel culture, forced acceptance of depravity, economic control and regimentation within big corp

          4. forcible suppression of opposition

          Censorship, fighting misinformation and disinformation, locking up political prisoners for years, stripping people’s livelihoods if they don’t follow the government-mandated programs related to “public health” or “dark people” or “LBGTQABCDEFG”

        • Like I have long noticed, these people scream over how horrible Hitler was but all along have secretly — or not so secretly — lusted for just one ounce of his power

          Yes, we live in an Empire of Lies

        • Rainbow Nazis with whites as the new Jews and Hutus as the Brown Shirts–not bad. Not bad at all.

          • I wonder if They have factored into their plans that in the sequel, this time the Jews are, by far, the most well-armed. They have been on the whole exceedingly patient up to the present time. Will that continue?

    • JR-

      Their plan to kill off all small and mid-sized business will backfire long-term.

      Take a complex system like a Gulfstream jet, custom luxury yacht, or a Lockheed F-35.

      There are hundreds, possibly thousands of components, mechanical parts, and custom subassemblies in both of those products.

      Most of those items are produced by small, low-volume manufacturers.

      These days, the prime companies that own complex low-volume products like those mentioned have less than zero interest in actually setting up in-house production in those particular market niches.

      All this just goes to reinforce the idea that we are ruled by clueless, ideological, ivory tower morons.

  23. “It is the apparition of fascism that has driven Western elites to the brink of madness. Their desire to free themselves of this haunting is driving them to try and reorganize the world in opposition to it. Instead, they are driving the world to organize against the madness of the West.”

    Please tell me what entities in the world are more “fascist” than the Western elite. Yeah, sure, its driven them so close “to the brink of madness”, its the ideology they espouse. The only difference between the “fascism” of the Germans and the “fascism” of the West is the difference between nationalism and globalism. And, when you realize that globalism’s goal is to do away with individual nations to create one worldwide entity (i.e., nation), you see there is no difference.

    • Indeed.

      The globohomo is international fascism in the same way the international communism was. The aims are no different and the players are the same.

      The piece is completely backwards.

      The current war is an ethnic war against Europeans by the same players in the US and the Ukraine. It is not political.

      Attempting to frame it as political is willfully ignoring of the identity of the main actors involved and their backers.

      It is escalation without end in an attempt to produce another mass war on whites in Europe to kill another 50 million.

      • “globohomo is international fascism in the same way the international communism was”

        Damned good point there.

  24. I might quibble on a point or two Z.

    I disagree with the Dissident notion that NATO is obsolete, and that our institutions should be blown up, scrapped, and buried six feet under. You can come up with any alternative you wish – but if you do that without replacing the people we now have running things… they will just destroy those alternatives the way they are doing with the current arrangements. Our nations and institutions are based on rock solid foundations. It’s the unelected psychotics, the incompetent, the zealots, and the perverted that are running them that are the problem. The fact that the organizations all still exist at all is testament to the value of the principles they are based on. All have built in checks and balances in place that have kept them alive to date. They are just being bypassed and/or ignored. We have a people problem – not procedural or systemic ones. If we seriously cleaned house most of our current problems would be gone with the ridiculous clowns that created them.

    Another small point of order about NATO expansion. The buffer countries that were left after the Soviet Union collapsed ALL wanted in on NATO. NATO was and isn’t imposed on them, they were invited in and the people of those countries wanted in. Their reasons for that were entirely legit too.

    But they struggle with the same issues we here are facing: an increasingly predatory ruling class is undermining these organizations and rendering them useless and even dangerous. We here aren’t where they are just yet, but we are headed that way. Fast.

    Our priorities here should be cleaning up Washington and Ottawa, IMO. There are no good guys in the current Russia/Ukrainian conflict – only varying degrees of guilt. So far have we fallen in the west… and having said all the above… I *think* Russia may well be the lesser of two evils. They want a deal and have been operating with restraint; and our guys seem to be the ones that want the war. We are all in for a rough ride.

    • “Our priorities here should be cleaning up Washington and Ottawa, IMO.”

      That’s impossible, Glen.

      • Oh, I don’t know. Judicious use of nukes do a pretty good job of cleaning out swamps.

      • It is inevitable, Jack.

        There will always be some corruption and incompetence, it is impossible to eliminate it entirely… but at some point it will have to be pruned back. Part of the reason things are so bad is that normal fellows like you guys here won’t get into the political process. We’d get torn to shreds by the psychotics and the gangsters.

        You can’t run a country like this.

        • Of course you can’t. Like a rabid dog it either had to die or be put down.

          Thing is when you get a new dog, you can get a couple of smaller ones instead a big one.

          Hell the Western provinces of Canada and contingent states in the US would make a better country than running them or the Maritimes from Ottawa or

          • One would think, AB.

            The problem is that here in Canada we could give you Americans lessons on the mechanis of the Uniparty. Our conservatives here in Alberta are cucked right out. If we were to split right now… our premier, Jason Kenny – would have a nervous breakdown. Like most of yours down there – he shrugs off everything as the fault of the feds out east, does nothing about it except tell us all to “vote conservatives harder next time.” Even our local commies are in the bag with the oligarchs and corporations. Our NDP (who are basically commies that pose as the working man’s party) threw the trucker’s in our protest in Ottawa under the bus. Our entire political class is bought and paid for.

            Not to fedpoast but… I don’t see a nonviolent solution to all this.

      • Methinks when the first dominos start falling, the Gulfstreams will be roaring down runways everywhere. Good riddance.

    • Glen: Those ‘rock-solid foundations’ you are celebrating were a product of Enlightenment thinking by White, generally Christian Englishmen. The system didn’t work because of magic ‘principles,’ it worked because those principles expressed the collective belief at the time of the people who inhabited the polity. You could change all the people heading every Western nation, put in ‘true conservatives’ all, and NOTHING would change.

      The people are the both the symptom and the problem. Their system cannot work without them both in charge and as the bulk of the populace, but even then those false Enlightenment beliefs and institutions worked to foster the poison brought in with alien people and thought. NATO may have been a reasonable response at the time of its founding (really don’t want to get into whether the war ought to have been fought and who knew what when etc.) but it is now 70 years since. The world has changed.

