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Yesterday a federal judge struck down the CDC mandate requiring passengers to wear ceremonial face coverings on public transport. For the last two years airplane passengers have been required to wear masks at the airport and on the plane, unless they were eating or drinking. Of course, this has allowed the petty dictators to harass people while traveling. The mask-marms have been looking for reasons to fly just so they could harass people. Now that is over.

The CDC appears to have conceded the point and will not appeal. They tried to front run the news by announcing the mandate has ended. The media has made sure to put the name and picture of the judge on all of their attack channels probably hoping that one of their lunatics goes bonkers over it. The public reaction has been celebratory, based on what has been posted on-line. Normal people are sick of the ridiculous charade over Covid and just want to be done with it.

To the dismay of the Covidians, the public is ready to close the books on the whole thing and just forget about it. Most normal people are a bit angry at having gone along with this lunacy. There is certainly some shame involved. This is to be expected as everyone feels shame after having been taken for a fool and not having said anything against this stuff. That is why this will be memory-holed by the summer, so people can just move on.

It is a little hint as to why the sociopaths in the media keep getting away with these mass hoaxes that have become a feature of life. People wake up and see that everyone is now into the latest thing. Maybe that thing is outrage over a police shooting or maybe it is some new abstract concern. All of the right people are on their soapboxes and all of the best people are following along with them. It is only normal for people to want to do the right thing and support the latest thing.

Of course, the latest thing always turns out to be the latest fraud. Some go longer than others, depending upon the agenda. The crusade against Islam launched by Republicans and cheered by conservatives ran for a long time. It is not easy building out a police state so they needed that fraud to run for years. Covid was part of the color revolution launched against Trump and quickly became a convenient tool of control by the petty tyrants that terrorize daily life.

The facts are becoming clear at this point. The lockdowns had no impact on the course of the virus or its impact on the public. There was never any data to support the policies and now we know it caused more harm than good. Similarly, idiotic things like social distancing and mask wearing were useless. In the fullness of time, we will learn that the vaccine was a massive boondoggle. It was just a money transfer to Big Pharma and the health care rackets.

There is another angle here. The courts have struck down almost all of the Covid polices by now. The ceremonial mask wearing on planes was the last big item to be cancelled by the courts. All of these could have been knocked down by the courts when they were enacted, but it took two years for judges to remember that we have this thing called the law. It is a reminder that the courts are just another ruling class institution run by the maniacs of the new religion.

Notice that even dissidents struggle to remember the Bush years. That was a fraud on the public of epic proportions. Millions of people voted for it and supported it, but now they have stashed it in the shadows of their mind. The reason is none of us want to be reminded of our blunders. Failure, no matter how instructive, brings a sense of shame so we put our failures out of minds. Just as the Bush years have faded from our minds the Covid fiasco will soon fade too.

This is how these frauds keep working. It is the Gell-Man amnesia effect scaled up to the whole of society. This is the phenomenon where you read something in the media and see it is total nonsense. You know the subject of the article and you quickly see that the article is full of falsehoods and mistakes. You then go to the next article about which you know little and accept what is presented. You completely forget that the previous article was all nonsense.

This is what is happening in America. People see the latest thing trending on Twitter and start learning about it through the media. When they see the latest thing is a fraud, they get mad about it. Then they see the next thing trending and forget all about the fraud of the previous thing. The Covid fraud is now the previous thing while Ukraine is now the latest thing. People are accepting the latest thing from the same people they know sold them the previous thing.

This pattern works as long as the vast bulk of people are supplied with plenty of food, safety and entertainments. You may not be able to lift your arm due to a reaction to the vaccine your employer mandated, but you do not want to be that guy who goes against the grain. After all, you look around and see that everyone is enjoying the current thing. As long as everyone is excited for the next thing, why be that guy who mentioned what happened with the previous thing?

The lesson of Covid is that reason is of no use on the public. Abductive reasoning will always triumph over deductive and inductive reasoning. The only thing that can break this cycle of madness is when the latest thing is a bad thing that cannot be jawboned away by the media. At that point, their efforts to sell a new distraction turns around on them and becomes a liability. When the current thing is real suffering, people will remember all the previous things were lies.

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264 thoughts on “The Latest Thing

    • The Fake and Gay White power narrative is dominating Duskies in real time, they are being made a mockery on the basketball courts, jammed upon by Edward Norton types, with fake nazi tats and skinned heads, “tel-a-vision style”,all predictive programming to hate our skin by hebrews, lest they fail to see their own from herer, may the khazarians show us the way!

  1. Huh. Funny, they’re about to approve EUA covid vaccinations for 3 months-old to 5, right after their 5-to-11s.

    A fad, you say?

      • They are rolling out the moloch statues in anticipation of the child sacrifices.

        What drives these demons?

        A few dollars and a cushy pension as a reward to consign millions of children to massive side effects and death. Is that really it?

        • “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”

          • That Bible verse is so relevant today! The “Women Rule Over Them” is self-explanatory. The “Children Are Their Oppressors” remind us that violent black criminals are becoming younger and younger. Riding public transport in big cities nowadays is sorta like running a gauntlet.

          • “Children are their oppressors”

            Actually, the prophet was talking about Greta Thunberg.

        • No, the expectation is likely this; the vast majority of those who would jump on this availability of the “vaccine” for children of this age are white, because those most sold on this “vaccine” (“safe and effective” don’t you know…) are white shitlibs. Of course, the very next move – naturally – will be to make it mandatory for all children to be “vaccinated” in order to attend not merely school, but daycare and pre-school, something for which it is easy to make a compelling case, as all of those stronk wymyn must fulfill themselves by pursuing a career as soon as possible after birthing, and nothing must be allowed to obstruct that.

          And after They are done destroying the economy in detail, and with it, any chance of one-income households being viable, really, what choice to do otherwise would be left? Ya wanna be breeders, you execrable white scum, prove your suitability by tossing your child into the flames of Moloch’s fiery furnace without demur or hesitancy. And if this fucks up the kid’s health, well, that’s the bargain, take it or leave it; that kid was never really yours anyway. Remember, you will own nothing…and that includes any claim on your spawn…and the happiness of you or your spawn is not of any concern.

          Demonic is as demonic does, and They get a special thrill out of the destruction of lives and souls.

    • The Biden regime is already moving to restore the mask mandate on planes.

      I bet they’re putting the finishing touches on their shopping list of judges as I type this.

  2. Someone should do a foia request for fauci’s emails in early March 2020. Initially he was in the “no big deal” train but in March 11th he randomly reversed course. If this was part of a global color revolution strategy that might make it the biggest scandal ever. Because it would mean they pulled a two year long prank on us.

    • The COVID establishment spoke with one voice and all the little ships moved in the same direction from March 2020 until January 2021.

      After that, they became increasingly at odds with one another. They installed a CDC director who contradicts herself constantly, sometimes even on the same day. Their “guidance” became increasingly difficult to understand.

      And if you want to understand why that is, read anything written by any of them about the origin of pandemic control measures, and, I promise you the name “Trump” will appear in the first paragraph.

      The only similar thing I can remember in my long career is when every gay man in America was going on and on about “Ronald Reagan never said the word “AIDS” – false, but a persistent meme you could hear even up to 2015 or so.

      The mission of the worldwide Public Health establishment was to aid the red-white-blue color revolution. After their victory, they haven’t known what to do.

      Poor Biden wants to memory hole all of it, but he is surrounded by people for whom masks and lockdowns were as Woodstock is for certain of the Ben and Jerry’s silver ponytail crowd.

  3. 1) There was no “covid virus” PERIOD. Never existed. Absolutely no proof of its existence.

    2) Losing the mask mandate is not “good news.” Just a reprieve. Bad guys always on offense. What passes for the good guys always on defense.

    • I’m of the opinion they simply rebranded the common flu. It’s amazing how the record of flu cases for the 20-21 season dropped in multiple magnitudes comparative to anything before or that would actually be possible. They were intentionally sloppy on that because of their contempt for the plebs. And of course all of it memory holed and joe and jane mush brain or ushered on to the next episode.

      • Of course they said masks, social distancing and lockdowns staved off the flu – just like covid – LOL. What a bunch of lying tards.

      • 2.8 million average deaths per year from flu

        2019: 98% drop in flu deaths
        2.9 million deaths from covid

        Policies, hospital procedures changed midstream to increase death totals

        Now, something did get out.
        The dummy’s version is: this something supercharged the flu, a respiratory illness.

        • Those numbers seem absurdly high. IIRC annual flu deaths are in the tens of thousands. And no, it’s not just rebranded flu, it’s a different type of virus, another one that’s not that big a deal.

    • Your “nutter” nonsense will get you no where. Covid exists, has existed in various strains for years, and all have a deciphered genome—variants may be lagging. Been that way since I was an undergrad—except genomic analysis—which is a recent innovation.

      If you want to make such bold assertions, then supply the literature to support such and not other nutters, please.

      • I’m with Compsci on this one. I’ve been reading avidly on everything Covid for well over two years now. That doesn’t make me a virologist by any means, but it does give one an excellent general education background as well as exposure to varying points of view. As with any controversial topic, opinions will range all over the map, from the sound to the utterly absurd. Some assertions are more plausible than others. For example, it may be true that the flu “disappeared” in the past few years. I can think of a couple easy reasons for that. Not the least is that in many nations there was enormous incentive to FIND cases of Covid-19, due to extra payments to providers (e.g. CARES act in USA). Hence the dubious test results and diagnoses. In the ER for a broken arm or a tonsillectomy? Positive PCR? No matter, code it “Covid-19!” Yes, they really did this. I would too, if Uncle Sam were paying me a substantial bonus for every “case” I found.

        Maybe NPIs had some affect, but seems unlikely as they are claimed to not have slowed the spread of SARS-CoV-2 much.

        But to claim the virus (SARS-CoV-2) doesn’t exist? Really? That’s only slightly less outlandish than to claim that ALL viruses are fake (yes, I’ve had that debate at Unz). Disbelieve me if you will, but I will side with a century or more of biology and its related fields that show that viruses are real. By the way, did you know you can buy specimens of the virus, and many other pathogens, if you are a qualified facility?

        It’s the the far-left crackpots that give us more respectable conspiracy theorists a bad name 😀 (Actually, there’s a nugget of wisdom in that claim — it’s a well-known trick of propagandists to find (or plant via agents) ludicrous claims, in an attempt to discredit opposing faction.).

      • “Virology: Voodoo Scientism

        Hillman’s work challenges virology as much as it does cell biology and neurobiology. The world is slowly waking up to the pseudoscientific nature of virology because of the pseudo pandemic inflicted on all of us.

        “Viruses” can only be seen under an electron microscope using procedures involving heavy metals, dehydration, low pressure, electron bombardment and X-ray irradiation. Are viruses real naturally occurring structures or are they artifacts of these harsh conditions?

        The effects of “viruses” are studied on cell cultures and most cell cultures are grown from embryonic tissue, cancerous tissue, stem cells, or monkey cells whose properties are completely different from that of adult human tissue. Is any of this relevant to understanding virus infectivity in humans?

