Shark Sightings

The sharks are begging to accumulate off the coast of the Biden administration, as his popularity falls along with his cognitive functioning. The current polling has him at or near the lowest ever recorded for a sitting president. His party is in a panic over the upcoming midterm elections. There is an obvious shift going on in the media where they signal that it is time to think about what comes after Joe Biden. Now the first dorsal fins of potential replacements are showing up in the water.

The first fin to pop up was that of Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California and former mayor of San Francisco. He recently ran an ad in Florida telling the locals that their state is terrible, they smell like feet and the smart ones should leave the filthy place and come to California. Presumably, his team thinks this is a way to pick a fight with Ron DeSantis, who has become a bogeyman for his cult. They seem to have forgotten that Florida is a critical swing state in elections.

Newsom turning up at the White House while Biden is visiting Israel suggests that the people in charge wanted to send a message. A child of extreme privilege, Newsom got richer by partnering with the fourth so of oil tycoon John Paul Getty. They started a winery and then a private equity firm that targeted entertainment properties catering to the managerial elite. Newson got bored with that and bought himself a mayoral office and then the governorship of California.

To his credit, he is one of the few politicians alive today who has ever signed the front of a paycheck and done any sort of real work. Granted, these are silly businesses that look like they were underwritten to make his resume look good. Boutique wineries and hipster restaurants are different from making car parts or fixing refrigeration units, but it at least looks like real work. He will no doubt run as a self-made man who knows how businesspeople struggle in these difficult times.

Another fin in the water is Gretchen Whitmer. She is up for reelection and has been getting lots of favorable news coverage. She gets to speak to important Democratic party groups and was on Biden’s short list of VP choices. He passed on her as she is too ambitious. The people around Biden had him select Harris as a form of life insurance policy. Just as no one would take out Obama with Biden as VP, no one is going to take out Biden with Harris as VP.

Whitmer’s resume is the dreary stuff we have come to expect. She has been on the dole her whole life. Her biggest claim to fame is the kidnapping hoax, which may have started as a campaign trick. It is hard to know, but so far, we know it was orchestrated by the FBI and not the patsies they put on trial. Her former lawyer seems to be involved with the FBI handlers. The whole thing is a seedy example of FBI corruption but also how big a role they play in politics.

The final fin in the water of Kamala Harris. Up until a few weeks ago, she was programmed to chant about how she looked forward to running with Biden in 2024 whenever asked about it. Someone swapped out her response code with a new response designed to give the impression she hopes Biden dies soon. This is probably the only way she ever becomes president. Even with support from Biden she stands little chance of winning the nomination on her own in 2024.

The main reason for looking at this is to note the long term planning that goes on with presidential candidates. Rich people thought Newsom could be president twenty-five years ago so they have been grooming him for this moment. That is a long term commitment to a project. The same is true of Whitmer. The kidnapping hoax is the sort of thing you do when you think she can run ten years hence as a tough independent female who stood up to the patriarchy as a governor.

The other interesting thing about the fins sticking out of the water is the Democrats are going to look for a white person in 2024. Harris ticks the brown boxes, but the wrong brown boxes as far as Democratic voters are concerned. Look around at other potential fins in the water and they all look like great whites as well. The Left’s commitment to diversity is like Pelosi and Biden’s commitment to Catholicism. It is a ceremonial item that has no bearing on how they live or think.

This is something the dullards in conservatism, which is pretty much all of conservatism, never seem to grasp. The chanting about white supremacy, antiracism, diversity and so on is a uniform these people wear to signal their commitment to their class. Fifty years ago, they walked around in brand new work clothes to signal their solidarity with the working man. Today they wear the language of diversity, inclusion and equity to show their solidarity with the swarthy fellows tending their gardens.

Putting all of that aside, the next six months promise some good political entertainment as the number of fins in the water reaches critical mass. While there is no reason to vote for Republicans, there are enough people mad at the economy to switch both the House and the Senate this fall. That will lead to a public debate about what to do with the aging Joe Biden. Do they let him serve out his term or do they push him down a flight of stairs after the election?

A year ago, the way to bet was on the unexpected tumble, but Harris has been so bad that swapping Biden for her is probably a bad bet. The people running the White House need Biden in place as they secure new places in the next regime. That means they put out word that Biden is re-thinking his 2024 plans. Sometime in the winter he announces his retirement after his first term in office. That also shifts the focus from the failures of Biden to the future failures of the next regime.

On the other hand, the 2020 election says that anything is possible so Biden running and winning in 2024 is not unthinkable. The beautiful people love firsts so he can be the first man in a coma to win election. Maybe the first man with a single digit approval rating to win reelection. After all, he was the first man to lose the first four primaries and still win his party’s nomination. He also got eighty million votes in the general election, which says that in America anything is possible.

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267 thoughts on “Shark Sightings

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  2. It occurs to oneself that Z could be one of those witty political stand-up guys. Or easily write for them. Remember that guy on PBS who’d sit at the piano and sing funny stuff. Or that guy Spalding Gray? Why can’t Z do that? Or maybe he does.

    Z: “That will lead to a public debate about what to do with the aging Joe Biden. Do they let him serve out his term or do they push him down a flight of stairs after the election?…

    The final fin in the water of Kamala Harris. Up until a few weeks ago, she was programmed to chant about how she looked forward to running with Biden in 2024 whenever asked about it. Someone swapped out her response code with a new response designed to give the impression she hopes Biden dies soon…

    On the other hand, the 2020 election says that anything is possible so Biden running and winning in 2024 is not unthinkable. The beautiful people love firsts so he can be the first man in a coma to win election. Maybe the first man with a single digit approval rating to win reelection. After all, he was the first man to lose the first four primaries and still win his party’s nomination. He also got eighty million votes in the general election, which says that in America anything is possible.”

  3. Awww, shucks! I forgot the best part of Morning Joe!

    You see, Trump saw it all in his secret bunker, watching on video. Some parts he rewound over and over, giggling with maniacal glee. No, really! Like, really for reals!

    But that was not the worst part. You cannot begin to imagine how evil this madman truly was.

    The entire leadership of the United States was in that building!
    Pence, Pelosi, and…and…
    the nuclear football!

    You see? You SEE?!!
    You insensate, glorious fools, blinded by your own magnificent goodness and innocent patriotism!


  4. Z-Man, yes I see the press stuff as part of the Inner Party machinations, IMHO likely Hillary! who has power/influence over the media and security services. But China owns the current Regime via Son of Big Guy, and they will not let that ownership go. Everything from Green Industrial destruction to Green Energy shortages to CRT is inflicting their own Red Guard / Maoism destructiveness on their chief rival in the Pacific. Big Guy will be the nominee if they have anything to say about it, and considering they run much of Corporate America and the security services and media companies, they do.

    We are seeing elements of non-financial Oligarchs realize American Maoism is not conducive to Space X, Amazon, or Blue Origin even existing much less making money as real companies rely on energy, productive workforces, and a reliable and predictable supply chain to make money. Some elements of the Military Industrial complex are awakening to that as well.

    Newsom is likely to be as successful as Harris, Kloubichar, and Buttgig. California is riven by the black/Hispanic turf war. The latter pushing blacks out of neighborhoods and demanding first place in patronage. The mini-war between LA County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva (a Trump-lite character) over mask mandates, vaxx mandates, Latino Deputy gangs, and cleaning up Venice vs the Cuck/black coalition of the Board of Supervisors is California politics at its essential. Latinos make up most of the law enforcement officers, are not happy at all crime by blacks being legal, and in a fight against Newsom ally Gascon, LA County DA, over policies leading to cop killers pled out gang members let out to kill cops as in the El Monte Cops killed by one let out by Gascon in the local motel complex.

    Newsom as the black candidate who is not black is basically California’s Bill de Blasio. I expect Stacy Abrams or Mayor Groot to be the main challenger for Big Guy.

    • So people know, Villanueva has refused to enforce mask mandates or force his deputies (mostly Latino) to be vaxxed. His deputies hate both. The Board is trying to fire him over that. He’s also wanting to arrest or force out the homeless in Venice, which the Board also hates as each homeless person brings in about $250K to $500K in combined federal, state, local, and NGOistan grants (for grifting and grafting). He also has a big gang issue among deputies he denies exists, and various abuses in the County Jail. The LA County Board of Supervisors is mostly cucks and blacks and like the LA City Council notoriously corrupt.

      Villaneuva is not my guy nor an Angel but he at least fights his ethnic corner and that can no longer in a majority Latino state be covered up anymore. His groups main enemy is not Whites, now totally absent from most patronage or political issues, but blacks. THAT is the conflict roiling the Democratic Party. Latinos like big trucks, eating beef and chicken and pork not bugs, owning guns, dislike black crime being legalized, and so on. They also figure THEY not sacred worshiped blacks should be in most patronage positions. IMHO that conflict sinks Newsom. The state is in transition to being basically Northern Mexico in the US.

