The Praetorians

The video of former president Obama visiting the White House recently made clear that the current president is not really in charge. Joe Biden was seen staggering around the reception looking for anyone to acknowledge him. It was possible he had no idea where he was at the time. Biden’s increasingly deranged public rantings suggest he is reaching his expiry date. The question being quietly debated in Washington is when and how he will be removed from office.

The fact that this question has been normalized since before he was installed in the position speaks to how much things have changed in America. No one really thinks Joe Biden is in charge of himself or the executive branch. It is just assumed that he is a place holder who will be replaced in his first term. Every president represents a coalition of elite interests, but none have been viewed as a figurehead. This is a big change that in time will be seen as an inflection point.

There is plenty of speculation about the when and the how the real decision makers will remove Biden from office. Maybe they have a Lee Harvey Oswald in training, one of those Trump loving white supremacist from their mythologies. That would justify another round of state sponsored terrorism. Maybe they just force him out due to poor health in the hope of making him a sympathetic figure. Of course, who replaces him is another fun question to ponder.

That is all fun stuff to debate, but the question no one bothers to consider is who is making the decision on Biden? No one has provided a clear explanation for who picked him back in the primary. It was clearly not the voters. The party forced everyone to quit after the South Carolina primary, but how did that work? If it was just the party why did they wait so long? The timing suggests someone came to the aid of the party with new tools.

We got a hint of who is really calling the shots recently. The government of Pakistan has not been enthusiastic for the sanctions regime against Russia. Last week, some powerful Pakistani generals suddenly backed a no-confidence vote for prime minister Imran Khan in the parliament. Khan was wily enough to see it coming so he dissolved parliament before the vote and called for new elections. People who know Pakistan suggest he will win that vote and remain in power.

Everyone assumes the reason the Pakistani generals tried to topple Khan is they got word from America that it would be good for business. Aligning with America against Russia would mean new bribes and equipment. That promise could only come from the American military. There is little interface between the American political class and the Pakistani political class. There are close relations between the respective military and intel agents of both countries.

We only have to go back a couple of years to the color revolution against Trump to see the same finger prints. The lead in that caper was the intelligence community, but we learned that the top brass of the military was in the loop. General Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said this. The FBI, CIA and Senate Intelligence Committee were at the center of the Russian collusion hoax and spying operation against the Trump campaign.

Currently, it is a handful of neoconservatives in the foreign policy elite who are running the war against Russia. None of the decisions thus far have involved anyone outside that narrow group. It seems rather clear that no one bothered to consult the financial class about the sanctions regime. No one in Congress has been in the loop or has bothered to ask any questions about it. The lack of debate or dissent is an important clue.

Another unnoticed clue is the highly coordinated mass media campaigns that have become a staple of American life. After George Floyd’s overdose, we were deluged from every corner with antiwhite propaganda. The content providers had a BLM campaign ready to go and the rioters were organized and ready. We have just witnessed the same coordinated media campaign on behalf of Ukraine. Where did the TV presenters get those Ukraine lapel pins?

Operation Mockingbird was a CIA program early in the Cold War to manipulate the media. Half a century ago, the far-left activist Carl Bernstein wrote a long article on the collusion between the CIA and the mass media. Today the mass media is full of “retired” intelligence officers working as pundits. The point is that the secret police infiltrated the media long ago and continue to run it. The fifty intel agents who swore Biden’s laptop was fake agree with this.

Like the Q source that Bible scholars think is a written collection of primarily Jesus’ sayings, the people in charge remain a mystery. We can know they exist from the clues we can see. The common elements that exist in these various events suggest a common set of hands. Those hands come from the wilderness of mirrors that is the intelligence community. This community is like a miasma that permeates all of the ruling class institutions.

It is tempting reduce this to a handful of shadowy players who operate from a hidden lair, but in reality it is probably a collection of people. It is called the intelligence community because it is mostly an informal collection of people and institutions that come together for a common purpose. The change we have seen recently is that it is the intel community calling the shots, rather than the semi-permanent political elite using the intel community to remain in power.

In the fullness of time, the Biden period will be seen as the time when this shadowy group of figures became the Praetorian Guard. They moved from keeping the elites in power to picking the elites who will hold office. That arrangement was a disaster for the Roman Empire and given the situation with Biden, this arrangement is looking like a disaster for the Global American Empire. That said, there is no sign of a Constantine out there, so this is the new normal.

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172 thoughts on “The Praetorians

  1. There was not a color revolution against Trump. Trump is leading a color revolution right now. He has become Cultural Marxist #1 – what is the primary characteristic of a color revolution? — Belarus, Venezuela, and now the US — the claim that the elections are fake — this attacks the very foundation of ‘democracy’ — and who is leading that revolution — Slump himself — he is also the new Cyrus — the Israelis have commemorated him with a coin — who better to lead a color revolution in the US — and the idiot is still at it — claiming the election was stolen at every opportunity …

    • On re-reading – I see that there was a color revolution against Trump … the Russiagate hoax … but that was entirely a media affair and never really had any traction, so calling it a color revolution is a stretch …. Trump’s color revolution, OTOH, is a real populist affair and a real color revolution, bought by a large percentage of the hoi polloi, and directed by Trump, and it could devastate the country.

  2. This is what I think will happen. The Hunter Biden laptop is finally getting main stream media attention. The main stream media was given permission to discuss it now because they need this story now. The laptop will be used to get Biden out using the 25th amendment or he will resign due to the scandal. Then Kamala will be President and select Barack Obama as her Vice President. Then she will resign or be impeached. Obama is now officially in his third term. He will select either Hillary Clinton as his Vice President or Susan Rice. I am leaning toward Rice more than Hillary because I think he secretly hates Hillary.

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  5. If you want to know the source of all this, look no further than the saying, “All roads lead to Rome.” Constantine was no savior, he was a melder of paganism and Christianity, as one wily in politics would do, to get a majority of supporters. Then he passed on the title to Pontifus Maximus to the psuedo-religious group that is now running the world from the bowels of the vatican. Don’t believe it? Just google politicians visiting the vatican, and see how many and how often they go for marching orders. And who’s the top promoter of climate garbage?

  6. Like literally everyone else who visits this site, not a fan of Brandon. But that video should be watched in its full context, not just the 12 second clip circulating Fox News and all the normie-con sites. Brandon was looking in the crowd for some person to introduce to Obama and he was totally surrounded by people, so it wasn’t a good moment, hence the awkward shrug and wandering. It’s pretty obvious when you watch the full video. That doesn’t disinvite criticism for his obvious worsening dementia; but this moment was not the smoking gun everyone thinks it is.

    On the deep state stuff mentioned in other comments, I struggle to believe there’s an organized cabal that meets in dark, smokey rooms plotting how to take over the world. Dr. Evil was in a comedy movie, not real life. In all reality there’s just an absolute shitload of self-interested parasites in appointed / non-elected positions in the intel community, big business, etc. who all are vying for power with zero regard to the consequences of their actions. And those consequences almost always result in deeper corruption of our govt, and the direct screwing of our populace. Kind of an Occam’s Razor point of view, but these people are incredibly inept with anything other than what directly empowers and enriches themselves.

    • Seems to me Occam’s Razor quite emphatically the opposite. It is self-evident that co-opting political and other important frameworks is the ultimate goal of any and all individuals who seek power since the beginning of time, be they Dr. Evil or otherwise. To cavalierly believe all such actors are incompetent or that none have succeeded to significant degree in this endeavor–while simultaneously recognizing the irresistible allure–seems wishful thinking at best. Thus, Occam’s Razor would appear to support an assertion that such is guaranteed to happen and likely has already happened, particularly when we have so many lines of extrinsic evidence to point to in support of such.

    • Someone – left-leaning friendly – at that event took the video and chose to release it knowing how it would be edited and used. They – that one person in collusion with himself and the devil – did that act. It may be in fact a room full of self-interested parasites, I do not doubt that for one second, but it can also be a cabal of plotters sniffing sulfur hoping to steer an unwitting mass of humanity. It can be both. I think it is both because they need each other to accomplish their plans. An army needs a General and a General needs an army.

    • Read rulers of America. Surely you do t think these super rich sit on decks of 200 ft yachts and play pinochle?

