Stupid & Crazy

Far-left talking head Michael Kinsley once said that a gaffe is when a politician accidently blurts out the truth. It was a funny line that has been popular in Washington for a long time, because everyone in Washington knows it is true. It is not just politicians who lie to their voters. Everyone in Washington lies. In fact, the semi-permanent ruling class lies more than the elected class. As a result, they are less prone to gaffes, but every once in a while, one of them blurts out the truth.

Yesterday we had one such example. Victoria Nuland, the moral nullity responsible for the disaster in Ukraine, was called up for a very friendly chat about Ukraine with fellow warmonger Marco Rubio. This was supposed to be part of the highly choreographed public relations campaign in favor of starting war with Russia. Instead, Nuland blurted out what should never have been said. That is, the United States has been running biological weapons labs in Ukraine.

The reason for Rubio’s question about the bio-labs is this has been circulating on-line since last week. The Russian Ministry of Defense posted documents they said were found at a biological lab in Ukraine. This was ignored by Western media, but then the Chinese government made a statement about it. This is harder to ignore and it started to get traction on-line. Rubio assumed Nuland would dismiss it as disinformation, which was in his copy of the script.

Rubio is not a smart man, but like all politicians he has the vermin like rapaciousness that has come to define the political class. When Nuland confessed that the US was operating biological labs in Ukraine and they were worried that the Russians would find out about it, so they instructed the Ukrainians to destroy the evidence, Rubio’s lizard brain kicked into action. He quickly got her to employ the Opposite Rule of Liberalism, which is now the Opposite Rule of Liberal Democracy.

Briefly stated, the Opposite Rule of Liberal Democracy says that you should take whatever they say, start with the opposite, and you are close to the truth. In this case, she hilariously rolled out a version of “they cry out it pain as they strike you.” This was one of those moments people used to call a Freudian slip. She blamed the Russians for doing what she was doing at that very moment. Her entire life is based on blaming others for what she herself is actually doing.

Another interesting aspect of this gaffe is that the foreign policy establishment heard about the bio-lab documents last week. They probably knew about this from Ukrainian sources prior to the Russians posting the documents. After all, the State Department was running the labs, so they knew they existed and they knew the Russians would capture them at some point. Again, no one in charge has any doubts about the results of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This is why they planted a story in Foreign Policy claiming this is the work of the QAnon shaman, the guy dressed like a bear who entered the Capitol on January 6th and who is currently rotting in prison. This is a classic political tactic. You not only get your version of the lie in circulation first, but you also tie the truth to conspiracy theorists and crazy people in order to anathematize it. This has been the go-to move of Washington since the Clinton crime family blew into town.

That is what makes the Nuland-Rubio exchange amusing. Marco Rubio is as dumb as a goldfish but he knows how to read his lines and follow direction. If politics did not pay so well for so little work, he could have made a career in movies. He read his line expecting Nuland to repeat the QAnon stuff. Instead, she blurted out the truth and he had to try and save the scene. It was one of those moments when you see just how dumb the people are behind the Ukraine fiasco.

Putting the performance issues aside, the question that should be on everyone’s mind is just how crazy are these people? We know that America had a hand in the Covid lab leak that set off the Covid pandemic. The media is back-paging this story now, but the evidence is clear that the virus came from a lab and it was most likely the lab in Wuhan, which was supported by the American government. We will never get the full truth, but we know the basic outline now.

China is a serious modern country with a serious government, so maybe this collaboration made sense in some way. Ukraine is not a serious country and it certainly does not have a serious government. Its government is literally run by a television comedian, the local version of Mr. Bean. Even if there is some reason to justify this, the time to close it down was months ago when the Russians started building up forces for what the American government said was an invasion.

There is a recklessness here that should be terrifying to serious people. Victoria Nuland is a stumble-bum with a long history of screwups. She was caught on tape during the American overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014. In tradecraft for beginners, they teach students to assume all electronic communication is being monitored by people with hostile interests. Cubicle jockeys at Langley get fired for making this sort of error, but Nuland just keeps getting promoted.

It is no wonder the world is rocketing toward disaster. It is not just that Victoria Nuland has a job, but that the people around her think she is highly qualified. In other words, this stupid woman is the part of the iceberg we can see. These are the same people now responsible for avoiding a global calamity over the war in Ukraine. Even more frightening is the fact that not a single politician in either party is pointing out what should be obvious even to Marco Rubio now.

This will not end well.

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186 thoughts on “Stupid & Crazy

  1. The State Department put out a non-denial denial tonight. The US bioweapons program in the Ukraine is heading to the Security Council, if I had to guess.

    • The bigger question is why is our government investing in bio-weapons? Worse, we do it in an unstable country. What next? Manufacture bio-weapons in Uganda?

      Nato should have been abandoned a generation ago. Why spend money “defending” Europe or any other country when we don’t even defend our own borders?

      • Why is our government investing in bio-weapons? I’ll let a character from “Dr. Strangelove” answer that question:

        General “Buck” Turgidson: “It’d be naive of us, Mr. President, to imagine that these new developments would cause a change in Soviet expansionist policy. I mean, we must be increasingly on the alert to prevent them taking over other mine shafts space, in order to breed more prodigiously than we do. Thus, knocking us out of these superior numbers when we emerge! Mr. President, we must not allow a mine-shaft gap!”

        WE have biological weapons because they MIGHT have biological weapons so we NEED biological weapons!

        Fun fact: After WW1 the use of chemical weapons in warfare was banned in the Geneva Protocol of 1925. A 1943 bombing raid on Bari harbor by the Luftwaffe destroyed or sank a number of Allied cargo ships. One of those ships, an American Liberty ship, carried a cargo of mustard gas shells, which were outlawed by the 1925 Protocol. The explosion and leaking of the shells killed many people, nearly 100 at last count. The fact the ship was carrying these banned weapons was hushed up by the US Government.

    • Our government is as fractured as our population. Population, as I can’t say citizens since we probably have as many non-citizens as citizens.

      Anyway, as Cerberus guarding the entrance to Hell, we have a diverse dysfunctional three headed federal government, the State department, the Pentagon, and the Biden/Obama White House. They will fight among themselves until Cerberus dies leaving the entrance to Hell wide open.

  2. It’s not meant to end well, that’s the whole point of it. They stole everything, down to the last sheckel. Now you kill the inhabitants and burn the house to the ground..

  3. Looks Poland’s “here you take it” deal fell apart. Blinken and Brandon pressured the Poles into committing hara-kiri by sending MiG 29s directly to Ukraine. Poland said “here you take it we will fly them to Rammstein” (great band by the way) and Blinken today said no. HAHAHAHA. A leadership so stupid, even a no brainer fails.