      • The city council move to remove Villanueva as sheriff could potentially set a horrific legal precedent for the institution of the county sheriff nationwide.

        As for the MIC, they’ve been all in on forced masking, forced jabs, CRT, and celebrating alphabet soup.

        Meanwhile, my phone and email continues to light up with contacts from recruiters.

        • Hoo boy, lads. That is damm near a picture perfect postcard of L.A. politics.

          And now, Newsom is pushing the “make the gig economy, independent contractors, and owner operators illegal” button again.

          These dipsticks really, really want to destroy the supply chain and capture every small doctor, farmer, trucker or gig driver out there. As goes Cali, so goes the nation.

          Maybe the Chinese are having an unemployment problem and are about to come back over here.

          Coolies and Cartel, let democracy ring!

    • Not to go full bore NAHALT, but that aligns perfectly with what clients from SoCal have told me. Also, the Mestizos are pretty based on the J Question, which I guess shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Redpilling them to the fullest extent possible on that issue might pay dividends. Also, an attack on the gig economy is an attack on them, too.

      I’m also quite bearish on the Newsome Question, but since I see voting as simply a tool to foment discord/force open Regime cheating at this point, it sort of is more entertaining than useful information.

  5. I will never believe that Joe Biden ,who campaigned from his basement, finished fifth in the Democrat primaries, who had dementia gran mal,….got 80 million votes. BS!! Even the thirty percent of Americans who are irrepreperably stupid would believe it!!!


  6. The Biden videos today from Israel remind me of the old series of comedy skits with Tim Conway, “Dorf Goes Fishing”. Instead it’s Biden walks on the Tarmac, Biden forgets which way is his chair, Biden…

    Were we ever a serious nation with regards to leadership?

  7. Coming soon, Starring Donald Trump & a Suit To Be Named Later, in the blockbuster to end all blockbusters:
    The Quickening 2024:
    The Sedevacantist
    There Can be More than One

      • Because it rolls off the tongue more smoothly than “pusinamillous poltroons and oleaginous rumpswabs”?

      • “Sedevacantist” means that the Chair of Peter (the Pope) is empty.
        But you may have already known that.
        The Chair of Peter is, of course, NOT empty. It is still occupied by Benedict XVI.
        Jorge is merely a globohomo interloper. And most definitely not a Catholic.

  8. Well, it looks like they’ve reached the banks of the Rubicon. The Cloud People in the Government have pretty much decided he has to go, but how?

    Well, they could use his and his son’s corruption to drive Pedo Peter out of office, but that is too messy and people will hate Democrats even more.

    We can assume they’ll fill the envelopes full of cash and hand it to the Dominion People, but they still have Joe plus a population who will be even more angry over another crooked election. The Dirt people are already on the verge of getting too uppity anyhow.

    Or they could pull off an act where Joe and a few others they don’t like are out of the picture, and the American people are so shocked that they can declare martial law and get away with it. That way they can cancel the elections, go after their White Supremacist Bogeymen, and soothe the normies will a narrative like ” we’re doing this for your good.” And the saps will believe it. And the Republicans will all line up and shout “Yeah!”

    Now you all can try to figure out what they could do. You fill in the blanks. I would call it The Mother of All False Flags, but I don’t think I’m supposed to mention stuff like that around here. After all, there’s no Deep State. Right?

    Anyhow, think on this premise. What would they have done In the time of Imperial Rome?

    • I’m down with Whiskey. Maybe better to ask, “what would they have done in the time of Chairman Mao?”

      • I’m from Kentucky. Was born and still live here. In Eastern Kentucky, of all places.I know lots about 100 proof whiskey. I cut my teeth on that stuff. I’ve drank very little for quite awhile. No need to think about things I know I can’t change.

  9. Come now, let’s give our Republican friends a little bit of credit — they will be amusing us to death as well. It’s going to be hilarious, watching them rig their primaries to keep Orange Man from winning again. And since DR3, they pretty much have to go with someone brown. I bet “Nikki” “Haley” is warming up in the bullpen as we speak, since she’s a twofer, but I bet Marco Rubio has one more run in him. Make foam parties great again! Or they might go for the quadruple axel and run that heretofore unknown scion of the Bush family, Jebuardo Bush. Fun times ahoy!

    • Don’t count on it.

      They’re going to make their voters vote for that steaming pile “Pierre Delecto”, aka “Mittens”, aka Romney, but with a POC & POV (Person of Vajay-jay).

      He’s so RINO the dems can stomach him, and normiecon can “own the dems” by voting for the one who “should’ve” beat Obama.

    • One must be careful—lest “orange man” run as an independent and nail those duplicitous RINO’s to the wall. That’s how Clinton got in. Trump is in the drivers seat for 2024, like it or not.

      • Of course, whoever sits in the Anti-White House doesn’t really matter dicksquat. We’re in a post-electoral world now.

      • “Chancellor Trump was not really elected!”

        He just took over the Republican Beer Hall in a violent putsch! Then the Rightstag burned down!

    • Nikki Haley’s not gonna OWN THE LIBS like Mayra Flores, the current cuckservative obsession.

    • that’s George P. bush to you , sererian . and he will endlessly run until the bush family is back on center stage .

  10. Some are positing that the Biden will be removed via an assassination by a White Supremacist. That of course would necessitate the cancellation of the elections and gun confiscation.

    • I see some generic so and so got there first. The plan g=has to be for the Dems to deny anything is wrong until January when the OP, despite their best efforts will win.
      Part two of the Dems plan is to accelerate and exacerbate all of the evils and blame the GOP. I’ve no doubt the NYT and WaPo are writing the editorials as we speak.

      • “the NYT and WaPo are writing the editorials as we speak.”

        Heck, they’ve already won the Pullitzer Prize, too!

    • But would those evil raciss dare in the middle of a national crisis? Feminists are urging Biden to declare the lack of abortions a federal health emergency.

      No, seriously. Triumphantly announced this a.m. on MSNBC.

    • This plan is genius, for them. Almost all of the country has been conditioned by the media to believe this.

      Most Republicans will be gullible and enthusiastic to defend “our democracy.”

      • …As well as say that “this country is too divided” and “we mustn’t give voice to extremists” and that’s when Christian right-wingers get the 2 minutes hate because that’s all that’s really left.

        • Omg. Hunter, unjustly defamed and blamed by evil Breitbart propaganda…

          Hunter to lead us and unite us.

          Hunter/Chelsea 2024!

  11. > Sometime in the winter he announces his retirement after his first term in office.

    My money is they take him out with a C.I.A. asset decked out in full MAGA regalia. That way they get the sympathy card (their only real hope at this point) as well as another bloody shirt for the crusades against gun ownership and “white supremacy”.

    • Agree, Mr. Generic. Subtlety is their strong point. Nothing obvious or blatant for sure.

      • Over half the country reads below the 8th grade level.

        Keeping narratives simple to sway mass opinion is wise.

        • there is no way the the average reading level is that high . nearly half the country is functionally illiterate .
          probably 10 to 15% read at or above the 8th grade level.

        • The World Bank is claiming that 70% of 10 year olds that were subjected to coof lockdowns are functionally illiterate.

          • Wild Geese: Well, only about 8% of the world’s 10 year olds are White, so that sounds about right.

          • There should be a breakdown of those “illiterate” “kids” by race. Although I don’t have my finger on the pulse, I know of no White friends nor family that kept their kids in a locked down school situation.

            Here in my berg, I’m betting these illiterate kids would have been illiterate coming out of any school we offer and the breakdown would have been about the same by race as before Covid. We already have something approaching 50% illiterate graduates from HS here in the Hispanic community.

    • My money is on the “Ron Brown” scenario when he flies back from the mid-east. Takes care of both Joe and DOCTOR Jill. Another plus will be the lack of physical evidence.

  12. About the only thing I know for sure is that it is going to suck. I do enjoy the gyrations however. “Oh no, we really, really do like you that’s why we want your vote, now put your head in this oven.”

    That’s the part that always gets me, people know they are going to get screwed yet they still expect good things. For example, after the presumed shellacking the republicans give in the mid-terms I know we’re all just dying to get “immigration reform” at long last. Any bets that they won’t try? It’s going to be grrreat.

