The Test Of Reality

Last week, the current president of Ukraine thanked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for his role in helping him win the propaganda war. Facebook lifted its ban on praising the various neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine. Then it announced it would allow calls for violence against individual Russians. In the world of infinitely malleable ethics, this is what Silicon Valley now calls a principled stand. Ukraine supporters are proud of their work on social media wining the meme war with Russia.

In the real world, the Russian army is slowly turning Ukraine into the world’s largest mound of rubble. In the Donbass, they have the Ukrainian army and the tens of thousands of militia members surrounded. It is not easy to get reliable information about what is happening on the ground, but reliable estimates say fifty thousand pro-Ukrainian fighters are now trapped in the Donbass “cauldron.” Barring a peace deal, they will be vaporized over the next couple of weeks.

In the south, the Russian army has created a corridor to the Crimea. This was a primary objective of the invasion. Mariupol, a city in southeastern Ukraine, lies along the estuary of the Kalmius and Kalchik rivers near the Sea of Azov. This city has been surrounded and cutoff by the Russian army. The Ukrainian army based there has been given the chance to surrender, but the irregulars will be given no quarter. It is a preview of what will happen in the Donbass over the next month.

The point here is that despite losing the social media war, the Russians are winning the actual war in Ukraine. It has been slow going as the Russians do not wage television friendly wars, so no cool video. Ukraine was slowly being turned into a fortified outpost by Washington, so the Ukrainian army is well trained and supplied. Digging them out of those fortification will not be easy, but it is inevitable. The Russians will turn Ukraine into rubble if that is what it takes to achieve their objective.

What this war has revealed is a clash of realties. On the Washington side, reality is played out on TV chat shows, office politics and the internet. They really think winning the public relations campaign matters. In the reality in which Western leaders live, words count for everything. Facts are just tools to be used to decorate a clever argument or a novel public relations campaign. From the perspective of the West, the war has been a disaster for Russia.

On the other side, the Russians operate in a different reality. They are focused on securing their border, which means neutralizing Ukraine. They have prepared for the economic consequences. They have prepared their people, who seem to be overwhelming supportive of the effort. Westerners have described Putin as having a medieval mindset, which may be true, but he is dealing with a people and a reality that still thinks the old way about the world.

Ukraine is now caught between two realities. The one reality is what Samuel Huntington labeled the Orthodox civilization. This is Eurasia. On the other side is what he called the Western civilization. According to Huntington, the future will be shaped by the clash of the civilizations he outlined in his book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. What we are seeing in Ukraine is a collision between these great tectonic plates that define conflicting realities.

Of course, the quarter century crusade against Islam by the Global American Empire was a similar clash of civilizations. Huntington called that area the Islamic civilization for obvious reasons. It is what is commonly referred to as MENA, which stands for Middle East and North Africa. America tried to impose its reality on the Islamic world and the result was chaos. Every country in the region, except Israel and Iran, is in worse shape now than when the crusade was launched.

In many respects, what we are witnessing is the test of two competing post-Cold War theories of the future. One is the Huntington theory and the other is the Francis Fukuyama theory, laid out in his book The End of History and the Last Man. In it he argued that mankind had reached the end-point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the triumph of Western liberal democracy. There was nothing left to discuss, as liberal democracy was the winner of the ideological contest.

By any measure, Fukuyama’s theory is proving to be all wrong, while Huntington’s theory is looking prophetic. We are now in the midst of a second great civilizational conflict where the reality of the West is crashing onto the reality of another civilization, in this case Eurasia. The reality of the West, social media campaigns and glib responses at press conferences, is proving no match for artillery and armor, at least not in the part of the world controlled by the Orthodox civilization.

On the horizon is the certain collision between what Huntington called the Sinic civilization (China) and the West. East Asia is a bit more complicated as there are a many old rivalries in that region. Huntington diced the region into various subgroups like Buddhists, Hindus and the Japanese. Even so, China will make a play to recover what she considers to be her lost province, Taiwan. As we see in Ukraine, this will be a clash between the reality of the West and the reality of China.

Lost in all of this is whether the reality of the Global American Empire can survive these clashes with alternative realities. Prudence said that the empire should respect the perspective of Russian with regards to these areas along her border. Prudence said that the Muslim world should be left to sort itself. Western liberal democracy was incompatible with Islamic culture. Despite all of this, Washington continues to operate in its own reality where words can conquer culture.

What we may be seeing is not only the clash of civilizations, but the great test of the underlying sense of reality that animates Western elites. Can they survive in a world in which they need to impose their reality on the rest of the world, but the rest of the world will not accept it? Either the West comes to terms with the fact that the rest of the world will continue to operate by its own logic or it will destroy itself in civilizational wars to impose its reality on the reality of alien civilizations.

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319 thoughts on “The Test Of Reality

  1. The West would do well to work with the rest of the world rather than try to control it. Isn’t that what freedom is supposed to be about?

    • @Ernest:

      “Isn’t that what freedom is supposed to be about?”

      Short answer, no.

      Life is competitive. Darwin wrote a book about it.

      • Life is competitive, no doubt. But humans have agency, self aware agency, by which they consciously act to obtain or reject a goal.

  2. “Can they survive in a world in which they need to impose their reality on the rest of the world…?” The elites “reality” is no reality at all. It’s where women think they can be better soldiers than men, where pronouns are more important than voting security.

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  5. “Not sure a general will accept such losses, although Russians in WWII seemed to care a lot less in those days about personnel.”

    There seems to be a number of presuppositions at large. But I can’t think of *any* reason to suppose the the Russians don’t–and didn’t–have a pretty large number of well-trained men on the ground inside the Ukraine well before Putin sent his “visible” men in.

    There seems to be an unexamined assumption that the Russians had made no preparations before they moved in, and that the Ukrainians were not facing attack from their next-door neighbor. Or from “that nice man down the street.” Or both.

    The Russians are not relying on sending various units across the border with a “level paying field” to face whatever opposition there might be, willy nilly, with everything being equal; with no assets on the ground inside the Ukraine. Why should they? Invade the next-door neighbor without pulling the rug out from under him first–*and* at every turn?

    That’s just not how war goes. The Bible is replete with stories of assets already inside the target territory. It’s not a new tactic.

    I don’t see any reason–and no evidence–to think that the Russians have been surprised by *anything* and that things are not going exactly has they planned, or that they have “bogged down.” Or that they didn’t have all the assets that they needed–and more–on the ground inside the Ukraine in advance of their crossing the border on the first day.

    • No kidding. The US and NATO an EU are living in a Dream World that is a rational person’s Nightmare. Yes the leaders a feckless dipshits who are really dumb and chosen because they are weak and submissive.

      Their dimwitted minders, Davos and the WEF just cannot relate to someone who has principles, morals and ethical fiber. Why can’t we just buy you out. Don’t you want sex with teenage girls or boys or lots and lots of money.

      It is really Biblical Reality and its happening now.

      • Wow. A better example of the theme of The Hashtag War and the detachment from reality is harder to imagine. Wonder how long until reddit removes this type of stuff? Pro-tip, kids: when the advertisement is for cannon fodder, expect to be used as cannon fodder.

      • “He was disappointed in the conditions there so he told other volunteers to stay home.”

        He seems to have been a bit stupid. He seems to have thought he could volunteer, but then leave when he got ready if he didn’t like it after all.


        • He probably realised it was a very trans inclusive environment and that the “Putin go home!” bumper stickers he brought along weren’t very effective.

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  7. Two amazing news : India and Russia will deal oil with russian and indian currencies.

    Saudi Arabia seems to get closer to China.

    This is amazing, the end, direct live, of the dollar and therefore, the US Globomoempire.

    They are not superintelligent evils, after all, just as stupid as the random woke.

    • Don’t get too excited just yet. The China/Saudi deal doesn’t mean anything because both currencies (yuan and riyal) are pegged to the dollar. Even if they don’t use dollars directly, they’re still using the dollar system – and thus the dollar.

      Think of it like this:
      If a can of soda is fixed at $1 a can and a candy bar is fixed at $1 a bar, you can trade a can of soda for a candy bar but you’re still using the dollar as your currency even though no dollars were used in the transaction.

      So long as their currencies are pegged to the dollar, China and Saudi Arabia are still using dollars to trade even if they are technically using yuan.

      • I think what is more important is that the US has no control over these transactions, meaning they can’t prevent them.

        It also means that sanctions against fungible commodities do not work, since supply simply changes routes.

        • True. These are practice runs to set up the infrastructure and systems for a time when they can break away from the dollar.

          But this isn’t the breakaway.

    • “This is amazing, the end, direct live, of the dollar and therefore, the US Globomoempire.”

      Which begs the question, why did GAE do it? Ending Nordstream 2 with their all-stick, no-carrot strategy has backfired as completely and predictably as possible in the context of securing the petrodollar.

      Does GAE even care what happens in meatspace Ukraine? I am not convinced they do. Maybe they’ve always wanted war with Russia but were too scared to just declare it, and the last 20 years have been nothing but an effort to manufacture consensus.

      Which is as effeminate as geopolitics can get… you know what you want to do, but won’t do it if it’ll make you stand out from the herd of your peers.

      • “Does GAE even care what happens in meatspace Ukraine ”
        good god man , the answer is clearly “Hell NO” . To the west , the Ukraine is a source of wheat and trafficked 16 yo girls.
        The country has a per capita GDP of $4000/yr. to give you perspective, Guatemala is 10% more at $4500. given their natural resource and agricultural wealth, they are clearly being looted and impoverished by those who control the puppet government .

    • How is Iran going to react to the Saudi-China rapprochement?

      Is China going to be a new hegemon in the Middle East, telling both its semi-clients to tone down their rivalry and antagonism? But could that possibly work, given how visceral Saudi-Iranian mutual hatred is?

      Or is China going to juggle them as suits best its own purposes, alternatingly giving some least to one and the other? Or is Iran going to seek a rapprochement with Russia?

      The budding realignments manifesting internationally boggle the mind already. What as they mature?

    • Ha! That’s always my question, Pasaran! Are these people “Mwa! Hahaha!” Bond type evil geniuses. Or are they just out of touch idiots? Maybe you are right and it’s the latter.

  8. I love lists.

    Could someone tell me which, on the dissident right, stand for the Ukraine side and which stand for the Russia side ?

    • Last time I checked, Greg Johnson and most of the guys over at CounterCurrents were pro-Ukraine, while BAP and Ben Braddock and the other BAPists are, if not exactly pro-Russian, see Russia as a valuable ally against Globohomo, as does, I believe, our genial host. Not sure about anyone else, those are the only guys I really follow.

      • Sailer — anti Russia
        Spencer — pro Ukraine
        Greer — neutral (I read Z as being here too)
        Spike and Mike/TDS guys — pro Russia
        BAP — pro Russia
        Tucker — pro Russia
        Beattie — pro Russia

        Seems like the closer people are to real politics (Tucker/Beattie) the more interested they are in counter signaling normie cons that are pro Ukraine. Normie cons are seemingly pro Ukraine to the point of advocating increased intervention in the war (e.g., all Republican senators), so counter signaling these people is dragging folks who might normally be more neutral politically towards a more pro Russian position. BAP seems most pro Russian of all DR types and takes his position for who/whom reasons, backing anyone/anything that challenges current US political order.

        Euro and European sympathetic people mostly pro Ukraine. DR Euros can be strong nationalists and hate Russia for reasons that makes sense historically. Sailer anti Russia because he doesn’t support Russia’s breaking of how world is organized (i.e., borders, problem solving through violence).