    Meanwhile Disney CEO Bob Chapek is in a gay fight with Florida Gov. DeSantis over the anti-grooming law. Yes, because kids from pre-school to grade 3 need instruction on trannies and gay sex. He’s going all in and has threatened to close Disney World. I’m sure DeSantis would like to out-Trump Trump, and would just love to be thrown in the briar patch of Disney promoting gay sex to kids 8 and under.

    Crazy and stupid.

    • Thanks. This clinches it for me.

      Something caused Putin to suddenly invade Ukraine and it has not been shared with us. The IC knew it was about to happen and for once was honest; they knew whatever the spark was. The question is was it related to the bioweapons development Nuland perjured herself over yesterday.

      • “The IC knew it was about to happen and for once was honest.”

        I get you. Good comment.

        Granted you were writing casually. But as a side point. We can rarely know if a person, much less an organization, is being “honest”. So let’s rephrase your line.

        The IC knew it was about to happen and for once played it straight.

        Love how headlines read:

        Loni Anderson speaks honestly about her failed marriage to Burt Reynolds.

        German diplomat *shares* *insight* into Putin from *personal* experience. (OH it MUST BE TRUE!)

        Woman *speaks out* about men.

        We sat down for a candid interview with Mr. Bullshit.

        David Letterman comes clean about Paul Schaffer.

        Heart to heart with Heart to Heart’s Robert Wagner: “I didn’t drown her. But if I did, here’s how I’d do it.”

        Abraham Lincoln speaks candidly on why he REALLY invaded the South.

        What is it about Americans that makes them think that because someone takes on an earnest face and tone, what comes out is the truth.

        To mangle a Billy Joel lyric:

        It’s such a lonely word
        Mostly ’cause it’s so untrue

        • It was accurate, if even the insinuation of virtue is too much, which it may be.

          • “Honest” entails transparency of intention. Something a security organization cannot display. But no matter. I get you Jackie D.

    • Word…Press…
      I don’t want to hear Z badmouthing WordPress any more as it is clearly good enough for one of the most bloated government departments, unless he’s implying that they’re just a bunch of lazy criminals who downloaded whatever they found for free on the Internet one day to use as their webserver…

    • They get paid for this twaddle?

      Who is the audience?

      Its so ridiculous they might as well have said Putin is going to fly on a magic carpet to see the king of the potato people.

      • They are testifying to the House Select Intelligence Committee, which is led by the bug-eyed genius Adam Schiff.

        Chicom-compromised Eric Swalwell sits on this committee, along with several WEF plants.

        I believe the forecaster Martin Armstrong is correct that we probably have the worst group of leaders in history.

        • The opening paragraph in Wikipeidia on Armstrong. The shift from lone genius, to the super negative, all in the same sentence is amusing.

          “Martin Armstrong is an American self-taught economic forecaster and convicted felon who spent 11 years in jail for cheating investors out of $700 million and hiding $15 million in assets from regulators.”

          Whenever Wiki brazenly slams a guy, I always scroll down to see what contra-Globo view they hold. His sin? Climate denier. Which is a big deal for Globo since he’s known as a predictive genius.

          (I don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent of the charges. Just talkin’)

  4. Ruh roh

    “There was something going on in Ukraine they are terrified the world is going to find out about”
    Joe Prich

  5. Rubio asks if Ukraine has bio weapons. She says Ukraine has biological research facilities. So…schools. She says the concern is about the research materials falling into the hands of the Russians. So…Russia stealing a bunch of textbooks. I don’t see the big deal.

  6. McDonalds alone is losing about $50 million a day by exiting Russia. The regime makes a sideways glance at a corporate board, and they hop to it by exiting Russia. Aside from having healthier Russians, This is very telling and the story repeats itself a thousand times. Corporate boards no longer value shareholders. Not in the least. If they did. Let’s say Ray Kroc was still alive and in charge of the company, he would likely have called his Senator and said “who the F are you anyway?” In reality Ray Kroc would never have had to do that because even politicians of his day were more grounded in reality, which includes expanding American exports to create a higher standard of living at home. This story is telling because McDonalds was famously one of the first foreign companies to enter Russia. It goes to show how the national culture of even the early 1990s is utterly alien to todays so called elite…who have no time for the sordid topic of the coin. Here’s the irony. Given Russia’s natural resources and lack of Shaniquas, it will one day, years from now, be a pretty well-off country, and not a small one. And companies from McDonalds to Visa to Ford, should they still exist, long after sanctions have eased, will still be for the most part, locked out of the market, having totally abandoned their first mover advantages, and starting from scratch against Chinese companies like UnionPay. Not only that, but slavs never forget. It’s a unique part of their culture. They’ll always look at Visa as the company that cut their credit cards over a dust-up to their south.

    • they are going to lose a lot more than that. russia passed legislation appropriating all in-country assets of corporations that supported sanctions.

    • McDonald’s is expendable. The players are after Ukraine and more so Russia, control over the world. If some companies have bad quarterly statements, or go out of business, that doesn’t really matter in the long term. Especially to them. If MCD’d goes down in value, maybe it’s now a buying opportunity. For them.

      The goal of capitalism is control. Profits obtained via trading and manipulating claims on income streams is a means to that end. In the Monopoly game it’s not about owning Park Place, it’s about bankrupting the other players.

      • The only thing we’re bankrupting is ourselves. Slowly, every day. America was always about being a commercial empire. You take that away, you have nothing. We weren’t content selling the world hamburgers and having a standard of living the envy of the world. Oh no, Bill Kristol showed us the way. We’re doing so much better now.

        • I am in agreement, though ourselves is a questionable term for the likes of the Kristols.

          America was/is a commercial empire, we had it all by the tail. The American peoples and the institutions are going towards bankruptcy. We allowed the bequeath of our generations before us to be guiled away.

          Physically, we Americans could reclaim and rebuild, but it would take a miracle in the mentality of Americans. We’d have to free ourselves from the beguilers.

          • Our policy was always to “make the world safe” to sell Levis. Over time it became “make the world unsafe” to sell Raytheon. Raytheon was there all along making money, but today it’s the final product in itself, not a necessary product to buy the Levis. Not to mention the financing of the Raytheon products, which is necessary to get the final product. Bombs and loans are all we have. The rest was sent to China.

          • If tomorrow we all woke up and someone nuked Wall Street and Washington DC and instantly killed everyone living within a 100 mile radius from ground zero of each of those horrific nuclear detonations, I think I speak for everyone on this board that this would be a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, event. Awful even. The most horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible event that I can imagine. Well, maybe not as bad as the holocaust, but still horrible. And maybe not as bad as the holocaust that is currently taking place in Ukraine, but maybe almost. Still. If we woke up tomorrow, and there were a bunch of smoking craters in the vicinity of NYC and Washington, and we all ran out there and we found that our rulers were dead, but maybe we didn’t find their bodies dead because they were all just sort of ashes, flashed into place so to speak and floating around up in the air, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I think we all would be sad. We would look around and say, wow, that was really really sad. And I think that many of us would say, oh man, this is really catastrophically bad. I mean, this is the worst thing we could possibly imagine. Well, maybe not worse than the holocaust, which of course is the worst thing that has ever happened, and we should not ever compare anything to that, because that is the worst thing that has ever happened. But short of that, this is something that is really bad. Imagine that. I mean, if that happened, most of our rulers would have been decimated. That would be bad.

