Never Trust A Neocon

One of the great tricks of the neoconservatives was to reshape opposition to radical causes into support for their own radical projects. In the early days, this allowed normal people to strongly oppose limits on corporate power, in the name of fighting the communist threat from the Soviets. Alternatively, working class people could support the military industrial complex as their patriotic duty. Their own interests and genuine opposition to the Left was always secondary.

After the Cold War, this game rapidly evolved so that so-called conservatives supported a massive expansion of government, as well as a massive expansion of foreign policy entanglements, all in the name of freedom. Most conservative people assumed the end of the Cold War meant America could go back to being a normal country again, but those feelings were quickly channeled into new causes. The old tricksters were up to their old tricks, turning virtues into vices.

This is why conservatism never conserved anything. In the Reagan years, the conservatives were too busy fighting the Soviets to roll back the cultural revolution or clean up the welfare state. In the Bush years they were too busy spreading freedom and smart bombs to address domestic concerns. Despite promising to promote conservative causes, conservatives instead found some war to fight. Meanwhile, the bad guys got to run riot in the culture.

You can see the same game emerging with the war against Russia. The deception here is another version of the big lie. This time the villain is Putin, who for no reason at all, attacked Ukraine. All that opposition to perverts in sundresses and bigots spewing antiwhite propaganda in the classroom is being channeled into opposing Putin in order to defend our democracy. Normal people are supposed to be mad at Putin rather than the sorry state of their own country and its leaders.

You see how this works in this Victor Davis Hanson post. The goal of the post is to divert opposition to the regime’s foreign policy into a Republican brand of the same policies toward Russia. You see, the reason that dude in a dress is chasing your daughter around the classroom is Obama was soft on Russia. Biden is following the same policies, which is why things are so bad. He uses some form the word “appeasement” nine times, because, you know.

Of course, the column is also an attempt to whitewash the neoconservative involvement in the current crisis. You see, it is not the people who started this war with Russia who are to blame for the fallout. No, it is some guy off stage who is turned into the Emmanuel Goldstein of this show. He is the one who set the wheels in motion and all the people currently running foreign policy, all members of the same Trotsky cult, coincidentally enough, are just victims like you.

The truth is this war has its roots much further back than Obama. If you want to point to an incident as a starting place, it would be American involvement in the Balkan war during the Clinton years. American support for Kosovo against Serbia was the start of a new conflict with Russia. At the time, it was viewed in Moscow as a deliberate offense to the Russians. In the years that followed, this affair has become a warning for the Russians about what Washington plans for them.

There are other capers that could be a starting point. Washington supporting Georgia against South Ossetia in the Bush years is a good example. The neocons wanted to add Georgia to NATO. The Russians made clear that they saw this as a provocation, as well as another broken promise. Washington had promised Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union that NATO would not expand to the Russian border. In other words, the neocons have been at this for a long time.

Of course, one does not have to go back that far to see the grimy fingerprints of the Trotskyites in the current crisis. Victoria Nuland, who is running Russia policy for Biden, was the person running Ukraine policy for Obama. She was right there on the ground when Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014. She is pals with Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the Ukrainian oligarch who backed Zelensky. The point is this is another neocon war that runs against American interests.

It also needs to be pointed out that Hanson supported all of the neocon misadventures going back to the Clinton years. He wanted Clinton to take an even tougher stance in the Balkan conflict. You will note that the neocons used the same language against Clinton as they are using now against Biden. He was not tough enough against this new Hitler from the hinterlands. Hanson, of course, supported the Bush wars. He also supported the Georgia – South Ossetia caper.

The point of Hanson’s post is to make sure no one turns over any of these rocks with regards to the neocons and Russia policy. Instead, the game is to channel general opposition to the Biden administration into an even more deranged hatred of Russia and Vladimir Putin. All your troubles will go away conservatives, if you just hate the Russians more and vote harder this November. It is a clever trick that works on a gullible but trusting population.

This is why foreign policy must become a litmus test. There are no American interests in the Ukraine, South Ossetia or Tajikistan. Not only does meddling in these areas invite trouble, but it also diverts attention from important matters. Building superhighways in Afghanistan did not shorten a single commute in America. “Standing with Ukraine” does not stop the flood of invaders over the southern border. What these foreign adventures do is divert attention from America’s real problems.

Given that all of these foreign escapades over the last thirty years trace back to the same Trotsky cult, the real litmus test is neoconservatism. Back before most people were born, they hollowed out conservatism and have used to as a Trojan horse to trick decent people into supporting that which is against their interests. A genuine conservative policy with regards to Russia would oppose Biden for meddling in the affairs of Russia, not demand more meddling.

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190 thoughts on “Never Trust A Neocon

  1. This is again overloaded with bizarre references to Trotsky. There were a few, about 4, early neoconservatives who had some temporary links with Trotskyist organizations (without joining the party). Bill King lays out the exact details of that here:

    None of the policies advocated by neoconservatives for the last 50+ years have had anything to do with Trotskyism. In particular, Trotsky’s thesis that WWII was an inter-imperialist war was totally rejected by neoconservatives. This is just a worn out paleocon trope of referring to neocons as “Trotskyist.”

    • Laughable. I’ve read it has since been hidden, but COMMENTARY magazine’s office featured a huge bust of Leon Trotsky. Judeo-Bolshevik filth always comprised the bulk of neoconservatism, which along with Zionism is the biggest force for mass murder in recent years.

    • “There were a few, about 4, early neoconservatives who had some temporary links with Trotskyist organizations (without joining the party). ”

      Just the tip!

    • I read that Sec of State Blinken brings up LGBTlookatme rights every time he meets with the Saudis, which must confuse the hell out of them. Isn’t a form of cultural imperialism to assume that our perversions/obsessions are global and must be imposed on everyone else? I know its been stated numerous times but for Christ’s sake can’t we just leave people alone?

    • Probably because Biden is destroying the existing world order, and they understand that it is not good. Trump tried to create peace through trade. Biden is a puppet, being used to destroy America, and the Saudis would very likely rather be aligned with the United States than Russia, but Biden is not leaving them much of a choice.

  2. They figured out they could misdirect the natural loyalty and nationalism of conservatives away from American interests and into their various projects a couple of generations ago. They destroyed authentic conservatives and replaced them with mouthpieces like Victor Davis Hanson.

    It’s fascinating that so many have connections to crooked billionaires. They really are acting like a mafia group. Except they’re worse than the mafia.

    The mafia was happy for society as a whole to thrive so they could make money off of it. But these trotskyites want to destroy our civilization. It’s fascinating that so many of the crooked “Ukrainian” billionaires back in the 1920s were thugs and also Soviet Communist party members.

  3. I read the article also, and found it both appalling and ignorant of all the elemental facts and current geo-politics.

    But if I want to be as charitable as possible I would then say that Hanson hopes a renewed, loonnngggg Cold War with Russia and China will put an end to the White bashing and anti-White animus as Whites as the warrior and engineer caste will be needed. I also shared that hope, but I have concluded that hope was false and destructive based upon the behavior not just of the current Regime but others in Europe also. In a struggle with Russia how does appointing manifest Affirmative Action failures like Liz Truss (only there because she’s female) and Kwarteng (only there because he’s black) rally the still majority White nation? It does not and will not and the ruling trans-national elite will simply double down on anti-White behavior until we are all gone. Not even the realities and constraints of War that cause nations and people to do things just to achieve survival let alone victory will change that innate religious hatred of White people … by a whole bunch of White people who pretend they are black(1)

    To paraphrase the late Mohammed Ali, Putin never called me a Domestic Extremist. Russia never called me a White nationalist. Putin never installed on me the coming Social Credit scheme (ala Paypal’s pledge to steal/take your money coming to your bank soon). Putin never told me I will own nothing, have no privacy, and only eat bugs. He never pushed mandatory transgender surgery for kids (really that’s the hill the Regime has chosen) and a zillion other degeneracies.

    If Ukraine has no borders, so what? Neither does America. The old game of no borders here, sacred borders over there, will not play any more. The past 30 plus years since the fall of the Berlin Wall have been nothing but non-stop anti-White hate and every single White man, without exception, has a much crummier, worse life because of Affirmative Action and anti-White hate in every way. Unlike Hanson I don’t see a prolonged struggle against Russia and China generating massive investments in smart flyover states White men to build weapons or man them. Rather more money on trannies, gays, White women etc.

    (1) Steve Sailer does have interesting commentary on the LA City Council thing, where the President of the Council some Wise Latina who is very blanca derisively called out the gay White dude who went all Bruno adopting a black kid as someone who thinks he’s black.

    • That is an interesting thesis about VDH wanting a new cold war as a means to promote white male interests. If that is true, than it is a very passive aggressive approach, and it won’t help us in the long run.

      The days of passive aggressive, if that theory of VDH’s hidden motive is true, people and political indirection are over. War is openly declared on us now. A new breed of white men must emerge onto the political stage. Instead of building stage one weapons systems for Israel and fighting and dying for every crooked foreign shyster and despot, we need to put our talents to use to directly benefit us.