        Coronaviruses are supposedly assembled at the endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi interface but if Hillman is right and the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi body are artefacts of histological preparation and electron microscopy is presumed understanding of virus assembly completely wrong?

        Different cell cultures are prepared by different procedures in different chemical solutions to culture “viruses”. Could this explain why only some cells can grow “viruses” but others can’t? SARS-CoV2 cannot infect many human cell lines but can infected monkey kidney cells which is not what you would expect from a supposed human pathogen.

        Viruses are supposed to bind to host cell receptors as the first step to entry but if Hillman is correct macromolecular cell receptors don’t really exist.

        Adequate controls have not been performed to test the effects of lab conditions, body fluids, antibiotics, and other chemicals on cell cultures so how can virologists be sure that it is the “virus” causing any observed cytopathic effects and not the chemicals and conditions themselves?

        The biomedical establishment has chosen to ignore all of these crucial questions. Sadly, Hillman’s level of critical thinking and radical questioning are rare and often completely absent in modern biomedical science.

        His sharp intellect and critical thinking skills were a threat to the scientific establishment. He put his career and reputation on the line to expose the weaknesses of established biomedical knowledge.

        But what if he was right? What if the castle of modern medicine really is built on foundations of sand? Will his work be forgotten, or will others be brave enough to pick up where he left off?”

    • You are spot on and look at the low IQ morons who refute your assertion and trolls even on the Z man blog – The pandemic was all made up , as was the Russian “collusion”- but no worries, the Super Bowl ratings and the comments here demonstrate Z mans assertion – most people are idiots.

  4. Thats all well and good, but all it takes is one crazy governor (my money is on Hochul) to reinstate the Mask Mandates, lockdowns, multi-shot boosters, and so on to get her ultra crazies behind her and the whole thing starts up again. There will always be mentally unstable people whose sole purpose in life is to make others miserable. Those are usually the (female) governors in power. The current thing is basically an overlap of those on Tik-Tok doing some stupid challenge. Female, low IQ (I know, repeating myself), attention whoring (again, repeating).

    And related to this, Biden’s DOJ is going after Musk regarding Tesla not hiring an alien not authorized to work in the US. My guess is that the Regency plans to make discriminating against White US citizens mandatory in hiring, to address skill shortages (they really do think airline pilots and doctors float across the Rio Grande). Weird. But stupid. The Story of the West after the end of the Cold War.

  5. I agree up to a point. The “hate crime” hoaxes are an example of how to beat this stuff down. The problem is that virtually all “hate crimes” turn out to be Liberals and blacks on college campuses faking a “hate crime”. This, in turn, leads to the obligatory head shaking and accusations of systemic racism, all the usual b.s. Then, buried on page 22 maybe 3 months later we learn that following an exhaustive investigation – it was a hoax perpetrated by Liberals.

    Over time, these have had diminishing returns. The UVA “rape” story was the beginning of the unraveling. I predicted the day it was first reported that it would turn out to be a hoax. The Smollett thing. That thing with the “noose” at the NASCAR garage. All fake. All b.s. I send my ex-military friends links to the fake hate crime at the USAFA from several years ago. The General Officer video went viral as he railed against the intoleration of racism on campus. A month or two later, it was quietly, very quietly, announced that the target of the hate crime was actually the perpetrator. He and another cadet were dismissed from the school. They were not prosecuted.

    There is now an entire website dedicated to fake hate crimes called, unimaginatively, but effectively, This list goes on for many, many, pages.

    I ALWAYS tell people that I supported the Global War on Terror after 9/11 thinking we would fight to win, crush our enemies, and be done with it. Then we got naked body scanners and tyrants confiscating property at the security line. And the cell phone will crash the airplane hoax. And friends of mine blown up by “trusted” foreigners. And the debacle in Iraq. And on and one. I tell people all the time about how I got that wrong in 2001. I was only 1/2 wrong in 2003 because I wasn’t a big supporter of the Iraq invasion and correctly predicted it would turn into the kind of war Americans wouldn’t stomach because we were unprepared to kill tens of thousands of Ba’athists nor would we nuke Tehran. But I supported it, and I still regret that.

    We have to write this stuff down. We have to share it with people. And every time the new hoax arrive, we hand them a running list of the hoaxes that have come and gone.

    You left out the Russia hoax. I have that on my list, too.

    • The difference is, we admit we were wrong, and repent.

      They don’t, they just keep gunning for more.

  6. Yes. And I drank the Bush Iraq KoolAid.

    But I think we need to appreciate that “The Latest Thing” is a very human thing, no doubt arising out of the simple fact of being a social animal.

    And, frankly, I think that “The Latest Thing” is a Girl Thing more than a Guy Thing. There is a certain aspect in maleness that delights in mocking “The Latest Thing.” Girls go along because “women expect to be protected” and protection comes with being a Good Little Girl.

  7. I doubt the covidians are going to give in easily. I still see idiots walking down the street by themselves wearing a freaking mask. Lots of idiots in stores still wearing them. I guarantee there’ll be plenty diapering up on planes as well, waiting to go crazy as soon as someone starts coughing or sneezing. The good thing is with no mandate, they can go F themselves.

    • Saw an East Asian guy in my local hardware store the other day not only wearing a mask, but rubber gloves too and walking fast to avoid being near other shoppers. I laughed out loud at him.

      • Asians are automatons when it comes to masks. You’re never going to convince them that they do nothing to contain the spread of respiratory viruses. I was on a crowed beach last summer, hot and sunny day, and the only people wearing masks were the members of a lone Chinese family, wandering up and down the beach like a poorly sketched Huey Lewis video. So much for their vaunted intelligence.

        • Virology is fraud

          If “the science” of “follow the science” had anything to do with actual science then there would be an open public debate about the validity of terrain theory vs virus theory

          But as it is, 99% of people have never even heard of terrain theory

    • I’m flying on Friday for a week-long trip out of state. I predict that 90-95% of the airport will be unmasked. The masks themselves have always been about kooks and stupid people, and only the kooks will remain. The merely stupid and those easily influenced by peer pressure will ditch the masks.

      The Liberals who a week ago were claiming it was attempted murder of children to go without a mask will not be wearing masks. Nobody will challenge them as to why it was attempted murder last week, but this week they feel like the mask is unnecessary simply because the Government is not allowed to make it mandatory.

      Give them a big, toothy, grin and a wink.

    • Yeah, that’s the good thing. The GREAT thing is that now you never have to wonder who among your fellow passengers, shoppers, attendees, etc. is a moron who would dime you to the Gestapo, because they’ll be announcing themselves with their face diapers. I predict a new meme: photos of weddings, flights, parties, etc where everyone is shunning the mask holes.

      • I predict that similar photographs taken over the last two years will have the obedience masks airbrushed out in such a heavy-handed way that it would have made Stalin blush..

  8. As a frequent traveler, I am very happy with the end of mask theatre. But, I’m doubly happy that I will no longer need to listen to the constant barrage of airport loudspeaker messaging “Face masks must be worn at all times. Failure to comply will result in ……”

    Good riddance

    • That really is annoying. It is like a dystopian movie. The last flight I was on the mask mandate was very loosely enforced. They told people about the rules a few times in the flight, but most ignored it or pretended to be eating a drinking the whole time.

      • I wouldn’t bet against that premise. The virtuous among us have become resort-area nationalists all of a sudden–despite–or maybe because–the Ukie standard has become the Bonnie Blue Flag of the globalist utopia–where a Jewish impresario presides over an agglomeration of oligarchs, mobsters, Waffen-SS enthusiasts, anxious Poles and hostile Russians. Fortunately for those of us on the Populist Right, I believe there are many people who either remember or have researched the events that led to the Russian incursion–the Nuland/Soros Coup, Kiev’s pretending to negotiate autonomy for the Russian-majority Donbass, and the eight years of Ukrainian shelling and sniping of that tormented area. Fortunately for me, I have a Black Irish sense of humor, and I occasionally ridicule the terminally virtuous, though it isn’t so funny for the thirty-something million (and declining) Ukrainians condemned to live in a large vise between the Dnieper and Dniester rivers.

    • Yep, my regular complaint messages to the airlines isn’t just that they went along with this, but that they spend fully 1/2 their speaking time pre-flight threatening everyone with arrest and prosecution.

      Yesterday, some idiot with access to United Airline’s Twitter account posted something to the effective of “If you still want to wear a mask, that’s fine, we respect your choices.”

      Those f**kers don’t respect anyone’s choices but the kooks’.

      If they say anything that sounds like “we respect your choices” at the gate tomorrow when I fly out, I’m gonna speak my mind. They just spend 2 years telling people “F**k your choices.”

    • I can’t see the subways in the big coastal cities abandoning their mask mandates. As long as someone at the CDC says that the masks are “recommended”, which will be forever, the subways will “follow the CDC’s recommendation”.

      • Plus, it makes it easier for strong arm robbers and rapists frequenting the trains and concourses “to do they thang” with less fear for consequences.

        Less fuss and muss for the Soros-financed DAs having to go through the motions, too.

        So, a clear win win.

  9. “The ceremonial mask wearing on planes was the last big item to be cancelled by the courts.”

    Not quite. Unfortunately the US border policy requires non-citizens to be fully vaccinated to enter the country. This regulation is expiring on April 21, however it remains to be seen if they will let it drop or extend it for the coming months.

    As Trudeau has banned unvaccinated from trains, planes, and boats, and USA is the only country bordering Canada by land I remain stuck here until the US vaccine requirement ends or is struck down.

    I’m surprised, but they actually do seem to be following through on ending the mandates here. All masking is gone, vaccine passports are gone, companies are quietly removing vaccine requirements for employees. We’ll see what happens in the fall – if we get through the fall/winter without mandates coming back I’ll believe that this is actually going away. The only people still wearing masks here are the elderly and a certain type of 30-50 year old male who seems to have no balls (there are alot of them though). Everybody has gotten COVID in March/April but the government isn’t testing anymore, people just take an at home test and wait until they recover.

    • I still can’t enter into the sacred offices of my GloboFinance employer.

      Company requirement is still double jabbed AND boosted. The HR cat-ladies are still 100% in charge

      Oh, how I miss the 2 hours a day commuting via safe and efficient government transportation into the totally not crime ridden central business district..

    • Sounds like the truckers won then — but of course no one in government would ever admit it

      • More or less. COVID BS is over in every day life. The federal vaccine mandates still remain in place (ie. federal government employees & federally regulated industries, and travel) but this doesn’t matter much for most people.

        They never admitted it but vaccine passports (provincial gov’ts) were quickly dropped during the trucker protests, whereas they had refused to even provide a timeline of re-opening before.

        Justin Turd just hates us so he is dragging out the removal of these restrictions as punishment. Reduction in travel for the plebs probably fits in with the Green Agenda too.

        Anyways, it’s weird having more freedom than Blue State / Blue City people nowadays, lol. But I would really love a trip to Florida or Mexico. Hopefully the US drops their entry requirement crap on Thursday.

  10. “The Covid fraud is now the previous thing while Ukraine is now the latest thing. People are accepting the latest thing from the same people they know sold them the previous thing.”

    THIS. This is everywhere. I saw something yesterday on gab, I think, about Jack Posobiec (IIRC) who was filmed at Disney World with his kids while during the same time period tweeting about Disney being groomers and pedophiles.

