World War III

The war that the Global American Empire has launched against Russia is just the beginning of a global war it believes will bring about the end times. That sounds extreme but the top foreign policy people of the regime are quietly talking about regime change in both Moscow and Beijing. The main focus right now is Moscow, but they also have Beijing in their crosshairs and maybe even New Delhi. They believe the war is the final phase of the end of history.

This sounds insane given that Russia has more than enough nuclear weapons to reduce the empire to dust. Despite this reality, the people in charge of the empire have the current figurehead demanding Putin be arrested for war crimes. This is a new reality that needs to be acknowledged. Joe Biden is not in charge of anything. That was made clear when Barak Obama visited the White House recently. Biden was completely ignored by everyone, including Obama.

Putting that aside, the Global American Empire seems to have determined that the next war to end all wars and usher in the end times will be a financial one. Their response to Russian defensive measures in the Ukraine have revealed this thinking. The Ukrainians have been begging for air cover, heavy weapons and even troops. What Washington has organized for them is a series of Twitter campaigns intended to cancel Putin and all Russians, along with an organized economic war against Russia.

In a way, Ukraine is the proof of concept for the empire. They are fully committed to an economic war with Russia that transcends Ukraine. What happens a month from now when the war is over? The Russians will destroy the Ukrainian army in the east and that will force a deal. Either Zelensky is killed by his own people or he flees. The alternative is Russia simply partitions Ukraine along ethnic lines and imposes the deal on Ukraine that matches what has been proposed.

Will these sanctions last forever? Will the West simply acknowledge reality and strike a deal with the Russians? It seems pretty clear that Washington will not allow Zelensky to make a deal with Russia, so what happens when the Ukrainians get tired of dying and kill Zelensky instead? Will his replacement be recognized? These simple questions make clear that this war Washington has launched against Moscow goes well beyond the events in Ukraine. It is a war of conquest.

There is another front in this war. Beijing correctly understands that they are also in Washington’s death pool. This is why they have backed Moscow and why they will probably look to join the fight sooner rather than later. The reason for that is they know the empire cannot win a two front war. Slapping sanctions on Russia will impoverish the imperial subjects in Europe, but not those in North America. A trade war with China, on the other hand, will hit Americans very hard.

China also has the long term objective of capturing Taiwan, which will open the way for China to being the dominant power in the region. Look at a map and it is clear that Taiwan is the Malta of the China Sea. Whoever controls it controls access to the Pacific and control of the sea lanes to Asia. As long as the Global American Empire controls Taiwan, China is a landlocked power walled off from the sea by countries financially and militarily tied to the American empire.

There are some questions that are unanswered at the moment. One of them is whether China would prefer a shooting war with America or an economic one. If it is the former then the only way to do that is to make a hard play for Taiwan. That would start with blocking access to the Taiwan Straits. This would force the United States to send the navy to open the straights, which would expose those ships to attack. This would give both sides reason to organize for war over Taiwan.

If it is an economic war, then the logical play is to openly and aggressively defy the sanctions regime on Russia. This would lead to sanctions from Washington, which would be answered with sanctions from Beijing. The Chinese could pick a range of strategically important products to withhold from the West. This would have a real impact on the imperial subjects living in North America. Imagine a shortage of clothing and vehicle tires or a shortage of car parts.

There are good arguments for both scenarios, but no one seems to know how China sees this war unfolding. They have certainly studied it. Back in 2013 the Pentagon learned that the Chinese have been studying the relative human capital between China and the GAE. To their shock and horror, they learned that the Chinese do not think diversity is our strength. The Chinese have also been studying Pearl Harbor, which suggests they are thinking about a shooting war as well.

China is not the only other front in this burgeoning global economic war. India has been hostile to the empire since the war on Russia started. Saudi Arabia has also been unpleasant about the sanctions regime. Most likely the pending Iran deal has been scuttled to keep Riyadh from changing teams. Then you have the global south, which will suffer first in this war. How the West keeps them from moving north en masse is a question no one seems to ask.

What Washington has done is organize the West for a global economic war against the rest of the world. It is a conflict of visions. China and Russia imagine a multipolar world while Washington demands a unipolar world. This conflict began and will end around the global economic arrangements. Of course, economic disputes often lead to military disputes, so that is always on the table. No one knows if Washington has thought this through, but we do know who will pay the price.

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243 thoughts on “World War III

  1. “It seems pretty clear that Washington will not allow Zelensky to make a deal with Russia…” What is the basis for this claim?

    • It’s not apparent to you knowing the Empire’s wet dreams? Who else has a thousand military bases occupying so many foreign lands? Even their voting machines speak their goal: Dominion. But their intended reach is beyond this wormhole we live in.

  2. Here’s a short opinion piece from Off-Guardian, a site I visit sometimes:

    I find the author’s arguments quite convincing. Even a year ago, many of us in the DR scratched our heads at why, after just over a year into the pandemic, the lab leak hypothesis had suddenly been rehabilitated and mention of it was not only re-allowed in the major social media, but also in the normal press. A similar case is made for the Hunter Biden Laptop, which was a verbotten topic from late 2020 until just very recently. Even leaving aside, as the author notes,whether the underlying story is true, false, or some admixture, the pertinent question is why was it suppressed then and suddenly getting an airing NOW?

    I’m a frequent browser of Daily Mail’s headlines. I have no doubts that it’s controlled media — some claim by MI6 which is fair enough, as they are clearly part of the Deep State. If nought else, consider that the DM regularly covers US events such as Negroes behaving badly as well as other events that might be distasteful to our Elites and thus rarely see the light of day in domestic press. However, that aspect alone raises an interesting question: Is this being “allowed” by the real owners of media like DM so that they’d attract a more conservative reader?

    If you were a Deep State actor that wanted to influence the DR or at least the more conservative reader, what better way than to create a honey-pot offering tantalizing stories suppressed in most media, while throwing in the occasional story that was more fairly called propaganda on behalf of the Deep State? Consider the following argument: Blacks behaving badly in the USA, burning down their neighborhood because of the latest cop killed homie story, or using sledgehammers to loot a Beverly hills jewelry store unopposed, or of the anguish of a man in a women’s bathing suit that has the female athletic world in a tizzy, or (in DM’s case) the normal celebrity gossip and photos of half-dressed young females that are the staple of popular British press, have absolutely zero to do with the Deep State’s agenda. That is all pretty window dressing, to lure the desired reader. Plant the occasional propaganda piece, whether about the Ukraine War, Hunter’s Laptop, or the latest spin on the pandemic, and you have influenced a demographic that doesn’t read the more liberal outlets.

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  4. No, China neither wants nor plans to have a military action of any sort, up to and including actual war, with the USA. Why kill their best customer, and besides, their military is quite inferior, despite the propaganda it has been grinding out. It is much like the vaunted invincibility of the Russian Bear, which, when put to the test has been seen to be a paper tiger. No, China will continue to pose and threaten, and nibble around the edges militarily, but China will rather persist in its current economic war with the USA, which has been enormously successful, particularly since it has been aided and abetted by America’s leading political and economic elite. They have seen how easy it is to undermine American hegemony by shelling out the dough (I almost said, “shekels”) to a small set of influential and powerful people in the West. They have a very long perspective on their rise to power, and won’t do anything too drastic in the short run, unless pushed into it by their opponents, which is currently unlikely, since our “leaders” are all pretty much bought and paid for.

    • Steve(retiring/recovered lawyer)

      Before you continue making “regime media” based statements about China, you may want to take a moment to read this article:

      Some Things You Should Maybe Know About China

      Given to me by a friend who’s a Marine Veteran in Wyoming who definitely knows ‘shit from Shinola’ where such things are concerned.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Does your Marine friend believe “that Mao never actually ‘killed’ anybody,” one of the assertions of the author to which you link?

        • What about Lincoln, WILSON, FDR, and Truman? How many were killed because of their treacherous deceit?

        • You’d have to take that up with him, not me.

          Also, are you ready yet to take women’s un-earned privilege of “voting” away, end their empowerment and end ALL welfare, both domestic and foreign, in order to save Western Civilization by re-instituting Patriarchy?

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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  6. Sorry Z-Man. Both Milley and Austin have stated that the war in Ukraine will drag on for a very long time.

    The stated goal is to provide soldiers, including likely our own (see Biden’s gaffe revealing that the 82nd Airborne would be going to Ukraine after some had already been there) to fight Russia and destroy their army in attrition warfare.

    Putin had to go onto Russian TV and apologize for the deaths of conscripts in Ukraine and promise that it would never happen again. Which means he has basically 200,000 professional army soldiers, out of which he’s seen about 20-40 either dead or wounded or prisoner. He simply does not have enough men. He will barely have enough to hold onto the Donbass and Crimea, and even that is doubtful. The US strategy is to wear him down, and then have “the Ukranian Army” (i.e. Blackwater types wearing mufti) march to Moscow and overthrow Putin never escalating (they think) to nuclear.

    Beside being stupidly risky for nuclear war, they forget WE do not have (White) men to spare, and the US Army is downsizing because of it. With Brandon/Austin/Obama’s purge of White guys the Army will be a hollow remnant and Ukraine will feature hollowed out demographics: Russia, Ukraine, the US all fighting. All while White men are more and more hated and more and more valuable as a resource able to get things done. Add in Obama obviously replacing Brandon in a few months, you are likely looking at a White guy strike.

    I.E. “What if they had a war and nobody came?”

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion, too

    • Whiskey on,

      “..With Brandon/Austin/Obama’s purge of White guys the Army will be a hollow remnant and Ukraine will feature hollowed out demographics: Russia, Ukraine, the US all fighting. All while White men are more and more hated and more and more valuable as a resource able to get things done..”

      Sounds to me suspiciously like another ‘Brother War’, just like W.W.1 and “The BAD War” that were intentionally instigated by, ahem..cough, cough Talmudic Rothschild Globalist Banksters from THEIR ‘City of London’ headquarters, cough, cough, cough,…

      ‘Some Damn fool thing in the Balkans’…very much so..and given what the Globalist pedo Rothschild banksters HAVE committed in the past, their bloodstained grimy prints are all over the current kerfluffel in The Ukraine and Russia..with an israeli billionaire funding and supporting the ‘Azov Battalion’ and mossad’s front org that adult diaper league covering for them:

      ADL Defends Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis: They “Don’t Attack Jews or Jewish Institutions”

      Yep, they’re really showing their true colors here by basically saying, ‘as long as they’re not kicking the shit out of Jews or Jewish Institutions, we’re not against them..they can kill as many white christian goyim as they want, especially white russian christians!!’

      Hmmmmm….where have we heard THAT before?….

      Oh yes!…the Holodomor, which also happened in The Ukraine under the directions of a certain Lev Bronstein aka “Trotsky” and his fellow jewish bolshevists/zionists funded and supported by those self-same Rothschilds and their ‘Mureican fellow travellers, the Rockerfellers, Armand Hammer, ect.

      Very interesting and telling that the israelis DON’T publicly consider the Holodomor a verifiable genocide…..

      Make of that what you will…..just like Claire Wolfe NOT wanting to have an honest and open discussion of the Holodomor and WHO was responsible for it, going so far as to label anyone trying to have a conversation, an “antisemite” and conversation as “hate speech”.

      So much for HER respecting ‘Freedom of Speech/Expression”…very telling indeed….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

        • You don’t say,…..

