Plot Twists

The French and Russian revolutions are probably the two most important events in contemporary Western history. They have been studied from every angle, but they continue to be studied by scholars. One reason for the enduring interest is these events still cast a shadow over the present. The constructs that arose from the French Revolution are still with us. The great divide between East and West as a result of the Bolshevik Revolution still haunts the world.

Another reason for keeping these two great revolutions in the front of the mind is they are examples of how a ruling elite can bring about its own demise. The violent end of the regime was made inevitable by regime actions. The French king could have plotted a different course, but he made every mistake available to him. The Tsar was in a much more difficult position, but he had plenty of warnings about what was coming and he could have prepared accordingly.

These two revolutions are as much about ruling elite error as the social and political movements we associate with them. If the French king had been a bit more prudent it is possible the revolution would not have happened at all. If there were betting odds on such things, regicide would have been the longest of long shots on the board prior to the start of unrest. Most of the people pushing for change prior to Lenin seizing power were hoping the Tsar would help with the process.

The compelling feature of these events is that the major players seemed blind to that which should have been obvious. The forces of change and the defenders of the status quo operated like two black boxes. Neither side could see inside the other, so they were left to guess about the motivations behind the observed actions. Inevitably, they assigned the worst motives to the other side. Killing the sovereign, thereby killing the system he represented, was easy when he was seen as evil.

We seem to be seeing the same dynamic form up in present day America as the ruling class operates by motives that baffle those outside. The raid on former president Trump by the FBI is the latest event without an obvious explanation. A feature proudly celebrated by the American political class for a long time is that Americans do not criminalize politics like other countries. The losers of elections are not jailed and former officer holders are not persecuted.

For two years the political class has been waging a war against the former president and his supporters for reasons that continue to baffle. There must be a reason as there is a reason for everything, but no logical reasons make sense. Again, we look at our political class and see a black box at the center of their actions. It is what motivates them but what is going on inside is a mystery. As a result, we are left to speculate as to their motivations and that always leads to dark motives.

Like the ruling elites in the two great revolutions, this ruling elite seems to be obsessed with finding the worst option. The right answer in the aftermath of the 2020 election was for Washington to be reminded of Jefferson’s timeless question. “And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” The right response was “to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them.”

Instead, we have pogroms. This raid on Trump’s home not only raises questions about the motives of the administration, but it colors the January 6 events. An organized war by the deep state against reformers is a narrative that explains both the persecution of the protestors and the attacks on the former president. Even for those highly skeptical of the “deep state” narrative will start to come around. It also helps explain side events like the attacks on Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes.

In those prior revolutions, a logic took over that naturally led to the conclusion that the system was the problem. It was not just the polices that emanated from the system, but the system itself that was the problem. In Russia and France, the man at the top was the personification of the system. A point was reached where anything the king said or did was viewed through this logic. The trust between the people and their sovereign was irrevocably broken and the end became inevitable.

One strange difference between the current age and those revolutionary ages is the roles are reversed. In 18th century France, it was the people at the top defending the old order and the people challenging it. The same was true in Russia. In America, the people at the top see themselves as the revolutionaries and the people view themselves as the defenders of the old order. A big part of this crisis is the ruling class mocking the history and tradition of the people.

What makes it even more bizarre is that if the ruling class is successful in discrediting the old system, the people will no longer have restraint. It is the lingering trust in the system, the desire to vote harder, that prevents January 6th from spreading to every state capital in the country. These efforts by the ruling class to burn it all down can only lead to one end for them. The FBI raiding Trump’s house convinced a lot of people that the system is now too far gone to save with an election.

It is a good example of how history can be a guide, but the parallels are never perfect, so we are left to feel our way through things. Lenin knew his history, which is why he quickly had the Tsar and his family murdered. He knew where his revolution should end so he moved quickly to the closing scenes. On the other hand, despite their study of history, none of the Bolsheviks saw Stalin and his terror coming. Even when you know the script, it is sometimes hard to accept the plot.

Perhaps that is what is happening in the black box at the center of the Cloud People society that seems to control their actions. Perhaps inside it they are feverishly hoping to write a new ending to an old story. Their actions, however, are the main plot device of that old story. The harder they work to create a new narrative, the more their actions seem to confirm the oldest of narratives. The great plot twist they think they are fashioning is that there is no plot twist to their story.

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216 thoughts on “Plot Twists

  1. Americans do not criminalize politics like other countries. The losers of elections are not jailed and former officer holders are not persecuted.

    Yes. But this time, actually, for the first time election results were turned upside down. The FBI raid is part of what naturally follows a thing like that.

  2. I found this quote at the end of an article at The Conservative Tree House. The article discussed the responses amongst Republicans to the raid on the Trump residence. This quote, from the vexed time of the American Revolution, seems have been adduced by the author of the article due to its having telling, interrogative relevance not only to the normies of that time, but potentially also to the normies of the present day.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” ~ Sam Adams

    Of course, at that time, there was a sense of a nascent nation struggling to be. At this time, the question is, in what way are we capable of recapturing that sense, or is it now forever beyond our grasp?

  3. Looks like Rod Dreher just put down his knitting to express his shock at the effects that the Great Replacement and escalation in anti-white racism post St George of The Holy Overdose is having . Very interesting data points/anecdotes coming from CPAC.

    High humor to watch him shriek in horror and prattle on about what people see with their own eyes is a conspiracy.

    • That’s a necessary reminder. We easily forget that though our strongest enemies are “leftists”—but that’s not really a thing; there are only *partisan Democrats*—our worst enemies are “normie cons” and libertarians (aka, partisan Democrats).

      Order your lists appropriately.

    • I skimmed the Dreher article. To be fair, his main point was that the newly radicalized whites are understandably angry. He cushioned it with a bunch of “I disagree with them” fluff. But his main point is that the D-Right saw it all coming long before everyone like himself.

    • RealityRules: I’ve never been a Dreher reader or fan and thought I couldn’t think less of him than I already did. But I clicked on the link and read his drivel – I didn’t count precisely how many times he shrieked “radical” or “radicalized,” and I don’t talk to enough people to be able to truly tally whether Joe Normals are awakening, but anything that unsettles the staid is a good thing.

  4. Six years ago:
    Ukraine had already been teed up.
    It was thought by many the Hilary would prosecute a war against Russia.
    Russia et. al. was weaker.
    US was stronger.
    Both the liberals and the conservatives were united in Russia/Putin hate.

    The revanchists could possible have reestablished their USSRtopia. Or set forth a movement to break off more and more chunks of that land.

    But now, they can only stew in their ancient hatreds broth, at what could have been. They’ll keep trying, trying for millennia after epoch.

    The Trump failure was, I think, a two way street. He was a vanguard and claimed a lot of linguistic and cultural space, and he was pushing hard for the first while, and did some good things. But his troops did not close in behind him; rather they just went home and grilled. Now it must be added, Trump didn’t seem much about protecting his troops, but neither did his troops protect him. There is a formidable enemy in the secret security forces, it would have been hard then, and now it’s harder.

    • my infernal hatred for the gop party was ignighted by watching trump supporters attacked and beaten by gang bangers and thugs as the police looked on in 2016 . the rest of the GOP candidates did nothing about this . It was clear then that not only did the “gop” hate their base, they despise them eenough to enjoy seeing them beaten and possibly killed . I voted for trump and some local office holders in 2020, but I have been done and over the DEM/GOP drama .

  5. The Trump raid isn’t a sign of strength. It’s a sign of weakness and lashing out. The regime has always been the regime. The same ghoulish J. Edgar Hoovers’ of D.C. have always been there, trying on new panty hose under their desks and jack- ing to weird sh. t. The difference is nepotism. The current crop are direct descendants of the FDR class of 1933 that was the first occupation of D.C. Sure, the progressives built the platform, but this is FDR’s machine. And it’s run by the children of the children of the first party bosses.

    They don’t know that they’re too incompetent and out of touch to continue to govern, and never will, so they project their insecurities on the MAGA crowd sitting in their double wides. Everything would be smooth if “these people” didn’t exist. Somehow the pudgy overmedicated peons are getting in the way of smooth governance. This isn’t about Trump but his supporters. They would like nothing more than to have some dough faced, pre-diabetic Trump supporter pull a McVeigh II, caught on a security camera in his cargo shorts and white tube socks. Patriot Act II is already sitting in a drawer waiting on this. And with it, goodby internet anonymity and all kinds of things that will make this era look like the 90’s.

    • Not a sign of strength?

      Any Democrat could call the cops and have you killed today.

      “But I’m smarter than them!”


      • If they were running the place the way a country should be run, the way it used to be run, we wouldn’t be discussing this. There wouldn’t be issues like this popping up in the first place. Your hyperbole aside, the last few years have proved that the machine is malfunctioning and they’re using hard power in place of soft power, which is cheaper and far superior. It’s like office managers who pat themselves on the back for solving crises in their own offices when good managers don’t have them to begin with.

        • I have lived in two distinct sections of the country the past 3 years. I see absolutely no sign that the average person actually would ever do anything but be perfectly obedient to the system. I only have my own experience, but I see no indication of any weakness on the side of TPTB.

