Good Evening Vietnam

With the overwhelming support of both parties, Congress just passed another military aid package to Ukraine. This one is for forty billion in weapons, but like most things that come from Congress, it has other items. There is money to resettle Afghans into your neighborhood and money for friends of the empire. This package is on top of similar packages passed this year and the passage of lend-lease, which will let the neocons managing Biden flood Ukraine with weapons.

Unlike prior aid bills, only the dullest, most insulated members of Congress were out in front of the cameras taking credit for it. That means it was the leadership of both parties and select lifers with no connection to their home state. Most were nowhere to be found, as they suspect their vote was not a great career move. A few Republicans opposed the bill and made sure to let everyone know it. This latest package has the feel of last call at a party that should have ended long ago.

The aid package, of course, will have no impact on the war. The situation has settled into a decidedly one-sided affair. The Russians pound the Ukrainians with missiles, artillery and rocket fire. The Ukrainians lack the ability to do much about it other than hunker down in their fortifications and hope for the best. Artillery shells are cheap, so the Russians are happy to rain steel on Ukrainian positions, slowly grinding them down until one day soon the army collapses.

This was not what the State Department promised. By now, the Russian economy was supposed to be collapsed, the army in chaotic retreat and Putin awaiting execution by the revolutionary mobs. That was what the planners promised the Biden administration, who made the same promise to NATO and the EU. The plan was to make sure the Ukrainians could hold out for a few months. The magic of the economic shock and awe campaign would do the heavy work against Russia.

Not only have none of the promises materialized, but it is also becoming clear that the war against Russia was poorly conceived and executed. It has had little impact on the Russians, but the West is taking it on the chin. Energy costs in parts of Europe are 30% higher than the start of the war. Food prices are rocketing upward with the promise of more to come later this year. Then there is the ten million or so Ukrainian refugees that are camped out in various parts of Europe.

Reason should lead Washington and its various puppet governments in Europe to reconsider the war in Ukraine. No one cares about Ukraine, but the point of this war was to harm Russia, maybe even bring about regime change. The payoff would then be easy access to Russian natural resources. The West would get cheap energy from Russia as its war booty. With that off the table, logic says it is time to rethink the strategy and maybe cut a deal with Russia.

On top of the geopolitical blinders, the plan also seems to have been remarkably tone deaf with regards to domestic audiences. The massive public relations campaign at the start of the war worked on the dullards who also always fall for these things, but a large minority remained skeptical. Having been conned by the Covid swindle, many people are simply unwilling to accept anything from the media now. A good forty percent of the public in the West is now permanently skeptical.

The economic cost of this war is bringing the politics of the war back to the usual ground that favors the skeptics. In the United States there is a long list of things that are not working and could use government attention. The southern border is the most obvious example, but the leaders of both parties call you a bigot and demand the FBI investigate you if you mention it. Ukraine is looking like another boondoggle to avoid addressing domestic concerns.

A similar problem is turning up in Europe. The deranged dingbat installed as head of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, has been trying to engineer a boycott of Russian energy products, but that plan has collapsed. The stated reason was that the member nations needed time to find new energy sources. The real reason is the mood in Europe is darkening as reality settles in with the puppet governments. They have little power, but they are still subject to popular revolt.

The question that is starting to circulate around Western capitals is if there is an off-ramp for this growing disaster. Ideally, the EU would be tasked with engaging the Russians in high level talks to put an end to the war. Everyone knows what the Russians want as they have made their position clear. Zelensky will have to accept the deal the EU makes, as he is just an actor hired to play a role. He and his co-stars have already been granted British passports.

The problem is Washington and many EU leaders have branded Putin a war criminal and declared there can never be a deal with Russia. The problem is obvious. If you declare someone evil and then turn around a make a deal with that person, you are now in league with evil. Washington has been demanding regime change in Russia, calling on locals to assassinate him if necessary. It is safe to assume the Russians are not going to be overly generous in negotiations.

There is also the greater problem of the situation on the ground. Putin is the moderate in the Russian political elite. The military wanted to vaporize the Ukrainian strongholds with airpower, but Putin insisted on the slow approach. Now that success on the ground is guaranteed, those hardliners are not going to go along with a deal that does not get the Russians more than they wanted before the war. They will demand the south and east of Ukraine as reward for their support.

What is shaping up for the West, particularly America, is a modern version of the Vietnam conflict in the 1970’s. The political class is locked into a strategy that cannot work, but they cannot reverse course. They believe their only option is to keep doing the same thing, despite the results. At the same time, the public is becoming quickly skeptical of the enterprise, but unable to find a political outlet for it. This makes for a very unstable political situation.

The big difference between Ukraine and Vietnam is that America has not committed troops to the war. On the other hand, this is the age of privatization of government policy, which means there are private military contractors operating in Ukraine, being paid for by the Pentagon. It will not be long before the extent of this becomes clear as foreign fighters are captured on the battlefield. Vietnam started with loads of advisors initially and then led to troops on the ground.

The other difference is that in the 1970’s there were realist in the political class who understood the problem. Nixon was able to craft a way out of Vietnam, even though it cost him his presidency. The political class in the 1970’s was also more in touch with the general public than it is today. Most of Washington is so deranged now they think it is good politics to mock the baby formula shortage as Putin propaganda. No one in 1970’s Washington was this demented or obtuse.

In the 1970’s, Vietnam was a cancer on the American empire. It was not the only cancer, but it was a serious one. The ruling class recognized it and removed that cancer from the body politic. A series of difficult reforms were implemented that removed the disease from the system. This was possible because the country was still dominated by a sensible middle-class and the political class had plenty of reasonable men who actually cared about the country.

This new cancer on the body politic promises to be much more aggressive, because the body is much weaker. The public is atomized, cynical and exhausted by years of revolution from the top. Of course, the demographics are much different. The millions of paperwork Americans created over the last thirty years lack the human capital to survive the required surgery. The political class is now devoid of anyone who cares enough about the country to champion the necessary reforms.

In another example that shows the universe has a sense of humor, baby boomer politics were forged in the antiwar protests of the 1960’s. The end phase of baby boomer politics will now be determined by the pro-war policies of the boomers. The people who cut their teeth shouting “baby killer” at men in uniform are now baby killers demanding that young men put on a uniform and fight a pointless war of choice. The baby boomer generation of politicians have become the thing they hated.

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352 thoughts on “Good Evening Vietnam

  1. Is Z right that the Ukraine War is the fault of the boomers? The fellow boomers I know are drained from hating Washington and don’t have enthusiasm for waging war on Ukraine for the sake of the empire. But that may just be the other boomers I know

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  4. it’s almost like modern politics is meant to confuse people about who’s in charge. Like if you’re a space alien visiting – you might think that America is run by some theocratic opus dei sect of people who run the supreme court if you listen to the left – yet the right also feels victimized because they mention things like the fairfax/montgomery prosecutors leaving the scotus protestors alone and how that compares to Emmett Sullivan who has been very harsh on the J6 defendants. So it’s like both sides feel like they’re victims but both sides can also find places where they are on top.

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  6. People are angry at a level I have not seen in my lifetime (I’m 52). Not “throw the bums out”, but literally so angry that any mention or talk of what is going on throws them into fits of rage to the point where they just look at you and say, “I can’t talk about this. It’s so bad. I want to start shooting at everyone I see these days.”

    Diesel is up over $5/gal and the PPI spiked to 11% which means the official CPI will follow into double-digits soon since it’s at 8.3% now. Of course, they’ll keep rigging that number so that the 30% real inflation gets reported as 7% and we’ll be told “It’s only inflation if you buy food. So stop buying food.”

    When Cocaine Mitch goes on TV and says Ukraine is “the most important thing in the world right now” even the stupid people start to realize that voting Republican this fall will do no good unless most of the current crop of Republicans is literally hung from trees in DC and replaced with people who don’t hate us all.

    • Accurate, but you must now act on this knowledge.

      Get out of the city now if you live in one. If the suburban normies are getting an itchy trigger finger, imagine what is going on in the ghettos. When things come apart later this summer, gangs of angry hormonal young males will start rampaging, looting, assaulting, robbing, and killing at random. And if you expect the local police to stop any of this, you will have earned what happens to you. Nature intends for stupid people to die out.

      Don’t dwell on the negatives, focus on the remedies. Get to a safe place, survive the initial collapse, wait for the fog to roll in, learn to disappear into the maelstrom, become an antibody and do what antibodies must do.

      • Easier said than done if you live paycheck-to-paycheck, or on a fixed income, or are underwater on your mortgage. During the lockdowns, New Yorkers were outbidding locals all over northern New England for properties sight unseen, along with the “asset management” companies. The locals are priced out. Then the flatlanders complain how the local “charm” they hoped for isn’t there. Not understanding that they *literally* hastened the destruction of a community.

        • This problem won’t seem so daunting when the gangs are breaking down your front door at 3am and you’re hiding in the closet hoping that your paring knife will save you. Yes, I’m sympathetic to real world realities, but a sensible alternative to selling your house at a loss is to own a used (read cheap, but reliable) RV stocked with extra fuel and food that can be used to make a fast exit when the SHTF. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing. You also need a plan for where to go on roads that are likely to remain open and accessible.

      • Get to a safe place, survive the initial collapse, wait for the fog to roll in, learn to disappear into the maelstrom, become an antibody and do what antibodies must do.

        Along the way, never forget that it is mathematically impossible to possess too much @mmun!t!on.

        Just keep it in a cool dry storage area.

      • Expect the local police to stop the rampage? When they got on their knees last time?

  7. What is interesting is to look at the money and weapons being sent. First and most obviously it buys the loyalty of the military hierarchy (Generals and such) who can make more money on the side “advising” defense companies and retire to full time lobbyists. The loyalty of people like Milley was suspect after Afghanistan and this buys their loyalty.

    Second, the weapons themselves are complex and the Ukranians have neither the men nor the men with training to operate them? Who then? The CIA per Newsweek has a contractor army of about 30,000 plus support people doing paperwork, visas, taxes etc but that is a small force subject to attrition also. This means in effect putting US troops officially (or likely, not and they are likely there already per Biden’s gaffe admitting it) fighting Russian troops sooner rather than later and large scale attrition of our troops of whom there will not be sufficient TRAINED people. Absent a draft in a recession with falling living standards. To be commanded by incompetent black lesbians or trannies. The Ukranians are not going to be operating radar directed counter-battery howitzers, for example. That’s just a given.

    Third its clear the US Administration has been trying to bait Putin to escalate in shooting down airborne troop planes, killing 12 and counting generals, and sinking two naval vessels with US missiles, intel, etc. This had to be a 100% US operation, the language barrier alone plus interoperability constraints is solid indicator of US only troops doing this. The reason is so the Admin can declare War, and do the things that Lincoln did: close newspapers, imprison without charges for the war duration editors and reporters, Congressmen, Senators, Judges, and ordinary citizens not sufficiently appreciative of the War effort, the same as Woodrow Wilson did. This is the dream. Russia fighting Ukraine was the dream come true for the Admin, its why they are jumping for joy. Big Sister, the Minister of Truth, can as a law enforcement official jail anyone and everyone who disagrees. Its why she’s there. Elections will be held, but sham ones like the Third World with only approved candidates etc. “Our Democracy.”

    The problem with this approach is racial/ethnic divides and demographics of the US military industrial complex as it takes skilled and motivated White guys to win and diversity = defeat. Already any White male in the military not a general already has seen they will never get promoted beyond their current rank, such honors reserved only for blacks, lesbians, gays, trannies, and various women. This also applies to business and you see the revolt of the younger Oligarchs broadly aligned: Thiel, Musk, Ellison (the Oracle guy) vs. Gates, Fink, and Buffett. People are not robots and just as Hollywood thinks it can make people hate their old heroes they loved for forty years (Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Captain Picard) in favor of some diverse female space Jesus and have failed spectacularly. Despite Hollywood propaganda, White guys do not wish to be ruled by ugly black lesbians. Nor can such lead them effectively. Given the ever increasing not decreasing complexity of modern warfare even apart from morale and leadership.

    Engineers and scientists here in this country are subject to neo-Stalinist denunciations for being the wrong skin color etc. and thus our ability to innovate rapidly is suspect just as Russia was hampered under Stalin by denunciations for career advantage and the best/brightest sent to Siberia. Assuming we don’t escalate into global nuclear war with Russia AND China, we will be in conflict with two nations that promote their own people of ability while we hamper ours in favor of black lesbians. Who do you think will win that war of attrition?

    • The “United States ” has lost already. You cannot go to war with the only/primary source of antibiotics.

      There is no need to overthink this. They are looting as fast as they can. A few may think the inflation the military spending will inflate out of the whole, but most are just stuffing the silverware in their pockets.

    • only problem with your thesis: they don’t need any fukkin’ excuses. they do what they want regardless.

      • Being as well armed as we are that’s on us.