          I got that knowledge when she immediately ‘shoa’ed’ my attempted conversation about the history of the Holodomore and WHO was directly responsible for it (Lev Bronstein aka ‘Trotsky’ and his other recruited jewish bolshevist/zionist friends in Russia) and many other genocides and attrocities.

          Yes, she’s VERY quick to censor/ban anyone she deems is guilty of ‘promoting antisemitism/hate speech’ (wonder what she thinks of the adl running damage control for Zelensky’s ‘Azov Battalion’ because they’ve “not attacked Jews or Jewish Institutions and are numerically insignificant” or the fact that they’re funded by an israeli billionaire).

          Claire, since she chooses to offer her support to the chosenite parasite class while being a total hipocrite where free speech and expression is concerned imho IS a self-declared domestic enemy of America and it’s people.

          F her and the chosenite nag she rode in on!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • “The US strategy is to wear him down, and then have ‘the Ukranian Army’ (i.e. Blackwater types wearing mufti) march to Moscow and overthrow Putin never escalating (they think) to nuclear.”

      What is the evidence for this conclusion?

  7. Totally off topic, but I have to give a BIG plug to Havamal Soapworks. If you haven’t given them a shot, you won’t be disappointed. One bar is called Activated Charcoal – pretty weird as it’s coal black, but has a great fragrance and will scrub the s*** right off you. Just placed another order – it’s good stuff – check ’em out.

      • That’s WHY, if one is REALLY serious about
        saving their culture and nation, one:

        1. Takes women’s rights [voting] away.

        2. Stops empowering women – NO job outside of the home;
        their proper role is that of duitiful wife and homemaker
        under the wise and responsible authority of their husband. Also, NO education past high school.

        3. End ALL welfare both domestically and foreign.

        That’s how real problems get addressed and fixed.

        And, as an added benefit, birthrates WILL increase.
        Don’t say it won’t work..the Amish, Orthodox Jews and
        Moslems practice the above – and their birthrates are definitely above replacement level.

        Patriarchy gentlemen, patriarchy IS the ‘secret sauce’ here.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • More like ‘Strap-On Wives’..especially given what’s been seen from such cucks as Jack “Murphy” (((Goldman))) and Will Smith (who’s ditchpig of a wife HAS/IS committing open adultery with his teenage sons friends).

            Women will continue to be as out of control and outrageous as men allow them to be.

            Think on that.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. I watched the tightening of the financial noose around americans’ necks for about 20 years now, with the passing of laws to make it harder for regular citizens to do banking offshore, tightening of bankruptcy laws, mass surveillance, discouraging cash transactions, various measures to make it harder to run an independent business, other things. Even the Swiss succumbed to the pressures exerted from NY and Washington. Perhaps, like the Saudi’s found in the 70’s, overplaying their hand, the incentives to break away from the now unreliable US financial system will result in alternatives that citizens could take advantage of to be less vulnerable to abuses from the regime. I am swayed by the arguments against crypto being a reliable basis for an alternative medium of exchange and store of value but perhaps? It works to some degree right now anyway.

  9. Globohomo is at war with Eurasia. Globohomo has always been at war with Eurasia. The thing is, the CCP knows how this story goes. They’ve read 1984 as well and they also know fully well the rulers of the Globohomo Empire are using 1984 as an instruction manual, the same way one of us might use a Chilton manual to assist with a car repair. So the CCP knows that one day, out of the blue, apparently for no reason and totally at random, the “narrative” changes to Globohomo is at war with Eastasia. Globohomo has always been at war with Eastasia. Even as spiritually diseased and evil as the CCP crew is (no better/worse than globohomo though), they know the story line and what is coming, and so I cannot fault them for preparing for it.

      • A bit of both with a smattering of the Hunger Games and every other dystopian novel you can find.

      • Remember, Huxley was an advocate of what he wrote about, not an enemy of it.

        Feminism has also done great harm to both individuals and cultures/nations around the world..with the same backing and blessing of the Globalist banksters that support Globo homo.

        That’s why taking women’s rights (voting) away along with ending their empowerment and ending ALL welfare both domestic and foreign is the solution.

        A hard reset to patriarchy IS needed planet wide.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. I think a small piece of the puzzle may be the NetZero, Green New Deal, and anti-Russian LNG scams.

    The quants are stuck by sunk cost, momentum, and limited skillsets based on spreadsheets. The scams are not to “end” energy, but to create rationed scarcity.

    All the Masters of the Universe can envision is forcing high prices to their profit, like a Soviet mayor stealing the town’s heating oil so he can sell it on the black market.

    Financialization of politics may be their *only* tool, along with buying up controlling shares of media.

    They don’t mean any of it. I’ve never seen so many truck stops and fueling stations being built; these are long term investments, so their claims look to me like spiking the market for money to keep the game going.

    Thus, I vote for the GAE’s narrow outlook being limited to economic “war”, unable to imagine any real bodily consequences.

    To them, it’s just more numbers, graphs, dead-end lawsuits, and BLM mansions.
    They are as fixed in their place as stars in the sky.


    Elsewhere, someone made a great point to disprove centrally-controlled conspiracy. Like any religion, what they defend is not a coordinated plan, but instead a mutually held sentiment. This is why “facts” don’t much matter.

    What they share in common is not orchestrated action; rather, they share a propensity to lie. Lying is cheap, quick, easy, and it works.

    Everybody knows everybody else on their side is lying. The disjoint, confusion, shifting stories, and hypocrisy is everyone instinctively trying to cover their own behinds as well as their fellow travellers, lest the whole pack is set back.

    In short, they’re narcissistic liars who can’t imagine anything worse than some court filings, since the lights will always stay on and Whole Foods will always have gouda cheese.

    • Damn. Sorry, people, I am falling asleep, long night.

      All I meant to say is that the American regime is squeezing the EU and Anglosphere for higher priced energy. They can’t see any further than that, or imagine the RICs doing anything to push it bsck.

      • I tend to agree with this view of the folx in charge. When dealing with something that is impossible to “solve” anyway like the planet getting hit with a solar flare or asteroid even these supposedly flawless athletes of g as worshiped by the HBD crowd tend to shut down their big brains or go to sleep mode. Two articles come to mind, a Louis Menand literary piece, “Fat Man,” about Herman Kahn in the NY’er Mag and a Theodore Dalrymple column about his vacation home in Provence or whatever, basically wondering how things would function in a more autarchical Mad Max system down there. As Orwell understood intellectuals are best described as a class and sociological disease. Most of them aren’t spiritually motivated to think about things that aren’t fun to think about. Their more autistic incarnation in the HBD set thinks of IQ like an hp bar in a video game but clearly they didn’t play as many sloppily designed 1980s console games growing up.

    • “Elsewhere, someone made a great point to disprove centrally-controlled conspiracy. Like any religion, what they defend is not a coordinated plan, but instead a mutually held sentiment. This is why “facts” don’t much matter.”

      This what “intellectuals” believe. They tend to believe in evolution which is a completely physical process, has no evidence to support it (other than correlation), and takes away from the “intellectual”‘s fear of a deterministic outcome. All I’ve got to say is anyone that doesn’t believe in a centrally controlled conspiracy cannot explain how the Bank of England and Federal Reserve were formed. If you don’t understand the history of the Federal Reserve (which is well documented), you cannot explain how a small coterie of bankers overthrew the United States, much less explain how it is still in place if not centrally controlled. It was all a centrally controlled conspiracy, it succeeded, and is still succeeding today. As I am fond of saying, if it was not a centrally controlled conspiracy and just a random series of events, they would screw up in our favor occasionally. Can anyone name a time when that happened in the last one hundred years?

      • In general I agree with what you have said, and you were succinct.
        Who from the ogilophilies benefitted from the 1970’s stagflation?

        • When you know what is going to occur you can hedge your bets. The insiders go long and short depending on the direction the economy is going. Crash an industry, buy up the industries on the cheap. Start a war, invest in military manufacturing. Plan on precious metal shortages, buy up futures contracts. All part of the dialectic. When you control both thesis and antithesis you control the synthesis.

  11. Yes, Russia and China have nuclear weapons, but Western attempts at regime change are not going to involve hot war. There are no Curtis LeMays in the Pentagon anymore.

    The American Empire is a feminized and gay empire. It may have women and trannies in the Marine Corps, but it sure as hell is not going to send them to engage in set-piece battles against the Spetsnaz.

    The new American way of war and regime change will be along the lines of a divorce: the woman will not merely engage in lawfare and attempt to take all your money, she will do her damnedest to destroy your reputation and your credibility and will never shut up telling the entire world how “abusive” you are and what your kinks are, and will call the cops and tell them that you hit her and where your guns and weed are hidden and get you arrested and laugh at you while you are getting cuffed.

    This is exactly how they took down Trump: lawfare, the fake rumors about pissing on the prostitutes, the porn star, the “grab ’em by the pussy” stuff, arresting his lawyers and advisers like Stone and Flynn, spreading rumors that he had used racial slurs and cheated on his taxes.

    Consider also how the wives of Gates and Bezos, the richest guys in the world, took them to the cleaners in divorce court.

    It may be easy to scoff at this kind of thing, but women use it effectively because it works. Conventional militaries and nuclear weapons have become the equivalent of punching the bitch in the face during a domestic. She might have egged him on and she might have deserved it, but as soon as the guy lays a hand on her, he loses all credibility and she automatically wins.

    The Jews have been getting away this for several millennia. How many continents have been conquered by Jewish imperial armies in the past 2000 years? None — but they have never stopped backbiting, scheming, manipulating, claiming victimhood, and controlling the narrative and discrediting the powerful.

    Who controls the world today?

    • The one down vote must be from rabbi Schlomo throwing a very used shekel at his schmendrik gopher, Huueschel to scamper over to the computer and push the ‘dislike’ button so Schlomo’s prints wouldn’t be on it to finger him.

      Not surprised at all….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • “Who controls the world today?”

      Same folks that own/control “The City of London”, the federal reserve banks and other ‘central banks’.

      The Rothschilds and their related and connected ‘fellow travellers’
      that continually promote Globo Homo and Feminism across the planet via their equally owned and controlled ‘media/entertainment’ networks, “education system”
      and their ‘corporate employees’ in the various ‘governments’.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. Can the D.C. regime be replaced without a massive hot war? Ideally, in the best circumstances, it would be a Soviet style collapse. Practically a controlled implosion. But these people are so crazy and entitled who knows. The Soviet system never needed pollsters, even at its end. The crazies in D.C. are all about deflection when the going gets tough. As the going gets tougher and tougher for ordinary Americans, and purchasing power continues to vaporize, the blame game will only be stepped up on Russia/China boogyman. Crises will continue to be manufactured overseas so Americans’ crushed standard of living isn’t in the news over here.

    The problem for them is that the American people are selfish and self centered, and will say “what’s that got to do with the price of cereal?” So any manufactured crisis will have to be big enough and dangerous enough to hold their attention. Naval standoffs would be great, as it sort of majestically harkens back to old western movie shootouts in the town square…Sean Hannity having fits on TV….”Thank you for joining us this evening Senator Graham… pleasure Sean……”

    I also love our complex system of checks-and-balances, where an Alzheimer’s patient with declining poll numbers can unilaterally drain the strategic petroleum reserve, because, after all, declining polls are the biggest emergency of all. It would be fitting if we drained it dry and had a REAL crisis, one where not even fire trucks and ambulances can’t find the fuel to respond, let alone trucking in the Walmart rat poison in colorful boxes that the Average American consumes.

    • “Can the D.C. regime be replaced without a massive hot war?”

