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There used to be a time when certain pundits would post about the correlation between economics and election results. They would go to one of the quantitative guys who modeled these things and then make predictions based on his model. This was a way for a pundit to pretend he was smart. George Will perfected this trick back in 1992 when he consulted a Yale professor whose model predicted a Clinton win.

We do not see much of that anymore. The last time anyone bothered to make the connection was in the 2012 election. The economic models said the election should be razor thin, but that was declared haram. Obama was black Jesus and no one would be allowed to cast shade on our dusky savior. Since then, no one has bothered to talk about economics and elections.

Even now it is not getting much discussion, despite the fact we have 1970’s style inflation and a crumbling economy. People are feeling the pain at the cash register, but the real pain lies just after the election. People seem to get that and will most likely make this known on election day. On the other hand, the great invisible army of Biden voters may think everything is great. Who can really know?

Still, you get the sense that the regime is bracing for bad news. They are feverishly crafting narratives to claim that the bad guys are doing shenanigans. You see, unlike the 2020 election, this election is under assault by the forces of darkness who are trying to attack our democracy! Of course, those forces are led by Donald Trump who must be arrested now so he cannot attack the 2024 election.

This is life in a theocracy. Putting that aside, there is a sense of impending doom hanging over the regime media. The economy does feel like it is on the edge of a cliff due to a number of factors. It is not just poor management. The old arrangements seem to be failing in several key areas. The world is slowly turning the page on the 20th century and America is just waking up to this reality.

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192 thoughts on “More Clown Horn

  1. I scrolled through quickly and didn’t see this discussed…

    Caveat: I think this Ukraine stuff is sketchy in many ways and I’m sure most of what we’re seeing is propaganda but, just looking through my narrow window of experience:

    I assume the dead tanks you’re saying are obviously from older conflicts or other battlefields are some of the ridiculously rusty burned out hulks we’ve been seeing?

    20 years of working with explosives and propellants here. Some of these pictures are definitely legitimate. When tanks die, all kinds of nasty materials burn – particularly the explosives and propellant in their ammo. This stuff can burn at thousands of degrees and creates all kinds of highly corrosive byproducts. Combine that with the high temperatures removing paints and other surface protections and you have a perfect storm situation for oxidation. I have witnessed brand new steel parts looking like they’ve been sitting out in the rain for years just hours after a test firing.

    Anyway – lots of fake stuff….just maybe not this issue.

  2. This midterm campaign season has been exceptionally boring. The stakes could not be lower. Army of Republican empty suits do low energy battle against DNC blob people.

  3. Watching the latest performance by Commander Ye (with the sound off) on something called “Revolt”:

    The audience is 60k+. Not clear what is being said, but in the live chat, Nick Fuentes is being named almost as much as the Jews.

    • It’s always interesting when two protected groups clash because you can see which one is stronger. One of my favorite examples is when feminists complained about rap lyrics being misogynistic. The blacks steamrollered over the feminists and we observed who was more powerful in the victim hierarchy.

      Similarly, Kanye is instructive because he is clashing with the chosen. Those on the dissident right who are not very observant may conclude that blacks are the most powerful victim group. Kayne’s cancellation by the chosen should be instructive to them but it probably won’t be.

    • In the great beyond, Carnac the Magnificent holds an envelope to his forehead and solemnly intones, “people who want to molest your son.”

    • Your post sounds like you’re surprised.

      Why is it that Whitey continues to think that Negro Creatures can do basic tasks, like understanding rules, the way Whitey does.

      That’s like somehow thinking my dog can learn Mandarin.

      Seriously, why?

      Although I must confess that I broke one of my cardinal rules, and got in a checkout line with a Sheboon.

      20 minutes later, I was on my way!

      • That we have a malfeasant Black is not the real problem. The problem is that we have yet another example of AA in action. The Fed needed a token Black, so they picked the best of the worse and we have this director in position fo authority. These AA hires will cause greater and greater destruction as they rise through the system since the “Peter Principle” does not hold for such people. They do not rise—and stop—at their level of incompetency because of their race. We see this increasingly in the highest offices of the land, for example SCOTUS.

        • A Harvard guy, and a homosexual to boot.

          What are the odds?!

          Is that what one has to have on their curriculum vitae to get a gig like that?

          • Bartleby the Scrivner: “A Harvard guy, and a homosexual to boot.”

            It’s hard to get much more Passive Aggressive than Harvard + Sodomite; you’d have to go full Tiny Hat to trump that combo.

            Speaking of the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex, Clit Romney is now engaging in open warfare with the SENIOR senator from his state, Mike Lee.

            [Mike Lee was first elected Senator in 2010, and has EIGHT YEARS’ SENIORITY over Romney, who was first elected senator in 2018.]

            Clit Romney is such an arrogant kμnt of a toady Passive Aggressive cockroach that he is compelled to Punch Right in order to preserve the perception of a powerbase in Utah:


            Of course, Clit Romney has both a JD and an MBA from Harvard; Mike Lee stayed home and went to BYU.

            You cannot begin to grok the horror which is Z’s “Managerialism” without coming to grips with the almighty totalitarian power of the Passive Aggression which creates & fuels & propels & compels “Managerialism”.

            Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder [backstabbing, treachery, treason] is such an omnipotent social disorder that only Massa Lucifer Himself could have possibly sown the seeds for it in our DNA.

            tl;dr == There’s a reason that Saint Dante Alighieri placed the Passive Aggressives in the innermost Ninth Circle of Hell.


    • Do I detect a pattern here? Recalls the comments of the founders of Black Lives Matters, who reportedly had never filed documents required of a nonprofit. Who knew that they couldn’t just buy multi-million dollar homes with the money?

      • One wonders if the BLM leaders failed to file the correct documents and steal donations because they are simply not smart enough to understand the requirements or because they do understand the requirements but their lack of impulse control causes them to embezzle anyway.

  4. Apologies, finally: Lloyd Smucker is my rep. He’s Amish, or at least was born Amish. Smucker is very Dutchy name, same clan as the grape juice people, if I had to guess. PA Dutch don’t fight; it’s not their way. It’s the one thing I don’t like about them. So there’s a lot of equivocating and moderating. He’s a mixed bag, for sure. Probably the sort who would go right if he felt it was politically safe.

  5. The “Miracle on Ice” was the only time in my life that people spontaneously left their houses and went out into the street just to be with each other. This was in a place where it never snowed and no one knew anything about hockey but tended to have a strong cultural aversion to the yankee-types who we thought played it.

    Then two days later, after winning the gold, it was Jim Craig looking a little dazed, scanning the crowd, asking “Where’s my father?”

    When I think about how we ended up here, I think about that question. And then I think about all the children who have asked it over the past fifty years.

    • The “Miracle on Ice” happened 7 months before I was born, yet I’ve seen all the replays and the movie.

      It was the most astounding, amazing, pure, good sporting event ever. And the USA team really were the good guys. Unassuming amateurs who bought in to Herb Brooks’s program against de-facto professionals who were subject to severe authoritarianism.

      It brings a tear to my eye thinking about such an event that was so perfect and pure.

      • I was 8. Interesting trivia: America did not actually see the game live. It happened at 430 and on the East Coast, it did not get televised until Prime Time. I was too young to realize on that day but my dad over the years said it was the most ridiculous thing watching Jim McCay’s face when the prime time broadcast came one trying to pretend that he did not already know the outcome of the game.

        In that time, there was no internet, no cable TV. No one actually knew the score until we watched it that night! lol.

  6. Also re: Christian nationalism, I’m amenable to it, obviously, but the problem is mainstream Judeo-Christianity hasn’t been discredited. It would be too easy to subvert and have another Crucifixion cuck-fest.

    Seriously, just imagine the grifters getting a hold of that one!

    • Why thank you!
      That is EXACTLY my fear.

      In Dune, Frank Herbert- as ever, 50 years ahead of everyone else- proposed Missionaria Protectiva.

      Seeding flexible myths into a population that could be reworked to one’s advantage as needed.

      (A quick review of the Great Heresies tells me I’m many of them. Huzzah!)

      • To clarify, “Christian nationalism, I’m amenable to it, obviously, but the problem is mainstream Judeo-Christianity hasn’t been discredited.”

        So perfectly said.
        Gods I wish I could talk like a normal person.

