The End Of Time

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The terms Left and Right have been ubiquitous in Western public discourse for so long people just assume they are universal constants. The fact is though, they are neither universal nor constant. There is no African Right or Burmese Left. These cultures have not been shaped by the French Revolution. Similarly, what it means to be on the Right or Left has changed over time. Today’s left-wing American genuinely detests yesterday’s left wing American, who is probably on the Right today.

There is not much in the way of ideology on either side. There has not been an important thinker on either side in a long time. The last important radical thinker was probably Herbert Marcuse or perhaps John Rawls. On the Right, Paul Gottfried and Sam Francis are recent, but their influence is only on the fringe. The main driver of politics is the Left and they are wildly ignorant of the intellectual history that shapes left-wing politics today.

In the main, people divide up over history. What controls the American Left is the sense that the past is littered with monsters. These monsters are things like slavery, discrimination, morality, decency and so forth. The fact that these things have existed means they could exist again. The practical effect of something like slavery, for example, is zero, but the possibility it could return shapes the present. These monsters haunt the dense fog that is the left-wing mental space.

This is why the Left maintains all of its focus on the future, a place that is free of those monsters like inequality and human suffering. It is a secular Gnosticism in which a mystical and esoteric understanding of what lies at the end of history justifies the assault on the present. The monsters of the past haunt this fallen world and the only way out is to destroy this world thus freeing mankind from its grip and allowing man to move into the next phase of human history.

On the other side of this is the Right. They share the Left’s disdain for the present, but for entirely different reasons. They see the present as a degraded version of some past they hold up as the ideal. To be on the Right is to consume yourself with discovering forgotten kingdoms and then imagining yourself in them. Just as the future is an escape for the man of the Left, the past is a refuge for the man of the Right. The difference is his escape is much more detailed and appointed.

It is on the Right where you see the immutable differences between American and European politics. In Europe, the man of the Right can embrace ancient social structures like pre-Christian paganism and tribalism. He can embrace the aristocratic age of the high Middle Ages. These are not pasts that an American can conjure as they do not exist in the American past. The one shared alternative is the period of the interwar years but that brings unique problems.

For Americans, the most popular past is the Founding. Throughout the 20th century, right-wing Americans have said some version of, “If we just return to our founding principles everything will be fine.” Even at this late date there is an effort to conjure the 18th century colonial experience into the present. Implementations of this have been a desire to return to the America of the 1950’s or the 1980’s. In both cases, it is a desire to go back before the start of the present troubles.

This difference between Left and Right explains the difference in tangible results over the last century. Left-wing activity can move forward. Time marches on regardless of human desire, so the illusion of progress is easy to maintain. It just requires the destruction of present customs and traditions. The image of a toppled statue provides the left-wing mind with s symbolic step toward the promised land, which in turn provides a motivation to keep moving forward.

The Right has the insurmountable problem of time. There is no way to go back in time to start over. Time only moves forward. This physical reality that provides the Left with hope provides the Right with dread. Every day they move further from their desired spot in the past, suggesting it will never be attained. This despair results in a stubborn defense of the present, not because of its superiority to the proposed future, but for its vantage point into the desired past.

The reason modern conservatism is stuck in 1985 is because that was the last good viewing point for 1955. Of course, that was the last good viewing point for 1925 and so on into the founding period. Similarly, for many on the European Right, the interwar years were the last high ground to see the fading aristocratic order. For the Right, history is a series of signal fires leading back to a romanticized ideal order where Western man could fully express his nature.

While the Left has the advantage of time, they are increasingly haunted by the fact they are running out of it. The old Marxist framing said that once economic relations were solved, political relations would be solved. That proved to be both impossible and incorrect, so they moved up to the institutions. Once they controlled those, they would guide society into the future. That led to the seizing of the culture. By controlling the means of cultural production, they can build the desired future.

Of course, the reality of the human condition is once again unravelling these plans for the great temporal leap. The only thing that remains is something like a rapture in which the political elect is taken off this fallen world into the promised land, leaving the rest of humanity behind. One reason the Left sounds increasingly like a UFO cult is they are sure the end times are approaching. They cannot articulate it, by they sense the hour is short and the great finale will happen any minute.

The Right is not prepared to make the leap into the abys but they are also haunted by the prospect of time. In their case, it is the reality that is too late to defend the present from the ravages of the Left. There is nothing left to defend. The last bridges to the past have been severed. Like survivors on a lifeboat, the Right is terrified by the prospect of floating along for eternity in a sea of nothingness. For the Right, hell is the eternal present, cut off from the past.

Perhaps this signals the final denouement of the cycle that began with the French Revolution and ushered in ideological politics. The dream of the glorious future will die with the dreams of a return to the glorious past. Politics will lose its sacredness and return to being the struggle over practical things. The sacred and the profane will return to the sphere outside of earthly demands. The sacred will produce moral men to debate the practical, rather than practical men to debate morality.

On the other hand, maybe the West is simply out of time. The long cycle that began in the high Middle Ages has run its course. The people will remain but what defines them, that old Western tradition, including its messianic claims, will fade away, slowly replaced by something not yet born. The West is now a death row inmate waiting execution, terrified of both the future and the past. The former for obvious reasons and the past because it is what brought him to this point.

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179 thoughts on “The End Of Time

  1. The left is the way it is because it is a perfect fit for single white women and homosexuals. Ukraine is a perfect example. Virtue signaling and feeling that you are taking a brave stand against evil outweigh practical matters like inflation and jobs. The left was originally more masculine and focused on practical matters. If the left is ever going to return to its masculine (practical) roots it has to jettison the gynocracy

  2. Libertarians (AnCaps) have a good vision of the future. They are often socially liberal but most often culturally conservative, if that makes sense. Libertarians borrow from the past but look toward the future. If “The Right” has any future, it is through them.

  3. Politics will lose its sacredness and return to being the struggle over practical things. The sacred and the profane will return to the sphere outside of earthly demands. The sacred will produce moral men to debate the practical, rather than practical men to debate morality.

    Insh’allah. “When I hear ‘ideology,’ I remove the safety from my Browning.”

    This is why Trump drove so many on the erstwhile Right insane. He represents the new politics, which is territorial, not ideological. Effete ideologues know they are going to lose a fight for real estate.

  4. As always, a though-provoking post. Although the author posits a legitimate prism to view the current political / social environment, I take exception to the framing of the right as drawing a perpetually weak hand by seeking to preserve an idealized past.
    First, looking to the past for policies / practices that work to create a better or more civil society isn’t a fraught practice. For example, American society would benefit greatly from fewer out of wedlock births and more intact families.
    Second, Western societies have a long history of going back to prior philosophical touchstones for inspiration to change the trajectory of their society. The West has oscillated between Aristotelian to Platonic influences on multiple occasions. Renaissance Humanists rediscovered ancient Greek and Roman texts. Ancient Rome was one of the many intellectual influences of the Founders.
    I would posit that relearning and applying past wisdom is a hallmark of western civilization’s success. It should not be discounted as a rich resource in the struggle against today’s progressivism. We have plenty to learn from the past. We need the will to advocate for and apply it.

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  6. Three titles to read or re-read on a similar topic

    Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

    Liberty or Equality
    Leftism, From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse.
    The Intelligent American’s Guide to Europe

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  8. Zman: “Of course, the reality of the human condition is once again unravelling these plans for the great temporal leap. The only thing that remains is something like a rapture in which the political elect is taken off this fallen world into the promised land, leaving the rest of humanity behind. One reason the Left sounds increasingly like a UFO cult is they are sure the end times are approaching. They cannot articulate it, by they sense the hour is short and the great finale will happen any minute.

    The Right is not prepared to make the leap into the abys but they are also haunted by the prospect of time.”

    The full post offered high perspective on things. I’m sure there’s a day’s worth of hair-splitting and contrarian comments. But in my opinion the thesis stands.

    ChrisZ: “Zman, this piece is one of your best, if not THE best.”

    Funny. Just like there’s no way to name the greatest Led Zeppelin song. After thousands of excellent articles there can be no THEE best Z post. I measure a Z article in terms of whether it breaks into the creme of his posts. The top 10%. Today’s post pretty easily makes the cut.

    • Zman has a lot of good pieces, I grant you. This one, however, lays down an architecture that can organize his disparate writings into a coherent whole. I think he’s been building towards more of a “big picture” vision for a while now, but his approach has largely been to come at it piecemeal, treating an array of topics in isolation. This essay, IMO, looks at the conflict of our age strategically, more than tactically; a step forward in his analysis—and in his potential to communicate his ideas to a wider audience.

      • I have a certain feeling your words come from the horse’s mouth so that will be his future course.

    • I’ve got a favourite post, curiously a rare, “white-pill” one
      but the zman never truly followed up on that intuition with other posts.
      He’s got a few strands he cycles through: satire of the left, satire of politics as a whole, satire of cultural or social (mostly leftist) trends (SJW, Karens and all that), posts in which he tries to participate in the debate over current state of conservatism, and posts on the Current Thing (Ukraine war as of late).