        Being sane even I was as selfish as the fools I wouldn’t do what they are doing. Stressing the middle class is one of the biggest ways to end up hanging from a lamppost.

          • France, Italy, Chile, a few others.

            Bread and Circuses are an amazing form of control, unless you run out of bread.

          • @WildStar

            Those 3 were the middle classes?

            Given they only came into being in any numbers in the modern age I am struggling to see how this is true.

            General population starvation I can see, but the middle class a source of revolution?

          • Most of the time its starts with disaffected elite but said elite won’t be able to get traction unless they have people backing them.

            Students also took over Iran and that system still tuns the place.

            As a right now example, a good chance back in 2020 that if President Trump wanted the brass ring the stressed middle and working classes would have backed a takeover

            January 6th as useless as it was showed that yes Americans can work together Problem is leadership.

            Lead, Follow or get out of the way only works when someone wants to lead.

    • Small quibble, but the 12 generals seems to be a complete regime fabrication. Russia has openly admitted to 2 generals dying and done proper ceremonies for them. For numerous reasons, hiding that many general deaths is hard/impossible to do because of their high visibility. If you haven’t heard of the site, I highly recommend He tries his best to cut through a lot of the GAE propaganda to try and figure out what’s really going on in Ukraine.

    • If you think Fox is retarded, I had to listen to NBC last night. The only point where they stop reporting that Russia is losing will be when the electromagnetic pulse finally shuts off the idiot box for good.

    • Fox is the same as the other news, caveat Tucker. They just pretend to despise us less.

    • Z: The big difference between Ukraine and Vietnam is that America has not committed troops to the war.

      The big difference between Ukraine and Vietnam is that Vietnam is not Khazaria.

      200 Years Together
      Chapter 1. Before the 19th century
      From the Beginnings in Khazaria

      For those of you Boomer aficianados of pop culture who are not aware of it, their Epic National Myth is literally set in the heart of Khazaria.

    • During my episodic comments on, one of my posts mentioned precisely those. I believe it was “moderated” out of existence (when I checked the next day.) Most of postings are allowed to stand. Credit to FT where due: they allow some dissent, but calling who was funding two dozen or more bio-labs in Ukraine and speculating upon their purpose apparently goes over some limit. Curious how that censorship works, isn’t it?

  8. Now we can look forward to 3+ million Ukrainians settling here in Germany in the near future. And since we just finished paying off our war reparations and the reunification of East Germany, we seem to have enough coins left in our pockets we can all rejoice in the rebuilding of Ukraine over the next few decades – or at least the half Putin doesn’t get to keep.

    I’m sure it will be German firms that get the lions share of the building contracts. We built Russia under Catherine the Great, so why not under Putin the “Gas Price Hiker”.

    If the Berlin Airport fiasco was any indication of how rebuilding Ukraine will work out when managed by German firms, the Ukrainians will probably use their brand new US weapons on us!

    • The Donbas is pretty much a massive coal field, which will soon be mined by Chinese firms. The trade-off will be Chinese firms getting to rebuild the Donbas and modernize the Black Sea ports. What is left of Ukraine will be left to Poland to solve, which will end up in a civil war pitting Ukrainians against Poles.

      • The Ukrainians will win that hands down. way too many young Poles live in the UK now.

      • Ukrainians will win, beacause they will have the polish government and NGOs on their side. Real estate moguls and slave-wage businessmen are also licking their chops.

    • I would not worry, pretty soon Germany is going to have no oil or gas (like the rest of Europe) so won’t be building anything much.

      All us Europeans are going to see what living in a pre-industrial utopia with masses of immigrants will look like. I can hardly wait.

      • “what living in a pre-industrial utopia with masses of immigrants will look like. I can hardly wait.”

        Something like Detroit I imagine.

        • It will look Detroit look like a tony suburb. We’ll be rubbing greenies together to create a fire to cook the roadkill.

      • They’ll learn fast and the old savagery will return.They have plenty of arms and no doubt some person will come along and start the goosestepping much to the relief and joy of many

        If it doesn’t, they’ll be exterminated and deserve it .

      • True. The Ukies have a rep as greedy demanding and ignorant children though. Like any diversity it will not go well .

        I personally have only met one Ukrainian though and she was a Russian speaker told me “We are pretty much Russians anyway.” I liked her but I like Slavic women in general.

  9. zman, what do you think/feel about your first name? how old were you when you realized what the first 6 letters spelled? i was in my mid 30’s (believe it or not). i really liked my name in elementary school, as i was always the only one in any class i was in. plus my middle name really complements the first name. do you have a good middle name? seems like chicks dig it too. do you go by the short version, or the full 11 letter deal?

  10. Zman wrote “Putin is the moderate in the Russian political elite. The military wanted to vaporize the Ukrainian strongholds with airpower, but Putin insisted on the slow approach”

    How does Zman know this?

      • It is for this reason I always read with bemusement reports of Putin having cancer. I don’t understand where they are going with us. If Putin goes away his replacements will be introducing their RS 28 Sarmats to the freedom tower , Golden Gate Bridge and every other major metropolis very quickly

        They don’t call those missiles Satan II for nothing

      • This is why this blog is my first stop I do the same and my impression is

        Putin is very chill, likes Europeans and doesn’t really want high loses among fellow Euro Folks. Not quite No More Brother Wars but close.

        My Russian standards he’s outright nice . As to what Yooo said , I pretty much agree.

        I watched Russian news show , its propaganda scripted , two younger folks, one older guy , the patriotic hardliner

        The younger people were “in the Putin Tank” the older guy was borderline “nuke them till they glow” I recognized the format. “Younger People New Thinking” very Soviet

        What was interesting was the fact his views while slightly dismissed were by no means considered unpatriotic or beyond the pale and it would take very little to go from the mild approach to “shut off all gas after the contracts are done.” and much much worse.

    • This was the judgment of both the Clinton and Bush administrations. Compared to Vladimir Zhironovsky (recently deceased) and Alexsander Dugin, Putin is a moderate. While he has adopted some of Dugin’s rhetoric, you will note Dugin has been fired as chair of his department at the University of Moscow, and is merely an adjunct professor. There are no mass graves, no mass killings, no Stalinesque denunciations in Putin’s Russia.

      Like it or not, he’s about as good as it gets there. In no way will Russia produce a Washington or Jefferson. But it can always get worse given their history and geographic situation.

      • In the fullness of time, Putin may be looked at as the Peter the Great of this phase of Russian civilization.

        • In 2006 I was friendly with a Russian couple — both doctors. The husband argued vehemently that Putin will be remembered (and was currently looked upon) by the Russians as being on par with Peter the Great — a staunch patriot, great leader etc. I was a bit appalled — now, I get it (from their viewpoint).

          • Peter wasn’t considered much of a patriot by conservative Russians. His turn to the West was seen as selling out Russian values. Putin, if anything, is turning away from the West.

          • Otto makes a good point. Putin is forming an Orthodox Civilization State as an alternative to the West. So is China and India though the later are well very foreign to us.

            I suspect the West will collapse into smaller chunks and form Civilization States of their own which means a very complex less materially abundant future

        • And not only “Russian civilization”. Putin is holding back the globalist assault on Western Civ, pending the return of Trump .. to be followed by Musk in some capacity.

          • You all are talking about stage actors, not the unseen people pulling the strings, writing the scripts. They have all the money, stolen from us, to do whateverthefuck they want. Poison billions, wait and watch as they get sick and die. Bankrupt the middle class. Break em down, starve em, fuck em up then buy em out. Didgitaljew surveilence plantation. Have another war to kill off some more, why the fuck not.

        • Other informed commentators have also mentioned that eventually historians are likely to rank Putin near, or even in the Catharine the Great/Peter the Great/Ivan the Terrible tier of Russian leaders.

        • I would put him near Peter’s daughter Elizabeth (who rolled back much of the post-reform chaos and power of german nobles) or Catherine the Great who presided over a period of cautious expansion in Eurasia while settling spheres of influence with Prussia in Eastern Europe. She conquered Crimea and maintained unsteady flirt with western liberals while trying to modernize the country without upending the political order with mixed results.

    • why do you think he isn’t? given uncle joe’s body count, i would think it is obvious.

    • Because, by the law of political averages and nature, there are always neocons in any military and government baying to use their shiny new weapons systems and fill out that space on their left breast. And many Russian higher-ups have an overwhelming hatred for America for beating them in the Cold War AND turning post-Cold War Russia into an open sewer under Yeltsin.

    • The dream is WWII style wartime rationing. This would allow total government control, you can’t buy anything outside the ration card.

      Of course, this is not the nation of WWII. You would have cartels happily expanding their black market into everything: tires, food, gasoline, electronics, etc. But it is predictable for the Admin/Regime.

      A mostly uniform nation can endure hardships in the name of nationalism. This has been the rule of history. A diverse nation needs good times to soothe away discontents and grievances and the first hint of hardship and people coalesce into racial / ethnic / religious groups. Its human nature.

      • Whiskey, your posts today have been exceptional and much better than the Black Pill Doomer you usually post.

        Good job.

      • Whiskey: The food rationing and price controls will follow on the fuel rationing and price controls. And millions of ‘Americans’ – including about half the legitimate White ones – will cheer. Because of ‘hoarders’ and ‘profiteers. And in the name of fairness and equality. Most people are too stupid to breathe without being told, let alone vote.

        • The Karens maybe but in some part of So Cal people are utterly lawless . We’ve even had outright ethnic cleansing of Blacks

          An economic example, we have legal marijuana with delivery and everything. People simply prefer to buy from hookups and the cartels even though its a crime and the cost is only a bit lower .

          Its so bad the legal weed industry may just vanish , poof gone since only Gen X and older buy from them

      • And unlike WW2 rationing, this time it will be digitally controlled. Humans will always find a way round it, but it will be harder. We need to get rid of these people soon, folks!

    • For the young’uns: In the 70s there was a time when you could only purchase gas on certain days based upon your license plate number. I was a little kid but I still remember it. There were lines all the time.

    • Oh there were black markets in the USA during WW II. Nevertheless, we WERE a much more law-abiding (dare I say, “white”) nation then. While they’re not easy to find, you can look up government crime statistics of the era. They’re a small fraction of today’s (e.g. homicide rate).

      Probably in Gary North’s 1977 book “How You Can Profit From the Coming Price Controls” (from memory, exact quote unavailable): When President Truman announced the end of the WW II era price and wage controls (~1948), he said more or less: “There have been widespread reports of violation of the price control law. Experience shows that disregard for one law often leads to disregard for others. I need not point out how dangerous such an attitude is.”

      I searched on the Truman library site but couldn’t find the specific quote. If you like history, there is plenty of material there about that last time this nation tried serious price and wage controls. The Nixon controls of early 70s is scarcely comparable.

      • The only reason that the underground economy wasn’t bigger is that many people had extra ration coupons say a chicken farmer got 100 coupons and only needed 60.

        The rest got given away to family, friends and neighbors.

        This was because the amount of production was sufficient, it was just a distribution issue.

        Has we not had that safety valve, Our Thing and the like would have picked up the slack.

        The US situation right now is different , simply there won’t be anything to buy at any price for most people. Crops won’t be planted, no fuel for transport all that.

        I suspect some in DC figures people will just die . Probably not outside of regime cities . Assuming DC doesn’t get removed by force , if these problems aren’t fixed very fast the union itself may simply end.

        I’m OK with that at this point. We don’t deserve the keep a republic .

  11. I may be wrong, but I think this clamor and whining about war in Ukraine will have a limited shelf life. They’re looking forward to next November, not because it’s election time, but because that’s a month when influenza and “other” viruses ramp up.

    By end of next winter we should realize how bad their “vaccines” have messed up the fools who took it. There may be a bubonic plague style die-off, at which time they will attack those who refused their poison.

    Then their war will be right here, and shortly after no one will hear anything about Slavs killing other Slavs. We will wish otherwise.

    • there might be a die off, but who will be left to “attack”? the loyal cadres are the most fukked of all groups. these fukkers just don’t want to share the spoils, and so have very shallow actual support. the rage heads are already sniffing the air, sensing their betrayal…

    • The next installment of the pandemic show is scheduled for a summer (in our hemisphere), not a winter.

      Planned (announced beforehand) shortages, inflation and “market” drops, judicial resistance to current_regime (Roe reversal, MTG’s “insurrection” case, the *one* Jan 6 case that wasn’t a total railroading, etc.) leading to escalating antifa (the regime’s disciplinary org) activity, etc., suggest that *this* summer is the target.

      In Australia, “resilience camp” construction continues.

      • H-

        I think the loons are targeting this summer because they don’t even want to chance the possibility of midterm elections because their accurate, internal polling is so horrific.

        • The midterms don’t matter to them, Republican or Democrat they still do the military spending scam. Sending out the loons is meant to get the disillusioned Republicans to vote harder.

