Societal Collapse

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Most people think of societal collapse as something like a zombie apocalypse where everything suddenly stops working. Instead of people turning into brain eating zombies, they stop going to work. The “system” collapses, so everyone just stops doing what they normally do all of a sudden. The next day, people divide up into gangs and begin to guard their turf using what is left of modern weapons. Life quickly returns to a hunter-gatherer existence with modern clothes.

This image of collapse is a powerful one. Google the phrase “United States collapse” or some version of it and you get results going back many years. Most of them start with economics but some start with culture. Right now, the people we call the Left for some reason think America is on the verge of collapse because they cannot force people to nod along with their weird morality. Many normal people think collapse is coming because they see the food bill every week.

Of course, there is a market for taking the contrary view. This is a popular gag for internet characters on what we continue to call the Right. They counter the claims from their fellow anti-leftists with arguments for why the “founding principals” will prevail and avoid societal collapse. Maybe they will point out that the magic of the free market has conquered communism, so it will conquer whatever is happening now. It is a form of strategic gainsaying to get attention.

The thing is societal collapse is a real thing that does happen just as civil wars, revolutions, wars and social upheavals are real things. Thirty years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed and we got to watch lots of it on television. When people suddenly realized that the guards were not going to shoot them if they tried to escape to the West, it did not take long before order broke down. Once the process started, there was no way to stop it and the system collapsed.

The thing is it did not happen overnight. The collapse actually started much earlier but people did not notice it. Little things stopped working. For example, people in Hungary began to notice that the border to Austria was not always guarded. Maybe the guards were there and ignored their duty or they just abandoned their post. Over time the border was not much of a border. Similar breakdowns of small systems became common over the course of the 1980’s.

Of course, the collapse of the Soviet Union did not send these societies back to the stone age either. Politics became increasingly chaotic. Law and order broke down to the point where criminal gangs were imposing their will on whole cities, because the police no longer had the ability or desire to stop them. The people got poorer in many small ways, but mostly in the breakdown of trust. They could not rely on the system, so they slowly abandoned it for alternatives.

We do not think of social trust as a part of the poverty equation, but in realty it is the key component of social happiness. High trust societies may not have unlimited consumer goods, but the people trust the system, because they trust one another. This allows for long term planning. Africa will never be rich, despite having massive natural resources, because social trust is near zero. Finland will never be poor because the Finns can count on their fellow Finns to always be Finnish.

Social collapse, like war and revolution, will reflect the material relations of the age because those reflect the resources of society. Revolution in the 18th century was peasants with pitchforks, because that is how you can revolt in an agrarian society operating under feudal rules. In the 19th century revolution was workers hurling homemade bombs and shooting at the authorities, because that is how you can stage a revolt in an industrial urban society.

This is the information age, so revolution will reflect the weapons we choose to use in this age, which will be money and knowledge. Money in all of its forms is a type of information that says things about the general state of affairs. In completely financialized societies like the West, money is the big weapon. It is also other information, like the government hiring clowns and carnies to nudge people in the “right direction” during the Covid panic.

The great tumult in the West over the last decade has been centered on the things that are important in the information age. The rise of a new group of oligarchs was made possible by the technological revolution. Just as agrarian people measured wealth in land and industrial people measured wealth in capital, technological people measure wealth in control of information flows. The reason Mark Zuckerberg is richer than Bill Gates is he controls something more valuable than PC’s.

Societal collapse in the information age will, at least at the beginning, reflect the socioeconomic relations of the age. Trust in what we are told by the media has collapsed, because it is easier to see the lying than in prior ages. In 1985 you could think the New York Times was biased, but predictably so. Today, you cannot trust anything they say because it is false in unpredictable ways. Trust in the media has collapsed because their information is chaotically false.

The slow collapse of trust in our information is spreading. We used to think that the courts were predictable, if not always fair. Poor people might not get the same justice as rich people, but the reason was understood. If you could afford a competent lawyer, he would get the most from the system for you. Today, no one knows what the hell will happen in a courtroom. Alex Jones just got fined a billion dollars because the regime supporters are still salty about the 2016 election.

Of course, trust in government is collapsing not because they do not fix the streets or make the buses run on time. Trust is falling because they lie. It is not about politicians lying, which is expected and predictable. It is the government itself. For example, they appear to be faking key economic data. Their inflation numbers are laughable as anyone who buys food will tell you. They also like to change the meaning of words, which puts an Orwellian spin on the lying.

Getting back to the topic of collapse, what happens in the information age when no one trusts the information? In a world where your bank may close down your account because they claim you hold the wrong opinions; how can you trust them to be straight about anything else? If the government is faking economic data, how can we trust anything else they are doing? When the people responsible for 100% of disinformation claim to be fighting disinformation, who can we trust?

When the Soviet system began to collapse, it was the symbols of its power that first came under pressure. When people stopped fearing the border guard, they slowly stopped fearing the system behind it. The same will be true in this age. When people stop trusting the information that runs this world, they will slowly begin to stop trusting the system behind it. It is at that point the system begins to slowly unravel as alternative trust networks form up to fill the void.

The bottom line is those waiting for collapse are mistaken. It is not a thing that is looming over the horizon. It is a thing that is happening now. Every day there is a new reminder that the system cannot be trusted. Maybe it is ten dollar gas in Germany or skyrocketing food prices in England or demonstrably false claims from the drug makers with regards to the Covid jab. These things chip away at trust in the system and like the game of Jenga, the result is inevitable.

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193 thoughts on “Societal Collapse

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  2. I well remember the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was an absolutely sensation event, heralding huge change in the world, from Germany to South Africa to Moscow to Belfast. The old world we had become accustomed to in the Eighties was quickly swept away.

    With regard to collapse in the US, barring a nuclear exchange with Russia (a definite possibility given the reckless clowns running Washington), I think states liek Texas and Florida will be able to keep civilization going within their respective spheres. Urban Illinois and California? not so much.

  3. Thank you for yet another trenchant, insightful column. I wish I could afford to pay you a little something, but I’m girding for the controlled demolition of our formerly great country. Keep on doing what you do!

  4. We aren’t near a collapse. Not the first to say it here, but Rome went on a long time beyond Julius Caesar, Caligula, and Elagabalus. It just had that much material and social inertia stored up from the Fabian, Catos, Scipio, and Augustan times. We are still living off dividends of “the brown shoe army”.

    Today, Russian fumbling confirms the lack of serious competition.

    I do think though it is hard to appreciate how “ghettofied” the US has become. The actions this country has been doing overseas – beefing with any tribe or country possible – and running guns and flaunting our own agreements….sure looks a lot like some Tupac action on an international scale. Just a bunch of gangsters with a flag.

    This is going to continue for a long time because US weaponry is simply the best and is cominbined with our underdog mentality that insulates one from true introspection.

    • “This is going to continue for a long time because US weaponry is simply the best”

      I know the regime insists this is true, but they insist on a lot of things. What record of glorious military victory supports the idea that the regime has superior weaponry?

      • Heh, well, the US ostensibly has the 2nd or 1st largest nuclear arsenal on the planet, so there is that.

        AND it’s the only one ever to nuke another country.

        So you tell me how crazy you’re feeling if you are actually in a position of power and looking at that.

        I think our “glorious victories” in Korea, Vietnam/Laos, Somalia and the rest indicate that’s the wrong metric. Lose Vietnam: nothing changes. Lose Afghanistan: nothing changes. Lose Hadrian’s Wall: nothing changes. So…key question for all the Sullas is what is the metric.

        • True – those were all wars we could afford to lose in that it wouldn’t really change anything. Other than sew doubt in our real ability to militarily hold ground in places we want to physically control. Gives credence to the strategy that you win against ZUSA by not losing.

      • Obviously it must be true because we spend a hundred times as much on those weapons. It’s like when this guy sold me magic beans for a sack of gold, these beans must be exceedingly powerful to have cost so much.

      • You miss the point of perpetual wars. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose. The point is to keep the MIC well fed.

        We lost the war in Afghanistan and gave the “enemy” military equipment worth billions. All good. Now the MIC has to be fed so that they can replace it all.

  5. Great article, as usual.

    Intense hardship is surely coming. But we’ll weather it the way humans always have: by narrowing our focus to the essentials. The death cult’s carefully laid plans depend upon our being weak, soft and divided. So let’s make sure we’re not.

    It all seems pretty daunting at present, and lonely. Even if the normies can’t connect all the dots quite yet, a form is taking shape in the murk. A monstrous vampiric evil is creeping out of the shadows, the bane of our species, ancient and eldritch. This is a spiritual war: the moral inversions around us are becoming so obvious, so ostentatious, even Fatty McGrilldude can’t help but smell the sulphur. Of course, beelzebub may still have to literally shit ON his grill, WHILE he’s grilling but you take my point.

  6. “Africa will never be rich, despite having massive natural resources, because social trust is near zero. Finland will never be poor because the Finns can count on their fellow Finns to always be Finnish.“

    And that’s exactly why mass immigration is the kill shot.

