The Great Dimming

For a long time, it was understood that the success of a people was tied to the quality of the people in terms of their abilities. A highly capable people would do better at the necessary things of society than an incompetent people. Often, moral claims would cloud the view. Maybe one people were chosen by God to rule over the others or maybe the people offended the gods and had been punished as a result. Even so, there has always been a link between talent and results.

Today we understand that Mother Nature does not distribute her gifts equally between peoples or among people. Some people are smarter than others. Some people have cultural qualities that seem to be rooted in their shared genetics. These cultural qualities provide a benefit when it comes to the tasks of society. A people who values hard work and honest dealings will do better than a people who favor sloth or lying. Whether these cultural qualities can be inculcated is debatable.

The blank slate crowd are sure that everything about a human society is a construction of the mind and can therefore be deconstructed. Western society, which has towered over the rest of mankind for more than five hundred years, can be disassembled and then reassembled to put non-Western people in charge. There is no evidence to support the claim, but a great global experiment is underway, nonetheless. There is mass migration from the Global South into the West.

A dozen years ago, Jason Richwine did his doctoral thesis in the topic and found that migration into the United States from the south was decreasing the quality of human capital by reducing the over all IQ of the population. He relied upon the mountain of IQ studies that show the average intelligence of Hispanics to be ten points below the average for Europeans. The usual suspects flew into a rage and had Jason Richwine condemned for heresy.

No one bothered to challenge the conclusions of his study, as that would suggest moral claims can be subject to objective measures. A key component of any religion is that the moral claims are unassailable. The new religion of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity operates like every other religion. Its principles are beyond question. In this case, it means that all people are equally capable and the differences seen between people are due to the racism of white people.

You see this in a response by a writer at Reason Magazine. Ronald Bailey makes no effort to dispute the factual claims of Richwine, as he lacks the intellectual capacity to understand them, much less dispute them. Instead, he draws a parallel between Richwine and eugenicists from a century ago. You see, “eugenics” is a bad word so laying it in the same area as a person makes that person bad. You can then safely dismiss the words of the bad people without addressing them.

Even if you accept the claims in that Reason post, the flow of people from the south into America is having a clear impact on IQ. The claim is that the people coming in will get smarter by standing on the better dirt in the United States, but it will take four or five generations for that to happen. That is roughly a century. While that is happening, the population of low IQ people rises. This is happening rather quickly due to the age distribution of the white population.

For example, using government data, whites have an average IQ of 100, blacks are at 85 and the new people are around 90. This is consistent with what Richwine found in his research and what subsequent research has shown. This is one of those times when the official government position mirrors reality. That means that the average IQ in the United States in 1950 was around 98. By 1980, with the uptick in immigration and decline in white fertility, the average was just over 97.

In other words, with very stable demographics and little immigration, the average IQ in the United States had not changed very much in thirty years. This would explain why the country was able to pull out of the cultural lunacy of the prior decades and turn things around so quickly. There were a lot of smart people. Societies with high average intelligence also have a much larger number of smart people. These are the people who solve the problems made by other smart people.

By 2000, the effects of immigration were showing up in the test scores. The average IQ of the country, based on the new demographic mix, was below 97. By 2020 the average had fallen to below 96. In another decade it will fall below 95 and when the white population is a minority, it will be around 93. Note also that the aging off of the white population lowers white IQ. Not only are white people getting dumber, but old people are dumber than their younger selves.

Imagine a wardrobe made for a man who is 6’5″ and athletic being handed down to a man who is 5’10’ and a lazy person. The latter can pretend he does not like the style, but the reality is the clothes simply do not fit. This is what is happening in America as the people are replaced with new people. The old cultural, political and economic institutions were made for a people with an IQ close to 100. The new people will struggle to operate what they have inherited.

The flat earth people argue that culture is meaningless and the new people will be able to run the country as they like with the same economic results. The only thing that will change is the complexion. Instead of white guys staring at their mobile devices as they walk into traffic, it will be trans-lesbians of color. In fact, the final end of whiteness will unleash the creative energy of the nonwhite people. The result will be the paradise the prophets have long promised.

The trouble is the facts suggest otherwise. Twenty years ago, Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen made the connection between intelligence and economics. In IQ and the Wealth of Nations they showed that average national intelligence corresponds with the over all wealth of society. The usual suspects condemned the book and the authors, while accepting their conclusions. There is a reason the best universities do not draw names from a hat for admissions.

Recently, researchers George Francis and Emil O.W. Kirkegaard have revisited the topic and came to the same conclusion, which is to say there is a strong correlation between national wealth and national IQ. Francis notes that national IQ correlates not only with economic prosperity, but every national indicator of success. That means things like crime, social trust, affordable family formation and all of the other things we associated with stable, happy societies.

Of course, there is the smart fraction issue. As civilization becomes more complex, the demand for cognitive ability increases. At the top, where the most complex decisions are made, the demands go up much faster. The more complex a society, the more above average people are required to manage it. A society where everyone is the same IQ of 100, will not perform as well as a society where the average is 100 and intelligence is normally distributed.

The trending down of national IQ means the relative number of people in the smart fraction initially declines, but the overall smart fraction grows. In time, however, this reverses and the smart fraction begins to decline quickly in total and in relation to the size of the population. There are not enough smart people around to keep the system running, so the system must become less complex. Put another way, it must disaggregate, either slowly or all of a sudden.

What this means in terms of public policy is debatable. The most likely answer is that debating it is a waste of time. There is no arresting the demographic changes and there is no changing what that means as far as human capital. Even if there is a way to make it work, there are not enough smart people around willing to do it. At some point North America passes through the marching moron phase into something else. That something else will poor, nasty, brutish, and short lived.

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271 thoughts on “The Great Dimming

  1. I am in agreement with the sentiments expressed in this essay, and particularly agree that statistics show a definite correlation between higher IQ and economic success. But within the essay lay another undeniable fact; that smart people often are required to undo stuff that other smart people have done. For example, it is undeniable that Germany produced some of the most intelligent, cultured and diligent people on the face of the globe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Goethe, Godel, Bach, Beethoven, I could go on. However, it concomitantly produce some of the most malignant and destructive people ever seen, as in Marx, Freud and Hitler. (Again, I could go on.) Likewise, Japan was a marvel of industriousness and intelligence during much of the same period, yet it produced a society that gave no thought to committing the most egregious atrocities on its neighbors. What these “smart” societies wrought had to be undone by other, equally “smart” societies, i.e., those in the Anglosphere. It is not merely intellect that guaranties success in the long run; there must be a moral culture in which the intelligentsia operate within constraints, such as what was extant in England and England’s bastard stepchild, the USA. This rule adheres to individuals as well as societies, since intelligence alone is no predictor of good behavior, and frequently is the opposite. Intellect unmoored from morality is actually a recipe for disaster, but morality among less the intellectually gifted generally results in peace and harmonious social relations, if nothing else. I would rather live in a society that elevates Biblical morality (even if merely the Decalogue) over intellectual achievement, such as the Amish, although I prefer to live in one that allows for both, such as in the (former) USA.

    • Marx and Freud were not German. Understanding this is prettt much step one to figuring out a great many other things.

    • One conflates IQ with folks who were notorious in other areas, such as politics, i.e., Hitler, as places them among the “smart” (high IQ) people.
      This is a fallacy. The argument made is less than persuasive given the “examples”.

  2. Here’s the true dissident take on IQ, the one that is guaranteed to offend everyone, so you won’t hear it much even on edgelord forums. IQ is reflective of individual intelligence, yes, but on the tribal scale it simply means that tribe has to reproduce the most to fill up its leadership caste, which is just as intelligent as the leadership caste of any other tribe. Leaders who only talk to other leaders will insist that intelligence everywhere is equal, and in some sense they’re absolutely right.

    A “low IQ tribe” can just as accurately be described as a “muscular tribe”. Technology lowers IQ and increases muscle/population to the point where humans will look more like the Star Trek borg than anything else, a profoundly stupid tribe of trillions of mutant zombies that still manages to fill up its leadership caste due to its sheer scale, and its ultra lawful authoritarianism.

    These zombies will have black skin, and not just because black skin is the best skin to have in space. You could call them the new Atlantians.

  3. “Western society, which has towered over mankind for more than five hundred years….” So I guess the western White and (((white))) powers that be have decided the rest of us White dirt people have got to go – we could potentially cause serious problems to their grand design utopia. They also must figure they can easily control the rest of humanity – chinks, pajeets, muzzies, joggers etc., etc. to be their errand boys and girls. I guess we’ll see – these clowns and jackoffs can’t be that good…

  4. Some people have cultural qualities that seem to be rooted in their shared genetics.

    There’s no relationship between culture and genetics.

    Even someone with a supposed IQ of 96 realizes that if the average IQ of a given population, should it even be possible to make such a measurement, is 100, then half of that population will have an IQ less than 100, some of them a lot less. In another given population with an average IQ of 96 some of those individuals will have an IQ of much more than 100. So what’s the point of average IQ, if there’s any truth to it, anyway? If the average waistline of a Yankee is 38″ would it be satisfactory if all Levi’s jeans were sized 38×30?
    Why should one want to live in an environment of very intelligent people, which might make you one of the more imbecilic ones? So you can cook and clean for them? In a herd of dopes the average person gets to be the boss.
    In the US of A those at the top of the financial pyramid are regarded as very intelligent, if not actual geniuses. Of course they don’t necessarily know what makes the engine in their chauffer-driven car spin around, couldn’t sharpen a knife on a bet and speak only a single language.

    • Reminds me of the scene in Planet of the Apes when with the initial look over the the land and savages, Heston said within a few months we will be running this place.

    • The Origins of Northwest European Guilt Culture

      Northwest Europeans became more individualistic while acquiring stronger internal controls of behavior (affective empathy, guilt proneness). East Asians became more collectivistic while acquiring stronger internal controls (cognitive empathy) and stronger external controls (shaming, family-community surveillance, inculcation of normative behavior).

    • You shouldn’t comment on subjects like statistics, data sampling, and normal distributions that you apparently have no working comprehension of. If it were up to me your post would be censored for the ignorance it radiates.

      • Harsh, but accurate. The problem here is conflating the individual with their group. We can’t/shouldn’t judge an *individual* by group averages. There are tall persons, fat persons, and smart persons in any group. However, when we make policy—as in political decisions—we don’t pick some random person off the street and by looking at him or her, formulate a policy. We look at the group, and to do this we must look at the their group averages. This is the first thing one learns in statistics and its application.

    • Most of those at the financial top are probably above average, but it is not the brains per se. Rather, it’s the corruption/lack of scruples. It’s not that hard to win when you have insider information, government contacts that do your bidding, products/services you can force feed on the population, etc. But you do have to give up your soul.

      • It has been noted that those CEO’s at the top have a higher proportion of sociopaths among them. Not a great claim to fame in addition to an above average IQ.

  5. Everyone who picks a partner of the opposite sex using such criteria as good looks, health, intelligence, drive, kindness, etc., is practicing eugenics.

    • JDaveF: “good looks, health, intelligence, drive, kindness”

      Bro, you can be the engineer of our train, and I’ll be the passenger, trusting you to get us to our final destination, but dadgummit, we better stop at all the rural train stations along the way, because finding “good looks, health, intelligence, drive & kindness” in a 21st Century THOT is like searching for a needle in a dadgum haystack.

  6. It’s the same here too with the Turks and other non-whites now being hired in greater numbers. German companies are having to hire them because native Germans who are smart enough, have left or are leaving to find better employment opportunities and better pay elsewhere, often the US or Switzerland.

