Managerial Reality

There is a Hollywood plot where a troubled ventriloquist either begins to think his dummy is real or the dummy has actually come to life. The dummy then begins to direct the ventriloquist to do terrible things like kill people. Another take on this is where actors in some sort of fantasy performance get sucked into what appears to be a real life version of the fantasy world. The underlying premise is that playing make believe for too long causes one to lose his grasp of reality.

There is some truth to this concern for unreality. Extremely rich or famous people often cut themselves off from the world. In the case of the rich guy, it simply becomes a haven from the hassles of the real world. For the famous person it is the one place they are free of the fans. Over time they become increasing detached from reality or overindulge in drugs and alcohol. Howard Hughes is the famous rich guy example, while Elvis and Michael Jackson are famous people examples.

The French Revolution provides a more general example. The king was certainly divorced from reality, while clearly not insane. His actions were rational, based on the rules of the world in which he lived. The same can be said for the aristocracy that was competing with him for power. The trouble is that world was separate from the reality of France at the time. The Ancien Régime was operating in an unreality, based in rules that were quickly being washed away by events.

Of course, the comparison between this age and that age is common on this side of the great divide because of the general weirdness of the managerial class. Normal people, regardless of their income, are concerned with things like rising prices and the dramatic spike in violent crime. Meanwhile, the people running for office are telling you that their penis is imaginary and climate change is our greatest challenge. “Let them eat cake” sounds reasonable in comparison.

What is not well known or at least not discussed in the history books, is if the Ancien Régime invested a lot of time in story telling. That is, did they spend their days spinning tales that confirmed their version of reality? Were there people responsible for telling the important people that the peasants were running out of steam and soon they would fall back in line? Did the official information guy at court tell everyone that the unrest in the countryside was transitory?

It sounds ridiculous but look around the mass media. So much of what passes for the news is just a form of wish-casting. The stories, opinions and analysis are all designed to buck up the ruling class in the face of disconfirmation. When inflation began to rage, they were falling all over themselves to preach the gospel of transitory. It was obviously ridiculous but they wanted to believe it, so everyone in the managerial class put on the transitory face and explained how it was all transitory.

The last two years has been an elaborate game of Covid charades. It seems like a million years ago, but at the start they were claiming the hospitals were overrun and people were dropping dead in the street. None of that was true. In fact, the opposite of that was true with regards to hospitals. We wrecked our medical system because the managerial class believed the scary stories they were telling one another. In retrospect, the whole thing was a deadly and expensive farce.

We are seeing a replay of this with the Ukraine. For close to a year the media has been brewing up one whopper after another about the war. A batch of fake stories are released about Ukrainian babushkas destroying Russian tanks with household products and Western capitals erupt in celebration. According to the storytellers, Russia has been running out of missiles since February. The whole thing looks like a deranged game of make believe to console the managerial class.

This is not a new phenomenon. Way back in the Obama years, the Democrats passed a big spending bill to fund “shovel ready projects.” That was in the winter and by spring they had all the stuff ready for a big party called the summer of recovery. They expected to have Obama roam the countryside, standing in front of construction sites for new bridges while he talked about his great polices. Their narrative said he would be the new FDR, along with the new Lincoln and new Jesus.

They were so sure their stories were true they spent tens of millions on materials for the expected rallies. Things like signs and t-shirts with the “Summer of Recovery” printed on them in Team Obama colors. They were using the slogan into the early summer, despite the reality on the ground. It was as if they thought they could will their preferred version of reality into existence if they just pretended it was happening. The script said it would happen, so it was going to happen.

This has been the pattern for a long time now. Someone in the managerial class creates a pleasing narrative. It catches on and before long everyone is repeating the pleasing narrative in public. Experts are brought in to explain why this pleasing narrative is realty and then other experts are brought in to present proof. It is as if they think that once everyone agrees that the pleasing narrative is reality, then reality has no choice but to submit to the new moral consensus.

Again, Ukraine provides examples. A month ago, the Ukrainians launched a series of counter offensives. The mass media was instantly full of stories about how the Russian army was collapsing and the Ukrainians would soon be in Moscow. Retired generals were brought in to confirm the story. Analysts with funny names wrote columns about how the war has turned decisively against Russia. Everyone was sure it had to be true because they believed it was true.

Getting back to that old Hollywood plot, the managerial class seems to be in a pattern where they create a fantasy and then the fantasy convinces them it is real. Like the ventriloquist who believes his dummy has come to life, the narrative makers seem to be sure their alternative reality is more real than reality. They have come to believe that a good narrative is something like an incantation. If it is repeated enough, the narrative bends reality to fit the plot line of the narrative.

The assumption is that the endless telling of whoppers is to shape public opinion, but that is just a story normal people want to believe. No one in charge gives a tinker’s damn what the people think about anything. There is no evidence that public opinion has any impact on public policy. After the next election, all of those new faces in office will melt away revealing the same old faces behind them. Public opinion will have changed nothing about Washington.

A better reason for the explosion of narrative realty in the managerial class is that this is how the managerial elite controls the system. The people with complicated titles and inscrutable qualifications control the vast leviathan that is the modern managerial state using tales of what lies just over the horizon. The millions in the system, like ants in a colony, response and act accordingly. The leviathan moves in the desired direction with the help of a million administrative hands.

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170 thoughts on “Managerial Reality

  1. Zed is spot-on of course, though perhaps he won’t mind me pointing out that he said in 20 paragraphs what I said in one sentence a while ago: the modern world is living in an anticipated utopia—one in which the utopia doesn’t actually exist, but they think by pretending that it does for long enough they will actually usher it in.

    Note the word ‘pretending’.

    • Fortunately people on our side are finally starting to understand that these people are true believers. They may not be true believers of a particular issue but they are true believers of the system. For years I’ve heard the same feckless multidimensional chessmastering and strategizing about how people can be swayed by the right chart or the right op-ed. Or owning a lib is good enough.

  2. Our elites are degenerate fops, crazy women and cowards. The only comparison in history might be the 9th century Japanese Lady Boy Aristocratic class the Samurai overthrew.

    Not even Dickens was so harsh on the Boubons as Z is…
    Very unfair to Louis XVI; he convened the Estates General to get fair and equal taxes for France, the Nobles resisted and made the Estates run out of control, probably as an attempted revolution with a new King – the Duc of Orleans- aka Philippe Egaliatie – who wanted the Crown for himself.
    The nobles wanted to remain exempt from taxes.

    They were not dancing away as France burned, the King was trying to save the country.

    “We have need of a concourse of our faithful subjects, to assist us surmount all the difficulties we find relative to the state of our finances… These great motives have resolved us to convoke the assemblée des États of all the provinces under our authority ….”

    Just standing up for my fellow Papist.
    Dickens was a liar, lecturing really the London liberal capitalists around him , the Mrs Jellybe’s , not a historian.

  3. The managerial class has set-up a system by which their own narrative is considered a success because of the metric that they use.

    For example, is your work force diverse? “We have a great workforce and it represents the population distribution to the second decimal place.”

    Can your workforce produce 2000units/month? “Does not compute, ERROR!, ERROR!”

    Like shovel ready jobs. The money was spent therefore shovel ready jobs were present. If you create your own metric by which you will then measure the efficacy of your work, reality itself is irrelevant. In other words, just the existence of the program is proof that the program works. Easy.

    • If memory serves, the money for “shovel ready jobs” was redirected to people who would never touch a shovel — unless it’s for one of those ground-breaking ceremonials where they scoop up a tablespoon of dirt and then call it a day.

      Because, for example, the wimmenz had to get their share of the largesse.

  4. Related: “So, are the cities of Europe set to burn this winter?”
    (American Conservative)

    Oh no, not gas prices or Yellow Vests.

    Muslim peaceful protests.
    Can the police protect those vibrant mosques from the Neonazi backlash?

    • After all, “”Why do the French set fire to cars on New Year’s Eve? … That’s because of a longstanding French tradition that sees youths in certain parts of cities torching scores of cars.”

  5. “There is no evidence that public opinion has any impact on public policy.”

    As long as public opinion does not affect public action, it will have no impact.If public action is revolutionary, it will have an impact.