    • Finnish Civil War before WW2 was, in terms of percent of population killed, the worst in modern European history. Not much discussed. “Reds vs whites.” Once social trust snaps, even in an homogenous society, all bets are off.

  7. You can see the newfound lack of trust in the system with these new “bivalent” boosters. Despite being touted as the new safe and effective way against evil Omicron, nobody is taking it. Uptake is in the single digit percentage-wise, which means that even the vast majority of vaxxed, boosted liberals are skipping them. It seems that they’re going to skip it for reasons left unsaid. It reminds me of the way they move to put their kids in “good schools”, where it is just understood what “good schools” really means.

    When I think of collapse I always think of the Roman Empire, which started to hit the skids around 220AD, yet continued to exist as “Rome” in some form for ~250 years after that, and even longer in different forms, through the Church and Byzantine Empire. Yet Rome had quite a divided elite, one which fought tooth and nail for power for hundreds of years, and in fact grew from that conflict. The US has a uniform elite, working in lockstep. Yet it is an elite that hates the citizens it rules over, and on a very base level seems to hate the very idea of humanity and civilization. Why else would they be slobbering over nuclear war the way they are? This seems new – and could very easily and quickly burn up all the built-up civilizational capital that could keep even a declining US functioning and powerful for a long time.

    • “The US has a uniform elite, working in lockstep. Yet it is an elite that hates the citizens it rules over, and on a very base level seems to hate the very idea of humanity and civilization.”

      Yep. This is what makes our situation unique, and historical analogies unsatisfying. It’s hard to imagine any country or even empire in history led by a ruling elite bent on the annihilation of its core, productive population.

      It’s like the scene in ‘Independence Day’ when the alien informs the President that he (the alien) just wants us to die. Except that the alien, running as a Democrat with the same message, would still win in my state.

      As I said, historical analogies are hard to find.

      • I think the nearest analogy to our rulers is the Soviets terrorizing their way through Eastern Europe after WWII. They really just want us obliterated—in the most humiliating ways they can think of.

        A normie-con called “MartyrMade” did a good brief overview of that period in a podcast called “The Anti-Humans.” I’d link but we all use different apps, so it’s better to search for it. Sensitive types may note that he has a distinctive DC military academy accent. Non-paranoiacs will think of it as him sounding like Henry Rollins. Given that, doubt all his assessments and asides. He’s literally always wrong. But the story he tells is true, rarely told, and timely.

      • Yagoda and the other bolshevik mass-murderers of the 20s and 30s were also an alien elite who sought the destruction of the people, whom they labelled kulaks, class enemies, running dog lackeys, etc, in order to demonize and destroy. Pol Pot’s Cambodia is another illustration of the process. Cain vs. Abel also comes to mind, sons of the serpent vs. sons of Light. As the man commented above, using Tolkien’s language, it is an ancient horror, the bane of our people, “eldritch.” Kierkegaard also wrote about this in ‘Beyond Good & Evil.” The average griller will soon find himself inhabiting a landscape worse than any FPS game, because (as far as I know) FPS games don’t include starvation, cholera, and gangrene.

  8. It’s almost like the ccp decided to eliminate the us and the west by subterfuge.
    kind of like in their 1999 ccp army book,
    paid off global financiers gain control of the media. Using that and bought control of both political parties the west is deindustrialized and bankrupted . the divisions inflamed. Promoting policies and agendas that destroy the birthrate in the targeted population . set policies that drive down the number of people in the military and destroy its human capital. enact mandates that force the best out and sicken the remainder. let the state dept start a war that gives you an excuse completely drain the military’s arsenals and send deplete ammo of all kinds .
    use the politicians to pass gigantic spending bills to finance those working to disrupt , destabilize and destroy while at the same time ruining the currency.

    but that would be conspiratorial, and we all know there’s no panning or coordination in the world , it’s all random.

    I know it sounds

    • silly . anyone doing that would worry about food:
      ” By mid-2022, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, China will hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of its rice and 51% of its wheat.”
      and gold:

    • The “media” have identifiable last names they helpfully attach right to all the civilizational poison they spread.

      Doesnt take a lot of familiarity with this stuff to know they ain’t chinese

      • The organizers and inner circle of the CCP weren’t Chinese; Mao was a nobody at first on the Long March, groomed as a cadre agent by the ‘Yale in China’ branch.

        The CCP’s real roots lie in the Raj, David Sassoon, leading the City of London’s Opium Wars, which led to the creation of HSBC, the HongKong Shanghai Banking Company.

        That’s where we are now.
        Pggybacking the 400 year Spice War navies led to joint stock mercenary companies.

        Today, we have a public-private partnership between bank-controlled governments using multinationals and “nonprofit” NGOs as the revolutionary vanguard.

        Corporate mercenaries are very much a chicken-and-egg question. As Putin told us in 2014, corporate-government mercenaries seize oil lands, or can-tan mines, or coca ranches, or human trafficking, or trade routes. Or natgas pipelines.

        • Excellent comment. There is no understanding modern China without understanding the Sassoons, Boxer Rebellions and opium. General Smedley Butler (“War is a Racket”) led US Marines into China to force them to continue allowing importation of opium. As Butler said, “All wars are bankers wars.”

    • Well, the CCP has dozens of de facto police station/consulate hybrids across the Western world to provide services and keep their diaspora in line.

      What Western equivalent institution currently exists in mainland China?

      • The FBI and the CIA. Both have overseas branches. Both to ensure overseas Americans toe the line. (Think of that Muslim preacher and his son who didn’t.)

        Maybe the Chinese, who stereotypically copy everything and have no original thought, copied this idea too?

        • Eh, a few years ago I spoke with the Defense Attaché and Chamber of Commerce reps at the embassy, which we know are all CIA fronts, in the foreign country I was working in at the time.

          They had no idea our major project was even in-country.

  9. Our collapse will likely be rapid. The de-industrialization of Germany means the collapse of many/most of German companies and the collapse of the Euro and EU. Without German export money propping up the whole thing, Europe is not sustainable in any way. No money to bribe/pay off local politicians, or peoples. As Credit Suisse analyst Zoltan Posdar noted, Germany made $3 trillion off $30 billion in cheap Russian gas imports.

    But because all our banks are connected, the collapse of Mercedes, Volkswagen, BASF, Deutsche Bank, etc will cause the collapse of Blackrock, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, etc. because they all have interlocking investments and liabilities. Collapse of Europe causes a US Financial Collapse as our economy is based on social media and celebs selling makeup. Not even President Kim Kardashian can save us.

    It gets worse as the Duran guys noted about France, oil refinery workers are on strike because inflation equals a daily pay cut. Forget the Yellow Vests, this is serious as it can mean the entire country comes to a standstill. We could see the same thing here still with the railway workers, airlines, and refinery workers too. You can’t just hire a Guatemalan who swam over the Rio Grande to work on any of that stuff, and unlike Social Media it does not run itself and without oil based transport there is no food available.

    • Otoh, collapse of the euro will funnel other countries’ funds and transactions out of euros into USD. We will be able to staunch domestic US inflation for a while by imploding the euro.
      The banks will just be declared to be wearing clothes and TBTF and nothing will actually happen. The Banker in Monopoly never goes broke, its literally in the rules.

      • Heck, imploding the euro may be so awful for Europe it could permit them to be forced directly into the USD on terrible terms for them and excellent ones for the US.

  10. Perspective from a vibrant:

    “American” “Comedian” Hasan Minhaj:

    It’s clear that Toronto’s diversity resonates strongly with Minhaj.

    “Everybody in the city is gorgeous and beautiful,” Minhaj told the press. “When I was walking around and like, oh my god, everyone just like looks like a fashion catalog… everyone’s this beige mix of the future. They’re like the love child of Drake and Bruno Mars.”

    “You’re the most beautiful… Sudanese-Egyptian-Indian-Pakistani-Filipino person I’ve ever met,” he said about Toronto’s population. “Doesn’t everybody kind of look like that? It’s just amazing. Crayola needs to have this thing called ‘Toronto melanin’, which is exactly what everybody is.”

    Minhaj also said that he’d spent a day in Brampton celebrating Eid while on his trip to Ontario.

    “That was a whole thing,” he said. “I was like ‘oh my god, I’ve never I’ve never experienced this before’. It was really cool.”

    But despite his newfound love for the city, he hasn’t exactly found a favourite restaurant yet.

    • There weren’t any jokes in there. It is just seeking applause for making, “diversity”, platitudes. How many whites in the audience are applauding for this guy and this garbage? I want to live to see the day where people like this are greeted not with applause, but who are bum rushed and torn limb from limb by the audience.

      Notice his race mixed person does not include any white. This is pure race hatred. I don’t think it is self hatred or self loathing either. I think it is glee at the prospect of genetic conquest.

      He holds as his cherished center a hatred for a race that incites lust for its eradication are one thing and one thing only – scum.

      Archive his picture and name for when that day comes.

