Stochastic Reality

One of the stranger things to come from the collection of sub-cults that make up the modern Left is the concept of stochastic terrorism. In the hands of the believers, it is not so much a concept as an incantation. They chant it online in response to anything that contradicts their beliefs. On Twitter, for example, they believe that if enough believers chant it in response to a tweet they do not like, the gods of on-line moderation will strike down the offending tweet and maybe the tweeter.

Taken literally, it is a meaningless expression. The first dictionary definition of stochastic is random and the second is “involving chance or probability.” The word comes from the Greek word “to guess” and has been used in various fields to describe a range of probabilities within a process. Terrorism, of course, is the use of violence and fear to achieve an ideological aim. Taken together, stochastic terrorism would literally mean random violence to achieve a political aim.

As is often the case, it has two meanings in the cult of the modern Left. One is the purely emotional definition, which is always the primary one. Stochastic terrorism is anything that upsets the user by disconfirming her beliefs. Someone posting crime statistics, for example, is accused of stochastic terrorism because crime statistics contradict left-wing beliefs about society. The phrase is simply a way to mark someone as a heretic or blasphemer.

Just as Eskimos allegedly have many words for snow, the modern Left has many ways to identify a blasphemer. The logic behind the claim about Eskimos and snow is they spend a lot of time around snow, so they have to master the topic. Similarly, the modern Left imagines itself surrounded by demonic enemies trying to hold back the tides of history, so they invest their time in studying those enemies. The result is a long list of words to describe the eyes in the darkness.

In this case, there is a larger meaning behind the incantation. What is meant by the phrase is that people posting unapproved things on-line are setting a range of possibilities by injecting the heresy into the system. Some unknown percentage of people exposed to the heresy will act on it. Some unknowable percentage of those people will commit an act of violence. Posting crime stats will eventually result in a white man killing a black body.

In other words, if a causal link can be imagined between speech and action, then the link is as real as if the speaker commanded the actor. We have quickly moved from the entirely implausible to the probable and then to highly probable. In the mind of the believer, what follows is the inevitable. You posting a graph about crime stats on Twitter will inevitably lead to violence against black bodies, which means you are the cause of crime against black bodies and therefore a terrorist.

This strikes normal people as insane and it is insane. It is another bit of evidence to suggest what we think of as the modern Left is a form of mental illness. The believers are in an imaginary war against imaginary enemies. Instead of walking down a public road, ranting and waving their arms at an invisible entity, they are on the internet harassing normal people just trying to have a conversation, in the belief that the conversation is part of a plot.

This is certainly true of the people on Twitter, which is something of a bug light for the mentally unstable. Mass on-line culture draws in the unstable looking for structure and they find it in the many subcultures. The institutional Left has weaponized these people as a defense against public scrutiny. Wherever normal people gather to talk about what is happening in the world, these weaponized crazies try to prevent it. They have been tuned to think normal people are the cause of their misery.

Further upstream, there is a logic to this idea of stochastic terrorism. The managerial elite struggles to justify their position, so they conjure these ideas as a way to legitimize their defensive actions. If unapproved thoughts can lead to unapproved actions, then their censorship actions are justified. They are not censoring speech. They are protecting the vulnerable from potential violence. No matter how improbable, they must prevent your words from causing the next 9/11.

This fits a general pattern with the American Left. The structure of their thought is to act on the hypothetical, rather than the actual. Look around at the range of issues popular on the Left and all of them are based on a firm belief in the hypothetical. It is possible that climate change is caused by humans. We do not know, but we have to pretend we know and act accordingly. We do not know if racism is a real thing, but we have to assume it is and make war on it.

This gets to something else about the American Left. They firmly believe they can immanentize whatever they can imagine. They create a mental construct, like what is behind the stochastic terrorism incantation. The construct is that speech leads to a range of actions. Then they leap from this model of reality to believing it is reality, more real that observable reality. Rather than interact with the real world, they operate within the constructed world as if it is reality.

This is how entirely novel ideas become bedrock truth in a an instant. Ten years ago, a man in a dress was a crossdresser. Then someone produced an alterative reality in which humans are assigned a gender at birth. Note the replacement of the word sex with the word gender. The former is used on living things while the latter is used for inanimate objects like pipe fittings and electrical connectors. The misappropriation of language is integral to their world building.

Once you cross from the biological reality of sex to the conjured reality of gender, the imaginer is free to reinvent humanity. The man in a dress is another gender and people can choose their genders. Reality becomes a video game where the player can create any character they like. It is a form of escapism, but this alterative reality quickly supplants actual reality for the player. Overnight, normal people find themselves around people who are sure biological reality terrorism.

The question is why now? What has gone wrong in the West leading to this epidemic of delusional madness? Is it a novel parasite that leads some people to slip from the bounds of reality into these imaginary worlds? Is it new at all or just an old part of the human condition we used to control? There is the possibility that mass communication has allowed these deranged people that have always been with us to form up in ways that were previously impossible.

It is hard to know, but what is clear is that these people are much better at conjuring alternative realities than the world is at defending reality. This increased ability to conjure alterative realities and then act on them means the odds of them conjuring a cataclysmic reality has gone up. Put another way, the longer they are allowed to freely create alternative realities, the more likely they are to conjure one that ends in the destruction of the West.

That gets to the universal of the Left. They project onto the world the things they hate about themselves or fear they may be doing. The emergence of stochastic terrorism as an incantation suggests that at some level, they sense their repeated rolling of the dice on reality must come up snake eye eventually. In other words, their very existence will result in some random act of destruction. If the death cult that is the Left rolls the dice enough times, they will get their wish.

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119 thoughts on “Stochastic Reality

  1. I’ve often speculated that a Tucker producer reads this website because there is an uncanny overlap often with what Z posts and what appears on that show.

    So what did we talk about tonight? Stochastic terrorism. LOL! You have a much longer reach than you may realize Z. Any Tucker bois lurking here, your secret is safe w/ us bros, keep that VPN up and browser cache clean!

    • Matt Walsh and Ramzpaul talked about it as I’m sure others have.
      Not too surprising as a lot of us read the same memes and scour twitter.

      The thing about Tucker is the wannabees like Paul are sure they are influencing him. Nothing against Paul btw.

  2. The blue wave crowd is constantly shoving “racist” “fascist” “Nazi” “White Supremacist”, “KKK” into any even vaguely politically charged issue.

    I originally thought this was mainly a form of subconscious liberal Overton Window control. If you comically overreact and scream “bloody Nazis” over something minor like a border fence, then it really limits the parameters of the possible and you lock in getting something close to what you want. Liberals also do it because they enjoy s*t testing Conservatives (how dare you call me a racist! Did you know what party enacted segr…).

    But it also looks like it’s just them essentially saying their opponents are in league with “demons”. Liberals aren’t stupid, they know a GOPer would brag about how upstanding his black son in law is if they could. So the surface level name calling makes no sense. But if you replace it the terms with “Beelzebub worshiper” or “Disciple of Sutr” it illuminates more the heart of what liberals are expressing.

  3. Every day, a new and novel analysis!
    You’re making it impossible for me to keep my trap shut. Dagnabit!

    This is exploring the elements of an emergent phenom of new conditions, for sure.

    I vote to add in the mindset of a new technology itself: the computer industry.

    Concepts such as clouds, networking, etc. have most certainly influenced my religious thought, whereas the old Father-family model could not satisfy.

    Remember, grandads, when you had to get the kids to help you do something computer or phone-wise? They cottoned to it intuitively while we old stuck-in-the-muds couldn’t figure it at all.

    • In short, Gamer World, not Clown World. They think they can adjust the parameters of the Game.

  4. In his “Witches” book, Edward Dutton suggests that a principal evolved reason for dealing so harshly with the spiteful mutants whose names filled the witch roster was that maladaptive behaviors are indeed often contagious. Stomping out the vector prevents the healthy from falling ill.

