Election Special

This is the last final push to the election. That means the democracy supporters have just a couple more days to get those ballots printed and into the mail, depending upon the state they are ballot stuffing. Elections have turned into Christmas for the elves who are tasked with making sure their bosses get what they want when they wake up the morning after the election.

All joking aside, the very weird noises coming from the Biden people suggest they are plotting a caper next Tuesday. Biden’s chief of staff issued what he called a final warning about the election. Of course, Biden’s speech made clear that the only way to defend democracy is to support the regime at all costs. It was another form of “by any means necessary” that we heard in the Trump years.

Much like the over-the-top response to Kanye West and now the basketball player, a repeat of 2020 next Tuesday would serve our interests. The regime would avoid an embarrassing result on Tuesday, but it would come at the price of their legitimacy, which would be an enormous price to pay. Too many people would notice what was happening and draw the obvious conclusion.

On the other hand, the blowout for the Republicans that dwarfs expectations would be hilarious and a nice little pick-me-up heading into the holidays. A night of salty tears and threats from the news carnies would be good fun. Twitter, given what is happening, could be hilarious. Sure, it would give normie false hopes, but normie is a sack of potatoes, trapped in his conditioning.

If I had to guess, the riggers will have a tough time of it this time simply due to the dynamics of midterms. They also got a late start because they were sure things were going their way into the late summer. This time there are scads of “election deniers” on the look out for mules and ballot stuffers. Lots of people want to be a star for having caught a rigger red-handed pulling shenanigans.

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192 thoughts on “Election Special

  1. I didn’t have any high hopes for the Musk purchase of Twitter either, with all that has happened since the purchase confirming my assessment. As far as social media goes I think the “fediverse” which is a collection of various independent social media instances are going to be the future. IIRC Gab is based off of that software but just operates standalone. With federated social media you can have your own “instance” that federates with other instances on the internet. Or not. It’s pretty much up to the people that run the particular instance who they federate with. It’s mostly spergs and weirdos on it right now. Which is how I prefer it.

    We had a bunch of twatter refugees try and come in and form their own instance, journo.host I think it was. We’ve been bullying them non-stop over the past day or so, hopefully they will either rage-quit or defederate from the wider fediverse and leave us in peace.

    • I wish you would enjoy the features of this blog that are accessible to you for FREE (by a lone individual who likely has a day job) without you offering unsolicited and likely unwanted advice/clogging up the comments section.

      • “…clogging up the comment section “

        Not central to the topic so I’ll be brief. Excusie.

        Michael Anton. “The Stakes”. Most excellent book. The mess we’re in, how we got here, what happens next.

  2. This might be somewhat OT, but not really in my estimation. I’d be interested if anyone cares to comment on this.

     I want to suggest that you take the time to carefully read and digest this following post. It is an interview with a French expert on security and military matters. The interview is dense with information and speculation about what this information suggests about what may lie ahead in Europe. But if you think that it may have no relevance about matters in North America, well, don’t be too sure about that.


    In this time of the decay of the power of individual nation states (to a substantial degree traceable to neoliberal aggrandizement against the primacy of nation states, and in Europe to the pretensions of the European Union to superseding authority over its constituent nation states in matters such as immigration policies, and jurisprudence), there are arising dangers from sub-national forces, and international criminal organizations with which the weakened nation states are now increasingly unable to contend. There exists a real danger of a resurgence of various forms of warlordism, a dramatic lurch backwards to pre-Westphalian times. But these dangers also exist in the increasingly splintered “United” States, and Canada, divided comprehensively along cultural lines, and becoming increasingly fraught as large bodies of non-compatible ethnic and religious groups are being forced upon our nations by “Elite” fiat.

    I commend a close reading of this interview, particularly with an eye toward the forthcoming effects of the deliberately engineered economic and demographic collapse in Western nations on this developing instability.

