For a long time, the phrase “13-do-50” has turned up in conversations about crime because it is something of a universal truth. Both numbers are a shorthand and not precise, but everyone gets the deeper meaning. A more accurate statement would be something like “6-do-50” or “3-do-30” but convenient shorthand works because it does not get too deep in the weeds. In this case, the “13-do-50” phrase speaks to the demographic reality behind the numbers.

We could also use a similar phrase for the people behind the cultural mayhem that has racked American society. About 20% of white people in America self-identify as left-wing, liberal or Progressive. This has held up over generations. It is this group that is responsible of 100% of the stress in society. They are always behind whatever is causing cultural chaos. The phase “20-do-100” does not roll off the tongue like the other expression, but it captures reality.

Think about it. If we rounded up these people and shipped them to Africa, even on a one-for-one swap, America would look like Switzerland. The remaining white people would junk all of the nutty cultural rules. Politically, the center would move so far to the right that Ted Cruz would be the Bernie Sanders of Congress. America’s crime problem would be solved with free associations and healthy intolerance. The mass media would shrivel up to a local news service.

Granted, some people would wriggle through the net. No doubt this mind virus would find some new hosts in the remnant population. Nothing is perfect but if the manifestations of this disease come to be treated like leprosy, the new hosts would simply be deported as soon as they reveal themselves. A society organized around opposition to post-Marx culturalism would not be perfect, but it would be stable and as a result, able to defend itself from this plague.

Such a plan is easier said than done. Deporting forty-five million people is no small task, but we take in about two million a year officially. Another two million come in illegally, so with some planning, we could probably deport ten million a year. Many would flee on their own making the task easier. On the other hand, there would be people who showed sympathy for these people. This has always been the weakness the 20%ers have exploited. They turn virtue into vice.

Of course, the first step in such a scheme is getting the 80% or at least a critical mass of them, to accept that there can be no compromise with the 20%ers. For reasons that are no longer worth exploring, these people are beyond the reach of reason so there is no point in trying to reason with them. They are simply a menace to society that must be removed in order to save the whole. The road back from the brink begins with the complete anathematization of the 20%er.

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275 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. The only thing that remains is something like a rapture in which the political elect is taken off this fallen world into the promised land, leaving the rest of humanity behind.

    From your lips to God’s ear!!

  2. Good show! Now I’m starting to wonder if the fancy lad Bill Buckley played for the other team. I don’t know how an adult man can cross his legs like Buckley did. It’s painful thinking about it.

  3. Looking at the Los Angeles Dodgers starting lineup recently and they’re all white except one player. That’s remarkable. For being a pro sport and in Los Angeles. Their full roster comes out to 26 players. 20 are white. MLB says 38% of the league are players of color. And 28% of that 38% are Hispanic. How do the Dodgers get away with this? The press used to harass the Boston Red Sox for over-whiteness.

    It’s hard to get an accurate number on white vs Hispanic because many are from Puerto Rico and Venezuela and are pretty much white, but kinda not. And the names aren’t always helpful. Such as:

    “Giancarlo Stanton. Is mostly of Irish American, Puerto Rican, and [African American] descent.” Jonathan Loaisiga. Brusdar Graterol.

    For about 15 years now there’s been a league push to help blacks get into baseball. The numbers keep going down. My guess is that blacks want to play more exciting sports than baseball.

    • Baseball requires multiple skill sets. You got a practice really hard with your batting. You gotta learn how to catch. You have to learn how to throw. It’s not natural. As anybody who can remember Obama throwing up at first pit h can attest to . If you want to be a Picture that’s a whole different story and even a higher level of practice .

      And it’s a slow cerebral sport..,,

      Everything does a majority who plays basketball do not like to do….

      Basketball has an overwhelming emphasis on athleticism in terms of jumping ability and height. Look at Dennis Rodman. The guy didn’t know how to shoot the ball. But he was an incredible athlete. Look at Shaquille O’Neal. She has less than a 60 percent free-throw average during his career.

      I’m not knocking the difficulty of basketball but in all my years of observing … basketball requires you to be overwhelmingly good at one to two things were sports like baseball require multiple skill sets.

      I’m not gonna put any emphasis on expense of travel teams and equipment because basketball shoes and basketball travel teams are expensive also

      Before any sports psychologist Jones in, it’s a simplistic viewpoint but I stand by the fact baseball requires patience and ability to be good enough at a bunch of things to make a to a professional level

      • Baseball takes discipline and years of playing to get good enough for a shot at The Show. Most MLB rookies are anywhere from 5 to 10 years older than NBA or NFL rookies. Most Negroes are not going to put in the work necessary to be professional baseball players when the path to Negroball is faster and easier.

      • I’ve heard similar said of figure skating, believe it or not. Not a sport to me, but something about real time mass management in movement and body configuration that’s simply not suitable for everyone.

        • I agree. I would say the same thing about a sport like tennis. The amount of time it takes the master the serve of the forehead backhand, the drop shot, rallying, serve and volley, return of serve, managing the match is incredible. There’s so many different permutations in order to put it all together.

  4. Well done, Z You well might consider some remedial work on this subject. The crazies on your list are good… but the list is far too short. Other subcategories might be Jews, women, libertarians, etc.

    Jeez… maybe there is too much crazy in the world to cover it all…

  5. Been awol for a while here but yes, get rid of the mind virus carriers!! Only thing to do, get rid of them!!

  6. Re: Stolen elections

    People tend to fall into three categories:

    1. The 2020 election was not fraudulent.
    2. The 2020 election was stolen.
    3. The election was stolen and it does not matter.

    I fall into the third category, am a native Southerner, and live on land occupied just as wrongly as Palestine but for more than a century longer. I feel confident I also will live on liberated land in my dying years.

    If the 2020 election were not stolen, and that fact matters little, the Western Left, in the process of Putin making it its bitch, would not be so psychotically frenetic. The 1/6 show trial ultimately is to “prove” the Trump-Russia hoax was real. Worse than anything else for the Western Left, no one really cares.

    At this point, it is a lot of shouting about dividing up the furniture.

    Thank God, whom I doubt exists but, in the event I am wrong, hope intervenes for a peaceful resolution, because this end stage Empire is in its death throes and is a vicious and mean motherfucker.

    • it was the GOP non-response that showed me the election theft didn’t matter. because elections don’t matter, not in AINO.

      • Absolutely!!!!

        For me it was the day I realized that it was already fixed, the outcome. From the beginning. Perhaps I should’ve realized it earlier

    • 4. It was stolen and even though we can’t do anything, it matters as a signal to us and the world we are done.

  7. Problem is most of the 20% are female, and we need them for reproductive purposes.

    On the other hand, they aren’t breeding anyway, so what difference would it make?

    • I want to believe something can be done about it even if I’ve been beating my head against a brick wall for some time trying to figure it out.

      I think what we’re seeing is unchecked feminine nature. Was there something men did in the past that we aren’t doing now, or has plenty disrupted the normal, natural, traditional, healthy relationship between the sexes?

      With time, I come to think both go together, which is unfortunate because that probably means things won’t change unless/until life gets harder again.

      • “Was there something men did in the past that we aren’t doing now”?

        Off the top of my head I can think of two things.

        Using the back of the hand (See RockandRolla for the correct use of the backhand),


        Saying “No”

        • No backhands but I do say ‘no’ a lot. Mixed results. You’re still dealing with women who’ve rarely heard the word. It’s by turns curious, offensive, attractive. The situation is far gone. Let it burn.

          • I mean, it’s frankly infantile and unattractive to let your hormones rule and exert practically zero control over your behavior.

            I’m no perfect man, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hard limits to what I’m willing to or ought to put up with. And, no, sex isn’t making me overlook anything.

            To quote Prince: Women, not girls, rule my world/I said they rule my world./Act your age, mama/not your shoe size./Maybe we could do the twirl.

            Millennials talk about ‘adulting’. OK, let’s get on with it, then!

            Anyway, enough whining about the current and personal, but it’s the weekend and the topic is Crazy lol.

        • It’s the prevailing attitude that anything a man says or does that displeases a woman constitutes “abuse”, which has been made evil on the same level as racism and homophobia. Thus men are scared to speak up, every crazy cow screeching at you will also spawn a white knight willing to attack you physically so he can get extra simp points.

  8. Sadly there are those who believe that the Kingdom of God can only be discerned by the weekend body count in Chicago. Such is pseudo-Christianity in America today.

    While some of you want to play endless grab ass autopsy at the morgue with ‘righteousness’ defined by taxpayer coffin costs and the pigmentation of the dead… it would be helpful if some of you realized that you stare into the meat locker and body bags for your religion.

    Statistics and claims to logic don’t make for the Kingdom of God. Useful they may be as indicators of ‘hell on earth’ they can consume your identity and instead of knowing the godly grace of how to stay out of the way… you become a cheerleader down at the morgue.

    I’m not opposed to the death of the wicked, morally insane or murderous criminality… but some of you should at least pay attention to how judgment and wrath occur. The ‘red horse’ is already the spirit of causing them to murder one another. I don’t need to buy tickets to see that show. It is showing for free at a location near you.

    Rationality demands we account for all the leftist insanity and prescription meds, jungle warfare and drug turf jackoffs/sluggos like St. George in an effort to stop it all. But that rationality should create freedom from hell while at the same time recognizing the dynamics of wrath. The moving van companies are still backlogged and will be for years to come.

    At the end of the day Derek Chauvin may be in a low life gated community as America’s hero but he proves the Norman Rockwell in wrath. And as such the Trumpstein ‘conservative right’ will continue to do nada on Dirty Harry Appreciation Day but put on the sunglasses of higher taxes for ammo and cough up a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ on whatever remains of the church of FoxNews.