    Point in case, we recently hired a Turkish engineer who looked good on paper, and could talk his way through an interview. Five months later, it’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing and he is unable to finish half the projects he has been assigned. He spends the better part of his day asking his colleagues to explain how to do things we just explained to him a month ago. Thankfully we have a 6-month probation period under German law which means we can let him go without any issues.

    German companies have been off shoring more and more to East European countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic) because their education systems, especially at university level, are as good if not better than German universities…and are not pushing “The Message” German universities have been pushing for the past decade or so.

    Ultimately, in a few generations, the west will be run like “Idiocracy”. In a way I am glad I will be gone sooner than later. But fear my grandchildren will inherit a Germany no longer fit for real Germans.

    • You should change your screening test procedure to include sample written problems that they will be dealing with on a day to day, rather than rely on verbal interviews.

      • Or during the interview simply mention that you come from the land of chocolate to see if they fall into a twenty minute daydream like Homer Simpson.

        • Nailed it Ploppy. That’s why you’ll always find me in Zmans comment section, to rub shoulders with other high IQ gents

      • A real life test of problems typically encountered may not be possible given employment law (I know nothing of German law here). In America, I was shut down when doing such.

    • At the risk of doxing myself by revealing too many personal details, let me tell you all a true story. I am 57 years old, born in ’65, and am thus from year 1 of Generation X. I grew up when it was okay for teenagers to be bored. No internet, no “sail foams”, tv already sucked, video games were rudimentary, etc. In the classroom we had no electronic media. Crusty old textbooks and mimeographed sheets that still had the crazy chemical smell on them. We didn’t begin reading until half way through 1st grade, but by the mid-point of 2nd grade every last one of us could read. All my classmates were white, only 2 or 3 lived in a broken home, and AM radio still played oldies for 24 hours a day. Rap did not exist, literally.

      The left-to-right linear logic that is ingrained through years of reading books, taking notes down in longhand from a chalkboard, and watching hour long tv shows and movies (films with a beginning, a middle, and a generally logical ending) is rapidly disappearing from our planet. I began my teaching career very late; I turned 40 a week after I started teaching high school. I’m now in year 18 of my career, and because I started so late I have essentially seen three generations of American students. My all-white class of ’83 saw every single one of my classmates go to college. Not all graduated, but all were smart enough to earn a legit Associate of Arts degree.

      My current high school seniors are noticeably, palpably less intelligent than the ones I taught back in 2005. They cannot watch a film all the way through; they either fall asleep, or get so confused they simply tune out and stop paying attention. They don’t read; they can make the sounds of the letters, but the meanings are up for grabs. The left-to-right linear logic inculcated through reading is simply unavailable to my students; I make sense when I speak, but they are unable to follow much of what I say because their method is flawed. They don’t think the way I do. They can’t do it. In fact, the Black and Mexican pre-supposition that “reading is for faggots” has crept into the hearts and minds of my mostly white students.

      Nobody listens to rock n’ roll anymore. It’s either rap or trash country. None of them play musical instruments.

      They are moral relativists. I teach Bible, and I also teach World History. Subjects that are objectively interesting to any sentient 100 IQ student are a complete dud these days. They are always sleepy, from spending their night time hours watching TikTok vids and/or porn. They are over committed to sports; in fact, my boss (the headmaster) and I shared a joke to the effect that our Academy is a sports program that (incidentally) has a school attached to it. If you try to complain to a parent that their kid is doing nothing useful in class the parent invariably sides with the child (even though Mom and Dad both know their child is a jerk).

      So, I guess I sound like a typical Boomer doing his “o tempora, o mores” shtick at a family reunion. But I’m telling you, every day I’m living in the midst of what zman described in today’s post. The kids are simply different than they were 40 years ago. I keep doing my job because it’s my vocation; God has called me to do it. But I don’t do it with any real hope for the future. Some great “culling” will have to happen before anything changes for the better.

      That’s scary, but still I pray for such a Divine judgment. Without it we are literally spinning our wheels.

      • Homeschool, no screens, shelves of great (old) books, good music, combat sports, involvement in a traditional church, nightly and before meals prayer, honest talk together about the issues of the day, firm discipline, consistent love and encouragement…

        You too can have kids at such a level of superiority that they seem to be not just unlike but in fact an entirely different species than “these kids today”. It’s not that this is such a stupendous achievement its more that most allow our culture (or really (((“our” culture))) ) to deface children’s God given potential so terribly.

    • Similarly in Poland we’re importing Ukrainians as better or more ambitious Poles usually leave for abroad unless they receive a job from western corp here.
      I know that Bundeswehr wanted to enlist foreigners when von der Leyen was MoD. Did something change in that regard?

  7. Let’s say that you moved to a hypothetical society with an average IQ of 120. To login to access your bank statements, you were required to compute a double integral to prove you’re a human and not a robot. Rather than having user interfaces, most websites are operated using command lines, to improve efficiency. The society knows how to operate these things since it’s culturally engrained in them, and designed for their IQ level.

    You struggle, though. Eventually you just say F-it and stop paying your credit card statements. None of the natives seem to have problems with this calculus setup, which is frustrating as well. They’re polite to you, but sort of condescending and you can see them get frustrated with your lack of understanding. You say, “Ayo, man, jus’ lemme slide in dis one time, without da math, bruh.” You don’t understand why they can’t just let you access your account without doing complex calculus.

    Things like paying credit cards on time, investing, mortgages, etc. are just as alien to people with an IQ of 90 and no concept of future consequences. The results are evident. Things like dating, game, romance are equally alien to peoples who way be intellectually closer to 100 IQ, but from different cultures, causing them great angst.

  8. There was a story years ago about how Sen.McCain ran excitedly around the Capitol when Richwine got fired, yelling “kaboom!” What a prick.

      • The man is/was credibly accused of being a traitor in Vietnam, and he dumped his wife when he got back to the US when he met a rich heiress. He had daddy issues as his father and grandfather were accomplished admirals in the Navy, but all he could achieve was a commission as a second rate pilot. Further, he was a carpet bagger and never an AZ resident, but instead shopped around the US for a open and easy Congressional seat. This being possible because of laws regarding military and allowing residency to be taken in any State one was previously stationed. He was perhaps the first politician I can remember who truly despised the “dirt” people. It was palpable and he rarely met with his constituents. He was also involved in scandals during his tenure as Senator, see: Ketting 5.

        All in all a fine specimen of his species.

  9. For example, using government data, whites have an average IQ of 100, blacks are at 85 and the new people are around 90.

    I have no problem with the numbers, but I wasn’t aware that there was government IQ data. I would be very interested in a link!

  10. I think it is actually worse than the article lays out. Yep, there is no doubt that the intelligence level is dropping each day and and with each wave of third world peoples walking in across the border. If this isn’t bad enough, there are longstanding (at least 50 years) legal and cultural preferences for black and brown bodies to fill positions at the top universities and organizations. There is discrimination against significantly more intelligent people (measured by SAT and other tests) who happen to be the wrong color/wrong demographic from getting into the leadership pipeline. I’d wager the intelligence of the leadership class is actually dropping faster than the general population because of dysgenic selection of the top spots. The spots that end up commanding huge preexisting resources.

  11. Excellent post, thank you.
    Have you seen the latest savage bathroom attack in a public school?
    The anti-white hatred becomes all the more sinister with the rapidly changing demographics in schools.
    Imagine those poor white kids, sitting in classrooms, surrounded by immense and growing numbers of turd worlders. The new americans. Deep down, even on a subconscious level, these young white kids can’t help but notice that they are being inundated. They walk down the hallways in buildings built for them by their ancestors. Their eyes are met with fewer and fewer light eyes, fewer fair complexions, fewer of their own. And now they are in danger of barbaric attacks.
    The world they’ve orchestrated is to program white kids for destruction.

      • It feels kinda weird to click on the “Smiley Face” icon for the sentiment you just poasted, but I smiley’ed you.

      • White children should learn effective unarmed combat at the earliest possible age -meaning at least three years (preferably much more) of consistent training at boxing, muy thai, wrestling, and/or BJJ. Your kid isnt making it to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and cheerleaders are one very small step from being professional whores. Drop all that and quit wasting their time.

        It’s a shame that we don’t live in a civilized society anymore, but we don’t live in a civilized society anymore. It’s a shame that this is necessary, but this is necessary.

        We know what it’s like out there… absolutely sickening to see kids being sent out to encounter hooting hyenas and being totally unprepared like this.

        Corporal punishment worked on joggers and it still will. Lets get a few videos going viral where a jogger learns the hard way and more will get the message. Let’s raise kids capable of defending themselves their family and others

        • Unfortunately its the same as general society.

          Any white kid defending themselves will end up in court. Their attackers will not.

        • One of the best if not the all time best thing ever was seeing the school lunch room security camera footage of my daughter kicking ass on a samoan and black bitches that thought they were going to give the white girl the business
          Punched the samoan perfectly on the bridge of her nose, splitting her glasses in half & dropping her like a bag of wet cement then pivioting to the jogger & pummeling her to the ground.
          To the samoan moms credit she apologized and made her daughter write a letter to our family. The black mom said nothing. That was almost twenty years ago in a public shit school we had to use for a year.
          Still makes me smile.

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  13. Excellent summary of our current predicament. I’d only add that the statistics we gather wrt IQ, specifically the average IQ of 100 is somewhat suspect over time, as IQ tests are every so often “renormed ” or normalized to 100 as an average score. Those in the know will adjust for this, those that want to mask the long term change will use the renormalized scores.

  14. Most of the Zmans readers know and like Mike Judge’s documentary Idiocracy, the surprising thing for me is that leftists also like the film, of course I don’t think they understand it, since they don’t believe in IQ

    A far as I can see most of the changes leading to Idiocracy come from the left, but they will never admit it

    Welcome to Costco, I love you

    • They do believe in it as much as they believe they are high IQ compared to the average population (ask some they will tell you as much), but also equally they believe that it does not exist as a measure of general intelligence for population that has a below average scale.

      They believe its all average with peaks (which is amazing in itself), rather than a scale with average in the middle.

      So for them it works, but for others it does not at the same time.

      Another one on the Dunning-Kruger impossibility pile.

    • That movie doesn’t trigger leftists because it goes to great lengths to avoid the race issue. Almost everyone in the movie is white, and the dysgenic pressure was supposedly brought on by white hillbillies outbreeding the white bugmen.

      If the movie showed a future where everyone was a retarded negro, Mike Judge would have been drawn and quartered.

        • Spingerah: “five time world smackdown champion”

          I might catch hell for this, but aspects of the MMA culture [mixed martial arts for e.g. 3-year-old toddlers] are simply horrifying.

          I’m deeply suspicious of dudes whose only fun in life is training to beat the crap out of other dudes.

          And MMA parents make rank & file little league football parents look positively sane by comparison.

        • President Camacho was the finest specimen humanity had to offer at that point in history, so his being black didn’t set off the lefties.

      • It’s been a while, and yeah the breeding idiot at the beginning probably had to be white, but I remember thinking the future looks kind of brown. Still a remarkably based movie even for the ‘00s.

    • “A far as I can see most of the changes leading to Idiocracy come from the left, but they will never admit it”

      The 1% know exactly what they are doing, but they see the inundation of stupid people as a temporary means to an end.

      They are using them to break apart society and when they have full control they are planning a mass culling of all the poor, stupid people.

      • “when they have full control they are planning a mass culling of all the poor, stupid people.”

        If that’s the plan, I don’t think they’ve thought it through. Much wiser to keep people fit and continue feeding on them. I’m more inclined to think they like blood and can’t help themselves.

