Contemplating The Weirdness

There is little agreement as to the dating of the current crisis, other than it seems to have started sometime after the end of the Cold War. Dating transitions from one period to the next is a form of sorites paradox. America is culturally, politically and economically different than it was fifty years ago. The point at which the turn began seems to be around when the Cold War ended, but the forces behind the transition may have roots going back a long way.

What can say about this age is that it has been defined by uncertainty. As Tucker Carlson has noted on several occasions, a lot of things have happened that no one thought would ever happen. He likes to use the election of Donald Trump as an example of something so impossible that it forces you to reconsider your biases about what is and is not possible. Anyone old enough to remember when Trump became famous in the 1980’s understands Carlson’s point.

Of course, the Trump election was not the first time something happened in politics that seemed impossible until it happened. In 1990, no serious person thought Bill Clinton could be president. The reason is no serious person knew his name. No one had to as the idea of a corrupt governor from a small state like Arkansas rising to national predominance for something other than crime was ridiculous. Presidents needed to be from big states and appeal to normal Americans.

The Clinton-Trump connection is useful for understanding the weirdness of the current age, because the two of them have a lot of connections. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were golf buddies and bonded over their carnal interests. They both hated Hillary Clinton for the same reasons. Both had a thing for shady land deals and the shady people who operate in that space. Their existence is more a symptom of a larger problem than the cause of anything we see today.

Putting the personal comparisons aside, the transition from the old way of doing things to this new way is evident in this comparison. Bill and Hillary Clinton were spectacularly corrupt politicians, but once they were out of office no one thought it was a good idea to keep pursuing their criminal activity. That was the old thinking. The new thinking has the FBI raiding Trump’s home over a petty issue. In that Clinton-Trump window, much has changed and changed unexpectedly.

That brings us back to the point Carlson likes making and that is we have to reconsider everything in light of recent events. Every day old barriers are falling away to new and bizarre forces. Even in the racial lunacy of the 1970’s, no serious person would have proposed erecting shrines to a dead drug addict. Today, cities all over the world have George Floyd memorials. Putting aside the politics, the weirdness of this suggests some sort of mass psychosis is at work.

Some will be tempted to wave this away as normal. In every age, people complain about change. It feels like the world has gone mad. Romans thought the spread of the weird new Jesus cult was madness. People at the dawn of the industrial revolution saw their lives completely altered by events. This time of great uncertainty was what motivated Marx to look for an explanation for the great upheavals around Europe in the 19th century. Change often feels like madness.

The thing is prior transitions had an obvious point. The Jesus cult was different but it was not that different. Even the skeptics could understand the attraction of this strange new religion that was spreading through the empire. The decline of the feudal order brought increased prosperity, so even though lots of new things were happening, lots of good things were happening. The same was true of industrialization. There seemed to be a logic behind the massive changes.

The current age is simply weird for the sake of being weird. Why are Western leaders trying to destroy the agricultural sectors in the West? They claim Gaia commands it, but what are they getting from this? As far as religions go, this strange new form of animism does not offer the believer much of a return. Christianity not only dangles the afterlife out there, but the promise that the wicked will pay for their sins. Gaia promises vengeance on all mankind, regardless of their righteousness.

The general weirdness is most obvious in our politics. The reaction to Trump by the political class was crazy for the sake of being crazy. The guy was desperate for their acceptance and would have signed whatever they put in front of him. These are people purpose built to fleece the sucker, yet when this opportunity arose, they were suddenly too pure to be spoiled by his presence. Their reaction was the exact opposite of what a lifetime of behavior would have predicted.

The same can be said for the ongoing pogroms against Trumpism. The 2020 election was the ultimate flex. Logic says they should have immediately closed the books on Trump and erased him from the collective consciousness. This is how all ruling elites have handled things. The ancients would remove all public references to a disgraced person and forbid mentioning his name. History said both parties would put Trump on ignore in order to purge him from the culture.

This raid on Trump’s villa is like how Hollywood has an addiction to subverting expectations with casting. They cast a black actor in the smart role and a pixie in the tough guy role. Even though this is now normal, they insist they are subverting the expectations of the audience. The raid on Trump subverted expectations as even the most jaded did not think these people were that stupid. In one move they turned Trump into a martyr and themselves into villains.

Now, the uncertainty and randomness are part of the plan. The belief set of the ruling elite says that subverting expectations is necessary to break the habits of mind that keep humanity from transitioning to the glorious future. A big part of the Gaia cult is the belief that smashing things will free us from the things that vex Gaia. Smashing up political custom and tradition by violating the old rules is another effort to break free from the past in order to ascend into the glorious tomorrow.

This strikes normal people as nuts, but up until a short time ago the idea of Donald Trump being president sounded nutty too. A year before he took the oath of office, the phrase “President Joe Biden” was a punchline. We live in a time when a man with severe dementia is president. If you can accept that then it should not be hard to accept that the motivation of the ruling class is a weird set of mystical beliefs that require them to destroy the foundations of civilization.

Once you wrap your head around the fact that there are no rules, then it is easy to see that all things are now possible. Dostoyevsky famously said, “when God is dead, all things are permitted.” Friedrich Nietzsche, a devoted fan of Dostoyevsky, would notice this and cause a lot of trouble. Nihilism rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence. The West killed God a long time ago, so it is only natural that we have reached the point where all things are permitted.

As an aside, you cannot help but laugh at the fact that the people in charge are obsessed with finding Hitler. They check under their beds every night and have teams scouring the bushes for any signs of Hitler. This is their license to overthrow the laws of the natural world. They attack the very idea that knowledge is possible, because that is white supremacy. Perhaps Hitler’s revenge was to leave a puzzle so frightening that it eventually drove his enemies into madness.

The universe does have a sense of humor, so that could be the answer for the madness, but the universe does not have unlimited patience. Reality is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing it. The only thing nature abhors more than a vacuum is the lack of rules. This spasm of weirdness will eventually slam into this reality and someone will push aside the current ruling class and reinstitute the rules that must govern a society. Weirdness is not eternal.

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254 thoughts on “Contemplating The Weirdness

  1. Our Clownworld was ushered in by the emergence of Ross Perot in Election 1992, destroying Bush Sr.’s re-election bid (despite him having an approval rating of 90% just 18 months before) … so then HELLO, BILL and HILLARY CLINTON.

    What encouraged Perot to run as an Independent in 1992 (other than his personal hatred of Bush Sr)..? A smart young analyst that I’d met recently conveyed that Perot at that time was pissed off by all the LBOs and assorted $$$ shenanigans going on as American insurance companies were unraveling their bad portfolio investments made for financial diversification in the ’60s, a practice pioneered by legendary Gerry Tsai.

  2. “The only thing nature abhors more than a vacuum is the lack of rules.”

    Nice line. Discipline is of course essential for any society.

    Here’s another: Opposites must be allowed to oppose.
    Don’t disparage Gaia. The alternative to Gaia is Mammon. They must be allowed to oppose if we are to sustain human life on earth.

  3. Dramatically cutting back on food production makes a lot of sense when you factor in that the ruling elite is told the majority of people as useless eaters that serve no purpose for them anymore since AI. Consequently for the first time in history the ruling class thinks it has a problem of too much food. After all they want to lower the population.

    This also explains the anal revolution the ruling class is pushing (for the most part unsuccessfully in non white countries). If men have sex with other men and kids take puberty blockers the population will be reduced.

  4. ” Why are Western leaders trying to destroy the agricultural sectors in the West?”
    It is so the davos crowd can gain complete monopoly control over the production of food. that would give the massive control and unlimited profits. hungry people will do as their told if it means getting food.

  5. They’re doing it because they can’t help themselves. Mao never took a step back during the famines and said “maybe this isn’t working out”. H- never said “maybe we shouldn’t invade multiple world super powers at once” during WW2. Why do pyromaniacs burn things?

    Fanatical ideologues are that way. So are control freaks. Being told that their stupid ideas are wrong, is a personal insult to them. They respond by doubling down.

    They really do hate Trump and they hate his voters. I don’t think they know why. They don’t care. They’re in a blinding rage – another dangerous state. Like a nuclear meltdown, there’s not much you can do except run for cover once it’s started.

    Expecting them to suddenly realize that they’re violating American principles is totally mistaken. They’re cheering it on like wolves – they can’t help themselves. They need a pound of flesh from somebody, anybody. Donald is one target. You either tell them to stop, or get crushed. It’s quite simple.

  6. “There seemed to be a logic behind the massive changes. The current age is simply weird for the sake of being weird.”

    There is a method to the madness. Now that Christianity is in decline, people look for political causes to fill the void. Political causes give lots of benefits (for the leftist type and the elite) and the cost is almost zero (putting a pin on your shirt, going to a demonstration, producing tweets). They are a great bargain for them: destroying society long-term to enjoy benefits short-tem.

    The benefits obtained from a cause can be economical and legal (more power and money for the powerful, works for the middle class and minorities, welfare subvencions for the beneficiaries). They can also be psychological (feeling virtuous, virtue signaling, pride, validating your lifestyle, unleashing your anger and frustration). To obtain these benefits, it is necessary that the political cause has not triumphed (the abolition of slavery does not count). Only when a political cause is not accepted by everybody, the population can be divided into the good and the bad and all kind of economic, legal and psychological benefits can be provided to the good, with the excuse they are fighting the good fight.

    This is why a cause that has won is a dead cause. As the different political causes win, new causes are needed. In a chronological order, the causes in America have been: abolition of slavery, social gospel, universal suffrage, female suffrage, welfare state, civil rights, feminism, ecology, gay movement, cause in favor of immigrants, transgender rights, BLM and climate change. Only the last four ones can be used. The rest have obtained a complete victory and they cannot be used to extract benefits. They are spent.

    So, as new causes achieve victory, there is an anguish to find new causes to enjoy the benefits. Since all the causes that were reasonable are used and spent, you have to use whatever cause, no matter how weird it is. When everybody ends up accepting the trans ideology, we have incest, polyamory, pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism, trans-species and trans-racial in line waiting for the next turn. What will be the next cause that is the new “moral frontier of humanity” and provides the leftist and the powerful with money, power and psychological benefits? It is hard to say. I would say polyamory.

    • I think polyamory is already an emergent – ‘Look at me I’m cooler than everyone else’, phenomenon. A body full of tats isn’t going far enough any more.

      • Every time the wacko local media (Portland, OR) does a “creature feature” on a local group of polyamorites it turns out to be one fat tatted-up woman and about 5 of the most pathetic omega males you can imagine. It’s NEVER a gang of sexy mixed gender gym rats who all bang each other and live in a mansion in the West Hills. That exists only in porno movies and beer commercials. Making these people seem cool is going to be tough. Maybe the media’s culture vultures will just need to move straight on to necro.