    In a way, it’s even worse than Gell-Mann. If you really believe Disney is grooming children (they are), why would you take your kid to Disney World?

    • I think that photo of Posobiec was taken months before the whole Disney groomer thing started.

      • Subudai: Don’t follow or give a f**k about Posobiec, but Disney has been pushing trannies and grooming for years, now. And anti-White, anti-Western, anti-Christian themes for many years prior. And it has NOT been subtle about it for decades.

        • In 1984 (((Michael Eisner))) became CEO of Disney, and he brought in his fellow tribesman (((Jeffery Katzenberg))).

          (((Eisner))) was succeeded by (((Bob Iger))), who just recently resigned as CEO.

          They have a goy CEO now, Bob Chapek, though he appears to be a goy of the self-loathing type.

          A fantasy I have is for Walter Elias Disney to come back from the grave, march into the headquarters of the company that bears his name, and sack all of the management. Not “sack” as the often used synonym for “fire”, but “sack” as barbarians do to cities. Hang these people in front of the building.

        • Just so. Frankly, I get more than a little annoyed by people–they habitually use the word “woke”–who act like the idiocy and madness being imposed upon us just suddenly appeared ex nihilo. All of this crap began with the counterculture (effectively an anti-white culture) of the second half of the 60s, and has been steadily growing ever since. What we’re experiencing right now is merely the acceleration of a half-century-old phenomenon. And Disney has long been at the forefront.

          • “All of this crap began with the counterculture (effectively an anti-white culture) of the second half of the 60s, … .”

            The flowering came in the 1960s, but the decline had started *way* before the 60s.

            There were Beatniks in the 50s and hep cats in the 40s, and “flappers” in the 20s.

            The 19th century brought us Susan B Anthony and Carrie Nation and John Brown.

            Divorce became *much* easier after the Great War. Women in the workplace had been a thing since the very early 20th century, but the “Rosie-the-Riveter” phenom carried that light years forward.

            Feminism was a growing phenomenon in the 18th century, a by-product of the so-called “Enlightenment.”

            Mary Shelly’s mother wrote and published “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” in 1792, and Mary Shelly published “The Modern Prometheus” (Frankenstein) in 1818.

            So there was an astonishing flowering of decay (if decay can flower) in the second half of the 1960s, but where we are now did not originate then. It’s been coming on for a very long time.

            It’s decay, not collapse.

            Rotting not crashing.

          • The chosen 1’s , meeting on Jeckel Island was the beginning of the End, 1913, they love the number magic. 911 was their Mr. Big Dick moment on the world stage. Now here we are, living in their Hell.

        • I am the Great Khan’s Dog of War.

          “I am the punishment of God…If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

    • It’s a bit like people screaming about how totalitarian Twitter is…

      …via their Twitter account.

    • When I was a kid, intelligent adults of all ideologies and attitudes—but especially non-liberals—rejected all but a tiny sliver of popular culture, sometimes for moral reasons but primarily out of disdain. Consumer-grade art is even worse than the standard “90% crap.”

      For anyone who’s not legally retarded, going to Disneyland/world is unimaginable. If my father had brought me there thinking I’d enjoy it, I’d have disowned him. And I’d have assumed he was a child molester. This would have been almost half a century ago.

      The part of the right that’s allowed to speak publicly is far more degenerate than the left. There is *no leftist equivalent* of conservative-at-Disneyland.

  11. Covid, war on terror, BLM, etc. None of them cause the public to loose faith by themselves, but each one chips away at the legitimacy of the system, of the elite.

    The foundation for many white conservatives has been seriously eroded. Unfortunately, these are the most believing so they’ll be the toughest nut to crack.

    The Left really has no foundation. Liberal whites, blacks, etc., don’t actually believe in the system. It’s a tool to be used to bludgeon their enemy – flyover whites for liberal whites and all whites for non-white – but they have no real loyalty or connection to the system.

    It’s ironic that the system relies on the people that it hates. Probably not a great long-term plan.

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  13. “Reason is of no use on the public. Abductive reasoning will always triumph over deductive and inductive reasoning. The only thing that can break this cycle of madness …”

    Charles Pierce, one of the greatest logicians of all time, who diagnosed and analyzed the rules of what he called “abduction,” also invented pragmatism. When he was dismayed by what W. James was doing with it, he renamed it “pragmaticism,” saying that it was so ugly a word that no one would steal it.

    I feel the same every time ZMan refers to abductive reasoning as if it meant “making shit up and then believing it despite all evidence,” For the love of God, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT!. Abductive reasoning is simply how hypotheses are formulated, WHICH ARE THEN TESTED.

    [insert meme from Princess Bride]

    Please, everyone, read Ben Novak’s Hitler and Abductive Logic to find out what it really is and how it works. Or at least read Greg Johnson’s review:

      • From what I understand, which is not a lot, the difference between “good” and “bad” abductive reasoning is a spurious correlation that gets found out.

        A doctor or a mechanic is a hero when he finds the glitch right away and the human or car doesn’t seem to stay broken after that. Industrialization probably magnifies this expert luck, no?

        • Yep, just spent 3 hours repairing a home computer. Abductive reasoning—of a sort—then testing the results (failure), then doing what I should have done first, checking for loose connections.

  14. Philadelphia has a brand new mask mandate that went into effect yesterday. I heard it last week, but nobody was enforcing it. Yesterday I heard that was a grace period and that the actual mandate started yesterday. The madness lives on.

    • I was at an event in Philly last weekend. They kept telling us that masks would be required on Monday. Come Monday, almost nobody wearing masks except the staff. The few non-staff still wearing took them off – except a few Asians and blacks.

      • Citizen: Still about 10% of people wearing masks here in DFW burbs – almost exclusively Orientals and old White people. And whenever I have to stop by the pharmacy for something, there are always people waiting for vaxx shots/boosters – mostly White people.

        • Asians are big on masks, at least in Asia. Whenever you see video of a crowd in Asia, at least some of them would be wearing masks, even in normal pre-covid times.

          • Hoagie,

            They’re also big on wearing their safety vests from work when they’re not working.

            “See, I has a job!”

      • The Slopes are all in on masks. Where I work there a lots of them, and I’d say 90% still wear the idiotic things. Perhaps it is because they come from nations where mask-wearing has been a thing for decades. They simply loved to be masked, just as many Muzz women adore their burq’as.

        Pretty dam’ pathetic, as far as I’m concerned.

    • It sure does. Up here in Alberta the wife and I were at the coffee shop and the mask marms were all about even though the mandates havve been dropped. One was a big, fat blimp of a woman wearing a mask and worrying about the covid monster… and completely indifferent to being 400 lbs. overweight.

      We’ll see exactly who it is that gets on that cattle car when the time comes I guess.

      • Not once during the entire pandemic did the supposed health experts mention weight loss, vitamin D supplements, or quitting drugs/smoking as ways to mitigate the harmful effects of the supposedly ultra-deadly virus.

        Isn’t that like the first rule of good medicine? Reduce controllable risk factors as much as possible (weight, diet, smoking, drinking, etc.) and then bring out the pharmaceuticals if further management is needed.

        Just more proof this was never about health or science, I guess.

        • Not once during the entire pandemic did the ” … supposed health experts mention […] quitting drugs/smoking.”

          You must have forgotten that, from the very beginning of the whole comedy, we were told that smokers were protected from covid.

          That was the most delicious thing about it. I told I don’t know how many people to take up smoking if they were “concerned” about their health.

          At first, fever was one of the signs. A couple of months later, it wasn’t. It changed all along. Thee was no keeping up with it.

          I went to a medical appointment one day after fever (and other stuff) had been taken off the signs & symptoms list.

          When I got up to the reception desk, I was, of course, required to recite the relevant portions of the Covid Catechism.

          And when “the girl,” in a mechanical voice full of boredom said “Have you or anyone close to you had any symptoms of Covid19 in the past ten days?” I said, “What *are* the symptoms of Covid 19?

          That made her actually *look* at me.


          “I said, ‘What *are* the symptoms?'”

          She was silent for a moment and then said, “Let me take your temperature.”

          I did. Then I said, “And what is my temp?”

          She said, “97.3”

          I said, “What if it had been 98.6”?

          And she said, “That’s normal.”

          I said, “For me, it would have indicated a fever.”

          She said I could sit down and wait to be called.

          Z was right in calling the mask-wearing “ceremonial” That’s exactly what it was. There is even a Covid Catechism.

          All of us have learned it.

          • 97.3 degrees. You must be my twin. I never knew anyone ran “cold” until I decided to actually test myself recently, then looked up “normal” body temperature after wondering why I had “no working thermometers” in the house. 😉

  15. “It is a reminder that the courts are just another ruling class institution run by the maniacs of the new religion….”

    Is it, Z?

    To me it *looks* like a possible Mutiny On The Bounty. Judges are Cloud People… and for them to go against this narrative…? The only thing I can come up with is that they are seeing (finally) some degree of threat to their credibility and legitimacy and are acting on it.

    Could it be that a rift is opening up among the Beautiful People? I know that if I were of the Noble Class, I’d fight to defend my turf from any challengers. In that position I would see fags like Trudeau and that horse faced cow in New Zealand as poaching on my powers and authority – and I would move against them.

    But whadda I know? I am just an old stubfart boomer… 🙂

    • I have to go with Z. They’re just doing damage control, now. They refrained from acting when they really could have bucked the system. The elite knows that the way to save themselves is to memory hole the madness as quickly as possible, and the courts are helping with that.

        • Yep. Around 2055 they’ll hand down some decision proclaiming the 2020 election was a fraud.

      • You guys may well have the right of it at this point. But I am seeing other possible cracks in the Globohomo establishment.

        Consider: the US military is no longer retaining it’s lifers and most experienced officers. They are bailing out rather than having to deal with trannies, entitled women and queers in their management. Between 1/3 and 1/2 of them are going to be gone as soon as their current enlistment is up, according to Terrance Popp. Recruitment is diving. New enlistment is comprised of woke recruits that can’t do the PT or fill the role of a warrior.

        In academia, Dr. Geoffrey Miller is seeing similar things in the universities where experienced profs are starting to rebel – the heart of liberal faggotry and cultural marxism. They are taking early retirements or seeking jobs in less ‘woke’ . The dissidents are not the only ones cheesed right off with the state of things. No one is in open revolt… yet.

        If I were of the noble class I’d be watching stuff like this and crapping my pants in fear. As our esteemed host says… you can’t run a country like this. Or a business, or a school, or a church.

        I suppose it may just be my imagination, but it feels awfully 1939-ish out there…

        • Glen: I looked at the Popp video, but I scan lots of different info sources and don’t give total credence to anything until I’ve seen supporting info and separate, different sources for the same thing. In many ways I’m an informal info aggregator/analyzer (where previously the govt. paid me for such), and I think it’s also very tempting and easy to project what one wants to believe on what one sees or hears.

          We all know the US military has gone woke and diverse, but I think it’s still too early to predict Whites are abandoning it. The habit of patriotism and obeying rules that have been inculcated over generations takes a long time to break, even for dissidents. Yes, the wheels will eventually come off, but don’t bet on it happening one anyone’s predicted schedule.

