War With Iran

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The Middle East has been quiet of late, mostly due to the fighting in the Ukraine and the economic war being waged against Russia by the West. The endless squabbles in the Levant have had to take a backseat to events in Europe. That may be about to change as the looming war between Iran and Israel inches closer to reality. Some see Biden’s trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia as a prelude the coming conflict as both countries have been allies with the United States against Iran.

The main reason to suspect war is closer now than ever is a leaked document about Israel’s plan to attack Iran. There is a great deal of mystery around who leaked it and why, but the assumption is that it is real. The main reason for this is the Israelis have been actively practicing for an attack on Iran. They have demonstrated that they have the technical ability to operate long distance missions deep into Iran to conduct attacks on targets related to the nuclear program.

Another clue is that the Saudis have started to allow Israeli commercial aircraft to operate over their airspace. If you look at a map, the best way for Israel to attack Iran is through Saudi airspace. The other route is through Syria and Iraq. One reason the IDF keeps attacking Syria is to test their air defense systems. Syria uses the same Russian SAM systems as Iran. Ideally, the Israelis would bypass those systems and only have to deal with the Iranian air defense system.

Of course, the Israelis have been trying to get the United States to attack Iran since the launch of the crusades against Islam in the Bush era. Long forgotten, but the scheme advanced by the neoconservatives was to use Iraq as a staging area to launch a full-scale invasion of Iran. This made a lot of sense as the United States had a huge army right there looking for work. The trouble is that army was losing the war with Iraqi insurgents so the scheme collapsed.

Even since the Israelis have mostly been working to prevent the United States from cutting a deal with Iran over their nuclear program. They strongly opposed the deal made by the Obama administration. Most of the foreign policy establishment opposed it as well, which is why they had Trump cancel the deal. Biden tried to revive it but his efforts have been stalled by incompetence. With negotiations off the table, the other options to stop the Iran nuclear programs are back in play.

This is where events in the Ukraine may play to the advantage of Israel. It is clear that the Russians will eliminate the Ukrainian army in the east. It is also clear that the economic war with Russia is a disaster. The Biden administration could use a change of scenery with regards to foreign policy. They are looking for some way to put pressure on the Russians and an attack on her client states in the Middle East could do that and shift attention away from the Ukrainian debacle.

From the Israeli perspective, an attack on Iran is not cost free, but the benefits clearly outweigh the liabilities, assuming it works. If they can destroy Iranian nuclear facilities, the response from Iran will be worth it. The Iranians could launch missiles into Israel and unleash their militias in Lebanon and Syria, but they have no way to inflict corresponding damage to Israel. They would eventually run out of missiles and the net effect would be a big win for the Israelis.

Washington would most likely use this as a way to pry the Saudis away from any deal to join BRICS. Iran would know that the Saudis let Israel “violate their airspace” to conduct the attack so any rapprochement would come to an end. Washington has used the threat of Iran to keep the Saudis onboard. An Israeli attack would force the kingdom to renew cordial relations with America, which would require them to get onboard the sanctions regime against the Russians.

This may sound like 4-D chess but recall how every TV news anchor was chanting “Keev” and wearing a Ukrainian flag on their costume in February. The neocons think long term and they never give up on a project. They probably have a disinformation campaign ready with claims about how Iran plans to close the Persian Gulf and attack Saudi oil supplies. Even if it does not lead to war with Iran, it would shift the focus from Ukraine and justify the economic war against Russia.

To a normal mind, this is crazy but the people running American foreign policy thought staring a war with Russia was a good idea. The people who were sure Russia would run out of missiles after a week are sure an attack on Iran can work. They are the same people who thought occupying a place called “the graveyard of empires” for a quarter of a century was a great idea. In American foreign policy, the more ridiculous the idea the more likely it is to be embraced.

The other piece of the puzzle is the fact that the United States has emptied out the warehouses for the Ukrainians. A war involving Israel would spur Congress to throw billions at the military to restock the shelves. War is big business and the business of the Global American Empire is war. It is not hard to imagine a consensus forming around letting Israel attack Iran when all the people in the room think they can get rich from the fallout of such an attack.

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217 thoughts on “War With Iran

  1. The Iranians could launch missiles into Israel and unleash their militias in Lebanon and Syria, but they have no way to inflict corresponding damage to Israel.

    Iran demonstrated pinpoint accuracy of their ICBMs in their response to the assassination of Qasem Soleiman. Given their accuracy, they can use them to “Chernobylate” the Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Center at Dimona. So there’s that.

    • And that’s outstanding isn’t it! The jew is pissed over the success of INSTC, EAEU and BRICS. Let’s see how Putin’s visit to Teheran works out tomorrow with Erdogan.

    • I’ve always felt the Iranians are the smartest, most savvy, and sensible people in that part of the world.

      • Persians ruled a thousand year empire while Arabs were still camel jockeys getting lost in the desert for centuries. They had a good thing going so some of that ancient DNA is still to be found. But when the Mohammedans came-a-conquering. Everything changed.

        Now they are swarthy ad-mixture not unlike South Americans, and quite bluntly, North Americans.

        We are not under conquest by the sword but we are being invaded nonetheless and our DNA grows muddier and weaker every decade. We are well on our way to becoming ‘Iran’ or any other nation whose original stock was completely adulterated and ruined by mud people dirtying the genome. You need only look around for evidence of this factual statement.

      • The Persians have always been the smartest people in the ME, and some of them are brilliant doctors and scientists in the US and elsewhere..

    • That showed they have a demonstrable cruise missile capability, which they didn’t develop themselves; assuming the attack was truly of Iranian origin. TBO, I’d be somewhat surprised if the Iranians actually did that.

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  3. If Biden starts and looses a war with Iran, that will make him a three-time looser.

    • Three time “looser”? Who “looses” a war? As opposed to a “tighter” who “tights” a war? Seriously?

      • Well, a soldier can “loose” off a few rounds at an enemy in either having something to commit in a firefight or out of frustration. Proper military jargon calls that “harassing fire”. Presumably if the President “looses war” upon Iran he meant to do so. In both examples the common thread is intent.


  4. One of the worst-kept open secrets in the modern world is that Israel almost certainly has The Bomb. I don’t know how many, or since when. But I suspect that push come to shove they could vaporize major cities in every threatening nearby country. At what cost to them or if the larger world would get sucked in to WW III I also don’t know. It’s not only lavish foreign aid and their, er “influence” in our government that has made Israel (the piece of land) last as long as it has.

    • Building and maintaining nuclear weapons is very expensive and difficult, though Iran’s incompetence is still absurd. But the real conspiracy theory is that Israel doesn’t have nukes at all, but is able to fake it so well that it doesn’t need them. North Korean “dirty bombs” with lots of conventional explosives might be the same thing.

      • Iran has claimed for decades they have no interest in finishing a bomb, IMO its not that hard to build a very basic WW2 type nuke, the nth country experiment proved this during the cold war, the hard part is building a bomb small enough for an ICBM, but Iran doesn’t need ICBMs, they only need to hit Israel

        Iran will end up like Japan, Germany, South Korea, and a few other countries that have the ability and industry to build a bomb, if they need it, but maybe they never bother. it will all depend on the situation they face in the years ahead

        The worry for Israel isn’t really nukes, if Iran can land 500 or 1000pound bombs on Dimona, who needs nukes. its Iran’s drone and missile tech thats more of a worry to Israel, especially since Iran is happy to help Hezbollah and other develop their own drones. the Iron dome seems to work well enough, but it can’t stop everything

        • “IMO its not that hard to build a very basic WW2 type nuke”.
          And you would be correct. My HS chemistry/physics teacher said he could do it for around 5K. That was thirty five years ago.

      • Israel got the bomb in the 1960s. At least as far as is publicly known. They might have had it sooner. The Rosenbergs might have betrayed the US for more than just Stalin.

      • “But the real conspiracy theory is that Israel doesn’t have nukes at all, but is able to fake it so well that it doesn’t need them.” I’ve never heard that theory. Pretty funny. However, I’d be willing to bet everything I own that Israel has nukes.

    • The French ,enraged by the failure to keep Suez canal in the crisis in 1956 helped Israel to build the bomb .After that of course Usa give them our missile technology for free ..Even if some of the American governments did not want to do it ,it does not matter at all. Because the real rulers of Usa after Second World War are Jews .So they can take any secret to Israel for free without consequences.

    • The long-term strategic outlook for Israel is bad and getting worse.
      If I had money, I’d invest in condos in Boca.