        • America was, throughout the vast majority of its history, a merchant polity. Since the Cold War, however, mass money is merely a means to inundate the planet with America’s perverse, anti-white culture. “America” has transitioned from fiscal dynamo to the Great Crusader against the Blue-Eyed Ice Devil.

    • Just so. And this entire fiasco illustrates perfectly my repeated statement that “America” is not a pluralistic nation with a responsive democracy, but rather a unitary Power Structure ruling over subjects who are graded by race and other identifiers.

      The Power Structure (academia, corporate, DC, the media, Hollywood), just as with the Covid Captivity, has responded univocally to the scrap in Ukraine. There is no dissent. Every component of the Power Structure acts in concert with every other component. DC declares Russia evil–for the obvious reason–and the media, corporate, academia and Hollywood immediately echo the cry, and when possible (viz BlackDonalds) takes substantive action to harm the enemy, even if doing so injures “Americans” back home worse.

      The DR and fellow travelers are confronted with a colossus. It is unstable and irrational, but a monolithic mammoth all the same.

  7. Leeve it to Keever Zelenskeey has no reason to work out a deal with Russia. The one state two state shuffle has gone on for years in that other place. The longer Zelensky draws it out, the more opportunity for Russians or Ukrainians to die. Dead, especially children, are useful as Teevee atrocity porn.

    If Zelensky can manage to secure a really juicy atrocity, that could be used to create a much larger wider profitable war.

    • Yes, they’re going to drag it out as long as possible. This isn’t Christmas Eve 1914 where you had chivalrous, honorable men obeying a cease fire. The Ukrainians are using Israeli tactics, where you agree to a peace, then when your opponent walks away, shoot him in the back.

  8. “It” will not end well, but it will end, or begin to end, a hell of a lot sooner than any of us would have imagined two weeks ago.

    What if the pig-headed Jews like Nuland who are running all this manage to shatter the EU while simultaneously driving the dollar system into the sun?

    The response is somewhere between more digital commentary on commentary on commentary and running out into the street wearing a skullmask and carrying a piece. Beyond this, I am drawing a blank.

  9. This is “our democracy” in action. There’s no better story that encapsulates how “our democracy” works. Foam-boy Marco, who spent his 20’s flashing his headlights in dark Miami parks because prostitution apps had not yet been invented, grows into being a prostitute for bigger players. He’s not the only prostitute in D.C. Kammie did her time, and now she’s got a nice pad at the Naval Observatory. This is our democracy…where “entrepreneurs” who made it big (oligarchs) pay for play every day. Morality, values, standards, anything good, wholesome etc. is just not “who we are.” Will any of this change one day? Will “our democracy” clean up its act? Probably the same chances as Lindsey Graham finding “that special gal.”

  10. ZMAN, thank you for another great post – you have been invaluable in helping me come to the dissident side. The question I have is, whether your interpretation of this exchange as being an unintentional admission is correct. I wonder if this was specifically meant to be an intentional exchange. In other words, it is possible the fat chick didn’t go off script at all. Knowing how stupid these people are, and how evil their controllers, I am more inclined to believe the latter. The question is why.

    • I wonder too. Rubio’s proven himself unable to deliver anything but canned lines — witness his bizarre debate performance in 2020. I’m not sure I can believe he was actually this quick on his feet.

      • Let’s face it, that makes him perfect for DC. (IIRC, he did so poorly in high school he had to attend community college for a couple of years to get to the point where he could apply to Uni.)

    • US “research” labs overseas has been well known. Maps of them have been posted. I speak of well before the current conflict.

  11. They are not “worried” that the Russians will use any biological weapons they find, what they are actually worried about is that the Russians will make it all public. They will have undeniable proof that the global evil empire was financing and participating in the making of biological weapons.

    What is worrisome to me is that in an effort to hide what they are doing in Ukraine, the US will tell the Ukrainians to destroy the lab and that could inadvertently cause whatever bugs they are working on to be released.

    • There is probably another addendum that should be made with the Opposite Rule Of Liberal Democracy:

      “Whenever the liberal democracy focuses its efforts on resolving a problem – that problem inevitably gets orders of magnitude worse…”

      On that basis alone things aren’t looking good for the petro economy, the business in the Ukraine, racism and discrimination, sexual perversion, etc.

      • Ain’t that the truth. Everything they touch turns to crap. They have whatever the opposite of the Midas Touch is.

        • There was a funny comment on ZH pointing out that members of the Biden admin wreck everything so much that they should be employed in Vegas as coolers in the casinos to derail people’s winning streaks.

    • “They will have undeniable proof that the global evil empire was financing and participating in the making of biological weapons”


      “Undeniable” you say?

      They’ll just say that they want biological weapons to be “safe, legal, and rare.”

      Case closed.

      • They don’t need to deny anything. They will just claim any pathogens were for research or defense purposes. That is allowed by the treaty.

    • The Russians will never have undeniable proof. Regardless of whatever smoking gun they find, the American government will call it Russian disinformation and propaganda, and then their parrots in the media will sing the same tune. Then 90% of the American public will mindlessly believe the narrative.

      • Not if China also pushes it. The English speaking press will “debunk” the story and by “debunking” the story, acknowledges it.

      • Ordinarily I’d agree but for the fact that a Fauci funded lab already had a well known global release of a biological agent.

      • Greek – you are completely correct. “Covid” disrupted every American’s life (besides our overlords). If you take 9 out of 10 people and ask them where the virus came from, you will get.
        1) Dunno (but vaguely ‘out of China’ but not ‘created by China’ – to be clear: they will just locate it geographically, not the causation). This will be the overwhelming response.
        2) Maybe two out of the nine say ‘bats’ or ‘market.’
        3) One or two will say ‘a lab’ but say it in that civnat anti-democrat with “we need trump to fix it!” angle. They will know nothing about Ecohealth alliance and all that.
        3) Only 1 out of 10 will even be aware of any evidence it came from the lab.
        Don’t believe me – try it. I have (no joke).

  12. I don’t know why you guys are so down on Victoria and Marco. Intelligence, competence, morality, and the ability to remember a script are racist. Nuland and Rubio are showing us the way to the glorious world of diversity. When POC’s are in control, things like rational thought and social order will be done away with. It may not be what works, but its the thought that counts. Remember, you will have nothing and be happy, just like those lively colored folk!