      I am sick of the celebrations of women and POCs saying conservative stuff and mouthing anti anti-white platitudes. It is time for us to stand up, speak for ourselves and act. A sleeping giant must awake.

      • Victor Davis Hanson is a joke, another old guy pining for the days of Reagan. Our enemy is the American Deep State and he refuses to see that.

  4. Never trust a neocon, trust a neocon before a Greek and a Greek before a Siciliano.

    Was that how it goes?

  5. ” […] I’m from Denmark and up until Kosovo, my country had not been at war since 1864, not unless you count the German occupation in WWII. Since Kosovo, we’ve been involved in five aggressive wars – Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.”

    Fra Danmark lyner Tordenskjold;
    hver give sig i himlens vold
    hver give sig i himlens vold
    og fly!

    • Makes sense as a setup up for, “Hillary’s War,” after installation by Dominion in 2016.

  6. O/T – although related to the never trust bit.

    I am not sure how many people caught the interview with Jean Lassalle (French MP and previous presidential candidate – albeit with only 3% of the vote) about his own heart issue following the vex that no one wanted to hear about and his assertion Macron and quite a few of the French govt are not vaccinated

    “I got vaccinated because I didn’t want to leave the feeling that I was not doing my job as a deputy. I didn’t know that Emmanuel Macron was not vaccinated and neither were most members of the government.”

    His interview is on NTD rather than mainstream, but still its a start.

  7. The deception here is another version of the big lie.
    I think I’ve figured out why your talk with Greg Hood went into the AmRen black hole…
    I think JT’s strategy is the correct take over the short-term, but over the long term the whole “discussing *that* is irrelevant which is why we’re going to completely ignore it” contradiction gets tiresome. Like I told one of the commenters here, it’s like discussing the NBA while doing your level best to never notice or mention that black people play it.

    • I’ve listened to quite a few of Hood’s podcasts. He’s a serious thinker, which makes me wonder why he would put up with Amren’s (((topic))) blackout. It may have just been the best job he could find as a dissident intellectual. It gets humorous when he discusses how person x refuses to acknowledge a topic. Surely he’s intelligent enough to be struck by his own hypocrisy. Taylor’s strategy made sense in the 90s when he was being invited on mainstream news/CSPAN, but now? What possible point does it serve?

      • Nothing turns off normies faster than working The Chosen in to a race realism discussion and Taylor is trying to be an on-ramp of choice for normies testing the waters of racial self-consciousness. I don’t fault him for keeping a tightly focused marketing plan, just that I wish Hood would pass the interview back to Z so that he could post it.

        • I’ve always wondered if the chosen intentionally get unstable celebrities to spout off about them for the express purpose of cementing the idea in the public that antisemitism is just something for crazy people.

          Mel Gibson says nothing about them until he’s in a drunken stupor and looks like a fool. Kanye’s Jew tweets are going to be written off as him having a bipolar episode. At the youtube tier, Owen Benjamin acts like a maniac and goes on grabbler rants.

          At no point is anyone ever exposed to a sober-minded discussion of the problems associated with having a hostile ethnic group inserted as elites in a society.

        • The clarity and cadence of Taylor’s voice signal antisemitism/etc. to anyone who’s seen a movie with English-speaking Nazis, the Amerikadeutscher Bund, right-wing radio, white South Africans, “old money” WASPs, or a fancy country club in it.

          He’s *literally* a model for those villains. No normie will ever get past the image of him that’s already been put in their minds.

        • The arguments in favor of anti-Semitic canards are inherently weak. Jews, as a historical “middleman minority”, are overrepresented in all upper/middle class/professional organizations regardless of political alignment or lack thereof (including anti-immigration and paleoconservative groups), affluent liberal Jews are largely indifferent to Jewish identity and have extremely high intermarriage rates, affluent liberal non-Jews are socially indistinguishable from their Jewish neighbors, coworkers, and spouses.

          You people think there’s this byzantine conspiracy of Murrays and Iras who all been to each other’s kid’s bar mitzvahs and are working together on 100-year plots to destroy to West and further their genetic line. In the real America the exists outside of the internet, there is an elite billionaire class (the Power Elite, let’s call it) and a less elite professional, managerial class (the PMC). Both the Power Elite and the PMC largely consist of a mix liberal Jews, liberal WASPs, Cape Cod Catholics, Indian Brahmins, and East Asians. The members of these classes live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same prep schools and universities, work in the same organizations, hold the same political beliefs (including a hatred of “Middle America”), and hold the same vague indifference towards their own respective ethnoreligious heritages. Let’s say the Power Elite and the PMC are each 10-20% Jewish, while Jews are only 2% of the general population. Does this make the Elite “Jewish”, when its mostly not? Does this make Jews, as a group, the enemies of Middle America? What about non-Elite Jews? Or dissident Elite Jews who hold right-wing views, and indeed are overrepresented in right-wing organizations (like AmRen, to say nothing of the mainstream conservative and libertarian movements). Loyalty is not to the Jewish tribe (or the WASP tribe) but to the class, which is undergoing a constant process of ethnogenesis.

          How do you explain high Jewish intermarriage rates? Shouldn’t the infamously “clannish” Jews, who are only supporting liberalism to weaken the host society, avoid marriage to non-Jews? Apparently the non-religious Jews don’t give a shit about marrying non-Jews, just like lapsed Catholics don’t care about marrying non-Catholics, while Orthodox Jews do care about this kind of thing, just like Traditionalist Catholics do.

          How to do explain efforts to make Reform Synagogues more diverse and multi-racial by encouraging converts? How to do you explain the fact the Israel is now full of hundreds of thousands of black Ethiopians with a spurious connection to Jewish culture, and the fact that liberal American Jews were instrumental in convincing the Israeli government to accept these immigrants? How do you explain J Street, Noam Chomsky, and Norman Finklestein? How do you explain the probable existence of wealthy Jewish women who give sex change hormones to their 8 year old boys? Really great evolutionary strategy there.

          You people usually don’t try to give thoughtful answers to these objections. You instead act like punks or metalheads, and claim that because anti-Semitism is socially transgressive (like black metal or hardcore punk) then it is more “authentic”, as compared to mainstream conservativism (which is like mall punk or glam metal) and Jared Taylor (late 80s Metallica?). If you’re not a JQer then you are a poseur and don’t get to be a real member of the internet racist subculture. You won’t get a have a para-social relationship with the TRS podcast hosts and do meth in Harold Covington’s Idaho commune.

          • “affluent liberal Jews are largely indifferent to Jewish identity”

            They crawl out of the woodwork whenever Israel is at issue (see the Hollywood Left rallying for the Iron Dome). I guess you have a similar comment with a little rephrasing to post to leftwing sites that also have awakened to the actual threat to mankind.

            Sorry, the goys aren’t about to die anymore for your anti-White racist ethnostate. That’s over.

      • Amren is making itself irrelevant regarding pro-White politics by dealing with Paul Gottfried.and Amy Wax, who are obviously brilliant thinkers, but not explicitly on our side for obvious reasons. Greg Hood knows better, and while I wish him well, will also make himself irrelevant or worse

      • RabbiHighComma: Hood may be a serious thinker, but signing on with Amren means more than just one major topic blackout. One of the reasons I was banned from Amren was for noting that their regular Saturday post “How I Became a Race Realist” featured an endless procession of blacks, orientals, and juice posing as anti-anti-White. Taylor is pushing his own inversion of Sailer’s citizenism – where ‘based’ people of all hues can be White adjacent and White allies.

        Yeah, I’m going to get the usual downvotes and “What’s my solution” response, all forms of strawman attacks. I’m not publicly posting under my real name, but neither am I seeking any public audience or forum or following. Taylor doesn’t appear to suffer any material want, and his racial commentary does not appear to have left him pining after official approval like Sailer. However, Taylor’s been milking the same cow for decades now, with no progress or change . . . except that he’s now broadened his own coalition of super special non-White talismans.

        Not my cup of tea.

        • Agreed. I have no beef with Taylor other than Amren’s unwillingness to recognize what time it is. I have made several semi-substantial donations (mid four figure) to orgs in our orbit. I have been asked in every case what my priorities are that I wish them to push. I said essentially, “This is your wheelhouse. I am donating because I like what you are doing. Please continue.” But it may explain Amren’s cuckiness….”Oy vey goyim. Here’s some shekels. Be pro-White, but only so much.” My two cents.

    • I think is it is one hour format and there should be a 3.hours recording. So, it likely have to be edited to one hour, send in full format or published on another location in full format if one hour is the limit of the series. I think the problem is related to that.

  8. This is what a conservative foreign policy looks like, right here:

    “AND NOW, FRIENDS AND COUNTRYMEN, if the wise and learned philosophers of the elder world… should find their hearts disposed to enquire what has America done for the benefit of mankind?