  5. Kunstler’s good today


    The Last Days of “Joe Biden”
    Whose idea was it to send the wind-up doll president called “Joe Biden” to Saudi Arabia…?
    Clusterfuck Nation
    It’s like our country is trapped on one of those swirling carnival rides beloved of the county fairs… only, the felonious mutt who runs the ride has nodded off in a fentanyl delirium with the motor running at maximum speed… and the children-of-all-ages locked in the pods of this infernal machine shriek and vomit with each sickening rotation… as the half-century-old swing arms groan and wobble from metal fatigue on their squealing pivots… and suddenly comes a deafening crunch of gnashed gears, the smell of burning oil, and the pathetic whimpering of the nearly dead.

    That’s us. Some terrible midsummer accident-of-state has befallen the USA Carnival, and most are too dazed to know it. Whose idea was it to send the wind-up doll president called “Joe Biden” to Saudi Arabia? I can just imagine what went on in the chamber in private with “JB” and MBS (Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman), virtual autocrat of the oil-soaked desert land. The American visitor muttered something about wanting an ice-cream cone before dropping into a catatonic thousand-yard stare.”

  6. Clearly, as the American Empire descends into the downhill spiral of illegitimacy, and as all the cogs in this machine continue to jam and work against each other, various other nation-states will seize the opportunity to cause the mayhem that up to this point the power projected by the US had kept in check.

    Yes, the US has always pursued policies that further the interests of Israel, but this has been conditional. Without the US projecting respectable power, look for more states to go rogue in the pursuit of their own interests unchecked.

    • Does the US really think that Russia, which borders Iran, and China would allow a US takeover of an ally and major oil producer…Israel would be risking its very existence with such lunacy…

  7. “. . .Saudi Arabia imported 647,000 tonnes (48,000 barrels per day) of fuel oil from Russia via Russian and Estonian ports in April-June this year. That was up from 320,000 tonnes in the same period a year ago.” Whole article here: https://tinyurl.com/2x3uyhvs

    • What’s not to like? Saudis buy as much oil at a nice discount from the pariah Russians as they can use domestically (and/or re-sell at a profit). They sell domestic production to the thirsty world at full price.

      On a related theme, it’ll really be interesting to see how Europe manages to heat itself this coming winter.

  8. I’ve posted this too many times to count now, but it needs to be re-upped today.

    The Ruling Class constantly warns China it has to do “X” about Russia, or…. The part after “or” never gets completed, because China owns the American and corporate structures lock, stock, and barrel, to the point the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff betrayed the country and gave war plans to China. So far China has laughed in the faces of the Ruling Class. Given this history, it seems very unlikely the United States will engage Russia in its Middle Eastern proxies if the grift gets put at risk.

    Given the United States is Israel’s lap dog, we always expect an Israeli exception, and the Neocons as you point out plan long range. Yet when Israel tried to mediate the Ukraine War, the United States turned on their prime minister with a vengeance; it appeared real and not kabuki. The likely Israeli intent was to keep Russia neutral in the event of an Iranian War. So there may be exceptions to the Israeli exception if it involves war grifting, and if that’s the case it is not unreasonable to expect an exception to the Israeli exception for China grifting. So attacking Russia in its Middle Eastern satellites may be off the table unless China pledges to continue bribing United States officials, which is possible but so far does not seem to be the case.

    We probably are witnessing the end of the United States’ Imperium and the end of Israel as a state in real time. On a related note and bursting with karma, Iran likely has placed many assets into the continental United States via the wide open border, and while the Ruling Class does not care about the hoi polloi being slaughtered in a terror attack, they do worry about their own hides, which could be killed as well (we have seen this with the Ukraine–the Ruling Class can’t get past the thought of nukes raining down on them).

    Could the Iranians nuke Israel, and would they? No clue. But if and when Israel attacks Iran, it likely will find itself isolated and eventually destroyed.

    tl;dr: Yuan > shekels.

    • Israel has its own demographics to worry about. In a different way than the west. The ones cranking out all the kids are the true believers. 7, 10, 12 or more kids. Israel is a “democracy.” Each election goes one small notch closer to full crazy. All those secular Golda Meir types are being washed over with a sea of crazies. What do they want? The rebuilt temple. What do they have to destroy to do that? They will also eventually march the Israeli arabs out of the country. It’s a pariah state in the making. Of course, our mega-church evangelicals will cheer each step of the way.

      • All the Golda Meir types will move here to LA, NYC, or Miami

        If things get uncomfortable for them over there

        Get ready people.

        • Ukraine was lined up to be The Promised Land, The Sequel. Any diaspora to and back to America will find its tribal peeps have really screwed the pooch as to quality of life here.

      • Good points, but Israel is a pariah state now held aloft by a hyperpower in rapid decline. Israel has been making overtures to China and Russia because it knows (a) it is a pariah state and (b) the United States is in rapid decline. Will the new boss be the same as the old boss? Likely not. Israel might want to be careful about all those Orthodox churches within its borders.

        On a related note, war criminal and buffoon extraordinaire Tony Blair recently got the same memo:


        Can his loyal servant W be far behind?

        • “Good points, but Israel is a pariah state now held aloft by a hyperpower in rapid decline.”

          The great irony is that the same tribe of people hastening our decline will be further isolated worldwide when the American empire finally goes belly-up.

          I’ll never understand why they do this. Why do they destroy the people, cultures, and economies of their host countries? Is it a simple matter of parasites always destroy their hosts? Is it that they just can’t help themselves?

          It’s madness, and yet the pattern is firmly established. The whole thing is quite baffling.

          • It’s a matter of boundless arrogance. When you believe that you and only you know what’s best, you do what you believe oblivious to the destruction you author.

          • Very true. While there may be parallels in other cultures (e.g. creating disaster is not the sole property of Jew) they surely get star billing. I suspect it is some combination of having been a highly insular yet mobile people in “modern times,” no home of their own (prior to 1948, at least) and tolerated, at best, in the “host” nation. Especially in times of official apartheid, they often could only work in certain jobs, yet those positions were often very important (banking, merchant doctor, attorney, professor, etc.) Their social/religious values tended to value learning. So, perhaps in a nutshell: they are very talented people but their very culture and religion forbids joining The Other. That’s great for keeping your tribal system intact, but a lousy way to ingratiate yourself with the host peoples. At some point, they got too influential, or a societal crisis simply needed a scapegoat: Viola, the latest pogrom.

            The Old Testament story of Samson is very apt: Samson fell in love with tempting Shiksa (Delilah), gets ensnared and imprisoned, and blinded. Eventually gets revenge when he collapses the building on himself and his captors. This remains a key lesson illustrating the peril both to the individual of a foreign woman, equivalently the risk to a tribe’s values from getting to close to its host culture.

            We Gentiles like to blame everything on the Jew. Perhaps in certain times and places there’s validity to that. But I suspect they could be said to be the victims of their own success.

            [I’m highly influenced by the book “The Jewish Century”]

          • “Why do they destroy the people, cultures, and economies of their host countries?”

            The Jewish personality tends towards paranoia and vindictiveness. George Costanza wasn’t just conjured out of thin air, Larry David drew from his own negative tendencies to write the character.

            Well, what do paranoid people do? They keep a mental tally of all slights against them and use it to conclude that everyone else hates them and wants to harm them. Now if you’re just paranoid, you act on that irrational perception by hiding in your basement. But if you’re also of a vengeful mind, then the goal becomes kill the other guy before he can act on his obvious plan to kill you.

            This means that Jews start on a base assumption that any gentile left alone will turn into a Nazi and attack them, so they need to undermine and control the gentiles to prevent that.

        • “Israel might want to be careful about all those Orthodox churches within its borders.”

          Rubbish. the Israeli population is a bit less than 2% Christian–nearly all of them Arabs.

          • CHURCHES. If the Church of the Holy Sepulchre or The Russian Church and Tower of the Ascension were to be hit, and those are just two Orthodox shrines off the top of my head, there are many more, we’ll see quite quickly whether that is rubbish.

        • “Will the new boss be the same as the old boss?”

          Hopefully not, but the neocons came from Russia and cancel culture is straight out of China. Makes me wonder.

      • Give the AY-rabbs the old heave-ho? Doesn’t sound crazy to me. If America had kicked out its undesirables decades ago, rather than welcome more in, it would still be a respectable country.

      • If you look at the description of “the prommised land” in th e bible, it is a lot bigger than isreal. it includes most of syria,jordan ,Iraq , and the sini. Gy guess is that is the long term goal.

      • “Of course, our mega-church evangelicals will cheer each step of the way.”

        Rubbish. When Dr Death told churches to shut down, the so-called “evangelicals” (who are nothing of the sort) obeyed their god–the State. THAT is who and what THEY are: No threat to anybody or anything. Poseurs. Swindlers.

    • I have no access to inside info, but I suspect that any Mideast nation that ever mounted a serious attack against Israel would be turned into a glassy plain in fairly short order. This, to a large extent, probably explains why Israel has existed for the past ~77 years.