  13. I don’t think you can rule out the GOP failing to take both the House and Senate and possibly on purpose. They know all the problems ailing us are the result of long term secular problems that cannot be fixed with happy talk and a tax break for billionaires. Plus, the GOP loves being the powerless opposition. They get to stick to their “principles” when it doesn’t matter. They can bitch about the budget deficit and the government being too large when they will be outvoted and the Democrat President will sign huge spending bills. It’s great for fundraising.

    • The GOP only has this opportunity because they’re not democrats (to normie voter). They will find a way to fuck it up. If any group knows how to fail it is the GOP.

    • Those tax cuts benefitted me and the majority of corporate Americans, who are white fyi. It’s strange hearing anti economics Marxist talking points on right wing blogs

      • So those tax cuts benefitted you “and a majority of corporate Americans”?

        “Corporate Americans”. Is that a new citizenship?

        How’s your town? How’s your hospital? If you gave to go to the ER (odds say you will), how long do you have to wait? How are your neighbors doing?

        If you go out at night, do you have to be careful about where and when? If you need a snack, and it’s late, will you go into a 7-11?

        If you need something fixed on your car, what are the odds the guy doing the work is using meth?

        The f***ing place is collapsing. Wake the f*** up.

  14. Plato didn’t think that you had to fix refrigerators to govern well. quite the opposite. I guess your point is that leaders should be in touch with the common man.

    • Leaders should be in touch with reality, anyway, if not with the common man. I think that was the point.

    • True, however, while Plato advocates for his philosopher-king, he states that they should have life experiences in lower offices (at least 15 years after 35 years of schooling and education). His definition of “true philosophers” is also someone that seeks knowledge and wisdom on all subjects. His famous allegory compared Athenian democracy to a group of people with no knowledge of navigation trying to take charge of a ship at sea. From this perspective, z’s comparison holds true. Todays leaders have no idea what it takes to keep power grids running or supply chains functional. They inherited these things and were then groomed to say simpleton rhetoric in front of an audience.

  15. Newsom is by far the most capable of all the pygmies running, but he has one big problem. California depends on capital gains and income taxes to a bigger extent than anyone realizes. It gyrates radically from flush budget at the height of stock and real estate bubbles to near ruin when those bubbles burst. And sure enough, when the budgets are flush, they lock in expensive nonsense like healthcare for illegals. It also has a very expensive pension plan for its blue haired state workers. When the economy goes into reverse, all that bubble money going into the state budget vaporizes. So instead of going into the Democrat primary crowing about how strong the CA economy is, it’ll be ground zero of the economic disaster about to unfold. Even Democrats will pause to look at the smoldering ruin that is CA.

    • A big problem for Newsom is that California was Lockdown Central during the plandemic. Florida under DeSantis was the most open state.

      By 2024, the immense number of deaths and injuries from the Covid “vaccines” (not vaccines) will be a problem for politicians who supported the vaxx and the mandates.

      • It’s only an electoral problem for the left if normies know about it and normies only know about it if its reported and its only reported if its not an electoral problem for the left.

        It won’t be a problem. Has it been a problem so far that the virus was intentionqlly engineered in a US funded lab?

        Scandal of the century would be far too mild if this was allowed to be widely understood

        We need to accept the awful reality what total narrative control means.

      • Wolf Barney: You’re forgetting who controls the megaphone. Mainstream media will simply ignore deaths and injuries from the “vaccines.” Alternative media will report on such matters, but the vast majority of those who read/watch alternative media will already be anti-vax to begin with. So alt media will mainly be preaching to the choir. Given the attention span of the average person, it’s entirely possible that most of the electorate will barely remember Covid by 2024.

        • sadly true. it is astounding how very very hard it is to even talk to normie outside of the media narratives. either MSNBC or FOX .

        • Good points Wkathman. It may not be enough, but the mainstream media has been rapidly losing credibility, and is now at an all-time low in terms of trust. I believe it’ll go even lower.

          Also, we don’t know if the deaths and injuries will increase, and how much they’ll increase. I think by quite a bit, too many to sweep under the rug. Including children, which will make parents enraged. But I might be wrong.

          Insurance companies, which are aready reporting massive increases in deaths since the vaxx rollout, might not stay quiet on this. But then maybe the government pays them to offset their losses.

          I’m already amazed at how much a large number of my neighbors know regarding the deaths and injuries, and how eerily quiet my pro-vaxx friends and neighbors are.

    • Silicon Valley and all the international ports in California have made that state economically invincible for the foreseeable future. He’ll continue to brag like he did something. Like the rest of our country, the corporations will keep us on life support while we degenerate, I’m afraid.

  16. It’s right to concentrate on which Democrat wins, because the Republicans are a finished party and a finished brand. The Democrats never want to relinquish power, but being in the minority in Congress will be a hefty consolation prize this year, as the economy implodes. It’s not coming back for years. Should the Republicans win, suddenly THEY will be the ones holding up PPP check, round 2, and Stimmy round 2, and as everyone gets their autos repossessed because they were thrown out of work, a giant arrow will be pointed by all the Dems and all the media at these uncaring Republicans who will be turned into Monopoly guy with monocle (who also denied your precious abortion in a country chok-full-o-sluts and hoes This will create a positive tailwind again for the Democrats.

    The Republicans will be rightly frightened that the fiscal picture of the U.S. is crumbling along with the economy. But the time for fiscal restraint is long passed. It’s not politically practical, nor does it matter for a pyramiding Federal budget that’s already out of control just as the recession is beginning. The suicide of that part will be at hand, and good riddance.

      • Blue team to red team: “I just lit this stick of dynamite and stuck it in a bucket of sewage, why don’t you hold it for a while?”

        • Red Team: “…and this is how we’ll teach ’em what it is to be a good neighbor! We’re all Americans, right?”

  17. By 2024 there may be a reckoning with the vaccines.

    Perhaps the strategy will be to allow Trump to get back into office. Then the dam of denial bursts and they unload all the blame on Mr. Warp Speed.

    Schizophrenic conservatives are dumb enough to fall into that trap.

    “The vaccine is evil and has killed millions, so let’s worship muh god emperor who signed off on the project”

      • NoOneAtAll You win the Internet today as far as I’m concerned. People love entertaining fantasies that the rotten bastards in charge will one day meet with their just comeuppance. Yet, not even the puppets of those in charge ever have to worry about such a fate. Remember the “Lock Her Up!” slogan that Trumpists use to chant with regard to Hillary Clinton? How’d that turn out?

      • This is why I have zero optimism for America surviving. It’s over and it’s never coming back. I plan to leave the country once I am able to retire. There is no saving it. It will become a black and brown 3rd world nation in my lifetime, filled with poverty, drug addiction, trans gender mutants and feral negros running rampant doing what they do (stealing, raping, murdering, etc.).

        If I had a single wish I would wish for the leftists to get their just desserts. Some sort of horrific torture before finally ending their miserable lives. However, I know that won’t ever happen, and this hell hole will just continue to decline and become more and more of a shit hole. In order for people to stand up for America, you need to have actual Americans. There simply aren’t enough left.

        This is reality. There will be no great revolution that takes the country back or straightens things out. It is over. The country you once knew is long gone for good.

        • What you say is true. And certainly, there won’t be a revolution. But as AINO’s power decays–and it will–I believe certain parts of the country will secede, and that they will create societies infinitely superior to the one in which we presently suffer. Ejecting the Hutus will be the first order of business for those breakaway polities.

          • What makes you think the left is just going to let these parts go? If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

      • “ When has there ever been a reckoning for any activity of our oligarchs ever?”

        There won’t be for sure. But I am cynical enough to believe that they will use Trump as a whipping boy for the vaccines if he is elected again. All the while absolving themselves of any responsibility.

        • Aww sh**, sh**, sh**, Sand Wasp!

          That’s it, that’s exactly why the Left is promoting Trump, every hour of every day!

          Good Ol’ Rebel: “I just lit this stick o’ dynamite…”

        • Trump never required the vaccine to remain employed. Blue States have, the military under Biden has, businesses with more than 100 employees has and the democrat politicians who are in control did nothing to stop it. Even my democrat and leftist co-workers can’t deny that.

    • The boomers love the vaccines and trump . Every boomer I know is double vaxxed… Except my rebel old man of course

      • I live on a piece of property with 5 boomers and 3 gen Z and two children. Not one of us is jabbed.

  18. I was convinced the GOP would become the white party, but that’s not happening. It’s becoming the Dems of not so long ago. Duh! Meanwhile, educated whites are going Dem, I read. Yesterday’s bourgeois conservatives are today’s bourgeois radicals, or radical is the new conservative, who knows. It gives me a headache.

    Here in PA, Dems seem to be banking on the suburban Karen and cuck vote. All Roe. Mastriano and Oz(!) are too extreme for PA.

    Interesting times.