        • I have read this comment before, so am wondering: How often is the news channel playing such stories? Is this a tested gimmick, like the weather girl juggling? Or reflective of some proclivity in the news director’s office

        • Nobody knows, but the advantage of polyamory is that it is a superset of polygamy. So, under the tent of “polyamory”, you can legalize polygamous marriages such as some Muslim marriages, the marriages of other religions or of some Mormon sects.

          Compulsory monogamy was a feature of Christianity (it does not appear in the Old Testament). With our laws completely detached from Christianity and lots of immigrants from non-monogamous cultures, polyamory provides a legal way to handle this kind of situations.

          Why, then, not legalize polygamy and be done with it? It is easy. It sounds too patriarchal. You think of polyamory and you see a fat cow with a blue hair surrounded by three pathetic omegas. It is progress! It is breaking! It is revolting to all these pesky conservatives! It is the new frontier! It is part of the awakening of the global conscience! And every raging feminist and woke omega can identify with it.

          You think of polygamy and you see a respected patriarch ruling with wisdom over his family while all his wives are trying to please him. This is too much for the woke crowd. The feminist harpies and the woke omegas find this vision very unpleasing.

          So, mark my words, I don’t know when polygamy will be legalized but it will be legalized under the name of polyamory.

    • You wrote polyamory, but the logical next legal step is polygamy.

      Polygamy won’t work without a significant reworking of the legal system.

      When 3 men and 7 women get “married” and have 12 children, and one of the women decides she wants a divorce, the child custody, the alimony, the division of assets are going to be a nightmare.

      It’s ridiculous.

      (Polyamory already exists. For women it’s called being a slut, for men it’s called being a chad. I don’t make the rules.)

  7. No one needs to go so far as to like Germany of the 30s’ attempt to promote the general welfare of folk and their posterity. Being noncommittal is a reasonable place to be.

    Using the terms Nazi, Gestapo, SS as pejoratives is counterproductive. These and their ilk are magic words; they are incantations which bewitch the mind. Those who use them are strengthening and reinforcing a narrative which is being used to convict us as vicarious criminals. These are the goto words of the dumbest sort.

    Why not use Stasi, or perhaps better, Cheka? These are quite close to what is happening now. And they invite the hearer to think, and to perhaps ask what’s a cheka? And then you have a conversation opening.

  8. Could it just be the subroutines, the movies in the FBI’s heads, for instance?

    The deliberate assaults on trad culture- 60s, civil rights, gay Stonewall / AIDS, rad campus lesbianism, etc.- combined in the artificial hothouse environment of courtier/campus apprenticeship, combined with explosion of cable channels, may have produced an emergent culture of weirdness. Tatoos and trannys, anyone?

    Before, people had a much smaller well of common stories, a shared language of reference, such as a Bible or Koran.

    Now we have a wildly proliferating image base and modern transportation. Top that with hiring practices in a non-material job market, and who knows what will end up tripping their triggers.

    • Revenge for 1968, COINTELPRO, the mean old Vietnam vet dad, etc. are underrated as motives among this ruling class. Z has mused that sadism is the killer app of modern democracy

  9. As far as “gaia worship” goes, there is the possibility that the peak-oilers and resource depletionists are broadly correct in their predictions of doom, and bigwigs in politics and business are aware of the crisis or are at least operating under the understanding that there is a crisis. This would explain the rapid shift towards “green technology” and away from fossil fuels before the new technology is ready.

    • But I am just recovering from the ice age in the 70s, peak oil in the 80s, cancer from the ozone hole, rising sea levels that have swamped my country, my face melting off from acid rain and the worse plague since the black death.

      These predictions just keep being bang on.

      • It’s not about what is now, but about what the believe will happen. You bet the top has been planning since Maurice Strong, Spaceship Earth, and the Club of Rome.

        Strategic forecasting is their thing. It’s what they do on the Grand Chessboard. Their kids, now, might be just a bit off.

        • The finish line of every project of the left lies perpetually over the horizon. From Communism/collectivism, to the war on poverty, to ending racism, to stopping changes in the climate, the one prerequisite of every leftist endeavor is that there can never be a definition of final success. To do so would be to offer terms of surrender.

      • Global oil production per capita peaked in 1980. Lots of things seemed to peak in the 80’s, it seems.

    • It is equally possible they are space aliens sent to save mankind. The weight of the evidence says Gaia worship is a blend of Gnosticism and atomism. A cost free religion for bourgeois people.

  10. “Some will be tempted to wave this away as normal.”

    It is normal. They were obviously going to crucify Trump ever since the Afghanistan pullout. When an empire goes into decline, it starts caring more about its internal enemies than its external enemies because 1. decline is marked by the Elites’ inability to fight external threats (or protect far-flung interests), 2. the Elites, being revealed as incompetent and weakening, are desperate to appear strong before domestic rivals and 3. by doing so, they give those rivals no choice but to actually replace them. AKA “crossing the Rubicon”.

    Lash out at Trump to distract from the failures of A-Stan and Ukraine? Very easy prediction. Although I admit, I thought the J6 Commission was scratching that itch. Even though Trump is wholly invested in maintaining the Global American Empire, ill-considered strongman tactics such as the MAL raid are reducing his options to either Julius Caesar or Julian Assange.

    Methinks it’s too late for Trump to be Caesar, though, especially after pushing the vaxx so hard. Perhaps a Themistocles, who angered both Athens and Sparta then fled to distant Persia?

    • I must admit that even as jaded as I am I was surprised by the Trump raid. It seemed like such a bonehead thing to do. Trump was a guy most of us voted for simply as a “fuck you” to the Hillary pant-suit crowd with some not very strong hope that maybe he would do something about the borders and outsourcing. Since the raid he’s a lone martyr fighting a corrupt regime – a David taking on a whole pack of Goliaths. Hell, even I’m feeling a little Bigly righteous anger.

      It reminds me of when I was a very young kid trying to learn chess. I didn’t really have a clue what I was supposed to do so sometimes I would just move a piece and maybe capture a pawn or two. I was just operating on the notion that if I made some random change in the configuration of the board, there was a chance it might benefit me. Shake the tree for the sake of shaking the tree as it were.

      Is this the secret logic at work here? Hmmm, let’s see, what will happen if we move our rook all the way down to Trump’s house in Florida? It seems the surprise checkmate may be that it seems the judge who ordered the raid is part of the Epstein mess too. Jebus! I didn’t think Epstein’s little sex-island was even big enough for all these ruling class degenerates to fit on!

  11. The Regime really screwed the pooch with the Trump raid, and has made even otherwise sympathetic people hostile to it. Worse of all for them, the Junta almost has to bring charges, however concocted, at this point.

    I agree that voting is irrelevant at this point, but that written, casting a vote for the fraud and carnival barker Trump in 2024 essentially is a referendum on the total illegitimacy of the Regime. Hell, I’ll break my vow never to vote again and write the fucker in if he is disqualified from the ballot. Governors are just as cucky as national pols, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a referendum on national dissolution? A guy can dream.

    I have assumed the United States would crawl on another generation or two, but given recent history, that is generous. It actually wouldn’t take that much of an economic downturn to pop things off.

    • You know who also allowed the citizens to decide important national issues by referendum? Nazi Germany.

      • It would be interesting if one of the states did actually did this. Is there such a pathway in the US – or could a state just do this for themselves anyway?

        The US would be faced with the same issue as recognition for the Ukraine regions and the other areas they actively supported like Kosovo in earlier times. Would be curious how that would play out.

        That IMO would be the first real test as to whether the state governance was a controlled opposition or not.

        • As far as I know, there is no impediment to such a dissolution referendum. From memory, California almost had such a ballot measure last year. There has been opinions offered from the Supreme Court that secession is illegal (not a ballot to encourage it, to be clear). I could see a wide array of states from different ideological perspectives at least passing an initial referendum. Obviously an independent California would be less of a concern for a PoMo than an independent Florida.

          New England, which tenuously still controls the United States, never will allow another state to leave the compound.*

          *As an aside, I strongly suspect the 2020 election was in fact stolen because some states would have bolted if Trump had been re-elected. For me, that is good enough reason to cast an otherwise meaningless vote for him in ’22.

          • You mean ’24. I am not aware of Trump running for any office in ’22.

            Of course referendums don’t get very far in California. Once they get passed, their court strikes it down. So there’s that hurdle as well.

        • I think Texas has a movement looking to put secession on the ballot.
          Last I heard, several months ago, they were making some progress.

    • I just wonder if I can take 4 more years of hearing about the lowest black unemployment rate…evah!!

      • Right? My point is that voting for him, which will produce absolutely nothing substantive, is a referendum on the illegitimacy of the United States.

      • What about the tweets? Don’t forget the tweets! When liberals have the power they use it mercilessly to crush their enemies.

        When conservatives have the power, they tweet!

        Don’t forget the tweets, my friend!

      • I didn’t believe that his constant reiterating of that fact was useful in his reelection effort. But, as a white ethnic resident of a certain midwestern city, I was fine with that. The <> Platinum Plan was a Bridge Too Much for me, yet I made it to the polls for Trump nonetheless, fully aware of the…alternative. I didn’t vote in the 2022 primaries, and I would definitely NOT encourage folks to vote “harder.” Yet one can contribute and telecommunicate to those whose convictions are appealing. I simply can NOT just sit or stand by and no nothing as our nation <>–assuming that someone isn’t lowering the abyss at his lezz-ure.

    • 2024?

      At the rate these lunatics are trying to goad Russia, China, and Iran into a major war I’m wondering if we’ll see 2023.

      • They know there time is running short – if BRICS’s alternative currency makes it out the gate, it is lights out for the USofA.

        • As someone with many “right wing” economics texts under his belt, I thought I’d weigh in:

          BRIC means (used to) Brazil, Russia, India, China = a large fraction of the “developing” world. Just for fun, what can we infer about these nations?

          Brazil: Has had 8 (count ’em, eight) different currencies in just the past 80 years. Its current one is about 28 years old. This is about par for the course for Latin America banana republics.

          Russia: Despite the glamour of the current year, Russia has a whopping 31 years as a sort-of democracy and not known for its rule of law.

          India: A republic about 72 years, this is probably the most diverse large nation by far. The Rupee is not known for being an international currency.

          China: An odd mix of communism and crony capitalism. Huge economy. Again, money not known for its international acceptance.

          Now, what are the chances these four will get their act together and issue the next reserve currency? To steal a phrase from Wayne (or was it Garth) from “Wayne’s World,” monkeys will sooner fly out my butt. 🙂

          The sun will set on the Dollar some day, but I have no idea what will replace it. Perhaps the next empire’s money, but that remains to be determined.

    • Which “otherwise sympathetic people” have been made hostile because of the search of Mar-a-Lago? My guess is that very few, if any, voters have changed their minds re: Mr. Trump. Those who thought he was a two-bit huckster before probably still think so and those who were inclined to believe that he’s being persecuted by the current regime probably still think so.