      • Israel would’ve been–not might have but would have– toast during the Nixon administration but for Golda Maier’s midnight phone call. Nixon came to the rescue. The Arabs responded with the famous Arab Oil Embargo.

        • I hadn’t heard this story. But it’s pretty shocking when you consider how Nixon was treated by members of that community in the long run.

          Apparently, gratitude isn’t their strong suit.

  9. Something came up at the end of Biden’s trip that was never really covered. From what I read, Biden told everyone that he discussed Khashoogi (the CIA asset that the Saudi’s rightfully killed for attempting the groundwork for a U.S. orchestrated coup down the road) with the prince. The foreign minister said he never heard that, and then the Biden administration called him a liar. I know arabs well. I’ve dealt with Arabs. One thing you don’t do when dealing with them, if you need something from them, is call them liars. It may be worse than raping their daughters. It’s a bizarre honor culture. I can imagine that behind the scenes this was ruinous for the entire event.

    the Biden admin’s whole treatment of the Khashoogi issue from day one looms much larger in that country than we think. Likely unforgivable, and rightfully so. It’s proof to them that the U.S. seeks to eventually undermine that entire Kingdom. It was bound to happen. You can’t have a democracy deal with a kingdom for long and not want to undermine it. It’s a moral issue, and has been pointed out frequently on this site, morality is democracy’s operating system.

    • ” … morality is democracy’s operating system.”

      THAT’s a laugh! What democracy is is a system by which a well-organized minority rules over an unorganized majority. That’s all.

  10. The last part is very important. The economy is now floundering. MMT is now the rule in D.C., in the same way Nixon said “we’re all Keynesians now.” They don’t see money as a unit of productivity. They don’t understand inflation, so a quick and dirty way for them to think they can fire up the economy once more is massive “investment” in defense. This silly notion is even more popular with the stupid party (Republicans). Everyone’s happy, large contractors, lobbyists, etc.

    • Correct, and that probably was the tell that Biden got absolutely nothing. I qualify only because these people also are insane and impulsive.

      Even Bath House Barry knew to bow.

    • One thing I don’t get. Do they have special money that doesn’t lose purchasing power, or do they honestly believe they can create it indefinitely? Or even worse, do they think there will be a magic fix if they stay the course? Or even worse than that, are they going incapable of thinking ahead? Or worst of all, do they think it’s not their problem? Screw it, I’ll be dead— that sort of thing.

      • Some may say screw it I’ll be dead, but most of them honestly believe that the money can be created indefinitely without. a loss of purchasing power. Why? Because they’ve always had a meal ticket. Always. And not McDonalds. Voss water on tap. Daddy literally bought them a pony when they asked for one. It would be like Marie Antoinette putting together that maybe printing all those assignats was a bad idea. She never would have questioned it. Reality and these people, have never met. This is why so many people are confusing conspiracy with stupidity.

        • “Because they’ve always had a meal ticket. Always. And not McDonalds. Voss water on tap. Daddy literally bought them a pony when they asked for one.”

          Rubbish. The Clintons? Bill a literal bastard brought up in a trailer park. Herself a thoroughly middle class but very ambitious girl from an ordinary suburban neighborhood. Nancy Pee. And so on. You are confused.

      • Widespread purchases of hard assets such as real property indicates some have a clue. Most believe as strongly in magic money as they do gender fluidity.

      • They do not care if they ruin this “money” . they will own all the assets when the dollar is worthless, and “they” will get to print the new dollar replacement . so they still win all arround. it’s only us that are ruined.

        • At some point inflation stops being a tax and becomes theft, and it’s often possible to recover stolen property.

          Iow if people start losing assets it’s not game over. As long as they don’t sell out.

        • they will own all the assets when ” … the dollar is worthless, and “they” will get to print the new dollar replacement . so they still win all arround. it’s only us that are ruined.”

          This presupposes that the current legal system will continue as it is now, but that is SO not true: It will NOT. Nothing will.
          The country has already broken apart, but ten yrs from now there will be two or three or four new countries on this continent. The owners that you speak of will find out how much meaning their title deeds have, which will be precisely none.

          • Warlordism indeed will be the new Our Democracy. Still, those with the hard assets can pay their legions–maybe. But as for due process and the like, that barely exists now.

            “but ten yrs from now there will be two or three or four new countries on this continent”

            From your lips to God’s ears. May I live so long to see my de facto “new” country the de jure one it sought to be in ’61.

          • Exactly Infant.

            One will have to defend his property with his life and iron.

            That’s the thing about land; you can’t move it to China.

      • The nature of inflation is not as you suggest. The first to the trough gets almost-par money with newly printed money. The new money does not automaticly raise all prices uniformly. The new money pushes up demand from those getting the new money, which then gets propagated out wider and wider as thoae in the 2nd rank get the new money and spend it all at a higher demand, etc until it dissipates very far down the line.
        Who gets the new money first? That’d be the tippytop of the clouds, major corporate and investment banks, MIC, and green energy scammers. Those people get to buy things with 2022 volumes of dollars at q2 2022 prices, Dirts get to buy things with 2019 volumes of dollars at q3 2022 prices.
        Think of it like gambling chips. You’re at the table with 150 $1 chips because you paid the dealer $150. The New Guy comes in, and the dealer gives him 600 $1 chips for his $150 cash buy-in. He starts throwing around bets like his dollars are worth quarters, and you end up with 200 $1 chips. You think you’re in the green and cash out, but only get $50 back from the casino. The big guy gets to buy $600 worth of fun and drinks for only $150, but you get $50 back from your $200 of “value.”
        So as long as you’re the Big Guy and first to the trough, you make out like a bandit. The further down the line you are, the less lube that accompanies the BOHICA.

        • If I understand, that’s winning by losing less. So you’re only winning relative to the big losers. But everybody is losing. Biggest turd in the toilet bowl still gets flushed. Might take a plunger is all.

  11. I was under the impression that the grift was the reason for any war in the last 100 years.

    Big money to be made for Ray The On, and as long as everyone gets their cut, it’s all good!

    (Make sure to put aside 10% for the Big Guy)

    • “I was under the impression that the grift was the reason for any war in the last 100 years.”

      The US Gov’t has been involved in exactly TWO necessary wars: Independence and 1812. ALL other wars have been elective and imperialistic. ALL. ZERO exceptions.

  12. Let’s look at the map. It’s hard to see Israel doing this on its own. It’s not clear why Saudi help is necessary unless it’s going to be a joint US/Israel strike using Saudi air bases/facilities.

    Teheran is 840 nautical miles (on a direct “great circle” map) from Tel Aviv across Iraq and Jordan. Saudi airspace is not along the direct route. The combat range of the F-16 and F-15 used by Israel is maybe 700 nm. The rumors are that Israel has extended the range of their new F-35s, so maybe 900nm. Great, but they likely lack the payload to complete the mission. The aerial refueling tankers of Israel are old 707s. Is Israel going to orbit old refueling tankers over Iraq?

    Meanwhile, a proper air strike force needs wild weasel/ECM and SEAD missions and perhaps search/rescue backup. Even by the ballsy standards of the Israeli Air Force, this would be a very tough mission.

    So it’s probably not happening without direct US involvement. Direct US involvement would include our long-range bombers, refueling assets etc. Is this happening in an election year? I’m hoping this is just more tough talk from the neocon bullies.

    • It will only happen if China stays on the sidelines, lest the Ruling Class loses its grift. So far, China has shown no inclination not to back Russia to the hilt. Israel has been sucking up a lot to Russia as of late, too.

    • When has anything happened without direct U.S. involvement? That’s the magic of Israeli foreign policy, we even put their iron dome missiles on our bar tab. Because we’re a stupid country, full of stupid people who don’t live in reality.

    • I agree that it won’t happen without US involvement. The last time Israel attempted a military excursion on its own was when it tried to invade Southern Lebanon in 2006. The vaunted IDF gots its ass handed to it by Hezballah fighters, who were not even an official military unit, just a local militia at the time.

      Not that the bumbling US military has had much success lately either. But by getting the US on board, Israel can pretend that the entire “free world” is at risk, so if nuclear weapons must be used, well its for free people everywhere, not just Israelis.

  13. From Taki: “As Western societies have become more open and diverse, the ruling elites have become more closed-minded and bigoted, especially toward the heritage population. The reason for this is they are defined by their hatreds.”

    Anger is healthy, fear is the mind-killer. Hatred is fear masquerading as anger. The AWRs fear white people, thus give them power. If whites on the whole weren’t down in the dumps, they might realize it.

    You worship what you fear, become like it or rebel against it. Might be a stretch to say whites are AWR’s god, but it’s on the spectrum in any case.

