The Politics Of Talos IV

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Since forever, people have always known and accepted that politicians lie to the voters about what they will do if elected. The lying was almost always in the form of exaggeration or promises that were desirable, but unrealistic. The former is of the form, “Vote for me and I will cut crime in half” while the latter is of the classic form, “vote for me and there will be two cars in every garage and a chicken in every pot!” The lies were the sorts of boasts one expects from a salesman.

This has changed over the last thirty years. Republicans discovered that they could simply lie about their intensions and nothing changed. In the Clinton years the GOP became the “none-of-the-above” option. When the voters were angry with the people in charge, they would vote Republicans. In 1994, people thought Clinton lied about his intentions, so it was a GOP landslide. In 2000, people were tired of the Clintons, so we got Bush for president. In 2010, it was 1994 again.

On the other side, the promises from the Democrats were entirely disconnected from reality and became purely aspirational. They were the party that would work like the mind altering drugs that are marketed to single women. Obama was going to cause the seas to stop rising because he was the black Jesus the oracle promised. He would magically make everyone immortal by freeing the amulet of health care from the insurance companies that were guarding it.

This is the state of politics in modern America. The Democrats promise to perform feats of magic, like replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, a concept squarely at odds with the physical universe. The Republicans, on the other hand, swear they will end the stuff that the Democrats are doing that is making normal people angry. Frankly, the Democrats are more likely to circumvent the first law of thermodynamics than the Republicans are to reverse the decline.

The population of America is currently being forced to relive the 1970’s by the geezer class running the government. Most people were not around in the 1970’s so the nostalgia is lost on most everyone. As a result, the voters will punish the head geezer by voting for the other party. Why will people vote GOP? No reason other that it is the only way to voice displeasure. In power, the Republicans will do the same thing the Democrats are doing, but with different rhetoric.

This is life in a one party liberal democracy. It is like Henry Ford’s old line about giving the people color choices. The voters can pick their leaders as long as they are from the uniparty and do not deviate from the script. The Republican congress will keep shipping billions to Ukraine, while ignoring the southern border. They will do nothing to reign in corporate piracy or the managerial war on white people. Politics in America is a vending machine with one product.

It is tempting to think that this is unique to America. In a land where everything and every man has a price, it is no surprise that nothing has value. The truth is it is a feature of the liberal democratic system. Just as the free markets leads to a few players dominating the market, even monopolizing it if permitted, democracy ends up with a small party that controls the state. The politicians are reduced to ornaments that decorate the system but have no real power.

An example of this is over the sea in Europe. The local governments have no power as everything that matters is decided in Brussels. The economy is a disaster and rapidly deteriorating due to a pointless war of choice against Russia. The local leaders feel compelled to go along with this so they are pretending they are the good guys in some great moral drama. As a result, the political parties are unified in their defense of Ukrainian democracy, as if such a thing exists.

The people, of course, are not happy about hyper-inflation. The official numbers, like those in America, are re-interpreted into single digits, but people know that real inflation is well into the double digits in Europe. This summer there will be petrol lines and this autumn there will be gas rationing. A European angry about this has no recourse, as all of the political parties are on board with the economic suicide plan. The only difference is in the style and presentation of the empty gestures.

This is the logical end point of democratic systems. Much like the cereal aisle in the grocery store, there is the illusion of choice. The main parties figure out that they are immune from market forces if they simply agree with one another on all of the important issues and agree to share the spoils. Congressman X gets booted from office but lands a high paying lobbying job. Not only does he not leave the city, but he also gets to buy a bigger house and avoid the folks back home entirely.

It is also why the gestures get bigger and more absurd. The two-dimensional Barak Obama was sold as black Jesus in 2008. That seemed like the limit of political absurdity until Joe Biden was sold as the most popular man in history who will end the scourge of fascism under Donald Trump. For his part, Trump is promising to run in 2024 as the first revenge candidate. Presumably, the slogan will be, “Vote for me and you get to feel smug while sitting in that food line.”

The end of liberal democracy was supposed to be a reasonable and moderate society that operated within agreed upon rules. Instead, it is a world run by people who cynically provide us with emotionally stimulating illusions. Rather than face our reality, we engage in the high drama of politics, which never amounts to anything other than these momentary emotional eruptions we call elections. We signal yes or no when commanded and as a reward we get the illusion of choice.

In fairness, this turns out to be a good system to keep people under control as long as the rulers can keep the plates spinning. Two years of Covid drama is a fairly good proof of concept. It turns out that people will suffer the most absurd humiliations as long as they have material comforts. Soon we will learn if people will suffer the same humiliations without many of these comforts. It could be that the illusion of choice is enough to keep people trapped in their chairs.

There are limits to everything, even monopoly power. As soon as the monopolist gains monopoly status, the decline begins. Every monopoly ends up being gnawed into collapse by a million small dissidents. It turns out that nature almost hates the monopoly as much as she hates the free market. That may be what we see today. The monopoly of political power in the hands of a few is dying from a thousand small wounds and in time it will collapse from trying to maintain itself.

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156 thoughts on “The Politics Of Talos IV

  1. The Secrets of Dumbledore movie background suppose to be 1930s
    The movie started with interracial couples in front of an audience literally
    white female and black male couples in 1930s
    obviously Hollywood another scam to normalize interracial relationships

    its fucking tiresome
    these assholes can’t make films without the message
    so sick and tired at Semitic drivel

    • From what I recall Dumbledore’s secret is that he likes a good stiff wand straight up the old evacuatus fecesium

      Not trying to pile on here but really hoping you at least pirated this. If you paid for your KIDS to be exposed to it you need to think about that.

