The Bug Men

Imagine one day you wake up to see that some people, but not all, just the beautiful people, are now wearing flowerpots on their heads. You first see it on the television while making coffee. Then you see people with the flowerpot things while on your commute into the office. They are not wearing actual flowerpots, but hats that look like a pot holding a shrubbery. Not only are they wearing these ridiculous hats, but they are also acting like it is perfectly normal.

This is the world most Americans woke up to last week when news broke that the Russian army had crossed into Ukraine. Suddenly, as if they had received orders from the hive queen, all of the beautiful people were Ukrainian nationalists. They were all saying “keev” as if they had developed some new mental disease. They were sporting Ukrainian flag lapel pins. At the Biden state of the union show they were dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

This is not just a partisan marketing campaign either. The mouth breathers of conservatism are right there with their masters on the Left waving the yellow and blue of their new homeland. The same people who were wearing the angry face about being called a Putin shill a few years ago are now calling anyone skeptical of this new fad a tool of the evil Vladimir Putin. The same people who tell us nations no longer matter now sound like white nationalists in their support of Ukraine.

It is easy to dismiss this as the sort of superficial sincerity that we have come to expect from the beautiful people. A big part of the gulf between the Cloud People and the Dirt People is the Cloud People lack normal human emotions. Instead, it is these programmed responses to programmed questions. You get more authenticity from an ATM machine than from Jen Psaki. While this Ukraine fetish is part of the programming, it reveals something else about them.

These are people who lack all meaning in life. The reason they all swarmed to the Ukraine stuff is that it allowed them to experience what they imagine is normal human emotion and community spirit. Their conjured image of the brave Ukrainians taking up arms against the aggressor reflects their own lack of purpose. Many Americans have been reduced to the bug-man existence of consuming product but the Cloud People are the pinnacle of the bug-man lifestyle.

This is why they are so fond of using analogies drawn from comic book movies and children’s books. You will notice that the people comparing Putin to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies are childless. They did not pick up the reference from watching the shows with their kids. They are the primary consumers of this material. This fantasy material has become folklore for people who lack the cultural structure that provides an adult frame of reference to understand the world.

Dissidents are fond of pointing out how the modern age consumes the normal social capital, converting it into cash to fuel the consumer economy. This process has slowly obliterated the natural community of America. The result is endless miles of generic housing developments named after whatever it is that was destroyed in order to build these crimes against nature. We are slowly being converted into pod people who experience the world via the internet.

The thing is this process is complete among the Cloud people. They are cutoff from the rest of us, living in a fantasy world that operates by its own rules. It is why they think it makes sense to lecture working class people about white privilege while Mexican drug gangs flood working class neighborhoods with narcotics. It is why Joe Biden’s programmers think Ukraine is more important than food prices. In their world, what matters is what gives them meaning.

That is the thing though. Their lives have no meaning because they are living the fully atomized and transactional life. These are people who will slit each other’s throat for a better spot on a cable channel. They have no loyalty, no code, no sense of decency because they are just particles in a system that exists for its own purposes. It is why the image of Ukrainians taking up arms is so enthralling to them. Our bug-man rulers long for even the hint of such a life.

This is why they hate the Dirt People so much. Despite it all, normal people still try to form and maintain community. They may not be able to articulate it, but they sense that having beers with a neighbor as they watch the kids play in the backyard matters more than anything they consume on-line. The Cloud People hate the Dirt People because for the Dirt People, Harry Potter will always be entertainment for their kids, not a guidebook for understanding the world.

Also note the solipsism in all of the Ukraine love. The people wearing the colors of the Ukrainian flag have only the most superficial understanding of the people and history of the region. It is why they embraced the most superficial and meaningless part of Ukrainian identity, the flag. It is a cheap decoration that lets them feel like they are a part of something. They are standing with Ukraine with the same sincerity they do everything else in their hollow and pointless lives.

You also note that they frame the Ukraine issue as brave innocents defending themselves from the dark forces. This comes from people who deliberately lock themselves inside razor wire fences guarded by armed troops. Their emotional isolation from normal human experience now manifests as a physical isolation from the people they supposedly rule. For the Cloud People, Ukraine is a metaphor for how they see themselves in relation to the Dirt People.

The Devil finds work for idle hands and that is what we see with our rulers. Much of what ails the West these days is the result of a ruling class without much purpose as a ruling class and without much meaning as people. The crisis in Ukraine is the fault of people who use children’s books to provide meaning to their lives. We not only have an excess of elites, but we also have a shortage of reasons for them to exist. It is why they are now decorated with Ukrainian flags. They have nothing else.

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316 thoughts on “The Bug Men

  1. A good friend of mine recommended this post to me some time ago. I am afraid this is the first chance I had to get on the computer and read it. It is interesting that none, as far as I can tell, of the “cloud people” even have an interest in figuring out why Russia/Putin is doing this. Only a couple of years ago, he was a calculating, evil genius who would run circles around the president of this country. Now, he is supposedly an insane despot driven by the voices in his head and delusions of grandeur.
    Something to think about while I fit some new grips on a set of pistols.

  2. I agree that this is one of your best posts ever at least since I’ve been here. I’m disappointed in Laura Ingraham who’s taken to wearing a flower pot hat. I’d thought the better of her.

  3. You have written many great posts. This one is one of your best. It really resonates with me, particularly your comments about Dirt people on their longing for community.

  4. “Keev” isn’t even the correct pronunciation in Ukrainian. The Cyrillic letter “B”, while it is pronounced “v” in Russian, is pronounced in Ukrainian as “w”, or in some positions somewhere between “v” and “w”. Ergo Volod is pronounced Wolod, and Kyiv is pronounced something like saying the letter “Q” but more drawn out.

  5. If only it were just the ‘Cloud People’. Here in Thailand, the largest expat forum, populated largely by down-to-earth old farts who ought not to be too sensitive about anything, are all out in tears for Ukraine and spouting the most unrestrained vituperation about Vlad. There’s no debating with them. They turn on you like a pack of wolves and when you say something too close to the truth they report you for hurting their feelings and your post is removed.
    The power of hysteria, once again. Hysteria will end us, I think.

  6. ” … (too many knowledgeable and experienced commenters to BS).”

    And it’s a good-humored lot, to boot. Our table at next year’s AFPAC is an attractive prospect. Too bad we’ll all be dead.

  7. FWIW, two very disturbing posts on Zerohedge. One, from Jim Quinn via Burning Platform, argues that Schwab / WEF / Gates / Soros etc. will not allow an election in 2024 which Trump would surely win as inflation and gas prices rage out of control. That fraud and deception have reached their limits and so they will just rule by force. I personally think that likely and think in addition that this rule by force will splinter the military like in 1861. With somewhat different results and that this has been talked about extensively by people like Swallwell etc.

    The other is the bad/worse projections on oil by JP Morgan. One has oil peaking at $120 a barrel for several years, the other at $185 or higher. I frankly think the latter is higher. The US / Europe cannot and will not abandon the Green Fantasy and Greta Thunberg. So there will be no new supplies. Iran is not enough to supply the margin by Russia and already traders are shunning even when exempted Russian oil and gas. It will not flow to the US and Europe which means China and India will pick it up. And we are looking at bloc trade hostilities and so forth. The one thing no one has talked about is emotional escalation into Russia’s backer — China. Our bugmen will move onto picking fights with China because the emotional highs from hatium outweigh hopium. AND THAT is going to be very dangerous … Tattoo (Mr. Roarke voice).

    • “Do you see that plane up there?” (Roarke’s suave Fantasy Island voice)

      “Yez boss. I see it! I see it!”

      “It is Russian and is coming to bomb the island. Do you know why, Tattoo?”

      “No, boss. Tell little ol’ me why!”

      Gravely Roarke steeples his tanned fingers under his square jaw. “In 1385 we were part of the Russian mainland and Putin remembers this fondly. I recall watching him on television saying the greatest tragedy was the 25 million Russians cut off from Mother Russia by the fall of the Soviet Union. It is that exodus — that milk-needing bunch — that drives the shirtless Cossack, Tattoo, nothing else…”

    • They’re nine billion light years away from us.

      Which means that they crashed together 9 billion years ago.
      Whatever resulted fro that collision happened before our sun was for word.

  8. Btw, the brokerage firms have stopped trading Russia stocks. The Russian stock market was already closed, but now you can’t trade stocks in West. It’s a secondary market for God’s sake. It’s being done to just punish the Russian companies in hopes that they will pressure or oust Putin.

    Financially, this is just scorched earth tactics. I’m beginning to wonder if the US doesn’t want to get another shot at bleeding Russia dry like we did in the 1990s when men of a certain ethnic persuasion financially raped Russia. If Russia collapses again, Western investors will return to pick up the pieces.

    • All the ADRs got suspended in the US and Europe for buying and are now close out only in the US. They are completely blocked in London

      1) If they are close out who is taking the other side?
      2) London ADRs traded for 2 days with a locked out market – how did that happen
      3) All these are supposed to be OTC, so how can the exchanges/brokers block them – they are by definition direct trades between counterparties.
      4) many of these are at pennies (literally) – Sberbank is 2 cents in London for an ADR which is a claim on 4 Russian shares in MOEX.for a bank stock that was trading at $100 a week ago, same for Gazprom, Lukoil etc.

      Lukoil is priced in the US at 30% of its annual revenues. Sberbank is trading at 2% of its last dividend.

      Someone is making a fucking mint on these as the ADRs are real stocks not an ETF or derivative.

      This is a huge transfer to someone at the expense of lots of previous retail and fund owners.

      • Exactly!

        Something is completely tits up. Somebody is on the other side of the trade and has been for days. Anyway, yes, regulators are blocking trades between investors, which seems very odd.

        Lukoil – which I own and have been destroyed on – just reported net income for 2021 that’s higher than its market cap. Not revenues, not book, net income. Let that sink in.

        Yeah, yeah, I get it. These companies could be nationalized by Putin or go bust if Western companies refuse to trade with them (though Lukoil has a lot of money for that to happen), or Putin refuses to allow Western investors to own shares of Russian companies and thus you’re out your money, etc., etc. There’s a very reasonable chance that they go to zero; indeed, it’s likely, maybe very likely.

        But there’s also a chance that these companies survive (or some of them survive) and people bought them for pennies on the dollar.

        This whole thing is bizarre. Russian stocks are being priced as though the entire Russian economy and corporate structure will be destroyed. Nothing will be left when this is done, either because Putin nationalizes everything – which isn’t something that he’s ever even hinted at doing because it wouldn’t do him any good – or because the sanction utterly wipe out the Russian economy and bankrupt every single large company, companies that get huge amounts of dollars from trade.

        The market is pricing in total economic war with no avenue for negotiation or surrender on either side. But here’s the thing: If that’s what you expect, why would the market be so calm about everything else. I mean, you don’t see non-Russian stock in a freefall. They’re generally flat.

        How can the market be pricing in Armageddon for Russia – which supplies vital commodities and thus could tank the world economy – and smooth sailing for the rest of the world.

        What the hell am I missing. Russian stock prices are too low for just the possibility that Putin nationalizes the companies or bans foreign owners from receiving company profits. Yeah, those are definitely possibilities but are they 99% probable? No.

        • I don’t think they are pricing in total collapse.As its obviously not going to happen.

          I think they are pricing in the punitive aspect by the US and European govt’s sanctions, where ownership itself results in penalties for the owner or dealer.

          None of the large fund orgs will touch it, as they can see getting dragged into a legal pummeling under the current hysteria regimes. My own broker blocked trades on an org that is not even sanctioned in the Us just in case.

          However, someone is taking the buy side and that can only be the MMs/large brokers dealers/Hedgies and Investment Banks, who can trade OTC without going via the online markets.

          I expect if you’re not connected to the regime you are out, if you are in well you now own 40% of lukoil for 0.5% of its real price.

          Great deal for someone.

          • Did you end up keeping yours BTW – I saw the brokers encouraging everyone to close out prior to Global OTC suspending the ADR on Friday.

            It seems to me when its quiter that you could convert to the underlying on MOEX if the brokers will let you, but that could be years away if the sanctions stay.

          • The markets we get to trade in are an illusion .
            that’s why so much doesn’t make any sense. they are not real. they are fabrications manipulated by a lawless finance system .

          • Yeah, I still have around $10k in Lukoil adr, another $10k in RSX and a couple of grand YNDX.

            Never bought enough to make or break my portfolio but definitely enough that the ride down hurt. I’ll just hold on and see how this all plays out.