  9. There is still left and right but the defining characteristic has changed. It is no longer rich vs poor, but bleeding hearts vs the hard-headed. Emotion has largely replaced ideology.

    The effect is still the same. Bleeding hearts believe that there is enough to be divided between everyone, and equality follows from that. The hard-headed know that there isn’t enough to go round and that inequality is the necessary result.

    There will always be left and right. People naturally create equally-opposed groups because that best serves the competitive thrust of evolution. When the groups become too unequal, the definition and membership of each group will shift to create something more equally opposed because humans need competition. Thus, we have seen the right shifting to the left on a tectonic scale due to the feminisation of society.

  10. Superlative post. People have never cared about politics in the past, blissfully enough it was just power struggle among different elites.
    Then came democracy and everyone and their mother felt the need to take part in partisan politics. Such is the schizophrenic nature of mass politics, as the common man forgets his actual status and larps the role of a temporarily out-of-luck member of the elite.

  11. Time is not linear, it’s cyclical, what goes around, comes around. Same shit, different day’. There is no right or left, just con men, dancing for dollars. There is only good and evil in a constant battle.

  12. Late afterthought, but elsewhere I said the Woke are trying to form a separate branch, their own ethnicity.

    Why I keep hammering on Biblical history is because this is exactly why the Book was written, what was happening then, what both sides chronicled and contributed to in writing their own cojoined Book.

    The Judeans, the Woke of their society, were carving out themselves as a dominant branch of their people. The Book is a record of that long struggle. The New Testament was yet another branch coming from that split.

  13. I’m sure earlier comments have mentioned this, but toward the end of the piece comes the notion of cyclical time. Modern and Classical empires have followed generally similar courses. We don’t know what Tech, AI and the consolidation of power in a Uniworld Elite may bring, but it’s posible that the future of most current and soon to be Americans could resemble colonial or, at least, pre-industrial times with serfs substituted for what was an American yeomanry.

    If so, modern totalitarian structures, parasitic on the people, may be gone with no ruling authrority beyond the equivalent of the local warlord. Which then evolves further along the arc of the cycle.

      • In smaller, though, the only pension plan available was called, “grandkids.”

        Life as a hardscrabble turnip farmer, fighting off raiders with hand axes! The glorious future awaits.

        • Fighting off raiders with hand axes, hmm. Sounds like what tptb want for us. I’m thinking small might be the best chance we have!

  14. It’s beginning to look like Putin called Z over the weekend and suggested today’s post title “The end of time” to him as a foreshadowing of things to come. Last Friday, Lithuania decided to blockage Russian access to railroads supplying Kaliningrad Russia and today the Ukrainian military decided to attack a Russian natural gas production platform west of Crimea killing 7 civilian workers. Clearly the dementia patient’s handlers want a nuclear war in order to overshadow the inflation/economic debacle playing out in the West. Now might be a good time to get out of the big city if you live in one.

    • I’m glad you brought this up. Am I the only one who sees this Kaliningrad situation as almost a reverse Berlin Wall incident? Think about it. The USSR creates barrier in 1961 to prevent the sacred and precious (to Western society) free movement of people across borders. Righteous hand wringing and moralizing occurs all over West. Only “they” need barriers. Well well well, look which side is erecting barriers.

      There is a difference though. This all feels so petty and childlike. Like a spoiled daddy’s little girl who is throwing a tantrum for not getting her way.

      • The former name of Kaliningrad was Königsberg. Like today’s polish city Gdansk (former Danzig) it has been part of German culture for 500 years. The end of WWI changed things dramatically and East-Prussia was separeted from core-germany, Poland gained a lot of land and due to this a lot of germans left their home heading west. Later, Hitler and his goverment demanded Poland several times to allow open traffic on a railway line and a street through the polish corridor (, as assured in the Treaty of Versailles. But backed with aggressive guaranties of Britain and France, Poland refused and instead there happend a series of murders where civilians of the now german minority in the new polish have been killed awfully by polish nationalists. This provocations had been a foreplay to the german attack of 1939, which has been incited by in many ways by the western allies.
        It’s really frightening that the very same plot is now played on Putin and Russia; as TomA states, this includes even the killing of civilians to provoke a reaction of Russia.

    • I saw that. They announced the end of the world on Friday, voted for it on Saturday-

      – a unanimous emergency vote during normal government working hours, as if-

      -and backed it up with nuclear exchange amongst resistant white nations.

      The end of the world? The end of everything white people have spent the last 20,000 years building.

      Because they announced the end of White People.

      “Covid vaccinations” for babies.

      There will be no grandchildren.
      No next generation; and with us, everything falls. The Chinese burn their records, the Japanese have no men left, and they are not us. Close, but not enough.

      • Oh, not everything falls. The blacks will be here still. They will devolve into gangs of cannibals eating each other, but they will be here…forever.

        Just screeching and hitting each other with sticks, until the sun finally burns out and puts an end to the whole sorry affair.

      • Again,

        Now: Children of Men
        Next: Zardoz

        The End of Time.
        I deleted a “religious” screed, but what is happening is this:

        Abraham’s God wants to die.

        I wouldst explain the mechanics to thee- this is the workings of our greater ecology- but I demure.

        • Oh, and Pete, that’s it, that’s it exactly.

          The YHWH is trying to drag us back into the bucket, because that is its function: to decompose and recycle the sparse material of a paper-thin biosphere.

          This strata, we may call the billion hells. The muck at the bottom of the river.
          The never-ending animal cycle of those trapped in the greenhouse walls.

  15. The Soviet system discredited itself, and right-wing alternatives often forget that in the 230 years since the French Revolution, the world has undergone a transformation more fundamental than the move from hunter-gather societies to agrarian civilizations. US Libertarians are a good example of this–trying to applied policies that worked in mid 19th century Britain, and were eventually discarded as conditions changed, to a modern society.

    I tend to think that the 21st century will be the era of non-ideological authoritarian regimes that are vaguely ethno-nationalist, vaguely socially conservative, and lack real democratic institutions despite having nominally democratic constitutions–Russia would be the model here, and to a lesser extent Japan (the Japanese LDP doesn’t need to phoney up election results and imprision opposition leaders to stay in power like United Russia does). These regimes would clearly be “right-wing” by Western standards but they aren’t radical, ideological regimes like NSDAP Germany–committed to massive ethnic cleansing campaigns and totalitarian social control–either. The PRC will be an outlier here in that they have a single-party state de jure with an explicitly non-democratic constitution, instead of merely being a single party state de facto. The international system will look like the long 19th century, with shifting alliances among the various great powers based on balance-of-power considerations. These regimes won’t be focused on utopian ideas but rather preserving social order and a high standard of living for their citizens. In practice most of these governments will probably be highly corrupt and do a shabby job of delivering the goods.

    The US would be an outlier in that its society is too divided and too committed to anti-nationalistic ideas for something like Untied Russia or the LDP to take power. More likely, the Democrats will eventually have an iron-grip on power akin to those parties, but will remain committed to leftist social lunacy and high immigration rates. Eventually, it will be obvious to foreign observers that the US is both a declining basket case and a sham democracy, and this will permanently sink the prestige associated with democracy that led many states to adopt the system in the late 20th century.

    • Agree, KL. Well done. If we survive- even as a remnant, like Navajo, or Magyar or Armenians or Hmong, we must consider the politics of Nuevo Brasyl. Yours is quite possibly the most realistic view of what’s next.

      • Maybe we need to get down to a remnant before we can begin to thrive again. I’ve long thought that nobody can destroy white people but other white people.
        Nothing that is being done to our people today would be possible without the enthusiastic cooperation of a certain percentage of our own people. (((They))) are just too few, and their pet browns cannot act in any coordinated way without them.
        It’s as though our race has a cancer – a certain segment of our own “body” is working to destroy that body. Maybe the point of inflection was letting women vote – they seem to be driving the movements that I’m describing. Maybe if a clear majority of us realize that we’re in a fight for our survival, we can turn it around.
        Someone on another forum, years ago now, expressed the conviction that if white people were united, it wouldn’t matter for long how outnumbered we were. I hope they were right.

      • I can foresee white “favelas”, but not for long as we organize, perhaps the others in their glorious cities will want to take our favelas over because we would have clean water, paved streets, and actual learning in our “separate but equal” schools…give us a pile of bricks etc—

  16. I find it interesting that all I have to do is write the word “Jew” in this WordPress software and it’s flagged to be looked at. Notice it doesn’t do that for Hindu, or Catholic or Presbyterian. Now that’s a privileged religion. One in which nearly every comment software flags it to approve what you wrote. If that doesn’t demonstrate who rules us, I don’t know what does.

  17. If that past was so durable and wonderful it wouldn’t have been mowed down by the present. Why was the past so brittle? Why couldn’t it hold up against a few fuzzy faced Jews in various universities? Social brittleness is caused by lies. Certain lies were produced over the centuries, the biggest lie, which led to democracy itself, is that “all men are created equal.” Of course we now extrapolate that to women, n words, Indonesian cannibals, etc. Once that massive lie cracks open like an egg, we’ll have a chance. This also means that we have to take a page from the left. Christianity will have to be destroyed to be saved.