    • While I am not a direct user thereof, I wonder how bad a shortage we may be facing. Like most Americans, I buy stuff at the store. Damned near all of it shipped by diesel burning vehicles, over long distances. I believe this holds for sea transit, too.

      If there is anything to be thankful for, it’s the simple fact that if it’s being breathlessly reported on the news or the latest “crisis” in your local daily, the issue is portrayed far worse than it really is. Not saying it’s never a problem, but the press is rather known to turn a molehill into a mountain.

      It’s sort of like my parents’ expectations for me: seemed promising, but never amounted to much 😀

      • Cost v Risk v Consequence

        Stock up. Prepare. Now. Have a plan.

        Cost low, Risk moderate, Consequence severe.

  2. I think you got democracy wrong. Direct democracy is a tyranny of the people, but representative democracy is a tyranny of the elite. In direct democracy the voter can directly vote himself money, but in a representative democracy that has to be funneled through representatives. However, the representatives actually work for the ruling class, and so any theft will have most of the profits skimmed off by that ruling class.

  3. I agree with Lefty. Everything wrong with this country is the fault of the White man. At one time, White men were in complete control of perhaps the most economically powerful and technologically advanced nation that ever existed. White male leaders, who were already in the upper social strata and guarenteed a comfortable financial existance for the rest of their lives, sold us out. And even to this day, it is White male enforcers in the criminal justice system that protect the status quo.

    • We abandoned the masculine principle and stopped maintaining order.

      Left and right are like a married couple on the outs. They aren’t talking, she’s running around because he won’t stop her, he’s escaping because she won’t stop tormenting him.

  4. That’s pre-supposing many of them even know they need to keep the plates spinning. I think a lot of them believe the plates will spin themselves and no effort is required on their part. In fact I’d go so far as to say many of them believe the plates will continue to spin no matter what they do.

    If you think you can shut down people’s movements and activities due to a disease and think you won’t affect the economy you’ll pretty much buy into any idea. Hell, a bunch of them don’t even really believe in the relationship between supply and demand.

    • They also fail to understand many plates are interdependent upon each other to remain spinning.

      I think a lot of that stems from the modeling experts. That bunch seems convinced their models are dead on representations of real life and that variables in both spaces may be zeroed out with no ill effects.

      • Now, now, the modelers think very highly of themselves. In fact, they’re so confident they can draw an elephant with only 17 parameters. The fact that it is not really an elephant is beside the point.

  5. Congressman X gets booted from office but lands a high paying lobbying job. Not only does he not leave the city, but he also gets to buy a bigger house and avoid the folks back home entirely.

    Hilarious. That’s exactly what happened to my Congressman just yesterday. A uniparty squish with an (R) next to his name. Voted often with the Democrats; was accused of sexual monkeyshines by an underling; blamed it on being a drunkard; announced he wouldn’t run for reelection in the mid-terms; and then months later packs it in before the end of the term to join a “bipartisan” lobbying outfit in the Imperial Capital.

    The sad part is there is doubtless a deep reservoir of grifters and puppets working the phones right now in an attempt to get their seat at the table.

    • A decade or more ago, I attended the High School graduation of a relative (cousin) in Bethesda, Maryland. Whitman is one of the better in Montgomery County, which a roundabout way of saying that the student body is composed of the the children of shitlibs living in ridiculously valued homes.

      One of the speakers the ceremony was a then-current U.S. Senator from Arkansas, probably Mark Pryor. This was appropriate as he’d graduated from the same high school. At the time I thought it odd an Arkansas Senator would hail from Maryland. Tonight I did some quick searching and the answer is very reasonable: his own father David was also a Senator whose term began in 1978, thus explaining Mark’s presence. Truly an incestuous business! 🙂

  6. The world-historical irony of Biden and Zelensky as the tribunes of “our Democracy” is that between the two of them — 81 Million Vote Biden and “Peace with Russia” Zelensky — they pretty well have put an end to the idea of “democracy” as a serious form of government. Anyone talking about “democracy” is either a fool or a grifter.

    • The only thing keeping moribund entities like European “democracy”, where everything is decided by faceless bureaucrats, and the GOPe in America, is that the system has been structurally rigged to prevent entry by dissident groups, and sufficient vote fraud is always available to prevent the occasional interloper from getting elected…Trump was an aberration whom they pulled out all the stops to get rid of…But the structure remains…It will have to be utterly destroyed if Americans are to escape the current death spiral…

  7. “Since forever, people have always known and accepted that politicians lie to the voters about what they will do if elected. The lying was almost always in the form of exaggeration or promises that were desirable, but unrealistic.”

    This has already been legalized for businesses in the concept of puffery. You can legally claim that your product is the “best”, partially because of opinion, and partially because there is no real measurable form of “best”. It is merely an expression of opinion by a seller that isn’t made as a representation of fact. You also see ridiculous claims in the supplements/vitamins business. Vitamins and supplements do not require the in depth testing that “medicines” do (excluding vaccines, of course). They are just a lab coated version of snake oil and rely on the faith of the customer to work. Why would politics be any different?

    • Politics *should* be different, but one’s skepticism wrt too good to be true statements/promises should not be.

      Not sure why your comment gat down votes.

      • I’ve noticed there are several true believers in vitamins and supplements and they don’t take too kindly to being trivialized.

      • I downvoted because of the remarks concerning vitamins and supplements.