    All imo of course.

    • Great point. Anger is healthy.
      I had a conversation with a conservative, older guy about this recently. We spoke about about how angry and frustrated everyone has become. It was great until he made a comment about those irate people really “displaying that angry energy at the polls”.

      • Anger motivates correct(ive) action, unlike hatred, which leads to error. Not necessarily violence, for any potential fed ears lol. Getting involved, taking responsibility, making decisions. Being an American, frankly. Not shunting that energy into the secret ballot, thinking it has a direct effect on anything that goes on in DC. At best, voting formalizes arrangements already arrived at by other means— if you believe it’s not broken.

        • There is nothing whatsoever wrong with hatred if it is well-founded in reality. Nor is that kind of hatred corrosive in the least. Honest hatred is in no way a bad thing. Your thinking is confused.

          • My definitions, admittedly. Founded in reality is rational, which I call anger. Founded in fear is irrational, which I call hatred.

  14. Nice post on Taki. What someone else said about it being a perfect share.

    Wouldn’t a hot war on Iran would have a disastrous effect on oil prices at a time when energy costs exacerbate the West’s debt reckoning?

    Speaking of neocons and the usury of America and its military, I just discovered this amazing piece of bedevilry.

    David Rubenstein founded Carlyle Group – one of the biggest war profiteers and parasites on the American nation. He got rich selling America out and sending her best sons overseas on someone else’s mission. Now he deceives and presents himself as the great American Patriot Philanthropist. He essentially bought Monticello and Montpelier and turned them into denigrations of Madison, Jefferson and half of all American presidents. The docents and gift shops hock leukophobia, heritage destruction, and are full of the racist canon of anti-racism. He is also paying for pop histories of the United States. He donates to every radical anti-American institution. You can’t make this up, but there it is. This guy has some huge stones. The neocons are a special group you have to admit.

    Relevant information is in recent articles on American Thinker discussing Monticello and Montpelier tours.

    Spread this information far and wide. Open eyes to the Great Divide:

      • /sarcasm?

        Why would you ignore your innate instinctual reaction, which is repulsion at the sight of the hideousness of their countenances, even if you haven’t yet learned, empirically, the subsequent hatred for them?

        Never doubt your instincts.

        • “I rather enjoy hating the bastards.”

          For an honest man, it is unavoidable.

      • “You don’t want to hate these a**holes, but…”

        No? Why not? What is wrong with honest hatred of things and people that are imminently hateable?

        • You are correct.

          They are evil, vicious psychopathic sociopaths.

          What’s not to hate?

    • It would be one thing if the guy got rich building something that enriched the nation, then decided he wanted to rewrite its history and denigrate its founding and its founders. But to have gotten filthy rich by shipwrecking the nation and using its greatest patriots and warriors then turning around and using those riches to do more demolition is really something remarkable.

      I guess these neocons took the old Karl Rove phrase about us just sitting around and taking up the keyster from, “history’s actors”, seriously. Perhaps he just quoted one of them. Perhaps these neocons just have zero shame. The more people who see this the better. You have to think that at some point that this won’t be tolerated any longer.

      • ” … I guess these neocons took the old Karl Rove phrase about us just sitting around and taking up the keyster from, … .”

        There is nothing to analyze about these creeps. They are nearly all of them Jews and, as such, are “hostile to all men” (I Thess.). Read what St John Chrysostom said about them.

        They are haters of the human race. Period. There are some who are not up to some nefarious crime or other, but by and large these are the enemies of all mankind.

  15. What would “unite the clans!” In the U S for such insanity?

    How about a “dirty bomb” detonated in, say, NYC? A non-nuclear explosion happens, radiologic alarms go off, a “failed nuke” attempt declares..boom! Casus belli.

    Kinda puts a new light on the recent NYC PSA for “what do do if there’s a nuclear attack”, doesn’t it? Excellent priming of the public already taking place.

    • I don’t know, back in 2001 this worked; but in 2022, after all of the pernicious sludge unmistakeably oozing out across the US (and the wider world, too) with traceable origins in NYC, a bunch of kneegroes, little hats, and insane leftists getting whacked might instead elicit a golf clap, if not some surreptitious fist bumps.

      I looked at those PSAs as just a visible sign of how disconnected from reality these people truly are. I don’t think America as a whole would rise up in anger, as by now trying another false flag, spectacular as it might be, would no longer work.

      • I can’t believe they couldn’t come up with anything better than an early 90s quality greenscreen and the Z-grade CGI in that PSA.

        I guess that’s what you get when you farm your fear campaign out to fellow vibrants for mutually beneficial kickbacks.

      • True, but the American public is very well conditioned to hide in their homes by public order now; something unthinkable in 2001.

        The 3 letter agencies spend years dreaming up crazy scenarios like this, and it’s always wheels within wheels, so guessing is a fools game.

        The US is famous for manufacturing crisis to go to war; odd, because they really can just do it regardless of any thin pretenses. It’s almost kabuki theater at this point. Why bother?

        Not making any predictions here, but that whole NYC psa was really out of left field, and it does beg a lot of questions.

      • “Trying another false flag… would no longer work.”

        Drove past multiple Ukraine flags and people wearing masks in the reddest area in a red state. It absolutely DOES work and with a lot less effort. Dont kid yourself about their current power

      • ” … by now trying another false flag, spectacular as it might be, would no longer work.”

        Oh, yes it would! People will believe whatever their TV sets tell them to believe. ANYTHING.

    • I don’t think they’d drop it on NYC. That’s like taking a dump in one’s own nest, for one, and for two, as alluded to, no one outside of nyc will care and many would be quietly giddy.

      I think for shock value they’d have to hit a place that elicits widespread sympathy and, in turn, horror. But even that is not so easy anymore because if they hit a white bread all American town, the immigrants and blacks and browns won’t care, but if they hit one of their places the whites won’t care other than saying they do.

      So they may to go for a place that covers lots of bases and that really upsets Americans of all colors, somewhere like Atlanta or New Orleans. I feel pretty good in LA knowing that it would be a waste to shoot their load here because most Americans would rejoice. But these are stupid people.

      Who knows

      • The problem is that if you’re a terrorist with one bomb, using it on anything other than LA, New York, or DC would be too illogical. Even the dumbest normie would have a hard time accepting that the Ayatollah even knows where Atlanta is.

  16. Since the days of Jimmy Carter, Iran has been a bogeyman for America. We don’t get accurate intelligence of what goes on day-to-day in Iran. The story is they are Islamic nuts that want to destroy the “Great Satan”. I’m would bet that Saudi Arabia has a much more realistic perspective, being Islamic nuts, as well. If SA goes with BRICS, I’m pretty sure their perception of Iran is not we’re-at-war-with-our-mortal-enemy but “Hey, they’re not so bad. They’re just an heretical flavor of Islam!” Given that the SA royals are some of the most fervent fans of alcohol in the world, I think they can get along with anyone, if the price is right. And there’s lots of Scotch.

    • Around ten years ago I was taking a night course and I sat next to two sisters, both of whom were Iranian and from a city called Jask, I believe, I could be wrong about that. Anyway, once the ice was broken and they felt more comfortable around us and the subject of politics came up, they sounded like many of us; their leaders suck and they want to see them burn.
      They even laid into the resident raging, female leftist in the class, yelling at her during one of her rants, “You have no idea what real oppression is! If the religious police saw you with your hair that color (bright green) they would shave your head in public and your family would disown you for fear of shame!”
      I quietly laughed as she shut up. Both of them were very attractive, the older one – Zaharah – picture the actress Kate Beckinsale with a tan and amber eyes, gorgeous! I’d love to see relations restored with that country because we probably have a great deal in common. They told me that there is a huge underground movement to get rid of Islam and the Mullahs and go back to the original religion of the country before the Islamists took over.
      On another note, they also told me that before the revolution, they had some of the best skiing in the world. They told me that the snow on their mountains is a much finer consistency due to the arid climate. The shit you find out!

  17. A large part of Sakashvilli’s Georgia was to emplace a fueling stop to Israeli jets could reach Iran and get back, since Saudi airspace was off limits.

    Now, as the Zman himself pointed out, Iran’s position in history comes from the fact that it sits atop the Silk Road.

    Wouldn’t it be advantageous to have a bit of real estate just north that also sits atop the Silk Road, as well as atop Russian natgas pipelines?

  18. Is there a place on line to find out information about our strategic oil reserve and it’s levels or do they keep that information close to the vest?
    The media is telling us our strategic reserves are being depleted, it would be interesting to know by just how much exactly?
    With any potential war in Mid East the strategic reserve would obviously be critical to the United States.

      • That would sound right 12-18 months. The reserve was never meant (sold as) for the type of uses it has been put to. It was for real emergency and that would be military necessity, not national needs—like reducing the cost of gas a nickel.