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  8. I don’t think it’s a total mystery who the “top out of sight” rulers are. I don’t know how they all interact and coordinate or who’s the “final boss”, but it’s obvious who they are and they do coordinate. The billionaires (public and more hidden), WEF/Bildebergers, owners of the media and big tech, owners of the banks, big pharma, military/intelligence-industrial complex, etc.

    Gotta hand it to them, really. They’ve fucking locked it all down.

    Aaron Russo on the Rockefellers:

    • When the puzzle pieces all fit together to form a particular picture one has to wonder. Coincidence?

      The evidence is mostly circumstantial. Could the puzzle pieces fit together in a different way? I don’t think so.

      It seems pretty clear that the plan is to have us ruled by a totalitarian one world government. Is why they want to break up the family and turn self reliant white ppl into state dependents like they have done to black ppl. The intelligentsia – eugenics for us, a homeland, dysgenics for you, the browning of the west.

  9. Ever walked into a Barnes and Noble? Endless books and products deifying B&M Obama. Along with Hilary and RBG, but especially the Obamas.

    They’re purportedly the most admired, smartest, best looking, most saintly people in American history.

    The powers that be have decided these are the figureheads, these are the peoples gods.

    • Yup. The near direct pathway of thekinyun from that moslem indoctination school in Malaysia to the White House is pretty remrkable in its own right. His astounding accumulatioin of capitol during his eight years in office is nearly as much so. Broke cawlidge stoont (alledgedly at Columbia, but no one FROM there remembers him BEING there, funny, that, right?) to ten million dollar bunker/residence/communicatioin centre? along wiht island paradises in Hawaii and Martha’s VIneyard, both at near sea level when he’s stumping for global warming to inundate the planet in twelve mroe yers, a la the Swede brat, what’s her name anyway?

  10. Z, please consider unpacking this from today’s post:
    ”Like the Q source that Bible scholars think is a written collection of primarily Jesus’ sayings, the people in charge remain a mystery. We can know they exist from the clues we can see.”
    Thank you.

        • Dreidachs (and Joe),

          Actually it is quite penetrable, by means of those 4 magic letters GIYF. (or these days probably the regular expression (DDG|B|G)IYF.

          Literally the first entry from all three of the above search engines, in response a search of the first three content words “q source bible” goes to a Wiki article explaining enough to get started, and more.

    • Here ya go, here’s a brief statement of the “Q” hypothesis of sources materials for the Gospels of the New Testament.

      There is more out there, so take the initiative armed with this little lead in.

      Contextually, from Z-man’s post, you can see what he is driving at.
      More broadly, in consideration of his demurral to directly answer your question, I think that he wants us readers to develop critical thinking skills, and not to restrict our minds to only parroting the thoughts he shares. Remember the “We are all individuals” scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian?

      Yeah, not that.

      One of these days, we may be severed from contact with each other here. Thus, we need to learn to fish, not merely how to receive fish.

  11. So is it the consensus on here that the US actually has a deep state? I say nay because:
    1. It requires a tremendous amount of organisation (more so than the actual government).
    2. It takes a politically naive population (I mean really naive).
    3. The actual government needs to be tied into it.

    To see how a real deep state works look to Thailand. I won’t describe that in detail here but an analysis could start with a search on ‘privy council’.

    There is no evidence of such a level of organisation in the U.S. nor could there be. It’s difficult enough for an above-board government to organise itself properly as there are always people pulling in various directions (which is why for example, Trump couldn’t get the wall built – something Anne Coulter doesn’t seem to understand).

    There are surely behind-the-scenes factions colluding and lobbying occasionally to pull strings on this or that issue, but that’s relatively ad hoc and pathetic – nothing like real thing in Thailand.

    • There may or may not be a unified deep state; but there may be several operating congruently and covertly. I am convinced there very much is a ‘jewish’ deep state, a corporate one, and one or several bureaucratic ones. They will act in unison or at odds with each other depending on the times and circumstances.

    • Deep States certainly do exist in the West and have more bumfuckery going on than in the late unlamented Gen Prem Tinsulanonda’s compound.

      The funny thing about the Thai situation (Which is fascinating… love the place and the backstories!) is that the academic Left totally admit that a Deep State (‘Network Monarchy’) exists there and you won’t get published much if you don’t sing from the same song sheet.

    • I see. So many people just believe that there is a deep state in the U.S. without any actual evidence that such a thing exists, like religion.

      The definition of deep state surely involves formal structure and organised, coordinated activity from the top right down to civil servants. All the examples cited come under ad hoc collusion, lobbying, and background shenanigans – that’s not what a deep state is. Same goes for the Jews, who are in a symbiotic relationship with the west – of course they network to influence government policy, but that’s not a deep state.

      There’s no evidence of a structured organisation that conforms to the definition of a deep state proper – Wikileaks or Snowdon ought to have unearthed something – and I submit that it is not possible to organise a deep state on such a level without the organisation becoming obvious (as in Thailand).

      I guess most people are content to use the term loosely, but in that case, I’m not sure what is gained by it.

      • “The definition of deep state surely involves formal structure and organised “

        Surely not.

    • IF there is no “deep state: managing the USA, then tell me HOW it came to be that, over the space of just a few weeks, the entire US and most of the world, came under precisely the same identical moslty useless or worse “responses” to a flu-like virus that was deliberately leaked from a lab in China and managed, all on its own, th penetrate nearly every known corner of the planet with a mild virus, the GOVERNMENT response to which, along wiht corporate and admninistrative entities, were all pushing an identical narrative, which did NOT do a thing to “stop the spread”. COverups, fake “news”, economic reprisals never before seen on such a scale, then a “vaccine” coming from out of nowhere, no trials, worse than rotten track record, instant “approval” for universal use, even mandated for most, which “vaccine” is far more deadly than the alledged disease, and which “vaccine” also had been patented two years before the whole charade was launched.

      Don’t teven thnink about trying to tell ME there is no goummit deep state. Nearly every distinct aspect of what government was saying throgh a complicit press has been solidly roven as wrong, false, fake, inventd out of whole cloth….. no deep state? Better wake up, man.

  12. There appears speculation on some other sites, and in a comment or so here, that Obama could potentially regain the presidency if certain machinations to remove Biden (and Harris and Pelosi) are followed.

    How is that possible? In my admittedly weak grasp of the constitution it seems this is not possible.

    • In clown world anything is possible, they still love Obama, I don’t know why, but they love him

          • Very easy. Have him nominated as Secretary of State. Then disqualify Pelosi et al for malfeasance or treason, follow the chain. It should only take 3-4 months.
            Who would not want a Nobel Peace Prize winner as SOS?
            In the early US government, various position were filled by former presidents.

    • How?

      Food & energy shortages. Inflation, rationing. Crime, murder, riots, burning & assorted mayhem. BLM, Antifa. Fictitious Covid resurgence.

      Marshall law declared. Military coup. General JCS installs O as our new president.

    • I am sure someone will try that but my guess is that Joe will resign in November when Republicans retake the house and Kamala will go with him

      This way when the native desire of the Republicans to cuck and grift takes over and no reforms or improvement happen, Kevin McCarthy and the other Republicans will be given the blame by the media.

      To be honest the GOP establishment doesn’t care, they are just there for money anyway

      Fixing this is maybe possible, maybe but it requires cooperation from griller-cons and the like and that lot being well Conservative is very slow to change and frankly lazy and apathetic.

      A caveat, clowns worlds pedo thing seems to have stirred up normie cons a bit, this keeps up and they will either try and fix things and fail or reach the state of mind that doesn’t auto-delete ideology and leadership.

      Than things get interesting.

      • “I am sure someone will try that but my guess is that Joe will resign in November when Republicans retake the house and Kamala will go with him.”

        Joe resigns and Kamala resigns too???

        No way Jose. Even so, then next in line is another bird – Pelosi, of the same feather. My bet good ol’fashioned Latin American coup. O becomes el presidente again, by hook or by crook. Who else is there? Keep your eye on Gen. Milley, who believes white ppl are our greatest threat.

    • How can it be done? :
      1. The Constitution has been cast aside by all branches; 2. All three branches follow after the need and demands of he Democratic Party; 3. There is only one Party; but there are two wings flapping – in coordination – for the needs and plans of the unnamed greater party; 4. There are two sets of laws: one for the chosen another for the ignorant plebes; 5. Laws and judges can be ignored by those in the right party; 6. The ongoing scamdemic should have told you all you need to know; 7. Numb-nut cuckservatives will go along with it against all common sense because, “if the Constitution does not explicitly ban it, it can be done;” as though the Founders could see centuries into the future and perceive the great level of corruption and evil under which we now live.