      Our survival probably hinges on someone coming up with an affirmative answer to that.

      • This scenario has been modeled extensively and the results consistently reveal that a conventional grassroots rebellion yields enormous combatant and civilian casualties, largely because of the extremely high fraction of firearm ownership in the US. Add in that the spring has been winding tighter for several years now and the stored pressure of repressed anger is huge. The first line of LEOs to face this tsunami is in for a big surprise, and they are not the Bad Guys in this feud. The Cloud People desperately want to foment white guys killing off white guys in large numbers.

        But the modelling is also pretty clear about what works with the least negatives. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

        • To do that we’d need iron-clad stealth networks. And a public comments board is obviously not the place to organize that. Meat space, meat space…

          • TomA, the bad news is you’re asking thousands to commit The Perfect Crime.

            The good news is we’ll have to wait for the fog of civil war. So, it has to happen, be ready for your chance and make the opportunity count, yes?

          • Take a few minutes to read up on the stories of Medal of Honor recipients. In almost every case, an ordinary GI stepped up when circumstances demanded extraordinary action and he found himself in the right place and the right time. That is all that is required. We are everywhere all the time. Step up when opportunity knocks. It can be as simple as a flight of stairs.

        • TomA,

          “..The first line of LEOs to face this tsunami is in for a big surprise, and they are not the Bad Guys in this feud. The Cloud People desperately want to foment white guys killing off white guys in large numbers..”

          Ok…ask yourself this, WHO is going to be sent as an ‘authority’ to come to YOUR door with THEIR amped up ‘friends’ to demand that you immediately grant them access so THEY can remove all your guns, ammo and everything else that THEIR bosses say that they confiscate with extreme violence on THEIR part with or without ‘resistance’ on your part?…

          Who is it that will enforce any NEW draconian ‘Pandemic Procedures’ as ordered..including dragging your children and wife away to be force jabbed with an ‘experimental gene altering therapy’ that DOES cause myocarditis, seizures, paralysis, sterility and/or AIDS if not death shortly afterwards..all to fight what IS nothing more than the common cold or flu?…

          Hint: It’s NOT the JW’s that annoyingly come around the neighborhood to waste your time canvassing for their idiotic cult..nor is it the Mormon’s pretty much doing the same.

          It’s the parasite class’s bought and paid for street level leg breakers..the badged orcs and orcettes that HAVE chosen ‘to take the King’s coin’ and do the parasite class’s bidding.

          There are NO more ‘Peace Officers’ around, just robot brained fleshbot “LEO’s” that DON’T think on their own (that’s trained out of them at the academy) and are indoctrinated from day 1 to think “every civy is just a felony on two legs”..of course they forget that they’re civilians too..another thing that they’ve been indoctrinated with.

          Same can be said for the regime’s military too.

          So for F’s sake, STOP this eff’n cop/military worship shit – they’re NOT your friends or saviors..not by a long shot! They WILL come to enslave you as soon as their ‘superiors’ order them to do so..and NO they ‘won’t break ranks to defend/side with non-cops/military’..that’s pure BS fantasy.

          Yes, the Globalist jewish Bankster Rothschild elites that ARE their boss want whites to kill other whites; it’s WHY they instigated Brother Wars like WW1, “The BAD War” and other conflicts..all to both enrich themselves, consolidate power and bring forth a jewish supremacist controlled world as written in their talmud and zohar..and white people do NOT have a place in that world except as either slaves or sex toys.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • And for those that either didn’t hear or see this, here it is from a year ago (and no, nothings changed regarding this..still quietly ongoing):

            Biden presses local officials to use [covid] relief money to tamp down on crime

            “President Biden on Monday used a meeting with mayors and law enforcement leaders to urge local officials to use federal money from the coronavirus relief package and do more to combat a nationwide surge in violent crimes.

            In what he described as a listening session about what is working in different communities, Biden also said more needed to be done to curb gun trafficking and that more funds needed to be injected into community policing programs..”

            And here it is from ‘the horses mouth(hope that Kamala remembered to spit out ‘the zinc supplement’ first…)’:

            Fact Sheet” Biden-Harris Administration Announces Comprehensive Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gun Crime and Ensure Public Safety – The White House

            “President Biden believes that the surge in gun violence that has affected communities across the country over the last year and a half is unacceptable, and his Administration is moving decisively to act with a whole-of-government approach as we enter the summer months when cities typically experience a spike in violence.

            Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing a comprehensive strategy to combat gun violence and other violent crime. This strategy implements preventative measures that are proven to reduce violent crime, and attacks the root causes – including by addressing the flow of firearms used to commit crimes.

            This strategy will use the Rescue Plan’s historic funding levels and clear guidance to help state, local, territorial, and tribal governments get the money they need to put more police officers on the beat – with the resources, training, and accountability they need to engage in effective community policing – in addition to supporting proven Community Violence Intervention programs, summer employment opportunities, and other investments that we know will reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer.

            The strategy will also address the direct link between gun violence and the rise in violent crime by taking immediate steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands, including by strengthening ATF’s efforts to stem the flow of firearms used in crimes, and by launching multijurisdictional firearms trafficking strike forces to stop illegal gun trafficking across state lines…”

            The ‘cov-idiocy’ scamdemic was NEVER about health or wellness…remember that.

            Oh, and about that “as we enter the summer months when cities typically experience a spike in violence.”, funny how they DON’T mention that the great majority of ‘that violence’ in the cities is caused by out of control inner city blacks..a great majority of whom ARE the bastard progeny of single mothers who were are financially enabled and supported by those self-same city governments.

            Of course, they couldn’t make the connection from single mothers to their violence prone bastard children…it would ‘hurt their feelings and be raaaacissst ‘n sheeeeeit’.

            Read Taleeb Starke’s, “The Uncivil War: Blacks vs. Niggers” (and yes, Taleeb’s black).

            Look for it on either amazon or goodreads

            Also recommended:
            Colin Flaherty, “White Girl Bleed A Lot”

            Look for it on amazon or other booksites

            Colin, RIP, has other related titles, but start with ‘WGBAL’ first.

            Of course, the parastite class’s Kabuki Political Theater meatpuppets, Mr Magoo in Depends and Willy Brown’s Kleenex on Two Legs would NEVER admit that the vast majority of ‘violence in the cities’ are the result of niggers and their never ending niggertivity as discussed by Taleeb Starke in his book and also by Flaherty.

            That would make too much sense..not factor into their needs to further militarize the badged orcs and orcettes..and ‘be raaaaacisst ‘n sheeeeit’.

            Gotta keep things in ‘perspective’ least as how THEY see it…

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Could the Soviet leadership cadre be replaced without a massive hot war?

      Turned out against predictions the answer was a resolute “yes.”

      But in our case I and tens of millions are going to insist upon bloodshed for our cadre. They have to die.

      • “But in our case I and tens of millions are going to insist upon bloodshed for our cadre.”

        The Soviet Union falling when it did was an embarassing surprising for a lot of people where it shouldn’t have been. On the other hand, a lot of people have been predicting the American downfall…for as long as I’ve been alive, frankly. None of them have been right with their predictions beyond the basic “it’ll end sometime!!” Just saying, don’t get your masturbatory fantasies for revolution heated up, this empire could die off a lot slower than black mold.

        • As with you, Templar, who should not allow haughty abstention to delude you into believing sageness, wisdom, morality or even relevance.

        • My view has always been, the currency will tell the tale. The state of the dollar internationally and domestically will presage the outcome. Right now, even after all the hits and mismanagement, it’s still pretty stable. We’ve been very lucky that the Europeans decided to vendor finance all of Southern Europe by including them in the Euro. Never invest south of the Alps, only sit on the nude beach and relax. A Nord-Euro would be giving us a run for our money already.

          • JR Wirth: My husband quipped he’ll believe the dollar is truly being displaced when the drug cartels stop accepting it. Anyone have any contacts?

          • @3g4me

            The drug runners like dollars partly becuase the US has never cancelled any currency.

            Other nations do it all the time, so you can’t just keep the notes as they might pull them from under you.

            Boy they are going to get a shock when the US moves to digital currency.

            You would expect a huge flood of physical dollars iback into the system

            If the drugdollar loses its status that will be akin to the loss of the petro aspect.

        • The end did come. There was a coup, enforced by continuing military occupation of the capital. They put it on TV. Almost nobody acknowledged it.

          • The avarage NPC/normie is still too comfortable, well fed and ‘happy’ to give a rats ass about what’s happening.

            As long as the shiny box keeps them entertained and [mis]informed..the food and gas is plentiful and cheap and they ‘have it good’, they’ll continue to accept shit day to day..doesn’t matter to them if it’s ‘Orange Man’ or ‘Mr. Magoo in Depends’..long as the good times roll!!

            Fact is, they WANT to be ruled – easier to live that way than take responsibility for their own lives and actions every day..that’s hard work!

            Add in most don’t ‘see a problem’..or ‘feel the pain’.

            When their pain and anger override either their fear and/or complacency..and ONLY then, will they start to act.

            Not one second before..if ever.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • True but the US hasn’t been a condition like this in any of our lifetimes.

          Also a lot of people generally don’t think the US will end till the 2030’s . This has as long as I can remember been the guesstimate of most of the militia right and various tuned in people.

          That it matches Strauss and Howe’s 4th turning to a tee suggests its a good estimate though sooner or later are of course possible.

        • Revolutions usually need a push from outside. The USSR ruble was already sanctioned then, not recognized in our system at the time, wasn’t it?

          So we were the outside force. Maybe we’ll be repaid in the same coin, indicated an economic, not a hot war.

  13. An economic war is not a war of conquest. Conquest means just that, not mere economic meddling. Blackistan has no plan to conquer Russia.

    Regardless of Taiwan’s status, China is anything but landlocked. It has one of the longest coastlines of any nation, and one of the world’s greatest deep-water harbors in Hong Kong.

    Terminology matters.

    • “An economic war is not a war of conquest”

      It can be. The winner rolls in to take over in a limo, not a tank.

      • Even if Blackistan successfully collapsed Russia’s economy–highly unlikely–the Russians would never roll over and allow the enemy to occupy their land with no shots fired. Conquest would have to be military, and we all know that can never happen. Blackistan’s nipple-clamped purveyors of tranny worship, riding in on their Wiener-mobiles would be annihilated by tough Russian men fighting for their own blood and soil.

        • “Conquest would have to be military”

          No it wouldn’t HAVE to. Coups, infiltration, blackmail, bribes…. Russia in the ’90s, Ukraine in ’14, all of Europe being b*tch-slapped around by the EU for 40 years, honestly America today. A-holes taking over countries is a dirty black art. And when salt-of-the-earth try to raise hell against this, you Jan 6 them.

          • Moran –

            I’d argue that the U.S. has had an operational 5th column actively working against the founding principles of this nation – at least – since WWI. One could probably make the argument it began before. I’m open to suggestions. That said, I’d say since – at least – the Obama Admin it has completely come “out of the closet”; they don’t even bother hiding who they are anymore, rather revel in it: BLM/Human Rights Campaign Fund/NEA/ADL etc. We’ve all known how the hard Left used to hide/cloak themselves in admins before – Carter/Clinton – but they’ve outed themselves Full Monty.

            What we’re dealing with is the active & overt implementation of “The 45 Stated Goals of Communism”. Released in the 1950’s & read into the Congressional Record in 1963. Go thru the list here, you’ll be blown away by how many have already been implemented:

          • That is color revolution, not conquest. And, as long as Russia is ruled by people like Putin who are on to Blackistan’s skullduggery, it won’t succeed in Russia. Russia has the ability to resist. And more important, it has the will that virtually every other nation has lacked.