            I like trades where institutional players are making moves based on mandates. This looked – and still – looks like
            – one of those.

          • The Nose makes money off human suffering and disaster, which they create, nothing new under the sun.

          • Btw, yes, I think that a lot of this is sanctions and regulations. No institution wants to get on the wrong side of regulators, so they’re dumping Russian stocks. The number of buyers is limited so the stocks fall and fall.

            For the institutions, it’s a tiny part of their portfolio. Staying on the good side of regulators is much more important than a taking a tiny loss on the portfolio.

          • Rumors are flying that Putin used the crash as an excuse to do an emergency buyout of the shares in these firms for pennies on the dollar.

            Pretty slick means of cheaply re-nationalizing those companies.

            We should try to get better confirmation on this.

        • “What the hell am I missing?”

          Incalculable and unimaginable criminality and corruption.

          • Ha. So very true.

            Like Z, my problem is that I’m not cynical enough. I expected sanctions, not a financial Dresden.

        • “But here’s the thing: If that’s what you expect, why would the market be so calm about everything else. I mean, you don’t see non-Russian stock in a freefall. They’re generally flat.”

          cause the numbers are rigged

          if all the russian stocks go under, russia will still go on, mostly cause a big country like that is self-sufficient, europe isn’t.

          Soviet empire collapse was an inside job, people from inside the communist party were tricked into thinking russia was gonna end up as abundant as the west if it turned capitalist, others were greedy so they handed it over to the khazars, what’s happening right now is different, that trick won’t work twice.

  9. In many ways, the modern “cloud people” remind one of the French Bourbons, who, leading up to the French revolution, forgot nothing and learned nothing.

    Best Regards,

  10. Any website that has towed the line for the Ukrainians is now a website that I avoid. Not because I hate the Ukrainians, but because I hate the deep state and those who mirror the propaganda of the deep state. It is sad but many so-called conservative sites are going to see a massive drop off in views, and they will not understand why. Eh, there are very few sites that are of much interest to me these days anyway. Better to spend time reading the classics – in some ways this is better, reading LOTR for example gives me much more insight into today’s landscape than any contemporaneous offering – Z man somewhat excluded. Somewhat. 🙂

    • me too. and not coincidentally these sites are all hebed up. it’s like no one remembers the uhes effed with the 2020 elections, and helped install mr potato head.

    • This is the reason I’m skipping today’s Rexcast podcast on Ukraine.

      Their special guest is some Ukrainian that will just parrot Swamp propaganda for two hours.

      No thanks.

      • Check out Academic Agent channel on you tube. Lots and lots of quality content and analysis on there from a large rotating cast of actually sane and often humorous people.

        I recommend starting with:

        “UO 9.9: Russia-Ukraine and the Exhaustion of Living in Post-Modern Unreality”

        Helped me detox from the blackpill of pro GAE normiecon media in the past week. I might have assembled my cosacks and started raiding suburban MAGA BBQs already if not for that.

        It’s a good size channel so doesnt need me shilling it, I suspect there’s already a lot of crossover audience with z blog, or ar least there should be.

    • It’s pretty funny to see the likes of space lawyer Glenn Reynolds shill for Ukraine however. What an absolute dolt.

      • His brother married a black woman of which Reynolds is immensely proud. Make of that what you will.

        • Didn’t George Lucas, he of the morphing flesh-neck and Star Wars fame, also marry a black woman? I’m guessing George married her for the money, as the four billion he got from Disney wasn’t enough. As an avenue direct into his back brain, it was interesting when he called Disney “white slavers.” Hmm. George, what do you really think about the black women you seem to prefer associating with? Wouldn’t you prefer a nice 18-year-old white brunette with a flawless smile and tits out to here?

          • Black women get a bad rap because the ones we often see most (from the real world, not fiction-TV) we see via YouTube, COPS, local news etc. These are “crazy” black women from broken areas. Their life causes them to blow multiple fuses per day. But this isn’t typical black woman. Black women from regular areas…from normal life…are fun and cool. Can you honestly say that if you fell in love with a black woman, you’d refuse to marry her because she’s black? No need to answer. Just saying.

    • “reading LOTR for example gives me much more insight into today’s landscape than any contemporaneous offering”

      Nothing really jolts the mind like very well done fiction. That moment when you realise the author has just captured something you’ve long been feeling, but could not express.

      • Happens every time I read Dostoevsky. “The Grand Inquisitor” described not just “socialism,” but “liberal democracy”.

        • Even lesser known Russian novels like Goncharov’s, Oblamov frequently deliver profound insights into the human condition.

  11. ” Despite it all, normal people still try to form and maintain community. ” a very concise summary of where your live should be going , young men . I am now watching the grandkids play. would not trade it for Zuck’s money and life. that may sound silly to you now, if you are young, but later it won”t . good luck out there.

    • Nothing–no experience in life–compares with the look of adoration in my granddaughter’s eyes as she climbs up into “Papa’s” lap to wrap me around her little finger.

      Yes, miforest: Best of luck to the young men and women who are part of our thing. Keep on keepin’ on. It is WORTH it.

  12. Re. sticking it to the fake dove War Hawk elites. Especially the doe-eyed motherly types who cry for the children while bombing them. In polite discourse, I don’t think there’s ever been a more sudden and brutal lambaste than this one. And with only one simple line. Short, sharp, shock. True gangster this guy. Only a Scotsman could bring the heat like this without batting an eye.

    0:23 to 0:40

    • The female “poltician” he is talking to used to be a math teacher at a shitty comprehensive in Birmingham (and even there she was thought of a stupid cow), who then somehow went on to become instrumental in bombing the shit out of millions of Iraqis.

      In more sane times she would have been running a local post office.

      • I like when Galloway told her, “It’s incredible that you have the brass…” I thought, wait, he can’t say “brass balls” on the BBC. And surely he’s not gonna say “the brass tits”. He went with “brass neck”. Which is great.

        The height of the phrase was in 1810. I remember it from a great late 80’s post-punk song called Brassneck by The Wedding Present. Good work-out song BTW. Strongly percussive galloping beat.

        Definition. Brassneck: rude and confident behavior that makes someone capable of doing something that most people would be too embarrassed to do. Syn: Brash, impudent, nerve, gall.

        Origin: 1800s. Feeling you can stick your neck out, because it’s made of brass.

        I still own the CD. Memorable lines from song:

        I’ve just decided I don’t trust you anymore

        • People didn’t revolt after Waco, Ruby Ridge, or the innumerable war crimes revealed by Wikileaks and others. Right after the Afghanistan evacuation an entire family was killed when their car was targeted.

      • “The female “poltician” he is talking to used to be a math teacher at a shitty comprehensive in Birmingham … .”

        Was she at Munich on the 18th, ult.? She might be the one who didn’t even know elementary geography. I’m thinking it might be the same (British) “female politician.”

        • I think that was a different one. But what does it really matter when there seems to be a never ending supply of these interchangable bints, all of them shot in the ass (in the apt phrase used by my dear Pennsylvania Dutch mother) with their fake rhetoric about the Responsibility to Protect. It just never seems to work out that way though, does it?

  13. Part of the problem for the Cloud People is going by the same book, reading the same pages, and coming to the same conclusions. That’s why real world events, such as the Rwanda genocide, the current Ukraine imbroglio, or any Palestinian uprising are useful — they allow calibration of proper facial expressions and heartfelt opinions. The Cloud People are already ethereal enough as it is. They need solidity to harden their reactions and speed up their reaction time as it is.

  14. I think the biggest reason they hate us is they know we don’t need them, and really don’t want them. Their whole essence is derived from their distorted view that they are important and necessary to others. They’re not, and it fills them with fear and hate.

  15. Has anyone seen Lavrov’s daughter?

    Hubba Hubba hubba

    How bad can someone be making a daughter like that?

  16. I can understand people wanting to be on the Ukraine side without any logical purpose. As a person that has doubted almost every war or US military conflict since the Gulf War 1, I have felt like an outsider in this country. After 9/11, I supported a punitive attack on that dung hole but that is the exception. GW 2 was built on a pack of lies clearly detectable. Mushroom clouds, Mohamed Atta meeting Iraqis in Prague, Anthrax and overall WMDs. The smaller conflicts, including Trump slinging cruise missiles at Syrian empty buildings fell in the same category. I would be nice sometime to feel that unified patriotic fervor, but not with the lying neocons running the show for the last 20 or 30 years.

    • The USA has fought precisely TWO (2) *necessary* wars: (1) The War for Independence and (2) the War of 1812.

      (The South was forced into war by invasion from the Yankee Empire–it’s first victim–but I’m enumerating the USA’s wars here.)

      Every other war–ALL of them–have been *entirely* elective and aggressive.

      NO exceptions.

      • You could also make a good argument that even the War of 1812 was elective and aggressive. Some historians argue that the pressing of American sailors was exaggerated and that many politicians really did believe Canada was ripe for the taking.

        • “You could also make a good argument that even the War of 1812 was elective and aggressive.”

          No real argument necessary. You are quite right. I classified it as “necessary” b/c the British landed an army in our country and put Washington to the torch–a capital idea NOW, of course, but in those days things were okay. And then trying to seize New Orleans was a non-starter, although putting the Big Easy to the torch today might not be a bad idea, but I’ll stop short of endorsing it. A thoroughgoing cleansing is, however, indicated.

          But yeah, in the way you mean, it was elective and aggressive.

      • After 1812 uncle sam turned into uncle schmuel. That slavery money was well spent.

    • “After 9/11, I supported a punitive attack on that dung hole but that is the exception.”


  17. “ These are people who lack all meaning in life. “

    Yes, but also these are stupid people, without critical thinking skills, nor memory of all but the immediate past—if that.

    For example, Hannity has been playing a sound clip of House Representative, Sparks. She is from Ukraine and is in touch in grandma still over there. She is in tears and spins out an emotional scree of what her grandma told her about Putin/Hitler directly targeting civilians with cluster bombs and the like. Even dragging civilians out of their homes and forcing them to march in front of their tanks to stop the Ukrainian defense forces from shooting at them. Yada, yada, more tears/hysteria, more yada, yada.

    I immediately think back to the first Gulf War. I those days I watched C-SPAN and the Congressional hearings leadings up to the war vote. One session had a young woman who had “escaped” from occupied Kuwait and worked in the neonatal unit of Kuwaiti hospital. She cried and told an emotional Committee how the Iraqi army stormed in and tossed preemie babies onto the floor and packed up the incubators for shipment back to Iraq.

    In the audience was the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US. What a show. Tears all the way around. I was angry, hell I’d have stood in line to go over there ( was only 39). What animals these Iraqis were. How evil Saddam/Hitler was.

    However, it tuned out later that the young lady testifying was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador and had not been in Kuwait during the invasion. The story was a complete rouse, designed to arouse emotion and a declaration of war. Same BS is now flying at us from all directions—and it seems to be working. Some people never catch wise.

    All wars are dirty and involve civilian casualties, but that is not a reason for us to get involved, nor to think we don’t do the same. In Gulf War I, we bombed Baghdad extensively—although it was never our intention to take, or even approach the city! Command and control, don’t you see. Well we missed and hit a civilian air raid shelter killing over 100 civilians. We killed about 400-500 civilians in Baghdad all told. That’s war. It is what it is.

    • “She cried and told an emotional Committee how the Iraqi army stormed in and tossed preemie babies onto the floor and packed up the incubators for shipment back to Iraq.”

      This baby-killer story was used during the First World War (the evil “Hun” was bayonetting Belgian babies).

      It was used during the 1789 French Revolution when the Catholics of the Vendée revolted against the Revolution, which reacted by perpetrating what some scholars have called “the first modern genocide.” And I have no doubt that the Jacobins murdered babies, but the stories told about how they did it were–like the absurd “lampshades of human skin” stories–physically impossible.

      “She is in tears and spins out an emotional scree of what her grandma told her about Putin/Hitler directly targeting civilians … .”

      Last night on FOX, I saw a “reporter reporting live” from Mariupol, which, we were assured, had undergone an 18-hour Russian bombardment yesterday. But the only sound was that of the “reporter’s voice. His only visible body armor was a sweater. He was standing across the street from a fine building–looked 18th-century–that was floodlighted (!), so the city clearly had electricity to spare, and they were using it to floodlight large, handsome buildings.

      The thrust of the “report” was that two children had been injured and one killed by this Russian bombardment because the three kids had been “playing outside” (his exact words), presumably during the bombardment. The *clear* although, I surmise, unintended implication was that if the little kids had not been outside, they would not have been harmed.