        I am nearly 70, and asthmatic, although thanks to the guidance of my lady pulmonologist at the University of Penn’s Harron Lung Center, this is under superb control. But, given my affliction, in concert with my age, I do supplement my nutrients to support my immune system on my own initiative. During the 3+ years since my asthma medication was optimized, I have had 0 upper respiratory infections. When it seemed as if I might be falling prey to a viral respiratory infection, a day of Zicam tabs (zinc being the active ingredient) with extra rest and fluids, and poof, it was gone. I have subsequently added zinc tabs 2x weekly to my supplementation along with other supplements that assist in uptake of zinc.

        I am a pureblood, and this lends extra motivation to defend myself. My wife, in January of 2020 experienced a bout of what in hindsight was likely Covid. I did practice my accustomed careful hygiene while tending to her during that time, and I escaped unscathed. I am out in public shopping on an at least weekly basis, sickies all around me (maskless as soon as the NJ mask restrictions lessened). In my estimation, it is likely that my meticulous adherence to system boosting supplementation has lain at the root of my good health.

        As to the lack of testing of vitamins and supplements, it were perhaps wise to consider that the “health authorities” themselves have been loath to support these studies; maybe they want to avoid finding out that such – rational – supplementation is actually effective? Do you trust the dietary advice of these people, in thrall to the pharmaceutical/medical complex as they are? I don’t, as they are as corrupted by the money, and the allure of career-hopping from being first a regulator, to then working for a manufacturer, and vice versa as they seem to be to support the scams.


        If you want to see some snake oil, just squeeze some of these snakes, and bucko, you can get by the barrel.


    • Granted snake oil, but I have to say, a shot of elderberry wine does me good in the winter.

  8. Initially I had assumed that the Roe v Wade thing was meant to rile up the libs and motivate them to vote to try and offset the expected midterm losses for the Dems. But it seems like an early trigger pull for that, and the last time they activated the radicals to tear up cities for St. Floyd it was meant to harm the incumbent Trump.

    Given that the left’s pets are attacking churches, I suspect the real aim is to get all those disillusioned right-wingers back in the sheepfold voting Republican to save Jesus from Antifa. The sheep get to think they’ve scored a victory over baby murder when the legislature flips to the Republicans who proceed to keep on doing the thing they actually care about: using taxes and money printing to buy MIC weaponry and ship it to Ukraine to get blown up by Russia and receive their bribes.

  9. A very excellent piece today. The parallels between democracy and capitalism are indeed striking. Perhaps chief among them, as Z indicates, is ideological uniformity. He points this out with regard to the uniparty, but it holds equally true for the corporate world. Businesses, once they reach a certain size–perhaps when they become publicly traded–all adopt anti-white racism as their core tenet. It doesn’t matter how conservatively they began (see Disney, for example), they all come to revolve around hating whitey.

    And just as it’s impossible to punish the uniparty because any AWR you defenestrate is replaced by another AWR, you cannot logically punish Nike by refusing to buy their stuff because Addidas, if one bothers to investigate, pushes the same anti-white crap. Oh, you could punish Nike, I suppose, by refusing to patronize it, but you still need shoes. Instead of giving your hard-earned wampum to Baal, you give it to Pazuzu instead. For this reason, the corporations have no incentive to drop their AWR.

    Democracy and late-stage capitalism are closed systems. And the only way to open them up again is to violently shatter them.

    • Huh. Last night I was thinking,
      “Why, my dear Osteii, the answer to AWR is W.A….err, to rearrange the latters.”

      • Very good. Not the preferred choice, of course, but perhaps the only one with much hope of success.

      • I fear there may be an awful lot of failure still built up in the Power Structure. By the time failure occurs, there may not be many whites left to fight.

        • Yes, there can be an awful lot of ruin in a nation. This is why TomA maintains that it is better to break it up earlier, rather than later, as there may still be a better real-world base with which to rebuild. You can make a case…

    • ” Businesses, once they reach a certain size–perhaps when they become publicly traded–all adopt anti-white racism as their core tenet.”

      Do you really need customers if when things get tough you get bailed out? If you can’t survive a downturn do to a crappy balance sheet, bad choices, or stuck on autopilot, but .gov will bail you out, who do you really serve? We must take away their ability to fund themselves, and hey its non violent to boot! (well in theory anyways)

      • Never have gubmint and big bidniss been more tightly wedded. It’s no different than the governmedia. And it all forms one big, anti-white power structure. You can’t bring part of it down; you must undermine the entire thing.

      • I recall an old Dilbert cartoon where the pointy hair boss is thinking to himself: “Theoretically, if I could reduce expenses enough, we could make a profit without selling anything.”

        I fear there are real world examples of such fuzzy thinking in business and government. 🙁

    • From a Christian perspective this problem is an old one… hey we don’t want to eat meat sacrificed to idols but we need meat and it’s ALL sacrificed to idols around here.

      Basically the Book says ok well avoid if you can and the occasional symbolic refusal is important in front of others who may be mislead into thinking you’re endorsing the practice. But yeah you need meat and it’s not your fault what meaning evil men have attempted to attach to it.

      Good people should avoid the megacorps where they can but it’s not up to us if every grocery store has pervert flags. This is no excuse optional participation like consuming media products. It’s also why it makes sense to avoid something like Nike even if the other shoe companies are just as evil. Nike is *identified* in the public mind with evil in a way others arent… so when you wear Nike logos you’re advertising to onlookers that you endorse evil. This can have a bad effect on THEM. This shores up the sick cultural consensus for the comformist weakminded (aka normies)

      It doesnt matter so much about the company getting the money, thanks to the complete end of antitrust we hardly have a choice about that.