    • I probably studied too much Nietzsche. But he argues persuasively several places, in so many words, that mainstream Judeo-Christianity was discredited as early as the first century AD, by a man named Saul of Tarsus 😈 Even if you think I’m just a troublemaker which is true enough, consider that whatever you may think “Christianity” properly to be, has changed dramatically over two millennia. Even if you are (say) a devout Roman Catholic, that doctrine has changed dramatically even within living memory. Go back just a few centuries and today’s mainline priest would have been excommuniciated at the least if he were lucky, and far worse if he were unlucky.

      It’s near-universal human nature to believe that our own closely held convictions are true and right, and that everyone else’s are wrong, and that we must make war upon them.

      • “It’s near-universal human nature to believe that our own closely held convictions are true and right, and that everyone else’s are wrong, and that we must make war upon them.”

        Present poster excepted of course, it’s only an issue arising when OTHER people have beliefs.

        Correct as you must therefore obviously be about everything, your church history needs work. The roman church has innovated in particular (objectionable) ways over the years but the core faith is the same (as per the nicene creed), and familiarity with the eastern church or just early church fathers generally would demonstrate this to you. Early Christians wrote down LOTS of stuff about what they believed and anyone who bothers can see its the same thing you can hear in church today. This would also steer you safely away from the corny Dan Brown tier territory youre flirting with.

        If you think christianity is dumb and not for powerful ubermensch like you so you dont want to bother informing yourself about it – that’s your call I guess. But then you might reconsider pronouncing about it too.

      • I won’t argue that your average Catholic priest is probably as woke as the next preacher. But a particular Catholic priest, and even a vast majority of priests and bishops do not = the RCC. During the Arian heresy, the vast majority held to that heresy to the point St. Athanasius styled himself Athanasius contra mundum. The RCC finally rid itself of it.

        It is not unusual (unfortunately, it seems too usual) that heresies banty about for quite a while before the RCC stamps them out officially. Much of the silliness today is the result of weak, or even sympathetic prelates allowing the crap to go on. But it is not Catholic “doctrine” as you state. Actual Catholic doctrine has remained quite consistent over two millennia. Heck, there was a time when three popes laid claim to the title and canonized saints were backing each of them. This is the reason the RCC can take centuries to come to an official doctrinal decision (and to this day, remains silent on some issues – e.g. limbo of unbaptized souls – although there may be plenty of opinions floating around).

  7. I thought this was such a classic headline over at Yahoo Finance that fits perfectly with the Clown theme:

    “The Fed’s Daly: Hot CPI print shows ‘the data not cooperating’

    Jennifer Schonberger·Senior Reporter
    Fri, October 14, 2022 at 3:04 PM
    San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly told Yahoo Finance that she expects the Fed to stay the course when it comes to expectations for interest rate hikes after the latest core inflation reading — i.e., consumer prices excluding volatile food and energy prices— came in at a 40-year high.

    “It does show the data not cooperating,” Daly said on Yahoo Finance Live when asked about the consumer price index report for September. “It was a very disappointing report, but I would offer it wasn’t that surprising. We would hope that inflation would start to come down faster, but I was prepared for it to just be sluggish.”

    • Perhaps the comment was made in humor. But changing the data to fit a desired reality is standard procedure. Of recent memory, my favorite example of this is DoD’s fixing the “glitch” in the DMED database. You see, between 2016 and 2020, hundreds of thousands of medical records were not correctly entered. This fully explains the erroneous findings by the January whistleblowers that noticed huge jumps in certain illnesses they claimed were due to the Covid-19 jabs which began in 2021.

      I hope that folks here always keep some skepticism, even over something as apparently cut and dried as economic data.

      • Economics data, which is the vast amount we hear in the news—CPI, Employment, etc—has always been subject to revision months down the line. Anyone making too much about a “number” is being obtuse and not paying attention or most likely just a political hack.

        In addition, some numbers are in and of themselves incomplete as one number can not indicate a trend—which at the very least requires two numbers (measures) taken apart in time. Case in point, Covid jabs and decline in birth rates and rise in all cause death rates. We, at this point, can’t tell whether the trend is short term, or long term. Months or years will drift by before we have an answer.

        Ben is spot on.

        • V@XXINE BAD: Increase in Infertility by 50%, Increase in Miscarriage by 50%, 25% increase in abnormal pap smears & cervical malignancies…

          This was the website of Kimberly Biss’s OB/GYN practice, but apparently it’s the victim of a massive DDOS attack right now, and her webserver is not responding:

 couldn’t pull back a copy of it, and both Bing & Google are refusing to offer a cached copy of it.

          So everyone who is anyone is now colluding to suppress this story.


          V@XXINE GOOD: “Those who favored Republican ideology were… SIX TIMES more likely to refuse than those leaning the other way…”

        • I had to break it up into two comments to get past the sp@m filter, but here’s a direct link to Kimberly Biss’s video at Rumble:

          It’s only 3.2MB, which is small enough to email & TXT to everyone you know.

          She’s an OB-GYN on the front lines of this war; surely at least a few fence-sitters could be swayed by watching her testimony.

  8. Fwiw I have the same feeling about the midterms as I did about ‘20: nothing. Rationally, it should be a red wave, but I’m not sensing the energy of one.

    That could be because I’m increasingly detached from politics, which is probably because the censorship and suppression continues apace. Yeah, Trump is out there cheerleading, but he doesn’t have it, never did on his own, just front-ran a movement that’s been strangled and diverted in the meantime.

    Imo, if the Republican Party has a future, it’s through Pepe, or a reformation of the same, but the party seems intent on keeping him down, even if it destroys it. As long as they make enough money along the way, I guess. Bunch of sellouts and scoundrels.

    PS tried to post this earlier but something went screwy. Apologies if it duplicates.

    • I’m a fan of Z’s “actor” theory of politics. Just view the politicians as actors hired to play a role. Why *wouldn’t* the GOP try to keep The Frog down? The GOP just provides clowns-for-hire to the American political circus. Most of the clowns themselves could just as easily get work wearing the Donkey uniform instead of the Elephant one. The Frogmen want to do something entirely different. They don’t want to provide the kind of “products” the GOP traditionally offers. As one would say in boardroom-speak “that’s outside of our core business area”.

      • Yeah, lick boots or be overthrown by Pepe. Makes sense. Both elephants and donkeys seem to think that.

        • “lick boots or be overthrown by Pepe”

          “The Frogmen are outside of our core business area”

          more instant classics

      • The whole thing is kosher theatre, the WWF is more realistic. Can’t vote your way out of slavery.

  9. Hey, there wasn’t a single clown horn in the show – those always make me laugh.

    The abortion issue is a joke. When scrotus aborted roe v wade, our state returned to a 19th century law banning it entirely (it’s since been stayed for the time being). Of course, protests inevitably followed. During one, a sister of mine was interviewed, saying something along the lines of, “this such an important issue as my daughter will have less rights than her mother or grandmother”, or some such drivel. Most people don’t give two s****, or figure, as Z mentioned, yeah make it legal for a couple of months, after which tough luck or go to freaking California where you’ll be able to abort your two year old.

    No, this is a sure winner to the leftards, rather than say, being able to afford to drive, feed your family, avoid nuclear war or dodge the millions of hostiles flooding over the southern border (to say nothing of our homegrown population of criminally violent and stupid joggers). Clown world indeed.

    • I’ve speculated before that if you view politics as just another business, it’s reasonable to expect it to develop more efficient methods over time. One way to do this would be to focus almost entirely on “issues” that are either totally specious or that nothing can really be done about anyway. Actually *doing* things is strenuous and expensive and could have unforeseen side effects. Saying things while virtue signalling and dog-whistling costs nothing.

      Mainstream politics isn’t “about” anything except providing cover for the looters at the top to keep looting. The bread and butter issues of the old Left (wages, health care, housing) as well as the old Right (cultural decay, crime, de-industrialization and over-regulation) are largely irrelevant to that and so are not talked about.

      • Yes, but the opportunities when one opens up a subsidiary!

        Choice and Diversity are the Mary Kay Cosmetics and BET Channel of campaign money.

      • With regards to “doing things”, that implies tissues being identified and addressed. Problems being solved.