    • It’ll come down to 3-4 counties vs the rest of the state like it always does. In my neck of the woods the dems lost every county row office. That doesn’t matter much as we’re left with Mastriano who’s a tool and Oz the carpet bagger.

      • Doesn’t PA have a deranged tranny as its Minister of Health or some such? If so, evil lunatics control the state.

        • His name is Richard Levine, a mentally I’ll man who believes he is a woman and is being enabled by the “learned classes” of Sodom-on-the-Potomac (TM).
          Have a look at WesternRifleShooters page.
          There is a recent picture of Richard (for that is who he is, and that is what I call him: no enabling here), with another mentally ill freak, when they recently visited the French Ambassador’s residence for the Bastille Day (July 14) celebration.
          I imagine that 1 or 2 of the remaining still-traditional French employees were horrified.

  19. Perhaps the Democrats don’t care about diversity accept when appointing the cabinet and the judiciary. The judicial appointments and approvals since ’20 are truly astounding using diversity to be beyond reproach and provide cover for lethally toxic, ideological insanity. The residue of this will be around for decades. It means we can’t vote or litigate our way out of this now.

    I caught a bit of Hawley interrogating a UC Berkeley professor in a Congressional hearing. The hostility and brazen disregard that feral chair warmer displayed was remarkable. You should watch it to get a glimpse of where this is headed. Of course Hawley made the rounds afterward on Hannity. He was gloating that these people are crazy and that is the modern Democrat thinking he won something. He looked like he was acting as mission accomplished. Yet, he and Hannity implicitly validated the idea that words are violence in so doing. More ground given while declaring victory.

    These fools can’t seem to put on the pants. That that abomination is a college professor at an elite university and then brought into the US Congress as an expert witness to assert that men can have abortions while acting with hostile contempt toward two US Senators is a warning to us all. Take away the stinking money. Taxpayers pay for this rot. I guess that is too easy of a solution.

    That person’s attitude and outlook is enshrined throughout the federal judiciary now. This is topical to elections. The Democrats may or may not give “diversity” a chance at the top of the ticket, but what they have done with appointments once they get elected is a frightening proposition. Blacks as a whole are extremely opposed to homosexuality and all of its deviations. But, their political militants are using tranny-ism to breach the Cathedral. Election by election, appointment by appointment, he Bolsheviks march on.

    • The UC Berkeley professor sounded like a Xirl Science character from the Zman Power Hour.

    • I think a victory would have looked like this:

      “I see that you can’t understand that speech is not violence. I see that you state that a person who states the scientific fact that men cannot get pregnant is violence. How you passed the third grade with that misunderstanding of fundamental facts and concepts of reality is beyond me. That you are a professor at one of the world’s elite Universities is a tragedy of epoch proportions. It speaks to a level of degeneracy and decay that our civilization cannot and will not tolerate.

      I thank you for your time and I thank you for coming here today as a display of the rot and decay at UC Berkeley’s faculty. I have no further questions. I propose and strongly urge my colleagues to schedule Congressional hearings to abolish the taxpayer funded rot, degeneracy and outright lunacy that our last witness brought to light today. Let us hold hearings and show the American taxpayer what they are paying for and bring this to a swift end by defunding it immediately. I will also serve the regents of UC Berkeley with a notice of the intellectual bankruptcy of some of their faculty and of the abysmal manner in which they comport themselves in front of the People’s United States Senate.”

      Slam the gavel and have an aide start the process. Next!

      That would be Hawley acting like a serious American man.

      • PeriheliusLux: The only rational response, had Hawley the balls, would have been to laugh in her face. Debating or attempting to argue rationally or shame the woke just makes one look like a weak, pathetic fool. Laugh now. Prepare to do something more kinetic . . . at a more opportune time.

        • He did laugh in her face. Perhaps that is the best approach. I am of the mind that harsh repudiation, especially in the Chambers of our most sanctified institutions is the proper order. I may well be wrong.

          • PeriheliusLux: No personal offense intended to you, but f**k “our most sanctified institutions.”

          • 3g4me, there’s a dilemma here. Whom to root for—when the lowest of the low takes on the second ranked lowest of the low.

        • 3g4me:

          No offense taken. We need robust conversations. We have an enemy that is very organized and very powerful. We must be very careful not to be rash.

          I feel the anger that you do. Believe me. However, I was watching a report on the Sri Lankan revolution yesterday. Funny enough, the Black Power fist was emblazened the flag held by a revolutionary who had taken over the state run TV. Why an American revolutionary symbol? How did they get to control the TV station?

          That same fist is printed on “experimental” UBI programs that are given exclusively to black women in Mississippi and I believe Georgia. It is the same symbol erected on St George of the Holy Overdose’s shrine.

          We act rashly and throw out our institutions at our peril. This is a massive psy op and a long war. One way to operate is to be enraged and throw everything out. Are we organized and prepared enough to step in to that void? What do we say about ourselves and our people and our history when we do that? What does history tell us about that approach? Another approach is to feel the anger, be justified in it, but to be rash and to organize and to take the courses of action that increase our standing in the eyes of all around us. We need standing. If we are what we say we are we will earn it.

          A time may well arise where we have won an advantage that we can press to banish the revolutionaries and send an unequivocal message. I suspect that time is in the future. In the meantime we must think like Caesar. He conquered Gaul, but every mood he made was tactical in his greater plan to return to Rome. Every trial he and his men faced was far greater than any we have so far. Yet they remained cool headed and confident. If Caesar had laid seige to Rome there would have been nothing to return to and attempt to fix.

          We must control our emotions, no matter the provocations thrown our way. Carpe Diem!

          • “We must control our emotions, no matter the provocations thrown our way.”

            This is ALWAYS good advice. Losing one’s temper is NEVER advantageous.

          • What can you really do with the left having control of every institution in the country? All of corporate America is controlled by the woke left as well. The left has won the culture war. There is nothing to fight, the war is already over. The time to have organized is long past. Asking people to give up what little they have left only to lose is not a realistic solution. Maybe there isn’t a solution and this is the destiny of our society. Remember, this isn’t just an American phenomenon, the cancer has spread throughout the world. Europeans were chanting for justice for St. George Floyd. We now have statues and murals of black thugs. GW statues are being torn down. This is a rotten country now, and it is not a country for white men any longer.

          • Nonsense. Righteous indignation is a potent and useful response in many circumstances. See, “I’m mad as he’ll, and I’m not gonna take it any more!”

          • “ “We must control our emotions, no matter the provocations thrown our way.””

            The problem with this statement is loosing one’s temper is not what the right ever does.

            The vice of the right is total passivity, so statements like this just contribute to the vice, and I have been increasingly suspicious of the people who make them.

            Some lost tempers a while back could have stopped many of our problems in its tracks before they go so big.

      • How many state governments do the Republicans control yet this same type of nonsense and anti-white hatred is being taught in their state taxpayer funded universities and we never here a peep out of them. They could call the trustees and university presidents on the carpet and cut funding but they never do.

        • I have heard county and state level gop discussions on state colleges. It begins and ends with muh sportzball. Its sickening. The state schools here are literally recruiting and training radical leftist riot militias, and all the establishment right can even think about is The Big Game of State College against State U.

          • Exactly. And I’ll tell you this–if all of these so-called “conservatives” who have donated literally billions of dollars to college sportsball over the last several decades had instead used that money to build parallel institutions, AINO would still be America. But these rich “conservatives” are so small-minded and myopic it’s incredible. Fuck ’em. Frankly, they deserve to smoked in their own BBQ pits by the very savages they’ve lionized and abetted.

        • “Loosing” one’s temper, Sand Wasp?

          What is it with the frequent confusion of “lose” with “loose”? It’s all over the place?

          • Czech out Z-man’s first sentence of this article.

            Is it “begging to accumulate” or is it supposed to be “beginning to accumulate”?

            The world wonders

      • Harley was expecting a subservient testifier. He expected her to sit there and take a beating. He was maneuvering to embarrass her and exploit her and turn her ideology against her for *his* political gain. He was caught short when she attacked first. She was faster and smarter than he. To that I credit her strategy.

        Hell, I even got upset that a commoner was attacking a Senator, where’s our vaunted decorum of the Congress, but then I caught myself…old thinking. Then I reminded myself—whoever wins, you lose…new thinking.

        • Good, good point, Compsci.

          All the while, he was acting like, “well, they still taught Muh Civics in my high school in 1988…”

    • you silly guy, the Bolsheviks are gone. now it’s the WEF international finance folks who will own everything when this is over . and it will probably be over by the 2024 “election” .i. e. dominion voting machine theater. look at Netherlands., sri lanka, and Germany, and ask yourself how much longer this can go on

      • Bolshies?
        Umm…Scwab’s sponsor and mentor was Henry Kissinger, the true Architect of the WEF.