    Let our answer be this: America, with the same voice which spoke herself into existence as a nation, proclaimed to mankind the inextinguishable rights of human nature, and the only lawful foundations of government. America, in the assembly of nations, since her admission among them, has invariably, though often fruitlessly, held forth to them the hand of honest friendship, of equal freedom, of generous reciprocity. She has uniformly spoken among them, though often to heedless and often to disdainful ears, the language of equal liberty, of
    equal justice, and of equal rights.

    She has, in the lapse of nearly half a century, without a single exception, respected the independence of other nations while asserting and maintaining her own. She has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when conflict has been for principles to which she clings, as to the last vital drop that visits the heart.

    She has seen that probably for centuries to come, all the contests of that Aceldama the European world, will be contests of inveterate power, and emerging right.

    Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and
    her prayers be.

    But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example.

    She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…. She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.”

    Secretary of State J.Q. Adams, 1821

    • America has been a problem from the beginning. That nauseating obsession with platonic abstracts like liberty and mankind.

      Dehumanising Americans and foreigners to make the world safer for nouns.

      Also the idea that any country is not driven by gritty self-interest is false and generally party to an abhorrent foreign policy.Laughable to believe that that greaseball wasn’t aware of the role of force in domestic or international politics . Priggish and declaratory lies are still lies.

  9. That’ll be the day when the National Review/Neocon set confess that they are the Neville Chamberlains of the American culture/domestic wars.

    • Neville Chamberlain wasn’t even Neville Chamberlain. Knish neos and the Churchill cult overlap quite a bit so they’ve had ample time to rehearse every possible angle of polemical scapegoating and vulgar opportunist exploitation from the “peace for our time” gaffe, because people vividly remember that, of course (having bad optics is the cardinal sin among this crowd, since they never hold down actual jobs but concentrate in media, academia, diplomacy, fundraising instead). In muddling through to salvage the Stanley Baldwin government’s policies, Chamberlain was clearly no brain surgeon — trying to play Italy against Germany, for example — but had pledged Poland’s defense for some reason, the kind of rah-rah courageous “statesmanship” neos normally hymn to the skies. Had he not died of cancer two years into the war, the usual suspects might have been more dedicated to currying temporal favor than trashing him at no cost.

      Chamberlain wasn’t even drummed out of the place after the Norway debate. He was kept on in the overseer role for the Privy Council, a post presently held by the ridiculous Penny Mordaunt.

      • If Chamberlain had gone to war in 1938 the Germans would have won a quick victory , Hitler wanted and was more ready for war in 1938. Hitler would have been the new Bismarck and Chamberlain Napoleon III. Napoleon III allowed Bismarck to bait him into war in 1870 before he was ready, before France could mobilize, in the midst of a French Army Reorganization. Hitler wanted a replay of 1870 and Chamberlain denied him – gaining a year to build just enough fighters to barely survive the Battle of Britain.

        Chamberlain was a fool to wave that piece of paper piece in our time at the media, but its always a mistake to talk to the media.

        • Chamberlain didn’t want war. Neither did Hitler.
          The Germans were never going to invade Britain. They were ill-prepared for a long protracted war. And they lacked the requisite navy for an amphibious invasion of England. If they would have attempted such a thing, they would have been annihilated before they even reached the beach. Even if by some miracle they would have set up a beachhead, it would have been so costly, they could only ever hoped for a few days holdout and a settlement/negotiation.

          England was a sea-power with a MUCH bigger navy than Germany. They had decided to forgo a large navy because they had no imperial ambitions. If you look at their navy, their airforce you will observe that it was built for defense, or short-term offense (light to mid-range bombers, diver bombers instead of 4 engine long range bombers; U-boats instead of destroyers or aircraft carriers etc.)

          In regards to the BoB: the Luftwaffe was given an impossible task–they never really came close to knocking out the airfields in southern England, much less destroying the RAF. The “underdog” myth was just propaganda. Again, if there was a David and Goliath narrative, Germany was David and Britain was Goliath. Who had the largest empires in the world? England, France, the USA. Hitler tried to avoid war with the West at all costs, especially war with England. The BoB was just his attempt to apply pressure while negotiations were supposed to be settled. He was willing to give up most of his winnings and take on Russia with England’s blessing. Really, his intentions were to be the hegemon in the “heartland” of Eurasia, he posed no threat to England’s empire and offered to be their first line of defense should she ever be attacked.

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  12. It feels like we’re going through a crash course to weed out the fake “conservatives”.

    Trump – weeded out the very obvious Never Trumpers, Romney, McCain, Cheney, etc. who are actually just Democrat/Uniparty operatives with no conservative beliefs.

    COVID – weeded out the ones like Sailer who are actually just terrified, selfish Boomers underneath their “racist” or “right wing” exterior. Also exposed alot of churches.

    Russia/Ukraine – exposes even more neo-conservatives, including “racists” like VDH. I don’t take anybody on the right seriously unless they’re at least non-interventionist. My opinion could change but so far nothing like that has happened.

    How many of us are left, lol?

    • Nations are controlled by committed, intelligent, and organized groups who can either control public discourse or grab power directly. Doesn’t matter if we’re only 5 percent, as it’s enough with the proper infrastructure in place to turn a country around, which is why the current regime is so committed to ensuring groups of people on our side are incapable of organizing.

    • Sounds like your definition of Conservative is someone who just reflexively distrusts mainstream news sources and the American political system in general, and of course hates the interventionist foreign policy.

      Sounds like an anarchist from the year 2000 to me!

      I don’t even like the word “conservative” anymore. I’d prefer radical traditionalist. As in: an anarchist from the year 2000 who also accepts hierarchy and HBD.

    • The big split seems to be on one side folks who are still essentially committed to the system and think reform is possible with some combination of voting harder, dressing up as Captain America and jumping up and down in public, and driving their Ford F-150 around honking the horn. Along with them are the “conservatives” for whom the system is working quite nicely and would prefer any reform to be superficial, such as Turtle Man and Kitten Mittens.

      Our side are folks who realize, even reluctantly, that the system itself always produces this kind of a society. Democracies always turn into rule by sociopathic puppets controlled by the oligarchy, with the most violent and destructive minority groups being placated while orderly people get bled like horseshoe crabs to enrich the inner party. Refraining from aggressively defending traditional values and being “tolerant” is the camel’s nose of perverts that pushes their way into the tent.

      Old people in particular are going to invariably fall into the civnat vote harder crowd. The terrified selfish boomers of which you speak are precisely that. Anyone who’s had to deal with the elderly will be aware of this: they’re afraid of literally everything and would spend every last penny they have to live another month rather than pass it on to their children and grandchildren. I recall during the covid crap pointing out to my elderly parents how much the lockdowns were ruining the lives of young people, and they always gave the same whining passive-aggressive response of “well I guess the safety of us old people just isn’t important to you young people…” With politics it’s the same thing, any real reform or revolution is going to dick over the housing and stock markets, and no immigrants means no Guatemalan women spoon-feeding you applesauce for minimum wage.

      • Ploppy: Very well said and many thanks. It’s so very tiresome to read “Think of the elderly and disabled and don’t forget to prep for your pets!” or some variation thereof everywhere online. Any sane racial/ethnic group puts its own children first, rather than focusing all its resources on people at the end of their lives. Remembering the wisdom and traditions of previous generations is not the same as ensuring all the stupid and complacent people – who remain just as stupid now that they are old as they were when they were young – become sainted ‘elderly’ beyond all criticism who must be catered to eternally.

    • Yes, VDH and William S Lind have crapped all over themselves on this Ukraine boondoggle, which we know is simply a combination of massive money laundering for the right people and neocons’ crazy desire to fight a war with Russia…

  13. I always get push-back when I point out VDH’s many flaws. The only positive attribute he really has is he is nowhere near as odious as most of con, inc.

    Playing the part of partisan hack, he has to make everything about Democrats and Republicans. How is Biden being “too soft” on Russia? What more does he even want him to do? We have already nuked the already poor relations with Russia. What more does he want? Troops on the ground? A nuclear first strike?

    The idea that we should have normalized relations with Russia decades ago never even occurs to him.

    • I think the average Z fan is old enough to remember when popular-media conservatives were—not only in fact but by universal stereotype—the smart side of any right/left debate. Republican presidents have been imagined as Hitlerian mongoloids since Eisenhower, but until ~1994 conservative commentators were bowtied dorks who know everything about Juvenal and Berlioz—and about “policy,” especially foreign. The charge against them was that they lacked the working-man pragmatism, toughness, and tough-guy sentimentality of their more “ethnic” counterparts on the left.

      So today when old bowtie guys like Hanson and Mark Steyn spit wild neocon garbage, I think it’s so contrary to the audience’s (largely unconscious) sense of them as calm middlebrow intellectuals from the TV of our youth, it doesn’t fully register. But that ugliness is their truest self. We don’t want to look at it.

      • VDH is typically Boomer in that he only fights back on issues that impact him personally – ie his central valley farm community being overrun by Mexicans. If it’s an issue that he can insulate himself from then we should all be generous to a fault and surrender to the people who hate us.