  13. The power players calling the shots behind the scenes (be they intel or other) are not invincible, just ruthless. These are the same people that managed the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Ukraine. Their goal is to prolong the conflict as long as possible in order to maximize military funding, kill off lots of white alphas, keep the plates spinning and the middle class in the dark before making an abject failure with the final surrender and retreat. IOW, they always lose to the dirt people in the end.

    And that is the lesson that we need to take to heart. If we fight them like cockroaches that endlessly and relentlessly come out of nowhere and hit them from all angles, they will fold like a cheap suit. But it’s not enough to be just a nuisance, these Fifth Gen cockroaches need to bite like a scorpion.

  14. The intel community is probably the heart of the deep state and an obvious power center. It has many nasty tools in the box including blackmail, bribery, public libel and, in select cases, assassination. Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ was probably primarily about ensuring compliance through blackmail.

    I maintain that the WEF, high finance and big tech are also central to understanding how America and the West are governed. So an obvious question is how the spy world links up to the global jet-set. I don’t have a strong sense of that but the Clintons might be one link. Obama might be another. His treatment of Biden was startling indeed. It is probably a signal to the Hive Mind that Biden non grata now. But he may also be crossed that Hunter Biden appears to have slept with Obama’s daughter. Such news would make any dad lose it and polutes ‘regime analysis’ based on that video.

    • Everyone knows J**s can’t drive.

      I can attest this much is gospel, having suffered in the passenger seat.

      A former mentor on the old Lower Wacker Drive weaving between cement and steel support pylons while shaving with an electric shaver in the rearview mirror, for representative example.

      It’s what made me an antisemite. J**s commonly pull into the passing lane and fly in formation with the truck adjacent. When opportunity presents, and after flashing lights, I will pass them on the shoulder, in their German cars (hah!l), my tires kicking up road debris which slams their paint jobs and windows. I see their fists undulating in my own mirrors. Boom! To them I am instantly an antisemite. Which I learned as a passenger.

  15. I must say, “And what exactly is Obama doing in the White House?” is one for the ages.

  16. Where did the TV presenters get those Ukraine lapel pins? That’s easy, same place everybody gets everything in 6 to 12 hrs, even if it’s 500 miles away. Amazon of course… I personally haven’t used it in over 5 years. It’s tempting, but I’m still pissed about the bookstores and the clogged streets due to the monkeys parking in the middle of the street while I’m on my way to a real job.

  17. “… that the current president is not really in charge. Joe Biden was seen staggering around the reception looking for anyone to acknowledge him. It was possible he had no idea where he was at the time…”

    I saw the video last night. It was quite sad, but perhaps for another reason than the one you’d immediately think.

    Right now, in my immediate family we have a relative suffering from progressive dementia. I could not help thinking about her (comparing her to Biden) while watching our President wander around in *his* home (White House), at his “party”, lost among the crowd—his family, his staff, reporters, “friends” ignoring him.

    Nothing could be further from the case in our family. Our affected relative is always next to one or more family members and never left alone or ignored. She is automatically “handed off” from one family member to another and spoken to with dignity—even if she can only smile and “fake it”. She attends all social occasions—weddings, birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc, and at those occasions it is a sight to behold those folks “in the know” who come over to spend time and chat with her. To guide her from one group to another, to sit with her, to spare her husband some important normal time with peers.

    You might assume that this is a “family” thing. Certainly, to an extent. But it is also a matter of simple Christian/human decency. Case in point. She and her husband travel in an RV whenever possible to generate “memories” before the end. What memories and whose memories, I don’t have the nerve to ask.

    Their last RV trip was to Utah and the wonderful parks they have scattered about. At one camp, she and her husband met a group of fellow RV’ers, Mormons, who camp together and from the camp site 4-wheel through the canyons. The men asked the husband—who is also an ardent 4-wheeler of no small skill—to accompany the Mormon men. The husband declined as he explained his situation wrt caring for his wife who could never be left alone.

    The next morning, the men’s wives came by their RV and immediately engaged the wife and requested she help them prepare dinner “for the boys” when they returned. The wife was then engaged (subtly watched and cared for) for the day by these decent women, while the husband got a day of much deserved relaxation to himself. This went on daily for the *duration* of their stay in the camp.

    So I ask, where the hell was Jill Biden, or Biden’s Press Secretary, or anybody with an once of human decency and compassion to keep watch on a poor, old, tottering man? What a role model for public consumption, the DC “swamp” is.

    It is said that in China the government claims the Mandate of Heaven to rule over the people, and as such they are careful in their actions wrt their governance—lest they forfeit that mandate in the eyes of the people. Well, if there is such a thing, DC has forfeit their “mandate” date long ago. They are without virtue, even of the basest kind.

    • Well they’re all sociopaths. Of course Biden is just a senile sociopath, so that should blunt one’s sympathy for him.

    • That is a great anecdote; I wonder about the humanity (or lack thereof) of The People In Charge. It is terribly cruel what they are doing to this old man.

    • The most wicked thing was that they didn’t even protect him by having him wear a mask.

    • Compsci – I’m getting old and just a bit crusty – but that got me as close to a tear as anything I’ve ever read on this site.

      • Thank you. I, unfortunately, am not as decent as the people I write about—so I have a tendency to get emotional as well when I observe these behaviors in others. There is a longing for a time well past, I guess, when such behavior was more commonplace and expected. I saw it much of the time as a child. My father, troubled and imperfect as he was, had it. I am here because of it, but I often feel uncertain I’ve succeeded in passing it on to my children.

        There are good people out there and they deserve better. When/if that last flicker of flame dies out, we are done.

        • Southern Utah is my home. Purposely chose a mostly Mormon very fine neighborhood. Play cards once a month with the 5 Mormon chubby gals, my way of keeping finger on the pulse of this state. 2/3 of Mormons in Utah are sheep (follow the prophet! re-elect Mittens!) But nice sheep who would care for a demented woman. The Huntsman-Romney-Cox cabal run this state. The prophet-the 3-the 12 are globalists in The System and ultimately don’t give a rat’s ass for Intermountain Mormons. My neighbor is jolting awake. Eyeballs are rolling. So is another neighbor. They may be fat sheep but can’t think of a better location for SHTF. Food and water and arsenals and ability to organize, Hmm…Wonder if the Daniites Avenging Angels will return?! Money on the table for that one.

  18. Would this seem to imply that the botched Afghanistan withdrawal was intentional ?

    A way to dirty up the Sleepy Joe so as to pave the way for his removal?

    Those dead soldiers were just the necessary collateral damage for something far more important.

    • Quite possible. The main thing was to be able to blame Biden for either the short- or long-term consequences. He’s the throw down president and all the extremely nasty but desired things will be done while he can be blamed. Throwing the border open is, long term, the worst of it but best example.

    • Daniel 21: “… a contemptible person who has not been given the honor of royalty.”

      Now that you mention it, Enoch, it IS a pretty good description of the guy.

  19. “but the question no one bothers to consider”

    I think many of us have been trying to figure out who was installing Biden even prior to the stolen election. It’s been a running theme at places more mainstream places than here for quite some time.

    Otherwise, fantastic column once again.

  20. The fact that the military budget goes up every single year suggests that they’ve outsized influence.

    Lose wars. Lose equipment. Crash ships and subs, burn aircraft carriers. Reduce enlistment targets.

    The budget for decades has only gone one direction.

    Follow the money.

        • And ICE. And probably any service ( e.g., “gang units”) that primarily benefits law-abiding citizens.

      • The patent office generates a profit annually and congress redirects its surplus to other agencies. USPTO’s effective budget floats backwards sometimes.

    • 21 trillion, gone. Any evidence of theft was in the world trade center, gone. And the offices in the pentagon, gone. Gold vaulted in the world trade center, gone on 9/10.

  21. I didn’t downvote you, but adverb of concession phrases (which I would categorize “Not to be pedantic”) are offset with commas. Further, you would use a comma when introducing the quotation, as, in this instance, you are using “say” to introduce a quotation.
    You knew what he meant, and most of us type casually here 🙂

    • Sorry – I had replied to the first comment at the bottom (Arshad Ali), but then it delinked them.

