A Medieval Desire For Revenge

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Toward the end of the Second World War, the “Allies”, which by this point was a polite fiction, were thinking about what comes after the war. The three big powers of Europe, France, Italy and Germany, were in ruins. The British were bankrupt. Then you had the Russians, who were clearly looking past the war. The big item on the agenda was what to do about the Germans. Within living memory, they had been blamed for two monstrous wars that crippled the West.

United States Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau produced a plan in 1944 that called for the annihilation of Germany as a country. The central argument was that there was something defective about German people that causes them for no reason at all to do the things they were doing. The only solution was to make it so these people could never do those things again. Morgenthau did not blame politics or ideology for the wars, but the German character.

The plan called for the de-industrialization of Germany. This would have been done by partitioning Germany into various bits. Some portion would go to Poland, while another portion would go to France. The Ruhr Area, the main industrial area of Germany at the time, would be stripped and occupied. What remained of Germany would be divided into two areas with no industry. Basically, the country known as German would cease to exist and its people would soon follow.

That last part is key. Even after it was made clear to Morgenthau and his supporters that his plan would result in wide-scale starvation, he pressed forward. Optimistic analysis at the time said that 40% of Germans would starve to death if the Morgenthau plan was implemented. Of course, the number would be much higher due to the inevitable revolts by the Germans, which would be met with force. The goal of the Morgenthau was the genocide of the German people.

From the point of view of this age, it sounds like madness, but war does funny things to people, especially long wars. The Russians had lost tens of millions of people fighting the Germans, so left to their own sensibilities at the time, they probably would have exterminated most of the Germans and reduced the country to rubble. What was left would have become a slave state in the Soviet Union. Of course, Morgenthau had similar motivations for destroying Germany.

The chief supporter of the Morgenthau plan in Britain was Churchill’s assistant Frederick Alexander Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell. Besides having a great name, Lord Cherwell was described as having “a medieval desire for revenge” not just on Germans but on anyone he disliked. Naturally, the Morgenthau plan for Germany tickled his natural desire to see opponents suffer. This bit of trivial reinforces the fact that the plan was purely retributive, rather than remedial.

The Morgenthau plan has a curious history. It was published in the closing days of the war, but it became a rallying point for the Germans. All of sudden, the very real prospect of extinction was on the table. Allied commanders said the plan had made their job much more difficult. After the war, there was an effort to memory hole the idea because of the Cold War. Recently the plan has gained attention because it draws attention to certain subjects that are bad for current narratives.

Interestingly, the plan was quickly deemed impractical by the people who would be charged with implementing it. This happened before anyone stopped to consider the morality of committing genocide on the Germans. Genocide is the right word, as that includes erasing the culture of a people. Despite the obvious impossibility of the plan, the backers never gave up on it. It was only the clever machinations of people around Roosevelt and Churchill that prevented the genocide.

Today it would be nothing more than a side note to the history of the war, but it seems as if that old “medieval desire for revenge” still casts a shadow. The events in modern Europe look like an updated version of the Morgenthau plan. The Germans are slowly being reduced to peonage by Anglo-American policy. The pretext this time is not fear of German militarism, but fear of German independence. Ukraine policy makes sense when the goal is the destruction of Germany.

That is what is on tap unless something changes. German industry cannot survive if energy conditions persist much longer. Their primary advantage in Europe and the world has been easy access to cheap energy. The energy crisis not only deprives them of cheap energy but may deprive them of energy. The Germans are now facing the prospect of blackouts and periodic shutdowns due to gas shortages. This is just the start of what could be a long crisis.

Then there is the knock-on effect. Energy is not just about making things like cars and chemicals, but about growing food. All of Western Europe will be facing a serious fertilizer crisis in 2023. Germany has relied on imports for all of its commercial fertilizer, so cuts in those imports will wipe out German food production. A country that cannot make anything, heat its homes or feed itself looks a lot like what the people behind the Morgenthau plan had in mind eighty years ago.

Of course, there is another element to this. The first Secretary General of NATO was Brit named Hastings Lionel Ismay, also known as First Baron Ismay. He is credited with having said the purpose of NATO was “to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” In retrospect, the sole purpose may have been to keep Germany down. Germany is the key to Russian involvement in Europe, so controlling Germany is a way to control Russia.

That is what we see in the current crisis. Washington blew up those gas lines because those gas lines primarily served the Germans. It allowed them to do business with Russia and could perhaps allow the Germans to be an honest broker in the war between Washington and Moscow. It speaks to that “medieval desire for revenge” that Washington would rather risk a nuclear war with Russia than let the ancient enemy get even a hint of independence and self-respect.

Perhaps the way to read this crisis in Europe is as the final chapter in a long story with roots into the 19th century. The cutting off of cheap energy to Germany will finally reduce the Germans to poverty. They will be dependent on Washington and the rest of Europe for survival. This may strike modern ears as insane as the original Morgenthau plan, but like that old plan, the new plan, maybe it should be called the Kagan Plan, is about a “medieval desire for revenge.”

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306 thoughts on “A Medieval Desire For Revenge

  1. Were it not for the treatment of the Germans after two world wars and the outrageous and wicked behavior of Jews and freemasons and their corrupt democracy and murderous, thieving communism it is doubtful that the German and European white man would have any serious motivation to get revenge.
    As you sow, so shall ye reap.
    The justification and motivation to get revenge is as strong as ever.
    The evil doers are still in charge, and they got to go.

  2. All the negatives of destroying Germany are outset by that.. The richness of Europe civilization is thst, the continent possess over 45 ancient big and small Christian established nations with highly developed languages and culture. This is the uniqness of white European people. NO OTHER CONTINENT POSSESSES EVEN 10 PERCENT OF THAT .EUROPEAN UNION WAS ESTABLISHED TO DESTROY THIS NATIONS ONE BY ONE .NOW IF GERMANY IS DESTROYED ECONOMICALLY THAT MEANS THERE WILL BE NO MORE EU .Any country including France and Britain or Italy can leave This degenerate organizational and EU will exist .But without German economy there is no any EU .There simply will be not enough money to pay for this parasitic beurocracy there .It will cease to exist.What will save the other 45 European nations. Of course without GERMANY Europe will never be the same ,because the Germans established all Great European nations .They established GERMANY France ,England and Germanic Lombards established the Northern Italian Kingdoms .So it will be still big lose ,but not as big as EU destroying all European nations..Some things are inventable. Sometimes you only win the battle, but not the war .That is what Happened to Usa ,France and England I’m the Second World War. Every downhill of this nations is only because they choose the wrong enemy. They won the battle in 1945 ,but actually we know now that they lost the war .Germany is not Nigeria or Egypt or even China .Germany is so important country that without them ,the people who try to destroy it will destroy themselves together with them .Like Churchill, who England and Usa hold in some great stature .Actually if you see the historical record he is one of the worst if not the worst ever leader of big civilization or empire. NO ONE ELSE IN TJE HISTORY OF THE WORLD DESTROYED A HUGE EMPIRE FOR MERELY 10 YEARS .HE HOLD THE RECORD.HE WAS SO STUPID THAT TO DESTROY Germany he singlehandedly put in tje grave the British empire for record time .The biggest idiot ever .

  3. Only an enlightenment protestant calls low things, like revenge, medieval. Mr man is an enlightenment man

    • While I disagree with the unfair implication about the host (especially because he’s QUOTING someone) the linguistic point is a great one. This is akin to when even white people use “white” as a pejorative unthinkingly.

      Mideval anything would pretty much be an unbelievable step up civilizationally at this point.

  4. Here’s what Stalin said in the Order of the People’s Commissar of Defense of the USSR
    February 23, 1942

    “It is sometimes said in the foreign press that the Red Army aims to exterminate the German people and destroy the German state. This, of course, is stupid nonsense and stupid slander against the Red Army. The Red Army does not and cannot have such idiotic goals. The purpose of the Red Army is to expel the German occupiers from our country and liberate the Soviet land from the German fascist invaders. It is very likely that the war for the liberation of the Soviet land will lead to the expulsion or destruction of the Hitler clique. We would welcome such an outcome. But it would be ridiculous to identify the Hitler clique with the German people, with the German state. The experience of history tells us that Hitlers come and go, but the German people, but the German state remains.”

    I’m reacting to this part of the post: “The Russians had lost tens of millions of people fighting the Germans, so left to their own sensibilities at the time, they probably would have exterminated most of the Germans and reduced the country to rubble. ”

    No, they would not, and they did not.

    • Germans were expelled from the east and many, perhaps in the millions, died along the way. Taking Stalin at his word is foolish, just ask Hitler.

    • You’re a German in 1945. To whom would you rather wave the white flag, Soviets or Americans/British?

      • Trick question! If you surrendered to the americans they would just hand you to the soviets anyway… knowing what that meant for you. So functionally no difference

      • How did that work at out at Nuremberg, or the POW starvation camps, or, for that matter, the never-ending persecution by (((Nazi-Hunters)))? At least the Soviets would get it over quickly.

  5. I already felt terrible about how the Germans have been treated for the last 150 years. The US has no morality at all

  6. Bottom line, the world is going to be a lesser place without German cars, especially the sports cars with stick shifts. Best stick shifts in the world, silky smooth.

    But they’re going EV anyway chasing the green agenda.

    Such a shame.

    • The only reason the world would be a lesser place without German cars is because the Europeans will need to find new Taxis when the Mercedes is history. I guess BMW’s would do.

      As a car guy (which I am) I think the Italians have the best shifts in the world. My Ferrari was comparable to the action on a Colt Python for smoothness.

      But I will give the Krauts Kredit for the hardest ride. Drive 100 miles and your ass feels like you were just initiated into Skull & Bones.

      • BMW’s current problem seems to stem from their recent joint project with Toyota to create the new version of the Supra.

        BMW seems to have come away from the project with all of Toyota’s worst styling ideas and have spiraled downwards from there.

      • Never drove a manual Ferrari — only have driven my friend’s Modena 360 which came with the paddle shifters neither he nor I could ever really figure out. It pretty much sat in his carport.

        But have driven many Porsches and beemers etc and am currently driving one of the few Audis with a stick. I love that car. Just gets the job done, and the stick shift assembly was made by Porsche and is a dream. My wife has a few mustangs — love those too — but the German shifter is so addictively silky. Leaves a sensation like a woman caressing my forearm.

  7. Zman, forgive my rudeness, I mean in no way to detract-

    -but JHK has done a drop-dead bang-up job on last week’s bit of monkeyshines.

    If I may, link:

    I almost fell out the seat when I heard “we” had attacked what may now be Russian soil over the weekend.

    Not for nothing did I skedaddle west into Pennsylvaia and away from D.C.
    Waiting for the damm flash, I was.

    • Someone in the Zmans comments posted a Kuntsler article a few months ago. If that was you then, thanks. I’ve been following his work ever since

  8. I might find this analysis plausible if it weren’t for the undeniable fact that Germans are doing it to themselves, what with import of millions of Muslim vermin and religious embrace of “sustainable” renewable energy. This is what happens when you let cunt run things–especially as long as Germany did.

    • Can’t both be true? There is an historic bloodthirst to destroy the Germans and the Germans have suicidal beliefs about diversity?