      But it was obviously intended as an “atrocity” story designed to jerk tears from the usual suspects.

      The propaganda it totally cheesy.

      It’s embarrassing.

      • “ The propaganda it totally cheesy.
        It’s embarrassing.”

        TIP, worse, it’s infuriating. People lying to my face—if over 8yo—is insulting. The implication is that they believe I’m stupid.

          • Glen, not everybody—at least not without much trouble—can get the other side of the story/issue. The Internet is policed (censored) by the other side extensively. If talk radio is “ours” (hah), then the Internet is theirs.

            Case in point, Unz. A well respected and known faculty member, James Thompson, publishes on Unz. He came over from his own blog where he analyzed and discussed reviewed papers on intelligence research. I’ve read him for years. He is well known in HBD circles.

            Enter my daughter, now out of med school and employed. I often discuss Thomson and his work and send URL’s to some of his latest analyses and reviews. She can’t bring them up on her work accounts. The url to Unz is restricted and the computer account states simply that this site is restricted due to racist and anti-semantic content. That not only prevents work time study (completely allowed and encouraged in her environment), but also prevents her from discussing with co-workers—lest she draw accusations when they try to access.

            This is what she’s facing, and that’s at a high professional level. Fortunately when I was at the University, we never stooped so low as to blanket censor internet content—including pornography.

    • The New York City PR company Hill and Knowlton who arranged the “Nayirah Testimony” to Congress (they also provided all the little US flags that the Kuwaiti children were waving for The US Troops when they triumphantly entered Kuwait City- thank God UPS got them delivered there on time) are now helping the WHO on it’s “Covid messaging”.

      The deceit about Kuwait was common knowledge within a couple of weeks. Nothing was done.

      I would have tried the H&K guys for treason and hanged them. What else is arranging perjury to Congress to entangle the US in a foreign war?

      As for Kuwait. I’d have given it to Saddam.

      It’s been a long time since the US was a serious country.

    • Four or five hundred? I imagine one could easily multiply that by ten, and then you might be getting warm. And God knows how many civilians Blackistan killed in Serbia and Libya. “Our” condemnations of so-called Russian “barbarism” are farcical.

      • Ostei, I’m going by Wikipedia, the Lefty source of all disinformation. Your estimate is undoubtedly more believable, but I am too lazy to source a better reference to make my point.

        However, I do try never to “blow smoke” and try to have some sort of reference handy for claims made here—lest I get challenged and made the fool (too many knowledgeable and experienced commenters to BS).

        • ” … (too many knowledgeable and experienced commenters to BS).”

          And it’s a good-humored lot, to boot. Our table at next year’s AFPAC is an attractive prospect. Too bad we’ll all be dead.

  18. All of what Z says is doubtless true to a significant degree. But there’s another explanation for the Cloud People’s sudden Ukrainophilia and mushrooming Russophobia: for all intents and purposes, Ukraine represents the Left and Russia the Right.

    Directly the Cold War ended, America and Russia reversed ideological poles. America, already a rather Leftist polity, rocketed farther to the left and shows no sign of stopping. Russia, formerly the epicenter of the global Left, jettisoned Marxist-Leninism and glommed onto traditionalism and nationalism. The ideological conflict of the Cold War was replaced with another, very different ideological conflict.

    Traditionalism and nationalism, at least in the white world, have been put to rout by the forces of transgressive postmodernism. Russia is the largest, and one of the very few remaining holdouts. Ukraine, a puppet state of Blackistan, is now ground zero for the post-Cold War ideological conflict. The Cloud People view this situation as a geopolitical version of the presidential contest between Trump and Biden. And they will brook no setbacks in their quest to annihilate Western civilization. Russia stands in the way.

  19. Zman, have I inadvertently transgressed some boundary I was unaware of? Even when I am careful to avoid terms that seem to have previously triggered your moderation software, every comment I now submit goes straight to moderation. If you don’t wish me to comment any longer, please let me know.

    • Most probably not directed against you, this stuff comes and goes. Z probably has nothing to do with it. The randomness of it is just that lovely old flavor of anarcho-tyranny.

    • It’s not you 3g4m3. This site is currently under cyber attack. Do not lose faith. It’s just raw intimidation by the Left. This blog is one of very few where you can speak the truth openly. Hang in there.

    • Maybe Z just wants some attention from you. So he messes with you a bit. When your comments go into moderation, just smile and think of it as a schoolboy snapping your bra back in the day. Sometime after 9/11 I was standing in line at an airport next to a guy who looked like Michael Anthony, the famous bassist. I said, “I bet a lot of people think you’re that bassist in Van Halen”. He looked at me cold and slowly nodded his head. A few minutes later he was pulled aside and frisked against the wall. Turns out he actually was Michael Anthony. The white frisker guys knew that the bassist for Van Halen wasn’t going to blow up the plane. They just wanted to brag to their friends that they got to frisk Michael Anthony.

    • Is it raining by you? Something else going on? I know a lot of people have just go the blues.

      Cheer up !!!

      We all love you

    • @3g:

      Happens to me a lot, too. But has ZMan ever nixed one of your comments?

      As far as I can tell, the moderation thing is entirely random *unless* you try to post “to many” links. I call it “one of the vagaries of cyberspace.”

    • The spam filter has a mind of its own. Every update brings new weirdness. It is free and prevents a few thousand spam message a day, so I suffer with it. I have no idea why it picks on certain people. Whiskey has offended the spam gods as all of his posts get flagged as spam.

      I check it at least once an hour to clear the moderation queue.

        • When I convert to the new site later this year, I plan to invest in a better spam filter.

      • Hell, I’m on an IPad and last week both browsers continuously failed to post to your site.

        Error message:
        “Bad Request

        Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
        Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

        Additionally, a 400 Bad Request error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”
        However, I downloaded Opera for IPad and now can read and post.

    • I’ve not seen a comment from you that is anything but pertinent and serious and worth the read.

      If He boots you I think a boycott might be arranged. Maybe, just to rub it in through Sailer’s site.

    • 3g-

      It’s not just you.

      My gut feeling is that the spam filter has added new terms to the dictionary it uses to examine posts and hold them for moderation.

      Some of the terms that have been added seem quite innocuous to me.

      I guess it’s just part and parcel of the complete removal of human freedom on Earth.

  20. Btw, this whole search for meaning thing is not confined to Cloud Ppl: on the news I’m watching totally ordinary Northern Europeans dropping whatever they were doing to ‘rush to save Ukrainians’. A few examples will illustrate; a trucker started filling up his 18-wheeler with old blankets, toys, future and other useless junk that he and his fellow villagers just randomly collected and now he’s driving this pile of at best marginally useful junk, to the Polish-Ukranian border. Another opened his hotel for Ukranians, for free. He didn’t wait for the authorities to pick up the tab or anything. Just “Ukranians, my hotel is yours!”. And finally, a young guy, unemployed, non-Ukranian, non-military whatsoever. Decides to go to Ukraine to join the fight against the Russians. That is probably going to be a one-way ticket.

    This is all deeply irrational behavior. It is not that they don’t mind the trouble of ‘helping’ the Ukranians, they WANT the trouble. B/c they don’t have a clue what their everyday hum-drum life is about. They have no idea. But ‘Saving the Ukraine!’, this is meaning to them. This is plastic meaning.

    This is why the West is dying. We have completely meaningless societies. Utterly meaningless.

    • They all imagine themselves are heroes. They imagine themselves as the next Ghost of Keev, heroically running across fields killing dozens of Russians in an individual effort. Part of our individualist culture.

      Of course, that is not what war is. War is a collective and slow moving effort. Each side is made up of thousands of replaceable men – cannon fodder – and they slowly move back and forth from one position to a new position.

      The Redditors will get there, and be treated as foreigners. Some guy will grunt and hand them a rifle and lead them to their rat infested trench where they will live until Russia comes and shoots at them. They will trudge back to a new rat infested trench. Repeat.

      If they survive they will paint themselves as heroes but millions of men have served and died in wars. The only names people remember are the Generals who sent in their men to be shot at and to shoot other men.

      • And another guy said he was ‘very angry’ at the Russians. All of this with smiling eyes or smirks. They are behaving like they’re extras in the most exciting action drama of their lives. No sense of embarrassment that they made their own lives so empty that anything, literally anything out of the ordinary, would feel like a welcome relief from devastating pointlessness.

        • Nuclear war just to end the boredom of consumption and have something meaningful to do is a depressing .state of things.

          Perhaps our insect overlords are creating a real life/death struggle to save society from itself?

          • They too are just miserable

            When consumerism and making wads of cash and banging hotties on yachts no longer scratches the itch

            We are perhaps living through their collective late-age life crisis

            Reminds me of a girl I know, a rich Jewish girl whose dad is up there in years, had her very late in life, and talking to her about his angst he’s lately been feeling and how he wants meaning in his life, I think this is perhaps what is ailing many an oligarch. I think important to remember is they thought they would be the ones to usher in a new utopia and paradise and it may be finally dawning on them they are simply going to die having moved the world barely an inch in the scheme of things. These old rich and powerful people are facing death in the face, and I think that is definitely in play and trickling down into the culture at large.

            And why I say as soon as they start dropping, the Soros and Pelosis and Clintons, we are in a whole new world. Free at last, in many ways. That generation has been suffocating society for a long time, and who knows what flowers and so forth will finally bloom when they meet the dirt.

          • Nuclear war just to end the boredom of consumption … .

            “All they that hate me love death.”
            — Proverbs 8:36

    • Meaningless, and as pointed out here countless times, lives with no real difficulties or obstacles.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the West is as soft as puppy shit.

      That trait will be eliminated with suffering and death..

      • Much of what you say dawned on me one day when I saw a homeless man crossing the street and I realized that what keeps his motor running, what gets him up every morning, is the struggle of life. Just the determination to cross the street intact, you could see that alone was where his mind was. It was all about not getting killed crossing the street. And he will probably outlive many a pampered youth who have nothing to fight against.

        What are those exercises called where you lean against the wall? It’s not kinetic but something with a K. But just the fact of a little bit of fighting pressure and gravity gives one exercise and strength. There has to be resistance in our lives, I think, or we become weak and wither away. And I think why the church for long had advocated against making money the goal of existence, knowing that a life of luxury and ease would destroy the strength of the flock. The flock needs life to be a struggle to keep them strong and vital and able to reproduce. The focus on money is bad for a moral purpose, we have all heard that, but that also seems to be tied into something larger.

        • The human organism *requires* adversity and struggle, not to prevent decay, but simply to maintain psychic equilibrium; just to “stay in one place” let’s say.

          But if one lives in a time and place where all *necessary* struggles and striving have been eliminated, then the floundering mind *generates* problems to struggle against. Hence the plethora of “non-problem problems.”

          If you are a young father or mother in Syria, your time is spent trying to decide whether to risk leaving the house to search for food or watching your children go hungry–again.

          Do you risk being slaughtered by the American GIs down that way? Or by the Muslim lunatics down that way?

          If you do risk it and get back home, will you find that the US Navy carrier offshore has shot a cruise missile through your kitchen window and incinerated your hungry children?

          If THAT is your life, then gender fluidity is *not* on your radar screen.

          But for people who are insulated from *necessary* struggle, the mind generates “problems” like “whiteness” or “gender fluidity.”

          And those who are shameless produce TV shows about naked people in the desert “afraid,” we are told (and presumably expected to believe), even though it ought to be self-evident that somebody is there running cameras and electricity and food catering and sound engineers and script girls and all the rest of it.

          The human organism *requires* struggle or it decays rapidly.

          • Infant: you’re just cribbing Kaczynski’s power dynamic concept (or whatever he calls it).

        • Man was sentenced at the Fall to toil all his days. If you try to rebel against that, if you try to shirk the Judgement of God Almighty, then you will perish bodily, spiritually, and eternally.

    • Moran, we’ve lost the transcendent meaning of life. Used to be belief in God, but God is dead and nothing has taken His place (or can).

      Apologies to those here who are believers—you know what I’ve saying must be take as applying to society as a whole. On the other hand, that God was patient with Abraham in his bargaining for Sodam and Gomorra gives us a ray of hope that a small cadre of believers may yet prevail against a deserved retribution.

      • “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

        — John 16:33

  21. I’ve noticed a few things coming from the media.

    The first thing is complete ignorance of any possible opposing viewpoints. I was listening to CBC Radio while driving. There were two women on, and they seemed to be totally ignorant of *why* Putin might invade Ukraine. “Why would Putin do this?” the first asked incredulously. They seemed to determine that there was no possible motive. Then they were smugly saying that they had no idea what “Putin” would “do” with Ukraine if he did take control of it. Basically – Putin is crazy, he has no reason for doing this except that he’s crazy and mean, and he is also incompetent.