        • The machine is not malfunctioning. It’s doing what they want it to do. You guys keep looking around and seeing “crises,” or you say the country isn’t “being run well,” or you see that the US military got chased out of Afghanistan, and you think that means the Left is losing.

          They aren’t losing. They don’t care about the collapsing economy, or famines, or Germans freezing this winter, or homeless camps, or jogger crime, or the US military.

          They are still grabbing loot and stashing it away in their secret accounts, and they will soon take their loot and retire to some far-off beach. That’s all they care about. The rest of that stuff is just distractions.

          • This is correct , Our WEF overlords are consolidating their Ownership of everything .
            small business is still being completely destroyed, they are using corporations to enforce their ideology . they are running the farmers out o business and will buy up all their land. Then we will be good and truly screwed . landless starving peasants are not a powerful group.

  6. Remember last year when the Dems wanted to give the IRS access in realtime to any deposit or withdrawl from your accounts over 600 dollars? How long before they propose that again? Its funny, if anyone should have to show minimal amounts of money moving in and out of their account it should be the politicians.

    Just another example of upside down world or clown world.

    • Sounds like a great reason to do the minimum at work and avoid engaging in any sort of commerce if the taxman is just going to steal everything.

  7. Actually, the nobility in France was mostly in favor of the Revolution, because they had been stripped of power and status by the conversion from feudalism to the absolute monarchy of Louis XIV & Co.

    • yes, Mr Man is no historian. I don’t think any revolution is “from the people”

      The English “reformation” was top down.

      • Martin Luther was English?
        Your hostility to the English allows you to convert people’s ethnicity after their death!

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  9. Most normal people are bewildered by the Power Structure’s obsession with Donald Trump. They are left to blindly grope into the black box Z describes. The motives for destroying an obstreperous but essentially harmless politican are tenebrous, to put it mildly.

    I don’t know the answer; none of us do. But I can speculate until speculation, too, begins provoking FBI assaults.

    It seems to me that the danger Trump represents is that of narrative rupture. When Trump speaks of African scheisslochs, women allowing famous men to snatch them by the snatch, and when he robustly defends rather than condemns white civilization, he undermines the narrative the Left has been sedulously crafting the last 50-plus years. And the Left, for all its power cannot completely muzzle a sitting president.

    The problem for the Leftist Power Structure is that the unspeakable truths Trump utters could possibly kindle subversive thoughts among white Americans. And these thoughts, centering around white identity and rejection of diversity, could inevitably lead to speech and action. The planned refashioning of America as the world’s leading anti-white polity could be left in shambles. Trump, in other words, through his words, could function as the spearhead of a counterrevolution against everything the Left has inflicted upon white America since roughly 1965.

    • Ostei, it seems the left and all the tentacles of the NWO are going for all the marbles. Perhaps this is the beginning of”when push comes to shove”.

    • That’s likely part of it. There is also the “pour emcourager les autres” aspect of it.

    • If you truly, honestly believe in “word spells” and “narrative makes reality,” then Trump’s Mean Tweets (r) actually were a material, serious existential threat to TPTB. If you take our enemy literally: words are actual violence, so Trump was an incredibly effective violent attack on Who We Are Democratic Rules Based Values. And these people think you can stop a Ruskie infantry brigade by tweeting, so I think their beliefs are sincerely held.

    • I think they are just petty fanatics. Trumps tenure PROVED change is ineffectual. His complete impotence is proof that there is no threat to the system. General Milley, with that C#$#sucking lips and expression of his, is still there. I don’t see fear of Trump – they openly taunt him. That is the opposite of fear.

      • You’re looking for change in all the wrong places. Policies and laws are of little concern. What is at issue is changed minds and attitudes. If and when that happens, the Power Structure is in big, big trouble, and they know it. That’s why suppressing Trump is top priority.

        • I addressed that in a previous comment. The average person in no way would undermine the power stucture in any way. Gogol wrote “The Overcoat” in 1840. How much worse did that system get under the Marxists? Meet the new boss…

  10. Great article Zman. Slammed in my day job so will only leave these two quick comments:

    First, I highly recommend the Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan for anyone seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the French revolution and the Russian revolution. Duncan is product of modern academia so his work is colored by his leftist leanings (his elevation of the Haitian revolution is modestly embarrassing), but he does good work.

    Second, as I reflect back over the past twenty one years, I have developed a real appreciation for how unbelievably prescient Osama bin Laden was. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, Osama bid Laden knew America better than we knew ourselves. He lit the spark that destroyed America in just over twenty years without firing a shot. It was an act of pure genius–evil genius, but still genius.

    • “He lit the spark that destroyed America in just over twenty years without firing a shot.”

      If you’re referring to 9-11, fewer and fewer people believe the official narrative that Osama Bin Laden masterminded the attacks. I’m among those people. And yet, twenty years ago, I actually believed what our government told us.

      Looking back, it seems almost quaint.

      • Boy howdy. How could I have been so stupid- but then, I also believed that my favorite Austrian painter was the bad guy, too.

        Watching Dubya at the black kiddies’ school in Florida while their voodoo lady teacher recites the chant, “Kite Hit Steel Plane Must”,
        she was using the children to cast a spell. Look at the smirk on Bush’s face when they are doing it. He knows!

      • Whether or not you believe that al-qaeda engineered the 9/11 attacks, it is pretty clear that they (and their closely related ideological fellow travelers) were a force to be recconded with: 1st attack on the WTC; bombings of the US embassies in east Africa; the bombing of the Khobar Towers; the bombing of the destroyer in Yemen. This led up to a declaration of war upon the US. In seeking a rationale for the declaration, this article from 2004 posits that the real thrust was directed toward the muslim world, and in drawing the collective thinking of the Umma toward instilling hostility and direct action against secular and Western-leaning governments in the muslim world to push them toward Sharia-based governance. Here is the link to the article, The War Bin Laden Wanted.

    • I wouldn’t say OBL “destroyed” America…America isn’t destroyed, it’s just ruled by and ever-more populated by numbskulls. What he did is give an opening for {insert nefarious foreign actor here} to use the American war machine to eliminate personal enemies. OBL did probably hasten our demise as a world police power, even though “he” “attacked” us at the apex of American power, and would not have expected things to fall apart like the have in the last 20 years. But the actual demise of the USA can be blamed on the fetishization of immigration.

      • Actually our idea of America is destroyed. We can argue how it’s been done but it isn’t coming back in its old form. I miss it but time now to move on and create something we can keep this time.

        • Franklin said America was already formed well before the revolution but nobody had actually stopped to think about that.
          Now that America has been unraveling longer than it was advancing it’s only through the latests decay that people are getting squared up with the degree of decline.

  11. I think it might have been mentioned here before, but in the event that someone missed it: It’s the Jews.

    • Ha! Yes, and no.
      It’s the fat tail- the fat tail that manifests much more strongly in some genomes. That fat tail first either destroys its own society, then moves on to others, or is kicked out, also then moving on to others.

      The fat tail you’re referring to purged itself of its moderate White-interbred majority, while using its own acquired White characteristics to increase its grip on the horse it rode.

      That White horse has taken this fat tail to the top of the world, but beware! It is eyeing the potential of a world of suitable nonwhite vessels susceptible to Its call.

      All fed by White success, now in numbers to overwhelm the whites. The White fat tail is uncontrolled mercy, altruism to the point of their own destruction.

      After much sturm und drang between me and Christians, I’ve at last realized the secret of the JQ, of why the readers of the Book read it as though they were children. Of magic and adventure tales, of hot family stories, warm and human.

      The wrong software is being applied to the wrong processor. Emosocial hindbrain language is used on an Aryan neocortex. They ask a moral question, “why?” of a tidal wave, of an avalanche, as if an earthquake were a living thing.

      The White mind has been circumcized; all their marvelous talents remain, except for one small bit of circuitry- said circuits have been scrambled, the ones that would allow them to escape.

      The earthbound and their tormented god, Abraham’s God, trapped within the greenhouse wall, have captured a race of angels.

      They have clipped the angels’ wings, using any trick to keep them here- lest they lose the Light inside. The poor demons and their lord yearn to heal, and cannot let the angels leave.

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  13. I’d argue the political class has been waging war on Trump and his supporters for six years – in ways that used to baffle, but not so much anymore. The ruling regime is corrupt, illegitimate and evil. They don’t even care about the optics or what us dirt people think about their antics as displayed by the Trump raid.

    It seems like there’s no step they’re unwilling to take in the furtherance of their agenda – black box reasoning and all. It’s going to be interesting as hell to see if they’ve got the stones to seriously try to job the upcoming election. Anything other than a demoncrap wipeout will likely be seen as one last fraud too far. What comes of that – if it comes to that is another story. What comes of a massive republitard win (likely nothing) is yet another story. At this point will there be a final put up or else last chance issued by the people? We can only hope – cynicism runs wide and deep.

    • “the political class has been waging war on Trump and his supporters for six years.”