      • I note that the Germans were treated to an intensive post-war indoctrination campaign, beginning with the Nuremberg trials and then a restructured educational system in which they were repeatedly informed about their moral failings in regard to Nazism and how it infected every part of German society. This was done in an effort to make certain Nazism, or something like it never again arose in Germany. We are now witnessing the results of that effort with German political leaders continuing to mea culpa for the sins of their great-grandparents. (Kind of like the effort to force “reparations” on white America for the sins of a portion of its great-great-great-grandparents.) Recall, also, that Germany was divided into four disjointed parts: the American, British, French and Soviet sectors, as was its capitol, Berlin. Nothing like this happened in Japan, or rather, only a shadow of that kind of post-war restructuring of Japanese society. Japan, although guilty of FAR WORSE atrocities in China as well as in connection with treatment of POWs, was allowed to keep its Emperor, and was not sectioned off into disparate parts. I have always wondered why. Does anyone have any (((thoughts)))?

    • No, their wicked post war PC governments and globalists did it to Germany. Given any real choice and complete freedom to act as they see fit Germans would have acted in their own interests and that of their country. Without bad people running the country Germany might have been quite a different nation. One with fewer problems than it has at present. Then again given the same circumstances other European nations might possibly be better off than they are today also.

  9. If Germany does anything well, it’s recovering from disaster. During WW2 while under day and night bombing, we developed intercontinental missiles, synthetic fuel and the world’s first jet fighter. Perhaps too little too late, but we developed it and put it all into active service none the less while the Allies were still flying piston engine aircraft.

    Fast forward to today and watch how quickly we convert to coal. We currently have two of the largest open pit mines in Europe, the Tagebau Garzweiler, and a few kilometers south, is another slightly larger open pit called the Tagebau Hambach. Each is so large it can be seen from space. You can find them here on Google maps (51.068948, 6.462455 & 50.9060612, 6.521464). For scale, they are each about the same size as the city of Köln.

    Good video about it here on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv-7nLV-YUM

    Coal mined from these pits goes onto conveyor belts which deliver it to massive power plants where they run steam turbines. We may run short of Russian gas, but we still have plenty of coal to keep the lights on, homes warm and factories running.

    Listen to the media talking heads all you want, but believe them at your own peril. No one here is worried in the least about the coming winter.

    • I guess the question is not technological, but economic. Sure, Germany may be able to switch from gas to coal, but at what cost? Admittedly, I don’t know.

      • Many gas turbine power plants can be converted to burn other fuels. It’s not uncommon in the industry. Look up Coal gasification. It’s actually a very old technology, and was used to keep street lights and home gas lighting in homes.

        Not to be confused with “gas lighting” which is what today’s media is famous for!

    • I’m all for burning (that kind of) coal.

      Might keep the lights on, but it’s not going to supply the hydrocarbon feed stock for the chemical and fertiliser plants. And that’s gotta be a big kick in the systemic guts.

      Hopefully you guys will be back. The Day After Tomorrow might just Belong to You.

    • Honest question–will Germany’s green goons allow the country to use that icky coal? Seems to me they’d rather see people freeze to death than to see a pall of smoke on Wuppertal’s horizon.

      • Based on the fact both of these sites are currently running 24-7, I would say the answer is “Yes”. Even the idiot Greens fear a harsh German winter. And Berlin gets very cold in Winter!

      • From JHK:

        “Germany’s industry will now collapse, the Euro currency will collapse with it, and the exchange rate with the dollars Euroland needs to buy in order to purchase US LNG”

        • Chicken little crying the sky is falling! Reminds me of Y2K doom and gloom that never happened some two decades ago.

          Do you seriously think Germany, the largest single industrial power in Europe hasn’t already thought through these contingencies?

          Perhaps not the dim bulbs in Berlin, but trust me, Krupps, Siemens, VAG, Daimler and other major industries are well prepared to get through this.

          Industrialists always plan ahead for the long haul. Politicians only plan for the next election.

          • “Do you seriously think Germany, the largest single industrial power in Europe hasn’t already thought through these contingencies… Industrialists always plan ahead for the long haul.”

            You HOPE they planned ahead.

            But how many of them are sodomites & sapphistes & trannies & child-molesters & adrenochrome-drinkers & gaia-worshippers who were installed in their corporate sinecures for the sole purpose of destroying Western Civilization?

            ANYONE who is famous enough for you to know his [or her] name is an actor [or actress] who was CHOSEN for having a personality type which was that of a “team player”, who would NOT “rock the boat”.

            That’s the gruelingly exasperatingly infuriating reality which we Americans have been coming to grips with since maybe 15 or 16 years ago, when we all started scratching our heads and wondering why Afghanistan & Iraq & especially Saudi Arabia hadn’t been simply incinerated and turned into glass.

            We Americans are very very stupid, and we used to be pathologically trusting of one another, but eventually our Common Sense kicks in, and we start wondering, “Why?”

            Fool us once, shame on you.

            Fool us Six Gorillion times, and we’re talking payback, baby.


      • Ostei, it’s really all comes down to whether the German people will LET the green fascists freeze them to death. Simple as that. They have no one on their side but themselves.

    • I would be surprised if re-activated coal plants could even cover for the capacity loss from shutting the nuclear plants, let alone replace curtailed natural gas supplies. Germany has coal, but the government has shut down many of the generating plants that use it. Imported power from Norway, Poland and Czech has supported the German grid for some time, maybe they can keep filling the gaps. There’s a lot of investments to be made to wean the country off Russian gas.

      The volume of gas in storage looks about normal for this time of year, but I don’t know how dependent the country is on a continuous inflow of gas during the heating season.

      Better hope the sun shines and the wind blows, but not too much.

      But coal won’t replace gas as a feedstock for the chemical industries or fertilizer production for next year’s crop season. Speaking of fertilizer, Germany used to get a lot of that from Russia. I hope there are alternate suppliers.

      Good luck.

      • Modern combined-cycle plants can be converted to coal fairly quickly – Denmark did the reverse when we converted our coal plants to burning gas. (Or rainforest, which, for some reason, greens think is better for the environment than gas.)

        Also, Europe has plenty of gas. The Russian gas could be replaced in 18 months if the Euro governments would allow fracking – something the Brits are now contemplating.

        I suspect, with Karl, that there’s a lot of scare mongering going on, mentally preparing the peons for getting robbed at the meter. My grid operator has already tripled the price for delivering power because mumblemumble reasons.

        And it’s not like the North Sea is running low on fuel either. Norway hasn’t even begun to tap its true potential and Denmark has several untapped gas fields, sitting right next to Germany.

        I’ve always thought that the policy behind Britain and Denmark dialing down fossil exploitation in the North Sea was about using up Russia’s gas and saving our own for a rainy day.

      • And before the French get too smug about Germany’s energy woes, they get half their yellowcake for their nuke power stations from (dramatic pause)….Russia.

    • as an engineer who has spent 40 years in manufacturing and utilities, there is no possible way to convert a gas plant to coal in less than a year. and that would be with normal parts availability. nothing is available anymore . reality is about to teach the Germans humility .

    • Karl Horst,

      you seem to be living in a very different country from mine, even though both of them are called Germany.

      Nobody worried in the least about the coming winter? Every other conversation I’m having is about that topic. But sure, may the more dense population segment (a large chunk, admittedly) still believes that everything, as if by magic, will be hunky-dory for all time to come.

      • It’s a popular topic because the media wants it to be. Scaremongering is their tried and true method for stirring up unrest in the population. The last thing the globalists and media puppets want is a happy, easy going population. That makes them very nervous. A good scare keeps everyone on their toes and willing to give up rights and freedom for the sake of “security”.

        Of course the changes necessary to cope with this issue won’t happen over night, but no civilization has frozen to death for lack of fuel (war related causes not withstanding).

        Remember the oil embargoes in the 1970’s? Everyone lining up for gas. And how long did that last…and have we run out…? I think not.

    • The achievements of the Germans are something to be proud of to be sure especially when you consider the circumstances during the 1930s and 40s.
      If in 1939 a negotiated settlement of the Danzig problem was reached, and Germany could have delayed overt war for another 4 years the military capabilities of the Reich given time for R&D would be even more formidable.
      Then again, an economically successful Germany during that time period would also be more diplomatically and politically influential on the world stage. Anything could have been possible.

  10. I think that goes beyond any medieval revanchism. Traditionally armies simply raped and pillaged the deafeated side, exacted a tribute and departed. Nuremberg introduced American moral paradigm, where a country was “judged” in a trial and was put under moral supervision. Even Soviets viewed things in a more utilitarian way. Winston Churchill recounted how during Teheran(?) conference Stalin had remarked about requirement for thousands of German social elite members to be executed and how Roosevelt’s son Elliott (whom Churchill despised) reacted enthusiastically. The thing is, to Stalin it was just a technicality of conquest, to young Roosevelt a moral payback. Generally WW II was when American moralism started to dominate the international relations in the western world. United Nations is probably the biggest lasting statue of that.

    Keeping Germany down in Europe is one of the cornerstones of American imperial foreign policy. Relations can be more or less cordial, but any attempt to estabilish a continental block in Europe is regarded as a geopolitically hostile act.The French are traditionally americano-sceptics, but they don’t threaten the status quo with their geopolitcal interests primarily in the Mediterranean. Italy is the weakest Great Power in Europe and their attempts to court influence in the Balkans were met with Yugoslavian Wars. Britain remains firmly in the imperial camp as they have always fought the Continent. That leaves Germany with their chief protectorates in Croatia and Slovenia + main economic assets in the East. They used to have a free rein in local politics and economy as long as they didn’t stray, but it seems that the Empire is putting a tighter leash and happy times are over. It may also be interpreted as a retreat forward for the rotting power that becomes very unsure of its assets, thus issuing direct governance. American ambassadors will see their position and importance rise significantly in years to come. My Euro brothers will get the chance to experience Ambassador Rule my country knows since the XVIII century.

    • Btw, interesting developments on the Polish front. Jarosław Kaczyński (current unofficial ruler from the backseat) distanced himself from the idea of Polish-Ukrainian union and started winking at Borderlander electorate in the south-west so either the Empire is convinced that the Ukrainian Operation is burnt and have to be tied up or we’re no longer required as local collaborators.

        • You’d think that the Poles might have learned by now that the smartest thing to do would be to just GTFO. If they want a Galicia, there’s a perfectly serviceable one in Spain. Sans Galitzianers, too. Big plus.

          If I had had the misfortune to have been born in Poland, I’d have been hoofing it along the Camino de Santiago this summer to beat the rush.

        • I have nothing against taking back my ancestral lands as long as there are as few Ukrainians as possible in the package. Otherwise it’s saddling ourselves with another problem. Right now we taking the worst option: people without the land. I’m fine without both as long as I get to secure the nation-state.
          Besides, annexation isn’t always the best way as Germany have proven.

    • Ambassadors becoming plenipotentiaries, with the locals expected to provide pliable compradors, merely for the sake of appearances. Charming.

    • Patton if I am not mistaken called the whole process of trials and denazification semitic and contrary to Anglo-Saxon values or something to that effect. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, it is fitting to put the blame where it belongs and that is with the Jews, globalists and secret societies that were the puppet masters and their useful idiots running the allied nations. The wars themselves would constitute trial by combat and the casualties and destruction national punishment deserved or not.
      Additional action after capitulation is excessive and a motivation for revenge. The outcome of WW1 and 2 went beyond what constitutes a fair contest between nations.
      It added insult to injury.