          • I don’t see any evidence that Dems are worried about the midterms. I’m sure they have a solution to that pesky old democracy. The best hope for us all is a total collapse of the current system. There is no fixing it.

        • Wild Geese: I think it will all happen simultaneously as the weather turns cold. Covid variant ‘x’ will suddenly appear everywhere, people will return to lockdown in homes and apartments they can no longer afford to heat, and they won’t be able to see just how high the cost of food or how low the availability will be. The government will swoop in to save the day by delivering a ‘fair share’ of food to all those locked in for their own safety.

          • Problem is that there is no fuel to get food to the markets and in a year or less there will be a lot less food as crops are not being planted do to lack of fertilizer and ways to get it to market.

            Also everyone is well past COVID even Karen for the most part. Even in So Cal people wearing masks are starting to look weird.

          • I’m as misanthropic as anyone here – especially after the last 2 years – but I don’t see people buying it this time. They will have to think up something better. Maybe WW3 will do the trick.

      • Hemid – My husband just asked about that the other night. The most recent story about said camps that I could find, even using Yandex, was Oct 2021. Do you have a more recent link?

    • If the jabbed start dropping like flies in the quantities you predict the purebloods will be sitting pretty.

      • Perhaps, but if the 60% who took their willingly administered suicide suddenly die off we will see a total collapse very soon.

        • What I can’t figure out is why the mass murderers behind this didn’t predict that the people who hate them the most were the very people the least likely NOT to take the death shot? We will be around to settle accounts.

          • I actually think they thought of that. I figure they have a bio weapon that will only impact the unvaccinated. They only want the compliant left to deal with and I think more people didn’t get notavaxx than they are reporting. They have a plan. We just need to out smart them.

    • I’ve been closely reading the “alternative” view about all things Covid-19 for well over two years now. That doesn’t make me an expert, but exposure to so much information (after, hopefully skimming of the most far-fetched) probably makes me rather well-informed compared to the average Joe Sixpack. With that disclaimer, then:

      The truth is that probably no one knows what the long-term side effects of the mRNA “vaccines” are. (And they were, by far, the most commonly used here in USA and probably Europe as well.) There was very limited testing of mRNA in humans prior to the pandemic. There is essentially no long term data so it’s probably mostly speculation. Of the several sites I follow, perhaps the consensus would be: a big increase in heart disease (myocarditis, pericarditis and similar serious heart damage even in the apparently young and healthy); various types of [apparent] immune damage, whether temporary or not is anyone’s guess; sudden appearance of cancers, or return of those in remission; neurological disorders and too many more to list here.

      I don’t put my stock in the fears that a vast plague will cull the vaxxed (or the unvaxxed.) I suppose it’s possible, but seems remote. What DOES seem to be happening is that the vaxxed are more susceptible to repeat Covid-19 attacks. Have the vaxxed permanently damaged their immune systems? If so, the future is very bleak for them.

      Consider that these “vaccines” have only been in use for a year and a half. Many places are already recommending booster #2. Worldwide, > 11 billion doses given; not sure what share of that mRNA; I would estimate in low billions.

      We are truly in uncharted waters. Never before in history has there been such a widespread administration of what is in truth an experimental drug scarcely ever even trialed in animals or humans much less deployed for a claimed “emergency.”

      It’s simply too early to tell what the toll will be. Most places are reporting consistently higher all-cause mortality than before the pandemic. The increase isn’t huge, but if FL is an example, 2021 was a few percent higher than 2020. What I find a bit ominous is the large jumps in the middle aged cohort, say 25-54. These are up > 20% the past two years. OK, 2020 couldn’t have been the vaxxes, but 2021? Who knows?

      Realistically, rather than a sudden die-off, I suspect we will see many years of higher mortality due to the aforementioned causes disproportionately claiming the vaxxed. How society will respond, and how government, medicine and other institutions will try and sweep this under the rug is anyone’s guess. 🙁

      • Great post. I’m as tired of the “Mass Extinction!” brigade as the Covidiots. Again, we can only go on the data, but what seems to be playing out is exactly what you say: a disturbing, significant uptick in die-offs that are almost certainly caused by the jab, but not a Black Death kind of wipeout. The figures are indeed highly disturbing: an 80% increase in US millennial deaths in Aug/Sept last year, for example. However, if you look at the actual numbers (60k) rather than the %, then it’s not enough to grab the attention of the average sheep. The battle from now on is between the psychopaths fighting desperately to hide these figures, and truthbearers getting it out to Joe Public. Let’s hope Good wins!

  12. When antifa had those pallets of bricks delivered, they were delivered beforehand because antifa planned on using those weapons later

    Since antifa and the government are run by the same people, only stands to reason that…..we are going to war

      • and then what? putin sends a bishop or a rook zooming across the board and DC and NYC go up in flames. no need for nukes, just hypersonic non-nukes. the US is not going to be sending troops in anywhere except within the US.

    • That’s my only criticism of Z’s otherwise excellent article: they are doing this on purpose. They are modern day Vandals.

  13. All of those Boomers protesting Vietnam weren’t ideologically opposed to war, they were cowards who didn’t want to fight it. They were also predisposed to rooting for the communists.

    But at least they had the decency to wait until they got too old to fight to become chickenhawks. Ben Shapiro was a chickenhawk from his Harvard dorm room at age 19 or 20.

        • Weren’t people able to watch the VC ambushing US troops on the nightly news?

          • “Weren’t people able to watch the VC ambushing US troops on the nightly news?”

            Yes, that’s why many of the “anti-war” protesters were afraid. Of course the anti-war movement collapsed once conscription came to an end. But there was more than just cowardice — there was never any clear logic to the war. Fighting and risking your life for what exactly? Certainly not to protect your family. It was clear that this was a stupid war of choice being waged by morons on the US side. Like the US wars of choice today.

      • There is no question about it. And fuck the West while you’re about it.

      • Or it could be that they knew enough about America to know it wasn’t founded as a War Factory.

        How’s that working out for you?

        • You mean “avoid foreign entanglements” like GW advised in his farewell speech? Wouldn’t that have been nice.

        • That is not the impression I get. America has been the Arsenal of Democracy since WWI and apart from a small number of Pat Buchanan-types, dodgy arms exports is not what primarily concerns the American anti-war movements.

    • “All of those Boomers protesting Vietnam weren’t ideologically opposed to war, they were cowards who didn’t want to fight it.”

      Correct. That’s why the anti-war movement collapsed once the government stopped conscription.

    • my guess is that a lot of the opposition to the war was over spiting the man which even though the country was run by people like Lyndon Johnson or Abe Fortas, they still imagined the man to be someone like John Wayne or Ronald Reagan.

    • I think we are judging the anti-war protesters of Vietnam era a bit harshly. Now I can talk, since I’m a very late boomer who was about 13 when the war ended. Now, as then, it may make some of us feel “patriotic” to make fun of the coward draft-dodgers. Sure, that was a factor, but I’ve seen little mention of simple ideology. I think it’s a cheap shot to call anyone back then who was anti-war a “communist sympathizer” or whatever. Probably, millions of Americans were opposed to the war because they were of the opinion that it was over issues not highly relevant to America’s interests. Clearly, there are some wars where a nation’s existence is really in danger. But if one is honest, there have been damned few of those since way back in the 19th century perhaps. Most of those since the Civil War, at least, are best explained by military adventurism or protecting business interests.

      Have you ever read the James Michie WW I era poem “Dooley is a Traitor?” It encapsulates my feelings exactly.

    • The references to Boomer, or Gen-X, or Millennial, etc. is ignorant. It is just another tool to keep people divided. What sense is there in referring to Boomer’s protesting the Vietnam War when it was also Boomer’s fighting it? Why refer to lazy whatever generation when there are very industrious members as well as the parasites? It only serves the puppet masters who don’t want us to look at them. The FBI was/is evil across all generational cohorts.

    • It was a pos war. They were right to oppose it and stay out of it. If more of the people had served had done the same thing it wouldn’t have lasted so long.

      • Most boomers who signed up (or allowed themselves to be drafted) had “greatest generation(LOL) fathers who fought in the “good war” (more lol). living up to their fathers was important – fighting the commies- we were totally brainwashed fools – gosh like todays ???

  14. As the economy continues to slide into the abyss, I see no reason for our politicians to turn inward just because the population wants them to do that. When have primaries even mattered in the last 20 years? These ghouls are locked in. Also, the defense spending according to these imbeciles needs to increase to take up the economic slack, as both sides of the aisle actually believe in the broken window fallacy as described by Bastiat.

    Also, these arms are not merely dropped at the Ukrainian border with pizzas. We have people embedded all over Ukraine, directing and choreographing the entire show. A lot of this show is directed at U.S. audiences. Take a hand full of bombed out Russian tanks and spray paint “Wolverines” on them, etc. An homage to a terrible 1980’s B movie that only certain demos would recognize and would not be in either the Russian or Ukrainian lexicon.

    Just as they have yet to get off the Covid wet pony, as they prepare for variant XYZ321 (Coming Fall 2022) they’ll keep riding the Ukrainian pony into the ground. The biggest danger, to this day, is that we do something to look flashy for the plebes, and it ends up turning into WW3. And don’t think, just as they lined everyone up for the shots to beat the fake existential crisis, they won’t line everyone up for a military draft in a real crisis. No one really knows how WW3 will go, but it would involve a draft, with Patches Crenshaw introducing bill after bill with Miss Lindsey stripping everyone who doesn’t sign up of their property, driver licenses, etc.

    • nah, they are gassed, gasping for air now. it will de-escalate and another inner party faction will take over. look for a period of relative calm to ensue.

      • There is no other inner party faction. The inner party is self selecting. There’s not even much of a generational difference among them. They somehow found people my age that are exactly the dame as some Diane Feinstein. The sameness is frightening and incredibly uniform. These people are tied together at the hip.

    • No one really knows how WW3 will go, but it would involve a draft

      They’d probably start the war just so they can draft people and put the rest of us under martial law. Our betters have about had it with the catcalls and the rotten tomatoes and the downright disrespect – it’s time for Mister Nice Guy to take a coffee break.

      The time for Mister Nice Guy is up.

      • DC freaked out about Jan 6 because it was an insult to their perceived dignity and class status. Same reason they all lost their shit over Trump.

      • Every fighting man worth having is going to identify as female the second their draft number comes up.

        I’m not even joking. These are the rules we live under now.

    • JR – I love you but c’mon man, a draft ??! They just lowered the fitness standard for the fatty volunteers. You can only imagine how out of shape the draftees would be. They would just get in the way in any case.

      We will have Blackwater-like mercs to run this war off the books and out of sight until everyone tires of it and moves on to the next grift.

      • Conscripts are used as cannon fodder so the useful soldiers are less likely to get destroyed.

        • Not in modern warfare. They just die. Its also a risk that any White boys defect and join the Russians

          Patriotism for clown world is not a thing since Biden

          Also the last thing you want to do is train millions more people in modern warfare, accustom them to military disciple and following orders

          Some ambitious low ranking officer hell a corporal comes along and you get a revolution.

    • Perhaps. But consider the possibility that most men of draft age might not be very warm to the idea of a draft or serving in the army of a failed nation. They might decide the time had come to form armies of their own. 😶 Things may not have deteriorated to that point, but they seem to be meandering down that rutted road…

    • I was looking at some footage of recent tanks that had been destroyed in the Ukraine and I was wondering why the tanks already looked rusty. Is this normal? Or is it that color due to the chemical/gas/powder that was used to destroy it?

  15. We can still enjoy the theatre (until the popcorn runs out) of Nancy quoting Matthew 25:34-40 “feed my people…” as the rationale for $40 billion infusion of our money into the Ukraine. She doesn’t quote the bible or her church on abortion, or even the passages condemning queers. Where are the lightning bolts when you need them?

    • Used to watch Meet the Press religiously 25 or so years ago. The more I look back the more I realize it was just a better theatre production back then. At least people like Tim Russert made it seem like you were having an actual debate with actual meaning.

      Watching politics now is, the paraphrase a film reviewer whose name escapes me, “A dumb show designed to make people feel smart.”

      • I regret every fricking minute I spent watching that Sunday morning crap. I should have been gardening or playing more with my kids. Haven’t watched since W Admin…

      • Is there a story on why they got rid of David Gregory? He was a decent replacement for Russert from what I know. Chuck Todd, on the other hand, did to MTP what Zucker did to CNN – turned it from a respected channel/program into a political reality show.

    • She’s mocking God himself. That’s what she’s doing. As she ages, ungracefully, and is staring into hell without even knowing it. One day, not far into the future, she’ll slip away, and that very second she’ll understand. Too late Nancy.

      • “Too late Nancy.”

        Maybe she will beg God to let her go back, and warn her brothers…

          • A hard saying, yet absolutely true when dealing with thoroughgoing sinners.

            And who would know better?

        • How do we know He didn’t already? Has anyone tried throwing holy water on her or hitting her with a silver or enchanted weapon of +2 or better quality?