      No, they have been waging war on Americans since 1865. Civil War, WWI, the Fed, WWII, Civil Rights, open borders, welfare and onward. . .always the temperature rising on the frog in the pot.

      Well, the water is boiling and the frog is belly up. They have total control and there’s no more need to even hide what they are or what they’re trying to do.

      I wish I knew what comes next or how it all plays out, but none of it will be good for a long, long time.

    • Has Trump ever defended any of his supporters who endured violence on his behalf? Even once? Publicly? Prior to his election? After his election? The answer is no.

      • It is have been observed by Ann Coulter that getting too involved with Trump is a career destroyer that leaves him unmoved.

  14. As I followed the events yesterday, I noticed the official statement from Miss Lindsay Graham, the regime’s official bottom, touching on something. “No one is above the rule of law.” I can’t stand orange man. I consider him to be the most disloyal man on earth. Part of the reason for our current situation is his total failure on every front. However, this one line from the clown Graham encapsulates everything. Rule of law Miss Graham? The law that so rudely came down on a thousand D.C. people who’ve been plundering the place for years? All the insider deals and trading….Hunter’s exploits…Hill-dog’s exploits…going back to Bush crony Chertoff selling a billion dollars of phony x-ray machines to airports?

    The people have always allowed a little corruption in D.C. because they didn’t see it hurting them. There was always a nicer suburb in which to park yourself. Another set of granite counters to pick out for your kitchen. Another vehicle to buy, etc. As the productivity of the country is collapsing, inflation is biting, McJobs replacing careers, a lot of people who should have been looking around in 1990 are now looking around and seeing the country being wildly ripped off while they get the shaft. No rule of law whatsoever. One of the elements of revolution is that the people are always 20 or 30 years late to the crime scene.

    • “I noticed the official statement from Miss Lindsay Graham, the regime’s official bottom, touching on something. “No one is above the rule of law.”

      Obviously Graham never heard of Hillary Clinton.

      • Wait, does Lindsey Graham have actionable evidence that could lead to the arrest and conviction of Hillary Clinton?!?!?

    • Seriously, I expect Graham will commit suicide in the near future. He will do incalculable damage in the meantime.

  15. The Regime behaves like it is illegitimate. I’ve been watching the speeches he gave on the international stage. They are really good. He went straight into the UN and to capitals across Europe and asserted the primacy of the nation state. He said without equivocation that his office is a privilege and is based on service and accountability to the people who elected him. He set the order straight – America is a nation state and all nation states’ first obligation is to their own citizens.

    The elites hate his guts for this. They have a project that they are determined to see through to the end. Trump could articulate the message to the elites, in said speeches and he could rally the masses. Trump was too nice and too naive to do what needed to be done. He has balls, and he has some amazing speech writers. They can get rid of him, but someone wrote those speeches so the ideas are alive. I remember Trump saying, “Never again will the American people be forgotten.” He inspired intense loyalty in a people whose government abandoned them. Now the regime is saying, “Never again

    Persecuting of Trump has been in process since his election in 2016. Now the purging of Trump seems to be proceeding. The elites will find themselves playing a game of whack-a-mole they cannot win. Every mole that gets whacked will produce ten more. It will most likely produce a Putin – a person who goes in stealth, gets appointed in place of their Potemkin candidate and then does a purge of his own. It could happen here, and may be the only viable way to usurp the current regime.

    Aside from old Trump speeches I’ve been watching footage of Boris Yeltsin. The oligarchs over in Russia, (who don’t seem to have been very Russian), propped up a drunken stooge in the form of Yeltsin. The rhyme with Biden is remarkable. If you look at the “Americans” who sponsored and backed the 90s Russian oligarchs we’ll probably find that the rhyme exists because the people behind it are the same.

    In the meantime enjoy the photos of the hairy chested guy with man boobs and a beer gut wearing a dress pretending to be an admiral. He is their improved version of the baffoonish drunk they paraded around in Russia – but a provocation they will come to regret. Oh, and never take your kids to Monticello or Montpelier – the seats of “patriotic philanthropy.” We are on our own and we must organize.

  16. As Freud said: “a cigar is sometimes just a cigar”.

    I see no capacity for anything above Level 1 thinking/planning from this regime. It stumbles from disaster to disaster. Pete Buttplug is obviously one of the smarter people in it and he is manifestly incompetent as an administrator/planner. The creepy Garland (AG) is obviously the only other Class A intellect in this gang. He is clearly behind the Trump raid/harassment campaign. But it appears to be a standard intimidation tactic, just like the Giuliani/Stone/Navarro/Bannon harassment, which Garland is obviously behind. There is no 3D chess/black box here. This is more like 5-card stud poker – mostly face-up.

    As in 5-card stud, it’s easy to overplay your hand. With less than 2 years left to go to the Convention, the Regime must decide to charge Trump or let him regain political momentum. The raid is really the 4th card. They are trying to get Trump to fold. In a strange way though, folding won’t help Trump since they’re trying to make him a pariah at best and destroy him at worst. We’re going to see the River card here soon.

    • The only possible 4d chess reson the ruling class are doing this is to set Trump up as fake opposition again, and send people down the same dead end as 2016. Unlikely, and this probably gives the elite too much credit.

    • Garland usually doesn’t give interviews. The only time I heard him talk is when he did a sit down with Lester Holt. He has sort of a voice tremor and seems like a mild mannered guy who could be your next door neighbor. Definitely not some Blofeld esque villain.

      Otoh he is, genetically speaking, a Bolshevik and him indicting trump can be his “lion king” moment where he avenges him not getting on the high court.

      It could also be that he’s a Robert Mueller type figure in that he’s someone with a reputation for being a straight shooter and that his presence gives an aire of legitimacy – but that it’s actually more radical/partisan people that are really running the show (Weissman, Monaco etc)

      • Maybe because I’m a partial genetic Bolshevik myself, my immediate impression of Garland was, “This could be the most evil man who ever lived.” He’s the members of my family who hate you and want you slaughtered + invincible ambition. As I probably said here when he was appointed: He becomes, given *any* opportunity, our Beria.

        We’ll see. Again.

      • He spit on veterans returning from Vietnam, that tells me all I need to know about him. In addition to which, isn’t his real last name “Garlitsky”, or something to that effect?

        • Garfunkel, I believe. And I second Hemid. Garland is a type, that dangerous mix of extreme personal timidity combined with overwhelming but suppressed anger and open self regard, capable of deep evil.

        • That’s a bold statement. Garland would only have been a teenager (b 1952). I think the name btw was either garfinkel or garfinkel.

      • It’s people like Garland who are the worst, appearances deceive. Look at the people involved in the unpleasantness in Europe about 80-90 years ago. Some of the absolute worst of them you could drop into DC today in a nice suit and you would think of them as harmless functionaries of fedgov. They’re not, I believe they thirst for blood and revenge.

    • “Creepy Garland (AG) is obviously the only other Class A intellect in this gang. He is clearly behind the Trump raid/harassment campaign.” There’s an oxymoron in there somewhere.

  17. “ Again, we look at our political class and see a black box at the center of their actions…”

    Oh, I dunno, Z. You and the rest of the pundit class seem to have them figured right out. For me the intent of their actions is abundantly clear; the intent and doings of criminals and gangsters are almost intuitively obvious at this point. Everything is fake. That which is not fake – is gay. Their intent is to bankrupt you the citizen and accrue more power and wealth to themselves. The individual lunatics are obviously unpredictable, but the current establishment is not. Joe Biden is not an innocent man being smeared by bad actors; he’s a liar, a cheat and a thief and almost certainly a pedo. As is his son.

    I know many of the dissidents think the problem is with the system; but they are flat out wrong about that. The problem isn’t the system, it’s the people that are undermining it. God himself could design the ultimate government for mankind; but without Godly men to run it…it can only fail. The current catholic pope and church are a case in point.

    I think the inflection point came for us when the liberals started dividing and conquering us on the right. We are now so divided that we cannot mount a viable defence against their predations. The end will come only when Norimie is so damned mad, that he’ll get off the couch and start smoking lefties.

    I don’t think it will be long now. I think we’ll see an abortive attempt at balkanization, followed by a very nasty civil war. You simply can’t run a country with these people, never mind a full blown empire… Matt Bracken on Blab speculates that we are either going to get a Stalin from the left, or a Hitler from the right… and then it is GAME ON.

    As you like to say… this will not end well for anyone.

    • i think the rot was well along in the early 20th century, when good whites gave women the vote, voted for prohibition, and voted for the income tax amendment. or even in 1865 when the nigs were allowed to stay. point is the societal rot has been going on for a long time.

      • Yes indeed, but everything went accelerating downhill after the Civil Rights era and immigration reform of the early 60’s. The effect was to put a limit on White population numbers with respect to total US population numbers/proportions and unleash a 5th column of Blacks within society. There may have been any number of altruistic reasons for these actions, but the effect is basically the same.

    • Impossible to disagree with anything you say. The Dems cannot afford to lose, because it they do, they hang. That means they will go all in to wreck the whole system. They have no reverse gear and are willing to go to war (Hey, Nancy!) to protect their power and accomplish their aims. Elections will change nothing.