      • If they were planning the cull as you state, why aren’t they double-jabbing the immivaders and pumping them full of twenty boosters for good measure?

  15. The blank-slate/social construct claim of the Left is the claim of a godless religion. To make a white guy fungible with trans lesbians of color is a soulless absurdity. It’s pure Skinner Box style sadism.

    Ironically, the only people who may believe that “people are all the same” are the normie conservatives dopes who say things like, “we all bleed red, white, and blue.” Leftists don’t really believe it as revealed by their personal choices and POC don’t believe it either. A black man does NOT believe that he is a white man with black skin.

    Also, take the somewhat common pairing of white men/asian women; a very direct result of feminism making lots of women nutty beasts. The men are lambasted for having yellow fever which indeed they may have. The asian/traditional 3rd world woman may have “white fever” in that she overtly appreciates the man being white. And that is precisely what white women should do, but they refuse! White women bristle at the idea of “belonging” to white men of being “their women” because that’s like racist and stuff and infringes on their slut liberation.

    Strange times. Babel.

  16. How does the advent of AI and other technological advances determine the extent to which the smart faction of flat earthers and blank slaters can maintain control, even if their own IQs go down?

    • Unless they invent machines that require no maintenance, no parts and no industrial base to produce such its going to be like the dark age Italians wandering around with their sheep in the ruins of Rome without being able to repair any of the buildings.

      • At this point AI does not program itself and writing a program that learns is quite an endeavor. Those pushing the endeavor forward are part of the Critical Fraction spoken of by Z-man. I suspect it’s a race—like bailing out a boat with a leak as we race toward port.

        Was reading Heather McDonald, “The Diversity Delusion”, last night. She was citing some stat’s which we all know, but tend to forget, wrt the lowering of admission standards and minority enrollment and subsequent success in programs at major universities.

        In Berkeley, the law school there began admitting Blacks at LSAT’s 250 points below Whites. Result was that 90% of those students in the bottom 10% of their class were Blacks. 65% of all Blacks were in the bottom 50% of their class. In short, you can lead a horse to water….

        • Its issues all the way down not counting the software at the top of the pyramid.

          How do you produce silicon wafers without the myriad of technology to maintain such a factory, how do you produce equipment to make nm scale chips? how do you keep and maintain a clean room factory and industrial process for such things? etc, etc. Its turtles all the way down for very complex machinery.

          Unless they are going back to simple vacuum tubes to run the panopticon from(and even those are tricky to make) the supporting technology alone is huge.

          I suspect they think Asia is going to supply it to them once they have destroyed the west, but in exchange for what?

          • Maybe we should require politicians to play qualifying rounds of stuff like Red Alert or any other RTS before they get to be on the voting roster to make sure they understand what technology trees are, varying population abilities and why you need them to progress.

            Maybe then they will give up on their idea of Bronze age technology space rockets.

          • Thanks for these two really good posts. I’ve been making similar arguments to seemingly deaf ears in my corner of the MIC.

            My firm makes electronic products like radios.

            Inside those units, it has no interest in making the crystals that go into the temp-controlled oscillators. Or the packaged oscillators themselves. No oscillator means no ability to produce a reference frequency. Thus, no radio operation is possible.

            Outside those units, the firm has no interest in making the cardboard shipping cartons or the foam inserts inside them. Without those, the radio unit cannot leave the plant.

            Now multiply these simple examples by a thousand for one product.

            What the MBA and JD morons destroying civilization fail to understand is that the economy and supply chain aren’t modular systems with independent blocks that can be added or removed on a whim.

            When looked at as a whole, the nature of the economy and supply chain are very much like a living, breathing, constantly adapting, decentralized ecosystem where damaging or removing a portion will create many unintended consequences elsewhere.

          • @The Wild Geese Howard
            “the nature of the economy and supply chain are…”

            Our military logistics system is like that as well. It took smart people to set up such a system. It doesn’t take smart people (mostly) to run it after it has been set up. It will take smart people, if the globalist scorpions are successful at getting us into a war with Russia, to reconstitute it on the fly getting munitions and supplies forward after the Russians repeatedly smash its components with long range precision guided missiles. Our ruling class has had its wars fought for it with air, material, and personnel superiority for so long that they just assume it.

            If it happened right now globohomo would be unpleasantly surprised. The more time that passes the worse it will be for them.

    • I would suggest it allows them to better harass dissenters. The only true value of AI I can discern is the ability to sift through metadata in order to provide a curated list of certain parameters to a human. To wit: “Hey AI, give me a list of all people in Iowa that retweeted a pro-Trump article.” I would note that I do not believe that AI will ever be truly sentient, much less sapient.

      • First we must understand and then define what “sentient” is. This might be my own ignorance, but I’ve not heard much on this point.

        • Well it come down to your philosophy. If you are a strict materialist, then the moment that AI has the same number of interconnected circuits as are brain does, you have “sentience” as it is processing sensory stimulus with consciousness akin to our own. If you are a bit of an idealist (as I am), there is an element of, for lack of a better word, spirit that animates animals and humans. This intangible ideal would be the sentience AI could not achieve.
          Of course, you can talk about the rigidity of coding versus the flexibility of our mind, but of course, the strict materialist vs ideal argument again comes to the fore.

          • Admittedly i understand very little about AI. When discussing it with my sons, they told me that the further it develops the more raceist it becomes. If woke research is unable to find a work around , it’ll have to be lobotimized ending actual utility.
            Imo it is being sold as bright future but is anothet flying car.

          • @Spingerah

            Its not magic.

            Its just large pattern matching based on data sets and the weighted information given for classification.

            So the data sets on crime lead to the same conclusions we have on race. The data sets on performance lead to sex differences etc. There is no way to change this without just faking the learning data.

            They would get the results they wanted if they just fucked the data sets and news input they fed it.

            For humans they just give the false conclusions directly and no NPC cares about the data sets.

  17. Let’s briefly explore the popular “Earth is flat” meme. Of course it’s wrong. Or is it? The often overlooked reply should be “Judged wrong by what standard?” If one has studied the sciences, one is exposed to the concepts of models and theories. These are, usually, attempts to create a working description of real world processes. Perhaps they can also offer predictive value. The model won’t be perfect, but it can be “good enough.” To believe the world is flat was good enough for a simple people. Even today, our maps are flat. Larger ones will be projections of a 3D sphere onto a plane. But not all. The point is that a farmer, a day laborer, a builder or even a modern surveyor does quite well, thank you, with a two-dimensional model of the Earth. A different model, of a round Earth, only becomes useful when one contemplates sailing the seas, or even more so, flying around it. In similar fashion, Newton’s physics or Euclid’s geometry is “wrong” based upon later more complex systems; nevertheless these ancient approximations are good enough for everyday and even most scientific purposes, as they are nearly perfect models of reality.

    Now let’s return to the topic of average intelligence. A human brain is by one perspective, an ever-evolving model of the perceived world. Intelligence is an important, but not the only, measure of how successfully a given brain will navigate the real world. A simpler brain (roughly, a lower IQ) is adequate for many environments, but will be at a disadvantage in a cognitively demanding one. Biology tells us a brain is expensive in terms of resources, therefore a “need” for it must be demonstrated, so to speak. Organisms will only be as intelligent as their ecological niches require. A squirrel has a tiny brain, yet nearly perfect for the task of finding acorns, avoiding getting eaten by predators and for creating future squirrels. Human beings are no different. This is offered as an explanation why the races differ dramatically in intelligence as well as other traits. We are simply the products of natural selection, of our ancestors’ environments.

    As a population gets stupid, it will of necessity gradually lose the ability to cope with complex tasks. That will include the upkeep of infrastructure that required higher intelligence. The dumb can live off the work of the smart, but not the other way around. And once the old assets are spent, they aren’t replaced. Or if they are, it’s by assets of lower quality. Inevitably, then the overall environment must deteriorate. Perhaps rapidly, perhaps slowly.
    Strong evidence of the above claims can be found in the parts of our world where low-intelligence people have always dominated. Or perhaps ore relevant to the current discussion, those areas that were dominated for a time by the highly intelligent and for whatever reason were ceded to the less intelligent.

    The future doesn’t look promising.

    • Perhaps this is more a commentary on how much completely useless data is gathered. Sure, physics on the macro scale requires Relativity (if that is even accurate); however, in nearly every practical enterprise, Newton is good enough. Now, one may counter that space shuttles and satellites require knowledge of these factors; however, how much of the information gathered is useful? Certainly, GPS, sure. But when we really step back and look at information on a global scale, the overwhelming majority of data gathering is pointless. If anything, it allows the nonsense of cherry-picking data to make anything “true” in academia.
      I suppose it gets to the issue of modernity. Too much data, too little ability (now always decreasing) to sift through it, and no unifying belief system to orient oneself in the sea of data.

      • Unfortunately advancement in hard science requires a lot of useless data gathering. Look at electricity, there was a good long period where the scientists were trying to zap their dicks to gain immortality before they finally hit on the technology we all depend on today: you can use a spinning wheel to run a dynamo, transfer that energy along a wire, and then use it to spin a wheel somewhere else.

    • The definition I borrow for “intelligence” (not IQ, which is a numerical measure and contains error) is “the ability to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently”. Not my problem that a 1st world, technological society is complex. It’s the nature of the beast.

      And yes, we are screwed—unless we are willing to settle for (Z-man’s observation) a less complex and degraded society—you know, like the ones a lower IQ population creates.

      • The problem is that there are tools of an advanced nature lying around. Sure, they will degrade with time, but before that point, think of the horrors that will be inflicted. In short: Imagine an African tribal getting a hold of an alien (in the sense of ET, not Juan) ray gun.

        • You don’t need to worry about an African with a ray-gun. Vontravious with a Glock does plenty of damage using modern firearms.

        • “In short: Imagine an African tribal getting a hold of an alien (in the sense of ET, not Juan) ray gun.”

          No need to imagine. In Chicago last weekend. And no need for alien ray guns,

          A Chicago rapper died after suffering as many as 64 bullet wounds to his head and other parts of his body in what police are calling an ambush shooting just as he was released from jail.

          Londre Sylvester, 31, who is known by his stage name KTS Dre, was one of three people who were shot just outside Cook County Jail in the Little Village section of Chicago on Saturday.

  18. A big question then is how does a high IQ population let itself be taken over by a low IQ invader when there is no war?

    How is every institution and political process supplanted by that population?

    One would think that the planning and use of process was not achievable by those groups.

    • We liked having the darkies do the house and field work and other menial labor. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

      By all means down vote me. But to a large extent, we (and many other cultures) brought the problem on ourselves.

      • Ben the Layabout: “But to a large extent, we (and many other cultures) brought the problem on ourselves.”

        ACKSHUALLY, the tiny hats owned 110% of the trans-Atlantic chattel slave trade.

        Bringing darkie to the New World was entirely their doing.

      • My point is not that they are here.

        My point is how does a low IQ population out maneuver a higher IQ population to take over their institutions?

        It seems an illogical position.

        • It’s a complex question, also related to how does a people suddenly ‘turn on itself’ (i.e., attack its own institutions and peoples).