        Schwab is a janissary.
        Janissaries were often orphans, their parents murdered by the very ones who then raised the child to be their soldier.

  20. Biden was the first President whose daughter revealed that he took showers with her.
    As a step up maybe the diaries of Newsom’s relatives will show that he likes to wear dresses for them in private.
    I agree that Newsom can probably beat Trump in 2024. We are that dumb and that corrupt.

  21. Prognostication Alert!

    Yes, the RINO wave will arrive in November and be seated the following January. Stagflation, RONA 2.0, Hunter scandal #732, and the newly enacted Build Back Better Boondoggle (4Bs) will all converge to put everyone into a novel state of rage-whining and apoplexy. And the solution to all our problems will become . . . faux House hearings and RINOs peacocking in front of the TV cameras every minute of every day while vomiting bucks of indignation and scorn to appease the plebs. They might even throw in an impeachment or two to keep the ratings up and distract everyone from $10/gal gasoline. And the Caucasian birthrate will plunge even lower because Joe Normie will have ejaculated so hard on Nov 8th that not even Viagra can give him a stiffy again. Bongino and Carlson will be singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” and telling everyone that VOTE HARDER was a great success and the bane of election fraud is now kaput. Biden will die in his sleep and be covertly stuffed by a well paid taxidermist, but no one will notice, so he remains in office until 2024. Kamala will cackle her way to winning the nomination but then lose to Trump by a handful of fake votes. And Trump will then sell off the US to China for a nice profit and return to Mar a Lago. Just sayin’.

    • you owe me a new keyboard!
      …spewed my beverage all over it!
      but, you made my day. THAT was funny.

  22. If Kamala was serious, she’d switch to Republican and pick Hershel Walker as her running mate.

    The neocons would spend more money on her to keep Trump out than they’ve spent on Zelenskyyyy.

    Grillercons would orgasm so hard they could barely walk.

    The Woke, enraged at not being able to chant “Trump” every half-minute like a psycho parrot (or girlfriend), would burn another 500 cities down.

    • There are a lot of things Kamala could do if she had anything on the ball, but if she were that type of person Team Biden wouldn’t have chosen her.

        • “Deep throat” wad going ’round for awhile before she was even a VP nominee.

          • Simple bumper sticker:
            “Kamala Harris: Deep Throat 2.0”
            But then, I guess people would have to know their history, in order to know who the original Deep Throt was, and most people are not that edumacated.
            So– there we go again: it’s another smart person’s bumper sticker / joke.
            Maybe not a bad thing?

    • Kamala’s proven to be possibly a bigger embarrassment than Biden, who at least has old age as an excuse.

      Kamala’s speaking style with that creaky vocal fry, interspersed too frequently with nervous laughter, and repetition of certain phrases and her general inability to get her point across, disqualifies her for high office going forward.

      It was a colossal mistake to appoint her, especially since the Dem primary elections, both in her vote total and watching her in the debates, revealed how unappealing she is.

      • Kamala can’t “make her point” because she has no point. Really. Listening to her is “amusingly” similar to listening to those comedian “double talkers” who were popular many years ago on the talk show circuit. They’d talk and talk and when you put their words together said nothing of meaning and never addressed the question/topic that started their whole discussion off—but they made it sound like they were on point, and you were deficient in some cognitive way.

        Harris does this naturally seemingly without thought or effort. One is left thinking that “the lights are on but nobody’s home.” Here’s the scary part: As I’ve discussed before, I have a close relative in the later stage of early onset dementia. In the last year, she has been talking to herself, *exactly* like Harris in an interview! Talk without meaning. Only with us, we laugh and continue on with her as if we understood what she is saying, but there’s nobody home…

      • Ha! Lady Lindsey is on Gab asking you to donate to Walker for the Win!

        Don’t you have at least 5 or 10 for the cause? Anything will do.

  23. Chances are pretty high that Biden will die of natural causes before the end of his term. Maybe even before the end of the year. No need to push him down the stairs.

    • reportedly Roy actually ad libbed the line “You’re going to need a bigger boat”. :).

  24. I predicted Trump would win in ’16. I hereby declare Gruesome Newsome “wins ” going away in ’24. After Newsome, the deluge.

  25. Dems will run Newsom/Whitmer Pres/VP. Money talks. The Silicon Valley and private equity crowd are losing money in the market and tired of all the mismanagement and BS. It takes hundreds of millions $ to run a campaign and Newsom is the only backable horse in the race now. The money people are pragmatists; they want to win (win legitimately; obviously, if they have to, they will put the fix in again), they want control and they want baseline competence.

    The Hunter Biden “leaks” are obviously a “shot across the bow”. It’s the insiders’ way way of telling Dr Jill and team to back off and give up without a fight. There are hundreds of felonies on one disc drive….the old geezer could die in jail in a cell right next to Trump lol.

    • The funny part of Newsom is if you post his family photo without context most lefties would assume it’s an advertisement for a white ethnostate.

      • Chet: Unless you include his half Puerto Rican first wife who Trump Jr. took on after dumping or being kicked out by (it’s unclear) blonde first wife.

        Ultrasupermaga: “But that’s different! She’s a trew conservative now!”

    • Whitmer is tied into the Sickcare industrial complex via the Michigan segment of Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

      There is also a major Pfizer jab plant located near Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo. I bet their supply chain is running like a fine Swiss watch.

        • “Kalamazoo, from the Upjohn acquisition years ago.”

          The Dem campaign slogan: “Better Kalamazoo than Kamalazoo!”

  26. For a bunch of people (not all) who think elections are rigged or useless endeavors for our side, you do go on about them like sportsball.

    • well, i didn’t notice anyone saying the elections would change anything :). chinese bet on crickets, so why not treat elections like gambling? 😛

    • David Wright: Excellent comparison. I do think politics seems to be something too many people – even heading our way in so many areas – cannot let go of. Because to truly and utterly accept it’s all theatre and a waste of time means you have to DO something. And there’s very little anyone can do, except look for himself and his family and friends and try to find some sort of refuge from the coming storm. It’s so much easier and more comforting to think that this school board seat, or that senate primary, will begin to make a difference.

      As I’ve said so many times before, I think it’s all a waste of time and have yet to regret calling and having my name removed from the voter rolls. I wish more would do the same. Then sitting it all out cannot be misinterpreted.

    • David: I dont think I control the weather, but I still pay attention to the rain forecast. Because even if I cannot affect it, it effects me.

  27. Floridian here. Unlike Newsome’s California we have driveable roads, decent schools, First and Second Amendment rights, a minimal problem with homelessness, clean beaches, rare forest fires, plenty of water, uninterrupted electricity (except in the case of hurricanes), and no drag queens grooming our children. I’m staying.

    • Florida is the perfect example demonstrating that people don’t mind taxes (even high taxes) if they feel they’re getting something good in return. (Roads, schools, public order, etc)

      (NH, VT, Maine also like this)

    • JDaveF: Let’s be fair and balanced here. You also have a ton of Cubans, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, and NY Juice.

      Did I mention Florida is damned hot and has lots of hurricanes?

      In all seriousness, best of luck but I’m moving to the mountains.

      • Skeeters. Mosquitos up the frickin’ wazoo. Why you think the Seminole went into hiding there?

      • 3g4me: without giving too much away, would you care to share any regions/counties of the country you would recommend? I’ve been looking at TN and AR.

    • JDaveF: your state does seem to have it all together. That being said, is my interpretation of the ‘don’t say gay’ bill as the libs call it merely pushes the rainbow indoctrination to 4th grade from the originally intended kindergarten start date? Can we seriously call this a victory?

  28. The donkeys are going to be very much inclined to nominate a female for 2024, the next step in the precipitous decline of the country brought about by the acceptance of post-menopausals as examples of leadership.

  29. One thing that cannot be dismissed is the ambition of Jill, or the fact that the last thing dementia will mitigate is Biden’s bloated ego. His propensity for self-importance and resolute commitment to thinking his whispers and mic drops “clear the room” will only be erased by an incident—he will never retire, nor will Jill stand by and let them push him out willingly.

      • That’s DOCTOR Jill, and don’t you forget it you knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, gun toting, Bible thumping deplorable.

        • Whoopi Goldberg wanted her to be Surgeon General even though she has an Ed.D not an MD.. That is how much the people in the media who are “informing” the masses pay attention to what is going on.

          • The biography for Dr. Jill said that her and Joe were married in 1977 at the United Nations chapel in New York City. Talk about showing your NWO bona fides!