  18. a summary of who our conquerors are: there are a lot of good links there too.
    “The Great Reset“, “Reset The Table“, the plans and blueprints for the manipulation and control of entire civilizations as we have known them. Economic and monetary systems, farming, food production and consumption, medical services, health care, marriage, children, careers – every single aspect of our lives is to be re-ordered under the direction of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum , Rockefeller Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and cooperating governments around the world.

      • Better yet, the Shadows.
        They feel that by kicking over the anthill, the ants who survive will be better, stronger, and will rebuild a stronger anthill.

        • Knocking over the ant hill didn’t work out so well for the protagonist in in the SF novelette “Sandkings” by George R. R. Martin (ca. 1980). This was made in into a so-so adaptation for the 1990s “Outer Limits” 😀

  19. The analogy with the French and Bolshevik revolutions isn’t as germane as the War of the Three Kingdoms, 1639-1653. Prior to this battle for the British soul, the Puritans, who despised Catholicism with murderous passion, made up by far the majority of the immigrants to the northeastern seaboard, carrying with them the Cromwellian concepts that exist to this day.
    Following the death of the Lord Protector, Charles II was invited back to assume the leadership of the Stuart dynasty. Cromwell’s head was exhumed and publicly displayed on a pike for 18 years.
    The influence of the New England Puritans over American history dwarfs that of the French Revolution or that of the Bolsheviks. The American Revolution was a creation of the rabid Boston Protestants, who went on in a developing form to be the impetus for the War Between the States, the US participation in the war against Spain, WWI, actually every armed and unarmed conflict in American history. Those that currently lead the undeclared war against both Russia and China are the ideological, if not genetic descendants of the Puritans, not the Parisian sans-culottes or the Muscovite serfs.

    • I don’t see the parallel to our current situation.

      The closest parallel is the Spanish Revolution, except that we don’t have a Franco.

          • True. There are often no perfect solutions, just “least worst” options. Franco, for all his faults, was by far the least worst option for Spain when the choice was him or a rabid Moscow-owned communist regime that would have built gulags on the Costa del Sol and dragged Spain into WW2.

      • Been thinking the same thing for a few years now. Republican Spain under the Popular Front. No Franco in view though. Yet.

    • this was an early topic for Zman. not sure when he last mentioned it, but it is central to his early posts here…

    • We are living in a multicultural, multi-religious, de-industrialized, free-trading, degenerate shopping mall subdivision. I can’t see anything of the puritan ethos about that.

      Not to excuse puritans of their excesses, I simply don’t see the connection. I hear them called judaizers, yet the JQ strikes me as more of a Catholic thing. Like they go together, almost. The mafia connection of the 20th century, JFK, Oswald murdered by Jacob Rubenstein, Biden and his cabinet, etc. Blamed for diversity, yet New England was historically and still is one of the whitest parts of the country, and arguably the least hospitable to outsiders. Etc.

      • A WrongThinker™ that was deplatformed last year, ModernHeretic3000, had the funniest encapsulation of what you are describing regarding the place where we live that currently wears the United States as a skin suit:

        The North American Globalist Kosher Bodega Economic Zone 🙂

        God Bless NAGKBEZ!

        • He was kicked off Blogspot almost a year ago. Has he not resurfaced anywhere else? Search engines turn up nothing.

      • The theme underlying revolutionary institutions is gangster culture. The idea of our tribe ascendant, while taking territory covertly. Of remaining ourselves amidst a sea of others while building a stronghold.

        The ancient American philosopher, Zman, entered the hall of the immortals when he posed the eternal question: “By what authority?”

        Why, by ourselves. Our identity is our authority.
        We must learn, or remember, who “we” are.

  20. It’s one thing for the regime (trademark Z) to throw some nobodies from Jan. 6 into a dungeon cell and leave them there. The regime controls the microphone, so who’s going to know outside of DR types.

    It’s quite another thing to raid Trump’s house. That is the peak of stupidity. What’s amazing is that a group of Biden’s handles got together in a room and decided that this was a good idea. Think about that. Now think about what they’d feel comfortable doing to Joe Normie.

    • The White House is claiming they didn’t know about until they saw it on Twitter. Pressure should be put on Biden to either fire Merrick Garland or resign. They can’t expect any foreign leader to even pretend to take him seriously after this.

      • Makes a lot of sense with one theory, but not saying it is MY theory: it’s a runaway train about to derail, no one is or can be in charge, and the 1st class passengers are just looting the liquor cabinet and mail safe until the crash comes…. No one knows anything, same as the “antirussian” economic sanctions that caused a us recession and made russia rich, same as the stable and safe withdrawal from Afganistan, “transient inflation,” etc etc. This is toddlers playing in a car rolling down a hill, not some criminal conspiracy with shady masterminds in a smoke-clouded velvet-appointed back room.

      • Yes, this was a very stupid move on their part. Completely unnecessary.

        Shows their arrogance.

    • “ It’s quite another thing to raid Trump’s house. That is the peak of stupidity.”

      Stupidity? Premature judgement.

      “So you don’t like it? What are you going to do about it?”

      “But it’s unconstitutional! Unfair!”

      “Sure, and your point is?”

      Every week we see another outrage. What difference does it make?

    • I wonder what their next move is? Either they go full in and arrest Trump and declare martial law to “safeguard” the midterms from a “white supremacist” rebellion, or they memory hole the whole thing by moving on to the next distraction.

  21. Both the French revolution and the Bolshevik revolutions share at least one thing in common: the average citizen suffered horribly, and died by the millions (the French by wars, the Russians by their own government policies). The Spanish Civil War was no picnic either.

    All to replace one set of ruling elites with another.

    • There is no better way to cleanse the sins of society than with the blood of martyrs. This is the human condition.

      • If it must happen then, let it be of the French variety. At least it was glorious for the nation, Bonaparte was a hero for the ages, still revered by the French.

        Not something squalid, like the Bolshevik terror with no heroes and no lasting accomplishments.

        • Not to compare numbers, but from what I’ve read there were plenty of civilian casualties in the French Revolution as in mass executions—and I’m not talking Madame Guillotine either. I’ve read of entire barges of “counter revolutionaries” being filled and sunk in rivers to save on effort and bullets—that sort of thing.

          • In Nantes, on the Loire river, in a vicious reaction to an uprising against that ridiculous man-eating revolution that had happened in the Vendée region of western France.

          • Ann Barnhardt currently has re-posted her excellent presentation from 2012, up today (8/9/22) on her website

            It is told from a uniquely Catholic perspective, but still worth watching.
            It highlights how La Vendée was the true Catholic heart of France and rhe very last hold-out against the revolutionaries who wanted all vestiges of The Faith to be eliminated.

            AND remember folks, words matter.
            A counter-revolution brings us back TOWARD God, whereas a revolution does the opposite, as discussed here, regarding France and Russia.

  22. Many of us have been wondering what the lead up to the final end and demise of the United States would be like, and I figure it has begun.

    Strike One is the Government raiding Donald Trump’s house, soon to be followed by indictment and arrest.
    Strike Two will be Congress passing a law where the tens of millions who own firearms that can shoot more than 10 rounds will become criminals if they refuse to comply.
    Strike Three will likely be the elections coming up this November. I personally think voting is a joke, but there are still many tens of millions who haven’t woke up yet. These elections will no doubt be so patently and openly corrupt that there will be no doubt, and the incompetence of the Cloud People pulling off this fraud will only invite chaos.

    At this point the country probably needs to dissolve like the Soviet Union did, or a domestic war will erupt that will destroy more lives a hundred fold greater than that which occured between 1861 and 1865.

    I don’t see any peaceful way out of this mess we’re in, and the end result will likely be the purging of the losing side every Civil War has. We’re talking about half of the country. I think very few have given any thought to what this will look like, but I can imagine soon they will find out. Many will not live to see the other side of a conflict that really started decades ago.

    • Without state backing, I don’t think civil war is really an option. You cannot fight without organization. The US has a huge standing army of cops and controls even more law enforcement assets than just cops. They control a huge propaganda machine. They have a huge surveillance state making electronic communications near impossible.

      But I must admit, I thought prosecution of Trump was extremely unlikely and this raid may very well be the beginning of the process of prosecution.

      One thing is for sure. The cucks will use this as an opportunity to grift.

      • Indeed. The civil war already happened, and we lost. Our side is too demoralized, disorganized and compromised to fight back. We’re seeing the aftermath now.

        • The fight is only beginning, and the incompetent and corrupt government of a country undergoing a Soviet Union Level Collapse cannot succeed if its nation no long exists within the next 10 years.

        • Agreed as to the short term, disagreed as to the long term. The Regime over time will be ground to pieces and then collapse. But as things stand now, they have won a Pyrrhic Victory.

        • “our” side is too tiny to be anything but the peanut gallery. at most we are 5% of the population.

        • Cave men beat the vaunted US.
          There is a machine shop in every other garage. Millions of guns and trillions of rounds of ammunition, Massave amounts of raw materals and a lot of pissed off smart capeable experenced people.
          Pretty sure uncle vlad would love to get some payback & just might drop a few supplies here & there once the party gets started.
          Even broke dicks can kick in
          Tic tock tic tock.