    I saw this with the opposition to forced vaccines too. No consideration about why some people don’t take a vax. Just “antivaxxer” = bad, banning them from healthcare = good, we need unvaxxed tax. I can’t tell if they are doing this deliberately to keep the listeners in a state of ignorance, or if they are actually this stupid. The media seems to trickle down what the elites are thinking.

    The next thing they’ve managed to do is reduce people into an infantile state of learned helplessness. People who know nothing about Ukraine or Russia are now “upset” about “the way things are in this world right now”. They claim that this type of “instability shouldn’t happen”. It’s like they have a moral outrage and personal insult at some thing happened across the ocean. They did the same with “this whole COVID thing” and were cowering inside for years at a flu virus and “anti vaxxers”.

    Of course wars have been happening all the time all around the world, forever. One guy says “fuck you, my dick is bigger” and the other guy says “fuck you, MY dick is bigger” and they start fighting. If you are that upset about Ukraine being “invaded” then go fight. We live in such a feminized and infantile/soft world that it’s like they can’t understand why somebody would fight, especially against The Good People.

    Just some things I’ve noticed from the media (and probably by extension the ruling class) but I don’t really know why it is that way or what it means, or for what purpose. Anybody else have thoughts on this?

    • “The next thing they’ve managed to do is reduce people into an infantile state of learned helplessness.”

      This is the biggest consequence, I think. It’s not even all that clear it was a goal; chances are good it was a byproduct.

      This leads me to another aspect of this. Yes, most is manipulative propaganda but not all of it. The Cloud People and their propaganda whores are, just like the rest of society, much dumber than in the past. This happens to be a very dangerous thing, too. Right now, we are closer to nuclear war than anytime during the Cold War save when Andropov toyed with a first strike near its end, and we don’t even know how close that was since he died of a previously unknown and undetected illness shortly after he announced this idea. Let’s just hope there are some in the current praetorian guard who will snuff out anyone thinking similarly.

    • The more this goes on, the more hysterical and ridiculous it gets…I keep getting this feeling that all this stuff our blog host attributes to causes… are actually symptoms. Could this be a biological thing? A mechanism of some sort?

      Look at the guys here on this site: they post extensive screeds discussing the issue of the day. The guys going all in for Ukraine, all in on Covid, all in on the environment…they sum up in a sentence or two. Their sources are truncated articles that neglect half the info on the issue.

      There is something else at work here; it goes beyond stupidity, grift, perversion…

      I am an outhouse Christian and in no position preach at anyone but… the guys on the other side of these things are always, always, ALWAYS involved with one or more of the seven deadly sins.

      “The devil makes them do it”?

      Pardon me. I’m just spit balling here, and grabbing at straws. In this day and age, when anyone can click on the computer and get informed commentary on any issue from both sides? And hardly anybody does it? Could it be as simple as the manifestation of good vs evil?

      • “I am an outhouse Christian and in no position preach at anyone but… the guys on the other side of these things are always, always, ALWAYS involved with one or more of the seven deadly sins.

        “The devil makes them do it”?

        Okay, well, first of all, as a regular reader/commenter here, it is your solemn DUTY to “preach at” what Kipling called “lesser breeds without the law.”

        Don’t forget that.

        Second, you have hit upon one of the numerous causes of the decadence and STUPIDITY we see–that we swim in.

        Another one is that the population at large has been *trained* for their
        *entire lives* by *all* forms of communication that their opinion “matters”!

        And as we know, if you repeat the same lie(s) over and over and there is no contradiction, nearly everybody will believe the lie(s). that’s why Goebbels said to make it a “Big Lie.”

        Numerous “studies (I know) have found that around 20% of any given population are too tough-minded to fall for BS and propaganda. And hypnosis, too, by the way.

        • “Numerous “studies (I know) have found that around 20% of any given population are too tough-minded to fall for BS and propaganda. And hypnosis, too, by the way.”

          Bwahaha. Just kept thinking of The Woodpile Report’s list “You know you’re being lied to when people say…”; and of course “studies show…” was one of them.

      • Glen, not everybody—at least not without much trouble—can get the other side of the story/issue. The Internet is policed (censored) by the other side extensively. If talk radio is “ours” (hah), then the Internet is theirs.

        Case in point, Unz. A well respected and known faculty member, James Thompson, publishes on Unz. He came over from his own blog where he analyzed and discussed reviewed papers on intelligence research. I’ve read him for years. He is well known in HBD circles.

        Enter my daughter, now out of med school and employed. I often discuss Thomson and his work and send URL’s to some of his latest analyses and reviews. She can’t bring them up on her work accounts. The url to Unz is restricted and the computer account states simply that this site is restricted due to racist and anti-semantic content. That not only prevents work time study (completely allowed and encouraged in her environment), but also prevents her from discussing with co-workers—lest she draw accusations when they try to access.

        This is what she’s facing, and that’s at a high professional level. Fortunately when I was at the University, we never stooped so low as to blanket censor internet content—including pornography.

        • “O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here!

          “How beauteous mankind is!

          “O brave new world that has such people in it!”

    • I would tend to agree with you. Most of it really comes back to being thoroughly brainwashed with what we’d now call ‘woke values’: “Don’t ever fight!”, “Be kind!” &c. There are of course any number of reasons why two men or two nations may fight each other.

      It no longer surprises me that in the West, where the people have been comforted and softened, and where phoney pandemics are treated as plague that will wipe out billions, men not only don’t want to fight, but cannot imagine anyone else doing so either. That said, these same people clearly have no problem with Ukraine fighting, but then that is what The Guardian, CNN and The Daily Mail told them.

      These are the sorts of people who are so ‘without purpose’, that a jogger could beat them down publicly in the street, curse their sorry white ass all the while; but if a passer by shouted ‘Oi nigger! Get off him!’, they’d be the enemy. Said beatee, after recovering, would then tell the passer by that they were in the wrong. A value inversion indeed.

      We see the Evil clearly. It is there and it is obvious. Naturally, what I’ve said above applies almost exclusively to GoodWhites. Chang don’t care, Ola couldn’t give two hoots, Gomez is chillin’, Kim-Un-Song has his store to look after, and DeShaun ain’t gonna fight fo’ whitey.

    • Just remember this: there is absolutely no separation between the federal government and the major media outlets. None whatsoever. Their viewpoints are in such complete alignment that there is no need for the government to tell the media what to say. The lockstep is automatic. For all intents and purposes, our epistemological environment is Soviet. The one difference is the Internet and the odd dissident site such as Z-Man.

  22. Btw, you might have noticed that just by coincidence, we’re about to strike a deal with Iranians. We’re trying to get their oil back on the market. Might work too.

    Of course, Russia provides more than just oil. But, still, this is a serious blow.

    • Everyone knows Iran has always been a friend and ally of the US against the evil Russians.

      Its just Putin blockaded their oil from the market.

    • Iran doesn’t have the capacity that the news would say it has. It’s always been exporting to China, and not every refinery can take its high sulfur oil. OPEC itself doesn’t have as much swing capacity as it claims.

    • This is how you know, if you didn’t already, that the whole thing is BS. Now it’s okay to buy Iranian oil!? The Overlords continue to demonstrate their moral flexibility.

    • ” … we’re about to strike a deal with Iranians.”

      Boy, oh, boy, is THAT ever rich!

      I didn’t know this. Thanks for the info. It’s gettin’ “curiouser and curiouser.”

      But Iran is *already* part of the China/Russia bloc. And Iran relies on Russia for a lot. So does India. And the Iranians *know* that Russia’s word is good and that Russia is run by adults.

      But that’s all beside the point. Byeolrussia has amended their constitution to allow themselves to acquire nukes. And if there’s anybody who doesn’t know about “Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” then those people have been drinking from the waters of Lethe, which flows through the cave of Hypnos. They are beyond our help.

      And Pakistan is also part of the Russia/China/Iran bloc. So it India. ALL nuclear powers. And now Byelorussia. Not to mention the NATO nukes already in Poland and Romania.

      So I’m not going to disagree with you–the impossible keeps happening to a degree that would astound even Cinderella–but I’m going to *guess* that Russia will offer alternatives that will, with very little effort, induce Iran to tell Uncle Sam to go suck an egg.

      Which would be fun to see.

  23. The Cloud People probably can’t distinguish between entertainment and reality anymore. Which is more real, you ask them, Ukraine’s freedom or the latest affair on Desperate Housewives. And you get a blank stare, as they fail to process the question.

    • This is what concerns me about a nuclear war. To the degree they even can understand what it means, the only way to relate for them is via video games and pop culture.

    • what I thought was interesting was the wave of relief I felt when viewing a sea of white faces on the news regarding Ukraine. Look, they’re like me! For a while there with the commercials and sitcoms I felt I had been taken up by aliens and dropped off in equatorial Africa. It was wonderful to see white faces again–my people, I luv ya!

  24. The question is whether real life will invade our rulers’ fantasy life. Hard to say who’s going to win this fight, but this is the first time that I’ve ever seen that our rulers could get real blowback for their decisions.

    Commodity futures are up 20% to 50% and not just for next month all the way down the line. The futures market is predicting some decline from the current spike in prices over the year but still ~15% to 20% higher than what was expected a few months ago.

    My point is that commodity prices are going higher and are going to stay higher. That means continued high inflation for at least the next year and probably longer. This puts a huge strain on the economy. It also puts a huge strain on the bond market. The 10-year is at 2% because the market expected inflation to come down. If the market thinks that inflation will last longer, that will put serious pressure on yields.

    To be honest, I’m completely baffled by the bond market at the moment. The 2-year is still ~1.5%. It’s impossible to look at the commodity futures market and think that inflation won’t be much, much higher than 1.5%. Sure, you could say that the market is manipulated, but even high-yield spreads haven’t blown out – though they are moving higher.

    The bond market is the key. Our economy can’t handle high interest rates. Hell, our economy can’t handle normal interest rates. If inflation isn’t temporary (and it’s not, at least not for the next couple of years), the bond market should react with higher rates. That’s a monster problem for the economy.

    Sure, the fed could backstop and buy treasuries and, even, corporate bonds, but now you have socialized bond market and that creates its own issues.

    As I said yesterday, our rulers are playing a very dangerous game. I’m not predicting Armageddon. This could still all work out without serious damage. I’m just saying that while not likely, there’s at least a decent chance they could tank the world’s economy in a huge way for their little fantasy.

    That alone shows how insane they are. Putin invaded because he saw Ukraine/NATO as an essential threat to Russia. He put his country in a lot of danger, but you can at least see why he did it. Our rulers put their countries in a lot of danger for no reason other than hubris and want to play a game.

    • As an actuary at work commented to me the other day “the number of non-zero probabilities has greatly expanded”. I think food commodities are going to get squeezed in a pincer. Natgas and potash supplies are down. Prices are up. Can’t make nitrogen fertizers in bulk without gas—and European suppliers have already diverted fertilizer gas to home heating and power generation. Fuel (along with fertilizer the #1 and #2 cost components) is up. If portions of the Ukrainian wheat crop don’t get prepped and in the ground over the next 8 weeks, that’s it for 2022. Black Sea is now on “war risk” for shipping after a Cargill bulk carrier was sniped with a missile.

      • That’s my point. There are many things happening on the ground that strongly imply sustained inflation, at least for the next year or two – at least since these things don’t just fixed themselves overnight.

        Sustained inflation puts pressure on the bond market and bond yields. Higher rates aren’t just about people with debt having higher payments. Debt is used as collateral. As rates rise, you effectively decrease liquidity.

        Regardless, the West is highly indebted. Higher interest rates cause all kinds of problems. High inflation pushes rates higher.

        This is a fucking stupid game that they’re playing. It could cause serious damage. Not saying that it will, just that it could and there’s no reason to have taken this risk.

        • “Regardless, the West is highly indebted. Higher interest rates cause all kinds of problems. High inflation pushes rates higher.”

          I think we’ve gone beyond that. The events of the last two and a half years were contrived to cover up the death of Socialism. Fourteen years of Zero interest rates had destroyed ALL the pension funds in the world. Socialism was mortally wounded but was not going to go quietly. Got it would b/c go it must, but it would take a lot of things and people with it.