        If you address and solve a problem, there’s no more problem.

        Pretty soon, no problems, what do we need these jokers for?

      • Two apt sayings:

        We all know what the oldest profession is. Isn’t it likely that politics is the 2nd oldest?

        When politicians are allowed to decide what can be bought and sold, the first thing to be bought and sold will be politicians [credit to Substack “Gato Malo”]

  10. There is no downside to getting fit and developing or honing skills that will become important if a societal collapse occurs. Fitness means being able to move with purpose should the need arise. And everyone should possess some minimum level of skill at self defense and the means to effect that defense. If nothing else, keep a baseball bat by the front door.

    It’s also time to review some important information about our modern world. Your cell phone is not your friend. It can, and does, spy on you endlessly. Voice, video, location, and many other forms of data can, and will, be extracted by “others” if the need arises. Ditto for home spy devices such as smart speakers, homekits, homepods, and every smart appliance. All of these are hackable and deliberately so.

    Everyone should make a trip to the Goodwill store and purchase several sets of incognito clothing. Choose things that are nondescript, bland, conventional, and ordinary. Include a heavy coat with hood or tall collar. A full beard and wraparound sunglasses goes a long way toward making facial recognition software ineffective, as does a pebble in your shoe to change your gait and stride.

    If you live in a big metropolitan area, learn to use public transportation, pay cash, disappear into the sea of humanity, divide trips into segments that include long walking intervals between buses or trams. Reversible coats and a change in hat style or other apparel can be very effective too. Practice this now before the Crazy starts in earnest.

    • Do not use public transportation in any large city unless you must, especially if female.

      Get a sturdy walking stick both as an affection and for self defense.

      Practice situational awareness. Stay out of any city run by Democrats. Always sit close to the exits.

      • If you read my prior posts, I am a huge advocate for getting out the big city and find a safe haven in a more rural or remote place. Both most people will be unable to do that and therefore will have to run the gauntlet of the city mayhem. Public transportation is the most anonymous form of getting around in a big city. Much more secure than a private auto, which are tracked in many ways, including license plate readers and on-board tracking systems. I am an active mountain bike rider, so bicycling is another alternative to consider. An average rider can easily traverse 50 miles per day and good riders double that.

        • Robbery, murder, muggings, shootings here in the city of Brotherly Love have reached epidemic proportions. Public transportation system very dangerous to use. There have been over 1,000 car jackings. Wawa, a convenience store is closing up shops. Even U of Penn & Temple U campus’ unsafe.

          Walk softly, if you must, and carry a very big walking stick.

          • Yes, I understand that you are at the bleeding edge of the Crazy that will only grow worse with each passing week. And I agree that leaving your house (for any purpose) can be a significant risk in your environment. But there may be times when you have no choice (such as food shopping). Perhaps you can organize your neighbors to only go out in pack formation with some members armed (lawfully). Remember that you are now facing two kinds of risk. One is the common criminal. And the other is the jackboots that do the dirty work for a tyrannical government.

          • Yeah, I live right next to a light rail stop. We’re pretty far out from the urban core and the local cucks loved to cluck about how lovely it is to be able to hop on the train and go places without driving.

            Recently though it’s become obvious that the post-Coof local crime wave (in a previously very low crime area) is mostly flooding in along the train tracks. The Portland suburbs are having their “Baltimore moment” where the smug White shitlibs start to realize that no sane person rides the bus or train unless they’ve lost their license.

            Still you go on Nextdoor and listen to these fucktards bellyache about crime but then double down on “anti-racism” or Trump bashing in the next sentence. Their commitment to the climate religion seems to have gotten stronger somehow too. These people are going to deserve what’s coming to them.

          • South Jersey resident here, just across from Philly, so I am acquainted with these issues. Another major contributing element is that the Philadelphia DA, Larry Krasner, is one of Soros’ minions, and this has led to a significant degradation of law enforcements’ ability to bust down on criminality. And boy, don’t hey know it. I would like to feel free to attend evening classical music events in Philly, but I certainly have trepidations about my wife and I doing so. I have if late noted that se eral of the organizations whose concerts we would like to attend are now offering repeats in Wilmington, Delaware as matinees. Way more travel time involved, but…

          • One thing I noticed in these vids of whites getting jumped is that the white guy is always walking alone, while the duskies run in packs.

            Yobbo hooligans: another thing they took from us!

          • Reminds me of a woke coworker who lubs the minorities – except when she has to walk to her car in the parking garage. It pains me to walk her to her car without stating the obvious, but she’s cute….

      • “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

        -Jesse Jackson

        There is nothing more painful to me than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody black and feel threatened.

        -Average White Guy

    • Good overall advice. Your disguise info will be tough to implement here in Florida beyond perhaps two months of the year 🙂

      For many, the toughest advice is how to reduce, much less eliminate one’s electronic footprint.

      Public transit is very situation dependent. Of course your cautious counsel is true in many times and places. But time, place and crowd change the situation dramatically. For instance, for a time I regularly commuted from the leafy suburbs to downtown DC on public transit. When you are surrounded by a crowd of mostly White, middle class commuters in broad daylight, it’s light years away from being a lone female or spindly white boy on a nearly empty train or bus going through the bad parts of town at night.

  11. I’m thinking it just doesn’t matter as much to many people. What with the huge spending by government, modern monetary theory, and all the rest of it, the models don’t even reflect any sort of realistic views. In other words, we’re in the “There be Dragons Here” part of the map and no one really knows what to expect.

    For those that do vote, it doesn’t really matter. The republicans seem to be going with a slightly more austere form of wild spending. I think everyone is mostly waiting for the shoe to drop.

    • I’m sure he’s already received his invite to be the keynote speaker at the next CPAC conference. Civnats are now looking for a new token black now that Kanye West went off the plantation.

      • Kanye is the real racist. Odds of him appearing on Tucker again are lower than hitting the lottery.

          • It’s amazing what they let Tucker get away with. At this point I’ve just decided that he must have hours and hours of 4k 60fps video of the Fox execs and owners cavorting with 11 year old Thai ladyboys and circus animals while Epstein, dressed in a goat suit, plays “the devil went down to Georgia” on the violin. I hope Tucker spends a lot of that fat salary of his on a nice private army to protect himself and his family. I would.

            As for “uppity bridge troll”, I like it but the parenz are still easier to (((type))).

      • It’s unfortunate but you have to be a literal crazy person to think you can get away with publicly naming the jew in america. As a result it’s often crazy people that do it. As a result if you do it, you are considered a crazy person.

    • Vajynabush, I’m not saying that you believe the following but your post caused to me think up this analogy:

      Hey, look, there’s a really tall asian guy over there.

      That must mean that there are lots of really tall asian guys.

      Let’s remove any part of our group’s platform that may cause really tall asian guys discomfort to ensure that really tall asian guys feel welcome so that they will join us.

      We certainly can’t suceed without really tall asian guys. Our group’s success depends on the approval of really tall asian guys.

  12. People’s experience of life under a democracy is different from the shiny, glossy brochures. They vote, nothing changes, or if it does change, it’s one kind of bad change rammed down their throats by immune and immutable leaders. Like the plastic bags banning in Vancouver, where I’m from. This is a massive inconvenience, but the leaders are all Greens at heart, who don’t care about making lives worse. They should be brought to the wall and shot.

    • Grimy canvas sacks were the key to saving Mother Gaia.

      However, once COVID happened, grimy canvas sacks were spreading disease and killing grandma, and were pulled from the shelves in favour of plastic bags.

      Now, the grimy canvas sacks have made a final comeback to save Planet earth. Plastic drink straws, forks, and takeout containers are also banned to appease Nature.

      • Ban the straws while polluting the earth with billions of cheap masks. I once walked down the street of the big liberal city I lived in (past tense, thankfully), and spotted 10 dirty masks just lying on the sidewalk. On one sidewalk on one block. How many of these things made their way to the waterways, etc? And nobody, absolutely nobody cares because we are banning straws and cow farts to change the weather.

