Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

I must admit that I have enjoyed the blow out loss of Liz Cheney much more than I expected to enjoy it. It has been known for a long time that she was going to lose her race, but somehow the Cloud People were not ready for it. They have been carrying on like this is a bolt from the blue. I suspect the midnight miracle of 2020 convinced them that if they wished hard enough, their election dreams will come true.

That has been the best part of it. The people bemoaning the result are the worst people and they are not hiding it. By worst people I mean conservatives. They are so angry that they are letting the mask drop and taking aim at the voters. It reveals that it was never been about Trump the man but about the people who support him. They hate the Dirt People as much as any of the other Cloud People.

For the better part of two years, Liz Cheney has made the straight forward argument that Trump is a menace and his voters are fascists. Conservative Inc. just nodded along, because they agree with her. They actually defended her as standing on principle, which is an amazing claim when you stop and think about it. It means one of their principles is that normal white people are monsters.

This result, along with the sagging poll numbers of the Republicans, suggests that there is a change happening with the Dirt People. Voting out an odious carbuncle like Cheney, just for the fun of it, is a rebuke to the party. Some percentage of the Dirt People are waking up to the scam that is the Republican Party and they are ready to act on it, even if it means the crazies keep control.

Time will tell if the current polling is real, but the fact is the Republicans are currently offering nothing to the voters. Mitch McConnell is publicly hoping the Democrats keep the Senate. He shot down a scheme to nationalize the election around issues like trade and immigration, probably because he knows it would work. The party of Liz Cheney is mad at its voters and maybe those voters are ready to get mad back.

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202 thoughts on “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

  1. Zman theorizes that if you spread the population of the Baltimore ghetto out into the countryside, they wouldn’t commit as many crimes.

    That is the theory “affordable housing” and suburb-busting initiatives were based on and it’s proven wrong.

    While they may commit fewer crimes at first, they do not magically become model citizens due to the Magic Dirt or proximity to Nice White People. Instead, they degrade their neighborhoods and attract more bad people. Then you get White flight, which is, of course, White peoples’ fault.

    • You are correct in your deductions.

      Having Ben Carson move in doesn’t degrade your town. It’s the savages that are in their orbit that follow them. Bens kids and their homies shoot up the neighborhood, not Ben.

      • Things are worse than that.

        Unusually for an American, most of my neighbors are old Japanese people, the only demographic who are arguably our betters re: cohesion, lawfulness, etc. Their grandchildren are, without exception, whatever the Asian version of “wiggers” are called, and they don’t do much besides play loud rap from their LED-streaked cars and steal their white neighbors’ bikes.

        Current_year America can ruin anyone—and black dudes are already totally screwed up. See the last few months of “flash mob” robbery videos.

        Ben Carson’s grandchildren will rape yours.

    • That’s not what z was saying. He was simply pointing out that decreasing the population density of city blacks would likely lower crime rates, not that it would make them model citizens. Obviously, we know rural blacks commit more crime than rural whites, or even city whites. However, it’s an improvement on city blacks.

      • To a large degree, this is explained by increased rights for Negroes (and necessarily, decreased rights for Whites) especially 1948, 1952 and 1964. After the end of Jim Crow and other racial restrictions, nearly any Black who could, got the hell out of the ghetto. When the blacks had to live together, the good ones provided some stability for the community. Once that was gone, the worse-off slid further into dysfunction.

        Alas the worst side effect for Whites is that more Blacks came to live in communities once exclusively ours. Sure, the better ones comport themselves very well, admirably even in some cases. But as their numbers increase, well…. 🙁

      • It’s kind of ridiculous we even have this discussion, isn’t it?

        White man’s burden, my ass lol

    • Completely false. The ghetto elite are the main cause of trouble where i live and there aren’t that many of them.

    • The real estate racket rolls on, the destruction of American society continues, divide and conquer, etc. Very profitable short term, too, so who’s going to say no?

  2. “They should have named her “Food Stamps””. This, sir, is priceless! BTW, I’m listening in my underwear while drinking beer. Sitting In a farmhouse in Čabraji, Croatia no less!

    • Nothing personal, but learn to listen. That’s the biggest fault of Yankees who move down here. They can’t shut up about how special they are and where they come from. Hopefully you’re an exception.

      • Having just spent several days in Pennsylvania, I can attest that Yankees never shut up about anything. My ear is bent out of shape so badly it looks like a ghetto child’s plaything.

        • Hahahahaha!
          Already shaking hands, learning names, and asking lots of questions. I suppose if we’re too stupid to shut up, we might as well use our Chihuahuan conversational energy to get wise. I actually lived in a foreign country where it was very important to inquire about family and listen proportional to your relative age, so that’s helping. Mostly, I find that as long as I stay a sort of dignified humble, I’ll be okay.

          • You unfairly carry the baggage of the Yankees who came before you. There was a quite popular bumpersticker ten or 15 years back that read: I DON’T CARE HOW YOU DID IT UP NORTH, to give you some idea of what caused a lot ill will. I’ve noticed the most recent influxes of Yankees are a different, more agreeable type person. Others will grok this as well.

      • God, the one reason I hate going to the South. Not the people, just I cannot stand that humidity. No joke, I’ve worked Central/South America in the past and I prefer those climes to Alabama or Georgia any day. Don’t know what it is, but I’m always knocked on my ass for a full day whenever I travel to those two places in the summer.

  3. The reaction by the Regime, particularly Ed Luce of the FT and his buddy Gen Michael Hayden former CIA Director is telling. They are calling for blood. And in general, the Regime from Hayden to Michael Beschloss, court “historian” are calling for blood. Not just Trump, but his followers. This is an emotional reaction based on what is important to them — being the big shot who creates fear and groveling among their subordinates and Dirt People and is obeyed without question.

    These people want and need Civil War. And are determined to have it. As always their primary motivation is the lack of groveling and abasement that Dirt People have for big shots. This is why the moral basis of the Regimes across the West is the genetic evil of White people, particularly straight White men, and their hereditary blood guilt which requires erasing everything about White people including their language, history, culture, heroes and society. Its why the Regime is filled with White Genocide fantasies including the “kindler, gentler” one from Mohsin Hamid.

    And I think they’ve grown tired. Not only of Dirt People impudence and lack of groveling to big shots with titles, but putting up with Republicans as designated losers. They are tired of having to pretend to “beat” Republican Washington Generals and want instead to rule directly with fear, terror, and erasing White people. They’ve been talking about for years. Eventually they will act. Given the moral basis for regimes around the West there can be no other outcome. Republicans cannot just be the designated losers forever. At some point a hereditary nobility will act like one. That time is likely now.

  4. I don’t believe for one minute that these academics don’t know the deal on race and crime. It is impossible for them not to know. If you had no view on race and looked at the data or even watched the evening news, the racial composition of criminals would jump out at you so much a child couldn’t fail to notice.

    They know, they won’t accept it or make excuses for it and blame it on us. White people make black people commit crimes. Whether it’s the legacy of Mr Crow and slavery, red-lining creating the ghettos, the lack of “good schools” in black neighborhoods or the school to prison pipeline, burning down Black Wall St or any other of a thousand excuses. Blame Whitey. He did it. He’s responsible.

    The problem cannot be solved because nobody can even publicly accept the problem exists AND nobody really wants to solve the problem.

    African Americans in Philadelphia lived through a term of Krasner. They saw what it did. They reelected him easily. The Black elite are every bit as corrupt and incompetent as the White and (((white))) elite. You would think the Black elite would want to throw Tyrone in prison for shooting up a block party and killing innocent black people and children playing on their porches. But they don’t want that. We don’t want to imprison Tyrone, they want to “fix” him after whitey “broke” him and made him do it. This helps not only the black elite, but the SJW White elite. It makes them very sad to see “black faces/bodies” in prisons in such disproportionate numbers.