    • “Remember, you will have nothing and be happy, just like those lively colored folk!”

      Ahhh … I think that calls for a group hug!

    • black “Ukrainians” shoving aside old “babushkas” to be first in line to get on the bus..

      By the way, are there no Bad Ukrainians, everyone seems to be an angel of goodness and righteousness?

      • They are! The Poles have totally forgotten how Ukrainian nationalist SS units went rogue and started slaughtering the sh*t out of Polacks…
        Refugees Welcome!

    • I dunno how true it is… but on Blab some of the wanks committed a serious hate crime by noticing that a lot of the Ukranian refugees getting off the planes are coloured people.

      If true that would be a stroke of genius on the Uke’s part. “We’re ensuring that our valued vibrants are protected from all the hostilities!!! Be a sport and store them in your countries, fellas? We’ll take them all back once we’ve fu##ed these Russians up a bit…”

      • No, I think that these POC have enough agency to act on their own. They have been hanging around in Ukraine, but they know very well that the object is to get into an EU nation. They probably already know, or will shortly find out, that the Poles want nothing to do with them, so they will quickly relocate to Germany or France, maybe hooking up with relatives or criminal contacts already there.

        Once in, and in this case as bona fide “refugees”, the hyper-pozzed EU nations won’t even try to resist this obvious scam. Just think of all the criminal Albanians that enriched the EU in the wake of the NATO-caused breakup of Yugoslavia, and all the mafia shit that this brought down upon the EU and, well, here we go again.

  13. The clowns calling shots aren’t the problem. They could be shuffled off without much effort. It’s the careerists doing evil for them that give the system the power of numbers. I figured out bad things were being done as an undergrad, and as much as it tickles my ego, I refuse to believe I’m smarter than ‘the best and the brightest’.

    Nope. There’s just a lot of evil people out there, nurtured and increased by liberalism run amok. No justice, no peace— true story!

  14. Racial bioweapon attack to depopulate Ukraine/Russia before the Chosen People move their homeland from Israel to New Khazaria?

    Based on the genocidal bloodthirst coming from those same people and their media, political, and financial outlets, this seems the most likely.

    • “Based on the genocidal bloodthirst coming from those same people and their media, political, and financial outlets, this seems the most likely.”


      That sounds almost negative.

    • That first surfaced around, say, March 2020. Before the official narrative became Covid was caused by bat stew, there was speculation allowed that it came from a Chinese bioweapons lab. Among other weapons purportedly developed were ones that targeted Whites. Much of that has been scrubbed. The odds are good it was joint or the United States solely developing the weapons.

      • (p.s.- it was actually one small, impoverished fort in Canada that inadvertently passed out “smallpox blankets” during a brutally cold winter, decades before germ theory. That’s where the story came from.)

  15. NO SMOKING GUN – YET! While confirming that there ARE biological research facilities in Ukraine, Nuland here does NOT say the Americans have been running them. Do you have anything more conclusive re US involvement?

      • An admission? This wasn’t it – para 2 says ‘Nuland blurted out what should never have been said. That is, the United States has been running biological weapons labs in Ukraine’; she doesn’t actually say that. I’m not necessarily a ‘denier’ but when I’m told something is proof I like to see it.

    • So… if they were just “Biological Research” facilities… why would we care if the Russians take them? If the Ukrainians with their (est. as of 2022) $5000 per capita GDP can find enough pocket change to fund several biolabs that look for a cure to cancer or process drug tests or whatever… why is it a subject to be brought up in a Senate hearing by a sitting US senator? If the Russians take those sorts of research facilities… why do we care?

      It seems like the very fact they are being discussed in this forum and the admission by Nuland would point to very shady stuff going on their. The fact that WE care about it would lead me to suspect that the usual criminals in our government are (again) to blame.

    • Just wondering: Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. How did they get together the jack to build, staff, and conduct intensive research in 30 mostly peaceful biological laboratories? Looks quite like there are indeed some inchoate war crimes here.

    • “Do you have anything more conclusive re US involvement?'”

      Oh, yes: (1) Vickyy Nuland, and (2) You and your credulityy.

      • Nuland’s known public track record is enough.

        Now just imagine what we don’t know about her activities.


  16. “Far-left talking head Michael Kinsleyy once said that a gaffe is when a politician accidentlyy blurts out the truth.

    The reallyy important thing, ZMan, is to show support for the Ukraine by spelling Zelenskyy’s name with two Ys in the final position.

    (Mexicans are authorized to use “dos equis” instead of two Ys. Cultural appropriation void where prohibited byy law.)

    This policyy ensures equityy and inclusivityy. You could have struck a blow for the Ukrainian cause, which is the cause of the whole world, byy the simple expedient of using correct spelling in the title of today’s essayy: “Stupid and Crazyy.” (Please note that such infractions will be prosecuted from March 15th.)

    Those who reallyy, reallyy want to support the Ukraine in a powerful and meaningful wayy can make it their dutyy to learn the correct pronunciation of “Zelinskyy,” which, of course is “Keev.” Use of this powerful word (which hits harder than a fist) will ensure a quick and decisive military victoryy over Russia and will guarantyy inclusivityy and social justice and all the reallyy important stuff.

  17. First, I love the characterization “vermin like rapaciousness” because the accuracy and clarity is extremely effective in identifying the core problem. DC is an infestation of vermin that will not stop grifting until they are expurgated or exterminated. And the RINOs are even more desperate than the Progs to start a nuclear war with Russia. Here’s a clue. When the ICBMs begin their descent from the upper atmosphere, it will be a little bit late to start poisoning the rats retroactively.

    Second, all over the planet, we have become polarized into two camps. The productive element is sleepwalking in a stupor of disbelief about the rising insanity, but getting angrier with each passing day and, like a mad dog on a chain, itching to bust loose. Conversely, the parasite element is living in mortal dread of the day when the gravy train stops running and they must face a world of real hardship will literally no useful skills whatsoever. The Cloud People desperately want these two camps to turn on each other and use the ensuing slaughter as cover to make their escape.

    No so fast. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • A random unmarked white box van pulled into my driveway yesterday.

      I was sure I was about to be gagged, bagged, and dragged away until the van left after a good 5 or 10 minutes of loitering.

    • That second paragraph – a succinct and precise description of the situation. Could become part of a dissident manifesto.

  18. So Putin, unlike Cheney, actually invaded a country that has WMDs?

    Maybe Saddam Hussein actually transferred all his WMDs to Ukraine before Cheney invaded his country?

    • Hmpppffffff.

      We know Saddam had WMDs because our allies sold them to him, with our approval, and he used them on the Kurds. He publicly made threats about using them on America, Israel, his immediate neighbours in the sandbox, Fwance, Britain, and Germany. We know he was moving toward refining uranium ore and had made several illegal attempts to procure weapons grade fissile materials. All this is a matter of public record.