        • “Russians would never roll over and allow the enemy to occupy their land with no shots fired.”

          Unless GAE somehow succeeds installing a new Boris Yeltsin. That seems to be the goal, anyway.

          • Russia will suspend election before that happens and I suspect most Russians will breath a sigh of relief at that.

            Also its very hard to influence someone who you have such tough sanctions on that they are not involved with you at all.

            Some NGO shows up anyway ? Deported, gulag or shot

        • Russian has been seriously invaded twice in the last 200 years – they didn’t quit fighting and it didn’t turn out well for the invaders.

          • And–something Blackistan’s propaganda organs never mention–Russia has been repeatedly invaded by the West, but the reverse never happened unless it was a counter-invasion (Napoleonic Wars, WWII). From a historic standpoint, Russia has had far more to fear from the West then vice versa.

    • You could also point out that Russia has a massive coast line and a few large ports, yet year round access to the sea has always been one of their goals, if not for the Brits they would have liberated Constantinople

      China will take back Taiwan eventually

      • Even there, Russia is not landlocked. Slovakia is landlocked. Kansas is landlocked.

        But, yes, because a high percentage of Russia’s coastline is inaccessible for much of the year, the acquisition of warm-water ports has been a theme of modern Russian history. The same, alas, cannot be said for China.

    • The island chain of American influence from the Philippines to Japan is called the Pacific Shield.

      American naval bases are there to contain Communism and its meagre navies, enforcing UN / US hegemony over global shipping and trade routes.

      (That the 10th District Federal Reserve banks, Wall Street, Avenue of the Americas media capitol, and UN HQ on donated Rockefeller land all sit in the same city tell us where the Second Imperial Capitol, the occupation government seat of power, actually is.)

  14. China neighbors Russia and they share an extensive land border we cannot disrupt. They are completely self-sufficient.

  15. The multipolar world is well under way. Russia has already won its war – what remains is the mop up, which Zelensky/DC refuse to acknowledge and will sacrifice tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops for.

    Remember Biden’s “Brandenberg Moment”TM as Zman termed it? That was Biden trying to scuttle the peace talks, on extremely short notice. Yes, DC is that brilliant and “morally principled”. So instead of wanting peace, DC has shown itself to be sandbagging not only peace, but reality.

    The Russians are not hobbled by any fantasyland dreams. Kneecapping Russian POWs (whether it appears on Twitter or not) will not be tolerated and Putin is fully committed to destroying the entire Ukrainian army in urban shootouts if need be – in spite of giving Ukrainian combatants every “out” possible – including simply giving their word (parole) not to fight in the early days and then letting fighting aged men exit in the humanitarian corridors.

    DC is tripping on its very own well-insulated reality – really ever since Hillary blamed Russia for her email mismanagement. Most recently, Ukraine lost a power plant in kind for their paying Russia a short visit to destroy one of its power plants. That is reality. India and Pakistan nearing rapproachment terms is reality. Saudi Arabia proceeding with caution is reality. Putin (home score 84 and climbing) while Biden (home score 37 and dropping) is reality. Ain’t no Twitter campaign mighty enough to reverse the New New World Order Biden started with his brilliant sanctions dance moves.

    And what exactly is Obama doing in the White House?

    • “And what exactly is Obama doing in the White House?”

      Officially, advocating the latest incarnation of the Affordable Care Act which he supervised Potato Joe enacting via executive order. Which he obviously didn’t have to be there for.

      Unofficially, yet publicly, he insulted Joe, insulted Joe’s dogs and got Joe to thank him for being the Real President In the Room in so many words.

      The visit was a power flex. “Don’t worry, folks, I’m still the boss of the White House.”

      • Nothing like a good public PepRally of self-congratulations to celebrate permanent bureaucratic meddling with medical care. They were close to simultaneous orgasming over their ramrodded achievement of mediocrity. Glory Days!

    • “And what exactly is Obama doing in the White House?”

      Panicking, in full chunking their boxers mode. Trying mightily to put out the fire they’ve started before the POTATUS gets them all killed.

      What a great catch. Epic!! What if Zelensky ain’t the only one eyeing escape hatches? Except, !! they hain’t got one !! No where to run!!

      • The only global warming that flooded anything of O’Homo’s was his husband Michael invading his backside and flooding his bum with a triple strength zinc enhanced liquid blast.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • A most pertinent question: “And what exactly is Obama doing in the White House?”

      I don’t follow the news that closely. But I did live most of my life (until about age 42) around DC. A former President visiting the White House is almost unheard of, to my memory at least. Very rare except at, say, funerals for other Presidents.

      Yes, as others speculate today, there are powerful forces acting behind the scenes. This has zero to do with a revision to Obamacare. Perhaps some type of signaling, however…of defiance perhaps, against the Clinton faction? If Obama is truly an influencer, he certainly doesn’t need to appear in the White House in any capacity.

      Perhaps I’m being swayed by others’ comments, but I tend to agree to a plausible explanation: Obama visiting his onetime VP makes little sense except as a public display of who is REALLY in charge. Perhaps to instill confidence in his minions?

  16. “It seems pretty clear that Washington will not allow Zelensky to make a deal with Russia, so what happens when the Ukrainians get tired of dying and kill Zelensky instead? Will his replacement be recognized? These simple questions make clear that this war Washington has launched against Moscow goes well beyond the events in Ukraine. It is a war of conquest.”

    The only real attempts to negotiate peace have come from Paris, and possibly other European nations behind the scenes. For the Americans, the only acceptable outcome either is outright war with Russia or a permanent guerilla war in the Ukraine. If Putin underestimated anything, it was how batshit crazy D.C. is and removed from reality its mandarins are. The only way this stops is if the financial oligarchs balk, which certainly will happen if it widens to include China and may happen as they become ostracized even in friendly nations. The oligarchs may not have the juice we credit them, though.

    “The Chinese could pick a range of strategically important products to withhold from the West. This would have a real impact on the imperial subjects living in North America. Imagine a shortage of clothing and vehicle tires or a shortage of car parts.”

    The odds are the PRC will start with pharmaceuticals. The only real alternative is India, which the brainiacs have also alienated. Imagine tens of millions of Americans without psychotropics for more than a few days.

    “China is not the only other front in this burgeoning global economic war. India has been hostile to the empire since the war on Russia started. Saudi Arabia has also been unpleasant about the sanctions regime. Most likely the pending Iran deal has been scuttled to keep Riyadh from changing teams. Then you have the global south, which will suffer first in this war. How the West keeps them from moving north en masse is a question no one seems to ask.”

    The rational play would be to scuttle the Iran deal and make nice with India and the Saudis. The people on this side of the Atlantic are not rational. In the end, large swathes of Europe will break from the United States, and break hard, and Canada may follow them. The United States has literally nothing to offer outside of weapons systems and debt.

    “No one knows if Washington has thought this through, but we do know who will pay the price.”

    The only thought given this madness is disordered and soon will be unmedicated. The die is cast, and like all empires this one will end in sorrow, possibly by the end of autumn.

    • > Imagine tens of millions of Americans without psychotropics for more than a few days.

      That might actually be the first step towards fixing our problems.

      • Currently, masks are a pretty good identifier of potentially unstable people – but at least you can see them coming. Take away the psychotropics and one really will need to be on guard.

      • Imagine tens of millions of Americans without cheap imported stuff on the shelves at Wallywoild or other stores for more than a few days.

        It wouldn’t just be the inner city pavement apes that WOULD be going full chimpout….

        Just another reason NOT to live in or anywhere near ANY city.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • “The rational play would be to scuttle the Iran deal and make nice with India and the Saudis. The people on this side of the Atlantic are not rational”

      Indeed. But taking one step back, if China is your main rival, your first two valentines should be Russia (resources and northern flank) and India (demographic mass to mach China’s). They long ago alienated Russia. Now they are alienating India, which is not too happy about China so should be open to American approaches.

      How are they not setting America up for defeat?? Does Globohomo have a death wish??

      • They are basically Team Evil, Steiner’s three great sins Lust, Domination and Spite ride them like a skin suit.

        So they won’t and can’t make rational or moral decisions simply because they lack the capacity for moral reasoning.

        No one in power wants the Good, the True and the Beautiful and they actively recoil from them as you can see from Biden’s first act as President revoking a Trump executive order requiring attractive buildings of a certain style.

        Because of Spite they can’t back down or back off as noted by sanctioning Putin’s daughter

      • ‘(((Globo-Homo Inc))) is TOO big to fail!

        But you and I and others here…aren’t.

        Always keep that in mind. We’re just ‘groceries’ on the store shelf for THEM to pick up and use when THEY desire.

        It will continue to be so until we develop parallel and unconnected culture and support system for us. Unconnected to THEM.

        That, and TWRA!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  17. As I’m sure most of the readers of this blog have as well, I did see the video clips of Biden stumbling aimlessly around like a sad, confused puppy while Obama waltzed around the room confidently drowning in adoration from the sycophants who attend such cloud people gatherings.

    I’m always seeing broader cultural messages in such seemingly trivial events. Sure, we can comment on the specific people involved and the dynamics of elite power structures in a formulaic way, but I tend to see what happened as a reflection of cultural undercurrents.

    Biden is symbolic. He is the clueless old white man that the cloud people wish to parade around to remind us all that white people’s days are numbered. Even as many of the people pulling the strings are themselves white, or, (Ahem), “white”, they hide behind the cover of reverence to symbolic brown people.

    For them, Obama heralded the new world order, or “the great reset” as it has actually been planned for a long time. He himself is not much more than a figurehead in the apparatchik, but the party itself needs him to get out front and remind everyone of the ultimate mission.

    This juxtaposition of confused old white man and smooth, confident, black man of the people is not an accident and never was.

    That’s why Trump’s popularity was a threat.

    • That’s also why they are on a Mad Dash to get Trump on any kind of federal charge they can dig up, to prevent another run.

  18. “The main focus right now is Moscow, but they also have Beijing in their crosshairs and maybe even New Delhi.”

    An extremely divided USA (340 mill), supported by a worse than lukewarm Europe (550 mill) taking on first Russia (144 mill) and later China (1,400 mill) and then, because the plate does not seem full, India (another 1,400 mill), this is more loopsided than Germany taking on Russia and the USA. This is like a tiger storming angrily into a herd of elephant bulls in musth (high testo ‘heat’ for male elephants where they are very aggressive). The predictable result will be one very flat tiger ground into dust. America does not have a snowball’s chance in hell against such overwhelming forces of natural resources and demographics. It’s Germany’s insane 1941 grand strategy decisions, Russia + USA, all over again. And no, technology is not America’s secret trump; Russia is the current leader in missiles:

    • Globohomo may just repeat Hitler’s mistake of taking on overwhelming powers at the same time. Globohomo will kill us, it HAS to fall. Is it too much to ask that it does not fall via Chinese ‘liberation’?? Between a rock and a hard place….. :-/ Maybe it’s time to read about Count von Staufenberg. He would appreciate the dilemma slowly emerging on the horizon.

    • Depends on the strategy. The people behind The Longer Telegram want to defeat China by subversion, focusing on the top of CCP leadership. Probably unrealistic, but they will try anyway.