  6. We live under feminine wet dream cultural dictatorship. But remember that saturation of the Ether doesn’t come cheap – it requires the aid of countless foundations, the vast majority of the empire’s supply of creative juice, and its institutions. There’s a very real opportunity cost associated with keeping GirlPower balls spinning in the air.

    Anti-patriarchical activism is entirely anti-Nature. And once the notion of feminism is entertained, it’s difficult to keep it from running riot over civilization. America crossed over into fatal overdose territory sometime shortly after the Victorian era, and the state began usurping traditional male roles in society.

    Sixties feminism gave women “the bomb” so to speak, in the form of the pill. The current version of surgical feminism is destroying young people’s physical capacity for pro-creation as well as happiness/mental health. Imagine how meaningless your life would be if your world revolved around piddling your parts and perpetual navel-gazing about your gender … Now imagine what “their” children will be like … Just how dysfunctional can it get and society still “work”?

    Meanwhile, the state (the preferred husband) grows more dysfunctional by the day — by democratic demand! Remember when HIPAA was originally a “fix” demanded by AIDs sufferers to prevent medical discrimination against HIV+ status? HIPAA’s grown to make it damn near impossible for you to get possession of your own med records. Every few months it expands with more draconian limits as medical doctors become less physicians and are reduced to medical technicians for the state.

    Other victim groups have only just realized the enormous state machinery at their disposal — if only they demand it loudly enough. ObamaCare was just a start. In short, the government that democracy demands is grotesquely defective. There is no stopping it – cessation of its hostilities stops only when it fails.

      • Men are talking here sugar tits. Now wash out that potty mouth and go work on some sandwiches and your manners too, you sound very low IQ.

    • AnotherAnon –
      ‘GirlPower balls spinning in the air’.
      In this day and age – I wasn’t sure if that’s a figure of speech, or you meant literally.

    • Modern information technology allows “our democracy” to penetrate every aspect of daily life in a way old Uncle Joe Stalin never dreamed of. Of course democracy, unless practiced with a very limited franchise and checked by the courts, was always an open door to mob rule. Infotech allows it to take on a totalitarian aspect as well, colonizing every aspect of life in the minutest detail.

      Modern medicine turned down the road to complete stagnation as soon as “medico-politick” became one of the main pillars of center-Left mob rule in every democratic nation. The medical system is now almost completely unconcerned with making any real breakthroughs and is instead devoted to ensuring that the same crude technologies and therapies your grandfather had in 1970 are distributed according to the best DIE (diversity, inclusion, equity) principles. The few genuinely new therapies and technologies are clown-science/mad-science bullshit like gender reassignment surgery or our beloved Vaxx.

      Medicine is now almost completely just another control knob on the administrative state’s panel of tools to insure complete compliance. One good thing about the Covid panic is that it made this blatantly obvious to a lot of people who otherwise would have continued thinking doctors and medical scientists were practically saints, perhaps for years more until some other event exposed them.

      The real tragedy is that there actually is still a lot of progress that’s possible including anti-aging therapies, robotic prosthetics that work like the original appendage, lab-grown adult stem cell based replacement organs that don’t require immuneosuppressive drugs, AI-enabled individually designed cancer drugs. None of it will ever see the light of day unless some of the democracy-free nations ramp up their med-tech research. Hey maybe one day, we’ll all be smuggling our medicine in from Saudi Arabia or Dubai. Maybe after the Russians get done crushing the elite’s hopes for Pride parades in Kiev then can branch out into medicine.

      • In this kind of society the prosthetic arm would start choking you like Dr. Strangelove unless you listen to its ad for Raid: Shadow Legends or Manscaped every five minutes.

        • I was going to mention that too but my post was already too long. The fact that the “tech” people are now such a childish bunch of woke totalitarians means that you would never be able to REALLY trust the thing. The people who made predictions about technology in decades past always assumed that technology would be “agnostic” towards the user’s intentions and lifestyle.

  7. I remember Ohblahma’s obnoxious “shovel ready project” propaganda initiative, bellowed forth so loudly and pompously. I also remember the “cone zones” that appeared on highways, in the middle of the night, as if put there stealthily by space aliens. These were miles and miles of cones, obviously to mark each “shovel ready project” with each in reality, however, never getting beyond the “cone ready” phase. What the states were doing was taking supposed “shovel ready projects” just far enough, and only far enough, to receive the federal-level government cheese that came with it, and then never proceeding any further. After the whole thing blew over, the cones were simply removed, as quietly in the middle of the night as they were put there in the first place.

    It was the whole Potemkin Village ruse, played by the states on the feds, and so the whole thing had a real comic aspect to it.

    • They’ve gotten cleverer about it, at least where I live. Aside from dropping the cones, they make sure to tear out a good amount of pavement and leave a bulldozer at the construction project. Then you let it rest for about six months to a year while the highway is down one lane.

      • You live in Illinois do you? 🤔

        Road construction 🚧 is every state’s perpetual employment project.

  8. His actions were rational, based on the rules of the world in which he lived.


    An absolute monarchy requires the monarch to be on the job 24/7 because there’s nobody to delegate to: being the sole fount of government privileges and power, the king needs to work his court constantly – dispense offices, punish evildoers, flatter supporters and impoverish enemies – or all those powerful dukes and barons will start to plunder the nation and conspire against him. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer is the watchword for all autocrats, but the absentee landlord of France wanted none of it.

    Marie Antoinette’s formidable mother, Maria Theresa of Austria, saw the revolution coming a decade away and desperately tried to get her daughter to pick up the slack reins of government. She could probably have done it too, had she been less lazy and self-indulgent, because she was smart and, until she fled Versailles, one of the most popular people in Paris.

    • In a healthy absolute monarchy, a sixty-year old duke with domains to rule and neighbors to fight, will spend fortunes to be appointed Master of the Royal Chamber Pot because he’d get ten minutes of daily facetime with the king, time where he can jockey for power and money.

      When a king starts to wipe his own ass, everything turns to shit, and Louis even made his own shoes, being a surprisingly accomplished cobbler.

  9. O/T but I want to thank Z for mentioning the Nick F vs Robert Barnes debate on Israel.

    I had never seen it until Z’s mention of it in his gab feed piqued my interest so I watched it

    What a debacle for Barnes, and in the end in his closing comments was his shit eating grin when he showed his deep fealty to israel, beyond pathetic. Like he was expecting a pat on the head.

    I’m thankful because I didn’t know much about him other than his recent appearances on the Duran show where he seemed a bit Pollyannaish in his embrace of muh democracy but at least seemed intelligent. He passes himself off as this incisive no-b.s. brass tacks guy and fighter for the common man.

    Then I read reviews of the debate and how this champion of free speech basically called Fuent a nazi after he’d gotten his ass handed to him in front of like 400,000 viewers. And he’s supposed to be this ace trial lawyer…..

    Barnes = total fraud and gatekeeper

  10. I noticed a few days ago that the media is dropping breadcrumbs about the possibility of us entering a recession soon. Of course, left unsaid is that we are already in a recession, and have been for at least nine months. Remember, the elites changed the definition of a recession a little while ago, and that is their new reality. Their official proclamation is that the economy is super strong despite the fact that the GDP is contracting, the basics are becoming unaffordable, the housing market is falling apart, the stock market is in the toilet, and companies are starting to shed workers. Yet the elites are all on board with this, as well as the Brandon entity’s other shameless, self-serving actions, like releasing gas from the SPR to lower prices during the midterm.

    Historically these nations had factions that the monarch had to balance. This is not the case today. The regime moves in total lockstep on every issue. It can quickly invent its own reality that become unhinged, and it has. This has happened in the past 10 years – Obama during his first term said things that would get him immediately canceled and labeled a “far right MAGA Republican” today. It’s also getting worse at horrible speed. There may come a time when total nonsense like the Ghost of Kiev is looked upon as quaint.

  11. I remember the “shovel ready” rhetoric out of the Obama administration. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere because the enormous amount of bureaucratic hoops that have to be jumped through before anything can be built. However, there was one thing they could have done. That was to build lots of solar energy farms (both PV and thermal) on the federal lands in the desert southwest. I honestly expected them to do this the first half of 2009. I think the reason it never happened was simply all of the people involved were simply too inept to do anything like that. Instead, we learned that solar energy companies like Solyndra were nothing more than frauds.