    • To be fair she did not specify who “her people” actually are.

      For all you know she is being accurate that the $40 billion and counting in money laundering will actually be going to her people.

    • She had to read the bible verse, can’t even be bothered to memorize a short verse to at least appear like a real Christian.

  16. That concluding paragraph is a killer, so to speak. And Boomer hypocrisy–unhinged cynicism, more like it–applies not only to their martial volte face, but also their stances on free speech and racism. The very Boomers who led the antiwar movement in the 60s, also led the free speech movement and the crusade against racism. Where do those Boomers stand now on those subjects? The answer is obvious. Thanks to the Boomers and their epigoni, speech in AINO has never been more restricted, and so-called “anti-racism” has morphed into anti-white racism.

    And this is why I say cynicism instead of hypocrisy: the Boomers never really believed in pacifism, free speech and anti-racism as archetypal goods; they saw them as weapons in the domestic war for absolute power. Now that they have that power, they have revealed themselves as the very things they claimed to hate.

    • They will sell out everyone and everything for their Medicare, just as they sold the country out for bonus rooms and wet bars in the 80’s. Medicare won’t pay for an aspirin when we hit our budget crisis in a few years, so it’ll be fitting that they put plastic bags over their heads and check out, dying as selfishly as they lived. Maybe Lululemon can make a designer suicide kit for the more stylish ones.

      They still cling to the racial healing shtick as well. That too will unwind as in 10 years the country will be more racially balkanized than it’s ever been. I’ll be hard pressed to find one that I feel sorry for.

      • Do not fret: both the army and naval academies accepted a young, fresh faced young man from my son’s high school.
        Athletic, nice, not the top or close to the top of his class.
        Anyone care to play, “guess the demographic”?
        What’s pathetic is, this man would rock college at flyover-state. Instead, he is just a reminder to my son that our rulers hate him, his family and everyone who looks like him.

        • Mow Noname: Remind your son that he really doesn’t want to be in any branch of the military service for a country that hates him, taking orders from an alien demographic and/or a trannie. The service academies are now filled with heavyset, heavy handed nogger women, various aflete exam cheaters for whom they’ve suspended the honor code, etc. A painful lesson, but one best learned as early as possible.

          • There is now no moral rationale for joining the US military (or any federal government position). There really never was but, since the widespread adoption of the internet ignorance of the reality is no excuse.

          • I read a comment one day from a white American man that was in IT until he was replaced by a H1B East Indian Man. He said when he lost his job to the H1B replacement he got a job as a Plummer apprentice and after 4 years used his 401K to start his own company. He was called out to a home for an emergency plumbing issue? It was his replacement. He double his price and the guy had to pay it under the circumstances. He said the work was harder physically and dirtier, but HD made more as a plumber than an IT developer. I hope hour Son ends up successful in all aspects of life.

      • Damn, I need to go Obama, Photoshop me a new birth certificate moving my mid-sixties birth-date to say, 1970? I think I can pull that off. Will I avoid the the plastic bag brigades?

    • My only quibble with this is the use of boomers instead of left wing crazies. Ostei, we weren’t all mind numbed robots.

      • You’re quite right. However, I’m afraid most of the non-Leftist Boomers are now just GOP house nuggras. Present company excepted, of course.

    • All I know is, the more boomers that have moved to my neck of the woods, the more Orwellian-named developments, the more big box stores, the more traffic, the more woke, the less freedom, the more multicult.

      When I was a kid, they came here to raise their families in a decent place. It rankled seeing farmland being paved over and old blue collar towns being made bourgeois, but it was limited and not intolerable. Nowadays the newcomers are looking for a nice place to die, and the enterprise looks to be taking everything with it. I rarely hear anyone talking with a NY accent who looks to be younger than 55, unless they’re black or Puerto Rican. (They have their own, distinct, NY accents btw.) It’s bizarre, and I of course want none of it.

    • Yeah – the Boomers were all about “standin’ up to ‘the man” until they became “the man” then demanded unfettered obedience.

      • Kind of like the US after the Cold War ended, which happened around the same time. Interesting coincidence.

  17. “This latest package has the feel of last call at a party that should have ended long ago.”

    The first time I felt the party was about to end was in the mid-80’s after I learned the pernicious power of interest bearing economies. All through the 90’s I was, “Just a matter of time!” After 9/11, it was obvious to me that we were about to collapse. Then the magic negro was inaugurated and I was, “Any minute now!” After Trump was elected, I thought that he was just a token designed to get Whitey back to the table, but as his term continued, I thought, “Could he possibly be an outsider that got in by mistake?” But his insanity (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting success) of selecting the same “swamp creatures” he said he was trying to drain made me realize there was no intention on changing things for the posterity. After his warp speed vaccine betrayal and his lack of action on an obviously stolen election, I knew he was just another figurehead pimping for TPTB. And then Joe Biden. My God, how is the end not here yet? The only thing I see now that could signal the collapse of The Empire of Lies is the dollar losing its reserve currency status. As long as other countries purchased our debt, the puppet masters could continue stealing the posterity’s birthright. If Russia, China, India, Iran, and other players remove the dollar from its petrodollar status, the normies might awake from their stupor after seeing barren supermarket shelves, inflation at Weimer Germany levels, and imposition of martial law. After decades of being fooled, I now think, “What’s next?” I realize the only cure is public necktie ceremonies for politicians, media propagandists, “influencers”, Muslims, and other pernicious vermin. I think I’ll be dead before that happens.

  18. It’s the last hurrah, but not for everybody. If this isn’t your story, you already know it, you already know yours starts next. Don’t forget it.

  19. One of the common Boomer gripes to Boomer bashing, aside from the low hanging fruit of NABALT, is that the ruling class of geriatrics, or at least those at the very top, are mostly ‘Silents’. From a practical standpoint, they are politically very similar. The Silents talk a much bigger civnat/bootstrap game but aren’t as solipsistically degenerate as the stereotypical Boomer. Neither lived through (or were old enough to remember) the hardships that the ‘Greatest’ dealt with, particularly the poverty and scarcity of the Depression and pre-antibiotic healthcare. Both groups, almost to a man at the political leadership level, are shameless chickenhawks.

    A Narco led, Javelin/Manpad equipped, reconquista of the American Southwest would be a sight to see.

  20. “ The baby boomer generation of politicians have become the thing they hated…”

    And sadly… so it must go for the kids. Young men that were patriots are going to have to wise up, because any way you cut this, America is not defending the moral high ground. I advise the kids to stay out of the military, and if those cretins impose a draft – burn your cards the same way Blowjob Bill Clinton did. There is no honour or moral high ground to be found in that war.

    • There’s something to be said for joining the military for tactical education you can’t get anywhere else, but listening to some podcasts with ex-military people it sounds like very little knowledge is actually gained, the majority of time being spent on silly busywork.

      In any case, we need dissident millionaires more than we need dissident colonels. The new order is more about money than overt military force.

      • As with anything else, it depends on who you know and what you’re looking for. A good friend of mine did a 4-year stint with the 25th ID and is also Ranger qualified, we also have three qualified Scouts in our group. Twice a month a few of us get together and go through the basics of small unit maneuvers. We live in a semi-rural area and since we are dressed in civvies and are not carrying weapons when we practice, it doesn’t raise anyone’s attention.
        We also practice a number of other things, mostly in town and on the down-low. Things such as picking out a random person and discretely observing them for certain things as if they were a target eg; that guy’s watch is on his right wrist, so he’s probably left-handed. We saw him speaking to that attractive red head outside the local coffee shop and while doing so, he kept looking around, he obviously doesn’t want someone to see him doing that and that could be used as leverage should the need arise, etc.
        If you are considering this route, old military field manuals are priceless, although get something that is older as many of the newer FM’s, such as Ranger & SF patrolling techniques have had vital older info edited out of them. I will go find the title, but I have a manual on techniques for fighting at night that the Japs used in the south Pacific during WW II that we based a lot of our current night fighting doctrine on. One thing is absolutely indispensable though and that is if you have what we used to call a “Scrounger First-Class” in your ranks. All of the above is vital, but logistics are everything and if you have someone who can gets their hands on whatever your group needs during crunch time, they are worth a dozen combat-tested soldiers.
        There are also folks out there who will teach you the basics, you just have to do your research.

      • The only reason to serve is to learn to shoot, move and communicate. Oh and also how to network and have some military discipline. All useful for boogs

    • Just a gut feeling, but the only potential good cannon fodder, White males, are not registering with Selective Service. You hear a shit ton of radio commercials recently on cuck radio encouraging registration. I think I’m right with that guess. Of course, if they start hunting down unregistered Juans and Shitaviouses things will get jumpy. Odds are good the development of AI soldiers is the new Manhattan Project.

      • Here’s an interesting fact.

        There’s ladies in my family who have kids (my nieces/nephews) who had no idea that boys were even required to register for the draft.

        They’re all in on giiirrrlllll powerrrrr! But they’re not sending their daughters to war, and they seriously think that telling their sons not to register will somehow keep them safe.

        Can we repeal the 19th Amendment yet?

        • My personal experience is about 42 years out of date, but at least ca. 1980, about the only downside of not having registered with Selective Service was it made one ineligible for education loans. Perhaps other programs, too.

          I may not be representative of my generation, but I was rather skeptical of the government even as a teen. I doubt this trend has reversed in the decades since.

      • I don’t know how it is now, but within the last decade they wouldn’t process a edu loan app, grant security clearances, etc., until proof of registration w/ SSS was provided by all men 18-26, including non-citizens residing in the US.

        • That’s still the case. Simultaneously, young White men are not going to college as much, either, or getting involved with the Empire. I would like to see some hard stats on SS registration but I’m hearing panic. They demonized the only group worth a damn and those dudes have woken up. Maybe Uncle Loyd’s lips will leave Raytheon’s crotch for a nanosecond and he can declare the military has been cleansed of White nationalists and assorted other scum, who also need to register ASAP.

          • That’s good. Unless someone is determined to pursue a career path in medicine or engineering, etc., I’d say skip Uni. Or do something like Harvard Extension, where they routinely have to slow down the night classes because they keep getting ahead of the residential students and that’s bad for business.

    • “America is not defending the moral high ground.”

      Oligarchy is an evil wherever it surfaces. If whatever postwar settlement Putin imposes on former Ukraine involves dispossession of the property of the internationalist oligarchs like Kolomoisky (currently residing in Israel), then the thunder of Russian artillery may be remembered by Ukrainians as the sound of liberation.

    • as someone who’s not a boomer (i’m 31) a lot of the things i hate are stuff the boomers had nothing to do with. Like I wasn’t alive when boomers were young but on the topic of weddings I don’t seem to recall boomers proposing in public or having a stranger take a picture of them proposing. There also weren’t “engagement photo-shoots” or “destination weddings”.

  21. I admit I haven’t followed the news of the war too closely, largely under the not unreasonable assumption that our biased media all but censors the other side’s news, and even if they didn’t, default skepticism decrees that 99% of what I’d read would be lies. Propaganda is the rule in peace time, but doubly so during a war.

    All is not as it seems, I would opine. Putin a “moderate”? Maybe, but to these cynical ears, that sounds like an attempt to weakly excuse Russia. But let’s unpack the claim that Putin wanted a slow approach. What, exactly, would have gained from that? It’s not like the Ukrainians are welcoming Russian troops with open arms and ticker tape parades. No, perhaps with the exception of the separatist areas, it’s an invasion by a hostile neighbor. Surely Russia did not expect any international support for their invasion. If that is the case, what would they have had to lose by a harsher, faster invasion?

    Let’s face it, here it is well into the third month of a war of a much larger nation, that should be militarily much stronger, against a corrupt, unstable smaller nation. And they haven’t wrapped things up in three months? That shows something is very wrong with Russia’s execution of their invasion, in my opinion. Of course, western forces will take the credit for supporting the valiant Ukraine resistance, but is that true?

    Not taking sides, just saying that Russia apparently isn’t the Goliath that I would have expected in this fight.

    • C8mon Ben. Unless you’re trolling, you’re smarter than that.

      How long was America in Iraq? Viet Nam? Afghanistan? And those were third and second world countries.

      The Ukraine and Russia are peer countries. They are both militarized with first world weapons and they are both dug in. Unless the WMDs come out, there will be no quick end to this thing.

      • Agree – after 20 years of war against a country that never invaded us.

        After the outgoing (“next stop, Willoughby,” but replace that destination with “Hades”) Secretary of State, she of the money quote celebrating the death of 500,000 Iraqi children by denying food and medicine is eulogized by the POTATUS, “freedom had no greater champion”….

        … it’s as if the Kellog-Briand Pact (‘outlawing war’) was in force.

        Since our betters embrace history just beginning today, the very act of making war is de facto “immoral”.

        I have a new term, replacing “Normie”. It’s “retard”.