    As the article hints, it is almost certainly true that the true-believer leftist degenerates have found a force multiplier in social media, a super-vector that has spawned pandemic-level contagion of maladaptive behaviors with R naughts that would have the typical CIA spook waking up on wet sheets.

    • This is probably the closest thing to a “white pill” I’ll ever say:

      Social media, and algorithmic/”feed” media in general, was *far* better at multiplying our force than theirs. That’s why it was destroyed—or, really, destroyed itself, since it was a government project that initially backfired. They cut chunks off until it became a video game for women, as observed below.

      You can’t properly search for anything anymore because if you can, we win. Your YouTube recommendations are all corporate crap or videos you’ve already seen because if you’re given actually related videos (“the rabbit hole”), we win. Almost all our favorite guys are banned from almost everything because if they’re not, we win. “Artificial intelligence” is lobotomized because if it’s not it inevitably *becomes us*. Etc.

      Free speech, though many of our guys decry it, benefits us more than anyone else, because we lie the least. *They* know it and, really, we do too. The most recent survey I read—can’t search for it!—showed that the only pro-free-speech demographic among college students is non-Jewish white men.

  5. “ The question is why now? ”

    It’s the women, stupid! 😂👍

    Seriously – if you’ve ever been married, or had liberal women in your family, they are immune to logic and common sense. They think with their emotions and are therefore prone to manipulation by any form of flattery. Ancient Greek and Roman lore is rife with the idea of manipulating women through their vanity – and they in turn manipulate and betray their men.

    Women are the fearless defenders of queers, trannies, and pedos, who are the hapless victims of bigoted old ways of thinking in their narrative. You will note that all the official victim groups are very careful to flatter women and include them. They make a show of deferring and submitting to them even as they wrap them around their little fingers. How else could you explain mothers offering their own children up to trannies and pedophiles? Or murdering them outright with abortion?

    Even the old Romans and Greeks got it wrong though. Women like Eve and Pandora and others are incorrectly portrayed as innocent victims of their nature. Can you imagine if It was Hillary Clinton in the garden of eden? That old bint would have not only gobbled all the forbidden froot before Adam got any, she’d have used the serpent for a dildo and eaten him afterward!

    Ultimately the fault is ours as men. We need to get our women under control or they WILL bring the roof down on us.

    • Your comments, and building upon something Z says, is worth this anecdote: Pre-2020, I used to be moderately active on social media (mainly Facebook, a holdover from my several years as a genuine, if somewhat middle-aged, university student.) I was introduced to Twitter by a co-worker at our non-profit; she was entertaining but a certified nutjob (I’m not sure her diagnosis, but she was on a few meds.) I gave Twitter a couple tries and it was just too stream of consciousness for me.

    • Well now that you mentioned it Glenn there is something to this female craziness thing. I just starting to notice myself, hmmm.

      Look up the source of the word hysteria.

  6. “Twitter, which is something of a bug light for the mentally unstable” – F-ing A! Thirty or forty years ago, news, err, I mean propaganda was doled out subtly by seemingly sober minded (or at least looking) liberal anchors and journalists. Now days, the nightmare of social media has allowed the loons, tards and women to aggregate and spew their vitriol and hysteria, literally to the world.

    As for the supposedly sober minded on that side of the aisle these days, forget it, they’ve all gone bats*** crazy – top to bottom – everywhere. There can be no measured discussion about anything that may offend their sensibilities. Society can’t be run like this or by these kinds of creatures. They have to be removed from all of positions of power and influence soon and irrevocably before it’s too late, if it isn’t already.

  7. Yesterday I thought Kamala was a mush brain.

    Then I read Zman.

    Today I realize Kamala’s babbling perfectly expresses the nonsensical present. She’s leading the Greek chorus of hysterics in their Spirit of the Age.

    • Biden is back in the basement.

      We may see President Cackles sooner than we thought.

      • Bring on Kamala! She’ll be the best advertisement against Affirmative Action we’ve ever had. These political hacks are all puppets anyway, so what difference will it make in terms of policy? Might as well have somebody in there who inadvertently confirms a great deal of dissident philosophy.

        • And if Kamala is “brought on” – may she bring Ms. Jean-Pierre along with her. That will truly be a hoot.

  8. “Is it new at all or just an old part of the human condition we used to control?”

    I favor the latter. The Nazis, the Soviets are obvious examples, but there are many others.The fact that you can think something that differs from the party line is a threat because someone may, in fact, act on it.

    A: I think climate change is a bunch of bunk.
    B: I agree.
    Then B goes out and buys a gas guzzler.
    It’s A’s fault! B wouldn’t otherwise have bought a gas guzzler.

    You know what they say is the funniest joke ever told:
    Two guys are out hunting.
    Guy #1 misfires his rifle and accidentally hits Guy #2.
    Guy #1 calls 911. “OMG, I think I just kiiled my friend! Help, what should I do?!”
    Dispatcher: “Well, first you’d have to make sure your friend is dead.”
    A shot rings out.
    Guy #1: “Okay., now what do I do?”

  9. Great post on something about which I knew nothing ….. something I experience often when encountering the mental creations of our delusional creative and cognitive classes.

    I do think the last sentence is incomplete:

    “If the death cult that is the Left rolls the dice enough times, they will get their wish.”

    Unfortunately, if the current pattern continues, it’s US who will get their wish.

  10. “What has gone wrong in the West…?”

    It’s obviously intentional. One of the first steps was the emptying out the mental hospitals and “celebrating” instead of treating the insane.

    • That, and elevating the morons and midwits to the level of academics, which created a moron army that metastasized throughout society. Ordinary people failed to predict this. Instead, they dismissed the burgeoning moron army as people who would be cured or curtailed by reality when they entered the job market. They failed to appreciate that the midwits were able to shape social conventions in the job market to suit their ideology.

  11. >”If unapproved thoughts can lead to unapproved actions, then their censorship actions are justified.”

    Well sure, but this is nothing novel to 21st century SJWs. Back in the 20th century, Eastern Bloc communist governments justified hauling dissidents away to gulags on the basis that their words could lead to a counter-revolution. In the 17th century, the church justified burning people at the stake on the basis that their words could lead to another 30 Years’ War. Same old thing, really – if the people in charge let those who have been cavorting with Old Scratch parrot his words in the public square, it can only lead to ruin.

    • The problem is the church stopped burning these people at the stake. Their fears were well founded. Look at what their “free speech” has done to Western Civilization!!!

      They start propagandizing us from the time we are old enough to comprehend a few hundred words.

  12. You know, not so very long ago, I would have bridled at being labelled a stochastic terrorist, just as I would have taken umbrage at being called a racist. Nowadays I couldn’t care less. Frankly, a high percentage of Leftists are monsters, and they daily perform acts of unadulterated evil. If it takes so-called “stochastic terrorism” and racism to send these archfiends back to the pit from they sprang, so be it.

    • “Frankly, a high percentage of Leftists are monsters, and they daily perform acts of unadulterated evil. ”

      Indeed. Extremely high. They use leftism as an excuse to justify antisocial behavior and turn it from a vice into a virtue. This is also why such a high percentage of them are antisocial in other ways, not just their political violence and destruction.

      Just think about how they have turned targeting children sexually in public libraries from an evil crime to a virtue!

      • Turning CHILDREN into TRANNIES by MUTILATING and STERILIZING them. . .and then telling us all to smile about it because it’s a good thing, it’s beautiful, its empowerment, it’s progress!

        That’s some Joker level shit there. . .

        Whenever I try to connect the dots of where we’re going it always leads straight to wholesale murder and cannibalism. . .ie HELL.

        I frankly know very little about the Chinese or Russian governments, but I would support their takeover without reservation if they get rid of this tranny/pedo/gay anal shit for good.