      Not human nature, but the geopolitical situation and the balance of power is totally different. White America, the productive powerhouse, no longer exists, and Russia really doesn’t want to ride herd on restive alien populations. It does want what it perceives as secure borders and a certain amount of realpolitik and geopolitical influence. Both Hitler and Stalin are dead, and so, too, is Roosevelt thank God. Let them all moulder in their graves, and let’s move on from the 1940s for God’s sake.

    • Your intentions sound well-meaning, but I could summarize your entire post with “We can vote our way out of this.” The following is merely my opinion. The system in the USA and probably many other countries is beyond salvation using peaceful methods. I doubt a “better” replacement will emerge absent a total collapse and/or a violent revolt or revolution. I’m not advocating either of those — but I am an armchair reader of world history.

  25. ” It is the German relationship with both Russia and Ukraine that is at the heart of the current crisis that had led to war in Europe. Germany has been developing stronger ties to Russia, especially economic ties, and Washington hates it.”

    I submit the Empire already has achieved its goal, which was to divorce Europe from Russia. There is no need to overthink any of this. This is the Empire at its most cynical, encouraging people to fight for what is perceived as their interests only to die en masse for a few bucks and world domination. It is the international version of the domestic slaughter of young White Southerners and Midwesterners for ‘Murica!

    The next act will be an attempt to make China submit.

    We all know how that ends.

    • Love to see that. Putin supplies oil and his removal raises the specter of world depression immediately. China supplies the world’s manufactured goods—consumer junk and sophisticated technology. They stop and we’ll see what happens. They know they have the whip hand. They are just deciding when and how wrt their own best interest. But never believe they are deciding “if”.

  26. Let me be the millionth guy to make this joke: What country do “we” have to invade, such that Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Mastercard, OnlyFans, and so on will punish us by cutting us off? I might not be of much use militarily, but I promise you I will be the first man at the recruiting office if that’s the price. I can scrub an aircraft carrier deck or something, anything.

    • George Carlin used to do a bit on the 7 words you can’t say on TV, and he made fun of the fact that “tits” was on the list. I love that you included “OnlyFans” on your list above. I needed a good laugh this morning.

  27. Consciously or not, I think our elites made the calculation that they had enough military toys and hardware to be able to alienate/persecute the kinds of people they need for ground conflicts. Besides, ground conflicts involve bodies coming home in flag-draped coffins. Sure, you can run “Dancing with the Stars,” and not show the corpses, but all those pesky calls to congressmen and senators from the crying moms still are obnoxious. Clinton got away with this casualty-free bombardment on little piddly operations like “Operation Desert Fox,” but aerial bombardment (aside from atomics) is inefficient as hell in real conflicts.

    I think that’s part of what’s frustrating the foreign policy establishment, consciously or not, not that people on the homefront don’t have the stomach for a war (they can just ignore it, except for little lapel pins), but that our empire doesn’t have the kinds of soldiers they need anymore to do real fighting. All those guys, like any cops who were worth a crap, are white and leaving in droves. They’ve finally gotten the message they’re not wanted, just when the people in charge are admitting (if only to themselves) that such men are in fact needed. The cognitive dissonance is also catching up with the elites and driving them crazy, watching their Churchill movies and their Patton docs after work but during the day telling themselves and the world that white males are evil and diversity is our strength. I actually had a colonel (a lesbian with a short haircut) tell me that our diversity was the army’s greatest strength during orientation at AIT. And she believed it.

    As I said on Sunday, “it’s their country now.” I’m yawning and hanging out in the hammock with a beer and either ignoring the empire’s problems or laughing at them:

    • That’s the thing, isn’t it? They have what the Japanese used to call “victory disease.” I mean, how can all that Toby Keith-style flag sucking NOT work? It always has in the past! The sheeple will believe anything we tell them to believe…

      Provided we don’t nuke ourselves back to the stone age here in a few months, we’ll see all this as the beginning of the end. And to pat myself on the back just a little, I’ve been saying since early 2020 that Covid might well turn out to be the biggest political own-goal of all time. The lies were so histrionic and absurd, right from the beginning, that the Media burned through whatever was left of their social capital in about 3 days… which was only a day or two before the political class burned through what was left of theirs.

      The truly ironic thing is, if they could rein it in just a teeny tiny bit, they probably could go on shearing the sheeple indefinitely. But they can’t, so they crank everything up to eleven. Like Biden “winning” with 81 million votes, the mostest evar. Can you at least try to pretend to be making a reasonable effort to fake it?

      But no, so now we’re treated to the (admittedly hilarious) spectacle of a Media telling us, simultaneously, that Ukraine is winning big excellent glorious victory and Putin is on the ropes, but we all must hustle down to the recruiting office to sign up, to save brave Ukraine that will surely be crushed if we don’t “help,” because reasons.

      Sorry, guys, I’m 4F — I had to get vaxxed or lose my job, and now I’ve got this mysterious heart condition….Plus I’m White, and male, so you don’t want me anyway. Best of luck with your war. I’m sure the Flamin’ 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion has got it…

      • “The truly ironic thing is, if they could rein it in just a teeny tiny bit, they probably could go on shearing the sheeple indefinitely”

        Outside of the distinct possibility their insanity could get us all vaporized, the Regime’s impulsivity makes it weaker and gives us hope. They truly cannot control themselves at this point and it is their Achille’s Heel.

      • “The truly ironic thing is, if they could rein it in just a teeny tiny bit, they probably could go on shearing the sheeple indefinitely.”

        Oh, they still can, no doubt. Have you noticed the number of people that have been on the forefront of resisting COVID are now some of the most pro-Ukrainian douchebags out there? “Yeah, sure babe, but have you noticed that the same liars that pushed vaccine mandates are the ones that want you to get fired up about starting WWIII over one of the most corrupt regimes in the world? Plus, it has the added feature of being halfway around the world from us!” One of the fundamental rules about the American people is “Never underestimate their stupidity or the length of their memories.” Another fundamental rule of the American people is, “Oh, look! A shiny thing!”

          • Don’t see that at all.

            Where I am its 100% COVID to Ukraine mapping. The switch was overnight.

            Not a single coof skeptic I know is anything other than skeptical about the new hitler coof.