    • BTW… Magnum Force Appreciation Day is in November.

      And strike “church of FoxNews” and replace with “synagogue of FoxNews”.

      • “word salad and schizophrenia”?

        I’m living in a world where if I refuse to watch the NFL or NBA… I could be accused of an electronic hate crime against minorities by a team of low life lawyers in the White House.

        One of my Bibles has illustrations by Salvador Dali. A little word finger painting about Trumpstein the heretic and his worshipers is par for the course around here.

  9. No rip-off of Liddy’s review of and comment upon the news is complete without bleeping out the word “post” whenever The Washington Post is referenced.

  10. Heh, Glenn Greenwald; now there’s a name I don’t hear much about anymore. He was the guy Eddy Snowden was feeding all his NSA revelations through. More like he was capable of properly channeling Snowden’s drama queen tendencies. Greenwald used to be a kind of darling for the left during the 2000s; I think partially because the leftist zeitgeist of the time was still somewhat anticorporate, but mostly because he was/is pro-homo marriage. I haven’t been on the Intercept for years, but they were pretty decent in the start. James Bamford (a guy who was writing about the NSA before Snowden, but approached the subject like an actual adult) used to write stuff for Intercept. Maybe still does. I bailed a little after Greenwald was ejected and I think that was before they brought in the fake black guy as a staff writer…not even going to see what that dumpster looks like these days.

    • “Heh, Glenn Greenwald; now there’s a name I don’t hear much about anymore.”

      Really? He shows up on Fox fairly often. His YouTube channel has 118K followers. Average views per video are about 50K. 1.8 million Twitter followers. He’s a regular guest on the GrayZone and Jimmy Dore.

      No biggy. I fall out of touch for long periods too.

      He was on Fox’s Laura Ingraham show two weeks ago.

      “YouTube. Ingraham: Glenn Greenwald sounds off on lengthening Ukraine war”

  11. “ If we rounded up these people and shipped them to Africa, even on a one-for-one swap, America would look like Switzerland.”

    Not sure about this part.

    This could be like saying “All the pigeons with broken wings would do alright if we could get rid of all the cats.”

    Would we be alright? or would another predator step up to take advantage of the 80% that are profoundly sick that they don’t defend themselves.

    • That’s a good point; I kind of wondered about that too. Former cancer patients who had malignant tumors excised often go through all sorts of emotional turmoil afterward; especially when chemo was involved. Something will have to be done with these nutters; and the blacks, too, for that matter. People are really getting tired of all this crap. However the situation resolves itself, there’s no going back.

    • Drugs are the dirty white boy problem to be sure. Also we’d still have a significant Hispanic crime issue . They are 7x more violent than Whites

      Assuming some sort of impulse control/IQ virus hit the country and wiped out the Leftists and Thugs we’d probably be OK in time but the trauma would cause serious pikes in drug use.

      The new demography would be pretty posh like 70% White/Right and the rest generally Conservative with a fairly high Asian ratio,

  12. Z mentioned Kimberly Kagan. Because she’s so odd, I remember her from an interview on PBS about 13 years ago. Like Janet Yellen, Mark Zuckerberg, Schiff, etc. she truly seems like an android.

    Here’s an interview with her. Skip to 1:22. I’m trying to picture her on a date. I don’t see how any guy could stop himself from cracking up the second she starts talking.

    YouTube: Book TV: After Words: Kimberly Kagan, “The Surge”

  13. You’ve been a Godsend for turning normies onto what’s going on in the world. My dad came from the same generation as you but was unfortunately ignorant, but now we listen to you every Friday together when we have down time at our business. I really appreciate you and all you do. As soon as a crawl out of debt I will certainly throw you a bone.

  14. Lmao
    This thread has really cheered me up.
    Gotta prepare. Going to go get some more
    hi cap mags. Oops I ment standard capacity.

  15. Oh, and everyone have a great “junteenf” federal day off – good lord, another fake negro holiday.

    • Black black blackity black. I can’t even use an ATM without it displaying a command to “celebrate Juneteenth” and Pride Month too.

      That’s totalitarianism. The politicization of everything.

      • For real? I believe you, just…the konbini ATMs in Japan used to do advertising and that was annoying enough. I imagine the same thing where you’re at, the ATM is processing your request for it to spit money out and a forced screen comes up “today’s lesson is ‘preferred pronouns'”.

      • Its been going on where I live for more than a year. There are basically 0 blacks in the population. All the bank ATMS are black adverts, the bank posters are black borrowers, bank business leaflets are black business owners.

        How does that work for a supposed local bank?

    • I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but am I the only one who finds “Juneteenth” and Fathers Day on the same day, comically ironic?

      • I was wondering the same thing? Is the push for Juneteenth a carefully orchestrated campaign to distract little D’Covidante and Barkevious from their conspicuously absent father?

  16. Speaking of Jonah Goldberg, Mona Chare, etc. Since our teens, many of us here have played the fun and harmless game of “Spot the Juice”. Most rock stars and actors kept it hidden because it wasn’t cool. It was easy to conceal it before the internet. So we learned some rock stars were Jewish only well after they’d made it big.

    The biggest surprise was David Lee Roth. With his blonde hair and sexy ways. And that he could rock savagely…he was pretty much the anti-jew. Then came Geddy Lee from Rush. From KISS, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The list goes on, and good for them.

    Surely we all pride ourselves on our keen Jewdar. But did any of you realize, as I did just recently, that Paul McCartney’s late wife Linda, was fully Juiced up? I’ve loved McCartney and Wings since 1976. She was a “prominent” member of his band on keyboards and backing vocals.

    First of all, I thought she was British because she looks as English as a woman possibly could. Secondly, I didn’t think Liverpudlian Paul would marry an American. Anyway, turns out she’s from New York.

    From Wiki: “Her mother, Louise Sara Eastman (née Lindner), was from a German-Jewish family. Her maternal grandfather was Max J. Lindner, founder of the Lindner Company clothing store in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father, Lee Eastman, was born Leopold Epstein and was the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants.”

    Mind blown. I’d have never thought that Linda McCartney was actually Linda Epstein from Scarsdale NY.

    • The jews were big into the rock scene – both in management (of course) as well as performers. Carol King, Dylan & Simon and Garfunkel are other notables, although you wouldn’t necessarily associate those three acts with rock.

      • Doug Fieger, singer for The Knack, and Gary Lewis from Gary Lewis and the Playboys. And, of course, Barry Manilow.

      • Billy Joel! The guy was attempting to pass for a NYC Italian and many of his songs are oriented towards that culture. But he lights the menorah just like the rest of ’em.

    • Show business is rife with the Jew. Orchestral music, too; though the East Asians are crowding them out. The usual disproportion of J-to-Goy performers, blah blah blah. Didn’t know that about Roth, though. Lind McCartney, though, actually was Linda McCartney because…women typically took their husband’s surname back then. She croaked in 1998 with the same name. Some of these rockers though I wonder if they got surgery to hide their ancestral heritage. Why not? They get corrective surgery to fix all the dumb shit they do to themselves.

      • I was surprised to learn DLR is a Hebe-bro, and surprised to learn Bruce Springsteen is not one. Both learned from Adam Sandler songs.

    • Wings could have been blonder and goyer than ABBA and they still would have sucked.

    • Never saw her as Jewish just a generic American.
      She doesn’t look English, she has the sturdy jawline of an American female.

      • Yeah,this thing where Americans insult English people by pointing at other Americans and using them as examples of how bad we are. She was ugly,she was an American.

        I agree with Frip: she is representative of the women of her country.

      • She looks typically English woman by having big somber eyes and a long face and nose. This may be why Brit men coined the term “birds” for them. And since Englishwomen are more purebred, they look rather average compared to the prettier American mix-breeds.

  17. “A tribe or cult or something that Israel-y outside of our political process”

    That was a good one.

  18. As I am generally the most optimistic here, I will offer this: a few billionaire oligarchs are moving our way. Elon Musk, over Biden’s demand for unionization of Tesla and trying to freeze him out of government space contracts, Bezos and partially Gates over the realization that carbon free “green” stuff means no airplanes, fuel, hospitals, medical care for them.

    Green fantasies are one thing, but plastic can only be made economically at scale, and only from oil. You cannot make it from a plastic tree, and you can’t fuel private jets, or have hospitals if no one in the West has power, or jet fuel, or plastics (used everywhere in hospitals) because Greta said so.

    The Regime sent threatening letters to refineries and producers telling them: step up production “or else: price controls and nationalization through the DPA” and that they will not be needed in five years time because Green fantasies.

    There are significant parts of the elites realizing that crazy wokeness (Musk fired the woke employees at Space X wanting him out in their joint letter) and green fantasies threaten them directly as well as us. Like it or not, industrial society including private jets and advanced medicine only work at scale. There is no boutique refinery making jet fuel for billionaires and never will be due to the massive capital investment required.

    • “…Bezos and partially Gates over the realization that carbon free “green” stuff means no airplanes, fuel, hospitals, medical care for them.”

      Bezos, Gates don’t care about that stuff. No one is going to take their toys away and they don’t worry about the price of fuel. Carbon fuel shortages, sure, but not for them. The test of us can just go eat cake. Also, they probably have their own private medical team, so they don’t care about the cost of medical care.

      • If there is no fuel there is no fuel. There will be no special refineries running just for them. Particularly in Europe.

        • You miss the point. Of course there will never be NO fuel. The closer we get to NO fuel, the higher the price will get until we reach the point when only the rich can afford it. There will always be some fuel.

          • I suppose it’s possible but at some point the price won’t be able to cover lack of volume. If you are only producing 100,000 gallons a day because that’s all that’s being consumed you’ll have to price so high even Gates won’t buy.
            That’s an extreme example.
            Given government and business consumption iit likely always be at producible levels, just out of reach for the Hoi polloi

    • “Like it or not, industrial society including private jets and advanced medicine only work at scale.”