      • I watched those video clips. What is interesting about this, is how much meaning he ascribed to Jeremy Lin’s athletic accomplishments. It was meaning to all Asians of all races. Lin was East Asian.

        Ironically, it doesn’t do any honor to Lin. These craven narcissists take a man’s accomplishments and turn them into press conferences used not to honor the accomplishment and the man, but to turn it into a means to honor themselves. What does an East Asian guy dunking on a black in America have anything to do with a Pakistani Muslim, “comedian?” Answer, the comedian is not funny and needs to find some other way to drum up applause from gullible audiences and perpetuate his fame. Oh, and if you state the obvious, that he isn’t the least bit funny, well he can call you racist.

        That sad sack methodology and mentality in conjunction with the lust for racial extinction is the sign of a very sick person. It is truly a sickness – a deep and pathological mental illness that drives these narcissistic psychopaths.

      • The obvious solution is to just move to a melanated city, like Karachi or Islamabad, if he likes that so much. Of course, he never will, for many obvious reasons.

        He wants White people stuff without the White people. In fact, feels entitled to it.

        Personally I’m glad that he left out White people from his mixed-race dystopia though. I hope we don’t mix with any of them. Whites are getting the hell out of Toronto. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere long term to run.

        • “Unfortunately, there’s nowhere long term to run.”

          The world is an awfully big place and long term is an awfully long time. Its one thing to engage in realistic pessimism but dont overdose on black pills

          The chief complaint about our ancestors
          boils down to the fact that they stood astride the world exactly as long and firmly as they wished.

          Quality will out. We’re going through a major selection event and ridding ourselves of the catlady and soyjack genes. Will come roaring back in due time, although perhaps not in our lifetime. Produce and raise children worthy of reconquering the world and be confident they will eventually do so.

      • 2045: “Where de white wimmin at?”

        This is like the trannys.
        Copying…something that doesn’t officially exist.

    • Like…Oh. My. God!

      I’m guessing he says that with a lisp and a limp wrist cocked at his ear.

    • I’ve somehow mentally conflated this guy with the (much lighter) Hasan Piker, and was trying to imagine why the latter would be walking around Toronto; I am really getting old… Or celebrities are getting more interchangeable. No deathcon, this is how I mix-up several white celeb doppelgangers as well. And don’t quote me “Bill Pullman”/“Paxton”— those 2 are completely different

      • “POC with limited entertainment skills, a raging inferiority complex, an ongoing crippling identity crisis, and thinly disguised hatred for Europeans”

        Is pretty interchangeable these days for most of these people. Lilly Singh is another good example.

      • Last night I realized that I constantly confuse Tim Roth and Tim Robibins although they aren’t even that alike.

        I also had to watch The Departed three times before I could tell Leo, Markie and Matt apart although that might have been the point of the casting. Old school guys like Jack and Martin are unmistakable of course.

  11. Is the demographics of the West generally and U.S. specifically very different than the demographics of the USSR when it collapsed? We have a two tier society with a lot of old White people who keep the infrastructure up, and a lot of brown imports that don’t know how to work an indoor toilet. What happens when these competent old White people can’t get their medications? Won’t we quickly fall to the technological level of the majority under those circumstances? If you import enough of the dregs of every country then won’t you eventually become the dregs, at the worst possible time?

    • Why are you questioning any of this?

      Write straightforward simple declarative sentences about reality as it actually exists.

      We simply have to change the tenor of our discourse.

      [Which frankly is one of the leading reasons the Donald Trump phenomenon had to be nipped in the bud; too much bold & courageous Truth-Speak.]

    • I enjoyed all 262 minutes and 46 seconds of it. Uncle Z 😁 kept it interesting all the way through and uplifting there at the end.

  12. A helicopter flies low overhead. Loudspeakers bolted to its metal frame thunder out: “There are no food rations for this week. To get in line next week, have your government ID and ration card ready. There are no food rations this week…” The message cycles. In the rain, a motorcycle gang is waiting. They are parked at a crossroads between cities, demanding a toll from all passersby. There are no police in view to stop them. The lead biker — a grizzled man in his forties — holds up his hand to a blue 2038 Ford Finish and grumbles, “You better have gold, man.”

    The future?

    • Not the future. The assumption is that there will be ‘enough’ of authority/organization left to keep just a brutal authoritarian regime going, usually for thematic/entertainment/story purposes in that sort of movie or tv show.

      The reality of the Western Roman Empire collapse, that of the Soviet Union, the Ottomans, the Manchu Dynasty, the Mongol Empire, etc. is that authority without organization, resources, and critically manpower (men with weapons ready to enforce authority rules over and over and over again) everything collapses rapidly into either tribe or nation or Warlords. And it can happen at the end very rapidly.

      • I’d add cheap, abundant, and stable energy supplies to your list.

        Look at how bad Europe has gotten after just a few months of having their Russian energy supply severely reduced.

        Between that and the strike 30% of gas stations in France are dry and videos are already showing people going feral.

  13. Addiction is another weapon in our Enemy’s arsenal, and a big driver of our current misfortune.

    I am thinking of 30% THC marijuana and 9% Voodoo Ranger, and “hard” winecooler-type drinks to snare young women.

    “The risk of cirrhosis is 116 per cent higher for millennials who were born in 1990 than Baby Boomers born in 1951. For women, the risk is even higher. A woman born in 1990 was 160 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with cirrhosis than a woman born in 1951.”

    It so happens that there is a good piece up at C-C about alcohol. This is real Not-As-I-Do territory, but if you think you might need to read it, then you probably need to read it.,the%20risk%20is%20even%20higher.

    • You mean like the FEDS were doing with crack in african american communities in the 80’s and 90’s?

      Like i said below, do not go thru this experience of being the “other” and not learn anything.

      • Ha some of you are gonna get what you deserve good and hard in the future, because you won’t learn or adapt.

        • Cull the herd.

          Mitigating factors: this used to be our country, and it wasn’t conquered but stolen while we were out to lunch. We have strong moral claims to justice, and that counts for a lot.

          Now, whether it counts enough, and whether there’s still enough fight in us, remain to be seen.

          Who knows. I was doom-and-gloom 25 years ago, people thought I was crazy. Now I’m optimistic in spite of what I say about current events— and people think I’m crazy. Lol.

          Just my opinion, but it’s what I’m living by.

    • Weird. A certain ethnicity used their profits from the liquor trade to take Cecil Rhodes’ country away from him. Made him a minority shareholder interest in the country named after him!

      They wanted the gold and diamond fields. By the way, they didn’t invent distilled liquor, the Scots and Irish did. Then they imported black African miners because the white men pulling raw wealth out of the ground wanted decent wages for it.

      To top that off they wrote a book about King Leopold’s rubber plantations in the Congo. The usual psychotic fantasy, accusing Euros of what the liar’s hired warlord overseers were doing.

  14. “[C]hance favors the prepared mind.”

    Very well stated! Organization is almost certainly a key factor in preperation for societal collapse of any degree. This has begun to become an overarching reality in the small (30 mile max) piedmont valley (in central Argentina) in which I live. This valley has a wonderfully benign microclimate, is still thinly populated and has experieced an influx of urban/suburban migrants, a mix of well-off retirees and “new age” types. As a longtime Zen adept, I finally decided that I’d be wise to ally myself with the latter group, whom I generally avoid, while remaining allied with the former, to which I belong by default. It’s been interesting for me to note that my own sense of urgency is shared by no small numer of members of each community, though the former group is slower than the latter in organizational urgency. The “spiritual” folk have a very tight network and understand the value of cooperation.

  15. The fascinating thing about the Alex Jones situation is that, almost word for word, concept for concept, “conspiracy theory for conspiracy theory”, the system that he has railed against for 20+ years and characterized as tyrannical, globalist, etc, has completely destroyed the man by using all of the power and tyrannical mechanisms that he so criticized. It’s kinda like the Kanye West situation. He says something in a tweet that criticizes certain power structures, and then the ADL conspires with social media to remove his platform while screaming about their victimization.

    They do EXACTLY what they are being accused of, openly, and nobody with any real power every challenges it. Why? Because those people derive their power from those same power structures. It would be biting the hand that feeds them.

    • “A credibility trap is when the managerial functions of a society have been sufficiently compromised by corruption so that the leadership and the professional class cannot reform, or even honestly admit and address, the problems of the corrupted system without implicating a broad swath of a powerful elite, including themselves.

      The moneyed interests and their enablers tolerate the corruption because they have profited from it, and would like to continue to do so. Discipline and silence is maintained by various forms of soft financial rewards and career and social coercion.”

    • Saw a note yesterday that rang true in that I never questioned the veracity of the event until they saw fit to fine someone a billion dollars for questioning it’s veracity (yes, yes…I know).

      (I also want to note that a dissident journalist covering the re-trial of the Michigan defendants for the kidnapping hoax there illustrated how jury trials “work”. Step one, put the trial on rails so that they only allow evidence that would lead to a conviction. Step two, let the jury know that the government knows where they live.)