    • Or he was too busy stealing money with the fake solar company he was involved with, or am i misremembering that? Easy to do these days with the non stop overload of information, which makes me think that is the point. Was it called solandra or something like that?

        • I was trying to import sputtering targets (ITO and other materials) from a friend whose company manufactured them in Singapore and sell them to solar manufacturers in the U.S. I was out of a job at the time and trying to make ends meet on my own.

          Solyndra was actually one of the companies I cold called in 2008. I never got any response from them. It was about two years later they went belly up and I realized the whole thing was a hype.

        • I was already out of the solar field by the time solyndra went belly up. One of the things I learned during my brief effort in solar was that all of the ballyhooed technologies at the time (CIGS, TeCd, photo-sensitive polymer, etc.) were all hype. Nothing ever came of them.

      • It didn’t turn up in the desert because it turned up either in reach of cataclysmic, climate catastrophe driven flooding at Martha’s Vineyard or in Hawaii – oh and paying for his massive security detail and travel entourage in Hawaii.

    • The weird thing about that is pretty much everyone saw through that and saw it for what it was: a bribe to the groups that worked for the left, namely pension fund bailouts and other grifters. Everyone had made their peace with the fact that it was just the way it was, but then it turned out the admin actually thought something was going to get built and then everyone was scratching their heads wondering what they were smoking. It’s like even Obama was surprised the system was that corrupt? Kinda hard to believe.

  12. You know things are bad when Swampy, DC-embedded think tanks like CSIS are running major articles complaining about the low state of US military inventories:

    There are lots of troubling details. My favorite regards 155mm artillery shell production:

    In FY 2023, the United States only planned to buy 29,000 of the basic high explosive projectiles (M795). Surge capacity was 288,000 projectiles per year, though with a 48-month lead time.

    Call me crazy, but the idea of a production surge and a 48-month (4 year!) lead time seem like antithetical concepts.

    • That is the vaunted MIC.infinite
      Bureaucracy and red tape.
      It ain’t 1941, patriotic cooperstive civilian companies working with millitary and government to acomplish things like Willow run & Kaiser shipyards. Its hard to believe today that kind ofAmerica ever existed
      But no worries we have giants today
      Millie, Austin, Brandon. Raytheon, Boeing, lockeed, General Dynamics We are sure gonna win our very own world war and make the world safe for
      democracy again.
      Cue Vera Lynn

    • Well, there they go again with their redefinition of word meanings as needed. Straight outta 1984.

    • Look at the bright side ammo shortage won’t be a problem. The shells are going through the M777 and their barrel life and general fragility will make going through our stocks kind of ploblematic.

  13. Great commentary as usual, but I ask . . . and then what?

    Yes, the problem is systemic and diffuse within the leviathan of DC bureaucracy, and supported by a fawning cohort of acolytes spread throughout the population (Karens and the CNN demographic). OK, you are on a long road trip and your auto breaks down in the middle of nowhere (that is the problem). Do you invest yourself in studying the problem endlessly (open the hood and stare at the smoking engine), or do you use your brain to devise a plan of action that might just result in a solution to the problem? For example, call for a tow, wave down a passing motorist and ask for a ride to the nearest repair shop, start walking toward the nearest town, something other than sit by the side of the road whining and lamenting.

    That is where we find ourselves today. Most of us are still sitting on the side of the road whining and lamenting a broken down government and praying that voting harder and muddle-through will save us. What will change this stasis? No one is going to be persuaded to give up the Comfort First Imperative, for that has become too addictive for too long. Only a collapse will bring about the needed change in attitude and motivation.

    And that is why the collapse is the cure. For example, the people of western Ukraine (and large parts of northern Europe) are about to find out what a cold winter without sufficient fuel or electricity is all about. This pain must exist before any remedy may emerge. In this new environment, the strong and smart will be best suited to survive. Be strong and smart.

    • I completely agree with your sentiments, but not your conclusion. Collapse is a viable lesson for those who will learn. However, we have a nation of, essentially, infantilized drug addicts. Whether it be pills, phones, or outrage, people are addicted, dopamine riddled morons. And drug addicts are notoriously unenlightened by collapse.

      • The other thing is that it is foolish to wait for a collapse.

        While things mays be collapsing for the dirt people, it is not collapsing for the elite. They are more powerful than ever and most importantly have no foreign competitors. The Chinese have so badly damaged themselves with the one child policicy, that China may never achieve its dominant position it should have.

        Collapse is not coming

      • parasites will either learn to pull their own weight or suffer consequences. They actually have it easy now. Living in their tents strung out, degrading society with their filth & crimes enabled by bleeding hearts and cynical pols.

        • The real parasites are printing your “money”, writing your “laws”, filling brains with shit via talmudvision and destroying your children in the schools they tax you for.

      • You are correct that “addicts” are largely immune to the effects of an economic collapse, but reality is an unforgiving bitch during a collapse. The coming hardship will cull the weakest among us, which is no trivial thing on the road to remedy. At some point, the deadweight can no longer be supported and sustained. That is how the business cycle serves to purge the economy of unprofitable or poorly managed businesses. No different for ailing populations.

      • I don’t usually recommend any of the social media sites but if want an enlightening (and really depressing) illustration of this you should join Nextdoor. It’s a thoroughly loathsome, pozzed shitbag of a site of course but it’s allowed me to hear a lot of the neighborhood gossip that my Goodwhite neighbors engage in. It also gives me valuable trolling and ridiculing opportunities when I need a bit of stress relief.

        A thread today was about the latest scam from the Roma people (gypsies). They will claim to be out of gas and needing money to get back to the trailer park because their prostitute daughter is meeting with a client or something. They will offer you (fairly obvious fake) jewelry in exchange for $20 or whatever. The amazing thing I saw was that several posters admitted that they knew the rings the gypsies gave them were fake and that the story was a probably a lie but “I gave them $20 anyway because I worried that they were really out of gas”. This level of stupid is not fixable. We are all very fortunate that these people don’t have many kids but around here these people are still the majority and are not dying out nearly fast enough. Being surrounded by people like this is a potentially lethal hazard in a real crisis. Sadly, my last client ghosted me and forgot to pay me a sizable amount of money so my bugout plans are on hold until early ’23 now.

    • Speaking of media fantasies, this talk about Germany buying LNG is weird…Germany has no LNG terminals, and it takes years to build one, so there is no LNG rescue possible…And lacking pipeline gas to keep storage pressure up, Germany is in for a very grim winter….

      • It’s complicated. To wit – Dozens of ships carrying LNG are circling off the coasts of Spain and other European countries unable to secure slots to unload because plants that convert the seaborne fuel back to gas are full.
        There are more than 35 LNG-laden vessels drifting off Spain and around the Mediterranean…
        Spain has the biggest regasification capacity in the European Union, accounting for 33% of all LNG and 44% of LNG storage capacity.
        The lack of pipeline infrastructure means that this gas cannot be transported to other European countries.

          • And with the example of the desrruction of Nordstream 1, and the partial destruction of Nordstream 2, attacks on energy infrastructure has now been legitimated geopolitically. If I was crewing on any of those floating A-bomb equivalents, I’d be pretty frightened if things go up a notch. First one of those goes up, all insurance will be either voided, or made so astronomically expensive that it will gunctionally be voided.

            More clear thinking from Our Leaders, as yet again they will have sanctioned themselves; no ridiculous profits, in fact no profits at all, nothing but massive losses for the US and Europe. Even the normies in Old Europe will know what just happened.

      • Germany and the other European nations are intentionally doing this seems obvious to most people here.

        The 2-for in this is

        1) that much of Europe will be de-industrialized
        2) the solution offered to resolve this apparent self-induced paradox (and there are now multiple articles on this) is that the EU itself will enact legal measures to take over the entire energy market in the EU away from national and private purchases.

        This much is obvious that these measures will create a defacto federal govt in Europe, as the EU commission (which are entirely appointed) will from this legally control most if not all of the previous private and national markets.