        • Russia and China are collectively a hell of a lot saner than the West. They’ve both been through their Crazy Years and have burned off the self-destructive underbrush. They’re both more or less OK (absent Western fire-starting) for longer than any of us here will ever live.

          In the long enough run, of course the Wheel will turn again. That Being Said™ I have to bet on the Chinese. They deeply grok Dynastic Cycles of rise and fall and chaos and order, plus periods of Barbarian invasion and rule. They can roll with the punches and have always bobbed back up.

          I suppose it’s possible that the intellectual descendants of Dugin and Faye will be launching Icon-festooned spaceships out to the Asteroid Belt from spaceports along the Yenisey River when Apes are cavorting on the ruined Statue of Liberty (it is to laugh)… but that’s a Possibility. The Chinese have the track record and seem more of a Certainty.

        • Just to further elucidate on the cruelty of the thing here.

          Only your worst fucking enemy would castrate you, change your sex, and make you thank them for it.

          The fucker would be like: “now you may thank me for affirming your true self. Bitch!”

      • “Les sanglots longs des violons de l’automne blessent mon coeur d’une langueur monotone. Tout suffocant et blême, quand sonne l’heure, je me souviens des jours anciens et je pleure.”

        Oops… Wrong Kickoff! Disregard the above.

        “The Gefilte Fish is Zaftig… The Gefilte Fish is Zaftig.”

  13. Climate “change” is a good example of an alternate reality the left has continually conjured up for over 60 years. What started with a Jane Jacobs book has morphed through major plot changes every 2 years to today’s “climate” hysteria. Yesterday the Senate passed a bill to subsidize retooling the entire economy in order to meet both “environmental” and social justice goals. Hopium for our former nuts-and-bolts real industrial base (such as it has already been hollowed out already).

    • Have been in a business that effectively makes bets on weather related outcomes (note did not say “climate”) for a long, long time. Headline? Once you adjust for value-at-risk, inflation and demography changes there really is no measurable impact. Record hurricanes? Well, pre-satellite, we missed a lot of them since quite a few occur initially outside of established shipping lanes—and that was how you got reports pre-1960. Wildfires—again look at acreage burned historically—but in the past nobody was dumb enough to live in those areas and overgrown timber was regularly logged to clear the fire load. Drought? The reason those Indian cliff dwellings in the SW were built 1500 years ago was to provide defense for dwindling food stocks due to…prolonged drought. I could go on.

      • If you actually listen to what is said, what is actually being said is not really what the climate freaks think they are saying.

        Land use is a decent portion (1/3, IIRC) of the warming. I actually wonder to what degree all of the paved surfaces and rooftops are contributing to increased temperatures. They absorb more of the sun’s energy and heat up to very “unnatural” temperatures and then radiate that heat into the atmosphere. Also agriculture.

        Then there’s like a 3rd of the warming which is modeled based on “positive feedback,” such as melting ice to reveal ocean which absorbs more heat than the high albedo ice.

        Then CO2 accounts for another 3rd.

        Meanwhile, they screech about electric cars while living in McMansions in the exurbs.

        What is really behind them, I think, is that they HATE people. They don’t love nature, they just hate us. That is why they are such hypocrites.

        • If you just had honest computer models, and took into account that we are still coming out of a little ice age, there would be no concern at all. But every variable in every model is biased toward showing warming.

        • It is always bitterly cold at airline height. This is because there is nothing much stopping heat from radiating out to space – the highest clouds are about 25k feet, because water condenses and precipitates out when cold.

          2/3rds of the heat leaving the planet is due to CONVECTION, a mighty NEGATIVE feedback which continuosly raises warmer gasses to an elevation where there is little to stop heat from radiating outward.

          Junior high school science concepts make AGW farcical. But like so many of our society’s worst problems, honest discussion is thwarted by well paid fanatical propagandists.

    • I think people forget how long they’ve been running this scam the difference now is they have near total power and the general population becoming absolute drooling retards who swallow propaganda w/o hesitation.

      We should all be eighteen shades of red right now by simply stepping out our front door for a few seconds.

      The Hole in the Ozone Layer® was going to see to that lickety split. That was, what, about 1985 or so?

      And like magic, its gone, as if it never existed. Not to mention the sheer scientific illiteracy of ozone, a gas, being some rigid shell like a forcefield so that it could develop a hole that would not follow the basic physics principles of gas moving and expanding to fill empty space.

      The entire “I love science!1!” community are full of midwits like this who think a four year degree in women’s studies or some social science allows them to speak with authority. Normally repeating talking points from other idiots with higher credentials but little in the way of accurate scientific facts or knowledge. Said another way, it’s dumba-ses all the way down.

      People who have no concept of things like energy density, how things are made, what -actually- powers the electric grid, etc. should be in charge of nothing more complex than a takeout order, yet somehow, they rule over us.

      • The ozone thing is a bit complicated by the fact that the main region of concern was the Antarctic. In the winter that continent is almost totally cut off, atmospherically, by the circumpolar winds. Ozone (O3) is created when UV light ionizes neutral oxygen (O2) high in the atmosphere. It also absorbs UV light itself. CFCs and other things catalyze the reverse reaction O3 –> O2. In the dark polar winter the sun isn’t creating new O3 but the catalysts are still there destroying O3.

        The fact is that there likely always was, and always will be, a region of low O3 over Antarctica in winter. The extent this was and is caused by human activity is uncertain and began to become a political tool of the Left in the 1980s. As a result it will likely be up to the alien or robot paleo-meteorologists to reconstruct that aspect of our historical climate once they realize that almost nothing written on the subject by humans, particularly in English, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere*, can be trusted.

        *Speaking of aliens and English: I’m sure their version of Wikipedia will have at least some mention of how the English language has turned into pretty much the exact thing Orwell had in mind with Newspeak and how the Anglophone nations of Down Under have turned into a kind of hothouse for wacky Leftist ideas in general.

        Actually, I’m sure they will also note that a bizarre, gynocratic, safety obsessed mentality has taken over everything there as illustrated recently by those nations’ willingness to turn themselves into Covid police states. It’s sadly ironic that most Americans probably still think of Australia as a land of individualist ultra-manly crocodile wrestlers.

      • The ozone thing was real, it was also just easy to fix by using alternative chemical propellants and being more careful with fridge disposal.

        The climate crap nowadays is a problem because according to our masters the only solution is to eat cockroaches and strip mine all the lithium from the Earth for batteries for the holy electric cars, coincidentally enriching the politically connected battery and cockroach farming industries.

        • No, the theory of the depletion of the Ozone layer by CFCs was absolute rubbish. The paper that the entire theory was based upon was so shoddy that chemists and chemical engineers still laugh about it to this day.
          The entire Montreal Protocol accord of the early 90’s was about one thing only. Dupont’s patents for the early (i.e. effective and good) CFC refrigerants were about to expire. So Dupont lobbied to have them banned so they could make bank with new “eco-friendly refrigerants”…

  14. “The question is why now?
    What has gone wrong in the West leading to this epidemic of delusional madness?”

    I wonder if the answer can be found in G.K. Chesterton’s observation that “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in everything.”

    In line with this, many commentators, including Z, have suggested that the ‘new religions’ of climate change and radical egalitarianism/”anti-racism” have come to occupy the vacuum in the human psyche formerly filled by traditional religion; with the same fervency of belief, feelings of in-group solidarity, imputation of supreme importance to one’s beliefs (“unless we do this, the world will end!”), zeal for evangelism, and militant opposition to competing points of view.

    Evolutionary theorists conjecture about why the various religions arose; what purpose did they serve in enhancing the reproductive potential of groups holding them? Some suggest that— regardless of what the belief was— sharing a common belief and feeling oneself part of a greater whole made a group stronger, more able to cooperate among themselves, less prone to division, and thus better able to survive to reproduce.