          • As a friend who’s relatively uninformed about this conflict said, “Hillary and Soros are on Ukraine’s side.” Therefore I’ll take the opposite side.”

            That might be all you need to know.

          • ” .. anti vaxx are anti-ukraine.”

            Whatever. Fauci \has disappeared. Several guesses going around: arrested (for what?); gone into witness protection programme.

          • Karl, interesting observation. I’d say true. It took something to be an anti-vaxxer contrarian over the last 18 months. That disposition rolls over into most other aspects of life I guess.

            Now the bad. The percentage of anti-whatever’s is small. Can’t be more that 15% and probably more like 5%. Numbers are not on our side.

          • False dichotomy. Why must anyone be forced to choose sides in a dispute (war) completely irrelevant to them? The neutral position is never mentioned. I’m not heartless enough to deny that people are dying for stupid reasons or that I “don’t care.” But the fact remains — it’s not our fight, and there is no way to intervene without high costs to the would-be do-gooder.

        • NPC’s are gonna NPC, true, but they really can not reign it in. They are impulsive narcissists at their core.

        • @trumpton:

          It has been astonishing to watch people who cowered in fear, faces covered and vaxxed how ever many times against a virus with the lethality of less than one-half of one percent, glibly talking about a nuclear war.

          NPC’s, bots, whatever we want to call them, they are herd animals.

          • Perhaps their inner desire is death by whatever means. Hence their attraction to it in all its forms.

            All the signalling is hope they are destroyed to free them from their inner nihilism.

          • Closer to 0.15% (of a total population.) And, if “by Covid” as opposed to “with Covid” probably closer to 0.0075%. To put that in perspective, in normal times about 0.9% of the (US) population will die yearly.

      • Instead of Rita Hayworth, the Flamin’ 45th will have Zelensky in bondage drag painted on the side of their aircraft

    • In the run-up to the Gulf War 2 I realized that if anyone could stop the invasion and were discovered they would be liquidated on the spot. That’s much harder to do when tens of millions of subjects within its borders either are indifferent or oppose the Empire. People really are noticing the propaganda and lying.

      Pop a cap for me, if you would.

      • “Pop a cap for me”
        Maybe I took that wrong, but I’d happily pop a cap in somebody’s azz

    • it feels good to not care one way or the other what happens with anything to do with US gov. just hanging out and doing what i want, genuinely unconcerned with ukraine, midterms, sports, none of it means a thing.

    • It all puts a lie to their assertions that diversity is our strength

      If they truly believed it they wouldn’t be fearing a white Slav with a largely white military

      Rather they would be giddy at the prospect of proving to the world that our diversity, throughout our society and military ranks, is going to destroy a bunch of white guys. Like they were when our black Dream Teams in basketball would eat up the white teams.

      But this is not a basketball game, and their fear shows what they really believe deep down

    • You sound like you’re describing my (Army) company commander (not 100% sure about the Lesbian part but such was the rumor) at my last duty station, Washington. That was 38 years ago! 😀

  28. Fascism was such an obvious continuation of Western civilization to its obvious end that to fight it was to fight all of western civilization.

    Winston Churchill learned that when the empire collapsed around him in old age.

    We need a new enemy to exhuast ourselves against but nukes have frozen the world order and made war impossible.

    I, for one, am cheering on the Russians. The more the current order exhaust itself against bigger targets the less it can oppose the smaller ones.

  29. This is just about raw power. I recognize the temptation on Zman’s part to find some ideological motivation for it from the misty past. But it’s pretty obscure. Today’s US-led Globalism project is bent on world domination and will crush anything standing in its way.

    In the “clown world” of the US’ creation, you couldn’t discern from a brief ideological description which regime we support and which we oppose. What’s the difference among Saudi, Qatar, Iran? What’s the difference between Turkey and Russia? What about Azerbaijan and Pakistan?

    There are no principles involved beyond “Us and Them” and pure power/profit/control. The “Big Lie” we all fell for when we were kids was the moral superiority of the US program. It was a power play all along. We have become a new version of the Soviet Union, flying the rainbow/trans flag instead of the red hammer & sickle.

    • The war is about resources (for the US). That’s only partially the reason for the Russians

    • This, exactly. The Empire is about the Empire, nothing more, nothing less. It is dying and dangerous. Europe rode the tiger so long it forgot it was on one.

      • “Europe rode the tiger so long it forgot it was on one.”

        And as Matt Bracken is fond of pointing out, a plan to ride the tiger is not the same thing as riding the tiger.

  30. The Harvard educated rich kid spoiled brat that infests the State Department is not a savant having nightmares that justifies his derangement. He is a worthless piece of shit that never worked a day in his life and compensates for his lack of self esteem by battling monsters in his imagination. And he gets lots of innocents killed in his fevered dreams, both figuratively and literally because we common folk let it happen.

    Bongino is the classic example of low-rent up-by-your-bootstraps poor kid who made good and then lost his mind in the limelight. He’s spitting mad at that tyrant Putin who invaded a sovereign country and stomps on babies in his spare time, but cannot bring himself to acknowledge that the US military did the exact same to Iraq in 2003 under Bush the Minor. Nor can he acknowledge that the US State Department is primarily to blame to luring Ukraine into a devastating war and then stabbing them in the back in an overt act of betrayal.

    What is worse? Putin telling Ukraine to knock it off or else. Or the USA telling Ukraine we got your back and then walking away when the fists start flying. God help us.

    • Putin has at least 10x the justification for invading Ukraine that Cheney had for invading Iraq.

      Quite simply, if China and/or Russia had sponsored color revolutions in Mexico in recent years, set up a puppet government, and Mexico was close to attaining membership in a military alliance with China and/or Russia, the US would tolerate that for about 5 seconds.

      • We are indeed an “Empire of Lies,” and the seemingly many walking Woke amongst us worship at the alter.

        Barring Putin is play acting for a Globalist agenda-I want to think not-calling the empire and in turn its senile leader the apex of dishonesty, is certainly in agreement with my sentiments.

        Schönbach-the recently disposed of German admiral, said what honest level dealing men extend. He said “On eye level, he wants respect. And my God, giving him respect is low cost, even no cost. It is easy to give him the respect he demands, and probably deserves.”