        They will have done this in less than a year and no one seems to see the obvious end game. Its just an extension of the other power seizures put in place using the coof.

        • Spot on. The primary war goal always has been to deindustrialize/decarbonize Europe and make it a permanent fixture of the Empire. Both Covid and the Ukraine War are McGuffins. When you hear so-called “nationalists” going all in for the Ukraine, they either are clueless, grifters, shills or controlled opposition, with many potential combinations of these possible. Even a generation ago France, at least, would not have tolerated this.

    • The follow up happens when the mechanic comes out amd informs you of the damage and how much it’s going to cost to fix. That’s when you’re confronted with the decision to repair or replace.

      Everyone on this side of the divide has accepted that the latter is the only wise course. So, does that mean we also believe the next logical step is to continue driving until the existing vehicle completely falls apart, which might leave us stranded again, this time near MLK Boulevard?

    • Okay. I want to report on this thread and the Clown Show theme in general. I have been forced by connectivity issues to park it in a cafe.

      The shop has two of its own company cars. Now, for context, I am staying in a city that is dominated by a massive multi-building college of arts. It is effectively a conduit for people who are going to create regime propaganda for ad agencies and film for a living.

      I am seated and looking directly out into the parking space for the co. cars and a sliding door from the roastery. For 45 minutes and counting they have been trying to vacuum clean a mini van. It started with one ~23 year old androgynous, fat addled, tattooed, beany cap, female pants wearing guy.

      There are now 6 people, all in various Creative Class clown outfits (including a covid mask), trying to finish vacuuming the car. After they figure that out, a seat is stuck and they can’t raise it. Oop! Now they are trying to load it with packing containers. Ooop! The container rack just crashed because they parked it on a slope without making it stable.

      You can’t make this up. Well, when they figure out their gender, maybe they can figure out how to load a minivan with product.

      My favorite part is how they all wear modified combat boots.

      Oh! They loaded the van. Oh! They forgot to put the dolley in! Oh! They drove back and put the dolly in.

      Here is the white pill. Somewhere, outside of the longhouse, our people, a significant enough number, are honing their bodies and minds. Someday, maybe in the middle of a record attendance Burning Man, the palace will be unguarded. It will be a great time to grant them their wish of living off the grid, fence them in there – permanently. Then we will do the needful. We’ll level the ugly admin state abodes and replace them with something beautiful and grand the likes of which will have never been seen. Then we, capable, disciplined, caring, strong, knowledgeable, courageous, unyielding men, will occupy them. Therein, we will deal with the realities of life and building an incomparably great civilization as they arise.

      When the day inevitably comes, a throng of honed Golden Boys will seize the day. It won’t be easy – not by a longshot, but it will happen.

      Carpe Diem

  14. Very cool article. It occurred to me mid read that a mix-in of an analogy with Rasputin and the Romanoffs might be appropriate. Rasputin was a psychopathic nutjob. His method of subterfuge was to use the Queen, particularly her dysfunctional maternal instincts against the family and the nation. He also woo’d the women of high society and got them to degrade themselves in orgies and other debauch.

    Look at our Burning Man ruling class. Does it not do the same thing? Does it not use the dysfunctional feminine as the tinder to ignite its endless fires? Look at some of the degenerates they are elevating. The Satanist with the gay nightclubs that then provides the morning after STD clinics. The sado-masochist, gay nuclear, “expert.” The Showtune Singing Censor. There is a black female, “computer scientist”, making the rounds mesmerizing white audiences with race and fairness scolding. She has a masters in CS. When she discovered doing her coursework that facial recognition did not work with the color black, she was outraged. Did she advance AI to solve the problem? Did she crack the code? No! She created a career as an evangelist for equity in AI. A team of scolded and cowed Asians and Whites eventually made black facial recognition work better. I can’t come up with a good name for her.

    It wouldn’t shock me if Burning Man and its affiliate party scenes and offshoot groups of, “advocates”, is filled with armies of Rasputins that get a lot of these ideas to take off and be reinforced by a bunch of MDMA and psychedelic guzzling managers and credentialites mesmerized in some den of debauch.

    • Lately, I’ve been trying to drum up some more freelance work in IT and/or find a new job now that my main client ghosted me in lieu of paying. The computer field is particularly rife with poz and wokeness right now.

      Probably due to some job I applied for someone added me to this mailing list called “employHER”. Their image-heavy email newsletter featured a recent Biden appointee in some IT related but bullshitty field – cybersecurity I think. He/xe/it was a bald headed genetically male whatsit with a lot of face shrapnel and thick black eyeliner. Literally every featured person or topic in that thing was some kind of gender-bender fembot garbage. Some parts of the IT industry are now as overtly gay as a San Francisco “queer theater collective”.

      It’s pissing me off more and more because it’s actually a time and money waster to cut through all this shit and get to anyone who actually has a job to offer or a (real) project or problem to solve. I just want to scream “Not *everyone* here is a woke little trust fund brat who can work for free!”. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  15. “Another take on this is where actors in some sort of fantasy performance get sucked into what appears to be a real life version of the fantasy world.”
    Two nights ago Fox Business Evening Edit program brought a retired decathlon athlete on as a guest who seems to have no expertise on any topic relative to the interests of viewers. Sadly, he was dressed as a woman, complete with makeup. It must have been fun for him to display his sick proclivities to the viewers, even though no amount of surgery or chemicals will ever change a man into a woman. He is a fiction, protected under the Obama administration interpretation of “sex” in the poorly written Civil Rights Act. Viewing freaks once required a trip to the circus. Now the Biden administration is trying to include queers who will sue when dismissed from school boards that hire teachers that prey on your children. We apparently didn’t learn from the priests and boy scout leaders.
    “ But according to Charol Shakeshaft, the researcher of a little-remembered 2004 study prepared for the U.S. Department of Education, “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.””

    • In addition to teachers statistically far more likely to abuse your kids than priests, also never mentioned: other students molesting your kids.

      (Impossible to find real data because of shield laws for crimes by minors)

      Public schools are sewers.

      • And most children abused by the older children in public schul will never confess unless some physical evidence comes to light. But only collapse will make all these evils go away. Pray for it.

      • The common pattern is not priests, or scout masters or teachers. They are just professions.

        None of those are the reason for mass abuse of mostly young boys.

        • Professions that put perverts in the proximity of young boys. Did you miss that? How many young boys are raped in the oilfields, for instance?

  16. There’s a youtube video where actress Erin Gray talks about how one day she was driving home from work and began shaking uncontrollably. A therapist explained to her how the body doesn’t differentiate between what’s real emotion and what’s was merely acting. It’s said you are what you eat and that can be applied to Hollywood and Washington D.C. as well, with everybody following the script being brainwashed into true believers. It’s a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, isn’t it?

  17. This magical thinking is why dissidents aren’t just a source of exasperation, but lightning rods for outright hatred. When reality depends on people believing in it, the slightest doubt can ruin the spell. It’s like in seance, if one person lets go of his neighbor’s hand – “You spoiled it! It’s YOUR FAULT the spirits couldn’t speak to us!” So now we’re approaching the burning at the stake scenario for those enemies who are thwarting the will of the gods, or of fate, or of History, or whatever magical force is supposed to be in charge.

    There was a Monty Python sketch that foretold our present situation: a town with apartment buildings built entirely by hypnosis. El Mystico was able to build entire towers of apartments for just over 5 pounds, as opposed to the usual 1.5 million. And as the town councilman stated, “They are as strong, solid and as safe as any other building method in this country provided of course people believe in them.” The problem being, the moment people begin to doubt, the buildings fall down.

  18. Great read as usual.

    One minor point: the ventriloquist’s dummy coming to life story first appeared in the British film Dead of Night (1945) rather than a Hollywood production.

    Dead of Night, by the way, is still as creepy af, if anyone is looking for a Halloween movie…

    • Speaking of Hollywood and narrattives, the American expat to Russia Tim Kirby recently made the excellent point on a Duran livestream that, “Hollywood has purchased enormous goodwill for America all over the world, and this is what permits it to get away with so much.”

      Unfortunately his points about Russian cinema and confidence were as terrible and conventional, “American guy from Cleveland,” as one could get.