    • Among /ourguy/s, only Z hasn’t dived stupidly into either camp. I saw a screenshot of a series of Fuentes tweets/gabz/whatever that seemed like the right things to say, but also they were all linguistically very weird, like they were written by an “alt right AI” or a rightist social-media management company or a dumb fed, and he’s…untrustworthy, probably, seemingly.

      Usual story. The old guys are too into TV, the young guys are too into Twitter, and the Sailer gang is too into both.

      • This is one of those rare conflicts where I can actually sympathize with both sides. Given what Stalin did to Ukraine in the 1930’s I can easily see why Ukrainians would not want to be ruled by Moscow. And given what the West did to Russia in the aftermath of the Cold War, I can easily see why Putin would not want Ukraine in NATO. It seems like a deal would be easy to make here – but of course our friends in Washington have no doubt worked overtime to see that this doesn’t happen…

        • Worse is better for D.C. Make no mistake: the Regime antagonized Putin and led Zelensky to slaughter with false promises. It is win/win for them, at least until the unintended economic realities come home.

          This is probably the Empire’s most cynical moment but it got what it wanted: Europe and Russia divorced, and (I think, but not quite sure) China further empowered.

          We are ruled by a hostile elite that snuffs out lives and livelihoods without pause.

        • Agreed, Zero. The Ukrainians were horribly treated by Stalin. However, in this situation, I’m on the side that is against Globohomo. And that is Putin. I have no illusions about the man and feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, but anyone who is taking on the globalists is my friend.

          • It’s a complex issue. I certainly don’t know nearly enough to be certain about a lot of things about this conflict. But I do know what side Soros, Hillary, Biden, Kamala, Lindsay G, Max Boot, et al are on, and that’s a side I won’t join.

      • Sad to say, I quit paying attention to Sailer a long time ago, back when he went off the deep end about Covid. The problem with Sailer is that he can see the media lies when it comes to race or IQ, but he seems to think that they are telling the truth about everything else, or at least a good portion of it. Get him off the topic of race, and he’s just an average normiecon, with his knee-jerk dislike of the Russians, his sports obsession, and his belief that, no matter what, the US must carry on as currently constituted.
        Really too bad, since his writings were really important to getting me to see the truth, and he’s still good on racial topics – on other things, not so much.

  9. One of the things that seems to have surprised all concerned, but especially the Russians and those Westerners who volunteered to help Ukraine is that, when it comes to killing people and breaking things, it’s still “White People – for the Win!” The Russians, after their experiences in Syria, seem to have forgotten what a highly-motivated European army, fighting for its homeland (which of course is what they believe they are fighting for, even if many of us suspect that their courage is being used in the service of something much darker) can do, while many Western volunteers, used to fighting dusky third-worlders sometimes long on courage but short on organizational skill, are horrified to find themselves fighting an army whose professionalism and weaponry are at least the equal of theirs. It’s really a shame that it took another damned “Brother War” to prove it, though.

  10. ” … whatever Russia’s plan, I suspect the US tacitly agreed to it, provided face-saving bluster and sanctions. But it’s being held up, mainly by Zelensky’s intransigence if I had to guess, but also Ukrainian patriotism and the tough history between Russia and Ukraine. The longer it goes on, the more dangerous, because it makes both the US and Russia look weak. I could be wrong, of course.”

    Yeah, you could be, but I don’t think you are. I agree completely. Especially to your use of “tacitly” to describe Biden’s acquiescence in the whole thing. I guess it wasn’t literally tacit, as they continue shooting their mouths off, but they did stand back and openly admit that there was nothing they could do.

    And the so-called “sanctions from hell” are nothing of the kind.

    Here’s the (very brief = < 10 mins) opinion of somebody said to be an expert on the CIA, whatever that means:

    But it's the natural resources that are at the heart of the whole thing.

  11. There is always the promise of “clinical” war. Remember Giulio Douhet and the promise that air power would provide a quick and relatively clean end to conflicts? It always comes down to riflemen on the ground. And war is icky, little different than what my gg-grandfather wrote in his memoirs of campaigning with Sherman through Georgia and across the Carolinas. “We shot most of them down, not two rods in our front” (that’s 33 feet”)

  12. What really fascinates me is how these events have shown all the professed moral principles of the establishment to be totally and utterly phony and malleable on a whim, yet the public at large can’t seem to see it. Within a few days of the invasion suddenly every NPC not only hates Putin, but all Russians and every aspect of Russian culture. And it’s the product of media encouragement, despite them having been prattling on about how it’s bad to be prejudiced for the last forty years straight.

    I don’t think morality has any metaphysical deeper meaning beyond social utility, but that social utility is wiped out once you display moral values that are obviously inconsistent or constantly shifting. Your persuasive power drops down to the equivalent of that chronically unemployed brother-in-law who just needs a loan from you to start this great business idea he has.

  13. I knew something was up the moment the media started their “it’s been 5 days and Russia hasn’t overrun everything yet therefore they’re losing” campaign. This was followed within days by the deplatforming of RT and Russian channels in general from social media. The first was an “argumentum ad amnesium” argument that appeals directly to Americans’ chronic inability to remember last Thursday. The Iraq war(s)? What? Well, I’m sure that if, and I’m saying IF, America had decided to overrun a country a little smaller than Ukraine it would only have taken like 3 hours, Ukraine’s a little bigger so maybe… and afternoon, tops! Dammit, the game’s on in 5 minutes! Where’s the remote?!? Get me a beer and some chips!

    The second action is a simple attempt to silence anything that might offer contrary information so as to keep any doubts from creeping into the minds of the smarter members of the 41st Chairborne Infantry until… What exactly? That’s the big reveal in the next few months. What will the Cloudy Clowns do when the Russians take Kiev and do a Stalingrad on the last pockets of resistance? They can’t just go suddenly from “Ukraine is totally winning!” to “So, um, Russia is like totally victorious and has hoisted the tricolor over Zelensky’s house”. My guess is an attempt to claim that some huge “war crime” was the only way the dastardly Rooskies could win. To prove this they will run footage of that same bombed out building from multiple angles so the rubes think they leveled Kiev and killed everybody. Then calls for some kind of direct military action.

    Or will they just quietly take the defeat and ignore the fact that their sad transgendered empire is shrinking? My guess is actually the latter. Making a Custer’s Last Stand over Ukraine and thus starting WWIII strikes me as a very masculine thing to actually do. Talking loudly about it for months knowing that anyone who could punch you in the nose for it is thousands of miles away? That’s the bitch-boy thing to do and what they’ll ultimately go with. The problem is that women can be unpredictable and our elites are basically meth addled hookers perpetually have a bad PMS day so you don’t really know what they’ll do.

    • I think at this point Joe Normiecon just wants to make it to retirement and is only coasting and only halfheartedly into anything to do with politics anymore or culture.

      They’ve been whooped tbh. I guess you can say they are defeated for all intents and purposes. I noticed a lot of middle age white men today wearing the mask in Costco. That is a flag of surrender.

      From a larger perspective I think it is time the DR gives up on trying to win over Normie. We need to focus on younger guys. I have noticed there are a lot of younger guys who think they are liberal but are really very independent minded and probably a natural fit. Plus they have personality.

      And maybe take it one step farther? And declare Joe Normie the enemy? I mean, really, is there anything different than screaming about Putin versus blue haired girls screaming at the sky over Trump? In the ebb and flow of the “dialectic” they have become one wave with the weird girls on campus. Blended into one big slop.

      • Great comment. I don’t know whether Joe Normie is the “enemy,” really, but he’s probably a lot more potentially dangerous figure because he is so easily malleable and close enough to do harm. When he has nothing left to lose, he may become dangerous to the right people.

        • No, Joe Normie isn’t the enemy (just browbeaten and weary to the bones), but Karen Normie definitely is.

        • Or even worse, if he can’t remember which team he’s on.

          I don’t mind if people want to cheer Zelensky. I mind greatly if those people thought Zelensky was Biden’s puppet until Biden declared him a war hero. February 2022 was the first time I ever saw a MAGA-shaped memory hole.

      • I don’t waste time trying to convince normies anymore. I just say my piece, and keep doing what I’m doing. If they are interested in learning more or following along, that’s great. If not, enjoy the cuck mask.

        Alot of white guys really did get whipped over COVID lol. I see young white guys when I pass by campus, walking with droopy shoulders, sad, looking down at the sidewalk, with the appearance of a dog/duck with a snout from their n95 mask. Pathetic.

    • Zelensky thought he could go to Biden and get a restraining order.

      Guess he didn’t realize that the day a woman takes out a restraining order, her chances of getting murdered go way up.

  14. The future is likely to be satanic devils, Globohomo, Islam and the CCP, fighting over the carcass of a once-beautiful planet.

    • It won’t be nearly that exciting.

      We’re going to get the world foretold in 1984.

      The globe will be split between three totalitarian superstates.

      Each superstate will use the other two as the justification for its populace’s low standard of living.

      Get ready for Big Brother and an endless series of Two-Minute Hates.

      • No, it is one of the satanic devils, Islam and the Chinese Communist Party being two other prominent ones.

  15. This is the same army that got their asses whooped by Chechens with 1m population. You’re way too optimistic about what RU army can accomplish.

    • no it’s not . they lost in 1994 , but won in 2000. here is a very good and concise article , and it has pictures of what Ukraine will look like if this goes on . It is monstrous what we have bone there through our puppet.
      Z’s assessment is true , and obvious to anyone who avoids western hive media by looking at the locations where the Russian army is .

      • True, the Russian Army tamed islamist terrorists and insurgents in Chechnya in a way we failed to in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • The Russians got their asses whooped by the Finns in 1940. But they learnt and came back to smash the Nazis. They’re pretty good at whooping Nazis.

  16. Prior to the West’s drift into transgressive postmodernism, which began in the mid-1960s, Russia was very much a part of Western civilization. It was Christian from the late ninth century, it was white, it maintained dynastic, political, and commercial ties with central and western Europe, it produced world-class scientists, and, from the nineteenth century on, begat writers and composers who took a backseat to those of no nation. Even the USSR was fundamentally western–Marxism, after all, was a German import.

    The Great Separation between Russia and the rest of the West occurred when, under the subversive, anti-white influence of postmodern theorists, the latter rushed to jettison its western identity. The non-Russian West, in other words, committed cultural suicide and is now something other than the West. Russia, rather than being Eurasian, is actually the remnant of the West. Therein lies the source of the current conflict.

    • “Therein lies the source of the current conflict”

      That and Russia’s vast treasury of natural resources, without which Western life comes to a stop. That’s why the war against Russia is an existential struggle and is not going to stop regardless of what happens in the Ukraine–or doesn’t.

      Honest observers must admit that Russia does not use trade–or *contracts*–as weapons, even when the current military action could have been avoided by using “Western” methods of abrogating contracts and using trade as a weapon. Had Russia cut off oil and natgas from Europe, the current police action in the Ukraine would have been unnecessary.

      Germany is still functioning today–yes, today, the ides of March–because the “sanctions from hell” do not prevent paying Russia for gas and oil.

      The Sanctions from Hell also expire in August.

      Oddly enough.

      • I didn’t know sanctions expired in August, right in time to potentially lower resource costs before the election. Sneaky, wishful lil devils.

        I guess Joe “blow” Biden is bringing his pregnant pause, sloppy slur, and used car salesman smile show on the road.

        It is to Europe he goes. For me, this will be a comedic disaster encore after the “Kamala that ignorant Slut” performance (Old SNL takeoff but works. Will that ho get that moniker in the history books written centuries from now?)

        Anyway, sadly his performance will be all we have to look forward too.

        • “Kamala that ignorant Slut” performance (Old SNL takeoff but works.”