  5. Speaking for myself, I have fully corrupted my two older Boomer brothers and Boomer cousin in Ohio. They are now 95.5% on this side. They were definitely Boomer Normies before – vote harder, arguing with facts will change liberals, etc. Devon Stack (Blackpilled) is too much for them, he’s definitely outside of their comfortable thinking zones. (Sometimes he’s too much for me!) They listen to your Friday casts! Plus, my Seattle-area dentist buddy has Eyes Wide Open and has for quite a while. You can’t ignore the danger up there. Interestingly, my three Millenial sons, all in the Air Force, are different stages of Woke. My 16 year on the other hand will be his generation’s Buffalo hat guy. He and all his friends are so based it worries me.

  6. They know all about “Stochastic Terrorism” because they’ve been doing it for generations.

    All the anti-White agitation all the time is a fine example. They KNOW they are ginning up severe anger and resentment of White people and they know the more anger and resentment of White people exists, the more likely it is Whites will be attacked.

    As usual, the opposite rule of progressivism/liberalism is in full effect.

  7. Watch AZ. The RINO’s lost in the primaries, mostly to Trump endorsed candidates. The old guard Rep’s (RINO’s) are talking about the need to accept a loss to Dem’s this year to “save” the true Rep party. The Dem candidates are as bad as ever. Hell, the one running in the Governor’s race was the Sec of State, who allowed the widespread election fraud that gave AZ to Biden. She was also convicted twice in lawsuits involving racial discrimination in employment. This is at best a purple State and arguably blue wrt demographics.

    Seems the national Rep party has pulled money from the Senate race to unseat Mark Kelley, a two year office holder, who votes with the majority of Dem’s every time—lest he fall from favor with the Dem party. National Rep party claims to have higher priorities and can better spend the monies elsewhere. The Governor’s race is equally problematic.

    If AZ can retain a Rep majority in House and Senate and Governorship and turn some Congressional seats, then it would seem game on for 2024. Perhaps an angry electorate is something to be afraid of. However, if not, then we will have the best national example yet of “demographics is destiny”.

    • WE are the RINOS. The “real” Republicans are a bunch of cucks and cowards. That’s the center of the party.

      We hold views almost no Republicans hold.

      The RINO is in the mirror. That needs to change, assuming electoral politics is in our future, but it is the simple fact of the matter. They are not the outsiders, WE ARE.

      • Semantics. No basic disagreement, but the point made is best explained in my original terminology. There is a great division in the Rep party in AZ between those who are catching on wrt same old, same old—and those who seek a viable alternative. Those are the angry Rep’s and are a threat to the uniparty.
        You can call them “Trumpsters”, but they’d be happy to switch to DeSantis or anyone not of the old boy’s club.

        My explanation *is* from a DR viewpoint. These “angry” Rep’s are still hopelessly lost in the game—pray harder, work harder, vote harder. I comment because, anger is the first step to enlightenment. Should the election results not work in their favor, the recruitment field widens for the DR as they (angry Rep’s) realize they can not longer work through the current political (party) system. On the other hand, a few bones tossed their way can easily placate them, and that’s also interesting for us problematically.

        • I’m probably too late here, but I’ll ask for the hellofit. Are you from AZ? If so, where? I had you pinned as a Euro. I’m from Sedona, myself, reason I ask.

  8. Liz Cheney’s rejection by GOP voters was even worse than it appears. Wyoming is an open primary state, which means that voters can change their party affiliation on the day of the primary.

    Interesting Stats from the Wyoming Secretary of State:
    2018: Approximately 140K ballots cast, including 118K Republican, 19K Democrat, and 2.6K non-partisan.

    2022: Approximately 182K ballots cast, including 172K Republican, 8K Democrat, and 2K non-partisan.

    This means that in 2022, 11K fewer people voted in the Democrat primary compared to 2018. How many of those 11K “missing” Democrats changed their affiliation to vote for Liz Cheney? I’m betting a lot.

    Plus, look at that turnout on the GOP side. Around 54K more Republicans voted in the 2022 primaries compared to 2018. Either GOP voters were lining up to vote Liz out, or the fraud was ramped up super-heavy to vote her in. Maybe this time around, the dead people voted Republican. This might also explain why the GOP establishment was so surprised by the loss. Maybe they thought they had it covered by chicanery.

    Regardless, it’s good to see a swamp creature kicked to the curb.

  9. Cheney’s loss was even greater than 66-28, when you consider that much of the 28% were Democrats crossing over. If Democrats voted for their own candidate, she would have been lucky to break 20%.

    • Funny, we posted similar sentiments at the same time. I believe you’re right, and I also wonder about the massive turnout on the GOP side.

      My guess? Regular people were eager to vote her out, and the establishment was eager to vote her in. Probably, they pulled out all the stops. It’s amusing to see how motivated the GOP leaders can be when they actually care about something.

      They haven’t cared about regular people in a long, long time.

  10. Those of us “vote harder” types face a lot of mockery in these parts, but any time an incumbent loses by 30+ votes (in spite of all the rigging we now know about), the people grow in awareness and confidence and the “powers that be” are that much more reminded how outnumbered they truly are.

    • This only the first step. There are many more before the TPTB get nervous.

      They will tell her in so many words that if she plays ball she gets ahead, if she plays outsider she will have everything they have thrown at her.

      The problem for us is that, yes, we can always win the first step — or get someone we like elected. But that doesn’t mean anything by the end of th day. Because they always end up finking, as Z would aptly put it.

      Ergo the system is the problem.

    • The “don’t vote harder” thing is QAnon plan trusting for more discerning dissidents. The plan is still to do *literally nothing* until a highly unspecified event saves everyone from the bad guys.

      All smart people like us KNOW that voting makes NO difference… except it does though, because it definitely makes everything worse somehow so please never do it. It may be that taking any concrete action shows insufficient faith in the future unspecified event and this causes the shy thing to flit further away like a garden fairy? Why and how? I dunno, look just read this book about the managerial class or listen to this Carl Schmitt quote for the hundreth time or whatever and quit asking.

      The only acceptable activity is “community building” which operationally means posting on small and anonymous internet forums about how all your actual white neighbors and (usually!) family are stupid normies

      • NoOneAtAll: Go knock yourself out, citizen, and vote moar harder. Tally up your electoral victories. Crow about who comes out on top in the House or Senate. Just wait until November, and then gear up for 2024. And don’t forget to keep adding to your 401k or bitcoin account.

        In the meantime, others of us will be relocating, building ties among local rural communities, and looking to our families’ futures.

        I’m certain that, in a year or two, you will have clearly demonstrated the power of the ballot box. While I will have no voting record to speak of, but will have distance from diversity, water from my own well, and food on the table. It’s really no contest.

        Choices have consequences.

        • Correct! I’ve been voting twelve hours a day for years now instead of doing any productive thing. It’s absolutely an either or choice and I’ve opted for voting only.

          You either don’t vote or you basically form the Wolverines with your buds in some uncharted wilderness a few minutes off the main highway. This will certainly stymie hordes of millions of starving people and the federal government besides.

          That’s how Ukrainian farmers survived Soviet persecution whereas everyone in Moscow died of starvation. It worked for Randy Weaver and in Waco and will certainly work for you.

          • Not voting is doing something. It rejects the current (corrupt) process and when participation sinks to a low enough level, few will believe in election results as being in any way a valid indication of public sentiment or contentment with the political establishment.

            It certainly is no worse than what you seem to be advocating. You appear a true believer in the process and ignore the results—which is not to change a single thing.

            3g4me has a plan to hopefully rid herself of the government as much as possible. Your plan is to rid yourself of the government by using the government’s “approved” process, which folks (DR) have wised up to and reject.

