From time to time a debate breaks out in outsider politics between those who prefer meta politics and those who prefer activism. The former takes the view that it is ideas that drive history so getting the ideas right is the priority. The latter notes that we live in the real world not the world of ideas. Keeping the groomers out of the schools, for example, is what matters now. You are not going to talk them out of it so you have to get involved in order to solve the immediate problem

This is a debate that has haunted conservative politics and it was something that haunted radical politics until the 20th century. Conservatives never solved the problem and it eventually ruined them. The reason is they committed to participating in a political system that leaves no room for conservative ideas. Once you sign onto the long list of left-wing taboos and mob rule, there is nothing worth defending. Conservatives became the tax collectors of liberal democracy.

For dissidents this is a bigger challenge. There is no solution to the problems of liberal democracy at the ballot box. Most Americans have no representation in politics as both parties are committed to destroying normal life. This fall the Republicans will win the election and everything will get worse. Whatever promises they have made will be broken on day one. They will set about giving the oligarchs whatever they want while pretending they are doing their voters a favor.

Even knowing this, people want to do something. This is even more true for dissidents who are more political than normal people. The reason you end up on this side of the great divide is you have engaged with politics and learned from it. Walking away entirely seems like quitting to most people. On the other hand, participating just empowers the people who want you dead. This is the dilemma that ruined the conservative movement and haunts the dissident right.

This leaves only one option and that is building a counter culture. Channeling activism into building a parallel society bridges the gap between ideas and activism. In a way, this is what we see globally with the alliance of non-Western powers. China, Russia and India want to create a parallel system that can challenging America. The same thing has to happen domestically. It is a bigger challenge for obvious reasons, but parallelism is the only way forward short of revolution.

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  • Ideas Versus Actions
  • The Conservative Dilemma
  • Parallelism

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228 thoughts on “Parallelism

  1. Unless parallelism ends in separate countries, it’s doomed to failure. The regime is overpowering—they control everything from the media to finance and Big Tech plus the government and nearly all the professional class. You don’t win against that, and there is enough inertia in the system, along with the media brainwashing people, to keep this thing going for decades.

    Besides, conservatives are p*ss poor at organizing anything, so there’s really no chance at organizing anything coherent. What would be your binding ethos, anyway? Not liking the other side? Nebulous complaints about wokeism? Yeah, not going to work. More performative backlash nonsense.

    PS: Just saw MTG on Twitter repeating the 90s era liberal slogan “there is no race but the human race” nonsense. Morons, the lot of them. Truly the shadow that follows the left. That’s the kind of human capital you have your side — a r/tard who fell for the Qanon hoax.

    The other side is better educated, has more money, are more willing to do nefarious things, and they work together as a hive mind. That works. You can’t compete with that on an even playing field. And the demographics are less favorable every day.

    Even if every capable (white) person under 18 switched sides today, you’re still looking at living in a tyranny for the rest of your lives, the rest of your children’s lives, the rest of your grandchildren and their children’s lives.

    Parallel societies like the Amish are tolerated because they are small and live on the fringes of society. Your parallel society will be successfully targeted for destruction through government discrimination and media shame or worse the moment it’s recognized as a threat.

    “I’m hopeful of building a parallel culture that somehow emerges as the dominant one,”

    Easy way to see why that will never happen: what incentive do America’s future POC majority have to give you, White Caucasian, anything? Why wouldn’t they just use their dominant numbers to impose their will forever a la South Africa’s ANC?

    Either do what the Jews did and build your own country just for your kind, where you make all the rules and exclude out-groups, or give up this delusion. Seriously, it’s embarrassing at this point. “Parallelism” without separate polities is just another boomer excuse to do nothing, hoping others will come along and do something for you.

    • Nice Monday morning blackpill, and mostly true. Can’t disagree with much of any of it except that all your projections assume everything continues on the same trajectory it has been on thus far. That is not an entirely safe assumption. Already there are tectonic shifts in certain things like the fact that Russia & China has called the bluff of the Banksters attempting to financially suffocate them.

      More large societal shifts like that can create unknown dynamics, but, I am sober and clear eyed that what you said is the most likely path assuming no major shifts.

  2. Slightly O/T but every time I read an article like this I wish for Russian fission weapons to erase these places post haste. 380 dollars for a SHOT, not a bottle, of whiskey. $40,000 champagne tab. 200,000+ college grads waiting for an opportunity for an ‘internship’ to join the Banksters and be part of Club Sodom. What was that famous line the Joker said in Batman- “This town needs an enema.”

    This economy being what it is makes articles like this even more gross in their absurd excess than they already are.

  3. I don’t find the American conservative tradition admirable. Does’t matter what era. Taft, Nixon, Reagan, New, Old, they all remind me of insufferable cucks or elitist devils like Romney.

    Give me a “moderate” Jamie Whitten, James Eastland, or Robert Byrd who upholds the southern way over a right wing free marketeer or a high flatulent language poet (Buckley..) who swaps flowery language for the spirit of what political fights are for.

    Watching Wallace v Buckley, what attracts people to the conservative ideologue Buckley over the practical Wallace? I don’t see it, other than elitism.

  4. From the podcast:
    “…a self-sustaining parallel society that is rooted in its own set of morals…”

    That means something like the Mormons or the Amish. It’s not a solution. In fact, it smacks of capitulation. The political system will roll on regardless and you will be even less of a participant.

    “Reconciling moral philosophy and participating in practical politics cannot be resolved”.

    Fundamentally disagree. The solution must come from within, by social engineering, and that has to be done by harnessing the media, by stealth if necessary – not tendentious right-wing news channels, but Sesame Street and upwards. Push unarguable principles that form an alternate morality – not an opposing morality, but a refined and improved morality. Seed those ideas in adverts and TV soaps. Harness key personalities to push the message. I’m convinced that’s the ONLY way to shift the direction of society. I know, it’s like moving a piano without its owner noticing.

    For ‘unarguable right-wing principles’, how about this (one of my own but I gladly put it in the public domain): “Progress should take place at a pace no faster than its damaging consequences can be dealt with.”
    This brings in science and puts an effective brake on the ‘progressive’ social movements that are twisting society out of shape too quickly.

    One other thing, when it comes to engaging reality, the right really needs to get a deeper sympathy for environmental issues. I’m hoping some time soon that Zed does a column on how to incorporate this into the movement. Again, the aim is not to usher in something like the Great Reset, which is utopian, but replace it with something more workable and realistic. In any case, call me Ted Kaczynski, but nature really is the touchstone of all meaning (if it isn’t, what is?). If we embrace that fundamental principle, it will bring a large number of former adversaries into the movement. To deny it is to swim against the tide and then we’re going to lose.

  5. “…but parallelism is the only way forward short of revolution.“

    Parallelism IS revolution.

    Embrace it. Parallelism solves the problem I’ve articulated before: we get our asses kicked because we’re individuals trying to play by the collectivists rules. Trump’s Truth Social will fail because their mission statement embraces the collectivists’ rules instead of just saying “We don’t care what the collectivists have to say in any subject. If we find them on our site, we will hunt them down and throw them out!”

    Parallelism is revolution.

    It has other advantages. Parallelism reflects our nature as individuals. It literally means “we don’t want anything to do with their system”. It fixes the organization problem. My sister articulated this to me recently. We spent a weekend hanging out, and she remarked how nice it was to simply be around someone who isn’t crazy and who generally agrees with her. It solves the cancel culture problem.

  6. What if the meta is all backwards?
    Logically a spiritual absolute would be the essence of sentience, from which we rise, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement, from which we fell. The light shining through the film, than the images on it. Ideals are not absolutes and treating them as such tends to empower the most obsessed.
    To culture, good and bad are some cosmic conflict between the forces of righteousness and evil, while in nature it’s the basic biological binary of beneficial and detrimental. The 1/0 of sentience. What is good for the fox, is bad for the chicken.
    This is because societies have to function as one larger organism, especially in times of stress and the social immune response will kick in against anyone not following the script, often more effectively than actions against the threat.
    To the Ancients, gods were like memes. Collective ideas, but which became anthropomorphized over time. A god of war should be an easy concept to understand today.
    Remember democracy and republicanism originated in pantheistic cultures, as that was part of how multiculturalism was conceived. Monotheism equated with monoculture. One people, one rule, one god. The formative experience for Judaism was the 40 years isolated in the desert, giving us the Ten Commandments.
    The primary dynamic and conflict with which religion has had to contend, is between tradition and regeneration. The power of early Christianity and the origin of the Trinity was the concept of the year god born in the spring, of the sky god and earth mother.
    By the time of Classical Greece this had become “set in stone,” As Zeus was the son of Chronus, but then became the supreme god. So the Story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus because a metaphor of the king dying and being reborn, in the spring. Then Rome adopted it as a state religion, because the Republic had fallen and the Empire needed a formal theological model. So it became more about monotheism, worshiping the Big Guy, than renewal. “Forgive them their debts,” became “Forgive them their sins.”
    The Trinity couldn’t be eliminated, because it was so essential, but it had to be obscured, as the Catholic Church, became the eternal institution. At least until Martin Luther tried pushing the reset button, again.
    Consequently the default political system for the next 1500 years was monarchy. When the West went back to more diverse systems, it required the separation of church and state, culture and civics.
    Other issues;
    Is money a contract, enabling society, or a commodity to mine from it?
    Is time the point of the present, moving past to future, or change, turning future to past?

    • A fair number of down votes, but no rebuttals. Any thoughts?
      Why wouldn’t the narrative be manipulated since the dawn of civilization?
      Yes, logic serves survival, but occasionally following the crowd is not an effective survival technique. The future is a continuation of the past, until it becomes a reaction to it and the mother of all reality checks is in the mail.

  7. “In a way, this is what we see globally with the alliance of non-Western powers. China, Russia and India want to create a parallel system that can challenging America”.

    I would beg to differ, what is happening in Ukraine is the west using Zelensky as a puppet. It is the west that is more looking to challenge Russia that Putin challenging the U.S.

    Zelensky is a pawn, and the Ukrainians people are suffering for it.

  8. The obvious statement in this podcast is so rarely stated in our society, only by the five, far-left anti-war people like Oliver Stone and the far right.. George W. Bush is a monster and a serial killer who left the country worse off by far in every respect. He wasn’t even some Ivan the Terrible or malicious Caesar who ended up building something valuable. He wasn’t even smart, and that’s the magic of “liberal democracy.” aka, being governed by one’s inferiors.

    • Yeah, Bush was our Richard III and left the nation in utter ruins and the world bloodier. I will celebrate his death. It is hard to be more loathsome than Obama, but Bush in fact was.

    • Further, the whole family are such bitches.

      Once the Republican Party stopped revolving around them, they all basically took their balls and went home.

      My hope is that if/when the collapse happens, the whole family will get the Romanov treatment. I only wish GHWB was still around for it.

  9. ” … in the Victorian Era, no sane white would side with an African or an Orthodox Jew against his fellow Europeans.

    Now, not so much.”

    I highly recommend a book titled “The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy” by Lathrop Stoddard.

    OK, the spam filter won’t allow me to give you a link to booksellers that carry that title, but just go to alibris cot com and you’ll find it.

  10. OT: “2 Whitmer kidnap plot suspects found not guilty; mistrial declared for other 2”.
    “To me, this was a signal,” Hills said of the verdict. “A rogue FBI agent trying to line his own pockets with his own cybersecurity company, pushing a conspiracy that just never was, never was going to be. Our governor was never in any danger. And I think the jury — they didn’t get all of it — but they smelled enough of it.”

    Maybe people are starting to wake up. One can only hope. But be assured that the Dems will continue to repeat the kidnap story as a close call on Democracy.

    • @ Swiss Guard:

      Thanks for that info. I have a particular interest in this case, but I would not have learned of the verdict until Monday at the earliest.

      So THANKS again.

    • Yeah, we got a not guilty in one of the Jan 6 insurrectionist trials as well. However, cynic that I am, I suspect the government will simply get “better” at these things and find a way to make folk’s lives miserable regardless of verdict–like the “no bail” sanctions on the Jan 6 protestors. Or for that matter, has Guantanamo closed for business? Seems the sand wars are over, but lifetime imprisonment without trial continues.

  11. Here’s why the Z is right.
    The lone black guy at Kunstler’s, Thwack, said this. I think it may be the most important statement of our lifetime:

    “Russian sanctions will lead to food shortages, which will lead to conflict and war in the 3rd world, which will lead to massive nonwhite immigration to the West.
    “refugees welcome”; said the little blonde white girl.”

    • You can only advance a position if it is held by a non-white.

      Thank God you found a non-white that holds the position you favor!

      Without a non-white to cover you, you would not be allowed to hold your position. Lucky you!