          For my part I think it is useful to remember that we are not amoeba, so there has never been a uniform consensus on how our country should have developed. Only a small portion of the country created the institution of slavery in the first place and only a somewhat larger portion of our current population are true believers in the multi-cultural vision. A few determined people can make others bend the knee. Also, we did have a war – we just didn’t recognize it for what it was. Even the conservatives bemoaning the ‘culture war’ didn’t see the full picture. Finally, IQ is not an absolute measure of fitness across all environments. Smart people can and do make mistakes and are not omniscient. There is a strong selection pressure for lower IQ people to develop survival strategies that don’t require them to outperform others intellectually. Also, lower IQ people can form coalitions with higher IQ people to effect societal change that benefits both at the expense of a smart (but not omniscient) middle. A combination of these factors, plus rapid industrial, technological and other changes moved us forward to disaster. And then there is the seemingly inexorable tendency of successful cultures to degrade morally and embrace corruption over time. No amount of IQ can stop a people from becoming wicked.

          • Perhaps Woodley’s admonishment of “spiteful mutants” is apropos here. The Industrial Revolution put an end (temporarily) to Darwinian selection of the fittest. These mutants therefore survived and propagated to the numbers we see today and they have affected society in much of the negative ways we mow decry.

        • Because the lows are used as pawns/battering rams by the top against the middle. Both suck the life out of the middle.

          • I would also argue that culture is determined by numbers. If I have one buffoon and one hundred smart people, I have one jester. If I have one hundred buffoons and one smart person, I still only have one jester. But the climate has changed.
            Just look at the English language. Though French and Latin were the primary languages of the aristocracy in Anglo-Norman era (a couple of hundred years), the German ancestry of England still remained, especially when immigrants from Northern Europe began pouring in during the Medieval era. Demographics is destiny, to quote our esteemed host.

        • They don’t. Just look at California or Texas or any country in South America.

          The brown horde doesn’t take over the top, but they make the middle and bottom suck.

        • Not that illogical. One portion of the higher IQ population saw them as leverage against the other portion and used it.

          • Not really. But Z man denies it exists, so this process must be solely a low IQ driven phenomena.

            Perhaps someone will explain how this is possible with enemy within.

        • Read Spandrell’s bioleninism.
          The left always wins because coalitions of low status people have a natural reason to group up and get an elite that favors them (more) in charge, whereas high status people don’t.
          This is why democracy always moves to the left. The left creates coalitions of low status people.
          That’s what Lenin did.
          Same as “old left” socialism, same as “new left” worshipping Africans.
          The left is always the same, people seeking status they don’t deserve.

      • Ben: Any civilization that outsources its menial labor (or imports said laborers) rather than doing its own hard work suffers the same fate. Many Afrikaaners who remain in South Africa employ black maids, farm laborers, etc. to this day who often betray them to other blacks who rape and murder them. The American south did the same. Italy now has enormous colonies of Chinese producing their top designer goods. Germany brought in Turks (under immense American pressure). Poland is busy importing Filipinos.

        This is one thing among many the Covington books get so right – every member of a White society must be forced – even if this necessitates an authoritarian but far-seeing government – to do his own hard physical and at times unavoidably communal labor.

        • Any society that is advanced enough for some or all of its people to move without walking and eat with working in a field has, until about 200 years ago, only ever been able to do so by slavery. Western societies we’re only able to do so without slavery by using hydrocarbons. Even so, there’s still a lot of slavery in this world, all of it unpleasant. This isn’t to justify it, only to point out that if slavery never existed in history, neither would large-scale society or modern conveniences. It’s easy to criticize our antecedents for bringing brown slaves in, but using digital devices to post these criticisms on the internet from the comfort of an air-conditioned room instead of speaking aloud to a bunch of sweaty fellow laborers in a hot, sunny field is simply lacking in self-awareness.

        • Yes. The Afrikaaners of Orania know that to preserve a remnant of their society (and exploit a useful but endangered loophole in the SA constitution) they have to do it all themselves.

      • I worked with a white South African, I asked him why didn’t the whites carve out their own small ethno state, South Africa is a vast country, they have plenty of space. well his answer was that the whites liked having black servants, he had them himself, is washing your own dishes that hard ?

        • Humility is pretty hard for many people. Being fundamentally humble does not imply that one cannot do sophisticated things, but those capable of those sophisticated things all too often come to feel that this entitles them to exemption from the quotidian of daily life just because.

          One of the salient characteristics of Western monasticism (not that of the pure ascetics such as the Stylites and ilk) was that humility was held up as a virtue, even among those gifted with intellect or artistic capabilities, while not casting aspersions upon those capabilities as being unworthy of nurturance for Christians so long as they do not lead to the sin of Pride. Thus, these monks were harnessed to the vital work of preserving the wisdom of their past great ancestors while still being self-sufficient on the material level. Respect for those past achievements went hand in hand with a critical mindset concerning their ultimate spiritual and societal utility. Saint Benedict was a great man, and a salutary influence going forward for the integration of the energies of the newcomers to the Classical world with the insights and intellectual monuments of the past high civilizations with whom the newcomers were in process of being commingled.

          Perhaps there is something that we today can learn from these principles as we contemplate the seemingly infelicitous prospects for securing a future for our people.

          • Jersey: Precisely. Zman and others have written of doing hard, manual labor before they ever got professional jobs. It built muscles and character. It teaches an appreciation for the work done by past generations, and the work others do to maintain current systems. It’s harder on the body as one ages, which is why the idea of all youth doing a year or two of such after high school (as in Covington’s books) seems so sensible to me (it also builds an appreciation for college among those who are able and suitable for classic higher ed).

            There’s nothing inherently noble or demeaning in physical labor. It’s work that needs to be done for the functioning of a household and/or a society, and it oughtn’t be outsourced. Dig your own sewer trenches, build your own machines to harvest your own crops. Under no circumstances bring in aliens to perform basic and necessary tasks in a society.

          • 3g4me, yep. Nothing motivated me more after HS than working in a restaurant as a cook, night shift, and meeting two other cooks in their 50’s who were remarking on what a good job this was. We were making $20 a shift ($2.50 an hour). I applied to the university for the next semester shortly after that. 🙂

    • 1) There are a host of smart rich people that are allies. Emanuel Celler’s career reflected his lifelong interest in the plight of refugees and immigrants. Mark Potok, director of the SPLC, has data tracking the decline of white populations in the USA and Europe posted on the wall of his office. Our demise is the enemy’s cause to gloat. There are many of this ilk actively working to make American and Europe into a brown stew.

      2) Capitalism requires keeping prices inline; cheaper labor adopted by one company forces other companies to do so or go out of business. The international capitalist class are the relatives of the brown stew contingent

      3) When do grains of sand become a heap, it’s easy to let in one, two, few, and then you have a self-perpetuating heap. We got nice-guyed into it. Dumb saps.

      4) Biological success (ie Democracy) is promoted by having many offspring fast and cheap. We try to have a few well reared children, others are grandmas at 26. In the 1950 the population of Mexico was 28 million. Today 135 million and another, maybe 70 million here. All done via cheap food stuffs, no education, and having children fast.

      • “In the 1950 the population of Mexico was 28 million. Today 135 million and another, maybe 70 million here. All done via cheap food stuffs, no education, and having children fast.”

        That’s Ron Unz’s point on the 1965 Immigration Act: it actually applied restrictions on Mexicans for the first time since 1920, even if inadequate. The flood was due to population pressures.

        Cue the discussion on The White Man did it by stopping them from starving/dying of plague etc.

    • “A big question then is how does a high IQ population let itself be taken over by a low IQ invader when there is no war?”


      There’s your answer. Suicide. It is a conscious decision, a death wish.

    • It wasn’t the low iq populations that invaded and took over first. Our natural defenses had to be first taken down through decades of propaganda and infiltration. The first invasion was high-iq, but low-trust. It succeeded because its members were better able to blend in so the invasion was less obvious.

      • “Do you want to do low-paid, difficult, manual labor or do you want to import an underclass to do it?” is hardly a modern question.

    • Trumpton. The old saying, “there is a lot of ruin in a nation”. And so there is. We are seeing what happens when the reins of power are turned over from a high IQ society, to a low IQ people.

      What do we see to indicate the machine is failing? Many small things culminating in larger and larger—but poorer and poorer—outcomes. Some spectacular…a condo collapses in FL…most little things such as personal corruption and poor city management.

      Always hard to see things as they occur, but in fifty years hindsight will be 20/20. The Chinese scholars with write wonderful historical analyses.

      • The Chinese are going to write a history of shoddily constructed buildings, personal corruption, and poor civic management? What’s the old saw, “write what you know”?

        • The point is that in 50 years, there will still be a China and there will still be smart Chinese—but perhaps there will no longer be a USA as we come to remember it.

          Corruption in China and the effects you describe are the same as we went through in our early capitalistic development—remember the era of the “Robber Barons” in the late 1800’s? We drove through that era, made corrections and then tossed everything out through demographic change in the sixties.

          Is there a return/correction for that? Chinese don’t think so and their national policies reflect that. Everything else will be corrected in time.

    • Those numbers don’t tell the whole story though. There is a certain impulsiveness and propensity for violence in that last group that add to the overall disfunction

    • I’ll add that when we say “black” mean IQ is 85, we are talking about the Americanized Africans who have European admixture. Baseline Africans without European or Asian admixture have mean IQ in the very low 70’s.

  19. As “our strength” grows with diversity, we’ll be ever more dependent on technology to get things right. People will want to use the App to order their food because the person at the register can’t speak English. We’re going to need the best avionics landing planes because you won’t want much input from the newly diverse air traffic control employees. Of course whose going to repair all these things? We’ve seen pajeet coding errors with the 737 Max. Would Boeing farm out something that important to pajeets with fly by night degrees from University of Hyrooxycontinbad? They already did.

    So the future will look more like the end of Planet of the Apes with the majority of the population shaking fists at an obelisk, while a small hand full of white people live in high tech bunkers in the mountains. Our only hope is that the end of welfare transfer payments during a budget crisis suddenly makes the entire racial issue real to even the most hard headed people.

    • I still don’t get how a solution to a declining society IQ is to build things that are currently out of reach for the current high IQ percentage?

      Looking at history most large impact inventions come from well outside the existing institutions, mainly from tinkerers and amateurs.

      You can’t replicate this institutionally no matter how hard you try.

      Where are these guys going to come from?

      • One of the main differences between a first world country and a third world country is that in the third world one the very tinkering around the edges and building new external institutions is crushed and forbidden. This is happening here, and not just from the government. Abusive patent law-fare from big companies has gone on for years.

        • That is not what I meant at all.

          Positing a scenario where new technology advances will be done be a smaller set of people than those that currently cannot achieve said advances is nonsensical.

          Its a similar proposition common in government and corporations that the way to solve an issue is to make the scope of it many times larger and somehow that will be easier to solve.

      • These guys will come from another, higher IQ society—although that is debatable as well since IQ is argued to be but one among other inheritable traits that produces inventions and discoveries. The Chinese were as “smart” as they are now, 500 years ago, but it was the White race to discovered the world.

        Dutton speaks on this issue specifically in “The Genius Famine”.

        • China lacked a few things that European nations had. Christianity, for one. The Chinese propensity to cheat and steal stems directly from this. China also has a history and culture that keeps them intensely tribal. Common areas in their apartment buildings are rundown wrecks because if no one owns it, no one maintains it.

  20. The Baby Boomers masked a lot of problems in our society. Say what you will about them, the Boomers were well educated and well trained. As long as they steered the ship, much of the underlying rot wasn’t noticed because it wasn’t causing too much damage.

    With their retirement, society will start to show cracks as it struggles to find enough capable people to maintain a modern economy. The Millennials are both less white and less well-trained. They can replace some of the loss of the Boomers but not enough. Gen Z is less than half white. It will not maintain a fully functioning modern economy.

    Brazil, here we come. Our future society will be a mix of 1st and 3rd world. Nice parts of the cities or regions and squalor in other parts. We simply won’t have enough talented people for the entire society to function, so the wealthy will keep the talented for themselves.