            “ A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.” – Lysander Spooner

        • Then again, our enemies may not confine themselves to the ghettos, gentrified ‘hoods, or the tony suburbs. I live in a community-like neighborhood, centered around cops, firemen and other city employees. Most others are not so fortunate. A bottom-up approach to community, culture and politics can work, but it’s going to take some time. Lighting out for the territory would buy some time, but the Black Sign Suburbanites will have “discovered” our sanctuaries so they can practice their virtue behind the guns of the Normies. (This process is happening in neighborhoods adjacent to ours.) There are times when I’ve regretted my choice of candidates, and times when I’ve regretted having voted at all. But I like my community, and I’m not ready to pull up stakes just yet. Or to give in to fatalism. I favor a “flexible response” to fight the Left–culturally, politically, and/or physically. If I feel the need to flee, I’ll go Full Expatriate and cross the pond. Budapest looks promising–if Mr. Orban will welcome Caucasian refugees into his country.

          • Hungary and Serbia are next on the color revolution list.

            They are already starting in Serbia.

            Orban better hope Putin gets to his borders as no one else is going lift a finger when the EU/NATO invasion to “save democracy” starts.

        • 3g

          I believe NoOneAtAll is of the mindset that if he does what he’s been doing his whole life, he will eventually get a different result.

        • what will you do when 10 thousand people of diversity move into the neighborhood/village that you and you 150 like minded families have created deep in the middle of an Ex-Red state?

          • Stop with the “What happens when the hoards arrive”.

            The point of a rural redoubt is there isn’t the “infrastructure” (hm, where have I heard that before), to handle the Diversity Mob.

            Let’s tick off the list;
            No water/sewer,
            No bus lines,
            Few Gubmint offices to handle Gibbs,
            Typically rough or unpacked roads. (Tears up dem rims),
            No multi unit dwellings,

            I think you get the picture. And “10,000 of anything” isn’t going to move in a vacuum.

            My humble advice? Don’t go to an area that’s Red/White/Civilized.

            Leave that for civilized white folk.

          • bartleby:

            “My humble advice? Don’t go to an area that’s Red/White/Civilized.

            Leave that for civilized white folk.”

            What do you mean? This grandson of german/italian immigrants is already there with his white wife.

            My little village is becoming polluted by these civilized white folk you talk about who want to build housing/ B and B hotels to welcome outsiders to see our beautiful mountains.

            Shitheads from SF , LA and seattle are buying lovely small homes sight unseen and renting them out to “diversity” making it impossible for local sons and daughters to afford to stay here and raise families unless they stay with mom and dad (which I hope my kids will do) until we can get them on their feet.

            Our civilized “fellow” whites from the city will build all the infrastructure needed to welcome diversity.

            Good luck trying to prevent these civilized whites from passing laws welcoming diversity when the local state Capitol Now Dem , of course, will have a large army of thugs waiting to roll into your Unpaved roads ( Their army Humvees work real good on them) to make sure us white terrorists follow the “law”

            You and your like minded families , I am sure will like working electricity, internet, AC in the summer, hot water in the winter. Are you planning to shave, or will all the men live like Grizzly Adams?

            Are you planning to fulfill your energy needs with windmills and solar panels and water collecting buckets?

            Your descendants will want goods from the outside world. There will be roads needed to bring them to you.

            I would suggest focusing less on the diversity but rather on the 20% of the traitors of our own race who will be the architects of our destruction.

            Why is this so difficult for you to understand?

          • Yo

            Your 10:40 post, the second to last paragraph, is the money idea that I heartily agree with.

            Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. You talk about your village. Mistake number one.
            I can’t see my neighbors. And as for living without some of life’s conveniences, there are sacafices I am willing to make to avoid the savage.

  11. The Quin Hillyer stuff is especially hilarious consider for years he bragged about “crossing party lines” to help Edwin Edwards defeat David Duke in Louisiana. Edwards known corruption was easily brushed aside by Hillyer and he claims the crimes Edwards committed in office were well worth it, in order to stop Duke. Pointing out the hypocrisy is completely lost on him.

    • Edwards gave us one of the great political quotes ever. “The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.”

      • Oh, how far we’ve fallen. These days, according to Sam Harris, even kiddie corpses in the basement aren’t a deal breaker.

      • My first employment was in Louisiana during a time when Edwards was governor. One of the first thing I was told when I arrived was that in most parts of the country people tolerate corruption, but in Louisiana the people demand it. In actuality, bloodlines are everything in that part of the Old South; a better slogan would be . . . “he may be a crook, but he’s our crook.”

        • This is the way it worked where I was born and initially raised—NYC! It’s not just a Southern thing. One greased the wheels at the particular level of you station in life and it was accepted practice. One doesn’t have to like it or consider it moral, just know how to handle yourself in such an environment. Indeed, where I live now such practice is basically not heard of at such a level and people are amazed if I discuss it. Point is, a prosperous city can work and thrive in such a milieu.

          • Years ago in the City of Chicago under the first Mayor Daley, if you needed a building permit for any new construction, you would go into the local department office to get the application forms and see an openly displayed poster detailing the applicable bribe that was to be paid to the Daley Machine. And it was either pay up or wait 10 years for approval.

  12. Mexicans have one, and only one, political policy: “Chase the black people out!”

    So of courshhh, the GOP Genius Trust brainstormed and came up with a brilliant platinum plan: “Let’s fund nothing but Black Republicans!”

    • You think the “gentrification” of South Central LA/Watts/Compton by the Hispanics where you will not randomly get shot for pulling over to get gas might be reported a little more…at least in the context of the blacks being displaced.

      I wonder why? (rhetorical comment)

  13. I agree that the GOP hasn’t offered the voters anything for around thirty years. Gingrich had a decent idea with the Contract With America and was making some headway until Bob Dole put an end to it all and then stood gleefully by as the Clintonistas publicly eviscerated him.
    Since then the GOP mantra to the voters has pretty much been “We’re not the dems.” which has been a losing argument. My family/friends have said that with the exception of Trump, the GOP doesn’t look like they want to win anything and I’ve told them that they’re correct. McConnell DEFINITELY does not want to be handed control of the senate this fall, because then he’ll actually have to do something and not only does he have no desire to, I’m sure he has no clue WHAT to do either. He made it clear in the fall of 2020 that this is his last hurrah and he’s going to make sure his grift is protected and he’ll have absolutely no problem stabbing the party base in the neck as he limps into the sunset.
    Aunt Lindsey will be nodding right beside him with his Cheshire-cat smile (probably thinking about the teenage boys he’s got lined up.) and that worthless stooge McCarthy will say something like, “Look this is the best we could do right now. If we win the White House in ’24, then we’ll really do what you want.” which of course, no one believes anymore.

    There is an upside to this though, my nephews/nieces are now asking the question (I usually get asked this because I have a History background, so they’re looking for some context.) “This is no longer working for us, there has got to be something better for us.” so I’m hopeful as they’re now open to ideas from our side. I’ll go slowly at first and see how they respond and I’ll recommend some light reading for them. Articles at first and books later.

    • “Bob Dole put an end to it all and then stood gleefully by as the Clintonistas publicly eviscerated him”

      Could you expound on this [with as much detail as Z will allow]?

      I don’t have any firm clear memory of a Gingrich-Dole tete-a-tete.

      Was this an inside-the-beltway story which never made it to the hinterlands?


  14. The difference between anti-Christian conspiracy theories and anti-semitic conspiracy theories is not so coincidentally the difference in the number of Christian organizations and the hundredfold jewish organizations.

  15. Disappearing posts. This is not the first time it’s happened. I posted a lengthy critique of the “13/50” black murder rate, that it is actually closer to “13/76”.