  12. In debt up to our eyeballs, having pulled so much gain on future productivity, it no longer looks like there’s a future. We could’ve had all of this stuff, although over the course of several centuries, by paying as we went along. But sign here and you can have it now.

    The ancient rules governing the debtor/creditor relationship are in effect. Our creditors cruelly, but not entirely unjustly, demand children’s blood in the form of forever wars, abortion, the vaxx, promoting sexual deviance, etc.– and the wicked celebrate it, the weak submit out of fear of losing their stuff. It’s the debt that gave us open heart surgery and the internet and 1001 genders and diabetes and made us wicked and weak imo.

    In the end, what it’ll take to build a successful counterculture is people willing to give it all up and start over, people who no longer have much to lose, or people who see their lives not as more stuff to accumulate but as assets to be spent for a higher cause. Say what you want to about the old communists or the early Christians, but they had that, the true believers. Crazy people, people of will. It’s why they succeeded if you ask me.

    • Our side could learn a lot from the games the left play. For example, the left wants to suppress “hurtful/unsafe” ideas. So, we should start reporting every lefty sentiment as hurtful. Let them chase their tail. It only takes a second to flag something as offensive. It probably takes an hour to resolve the flag.

      • They’re dumb, but they thought of this already. Sadism focuses the mind.

        If you’ve done anything (or overlapped any pattern of things) that identifies you as a dissident/disobedient, then your account isn’t “trusted,” and your reports don’t count—except as part of a mass reporting, which your report discredits. And those who joined the mass with you are now no longer “trusted.” Repeat.

    • Anti-fragility has to be the essence of the cutting edge of any movement or societal shift. The early Christians and first communists you cite are indeed good examples of this. Most had little to lose, and those who did have material and social capital were devout enough to lose it. The current machinations will result in many with nothing to lose and everything to gain. From the standpoint of victors, this was an own goal.

    • “In the end, what it’ll take to build a successful counterculture is people willing to give it all up and start over, people who no longer have much to lose, or people who see their lives not as more stuff to accumulate but as assets to be spent for a higher cause.”

      Well said. I know from my perspective this is true. I’m one of the despised and deplorable boomers, who’ve spent our lives (not unlike our parents and perhaps to a lesser extent, grandparents) not only living them, but also accumulating “stuff”. I don’t know, it just seemed like you picked up things here and there to decorate your house or because you or the wife liked them – whatever. Bookcases full of tomes you’ll never read again, for example. This really hit home for us, when my mother went through the stages of dementia. As she deteriorated, we had to keep downsizing her “things” and moving them into storage for later distribution or getting rid of them. It’s truly then that you see the things that were important in someone’s life for one reason or another, really don’t have much importance in your’s or in the long term scheme of things. It’s sad, and in some ways you hate to part with them, but it’s reality.

      My wife and I look at the stuff we have and know that our kids aren’t going to have any interest in or want 95% of it. Thus, we make it an annual (if not semi-annual) exercise to go through it and pare it down. We’ve lived most of our lives, but if it came to tearing out pages of old books to keep the fires burning for that higher cause, we’re all for it, and more.

      • That’s something I can attest to. While I’ve never had children and at age 60+, unlikely to, I’ve seen precisely what you describe in my own extended family and that of friends. As a general rule, 99.9% of the “stuff” that you and spouse accumulated during your life will be shunned as worthless trash by your heirs after you’re gone. It’s a tough exercise, but it’s really worthwhile, as suggested, to thin the load a bit while you are still on the green side of the grass. If you can bare to part with them, this applies doubly for things of actual value. Wouldn’t you rather give away possessions to those who will actually value them, rather than leaving a mess for a family to squabble over after your demise. with a harried executor to sort it out? Too many oldsters naively think they can shuffle off the mortal coil and that Dianne and Jenny will be able to peaceably agree on whom should get what pieces of Great-Grandma’s very valuable dishware, or Johnny and Bill to decide how to partition the antique electric train set or the tools in the shed. If you really want to leave a mess, don’t have a will and trust made out either.

      • usNthem: A lot of ‘stuff’ people treasure is, indeed, junk. My husband has definite packrat tendencies and I’m endlessly trying to thin down his things. I never, ever leave a cardboard box intact where he can find it – or he will find something to fill it with.

        However, some of our ‘stuff’ is older wooden furniture we got from his parents, or things we bought when we lived overseas (rugs, paintings, ceramics, etc.). We know for a fact our sons like some of these things and hope to pass them along well before we die. Certain things are more than merely ‘stuff’ and are touchstones of one’s heritage.

        I find it more difficult to decide the ‘fate’ of some things that have purely emotional value, however. My late mother-in-law chose to honor me with the things she saved from her third son, my husband’s brother who died as a child. I still keep those few drawings and pictures and his silver baby cup, and hope that one of my children will also keep these things in memory.

        Ultimately we’re all dust, of course, but while we live some ‘stuff’ can be tangible reminders of those who’ve gone before us.

        • “I find it more difficult to decide the ‘fate’ of some things that have purely emotional value, however.”

          Hear, hear. The material things I value most are worthless essentially.

        • Your kids are’nt going to want any part of that dismal shit. Chuck it, give it away or bonfire burn it as a memorial ceremony.

    • ” … what it’ll take … is people willing to give it all up … .”

      I don’t think anybody will have to be willing to give everything up. Everything is going away whether anybody likes it or not.

      Things are NOT going to return to “normal” (which might be a good thing). It’s not the end of the world, but it might seem like it, at least for a while. And for most people.

  13. I can’t agree enough.
    This is the Book of Kells time.
    We’re the Irish monks, hiding in a remote corner, saving the books that our civilization might once again bloom.

    Good gosh, people. All is not lost, we still have so much, more than ever before- even still, more freedom than most have ever known.

    We won’t save it all, but we must- MUST- save as many of ours as we can, and that means those who follow. We are the pavers of the way.

    • One of the great BS tropes is the Irish “saving” western civ. The idea that all the manuscripts and books were cleanly wiped out throughout Europe but were preserved in Oiland is a premise for a third-rate sci-fi novel.

      Isn’t this also contradicted by the equally vapid claim that Muslims saved western civ via the same virus which wiped all records in Europe between Oiland and the Ottoman empire?

      Peoples who had relatively nothing to do with western civ somehow saving it feels a little compensatory.

  14. Parallel society is always a stupid meme as much as riding into the sunset. You might as well sing hakuna matata while you’re at it. The point of the meme is to discourage the most obvious form of dissent possible, sacking the capital like a barbarian migrant mob too civilized to be stopped by the legions unwilling to commit atrocities, but too unassimilable to be neutralized by a decadent culture.

    To put it into perspective, Detroit alone has lost 1.2 million people in a single lifetime, but the population of Washington DC is just 670,000. Policies would be very different if enough Visigoths dispossessed by the Huns decided to move to Rome instead of migrating around with their pointless parallel societies.

    Rome has to be sacked before the migrations end and new civilizations can be built. We already have a sense that the elites already have their new Constantinople in mind, and it’s just a matter of time before everyone else notices. Really, the elites aren’t even trying to prevent migration to the capital by force. Memes are cheap. It’s a shame they’re still working against us.

    • You are seeing but not perceiving. The Regime has quite a lot of practice and quite a lot of success throwing even protesters into jail for honking their horns. What makes you think any attempt to do anything in DC would be any different than the last five hundred attempts or so?

      By contrast, the Regime CANNOT abide a massive White flight into withdrawal. No Whites in the Army, Ukraine collapses before the Russians in days. No Whites in the Navy, China takes Taiwan in a month. No Whites driving trucks, the Regime has to draft via conscription every Mexican and Central American truck driver. You get the drift — we live in an era when there are hard, hard limits to what the Regime can do because they … DON’T HAVE THE MEN. Neither do we, but that makes our withdrawal the more powerful. All the Panopticon stuff fails when the power is out half the day. Its why all the super-secret squirrel stuff in Latin America never works because even there the cell service is spotty and cameras just don’t work, the ones set up get stolen and stripped for parts.

      • If DC’s population were 90% Republican instead of 90% Democrat, you would see a very, very different response to protests. Protests don’t work when you’re just protesting in someone else’s city. If you actually live and work and know the authorities in the city on a personal level, protests work.

        Conservatives refuse to live in proper cities, having enslaved themselves to mid 20th century technology, the automobile dependent subdivision with no streets fit for marching. But the failure to work in the capital is inexcusable, a product of a fantastic mind that only values winning elections and not actually working for their own representatives even when they’re offered lucrative government jobs. “Muh free market” meme thought overrides common sense even when most capitalist elites are degenerates now.

        • The so-called “Civil Rights” protests in the anti-black South certainly worked, and that’s because the feds backed the protests. Effectively, since the mid-sixties, Leftists are allowed to protest and conservatives are not.

          • Precisely. Regardless of his merit, this is why Trump terrified official D.C. His election was an unapproved White protest. This prompted his removal, which is the process further delegitimized the regime, which they vaguely sense now. In part this explains the hysteria over a wide swathe of the public not giving a tinker’s damn about Ukraine.

            I have several older friends, most former work mates, in the UK who were children during the war and watched the British Empire collapse in its aftermath. They told me that while they and their families and neighbors realized the sun had set on the Empire, the upper classes and what we call the “Deep State” here were in hard denial for almost two decades afterwards.

            This is sort of what is happening in the GAE now and it is probably worse. The denizens of the Imperial City had assumed they were loathed due to envy and so forth, but they have started to realize they are as hated domestically as they are abroad for similar reasons. They will frantically try to cling to power and become even more vicious as everything slips from them.

            It cannot end well, but it will end.

          • Winning by default isn’t exactly winning. The South has no deep red islands, and neither does anywhere else. The closest thing to a deep red island in the West is the military base. In the rest of the world, it is associated with desert oases (think Islam and the Middle East) or freezing cold Russian villages where everything is built close together to share heat.

            Based places. No subdivisions to flee to. No federal government to blame. The right lives on the same streets and the left, and is forced to fight, and it wins. This is the architectural model of politics and it is dustiest and most in need of use now.

        • Not wrong at all about the riots but cities are garbage and mostly unnecessary these days even without cheap oil.

          All they do is breed people that can’t handle freedom and those who carve “managing” people If you want yeomanry which is the American ideal more small towns and less efficiency not more cities

  15. It’s unfortunate that even in this day and age we need to be worried about invaders and savages.

  16. Nobody is reading Evola. And the idea of building parallel structures under a surveillance state strikes me as wishful thinking, frankly.

    But there is another option: wrecking.

    That is simple, violent action aimed at destroying the existing system.

    Specifically I mean employing physical power wherever, whenever, and against whatever or whoever the individual actor deems appropriate.

    • To your point: why would tyrants allow parallel structures to exist at all? There was a practical reason why they went after the Orthodox and Catholic churches under the totalitarian systems of the last century: they were parallel structures. I mean, even homeschooling your children is outlawed in Germany, it could easily be outlawed here.

      • Black people built their parallel society from the ground up. So did the Irish during the Gaelic Revival. So too did arguably the “Z people” even before the Balfour Declaration.

        Jelly Roll Morton in his oral history of New Orleans noted he as a black man could walk around all day in New Orleans and never have to speak or do any business with a White person. His recordings/reminiscences are available again, Rhino Records re-released his Library of Congress recordings. Worth a listen. [And no, August Wilson to the contrary, he never “passed” for White. ]

        • Whiskey –

          Black parallel society was not only tolerated but enforced by the White structure. The Irish were not a parallel society at all, they were merely the society that existed before the English invaded. As for the Zionists, well, they didn’t exactly build them in a few decades.

          I think the parallel societies thing is empirically suspect and it feels like a cope (in unkind terms), similar to the Benedict Option talk of a few years back.

      • “… it could easily be outlawed here.”

        True, but largely irrelevant.

        This is one of those things to which *everybody* would have to accede willingly. If even a small minority refused, they could put a top to it by blowing up school buildings by night (or by day) and by cutting off electricity and so on.

        It really doesn’t matter at this point what the gov’ts do. They have lost the people’s hearts and minds, and they can’t get them back. That’s what a revolution is. It takes place in people’s hearts and minds BEFORE any shooting starts Revolution first; shooting later.

        Beyond that, nobody is now in control of anything anywhere. Events have now gained their own momentum, and they must and will run to their logical conclusion, whatever that might be. People who think they are in control are only deceiving themselves.

        • “It really doesn’t matter at this point what the gov’ts do. They have lost the people’s hearts and minds, and they can’t get them back. That’s what a revolution is. It takes place in people’s hearts and minds BEFORE any shooting starts Revolution first; shooting later.”