        Same as many of the hard working blue collar men and women making and delivering our goods. Same as the those that for generation after generation have joined and supported our armed forces. Same as infinitum.

        You can only kick a dog so much. Unlike the toy poodles making up America, and doing lay down roll over for new perverted Netflix treats, Putin is 3 decades long exasperated bear wolf and to the Ukraine is the bite, the West, the snarl.

        Show the man some F’in respect if it is not too late.

    • Yes, what Peter Hitchens calls the Caravan of Hypocrisy stands out a mile…the US violates the sovereignty of other nations daily, still occupying Iraq despite Iraqi demands to leave, a hostile force in Syria trying to overthrow the regime, and currently bombing Somalia and Yemen…But when Putin does it to protect his own people, that’s intolerable! Mind numbing stupidity, or is that cupidity…..

      • I’ve had this discussion with normies and their worldview is still shaped from the ’80s, that the American Empire is morally right and is therefore permitted to force it’s superior morality all over the planet. When I point out that this “superior morality” consists sexualizing kids and locking dissidents away by the hundreds in rape-gulags they, well, if I had to guess they just label me as a crank so that they can continue living in their fantasy world. Any old way, they’ve never had a comeback.

    • That is the sort of problem with our “elites” in general. The progenitor of the current mandarins may have been a toy with a patrician background, but something on the ball. Three generations of easy life in DC and intermarriage have left us with a massive case of “the Hapsburgs”

    • TomA: One quibble, if I may. Foggy Bottom is no longer the purview of ‘Harvard educated rich kid spoiled brats.’ It’s filled with Juice and womyn and mulattoes and Han and all sorts of paper ‘murricans, with a handful of the old type back in the US funding the policy publications and choosing which promising candidates to promote at the next Davos meeting. And the few White guys left are nerds who are suddenly giddy with their enhanced status and pull (based purely on money and the dangling of a spousal visa) and are ‘woke as f&&k. No one there has any understanding of or care for rural heritage Americans, but it’s not because they’re all wealthy blue-bloods.

  31. considering the fact financial crisis is inevitable in the west, i don’t understand why russia isolating itself is not a great thing for them.

    The way i see it russians represent preppers, while the west represents normies. Don’t we all wanna isolate ourselves, isn’t this our nationalist MO?
    Isn’t our goal the achievement of Self-reliance, self governance & abolishment of foreigners/foreign rule?

    What’s happening to russians, will happen to us as well, so it’s not as if russians will suffer extra compared to the rest of world, unless one considers the removal of netflix as a form of punishment.

    • If we had only cut down on the tech toy exports to Russia and replaced those things with more diverse POC’s and sexual abomination human “capital,” maybe Russia would be more like us and not so threatening and scary?

    • “i don’t understand why russia isolating itself is not a great thing for them.”

      The first stage of Roman expansion, which preconditioned foreign local elites to cooption through gradual cultural warfare, was the Roman merchant selling wine and other civilized goods. The German tribes of the time banned Roman wine merchants. They might have been barbarians by Roman standards, but they were neither stupid nor unwise.

      The Russians are SO MUCH better off with globohomo removing its agents from their land. Putin didn’t even have to fabricate an excuse to evict them; the idiots did it to themselves. Hollywood delenda est

  32. Lindsay Graham has openly called for the assassination of Mr Putin. And the pigs in New York City have thrown Anna Netrebko out of the Metropolitan Opera simply b/c she’s Russian, although the NY Post says it’s b/c she has “ties to Putin.” Which probably means he has heard her sing.

    She’s also lovely to look at. Here she sings O mio babbino caro (O dear Papa!):

    That lovely girl is just thrown away by the pigs in NYC.

    GOD! I HATE these filthy dogs! No fate is bad enough for them.

    • The best possible evidence for RFK Jr’s claims that HIV/AIDS wasn’t really real is that Lindsey Graham hasn’t died from it yet.

      • ” Lindsey Graham hasn’t died … yet.”

        For which the scientific term is “A f*cking SHAME”!

      • what the fuck is wrong with south carolina (and kentucky for that matter)?? seriously, does anyone have genuine insight on this?

        • “what the fuck is wrong with south carolina (and kentucky for that matter)?? seriously, does anyone have genuine insight on this?”

          Yep. Secondarily it is that he (Graham, but McConnell, too) has a “machine,” and those, once established, are all but impossible to get rid of. They are self-perpetuating. And Graham wasn’t a lunatic when he was elected YEARS and YEARS ago.

          And the PRIMARY reason he was elected to start with is that he had the support of the large landowners–the peach producers, specifically, but producers of cotton, tobacco, and tea as well.

          They are enormously rich. Their support after all these years cannot be challenged by a newcomer with no machine and no funds. That’s politics. Lindsey keeps the Yankee government off the backs and out of the pockets of the rich landowners who fund Graham’s well-established machine. That’s why he feels always free to be such a twat. He has an unassailable sinecure.

          Peaches are commercially produced in 20 states. The top four states in peach production are California, South Carolina, Georgia, and (incredibly) New Jersey.

          In 2017, California supplied nearly 56 percent of the United States fresh peach crop and more than 96 percent of processed peaches.


          Land area of California:
          163,696 mi²

          Of South Carolina:
          32,020 mi²

          Of Ireland:
          32,595 mi²

          59,425 mi²
          Largest state in land area east of the Mississippi. Larger than England and Wales put together (excl. Scotland)

          Do the math: Compare the land area (not to mention the population) of California with that of South Carolina, and then consider that South Carolina is the #2 producer of peaches in the country.

          California produces 468,000 tons of peaches per yr.

          South Carolina produces
          90,000 tons of peaches a year.

          Georgia–40,000 tons.

          And that’s just peaches. South Carolina produces cotton, too.

          Georgia is the largest producer of pecans in the world–by far:
          100,000,000 lbs in 2015–rising each year. China is the biggest buyer.

          Then there’s tea: The Charleston Tea Garden on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, is the largest and oldest tea plantation in America. They produce Bigelow tea.

          But it was rice–Carolina Gold–that made Charleston the richest city in British America BY FAR. No other city even came close to the wealth of Charleston–not Boston, not New York, not Philadelphia, not Baltimore.