    • Absolutely. Absolutely.
      My deleted screed was about the nature of the man behind the curtain.

      The Maker we feel is the forces of creation beyond our small dewdrop. The Increate is felt by us as a vibe, like music speaking to us. We form neural imagoes as a step transformer, lest the sheer information density of the memory space, the “afterlife”- fry our circuits.

      The religious are not wrong, the Maker of Life is real. We feel It in our bones. ‘Tis as real and untouchable as sunlight.

      The Devil’s greatest trick was not convincing people he didn’t exist.
      It was telling people he was someone else.

      There are two Gods, not one.
      One of this world, and the one beyond it. Jesus argued with the king of this world alone- that one is not the Father he pointed to.

      Abraham did not say there is but one God. He said his was the highest. He forsook his father’s gods, because they were ours as well.

      If his were the highest, tribal reasoning would lead one to surmise the other claims made- father of humanity, of the universe, of the white Christ god and all the gods.

      Cherish the Maker, yes-
      but to worship the Mask?
      Never. It cannot fulfill its claims and promises, seeking only to harvest that which it is not.

      • When the devil approached Jesus in the desert and said he would give him al the kingdoms of the world if he worshiped him, I think it gives us a clue as to who runs the show around here. But also how there’s something far better, on a far higher spiritual gradient.

      • Those neural imagoes, the “gods”? When you imagine yourself talking, you see yourself talking to grandpa, or the wife or a friend, your child, an audience. That’s the circuitry I speak of. We give some undefined things a face, and at rare times, even hear a voice. It’s not a brain fart, but I belay further description.

        These gods, cultural archetypes, and immaterial influences coalesce along genetic frequencies. Each people have their own gods.

        All radio stations are one thing, “radio”; but radio itself is made up of many channels.

        To lump them all together is an inaccurate view of reality- just as saying “all gods are the same God” is not only untrue, but unholy.

        It is a revolt against nature and reality. Against Creation itself. I will acknowledge, but not submit to, the gods of other peoples. They are not the Maker, and they are not mine.

    • The credulity, empathy and susceptibility to universal egalitarianism of whites is our Achilles’ Heel. No other race has these burdens.

      I don’t know how to cure this other than great privation. Paging TomA.

    • The eternal problem with the past is that every system in every era has a hierarchy, and that means there are always people at the bottom. Lots of people, usually. Good governance mostly consists of keeping the masses at the bottom content, or at least hopeful of a chance for improvement. Because there are always masses of people who are discontent, or on the cusp of discontent, every system is always very fragile. Conservatives, therefore, are always ignoring the problems of the past, because the past, like the present, is undesirable by the majority of people living in it. Discontentment is the only constant in human affairs, and therefore the past will always be mowed down by the present.

      • I agree, but generally, throughout 5000 years of written history, the next regime operated mostly like the previous one, just with more competent people. There was never a hint that some Sheeboon from Inglewood would have a voice in anything that’s important. The French and in some respects, American Revolutions unleashed all of this. We’re all little aspiring Robespierres attempting to change human nature itself. Nothing but anarchy and terror emerges, much like the 1790’s. This will all correct itself, but sadly, not without a foot of blood in the gutters.

    • The only equality real liberalism recognizes is isonomy, equality of every one before the law. The mania for impossible other types of equality is a delusion afflicting most people since the French revolution.

  18. What ‘Progressives’ are claiming is really quite extraordinary: that for all of recorded human history, people have been getting it completely wrong regarding the basics: sex, race, human relationships, human nature.

    From Plato and Aristotle to Jefferson and Lincoln; on close scrutiny, it turns out they were ALL racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bigots.

    But now, finally, Leftists can look forward to an imagined future when all these pernicious collective misconceptions of our ancestors have been done away with, and the ‘truth’ of human equality governs the behavior of both individuals and institutions.

    The troubling disparities which had characterized life in the west up until the Progs came along to set everyone straight— the disproportionate incarceration rates of Blacks and other “people of color”, their under-representation in so many occupations and institutions, the “glass ceiling” of discrimination which prevented women from achieving on the level of men— would be replaced by a world of “social justice” in which “equity” finally reigns, and no group does better than any other. The across-the-board unqualified equality of Blacks and Whites, of men and women, of Swedes and Somalis, would finally be universally recognized.

    And history’s REAL villains would finally be exposed: all those people down through the ages who had failed to recognize and live up to this egalitarian vision.

    Which, it turns out, includes pretty much everybody who has come before. They were pretty much ALL wrong, regarding the fundamental issues of life.

    As presumptuous as it may seem, that’s what the Progs are purporting to do: set everyone who came before them straight, regarding what people are really like. Point out ‘truths’ which everyone coming before had somehow completely missed: the glorious egalitarianism which characterizes human achievement, once the barriers of ignorance and oppression have been removed.

    > So when conservatives and dissidents praise the vision of the founders, it doesn’t always represent a hopeless yearning to turn back the pages of time and recapture the glories of times past.

    In some cases, anyway, it reflects a much more limited and practical goal: to recover our ancestors’ (distinctly non-egalitarian) *understanding of what human beings are like*

    We’re not seeking to recapitulate the entirety of the founders’ vision; but merely to recover the realistic view of human differences on which their visions were based.

    • I may be repeating myself, but democracy and communism have the same goal: to make all equal.

      In light of Ezra Pound’s definition of democracy, my uber-conservative friends moral view of history makes sense.

      The beaches of Normandy, his service in Vietnam, the victories of LGBTQ and the January 6th Commission- all were “defending democracy.”

      And what is democracy?
      Ezra Pound: “Democracy is any nation run by ****.”
      (Rhymes with shoes.)

  19. I suppose that Right vs. Left is supposed to be the old, instinctive order based on inheritance vs. the new, enlightened, order based on enlightened ideas. It developed into a rape of the middle class by the educated elite on the grounds of helping oppressed peoples.

    In my vision, the new order celebrates the ordinary middle class, the Anybodies, as the great center of gravity of the world, and we develop a new relationship to the past by celebrating Nobodies like Hamilton and Franklin that created the new order out of their own intelligence, character, and study. The enemy — for politics must have an enemy — is the educated Gentry, the self-preening Somebodies that literally know nothing and have stolen our birthright.

  20. Most of us agree that the present dispensation is dying, but it’s so hard to wait for something new to arise from the collapse.

    I think that white nationalism is the best solution. Lots of you guys think that your special interpretation of Christianity is best. I hope we can work together but you have universalist tenets that I cannot abide and I know that the feeling is mutual.

    When will white people understand that they must be tribal and join my side? Or when will people of all races accept the almost universally unpopular old-time Christ?

    We’re all waiting for the miracle and it’s hard to endure. I hope that we can sympathize with one another even when we can’t agree.

    • Of course I have the difficulty of wanting to be around godly POC instead of fellow whites like the Bidens or the Clintons. Perhaps you have a solution in Pigmentation Paradise for the criminality of Caucasians while excluding Ben Carson and Sen Tim Scott.

      • When “Tim Scott’s” nephew steals your hubcaps, don’t come crying to me.

      • You are betting everything on the tiniest of outliers. Get real.

        Even conservative blacks voted for Obama. All the conservative non-whites that you mention are in favor of virtually unlimited legal immigration. Why is that?

        Almost all non-whites in a mostly white environment will speak of their yearning to be around more faces like their own. Tribalism is more powerful than values, even deeply held Christian values.

        As for the Clintons and the Bidens, I concede that no political solution is perfect. I just guess that our chances are best with our own shared inherited morality not outsiders who most deeply want to see their race dominate the others.

        • Sadly you have made it clear that you are neither a born again Christian nor really interested in the benefits of Christianity.

          Ultimately you embrace spiritual and moral suicide with an argument that refuses to understand the power, history and reality of Christianity.

          “Tribalism is more powerful than values, even deeply held Christian values.” Yours are the words of an ignorant man.

          “As for the Clintons and the Bidens…” what you are really conceding to is that you prefer a white anti-Christ culture rather than a non white Christlike/Christian culture.

          • We’re both waiting waiting for the mirace and the world will show us who was more accurat, if eithere. No hard feelings on my side.

          • RoboFascist 1st: Please point out those flourishing non-White ‘Christian’ cultures and all their godly adherents.

            God created separate and distinct nations and peoples. Sharing the Word with others does not mean sharing your home and offering them your daughters.

        • Their race is their religion. They vote in bloc and in this way have taken the cities.

          There’s a reason the Exodus resonated most strongly with them. They think the same as the storytellers, all nonwhites do. They will defend their own no matter what the scumbag was.

          This is why Severian gets only the Black paper from such students. He probably gets the Hindu, Chinese, Arab, and Mestizo paper as well.