      • I imagine it is subversion all around in their plan. But two can play that. China has been buying foreign governments, from Nepal and Sri Lanka to various African countries, for decades. They are not new to that game. Globohomo vs the CCP is really Satan vs the Devil. And we’re in the middle of that.

        • “Globohomo vs the CCP is really Satan vs the Devil. And we’re in the middle of that.”

          (This deeply religious atheist slaps forehead. “That’s it! That’s exactly the spiritual dynamic, the earthbound Lord of Hell, that I’m talkin’ ’bout! Versus the Heavenbound, the Gate of white people!”)

          Sorry, OT, so I’m whispering.

    • Moran: Not to mention the millions of 1st and 2nd generation Indians and Han with magic American papers. The vast majority of them don’t give a f**k about Ukraine – what’s eastern Europe to them? But involve their homelands (where many of them still spend all school vacation time and all still have enormous extended families) and we’ll all see much more clearly just how divided AINO actually is.

      And regardless of who has better missile technology, there is no question as to who has a larger cadre of patriotic and hard men determined to defend their country – and that ain’t us. With all due respect to the militia right guys, today’s army is not the same organization as the one you fought with in Iraq and Afghanistan – and even then American ‘warriors’ had to be provided with constant phone and visual contact with their mommies and all sorts of other creature comforts. Deprive today’s ‘warriors’ of their hormones and psychotropics and then let loose the . . . poodles of . . . hissy fits.

      • Exactly. We need to get rid of the current regime. While avoiding another foreign take-over. This increasingly feels like DRs are the guy at the poker table without any chips left. If the game ends up being settled just between various devils, the outcome will not be good for us. We need to get rid of the local regime post-haste.

  19. list of “right-wing sites”‘ which stands with Ukraine or with Russia
    (work in progress)

    -The Spectator
    -American Renaissance (they cowardly don’t speak about, SO they are not against Zelinsky)
    -American Mind (more or less)
    -American Thinker
    -VDare (more or less)
    -Affirmative Right
    -Richard Spencer, I guess


    -The american conservative (surprisingly)
    -site of JK Kunstler
    -site of Anglin
    -Identity Dixie
    -American Greatness (discretely)
    -Jim’s blog
    -substack of Moldbug
    -Takimag (very very discretely)
    -Unz review
    -Occidental Observer
    -Occidental Dissent
    -Keith Wood


    I don’t follow ramzpaul, scott adams and many others, so I wish Zblog readers will enlarge this list 🙂

    • I think Brad Griffin does his best to emphasize neutrality and his displeasure at our involvement in a Slavic brother war.

      His articles do take to task ZOG’s role in instigating things, with a fair amount of historical context on why Russia is doing what they’re doing, but I do strongly feel that Brad is taking the position that I take, which is neutrality and nuanced. No it isn’t “big brained centrism”, because I’m not a centrist. I just don’t feel that I can dismiss Ukraine’s genuine desire to be a sovereign state, even if ZOG’s interests align with Ukraine’s. My only concern is the
      Tolerance of globohomo that this requires of Ukraine. This is why I also the into consideration the ethnic Russians who live there and the more “conservative” minded
      Ukrainians who are torn between allying with their ethnic kin and accepting globohomo vs sympathizing with Russia and sticking to principles regardless of cultural and ethnic ties and conflicts.

    • Scott Adams is not even close to right-wing. On top of that, he is one of the biggest morons alive.

      • Scott Adams is probably closer to a globalist than anything. He regards business tycoons as the highest authority in any matter and uses a heuristic that the more money you have the more likely you are to be correct. He was only pro-Trump because he saw Trump as rich and successful.

        Of course this type A philosophy hasn’t actually made him all that successful or happy in the grand scheme of things given he has no kids of his own and his trophy wife just dumped him.

    • More on the Russia side, or at least the not-on-Ukraine/Globohomo side: Mark Collett, Red Ice, TRS guys, FTN guys, Felix Rex (Black Pigeon Speaks), Matt Bracken, Vox Day….

    • Thanks! Am Greatness is Taki, quietly trying to nudge Americans without inflaming the Darbyist evangelicals.

      (For our foreign readers, Darby and Scofield were pro-Zion propagandists hired by Herzl types to influence American Christian sympathies when we started getting immigrants from the Pale from 1881 to 1924. This is also when one of them started what became the New York Times.)

      • Oh, mean ‘pastor hagee’ and his flock of ‘Trans-Van-Gelicals’ (they’ve replaced worship of Jesus and His Father with idolization of jews and israel)?

        Those ‘evangelicals’?….

        Yup, Trans-Van-Gelicals definitly fits.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Andrei Martyanov (smoothiex12) is a former Soviet military man with a blog and podcast. Obviously he is pro-Russia.

      Gerald Celente is a curmudgeon and trend forecaster who is opposed to war in general.

      The Duran has been pretty good, they claim to play it down the middle, but there is definitely a slight pro-Russia lean in their commentary.

  20. Nonsense, listening to Steve Sailer I believe the Russians are losing badly. Sailer also informed me that the GDP line for Russia will go down, and that would probably make the economy gods angry.

    But seriously between Russia and Covid I no longer respect Sailer. How a man who made a living pointing out the lies of the media can swallow media lies on different topics is beyond me. His entire shtick has devolved into snark. I could easily foresee him writing another snide attack on Putin, right before the California infrastructure fails for good and he no longer has internet.

    • A guy whom you agree with then has an opinion on Current Thing you don’t agree with does not make him a lie-swallower.

    • Sailer’s decent the past couple of years has been hard to watch. I figured after the embarrassment of Covid that he’d pull things together a bit, but he’s lost his way again.

      Regardless, I was losing interest in Sailer well before Covid. At some point, I noticed that his whole schtick was to make fun of the bully by stating fairly obvious things. But for that to work, you need the bully, which is why Sailer never talks about how to take on the bully or how to create separate world apart from the bully.

      Okay, Steve, we get it; there are racial differences on average. So what do we do about it?

      Also, Steve’s reluctance to just come and say who’s side he’s on is bordering on cowardly. My suspicion is that he has the same take as Charles Murray, i.e. the worst thing about identity politics is that whites might start thinking of themselves as a group as well. But Steve won’t admit it, probably because he’s worried about losing some of this donors.

      So, he sticks with his ridiculous Citizenism, which is just an HBD-aware version of colorblind civic nationalism, which is just a form of escapism. That Steve ignore the inherent contradictions of Citizenism and the fact that colorblind civic nationalism has been an abject failure for 60 years shows that he’s no longer a serious thinker.

      • Citizen, I’ve read some of your critical comments at Sailer’s site, which I greatly appreciate. As a longtime Sailer reader and fan it’s disappointing that he’s still stuck in 2004. You would think he might get just a little bit angry that today, the attack on Whites is ubiquitous, and all he can muster is some snarky comments here and there.

        • Yeah, I get a bit harsh on Steve sometimes. It’s foolish on my part. He is what he is.

          It’s probably because he did help me on my journey to this side of the great divide, so it’s frustrating that he won’t move forward in his thinking.

          But what gets me angry is that he won’t choose a side. I don’t even care if he sides with Murray. Just be honest about where you stand.

          Instead, he sticks with making fun of how the NYT keeps harping on black women’s hair or how they can’t figure out why blacks don’t perform as well as whites or Asians.

          Steve has no desire to think about how we should deal with the realities of HBD.

          But, more importantly, Steve seems oblivious to the the implications of his own definition of race, which is that it’s an extended family. Steve’s HBD version of colorblind civic nationalism – Citizenism – is inhuman: it asks us to treat a stranger who happens to have a piece of paper saying “American” on it with the same loyalty as we show our own family.

          That’s not just impractical; it’s evil. That Sailer hasn’t figured that out yet shows a serious lack of character.

          • Years ago, I thought his Citizenism was a reasonable plan. I eagerly looked forward to his debate with Jared Taylor, who took the side of pro-“HuWhite” (haha) advocacy. Taylor ended up as the winner of that debate in my opinion. Even through years of more demographic change and increasing anti-white attacks, Steve still stubbornly clings to it.

      • I agree and would extend this to the whole HBD space. It is a good example of how all the facts in the world cannot shake some people from their faith in the system.

        • It’s stunning how Sailer clings to – and seeks the approval of – a system that hates him.

      • Citizen: Extend your doubts further: Would a ‘serious thinker’ have come up with the dubious concept of ‘citizenism’ in the first place, especially if he truly accepted the truth of HBD? And eternal snark in the face of serious cultural and demographic genocide is the mark of coward. Full stop.

        While we all make what economic adjustments we can given that almost all ‘national’ companies hate us, I do try to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to social/political writers. I don’t believe people ‘deserve’ financial support just because they might have had a reasonable thought in the past, or because they’re old, or appear urbane, or because they call themselves by one label or another. My financial support in this area is now strictly limited to Zman. And I’d much rather help him leave Baltimore than fund Sailer’s wife’s kitchen.

        • I stopped supported Sailer a year or two ago. Now, I sent money to Zman and Paul Ramsey monthly and a few others here and there.

          I also buy Alaska Chaga as gifts, especially for my liberal friends and family.

          As to Sailer, I’m 99% sure that his views are the same as Charles Murray, not just on white identity politics but on most things.

          What’s really sad about Sailer is that he still desires the approval of a system that hates him. At least Murray got a sweet think tank job out of his disdain for his how people.

          • It really bugged me he totally went down the covid rabbit hole. And being such a big “stats” guy, he’s never even broached the topic of mask and lockdown worth, let alone vax efficacy and safety – he’s completely ignored the mounting undeniable evidence – unforgivable.

          • Steve’s reputation as a stats guy was mortally wounded. He also couldn’t seem to understand the concept of a cost-benefit analysis.

            It was all very weird.

      • I’m an occasional Sailer reader. Not enough to judge whether your critique is accurate. I will say in Steve’s defense though: Why must a writer take sides? Sure, we’d love for someone to apparently commit to the ideals of our side. As a student of literature, I have been introduced to various forms of discourse, even if I’m not smart enough to remember their correct terms 😀

        One gambit is to appear as neutral and objective as possible, yet pick and choose various strengths and weaknesses of different views or facts. This in so many words, allows the narrator to appear neutral while he implicitly lets the facts convince the reader of unnamed conclusions. For example hypothetically let’s say that Steve writes a piece where he dogmatically asserts that “I support a color-blind non-racist society based on equal treatment for all.” But the facts and situations he explores show that Blacks are dumb, criminal and good at sports, while Whites to some extent, but especially Chinese and European Jews excel at the brainy stuff.

        I think that you fault Sailer again, not only because he doesn’t take a position, but because he doesn’t offer any solutions. I too wish that all solutions had easy problems. Alas that is rarely the case in the real world. Shooting the messenger if he brought bad tidings won’t make the news any less true. But expecting the messenger to be the vanguard of a new revolution isn’t very realistic, either, is it?

        Clearly the above example would show partiality. But for that matter, why can’t a writer truly attempt to be impartial, presenting two or more versions of a complex often controversial topic? But even this has its risks. Consider the Ukraine conflict we currently are debating. I’ve not followed it much, simply because I suspect that both sides are mostly lying and basically there’s not much I can do one way or the other. It’s going to affect me, but I can’t influence it. But Globohomo clearly has taken a “Pro-Ukraine” side, at least in the sense of that being the only acceptable message for popular media, social media discussion and so forth. As such, Russian media has been limited or banned in the West. But even a nuanced, neutral discussion of background issues, such as one will find in articles at Unz and no doubt other places, would be attacked by Globohomo as being “Pro-Russian,” even if it could be shown to be demonstrably neutral. Does that make sense?