          South Carolina alone in American history had titles of nobility established by law: Landgraves and Cassiques. What most people think is a crescent moon on the SC flag is an ancient heraldic symbol symbolizing “younger sons.”

          See? The great landowners keep Graham in Washington. He has a well-established machine, and the great landowners are immensely rich and have no motivation to dump the lard-ass twat.

          And that’s the explanation.

          • Pretty good explique of SC. 50 yrs ago we were newly-weds from Up North. Husband was Navy Jr officer based on a ship in Charleston. We lived in a carriage house “South of Broad” and I worked for the Historic Chas Fdn as a secretary and docent. Our hq was the Nathaniel Russell House on Mtg St. Gorgeous place built in 1807 by the “King of the Yankees,” a slave trader from Bristol RI. His daughters married Middletons from another rich planter family on the Ashley River. The connections between the coastal aristocracies in SC and NYC and New England are not well known but they were hugely influential, continuing down to the present day. Up country Carolina is “new” money. Also, the Charleston aristocracy descended in good part from British sugar planters who colonized Cuba, Barbados etc in the Caribbean, getting the slaves from Africa; sugar cane made into molasses; shipped to distilleries in RI; rum created and used in trade for more slaves from Africa, i. e. the Triangle Trade. Rhode Island farmers produced the crops and livestock that were used to feed and clothe (flax-linen) the slaves.

          • Thanks for that tutorial. I learned things thereby.

            On NJ peaches, I’d put those grown by my favorite orchardist here in Southern New Jersey up against any grown elsewhere. Tree ripened, not picked way too soon, harvested with brutality so that they are covered with hidden bruises, and then shipped from hell to breakfast to get to market. Orchard also grows (my favorite) killer nectarines, and then moves on to a fine assortment of different types of apples, similarly well cared for and harvested gently. We travel to their stand to buy them by the basket in season. Orchardist is an observant Christian; stand is closed on the Sabbath.

    • That aria is so beautiful it hurts.
      What the West has vomited up on the cultural shore lately hurts also – just in a very different way.
      P.S. – if Graham wants Putin assassinated – he needs to hie his sorry a** over to Moscow and do the job himself.

      • “P.S. – if Graham wants Putin assassinated – he needs to hie his sorry a** over to Moscow and do the job himself.”

        Made me laff out loud! What a mental image! A judo match between Lindy and Vlad. Place your bets!

    • The general manager of the Met, named Peter Gelb, is claiming that they are throwing her out because she “failed to repudiate Putin”. Really, though, is this not the same thing that is discussed with shame when Americans were supposedly doing it to citizens of Japanese and German origin in the 1940s? Of course the primary difference is that unlike today, we were officially at war with Japan and Germany. Even then the evidence of such behavior is relatively scant whereas it is totally normalized and encouraged to do it to Russian today. Are Russian-Americans going to be sent to camps?

      Of course, we also hear, whenever there is a Muslim-perpetuated terror attack in our lands, that the real victims are not the dead people but the innocent Muslims who will be the victims of “hate crimes” afterwards. Of course anyone with Russian origins living in the West today is fair grounds for collective punishment.

      • Peter (((Gelb))) is it? Well … will wonders never cease!

        “Failed”? Did she *try* but fail? Or does (((he))) just mean that she has not said what (((he))) has said, thereby rendering her–what? A failure as a singer? Or as a repudiator of a man on the other side of the world?

        Excellent post! Very well stated.

        God how I HATE these pigs! Worshippers of anything freakish and ugly. Enemies of anything good or true or beautiful.

        • I guess we never would have gotten the point that Mr. Gelb is Jewish if you had only used one triple parenthesis instead of three. Of course his Jewishness is solely the reason for his actions and there’s no anti-Russian sentiment among the goyim.

      • “Anna sings “Quando m’en vo”

        Bless you for that. She sings with her whole lovely body and face.

        What a gal! And tossed out by pigs! IT would be hard to despise them any more than I do for this crime! Destroy what is good, true, or beautiful.

        Well, she was too good for them anyway. I hope the Met pigs die of tertiary syphilis.

    • “General” is still correct usage for title, though: as in “Colonel” for both light- and full-birds. The enlisted ranks were traditionally always more stringent with proper titles. E5-E7 “sergeant” was generally appropriate, buy senior NCO ranks such as E8/E9, Master/First Sergeant and Sergeant Major, full ranks were always used.

      • Thanks–truly and respectfully–for the explanation.

        But I graduated (in 1973 after three yrs there) from the oldest military school in the country and did 6 yrs active duty in the intel branch, Reg Army, as a linguist (French, German, Arabic), specializing in Middle East & Africa.

        My post was meant as a joke.

    • That aria is so beautiful it hurts.
      What the West has vomited up on the cultural shore lately hurts also – just in a very different way.
      P.S. – if Graham wants Putin assassinated – he needs to hie his sorry a** over to Moscow and do the job himself.

  33. Biden and company are doing to the world economic system what Trudeau did to the Canadian banks. The damage is incalculable as every nation now has all the motivation in the world to disengage from SWIFT, Visa, etc, etc. Goodbye reserve currency status…

    • And that consequence is so obvious that I can’t help but wonder if it was intended. Do they intend to burn down Western finance? They only would if they already have something ready to replace it, wouldn’t they?

      Or perhaps I’m paranoid and they really are THAT oblivious to the consequences of their own actions.

    • Quite possible. To me, it’s been dismaying all the banning, asset seizing and general de-platforming of all things Russian in Europe and perhaps lesser extent in other nations. I hazily know that such things were done in the past, but usually only with a formal Declaration of War or similarly grave sanctions. I realize each nation’s laws are different, but I’d really like to hear what is the legal justification to seize or freeze assets of someone merely because he is Russian, perhaps with no plausible connection to the Russian government. Even if it was government assets, again, note that except for Ukraine, Russia has not attacked these nations taking sanctions against her. New normal indeed.

      For flight capital and wealthy expatriates, I am sure the lessons are not lost. They can be confiscated or imprisoned at any time, under the thinnest pretext, lacking the slightest scrap of what was once proudly called “rule of law.”