          Zman said it best.
          20 do 100.
          We are seeing a separate ethnic branch, the Woke, trying to form.

      • “Of course I have the difficulty of wanting to be around godly POC instead of fellow whites like the Bidens or the Clintons. Perhaps you have a solution in Pigmentation Paradise for the criminality of Caucasians while excluding Ben Carson and Sen Tim Scott.”

        Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, and Jeffrey Dahmer are all universally loathed and spat upon by Whites as a group.

        George Floyd, Eldridge Cleaver, Nelson Mandela, and Angela Davis are universally idolized, feted, hero-worshipped and canonized by blacks as a group and by their Hebraic enablers.

        I pity anyone who has not reached the age of majority over whom you exercise any influence or legal guardianship. May God protect them, as you appear to repudiate your responsibilities in favor of virtue signaling and dogmatic refusal to see the point.

        • I view Derek Chauvin as an American hero sadly locked up as a political prisoner in his own country.

          I view your “Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, and Jeffrey Dahmer” collection as a sick set of examples you clearly miss as anti-Christ degenerate/insane.

          I view you as simply unable to discern… Christian morality from anti-Christ insanity world in a desperate need to misrepresent another group “George Floyd, Eldridge Cleaver, Nelson Mandela, and Angela Davis” as if they represent born again Christians and Christianity.

          The point is that you are unable to spiritually rise above racial identity and have any benefit to the future.

          • Robo, I’d concede that most people wish to be good.

            The Zman makes this point repeatedly re the small hats.

            The problem is that 20%, the ones who are determined to get to the top of the tree by any means.

            We’re not going to end territorial instinct, present in all living things.

            I would rather that we red wolves begin to defend our territory against the grey, the brown, and the black. We shan’t make them red.

          • “I view you as simply unable to discern… Christian morality from anti-Christ insanity world in a desperate need to misrepresent another group “George Floyd, Eldridge Cleaver, Nelson Mandela, and Angela Davis” as if they represent born again Christians and Christianity.”

            What was that thing I said in my initial post about your dogmatic refusal to see the point?

            Yeah. That thing again.

      • How does that verse go?

        “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

        It happens. Don’t expect perfection in a world of evil, especially when the “Pharisees” offer 30 pieces of silver, with more to come. Biden and the Clintons may actually be threefold more the child of hell.

        • The whole goshdam Book chronicles a civil war between the race supremacists and their own brothers, the half-breeds who mated into and adopted Aryan culture.

          The colorblinded Christians still don’t see it. They can’t see that the supremacists won the war against the 80% majority, the Ten Tribes (out of 12!), and then went beserk when a half-breed named Jesus brought it all back, reversing their victory.

          Har Megiddo (Armageddon) was supposed to destroy Rome- instead, it destroyed the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

          In return, they created Islam, which led to Crusades, which led to everything since the fall of Rome.

          The Increate I can do.
          But to kneel to Abraham’s god I will not.

  21. Wherever society goes, I’ll never feel at home. As someone now in middle age, I’ve spent the first 40 years raging against the decay of what these old coots have produced. When the old coots are finally dislodged, it’ll be a young man’s society again. So I’m going to be going from a young man in a degenerate old man’s society to an old man in a regenerated society, whether it becomes better or worse, likely both. The 1990-2020 period will be seen as a long cultural death march where nothing happened but slow decay, followed by a 10 year social/economic implosion. At least I won’t be like an old boomer trying to re-live the van with shag carpeting era, or the previous generation longing for 1952 again. Maybe that’s the comfort we’ll have, knowing that our youthful days were in a sad, forgettable era. My age group is the human version of the Sony Mini-Disc player, which was wedged between to large sweeping formats of technology.

    • The 1990-2020 period will be seen as a long cultural death march where nothing happened but slow decay,

      Nothing happened? The rise of the internet is the most momentous change in human culture since the printing press. I feel awed and privileged to have witnessed it first hand.

      • That’s technology. And yes, the internet is wonderful. But the same Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden who were in Congress before the internet are here right now. All the internet did was amplify every idea circulating in society. The good with the bad. A giant amplification device. And I’m trying to forget the dial-up modem era and having to wait a minute for each webpage. Really like five minutes when it just came out.

      • “Nothing happened? The rise of the internet is the most momentous change in human culture since the printing press. I feel awed and privileged to have witnessed it first hand.”

        Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. They are but improved means to an unimproved end, an end which it was already but too easy to arrive at; as railroads lead to Boston or New York. We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate.

        -Walden, by Henry David Thoreau

        Or, as dear old Grandpaw Botts used to say, “And then what?”

        • I love Walden. Though I am no transcendentalist, Emerson, Thoreau, and even Whitman (yeah – I hesitate to include for a variety of reasons) were at such a key moment in world and American identity. Many of their observations regarding progress ring truer today than in the past. The Republicans could certainly learn by reading the opening paragraph of “Nature” – retrospective, building the sepulchers to the fathers, groping amongst the dry bones of the past.

      • Hear, hear, Lord Krull!

        Our people invented metal, masonry, cosmology, agriculture, animal husbandry, alphabets, science. Our ancient pyramids dot the planet.
        And we, we alone, went to the Moon and stars.

        We are indeed awed and privileged to witness such a sweep firsthand!
        Thanks again, wypipo.
        I say, hear, hear!

        • Electronics! I was astounded to see the sheer, stunning genius of the electromagnetic researchers in 1853.

          (And all the other modern sciences as well. Archaeology itself! Let ‘er rip, white boys!)

      • I think the internet is at least as revolutionary an innovation as the printing press. The increasingly frantic efforts of everyone in power to suppress and gatekeep what we’re allowed to say and hear are proof of that, in my observation. I also think that these efforts are doomed to fail eventually – can’t be soon enough.

    • Go GenX. ” Too Fast to live, too Young to Die ” A nifty soundbite for the Lost Boys.
      Or Too FAT to live, forever re-spawning on Call of Duty.

  22. . In Europe, the man of the Right can embrace ancient social structures like pre-Christian paganism and tribalism.

    In Europe, pagans are hippies, about drinking herbal tea, eating organic herbiage, hugging, loving, dancing around in the nudd and respecting nature. Pagans are a plague on our thing and they’ll get the bullet too.

    He can embrace the aristocratic age of the high Middle Ages. These are not pasts that an American can conjure as they do not exist in the American past.

    Only because rejecting its European roots is an important part of America’s identity. Ancient Greece doesn’t exist in the Danish past either, but we still trace our cultural heritage back to Athens. It causes us not the least national or cultural confusion to think of ourselves as both Danes and European.

    It is a good point that the Right is backward-looking, but sometimes going backwards is the only way to get back on track when you’re lost in the woods. Going back during the Renaissance boosted European civilization into nitromethane overdrive, leaving all our competitors in the dust.

    Americans should learn to mentally reach back across that Big Boat Trip and embrace their Continental ancestors. America has a unique and heroic history; recognizing you’re part of a larger European history takes nothing away from it – on the contrary, it adds to it.

    • Americans should learn to mentally reach back across that Big Boat Trip and embrace their Continental ancestors.

      I disagree. I think we should cut ourselves off from Europe. Americans, as in white Americans, have a civilizational duty as caretakers of the New World. We need to get back to that and leave Europe to be itself again.

      • Americans, as in white Americans, have a civilizational duty as caretakers of the New World.

        That goes without saying and I don’t see that I said anything to the contrary.

        Except I consider “white” a derogatory term: you’re European-Americans. I know the hyphen is galling, but that’s the America you live in. Be named by the most glorious civilization in history or be labelled by your skin color like some third-worlder.

        • Correct, white just doesn’t do it. E.Michael Jones is trying to say the same thing only he uses religious faiths which aren’t useful, but he is on to something no matter what people here think of him.

          • I agree about E. Michael’s take on the term ‘White’ being a weapon. Now if he could just get past the idea that any group on the planet could create Western Civ if they’d adopt Christianity we’d have something powerful to work with.

          • Hint: and just who created Christianity?

            Second hint: no, that bunch is the wicked step-dad only pretending to be the father, so he can steal mother’s inheritance.

        • Felix, excellent point regarding the “white” label. Though I prefer Anglo-American. Same meaning, but rolls off the tongue better. Also sounds a little angelic.

        • I agree with Felix in this dialogue, Z man’s concept of the white man’s burden died in the 80`s. We are not in control of our own country anymore, much less the continent.

          • The white man’s burden is still alive and always will be. Whites will always be in control of the money, which flows downhill toward the puppets the money employs to pretend things are run on our behalf. The problem is, that white money has gone insane.

        • I agree strongly with this, and am trying to deprogram myself from ever using ‘white’ or ‘black’. They are material optical properties denoting reflection and absorption. We have optical properties, but we are not optical properties.

          People glom onto it because it is such a good correlate for behavior. However, Europeans have been optically white for about 8000 years, and we just as behaviorally (culturally) different from baseline Africans back then as we are now.