  22. This is stellar realpolitik, as was yesterday’s. I’m not asking the Zman to head the State Department, I think he should REPLACE the State Department.
    I compare this with Covid and Hollywood. We’re not seeing 4D chess, we’re seeing the Marvel Comics Universe combined with Days Of Our Lives, an evolving script of continuing storylines.
    A Hollywood soap opera is meant to sell soap.

    At Hollywood, every year, a group of 12 small hat financiers meet in Pasadena.
    They greenlight or redlight virtually every studio movie or tv series for the upcoming season. Yes, “they” really do send messages through the movies; the pitches have to meet the longer term strategies of the financiers and the elite class they represent. It may be as mundane as selling more women’s Adidas (a women’s sports movie) or motor oil (a NASCAR movie), but of course is more often insidious.

    A smallish group of small hat Straussians- adept power seekers, in other words- weaseled their way into head positions in the revolving doors of both the CDC and Big Pharma. They were aware of what the Davos class desires, so they cooked up a pitch.

    The Davos class looked it over and greenlighted the project. The Covid Show got tied in to the BLM show, and proved to be an even bigger hit, a monster success.

    Intelligence, military, media, political: all are privateers serving the elites who fund them. Some of these Praetorians dream of replacing those elites with themselves, because that’s how the elites got there.

    Joetato is the symbolic lamb designed to create a crisis and fail. The White Men’s reign of destruction must end, because the Whites stole everything from the innocent Brown South and East who now far outnumber them.

    Even the BLM / covid hysteria is part of this pitch. The gals in the ad departments and bureaucracies have been staging a giant pussy hat march because they want their sexually flexible Smooth Black Rapper back. Every cat lady knows in her heart she can take him away from his ugly manwife, their laughably contemptible competition.

    After Joetato’s covid-induced stroke, President Kamala will immediately appoint Vice President Obama as pro-consul to Kamala’s husband. Joe was designed to fail with precisely this end in mind.

    • And you know this how? This is the kind of comment that is not helpful. Is Hollywood our enemy? Sure. Does it push a destructive social agenda? Sure. Do Jews make the vast majority of business decisions in Hollywood? Of course. But is there actually a formal meeting where they plan out the messages that will be delivered to the masses this year? Doubt it. That kind of coordination really isn’t necessary when everyone shares the same worldview.

      More fundamentally, though — you actually have no idea if there’s a meeting like this in Pasadena each year. (Hint: there are almost no Jews in Pasadena. it’s not part of their scene, if you’d said Pacific Palisades or Brentwood, sure, but not Pasadena.)

      So why are you asserting something that you don’t know is true? You’re just spinning conspiracy theories on the internet. Normally this would not be something to take offense at, but (1) it demoralizes people; and (2) time spent promoting made-up conspiracy theories on the Internet is time that could be spent actually doing something.

      • I’m not a conspiracy buff myself, and of course Jews seem always “at the bottom of things” in these vast conspiracy rumors, but I believe there might some ring of truth about these rumors from personal experience. I’m skeptical, but have seen some things (smaller scale of course) that make me wonder.

        For example as a young student working through college, I had a menial job in a gas station. After a few weeks, I was trusted enough to close and open the station.

        One day, I was given the task of opening the station. The station owner/operator gave me one special instruction, something along the line: “…after you open, you may get a phone call from a person. This person won’t identify themselves. You don’t need to ask. They’ll simply tell you the price of gas for today. You write it down, hang up, and immediately change the pump prices.”

        That of course was during the bad old days of accusations of price fixing by gas stations with contrived shortages and threats of investigations and the like.

        So what do I know. 😉

    • WSJ headline, “Jabbed and double-boosted Joe Biden is being seen not wearing a muzzle more frequently while meeting people…”

      Three key upsides for the regime for when the most popular president in American history “tests positive”:
      1. Biden formally incapacitated/ dead;
      2. Everyone back to wearing face diapers;
      3. Everyone forced to get extra shots “to protect themselves and others”.

    • The answer to Strauss/Jaffa is Girard… And by that I don’t mean his lily-livered cucking hide under the bed pathetic cope that Jesus Christ ended scapegoating. But Girard cottoned onto something very true about the human need for ritual casting out.

      I say bring back scapegoating (which never went away) and get busy doing it locally; targeting the traditional scapegoats of storied times past. Time for some societal healing!

  23. I have always assumed the CIA was the paramilitary wing of the Council on Foreign Relations

    • Well, yes, but the CIA wasn’t organized by the CFR. The CFR is descended from the Rhodes Society, WASP Anglos with Empire on their mind.

      It was organized by the small hats as an East India Company, a crown corporation.

      This was their in. Usefulness is how the advisors pitch themselves for inclusion.

      Once in, they observe the foibles of the ruling class, and scheme to usurp them. They’ve been practicing this strategery since before Ur became an empire.

      It always, always ends with the collapse of whatever civilization has let them in. Once the pillars are gone…they’re Sampson, all right.

      They don’t build. They usurp.
      This is the essential difference.
      Usurpation’s low-cost, low energy opportunism is efficient and ultimately lethal, because no capital is built or maintained.

      There is no future beyond the next nomadic raid, the next pirate capture, the next batch of slaves. Debt bondage, the basis of MidEastern economy, is not sustainable

  24. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Praetorians

  25. Z’s hypothesis strikes me as very plausible, even probable. If he is right, however, we are left to ponder the mechanics of the decision-making and the executive body. Ultimately, the “intel community” must issue edicts about matters such as the anti-white campaign, the January 6 protest, Biden, and probably the Covid Caper. How are these decisions made? How many people are involved in the decision-making process? Is there any formal organization and hierarchy? Is there a single chieftan who binds the participants into a whole? Do these people meet, in the manner of SPECTRE, if only digitally? Is there a paper trail documenting the existence and activity of this group of people?

    Ultimately, there must be some semblance of form, protocol and organization for the “intel community” to do its job. If Z is right, someday we will know the answers to the questions posted above.

    • To the question, what is the organizational system of the global conspiracy? Ian Fleming was pretty accurate in postulating an answer in the description of SPECTRE. Regions have their capos and the capo de tutti capos meet regularly in Switzerland or Mustique or on a mega yacht. Obama is a capo of the North America region and his right hand man, Valerie Jarrett helps to formulate and disseminate policy. Regional capos also consult with the main council (trillionaires and mostly unnamed pedigreed persons).

  26. The real power of the IC is taking out its checkbook, a nearly unlimited checkbook, and just buying people through a complex network of NGOs. Heck, I’m sure books are being and have been written just on the NGOs in Ukraine. They operate world wide and most of their dark money comes from governments. Otherwise, in every other respect, the CIA is a total and complete joke full of spoiled daddy’s girl’s who went to Dartmouth. Imagine the student councils at Dartmouth or Bowdoin attempting to do anything constructive. Just move it to the D.C. area and all you get is more humidity and the same sh t show. Politicians are selected by money and power (see Pfizer, Apple, Macrohard, etc.). The IC is just a bit player, and an interface for bribery, blackmail and extortion. They only do the first well because any fool can write a check, especially after the Church Commission 50 years ago. The book “Legacy of Ashes” is worth reading.

    • But there are innumerable entities worldwide–not the least of which is the CCP–who have heavy wads to throw around. If it just comes down to money, why does the IC’s money produce its desired results when they are in conflict with other moneyed interests?

      In looking at Blackistan’s history from ca. 1965 to the present, and especially since the Passion of George Floyd, the social, cultural, and economic development is all in one very clear and coherent direction. In other words, there seems to be a plan, even if it is somewhat inchoate. To me, this pattern suggests that funk money is just one factor, and perhaps a relatively minor one, in the annihilation of the West.

      • JR Wirth certainly nails it with dark pools and NGOs.
        Osteii, you’re asking la Cosa Nostra to open its books and show you the org chat.

        That’s why Strauss kept everything face to face.
        That’s why Bilderburg Hotel conferences were just a conspiracy theory for decades.

        We don’t know what the 17 central bankers of the BIS discussed at an unmarked chalet in Lucerne for 30 years, only that they met there. (Its only marker was that was across from a chocolat shop. A scene straight from the X-files.)