  16. The elites seem to be incapable of moderation which speeds up the crash.

    For instance, Alex Jones’ $1 billion defamation decision. It’s obviously a ridiculous, punitive, and unreasonable amount that will never be paid. As a smarter leader, I would have just fined him 10-20 million, enough to put him and his company underwater, but not enough to make it obvious that it was a sham trial against him with a sum so ridiculous that everyone knows it’s not justice.

    They can’t help themselves though. They have a blinding hatred of Americans (and all Westerners). Racial problems never went away, and their progressive utopia has never materialized. This causes them even more rage at the plebs who are not giving them the sufficient respect, and increasingly ignoring them.

    The good news is that more and more people just aren’t listening. The bad news is that the ruling class is going more and more crazy. I think we just have to white knuckle it for a while (while doing all the usual stuff) until they burn themselves out.

    • “… a sum so ridiculous that everyone knows it’s not justice.”

      Agree, but…perhaps there is another reason aside from “not justice”. A reason more specific and believable—pure *fear*. They arrest individuals without bail, hold these ridiculous show trials, and deliver these ridiculous verdicts to instill fear and obedience in the populace. In medieval times the punishment might be “burning and the stake” or “drawing and quartering”. Today it forfeiture of all assets, impoverishment, and removal of livelihood.

      TPTB fear the people and the only response they know is to whip them harder—and ironically these actions will only serve to speed the collapse.

      • I beg to differ. That is a large leap to reason that extreme punishments are a result of fear. When the Merciless Parliament horrifically executed many of Richard II’s court, people far beyond the scope of the initial arrest of a few treasonous influences, the Parliamentarians were demonstrating power. They even executed Richard’s tutor, even as Richard and his wife begged on their knees to spare him. It is about humiliation found in deep contempt, not fear.

      • The amount could also be a means to capitalize on the sham trial’s verdict. They accomplished three things:

        1. established precedent of being guilty of inflicting emotional harm (in other words libel is the old law where harm is established and provable by damaging reputation, but Jones did not Libel anyone. His claims harmed nobody)
        2. establish into the law the idea that spreading misinformation causes harm
        3. establish billions as the punishment as a threat to any wealthy individual or institution who does not toe their propaganda ministry line (think Musk and Twitter or any other rival wealthy enough to provide competing sources). Competing Oligarchs, Beware!

        This case underlies ZMan’s point about the value of information and communication.

  17. Brings to mind your questioning of the murder rate in Baltimore.
    We had a friend visit from Cincinnati and he was exclaiming abut the horrible murder rate there but…that the numbers didn’t look quite right for reasons I don’t recall. This guy is like a normie of normies who was very interested in your take (as I related it) in regards to Baltimore’s number rigging.

    Not a great sign for the regime when even someone like this who only consumes regime propaganda is scratching their head. The disparity between their claims and reality is getting to be too much for even those who want to believe.

    • Covid was the largest example of their claims not being grounded in reality. But when you think about it so was the war on terror and 9/11. We just trusted them more back then.

      • Turns out the “Patriot Act” was appropriately named. Its main function has been surveilling patriots.

        • I remember the scoffers (a few in Congress and conservative circles) at the time of the Patriot Act warned that every onerous proposal enacted in the Act would be used not on rag-heads, but on American citizens. I was not convinced at the time–younger and stupider.

          Viola–every word of the cynics at the time has come to pass–culminating in the Jan 6 protest and the mass jailing of citizens without access to protections in law once considered the sacred right of American citizens.

      • “claims not being grounded in reality”

        From the article linked below.

        I’m not the first to have said that there are some ideas so stupid only an intellectual can believe them.

        I can think of three reasons why.

        The first, the most fundamental, is the intellectual’s propensity to mistake words for things.

        The second reason is related to the first. It is vanity—the emptiest of all manifestations of envy or pride.

        The third, when we come to the most dreadful form of the illness. The person who suffers it has, in his soul, engineered a complete inversion of values, prompted by what I once called physiophobia: hatred of that which exists.

        Now it is no longer a matter of foggy abstractions and blinkered theory posing as intelligence, or of bad art posing as profound. The physiophobe knows very well, to take one area of currently willed madness, that a man is a man and a woman is a woman, but he hates it, and he would burn the world to a cinder to compel people to lie, to join him in the reality-hating pretense that it is not so.

  18. It’s strange to me how many people expect mad max. London was bombed every night for months. People went to the tube and slept and got up in the morning and went to work or helped with the cleanup. Outside of the hood in major cities, we see something very similar when natural disasters strike in America. Every time there is a flood, you see people filling sandbags first and then later you see random White guys driving around in their boats checking on houses to make sure nobody is trapped. Even right now in Ukraine, we don’t see mass rioting or anything like that. Granted, they are all temporary, but I just don’t see mad max as very likely. Even the hyperinflation in Venezuela didn’t produce anything near as bad as mad max.

    • Except every example of yours is, or was, a country that a majority population near or above 80%.

      Now, England, Europe, and the West have no majority populations and chaos rules in their cities.

      • England and Europe do have majority populations.

        Effete Europe is not nearly as diverse as manly America.

        • I was just in England. The airport is guarded by Pakistanis. The white Englishmen in rural areas seem very docile or so economically desperate they will exchange economic revitalization packages for inviting in vibrancy. Fancy university towns are filled with seditionists (to the people and the nation). I am not so sure that Englishmen, despite being a majority, retain any of the grit.

          I conversed with one older guy in a small town in the northeast and made an overture to replacement. He stumbled over himself in how England is so great as a multi-cultural wonderland and how he just came from an optometrist named Yausif … This was a salty, retired brick layer. It isn’t just a majority that is needed, it is a people with the will and ability to go toe to toe. I saw no sings of that in England I am sad to say.

          • Luxembourg’s population is about the same as Boston’s. Unlike Boston, the 10 top immigrant groups (by number) in Luxembourg are all European. #1 are the Portuguese w/ over 100K. (Followed by France, Italy, Belgium, Germany,etc.) It’s probably still not good to have more than a certain % of your population be foreign, though.

    • Tars: Mad max is mostly for fiction books – unless or until there’s a genuine collapse of the electric grid (by whatever means or crisis). When people’s phones and fridges die and water ceases to flow from the taps – and everyone everywhere is in the same dire straits – then you’d see mad max. As long as a crisis is localized or a sufficient portion of the population can insulate themselves, things just continue to slowly degrade.

      And I’d be a bit hesitant about comparing any reaction to hardship in America versus Ukraine or Venezuela. Almost no one here has experienced true hardship or armed conflict in living memory. People already accustomed to poverty or making do with far less are better suited to survive a lack of societal order. After any American BLM riot or natural disaster, money and aid and physical helpers flow in from numerous sources. If that cannot be depended upon because others are equally afflicted, then there would be genuine panic (after average Jane finally figures out no one is coming to save her).

      As far as a slow-term collapse, I agree with Zman we’ve been in one for some time. Everyone has their tale of more women and POX at the office who cannot do any legitimate work. Everyone has experience with surly and stupid clerks and endless phone trees and bureaucratic inertia. Because of our impending move I’ve spent hours on the phone and the lack of common courtesy or common sense is expected, as well as getting a different answer whenever I call a corporate ‘help’ number for the xth time. I haven’t trusted people to carry through with what they claim they will do or follow procedure for years – but now, even with multiple calls and reminders and triple checking, there are always failures and f**k ups and insouciance rather than apologies.

      As an old lady I have lots of prior decades for comparison – and the lack of competence and consequences is still pretty shocking even for my cynical soul. I would argue the slow collapse will continue and even increase pace – whether via inflation or further tech inroads or fed heavy handedness. I don’t pretend to know the future, but I believe I know enough about human nature not to trust in it in times of economic want or political repression, let alone some sort of war or nationwide catastrophe. And I’ll believe in a national uprising or economic revolt when White people stop forgiving their loved ones’ killers before their bodies are even cold.

      Meanwhile, voat red wave in November, because that will make things more better. You can trust your local officials just as much as you can trust your child’s 3rd grade teacher. Because magic dirt and ignorance is bliss.

      Yeah, black pill. Not despair, just hard-headed realism. Because while I enjoy reading fiction, I don’t want to live it.

      • I agree with you. It’s hard to pinpoint the start of the decline. It appears to me to start in the late 60s early 70s. But this also coincides with the massive escalation of the managerial state which has imposed MASSIVE costs on society.

        Regardless of the actual start of decline, we are well into it and it will continue unabated. Where or when (or even if) it will break nobody knows, but my guess is the federal bureaucracy and or state bureaucracies. The most expensive and useless things will go first. We will continue to grow poorer.

        • Reference the critical inflection point — propose the 1960s.