    • I see the US breaking up into groups of states in the orbit of one of three large, rich ones. Those are CA, TX, and FL which will become the anchor points for the Western, Middle, and Eastern states, respectively. The Northeast and Upper Midwest will either become their own thing administered from NY or join Canada.

      In the case of the TX and FL aligned states, people will become more and more aware of the huge economic cost of having their major industries (energy, food, resources) strangled by Federal tyranny. When these costs become intolerable the chains will snap releasing a lot of new money and innovation as well.

      The outlook for the “Seawall of Shame” states on the West coast is less rosy. In the end Mexico will take the southern half and China will become de facto hegemon of the northern parts. Russia may move (back) in and take back Alaska. The new world will be very multipolar but will be dominated by China, Russia, and the newly prosperous American states of Greater TX and FL. European nationalists may be inspired to finally demolish the EU. Overall, it might not be all that bad.

      Note to self – must accelerate efforts to escape Oregon…

  12. I am going out on a limb to say that the raid on Trump’s residence was a stroke of political genius. There were local police cars outside the residence supporting the FBI raid. DeSantis must have been informed in advance. It will eventually be revealed that DeSantis not only kept quiet about the raid, but he allowed Florida state police resources to cooperate with the raid. If true, DeSantis’ political career is finished, as it well should be.

    Also, there has been no meaningful response from the Republican party. Aside from a few MAGA members, Republicans have largely been silent. There could be no clearer illustration of the Republican party fully extending its middle finger to its base.

    • It seems somewhat odd to me that it has effectively swept away all the negative about trump and the vex, the fact he did nothing to deliver on his drain the swamp, platinum plan etc and removed any challenger to the nomination in one move.

      What possible other action could have achieved this?

      The simplest explanation is that it has set Trump up at the untainted moral high ground again for the grillers, with all his baggage cleared away for the next round in the WWE ring as it has whitewashed his previous presidency failures and neutralized any prospective challengers.

      Smells wrong.

      • Agreed. Talk about unintended consequences.

        I just saw that McConnell muttered something or another about the Gestapo raid. Too little, too late to preserve your job, McConnell, you fraud, liar and thieving dirtbag. Could this destroy the Republican Party. Yes, it could.

        • Especially, as like the other kabuki shows, there have not been any real consequences for Trump.

          This is from people who have no problem offing their opponents in plain sight.

          Seems lots of play acting.

          • On a much smaller scale this is why I buy the rumors that Gonzalo Lira got flipped by the SBU(SecurityBureau of Ukraine) /CIA and now functions as a controlled disinfo honeypot.

            It the only take that makes sense because the SBU could have permanently disappeared the guy with zero consequences after arresting him as a Russian propagandist.

            Yet, look what happened. The SBU supposedly seized his social media accounts, released him, and basically let him continue carrying on as he did previously.

            Doesn’t pass the smell test when one notes the Kiev regime has banned all political parties, is running around placing US Senators and Congresspeople on propaganda blacklists, and is locking down entire cities so the SBU can make sweeping arrests of pro-Russian subversives.

    • Leftists and democrats (redundant) never notify anyone save the media of an impending raid. It’s their MO. Neither DeSantis nor the SS would have been informed.

    • I know that the FBI got the city PD involved when they arrested a local in my town for January 6th persecution. Keep backing the blue Grillers.

  13. Zman said- ” If you can accept that then it should not be hard to accept that the motivation of the ruling class is a weird set of mystical beliefs (Talmudic Judaism) that require them to destroy the foundations of civilization.”

    Fixed that for ya… Yeah, it has ‘morphed’ and has been cloaked in goofy environmentalism, new ageism, social justice, etc. etc. but the root of the tree should not be forgotten.

    • I think most people have no idea what Talmudic Judaism really is – and I agree completely. For deep dives, I really recommend Michael Hoffman’s books. There is a scholar on the subject (though I do not agree with his lauding of Farrakhan).

  14. Look at it from a systems perspective. White society is like a turbo charged diesel engine that under the right conditions can “run away” in a positive feedback loop and destroy itself.

    We have only succeeded for so long paradoxically because of downward pressure from some type of hardship; scarcity or disease, etc.

    The craziness we are seeing in our elite may not be so much as a fail safe mode nature reluctantly employs but simply a bug in the system in the absence of prosperity friction.

  15. Nearly every person in our current “elite” has faced no real life adversity. It wasn’t uncommon years ago to have politicians and CEOs who were shot at in WW2 and Korea. I can only imagine how the WW1 guys were, but I only remember a few of them them in wheelchairs when I was five. No one in Congress today has experienced the depression. Eating Ketchup soup as a small child doesn’t count.

    By the time these people were up and running the sky was the limit. Our society has reached a generational threshold of leadership that has experienced minimal suffering. Kyrsten Sinema’s greatest adversity was her awkward looking braces in Junior High. Perhaps her first scissoring experience in the college dorm. Pelosi was the pampered child of a family political machine. Even Rand was rolling weed in a van when Dad was out talking about the gold standard. In any case, people with a suffering deficit end up in extremely reckless situations.

    Reckless people don’t understand that fragility of building and maintaining something. They don’t understand the fragility of life itself, as can be seen in their cavalier foreign policy. It reminds me of a quote near the end of the Great Gatsby “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

    • But theirs was a hardship infused with promise and a better future

      That’s what kept them going

      What we have is an easy life in a world whose future doesn’t seem desirable. Or even coherent as an idea. We are at a dead end in other words. They weren’t, they were still cruising down the street having fun eating ketchup soup.

      Obviously, or maybe not so obvious, is that a lack of young people means we have a lack of youthful vigor that keeps grandpa’s wanting to make it to the next day just to see their grandkids grow. Few young people means less vitality in our midst, so we get a lot of crankiness with an aging if not a dying people with nothing to look forward to.

      Moral of the story, whites need to start making babies. Lots ! Then and only then can we accurately assess our future prospects.

      • “That’s what kept them going”

        That’s and that they believed in God. So:

        – They had hopes that God was going to help them even in the worst circumstances they lived.

        – They had hopes in another world, even if life was sh*tty

        First, it was belief in God for millennia. Then, it was belief in progress after the Industrial Revolution (some of them still believed in God). We don’t have either.

        This is normal in the decline phase of a culture. This state of things was the cause for the birth of Buddhism, for example.

    • I remember failing to read that in the late 1970s high school English class. Roughly the same time, Joe Walsh had a song on the rock station (“Life’s Been Good To Me So Far”) where a rock musician voices a similar idea:

      “I got a mansion, forget the price,
      Ain’t never been there, they tell me it’s nice,
      I live in hotels, and tear out the walls,
      I have accountants who pay for it all”

  16. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Contemplating The Weirdness

  17. They claim Gaia commands it, but what are they getting from this?

    My guess: Ground floor investment entry into Beyond Food. Eventually they will be able to force their product on you, like health insurance. Roberts will say it is a tax.

    • Didn’t a bunch of recent attempts to roll out fake meat at the fast food chains all fail?

      I figure they will retrench and simply start adding ground cricket as filler to a range of products, listing it as, “Other Proteins,” in the ingredients.

      • “Didn’t a bunch of recent attempts to roll out fake meat at the fast food chains all fail?”

        Yes, IIRC, a “Florida Woman” beat a teen employee to a pulp, ‘cuz she done not left the legs on my cricket in my cricket burger’ or something like that. Again, if recollection serves, the woman reached in through the drive-thru window, lifted teen off her feet, and through the window as passengers exited the vehicle to finish off the teen, whom is expected to ‘make a full recover’, minus all upper front teeth and one eye.

      • That is why they have to rely on Gaia commanding it, and in turn, them demanding it of us on Gaia’s behalf.

      • And yet another alphabet agency, the FDA, will be fully on board with it. Should you ask them to investigate the particulars of the label deck on your favorite food items, you’ll be told “information like that is given out on a need to know basis only, and at this particular time you do not need to know.”

      • I was thinking that replacing meat with insects is purely about humiliating the proles, when I remembered…

        Bugs aren’t kosher. Anyone noticed any Jews decrying the bigotry of the ruling-class campaign to force grubs down our throats? Or are the bylines on our eat-the-bugs propaganda rather like the bylines on everything else?

        Add it to the list.

        • IIRC, “Portnoy’s Complaint” has a whole section decrying the disgusting goyim for eating insects like “lobsters” so maybe the bug thing is only for a specific portion of the lower tier of humanity??

        • So, maybe John the Baptist subsisting on locusts and honey was kind of a message that the dietary laws were expiring now that You Know Who was come . Draw out the implications of that syllogism if you will.

  18. There’s a timeline of important events in modern American history that have shaped the culture and politics of the country in ways that may not be known for decades to come. May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard kills 4 college students and wounds 9 others during a protest on the campus of Kent State University. August 9, 1974, President Richard Nixon resigns the US presidency. August 21, 1992, US marshals attack the home of Randy Weaver near Naples, Idaho. February 28-April 1993, federal agents initiate a siege of a Branch Davidian community near Waco, Texas. Television news reports show Bill Clinton looking over the shoulder of Attorney General Janet Reno as she explains the federal action as recommended by experts. Eighty-six people die. April 22, 2000, federal agents raid a home where seven-year old Elian Gonzalez, survivor of a boat sinking, is staying with relatives.

    These events were all extensively covered by the electronic media and have had a significant effect on American attitudes about their relationship with the government. It remains to be seen how long these attitudes remain and how they will be expressed in the future.

    • Sadly, you may have a case of confirmation bias; you were attentive to these events, and their wider significance, along with a certain percentage of the citizenry, but unfortunately only a small percentage. A much larger percentage, however, were all “Laissez vous le bon temps roule!”, and DGAF. You are right that perhaps future historians might perceive your hypothetical timeline, but even to the present day, the chaff thrown up by TPTB has kept normie focused on whether he has enough propane in the tank to grill whenever he wants, and not on the grim future being planned and implemented against him.

  19. It’s only “weirdness” if you don’t recognize (or acknowledge) the nature of the global communists and their various “useful idiots”.

    Those of us willing to call evil “evil” know exactly what is going on.

    • Well said. This is beyond weird. It is truly evil.

      Dick Levin being an example. If he was some middle aged loser wearing a dress it would be sad and weird. However, he took his mother out of nursing homes while putting all other elderly back in nursing homes during covid. He openly advocates for giving homeless children access to sex change operations.

      That is not weird. That is evil as is the certain armageddon of destroying modern life to prevent a highly unlikely armageddon from climate change.

  20. “The belief set of the ruling elite says that subverting expectations is necessary to break the habits of mind that keep humanity from transitioning to the glorious future.”