          As I replied to Ostei earlier, the denizens of the Imperial City only now sense they have lost all legitimacy. Their berserk reaction to Trump earlier, and to the lack of universal or even widespread support for a war in Ukraine now, is due primarily to how much both represent the loss of hearts and minds. Some say we are in the early stages of civil war, but it feels much more like a revolution.

          When we see the drones and foot soldiers start to move from the D.C. metropolitan area, it will signal they have fully apprehended how dire their position is. It also may indicate the foolish and reckless nuclear war talk has become more sincere. It’s hard to imagine Beijing and Moscow are not watching for that move.

  17. A simple rule:
    – If living alone is hard, people living together must do what they can to help each other.

    A rule so simple, so basic, that it has been forgotten.
    Of course, this is a rule which can only by applied to small groups: in small groups, the individual is the main component, and the individual can compromise without being annihilated; in large groups (e.g., nations), the main component is the subgroup, and a subgroup cannot compromise without risking annihilation.
    Thus, a question arises: how can a large group be kept in a functional status?
    – By dramatically curtailing the subgroups number; and/or
    – by vigorously diluting the core traits of all subgroups.

    How to achieve this?
    – Organized (state) religion is the least violent way to do it.

    (Some nations have tried to replace organized religion with organized sports; naturally, it failed: organized sports cannot dilute subgroups; on the contrary, it multiplies them and reinforces their core traits.)

    Anyhow, if mankind’s top priority is to overextend human presence on the planet, three requisites are to be met (the first two human dependent, the last human independent):
    – Eugenics*;
    – World population strict control;
    – God’s will.

    Are you willing to bet against the third?

    * The problem is not the enemy getting smarter or stronger (in size or numbers); the problem is the side where we place ourselves getting weaker and, worse still, dumber.

    • I’ve not heard your comments before. You must keep posting them until I begin to understand better.

    • “people living together must do what they can to help each other”

      You didn’t mention race as an organizing principle for separation.

      If you believe multi-racial countries are viable, please say so.

  18. The idea of a parallel society is that it should be hostile in every way to the main society, aim explicitly to replace it, and provide comfort, support, fellowship, and a “complete” solution to everyday living for its followers. And it should be based mostly on emotion, feelings, and entertainment.

    This was the Marcusian long march through the West. It was not mostly abstract thinking and grimy nasty Communists screaming at people on street corners. It was the Whole Earth Catalog. Starbucks. Easy Rider. Food Co-ops. The Grateful Dead.

    And this is the way forward. Ground-up businesses, like Havamal Soap Works, entertainment (there is so much talent on Youtube, Odysee, etc. that its staggering — I’d rather watch a Steve Wallis stealth camping video or NFKHerping looking for snakes in Georgia than anything on TV), and critically support networks. This latter is where we are lacking. And needs improvement.

  19. BUSH; Well, I have obviously made a decision to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse. I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system. I think when people review what’s taken place in the last six months, uh, and put it all in one, in one, (sigh), you know, in one package, they’re realize how significantly we have moved.

    Here we are 14 years later and yes we realize how significantly you have moved, moved the entire country in a more fascist direction by saving your empire supporting mega corps and leaving everyone else out to dry. I demand more stupid presidents, they sometimes let the game slip because of stupidity.

  20. Ever notice how people rrarely refer to Bill Clinton on his own merit? People generally refer to his presidency in the plural, ie “The Clintons”.

    Nobody does this with Trump, Carter, Nixon, Eisenhower or any other President (maybe the Bushes because they were literally father/son presidents)

    But the implication is and always was that the Clinton presidency was 2 for the price of one.

    • Well, Bill and Hillary in their famous interview (60 Minutes?) addressing Bill’s great number of infidelities during marriage did expressly say this. Something to the effect that, “…you elect me, you get us both…”. This statement I now recognize was nothing less than an on air (public) agreement signing between Bill and Hillary. Hillary would play the forgiving wife for a share of Bill’s power. Never has a modern spouse been so intimately involved in her husband’s political maneuvering.

  21. Nothing is ever going to change, including parallel societies until we can somehow take apart the engine of destruction, the schools and to a lesser extent, the popular culture/mass media. Any attempts at changing things without taking care of the root of all this evil is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Parallel societies are basically illegal.

    Say we managed to get rid of the “elite” who would replace them? We either have to replace the elite with people who never been to college, or perhaps people who went to college but were entirely in technical subjects and are only any better to the extent they have IQs. If big tech is any indication, they are no better than the “elite.”

    We not only have a rotten system, but the system that creates the main system is also corrupt to the core. Anyone with any kind of political education is worthless. They are broken people who cannot be fixed. The other side has done an outstanding job of maintaining extreme control over this stuff and inculcating people against any ideas outside of the “mainstream.”

    All the talk of left and right is kind of pointless. What we call “the left” should really just be “the elite” because there is no real left/right divide in the elite. The only place there is any kind of left/right divide is where it doesn’t matter, the broad population. There is zero correlation between what the masses want and the policies that get implemented regardless of elections. Ryan Faulk and Sean Last did a meta analysis of this and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what the masses want.

  22. The one below is an interesting prediction from Southfront, which is manifestly a pro-Russian source but nevermind, I think they are on point here. Quote:
    “Formally, the sanctions are aimed at reducing trade between the EU and Russia.
    However, an analysis of the substance of the sanctions indicates that they are not aimed at Russia but rather at the people of the European Union. A ban on coal imports, combined with a shrinking market for machinery, equipment and high-tech goods, will inevitably lead to a reduction in production in EU countries and, consequently, to jobs cut, along with a rise of inflation.
    These consequences are inevitable even if Russia does not impose retaliatory sanctions.
    If the sanctions war continues to unfold at this rate, it will have catastrophic consequences for EU citizens, up to food shortages. Living standards and disposable income in the EU have already fallen significantly since the Corona crisis broke out.
    A question arises, why the European bureaucracy continues actions that will predictably worsen the economic and social situation in the region in the very near future. It seems that the aim is to put EU populations in a desperate situation, where the only way out is an aggressive war for Russian resources, i.e. another “Crusade to the East “. How a big war will be justified publicly is already evident from the current anti-Russian hysteria, fuelled in every possible way by the Brussels bureaucracy and the MSM.
    All the EU’s problems will be blamed on Russians, who have inadvertently been given such rich territory and do not share European liberal values. The U.S. and the British Commonwealth will watch with enthusiasm for the great European butchery, which is, in all likelihood, inevitable.”

    • It is obvious that the reason to drag the war out is to further destroy their own economies and countries through “sanctions” on themselves. The fake outrages are also used to further provide the same morality play of covid and get people to swallow the poison against their self interests.

      They serve no other purpose.

      They are an engine for the immolation of Europe and the entire European political class is in on the plan of bringing this to their own population as part of the BBB.

      • Sure one goal is the expropriation of the European middle class through emotional policies fostered by collective hysteria for the current ‘Next Big Thing’. This in order to lead the herd to Build Back Better policies.
        The take I think could be extracted from the SouthFront article however is whether BBB itself is steered towards creating optimal conditions for the launch of the Crusade to the East, or the opposite?
        Because the opposite is realistic too: fall in standards of quality of life leads to calls for the great Crusade against Russia among the plebs.
        Afterwards, once Eurasia and Eastasia are eliminated, only then proceed with BBB and population culling policies.

    • How a big war will be justified publicly is already evident from the current anti-Russian hysteria, fuelled in every possible way by the Brussels bureaucracy and the MSM.

      This sums up the state of play well. And poses the question:

      With practically the whole Western world ganging up on Russia, can Russia still achieve its goals in Ukraine? Can it put Russia itself in danger?

      Please, offer answers that are at least somewhat encouraging to this anti-globalist, pro-Russian commenter. If you can.

      • “Can it put Russia itself in danger?”

        Badly worded. I mean, can the Western world overcome Russia’s resistance to globohomo?

        • “I mean, can the Western world overcome Russia’s resistance to globohomo?”


      • I can’t predict the future, but if Russia can’t decisively beat some GloboHomo proxies in its backyard Ukraine, which was basically Russia up to Maidan in 2014, I don’t feel optimistic about its chances against the full brunt of Globohomo-owned West.
        Yes it’s the rain and mud season, and yes, the army is small because they are not employing mass draft yet, but still it’s a slog, with thousands of casualties already.

        • We know nothing of the sort. Virtually the only “info” we’re getting out of Ukraine comes from a MSM deeply invested in Russia’s destruction. Moreover, its stock in trade for many a long year now has been lies and propaganda. In point of fact, we really have no idea what’s going on in Ukraine.

          • You can get a fairly good global and local idea of how things are going in Ukraine if rather than western MSM you look at independent sources, they are all over the internet. The Russian and Russian-backed sites too. There are independent sources that try to balance Ukrainian and Russian streams in order to be as unbiased as they can.
            There is Southfront, there is this channel with many short clips every day:
            Also this daily updated Wikipedia map to get a pro-Ukraine view

            Basically the Ukrainian counteroffensives are few and weak even in the face of the recent Russian retreat from Kiev and Chernigov and reorganization to the East. Ukrainians seem not able to make meaningful progress from Nikolaev to Kherson as they declared they wanted to. They can just entrench and wait for the onslaught.
            The Russians on the other hand have finally crossed a river to fall at the back of the Donbass Ukrainians about a week ago at Izium, but they are very slow in producing the encirclement. Their retreat from Central Ukraine is an implicit admission of stalemate because of insufficient logistics. It’s also been more than a month that Mariupol is “only 2-3 days away from being captured”.
            Let’s see if the Russians will launch this vaunted massive offensive to capture Karkov and the Donbass once the mud dries up. If otherwise the slog of only capturing a village a week continues indefinitely it’s going to be complicated for Putin to justify this war that he has launched – in the eyes of the Russian public – all of a sudden.

        • The word is that Russia still hasn’t committed more troops than the initial 150-200k and they still haven’t committed many of their best units.

          It’s almost as if Putin is husbanding his forces for an eventual NATO response. I’m sure he’s acutely aware of Russia’s TFR issues. I’m not sure NATO is aware of theirs.

          I think NATO was spooked by the Kinzhal strikes on the foreign volunteer camp and the arms depot. Quotes from surviving volunteers tend to support the analysis NATO never saw the missile coming.

          I’m surprised there hasn’t been an aerial incident near Lvov that attempts to enlarge the war. We may see one soon.

        • gonzolo lira lives in Ukraine, and is married to a ukrainian . he can give you some insight . the sad fact is the ukrainian army is surrounded in the east, their fule supply has been destroyed so the other parts of their army cannot reinforce them. they won’t surrender so 60000 to 80000 Ukrainian young men will be needlessly killed for our puppet zalenski.

      • Hate .to break your brain, but they’re all on the same side.
        Go team hebrew, ugly Nose for the win, Yay.

      • ” … can Russia still achieve its goals in Ukraine?”

        Yes. Of course. Absolutely. Who (outside of Russia) is to stop them?


      • “With practically the whole Western world ganging up on Russia, can Russia still achieve its goals in Ukraine? Can it put Russia itself in danger?”

        It has failed miserably in the pursuit to do so for about two decades now. Much of the D.C. hysteria indicates they see the larger failure as an indication of its loss of legitimacy. Thus, the pathetic glee over freaking Finland and Sweden joining NATO. The big bully thinks this shows it can continue to be the cock of the walk for a little while longer.

    • What’s wrong reading with (potential) Russian propaganda? At least unti it becomes an imprisonable offense 🙁

      Although I don’t follow the war closely, the Southfront opinion seems spot-on to me. The only disagreement I’d have is the closing comment that the US and UK would watch the butchery “with enthusiasm.” We are ruled by essentially the same folks as the EU.

  23. Joe Jach and dreidachs,

    If you are reading this, I left a comment for you near the end of the previous thread concerning the “Q” comment from Z-man that you found baffling. I also added a few additional thoughts; maybe these were talking out of school, and attributing a POV to Z-man inappropriately, but I think not.

  24. I graduated college in 1988 and would have sworn that conservativism had triumphed over the left and would in control for decades. I was sure the economic and foreign affairs successes of the Reagan Administration were so undeniable, we wouldn’t see another Democrat President in the 20th Century.

    The backstabbing buffoonery of HW Bush got those scales to fall from my eyes.

    • Was the Reagan administration really that conservative? If you looked at them fiscally, even at the time, i’d argue no they were not. He did break the air traffic controller union, but i’d argue that unions are needed in the private sector for certain industries, but like anything else humans come in contact with can be corrupted. Heck look at our .gov, was created to avoid exactly where we are but here we are. Same goes for Bush 2. Remember how he said all those things during his run up to election 1 and then did zero of them? That’s become a habit of many of the most recent presidents on either side of the divide. My fav Bush 2 quote: I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System!