      • The plastic bag/grimy sack thing is a perfect example of a perfect modern political “issue”. I can actually recall being told that the plastic bags were good because paper ones caused tree murder and besides the plastic they use nowadays is biodegradable. Then Coof came along and using a grimy sack was going to murder granny. Soon enough “The Science” will change again and it’ll be back to a “consensus” that paper is better after all. Or maybe they will try to force us all to buy baby carriages and wheel our groceries to the car in that. Hmm, yes I like that one. We could even work in some anti-natalist propaganda – “Can’t fit all your groceries *and* your babies? Don’t have so many babies!”.

        It’s the perfect issue because there’s no real problem to solve in the first place and yet virtue signalling about it can get votes for a local candidate or virtue points for a store that forces a particular choice on its customers.

        • Some places are literally burning wood to generate electricity at commercial scale. Unless I’m mistaken, some American wood chip/pulp is shipped to Europe for this purpose. After all wood is “green” and “renewable.” But I suspect that the economics of the whole operation, or even if one considered the fossil fuel to obtain the wood fuel, would show this another in[s]ane project of the Lunatic Left.

          • There is an article/study running the rounds wrt trees being considered renewable and a net neutral wrt CO2 emissions when burned. Long and short was that tree harvesting is being shown to affect the ground were the tree was rooted such that the ground itself releases CO2 which is not made up for by the reseeding of new trees.

            I have no real knowledge of the science, nor understanding of the politics involved in this study. I just love it when environmentalists fight among themselves. 😉

          • It’s difficult to determine if something is even really an energy source. You need to know about all the energy that went into extracting the energy and then make sure that what comes out is greater than that. This is why I’m very skeptical of things like wind power. Most renewables have this problem. The physical infrastructure needed is huge and often requires high energy input materials like stainless steel. Once built there is a certain energy cost associated with maintenance too. I’m not convinced that wind turbines are not just a really expensive and inefficient way to burn coal and oil. I suspect that wind actually is a net source of energy but also not a very efficient one. I wouldn’t be surprised if each Joule of input produced only 2 or 3 J of output. On top of that, none of this “green” energy is really all that green and produces huge amounts of chemical waste and other side effects.

            I’m sure there are other “green” schemes that the Left is backing that are actually just outright energy sinks. Shipping wood chips across the ocean to make Euro-cucks feel good about not burning Russian gas might well be one.

            A totally rational, non Left or Right energy policy would probably just be to build lots of fission plants using Thorium (much more abundant than Uranium) and start actually devoting a serious amount of money to fusion research. Just the money fucked away keeping Zelensky in gold yarmulkes would be a good start.

            Lamenting that energy policy is “not rational” though just makes one sound like one of those New Atheist weirdos from around 2008 though. Nothing humans do is ever that rational. Getting wokie/greenie religion out of energy policy though is certainly possible and might be one of the actually good things a potential Trump 2024 administration could be useful for.

  13. Good stuff. It is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying.

    You briefly alluded to something that merits our attention. As you wrote, if Trump were somehow to be re-elected the groundwork is being laid for a second American civil war. Frankly, I think this would result from anything that even theoretically threatened the Left’s (for rhetorical convenience) total grip on power (Trump is a paper tiger so the “threat” he represents also is theoretical). The only somewhat peaceful resolution in such a scenario would be if the Left broke away in a snit. They would do that only if they could not get the military and civilian authorities to murder large numbers of people in the event, however unlikely, their power were threatened. This also would happen in response to a Supreme Court decision that actually diminished their total control. Think in terms of the administrative state being dismantled.

    Their rhetoric and the inferences lead only to this conclusion*. I initially was somewhat agnostic about the 2020 election being stolen, but subsequent events have forced me to acknowledge that indeed happened. The reason is TPTB realize the American Right is toothless and cowardly, but the Left is not and there would have been upheaval. This is the reality of the present-day United States. Mark this, too: there will be at least some rioting this November regardless of what happens in the election because it is their nature.

    *This does not exclude starting a nuclear war with Russia, which becomes more likely daily. These people are as psychotic as the worst female Red Guard thrown into a violent frenzy.

    • I’m sure you are aware the military would happily and gleefully butcher as many US citizens as they were ordered to do.

      And then will get Enthusiastic help from the police

      That’s their ace in the hole. If everything goes wrong and we decide to get a little uppity, they will go Pol pot on us

      I simply don’t understand even on this site how many people are blind to this immutable fact

      • “I’m sure you are aware the military would happily and gleefully butcher as many US citizens as they were ordered to do.”

        My assumption is it would happen. That was two scenarios I laid out. The “however likely” part was in reference to the ability even to threaten their power, to be clear. I have no illusions at all as to law enforcement and the military.

      • One need only recollect the Peterloo Massacre. Largely peaceful gathering of British subjects asking for their grievances to be heard, and a cavalry charge, sabres wielded to fatal effect.

        Or here in the US in more recent times, the reception met by the bonus Army in 1932.


        • Reign of terror in France where the French government slaughtered all kinds of French.

          Vendee is an episode of French history worth investigating-about 200,000 dead.

          Anglo history isn’t as sanguinary as French history when it comes to government murder.

  14. I am always taken aback by the hysterical language and tone in the media. It’s like they are writing for children. I start reading an article and just shake my head in disbelief at the tone and histrionics. It is present to some degree in all of the first 7 linked stories so far in the podcast, but I also see this all the time now.

    Is this the dumbing down of America? Is it the dumbing down of “journalists?” It really didn’t seem this bad 20 years ago.

    • Dumbing down to an extent, but it’s more about two other factors. Firstly, you correctly coin it as histrionics. Our host has called our government a gynocracy because of the increasing involvement of females, and the withdrawal of serious men from public discourse. The result is that our public debates take on the feel of an argument with our teenage daughters. Coupled with this, our governance has drifted further away from being a republic and more towards democracy. Rhetoric and emotion has long been known to be the primary driver of democracies, not reason or logic. Couple these things together, and you have our current state of affairs.

      • Hear, hear! Truer words have yet to be spoken. One might add the “lack of serious women,” though one DID emerge this week, whether you agree or disagree with her. She plans to campaign for several GOP candidates this month, but she no longer holds public office.

        • I do not know to whom you allude but one hopes that a purge of all CFR members and alumna of Young Global Leaders of the WEF will be the targets of her first cull.

          • He refers to Tulsi Gabbard, but she is reputed to be one of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders. If that account is true, well, unless she has truly gone rogue, your hopes may come a cropper.

          • It was, indeed, Tulsi Gabbard. She isn’t Le Gout du Jour for me, as she wasn’t afraid to buck Pelosi over the feeding frenzy in Syria, abetted by “Our Greatest Ally.” Agree or disagree with her, her take on the issues of the day is expressed in an almost otherworldly rational tone. I had formerly reacted to her spiel with a “Wow! A left-of-center person who sounds jolly patriotic. Until my superego reminds me that one cannot be a Leftist and a patriot. So…whatever she happens to be, I want to welcome her to the marketplace of ideas…unless the (certain alphabet agency) has other ideas. Sorry, Bilejones, for the delay in my reply.

    • The histrionics have ramped up as the media shifts further left because they have no facts or evidence. Without that, they have to rely exclusively on morality, which leads to the “point and sputter” journalism we see today. Also the amount of journalism jobs has shrunk to a fraction of what it was decades ago, yet there are more college students graduating with journalism degrees than ever. So there’s no such thing as integrity because if you don’t write what the bosses and owners tell you to write, there are literally thousands who can. Journalists have no leverage bar a select few who put in the work to be good and reliable shills. Anything that strays from that gets deplatformed and demonetized. A dire state of things that aren’t going to get better under the current system.

    • Nobody pointed out demographic shifts either.

      50% of the 18-49 “demo” in the USA are not of European descent. Many of them probably speak poor English. A good chunk of the 25% of White women are insane, as well.

      A well-spoken, intelligent, English speaking White man is not their target audience.

      I noticed the CBC (Canada’s Regime media) dumbed down their articles a few years ago too. Simple, short sentences providing only a brief overview, combined with feminine emotional appeals.

        • The audience eventually will not notice.

          The Great Replacement, doing what substandard public education hasn’t been able to do for 100 years!

    • It is demand side— calculated-histrionic bait links from the gay men who do the media is the production possibilities curve sweet spot currently. But I guess that is question-begging since it wouldn’t sell as well if we didn’t have such supply of dumb childless women consumers supporting it via their transfer-payment incomes from emailing jobs. Hard times/soft times meme.