          We real Americans are new (relative to baseline Europeans) European ethnicities who are varying mixtures of the baseline European peoples. A century ago this was clearly understood by all. We still have our own distinctive cultures which have not yet been completely erased and replaced by Hollywood filth.

          Akin to a stretched rubberband returning to its rest length, Europeans will return to their natural state of civilization building when the forcing of deformative pozz has been removed. Recent history shows clearly that the African, when the forcing of armed civilized law has been removed, return to their natural state of burning, looting, and murdering.

          Reminds me of a recent interview I saw of the Afro-lesbian mayor of Chicago. The stress of trying and failing to govern what used to be a European city while letting Africans do what they will, caused her to lose about a third of her hair density and one of her hands was shaking so badly it looked like a serious neural disease. The white leftist reporters were of course too polite to ask her about it, while still hounding her for her failure to protect THEIR white leftist habitat. I, on the other hand, busted out laughing. Nice is an ideology only afforded by those who have made safe their people by securing their lands against the hostile other.

    • I don’t really view returning to the correct path as going backwards. It’s more like floating down a river. In the past, there were times we swam with the current, like the Renaissance, the Magna Carta, our founding through 1860, etc. And times we swam against the current, like the Dark Ages, the Civil War, Marxism, Progressivism, the current cultural nihilism, etc. We can never go back to the start of the river, but we can start swimming with the current again.

      • Nice analogy.

        But we’ll need to rediscover some of the old values if we want to move forward because we can’t build on the toxic poz our parents left us.

      • All change is not progress and all progress is not forward.
        What was the quote? Sometimes mankind doesn’t need to be instructed but needs to be reminded.

    • uh dude, Denmark’s ancestors are nowhere near Greece. You are a very pale shadow of what they were, and what they created. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.

      • I said “cultural heritage”, not ancestry.

        The blueprint for the way all Westerners think was laid down by the Greeks 2,500 years ago. It’s no coincidence that early American architecture is triumphantly Roman because the founders understood that the Republic traced its roots back to Athens.

        • An interesting question is, where do Egypt and the pre-Islamic Near East fit in? When I took Ancient Civ and Western Civ classes back in the early 90s, Egypt and the Near East were considered part of Western Civ. And, given–among other reasons–the fact that the Bible is veritably the foundational manuscript for Western Civ, this makes a certain amount of sense.

          • When I took Ancient Civ and Western Civ classes back in the early 90s, Egypt and the Near East were considered part of Western Civ

            Yes, and ultimately Mesopotamia and Sumer. Minoan Crete was most likely started as an Egyptian colony. But those civs were destroyed in the Bronze Age collapse – the Great Reset of the ancient world.

            Greece was where the spark struck, where we invented the kind of abstract thinking that sets us apart from the rest.

          • The First Dynasty pharoahs had red and blond hair. Mosaics depicting white people are amongst the oldest extant architecture found. It was our maserotic masonry from the tepes that the habiru stood in awe and envy of.

            How can we prove this? The mummies of the Taurim basin pyramids- so well preserved, they look like Sven and Inga, 1,000 years or more before the Asiatics ever got there.

            Well, that plus the 800,000 year old settlements in northern England, oldest known in the world, and the red-haired Neanderthals, the Cro-magnon explosion of art and intelligence in eastern Europe 64,000 BC. Our thread is ancient.

        • “The blueprint for the way all Westerners think was laid down by the Greeks 2,500 years ago.”

          This is so true. I took Ancient Greek and we translated one of the oldest extant texts where Greek thinkers had written down their tentative exploration of rhetorical logic. It was new: they did not have it before.

          They were not stupid, but smarter than we are today. (better pattern recognition capability) They had the genomic hardware to run the software of logical thinking, but had not yet written the software. After the Greeks wrote the code and shared it around, others who could run the new software on their own genomic hardware began to do so. The ability to learn these new notions certainly played at least a small role in the development of a larger civilizational identity.

      • Greek dragonships didn’t go on to sail the seven seas and conquer the world.

        On the other hand, Alexander did conquer the world with naught but a spear…and we got Afghans as a result!

    • Our Thing is basically Pagan. Kinship, Beauty, Nature are Anti Christian Values.

      Living in a pod, well a cave , suffering in hopes of a better tomorrow and eat the bugs , err locusts are Christian . Oh and breed for your God.

      Give away everything and follow me is not strength, its weakness

      And yes I am aware of muscular strains , that is good but it doesn’t need to play at fascism

      The Pagans lack the foundation they need to get stable but at least they are pro living

      In the end Woke is a Christian religion just without theology.

      Heathenry is better across the board

      The virtues of Odinism

      Strength is better than weakness
      Courage is better than cowardice
      Joy is better than guilt
      Honour is better than dishonour
      Freedom is better than slavery
      Kinship is better than alienation
      Realism is better than dogmatism
      Vigor is better than lifelessness
      Ancestry is better than rootlessness
      Tell me if your Abrahamic import is better than that. I doubt it.

    • Good lord. Zman, with today’s and Taki’s, you certainly do kick ass with style.

      Felix Krull’s Gab is deliciously wicked. I’d really like to hear the Dane’s thoughts on this Taki. As well as the rest of the Euros!

  23. I just hope the death row inmate, representing the west, has run out of appeals. This crap has been dragging out far too long and it’s high time to pull the plug or more likely the lever or bury the needle.

    I’d also be more than happy to pitch in and help remove the political elect from this fallen world as that is only way get it back on its feet. The one thing is though, they won’t be going to any promised land – not by a long shot.

    • For the system to fail to such an extent that a broad restructuring of the elite is possible would be unbelievably painful for the vast majority of people.

      You would really need to go back before the 60s to find the level of poverty this would entail, only it wouldn’t be confined to Appalachia and other small, lowly populated and isolated communities. The middle class would probably entirely disappear, at least for a generation and that is assuming it could even be done at all.

      We have been without major suffering for so long that people just forget how bad this suffering could be. I think it would be worse than at any point anywhere in the 20th century. Just imagine driving around in a car and pulling up to the outskirts of a town with signs saying to keep moving, no jobs and no meals and throwing homeless people in jail to perform hard labor. People forget that this happened less than a hundred years ago in the US, only this time there is no CCC and no public works programs and other handouts.

      • Making clothes out of flour sacks? Picking up coal by the train tracks, butchering rabbits, hand-hoeing the turnip patch, carrying water in buckets, scrubbing on a washboard?

        Every Saturday, the washtub was filled for the family’s weekly bath. You kept a teakettle on the iron stove to reheat the same water for the next person- the water got so black, comes the phrase “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

        “Sliced bread was only ten cents…but try to find a dime!”

        • In many ways it would be worse than all that. If there were flour sacks, nobody knows how to sew them into clothes. Nobody knows how to grow food. Those people owned those farms and knew how to run them, even if they had to severely tighten their belt. Nobody is in this situation today. Most people are a payment away from foreclosure or a missed tax bill. The property taxes if they existed at all were minuscule.

          In some ways some people will be better off than the poor of the depression era. But in many other ways, will be worse off.

          Of course, this all contingent on things becoming so bad that swapping out the elites is a realistic proposition. I don’t think this is a remote possibility unless things are significantly worse than the depression. People are not going to be willing to upend the system if the system is serving them well at least economically. The Bolsheviks and the Nazis both arrived during horrific times in their respective places. WW1 for the Bolsheviks and the Depression for the Nazis. This was also the case in Spain and Italy.

          Without really hard times, replacing the elite is just a fantasy.

          • Whew! I really like electric lights and a/c.
            Refrigerated, store bought meats.

            But then, I don’t have kids in school.

        • A funny thing. People stopped having kids during that time, The fertility rate was about what it is now and that with religion and without birth control

          Ultimately though we have way more and more powerful guns now and I expect them to be used till ammo runs out.

          Reminds me a of bit from Fallout 4

          Blake Abernathy

          Word of advice, though. If you do start up a farm, be ready to deal with the raiders. Why do all the hard work when you can just take what you want at gunpoint?

          I expect to see a lot of that.

      • We got socialism via Roosevelt because of that and while he didn’t solve the problems, the destruction of Europe in WW2 did people weren’t going hungry under Roosevelt for long. Stuff like Food Stamps worked

        I suspect rather than genteel misery of the 30’s if there is a collapse we’ll get a period of mass banditry and rule by armed gangs,. I dunno Warring States China maybe ?

        If the gangs get civilized some and do a good job, the old rulers won’t come back either.No reason to have them.

        If you want to make it, make dangerous friends and be prepared to take opportunities as they come.

  24. I’m surprised a MGTOW focused podcast allowed a guy like Z-Man onto their show. Let’s hope this is a good sign. I know Heartiste used to publish a lot of race realist stuff, but he also got a ton of push-back from portions of his audience and he was primarily a pick up artist. Still, most MGTOW are already slaughtering sacred cows and don’t want extra corpses of even more dead cows. So it’s nice to see them open to the idea of the dissident right.