          • That’s precisely why the AP style manual, supposedly used by all MSM outlets, states that the title “Dr.” only be used to describe individuals who possess a certified *medical* degree!

            Of course that began falling by the wayside with *Dr* Martin Luther King and is most often today ignored in the required fawning over minorities with weak credentials/backgrounds. But even in academia, it wasn’t too long ago that addressing oneself as “Doctor”—when you have a PhD rather than an MD—was considered egotistical and in poor form. Hell, we used to laugh at the Med School folk who persistently introduced themselves as “doctor” so and so—outside of a medical interaction.

    • Good point on the role of [Dr.] Jill Biden. She has no intention of going quietly back to Wilmington to watch Joe drool in the corner. Expect her to be seeking to find skeletons in every potential challenger’s closet and to be adroit and ruthless in the timing of making them public. She has almost nothing to lose.

      • The Reverend Dr Jill L. Biden Junior is a baby sitter who sucked her way to the white house, she mighr have ambition but she has none of the ability necessary to accomplish any grandiose plan. She’s got a big mouth but not big enough for every man in America to fit in at once. Plus she’s too old to entice potential johns. Same reason kamala is topping out now, call it the glass headboard.

    • Dr. Jill will likely get maneuvered into a position where she does not have a choice. The Biden family finances are a target rich environment, plus they can threaten to arrest Hunter which I don’t think Joe would stand for. She is also pretty dumb as anyone who skimmed her doctoral work can attest. I wouldn’t assume she has the ability to hold off the wolves trying to force Joe out.

      • If she has an EdD, then she probably even escaped without a Dissertation. Her work would entail only classes taken and passed. Original research would not be available to examine. This is one reason such a degree is looked down upon—even in academia. It’s sole purpose is to fool the rubes.

    • That Jill Biden would give a public speech confirming the ludicrous trope that multiculturalism mainly means diverse dining options show her lack of political acumen.

      I’ll bet the good Doctor has paid plenty of Mexicans under the table for years for unskilled labor, but hasn’t had a taco (it’s prole food, people) in decades.

      OT: not seeing any push for “Impossible Tacos” out there..,because Mexicans aren’t that stupid.

  30. “The people around Biden had him select Harris as a form of life insurance policy. Just as no one would take out Obama with Biden as VP, no one is going to take out Biden with Harris as VP.”

    You may wish to meditate further on the internal contradictions here before resting this claim. If the “life insurance” is good enough to be the next candidate, what kind of insurance is that?

    • It’s just another sign of the downhill slope we’re on. Arguably, at least at the time, Clinton’s VP was better than he was. Later, the story was that W chose Dr. Evil for VP because he wanted to give his administration gravitas (and arguably it probably wouldn’t have mattered if either one was president of that administration). Then we have Obama choosing the worst contender for the job, a candidate so awful that it took several attempts at rigging just to get him on the ballot for his presidential run. Biden in turn does the same thing Obama did.

      It’s the third world dictator mode where the “second in command” is someone with no power base and/or from a hated ethnic group.

  31. I’m going out on a limb and betting on Hillary Clinton for the run and the win in 2024. She’s crawling out from the filthy rock under which she’s been hiding. She’ll reluctantly agree to enter the Democrat primary and will win in a rigged contest.

    Republicans will throw the election by fixing their primary so a “moderate” neocon type wins, like a Pompeo or maybe even Pence. Trump voters will sit out the election en masse, resulting in the lowest turnout election in decades for team Red. Hillary wins 300+ electoral votes with fewer than 70MM popular votes.

    • Though the Dems may be looking at that under 30 polling and thinking another geriatric geezer is a bad idea.

      • Here’s the quandary – are elections tilted or full-on rigged? Do they need someone attractive to voters or can they place Hillary, heat rock and all, in office regardless of how anyone feels about it?

        • If it’s a neo-cohen versus Hillary they won’t bother rigging since in that case the election is heads I win tails you lose.

        • They can probably tilt it so far that it may as well be completely rigged but they do seem to want to get it close enough to preserve plausible deniability for legitimacy or even nostalgia. Biden was probably just a bit farther over that line than they would have preferred to step.

      • Hillary will be 76 in 2024. 80 at the end of her term.

        When that generation looses their grip on power, the blowback against old people is going to be terrible. (And unjustifiable…we’re talking about a 1% clique)

    • I’ve got young leftists in my family. 🙁 They are stampeding sheep like their shriveled predecessors. However, I have noticed that they have been programmed at college to say “eat the rich” and “no Hillary Clinton.”

      This is not a high vote turnout demographic, but it is a warning sign that perhaps the post-marxian faction of the Democrat Party has had quite enough of the Democrat-flavored crony corporatist faction. If I believed that anyone other than Dominion’s investors decided who wins elections, I would say that these people seem to be able to be reprogrammed overnight, so who can tell what the state of play will be at the moment of decision. We can at least say that the oppressed corrupt white multimillionaire vagina grift doesn’t have its historical traction.

      • That is a good point. The Inner Party will probably face their own “Trump Issue” the next prez primary where a famous hard leftist (unlike the right, there is no shortage of those on the left) will tilt the polls so badly that even the overt cheating from 2020 won’t be enough.

        Meanwhile the hard gatekeeping from the GOP will probably make a third party run inevitable.

    • One can only hope that all the secret Hitlers come out of hiding and start throwing their bombs soon. Isn’t it amazing how well all these oppressed vibrants, filthy jews and women are doing these days? The Fourth Reich really needs to step up its game.

    • I’ve had similar thoughts. Hillary could run on a promise to serve only one term as a “Democratic unification” candidate. But I think that she’d have to have a black or at least Hispanic running mate and the pickings are slim.

        • that would be hillary. and she does more than just ‘check’ boxes, just ask Alma-whats-her-name

    • The number of registered voters in the US is 133 million.

      Donald J. Trump got 74 million.

      So how again did Biden walk away with 81 million votes?

      • My suspicion all along was they probably inflated trump’s votes too

        They probably figured trump would legitimately get 70 million votes but they weren’t sure so had to make sure they had a large enough buffer with Biden so he wouldn’t lose. But saying Biden got 80 million votes would be a hard sell — unless the election was so amazingly historic that trump himself got historic vote totals.

        So they had to inflate trump votes just enough as the day progressed to keep it believable while also ensuring there was no way for Biden to lose

        Either way the election was a complete sham

        • It still would make more sense to just go with Trump’s actual tally, and pad Biden’s with just enough fake ballots to win. My hunch is that most of the magical Biden votes came from the corrupt California system, where they pad the popular vote with illegals and every other means, to support the repeal of the electoral college. They only needed a few hundred thousand fake ballots in three states to actually win.

          • Yeah, but it just strikes me as implausible that trump went from 63mm in 2016 to 74mm in 2020

            Maybe I’m wrong but that seems sketchy

            And for Biden to swamp obama’s vote total by over 15mm is farcical

            Like I say, the whole thing was a sham

          • Falcone, good point. I also recall claims that Biden got more black votes than Obama, but also Trump got a higher percentage of the black vote in 2020 vs 2016. There are a lot of circles that can’t be squared.

          • The difference in AZ between Trump and Biden was a little more than 10k votes. More than enough fraud has been discovered to have created such a margin.

            Indeed, in one county down south here, the ballot stuffer caught on camera confessed and plead guilty. I believe the person was a former Dem major of a small border town. Our Attorney General came down and whitewashed the whole thing by offering a plea deal of a low felony which could/would result in fine and probation—rather than sweating the purp to name names and expand the investigation to others.

            Those others were caught on camera and tied to unmonitored ballet drop boxes via phone records. The accusation is that there are over 200 such “suspects” here in AZ alone.

    • Hilary couldn’t even beat Trump. She’s unelectable. She’s got DECADES worth of political baggage, is a detestable human being, and has the charisma of a rattlesnake. Run any “acceptable” (R) against her, and she’d be lucky to win 20 states.

      That said, the (D) election-stealing machine really learned how to get it done in 2020, so they just might be able to drag her poisonous hide across the line in 2024.

  32. If I were more naive, I would say that Americans saw how nasty Whitmer’s lockdown was and want none of it… but she’s probably going to get reelected by the very people who were negatively affected by that lockdown, so I’m not going to get my hopes up that more than half of the rest of the country would reject her.

    It’s very difficult to live amicably with “neighbors” who prefer tribal allegiance over horribly shitty politicians who should be in jail for crimes against humanity.

    • She’s elected due to vote stuffing in Detroit and Ann Arbor while the Michigan GOP makes sure to pick awful candidates to make sure the cheating isn’t too severe.

      • Any halfway credible challengers to big Gretch are getting knocked off the ballot via the courts or thrown in jail.