  11. In 1919 Germany was saddled with an unpayable debt, a permenant state of poverty, no hope, and a style of government guaranteed to bring out the worst in people. As it is for most of us nothing less than total bankruptcy will force real change. They got it fourteen years later, economically and socially.
    The third ruination of Germany may be the charm for Germans. I say the same twice over for the second ruination of America, but I am not so foolish as to look forward to it.

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  13. Ugo Bardi also refers to the Morgenthau Plan:

    “So, the lifestyle of European citizens is going to go down the drain, and perhaps it was unavoidable that it would, one day or another. But the real question is: will the European industrial system survive the high prices of energy?

    “That’s not obvious at all, and the Americans may soon discover that they killed the hen whose eggs they wanted. With energy prices five to ten times higher than before, European products may not be competitive any longer in the global market. That implies the collapse of the European industrial system and the return of the continent to the agricultural economy of a couple of centuries ago. It would be a return of the old “Morgenthau Plan” that aimed at doing exactly that to Germany after that WWII was over: destroying Germany’s industrial economy and starving to death a large fraction of the German population. If something similar were to happen in Europe nowadays, that would also imply a certain reduction in the European population but, hey, I already noted how mafias are not supposed to be charitable organizations! And, as Ms. Victoria Nuland clearly explained to us not long ago, who cares about Europeans? They were peasants, once, so let those who survive go back to tilling fields.”


  14. By blowing up the pipelines, the US has given Germany the perfect reason both to exit NATO and to do business with Russia directly. They could take a position of official neutrality and tell the US it’s time for the troops to go find new bases, perhaps Poland or France would take them…(lol).

    The regime blew up the pipeline to try and keep the Germans in line. Whether they leave NATO or not comes down to whether the people running Germany are on the same suicide mission as Washington.

  15. The “Morgenthau Plan” was just the Open Admission of what the jews wanted, starting with “Judea Declares War on Germany” back in the early ’30s. It has never stopped since- and now (((they))) openly call for a “Genocide of the White Race”. Prominent jews like Klaus Schwab have Directly said this is one of the Goals of the “Great Reset”, the Enslavement of the Goyim (non-jews) in a Technological Gulag like in every dystopian (((science-fiction))) novel ever written

    “You will own Nothing and be Happy” is the motto of these wannabe ‘gods on Earth’ as (((their))) religion promises them. Unless and Until all Peoples stand up and Destroy the “synagogue of satan” and the subhuman, reptilian creatures behind it, things will continue to be (intentionally) Degraded, with Millions of Humans Suffering and Dying.

    I see the recent Awakening of the Russian People against the depredations and perversions of the “West” as marking the beginning of this War to Free the World from the judeo-satanic Cabal. (((they))) are Aware, and Terrified by this, as can be witnessed in their desperate attempts to spew the most Ridiculous Lies and Propaganda against Russia and its Leader, Vladimir Putin. (((they))) do not control the Nuclear Arsenal of Russia, (likely not China, either) and this is Why (((they))) Dare Not to send ‘western’ armies to fight in the Ukraine.

    We are Living in the most Important (and Interesting) Time in the entire History of the Planet.

    • It is tragically comic (like the death of a clown), but when I saw this plan, and I was not familiar with Morganthau before today, I immediately thought (((they))).

      • Eloi: “I was not familiar with Morganthau before today”

        Morganthau was such a cynically anti-Christian nihilist that he bought some land next door to Roosevelt’s place and turned it into a CHRISTMAS TREE FARM.

        After which it was merely a hop, skip and a jump to saying, “Oh hello there, neighbor!!!”, and becoming Secretary of the Treasury.

        It’s just about impossible to over-estimate the cynicism & nihilism of Morganthau’s tribe.

        FDR was ackshually the first incarnation of Joe Biden; similar to Biden, FDR’s brain was completely rotted out by syphilis, and FDR spent twelve years doing nothing but reading from the scripts which the jews in his administration handed him to read.

        PRO-TIP: An outstanding PhD dissertation topic for a grad student [or an outright book for a professor] would be to examine the how the ratio of goyische millionaires to chosen millionaires in the United States changed from 1933 to 1945.

        Or even 1929 to 1953.

        I can guaran-damn-tee you that with Morgenthau at the Treasury, NOTHING in the way of legislation or gubmint policy was tolerated if it was harmful to Morgenthau’s tribe.

        And I can equally well guaran-damn-tee you that there was massive grift & outright theft during that time period.

    • I was gong to (correctly) note that Z’s essay doesn’t contain the world “Jew.” I looked up Morgenthau’s bio (Wikipedia) and was not greatly surprised to find he was indeed a member of the Tribe. Mystery solved.

    • Where does Schwab say a central feature of the plan is white genocide? I am working on a series an The Great Replacement for my friends and family and would love to find a substantiated direct quote from Schwab or his cadre on this.

      • Given its every white country only what do you think?

        If I said I decided to eradicate every human in Africa and the carribean , but did not say it was specifically targeted at blacks what would you think?

  16. Canadian military (lol) recruitment dropping like a stone in the face of increased focus on diversity: https://globalnews.ca/news/9154586/canadian-military-shortage-of-recruits/

    – Military applications are now only hitting 50% of their recruitment targets.
    – One in Ten military positions out of 100,000, are currently unfilled. This crisis will only get worse as Boomers retire.
    – The military has a “disconnect” between their demographic makeup and the changing makeup of Canada as a whole. They are focusing on recruiting under-represented groups, especially women and Indigenous peoples.
    – They are “not sure why” nobody is applying anymore. Hmm.

    “Brodie was unable to say whether the push for diversity is hurting more than helping, at least in terms of sheer numbers, by turning off the military’s traditional recruiting pool: young, white men.”

    Anyways. Great news here. Hopefully they continue to target people that have no interest in serving and are useless in combat.

  17. “Their primary advantage in Europe and the world has been easy access to cheap energy.”
    No, the primary advantage of the Germans is German engineers. That won’t change, even if they have to use synfuels.

    • This assumes that:

      1) Current, well-trained engjneers remain in the face of demonstrable hard times, likely coupled with undercapitalization of enterprises for which they would work, and/or viability of these enterprises in the international realm given the crushing price differences that may arise from energy costs.

      2) That the succeeding cohorts going into engineering will be as well educated or, due to “diversity” mandates, will have been dumbed down in order to accommodate the capabilities of the trainees.

      A sobering prospect in my view when ideology has the whip hand.

  18. Don’t underestimate the importance of US elite ignorance and stupidity. In “The American Occupation of Germany” by Edward N. Peterson, we learn that the US occupiers basically sat around doing nothing after victory while the Germans reorganized themselves and developed a pre-1933 politics that the allied officers basically rubber-stamped. And then there was the day that the Germans reformed the currency and launched the Wirtschaftwunder, courtesy of Ludwig Erhard, and the US authorities basically said, yeah, O-kay.

  19. A few thoughts.

    – There isn’t a single Anglo-Saxon or German in the USA cabinet, as far as I can tell. The UK doesn’t have a single Anglo-Saxon male. Canada’s loony cabinet is made up of French, Ukrainian, and Italian freaks, plus a bunch of Punjabi people.

    – It is easy to blame America and friends. How much blame do we put on Germans? Every German and Scandinavian I’ve ever met is extremely brainwashed, to the point of idiocy. They face a lot of brainwashing, but I still feel there is some burden on people to see through it.

    – Whites are declining demographically, and further, not giving “NATO” the same support generally as they did. Look at military enrollment. This trend will continue. The replacements are not joining the military and don’t have much interest in the global Whitey-on-Whitey violence. What will be the plan going forward? Conscription of non-whites? I have a hard time seeing what they’re going to do going forward in the coming decades – Brazil isn’t a feared military power. it feels like they are just madly trying to smash things around the world. Iran is the latest manifestation of this.

    • “Canada’s loony cabinet is made up of French, Ukrainian, and Italian freaks, plus a bunch of Punjabi people.”
      I’ve also heard the Canadian PM is 1/2 Spanish on his father’s side.

  20. “Democracy is a religion and the facts have no chance against belief.”
    –the Zman, on Gab

    This is why I don’t know if I’m wrong pursuing the religious angle.

    Leaving the hoodoo aside, I say the Anti-Christ manifested in 1948.

    Not as some magical villain in spandex and a cape, but as it was originally understood: as a dominant culture.

    Just as the body of a church is its people, so is a nation. That nation arrived in 1948; that’s what the prophecy was actually speaking to its people. Their vision, being repeated again in Kazaria-Ukraine.

    (If one considers the sons of Ishmael to be the seed of Abraham- and I do- then Eretz Ysrael is already a reality, a lock on oil, petrodollars, and soldiers against the Christians and pagan East.)

    This culture sets our values.
    We were pre-conditioned with Scofield eschatology for the Prots, Vatican ll for the Caths, atrocity propaganda and continuing guilt-tripping fads for all Whites.

    So is it wrong, or is it effective, to proclaim “the Anti-Christ arrived in 1948, and wants to take the world” as a rallying cry?

    Would the religious “get” it?
    That an imposter, an evil stepdad, is only claiming to be the real Father they hear, the Creator that Christ spoke for.

    I think they would. Belief itself is the motive power, a kind of shorthand, a sort of mutual understanding that moves populations.

    As with Melons (nice), the actual figure can be forgotten. What should remain is what was said: a common sentiment, a preference cascade.

    What say the Christians?
    I believe, with all my heart, that the Anti-Christ has arrived, and that we have been seduced by its false promises: that we are forced to kneel to a false god.

        • Soooo, Alzaebo, if there is no God, then who is responsible for creation?

          I’m open to the proposition that we are living in a simulation, which would make our simulator God, our SimGod.

          Is our SimGod living in a simulation too? 🤔

          • The more we learn about the infinite universe the more insignificant I feel. Why is God giving us this knowledge? It just makes me doubt Him, because why bother creating all of this? On the other hand our world is much stranger than we imagine. Extra dimensional entities surround us apparently.

          • The way to read the Book properly- to interpret it in the spirit in which it was written- is as a political allegory.

            Myth and characters make a story easy to understand and engaging to tell. Note the grip of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, or Aesop’s fables.

            They didn’t know about the super-natural anymore than you do. They weren’t talking about that, anywhere, except to pitch an audience at the time.

            Here is what breaks the link between sensing the world beyond the physical and being able to picture its mechanics:

            The idea that there is One God, Abraham’s God as the king of the gods. Then, that would make him the Creator, wouldn’t it, says a more childlike (trusting) reasoning.

            The contradiction that the author of life also commits infinite evil circumcises the link between the hindbrain that feels God and the forebrain that can explain Heaven’s works.

            Thus, I simplify by putting a Face on both the forces of creation, and the forces of dissolution.

            Two Gods.
            One within the greenhouse walls, and a mightier eternal one outside them.

            The Hindus kept a more accurate picture of the ancient Aryan understanding, calling these forces Vishnu (creation) and Shiva (destruction).

            (Brahma is the ‘manager’, that is, human intelligence.)

            As they tell their children, each small act of kindness is a victory for Vishnu, and a blow against Shiva.

            So where to start? Isaac Asimov, a Ukrainian J**, wrote the Secular Guide to the Bible, in which he explained the Lucifer story as a palace revolt against a just lord who told his chamberlain to stop with the slave raids against the neighbors.