      • Feels bad pinning this all on the distaff side when the only actual journalism I’ve seen in 2022 was from NBC’s Dasha Burns and her producers, at least one of whom must also be female ( interview with the Pittsburgh vegetable— soft mushy man creating hard women, out of disgust if nothing else).

    • I was in a checkout line a few days ago and for the first time this century I heard a minute or two of NPR (probably) news. The cashier was playing it behind the counter and you couldn’t hear it from more than a few feet away, so I never caught the subject of the story. Whatever it was was being framed as a previously normal thing that now, during this time of unprecedented domestic threat to Our Democracy—because those threats (people) had something to do with this normal thing, it was now too dangerous to allow to happen ever again. Non-partisan election judging, maybe? But it could be almost anything.

      I know that’s what the news is like now, but hearing it from an official loudspeaker in the most banal of circumstances was “surreal.”

      Why is it like this? The separation of [anything] and state is wholly collapsed.

    • Wait until you see the Univ. of Minnesota white coat 2026 ceremony. I flipped through a few bits here and there. I didn’t find the, “land acknowledgement”, recitation, but each segment I spent 15s on was a hopelessly inane, and infantilizing bunch of nonsense. I would have rescinded my acceptance. It is incredibly offensive.

      Of course the hot word of the Religion I heard over and over was being human. There was some bit about, “welcome to your journey of being a human in service to humans.” What a bunch of undignified rabble and rubbish. They are doctors. A Doctor is a profession that is thousands of years old going back to ancient Greece as is the institution of Western Medicine. These all have a meaning.

      Of course, in the DIE recitation they claim that the white coat used to mean the perpetration of oppression and evil … … So now, thanks to POCs it is going to be reconstructed as good and noble. Now instead of being doctors, which were always humans serving humans, they are going to be humans serving humans. The longstanding history of Western medicine and the Hippocratic oath and all of the dignity and achievement of medicine and doctors who upheld it is erased. Congratulations white coats of 2026 – you are no longer a doctor, you are merely a human serving other humans. There is no difference between you and a McDonald’s cashier. I mean, these people have no ability to think through the implications of their creed.

      If you can stomach it, watch a bit of it. It is truly astounding how degrading and belittling this is. These people have such a need to be self-important that they will destroy all that came before them, even the institutions that gives them their prestige, to satisfy their delusions of grandeur. They are mentally ill and they are unfit to occupy their positions.

    • It’s pervasive across much of the world at all levels, not just the popular press. In my readings on various medical topics, I recently read the BMJ, which is one of the more reputable and independent medical journals. Terms like “climate emergency” appear in some articles. The rot is deep. Very deep.

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  16. I agree on the digital voting machines. Even if there is no foul play, sadly even an outstanding engineer can make a mistake.

    How many times have you fixed a naked eye bug in someone else’s very simple code that turned out to be correctly incorrect to compensate for a bug somewhere else in the code. There were no unit tests and you couldn’t add any because the environment, (highly distributed or hardware dependent), meant days, weeks or a month of work to set it up before you could write one? This stuff happens and more often than you think.

    My point is, even simple increment and decrement operations can go wrong if you have a sufficiently complex system and engineering discipline is not maintained in terms of adequate testing. Then there are issues around bad error handling due to network failures when uploading vote tallies; some networking hack like man in the middle or other that intercepts votes (CIA intercepting vote uploads!); disk failures in a very red or blue district; and many other things that can go wrong.

    It doesn’t even have to be nefarious act or a silly bug on the part of the vote machine programmer(s), it can be a whole host of issues in the software and runtime environment that could cause havoc for an election. It is just a bad idea. If software is faulty even on a space launch a catastrophe’s impact is big but still limited in scope. For an election, look at the whoever-is-behind-Biden regime for a disaster so big the impact is felt around the entire globe and whose implications could change the world for decades or even centuries. Just the border invasion alone pushed the country far past a tipping point that is helpful to our side’s desires and visions for our country and civilization. Then there is the Ukraine provocation and sanctions disaster. We could go on here – and this is just one election.

    Paper can burn and get torn, but there are far fewer things that can go wrong with it.

    • When I worked developing software in aviation, we had to submit to the FAA thousands upon thousands of pages of code certifications, including unit tests, integration tests, security audits, worst case scenario testing, you name it. They all needed to be traced to requirements and design with a designated neutral observer looking over every tester to ensure no funny business went on. Then we had “surprise” observers come in and make sure the official observers were doing their job, along with grilling the developers on why they did X. Layer upon layer of security to ensure no funny business went on.

      Now with these election machines, counties are approving them by doing laughably simple input/output tests without any access to the code base, proof of testing, or any sort rigorous integration validation.

      It’s a joke, and any serious court should throw out any results from these machines without blinking.

      • Well, there are plenty of “serious” courts, but they are “seriously” committed to the perpetuation of the left’s narrative, come what may. So there is no balm in Gilead to be had from that “justice” system.

    • As I’ve said before, when we had some folk in to speak on such matters, the talk ended in “…paper, we know how to handle paper…”

      In short, once the original, paper ballot was eliminated, you had no ability to audit the election results—and the audit process was the only reliable method to preserve/assure election validity.

      These folk were some of the sharpest knives in the drawer from academic institutions in the area of programming applications. None believed in the infallibility of their coding and application of such. If one went to such, then the only answer they would give is that all code had to be “open source”. In other words, they were betting that the “White Hats” would discover coding security flaws before the “Black Hats”.

      It is interesting that even with the limited used of electronic ballot counting, we still have elections stolen by simply generating false paper ballots and then counting those electronically. But such a process was time consuming and much more difficult to hide, thus was discovered through various methods. Imagine when paper ballots leave the scene completely. Sigh.

    • But hanging chads! No expense is too great, no effort too complex to prevent the scourge on dangly paper bits!

    • Spoken like a true software pro. Although I had some training, fortunately I never had to get so deep into coding. I was more of a generalist; I’m the one who had to show ace Chinese programmers elementary Unix stuff like how to properly set file permissions 😀

      As for voting in an honest republic, were it up to me: 100% paper ballots, filled out after having presented proper ID (with certain exceptions for exceptional cases — absentee, etc.), guarded by armed personnel all the time, counting by two disinterested parties, etc. I’m not expecting this any time soon, but hey I like to dream….

      • Yep. What continues to surprise me is that the political powers continue to move to make the ballot process *less* secure under the guise of reducing costs and saving money—and of course, the electorate seems to buy into this excuse.

        Case in point here. Years ago, we had “mark sense” ballots (same as today) at the polling places. You properly filled out your ballot, walked over to a machine, placed the ballot in a slot, and the machine would “read/check” the ballot.

        The machine was not counting the ballot, only seeing that the offices voted for were readable. If the ballot was not readable—like there were two votes for an office—it would spit out the ballot and a poll worker monitoring the machine would explain to you to recheck your markings as there were improper votes. If you declined, he would override the machine and it would accept your ballot.

        The County elections director decided a couple decades ago that these machines were aging and needed replacement and the cost (a few million in a County budget of 1.1B) was money that could be saved. So now “bad” ballots go directly to the counting center where they are spit out and then sent for “curing”. Curing is where the two major parties read each and every office and *decide* who you indeed wanted to vote for! They do this by filling out a *new* ballot with those votes “properly” filled in for you and destroying the old original “bad”ballot.

        What could go wrong? 🙁

  17. Joan Walsh: “There is no question that while almost all Republicans support the largest mass criminal incident in memory, the violent January 6 insurrection…”

    I swear it’s like a tic. Even when trying to discuss something like mandatory sentences, about which reasonable people can disagree and have discussions, they can’t help beclowning themselves by shoving in this unrelated, ridiculously partisan claptrap.

    “Largest mass criminal incident in history…?” FFS. Did you live through 2020? Have you ever read any world history?

    • Oops, incident in “memory” not “history.” Well, I suppose if you have the memory of a retarded toddler then you have an excuse. Not a very flattering excuse….

        • People like Walsh think the 2020 BLM riots were mere speech and mostly peaceful protests. They believe that, too.