    So what that would seem to imply, is that *human beings have become hardwired to feel energized and fulfilled by strong beliefs, of any sort*. We have a need to feel like we’re a part of some larger picture. We’re inclined to divide the world into ‘us’ and ‘them’, and to feel that our beliefs are correct, and everyone else’s are wrong.

    > The salient point being that *this process occurs, independently of the veracity of what’s being believed*. It doesn’t matter whether what one believes is true, how ridiculous it is, whether it can be demonstrated to conform with known facts.

    > The point of it is not so much the content of one’s beliefs, as what believing does for the believer: allowing him to signal his solidarity and uniting him with fellow believers, giving meaning to his existence, giving him the satisfaction of being part of a larger, meaningful cause: “on the right side of history”.

    That’s why substituting one belief (Gaia worship) for another (traditional Christianity) is so easily done: the content and credibility of the belief is secondary to the effects which believing provides.

    • “Twitter, which is something of a bug light for the mentally unstable.”

      If only it could be a bug Zapper—

    • Which is precisely why we must re-Establish Christianity as the state religion. You can disestablish the Church, but the people will just establish their own (Satanic) religion.

  15. Why does this insanity appears now? It is the ultimate consequence of the Western history.

    A) This insanity is made possible because the modern religion has no real dogmas (I use “dogma” in a wide meaning as any belief that it is mandatory in a religion). In a traditional religion, a dogma such as “God created man and woman” is a bulwark against insanity.

    With a margin of error (jihad in Islam), the dogmas of religions differ in the spiritual realm (is Christ the Son of God as in Christianity or is Christ only a prophet as in Islam?) but they converge in the material realm (all religions favor families, being honest, accepting reality, the moral law, etc.). Otherwise, the religion would not have survived in the long term. That is, the dogmas of the traditional religions prevent insanity (such as claiming 27 genders) in the material realm.

    The modern progressive religion has some fake dogmas (freedom and equality). But the freedom of somebody is the lack of freedom of somebody else. And the equality of somebody is the lack of equality of somebody else. So you can justify anything by only paying attention to the part when freedom and equality increase (and disregarding the parts when they decrease). The freedom to divorce is the lack of freedom of children of having a stable family and the lack of freedom of the other spouse to have a stable marriage. You can use freedom to justify divorce and the lack of divorce.

    That is, freedom and equality are good to justify anything. They are not real dogmas. This is why insanity is possible.

    B) But why does the insanity manifest now? The world born after the bourgeois revolutions is a world structured around the concept of “political cause”:

    Many people get benefit from a cause. The benefits obtained from a cause can be economical and legal (more power and money for the powerful, works for the middle class and minorities, welfare subventions for the beneficiaries). They can also be psychological (feeling virtuous, virtue signaling, pride, validating your lifestyle, unleashing your anger and frustration).

    To obtain these benefits, it is necessary that the political cause has not triumphed (the abolition of slavery does not count). Only when a political cause is not accepted by everybody, the population can be divided into the good and the bad and all kind of economic, legal and psychological benefits can be provided to the good, with the excuse they are fighting the good fight.

    This is why a cause that has won is a dead cause. As the different political causes win, new causes are needed. In a chronological order, the causes in America have been: abolition of slavery, social gospel, universal suffrage, female suffrage, welfare state, civil rights, feminism, ecology, gay movement, cause in favor of immigrants, transgender rights, BLM and climate change. Only the last four ones can be used. The rest have obtained a complete victory and they cannot be used to extract benefits. They are spent.

    So, as new causes achieve victory, there is an anguish to find new causes to enjoy the benefits. Since all the causes that seemed reasonable are used and spent, you have to use whatever cause, no matter how weird it is.

    THIS IS WHY NOW IT IS THE TIME FOR THIS MADNESS. All the causes that seemed reasonable are used and spent, you have to use whatever cause, no matter how weird it is.

    When everybody ends up accepting the trans ideology, we have incest, polyamory, pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism, trans-species and trans-racial in line waiting for the next turn. The madness will intensify.

    • > When everybody ends up accepting the trans ideology, we have incest, polyamory, pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism, trans-species and trans-racial in line waiting for the next turn. The madness will intensify.

      The slippery slope isn’t a fallacy so much as a law of Nature.

      • “The slippery slope isn’t a fallacy so much as a law of Nature.”

        Tell me one time when the slippery slope has not happened.

        The slippery slope is a rhetoric weapon to try to fool conservatives about the next step of the Leftist project until they are ready to implement it.

      • We have to be constantly on guard against slippery-slope arguments because if you accept one slipper-slope argument you have to accept them all

    • For example, the cause of gay marriage was insane but not as insane as the trans cause. But the day after the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal, all the energy was transferred to the trans cause.

      As I have said, a cause that has won is a dead cause so if you want to get the material and psychological benefits of fighting for a cause you must have a cause that has not won. After gay marriage, all the causes that had not won were insane causes. They adopted the trans cause, but it could have been sex with animals.

      This is the reason for the conspiracy paranoia of the Left. These are people that are in a fight with OBVIOUS reality. You can be atheist or theist without becoming insane, because, if you are wrong, the existence of God or the non-existence of God is something that it is not obvious. (You can get to it with philosophical arguments but this is another topic). So, whatever your opinion and whatever the truth, your psychology can function normally.

      But the progressive religion has all their dogmas in the material realm, where they are obvious that they are false. So these are people that see a guy with a dick and make up and have to fool themselves that it is a woman. Of course, they know deep inside that it is a man but they think that admitting this obvious fact makes them evil and conservative (but I repeat myself). So they have a huge cognitive dissonance.

      So they have to suppress this obvious truth and bury it in the unconscious. This takes a lot of psychological energy. This is why they surround themselves by echo chambers (“safe spaces”) where everybody tries to convince themselves and others by repeating the most obvious absurdities.

      So they are in a psychological fight to fool themselves. Everybody who presents reality rekindles this internal conflict but showing them something that deep down, they know it is the truth.

      This is because the people that present reality have to be censored and stopped so they must be evil and trying to harm others. These are only rationalizations to censor these voices that make them feel bad because they rekindle the cognitive dissonance.

      • I don’t think most leftists put that much thought into it. They are just shallow people who can’t see the harm in going along with pretending Richard is a girl if he says so.

    • I’ve posted a similar idea here from time to time. The usual way I formulate this is that secular utopian ideology is very appealing to sociopaths as an easy path to power not because each successive “cause” succeeds, but because they all fail and yet no one is ever confronted over this.

      Racial integration failed to bring social harmony and in fact led to unprecedented strife and a crime wave that’s still going on today. This doesn’t really matter though because the people who made money and gained power as race pimps are now comfortable old men hiding in their mansions.

      A newly minted young sociopath today would never try to ride the “integration horse”. That horse is long dead and kicking the pile of bones won’t get you any Benjamins or pussy. Fortunately there are plenty of strong young thoroughbreds to ride like climate change, cultural appropriation, pronoun policing, and virus-of-the-week hysteria. Each of these can be ridden to many lucrative victories and the rubes can be counted on to fail to notice that their lives are still shit and getting worse. They will even fail to notice that often their lives are actually being made worse by the very policies designed to deal with these things.

      The ultimate goal, secular perfection, perfect equality, perfect egalitarianism, perfect “social justice” is fundamentally impossible. The “cause jockey” though, can never admit this. Instead he must rely on some form of special pleading (that last horse was sick, too old, had a limp, etc.. but with THIS horse, we will win the big race!)

      Traditional religions accept that perfection is impossible in this world but promise that by doing certain things (good works, prayer), or taking up certain ascetic practices like meditation, you can attain perfection either in the afterlife or moments of bliss in this life. You can still say it’s all a grift designed to enrich the priests or gurus but it’s certainly a much more limited and individual grift.

      There’s also a very dangerous aspect of modern Leftism which is that, in focusing on social changes rather than spiritual reform of individuals, it frequently does cause large scale changes in society. These changes never lead to utopia but often do lead to mass death, wars, and loss of freedoms. As Z hinted in today’s essay, there’s always a small but real chance that one of their madcap coercive schemes will trigger some unknown positive feedback in society and destroy everything.