          Do you remember in August of 2019 when the Fed chairman held a brief press conference to announce the the Federal Reserve System of the US was “opening a special Repo [rehypothication] market window for foreign central banks”? (Banks outside the US had become afraid to lend money *overnight* to *other banks.* And the Fed was openly declaring itself the world’s lender of last resort.)

          In January 2020–barely four months later–the Bank of Japan announced that they would “buy Japanese gov’t debt ‘without limit.'”

          Two weeks later, Covid was proclaimed.

          The political leaders of the West had destroyed the world’s economy, so they found themselves (Aug 2019) with two choices: “Tell their populations the truth and be torn to pieces in the streets or (2) deliberately destroy the world’s economy on some pretext or other and then say, “We saved you!” And they chose Door Number Two.

          Do you see what I mean? I don’t want to keep posting unless necessary, but *we* Badwhites need to be on top of things.

          People finally tumbled to the Covid fraud, so now there’s a war in Europe. (Besides which, the West *hast to* find a way to continue toe unfinished looting of Russia. Stealing Russia’s natural resources is a make-it-or-break it* proposition for Western “elites.”

          The fat is in the fire now.

      • ” … potash supplies are down. Prices are up. Can’t make nitrogen fertilizers in bulk without gas—and European suppliers have already diverted fertilizer gas to home heating and power generation. Fuel (along with fertilizer the #1 and #2 cost components) is up.”

        We are in dangerous waters. In my opinion, we–reading this blog today–might very well find ourselves in a situation in which we have to produce our own food. There may be little or no warning.

        The *most* important thing about planting food crops is *soil preparation.* All the chemical fertilizer in the world won’t fix poor or unprepared soil.

        And the number one thing needed today is *remineralization* of our soils.

        Fortunately, that is easily done with paramagnetic rock dust. It is cheap and plentiful. (Sandstone, basalt, and granite possess a property called “paramagnetism,” a property that is not fully understood but that we can measure and that we can use profitably.)

        Buy it from these people:

        They measure the degree of paramagnetism present in their product, and they tell you what it is. They are fast and reliable.

        Paramagnetic rock dust remineralizes soil and produces nutrient-dense food. It is impossible to overuse it. It won’t “burn” your plants the way chemical fertilizers do. It also produces amazing results in seed germination.

        It is cheap–for now. But gasoline and diesel price increases will necessarily raise the price of rock dust–which is exactly what it sounds like: pulverized rocks. Don’t wait for prices to rise and availability to drop. Act now.

        I’ll post this now or the spam filter will stop me, but I’ll post a few more links on this same subject–food security.

    • You seem to think they care about cratering the economy.

      They don’t care if they create a major depression. In fact I think they see it as an opportunity.

      Have you not seen all the articles about how there needs to be huge demand destruction in the west to move to a new economy.

      You need to remove something to build it back.

      • “You seem to think they care about cratering the economy.” There are non-governmental elites, that care very much about the economy. There’s no one more serious than Money Men. And they supposedly run this country. It’s confusing. Ideological elites seem to defeat the rational moneyed elites. (Obviously they’re often in alignment, i.e. military complex etc. But very often they’re opposed.)

        • Do they really?

          I mean they care about their own assets and resources, but do they care about the economy in any way as it affects the ordinary guy?

          I would say if they moved enough assets out of harms way they would be more than happy to crater the economy for its “own good”. Its a debt jubilee for them and an impoverishment for you.

          Look at how corporate west is intent on destroying its own foundations and is happy to do so.

          I assume they somehow think they can maintain that when the rest vanishes.

          • The crucial question is: of all the human beings currently alive in America right now, how many are net producers and how many are net consumers? Once you answer that question, the build back better crowd makes way more sense. They aren’t planning on destroying everyone, just net consumers, and threy are way more of them than you think.

      • “Have you not seen all the articles about how there needs to be huge demand destruction in the west to move to a new economy.”

        Bingo. This war on Russia is designed to finish the unfinished looting of Russia from the early and mid-90s. The Western “elites” MUST get their hands on Russia’s natural resources. It’s make-it-or-break it for them, which is why they are prepared to do *anything.*

        We are all of us on very thin ice. But it’s “us” I care about.

    • They probably see the pain as a feature and not as a bug, but when Shitavious and Shanika start to torch their cities in a non-orchestrated way, it will get real for them, too.

        • “This is how the Arab Spring started.”

          And Putin know that. And he can arrange for MILLIONS of refugees to overflow Western Europe from the starving “Global South.” And they are giving him every reason to do exactly that. Their backs are against the wall.
          They MUST get their hands on Russia’s natural resources.

      • Jack: I’ve said the same in the past, but now I think the string pullers are somewhat aware of this and will at least attempt to pre-empt it. Just as they massively increased the EBT allowance last fall – expect to see it raised again annually to mitigate the costs to feed their chirren (actually, a significant percentage of what’s bought is shipped off to the Caribbean or Africa in barrels by their ‘peeps’).

        It’s working class Whites and the sinking middle class who will be (already are, really) royally screwed. More and more people will lose their homes, by design. More and more diversity moved into the resulting rentals. Fewer people will be able to afford meat and dairy, so the height/weight/brain power differences between Whites and their replacements will be lessened. In addition to telling Whites we are the root of all evil, every message for the past dozen years has been that we consume more than our ‘fair share’ of the world’s resources and thus cause everyone else’s misfortune. We will be cut down to size – literally – and told to cheer our personal commitment to equity.

        • Even increased EBT–which I agree will happen–cannot fill store shelves. And, yes, we are going to have shortages and resultant riots not orchestrated by the Clouds and to their detriment.

          Working and middle class Whites definitely are the targets but, ironically, they are the ones more positioned to deal with shortages (albeit not even close to enough, although the vibrants have zero capacity).

          • ” … they are the ones more positioned to deal with shortages (albeit not even close to enough, although the vibrants have zero capacity).”

            Then the fit (i.e., the prepared) will survive.

            Think “food security.”

          • Infant: I may look into it, but the photo of a sub-Saharan couple under the “Pre-conception and Pregnancy” tab turned me off for the time being.

    • “Hard to say who’s going to win this fight, but this is the first time that I’ve ever seen that our rulers could get real blowback for their decisions.”

      Yeah. I’m not *at all* sure that our rulers didn’t force this situation. Putin has been crystal-clear for YEARS noiw about his red lines. And our rulers defied him every step of the way. Then, in February, (((Zelensky))) shows up in Munich and announces that the Ukraine is going to acquire nukes. A week later, Putin moved in. What choice did he have at that point?

      I’m beginning to suspect that the Afghanistan debacle (so called) was also intentional b/c now there is a storehouse of all manner of advanced weaponry close at hand with which to supply the “insurgents” that are soon to appear in the Ukraine–which is what they have planned according to a dynamite article posted down-thread. In fact, a horrifying article.

      FDR famously said that there are no accidents in politics.

      I wonder …

  25. Since we seem to be doing an even faker and gayer rehash of The Sixties ™ than the one from a few years ago… isn’t “Keeve” the guitarist for the Rolling Stones? And has anyone at the Alphabet Networks gotten around to calling the Russian Air Force “Yankee air pirates” yet? What’s Jane Fonda up to these days? I bet Zelensky’s got an AA gun with her name on it…

  26. Watching these psychos ban Russian everything and give in to every base impulse has made me realize something.

    I really would have hidden jews in my attic and opposed putting japs in camps.

    Progressives institute every evil in this country and then blame the rest of America when it goes wrong. That is the entire history of this country.

  27. The elites are disconnected from the Dirt people, because they see themselves as the global elite, while dirt people are still restricted to their countries of citizenship/residence.

    They rule the world, while their subjects are backwards provincials. There cannot be any connection, because that would negate how they see themselves.

    OTOH, the little bugmen that annoy us in our daily lives are just followers and yes, their lives lack meaning.

  28. The biggest news of the day yesterday, which of course was barely if even covered, was the U.S. threatening India with retaliatory sanctions for failing to cut ties with Russia. This isn’t a foreign policy. This is the mania of women at high levels. “How dare you still be friends with Susie Q, I defriended her. Do you still want to be friends and go shopping together? If so defriend Susie Q.” Do they even for one minute contemplate a country where if gas prices go up by 30 cents, 300 million street sh ters go nuts? It’s all emotive now. Which is why nuclear war is closer than we think. And the tired old 1970’s feminist line about world peace “if only women were in charge” will be vaporized in the flash.

    • Like when dealing with women in general, when you simply ignore them is when you get back your power and return the battle of sexes to equilibrium. The added bonus is it drives them crazy, which may be bad for global relations but works on the personal level.

      The world needs one to push one big IGNORE button

    • Yup. And Vlad Putin is not phased one iota by The Mean Girls or their opinions.

      Recall the shrieking harridans of Pussy Riot that tried to hijack the Winter Olympics a few years ago. They decided to demonstrate outside the stadium (what was the issue? Womens rights? Animal rights?) Vlad ordered them to pack up and leave or go to jail. When the shrews srarted screaming at the cops they got kicked, slapped and shoved into a paddy wagon and got carted off to jail. When the press got peeved about this horrible censorship and tried to bust his balls about it, he just laughed and ignored them.

      We are not dealing with a bug man in Russia. If I don’t miss my guess, we will be painfully reminded of that soon.

      • “If I don’t miss my guess, we will be painfully reminded of that soon.”

        Russia is in a good position to play the sanctions game. My *guess* is that she will tailor the sanctions to each country she slaps them on. And it will inflict maximum pain.

        Putin also has it in his power *right now* to FLOOD Europe with MILLIONS of refugees from the “global south.” And Western Europe is giving him every reason to do exactly that.

        So, yeah, you are right.

    • Over at The Conservative Treehouse, Sundance makes the point that India, with its need to nourish a huge population, cannot risk being cut out of access to both Russia’s and Belarus’ fertilizer components, as well as their cereal grains (wheat, barley, etc.). Nor can India disturb their food relationship with Russia, a major supplier of military equipment.

      Imagine that, a nation prioritizing its genuine interests over those of a bunch of hysterical, virtue-signaling loons in the West.

        • And Turkey gets a lot of nuclear technology and assistance from Russia for power plants.

      • “India, with its need to nourish a huge population, cannot risk being cut out of access to both Russia’s and Belarus’ fertilizer components, as well as their cereal grains (wheat, barley, etc.).”

        Ditto for Iran and TURKEY–a NATO member. Erdogan has already pulled a fast one on NATO with the whole “closing the Bosphorus” thing. And neatly done, too!

        And we can add Pakistan to this same list.

    • JR Wirth: BINGO. Just as the lapel pins and “Keev” nonsense are the equivalent of the flowers and teddy bears left at makeshift shrines for the victims of evil right wing terrorists. It’s all childish and girlish and yet another symptom of gynocorpocracy.

    • The “If only women were in charge” didn’t work out for women’s softball one year in my small town when the police were called out three times during the season to break up fights.

  29. This sort of empty virtue signaling reached its peak during Obama, and hasn’t receded since. I’m sure they took a hundred photos before they captured just the right pouty face, but once she put the cue-card down, she never thought about it again. Despite her husband having unlimited weapons at his disposal, surprisingly the hashtag campaign never got our girls back.

  30. > Many Americans have been reduced to the bug-man existence of consuming product but the Cloud People are the pinnacle of the bug-man lifestyle.

    They aren’t bug-men. They are sheep without a shepherd. It is becoming more and more obvious by the day that rejecting Christ has been an abject disaster for the West.

    • maybe you are a sheep, but i am not. a better sheperd is not the answer to the world’s problems.

    • True, but a significant element of Our Elites, for tribalist reasons, not only never embraced Christianity, but actively has worked against it.

    • Amen, brother! And the Old Testament has many examples of God using tyrants to accomplish His purposes (before He destroys them).

  31. In 2014, Soros purchased Joe Biden (and his influence within the Obama Administration) in order to implement a color revolution that put Zelensky into power in Ukraine and thereby enabled him to own the local police therein. Using this cover, he then began systematically raping & pillaging their natural resources for fun and profit. Soros also used this Ukranian connection to attempt the coup against Trump that resulted in his impeachment, and very nearly succeeded in forcing him from office.

    Soros then attempted similar takeovers in Eurasian Georgia and Kazakhstan, and Putin correctly foresaw that Soros had him in his sights next and chose not to underestimate him as Trump did. This is why covert death squads are roaming through Kiev right now. You have to eliminate the disease cells or the cancer just grows endlessly.

    This is the salient lesson of the current conflict in Ukraine. And it should be a lesson to us all. It ain’t patty cake anymore. The cancer will grow until it either kills us or is cut out by a surgeon.