          I’m a boomer born the year of most births for that cohort. Looking back, I recall that I never really liked or felt I had much in common with either the leading (‘46 to ~ ‘55) or trailing (~’55 through ‘64) subtypes of that demographic. The discomfort I felt was based on a constellation of “bad” traits I later recognized as critical ingredients of their character. They included:

          Self absorbed
          Perverse AND Perverted

          …. Then there are snooty, conceited, loud, rude, deceitful, overbearing, mean-spirited, self-indulgent, dismissive of parents and authority, and on and on. Yes, I realize not all of these resided in each one. But as a group …..

          This is not to say that these characteristics were not evident in previous American generations … they were, of course. But seldom were they so widely disbursed and readily incorporated into daily behavior as they were in those post-war barbarian hordes. And seldom were they celebrated as an emerging good.

          I recall at the time that this evolving social persona was celebrated by the craven and / or weak among our trendsetters and among certain powerful and exploitative schemers among our elites.

          Certainly there were agents of intentional destruction …. Such as the Frankfurt School, which someone mentioned elsewhere.

          I also recall their parents often indulged and defended these offspring they didn’t understand,or at least I saw this more openly after we moved to California from traditional, rural, eastern lands. This latter fact is why I used to argue against Tom Brokaw’s pronouncement of just who constituted “The Greatest Generation”.

          Thus without great originality, I nominate the 1960s as that key inflection point — that “Age of Aquarius” that so effectively poisoned our culture, nation and people.

          It was their powerful mixture of ideology and that rancid, self-centered character, world view and behavior, that has finally doomed us today.

      • The rot is real.
        In another age I would have attributed to “socialism” and that the tuning of the economic incentives would straighten it out, but this goes beyond that. It’s African levels inattentiveness; these people could be starving to death and still be unable to put together a two sentence task list that would get them food.

      • You mean the Road Warrior.

        Mad Max, the first movie is a surprisingly realistic collapse film, shortage , breakdown in law and order, lower quality of life getting lower each year . Even Max’s car was made of scavved parts

        Even in all that people still went on vacation , ate ice cream from the ice cream shop and tried to live a normal life. Till they couldn’t

        I’d argue we are at Max Max 0.7 right now

        If we have a nuclear exchange which I fin unlikely then you get the Road Warrior or Thunderdome maybe.

        As for voting, of course it only has a 1 in 4 chance of working. You still need to learn how to organize , have common goals and to do politics. If you want to get power, take power anything like that and not be subverted or overthrown after these skills are vital

        The Left understands the value of organizing, they pay people to do this and made BHO a President

        The Right need to do this too.

    • A lot people expect Mad Max or some type of violent chaos because our leaders are trying so hard to make it happen. They are intentionally ruining our food, energy, and currency. If they collapse – it will be Mad Max time.
      Most people in the west have never missed more than one meal. They also never spent more than an hour or 2 in the winter without heat. Cold and hunger rapidly makes people desperate and violent.

    • Wait a week or so Tars. I believe the Russians are turning off the lights in Ukraine. We’ll see if such events does not cause a bit more unrest.

  19. A good indicator of collapse is birth rates. America’s rate is well below replacement and dropping. It takes trust, between husband and wife, but also among the extended family, to conceive and raise a child.

    • That’s among every developed country too. The only white pill is the conservative ones are the people having more kids, and that trend is only going to accelerate with right-wing quiver-full type movements. We’re going to see a mass scale experiment to see how genetic one’s politics is, and how resilient it is against unprecedented social engineering.

    • Jack Boniface: It also requires trust in one’s health care system and belief that any child will have a chance of a decent future. I never knuckled under to doctors’ presumed expertise, but I can’t imagine being a new mother today contemplating the endless number of vaccines the medical field now requires for infants. I wouldn’t trust them not to contain mRNA or other substances at this point – same reason I almost never got the flu vaccine and would not now consider getting the shingles vaccine.

      As far as trust in the future – well, there’s always normalcy bias. People still setting up college funds and spending money on shiny Chinese children’s toys, all of them marketed from woke tv programming. I shudder imagining any White child in public schools even today, let alone tomorrow, but millions of White parents seem content to consign their offspring to their WEF-designated future. That is, of course, if they’re not first slaughtered by Jontavius, at which point said parents will immediately cloak themselves in faux Christian piety and instant forgiveness.

      • You can still forego any vaccine, the only hard part being finding a doctor who will have you as a patient due to heavy financial incentives in getting vaccinations on time.

        Used to think the ultra-crunchy anti-all-vax people were nuts. After covid, not so much. At our house we give the core ones they gave in the 1980’s when they are older. Anecdotal or not, we have had many colleagues who remarked on how their children changed for the worse after a visit with a plethora of vaccines, with either food allergies, asperger symptoms, or chronic illness.

        • Chet Rollins: Same. My daughter-in-law didn’t take the vaxx and would never allow it for my grandson, but unfortunately still trusts all the others. I totally agree with you – give the main ones that used to be required before the country went insane, and give them later and space them out (why would anyone trust a medical profession that delights in jabbing 3 or 4 chemical concoctions in an infant’s legs within moments of each other?).

    • European fertility rates are remarkably similar across the world. They seem to range mostly between 1.4 and 1.6.

      Germans are pretty low, around 1.4. On the other hand, Czechs, Danes, and French are around 1.7-1.8. Southern Brazil is between 1.4 and 1.5. Russia is probably 1.4 or 1.5.

      US Whites are 1.58. UK is around 1.5 too. Canada has a low fertility rate with no ethnicity data. By proxy, it appears that our low birth rate is due to mass Asian immigration and Whites are probably right around 1.5.

      Conservatives have far more children than liberals. It’s not great, and it used to be considered “low”. But as other countries are developing we see that their birth rates drop far below 1.5. I think inter-ethnic marriages are much more of an issue for us than birth rates.

    • Yes. That was an incredible point. That trust was exploited and used against us. Our success is going to depend upon us extending trust only to those within our group, and a major challenge is going to be to be very judicious and wise in extending trust to out groups when and only when it suits our interests and if exploited having minimal cost or even giving us strategic advantage.

      I think that no-fault divorce, favoring women in the divorce settlement and #IBelieveHer undermined trust between men and women in a major way. It also ruined incentives to couple and create families. Why build a home and a family together when in the years when you should be enjoying the fruits of your labor, you have to start almost over again in building your life?

      Of course, it made finding a good woman to even take that chance with much more difficult. Women filled with disgust for a chivalrous man was common in my teens and 20s. I never had problems attracting women – but had great difficulty finding a true lady; a woman worthy of partnership. At a certain point the transactional nature of modern women coupled with their anti-chivalrous attitudes and the stinging memory of my parent’s no-fault divorce, led me to just turn to womanizing. While fun, it is soul destroying, not to mention a disaster for carrying forward our culture and our genes.

      I am not a big Jordan Peterson fan, but he hit the nail on the head about how destructive thrusting men into competition with women has been to men. Men are biologically wired to compete with men for women; not to compete with women but to be of service to them and win their favor and approval through conquest, competitive success, demonstrated competence and ability to cooperate with other men in that process. Men are not wired to be deferential in competition but to embrace those competitive instincts – the werewolf. Now, they are told to be deferential and hand women and non-white men the opportunities and power. Moreover, women are wired to love a competitive man who is bent upon winning. Women love it when we compete and they loathe us when we accept defeat and humiliation – yet they champion a system that asked and now coerces us into that. Feminism and diversity are fatal to white men. We must reject it.

      Feminism is an experiment that has been catastrophic for the entire building block of society – male and female pair bonds. It has been most catastrophic for men. Our people will do well to reject it and make a core part of our project the restoration of the natural biological order where men and women cooperate and complement each other in building pair bonds, families and immediate communities. That one step alone will give our people a huge advantage in the tribal war that is being waged and that will only intensify.

      If we can restore male/female trust and cooperation, we can restore our individual and group greatness.

      • One hundred percent yes. Feminism has been disastrous for both men and women and all but ruined the bonds necessary for marriage and child rearing. Overcoming this will be crucial for rebuilding our society.

      • I’d say feminism has been just as catastrophic for women. What strikes be almost every day is how unhappy so many women are with their lot.

    • The new trend is vasectomies!

      My 42 yr old son has three children (8 1/2; 7; 4) and has been mulling a fourth! His wife (33), who also has a demanding home business, but is vocationally a homemaker, is nevertheless run ragged by all this and Catholic or not is not so enthusiastic, but neither of them will have surgery. And yet childless women abound, even here in rural Argentina, and now 31 yr old USA truck drivers are voluntarily choosing sterility. As a launchpad boomer (1946) born and raised in NYC, I never thought I’d live to see the day that men would forego fatherhood. Sigh!

      • Fatherhood took a fatal hit with the advent of Feminism and birth control—it just took a while to expire. As the saying goes, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

    • Birth rates are plummeting in the US because it costs parents one billion dollars to raise a single child.

      Or so I’m told. Better to keep the women in an office pushing paper and writing emails noon reads so they can get a small paycheck and consoooom.

      • “Birth rates are plummeting in the US because it costs parents one billion dollars to raise a single child.”