        • You mean those politicians tricked you boomers again with a false bill of goods!? Those wascally wabbits, we’ll get them next time! Cant get fooled again!

      • The current fill is 480 million barrels, down from c 727 ( that’s capacity) when Bush the Lesser left. Usage is 20 MBD. So 24 days worth before rationing.

  19. At what point does the incompetence and corruption in DC justify an immediate rebellion? Relatedly, why won’t the Stasi arrest Hunter for crimes so obvious that the word “spree” is an understatement? We also know that the cuckold RINOs (hello Mitch) will never be a check & balance because they are just as dirty as the Progs. Can a new war distraction in the Mideast or Taiwan really keep Normie on the couch indefinitely? But what happens when RONA 2.0 arrives and this time the vaxxed really do start dying off in large numbers? Soon to be followed by forcibly vaxxed youngsters. Will the Middle Class really continence the genocide of their children? If war is really the answer to all our problems, why not an internal war of the sane against the parasites? The spring is wound pretty tight already. It wouldn’t take much to light the match. It will start in the slums in the big cities. Hot time in the city. Coming to a theater near you.

    • I get that the “vaccines” were rushed through and probably not 100% safe, but I’m not seeing a lot of people dead. I’m also no expert on mRNA time bombs, maybe you are. What’s the fuse set to?

      I think we are starting to learn the vaccines were more of a psychological play and have proved people will do what they are told (and will continue to do what they are told). I just don’t think mass killing via injections is happening.

      I also don’t think the US is breaking into CW2 this summer. Poor and ignorant people are still fat. Hunger isn’t around the corner yet.

      Sadly, I think what you speak of is probably decades if not a century away. This will fester because it can.

      • The aspect of whether the new variants are more deadly is still being debated, but regardless, the numbers of dead people are not the issue per se. The issue is whether the *benefit* of the current aging “vaccines“ exceed the *cost*—deaths, strokes, sterilization, etc. What is now being argued is that the VAER’s database is growing, while all the studies reveal that the “vaccines” are less and less effective in prevention of infection, and hospitalizations still remain low (less than typically for flu) and even when hospitalized patients survive.

        The above coupled with known vaccine problems like “original antigenic sin” and “immune imprinting” continue to rise and predictions are dire. For example, other viral diseases seem on the rise *among the vaccinated only*. The implication being we may be exhausting (killing) our innate immune system with repeated vaccinations

        This is the kind of crap they used to make grade B horror movies about.

      • Our species has been evolving for at least 200,000 years and one of the reasons that we have persisted this long is because we possess an immune system that is flexible in response to fast-evolving pathogens such as viruses. Traditional vaccines work by activating our ancestral immune system and giving it a head-start before infection occurs, thus retaining our natural robustness. The new man-made mRNA vaccines work differently by commandeering cell function to produce only a narrow range of antibodies aimed at a particular virus attribute (spike protein in COVID 19). In doing so, this reduces cell flexibility to produce other antibody types that may be needed in response to future virus mutations. In essence, the cell becomes locked-in on one production line. This significantly reduces our ancestral immune flexibility robustness and creates vulnerability to later strains which no longer include the original target attribute. IOW, cell biomachinery is cranking out tons of the wrong antibody, which leaves very little residual capacity to create other antibodies that could work against the new variant.

        All of this has been modeled extensively. A new outbreak of illnesses correlated to suppressed immune flexibility is due to hit later this year when winter forces many northerners indoors and viral exposure ramps up. The next “pandemic” will be real, and it won’t be pretty. Stock up on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectine now (and some vitamin D3 wouldn’t hurt either).

        • Yeah. My fear is that the new upsurge will be used to reimplement old, discredited lockdown procedures and as a big “I told you so” wrt “vaccines”. The new larger wave (they’ve been getting bigger—why is excellently explained by TomA) will coincide with the new Covid updated vaccine using variants later than the original Covid, but not up to date with BA4 & 5 Omnicron variants.

          This means little to me as a non-vaxxed subject—which in my age group is scarcer than “hen’s teeth”. However, there is family to consider and they might go to the dark side wrt vexxination. The children are adults and they do what they do, but the grandchildren are the current end of the line for my genome. I feel for them.

        • [Disclaimer: I’m no expert, but I’ve read widely on these topics for nearly three years.]

          Some of the issues you describe (imprinting and similar) can happen with the mRNA jabs, with conventional vaccines or even natural immunity.

          The mRNA gene therapies (for that is what they are in truth) probably have risks that have nothing to do with their intended use. Early research (very limited) showed decreasing efficacy; the body’s immune system didn’t react as strongly to later doses. With the current jabs, there is plenty to be doubtful of, too much to go into here. Suffice to say that mRNA was hardly tested.How can they possibly make any claims about the safety, especially long-term, of a product that was developed in a few months? There is simply no long-term (or even medium-term!) track record.

          I suspect that the mRNA tech itself is far more dangerous than anyone has admitted. At this late stage of the game, too many powerful interests are “all in” and admitting defeat is the last thing they will accept. Meanwhile (apparently) the body count increases daily.

          • Regardless of one’s “natural” or innate immunity limitations—most happening toward old age decrepitude—such is the way nature intended/designed us. It is (IMO) the best way to go with a disease that poses little morbidity to most age groups with no known co-morbidities, and with a disease with many known therapeutics.

            Innate immunity imprints the entire virus (if I read correctly), not just a smallish piece, therefore the chances of a successfully mutation lessens—for example, if the Covid spike protein changes (~3900 snp’ s) the virus capsule (~39000 snp’s) may still be recognized as it is much harder to mutate enough of the snp’s successfully to fool a sensitized immune system.

            mRNA uses a piece of the virus. Most vaccines if I read correctly use the *whole* but weakened virus or bacteria, therefore the situation is quite similar to catching the disease and then recovering from such naturally. mRNA hijacks the body’s cells to produce replications of the virus snippet (spike protein). In there lies most of the mischief.

      • “I think we are starting to learn the vaccines were more of a psychological play … .”

        Blah blah blah. You need to pay more attention. Do more reading instead of writing on comment threads. You are totally out of touch and woefully ill-informed.

    • I don’t know, TomA. The sheeple have absorbed quite a lot of abuse to date and the flow seems unending.

      I dabble in Covid statistics. Excess deaths are interesting. In 2021, more people died here than in 2020, the year of obviously the big jump that was at least somewhat due to the new virus. But 2021? Many people who were susceptible had gotten infected/immune, presumably. And the biggest jumps in deaths (not of total, but in their age cohorts) were in younger populations, ages 25-54. I’m talking pretty big jumps, like 25-35% using 2019 as a base year. In normal years, the deaths vary by a few percent at most.

      None of that “proves” that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are a major culprit, but more people are dying at younger ages, and pretty sure it’s not due to the virus.

      My above observation is not new. But I did some more calculations: I took 2020’s total, added a few percent (population growth), deducted this from 2021’s deaths. Then I scaled this to a national population. I figure about 250,000 (7% of total) deaths in 2021 nationally, from the “vaccines” alone. Of course, that is a very rough estimate. In fact, it’s quite on the low side by some other analyses I’ve read, that used different methodology.

      I’ve convinced myself that this is the biggest Pharma/Medical disaster of all time, and there is a near-total cover-up at all levels of government. One of the best tip-offs of that was the very odd DMED “glitch” in the winter. Google “DMED cover-up” and you’ll find the articles.

      • First, we can no longer trust any statements or statistics coming from the US government or the MSM in regard to “official” deaths attributable to COVID or the mRNA vaccine. They will lie with impunity and deliberate malice. Second, the models predict an average of several million additional deaths per year going forward due to comorbidities associated with the COVID mRNA vaccine. The upper bound 2/3rds confidence interval is 7 million. So not apocalyptic, but very significant. What is likely to produce the most civil impact is that young children death rates will skyrocket if forced vaccination is implemented. That issue won’t be redressed at the ballot box. So don’t be in DC when the SHTF.

  20. Nah. Putin is getting Saudi Arabia and Iran in BRICS if for no other reason then they’re all tired of being bossed around by demented old perverts. Israel will stick around because the US and Israels partnership is basically the world’s largest back room at Club Hedonist

  21. Excellent Taki piece on opposite rule. It’s ideal to share with family and friends who may be only steps away from this side of the great divide.
    Leukophobia is the leukemia that is destroying the west.
    Recently drove across the bay bridge and couldn’t help but think of those who constructed it back in 1949. Once all the white men are completely squeezed out, how long will it take for the infrastructure to collapse?

    • Welp, look at clean, thriving Selma, Alabama 1960 versus Selma today- a boarded up ghetto slum. We have certainly seen the mountaintop.