    These ‘habits of mind’ are elements of culture, which is aggregate shared behavior. Each tribe or nation homogeneous enough to warrant the label has its own unique culture. It may be similar to others, and usually the similarity is correlated with similarity of genome. Culture is downstream of (because it coevolved with as a function of) biology. It will always reassert itself in some form (however modulated or mutilated) when distorting pressure is removed.

    It’s why the Americanized Africans joyfully turned to burning, looting, and murdering when European cultural norms ceased to be imposed upon them. They are a very, very young national group, if one can even reasonably ascribe to them that level of homogeneity. They are the descendants of random tribes (losers in internecine intra-African slave wars) drawn from all over west Africa (disproportionately Angola, I recall reading from a genomic study) sold to European slavers and forced together. The tribes from which they were drawn would have killed and enslaved each other at the drop of a hat, but these were forced to coexist with each other, their conflicting ‘habits of mind’ unhappily suppressed in the the larger struggle for existence against a more daunting collective enemy.

    They have a significantly negative identity (what they are not, as opposed to what they are) which is entirely future-unfocused and to significant degree a synthetic and inauthentic creation of the white-facing post-marxist culture destroyers. Thus, when the distorting imposition of European behavioral norms is removed, they have no positive vision of the future towards which to collectively move. They instead moved to attack that which they culturally define themselves as not being: European.

    The “transitioning to the glorious future” that ruling elites are attempting involves destroying every national and tribal groups unique ‘habits of mind’ and replacing it with a new shared ‘habits of mind’ that all will share, and will not coincidently include conditioned obedience to a planetary totalitarian corporate oligarchy. Their project is failing because it CANNOT work. There is no one-sized fits all solution that will work on genomically disparate populations. The efforts to promote miscegenation (and the leftist propensity for mass murder) are part of this. If they can’t rewrite our software (culture/behavior) then they will destroy the hardware upon which it operates (DNA/our bodies).

    • Indeed. Per Compsci: “everything went accelerating downhill after the Civil Rights era and immigration reform of the early 60’s. The effect was to put a limit on White population numbers with respect to total US population numbers/proportions and unleash a 5th column of Blacks within society.”

    • 4 Paragraph size walls of text to say that somewhat human presenting genetic missing links somewhere between Homo-Sapien and Homo-Erectus engage in Typical N–ger Behavior (TNB) because… reasons.

      Thanks for clearing that up. Are you a college professor with a cushy sinecure? If not, consider a career change! 🙂

    • all over west Africa (disproportionately Angola, I recall reading from a genomic study) sold to European slavers

      Weren’t the slavers that bought the Africans from Africa and sold them in the New World, jewish?

  21. “… no serious person thought Bill Clinton could be president.”

    If we’re going down memory lane to make a point, then let’s go down a bit further. In ‘76 a nobody from the South came to the Presidency, Jimmy Carter. He was not as amoral as Clinton—indeed, he was a born again Christian in the time of the ascent of those folk nationally. There were special circumstances that permitted him to succeed—Watergate and the anger over a Ford’s pardon of Nixon. Clinton was not unique, nor was there reason to think he “couldn’t” be President (see below).

    In ‘92, we were faced with a somewhat different special set of circumstances, Ross Perot. The last real three-way race we had. Perot of course, destroyed Bush’s chances for re-election and in came Clinton, a lying rapist. However, the dot com revolution was upon us, things were good economically, and the USSR was defeated. It was the “US Century”, so who cared. (Centuries I guess have shrunk with inflation)

    • Carter was the governor of a big state and at the time, the Democrats were dominant in Southern politics. Granted, he was not the favorite at the beginning, but no one stood out as a serious option. The names the media bandied about were not serious options either. Jerry Brown was regarded as fruitcake. George Wallace had “issues”.

      It goes to something I pointed out in the post. The roots of the present crisis go back into the last century. Carter was made possible by democratizing the primary system. He exploited rules changes to gain a big delegate lead in the early primaries. Traditionally, these were treated as beauty pageants, so candidate did not take them seriously. The new rules gave them weight and Carter exploited it.

      The cancer of democracy, like all cancers, was detected late.

      • Well added. I skipped over Carter’s primary manipulations. The Dem possibilities were limited in scope. Everyone they had on the “bench” was a nobody of limited recognition or credibility. Carter probably was the best they had.

        Imagine Carter of the mid-70’s as a candidate: millionaire peanut farmer/businessman, academy graduate and Navy officer (nuclear sub’s IIR), Governor of perhaps the most important Deep South State, devote Christian. Now imagine any current Democrat lineup—scary isn’t it?

        So what’s the difference between the mid-70’s and today? White population decline, minority ascendency—and that’s only at a 50-60% or so current White population. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

        This ain’t your father’s USA. 🙁

    • Another factor was the MSM playing Clinton as a cool young cat versus old fuddy duddies Bush and Perot to capture younger voters.

      MTV was especially involved in this with their, “Rock the Vote,” effort that they crowed about for years.

      • I still have my copy of Rolling Stone from the summer of 1992 in which Clinton did a lengthy sit-down with Jann Wenner, Hunter Thompson, William Greider, and P.J. O’Rourke. He was clearly their favorite (with the exception of O’Rourke), the product of the 60’s who was going redeem that generation and fix whatever minor mistakes they’d made along the way.

        I see it’s available online; it’s a fascinating interview in that Clinton really did have a good mastery of the issues. His prescriptions were wrong, but he’s probably almost 100 IQ points higher in this interview than Joe Biden in 2022.

  22. Yes, we still have the luxury of time to engage in contemplation; be it of weirdness or any other esoteric aspect of current life. Most Americans still reside in relative comfort, continue to eat well and are getting fatter by the day, and have ample TV, cell phones, and video games to occupy their leisure time. Financial hardship is easily remedied by adding another credit card, and young people are absolutely certain that all debts will be forgiven by the government someday. What passes for hardship is when you get shamed or down voted on social media. As a species, we have become useless fat fucks totally lacking in morality, ethics, or robustness.

    But hey, we can still contemplate! So that’s something.

    • Just today part of my neighborhood across from me lost power. I was wondering why everyone was out talking to each other.
      Power truck just came down the street and the nervous lady is waving and yelling, my power is out!

      Rarely a day goes by without an Amazon or Fedex delivery there. How much tiny deprivation would it take to push most of these complacent fat asses to finally get the message and take real notice. First time I have seen a stirring or communication from that side of the street.

      • Isn’t it funny how different sides of the street become like a different team? Almost like they are foreigners?

        Even to this day I can spot a guy who played defense in football. I played offense. They are the guys on the far other side of the field. A different breed it seemed and just with a different mindset.

    • Ordinarily, I find your comments to full of common sense; but this one just seems to be another way of saying “Do you even lift, bro?”
      Hard work is good. But contemplation is also good. Monks (those contemplative guys who preserved Western Civilization when Rome collapsed) understood this. They punctuated the daily labors by which they supported themselves with periods of prayer and reading.
      I understand that you are expressing your frustration with the current weirdness. So is Zman. His point is that it cannot last. Your thesis seems to be that it won’t end until enough men unleash “bolts from the blue.” Same truth, different angles. Just don’t be so glib and dismissive of contemplation. Some of us are too old (or, if honest, too fat) to be anything other than thinkers about the possibilities of change. I am not making excuses, but I’m also not wallowing in regrets.

      • Yes, there was some venting in my comment, but I would argue that the pace of the Crazy is accelerating. Case in point is the raid on Trump’s home in Florida and the jackboots tactics that were used against a former US president. That was not a trivial escalation. And there are credible reports that the Biden Administration is seriously considering declaring a national emergency over climate change, which could lead to all sorts of extreme mischief. Bottom line – the day may soon come where you will no longer have the luxury of contemplation as an alternative to action. And I think were now at a place where priorities should be skewed more heavily in the direction of action.

        • Fair enough. I agree that the pace of crazy is accelerating. I’ll try to work on some age-appropriate actions. I certainly don’t intend to willingly step into the rail car, if it comes to that.

  23. Nietzsche’s “God is dead” quote steps out in a few places in his works. Here’s a link* to what I believe is the most detailed. (The Gay Science, 125) As the resident Nietzsche pimp, allow me to pontificate briefly on the passage: It is the unbelievers who have killed God. Note the many images of the void and aimlessness that God’s loss entails. Most have not yet heard the news. Man may yet become as gods, perhaps even achieve greatness, but that time has not yet come.

    Herr Fritz gets a lot of hostility. Clearly, he was a philosophical iconoclast. But he should no more be condemned for contributing to the downfall of prior belief systems than a Lynn, Jensen or Murray should be damned for reporting upon the backwardness of certain races.

    *Nope. The link is flagged as spam. If you use Google books, search on “Nietzsche God is dead” and you should be able to find it.

  24. We are needlessly spilling a lot of ink. Madness explains it: Madness at the macro level and the individual level. Two perspectives –

    Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, ages it is the rule. – Friedrich Nietzsche

    I am interested in madness. I believe it is the biggest thing in the human race, and the most constant. How do you take away from a man his madness without also taking away his identity? – William Saroyan


  25. We’ve been in Spain the past few weeks, and while I haven’t seen any memorials to that ugly boot lipped jogger, I’ve seen tons of statues honoring long dead White guys and it’s glorious.

    • Those statues were erected by long-dead white guys. If you go to Africa, you see statues of black people. Go figure.

      • Yet what you won’t see in Africa are quasi-religious murals to foreign-born, white criminals.

      • The point is statues to long dead White guys, erected by long dead White guys are still standing and haven’t been torn down, or replaced by those of some boot lipped joggers, such as in our (former) country. The jogs can build all the mud huts they want honoring their dead witch doctors – in their own damn place – ie africa.

    • uNt-

      How are the coof restrictions in Spain? Any major jam ups at the airports? Any weirdness with flights or pilots?

      • TWGH – Had to have a negative coof test to go there and diaper adornment is mandatory on public transportation – taxis, buses, trains etc. Other than that it’s similar to the US in that most aren’t wearing masks, but there are plenty of tards wandering around so adorned. I also think Spain is one of the few European countries still requiring proof of vax or negative test to enter – at least from outside the EU.

  26. If Trump committed crimes, he should be held accountable for them, just as you and I would be. After all, as Mike Pence tweeted on Oct. 28, 2016: “Donald Trump and I commend the FBI for reopening an investigation into Clinton’s personal email server because no one is above the law.”

    • Another weird feature of this age is that you people think these rehearsed lines are effective. It is as if you are new to earth and are unaware of the internet. When all of the usual suspects are chanting, “If Trump committed crimes, he should be held accountable for them, just as you and I would be” people quickly see the gag. Yet, you will spend your day on-line posting some version of the same script in comment sections.

      The lack of self-awareness is a key feature of your cult. In order to accept the strange claims about observable reality, you must become invisible to yourself. Otherwise you would die of embarrassment. The result is you cannot see what yourself at all, so you cannot see the absurdity of what you are doing.

      • I said that if Trump committed crimes he should be prosecuted. I take it that you disagree with this. Why?