    • I believe that is because those businesses have all directly taken federal money.

      USG owns as soon as that happens.

      • Indeed, and what was the first thing they all did when covid started? If you answered a bigger bailout then the 2008 GFC you are absolutely correct and your prize for pointing this out is being called an insensitive misogynist 😉

        But you know, it was really all about a virus that was going to kill us all or something.

    • My latest pairs of shoes (sneakers/trainers) were about $18 a pair from the local Wal*Mart. They were of sufficient quality that I’ve obtained six pairs. With inflation firing up, I could think of it as stocking up.

      I can’t preventthe shoes being made by underpaid child labor in a country where the concept of environmental and labor safeguards has never been considered. But I’d sooner wear a pair of no-name shoes than pay some inflated price most of which is profit just paying for some fancy brand name, and in a firm that is almost just as you describe.

  10. People will vote Repub because they’re the people who have always voted Repub. As they die off and are replaced by their children, who will not vote Repub, and by the millions of aliens who have slithered across the border, and will not vote Repub, the GOP will fade away. Perhaps it will be replaced by a party that represents the interests of Heritage Americans. Perhaps not. If so, something of Western civilization might be saved in some of the territory of the former USA. If not, not.

    • The second option is what will happen. They will simply drag the GOP even more left of where it already is.

      The GOP is really not an ideological party, at least not in the sense the voters think they are. It is a machine for getting people elected. This is why Lindsey Graham is still the Senator from South Carolina. The area is solid GOP, but solid GOP just means they vote for whatever scumbag puts a big fat R next to his name no matter how ridiculous he is. This is why some of the strongest GOP areas have some of the most ridiculous people.

      • Indeed. Conservatives used to ridicule nuggras for remaining on the Democrat “plantation,” but “conservative” Grillers are equally blindly wedded to the GOP. They’re Republican house negroes.

        • You mean Cyclops Dan? He hasn’t enlisted in Zelensky’s Avengers yet?

          @Tars, if Preston Brooks were alive today, I’d want him to beat the dogshit out of Miss Lyndsay Graham first. Then I’d buy him another cane with “For Chuck Schumer” engraved on it.

      • Tars: Texas is a prime example. Cornyn, Abbott – they’ve never met a border jumper or Californian they didn’t want to welcome to your neighborhood. Texas is deep purple and not a place any genuine dissident wants to relocate to. Not to mention the climate sucks and the soil is clay and you cannot count on groundwater or rainfall.

    • GOP won’t “fade away”. The system requires a Washington Generals team to promote the lie of “choice”. The GOP will continues to promote the lie.

    • My fav “the average voter is an idiot” story comes from IL. They had to pass a law requiring candidates who changed their names to appeal to certain demo’s to have both their new and old names on the ballot. But not before a man named Philip Spiwak changed his name to Shannon O’Malley It’s hard to know who should be held in greater contempt: the cynics who change their names, or those who vote based upon it.

    • Not voting republican because of our internal 5d chess mastermind logic will have the same effect as voting republican or voting democrat.

      So many people scoffing at people naively thinking voting can make any difference but failing to realize that for all the same reasons NOT voting will also make no difference.

      “Not voting HARDER” isnt working either

      • Not voting harder hasn’t really been tried!

        Seriously though, at some point, not voting harder does have the effect of discrediting the system. Hard to claim the mandate of heaven with <30% voter participation. Not that it would stop anyone from claiming the mandate anyway.

        Another good point someone once made: If you voted, you voluntarily participated in the scam, so you have no right to complain.

        • If nothing else, not voting allows me to retain some measure of self-respect. If I voted, I would see myself as a world-class chump and couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.

          • My last vote was for Ron Paul. I’ve never felt so clean walking out of a voting booth. Decided then that I was done, unless and until a white Christian male of equal moral and ethical standards comes along. I don’t think that I will live that long.

      • NoOneAtAll: Somehow you seem to have missed the memo that there is no voting (or not voting) our way out of this. The cloud people will do what the cloud people want to do, regardless of the illusion of a voter mandate, however manufactured.

        Not voting is for self respect, for not endorsing the travesty of representative government, for not wasting one’s limited time on the fallacy of electoral politics. Politicians and bureaucrats are all crooks and liars. Not one of them has even the fig leaf of concern for heritage Americans. There is no political measure or policy choice that can fix a decayed empire.

        There is nothing anyone can do at this point, other than look to his own family and future and plan to try to survive the onslaught. And rubbing one’s hands in anticipation of a ‘red wave’ in November – after all the historical evidence that it will make no difference – is beyond absurdity and into the realm of the woke changing the laws of thermodynamics.

        • Right, that’s my point. Over here people spend way too much time congratulating themselves on not voting.

          If political solutions are unavailable then act like it. Quit hoping that you’ll bring republicans to heel by some tiny despised faction vociferously not voting.

          If the republicans knew you did vote or support them they’d disavow you in a minute anyway. They don’t even WANT our votes, the whole hustle depends on them NOT appealing to us.

          • NoOneAtAll: No one here, per my reading, has ever indicated they expect to bring the repukes ‘to heel’ by not voting. We want people to cease as much participation in the modern parody of civic life as possible: Don’t watch their movies or their t.v.; don’t read their books, don’t vote in their elections.

  11. I still think your best line ever on this topic was “in America you can get more of what you don’t want or less of what you need”

    That perfectly sums up the Democrats and Republicans.

    • Alternatively: America–where you pay more and more, receive less and less, and what you get is crappier and crappier.