    • I remember that time too and naively believed in the conservative triumph. It’s head-snapping what has happened since then.

      Reagan WAS great, but just a finger in the dyke. The elites had all ready won way before he was there. That’s why during his unprecedented popularity with the people the news, education, and entertainment were all against him. They got amnesty out of him.
      Hell, they almost KILLED him.

      But it was a happy time and America still felt like a white country. Not all entertainment was politicized like it is now and there was great movies and music. There was a general patriotic and optimistic spirit.

      But the truth is, the bad guys had won before Reagan. But at least they couldn’t steal presidential elections that were such blowouts!

      • A lot of the positive feeling for Reagan is based on his excellent speaking skills honed over years on radio and in Hollywood. He managed his tone and diction so well that he could sound grandfatherly or Biblical as needed.

        Give his speechwriters credit as well, because they certainly authored some excellent rhetoric for Reagan to deliver.

        Unfortunately, the reality of Reagan’s presidential legacy cannot be judged solely on his public speaking.

      • That’s the one thing – the media and other institutions were willing to acc pt him winning and see what they could get out of him rather than doing what they did under trump

      • The bad guys won when they shot JFK in the head in front of all of us in the middle of the day. Reagan was an actor puppet. Zelensky is an actor puppet. The whole crew is actor puppets, playing a role in kosher theatre. 6 pointed star traitors to their country, their race, their heritage and blood.

      • “Reagan WAS great, … .”

        It was Reagan who opened the “amnesty” floodgates.’

        • Reagan was the first to be royally taken by the Dem’s. Then Bush the 1st followed on.

          Reagan agreed to an amnesty in exchange for tighter immigration law which never happened. Then he agreed to tax hikes for spending reductions which never happened. And all of this was in addition to his repeated increased budgeting of military spending –which were in direct exchange for tax decreases on the lower classes income taxes (therefore deficits).

          I believe we had when he was done we were approaching 50% of the lower income folk paying nothing in Fed taxes. I liked Reagan, but he was little better than a Dem in many respects financially.

      • Finger in the “dike.” If a finger is in the other type, that rapidly degenerates into matters we typically do not discuss here. 😀

    • That strikes me as so strange.

      I graduated not even ten years later and my experience at college (one of the ones our ruling class passes through) convinced me that American conservatism—the Constitutionalism/quasi-libertarianism + Europe-imitative high culture equation that persists in parody at, e.g., The New Criterion—had been defeated forever. The only thing America had that “the right” wanted was war.

      I’m into my third decade of telling conservatives that if they don’t realize that America is past preserving, that’s a confession that their SAT scores were crappy. If they’d got into a Good School™ they’d have found no traditions to defend and nothing recognizably American in any possible future. I know I choked down the black pill early (by internet guy standards) but even then there wasn’t *another* pill.

      “Those crazy college/Tumblr/etc. kids will snap out of it at their first meeting with the Real World” was always obviously wrong. *This ruin* was already here, waving them in, pleased with their progress, handing out hammers for pounding the dust into smaller dust.

      • I think your point about Good Schools™ is intriguing.

        This is because Governor DeSantis in Florida managed to get into the Good School™ known as Yale. He is on record stating that he recognized very early on that Yale was filled with terrible people who hated heritage America and what it stood for.

        DeSantis found these attitudes revolting and rejected them wholesale. This is one of the reasons he has been so solid in Florida on so many issues.

  25. there are several “blueprints” for setting up a counter-culture. the hebes, the brahmins, the chinks, etc, etc. none are perfect, but all have useful features.

    first principles are important; top of the list: people do not change, they are as they were born, when they die. you will never convince someone of anything. occasionally you are able to educate someone in such a way as to improve their awareness and focus.

    corollary to above: ideas don’t mean shit. they are just post-hoc “explanations”.

    it’s all about being part of a group. one man alone is just walking dinner. but it has to be a group of sames. the Dunbar number is your friend.

    take what the road gives you. let the current system fall without giving in to the urge to give it a push. enjoy the show, be patient, make the waiting time count.

    the way things are now, i would advise a young man to stay unencumbered, women and children are dead weight when the SHTF. and you can be sure every female on the planet is gearing up for do-whatever-it-takes right now; it’s in their genes. anyway, there will be plenty of spares going around, afterwards.

    • I like this comment.

      “people do not change, they are as they were born, when they die. you will never convince someone of anything.”
      True in general but the cognitive dissonance effect (induced by constant mass-social media bombardment) has to be factored in. E.g. most people feel inner repulsion for men in dresses, and yet here they are supporting the latter’s newfangled rights en masse.

      “every female on the planet is gearing up for do-whatever-it-takes right now; it’s in their genes.”
      Cryptic, what do you mean?

    • “the way things are now, i would advise a young man to stay unencumbered, women and children are dead weight when the SHTF. ”

      The future belongs to those who show up. An “unencumbered” man is a dead end, in the long run.

      • the future belongs to those who are alive. are your chances enhanced or decreased by having dependents hanging onto your shirt tails?

        • True, but in the end no one gets out of here alive in a sense. But is that true? If one abandons women and children, then in a sense he’s already dead and at the end of his genetic lineage.

          • Ridiculous, von Hungus. You need an income, and the kids are the last thing you’ll have to sell.

            Pro-tip: don’t sell ’em, rent ’em out. The girls can even get double income with surrogacy during their “vacations”!

      • ” … change the whole world … .”

        ” … I have overcome the world.”
        — John 16: 33

    • this is the most idiotic thing i have ever seen posted here . ” stay unencumbered” what the hell for? so you can play video games in the basement and whack off while the women you should have a family with are out slumming it and marrying each other . if you have no family you can still have a life , but what we need now is not a life, its a future . I’m old so I won’t see it out . your advice to young men is infantile. it amounts to “self destructive childish nihilism ” . sit in the corner and self stimulate to ” The Road” , but don’t be advising young men to do it.
      ” enjoy the show” ? watching everyone and everything you care about be destroyed?

  26. That brief, succinct article (perhaps he considered it a Friday throwaway) is actually one of the best things Z has written in some time. I basically agree with all of his points; I would only add that the parallel society must be the staging round for a separate, autonomous nation. We can never truly create the society we want when we’re still formally in the clutches of Blackistan.

    As an aside, and regarding the activism/metapolitics dichotomy, it certainly did exist on the Left in the middle of the last century. The Frankfurt Schoolers, naturally, despised capitalism, but were convinced that it was too powerful to be defeated. And they even went so far as to mock the campus radicals who attempted to destroy Western society in the second half of the 60s. They retreated to the realm of ideas.

    However, the campus radicals got the last laugh. Initially, they were taken by the philosophy of Frankfurters such as Adorno and Marcuse, but by 1970 had abandoned them in favor of postmodernists such as Foucault. The radicals then used pomo theory to utterly subvert and destroy the West after having first conquered the information sectors of society–academia, the media, Hollywood. This approach was a hybrid of metapolitics and activism, and we see the horrendous results all around us. The postmodernists succeeded completely.

    There may be an object lesson in this for us.

    • I’ve meant to write this to you in the past and will do so now: your comments re post-modernism are excellent and have brought things to my attention I either missed or never knew. Thank you.

      The lesson to take from what you described is the more radical elements will prevail if they bide their time. There are no half measures in a revolution, but patience and waiting for the proper moment to strike are paramount. A parallel society represents biding time until the moment is right.

      • Thanks, JD. Glad to be of service, modest though it may be.

        I suppose the question we face is, what form will our “activism” take. Pomo activism, if you want to call it that, was quietly conquering the modes of information dissemination. I don’t think we can reconquer them. But we certainly can create alternative sources of information, and ideally, our own institutions. This is part of the parallel society of which Z speaks. But, as you say, this takes time and patience. It also requires money and the willingness to spend it. So far, the rich on our side of the divide prefer to donate their wealth to their alma mater’s football program than to creating separate institutions. Stupid. Very, very stupid. And it’s got to change.

        • Quite welcome, and, again, thanks. It’s obvious you are well-studied on post-modernism; as a dabbler, the dots you connected seems quite right.

          Wealth always sides with what maintains actual wealth. When the rich on this side realizes it is time to stop cutting bait, they will donate accordingly. Go…nationalism? Soon. In the meantime, fish.

          Again, genuine thanks. This site is about the only one where one learns or learns to appreciate things, and your knowledge about post-modernism is quite appreciated. Amazing what a few termites (shout out to Iman Farrahkan for his accurate description) accomplished. You describe it perfectly.

    • Tend to concur. Perhaps their ultimate “success” will be nihilism if Nietzsche and perhaps other philosophers are correct? Or more specifically, the fruits of nihilism, which is the destruction of any and all values, moral or religious; the belief that life has no meaning. Now my words: I say that life does have meaning, but only that which we ascribe to it. A total collapse has the benefit of weeding out the world-views that are most incompatible with Reality, allowing the more practical ones t survive. A form of social Darwinism, I’d say.

      Or merely stated as is more commonly heard here: Perhaps the collapse is the best solution. Yeah it sucks to see all, or even large components, of the prior civilization reduced to rust, rubble and dust, with late-comers hammering the big dust into smaller dust [good imagery there!] Perhaps it’s unavoidable. By all means, feel free to fight for what you believe in, since it’s all part of the process viewed from a God’s eye perspective.

      But short of a total annihilation of our species, that may in fact be the necessary foundation upon which survivors will begin rebuilding civilization.

  27. As far as I can tell, the “ideal” tax rate is a marginal tax of 90%, but with lots and lots of deductions. The post war period is by far the most prosperous years of the US and that is when the top marginal rate was 90%.

    But even putting aside what is the alleged “best” rate, the US debt has increased every single year of my life. The national debt has not gone down since the very early 1960s. We need more taxes. Now that better than half of our debt is in relatively short term bonds, it is very sensitive to interest rates. The fed is claiming they are going to be raising rates.

    • That’s when people started getting company cars, company paid health plants, etc. – because it was impossible to motivate employees with raises and bonuses which were entirely stolen by the government.

      • They also dumped a lot of money into plant and equipment because it could be written off. It also led to a lot more firms because enormous firms can only work making enormous sums of money. Right after Reagan passed tax reform and lowered the top marginal rate, that is when all the mergers started.

        A top marginal rate of 90% is not going to affect 95% of people with jobs.

        We have 30 trillion dollars of debt.

        • “We have 30 trillion dollars of debt.”

          Speak for yourself. I do not self-identify with the US Government.

      • Maxda: Mainstream employer-funded health insurance had its origin in Truman’s wage controls in the 1950s. People will find a way to offer some sort of incentive and a means to circumvent government theft. Increasing taxes is self defeating, particularly in a thoroughly dysgenic system of corrupt diversity.

        • “Increasing taxes is self defeating, particularly in a thoroughly dysgenic system of corrupt diversity.”

          I agree. This is an example of the old term ‘exigencies of war’ meaning decisions taken while under pressure that would have been made differently in time of peace. A community can optimize its social, political, and economic organization towards improving its general health or it can optimize towards making life unpleasant for unwanted aliens (especially white leftists).

          When our communities were in homogeneous cities and towns we did the former, which drew aliens like flies on sugar water to harvest the white social capital. We are neither the smartest people in the world, nor the dumbest. We are neither the worst nor the best in violent crime. What we do better than anyone else, when we are left alone without infestations of aliens, is create nice places to live.

          I assert that it is part of natural law that higher complexity requires boundaries (walls). Every cell has a cell membrane and those in multicellular organisms also have a cell wall to protect the delicate dynamic web of biochemical reactions within. Animals have skins or other epidermal layers. Groups of social animals have territories with boundaries. Complexity has to be protected.

          So while increasing taxes may make sense in some situations for a homogeneous European polity, once it has been infested by aliens it will never be a good decision because the costs will be borne by Europeans and the benefits will accrue to others. Modern America in a nutshell is “Welcome foreign predators! Please monetize and harvest the social capital of the white people. All we of the ruling class ask is a cut of the profits. Don’t forget 10% for the big guy.”

          No Republican will ever get my vote ever again unless alien REMOVAL is part of their public platform. If I were French, I would vote for Zemmour. Remigration is the answer.

        • My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that the health insurance through employer thing got started during the war when there were wage and price controls. The “free” healthcare insurance was a way of getting around wage controls. Later, it was a way of getting around wage taxes.

          I do not advocate 90% tax rates on everyone. That would be retarded. 90% marginal top tax rate would be marginal, for the top earners making a million dollars a year. Also, interest income should be much higher taxed, but again at a progressive rate.
          I also don’t expect to collect all that much more tax under such a scheme (other than initially). The idea is not to collect taxes, but to use the tax code to incentivize the proper things or at least to disincentivize the worst things.