          • The scenario you’re dreaming of will never happen.

            Here’s what will happen: Some right-winger will decide to get kinetic and blow something up and hurt somebody. Instead of taking this as “the signal” as he hoped, the rest of the right will rush to twitter to denounce him, call it a glow-op, and moan about how this hurts their election chances. There will be a J6 commission v2. You will get audited, you will get gulaged, you will eat the bugs. Your guns and ammo will never be used.

            That’s the beginning and end of the civil war you guys are dreaming about. It doesn’t have to be that way, and won’t always be that way, but right now it is, because the right has no organization. It can’t organize because of universal govt surveillance that will quickly and easily take out anyone in leadership and disable communication. Lots of rightists are willing to die fighting but few are willing to commit suicide for nothing.

      • The imperial collapse of the United States is pretty much a certainty. The only question is will it end peacefully like the Soviet Union did, or will it end in an orgy of violence that makes the French Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution look like a 5 year Olds tea party.

        • I feel passive aggressiveness is the name of the game. Do you see the left having the stomach to do a “clean sweep” of a family of seven like they did in 1918?

        • When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was of government not of people. Russia—White Russians anyway—were still a people with something in common. We are not. Those Republics (ethnicities) of the SU broke off where they were not closely linked. Yes, in some cases there was war, but basically an agreement was made between staying and going their own way.

          Russia was the big player and retained the bulk of the territory and lands—but they were a people, not a diversity experiment. Some have attempted to draw the “new” nations on a map of the “old” USA. I’m not optimistic.

      • “ Without state backing, I don’t think civil war is really an option.”

        That is why the elite are using master diplomacy to make absolutely sure no foreign enemies might benefit from an internal revolt.

      • > Without state backing, I don’t think civil war is really an option. You cannot fight without organization.

        That’s where you’re wrong, bucko! A civil war here won’t be armies in the field fighting each other, it will be civilians going around gleefully murdering other civilians, all over the country. That’s why it is so important to stock up on guns, ammo, food, and water.

        • The beginning of the end of Yugoslavia was dumb-dumb grifter-commie ruling class drinking their wine, dancing and fornicating in their Dalmatian coastal villas one night, then the sun rising on their multicultural ruled classes shooting each other to death in employee parking lots, the kill lists having been decided some time before. We are in the list making phase, and it will probably last years more.

          Given that the republic CANNOT be saved, time is on our side while the regime further discredits itself both with normie American and with foreign regime partners abroad. This is still the phase where struggle for moral authority and legitimacy should dominate. A foolish premature violent revolt is exactly the response the regime is hoping to provoke.

      • “One thing is for sure. The cucks will use this as an opportunity to grift.”

        That, right there, won today’s Internet.

      • Depends how many on the Federal payroll will side with the government. There may be splits in the armed forces.

    • We already had one set of blatantly corrupt and fixed elections, and the regime showed no qualms about using that to further their ends. I do not see how another one will change anything. I also fail to see how this continued loss of trust in the legitimacy of the system will translate to the ruling elite holding power, when the ruling elite have open contempt and hatred for those who are losing trust in the system. They simply do not care. If anything, they take glee in the idea that Heritage Americans feel they are being ruled by a hostile gang of foreign incompetents.

      For now, too, the ruling elite have managed to completely stifle and suppress all legitimate dissent through the use of police thug tactics, cancellation, and surveillance. That has been the whole point of the January 6th show trials. The regime has not figured out this internet thing, but to me this feels like “1880 in the cafes of Moscow and Vienna talking about what must be done”, in other words the regime still has plenty of time left. Of course, as this article points out, we do not know what we do not know.

    • They won’t ban guns that can shoot more than 10 rounds. They’ll just make anyone who says anything that they don’t like or who is a member of a group where any member has said something that they don’t like a “domestic terrorist” and thus not allowed to own a gun.

      Virginia’s AG laid it all out in bill to fight white nationalism. It failed to get passed, but it had plenty of backing. It’ll get passed sooner or later.

      • New York just passed a law in defiance of the Supreme Court requiring that a judge review your social media history as a condition of getting a handgun license.

        Presumably to root out “white supremacists”…

        • Herring’s bill would provided money to create a state police unit to monitor social media of individuals and groups.

          If any person wrote anything considered to be a hate crime, he’d lose his right to own a gun. If you’re a member of any group where any member was convicted of hate – again, hate crime can be saying something considered harmful to other groups such as wanting to limit immigration or discussing black crime rates – you also lose your right to own a gun.

          The bill also wanted law enforcement to step up infiltration of potential white nationalist groups, such as hunting clubs, which the AG considered to be potential militia groups.

          Basically, the old AG wouldn’t ban guns, he’d just label you a domestic terrorist, which prevents you from owning a gun. What was amazing was that while the bill didn’t pass, the Virginia GOP was screaming at the top of their lungs about how horrible the bill was. They just didn’t support it.

          • “If you’re a member of any group where any member was convicted of hate”

            Convicted of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

            Judas priest, that convicts all dissent, everywhere.

    • Unlikely that there will be vast armies of blue and grey in the pending civil war. Since we have morphed into a banana republic, the conflict will probably be carried out as they typically are in third world countries. Small scale actions, political assassinations and the like. The greater part of the masses are docile sheep and will change their allegiances according to their stomachs or fear, the latter of which is always a powerful motivator. However, in the spirit of the French Revolution, it would be a treat to see the tumblers carrying the Cloud people to the “National Razors”.

  23. Stalin’s brutality had been acknowledged by Lenin before, Robespierre’s and Saint-Just’s dictatorship should’ve alarmed them about the Revolution eating its own children

    Reading memoirs of pre-revolutionary figures reveals how detached were the elites. Aristocrats fighting for privileges, weak Tsar falling prey to his courtiers and wife, on the other side liberal extremists envisioning democratic republic, Black Hundreds propagating total Russification of the multi-ethnic empire, Socialist Revolutionaries spreading terror and peasants hoping that Tsar was going to give them land of their own. People like Sergey Witte could only watch helplessly as they were sabotaged from both directions.

    Maybe the modern managerial system suffers from similar detachment. Bureaucratic cliques, corporate lobbyists, ethnic grievance mongers, socjal justice/environmental fanatics, each pulling in their own direction while completely ignoring how dire the situation is becoming. There is no central motivation besides perpetuating the system ad infinitum while continuing turf wars and little crusades linger on.

    The twilight of the Byzantine Empire is another good example, Seljuks in the East, Bulgars in the West while imperial factions were happily engaging in civil wars and court bribes, ready to sabotage military expeditions for political gain. If it wasn’t for it’s strong defenses and Varangians, Constantinople would have been razed multiple times before the final sacking.

    In Russia it was Lenin who understood the crucial question (who whom?) of politics, all it took was good timing, German help and a disciplined cadre of revolutionaries. Do we have those people in our countries or do they have to come from outside?

    • Constantinople was razed -by the French – about 250 years before it fell. supposedly the damage they did to the outer walls was never fixed, and was part of the reason the city fell to the ottomans.

      • What were the engineers responsible for maintaining wall detained or liquidated by the French forces? If it’s the same event I’m thinking of, it was cladsivak case study in the conduct of clandestine warfare; specifically crippling a critical hard to replace asset in case you needed to come back again.

      • Yes and before the 4th Crusade French-Venetian sacking of Constantinople, the Varangians simply left because nobody could pay them. Previous emperor fled with the money, crusader-supported pretender didn’t have any left in treasury and then the Latins were massacred by the Orthodox. The payment was thus stripped from the city itself.

        Afterwards it was a period of constant strifes with final restoration under Nicaean Empire in 1261. At that point the Eastern Roman Empire was just a shadow of its former self. It had no resources to fight on multiple fronts and internal politics remained as rotten as they were before.

  24. I had a fairly nutty leftwing professor in college who had his own theory about Ronald Reagan’s motives. Reagan had started off as center-left in the Screen Actors’ Guild before finding it rife with communists, at which point (according to the standard narrative) he swung the right. My professor was convinced, however, that Reagan was actually in sympathy with the communists and deliberately pursued a rightwing policy as president in the hopes of driving the hoi polloi into the arms of a leftwing revolution. Nuts, sure, but I think it does actually work as a bit of projection on my professor’s part to help explain how the left works at times. I think at some level they recognize how drastically chaotic things have become and that America at least needs someone to do for it what Giuliani did for NYC when it became a cesspool. Of course, they could never consciously admit this either to us or themselves, and probably couldn’t even bring themselves to hold their noses and vote for Trump even if it was the only way to avert nuclear war. But their constant antagonism of him (like with Alex Jones) can’t help but create an aura of martyrdom around him, and at some level all but the idiots among them have to know they’re helping him. I don’t even talk with too many normies anymore (all of my normie neighbors are now pretty much like us) but I’d hazard they’re seeing Trump getting raided by the feds and remembering Trumps words. “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” It’s true. Trump has just become a lightning rod for all antiwhite hatred in America. When he’s not around, that lightning will have to go somewhere else. Probably at your kid, in his classroom. Tearing down statues and digging up dead confederate generals just ain’t giving them the same high that it once did. They need literal blood for their spirit cake.