        • Good! Maybe the right side will prevail next time.

          [That out to make the Central Scrutinizer’s scanning algorithms perk up their digital ears! 😀 ]

    • I think there is some pushback within the managerial elite, but it is when the cast is clear and the risks are low. No one is willing to take on the crazies when they are really into something.

      • Agree. Only because I live and work among them. There are more sane people than you think, but they are cowed by the money and the realization their livelihoods can be snuffed in an instant. More are crawling out of their bunkers. Slowly and tentatively still.

      • Correct. This is a way to use the imprimatur of law to curtail Covidianism and allow the political and corporate classes to tell the fanatics their hands are clean. The Covidians’ implied threats against the judge, though, may be a bridge too far for the Regime since it routinely uses the judiciary as a shield and sword for its preferred policies. The Bat Signal may go up to rein in Covidianism on a wider basis as a direct result.

      • Yes and no, Z. The bulk of the cattle and sheep are still inside the fence chewing their cud, and hoping to escape the notice of the butcher. But the first rebels are starting to surface. Jordan Peterson has literally made a fortune doing it, as have a few other crime thinkers.

        Avalanches start with just a few pebbles skipping down the slope. Mind you, most of the time, it is just random pebbles doing it. One thing we may be able to agree on is that the current mass is not stable… at some point, some time… it HAS to give and fall.

    • If the mask mandates were executive orders by Trump there would have been a judge issuing a stay the very next day. I assume that this is happening now for political reasons and is the easiest way to save face. I guess this theory does imply that voting does matter to some degree though clearly there are multiple mechanisms in place to nullify undesired voting results.

      • I can’t remember actually if masks are good specific example since it may indeed have come under Trump. My point is unaffected though, this intervention could happened a long time ago and didn’t.

      • It would be a totally different world if Trump retained the Presidency. Vaccine adverse events would have been so publicized they likely would have pulled them from the market, and Trump would be blamed for every injury. It’s amazing how unscientifically evil these people are.

      • +1. I also am now a subscriber to the “Hidden Puppetmaster” conspiracy theory (Not sure its exact name? Kompromat?) Conjecture: Hidden powers have powers of blackmail, extortion, etc. over key figures (gov. here, but also other seats of power). There have just been too many “coincidences” or formerly seemingly-rational people making very odd decisions, for it to have been pure chance. Think Jeffrey Epstein and what he was probably involved in. Think Hoover, who remained in power nearly half a century probably because he had the goods on lots of politicos. Think the Hunter Biden Laptop and how the FBI apparently managed to misplace it (not sure it matters, since evidently the hard drive image is in many safe hands and, I suspect, a bargaining chip in the game I am discussing.) Think of all the surveillance powers of intelligence, and the radioactive intelligence they could get on one person or another. Now consider there are always warring factions within a single government, but also internationally. There is perhaps a whole hidden world of skullduggery we will scarcely ever glimpse, much less know the true extent or inner workings of.

        A lower level Trump Federal judge? Maybe not compromised — “yet.” But the Supremes? Appellate? Other branches? Makes you wonder, don’t it?

    • It’s not a rift. Judges are just very conservative in general (activists get the rightwing click bait headlines, but by and large most judges care deeply about stability of law and correct process. The former is seen in the overruling of mask mandates. The latter is seen in it taking two years to do so.

      • Careful. MSNBC is jumping all over the judge as a law clerk appointed by Trump who has never heard a case.

        In this one, she judged on the writs alone, without hearing oral argument.

        They’re out for blood.

  16. The ‘response’ to Covid was a hodge podge of restrictions. They can do a Simon sez, and let it go. In mind control terms, it’s ordering people to do what they are already doing. But

    Outside the spotlight of current thing, development of the corpocratic digital ID continues. When the next bad thing arrives, such as an engineered starvation, they have a large pool of trained minions, and consistent coordinated worldwide digital ID.

    • It won’t be anything as low-tech as starvation, but directed sterilization. We’re already seeing this through psyops and economic warfare directed at heritage Americans. Mandatory vaccines becoming normalized will make the operation a walk in the park.

      The only question is whether a foreign power will direct a sterilizing disease at us first, or our own rulers.

      • The “vaccines”..i.e. gene therapy..are having pretty negative effects on fertility, with still births and infant deaths surging, and it remains possible that the spike protein will cause sterility in many women, and possibly in men…The jabs have also destroyed much of their recipients’ immune systems, as shown in the 2012 animal trials, and there is a surge in cancer resulting…I’d say that for Klaus Schwab and his ilk, it’s pretty much much mission accomplished…

        • It takes 1 to 4 shots to sterilize (disrupt) adult feminine reproduction,

          But only one for a young child.

          We have EUA for 5 to 11, infant to 5 is near approval, and mandatory for all school ages in CA.

          Children of Men, for the White world.
          Something wicked this way comes.

      • “The only question is whether a foreign power will direct a sterilizing disease at us first, or our own rulers.”

        There already is a disease that sterilizes, it’s a pathogen known as “feminism” and as of right now, there is no known cure nor effective treatment.

        • Well, there is an effective treatment that has been used for millennia, but now it’s illegal.

      • We are ruled over by a foreign nation, the House of Trotsky, and our birthrates are dwindling, dwindling away.

        And there are policies that are lessening food production and availability. Does availability fall below the threshold that preserves societal stability? What happens?

        Meanwhile the global ID continues it’s path forward, awaiting the moment for it to be unveiled as a solution to a problem. Already we have EBT cards which give food and control what may be purchased. During the war of the 40’s there were ration cards. Are we on the brink of rationing? Who eats? Who doesn’t?

        • “Are we on the brink of rationing?”

          Good post.

          Where I live, rationing started more than two yrs ago.

          When you see a little sticker on the shelf that says “Limit two per customer,” THAT is food rationing.

          If food is available for sale, but they “Seller” won’t sell it to you, that is rationing.

          They have a “what-about-other-people” excuse ready for those who ask, but it’s rationing. Point blank.

          It’s (putatively)
          offered “for sale,” but only to certain people at certain times. “You may have two but no more.”

          That’s rationing.

          Yes, there will be many shortages. We might call it a surplus of shortages.

          • “surplus of shortages”: coolness.

            Limit 2 is rationing, but there is no memory. I can get two today, two tomorrow, two at another store.

            Memory via a card and a computer, means that i can’t get two over and over. One could program the computer to allow two, then each subsequent item would have an escalating sales tax surcharge. Want that extra gallon a gas? Gonna cost big. Meanwhile favored people could get discounts/free, just like EBT.

        • I’ll bet you ten bucks the covid pass infrastructure will magically become a true ration card.

          Especially in Europe

      • The EU is going to blockade all oil and coal from Russia next week.

        Its starvation for Europe.

        • “The EU is going to blockade all oil and coal from Russia next week.”

          Dear God.

          “Its starvation for Europe.”

          Or they’ll boil and eat Frau Merkel.

        • No UP rail shipments of fertilizer in the US to Midwest farmers, just in time to disrupt spring planting.

          Not BLM riots for this “election”, but food riots.
          No harvest in September.
          And rising Covid cases.

        • If they actually embargo Russian oil (and gas?) they may not starve, but they will be shooting themselves in the foot with a weapon on “full auto.” EU needs to get its oil from somewhere or else — problems. At 15% of total demand, that is not trivial. Russia, in contrast, produces about 10% of world’s oil. Even if US/EU embargoed it, that still leaves about 2/3 of the world perhaps willing to buy Russki Crude. Will the USA try to embargo via military force? That would be rather dangerously upping the ante. Interesting times we live in!

        • The Germans have been advised that 15 degrees C
          59 F is plenty warm. One of reasons for the globo hate for Putin is that he refuses to sufficiently celebrate sodomism. In one of the nice little tricks of the English Language the Krauts will have to resort to burning faggots to keep warm.

          faggot (ˈfæɡət) or fagot n
          1. a bundle of sticks or twigs, esp when bound together and used as fuel

  17. Z – I remember you did a podcast on March 13 2020 on the COVID thing and it would be cool if you did a “how’d my predictions go ” type of podcast in response

    • If I remember correctly, Zman was focused mostly on the lockdowns and how that was the wrong strategy. I’m pretty sure he was overwhelmingly correct.

      • And that is what really gets me about Fauci and that no one ever presented this to him

        He always said they were learning on the fly and had to change their thinking the new data came in. IOW his excuse for being wrong all the time is that no one had all the data and thus was unable to figure it out and so it became an endless number of tweaks and adjustments as the new data came in.

        Yet….. Plenty of people got it right at the very start. They didn’t need to look at the data as it came in. They knew from the start what was going on. Why no one ever confronts Fauci with this fact? Make him explain why he should be in charge when it took him years to get his arms around the situation and why the guys who did figure it out at the start shouldn’t have his job?

        Let’s see him answer that, the little weasel

        • Falcone: If you search for earthly justice, you’ll never find it. Yes, crime and evil do pay, and the truth does not always eventually come out.

          • Not until we implement the TomA solution to the top.

            I’m sorry, but I saw the Pence video by the now-dead federal investigator on Gab, and believe it to be true.

            It correlates. What we’re seeing is not rational. It has nothing to do with “reason.”

        • Yet….. Plenty of people got it right at the very start. “They didn’t need to look at the data as it came in. They knew from the start what was going on. Why no one ever confronts Fauci with this fact?”

          The “tell” for me was the obituary page in the local paper. No change.

          There were no refrigeration trucks parked every three blocks or so storing the bodies of the unburied dead as the Chinkypox overwhelmed local mortuaries.

          No activation of the Emergency Broadcast System

          No martial law.

          Etc., etc.

          *Nothing* that would have maintained if there had been “a global pandemic killing millions.”

        • Because Fauci was in on the scam from the very beginning. Some people even think the virus was deliberately released. But beyond all doubt, there was connivance at the highest levels dating to January 2020, when the outbreak had first been publicly announced. Whether the entire “pandemic” was planned in advance or merely managed for maximum profit for Pharma, government tyrants, assorted billionaires and hangers-on, will remain a topic of conjecture. But a lot of what I’ve just alleged is provable, quite well documented. The best book that I’ve seen is RFK Jr.’s “The Real Anthony Fauci.” The title is deceptive; it covers far more ground. Hundreds of citations.

  18. I had to research “abduction,” or “abductive reasoning.” In the simplest terms, it is simply the use of inference to explain events. Of course, we do this unconsciously in our daily lives. It’s a shortcut, a generalization. It works most of the time. What it lacks, but that other forms of reasoning such as induction an deduction offer, is more rigorous proof.

    When it fails spectacularly, I would humorously call the “abduction” that someone’s brain has been kidnapped. 😀

  19. “The only thing that can break this cycle of madness is when the latest thing is a bad thing that cannot be jawboned away by the media. At that point, their efforts to sell a new distraction turns around on them and becomes a liability. When the current thing is real suffering, people will remember all the previous things were lies.”