          “Jane, you ignorant slut!”

          LOL. That was a lifetime ago! We are dating ourselves.

          But yeah, the sanctions are set to expire in August–the 31st I *think*

        • I suspect he’s claiming the Russians are actually Mongols, which is, of course, idiocy on stilts.

          • no. you are too lazy to read even a little history. so i guess you win…normie.

        • only an american normie thinks that is a long timespan. you are too small a person to acknowledge my point is very relevant to the russia of today; i.e. a normie.

          • I’ve got a doctorate in Russian history, and specialized in the Tatar Yoke. And don’t call me Norm.

  17. The fight is being brought home too

    Here I am with my heart squarely in Russia’s camp. Because America is making it personal and forcing you to choose between consumerism and all this gay silly shit and something more sanctified — the sanctuary of a church, and the family and the people around you.

    Why couldn’t America just separate business from the personal life and let us continue to buy crap but also have a richer personal and spiritual life? But they couldn’t . They just couldn’t let us alone. They had to come in and seek to destroy and undermine everything that makes us unique and human.

    And it will be their downfall

    And I hope they burn

    • “And I hope they burn.”

      And I hope we get to SEE them burn.

      Just knowing that they burned would simply not be enough.

      Not by a long shot.

    • You’re not in America. You’re in The Land Of Kosher Billionaires, who hate you and want you dead, me too, Whitey in general. Print the money, buy the politicians, pump non stop Nose news to the “educated” braindead. Piece of cake, planned out long ago. Jab em with the Bageljuice, kill em slow, put the rest on the plantation.. Notice how the fake/gay war shoved the ongoing genocide into oblivion.

  18. “Facts are just tools to be used to decorate a clever argument or a novel public relations campaign.” – – The essence of that statement is a feminine one. As all of our “elite” institutions, especially the government, are now riddled with women and gay men. The most masculine attitude in offices like that will come from black women, because they have the carefully laid out cultural social protections, e.g. “sassy black woman who speaks mind.” One famous painting that seems to be on more and more dissident articles as clip art is Thomas Cole’s “The Course of Empire- Destruction.” Of course many painters of that era painted similar themes, back when art was art. The theme of this art is that civilization grows more effeminate over time, until its overthrown by a more dominant, masculine, tribe. Whether or not this tribe is literate, or even smart is beside the point. It just needs muscle and will ,and the rest is a foregone conclusion (See Afghanistan).

    The Somalians taking over Minneapolis aren’t smart, yet there they are. The fact that as Trump once said, Mexico isn’t “sending their best” doesn’t matter. The weakness of having our upper echelons populated by women and men with prolapsed anuses, is, over time, the most destructive force in human history.

    • The Somalis in Minnesota are exclusively the product of the Lutheran church, who distributes airplane tickets to be randomly distributed to Somalis that wish to immigrate.

      • The Lutheran church does not control immigration vetting or customs.

        they are just being paid as a front.

      • Let us say rather that they are the product of one national Lutheran Church body: the ELCA.

        • Is there one denomination of any sect that isn’t soft on this issue? After all, “Jesus was a refugee.” Because as the Gospels go, the Pharaoh gave Mary WIC and an apartment as soon as the family arrived in Cairo and they never wen’t home once the government changed. The Mormons have become some of the worst. The adopted black baby has become a status symbol with them. The new Lincoln Navigator.

          • You’re so right. Other than Orthodox, all branches of Christianity have become woke. gay/trans clergy, women preachers, pro-immigrants and open borders, obsessed with climate change, all-in with BLM, and so on (not to mention that the Catholic church shelters pedophiles). the home-churching movement is exploding in the USA because a lot of people just can’t bear to have anything to do with these ungodly institutions any more.

          • Have quite a few morman relatives in Wyoming. Wife’s morman relatives are in Arizona, sorta kinda used to admire them in a way, Family oriented, good social networks etc.. odd as it is an American “religion”
            Subject of their total support of Afghanistan & Iraq wars as long as it wasn’t their boys worship of carpet bagger four deferment, Romney who’s boys “service” is their campaiging.
            Their multiple divorces etc..
            Came to a head when I compared our families success to theirs as they always had looked down their noses at us.
            It was beautiful.
            All you need to know about mormanism can be learned by watching one Southpark episode.
            That did it. Still makes me laugh.

          • “Is there one denomination of any sect that isn’t soft on this issue? ”

            Yes. Oh, yes.

            Things are bad–BAD–but there are islands of sanity. This blog, its blogger (a national treasure), and its readers, for example.

            And at least one national church body. A small one–of course–but it’s there, carrying gamely on with what they were told to do, which has nothing to do with refugees.

            Ignore the chinkypox hysteria, too, and kept on keeping on.

      • The average Somali who achieves the American Dream is responsible for a two hundred fold (not percentage) increase in their greenhouse gas emissions.
        Grim Greta should be on the top of the Min/StP control tower shooting down the Lutheran Charities planes with Stingers.

    • In all fairness, the average Hutessa has far more testosterone than the Buttplug Petes and Lindsey Grahams of the world. I imagine Tank Abrams could lick ’em both with one paw tied behind her back.

  19. The DR should respect and learn from the Elite’s use of Narrative in this whole episode.

    Their use of Narrative has successfully restyled a vile cabal of oligarch/Mafia types in Ukraine as brave defenders of Western democracy. Now the savvy dissident realizes it should be more believable that Stormy Daniels could be restyled as the Virgin Mary. But we have to acknowledge that it’s working, at least for now. The reality that the battle in Ukraine is over which group of gangsters – Putin’s or CIA/Nuland’s – will run Ukraine is immaterial to the cat ladies on Twitter.

    After St. George, Joe Biden, Arbery, Antifa, BLM, Covid etc., we can’t just deny the power of Narrative and make appeals to “reality”. Just ask Chauvin: a narrative put him in a real jail. We will need to battle their Narratives with a counter-Narrative.

    • The narrative control is predicated upon perceived authority.

      As Milgram showed, people will follow perceived authority vectors. When confronted with 2 authorities, the participant will try and work out who has the most authority and follow that.

      Anything outside this direct vector will be ignored. Its why the clown world is obsessed with authority skinsuits like teachers,doctors,rules based committees etc.

      And also why they work so hard to ensure any authority figure with credibility is deplatformed. Non-entities they can leave alone for later mop up.

      They well understand and apply this lesson continually.

      Its about somehow seizing authority as a mantle, then the narrative can be changed quite easily after that.

  20. “… Western liberal democracy was incompatible with Islamic culture. Despite all of this, Washington continues to operate in its own reality ..”

    Western liberal democracy is at odds with it’s own reality, and thus can not survive in its present incarnation. That’s all that needs said. The rest as they say is “commentary”.

    • “Western liberal democracy” is like the Holy Roman Empire. It’s not western, liberal or a democracy. It’s already dead; the Elite wear it as a skinsuit disguise. We have eastern oligarchy, middle-eastern suppression of free speech/liberal ideas and elections haven’t mattered in decades.

      • Such a great point

        Yes, it’s neither western or liberal or democratic

        Yeah, never thought about it like that but it hits the bullseye

  21. American nationalism – Bad
    Russian nationalism – Bad
    Hungarian nationalism – Bad*

    Ukrainian nationalism – Good!

    *To paraphrase Whiskey, Globohomo hates, hates, hates Orban

    • I hear in Hungary there has been a reversal in the decline in birth rates and families there bucking the trend and making more and more little Hungarian babies.. many more little Zoltans ! Woo hoo

      Sorry, but don’t know a typical Hungarian girl’s name.

      • “I hear in Hungary there has been a reversal in the decline in birth rates and families there bucking the trend and making more and more little Hungarian babies”

        A recent EWTN documentary says that same thing about France. Maybe so. I don’t know.

          • “But who is having the babies in France, the French or the Muslims?”

            Yeah, it was an EWTN documentary–a historical doc, to be precise–and they said “traditional French Catholic families.”

            Remember that in all the world, only one people turned out–again and again and again–in the millions–literally–to say “NON” to same-sex “marriage.” And that people was the French. Even in the overseas departments like New Caledonia and St Pierre et Miquelon they turned out. Those were the famous “Manifs Pour Tous.”

            There is today a political party–not just an “association” like “En Marche”
            that put Macron forward–but a legally recognized political party–in France that is devoted to repealing “la loi Taubira.”

            There is a conservative streak in the French character a mile wide.

            Most of the things Americans think they
            “know” about France don’t even exist and never did.

      • “Kate”, suprsingly, is a good Hungarian name. “Anna” is also a good one.
        Check out the children’s novel, “The Good Master” by Kate Seredy.
        Sad, I can’t remember the name of the Hungarian cutie I dated back in college… Beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair and other (ahem) attributes.

      • Falcone: Ha! We knew a wonderful Hungarian couple when overseas and were privileged to have them show us around Budapest (exquisite city) when we visited. He was extremely tall, dark haired, blue eyed, and was named . . . Zoltan! (His wife was petite, darker, and named Anna).

  22. Nothing is certain, but this is quickly looking like a Suez Moment for American global power. Of course, our gambit is much, much dumber as it is over substantially less value than the most important canal in the world.

    We’ve cast the die without consulting our allies across the globe in creating what appears to be the worst economic sanctions levied since World War II. And it appears that lots of peripheral, but important, countries aren’t backing us. India will still buy Russian oil. MENA nations will still buy Russian cereals. Saudi Arabia is building a greater relationship with a China. They are even talking about trading oil for Yuan. All because they aren’t willing to “pay any cost, bear any burden, etc.”

    However, the boomerang of our economic actions is rapidly coming back to hit us. Inflation, already monstrously high, is growing without bound at the same time the world’s supply of important commodities may be cutoff. Or substantially reduced in supply. Black Sea wheat may not be planted this year in many parts of the Ukraine. Most certainly, the harvest will be dramatically lower. Russian oil will get through but we’ll be buying higher priced stuff from MENA and perhaps SA. All the while, important industrial chemicals that are made in Russia and the Ukraine are going to not reach us.

    Without question, if the current course doesn’t change, their may be serious instability in MENA as well as in Latin America from the inflation to come. Countries that typically export lots of food are officially banning export of grains.

    Perhaps things will change, the hopefully will. But typically policy of Washington is to double down on failure. So, with that in mind, make sure to be prepared to pay more for everything you need in life. And not be able to buy what you want.

    • “Russia Sanctions President Biden, Secretary Blinken & Top Defense Officials”

      What if the use of the term is, say, like the movie, “The Eiger Sanction”

      • SO looks like the Us is considering blockading Russian ships in international waters.

        This is what is considered an act of war.

        They are psychotic.

        • Russia and its variety of surface and submarine platforms that are able to launch supersonic cruise missiles would certainly have a vote on any US blockade.

          • The result of a US/UK/French warship getting sunk by a supersonic missile while trying to pirate a Russian container ship in international waters is going to be a cluster fuck of massive proportions.

          • “Russia and its variety of surface and submarine platforms that are able to launch supersonic cruise missiles would certainly have a vote on any US blockade.”

            But would Russia cast that vote?

            So far, Russia has not cast *any* of the votes she might have cast.

            It appears to me–from the outside looking in–that they have a very carefully devised strategy with well-defined goals, and they are sticking *strictly* to that, rather than throwing a wrench into the works, which they know would redound to the detriment of the whole world, themselves included.

            Beyond that, the self-restraint and self-discipline exercised by Putin, Lavrov, Ryabkov, et alii, has been admirable and almost super-human, given the provocations and outright insults they have let go by, especially for the past eight years.