            When they failed, and fled, that same radical faction made war, first, on their own people. Christians have forgotten the Ten Tribes, accepting the Judean supremacist’s propaganda that they and their god were the good guys.

            Abraham’s branch were the Woke of their time. The victors rewrote the story.

            A political allegory, beginning to end.
            I separate the super-natural from the political, and am calmed.

          • Response to Semi-Hemi,

            As Shakespeare had it, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

          • Yes, something created Creation (or, if one prefers, Existence.) But it is not given to Man to know all. We can apprehend that Existence exists. We do not know, at least not yet, where it came from. We may never know. Hate us if you wish, but the secular, agostic, unbeliever, etc. basically says “We don’t know” (the cause of creation). The Theist (you guys) say “God did it.”

            I suspect WCiv911 was attempting sarcasm at the end, but he strikes an important point: the same question is equally valid (and just as unanswerable) with the “normal” concept of God. Even if it were proven once and for all that God existed, it is a valid question to ask “Well, where did He come from?”

            Sorry, no cosmic answers from me, just more questions.

    • “Democracy is a religion, and the facts have no chance against belief.”
      That is correct. It isn’t the only cult plaguing the world though.

  21. The subjugation of Germany has been the unspoken centerpiece of US foreign policy since WWII. Yugoslavia yesterday, Ukraine today. Both have Germany as the ultimate US target- Russia is a complicating factor, not the end goal.

    One thing not mentioned is that, for all the Europeans’ chafing at all things American, there has been, all these years, quiet but significant support (esp in the smaller Benelux countries) for US involvement in Europe as a counterbalance preventing Germany’s ever becoming powerful again. The alliance against Germany has more facets to it than just the US position.

    That’s changing now and some day – soon – the GAE is going to find itself without “allies”. Germany’s coalition is unraveling and it’s just a matter of time before all EU states have their GAE-friendly governments booted out. Hell, Corbin may even find a way back in the UK. We can guess how badly this admin will take the rejection.

    As for the Nordstream destruction, the US would never let their fingerprints be found. Telemetry and other assistance was no doubt lent to perhaps UK or Ukraine and possibly even Poland. Plausible deniability in all capers.

    • Little does it matter if you have plausibility deniability if everyone thinks you did it anyway? Better to do it and frame someone else.

      America is becoming a pariah to the world. Powerful but immoral, power crazed, dangerous, untrustworthy.

      • The regime’s mocking reaction is a tacit admission that they knew about it and either carried it out or contracted it out to the Poles. (I suspect the latter.)

  22. What Z Man postulates makes perfect sense. The U.S. is always about the short term. In the long term countries like South Korea and Japan have to be seeing what is going on and they must know that they are expendable. The Europeans have now found that out the hard way.

    • Depends how much revenge China wants to exact. The US empire might be bad for Japan, but is it worse for them than China taking revenge for decades of humiliation and oppression (both real and imagined)?

      If China was smart they would go easy on them and try and lure them out of the US influence. But Japan and South Korea are rightfully terrified of China’s vengeance.

      • All good points. Westerners fail to apprehend just how much ethnic hostility there is throughout East Asia. Remember when the Rising Sun was supposed to become triumphant in the Eighties? Japan was so hated in its own backyard that could not have happened. Ever. Koreans hate Japanese, Japanese hate Koreans, Chinese hate everyone, everyone hates China. I’ll even throw this out, and it is based on experience there: South Koreans hate their brother enemies to the north far less than they hate their putative allies in Japan.

        The only reason China is a threat is that it has bribed politicians throughout the world, including and especially in the United States and Canada, probably bribed enough to kill off competitors within their own boundaries.

        • When I was teaching English in Seoul in 1996, I had a university student tell me that he couldn’t wait for the ROK to reunite with the DPRK. When I asked why, he said, “because then we will have the largest military in Asia and we will make Japan apologize!! He literally pounded his fist on the desk as he said this.

          • I had a very similar experience in the ROK (also civilian sector). I was taken aback by how much raw hatred remained. Also, and of course this never gets mentioned, the ethnic bonds of the Koreas–a people who think themselves superior to all others–are strong in ways I wish Europeans were.

  23. “The cutting off of cheap energy to Germany will finally reduce the Germans to poverty.”

    Perhaps, but the energy that Germany used to rebuild after WWII was coal. They still sit on a mountain of it. I’m sitting back and wondering who will win when the German people are freezing in the dark and starving? Are the German people so poz’d as to allow the Greens to complete the Morgenthau plan of 1944?

    Interesting times. Other interesting times such as these have turned reasonably peaceful people into hostile totalitarians (see: WWII)

    • That’s good news, about the coal in Germany

      I was under the impression they had no natural resources of this kind

      • The vast majority of their diesel and aviation fuel in the war was made in synthetic fuel plants from coal IIRC.

        They could do it again if need be.

        • This was done out of desperation. They were desperately short of oil during WW2 and this was one on the reasons why they lost the war. Doing it again is not going to keep their factories running or their houses warm.

          On a side note, the Japanese were also critically short of oil and hence the kamikaze attacks, when I think tens of thousands of trees had to be felled to convert to synthetic oil to launch an aircraft.

          • If they were desperately short of oil, how were they able to burn enough diesel fuel in Eastern Poland to produce vast amounts of Carbon Monoxide for … some purpose or other? 😀

        • They were doing it with “brown” coal (lignite) which is the lowest grade of coal. I assume if they had better options, they would have used it. One of their first goals of the Soviet invasion was to take the oil fields in Western Soviet Union. But, of course, the soviets blew them up rather than let the oil fall into the hands of the German war machine. This is also very inefficient.

        • They could turn coal into fuel oil but it’s very expensive. Depends how desperate they are by January.

      • While they’re now cutting down old-growth forests- the natural environment of our people- to put up windmills.

        JFC. Women and children sneaking sticks under cover of night, lest they be arrested for poaching the king’s twigs.

    • It will either be a depressing or interesting test of how far the control of the media injected mind worms reaches, and for how much of the population.

      Are they a full on Sacculina control the host nervous system or not?

    • Not enough coal production. Germany has already been importing coal for some years. Not enough domestic production and it probably wouldn’t be easy to ramp up production, despite what the official reserves might be.

    • The 1966 movie, Flight of the Phoenix is a great one with many good characters. James Stewart as the seasoned pilot flying by his wits and experience ponders after he crashes that it seems the smart guys with sliderules will rule the world in the future. He then has it demonstrated to him by the German engineer who shows them a way to survival with his technical prowess and to a lesser extent his ego.

      I still wouldn’t count the Germans out with hopes that they come somewhat to their senses and let the best of them run things again. Same hope for my country.

    • If they play to type, they’ll talk like the Greens and pollute like the ChiComms. Lefty is perfectly capable of running that level of fraud. They’ll give speeches about the “energy transition” and “save the planet” and fire up the coal plants if things get dicey.

      The German Government ALSO has an interest in keeping the German People down. If people are freezing/starving, they may not be able to keep back a popular revolt that takes their heads.

      It’s the same basic principle as the regime in D.C. releasing the strategic petro reserves – they need to get prices down enough to save their own necks. Screw the planet, they need to avoid a popular revolt.

  24. People are flipping out because Putin’s speech explicitly called out “Anglo Saxons.”
    OMG, Putin is the real racist! Putin is anti-White!

    The reality is that Putin recognizes today’s shenanigans as being the same old same old: the insane hatred of the Anglo Americans (Anglo Zionists, if you will) for Germany. Well, Russia too, but as Zman says, Germany is the gateway to Russia. (Actually, the AA’s hate EVERYONE. From the Irish next door to the Chinese around the world. “Wogs begin at Calais.” There’s something wrong with them)

    The AA’s have not just fought but STARTED two world wars, now a third, for the sole purpose of eliminating any imperial rivals. Behind the “self determination” BS was the intent to destroy the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman empires, leaving the AA’s to rule the world. (Britain fighting for democracy, the Hun wanting to take over the world, hypocrisy, thy name is Britain!)

    WWII admittedly did bankrupt the British Empire as well, but by then the USA was able to take over, and they managed to get Israel up and running, producing the Anglo-Zionist empire we know today.

    And now, once more, the AA’s strive to prevent the natural, world dominating alliance of Germany and Russia.

    “Zelensky is a pimp. Germany was the target, all along.” — Don Corleone

    • Well, it won’t be world dominating, but the third pole of a multipolar world division. No particular complaint from me.

    • People on the right were mad because Putin called out western colonialism in a typical leftist manner during that speech. Forget that the other 80% was practically dissident talking points. Silly though, since he was clearly speaking to African and Asian nations who still have a sore spot from their humiliations over a hundred years ago.

      It’s like people on the right really think he gives a rip about white people in the United States. He only cares about his own people. The fact his interests and actions are useful to us doesn’t mean he cares about us.

      • I imagine Putin hates white Leftists, wherever they may be, every bit as much as we do. But I also suspect that, to the extent he is aware of whites like us, he appreciates our support and wishes us well in our opposition to the GAE.

        • He hates them because they’ve been using color revolutions in the Ukraine and attempted in Russia since the early 2000’s. Many here may have forgotten but uh we started a war on his border in 08 in Georgia. The same color revolution style we had in 2020 has been going on in the rest of the world for decades. Heck some speculate the first was when DeGaulle asked for their gold back in the 60’s and was immediately taken down by “students” a few months later. He knows the game. And as far as i’m concerned the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

          • the enemy of my enemy is my friend

            I’ll say it again – no, he’s not. But, the enemy of my enemy is someone I can work with.

    • “The AA’s have not just fought but STARTED two world wars, now a third, for the sole purpose of eliminating any imperial rivals.”

      I won’t argue with you that the Anglos take The Great Game very seriously [because obviously they do take The Great Game very seriously].

      But Germany started WWI when they entered Belgium [and, much to their surprise & to the credit of the Belgian people, encountered fierce resistance, which effectively put an immediate end to any German hopes for ackshually winning WWI];

      Germany started WWII in Europe when they entered Poland;

      Japan started WWII in the Pacific when they bombed Pearl Harbor;

      Russia started this current conflict by entering Ukraine.

      Personally I’m rooting for Russia, but as a Southron Boy, I hafta to confess that the good guys made a terrible terrible error in firing first at Fort Sumter.

      Never let your opponent lure you into making the first move.

      It’s the oldest and most reliably fatal error which a statesman can make.

      Always sit back and lure your opponent into making that mistake for himself.

      • I guess I get what you are saying by “started” which means not really started, but got baited into firing the first salvo. The belligerent provocations of supposedly neutral parties is what started the wars.

        I’d have to say the mistake is not in making the first move, but in fighting on or near your own turf. The South needed to take the battle to the north, destroying their land, infrastructure and industry. After making Illinois a wasteland, then head back below the Mason-Dixon line. That is what they would have had to do to win. If they wanted to look all high road and honorable and stuff, then they did it right.

        • “got baited into firing the first salvo”

          The keyword there is “BAITED”.

          That’s psychological warfare, and the Anglo Americans [and more recently, the Anglo Zionists] excel at it.

          The unitardians laid the bait for the Patriots at Fort Sumter, and the Patriots foolishly bit.

          Just like the unitardians blew up the Maine in Cuba, and Spain foolishly bit.

          Just like the unitardians starved Japan of petroleum, and the Japanese foolishly bit.