  25. Great Z-man posting, but perhaps I’m not in total agreement/understanding. My reading is that Z-man seems to be saying the past is gone, we can’t go back—a new beginning (unknown) is before us…

    I don’t expect to go back to the 50’s of my youth. Ozzie and Harriet and Leave it to Beaver won’t repeat—if they ever existed. These were myths, even in their time, but as Joseph Campbell tells us in “The Power of Myth”—the myth tells us what a society aspires to, the truth or falsity of the myth is not important.

    The values of my youth, that I only can now see and appreciate in my old age, *are timeless*! Those—however imperfectly practiced by imperfect people—we must regain, and this time maintain.

    One needs to explain to me how it is wishful/fanciful thinking to return to a societal understanding of the biological nature and therefore roles of women and men? How is it impossible to not promote timeless virtues such as honesty, integrity, self reliance, bravery… Has there ever been a great civilization/society that rose in the recorded past that did not aspire to—and possess—these virtues. Has there ever been one that survived losing these.

    No, I want a return to the past—because the (important) past to me is not possessions, comfort, wealth and yes, even technology.

    • “ The values of my youth, that I only can now see and appreciate in my old age, *are timeless*! Those—however imperfectly practiced by imperfect people—we must regain, and this time maintain.”

      I think the values that were present in multiple civilizations throughout history will more than likely be forced back into existence through circumstances.

      Then again, technology (particularly AI) may change things such that previously disruptive vices are no longer such a liability to societal e stability.

      Things like artificial wombs and brain- CPU implants might mean things like traditional gender roles might never return.

      I think the dissidents’ biggest pet peeve with conservatives is that they hang on to values that were only present during very particular periods of time and places.

      Democracy, The constitution, and 19th century capitalism are not timeless values.

      • Sand Wasp: “Things like artificial wombs and brain- CPU implants might mean things like traditional gender roles might never return.”

        I’d rather endure the end of modern antibiotics than endure the glorious future ‘modern medicine’ has in store for mankind.

    • Not that it is relevant but I remember reading that a friend of Ozzies said that his tv show was more a refection and projection of his upbringing in the 1920s.

      I get Z’s forging ahead with a break with the Euro past and along with, all the forefathers stuff. Shyte real now and we have to get serious.

    • Go back and re-watch these shows. Read publications of the time. Read popular fiction of the time. Listen to radio recordings of the time. More importantly, look at who wrote those TV shows and produced them, who published those books and who ran the radio media of the time.

      The popular culture was already in the hands of the enemy. Proto-SJWism is everywhere in these cultural productions.

      I just watched the beginning of a movie from 1959 about a population collapse called “The World, the Flesh and the Devil.”. Some black engineer was stuck in a mine during the whole thing and so he survived. A blonde white woman finds him. The whole thing is about the evils of racism and this white woman’s desire for him. It’s all disgusting propaganda and this was from 1959 IIRC. It was so old it was black and white film.

    • The true Conservative (I prefer the term Traditionalist) does not “look to the past.” He is not an historicist, he is an essentialist. He believes that society has a form that is natural to it, and that deviations from this form are analogous to disease or vice. He reverences certain things about the past only because these point to times when the form was achieved with better perfection and clarity. He is not believe there is anything new under the sun.

      This is the important difference between the Left and the Right. It is not a mere difference of opinion. The Left is always looking for some new idea, new social structure, or new technology to put the world aright, while the Right knows that this is impossible. Man remains what he is, what he always was, and what he always will be, regardless of whatever else changes around him.

      The Right deals with reality as it is, while the Left demands that reality be what it isn’t. The two can never meet.

  26. The Covid-19 debacle has made abundantly clear to me that political labels such as left or right are not real. The real political divide is between those who believe humans must be controlled and those who have no such desire.

      • I would say about 80% of our “elite” are in the humans must be controlled camp. This includes 100% of Dems and 50% of Repubs. Only around 40% of the population wants to be controlled. But even that 40% only wants to be controlled because the left is in power. So that drops to maybe 20% of the population that just wants to be controlled regardless, and half of those are black.

    • I’m not so sure about that. Few of us are libertarians. We believe people must be controlled. But what we want is our people controlling our people. What’s happening right now is that alien people are controlling us while allowing the great ruck of other aliens to run wild.

      • My personal experiences support what I said. The vast majority of us in this country (80%) want nothing more than to be left alone to live their own lives on their own terms. They just want to do their own thing and not be screwed with by any pushing any kind of political/ideological/religious agenda. It is a noisy minority, the “Karens” on the left and the “blue noses” on the right, who are obsessed with pushing what ever their agenda is on the rest of us.

        • In a sense, we doubtless desire to be left alone. But the logic of this position is anarchy, and nobody wants that, particularly when 13 percent of the population–or a bit more–are neolithic savages. What’s more, “leaving alone” means the anti-white racists who control the country right now would be free to impose their lunatic agenda on us yet again. Those people must be controlled. Or better yet, nullified.

      • Most people do not want Liberty, that is what we call Freedom here.

        What they want is to be ruled by their own people and customs . That is real Freedom

        The opposite Tyranny is being ruled instead by foreigners and foreign ideas

  27. Zman how open and honest were you with your opinions on Juneteenth for Takimag? I ask because it is 11:11 am EST and they still have not posted your Monday submission. Did they cancel it?

  28. Brilliant piece. Just thinking out loud, but I’ve been sort of kicking around the idea that we’re at the end of the cycle that began with the French Revolution and Bonaparte; the US adopted the Bonapartian mantle of conquest in the name of Enlightnment fictions, and has sought the obliteration of nations that hewed to a more organic creation and evolution thereafter. The South was the first, Imperial Russia followed (Wilson certainly upvoted a lot of Bolsheviks tweets). All that said, Duhmerican cultural hegemony has certainly performed admirably in draining a sense of time/history/tradition from the nations of the West. In this light, GAE’s wars against Confederate monuments and Putin’s Russia make a great deal of sense.

  29. I think it is encouraging to realize that those countries in Europe and Asia that have been the recipients of the left’s tender mercies are the most based in reality. Reality, of course, is a constantly changing thing in politics. Not in nature, but in human social constructs. China went through the Japanese occupation, the Great Leap Forward, and crushing poverty until they began to become “realistic” and started gradually changing Mao’s policies. Russia became the Soviet Union and experienced a nightmare for 80 years under communism, and then another 20 years rebuilding from that mess. The former Soviet Bloc is a mixed bag. Some, like Hungary, are extremely based and opposed to globohomo policies. Poland is very anti-communist, but they rely on globohomo more than they should and want military revenge…..against somebody.

    Americans and Western Europeans are the most stubborn about maintaining the current status quo, which changes every 10 minutes. When you become a parody, you don’t see yourself as a parody. You see yourself on the “right side of history”, fully committed to stopping all “injustices” and moving forward into utopia. The only problem with that is you never get to utopia. And the ruling elite like it that way. If everything is 10 years out, like the destruction of the world due to fill-in-the-blank, you have 10 years to rely on the morons forgetting about the last 10 year plan and you can just trot out a new one.

    I think that the Russian and Chinese plan to cripple the petrodollar system is the most promising thing in the return to sanity for the West. Western Europe and America have been wealthy by world standards for centuries. Those within those cocoons have been, for the most part, immune to the concerns with surviving that the rest of the world has faced on a daily basis. But, if Russia and China (and India, Iran, and the Muslim world) get their way, the dollar as the reserve currency of the world will go by the wayside, and America will economically collapse. When that happens, Americans will go through a transition that most closely resembles the South following the War of Northern Aggression. However, in spite of the left constantly pulling “the end of the world” out of their asses, the world won’t end for Americans. Yes, people will die, but more will live. It remains to be seen what we will do with those lives.

    • The most surprising part has been India’s willingness to change alliances on a dime. Indian social media seemed the most aggressive in calling out the U.S. for their Ukraine rhetoric. The Unites States has been instrumental in their economic progress the past decade but are more than willing to give us the middle finger when their interests direct them elsewhere.

      Would be hilarious if the Indians who became woke for social ascendance turned into wreckers against the regime when the U.S. starts trying to flex it’s muscle towards their homeland.

      • Like everyone who is not a retarded NPC twat, the Indians have very strong nationalistic views for their homeland.

        Try agitating for the destruction of India inside India and you will likely end up on fire or beaten severely.

        We need more of that.

      • Like any rational actor, Indians choose the policy that best serves their national interest. This is what every nation should be doing.

      • Chet Rollins: I don’t find it surprising that they’ve vacillated between using the Soviets/Russians (trade and industry in the ’60s and ’70s) and using the US (tech jobs and H1B visas in the ’90s onward) whenever each has best served India’s purpose. They look out for themselves, regardless of the Western sense of ‘fairness’ or ‘morality’ (whose meaning now shifts with the wind anyhow).

        I have no problem with what they do with or for their own people in their own country. Problem is so many of their people are in every other country including this one, convinced they created all the roots of medicine, philosophy, and modern technology. Funny how they never mention street-sh**ing and body odor and extreme dysgenic genetic mutations via centuries of inbreeding.