        • And VDH has said he has no problem with immigration as such, because he thinks “assimilation” will turn them all into copies of white people. He just wants it slowed. He’s trotted out the old line that Mexicans are just like Italians from the past, which is totally wrong.

  14. Conservatism has been useless for a very long time. Z likes to quote a 19th century writer who explains the conservative con. The progressives put out a new terrible idea, the conservatives put up a feeble opposition to it, then the progressives move onto something else and that first progressive offense is then turned into a conservative principle. I can’t remember the guy’s name. I think he wrote the critique in the 1880s.

    The failure of conservatism is inherent in its form. It is simply a ratcheting mechanism. Conserving the status quo is not a viable political ideology. In 20 years we’ll be conserving the status quo of pedophiles.

  15. Nothing will change until real hardship returns. Sheeple will remain docile and follow the herd until wolves start picking them off one by one. This is the malaise that we find ourselves in. We study the problem endlessly because it’s cheap comfort, but that does nothing to fix the problem. A time is fast approaching wherein hard men must step up and do hard things. They do exist and they will come out of the woodwork (or the fog of chaos) as appropriate. Only then will the ship of state begin to right itself. If you wish to become one of these hard men, then get busy now reworking yourself. No, you can’t wing it and hope to make a difference. It takes hard work to make a hard man. Be that man (or woman). It is our problem and we must fix it.

    • I don’t think the ship can ever be righted. We’ve had termites gnawing at the superstructure for decades. 1/3 of the people residing in America are not even American. Americans are quickly becoming a minority. Whatever emerges from the rubble will not be America in any recognizable form.

      • Do not despair. Yes, the problem is daunting and even seems overwhelming. Take heart at the example of what the Russians are doing in Ukraine. They will not stop until Ukraine is demilitarized and denazified. They care not how long it takes. And the Ukrainians are aiding the process by dying in large numbers. Dead is dead. There can be no compromise or resurrection from the grave. It has always been this way.

      • And Thank God for that, ‘not America’. Since that country is a failed state long gone and proven over & over that it simply wears that name as a skinsuit.

        Don’t get too hung up on that specific turn of phrase ‘righting the ship’ that is said in a generalized sense of a return to historic normalcy not anything USA specific.

        That ‘bolt from the blue’ that Tom likes to talk about is closer than it has ever been. Once the first tac-nuke is set off you may see a startlingly fast chain of events at that point. Tit for tat retaliation will start fast and I have no doubt that this administration doesn’t have a clue about de-escalation.

        You will wake up to a world that will make the current one look like you’ve been living on Cloud 9. Few will survive but those that do will be forged out of iron. I’ve already started getting my house in order should this occur. It will be open season on sh!tlibs and their pets, no bag limit. You would -marvel- at how fast you can erase large parts of the problem without the ever present specter of the police state present.

        As I’ve said many times before “the boys in blue” are not there to protect us, they are their to protect -them- and they are too stupid to understand this.

        • I wander if most of the people protected by the blue are too stupid to realize just how vunerable they would be without the blue? Each neighborhood, small town or any reasonably cohesive community could solve a lot of problems quickly if left to their own devices.

      • Emerging from the rubble is perhaps the only hope we have for a “former/new” America to emerge as we’ve come to understand it. What adds confusion wrt your comment is just dividing people who currently reside here to be either Americans and non-Americans.

        Look, anybody who resides here for 5 years can be naturalized and therefore “American”—but are they? Their children born here a native Americans, but are they? Is America a “propositional” concept? Or is being American that of blood and soil and culture? There is no “magic dirt”.

        Perhaps a better way to discuss is use the term, “Heritage Americans” as vs all others. Heritage Americans fought for, settled, and created/built America and are the only ones in the final analysis that can rebuild what we would desire from “the rubble”. Anything else emerging would just be a cruel mockery.

        • When real hardship returns, heritage European stock will be best equipped to survive and thrive in the North American continent. Genetic intelligence and work ethic will once again prevail as nature intended. And I concur that the America that is currently corrupted by poor leadership and insane policy will need to be purged before a new beginning can emerge. That is the price of remedy. We must earn our redemption.

    • I’m not sure hardships fix anything. For one thing, a “big crash” in the way it’s envisioned seldom happens. Things just get rough and miserable over time. But sadly people get used to it.

      A lot of people on our side sit around waiting for a Grand Collapse to fix everything. That’s not a strategy.

      What I’ve noticed is that when people do get ready for a change, they pick up on the ideas and slogans that were in the air years before. So it’s important to get certain memes out there.

  16. The reason I’d set the starting point at Kosovo rather than Georgia, is that Kosovo was where the neocons first broke international “law”, viz the UN charter stipulation against waging aggressive war (without a Security Council resolution.) They also broke the NATO treaty for the first time, using NATO command structure and materiel to wage war without a member country having been attacked or even threatened.

    And yet, this isn’t entirely correct. There was no SC resolution in Gulf War One (China abstained) but since everybody else was gung-ho for action, nobody cared and nobody remembers that it was illegal – it is still largely considered a Good War. Back then, you already had names like Henry Kissinger, Charles Krauthammer (now there’s a cool Jewish name!) and Richard Perle in the engine room.

    Also, NATO wasn’t invoked in 1990 – Kosovo was a twofer, making both UN and NATO obsolete with one stroke of the saber.

    • I think there is a good case to be made in favor of the Kosovo conflict as the starting point. It established a number of precedents. One is the United States (NATO) acting unilaterally in the affairs of other states. The other is the indiscriminate use of military force. America bombed the crap out of Serbia. That leads to the new rule where America gets to bomb countries without seeking the permission of the American people.

      From the Russian perspective, this was also the start of a series of deliberate provocations. The eastward expansion of NATO was right around the same time. Then the attempt to add Georgia. Of course, the endless agitation on the caucuses. People forget that US Special Forces were on the ground in Azerbaijan providing support to Chechen separatists.

      • Yes, mine is a legalistic view.

        On a personal level, Kosovo was the first time it dawned on me my government was not merely incompetent and corrupt, but evil. I’d voted for Niels Helveg Petersen myself, him being the chairman of the only explicitly pacifist party in parliament, and he won, huzzah, and wasted no time getting us involved in an illegal and deeply immoral war that established yet another Mohammadan state in Europe.

        • You placed to much faith in a non-existent concept. There is no “international” law. The only law of international significance is the law of conquest. Bodies like the UN and the international court at The Hague are for show. Treaties like NATO are for the sake of convenience. Treaties are often broken when the probabilities of loss are considered so low that there will be no real consequences. Winners dictate the terms. For the losers there is only woe.

          • You placed to much faith in a non-existent concept. There is no “international” law.

            Hence the scare quotes.

            But before Kosovo, the Security Council was largely agreed on as the legal arbiter for war and peace. When the US invaded countries like Panama and Grenada, they were condemned in the media, not applauded.

            I’m from Denmark and up until Kosovo, my country had not been at war since 1864, not unless you count the German occupation in WWII. Since Kosovo, we’ve been involved in five aggressive wars – Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

          • @Felix

            Do you think if it had not been Kosovo it would have been somewhere else around the same time?

            The difference being the personnel changes in the European/US govts rather than the place per se.

            Kosovo almost seems a proxy for marking a change in the governing structures rather a cause in and of itself.

          • Do you think if it had not been Kosovo it would have been somewhere else around the same time?

            I figure that’s a fairly safe bet. Kosovo looks like it was planned out from the beginning as a deliberate assault on the Cold War world order. It forged the tools the neocons needed for the PNAC: removing the SC as a player and restructuring NATO to an imperialist organization so all member countries were complicit in the project.

            Wag The Dog was a whitewash.

        • …established yet another Mohammadan state in Europe

          I recall the tortured language of “we have to help the Muslims because they thing badly of us but if we help then they’ll be on our side and then peace forever” or some other plate of meaningless tripe, all to justify helping people that they were casting as our sworn enemy not a month earlier.

          • …they were casting as our sworn enemy not a month earlier.

            Yes. KLA (UCK) was on State Department’s terrorist list only weeks before we became besties.

            I knew a couple of guys who were in KFOR – the NATO occupation army in Kosovo – and they swear the Albanians are the scummiest people on the planet. They certainly wasted no time turning Kosovo into a powerhouse of drugs, illegal weapons and white slave trade.

            At the moment, they are flocking to Britain and being installed in five star hotels – they probably heard that the Brits are cool with gang rape of minors.

          • Denmark is one of those countries you think is gonna make it but then you take a closer look and realize they are desperate for national extirpation. A less enthusiastic Sweden.


          • Denmark has one of the most robust anti-immigration publics in NW Europe; about 25% of the votes goes to white nationalist parties despite decades of painting nationalists as Nazis.

            The parties in question are all globalist puppets, but nobody is “desperate” for extermination. The public conversation about immigration is a lot more hardcore than anywhere in the US, even the lefties profess to be anti-immigration. They lie, of course, but they can’t be elected if they spout nonsense about open borders, amnesty, reparations, slavery or racism, the voters don’t want that.