      • Perhaps the IC moves along the line of starlings:
        Birds of a feather (starlings) flock together. In the case of the IC – similar backgrounds, education, etc.
        A murmuartion of starlings fly together 100’s – 1000’s in whirling, ever-changing patterns. Scientists seem to think these are systems “on the edge,” meaning they’re ready to be completely transformed in an instant. Apparently the dynamic not well understood.
        The IC seems to operate in that way – no one seemingly in charge, no one signaling which way to go next – yet they move in tandem.
        A murmuration of starlings seem apropos to the IC (and a murder of crows also apt).

        • I’m sure that’s part of the explanation. But at some point, final decisions have to be arrived upon, and somebody must disseminate them to agreed upon people. This means there has to be at least some level of basic structure. Without it, the IC could certainly influence, but it could not execute…in more ways that one.

  27. I’d feel sorry for Joe Biden if he wasn’t such an asshole

    Having a MAGA hat Trump supporter take out Joe or Kamala would be a really obvious move. but the normies would believe it 100%, and the 3 letter agencies have an army of dupes on the payrole to pin it on, my advice to any CIA/FBI undercover agents, if you have spent the last few years building up your fake MAGA profile stay away from Washington and never agree to meet your handler/paymaster anywhere near where Biden or Kamala might visit. its a trap. you will be the lone gun man

    • C’mon. Joe is going to die with/from Covid when a new variant becomes the next shiny thing.

      • Yes, yes! I can hear the cover story being written even now. Afterwords, a week’s work of four-page spreads in USA Today, as they did with a non-entity like Ron Brown’s “plane crash.”

        Always work coming and going, that’s what I learned as a busboy at Denny’s.

    • What about disposing of hunter. That problem goes away and you look like a jerk whenever you bring the issue up. Plus it gives Biden the sympathy for outliving his whole original family

      • Joe Biden has at least one living brother, James. As well as son Hunter. However, since power is rarely hereditary in the modern world, offing them doesn’t really accomplish anything. What’s far more interesting will be what if anything more emerges from Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell.” It’s likely that copies of the hard drive are in too many hands for even the Dark State to quash them all. Here’s a conspiracy-flavored teaser on just that topic:

        In any event, the mass media is so corrupt that, even if a data dump of the hard drive became available with an annotated bibliography, it would still be ignored as much as possible and would do little to affect the ruling regime(s). 😡

  28. ‘this shadowy group of figures’
    Hey, quit with the anti-semitisms, Adolf. 80% of the cabinet is the new 13/50, General Biff Tannen Milley excluded.

    Speaking of, they were actually able to find someone worse to head the ATF than David ‘poses over still smoldering bodies of dead children’ Chipman. His ‘early life’ checks out, too.

  29. The thesis of today’s essay is seed for conspiracy theorists, indeed! Months ago, perhaps even before the election, our guys pondered how it was that both Biden and Harris had gone from dead last choices in their respective slots, to nominee for their party? That oddity was remarked at the time. Even before the election, at least in the DR community, Biden’s cognitive decline was well noticed.

    Now comes Obama’s recent White House visit. As I pontificated in yesterday’s (04-06) comments, in my knowledge, it is extremely rare for a former President to visit the White House, except maybe for the funeral of a past President. Biden’s presidency may be dead indeed, but he is still the titular leader. I too have seen the video where Biden is forlorn, a piece of the scenery, while Obama takes center stage, although MSM claims this is doctored:
    [link rejected as Spam:]

    Yahoo News -> Rolling Stone -> “Fox News Doctored Clips of Obama’s Visit to the White House to Make It Seem Like Biden Was Lost” (April 6, 2022).

    I did not read this story, but since Pravda denies the story, I will assume it’s true.

    Obama also gave an interview where he called out the risks of disinformation. I’ll concede Obama and/or the Sun-Times some credit for discussing the various issues. However, the article does start off with red-flag words like “insurrection”, “white supremacist,” and “misogynist.” That leaves no doubt as to what team is writing the report. I also didn’t see any mention of social media’s recent relaxation of their strict policies against hate speech, allowing certain nations to cheer the Ukraine side of the conflict, even if that includes calls to hurt and kill Russians. Funny how the rules apply to all, except when it’s not convenient, so they’re relaxed for favored groups. The article doesn’t seem to explicitly call for more censorship or regulation, beyond the not so subtle mentions of far-right tropes.

    [link rejected as Spam. Z, you really need to fix your fucking software!]

    Google News -> Chicago Sun-Times: “Barack back home: Obama warns Chicago audience of ‘anger-based’ journalism and social media cashing in on conflict.” (April 6, 2022).

    All these perhaps, are mere sideshows. The theme of today’s essay, while not new of course, is truly frightening: that a Deep State, a Swamp, a shadow quasi-government constituted of intelligence agencies and (perhaps) wealthy corporations and powerful billionaires, are the real power behind not just our government, but many regimes of the world. These nebulous entities, with agendas that can at best be guessed at by us outsiders. They are accountable to no one, with almost unlimited powers. As such, they are extremely dangerous.

    If there is any hope, it may come from the fact that such cabals are rarely unified. Human nature dictates there shall (nearly) always be two, sometimes many more, factions, each seeking to gain power at the expense of others. In most times, at best an uneasy truce exists. At worst, they engage in open warfare. And everything in between. The welfare of the citizenry are at best an afterthought.

    • Regarding “Fox News Doctored Clips of Obama’s Visit to the White House to Make It Seem Like Biden Was Lost,” I went and checked it out. They repeatedly used the term “doctored,” but it’s obvious doctored has devolved to mean “ended the clip where you wanted to end it instead of where we wanted to end it.” The extended versions are not that much more flattering to Biden.

      • So now any event captured on video must be played in its entirety or it’s “doctored?” That’d kill cable and MSM news. Hmmm . . . (Always look on the bright side!)

    • Keep looking for he WEF connections. I have seen good collections of the Canadian (over 100) and British (over 300) associates, but have not seen a good US list yet.
      Ask any candidate or office-holder down to school board level, “Are you now, or have you ever been associated with the WEF?” Expect lies, watch the body language.
      The affiliates get promoted with money, advice, and support. There are enough of them that a single failure is not important.

  30. But is there really just one Praetorian Guard. My concern is that there are a number of various factions running around, each controlling certain policy areas or vying for them. In essence, no one is really in charge.

    There’s likely a couple of intelligence factions – CIA and FBI who have different concerns. Then there’s the tech money. Wall Street. AIPAC and the neocons. The military.

    I realize that there’s overlap and coordination among these groups, but I find it hard to believe that they all operate as one group. Yeah, the intelligence agencies probably have the ultimate trump card in terms of blackmailing and threat of violence, but I’m not sure that they’re in complete control over the other groups.

    For example, if the intelligence community is fully in control, why is Biden’s cabinet 80% small hats. Maybe it’s not just our intelligence agencies involved in grabbing power.

    That said, there’s no doubt that something changed with Obama. Bush II was a doufus who really didn’t need to be told to do exactly what the intelligence community and the military wanted, but I’m not sure that he was a complete figurehead. But Obama definitely was. The guy defines empty suit.

    Trump wasn’t controlled and so was removed. I suppose that Biden is the first publicly-acknowledge president of Deep State. Obama was really the first one, but Deep State didn’t feel comfortable saying it out loud.

    Will be interesting to see how the various factions of the Praetorian Guard deal with a DeSantis. He doesn’t seem the type to rock the boat too much, but he also doesn’t seem to be a Deep State asset. I guess that he’ll get a few briefings from the intelligence community if he wins the nomination where they explain the rules.

    • If DiSantis were to sit down with the alphabet boys and accept their “briefings” at face value, it would mean that he is a bigger fool than Pierre Delecto.

      • Of course if he calls bullshit on the briefings and makes it clear that his administration will ignore alphabet recommendations, then a troubled young man will make him go away.

    • “For example, if the intelligence community is fully in control, why is Biden’s cabinet 80% small hats. Maybe it’s not just our intelligence agencies involved in grabbing power.”

      Bingo. Even if the is a USA Deep State, it’s controlled by another country’s Deep State. (Since the latter is officially an ethnostate, members of that ethnic group are ipso facto agents of that state).