      • Not trolling. In this context, “troll” would mean to deliberately instigate conflict or argument. I’m being argumentative, but in the sense that I want to ask probing questions, and perhaps educate myself in process.

        Consider me the impudent child who, after asking his Dad what’s in the glass and being told it’s ice water, asks “What’s the olive for?” 😀 [Credit to an old cartoon.]

        I admitted — openly — that I have deliberately not been following the news. I am not highly informed about either nation.

        At least from my (admittedly naive) view, I thought I was raising what seem, to me at least, pertinent questions.

        Since you took the time to respond, allow me to reply too:

        Is it fair to compare the Ukraine/Russia conflict to recent US adventures with 3rd world nations relevant? I think not.

        I’m making some assumptions here: I would say that both nations are about the same in terms of ethnic make-up. But I would have assumed that Ukraine would less prepared militarily vs. Russia.

        In not Ukraine (more or less) a first world nation in terms of infrastructure? If so, then it should have been all the easier to cripple with well-targeted missile or other attacks. The very things that make a nation “first world” are also its points of weakness. If those resources are crippled, the whole nation is too. Being a backwards, undeveloped nation has its advantages. As the US found in Viet Nam, it’s rather difficult to “bomb them back to the Stone Age” when 99% of the populace LIVES in the stone age, or little better.

        I stand by my earlier claim that there is little reason to believe more than perhaps a fraction of the information about this war. Unless you personally went to the region and witnessed something with your own eyes, you are receiving carefully screened reports, images or other data from agents who almost certainly have a partisan agenda, who are promoting a particular point of view. Failing to tell a full account, reporting rumor, or fabricating “facts” out of whole cloth is standard practice in wartime.

        I’ve read a bit further down, not all of it, but to reply to some of these:

        I find easily credible those who speak in terms of military history or known Russian military strategy, or stated Russian policy. I put considerably less in those who make claims about the fighting having gone this way or that. Where are you getting your intelligence from? Mass media? Why would anyone consider that information trustworthy?

        Please note that I’m not calling anyone here a liar. I don’t even mind being called a troll. I just fear that people are relying too heavily on information that is of dubious provenance.

        Call me ignorant, a troll whatever. The stories I’m hearing don’t add up. What is being left unsaid?

    • “That shows something is very wrong with Russia’s execution of their invasion”

      They invaded with too few troops because their war doctrine, partly based on US high-tech wars in the Middle East, was wrong. Ukraine isn’t Iraq; modern weapons, better geography, better army, more unified population, foreign resupply, etc. Russia needed manpower and a huge focus on artillery–and a willingness to kill Zelensky at the outset.

      Russian leadership had the chance to rectify this mistake by calling up their reserves (of which they have a couple million), which would have allowed them to more quickly end the conflict while providing a deterrent to Finland joining NATO, but they foolishly opted for a slow war of attrition that will leave them with a Pyrrhic victory at best.

      I fear they will end up surrounded by NATO and will pathetically do nothing to stop this while gaining some worthless territory in Ukraine while also not fully demilitarizing the country. Probably the only way out that avoids this fate is to dramatically escalate, but Putin seems too weak to do that.

      The only white pill here is the concomitant US economic and political collapse, or maybe China will take the opportunity to invade Taiwan later this year (is this why Putin is waiting to escalate or is he just weak?). But that’s still a bitter pill to swallow. I feel like we now live in a nightmare world where the bad guys always win and the forces of light and truth are always in retreat with no hope of reversal. Sad times.

      • No, Putin and his military and diplomatic advisors were always aware of the possibility that the US/NATO might get more directly involved, and putting more of his military in harm’s way should this happen, fixed in place, and more vulnerable to such an attack, would have been a mistake. So, these forces are being held back to give the US/NATO pause.

        The Russians seem to have elected to engage in a combination of manuever warfare, stand-off weaponry to destroy the capabilities of Ukrainian army, airforce, and navy to act in a coordinated manner, and maskirova (deception), and very successfully indeed.

        Ukraine’s coastline on the Black Sea is likely soon gone forever, eviscerating their economic viability without them having to accept stringent conditions.

        Since they had poised their most potentially dangerous ground forces in the region of Donetsk and Lugansk with an eye toward a major assault, they wound up being helpful in “kettling” themselves. The constant artillery and MLRS attacks are their reward; no air cover, coupled with no resupply will have serious consequences.

        The Russians have, as another poster observed, followed Sun Tzu’s advice to leave their adversaries a golden door; i.e., acceptance of the inevitability of their defeat, but their “leaders”, being in thrall to the US, are making this impossible.

        Additionally, by isolating, but not frontally assaulting, most urban areas, the Russians have spared themselves door to door street fighting, and the undesirable losses of civilian lives and destruction of infrastructure. The only exceptions have been those directed toward the extirpation of the irreconcileables such as the Azov/neo-Nazi forces; in their instance, they have sounded deguello, no quarter without full surrender, and the criminal prosecutions likely to follow. Tough shit.

        The West, “led” by condign idiots, will be responsible for the pain inflicted upon their peoples. These “leaders” have been constantly aggressive since the demise of the USSR, actively working toward the subjugation of Russia and their allies, and thenlooting of their natural resources. So now, in the West, the chickens are coming home to roost. We in the West will now begin to reap the reward of these vicious – and ultimately stupid – policies.

    • Well the war would have been over weeks ago if NATO stayed out of it, the Ukrainian army could well collapse in the next few weeks or even tomorrow, its hard to say. they have been very brave and continue to fight on but at some point even the hardcore have to start wondering, whats the point, they die like suckers so the US can weaken Russia. Doing a deal with Russia today might keep Odessa and access to the Black sea, but if the Russians take all the coast line, its hard to see them give any of it back, every day Zelensky sounds more and more like the Iraqi information minister, and the BS I read in the MSM gets worse, have a look at the Guardian website for a few days, they went all in on Covid and now they have done the same with the Ukraine/Russia, the only question is what madness will they latch onto next

      So far by my count only one senior European politician (Yanis Varoufakis)has called for the war to end and serious talks to start, it has to happen at some point, so why not now

    • the slow approach involved far fewer personnel, and left more in reserve in case NATO decided to go all in.

      • The slow approached led NATO to believe the Russians are weak, so they sent weapons to Ukraine, prolonging the conflict. It has also caused Finland to consider NATO membership and an alliance with the UK. Going all in as of a few weeks ago would have ended this and intimidated other countries into minding their own business.

      • I think Karl has it. You cant send in your whole army to the southwest if you think NATO might try to start a land war in Finland, the baltic states, Poland, etc. You have to keep the “big guns” in reserve to stop the ukraine action from becomming a continent-wide land war.
        And also money. Every $200 million dollar f35 some GI Jane trying to impress daddy plows into a flight deck is paid for with funnymoney debt in the US, but the russians have to pay hard currency they taxed out of their people. It’s about $75,000 in fuel costs for a modern fighter-bomber sortie, and the bombs and missles are hundreds of thousands of dollars each. It’s a million bucks every time a Sukarov goes up to fight, in real money. So yeah, the profligacy of USMil cannot be reproduced by any sane leader. Putin would be bankrupt by now if he expended military resources like we did in Iraq 2003. The “russians are about to collapse” ideas are based on the assumption that russia would spend at US rates of consumption but with Russian resources, which would exhaust them in no time if actually done. It is very easy to spend giant amounts of OPM to get things done faster; but when it’s YOUR money, you strike a balance to get efficiency as well as efficacy.

    • Maybe, just maybe, Orthodox don’t want to slaughter Orthodox.

      The East were a soulful people.
      Perhaps they still are. Religion is the language of human emotion, which can’t be viewed through the cold lens of election numbers and profits and piracy.

    • I mean, there is an obvious answer: if the goal is to annex or least create a neutral buffer zone smashing the place to smithereens is not likely productive, with all the rebuilding required and destabilization it would cause right on your border.

      US tactics are different because US goals are different. The US can afford to smash a place to smithereens because: (1) it doesn’t give a sh!t about people, and (2) those places are nowhere near us nor do we intend to make them part of our own (at least not in the sense of annexing for settlement). See how the Jews act similarly as Russia with respect to Palestine. – they are not just carpet bombing the place because they intend to occupy it physically with their own.

      If we were trying to take parts of Northern Mexico, we would probably act differently. Scorched Earth doesn’t work out too well if you intend to keep that part you scorched.

      • We DID take parts of northern Mexico ca. 1848. Since that time, they are variously called Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Texas was thrown in as sort of a fringe benefit.

        But your point is well made.

  22. Like all Third World countries, the inhabitants of the United States know this is just large-scale looting and simply shrug their shoulders. A few realize it is end-stage empire. You are correct that the widespread opposition and indifference to the war, particularly among the Griller types, is a new phenomenon. Not a majority but a near-majority. As prices escalate (inflation is a feature, not a bug) opposition will widen. Politics are a fool’s game in a corrupt oligarchy, but it is a tell that so many Republican candidates are anti-war. Of course, they will be destroyed.

    The Europeans are vassals and, if anything, even more infantile and emotive than Americans. Still, they have nice lives and see that slipping away. I’ll go out on a limb here: one or more Euro nations will start to break from the US/NATO by autumn, and not a usual suspect like Hungary. The left-wing version of “Freedom Fries” will manifest in the United States, likely in claims that once a Nazi, always a Nazi, as money is funneled to actual Nazis and their biolabs.

    We will be lucky to avoid nuclear war, and the odds are getting higher each passing day.

    • For pessimism, well done. I still have perhaps a month’s worth of canned food from the pandemic stockpile, as well about 199 rounds of ammo, with 1 round left over for…. 🙁

      • I’ve saved around two hundred pounds of vacuum-sealed dried foods for the coming famine. LOL. I’ve got beans, rice, mashed potatoes and pancake mix to last for a long time. I plan on buying about 50 pounds more per month for the rest of the year. Perhaps paranoid, but with inflation I think it’s a good long-term investment in any case.

        • No more paranoid than it would have been to do all this in the Weimar Germany of 1921. In my humble opinion you just can’t be sufficiently well prepared for the trials and tribulations ahead. Let the feeble-minded call you deranged.

        • You need canned stuff for about a month while waiting out the fallout since you can’t cook and don’t want to use up your drinking water.

    • The Euros never did fix the debt issues, they just papered it over by refinanced at a lower rate and then kept racking up more debt. They will soon face a choice of either currency destruction via inflation or kicking Greece, Spain, and (especially) Italy out of the block as their debts are completely unmanageable.

      • I am far from an international finance expert, but if Greece, Spain and Italy get kicked out, what’s to stop them from simply saying their debt is hereby jubileed, suckas (aside from the obvious implication of war to enforce the debts)? I guess they get kicked out of international trade with the countries that remain loyal? Their currency becomes worthless (but isn’t already)? Locked out of SWIFT? Those things are no small potatoes, but isn’t the effect of those contingencies already on the horizon?

      • Agreed but France is not far behind either. The French nightmare is that one day they wake up and find out they’ve become Italy.

    • disagree. risk of nuke exchange has gone down as rus battlefield successes have accumulated. very low now. thank Crom.

      • Karl, you are right, but there is a substituition effect. Have you ever know an emotionally incontenent anti-masculine mindset to accept loss on point A without trying to reinflame over point B? Since Ukraine is not becoming Afganistan part 3, will the GAE Cloud people accept defeat and peacefully withdraw? Or will they double down and try again, and harder?

      • Crom indeed.

        His gods were simple and understandable; Crom was their chief, and he lived on a great mountain, whence he sent forth dooms and death. It was useless to call on Crom, because he was a gloomy, savage god, and he hated weaklings. But he gave a man courage at birth, and the will and might to kill his enemies, which, in the Cimmerian’s mind, was all any god should be expected to do.”

  23. Isn’t something that when the Boomers were in their youth protesting Vietnam, America was at its economic height. My town of Ashland, Kentucky had a 5000 man integrated steel mill, two oil refineries, and the biggest single rail terminal in the Western World.

    Now they’re demolishing our steel mill that was there 147 years, the rail yard is just a place to park unused rail stock, and the oil refinery is laying off people and about to get sold off to another grifter corporation. The Boomer Cloud People oversaw all of this, and still think all is well……for them I suppose.

    We the people kept voting like our voices matter, and now the awakened ones patiently wait for the whole edifice to completely fall apart.

    I knew 40 years it would eventually reach a point of no return when I was 19 years old, and now I’m 58. It’s so sad to see this and know there’s no end until lots of people die, whether it’s us dirt people or the Geriatric sovietized boomers who led us.

    God help our young people, who never lived in that time of plentiful jobs and opportunity, but are aware enough that they are the ones who will have to pick up the pieces. They know they don’t know very much, but are very aware of the burden that will be placed upon them.

    And we really did nothing to stop this.

    • I know that it’s all about the uniparty. I know both parties are shilling this scam for all they were worth.