    I have been saying that Americans and Europeans won’t wake up as long as they have “bread and circuses” for decades. However, since it hasn’t happened, I am just an “alarmist” that doesn’t understand the “subtleties” of human existence. And the problem is related to the thing we refer to as “sea changes”. When a ship needs to turn around, it has to turn slowly because of the size and weight of the ship. You can’t just stop and turn around. The “jawboning of the media” you referred to is not actually trying to explain away the bad things that happen. It merely shifts to another fad narrative. The bad thing goes down the memory hole and those that cannot think for themselves (the majority of the population) will forget about it quickly. The narratives are confusion, designed to keep the non-thinkers and true believers confused. I am reminded of a couple of Bible verses. Concerning the ongoing “confusion”:

    “The Lord will send upon you curses, confusion, and rebuke, in all you undertake to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly, on account of the evil of your deeds, because you have forsaken Me.”

    Concerning the masses penchant for following the latest fad:

    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires.”

    There really is nothing new under the sun.

    • The following verse goes right along with that: And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

      • The good majority, breeding and mixing with the larger dominant Aryan society, wrote some great stuff.
        That stuff was kept, sure.

        It’s too bad they lost to the radical minority.

        Never, ever, ever will I worship the Imposter.
        He’s not the Creator which we feel, but a mask.

        The Christians always forget that guy Jesus argued with during the 40 days of temptation.

        Yeah, Him. Or so he says.

  20. Social media has proved somewhat of a double-edged sword for Gell-Mann Amnesia, no? Whether it was the intent or not, already short attention spans have become virtually non-existent. So while past frauds are quickly forgotten, new ones have to be created at an exponential rate, so frequently, in fact, it is hard to manufacture them to keep apace. Ukraine already is yesterday news, and it generated less than the normal amount of panic.

    “There is certainly some shame involved. This is to be expected as everyone feels shame after having been taken for a fool and not having said anything against this stuff. That is why this will be memory-holed by the summer, so people can just move on.”

    Yes and no. There is shame and regret, to be certain, but TPTB will pull the disease chestnut out of the fire some time between Russia winning its war and the famines and shortages starting. Along the lines of what I wrote above, it is hard to receive attention for any length of time at all now, and re-runs won’t do the trick, but something will have to be manufactured on the fly so why not?

    • Speaking of shortages, my grocery store this morning didn’t have russet potatoes. Russet potatoes! Good grief, could there be a more commonplace foodstuff than that, and yet, nada. Perhaps it’s an insignificant datum, but I can’t help thinking it bodes ill.

    • In the US perhaps.

      In Europe its kicking up into into full suicide by politician, and every day they are looking for more mental things to injure themselves and us with..

      At the end of this people are going to wish Covid was back

  21. In the spirit of “The Latest Thing”, I do have to give props to Elon for one of the best piss takes I’ve seen in a while. I think because this was so recently that he posted this and then just a few weeks later is attempting an aggressive take over of Twitter is what is sending utter terror into the NPCs and their handlers.

    He isn’t /ourguy/ but he leans our way I think would be a way to say it. Feel free to agree or disagree. My perception is he is a right leaning libertarian at the end of the day who simply has a low tolerance for f-ckery. That automatically puts him leaps & bounds ahead of any politicians or CEOs in the current era.

    Comedy gold. I actually had a T-shirt made w/ this very thing on it because I found it so funny.

    • Musk’s Aspergers is useful here. His thought process simply doesn’t include “fuckery”. Knew a guy that worked for him until he burned out. The other aspect of sperginess is Musk can just outfocus normal people. If you have a high IQ to match it, it’s deadly to your adversaries.

      • I love that word 🙂 My first encounter with it was in an Ursula K. LeGuinn novel or story whose title escapes me, where it was the name for a men’s harem in a human(-oid) world where the females were dominant and the men kept under wraps.

    • Those comments! Doxxer Taylor Lorenz sobbing, “I’m so afraid!”

      Best shot: chad meme
      Outraged Soy: “Noo! You can’t end the mask mandates!”
      Pilot Chad: “Go build your own airline”

  22. “To the dismay of the Covidians, the public is ready to close the books on the whole thing and just forget about it.”

    Not here in Covidville in the heart of progressive academia. Folks are still masked to the hilt and you need to present your currently vaxxed and boostered card to take part in most activities. Restaurants and commercial establishments still require masks, and the towns around here are itching to bring back local mask mandates at the next uptick of the next covid variant as reported by CDC stats compiled by state and county. (We get our info from NPR and Rachel.)

    While it’s true that the vax and masks, like the BLM signs on affluent lawns, are virtue signal holdovers from our progressive PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder,) ther’s a correlation between this mask and vax mania and our progressive masochism (which includes our support for CRT and the trans mania, occasions for self-flaggelation) that ought to be more thoroughly explored.

  23. I wonder if GloboCap’s drive to crash the economy will be a point that breaks the cycle of normal people immediately falling for the latest thing.

    We are already seeing normal people in the US and the UK start losing their enthusiasm for sanctions against Russia People Bad due to rising inflation.

    Now Union Pacific has just announced that it is reducing by 20 percent the amount of fertilizer that it will transport during the crucial Spring season. So food prices will go up and shortages increase.

    Of course this is all happening while the rulers and their managerial lackeys think of new ways to crash the economy for Mother Gaia

    • I read about that, but it was never explained “why” they are reducing/halting shipments.

      It’s almost like they’re doing it because….they can!

      • Probably to starve enough Africans to the point of desperation so they storm Europe and the Mexican border and turn our worlds into an even bigger hell

        I am truly concerned for Europe. I suppose the silver lining is that Europeans will be hungry too and in no mood to deal with these invaders

        • Some have speculated that mass famine is being engineered for the developing world because their jab rates were far too low for the controllers’ liking.

        • Boris Johnson’s policy initiative to send border crashing kneegroes to Rwanda to await orderly immigration procedures has apparently been met with favor amongst the citizenry. Score one for Brexit, and not having to placate the EU bureaucracy as heretofore.

          • “Boris Johnson’s policy initiative to send border crashing kneegroes to Rwanda to await orderly immigration procedures … .”


          • Its a set up to get shot down in court.

            The UK does this all the time.

            Just to rub everyone;s face in the excrement of their own helplessness one more time.

          • Trumpton @ 3:42.
            You might be correct about the previous legalistic mind-fuckery; but raising peoples’ hopes that this might, you know, actually happen, only to have this transparent farago be revealed may not play too well. After all of the other mind-fuckery of the last couple of years, this may exhaust the public’s tolerence. But I guess that we shall see, shan’t we, if this trick gets pulled.

      • Bartleby: google / look up ‘precision railroading’ – much of the shortage of locomotives / hopper cars revolve around this somewhat recent railroading…innovation.

      • And it is Russian science denial disinformation to make the railroads tell the peasants why

      • The rail shipment system is as clogged as ports. Classification yards are overflowing and the herky-jerk input of containers from the western ports is still playing billy hell with transport. My understanding is these cuts are across the board. But take hope, our intrepid Transportation Secretary finally figured out to chest feed.

  24. Smearing the hero judge’s information everywhere is the regime putting a contract on the judge without saying they’re putting a contract on the judge.

    The next big thing that can’t be jawboned away is mass famine. See the CF Industries / Union Pacific fertilizer shipping situation for more details.

  25. Excellent article. Human beings really are a species of intellectual gerbils. On second thought, they’re Pavlovian dogs. When the media ring the dinner bell on various fraudulent narratives, much of society begins unthinkingly salivating. It’s a bit embarrassing.

      • Yup.

        You can already see the mass media seeding the ground with the battlefield tactical nuke narrative hints they’ve been dropping.

      • And why he afraid? You just “re spawn” with a new load out like the Call of Duty game right?

        Also, Twitter told them that they can just cancel the Russians because they used “hate speech”. Nothing to worry about.

  26. Zman, I have a different take on the disappearance of the mask mandates. But first, as an aside, I find it disgustingly cringy that people are wildly celebrating that the authorities permitted them to regain a little bit of personal dignity. It just shows how utterly unself aware and morally bankrupt the average person is. They’ll still be body scanned by Somali women in official uniforms at the airport, but by God a magic judge has said they can drop the face diaper. And now Mom and Dad can fly to Miami for that cruise they’ve been planning for so long. Cue the cries of “FREEDOM!”
    Super cringe.

    Anyhow, I think the various mandates and restrictions have gradually gone by the wayside because a sufficient number of White people have been double and triple vaxxed, and the death rate will continue to rise and the healthy birth rate will continue to drop generally unremarked upon for the next 5-10 years. White births worldwide were already well below replacement rate. Add in ever increasing miscegenation, the public school war to convince young White girls they’re trannies, and now unreported increasing miscarriages and stillbirths, and you have the beginnings of the WEF’s planned reset sans White people.

    Both age in general and now increased vaxx deaths will continue to ensure that more and more Whites die than are born daily. Not just the various athletes or European mayors that have been dropping dead, but every increase or return of cancer, or a tumor, or meningitis, or heart disease. And not just in White male teens. More people will die earlier and more will die overall, and it will be reported solely by the occasional whistleblower or statistician, or more often than not it won’t be reported at all.

    But the damage has been done. The White women whose fertility has been destroyed but don’t yet know, the babies never conceived because of the war on traditional motherhood, the teens mutilating themselves, the boys self-medicating against the relentless societal hatred – it’s all just continuing apace. No longer any need for masks when the solution is well underway. Not to mention a possible war. Oh, and a world-wide food shortage which will see more strident demands that we give up our selfish insistence on meat and milk to Save the starving Africans, already genetically incapable and further cognitively damaged by insufficient food during their early years. Domestic food which would have been sufficient despite less variety (and I think it’s actually a good thing that choices are decreasing here – why in any sane society would one canned soup manufacturer need 170 varieties?!!) will be shipped to ‘feed the hungry’ in every alien land.

    Alright. End of screed. Apologies for its length. But I’m not ready to merely forgive and forget all the maskers and vaxxers along with all the war boosters. They never were my ‘fellow citizens’ in spirit and I desire no rapprochement.

  27. Worse things are likely coming. From a docile mask-wearing public to a violent starving and broke public.

    To think we may all soon long for those days of mass obedience…

    Incidentally, has Counter Currents been canceled from this website ? I know the fine gentleman who runs CC has gotten the “abstract concepts” bug as it pertains to the anti-Russia / pro-Ukraine stance and is promoting war against Russia in the high-minded abstract name of promoting an ethno-state. The Ukrainian military hiding behind human shields and murdering disobedient civilians notwithstanding — all for a good utopian cause of some kind of ethno-state. CC has lost me. They are loco.

    • There is room for dissident thought among us after all aren’t we dissidents?
      Counter Currents does valuable work and contains a lot of good information.
      I too lean more towards the Russian point of view in the Ukraine conflict but I am depending on information about a situation 5000 miles away that I know little about.
      Not worth a dust up over among us.

      • G Lordon Giddy: If there is room for dissident thought among us, then CC wouldn’t be banning people who disagree with them (on the vax or Ukraine). No one here is banning anyone; you’re counseling tolerance to the wrong site.

      • I don’t see how he is a dissident when he is cut from the same cloth as Hannity where both never served but promote the slaughter of Russians to achieve some utopian dream that will never happen. And if he believes it will happen then he is delusional, and quite honestly I do think he has a screw loose but that he camouflages it well behind elegant and flowery rhetoric. But this may be beside the point, or is it?