    • “When he’s not around, that lightning will have to go somewhere else.”


      This is a big part of the “stand with Ukraine” nonsense. It’s a lot of unrequited Trump hatred that is being projected at someone who they’ve been told is Trump’s secret buddy.

      None of them actually care about Ukraine, they just hate Trump and therefore feel obligated to oppose Putin.

  25. It’s impossible to run a country with a majority of the people hopelessly cynical to the system without ruthless death squads. All this is doing is making people think like Russians, with stone cold cynicism towards their government and finding any way to cheat and skirt the Regime to get on with their lives.

    Technology can only go so far, even when manned by the enemies of the American People, and your random terror raids are only going to deter your average person so much before a breaking point is reached where they have nothing to lose.

    The only way to keep the Republic going on paper is, paradoxically, is if Governors like DeSantis barred federal agents from enforcing their laws in his state and turning Washington D.C. into a Potemkin village that makes decrees no one listens to. One could argue the only thing keeping D.C. in power is control over finances, and that’s beginning to change drastically.

    • Does make the BRICS alternative reserve currency interesting. Doesn’t even have to be a true reserve currency if the BRICS just start using their own for trade amongst themselves and any outsider (US) who wants to play. BRICS is like what, 60-70% of the world population?

      The thing that might derail them is a Forbidden Philosopher Dunkirk Moment – a gesture of magnanimity that bites them in the ass.

    • “The only way to keep the Republic going on paper is, paradoxically, is if Governors like DeSantis barred federal agents from enforcing their laws in his state and turning Washington D.C. into a Potemkin village that makes decrees no one listens to.”

      This is happening now. States need to put federal agents under 24/7 surveillance, along with their spouses and children, both for their safety and the safety of that particular state’s residents. Despite the supremacy clause, administerial officers under some situations can be charged at the state level.

      I have written this in the past but it is particularly true today. The first state to develop its own independent WMD’s wins. Are any such programs underway? Dunno.

      Finally, and trust me, I don’t believe voting matters at all now, but in 2024 either vote for Trump or write in his name if he has been barred. It will operate as a referendum on the dissolution necessary to break apart the United States peacefully. Despite the Logan Act individual governors need to meet with foreign leaders to disavow the actions of the central junta.

      This superficially bad and a Black Pill, but from a long-term standpoint it is a White Pill. No one trusts the Unted States any ln

      • this isn’t a black pill at all. well maybe for the donald. this is anti-soma for normies. i bet the herd is stirring uneasily, sniffing the wind, even now…

      • No more IRS agents are needed. The taxes of every wage earner are withheld and already in the digital possession of the feds and the states. All bank accounts are visible and available to the IRS. These facts make the situation of resistance far more difficult than it was in pen and pencil 1789 or 1917.

        • They need the agents to wipe out small business owners and the self employed. Catch you screwing up your estimated taxes, or audit you and demand receipt proof of every single business expense.

          Once it’s functionally impossible to write off expenses unless you have an army of accountants and lawyers, then the only businesses left will be the megacorps owned by the regime.

          • “The process is the punishment.” Something we’ll be hearing and saying a lot more in the near future, I would wager.

    • > The only way to keep the Republic going on paper is, paradoxically, is if Governors like DeSantis barred federal agents from enforcing their laws in his state and turning Washington D.C. into a Potemkin village that makes decrees no one listens to.

      This. I’ve long believed de facto nullification is our last, best hope at having a peaceful solution.

      • Agreed, except it probably won’t be peaceful. I suspect several Red states will breakaway, but the DC psychopaths won’t let them go peacefully. That’s when the fun starts.

  26. “In America, the people at the top see themselves as the revolutionaries and the people view themselves as the defenders of the old order. A big part of this crisis is the ruling class mocking the history and tradition of the people.”

    And the people at the top are right — they are revolutionaries. That revolution — an ongoing one — was ushered in around 40 years ago. Different terms are used to describe it — finance capitalism, globalism, neoliberalism — but they all refer to the same themes of destroying local cultures, local customs, ethnic bonds, the ascendancy of footloose finance, the iron grip by finance of the political system, and the ever-tighter concentration of capital at the top. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that Americans are being reduced to serfs — the very serfdom Tsar Alexander II abolished in 1861.

    Fire can only be fought with fire and this ideology of deracinated finance capitalism can probably only be fought by a competing alternative ideology. This has yet to emerge.

    • Many people have stated how Communism and Capitalism are different sides of the same spiritual coin, and it’s getting to the point where Capitalism might be more destructive to a people.

      As nasty a these states are, in fifty years, North Korea will still be Korean, but white America will likely be diluted to oblivion.

    • On the contrary, this solidified his nomination. It’s not about Trump the man anymore, but Trump the symbol.

      • disagree. he’s done and was so long before he was out of office. you know who Trump is? he’s the coked up executive in Die Hard, that thinks he can talk Hans out of doing what he is going to do. and now he knows who Hans really is…

        • And people who vote won’t care. What people care about is that a hopelessly corrupt government is attacking political enemies. He’s a martyr. His competence has nothing to do with it. Like I said, Trump the man is immaterial, and Trump the symbol is now supreme in the mind of voters.

          • trump’s sole function now is as a heat shield for de santis. trump will be taking all the flak, while de santis goes about building a machine for 2024. covid was/is Trump’s iceberg; he’s not coming back from that.

          • Trump the symbol is correct. The anger of the attack on Trump is real. DeSantis will have to come to terms with Trump. To fight against him will cause a GOP defeat in 2024.

            As much as DeSantis seems like the alternative to Trump, he’s run the same political dog and pony as so many others who have geared themselves for POTUS election from the Governors chair. Nothing he’s shown I have confidence he’ll continue after election. I certainly hope I’m wrong, but have been burned for my entire life.

            Like it or not, Trump is in the drivers seat, which is fine with me as Trump the “lightning rod” is his greatest contribution to the cause.

          • It’s cute that you think voting matters.

            Secondly, boomer conservatives have been staring at screens featuring heroic, incorruptable FBI agents for the last 50 or so years. If the FBI arrests you, they have a good reason.

            Third, Trump simply will not be allowed to run again.

        • When asked for a response to the Biden Administration’s raid to his MAL home Trump was reportedly heard yelling “Yippee ki-yay m***** f******.”

      • T may win the nomination, but never the WH.

        – we don’t have honest elections anymore

        – Justice Department will disqualify him for “crimes”

        – various and sundry, by any means necessary.

        They have too much to lose. Power & money and the exposure of their corruption, bribes. Sooner that Hunter Biden becomes President.

      • Chet-

        If the regime actually manages to trump up some charges that stick he’ll be barred from running.

        And yes, my terrible pun was completely intentional.

        • That actually may be the key to winning 2024. Trump is literally made into a “bloody shirt” to be waved by his (Trump’s) designated standard bearer, which could be DeSantis.

      • Trump the Symbol solidifies the comparisons being made between him and the Warhammer 40k Emperor of Man back in the day.

        Since we can’t rely on Trump not to immediately start licking Israeli sphincters once he’s elected, perhaps the solution would be to mummify him and use him as an icon to rally the people around.

    • Oh no! How will America survive of it doesn’t reelect an all-talk, no-action politician to bloviate about “draining the swamp” while not doing a single thing to drain it? Whatever shall we do?

  27. “The FBI raiding Trump’s house convinced a lot of people that the system is now too far gone to save with an election.”

    But not Dan Bongino. He will come to your house and beat you if you refuse his entreaty to vote harder. And he will do this in subservience to his mantra that only “peaceful” political debate is permissible in a civil society. And the irony and hypocrisy of his words vs. actions will be completely lost on him. And this is a vitally important lesson as regards the jackboots that guard the Citadel.

    By necessity, all jackboots must possess a fundamental cognitive dissonance when on the job. In the morning, they look in the mirror and see a white hat with a halo over it, and tell themselves that they are the good guys. Then they leave the house and crack skulls on command because “it’s the right thing to do.” Eventually, the time comes for herding the “bad” plebs into boxcars and gas chambers, and any semblance of guilt is wiped away with another spit shine on the jackboots. These men are formidable, dedicated, and not to be underestimated. But they are not the root problem.

    You don’t fight them, you fight the root problem. And that requires an entirely different skill set than machismo and bravado.

    • I see the downvotes on this comment and know the truth of what I feel in my bones: Fear is a strong motivator.

      People know in their hearts the truth of your words but swallowing that final large black pill is medicine to bitter from the Boomer Copium Sniffers here.

      I see it all across the interwebz today with outrageous shyte like this–

      “This just proves how scared they are. They lashing out because they know they are about to lose! Hurr durr, muh terrified radical leftists”.

      There are only 2 explanations for posts like this:

      1) Fear- You know the dark truth of it which is they have total control and nobody is beyond their grasp. This frightens you, it should. Having been the recipient of a 4 am no knock raid very much like what the president just received yesterday I can tell you its an effective tool to demonstrate how much power they have, and how little you have. It was life altering for me and it will be for Trump. When normies ponder on this, they basically sh-t their pants so they simply rationalize it away by claiming we are near victory.