        Otherwise, they are a political nation with national interests like any other.

  30. What rough beast, it’s hour come round at last, slouches towards America to be born.

    • The other Irishman said something about history repeating endlessly via a Commodius Vicus of Recirculation. So it wil all eventually come out in the wash.

      Only problem is first we barrel through the shitter on the way to get there. Whee!

  31. Maybe simplistic, I believe civilization is in the cities. Can’t speak to Europe, but American cities are long gone. Civilization has been collapsing here for at least 70 years, marked by white flight. It’s only partially acknowledged because somehow people were convinced abandoning the cities was Freedom! and Progress! (Technological advance made it possible, interestingly.) Maybe the destruction of the middle class, more acutely felt with youth, will rip off the blinders and force people to face reality. Akin to hitting bottom and deciding to live as well as you can, or give up and die.

    Clinging to civilization is clinging to collapse, now— stubbornly seeking the grave. That sounds dramatic to me, too, but I can’t see it otherwise when people chase the American Dream and things only get worse. Quite a trick somebody pulled.

    • US cities, and increasingly, European cities, have been taken over by cultural aliens with no organic connection with the civilizational legacy which you claim is most exemplified by our cities. In the US, first huge infusions of africans made them largelt uninhabitable, and those most likely to sustain and advance these cities run for the hills. Subsequent mass waves of alien immigrants with little to no interest in melding with the European-based culture of the cities is driving the nails into the coffins of our cities. And who pulled off this gutting of the culture? Don’t be coy, please.

  32. The hybrid uni-party seen today in regards to the Ukraine situation may have began to splinter. Once you lose the reliable Left at the NYT, it may be a sign of things to come. Or just a slow news day since Biden stayed upright on his bicycle.

    Are We Sure America Is Not at War in Ukraine?

    • Elite factions seem to have split. It seems one group of Clouds was delusional enough to believe China would stay on the sidelines while the “West” went to war with Russia. They also seemed to think China would share power with them as a junior partner.
      Some time late last year you could see some of the Soros types had soured on the CCP. It never occurred to them that some nations want to preserve their people and cultures. The more realistic among them, essentially the grifters, knew better.

      Will they own nothing and be miserable? Don’t discount it.

    • The NYT is not so much “the reliable Left”, as it is the microphone for a faction within the leftward side of the uniparty. They don’t publish anything not handed to them by someone within the “intelligence” community or Democratic party. That faction is trying to manage the narrative for its f-up up in Ukraine.

      • DLS,

        Lost in translation but I meant it with a healthy dollop of sarcasm regarding the NYT as the vanguard of Leftism. Mostly they seem to cater to whatever is in fashion for the day. Notice their embrace of Juneteenth-as article after article from subpar AA writers shows lately.

      • Big Media in general is merely the Power Structure’s propaganda organ. And the NY Times is the most prestigious component of the propaganda organ.

  33. The Left looks for Eden in the future; the Right to Eden in the past. Some want to have a chance to obey God and make things right. Others want to eat the fruit and try again to deny God. But the worse want another chance to disobey and crucify God all over again.

    All these beliefs are a fallacy as the God man already gave each of us individuals an option to rectify what went wrong in Eden. Then he made a church and that church is here and now physically present in our lives. This continues to be the way forward.

    • John Hagee wants to roll you a doobie and get you to sign a Texas sized loyalty oath to anti-Christ political Zionism.

      • The man upstairs plan may be to destroy Christian Zionism and men like John Hagee. The church has not always been as infested with Zionists.
        Part of mankind’s recovery may be both the destruction of progressive Christianity on the left and Zionist Christianity on the right.
        Todays choices are that we are allowed to be against neocon wars as long as we favor butt sex.
        Or we are allowed to be against butt sex as long as we favor neocon wars.
        What if one day we could be both against butt sex and against foreign wars?
        And for our people?
        The church can still play a role in getting us there.

        • Christian Zionism and Globalhomo are already self destruction as anti-Christ culture insanity. Perhaps our work is being done for us in these heretic buffets. The godly household should protect their children with the wisdom of separation from the sexual slaughterhouse. As the wicked burn down their own house I’m not calling the fire department.

    • RedBeard: Some of us are not trying to immanetize the eschaton but merely live decent and very human lives in the world God created. However fallen and flawed, it is still ours for a certain span of years, and most of us would rather our children and grandchildren have a chance to experience it before whatever comes after.

      • I hear you there, I have four little ones Im measuring out for the armor of Christ.

  34. The Left is ascendant because the parasites are now the dominant cohort of the US population. Decades of printing money in order to purchase the votes of the stupid via welfarism has manufactured a class of dependent deadweight freeloaders that are so utterly useless that they can only survive by continuing to vote for the worst possible person for federal office. This and gerrymandering has guaranteed incumbency for the grifters that now exploit their grip on federal expenditures to enrich themselves by skimming at the margins of trillion dollar budgets. As the junior partner in this criminal enterprise, the Right gets to scrounge for the scraps that are cast off by the Left and otherwise serve as buttboy for their masters. Is this blunt enough for you?

    Nothing will change until the environment changes. The Left will grow increasingly more deranged and the Right will scream VOTE HARDER until their vocal cords rip apart. Only the collapse will bring on the hardship necessary to restart evolutionary fitness selection and a return of natural robustness. Or the dementia patient will start a nuclear war with Russia and we will have Armageddon instead.

    • “The Left is ascendant because the parasites are now the dominant cohort of the US population. Decades of printing money in order to purchase the votes of the stupid via welfarism has manufactured a class of dependent deadweight freeloaders that are so utterly useless that they can only survive by continuing to vote for the worst possible person for federal office.”

      This is exactly my view of it as well.

  35. Let us reminisce over the variety of End of Time/World kooks/liars/heretics.

    Not long ago it was Harold Camping (2011) as another heretic crook showing a near repeat of William Miller of 1843/1844 fame. As heretic bookends in Bible world do not forget that even Ronald Reagan believed the Armageddon End Times would occur in his lifetime probably with help from the heretic slob Hal Lindsey who hailed from Dallas Theological Seminary.

    Another category no doubt of its own brand is composed of the Paul Ehrlich types with the famine, climate and physical world fearmongering. We should all be dead by now or at least eating Soylent Green for breakfast.

    And let us not forget the Andromeda Strain /COVID19 fanatics and the scientific calculations aroma therapy of media/film witch doctors and Ukrainian biowarfare lab junkies.. Turns out perhaps Mike Pompeo and Steve Bannon have more virologist friends than anybody else.

    Lately financial collapse is on sale again down at the Left/Right Store. I remember Howard Ruff telling everyone oil was going to be at $100/bl in the 1980s if you could get it. The world was running out of crude and that was a fact. Now there is enough crude in the Orinoco alone to last centuries when blended with other grades also in gigantic amounts all over the Earth.

    Perhaps I could interest you in an asteroid collision anxiety as a political centrist? Or… you could go on CNN and speak about the summer of 1816, volcanoes and food riots in Paris as a wealthy electronics slob.

    • zman… the use of the term “you” is meant generically and not at you or even other commentators. Apologies if you thought it was a hit.

  36. An incisive essay and Zman treasure trove of quotable statements. Here’s just one:
    …The only thing that remains is something like a rapture in which the political elect is taken off this fallen world into the promised land, leaving the rest of humanity behind…
    To which I say: God haste the day when the political elect – left & right – are raptured to the place they merit.

  37. “The terms Left and Right have been ubiquitous in Western public discourse for so long people just assume they are universal constants. The fact is though, they are neither universal nor constant….”

    Sure they are. You even say so further on in your article. What’s happened is that we now have a political ‘up’ and ‘down’, and a ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ (call it the Z Axis, if you will). You can’t accurately impose a three dimensional model on a two dimensional one without distorting both. But that is just semantics.

    Agreed that the left thinks for the future. The most forward thinking conservatives are stocking popcorn, food and ammo, thinking that will make them immune to what’s coming. Or they think that moving out to the country and starting a garden will do it. The left is drawing up retribution lists, sites for the death camps, they’ve picked out their expendable cannon fodder, their political officers for the new managerial class and setting up their next grift.

    1980? 1955? Shoot, man… the way things are now…? I’d like to go back to 1936! The new Messerschmidts were in the air, Jewish perverts were getting beat down in the streets, and corrupt politicians and judges were being dragged off and disappearing in the middle of the night, and Fwance and Britain had be told to FOAD, and national pride could be found in every beautiful country tavern along the backroads…


    The sun on the meadow is summery warm
    The stag in the forest runs free
    But gathered together we’ll meet the storm
    Tomorrow Belongs To Me..


      • Agreed… but our story is not over yet either. Every day brings more diversity, more attacks on whites, more chimp outs, more govt overreach and intrusion, more environmentalism….more abuse…

        The guys that fought and won WW2 are not the guys in charge today. If Hitler faced the people of America today, and not our ancestors… we’d all be speaking German now and probably liking it….