          We should not have a financial class above the law, who make the law (but secretly) and do whatever the hell they want. That is what we have slowly created since the Reagan tax cuts. Believe me, it pains me as much to say it as people here to hear it, as a life long person of the right. But reality is reality. Libertarian economics brought us from the pre-Reagan era to today.
          There is a large group of people we should simply take everything they have and then put them in prison camps. Tax the Rich is retarded. Take all their stuff (to 3 generations) and put them in camps.

          • Tars, it has been said that if you took all the wealth and equally divided it, it would be unequally “owned” within a couple or three generations. Lots of people are “poor” due to their own bad choices. That’s not to say, there is not a lot of thievery at the “top” however.

    • What you’re ignoring is that in the 1950s, we had no competitors. Europe was rebuilding after 2 world wars, China and India were producing nothing but famines, Korea was in the midst of a civil war, and Made in Japan was synonymous with cheap plastic junk.

      You can only get away with charging monopoly prices when you actually have a monopoly. The only thing a 90% tax rate would accomplish today would be major amounts of capital fleeing the country, but fast.

      • I don’t disagree that the post war period was at least somewhat artificial because of the destruction of WW2. But not entirely. Britain was not destroyed and post war Britain was the opposite of post-war America. Same for Australia and Canada, though not as bad.

        I agree that you can’t have open-borders “free trade” and 90% taxes. We need huge tariffs and barriers to trade. We need to have trade only with other Western first world nations and only in goods where it is beneficial to trade.
        “Free trade” has killed the United States just as it killed Great Britain. The promises of “free trade” are false, especially unilateral free trade where they dump their stuff here and they have barriers to their markets.
        Furthermore, we have the dollar, which absolutely destroys “free trade” We are the only country in the world that can run perpetual 60 billion dollar a month trade deficits. There is no force to put the brakes on “free trade” Any other country couldn’t export 60 billion dollars a month in perpetuity because there is no demand for their money. A country with huge net trade deficits is by definition importing far more than they are exporting. What would they (the country supplying all the imports) do with all that currency? They couldn’t use it to buy anything and it has little spending power outside of the issuing country.

        Another thing “free trade” has done is allowed American companies to remain headquartered in America while shipping all of its productive assets to Japan and China and Vietnam etc. In many ways, we are not losing to foreign competition. We are losing to “American” corporations. Most of the American branded junk in the stores has “made in China” or some other country stamped on it. It is so bad we grow cotton in the US, ship it China who makes socks and t-shirts with names like “Hanes” on it and then ship it all the way to America. This is not “free trade” it is making war on Americans.

        • The “American Corporations” are not headquartered in the United States. The substantial corporations are in tax haven jurisdictions. Apple is headquartered on Jersey Island English Channel., etc.

        • ” Britain was not destroyed and post war Britain was the opposite of post-war America.”

          How do I know that you know nothing about post WW2 Britain?

      • I tend to favor nationalist near autarky which was the policy of the US prior to WW2 . And yes I do use Marxian terms , good diagnostics, bad solutions. Communism is evil.

        No back to the, point, in such a case “capital” won’t be going anywhere since you can’t benefit from doing business in the US with it . Almost no imports allowed. You want it, make it here, sell it here, buy it here

        The US economy note was 95% domestic prior to WW2 and this lead to until the ecological and economic collapse of the Great Depression anyway a consistent growth rate even against high early mortality in the pre vaccine/antibiotic area

        The baby boom was not actually a boom but a restoration to historical norms buffered with a rapid decline in mortality.

        It didn’t last because simply what our near goods monopoly did is make up for a productivity trap.

        The policy first used in the 30’s and espoused strongly in the 60’s was a shorter work week at the same pay but that got nixed by the elites

        This was just spite. The idea that workers could have a good family life is acid to the rich and so they’ll sabotage the entire nation to stop it.

        The result of our inability to deal with it, again with the Marxian language “Late Stage Capitalism” is resulting in the destruction of the union through mass immigration, wage arbitrage and despite that low fertility/

        Long term, less and less people capable of maintaining this kind of society are born each year and more and more ultra religious/drop outs types.

        The future is Amish.

        If we don’t like that, fundamentally we need a radical change to populist nationalist economics but this will require essentially a dictatorship willing to hang a lot of people especially the cheap labor crowd and an interregnum of 40+ years

        The hell of that is it may not work anyway even with social and economic changes . It may be that modern life while materially abundant is spiritual poison and such its unlivable.

        This may be why Russia pushing Orthodoxy was able to increase the TFR to as much as 1.8 which is well over ours

        • The future is not Amish, because the Amish are as entwined with globohomo as everyone else. Believe it or not, many of them have cell phones, power tools, electric generators and some even own cars. They buy from and sell into the global supply chain. In the event of a crash, their standard of living would drop, and being outsiders, like J-ws or Roma, would be more susceptible to attack by outsiders. It’s certainly a good idea to imitate them, at least insofar as working a trade and growing your own food is a good idea, but beyond that, their lifestyle is not actually divorced from modern globohomo. They still need cars to get to work.

          • These outsiders are the absolute majority in a number of Pennsylvania counties

            I do know that they depend to some degree on modernity and will have a fertility decline and other issues down the line.

            They will probably need to arm up

            OTOH Amish and Mennonites still have a fertility rate around 5 to 7 and 80% -90% retention.

            That’s a winning condition even with losses.

            Ultimately the fertile win and others do not. Anyone without some buffer from modernity will be eliminated. All such groups are in decline regardless of race , caveat MENA where modernity hasn’t yet reached and even that is getting there. More affluent parts of Africa are below replacement now

            Simply those who can farm and have many children will survive. This gives the Amish a huge leg up on the rest of us.

    • The current tax rates have produced more real income than at anytime in history. There is nothing wrong with the rates. It’s all about the spending. As Milton Friedman once said, “History shows that over a long period of time government will spend whatever the tax system raises plus as much more as it can get away with.”

  28. currently , things are falling apart so fast that its hard to plan.
    The GAE engineered a war in asia to justify sanctions that will collapse what little is left of the private , noncorporate economy.
    The covid lockdowns Wrecked many small businesses, and left our corporate overlords in charge of almost all of the retail economy. Now they want the food supply entirely in their hands. The small farmers probably won’t be able to plant anything this year, driving them out of business . once they are gone , the largest privat landowner in the US , Bill Gates, Will decide what you eat , and you will pay for it dearly. the teachers retirement fund owns $1.2 TRILLION in farmland assets.,and%20Arizona%20(25%2C750%20acres).
    Just like the eviction moratorium drove the small landlords out of business, then BlackRock came in and bout up the rental property.
    they have retail, and they are getting housing . they will get farming too.
    We are becoming a corporate version of the CCP .
    Two of my kids rent, and the rents have doubled since before covid .
    At this point, buy some real estate if you can , cash in the 401K and do it, because the dollars are losing value rapidly anyway.

    maybe that’s the big plan , Own everything then crash the dollar. they we will all be property less peasants , and they will issue all the CBDC to themselves.

    • miforest: I laughed at and hung up on a mystery meat calling himself “Kyle” from Invitation Homes just last night, ‘interested in purchasing’ our house. Older son rents a home (with our help) bought by some corporate group who jacked up the price $600 a month (former renter moved to a smaller home on the same street). If our son and family had remained in his ca 825 sq ft apt., rent was going up to $1500 a month. He’s earning decent money, but you cannot support a stay-at-home wife and child now on less than $85 a year and live in a decent albeit mixed suburb of DFW. #why we are broke

        • No other way for the parasites to make money with no babies being born and massive global wage arbitrage. They chip everyone and use the as machine tools ala Continuum if they could but they don’t have the tech yet Elon’s best efforts aside and slaves buy little.

          It can be dealt with maybe (1 in 5 chance ) by a massive populist reform effort resulting in a forced divestiture but if that fails and the most heavily armed nation on Earth can’t figure out how to use arms in organized fashion to a common goal against fascism than they deserve their peonage.

          When it comes to money though “our side” will have to deal with its money boys first . Anyone who doesn’t support radical economic reforms needs to be treated exactly as a proven informer and dealt with accordingly.

          Every time our “movements” start to get traction even with people who aren’t glowbugs or informants some money obsessed jackass wrecks everything with a manic obsession with low taxes, moral hazard and Country Clubber money rhetoric

          Reality is probably debt default, closed borders harsh regulation , jubilee and . and anything that facilitates an economy designed to help traditional family formation. Obviously not Communism but everything else is go.

          People who can’t get with that have to be kept out of power

  29. China, Russia and India want to create a parallel system that can challenging America
    Not really. They’re forced to comply with the corporate consumer propaganda disseminated world-wide by television. Even in the most remote corners of China, Siberia, and Bangladesh post-neolithics can watch television programming that encourages the purchase and use of cars, washing machines, sewing machines, all kinds of neat machines, many of which were actually fairly recently found in the west, microwave ovens, for instance. Governments that won’t or can’t facilitate the supply of these devices will be replaced by those that will.

    Westerners seem to believe that their value systems are universal. That’s simply not the case. Wanting a microwave oven with a digital clock doesn’t imply that abortion, transgenderism, never-ending warfare, obsession with time, demand for total comfort, etc. are also part of the package. The Chinese will continue to revere their ancestors even if they’re behind the wheel of a new Buick.

    • They’re exposed to consumer propaganda, yes. There’s some big BUTs though. First of all, consumer culture in those countries is far less extensive than this country, regardless of the propaganda. You see this when you travel abroad. Other countries buy what they need, or something closer to that ideal. Americans fill their houses with superfluous useless junk and gadgets. God love my wife, she fits this profile. If there’s some product that fits an obscure niche that she may possibly want to use in the future, she just buys it. Secondly, China is rejecting woke propaganda in their media and banned feminized males on tv. That’s a huge step in the right direction.

      • George Foreman Grill, I’m looking at you. And whens the last time you used the panini press, which takes longer to clean between those fixed ridges. Image that until the dawn of the 21st century we American savages had to make our grilled-cheese sandwiches with a frying pan and spatula. How did we ever manage?

        • The Greek and Maus: Meanwhile I’m still kicking myself for not buying the All American 921 canner when it briefly dropped below $300 last year. Grateful I did buy my now beloved vacuum sealer.

        • I’ve never made a grilled cheese sandwich with anything other than a frying pan and spatula. I’m a cave man.

  30. Honestly, the only “parallel society” that operated for any length of time in AINO was the 100 years from the end of the Civil War to 1965 in the Old Confederacy and the Greater South. This parallel group had actually been a sovereign nation for 4 years, then overturned Yankee occupation and ‘Reconstruction” within ten years, and maintained segregation and white rule for another 90 years.
    So, how did they do it, and how do we modify it to fit contemporary circumstances? Those are the questions that need asked and answered.

    • ” … the 100 years from the end of the Civil War to 1965 in the Old Confederacy and the Greater South.”

      That sub-culture functioned intact until 1968, but yeah, you otherwise nailed it.

      “So, how did they do it, and how do we modify it to fit contemporary circumstances? Those are the questions that need asked and answered.”

      All Southerners of a certain age know that it is in FACT *not* difficult to control colored folks. The problem is that the free rein to DO that was withdrawn from us in 1968, and we have not been allowed to exercise control since that year.

      But it is NOT difficult to do. Once FedGov is out of the way, the former control can be quickly revived. The younger generations who have never lived in such conditions will take some time to adjust, but it will be a short period of adjustment.

      We need only to be left alone. The *will* is still present, and so is the knowledge of how to exert the control.

      Those who know the South from TV and “mass culture” think that “they will never go back,” but those people are merely inexperienced in the proper societal arrangements, and they are ignorant, through no fault of their own, of the methods of societal control.

      When the obstacles are out of the way, the still-present *will* will reassert itself with relative ease.

      • Negroes are utterly lacking in courage, both moral and physical.

        And don’t bother to bring up the amazing courage of St Rosa Parks. Or the Selma Bridge. Or the Freedom Riders. Or the Greensboro lunch counter. Or … or … or … .They knew they were *totally* protected by FedGov and that *nothing* would happen to them. And they were right.

        Otherwise, every tiny little crossroads throughout the entire South would have these “profiles in courage.” But they didn’t, even though Negroes populated ALL of those places.

        So why didn’t Rosa P arise in Jefferson County, Georgia, or Lexington County, South Carolina? Because they had no protection from FedGov in those places. Instead, they had a local “establishment” that they KNEW would come down on them instantly and with the kind and degree of force that kept them quiet.