      • I cut the cable off a couple of years ago because it was a sewer. I stream now and have discovered Russian movies and series on Prime. It’s mostly Great Patriotic war and some set in the present and their movies are a breath of fresh air. Patroitism, heroic men and women who don’t singlehandedly wipe out the Wermacht. There aren’t any supermen, just good, decent characters.

        I love to movies and have felt left out for years because superheros have taken over our cinema. Foreign movies are usually much better acted and a lot more entertaining. Even then the strong women are taking over and there is too much diversity but I enjoy it while I can.

    • This was a fortuitous post by Z-Man, as I was just watching the MST3K episode “Devil Doll” last night.

  19. “What is not well known or at least not discussed in the history books, is if the Ancien Régime invested a lot of time in story telling. That is, did they spend their days spinning tales that confirmed their version of reality? Were there people responsible for telling the important people that the peasants were running out of steam and soon they would fall back in line? Did the official information guy at court tell everyone that the unrest in the countryside was transitory?”

    No, the Ancien Regime did not do that, and it’s very important to understand why they did not do that. It’s because your entire framing of the situation is incorrect. What you’re doing (which is unconscionable for someone on our side of the “Great Divide,” as you put it) is giving the basic Whig version of history which holds that the Ancien Regime was old and out of touch and that the Revolution, therefore, despite all the bloodshed and excess, was basically justified.

    This is totally wrong. The French Revolution was not a peasant revolt, it was intellectual fantasy concocted by educated and courtly men. The peasants in 18th century France were better off than anywhere else in Europe and were generally contented with things. It was educated men like Voltaire and Marat who were the rebels. They were the ones spinning the narratives then, and their ideological descendants are the ones spinning the narratives today.

    If you don’t understand this then you have some homework to do. Try reading Spengler of de Maistre or even Hilaire Belloc before making inappropriate analogies to the French Revolution. Whig history is false history and it is inexcusable, at this stage of the game, for anyone on the Right to still be under its spell.

    • And in what way does an acceptance of your historical knowledge of the FR change the point being made by Z-man?

      • I’m not sure Z-Man even had a point. In case you haven’t noticed, his essays and podcasts are always first acts, i.e. they’re all exposition.

        But this historical knowledge radically changes everything about how normies look at the world around them. Thus, it’s important and needs to be discussed.

    • “The French Revolution was not a peasant revolt, it was intellectual fantasy concocted by educated and courtly men.”

      I agree with that. It wasn’t the peasants who tried to replace the Church with the “Cult of Reason,” it was the intellectuals.

      Revolutions are almost always one group of elites fighting another group of elites. Communist revolutionaries were almost all intellectuals, not workers. The American revolution was led by wealthy, educated elites like Washington and Jefferson, not by common scum.

      Each side tries to conscript the mass of the peasantry as pawns, but as soon as the revolutionary side wins, they usually disarm the very peasants they armed in the first place…

  20. Having been to France quite a bit, and at least as it relates to the construction of Versailles, a notable difference between that world and its times and ours was that the elites there were physically separate from everyone else. The contrast with today is that the people who believe the penis is imaginary live next door to the guy in a MAGA hat.

    And our elites today have truly never been so elite that they could live physically detached lives from the common people. The richest guy in New York City or in Malibu has to walk over homeless if he leaves his place. There is no escaping it. I guess a guy like Gates thinks he can go hide away on his ranch, but again, the elites back in the day didn t merely own a ranch of several square miles (640 acres = square mile, for reference) he would own the entire county if not the state. As rich as Gates is, his wealth is a fraction of what it would have been for an upper nobleman such as a count or a Duke.

    Very strange times indeed

    • They transit from enclave to enclave in armored limousines, helicopters, airplanes and mega yachts. No care is given to the local inhabitants enroute.

      The royalty of olde had to actually see their locals through the carriage, locomotive and ship windows. They couldn’t escape quite as confidently.

      Ours live in bubbles. They are insulated and now delusional.

    • The inability to completely separate from the Dirt People in places like St. Tropez and Val d’Isere appears to be one of the main motivators for Gates’/Soros’/the WEFs’ war on mankind and modern civilization.

      • Yeah. Hugh Hendry and Raul Pal are the clown car of hedge funders on these islands giving iphone enabled robinhood traders, “advice.” They do want to mingle with the hoi polloi when they want to corral them into some trade where they can trade against them.

        Rule #1 for our side is, never trust a celebrity or someone seeking celebrity. Rule #2 never trust a self proclaimed elitist. This is why I reject Yarvin and his acolytes. Their hatred for, “hobbits”, betrays that they are no different than those who currently rule us. Besides, any of these Web 1.0 guys who made one good trade at the top but can’t do anything else ought to raise eyebrows. I’ll take those who walk and till the dirt for slow and steady progress over some jackpot transactor any day.

        • Agreed and Yarvin lost a lot of people with his trust the authorities take on covid. Plus his worship of Monarchy kinda shines a light on his elitism.

          • His idea of monarchy is not necessarily bad. In his own parlance he comes far short of who should run a monarchy. I like his notion of aristocrats and royals.

            The thing about Yarvin, that his contempt for, “the hobbits”, betrays is that he isn’t even close to what of the above should rule a monarchy. It betrays that he is just another child of the bourgeois. This is the same problem with our existing ruling class. They come from a culture of pure self interest and petty back scratching. They are a rabble. That is why we are in this mess. They are raised atomized and made sickly by this petty bourgeois system from birth if born high, or soon thereafter if able to rise. He is no king. Nor is an CEO that I am aware of a King. Witness – it is they who currently rule. They themselves are a rabble.

            The target is for Royals to rule. The ancients did understand that one is born Royal. But, unfortunately, it isn’t inherited within the family, and a Royal must be cultivated and refined once born as what he is.

            The Royal holds the serfs in esteem, while still understanding their nature. Who he holds at arms length are those who aspire to climb the heirarchy. Monarchy does not solve the self interest problem. But, it provides a potency to a stern hand to keep things in line when bad actors infiltrate, and to arbitrate and enforce reciprocal obligations across the heirarchy. Z is right, it is who. Who determines how.

            The Founders of America came up with the ideal system. However, it can’t stand up to reality – they as much as confess this in the writings of the time and Ben Franklin said as much as soon as the Constitution was ratified. “Congratulations, you have a Republic …” I think he knew it was doomed.

            I see us as in the muck that the Franks and Visigoths found themselves in post Rome’s collapse – though our imperial city has not collapsed. At some point, we need a Clovis, Charlemagne, Alfred … maybe all of the above to arise and plant new banners. The key is that those guys were warriors. They had grit – they started and lived in the dirt of the trenches with the dirt people. Until we have people of such origins we are doomed to this degenerate rabble.

            That won’t happen until this system is grafted out. The best we can do is inculcate masculinity in ourselves and our children, outside the system, until the time arises where we, (some future generation), can either establish our own kingdom or create one out of the ashes of this global dumpster fire. The biggest challenge is how to stay relevant without turning into a bugman. Our people need to become masters at keeping feet on the ground and being capable of taking protracted walks in the clouds.

            Who does that successfully is who will rule.

      • Yep, that they can’t escape us is driving them insane

        Their real quarrel however is with Mother Nature and their own mortal coil, their mortality is what’s driving them crazy because that means in the end they are no better than us and really no better than any living organism out there.

        • “Their real quarrel however is with Mother Nature and their own mortal coil,”

          Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. Hence the urge to transhumanism, half human half computer fantasies and wishing to transfer their “selves” into some silicon chips to achieve immortality.

          The thought that one fine day, no matter how rich and powerful they are, they will be taking a dirt nap drives them completely insane.

    • The true elite probably are separate from everyone else.

      The mid-wit useful idiots who think they’re part of the club (and make up most of the “left”)… Yeah, they’re right in the mix with the rest of us.

      • I understand the inclination to think that the true elites live apart, but they don’t. In the end, they need poor people tending to them, never any escaping that. And they need a place to take a shit like everyone else, which means they’re have to be housed somewhere in a real time and place to do their business.