      2) True ignorance- This one there is no cure for. Some people are simply this dense and stupid so even when all evidence to the contrary is 2 inches from their nose they simply are too dumb to understand.

      You are being downvoted by the ‘Vote Harder!’ crowd because they are utterly terrified of the dark purpose that should be in the hearts of any man that understands the one true path forward. 95% of people don’t have the mettle or constitution for it. If we are to believe that only three percent of people fought the Revolutionary War then these numbers check out very accurately.

      It will be a slow long rolling decline though. There will be no great uprising because it would have happened already. We’ve endured FAR more than the usurpations that kicked off the Revolutionary War and done nothing. This will be the same. Go re-read your Solzhenitsyn if you would like to be reminded of just how much your average normie will endure. They can be at the staircase taking your neighbor away and you will look at your half dozen pieces of well-oiled iron, and do nothing. You are sheep. Embrace this.

      • Sadly, you’re right – at least for now. But every FBI raid, every firing of a guy for not bending the knee, ever teacher telling your kid they suck for being white pushes Joe Normie a bit more in the direction of pushing back.

        Armed rebellion? No chance. Small things that undermine the system? Yes.

        The regime’s demise won’t come at the hands of a revolution, but more like the fall of USSR or even the Roman Empire. A slow death caused incompetence at the top which gradually loosens their grip until nobody follows the system, even the guards.

        I wish that it would be faster, but that’s my best guess. In truth, the whole system could fall pretty easily if people fought back in the right way. Let’s just say that a cop or FBI agent’s pension doesn’t do you much good if you’re not around to enjoy it, and every cop or FBI agent has to live somewhere, goes for a jog, walks his dog or goes to the store. They don’t live in an armed camp. They live among the people that they terrorize.

        TPTB can give a hell of a punch, but I suspect that they couldn’t take a few punches back. Sadly, I don’t think that we’ll ever find out.

        • That’s correct. The system grinds to a halt, or at least a slow death when the gears begin to slow down. The old adage, “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”, comes to mind. That is a form a resistance, passive resistance. It works, but it takes time.

      • Thanks for the personal testimonial. It should matter, but likely will not. Words do not change people (nor down votes), only the environment can do that. Normie will stay on the couch until he has no choice but to get up or die. And I do not write these words in the hope of changing any minds, but rather to offer potentially useful information that may come in handy down the road for the survivors of the collapse.

        Tens of thousands of good men are dying needlessly in Ukraine because they think they are fighting the good fight in the traditional macho fashion. And most of these men are dying from an artillery blast without ever seeing an enemy or firing a single shot. That is harder, not smarter. That war would end in a heartbeat if about a dozen disease cells ceased to exist in Kiev. What prevents this? Oh, about 50,000 armed jackboots surrounding the Citadel. All of which is useless against a bolt from the blue.

        • Agree. People will only push back when they have to. We’re not close to that point. But I will argue that each of these indignities wears away at Joe Normie’s belief in the system.

          Does that mean that Joe will fight back against the system? No. But it will matter that he doesn’t belief in the system because the system will get less and less competent.

          I’ve said for awhile that our rulers are right around their peak power. They’ve inherited a very good system and institutions still mostly staffed by competent whites. Those systems and institutions still have the faith of the people, though that’s coming down quickly.

          In essence, our rulers took over a world made by better people. But they will drive it into the ground. They’re actions and rhetoric cause people to lose faith in the system. In addition, those institutions will increasingly be staffed by incompetent PoCs and insane, self-hating whites. The institutions will become less effective over time.

          Our job now isn’t to openly fight back. It’s to quietly organize to take advantage of opportunities in the future.

      • Generally true. Anyone doubting the essential sheepishness of the average human need only think about how they behaved these last 2 years. However, you forget one fact: food and sustenance. When the normies lack these, even they are pushed to revolt. The Russians under the Soviet regime may not have been happy with things but most had jobs and a full belly – quite an achievement for those times. What happens in the US when food and fuel prices really go through the roof, when the effed up supply chains break down even further and people start seeing their kids and grandparents getting colder and thinner? In all revolutions, that’s what wakes the normies out of their sheep like trance.

  28. The revolutionaries have fired on Ft Sumpter. Presumptive leaders of our side need to beef up security with ex Seals and the like. How can anyone believe that elections will leash their security services?

  29. Our current elites do not know history. If you gave most of them a list of ten names, five from the French Revolution and five French Formula One drivers and asked them to identify which group each name belonged in, I doubt most of them would do better than 50%. They truly believe Obama’s “right side of history” line and think whatever they do puts them on it. Their cartoonish view of history allows them to focus only on certain events and ignore everything else. They are the good guys who will win in the end and their opponents are the evil villains, because that’s the way it works out on TV.

    • US elites are mostly a bunch of senile morons. Both, the political and the billionaire class are too old to function properly. And the new generation that would like to replace them consists of aces like Buttibitch and AOC.

      • The quality of human capital is plummeting everywhere in the US.

        The universities produce nothing but lazy, entitled, woke garbage.

        Children and adolescents have had two years of crucial development destroyed by idiot coof charades in the government schools.

        • I’d not get overly concerned with the “loss” of schooling due to the Wuflu. Whites, especially on right hand of the curve, will make it up. Minorities would never have achieved such levels anyway.

    • Bernard: That guy Alain Proust – he was excellent as Robespierre’s right hand man. J.P. Sartre really knew how to handle a car in the corners.

  30. Fear makes people do crazy things. Trump just mopped the floor with the blood of establishment candidates. By next week, 8 of 10 House members who voted for impeachment will have been eliminated. In Arizona, Lake just showed people that you can beat mail in ballot fraud if you win 70-30 or 80-20 on Election Day. She is now openly calling the regime illegitimate.

    The fever doesn’t break until people like Wray swing. That guy is 100% corrupt. Unfortunately, there are still too many Mitt Romney traitors which means we don’t have a true opposition party in this country. There is one at the grass roots, but nationally, we are sunk. I expect to see a lot of “tsk, tsk, Trump should have retired quietly” from Conservative Inc. Oh and hearings, they’ll promise hearings. But nobody will swing, and because if this the evil people in Government will be emboldened.

    The late 60’s and early 70’s were marked by a period of political assassinations. It remains to be seen which side will start taking chess pieces off the board first.

    • Obviously the Left will remove pieces first. They are doing so now via the corrupt DOJ and FBI.

      As for DeSantis, never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

    • I don’t know. It would take some time for the CIA brainwashing to pivot their wind-up toys from school shootings back to assassinations. Their “black ops” guys aren’t as competent as the ones in the movies.

    • Witnessing the lame media-fueled Russiagate and the two impeachment hoaxes, I remain surprised at these soft measures to remove Trump rather than the final measure, as reserved for a couple of Kennedy.’s? Why is that? What security force does Trump use to physically protect himself from the ruling elite that would seemingly instead him murdered than have to do the showtime workarounds? Is Mossad a Trump Protector? Is Trump in on the show, just a deep state actor cast as the antagonist we know? I am confused; deep state operatives have zero inhibitions and a thousand ways to remove those they no longer want around effectively.

      • They could wack Trump, have Liz Cheney chair the 2022 version of the Warren commission, say the assassin acted alone and normie would go back to sleep and start planning the cookout for this season’s Super Bowl party.

    • Lake in AZ will be interesting. Coming from AZ, I am wondering if there are enough Conservative Whites left to maintain the governorship—a State-wide election. Otherwise, the State is pretty Blue. Also to be mentioned is that *no* significant changes to the corrupt election process has been voted on in AZ. The State lefties are free to fix the ballot for their particular candidate as the were in 2020 when they turned it for Biden.

    • That’s the problem. We can overcome the inevitable massive voter fraud in Nov, but what do we end up with? A corrupt, complicit GOP with scum like McConnell, McCarthy and Graham in charge. That’s why it will come to blunt force.

  31. The one thing you leave out is how these events follow the old “Hemingway bankruptcy rule”. “Gradually, then suddenly”. Things are fine, then they are not. And anyone two weeks before the revolution would have said “the peasants are restive, but they’ve been restive before”. I think Crapweasel Wray dissing the Senate “because I’ve got to catch a plane”—then heading off to his vacation home in a government Gulfstream catches the Cloud People vibe in a single snapshot.

    • I just pointed out on gab that the use of the term “regime” by people like DeSantis is a big deal. He is normalizing the idea that the people in charge of the country are alien to us. It makes it okay for normal people to question the institutions they control. He is normalizing the revolution of the mind that must always precede the actual revolution.

      The regime should fear DeSantis much more than they hate Trump. They know how to neutralize Trump who does not appear to have learned a thing while in office. That and he would be a lame duck on day one. DeSantis knows how to govern. He understands how the system works and how to attack it. he would be a much more dangerous foe. Yet, the regime is clearing a path for him by attacking Trump.