      Billionaires as we know them, too.

    • I’d add that megayachts are another billionaire toy that only exists on the shoulders of an industrial society running on fossil fuels.

      No one is going to run a semiconductor fab to produce a few copies of a hundred different chips required for the electronic suite on a yacht. The economics make no sense at all.

      Additionally, based on anecdotal information from sources like southernprepper1 on YouTube, it doesn’t sound like the military has special hidden caches of fuel, lubricants, and spare parts for their equipment.

      That doesn’t surprise me because they are Woke, and long-term logistics don’t strike me as a strength of the Woke set.

      • All the industrial support and toys etc will come from China and the far east who will still run a hydrocarbon economy.

  19. Interesting that you mentioned Stepan Bandera, Zman. His program was basically the continuation of Dmytro Dontsov’s ideas, but with more genocidal bent. Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was created from the Bandera’s faction of OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists). He propagated hatred for Poles and Russians as the main enemies of Ukrainian nation.

    Before the war Bandera was involved in nationalist terrorism in Poland, for example partaking in assasination of minister Bronisław Pieracki (proponent of conciliatory approach towards Ukrainian minority). He was arrested by the Germans, because he overestimated their support for independent Ukrainian state, which landed him in Sachsenhausen, coincidentally sharing a cell block with Stefan Rowecki- first commander of the Home Army, among others. After the war he was protected by western intelligence services as a potential leader of organized Ukrainian sabotage activities in USSR.

    How bloodthirsty are the traditions of Ukrainian nationalism can be shown in one of their main idological documents:
    Suffice to say, even Germans were apalled by the levels of cruelty displayed during the Massacres.

    In modern Ukraine his cult has been gradually revitalized, mostly after the Orange Revolution in 2004, President Viktor Yushchenko being one of the main perpetrators in white-washing of UPA’s war crimes. Even “pro-European” moderates in Ukraine have no problem of utilizing neo-banderist rhetoric which explains why post-Maidan junta readily joined hands with their political organizations and nationalist paramilitaries. You won’t find better candidates for political assassins (targeting people listed in Myrotvorets website) and genocidal militants. Westerners who romanticize them either have no idea what kind of legacy they’re legitimizing or cynically omit it (like liberal rags in Poland).

    • What do you mean, “even Germans were apalled (sic)”? Do you believe the manufactured history?

      • Apologies for my appalling mistake among others, Mr. Pratt. English is not my primary language.

        What I meant were the German (& Austrian) people placed in the roles of soldiers and policemen in occupied Poland. More precisely those, who were stationed in eastern provinces, in this case: Reichskommissariat Ukraine. And what I meant by “apalled (sic)” was that the enemies of my nation, who already had experience with AB Aktion and Intelligenzaktion (or massacres in Lwów, Ponary and Czarny Las in the east), were nonetheless disgusted by the levels of cruelty displayed by Ukrainian nationalists. Apparently they never considered the methods like eye-gouging, burining alive or sawing people in half (to name a few). I reckon even mass-murderers have disgust thresholds.

        I don’t know what kind of “manufactured history” you’re referring to, but I’m talking about the history of my people on those lands, real people who often had to rely on help from Soviet partisans (thuggish as they often were) when their village self-defense wasn’t enough. To illustrate the severity of the danger, in my grandmother’s village (located in then-Stanisławów Voivodeship), the sole Ukrainian family was exiled after the first messages about massacres in Volhynia arrived. People were forbidden from venturing outside without company, especially after the sunset.

  20. Ok, this “A more accurate statement would be something like “6-do-50…”

    I have long talked about this “13” figure, in terms of crime statistics. If we assume, thumbnail, that females are 55%, then we get to the 6. According to the child stats dot gov, children are 22% of the population. Since white people have less children, I think it is safe to round this to 25% for the Afro muricans.

    If we then factor in reduced crime rates by the elderly, that’s anywhere from another 5-8%. Then, factor in the inmates that are not on the streets, say another 2 million, thumbnail that half are Afro muricans.

    So on the back of a napkin you might say it is more like 3% commit half the violent crimes. Talk to your children.

    • The Obama administration studied this and came to the conclusion that young black males constitute three percent of the population and commit just under thirty percent of all murders.

      • And yet, there are zero politicians out there pushing for Commonsense Negro Control. You know, waiting periods, red flag laws, and so on. Wonder why not? Don’t they know about The Science? They could even flip flop in campaign years — “damn right we’re going to take away your negroes” vs. “nobody’s saying we’re going to go door to door to confiscate your negroes.”

    • Datadoggie: Not questioning your numbers, but I do challenge a few of their underlying assumptions. While the majority of black male criminals are under age 35, there are plenty in their 40s and 50s as well. I have read of numerous black men age up to age 60 released from prison and immediately raping or beating a White.

      Black ‘children’ can and do begin bullying their less physically mature White counterparts by about age 10. There are also numerous examples of blacks mimicking sexually aggressive behavior they’ve witnessed in their households years before physical puberty. Black women, too, are increasingly violent (not merely pulling out each other’s weaves, but slashing the faces of White mudsharks with razor blades, etc.) and due to weight and size, can and do join their male friends in kicking White heads.

      In short, while the 13/80 ratio can be narrowed down, be careful of narrowing it too far. Too many Whites have been raped or murdered by blacks age 10-15 and 45-65. In Clown World and with state power behind them, almost all blacks are dangerous to Whites and your children should be warned accordingly.

      • Older Blacks getting out of jail and still being violent above other typical racial norms would not be unreasonable given the high T levels these beasts had going into prison.

        I’d love to see some studies on chemical castration and recidivism while on parole. Eligibility for parole being based upon entry into such a program. Similar to the requirements for maintaining employment and such, except we’ll measure reduce T levels.

        BTW: this chemically induced castration is not what you think. You can knock the edge off these guys with pills. They’ll function just fine.

        • I’d rather old school castration be utilized – it’s the only way to be sure…

  21. The 80/20 ratio neatly coincides with Pareto’s Principle, i.e. 20 per cent of the people are calling the shots while 80 percent are mostly along for the ride.

    The problem is that the 20% of the population that are the leftist nutjobs have wormed their way into the institutions of power like parasites — the only way to get rid of them is to kill the host.

    • The most heavily infested regions could be identified for exclusion by having a constitutional convention for the issue of voter id and other reforms – these poll in the mid 70s consistently over time. Identify the lawless regions and offer them a peaceable gtfo – they are dumb enough to think they are better off without us , they’d likely end up owning most of the port areas – and will tend to believe we’d not be willing to take the economic hit of manufacturing our own stuff asap. Myself, i’d be willing to do without an awful lot of stuff, to get rid of the nutjobs.

      • Ports are only useful if things move through them. It may result in making them economically viable, but if the Porters don’t let the Inlanders to ship and receive goods, the ports aren’t worth as much

  22. Regarding Gore’s mental breakdown and Schiff’s issues, remember reading an article where a person working in a pharmacy was aghast by all the pharmaceuticals requested from the White House. We’re talking huge amounts of antidepressants, ADD meds and other benzos amongst other things.

    That Nina gal from the Ministry of Truth had a weird blinking issue in one of her videos that looked like a textbook medical side effect.

    Thinking we were better off when we just had a bunch of people who would just be hammered from lunch onwards or be heavy smokers to cope with the stress versus what we have now.

    • There is far far more to this story. To scratch the surface… How many people in the White House right now do you think are acid heads?

  23. Careful what you hope for. The 20% you speak of and the process of “banishment” involved is almost never workable and quickly degenerates into a war of annihilation. Cambodia comes to mind. The only recent example I’ve seen is the partition of India after independence, and that was a split of the country really.

    I’ve often toyed with the old British idea of “transportation”—punishment for criminal acts, not necessarily beliefs. Problem is that the earth is full. You might drop folks off is some awful place with tools for settlement, but we’d need to grab that from someone.

    • America and Australia come to mind. The lesson might be to leave the banished alone. And from the banished’s perspective, sink-or-swim makes you get your act together fast.

    • The aleutian islands would make a great penal colony. Enforce no rules other than a complete ban on carbon as an energy source, and that when crops are to be harvested, the fields must be open to all. A carbon neutral, socialist paradise just like they always wanted.

    • Some of my Irish/Traveller ancestors might been transported, albeit after being outfitted with topee and khaki for their very own passage to India–see the world, courtesy of the Royal Navy Excursion Service. This may have followed brief stints in Galway Gaol.The folks at the convenience store counters are, of course, Gujaratis, with a long tradition of trade–spices, tea, coffee…Martini-Henry and Enfield rifles.I joked with some of them about some of our ancestors encountering each other in or near the Northwest Frontier. Anyway, I’m not aware of any of my predecessors ending up in The Lucky Country.

  24. I must admit sending them to Africa does tweak my sadistic side. I wouldn’t be able to contain the joy of seeing Snidely Shitlib and his (excuse me, xis) shrill, purple haired, cube shaped wife getting to meet characters like General Butt Naked shown here enjoying a friendly game of Imaspearyounigra with some old school chums from Oxford.

    • the UK of all places is sending welfare cases to Rwanda! that’s where i would send all the US trouble makers. give the receiving country $100k per person sent over and call it good.

      • The rwanda thing was set up to fail so that the UK govt can then cry that there is no way anyone can be deported. Its just another brick in the “you are helpless” campaign.

        You can imprison an entire population in their house, but somehow deporting illegal immigrants just can’t be done.

        • Yeah, TPTB can enact an extremely efficient program of dispersing Guatemalans into every backwater of the United States under cover of the night, but, dammit, they just can’t get a single plane of invaders back to their benighted homelands.