  38. The Left has been on a “long march through the institutions” for a long time, with their dreams of ending inequality, racism, discrimination, oppression and borders.

    Now we’re here, they’ve crossed the finish line, where they control essentially all of the institutions, and they get to see those dreams become reality. Dreams that are turning out to be nightmares.

    • They passed that line decades back just the media slicing of culture meant most people never even noticed when it happened.

      We are now in “The sequel: perpetual demonic revolution”.

  39. Back in the day, Spengler over at the Asia Times was fond of saying: “It’s not the end of the world – it’s just the end of you.”

    The world will recover nicely once the twisted monster that the West has become sinks into irrelevance.

    • I’m not worried about them.
      We don’t have a shortage of black, brown, olive, or yellow people.

      (And religiously, I say they’ll sink back into nature’s eternal present without us. The gates of Heaven will be closed, our Signal a mere burst of pollen unto a wider cosmos. Perhaps a few such rare flashes are all any biosphere can achieve.)

  40. I wonder if some historian in the distant future will be studying the Fall of the West and come across Z’s essays. They will help explain much.

    I was a history major and still enjoying reading history and historical fiction when time allows. Currently reading a Harry Siddebottom novel (Iron & Rust). It had already struck me how often the characters in the late Roman Empire kept looking back on the “better times” of Marcus Aurelius or the heroes of the Republic like Scipio and Cincinnatus. The Romans themselves by then were far into the stage of wealth and decadence while also barely able maintain their frontiers against “barbarians” and enemies on all sides.
    What few of those 3rd Century Romans were doing was looking at a brighter future instead if just trying to hang on to what they had.

    • Honestly think 95%+ percent of electronic media will be lost to the wind within 20-30 years, even if they still exist in bytes somewhere. There’s just such an influx of useless data it will be impossible to make heads or tails of what is actually useful information.

      Books will likely be the only media that withstand the test of time.

      • So it would seem, but then again AI and fast search algorithms might be the tool to crunch (search for meaning) within the data. (That’s actually a big thing today.)

        When I was in the biz when the Internet was just creating a buzz, a faculty member came into my office breathless and tossed me a diskette with an early version of a browser on it. Basically, he said stop everything you’re doing, this is the only important thing. He then changed all his work to developing search algorithms for the Internet. Then, shortly after, he left to go to unknown companies like Yahoo and Google.

        He, being much smarter than I, realized the amount of data that would soon be gathered and stored and would shortly—like immediately—be useless without such algorithms. This guy—who shall remain nameless—is now rich. And of course, I am where I am. 🙁

    • I’d like to think so but I have the feeling that the NYT, MSNBC and the other propaganda arms of Globohomo will be speaking of us to our descendents. I am convinced they have already done so for the people in the times leading up to and concluding with the WW2 years.

      In my darkest thoughts, I sometimes wonder if the right guys won that conflict…

      • I don’t wonder at all. If the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy and slogged through the jungles of Guadalcanal could have been given a quick and temporary time travel to our present to look around and then be sent back, they would have made different choices. I think they would have wished the Axis ‘good luck as long as you stay the hell out of our land’ then sailed back home, eradicated every living creature in NYC, Washington DC, and Hollywood then driven down to our southern border and built a half-mile high wall.

        Moreover, I think this is true about every war since 1812. George Washington got it right the first time with his warning about foreign entanglements. Thomas Jefferson nailed it with “merchants have no country.” Invade the world, invite the world, all for the profit of transnational parasites.

  41. the only thing i would add to your essay, is that the Right has been extinguished by the Left. the latter’s comprehensive take over of society has starved the Right of whatever sustains a political movement. we have people who call themselves “conservative” (a synonym for Right) but in fact are of the Left and merely wear the Right as a skin suit. I would posit that the Left, being a parasitical organism, sealed its own fate when it killed off the host it was dependent upon.

  42. The problem for both the left and the right is the enlightenment and liberalism as a broad concept.

    They led to the pseudo religious belief that human perfection and utopia could be achieved by liberating people from restraints that were benighting them and the sources of all evil and misery.

    In the 18th century the most obvious restraints were monarchy and aristocracy. Eliminating those are the founding myth of Americans. Europe followed suit in the 19th century. The limitation of those restraints failed to lead to perfection or utopia so next set of restraints had to be removed. Which failed to create utopia so it was on to the next. Setting up a cycle of “permanent revolution”, an unending quest to finally get it right. Marxism was just one phase in that quest.

    Fast forward to,today, and the remaining restraints to human perfection are biological reality. Hence the obsession with transgenderism – the ability of people to become whatever they will. Which will fail and lead to the next step. Which will be even more insane. Nihilism is the left’s ultimate destination – one they are rapidly approaching.

    The problem with the American right is that it too is liberal. Embracing the enlightenment-liberal project. It just rejects the more recent reality denying phases of liberalism. And imagines that if only society could reset to 1790 or 1850 or 1910 or 1960 that those conditions could be maintained over the long hall. They fail to realize that those were just points on the road that got us here and going back to them, without rejecting the enlightenment foundation, will lead right back to the same place we are now.

    • In the 18th century the most obvious restraints were monarchy and aristocracy. Eliminating those are the founding myth of Americans.

      That’s an incorrect, latter-day assumption. The issue was George III personally, as an ignoble tyrant. The Yankees viewed the enlightenment concept of democracy favorably but that didn’t eliminate a monarch if his qualities were amenable to their line of thinking. The elite of that era contemplated making Washington a king. There was also an aristocracy, the elite with powdered wigs and buckled shoes, whose fashions eventually changed but were never themselves eliminated. The Bostonian Puritan elite led the American Revolution, with more somber garb, but their ideas never went completely out of style. They were the same kill-joys that made up Cromwell’s New Model Army and maintained a pogrom against Catholicism that lasted 300 years and a culture that denied the institution of Christmas and drinking on Sundays until yesterday. They were perfectly happy to kill every native American if it meant a few more acres to grow some tobacco.

      • There was no great revulsion of the concept of an “aristocracy” among the Founders as you make clear. They were however of the mind that aristocracy by “dint of birth”, was dangerous—if not absurd. I believe it was Jefferson that talked of a “natural” aristocracy forming from the people in his writings.

        As a proponent of HBD science, I have no problem with this concept. Indeed, in that respect, the Founder were prescient.

  43. The right seems to be completely oblivious to how technological changes have completely changed the game. While the left has fully embraced warping public discourse in social media through mass bannings and bot swarms (while accusing everyone on the right of being a Russian bot), the right is still stuck in the “public square” debate.
    The influx of technology has also made manipulating procedural outcomes far more streamlined as decentralized organizations can communicate with massive efficiency to ensure that no rioters will see jail time. It also allows puppet-masters in the shadows to get much more fluidity of movement with instant communication.
    The biggest is technological strength, by far, manipulating financial apparatus though. A large part of the wokeness foisted on corporations is due to huge investment firms promoting DIE initiatives, to the extent they will only invest in organizations who bend the knee to social justice causes. Groups like Blackrock don’t , in any stretch of the imagination, work in the free market, as they are tied in the hip to the Federal Reserve and get sweetheart deals based on their contacts. It’s to the point where these firms are more powerful than our own government, and if our financial elite went hard fascist, our government and most major companies would be posting swastikas before the end of the week.
    With the dawn of technology, there’s no reason why every average Joe with good credit should not be able to borrow money from the Federal Reserve at the same rate banks and investment firms do. At one point this would be infeasible, but not anymore. This would crush Big Finance in one fell swoop.

    • nah, the people running corporations are just as woke as the gender studies majors. they love being able to focus on bullshit social initiatives, instead of making a profit.

      • “woke” corporations are perfect evidence of the merchants sign in a street window professing fealty to the current regime. they say or confess whatever is necessary to keep the shekels coming.

    • Absolutely stupendous. The Zman has brought out the very finest in our commenters today. Such great minds, really.

      As Chet says, that’s the nub.
      The unending cycle of debt bondage is a feature of the Middle East people’s culture. Its growth is unrestrained, affecting and warping all around it, like an unseen black hole, like a cancer.

  44. Zman, this piece is one of your best, if not THE best. Thoughtful and concise, with a powerful main image (the specter of Time) and several powerful subsidiary ones (the death row inmate, the leftist’s past being full of monsters). I take it these reflections will play a prominent role in your book, or have developed as you were writing it. Well done. As the title indicates, this is an eschatology for our age.

  45. Actually, the Left can and does articulate the End Times. All the time, in fact. It’s the “climate crisis” that will wipe humanity from the face of the Earth within 10 years if everyone doesn’t go woke.

    • Exactly. The one common driving force the Left still has is apocalypse due to “X.” The causes of the End Times have to change more frequently due to instantaneous digital communications so it is hard to keep up with what will soon end the world but the cause is irrelevant because you care.

      The Right now exists, to paraphrase the Dabney quote Z frequently cites, to prove it is good because it also rejects that bad thing it cannot recall.

      All modern politics will become tribal because the “Who? Whom?” thing was correct albeit for the wrong reason.

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