          Just like Saint Joseph Djugashvili tempted Der Fuhrer, and that idiot german lunatic bit the bait, and launched Operation Barbarossa, and thereby insured the extinction of his own race.

          War consists of precisely two phenomena: Psychology and Logistics.

          Nothing else matters.

          Just Psychology and Logistics.


          “The South needed to take the battle to the north, destroying their land, infrastructure and industry.”

          The South needed to do NOTHING WHATSOEVER, other than to concentrate all of our energy & industriousness upon the goal of becoming SELF-SUFFICIENT.

          If we Southroners were slightly smarter than a bag of rocks [which apparently we are not], then we would have baited the unitardians into attacking the South, which would have given us the moral/psychological high ground.

          But sadly we aren’t even as smart as a bag of rocks [which, being a bag of rocks, would have just sat there and done NOTHING WHATSOEVER].

        • “The South needed to take the battle to the north, destroying their land, infrastructure and industry.”

          Didn’t Beauregard propose exactly that kind of campaign at the beginning of the war?

    • ‘“Zelensky is a pimp. Germany was the target, all along.” — Don Corleone’

      You know, just the other day, Zelensky was whining about Israhell not sending any weaponry to Khazaria.

      At the time, I thought it was just a psychological warfare feint, to try to take the goyische eye off of the pure unadulterated jewishness of this entire fiasco.

      But do you suppose the jews are such utterly sadistic psychopaths that they would abandon Zelensky and the Khazarians in Ukraine if that’s what they had to do in order to eradicate Germany [once and for all]?

      The jews never seemed to shed a tear for all those jewish babies which were obliterated in Planned Murderhood clinics across the nation.

      • Well, they shelled the supply convoy to Belsen-Bergen for months just to get a photo op.

        Think Waco. The types in their society will pull a Waco as readily as ours will, always have.

        The problem is, image wise, is that they’ll tribe up to defend such types, like africans do.

        So the many are blamed for the crimes of the few, same as with our own psychos.

        What needs to happen is a common value of “don’t bring shame to your skin.”

        That’s the real meaning of “honor thy father and mother”, to conduct oneself in such a way as to bring honor, not shame, to one’s family; alas, that’s been lost in the propaganda of subservience

        • Zelensky as David Koresh.

          Tony Blinken as Janet Reno.

          Dr Jill Biden, PhD, as Hillary Clinton, JD.

          We need to seize the Intellectual Property Rights for that one, so that we can produce the made-for-talmudvision movie of it.

          [It was Hillary who ordered the aging battle-axe bulldye, Janet Reno, to incinerate the Waco compound, because Hillary was terrified of a re-enactment of the Mariel Boatlift riots in Fort Chaffee, and the involvement of the Arkansas State Police, which cost Slick Willy a re-election campaign in 1980.

          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Chaffee_crisis ]

      • I have remarked previously that there are the Big Jevvs, and then there are the Little Jevvs. The little ones are expendable to the big ones when bigger game is afoot. Khazaria might have been nice to have, but to keep Germany and Russia in a state of enmity? Oh, yes.

      • Israel has been remarkably balanced in approach to the conflict. Many Russian Jews live there and Israeli foreign policy always maintained peace on that front.
        Israel is the crown jewel and holy land of the Empire, not its capital.

  25. No matter how I parse it, how I slice and dice it, I keep coming to the same conclusion: it’s curtains for the empire. Europe is the “jewel in the crown” of the US empire (if I can repeat this expression that was used by Britain for India). There’s no US empire without Europe.

    The US elite has been cannibalising its middle and working classes for the last forty years. Now it’s cannibalising its erstwhile “close allies.” With these “allies” reduced to penury, if not famine, there’s no empire left. It’s like a chess game in which a player sacrifices his queen for no good reason. If the sacrifice of the queen leads to checkmate, well and good. But there’s no checkmate I can discern here.

    • There is no need to try to rationalize very much of this because it is as often as not irrational. Given the religious and mystical components, much of the ongoing horror is frankly superstitious and not amenable to reason. The tribal group behind this op are simultaneously quite smart (although that is declining rapidly) yet erratic and unreasonable.

      • Said tribal group’s nature is inherently paranoid. Not genetic, but culturally passed down each generation with their parents telling them how special and smart they are and how literally everyone else in the world hates them and wants to kill them out of envy.

        High IQ doesn’t help you with irrational beliefs set in childhood. I went to high school with a lot of Mormons who were very smart individuals but still believed wholeheartedly in the magic underpants. Our valedictorian was an evangelical who didn’t believe in biology (I supposed he faked it enough to get an A in biology class).

        On the secular side you’ve got scientists like Dawkins or Michio Kaku who can’t shake the liberal fairy tales of their childhood about humanism and government-mandated hugboxes. Dawkins’ main contribution to science even directly contradicts liberal humanism and he doesn’t see it.

        The best you can hope for is that the nonsense your parents teach you is a heuristic for living a good life instead of being a envious paranoid hand-rubber. So I guess the magic underpants win after all.

        • “The best you can hope for is that the nonsense your parents teach you is a heuristic for living a good life instead of being a envious paranoid hand-rubber.”

          Anyone looking around and still endorsing secularism is on the same tier as anyone looking around and still endorsing multiculturalism.

          Both have been transparent and incandescent failures for our people and the world. Not coincidentally they coincide.

  26. “The Germans are slowly being reduced to peonage by Anglo-American policy.”

    Not sure about that. The GAE regime is not exactly loaded with Anglos. While our special (((friends))) undoubtedly hate all White people, they have a special hate for the Germans and, oddly enough, the Russians.

    • Our Special Friends have a Special Hate for pretty much everything.

      Especially anything even remotely associated with a Virgin Birth.

      PRO-TIP: They’re not laughing with you; they’re laughing at you.

      • Why should your “friends” hate anything to do with the Virgin Birth. Jesus was born, lived and died as one of the “friends”. Oh, and BTW, many of we “friends” hate the globalists as much as you do.

  27. An interesting theory, but it seems a bit of a reach to me. First and foremost the GAE is an ideological and cultural empire. Germany is fully on board with the GAE’s ideological and cultural designs. Russia, on the other hand, is not, and indeed, functions as a significant counterpoise to the GAE’s promulgation of anti-white hatred, somewhat as Donald Trump does domestically. We see what the GAE did and and is doing to Trump. The upset in Eastern Europe is the Trump Elimination Plan writ large. Germany is important only insofar as it could provide an economic lifeline to Russia, which it can, and which is why the GAE blew up Nordstream. But again, here’s the rub–damaging Germany is merely a means of harming Russia.

    • I disagree.

      Its a twofer.

      It wrecks Germany and Russia, with a massive spin off to the other north Euro nations.

      What could be better.

      No more need to keep Germany down, Russia out, as they will both be wrecked.

      Who says NATO is not fit for purpose. Its done what it set out to do.

      • The GAE wants to keep Germany in check, but I see little evidence it seeks its total destruction, although there are certainly many Finkels who would be thrilled with that result. No, Russia is the primary target. Germany is a weapon to help eliminate the target.

        • You missed blowing up the pipelines?

          You know Uniper is already nationalized and $10 billion in debt and the rest of German energy is shortly to follow.

          You know BASF Ludwigshafen is shutting down and 175 major businesses are inter-related to this site alone? (it consumes as much gas each year as the whole of Switzerland) and German business org is saying 40% of German firms are going to be bankrupt before the spring.

          Russia on the other hand is on track for about a 3% reduction.

          That little evidence?

          • Ha. It’ll take far more than that to kill off Germany. That country is a hardy perennial, but perhaps history is not your strong suit. If the GAE is really trying to obliterate Germany, it will have to do better. Much, much better. Fact is, it is not trying to destroy, only to repress.

          • @Ostei
            As I have posted many times regarding the new populations pushed into Europe. History is not relevant now.

            30 years ago European nations were demographically the same people who have pulled themselves out of chaos on a number of occasions.

            A huge number of the 3rd world inside the German lands does not make them German.

            History is irrelevant if the population is changed.

            Are the new Germans going to pull together to help rebuild the nation?

            Like the rest of Europe, Germany will get the planned racial wars and will be too busy to rebuild.

  28. “The cutting off of cheap energy to Germany will finally reduce the Germans to poverty.”

    The flip side, “More free stuff for the poor will make them rich.”

    Rich people are rich because they or their ancestors worked hard and made good decisions. Poor people are poor because they do not or their ancestors did not work hard or make good decisions.

    Of course fortune is a fickle mistress, bad things happen to good people. But Haiti is Haiti because it is full of Haitians and Germany is German because it is full of Germans.

    Personnel is policy.

    • Rich people are rich because they have high IQs and tend to breed for psychopathy & passive aggression in their offspring.

      Poor people are poor because they have low IQs and tend not to be consciously aware of much of anything this side of calories & inebriation & fornication [which, when you think about it, ackshually sounds like a mighty fun lifestyle].

      You’d need to build a time machine and travel back on the order of a million years to try to fix the problem of poor people and low IQ.

      [I once saw a brilliant comment at SlashDot, where a dude was positing that Cro-Magnons defeated Neanderthals not because the Cro-Magnons were smarter, but because the Cro-Magnons had a novel gene for treachery, which the kindly innocent naive & trusting Neanderthals never saw coming.]

      • Maybe truer than you think given the Europeans have the highest Neanderthal admixture.

        Perhaps that is hy they seem so god damn gullible for the same scam time, and time, and time again.

        • Truly, if there is a patron saint of Europeans it is Charlie Brown. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you tell him that Lucy will pull the ball away or how many times she does.

      • You need not go back farther than the start of the Industrial Revolution. Prior to that, lower IQ people failed to out breed higher IQ people.

        • Living close to nature has it’s benefits lol. We might be so unlucky as to be reintroduced to them.

  29. The Kagan ‘medieval desire for revenge’ starts with payback for the Pale of Settlement. Destroying Germany and the rest of Europe is an added bonus, as the Kagans knock out several birds with one stone.

  30. “It was only the clever machinations of people around Roosevelt and Churchill that prevented the genocide.”

    Or, as EMJ says, there was still enough WASP power to stop the insanity.

    • The second largest ethnic population in the US was *German*. The US, although maintaining many high level Jewish intellectuals, still practiced open discrimination wrt Jews in public institutions. I doubt the “Plan” would have gone into effect once the people caught wind of its ultimate effect and who planned it.

      • By the start of World War II, and maybe even by World War I, the largest ethnic group in the United States was German.

        • Goebbels had his eyes on that population, in the event that Germany won the war, to lead the Teutonization of America.

      • It’s interesting. Anglo-Saxons are Germanic, Hitler wanted to get along with UK iirc, but the UK and Germany have been at odds at least since Germany came into existence. Meanwhile, Germans more or less naturally assimilated over here in the US.

  31. Totally off topic, but I just recalled from history lessons that Khazar kings were called Kagans. Just a funny coincidence.

  32. “Anglo American Empire.”

    You mean “Judeo American Empire”

    Let’s not pretend we don’t see it.

    • You would regret that when she cuts all your clothes up, murders your dog and craps on the bed.

    • That bio. All of these ministers, no matter the nation of origin is the same. Failed actor/athlete/entertainer goes to a bunch of fancy schools or institutes and gets a bunch of degrees in nothing, then ends up entrenched in a political role that wields tremendous power and advocates insane policies.