    The gist of my argument is that the true Black killing rate must allow for a share of the ~31% of murders that are claimed “unknown.”

    For some reason, both the original post and a minor error correction have both vanished. What gives, Z? It’s hardly a controversial topic for this board; we discuss far more volatile issues.

    Surely links to Unz are not verbotten? Perhaps Z has bought his spam filter from the ADL 😀

    Here it is again, just to try:

    • And it’s really closer to 6.5/75 when you consider that black murderers are overwhelmingly male. 1/16th of the population committing 3/4ths of the murders is a 12x overrepresentation, and that’s just insane.

      • Drew: Black wimminz are catching up and at the very least cheer dey mens on. The percentages don’t really matter – those without an criminal record just haven’t been caught yet. Even one is too many. At this point chanting 13/50 is akin to DR3. For those who notice, it’s not news. For those who live in an alternate reality, it makes no difference.

      • Your point is taken. But it’s even worse!

        The “13/76” classifies only by race. Propensity to violent crime skews heavily to male, younger (teens-30s), probably some correlation to SES (social-economic status) too.

        If I toted up the numbers correctly (Statistica), males aged 15-29 are roughly 10% of population (all races.) Add 30s and that ups it by about 7%. It’s a safe “first approximation” to say therefore, that almost all murders are done by 17% of the population. Since Blacks are about 13% of that total, that would be 2.21%.

        So we can generalize that 2.2% of the total population (young Black males) commit about 75% of homicides.

  16. If the incarceration rate for the US is 3 per officer, and the other countries’ are 3 officers per incarceration, doesn’t that prove US policing is more efficient? Which should be a good thing by libertarian standards.

  17. The popular “13/50” meme is very wrong, but not for the reasons that anti-racist social justice warriors would claim. The Black share is at least 50% higher, or about one-third more, of total.

    What’s missing? Simple. 30.65% of killings have an unknown perpetrator. These must be either excluded, or a percentage assigned per category by race.

    In the first place, the updated meme would be “13/57” (rounded up.) But if we add in a strict percentage of those unknowns, it’d be “13/74.” In fact, it’s likely to be even higher than that; other sources say that about 75% of unknown perpetrator killing victims are Black. Since we know that, statistically, 85%+ of victims are of same race as their killer, that’d raise the share of unknowns even higher. Doing so would give: 30.65 * 0.75 = 23% (rounded up) of all unknowns are Black killers. That’d bring their share of total to 57+23 = 80%.

    We could even assume that Blacks are doing all the unknowns, upper bound of assigning 100% of unknowns, which will give about “13/84”.

    So discard the bullshit “13/50”; the figure is almost certainly “13/74” and as high as “13/84.” We can take the mean of those two values and get “13/79”. Using the above method we got 80%, pretty darned close. Thus we used two slightly different methods and got very nearly the same result.

    We can thus say with very high confidence that Blacks commit 80% of all murders in the USA. Check the math for yourself. Pretty damned sure that the Washington Post or the New York Times won’t. 😀

    Here’s a link to a Sailer article that explains the issue. You’ll have to search comments for the analysis from some guy named Layabout, to see the math.


    • Error: I forgot to reduce the 23% figure by 0.85, which would reduce their share to 19.55%. Then the Black total share of homicides should be 56.5 + 19.5 = 76%. So “13/76” it is.

      • It is possibly even higher as some stats toss black Hispanics in with Hispanics rather than blacks.

  18. i really hope the normies are starting to fall away from their reflexive voting for GOP. not sure how that is biologically possible though. voting GOP complements their getting pegged by their obese wives…

          • But is it not obvious that they (nuts and suckers) decide for you in any event, or the system is so rigged/corrupt as it makes no difference how you vote.

            You mean my vote has actually keep this “train on the tracks” for my extended lifetime? That when I don’t vote it will get so much worse, and I’ll regret my decision?

          • you are a lab monkey in a cage, and just don’t know it. but keep hitting that little red button…

          • Karl, have you, good sir, ever come across a big red button you HAVE NOT THE SLIGHTEST DESIRE to push?

  19. I look at these as “no confidence” votes in the Republican Party/United States. I’ve stated it before, but to reup: the one exception I will make to never voting again will be in 2024 either to vote for Trump or to write him in, not that I have any faith in him, the system, or voting itself, but because that will act as a “no confidence” vote. TPTB could care less about my vote, but they do not like to be mocked and they do not like the world to see how hated they are internally.

    Relatedly, I would like to see some state put either a secession or no confidence vote on the ballot some time just to watch the “legal” gyrations to have it removed.

    As for McConnell, finally a Republican has admitted his party is controlled opposition and he doesn’t give a single damn about “his” voters or their opinions or choices as long as he can grift and steal. It is quite refreshing. Imagine being someone who actually believes voting matters or “their” party represents them.

    • The likelihood of 2024’s election turning out to be a reprise of the 1860 election is becoming a distinct possibility, hence the heavyhanded Lincoln references from Admiral Dick Levine impersonator Liz Cheney, as well as the desperate attempts to arrest Trump and disqualify him coming from both the Left and the Vichy Right.

      If the Bad Orange Man runs and wins, the Left will immediately go to civil war, without a doubt, and there is a faction of the Left that prefers to not have their revolutionary wing initiate civil war. The reason for this is simple. The Left knows that the Boomers, CivNats, Normies and Grillers, raised on a steady diet of the sacred Pledge of Allegiance and Lee Greenwood songs, will never, ever revolt, rebel or secede. California and New York absolutely would, as well as every large city. I do not believe that they fear the BOM being elected and initiating reprisals agains them, because as we all know, he’s a blowhard Twitter addict, not a long knifing Mustache Guy with a taste for blood. He’s still a CivNat, not a counter-revolutionary.
      Trump terrifies the Vichy Right in an election scenario because if they refuse him, he very well could destroy the Republican Party and their cozy system that has been in place since 1876. They definitely do not want to go the way of the Whig Party. They are desperately trying to thread the needle of being subservient lapdogs to the Left while keeping Normies on the vote harder delusion.

      • The Left has so much soft power that they could easily depose a 2024 Trump, assuming he managed to win the election, without firing a shot.

        • That does not matter. That the Left must come out of hiding to depose a President—especially one that has won three times—draws back the curtain for many normies. I see no downside here. 😉

          • That’s right, and why a tiny, carved out exception to voting in that single case is my preference. Granted, most Normies will stop to vote harder on their way to the death camps, but not all of them. It is why police state tactics such as the FBI Mar-A-Lago raid prove counter-productive for the Junta. Of course, declining support conversely will result in more draconian measures because there is less to lose.

      • PR:

        You have laid out exactly why I think the “fortified” 2020 election was outright stolen through mail-in ballots. The Imperial Regime knew full well that if Trump were to take office again, California, at a minimum, likely along with New York and parts of New England, Minnesota and swathes of the Northwest would have left the union. Weighing the costs, the Regime realized with outright theft Trump would continue to be an impotent blowhard and his supporters, for the most part, would squawk, push around the margins and generally not represent a major threat. The last few days indicate that may have been underestimated, much to my surprise as well.

        The Republican Party is in a bad and likely fatal spot. It would like Trump dead and business as usual but it also knows it will bleed voters even now if it does not respond to the Mar-A-Lago raid, let alone allow the National Security State to blatantly choose who it will accept and who will not accept as candidates. I think, thus far, the biggest loser of the last two weeks has been the GOP, with the FBI/National Security State a close second. The ferocity of the response to the raid put them on their heels.

        You will start to hear secession rumblings even if the Republicans just pick up a congressional majority this summer. Here’s the upside: the only peaceful way a dissolution can happen is if the Left is the one who leaves. I think that quite possibly might happen.