    • Have you noticed the recent mysterious deaths of two or three Ukrainian oligarchs in the past week or so?

      Do you think those are the result of Vlad activating his wet works?

      • The smart oligarchs and their top lieutenants exited in their Gulfstreams as soon as the Russian tanks started rolling into Ukraine. Most of what was left behind are the enforcers and muscle that kept them in power. These men are like rabid dogs and there really is only one way to deal with this problem. And not to put to fine a point on it, but when you go to put down a rabid dog, you need even bigger SOBs to do the job, hence the Chechens. Putin is no fool and he understands “smarter, not harder.”

      • Wild Geese: This is part of Putin’s move against the ‘Russian’ and ‘Ukrainian’ oligarchs who have almost all now fled to London or New York or Israel. There is a significant tribal element to this entire theater, even though most White people are utterly ignorant as to all the subtexts.

        • I would like to see you introduce that concept into polite conversation.

          The screeching would be without end as all the mind worms erupted at once.

          • trumpton: Polite conversation? What’s that? Sorry, perhaps if you lowered your mask I could hear you more clearly. Can’t you see how elderly I am? Have a little patience with my aged hearing.

          • If you raise the issue of the ethnicity of the brave Ukrainians forced to flee for their lives, you only add Anti-Semitism to the list of Putin’s crimes.

    • “This is why covert death squads are roaming through Kiev right now.”

      I haven’t herd or read this. Can you give me some more info, please? This seems pretty major.

  32. This just in, an exclusive report from our reporter embedded in Ukraine:

    “Keeeeeeve. Shit. I’m still only in Keeeeeve. Every time I think I’m going to
    wake up back on MSNBC. When I was home after my first tour, it was worse. I’d wake up and there’d be nothing…I hardly said a word to my wife until I said yes to a divorce. When I was here I wanted to be there. When I was there, all I
    could think of was getting back into the jungle. I’ve been here a week now. Waiting for a mission, getting softer. Every minute I stay in this room I get weaker. And every minute Putin squats in the bush he gets stronger. Each time I look around the walls move in a little tighter….

    Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a mission, and for my sins they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service.”

    • like I was shot with a diamond… a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought, my God… the genius of that! The genius! The will to do that!

    • When did it become “Keev”? Round here it has always been ‘Kiev’. And it was spelled that way too. It has to be a ‘cool kid’ thing…

      • When our rulers decided to go with the Ukrainian versus the Russian interpretation. It will be back to Kiev soon enough.

    • Keeve sounds like a word for that first drip of diarrhea that comes out before the torrent

  33. This was a brilliant essay from Zman, but he’s drawn me to a perhaps more important conclusion than the one he draws. These people indeed have a purpose and a meaning to their lives: Complete World Domination!

    I’m completely amazed that they could, in just a few days: paralyze the Russian stock market; conduct extra-judicial seizure/freezing of assets; get utterly amoral corporations, who regularly employ slave labor and sell anything to anyone, to boycott Russia; get FIFA, the most corrupt organization on Earth, to kick Russia out of the World Cup (which is being held in Qatar FFS! and Iran has already qualified haha); get social media to ban Russia entirely, etc.

    This flexing cannot be lost on anyone even thinking about challenging the System or the Narrative. Does anyone here want this kind of treatment? The Canada truck driver treatment look like a Swedish massage compared to this.

    • They definitely intend to dominate the world and subjugate their enemies foreign and domestic. We’ll see if the economic pain coming dampens their enthusiam, but it very well may not.

    • – Social media: fake
      – FIFA: fake
      – Corporate boycots: fake
      – Extra-judicial asset seizing: real, but largely insignificant

      Meanwhile, in the real world, Russia has almost completely encircled Ukraine’s army and capital, and leads the world in energy production.

      The elites aren’t “flexing”. They are flailing around in acts of desperation.

    • I work for just about the biggest corporate name in Globohomo and was reading intra-company social media today about the war. There are repeated demands from world-wide employees for the corporation to pull up stakes in Russia, e.g. “please restrict the operations in Russia. Every Rubel of taxes finances war here. It should not be acceptable and should bot be ignored.”

      They never think about the precedent of what they’re proposing, what the logical conclusion would be. It’s just a movie to them. Once the good guys vanquish the bad guys, the credits roll and we’re left with nothing but pleasant memories of a thrilling victory.

      • All all of this tells me is to get my money out of banks because they can turn on ANYONE on a dime

        I am even wondering how this may affect real estate if people start getting the idea that why buy anything if they can just come in and claim it? I guess that is part of the plan to discredit and undue the laws on property and to make it illegal ultimately for non-elites to own real property. But real property rights are what keep us from becoming serfs and should be fought for with the energy of a dog tearing at a steak bone. If we lose them…. It’s over

      • “I saw a film today, oh boy The English Army had just won the war
        A crowd of people turned away
        But I just had to look Having read the book
        I’d love to turn you on…”

    • Some Russian singers with an opera company in NYC have the thrown out. It’s as though all the right-thinking people in the world are competing for the World Pettiness Championship.

  34. Hey Z,

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Greg Johnson and others in the DR who “stand with Ukraine”.

    • Greg J had a podcast on exactly why he stands with Ukraine

      It is a reasonable position for him once you know he is approaching it from the ethnostate-state perspective and that he sees Putin as also a multiculturalist but just not to the same extent and degree as in the west. In summary, he sees Putin as an obstacle to a Ukrainian ethno-state, something that the “Nazis” in the west of the country have been trying to accomplish. He also seems to romanticize the Ukrainians for better or worse. I don’t agree with him, but I understand his reasoning.

      • That makes no sense. No one in the Zelinksy Soros regime wants a Ukrainian ethnostate. No one with influence in Ukraine is proposing ethnostate. This is fantasy posting.

        The only only reason Ukraine is anything close to an ethnostate today is because of big bad “multicultural’ (as opposed to what the EU or Anglosphere they are controlled by now lol) Russia having influence over them for so long.

        You can make a purely civic argument that perhaps the language will be better protected and chauvinistic Derussification style policies could be better pursued in the Globalist side along with stable lines on a map.

        But the people will eventually be replaced and the culture will be woke. It will be woke fast and with very little resistance from the cannon fodder taking up so much ink . The NGOs already largely dictate Ukrainian policy before full integration. Good luck reversing those things. You can’t take that back.

  35. All hope is not lost. Energy prices will come to the rescue as years of mismanagement and ESG malinvestment come to a head. And should those wheat prices stay up there, look out in the turd world. Reality, like risk, can’t be destroyed, it can only be mitigated or hidden. I doubt too many people will be at the gas pump this Summer, and as they see the final price, raise their fists in solidarity saying “this is for Ukraine.”

    • Poll questions:

      1. How much additionally are you willing to pay for staples to support Ukraine?

      a) 5 percent;
      b) 10 percent;
      c): 25 percent;
      d) 50 percent or more.

      2. How long are you willing to go without cell service to support Ukraine?

      a) Five to 10 minutes;
      b) Ten to 15 minutes;
      c) One day;
      d) One month or more.

      3. How long are you wilthout air conditioning to support Ukraine?

      a) One day;
      b) One month;
      c) One year;
      d) One year.

      Anyone who answers the larger amounts will cheat just like the politicians exhorting people to wear masks and to stay at home. A plurality of people fool enough to take the test will cheat.

      • Haha, the answers are: d) d) d). The western political elites have already answered for us.

    • I know I am, but doesn’t hurt to stock up on flour and yeast

      You can store a pound of instant yeast in the back of the fridge and it will last a seeming eternity. And you can get a nice big sealable 5-gallon bucket to store bags of flour in and store it away where it won’t take up a lot of room.

      I am starting to work with instant yeast a lot lately and it is amazing. And buy a 12 pack of tomato sauce and freeze some mozzarella and there is your homemade pizzas to hold you through for months. I make one or two a week. Total cost maybe $50 and you get maybe 50 pizzas out of it, or just the sauce and cheese alone you do. Get way more breads from the yeast.

      All I do for my sauce is pour out 1/2 half the can and put it aside then mince some garlic and throw it in the can, add some water and salt and pepper and maybe a little cayenne and dash of red wine, throw in a basil leaf, then cover with plastic and shake it good for a bit. Then you are done. No cooking it or any other prep needed. After first pizza put the other sauce back in the can and cover and freeze and yo will get two more pizzas out of it.

      My biggest recommendation for people is to become a decent cook or scratch chef. Will save a fortune, and it is a great hobby and skill. Not to mention the health and psychological benefits of eating real food.

      I have found that any man who doesn’t cook his own food eventually goes crazy. And that may also help to explain why so many of these rich people in media who get driven around and eat out all the time are going batshit crazy. Even Hannity has joined the crazy train.

      • Falcone: Hannity has been on the crazy train for years.

        I learned to make homemade yeast bread as a teen, but my family didn’t really appreciate it. And now my husband really needs to limit his bread consumption so I don’t bake. You can store flour and yeast and various other components, as you noted. You can also purchase premixed-dry pizza crust components (cheap store brands in a pouch for $1, or the Italian DelAllo on sale for $5 but claims to be enough for 10 pizzas). These mixes come in storage pouches (much better than a box in protecting against light and bugs) and only require water. Although they claim a ‘best by’ date of usually 12-18 months, they will last much longer if stored properly (climate controlled/away from light, heat, moisture). Lightweight, long lasting, inexpensive substitute for bread or whatever carb is really needed. Worth stocking up on.

    • “And should those wheat prices stay up there, look out in the turd world.”

      Zackly. ‘Ts why I been saying that Putin can overrun Western Europe with hungry refugees from the global south in a flood that would make Camp of the Saints look tame. And ALL of those countries are BEGGING for him to smack them down. Flooding them with millions of starving ******* would wreck them forever. And it would cost Putin nothing. Nor could they blame him for it.

    • As most know by now, I don’t think we can talk our way out of the mess we’re in. But I still support real journalism that works to get reality back into the news, and Whitney Webb is one of the very few journalists working today that is committed to truth. She also possesses the courage of a Medal of Honor recipient, which should be an inspiration to us all.

      • I too am impressed by WW. She came out of nowhere a few years ago and I make a point of tracking down her latest piece. She’s a bit of a nomad but Last American Vagabond seems to be home for now. She and Catherine Austin Fitts ( Her stuff on CBDC’s is must read/listen) are the only women I follow online.

    • “Whitney Webb is back with a good article describing how the regime plans to flip the Ukraine mess into evidence of a, “transnational white supremacist terror network,” that will permit them to engage in domestic pogroms against you know who.”

      Thanks for this. Seriously. This is the most important thing happening in the world.

  36. “The Cloud People hate the Dirt People because for the Dirt People, Harry Potter will always be entertainment for their kids, not a guidebook for understanding the world.”

    Gold, solid gold.

  37. Today on Twitter a loon commented that if you are a real leftist then you will support Ukraine, blah blah. Daily purity tests with these orcs never formulating an original or personal thought not generated from the hive.

    That Hunger games photo of Biden, Harris and Pelosi at the SOTU, pretty much sums up our current decline. No wonder bug people use references from fantasy and sci fi schlock. Look at the gollum Pelosi rubbing her claws together.


      • What was that? I have never seen something similar in a human.

        It was as if she forgot she has hands, just rictus grinning and rubbing her wrists together.

    • Keeve Keeve bo beeve banana fana fo feeve …

      If you can complete this, you are over 60.

      OR you have WAY too much time on your hands.


      • I’m in my early 50s and I know it. My cousins had one of those K-Tel “comedy” records.

        • Yeah, me too. Early 50s and I know that awful song.
          Boomers and Xers had their music follow them their whole lives. At least a large portion of Boomer music is actually decent. We Xers got massively screwed in music. Most of the music of the 80s is utterly forgettable.

          • ” At least a large portion of Boomer music is actually decent.”

            You refer, of course, to The Seekers.

  38. The first and at the time worst iteration of this happened in 1986 with “Hands Across America.” Five or six million Americans held hands to try to form a line of humanity across the continent. They donated a few bucks to participate in the nonsense and it was supposedly targeted to fight hunger and homelessness. Participation marked someone as a Very Good and Special person.

    EVEN THAT involved at least some human interaction, and pales by comparison for all the emoting over a nation 99 percent of the population was unaware existed just two weeks ago. Yes, the Cloud People and Bug Men hate the much poorer Dirt People for the simple reason the latter have lives.

    • Let me add this is real reason why the South had to be invaded and subjugated. It had an actual culture, which was missing from most of the rest of the country, so the Cloud People had to stomp it into the ground.