      Remember those propaganda films on the Palestinian children indoctrinated in mosques? We need some films that uncover the rot and roaches nests of our school-to-governance conveyor belt. Each of these people is no less destructive than a suicide bomber. They are in effect Euro-American national and anti-white suicide bombers.

    • That is highly unlikely. The Russians are not the only people maintaining those lines. Gazprom contracts with Danish and German companies too. That and the evidence from the Swedes and Germans all point to sabotage with explosives.

      I do find it amusing how people will cook up eight cushion bank shot explanations to avoid the obvious.

      • Nobody’s even mentioned the Mermaid Liberation Front or MLF. They hate pipelines and Russians!

        They probably had supplies flown in by that Ghost of Kiev guy. I can’t tell if the propaganda is stupider today than it was 100 years ago, or if we just have the internet tools to catch on quicker now.

        • ” I can’t tell if the propaganda is stupider today than it was 100 years ago, or if we just have the internet tools to catch on quicker now.”

          Embrace the power of “and.”

          • Well you know it can’t be the new little black mermaid – IQ and all that, in addition to not being able to swim very well…

      • Just my 2 cents from Germany:
        On the day the explosions happened, numerous vessels of the Bundesmarine were in harbours nearby. Yet none of these vessels went too to sea to… you know… see what’s going on. Completely normal for a fleet built to control the Baltic to take a nap in the hours following explosions in critical national infrastructure.
        All that was published in Germany was some drone footage from the Danish military. Even days after the explosions, no one bothered to send submarines or to dispatch divers to have a first hand look or to assess the possibilty of repairs or something.
        I hate to sound all conspiratorial (is that an English word?) but from here it very much looks like our navy leadership was told in advance to stick their fingers in their ears and shout “La-La-La” for a couple of days. Maybe next week they get around to fishing some Russian driver’s licences out of the water.

        • I think so. This feels like it was done well outside the political leadership of all Western countries, even America. Normally, the press would have had their scripts hours after the event. This time, silence.

          It raises the question as to who is really running this war.

          • I assume whoever is running “Biden” is running the war. We don’t really appreciate how dangerous this all is, unfortunately.

          • Days ago for the first time I chanced upon a blog by a Tom Luongo.
            He bad-mouths neocons/neolibs, but says they aren’t running this war, instead they are being used by “Davos”.

            He never seems to eager to go into details about who “Davos” are.
            And it’s not clear if “Davos” has the same racial make-up as neocons/neolibs.

            He really doesn’t sound like controlled opposition at all, and he seems to have a point when for instance, he says it wasn’t “neocons” who forced vaccination and masking for about 2 years (he says it was “Davos”).
            It wouldn’t hurt to hear an opinion from you on both his blog and his main assertions.

      • Not to mention the fact that it is virtually impossible that 2 separate pipelines built at vastly different times would both fail simultaneously because of poor engineering.

        • This. I could talked into believing a design or construction flaw or maintenance mishap was responsible for one pipeline leaking. Not two different lines each failing in two locations on the same day as the Germans and Russians are about to talk. Coincidences like that are outside probability.

        • Come on. The blow-up was staged for the same time as the referenda, which marked a victory, or something that appeared as a infowar victory, for Russia.

          Nobody raising doubts as to it having been done (instead of happened), if they aren’t illiterate, can be seen as being in good-faith.

    • Sure they are.

      That narrative I have now seen tried to be injected all over the place.

      Both pipelines at 4 different places within a few hours after they had been built for years.

      Talk about retarded.

      • It is extreme boomer posting. I saw it at NRO the other day. Their version was that the Russian blew it up to frame the totally innocent Americans. Go ‘Merica!

        • Its more than that.

          It is obviously coordinated by the US govt and their merry plants as I have now seen it at 5 or so sites, a couple of which are not boomer at all, and in a very repetitive manner to try and derail specific threads about it.

          No one believes Russia did it, so its just more “oh look a random statistically impossible event” to try and get people to discuss the mechanics of physics, rather than look at the in your face actual happening.

          Its not much different than 3 collapsed towers with 2 planes. Muddy the waters with all sorts BS to hide the plain sight.

          • This will not work, though. With 9/11 there was an element of surprise. This was, if not outright expected, certainly a predictable extension of policies and actions in the days leading up to the sabotage. I’m hardly white pilled about Western gullibility but this was so blatant even our people see through this. Arrogance led to destruction of the pipelines without even a semi-plausible cover story in hand. My guess is the demonstrations in Germany the day before panicked them.

    • That’s obvious bullshit, but it would have been darkly humorous if it had been an accident. The GAE did this and they should have had a better cover story ahead of time. I suspect if they could rewind the clock, the Germans (probably not the Swedes) would not have reported the percussion waves. And Tony Blinken is doing everything in his power to erase the stereotype of Jews and high IQ.

      • “And Tony Blinken is doing everything in his power to erase the stereotype of Jews and high IQ.”

        But passive aggression & psychopathy & sadism & obsessive-compulsive clannishness [not to mention ownership of all media outlets] can still go a long long way in the smoldering embers of a once High Trust society.

        • If Z will allow me to reply to myself on the question of a once High Trust society, the following is an extremely important story for anyone who has ever published under his own name [and I know we’ve got a ton of college instructors & professors here chez Z]:

          IARPA Kicks off Research Into Linguistic Fingerprint Technology

          “WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), the research and development arm of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, today announced the launch of a program that seeks to engineer novel artificial intelligence technologies capable of ATTRIBUTING AUTHORSHIP…”

          • There’s nothing really novel about the basic idea. Even simple word and letter frequencies can at least rule out certain people and rule in others. Now if someone is making a deliberate effort to use different idioms and words than they normally do you might have some trouble but I wouldn’t be surprised if every intelligence agency on the planet along with major corporations has been sifting through blogs for years trying to paint a picture of who is *really* writing what.

          • Interestingly this is a key element of the plot of the great Solzhenitsyn novel “The First Circle”. If anyone in the US national security establishment was sufficiently literate I’d think they got such an evil idea for a technology from the book.

            I guess even knowing that Russia has produced (some of?) the greatest artists will soon be a hate crime, so pick it up while you can.

          • Pozymandias: “There’s nothing really novel about the basic idea.”

            What’s novel about the idea is that the DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE [the gal who controls both the NSA & the CIA & d@mned near infinitely many other alphabet soup agencies] is not only proposing that such an A.I. be built, but clearly is intending to direct that A.I. to study HER OWN NATION’S CITIZENS, as though the citizenry were the enemy.

            It’s very difficult to imagine a more egregious violation of the First Amendment than what is being proposed here [on the part of Deep State employees who are all supposed to have sworn an oath to preserve and defend the federal Constitution and its various amendments].

          • “What’s novel about the idea is that the DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE … clearly is intending to direct that A.I. to study HER OWN NATION’S CITIZENS, as though the citizenry were the enemy.”

            Oh that. I suppose I’m so used to the idea the government is the enemy and regards us as such that I honestly didn’t think about this too much. Just like these people don’t think too much about their “oaths to the Constitution” while developing their plans to defile it further.

      • He can’t even stop crowing about the opportunity.

        You can see he id deperte to tell everyone how clever he is in doing it.

        He even said that the US is working with the EU “to reduce demand in Europe”.

        WTF is that supposed to mean?

        The US is intentionally stopping energy use in Europe.

    • Hey there fellow dissident white person. We don’t usually use avatars on this comment board, please update your employer’s style guide.

    • I thought most of Nordstrom’s designers were French and Italian. Has the fashion market gotten so bad they are using Russians now?

  33. One difference between now and then is that we have less trust in our government. Far less trust in our elite leaders in general. I don’t hear actual people cheerleading for war with Russia. It’s mainly a media phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be getting traction in the American population.

    In the past, the media could push propaganda and almost everyone would get in line. And sadly a lot still do with the covid lockdowns etc. Those who get in line are the dumbest and/or more neurotic. But the core of the original stock Americans is now the least trusting. And they it would be the ones to actually fight a war. People from the South were always up for a war. But now I don’t get that sense at all. Young working class white guys are not signing up for military duty the same way.

    • Totally agreed. While there is some jingoism here and there, it more or less is non-existent. And, no, White males from the South and Midwest are not debasing themselves by joining the military.

      • These stories we’re reading about the military not meeting its recruitment goals, I half suspect this is a way to prepare able bodied Americans for the draft

        • If anybody talks about a draft, we all need to raise our voices against it. Out loud and in public.

        • There are raw numbers to support the stories, but, yeah, the promotion of this news could be to groom the public for a draft. I strongly suspect 18 year olds are not registering already, but that’s just a hunch based on the proliferation of PSA’s about the legal requirement to do so.

          • *Idea!*

            Trannies get deferment

            White girls get drafted

            Hey, they wanted some meaning in their lives

            >>Tiktok videos from the front: the Dancing 101st

        • They’re making sure we know that soldiering is a “job Americans won’t do.”

          How many Afghanis did we import?

          Did we get enough Ukrainian girls to fill the “camp follower” ranks?

          • “And yet they’re still discharging the un-vaxxed, for now.”

            The un-vaxxed possess personality types which pose an existential threat to the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex.

            And Passive Aggressives can sniff an existential threat from approximately 7926 / 2 = 3963 miles away.

    • “You dirty racists need to enlist in the military to help this racist country defend the sacred borders of Ukraine!” is not a winning recruiting pitch.

      • They’re hoping technology can fill in the gap from having the most obese lowest morale shaniqua and tranny army the world has ever seen. I think they may be dissapointed, already our diversity warriors crash hundred million dollar ships into one another for no particular reason.

  34. The scouring actions in- the Acela corridor, Hollywood and Boca will be known as Operation MORGENTHAU.

  35. Professor Frederick Alexander Lindemann, the German Jew, was Churchill’s science adviser. He advised Churchill to firebomb German cities, which burned millions of German old men, women, and children to death in WWII.

    • He was not Jewish. There is zero evidence to support the claim he was Jewish. His official biographer actually tried to find proof he was Jewish and came up dry.

      • That is true, but Churchill was funded by a Jewish group – Focus.

        Churchill had an extravagant lifestyle with a manor house and half a dozen servants; he had gambled on the US stock exchange and lost all his money in the 1929. Along came Focus and cured him, simultaneously, of his penury and his anti-Semitism.

        • However, isn’t it fair to say Churchill had a grudge against Germans that pre-dated all that? And the guy was an adrenaline junkie, a war junkie, and a booze junkie. He was very gifted with words and seems to have been a borderline sociopath. He did not want Germany to rise as a rival power. It was all very stupid. He should have been looking for ways to cooperate with Germany. He might have saved the British empire.

          • Yes to all of that. After the invasion of France, Hitler offered Britain to withdraw from all territories not historically German and offered German military assistance any time their empire might be threatened.

            Whether Hitler would have stuck to his word is another matter. He’d already stabbed Chamberlain in the back when he grabbed all of Czechoslovakia rather than just the Sudetenland.

            And 500 years of British foreign policy doctrine – now American doctrine – is centered around keeping the Continent divided, not allowing any one power to rule it.

          • The fact that the British are history’s greatest liars has been shoved under the rug for generations. Before WWI Britain was chafing @ Germany building up a blue water navy, why “Britannia Rules the Waves!” don’t’ya know? How dare they! France was itching for a war because of their beat down in 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War & loss of the Alsace-Lorraine. During the war Britain started the rumor that German soldiers were killing & eating Belgian children (Erich Maria Remarque even brought it up in “All Quiet on the Western Front”). The British – in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention armed merchant ships with 5”guns, shipped war materièl on passenger liners & placed said liners out where they could be torpedoed by German U-boats for the propaganda victory.