  33. Something I saw speculated on recently that in any other time would have immediately dismissed as “absurd political conspiracy theory”. Biden gets “Kennedy’d”. There is a certain horrible logic to it and Lord knows the people in charge are craven enough. Solves several problems. Gets him out of office. Gives The Party a bloody shirt to wave. Allows for a massive crackdown on firearms, anybody that looks vaguely right wing and dwarfs any other issues in the election. I’m sure some handlers at the FBI are frantically spinning Rolodexes of candidates now.

    • Yeah, but getting someone to do that is much more difficult than turning the heat up on one of the nutters they’ve got simmering in a pot somewhere. There’s actual planning involved, and the FBI are really very stupid these days.

      I mean, best of luck to them, of course.

      • Agree. But that would even consider it a non-zero probability is testament to the utter weirdness of the 2000s. These are people that think nothing of burning down whole parts of cities or daring the Russkies to nuclear war. But yes they are stupid and that’s the problem. Stupid people think in the moment. Only.

      • Setting up a robbery is mich easier when you have the keys to the store. Who’s in charge of personal protection for Resident Brandon, and which of their family members did an alphabet agency just “find” to be in possession of child pron, meth, etc ?
        Epstein didnt kill himself.

    • Put that way, it sounds like a sure winner. Inevitable, even.

      Wait! I’ve got it!

      Give him a cue card that says something about Dimona and how he’s going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces! He’ll read it verbatim.

      • Someone hacks Biden’s teleprompter: “I have credible evidence that may lead to the arrest and conviction of Hillary Clinton…”
        Given the prevalence of the clotshot, people will literally die laughing AND die of shock.

    • After learning of the Epstein “suicide”, I believe nothing is off limits for these people.

  34. I don’t see why the Dems should worry. If they fail to rig the election and the moderate Dems (the Pubs) take over, so what.

    There may be some concern about needing to keep the people happy election-wise but I don’t know why there should be.

    I’m a conspiracy theorist. I think our rulers, at home and abroad, realize that this is going to be the pan-Asian century and that America, hansomely endowed in natural resources, will be a satellite ripe for the plunder.

    The ruling class, following the Bidens, may bid to be America’s resident managers much like the Bosnian Muslims managed the Dalmation coast when the Ottoman Turks took over following the fall Venice and the defeat of the Serbs at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. Sadly, centuries later, the Bosnial Muslims, fully integrated into Yugoslavia and Slavs themselves, paid the price of their ancestors’ derelection.

    We may not have to wait seven hundred years for history, allowing for context, to replay one of its modern Western hits.

    • Well, shoot, the Saudis swooped in to paint over the 600 year-old frescos in Bosnia’s Grand Mosque.

      A fresh coat of white paint, for free! And from America’s other Most Valuable Ally, to boot!

    • The only thing that keeps me voting really is the Supreme Court. Roe was a nice overturn due to what a terrible ruling it was, but 70% of abortions are in blue states, so not much actual change. However, if Hillary had won, the court would be 7-2 liberal, with the 2 conservatives being the oldest members. The second amendment would be gone. Every restriction on gun ownership would be upheld. That’s not a small thing.

  35. Whitmer is nothing but a nasty, younger version of HRC – even kind of looks like her. The only reason anyone outside of Michigan has heard of her was the covid scamdemic where she acted the tough girl dictator role to a “T”. Newsome is a smarmy little s***. He may have some quasi “business” experience, but his California political life proves he couldn’t give two craps about the state’s businesses or working people. Screw ‘em both along with cameltoe. The entire demoncrapic party is populated by narcissistic degenerates.

    • I think Newson is the best bet for them in 2024. He would crush Trump in debates and offer a fresh young option to the geezers running things now. He may be a feckless airhead, but that is a feature, not a bug.

      • trump isn’t the play in 2024. De Santis is, and now who wins the debates? Newsom is more vulnerable than you think…

        • Trump will run and win the nomination. It will be his final screw you to his supporters.

          • Trump supporters live in an alternate reality. They still think he was the best president in history. If you go to places like Freerepublic, they will viscously attack anyone who suggests nominating anyone else as if Trump is entitled to the nomination.

          • Last nite Tucker got a laugh out of Biden misinterpreting a recent poll saying “92 % of democrats support me”. The poll actually said 92% of dems would vote for Biden against Trump in 2024. Think about that – in spite of how much damage has been done since Jan 2021, 92% of dems prefer continuing down the Biden toilet, just so long as it’s NOT Trump in the WH. Pure spiteful culture war reasoning (but reality) and Biden would love nothing better than “winning” against Trump – again. Imagine how sweet the victory against middle America!

            Trump’s become a liability to us now – the king of Lost Opportunity. He served his purpose (until he refused to deliver) and, worst of all, proved he has zero loyalty. In other words, he’s the thing he despises most – a Loser.

      • I’m not so sure. Problem with all these CA pols is they’ve come up in a an “appointment” system and rarely have to compete for spots unless its a “blue on blue” primary race. Newsom has always gotten to spew his empty suit nonsense to adoring audiences that never ask tough questions. OTH they elected an Alzheimers patient as President….

        • That is something that cannot be ignored. Thirty years ago there was some value in taking down a pol, regardless of party. The media is monolithic now and anyone asking the wrong questions of the wrong candidate risks expulsion. That was a lesson of 2020. They knew Biden was a vegetable, but no one dared say it. In 2024, the Dems could run a spree killer and any mention of it will be called a conspiracy theory. Just look at the Ray Epps story. The guy is literally in video telling people to sack the Capitol. Mentioning it is a conspiracy theory.

      • And unlike Trump, Newsome has Presidential hair. That matters as much as anything else at this point. Especially to the latinos. Newsome already looks like he could be running any of the South American narco states. He was selected long ago. Embrace the hair, it’s the future.

        • There has long been a theory that the winning candidate is the one most people would prefer to have a beer with. Since suburban white women don’t drink beer, I would amend the formula to add the variable of: the candidate suburban white women can fantasize about being their white knight. So yeah, Newsom’s hair will be our next president.

      • The bid negative I see with Newsom is that most Americans have soured on California and have a negative view of the state. They don’t want what California elites have brought to their state implemented for the whole country. The only people moving there now are carny trash hoping to make it in the entertainment industry. Millions have left and they have replaced them with third worlders. Maybe they are dumb enough to vote for Newsom in their new states, but I doubt it.

        • I am not sure it really matters what voters think. If the system can add 5-10% more votes in critical states when needed, elections no longer really matters. The only counter to systemic ballot stuffing is a massive shift in voter sentiment. Maybe that happens. To college educated whites, Newson will sound like a reasonable alternative to the crude and old Donald Trump.

          • Outside of CA and NY, most states see California as a disaster with nice weather. Having controlled CA during its decline, Newsom will somehow have to dodge the charge he will Californicate the rest of the country. Maybe that gets enough to insulate against the fraud factor.

          • That’s precisely the problem. Not that a 5% shift in the ballots can fraudulently decide elections, but that such can be easily preventable. However, Rep’s will not do so in tossup states. Here in AZ where the evidence of a corrupt process is apparent, no substantive change has been voted in.

            In my Dem controlled County they even did away with precent voting in favor fewer Countywide polling stations where anyone can vote and where they print off ballots via printer as the need arises. They don’t even need to account for ballot numbers anymore!

            What could go wrong with that? A corrupt process has been made even more corrupt and open to even easier fraud.

      • Probably why team trump brought in newsome’s ex wife, trot her out to dish on all the weird and abusive things Gavin did ti her

        Whatever the case, they probably, figured she’d be their silver bullet. Many aspects of the trump jr and Gavin ex wife thing seem designed for such a future contest

        • Why do you think Newsom’s Wife would get any more pre-election exposure than Biden’s son?

      • The 7 downvotes are likely for the Trump debate comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Against the coma candidate, all Trump could muster was angry retorts, an angry expression the whole night interspersed with that wry smirk when dementia dude would utter a whopper.

    • Whitmer also comes pre-packaged with her own pair of man-hating Scissor Sisters in the form of State AG Nessel and Secretary of State Benson who are both awful people in their own right. Both of them were heavily involved in the lockdown and voting scams. I believe Benson has ties to at least one Soros org.

  36. One thing not mentioned is the externals to the USA which might end Biden. Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa and Lebanon are about to collapse. That’s bad. Ukraine is gone and Taiwan not far behind. No way of telling what will happen before the next election in 2024 but there is nothing that looks good for the Democrat party regime.

    • Sri Lanka not about to, but actually has collapsed. Add Venezuela to your list.