        I’m sorry, but he is highly irresponsible in his rhetoric. And it is just unseemly if not bordering on the psychopathic for a man who never served to sit back in his ivory tower and makes excuses for the slaughter of innocents if it furthers his own ambitions, his ambitions in this case being the promotion of an impossible white ethno-state.

        Is he really any different than the Bolsheviks or these globalist crazies today where everything they do is 99% guided by the abstract and 1% guided by reality? I think we have had enough of these people, no matter their political stripe. They are spiritual brothers nonetheless.

        The only good news is I was about to donate to him but now never will.

        And pardon my strong feelings on this, but there is something about men who never served clamoring for war that really rubs me the wrong way, to put it mildly.

        • Absolutely agree. I always saw his push for ethnostates, a desirable goal but unachievable reality, as out and out LARP’ing. When he made the seamless transition from Covidianism to Muh Ukraine, it was pretty clear the guy is fake and gay (figuratively, at least).

          We may not be able to get the polity we need, but we sure as hell can stop toxins from being forced on us and fight against mass murder disguised as “defense.” The irrational part of me would encourage these types to push for nuclear war just because it would kill them, too.

          • When I first heard Greg speak, I made a decision to overlook the fact that the way he spoke reminded me of Kip, Napoleon Dynamite’s brother. I wanted to forgive him that because I figured here was an intelligent man, seemingly given the seal of approval by ZMan no less, and it would be mature of me to not dwell on silly superficial things.


        • Falcone: I had already donated (and a fairly significant sum) and the comment that got me banned was really quite mild and not even directed at Johnson himself – didn’t even occur to me it would cause any ire. Hyper-sensitivity to criticism is not good dissident or leadership trait.

          I cannot totally agree with your stance re criticism of the military. Yes, it definitely helps in making valid criticism to have the experience oneself, or skin in the game, but that comes too close to the left’s “lived experience” mantra. Just because I’m not a soldier doesn’t mean I can’t criticize one, and plenty of those who’ve worn the uniform have been jerks. The whole holy deference for ‘those who’ve served’ is way overdone – and I loved and honored my late father-in-law the army colonel. As my husband now admits, his father’s entire life’s work was a waste. ‘murrica f**k yeah.

          • Hi 3g:

            I do not mind criticism of the military. Everyone has that right

            But I don’t like men who promote war but don’t have the guts to go fight themselves

            That is the issue. Not criticism of the military.

            That said, they banned you? How ridiculous and childish. Yeah, the recent debate between Greg and E Michael Jones was pretty illuminating. It was obviously Greg’s home court and like a little phag he started trying to take over when they got to the listener questions, deciding what and for how long the responses could go on like he owned the place, which I guess he does. But he showed himself to be a petulant sort. And EMJ, one thing about him, he knows how to land a punch; this was not a topic (Ukraine) he was well versed in and arrived with his boilerplate anti-J routine, and had never been to Ukraine, but he got Greg to admit that killing Russians was acceptable if it meant the furtherance of a white ethno-state in Ukraine. All I remember from the “debate” is THAT and Greg petulantly bossing Frodi around once they got late into the Q&A.

            They are a bunch of scammers anyway. They had everyone pay for the debate because it was live, as if it could never be heard again and would be lost in forever in cyberspace. Then the following week, EMJ puts the whole replay on his website for free. I wanted to like the guys over there, but I think they are full of shit to be blunt and if they aren’t grifters then they are pretty darn close.

          • What floors me is conservatards like Romney and Hannity and so forth yammering for War O’ the Week while their children, still eligible to do so, never serve. The only upside to the nuclear war these monsters apparently want is that it will vaporize them and their spawn along with the rest of us.

    • Went to dinner with Johnson after a forum.
      A couple times. I don’t get intellectuals much.
      In the world I live in if a guy really knows his stuff he can explain it to pretty much anybody so they can get it.
      Admittedly though, I’m a knuckle dragging troglydite.

    • I had a “traditionally dressed” woman beg me in broken English to buy her food last night in the Wal-Mart near my home. By her appearance and that of the bearded man (looking like any stereotypical Omar the Carpet Seller) accompanying her, I would guess they hail from the Mid-East.

      It’s worth noting that I live in a by far majority White area of Florida, nearly an hour away from the nearest large city (Tampa.) I suppose the demographics are changing more rapidly than I thought. 🙁

      • Demographics you say, last week in Sligo (a smallish town in the west of Ireland) two fags were murdered by an islamist I think one or both of them were beheaded, Irish and international media doing their very best to ignore the story

        Diversity is our strength ect LOL

      • Ben: They were probably gypsies – and anyone who’s spent any significant time in (or merely traveled through) eastern Europe is very familiar with the type. They’re all over the DFW area. Ten years ago or so, when a few first appeared, the stores and the police were quick to get rid of them. Now, I know that to report them would be to get myself on another dissident list, and their constant presence is indicative of official support.

        Call them “Tsiganee” (Bulgarian term; Italian is Zingare and other languages have similar sounding words). Watch their reaction – they will get right in your face with anti-White hatred.

        • German = Zigeuner

          Thanks for that linguistic tidbit. I didn’t know the word had cognates. Tells us it’s a *very* old problem.

        • Thanks. The idea did occur to me (that they were Gypsies.) Although I’ve been through Europe several times, I’ve never knowingly run into these scoundrels. “Gitano” is Spanish, which they might hear more here in La Florida.

          We now return you to our regular debates often discussing a far more significant and successful itinerant race, that historically brings both blessing and curse to its host countries, and currently has virtually taken over the Western world 😀

  28. I have to admit, the cool kids’ mantra, “It’s all fake and gay,” is looking like the wisdom of Socrates.

    • The sad thing though is those “rebels” will in time become ultra-conformists, just as the anti-war and counter-cultural crowd before them did. But enjoy it while it lasts. Conformity is like some machine that grinds most people down.

      Being a rebel is a full-time and lifelong commitment

      • Yep…..I know it! It certainly helps to have a cause…just ask James Dean, lol.

        • Dissidents don’t let other dissidents wear leather jackets like that guy at Reason magazine

          Show up in satin jackets at the next AFPAC?

      • The most powerful and terrifying aspect of corporatism is its seemingly limitless ability to commidify anything genuine into just another product to be produced, marketed, and sold at maximum margin.

  29. Telling a good story is always better than making a good argument. Best of all is if you can make a good story out of a good argument.

    The positive vision thing is critical. But since normal people cannot and will not accept responsibility for being played for fools, their anger must be directed at the ones who fooled them.

    Happily for men of goodwill, hanging all of this on the Enemy before hanging the Enemy as such is both moral and expedient.

    • The sperg puts out tons of stats, figures, and arguments to convince an average Joe that the Covid mandates were worthless. This strategy works for maybe 10% of the population.

      A person interested in being effective at changing minds as opposed to winning a dialectic tells the story of the father of a good friend who didn’t want to take the vaccine, but got harassed by his harpy daughter into taking it, gets a heart attack soon afterwards, and dies.

      • This exactly why, for all his quirks, I completely agree with Vox Day that the effective use of rhetoric is critical going forward.

        The best modern example is Trump tweeting. In 140 characters he gave succor to his supporters and drove his detractors absolutely insane.

  30. I hope that Covid is over, but I fully expect and fear that here in France, the “vaccine passport” and masks indoors will be back this fall when the numbers of respiratory illnesses start to rise.

    • What percentage of people will comply if restrictions are restarted? I live in an area of the U.S. that was less restrictive than most. People here will not comply if businesses try to go back to Covid restrictions like mask requirements. I think that is true across the U.S. outside the big cities on the East and West coast. If Le Pen wins do you think she would be less likely to try to ramp up Covid fear again?

      • Less than 40 percent of the “fully vaccinated” took the booster. Resistance has spread far beyond the normal areas at this point.

    • “I fully expect and fear that here in France, the “vaccine passport” and masks indoors will be back this fall”

      California, too. Our governor didn’t claim permanent emergency powers in order to NOT use them, now did he?

      Taking that Bill Gates interview on NBC into account, they’ll reboot the Covid lockdowns with a new disease. Probably on this side of the November elections, too, so the American Deep State will have “no choice” but to thwart all attempts at replacing them by Canceling voting for another two years.

  31. If I live another 40 years I will NEVER forget the absolute insanity of the last 2 years, the mendacity and viciousness of every institution that pushed it, and the wretched gullibility of the average person during this cowardly and shameful period in history. I’m sad to have been witness to it.

    • It has been rather ‘educational’ hasn’t it? The craven cowardice of your average person and the instant ability to march in lock-step and become fanatic slogan swallowers has been dizzying and shocking.

      This is not just limited to low-IQ types either who are unsurprisingly easy to dupe. Some highly ‘educated’ people I know who can talk about concepts that would go straight over most people’s heads were more than willing to slip into their NPC skin and mindlessly chant mantras at fanatical volumes and increasingly unhinged hysterics.

      Scary chit. People like that are exceptionally dangerous sometimes w/o even knowing it and I want to be as far away from them as possible.

      • it wasn’t cowardice; it was worse than cowardice. it was wholesale embracing of self-negation. fucking normie drank deep from the kool-aide, and went back from seconds – without anyone holding a gun to his head.

      • The only disagreement I’ll make is this: high IQ does not correlate with resistance to being deceived. In fact, I have seen claims (but cannot provide proof) that highly intelligent people are more easily swayed to believe absurdities.

        It is often the dumb that are hardest to persuade to change opinion on ANY matter. They are more likely to lack formal or informal knowledge of logic and reasoning. But even if a person has those skills, they aren’t of much use if not used!

        I fail to see why there would be any distinction between convincing them to believe a truth or a falsehood. The hurdle is still the same.

        • Jared Taylor has a saying that some ideas are so false that only a really smart person can convince himself to believe in it.

          Tribalism is a great example. Non-whites, as a group, obviously see the world in terms of tribal dominance. If you try to tell a black nationalist to be race blind he will laugh in your face. Yet, highly intelligent white people cannot see any of this.

      • My “high IQ” neighbors and their spawn are far and away the most totalitarian vis a vis mask/vax/paper compliance.

        Aside from the low IQ dusky Americans and all-to common replacement “Americans”, none of the middle or low IQ types are willingly wearing muzzels.

      • No less than Trotsky observed that the educated (back then, that meant actually intelligent) classes were easier to dupe with propaganda because it only had to include some reference to authority.

        If you tell the average uneducated person “99 percent of physicists say aliens are raping babies,” they will laugh in your face. An alarming percentage of people with doctorates will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

      • My only point of contention is that the majority of high IQ people aren’t all that high in IQ. 110-120 is enough to have a “smart person” career where everyone is real impressed with your BMW and European vacation where you didn’t visit a single museum.

        • A 120 IQ puts you at about the 90th percentile. That makes you “smarter” than 90 percent of the population. Not the be all and end all wrt a persons worth to be sure. But really, an IQ range as you state putting you into the top 85-90 percent is nothing to sneeze at. Those people keep this shitshow going and should drive BMW’s.