            Winston Churchill was in the van of all this.

      • Fauci isn’t jewish either, but there are psychopaths amongst all demographics.

        Feed them, and they will come.

  36. And the poor, hapless Germans can’t stand up to the incompetent American administration but must go along, like wee little victims, with their undoing?

    Give it a rest.

    • I imagine it’s more complicated than that, but the German regime is so locked-in to the GAE and Liberalism that they are basically hapless victims. Also according to Paul Gottfried, they are one of the countries most wrecked by progressivism.

    • how much power do you have here ? how are you stopping the complete destruction of the country by our “elected officials” . what do you imagine the Germans could do?

    • Americans can’t stand up to American administration and have to go along. So what’s your point?

      • As an aside trivia, Morgenthau means “morning dew” in German. Rosenblatt = rose petal, Feinstein = fine (gem)stone, and so on and so forth.

    • Be careful quoting Bacque’s story about the Rhine Meadow Camps. I’ve never managed to find one other source for his claim of a million deaths; notice that Thomas Goodrich doesn’t go there and he’s not in the business of dressing anything up.

      • The Rheinwiesenlager affair is a good example of how the letter of the law undermines the spirit of the law. The Allies classified the captives as “disarmed combatants” or something like that in order to not treat them as prisoners of war, which would have been much more expensive.

        As far as how many died, we will never know. The winners not only write the history, they get to bury the past.

        • Bacque’s claim is wildly improbable – making a million bodies disappear into thin air is no trivial feat – ask anyone on Gab.

          Also, Bacque uses the same methodology as mainstream Holocaust historians: he relies almost entirely on eyewitness testimonies: no letters from outraged American commanders or diaries from GIs witnessing any of this.

          One of the reasons the Morgenthau plan was quickly abandoned was that Patton wasn’t the only one protesting the treatment of the Germans – even the French eventually made noises, and they used Germans for slave labor.

          • Yeah, I have often wondered if the point of Bacque’s argument was to discredit the Holocaust numbers. The thing is, I do not need to know the numbers. War is an ugly business. There are no white hats. Everyone becomes a bad guy.

          • Seems like if accept the one its not a reach to accept the other, given the similar improbability.

            The improbability of the physicality should obviously be the starting point.

          • “making a million bodies disappear into thin air is no trivial feat”

            Seems to have been a cinch for the Nazis, according to Official Truth.

          • To this day the German govt and red cross has a figure of around 2 million dead ethnic Germans and 12 million forcibly displaced in Europe post war by the allies.

          • And do these numbers even compare to Russian losses in the beginning of the war? Tit for tat as they say. This is not to argue two wrongs equal a right, but to affirm Z-man’s comment that war is a dirty business.

            We see such in miniature with the Ukraine conflict. Something about killing human beings—and in turn risking death—destroys something internally instilled by society as we now practice/experience it. Perhaps a millennia ago or so, this was not the case in more troubled times as we were used to violent encounters and mentally prepared accordingly.

          • Wasnt it the entire german 3rd army that surrendered after Stalingrad, over 700k men surrendered, and less than 50k came home through the 1950’s? Large numbers of people died, every which way. Did our “demilitarization” camps kill over or under 1m? We will never know an exact number, but the shear volume of ppl we had in the camps, plus hunger, winter, and disease, had to have killed hundreds of thousands.

  37. “The Germans are slowly being reduced to peonage by Anglo-American policy.”

    They are primarily being reduced to peonage by a mixture of their own desire to destroy their economy and the belief that they can follow one disastrous narrative after another without having to face any consequences. Both are a very female outlook.

    The Germans are some of the most fanatical followers of Mother Gaia and were one of the most oppressive Covid hysteria regimes. Now they are laughing at anyone who says they will suffer due to the sanctions.

    Reality is that people cannot live by virtue signaling alone.

    • Someone really got Angela Merkel’s “mind right” on the question of mass migration. Before she threw her borders open to every degenerate Muslim and African scumbag imaginable, Merkel had condemned multi-culturalism as the obvious failure it is. It almost required outside influence to do such a sudden change and I’m guessing the usual suspects in D.C. and London played the major role.

      It is undeniable Germans have made some infantile decisions over the years, but it has to be understood in the context of permanent occupation and the sadism attendant to it.

      • Merkel had condemned multi-culturalism as the obvious failure it is.

        Indeed – that was in 2010. And only days later, British PM Cameron and French president ((Sarkozy)) both parroted her.

        None of them ever followed up or repeated the claim, it was a very brief glitch in the matrix.

        • Thanks for the reminder regarding the UK and France. I had forgotten that aspect. I’m really shocked Obama didn’t follow their lead with fully open borders and that had to wait until “Biden.”

      • Merkel was probably so compromised that she was easily blackmailed into whatever foolish thing the US, UK or WEF wanted. Her early years in the DDR were pretty murky. I’m pretty sure she was Stasi or at least a Stasi informant.

    • You get the government you deserve I suppose. How fanatical are German citizens regarding their wokeness?

      • What do german citizens have to do with anything? What do american citizens have to do with america?

        The america regime are godless terrorist gangsters intent on creating endless ruinous wars between subject gentiles (my relatives and coreligionists). I know this and you probably know this… but what can any of us do at this point?

        Maybe a lot of actual germans don’t like it, they have had huge actual protests against the GAEs insane sanctions already… reported almost nowhere. And even if they all spoke out – fewer “germans” are german every single day.

        Theyve been militarily occupied by the GAE for going on 80 years and are compelled to send billions to our middle eastern friends to recompense them for the murder coasters, fatal masturbation machines, human skin home decor and toiletries business, etc. Even so much as questioning these solid historical facts or speaking well of their own past gets them imprisoned.

        What are people supposed to do under these circumstances

        • -“boomer logic for sure”-

          Don’t be a retard.

          It’s a legitimate question. Paul Gottfried talks about this all the time, especially regarding Germany. Germany is one of the most woke places on earth.

          Yes, what their citizens want matters not, just like here. That being said, what percentage of their population supports wokeness?

          • What percent of the geneticly healthy portion of the german people died in front of Generals Patton, Zhukov, and Winter? What impact resulted from culling the strong and leaving the defective, weak, and “force-bred” results of the sacking of Berlin and the decade-plus brutal military occupation and pacification?
            France in the 1960s and Dixie in 1880 is Germany in 2000.

    • Who are these Anglos running American or UK policy?

      Why call it that when there are no anglos involved apart form Mr PotatoHead, who knows not what the day is.

      There is not a single Native English anglo male in the cabinet senior posts, nor in Biden’s state dept running this plan.

  38. “All of Western Europe will be facing a serious fertilizer crisis in 2023.”

    Just remember that when the Soviet Union imploded in 1990 and could no longer supply Cuba with oil-based fertilizers, the average Cuban lost around fifteen pounds of body weight. It will be at least as bad for the Europeans.

  39. The Europeans have had it too easy for decades, with exinction-level birth rates. Maybe this will wake them up. They needed a challenge, a quest.

    • Thanks for that.

      I have been looking forward to my post nuclear wasteland quest for food. Just what I need to wake me up.

  40. “Germany is an amazing green energy leader and has more renewable energy than any modern country….also, they’re going to freeze to death and induce a Great Depression because they have no energy”


    “Ukraine has soundly defeated the Russians; it was a turkey shoot…also, Ukraine has lost everything and is on the ropes hanging by a thread”

    Impossible to know what’s real anymore. Maybe it was always thus.

  41. Not to let our savage, gentile-hating rulers off the hook, but Germany had 30 years to create its own path and break free of the Americans – or the Russians for that matter.

    We talk about creating alternative communities to gain our freedom. Well, Germany is a different country; it could have created an alternative community a lot easier that we can. Germany could have gone with nuclear power like the French. It could openly stated that it didn’t believe Russia was a military threat and that NATO was no longer necessary. It could have worked to create an alternative to the dollar, not a replacement, but alternative.

    Instead, the Germans stayed under our security umbrella, became reliant on nat gas and used the Euro to prop up German industry. (The German D-Mark would have been a much stronger currency than the Euro.) Even now, the Germans are saying nothing about the bombing of NS and NS2.

    I hate what our foreign rulers are doing to Europe, but the Germans had the chance to break free and chose not to do it. Let that be a lesson to all of us.

    • 25 years ago the Germans were more independent than they are now. Back then they had their own ideas and ways of doing things as well as a distain for most things American. Now their media and politicians spin exactly the same nonsense as ours.

    • Germany has never been an independent state post war.

      Its politicis have been mostly run out of washington. It seems more accurate to say they were kept under the security umbrella, rather than stayed.

      • True. But they could have worked to gain some freedom.

        Germany is a major economic force. It could have pushed back. But Germany never wanted the responsibility. It preferred to stay in an infantile state. Mock the dumb Americans, while spending nothing on defense, dismantling its nuclear program and worshipping Gaia.

        The other European countries are no better. They’ve choosen to be our lap dogs and are paying the price. Maybe this will wake up a few of them.

        • Part of the problem- IMHO – is that two generations of Alpha males were plowed under in both wars. The German Army of 1940 was the finest fighting force this world has ever seen & the fact that they crushed France in six weeks, threw Britain out of Europe four times (Dunkirk, Norway, Greece, & Dieppe in 1942), & reached the gates of Asia generated/incited a spiteful jealousy in Britain & America to crush the country & Prussian spirit in toto & make sure this type of force never rose again.

          Post war, they’ve been taught to hate themselves & have the Holocaust shoved in their faces every five minutes. It’s used as leverage for the constant beat down.

        • You would need some politicians that arose independent of the very protectorate and controlled state in which they lived and could change the embedded controlling state machinery run out of Washington.

          How would that ever have happened?

          As Putin pointed out the US aliies’ leaders live their live under surveillance in their work and home.

          • This. We know from leaks that the intelligence “commoonidy” has been keeping tabs and compromat on German leaders since the 90s; probably since 1946.

        • It would be great if Germany or any other Euro country could get out from under the ZUSA umbrella. But it seems a lot to ask when we, who ostensibly own the umbrella, can’t do much about it ourselves.

      • The Germans got their way with America over the original pipelines to the USSR – USA threatened and threatened but gave in. The Germans also broke with both NATO & the EU on early recognition of Croatian independence. The crisis meetings following German recognition – against US wishes – led to the US adopting Germany’s preferred policy (though the British & French were far more upset than the US).

        There are plenty of other examples, especially during the Cold War, but none really since their opposition to the 2nd Iraq war 20 years ago. It seems as if the US has actually grown in power relative to Germany/ EU or the Euro elites have simply become more comfortable being very junior partners of their US colleagues.

        • “or the Euro elites have simply become more comfortable being very junior partners of their US colleagues”

          Over the last twenty years they have become essentially the same people, interchangeable and almost fungible, with far more in common with one another than with their putative countrymen. Remember, just days before the pipelines were sabotaged, a German minister announced she did not care what Germans thought at all about the sanctions. I’m relatively certain at least some of the German “leadership” was fully onboard with blowing up Nord stream and the message sent to citizens there.