        • “Why must a writer take sides?”

          He doesn’t on inconsequential matters or matters that he doesn’t have enough facts.

          On the matter of the survival of whites as a people, that’s pretty fucking consequential and Sailer has plenty of fucking facts.

          Grow a pair and pick a side Sailer.

    • This has astonished me with a friend of mine that’s a normie con. He pointed out all the lies of the media with covid, and had his eyes wide open on it, but he’s swallowed all the Ukraine propaganda hook, line, and sinker. How can you go from seeing the media lying to you constantly on one topic, and then think they’re telling the truth on a different one?

      • What do they call that thing that scientist/author Michael Crichton came up with? You’re an expert on a topic and read about it in the newspaper, and you easily see the lies, then turn the next page and read about a topic you don’t know much about and believe every word.

    • You could make the case that the Russians are losing, but only if you knew exactly what their real goals are

      I think Putin wanted to take all of the Ukraine, but that looks beyond his reach now

      I think the Russians will take a big bite out of the Ukraine, leaving behind a neutral rump state. Agreeing to this will get Zelenskyy killed and could start a civil war, in the end Ukrainian nationalists will end up feeling like total suckers, they may hate the US more than they hate Russia/Putin. And they can’t see this coming

      • You know, the Chechens didn’t become the ‘white jihadi’ infiltrators they were about to be. Putin put a stop to that.

        The Israeli-created “Nazis” might be reduced to the status of Albanian gangs in Flint and Paris.

        They’re currently slaughtering citizens who are trying to flee up the Russian humanitarian corriders, or staging MI6 false flags (Bucha), at Zelensky’s orders, so they might have an extremely short live span. Its all or nothing for them now.

    • Sailer is good at writing things that might — just might! — change the thinking of reasonable people who are sort of on the fence about crime, HBD, immigration, and related issues. Changing people’s minds is hard, and it’s even harder if you can’t come across as a reasonable person yourself. Sailer is good at coming across as a reasonable person, in part because he avoids freaking out over off message side issues like covid and Ukraine. As a result, actually has a certain amount of influence.

      Z, on the other hand, is absolutely great at writing things that reinforce the thinking of people who already think like him. Anyone else, not so much…

      • JEB: Yet you can’t help but continue to read and return to castigate us unreasonables, your butthurt on full display.

      • Sailer is useful for helping Normies accept racial differences.

        However, Steve then tries to steer them toward colorblind civic nationalism and, most definitely, away from white identity politics.

        Steve would have been useful in the 1980s and 1990s when whites still had a chance at preserving our majority. But that time has past, but Steve refuses to move.

        • “Sailer is useful for helping Normies accept racial differences.

          However, Steve then tries to steer them toward colorblind civic nationalism and, most definitely, away from white identity politics.”

          Can we say….controlled opposition/gate keeper?…

 and the late Mr. Rodgers thought you could.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  21. Funny how we’ve recently started seeing stories about new Covid breakouts and new rounds of lockdowns in China. That kind of thing was Communist SOP during the Cold War to cover for big military movements (obviously it wasn’t a virus — the world was far, far less stupid during the Cold War — but they’d pull some “natural disaster” thing that didn’t show up on satellite).

    And who can blame them? Even if they don’t want to make a hard, shooting-war play for Taiwan at the present time, if I were advising Pooh Bear I’d tell him to put on some big “readiness exercise,” just to fuck with “Biden.” Since it’s now clear even to the dumbest that Tapioca Joe isn’t in charge of anything — I can’t believe The Media was dumb enough to post that video, but… there it is — a good hard crisis in the South China Sea would smoke out most of Biden’s puppeteers. Plus watching Private Citizen Obama suddenly start acting like the Commander in Chief would be hilarious.

    • Uh, Obama looked pretty in charge to me when I watched yesterday’s video clips from the WH.

      I’m pretty sure I saw Val Jarrett in frame in at least one of the groupings Obama was leading.

      • But that’s the thing, and why it’s necessary to make some kind of official move — it is beneath the dignity of any country to negotiate with a private citizen. Biden’s a token, yeah, but tokens have real importance in the Great Game. World War I could’ve been avoided with a few phone calls… but nobody could get their equivalent on the horn, because a Kaiser does not talk to a lowly Premier or Prime Minister and there is no Prussian prime minister for the British or French to talk to.

        There has to be a name on military mobilization orders. That name must, of necessity, be Brandon’s. And yet, “negotiating” with Brandon is useless, because even though his name is on the order he doesn’t really decide anything. And it is impossible to negotiate with Private Citizen Obama, or Private Citizen Ron Klain, or Private Citizen Mark Zuckerberg, and so on.

        Very, very, very bad shit happens when national leaders can’t get their equivalents on the phone. A South China Sea crisis might well force a… well, let’s not say r*g*me ch*ng* here at home, lest the Eye of Sauron fall upon us… let’s say “corporate restructuring.” That’s the point of the exercise.

        That’s what I’d tell Pooh Bear, anyway, and Vladdy Daddy and whoever else is listening. (Narendra Modi is a hardcore Hindu nationalist and NOT down with Drag Queen Story Hour).

      • Wild Geese: They’ve been running things in tandem since Biden was installed. Jarrett in particular – vile anti-White c**t.

    • The dog that has not barked is the division among the oligarchs over China. That will hurt them, and while we/I attribute great power to our oligarchs, they have unleashed madness and irrationality. If this stops, they will stop it, and they seem to me to be losing their grip. Normally, that would make me happy, but under these circumstances better the devil you know, who is at least medicated.

      The Chinese are gearing up to shut down their trade with the West. What we will notice first is when Americans start to run out of PRC-manufactured psychotropics. At that point, we will long for the days of Covid Karens.

      • There’s a lot of covid insanity in China right now. Lockdowns in Shanghai and other places. This could just be CCP being CCP, or it could be a cover for shutting down exports without being explicit about it. That way they can hurt us without triggering US sanctions.

        • Isn’t there a faction opposed to Xi based in Shanghai that holds significant power?

          My take on the lockdowns there is that Xi is trying to show that faction who’s boss, once and for all.

      • I can’t be the only one who looks forward to China cutting off our supplies of vital materials. The great sorting out can’t take place until this happens. Necessity is the mother of invention and who cares if we need to let a million padded rooms bloom in the meantime? Two birds, one stone, I say.

        • Free markets (even disrupted markets) will not provide investment in creating new domestic supply if breaks are seen as temporary.
          If there are no permanent tarrifs/ VAT / currency peg in place to protect the domestic market, then new domestic businesses will be crushed once international trade is re-opened.
          Harley Davidson motorcycles is still a thing because Regan slapped a huge tariff of Japanese bikes.

    • I don’t think China has a coof problem that they think is real.

      I just think they are seeing that they can add many percent to the already spiraling inflation to further damage the US and are just prepared to use the coof as the reason to do it.

    • It’s possible the video of Obama and Ole Shufflin’ Joe was released as one of the beginning moves in Biden’s coming defenestration. There’s a reason the NYT and the Post started talking about that laptop.

      • Agree, manc.
        Kamala quickly announcing Obama as VP, when Potato has his covid-induced stroke?

        • Obama served 2 terms and is not eligible to be VP per 25th Amendment. But he wasn’t eligible to be President, either (clearly Kenyan), and the media won that for him, so yeah, it could happen.

          Back to Z’s piece. I think at least part of what’s happening with Russia and China are ramifications of the Clinton/Obama internecine battle for who will be puppetmaster.

          • The Globalist pedo Rothschilds that own and control “The City of London” and every other ‘central bank’ ARE the ‘HMF’sIC’.

            O’homo, Ropey Dopey Magoo with leaky Depends and all the rest are merely Kabuki Political Theater meatpuppets that perform
            in (((THEIR))) show.

            And that does include hiligula too.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  22. Can anyone find a consistent strategy amongst the crazy quilt of Globo actions here? It just makes no sense. We’re waging a proxy war in Ukraine while crushing our energy industry while killing Keystone PL while begging Venezuela and Saudi for more oil. Meanwhile, we simultaneously threaten China, while the NBA and the Mouse make nice with them, while we force a delisting of their ADRs while Hunter Biden does big business with them and Wall Street looks to buy Chinese real estate on the cheap. And of course we threaten India while we bump the Visa program up again!

    So Zman theorizes that we’ve launched financial WWIII and this is possible. But it looks to me more like a series of uncoordinated grifts that have turned violent and are working at cross purposes against each other. I don’t see much method here, just plenty of madness. Maybe the spastic financial flailing of the US Elite looks strategic, but these are the same folks that airlifted pallets of cash to Iraq and just left Afghanistan.

    • I’ve no explanation to offer, but I do have some black humor to show that world politics is a Twilight Zone, is nothing new.

      Back in the Reagan 80s there was a political cartoon that went more or less. (All the incidents cited were factual, by the way):

      The USA is funding a China-trained Maoist “freedom fighter” (Savimbi) in a Marxist country (Angola), to attack oil wells operated by a U.S. Oil Company (Gulf), said wells guarded by Cuban troops with arms supplied by the Soviet Union.

      If any of that makes sense to you, there’s a high-paying job waiting for you at the State Department!

  23. China is a paper tiger. A trade war would hurt them as much as us, and nobody will win it. They are also propped up by running ludicrous deficits. 80% of the water that comes out of the rap in China is unpottable. 15 out of 20 of the world’s dirtiest cities are in China. Because Chinese families value males over females, they’ve been aborting pregnancies with female babies, and an entire generation of males are coming of age in China and will have no mates. The conditions are ripe for Mutiny On The Bounty in China. In addition to that… Japan will not sit idly by in something like that. If they arm up again as they’ve promised to do in the event that the Chinese dragon roars… that corner of the world is gonna be LIT.

    This is a bush war. The Euros will deal, they have no other choice. Last I saw they’re paying $10.00 for a gallon of gas in Germany and that could easily double if Vlad closes the valves.

    It is too soon to panic.

    • China is a paper tiger.

      I’m also unsure of China’s strength. Much is made of the US’s almighty untapped natural resources, lack of manufacturing, hemorrhaging of IP to China, incompetent leadership, epic dearth of social capital &c. But…

      What of China? What are her trade links? On what does she depend and how many hard resources does she possess? What is her capacity to make conventional war?* What of the state of her population? What of her neighbours?

      I could be talking out of my backside, of course. But if Brandon can have his handler’s opinion, then so can I!

      * It sounds stupid, but even if China has the weapons, does it have the knowledge to do battle well? The US does still carry a considerable reputation – let’s face it, if they didn’t, a serious power play (physical) would have been made by now. During the siege of Malta, the Italian Navy had some nice new shiny battleships. The tech was allegedly superior to what the British had… but Admiral Cunningham remarked that the Italians were afraid of Britain’s reputation at sea – so lost their bottle many a time, when they could have done serious damage.

      • China produces oil, but would it be enough to sustain an industrial war effort? In theory they could buy it from Russia, and Russia could feed them, but are the Russians reliable allies? I wonder because, you know, WWII and the Cold War.

        • China and Russia are more reliable friends of convenience, I would not go so far as to call them allies, than are USA and Canada.

          • The US could make Russia and China allies if they push (as has been rumored here) for regime change in both countries. Nixon’s visit to Mao was the beginning of a strategy to separate Russia and China.