      • “Let me add this is real reason why the South had to be invaded and subjugated. It had an actual culture, which was missing from most of the rest of the country, so the Cloud People had to stomp it into the ground.”

        Testify, brothuh! Testify!

        • I’m a Philadelphian who has two ancestors who fought for the North and one that went South. All survived the war. But the wrong side won. I’m very proud of an old sepia I have of the ancestor of Southern disposition standing on the step of his house at 12th and Spruce St. in Philly, derby hat on head and clay pipe in mouth. BTW, our family still owns and lives in the house (my cousins). Today it’s a million $$ townhouse. Still the same granite step on which he stood and the iron post to swipe the horse/dog crap off his shoe before entering.

          We have a lot to be proud of as Americans but losing out state and personal sovereignty isn’t one of them.

          And whoever started that “Keeev” crap needs a good beating. The left screws up everything.

          I don’t consider myself a racist, just a White man who prefers and protects his own race. I don’t consider myself a religionist, just a Lutheran who thinks a religion like Islam that preaches the end of both America and Christianity shouldn’t be allowed here. I don’t consider myself a separatist, just a guy who demands the right to associate, hire, live near and befriend those I choose not those the govm’t deems I should.

          And I don’t give a rat’s butt about the Ukraine, Covid, CRT, 1619, diversity, equity, inclusion or that retard Brandon.

          And I don’t like being threatened, coerced, forced or blackmailed by my government to submit, conform or comply to their bullcrap.

          • “We have a lot to be proud of as Americans but losing out state and personal sovereignty isn’t one of them.”

            It’s heartbreaking all right.

            Great post! My hat is off to you.

      • Oh, it very much happened. Obviously six million people could not form a contiguous chain across the continent if that even were possible, but it showed someone really, really cared. From memory, there even were spats about which cities would be involved, so in addition to the physical impossibility it was politically impossible.

        I actually know people who howled at this at the time who are wearing Ukraine flag pins on their lapels.

    • What was the first example of this practice migrating to the digital world? Was it the “je suis Charlie Hebdo” campaign?

      • Good question. From memory AOL would have “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” campaigns and such but that’s not really this sort of purity spiral. Dunno, really, but it probably was on the original message boards that surfaced about the same time as Hands Across America–which may have been promoted on the Message Board Systems although I don’t know that.

        • The newsgroups were around in the early 80s. I didn’t start using them till the 90s, but even by the early 90s there were 10s of thousands of them. I’m sure there were virtue signalling groups in the 80s. Then there were the SIGs (special interest groups) of the BBSes which got replicated across the networks late at night every night, so there were probably SIGs in that system for it too.

          • I’m 71 and trust me when I say the entire Hippy movement and Civil Rights movement were nothing but virtue signaling douche bags of the time.

  39. This criticism of the culture of the US or lack-thereof has been made since before before formal nationhood. Perhaps it explains the various revivalist movements and susceptibility moral crusading. Because our religious institutions are in advanced stages of corruption, having been co-opted to serve as further instruments of the globo-homo post-marxist authoritarianism, our crusades escalate in their anti-human self-destructive nature. We are working on making the US experiment as big a disaster for humanity as communism has been although with the caveat that the primary drivers of our decent are recognizable as the torch bearers of the funeral of the Soviet Union. Understood to have arrived on our shores with the upheavals of Mustache Man and the Stalin purges.

  40. We’re seeing a remake of a Hollywood script. I was spooked by a movie, thinking it real.

    1. Joe clumsily managed to work “burn pits” into the conversation.

    Chernobyl was secured to secure the U-238. Ukraine has U-240, which is still suitable for a smaller yield of about a kiloton.

    Moscow is 10 minutes away by missile, and doesn’t know if we’ve slipped Ukraine a few.
    The Kievans have the ability to, and have said they will, create nukes.

    2. Then they increased the 8 year shelling of Donbass from 80 to 1200 in February.
    Moscow, expectant, reacts.

    To nuke Moscow is suicide.
    Per B125, what they really want, is a claim to land that isn’t theirs.

    (Or, as Whiskey replies, business as usual.)

    3. So, “suitcase” nukes will be used…inside Ukraine. A false flag.
    Thousands of Ukrainians will become thousands of Ukrainian J**s, and the numbers will start to climb.

    (Limited or terrorist use will become normed, as were bioweapons.)

    4. The lack of bodies will be explained away: they were incinerated by thermobaric bombs.

    5. And Joe’s “burn pits” will enter the parlance with ovens, showers, boxcars, and gas chambers.


    5a.”They’re segregating people by race, and throwing some off the refugee trains!” claims MSNBC. A double!

  41. The funny thing of this tragedy is that all could be avoided with some simple and easy concessions, just don’t encircle Russia, stop color revolutions at their doorstep but that would be asking too much for the crazy people ruling the West (whatever West means anymore).

    Now we’re at serious risk of nuclear war, way higher than during the Soviet Union days because the western establishment is made of Straussian lunatics who have Harry Potter books as their Bible.

    • The nuclear war itself isn’t all bad as Huffington post noted. They weighed the pros and cons of the positive effects on climate change. Yes, they did.

      • “They weighed the pros and cons of the positive effects on climate change. Yes, they did.”

        Dear God.

  42. > You get more authenticity from an ATM machine than from Jen Psaki.

    Likewise, you get more pleasure out of an ATM machine than any man has ever gotten out of Jen Psaki.

    • Jen Psaki and Jacinda Ardern, suspecting my loyalties, decide that physical interrogation is the only way they will get to the truth.

      Kaly MacEnerny and Rachel Maddow, scantily clad for comfort, hear unusual but oddly alluring noises in the back. They burst in, eyes glistening and mouths agape, shocked by what they find…

      • “They burst in, eyes glistening and mouths agape, shocked by what they find… .”

        Betcha it rhymes with “keeve.”

      • Keep going!!! Don’t stop until they’ve whipped your bare buttocks with birch branches…….

    • Our girl Jen is a professional, after all…

      “I saw her today at the reception
      In her glass was a bleeding man
      She was practiced at the art of deception
      Well I could tell by her blood-stained hands”

      Deception, deflection, passive aggression; she’s got a full toolkit, alright.

  43. I do think they dropped masks solely so the Ukraine flag thing could be done.

    I think they well understood having 2 unrelated symbols would be confusing to the viewers. All the congress in flags and masks.

    Which one takes priority for the NPCs looking on?

    You just can’t get strong emotional attachment created if there are 2 focal objects.

    • Damned shame the Covid thing was dropped before Ukrainian flag masks could be hawked.

    • The “equal sign” (“=”) bumper sticker was all the rage on the Priuses and Jettas. Next to the “Coexist” sticker and the walking Darwin fish.

      Now my neighbors just drive alone wearing face diapers.

      For those of you living outside of the Hive, you can’t comprehend how vapid and empty these people are.

      • As Mark Steyn noted about the Coexist stickers, if you got rid of the “C”, you wouldn’t need the sticker.

    • Money quote: In many respects, what we are seeing play out is a kind of perverse morbid rehash of the Middle Ages, when one king, funded and supported by “his Jews,” would wage war on another funded by his own group of Jews. The end result is normally richer Jews and a lot of European dead..

  44. Funny how the clouds are so up in arms about the Ukraine and don’t give two literal s**** about the hordes of porta-potty colored turds streaming over our southern border. The only reason is it’s evil Vlad the Impaler directing events out East. Their oh so serious sanctimony is not only screwing the Russian dirt people, but their own as well.

  45. But why the Keev-thing, though? It’s always annoyed me when we’re told that it’s no longer Peking, Bombay or Burma, but Beijing, Mumbai and Myanmar.

    So now we’re supposed to say Keev, ostensibly because “Kiev” is etymologically Russian and hence offensive to everything decent, good and just in this world. Ironically, only six months back, it was still “White Russia” in Danish, until one fine day a slightly confused, clearly annoyed announcer on regime television told us that we now had to learn to say “Belarus” – and by “we” he meant everybody, not just the poor propaganda slaves on DenMarx Radio. So one win, one loss for Russia in six months.

    I wonder when all of you poor fuckers will be forced to say “København” rather than “Copehagen”. I will be sending bomb threats to the US embassy if your president gets even one syllable wrong. We’re in 2022 now, and such heinous offence will not be tolerated.

    • The new Keev has no association in people’s minds with Kiev (in a week they won’t even recognize the old name) so its day Zero for the new Ukraine and the people involved.

      Redefining language to redefine thought and framing.

      Now where have I heard that before?

      • But what’s the point? People didn’t know what “Kiev” was to begin with, except it was named after a chicken dish.

        • They might have some residual notion it was related to Russia.

          So Russia attacking itself would be confusing and lead to all sorts of funny questions.

          Russia attacking the sparkling new totally not Russian Keev though, is much easier to frame.

        • It is virtue signaling and a way to show you really care because you can pronounce “Kiev” properly, Felix. Think of the morons who call blacks “African Americans.”

          • I still don’t get it. Okay, I understand Burma/Myanmar – the country changed its name – but Mumbai? Beijing? Keev?

            That’s just a tomatoes/tomatoes-thing and it’s not like it makes you member of an exclusive little club: the regime spokesmonsters are bullhorning the approved pronunciation into your face every day.

          • They’re like little kids who have just learned a naughty word and go around saying it over and over and over.

          • My favorite version of the AA nonsense was during a prior Olympics, a black from some other country won a gold medal, and the NBC announcer said it was the first time an African-American from any nation had won a gold in that event.

      • “Keev” is the Ukrainian pronunciation of Kiev. It’s a nationalist thing. I don’t see a problem with it, even though it’s been slavishly adopted by our ruling class. This reactionary attitude to saying “Keev” is like people refusing to say St. Petersburg because they called it Leningrad all their lives.

        • Please. When it was called Leningrad we called it Leningrad. When it was called St. Petersburg we called it St. Petersburg. Kiev has been Kiev for as long as anyone alive has known. English speakers call it Kiev, not Keev.

          This is a silly affectation by people who think it is a good idea to pronounce Spanish names with a Spanish accent.

          • Yes but we were saying “Kiev” because nobody gave a hoot about Ukraine until last week. It has been written “Kjiv” in atlases for years, and pronounced that way in Ukraine itself, so it’s official. Just nobody noticed or cared. (We say “Beijing” as opposed to “Peking” which is how some Cantonese longshoreman said it way back when, when Canton was more well-known than current China.) We say “Ukraine” not “The Ukraine” now because we are spiting Russia. Why not spite them with “Keev”? What if a superpower invaded Maryland and started calling it Tierra de Maria, and killed millions of your people, would you go along with that, as a native Marylander?

          • Why not spite them with “Keev”?

            Because it’s faggot talk. It’s like people insisting I should capitalize “white” for political reasons.

            Sorry, I prefer being grammatically correct to being politically correct.

          • @marko


            Just do a search on google for “map russia” look at the images returned.

            The first 30 all had Kiev as the capital.

            The only one one much lower down had kyiv and that just happened to be from the press in the UK about the war.

          • Back in the 80s (conra times) there was an SNL skit that revolved around the exaggerated rolling of the “r” in “Nicaragua.” Poking fun at the same phenomena you describe.

        • “Keev” is the Ukrainian pronunciation of Kiev

          Well, I’m not Ukrainian. I say “Florence” in English, not “Firenze”, “Turin”, not “Torino”, “Venice”, not “Venezia” and “Rome” not “Roma”.

          Why should I suddenly start speaking Ukrainian just because it’s been invaded by Russia?

          This reactionary attitude to saying “Keev” is like people refusing to say St. Petersburg because they called it Leningrad all their lives.

          Completely different kettle of fish. The city changed name, like Burma did.

        • Marko: Then reciprocity demands you say Moskva forthwith.

          As someone who generally has a pretty good accent when speaking foreign languages (or so I’ve been told) this is typical posturing by people whose experience of their beloved ‘foreign cultures’ is vacationing in Cabo, eating at Ethiopian restaurants, and taking a cruise with various hours-long port stops.

          • And, you know, we’ve been subjected to this (admittedly fascinating) FREAK SHOW for more than a week now, but I gotta say that–from what (mercifully) little I have seen, the most annoying of ’em all is Judge Janine or Janeen or whatever it is. She was just going off like a Roman candle yesterday afternoon as though she had swallowed a bottle of No-Doz with a dexatrim chaser.

            She couldn’t use the word “thug” enough, and I kept watching for spittle every time she said “THUG!”

            I’d never really paid her any mind before yesterday, but now I find that I hate her.