      But… would any of this happened with Trump in charge?

      • My take on Trump – a showman who did not realize how deep the rot went or at least thought he could do more than he could. In the end, when he finally came to the realization, he had to find a way out that would not ruin his brand too much, bit would also save his skin. I think that is the reason for leaving the J6 political prisoners twisting in the wind. Look what it got M.T. Green.

        He was willing to rock the boat, but not enough to tip it over.

        Trump was a stalemate or at least a slow in the rate of decline. About the best we could have hoped for realistically.

        To your question – no, most of this would not have happened (if by this you mean the shilling for Ukraine, gas price/inflation, etc.). But the lizard people would just continue their grift elsewhere.

    • You guys were the first ones to get a glimpse of what was coming. Most of the then-middle and upper class didn’t care because they didn’t think it would affect them.

      Next step is to flood the last high paying segment of the US economy with cheap labour (tech industry). Tech wages are super low in Canada due to our open borders policy and most Canadians (and immigrants once they get citizenship here) in the field go south.

      Every year I hear different drums beating to open the borders for the US tech industry, at which point it will go full third world and just about every productive industry will pay poor wages.

      • First they came for the blue-collar working class and I did not speak out because I was not blue-collar

        Then they came for the lower-middle class and I did not speak out because I was not lower-middle class

        Then they came for the upper-middle class and there was no-one left to speak for me.

      • In my MIC firm Third World types are sprouting up like mushrooms in the middle management ranks.

  24. My kids and I visited a mall (yes, they still exist) just south of the imperial capital. I’d been just a few times before but it is now unrecognizable. The parking lot was littered with garbage and debris. The grounds were covered in empty boxes and plastic bags.
    The food court may have been even worse. We were surrounded by a sea of burqas and some tiny Guatemalans.
    I wondered what the handful other white people thought of this experience. It almost seems as though many are somehow wired and programmed to simply not notice. It was depressing and sad and reminded me of an Ezra Pound poem.

    “I am homesick after mine own kind,
    Oh, I know there are folk about me, friendly
    But I am homesick after mine own kind.”

    • Here in the SF of western NY we now have a 22 year-old burqa on one of the network newscasts, “breaking barriers.”

      Uh huh.

      • An hour west of you and the number of towel heads seems to grow every time I do some shopping in Buffalo’s southtowns. As Z-Man says, “Who asked for this?”

        • About 20 years behind the Toronto suburbs. If you want to see some real shit try Brampton or Mississauga.

          But yeah. Every Bengali, Arab, Indian, and Pakistani seems to have “relatives” in New York that they go visit now.

          • Mississauga (and Scarborough) seem to be heavily East Asian, but maybe I just haven’t hit the South Asian areas. Not sure about Brampton. At any rate, for all the talk about how lilly-white Minneapolis has been touched with the tar brush, Toronto takes a back seat to no one in terms of how a highly functioning, peaceful, white city has been demographically destroyed. It took less than 2 generations.

      • The Canadian national public broadcaster’s main anchor is one.

        Grating voice, many stumbles while talking, but checks two boxes.

    • My husband, who usually scoffs at this sort of observation when I bring it up, had the same reaction a couple years ago after a trip to a low rent mall on the outskirts of Portland. Malls have always been a symbol of America fundamentally heading in the wrong direction. Now they have come to full fruition-either half empty hulks surrounded by deserted gigantic concrete tundras or dangerous places for the newly arrived to congregate who have no idea this place wasn’t always so cheap and ugly. Avoiding this dynamic is the order of the day. The number of agreeable public spaces is shrinking. I wonder if the average normie senses this but is just too craven to admit it?

      • Peabody:
        Malls really have been a symbol of America, in many ways.

        It was kind of funny, one of my kids found a five dollar bill on the ground in the parking lot that day on our way back to the car.
        That money of the ground is yet another symbol of America.

      • There are two types of malls:
        1. Nice ones; and,
        2. Ones white people used to go to.

      • The mega malls of today are just one part of a system that is tottering inexorably towards collapse. The process begins with the giant factories in East Asia (for garments add Central America), then shipment via gigantic container ships, then the transport to these mega malls. All of this working on the basis of fiat dollars and persistent and increasing current account deficits. It was clear to me 25 years ago that this couldn’t last and that the end would be ugly. Another part of this process of globalization has been the process of mass immigration (legal or otherwise), which further undermines any sense of community and belonging.

        • Oregon. I have left the area thankfully but need to come back frequently. Every time I do it’s worse than before. My feeling now is Portland was slated for destruction. Just to see how fast the overlords could take a nice, functional city down. Or just because they can. A test case. The answer is in less than 10 years.

        • Portland ME is big on Somalis but not as bad per capita as Lewiston if I recall.

          South Portland has mega malls and big chain restaurants. I recall years ago going to a Vinny T’s (a now defunct Boston brand, formerly named Vinny Testa’s, name changed for obvious reasons). The place seemed like it was out of Goodfellas. Huge, grandiose, gaudy decor, giant booths. Great food. Now we go to 99, kids eat free when sox win.

    • You should try driving through New Brunswick New Jersey. Than again, maybe not.

  25. It’s infuriating to see our dips*** politicians in front of the camera, telling us in oh so serious tones how we have to stand fast with sacred Ukraine against “war criminal” led Russia. They apparently have no idea how stupidly foolish they look.

    Very few (although too many unfortunately) are going to buy into this BS as food begins disappearing, prices for what’s left, including fuel go through the roof, the market tanking and illegal sludge continuing to flood across the southern border.
    How long will Russia put up with our psychotic shenanigans? How long will the EU, in the conflict’s backyard, continue to do DC’s bidding before they tell them to go pound sand? They’d better get a come to Jesus moment pretty soon, or it’s going to be a long, dark and cold winter – except for millions of torches…

    • i have to think russia is quite pleased with the dysfunction in the west. it allows them to do as they please geopolitically, and it has increased their revenues enormously. dollars to donuts they get their $300B of grabbed sovereign funds back, before it’s all over – with penalties and interest of course!

      • Have to agree. I don’t see how all of this US dysfunction is anything but great news for Russia.

  26. A recent poll of Americans concluded that Russia was losing the Ukraine conflict.

    #1 Reason for American’s involvement: We must protect the democracy in Ukraine.


    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

      • How long has it been since polls were legitimate? Have they ever been so or are they just disinformation for morons?

        • Publicly released polls are disinformation used to push an agenda. Internal Democrat polls are to accurately determine how many mail-in votes they need to make up.

  27. Why the Big Lie?

    If you expose yourself to MSM reporting on the war in Ukraine, the AFU is winning hugely, slaughtering Russian troops by the tens of thousands, and their farmers have already captured and tractor-towed off half of all Russian tanks from the battlefield. Shills like Hannity go on the air every night and masturbate to these stories as if it was a porn fetish. It doesn’t take much effort to research the truth on the internet and realize that the exact opposite is actually occurring and Ukraine’s best fighting forces are about to capitulate in the Donbas. So why pitch this nonsense and risk being made into fools.

    The answer is that they are deathly afraid of what will be exposed when the Russians prevail and go public with the dirty secrets hidden in the dark corners of Ukraine. Ever since the Second World War, the USA has portrayed itself as the planet’s Good Guys and Middle America still swells with pride at that distinction. That chimera evaporates in a heartbeat when the truth about the bioweapons laboratories comes out. And every DC politician that voted to fund those programs is now sweating bullets.

    • disagree. covid jabb is a much worse atrocity and much closer to home, and that has not caused any problems for the morloch party.

    • I wish that were true. As evidence to the contrary, consider all their past failings that became public knowledge. Consequences to those in power? Zero, or very close to it. 🙁

      Perjure yourself under sworn testimony (e.g. in Congress?) No problem. Lose important evidence (certain Laptops)? No problem. Violate long-standing ethical and (perhaps) legal requirements? No matter. Illegally handle classified information in a manner that would have put a lesser person in prison for years? Think nothing of it. Forge “evidence” to fraudulently obtain a secret court warrant to surveil a sitting U.S. President? What’s wrong with that? Openly advocate censorship of private media? Standard policy.

      I’m sure there are a thousand more examples, but who can keep up with the news?

      Of course, malfeasance in government is an ancient problem. But never in my long life have I ever encountered the blatant, in-your-face abuses of government and other powers. They are either so shameless they make no effort to hide it anymore, perhaps some of them think they are truly acting righteous, for The Revolution, or perhaps they simply like flouting the rules and rubbing our faces in it. Perhaps both.

    • No politician is even remotely concerned. Its delusional to think so.

      The global nature of the club politically and the full media/corporate/intelligence integration has left them feeling so far removed from any pushback its ridiculous.

      Any attempt at personal pushback outside the system will be met with a terror that makes the Vendee look like a boy scout meeting.

      The only thing they worry about is if some other parasite is getting more than they are.

  28. As best as I can tell from reading the tea leaves of the MSM, our leaders continue to believe that we’re winning both the ground war and the economic war. They view the recent Ukrainian attacks in the north as a sign that the Russians are falling back.

    They also believe that Russia’s economy, in particular it’s oil and gas industries, will degrade over the next year as the lack of Western spare parts and technical expertise forces Russia to shut down all or part of various facilities. They believe the same thing for Russia’s military. They think that it will fall apart without Western imports of various components.

    The Americans aren’t going to let this go. They think that they’re winning.

    • i perceive a change in the ukraine narrative already, and a much reduced prominence to its reporting. we’ll see…

      • Same, Karl. The lack of cheerleading means something isn’t going well for the Banana Empire.

    • I’ve noticed the same thing. And I’m not even claiming to be an armchair general, much less a real one, but I can look at a map… those Ukrainian attacks look an awful lot like “attempting to support a breakout from an encircled position” to me.

      I think the main problem (aside from the perpetual one that most people are idiots) is that the US hasn’t fought an actual battle since about 1952. Not the kind you can see on a map, anyway — it’s either “park forces in the NVA’s way and wait to get hit, then pound them with air strikes;” or “pound Hajji with air strikes and wait until he surrenders to whatever vehicle, helicopter, or camera crew passes by first.”

      So the last time any of the Normies saw an old-school, flags-and-arrows battle map was back in high school, about the Civil War. If they could read a map, things might well be different.

      • Definitely, there’s no more “Ghost of Keeeeev” stories being peddled.

        Probably a related problem to Normie understanding the war is that Normie has no idea how Russia fights a war, combined with a cartoonish image of the Russian himself.

        Ask a Normie about the Eastern Front in WWII, and you’ll get a blank stare. To him, fed on a diet of Hollywood, Tom Hanks and the 101st Airborne Division won the war at D-Day and saved the world. He’s more familiar with the tactics used in the Battle of Endor than the 1943 battle of Kharkov, much less the 2022 one.

        Russians, and the Russian soldier in particular, is invariably dismissed as a incompetent, vodka fueled retard.

      • Kids in Junior ROTC couldn’t read maps when I was in High School in the 80’s .

        I could but very few others.

    • > The Americans aren’t going to let this go. They think that they’re winning.

      Marvel Brain.

      • “Marvel-Brained Soymericans”

        Its a term I have used here but did not invent. It is so perfect in describing the average American sadly.

        To most of these people the Ukraine-Russo War has no more real significance than a sportsball game. They are that morally bereft.

    • Falling back before the Ukrainian assault could well be a ruse. Get them too far forward over their skis, and unable to easily withdraw back to Kharkov, and then the Russians unleash the unshirted hell of artillery and MLRS stikes, of which they are the past masters, and all without risk of civilian casualties and infrastructure damage, they neutralize the Ukrainian forces.

      • That was the fav defensive tactic of General Gotthard Heinrici there @ the end of WWII. He pulled that on the Russians numerous times.

    • A nice detail is that Ursula hails from the Hübsche dynasty – loosely meaning “beautiful (people)”

      • Thanks for that link. The point about fungible peasants is a good one. Probably not the best thing to have if someone needs willing cannon fodder, though.

        • Her record as minister of defense doesn’t bode well…

          As with Old Joe, her incompetence is a sign of the elite’s contempt for commoners: they can’t even be bothered to elect one of their heavies, we’re fobbed off with this joke of a woman.

          Here in Denmark, we’ll be having another EU referendum about whether to scrap our exception on defense policy so the timing for her to squeak up is absolutely perfect: Danes – even pro-EU ones – are allergic to Eurocrats.

          The globalists lost the last three EU referenda in Denmark and I trust they’ll lose this one too, although they have ominously allowed mail in ballots.

          Cross your fingers on June 1.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong but seems under her time as Gefechtministerin the German Army really went to the parade ground color guard it is now, pretty much useless except to “honor” visiting foreign dignitaries.