        • You are hoping to shift the focus away from the crime your cult has committed, weaponing the FBI for partisan purposes, onto some hypothetical. Again, you cannot see it, but normal people have seen this act so many times it is like seeing someone in a leisure suit. It is hard to believe anyone still does it.

          • Exactly. While McConnell and other GOP trash dirtbags won’t do it, we need local officials to start censoring and persecuting the Left. The bullies only understand death and violence. Let’s give it to them.

          • “You are hoping to shift the focus away from the crime your cult has committed …”

            What cult? The cult of the eternally cynical? If that’s a cult, I’m in it I reckon, having long ago figured out that neither of the two parties represents me.

            Having said that, criminals should be prosecuted. If Mr. Trump committed crimes, he should be prosecuted. If Mr. Biden committed crimes, he should be prosecuted.

            Here in the barrio, I see the police knocking on doors, producing warrants and searching homes on a monthly basis. I haven’t seen/heard many voices protesting any of that because, presumably, the residents are criminals, or at least the police provided enough evidence to a judge to sign off on a warrant to that effect.

            But I love how, based on a single statement that that criminals should be prosecuted —- shocking as that opinion is —– you’ve managed to pigeonhole me into a group that has committed crimes.

            I wonder if you pigeonholed Pence and Trump into that same cult when they said the same thing.

          • Plus his pseudonym is one step away from “I_h8_j00s” or something else of that caliber…

        • The FBI has a laptop filled with kiddie porn, evidence of illegal drug use, text messages claiming ‘pay for play’ access to the highest level of US government (FARA violations), and a man who also in text & email admits to illegal weapon possession.

          According to the same FBI, that laptop may or may NOT exist, and may or may NOT be an item of interest.

          Please f-ck off back to MSNBC directly. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Grown ups are talking you here mindless NPC robot.

        • Saw these clowns on Gab too. “But what about ‘law and order’?”, lol!
          The left has spent the last few years openly and brazenly defecating in the “law and order” pot and then wonders why we won’t take a drink.

        • Why are you saying “If”?

          He either did or he didn’t, and if he did charges would have been filed first accusing him of a crime. No?

          Or you don’t go searching willy nilly with the FBI raiding your place unless they have just cause. So there is no “if” in play here, the government acted as if they already had enough evidence that a raid was warranted. So where’s that evidence and justification? Let’s see it.

      • I may have used it before Z, but regarding Mr Moses, I believe the phrase is,”He has the self-awareness of a dog that licks its balls in public”.

    • It can safely be said that most Presidents in the past thirty years have probably ‘committed a crime’, by some standard or another. But none ever seemed to be seriously persecuted. The nature of the ‘crimes’ in these cases are always overblown or hard to pin down, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. And there is a collective will to punish Trump.

      In my lifetime, I have never seen a more constant stream of vitriol directed against one person, from so-called ‘tolerant’ individuals. It was clear from right out of the gate that Trump, whatever one may think of him, was truly hated by The System (The Managers). He wasn’t like them, but more importantly, was a gateway for Dirt People – which The System doesn’t like.

      It seems quite consistent that The System would choose to punish him, and to spare others who toe the line…

      • “For the father, nothing!”

        From Dune, I think? Said very intensely, whisper-shouted. I hear the line whenever I think of how wildly hated Trump has become. For what? He *very slightly* represents regular guys and doesn’t *always* betray them, a quality so absolutely forbidden that our rulers will destroy *everything* to erase it.

        For the average man, nothing—ever, under any circumstance. That’s the “black box” (not the one in Dune).

    • Is it odd being an NPC?

      I often wonder what its like to be a slightly more complex bot. Is it depressing, or does one not realize it?

        • What’s the rush? They will probably disable it anyway, self-awareness being an impediment to seamlessly spouting The Latest Thing.

    • Congrats!

      This must be a record or close to it, for most down votes without an upvote.

      I guess everyone is good at something.

  27. The weirdness is basically Boomer narcissism elevated to the status of Official State Ideology and civic religion. Like a bunch of stoned Boomers singing “Louie, Louie” in a garage band, none of it makes any sense.

    The real turning point was the election of Clinton over the genuine war hero G.H.W. Bush, who dropped out of Yale, earned his Navy wings at 18, and got shot down over the Pacific at age 20. Say what you will about Bush the elder but at least he took the country and the presidency seriously; Clinton thought the Oval Officer was a great place to have a Jewish intern suck his dick.

    All of the idiotic Boomer agenda that was in its infancy in the Sixties is now official state policy, from the promotion and celebration of sexual perversion, to enviro-communism, to radical racial egalitarianism, to the legalization of countercultural narcotics, to radical feminist baby-killing and lesbianism, to turning every major institution in the country into the equivalent of a college sociology seminar.

    It continues to happen simply because the postwar American imperial bubble hasn’t burst YET, and even though we are $30 trillion past the point where we have run out of money, they are still able to keep printing it.

    But it ain’t gonna last much longer. As Christ said on the road to Calvary, “Behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck. Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us.

    For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?”

    • Going to be a vastly different world once the boomers start dropping in large numbers

      Why I agree that getting too caught up in the moment is sort of a waste of time. We need to be looking past today into a future where all the hippie bullshit is finally buried. What will the world look like then? How will I fit in? What do I need to be doing to thrive or at least get by in this coming world?

      • “Going to be a vastly different world once the boomers start dropping in large numbers.”

        Yup, the whitest demographic cohort the race realists will ever see is dying out.

      • The hippy counter-culture bullshit is now the mainstream. Far from dying with the Boomers, it’s just as likely the Boomers are holding back the worst of the madness. If nothing else, the boomers are competent.

        • The “hippy” 60s Cultural Revolution was an act of war, a conquest as if by invaders.

          The Laurel Canyon movement was coordinated by the grown children of WWll military inteligence officers, themselves the scions of rich New England Old Money families. (Zappa, Joplin, Morrison, etc.)

          Their headquarters in Hollywood Hills West just so happened to be next door to a “secret” psychological war research lab.

          The inexplicable part is, that no, it wasn’t the Usual Suspects.
          Yet, like the WEF, it’s certainly the true believers.

          • Don’t kid yourself, the Usual Suspects were balls deep into the counterculture — Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Mark Rudd, Bernadine Dohrn, Kathy Boudin, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, William Kuntsler, Noam Chomsky, Bob Dylan, etc.

            They infiltrated and corrupted the WASP Establishment the same way that Mordecai and Esther infiltrated and corrupted the Persian kingdom in the Book of Esther.

        • I don’t think so.

          Young people get into or mimic the hippie b.s because there is some perceived benefit, like it’s a job requirement, or they are trying to relate to their bosses or parents. But when left to themselves these are the last things they want to be dealing with.

          Even the music of the 60s is being shunned for 80s music. And I am starting to see why because it just sounds old like Sinatra used to sound to me when I was a kid. You play that 60s stuff in jukebox in a mixed age crowd and the whole mood just sinks to the bottom. But play a song from the 80s and even if it sucks it gets people energized.

          And as a man who came of age in the 80s, I don’t think I am being biased. I am being quite objective.

          • This is in response to Xman who for some reason does not have a Reply option under his comment.

            The folks you mentioned didn’t infiltrate the WASP establishment, they were up front and loudly opposed to it.

            Robert Zimmerman is a special case whose brief political phase occurred when he was very young. He went electric, wrote surrealistic lyrics, focused more on relationships (because he was a PITA to be in one with) and had his Christian phase.

            While many if not most of the radical leftist types were tribespeople — and remember, most of them were older than the Boomers — the musicians were mostly not. Paul Kantner (Catholic despite his tribeish sounding surname) and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane were not, while tribesmen Marty Balin (Buchwald) and Jorma Kaukonen (tribeswoman mother) were not into that direction and left the band in part for that reason. CSNY too, all of Xian origin.

      • What do you call large numbers? The typical death rate is 1% or so. The number of boomers dying is now about 1M, or roughly a third. Is that enough?

        • We will know when it’s “enough”

          Because the world is just going to feel different

          States of mind and thinking are just going to change because there won’t be this heavy wet blanket holding everyone down that is the mass of people of a certain age, in this case the boomers.

          And you starting to see something similar wrt the millennial, who are boomers in their own right because there are so many of them. Well younger people are already getting sick of them dictating everything.

          Just the way life works. Don’t take it personally. In fact embrace it, embrace that our Creator had enough sense to factor in competition between the generations and their ways as part of the human condition. It keeps things moving. And movement is everything. Ask any novelist or musician who’s job is to mimic life.

  28. They persecute Trump for several key reasons:
    1. Modern communications mean they can’t erase him from the record.
    2. They need a boogey man. Nihilism has no positive proposal so nihilists define themselves by what they are against. He is the great lightning rod, and he is their symbol of the other great lightning rod – white Americans of European descent.
    3. He is traveling the country selling out massive rallies. If they jail him, he can’t do this. If he has a criminal record they can erect a legal framework to banish him from modern communications and tear down any platform that gives him oxygen.
    4. His name is a brand. They are attempting to sully his name and thus turn his endorsement of other candidates into a kiss of death.
    5. The Biden laptop is out there as is Biden himself. ‘Hey kid! Look! Over there!’
    6. This circus diffuses awareness and opposition to their program. The Great Reset is being instituted; the public and our traditional institutions be damned. The Internet a-chatter about Trump keeps the Fight Inflation with Inflation crony give-away and Green New Deal on the back pages.

    This persecution is only driving more people into our arms. Poor little Rod Dreher put down his knitting to write and post a new TAC article that is very encouraging news. It is a lament that at APAC he found out that so many people who he once thought were the most sane, and, “least likely to embrace conspiracy theories”, didn’t show up this year. Through the grapevine he heard that they are pissed off and have gone outside of the traditional fold. He didn’t say explicitly, but from the subtext I gathered that they have departed for the other side of the great divide. He said they are all middle aged successful men. I suspect the radical anti-white racism that has infected all of life since 0 SGHO (year zero St. George of the Holy Overdose), has opened eyes and led to a sobering recognition.

    Dreher is befuddled. He sees every institution openly engaging in anti-white racism, and many outright advocating for the extermination of the white race. Yet, he can’t understand why the people who he thought were the most rational have abandoned CPAC. Dreher is the consumate Con Inc. sad sack. He refuses to understand. When war is declared on you, it is perfectly rational to abandon appeasement, negotiation and voluntary subjugation.

    The sweeping aside of the elite starts with the sweeping aside of the Drehers and Con Inc monastery bound knitting boys who refuse to acknowledge reality. From Dreher’s own mouth, it sounds like that process is accelerating.