    • Yep. I have a thought experiment: what if we could vote for policies as opposed to politicians? In the way that some states allow referendum questions on the ballot? I suppose now that ballot harvesting/stuffing has been normalized it’s out of the question, but what if we could say “I want local and national concerns addressed before we send money overseas.”

      • How many would vote against The Current Thing? Just peruse how many Uke vs. Russian flags you see flying around (real or virtual).

        • I get it. The so-called media has become the regime’s stenographer. It’s almost impossible for people to discover that there’s been a civil war in that region since 2014 w/ many atrocities. When I was a young person it was the same w/ the former Yugoslavia. But those were dial-up days. I have no answers.

  12. “The main parties figure out that they are immune from market forces if the simply agree with one another on all of the important issues and agree to share the spoils.”
    The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was a big one: free people and free countries could bank wherever and with whomever they wanted to, so long as they complied with the multitude of ever changing rules from the imperial regulators. The Swiss knuckled under and now we get gold coins or crypto to “invest” in.
    Problem solved. Now, we don’t have money laundering any longer.

    • FATCA was sold as how they were going to tax all the multimillionaires and billionaires that turned up in the Pandora papers.

      The reality is that it only affects the expats barely into six figures that might be lucky enough to own a cottage in Spain because they bought when it super cheap.

  13. The politics is a Punch and Judy show, or to paraphrase Shakespeare, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. In Marxist theory, the political system is part of the superstructure of society while the economic system of monopoly capital would be the base that controls what happens politically. Baran and Sweezy wrote a book about 56 years back, titled “Monopoly Capital”, which goes into this in much more detail. You’re probably familiar with it.

    The economic system of the USA is part of the global financial economic system that also subsumes the economies of Europe and Japan. It is to be expected that their politics will be similar to those of the USA — i.e., a Macron or Johnson will be similar to an Obama or Biden. As you say, the politicians become mere figureheads, with no agency of their own.

    The problem arguably is that since the ’70s there has been an irrevocable economic decline, punctuated by tepid half-recoveries (trumpeted as booms). The global financial oligarchy, through its political stooges, has nothing to offer the electorate. And the electorate is in any case only needed to rubber-stamp elite choice, to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy to a crooked system of governance and privilege. That, incidentally, is where the asinine leer of Biden comes from, to be facetious.

    The voters are not stupid. In the 2016 election many of them saw that Trump could not deliver on his promises (MAGA). But still, he was more appealing than Hillary, who was offering nothing but going around manically repeating “love trumps hate.” Hence the support for Trump. I voted for him myself, and again in 2020. Even though I can see that the system is decrepit and ossified and utterly beyond reform.

    • From the interwebs:

      “When the Republicans win and get a little bit of power, they flex it.

      When Democrats get a little bit of power, they use it to accumulate more power”

      Multiply that by 40 years, and here we are.

    • At least a plurality of voters *are* stupid. Otherwise you wouldn’t find voters voting for candidates they had previously rejected based upon the ethnicity of the candidates surname.

  14. > . The economy is a disaster and rapidly deteriorating due to a pointless war of choice against Russia.

    Read somewhere that the plan to stop all Russian oil exports will crash the German GDP by 12%. For those keeping score, that is a Great Depression level contraction, and who knows the secondary effects that will happen afterwards.

    The only country that wouldn’t be left in ruins is France, who was pragmatic enough to keep their nuclear power plants.

    • I think the scam is to allow the Greeks to ship Russian oil through a series of middlemen. This will raise prices and keep the rubles flowing to Russia. This so the girls running foreign policy can finger wag at Putin.

    • This is absolutely infuriating to me. We were energy independent when Trump was in office. We’re the Saudi Arabia of coal and we could be turning it into liquid gasoline with the Fischer-Tropsch process.

      We could be selling the Euros energy but Biden’s handlers are greenies.

      • If only they had invested in adequate routine maintenance instead of welfare for the hordes of muslims and africans that infest their cities. Diversity wins again.

    • All it’ll do is create a black market for Russian oil. The “stop all Russian oil exports” only affects Europe. India, China, the other BRICS countries…couldn’t care less about it. It’s unenforcable except by direct military attacks on Russian tankers and pipelines which defeats the purpose of running a mercenary war in Ukraine to launder money and pay off donors in the US. A hot war with Russia risks the elites themselves because they know in a hot war that cities like NY, LA, Chicago and DC would be bulls-eyed first by the Russians. If the elites were to lose those 4 cities alone, the entire electoral balance of power would shift away from Liberals for a century…because most of them would be dead.

      Germany will build a secret underground pipeline to Russia if they have to. They have no interest in destroying their economy over this, and way too many of the elites will die in a nuclear war with Russia.

  15. I wonder if, on the long scale, the problem is with liberal democracy as such, or what I call (for lack of a better term) information velocity.

    England under the Protectorate was every bit as ideological as AINO. If ever there was a pure theocracy outside of the Sandbox, that was it. And yet, English life in the shires wasn’t that much different under Cromwell than it was under Charles, because Cromwell didn’t have the wherewithal to monitor his subjects’ lives in real time.

    Even more importantly, his subjects didn’t have the wherewithal to monitor Cromwell’s actions in real time. Cromwell on his worst day was a more serious man than every single Swamp Thing put together are on their very best, but he could make empty, grandiose gestures with the best of them. The reason he didn’t go that well more often, I hypothesize, is because to be effective, the empty grandiose gesture has to happen more or less in real time. Courtiers gesture to each other all the time, and it’s quite effective, but always kept in check by the fact that these guys know each other personally and communicate in real time. By the time the grandiose empty gesture reaches the shires, the people can see it for what it is.