          • So I’ve heard. But it is the case in every Euro country that after the end of the Cold War, we’ve been collecting the peace dividend. The only budget item that still pulls in the defense billions, is F-35s – the fee we pay for being under the US nuclear umbrella. This guy has a lot on German defense policy:


            Sweden used to have a quite impressive citizen army, able to raise and equip a quarter of the male population on short notice. Today, even Danish troops are laughing at them: during the largely peaceful liberation of Libya in 2011, Danish F-16s were out there, spreading the democracy in a matter of hours, and flew more than a third of all the peace missions overall. It took the Swedes more than four weeks to get a squadron of their JAS fighters to the Mediterranean, and then it dawned on them that their planes used another type of jet fuel than NATO standard. They went home not having flown a single mission.

            Bombing Libya might not have been the finest moment in Danish military history but as a Dane, I take my wins against Sweden where I find them.

    • His aside on the medical field is great, though of course it’s not only there. I’ve seen women in just about every field stay in it only long enough to score a man.

      • The worst part is that in Germany, that education is on the taxpayer dime. She basically wasted 17 years of public, university resources because she’s a washout; a serious person should’ve been offered that PhD.

        Also, she got caught heavily plagiarizing in her thesis; Germans take doctorates extremely serious – to the point that it’s a grave faux pas to not address someone with two doctorates as “Herr Doctor Doctor Krull”. What she did would’ve cost almost any other German politician his career.

        • Why do so many German politicians seem to have plagiarized PhDs?

          Seems pretty common.

          • I figure it’s because they still take academic fraud seriously. Ursula was, significantly, caught by a bot run by the ministry of education; from inside the system.

  29. I’m sure it’s been brought up before, but you have to laugh at the fact that your nom de guerre is cause for arrest in multiple European countries.
    The 40 billion in additional Ukraine funding is sickening, especially when it’s being approved by a demented crook with documented ties to corrupt Ukraine dealings. Biden, Pelosi, Romney, Graham, Schumer, Rubio, Schiff, Klobuchar, Nuland, the Trump impeachment team… all with personal entanglements in Ukraine. And now these same people are approving unprecedented sums for the most corrupt country in Europe while the US is in the midst of the worst inflation crisis on record. The plundering frenzy is reaching critical mass.

    • “The plundering frenzy is reaching critical mass.”

      I’ll say it has! Here in L.A., the wildfires are driving the wealthy from their mansions.

      This being Southern California, the radio is warning that the Diversity is watching, waiting, then showing up to loot the family jewels from those now deserted showcase homes.

      They’re blaming climate change, not the fact that Governor Newsome stole half the fire prevention crew budget. Ha!

      • Wildfires in a state named “Hot Oven” (“Caliente Forno”).
        Quick, destroy modern civilization!

  30. “The people who cut their teeth shouting “baby killer” at men in uniform are now baby killers demanding that young men put on a uniform and fight a pointless war of choice.”

    Well, a couple of things have changed since Vietnam.

    Today’s elites are baby-killers all right, but they march in front of Supreme Court justices’ homes to demand that American babies be shredded rather than spray napalm on gook babies in Indochina.

    The other thing that has changed is that no one is “demanding that young men put on a uniform and fight.”

    The great lesson of Vietnam for the elites is “let somebody else get killed while we smoke weed and fuck.” Whereas TR’s son fought on D-Day and Joe Kennedy died in a B-24, you can bet good money that Malia and Sasha Obama, Chelsea Clinton, Jenna and Barbara Bush and the Yale Class of 2022 won’t be joining the Marines to get their legs blown off for Ukraine’s borders.

    The U.S. military is a mercenary corps in which farm boys and the sons of truck drivers from “deplorable” Republican states join so they can get “free college” while deluded into thinking they’re “fighting for freedom” instead of fighting for GloboHomoZio.

    And if they survive the war they can go to college on Uncle Sham’s dime and listen to tenured lesbian sociology professors making $140,000 a year lecture them about white privilege and transgenderism.

    • The US no longer produces millions of lean young men from patriotic rural areas to fill the ranks. The all-volunteer army is now filled with chubbies and videogaming jocks (and of course more than a few butch sluts who enjoy being the center of attention in the barracks). It would take a draft and years of training to reconstitute a real military here in the US.

      • a lot of the young men in this country do not have robust enough skeltons to support military activities. and i don’t think that is something you can correct, post puberty.

        • karl: The number of people who think various nut ‘milks’ are healthy is beyond insane. Most are little more than colored sugar water. Minimal calcium or protein. While they’ve been anathematizing meat for years, all the nutritionists today shun scary dairy. Eggs and milk – traditionally cheap sources of high quality protein – are not a big part of the modern diet. And their prices have skyrocketed and availability has plummeted.

          I’ve had a number of doctors comment on my ‘robust’ bones – particularly for an old lady. I’ve never been a huge dairy eater, either – but I’ve lifted on and off for 30 years. Playing video games or running isn’t going to compensate.

          • I’m from New England. In a land where the growing season is measured in weeks and the topsoil in inches, balancing agricultural land use between pasture/silage and crops makes good sense. But as all the migration mechanisms (refugee/asylee/etc.) tip towards the lactose intolerant what will happen?

        • Don’t tell the US Army, because they are trying to intro a heavier rifle with heavier ammo and significantly greater recoil that the current model.

          The noodle armed soys should do just great with it.

          • Never understood the fetish for the .223/5.56mm; seems way too light. If I’d been in Vietnam I would have wanted an M-14.

          • Yeah, like an overcharged overpressure 270 win, right? Geez, just go back to the 308 for combat infantry and keep the 556 for the REMFs

      • A draft would make things much, much worse. If you think the quality of U.S. G.I.s are bad, you should look at the quality of the young “men” that don’t meet “the standards”.

        • It’s a very old problem:


          Roughly 70% of young adults are unfit to even enlist. It breaks down 50% health (fat ass), 10% criminal/drugs, ~22% too stupid. Some overlap as some are multiply “qualified.”

          The education/knowledge minimums have been in place for many decades. The 1960s fiasco might well have been called an ill-advised departure from prior lessons learnt the hard way. (Note this is a common feature of governments and other large organizations — throw away old wisdom because, well, it’s OLD and they want the freedom to try new things.)

          Anyone who’s ever served in the military or lower ranks of government service knows that the IQ hurdle is not very high.

    • Fewer and fewer of these types volunteer to be cannon fodder, and there is a smaller pool to draw from. It would be hilarious in a sense to watch sense to watch the current fine specimens thrust into a war run by Uncle Loyd and his Raytheon massa.

    • I have been wondering if the reason enlistment rates are dropping is because the carrot of free college is no longer appealing to white working class 18 year olds. Plus they will get plenty of diversity propaganda drilled into them in the army. It is a better deal, especially with the rise in wages to develop career skills in some sort of blue collar work. Why join the army and get shot at half way around the world for a country whose government hates you?

        • If by Hessian, you mean Mesoamerican and African, then soon. Who do you think will run the camps?

          • Franklin’s cancre: They don’t need to hire them as mercenaries. They already pay them to join and get immediate magic citizenship and have been doing so for years. The army ranks are full of mystery meat who can barely speak English.

      • and who will welch on the deal if you step out of line politically, or squawk about the poison jabb.

        • Getting out by refusing to take the shots could prove to be a “blessing in disguise.”

      • Correction: “…both the enemy’s and your own nation’s governments hate you.”

      • I had a lot of guys on the GI Bill in my classes over the years. The near-universal consensus was that they’d been cheated — you mean THIS is what I was fighting for?

        I retired several years ago, so I imagine the situation is far more advanced now. Lots of very angry young fellows with military experience out there….

        • cheated in what way? i have a kid in the USN that signed up partly for the college tuition benes.

          • Hopefully your kid is out already or at the very least not deployed. This business of the CIA (spit) helping the Ukes to kill Russian generals is going to come with some payback at some later date. As usual the grunts, squids, crayon eaters and wingnuts will be the ones to pay the Reaper.

          • I think Sev means the combat arms-the guys who got shot at regularly. You come back and feel cheated. I did.

        • “I had a lot of guys on the GI Bill in my classes over the years. The near-universal consensus was that they’d been cheated — you mean THIS is what I was fighting for?”

          My memory is failing (incipient senility) but my recollection is that the GI Bill was instituted after WW2 — i.e., the forcibly conscripted youngsters weren’t give free college as additional inducement. Today the promise of (some) free college is used as an inducement to lure youngsters into a volunteer (rather than conscript) army. But you have to look at the small print because the provisions aren’t as generous as they were for the GI Bill. Additionally, and somewhat off-topic, but the youngsters of today are probably not as a academically well-prepared for collage as many of the conscripts of the early 1940s, so the college help will be frittered away in remedial courses in reading and math. Possibly the main draw today is the technical training while in service, and the free medical care as well.

      • Free college and all the free Covid shots your immune system can take (plus boosters).

    • And there is decent evidence that, had TR Jr not begged to go in the first wave despite the crippling arthritis and a (hidden) heart condition the Utah landing may have failed.
      My family has provided trigger pullers for every conflict starting with King Philips War. The concensus is “we’re out”. One of my sons was going to go into Navy Reserve as an officer, easy admit given educational background. He call the recruiter this past summer and nixed it. Realized there was no place in the “modern” navy for a white male with BScs in NavArch and Marine Engineering. Told him shoudl have taken outside courses in Gender Studies, then he’d probably get an entry appointment as a Lt (jg)

    • They would reenlist every living ex-mil under threat of withholding all benes and pension.
      They would also consider a draft to eliminate every white male, regardless of capability or physical condition as cannon fodder as worthwhile entertainment.

  31. This war will end when it’s no longer good for business or the stock market. That’s when all wars end. Judging by the beatings underway in the stock and bond markets, it should be over by Christmas. Indeed the “election” will be the usual farce, but it will be an excuse to dial things down.

    Yes, I agree that there are no obvious off-ramps after all the “war criminal/genocide” rhetoric. But Le Duc Tho said the same stuff about Nixon bombing Hanoi. He then went to the table in Paris because that’s what people do when it’s time to talk.

    But Zman nails it when he talks about the utter fecklessness of the leadership class. Ensconced in their castles, they send the peasants off to fight and die over some obscure insult or territorial dispute. Thank God we have “our democracy”, wherein we get to vote on all this stuff (lol).

    • “This war will end when it’s no longer good for business or the stock market.”

      I’d like to push back against the belief that everything reduces to economics. No, these people are fanatics in pursuit of a religious vision.

      You profoundly misunderstand the world if you assume everyone is a Reagan Republican.

    • You telling me that the same people who memory hole COVID disasters, fake WMDs, “peaceful protests,” etc. won’t just pretend that “Putin war criminal” never happened if/when it is convenient to do so?

    • “Yes, I agree that there are no obvious off-ramps after all the “war criminal/genocide” rhetoric.”

      You are not nearly cynical enough. Since when has war propaganda ever interfered with the political war desires of the elite?

      I do wonder what is motivating them though. Are they afraid of losing the Ukraine grift? Afraid of their grifting being exposed by Russia should she win? Afraid of all their “illegal” bioweapons and possibly chemical weapons labs being exposed by Russia? Or is it just good old fashioned tribal hatred of Russia?

      • Maybe it’s muscle memory.
        I’m too stupid, old, trapped, and uneducated, honestly, and since I’ve been doing the same thing since what seems like forever, it’s unlikely I’ll find work doing anything else but what I know now.

        This is all they know.
        They don’t know anything else. What, open a plumbing supply store?

        For instance, Soros-elected prosecutors go on to staff the state commissions vetting and selecting the next batch of prosecutors.

        This is how the Left inexorably grows in power.

        The issue is never the issue, and this is the fatal flaw of democracy: all they know is how to promote and place their own.

        That itself becomes the entire industry, the only avenue of opportunity.
        It looks like focus, but it’s really just a narrow set of blinders.

        Maybe? Tossing it out there for consideration.

      • The Finns would be happy to humiliate Russia after the nose bleed they gave them in the Winter War.

        Joining an offensive military alliance who’s dominant partner is on the verge of collapse may prove to be poor timing.

        • They gave it back in spades in the Continuation War. But respected the not one Finnish foot on Russian soil. And Stalin had the common sense to leave them alone. Probably one of the great cases of deterrence through strength. Believe the Finns can still mobilize a quarter of the population if necessary and have the structures in place to do it. Why they want to get bound up with the clusterfucks in NATO is beyond me.

        • They seem to think Russia plans a WW2 style invasion and occupation.

          They’ll instead get a precision guided missile swarm and have to live without power, water and food.

        • To me that makes no sense. They can give Russia a bloody nose on their own; signing up with NATO makes it so Washington does the fighting for them. Anyway, the common Finn wants nothing to do with NATO. This is the doing of their feminized government

    • yah, the uk is a behemoth of military ability. guffaw. eu militaries are just a women’s sewing club now.

      • Britain is a toothless old dog that can bark but cannot bite. Its policy is just to cosy up to the USA in the “special relationship” that has the whole world wetting itself laughing.