            This was working until the last couple of decades and the sand wars. Now with a growing recognition of the foolishness of depending on China for cheap manufactured goods and the possibility of weaning ourselves of the teat, does China have as much to lose as before? Why would China gracefully allow us to wind down imports while building up home production capacity? I’d leverage that advantage while I still had it.

    • Over a billion people is nothing to sneeze at, especially if they’re mostly males, but I tend to agree China’s economic might is tenuous, though less so by the day, and iirc they can’t feed themselves. The economy would be a liability in an industrial war, but that isn’t necessarily how wars are fought these days.

      I’d still rather not get in a fight with them, and if I were them, I wouldn’t go looking for one, either.

      • Depends on how the alliances break, P. I strongly suspect that if the war is limited to conventional weapons, WW3 will go the same way WW2 did. You would see unlikely allies during the war, and once it was over they’d all break up again.

        • Who will be the economic juggernaut in WWIII? History will not repeat itself here. In WWII, the US had idle capacity in industry (due to depression) greater than the Axis powers. We could start the war with perhaps 7 aircraft carriers and three years later wind up with 70 (figure approx.).

          Ok, we don’t depend on steel or aluminum production as we did then. It is as the say, the computer tech era. We build computers, not battleships. Unfortunately, that’s not true either as what, 80% of our computer chips come from overseas?

          China is a weak county? The strength of a country is in its people and its economy. China has a “people”, we have a divided demographic mob—and a low IQ one at that. China can make things, we push paper around and count zeros and call that “production”.

          China has an untested military? Ours is tested against third world sand people (who seem to have eventually prevailed despite their military weakness and our military “strength”). Our general staff is “woke” and our command staff often don’t even know what sex they are. We have a hard time filling recruitment goals. China with a population 4x’s our size will have less manpower problems than we—even if they lose millions in a ground war.

          The US is betting that their weapons systems are so superior as to clear everything opposing it from the land, sea, and air—pronto. Let’s hope so, as we can never replace it in a timely fashion.

          The next war will not be a repeat of WWII except with better visual effects and real-time coverage. Not to worry however, no one will invade our country. Who the hell strong enough to do so would want to occupy it? 😉

      • I stand corrected H.

        The more vibrant shitehole countries have indeed overtaken China for dirty cities. The new filthy all stars are mostly black run and in places like Haiti and South Africa.

        I would have thought that large scale industrial robber-barons could devastate an environment better than slovenly blacks… but ya learn something new every day! 😆👍

        But getting back to the point… China is in no position to wage an war and neither is the US.

    • I agree with your sentiment, but I don’t see the Chinese people rising up against their leadership. We comment on here about our frustrations with docile normies, but they have nothing on the Chinese, who are the most compliant citizenry on the planet. In addition, the Chinese people have pride in their race and history, and they see that their government does as well, even if it is brutal in enforcing its control.

      We can only dream of leaders who look out for the interests of their people. We have always accepted a lack of national unity as a tradeoff for our freedoms. But we are about to get the worst of both worlds – an authoritarian government that hates its people.

      • The Chinese may well be the most compliant people on earth but when lopsided working arrangements finally snap they riot like Negroes. Six hundred riots a year, unreported.

        • It will be Biblical when the wealth the Chinese people have invested in literal castles made of sand melts away in the wind and rain.

          • I heard a comical definition of mental disorders recently that was “new to me.”

            Neurotics build castles in the air.
            Schizophrenics try to move into them.

            “And so castles made of sand melt into the sea, eventually”
            — Jimi Hendrix

    • China is very reliant on natural resources, much more so than anybody else, simply because of population. So they have irons in lots of pots (Russia, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa) and can probably withstand Western sanctions, at least with the daily needs.
      They’re going to miss that VSOP Brandy and sleek new BMW SUVs to show off, though.

      I do think they like being connected to the Western financial system because there’s a certain cachet to participating in it. Chinese love the Davos crowd as much as our hated globalists do. They admire people like Warren, Elon, and Bill. But years of patriotic education has emboldened them and steeled them to suffer for the motherland if need be. Years of progressive education has done quite the reverse on our societies.

    • Glen: The Han have been underliving the White man for centuries. Lack of potable water is not suddenly going to be a deterrent now. And White men are experiencing a far greater ‘mate’ shortage than Han men. Stop projecting.

  24. “Either Zelensky is killed by his own people or he flees.”

    I’m guessing with his background, there’s a bright future with Fox News.

    • Zelensky is no longer living in Ukraine. He is beyond the reach of “his” people. They are mere stage props.

    • I think his goose is cooked. Wouldn’t be surprised if the hit teams don’t take him out in the next year or two. It would be a wonderful way for Putin to give the American establishment the finger.

      • Especially if Putin does his signature move and Zelensky’s goose is cooked from the inside by alpha particles.

    • A third option is for Zelesnky to flee and form a government-in-exile while the Russians deal with whoever replaces him on the ground.

      Such a deal will never be recognized by the “legitimate” government, thus making Ukraine a never-ending source of grief for Europe and an endless source of grift for Zelensky, who will be made an honorary US citizen.

      • This would be similar to Venezuela. The US recognizes Guaidó as the president, while Maduro laughs and maintains absolute control.

    • Semi-related question…

      Why does Zelensky never dress as a statesman? He’s always in a t-shirt dressed like a slob.

      Seems if you wanted to be taken seriously, you’d wear a suit.

      Just another reason to dislike him.

      • Those are supposed to be military fatigues in order to make him look like a tough, wartime leader just taking a break from the front lines to update his lessers.

        The look is intended for consumption by the SWPL class in Western nations.

        • Geese has it. Though wars probably have always had a psychological/ marketing factor as at least an important factor, this is the first social media war. His clothing is just the cheap marketing to encourage the view of him as “in the trenches” (of a studio 1000 miles from Ukraine). It has really irked me, too.

        • Simultaneous with Zelensky playing shell-shocked war hero making desperate pleas, the average Ukrainian woman has collected a three-digit body count of starving, untrained, ill-equipped Russian soldiers just by one-handing an AK during glamour shoots.

          In a gynarchy, all enemies must be simultaneously lethal threats and buffoonish clowns.

        • Yeah, but you have to admit Zelenskyy in uniform looks a lot better than Michael Dukakis in a tank. Come to think of it, only Bush II looked pretty good when landing (not really) that jet on the aircraft carrier. Otherwise, we’ve not really had much success with the Presidential “alpha male” look either.

  25. We dirt people have no real influence over the machinations of the Corruptocrats running DC, so it’s useless to focus any attention on politics. Despite the insane ravings of people like Carlson and Bongino, the coming election is not going to cure our ills. It will all just be a deceptive head-fake in which RINOs replace Ds and there will be some token show investigations designed to create an illusion of accountability.

    Nor can we stop the hurricane from coming ashore by shaking our fist at it and shouting “Go Away Bad Hurricane, Go Away!!!” The idiots that do that really do need to be swept out to sea and never heard from again. So what to do instead?

    We can, and should, endeavor to make our time at the bottom as short as possible. And that means ridding ourselves of the disease cells as quickly as our talent and determination can muster. We the fog of chaos is upon us, so will be the time to act. The GAE cannot fight the rest of the planet while constantly looking over its shoulder. That is how we make a difference.

    • I’m still keeping an eye on the local and state elections. I’m thankful that during covid the FL gov. DeSantis ended the covidian hysteria early. I’ve been to blue states with endless lockdowns and am glad I don’t have to deal with it here.

      The local sheriff also nipped the BLM crap in the bud, sparing us from suffering like some other places where deputies and cops actually kneeled before these terrorists.

      National elections are pointless though. I’m seriously considering voting straight democrat for them just to try and rustle the jimmies of the Rino’s who think they are safe.

      • Same for me. I voted in our local elections yesterday, and we were able to put two conservatives on the school board. Keeping our local kids unmasked and free of CRT and tranny porn is a win. But this fall, I have a lot less enthusiasm for watching the RINOs bluster while knowing they will change nothing.

  26. Barry O had five carriers docked together in Norfolk back in 2014.

    Seems unimaginably careless from a risk management standpoint. Precedent set.

    Serious historians argue that FDR hoped the Japanese would attack at Pear Harbor, giving the US a shot at global empire.

    You can bet shadow president BO would love to see it happen again.

  27. The psychopaths in charge of US foreign policy probably feel that the time to subjugate the Russians will soon come to an end and that it is now necessary to experiment with the approaches to achieve it. While time is always a major element in Western thinking, they can’t know if the cards the Russians are holding will win this hand until the Europe/Russia deal over hydrocarbons, pipelines and payments is resolved, likely not until next year. Since the US simply doesn’t have the wherewithal to heat the homes and energize the businesses of continental Europe, the US itself will need to assume some control over Russian resources.

    The US and the UK have gone down this path before, most notably in Saudi Arabia and Iran, with mixed results. The medieval tyranny that is sparsely populated Saudi Arabia was easy to compromise. Iran, on the other hand, with a multi-millenial heritage as a world power, hasn’t fallen into line. Most interestingly, the US hasn’t spoken of the other sources of hydrocarbons and doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing their use as a replacement for the filthy oil of the despised Russians. Libya, Norway, Britain, Nigeria, Venezuela, Indonesia and Alaska all have major oil deposits and smaller amounts are available in other places. If there wasn’t a drop of oil in Russia normal life could still go on in Europe, just as it does in Japan, who fought a war for it, lost, and is now a colony of the US.

    So the issue is a bifurcated one, oil and the money to pay for it. The US demands control of both, or else.

  28. I see the Czech Republic is sending some tanks and artillery to Ukraine – our tards just keep jabbing at the bear. And participation medal awardee, Milley is blabbing about a protracted action in Ukraine. It doesn’t matter how many Ukes are sacrificed, because it’s for the greater good of the GAE – and our “leaders” are always on the right side of history, don’t you know.

    As for the Chinese, they should just go ahead and make whatever move they’ve got in mind. It’ll be interesting to see what the tards do about that. On the other hand, they’re going nuts in Shanghai over corona – what the hell is that all about? Seems like leaders are going bonkers everywhere and we’re all just dragged along for the ride.

    • It does seem like the whole developed world has become fat, stupid, and insane.

    • The Czechs have a bit of an inferiority complex, being in the big shadow of Germany, so they are desperate to act like they have an empire and are so very much world class. Thus, they are often the second (after the US) to kick out Russian diplomats or to criticize lack of Democracy™ in China etc. Now they are sending tanks to a non-aligned country to fight a conflict that has nothing to do with them, because the war is drawing worldwide attention.

    • I noticed the Shanghai insanity too. As I’ve mentioned in another reply I think it could be a way for China to constrict supply of goods to the west without prompting retaliatory sanctions.

    • “…participation medal awardee, Milley.” Nice. I like the Mark Steyn line – Milley is all medals and no chest.

    • Yeah that Shanghai bit is strictly inside CCP baseball. Could be anything, or multiple things. One rumor is that Xi is trying to smoke out opponents before some Commie Congress. To that extent it doesn’t even involve the people in Shanghai apart from the misery being foisted upon them.

      As far as their Taiwan plans they may be encouraged by GAE incompetence, but are also probably getting a pause for thought with the efforts Russia is going through to take Ukrainian territory right on their border, with a military better than China’s in just about every way. Adding in to that, if they were to fight and win they’d get a very modest gain for a herculean effort. If they fight and lose though they will lose a lot.