    And that has a cost. Cromwell could have himself painted “warts and all” at the very height of his power to flatter his Puritan vanity, but it cost him — if you’re going to carry on like a king, and pass your kingdom down to your son, you’d better do it all the way. He didn’t.

    Increasing information velocity homogenizes the culture, such that empty gestures become the coin of the realm. Had Cromwell’s government disappeared overnight, English life would’ve continued much as before, because they had — by necessity — strong local institutions. If the AINO government disappeared overnight, society would collapse. Not because the AINO government is so important in its subjects’ lives, but because it isn’t — absent the constant real-time freakouts of The Current Thing, people would realize that there’s nobody in charge; that they live, effectively, in anarchy, at the whim of whichever grievance group pressures whatever corporation into acting.

    The AINO government is literally the “circus” part of “bread and circuses.” Liberal democracy would work fine if the shires were forced via information velocity to send their representatives to the Capital for a short season, and then return. No real-time communications, no problem.

    • Cromwell reversed Longshank’s ban on jews in return for them paying his war debts.

      He literally sold out his country.

  16. Nuts & bolts.

    Nothing will change until the environment changes because of the Comfort First Imperative. Joe Normie will not get up off the couch and roll up his sleeves until he has no choice but to do so or die.

    At the end of WWI, real hardship fell like a sledgehammer on Germany and then hyperinflation poured gasoline on the fire. It is said that those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it. It may be instructive to read about what happened in Germany between 1919 and 1923. And one interpretation of “instructive” is “how to.”

    • The USSR of WWII had a population of 200 million; about 25 million USSR soldiers and civilians died horribly in that war, roughly 1 in 8.

      The US has never seen suffering like this. The New England area in particular hasn’t seen any war since the Revolution in the 1700s (small scale in war of 1812)

      This explains the sleepwalking into a war disaster. Their preening is based on a belief that they’ll never, ever suffer real harm.

      The Russians are very, very tough. The fact that so few Republicans opposed the “Ukraine lend lease” Act isn’t surprising, but it proves completely that we’re led by madmen.

      • A good way to get the barest sense of inherent Russian toughness is to watch Patrick Lancaster’s interviews in the Donbas.

      • One of the reasons why Joe Normie won’t get off the couch is because he has let his body go to squish for over a decade and he knows that he would be worthless in a fight to the death. Even with a firearm in his hands, chances are that he couldn’t hit anything he was aiming at and really can’t even run away after his magazine is empty. In the Ukraine, the shit stain has conscripted fat men in their 40s & 50s and sent them to the front lines without training and left there to act as target practice for Russian artillery. That is the fate that awaits the suburban normie here in the USA. If you don’t want to become Biden canon fodder, get fit now. It’s not too late to start.

        • To your points, I believe they will attempt some form of covert conscription as we ramp into WW3 this summer.

          I think overt conscription would be a step too far, but I think they are crazy enough to attempt that as well.

        • One thing we do have—in spades—are veterans! Those folk who’ve been in the service, trained, and in many instances in combat. I have no doubt those men will step up to the plate, they are now even now doing so—such as along the border. I’ve been with them myself.

          No trained veteran is going to step out with a fat, out of shape “Normie” and put his ass on the line with such a f**k up. Effective teams don’t work that way. If a bunch of “bubba’s” want to play Rambo, then let them commit suicide. They’ll sort themselves out one way or the other, the rest of us will be better off.

        • Mass conscription to fight a land war in Ukraine against an opponent with nukes would be the end of the Republic.

          Get fit because the BLM and Antifa riots of 2018-2019 were just a warm up for the run up to the 2024 election. Or general health.

          But mainly get fit because presentation matters; no matter how articulate or smart you may be, no one listens to a fat slob.

        • To become cannon fodder, you would have to be conscripted (I hope no one commenting here is fool enough to volunteer). I just don’t see that happening, in particular because our military relies on tech more than actual manpower.

  17. It turns out that people will suffer the most absurd humiliations as long as they have material comforts.
    The list, in order, of the most important things to an American:
    1. Comfort
    2. Convenience
    3. Entertainment
    4. Safety

    • 5. A new car
      6. A really nice lawn
      7. A big screen television
      8. An Apple I-phone

    • My revised list:
      1. Comfort
      2. Moral signaling
      3. Convenience
      4. Entertainment
      5. Safety

      Americans will deal with nearly anything as long as they can have a chance at virtue signaling about how morally superior they are to any audience that will listen. In fact, maybe I should even have made that #1.

    • Number one is moral superiority, as it seems many Americans are happy to starve to death or get murdered if they can exclaim what a good person they are before they croak.

      An an age of virtue, a man would die for principles and be perfectly content if no one knew, or even if everyone hated him for it. In our new hive-mind world, everyone needs to know and clap.

      • “…everyone needs to know and clap.”

        Ironically, what everyone needs to “know” is really to “think”. Most virtue signaling is just a lie—the individual signaling has done nothing virtuous and is most often a fraud. We live in a world of lies.

  18. i wonder if the gov letting in so much fentanyl isn’t an effort to provide a soma like solution to societal discontent. a person that is narced out most of the time requires very little sustenance; replacing the MD with an OD is also a money saver.

    • It’s been said that prison guards look the other way as drugs are smuggled in as strung out prisoners are more docile.

      • That’s actually not a bad self-preservation strategy.

        Heck, if they were really smart, they’d figure out how to get a percentage to *guarantee* delivery.

        • Plus, the guys inside are given just about every psych med known to man. They can recite lists of “mood stabilizers” as long as your arm.