    • The Chinese-made tensioning bolts on the new bay bridge ($13 Billion) failed after a year or two. The bridge is now expected to need re-replacing within 20 years or so. Last one made it 60 years, replacement 20 years, the next one lasts… 7 years? Get out of the Bay before you end up IN the bay.

      • Short infrastructure lifespans, catastrophic failures, irreplaceable infrastructure projects, etc. are all what I predict to occur when the “smart fraction” limitation for our society is reached. Such is coming about due to a multitude of converging occurrences: White demographic decline; IQ decline due to import of low IQ populations; a decline in IQ across everyone (Flynn effect has peaked); abysmal public schooling, which does not affect IQ per se, but produce low quality workers performing below their intellectual potential.

    • I noticed that too after I started reading the article and they were talking about how the Obama administration was going to handle it. Then I checked the date.

      Did he just link to the wrong article? Yesterday some Israeli newspaper was claiming Iran declared their ability to build a bomb.

      As far as I’m concerned, the sooner they get the bomb the better. Maybe we could finally just normalize relations with them.

    • Interestingly, that is part of the issue with this latest piece of propaganda.

      All the MSM outlets are blaring “Iran claims nuke capability!11!” Guess what? They’ve been doing that for years. So why all the drama?

      The same reason that Putin is the greatest threat since Hitler. Because the sheep will consume whatever sh-t is shoveled at them at this point. Critical thinking is completely gone now.

      They are aware of this so causing panic over things that are years old is effortless. The enstupidation of society continues apace so its all low effort at this point.

  22. Congress can throw all the fiat at the MIC it wants to.

    It’s highly debatable the MIC will be able to source the production inputs and human capital required for any replenishment of US stocks.

    And let’s not forget all those factories in, “The Arsenal of Democracy.”

    Those got moved to China decades ago.

  23. If the Jewish lobby in the US decides it’s war, then the coffers will be opened wide and many senatorial carreers will flourish. However, it seems there is a disagreement between Israeli Zionists and the diaspora types regarding the handling of Iran. Liberal wing is rather apprehensive towards direct “shock and awe” action. Probably they expect their favorite outcome: color revolution.

  24. Just when I thought my loathing for the group of turds that fancy themselves as the US government couldn’t get any deeper…

  25. The Iranian mullahs are living in both the past of the Persian Empire and glory days of the Shia expansion. They must arrest the move to modernity of the normals in order to retain their grip. Just as the US sees any deviation from the American form of democracy as an existential threat that allows the government to use any means to fight it, the Shia Iranians, the actual Nazis of the Middle East, use the opposition of their neighbors to consolidate domestic power. They may have a right to their self-induced paranoia but it’s a key component of their existence. Proof once again that Muslims are their own worst enemies.

    • why all the down votes?! why not leave a comment detailing your disagreement?

      • Why waste the time? His primary assertion is not wrong but the writing style “Nazis of the Middle East!1!1!” is straight out of central casting for the radical left and/or Hasbara / JIDF.

        All the governments of the ME are shyte for the most part. And the most moderate ones are our favorite ones to target because God forbid there be any stability there. Saddam, Gaddafi, and Bashar al-Assad are ‘moderates’ by ME standards, so of course, they gotta go to keep our real (((rulers))) happy.

        • “And the most moderate ones are our favorite ones to target because God forbid there be any stability there.”

          The so-called Yinon plan.

          De-stabilize the non-juice-ish nations in the Middle East by intentionally seeking out & assassinating their best & brightest.

          Saddam Hussein wasn’t killed because he was evil; he was killed because he was COMPETENT [frankly hyper-competent, by oriental standards], and because he had committed the cardinal sin of demonstrating that competence by landing a handful of scud missiles in the Holy Land back in 1991.

          In the Middle East, the true miracle at this point has been the Holy Landers’ inability to assassinate Bashar al-Assad.

          Bashar must be one cunning old fox to have vexed the Holy Lander assassins for so long [and I certainly hope I’m not jinxing the poor guy; long may he continue to vex them].

      • Agree, he’s right I think. We need to get over our Iran phobia and normalize with them. Eventually the mullahs will lose their grip and Iran will return to something like before except without a color revolution started by the US.

    • Ha! Since getting their enemies to kill each other is the hallmark of the color revolution people, if the Shia Crescent and the Sunni-Israeli alliance go to it, maybe there really is a Christian God. Turnabout is fair play!

    • We have a Hannity fan.
      From what I can tell, the Iranians want to be left alone. But the GAE-Israel cannot just leave them alone. Just look at the amount of their wealth they are throwing at getting a bomb. They are not doing this because they are backwards psychos who want to wipe Israel off the map. If they get a bomb, it just means peace for them. They cannot use it for anything but under threat of total annihilation.

      Once they get it, Israel will have to learn to live with them just like they have learned to live with their Sunni neighbors.

      • In case it wasn’t already clear from Ukraine, Jewish blood libel drives massive parts of US foreign policy. Iran is simply next on the list now that Ukraine is in motion.

        In my perfect world, these countries would wise up and all declare war simultaneously. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and India just for the lulz declaring war on the US would be comical. Now what? Going to need lots of trannies, darkies, and wahmen boyos, you sure you have enough?

        • Seems strange that they hate Russians so much. If not for Russia/Soviet Union, the national socialist state might even still exist in some form or other.

          They seem to hate the people who help them the most. In America, at least, love the people who hate them the most (Muslims and blacks)

          • “Seems strange that they hate Russians so much. If not for Russia/Soviet Union, the national socialist state might even still exist in some form or other.

            They seem to hate the people who help them the most.”

            They are the children of their father, the Father of Lies.

            They hate everyone.

            If they ever run out of goyim to butcher, then they’ll turn inward and start butchering one another.

            It’s their nature.

            They’re incapable of behaving in any other fashion.

      • Tars, that is not only an insanely good observation, it’s also the first time it’s ever been pointed out.

        • “it just means peace for them.

          Once they get it, Israel will have to learn to live with them”

      • There was a big Israeli general in the 60s and 70s who said Iran is crazy if they are not developing nukes. Not Moshe Dayan,but another prominent military leader, his name eludes me.

    • Shia Iranians are the actual National Socialist German Workers Party of the Middle East?!?

      My god, why am I just hearing of this?

      (Don’t say “Nazi” Ever. They don’t exist anymore, describing any group thusly reveals a great deal about very, very shallow thinking)

      • Yep. NAZI (the word) usage is the same as “racist” usage—over used to the point of meaninglessness. It is simply a vague slur used to degrade ones opponent/opposition without indicating why or what is being degraded. Therefore it’s use is often more indicative of the author’s lack of understanding of the issue he is commenting on.

    • “What has already been a year from hell for Germany, which is suffering energy hyperinflation as a result of Europe’s sanctions on Russia, and which is “facing the biggest crisis the country has every had” ”

      I’m thinking they have faced bigger crises before. The winter of 44/45 probably wasn’t that pleasant either. Why does everyone feel the need to talk in hyperbole?

      Still, Germany should humbly appologise to Russia and beg for forgiveness and promise to veto any attempt for Ukraine to get into NATO and end the sanctions.

      • Your solution would require humility and reflection; and not cost one life. In addition, it would be a wise long term solution.

        Clearly you haven’t been paying attention. The leaders of the west are mostly psychopaths, sociopaths and evil creatures.

        We gotta get that world population down to 500,000,000.

        Every death counts!

        • Just off the cuff, the world population is set to decline—naturally—if one looks at the demographics, except Africa. I bet if we stopped propping up Africa’s expanding population and let Malthusian “physics” prevail, we could have half the world population we have now by the end of the century. And that number is easily supported, even with today’s technology.

          • I don’t think it would take that long. If everyone stopped sending them free food, there would be mass starvation across the continent.

            It’s really not off the table that this happens in the next year. With Russian fertilizer off the market and Ukraine’s fertilizer and food off the market, this could lead to lack of excess food to ship to Africa, though I strongly suspect our leaders would rather see us starve than Africans.

          • I strongly suspect our leaders would rather see us starve than Africans.

            Nowadays, do the USA proles engage in any activity other than shoving food down their gullets?

            Do Pedo-Peter & Kamalatoe care so much about Africa that they are willing to face off with an army of tens of thousands of Shankequas and Lateeshas, at 300lbs to 500lbs each, who are employed by their states’ Divisions of Motor Vehicles to sit in chairs behind counters, eat donuts, and roll dey surly eyes at the customers for eight hours every day?

            What are the Shankequas and Lateeshas gonna do when Popeyes runs out of fried chicken, because it all got sent to Africa?

            Hell hath no fury like a scorned Nubian Princess denied her minimum daily requirement of popcorn shrimp.