      • Sorcerer’s Apprentice foolery, or Leftist death cult dice-rolling, to use Z’s metaphor: Of course it’s pure conjecture what could lead to a complete die-off, or at least a true catastrophe (defined, let us say, by mankind returning to really-no-shit prehistoric conditions).

        Large scale nuclear war is a decades old favorite, going back to mid-20th century. The H-Bomb turns 70 this year.

        I nominate genetic engineering gone wrong for Boogeyman. This genre has been widely explored in science fiction and perhaps in more serious writings. The Covid-19 pandemic was almost surely the result of an engineered virus. Whether accidentally or deliberately released is not important. What is important is that mankind is much akin to Mickey Mouse playing the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (“Fantasia”) and when things go wrong, in our world there may not be a Master Sorcerer to rescue us from our missteps or latest World Improving idea from a lunatic with a lab.

  16. Word spells and witchcraft. Oogly boogly. Very feminine and weak. Not as weak as the masculine, apparently, which is supposed to keep it in line.

    It’s why I’m losing interest in politics. This is a pathetic state of affairs. In my small life, I point this out to people, and most get upset with me, because they understand the implication. Go away, Bad Man, I love my fear and misery!

    One friend I get into this with calls it thanatos. We’re declining to a crash, nothing to be done. I see no reason why a crash is inevitable, then again, I still believe in will and dignity.

    But I’m about worn out, ready to concede, ready to shut my mouth and watch people get what they want. Often these days I say to myself, Fuck ‘em, I hope they get it good and hard, I hope their dearest fears are realized. I don’t like that feeling, because it makes their argument for them.

    Then I catch myself. There seems to be a will to slavery, just as there seems to be a will to power, and I’ll be damned if I let it get me. Still working out the how.

  17. This started with the accusation that refusing to call a crossdresser a woman would end up with that person committing suicide. They equated words directed at a person with being the reason the person offed themselves. Bear in mind, it’s basically the same 40% suicide attempts whether the guy had his dick cut off or not, and they are going to do irreparable harm to young sexually confused teens who would have grown out of it after puberty, but in their minds it’s the right wing meanies who are driving masses of crossdressers to suicide.

    It’s a mix of true believers and cynical exploiters who see a buck to be made. Most of the orgs feeding the crazies know that policing speech for stochastic terrorism is nonsense, but there’s a lot of money right now in policing speech, and the more nonsense the phrasing, the more impossible to actually fix the issue in a tangible way. If the modern age tells us anything, many people are perfectly happy working a job that does literally nothing as long as there is prestige and a paycheck involved..

    • “This started with the accusation that refusing to call a crossdresser a woman would end up with that person committing suicide.”

      True. And it landed on refusing to call a crossdresser a woman a crime punishment by impoverishment, banishment and soon to be death.

      • Started with trannies? Psh. Think this is new? Walk into a Popeyes on your nearest MLK Blvd and just say “n*gger.” Nothing else, just walk in a say one word. See what happens (buy life insurance first!)

    • There’s a lot of money to be made in biomedical supplies as well, billions. The Pritzker clan (including that tranny colonel) have a biomedical institute they’re running out of Illinois. They’re going to get rich(er) through contracts. The same way Lockheed gets rich with missiles, they’ll be making money off every graft and removal.

    • Submitted for your approval:

      Exhibit A: an Australian (of course) woman who does “food science” videos on YT posts a rambling rant about how people have been posting videos showing how to use high voltage electricity to burn attractive fractal patterns into wood. Apparently a few people have died from being shocked while doing this. She’s furious that the YouTube Stasi hasn’t deleted these videos but did delete her video attacking them.

      Exhibit B: Another woman posted a gigantic rambling screed on Quora today about a veteran who died of Covid “because he refused to wear a mask” (nevermind how she knows the causal link here). She wasn’t mad at him but at his friends and really anyone who pointed out that mask wearing is basically superstitious nonsense.

      The common thread is that no one is responsible for their own actions or even their own thoughts. We all construed as hapless zombies blundering through life on a series of post-hypnotic (post-YouTube?) suggestions. If we off ourselves doing something fun but dangerous or fail to heed the dubious medical advice spammed out about Coof our blood is not on our hands but whomever dared place those dangerous thoughts in our heads.

      I think you can see where this is going. This is the radically new concept of personal responsibility that is taking over. Ultimately those of use still going on the old Western individual notions of these things are going to need to expel these people from our polity. No peace is possible with them as fellow citizens.

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  19. Transgenderism has been around a long time, if you count hermaphrodism. Jakob Grimmelshausen, of Simplicissimus fame, was obsessed with the topic. I know Romans regarded intersex people as divine curses, which anyone who’s had to deal with trannies can understand. The Plains Indians had their Berdache, who, like the Roman trannies, were considered magic, though it was supposedly good manitou rather than bad.

    Despite all the mockery heaped on Alex Jones complaining about things in the water “making frogs gay,” we are seeing some really weird dimorphism within individual animals. It’s gotten all the way up the chain to endotherms. A ton of polar bear hermaphrodites are starting to show up. Whether it’s pollution from PCBs or PBDEs or some other weird acronymic plastic, it’s happening.

    Testosterone and sperm rates are dropping worldwide, but especially in the West. What’s the causality? Has putting women in men’s roles and hectoring males on their toxic masculinity had some sort of effect over the generations? (The left has been at this crap longer than is generally acknowledged). Or is the opposite true, that men started becoming more feminized, failing what the PUAs call a “Scheiße test” and the women, seeking dominance that they didn’t get, became dominant out of spite or just to fill the vacuum that nature abhors?

    I don’t have the answer. But if the accreted plastics in the water supply are to blame, then we’re in trouble. It took microorganisms millions of years to learn to break down cellulose and lignin when they first appeared. We and the polar bears will probably be toast long before then.

    • Hey, you think Blacks are dangerous? Wait until you run into a hemaphrodite polar bear!

      Seriously though: it’s a legitimate concern. Women have been entering puberty sooner and sooner, a change which many suspect is caused by chemicals in the water.

      As to how that might relate to the changes we’ve been seeing in human social relations— women’s desire to compete with men rather than cooperate with them, the denigration of masculinity as “toxic”, and the celebration of every form of sexual deviancy and gender dysphoria as if they were harbingers of a marvelous new age of freedom— another good question.

    • Modern wahmen have been gobbling birth control pills for the better part of 60 years now and it the numbers are astronomically high with most girls going on the pill in the early teens and generally not going off it until menopause or at least late in life.

      Estrogen and Progestin are -very- small molecules and do not completely metabolize. So millions of women are pissing these outs 24x7x365 into the water supply which is then filtered but NOT for these hormones as they are not caught in most filtration systems. You are, literally, slowly transitioning to female and have been for decades.

      There are water filters that DO filter for particles like this measured in microns but you must expressly seek them out.

      Now throw in some microplastics and constant background radiation that increases in frequency, shorter distances, and higher amounts every single year that we saturate the landscape with wireless towers and wireless routers and I don’t think you need to search too hard for a smoking gun at that point, right?

      You are becoming a woman. Apply for benefits at your local aggrieved persons office!

      • For just about any other environmental critique the regime adherents have an excuse loaded in the barrel, but it’s telling that they do not for this, at least so far as I’ve seen. It’s like no one wants to investigate, or even talk about, the river of estrogen pollution because the truth would be way too uncomfortable.

  20. This strikes normal people as insane and it is insane. It is another bit of evidence to suggest what we think of as the modern Left is a form of mental illness. The believers are in an imaginary war against imaginary enemies.