        Youre right that is the new conventional soy wisdom… and yet I know people personally that successfully raised large familes for the median household income or less (which should be mathematically impossible) and their children were not wanting and lived normal suburban middle class lives.

        The kids cost six gorillion dollars thing is just (((media spin))) to surpress white birthrates combining with the status seeking behavior of the worst sort of female status conscious striver… b-b-but if we had more kids, how could I afford a $75K yukon I obviously need to haul around all the expensive stuff they obviously need to take them to the extracurricular activities they obviously need, to help them get into the high status college they obviously need to go to… so they can afford a $75k yukon someday so…

      • 5k or 10K per year when lots of jobs pay $12 is not going to work in an urban society . If we don’t have a large enough range of jobs to lift people up economically than you won’t get quality kids

        Shocking large numbers of people make little money . I mean the nations largest employer is Walmart

        Till that is fixed and wage arbitrage is stomped, you can’t even try to get fertility up.

        100% of nothing is nothing

        And welfare state aside, Europe is in the same boat , jobs pay better but unemployment is high and the cost of living is high

        Since no nation in the developed world can make real change and revolution doesn’t seem to be possible, opting out is the moral and rational solution for many

        No more State or corporate freeloading of families.

    • The covid shots are also doing a number on birth rates.
      Spontaneous abortions are way up for ‘vaccinated’ women.

  20. Societal modeling exists, is very mature now, and is not a trivial thing. This does not mean it’s 100% accurate in prediction, but you would be foolish to ignore its analysis. Pent up rage is a real thing, and it will reach a point where explosive release is inevitable. It will be contagious and spontaneous. Most people will take to the streets in protest against government lying and failures. In the big cities, some of these protests will devolve into riots, wanton violence, looting, and casual murder and mayhem. Police will be overwhelmed in hours and the national guard will be called out to quell the violence and restore some kind of order. This will be grow to become a “fog of chaos” overlain with martial law, indiscriminate detainment, and imposition of curfews and civil rights cancellation.

    All of the above will be a manifestation of government corruption and failure in which the disease cells largely remain in power and continue their cancerous destruction. Yes, there will be a few bright spots of competence arise (e.g. Desantis and his ilk), but the system will continue to be dominated by bad actors at most levels.

    Because of the Comfort First Imperative, most Americans will stay on the sidelines and pray for “muddle-through” to once again save them from real hardship. As with voting harder, these ancient remedies will fail because we now lack ancestral robustness and resource reserves that could cushion the fall and enable a slow rebuild. Most importantly, this does not address the root problem. The disease cells are still rotting out our guts, our morals, and our culture.

    We cannot resurrect ourselves until real hardship returns and people have no choice but to act or starve. The models predict that the fastest road to redemption is to focus on the root of the problem. In Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of good men are dying needlessly because the disease cells are still in charge and leading them into continued ruination. That is the wrong way to fix the “problem.” We can, and should, find a better way here in the USA. Just sayin’.

    • That is if the authorities don’t riot first themselves. Look at 2020, what were those riots other then to get in front of the people who were going to protest the insane policy being pushed by .gov? And how quickly they went away as soon as the desired result was had.

  21. The Covid madness introduced another level of self destruction.
    When our neighbor who is a card carrying member of the cult emerged from his home after hiding in fear, he had doubled in size. He must have spent the entire time chowing down while on covid death watch. He was an average size guy before but is enormously obese now.
    They did sneak out under the cover of the night to remove the “Resist” bumper sticker shortly after the Biden insertion. The funny thing is, they left the “Vote against hate” sticker on their car.

    • I know it makes me less than a moral person for saying this, but whatever horror is bestowed upon that person it is fully deserved.

      • My neighbor is a monkey pox vector, he mows his yard with a mask on and unironically has a NATO flag in front of his house.

        Go war machine yeah!

        He and his friends are certainly welcome to enlist as some of todays PRIDE! neurodivergent warfighters but they seem content with the flags for some reason.

    • Enjoyed the story about your neighbor, Melissa. Pardon the pun, but there’s a delicious irony in someone cowering in fear over Covid while demonstrating no concern about the health detriments of overeating.

      • Especially given that obesity is the one thing that can actually make covid dangerous for a younger person.

        • Yes but exercise is hard, wearing a mask isnt. Mask might not do shit but the feelz man the feelz!

        • And I suspect the reason for that is that adipose tissue sequesters vitamin D (I know, I am a crank about this.) The goal is to get to 40–60 ng/mL (100–150 nmol/L).

  22. I have read some articles lately from regime sources predicting what might happen if Trump is re-elected, Trump and his Trumpists will cause major chaos in about every area of the regime is the answer from what they are writing. Which means they are projecting what THEY intend to do should the orange man win.
    I honestly don’t think the orange man is a real threat to the managerial state or ever was actually but they think Trump and Trumpism is the second coming of Hitler.
    Therefore we may accelerate the collapse in this decade faster than some of us realize.

    • This is actually the main reason why I wanted Trump to win. It will skip the bullshit and get us right to the point where true separation from the agitators and rotten sociopaths will actually start to happen. The urban chimp out would basically destroy what’s left of the cities, but it is a necessary price to pay to eventually get to where we need to be.

    • “I honestly don’t think the orange man is a real threat to the managerial state or ever was actually but they think Trump and Trumpism is the second coming of Hitler.”

      I’m not so sure the top players in the managerial state genuinely think that Trump and Trumpism represent the second coming of Hitler; I suspect those players merely want as much of the public as possible to think that Trump/Trumpism = Hilterism. Trump has been fashioned as the managerial statists’ Emmanuel Goldstein (the despised enemy of Oceania in Orwell’s “1984”). They use him to whip up animosity on the side of those who hate him and identify potential troublemakers (for the Regime) on the side of those who love him. I’ve never been convinced that they — at least not all of them — truly view the man as a villain. I guess I don’t trust those folks to tell the truth about anything. Trump has been awfully convenient for them in a lot of ways. Plus, his blind devotion to “our greatest alley” has long triggered my cynicism toward the idea of him as an anti-establishment figure. The establishment loved the hell out of the guy for decades before he began running for president. He had a network television show, for crying out loud. The 180 the establishment did on him beginning in 2015 looks very suspicious in retrospect.

      • I deeply suspect the “fall” of Trump was related to his lack of political experience in the *uniparty*. He was an unknown quantity, whereas all candidate for the “top spot” had previously played the game for decades.

        He was early on expected to toe the line and was approached to do so—and did not, or at least did not adequately signal such submission. Thus there was panic and a great movement to eliminate him—which continues to this day.

        If this sounds cynical, so be it.

  23. The riots of St. Floyd showed the true power dynamic of this country, where ferals were allowed to run rampant with net to zero repurcussions while the police forces were neutered from doing their jobs in fear of retaliation and show trials if they lay the law down the law on the wrong person. Then when a few whites decided to try to restore order, they ruthless hand of the law that turned a blind eye to looting brought them to their knees.

    The same thing happens in the information age, where certain parts of social media can talk about genociding whites while drinking their morning coffee while right-wing accounts get banned for supposed dog-whistling.

    The guards, in these cases, are not ignoring everyone, but just people ithat are favored by the ruling class. For the ruling class, the system works, even if it’s an unbelievably unjust system for the majority of heritage Americans. There’s an argument to be made that tyranny almost always precedes a collapse, but the Soviets showed how long and how deadly such tyranny can be.

    • “The guards, in these cases, are not ignoring everyone, but just people ithat are favored by the ruling class. For the ruling class, the system works, even if it’s an unbelievably unjust system for the majority of heritage Americans. ”

      This will get a lot of down votes, but have yinz guys ever considered that this is what it felt like to be the “others” in america for a long time and we didn’t notice because it wasn’t us?

      • I’m an “other” in South America, where I’ve lived for the past 18 years, as well as having been an “other” in North Africa, where I lived for 3 1/2 years in the early ’80s. I’m a polyglot, so it was easier for me, but upon reflection, I’ve realized I was an “other” in the USA as well. I’ve noticed that being an “other” has its advantages, as “POC”, etc., are now noticing in the USA and Europe. Change “other” to “exotic” and it’s a whole new ball game.

      • There’s no argument that the “others” weren’t treated unfairly in the past. In fact it strengthens the argument that a better society is one where you have no “others”: underprivileged or over-privileged.

  24. I dunno, Z. I think Leftie is playing with fire. Things may start slow but they pick up speed exponentially, not linearly. I can’t help feeling that when Normie comes off that couch… it’s gonna be emties, cheezies, and hot lead and brass everywhere, in all directions…

    • I think the over the top reaction to J6 is to scare normie enough to prevent this scenario. Will it work? I think it will for a while, but if/when it reaches the point where people realize they have nothing to lose, it may play out as you suggest.

    • Normie ain’t getting off the couch until the sportsball broadcast goes dark and the grill runs cold.