            I would be interested to know how you came to your conclusion. I’m not pointing fingers here, but the usual suspects put a lot of trolling effort into demoralizing nonsense like the garbage you just posted.

        • “I figure that’s a fairly safe bet. Kosovo looks like it was planned out from the beginning as a deliberate assault on the Cold War world order. It forged the tools the neocons needed for the PNAC: removing the SC as a player and restructuring NATO to an imperialist organization so all member countries were complicit in the project.”

          Truly a brilliant insight, Felix. Genius, to be precise.

          I’ll add a few points about Kosovo.

          First, this was done in no small part on behalf of “our” little hat friends (of course). It was to throw a bone to the Saudis and show the West was perfectly fine with murdering European Christians for them, and, hey, why don’t you guys and the Israelis kiss up? That played a larger role than can be imagined. Some genocide is better than others, I guess.

          Next, I also had friends in KFOR and the Kosovars really were dirtbags from what was relayed to me. In fact, KFOR was not allowed to intervene whenever the Albanian Muslims attacked Orthodox Serbs, no matter how horrible it might have been. The Kosovars really enjoyed gang rape and KFOR made sure everyone got their term. You can guess who was NOT allowed to be attacked and assaulted, though. This came home to the United States and is now reflected in the descent of federal law enforcement into totalitarianism, where the policy again in one group is allowed to attack, maim and murder others and one group better not think about defending themselves.

          • Thanks. Kosovo was my big red pill moment, so I’ve given it a lot of thought.

            Back then, I was still a Commie Swine and ironically, it was Chomsky who brought me to the right – or at least made me a neocon. Chomsky taught me that TPTB didn’t go around committing war crimes for no reason, there was cold calculation behind every bomb.

            In a perverse way, it soothed me: the world was not run by idiots, only villains. I figured the PNAC was about conquering the planet for America, building a global Pax Americana, a white supremacy. Was PNAC immoral? Yes, but the goal was so noble!

            And all things considered I figured I was better off under American hegemony than Russian or Chinese so I, for one, welcomed our new Neocon overlords.

            Well, I got what I fucking deserved…

      • @Felix:

        “Yes. KLA (UCK) was on State Department’s terrorist list only weeks before we became besties.”

        Among the 9/11 hijackers was a KLA member.

        And, yes, I know: “hijacker.”

    • The take away lesson on the first War on Iraq was the perjury of the Kuwaiti Ambassadors daughter before Congress pretending to be a nurse who had witnessed Iraqi troops throwing babies from incubators so they could take the incubators back home.

      Everybody knew it was a lie.The NYC PR firm who coordinated it, Hill and Knolton suffered no penalties.
      I’d have tried the bastards for treason.
      That was the point I realized the US was a rolling clusterfuck looting operation and not a serious country.

      H&K were last seen working with the UN on their covid “Messaging”.

      • The funny thing is how many in Congress do you think did not know she was the ambassadors daughter?

        On top of that how many TV news producers and press agencies did not know?

        I would bet less than a handful in each case.

        So the intentional lie was active in order of thousands of people in the media/political sphere of people and it did not leak out for 2 years?

        • “So the intentional lie was active in order of thousands of people in the media/political sphere of people and it did not leak out for 2 years?”

          It may not have leaked into your little bubble.

          Several million people knew damn well it was bullshit.

          • I was pointing out the official maintenance of the lie by the people promoting the lie, not the recipients.

            Stop being such a twat.

        • Yes, I’d say, as lying is their industry-

          “Wag The Dog was a whitewash.”

          Krull and Dobson’s thread illustrates a gob-smacking, I-can’t-believe level of vertical and horizontal integration.

          Monica Lewinsky, Matt Drudge, the sham impeachment, the Wag the Dog movie even- theatre, theatre, all of it a vast game being played out above our heads, one in which we don’t know the rules. An entirely separate civilization.

          • I mean, to consider that even the Monica charade was but a small side unit, like arranging catering for the camera crew’s lunch.

  17. The odds that these monstrous psychopaths and sociopaths entangle us in a nuclear war with Russia increase every day. It doesn’t bother them at all and they would have done it already if they thought they and their families and wealth could survive. On the other hand, if Putin made a credible threat to turn Israel into glass or to destroy their wealth, our Ruling Class suddenly would start to try to find a diplomatic settlement. That’s where we are: 98 percent of the people inside this Evil Empire are expendable but fellow Tribesmen and corporate gibs are not.

    There is a special place in hell for court stenographers like VDH who give a patina of faux intellectualism to what easily could be mass murder on an unimaginable scale. The fact that this insanity appeared in a DR-adjacent site is appalling but just another day ending in “y”.

  18. As I said here a while back, Hanson and his ilk are proof of the concept of “Brand Equity” we learned in business school marketing class. The Neocon project is the greatest feat of sham marketing in American history.

    “America” is a fading brand. But as we’ve seen with Four Roses bourbon, Converse sneakers, Newport cigarettes etc., these brands are hard to kill and can be kept going by clever marketers for longer than anyone would think possible. So it is with American foreign policy. Hanson missed his calling as a marketing, not Classics, professor.

    The normie/griller types, in their fog of nostalgia, just cannot admit they have been duped. The cognitive dissonance would make heads explode. It’s better to reminisce about D-day than see Kabul live and in color. It’s easier to put on the Beach Boys and roll up the windows than to put the top down and see Malibu become Tijuana.

  19. In 1999, when Clinton bombed Serbia, murdering 5,000 people and under idiot Gen. Clark nearly started a war with Russia, it was opposed by a nascent Republican peace caucus in Congress, led by moderate Rep. Tom Campbell of California and of course Rep. Ron Paul. That’s why Bush promised a “humble” foreign policy in 2000. Then 9/11 struck and the Kagan Cult took over again with a vengeance. It’s taken until now for a similar caucus to begin again among the GOP in Congress. It’s still small.

    • To Felix, I’m thinking that the Ukrainians are the scummiest. The more you learn about them, the absolute worse they look. But no doubt that Albanians are a very close second.

      I can’t verify the truth of it, but I saw an article about the Ukraine not burying their KIAs. Some of them believe that Ukrainian Valkyries will swoop down and take them to Ukrainian heaven and make them immortal warriors against Russia. You have to move them to the top of the list just for that.

      • Sorry that was badly misplaced. But Jack the “humble” foreign policy kind of explains 9/11 as an inside job. Humbleness doesn’t worh if you’re at war and if you’re not you need to get to work creating one.

  20. Foreign policy as a litmus test is spot on.

    “What these foreign adventures do is divert attention from America’s real problems.” Yes. It also exacerbates our financial problems by shoveling unfathomable sums of money into our enemy’s hands.

    On a constructive side, there is a great interview of Drew Fraser by Gregory Hood discussing Fraser’s book, “The Wasp Question.” Z-Man, I wonder if you have read that and could do a review of it or an episode on it. I think any item that discusses paths forward for our people is where we should be focusing our energy. Even better is people exploring paths forward so we can discover and choose which are most viable for the preservation and flowering of our people. I found this discussion of this book to open my eyes to many possibilities.

    • Of course, the GAE’s financial problems also present us with our openings and possibilities for organization that permits us to fulfill our destiny.

    • Oh. And for VDH. Doesn’t he embody that quote by I don’t know who, something like, “There are some ideas that are so stupid, only an intellectual could conceive of and believe them.”

      • Not sure I agree. He embodies the “neocon” philosophy. The use of force by a great power (us) makes right. Being an intellectual has little to do with being a neocon, as we can see from the overwhelming percentage of the American population that applaud neocon interventionism—even to this day.

        • Knowing what VDH must know about the Melian Dialogue, and also the Athenians’ Sicilian Expedition, that he would espouse such a truly bankrupt idea such as the neocon “philosophy” it truly beggars the imagination to attribute to him even a semblance of wisdom. I mean, the history that Thucydides so starkly portrayed is being played out in the current West’s policies and actions, and yes, Hubris does indeed encounter Nemesis. No, it will not be “different” this time.

    • There is an old sci-fi book I read when I was a kid named Wasp by Eric Frank Russell. An agent dropped onto an enemy planet to disrupt society before an invasion. It’s a pretty good book and a handbook for quiet, covert weakening of your enemy.

  21. We have grown so used to meddling over the years talking to some conservatives about foreign policy and that we have no business meddling all over the world is like telling Pelosi she can’t drink anymore.
    They just look at you for a minute and keep on rambling about what we should do about Putin and Iran and whatever else.
    It’s wearisome.

  22. Here’s some not-very-surprising news: Tulsi Gabbard just announced she’s leaving the Democratic Party. She says that the party is controlled by “an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness” who “stoke anti-White racism” and “protect criminals.” She’s also urging other Dems to leave as well.

      • Vote harder!!! Given that Tulsi Gabbard is a politician, it’s hard to take her seriously even when she’s saying things that sound good. What’s her angle? Is she merely trying to hoodwink a particular segment of the public? I cannot bring myself to treat the circus known as “politics” with anything but snide dismissal.

        • She was probably ordered to do this by the WEF because they saw a gap in the plantation fencing.