  29. The Covid craziness revealed our reliance on China for a variety of products; some essential, some not. A friend who works for a verternarian reported shortages of animal medicines. Just one of many products that no one probably realized were made overseas, and would dry up if the supply chain was disrupted for any reason.

    In the event of a trade war with China, who’s going to come out on top? Will the Chinese be able to find other markets for their products? Which nation’s population is better situated to endure deprivation? Which system of gov’t is better suited to managing it?

    Ours, of course! Diversity is our strength! The snowflakes, trannies, and courageous women of color— who whine and complain at every opportunity— will cowboy-up and bite the bullet for freedom when the time comes!

    Or not….

    • I thought when Covid showed us how dependent we are on Chinese manufacturing for vital medical equipment and drugs, we might finally do something about it. But now we can see that either it is exactly how our leaders want it, or they simply don’t care beyond their own grift.

  30. Should have:
    – told Boomers to have more (white) children if they want their generous welfare benefits to be funded
    – developed North American resources, especially oil
    – protected the North American manufacturing base, giving working class people jobs dignity and reducing reliance on foreign trade (maybe shipped some of the very least skilled labour to Mexico if absolutely necessary)
    – not demoralized the white working class that would actually do the fighting for you
    – not imported millions of aliens that at best are neutral towards your civilization

    Whoops, too late now, what do I know? The USA is Brazil, with more white retirees and nukes. Brazil ain’t invading anybody. You reap what you sow, which is a third world shit hole. Unfortunately we will all collectively reap what was sown.

    • An excellent ‘should have’ list.
      One more should have:
      – not meddled in the affairs of other countries too numerous to name

    • “– told Boomers to have more (white) children if they want their generous welfare benefits to be funded”

      Boomers were the first generation told the opposite: there was a “Population Bomb,” title of Ehrlich’s 1968 book, and we shouldn’t have kids. Anti-natalism started big time in the mid-1960s, same time as immigration opened up with Hart-Cellar in 1965. That was the beginning of the Great Replacement. The Greatest Generation did it to us. Blame them. But they’re all dead now, and soon Boomers will be too. Young people: Have a lot of kids within marriage!

      • Quite true. I read the book, went to see him speak at the local university – and can even recall a high school term paper I typed up – circa 1970. Mush for brains at the time.

  31. Your strategic analysis is interesting and well thought out. Whatever the objectives are for the gay empire I am still quite certain of the plans for the restructuring here at home. Most of this is quite obvious but the great reset or purge of white normal Americans is the one of the most important aims in all of this.

    We can see round two of the inflation surge moving quite nicely without any effort to address it. Culturally the demonic attack on everything good and holy pushes on. If they could regime change the world in addition to all of this it would be glorious for them. Of course that Is not going to happen but if all plans on the home front work out it still would be mission accomplished.

    GAE is is going to get their asses handed to them but unfortunately ours will also be on that platter.

  32. Today I browsed a number of pieces that asked questions like “What will WWIII look like?”, but whatever the severity, and whatever is in the Legacy MSM, people just don’t seem to care.

    Sure, we’ve got some dolts flying their Ukraine flags for the virtue signal win, but aside from that, I doubt anyone is enthusiastic for a proper war. If danger is close (and with the POTATUS, one can never be sure), there is quite a calm around me. That people even think this whole debacle worth a proper war over is bizarre to me.

    Regarding nukes? I think it more likely that Russia would nuke the US than mount a conventional attack (as some people seem to be seriously entertaining) – but then again, who the hell knows? The clowns in power are desperate to extend their Evil empire, and to hell with the plebs!

    So the situation will probably be the standard fare of economic warfare and skirmishes in proxy states. Either way, our standard of living is going to decrease quite significantly, I’d imagine.

    • Tell those same idiots who are waving their “I stand with Ukraine” flags that they now must be drafted to fight and you’ll suddenly see a change in their attitude.

      I’m not going to lie though, the thought of sending bearded beta males, wearing dresses and pink nail polish, into battle and certain doom brings some solace.

      The GAE and it’s embarrassing, rotted culture is getting its first major lesson that Twitter isn’t reality outside the states and you can’t win wars by “cancelling” cunning adversaries on Twitter.

      All of this couldn’t be more deserving for this sorry excuse we try to call a country. Like others have stated, the only sad part is we will all suffer for it. Being a straight, white Christian male this country has made it abundantly clear that it hates me and wants me dead, so I’ve grown to hate it back. Over my dead body would I lift a finger to fight for it. Unfortunately, that may be the end result.

      • Tired Citizen: Many of us share your disgust and rage and sorrow. As a friend texted this morning, the ‘daily drag’ gets harder in the face of the insanity that’s going on and the utter obliviousness of the average ‘murrican who goes on as if nothing has changed or ever will change in this best of all possible worlds.

    • Russia would never even consider attacking the US conventionally. There is nothing for them to gain that way.

      • Indeed.

        It also seems a feat of impossible logistics.

        I can’t really speak for the States, except that MSM outlets and some people on the ground are afraid of a Russian invasion of my home (England) – and also of the US.


  33. don’t forget the third front in GAE’s war on all…their domestic population. already the army cannot meet recruiting goals because not enough people are willing to sign on with maniacs who openly hate them. as more and more people pull back and lay low, the GAE will be exposed as a new version of Custer’s 7th Cavalry, heading straight into defeat and disaster. my prediction is a second American revolution is brewing, hopefully with features from the French one.

    • Although somewhat dated I keep this article bookmarked:

      I doubt the stats have changed in a decade. Unless it’s recently changed, the military has resisted mightily any attempts to water down its minimal standards. Disasters like “McNamara’s Folly” from the 1960s still haunt them. If one reads other articles, by IQ alone, roughly 15% of Whites, 30% of browns and perhaps 45% of blacks are simply too stupid even for the Infantry or Marines. And, as sarcastic little old me likes to say, anyone who’s been in the armed forces knows that hurdle is not particularly high. Government, at least lower level Federal workers in Washington DC are not far different.

      Karl, I think you’re correct in your perception that today’s government is openly hostile to whites. Apparently it hasn’t dawned upon them that they’re alienating the very people they’d need to attract. Feature, not a bug, perhaps?

  34. I know I shouldn’t underestimate the hubris and insanity of our elites, but there is no way our woke military could win a war with China. Many of them no doubt believe the U.S. Navy would come out victorious in these battles, but there have to be some realists in the government who understand how this would go.

    In terms of the global south moving north, many of the elites seem unbothered by the prospect. There has always been a class like the Bush family who think this will help grind our middle class down to the level of peasants that they can rule over forever. Most seem to not understand the consequences, and just think it means better restaurants. We are being ruled by dunces.

      • Sometimes I think this is the only hope to avoid the worst scenarios.
        Well, that and political assssinations.
        I have no stomach for any of this.

        • Knowing our generals they would probably be just as bad if not worse. They are appointed by congress, after all.

    • The controllers are fine with the global south moving north because it serves the Kalergian plan to replace unruly Northerners with a docile, 75-80 IQ demographic that is easily controlled.

      I wish them luck keeping the GPS in tune with that demographic.

      • They only reason for the apparent docility is because the nations to the south get to use the U.S. as a pressure release valve. If all the Guatemalans were sent back to Guatemala the place would not be quite so serene (to the extent that it is). When the browns in Florida start necklacing the natives where will they be prodded to move too?

    • I think Washington thinks they can just wage economic war. They have advisers on the ground in Ukraine, but they are operating as contractors to provide cover. Otherwise, the empire has been careful not to let Ukraine drag the empire into a shooting war. Presumably, they know this would lead to China attacking Taiwan.

      • “I think Washington thinks they can just wage economic war.”

        Worked well in 1941. Until December 7th of that year.

      • And if Washington starts losing that economic war?

        If the dollar loses sole reserve asset/currency status, America doesn’t just lose the dollar as a weapon; it will see all of its power greatly diminished.

        A US with lower living standards and much less ability to fund its deficits will not be able to maintain a military this size. Not saying the US will no be a global power, but it will become one of several powers, which is a serious step down.

        My fear is that is US will be unwilling to give up its role as the sole superpower.

    • The US Navy and Air Force would absolutely smash China in very short order. I think you underestimate the enormous technological gap between the two, regardless of having trannies at the helm. Much of Chinese technology is from stolen American blueprints and reverse engineered, without fully knowing how or why things are why they are. On the ground with actual firefights in brutal building to building urban warfare, well that’s a much different story.

      • True, assuming our carriers aren’t sunk by their long range missiles. They’re pretty big targets. And unless we base our USAF fighters out of Taiwan those have to fly from distant bases.

        China doesn’t have to decisively win they just have to last long enough for our economy to shut down. They can also do a lot of damage via unconventional means too via hacking and downing our satellites with missiles.

      • china has no battle experienced soldiers or admirals . what do you think iraq and syria were for?

        • miforst: They were for tv ratings. We have no ‘experienced soldiers or admirals’ in charge of anything, just lots of political appointees with shiny medals.

  35. ” Look at a map and it is clear that Taiwan in the Malta of the China Sea”

    I believe you meant that Taiwan IS the Malta of the China sea

  36. Russia has food, fuel and commodities in general in abundance. China has manufacturing and population. I don’t see how an economic war against them is supposed to work. You can’t eat virtual green paper.

    • One one side, you have the coalition whose wealth is based on having food, energy, and factories, and on the other, the coalition whose wealth is based on producing superhero movies, iPhone apps, and mysterious financial instruments developed by clever Jews.

      Whose fundamentals are in better shape, I wonder?

      • “and mysterious financial instruments developed by clever Jews.”


        Someone was explaining to me various ‘exotic’ financial instruments the other day. Each new ‘instrument’ proposed was just another way to skim off some other package that skimmed off a bunch of other debts because ‘trading’ and ‘market’.

        Borrowing and paying interest on the principal is understandable (although some might say that usury was a most Yiddish creation) – but the various ways that such debts are bundled up boggles the mind. That said, I wonder how the world would have panned out if massive financial risk taking were not permitted? Would it have slowed our technological advance? Wonder how mass production would have happened? I don’t believe Science – largely practiced by dedicated amateurs – would have suffered; but it’s application may have.

        All with the eye to produce nothing of absolute value and let individuals grow fat on the fruit of such ‘labours’.

        I’ll give it to them, though: it’s a grift all day long, but it’s a clever one.

        • OF-

          They’re called, “derivatives,” for a reason.

          The most famous example are probably all the vehicles that repackaged Z-grade individual mortgages into A+++, “mortage backed securities (MBS),” that led to the real estate meltdown in the 00s.

        • “I don’t believe Science – largely practiced by dedicated amateurs – would have suffered …”

          This is exactly correct. The development of classical physics, which laid the cognitive and institutional groundwork for modern/quantum physics, was substantially driven by European aristocratic patronage. Funding it was considered ‘high status’ among a crucial portion of the elites, so it was a kind of virtue signaling.

          Many incorrectly think that the proles are the only human cattle that stampede, but we are all social animals. The competition to get vicarious glory (and enhance feelings of self-worth) by funding the next Helmholtz was a stampede every bit as much as a Black Friday brawl at Walmart. The monomania among the rulers of GAE for climate change is more of the same.

    • “I don’t see how an economic war against them is supposed to work.”

      Simple, you just assume their leaders are as effete and corrupt as ours, and can’t stomach minor inconveniences to their decadent lifestyles.

      • Why? These are my sentiments as well. I had hoped to die before the inevitable collapse, albeit if push comes to shove, better to have more senior Whites in the fray and less minority diversion.

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