    • I wonder if Dreher’s soon to be ex-wife is a liberal. He admitted in that piece he has a son who supported Bernie Sanders. His impending divorce, which he did not want, could be a big part of his shift towards reality. Even through that though, he still isn’t willing to face the facts, he praises Viktor Orban and then turns around and tsk tsks him for pointing out Camp of the Saints was a prophetic book because it is “racist.” There isn’t any hope for people like this. His reporting on normies crossing over was encouraging though.

      • It was! His advice, his mighty mace of battle: “”Again, read your Arendt.”

        A commenter at Dreher’s article has a more anti-semitic view:

        “Progressives wouldn’t hear of it. They are essentially radical jihadists.

        Let me spell it out. They divide the country (if not the world) into “The House of Peace” and “The House of War.” As with Islam, the full meaning of “peace” is submission. There, submission to God’s will brings peace. With our Progressives, peace is meaningless unless it is conceived within the scope of submission to “Social Justice.” Their ideology is, for all practical purposes, a post-modern Wahhabism.”

      • Dreher has been a good boy all his life, so getting smacked in the face with reality is pretty traumatic for him. He’s gone from whatever flavor of Protestantism he was brought up with to Catholicism to Orthodoxy, he had his world rocked before with the priest pedophile scandals, so he’s not stuck in one place and could end up crossing some major lines. Whatever his limitations he is one of the best chroniclers of woke insanity.

    • I saw VDH on Tucker last night saying the FBI was beyond saving. He was always on the right wing of Con Inc. compared to Dreher on the left, but it looks like he is crossing the divide.

      • I don’t think VDH will ever make it over the divide. He has had a front row seat to the crime and social problems caused by illegal immigration in California for decades. Yet he still scolds “racists” who point out reality.

        • Yes. However this is the same point that ZMan made about DiSantis. Any well liked and popular figure that starts broadcasting any one of the broader ideas is another hole in the dam. If VDH never crosses officially that is fine, but for an AINO establishmentarian to call the FBI beyond reform plants the seed that the the regime itself is beyond reform. That is huge.

  29. You touch on a point that normie will sadly forget in the next two years: Trump wanted to be accepted into The Cult. All the Regime needed to do was throw him table scraps once in a while and let him peacock to his fans about the great victories he was leading. There are no indications that his heart has hardened, that his longimg for Cult membership has abated. He’s no better than the perpetually abused wife.

    On the other hand, I see DR ideas, such as the fact that elections are pointless, beginning to be expressed openly in normie 2.0 type sites like Ace’s. The ripples are spreading outward.

    • Yes, they could have easily gotten immigration “reform” out of him, allowing all the illegal immigration to become legal with a path to citizenship. You know the game: Let’s naturalize everyone already here, in exchange for closing the borders, and then let’s ignore the border part.
      But they seem to prefer it remain illegal for reasons I cannot fathom. Keeping the issue alive for campaign fodder doesn’t really help them. Perhaps it is some religious/emotional need to fight for illegals.

      • Exactly, the same way they worked Reagan in 1986. Trump would have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.

  30. “The universe does have a sense of humor, so that could be the answer for the madness, but the universe does not have unlimited patience”.
    Another idea: “The sea is selective, slow at recognition of effort and aptitude but fast in sinking the unfit”.
    Whether one views +/- 5,000 yrs. of civilization (or the last 200 yrs. in the case of AINO) as the ‘slow’ part – the ‘fast’ part is upon us. The patience of the universe wears thin.

  31. Maybe it’s not my place to say it, but I always associated American preachy weirdness with fanatic’s neurotype that was exported/expelled from England.

    Other than that: city life, with rising scale, seems to erode individual and collective sanity. Maybe technological leap broke the last containment barriers through the Internet?

    • Greta escaped somehow because I see her as the archetypal nut from Europe who would have been expelled to New England

        • Very true. One should read up on her and her crazed parents. We have the same here and it is a problem. I consider it child abuse.

        • She’s on contract with the same talent agency as her parents. They’re a family of hired crisis actors, and her teen coach travels with her.

      • Isn’t the Child Crusader 2.0 suffering from Asperger’s? I remember that her mom was blamed for her promotion. Unfortunately there is no Pope Innocent III to tell the child to go back home this time.
        Scandinavians are probably the most vain and narcissistic of fanatics/conformists(?) in Europe. Sweden in particular loves virtue-signaling.
        You can remind them about their growing crisis in healthcare (used to be one of the trademarks of their socio-economic system).

    • Next you’ll be noticing that the Puritan nuts leaving England and going to America was followed by the explosion of creativity in Victoria’s Britain that gave us the modern world.
      Funy dat.

  32. Christianity wasn’t at all unfamiliar to Roman leadership. There were a number of mystery religions in the empire and other portions of the Mediterranean world, some dating, IIRC, to 400 BC. Christianity was the Jewish mystery religion, involving a suffering and dying god/archangel, who would save his or her followers if they believed in the god/archangel’s suffering and resurrection and demonstrated that belief by a profession and sharing a communal meal. In his book, Not the Impossible Faith, Prof. Richard Carrier gives his explanation of why the Jewish mystery religion succeeded over other competing cults. You are free to disagree with Prof. Carrier’s concusions, but not that Christianity resembled other mystery religions.

    Cults do not have to be adaptive to the environment to be accepted. (I remember Jeff Cooper once saying that “reasons do not have to be right to be accepted.”) The best example is the Xhosa cattle killing cult in South Africa in 1856-1857. A priestess told the Xhosa people, who were severely stressed after being dispossessed by Europeans, that if they killed their cattle and burned their corn, their ancestors would rise from the dead and eject the Europeans. Didn’t happen, but the reaction when it didn’t was to hunt down people who had, showing really good sense, not killed their cattle and burned their corn. The American Indian ghost dance movement had similar results–the white man’s bullets did not turn to water.

    I think that the rejection of both fossil fuels and nuclear power is an example of the mentality that led to the Xhosa cattle killing cult. If we do what Gaia demands, our energy needs will be met magically by the sun and wind. Not likely! In addition, the Covid vaccination may be driven by a magical belief: the “vaccine” will protect us against the evil coronavirus. Thus, even as the evidence accumulates that the “vaccine” is of little or no medical effectivness, and that its use is causing serious and numerous undesirable side effects, the elites order even more doses and press the population to be injected with them.

    • I’m not big on theology but I saw a persuasive case made that Christianity was a repackaged, consumer friendly version of Greek philosophical monotheism (I think even that Ben Schapiro book Z read made the case too, in Ben’s typical backhanded way), so it’s not like it was “foreign” in any strict sense.

      • The evidence suggests that the Christianity that emerged in the late Roman empire was a fusion of a number of things. Mithraism was the state religion of Rome until Constantine suppressed it, but it seems that he mostly fused it into the new Jesus cult. Much of what made up Mithraism ended up in Christianity. Of course, Judaism is the starting point, but it too borrowed heavily from eastern religious traditions. The Christianity that emerged at the end of the Roman empire then went under a further transformation as it spread to the Germanic peoples.

        • The “transformation” and syncretism of Christianity, while not nothing, is overblown. Christians always had the New Testament, and the entire NT was written prior to 70 AD, mostly by disciples of Jesus, second-hand associates of disciples working from first-hand sources (Luke possibly got the infancy narratives directly from Mary, Mark probably used Peter as a direct source), or Paul. Bishops of the 2nd century knew these people in the way you know your grandfather or great-grandfather. People like Carrier, and even more mainstream biblical critics, treat the 1st century AD Roman Empire–one of the most advanced and learned eras in human history–like distant prehistory shrouded in fable. There’s a great Msgr. Ronald Knox article where he satirizes the technique of biblical critics by analyzing Bosewell’s Life of Samuel Johnson in that fashion, concluding that the text had multiple different authors over several decades, dealt with multiple different “Samuel Johnsons”, and was useless as a historical source.

          • If the authors of the gospels got their information from all the primary and secondary sources that you mention, why do they not cite them? And if all the events described in the gospels happened, why are there no contemporary extra-biblical sources mentioning those events? Can you cite a peer-reviewed article by a biblical scholar supporting the assertions you make?

      • It definitely became that when us gentiles got a hold of it. Makes sense, too. We aren’t Jews, aren’t ever go to be Jews, no matter how hard some of us try. Ideas can go far, but they always end up running into nature.

        I’d say that also explains the split of the Greek and Latin churches, later the split of the Latin and (might as well be called) Germanic churches.

        All of this bickering and accusations of heresy and apostasy is silly imo. People are what they are at the end of the day.

      • What other religion has a nobody from nowhere give birth to a poor carpenter who rises from the dead and changes the world?

        • Which is why I remain firm that Christianity is a White European religion, descended directly from the Aryan “teachers of light” prevalent throughout the ancient world.

          The Aryan history has been repressed in favor of the version favored by those who erase and replace competing libraries that theirs might dominate.

          No, we didn’t learn goodness from them. They learned it from us.

          The short circuit is monotheism, the schizoid contradiction that good is also bad and bad, good.

          The idea that there can only be One!, and that Abraham’s is that supreme One, confounds our natural senses of what lays beyond the physical.

          Simply put, there are two that we hear- one a creator, the other a recycler- we are told to confuse the two, and thus stymied.

        • And never forget the Bible itself

          Has anything so beautiful and poignant ever been written? And we are talking multiple sources, all deeply inspired to put into words things that are timeless. How can that many different people all be so inspired to utter some of the most timeless phrases ever to be heard?

          What comes close?

          • How so? Mohammad was not a deity, and Islam is as much a political movement like marxism or capitalism, as it is a religion.

          • I have never read the Quran. Yet the generalities I know about it seems that Mohammed tried to borrow its authoritative style for his own. I’d also say he had it much easier because the Bible gave him a template for how a great holy book should sound.

        • “What other religion has a nobody from nowhere give birth to a poor carpenter who rises from the dead and changes the world?” With only a three year ministry followed by brutal persecution of his pacifistic followers.

    • > A priestess told the Xhosa people, who were severely stressed after being dispossessed by Europeans, that if they killed their cattle and burned their corn, their ancestors would rise from the dead and eject the Europeans. Didn’t happen, but the reaction when it didn’t was to hunt down people who had, showing really good sense, not killed their cattle and burned their corn. The American Indian ghost dance movement had similar results–the white man’s bullets did not turn to water.

      The common theme here seems to be a people who are faced with a seemingly impenetrable obstacle, in both these cases a technologically superior culture they had no defense against.

      The obstacle today is simply Utopia, which was supposed to happen when the U.S.S.R collapsed and we would finally get our one world order. Reality set in, where it ended up being that race was not just a social construct, peoples have no interest in being an undifferentiated blob, and leadership is as corrupt and greedy as ever.

      As equality keeps becoming stubbornly out of reach, they’ll lash out with more weird mystery rituals until they tear down the very structures that gave them control in the first place.

      • “a people who are faced with a seemingly impenetrable obstacle, in both these cases a technologically superior culture they had no defense against.”