        The reality of life, perhaps the sad reality for the richest of the rich, is that there is never any escaping us. We all have dreams of getting away, of taking that magic carpet to some faraway place. I wish I could get away probably as much as they do.

    • It reminds me of the time George Bush père was reportedly perplexed by a checkout scanner in a supermarket. It’s been going on a long time, this separation.

      When I was going to grad school in D.C. my program was fairly small, a half-dozen or so. It turned out that one of the other fellows was from the neighboring county as me, in rural upstate NY. When we were each made aware of this, he became visibly consternated. It was clearly his desire to wholly cleanse himself of the Dirt People stain; he didn’t want anyone to know of his impure origins. He was also donut puncher, like so many others in the Imperial Capital.

    • not a chance . you will not bump into gates, bezos, musk or a rothschild at the public restaurant where you are having a nice dinner , much less anywhere the homeless live. do you really think you will run into hillary sitting next to you on an airline flight? this is nonsense

        • Not so sure about that. I run into rich people all the time. If you think they don’t have to once in a while deal with the dirts, you are mistaken.

          Bezos is dating the former local news anchor. It’s not like hob knobs in high places

          Not to drop names, but anyone who lives out here by me runs into the elites often, or often enough. One of the few charms of living in Los Angeles or I suppose NYC or DC is this occasional moment when you’re having a drink or a dinner across from a billionaire.

          There is no escaping us, embrace it

      • Hillary lives in chappaqua. She has real neighbors. Every day people, see her every day. Yes so she takes private jets, but she still has to come down to earth and actually go to sleep somewhere. In fact I have met her on one occasion. She’s not some fairy tale queen who lives in the sky.

        No one is.

        But believe what you want.

  21. Well, this phenomenon isn’t completely irrational. Large fortunes have been made recently by “bending reality”. Social media and technology are driven by narratives and network effects. Just look at Google and Facebook and Apple etc. – this list goes on and on.

    The Political Elite are just copying the technology elite. They want to turn the DR and even normie grillers into Lotus 1-2-3 users – a dead end minority outpaced by “progress”. The standard “software” or “operating system” for any professional now who wants to get ahead is “Prog 2.0”, which runs on all devices and can be downloaded for free.

    Of course, the spreadsheet isn’t the company, as many of us have learned the hard way. The real world always wins in the end.

    • “The Spreadsheet” runs my GloboBank.

      Layoffs and even firings are not done at either the manager or section head level: the spreadsheet spits out a name and “bam” out walks 10, 20, 30 years of experience.

      Fyi: my firm stopped using the Lotus tools only 10 years ago. Those who are under 35 don’t even know that Lotus or Wordperfect even existed.

  22. Spot on.

    John Derbyshire notes one of the main modes of human thinking is magical. We are now seeing the new and improved mode, memetic magic. Apparently if you retweet a belief enough it becomes reality. We certainly can blame social media for much of this. The failure of all education, public and private, to instill critical thinking bears its share of the blame as well as the atomization of the individual into epistemological closures in the American political sense. The Left have this right although, ironically, it suffers the most from it.

    Magical/memetic thinking is relatively harmless until it has the ability to spawn famine and war. This is where we are now. Maybe we should encourage those who wore cloth masks just a few months ago to start clothing themselves in togas or like garments to signal one another and allow us to separate from them as much as humanly possible and to identify them at a later date if the opportunity arises. Thinking it through a bit, though, separation is tough since those I want in togas also have their fingers on the button and the ability to disrupt food and energy supplies.

    Our leadership class would have used potions and cast spells in times past, but unfortunately, we do not have the ability to burn them at the stake, at least yet. Maybe in the aftermath of famine and pestilence we can have an auto de fete or tens of thousands?

    • Great comment! The next Savanarola will be a truck driver.

      (minor quibble: it’s auto da fe’, btw. Auto de fete is a french masturbation session)

  23. As with the wish-casting which modern people call socialism/ communism: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

    It always ends in poverty, starvation and piles of skulls.

    Incentives matter: if the farmer doesn’t expect to get an adequate return on his labor, then the fields will be fallow.

    Reality does not care about legislation demanding that it rain, that the growing season last an extra two months or that the fields increase their yield at 8.046% per annum, using organic free-range electric (or windmill) powered tractors and combines. But it will guarantee these results: fallow fields, poverty, starvation and piles of skulls.

    • The Scandinavian countries did socialism just fine. “Socialism fails everywhere it is tried” is as false as anything that the progressives have ever said.

      White and Asian people in homogenous countries can make socialism work well and create more harmonious societies than “every man for himself” capitalism ever will.

      Of course incentives matter but they can’t be used to justify policies like mass immigration just because it makes the stakeholders of big business richer, for example.

      • Socialism is a non-recursive system. Such systems can do well in the short term but without feedback do not adapt well to change. Why was Volvo sold off? Where is Saab?

        • In a homogeneous nation, I advocate for as much free market as possible. However, the government must be able to stop any business dealings that damage the nation. Two examples of this are not allowing mass immigration and outsourcing.

          Of course, this government power, any government power, can be abused but the hope is that in a homogeneous nation the rulers will identify with the people and there will be less abuse than in other systems. Every system has its drawbacks.

      • The Scandinavian countries did socialism just fine.

        They weren’t socialist. They were social welfare states, which is quite a distance from being socialist. The social welfare states were run with the acquiescence and cooperation of capitalist firms. In fact it was a troika of capitalist firms, trade unions, and government that provided the underpinnings of Scandinavian social welfare states. But this modus vivendi started to come to an end in the 1990s.

        This interview with Asbjorn Wahl is illuminating:

    • As a divorced guy in his late 50s, I can tell you that a man who never has anyone cook for him…also loses his mind.

  24. Good analysis!

    It’s one of those things that – once stated clearly – is obviously correct.

  25. They have come to believe that a good narrative is something like an incantation. If it is repeated enough, the narrative bends reality to fit the plot line of the narrative.

    Lack of care for reality can go on insofar as dollars can be issued to, and will be taken as if they were valid currency by, the entire world, thus being able to be issued limitlessly.
    If that is over, reality will go back to being felt, and looked at as something of interest.

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  27. Well, as someone who lives in the DC area, I can tell you that their false reality is, in fact, reality for them. Every day, all day, making up those fantasies and believing in them works on the ground for these people.

    They have jobs that pay them a nice salary. They live in nice neighborhoods. Their kids go to good schools and get into “good” colleges. They get promotions. They go on vacations. Etc., etc. Like the king’s court, they do very, very well.

    What’s more, it’s also reality that if they go against the false reality – especially publicly – their lives will be destroyed.

    Sure, someday, at some point actual reality start to impose itself on their false reality, but until then, their false reality is, in fact, reality to them.

    • DC is the spiggot of the welfare trough – turn off the spending and they are like all other gov’t welfare recipients. A well known author (can’t recall who now) once remarked it might be a worthwhile use of resources and better for the entre country if the federal government was relocated every quarter century.

    • You are correct.

      Here is the paragraph from Trumps Inaugural Address that explains the insane fervor of the DC Swamp-creature need to destroy him.
      For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs, and while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. That all changes, starting right here and right now, because this moment is your moment — it belongs to you. It belongs to everyone gathered here today, and everyone watching, all across America. This is your day. This is your celebration, and this, the United States of America, is your country. ”

      This must not be allowed to stand.

  28. You once said,and I paraphrase “there is nothing wrong with Africa. It’s just full of Africans…”

    So it goes for America. When the Kraine issue started, the first question I asked was “Why does Russia want the ‘Kraine”? I hopped on the computer to find out. There was at least 20 hours of podcasts, essays and pundits that were objective, dispassionate and honest. They did not even try to sway your opinion, they just threw the facts out and said, “fact check me. Let me know what you think…”. At least 20 hours.

    The mass media will give Normie all the info he needs with 35 second sound bytes, and ten minute interviews where homosexuals will interrogate obscure experts. Boom, you’re done! Normie American knows everything there is to know. If anything pops up that compromises the narrative… only bad people notice it. America is full of Americans. So it goes for Canada and Europe too.