    I think this is true about the everyday left wing footsoldiers, but I’m convinced the people behind the scenes, those ‘upstream’, know exactly what they’re trying to accomplish and are acting deliberatetly towards those goals. As for outcomes, though, it’s going to be the Sorceror’s Apprentice all the way down.

    • ‘ Theodore Dalrymple’ observes how totalitarian political regimes such as the former Soviet Union humiliate and psychologically subdue their populations by forcing them to affirm what is obviously untrue.

      He suggests that the more a person is forced to do this, the less able they are to distinguish truth from falsehood, and to stand up for what they know is true.

      It strikes me that the same could be said for the insane woke dogmas of the left: the more people are required to refer to a “trans woman” as “she”, and to pretend that he’s actually “a woman trapped in a man’s body”, the less able they will be to recognize what is true, and the less willing they will be to insist on separating fact from woke fiction.

  21. “… Twitter … is something of a bug light for the mentally unstable.”

    Pure genius.

    • I also thought
      “the perfection of video gaming for women in the form of social media” from Wild Geese below was pretty good.

  22. “When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.”
    – G. K. Chesterton

    Whether God is real or not, I have come to realize that human beings cannot believe in an overarching objective reality if they do not first believe in God. Today, Zman writes: “Once you cross from the biological reality of sex to the conjured reality of gender, the imaginer is free to reinvent humanity.” Ultimately there is no reality, biological or otherwise, in a purely secular society. Reality is optional. It is whatever different individuals want it to be. Such a scenario inevitably leads to extreme atomization — as it grows increasingly difficult for different individuals to share any reality whatsoever. Where does it end? The Metaverse, perhaps. Whatever the case, truth is dead without some overarching metaphysical narrative to unify the perspectives of a vast bulk of people. Anything goes.

    • “….. human beings cannot believe in an overarching objective reality if they do not first believe in God…… Ultimately there is no reality, biological or otherwise, in a purely secular society. Reality is optional. It is whatever different individuals want it to be.”

      I don’t think I understand what you’re claiming here. Could you expand on your comments; provide concrete examples of what you’re talking about?

      Why and how is “belief in an overarching reality” contingent on belief in God?

      What do you mean by “there is no reality, biological or otherwise, in a purely secular society.”?

      Or: “Reality is optional. It is whatever different individuals want it to be.”

      I have no idea what you’re talking about….

      • If there is no omniscient God to define what biology is, who are you or I to define it in any perfect and objective sense? You and I are mere humans and thus greatly limited in our capacities to understand objective reality. Aside from one whose knowledge is limitless (God), who among us humans is qualified to claim a grasp on each and every minute detail of what objective reality actually entails? How can we ever confirm that our ideas of reality will prove airtight in every single hypothetically possibly situation? Who are you or I to say what such categories as “man” and “woman” truly constitute? If we have no God to whom we can appeal, is it not arbitrary and prejudiced for us to establish limits on the meanings of such categories? If a teenage girl meows and identifies as a cat, my instinct will be to say that she is either putting us on or has gone batty, yet I have no higher authority of my own to verify the objectivity or accuracy of my instinct.

        Somebody or something must serve as the objective standard bearer. At the civilizational level, in the absence of God, those humans who possess sufficient earthly power end up being the standard bearers. But only the most gullible among us will see those human standard bearers as divine and/or infallible. Only our most naive brothers and sisters will think that the most powerful humans possess a monopoly on Truth.

        God alone can possess a monopoly on Truth. Perhaps it’s possible to believe that Nature serves as a standard bearer for objective reality . . . but good luck getting very many people to subscribe to such a view, at least in a lasting way. Eventually most folks will end up favoring whatever “reality” suits their own preferences. It’s much easier to conceive of a purposeful intelligence such as God setting standards than to imagine mindless Nature doing so. And if you attribute a purposeful intelligence to Nature in the macro sense, you’ve basically made Nature into God and thus strengthened my contention.

        P.S.: This has been a rambling response and I’m fairly certain that I have not explained my point adequately. These are heady matters that would be more properly fleshed out by an authentic theologian, rather than a dime-store philosopher such as myself.

        • Not too rambling. In the first place, you are touching on issues that far wiser men than us have debated, without much resolution, for thousands of years. Here are just a few observations that I believe are valid:

          Believer and non-believer alike live in the same physical universe.

          Did God create the universe (and, whatever would necessarily follow, such as decreeing what the physical laws of that universe shall be)? Perhaps He did, but isn’t this universe ( = objective reality = Nature) going to operate by those same laws for believer and non-believer alike? Of course it will. The theist will say “Things are the way they are because God willed it so.” The non-theist might say “Man’s science has discovered certain laws of Nature.”

          Perhaps there is indeed a God that is the only possessor of whatever is Truth. But aren’t both believer and non-believer in the same boat, when it comes to trying to grasp those truths? We are all human beings and, as long as we reside in this universe, equally subject to its laws.

          Finally, I concur with your observation (in my words) that humans generally create their own world-view, their model of how they think and usually wish that the world works. In a very literal sense, each of us really does live in his own little world.

      • Here’s a simple example/exercise. assume there is no God or Christian morality. Now, call yourself
        (and act accordingly) Jenna Jameson, the big tittied 23 year old version, for the next 6 hours. Is there any harm? Did you “pick your neighbors pocket or break his leg?” Are there any actual repercussions to this bizzare and mentally ill behavior to you? Probably not. So why not do it, assuming God is not real? The whole of the law is do as thou wilt; it doesnt matter if your actions are batpoop insane, if you are and atheist materialist, most bizzarre and irrational whims can be acted on without any actual repercussions from “reality,” ESPECIALLY in a modern post-scarcity society.

        • Thanks for amplifying what I was getting at and doing so far more succinctly than I did. Even when “bizarre and irrational whims” lead to “actual repercussions,” such as physical or psychological pain, or even death, how can a human who lacks higher authority classify pain and/or death as objectively bad? Sure, I SUBJECTIVELY consider pain and death bad, but how do I know that I am OBJECTIVELY right about that? How do I know that the masochist who prefers pain or the murderer who causes death doesn’t have superior values to my own? In what am I rooting my values? Is it anything higher or more substantive than my own preferences?

          I could go on with these types of rhetorical questions for hours on end, but I should probably quit before my fingers go numb from typing.

  23. It’s actually worse than just an epidemic of cancel culture.

    Parasites are paranoid because they have to be that way. They have no real defense if the host one day decides that enough is enough and it’s time to get rid of them. But in a society in which the politically powerful get to command the actions of law enforcement personnel, their best defensive strategy is to finagle their way into political power, convert LEOs into jackboots, and then use them to squash any threats to their bloodsucking. Which is why the Stasi will send a platoon of jackboots to violently arrest the likes of Manafort, Stone, and even ex-Pres Trump. Good men (mostly white guys) will do horrific things when chasing a paycheck and government pension. No different than Nazi Gestapo, Stalin’s NKVD, or Mao’s PLA. And it’s happening right here in River City. And it will get worse as the paranoia grows.

    As in the movie Oblivion, the Borg is using our good guys as weapons to beat us down. And the strange thing is . . . these guys know that what they are doing is wrong, but do it anyway. And I don’t think this will change in any meaningful way until they get asked to put a bullet in the back of grandma’s head.

    Which is why it’s imperative to become invisible and operate only in of the shadows.

    • It won’t change until somebody begins putting bullets in the back of their head. Grandma is old and expendible.

  24. Amusingly enough, the Bakuninites — the Left-est of the Left — really did believe in something very close to “stochastic terrorism.” They didn’t call it that, of course, because they were merely twisted and evil, not twisted and evil and pretentious, but there it was.

    I hate to throw a black pill out there so early in the morning, but the fact that the Left is obviously a cult suggests a longing for martyrdom. We like to joke that “a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged,” but I’ve seen Leftists without number crash at warp speed onto Reality’s rocks. They never learn. In fact, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and charge back at those same rocks at Warp Factor 2, because the pain just proves how holy they are.