        The unraveling and self-sorting was well underway prior to 2016, and it seems ready to accelerate. The Border Patrol unlocking the gate put by the State of Texas is an image that should be remembered due to its historical significance, along these lines. It’s over and here’s to hoping for a peaceful resolution.

        • I can speak only of AZ, but there was much circumstantial evidence presented of process corruption—especially wrt mail-in balloting—as to make even a blind man see.

          Another example (I won’t bore you with what I’ve previously written): Mail-in ballot verification via signature verification. If the signatures are not matched, the ballot is send for “curing”, which basically means the voter is contacted to affirm that this is their ballot and they *did* vote it.

          A sample of several thousand ballots from our largest County were obtained. All mail-in ballots were signed and the signature compared to the signature on record at the County elections dept.

          Four professional signature analysts were brought in to verify the signatures with the official records. They found something like 4-5% did not match, and should be sent for “curing”. The official number sent for “curing” in the County was less than 2%.

          Signed and sworn affidavits of County election workers have been presented to the State legislature detailing the lack of rigor in the signature comparison process, where these workers were told (due to time pressure constraints) to speed up the signature comparison process by eliminating comparison points—from 9, to 7, to 3…and finally to only reject those where there was *no* signature!

          Does that mean all these ballots were illegal? No, but in this County there were a couple million ballots cast. The margin of victory for Biden was a little more than 10k!

          The Legislature has not voted in a single significant measure to address this problem. The gubernatorial (“angry”) Rep candidate is running on a one day, “one vote”, paper ballot at the polling place.

          • Interesting and thanks, Compsci. As I really don’t believe voting and electoral politics matter at this point and haven’t for a long time, the only reason I see for theft of this magnitude was fear a second Trump term would have led to national dissolution. The frustration over people, who have grown in number, who believe the election was stolen puzzles me as well. Why care?

          • “Why care?”

            Because others “care”. The aura of legitimacy is a big thing to White people and sleepy “Normies”. That must be fought and the battle won in order to grow numbers of DR’s.

    • I fully intend to vote this year and in 24 but with the full knowledge that it means nothing. I live in a deep red state with RINOs in every office. I intend to vote for whatever token candidates the Dems throw up not caring who are what they are. I’ve voted in primaries for Bernie twice because they are all so bad, at least Bern would be amusing. If AOC was on the ballot here, I’d gladly vote for her.

      Republicans are our worst enemy and there won’t be changes until normies realize that. Liberals don’t hide that they hate you but RINOs pretend to be on our side. I’d rather have the libs to accellerate the collapse.

      • That’s a smart approach. It is foolish to vote and to think it will effect change, but there are positive results that can be achieved such as prompting discomfort and more blatant tampering. That’s why I reject the purity test of not voting in each and every circumstance. In the vast majority of cases, north of 90 percent, refusing to display consent is the right approach, but there are limited cases where this is not true. You have nailed one in that it is a no confidence vote in the Republican Party.

        • Jack: Sorry, but I disagree. You or Mike may feel you are making a no confidence vote, but no one in power actually notices. If you feel you are making a statement or getting some personal amusement, that’s fine, but all anyone else notices is that you stood in line and participated in the civic farce.

          • I see your point but I don’t care about the optics. If you see me vote that doesn’t confer legitimacy to the process, I’m like every other voter, an NPC in the game. My consent has been withhdrawn and I’m just going through the motions readying myself for the next phase.

          • We do disagree. It feels good, whether noticed or not. I seriously doubt not casting a vote elicits more than a yawn, either. Voting to effectuate change is indeed stupid, voting to register a no confidence vote has individualized merit. I suspicion of an actual no confidence referendum were held you would be tempted even though the results never would be honored.

          • Mike, what motions do you go through at the polling place to ready yourself for the next phase? No, really—and I respect your stance in this matter.

            I just can’t help but remember the old saw that was popular in “gunny” circles decades back—something to the effect, “…our American democracy stands on three boxes, the “soap” box, the “ballot” box, and the “cartridge” box…”

            Now Mike, you admit that the first two boxes are now missing—what are you doing wrt the remaining box?

      • To the extent there is any bang for the buck, there is more of it in a primary than a general. Even if the RINO wins, at least making a race of it might get some attention. Abbott is a good example. Normally, running against Beto would be a shoe in, but he went from 90% in the 2018 primary to 67% of the vote in 2022. He won the general by 55% to 45% in 2018. He will probably still win, but I would not be surprised if his margin slips more, even against a candidate as unlikeable as Beto. This explains Abbott’s sudden channeling of DeSantis.

        Of course, there are other things besides national or statewide offices involved, and the lower down the ballot, the more bang you would have. Problem is finding info on the down ballots is much more difficult. But there are things like referenda and constitutional amendments involved as well.

      • That tactic depends on whether you prefer a slow or a rapid decline, and whether you think that a rapid decline has a better chance of leading to some sort of positive outcome. My view is that best chance of salvaging something of Western civilization in the territory of what was the United States is for the present regime to fall, or at least have its reach reduced, as quickly as possible. If you think that voting can help bring that about, you vote for the most Left Democrat. However, my view is probably a minority one, and a small minority at that.

  20. Excellent show, Z. And like you say – you guys are having an effect. Learn to take the win! 🙂

    Say what ya want about Trump – he has brought subjects into the national conversation that were forbidden by the left like the swamp, the fake news, borders, etc. Before him – they wouldn’t DARE to raise those subjects in the public square. Guys like you put a boot up the arse of the establishment with that guy. Firing Liz out of a cannon is a HUGE deal. The Cloud People cannot shrug stuff like that off. I am beginning to see other politicians on Blab that are as disgruntled as you dissidents here. They share your opinions and want your input – but all too often they get written off as establishment hacks and barking seals.

    That’s a big machine you guys are trying to handle. The Establishment has generations of momentum built up, and has consumed entire communities. You don’t turn something like that on a dime – if you do, you will wreck it. Contrary to many – the possibility of something better coming of that is not assured. It may not even be likely. If there is any chance at peacefully doing what needs to be done… it’s going to be you guys that do it. If violence is required, it will be you guys that have to save the day.

    I hope your travels involve more pleasure than business Z. Take care and keep us posted of your doings.

    • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–Trump’s willingness to speak unspeakable truths–not his actual policy demarches–is why the Power Structure moves hell and earth to try to destroy him. The truth simply must be suppressed, possibly on pain of Trump’s death.

      • …”The truth simply must be suppressed, possibly on pain of Trump’s death…” True enough, but would it not be more accurate to state ‘preferably’ vs possibly?

  21. The tale of the Witch of Wyoming is instructive because of what it tells us about the nature of Cloud People. She was (and is) viscerally hated by most people simply because she is so obviously evil to the core. And yet, she wears that hatred as a badge of honor and literally scorns the people of Wyoming for not drinking the Koolaid that she was so magnanimously serving up to her constituents. How does someone who thrives on being hated get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and not slit their own throat in disgust?

        • Because they have a bubble of people who praise them at any chance and keep out any notion that dirt people might not like them

          • Also you guys, lots of the PMC feel the same way about regular people as Liz or Hillary or Nancy. They’re just better then you don’t ya know. Not that they rigged the system to elevate people like themselves, just gosh darn better in every way 😉

        • I get all the Nazi references, but the Nazis were at least trying to do what they thought was best for their own people (whether right or wrong about it), not betray them at every turn for their own personal gain. I can’t see Pelosi biting a bullet in a Berlin bunker as it all crashes down and go out with the ship – no, she will look for an escape hatch to live out her days with her ill gotten gains as she watches it all burn from a safe distance.