          • I have (briefly) sparred online with a person who was clearly very intelligent, but (by inference) a leftist. He believed that the BLM riots were done by the Right. 🙂

    • Even on allegedly conservative radio stations, the newsreader will refer to the (certain alphabet agency-sponsored) riot as an “insurrection.” I instinctively get enraged at that word. But then I calm down and realize that I’m of two minds: (1) GODDAMMIT, it WASN’T an in-SURRECTION!! And (2) If only…

    • Ah, but does it cover the margin of fraud as random satchels full of ballots are found in locations where there are tight races and universally benefit Democrats?

  18. That first article was some awesome projection. Shorter version – Trump would do what Democrats do after they win.

  19. George Conway saying Trump supporters are more loyal to Trump than the party.

    Well with that attitude why should they be loyal? A normal citizen wants the party to be loyal to his concerns, not a party that demands loyalty to it, even when it fails to address his concerns.

  20. “ There used to be a time when certain pundits would post about the correlation between economics and election results.”

    Orwell really nailed it in 1984 when the mob instantly abandoned some axiomatic political truth as if it had never been. The war or alliance with Eastasia and Eurasiia.

    Recently I have heard conservatives whining about not seeing any liberals who were worried about nuclear war. Anyone who lived through the 1980s will remember “The Day After” and the Carl Sagan types with their pious concern for the future of humanity.

    Some people have said “Imagine if Carl Sagan were alive today. What would he think about the Ukraine war escalations.”

    Carl Sagan was such a goody-two shoes liberal that I could definitely see someone like him abandoning his previous strongly held beliefs and fully supporting Zelensky’s request for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia.

    • Just wait until the the same people demanding “election deniers” be killed start spinning conspiracy theories about the midterms.

        • Jeb! took the ticket in the 2000 election run-up when he purged the Florida Dem voting rolls.
          Team Dem saw that and said This Is War.
          That led to Saint O, a slight misstep with Not Her Turn, and then full ratfucking* with the 2020 vote fraud.
          Jeb! didn’t get very far in his aspirations and is now a footnote.
          * Older readers remember Donald Segretti, the proto-ratfucker from the Nixon CREEP days.

  21. Lee Kwan Yew famously said that in a multicultural society people don’t vote based on politics or economics, they vote based on race and religion (if I remember that right).

    Mainstream White conservatives are probably the only ones who consistently vote based on the economy now. Many people to the right of the divide are probably going to have their vote heavily influenced by social issues although the economy is an issue too.

    University educated, single women vote for whomever the media tells them to vote for. Shitlib vote against evil and to virtue signal and bring about utopia. Non whites vote based on their tribe and that is always democrats no matter how insane their economic policies. Jews vote for whomever they deem to be best for Jews.

    Maybe the economy is bad enough to be the main focus one more time for the majority but maybe the most important issue will be how successful the democrats are at stealing elections this time.

    • I’m thinking much of what you have outlined is explained by “Rush’s” old saw of the “low information” voter. Not all, but most. Even in my house, the wife would ask the day before Election Day, “Who are you going to vote for?”. The root of this question stemming from a complete ignoring of the candidates and their “stated” positions in the election run up.

      So if one—even in my house—can be so willfully and completely ignorant of the essentials of making an informed choice, why would we expect that a majority of the electorate would not vote simply on a familiar name or race or party affiliation—even when such was in charge during the past decline, and would undoubtedly continue to promote policy against their best interests.

      This year, my answer to wife is rather simple. I no longer participate (vote) in a corrupt process.

      • Compsci: Good for you. Now, your job is to ensure that your wife (uninformed or otherwise) does not vote.

        • You assume control that I don’t have. One can lead a horse to water….

          But your point brings up a thought I’ve recently had wrt my particular situation. I’m feeling quite a lot lately like a modern day “Cassandra” from the Greek myth of Troy. Cassandra we remember was given the gift of foresight by the gods, but also the curse of never having anyone believe her soothsaying.

          I can’t help thinking these days that whatever I’ve said to family and friends on any particular meaningful topic has had no bearing on their belief and behavior.

          Being “right” seems poor compensation for being ineffectual.

          • Compsci: I empathize – or more precisely, I empathize on my husband’s behalf. I wouldn’t say his oldest friends don’t believe him or his predictions – they’ve already admitted for some years now that things he warned of (and they initially scoffed at) have come to pass. In most ways they know he’s right yet . . . do nothing substantive to better situate themselves or their families.

            They’re either financially comfortable or too enmeshed in family ties or victims of normalcy bias despite knowing better. But they’ve really changed nothing about their lives while we’re busy changing almost everything.

        • Yes! If enough people on the right stay home that’s sure to cause X* and due to X everything will get better because of Y*

          *X and Y TBD

          • Nope, things won’t necessarily get better. No one said that, but continuing to participate in a corrupt system and expecting change is madness. When enough people realize this and withdraw from the “game” the system either changes or loses all pretense of legitimacy.

            The problem is that you still believe elections matter and can change things. You believe that and therefore fear folks (at least those who may think like you) who refrain from participating will harm your effort to vote your way out of the present situation.

            This is surprising in light of the 2020 election fraud that stole the election from those who thought like you and voted for their candidate, Trump—even though they voted, and won, the system failed them.

            The system still fails them in that few States have enacted any meaningful election reforms. Certainly my State has enacted none. One of the major reforms would be same day balloting.

            The EU uses this after finding mail-in balloting was hopelessly prone to fraud. France seems to have no problem tabulating such a vote in 24 hours. Yet, we can do none of this? Nonsense! We continue a flawed process because it suits TPTB so that they can direct the outcome when convenient/necessary.

            So this time it won’t fail you? Well, this time it won’t fail me, because I won’t partake of the (corrupt) process called the ballot.

          • Not voting producing positive change is just some particular whimsy associated with pretty smart people on the right who are dissapointed Trump didnt save the day and have since decided to take their ball and go home. It’s just cope.

      • I believe upwards of 80 percent of all adults–not necessarily including your wife–simply do not have the capacity or the will for independent thought. They navitage life through shorthand cues such as race, sex, religion, supposed popular opinion, etc. Now such signposts may be useful more often than not, but they are necessarily reductive and often lead to terrible missteps owing to ignorance. This is just one reason I’m an elitist rather than a democrat.

        • You are right. Wife or not. However, one can change only what they can change. The relationship and commitments made prior take precedent so you compartmentalize and move on.

        • Yeah it’s what led to the very triggering NPC meme. On one hand you see no critical thought ever being applied and then you see guys like David French turning into a pretzel to justify his ridiculous logic and you realize that sometimes that lack of critical thought is not the worst thing in the world.

    • It appears that some hispanics are shifting to the Republicans, likely due to a loss of trust in the Democrats to handle the economy.

      This shift irritates me for two reasons:

      First, it encourages the worst instincts in Republicans to believe that if they grovel enough before non-whites that they can win them over.

      Second, this shift is a complication for my theory that non-white people almost always vote for the party that they believe will help their race dominate. Oh well, the social world is complicated and so must be our theories.

      • The issue is “Hispanic” is not a race or even a coherent grouping. Cubans are basically Italians with better politics, while Puerto Ricans are the Irish with worse politics. Then you have the old Mexican population that is vastly different from the Amerindians from Central America.

        I think what we are seeing is the Mexican population shift out of the Democratic coalition because they do not want to be with the blacks. The rest of the “Hispanic” bloc is pretty much the same. Those new “conservatives” will find out what the rest of us should have learned. They are wasting their vote on Republicans.

        • The MX population here seems somewhat territorial now that they have firmly established themselves within the Southwest. They seem no particular friends of the South Americans currently coming across. One needs to ignore the activists who need “new meat” to feed their grift.

          • Yeah, I think the big shift is that older Mexican population. They also have more stuff now, so they worry more about the economy than in generations past.

        • When the Jeff has finally rooted out us whites (and they will), will they next be calling “Hispanic supremacy” the greatest threat to “America”?

          • Excellent point. The end game here is Judeo-Negro supremacy, and that means all others must eventually be routed from the field.

          • Yeah, but will the Hispanic community at that time have such a reticence as the (former) White community to actively and aggressively defend their position in society?

        • “I think what we are seeing is the Mexican population shift out of the Democratic coalition because they do not want to be with the blacks.”