          • If you read article 5 and 6 of the NATO treaty it is far more limiting than the Media whores know or want to believe.

            A Russian attack on US Forces in Syria or in the Persian Gulf would not be a NATO event.

            Article 5

            The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.

            Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the Security Council. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security .
            Article 6 1

            For the purpose of Article 5, an armed attack on one or more of the Parties is deemed to include an armed attack:

            on the territory of any of the Parties in Europe or North America, on the Algerian Departments of France 2, on the territory of Turkey or on the Islands under the jurisdiction of any of the Parties in the North Atlantic area north of the Tropic of Cancer;
            on the forces, vessels, or aircraft of any of the Parties, when in or over these territories or any other area in Europe in which occupation forces of any of the Parties were stationed on the date when the Treaty entered into force or the Mediterranean Sea or the North Atlantic area north of the Tropic of Cancer.”


          • A NATO response will be exactly what each NATO member wants it to be or can be coerced to by the US.

            “will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary,”

            That “action” can be a strongly worded letter, if whoever is making the decisions wants that. The wording is purposefully vague.

        • I think they are also a tad curious and want to see what little military toys Vlad has at his disposal

          Reminds me of teenage girls who would gather in a room with one guy to see a penis for the first time

    • Yak-15: Excellent comment. Also be prepared for ‘murricans to be told they can and will ‘bear any burden’ and step up to feed the world’s hungry hordes. So expect a further exportation of any domestically grown grain or any other product in shortage around the world for ̶p̶r̶o̶f̶i̶t̶ moral posturing and the further accordant domestic shortages and costs.

      • It is insane to me to see all the grill and chill cons coming out with Ukraine shirts and flags. Those morons have totally bought into all this nonsense. Can’t say this ends well given our electorate has been brain washed.

        • “Can’t say this ends well given our electorate has been brain washed.”

          Fortunately the opinion of the electorate has no bearing on policy.

      • Funny, they Clouds are going to give us a ‘murican holodomor to “save” the ukraine. History has a sense of irony.

      • That would be an ironic and sick joke too. That’s exactly how Stalin starved the Ukrainians in the 1930. There was plenty of food, but Stalin shipped it all out of the area and created a man made famine. So normie gets to wear his stupid blue and yellow t-shirt while starving like an actual Ukrainian of 100 years ago.

    • Massive inflation followed by a recession

      That is what we are facing.

      Everyone prepare for it

  23. usa kinda reminds me of napoleon, that fucker had a ridiculously impressive reputation, he was all about the glam, a prodigy tactician capable of multi tasking, invincible & admired by the likes of beethoven.

    in reality he was a small dicked dwarf, owned by bankers, sacrificed his people unnecessarily, lost most of the battles he was in & lied about winning. Oh, & he pretended to be a liberator, sounds exactly like US.

    It would be fitting if US ends up in exile same as napoleon, no one giving a fuck about what it has to say or of its dollar.

      • And he was roughly 5’7″, around average for Frenchmen of his day. Sentry needs to re-read the accounts of Jena and Austerlitz too perhaps.

      • let me give an example, historians have assigned napoleon’s egyptian campaign as victory, false, it was a major disaster, yet when he returned in france he was portrayed as victor cause he brought in some egyptian tombs with him as booty.

        he was able to shake off his defeats due to his ability to throw lots of frenchmen at his enemies, who relied on private armies cause conscriptions were not a thing back then, thus gaining this weird tactical genius rep.

        US is in a similar position cause it has tons of retarded europeans which it can use as cannon fodder.

        • historians have assigned napoleon’s egyptian campaign as victory

          Comically wrong. All historians agree that the Egyptian campaign was as great a military disaster as it was a cultural triumph.

          conscriptions were not a thing back then,

          Hilariously wrong. Prussia, Russia and some provinces of Austria all had conscription – and if you count impressment of sailors, so did Britain.

          So tell me, are you able to quote even one military historian to back up your… novel view on Napoleon?

          • ” … Comically wrong. All historians agree that the Egyptian campaign was as great a military disaster as it was a cultural triumph.”

            Right. It even inspired a poem that every schoolboy in the English-speaking world memorized for generations:

            “The boy stood on the burning deck, whence all but he had fled … .”

            immortalizing young Casabianca, a French lad on a foundering French ship in the Battle of the Nile.


      • Like that aircraft controller said, land 200,000 airplanes successfully and no one cares, but plant one in the ground and see what people say about you! Everyone is undefeated until their first defeat; its the big loss at the end that counts.

    • Napoleon is a useful modern example of the cycles of Western government, how they can change quickly, and why change is inevitable, unstoppable, and necessary:

      Oligarchy (Stifling French bureaucracy nobility/church/merchant class that everyone wanted to change, but couldn’t)——>

      Democracy (The Terror) ——>

      Monarchy (Napoleon, who rewrote the entire French legal system)


      Normies give you a blank look when you discuss how anything other than “‘muh democracy” could happen here. Even dumbed down public school kids know something about France and Napoleon.

    • But you have to always consider one’s lasting reputation and realize that if a reputation can last for over 100 years then there had to be something truly special about the person. That means he made an impression on lots of people spanning generations.

      I remember an older friend of mine telling me about how crazy it all was around Sinatra. He was something of a revolution that eclipsed what would become of Elvis and the Beatles. Now I never really liked any of them but I know that their faces were everywhere and their concerts would sell out and girls would die for them. So there had to be something there that I just wasn’t getting.

      And that is only one generation. Napoleon grabbed the attention of multiple generations. So there had to be something there we may be missing.

      I mean napoleon is not as big a deal as Caesar or Jesus or Constantine or say even Alexander or William the conqueror. But he is up there. So he made a huge lasting impression, and there must be a reason for it.

      • “But you have to always consider one’s lasting reputation and realize that if a reputation can last for over 100 years then there had to be something truly special about the person.”

        the reason for that is academia having masonic leanings for a very long time, they put their own people on pedestal. As was then so is today, the usual crap.

        • It’s more than that

          He was an important man in terms of encouraging art and development of Paris, etc.

          He was in the words of Ron Burgundy “Kinda of a big deal”

      • Although it may be that’s the last time the Frog’s were worth anything on the world stage. After that, it was nothing but defeats and pyrrhic “victories”.

      • Sure, there are two reasons to remember Napoleon: he taught us dont start a landwar in Russia, and he killed 1/4 million Frenchmen!

    • Where on earth do people get this stuff from?

      Napoleon was a man as rich in vices as he was in virtues, but being an inept commander wasn’t one of them. He is one of the Big Four – warlords who radically changed warfare forever: Alexander, Hannibal, Ghengis and Napoleon – all known by their first names only, like Jesus.

      Wellington noted publicly that he’d rather his enemy be reinforced by 10,000 men than Napoleon himself taking command.

      • “Mike Tyson? What a wuss, not a fighter at all! He just raised his arms after each match, making the referees believe he’d won.”

      • u’ve no clue what u’re writing about, first of all there’s 7 recorded men to have never been defeated, not 4, napoleon ain’t even top 30.

        at least u guessed 2

        • u’ve no clue what u’re writing about, first of all there’s 7 recorded men to have never been defeated,

          There’s a lot more than seven, starting with my own goodself.

    • This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in this comment section. Napoleon win the vast majority of battles he fought, he modernized France, staved off foreign invasion in the aftermath of the revolution (and put an to the violence and instability the revolution brought to France). Yes, he was ultimately dethroned and exiled twice because he couldn’t give up war, but on the whole, his leadership in the 19th century was better than that of any revolutionaries or house of Bourbon’s. Also, he actually fought in the field for part of his military career, so he wasn’t a soft-handed theoretician, unlike our so-called leaders.

      • Yes, he was ultimately dethroned and exiled twice because he couldn’t give up war

        Good post, but Napoleon never started a war.

        Like Moustache Guy, he wanted nothing more than peace with his neighbors so he could put his country in order, but British strategic doctrine could not abide a single country gaining dominance on the Continent and the Monarchies could not allow a revolutionary nation to succeed. Napoleon had to be destroyed at all costs.

        • Hey, as much as I appreciate the debate over the Corsican ogre, may we please bring this back to the age old question, “Who was the greatest Prime Minister: Pitt the Elder or Lord Palmerston?”

  24. I’m going to toss out another pathology that needs some recognition and attention. The American people are a mongrel nation with roots in Europe and way too much diversity from around the planet, but that reality cannot be ignored. And for all the positives and negatives of our short history, our base stock is still grounded in a pioneer ethos borne of a gauntlet of new world survival competition. In particular, we were not made to follow the lead of faggot weaklings and charlatan poseurs. Yet that is the reality of our current predicament.

    DC is infested with the worst that our nation has to offer. The common denominator is that almost none of those assholes has ever worked a day in his/her life, which is the virtual antithesis of our historical pioneer work ethic. We are men that roll up our sleeves, not pretenders that pose in dresses with a limp wrist and deviant’s leer.

    Hopefully, at some point before we are hijacked into a nuclear war by chickenhawks, we will rise up and rid ourselves of these diseased miscreants. Real men don’t stay on the sidelines while the ship is sinking.

    • The West is in need of its own version of the Khmer Rouge. A movement that sweeps through the cities exterminating the ruling class and their urban “intellectual” enablers and hangers-on. Of course, said rulers are now toying with the idea of doing this to themselves by bringing on nuclear war. Every time I think I’ve hit rock bottom in my opinion of humanity, I’m reminded there is still farther to go.

      • I’ve been pushing Pol Pot was right and met surprisingly little argument from those few in Academe I’ve tried it on.

      • Yes, if the clouds start WW3 out of hubris and retardery, and the Acela corridor gets glassed by Zie Ruskie, literally dozens of innocents will die. Please dont throw me in the briar patch!

    • Tom, you are only “half way there”. To get rid of the slime at the top, only for them to be replaced with more slime—eventually. We need to rethink how they got there in the first place and eliminate that flaw in our “democracy”. As I’ve said before, a complete rethink as to “universal suffrage” is needed. To do this I fear, a Pinochet or Franco will be needed for a couple of generations at least.

        • I hear ya. But the folks I cite I fear are fairly unique in that they did not necessarily desire power and were willing to step away from it in favor of a democratic republic of sorts. Hell, we only had a republic of our own because Washington refused to replace King George. Human frailty is an important concern.

    • TomA – the current ruler of the Chicken Hawk roost – L Graham – is hard at work to bring about the nuke war of which you write.

  25. No one has touched on the real reason to keep the war running. The ability to borrow money into existence to pay for it. And not just the war. They can throw money at refugees, sanctions, humanitarian projects to rebuild what has been destroyed, cool looking Ukranian flag covered clothes, etc. And as long as TPTB can keep throwing money at things, the longer they hold power. As long as American dollars or Euro’s are accepted by people/countries, they can keep the game going. Since they create the money out of thin air, it doesn’t cost them anything. We are already in Federal debt above $30 trillion dollars. Many say that that is more than the value of everything in AINO. But, that doesn’t include State, corporate, or personal debt. The truth is, what the residents of AINO owe is beyond calculation. The point I’m trying to make is that at some point no one is going to accept any more imaginary money. And when that happens, they are finished. They will have to select another country to start the debt treadmill going again. Of course, they may burn everything down before they leave. Still, it will be nice to be “free”. As well as hungry, homeless, and warring with the parasites that supported the war, COVID lockdown, the jab, transgender rights, finding “racism” under every stone, and so on.

    • “The point I’m trying to make is that at some point no one is going to accept any more imaginary money.”

      The Yankee dollar will be accepted as long as there is no alternative to it. Also, it has neve been canceled. Anyway, at present, there is no alternative to it.