          As our host says, “it’s the damndest thing.”

    • Move the elite? Nah. They’re too good at working remote. Rather have them all in one place. Perhaps some sort of facility?

  25. The problem with the Left isn’t Leftists, it’s that the Left has power and influence. If you destroy their power and influence, then you eliminate their ability to cause problems. You eliminate their power and influence in third major steps. First, you purge any Leftists from positions of power or influence. Second, you eliminate their institutions. Third, you get the remaining Leftists to police themselves by monetary inducements. This is a much easier approach with a much lower body count. It costs much less and is more likely to succeed. It is, quite frankly, the plan used by the Left against the Right. The relevant example is Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, not the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

    • “It is, quite frankly, the plan used by the Left against the Right.”

      I don’t LIKE your observation, but I don’t think you are wrong.

      My midwestern Blue state has all sorts of firearm restriction carve-outs for current/ former members of the state/ federal security services. Citizens have to comply, not the ruling class or their servants.

    • You’re correct, and the example of Henry VIII is apt, because the Left uses its power and pursues its goals as if it is engaged in a religious conflict. The Left is a cult, and it punishes all heretics.

      The problem is that the Right, being “capitalist,” is easily bought off by money and does not have this neo-religious solidarity, whereas the Left operates from the (mistaken) belief that they are acting on behalf of pure morality and justice, the end always justifies the means.

      Republicans and conservatives never leaked a SCOTUS opinion or picketed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s house, but the Left thinks it is entirely appropriate to do this to Kavanaugh and Barrett. The NRA never held “AR-15 Story Hour” for four-year-olds in the local public library, but the Left thinks it is entirely appropriate to hold “Drag Queen Story Hour” and march down Main Street waving rainbow-colored dildoes at your four-year-old.

      Until the Right takes a “damn the torpedoes” approach and starts purging the Left from both public and private associations, nothing will ever change. This is of course easier said than done, because the Left has co-opted the “civil rights” laws and uses the power of Leviathan to enforce its agenda whil preventing the Right from getting any traction.

    • Break a few of their leaderships rice bowls. A freedom of education amendment requiring near 100% vouchers paid directly to any family whose kid can pass the tests for each school year would eviscerate a major support and propaganda advantage. How about banning any lawyers from law-making, as being a really blatant conflict of interest. No more tax free status for any ngo – tough on legit charities, but the left ends up running everything funded by other peoples money anyway.

    • “This is a much easier approach with a much lower body count”

      That is not necessarily a good thing.

  26. I don’t want to hear any more about partitioning this nation, or breaking it up. Even if you could get this done, there would soon be war between our sections and the 20%ers. Best to eliminate them now through mass deportation. And, no…I’m not into gulags and firing squads, either. Just get them out.

      • Give us YOUR plan. When the nation is so weakened that the government can no longer function, dissidents must seize power or forever be lost. The 20% cannot be allowed to remain on the North American continent. We must do to them what the Judeo-Puritans did to the rest of us back in 1865. You cannot go forward without addressing this. They will never quit unless they are destroyed or exiled. Raise your hand if you want to operate a gas chamber.

        I didn’t think so. Get them out.

        • Far simpler and more feasible to separate from them than expell them from us. And frankly, the notion of expulsion is patently absurd when the 20-percenters have ALL of the power.

    • Secession and partitioning is the most likely option to succeed in getting us a state that resembles one we would want to live in. Polls have shown many of the left and right are becoming more open to it. Everything else is a pipe dream.

      • The black pill with partioning is that right now, the whitest places are the craziest and most destructive.

        Want whitopia? – It exists and is called Portland.

        The Pacific Northwest, Minnesota – Massachusetts – all very white and insanely prog crazy.

        So, we need to come up with some explanation for why that is the case and how to prevent it from happening in a white ethno state over the long term.

        At some level, the problem is with whites – they are pathologically out group oriented and self destructive. Creating an ethnostate that resembles the US midwest of the 50s and it will be right back where we are now withing 2-3 generations.

        Why and how to prevent that are the ultimate questions.

        • Its not tricky. I am confused people seem unable to draw the obvious conclusions from recent history.

          85% of people are NPCs.

          Control the media/education/ authority vectors for information and you control the NPCs. The current death cultists have demonstrated this in every western country since the 60s.

          White countries had hundreds of years of the authority vectors being self supporting and so the population was.

          Change that and within 2 generations or so you change the population’s mind worms embedded in them. The content is irrelevant to the NPCs, the conditioning works for any viewpoint even self-destruction.

          The current older generations are mostly lost to the mind worms implanted there from their youth, you just need to seize the NPC mechanisms for the new generations and then it will change.

        • Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are just as white as Minnesota, Massachusetts and Vermont, yet are the opposite of prog crazy. It’s the type of whites that matters.

          • Partitioning is fine and preferred, especially if we retain the states where food is produced on a scale to feed the entire nation. After that rebuilding some semblance of necessary industry for essential tools and equipment would be critical. Optimally we would need to retain a state that holds a deep water port.

            If we control the food and can arm ourselves then we in effect dictate to the other separated states to leave us alone and fuck off.

    • The main problem with partition is that the putative Traitor-White state is probably unviable. They’re going to get virtually all the blacks, most poorer Hispanics (i.e. Mestizos), and a large contingent of White snowflakes, druggies, potheads, and people with “advanced degrees” in women’s studies and other nonsense. What all these people share in common is that have lived for generations now in a country where someone else did all the useful stuff whether that was plumbing or literal rocket science.

      While it’s fun to imagine all these crackpots and crackheads living together in glorious poverty and constant violence, having a basket case state on your border is an existential threat as well. I suppose one solution could be building a Trumpian super wall and “letting nature take its course”.

      • A super wall with a mile wide land mine belt and guard towers armed with .50 cal machine guns every 200 yards.

        • That’s precisely it. Defending your borders with violence is something nation-states have done throughout history. It’s only in the postmodern present that people have a hard time getting this concept through their thick heads.

        • two lines of barbed wire fence 100 yards apart and guards killing everything that moves between them pretty much constitutes a border.

          • Bilejones

            You have described a viable border perfectly. I don’t know why it is that hard to comprehend. A few days of mowing down invaders, and it would organically stop.

            Your description is one reason I have no love for our current military. They could do the job, but don’t. A military is for national defense, yet they don’t defend anything.

      • You could probably enforce a border nowadays with helicopter gunships and armed drones alone. The actual wall could be just a marker to say “go no further”. What our current border markings might as well say is “Welcome invaders, free tequila and whores this way!”

    • ‘I don’t want to hear any more about partitioning this nation, or breaking it up.”

      Put your fingers in your ears and sing really loudly to yourself.

  27. I agree with Z-Man on the grassroot cheating – except… 7 States stopped counting votes on election night. I’ve seen a lot of elections and never once did one state stop counting. Of the 7 states that stopped, 1 reelected an unpopular Democrat Governor (NC), the rest turned in absolutely miraculous and unbelievable results in favor of Biden. The steal was obvious the day after the election.

    • The stories about it fed the narrative that the vote was rigged. Reports were that the vote counting stopped at the Phillips Center in Atlanta because of a water leak. It turned out to be one leaking urinal in a basketball arena. When they resumed counting, Biden shot into the lead in Georgia.

      • Yep – The act of stopping the count for any reason, even a fake plumbing problem, isn’t grassroots. It involves the election officials and the Secretary of State for the respective states.

    • First, cell phone tracking is accurate to within a foot (that is an irrefutable fact). Second, the 2,000 ballot mules tracked via cell phone geo-location data were screened to include only those who visited at least 10 separate ballot box drop-off locations on the night of the election, and almost all of this activity occurred after midnight. There is no innocent explanation for this behavior and all 2,000 mules used the same modus operandi in five widely separated states. This is no coincidence or penny ante fraud by a bunch of lightweights. The mules were paid up to $10 per fraudulent ballot delivered. That kind of money doesn’t just fall off of trees. Third, the significance of this operation is not who sponsored, funded, or managed it (whether a small cabal or a tidal wave of low level functionaries). It is that there is no investigation or remedy being undertaken by traditional check & balance institutions. The system is now permanently rigged (think elections in the old Soviet Union). And that is why the collapse is inevitable.

      • For anyone who has followed D’Souza’s wretched career, just attaching his name to something is an instant blow to its credibility. In a society with high social trust and strong sense of shame he would spend the rest of his life doing menial, humiliating tasks.

        • You’re conflating the message with the messenger.

          All of the hard work associated with the exposition of this voter fraud crime was done by an organization called True the Vote, which conducted the initial investigation based upon a whistleblower insider that spilled the beans. They then solicited, and paid for, the cell phone records, from which conclusion evidence of voter fraud was revealed. They bent over backwards trying to exclude minor violations and only focused on the big mules, all of which began their election night journey at a Democrat front organization that supplied the filled in vote envelopes. Mules were paid for each ballot dropped off and most made more that $1,000 for each run. Not bad for a few hours work.

          D’Souza is an opportunistic tool that specializes in documentary grifts, but none of this would have been necessary if the FEC or Stasi did its job.

    • This is why the cheating is so hard to stop. The logical answer is that we cheat right back. But large urban districts only need a few corrupt election officials to produce tens of thousands of fake ballots. We would need dozens of corrupt officials in our smaller districts to have the same impact.

      • No. Cheating is not hard to stop. At least not upon the scale needed to turn the election in close States.

        This is why I don’t jump into the rabbit hole of who did what and was it enough to *change* results. Simply put, the current process is broken—and the uniparty does not wish to fix it.