    • In our latest round, GloboBank just laid off a “Super Boomer”. The guy did the work of 4 people, up to date on all systems, knew all of the laws, sharp as a tack and shared his experience with everyone.

      Don’t worry: we are still proceeding with hiring two dozen overseas subcontinentals to “help” those of us remaining.

      • The new “we’ll make it up in bulk”. They’re of the mind that replacing one 100 IQ employee with ten 90 IQ employees puts them 10x ahead. (Reminds me of the old joke of how do you have a baby in one month? First, get nine women).

    • Brazil is an absolute best case. Truthfully it’s not such a bad place to be if you have anything on the ball, which most even mediocre whites do compared to the rest there.

      South Africa or the Soviet Union seems to be the fate they really wish on us.

      However – South Africa couldnt remain South Africa without the connivance of anti whites globally though, the white minority could retake the country any day they chose if it wasnt for external pressure and force that would prevent it. Even though its basically a glorified indian reservation, Orania is pretty well on its way to becoming a healthy sovereign nation state if it can avoid (((global media attention))) for long enough to fully establish its infrastructure and defensive capabilities (doesnt take much to defend from 85 IQ hostiles really).

      Soviet Union is the scary one and although we have the potential (((apparatchiks))) with a taste for christian blood its questionable if you can ever succesfully impose such an ideology heavy system on a bunch of corrupt mestizos and ungovernable africans. True leftist authoritarianism tends to turn into garden variety corrupt third worldism pretty fast when planted in south america and Africa.

  21. Its easy to concentrate on the average and the declining top 10%, however the other very large factor is as the average slides the non-functioning bottom 25% becomes a larger and larger drag on the surrounding society.

    As its far easier to create chaos in a space than to raise it up, so a small increase in this section has a multiplier effect, especially when tied with non western behaviors and norms.

    • This topic has been explored at great length by researchers…IQ fits a normal curve, so as the average declines, the fraction of really smart people declines.An average IQ of 100 gives roughly 2% of the population with an IQ above 130, and .3% above 145…White Europeans aren’t all the same either..Northern Europeans’ average is at least 106, while southern Europe is in the 90s..So imports from the south are always going to lower IQ, and with many of them coming from the 3d world, average IQ at 80 or below, it happens rapidly…Currently, Russians are smarter than Americans, hence Russia’s rapid ascent in power…..

  22. > The claim is that the people coming in will get smarter by standing on the better dirt in the United States, but it will take four or five generations for that to happen.

    Ed Dutton would explain the apparent rise in IQ of European immigrant groups as attributable to the offspring of these immigrants being able to reach their phenotypic maxima in a better environment. It’s not exactly magic dirt. It wouldn’t take five generations.

    Of course, American blacks have been here forever and have been endowed with affirmative action favors for half a century so they’ve attained their maximum.

    • The type of people who have the gumption to migrate across the world and start from scratch with little help from their new host are going to be some of the hardier and more intelligent of a group of people.

      This is a contrast to the South American flow, who are coming because they know there are free gibs.

      • Chet: It takes more than ‘gumption’ or migration distance. Coming to a wilderness and building a society from the ground up (i.e. White settlers) is wholly different from Orientals or sub-continentals getting off a plane and proclaiming they created the whole thing from the ground up.

        Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.

        • Not only are they bringing their genetics with them, they are bringing their godawful cultures with them as well. Ain’t no amount of magic dirt gonna turn them into Americans.

      • Chet, do you really believe that the people coming from far away are traveling on gumption? They are being aided every step of the way by the usual NGOs and our own government. All that’s needed is to step up in line to get your tickets and free stuff.

    • American Blacks achieved what they achieved through a 25% White admixture “donated” to them through horny slave owners owners. Sigh.

  23. The problem stems from white women starting in the 1960s being brainwashed not to have children. Birth rate for them now 1.3 or lower in Europe, 1.5 or lower in the US. The only ones above that are Traditional Catholics, Evangelical Protestants and Mormons. In 50 years they’ll be the only ones left, and a minority everywhere except in Eastern Europe.

    • The persecution of trads of all denominations is going to accelerate hard in the next twenty years. Soon it will be considered a human rights abuse to not allow your children on social media.

      • Chet Rollins: “The persecution of trads of all denominations is going to accelerate hard in the next twenty years.”

        That’s possible.

        But in my experience, if you keep your mouth shut, and stay off the radar of social media, it’s very easy to feign stupidity & poverty & cluelessness, which are qualities that the elites treasure in their serfs.

        And let’s be honest, with a handful of tiny hatted exceptions [such as Chomsky & Witten & maybe Kaminsky], our elites are all morons.

    • What you’re saying is that the best white people are reproducing and the worst white people are not.

      It’s easy enough to view this as a painful but ultimately beneficial selection event for us. Birthrates would recover eventually as those whites with high birthrates become a larger and larger fraction of the population. The great obese cat lady and videogamer extinction comes to pass.

      Perhaps more importantly the whites who show up two or four or ten generations from now will be high in in group preference, low in time preference, and hardened in every respect. Even in diminished numbers these are a people who have shown the capacity and will to (re)conquer the world and develop transcendent values.

      Look how much mischief 2% of the population gets up to with a little smarts, nepotism, and underhandedness. The best of our people will be more than a match for all the rest when the chaff has been discarded and it really comes to it.

  24. There is a certain blogger who has a very outsized opinion of his intelligence. I used to think he was exaggerating somewhat when he said that we could have diversity or we could have running water. No longer do I think he is exaggerating.

    Nothing explains the way our world runs and has developed the way IQ does. it is the one element of social science that has been battle-tested and still stands. The liberal intelligentsia spent decades trying to disprove it, innate intelligence, and genetically-derived abilities of a population. It sure seems like their final stab at it was Jared Diamond’s stupid book, but once that failed, they just banned it. Not a single person can do any academic research on IQ or social studies without taking as a given that people everywhere are exactly equal in every way. Of course this means that every ounce of effort and dollar spent in the social sciences is a complete waste of time for any reason beyond propaganda, but I suppose that is the point.

    • Mycale: Said blogger does tend to be self aggrandizing, but that does not automatically make his conclusions wrong. He has been proven correct, in my opinion, in a number of areas. My quibble with your comment, however: While a certain portion of high IQ individuals is a prerequisite for functioning Western society, IQ alone is insufficient. The IQ fetishists at Sailer’s site, for example, envision a glorious future of primarily Whites and Asians (with, of course, the talented x/th percent of other races because only IQ matters). They utterly disregard the genetic components of culture, however, and the related characteristics of imagination, curiosity, individuality, and ingenuity.

      tl;dr: IQ matters, but overall natural IQ distribution within the White race matters more than an imaginary rainbow future of self-proclaimed super smart automatons.

    • The disdain people in the dissident right have of him is a reflection of some of the flaws of the DR. He is one of the few people making headway in the culture war. They sperg out about his quirks and his comics. Those comics are reaching a lot of people. Like it or not, comic books are a good way to reach young people.

      We want political solutions. But nobody has been able to crack that nut for 60 years. The more general right wing has been on a downhill slope for 60 plus years, losing ground and losing battles the whole time.

      The win is small in the grand scheme of things, but we have to take them as we can. Look at any of the mainstream comics. They are all awful.

      • His main point of hubris was that taxonomy of male archetypes. The taxonomy itself is self-evident even without the greek letters: you’ve got jocks, jocks-in-waiting, nerds, normies, and losers. Then our friend realized he was a nerd so he had to add an extra category of “cool nerd who everybody likes even though he’s a jerk” which only exists in TV shows written by narcissistic nerds like Rick and Morty or House MD.

        • With apologies the uber special category is kind of a real thing. Youve got your Isaac Newton’s, Benjamin Franklin, JS Bach, Dostoevesky, Shakespeare, Chesterton, Tolkien, Disney, Orban, Helio Gracie, etc… we might argue particular cases (Newton maybe was such an absolute god-tier supreme nerd that he became some kind of ultra alpha by accident) but you get me hopefully

          I mean the wolf pack taxonomy as a whole is a little silly to apply to humans but if we’re going to insist on it these people certainly aren’t “jocks” or “nerds” in any normal sense or the word. There has to be a category for confident, high achievers who are as sexually succesful as they wish to be, but arent very motivated by social status in the normie sense. The cringe part is more just when you decide to assign yourself to this category…

          • Issac Newton might have been the smartest man in history but he couldn’t socialize himself out of a paper bag and likely died a virgin. The male status hierarchy is based on your ability to get puss and get other men to cooperate with you. Vox always ranted against Gammas as the arrogant guys who have lousy social skills but also feel entitled to high status, yet refused to classify himself as such. In reality every single dude tapping away at a keyboard right now, myself included, is a Gamma and not the Sigma uberman.

            How can I be so sure of all this? Well I’m trying to win an argument with someone I don’t know in front of an audience of people I don’t know. Vox’s frequent internet conflicts are the same: he’s never met Jordan Peterson let alone all the internet people observing the conflict. It’s all Gamma, and the people arguing over who is a Gamma are the worst Gammas, evidenced by their persistent insistence that they themselves are not Gammas.

        • Another fine contribution. It’s one thing to know this in a kind of common-sense way, it’s another to create a formal description and formal sounding labels.

          He also gets a lot of grief for calling people “gamma,” but it is one of the most accurate labels in most cases. The Gamma is a very real male archetype. They HATE being called Gamma or “Secret King”

          • It’s also a terrible system for self-classification since the most common categories are explicitly negative. Delta is normal but still feels like “loser”. Meyers Briggs is bullshit but it does have the advantage of people not realizing that some of those letter combinations equate to “dullard”, “busybody”, or “whiner”.

    • Mycale: “Of course this means that every ounce of effort and dollar spent in the social sciences is a complete waste of time for any reason beyond propaganda, but I suppose that is the point.”

      ACKSHUALLY, if you read the professional psychological/psychiatric literature, there is a rather shocking degree of honesty concerning phenomena such as psychopathy & stupidity & substance abuse & even venereal disease.

      The pros just don’t talk about it in public.

      • There is also some back door support developing for differential intelligence among races, via active brain scan studies and the localizing through genetics of various genes correlated to higher mental performance. It’s a tight rope walk to be sure, but the basics (data) are there, even if not open less discussed or placed into a testable hypothesis.

    • That blogger has been pretty prescient lately and I’ve come around to agreeing with many of his conclusions about China.

      • His opinions on China is the one place I pretty much wholeheartedly disagree with him.

        China puts up a unified, coherent front, but that is all it is. Underneath it is rotten to the core.

  25. We won’t ever get the right of free association in the United States again, but the irony is that it’s forcing people to migrate so that they can have safety and dignity at the state level, rather than just having it in a poolhall or members club. Part of being lower IQ is not just poor time horizons, but a babylike lack of object permanence. Once whites are all in the Plains and Pac Northwest states (where the main problem will be various Goodwhites trying to ruin it), black and brown people are going to be in crumbling cities with nothing but black or brown people to stare at all day. There won’t even be rayciss white cops to blame anymore. I don’t want to think about what Baltimore or Saint Louis will look like in twenty years, but the Germans cleared the corpses and rubble from their broken country after the War, as did the Japanese. The remnants of a reconstituted white America (calling itself something else now, but forcibly drawn kicking and screaming to knowledge of their whiteness) could easily rebuild in the aftermath. The question is what happens in the free-for-all between when blacks and Hispanics are left to their own devices and whenever whites return from their exile in the Mountains and on the Plains for a Reconquista Blanca? How much of South and Central America will have poured into America by then? Will the Chinese or Indians maybe pick over the bones? Either way, it’ll be weird to return to H.L. Mencken or Edgar Allen Poe’s home and see MS-13 members using irreplaceable manuscripts to start bonfires. Or even worse, a la Philip Dick’s “Man in the High Castle,” a lot of Asian Americophiles with cameras taking photos of the relics of the once-great people. Nothing seems more humiliating than being a source of amusement. The TV show sucked, but I got chills reading about the Japanese buying all the old Johnny Reb artifacts and whatnot in the PKD book.