          • Correction;
            Hell hath no furry like a Nubian Princes having her weave dun took off her head.

            Dat be bogus yo!

          • Yep, but I’m also thinking of China and India. As they industrialize, their birth rates will decline. China already is sweating it. 3 generations as we see with boomers cleans out the lot. Hell, look at US Whites. 90% or so in 1965. Below 60% today, and in 10 years or sooner, 50%.

            Yeah, it’s not that simple, but you get the picture.

            The world can be quite a bit different demographically in 80 years. The decline is in place (excepting Africa). There are a few presentations by demographers illustrating these trends (I tend to agree with them, but it’s not my field). We need not push to speed up the process—outside of Africa. Starvation and such leads to war and perhaps even worse.

  26. The constant propaganda and demonization of Iran in the media has a lot of people underestimating their military capability. They have sophisticated ballistic missile and drone programs, and they’ve spent decades preparing for a potential conflict with Israel. The idea that Israel alone would attack Iran seems ludicrous to me, given the firepower Iran has to retaliate. I’d assume that any Israeli attack on Iran would actually be carried out by Israel’s American attack dog, which seems like the last thing the American public wants any part of right now.

    The neocon filth has already damaged this country beyond repair in just the past 20 years and somehow they keep worming back into power. They need to be cleansed permanently and by force.

    • We long ago hit the 3.5% Rule for civic instability. I think we’re at the point where 25% of the population thinks it’s time to end the dominance of the Federal Government over our Federal System by breaking up the country. That’s called the point where someday the lowlifes will be hanging from lamp posts.

      • Most people really don’t give two squeaky farts about the Federal Reserve. Those they do certainly don’t come anywhere close to a quarter of the pop. Sad fact is economics is boring as hell.

  27. A war with Iran would send energy prices to the moon. Western economies would collapse into a steaming pile of biblical proportions.

    • That would serve 2 good purposes for the WEF/Rothschild People:
      1) Completely impoverish and starve to death most of the population, then make the survivors their slaves under their Build Back Better/Social Credit Score System.
      2) Kill off the people in any country who does not bow to them.

      • You’ve got this delusion there is this huge standing army of a few million willing to enforce that kind of global order pro bono. In your scenario the food supplies would be obliterated and money worthless. What are the Rothschilds going to pay these guys with? Scrip? Salt? If you can’t pay gold, you have to at least keep your soldiers fed otherwise they’ll either desert or turn on you.

  28. given the comprehensive incompetence of the GAE leadership, how do they fukk up the iran play?

    if the israelis only blow up nuclear sites, and don’t launch an all out war, will iran really hit the GO button on an all out response? getting hezbollah out in the open (if they are activated as a response) might be a two-fer for the yids!

    • Surely Iran has “assets” already inside “Israel.” Why need an attack come from outside?

      • maybe they do, maybe they don’t. don’t recall reading about it one way or the other. iran *has* hit israeli targets outside of the country though. how much damage can individuals cause though?

    • Such a tragedy.

      What in the actual f**k did the Europeans think was gonna happen.

      I picture the U S taking the arm of Europe and having them make a fist.

      Then hitting them with their own fist in the head and saying,”stop hitting yourself. Why are you hitting yourself? “.

      The unforced errors made by Western “leaders” at this time in history is breathtaking.

      • “What in the actual f**k did the Europeans think was gonna happen.”

        They, like us, thought nothing. They/we are controlled by our “betters”. I suspect the average German would say the hell with Ukraine, despite being closer to such than we are. Heck, the Germans for example have allowed their country to be energy impoverished via their Green New Deal policies and Global Warming hysteria.

        I think the line from Eastwood’s “The Unforgiven” is appropriate here, “…Kid, we all got it coming…”

    • The beatings will continue until morale improves.

      Maybe we need to start a pool on which Euro nation first bends the knee to Putin after Macron does.

  29. “The other piece of the puzzle is the fact that the United States has emptied out the warehouses for the Ukrainians.”

    My question is can they procure the parts they need to make their high tech junk? Since a lot of that equipment was manufactured, many factories that made the electronics and other gadgetry have shut down in the U.S. and moved to China. If you can’t even get a single American-made part to repair your car, how is that going to work when the foreigners cut us off, which they already have, to a large effect.
    We pretty much can’t even make a good cast iron skillet any more!

    • Coalclinker-

      Based on what I see in my little corner of the world they’re already scrambling to pull parts out of every fly-by-night broker in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Also lots of wriggling around to find acceptable substitutes.

    • There is a company in Tennessee, Lodge, that builds fantastic cast iron stuff. Their factory store is a must-visit near Chattanooga.

      • I regularly use my Lodge cast iron grill pan on a gas stove to cook steak.

        Nearly as tasty as grilling with far less effort and clean up time.

      • I’ve looked at Lodge’s current wares. When compared to what was made 70+ years ago, they’re proverbially as rough as the asphalt on the street by my house, and it takes months to season one enough to where the eggs don’t stick. They’re garbage! They used to have a polishing machine, and when it broke, they didn’t replace it, hence rough finish cookware. That’s what happens when there’s no low-price competition.

        I’ve got many dozens of skillets all the way up to size 20, and they’re all old. A few weeks ago I picked up a BS&R #10 skillet for $20 at a local flea market. It’s the size of most #11s, and I figure it was made in the early 1950’s. The iron is as smooth as glass, and they polished the cooking surface as well. It’s one of the best no-stick egg and bacon sklllets I’ve bought in awhile.

        I’ve said for sometime that my dead give-away America is about to collapse is they can’t even make a good skillet anymore!

        • I don’t think can’t
          More won’t
          recently have began to appreciate cast iron.
          Have been able to rehab & refine several finds.
          Helps to have access to industrial glass bead cabinet.
          Several griddle and skillets.
          A couple were too pitted but was able to sand one skillet & griddle & after seasoning both are like you said smooth as glass & excellent none stick.

          • I’ve used an electrolysis tank to clean 100 years of crud off in about a week. You get a plastic garbage can and fill it with water. Put a cup of washing soda in it. Stick a steel plate on one side of the can, in the water of course. Suspend the skillets using twine on the other side.

            Get a battery charger out and attach insulated wire to the leads. I then put alligator clips on the free ends. Attach the “-” to the skillets and the “+” to the steel plate. Turn the charger on and in about a week you gave squeaky clean cast iron skillets!
            My Rule: the black terminal goes to the black skillets!

        • Although clearly for a different purpose, in the 1990s on the G. Gordon Liddy show, he or a guest was describing the quality of 1930s German firearms. They used something called “pickled steel” if recall correctly. Apparently has never been equaled since. Lost art? Very possibly. There’s a lot of things that get lost in the translation when an old industry that was closer to true craftsmanship gets exported to a low-wage country where uneducated peasants are paid $1/hour to produce a substitute.

  30. War with Iran basically hands the Ukraine to Russia, Germany and Europe are struggling with energy prices now, it over once oil goes over $200 a barrel

  31. I think the Saudi desire to be in BRICS and put distance from the US is stronger than your scenario implies. Biden came away with absolutely fuck-all from his visit and the endless parade of arrogant American assholes upbraiding them for insufficiently celebrating sodomites is clearly wearing thin. Saudi is coordinating oil production not with OPEC but OPEC Plus, which means Russia.


    “WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told the press on Thursday that he pushes LGBT “rights” with his Saudi Arabian counterpart “invariably, in every conversation.”

    According to Politico, the statement came during the State Department’s first-ever “briefing for LGBTQI reporters,” with Blinken explaining that he has had “real engagement” with Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud when talking about protections for the LGBT community in the Middle Eastern nation.

    Despite ardently pro-LGBT U.S. President Joe Biden saying he was going to treat Saudi Arabia like “the pariah they are,” Blinken said the administration is seeking to “recalibrate the relationship,” part of which is advancing the homosexual agenda.”

    Somehow a big Fuck You Joe seems appropriate.

    In the realignment of the world between Mackinders World Island and the collapsing vassal States of the US, Saudi will end up with the former.

    • Imagine a foreign jerk coming to your country and demanding you celebrate buttsex more. IF the Saudis came here and demanded we converted to Islam it wold be less insulting that what we do as a matter of course.

    • Yep – Saudi Arabia is the wild-card and I fail to see what they get if they join in the war against Iran. Letting Israel use their airspace would be an act of war and Iran would likely spend most of its energy attacking the Saudis rather than trying to reach Israel.

      • From the Saudis perspective it seems to me that Iran, especially a nuclear Iran, is more dangerous to them than Israel, even allowing for the likely fact that Israel has undeclared nuclear weapons themselves. Israel simply isn’t that big and isn’t interested in taking over the ME. They’ve constantly got their hands full just keeping what they have.