          So one needs really to define “high”. I’ll give it the MENSA definition, high IQ restricted to the upper 2%. Those people advance the civilization, not just keep it going.

          • There’s definitely a point after which IQ becomes a liability, simply because it becomes impossible to relate to most people in a meaningful way.

            I’d bet a lot of extremely intelligent people either become sociopaths out of loneliness and resentment or truck drivers for the solitude.

          • Sounds correct. And as one of those who is probably just a little north of 100, may I add: while extreme intelligence is a great gift, it is not the be-all and end-all. Not all propeller heads necessarily are the next quantum physicist or Mozart or whatever. Genius IQ is fine, but what about social skills? Emotional intelligence? Other factors? It’s depressing: it may well be that the man who would have discovered workable nuclear fusion is playing video games in Mom’s basement, because he never developed rudimentary schmoozing skills 🙂

  32. When the current thing is real suffering, people will remember all the previous things were lies.
    See: Inflation. That’s a whole lot of ugly that is only going to get more ugly.

    • Stuff gets more expensive. Water is wet. I’m tired of the monotony of fear. I mean, really tired of it. During Covid, I couldn’t get to America to see my new great-grandson because some dipshits with no purpose to their life will latch onto anything to give themselves meaning. Actually, I wasn’t afraid of getting in, it was leaving that might’ve been troublesome.

      • You have a great grandson? I’m guessing you graduated from high school pre-elvis.

    • “See: Inflation. That’s a whole lot of ugly that is only going to get more ugly.”

      See: They’ll blame it on Russia.



  33. Said another way, the collapse is the cure. People cannot change their habit of belief until the environment forces them to do so. Until most people become genuinely hungry and persistently cold or wet, and even minor tasks such as washing their face becomes an ordeal, they will sleepwalk into the future with blinders on. Only the 2×4 of reality can wake them from this slumber. This is the wages of sustained affluence and addiction to government gravy.

    The good news is that this is about to change. Biden’s Administration has killed the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the financial Ponzi scheme that fueled vote bribery will soon collapse. Those chickens are coming home to roost and he can speed things up even faster if the Ds cancel student loan debt later this year.

    The Cloud People intend for the plebs to turn on each other when things go south, and use the distraction to cover their exit. Rather than play along like they are doing in Ukraine and pit white guy against white guy in mutual slaughter, why not focus on the real bad guys and make them pay for the debacle they created in the first place? Who says that free Javelin they gave you has to be pointed at the other white guy’s tank?

    • I am reasonably sure the first Cloud will be brought to justice (I refuse to use the pejorative “assassinated” in this case) in the next year or two. It likely will be a pilot or housekeeper who slipped through the cracks who does the work of God. Others will scramble like the cockroaches they are when the first is sent to Hell.

      • Even easier to just get a staff position at a fancy restaurant or catering business.

        The best part is just one of those and all the cloud people can’t have any of their fancy little self-congratulatory parties anymore, just like they were longer are able to sustain the pretense of government buildings being open to the public after Jan 6.

    • Uncle Vlad, can I please have some RPGs & MANPADs please please. Just a few shipping containers full ok!

    • Killing any residual trust in the petrodollar via sanctions, SWIFT restrictions, rejecting dollar debt payments, and piratical asset seizures looks like the most enormous own goal ever.

      There is way anyone will place anybfaith in whatever crap Fedcoin they try to roll out.

      • “There is no way anyone will place any faith in whatever crap Fedcoin they try to roll out.”

        Doesn’t matter.

        They can force tens of millions of people to use whether anybody trusts it or not.

        How many retirees are there? What percentage of our population are over 60?

        Fourteen years of super-low interest rates have destroyed the world’s pension funds (a Socialist invention in the first place; not that it matters).

        That’s WHY we had Covid and why we have the Great Reset.

        How many Americans live on Social Security? And I don’t mean those who did not even earn it, but those who did. THEN add in those getting it who never earned it.

        How many get EBT cards. What about WIF? Disability? Etc.

        How *exactly* are those people going to say, “No” to the digital “currency”?

        So those tens of millions will have to accept digital “currency” no matter what. Like it or not. Trust it or not. It simply will not matter.

        And what segment of the population are the biggest spenders? On what demographic do most merchants depend? On whose votes do most elections hinge?

        What will businesses of any sort or of any size do when their best customers have nothing to “spend” BUT digital dollars?

        What then?

        Yes, there will be a barter economy. That is baked into the cake.

        Yes, there will be black markets for *everything*. That, too, is baked into the cake.

        What will younger folks do when FedGov says that the only acceptable medium of payment for taxes is the digital “currency”?

        What then?

        What happens when FedGov says that the penalty for using anything other than the digital “currency” is death?

        What then?

        Yes, it will be next-to-impossible to enforce the death penalty for that “crime,” but so what? How many people will try the system to see what they will really do?

        Every reader here had better *know* what he is going to do when we get down to brass tacks.

        You have maybe a year to decide and be ready.

        Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

        • All good points. Black market currency exchange rates will be a thing, too, if the digital faux buck becomes reality. There were breathless reports earlier this month that Russia had a black market currency exchange for dollars and Euros. Those stories vanished as the ruble became gold-backed and rose in worth while the dollar started its inevitable collapse. It would be ironic, and not out of the question, to see a black market currency exchange for rubles in the United States.

          As for “what thens?”, when the dollar no longer qualifies as a hard currency, what then? Any guesses on the first ethnic group that first lives large off a black market currency exchange? In what alternative universe will those folks be punished? In what alternative universe will the relevant law enforcement apparatuses officers’ not make bank doing the same? What then?

          It is hard to look into a mirror and say “full faith and credit of the United States” and not to break into laughter already.

          People always have been encouraged to mindlessly consume. If there ever were a time to do so, it was yesterday.

          • ALL good points, Jack.

            Thanks for adding some I’d not thought of. And I don’t mean that I had thought of them but just didn’t mention them here. I mean that I had not even thought of them.

            And *that* was my point. The complexities involved are daunting, although, I hope, not overwhelming.

            It’s easy to say that people won’t accept the digital fraud. But “they” have a lot of arrows in their quiver.

            So it brings me back to my favorite “theory.”

            That all of these things together will rend the national fabric so that the country breaks up into newer countries; more natural countries. Real nation-states.

            I don’t see how all these things pulling all these people in all these different directions can do anything else.

            But people
            *do* have to make some hard decisions and real plans for how to react when they confront us with their brave new world.

            We won’t have the luxury of time when they spring it on us after carefully preparing the population for it.

            As somebody on this thread today has put it: IT will be a solution to a “problem.”

          • Thanks, IP. As for:

            “all of these things together will rend the national fabric so that the country breaks up into newer countries; more natural countries. Real nation-states”

            from your lips to God’s ears. The Empire will loosen its grip only when it costs too much to maintain hold. I assume the contraction will begin abroad (it arguably it has) and the diminution will continue with far-flung territories until it reaches the mainland. I likely will not live to see de jure separation happen, but that day soon will be at least on the horizon–unless, of course, the demonic psychopaths decide to take out everyone with them and accelerate the moment, which also is possible. We cannot discount an outright secession by one of the larger and wealthier states after the dollar is reduced to rubble, and that likely would set off a quicker unraveling. Monetary collapse is closer in time, and I do expect to live to see that. Everyone needs to realize this will be hard. Real hard, and painful.

            People indeed need to prepare. The dollar remains the strongest currency but that could change in a flash now. The gym and gun range are good places to do get ready, and storing food and water and medicine as needed always are advisable. Everyone’s MMV, but what needs to be done are the things folks always have done in anticipation of massive change, things blatantly obvious but hard to believe is necessary, even now.

      • Add to that the apparent decision to ban oil from Russia. Will their gas be next? Now, granted I’m a bit naive on this politics thing, but does it really make sense to punish one’s own citizens for the perceived sins of a foreign power? I guess when they are freezing next winter, they will be take comfort in the thought they put a minor crimp into Russia’s export power.

    • “Biden’s Administration has killed the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the financial Ponzi scheme that fueled vote bribery will soon collapse.”


      There’s no alternative to the dollar.

      The US dollar has never been cancelled. Nearly 80% of dollars in circulation are *outside* the US. And every single one of them is good. Usable. Spendable. Date of issue immaterial.

      We know that.

      Everybody knows that.

      Frightened people around the world correctly see the US as the last safe haven (I know, I know).

      But there’s a war in Europe. You know? And sooner or later …

      You know?

      So those billions or even trillions will flow into the US, strengthening the dollar and increasing its value as the reserve currency.

      For a while anyway.

      The collapse is well advanced already. It’s not–and is not going to be–a sudden collapse.

      It has been–and will continue to be–a slow burn.

      The end point is the same, though.

      • You may want to do some review of the history of the Weimar years of 1919 through 1923. A lot of interesting parallels. It seems the German people feel a strong need to exact some serious accountability upon the politicians that created the hyperinflation of that era. Just sayin’.

  34. Well said. Awareness, let alone pattern recognition, is a deficiency of North Americans. We’re sloths situated on a lane divider of a major highway and amused by our own navels. Or Bush in a bathtub painting his toes.

  35. The number of people flying Ukrainian flags outside their homes seems to be increasing where I live. Granted it has only gone from noticing two or three to seven or eight, but still I thought the public would be getting tired of this already.

    I haven’t been on a plane, but from what I have been hearing mask compliance has been dropping in the last couple of months on planes and in airports. I picked up my parents at a small regional airport a couple of weeks ago and no one told me to put on a mask. I would say compliance in the terminal was about 50%. Having to keep one on while on the plane depended on the attitude of the flight attendants or if you were sitting next to a tattletale passenger.

    • All compliance fell after Omicron (remember that?) proved once and for all the vaccines are worthless. The CDC quietly stopped publishing booster compliance stats, for example.

      • My impression was that like in hospitals, airports were still being strict about masks. Maybe they were in bigger cities. Our pediatrician thinks the local hospital systems will never drop their mask mandates. The medical industry is still getting away with making this the norm in their buildings.

        • Couldn’t agree more. Healthcare facilities are currently the only places in my state that still require masks. I can’t see it ever ending. We have way too many Karens who will never let it go.

          In its current state, American healthcare is an absolute lowest common denominator world. All it takes is one outlier to control policy for everything and everyone.

  36. “All of these could have been knocked down by the courts when they were enacted, but it took two years for judges to remember that we have this thing called the law. It is a reminder that the courts are just another ruling class institution run by the maniacs of the new religion.”


    The courts were fine with banning Christian religious services and closing gun shops and restaurants and gyms, but they let the abortion clinics and the weed shops stay open and let the gender reassignment surgeries continue throughout the COVID hoax.

  37. I think it all comes back to the fact that most people have no real goals or definable principles in life. They take no joy from such things and are happy to blow about in the breeze like an AIDs sufferer’s wrist.

    Covid was an epic overreaction. How many quietly went along, I understand. As you say, don’t want to be that chap who goes against the grain. Then we had the millions of Covidians – but this did not surprise me at all. And sure enough, as we’ve all seen, the Covidians then morphed into those baying for (other people’s) blood over Ukraine.