        Some examples of “problems”. 1) Mail in ballots (EU doesn’t have them. We could not even pass a bill to have ballot “drop boxes” monitored). 2) ballots on paper that can be printed from many different sources (proposal shot down here—make them serialized and watermarked like bank notes). 3) Have all ballots scanned and put on line with SN’s so folks could check that their ballot was indeed counted. 4) Voter ID with picture…5) update voter roles regularly and compare who voted in othe States or are not officially a resident.

        Here in my County, despite the uproar of the election “fix”, local voting precincts have been done away with in favor of a vastly reduced number of voting “centers” where anyone can travel to from anywhere to vote. As the election director said, “If you done like it, vote by mail!”

        Look, I could go on—with elaboration—but why? No one is interested in a fair (bullet proof) election process. That’s a White thing and we are now a third world banana republic with nukes.

        But the point is, the process can be improved in a dozen different ways to eliminate known major fraud potentials. And don’t kid yourself, next close election there won’t be 2000 mules with cell phones in their pockets—there will be 10,000 and they will leave their phones at home.

    • Who has the power to order the count stopped and actually have it stop in 7 separate states?

      Who are the people in those 7 states that received the stop order and had the power to carry out the order?

    • Now now Maxda

      Didn’t you listen to the podcast? I’m pretty sure it was stated that, there was no coordination, therefore there can’t be a steal!

      I could be wrong, but that was the only part that made me wince.

  28. As a person who follows the world of professional golf closely, the last couple weeks have been an interesting parallel in that world to the typical mainstream political media, as far as discussion of the LIV Golf Tour has gone. The same propaganda, craziness, and general “out of touch” behavior we see in the political media. Here are some parallels:

    1. It has become clear that the golf media, led by Golf Channel, is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the narrative the PGA tour wants to set, just as mainstream political media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the ruling faction. They continually spout the party line and bash the gentlemen who have dared to take a different course. Watching some of the US Open, it is clear that the word has gone out to consistently refer to LIV Golf as “Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour”, even though that is not its official name. In any other media format, you are expected to refer to organizations by their proper name, but not in this case.

    2. The hypocritical moralizing, criticizing these men for taking millions from “The Saudis”. The same Saudis who our government and major corporations do plenty of business with, the same Saudis that GHWB pledged to defend from Saddam Hussein, the same Saudis who the US government partners with to bomb the shit out of Yemen. All this while the sports media says nothing about China’s de-facto ownership of the NBA. Or the fact that they attempt to criticize others’ ethics while they are paid to spout propaganda.

    3. The armchair psychoanalysis provided just by watching someone at a press conference or give a speech. Just as these crazies did with their psychoanalysis quackery of Trump, they’ve done the same with Phil Mickelson this week after his press conference, discussion of how he had “a distant look” and does not look like the “same, confident man” we are used to. It is all narrative bullshit and quackery.

    4. Similar to #3, the narrative setting and personal attacks no matter the substance of a speech or its message. Just as they did with Trump, immediately after Mickelson spoke, they ran directly to a narrative they had planned, no matter what he said, pushed it, and of course attacked him personally.

    5. The golf media is clearly out of touch with the regular fans, just as the mainstream political media is out of touch with regular Americans. There was much speculation (perhaps hope), that the Massholes at Brookline would be negative towards the LIV players, maybe booing or heckling. Of course, the opposite happened, Phil Mickelson got huge ovations during practice rounds and before his opening tee shot and has continued to have strong support from the crowd, even though he is playing like shit. Simply put, people generally like Phil Mickelson and have for decades, and character attacks from people LIV Golf would never even consider inviting like Brandel Chamblee aren’t going to change that.

    It has been an interesting microcosm of the mainstream media the past few weeks.

    • One aspect of this I have not heard mentioned at all is that the PGA Tour was running tournaments in China up until Covid started. I don’t think they have resumed them yet but they would like to. So based on their current framework, China is acceptable but the Saudis are not. Rory McIlroy who has been the most outspoken player bashing the guys going to LIV spent the first several years of his pro career with Jumeirah Resorts on his hat. His main sponsor was essentially the Sultan of Dubai. The PGA has to make it about sanctimonious human rights issues because they have no other grounds to criticize it.

    • Good analysis, Lucius and Barnard. I knew I was rooting for LIV to succeed, but didn’t know why.

    • Yeah, Chamblee is an idiot. I used to like him in that he’d rightfully criticize players who deserved it, including Woods, when doing so was akin to touching the proverbial “third rail”. But lately, he’s high on his own fumes. Calling for Mickelson to be kicked out of the hall of fame is ludicrous in the extreme. Next to Woods he’s the greatest player in the last generation.

    • I’m just excited that petite blonde LPGA Wokester Nelly Korda is back from her mysterious blood clot and is currently in second place at this week’s tour event.

      I wonder what kind of exotic treatment she received.

      • Hmm. It’s really weird that these weird things are happening to people and no one has any idea why. I don’t know, maybe something done to the bulk of the human population that has never occurred in the history of humanity…. But that couldn’t possibly be the reason. Hmm…

  29. Revolution, civil war, boogaloo…. whatever you want to call it, I am becoming increasingly ready to kick shit off

    • Sounds like Z-man is, too. This is the hottest piece he’s written in a long time. Summer in Lagos must be hell.

  30. Today’s homework assignment is way overdue, but better late than never.

    This scenario has been modeled extensively, and there is an optimum methodology for partitioning into separate cohorts. And optimum in this sense means least pain, suffering, and terminalities.

    In a nutshell, the collapse is necessary in order to motivate everyone to set aside the Comfort First Imperative and get off the couch. This event also monopolizes the LEOs, who otherwise become a significant impediment. Next comes leveraging the emergent behavior response of the target cohort. At the existential level, it only takes a few noteworthy motivational acts to start the stampede for exodus. So what is the best way to circumvent the phalanx of competent white guy guardian mercs? Think outside the box, use what you know and do everyday, technology is your friend, wear the fog, simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous. And once they leave, they must not be allowed to come back, but the reality is that all parasites die when detached from the host. This is a mercy.

  31. Hear hear. Another solution, and probably a more plausible one, is to create a secessionist state of 80-percenters, and to simply outlaw postmodernism in the new polity. If a pomo rears his ugly head, he will pay the penalty. And it will be a prohibitively harsh one.

    • This was tried in the Ukraine. The Lugansk and Donetsk regions attempted to separate from the Kiev cartel after the CIA instigated a color revolution coup in 2014. Thereafter, they were shelled mercilessly for eight years (killing tens of thousands of innocents) until Russia interceded earlier this year. The Donbas is now going to get its independence, but at the cost of a lot of dead and maimed white guys in the Ukrainian military. We can do better.

      • No, we cannot do better. It is the only realistic solution. And it need not be accompanied by mass violence, although it probably will be.

        • You really expect Putin to send the Russian army across the Atlantic Ocean. What have you been smoking? Or do you have a secret plan for crossing the Bearing Strait in small boats and coming down through Canada?

          • If anybody’s been imbibing of too many pharmaceuticals, one-note oboe, it’s you. External help is not necessary. What’s required is a critical mass of like-minded, well-armed, totally committed whites living in a defensible territory reasonably distant from the anti-white hive cities. As AINO crumbles–and in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s happening fast–aborning Whiteland gradually becomes, de facto, more autonomous. Then, when AINO could do nothing even if it wanted to, Whiteland formally secedes and formalizes its existence. If the timing is correct, perhaps no shots even need be fired.

          • The Union was still functional. Ostei’s point seems to be organize and wait for the inevitable collapse. Which will happen, but could be ten to a hundred years from now.

  32. One point that frequently gets left out of analyzing the George W. Bush Presidency is that left was so over the top in their hatred of him there was a knee jerk reaction on the right to defend him. You would see “Bush is Hitler” stuff all over the place once the Iraq war started. Then you had the Howard Dean campaign which really gave the crazies on the left an outlet. Normie Republicans saw this stuff and even if we had doubts about Bush figured if he is making these people this crazy he must be doing something right. It turns out he wasn’t.

    • The impromptu speech he gave on the rubble of the WTC, “those who did this will hear from all of us!”, was just enough to convince people that he couldn’t be all that bad. That was exactly what people wanted to hear in that moment and he delivered it perfectly, in a perfect setting. For some, memories of that moment created just enough doubt that the civil rights violations and the spastic Neo-con foreign policy blunders were anything more than mistaken over reach, rather than part of the plan.

      I know I was taken in, to my eternal regret.

      • Don’t feel bad about getting taken. It was a different time. I was a young junior exec at my company right before GWB started Iraq 2.0. My company bought a table at a local chamber of commerce dinner. Our executives were always too smart to actually attend, so they sent us poor junior skippies who were grateful for a free steak. Anyway, I was young, dumb and full of America, F-yeah spirit. The guest speaker was Thomas Eagleton, who was a Dem Missouri senator for a long time. The gist of his speech was that if GWB thinks he is going to implant democracy in that backward culture with no history or understanding of how to maintain it, he was nuts. I remember thinking it sounded kind of racist that “those people” were incapable of freedom. Wow was I wrong!

        • “…it sounded kind of racist that “those people” were incapable of freedom. “

          Actually, in the last decade I’ve begun to believe that “those people” were at the time “freer” than us at that time. Such is the overwhelming burden of lies we live under and are no longer deniable.

      • Then he called tel aviv. Did I do a good job? Faggot rich fuck He did what he’s told to do. They all do. Can\t cash in if you don’t suck j$$dick. This is our country, turned to shit, by traitors.

    • W was a globalist who did a spectacular job pulling off his Evangelical LARP during his terms.

      The Left was genuinely terrified that W was going to install a permanent Evangelical theocracy in the US.

      • Were they really?

        Or was it more fake opposition in the media to cement W’s activities with the grillers.

        Look at the background info. they were all in business with each other and the revolving agencies/orgs and knew the score.