      • “The Yankee dollar will…”

        Some time back I figured I would treat all my dollars as if they were worth 50% of their current value. About the time the Covidian faith swept Murica.

        I may have to dial that down a bit. The point is, to live as if your balance sheet is worth half or less of its “value”.

        • I go with 1/20th

          My rule of thumb because is the basic fractional banking ratio, meaning there is only enough cash in the world to cover 1/20 of current asset values if only cash could be used for trading. Your house “worth” say $400,000? Well, if only cold hard cash could be used it would be more like $20,000. Or about 10 ounces of gold.


          But that’s reality. Nothing is worth as much as we think it is when you cut through all the b.s.

        • “I may have to dial that down a bit. The point is, to live as if your balance sheet is worth half or less of its “value”.

          You are right, of course, but the fact remains that there is–as yet–no alternative. Knowing that being right is not a deciding factor is one of the things that binds together the readers of this blog.

          ” … the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.”

          The dollar remains unchallenged because of–incredibly–confidence.

          • “The dollar remains unchallenged because of–incredibly–confidence.”

            If confidence is the only thing holding it together (and in large part it is) then AINO is screwed. Confidence is an extremely fickle thing and the elements that produced confidence in the past have squandered the faith people had in it. You have the Russians and Chinese finding ways around the SWIFT system, you have India leaning toward those countries, and you have a number of countries that would support the yuan as the currency of choice just to flip off the US. Plus, you have the cryptocurrency craze which is just as imaginary as the fractional reserve banking system. And, as you said, “time and chance happened to them all.”

          • Infant: Once again you sound like my husband. I express amazement at the strength of the stock market, or US bonds or the US dollar, and the volatility in the price of PMs. His stock answer is that there’s no alternative for the dollar at present. I wonder how much mere stasis is responsible, given the economic chaos the last few years have unleashed. And what it will take to finally replace the dollar. I think I’m going to find out in my lifetime.

    • Think about this: Inflation is, what? 10%, 15% or more and 30yr mortgages are 3%. How is that possible unless fed bond selling is immaterial. They are merely printing away.

  26. I was talking to a Ukranian immigrant last night. We both speculated from different perspectives that what’s happening here is unexpectedly stiff (if ultimately doomed) Ukranian resistance turning a fait accompli into a mess. Iow things aren’t going as Russia or the west expected. Beyond that, given the lack of reliable information, it’s hard to say specifically what’s happening or how it’s going to play out. Dangerous stuff.

    • ” … what’s happening here is unexpectedly stiff (if ultimately doomed) Ukranian resistance … ”

      As a speculation, it’s as good as any, I suppose, but there is *no* evidence for it. None.

      • Putin is hesitant to level the place, Biden is hesitant to start a war with Russia, Zelensky is scolding the west for not getting more involved. To me it looks like Russia expected easier going, the US was prepared to make noise but allow it, and Ukraine is complicating things. I get the sense nobody but Zelensky and the neocons wants a dust up over this. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but I doubt that’s the plan.

        • “To me it looks like Russia expected easier going, … .”

          Point taken. But that presupposes that the Russians at all times had planned a Blitzkrieg. But what reason is there to suppose that?

          They are not operating in the western reaches of the Ukraine, “Keeve” alone excepted.

          They have the Ukrainian Regular Army surrounded. They have the partisans (the Azov “Nazis” as everybody but me seems to like to call them) surrounded. They have *no* means of egress, and *nobody* is going to rescue them. Indeed, nobody *can* rescue them. But from the Russians we see patient waiting.

          Russia established air superiority the very first day. Destroyed the Ukrainian air force *on the ground* the very first day. Destroyed the Ukraine’s “navy” in the Black Sea the very first day.

          And yet, Putin continues these negotiations; these “talks.” Why?

          With the situation on the ground and in the air, why negotiate? Why not dictate, especially given what is at stake?

          And when I look at the run-up to this police action (it is *not* an invasion), what I see is astonishing discipline and restraint by the Russians. At *every* turn, without a *single* exception.

          I’m on the outside looking in, granted. But there *are* reliable sources of info out there. And from what I am reading and from where I stand, it appears that the Russians are putting into effect a very careful plan with the same restraint and discipline with which they conducted themselves and their *abortive* negotiations with their faithless, lying, dishonest, dishonorable, double-dealing “western partners,” as both Putin *and* Lavrov *astonishingly* continued to call them until the first day of the current police action.

          I can’t see how it could have benefitted Russia to raze the Ukraine and leave it or occupy it a smoking ruin. They just didn’t want a nuclear Ukraine, and they made that abundantly clear umpteen-thousand times.

          They even went to the Munich Security Conference, knowing that it was pointless. And what did Zelinsky tell everybody there? He announced that the Ukraine was going to acquire nuclear weapons–in *direct* contravention to the Budapest Accords of 1994.

          Putin’s troops moved in within the week.

          But they have in *every* case left “humanitarian” escape corridors from every city in which they have “taken an interest.”

          We *see* the TV propaganda, and only mongoloid idiots are fooled by it. That being, evidently, a majority of our population. But we can *see* that Russia is not razing the country to the ground. So there must be a sensible explanation, and in my opinion, that is that they are pursuing methodically a carefully made plan that will leave the country in good, livable shape. If they have an interest in doing anything else, I am at a complete loss even to *guess* that that might be.

          We are told that Russia is destroying cities, but there is *no* evidence of that. And then we are expected to believe that nearly 3 million people have fled the country. But how can both of those things be true, except that the Russians are operating only in the east?

          There is *no* evidence that Russia has met with stiff resistance. There is *no* evidence that the Russians have been “surprised ” by *anything.* There is an abundance of such statements in the Western “press,” but as Putin said to Megyn Kelly, “So what?”

          Their mistake was in not bringing the entire country under their direct control in 2 or three days. Other than that, there is *zero* evidence for what we are boing told by the “authorities.”

          There is no reason to presuppose that the Russians planned to do *anything* other than what we are seeing. They *must* act in their own interests, and the Ukraine becoming a smoking ruin is *not* in Russia’s interests. They just don’t want the Ukraine in NATO and they don’t want a nuclear Ukraine. They themselves have made that abundantly clear, and everything else is guesswork or propaganda.

          • I’m agnostic about the whole thing. What I’m saying is whatever Russia’s plan, I suspect the US tacitly agreed to it, provided face-saving bluster and sanctions. But it’s being held up, mainly by Zelensky’s intransigence if I had to guess, but also Ukrainian patriotism and the tough history between Russia and Ukraine. The longer it goes on, the more dangerous, because it makes both the US and Russia look weak. I could be wrong, of course.

        • Pray remind me, that Zelenskij character, I have this vague recollection that he isn’t Orthodox, unlike most citizens of the country he presides over. Yet I keep forgetting whether he is Seventh Day Adventist, Episcopalian, or what exact other denomination it is.

      • The Russians are running food trucks into Ukraine and manning soup lines for the citizens, that’s how stiff the “anti-Russian” opposition is.

        All this talk about mass slaughter and Stalinist boots is to keep the Ukrainian Slavs uncertain and locked down.

  27. “They have prepared their people, who seem to be overwhelming supportive of the effort”

    I don’t doubt it, but I’d really like to see the evidence. I know it’s nearly impossible to provide, but I’ve seen a lot of accounts to the contrary. Yes, I am aware of the impact of the propaganda machine on both sides. Just saying I haven’t seen this perspective yet.

    • Putin’s popularity is fairly well documented – even accounting for the skew that happens with a dictator (for argument’s sake – let’s call him one). Further, his popularity seems to have spiked in the weeks since the invasion, again, largely independently verified. I can also attest to personal information. My wife has family in all these countries involved and she regularly talks to her relatives. The general consensus is Ukraine’s president is an actor and a moron to the Ukrainians, and the Russians generally support Putin and hate the US. Again, I understand a family, even one so widely dispersed as my wife’s, can be skewed towards one viewpoint, but I would add: they are not Russians (though many now live in Russia for work). I would not be surprised if the average Ukrainian is looking at Zelensky with a bit of disdain as they are getting bombed.
      I think a fair parallel might be US politics. A lot of Ukrainians probably view Zelensky the same way many view Biden (and I am sure, to continue, many also do support Zelenksy – probably in equal amounts). However, due to the distorting effect of propaganda, we only hear, here, of the part that is wildly supportive of Zelensky. Much like Biden, probably half of Ukraine realizes their president is an installed puppet. Again, I do not want to discount the other half, either.

      • “Again, I do not want to discount the other half, either.”

        Excellent post. Very sensible.

  28. I sense the heavy artillery will soon be necessary in order to defeat the Russ. A Michelle O #BringBackOurGirls changed to #LeaveOurUkrainiansAlone.
    War is hell.

    • “I sense the heavy artillery will soon be necessary in order to defeat the Russ.”

      That is not going to happen. But the war will not be short. That was the Russians’ mistake. They should have taken the whole country in 48 to 72 hours and deprived the West of propaganda opportunities. Too late for that now.

      A quick and decisive victory would have staved off continuing US/NATO provocations. But Georgia is going to hold joint military exercises with NATO **THIS MONTH**.

      A quick and decisive victory in the Ukraine would have obviated such an egregious provocation. Instead, NATO will provoke Russia even during the police action in the Ukraine.

      The (((neocons))) will not stop until there is a declared third world war, which will involve nukes–tactical nukes at the very least.

      Our foreign policy is in the hands of (((monomaniacs))).

      At least the Pentagon has managed to put *some* brakes on (((Miss Vicky))).

      • Lack of reliable news to the contrary, *if* the antitank weapons provided the Ukraine army (Javelins) are as effective as reported, then a quick blitzkrieg was impossible from the get go. Nothing else matters if a single man in the field provides a credible deterrent to an armored vehicle in the field. At that point, the advance is slowed to the pace of a patrol.

        • “Lack of reliable news to the contrary, *if* the antitank weapons provided the Ukraine army (Javelins) are as effective as reported, then a quick blitzkrieg was impossible from the get go.”

          I’m afraid I cannot agree. I can’t see any reason at all why the javelins should or could have stopped a Russian advance, given that Russia established air superiority on the first day.

          Also, I’m assuming that you are talking about the 17,000 javelins that–we are told–the Ukrainian regulars have. Those are the only ones I’ve read about, but when I first read that, I thought it seemed awfully high. The most reliable info that I know of is that Russia has around 12,000 or 13,000 tanks, but I think we can all agree that Russia has not sent 12,000 tanks into the Ukraine. From what I have read, they have committed on 30% of the troops they had in their forward-staging areas that were the focus of Western propaganda before the first day of the action.

          Anyway, with air superiority from Day One, it does not follow that any number of javelins in the hands of Ukrainian regulars would or could have stopped or even slowed the Russian advance.

          But your main point is undeniable: the lack of totally reliable information.
          We are just guessing.

          • If a soldier carrying a Javelin can stop any armored vehicle, then the infantry must be ahead on the ground with the tanks to guard them from that soldier. Air power probably won’t do it against a single or small squad of soldiers. Also, if Stinger missiles are in the field, air support is problematic as well. Russians learned this in Afghanistan.

            That slows the whole advance down in speed. The number of tanks means little, it’s the effect of having a vehicle (tank or personnel carrier) that is an easy target as it travels the road. Not sure a general will accept such losses, although Russians in WWII seemed to care a lot less in those days about personnel.

      • If they had done what the US did to Iraq NATO would have been there the next day.

        I am 100% sure they had the war atrocity stories primed and ready to roll on the news networks. It was the lack that forced them down the sanctions I think.

        It would have been wall to wall dead women and children on the media.