      Bumper stickers and one-line zingers sound good to the guys on the lower IQ side of the curve… but beyond that they are seldom useful.

      • That case could have been made, but that wasn’t the case Powell made before the U.N.

        • We’re conflating wars and causes. 2nd Gulf War, Saddam Insane was accused of having these WMD’s despite UN inspections. The inspectors were not turning them up and claimed they were being thwarted in inspection attempts by the Iraqi’s. Saddam in turn claimed he got rid of them as per the peace terms from Gulf War I and the inspections were not interfered with—there simply was nothing to find.

          Bush wanted war so he had Powell make the rounds and lie his head off—especially to the UN—to justify Gulf War II. After the war, none of those things Saddam was accused of possessing were found and then the US made up a story that Saddam at the last minute shipped everything over to Syria.

          Basically Gulf War II was entirely contrived by Bush and company. The deep state neocons sang the sirens song that if Bush toppled Iraq, all the Middle East would become democratic and future conflict cease. They made a big deal out of how Gadaffi struck a deal with the US to play “nice dictator” and dump his WMD program. Of course, Obama reneged on that one and Gadaffi was overthrown with US support.

          Point here is that, Saddam had no demonstrable WMD’s when overthrown by the US in Gulf War II. Prior to Gulf War I, there was reasonable concern that Saddam was attempting to obtain WMD and had some of these weapons—like chemical munitions—and used them on the Kurds and lean.

          • Nonsense. Revisionist history won’t work for the Lefties and won’t work for the Dissidents.
            The inspectors watched for weeks while Iraqi trucks drove past them with their loads securely tarped and hidden, and refused to let the inspectors do their job. That is a matter of public record too – and another violation of the terms of his surrender. Caches of weapons were stashed and some were later found – the SCUD rockets were found ready to rip, with only the warheads missing. Were they hidden somewhere else? Can you be 100% sure that there aren’t chemical and biological war heads hidden out there in the desert? Saddam Huessein cooked his own goose – he used WMDs on his own people, he threatened to use them on just about everyone else, and he attacked our allies in the region, and he violated the terms and conditions of his surrender at least 21 times. Any one of which were grounds for war. Terms which were also approved by the UN. Saddam was no innocent victim of US aggression.

            The Dissidents CAN argue that the war was waged in criminal and incompetent ways and make a case. But to say they manufactured evidence against an innocent Saddam Hussien is simply childish.

          • Worth noting that after the fact intelligence showed that Saddam obfuscated his WMD status as much as he good (while still trying to pass muster with the west) because he was concerned with Persian aggression if it turned out that all he really did have was a jet and a couple tanks. He figured France had his back, which they did for all it mattered in the end.

            While we’re dredging this up, it’s worth noting what brought that to a head: the sanctions were set to expire and the world apart from the Anglos were willing to bring Saddam back into the fold, the same Saddam who had been causing military headaches for everyone (especially some specific “everyones”) for decades. The question at the time was, more or less, do we accept that Gulf War I and the ensuing policies were largely a waste, or do we double down on our sunk costs? The WMD push was kind of after the fact in an effort to loop stragglers on board, which no one really grabbed on to. This is why it was always a bit of a puzzlement after the fact as those most loud about the WMDs never cared about them to begin with and it was never the real casus belli for Gulf War II adherents.

            Anyway, the same thing happened on Obama’s watch with Iran and he opted to, thankfully, not go the Bush II route and made zero friends in the process.

          • Correction: all they found was a jet, some tanks, some SCUD rockets.

            The lefties (and now dissidents) are framing the issue the wrong way. We know what the inspectors found. The question is, “What DIDN’T they find?”

            Convoys of trucks drove past the UN inspectors without stopping. At the end they were sending stuff to Iran rather than letting it fall into American hands.

            The mistake the Americans made was trying to contain Saddam. Hindsight is always 20/20, but with that mutt – they should have killed him in Gulf War 1 and been done with it.

  19. It’s always fascinating to talk to anyone in the mega pro-Ukrainian camp about the causes of Russians decisions to invade Ukraine. The main point I try to contend is that Russia sees the US and NATO as a threat. They tend to dismiss my contention with utter disbelief and the contention that NATO is only a defensive alliance. I then bring up things like the fact we’ve invaded or bombed nearly a dozen countries who haven’t attacked us in the last 25 years. Typically, they bat that away those instances as reasonable lines of intervention to stem humanitarian crises. Or they say we were morally obligated to act in those cases.

    Then I say consider that view point from the Russian side. To them, we are an unpredictable enemy who acts on ideological grounds rather than realist logic. How could they possibly look at our actions in the past, combined with this moralist-driven hatred of Russia that has been simmering for the past 10 years – most of which based on lies for political gain? How could they not see comments like those from Romney in 2012 or Biden in 2020 and not think we are out to get them? All the while, we run a moralist empire that is openly committed to spreading “democracy” at all costs?

    The issue is that all our elites have gotten high off their own supply. They have ingested the propaganda and actively seek to sew it further because they are true believers. The realists who helped craft foreign policy before HW Bush are gone or trying their best to talk sense into those who are deaf to their arguments. We are truly a religiously motivated society and we run a foreign policy based upon the continuation of our basic impulse to convert the world.

    How is Putin supposed to deal with an ideologically motivated foe? Or expect us to keep our promises that “we” are vehemently opposed to on moral grounds?

    It’s these types of idiocy and irrationality of our side that may birth massive miscalculation. These are the things that lead to spiraling escalation because of mutual lack of trust. One side feels it’s benevolent and righteous while strongly believing the other side is evil. The other trying to figure out wtf is going on.

    It’s a recipe for dramatic escalation.

    • The only reason it hasn’t escalated rapidly already–yet–is the Ruling Class, which hasn’t had skin in the game since ’45, also would be vaporized in a nanosecond. Given how batshit crazy these people are now, though, that’s probably not the brake it once was.

      • That’s my great fear. I agree with Igor Shafarevich, who concluded back in the 1970s that Socialism — all of it, stem to stern — is just a nihilistic suicide cult. Our “leaders” hate ambient civilization almost as much as they hate themselves, but since they lack the guts to go down the road, not across the highway, they’ll have to burn the world down in order to get the sweet release they crave.

        It’s the same impulse that motivated all those medieval chiliastic cults (that also insisted on all things being held in common): first we kill all the sinners, then the world ends in cleansing fire. Meanwhile, we indulge in all our perversions, because we are pure and thus above such things.

        • I’d categorize the West as more like a hopped up hood rat, who keeps screeching the same phrase at ever-increasing volume.

          • ” … a hopped up hood rat, who keeps screeching the same phrase at ever-increasing volume.”

            Dear God! If onlyy there WERE just ONE lunatic phrase!