      • Abortion was one the big issues he used to convince Evangelicals he was one of them. He did a few things to limit taxpayer funding of abortion. Since the leak about the potential repeal of Roe v. Wade has come out, I haven’t seen where he has made a comment or been asked about it. Considering what an issue he made of it during his career and that his it is his appointee writing the decision you would think lots of people in the media would want to hear his comments.

        • Perhaps everyone in the media is well aware he was the Joe Biden of his time and did not have any opinions that were not given to him. So no real point asking the monkey his opinion on the tune.

          They just don’t let the proles in on the trick they are playing.

  33. We are all old enough to remember that Atlantic (2016?) article with a psychological diagnosis of Trump by a lefty doctor who’d never met Trump. So many members of the cult took that and ran with it for far too long. I’m reminded of that whenever exposed to Schiff and these other absolute, obvious lunatics. Their insane, unbridled hatred of Trump and his core supporters was one of the first major red pills.
    Yet another great podcast, thanks.
    Patsy Cline would be appalled if she were to walk the streets of her old town today.
    Looking forward to the new site and Zman’s musical selections.

  34. You can reference the Partition of India in 1947. Millions of Muslims, mostly, were removed from India into Pakistan and Bangladesh (East Pakistan until 1971). Of course, the world was still recovering from WWII so no big deal was made of this by the West. Hopefully, a revolution or another WW will make this possible in the US. And personally, I don’t mind providing reservations for blacks and other undesirables. Large areas of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, along with the Detroit area, Oakland, New Jersey and the environs, could provide a homeland for these dregs. The only thing necessary will be to wall off these areas and allow no contact. For those that refuse to cede any territory there will be a resulting solution. Since they can’t take care of themselves, their populations will shrivel to insignificance, a number easier to ship to Mutha Afreaka.

    • The partition was a bloody slaughter, no matter what side of the border you were on. Hindus living in Muslim areas weren’t spared the horror. That’s something that needs to be considered by dissidents. Expelling leftist strongholds from our land is good, but it would be criminally negligent to do so without contingencies for supporting dissident refugees wishing to flee the newly formed Wokeanda.

        • trumpton: Vital point. Too many think that anyone fleeing from the worst excesses of the woke is suddenly a trustworthy ally. Truth is that most of them are fair weather friends, at best, seeking shelter from the storm that they refused to acknowledge or prepare for.

        • I’m not sure, but if you want to base a nation on a common people, you can’t blow your legitimacy right out of the gate by neglecting members of your own tribe.

          A while back a commenter here said that when asked who he supports, he says “my people”. And when asked who they are, he replies “I know them when I see them.”. There may not be a better answer.

          • That sounds like a “compassionate conservative” position. “We’re better than that!” No, we’re not. Think of all the cliches that describe reality, and not some idealized view of the world. “You made your bed, now lie in it.” “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” “Lay down with dogs and get up with fleas.” “You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Just because they’re “our tribe” doesn’t make them immune to reality. Some of “our tribe” are our worst enemies. Its a shame, but no one gets out alive, and life is cruel.

        • There’s no need to differentiate the Socialists from the Normals. They are desperate to live in a hive of groupthink. They cannot tolerate the normal world. It’s why none of their “success story” cities are ever short on population. Even NYC is still plumbing the depths of how much it can abuse its residents before going full Snake Plisskin.

          Decentralize the government, dismantle public education and go weapons-free on those mostly peaceful protests. Done. They’ll have no institution to infiltrate and no unsupervised access to children… those are the failure points of “government is my god”. For the sizzle, replace hate-speech laws with dueling codes. Make them put their skins where their accusations stand.

          Socialism cannot survive power decentralization. Or consequences. If one doesn’t happen then the other will.

          But that’s why the Normals keep giving in to the Socialists. They don’t want self-reliance. They want Uncle Sam to be there when they need him. They want powerful institutions that they can trust, but those same institutions are an eternal temptation to the most evil members of society.

      • I honestly don’t believe there is anyway to avoid bloodshed. That always happens when society tolerates stupidity for too long.

    • “Millions of Muslims, mostly, were removed from India into Pakistan and Bangladesh”

      But tens of millions stayed put (I should know). Of those who did move I don’t know how many did under duress and how many out of volition — or the mix of duress and volition. The Hindu Muslim thing goes back to the Mughal invaders and the simmering yet manageable sectarian strife was kicked into high gear by the Brits, whose motto has always been “divide and rule.”

      There were (and remain) other problems: Pakistan is not an ethno-state and merely being Muslim does not provide enough glue to hold the country together (as the splitting off of Bangladesh demonstrated).

      • Arshad: Why single out Britain, other than eternal post-colonial resentment? Any conquering power throughout history – most definitely including Muslims – has utilized the divide and rule strategy. And, as I continually remind those who insist that mutual animosity is not inherent to black-White relations, the powers that be merely exacerbate that which already exists in nature. Divisions are inherent in nature; utilizing what’s already there is good strategy, regardless of morals (on one side or the other).

        As far as Pakistan, shocking news: tribal cultures gonna behave tribally. One individual there may be highly aware of the different customs or histories of a village a few miles away, but that is not and should not be a concern for White Americans. European history may have been rather contentious, but barring outside agitators, internal parasites, and innate POX-caused strife, Whites of different provenance have proven they can ultimately live together. Within certain inherent limits, certainly, with certain boundaries and self-segregating, but prior to the War Between the States there was a reasonable amount of ‘live and let live’ that we can only hope to resurrect.

        • Well, first things first, I’m an Anglophile. I’m merely commenting on the ruling style. But not to quibble. To other matters.

          ‘European history may have been rather contentious, but barring outside agitators, internal parasites, and innate POX-caused strife, Whites of different provenance have proven they can ultimately live together.’

          No, they haven’t. At least not in Europe. Probably not in the USA either, but the strife or potential strife among white people in the USA has been overshadowed by the problems brought by non-white people, thus creating a kind of solidarity that would otherwise not exist (and certainly didn’t exist in Europe). One thing I do readily concede is that the USA has served as a kind of melting pot for white people. So a white American today might be a quarter German, a quarter Czech, a quarter Italian, and a quarter Irish.

      • Always blame Whitey for the sins of your ancestors.

        Britain did not instigate or encourage hatred between Hindus and Muslims. Britain had no interest in ruling India or Pakistan,it was leaving, and abided by the opinions of all parties.Weird how there was massive violence in a similar pattern between Pakistan and Bangaldesh with zero British involvement, or even today in India you have regular slaughters of one community by the other. It seems the common factor is not Britain…

  35. Today’s phrase is “dog vomit”…

    It means the obsessive compulsive mental disorder of demanding that others believe Biden was legitimately elected as POTUS.

  36. I KNEW it!!!! I read the blurb, I saw the title… and I KNEW our host would lead in with Patsy a line!!!! 😂👍

    Gotta ask ya a favour, Z: you’ve ruined Cyndi Lauper with Xirl Science. You’ve ruined The Peanuts with negroes ((I am still traumatized (and triggered) by The Easter Nigger episode)).

    Please, Z… spare Patsy? If you are going to ruin women’s music… there are so many that truly deserve it. Lady Ka Ka, Madonna, Myley, probably several boons could be included…there are far better targets than Patsy…

    Can’t wait to hear the episode!!! Have a great weekend you pirates of Penzance, you princes of pandemonium…

    • Thanks for the Easter Nigga link. Hysterically funny! Remarkable it’s been up on YouTube (I assume) for 15 years.

      At the rate our culture is decaying, some singer for whatever passes for country needs to rewrite Tammy Wynette’s 1968 hit and re-title it “Stand by Your Trans.” 🙂

  37. Nobody else has asked it yet, so I will bring it up – what do Jen Rubin, Max Boot and Mona Charen all have in common?

      • Actually, they would never consider themselves to be white. They are their own race, as Mike Wallace tries to claim in his epic fail against Morgan Freeman. Separate point – if all blacks and liberals followed Freeman’s advice, everything would be just fine. Alas, that is impossible.

        • I meant “fellow Whites” as a snarky reference to an expression that certain members of a certain Tribe have become hilariously infamous for using on Twitter and other forums. As far as I know, Rubin, Boot, and Charen haven’t used that expression. Whether or not Tribesfolk consider themselves White depends on the individual Tribesperson. So despite my heinous tendency to spot patterns among Tribesfolk, I nevertheless recognize that individuals among them do not always adhere to those patterns. My position would qualify as “nuance” were our society considerably less hysterical.

          • “Whether or not Tribesfolk consider themselves White depends on the individual Tribesperson.”

            More likely, it varies according to the situation. They’re “fellow whites” when attacking whites and Western civilization. They’re “oppressed minorities” when advocating for their own people.

          • @Winter (below this comment): Yes. You are, of course, correct in too many cases to count. That said, I certainly do not believe that every single member of that ethnic group is quite so calculating and manipulative. But enough of them are to form yet one more pattern that we’re not supposed to notice.

          • I’ve never thought of myself as non-white nor have any of the many thousands of fellow tribespeople I’ve known. Nor have we had any exemption from the accusations of white privilege etc. We’re a white ethnicity with our own pre-Xian religion which may or may not be practiced. The only times I’ve heard of “Juice” being called non-white have been by admirers of mustache man or other adherents to the alt or dissident right.

      • I do remember well Mona Charen and her ilk from the 90s on Cspan, maybe even earlier. Hawkish looking woman with no real depth other than one of the earlier neo con grifters.

      • Typical dodge. My hope is that you are just doing the necessary acrobatics to not be deplatformed.

    • What do they all have in common? I’m sure when I smash that early life button I won’t be surprised.