          Exactly, although it was in large part Salvadorans and Guatemalans who chased the blacks out of Compton, from what I gather. The Left, for convenience’s sake, is only about power, so who gets kicked to the curb depends on a deep dive into polling and election results. There is a religious stricture against the kickee being black, but, power.

        • This is spot on. Negro fatigue is endemic in America and Democrats are unabashedly pro-black. The Latinks community thinks they will get more of a say with Republicans. This is all conditional and once Democrats realize the solution is to kick a few more crumbs to them, they will be back voting 70%+ Democrat. Republicans are only capable of reacting so they will go all in on Hispanics and then lose big once they inevitably shift bank. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

          • I’ve written this before, but the GOP probably will cut Spanish-language commercials touting the carried interest loophole for hedge fund managers. When that fails miserably, they will go with a Spanish-language version of the Platinum Plan and pass the costs along to Whites.

          • The carried interest loophole is to Repugs what “end the filibuster!” is to gay anti racist Dems.

            T’was the first thing George Takei shouted; these mockingbirds don’t even know what they’re saying.

      • Keep this in mind: not all non-whites are the same, nor are they equal. Hispanics and negroes, for instance, are very different creatures, as the vast majority of the former would readily aver. Some of these people we can work with. Others, there’s no way in hell. Whites going it alone or close to it is the ideal, but realpolitik says we would do well to form alliances–perhaps temporary and convenient–with amenable PoC.

        As for the Republicans and their disgusting groveling, I don’t give a dam’ because they are our enemies no less than the Democrats, and at any rate we’re in a post-electoral environment.

        • Given the dire reality, realpolitik has to be a tool, hopefully only on a temporary basis. Hispanics can be redpilled on the JQ, for example, and that is happening now. The hilarious LA city council brouhaha was another warning to Hispanics, mestizo and White, about who really rules them, and that blacks are merely dangerous weapons in the Tribe’s hands. If the Latina council chair had not mentioned those who shall not be named, that would have been a fleeting story.

          “Hispanics are the real racists” is becoming a theme. Nauseating to think such a strategy is necessary but, as Z writes, reality is the thing that doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

      • Ah, but maybe the “hispanics” are not wrong in their computations of which party can be trained to better serve their interests. From that standpoint, inducing groveling among the Republicans may be more likely to get results than the blind faith being heretofore granted to the Democrats, as the “hispanics” are not high in the rankings among their usual voting groups; having the leftoids just presume to call you “latinx” without even soliciting your opinion about that certainly shows what they truly think of you.

      • Mestizos are going to be the bigger group in the united states, barring a miracle.

        Might be better off if they dont hate you and want you dead like some smaller minorities do.

        Anyway a lot of hispanics are white and we should be able to make long term common cause with them.

        Republicans will be a dissapointment either way but we need to be glad for even the beginnings of a coalition. Wish that wasnt necessary, but for the foreseeable future it will be.

      • That narrative is the biggest cope about a few percentage shift in a few random low population counties.
        The United States being founded on “ideas” instead of “a people” was the mistake.

    • H.L. Mencken wrote about the Booboisie. Now he would be cancelled for various infractions.
      In the intersectional world, each subculture must have its own Booboisie. They may not admit to such, but human nature wins out. What are your favorites?

  22. Economic chages? Putin is telling us that they aren’t going to subsidize the West’s collective lunacy. China is stealing, or stolen, the West’s technological advantage. What’s left of the US’s manufacturing base is now located in the South. Domestic energy and mining are being sacrificed to the new age green god. New World Order© indeed.

    What are our best and brightest doing about? Well:

    Looks like we’re gonna burn this baby down.

    • “China is stealing, or stolen, the West’s technological advantage. ”

      I’m not sure this is true. I think the truth might be that The West has made no technological advances for a couple of decades. China is still a generation behind Taiwan in terms of chip technology but is developing it with its own resources. It has long been ahead in WiFi.

      The primary fault lies in the West.

      • Bilejones – I think there is truth in what you are saying about American stagnation in technological innovation that advances civilization. Though when we look back in history, I believe that hydraulic fracking will be seen as such a technology. Of course, who invented it? White men. Even more important it was a white male entrepreneur who risked his entire fortune spending heavily on R&D with a team of, white male engineers, making it viable at scale.

        McLeod has an equally valid point. Our next most important technology and with even more impact on the future is LMS nuclear technology using Thorium as a fuel source. That was invented by another team of white males, and in particular championed by another visionary who for decades worked on this virtually on the power of his will. Most of the research is in Knoxville at the Univ. Tennessee. I have a source there who is knowingly working on trying to eke out gains in LiOn batter tech for EEVs – a project engineers know is of low value. In the meantime, China has been taking all of the research on the LSM/Thorium nuclear tech that they have been granted access to and is pushing ahead on it back in China.

        Meanwhile Kirk Sorensen, another white male, is leading the effort to yell in the forest that we need to wake up and develop this in the US.

        As for Posen. That is incredibly incendiary. Wow! That is truly … … I … … Wow! This needs to be posted far and wide. What a piece of scum!!!! He is just another name and picture that needs to be added to the archive for our Great Replacement operation.

        • After years of obfuscating their opinions they have so little fear of the people, that they’re loud and proud. Its A Bold Strategy Cotton, Lets See If It Pays Off For Em – YouTube

  23. “Of course, those forces are led by Donald Trump who must be arrested now so he cannot attack the 2024 election.”

    Poor Trump has become the Goldstein (or Snowball) of Oceania.

    The only consolation for Americans is that while things are bad in the USA, they’re far worse in Europe.

    • Demographically speaking, however, things are much worse in AINO than in Europe. And this is no small thing.

      • I never understand American conservatives who laugh at Europe’s 10-15% Arab and African populations when the US is only 64% white.

        • MikeCLT: Once again to my old hobbyhorse, but even per official figures AINO is 57.8% non-hispanic White in 2022. Subtract from that 2-3% Juice, 1-2% Arabs, and another 1-2% of miscellaneous Persians, upper-caste Indians, and variously mixed Mestizos. The European White historically Christian portion of the population is 55% AT BEST. This is changing rapidly based on average population age and birth rates.

          You will be a minority here in your lifetime. Your children will never know anything but being a despised minority. What’s in store for your grandchildren, if you have any, is appalling.

          tl;dr: This is my hobbyhorse for a reason. That false sense of security from still thinking there’s time “if we only stop illegal immigration” needs to die.

        • The widely divergent demographic realities of Europe and AINO are a blind spot on the Right, even among dissidents.

          • Not all of us are trolls. Nor do we especially like being defeatist. It’s a big black pill to swallow (e.g. the future realities implied by demographics and birth rates.) I would welcome realistic views. But we’re not going to solve any problems by wishing away the (likely) truths. We regularly ridicule our political opponents here for not having a very tight grip on reality. Let’s try to avoid falling into the same error.

        • The other thing is that American Whites now have the same or lower birth rate as Europeans. With a TFR of 1.58, American Whites are below Denmark, Czechia, French, most of the Balkans, and on par with UK, Sweden, Netherlands. Higher than Southern Europe & Germany (though not Germany by much).

          USA also has a 20% inter-racial marriage rate for newlywed couples. I would imagine Europe doesn’t come close to this – even Canada is much lower than 20% based on the eye test.

          Of course, if you lop off California, NYC, and some other urban centers, things are quite a bit different. The national picture of the USA isn’t necessarily representative of the whole thing.

          But yeah, Europe is surprisingly in a much better position than the USA. The coming winter of freezing will hopefully knock them further out of American influence.

        • Like BAP says, Americuck Conservatives talking about “no go zones” when they lost all of their their cities decades ago is a cope

  24. One indicator I see that is very distressing, is older white women in their 70’s, pushing shopping carts full of their neatly piled belongings around town during the day, trying mightily to remain a normal demeanor. This has happened because the owners of section 8 subsidized senior housing have increased their rents so much that even with the government paying the larger portion, these women cannot afford their share. These are not drug addicted or crazy people, they look like my Grandma. They may not have any relatives or children nearby, and most of them were too old to drive. I shudder to think what happens to them when night falls, and what will happen this winter.

    • My MIL lives in the country and grows about 30% of her own food along with plenty of chickens for her eggs, and she still has to be intensely frugal with the SS money she receives. We, along with her other children, subsidize her so it’s not quite so harsh, but a lot of older people don’t have that option.