    • From what I understand the drug trafficking business has 2 purposes:
      1) If a group of people are addicted, they are useless and their society is destroyed, hence they can never be a threat to the imperial state of the Cloud People
      2) This is how the Deep State (C.I.A. et. al.) runs and controls everything from the shadows, by maintaining an off-budget business. You just can’t have items in the budget such as overthrowing governments, destroying people, and just being plain evil out in plain sight where the dirt people can see it.

  19. it seems like the current crop of normies will have to die off (one way or the other) before anything different can take root. my sense – from my own kids, and things i read online – is that people under 30, now, do not buy into all the political lying going on. not like boomer cons do, who eat it up like pig slop. gen z won’t be pinochet level based, but they will be far more based then gen B ever was.

    the wild card in all of this is how rapidly the bidenites are destroying the economy, and provoking other countries. the slope of decline is rapidly approaching vertical; there may well be an intermediate stage like there was in Spain (after their civil war).

    • They’re more disinterested in politics, the culture wars, and broader culture in general. They also have no sense of nation or collective responsibility.

      It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not necessarily a good thing either.

      • B125 has it largely, with one caveat. Sorry, but this is my specialty – I am surrounded by hundred of 17-18 year olds every day. They are largely apathetic and unplugged from politics WITH the exception of the indoctrination. They absolutely use the right pronoun, if you follow, without ever questioning it – gay rights are as accepted and unconscious as breathing, as is most other liberal talking points. Immigrants built this country, bienvenidos! Etc. Multiculturalism!!!
        The world of social media has enabled the indoctrination of the youth because whatever is presented online is the world (to them). The curated nature of social media ensures that the world view they adopt is the one TPTB want. They don’t get involved in politics – they absorb the deeper stuff.
        In contrast with B, I find this way worse, for at least if you follow politics you occasionally hear a Ron Paul type question the official narrative. Paul’s explanation of why the civil rights act was awful was one of the events that lead to opening my eyes.

    • We all know a good kid or two, but no poll or survey has ever shown the current_young to be anything but the most brainwashed, retarded, morally inverted, and egotistical generation we’ve yet produced.

      They *are* the prophesied “man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.”

      • True dat. In the circles most of us socialize, we may be encountering a skewed sample of yuts.

      • You could go back to ancient Greek and Roman texts and find geezers complaining about “young people these days.” It’s a rite of passage in every generation.

        • Maybe each generation in Rome was getting worse … until the end. Maybe each generation here is getting worse … until the end.

  20. Starting in 1976 with Ford, Republicans promised us a Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade. 4 GOP presidents, 46 years and 62 million dead babies later, looks like they fulfilled that promise. Democracy in action!

    • I know none of the other Republicans but Trump would have beat Hillary in 2016, but for argument’s sake say any of them did. I would estimate over half of the primary field would have nominated a known squish when Ruth Bader Ginsberg died in order to placate the left. Jeb and Kasich would have without a doubt. Trump’s judges might not be great in total, but at least it appears they got this right.

      • Correct. That’s why it took 50 years to overturn a bad decision of SCOTUS (assuming they don’t chicken out). But regardless, the damage is done. 50 years to get the population used to abortion on demand. Abortion is not going to be eliminated in the US. At best, it will settle down to first trimester from partial birth. A few states perhaps worse, some better.

        • Neither abortion or guns are going to go away.
          Abortion I am ok with 70% of occurrences. Read between the lines on that.
          Guns, Z said it well, second amendment absolutist.
          Time for scotus to repeal all federal gun laws.
          Long term these would cause people to vote with their feet & dissolution of aino, conflict & what ever afterwards. I would like to think it would happen soon enough that I would see the otherside.

          • I’m still waiting on a tax stamp, maybe we’ll get all fed guns laws overturned by the time the f-ing thing comes in.

    • And it was the Orange Man who really finally delivered. Whether or not he knew exactly what he was doing.

    • But they haven’t! The roue over Roe is all about something that hasn’t happened.

      The issue is really about replacing the judges with a female majority, because they’re easy to roll.
      The issue is never the issue.

    • How fast did you think something that the elite and probably half the population supported would go away.

      Supreme Court justices serve for life after all.

    • They also promised to eliminate the Department of Education, which was barely even a thing when St. Ronnie took office. He could have nipped it in the bud on day one with the stroke of a pen, but chose not to.

  21. “Frankly, the demoncraps are more likely to circumvent the first law of thermodynamics than the republictards are to reverse the decline.”

    That’s it in a perfect nutshell. The physical laws of the universe mean nothing to the dems. If they believe a guy can be a “birthing person” or wind can power an airliner or aircraft carrier, you damn well better believe it as well. There’s no end to the wonders of redefining nature.

    • Correct though amusingly you could actually could have a wind powered aircraft carrier. It would be tricky to make and carry only one or two aircraft and maybe some maintenance supplies.

      You”d want a backup motor on the ship running on av gas or whatever the planes are using . But doable.

      As society dei-industrializes I could see something like this being made though its as useless as tits on a boar hog.

  22. “The monopoly of political power in the hands of a few is dying from a thousand small wounds…”

    I think it more likely that the regime will collapse as a result of abusing the monetary system for its own benefit.

    • Boomers and yes, Genxers around me are quite agitated and concerned with their 401ks right now. Oh now you notice.

      • they are going to be bagging groceries and collecting carts until they drop dead. i bet they still keep voting for “more of the same” like a gambling addict on a losing streak.

        • The only other option are withdrawal which we are seeing a lot of and shooting .