  34. This situation has a WWI feel to me.

    Massively major war is on the verge of being triggered by a relatively trivial action by a major power. The people agitating for the war imagine that it will be quick an easy. The reality is more likely to last years and cost tens of millions of lives. And people will look back at it and as what the fuck were they thinking?

    So, in that analogy, is the US Germany, or Austria-Hungary or Imperial Russia? I don’t think the parallel is GB because our elites are pushing war and not getting pulled in reluctantly.

    • “Massively major war is on the verge of being triggered by a relatively trivial action by a major power.”

      THIS ^^^^

    • Minimally, if Volodymyr Zelenskyy in actuality plays the role of Franz Ferdinand, it is not all a loss.

      • “Minimally, if Volodymyr Zelenskyy in actuality plays the role of Franz Ferdinand, it is not all a loss.”

        You wanna play the role of Princeps, maybe?

        I’d stand in line for that!

  35. Am i wrong in my thinking, that for Russia (and China) to survive, the leadership of the West must die? Have not the latter gone all in on forcing (or at least trying) every person on the planet to live and think as they decide? Excepting themselves of course. They genuinely seem incapable of changing course, of adapting to changing circumstances.

    Co-opting so much of the West doesn’t seem to be working for China, in that the prices of everything they import is skyrocketing, food is becoming more expensive and less available, and their export markets are in the process of collapsing economically.

    • It does appear that China has miscalculated to a degree.

      Food, water, and shelter (that doesn’t collapse from shoddy build quality) are necessities.

      Planeloads of rubber dog crap from Hong Kong are a luxury.

  36. It seams to me that what’s driving this is the hubris of the elite running Americas global empire.

    They think that they should have hegemony over the whole world. Russia is one of the major holdouts resisting that. So Russia must be transformed in the same way that Imperial Japan was transformed a century ago. Russia sees that as an existential threat.

    That is why the GAE has morphed NATO into an anti-Russia league. Has pushed its expansion to absurdities like Georgia and fomented a coup in Kazakhstan. It’s obviously an effort to encircle Russia as a prelude to a final absorption into the borg. The GAE thinks time is on its side, that the goal can be accomplished with cultural imperialism, undermining the cultures of the people that oppose it.

    Putin may well believe that too. That Russia’s position is being eroded by that cultural imperialism. Media from Ukraine in the past decade has been as degenerate and fake and gay as that of Western Europe.

    So he’s decided to force the issue now, rather than waiting for some dominos to fall in the encirclement and weakening of Russia.

    • That’s the question of the age: is there a way to keep modernity from killing off those who are benefitting from it. For as much as Putin and Xi are putting up a “good” fight, were they to die peacefully tomorrow there is a strong possibility their homelands would almost immediately succumb to GloboPedo debauchery.

      • Geez, I don’t know? Speaking from some experience in my work and living environment, the Asians seem to stick to themselves and retain their cultural traditions. In nearby towns where they congregate, they have better organized and lively public festivals and eating fests than the Americans can put on. If they can’t (I’ll say don’t want to be) assimilated here, what is the likelihood of overwhelming Western cultural adoption there. I read China daily’s and op-eds fairly often and they are only a few degrees away from calling American culture f*cked.

  37. What are the odds that John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Mitt Romney would all have kids whose chosen career was a job with a Ukrainian Gas Company?

  38. “The Russians are risking economic isolation in order to restore their pride and sense of identity. This war will cost them economically, but it will all be worth it to feel that ancient pride again.”

    Maybe to some extent but the Russians would seem to have good reason to fear the madness you speak of. And why doesn’t Germany pipe up if they want trade relations with Russia? Why would Germany care to be a pawn in the U.S.’ sinking imperial ship to mix a metaphor?

    And why has FOX, with the possible exception of Tucker, gone full CNN with its hyped up Putin mania? Do they all take their on-air marching orders from the Murdochs? Hannity’s an empty head but I’m quite disappointed in Laura Ingraham. I’d thought the better of her. Meanwhile, the college kids on the town common are flying their blue and yellow helium balloons. I asked one of them if he knew where Ukraine was. “Europe.” Where in Europe? “Near England?”

    I felt like going, “I’m Watters and this… is my world.”

    • “And why doesn’t Germany pipe up if they want trade relations with Russia?”

      They did make a timid attempt. They got smacked down. Annalena Baerbock, the Foreign Minister (Green Party, which means red), refused the license necessary to bring Nordstream 2 online because “Russian aggression.”

      Germany is not an independent country., It is an occupied, conquered place (I won’t call it a country).

      “Why would Germany care to be a pawn in the U.S.’ sinking imperial ship to a metaphor?”

      They don’t. When Washington commanded Scholz to send military aid to the Ukraine, he sent 5000 helmets. Washington was not amused, so they ordered him to send lethal weaponry, so he did,

      Germany doesn’t make its own choices.

      • This post over at the Unz Review by Mike Whitney speaks to the issue touched upon by the Zman, namely the Globalist fear of Germany and Russia (and more broadly, Germany making the computation that Eurasia is where its future lies).

        But Germany is way down the rathole of Globohomo, and realistically, until that were to radically change, no full rapprochment is at all likely; the current crew of German leftists/globalists want Germany done and dusted, filled to the brim with spiteful, grifting aliens (sound familiar?), and as a consequence of their Green delusions, deindustrialized, so that’s an insuperable obstacle.

      • Divorcing Germany and the rest of Europe from Russia is the whole point of this exercise. The D.C. psychopaths cannot comprehend how this very well could end in a mushroom cloud billowing in their ‘hood.

      • IP –

        IMHO German’s been a vassal state of the U.S. since 1945. Only Trump got them to spend the required 2% on NATO & that lasted about 5 minutes. Germans know the U.S. will/is there to protect them so they can indulge in other things like socialism/welfare state feel-goodism/Globalhomo, etc.

        Also part of the equation is that Germany nearly won two massive wars. They certainly would have won WWI if not for needless U.S. intervention (the major belligerents were feeding 16yr olds into the trenches by 1918) & there would have been no Second World War; no German need for it. The Allies have always been scared of the Germans – see renowned Military Historian Max Hastings here:
        So there was a specific need to keep “the Americans in, the Germans down, & the Russians out.” IMHO it was this fear of German spirit & militarism that caused the Allies to lean in heavily to destroy “The Spirit of Prussia” & the German worldview. The Allies set the stage for the self-loathing (by constantly beating them over the head with The Third Reich baseball bat) every chance they get. It’s learned behavior from The Allies because they also hate themselves. Now after 60-odd years they have the Germans doing the same thing.