          • Jackboot is a term of art, and in modern usage, is not specifically a reference to the Gestapo or SS, which are long gone. Nowadays, it means well-meaning white guys who reflexively follow tyrannical orders with an arrogant self righteousness and zero regard for the outcome of their actions. In historical terms, it could just as easily be the Redcoats that starved the Irish or the Cossaks responsible for the Holodomor famine. But the central point is that they exist right here in the US and they have the potential to be just as lethal, so should not be underestimated.

          • @Tom

            You know this is not true in the slightest.

            Ask 199 normies what Jackboot is associated with.

            99 will say Germans. The other 1 will not have heard the term.

          • @ Trumpton

            Just google the term “jackboot” or research urban dictionaries. Most common current usage is as a synonym for government thug.

    • Its a neurological process where the feeling of being hatred is a re-enforcement of their own rightness and a positive feedback.

      Narcissists have this feature in spades.

      • This is it. It’s the standard mindset of Basic College Girls. To them, the world works exactly like Twitter. Which means they live by Oscar Wilde’s bit about “no such thing as bad publicity.” The key to “winning” Twitter — and they absolutely believe Twitter can be “won” — is by having people talk about you, while you don’t talk about them.

        People who snipe at you on Twitter are therefore “h8rz,” and having “h8rz” means you win, because those people are obsessing over you while you ostentatiously ignore them.

        Imagine the entire world working like a junior high mean girl clique, in other words — that’s Clown World. That’s why they not only don’t care that they’re loathed by the Dirt People, but actually revel in it.

        • I don’t think normal people get this.

          People who dislike you, you either don’t care or avoid.

          This pathology not only provides a positive dopamine feedback, you then go out of your way to engender the reaction and get extra bonus rewards if you can use the power of authority to make them suffer at the same time as you provoke them.

    • Because the people that she cares about – Cloud People – don’t hate her. She’s beloved in Washington, which is her home.

    • Not that hard if we all consider our own lives

      Do you care what blacks think of you? Or illegals? Or Muslims? Even French people? I don’t. I could give a s-hit.

      Well, that’s probably how the politicians feel about us, we are some strange other whose opinions don’t matter because we simply don’t matter to them.

      • Yeah, that’s got to be the case. I’ve suspected for some time now the futility of it all wrt our elite. They *do* certainly care what “others” think about them, just that you and I and 99% of the rest of the country’s populace are not in that classification of “others”. 🙁

    • 3g beat me to it, but (a) it has been highly lucrative and (b) she hates her voters. So pissing on them while being compensated for it brings her pleasure.

    • I love all these follow-on comments, but I really just want her to slit her own throat so no one else has to be bothered.

  22. I wonder if Dan Crenshaw is next. He was a staunch defender of Cheney. I enjoy getting the desperate emails from his campaign. Maybe anyone who scoffs at the anti-RINOs and defends the status quo is on the chopping block. I think within an election cycle or two they are all going to get replaced with BIPOCs who embrace strong CivNat rhetoric – like Hagerman the Lt. Governor in TN … …

    I think the GOP is going to end up looking like the globo homo cartoons.

    They would deserve it. And, maybe that would finally push them across the Great Divide. While we’ve been ground to dust in the corporate world with this DIE crap, they’ve been bending over and getting dog collar’d by the new vanguard of the left. I can’t tell you how many people I have been catching up with who have been pushed to the bottom of the totem pole at work. Many are life long lefties and they are pissed. The mask has come off.

    • i love his nick “Eyepatch McCain”. that guy is as phony as they come; perfect normie bait.

      • I like Cyclops Dan, myself.

        I’m wondering why he doesn’t have a cyborg eye that allows him to shoot lasers out of it yet from his paymasters at Rayethon.

      • Eyepatch McCain! Great. I’ll take Cyclops Dan too.

        I love how he accuses the MAGAs of being theatrical dolts while he is jumping out of airplanes and promoting his SEAL creds. I don’t disagree that some of these MAGA folks (Greene, Boebert, Cawthorn), are clownish, but at least they are sincere.

        In a better day, Crenshaw was a Democrat. But the gravity of the left was made stronger by Conservative Inc. having any mass.

      • I also like “Cringeshaw” especially after his Rambo commercials.

        The guy that came closest to him in the primary was a complete unknown who raised about $50k to Cringeshaw’s $15m, yet still got 15% of the vote.

    • “I think within an election cycle or two they are all going to get replaced with BIPOCs who embrace strong CivNat rhetoric – like Hagerman the Lt. Governor in TN”

      Agreed. Watching the slide, watching people buy the rhetoric and not the candidate. 2 steps forward, 1 back.

      It could be a ruse, more likely I think it represents how cucked white men are these days, and that’s the fundamental problem. Demographics over ideology. Not racist, just how it is now. The corner’s turned when there’s not much to notice.

      • Great comment: “watching people buy the rhetoric and not the candidate”

        Lots of wisdom in that one!!!

    • Crenshaw already won his primary with 75% of the vote. He won the general in 2020 by a 2-digit margin. I think we’re stuck with him.

      • True, but that was before his more public sellouts of backing the Ukraine war (and sending $$$$$) and gun control while yelling at his constituents for questioning CRT. He, like Cornyn, timed his back-stabbing for post-election. Unlike Cornyn, he doesn’t have another 4 years for people to forget the back-stabbing.

      • Although I think you are right for the immediate future. The D running against him is a typical Northern Transplant with no ties to the community vomiting the typical leftist propaganda.

        But she is cute.

  23. A Les Chainy GOP run could definitely affect Trump’s chance of winning – by increasing it.

    Of course her family name has high recognition, but then so does Stalin’s.

    • Trump mocking her relentlessly on the campaign trail would be some good entertainment

      over/under in weeks between “I am above the fray, personification of dignity! and will not respond to his childish insults and get into the mud with him” to she goes full Rubio and starts questioning the size of his manhood

  24. The population of Wyoming is .018 percent of the US. Her political demise, if such is the case, is no more important than the retirement of a local postmaster or, in the case of the Cowboy State, a game warden. The Cheney non-event is merely more free material for a media resolutely ignoring meaningful things like Zimbabwe-style inflation, a completely corrupt foreign policy, an inept and politically dominated public health system and a legislative body dominated by post-menopause harradins.

    • have to disagree (and down vote). she should have owned the vote there, because the population is so small. this was a marie antoinette moment.

    • Cheney is one of the main faces of Conservative Inc. Her flaming defeat is just a tad more important than a game warden.

      But, of course, you know that.

    • The significance is not national or even local but sociological. Lizzy is a spoiled rich girl who failed at her U.S. Senate pre-primary bid in 2013— that time she compared herself to Winston Churchill by the way— a near-life experience for her that echoes GW Bush’s and Obama’s abortive earlier forays into the crooked office-holding business. As a runner-up prize after that dust settled, she got to be Congresswoman At Large For Life, similar to how Lindsey Graham gets to be Senateperson For Life and James Comey hoped to be FBI Director For Life except those two had steadily worked the angles to gather influence/kompromat, whereas cowboy-hat-doffing/blue-jeans-hand-staining Wlodalizabeth Chenelenskyy never lifted a finger except to brandish her last name.

      Personally I hated her before all this, so it’s been something to hear the strange new respect heaped on her by libs here in California. They have the minds of religious peasants, and Lizzo knows it; so instead of staying on doing next to nothing at her law firm, the U.S. House of Reps, she looked at the new breed like Ocasio-Cortez and Taylor Green who are charging hard to make partner, and thought to herself, “How can I get in on that”— i.e. transitioning to a Resistance celebrity du jour was quite literally the best idea she could hatch for using the office. It isn’t worthy of being called a “heel turn” because she was a redundant and uninspired seat warmer to begin, but clever enough in that distinctive overclass way to mark the corporate media hormonal conniptions over Jan 6 rowdies as something to exploit for ducats (it is true she could have stayed Wyo. Rep. if she wanted, the effort these days is minimal, all of which reflects poorly on her past voters). That’s the meretricious professional basis of being a Muttmerica pol now: forget vision or strategy, forget building power/alliances, just build fame; then profit on the free hysteria market.