      • David Wright: Saw a couple of comments yesterday (on youtube videos about various shortages) from a few old womyn on 24/7 oxygen complaining about the shortage of tanks (to which they connect 100 feet of tubing to work on their ‘survival garden’).

        The older and less fit, the more determined they are to live forever.

  23. This is a good time to note again that none of the European leaders have children. They are a suicide cult that has no future and that is what they have chosen for themselves and for the people they rule over. Here, we have a variation on the theme as the dingbat VP has no children of her own and of course Biden abused and molested all his children and other people’s children. We are ruled by a demonic suicide cult

    • Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and one of the most influential Europeans, has seven children.

      • That seven children doesn’t make a quarter child for each leader. It’s not enough. And chances are theybare being used for some ritualistic child sacrifice.

      • Wow I just looked up her children and they’re all adults. She has one grandchild amazing! Pity that child God knows what they’re going to do to it

        • I moan about the kids and young sterilized by the vaxx, but all the kids damaged by overvaccination- that is, the autistic kids- they aren’t going to have kids either.

          What, they’ll marry, hold a job, buy a house, etc.? We boomers and genX, heirs to mass vaxxing, didn’t have many kids either. Not a coincidence.

          • Not related. The Ancient Roman elite had one fertility crisis after another and could barely with massive immigration hold a steady population in the entire nation

            Vaccines did not exist in 10 AD and lead wasn’t everywhere.

            Simply, cities mean smaller families.

            Our extra sauce decline over the last few year is tech driven.

            As for the MNRA gene mods/vaccines ? I honestly do not know what effects they’ll have.

      • That is the purpose of war, even animals do it. Kill the offspring of others that one’s own offspring might reign.

        • Drat! Forgive the comment abuse, but Whitney is right.

          Each day I near strangle on my own tongue, because I would speak upon sacred things.

    • But is it really the leadership’s fault? Because it’s not just the leadership class who doesn’t have children. Two generations failed to reproduce while maintaining retirement schemes that cannot work without population growth. Even if they weren’t importing 3rd worlders who cannot maintain Western Civilization, a nation of foreigners is not going to work themselves to death supporting old white people they hate.
      I don’t know about Europe, but in America, we were warned over and over when the Boomers could still have children.

      • Tars: It’s a wide-spread sickness that I just cannot comprehend. A few of the ‘homesteading’ couples whose videos I’ve watched have no children, and have proclaimed their intention to have none in the future. Yet they’re all about growing their own ‘natural’ food and living in a self-reliant and sustainable manner.

        For what, for God’s sake? For whom? The utter selfishness and solipsism of people who think they’re the center of the universe never fails to astound me.

      • I don’t know about Europe, but in America, we were warned over and over when the Boomers could still have children.

        I have no memory of any such warnings whatsoever.

        That would be muh biggest gripe with the Greatests & Silents: That they were so clueless as to the machinations of the Frankfurt School that they bequeathed the Boomers and Xers with literally no survival skillz whatsoever.

        Much of muh adult life has involved throwing muhself wholeheartedly into luddism in order to learn some basic survival skillz [from how to build an homestead to how to f!re a g*n to how to get a girlfriend off of chemical ab0rtifacients and thrust some bunz into her oven].

        The Greatests & the Silents bequeathed me with precisely jack sh!t when it came to questions of both survival [of the personal corpus] & meta-survival [of the White Race].

        I had to remedially teach muhself all of that sh!znat.

    • I believe Boris Johnson has kids, but apparently no one, including Boris, is exactly sure how many.

    • They rape children, They torture and eat children. They drink the blood of children, so I’m sure their heart is in the right place.

  24. I like how you put an obscure Trek reference in the title and never explaining it. Turns out ,in the end, a severely crippled Captain Pike needed the Talosian’s deceptive powers to have any decent life.

    And us? Your last line supposes not.

    • I always thought that they needed a third act in the Captain Pike story. The Cage, The Menagerie and then a third act in which the imaginary world turns out to be unsatisfactory and he chooses death.

      • Pike is the centerpiece of a new Star Trek series on Paramount+. Due to time crystals in the mines of a Klingon planet, he is aware of the cause and time of his death. I wonder if he can avert it so the chair never happens. Star Trek loves time travel stories. I always imagined the writers being out of ideas and one of them yells “TIME TRAVEL” and they all rejoice.

        • Robert Heinlein’s short story All You Zombies is a great bit of sci-fi time-travel satire that pokes fun at the ridiculous plot device. I could picture him rolling around on the floor laughing while he was writing it, though to look on the Internet a fair number of people took it to be serious, and Heinlein being Heinlein he probably encouraged that “take” in order to increase the lolz.

          • Alfred Bester’s “The Men Who Murdered Mohammed” is the other classic mockery of science-fictional time travel…that I know of.

            There might be enough of them to make an anthology.

        • I have a time travel story I’d like to see where Stalin, FDR, Lincoln, Churchill and other evil people who helped destroy Western Civilization are killed in their cribs.

          • Start with Henry the 8th or maybe some well applied time travel lead to clean up the Catholic Church before Luther.

            This prevent the Protestant Revolution entirely and Christendom stays around.

  25. The monopoly of political power in the hands of a few is dying from a thousand small wounds and in time it will collapse from trying to maintain itself.

    Why was the shegetz, Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, replaced with the chosen, William Shatner as James Tiberius Kirk?

    And why was there never any doubt but that the chosen, Leonard Nimoy, would play the wise old uber-sage, Mr Spock?

    Why did Shatner & Nimoy come to so despise one another?

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