        What they see as casual violence by the white man baffles and terrifies them. Negroes are violent when their already uncontrolled emotions just run away with them. They don’t’ “do” unemotional violence; cool, calm, detached violence with some purpose other than venting powerful and ephemeral emotion is foreign to them.

        Hang one or shoot one publicly for some offence or other, and the general population becomes docile. Doing this periodically on a schedule that they cannot figure out, and they are permanently docile as a group. What they prize above anything else is being LEFT ALONE. Make life tolerable IF they stay where they belong, and they will stay where they belong.

        But snatch one of them up at some utterly unexpected and unpredictable moment and make a public example on some pretext or other, and the entire population remains calm and in their proper place.

        Such a method would stiffen resistance in the hearts and minds of white folks, but it produces the desired effect on colored folks b/c every day they are left alone by those cruel and unpredictable blue-eyed devils is a day when they keep quiet and out of sight.

        If you have ever seen them gearing up for violence, the you already know how that it done. It is *always* communal. It *always* involves a lot of juvenile talk *and* a lot–a LOT–of physical movement: jumping, shouting, blustering, etc. *as a tribe,* but NEVER as a solitary occupation.

        They almost *never* attack singly *unless* a strike is seen beyond doubt to be both certain of victory *and* risk-free. And even then, it also has to be QUICK. Then they run. This is changeless and observable behavior.

        So 10% of the population can control 90% with relative ease, if done with what the 90% see as incomprehensible and unexpected violence.

        Make it dispassionate and public, and the frequency is relatively unimportant. Make it seem random (even if it’s not), and “they” will be almost entirely invisible, even if they are 90% of the local population.

        This worked from 1619 till 1968, and it would be working still, absent LBJ’s vote-buying scheme.

        • Infant: Generally true but a number of vital specifics are dated. Yes, they operate as a group and attack based on emotion rather than cool calculation. Yes, remove fed control and protection. But . . . first you need to remind the White man what being a man means, that violence in defense of one’s own is both normal and moral, AND you must get control of White women.

          Because that’s who you will be fighting against, rather than federal officials. Race realism and pro-White morality begin in the home. Until even DR folks stop sending their daughters to public schools and college and allowing their woke or ‘love everyone’ wives to control the raising of their children, you are engaging in nostalgia.

          • “Infant: Generally true but a number of vital specifics are dated.”

            I am a very great admirer of yours, so it pains me to say, “No, ma’am” to this. None of what I said is dated; it has merely fallen into disuse, a very different thing.

            “But . . . first you need to remind the White man what being a man means, … .”

            That goes without saying, given the readership here but, more than that, my post was long enough as it was, and I was trying to keep it succinct. But you’re right. I just didn’t think this group needed me to tell them that.

            “AND you must get control of White women.”

            Gosh, what a day! I have to disagree here, too. In the circumstances I am talking about, women can be shoved aside unceremoniously and told to keep to their place and to keep their traps shut OR ELSE.

            If the womyn down the street know that you will kill them without batting an eyelash, they will mind their own business right enough. And it might be necessary to do that here and there; now and then so that these womyn know precisely how the land lies.

            Also, my POV in that post was that there’s not much “law and order” and there’s not much of a functioning state or any kind of reliable “law enforcement.” I wasn’t talking (or thinking) about doing this stuff now. That’s why I said a few times that my presupposition was that governments at all levels are out of our way and more or less out of the picture altogether.

            Thanks for your reply. The confusion without facial expressions and tone of voice and body language diminishes communication significantly. And this is a comment thread on a blog post, so these sorts of misunderstood and apparently incomplete statements are unavoidable. I do *so* wish our genial little community could all get together somewhere and just chew the fat!

          • There is an obstacle.

            Truth is that the feminists like Betty Freidan who did not hate men were in part correct

            Once liberated from gender roles many men don’t want to go back either. There is a reason beyond Fed Gov and divorce that men are not pushing to trad marriage .

            Its a lot of work with little reward. The truth is modern easy divorce was bad for society but welcomed by both sexes and unless a collapse creates a class of women that are essentially feminine submissive and strong a increasingly large men are simply going to pass.

            The other alternative is religion but Gen Z even the super Conservative Zyklons aren’t very religious.

            Long term this won’t matter you’ll get Amish (well Amish like anyway) Paradise in time but expecting another revival in any time frame that matters is dubious

            And note neither abortion nor birth control matter that much . They facilitate more sex but the fertility rate in 1930-1940 was about the same as it was in 1970

            Its been in decline for a long time and I suspect that eventually it will simply reach equilibrium. The population will decline than stabilize at I dunno 1 or 2 billion.

        • I had a confrontation with a black at a Waffle House at about 2 a.m. one night. At one point in the conversation, I glanced behind me, checking my six. He says, “Ain’t no one here gonna help you.” I didn’t tell him, but my thought was, “I was checking to see if there was anyone there who’d help *you*.”

          In the end, I backed him down the same way I’d back down a riled bull. No difference.

          • “I had a confrontation with a black at a Waffle House at about 2 a.m. one night.”

            I know exactly what you mean. Waffle House at 2 a.m. Everybody been drinking (or something). And if anybody witnessed the confrontation, then you had “dissed” him in front of other people, and their egos and self-esteem are FAR too fragile for them to be able to brush off the bluster of some Waffle Hose drunk in the wee hours.

            But you knew exactly what I am saying: Facing him all by himself is not a great risk (absent some spectacular exception–lunatic; psycho; serial killer, etc.)

            The likelihood that he would have actually fought you in the circs you describe were very remote.

            I’d like to have seen you get it across to him that he was on the verge of a very bad mistake.

      • I wish this were true, but let’s not be blind to our current genocidal reality when the media reports race riots with burning buildings in the background as “mostly peaceful protests;” seven out of ten advertisements feature numinous negroes, often in mixed-race relationships; and every “original” program on Amazon Prime seems to operate on the “full employment for crappy black actors” principle. Oh, what’s that you say — just turn off the TV. Well, that’s not going to address the travesty of the most recent Supreme Court appointment. Like VP Kamala, her only qualification seems to be that she’s a black female with attitude. Putting the syrup back in the Aunt Jemima bottle isn’t going go be as easy as it was a hundred years ago.

        • “Like VP Kamala, her only qualification seems to be that she’s a black female with attitude.”

          which is why I call her “Karamela.” That’s what color she is, and that’s why she was chosen.

          “Putting the syrup back in the Aunt Jemima bottle isn’t going go be as easy as it was a hundred years ago.”

          Thee will of course be a brief period of adjustment, and you have to realize that we are presupposing certain circumstances (the gov’ts out of the way). Otherwise, it is a mistake to live in the mass media and mistake what you see there for anything even remotely resembling reality. It is not.

          So, no, it won’t be hard to put the syrup back. Reread what I wrote. The WILL to act and the ABSENCE of gov’ts at all levels. Not total anarchy and NO gov’t at all, but gov’ts unable or unwilling to act in the ways you seem to anticipate.

          And when gov’t bureaucrats and “workers” are not getting paid, they will have no interest in what you are doing. They will likely be hungry and cold.

          The WILL is still present. The Negro is what he ever was. None of that has changed. TV is an illusion. Why are they building a second fence around the White House? Why is it the gov’t–and not us–who are under the watchful eye of armed men and who are living behind barbed wire?

          There is talk of civilians being rounded up and put into “camps,” but it is the denizens of DC who live behind barbed wire and under the protection of armed men. Not us.

          My *guess* is that you are young and not a Southerner. Negroes have NOT changed.

      • This is absolutely true. I expect a direct confrontation between FedGov and Southern states in the near future, likely over the transgender madness. FedGov will regret this one this time. In the meantime, look for the anti-South hate to be dialed to 12, and the FedGov hate to be dialed to 13.

        • “Look for […] the FedGov hate to be dialed to 13.”

          Oh, no, please don’t ask me to dial it down to such a low level!

          Intriguing that you see the trans-gender masquerade as the trigger. I think it will be a combo of things, including that.

          I suspect the “final straw” will be *direct* action by governments against the livelihoods of HUGE numbers of ordinary folks.

          “Reparations” *might* do it, depending on how it is handled. Direct transfer payments that really hurt ordinary folks would do it. But simple tax credits for colored folks would not, b/c it wouldn’t “bite” most ordinary white folks.

          It’ll be interesting–and revealing–how “they” try to do it–IF they try it, and I’m not convinced at all that there will be reparations.

      • They are successful because they are allowed to be successful. And they are allowed to be successful because they are not a threat. The parallel structures Z talks about, on the other hand, are very threatening. The second they become more than a fan club, they will be crushed.

        • I upvoted your comment but disagree. These parallel structures are becoming too numerous to crush. Despite the normal war propaganda and hysteria, that is being dialed up to noticeably insane levels to try to delay this inevitable confrontation.

          It will be ugly but too widespread to be crushed.

      • Nothing against the Amish, but they are successful because, in the main, they isolate from politics, are basically independent from society—as in self sustaining, and are purposefully powerless—as in unable to defend themselves or pose an organized, physical threat to their greater neighbors’ hegemony.

        The DR wishes to organize an alternative society to the greater society that contains it, not live as a backwood oddity within it. This can not be allowed as it poses a viable alternative for the masses to compare. It’s very concept poses a threat as the concept of “going Amish” can never pose.

    • They were able to do it because the elites who controlled America had not yet come to view the Blue-eyed Ice Devil as something that had to be exterminated. Once this item of dogma became regnant, along with negrophilia, the South was toast.

      • ” … the South was toast.”

        For an indeterminate period, yes. But not permanently.

  31. Apparently my generation gets the clunky appellation of “Xennial,” those between Gen Xers and the Millenials. I was a kid in the early and mid-eighties and have nothing but good nostalgia vibes when thinking of that time. They’re all apolitical memories of course, but the fact that I didn’t have to think about race or gender in grade school was at least some kind of testament to normal white people still being healthy and confident enough to defend their prerogatives. That said, despite the nigh-Proustian recall I get thinking of things like “The Goonies” and Nintendo, I agree with you that our current malady, the conservative Dolchstoß, came in that time, with Reagan. Leftwing subversives had been around forever, but normal people could keep their defenses up against these attacks as long as they thought someone on the other side had their back in the fight. You can’t wage a war to the front while the guy to your six is stabbing you in the back. Open borders and the financialization of the economy were the real killer. Ben Shapiro and the rest of the weirdos will continue to wear their Members’ Only jackets while kissing the Madam Tussaud’s wax figure of Reagan in the museum, but the rest of us have to move on, not rebuild what others broke, but build from scratch something to which those breakers should not be invited, cannot be invited.

    As to whether or not one should vote, I look at it like whether or not one should get married. If your experience with family courts makes you suspicious of the institution and you become an MRA, fine, but don’t lecture your nephew after he drops his date off and start scaring him with the nightmare he’s in for if he falls in love. Bitterness should be hard-won and it’s a part of life, but spreading it is poisonous. People, especially young people, can learn from their elders, but they also have to make their own mistakes. If that mistake is voting, that’s better than getting drunk and playing chicken or drag racing or doing drugs, unless you’re voting for the left, in which case you’d be better off doing drugs or engaging in some other high risk activity.

  32. Hmmm…with regard to building a parallel society, what about the Jews? I write not to attack or denigrate them, but to point out that they’ve _always_ maintained a “separateness,” aka “parallelism” in whatever society they’ve found themselves. Could their strategy, shorn of the anti-social behavior that’s always gotten them into trouble, be a template for whites, who now find themselves attacked and marginalized just like Jews have been historically? Copy the Jews but eliminate the negatives in their strategy that nearly always got them into trouble and hated, using “white” instead of “judaism” as the cementing factor?

    • Not only the Jews, but the Muslims. The Muslims are the only people in recent years to have successfully resisted GloboHomo/FedGov/Leviathan. A lot of them died doing it, too, but they were willing to die. In white materialist society, Normie is not willing to die so long as he has his boat, his truck, his cable TV and his football game. In other words, he can be bought, whereas the Muslims couldn’t.

      Both the Muslims and Jews have religion, language and race/ethnicity to bind them, and whites largely do not have this. Whites are their own worst enemy. I have said many times that if whites were united, the 13% of the population that is black and the 2% that is Jewish could be easily dealt with. Of course whites are not united, and they use blacks and Jews as proxies against other whites.

      If you look back at the past century, the World Wars were largely white fratricides in which whites killed tens of millions of their fellows. Prior to that, in the Victorian Era, no sane white would side with an African or an Orthodox Jew against his fellow Europeans.

      Now, not so much.