    • You do realize it has become essentially illegal for Germans to actually be German in their own damn country, just as true Americans can no longer be proud of our heritage. Mostly White Americans will only stand up for themselves while hiding behind some other group, which is not a recipe for survival. So your uncharitable posture towards the German people should only elicit the response of go f’ yourself, which in my case it did.

      • Believe me, I’m more uncharitable to American whites.

        My issues with Europeans is that you have your own institutions and unique histories that don’t (or didn’t) include some BS “nation of immigrants.” American whites are under the constant gaze of ZOG and lost our institutions.

        You still have a chance to change the system. We don’t. We have to create a new system and that’s a much harder task.

        • All of European media, govts and academia now write as if Europeans in every country have been secretly keeping slaves from every 3rd world nation inside Europe for the last 300 years and needs to atone.

          It does not make any difference to the general population as to history as we get the same conditioning that the US does.

          The concept is that their very existence is a crime that requires their homeland and birthright to be given over without a squeak to the invaders. And they have won the conditioning war on most.

  42. The late russian historian, Stephen Cohen who died in 2021 warned about Ukraine for nearly a decade and was accused of being an agent of Putin along with John Mearsheimer. In one of his latest interview he uses the term “kicking to old gravestones like in the Middle East”- old national and ethnic hatred for centuries old conflicts is fueling this because people will not let go of the past. I didn’t see it then but it is very clear when looking at the behavior of Poland and the Baltic states in an alliances with US neocons with their russian and Ukrainian jewish family background -Russia and Germany have to suffer and be humiliated for what they did in the past. Poland now demands reparations a 1.3 billion dollar from Germany. They likely have the demand that they will remain a loyal proxy for the US neocons plans as long they don’t submit to their demand. The economic problems will likely take down the Euro that have kept the EU together. I can only see a disintegration of both the EU and NATO in the coming year.

      • I assume a typo. More like 1.3 T. However, I’d also say that the demand seems a bit bogus if Russia is left out. They were pretty involved Germany’s involvement in Poland which was the start of WWII.

  43. The Usual Suspects™ seem to grasp that they will not be able to coerce Germans into becoming their attack dogs in Ukraine. They will, instead, keep the dog on its leash and starve it into submission. But this will crash the European economies, as well. And don’t think this economic chaos will be confined to Europe. It will spread. Essentially, NATO is finished. They™ know it. Vengeance is a dangerous emotion that inevitably pulls in unwilling participants. You can feel the anger growing. Judeo-Puritan hubris is about to step on a rake.

    • The disappointing thing here is the reaction by the Uke’s, the Poles, and, and the Baltic states, in that order. It doesn’t matter to them that the usual suspects want them dead, so long as they get a chance to stick to the Russians before falling into their graves. It gets to one of the general criticisms: it’s not that people don’t buy what they sell, but that it would have been better if they never sold it to begin with because they do want to buy it. For as much as I’m not a fan of Merchant Class, if it wasn’t them selling this dreadful stuff someone else would probably be doing instead, maybe.

  44. “From the point of view of this age, it sounds like madness, but war does funny things to people, especially long wars…”

    I wonder about that, Z. There is so much funny stuff happening right now, that a war would almost be a relief. I remember preposterous comedic “thriller” novels based on ludicrous political developments that are actually happening today. In Fwance, Inspector Clouseau lives – and he’s in charge. All the former Allies are now run by clowns. I would not be surprised to see you and Cornelius Rye hooting in delight as you sit astride falling atom bombs in the Ukraine.

    What an excellent turn of phrase, too: “defects in national character”. We are seeing our own and some of them make those of the Euros look tame. They’re getting worse too.

    • I might also add:

      “Ukraine policy makes sense when the goal is the destruction of Germany…”

      There IS no plan here, against Germany or even Russia. Globohomo Inc assumed Russia would fold at the scolding of the woke mob, and their own obvious moral and intellectual superiority would see a deserving end to the Russian people.

      In two months, the ‘Kraine will be occupied, Europe will be in shambles, and the guys in charge will be sitting around looking stupid and wondering what the hell just happened. There are no Morgenthau’s, great generals, or even brave, dedicated squaddies anymore if you except the Russians. Our leaders are chicken headed old women and emasculated morons. Germany’s destruction will come as a total surprise to the Biden regime, as will the fall of the ‘Kraine. These people believe their own narratives.

      • “These people believe their own narratives.”
        I agree with this, and its a very important point. The elite will tell the masses X so that they believe and behave in Y manner, so as to accomplish political goal Z. The people are never told Z. Most of them don’t even think about Y, they just assume X as a given.

        (Example: A moral fairy tale is presented regarding “abortion” as a “right”; is essential to “women’s liberation” and “equal rights”/opportunity for women and minorities. [X]
        The state funds abortion clinics to be placed in inner cities with high density of poverty and minority populations. These people get abortions. [Y]
        Both poverty and over-population of minority populations is curbed. [Z] )

        After decades of decadence and degeneracy our elite is unfit to rule. They are not elite, they do not think like elites or rulers. They think like the mass-person. They believe X. They don’t understand that X was implemented for the ultimate goal of Z. If they believe (or even disbelieve) in X as an isolated presupposed fact in itself, they will extend X outward, and can extrapolate from it all sorts of unintended consequences which will wreak havoc on the social structure and its citizenry.

        I see very little forethought and strategic planning from our elites. Its all grift and posturing on the fly.

        • I shouldn’t have said “elites” here but political elite. Certainly there is an elite of strategic planners, just not in political office.

  45. “From the point of view of this age, it sounds like madness”

    It sounds like Jews in power.

    • Guys like McFaul are modern day Catos. Reading McFaul’s tweets he might as well append them all with “Russia Delenda Est”

  46. Z-man you it to your readers to explain why you curiously never seem to (((notice))) something interesting about the irrational hatred of Germany and Orthodox Russia among (((so many))) for so long. (((Morgenthau))) being just one of dozens of examples.

    Worried about losing your Unz gig? Something else?

  47. “I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing [to the Germans] is ‘Liberty, then give me death.’ I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic, and I am sure of it.”

  48. > Genocide is the right word, as that includes erasing the culture of a people.

    There’s a reason the first thing the ancients did when conquering a city was to deface the defeated people’s gods and erect their own.

    In the west, on top of toppling statues and replacing them with their own decrepid gods, they import millions of people with no connection to the Heritage population to further dilute they identity as a cohesive people. The EU has more or les explicitly stated this is their plan for Europe, mass migration turning the EU into a more controllable monoculture as national identities degrade into meaninglessness.

    One important aspect is that they see this as a good. In their minds, everyone being in the same cultural blob will eliminate wars and strife between peoples. The fact this will also create a deracinated nihilistic blob that they can control from their offices is just a happy coincidence. For the bureaucratic bugman, destroying what makes us human for the sake of removing the possibility of war is a sacrifice they are happy to make.

  49. The Morgenthau plan rather than being abandoned, was instead expanded to include the entire western world, with replacement immigration as the tool of choice.

    • Exactly. Since Morgenthau lived until 1967, two years earlier he saw his genocidal plans start to be implemented in the nation he occupied and corrupted, and knew Europe was next on his kill list. Here’s to hoping the people of Europe rise up before it’s too late. Some of us talk about full bellies and warm houses being all that prevents such. We’ll see but I am dubious.

      • I’m at the point now where I believe the brain washing is so severe that even faced with their own death won’t be enough to change the thinking of these people.

        • “I’m grateful my Father/Son/Husband was vexxed or his death from heart attack and stroke would have been worse.”

          Now I can’t wait to get my children vexxed to save them.

          • this! the true state of the western world. they need a return to trad catholic faith to change them back into a people

    • The replacement migration is apparently not happening quickly enough, so its just move it long with a massive economic collapse.

      Now national unity is fuked all over Europe due to population how are European countries going to pull themselves together when another post WW2 type depression happens.

      It was all intentional, yet people can’t bring themselves to believe something so evil is being done to the entire continent intentionally.

  50. I went and looked up Morgenthau on Wikipedia and his biography starts out exactly as I guessed:
    “Henry Morgenthau Jr. was born into a prominent Jewish family in New York City, the son of Josephine (Sykes) and Henry Morgenthau Sr., a real estate mogul and diplomat. His parents were born in Germany.”

    • Eventually you will reach the point where you won’t need to look it up. You just know

    • Of all Morgenthaus I’ve always preferred Hans Joachim. His 6 Principles of political realism are good basic guidelines for policies.

  51. A lot of bushes are being beaten around here, so I am going to ask the dumb question: why does the GAE want to regime-change Russia? is it because Putin kicked out the (insert triple-parentheses here) oligarchs in 2000?

    • Yes for stabbing the oligarchs in the back, for keeping Assad in power, for helping Iran, for saying no to the LGBTQP+ crew, building churches, not knocking them down, for wanting Russia to be its own independent country. or maybe they would have hated him for simply being Russian

    • Because:
      1. They are proud of the race and sovereignty so they refuse to throw open their doors to a flood of Third Worlders to change their demographics.
      2. They got their own oligarchs under control and refuse to let the globalists financially rape and strip mine their country.
      3. The U.S. State Department is controlled by Neo-Cons – the ideological and literal descendants of Jewish Trotskyites who still hate and hold a grudge against the Russians the same way Morgenthau did against the Germans. Look up Kagan, Blinken, Nuland, etc…

      • Well there are many countries that refuse to throw open the doors to western liberalism (i.e. Saudi Arabia) and immigration (i.e. Japan) and covetous resource extraction (i.e. Bolivia and Venezuela). So I’m going to take answer #3. Whatever you think of him, Putin noticed.

        • Those other countries aren’t white. Russia is. That matters to the tribe.

          • Not really. Japan gets all sorts of shit for not accepting refugees and brown people (dare I repeat myself). The uh…tribe, doesn’t discriminate as much as you fantasize.

          • templar

            Sure that is why inside Japan 80% of TV is anti-Japanese media programs, the actors are all non Japanese and the govt labels Japanese ethnicity as terrorists in their own nation.

      • To me it’s pretty clear that Blinken is the nearest thing to America’s actual president. He governs in the interest of his cousins for sure, and he probably doesnt act without approval from them, but he’s the point man.

        • Mayorkas is a serious snake in the grass. He is the Admiral in charge of the Operation White Replacement By Mass Immigration in the front of what looks more and more clear to me as Operation Colonize Europe and its Heritage Populated Colonies (America; Canada; NZ; Australia)

    • War is essential for the survival of the GAE. Without war internal contradictions within the GAE will create an existential crisis for the ruling regime.

      Its worth noting that this war begin almost immediately after the 20+ year long war on Afghanistan ended.

      • We now know why the rapid exit from Afghanistan was so reckless, clumsy and disorganized: the Empire was ready to provoke a new, more lucrative war to feed the war machine. Objectively, it already has lost the financial war but may be able to squeeze out more blood money for a year or two. It is shameful and disgraceful but typical.

    • I suspect that what they want is war with Russia, not regime change per se. It wouldn’t matter if it was Putin or somebody else.

  52. I’ll give you this, you have an excellent way of not mentioning aspects of a certain people when doing an excellent analysis. Kagan, Morgenthau and maybe even Lindemann you say. Honestly I’m not anti anything when noticing this, at some point it is all too relevant.

    Germany is not licked yet although like most of the pozzed West their chances are severely diminished.


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