  25. Tucker went crazy on GOP leadership last night. He rightly pointed out how easy a path they have to winning every last close race in November with a few simple messages – but they won’t.

    • I could be wrong, but it is my opinion that Pols don’t really represent their “constituents “.

      They do as they’re told. McConnell is no exception. How else did Liz Chaney, of all creatures, increase her net worth by over 30 million dollars in six years.

      Guess she really is good at picking stocks!

    • I saw that and I was laughing. I like Tucker and I know he can only go so far and keep his job so I don’t expect him to go all Thomas Paine on TV but last night was a hoot. He really got me thinking by pointing out how McConnell is actually setting up the Republicans, who by every metric should win the mid term in a landslide to fail miserably. He actually said they “may not” take the House. They are “all-in” on the next leftist Fix.

      • Agree about Tucker.

        He needs to be careful letting Tulsi guest host if he wants to keep those fat Fox checks rolling in.

        This is because potential sponsors might start making power lunch comments to Fox execs like, “You know we won’t run ads while Tucker is on. That could change if someone like…say…Tulsi were on primetime…”

        • Tulsi is more Republican than most Republicans. On issues where she isn’t, she’s at least up front about it.

    • why that year? i would say not returning the slaves to africa was their second betrayal. going to war over states withdrawing from the union being their first. if only shakespeare were alive to write a play about it. i personally keep mark twain out of the pantheon of American writers because he didn’t have the nads to deal with this. maybe i am wrong and he did, let me know if you disagree.

      • Lincoln was never serious about repatriating the two legged farm equipment after the war. Lincoln lied as naturally as he breathed, and that particular lie is taken out of its historical context.

        • Wouldn’t surprise me if that was just the 19th century GOP version of “Read my lips” and “he has weapons of mass destruction”. Plus ca change . . . .

          • People tend to forget that Honest Abe had a very, very shaky coalition he had to manage to prosecute his holy crusade for the Sacred Negro, because of the fragmented nature of the 1860 election and the division of the Democratic Party into Northern Democrats, Peace Democrats, and War Democrats, all of whom he had to deal with in his army and in his prosecution of the war, while on the other hand appeasing his fellow Black Republican abolitionist lunatics that were his core support. The noises he made about repatriation were window dressing to keep the CivNats of the day on board with the war. They did not like or want freed Negroes overrunning their white states (that they got it in the 20th century is an irony Alanis would find, well, ironic.)
            So Lincoln made the appropriate noises, knowing full well that would never happen, since his party would never acquiese to removing the Sacred Negro from our shores.

            So a myth that still has staying power is born.

      • Up to 1868, you could make the case that the GOP, in spite of the crazed Abolitionists, was actually doing what they said they would. Andrew Johnson made an honest attempt to get the Southern states back up to normal running speed, and he wasn’t terribly interested in the agenda of merchants and Judeo-Puritan zealots. Nor was he impressed by negro incompetence. After Johnson left office, the usual suspects took over the party and it has been pretty much the same boilerplate ever since. The GOP has been defrauding the nation from Grant till now. It took the Democrats another 50 or 60 years to match their grift, but they overtook and surpassed the GOP sometime after WW2.

        • Andrew Johnson wasn’t a Republican, he was a Democrat.
          He was a scumbag collaborator from Tennesee who was picked by Lincoln to be his Vice President on a “National Union” party coalition in the 1864 election, the only sitting senator from a Confederate state who did not resign his seat upon learning of his state’s secession. See my above comment on Lincoln having to hold together a shaky coalition of Democrats to win the war, while balancing that with his own party of lunatics. That’s why the abolitionist fanatics impeached Johnson in 1868. He was never one of theirs.

  26. Just my 2 cents.

    Paul Craig Roberts has an article on SLL where he refers to the FBI as Gestapo.

    We know the Left hates being mocked and ridiculed, so I suggest “Fedstapo” as the new description folks on our side use to describe home invaders and Lefty Brownshirts.

    • AMerican Gestapo has much more of a visceral impact. Fedstapo sounds like a diarrhea treatment.

    • The Gestapo framing is stupid and just keeps the nazi thing alive over and over.

      The correct analogy is the Cheka and by extension the related Bolshevik minority takeover of a Christian country.

      • trumpton: Emphatically agree, but surely by now you’ve realized that whenever Z writes an election post, everyone’s civic instincts come to the fore. Those of us who’ve truly seceded from the system have as much interest in who’s running for what office as we do in which nogger is playing for which sportsball team.

    • PCR has been posting some based stuff lately.

      That said, I prefer Matt Bracken’s, “Wokestapo,” and the reasoning behind it.

  27. >”Some percentage of the Dirt People are waking up to the scam that is the Republican Party and they are ready to act on it, even if it means the crazies keep control.”

    Maybe. But they should only say this if they’re willing to secure their rights through methods other than voting. Which means exactly what you think it does.

    Because the realistic options are:
    1) Maintain political power through voting
    2) Allow ourselves to be tyrannized by ”the crazies” forever
    3) Or…

    • What are you? Some kind of Fed Poster?

      Did I tell you about the time I challenged the feds and got 2 years in the penitentiary getting my rear pounded out by Bubba every night and day?

      • My point is that the Dissident Right has no shortage of snarkers, doomers, and blackpillers who will endlessly tell us what isn’t the path to victory. Fair enough – that has some real utility to it. But it only has limited utility, and eventually it gets old and we start needing someone to come up with ideas for what *is* the path to victory.

        Okay, so you’re blackpilled on voting and have some snark about how “vote harder” is a scam. And maybe you’re right. But if that’s not the plan, then what *is* the plan? Crossing our arms and harumphing on obscure corners of the interwebs? Giving up, ceding power, and becoming bitter old men? I don’t think that’ll work any better.

        • The plan, and many do not like it but it is the only one I can see right now and it’s not pretty or sexy, is to prepare and wait. Wait until the system crashes of its own incompetence, make preparations to secure your own well being. Letting the system destroy itself is not fun or exciting (well, maybe a little entertaining), but if you have a better plan, as Ross Perot might say “I’m all ears.”

          • Okay but that’s not going to work. Your grandchildren will be a despised, disarmed, powerless minority in the country your ancestors built long, long before the system crashes to the point that the crazies give up power. You might as well be a white South African waiting for the black government to collapse to the point that Apartheid will come back. No, it won’t – not ever. We walk that path but once.

          • Your grandchildren will be a despised, disarmed, powerless minority in the country your ancestors built long, long before the system crashes to the point that the crazies give up power

            Like I said, no one likes the plan, but it is the most realistic one at the moment. And it’s painful. But how else do you fight a system that has complete and total control over everything and can crush you at the drop of a hat? You fight it by letting it rot itself, and by surviving the rot. The system took generations to build, it is going to take generations to defeat. No one likes to hear that – we all want it to go away in a blink. I wish it were so, but that is not realistic. What is realistic is that it crashes at some point. But who knows when that some point is.

            Crazies giving up power is not the point – the power to enforce their crazy disappearing or being rendered ineffective is.

            As I also said, let me know if you heard a better one.

          • Yes, this is pretty much it. They hold all the cards, and in some places—major urban areas—they will continue to hold all the cards. But in the hinterland, their reach will be reduced as their economic lunacy ramps up. We begin to take what they can no longer hold. There’s no telling how things eventually wind up, but we’re in with a decent chance in a lot of places.

        • Your point about snarkers, etc is valid.
          It takes intelligence to come up with clever ironies and satires. It is fun to be witty. So people sink into that refuge. But these linguistic tools need to be managed and that is a higher challenge.