    Our propaganda machine is global in nature. It is so powerful, Germans will give billions to blooded and tatted full bore “Ukro-nazis”. These guys are covered in swastika tats, death heads and SS lightening bolts. The fuggin JEWS will happily support them too. One wonders what Hitler or Stalin would have accomplished with a propaganda machine like this?

    I once saw a YouTube channel where guys destroyed machines in ludicrous ways. In one episode they put a large heavy brick in a drying machine… and it was hilarious as it bucked and swayed as it shook itself apart. I think that is where our media is at today… and that if you’re smart… you won’t stand to close to it.

    • “The fuggin JEWS will happily support them too.”

      They are not supporting them, but employing them. It may have been that the nazi-tatted fellas were dumb enough to think they had a genuine partnership with (((internationalism))).

      However, at the end of this sordid drama, the nazi-tatted fellas are all going to be dead or doing hard labor in Siberia and the (((internationalists))) will be mourning the loss of the profit stream, formerly coming out of the harvested labor of their stupid and compliant white slave monkey’s, from their estates in Israel and America with a glass of brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other.

      • this is true . where is the azov battalion now? all dead or breaking rocks in siberia. instead of fighting your enemy, they got them to fight another of their other enemies , russia . until they were wiped out .

  29. I love Zs sense of humor even while describing the inevitable return of reality. The dummy-come-to-life analogy is fitting; I was just waiting for him to compare Pelosi to Blade from Puppet Master.

  30. “This has been the pattern for a long time now. Someone in the managerial class creates a pleasing narrative. It catches on and before long everyone is repeating the pleasing narrative in public. Experts are brought in to explain why this pleasing narrative is realty and then other experts are brought in to present proof.”

    Well, this is exactly why they were (and still are) so threatened by Trump. For all his faults, he was like the little boy shouting “The Emperor has no clothes!” Trump was the only one calling them out on their bullshit.

    Nobody else had the balls to call “Madam Secretary” Clinton, “smartest woman in the world” “crooked “to her face…

    • If I were running things, the book “The Emperor’s New Clothes” would be required reading in the schools for all students.

      • I agree about how relevant “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is to understanding our times. I am amazed at how often it applies.

        The one other fable that is confirmed so often is “The Scorpion and the Frog.”

        Frog: Why did you sting me to death after I helped you and you said that you wouldn’t sting me?

        Scorpion: Because I am a scorpion and that’s what we do.

        (Blacks and the chosen)

        • I always liked “the Pied Piper of Hamelin Town” the best (Fairytale Theater by Shelley Duvall).
          “the piper advanced, and the children followed”

    • One of the reasons they are so enraged about 2016 is that Hilldawg was supposed to lead us into war over Ukraine and take down Putler so she could show everyone she’s the toughest woman in the world.

  31. Add in the recession lie. Ever since I’ve been paying attention the past 45 odd years, a recession has been defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. Q1 and Q2 in 2022 were down 1.6% and .6% respectively – ie recession. Now I keep seeing economists predicting some percentage chance of possible recession in 2023. WTF? They make s*** up about literally everything. You just have to categorically figure anything reported by the government/media complex is an outright lie or seriously slanted at the very least.

    • Z: “It was as if they thought they could will their preferred version of reality into existence if they just pretended it was happening. The script said it would happen, so it was going to happen.”

      I’ve been noticing a similar phenomenon on the internet lately; unless I use extremely esoteric keywords, most search engines no longer lead me in the direction of the source which I seek, but instead attempt to divert me to fake websites which are sporting my keywords as though they were real websites.

      It’s especially bad when searching for consumer goods, but the very worst is when searching for services.

      For instance, about half of the “towing” or “tow truck” websites I get on the internet now are in fact made-in-street-sh!t-istan pajeet fake websites, hoping to intercept my phone call for help [when my car breaks down on me], and thereby get the largest possible cut of the action for having been the first to take my call [and then forwarding my call to an actual local towing service which can help me].

      And for well-known name-brand consumer goods on eBay, 50% or more of the top hits will be from “Resellers” who simply drop ship from Amazon or Home Depot.

      It’s very strange now, being on the internet, and having to research the hell out of every purchase I make, in order to satisfy myself that I’m sending my money to a Mom-n-Pop Bricks-n-Mortar establishment in a Red State, rather than to some server farm in a slum in Bangalore.

      I have a strong sense that absent a particularly serious solar flare, on the order of an 1859 “Carrington Event”, i.e. if the internet continues to function for the next ten or twenty years, the weak-minded will be increasingly lured into fantastical counter-reality lunacy, and even most strong-minded of us will become increasingly infuriated at our inability to peel away all the layers of the onion and get to the heart of the matter [of any particular question du jour].

      • “Sporting keywords” was an old trick in the early days of the Internet. The search engines quickly caught on and their algorithms became more sophisticated. Now I’m sure you are not incorrect in your observations, however I have to suspect such referrals are more directed and controlled.

        Directed and controlled is the key here. We will accomplish nothing wrt correcting the problem of search engine bias until we can point to how it’s being done. This may involve breaching the wall of “proprietary” info the companies hide behind.

      • Duckduckgo is extremely bad for that. Google results are more useful. But then I have to put up with the ‘Latin America’s first tap-dancing mathematician’ type Google doodles.

        It’s a tough call.

    • Russia, Russia, Russia, stay home, wear a mask, take the jab, inflation isn’t an issue, inflation is transitory, Russia, Russia, Russia…

    • “Negative growth”

      Mainstream economic Orwellian speak. When an airplane falls out of the sky it must be a “negative climb”.

      • Mainstream economic Orwellian speak. When an airplane falls out of the sky it must be a “negative climb”.

        LOL. And when it makes an impact with the ground at high speed, it goes into a negative assembly mode while the passengers transition into a negative lifestyle.

  32. In the Middle Ages and early modern times, the job of telling the truth to the monarch often fell to the court jester (often known as the Joker or the Fool). He could speak the truth because he was regarded as slightly demented, although they were often very astute. Unfortunately, the managerial elite has no court jester.

    • This is true and important. People in the DR can’t understand what a bubble these people live in. We’re so used to having an alternative viewpoint shoved in our face every day, all day, that we can’t imagine anything else. We constantly have our beliefs challenged.

      The never have their worldview challenged by anyone inside their tent. That matters.

      • The managerial elite badly needs a Will Summers, the court jester (or buffoon) in the court of King Henry VIII of England. He was amazingly shewd and Henry often relied on him. Because of his position, he could tell truths to the monarch, which he often did by means of jokes, about, for example, extravagance in the court.

        • A smart ruler wants to have someone challenging his views. We don’t have smart rulers.

          The usual suspects have never been good at listening to others.

        • Diversity Heretic: “The managerial elite badly needs a Will Summers, the court jester (or buffoon) in the court of King Henry VIII of England. He was amazingly shrewd and Henry often relied on him.”

          There’s a school of thought which holds that comedic ability tends to correlate exceptionally strongly with IQ.

          And the thematic material, as delivered to its intended audience, necessarily varies wildly with the audience’s IQ.

          E.g. I doubt that the bottom 30% to 40% of USA audiences [consisting of groids & muds & the outright mentally retarded] would laugh at the following Jimmy Stewart “naughty” joke:

          Back during the era of “Game”, when the Dissident Right was busy unravelling the horror of hypergamy and trying to figure out how to construct algorithms for thwarting hypergamy, I used to warn dudes that all of their “Game” needed to be tailored to the IQ of the prey at hand.

          E.g. openers which work on chicks from the Seven Sisters ain’t necessarily gonna work on chicks who couldn’t even manage to get their high skrewl diplomas [God bless their poor little stupid hearts].

      • When the inner cities collapse under rampant theft, public disorder, drug use, crime, and tent cites, the rich just leave and rebuild their cherry-on-top bubble world nearby.

        Bellevue, WA, a good example. The cloud people decamped from Seattle and set up north of the city.

        They also built a mass transit system that links Bellevue to downtown Seattle. It opens in a few months.

        They don’t seem to grasp that this train GOES BOTH WAYS. The “people who choose to live outside and do drugs” will go where the money is; downtown Bellevue will be a rotting, decrepit husk in a few years, just like Seattle.

        So they’ll decamp again, and the cycle repeats.