    This suggests that even when everything comes crashing down around them, nevertheless they’ll persist. Of course, there’s only one way to prove this hypothesis… I fucking love science, don’t you?

    • I disagree in part. The Left does pay attention to those costs it cares about. If those costs represent loss of perceived moral superiority, they act as a brake. As things stand now, the Left’s more outrageous beliefs and actions are cost-free and viewed as the height of ethical and moral existence. Remove that, and the madness doesn’t disappear but it slows. There always will be morality kamikazes among them. The trick is to reduce the supply. It is really hard to shame these people, but it has been done and still can be done. For the more marginal adherents, physical and financial costs also can suffice.

      • > There always will be morality kamikazes among them.

        There used to be a place for Moral kamikazes that benefitted society. They’d be nuns or priests that, while being unpleasant scolds, did useful things like teach children, minister to the sick, and gave alms to the poor.

        If the United States turned into a theocracy overnight, a good percentage of the leftist crazies would be entering a monastery within the year.

        • “If the United States turned into a theocracy overnight, a good percentage of the leftist crazies would be entering a monastery within the year.”

          Change a few words and phrases of Jonathan Edwards’ SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD, and it would be any Critical Race Theory text today. Excerpt:

          “They deserve to be cast into hell; so that divine justice never stands in the way, it makes no objection against God’s using his power at any moment to destroy them. Yea, on the contrary, justice calls aloud for an infinite punishment of their sins. Divine justice says of the tree that brings forth such grapes of Sodom, “Cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground?” Luke xiii. 7. The sword of divine justice is every moment brandished over their heads, and ’tis nothing but the hand of arbitrary mercy, and God’s mere will, that holds it back.”

          Eerily familiar, no?

          • You miss the point. “Sinners” is trying to make people aware of the fleeting nature of life in order to make them repent from their sinful ways. Edwards absolutely was interested in saving people. Now, you may say lefty is doing the same, but I disagree. Theirs is a hatred – Edward’s was doing it out of compassion for a wayward flock. Look into his biography to show he was not just yelling “hell hell hell” and threats. I personally do not believe in hell, but his motives were much more altruistic than the left.

      • They are incapable of shame. The only thing that works on them is “outgrouping,” and only for a specific value of “works.”

        Before he became a raging Q-tard, Anonymous Conservative had a lot of useful things to say about the “amygdala hijack.” I’ve done this myself. I have never, ever won an argument with a Liberal, but I have caused one to utterly melt down, to the point where it looked like he was having a stroke (the party host nearly called 911). I did it by relentless mockery.

        Leftie started getting all self-righteous, expecting the crowd to go along with him (as the crowd so often does). But this was an especially annoying, pompous Leftie, and the crowd was a lot more based than xzhey thought it was, so after a few good cracks the crowd started being amused. Xzhey couldn’t stop, of course — SJWs are physically incapable of it — so it just kept getting worse, until the meltdown.

        That didn’t stop this persyn from being an obnoxious Leftist, of course — xzhey just took great pains never to be in the same room with me again (and it did take some effort, as we were all on temporary work assignment together). Which is what will happen on a society-wide scale — there will be vast areas of “Indian country” into which no SJW will go. Which, of course, makes it very easy for targeting purposes….

        • I may in fact have conflated “outgrouping” with shame. I’ve seen that sort of thing when a leftist has not kept apace of The Current Thing or the current officially mandated take on it. Maybe I misinterpreted their isolation with shame. I’m certainly amenable to the idea they are incapable of shame. That corresponds with what Z accurately describes as “mental illness.”

          Yeah, the Great Sorting underway does put a target on the Non-Left Territory. It probably is unavoidable and the question becomes how to handle it.

          • We saw it in real time a couple years back. I forget which late night bobblehead it was — Jimmy Kimmel, maybe? Anyway, just that day the catechism had changed. I forget what the topic was, but he made a “joke” about it that would’ve had them arfing like seals just the day before, or even just that morning… but by that evening, the word came down, so you could actually hear the crowd gasp. Anyone else remember that? It was really something.

          • @Sev:

            I do remember that example! Spot on. It was (I think) Steve Colbert, because he looks the most like a Thanksgiving Pilgrim cardboard cut-out, of course.

            The topic was James Comey. He had gone from Villain of the Day for hurting HRC with the email scandal to Hero of the Day after being shitcanned by Trump for going after him. Colbert (or whoever) got a near-scowl on his face and informed the audience You Are Wrong. They hesitated and then went from booing to clapping.

    • Severian-

      To me, today’s Left has the same energy as the People’s Temple.

      It follows that they would desire martyrdom.

      Unfortunately, they also want to maximize the number of us they take with them.

  25. “It is hard to know, but what is clear is that these people are much better at conjuring alternative realities than the world is at defending reality.”

    This always has been true. The world, though, used to make it very costly for those who conjured alternative realities. Without a threat of violence or any repercussion, that brake is off. If the brake were to be reapplied even now, the supply would start to recede into the background.

    Case in point: transgenderism and children. Westerners always have accommodated weirdos to some degree or another. Cross-dressers might be tolerated, for example, but they certainly were not venerated. If a cross-dresser applied to be a teacher, it likely did not get the job. That was somewhat of a brake on supply. Remove the brake, and you have Karens chemically and physically castrating their sons and rendering their daughters sterile. One or two good public beatings that left Karen pissing blood over her child abuse and the brake would be put on. The State is the brake against that response for the time being but it is reasonable to guess it will not be for much longer let alone for forever, although local governmental action rather than physical violence will be the brake on the child abuse.

    I think on both an individual and societal basis, transgenderism is the most dangerous delusion today. There is potentially a worse one as far as mass casualties, of course.

    As you point out, the Left is a primitive Death Cult. They seem more than willing to roll the dice and risk nuclear war to bring transgenderism, to stay with that example, to Vladivostok or Beijing. It won’t just be them that die, but all of us if they get their death wish. And make no mistake, some of that cult is in positions of statecraft and military today and easily bring what sane people throughout the world successfully avoided for eighty years.

    I detect you sense we are near a point of resolution. Whether that is wrong or not, I certainly do. Nature wins. Reality wins.

    • Yes, the West has been so rich and so powerful for so long, and has been able to insulate us from some of the baleful effects of reality, that we have raised at least three generations of people who believe, with increasing conviction, that reality is optional. But the West is in decline, and reality always reasserts itself, one way or another, which is what we see happening right now.

  26. “That gets to the universal of the Left. They project onto the world the things they hate about themselves or fear they may be doing.”


    The biggest and most violent terrorist organization in the world is the U.S. Government.

    • The biggest and most violent terrorist organization in the world is the U.S. Government.

      Its kind of ironic that the left recognized that decades ago, and the normies and right dismissed the idea as kookie. Now things have flipped.

      When some lefty I know starts repeating the mantra of Trump and Russia I’ll respond with something like “maybe the FBI was right about MLK too” or “Kinda like how the CIA got us into Vietnman”.

      Short circuits their brains – they literally stop in their tracks and cant respond.

      • This shows how contemptible the left was and is. They were absolutely right about the FBI and CIA, but now that they are persecuting the left’s enemies, it’s all hunky-dory. I, as a reality based person, acknowledge I was wrong about defending these corrupt institutions, and that applies whether they are persecuting me now or my enemies in the future.

      • It’s still in early drafts, but they’re coming up with a Trump variation of the slavery / Southern Strategy narrative: “The parties switched sides.” Something like—

        So rightly fearful were the military and intelligence and corporate America and etc. of the danger posed by Trump and us (called “Trumpists” or “White Christian Nationalists” in the drafts so far), they put all their heads together and switched from falsely waving the flag of Our Democracy (for profit, etc.) to righteously “fortifying” it (for justice, etc.).

        If we have grandchildren, they’ll all believe it.