        Beginning with the original political call of the Habiru, “Aryan knowledge is bad! Though each man will die, the Tribe is immortal- so side with the racially pure, choose the tree of immortality!”

      • “In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.” – Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations under Kennedy and Johnson, and a member of the Trilateral Commission, wrote in the April, 1974 issue of the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs (pg. 558) in an article titled ‘The Hard Road To World Order’:

      • If people really wanted to be part of a Kalergian blob we wouldn’t see migrants around the world create ethnic ghettos as soon a critical mass of their people arrives in the host country.

        • And seeing this should confirm that they were never “immigrants”, but rather invaders.

    • I’ve not read Cooper. What you (he?) says about Christianity aligns mostly with what Nietzsche has written, and he scooped Cooper by at least 120 years. As a philologist, it’s likely Nietzsche drew heavily from contemporaries or slightly earlier works.

      Gaia worship and Covid “vaccine” dogma do share many traits with major religions. Among these are dogma, harsh suppression of dissenting thought (granted, rather tame by historical standards!) as well as a key of nearly all faiths — central tenets at odds with observable (sometimes easily observable) reality.

      • Jeff Cooper was a writer about guns, pistols mostly. His most famous book was Cooper on Handguns. The comment I cite was made in the 1960s concerning the then-U.S. police preference for the .38 Special revolver over the .45 automatic pistol. But his observation is true in other contexts. It’s always stuck with me.

    • “You are free to disagree with Prof. Carrier’s concusions, but not that Christianity resembled other mystery religions.”

      Ah to be a college freshman again!

  33. The regime dare not ignore T. He might win again and they are committed to making sure that that does not happen again. He is ahead in the polls and the candidates he backs keep winning.

    “He likes to use the election of Donald Trump as an example of something so impossible that it forces you to reconsider your biases about what is and is not possible.”

    T’s election seems impossible because we mistakenly believe that in our system we choose the most qualified. Instead, we choose ppl pre-selected by the media, ppl that “we would like to have a beer with”, are telegenic, & tell convincing lies. My goodness, the GOP tried to give us Mitt Romney!

    • T won because he was the first one saying something different wrt immigration other than “slightly slower.”

      • And because they didn’t think they needed to turn fraud up to 11. They won’t make that mistake again.

  34. Neither President Biden nor Chris Wray knew about the raid on Trumps home. It was decided by a pink haired leftist woman at the Miami office who thinks Trump reminds her of an ex boyfriend she used to shack up with.
    That’s my thoughts on the Trump matter and what might be close to the truth in modern America.
    Or possibly Hitler was hiding his Important papers at Mara Largo and of course the left knows that Hitler is Trump.
    Clown World.

    • “Or possibly Hitler was hiding his Important papers at Mara Largo and of course the left knows that Hitler is Trump.”

      I missed the part where Trump had an Anschluss with Austria, annexed the Sudetenland, grabbed the rest of Czechoslovakia, or attacked Poland. I’m sure our Feeb Agents will find evidence though. 😏

      • Mar-a-Lago is built atop a secret Nazi submarine base

        The pink-haired lady’s boyfriend was the director, but he ran off with a Valkyrie.

    • It begs the question: why are they so worried about Hitler? Have they done something that they feel warrants the birth of Hitler 2.0?

    • Pettiness is always a good answer with these people. I suspect the primary motivation behind this was they thought they would find something to embarrass Trump. You can be sure they will be leaking what they found and making up whoppers about what they supposedly saw.

      • As an aside, but with direct relation to our new “trustless” diverse society we often decry. Callers to radio have immediately jumped, not just to corrupt raid process or to embarrassing findings—but to the FBI “planting” incriminating evidence in the sized records as it was noted these boxes were not viewed by the FBI on site, just taken unopened. No inventory taken in public presence.

      • Perhaps the “embarrassing” comment was unintended. As for Mr. Biden, I can cite two potentially discomfiting items that are apparently at large:

        1. Hunter Biden Laptop
        2. Ashley Biden Diary

        Although I don’t follow the news in minute detail, I believe the following are generally correct:

        1. The laptop’s data is in many hands, for safe keeping. In fact, you can download an expurgated version of it various places on the internet.

        2. Project Veritas was raided by the authorities at least in part in search for the diary, which they claim to not have. Unless they are supremely stupid, I would hope they have multiple copies of such data stored in various places to guard against just such assaults.

        Whether there will ever be full disclosure, much less prosecutions, of these and other compromising data, remains to be seen.

        • You would think the first thing a wise person would do with such info/data is create a dead man switch. Find it hard to believe Epstein didn’t have one (or several). Maybe it was Maxwell, and she in turn had her own – could be the only reason she hasn’t been suicided yet.

          • The rumor was that Epstein’s first “suicide attempt” was a prisoner beating the “dead man’s switch” info out of him. And then later with the “switch” gone…

          • August 2006: “FBI Shows Off Counterterrorism Database”
            “The system, designed by Chiliad Inc. of Amherst, Mass…”

            Guess who co-founded Chiliad?
            Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister.

      • The left has used every level of Government they control from NY’s Soros DA’s to the House of Representatives , the IRS, FBI, CIA and doubtless NSA and others to crawl all over every aspect of Trumps life in the past 6 years and have found nothing. He is embarrassingly clean. Zero indictments.
        He is doubtless much wiser than he was and I’d be shocked if he has not and been advised of the possibility of a raid.
        Anything they produce as a result of their raid should be assumed to be a plant.

    • All people are going to remember are that a bunch of FBI pervs spent hours feeling through Melania’s clothing

      The big question will be did they steal her undies or did they try them on?

      • I’d be more interested as to if they rummage through Melania’s cloths hamper. That’s where the “good stuff” always is. At least that’s what I’ve been told. 😉

      • Having seen some of those FBI pervs, only Michael Obama’s would fit them. But even they aren’t that perverted.

      • If I were her, I’d burn my entire wardrobe. It’s disgusting to think of those perverts putting their filthy hands on her stuff.

          • That’s astute observation. I now remember reading about such things when homes are burglarized or a pervert breaks in and rummages in these “private/personal” areas. Yep, some women don’t bother to sort it out, they simply discard everything as they can no longer bear the thought of wearing something so handled by a stranger in their home.

  35. I used to wonder how a person, a country, even a whole culture, could do things that are obviously suicidal for all involved. I wonder no more.

    I still don’t know why, perhaps some deep drive in our DNA for creative destruction. The glaring truth however is that it happens, and it’s happening now. If you’re not possessed by the madness I would recommend careful study and writing it down so maybe some future psychohistorian can figure it out.

  36. Think it’s bad now, try imagining anyone running the place when it’s 45% white, 15% Asian, 15% black, and 25% Hispanic

    I don’t see how that could ever work. So….in comes serendipity.

    If you wanted to move the country to a more regionalized form of government, something that may be manageable given the distribution of the races, taking power from the center in the process, you couldn’t do a better job in discrediting the federal government if you tried. Are they trying? Is fate making them make mistakes?

    I don’t know, but I know the discrediting of the federal government is occurring in concert with states and localities gaining in strength.

    • it seems that game theory would support the notion that the best way to dilute the toxicity of prog-whites, is to dilute the overall percentage of whites in the country.

      • Then the trade off is prog whites for non whites

        Touch call

        I’d still rather take my chances with prog whites because, at least on an individual basis, if you are ever, say, stuck in a car with them for an eight hour trip, you are going to find commonality and connection. They are still our people. For better or worse. It’s a shame they have been brainwashed, but they’re weak. And maybe we should have done a better job in protecting them from the predators? Who knows. But no one was out there or protecting them, and maybe this alone is reason enough to get the churches started again. An institution strong enough to protect our most vulnerable. And plus it gives them things to do, bake sales, fish fry’s, organizing the hymnals. Gossip is kept within the walls.

        • Disagree. Prog whites are loathsome creatures and I know a LOT of them in my personal circle. Some I use to count as friends but literally cannot stand to be in the same room as them. They are odious self-hating creatures who live in a well sheltered, danger-free, but alternate reality.

          I’ll take the beaner border-jumper who is from a Catholic based upbringing, understands the value of family, probably has experienced some actual hardship in life, and sort of in the back of their mind realizes Europeans are the ur-race of planet Earth even if they may not openly say so.

          Ideally, I’d want neither, but in your hypothetical I’m picking the wetbacks every time.

          • Fair enough Apex, but if you have sex with a white prog she may give birth to a great kid. If you do that with a wetback, eh, chances are high you get a dimwit

            I hear you though. I have lived among both sets of people, and although I enjoy doing yard work and labor with hispanics, Id rather be having lemonade in the house with a lady with creamy white legs — her politics be damned

          • I agree. Wetbacks want free stuff so they can use it. Prog whites want all your stuff so they can control you.

          • White women flip their politics on a dime if they’re truly attracted to a guy. If you’re pandering to her leftist shit to appease her, or if she’s still squawking about it despite knowing you’re a conservative, odds are that relationship isn’t going to last.

          • “a lady with creamy white legs — her politics be damned”

            So by “progressives”, what you really mean is “hot white women”.

    • We already know the future. It’s California and, to some degree, Texas.

      California is running into serious problems, and, if not the luck of having some major industries (Hollywood, ports, tourism, Silicon Valley, etc.), it would be dramatically worse off. Think California demographics in Indiana.

      Texas works because, for now, the Hispanics let the whites run things.

      But the future is Brazil of the North, with small middle class, high crime, dirty neighborhoods with pockets of wealth.

      • Brazil of the North is a good comparison, but I would add a bit of South Africa into the mix showing how White people will be treated.

        • i think you have it backwards. white people are treated just fine in south america, but blacks form the bottom layer of society – if there any at all. just look at what the mexicans are doing to the nigs right now.

          • Karl, I meant that in the future Brazil of the North (America) it will have the things Citizen described, but where it differs from the real Brazil, it will have the South Africa-like attacks on White people. As you say, the real Brazil treats Whites just fine.

      • You don’t think the tribes will start to self segregate ? Such that local, state if not regional centers of power and influence form up around them? And meanwhile the federal hold continually weakens?

        I don’t see how it can work otherwise. And that’s assuming that making it work is something people care about. I’m not even sure on that, maybe the American project is discarded and we just get on with living and governments form around us naturally. It’s that or life becomes a daily project and hassle of trying to get jethro and Lucy Kim and Jose and Laquisha to all agree on how to keep the American machine running, each putting forward their points of view like those experts who come together sharing their specialized expertise in solving crimes in those forensic crime shows.

        At some point they are going to ask, “what’s the point?” What is so important about the American machine that it becomes all consuming and I have to devote my life to keeping it running? And what does a multicultural america really have to offer? There’s no more democracy. The wealth has been extracted. It’s just tribal politics. What’s the upside?

        Even today I ask that, what’s the point? So I’m supposed to get all fired up and ready to die just so I get to keep living among blacks and juice? That’s what you’re selling me? That’s the big selling point of the 21st century America?