    • Jim Smith: Recommend a ‘separate’ strategy by all means, but don’t combine that with the blatant falsehood that Juice were historically ‘marginalized.’ They marginalized themselves – refusing to farm like the local peasants and then claiming they were forbidden to do so by law, when what they wanted was to become landowners like the local small and greater nobility. They chose to live amongst one another and refused to break bread with Christians because they believe(d) themselves morally superior and did not want to mingle with ‘unclean’ others. And all their ‘negatives’ were not pre-planned strategy but more generally genetically influenced.

  33. A spectacular show again Z. A few ‘stumper’ questions rear their ugly heads.

    So. How do we act on this knowledge that the left controls the morality of our day?

    Dissidents have one big Red Pill they still need to take – and that thing is a suppository fit for a horse – Just warnin’ ya. The way to act on that is simple but incredibly difficult: you reject that morality en masse and you do it directly and bluntly without sugar coating it. If you can, try not to be mean about it. Because morality is a very deeply personal thing, you will almost inevitably end up having to reject the people trying to impose it on you. You will lose people you love and thought were your friends. There is a dreadful cost to picking up a Dissident creed and living by its principles.

    I love Gab and Torba, but his ideas about alternative economies and going off grid to grow a garden to escape Globohomo are pipe dreams. The new world order will involve finding those and stamping them out – along with the people that tried to set them up. That is the way those guys roll. When they get coiled up… they go nuts and end up killing millions.

    If the Dissidents are to reject the ballot box… do they not then have an obligation to pick up the cartridge box?

    • I tend to concur. As nice as it sounds to “setup a parallel society”, I find myself skeptical that those who oppress us will allow that to happen. If you look at how compromised with Feds the militia movement has become or the infiltration of schools with globohomo indoctrination or the increasing prevalence of Diversity indoctrination in US corporations (just to name a few) I very much doubt they will leave a society that allows us to escape their clutches alone.

      Maybe I am wrong. I hope so but I doubt it.

    • I completely agree with your point on going off the grid. To be clear – you should go off the grid – what are you doing with your time now? But, probably through property taxes under the guise of reparations, that will one day be untenable as they shuffle us to megacities.

      However, the cartridge box is equally foolish. I reject the morality of the masses because I love my wife and kids more than anything else in this world. That is the morality I live by. If I engage in violence that terminates my life, One – it will have no impact on the broader, hydra-like system, and Two – I will have made my families life miserable.

      • Right now you can make that argument, E. in five or ten years? When they start hunting and killing dissidents? You may think I am foolish… but I know lefties today that openly talk about camps and reprisals for people that think and vote the wrong way… and I am rightly or wrongly…I think we need to start prepping for that.

        • Who says I do not? I don’t want to discuss specifics, but I moved to one of the most rural spots in American recently. I feel strongly about these concepts. And if my family’s life is endangered, yes. But that was not what you said. You said being ignored at the ballot. That to me does not justify jeopardizing my ability to support my family.
          Further, I believe they will be killing off (either in camps or summarily) dissidents. Nothing I can do about it but prepare for that eventuality. Again, I would note my emphasis on the current moment.

          • Not trying to start a fight or be a dink, E. I just wanted to inquire more deeply into your position and I can respect it…

          • Please don’t misunderstand – I don’t get into internet fights. I just tend to write directly, and I think people misunderstand my tone. I think you can see I agree with you on most points. However, I think I have to point out Bruno’s quote below. He put my thoughts in a pithier manner than I could. I think the reality of the situation facing us needs to recognize that any attempt at running and gunning with be Lavoy Finnicummed.
            But please, don’t think I was being hostile – I didn’t intend that.

    • You also have the obligation to not stick your dick in a wood chipper, like those retards did at the January 6 clown show.

      • Well you have to remember who turned out for that, Rick. Drunks, grannies, old world conservatives, and Yesterday Men that haven’t realized that America is in collapse (and prolapse, if I may be rude about it). If the system were working, a few might have gotten a few lumps from the police, a couple rowdies would have been hauled away in paddy wagons – and the crowd would have been gently shooed out of the building the way they do when leftists protest.

        I daresay that the people that went in as normies … probably came out as Dissidents. It is a hard way to learn that what you don’t know can hurt you….

      • Those “retards” were exercising what used to be basic American rights, or, at most, engaging in little more than microaggressions. They really had little way of knowing they would be treated like John Dillinger and Machine Gun Kelly for the most minor of offences.

    • “The new world order will involve finding those and stamping them out … .”

      The NWO is unsustainable. Therefore it will not last. It will collapse under the weight of its internal contradictions. That won’t happen next week, but happen it shall.

      A great many good people–and many more nincompoops–will not survive the unavoidable disappearance of the NWO, but the NWO will disappear just the same. It won’t be pretty and it won’t happen next week, but it *cannot* last so it *will* not last.

      Green energy? From where? And more to the point–WHEN?

      Also, we are now seven years into a Grand Solar Minimum. And we know very well what happens during those cyclical periods. Politics and the NWO are powerless against Nature.

      The NWO relies on an *unfailing* and *universal* supply of electricity, so there ain’t gonna be no NWO b/c there is not an unfailing and universal supply of electricity.

      ZMan is quite right: These people deal in the only thing they know: unreality.

      Look to your own house. And as events run their inevitable course, let the devil take the hindmost.

      The die is cast.

    • The problem is that if you don’t have enough votes to win at the ballot box, you probably don’t have enough guns to win with the cartridge box, either.

      Overwhelming our opponents with bullets or ballots is a pipe dream. We simply don’t have the numbers. The only way out of this one is to outsmart our opponents, because we don’t have anything close to the resources to outfight them.

      • “The problem is that if you don’t have enough votes to win at the ballot box, you probably don’t have enough guns to win with the cartridge box, either.

        Overwhelming our … .”

        Is this a reply to me in some way? Or did it end up in error indented below one of my posts?

        If a reply to me, I can’t figure out what you are referring to and what you mean.

        If just a simple posting error, just ignore this.

      • The Afghans didn’t have the resources to outfight the USSR and AINO, either.

        • “The Afghans didn’t have the resources to outfight the USSR and AINO, either.”

          You’ve replied to the wrong post.

          You are replying to Bruno the Arrogant, not to me.

      • You need many less bullets than ballots. Depending on the fragility of the system , outside support and the tooth to tail ratio as little as 15% of people are enough .

        We don’t have those numbers yet and more importantly have no plan if we do win. .

        If you have an ideology OTOH? You have a chance.

        Of course now there is no common purpose and frankly I’m not sure one is possible which suggests hold till collapse is the best strategy and being prepared for the high probably it chaos over the next ten years

    • It worked, did it not? Who rules us today other than those very same people who began to build that counterculture then?

      • Nonsense.

        Bulding a counter culture on off grid communes back in the 60s was too difficult for the drug addled boomer hippies. If it HAD worked, they’d still be there.

        The next civil war is going to make the last one look like a high school cafeteria food fight.

        • Glen: While many communes failed (and those failures were fairly extensively publicized) others did not. And even more evolved; their members spread out and infiltrated into the surrounding rural communities. You will find them in many mainly conservative small towns today. They may appear more congenial individually, but their politics and fundamental beliefs haven’t changed – and many of them have insinuated themselves into unofficial local groups if not actual politics.

          At least this is what I’ve seen in certain areas and read of in others. I’d truly like to hear others here who’ve experienced old lefties remaining or moving into their small towns and their efforts to reproduce by proxy. Or not, as far as they know.

          • this happened in our rural area; hippies from CA in mid 70s communes, which failed. members moved into local institutions- teaching was popular. shoving their commie/enviro/ kumbayah crap into the kids heads and locals had no idea. some of these freaks became politicians, some are in various community groups such as women’s rights, etc. some left (yay), some hung around as itinerant musicians/artists.
            all are hard-core leftists/socialists. today they hang rainbow flags, blm stickers.
            some were sufferable in this very small community as acquaintances until trump was elected and their masks came off.

        • The counterculture was about far more than communes and Woodstock. It was about rejecting all of the West’s norms, and later, forcing everybody else to reject them as well. Do you really think the culture of the West right now is Western? It is not. It is a counterculture that became the dominant culture.

      • “It worked, did it not?”

        No, in fact, it did not b/c nobody “built” a counter culture.

        Where we are today is the blossoming, the fruition of a centuries-long process of social change. Nobody “built” a counter culture.

  34. To readers here, this is what i’m talking about when i say and i’ve said since 2008 that a reset is coming:

    We can’t even fight inflation anymore without crashing the system. You talk of parallel societies and so forth. Forget that, it won’t work because you’re too far behind the ball. A parallel society is going to come about anyways because it will have to. The time to resist and make your own change will be when the crisis hits and the money system goes tits up and “they” try to force a new system. That is when you strike. Never let a crisis go to waste 😉

      • That could be a route in the next crisis that could be opened, but do you actually think state governments would seriously consider it? They’re also a part of the problem, in fact perhaps a new political party should be created just for the states at first, win them, then move on to the federal level if it still exists.

      • “Would a discussion about secession make more sense, I wonder…?”

        Oh, yes, insofar as it is not too early to discuss the future possibilities inherent in present conditions.

        But secession will happen when it becomes more profitable for the powers that be in a given state to walk away from FedGov, but not before.

        As long as the states can feed easily at the Federal trough, there will be no secession. When the gravy stops flowing and sentiment is sufficiently in favor of a divorce from FedGov, there will be a divorce (secession). But not before that.

        But that time *is* coming, and every day brings it closer.

        Will it be next week? No.

        Then when?

        At the proper time.

        When will that be?

        You will know it when it arrives. It will be “organic,” and nobody will have to point it out to you.
        You will just know.

    • “A parallel society is going to come about anyways because it will have to.”


      It is wise to make physical preparations if you can, but if the only preps you can make are mental and emotional, you will be WAY ahead of the game when everybody else is “losing their heads and blaming it on you.”

      If you are able to remain calm (relatively) and keep your wits about you, you will be in a (relatively) very good position when everybody else is freaking out and doing all the wrong things.

      The world; the country that we have known is going away. Be ready. At least emotionally.

      The globalists’ mad schemes are unenforceable.

    • Mr. House: I have read elsewhere that Zerohedge has been claiming the sky is falling for a very long time – but I have only been reading there the last few years so I don’t know how true this is. The following link is to someone else who believes the crisis is soon to peak – I think he’s spot on in some areas and greatly exaggerates in others.

      Point being: Yes, the wheels are coming off, but that could take anywhere from two to ten years. Personally, I would not educate or raise children in preparation for life to continue as it is currently (i.e. normalcy bias). Neither would I raise them solely to be obvious dissidents. I’m the world’s worst example of TomA’s “gray man,” but I would recommend finding a balance of making a living within the current parameters while mentally and emotionally seceding from the same. More importantly, begin to work towards social and actual physical separation from Globohomo. Call it a parallel economy or subrosa local community building or merely bartering with your neighbor, but I think that is the form of ‘direct action’ everyone here needs to take.

      As Eloi says, “Look to your own house” first. But as I attempted (and I think perhaps failed) to communicate in a thread a few days ago, planning and providing for the physical necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter) is vital but not sufficient. If one ensures one’s progeny’s survival but fails to address the equally vital philosophical and ideological questions, all provisions and preparations will be for naught. If your children are fed and provided for but neither believe in nor pass down your fundamental moral and political beliefs, what’s the point of it all? Look at Reagan’s own children. Or consider Gerald Ford, dismissed as a clown – a man of genuine physical strength and heroism during combat, with a woke wife and leftist children. There are countless other examples. We must pass on our beliefs, not just our physical belongings and preparations.

      Look to your own house – but not just in the physical realm. That is what I take from Zman’s prose, at least – what I was trying to get at a few days ago. Knowing what really matters does, indeed, matter – but if there is to be a future it must be a balance between the material and the intellectual. Prepare your progeny’s bodies AND their minds.

      • I’ve been reading zerohedge since 08. You’d be surprised how much its changed. Like anything that becomes popular, its usually ruined, and it kinda was. If i had to describe it in its current form i’d say its the drudge report with some hints of wisdom in some articles on finance. Back when it started it was a wealth of information and discussion, i really learned alot and it was eye opening. Whats the old saying, its better to be late in finance then to be early? Something like that, well zerohedge was super early. 2020 was the crack up boom of the system, but like a chicken with its head cut off can continue to run around for a few mins after death, so has our financial system and .gov.

        When people ask when the American Empire really ended and what your grandkids will read in history books was 2020.

          • “Prepare your progeny’s bodies AND their minds.”

            I have none, leaves you very flexible 😉

            I came to terms with the country i loves death years ago, and i agree with others who have stated the mental shock is going to destroy many. Perhaps it already has if you look at OD deaths the last decade. The normies are going to suffer the most in the upcoming dissolution. In a way, Covid was a gift, because now you know who you can trust and who you can’t.