    • I think others missed your point, and your point is hilarious. I just referenced bringbackourgirls last week in reference to the “tik tok for ukraine dance” thing.
      I also love pointing out that with those girls is a perfect example of how we should use the military. Why in God’s good name did we not send some of our fine men in uniform to slaughter those slave-herders and free those poor christian girls? I don’t like to volunteer the lives of military people, but odds are they wouldn’t even get scratched and they could do real, tangible good. Instead we bomb the crap out of places and ruin the lives of the poor people trapped between. Disgusting.

      • Eloi – you got the point (and agree with your analysis – disgusting indeed)

      • In 2014, when racism was still just a silent plague and a mere glimmer of a dog whistle to deplorables, everyone understood you don’t send white men to save black girls. They were not, are not, and will never be #ourgirls. On the other hand, the Ukes are like one of those cute white teenage girls who is tragically murdered or raped or both, whose victimhood is periodically splashed over the national medial to stoke fear and gratify titillation. I had to google #bringbackourgirls because it simply wasn’t memorable or worthy of memory. But I easily recall JonBenet Ramsey or Natalie Holloway or Jaycee Duggard or Laci Peterson (to name just a few of the more sensation cases). But, then again, I am an unredeemed racist; so no surprise there.

        • LOL! You forgot “Tot Mom, the most hated woman in America”!

          Casey Anthony.

        • Those Ukranians do produce some hot women! But Maus, I wasn’t sure of your tone. I am in no way claiming they were “our girls” – I was mocking the concept. However, I think any decent person should recognize that those poor girls were abducted, raped, and horribly abused, and they are worthy of our empathy. Race is not an issue with my particular point because I’m ignoring race. Many of my views on race are not PC, but in this instance, I am highlighting how good people feel about themselves after being part of the Twitter army contrasted against the suffering those girls (still) go through.

  29. Talk of “Western Civilization” is an obfuscation. It’s actually American civilization. A century ago most of todays “west” was not a part of the current “civilization”. What happened was that America conquered vast swaths of the world, absorbing areas that were part of older civilizations,

    It says something about ours that our elites cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that reality.

    • Thanks, I needed a laugh.
      American Civilization is merely the froth on the top of the pot.

  30. What concerns me is that our elites will refuse to concede victory to the Russians.

    Overall, I agree with the general consensus that the Russians are winning. However, such a victory is only a defeat for the horrible people who rule over us. China and India are prudently standing on the sidelines but the sanctions, blockades and other financial shenanigans being employed against Russia will be a huge cause of concern for their rulers as well. All in all, the situation is very dangerous and the fact that our elites are too stupid or arrogant to understand that the tides are turning against them makes the likelihood of catastrophic bad decisions all the more likely.

    As one of my friends who works in banking told me this weekend, “This could be it….”. Yep, this could be it…

  31. People aren’t really buying the Ukraine crap. Interest has diminished significantly even among the pro-Ukraine people as it’s become clear that Ukrainians are not magically repelling Russian attacks.

    I noticed that the media has significantly toned down its rhetoric in the past 2 weeks. Even hearing some common sense from a few “experts” and “analysts”. Oil is dropping.

    People in Calgary are back to beating each other up at protest and counter protests for masks and COVID mandates just like in the old days.

    Pro tip: if you want loyalty and sacrifice from your people don’t lock them down for 2+ years.

    • There are reports that China is locking down again. I heard on the radio this morning that a new Covid strain might be on the way. All I could think was, Ukraine current thing must be fading fast; get excited for next current thing, even if it’s an old thing.

      • The report on Zerohedge mentioned 51 million on lockdown in Shenzhen, which is one of the main tech producing areas in China.

        The thought is that this is China waging economic warfare on the West by impeding the production process behind companies like Apple that prop up major parts of Western equities markets.

        • Yup. America is being embargoed.

          Blockades are like gates, they open and close in two directions.

          The shoe is on the other foot now. Let’s see how America’s soft power mavens handle this return volley.

        • It isnt a trade embargo if the chinese workers all get the sniffles and stay home. Same result, though.

      • Marko: Yup. And right on schedule, Pfizer says a 4th shot will be absolutely necessary, along with the first mention/photo of Fauci I’ve seen in weeks. Look, a squirrel.

    • Covid theatre is not done. Downvote if you want – but I cannot imagine that in two months or so we will all be breathing freely without masks on. Particularly as things get worse inflation wise – Covid is a great way to misdirect blame via a straw man. What better way but to make the enemies a bad man (Putler) and an invisible germ. They will be left blameless, and most americans will go along with it.
      Yes, yes, yes, I know – people will not put up with it this time… They will. The government will come up with some new scary story of what a novel variant does, and everyone will be running for their masks again.

      • No, Covid has not gone away—forever, but for the midterm elections. Could easily come back if perceived as useful. As a disease, it’s endemic and in reality will never go away. So perhaps we need to change terminology in describing such—say, tolerated/accepted vs in-tolerated/unacceptable.

  32. Z, I get your point about how the Russians fight, but I suspect that this guy – who seems pretty based – has a point about the war. The Russians are having a tough time. Their equipment is outdated and extremely vulnerable to American weapons used by the Ukrainians such as the Javelin missile. American AWACS are also providing great information to the Ukrainians. It’s hampering the Russian air force in a serious way.

    I’m not saying that the Russians won’t eventually win this, but it seems like it’s been a lot harder than they expected. However, I’d argue that the Russians seemed at first to be trying to do as little damage as possible to keep the goodwill of the Ukrainians. But they’re starting to throw that out the window as the Ukrainians were taking advantage of that.

    I’d also say that Zelensky and the Ukrainians are dicks for using civilians as human shields.

    • “I’d also say that Zelensky and the Ukrainians are dicks for using civilians as human shields.” And our rulers are dicks for using the entire population of Ukraine country as a a shield for their corruption. There have always been just two possible outcomes for this war. Either the US starts WW3, or Ukraine loses. The fact that we encouraged the Ukrainian leadership to fight an unwinnable war is a war crime by itself.

    • Do some reading on the artillery duels of WWI and WWII. When the big guns start roaring, there is no mercy or quarter, only slaughter. That is the next phase of this war. Russia is losing patience with the “minimal civilian casualties” game plan and will soon rain death down on those “brave patriotic freedom fighters” and innocent civilians alike. Those are the wages of DC’s treachery and stupidity, and many innocents will pay the ultimate price for Washington’s arrogance. Everyone loses except for the Cloud People, who hide in their gated sanctuaries and revel in the decimation of the alphas.

        • Putin now/soon has to go all in. At this point the Russian *bear* is looking worse than the American “paper tiger” of old.

          Back in 1940, Stalin took on Finland after dividing Poland with Germany. The Russian army did so poorly against the insignificant Fin’s that mustache man decided he could take on such a force easily—and for two years did.

          China is watching. NATO is watching. A weak Russia with no recourse except nukes is dangerous.

          • And yet he lost.

            So could not defeat the Fins, but somehow kicked the German Army’s ass?

          • The terrain that Finns had available versus what funny mustache guy used was vastly different.

            Also, the Finn military planners under Mannerheim spent a long time thinking about how to maximize their strengths and exacerbate the weaknesses of their Soviet foes.

            Funny mustache guy and his generals didn’t do the same thing on the Eastern front. Yes, they were lulled into a false sense of security by poor Soviet performance in the Winter War.

            They *may* have done some things slightly differently had they paid closer attention to the KV tanks used in the Winter War, which would have made the appearance of the T-34 and KV-1 far less shocking during Barbarossa.

          • @wild

            Unless NATO is planning on fighting Russia in Finland the same rules apply to them.

            With the addition of hypersonic missiles, jets and long range accurate weapons.

          • Trumpton, you miss the point again.

            The point is not that Germany eventually lost to Russia in WWII. The point is that a poor Russian performance against the Fin’s encouraged boldness on the part of her historic enemy, Germany.

            Similarly, a poor Russian performance against Ukraine can only embolden her current enemies: NATO (really USA) and China—and of course, Russia has nukes which will be used the first moment they realize they are about to lose an existential conflict.

            This scenario is not in similar to Israel and their “Sampson” option—but they’re not quiet about it, hence the name.

          • @compsci

            you know you are becoming rather insulting in a snarky manner.

            I can see you have spent your life in academia.

            Try being less of a twat.

          • @Trumpton

            Churchill and FDR spent a lot of money backing USSR against Germany. They did not do that for Finland.

          • @Drew

            Yes I appreciate that.

            I was pointing out that in some ways similar to Finland, vs Germahy attack Russia.

            Attacking Russia directly is different than Russia attacking a third country and appearing weak. This is true historically for France as well as Germany.

            While they may have looked weak.

            They were prepared to expend 20 million men in a total war mode when faced with an existential threat to their own country.

            This is I think a big difference, which would probably also be a factor if NATO decided to attack Russia itself.

      • I’m guessing the encirclement “cauldron” will be the first big domino. When putin has WW2 eastern-front scale video of thousands of surrendered ukie troops walking to a prison camp with their hands up, then we will see what happens in the West.

        Also, a retreating, near-defeat Russia is worst case scenario: they will have to use nukes, and they will. Millions, tens of millions will die, and maybe Armageddon via global thermonuclear exchange comes. Very Worst Outcome, yet the western leaders are praying for it. This is why no one can win a war against a nuclear power: best case scenario the nuke power wins, worst case scenario everyone, literally everyone on the globe, loses.

    • Yes, there is some evidence that the Javelin is one of the few US MIC products that is pretty effective in its intended role.

      Apparently our regime retains enough sense of reality to realize this and shower the Ukrainians with them.

      Russia has captured enough of them that they’ve issued their own field training manual, but it doesn’t really matter because this system doesn’t really help them accomplish their military-political goals.

    • Putin seems to have assumed most of the Ukraine would turn into a massive Crimea, I bet most in his inner circle argeed w him. so taking all of the Ukraine is off the table, the best they can hope for is everything east of the Dnieper + Odessa and the Black sea cost, that would leave a small landlocked rump Ukraine for people who don’t want to live in Russia can exit to

      The media are telling me now the the Russians can only fight for 10 to 14 more days. who knows, could be BS like everything else they tell us, I suspect it could all be over pretty quick. The Ukrainians have been very brave but at some point soon it could all just collapse like a deck of cards

      Also people in the west are cheerleading any and all economic sanctions against Russia or individual Russians, but once the Russian government does the same in response, some how its illegal or unfair. These clowns need to grow up and cop on. if they want full on economic war with Russia, Vlad has every right to respond in kind

      • ” … so taking all of the Ukraine is off the table, the best they can hope for is everything east of the Dnieper + Odessa and the Black sea cost, … .”

        How does this explain what we already know about “the cauldron”?

        (That’s not a “gotcha” question. It’s a real one.)

    • “The Russians are having a tough time. Their equipment is outdated and extremely vulnerable to American weapons used by the Ukrainians such as the Javelin missile. American AWACS are also providing great information to the Ukrainians. It’s hampering the Russian air force in a serious way.”

      Evidence? Serious evidence from serious sources?

      • From what source? Michael Crichton’s Gell-Mann effect should be considered here. There are no media sources available that one can believe. They are all corrupted one way or another. Just because they spout some spiel that comports to your preconceived biases does not make them true or reliable.

        • Do you not find it strange there is no direct video evidence from ether side or civilians of any fighting?

          • “Do you not find it strange there is no direct video evidence … ?”

            Precisely. This was also precisely true of the Chinkypox from Day One. There was *never* any evidence of “millions dying from a worldwide pandemic.”