    • joey: The Pacific northwest is filled up with a whole lotta Californians, and various fruits and nuts from elsewhere in the US and the world. They and their enrichment hangers-on have spread into previously rural White areas. There are sub-Saharans in the Dakotas and Wyoming, not to mention massive celebrity ranches. The area that some folks refer to as ‘the American redoubt’ has increasing numbers of non-Americans, and its ‘patriotic’ White promoters are aggressively anti-rayciss.

      It’s nice to imagine the White race returning triumphant from some safe White homeland, but it’s far more practical at present to find one of the vanishing corners of AINO that still contain a majority of heritage Americans – and those are in various and sundry states and locations.

      • It’s the old saw for which I know of no fix:
        -Around black people-> move
        -Not around black people-> “What’s wrong with black people?”

      • It has to be accepted that there will be no triumphant return without the spilling of blood. I’d rather that weren’t the case, but at this point making good on “they have to go back” is going to require some heavy lifting. It can be done if we have the wherewithal.

    • You are already seeing this. Look at the debacle in Jackson. This is a preview of black cities to come. And the blame will perpetually be put on white people.

      “Whites are evil because they want to exclude blacks! We want them gone”. Whites leave. “Whites are evil because they flee from blacks!”.

      There is no co-existing. Our formerly beautiful cities will be reduced to rubble within 20 years all because reality cannot be accepted. We are a nation of retards.

    • A far more likely scenario than a regional redoubt is the disintegration of individual states into urban and rural enclaves. This is happening even now, including in the PNW. In fact, I would give some place like a Missouri Ozark town a much higher likelihood of becoming an enclave than, say, even a city such as Clarkston. Unfortunately, I’m reading a lot of lamentations in analysis over this happening and “solutions” being floated (Z linked such a piece yesterday that in part touched on this). The first confrontations over geographical dissolution are much more likely to be intrastate.

  26. In looking at our society, perhaps we should look at what created it? West European populations went through some severe selection to end up with smart, civicly minded people. Wars, famines and plagues played their part as did severe penalties for criminal behavior. The wide spread use of capital punishment must have some effect, if only by removing the bad actors before they do any more harm. Culture and biology reinforce each other in a virtuous cycle, despite or because of the cruelty of the methods.

    Here is a thought: make “equal treatment under the law” apply only to full citizens. Full citizenship would be dependent on demonstrated good behavior and public service. All non citizens would be eligible for capital punishment for serious offences and in some cases that punishment would be mandatory. It would take a while, but application of this policy would eventually clear the worst cases out of society.

    • Raymond R: I concur with your first paragraph, and excellent summation that “Culture and biology reinforce each other in a virtuous cycle, despite o because of the cruelty of the methods.” Citizenship does not automatically follow, however, and – critically – you don’t specify that your citizen/noncitizen provisions would be limited by race to begin with. Even the White race will always have it’s bottom decile, of course, and people who are utterly incapable and/or unwilling to function successfully and without harm to others.

      • Earned suffrage makes no distinction among races (unless part of the law), not within races. Lower performing Whites don’t get a vote either—and I’m all for that.

  27. “At the top, where the most complex decisions are made, the demands go up much faster. The more complex a society, the more above average people are required to manage it.”

    Well, the next 25-50 years will be a test of this hypothesis. I’m not as sure as Zman seems to be. I’m guessing AI and neural networks will replace large swathes of upper and middle-management types. I’m pretty sure an AI-robot can deny your insurance claim or audit you just as easily as the typical bureaucrat. Meanwhile, through assortative mating, the very top people are wicked-smart and sinister to boot. They will be able to manage a cadre of AI managers.

    Meanwhile, the “twinning” phenomenon will be widespread. Just like the new White House flack black lady has a white guy following her around/getting her out of trouble, we will see this model spread to the private sector. Maxine Waters has been propped up for years by clever Asian and white LAs and staffers. It’s a whole new job category.

    • I’m guessing AI and neural networks will replace large swathes of upper and middle-management types.

      The trouble here is many of these choices are value choices, not empirical choices. This is already turning up with racist robots. It turns out that the decisions that matter most are often about the things we value most. Turning that over to robots is never going to work until human beings are enslaved by the robots.

      • It works if you just add heavily weighted social justice parameters to the AI’s algorithm. The non-technological version of this has been used in college admissions for decades where a black with a 1200 SAT is weighted as just as valuable as a white with a 1600 SAT.

      • A best case sentient AI winds up like the movie Colossus: The Forbin Project.

        Worst case?

        Well, we’ve all seen The Terminator.

    • ” flack black lady has a white guy following her around/getting her out of trouble”
      Doesn’t this describe many office and managerial settings in the U.S.? Put them in top positions but back them up with performative normies to get the actual work done.

  28. This one really makes me want to start the day off with a shot or two.

    Where I live, I don’t drive much anymore. I won’t be driving today, for instance. I’ve noticed that the red lights don’t mean what they used to. Really don’t. I see people going right through them if there’s not a car directly in front of them. Stop and then go.

    It’s getting too dangerous now, risk-wise. I can’t imagine in five years. Double-wide in the Adirondacks and a lot of books and batteries for this one.

    • Cell phones cause a lot more red light running now.

      It should be legal to put a paint ball equipped head tracking turret on the roof of your car so you can express your outrage at offending idiot drivers by painting over their windows.

      All those idiots in Seattle braking in the right lane to let in merging traffic doing 15 under the prevailing flow should be the first to feel the wrath.

  29. It would appear that we’ll have even more leaf blowers cranking up in the mornings of our future – that is until they all inevitably break down and there’s no one left to fix, let alone manufacture more of them. Our damned government has done this to us and the population has mostly gone along to get along and here we are, standing on the edge of the abyss.

    • usNthem: Leaf blowers are one thing among many I cannot wait to never hear again. Or various teams of mestizos busily mowing lawns in the early hours of a Saturday or Sunday morning. I initially questioned why my husband kept upping the acreage he considered sufficient, particularly since even one or two would seem large after living on a quarter-acre suburban lot. Now I’m immensely grateful for his foresight and increasingly crave the isolation and the quiet.

      • The Puerto Ricans that have spread through my town like the Ebola virus are fond of running off-the-books repair shops in their backyards, specializing in dirt bikes and ATVs. Apparently, the only way to test the effects of their tinkering is to repeatedly gun the throttle for several minutes. They can add 5 lbs. of air to the tires and the next step will be to start it up and make it roar.

        I may have shared this before, but my dad grew up two blocks over from where I currently live. In the 50’s it was a wholly white, blue collar street. One night during that era, a neighbor knocked on the door and presented a petition to keep a Puerto Rican family from moving on to the block. My grandfather chucked the man off his property. He was a hell of a man, devoutly Catholic, worked his ass off for 40 years in a steel mill, union rep, self-taught wood worker, voracious reader, etc., but my goodness did he get that one wrong. That block is now a majority Hispanic and the once tidy houses and yards are dilapidated and unattractive. You can guess what’s happened to the crime rate, too. All it would have taken was for respected men like my grandfather to put their feet down when it counted most. If nothing else, I’m trying to take that lesson to heart in 2022.

        • KGB: My sympathies. The lesson you’ve learned, that your grandfather unfortunately failed, is that All It Takes Is One (to bring others following along and to ruin everything).

          FWIW, there was a White family who lived behind us when we first moved here, and the guy loved to rev his Harley for ages at the crack of dawn on a weekend morning (they moved years ago). But the leaf blower wielders are all Mestizos, and they are legion here in Texas. There will undoubtedly be the sound of a chainsaw on our new property, just to deal with fallen/dead trees and firewood, but never a leaf blower.

        • Uncle Ted hated it when propellor planes would ruin his thoughtful quiets, and he observed that it was inescapable.

          I made a Next Door post wherein I posed the question: Is 7:30 on a beautiful Thursday, later summer evening, the best time to mow your lawn? and was abundantly insulted by my “neighbors” for daring to suggest that the quiet might be its own thing, to be respected.

          I sometimes think I should have let that thread run its course and saved it for the scrapbook, rather than what i did, which was delete it and cancel my acct.

          • Suburban_elk: I don’t know exactly how far sound carries (depending on elevation, temperature, wind, etc.), but we’re at the top of a hill of about 1000 feet, with multiple sloped acres of trees between us and anyone else. So whenever we do decide to trim the grass around the house and outbuildings (and hopefully keep down the ticks), I doubt anyone else will even know.

    • This makes me think of a silver lining. I’ve long said that technology is too pervasive in our lives. Maybe we regress to a point where modern technology is no longer possible.

      I know this doesn’t address the people piece of it, but maybe things get less noisy, except for the leaf blowers.

    • Why is it that businesses think that they need to pay thousands of dollars to landscapers for this? The leaf sits on the pavement, the Mexican blows it onto the grass with a gas-powered blower operating at 90 dB at 7:00 AM, the wind blows the leaf back onto the pavement, and the next day the cycle starts all over again.

      • Ploppy: Businesses? Here in DFW, the Mestizo leaf blower wielders represent your tax dollars at work and your local government looking out for your interests. Of course almost all residential families utilize their services as well – my husband cut our grass for the first decade or so we lived here and then I did it for a few years thereafter. One still sees the rare White guy working on his lawn, but I have never yet seen an Oriental, a sub-continental, or a sub-Saharan doing his own yard work.

        Granted, the heat here is brutal, and I consider the American tradition of a ‘lawn’ (particularly in front) an anachronistic holdover from rainier, greener England, but it is what it is.

  30. Since most of us haven’t travelled all over the world, it’s interesting and informative to go to Google maps and use Google street view for various locations.

    In 100 IQ countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland etc, they look nice and tidy. New Zealand and Switzerland with the gorgeous scenery, along with the smart population look like paradise.

    South America is a mix, just like its people and its IQ. Some areas look really poor, while others, like Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile have areas that look nice. Most of the areas in Mexico look poor and run-down.

    A place like Singapore looks really nice. I believe the average IQ is 108.

    Then there’s Africa. Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Uganda etc. reflect their 70s IQ’s. All sh#tholes. Of course we all know that, but it’s something else to see it in pictures.

    • Last weekend I drove through East St. Louis (99% African) and then through a little town called “Millstadt” (99% European, according to the Interweb).

      15 minute drive between Lagos on the Mississippi and Bern in a cornfield.

    • Places like Chile, Argentina, and even Mexico probably have bimodal IQ distributions: whites and Amerindians at the ends possibility with some mestizos filling in the middle a bit. Buenos Aires might look nice because the white proportion is higher there. The outlying areas dominate by campesinos of indigenous heritage probably not so good.

      Likewise, the Mexican ruling class is almost 100% white — not reflecting a distribution function that includes all races.

      • During my many trips in Latin America, I would notice that effect. For example in the social pages of a small town newspaper, virtually all the faces were pale, while the majority of the populace was brown/mestizo. This is a truism all over the continent.

        There’s an old bathroom stall wisdom that said (and it’s true) “Black is beautiful, and tan is grand, but white is the color of the big boss man.”