      With massive food inflation, you’re going to start to see catastrophic circumstances for the elderly with no support network.

      • Gotta love that short supply chain! Older generations knew and appreciated the local content and quality.

      • Chet Rollins: No personal offense intended to your MIL or anyone else’s older family members, but they ought to be a clear lesson and reminder to the rest of us re what comes of relying on government promises. SS was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning. I ‘paid in’ my share, and don’t expect to ever see a penny of it. I’m old enough to apply now, but based on our current tax bracket it would all go back in taxes for redistribution to Shaniqua, Juan, Li Feng, and Zelensky. Unless circumstances change drastically, I don’t see myself ever applying for it – even if I’m not declared ineligible for my White privilege and my intolerable opinions.

    • I read Angelus comment here and the one by Rollins below about Conway’s daughter and it makes me want to tear teeth out. They both point, from different directions, at something that has always felt wrong to me.

      There is a lot of time and energy wasted in whining about, and shitting on, women in this thing.

      What does this achieve?

    • There was a discussion just on this topic today on radio. City council passed an ordinance prohibiting rejection of sec 8 renters. As I’ve said before, the council is made up of minorities and as such not very bright. The housing owners who rent are now reverting to several avoidance measures.

      One, some are including utilities in the rent and thus raising the rent above sec 8 subsidies. Two, some are simply selling and thereby reducing rent stock. Three, others are raising rent for *everyone* and creating a sinking fund to pay the fines for non-compliance if “caught” by the city—they are making a bet on bureaucratic incompetence.

      Whatever the ploy used, you can be sure sec I people won’t benefit in the long term.

      • The fewer rentals, the better. I’ve seen the proliferation of rental properties destroy hitherto nice neighborhoods.

        • Seems somewhat like a Hobson’s choice. If sec 8 fails, then City projects get built. Those become ratholes fast. One way or another, you are stuck with low income folk. Spread them around and perhaps absorb them or lump them together somewhere and create a no-go zone.

    • Your comment reminds me of a old woman of Eastern European descent, who would occasionally stop by our offices for reasons I won’t bore you with, as she was dependent on some volunteer White guy who looked like he was in his mid-60s himself. I mean, imagine calling up the senior ride-share place and the guy who comes to pick you up entered high school a year after you graduated.

    • Her government housing allowance is no longer enough for her to live on? I don’t care… me who’ll never have such an allowance while being taxed to pay hers.

      If her own family won’t support her then why should we care? What do they know that we don’t?

      • She is White. That matters. Maybe there is an addiction or mental health reason, but perhaps not. There are shanty towns throughout South Africa filled with Whites who did nothing wrong but landed there. We need to help our own people. The morons donating to the stupid grift to help “Holocaust survivors” in Russia need to be shamed into helping their fellow Whites here.

  25. I expect a lot of ” F” curve elections . Democrats pulling out miraculous last minute victories. Those dominion voting machines didn’t program themselves.

    • And all those step functions up in the blue vote totals will happen like clockwork between the hours of 2 and 4 AM.

        • Of this, there is no question. Why wouldn’t they steal elections again and from hereafter?

          • There certainly seems to be no change in the corrupt system used in my State. Just today, they announced that the head of one of the myriad “get out the vote” organizations was sentenced to 30 days and given a misdemeanor for ballot box stuffing in the 2020 election. The same as if you voted twice by accident.

            The organization had a dozen or more ballot stuffers identified, but not pursued. The penalty for such a fraud could be a felony and 5 years. The Attorney General of the State came down from the capitol to *personally* handle the plea deal—or I should say, hush the situation up.

            Now what usually happens is that the County Attorney charges the max and then offers plea deals for cooperation as to rounding up the rest of the gang via testimony of the one they got. No such thing happened, or could happen, as the State Attorney General took control of the case and worked a deal.

            Oh, by the way, did I mention that the State AG at that time was running for a higher political office? This AG was ostensibly a Rep. The election was stolen from a Rep. So why the hell should a Dem be concerned about repercussions stemming from election fraud? His party won’t care and neither will the Rep establishment.

    • You act like the GOP is an actual opposition party after the McCarthy tapes came out you might be single digit IQ

  26. Were President Puddinhead sentient, I’d expect a “Malaiase Speech” from the Oval Office that advises me “It is a crisis of confidence. It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will. We can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation.”

    Alas, President Rutabega can’t even manage “The crisis is, Y’know, the thing, and it’s Cornpop. Also my son Beau was killed at Pearl Harbor.”

    I suspect so many varied groups have drilled and chopped holes in the hull of the ship of state the media is noticing the water sloshing around their ankles as they sip their wine and eat Hors d’oeuvres in the main dining room. The question is who shall go down with the ship?

  27. George Conway is a weak nerd who wants, more than anything, to feel like he’s respected, and will put on a clown suit and dance to make it happen.

    There’s are several videos of George Conway’s daughter showing an unbelievable level of disrespect and contempt for her father. You watch a few and he has this weak, insecure look on his face as he just takes it when she’s openly mocking him in social media. In a sane household this would result in putting all her stuff on the front lawn, locking the door, and insisting you have no daughter.

    Some parents have messed up, spiteful kids even if they are good parents, as unfortunately some people are just born defective. Most of it is weak parents though. The fact so many of our elites have defective children shows how defective they themselves are as people though. The classic line of you can’t expect to run a company if you can’t run your household is very true here.

    • The story about the Conways really is chilling. This young woman, being a teenager and a female, of course sought out social approval more than anything. She was told that she could do so by turning her family in to the mob, by blowing up the one source of unconditional and true love she had in her life. Meanwhile these psychos on Twitter/Mainstream Media/TikTok cheered it all on. How horrible. I feel bad for everyone in that family.

      Now as you point out, just as in the Cultural Revolution, the elders are afraid of the children. The fact is this is happening all over. Teenagers are turning their parents over to the mob for wrongthink regularly, and every time CNN puts out an article cheering the kid for being a good soldier. A lot has been rightly made of the garbage that schools are putting in kids’ heads these days, but the fact is every single kid out there has this device in their pocket that is pumping out the same messages to them 24/7.

    • Slightly on-topic but I was somewhat surprised by the comments at AmRen (“Who’s this ‘Z’ guy? It’s the guy from TakiMag right?”). I would have never guessed that when I was reading AmRen 15 years ago that, with no content changes whatsoever, it would turn in to normie-central.

      • The big difference between me and the other tribes (NJP, AmRen, CC, AFPAC, et al) is they generally think liberal democracy can work, as long as you have the right people in charge. I think liberal democracy always results in the wrong people in charge and therefore can never work.

      • Evil Sandmich: They’ve been normie central for a long time. Before I was banned, I used to lob comments about how they all had an IKAGO best friend, how they routinely prefaced their comments by insisting they weren’t ‘racist but . . . ‘ and similar Normal Thinking signifiers. As everyone has leaned by now (one hopes) merely noticing racial differences or accepting the reality of HBD is not enough.

        • It seems that for all the fine balancing act AmRen has engaged in for years now, they have been tossed out of polite society everywhere. Heck, they even got the boot from “Discus” and now their comment area is tightly moderated—again by themselves, voluntarily—such that everyone must be *polite* to everyone, or your comment vanishes.

          • Let me first just say that Jared Taylor is very important to me. I’d follow him into the mouth of Hell.

            However, I wish I could get his candid thoughts on the JQ. There is one obscure video where he addressed this question and said, “You can only challenge on heresy at a time,” by which he meant that the heresy that he is challenging is blacks.

            I also guess that he guesses that there is at least a handful of wealthy tribesman who might bankroll him or the broader movement, which is not the case with blacks. Maybe some already do. Just my guess.

          • LineInTheSand, I like and respect Jared Taylor myself. I have also defended his focused stance wrt Race Realism. I just point out that his running of the blog—especially wrt comments—has lessened my interest in reading AmRen.

            However, I also admit that the typical commenter on AmRen I’ve encountered has been decidedly “lacking” in substance as say compared to here. I am at a loss to explain such.

            I will also say that the video commentaries by Jared are the *best* in the business. The man is to me a model of persuasion, dignity, and comportment.

          • Really? I may give comments there another try. I was banned years ago for a racist quip 😀

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