      • That’s their advantage, even at the shadowy Deep State level.

        They play as a team while other factions of Deep State are, in the end, individuals even if they’re working with others.

    • Outside of NYC/California/Texas he may have the largest population of foreign nationals/dual citizens in the US. That informs everything he does.

  31. Zman, in prior essays, has astutely likened this theater to the Kremlinology of our youths. Now we have to divine the intention of Obama’s visit (and the videos/photos) to the White House the way we would analyze the photos from the May Day Parades of old. (Who’s that new guy standing next to Andrei Gromyko?)

    I cannot help but think this is intentional misdirection. If no single person is in charge, no single person is accountable to the public for the many debacles now underway. This strategy keeps careers alive and options open for important cabals of insiders. For example, it’s obvious that Kamala was a stooge from the jump. Does anyone here think she’s going to be President? Almost her entire staff has resigned already. They wouldn’t if she were going to be Pres in December, would they?

    However, at some point, someone will have to step out of the shadows and emcee this sh*tshow. The public and the financial markets cannot tolerate this level of unpredictability. Zman talks of Constantine, but I’m thinking it’s more like the Year of the Four Emperors.

  32. “Today the mass media is full of “retired” intelligence officers..” – I read this too fast and read retired as “retard.” I think that’s more accurate.

  33. “Maybe they have a Lee Harvey Oswald in training, one of those Trump loving white supremacist from their mythologies. That would justify another round of state sponsored terrorism.”
    This option must be incredibly appealing to them. Any and every chance to terrorize and destroy middle class whites must be so enticing.

    There is a video clip of an interview with the CEO of TriCon Residential, one of largest owners of single family homes in the US. Revenue increased by almost 80% last year and they have lofty goals. According to the CEO, they are providing a service to millennials who he claims are much happier not owing anything.
    It’s quite Christian of him.

    Fortunately, those whites who are waking up seem to be fleeing the cities. This endeavor appears to be more and more difficult by the moment, as prices are skyrocketing.
    There are poor whites stuck in the cities who can’t afford to escape. They are drowning in diversity and their poor kids are pummeled daily in public schools with inclusion and equity.
    The refugee resettlement is not pouring the new Americans into the backyards of the cloud people or anywhere near those who matter to them.
    As heartbreaking as the plight of poor white Appalachians is, at least they are surrounded by other whites.

    The lefty progs are honest about one thing: Diversity is their strength.

    • When the SHTF the guys weighted down with the bright shiny brass are the ones you should worry about, not the schemers in DC so much.

    • “According to the CEO, they are providing a service to millennials who he claims are much happier not owing anything.”

      I imagine it’s things like this that will form the slow-boil erosion of private property rights.

      When 75% of your population thinks owning property is horrid, a crime, bad for the environment or just not popular then I’d imagine they could be mobilized in a ‘democracy’ to vote for a party that sought to abolish it.

      Of course, private property will most likely still exist… in the hands of the immensely wealthy and powerful.

      The other way, that is gaining traction regarding land proper, is to make it’s ownership so tiresome, that no individuals can be bothered to deal with all the strictures government applies to said land. Because of course, when a serious man buys land to make his own, he needs to government to tell him not to smear radioactive waste all over it.

      These schemes will be the likely avenue… turning to naked aggression and thievery when the government loses any interest in maintaining the charade any longer.

      Best for us to lay treasures for ourselves in The Eternal Kingdom; after all, what property did the Apostles have? Mark you, they were also fired up with The Holy Ghost and Serious, Discerning Christians. Granite ‘ard lads.

      • Orange Frog: As dreadful as the GAE may be, its restrictions on private land use – outside of California and near certain ‘National Parks’ – are not nearly so onerous as those that exist within England. You retain tons of rules from the EU regarding almost everything. And anyone who genuinely wants to farm and make a living and/or profit from it in the US encounters lots of government rules as well. But the priority for the majority of Whites moving back to rural land and starting homesteads is to feed their families with healthy, natural food (along with more freedom and self reliance). Thus far, at least, there are few restrictions on homesteading in the areas where it is most popular.

  34. I know I keep banging this drum, but this is how stuff like WW1 happens. Yeah, Truckin’ Joe Biden is a figurehead, but figureheads matter. It is simply impossible for the leader of a serious nation to negotiate with anyone but his titular peer. It’s beneath their national dignity — which, again, is a real thing that really matters — but more importantly, even if you stooped to try, how do you know the flunky you’re talking to is the correct flunky, or the only relevant flunky?

    Back when intel agencies were professionals at anything other than screwing with domestic policies, they used to be able to communicate with their opposite numbers. I forget which magazine it was, but X magazine was well known to be the in-house CIA journal (“Foreign Affairs” or something like that). If it was in there, it was because the CIA wanted it there, and that’s how they communicated with the KGB. The KGB of course had their own journal, or maybe not, because if you wanted the official Moscow Party line you just had to go down to the faculty lounge, but you get my point.

    But that’s really a crappy way to communicate in general, and unworkable in a crisis. That’s why they had the Red Phone. So let’s say Putin has some big line in the sand that will absolutely trigger a nuclear response. How does he communicate this to the people who need to know? He can’t put it around the faculty lounge and wait for the CIA station chief to pick it up. He can’t put it in an op ed, because nobody will publish him. He can’t put it on Twitter because he’s embargoed. He can’t call a UN security council meeting, because the
    US or UK will always veto it (as they did just recently). He can’t hold a press conference in Red Square, because no one will cover it (or just call it “Russian disinformation”).

    He HAS TO go to the Red Phone, and the only person who can pick up the Red Phone is… Joe Biden. And since Joe Biden is Tapioca Joe, Putin can’t say “Get whoever you need to inside the room and put me on speaker, you idiots need to hear this.”

    • Great points! Fortunately I think Putin can call Merkel, Gerhardt Schroeder and Macron. For all their faults, they’re at least adults. The US people are truly terrifying.

      • Merkel’s out. Her successor, Olaf Scholz is a worthless socialist and is just aggravating the problems.

      • > Fortunately I think Putin can call Merkel, Gerhardt Schroeder and Macron. For all their faults, they’re at least adults.
        > Merkel’s out.

        I don’t know about you, but I can sleep soundly at night knowing that the avoidance of a nuclear holocaust depends solely on the discernment of a closeted homosexual with a penchant for African migrants who is married to his childhood teacher.

      • I’m not sure Macron is much better than Blackistan’s rulers. In fact, he’d probably fit in with them just fine.

    • The “Red Phone” is mostly a movie trope, somewhat divorced from reality. I can only speak for what existed in the mid 1980s.

      I’m not spilling any State Secrets here; At the time “insiders” were at times given informal tours. Even during the Cold War, sometimes even the press were invited a peek at the War Room or similar. Those who worked with the “real” equipment were amused at the idea of a shiny red phone on the Presidents’ (or his counterpart’s) desk. The actual equipment used was ancient, 1960s or even 1950s vintage technology, in fact. No matter how “classified,” if it’s occasionally shown to a Washington Post reporter or somebody from ABC News, you can be pretty sure it’s not THAT classified.

      But the point to make here is this: while a telephone “hotline” can certainly exist, in principle, the actual communication is done between highly trained specialists and (of course) top-level linguists/translators. Whether a baked potato or a clever nationalist, few leaders of nations are realistically expected to be fluent in both their native tongue and Russian, German, Chinese, etc. A more realistic “hotline” appears in some spy novel and movies, but at minimum it involves a human linguist at each end to translate and to verify the other side’s translation.

      • Thanks for the info, but I trust my point still stands. If Vladimir Putin (and of course his team of linguists, comm tech specialists, and so on) said “Get the President of the United States on the horn,” back when he could get the actual US President (plus his team of translators, techs, and so on) on the horn. And even if Putin didn’t do it personally, whoever he delegated would, with ironclad certainty, be speaking with Putin’s voice, communicating the official position of the Russian government. And even if Reagan (or whoever, I’m being deliberately anachronistic) didn’t personally take the call, the Russians knew whoever did pick up the phone was speaking with the Official Voice of the United States.

        That situation still applies in Moscow, but who the hell knows who’s answering the phone there behind the razor wire in Tubman, Distrito Federal? Vlad might be having a super discussion with somebody, making real progress… only to find out he’s been talking to some junior CIA assistant section chief’s coffee-fetching buttmonkey. Vlad doesn’t even know who to call, even if he were to sacrifice the national dignity of the Russian Federation to call someone not his titular peer.