        • If there’s one thing I believe about Tulsi Gabbard, it’s that she’s sincere about her abhorrence of war and the warmongers. She actually served in Iraq as an Army Captain, unlike the ChickenHawk elites who delight in sending other people’s loved ones to foreign lands to fight and get killed.

          • Perhaps you’re correct about the sincerity of Ms. Gabbard’s antiwar stance. Then again, sincerity ain’t what wins elections. Here’s my own thought and you can take it or leave it: Never trust anyone you do not know personally. That goes for all politicians, all celebrities, all well-known journalists/pundits, etc. It even goes for our esteemed blog host, Zman. I enjoy virtually everything he writes. Nevertheless, that’s a far cry from extending meaningful trust toward him. I’m not saying he’s untrustworthy. I’m merely saying that I do not possess the requisite (personal) information about him to decide one way or the other. My unwillingness to trust him does not interfere with my ability to appreciate his commentary.

          • Wkathman, I’m wondering if that is a consequence of living in a low-trust society, or if that wariness is what allows a high-trust society to exist?

            It also reminds me of a lesson I try to live and teach, “you don’t KNOW until you KNOW”. The ability to identify your assumptions and tag them separately from your actual knowledge is a key to avoiding being the sucker in the room.

          • Outdoorspro:

            High-trust = gullible. Un American, too, if you believe the founders. Point being, America wasn’t, and wasn’t supposed to be a high-trust society.

            A lot of hay made about liars taking advantage, as if that’s the problem. Truth is, Americans became chumps somewhere along the way. Slobs, too, imo. Or Americans aren’t Americans, I can’t decide. So much immigration and multiculturalism it’s hard to say what an American is anymore.

        • Thing is, these pols know what to say. It’s all so commonsensical. So they say it. Close the damn border. Stop fighting and losing stupid wars. Return to energy independence. Problem is, do they believe what they say?We have no way of knowing.

          Trump said he was going to build a big beautiful wall, and that Mexico would pay for it.

          • To an extent, MX *did* pay for it. Whatever Trump did, he got the MX President to sit on those “refugees” before they crossed the border, thus preventing what we now experience. This was a co-operation that was never experience by the US before Trump.

        • Too much interest in politics seems to me to be an indication that you expect a corrupt political system to fix itself from the inside—just need to pray harder, vote harder.

          Not sure that the great “divide” as Z-man terms it has been crossed with such thinking remaining.

    • Notice that Tulsi said “anti-White.” She’s already entered the Republicans’ No-Go Zone.

    • Gabbard is a tough one. She and her husband follow a white guy who is a Vedic guru. Then there is the WEF affiliation. Then there is that she took here Oath of Office on the Vedic “Bible” that she gifted to India’s Modi. She is married to a non-white photographer/cinematographer.

      I don’t see how her life experience makes her a legitimate nation first, white advocate. In fact all of it, even US military/GAE service, is a counter indication. Even if she is sincere in what she says, she has no historic or future stake in the traditional, heritage America and its people.

      On the positive side, she is saying, “anti-white.” She can’t get out of primaries in the DNC so she is going Republican where whites are desparate to hear someone say, “anti-white.” The next step is a bunch of our people, people who do have a bond to the past, present and future of our people and our nation, to step up and start using opposition to the anti-white ruling class as an explicit talking point. Until our people stand up, we’ll just sit here muttering about how opportunists are saying anti-white but we know they could give two craps about us. It is as if we have been reduced to the role of the negro in the GOP as the negro has in the DNC.

      In the DNC they pat them on the head as pets and “advocate” for them. In the GOP non whites pat us on the head and speak about us with pity – in fact, we don’t get anything from this. Sad to say, in terms of politics and culture our people are now lower than the negro.

      I don’t let that demoralize me though it is sickening. We need white and male representatives who openly talk like Tucker Carlson on the issue of anti-white racism, and whose leading platform issues are: the abolition of affirmative action in college admissions and public and private sector hiring; abolition of racial preferences in government hiring; immigration control and repatriation; firing of any US military officer who engages confiscation of foundation, university and charity endowments that promote anti-American and anti-white history and propaganda (you David Rubenstein, NAIS; School Board Partners … ); disbanding all public schools and end of funding of all anti-white, curriculum and training; non-interventionist foreign policy.

      The first two issues could lead and it would

      Such candidates would be wildly successful. I think the “minority” groups the GOP courts would strengthen their support for such candidates and we could abandon the performative pandering to them at heritage American’s expense. If Gabbard can do it, our best people can and should do it. Their support and popularity would vastly outstrip that of Gabbard, Owens … …

      • I will add the immediate charter termination of any government entity that has a DIE coordinator and onerous taxes and fines for any company and school that has a DIE coordinator.

        This is war! All out war! Pass the laws and enforce them.

      • and I meant to add to abolition of racial preferences in government hiring, the termination of loans and financial support for, non-white owned and operated business that contract with the government.

        • Love the title- “Deep Inside Tulsi Gabbard”, if that isn’t the name of a porn film that could make millions of dollars I don’t know what is! 😉

        • Love the Banned Hipster (BH) reference! I’ve been sporadically reading that guy for a while now. He’s a bit off the wall and I never know how much of what he claims has any validity, but I enjoy the entertainment value of some of his posts. He’s somewhat akin to David Icke in that regard (though, to be fair, as far as I am aware, BH does not share Icke’s very amusing belief that literal reptilians run our planet). Seen from the proper tongue-in-cheek perspective, Icke can be a lot of fun. And he’s actually less clownish in his overall presentation than is Alex Jones. I’ve long viewed Jones as a grifting caricature of one who “tells truth to power” in the most mockable fashion possible.

          • You might want to get Robert Barnes’ take on Jones and the latest shenanigans in the defamation scam.

    • Does it not seem a bit suspicious that she switches over in time for the run up to the nominations?

      If I was them and I thought that the cheating might not be enough given a drift of normies into the Repub area of the reservation and some uncertainty as to who was going to be the nominee I would start a third party and get the media personalities from the Dems and maybe a couple of the Repubs to form a “center” party.

      Probably not call it the BullMoose party, something more snappy.

      Should bleed off those looking for a new home into a political oxbow lake.

    • My gut tells me to trust Tulsi Gabbard about as far as I could throw a wet carpet up a spiral staircase. So smooth and calm and plausible, and then you glimpse her manifesto which reads like something scratched out by Elizabeth Warren. I’m sick of the Tulsi simps, too. This is TYPICAL of the right – some lib has a stopped-clock moment once in a while and they’re forgiven everything, up to and including some pretty firm anti-2A stuff apparently. I DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE’S UP TO. She’s protean, a shapeshifter who’ll
      shimmer into the form most pleasing to anyone who’ll give her attention and – ultimately – power. Seriously, am I mental? Or is this woman a WEF in sheep’s clothing.

      That being said, she has walked the walk and formally decoupled from the democrat party. I’d just like to emphasise that she is, in fact, a democrat. I’d keep my hand on my wallet if I were you.

      • Her form is already quite pleasing so not much shifting needed.

        Which of course makes her that much more dangerous. I do believe her anti war stance is sincere, but that is one issue of many.

        • I have that pic of a shapely, light brown bikini-clad bottom diving into a pool with the caption, “Tulsi 2016!”

  23. “Normal people are supposed to be mad at Putin rather than the sorry state of their own country and its leaders.

    “This is why foreign policy must become a litmus test. There are no American interests in the Ukraine, South Ossetia or Tajikistan. Not only does meddling in these areas invite trouble, but it also diverts attention from important matters. Building superhighways in Afghanistan did not shorten a single commute in America. “Standing with Ukraine” does not stop the flood of invaders over the southern border. What these foreign adventures do is divert attention from America’s real problems.”

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I know you’re directing your ire towards that pompous dullard Hanson, but keep in mind he’s nothing more than a bought-and-paid-for butt-boy of the empire. The problem is that the USA is configured as a war state. Many if not most of USA’s remaining industries are related to the military. The military lobby is influential. As a consequence the USA needs any excuse for military conflict — or is happy to fabricate a casus belli.

    Some people argue that the US war state goes back to Truman’s quadrupling of the defence budget in 1948. Perhaps they’re right. Perhaps it goes back a bit further to WW2, when USA’s giant companies all contributed to the war effort. I’m not enough of a historian to pronounce judgement on this.

    Even when USA’s interests are involved — though I can’t think of the last time when they were — the USA prefers to a hammer or a cudgel rather than diplomacy and negotiation. Contrast the USA with Russia, which has consistently been seeking negotiated solutions and has reluctantly been following Clausewitz’s dictum that war is diplomacy by other means. The USA is a rogue state.

    Your comment about the sorry state of the USA resonates with me. I’ve been reading Larry Romanoff’s essays on the USA as a failed state at Unz. I can find little to disagree with. While the USA’s elite has been squandering precious resources in futile and purposeless military adventures, the rest of the world has stolen a march on it. We all know Japan, China, and Europe have high-speed rail. But now so does Morocco in North Africa. Who is first world and who is third world?