            Didn’t matter. The TV said it was happening, so … !

          • Trumpton, I don’t find any of this “strange”. What I find strange is that I once viewed such on TV and believe it. 🙁

            Maybe strange should be retermed, “embarrassed”.

        • “There are no media sources available that one can believe.”

          I used the word “reliable” to exclude “media sources.”

          “Just because they spout some spiel that comports to your preconceived biases does not make them true or reliable.”

          Precisely my point. So my question remains unanswered.

    • Not just as human shields.

      The rubble, praise be, will be the tombs of those mercenaries and the thin blue line taking the king’s coin. Not the devastation wrought by indiscriminate American bombing in the MENA.

      I’m seeing more and more clips of how hated the occupation government and its enforcers are, of how much of the “shelling” is by those local forces, and why?

      Because civilian casualties are a racket to bring in international aid money for Zelensky and company.

      Also, far too many clips of “panicked refugees” or “wartime conditions” are being exposed as media shoots.

      Human shields, alright:
      “”Haaretz admits that Hasidic Pilgrims travel regularly to the Ukrainian city of Uman for both “Prayers and Sex” with White Ukrainian girls. “The prostitution is controlled by Israeli crime bosses in league with Ukrainian pimps.”

      “The pilgrimage to Uman has become a huge thing for J**s in general and Israelis in particular over the last 15 years. “People break savings accounts to make the trip to Uman during Rosh Hashanah,” says Matan Meshi, a 22-year-old Breslov Hasid who’s already visited Uman 30 times. “It is a great mitzvah, which is rewarded by great successes and miracles”.

      As the Ukraine was integrated into the American globohomo culture, it “became one of the major sources of minors and females for their forced sexual exploitation” ——- “they are sold to Balkans, Central Europe and Middle East. An average price of Ukrainian girl is around $2,000 — $10,000 depending on her destination.””

      Wait, don’t all conservative white cultures descend to this? I mean, remember how depraved Des Moines and Minneapolis used to be?

      This is what the Great Reset will become, not high-tech smart cities with shiny, happy people holding hands.

      Putin, per Fatima, might just save the world. Dimona is a fake, a fraud, a mirage, “hundreds of nukes targeting every major capitol” in the Sampson Option–because they don’t have missle silos or the delivery system.

      What they do have, is biolabs in 30 countries. Open those suckers up, and there’s your Sampson Option.

      The 70% vaxx rate didn’t get a Deagal 70% depopulation rate, so we’re eyeballing Plan B. No wonder Putin is building 30 churches a day. May his Christ the King save Tsar Vlad the Just!

      • Alzaebo, Haaretz is a hard left paper that hates religious Jews. The prositution rings in Ukraine obviously have nothing to do with the annual religious pilgrimage. The Hasidic Jews who go to Uman are extremely pious, they don’t go there for sex.

  33. “Ukraine supporters are proud of their work on social media winning the meme war with Russia.

    In the real world, the Russian army is slowly turning Ukraine into the world’s largest mound of rubble.”

    I spit out my morning hot cocoa reading this. There is a lot of pseudo-intellectual b.s. circulating on alternative media at the moment, and in my opinion these two lines are the most concise and accurate take yet, and yes even funny.

  34. The bellicosity coming out of DC and the media regarding Russia and the war would be laughable if it weren’t so potentially dangerous. These idiots, with yammering clowns like Romney as the poster boy, are living back in 1917 or 1941 where the yanks (none of the Romney’s of course) are going to march in and make the world safe for demonocracy. They’ve had Putin on their brains for so long now (where he is living rent free), they can’t help themselves. You’d think they’e just STFU as all we hear is the Ukes are kicking ass and taking names – but it’s an obvious lie as then they would stfu. Our “leadership” is utterly beneath contempt.

    • If the pro-war faction had much sway, we’d have boots on the ground in Ukraine, or at least have some heading that way. The reason the screaming is at a fever pitch is due to our leaders realizing their impotence.

    • “Our “leadership” is utterly beneath contempt.”

      Oh! NOBODY is beneath contempt. Least of all our “leadership.”

      But I take your point.

    • “living back in 1917”

      And how many Americans know that the US Marines were fighting inside Russia in 1917?

  35. As someone who has had a behind-the-scenes look at the world of teenage girls, I can tell you that our rulers use exactly that same tactics to maintain dominance: Exclusion.

    The West is the Mean Girls of the world. We go to the coolest parties and hang out with the best-looking guys. You lose that if we kick you out. We’ve also destroyed the ability of other girls to form their own cliques, so not only do you miss out on our great stuff, you’ll sit in your room alone with nothing and nobody.

    But here’s the thing: the Mean Girls in this case really are a bunch of stuck-up bitches who are incredibly annoying to be around and the rest of the girls have figured this out. The cool parties and good-looking guys aren’t enough to make up for having to be around these girls, so the Mean Girls are have lost half their power.

    Now, it’s all about the Mean Girls stopping the other girls from forming their own cliques. Because if that happens, it’s over for the Mean Girls. They’ll only have each other – and they don’t actually like each other because their annoying bitches. Their only real joy in life is dominating other girls and playing cruel games on them. Without the other girls, the Mean Girls have nothing.

    Our Mean Girls will fight to the bitter end to stop the rest of the world from forming their own cliques because just hanging out with the other Mean Girls is a fate worse than death.

    • Yep. Fundamentally, our leaders are snobs, trying to pass their snobbery off as leadership.

      • But they’re not just snobs. They’re hollow inside. They can’t exist on their own. They have to rule over other people whether it be the moralizing WASPs or the scheming Jews.

        They only exist through the control of others. It’s why they can’t be happy on their own.

      • Hysterical, effeminate snobs that could only exist in a society with as much excess wealth and idle time as the GAE.

      • It’s a biological dead-end. It won’t last another 50 years.

        Over the long run, nature never loses.

        • Either it won’t or we won’t.

          If it continues down this path there will not be enough of us around to find out.

          • Yup.

            The moral arc these people are traveling is a path that leads directly to the first and last global canned sunshine party.

    • What they really are is a bunch of old harpies who think they are teenage girls. Teenage girls at least have the advantage of being, well, teenage girls. Most of the boys think the teenage girls are well worth putting up with if they can cop a feel. But nobody wants to put up with the cat women and they want to cop a feel even less.

      • You can tell yourself that, but our parish had to fire our manager because he was trying to get with our parochial school principal. Both were raging leftists, and she was particularly homely, with a severe case of RBF. Truly, male thirst does not have a lower bound.

        • Why is your parish hiring raging leftists to run your school? That is the real issue there.

          You gotta weed them out in the hiring process, but failing that, you have to fire them at the first sign of SJWism.

  36. The arsenal of democracy is perfectly appropriate for our fake and gay, globo homo world of today.

  37. ” It is not easy to get reliable information about what is happening on the ground”

    It actually is impossible to find reliable, objective information. Assuming the battle maps are accurate, it does appear the Russians are grinding down a slow, methodical victory. Not to be intentionally snide, Americans have become so cavalier about mass civilian casualties that anything short of a body-littered blitzkrieg appears to be a loss.

    Your larger point absolutely is spot on, thought, and to quote you, reality is the one thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. If those aerial maps are true and accurate, Russia is finalizing a victory. Hashtags < missiles.

    I'm certain Biden doesn't do anything or make any decisions, but whoever does is to be commended for thus far avoiding a nuclear war or direct confrontation with Russia (although there have been many moments of dangerous recklessness). I suspect this is due to age and the actual decision makers having lived through a Cold War where there was an ever-present threat of nuclear annihalation. Soon enough, though, those people will be gone and some Twittter-Is-Reality fool will get everyone nuked.

    I see Orwell cited here frequently, but even he would be stunned by the absolute adherence to narrative in the contemporary West. It is as shocking as it is dangerous.

    • Jack: As you note, missiles > hashtags. But the reason for that belief in the power of hashtags, or as Zman termed it, the world where “words count for everything,” is that our ruling ‘elite’ is composed of a hostile people whose entire history has been of words rather than martial deeds. No great history of exploration or challenge or creativity or discovery, but rather one of arguing the minutiae of words and rules written in an alien tongue by an alien people. Their belief in the power of propaganda is borne out by the reality of life in 21st century GAE, largely shaped by their ‘words’ and images via their early control of film and t.v. and then their takeover of the printed media and digital media and the academy.

      In accordance with the rhyme of history, that is an echo of the foundational ‘reality’ their ‘brothers’ created in the former Soviet Union (and then carried on by Stalin) – where words and propaganda mattered more than reality. Thus Lysenkoism and the lionization of Pavel Morozov and glorious communal farming. But Stalin was clever enough to harness natural patriotic sentiment (and a war for physical survival further clarifies things).

      Regardless, while today’s young Russians have had equal access to the West’s degenerate media culture, they also have parents and grandparents who remember the desperate years of struggle, and it is increasingly clear to them and the rest of the world precisely who instituted their continuing immiseration and why. Words may persuade or lie, but the longer they diverge from reality the more harrowing the reckoning will be.

      We in the former West are about to live that reckoning via our increasing economic immiseration on top of our cultural degradation. While I don’t want to see any more White deaths, I pray that the missiles utterly destroy the wordsmiths and the twisted future they have planned.

      • While I agree with most everything you wrote, there is a missing element, and I cannot quite put my finger on it. The short and inadequate version is the basic process of thought and reasoning seems to have been horribly altered by digital technology. I’m not certain the coming economic ruin will matter, or would have mattered if it had happened even twenty years ago.

        Anyone who has interacted with people over the last two or three decades has seen them become more distracted and resistant to counter arguments and basic facts. Epistemic closure and Dunning-Kruger Effect are overused phrases and buzzwords but they are a thing nonetheless.

        I imagine if you looked deeper into today’s Russian youth, they have less exposure to digital processing and more ability to rationalize independently. That’s just a guess, obviously.

        The point about the same hostile elite who mastered Soviet propaganda doing the same here is well taken and quite true, but there is something else happening. Someone here once suggested a few EMP’s might make for a heathier populace, but that assumes the rewiring, for a lack of a better term, can be undone. I’m not convinced it can be.

        • I’m with trumpton on this. The semantic dissonance of being hammered constantly by a blitzkreig of lies and projection is making it harder and harder to think straight.

  38. For personal edification, I viewed the first 10 minutes of so of the approx. 2018 interview between Vladimir Putin and Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly was trying to box him in about influencing the 2016 US election by going on and on about the “Hackin” and the “Social Media” posts by trolls, with, yes, this huge, huge sum of 1.5 million dollars-the pocket dust of pocket change in political influencing.

    Vlad would have none of it. First, he said Russia didn’t fund it and it could be anybody trolling. The harpy Megyn persisted in this line of questioning with her fake look of astonishment and disbelief. Several times, Vlad coolly replied “so what.” That’s the way to end these meaningless interrogations.

    Today I watched the President of Finland-his expressions when replying are priceless-being interviewed by that Dutch bowl hairdooed Christiane Amanpour. She too overplaying with the emotional head nodding and shaking and expressions of disbelief asked the president how Putin is making out on accomplishing his demands on Ukraine, in this case his demand (after 10 or so years of polite requests) that Ukraine demilitarize.

    The president of Finland displaying resignation and concern replied that Putin told him, “Russia is demilitarizing Ukraine right now.”

    Honest men do what they say.

    • In re: demilitarizing Ukraine:

      There are two countries on earth who’s hatred of Nazi’s, neo or otherwise, border on fanatical.

      Israel (obviously) and Russia (having been brutalized in WWII). Our elites, and our public, are so historically illiterate that they can actually sell the idea that Putin is some sort of Nazi.