      • Stranger In a Strange Land: I wish Sri Lanka would, in that great AINO statesman’s words, “tip over” and vanish beneath the waves. All inhabitants included.

  37. Whitmer was one of the most odious human beings on the face of the earth. One just has to look at one of her press conferences to just feel the vile evil emanating from every pore in her body. She makes Hillary look likable. An the people she put in positions of power are somehow worse. Go ahead and do an Early Life check on Michigan AG Nessel and be prepared to not be surprised.

    She also got a big black eye with her Covid overreach, to the point she had to back way off because she was starting to get on very shaky ground with prospects for reelection and outright citizen rebellion. Of course, the FBI arrested one of her main opponents in the next election, which shows the next stage of the political game.

    A lot of the persona revolves around things like wearing leather jackets public in appearances, the Big Gretch meme, and other kitchy things that come across okay at the state level, but weird in the federal show. It’s all too fake for even Washington.

    • The polling for Whitmer’s reelection numbers has been comically high. They have her beating all potential challengers by double digits and polling over 50%. It doesn’t seem like they are even trying to fake this one in a believable way.

      • Kinda looks like him too. Funny but her nickname in high school was “Stretchin’ Gretchen”. You can fill in the blank there.

        • She’s kind of MILFy in a Bride-of-Frankenstein way, so she’s got that going for her. I mean, I don’t know if I would hit on her in the grocery store, but she could certainly shoplift my morning wood and I wouldn’t complain.

          • you can tell by her jaw she has very high T, so she will bang like a rocket on rails. watch out for the strap-on though, you just know she is a champion pegger!

    • Eventually the people of Michigan managed to prompt the state legislature and judiciary to get a lot of Whitmer’s emergency coof powers canceled.

      That may be a moot point this autumn since the Marxists are clearly going for broke.

    • now that’s funny!

      surprised zman didn’t mention the she-whale of Chappaqua 😛

      • Pritzker is too ridiculous to take seriously, even in this age, which is saying something. Then again, never say never.

        Clinton seems to be done. The pattern with her has been that she runs when she thinks the game is rigged in her favor. They killed JFK Jr. so she could get a senate seat. Then she ran in 2008 assuming Obama was an empty suit. In 2016 the path was cleared so she could run largely unopposed. In 2024, there will be a packed field. That and she is a two time loser who will be pushing 80. With Biden’s age being an issue, the regime will want a younger person to face Trump in 2024 so they can call him too old.

        • I also think the Obama people are more than ready for the Clintons to go away. Look at the way they didn’t pull out all the stops to save Terry McAuliffe in Virginia last year. A lot of people even in the party hate the Clintons.

          • In the Democrat Cosa Nostra the past couple of years has seen seen regime media run concerted attacks on 3 of their crime families. In two out the three by the method they do best: no coverage at all. The Sanders Socialists are done, No successor in the offing. Clinton’s only media coverage has been quirky items of interest, no serious coverage. Biden’s now getting the vicious venom of the professional haters. Obama’s been running a lot more the Dems than he gets credit for and he will be the decider in 2024.
            Who will he choose?

        • Pritzker is Fatty Arbuckle’s version of The Great Dictator, emphasis on “tator”. 😛

          • The accident in which JFK Junior died was a sadly common example of continued VFR flight into instrument meteorological conditions, spatial disorientation and loss of control. It almost happened to me once.

          • Yeah, I remember the investigation report on that. Dude had no business flying.

          • I’m sorry, that was too dismissive. Clintons were pulling all kinds of psyops and offing people left and right, remember?
            (A in G: Ron Brown!)

            Now, Junior owned his own plan, and lived on an island with heavy fog probably at least half the year.

            How many times had he already flown home, the same route, in the same fog, same plane?

  38. Joe Biden has done exactly what he was installed to do: make fuel costs unaffordable, start a hot war with Russia, deprive Americans of their basic human rights and civil liberties, oppress and harass White people to the point of genocide, and most of all to further enrich the Clouds, his family, and his friends. Viewed from that perspective, Biden has been a smashing success.

    If Joe Biden has accomplished the goals of those who stole the election and put a compliant vegetable into the Oval Office, he will be shuffled off to the sanitarium. Think “throw down president,” like the guns cops keep on them to plant on people they murder.

    If Joe Biden has not accomplished everything on his installers’ wish list, the election will be rigged again while he hides in another basement. The propaganda organs will notice a new pep in his step, and the loyal controlled opposition will announce new ways to work with the puppet.

    The United States, y’all.

    • Indeed. If they were smart, they would allow for a sliver of legitimacy in 2022/4 and turn the gas pumps back to $3.75/gallon. That’s all it would take for another generation of White men to sit on their thumbs while the boomers shuffle off still having a few of their nice things and the whole melting pot turns brown beyond recognition.

      Normiecons could celebrate the this is how the System works! Civnats could show a win for the Constitution and muh diversity natural conservative votes.

      And the rest of the sheeples could snack on the crumbs of 2019 new normal while their hearts slowly swell to SADS and the NFL pretends that the great kneeling never happened as the rainbow forms over soldier field, cue the black anthem.

      By the time the next conservative sellout, crisis, war, constitutional diaper full of feces comes around the transition will be complete.

      • If they were smart

        I see an issue already.
        It’s not, I guess, that they’re ‘dumb’ in the classic sense, but…’divorced from reality’ might be the best way to put it. They’re not really the types to bottle up their worst urges even for a tactical advantage if they think that they can go unchallenged.

        • It’s not at all unavoidable, deportations can happen and citizenship and/or the franchise revoked. Its all impossible in the current regime of course but pretty much everything is. Dont accept all this as a irresistible of life, that’s unintentionally buying their narrative.

    • how are his backers making money in this economy?! maybe they are, but it seems like all assets classes are trending down…

      • That’s the great thing about the market. You can make money betting in either direction, providing you know which direction its going. Plus, there’s always the money that we’re told is going to Ukraine but will wind up in his “backers'” pockets.

      • The simple secret is called “options”. You don’t actually own anything or take delivery…on paper.

        The other is CAFR “public portfolio investment management.” Your shell companies are proxies, portfolio advisors walk you through the paperwork of what they have on offer.

        Family and charitable unit trusts are too. You don’t “own” anything, but have 100% management control.

        Just imagine the 1001 tricks a rube like me never heard of. As Goldman says, “it’s Egyptian generals all the way down.” (The military generals own everything valuable in Egypt- factories, ports, warehouses, businesses, rights, apartment blocks, everything.) Congress, by proxy shells, are 535 oligarchs who own a large chunk of 75% of the listed corporations. Patricians of the New England aristocratic class.

        12% yearly average, my azz.
        Congressionals have 15 to 20 of these deals sitting on their desk every week. And a ghostwritten book advance if you need some quick cash, or unused campaign coffers to leverage against.

        Even Jen Psaki scored a couple million in 2 years on $183k annual salary. Of course, I’d still nail that even if she wasn’t rich. My kind of cray-cray, don’t be jelly!

      • Who was allowed to trade rubles when everyone else was frozen out of the market? They made billions.

        • How could I forget the forex?

          And, imagine who’s getting a cut of all the Russian oil we’re buying through third-country “private” dealers.

          This was Hunter’s job for decades. Decades! All over the world. And the political families in every country are doing it. How big is this industry?

  39. it’s kind of funny but it doesn’t look like biden gets to enjoy his ill gotten gains much. he doesn’t live in a particularly lavish way, and he won’t be around much longer either. and that doesn’t even begin to address how his advanced dementia limits his ability to spend his graft. same goes for the clintons. i wonder why this is; maybe they are incapable of anything but feeding their ambition??

    obama for all his other faults, does seem to know what a good time is, and how to have one 😛

    • He knows what a good time is but he’s not smart enough to shut the Hell up and just fade away.

    • It’s not even like they can enjoy knowing they created a family dynasty. Hunter will die of an overdose, Ashley is still a wreck from showering with Dad, and Chelsea is a moron. So the Biden/Clinton empires will be gone in 10 years.

      • At least the Kennedy’s had enough for touch football games on the lawn at Hyannis Port.

  40. If this is the Democrats front bench then maybe it’s time to close the party of slavery, segregation, the birthplace of the Klan, and crazy privilege. They’ve run out of ideas and reasons to exist.

        • p.s.- today Morning Joe honored the founder of the Bethune school. A child of former slaves, her parents were so oppressed by Southern racism and poverty they only had 17 children.

        • To be fair in a benevolent authoritarian system willing to use violence judiciously (the old south for example) blacks can do and be an awful lot better than they are now. Genetics is absolutelt real but culture and order are real too. They really ARE mentally poisoned by (((rap))) and all the rest.

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