    • Give the Europeans credit; with some notable exceptions, they don’t allow rampant squatting, drug use, and crime in every one of their major and mid sized cities. Even second order countries don’t permit this.

      It’s not difficult to eliminate the ‘homeless’ problem. (It’s not homes, it’s a mental health/addiction problem)

      IT IS impossible to eliminate the private/public billion dollar trough that solely exists to make sure the problem never goes away…and in fact, more is better.

      Failed state, indeed.

      • The Europeans house their immigrants in the suburbs, they have all the squalor you’d expect but at least kept the best pieces for themselves.

  24. I’ll give VDH a little slack. A lot of dissidents today had normiecon pov three decades ago.

    The neocons are also not supernatural devils. They’re grifters that realized or stumbled onto a path of using America’s nature, it history, to advance their own interests.

    The real problems are that America was founded on the liberal-enlightenment ideology that people could be whatever they want to be. And our formative experience was exponential growth by conquering a continent scantily populated by neo lithic tribes.

    The combination made hubris the core American value. American and Americans could do anything and were destined to rule the world.

    It was that element of American culture, and the frustration that arose from its conflict with reality that the neo-cons exploited.

    • I have fully confessed to having misjudged the neocons in the Bush years. I did not think they were serious about the whole spreading democracy thing. That was two decades ago. Hanson is still selling this crap.

      • It’s easier to see when you realize that it’s liberalism their pushing. Not democracy per se. They link the two “liberal-democracy”.

        But the latter is just a useful vector for the former. One that is set aside whenever and wherever it produces a result counter to the liberal agenda.

        • Dinodoxy –

          You are on fire. I think they are extremely cynical and use the words democracy and liberal and liberal-democracy as a fig leaf for brazenly selfish ends.

          I also think that the non-tribe neocons are extremely idiotic people who have been convinced that they are going to rule over large economic zones like CanAmerXico. They may administer, but the financiers will rule. The foreign policy is the means for grift and pursuing another nation’s territorial consolidation and later expansionary aims, they themselves have combined it with the New Religion project.

          In the end, the white European Americans of former Christendom have been badly beaten and hoodwinked. It is embarrassing to see. I think you are spot on as to why though. The creedal nation and myth of egalitarianism has been devastating. If you are going to give up the notion of ethnic/tribal competition, you better not let in any groups – especially ones that will never let go of their group oriented ethos and methodology. If it also has a moral code that makes it okay to mistreat all other groups and reserve a higher moral code only for in-group relations the devastation is well, we are seeing the results of the experiment play out.

          The Enlightenment in combination with global empire is a death sentence for those who embrace universalism and egalitarianism. These believers/followers are going to have to be removed before they destroy us all.

        • Yes, it is a slippery, and likely carefully calculated, spurious pairing between those two entities, democracy, and liberalism (and in the spirit of full disclosure, neoliberalism).

          Another slippery, carefully calculated, and spurious pairing?


      • These people basically have the worldview of Captain Redlegs in The Outlaw Josey Wales.

        They honestly think they are the good guys and that, “Doin’ right….ain’t got no end….”

    • I used to read WRM often who wrote of the iterations of liberalism as a good thing. I used to admire his book Special Providence which traced America’s foreign policy threads back to 4 tendencies, one of which called Wilsonianism was about spreading our “values” throughout the world. This goes back a long way in American history, maybe back to the Civil War. Credit the neocons with taking advantage of this American tradition to further their own ends. If part of who we are is to spread American values throughout the world then no wonder normie (including me at one time) was susceptible to this crap. How do we counter it now?

      I would think that our identity should instead be defined around who we are as a people, but how do you convince normie when that goes against everything he has ever been taught? Is there any hope for America? Seriously, tell me because I don’t see it.

  25. What gives me a serious case of the skeeves is the utter flippancy with which these morons are directly poking a nuclear power. Lived through much of the Cold War and studied post WWII defense policy under serious “realpolitik” academics. Direct confrontation was consciously avoided. Now we’ve got Dementia Joe flying to Poland and publicly stating that Putin needs to be removed. But then again at least the foreign policy “experts” of the postwar period had often seen war’s handiwork up close and had some appreciation of the stakes in the game. And they still fucked up. The current crop a) doesn’t seem very bright and b) appear to have spent most of their careers grifting and sniffing each other’s farts in the DC bubble. Nuland is an excellent example.

    • Nuland’s physical transformation over the years is directly correlated with the state of her soul. She’s the type of person who would fail in a casting call for a serious movie’s villain, as she looks too cartoonishly evil for the part. Physiognomy is real.

      • Yes, this calls to mind the story, The Portrait of Dorian Grey, but in this instance, the progressive revelation of her demeanor is not revealed upon a portrait concealed in the attic, but rather is right out in the open for those who have the ability to descry the reality. Of course, to her fellow psychopaths, she undoubtedly seems perfectly normal.

    • I become more convinced over time that that’s the whole point of all of this. In fact, if the Ruskies finally decide to launch the missiles, it’s not hard for me to picture Abidin’ – or whoever’s pulling his strings -kicking their feet up and saying, “Mission accomplished.”

      But hey, at least we don’t have to worry about Trump’s mean Tweets anymore, right?

    • The contrast between now and the 80s is striking, especially on the US side.

      Reagan was in decline, but he was still an adult that had a team of serious, fairly thoughtful adults around him.

      Now, the WH looks and acts like a bunch of overgrown, hate-filled toddlers ready to live out the missile launch scene in, The Dead Zone. The Nuland-thing is perhaps the most distressing example.

      • Reagan on the last day of his presidency was sharper than Biden has been for at least a decade. Maybe ever – Joe was always a dimwit although he could talk back in the day.

    • When the blue check twitteratti are confidently pronouncing “No Russian general would actually launch/drop a nuke if given a lawful order by Putin”, you know they’re completely divorced from reality.

      Think on that.

    • Direct confrontation was consciously avoided.

      As direct as anything we see today, IMO. Soviet pilots directly fought Americans during the Korea War and everybody knew it. The US flew spy planes over the USSR, had strategic nuclear submarines on Russia’s doorstep and provided the Afghans with Stinger missiles. (Notice how nobody gave Taliban MANPADS)

      The Russians sponsored terrorists and “liberation” movements like ANC in South Africa and their agents killed people on the streets in European capitals.

      I don’t believe they’ll press the button. The risk is never zero, of course, but nuclear war is just a better fearmongering issue than Covid and they milk it for all it is worth.

      • Yep. I’m surprised at how many comments we get on this blog wrt nuke war possibility. Perhaps I’m old enough to remember the old days of “duck & cover” TV service commercials and have become jaded.

        Nuke war does not keep me up at night, and I’m not paranoid enough to believe either side will start such—no matter how insane.

        • There is a bigger da ger of a false flag nuke than a Russian initiated one. Guess that’s a grey pill.

        • I am not that optimistic. I reflect that control over grave matters of life or death here in AINO has been given over into the hands of members of a tribe who still gloat over the story of Samson pulling down the pillars of the temple upon himself and his enemies in an act of suicide. Further, and perhaps more relevant to today, they have quite the fixation on the resort to mass suicide at Massada when those Romans were about to be in a position to storm the fortress.

          Consider then those two fixations conjoined in the self-image of that tribe, and how this might affect their notion of gleaning a victory through self-immolation of themselves and their perceived enemies, and then reflect that we gentiles don’t exert an equivalent level of control over these policies and decisions. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

          • And considering that the word “holocaust” literally means “holy altar fire of sacrifice”- the word comes a Kaballah prophecy based on Isaiah that 6 million Israelites must be burned as a sacrifice, to bring the messiah / anointed one, that he might take his throne and reign of all tribes, to claim all this kingdom as his own.

            The elect will be resurrected, perfect, so have no qualms about sacrificing even your own to bring this about.

          • Jersey-

            You have precisely summarized my gut feeling that the reality/psyop likelihood of nuclear war is currently around 60/40 and steadily trending towards 70/30.

            A key indicator will be the GAE response to the recent Russian missile barrage across Ukraine.

            The next key indicators will be a GAE-staged nuclear false flag and any potential Russian response to it.

  26. Thank you, Mr Z. Hanson is the absolute worst commentator in existence right now; he has managed the trick of tarting up his basic stupidity with bloviating, sham-Churchillian pros, which for a lot of moronic “conservatives” implies deep profundity. (I guess they are also impressed that he at least in theory can conjugate Greek verbs. (Let’s remember how he orgasmically celebrated “farm boys” from the Midwest for their pillage of “Southern aristocrats” in Georgia and South Carolina, and his hero-worship of the psychopath William T Sherman, whose greatest victories were against women and children. If you’d really like to hammer your brain with stupidity, read his book “Saviour Generals” which also licks the boots of the noisome David Petraeus.

    Sorry, rant over. I just despise Hanson with every fiber of my being. A complete and utter fraud.