        Your point is valid – but I’m not sure what other options the Saudis might have if the Israelis finally decide they can no longer wait. The only one I can think of is for the Saudis to develop nuclear weapons themselves to balance Iran; IDK how likely they might be to pursue that path. And that in itself opens another problem for Israel because if they can’t tolerate a nuclear Iran, they certainly can’t tolerate a 1-2 punch of a nuclear Iran & a nuclear S.A.

        • ” is for the Saudis to develop nuclear weapons themselves”

          To further complicate the picture, the Saudi nuclear weapons storehouse is called Pakistan, home to maybe the largest land army in the Muslim sphere as well as a port for Chinese submarines.

        • Good points. Although I can claim no expertise in the matter, the Mideast is the poster child of ancient religious enmities. The following is perhaps an over-simplification but will suffice for illustration.
          Islam hates Judaism.
          If no Jew or Christian is available, the Islam fissions like:
          Sunni hates Shiite hates Wahabbi hates Sufi hates [???]
          If two (say) Sunni are all that’s available:
          Imam A is better than Imam B

          There is a nutshell, you have the politics of that part of the world 🙁

    • Brandon calling the Saudis liars is perfect proof of my prior post about the GAE PMC and how they think they can speak to the rest of the world.

        • This annoys the piss out of me when people post clever acronyms assuming everyone is a SmartBoy™ (h/t VoxDay) like they are. It comes off as either smarmy or clueless with no room for anything in between, either way, its a bad look.

          PMC– to -most- people is Private Military Company. (mercenaries, think Blackwater)

          But to Clever Boys (that would be this case) it is Professional Managerial Class.

    • I have to wonder, behind the scenes do they really ask the Saudis to lick the boots of the LGBTQWERTY scum, my guess is they don’t care about that BS. Why would they, it all a scam to keep the rubes happy

    • A country where the Religion of Pieces is the law of the land won’t tolerate such degenerate nonsense – nor should they.

      • Well officially that’s the party line, behind closed doors Arabs get up to all kinds of stuff

        • They also regularly travel to Bahrain and Vegas to get into mischief because, “Allah does not see there.”

          Uh huh.

        • Not only does every Arab home have a wet bar, Dads was there rivetting oil refinery tanks in 1947- and he said bumfudgery was their national sport.

      • They have already taken the first step. Allowing women to drive is the first step in the march to celebrating sodomy.

      • They absolutely do just on the down low. Man love Thursdays is a thing
        Just as bachi bazi. One of my terps big ambition was to get to Saudi, he said because “Afghani guys are the best” that he would be well taken care of. He’s in Tennessee now.
        That shit is endemic throughout the ME. Maybe nuclear annihilation ain’t such a bad idea.

  32. War with Iran is going to be a near impossible sell to the public, but we may be at the point where such things don’t matter anymore. While many people superficially supported Ukraine, it was clear they had no intention of making any sort of sacrifices outside of putting a Ukraine flag outside their door. The left is still anti-Israel, and a good portion of the right has gone to at least apathy with regards to the Middle East.

    There’s also the very real question of, if the U.S. military intervenes, can they deliver? Our MIC is one more failed conflict away from completing its transition to paper tiger, which mans if they do get involved, it will be for broke. Since the world financial order is built on the back of U.S. military might, any sort of failure will be the catalyst for a worldwide restructuring, a restructuring that will leave us far, far poorer than where we started.

    • The very large and influential Persian expat community will be working behind the scenes to get a war started.

      They are very much like the Cubans in Florida.

      Where Castro kicked out the monied Cubans who fled to Florida in 1950s, many wealthy Persians fled Iran in 70s and 80s with the Islamic revolution. Reportedly there are upwards of 500,000 in Los Angeles area. A sizable number if not the majority are Jewish.

      They have agitated publicly for war with Iran in the past. The same grudges are in play as there are with the Cubans. And a war would mean many of their family members and acquaintances could claim asylum and move here.

        • Very much depends. Persians of pure blood are probably whiter than you. But like many places, they were conquered by mud people, in this case Arabs. Once that happens the bloodline becomes poisoned forever so yes, many Iranians are a swarthy admixture of mutt blood.

          The unspoiled though? They look like northern Mediterraneans, think Spaniards or Italians from mid-country. But in general yes, many goblinas mixed in there for every white skinned beauty that hasn’t had her genetic line adulterated but Arab genes.

          • I always had a thing for Sibel Edmonds and that cutie from JAG, Catherine Bell. Both a little long in the tooth but so am I.

          • I live among tens of thousands of them

            They are all over the place.

            How they look is one thing, and many of the women are nice looking, but that doesn’t really tell anyone anything about what they’re like as far as neighbors and their culture etc. and it says nothing about what the men are like.

            As an aside, a running joke out here is what they call Persian Palaces, or where they take a postage stamp size lot and build this gaudy monstrosity on it that clashes with the other houses on the block and in the neighborhood.

            Conspicuous consumption is very big among them. As an aside, they are often the ones targeted by the ferals for their luxury watches and accessories. David Cole over at Taki usually has some good insights and reports on this kind of stuff. Sometimes Steve Sailer does too when he does his Los Angeles local color pieces.

    • The US has delivered or promised more that 12 months armaments production capacity to Ukraine and none of the West’s armaments seem to be living up to expectations. US reliance on China for components is a topic that’s almost never discussed in the West. The Duran guys mention it from time to time. I think 2 generations of staffing senior positions with tosspots who are totally devoid of contact with reality has produced a Potemkin military.

    • Printing up a bunch of increasingly worthless fiat does not translate into immediate mass industrial production.

    • They go to the back of the warehouse and give Ukraine the oldest military equipment. They won’t do that with Israel. They’ll bankrupt the economy before they send Israel second hand equipment. Sean Hannity would kvetch himself into a stroke if he found out they’re sending Israel second hand equipment.

  33. It would seem that the better strategy for Israel might be blakmail. The Israelis acknowledge that, in the long run, if Iran is so determined, Iran will be able to blow Israel away. But should it come to that, Israel, if capable of doing so, will use what arsenal iIsrael may have to destroy the ozone layer or let its nukes fly to Europe or whatever action will maximise world suffering.

    The best defense against a classroom bully capable of taking you out is to have enough leverage over the other kids in the class to be able to assure them that if you go, they go..

    • A “we will destroy the world if you try to kill us” strategy leaves their enemies, which they’ve made efforts to grow in numbers rather than shrink, always looking for a an opportunity to score the quick kill.

    • Epstein was an Israeli asset.

      I’m sure they have the files they need to make the US do pretty much anything.

      • Benjamin Netanyahu said “America is a thing easily moved” during an interview at an Israeli kibbutz many years ago. I note, in that rhetorical spirit, during this the current year of globohomoInc that “America is a thing to be raped”. Everyone in the world is either having a go or laughing at us if they don’t have access.

  34. From their POV war with Iran while dementia Joe is in office is a good idea, blame it all on Joe and his health problems, let DeSantis clean up the mess

    If you think oil/energy is expensive now, how high will it go once Iran closes the strait of Hormuz and takes out a few Saudi pumping sites, $300 a barrel ? more ?

    Crazy people

  35. “Washington would most likely use this as a way to pry the Saudis away from any deal to join BRICS. Iran would know that the Saudis let Israel “violate their airspace” to conduct the attack so any rapprochement would come to an end. Washington has used the threat of Iran to keep the Saudis onboard. An Israeli attack would force the kingdom to renew cordial relations with America, which would require them to get onboard the sanctions regime against the Russians.”

    If this is neocon strategic thinking, it’s garbage. Even the Saudis — not particularly bright sparks — will be able to see through this. I’m also wondering about the Israelis — do they want to antagonize BRICS? Recall that even Israel joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank — organized by the Chinese — some seven years back, to US disapproval. Both the Saudis and the far more intelligent Israelis can see that the US is a declining power flailing around wildly. They know where the future is.

    • the Saudis and the far more intelligent Israelis

      The Saudi leadership has been educated in what are considered the premier universities of the West, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, etc. They’re not stupid.

      • Depends what you consider “education”, now doesn’t it? Judging by results from recent years, equating “education” with matriculation at these institutions is a risible notion. Indoctrination, or initiation into the ruling clique of the machine, I will buy, but “education”? Not so much.

        • Yeah. Another thought I had was just what all this “education” is buying these folk. Look at any of the Arab Gulf countries and what you find are that they import all their workers—not just manual labor, but technical folk as well. Are all these highly educated natives doing anything practical with their education? Can they do more than just collect royalty checks and drive their expensive cars around?

          I acknowledge that these folk manager/control their technical industries, but can they screw in a light bulb? What happens if their imported work force goes home?

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