        • You have hit on the main problem and what makes nuclear war possible. There is no central figure to negotiate a way out. It seems quite clear there are many factions fighting over grifting and power tripping rights. Any alignment among the groups is accidental.

          Pouring more fuel on the fire is that the Russians can see as clearly as we can that the hook it out to snatch Biden off the stage. They also realize Kamala Harris is functionally retarded. Ditto Anthoney Blinken and Loyd Austin.

          It is like being assaulted by rival gangs simultaneously in the middle of the night. Nukes may fly because even the designees for interface are not embodied in one person or voice. You can have the best linguists and translators possible but if they do not speak with authority, they are utterly useless.

          It is a mistake to compare this to the Cuban missile crisis because this is much more dangerous, and, frankly, some of these monsters seem to crave annihilation.

          • tl;dr: The Slim Pickens character in DR. STRANGELOVE now is Pajama Boy wearing a mask and uncertain what happens when his ride smacks the ground.

          • uncertain what happens when his ride smacks the ground.

            He needn’t worry … those bombs explode way above ground.

        • That’s the danger of a superpower going to full figurehead government. It wouldn’t matter if it was Ecuador or Denmark. Nobody in the official line of succession is a serious person.

    • To continue the WWI analogy, all those diplomats and titled heads of Europe were not, significantly, calling for the assassination of each other like Potato Joe or Miss Lyndsay (funny how they agree on that).
      That also neatly dovetails with the ostensible trigger for WWI, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the next in line to the Habsburg throne, by the Serbian intelligence agency through Princip, and everyone knew they did it. Hence the entirely justified response by the Austro-Hungarians to go HAM on the Serbs.
      Today, diplomacy by assassination is a CIA specialty, as shown by Diem’s removal by bullet, or the comically unsuccessful attemps on Castro, or the fate of Saddam Hussien or Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.
      In this, the Russians are well aware they cannot negotiate, even face to face, in good faith with their enemy. Thus, there will be no negotiation, because the Washington establishment has made quite clear that they hate Vladimir Putin and want him dead.

      • That’s the real takeaway from the Big Steal in 2020. Even if you wanted to negotiate with the Evil Empire, how could you ever take them at their word?

        No serious nation would have an election that contentious and not make an enormous show of auditing the results, for exactly that reason. Let’s go ahead and stipulate, arguendo, that 2020 was completely clean and totally on the level. You still have upwards of 40% (I think 40% was the official figure so you know it’s a lie) of people thinking, at minimum, that something really really fishy happened to Our Democracy. No nation that expects to be taken seriously by the community of nations can allow that, because how in the hell could you ever trust anything from the American government ever again?

        Hey, remember that agreement you signed with our duly sworn and notarized representative? Nah, brah, we were just jokin’. Some general somewhere, and his personal butt boy Senator So-and-So, in conjunction with some pajeet at Twitter and a few of the Wall Street boys, have decided that doesn’t really work for us. Psych! Got a problem with that? Just vote for the other guy next time, heh heh heh.

        • In a neat reversal of all the Mustache Guy (Slav Edition) propaganda Globohomo pumped out lately, what is at least a 9.0 on the Alanis scale is that to Master P and the Russians, “negotiating” with AINO is no shit exactly like negotiating anything with Mustache Guy, who never signed a treaty worth the paper it was written on to anyone.
          Master P ain’t Lando Calrissian.

        • Russia has known for some time the US won’t keep any agreements. You don’t need to much Russian studies to know that “not agreement capable.” is outright venomous .

          This colors any actions they take and combines nicely with the innate distrust of everyone nearly all Slavs have

  35. The Neocons are deep imbedded with the intelligence agencies, especially in anything involving Russia, at least it seems like this. The only explanation why Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan are still making decisions on Russia.

    • I’m wondering when the Russians will show a public sign they’ve realized Nuland will not permit Zelensky to concede anything.

      • A good way to tell the Russians have realized Zelensky cannot negotiate is when they whack him. Or the Empire whacks him. Either way, that man is death eating on a cracker.

    • Interesting to note that Kagan is Jewish, Nuland is Ukrainian Jewish through her paternal grandfather, and of course, Zelensky is Jewish. Life’s amazing coincidences.

  36. “In the fullness of time, the Biden period will be seen as the time when this shadowy group of figures became the Praetorian Guard”

    I think the inflection point you speak of actually occurred when “they” killed Kennedy.

  37. I figured the “Oh goodness yes, Hunter Biden’s laptop is real” and “BLM bought this $6 Million Mansion with funds donated to them” stories appearing lately in “The Media” were battlespace prep for clearing the decks of deadwood and “useful idiots, comrade”.

    “That is all fun stuff to debate, but the question no one bothers to consider is who is making the decision on Biden? No one has provided a clear explanation for who picked him back in the primary. It was clearly not the voters. The party forced everyone to quit after the South Carolina primary, but how did that work? If it was just the party why did they wait so long? The timing suggests someone came to the aid of the party with new tools.”

    Not to stand here and claim I am the World’s Greatest Prognosticator (There’s another blog host to do that, you Gamma Mid-Wit you) but back in 2019 I picked Biden as the Dems “go-to” guy:

    – Nobody was going to pick Bernie, and out-and-out Communist, and plus he had those toxic white heteronormative “Bernie Bros”.
    – Elizabeth Warren? Anyone dumb enough to expose her own grift via a Trump insult is too dumb to elect President.
    – The rest? Well, our VP could only get 1% of the vote in the primaries. And Booty-judge? Please.

    So I figured they’d maneuver Slow Joe as the “moderate”. I suspected they’d position him like Mondale, let him lose, and bring up some “stunning, brave, Diverse” candidates for 2024.

    And then came the early rounds of the primaries, and after Pete Booty-judge was cheated to a win, I took notice, but not as much as I should’ve. It was a trial run for November (remember the “voting app” rolled out the day before the Iowa caucus?). Note too that “COVID, COVID, COVID OMG WE’REALLGONNADIE!!!!!!!!” picked up right around the South Carolina primary where Slow Joe came “roaring back”. Everyone else started dropping out, including front-runner up to South Carolina Bernie (just buy him a house and he’s happy), especially if they got a plum office offer from Biden’s camp. The cost of support from African-American pols is our VP.

    So who’s supporting him? Who advanced him? Given the reception given to our former President and the dissing of Joe, I suspect O’s people thought they’d get their third term agenda advanced via Slow Joe. But Slow Joe is slowing down before our eyes, so Slow Joe gotta go. Could get messy out there in the next few weeks or months.

    • I also called JB for nominee in summer 2019. Admittedly this was before the primary season and the debates made me falter in my confidence, but the structural reasons for predicting it hadn’t changed.

      I did not correctly predict Harris as vp, even though the Indispensable Gyno-Blackness criterion had been telegraphed before she dropped out, so logically she was in the running. I underestimated the influence of N. California Democrats over the party because I’m a So. Cal. native and so assumed them to have the same combo of ditzy and “vibrant” as our local variant. Obama was the last gasp of Dem powerbrokering not based in SF/San Jose/Sacramento or the wider Beltway territory. NYC will be greatly diminished. Atlanta was making a run at it as well but they lack the same money-printing brr* (*a legal Scrabble word, btw).

    • > The cost of support from African-American pols is our VP.

      No, the cost of support from BIG TECH is our VP. Kamala’s only natural constituency is Satan-con Valley and the globalist Brahmin and Jewish oligarchs who run it now.

      There’s not a single black person in this country who considers Harris to be one of their own. Blacks supported Biden *in spite of* Kamala, not because of her.

      • Ponder this:

        The price of poker for Joe was he had to have a minority woman as Veep. It could’ve been Stacey Abrams. 😲

    • Obama probably did have the where-with-all and connections to get his toadies in for the Dem primary, but everything after that is above even his pay grade. The theory then would be that The Regime got Obama to help them out in that regard, to the extent that is actually the case.

  38. It’ been 9 year snow since Ed Snowden revealed the intel community spies on everything we do. Also the deep connections among the intel community and the tech industry. Technology only has become more powerful since then. They can blackmail anybody.

    • Yes.