  25. Zman makes a very important point – one which I’ve been pondering more of late: “We do not think of social trust as a part of the poverty equation, but in realty it is the key component of social happiness. High trust societies may not have unlimited consumer goods, but the people trust the system, because they trust one another”.
    This lack of trust creeps into so many different areas of life which, in the former times, would in no way have been a consideration. What the upshot of all that is remains unclear, but my family, my known & trusted friends, my tribe in that order. As for the rest – get off my lawn.

  26. I know I won’t be around to see the insanity be corrected – if it ever is. I’m a pessimist when it comes to this. I don’t believe it will ever get better, but hopefully I am wrong. For me, I just want to live long enough to see the leftists get rounded up and “removed” from our society. I could die at peace knowing these rotten sociopaths got what they deserved.

    • There will always be leftists in a civilization. Unless you live in a hunting and gathering clan, there will be progressives and there will be conservatives, and then a majority of midwits and normies who just want to grill.

      If we win the war and drive the leftists to the sea, then be sure that “leftists” will appear among our ranks. It is inevitable. Political life is a Sisyphean Hegelian dialectic.

      • Marko: That’s where a nationalist authoritarian regime would exert political and economic repression. That’s where a traditional and cohesive society would utilize shame and ostracism. That’s where expulsion and exile come into play.

        Any future homogeneous society that doesn’t have the fortitude for such measures is destined to fall in the same way as our historic one did. No equality, no ‘inherent rights.’ When it comes to dissent from lessons learned through hardship and tragedy and collapse, let alone the discarding of morality and truth, the only answer is power and will to use it.

  27. You know you’re in a societal collapse when that black Supreme Court lady Ketanji, whatever her name is, says she can’t define a woman, and the whole room doesn’t bust out pointing, laughing, and ridiculing her.

    • End justifies means, part 999.
      The attention span of the typical person has shrunk to the point where events like ‘define a woman’ go in and out of public consciousness during the news cycle.
      There is always another outrage, distraction or benign item to replace what was hot for a day or two.
      At a predictable point, there is a human tendency to check out, look elsewhere, sleep or whatever besides following ‘news’.
      Riding that wave takes some skills and resources, along with infrastructure control.

    • Wolf Barney – Ketanji might have at least asked for help with the definition from the wise Latina.

    • You know you’re in societal collapse when anybody named Ketanji gets within a mile radius of the Supreme Court except as a defendant.

      • Yeah. The stuffing of the SCOTUS is a great example of what we often talk about wrt AA and elevating mediocrities to positions of power.

    • Excellent point. So did Matt Jordan or Josh Gaetz or Jim Hawley, ro whatever their names are ‘own’ Kejantae by asking the question? Nope, she owned them by answering it in her ridiculous way, and daring them all with her manner to recoil or laugh, knowing full well none of these congresscritters would so much as raise an eyebrow.

  28. The issue with trust is you have to start from the same place. People need a common philosophical approach to the world. Since there is no state religion and many forms of Christianity differ wildly there is no common starting point from a Christian philosophical standpoint. Add in the diversity of other religions and the massive secular population and we have nothing in common anymore. At this point we are all ridding on the titanic and the iceberg is coming or has begun to do its damage it’s a matter of time before the whole ship sinks.

    • Christians of varying denominations may have to set aside their doctrinal disputes to work together so that they can make it through the tumult that is doubtlessly coming. Hard times have a way of forcing compromises on people that they would not have entertained even in passing when the gravy was flowing. For folks to cooperate effectively in the worst of periods, they will almost certainly have to share some larger general values — and religion happens to be one of the best tools for facilitating and maintaining such a loose consensus. I use the word “loose” because I suspect there will be a need for flexibility. As far as I can tell, “dissident right” ideologies are unlikely to rally people together to get them through a harsh period. It’s probably going to requiring something deeper and more meaningful.

  29. I’ve maintained for some time that 2020 was the big turning point. Between Covid and the mostly-peaceful BLM riots, many a Joe and Jane Normie began to question the honesty of the government and overall system.

    The ridiculous-looking withdrawal from Afghanistan didn’t help.

    The next shoe to drop likely will be economic. As the UK showed, the days of papering over economic problems with QE or fiscal deficits is reaching an endgame. If govts are strapped by inflation and bond markets, they’ll have to actually let the economy – and all the debt – go through the ringer.

    I’m not predicting some 30s depression, just that there will be pain as Powell said. When the govt can’t offer stimulus checks or if you get serious inflation if they do, the people will not be happy. Trust in the govt will fall even more.

    • Stimulus checks? You’re not thinking big enough friend. I work for a “non profit” in healthcare, do you know how many of those jobs are essentially do nothing dig a hole fill a hole jobs? I’d say at least 80%. If you’re not a doctor or nurse and you “work” in healthcare, you ain’t working. And getting paid a pretty penny to boot. Now think of all the jobs thru out the private sector that depend on .gov spending six trillion each year. I think the real reason they hate russia is because russia is pointing out the emperor has no clothes and can’t be censored.

  30. Societies collapse. Have throughout history. Nothing extraordinary in that observation. Tainter wrote a book on the collapse of complex societies. More recently Orlov observed the similarities between the Soviet collapse and the impending US collapse.

    Perhaps the point is to see what should be salvaged and can be salvaged. As living organisms we are born, grow, decline, and die. Societies and civilizations are just more complex organisms that go through the same lifecycle.

    • Yep, Tainter’s book has been referenced quite a bit, both by Z and the commentariat. Today’s post is useful because it reminds us that system collapse, like the collapse of any ‘living’ system, is dynamic, beginning almost from the day organisms are born. As we are temporary, mostly narcissistic creatures, remembering Dickens is useful:
      “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

    • I have pointed out parallels between our present and the last decades of the soviet Union many times. It is a very good reference point for understanding what is happening. There are key differences between liberal democracy and communism, but both are managerial systems in practice, so they follow a similar arc.

      The Soviet Union went bankrupt, much like a modern business. It took a while, but Russia reorganized out of the ruins. Something probably awaits America as our version of managerialism reaches its terminus.

      • And the reorganization would have been quicker and less painless if Yelsin had not taken advise from American economists on how to change over the USSR to a capitalistic enterprise.

  31. I “Googled”, the phrase, “United States collapse” and I got back a bunch of images of smiling blondes with dark black men.

      • Interesting. I only get that when I, “Google”, “typical Republican.” In fact that is the only thing I Google when I don’t get back smiling blondes with dark black men.

  32. ” Just as agrarian people measured wealth in land and industrial people measured wealth in capital, technological people measure wealth in control of information flows. The reason Mark Zuckerberg is richer than Bill Gates is he controls something more valuable than PC’s.”

    But is this a permanent condition or an anomaly? The people who control the land can withhold the food, and Mark Zuckerberg can withhold Facebook, and we’ll see who cries uncle first.

    • Farmers, in general, will never withhold food in protest of the system, or for any other reason, because farmers are not a cartel. Owning farmland but refusing to produce marketable food on it is a fast trip to bankruptcy, and will only increase the prices that other producers can charge, which them gives them extra margin that they can use to buy your land when you go bankrupt.

      • I’m no farming expert, but aren’t there subsidy programs in the US that literally pay farmers not to grow crops?

        I seem to remember some level of controversy a few years ago when it was discovered multiple Manhattanites were get rich from such a program.

        • There are Farmers and then there’s “Big Ag.” Big Ag may not be a cartel, but they certainly have a powerful lobby in D.C.

        • Such an action by farmers or whoever controls the food obviously wouldn’t happen in a vacuum. The fact remains, you can live a lot longer without Facebook than without bread. Land will always be wealth. Why do you think Bill Gates is now the largest owner of agricultural land in the US?

          • To add to that, why do you think a fundamental feature of the WEF’s vision for the future is “You’ll own nothing?”

            *Someone* will own the land and the physical resources. And that someone will be very powerful. They are insistent that that power will not be in your hands.

          • Gates can own whatever amount of farmland he can purchase, but he can’t take it with him to NZ. If push comes to shove and Gates has no army to control and occupy such land, the people will simply use it to grow crops as are necessary.

        • The army will requisition the crops, execute the kulaks, starve the peasants and collectivize the farms.

          • The army will end up dead on the side of the road coming to and going from the farms. This is the United States, where there are considerably more guns than people.

            Case in point: where I live, there are a lot of people already well into getting prepared for whatever might be coming down the pike.

            I was at a barber when a police officer walked in to get his hair cut. The talk got around to preparedness, and I said that there were probably a million rounds in our small town. The officer, quite seriously, responded that that there are probably a million rounds on EVERY BLOCK in that small town.

            Some people see what is coming and intend to be as prepared for it as possible.

  33. “Finland will never be poor because the Finns can count on their fellow Finns to always be Finnish.”

    Well, unless their globalist elites like their party girl Prime Minister succeed in the campaign to replace the population of Finland with non-Finns.

    • It is possible that if Finns suffer economically during this period, the party girls of the world will be out on their ass. We have been lethargic in changing pols and tolerating their degeneracy because the artificial boom kept people acquiring new toys and dopamine hits. When/if that worm turns, there will be no patience for degenerates of her type.