            I support Ukraine!

          • “It captures both the death wish and how it overlaps with the mind set of the perversion of society very well.”

            I bleed blue and yellow!

        • Yep. Look at the United States and the greater West as one gigantic Jonestown on the cusp of the Big Day, and it all makes sense. The ONLY reason the Big Day has not arrived is that the Russians are not nearly as crazy as the people encroaching on them. I seriously do not like the odds that holds.

          • ” … the Russians are not nearly as crazy as the people encroaching on them.”

            Ukraine R Us!

        • Yep. If you look at the United States and the greater “West” as one gigantic Jonestown on the cusp of the Big Day, it all makes perfect sense. The only reason we have avoided the Big Day is because the Russians aren’t ready for one. I don’t like the odds that holds.

          This was utterly predictable if you watched the transgender mania and black divinity movement with open eyes.

          • In other words, the Germans burning Magnus Hirschfeld’s books and wrecking his tranny institute, and Putin repressing LGBTQ+ propaganda to Russian children, have pissed off the same people?

        • I was relieved to read over at your site just now that Kamala is off to Poland to figure out how to become a belligerent and not start a war.

          Top. Women.

      • You think so?

        It seems like it has not happened yet as the Russians seem not to respond to constant screaming.

        You can see the west are just working themselves up to step over the line. Like watching the start of a bar fight, where some pissed belligerent just will not stop.

        Its just a question as to what that step will be.

        One hopes Russia finishes this up before they get to that point.

        • “You can see the west are just working themselves up to step over the line.

          This is perfectly ordinary Negro behavior. This is how they prepare for a fight. They almost never do one-on-one violence.

          But they DO support Ukraine.

    • “How is Putin supposed to deal with an ideologically motivated foe?”

      Putin is a thug and a bullyy, but he is required to deal with an ideologicallyy motivated foe byy being obsequious. This policyy is known as “equityy.”

      This is the law of the Medes and the Persians which cannot be altered. And you ought to know this. But you don’t because you don’t watch or read nearlyy enough propaganda. But I encourage you to do better.

      (By the wayy, your flyy is open.)

    • Russia is combatting its ideological foe by adopting its own ideology: traditionalist nationalism. The West’s ideology is transgressive postmodernism.

  20. That’s the truly amusing part. Let’s put on our rose-colored glasses and assume this all ends in some kind of peaceful way — a semi-independent Ukraine rump state with a nice demilitarized zone between it and Russia, let’s say. I’ll bet you the entire budget of Build Back Better that the “American” ambassador to that new Ukrainian rump state will be…

    ….Victoria Nuland. These people can’t learn. Their brains are broken. Either they go or we do.

    • ….(((Victoria Nuland)))

      Whose husband is (((Robert Kagan.)))

      Kagan is (gulp!) RUSSIAN for “Cohen.”

      Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, is a historian, foreign policy commentator at the Brookings Institution, and co-founder in 1998 of the neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

      • Infant: Purely in the interest of historical accuracy, perhaps we ought to refer to Victoria Nudelman.

      • I wonder if Victoria Nuland has been promoted, because of her tribal ties within ZOG USA, or more indirectly and coincidentally the use of information from the honey traps set up by Epstein et al.

    • “Their brains are broken. Either they go or we do.”
      It’s like they’ve weaponized blasé living. I’m ready to get this show on the road. There is a lovely Boston Butt just waiting for a thaw, rub down and 15 hours on the Big Green Egg.

  21. It’s hard to believe a decade ago, Rubio was seen as one of the young republican up and comers. In reality, he was nothing other than some flavor of beaner political hack – as usual. It’s going to take some real bad times to finally jettison ourselves from these parasites.

    • UsNthem: As I have related before, I still recall reading a glowing article about Biden and other ‘up and coming’ senators in Time magazine while flying ca 1975/1976. Here we are 45 years later . . . so please don’t hold your breath. Since the current ‘constitutional system’ selects for such parasites, we need to jettison the system itself to deal with the problem.

      • “IOW we need to jettison the Constitution”

        I reached the conclusion two years ago that it is “freedom” and the Bill of Rights which paves the bolshevik insurgency’s road to power.

    • They wanted to run Rubio as the Republican’s minority answer to Obama, even though, according to the DNA test he took on Finding Your Roots, he is 95% white. He was more than happy to play the part for them. During the 2016 campaign I remember him pushing for regime change in Venezuela, essentially arguing “we do this in the Middle East, why not in our own hemisphere?”

      • Is it just me or does he look strange in this clip? I guess I haven’t seen him in a couple years. He’s barely recognizable to me.

    • “It’s going to take some real bad times to finally jettison ourselves from these parasites.”

      As Zman wrote, “This will not end well”. And as you note, killing a parasite can cause grave damage to the host. What I’m getting at is the fact that we should not WANT things to end well. If they do, the parasites continue to flourish. The stark reality is that it’s going to take a catastrophe of the Ruling Class’s making to get these people out of our lives.

    • Wasn’t there a photo of Rubio visiting a huge Turkish bath, with lots of men giggling and throwing suds at each other?

  22. People like Nuland are a feature not a bug in the system. Bureaucracies don’t want the best, they at most want the second best. The best are too unpredictable and can’t be counted on to go with the flow.

    People like Nuland are hired because they have the right, or at least a sufficient, pedigree. Brains can get in the way of showing that you can be counted on to toe the party line for the overlords.

    And the rewards are great. Once in, unless you embarrass your betters and make their lives harder, you are safe.

    So Nuland can make a gaff and admit the truth but the whole system will cover for her.

    In corporations or government this is rarely a problem. Every other corporation is largely led and filled with the Nulands of the world.

    What makes our current political world interesting is China and Russia actually value smart people. That makes it harder to be incompetent for the West outside of their bubble. And because Russia and China do not need to be submissive to the US, that seems to inspire other countries like India, Pakistan and Turkey to not act like puppets of the US and EU.

    • “China and Russia actually value smart people.”

      no, they don’t. they value political obedience. just like here.

      why is it so difficult for people to recognize and accept that our system is converging on their systems? they are not the beacons of rationality some see them as.

      • The benefits of starting from a higher standard. China and Russia would be just as incompetent if they were legally required to hire Africa.

      • Spot-on! I can’t recall who first made the call, but way back when, those who had eyes to see and ears to listen were auguring for the inexorable fusion of the two systems into whatever Leviathan resulted.
        Being humans [allegedly], politicians are politicians and do what they do.
        No doubt this truism was at the root of Jefferson’s oft-cited gardening maxim.

      • Bingo, you stole my comment from me. I’d just add that, while China and Russia demand political obedience above intelligence, just as the US does, they also don’t aggressively try and subjugate their ethnic majority. Though authoritarian and conformist, they do ultimately try to work on behalf of their people for the most part. That’s a big difference.