        You can keep it, I’ll go my own way.

      • I keep hearing that separation into regional areas is the future. Separation is the only hope, but I still fail to see how it will work. What few whites remain will undoubtedly create better neighborhoods and communities which will draw the envy from the joggers who will continue to live in filth (biology and dna commands it). What is to prevent them from attempting to destroy those communities? They do it now with the assistance from every institution in the country. Will there be rules in place that allow the firing on intruders to these regions? How does one stop migration of the criminal race? Also, how will trade and business work?

        The reason I have no faith or belief that this stuff will happen is because America of today lacks the serious people required to create such things. The majority of boomers will be gone when this needs to happen and my generation will be close to the end as well. What we will be left with is blue haired, feminine “men” who think they’re girls and couldn’t start a lawnmower without looking it up on YouTube. I don’t see this ever working. I see the USA simply withering away into chaos and disaster without a real end. Not trying to be overly negative here, but I’m just trying to face reality.

        • Another reality is that many young people are starting to see the purpose and wisdom in getting back closer to the land. A lot of white people, and both young and old alike, are seeing that getting back to self sufficiency is becoming a necessity because you can no longer count on the government and the institutions. And communities will form up around them. In my own small personal experience, I am seeing this with my own kids. My daughter is starting a farm, and my son is going through the mental divorce with the state even while he works for it in a military capacity, but even among his peers the dissatisfaction with American politics and institutions is growing. Even at my age I have the “will to live” of a young man, and I gravitate toward people like me, and I am seeing quite a number. You will have to kill me to get me to quit the game of life. Yeah I may quit the increasingly obsolete idea of what it means to be an American, but not the important things. There is a lot of energy in this “space” as they like to say.

        • The most likely way I see it happening is the mirror image of the current no-go zones you see in certain places. But it won’t start to happen until the central government all but collapses and can no longer enforce its edicts. Enforcement will become more and more local, and when you have to answer to and live among your locals rather than run off to DC, well, things are a bit different. Eventually, people will get the notion that in this particular neighborhood, you don’t “jog” or you just disappear – no investigation, just gone. Some of that exists already – you don’t see Pelosi’s neighborhood having issues with “jogging.” At least, not that I can recall.

          • Jim Crow protected black neighborhoods, and not just from white competition.

            Black men were forced to stay home and deal with their own azzholes. They couldn’t escape into nice white neighborhoods with their pretty women, like conquerors.

            If I enforced on a black man, they’d tribe up on me.

            If one black dad enforces on a problem, both he and the problem understand, and even agree.

            Men need to deal with the hard job of their own problem azzholes, instead of fobbing them off on us.

        • What few whites remain…

          There are 200 million whites in America, making for the largest white nation on the planet, and white Americans will be the plurality this century out.

          The rootless cosmopolitans took America with less than 2% of the population.

          • The problem, Felix, is that there are only 700 million whites left.

            We’re not having a shortage of anyone else, and they would devour our substance.

            (Side note: world population in Jesus’ time, 200 million.)

        • you fail to take into consideration that nigs are protected by fedgov. and fedgov is dying right now. once it is gone, the nigs will be exterminated in place.

    • The regime assumes it has legitimacy because it says it has legitimacy. Once they say something, or better yet tweet it, it becomes an immutable fact. “We are legitimate. We said it and you can’t question it because we said it.”

      Z’s larger point that these people are fucking lunatics is pretty apt.

    • The next generation of dissidents might honestly be better off in Hispanic communities than suburbia with progressives. Better to be in a community that is indifferent to you than one with neurotics in the shadows who salivate at the thought of ruining a person’s life.

      • You don’t know much about Hispanic communities. What White people o ple general consider weird can be quite normal in Hispanic communitues.

      • Those are good points, Chet, and casual indifference is preferable to active hostility you get from blacks.

        But I think I would still be willing to take my chances with prog whites because I know a large number of them and on a personal level they are still my people. When you get past the politics, they are still my people and they would give me the shirt off their backs if they had to. And vice versa. Politics is what is killing us, and obviously the divide and conquer strategy is being pushed from on high. Maybe if the federal government continues to lose its credibility and people of all stripes begin to see that partisanship is a fool’s game that we could see improvements in our relations.

        • “I would still be willing to take my chances with prog whites because I know a large number of them and on a personal level they are still my people. When you get past the politics, they are still my people and they would give me the shirt off their backs if they had to.”

          Yeah but BEFORE you get past the politics they’d inform the secret police on you and be pleased enough to see you imprisoned/impoverished and your kids raped/castrated. And you’re not getting past the politics, no one is.

          “And vice versa.”

          Grilltopia on the horizon!

        • Preferring to be around one’s own kind is all well and good. However, as an unsettling counter-argument, consider the following:

          The Soviet secret police, or the Nazi authorities a decade or so later, were basically of the same race/ethnicity* as those whom they rounded up and sent to penal colonies or worse. For that matter, the World Wars (in Europe) claimed tens of millions of people that were mostly Caucasian.

          As you well noted, it was the politics that killed.

          *No hair splitting, please. Some will believe an Ashkenazi is a different race than an “Aryan.”

          • Yes, and I have to get back to saying this because I think it’s important and sheds light on where I am coming from

            I live in L.A. and the progs here in this heavily mixed-race community are not the progs of largely white communities. All the hassles and the pettiness seems to be a feature of today’s white communities. So you are seeing firsthand what I don’t. What I deal with a liberal whites but for whom politics is less important than just getting through the day. In contrast, politics among whites in white communities is more of a bloodsport. I saw this when I was in Florida and in traveling across the country recently. And why the idea of moving to a white area is not highly appealing because then I have to deal with red vs blue politics, and I am not a political person.

        • I would still be willing to take my chances with prog whites

          Agree. Communism can be rolled back, demography is a lot harder. The progs are our wayward brethren and we WILL save them.

          Most of them, at any rate.

          Politics is what is killing us, and obviously the divide and conquer strategy is being pushed from on high.

          Just so.

          • As proof of your point, we only need remember ten minutes ago when progressives thought Dick Cheney was an evil warmonger, the FBI was the secret police, big pharmaceutical companies were evil, we should stop funding Israel and the MIC, and we should raise taxes on billionaires. The only difference now is that they see their people in charge.

    • South Africa manages to stay afloat with a tiny white population. Granted, vast swath are lawless chaos, but the country still manages to avoid collapse, despite the demographics.

      • I have never been to South Africa, and I don’t know it’s dynamics and importantly I don’t know how well it was run in the before times versus today. So it may be “working” but California is working too but not nearly as well as it used to when it was majority white. And I know a good number of white South Africans are leaving because we have a fairly large contingent of them in greater Los Angeles. Point being, “working” is a relative term. I would think that if things were as good as they used to be that people wouldn’t be leaving in such large numbers. But again, I dont know what the emigration patterns were in the before times to make for a comparison.

        Maybe a South African or someone who has been there and knows it somewhat can chime in?

        • I did a lot of work in S.A. and spent a lot of time there up to 2019. Part of the reason (maybe -very- small) that the inner workings of regional governments and institutions limp along is because of US-and-EU-sponsored programs pumping money and brains (maybe) into the country. Heck, in 2016, USAID alone spent $450M. In some rural areas, that is a lot of money. There is a never-ending carousel of people shuffling from S.A. government sectors to foreign NGOs and back. Rinse. Repeat. While most NGO work there is shite, some programs do definitely produce a few skilled hands. Just a thought. In the bloated, corrupt offices of any given Ministry, one smart person can actually do a lot because the rest are insanely lazy.

        • i believe zman means, SA “works” relative to the rest of Africa, and it does. but of course life there has degraded from when whites ran the place. eventually it will reach the mean with the rest of the continent…

          • I have to side with Z-man, if “works” is taken as “not yet collapsed”. However, I sense a slow grinding down of a once vibrant country and society.

            Some of my revised current thinking comes from interviews with White SA’s. AmRen had a good one not long ago. These people love their country, but it still seems to me that SA’s Whites are living on borrowed time.

            Whites in SA are one political calamity away from a Rwanda-like extinction event. There are just too many low IQ Blacks surrounding them. Hell, from interviews I’ve seen, their (Whites) survival plan is to fight when the time comes and make it to the sea and hold out for rescue from a “shocked and caring” world body.

            Yeah, tell me about it.

    • That’s about where we are now. For all practical purposes, might as well count progressive Whites as black.

      • Blacks have genetic problems they can’t help, some of them try to make the best of it and be decent folks anyway. Prog whites have genetic advantages they dont deserve and become social cancer.

        In the old south “racist” whites knew and respected decent black folks. They knew we were not the same and could not be expected to live in the same way. It was the white progs, usually at the behest of the fellow whites of course, that left us the mess that ALL of us suffer from today.

    • Falcone. It’s worse than that. You are using national population averages. Ignoring the freak show of trannies and gays and such, your numbers are not what the Justice Dept uses to initiate discrimination investigation. The Fed’s use an “immediate area” demographic breakdown. So if you are within so many miles of say, downtown Chicago, you might be required to show why you don’t have 30% Blacks. Of course, no public business can employ that many Blacks and be profitable and is one of the reasons companies move away, or stay away from such areas—compounding unemployment problems.

      • But isn’t that more reason that people will just begin to self segregate because what the feds are demanding is becoming impossible to implement and still have a working system? A working anything?

        Boise seems to be working just fine and actually doing quite well, as an example.

        Incidentally, that is sometimes my go-to example when discussing things with blacks. They say that America was built on their backs. Then I say what about Boise, or towns in Oregon, they pretty much grew up overnight without any blacks. So explain how they managed to succeed without black backs to build on? If I am feeling especially cruel, I will ask them how Europe managed to develop into the great cities and cultures they have without blacks? The looks of confusion are sometimes worth it.

        • blacks didn’t build shit, they picked crops and worked as household domestics. also they had their own communities and were able to manage small businesses serving their own kind. they didn’t even leave the south in any great numbers, until around WWII.

          • If you extend their illogical argument to its absurd conclusion, without cheaper farming hundreds of years ago, today we wouldn’t have the internet, internal combustion engines or space travel.

        • “If I am feeling especially cruel,…”

          Falcone, you are not even in the ballpark of “cruel”. Here’s cruel, “Black contribution to this country was the equivalent of a pick and shovel, no more”. There are more.

          I don’t go out of my way to say that to just anybody, only to those I know who need a bit of a jolt to interrupt their fantasy “history of oppression” lecture.

          You don’t know how to be cruel.

  37. zman, you refer to the political class as a “black box”, probably in a casual way. but there are well known techniques to do black box testing; these can be applied to TPTB in a systematic way. unless we are talking about mass schizophrenia, there should be patterns of behavior that can be ‘teased’ out of the public data. i believe this is a solvable puzzle…


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