        But it’s the working poor and the middle class who can’t leave who can’t have things like rule of law or basic public sanitation that suffer.

        • That’s why Georgetown in DC always fought against the Metro getting a extended to it and fought against too many buses going to Georgetown.

        • The Bellevue train sounds like the one-transfer route from Manhattan to small town Dover, NJ.

          On the other hand, a jewelry store in midtown Manhattan near an apartment building full of millionaires just got robbed.

  33. The amazing part of this fantastic story telling is that some intelligent people appear to fall for it, even the redoubtable Greg Cochran at West Hunter with respect to the Russian Army…I suppose we are all potential suckers for the right story, if it tickles some inner fantasy of ours…

  34. “[H]ospitals were overrun and people were dropping dead in the street.”

    Now they’re dropping dead on stage and on soccer fields.

    • And now they’re publishing stories in the news trying to sell the idea it’s always been normal for young people to get myocarditis, when in fact it’s been very rare.

      • Consider all the people who must be in on the lie to a greater or lesser degree.

        As a quick thought experiment – a local school (and many others nationally) for under 10 has for the first time put in a defibrillator. At the same time the health service was announcing nationwide a new heart attack “misinformation campaign” and the rapid licensing of a new RNA interference drug to supposedly reduce the risk heart attacks (apparently for no reason at all).

        How many layers and people down the varying chains must be involved in these totally not related decisions and how long ago was it ordered? where do the origination of the requirements come from? when was money allocated through procurement for equipment, training etc? The list of questions regarding origination and timing are very long indeed.

        It involve at a minimum – media. school management, teachers, local health, local education authority, central govt , medical bodies, regulatory, treasury depts etc.

        • What are you talking about? The vaccine was rushed as quickly as possible, lightspeed relative to normal approval procedures, with new and unproven technology, with the population used for animal testing. And it had all the predictable results of rushed and sloppy work.

          • You are assuming the vex was produced in a response to the coof.

            Rather than the mrna platform was set up to roll out and the coof scam was run in the media for the purpose of the mrna use.

            That it was nominally targetted at the coof seems to me to be neither here nor there, as the proteins coded in the current version are an add on to the technology platform itself.

            Much like the patriot act was not written in 2 days after 9/11, It was written much before and the event was used to enable it, not the other way around.

        • There was a tv series my wife and I found fascinating called The Homicide Hunter that was comprised of dramatizations of genuine cases in which the main protagonist, Joe Kenda, was first a policeman, and then later, due to his intelligence and the creativity of his thinking about crimes, became a leading detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department. This occupation was a course in the study of human nature to be sure. He had a thought which he articulated about this, to whit, “I was never surprised by what people do, but I was disappointed”.

          And so it is with all of those alleged humans involved in these daisy chains of evil; that they behave thus is down to their “characters”, but it is a sad testimony that the lack of moral compass and self-exculpatory rationalizations act in aid of these “characters” contenting themselves with their actions. Yes, Joe, disappointing indeed.

  35. I’ve been fumbling around with a theory of the “bicameral mind” to explain Our Betters in the managerial class. From Julian Jaynes, obviously, but also from a philosopher named Norman Fingarette, who wrote a book called Self-Deception in which he argues IIRC for something like that — a “split brain” that can hide itself from itself, since after all self-deception shouldn’t be possible. But it happens, obviously, just as it’s obvious that these people do know, on some level.

    I saw it all the time in academia. One of the places I taught was this cute little college town in the middle of nowhere. Very nice, very clean, very safe… so, of course, very White, and that had to go, so the faculty pressured the city council into importing every ghetto banger they could catch from the nearest major metro (it probably helped that some of them were good at football, though they’d never admit it). So the usual happened, except this time, some townies got what they thought would be sweet revenge — they rezoned the schools in the faculty ghetto to pull from the new ghetto ghetto.

    White flight? At about Mach f*cking three, my friends. It didn’t take but one or two cases of their kids being beaten up and robbed for their lunch money. But you know what happened next — all the professors moved to the very Whitest school district they could find… and immediately started decrying the lack of Diversity.

    They know. It’s impossible that they don’t know, as evidenced by their actions. And yet, their actions make it just as obvious that they really don’t know, too. I hesitate to attribute some kind of weird brain defect to something like 35% of the population, but all other explanations fail.

      • In a way. But cognitive dissonance is supposed to bother people. It’s supposed to cause tremendous unconscious stress. These people aren’t bothered in the slightest. It doesn’t even register. That old crack about how they talk like MLK but live like the KKK is literally true, except not only does that not bother them, it never even registers — consciously or (seemingly) unconsciously.

        • This is why liberalism can be classified as a religious dogma. Its also why science advances one funeral at a time. We need to wait for these people to die while dispersing our message for the next generation.

        • Mania indicates stress. It’s why I distrust true believers, anyone claiming to have The Answer. Even myself when I have a breakthrough on some problem, or get worked up about something.

          I’d argue the ‘bicameral mind’ is reason and emotion, like a rider and a horse. If you’re freaked out by the horse, he’ll throw you, if you aren’t, he’ll let you ride him— and you can cover more ground.

          Likewise with emotions. They’re natural, they happen. If you gain control of them, you can go far; if not, you’re a wreck and a wrecker. If you overcome them like a buddha, you’re left walking.

          My unsolicited two cents, at any rate.

        • Severian, you perhaps misapply or mistake cognitive dissonance in your example? It is precisely the overwhelming cry for DIE that *reduces* cognitive dissonance in these folks living in segregated, White neighborhoods. They realize they are not living according to their principles, but they atone for such by being even greater proponents for the concept—hence *reducing* painful cognitive dissonance.

          This is exactly the same phenomena we see with celeb’s who take their private jets halfway across the world to attend the latest global warming conference. Their excess CO2 pollution is justified because of all the
          “good” they do at the conference.

      • Yes. Which has really nothing to do with Jaynes’s book and theory.
        Good to quote those, and bring them to attention, but not when they are off-topic.

    • You are confusing “don’t know” with “don’t care”. It’s a common problem of good people to conflate the two. That’s what happens when good folks do nothing to stop evil.

      • Eh, I don’t know many examples you require to demonstrate these people don’t think and rationalize like us.

      • Classic.

        But it is disturbing to see how young Paul looked. Poor guy. The last few years have taken their toll. Strange, because my mirror tells me that I haven’t aged at all.

        • Hey, that’s not a mirror, it’s an old GQ cover photo of Tom Cruise pasted into a picture frame!

    • Maybe it’s just that some truths are just too painful to accept.

      We are all going to die someday, there may not be a God who cares about us, there may not be a place called Heaven, that there is no Cosmic Justice, that nice guys may finish last, and yes, all men are not created equal.

      A mild schizophrenia? Jaynes might say that they hear voices.

      • There’s worse reality than no God and no Heaven. That is there is a God who judges and eternal afterlife. The nightmare is that you did nothing to prepare for either because the time you lived in couldn’t be bothered about God, to the point it presumed atheism in all discussions.
        Atheism is both comforting to the evil and suburbans alike. But it is the risky assumption when seen from eternity. Atheism is the opiate of the masses, not a religion that warns that default is Hell.

    • They all crave the Magic Negro. Why can’t any black boy be as nice and articulate as that Barry Obama? We just need to have some faith that all God’s chirrin’ are equal.
      Well, the UK just learned that the Magical Negro does not exist. Kwasi Kwarteng lasted 38 days as Chancellor of the Exchequer. The only guy with a shorter tenure died of a heart attack soon after his appointment, and he didn’t destroy billions of pounds of value before his death.
      Apartheid now is the only solution.

  36. Zman, you forgot to include one of your best lines and one I find myself repeating quite often these days: The definition of reality is, that thing that doesn’t go away even when you stop believing in it.

    • You can ignore reality but you can’t avoid the consequences of ignoring reality. Ayn Rand

      Noted many times in human history.

    • “There is no evidence that public opinion has any impact on public policy.”

      That right there is some of TheZmans greatest work.

      50 years of politics in the US in a single sentence.

  37. So what you’re saying is, is Santa Claus isn’t real.

    Boy, the kids are sure gonna be disappointed.

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