        • I watched a youtube video with Putin at the opening of a restored church/monastery. I think that he takes joy in the restoration and spreading of eastern Orthodoxy in his homeland. He cares for his people.

    • China seems smart enough call out the issues and the lies and bluntly defend itself. Poor China, gonna get itself some cheap energy.

      An excerpt from today’s (China) Global Times. As you can see, the they do the same thing to the Americans they rule:

      “It is a typical lie for the US to groundlessly distort China’s efforts to secure public order for the region and improve livelihood for ethnic minorities as a kind of human rights abuse.

      Xinjiang-related issues are China’s internal affairs. Some Western countries are accustomed to exploiting human rights as a political instrument to crack down on China”

    • Was it Jack Welch that said “A players hire A players. B players hire C players”? The globohomoists are D players hiring people that don’t know the alphabet.

  23. Are people really stupid enough to believe Nuland’s “I know who you are but what am I” routine here, two years after a lab leak at a US-funded institution triggered a global “pandemic” that triggered a destroyed economy and a totalitarian power grab? In a functioning country Nuland’s admission here would be grounds for instant impeachment and removal of the sitting administration.

    Of course, people do not have to believe it. The mass media is simply not reporting on it (which is enough evidence to me that it is 100% true). The only mainstream articles I found were “fact checks” from days or weeks ago that said the labs do not exist. None of them have been revised updated with Nuland’s on-the-record statement, despite their declarations to be arbiters of reality. For all intents and purposes, this story simply does not exist. This is the censorship regime the media and government wanted after 2016 and now they have it.

    That said, even if the people were outraged over this story, who do they turn to? Everyone in DC is on board. Mike Pence, Marco Rubio, and Lindsey Graham are not going to fix this. The only way out is through, it is going to get bad.

    • that’s why i just sit back and enjoy the ride, because the situation is beyond repair. luckily, all the normies doing their thing doesn’t really perpetuate the current rotten system.

      • One might even say that Joe Griller is doing humanity a service by his apathy. We have enough ‘smart’ people ruining the soup as it is.

  24. In Nuland’s case, it should be tradecraft for dummies, idiots or morons – take your pick. The insanity of our “leadership” as well as that in the EU is breathtaking. So we now slap a moratorium on Russian oil, gas and related products and then go hat in hand to Iran and Venezuela – WTF? Countries we’ve been f-ing over for years are now going to happily sell crude to the US? And in Germany, some governmental group has recommended NOT extending the life of their nuc plants, at the same time Russian energy supplies, which they rely heavily on are being cutoff. Nothing short of incredible. So now, not only will have $10 a gallon gas, we may not even be able to find and/or buy it – oh, and let’s not talk about food prices, or anything else for that matter. Unless these clusterf*** tards start backing off, things will get majorly ugly, but it’s probably too late. Hell, we could come apologetically groveling back for Russian oil etc., and will be told to FO in no uncertain terms. Talk about burning every freaking bridge we had.

    • My guess is that the US visits to Iran and Venezuela was the ruling class throwing Hail Marys attempting befriend them and keep them out of Russia’s orbit.

      Unless the rulers of those country’s-that have been demonized and sanctioned for years by the US-are as stupid and forgetful as the majority of the US population, I don’t think I’d work very hard, and in fact work in a fake partnership, underhandedly, and retain my options with Russia.

      I’m an American, not a damn thing these rulers say or have their sycophant media say do I believe at face value. I start from the opposite, what is the purpose of their lies and deceptions. Like a mystery novel.

      That Nuland’s no mystery…Apple in her f’in mouth and feed her to the Ukies.

    • uNt-

      Using Russia as an excuse to kill off domestic energy supplies in exchange for a trickle of overpriced petroleum to the West and force it into the Green New Deal is all part of the plan.

    • “Talk about burning every freaking bridge we had.”

      And burning them with gasoline.

      Yeah, as a policy it has its drawbacks.

  25. Nuland types have a deep hatred for Russians and Ukrainians. There is an old story of Nuland visiting Ukraine years ago and teasing orphans by throwing out bread crumbs, until an old Ukrainian woman called her out and slapped the crap out of her. Passing out cookies in Kiev in 2014 was simply giving out dog treats to her faithful pets. Those biolabs were probably there to use the local people as lab mice.

  26. How does the meme go?

    > Hey, Victoria Nuland, how’s the war going?

    > We have bioweapons in Ukraine and we’re worried the Russians will get them, but any use of bio-weapons is obviously a Russian false flag

    > [stare] Jesus Christ!

  27. I am afraid my worst fear, that these people are batshit crazy and stupid enough to start a nuclear war, will be realized. People who believe men can have babies cannot be trusted with guns let alone atomic weapons.

    In addition to dumbass Rubio’s and psychopath Nuland’s trainwreck yesterday, the announcement that Poland would fly fighter jets to the Ukraine, quickly batted down by Warsaw in the most humiliating way possible for D.C., shows a degree of recklessness and madness previously unthinkable.

    The good news: they all may die in a fireball.

    The bad news: so will we, and those who do not perish will wish they had.

    • That creeping feeling I have is that you are right. I’ve held hope for the last 2 years that EBT would break and the cities would quickly begin consuming themselves. And that would begin the needed cleansing.
      There is still an inkling of hope there.

  28. If this is as serious as it looks, then it is a huge problem for our rulers, even with a captive media on their side. Eastern Europe is not China, and it is far more porous in literal terms and in terms of the stream of information. The Chinese government and American government are both basically totalitarian (although the Chinese at least don’t direct their energy toward destroying their own people) but there are still some serious journalists in Europe (as in Latin America) willing to literally die or be tortured to do their jobs. “Wet markets” and stories about pangolins aren’t going to work for this one. People don’t use facebook or even twitter that much anymore, so those won’t really work as chokepoints. What does that leave to control the flow? Late night comedians and SNL sketches to mock those who oppose the system, fed material directly from the intelligence community? Alex Jones claims Colbert/Kimmel, and SNL literally get notes from these agencies to “do their part” to combat misinformation with comedy. Also if something more potent than another same-old SARS variant gets released, it could be “Twelve Monkeys” time. They’ve got stuff in those labs that will make the living envy the dead.

  29. Green Greenwald pointed out on twitter that Victoria Nuland married into the neocon royal family of Kegans. She is married to Robert Kagan who is a co-founder of “Project for the New American Century” with plans of regime changes in the muslim world and likely also Russia. Robert Kagan´s brother, Frederick Kagan now runs an interview series on Jordan Peterson YouTube channel about Ukraine.

    • Also, the people in charge (PIC) probably don’t think Vicki Nuland is highly qualified. The modus operandi of the past quarter-century or so has been to promote those who have kompromat, or are connected to an extent that they can’t cause trouble, or better yet, born and bred into the system. The PIC obviously have a faulty android in their hands, so they’ll reprogram Nuland’s positronic brain and put her out there again.