      • Well said. It has widely commented on here that we should get our kids out of public schools, but my wife and I took a different approach. We extensively taught our kids about the propaganda they would encounter. In high school, they were dissidents and actually got in trouble for informally organizing other students to mock their lefty teachers. In one instance, my youngest widely texted a picture of his teacher in handcuffs at a rally, and used it to ridicule her. When we were called to see the principal, we strongly defended him, and the school backed down. This was in a red state, so your mileage may vary.

  35. “This leaves only one option and that is building a counter culture.”

    This is precisely what the Left did for fifty years before they seized control of the levers of power.

    We tend to forget just how radical the Left was during the Sixties on racial and sexual matters, music, drug use, dress, speech, manners — everything. And they created a parallel society in which weed and acid were the holy communion, and if you partook you were part of the culture and obviously not “the fuzz.”

    With the exception of the War on Drugs, the Old Establishment tolerated nearly all of it because it was a liberal establishment. Hippies were allowed free speech on university campuses, free association, freedom to dress like freaks, free to grow their hair and free to fornicate on their communes. Sure, there was COINTELPRO and all of that, but the only leftists who really got prosecuted for anything were the ones bombing and shooting people.

    The problem for right-wing dissidents of the 21st century is that we do not live in a liberal society, we live in a totalitarian society. For us, trying to build a parallel culture is more like being a dissident in the communist bloc. It’s a lot more difficult. I’m not certain that it is possible.

    • “This is precisely what the Left did for fifty years before they seized control of the levers of power.”

      No. Those people did not just pop up like toast from a toaster. The conditions were right in the 1960s because those conditions had been developing for many decades. Before there were hippies and flower children, there were beatniks and hep cats. The whole thing has been a continuum; a process of development. The Puritans triumphed in 1865 in America, but they had triumphed in England in 1649. Their descendants–transcendentalists, Unitarians, Universalists, Unitarian-Universalists, abolitionists, suffragettes, feminists, etc., etc.–did not come from another galaxy. They were here all along, developing, unnoticed by a few people, and spreading nuttiness and poison that has been progressive.

      “We tend to forget just how radical the Left was during the Sixties … .”

      I don’t agree. But as I’ve said, before hippies were beatniks. Before beatnik were hep cats.
      Before them were Jacobins and sans-culottes and communards. There was Garibaldi and Robespierre before there was Timothy Leary and Charlie Manson and George McGovern.
      The process of decay has been going on for centuries.

      “There is no new thing under the sun.”

      Eventually, we shall come to the limit of all this nuttiness simply because reality won’t permit it to continue. Then, from the ruins will come a new beginning. And THAT is what we wait for.

      Be patient. The day IS coming. And when it gets here, you will know it.

  36. Without being too specific, find a rural area with a reasonable cohort of people involved in a certain minority religious culture. They have what is needed to survive without outside intervention. It’s not easy. Befriending them and working with them will help in the coming troubling times.
    (And they have a caustic, wry sense of humor).

    I also haven’t listened to the podcast so they may have been mentioned.

    • I am not sure why you are vague, but if you are referring to Dutch Mennonite and Amish groups, it is an interesting thought. One of my favorite authors on the current world is Michael Hoffman. He lived with one of the groups for a number of years as a young man.

      • I think he means the Latter Day Saints, aka Mormons. They are known to keep at least a year of foodstuffs at home and have a well-organized charitable relief system for members in good standing who’ve fallen on hard times. I’ve never met an individual Mormon who wasn’t a decent chap, but collectively they can be frosty to non-LDS. I lived “behind the Zion Curtain” in Utah for 18 months. It was a fascinating and frustrating sojourn. YMMV.

        • Ahhhhhhh… Thanks for the clarification; I was thinking more ‘off the grid’ self- sufficiency. I agree with your points, too. They raise wonderful kids, but their clannish nature can be off-putting. But really, who can blame them? Doesn’t the average American deserve shunning.
          Though, the whole Joseph Smith thing… and no, it is not just as dumb as Christianity. Anyone who says that has never read the Gospels, which are incredibly brilliant, or has no literacy.

        • Maus: Whoever he means (and I’m unsure), I agree with you that the Mormons individually are almost all decent, hard-working people (and the ones I’ve known have all been lovely folks). But overall, the religion (and certainly its ‘leaders’) has become ‘woke.’ They have not merely repudiated their previous prohibitions against blacks becoming elders of their church; they are actively proselytizing the third world AND bringing them to rural America to marry their White daughters. Tons of ostensibly ‘Mormon’ Samoans and Mestizos. And many younger Mormons are not keeping up their parents’ traditional social habits, such as preparing. So I’d approach any group with extreme caution.

  37. So the Zman has come around to the ideas of people like James Corbett, who’s been looking at alternative for a couple of years.

    Ron Paul’s Homeschool has been going for about a decade

    Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari caters to those with a little money:

    “Our mission is to provide actionable intelligence to help you live a free and inspired life.

    We believe that personal and family wealth is a critical ingredient of individual freedom and community health and well-being.”

    Tome Woods has an Entrepreneur site

    Which includes links to

    Podcasters’ Paradise. If you want a systematic, step-by-step resource showing you absolutely everything you need to know to create, grow, and monetize your podcast, plus access to an exclusive community of knowledgeable podcasters who want to help you succeed, Podcasters’ Paradise is the place.”

    • And the tossers running the Zmans site throw out links they don’t like so find your own to the last two sites until he gets his shit together.

        • you just know he’s not wearing pants, when babbling such gibberish :). points for being entertaining gibberish though…

        • I think he’s trying to point out the comment filter seems to flag links from certain sites.

    • “Podcasters’ Paradise is the place.”

      What are their specific methods for generating an unfailing supply of electricity? For universally distributing that unfailing supply?

      When they say, “monetize,” exactly what does that mean? What form of “money” are they talking about? What can it be used for? And Where? And by whom? Is it universally accepted?

      The world is coming apart at the seams. There is no reason to expect the future to be the mere extension of present conditions or even present trends.

      Planning to monetize a podcast is fiddling while Rome burns.

      With credit to “Tom A” I say “think outside the box.”

  38. How would the parallel society actually exist? Are you imaging a situation like Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option?

    • A little closer to home, imagine the communities and cottage industries that orbit among the anti-abortion and pro-2A camps. Progressives have no way of penetrating those groups or changing their minds. Progressives might try to protest and sue, of course, but at the end of the day, pure ideology is keeping those camps intact, and thriving. And they’re beginning to take back the legal system, one state at a time.

      • Perhaps in the 2nd Amendment case, TPTB are deciding guns are not a problem, but a distraction. Seems to me they’ve realized a “new”, more powerful tool for dissident repression—the banking system.

        • This is indeed true, but TPTB recently saw what happened in Canada. There was a run on the banks after this strategy was implemented. From their perspective, this was the best strategy, too, but it carries more risk than they previously realized.

          I’ve tried to construct a 4D chess scenario where Russia is sacrificed to empower China, obviously, and its mandarins in the West, but that falls flat.

          The Clouds actually were retarded, which makes their victories all the more bitter, but they are done.

  39. I love the idea of dissidents, and hopefully eventually whites with normal sensibilities, building a parallel culture that jettisons liberalism. There are problems with this though.

    How do you build a parallel judiciary that isn’t biased against us? How do you build parallel companies when all the laws force businesses to adhere to “diversity” standards? As I see it, just about the only way to build this parallel counter-culture is to secede (I’m all for that)

    Not that all dissident politics are about race, because they aren’t, but clearly we envision a mass exodus of whites from participation in the political process and a disengagement from modern society This is another form of “white flight”, but as we can clearly see with the physical meatspace white flight that has been occurring since the 1960s, all that’s happened is blacks ascending to power in the biggest cities and cultural centers (and yes, eventually destroying them), but nevertheless they’ve become very powerful and hold the levers of power in many areas.

    Large corporate employers in these cities, when they remain, wind up elevating their talented tenth POC to mid-tier management roles as the dearth of remaining white talent is marginalized. This only serves to stiffen the financial power of the POC and impoverish whites. This process is far from complete, and you’re never going to see empowered <85 IQ blacks, which compromise the majority, but all it takes is the capable outliers to shift the balance of power further away from white people.

    I guess my point is that I’m hopeful of building a parallel culture that somehow emerges as the dominant one, but I have a difficult time seeing this bear fruit when the entire rulebook is written to favor blacks.

    Note: I’m commenting on the theme of the posted text and have yet to listen to the podcast, so I’m sure there are good ideas presented here.

    • Would Charles Manson be an appropriate spokesman for advertising a day care organization? How about a vulgar rapper as spokesman for a beer brand? Using negros, particularly in miscegenation depictions, to promote a product or service on TV is not working in my house. It leaves me associating that product with a feeling of disgust, to the point of not buying my favorite beer (Corona) anymore. Woke advertising is having the opposite effect of its intention. Or is that just me?

      • Din C. Nuttin: It’s not just you, but unfortunately it really does just escape the notice of a huge mass of Whites. For example, my husband has pointed out enough specific ads or experiences to get most of his friends to now ‘notice,’ but not one of them has gotten rid of his t.v. and they’ve not changed their ‘lifestyle’ in any significant way. And most Whites – and more importantly their children – are marinated in Big Lie 24/7 – in school, on their phones, on Chinese tiktok, etc. It is like water to fish in the sea, the environment in which they exist, and it’s not backfiring with them at all.

      • Yesterday a person I know texted me a picture of a bottle of wine with Snoop Dogg’s picture on the label.

        Can anyone think of anyone less synonymous with wine?

        Honest to god, other than the brand name of a winery that was founded by a famous wine connoisseur or vineyard owner, I don’t want to associate wines with people at all. Certainly not pop culture celebrities whose image is only being used for marketing reasons.

        Yet, millions of whites will lap this stuff up like a kitten drinking milk. This country is completely FUBAR and I’ve lost all respect for my fellow citizen.

        • One wonders whose idea it was to have a convicted felon hawk their product.

          • Bartleby: A ton of ghetto blacks with money believe, like White parvenus before them, that associating with old money and culture gives them that same cachet. Thus they all travel to Italy and buy British Bentleys. And believe Megan Markle is mulatto ‘royalty.’
            And some have bought vineyards.

            So many old and formerly elegant companies whose wares I will never buy – even if I could afford them – because they’ve been tarnished by association with noggers.

      • Your comment regarding your purchasing decisions are apropos to creating a parallel system. The first step to creating any parallel system is to quit supporting the present one. In fact, it’s eradication, should be the goal, but the real point is what is the actual system in question? Take Gillette razors. As a product, they are reasonably good quality and functional. Shall we create a parallel razor blade production source, or should we focus on amending Gillette’s management and marketing entities? Defining the enemy is always a good policy and focusing on their removal from positions of influence may be easier to attain than creating a stand alone counter culture. I appreciate Zman’s goal to have a “friendly” separation, I just don’t know if it’s feasible. We need to replace the drivers, but keep the cars.

  40. The parable of the geriatric.

    Once upon a time, a very old man nearing the end of his life decides to set aside his despair at the decline of his country’s culture and leadership and gets into his Cadillac Escalade to drive to the pharmacy and pick up his prescription meds. On the way there, he experiences a bout of dizziness, which he is experiencing with increasing frequency these days, and accidentally runs over a younger man crossing the street by the elementary school. Being a man of integrity, he feels obligated to attend the fallen man’s funeral where the eulogy expounds on the deceased man’s activism on behalf of sexual indoctrination and public financed mutilation of young “transgender” children at the school where he is Principal and sets policy for his teaching staff.

    God smiles.

  41. “Conservatives became the tax collectors of liberal democracy.” Z, what a powerful statement. I would add the conservatives and the GOP are more than happy to be the Bag Men for the liberal grift. Hence the GOP turning on their own President when they controlled all three branches.

    • The unforgivable sin that got Trump excommunicated was his cancellation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
      It literally would have created a Supra-National (Supra as in Above) body Staffed by Corporate designates and establish the principal that they could veto or demand restitution for any legislation that member governments passed that (in the delegates sole opinion) adversely effected TPP Corporations.
      Cancelling that was the single best thing Trump did.

      • Couple that move with the reformulation of NAFTA, and the hatred of TPTB was sealed, this reformulation of NAFTA was a direct slap in the face to the Clintonites and the Chamber of Commerce bastards.

        And then, Orange Man had the effrontery to mess with the comfortable servility of the Europeans by insisting that they live up to their financial committments to NATO. Because if they ponied up, they might get ideas about having some agency for their own destiny that they had let lapse so they could drift off into their tranquilized Socialist EU, and make no more trouble for Uncle Schmuel’s Plans for globalist domination.


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