  32. The stories of all the foreign fighters going over to Ukraine is pretty funny. You know, they’ve been spent decades being called heroes by losing the fight against nomads and sheepherders and now they’re up against a real army with with sophisticated tactics and weapons and they are completely outmatched. I’m really enjoying those stories

    • The funniest were the guys that were so busy taking selfies and posting to social media that no one thought that the Russkies could simply match them to a triangulated cell phone signal and drop in a few cruise missiles. “Good night, Gracie”

      • I’ve also noticed that when you see pictures of the foreign fighters it looks like they’ve confused war with fat camp

      • The funniest one was the group taking selfies as a tank rolls up on them and blasts at point blank range, turning the entire group into unrecognizable chunks of flesh.

      • Great stuff there. My favorite was the American veteran of a one-sided war against poor Arabs, a simultaneous pussy and Real Hero, blubbering on YouTube about how horrible and unfair it all was, but that French Canuck is close. If American or Canada or the Euros had to send actual feminized troops under the command of Homo Milley and Uncle “Step ‘n Fetch it for Raytheon” Loyd, it would be golden.

      • This is the legendary Van Doos regiment. 22 is vingt-deux in French which in turn becomes van doo.

        Wali looks like a young diversity. I wonder if he was cashiered due to not wanting to take the jab.

        His main complaints are of the fog of war variety. No weapons, bad organization, shit show.

    • Man, I thought I watched Rambo and Die Hard too many times.

      Looks like all the spec ops badasses did too!

  33. The US population hadn’t made up its mind on the Viet Nam thing until the Kent State affair and people realized that subjugating the Commies on the other side of the world was considered more important than the lives of some dippy college kids. The Commies there and in other places were eliminated by economic evolution, not AR-15 rifles and F-4 fighter bombers.
    Now the fight isn’t against Communism per se, but instead against any form of social or political organization that doesn’t mimic that of the Empire. Since actual practicing Commie states have disappeared and been replaced by state-capitalist regimes that can effectively compete with the pirate Empire, almost everyone else is an adversary.

    • And now I see commercials for Kent State featuring negresses who coo about how the school makes students feel taken care of, or dyke professors claiming Kent State accepts you for who you are, rather than expecting you to fit in.

      Obsessing about the lives of these dippy college kids hasn’t worked out either.

      • KGB: I wish far more ‘dippy college kids’ – particularly the special ones – had been terminated. But old hippies never die – they just become the latest flavor of cover for conservatards when they’re cancelled by the woker POX of today. See Brett Weinstein et al.

    • “The US population hadn’t made up its mind on the Viet Nam thing until the Kent State affair”

      Wasn’t just Kent State. The media wasn’t the compliant poodle it is today so you’d see footage of returning coffins in the evening news everyday. Plus footage of young people outside the White House chanting, “LBJ, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” And utterly damning was the administration didn’t have a clear casus belli — just that if Vietnam became commie, it would be the first domino which would end with Australia going red.

  34. The problem with the Russian economy is it produces stuff people need. Energy, food, fertilizer, strategic minerals. So Putin can punch way above his scale weight. Looks like the normalcy bias is wearing off the Europeans and the realization of freezing/starving to death in the dark this winter is not too appetizing.
    On another note, the blather coming out of the Biden junta is flat out dangerous. Even in WWII, the demand from Germany was simply “unconditional surrender”. I don’t recall from any of my studies Roosevelt, Churchill etal publicly calling for execution of the Nazi elite. Certainly Churchill shared that in private, but not in front of the press. The west seems to have forgotten when you start fighting a war all sorts of people get killed that may have no active role. In the way back times doing work as an RA for my adviser for a book, had to go through transcripts of his 16 hours of interviews with Curtis LeMay where he laid out his entire program to “de-house” Japanese workers with incendiaries. In reality (and he knew it) it was an “incinerated workers can’t do any work”. “And so it goes…”

    • The thing to watch in the coming years is the fertility rate in Russia. Russians are swelling with pride now and that should result in a baby boom. The Russian population is younger than America. The typical white American is 58 while the typical Russian is 40. Percentage-wise, they have more ovens to make bread and more bakers ready celebrate with some baby making.

      • Russia had a birth rate collapse after the Soviet Union, and although Putin has raised the birth rate, that small cohort born from 1993 onwards is entering childbirth years now. So there will be fewer babies.

        That said they don’t have the mass immigration of the West. They will be fine long term.

        A dying country looks like Ukraine, they never had that birth rate bump, all their promising young left for greener pastures. Somebody decided that Canada will take in 50,000 Ukrainian refugees and there are millions more elsewhere. They’re never going back.

        Ukraine is a bad joke of a country, demographically dying, no economy, raped by oligarchs. Yet we still have the flag wavers here and Ukrainian “patriots”.

        • Russia had a birth rate collapse after the Soviet Union

          Not just a collapse in birth rates. Under Yeltsin, the average life expectancy dropped ten years in a decade: one year per year!

          Week in and week out, you had footage showing emaciated babushkas hawking their pitiful household appliances and old clothes in open air markets or from curbside blankets. I never forgot those images, I’m sure the Russians remember them as well.

          • > I’m sure the Russians remember them as well.

            Part of what is animating things now is that the Russians know full well that what happened in Ukraine over the past 30 years surely would’ve also happened in Russia had they not elected Putin and pushed back against the globalist oligarchs.

        • B125: People don’t realize just how relatively wealthy in resources Ukraine was/is, either. If it weren’t so incredibly internally corrupt and simultaneously raped by oligarchs, it ought to have a thriving economy and rising standard of living. There’s no fundamental reason it ought to have become the basket case that it is . . . except Ukrainians never had their own Putin. Instead they got ‘democracy.’

    • “I don’t recall from any of my studies Roosevelt, Churchill et al publicly calling for execution of the Nazi elite.”

      The military did the analysis and realized leaving The Austrian Corporal alive and in charge was the key to winning the war. After all, someone else who was more focused and less megalomaniacal might come in and turn things around.

      • Same deal with Mussolini. An RAF plan to bomb him to crisped jelly was turned down on the grounds that he might be replaced with someone more competent.

    • Do the Russians produce baby formula, or do we have to rely on the Chinese melamine-flavored brands?

      • Russia makes a lot of stuff. Unlike the US which makes money.

        as an aside I found a Russian T shirt in a thrift store . Very well made, durable and comfortable. I’d buy more but obviously no go. Russian Ice Cream, was imported at one point > Way too much buttermilk for my taste.

        Of the thing they are having to adjust to the Russians mentioned was making buttons which they usually import from the EU.

  35. ambitious pols are already pummeling the dems with ads and comments about sending money to ukraine while american babies go without food. it is not a good look. would not be surprised if it shows up in gop primaries, against the gope pols who signed on with potato head joe. also trying to preserve ukraine’s borders while not defending our border is not a good look.

    what this post describes, is an organism without an immune system; that is helpless and hapless in equal measure. nature abhors a vacuum and the huge one created by the GAE’s malfeasance will be filled in short order.

  36. I don’t think the “calling Putin a war criminal” stuff is that big a hurdle, honestly. These are the spiritual descendants of the same folks who went from “Hitler is the worst guy ever” to “Hitler is the international workingman’s friend!” before the ink on the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was dry. They’ll believe whatever The Party tells them to — push out the firmware update to the NPCs in the Media, and all of a sudden Putin is the heroic underdog who is Russia’s only hope against the Dugin-ites.

    It’s all that other stuff that’s going to be the problem. All those weapons… every criminal gang from Albania to Vladivostok says thanks. Not to mention Putin pretty much has to demand that the Ukraine end up as a kind of demilitarized zone, aggressively patrolled by “international” monitors, lest Victoria Nuland slither back into her old office and start doing the same old, same old, from whatever’s left of the rump state.

    It’s a real pickle….

      • If I were Russia those captured weapons would be boarded up and dropped off in Mexico.

        • Heh. Something about “Narcos with Javelins”, above.

          Russia is fighting to liberate Mexicali and Jalisco!

        • A lot of less regime friendly Americans would give good money for some of those . A fair few were already trained by Uncle am on how to use them too.

      • Indeed! What worries me is the custody issue; who’s watching what & how much $$$ does it take to make a Stinger, for example disappear?

        How easily American jetliners could be tumbling earthward.

      • Think about that every time you say a prayer before you drive across a decaying bridge. Didn’t we just arm most of the rebels in SE Asia and the subcontinent after the Afghanistan withdrawal? And I’m sure China is now engaged in making cheap knock-offs (it’s what they do.)

    • I think Russia is on the verge of demilitarizing Ukraine. I think the biggest hurdle for negotiations is the Russians do not trust Washington and they are able to get what they want without making and concessions. Two months ago a deal was possible, as the Russians were not sure what they could get otherwise. Now it is becoming clear they can get more than they initially demanded and not give Washington anything in return.

      That is the real disaster. The EU would have been happy to make a deal with Russia on Russian terms, but Washington screwed it up and now tens of millions have to suffer. It is as if he people running American foreign policy have something against Europeans.

      • I just don’t know how Russia can ever trust anything coming out of Washington. Unless “Biden’s” ceasefire proposal is written in the still-hot blood of a whole shitload of Kagans, Putin has to assume that they’ll go right back to doing the same old crap the minute the ink is dry.

        If I’m Putin, I’m cutting the US out of the dealmaking process entirely. Macron seems to have volunteered to be some kind of peacemaker. Invite everybody but Tapioca Joe to the table, and if the morons in DC are capable of getting the message (which I doubt, but still), they’ll get it then.

      • Look up Victoria Nulands history.
        Her grandparents were booted out by Stalin.

        This is just another war or behalf of Jews and their neuroses.

        • “The Cossacks* raped my grandmother!” This, or similar ancestral hatreds, ring very true for many of The Tribe. A very disproportionate number of which exist in positions of power, private and public, in the West.

          *Editor flags this as spelling error. It’s correct. I just checked. Apparently can’t handle plurals. And we’re worried about AI taking over? 😀

      • it’s like the euros have never played Risk. sometimes you win just by getting someone else to lose.

  37. Imagine the male great grandchildren of the World War 2 generation storming the battlefield in the Ukraine as a transgender whom grew up with his mother working in a corporate cubicle and himself taught in public schools by a purple haired lesbian with a BLM sticker on her car.
    That’s the America we are proposing to the world as the ideal for them, plus they get 40 billion of our taxpayers dollars and more to come I am sure.
    The joys of living at the end of liberal democracy.

    • “Imagine the male great grandchildren of the World War 2 generation storming the battlefield in the Ukraine as a transgender whom grew up with his mother working in a corporate cubicle and himself taught in public schools by a purple haired lesbian with a BLM sticker on her car.”

      Your observation is blindingly painful and truthful.

      Same for Z’s post today. Good Lord.

      • Remember when “Antifa” first got going, and the Left was all in on posting pictures of the Normandy invasion, with a caption like “Just some young men off to protest fascism?”

        Yeah. If I had a time machine, I’d go back there and show those young men a typical Twitter account. They would immediately turn the boats around and conduct a massive land, sea, and air invasion of every faculty lounge in America.

    • There are at least a few silver linings in the black cloud: Given the probable continuation of ethical trends, euthanasia will probably be much more widely available. Unless, perhaps one is a devout Catholic, this might actually be a blessing. Or perhaps you’d prefer to spend years wasting away in a nursing home, cared for by indifferent staff from shit hole countries, or the local dregs who at least can boast no felony convictions?

  38. Your final paragraph yanks at the paradox that should concern every right-minded citizen.

    It is the Anti-War Left that is leading us into this war with Mother Russia! If our Republic had a functioning, inquiring media, this contradiction would be blaring from every rooftop.

    Instead, crickets…

  39. Going with baby boomer politics then and now unnecessarily focuses on what is just a small part of America’s inevitable decline. They are just part of a demographic that not only influences but is carried along with events.

    Our rulers and managerial elites are evil and corrupt and what we are going down with their ship. They get the lifeboats.

    By the way, it’s interesting to see your assessment which I value highly as opposed to Alex Berenson, someone who is supposedly an insightful journalist. Good for the covidian war but as with most of them not much use.

    • Excellent insight. I was briefly (a few months) a fan of Berenson. His covid books were not bad, but not comparable to (say) RFK Jr. Fauci book. But he’s basically a one-trick pony and even among Anti-Covidians (among whom I count myself) he lost a lot of credibility from among other “sins” an unprovoked attack on Robert Malone and dismissing ivermectin, both of these without any coherent argument. This was all it took for me to go from paying subscriber to someone who won’t even read him for free.

      • does he say if he got jabbed? i am very surprised malone fell for the vaxx…

  40. Beautifully written post. I feel like simultaneously bursting into laughter and bursting into tears. Hopefully all this will accelerate the demise of the evil empire and the American people can shrug off the yoke of being colonized and find their destiny as an independent people. But there’s some pain ahead, that’s for sure.


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