      • Leninism relied on outcasts to be loyal to retain their wealth and employment. The corporatism/fascism enveloping the West does rely on easily blackmailed and/or bribed folks doing the same.

      • Nope they really do.

        Qualifications as you understand it are for plebs and academic water carriers.

        The qualification IS who you are, who you are married to and your position in the global family set.

        Everything else is just window dressing.

      • My go to thought is “behind every disaster is a Harvard Man.”

        In this case, it’s a Brown woman.

        Honest to God, what is it about Ivy League schools that make them turn out Sociopaths and Psychopaths?

        • Bartleby: Just like our government, the Ivies were taken over by a hostile elite. Their presidents, their professors, a large cohort of their students and, of course, their alumnae ‘funders.’ Lock, stock, and barrel. Please don’t be a badthinker (or as occasional commenter ‘Anna’ will claim, a juicehater) and chalk it up to anything but selection for superior intelligence and merit.

        • Its the wrong way round.

          They start in that way, the Ivy Leagues are just stamps to smooth the next step to get some fig leaf.

          Its like being a member of the right club. The club itself is irrelevant. But the membership indicates your status in the world.

        • I like to think of it as government by DMV Karens.

          The system is utterly festooned with these types.

  30. this is what happens when ideology takes root in a system. IMO the roots of governmental collapse in this country began when public sector unions were allowed. and now the parasite is killing its host, blithely.

    modern life is just too complicated for the mass of people to really comprehend, so they vote in bad people, they engage in bad personal habits, and they raise kids that are just as ignorant and unfit. the modern system of governance and societal organization peaked in the late 1950’s to mid 1960’s. and is now in steep decline the world over, including in china. how far western states will regress remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, the carrying capacity in terms of human population is going to be dropping precipitously.

    • All true. I had thought the drop in population was some evil scheme, and now realize it will be a moronic accident.

  31. this will definitely not end well, ukraine is irrelevant at this point meaning even if conflict dies off in a couple of weeks, europe is still going to war.

    european leaders are even more pathetic than american politicians, they’ll do everything zionist america tells them to do, usa will arm Germany, Poland & even faggoty ass scandinavian countries & send them to fight putler.

    americans tried to surround russians by instigating kazakhstan revolution, it didn’t work, this ukrainian conflict won’t work either so they’ll move up towards russia’s northern borders.

    Sweden’s feminist politicians will eventually demand be included in nato cause putler’s testosterone is too much for them & here we go again.

  32. “WHY does the US have THIRTY bio labs in Ukraine?”

    It makes absolutely no sense. Ukrainian scientists doing the work American scientists won’t do?

    Wild Ass Guess: We probably have laws that forbid such research within the 50 United States. We’re probably a signatory to treaties that forbid biological or chemical weapons research and development. So you perform your research in another country and have plausible deniability (“Well we’re not performing that research in the United States, Senator” 😉) and if things go catastrophically wrong (Whooops, we released a particularly nasty, virulent virus, Our Bad) you hope you only kill off the native population.

    Of course, there’s a risk your proxy researchers steal your research for their own nefarious purposes (Hello China).

    • ““WHY does the US have THIRTY bio labs in Ukraine?

      It makes absolutely no sense. Ukrainian scientists doing the work American scientists won’t do?”

      wasn’t covid blamed on chinese wuhan lab? gates did say another virus is coming, a bio terrorist event will take place, his words, i’m guessing they would have blamed russians for this new virus.

      Or maybe they simply wanna get rid of slavic people, make room for khazars.

    • Your wild ass guess is not a guess. The “gain of function” research that led to COVID-19 was explicitly banned in the US, so the NIH took that research and put it overseas. One lab we know for sure got that research was in Wuhan, China. We are also DEFINITELY a signatory to treaties that forbid biological or chemical weapons research and development.

      For years I wondered why so many people in the government, in both parties, were so obsessed with Ukraine. Even taking into account that there are long-standing tribal grudges dating back to the Russian Empire, it seemed silly to care so much about this tiny backwater country over so many. The Hunter Biden/Burisma stuff made it clear that these government officials were and are using that country as a source of dirty money and who knows what else. Cleaning it up would mean turning off those spigots for good. With this conflict and the insane, unhinged US response to it, that gets more insane and unhinged by the day, it seems this is more true than I knew, and the evil rot is far deeper than just money.

      • “The Hunter Biden/Burisma stuff made it clear that these government officials were and are using that country as a source of dirty money and who knows what else.”

        Ukraine, Goodness love ’em (and I have some Honest to Goodness Ukrainians straight from Ukraine on My Lady’s side of the family), is looking more and more like the seedy pawn shop of Europe. Y’know, the one that don’t ask no questions ’bout where ya got nuttin’, here’s yer cash and yer pawn ticket pal.

        So yeah, you don’t want your gravy train derailed, especially if it’s a two mile long train full of tanker cars filled with gravy.

    • Even if they’re caught doing bioweapon research they turn around and say things like, “Oh, we’re doing it to protect people in case Russia/China/Iran release something.”

      Heck, these kinds of statements are in some of the now scrubbed docs that were floating around.

  33. An actual (ie: non pre scripted) follow up question would have been the one everyone watching this thought:

    “WHY does the US have THIRTY bio labs in Ukraine?”

    It makes absolutely no sense. Ukrainian scientists doing the work American scientists won’t do? US scientists too busy researching exciting new gender possibilities and how to chemically induce them and can’t be bothered right now?

    How is this not a top story? Who authorized this, who paid for it, what do they research, why is the US storing dangerous pathogens on the border of a major world power rival?

    • I am sure you can answer your own question.

      Its the same reason they had torture prisons in the Middle East. Everything is a criminal off books operation for the cartel families running the west.

      The Ukraine is a puppet run by Kolomoisky from Switzerland in tandem with the US State Dept (who also fund the mercenary and militia battalions).as a massive extra-legal black ops area pretending to be a country.

      • I call them pirate bays. The US deep state is very fond of them. They have an older, smaller one in Europe in Kosovo, which they’ve been using to funnel opium from Afghanistan to Europe, making billions via the Baghram-Bondsteel pipeline.

        They always find some disgusting thugs to “run” their pirate bays: the warlords in Afghanistan, the KLA organ traders and terrorists in Kosovo and the Nazis in the Ukraine.

    • “How is this not a top story?”


      Russia and probably China likely will be releasing lots of unpleasant information that has been seized over the next few weeks. The Number One job of the United States’ propaganda organs and police state apparatus will be to squelch it.

      • I assume Putin has kompromat on the Biden family. Are we to expect a Wikileaks type document dump, or whatever?

    • They do these types of things usually to skirt around us regulations. Think abu ghraib of research.


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