        • But “Keev” isn’t even the correct pronunciation in Ukrainian. The Cyrillic letter “B”, while it is pronounced “v” in Russian, is pronounced in Ukrainian as “w”, or in some positions somewhere between “v” and “w”. Ergo Volod is pronounced Wolod, and Kyiv is pronounced something like saying the letter “Q” but more drawn out.

        • No, you almost always give the English pronunciation if you’re in America unless you’re being a pretentious twat. How often to you pronounce Paris “Pah-ree?” My guess is never.

    • Moldova instead of Moldavia has always been very jarring to me. Originally, there’s existed a “Principality of Moldavia” in the place for centuries. Plus the adjacent Romanian province, on the right side of the Prut river which marks the border, is called ‘Moldavia’ province.
      There is a Moldova river to be honest, but the funny thing is it flows entirely inside Romania, the sovereign ‘republic of Moldova’ has no access to it!
      Yet all commentators in football matches – and now also political ones since the Transnistria issue is linked to the current Russia-related craze in the news – make a point to call this place Moldova.

      • It might be fun to throw a wrench into the works by saying that Moldova is a “breakaway province” of the Ukraine.

        Give it a shot! Make it a meme.

    • Look my Danish friend , I will pronounce Copenhagen the way Danny Kaye did and also sang about.

      • It makes my brain hurt when people pronounce Copenhagen as Copenhoggen, thinking that’s more correct than the English pronunciation which is Copenhaygen.

  46. Funny how none of these people were “Standing with Ukraine” when they were being repressed by actual communists, or how many of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers were cheering on Stalin’s “New Society” when it was starving the Ukrainians (along with lots of Russians and Kazakhs) and throwing them into Gulags.
    The Ukrainian terror-famine has been shoved into the memory hole by almost everyone, because it doesn’t really serve anyone’s current political purposes at the moment, but the people there haven’t forgotten. Insofar as the heroic Ukrainian resistance to the Russians actually exists, its due to the memory of the Holodomor, not for some “New World Order”.

        • True enough. Not to get al ((())) about it, but it’s funny how everyone has heard about That Other mass murder, with roughly the same number of victims, that That Other dictator carried out.

          • I have actually had atheists tell me religion has caused more wars and deaths than anything else. When I point out the Crusades killed 1-3 million over a century, and two atheists (Stalin and Mao) killed 100 million in a decade, the looks on their faces is priceless. The literally cannot absorb the information.

  47. I think the most important part about this article is that we have figured them out, speaking of the cloud people. I mean, Z is cracking their code, figuring out what makes them tic.

    This is interesting because it wasn’t long ago when these people seemed to be above and beyond us, a mystery, that maybe there was something special about them. And maybe we just were not intelligent enough to grasp what they and their world was all about.

    But when you can figure out their complete psychology and modus operandi while sipping a coffee and getting ready for the day, something has definitely changed in the ether around us. Meanwhile they need to send out recon journalists to figure out what makes us tic. And they still have no clue and at best fumble around trying to land a blow. We are the mystery now,

    We are rising. They are falling.

    • r/K shift underway; the fun thing is: the are helping it along with their hunger games they are trying to set up. all those rabbits are going to be looking for more warrens than there are for them.

    • Like most things in life, the Cloud People are quite unimpressive when you see them for what they are. Their master plans seem naive at best, and the fallout from this war they provoked likely will have consequences detrimental to them as well as those they intended to suffer.

      • They are clever and have good oratory skills, but have a complete lack of practical intelligence, which is what you would expect from people living in a theoretical bubble world.

    • I suspect the internet is what fundamentally broke things. In the same way the printing press and vernacular bibles showed everyone that the priests were just guarding their own rut as a privileged caste, social media shows us that the elites are just regular stupid people who happened to have the connections or sociopathic ambition to be our “social betters”.

  48. Absolutely first-rate essay! It explains their fascination with transhumanism and “[fill-in-the-blank] fluidity.”

  49. I dare say that much of what is discussed here also applies to the DR and the preoccupation with “red pill” this and “white pill” that

    I don’t even know what the pills are supposed to represent tbh.

    So the question arises, shouldn’t people on the DR move past the references to the Matrix and see the world through a more mature lens? And if we are going to need cultural references to help explain ourselves, maybe use a great novel or historical reference and not a cheesy and derivative movie franchise made by a tranny?

    Incidentally, how can anyone on the DR take themselves seriously when talking on one hand about how much they hate all the tranny shit globohomo is pushing at us? Then on the other throw out a pill reference?

    Isn’t this all a bit “cringe”?

    But I noticed something too. And we are all susceptible to it. But so many Netflix movies that I see advertised are made by older millenials and seem to be movies that should have been made like 10-15 years ago when they were in their young 20s. It’s like these are the movies they would have watched if they were 20 years old again.

    Moral of the story: our society has an aging millennial problem. But we are all susceptible to wanting to go back to our glory days. But I hope we can drop all the pill references and move past them to a more glorious future.

    • “Isn’t this all a bit “cringe”?”

      YES! Thank you for stating it so beautifully. (I also have no idea what the “pill” thing means.)

    • The problem is you have to speak to people where they are at if you want to be intelligible.

      We are in a declining post-literate society, so the public discourse become more and more childish and facile, while the replacement of concepts and ideas with things like masks, symbols and flags becomes more prevalent. Like stone age cultures its about drumming and feather displays as societal expression.

      There can never be compromise with that sort of framework, indeed I am not sure compromise even has any meaning in the current world.

      The west has lost the ability to construct the level of even middle ages political thought, and so comics and films are the only reference literature that can provide the simplicity required to communicate.

      I can;t see this improving as entropy of the culture is eating us as a society.

      • You are exactly right! My grandson was penalized in his private school (!) for learning to write cursive on his own b/c he was a year ahead of the others. I took him out the following week.

        And I’ve been saying for years that we are quickly moving into medieval conditions in which only a few people can read and write. It was these “pictogram” road signs and bathroom signs that put the idea into my head. And that was before the word “icon” was lifted to mean some stupid symbol online for semi-literates. It was before there even *was* and online.

        And it’s gotten worse.

        • Before I got off Facebook nearly twelve years ago, my general feeling was that literacy was wasted on an extraordinary large number of people. I’ve seen some FB posts on and off over the past couple years, and my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s my belief that, like a university education, opening elite opportunities to the masses is way more likely to dumb down elite things than raise up the masses. The intellectual bottom 60% of people really should not be consulted on important matters, not should they be given much of a voice about things. They don’t have the brains for it, or the interest. Most less-intelligent people want to work enough to pay their bills, then spend the rest of their time grilling and chilling. They should be allowed, even encouraged, to do this, without criticism, with the expectation that they keep their stupidity to themselves.

          • All you need to know about social media: Lebron James’ tweets are at a 3rd grade reading level, but he can bounce a toy really fast, so he has millions of followers.

        • Enforced equity is behind all this. You will conform to the lowest common denominator, you will!

          But always remember, the seemingly insane and stupid is strategic. It may not be wise, but it can be effective. If the cognitive development of a child is stunted, it can’t easily be undone.

    • I’ll cop to really enjoying all the “pill” references a few years ago. The blue pill/red pill dichotomy makes a nice analogous shorthand for the clashing perspectives of normies (blue) versus dissidents (red). That said, the “pill” craze has, like so many other memes, become excessive and so overused that it’s not even clear that its original connotations still hold. When normies start claiming to be “red-pilled” or “black-pilled,” you know that the meme has lost its cache.

      The obsession our society has with using pop culture references to discuss serious issues undoubtedly suggests that we’re not a very smart people these days. Nevertheless, it doesn’t strike me as particularly relevant that THE MATRIX was made by trannies. 1. They weren’t yet trannies when they made the first movie in the franchise. 2. A work of it art (if you want to call it that) stands or falls on its own; it should be judged without regard to the status or degeneracy of the artists who produced it. It just so happens that the central motif of THE MATRIX serves as an excellent metaphor for buying into the web of lies that our elites consistently spin for us.

      • Final word of my first paragraph should read “cachet.” Damn! I was never much of a spellerrrr.

    • Falcone: Excellent points all. However, as one who defends the usage of what my younger son mocks as ‘old fashioned’ words, even I recognize the utility of language as cultural shorthand. And while we’ve jettisoned too many precise terms that enrich our language and echo our cultural history, spoken language is going to evolve and change. I never even saw the Matrix movie, but I learned and use the pill analogy. Same for various other terms in the DR lexicon (and when I lag, my older son patiently explains it to me, such as when I didn’t initially recognize what ‘glowie’ was).

      The larger problem is not separating casual, every day verbal usage from what used to be precise and proper formal written communication. The entire point of which was to avoid confusion and lack of understanding because one wasn’t present in person to explain misunderstanding arising from vague or imprecise wording.

      Those who still recall English’s higher vocabulary (Greek and Latin root words) and know how to read or write cursive will eventually have an almost uncrackable code, same as most of today’s car thieves are thwarted by a manual shift.

  50. “A big part of the gulf between the Cloud People and the Dirt People is the Cloud People lack normal human emotions. Instead, it is these programmed responses to programmed questions.”

    There’s a really good word for that: “hebephrenic” (pronounced “keeve”).

    The hebephrenic subtype of schizophrenia is typified by shallow and inappropriate emotional responses, foolish or bizarre behaviour, false beliefs (delusions), and false perceptions (hallucinations).

    • ‘There’s a really good word for that: “hebephrenic” (pronounced “keeve”).’
      That right there is gold.

      • “That right there is gold.”

        Thanks, but I (shamelessly) stole it from the ZMan.

    • Pretty spot on there, Infant Phenomenon:

      “The hebephrenic or disorganized subtype of schizophrenia is typified by shallow and inappropriate emotional responses, foolish or bizarre behaviour, false beliefs (delusions), and false perceptions (hallucinations).”

      Mass formation psychosis.

      • I always thought that term was an NPC program in itself.

        The NPCs have to now struggle with how they were all fooled into such obvious BS. It can;t possibly be their own fault.

        cue NPC grey masses meme where they all repeat: “Yes it was mass formation psychosis”

  51. Zman, I hope you’re writing this from your secure bunker in the Rocky Mountains. These people have are not just insane anymore, they are dangerous. With each passing day, they appear more willing to risk nuclear annihilation to prove their moral purity. Does Klaus Schwab sincerely believe that nuclear war is going to give him a great reset, and not a great leap backwards a thousand years?

    • I wonder what’s Klaus Schwab’s deal. He is quite old and has at most a few more years to live. He is not going to see the results of the Great Reset, so why is he still pushing so hard? If he believes in afterlife, he must know his destination is Hell. If not, then what’s the point? Just the fun of being evil?

      • Uncle Klaus seems to honestly believe that at some point in the near future he will be able to achieve immortality by uploading his consciousness to a digital medium.

        I mean, that seems like a better outcome than American baseball player Ted Williams that had his remains frozen in the hopes he could be resurrected in the future:

        • No chance. But if it somehow happens, I hope for somebody to hack his digital consciousness and make him endure unimaginable suffering.

    • “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

      I suspect the bad word I used is one that is the opposite of “Heaven”. Quite silly.

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  53. I wouldn’t say our rulers are engaged in purposelessness. I also wouldn’t say their followers are. I think they are called to a different purpose. I think the last great cause they will adorn themselves with will be worship of the antichrist.

    Whether or not there will be social media icons to signal ones allegiance to such a thing, I don’t know. I do however think that the people who have BLM squares on their social media pages, the rainbow flags, the climate change hysteria, various types of feminism, vax stuff, Ukrainian flags and whatever’s lined up next will no doubt be first in line to get the mark of the beast. It’s their purpose. Their final virtue signal, the one all the others were building up to.

    When I think of the purpose Christians are called to Romans 8:28 comes to mind. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

    I’d like to think we can peel off a great number of the people brainwashed into these insufferable secular causes before the time comes. But keeping the big picture in mind can be helpful when looking on at the hysteria imo.

    • Great comment, David. Zman made some points that really hit home for me, but your idea put them in a larger, more consequential context.

      I share the mild hope expressed in your last paragraph. It outlines the vocation we must take up among the people we care about: those genuine communities Z mentioned.

      Glad you got on here first, so your observation can guide the replies to come.

    • The recent events with Russia got me reading up on the four horsemen in Revelation. We’ve had pestilence and now we have war. Famine comes next. Given how much grain is not getting shipped out because of the sanctions and locked down ports food prices are probably gonna go through the roof pretty soon.

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