      • A lot or maybe even most of the elite/regime hatred of Trump is status anxiety; he made them look ridiculous and humiliated them in 2016. The last thing these guys can have is the plebes laughing at them or worse questioning things.

        • They’re not afraid of Trump – he’s a washed-out show host – they’re afraid of his voters, the people who rose like a tsunami at even a slight whiff of white identity politics.

          Immigration politics is political steroids; in European countries, being an immigration hardliner gives you 15-20% of the votes right out of the gate, but since curtailing immigration is against globalist law, other parties will consider you a cheat if you take the steroids, a rogue who’s stealing their lunch.

          • Indeed, Felix.

            Whilst I haven’t observed or followed UKIP for a long time (not even sure if it still exists), at one point, during – I think – the 2010 election, where they were openly talking about the problem with immigrants, they took four million votes.

            In that time, it made them the third largest party, trouncing the hilarious and delusional Liberal Democrats. I guess it’s just a matter of keeping up the momentum, which no party seems to do for various reasons.


          • I think both you and manc have points.

            In the US it’s been obvious for years the Cloud People have hated the Dirt People.

            To me, the over the top Cloud reaction to Trump indicates they do detest the man on a personal and individual level.

          • Farage had a dispensation from the ban against immigration politics because his job was to take voters from the British National Party and render them harmless by corralling them in a single-issue party that didn’t threaten the Westminster balance-of-power and had no chance of ever winning a Brexit referendum anyway.

            And even Farage never spoke in terms of white identity and rarely about immigration. His voters had to fill in the blanks themselves. Farage was in fact pro mass migration, he just wanted to kick out the Poles and let in Nigerians and the Pakistanis instead, because muh Commonwealth.

            Just after the referendum, when Farage jumped ship right before the finishing line, a lot of people saw him for the traitorous establishment tool he was – I’d say at least 20% of the Breitards realized – but the Brits seem to have forgotten his anti-British activities by now.

      • Saw that…I prefer “junta”, but clearly he can’t use that. If DeSantis can scale, he potentially would be far more effective. Wouldn’t be surprised if a “kill” order goes out on DeSantis. I’d improve my advance security team if I were him.

        • I could see him getting the Huey Long treatment. His security people should be studying Long and George Wallace. The regime is adept at close combat and ranged weapons.

          • No doubt there was a cost/benefit analysis done on assassinating Trump, and there most surely will be the same with DeSantis. I’m not as glum as others here, although the justified fear is there. We will start to see Death Squads doing the Lord’s work soon now. Some may be false flags but others will take note and work independently. We greatly overstate the bravery of the fascist Junta, and each time there is pushback (outside the dismal 1/6 riots) the Regime backs off.

            The Cold Civil War is about to transition to hot. My guess is the Regime initially wins and then gets ground down in the long run. It will not be a pleasant time.

          • Way back when I was still on Twitter, which was 2016-ish, I had an exchange with Noah Rothman who was demanding total war against Trump and his voters. I asked him who he thinks will start his car for him and protecting him from getting taken out on the street. He was baffled. He just assumed the people he was attacking would continue to follow the rules, despite him not following the rules. This is the base assumption of everyone in the managerial class.

            The reason they feel comfortable raiding Trump’s house is they assume there will never be any pushback. That same thinking will eventually lead to assassinating opponents.

        • DeSantis needed to be vetting Florida State Police to find guys loyal to him with military experience when he took his public stand against the regime’s official coof narrative.

          Here in NY state I won’t be the least bit surprised if there are more ‘incidents’ with Zeldin, especially if he begins to gain any real traction.

      • Makes me wonder if his office is being bugged/wiretapped. If the Dems are scared of him, that’s probably what they would do

        • After the collapse of the Soviet Union, people were astonished to discover the scale of domestic spying in the GDR. Everyone knew the Stasi were everywhere, but something like one in eight people were listed as an informant. The Stasi had a vast analogue database of the people. Pretty much the entirety of the GDR state was collecting information on the people.

          We may one day learn something similar. Even the most cynical will be shocked to learn the scale of the domestic surveillance and the vast resources dedicated to it. Then the cynical will claim to have knew it all along because that is the nature of cynicism.

      • “Yet, the regime is clearing a path for him by attacking Trump.”

        Filed under “things that make you go hmmm….”

        • This sort of circular reasoning is popular, but at the heart of it is a contradiction. If the people secretly pulling the strings were this clever, they would not be this stupid. They would have easily prevented Trump from winning in 2016. They would simply ignore him now, starve him of attention.

          • I like reading your stuff, but have to take exception with being dismissed as using “circular reasoning.”

            Choosing not to take anyone, let alone a politician (FFS) at face value is prudent. More so on the basis of what has gone down in the USA these last years, and yesterday.

            Bit of a fail, there. But no worries, the USA is the land of the Participation Trophy and we have a winnah!

          • What you’re preaching is common sense. And I mean the kind of things I taught my kids if they encounter weirdo adults offering candy. What you imply is you want to trust politicians. Trust them to do what? Lie to you? Abuse you? Hell, get your ass off that loop and grab your trophy and come be a star cuz that’s what you are, because, son, they already do that.

          • The “grab them by the pussy” tape gave them a false sense of security, it would be interesting to know how early the Hillary team heard the tape, I think they sat on it for months maybe a year

            To be fair to them, that tape would have killed any other candidate

      • DeSantis is not who he appears. Be extremely cautious about him.

        Note he chose his PERSONAL Twitter account to send his message yesterday, not his OFFICIAL account. And what was his message? Essentially it was, “Tut tut, what a shame.”

        If he had instead, using his official account as Governor of Florida, to send a message indicating that he would use his executive authority, and encourage the state legislature, to immediately commence actions intended to severely curtail the power & authority of the FBI and DOJ within the state of Florida, such as suggesting terminating all state cooperation with said agencies for such an egregious act, THEN you could say, the feds have much more to fear from him.

        Methinks the UniParty has gotten to him. He’s allowed some degree of freedom to act within the bounds of his state, but he’s to keep in line re: the feds if he has any aspiration of one day sitting in the big chair.

        • Or, perhaps he sees Trump as a rival and is willing to let his enemies clear a path for him.

        • It’s prudent of Desantis not to rush to stick his head in a noose for the sake of Trump. Trump’s usefulness is long past.

        • There is no way the regime is going to let “Trump, but competent at governing” become President. It just isn’t going to happen. I of course am not the first person to say this. It would have been much better for DeSantis and the country if he decided to remain in Florida and turn it into a bastion of the old order and limiting the reach of the Feds. Had he done that, he might be remembered as a hero of whatever future nation we have. Instead, the best case is that he goes down as yet another compromised figure occupying the White House to further the evil regime’s ends.

          • DeSantis may or may not be sincere in his conservative beliefs. He barely won his election. His track record?

            We’ve seen this before with governors who seek the highest office in the land, they begin to tailor their actions to buff their credentials for the next election. Is DeSantis different? Hard to tell.

            What always happens is that a few local, but nationally noticed actions taken, as with Covid, and the people anoint them as their new savior and “just” the medicine needed for the conservative cause. Of course, when the election is held and they assume office, the reality sets in and we are disappointed for another election cycle.

            Color me jaded wrt politicians, but I don’t trust these folk. Trump was interesting precisely because he was *not* a politician. That also was his undoing in many ways, but it was a fun ride. Perhaps the only one I’m willing to buy another ticket for.

      • I have been considering, and referring to the caball that refers to itself as “Joe Biden” as a regime since the falsified and stolen election.

        It gives me some bitter satisfaction to accurately characterize the cabal in exactly the same way the foreign policy establishment characterizes any country’s governing consensus which they consider illegitimate. In your face, MFers.

      • “The regime should fear DeSantis much more than they hate Trump.”

        And yet Trump is being harassed by the FBI/DOJ, DeSantis not so much. Why is that?

        “They know how to neutralize Trump who does not appear to have learned a thing while in office.”

        How do you know Trump learned nothing? He had no support from the Democrats and no support from the Republicans. Lack of Republican support surprised him, I think. Next time, if it happens, he will be better prepared.

        “DeSantis knows how to govern. He understands how the system works and how to attack it. he would be a much more dangerous foe. Yet, the regime is clearing a path for him by attacking Trump.”

        National Review stans DeSantis. That is enough for me to NOT support him. A friend of my enemy is MY ENEMY:

        I’d take almost anyone with populist/outsider credentials over DeSantis in a national election. I do not trust him.

        • NR has been running this scam for a long time. They offer DeSantis instead of Trump until Trump is gone and then it is Cruz instead of DeSantis until DeSantis is gone. Rinse. Repeat. NR endorses Nikki Haley.

      • Trump’s only value is as a symbol to stir the masses. If he gets back in in 2024, I can already see the lousy appointments of DS creeps and harsh text messages instead of actions. DeSantis is much more effective. The question is, should he stay in Florida and continue turning that into a launchpad for a different America, or should he run for DC? Personally, I think that DC is gone and no conservative Potus can change anything there. The rot is too deep. If and when the break up happens, it might be better to already have a state already in place to act as a template and centre of resistance.

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