      And even when one gets to the man on the street, even after Snowden’s revelations… nobody cares. Because the present comfort level is too great to make waves.

      No surprise there, though.

      • Two points. First, the Snowden revelation shows that most Americans are beyond redemption, and anyone waiting for the American populace to wake up is a fool. If that did not ‘wake America’ nothing will (but Biden’s laptop…lol).
        The other point is the potency of this deception and manipulation, especially when you consider deepfake technology. If they want to ruin anyone, all they have to do is make a video out of thin air *poof.* The population will believe it. This is particularly potent on a population that 1) Experiences their lives vicariously through videos (in many ways tiktok is more real than their physical surroundings) and 2) A population that is trained to believe anything that pushes back against an intelligence agency official narrative is a conspiracy theory.

        • The mainstream media was pretty effective in blocking the average American from knowing just what Snowden said. Only DR political junkies really know. They didn’t wake up because they never heard.

          • The didn’t care. Snowden was an everyday word in the news. If they had the least bit of curiosity, they would look. Imagine if you took every American on the street, one by one, and shook them while giving them proof that every single online message they send is being monitored. Do you think a one of them would change? Never.

  39. Something worth still considering is that there is a group around Biden that intends to ride him until the wheels fall off, and hates Obama and Kamala (especially after Obama didn’t reciprocate the slavish loyalty Biden showed when it came time for endorsements). That Biden is falling apart before our eyes doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t try to run him again (decomposing Biden still isn’t as embarassing as a healthy Kamala).

    From our perspective, in terms of discrediting a system that can only be used against us, either outcome (installing Kamala or keeping Biden) serves the purpose. I might lift a finger to dip it in ink and vote for DeSantis in 2024, but if there is once again mass absentee balloting and Dominion machines, staying home is the smart move, as low turnout among normally enthusiastic whites undermines the system.

    This is assuming that the world isn’t one giant radioactive wasteland by then. Brinkmanship shouldn’t be handled by histrionic neurotics and that’s who we have playing a game of nuclear chicken right now. Compare the poker-faced impassivity of Putin and his cohorts to the puppyish emoting of actor Zelinksy or some scowling harpy like Nuland.

    • Biden is the good goy while Obama is a popular but ungrateful negro for Chosen elite, poor Kamala own her position by sucking it up, literally.

      • Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes recounted a conversation he saw between Obama and a frothing at the mouth Rahm Emmanuel. Obama was going on about how evenhandedness was needed in the Levant, and that Chuck Hagel should be confirmed, even though he was a throwback to the “Arabists” of the Carter Years. Emmanuel finally exploded and said, “The Palestinians are not going to pay for your presidential library!” Obama seems to have the black pseudointellectual’s disdain for the Chosen, and yet he’s dependent on them financially, which probably only increases the resentment. Some Jews (the kinds who aren’t completely nihilistic and alienated, like a Jackie Mason or Bernie Goldberg) returned the favor, but most American Jews, especially those who are only nominally or “culturally Jewish”, seem to think that Obama’s hatred for whites outweighs his resentment toward Jews, and he is thus the horse to back. We shall see.

        • I honestly believe that the Democrats are being sabotaged from the inside, the American jewish establishment doesn’t want people like AOC, Tlaib or the Somali lady as future leaders of the Party, maybe the current NYC black mayor or Buttgag but definitely not the squad.

          This isn’t too outrageous as it seems, the same happened in the UK when Jeremy Corbyn took over the Labour Party leadership. The entire British media (including BBC and the Guardian, New Statesman), Labour Party insiders and big money people worked together to destroy him and the Labour Party along with.

          • The squad is the keep the Muslims happy . they are never going any where . but having them there as a token keeps them in the democrat party .

  40. The video of Obama and his vice president walking around aimlessly were simply tragic. Even when Biden had his hand on Obama’s shoulder trying to get his attention, you could see Obama flinch just slightly in an effort to get away without looking as I’m sure he recognized the voice and knew it was Joe. It was subtle, but it was there.

    Obama has been the darling of American politics with Europeans ever since he showed up on the scene as EU political elites see eye-to-eye with Obama’s socialist and global agenda. Trump was the cold wet blanket that every EU politician took offense to, even when they knew he was right. Biden is clueless and harmless enough that no one takes him seriously.

    Those who really control the levers of power know Biden is the perfect scapegoat for everything that’s going wrong in America because as we saw in the Obama meeting, Biden is absolutely clueless to what’s really going on around him. If they’re smart, they’ll leave him where he is so they can get on with their dirty business and let Biden’s legacy of failure obscure what’s really going on behind the curtain.

    Just like in the video, poor old Joe hasn’t figured out that the EU (and the rest of the world) is politely ignoring him, hoping he will just quietly wander off backstage someplace so Dr. Jill can feed him an ice cream cone while the adults in the room tackle the real issues.

    • “…while the adults in the room tackle the real issues.”

      Heh. Let me know when they turn up.

      Real issues to these people are: Climate agenda, kick-the-can economics, lectures on how bad whites are, endless virtue signalling &c.

      I’ll know when a serious adult is back in politics, as he’ll take one look at the epic debt of our nation, and take drastic and serious measures to address it. Hell, he may even have the Jacobs to default and then clean house in, ahem, ‘other’ ways.

      I guess a serious man knows that his policies would cost people their savings, homes maybe jobs. Many may indirectly die. But that it probably the only way we’ll ‘reset’ something…

      But nobody is going to do that, so we’re on our own to weather the storm.

    • Isn’t there a possibility that Scranton Joe is being kept under the influence of depressants as a team of CIA agents actually call the shots?

    • Of course Obama flinched. He didn’t want Joe to sniff his hair and blurt there is a puppy waiting in the Lincoln bedroom.

    • Exactly, Karl. Biden is a throw-down president. Everything being done is desired and destructive, and Biden is the unwitting scapegoat. Few things shock any longer but that one does.

  41. ” That said, there is no sign of a Constantine out there….”
    It’s written that when Constantine the Great became emperor, he decided to build a triumphant arch. His main complaint was they couldn’t find the workman and craftsmen to build one as great as those of the past. In other words, the rot of the empire was so advanced that much knowledge had already been forgotten; a precursor of a dark age.

    At this point I don’t think anyone can save what’s left of the empire. We’ve been gutting crucial industries for the last 50 years, and when we make that last swirl in the toilet bowl, no one will be around to figure out how to rebuild anything. We are already in the early signs of a Dark Age, and I fear one day the elder survivors will be telling mesmerizing stories of a time that can no longer be and it all will seem like the lore of the gods and other legends.

    • “We’ve been gutting crucial industries for the last 50 years, and when we make that last swirl in the toilet bowl, no one will be around to figure out how to rebuild anything.”

      Indeed. James LaFond has seemingly been doing some good first hand reportage of fellows he meets on his travels; the below link details to a scary extent the wastefulness and decline of the construction industry:

      • Can confirm the truth of what LaFond’s Captain of Carpenters says.

        Also, since I work a lot on old houses, I see how much standards have deteriorated. ‘They don’t build them like that anymore’ is very true.

    • I think a big tell about the current state of GAE’s human capital will come when they attempt to staff the semi fabs that they are rushing to build in AZ, OH, and TX.

      Personally, I’m convinced a lack of human capital in the MIC is why the West doesn’t have a strike weapon like the Kinzhal.

  42. I still haven’t had it adequately explained to me why Pope Benedict stepped down.

    • My impression was Benedict found out the homo lobby in the church had more power than he did and he couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe they threatened him and pushed him aside to clear the way for his Peronist successor.

      • Benedict could always have exposed them. He had the bully pulpit. It would’ve been the work of God if he’d started naming names then got assassinated by his personal guard on the spot.

        But that might have been the end of the Catholic Church.

        I suspect that like President Trump refusing to throw out the fraudulent election, Benedict was cognitively unable to destroy the institutions that had defined his life… even though he realized that they had been corrupted beyond redemption.

        Both refused to join Evil but couldn’t bring themselves to do what had to be done, so they quietly left.

  43. ‘The fifty intel agents who swore Biden’s laptop was fake agree with this.’

    Not to be pedantic but since this is a trifle ambiguous, do you mean to say:

    ‘The fifty intel agents who swore Biden’s laptop was fake corroborate this thesis.’?

    Apologies for nitpicking.


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