    Throughout this fake and highly homosexual time, I’ve been raising my family and focusing on practical local matters. I kept my head. If someone mentioned the terrible virus, I just looked blankly at them and walked away. This mindset was most likely followed by most of the DR. It is true that Clown World’s bizarre actions do affect us, but by engaging less and less, we can try to salvage something for ourselves and those we love.

    On my estate, almost all the families are vaccinated. It’s funny, as not a week goes by when a few of them take a test and inform us that they ‘think they have Covid’. Some of these people would probably have supported vaccine mandates, and their stupidity is right there in front of them, yet they don’t see. That said, the tests are probably highly inaccurate anyway. Thank The Lord for the vaccine!

    In other news, the price of a half kilo bag of rice in Greece has gone from just under one Euro to three Euros. There are also other considerable hikes, so I’m told. Fuel in my neck of the woods (UK) is starting to decrease in price, but baby food of various sorts is still spread thin. The cafe we go to on Saturdays had a note on the door telling customers that, due to the wholesale price of tomatoes, we haven’t got any today. Weird.

    Goddamn Clown World. What’s the bet we never get to the heart of nuclear fusion? Remember that?!

    • I think you make a good point

      If pre-Covid your life was spent in some sterile meaningless job in a cubicle, then Covid was a chance to break out and forget about your misery. It gave them focus and something to worry about, sort of like when a young couple has their first kid. So Covid was a type of child, I guess, for the childless.

    • That somethings we salvage by not going along are our sanity, dignity and ultimately our souls.

      • If events deteriorate substantially, there will be be relatively brief, widespread use of both fission and fusion…but not to good ends 🙁

        • Funny, but I never kept a supply of potassium iodide around. Few weeks ago ordered that plus a couple of dosimeter badges. Just in case. Weird times we’re in.

  38. I reckon that most people who consume more than a glance at the media think “My gosh are we living in interesting, roiling, changing times!” or “My gosh the end is near!” and this includes anyone on the spectrum…from the TRS crowd all the way across the political compass to your bisexual libertine. And us hyper-political folks are susceptible to this too. I will know we’re in crisis when I see long lines everywhere, or I see people dying in the streets, or my electric or water is off, or I see roving bands of mercenaries trucking through the suburbs.

    Until then, everything’s pretty cool. By historical standards anyway.

    • Heh.

      Always good to tone down the hyperbole, true. The only media I consume are Bruce Charlton’s blog, Z’s and Adam Pigott’s… and I still think it’s the end of the world!

      But yes, we’re by no means done for. And there is absolutely a lot for us to do, live for and learn. Looking back on that blog list of mine, sure looks like I’m narrow minded!

      But my God, man! Have you switched on a standard telly channel years after you’ve cut the cord? It’s harrowing: probably like how Capt. Willard (Martin Sheen) felt when he found old Kurtz’s (Marlon Brando) ‘compound’ in Apocalypse Now

      • I wouldn’t say I feel like an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a debt – but the feeling I get whilst flipping through the channels of dreck on the telly is unsettling to say the least.

      • I cut the cord well over a decade ago, and upon any unfortunate situation were I am subjected to the tube, my consciousness automatically recoils as if I’ve ingested some toxic substance. I realize that it’s exactly as advertised, soul crushingly destructive “programming” designed for NPC consumption from a truly evil globohomo conglomerate.

        My go to sites are Zman, Founding Questions, Miles Mathis, Zero Hedge, Citizens Free Press, UNZ, Lew Rockwell, Saker, Alt Market, Kuenstler, Black Pilled with Devon Stack, Dollar Vigilante. Chateau Hertiste (RIP) was a real eye opener for me a few years back. I believe it’s still archived. I also have numerous podcasts that give me a much more informed view above what the globohomo programming offers. I am still amazed at the amount of folks I come across who allow their brains to be mushed on that bile. I want to have some hope for my fellow man, but after the CONvid, and now “standing with a place I couldn’t find on a map last month”, my optimism is wearing thin. Things don’t appear to be getting any better.

        My solution so far is to keep informed without getting pissed off or depressed, always ask questions, keep your family close and as far away from their manipulative ways, cut out and avoid any toxic or brainwashed people, get some sunshine and fresh air, live in a rural area, work just enough to pay the bills and take whatever cash you have and stock up on hard assets, basically whatever you can hold or touch. It’s not going to be easy going forward, but what good does it for a man to gain the world yet loose his soul? Eyes open, no fear!

      • The news media got tabloidy right around the Lewinsky affair. Then 9/11 ushered in the era of the infotainment fire hose. After that it was crisis to crisis…”permanent revolution” as a guy on here wrote.

        Things have definitely kicked up a notch since Trayvon. That stupid story really began my journey to this side of the great divide.

        Ever since it’s been me detaching one by one from almost all newsgathering sites. ZeroHedge is my only daily aggregator, and Revolver or Unz occasionally. I usually glance at what people are hating on on Gab. The rest is various Telegram, Odyssey, and a podcast or two.

        I’ve written it a hundred times and I’ll write it one more: I could never stay sane if I did what AmRen, Currents, Torba, Z-Man, Ramz, Fuentes, Collett, or Striker does. I simply cannot peruse the media and pick out things to be outraged about, daily. But without them I wouldn’t have the power level that I do have. Cheers guys!

  39. Yesterday afternoon after the judge struck down the mandate, the Valley Metro (Phoenix public transport) website still had masking nonsense plastered all over it, including every person pictured in a mask.

    Early this morning, it was all gone. Every person is maskless.

    Seems like they were prepared for this.

    • Since the claim from the get-go was that all these policies were temporary, it would be extremely weird if they weren’t prepared for the policies to end.

    • The interesting thing is going to be the medical community.

      Where I live in Flatlandia, USA, mask mandates have been gone since the Governor realized making everyone in the state mask up to satisfy the Democrat Mayor of the state’s largest city would cost him re-election. So the roll-back started in the fall of 2020. Here and there masks crept back in at the odd restaurant or bar, but now it’s rare to see someone wearing a mask.

      Except for the medical community. Going to see my doctor is a treat because:

      1) They make you wear a goofy, ineffective mask
      2) Mask Karen, also known as the receptionist, nags you to put the mask over your nose. Great! I wear glasses, the damned masks stovepipe my breath straight up into my glasses. Every time I breathe I fog my line of vision. So you want me to wear your G-D mask? Under the nose it goes.

      They also tell you if you have COVID or “COVID Like” symptoms to NOT visit the office.

      Pardon me, the medical community has been telling me all my life that if I feel sick or am sick, I should, you know, SEE A DOCTOR OR NURSE FOR TREATMENT! 🙄

      I know this is part and parcel of them being attached to a Mega-Hospital Health Group, and as Der Germans said last century, “Orders is Orders”, but the tell will be when the Tik-Toking Dancing Nurses and Doctors drop the masks.

      • Tell the receptionist you’d hate to have a slip and fall in her waiting room because she was insisting on a face covering that impaired your vision by fogging your glasses.

        • I had several store clerks follow me around a large store last month (where I was the only customer) when I had to unfortunately make a foray into Pottieland nagging me to pull the diaper over my nose. I never did comply and finally said I’d be glad to do it if they don’t mind me passing out on their floor. They stopped pestering me. To a person they appeared to be Gen Z. I bet if I went back in a couple weeks they’d still be wearing the virtue face jock.

        • “Tell the receptionist you’d hate to have a slip and fall in her waiting room because … .”

          LOL! Great idea!

          (But never threaten or hint. Just act.)

          • Feigned allergies, asthma, light-headedness, outright fainting spells, and heart palpitations are all viable strategies.

            Best to do them in a solid chair since one would not want to take a real spill.

            Also, there is the alternate strategy of grumbling about the facility’s ADA compliance.

            “Y’know…the grade on your wheelchair ramp looks a couple degrees too steep….maybe the code inspector needs to come and check it….”

      • medical community is totally pozzed. i avoid them like the plague they are. hopefully they will be sued out of existence, eventually.

  40. the harm caused by the vaxx is/was massive, and is not going away. i agree normies will want to forget covid, but they will be reminded over and over again, as they and their children perish from damaged immune systems.

    • Exactly!

      People may want to forget Covid, but that pesky Jab won’t let them.

      I wonder just how many will have to die/be injured from it, for people to wake up.

      Is that even possible.

      Well, as my fellow pure bloods like to say (about us), “someone will have to bury all the bodies”.

      • Here in FL, 2021’s deaths in middle aged adults was substantially higher than 2019s, like 20-25%. The overall death rate is slightly higher even than 2020’s. This from State data and my own analysis. It mirrors what I’ve seen in articles about other regions, nations.

        In normal times, one would think that epidemiology would be very interested in sustained jumps in such death rates, but apparently not the case.

        • “In normal times, one would think that epidemiology would be very interested in sustained jumps in such death rates, but apparently not the case.”

          “Studies.” They cost money. Researchers have to get it somewhere. They don’t get it if those who have it don’t want something looked into. And the studies are all bogus anyway.

    • My nephew’s fiance is having heart problems. She’s young, and a top athlete, 17 minutes flat in 5k. Several months ago she was in the hospital with blood clots in her lung.

      My wife and I were kept away from the news because we’re outcasts because of our opposition to the shots. My nieces got their young kids all vaxxed up as well.

      I’m kicking myself because I feel like I should’ve been more vocal about it. But it probably wouldn’t have changed anything. Their stance is that their doctor knows best. I understand that, since it’s hard for normies to wrap their heads around the idea that it might be something sinister.

      • Wolf: My husband is just about the only one at his office who never got vaxxed. He had to forcibly stop himself from shouting at a coworker who got his 10-13 year old kids vaccinated. The daughter has already survived a pre-covid tumor and is now undergoing trannie pressure at her public school (father consoles himself it is just a phase and will pass). There’s just no way to help such people, and you cannot blame yourself. Even Christ said that after you’ve fulfilled your responsibility to preach the truth, if people reject you and your message, leave and shake the dust off your feet.

        • ” … survived a pre-covid tumor and is now undergoing trannie pressure at her public school (father consoles himself it is just a phase and will pass).”

          If, instead of rescuing his daughter, this “man” is busily “consoling himself,” then …

      • there are none so blind…

        my kids are all vaxxed, i am not. it’s an existential divide. just have to wait and see how the chips fall, words have no effect on the outcome…

        • Karl, I too am an “only”. Now I am told to shut up when I relate the growing list of vexxine adverse effects and other potential consequences of a decision made in haste, fear, and ignorance.

          I do not do this to rub it in anyone’s face. Just how does one discuss the topic truthfully/thoughtfully without discussing the facts of the matter and how we got into this predicament?

    • They’re trying to conceal the jab damage with the, “long coof,” and, “circulatory problems are totally normal in healthy young people,” narratives.

    • The CDC has pre-emptively been seeding the ground for this very thing. These reports were buried but do exist:

      ” Given the high efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, the benefits of vaccinating vulnerable populations outweigh the risk of rheumatic disease flare, and expert panels including the American College of Rheumatology continue to recommend the vaccine in all eligible patients.5, 9″

      Arthritic pain is hard to hide so there had to be some recognition, however little play it got.


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