  38. First, to toot my own horn, I’ve been suggesting this here for a long time. And to give credit where credit is due, my understanding of this was prompted by reading the Harold Covington novels some years ago. While his fictitious White nation began via random acts of ‘domestic terrorism’ to prompt as many non-Whites to leave the area as possible, after military victory the new state consciously set out to roust out the remaining troublemakers. After years of opportunity to freely leave for more friendly climes, those sexual degenerates and political agitators who defiantly remained were, essentially, exterminated – and equally important – the very memory of their existence was systematically removed from White society.

    While Stalinist crudely altered photographs are an easily referenced stereotype, there’s a much more serious intent behind removing any reference to people’s lives and work. In the novels, the aim is to begin to cleanse the minds and resultant culture of the remaining White population of the deviant ideas of homosexuals, Juice radicals, and others who promote ideas antithetical to stable White societies. Yes, this is more than a little ‘totalitarian.’ But ultimately it is necessary – at least at the start – to recondition people to wholesome beliefs and culture. Remain vigilant enough and you won’t even have a black market in rap songs and miscegenated porn because no one would have any concept of such in a totally White society where sub-Saharans are remote objects of curiosity in a zoological textbook.

    • One of the endearing parts of the novels that you mention is that after the revolution the younger people were judgmental of the older folks for being too degenerate. Imagine that.

      In one vignette, a young girl literally could not conceive of the idea of lesbianism.

  39. This is California Dreamin’ on steroids. America, including the Great White North, would have to become the Fourth Reich for this to happen. And while there are many who’d support that transformation, practically speaking what’s more likely to happen is the political and economic collapse of the U.S., accompanied by the Chinafication of a Soviet America from whose ruins would emerge an impoverished, polyglot America that would resemble pre-industrial America as the Grubbs cycle of capital creation and accumulation begins again.

  40. . A society organized around opposition to post-Marx culturalism would not be perfect, but it would be stable

    Marx was basically an historian, a researcher that spent most of his time in libraries searching for information that could be used to reinforce his economic theories while he spent the remainder of his time swilling beer and hosing the housekeeper. His prognostications based on his research have never been correct. Why is his name used to label thoughts that many find reprehensible?
    If Marx had never existed would the descendants of Czar Nicholas II still be running Russia? How many normal people anywhere have read Das Kapital in its entirety? How many tyrannies have actually followed Marxian recipes? Throwing the name “Marx” around is similar to the employment of “democracy” and “freedom” in the USA, a country that has embraced socialism with enthusiasm, note the immense socialist program known as “public education”. Is there a proper name, an individual, that we can hold responsible for the corporate state and bandit capitalism? Perhaps a 19th century Yankee pseudo-thinker would do, How about Abraham Lincoln, who gave a huge portion of the country to the railroad interests for free. Turned a little Canadian pencil-pusher into James J. Hill, the Empire Builder.

    • > His prognostications based on his research have never been correct.

      There are two reasons to believe something.

      1. It’s true.
      2. It gives you power

      You see the same pattern in monetary theory, foreign policy, and social sciences.

      The only reason fields like physics and engineering are so reliable is you need to have #1 before you get #2. Other fields don’t have that requirement as long as there are either saps who will believe it or co-conspirators who will also benefit.

      • Natural science vs. the arts. What’s the difference? Emotions, society.

        Imperfect labels, I know, but lefty understands power, aspiration, will; righty doesn’t. Righty fixates on ideas and building perfect systems full of rational actors, because he’s interested in nature and its laws, lefty exploits righty’s blind spot.

        I wonder if righty took on the irrational, learned to work with it, would lefty be forced to change her tune?

    • Why are you people so confused by the term post-Marx? It is as if the mere sight of the word “Marx” causes something to trigger in your mind and you spiral in rants about communism? Post-Marx does not mean Marxism. It is a name for what came after Marxism on the Left.


      • >Post-Marx does not mean Marxism

        I like what “post-Marx” is trying to do, but not how its doing it.

        Aside from post-anything being obscure and inelegant, I’d say that in this case it is not very accurate with regard to Marxism in the 21st century, which endures.

        A lot of the crazy people believe they are Marxists.

        Even if they don’t, the Marxist method is what they are following, whether they understand it or not. That is dividing a population into two hostile groups with the aim of inverting power relations. It’s just that in the West they’ve substituted white people as such for the capitalists — at the behest of the capitalists.

        The far more grounded forbearers of these people once believed in and for about two weeks waged eternal struggle against something called “social fascism”. Contemporary prog-types are so turned-around it may take something as apparently oxymoronic as Racial Marxist or Corporate Marxist to describe them, ugly as those terms are.

        But putting that aside, I think whatever term settled on will be the penultimate one, and needs to serve as a sort of a bridge to the usual suspects. I don’t think there is any getting around this. Once the current order falls to pieces there will be Us and there will be Them and everyone with them, AKA the Running Dogs of Usual Suspectism.

    • I agree Marx isn’t terribly relevant today. I think he informed what’s happening today, so he’s good to be familiar with.

      Actually had this conversation recently with a friend who’s big on Marxist revolution as the driving force. I think today it’s feminism. Intersectionality might as well be called pan-feminism.

    • Perhaps you didn’t notice, but Z said “post-Marx.” The prefix is, shall we say, significant.

  41. So the 2 recent mass deportations that spring to mind were the 1.6 million people swap in Turkey/Greece in 1923 and the 12-14 million ethnic Germans forcibly displaced from other European countries after the war.

    Its certainly doable, unfortunately the common factor prior to these were large wars. So maybe the proposition for both sides is that the remaining losers in the next civil war are the ones to get deported?

    • “So the 2 recent mass deportations that spring to mind were the 1.6 million people swap in Turkey/Greece in 1923”

      I find the Turkish example interesting and relevant and think about it a lot. The multi-cultural and multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire was in trouble and in retreat throughout the 19th century and collapsed completely after WW1. After WW1 it was invaded by European powers (including Greece). A group of army officers, led by Mustafa Kemal (aka “Ataturk”) saw that the invaders would have to be repelled but also that the remains of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire would have to redefine itself as an ethno-state if it were to have any chances of survival. Modern Turkey (and probably modern Greece as well) came into being as ethno-states. Hence the large scale deportations of Greeks from Turkey and Turks from Greece. Turkey remains an ethno-state to this day. I cannot become a Turk though I have a Muslim name and an ancestor of mine has a shrine in Istanbul.

      • Indeed seems history shows us it is possible to produce an ethno-state out of a historic multi-cultural empire despite many people decrying it as impossible.

  42. ‘If we rounded up these people and shipped them to Africa’
    ‘we could probably deport ten million a year.’

    Does anybody have a cigarette? I think I just climaxxed.

  43. Ironically, it seems like your last few paragraphs are exactly what the left 20% are trying to do to the right 20%. They’re trying to convince the middle 60% that we can’t be reasoned with, and that we’re the biggest threat to “our democracy.” We see it every day in our schools and news. I don’t think they’d like us to be deported though. I don’t even think they’d let us leave voluntarily when the time comes. No they want us in the gulags, and their plan is already well in action.

    • For twenty years people kept telling me “the Constitution is not a suicide pact”. Now I realize it is. It was a utopian dream designed for people with values and morals and could never last in a nation of universal suffrage.

      So here we are in the middle of a suicide pact in process.

    • The Gulags for the far Right are not camps located in foreign parts of the country as in the old USSR. Heck, the old USSR had internal exile as well, where one could only live in far away cities and such. The American Left would be just as happy with folks initially being cast into a social and economic void. In that matter they are quite advanced at this point and increasingly gaining ground.

      Think about all we’ve read about with the Canadian trucker protest, or the banning of wrong thinking posters from social media, or the requirement to be vaccinated to remain employed in the present scamdemic. All of these measures isolate, weaken, and marginalize. Of course, the “final solution” is always extermination.

      • Don’t discount camps. There was that poll maybe a year back that showed a huge percentage of the left wanted to throw the unvaccinated in camps. As z mentioned in this week’s show, there’s a huge desire in leftist/Marxist philosophy to have your enemies admit their guilt and denounce your former positions. Reeducation camps would be widely lauded by these maniacs.

  44. I’m of two minds on this.

    First, it’s not even 20% that are the problem. Most of that 20% are just going with flow of their social group an call themselves liberal (or whatever) because everyone they know does the same. Pin these people down on any specific crazy prog policy and they’ll either deny that is a prog position at all or claim that it’s being wildly exaggerated by “Fox Noise”. Another subset of them are just prone to influence with high levels of agreeableness. They become progs through schooling – with is 16 years of propagandization . If they leave that environment their sanity slowly restores itself by associating with sane people. The hard core agitators are probably 5% of the population at most.

    On the other hand, modern technological civilization seams incompatible with human flourishing. Discontent has always been an element of the human condition. But modern interconnectedness has increased that discontent by orders of magnitude. There are multiple other dimensions where modern civilization seams at odds with humans evolved nature. So to some extent eliminating todays malcontents and crazies would just result in their replacement with a new batch of crazies.

    • That’s exactly right. When I’m dictator, I’m rounding up all the smartphones and shooting them into deep space. Here’s a rectal probe for YOU, you redneck-kidnapping alien bastards!

      • Re: smartphones, I believe it was Z who drew this analogy some months ago. In olden times a glassmaker discovers a way to make glass unbreakable. He presents his discovery to the emperor. The emperor asks if the glassmaker has shared this with anyone. The glassmaker answers no. The emperor kills him on the spot. The civilizational disruption from this discovery is so unfathomable that the emperor dare not and can not allow it.

        What if Steve Jobs and the team that built the iPhone ….

        • I get you point, but would expand one point. Apple did not invent cellular technology, nor the cell phone (IIRC). They did however improve the product and help create a great market, but I won’t worship at the feet of Steve Jobs, nor Bill Gates for that matter.