        Interestingly enough, the Russians never have had/suffered from this self-loathing complex. That is something uniquely Western & probably accounts why Globalhomo hates Putin/the Russians so much.

        • That bring up a historical side question:

          What if the Anglo-Saxons not conquerors, but instead, driven out- by Teutons?

          (The contrary view could be that they were simply good at making boats, which led to the naval Powers in the Age of Exploration. Perhaps recessed Ten Tribes / Crete traits?)

        • Need to have a little rant about Hastings who is ,in my opinion, an odious little toad.
          Max Hastings is a hack with a history of plagiarism.

          He’s a globalist who craps on the UK because it’s not “European” enough. His history books are always framed to sustain the historical context which justifies the globalist’s conceptual map of the present and wished-for future. He is generally wrong when analysing current events and yet morons revere this pompous oaf. If you get Trump,Brexit, and the 2007 economic crisis wrong why should anyone believe you understand events which occurred decades ago?

          He’s just one of those people who seems to succeed without any talent other than being well-connected and having the right views. I do not like Hastings.

    • Thinking of “I’m Watters and this is my World.” I thought it a little gay and I noticed that, at least for the past week, it was gone. I catch the last minute when I go to the DVR’ed Tucker.

      On a similar note, I think Tucker gives a tell when he is lying, in personal disagreement with, or forced to follow the company line.

      Unless I missed it, most of his shows with emphasis on Putin and Russia bad for invading did not end with “…is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think.” Reminds me of some legal proceedings I’ve been involved with, a lot of aping going on between bar members.

      Let me say that Tucker has had on some informative guests on his paid service whereby the a couple of experts on the Russian matters explained to him exactly why Russia invaded Ukraine, and exactly why finally Putin’s patience with the Ukies was done. He knows, he is not stupid but he also knows where his paycheck comes from too. I’ll take what I can from major media and he is as truthful as honest as your gonna get…but look for his tells and quick verbal jabs to know what he is really thinking.

  39. I don’t see Russia waging this war to restore ego. They have been very clear for over a decade that they don’t want Georgia and especially the Ukraine in NATO and they want them demilitarized. Given the actions of the US and, starting with Serbia, NATO that seems reasonable. No doubt that is tied into past trauma from the Nazis invading them and all the lives lost but it seems very rational.

    Stoltenberg said NATO could put nukes in Eastern Europe if they want. Zelenskyy recently talked about restarting their nuclear weapons program. To top it off there is the neo Nazi brigade Azov talking about cleansing the Ukraine of Russians who have been in what is now Eastern Ukraine for 1000 years.

    If you are going to have the past haunt you, then Russia sends to have some justification for it

    • Plus there are the Biolabs Russia found in the Ukraine funded by the US that were working on pathogens. . Those seem legit and if they prove to be true alone are a great justification for the invasion

      • Those biolabs inspire me to say Putin is trying to save the world.

        Some definite Fatima vibes going on here.

    • ” … cleansing the Ukraine of Russians who have been in what is now Eastern Ukraine for 1000 years.”

      Good post.

      But the Donbass had been part of the Ukraine only since 1954, when Nikita Khrushchev stuck it and its 90% ethnic-Russian, Russian-speaking populations into the Ukraine to dilute Ukrainian nationalism.

      But it is no longer eastern Ukraine. They declared independence in 2014. Russia granted recognition last month (and so did some other countries). The Donbass is now the independent “Donetsk People’s Republic” and the “Lugansk/Luhansk People’s Republic”

      People now refer to them as “the Twins.”

      • For accuracy, what Kruschev pasted onto Ukraine was Crimea, which had been Russian territory for hundreds of years, conquered by wars waged by Catherine the Great against the Turks and Tatars, and later defended against France and Great Britain in the Crimean War. As home to the Russian Black Sea fleet (they had a 99 year lease on that facility with Ukraine struck after the breakup of the Soviet Union). No way that that was going to be surrendered to be a NATO base.

        • Stalin welcomed additional Russians into the eastern Ukraine as an act of love. He could have been a honorary Bush.

        • “For accuracy, what Kruschev pasted onto Ukraine was Crimea, … .”

          Right you are! (I didn’t believe you, so I checked). Thanks for setting me straight.

  40. “Fascism” as such may in fact no longer exist, but the possible emergence of an idea, movement, or party which could break the 50-50 deadlock so characteristic of postwar “democracies” by promising respect for and enforcement of socially conservative values, while being aggressively interventionist in economics (party like it’s 1932) – that’s what THEY mean by “fascism”, and they are right to fear it.

  41. I think you have it dead right on this one. Shit-libs always want to think that the most vital factors are ones which they think they can control.

    • “Why you fighting son?”
      “For everyone’s right to the Quarter Pounder, the BK Lounge and the Colonel’s Extra Crispy”

      • Continuing along those lines, I have to admit to having been totally wrong in my prediction concerning China when Nixon went there and began the thaw. I said that China was doomed b/c we would corrupt them with T-shirts and Pepsi. But they turned out not to be so shallow, nor I very prescient.

        • It was a good play at the time. But all strategies, geopolitical or business have a shelf life. It’s eating that can of long expired peaches that kills you.

          • “It’s eating that can of long expired peaches that kills you.”


            And speaking of peaches–the orchards hereabouts are in full and glorious bloom!

        • A version of “they’ll welcome us as liberators!”. It’s a lesson most on our side of the divide had to learn. God knows I did. The great chain of causality begins with people.

        • TIP, wrt China I think you *were* right on—just that China did not allow such “foreign” competitors to take over their consumer market. Like the US, China abounds in consumerism, but it’s mainly provided by the Chinese to the Chinese, and has a distinctive flavor to such. China has its own “Amazon”, “Facebook”, car manufacturers and so forth. If it is found here, a Chinese look alike can be found there I suspect.