        In many Latino cultures, historically there is a definite rank ordering by race. Not unlike the early US’s version of white, high yaller, octaroon, quadroon, etc. on down the scale until you reached that rarity, the walking shadow 😀

        • There was a picture floating around of the MX Congress. Large group portrait of several hundred elected representatives. Point was to look closely and see if any of them could not pass for White in any US city. Of course the answer was nope, they all looked whiter than white. You can probably Google the photo someplace.

          (PS: excuse my use of a double negative)

          • The #1 P4P boxer on the planet and current middleweight champion is ginger Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, who has joked he probably has an Irish grandfather somewhere in his family tree.

    • I’m one of those schmucks who has spent significant time exploring other places, all 7 continents and 50 states plus 100+ countries. Subsaharan Africa is incomparable with any other. The IQ is so bloody low you truly come to believe they are a different species. The inhabitants are also lazy and insolent. Their best relocate to the west leaving the dumb ones behind to become even dumber. But even the dum-dums eventually follow because our streets are lined with gold they hear. We are going to experience a tidal wave of bidpedal immigration never before experienced in scale within bipedal history. Camp Of The Saints has it correct, you have to sink the ships! Alas it’s too late.

    • Wolf: I spent a few years in Singapore. It has excellent propagandists, both native and foreign. I was glad to leave and have no desire to go back.

  31. And you also have to ask the question, what has the rise in “social safety” nets as a life long career and medical technology played. In the bad old days these were culled from the overall herd since they lacked the cognitive capabilities to survive. Now you have third generations that have never held a job or obtained any education, yet the state keeps them fed, provides medical care and housing. Harsh, but reality.

    • They breed so fast that now it’s the fifth or sixth generation I’m afraid. People who have never done anything with their lives and who are little more than ungrateful pets.

  32. Debate is indeed pointless, we’re on a train with a preordained destination. The objective should be to position yourself best once that end destination is reached.

    This is why guys like Sailer are so frustrating, the man has devoted his life to producing charts and analyzing studies. And nothing at all to show for it. I don’t know how he stays sane writing the same thing over and over again.

    Short to mid term requires you become anti fragile. The Afrikaans in South Africa provided a good guide for the future. They also have something that too many, including myself, don’t have. A strong sense of community and collective purpose.

      • So they are not going to need the Peace Corps to fund up a $100k and travel out on jet planes to show them how to dig a well?

        • Perhaps.

          There have been anecdotal reports from South Africa that the ruling majority are so lazy and incompetent that their police force is largely ineffectual.

          Obviously that could change if a motivated lunatic like Malemba attains real power.

          • It could be a motivated lunatic from abroad, probably from the West, screaming “racism”, sending military or other help to the lazy ruling majority.

        • Yes, to publish their accomplishments on the internet is lunacy. They should build very secretly and quietly.

          Showing off new infrastructure is just begging for an army of joggers to swarm in and smash it up. They won’t be able to tolerate a group of Whites openly doing better than the ruling race. Publicly demonstrating black inferiority is a no-no.

    • Sailer is a great example of the Great Divide. We tend to think the dividing line is between those who accept biology and those who deny it, but in reality the divide is about culture. Steve Sailer still thinks he lives in a high trust culture so he can assume that the people running things want to do the right thing, but maybe lack the right information. On this side of the divide, people accept that we no longer live in a high trust culture, so we can never assume the people in charge have pure motives. In fact, it is prudent to assume otherwise.

      People on Steve’s side of the divide can read the New York Times and carefully note all of the errors related to crime or biology, but still fully trust what they are “reporting” about the war in Ukraine. People on our side of the divide read mainstream media in the same way people in communist countries read their regime media.

      • Sailer has also believed in the vaxx and that the election was not stolen. And yet he considers himself a numerate person.

        • Sailer also believes that the Ukraine is headed towards Moscow. He got derailed with Covid and, except for black crime, is now clueless

          • What age is Sailer ? does he have any health issues, I think that might explain his Covid stance, your age and health would cause you to have a different POV

          • (((They Live))),

            He did some years back have a close call with the Big C, and perhaps he felt himself more vulnerable if his immune system was felt to be impaired. Still, no excuse can be offered for his ontellectual dishonesty.

      • The only reason Sailer and his type do what they do – is that they don’t have to see the real world up close and personal. They are insulated by their wealth, their community, or their faith from race realities. And they are too dumb to understand that things you can’t see CAN hurt you.

        Dissidents may argue about DeSantis dumping a bunch of illegal beaners in Martha’s grove. Some are livid, saying that they should have been loaded into cannons and fired back at Mexico – and they have ammo for that argument. But… the problem, IMHO, is not the beaners – they are just beaners that do what they do. The problem is with the idiots in Martha’s Vineyard, and guys like Sailer. They created this problem and if they don’t even see the consequences of what they’ve done, or take a hand in fixing it…they will just find new ways to re-create old problems.
        As long as people like that can distance themselves from the consequences of their ignorance… they won’t learn anything.

        • Steve Sailer is not wealthy, I would guess 75% of his net worth is in his home equity. Plus he has had a front row seat for the transformation of California. He should understand the nature of the left much better than he does.

          • I have puzzled over this and my conclusion is that people exposed to diversity at a young age, learn it as part of their development, are much more realistic than those who acquire it in adulthood. It is like learning a language. Adult learners are always translating in their head, while childhood learners just seem to do it naturally, like they have parallel code in their brain.

            I think the same is true with human diversity. People who grew up with it have a natural feel for it. Kids can be cruel because kids see each other in the most basic form. Learning this basic form at a young age makes for a natural appreciation for human diversity, something those with an academic understanding lack.

          • True. But Sailer’s neighborhood is nice and free of dangerous diversity. He still doesn’t have to deal with dangerous diversity on a daily basis. It remains academic to him.

            Sailer and his IQ crew are academics are heart. They also are snobs. They feel zero loyalty to whites. Their people are other smart, well-educated types like themselves, so they have no clue how to deal groups or individuals who do feel a loyalty to their people.

            Finally, they instinctually know that they’re brain power will always isolate them from the lower classes of any color.

            It’s hard to describe how much I’ve come to despise most of the commenters at Sailer’s site.

          • Citizen, I’ll occasionally read Sailer at unz, and I appreciate your comments. Someday maybe Sailer will finally reply to you. His commitment to Citizenism was understandable in 2002, but twenty years later? You would think he’d say, F#ck it, time to go tribal.

          • Wolf,

            I only comment there to keep people like me from wasting too many years in Sailer’s Citizenism. I was on his side 10 or 15 years ago but, eventually, realized that he was unrealistic.

            I’m trying to save others like me some time.

            Btw, Steve will never answer me, because he has no answer. And I think, deep down, he knows it. Steve’s response would be something along the lines of, “Well, this is the best that we can do with the current system.”

            Steve is a believer in the system. We’re not. Steve also dislikes identity politics. He’s pretty much in the camp of Charles Murray, basically, a liberal with no feelings of kin loyal who happens to understand biological differences. Once you understand that, Sailer’s positions make sense.

        • Actually, I wish more success to ballsy governors like DeSatis and Abbott. At their State’s own effort and expense, they are transferring these “refugees” to the places where (supposedly) they are most to be welcomed. The Liberals/Democrats have made (and shit in) their own bed, so I say let them lie in them. 🙂

        • I thought that was a great move by DeSantis, has he been reading Rules for Radicals ?

          Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules

      • Sailer has spent the past 20 years trying to convince David Brooks to tell his co-ethnics to back off their transformation of the US. Naturally, Sailer failed for a variety of reasons, not least of which is failing to understand a tribal people.

        (Steve feels no loyalty to whites, though he dislikes discrimination against whites, but that’s about his ridiculous Citizenism and not any kinship.)

        Part of the problem is that Sailer has always wanted to be accepted by the managerial class. He wants to be a pundit read in Washington, NYC and Hollywood. Steve wants to be the thoughtful guy in the managerial class.

        He can never understand the simple truth: They hates and want us dead.

      • In fairness to Sailer, there’s some piece of the puzzle which is missing.

        He was adopted, so, unless he’s had some genetic testing done, no one knows his true ancestry [although I have a vague memory of him talking about Austria at the old iSteve].

        Something is amiss in the standard biography of Steve Sailer.

        Some clue which we haven’t yet stumbled upon.

        • I’ve wondered the same thing. Steve’s unwillingness to accept that, maybe, whites should act like every other group before we’re made into helots is odd.

          Something keeps telling me that there’s a personal issue that causes such cognitive dissonance. But I have absolutely no information to believe that. Just a hunch.

          • It might be nothing more than Sailer being simply terrified.

            Maybe he had his own little brush with something like a proto-BLM/proto-Antifa stalking, roughly a decade ago, and he’s scared not only of the local thugs which stalked him, but also of whichever tiny hat it was who hired the local thugs to stalk him?

            Just a possibility.

            But about ten years ago, something changed; 99.9% of the dissident community headed off in one direction, whereas a handful of old-timers, like Steve and Fred Reed and John Derbyshire, decided they preferred being the emperor’s eunuchs.

          • I don’t think Sailer was intimidated, at least not physically. Sailer is just a managerial class wannabe. He feels that he deserves a spot at the establishment pundit table.

            Also, since he has no loyalty feelings toward whites, he has no desire to throw his lot in with us.

            As to Reed, yeah, he went a bit nuts. He started writing about white nationalism and seemed to develop a serious anti-white American bias. I’m assuming that having a Mexican wife and living in Mexico had something to do with that.

            The Derb’s situation is a lot easier to understand. He married a Chinese lady and has kids who are mixed. White identity politics isn’t exactly made for them and, by extension, him. That said, the Derb is at least thoughtful in his writings and makes clear that whites need to start thinking and acting like a group – even as he understands that might not be great for his kids and grandkids.

    • The SA Afrikaaners were clear headed enough to realize that no matter how much investment in the black’s futures they made, it wasn’t gonna work, so they stopped and concentrated on themselves. We’re not there yet–

    • “ They also have something that too many, including myself, don’t have. A strong sense of community and collective purpose.”

      Yeah, but their collective purpose is quite basically *survival* in a Black sea. As I believe Johnson said, “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

      Careful what you wish for.

  33. The clear decline in society’s human capital is why I believe the controllers will fail to get their global digital control grid.

    Speaking of the controllers, studies have shown that one’s self-awareness declines precipitously as they are rise to higher tiers of the hierarchy. I think this explains a lot of what we are seeing in the collective West’s leadership.

    Putin seems quite self-aware, and I think this partially explains his effectiveness for his nation and people relative to the clown show we are seeing in the West.

    • The Wild Geese Howard: “Speaking of the controllers, studies have shown that one’s self-awareness declines precipitously as they rise to higher tiers of the hierarchy.”

      That’s almost certainly due to the selection process; no one who possesses both Introspection and Extrospection will be allowed to rise up anywhere in the hierarchy of the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex.

      Passive Aggressives can sniff out Introspection & Extrospection in a potential job hire like HB9s can sniff out “Beta” in a pretender at a discotheque.

  34. There is no arresting the demographic changes

    As several countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East have proven, demographic changes can be arrested with barbed wire.

    Most of the demographic changes we’ve seen in the Western world for the last 50 years are really political changes, and they can be rolled back by political means.

    • Along with barbed wire, what we really need are catapults to return the invaders already here. Once they settle in and start reproducing, getting that sweet, sweet birthright citizenship, the demographic changes become self-perpetuating.

      Could we solve this? Sure. Strip anchor babies of their citizenship and send them back to their homelands to “enrich” that soil. Will we do it? Not likely.