          We should be nudging people towards an understanding of the situation. Even lefties get that “zelenskys uh crook.” A few here and there just a little bit then it’s sand making a heap.

          We can practice leading and collecting people into just fun activities, you and they are going to benefit from strength in numbers. Exchange outgrown kids clothes and toys, neighbors walking. Anything.

          Become proficient in interjecting short quick statements that are connected to the topic of the day, which lead this way. Study language tools, etc.

          I suggest that letting it crash first is a BS cope. It’s better to win from the strength we have while we still exist, rather that after other groups are even more entrenched and then try come back from being non existent.

          You seem to be out-front of the skis. Not a good position.

  28. It means one of their principles is that normal white people are monsters.

    Probably their only principle.

  29. Liz Cheney might have been “voted out,” but she won’t be leaving Washington — she’ll probably increase her income tenfold as a lobbyist for Raytheon or General Dynamics.

    The idea that she ever actually “represented” Gillette or Rawlins was a fiction intended to dupe the rubes into going along with the system by giving them the false belief that they actually mattered.

    The Uniparty is real. Cheney absolutely understood who her paymasters were and where they were from, and if she wanted to continue to have influence and money it was absolutely necessary for her to attack Trump. They weren’t kidding when they called him an “existential threat” — as the only guy out there calling them out on the bullshit, he was.

    • I grew up in Sodom-on-the-Potomac.
      And I used to [briefly, during college in teh 90s] babysit her children.
      This was when she only had 2.
      I met Darth Vader briefly once, and to me (a 19-year-old sophomore), he was intimidating, for sure.
      The Mother, (I know her name but am attempting to mask things at least a litte) on the other hand, was just as lovely as she could be. She sat down with me at the table, asked what I was majoring in, what I’d like to do for a career, etc. Spent a little while actually *talking with* me.

      That one interaction with her made me a fan for life [of her]. There was no grandstanding needed, and yet she was a kind person to me.

      My point to all of this is not that “I know people.” [BARF.]
      My point is that Liz Cheney is a total creature of Washington, just like the rest of them, and will never change.
      (I mean, we all *know* that already, but this was back in the mid-90s, while she was still working her way up.)

      As others have said, I’m just glad that the fine voters of Wyoming are also wising up to the charade.

      • I never had the hate for Dick that a lot of people did. Sure, he was a Deep Stater, but maybe I thought he was OK because he was an old-school Cold Warrior all the way back to the 1970s when I actually trusted the Republicans and the conservatives. Dick always struck me as sober, measured and intelligent. Say what you will about Iraq in hindsight, but I think Dick and the neocons genuinely thought it would be a month-long cakewalk like 1991… and Cheney and Powell sure looked pretty impressive then.

        The daughter on the other hand was clearly an arrogant bitch just grifting off the old man’s name.

        • Sober, measured and intelligent.

          Don’t disagree, but to what end did he put his talents? Calculating as well. Very calculating.

        • Xman: My husband used to think like you – he actually respected Cheney’s Cold Warrior grift . . . back when he believed the propaganda re the Global War on Terror. He’s had a lot of hard lessons since then and now despises Cheney along with all the rest of them. For the son of an army colonel raised a patriot, he’s come along way.

      • Carrie: You make an interesting point. I never knew Cheney, but in the course of various DC jobs I met a lot of people and could drop a lot of names. Some of those people were perfectly courteous or even friendly to me and others were not. But at this point, I no longer make that distinction – they’re all part of the same vile system and I now consider them and their families all equally culpable. Let God sort them out.

        • Sometimes the most courteous ones are the ones who are preparing to stab you in the back or pull the rug out from under you…

        • I’m jealous! I spent (nearly) my whole life there, until my early 40s, and the closest I ever got to anyone famous and powerful was when our U.S. Rep came to speak at my middle school. 🙂

          I can truthfully say that I was invited to the same room with President Reagan at his 2nd inauguration in 1985. There is an enormous asterisk appended to that statement: I was in the local military at the time, extreme cold had cancelled the outdoor activities. The venue was changed indoors, to the local sports arena (Capital Centre). I was among several thousand in the “room.” I was awarded a medal for helping erect tents on The Mall. Not bad for a junior enlisted 😀

  30. If you’re cynical about Presidential elections and assume the DNC will name the next President, winning or rigging the 2024 election, Liz Cheney would be the ideal choice. Sensing the opportunity, she may have seized on J6 as her rebrand.

    • disagree. she is of 0 value to either side now. she cannot represent herself as gop (she can try, but it won’t work) since she was slammed so bad ina *primary*. and the dems won’t let her in their tent. she will fade away like a brian stelter fart….

      • Such optimism.

        Democrats obey the telescreen. That’s how they became Democrats. It says they love Liz now, so they love Liz now.

        Meanwhile the GOP is shifting its brand a little, from its old theatrical Washington Generals style of ineffectuality to operating openly as the party that disenfranchises Republican voters.

        They want Trump? He’s dead. They primary Liz? She’s the next president.

    • Two weeks from now (if that) no one is going to remember Liz Cheney.

      It’s been great watching her downfall, but the fact remains: She went from a net worth of $7 million as a junior Congressman, and now is worth upwards of $44 million.

      There’s also $14 million in her campaign “warchest”; you can be sure she’s not going to blow that on a vanity run for the presidency.

      Maybe a book deal and a cable news show after the Jan 6 committee winds down as well. Being a US politician IS JUST A JOB…and she’s played her hand very, very well.

    • The “Liz Cheney doesn’t represent Wyoming” was a really easy argument to make because she didn’t even try to represent the state at all during her three terms. She got in the first time in a crowded primary field with 38% of vote with low info voters basing their decision on name recognition probably making up a significant part of the total. She had primary challengers almost no money and low name ID put up significant vote totals both of the last two times she won.

    • JEB: Absolutely. I’m certain Cheney’s replacement will make big, noticeable changes that will positively impact every White Wyoming resident’s life in the near future. /sarc

      • “… Cheney’s replacement will make big, noticeable changes that will positively impact…”

        I no longer downgrade pol’s for failure of the above. My standard has lowered to the point that all I ask is not to have my intelligence insulted or be degraded. My dog has higher expectations of me… 😉

  31. Closing with a Faun song was a nice touch. I discovered that group via this website. Pity that they’ve changed their lead female vocalist.

  32. “but the fact is the Republicans are currently offering nothing to the voters.”

    I don’t think they’ve offered anything for decades. Likewise for the scumbag Democrats. The US system of party politics and elections is a charade and the decreasing number of registered voters playing along with it attests to its bogus nature. Right now I’d happily vote for the NSDAP.

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  34. Meh. They are better off without Cheney, and yes the tears are delicious, but the new one’s a Wyoming version of Witmer, festooned with torquoise and other mountain west paraphenalia. Think of a postmenopausal version of the bikini clad AR15 touting tarts that the grillers like to repost. She’s making the right ‘Wyoming first’ noises, for now. Is this really the best they could do?

    • Who isn’t burning the midnight oil these days?

      Falling asleep is easy, but if you wake up at 2 am how to prevent one of those worry worms from entering your cranium?

      So many worry worms, one worries about forgetting an important worry worm. Ear plugs & clothes pins for the nose.

      The plague, climate change, the dollar, the 3 am FBI knock on the door, buy more ammo, nukes, monkey pox, crime, money…what worry am i forgetting? Virginia Dare 435 years ago was the first. Who will be the last?

      • By the by, the plague, climate – not real worries but worries at large, ginned up by the Feds. Worry about a visit by an armed IRS agent instead.

      • BeAprepper: Try some theanine. Rather than melatonin or things that make you drowsy, it helps shut my whirling brain down so I can sleep.

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