    • There was a book, bestseller, that posited the same thesis written around 1908 regarding the Great Powers. Wonder how that worked out? Oh, wait a minute, that would be why I can look over the top of my desk and see my grandad’s regimental picture from 1917…

  42. Well, it looks as though our “elites” are willing to take the world to the brink over yet another Slav cousin war between two top-o-the league table oligarchic societies. But, best as I can figure a lot of Western/NGO rice bowls would be broken if Ukraine was dragged into the Russian orbit, so war it will be. It’s not as though Putin hasn’t been signaling his intent for 15 years…yet. There is great old Army War College chart that graphs “signal of enemy intent” and “strategic options” on a time/amplitude scale. If you discern intent when amplitude of signal is low, you have lots of options. Options decrease as amplitude increases. When the lines cross, you die. $50 oil keeps Putin in a cage. European dependence and $126 oil (Brent price this am) buys Putin a lotta “war”. We are ruled by clowns.

      • Yeah, no… it isn’t. Its a blood libel with roots that go back MUCH farther than “the 90s” (unless perhaps you mean the 1890s)

        Why is this so difficult for people to grasp or is it just fun to endlessly theorize? I truly don’t understand the draw of it, perhaps the same reason people like to armchair quarterback other things as well.

        • “Yeah, no… it isn’t.”

          Yeah, yeah … it IS. But only for AINO. I was not clear about that. My fault

          “Its a blood libel with roots that go back MUCH farther than “the 90s” (unless perhaps you mean the 1890s)”

          And that is true about Russia and the Ukraine. You are right about that part.

          But what I meant–and was admittedly unclear about–was that this is a life-or-death war for the resources of Russia (AND ancient blood libels). It’s part of the criminal neo-cons’ PNAC.

          Two things are going on (for the present) (1) a resource war of recent origin (the neocons’ PNAC); and (2) the ancient “blood libel … .”

          The (((neocons))) have their fingers in both pie–(1)post-Soviet resource wars and (2) as (((parties))) to the ancient hatreds.

          You will recall (((Victoria Nuland’s))) phone call “F*ck the EU! We paid $5 billion to take over the Ukraine … .”

          So it is BOTH things. We are both right, and the confusion arose through my careless lack of clarity.

          Thanks for calling my attention to my omission. It’s *urgent* that our people understand what is happening.

          • Wait, what?

            “We paid $5 billion to take over the Ukraine … .”

            Oddly, that gold nugget was never included in “F the EU” comments.
            Well, well, well

    • Ukranians who threw the j00s under the bus in Dubya Dubya 2 and sided with mustache man fighting Russians who eventually booted the Bolsheviks out of power before they could finish their mission.

      The whole thing is a giant blood libel against two groups of people that our “elites” as you call them, more accurately, (((elites))) are more than happy to grind into dust. The best possible outcome would be near total annihilation of both these slavic peoples so that they can be checked off the list for eradication.

      The (((elites))) took the world to the brink twice before when some uppity goy started to break away from the global banking hegemony’s financial orbit.

      Same sh-t, different century. Don’t make it more complicated than it is which nearly everyone seems to want to do. Hostile grudge bearing genetic aliens with long memories, strong tribal bonds, and massive ingroup preference continuing the work of prior generations.

      One example of many, the Schiff lineage of Jacob Schiff. What is Jacob Schiff famous for? Bolsheviks and then financing the other side (NatSoc) later to grind each other into dust. Sound familiar? Banker wars where the Chosen Few get massively enriched whilst eliminating their genetic enemies by the millions.

      Simple as.

      I’m exhausted from reading all the hand-waving and theories to explain dirt simple tribal vengeance. Are goys involved? Yes, as always, they know what side their bread is buttered on and so we’ve had “allies for the cause” all the way back to the first WW, but its the same playbook as always with the same shotcallers even if there are many non-tribals involved as well.

      A primer for you from an unlikely source:

      • “The whole thing is a giant blood libel … .”

        No, not the “whole” thing. See my reply upthread. It *is* a (((blood libe)))l–yes. It is *also* a life-or-death resource war–the continuation of the post Soviet resource wars.

        You oversimplify, and I omitted some important things.

        “I’m exhausted from reading all the hand-waving and theories to explain dirt simple tribal vengeance.”

        That is unfortunate, but the solution is self-evident. Just stop reading.

  43. “It is the apparition of fascism that has driven Western elites to the brink of madness”. Indeed.
    And the acme of irony: with the conjoining of government, media, business, education, and Science – the former USofA (now AINO) is more fascistic than Deutschland and the rest of the former Axis could ever have dreamt.

    • Beria, Heydrich or Goebbels would have spontaneously orgasmed in their undies at the sight of the “tools” available today.

      • “Beria, Heydrich or Goebbels would have spontaneously orgasmed in their undies at the sight of the “tools” available today.”

        All of whom were amateurs compared to the master of propaganda, their predecessor, the American Bernays.

    • The most obvious difference from historical fascism is the exclusion of the largest stick in the bundle: the average citizen/worker. Old fascism mostly paid him in platitudes, but today he’s not just poorly or dishonestly represented; he’s psychotically hated, repressed at every turn. Whenever he dares to remind the other sticks of his existence (e.g., with a trucker protest), they fly into an increasingly military rage.

      Actual existing current_year fascism *requires* the deaths of all those hundreds of millions of average Westerners—and whoever elsewhere, e.g. in Russia, is reminiscent of them. Historical fascism *became* insane. Our version has no other qualities. It’s the “tard rage” of the ruling class.

      • Good literary use of the stick theme. To torture the analogy a bit more but maintaining the stick meme: poor Europe, Germany in particular, has gone from Fasces to Faggot in less than a century. Globohomo, indeed. 🙂

  44. This is also why the geriatrics won’t let go of their power. They believe the younger generations all sleep with a copy of MEIN KAMPF or DAS KAPITAL on their nightstands.

      • 140 characters is about all that they can cobble together, lucidity of same purely optional. Looking for likes, sedulously swimming with the school.

        • “140 characters is about all that they can cobble together … .”

          Well said!

    • Membro, if you haven’t read the work of uncle A then you should. No one has ever seen the world as clearly.

      • I gave it a try years ago. All I seem to recall was “Admission one mark. No Jews or communists allowed.” Perhaps next time, if I find a critical annotated edition?

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