    • Well if SHTF, those melanin-Finns will have to be more Finnish than native Finns, or else they are going to die of frostbite in the abandoned cities as the native Finns escape to their cozy lake cottages. I doubt there will be strength in diversity if that comes to pass.

      • The Sun People hate the cold more than just about anything.

        If the heating subsidies can be removed or turned off, I bet a substantial percentage of them would repatriate voluntarily.

  34. Trust in our financial institutions is unraveling, as well. I note that the newly released inflation figures are putting the lie to the regime’s claim that everything is fine. Futures are tanking as I write. Also, there are two stories current about B of A arbitrarily closing the accounts of Catturd and Kanye West because…reasons. Another sign of collapse.

    • Catturd’s account is terrible though. “Good morning to everybody except the poopy poop DemonKKKRats!” Very original.

    • Eh, there were a bunch of supposedly based Blab accounts that were embarrassing themselves over Tulsi’s flip yesterday.

      I mean, I know the thirst is real, but settle down fellas.

    • I remember telling friends of mine about 3 years ago that financial institutions would start closing accounts based on who you voted for. They all told me I was crazy…. And? Here we are.

      • They’ve been doing that since at least 2016, starting, I think, with burlesque performer Martina Markota. Her sin was supporting Trump while having a Russian-sounding pseudonym.

        Between 2017 and 2019, Laura Loomer was banned from everything from banking to food delivery.

        I could list at least a hundred others. Nobody remembers or cares.

        • Holy smokes, Hemid.
          That’s frightening.

          I wonder if they’ll start trumpeting such examples ‘to encourage the others.’

  35. There are cracks in the normy world where you can easily get them to doubt any information that they just relayed to you. Possibly, maybe, I’m not sure but I heard…

    It’s painful to watch when another one gets sick for the third time in months or gets covid again and watch them mentally twist like a pretzel to explain. Then again, never underestimate the denseness of a lot of people.

    A former hypnotist observed that he didn’t actually hypnotize anyone as he thought most were already conditioned in that state. When actually confronted with the fact that they did cluck like a chicken they countered that they wanted to do that. Break the spell by admitting we all have been psychologically worked on for most of our lives. Sobran lamented it took him an embarrassingly long time to shake the conditioning and disinformation.

    It’s imperative now that many fully wake up and fight back in anyway possible. Looks like a few tore AOC a new one recently with her pro war/Ukraine stance at what looks like a townhall type meeting. Citizen free press has a link

    • That’s the thing – getting normies to really see what’s going on. One will say I saw such and such on the news etc., and I’m like, do really believe that s***? Followed by other examples.
      Another thing normie has to do is ditch the American flag – it bugs me to see people with them on their house or vehicle. It doesn’t represent this place anymore, especially with the cabal currently running the show. The conditioning is almost unbreakable.

      • The flag thing is prevalent in my community. Almost like putting a rosary in a garden bush or bury a St. Joseph statue in your yard. It seems quaint nowadays. No real thought is behind it I suspect but nevertheless still good people on some level do it.

        • I was never a flag and patriotism guy. I put one up in 2020 as a symbol of rebellion and a stake in the ground against tyranny. We don’t know what meaning the flag has to normy, if it has one. For me, it was that, plus a message of repudiation of the rainbow/BLM/yardsign revolutionaries.

          Of course, now I agree. That flag represents something that no longer exists and is not coming back. We need a new flag or set of flags to represent our movement. I think it should incorporate pre-Enlightenment symbolism. This is a worthwhile project – most of the work is in adopting the proper symbols – perhaps each region in the European indigenous lands and diaspora can have their own but fuse in on common symbol.

      • I threw mine away a few years ago. This country hates me and I hate it. Why would I want some bullshit flag in my yard symbolizing a land that hates me? The only thing I would use an American flag for now is to wipe my behind.

    • Most of my co-workers have gotten 3 or 4 boosters. These people are constantly sick. They get covid every other week. I’ve had covid exactly once and I am constantly in bars because I play in a band on the weekends.

      • I would add here, but not elaborate due to present flow of discussion, that what you have said has a growing mountain of studies and theory supporting such observation. The “jab” has “blown out” many an immune system. Folks in all likelihood have shortened their lives beyond any benefit initially obtained.

        • Why, Compsci, that’s a hurtful thing to say! You should be fined a billion dollars.

          • I have already been worse than fined. I am the *only* one in my circle of *family* and friends that has not had a series of “jabs”. If/when they suffer such ill effects, I will suffer.

          • Compsci,

            The whole “vaccine” thing smelled way off to me right from the start (probably because I was being exposed, by choice, to “misinformation”), and abominated the mRNA shots. Would not take the jab, in short.

            My wife, working in a Ivy, was subject to not inconsiderable pressure to comply, consequences of failing to comply being left ominously hanging in midair. I am retired, and her income was too important for this to not take the implied threat seriously, so she complied, up through one booster.

            Now, it became clear that the illness to which she fell victim on January 2020, in retrospect exhibiting the characteristic symptoms of first wave Coof, was indeed just that. Naturally acquired immunity should have from that point sufficed to exempt her from the jabs, but that was so pervasively pooh poohed, that in reality this was off the table. The basic jabs were bad, but the booster was really awful, and she will take no more.

            I myself declined largely out of concern for her, my stepson, and his wife, both of whom were similarly forced to take the jabs, and having reflected upon the desirability of someone in the family remaining with an uncompromised immune system to take care of them should the worst happen.

            I am in my late 60s, and asthmatic, so I just took appropriate measures to support my own immune system. So far, so good, and I never fell victim to the Coof even during my wife’s initial bout. Hang tough, family might come to need your help, fellow pureblood, Heaven forfend.

    • Regarding the Covid shot, I’ve been thinking of Mark Twain’s quote, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  36. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the piece, it could be though that we are in the REVOLUTIONARY period, when Russia was TAKEN OVER by Bolsheviks though, rather than the collapse phase when they lost control. Which may come later.

    • The thing about the Bolshevik revolution is that they had no role in toppling the Tsarist system. The Bolsheviks were not very strong, compared to the liberals, conservatives and other socialist groups. Lenin was shocked by the collapse of the system. What they had that other groups did not have was organization. In the chaos this is what allowed them to seize and hold power.

      A good reminder that chance favors the prepared mind.

      • Good point. Anarchists were much more numerous in Russia, but they hated centralist structures while Lenin established the concept of Party as revolutionary vanguard.

      • The mental habits which suit action do not always promote thought. The world is not directed by long and learned proofs. All its affairs are decided by the swift glance at a particular fact, the daily examination of the changing moods of the crowd, occasional moments of chance, and the skill to exploit them—Tocqueville

    • I agree with LGTH. In fact, it certainly is a Revolution.

      What is interesting is that both Revolution and collapse could be possible at the same time. The Bolsheviks relied upon a reality of intense poverty and disgust with the aristocracy and monarchy among the people to foist their revolution. It was relatively quick. Their regime created conditions that over the course of decades created a collapse.

      The Frankfurt School Revolution began about as long ago relative to our collapse as the Bolshevik’s to the Soviet’s – 73 years for the Soviets (1917-1990), 73 for the Frankfurts (1945 – 2020). It is just that the Frankfurts were in power pretending that they weren’t for the past 73 years. They staged their revolution performatively in 2020 but substantively in 1945. They simply announced their conquest at the end. However, like the Bolsheviks/Soviets, their system is one of destruction and decay. It is a project without aspiration save for usurpation and destruction.

      So at the moment they herald The Revolution, the system they have been running for 75 years has already reached the collapse phase. ZMan is very perceptive that this is the information age and that the key asset is information. They are doomed because, their entire project is based on lies – the biggest ones of which are self deception. At the time that they announced control, the system they bled to death is bankrupt. At the time they have announced and assumed total institutional control, they have declared the nation and the institutions illegitimate. So, they effectively declared themselves illegitimate.

      The reason they must eradicate the white man, is because he is the only thing that stands to call out their lies when they make their pronouncement of legitimacy.

      They cannot shut down the Internet. We must undertake geographic separation and consolidate life under our own 230 million people. There will build the physical and digital and cultural infrastructure for ourselves. The trickiest part will be withstanding the significant financial pressure they can bring to bare on us. It will require coordination with well placed insiders in the collapsing system.

      Those insiders will then be our new elite when it is time for us to announce our revolution. Of course, if they sell us out we still have the aforementioned separations but no means to cut out being bled to death by the albatross populations. That will be better than the alternatives. If they don’t, then we can cut out the subsidization of the albatross populations and they can be free to rise to the occasion going on their own.

      In other words, they have destroyed the system in order to usurp it. We have decades of work to do. Then, when the time is right, we will usurp the dead system and claim it anew with legitimacy. Our posterity will be able to rule it as they see fit. I personally hope they act with the Bronze Age Mindset and see fit to conquer and fulfill that primal urge to take up and dominate space.


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