      Ukraine using neo-Nazis in their National guard militias to murder Russian speakers in the Donbass was a red line that Putin couldn’t ignore.

      • Nazi in Russia is not the same as Nazi in the West, though. It’s not all about one specific victim group there.

      • As I said yesterday, the Ukraine welcomed NAZI Germans when they crossed the border in WWII. They also played a large part in rounding up Jews. Such was the hatred of Russians and Jews at that time. I suspect memories loom large in Russia.

    • Norham Foul: Well said. Minor quibble; please don’t dignify Amanpour by labeling her Dutch – she is half Iranian born on English soil and raised primarily in Iran through the dysgenic choices of her Catholic English mother.

    • One minute the media are telling me the Russian army is a joke, and losing the war. They then tell me when they defeat take the Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, and Poland are next. and people believe it

      • “One minute the media are telling me the Russian army is a joke, and losing the war. They then tell me when they defeat take the Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, and Poland are next. and people believe it.”


      • “Proof positive there really is life after death.”

        Perfect! I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it myself!

  39. When hearing Biden’s clear statement that there shall be no war with nuclear armed Russia, I am reminded of his boss’s similar emphatic declaration that he had no power to simply legalize illegal aliens by executive order. I believe there is a non-trivial chance that our elites are so out of touch that they will, like Obama, expand their understanding of the possible and commit to war with “white supremacist” Russia. After all, what are the Republicans gonna do about it? It polls well!

    • I’ve said this before on here but if ever there was a moment in history pregnant with opportunity and justification for forceful removal of a dangerous alien ruling class and their illegitimately installed and outrageously incompetent puppet government it is now. It would be a great service to all humanity to stop these unhinged ideologues from visiting on the population further mayhem and misery and piles of bodies that ALWAYS attends the attainment of power by radicals.

  40. As bad as it is here in mainland globohomopolous just think where we will be in five or ten years. Gender and homo crazied, constant domination and humiliation by diversity overlords and suppression of all the normal freedoms and liberties that we have always cherished.

    Now a powerful adversary comes forefront , that basically wants assurances for it’s border security that we previously acknowledged, and some admittedly onerous concessions on how we run things . Making a treaty or deal with this adversary pretty much frees us from most of this oppression for a minor one.

    I would take that bargain, knowing the pitfalls.

    I submit BAP essay here:

    • Putin, communicating his country’s conditions for Ukraine, bluntly and concisely puts forth the reasonable demands. This would be the opposite of approach of the daily doublespeak in, say, the emblematic MSM organ: Cleveland’s own globohomo homeless toilet paper titled the Plain Dealer. Nothing against Cleveland, they’re part of the same Leviathan.

      I like the straightforward requests. As I’m a mark for the Tyranny US’s anarchy-tyranny “Newer Deal.” I’ll take the Putin Plain Dealer any day of the week.

  41. The Global American Empire has also created dissidents in its own ranks. If anyone had told me 50, or even 30, years ago that I would be hoping for a Russian victory over an American proxy, I would have said that they had found a different Diversity Heretic from an alternate reality.

    • That really does show how much has changed. The comments in normie sites like Breitbart are decidedly against getting involved in Ukraine. Very little repetition of the conservative party line. Even dumb people are catching onto the grift.

    • Helps that the level of discourse is infantile.

      “Putin bad, worse than Hitler.”

      “NATO has never attacked another country” – (logical extension: all countries join NATO, all wars end)

      “Anyone who disagrees with the narrative is a traitor” (to paraphrase Mittens, who dodged Vietnam, has 5 non-serving sons, infinite amount of grandkids who’ll never serve, etc.)

      “Hate speech is good speech if directed at a state enemy” – Zuck

      • ” … Mittens, who dodged Vietnam, has 5 non-serving sons, infinite amount of grandkids … .”

        And according to video testimony from the Ukrainian Prosecutor’;s Office (posted here last week), Mittens has a son raking in Big Bucks for doing “something important” in the Ukraine.

      • Mittens had 4 deferments according to Tucker last night, and he dares call Tulsi a traitor.

    • Heretic: I want Clownworld nuked from orbit. While I dread the collateral damage, I still believe and pray it would be worth the destruction of of the GAE. Even if it costs too many Whites their lives (that I include myself goes without saying, and I’ve already lived the majority of my biblically-apportioned years) it would be worth it if it would guarantee a future for White children as free and self-reliant men and women.

  42. Our liberal rulers have cut their teeth on fighting us where they command of all media. What we’re seeing is a generation of liberals fighting the last war.

    • They really are. Just as the alleged ‘warfighters’ of Reddit went, saw and came scurrying back since they could not enjoy kicking down the doors of mud huts and aiming M4’s at fathers, while their womenfolk howled in distress, a lack of ‘air superiority’ apparently.

      These leftist think their version of ‘air superiority’ is literally, the airwaves, or what passes for them in current day. Many a leader has boasted about “mission accomplished”, whether it be the dolt Dubya, dolled up in a flight suit getting a plane ride anyone could pay for at an airshow …. or a certain Fuhrer, declaring the Soviet Union defeated.

      Let’s see how the leftists fare behind their Maginot Line of social media and banksters. They may have a reality check coming.

    • I admit I had an uncharitable thought when I heard that some HuffPo “journalist” got shot in Ukraine carrying a fake NY Times ID.

  43. The New England Yankee Protestant desire to right wrongs and save the world coupled with the Jewish desire to undermine and destroy. We are well and truly fucked.

  44. Too much to hope for, given the insinuating pervasiveness of the Hive, but perhaps these reshaping events–both ongoing and those yet to be–will force a reassessment of the Empire’s policies. Even a whiff of JQ Adams’ dictum to not venture abroad, in search of monsters to destroy would be welcome.

    This policy served us well when our political masters were schooled in practicality and commonsense. Up in the clouds though, it may be too hard for the Olympians to accept Experience’s, that most brutal of teachers, lessons.

  45. I’m afraid it will take a crushing military defeat a la Sedan for the Blue Checkmarks to see reality. Unfortunately, should a Sedan start shaping up they will go nuclear. Our only hope is that they commit the Flamin’ 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion and Squeal Team Six first, and that those elite formations surrender without a fight. Which all depends, I guess, on if they manage to secure the only Starbucks in Keeve – without those half caff venti soy chai lattes our warriors are lost.

    • Lol. What would be the force multipliers for the 45th? Hair straightener and dilation stations?

      • “Lol. What would be the force multipliers for the 45th?”

        Readers of a certain vintage would suggest “Dippity Do.”

        Others would recommend “Brylcreem” or “Vitalis” even though Vitalis sounds almost Russian.

    • ” … and that those elite formations surrender without a fight. ”

      Now hear this! Now hear this! Flamin’ 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion and Squeal Team Six!

      You are surrounded!

      There is no escape! The war is over for you!

      Come out with your hands on your hips!

    • I do not know if our rulers are capable of seeing reality. The neocons learned nothing from the colossal failure of the crusade against Islam. Maybe others in the elite are capable of seeing reality and adjusting, but usually it requires feeling the heat personally.

      • I think that it goes beyond learning a lesson. Our rulers are composed of two groups – WASPs and diaspora Jews. Psychologically, both groups are incapable of being satisfied on their own. They need other groups to complete themselves.

        They will never leave the rest of the world alone because they simply can’t exist on their own.

      • But was the crusade against Islam been a failure for the neocons?

        Their main goal was to safeguard Israel. Second no doubt was to further enrich anyone involved in the GAE scam.

        End result is Israel is safer, the military and deep state budgets have grown and the pigs at the trough have made a lot of money.

      • What colossal failure against Islam?

        – Israel is safe
        – Europe has been flooded with “refugees”
        – Secular regimes in MENA have been destroyed
        – Muslims are now part of the victim hierarchy, way above straight White males
        – Normal people are now harassed everywhere by the security apparatus
        – Somebody made a shitload of money

        That sounds like a raging success

      • They seem to believe that ‘reality is what you will it to be’ more than anything else. They are practically shamans, believing their own hocus pocus, and they have – sadly – had some success in the application of societal brainwashing techniques. An age of virtual reality, AI, biogenetic manipulation, and other advanced wonders of science and technology has perhaps encouraged this view. But a sharp downturn in economic conditions could puncture this. We’ll see how well our fair leaders can sell the populace on #Putinsfamine if our worst fears are realized.

        • Their obsession with narrative and language control really reminds me of old folktales in many cultures where the point was to illustrate that knowing the true name or being able to describe the true essence of something was to exert power and control over it.

          Maybe these people really do know the true nature of things. Or perhaps they’ve merely discovered that there is immense, more easily gained power in the inverse concept of falsely naming and describing things.

          • I go with the false – and violently mendacious – naming of things. This is truly the first, and the final, resort of those who follow the Prince of This World, the Father of Lies.

          • To defeat an enemy, you must first name the enemy. He who does not know his enemy will lose every battle.

    • In the eighties the question regarding the Soviets was what would a failing empire do when it realizes that it’s on it’s last legs? After their collapse it did turn out that there were advocates in the empire for “one last stretch”, a chance to cement total victory before it’s possibility slipped away forever, and of course nukes were on the table. Even the worst Russian communist was a level headed pragmatist compared to the lunatics who rule over us.

      • Looking back at the Soviet collapse, they managed it in possibly the most peaceful and controlled way possible, even if there were a few touch and go moments.

        On the flipside, most of the alternate history materials where a hot WW3 breaks out are set in the ’80s when a desparate Soviet empire sought to use its immense military machine in a last ditch attempt to resolve its internal economic contradictions.

        • The 80’s were Reagan years. He was hell bent to break the USSR’s back and revive the US military—no matter the cost. He also was the first to use US military in foreign conflict after Vietnam debacle. This contributed to the fear of conflict (WWIII)—does take two, doesn’t it? In this sense, Reagan was like Trump—a symbol that one could invest one’s deepest fears.

    • Even a crushing defeat will not be viewed as anything other than the certain victory Twitter has told them. These types believe hashtags are The Arsenal of Democracy. Reality is whatever they choose.

      The war has been terrifying two reasons. First and foremost has been the recklessness about nuclear war (people who covered their faces and hid in closets due to a relatively minor virus now chest thump and dare nukes to vaporize them). The other cause for fear, although we already knew it, is this is a nation full of delusional madmen.

    • Z has mentioned in previous essays that it may very well take a war beating in order for some of our folks to finally realize reality has come knocking.

      • Losing Hawaii to China outta do it.

        Of course, the Eye of Sauron will only turn more inward. Careful what you wish for.

  46. I’m kind of surprised of the dearth of Go Pro vids in this war. Either side. The available footage has been pretty boring, honestly. UFO footage had a better claim to quality. I guess they’re getting better at keeping a lid on stuff.

    • War is pretty boring really. You mostly shoot at things you can’t see and wait for the artillery/aircraft/missiles to kill what you’re shooting in the vicinity of.

      Not much to capture on a gopro.

      • “Do not forget your dogs of war, your big guns, which are the most respected arguments of the rights of kings.”
        – Frederick the Great

        “You can’t spell PARTY without ARTY.”
        -me in 2003

    • Also those post-soviet states are pretty boring to look at, definitely in the cities. It’s all prefab concrete blocks with a splash of faded pastel colors. If you look hard enough, you may see some laundry drying on a line. On a good day, any Ukrainian city looks a little bombed-out.

    • Forever Templar: The Russians are more concerned with achieving their real objectives than fighting the propaganda war, and the Western media is totally relying on Zelensky’s fabrications for its claims – it doesn’t have any real people with any real footage to create its false reality via media images.


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