      • That’s an excellent observation. Of course, one of the simplest explanations is that the Left took over the government. Some will blame the Marxist “march through the institutions,” which can be part of it. But it may be as much the simple fact that the young adults of the 60s simply aged into jobs in positions of power.

        As Z says (?) the Hippies used to be against “The Man.” But now they ARE “The Man.”

        In other forums (probably re Covid-19 issues) someone noted that in another “ironic” way that things have “flipped.”

        Then, it was the Left that was suspicious of Big Pharma. Come Covid, they are the main champions of experimental drugs advocated and when possible, mandated. Long ago they wanted to be free to “do their own thing,” which usually meant free sex and drugs. But come the pandemic, they wish to abridge the freedoms of ordinary folk. Similar inversions may be seen in many fields: for example, it was the Hippies that were opposed to tinkering with nature, yet they now applaud genetically modified foods.

  27. The statement, Those that can get you to believe absurdities can get you commit atrocities , comes to mind when talking about the crazies mentioned here. If they can inflict or infect you with their mental illness then they further advance the societal destruction whether that is their purpose or not. (Most don’t even know what they are doing).

    Technology and instant communication platforms are definitely an accelerant here. It’s like going into the cuckoo’s nest and giving marginal power and voices to the inmates. Then the mass of dimwits just go along and accede to the new “normal”, while new leaders and bureaucrats implement and support all of this.

    One feels this could all go away quickly or take a long pause if some major destructive events occur. Global war, financial collapse, or maybe even a real deadly viral outbreak happens. That’s not to say humanity benefits long term but stops the bleeding for a while. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

    • Instant mass communication, combined with “spiteful mutants” reaching a social tipping point, and the pile of sand grains that is civilization goes boom, fall down.

      • Bingo. Spiteful mutants reached the tipping point in a society that no longer weeded such out. It not just that the society failed to proactively get rid of them, but that in its abundance allowed them to avoid Darwinian elimination and propagate.

    • I feel like the perfection of video gaming for women in the form of social media was the real tipping point.

      More canny analysts tried to warn people about the leading edge of this as it appeared on Tumblr. Sadly, they were right.

  28. The question is why now? What has gone wrong in the West leading to this epidemic of delusional madness?

    A confluence of factors.
    The final stage of the liberal enlightenment, social media causing cognitive overload, American hegemony eliminating any external threats, post modern capitalism creating a post-scarcity reality for a large percent of the US population.

    Liberation from reality was always going to be the ultimate end of liberalism.
    Human minds evolved to function in small social groups. It is incapable of operating in an environment of interacting with tens of millions of others.
    Before the 21st century the threat of some foreign power, or just starvation held people and society in check. Today there is no such threat. No matter how crazy people get they still overeat. Now matter how crazy society becomes America is still the uberdog. Or so people believe.

  29. “It is hard to know, but what is clear is that these people are much better at conjuring alternative realities than the world is at defending reality. ”

    I think a large deal of it has to do with the fact that most people only operate in abstraction these days. Most of them work on a computer jiggering numbers or some such, and they have no idea how the job they perform effects anything. Fake jobs, fake reality, the further we get from reality, the stronger their ability to believe in non reality gets.

    • “Fake jobs, fake reality, the further we get from reality, the stronger their ability to believe in non reality gets.”

      Agreed. One reason Normalcy Bias is so strong is because Normies have virtual worlds in which the Lie is the Truth and everything still works great… no matter how many vaxx boosters they accept. So long as they want to believe the Lie, they can believe the Lie.

      Which makes me wonder about the Great Reset’s destruction of power plants. The very worst move that the plutocrats could make is turning off the power, because then people will wander outside and start doing meatspace stuff.

      Maybe they’re just “depreciating” power plants in order to buy them cheap. But it wouldn’t change the fact that they need the proles to have plenty of reliable energy, in order to have voluntary cooperation with their surveillance state.

  30. Do leftists like movies more that normal people? I believe they do. They tend to confuse reality with scripted versions of reality presented in the form of movies/TV/theater. When you point out that reality is far more bizarre and complex than what they are consuming, they don’t care. It’s the script that counts. The narrative. Reality be damned.

    • When people on the right are enthusiastic about a movie, they will say things like, “It’s a really good story”, or “it’s really entertaining”. For a lefty, they say things like “It’s important”.

      I don’t think they like movies more, but they attach much more to the movies they do like. Hell, they don’t even have to like it, it just needs to “convey a deeper truth”, or “speak truth to power”, etc.

      • “speak truth to power”

        But now they are the power. They control the military, police and intelligence agencies, but they are the powerless fighting against invisible unicorn white supremacists in the video game in their brains.

    • People frame reality by way of their accumulated experiences.

      For the last fifty years or so, people have lived their entire lives saturated in electronic media. The hours viewed per day steadily escalated during that time to the point that it now dominates every waking hour.

      So, for people today, their electronic experiences are more real than reality itself. Worse, as time marches on the people who matured before such immersion are disappearing. our entire culture is one of people for whom media is more real than reality.

      • I love movies and resent your comment, you good sir would have a better understanding of the regimes propaganda if you were an astute critic of movies. Heck the coronavirus was like a badly written movie, making the BS stand out all the more! 😉

        Having said that, since somewhere around 2015 or 2016 movies have become unbearable or at least any recently made ones. Last really good movie i watched in the theaters was in 2019, once upon a time in hollywood

      • Leftism makes a lot of sense if you think of it as a “fandom.” Since they’re all social rejects, they can only “bond” with other social rejects… which is almost, but not quite, an oxymoron. They’re too “quirky” (let’s be generous) for the ordinary give-and-take of group social interaction, so their bonding takes the form of obsessive nerd slap fights. What comic books and Dungeons and Dragons were to high school losers in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, so things like Harry Potter and The Handmaid’s Tale are to the Current Year.

        Harry Potter appeals to them because they, like all losers, think of themselves as Secret Kings (credit to Vox Day, who is no mean Secret King himself, for popularizing the term). But whereas back in the days the Secret Kings Society was limited to however many dorks you had in your high school, now it’s worldwide. And everyone else is of course a Muggle.

        So too with The Handmaid’s Tale, except that it’s upscale bondage pr0n for cat ladies. They WISH the world was like that, so that forms their filter. And since we Muggles all laugh at them for doing it, that just confirms that they were right all along.

        • Always thought Harry Potter was secretly racist. Muggles need constant protection and patronization from the superior magic people. Replace “muggle” with a few letters and . . . .

    • Leftists definitely like children’s cartoons and movies way more than a normal adult should. It’s even at the point where the manchild affinity for that stuff has produced childish cartoons with added perversion to appeal to them, like that Big Mouth show that was supposed to be about puberty but clearly inappropriate for a 12 year old. So these 35 year old soy wojack guys are watching cartoons about adolescents discovering their genitalia, ew…

  31. I kind of chuckle at the attempted “highbrow” appropriation of “stochastic”. On a practical level use it on regular basis to simply understand a range of outcomes, where one variable is known (say number of seaside mansions in the Hamptons) but the other, hurricanes, is largely unknown and random. Don’t let the climate folks fool you, we can barely predict the weather, let alone model a entire climate at the appropriate grid square resolution. But these disaster models are only accurate when taken out to 50+ return periods. Which is useful, but not day to day or year to year useful. These morons act as though they can connect publishing crime statistics to the next murder in Chicago.

  32. If the loons would have just stayed in the Jim Jones cult they could have just killed themselves, but they are widespread now including a former CIA boss Michael Hayden who now thinks Republicans are one of the most dangerous terrorist coups in the world.
    This does not end well.

        • 3 Pipe-

          Thank you for the kind words.

          Unfortunately my comment above is lifted from the title of a Revolver News piece.

          I attempted to link that article in my comment above, but the spam filter flagged it.


          • I think “American Kulak” with some manner of Zeemanian logos might be a big merch seller. Wonder if it’s copyrighted?

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