    • In Sherman’s defense, he was the only one that warned early in the game that a) it would not be a short war and b) the economic destruction of the southern heartland was inevitable endgame. Nobody listened. The South’s key tactical mistake was replacing Johnston with Bell Hood. The latter was brave, but a moron.

      • Sherman was a bloodthirsty butcher who burned his way through a defeated, starving South with no remorse and no shame. At that point of the war defeat was inevitable and everythign he did was for pleasure. He, Grant and Lincoln I have no doubt are roasting in Hell right now.

    • A guy like Hanson used to have a place that was appropriate for him and his type, and that’s as a university Classics professor. He could teach young people the importance and relevance of our ancestors and forefathers.

      Alas, the modern university no longer cares about the ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, etc, unless they can find something gay about them. So instead of a nice, comfortable teaching position and a wood-paneled office with impressive bookshelves, he spends his time fluffing up mediocrities who care nothing about the past.

      It’s sad.

  27. > Russia instead became a formable promoter of the Iranian, Hezbollah, the Assad regime, and Hamas axis, an obstacle to Israeli responses to cross-border terrorism, and a deterrent to any Western notion of preemptively destroying Tehran’s nuclear potential.

    I like how he assumes all of these groups are so clearly bad that he doesn’t even try to justify it. While they’re not exactly pure as summer roses, in the grand geo-political realm, they’re pretty tame in comparison and benign to our core interests. For another nation, a greatest ally one might call them, it’s a little different though.

    I wonder if someone like VDH ever sit back and look at the bigger picture, or just takes regime moral consensus at face value while just shifting the blame to his domestic political enemy to take potshots.

    • I’m not sure how Russia is a Hamas promoter or even Hezbollah for that matter. Russians have always taken care in balancing their support for Syria or good relationship with Iran, with at least positively neutral attitudes from Israelis. They simply don’t underwrite the support for those organizations.

      Quoted fragment appears to be another goobledygook for the Axis of Evil reboot. Neocon political universe at its finest.

      • The Russians invaded Afghanistan, in part to tamp down radical Islam on their border. Otherwise, Russian dealings in the Middle East appear to rooted in pragmatism. They do not seem to care about the internecine struggles.

        • Tajikistan’s civil war from 1992 provides interesting insight into Russian managment of that area after Afghanistan had collapsed. When Tajikistani authorities broke down, there was much fear in Moscow that Islamic Revival Party would join forces with Massoud’s Northern Alliance (as Tajiks formed significant part of it with Massoud himself). While there was no chance of stopping the break-away from USSR, at least some influence could be retained by backing western clans that were connected to state institutions.

          Formerly Soviet 201st Motor Rifle Division that was stationed at Tajikistan-Afghanistan border initially sold arms to both sides of the conflict while participating in opium smuggling from Afghanistan. Like in many distant Soviet units its non-Russian component broke down with desertions while Russian officers were left to keep it together and figure out how to pay remaining soldiers. After Yeltsin started noticing ex-Soviet states going up in flames, Moscow reinforced the division with SpetzNaz (and payments) and sent it to aid the Popular Front against islamic/eastern clans forces.

          At one point during the civil war in Tajikistan, soldiers of the 201st Motor Rifle Division safely escorted staff of the American Embassy in Dushanbe to the airport for evacuation. Probably the only time in history where Americans officially asked Russian military for protection.

          That unit is stationed in Tajikistan to this day.

          • The 1979 Soviet invasion stemmed from the 1973 Afghan Marxist Party toppling the king, a rather peaceful hereditary dynasty.

            I hear that bacha bazi boy harems are actually a recent development.

            From Marxist revolution to little boys in skirts? Opium and arms smuggling?

            Now I’m beginning to wonder how big were the noses in that Afghan Marxist Party.

      • Why? I fully expect his article resonates with a good body of the readership. Neocon thought is not unpopular—and certainly more popular than DR concepts/thought. VDH has a pretty good sinecure at the Hoover Institute and pretty extensive academic pedigree/history. He has any number of fans, as does Thomas Sowell—also of Hoover Institute.

      • Taraki, Amin and Karmal were Pashtuns so their noses were more prominent I guess…

        Soviets invaded because every puppet screwed up and caused increasing blowback. KGB “Alfa” unit toppled their own guy Amin (unsuccessfully poisoned) just to install Karmal after all.

  28. After all the foreign misadventures over the past 30 years – really the past 75, you’d think people would wake up that not a single one had a damn thing to do with our best interests. The government has been living on the fading patriotic fumes from WW2 for decades. Meanwhile, the cultural rot has reached the attic and the whole mess is close to tumbling down.. DC is a cancerous tumor threatening the entire world.

    • It’s really hard for normal Americans to wrap their heads around the thought that we’re now the bad guys. In the cartoonish view that the Global American Regime pushes, the villains of the world are guys like Putin and Saddam, Assad, Khadafy, et al, not the good ol’ USA. (USA! USA! USA!)

    • “The government has been living on the fading patriotic fumes from WW2 for decades.”

      I’ve consciously considered myself a patriot since I was a boy. Patriotism is loyalty to the patria, or fatherland. If one prefers, one can substitute motherland, as the Russians do with their concept of the the Rodina, or homeland, preferred by androgynous establishment Republican and Democrat gender-neutral twits. Regardless, we have neither fatherland, motherland, nor homeland. We are subjects of an imperial open-borders crony cartel corporate trade zone. Only a sub-cretin has loyalty to an imperial trade zone run by internationalist grifters. Glory to the heroes of the trade zone, Comrade-Consumer!

      We are all mercenaries now. If we can’t end them yet, we can at least gouge them.

      “DC is a cancerous tumor threatening the entire world.”

      Truer words have never been spoken. Our founding fathers were far from unaware of the depths of depravity to which men with unchecked power can descend. They expected it to go wrong eventually; it’s why we have a 2nd Amendment. However, I think even they would be appalled at how their creation has been mutilated to serve evil.

      • Don’t a lot of our problems stem from a poor definition of patriotis? A lot of us were taught that it was only loyalty to some set of ideas. As opposed to loyalty to a particular people, nation, and country.

    • Read the surveys of America regarding whether or not America should get involved fighting the Germans. Almost no one wanted to join the fight, but Washington did it anyway. Nothing has changed in this so called country. The cabal in Washington does what it wants when it wants, people be damned. Now throw in a massive low IQ horde population that’s been sucking the country dry and you’ve got the perfect storm.

    • The US, like the UK before it, is a golem.

      I blame William of Orange, who allowed a certain family to create the Bank of England.

  29. VD Hanson is a golem.

    If he hadn’t jammed his tongue as far as he could up our enemy’s azz and flattered them with comparisons to Athens, no one would know who he is.

    • Again, spoken like someone not familiar with VDH body of work. His academic standing has never been a product of todying.

      • All the more reason to despise him. He should know better but he has clearly become a neocon whore in the pundit class.

        • My neighbor Vic is a literal Boomer struggling to hang onto what’s left of his great-grandad’s farm.

          Like they say in prison, ya gotta do whatever it survive.

  30. When you click the link for Ihor Kolomoyskyi, Victoria Nuland’s pal, make sure you smash the early life section. It really is every single time.

  31. Why should I hate Putin? All the hate, oppression and lawfare directed at me comes from inside my own country.

    What is the meme going around now? Putin never called me a racist homophobic misogynist while doing everything to limit my voice, freedom and my parental rights.

    Oh, I’m quite clear on who my enemy is.

    • That’s where I am. I’ve grown more fond of him daily as opposed to my own country. I have zero patriotism. Zero. I threw away my flags even. This is not my country. It is an economic trading zone run by a cabal who hates its normal, white citizens. Men in dresses calling themselves wahmen, the worship of the feral black criminals, golden caskets for drug dealing rapists. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to be from the USA. Add in a seething, deep hatred for the left and it rounds everything out. Russia sounds better and better every day.

      • Bravo, Tired Citizen! Patriotism is not only the last refuge of a scoundrel, it’s the first refuge of millions of folks who ought to know better by now. The USA long ago ceased being the “republic” indicated in the Pledge of Allegiance; rather, it is an empire consumed in global dominance and actively hostile to large segments of its own population — segments, by the way, that tend to include many of this so-called nation’s fiercest patriots. But those patriots are really just damn fools for not being able to see and process what should be readily apparent to anyone with roughly six functioning brain cells.

        David Wright’s comment was stellar as well!

  32. The Trotskyites have a few simple tricks to keep neo-con “leaders” like Lindsey Graham pouring endless streams of printed dollars into their schemes.
    – Ukraine is now the largest money-laundering scheme in history. Who knows where the money and equipment we send ends up?
    – Along with the payouts comes convenient blackmail opportunities. Also wouldn’t surprise me if the same people happen to have all of Epstein’s lost files.

    • My hunch is we’ll be finding out where all the military equipment ended up on a regular basis for the next ten years. In some cases, might be the last thing you find out.

      • I can’t wait to see some of the more lethal stuff turn up in Mexico and our Southwest. I’d hate to be a LEO in that part of the world when they get Stingers, Javelins and such.

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