      • I hear birthright citizenship stands on shakier legal ground than Roe. Otoh hand, unlike terminating babies, it goes to the American Dream! Pretty frustrating, and odd that a bureaucratic and legal thing like immigration would be so difficult to deal with.

        • I confess I’m not a legal scholar, but I posit that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is not “shaky legal ground.”

          I too would have wished for a stricter definition: Mine would have been at a minimum, born in the United States to at least one native born citizen parent. No naturalization, period. Born overseas to two U.S. Citizens? Tough shit.

          I suspect that or a similar wish chances of adoption are somewhat less of a return to a Gold Standard, or kicking out all the Jews. But it’s on my dream sheet.

          • This is what the guy who helped write the amendment had to say:

            “…[E]very person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of person.”


      • Matters are way past where any peaceable resolution could be achieved by political means. We aren’t voting our way out of this mess. As much as we might like to, we cannot hop into a time machine and jaunt back to 1960, 1800 or 1776.

        I cannot envision any solutions that of necessity would require the dissolution of the United States, or if it somehow kept the name, of virtually all the tenets this country was built upon. 🙁

        Maybe a Brazil of the North is the best outcome that can be realistically attained.

    • That is impossible.

      The numbers needed for such political change are dwindling and will soon be out of time. The invaders are hardly going to vote themselves to be deported.

      Look at the UK. The capital, the second largest city (and the senior government posts) are now minority English. There is no power center left for whites in the current political landscape.

      The media keeps the rest in slumber and a maze of self hate as they get eaten by the snicker snacks.

      • I hear what you’re saying, but we could do it if we had the will. It’s not that we can’t. It’s that we won’t.

        Most of these people exist on the fruits of our labor. We’re reason their dwellings are warm in the winter. We’re the reason they have safe water to drink and food to eat. We’re the reason their children don’t succumb to disease and starvation.

        If we literally did nothing, it would be better than what we’re doing now. But of course, the real problem is that the elites don’t give us any choice.

        If we had elites who looked out for us instead of foreigners, we’d be shocked at how quickly some of these unsolvable problems would be solved.

      • Look at the US: it’s much more diverse than any European country.

        I don’t get this need for you to focus on Europe when your own country is so broken.

        UK has the demography of the US in the 1970s.

        The US is arguably no longer a majority white country but you fret for those “Euros”. Look to your own garden

    • Some countries in Europe still have a chance. Others, such as France and, probably the UK, don’t.

      Denmark can still survive intact. Let’s pray that it does.

  35. Before we pat ourselves too firmly on the back, might we not be putting the cart before the horse? Isn’t it possible that high IQ is an effect and not a cause of cultures that devalue crime and promote social trust, affordable family formation and “all of the other things we associate[d] with stable, happy societies.” IQ is a narrow measure of intelligence. I’m not sure I’d want to turn to a Werhner von Braun as a source of moral rectitude. That woke religiosity is an abomination may be beyond question — and we’ll pay a deadly price for our willingness to endure it — but who brought it to us if not high IQ whites with a little, but only a little, help from their friends?

    • Actually, IQ is a fairly broad measure of intelligence. It is why we use the term “general intelligence” in these discussions. Our testing is geared toward general intelligence. Math, verbal and spatial intelligence are components of general intelligence.

      Culture certainly plays a role. East Asians are smarter than Europeans, but their civilizational accomplishment are less than Europeans, mostly due to cultural factors. That said, the culture of conformity is mostly likely tied to the homogeneity of the people. Diversity within European people makes for healthy competition, as well as unhealthy competition. Biological monopolies like China lack the internal competition of the West.

      • I don’t see how that follows at all.

        China is huge and easily has as many internal ethnicity variations on a theme as Europe did for its upward history.

        Much of the European advancement also came intra-country for long periods, rather than inter-country.

        • China does have a variety of ethnicities (the famous “56”) and languages but the Han Chinese comprise 90%+ of the whole country. Wisecracks will say that the Han are just as diverse and it is a convenient construct, but the differences within the Han is like differences between Slavs. (Not much.) As far as the other 55 ethnicities, they are all terribly marginalized and don’t stand a chance. In the US we have lots of cities that are majority-minority but in China if some city has 10% non-Han, it’s a curiosity and most likely a tourist destination.

          As for why China never developed like the West, I agree with Z to an extent, but the Chinese are as quarrelsome and competitive as anyone else. Despite the homogeneity it is a strikingly low-trust society. I just think, for whatever reason, Europeans – and western Europeans to be specific – tend to think laterally and are natural progressives.

          • Due to their communal nature the only people rewarded through thousands of years of Chinese history were those working a scheme of some sort as any nails that stuck up would be hammered down.

  36. “The old cultural, political and economic institutions were made for a people with an IQ close to 100. The new people will struggle to operate what they have inherited.”

    Or the technology for that matter. Take Africa, for example. The dirty little secret about it is that to the extent that Africa has electricity, roads, airports, seaports, telecommunication, and sewage systems, it depends on a cadre of white technicians and engineers to build and maintain them. All the national liberation struggles have done is to create a black overclass, usually kleptocrats. Zaire and its long-dead Mobutu would be typical examples but there are a host of others. It’s the whites who keep things humming. Or increasingly, the Chinese (e.g., the new high-speed railway in Morocco). France probably maintains its de facto colonial empire in Africa simply by the threat of withdrawing its engineers and technicians.

    Around fifty years back or so, both Uganda and Kenya threw out their South Asian population. These Asians constituted the petty bourgeoisie of these countries — the shop keepers, the owners of small factories, the importers and exporters — the merchant class in brief. Both these countries painfully found out that they couldn’t manage without them — they subsequently had to be invited back. The black population of these countries wasn’t up to the task.

      • I highly recommend tracking down and watching the whole documentary. It is insanely entertaining and enlightening. Of course, it is not easy to find these days, for obvious reasons, but it is out there. We are supposed to believe that places like Congo are where they are at because the White man was mean to them 150-200 years ago. Except the White man built them roads, trains, industry, cities, communication networks, universities, etc., and then handed it over, in pristine condition, when he left. Fifty years later it is all rubble and it’s the White man’s fault, even though he’s not there anymore.

        • There is a similar documentary called, When China Met Africa that is also worthwhile.

          It is not as based. It shows the dynamic at the managerial level rather than the engineer on the ground level.

        • The population of Africa barely got above a 100 million for its entire history. The only reason a billion Africans are alive now is because of colonialism and ongoing white support.

          To decry this as oppression and be accepted as such just shows how truly, truly stupid and controlled the western population is.

    • I wrote about Africa but truth be told, South Asia is not much better. Here is a damning piece in the current “New Left Review” and written by an Indian:

      If anything, Pakistan is even worse. Nothing works — not the electricity grid, not water supply, not the creaking and inadequate road system, not the neglected rail system (inherited from the Brits), not the educational system (which, probably like Africa, churns out truckloads of illiterate and innumerate holders of bachelor’s and master’s degrees). Nothing. I recall speaking to a Pakistani astrophysicist about forty years back and his words are indelibly etched in my mind: “First of all, I am ashamed to be a Pakistani. Secondly, I am ashamed to be a Muslim. And thirdly, I am ashamed to be a Third Worlder.”

      I have first-hand and painful experience of the “Global South.” I can’t believe anyone why says genes are not a major component in the travails of the South. The Europeans who landed on North American shores landed with not much more than their genes. It’s those genes that built North America. And it’s those genes that are now being attacked by people who had nothing to do with the building of the country.

        • The garbage always gets me, as is it seriously that hard to just stack it in one place? Even pigs poop in a corner.

      • Oddly enough, even though it should be different, the Ukraine is pretty much the same as sub-Saharan Africa in the time since the Soviet Union failed. Appearantly they haven’t done anything for the infrastructure, the power grid, cleaning up the mess of Soviet industrialization or anything. From what I’ve read and seem, Ukrainians are much better than sub-Saharans.

        • I would describe Ukraine as Mexico of Europe. Similar development patterns.
          Lingering post Soviet mentality as well, many youngsters I met at Uni said they don’t want to go back and have their potential squandered.

    • You are correct. I was flying back and forth to Africa for years, maintaining systems. There were only a tiny handful of native engineers (and then, they were all northern/Saharan) who could really do creative things on their own. The pandemic came, our travel got put on hold, *voila* and systems went to dust. In the vacuum, according to my buddies still there, there is room for corrupt ministry officials to make out like bandits selling equipment, etc. Soon, platforms will completely collapse and somebody will have to pick up the pieces.

      The general intelligence of any given ministry sub-office is extremely low… But the -cleverness- positioned around kickbacks, free lunches and so forth is simply staggering.

      • This sounds like the exact same mentality and modus operandi as the people who we abandoned our once great cities and municipalities to. Could you imagine if there had not been any federal and state money? We don’t have to I suppose. Several of the commenters above have a nice list of places that illustrate it.

        One of the best things Trump ever did was point out the link between Third World dumpster holes and the list of American cities that they compare to. I would like to see more of that. We should all write Tucker Carlson and suggest that his next documentary be one that shows the American cities before and after as well as the parallel look and crime statistics of the American after and the dumpster holes before and after direct colonial rule.

        • As brilliant, Trump inferred the link between the condition of the city, and who ran it. We need more of that.

      • Kestrel –

        I once cruised up to a gym to play a game of basketball. It was a beautiful gym completely refurbished by NBA money, but it did lie up the hill from the projects where a certain Bronco fleeing double murderer grew up.

        There was guy there who I wondered if he was borderline retarded. He could barely speak – a physical specimen but I wondered if he had a brain. He asked me what I did. He then proposed that I start a company to consult the city government in that area and promised me multi-million dollar contracts with no obligation to deliver anything as a service or product. All I needed to do was be a part of his campaign for mayor and vote for him to boot. I am guessing he made similar offers to the other whiteys who he was enlisting to get the white vote.

        I was stunned. This guy would often get kicked out of the gym for acting out and he presented as a retard. Yet, he clearly knew how to build a political machine and do some sort of negotiation. But his plan had a 100% lack of any moral and ethical dimensions. It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever encountered, and I never went to that gym again.

      • “But the -cleverness- positioned around kickbacks, free lunches and so forth is simply staggering.”

        I think the word you needed here is ‘cunning’. ‘Low animal cunning’ is also acceptable for describing the phenomenon you describe.

    • The middle east has this issue in large part as well.

      Most of the oil and gas installations and refineries are built, run and maintained under contract by US, German, UK, Swiss and Japanese companies.

      • Yes, that’s correct. Plus of course all the arms that have been bought with the money are maintained by Westerners. Plus the buildings that have gone up have been by Western architects and civil engineers. The Arabs can’t do much of anything. There must be over a billion Arabs, I guess — but they don’t have one university that can compare with Israel’s Technion. Israel, with its 7m population, has produced way more Nobel Laureates than the entire Arab world — maybe by an order of magnitude. Likewise for chess grandmasters.

      • In places like UAE and Qatar Western expats outnumber the natives 10 to 1.

        Their airlines are all run by Westerners.

        Management of airport infrastructure is contracted out to Western firms like Swissport, as is aircraft and helicopter maintenance.

        • Bahrain in the UAE is a perennial liberty port for US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf. I’ve been there probably two dozen times, over 7 deployments.

          I’ve sat in the malls in Bahrain and people watched. You see the natives look at the expat women around them, and you can see that they are thinking of rape just by how they undress those women with their eyes.

          It really is quite creepy.

          All the facilities I interacted with on shore were run by pillipino or indian imports.

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