  45. South Africa doesn’t want it’s conservative white people any more. I say we negotiate a trade. Their white farmers and blue collar types for our city blacks and liberal whites. Win – win!

    • No negotiations. Just ship their asses over there and dump them. Then carefully screen white South Africans who want to come here.

  46. Thanks for another great podcast. Agree 100% that White liberals are the cause of our troubles.

    I started using George W Bush as the worst president instead of Carter a few years ago and normies looked quizzically at me. Bush blew up the economy, set the Middle East on fire and wasted trillions while doing so and basically cut all restraints on spending.

    Now Puddin’head is trying to outdo him. Let’s hope not as the country he is trying to get into a war with has nukes.

    • Don’t forget the Patriot Act. One of the biggest acts of evil ever committed against this country.

      • Yeah, but the Patriot Act was enacted because “they hate us for our freedoms!”

      • Every time I hear or read the phrase “patriot act” all I can think about is a rogue piece of legislation that is used against patriots.

        Consider the new narrative: “Heterosexual, white, tax paying males with guns are the source of new evil in this nation”……..Patriot Act indeed.

        • One of the few pieces of legislation that actually lived up to its name – they called it the Patriot Act because it was aimed at Patriots.

    • Everybody already knew that Bush was a horrible president. Not sure why normies were staring at you.

  47. This is perhaps a little more complex than the way you’re portraying it. The left-wing cultural miasma is created largely by the Jewish “Cultural Complex.” The reasons for this are explained at length by people like Kevin MacDonald as a group survival strategy. In other words the cultural chaos you mention is a deliberately engineered phenomenon that allows certain ethnic groups to flourish — at the obvious expense of the white majority. Attached to this Jewish “avant-garde” are various white “useful idiots”, who are congenitally incapable of thinking for themselves but just repeat whatever slogans are put into their heads (“Four legs good, two legs bad”). It’s quite easy to for the Cultural Complex to sell its garbage — it’s cool, it’s progressive, it’s avant-garde, it’s deep!

    • My conversion over to the seemingly dominant view here concerning the Jewish Q was assisted forcefully after recently reading The Culture of Critique, Kevin MacDonald. ($89 on Amazon – it must be unorthodox!)

      I also read Derb’s critique of it and found it wanting. MacDonald’s response to Derb’s criticism was dispositive, at least in my mind.

      It is not a subversive act to push for the replacement of the original European stock by unlimited immigration? Open borders gives us a multi-cultural police state. Anyone noticing that crime everywhere is on the rise?

      • Derb is an intellectual featherweight. I usually pass over his pieces at Unz.

        The pushing for multi-culti comes from first arguing that race and ethnicity are “social constructs” and nothing but. This is completely risible but one can’t argue with megaphone propaganda, and particularly where dissent has been criminalized and one faces ostracism for thought crime.

        The notion of “social construct” is an interesting one — I think it came initially from European po-mo theorists like Foucault, who used it intelligently to describe how madness was such a construct and used by the powerful to lock up dissidents. The notion then came to the USA, maybe aided and assisted by the Frankfurt School crowd, eventually percolating down to midwits, who used it reflexively (“Like, man, physics is a social construct”). It’s been handy for those who want to deny that race and ethnicity have any biological basis, and that the different groups came into being because of the evolutionary pressures of different physical environments.

        • No, Derb is not a intellectual featherweight. I have been reading him for years.

          However, why he forgives the J3ws for pushing 3rd world unfettered immigration, and vote for In ways that hurt white ppl is a mystery. I know he reads this site so maybe he will explain this.

      • Many people on our side are distracted and enchanted by the very few outlier right wing j3ws. Michael Savage, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Paul Gottfried…

        Ask any of these outliers if they would support an immigration moratorium or no more support for Israel and in most cases you will find where their true loyalties lie.

  48. I was thinking that 50% would have to be “deported” at minimum, but I am surrounded & behind enemy lines.
    Thank you Z for cheering me up

    • Spingerah: If one looks at the US population as a whole, I agree with your 50% estimate. Whites of European, Christian background are perhaps 55% right now. Yes, the official number is 60% but that includes Juice, Arabs, Persians, and a number of Latinos who claim to be Caucasian – race is accounted entirely by self-identification, not genetic science. Then take out about 20-25% of the Whites (the worst and most active and unrepentant leftists) and the rest will fall in line with a bit of pressure from the 10% on the hard right.

      Sorry to harsh your mellow.

      • Some Latinos are genetically White. Depending on where you are, can be high as 60% of them. But the ones coming here by and large are not. Maybe 10% of them at best.

        Not sure the self-identified Latins as White will continue though. Could risk the gibs.

  49. “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”
    2 Corinthians 6: 14 (KJV)

    Strangely there are those who tolerate and subsidize the unrepentant of anti-Christ shitty world. Hell, damnation and wrath remain colorblind even in the Sociology Department of the College of Wishful Thinking.

    • I guess that we agree on many practical issues but I don’t find your theology compelling, at all.

      My hope is that we can coexist and support one another as we overthrow our common enemies. I will support your Christian theocracy if you will support my secular white nationalism.

      Having said that, I would rather be a dhimmi resident in a Christian theocracy than what we have now.

      • ” I will support your Christian theocracy if you will support my secular white nationalism.”


          • “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
            And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”
            Galatians 3: 28-29 (KJV)

            Christianity is neither race or nationalism dependent. The Kingdom of God is not a negotiation. Christianity may seem like mere theology to you but there are powers, proofs and history that should illustrate to you the reality of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

            Perhaps a note from Mark Twain will help in creating perspective… “It isn’t the parts of the Bible that I don’t understand that bother me. It is the parts I do understand.”

          • I will add-

            “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3: 3

            There is enough evidence around to cause even the atheistic to go seeking to disprove the Bible. Lee Strobel is just one example.

          • RoboFascist, I’m not an atheist. I just find your theology embarrassing and obviously doomed-to-fail.

          • For the past 2,000 years Christianity has been the foremost power on the face of the Earth. The importance of the Scriptures and the Kingdom of God just in the Anglo-sphere alone is irrefutable. It is sad that you miss the clarity and significance of that.

          • “This is why Christianity will fail.” Two thousand years and counting. Christianity has survived much worse than this.

          • I guess that one way to encapsulate our disagreement is that you believe that Jesus can turn blacks, as a group, into middle class whites and I don’t.

          • Perhaps one should read a bit back in the scriptures—like Old Testament. Say Genesis and the story of the Tower of Babel:

            Genesis 11:9: “Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth.”

            Basically, God created the nations—not one people as there were prior. Why he did this, I’m not certain, but nevertheless it is by His hand the people were separated and nations arose.

            That all are welcome into His flock can be argued, but that nations should blend into one indiscernible “morass” is not indicated by scripture.

          • It seems rather that you believe that Almighty God should comply with your views on race. It is a candy store variety of arrogance that cannot see the lovingkindness of Jesus Christ to salvation of any that will turn to Him. “whosoever…” (John 3: 15-16) is colorblind and does not screen people out because of their economics.

          • RoboFascist and LineInTheSand: I believe you are both making fair but slightly different points.

            Robo, I agree Jesus welcomes all into the kingdom of heaven, and had little use for economics. All have equal moral and spiritual worth.

            LineInTheSand, I agree that doesn’t mean we have to associate with people we don’t like or respect, or fail to call out those who refuse to work, sow discord or disproportionally commit crimes. “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we command you, brothers, to keep away from every brother who is idle and does not live according to the teaching you received from us. For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you.” -2 Thessalonians 3

          • RoboFascist. You cite scripture, I cite scripture. And why are you correct but I am not? Believe me, I did not invent this interpretation. It was taught to me when I was young and in Parochial school and can be view in teachings presented in video, such as YouTube services posted online.

            You may disagree, no problem there, but to accuse me of the same logical failure as you have demonstrated in your original posting is a bit much. Learn the rules of a logical argument, then rebutt.

        • There is the crazy 20 percent. The ones who have a thing that transcends the well being of the 80. That 20 needs to go live with their pets.

  50. At some point hard decisions are going to have to be made and normal human sympathies will need to be temporarily laid aside until the work is done. It’s probably the only way to save and get our country back.

    • Agree some decisions will be slightly difficult, crazy wine aunt for instance. Amusing but toxic.
      Others not so much. Local school board radical chimo, Satanists etc..
      Satisfaction of a “deportation” job well done should outweigh any pangs of conscious,

    • “normal human sympathies will need to be temporarily laid aside until the work is done”

      I love my sister but I don’t want to live in any polity where she can vote. I mean it. My love for her does not disminish this imperative.

      Until a dissent crosses this harsh line, they are not going to accomplish much in the world.

  51. On 13 does 50 front I saw it pointed out the other day that the flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars. Weird

  52. Those with common sense need to make ugly noise and shut down the libtards. Musk just might be paving the way?

  53. In this case, the “13-do-50” phrase speaks to the demographic reality behind the numbers.

    Also, it conveniently reflects the Stars and Stripes: 13 stripes, 50 stars.

  54. I like the idea, but where can we deport them where they won’t be a nuisance? Antartica? The moon? Mars? Alpha Centauri?

    • That’s an easy one! Give ’em all to those bombastic twits in New Zealand, and be sure to sever any and all communications channels.

      • Surely once you get them out of the gravity well using a big cannon its just a trajectory issue?

        • Why not a railgun?

          We could even claim it’s a green initiative as long as we charged the capacitor bank with wind and solar power!

          • Sounds ideal, we could crowd fund for a huge railgun to give the NPCs the fiery oblivion death that they crave.

            We could have a green ceremony to congratulate them on their virtue and sacrifice as we fire them off into the void.

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