    • Thanks for the link. Wicht obviously is wrong about the cohesion and prosperity of United States citizens but he otherwise is spot on. The globalization he describes has robbed Western man of protection and identity, and the expansive use of mercenaries and using war as a blunt instrument to terrorize populations intrnally certainly are how things are now. He gets to that here:

      “it is no longer important to inform free and responsible men and women, but to keep a populace, always on the verge of a riot or revolt, calm.”

      Exactly. I find the French to excel at this type of analysis, going from granular detail to an overarching theme seamlessl.. Wicht certainly does that well.

      Terrifying and true from what I know and see

  3. I see at least 10 Mastriano signs for every Oz sign, but I’m supposed to believe Oz has a good shot, while Mastriano is a lost cause. Granted, my sample is Central PA, but I’ve covered a lot of ground out here in the past month or two. Am I supposed to believe Pittsburgh and the Philly burbs are in love with Oz when there’s almost no enthusiasm for him in the middle of the Commonwealth? That would have to be the case if the race is close. Straight-ticket voting is no more in PA, so I think they must be relying on Trump’s endorsement to push the squish vote over the top, but I’m not certain. I know plenty of Mastriano supporters who are none too happy with Trump endorsing Oz, and they tend to see the establishment GOP as part of the problem. They might be voting, but they don’t have much faith left in the process, or a strong desire to hold ranks with people who they know don’t like them.

    Haven’t heard much about Smucker otoh. Sending out mailers in the last week or two, but I haven’t seen anything that indicates he isn’t cruising. No Dem mailers. That could be me not paying attention, idk. It’s interesting, in any case, because the Dems contested his first three elections. I wonder if they’ve given up on this district for the time being.

    I still think there’s a good possibility Dems will do better than expected. It depends how desperate they feel, I’d guess. Maybe some more of that emergent behavior like Z supposed in ‘20? If they do, I’d expect it to be attributed to women righteously rising up to protect their right to powerfully sleep around and murder the consequences lol.

    I’m not sure a red wave would do much to restore faith in Democracy! A blue hold would rip off the band-aid. Imo unstoppable historical events are in motion, and at most this election will influence their pace, whether it’s honest or not. The big picture things seem already decided, if you ask me, and I think most dissidents will be happy with how they break. Again, long-term. We’re in the getting-there stage of things.

    • While I do not think voting matters at all now and the Regime is all but admitting it, control of a state’s national guard does matter however outgunned it may be. Mastriano scares the hell out of Left and their Republican toadies because he seems like the kind of guy who would activate the guard the next time Floyd-type riots begin and unleash them mercilessly. If there are stolen elections this cycle–and there will be even though that generally raises the question of “why bother?”–I would look for Mastriano to be the prime candidate.

      • It could be my deepening cynicism, but this cycle seems less organic than any other I can remember, at least in this neck of the woods. The manipulation is palpable, the sense of big, outside forces contending with each other. There are more Fetterman signs in LanCo than Oz! In normal times you’d know, and it would be said, his campaign is down in flames because he’s a terrible candidate. And again, Mastriano looks to be holding his own on the ground.

        I highly doubt the results will reflect that, but who knows anymore.

      • I’m much more concerned that Mastriano be elected for those executive power reasons than The Turk, who is a Vichy candidate. Having state power will be much more important if 2023-2024 are a reprise of 1859-1860 than either Strokey or The Turk in the Senate.
        Thus, any fraud will be brought to bear on the Italian Stallion, rather than The Turk. Using a bit of maskirovka, they could pull that off and cover it by letting the Turk, a far lesser threat that Mastriano, “win” to provide plausible deniability to ensuring the greater threat “loses”.

        • I think the real reason the GOP has greenlighted the election be stolen from Mastriano is that he would be an impediment to throttling Trump’s nomination in 2024. Still, not an insignificant number realize Mastriano will go full Bull Connor if a Summer of Floyd situation, autumn edition, happens again in Philly. Divine Arsonists and Looters cannot be denied.

          • I’ll go further and say that Mastriano represents a threat not only in the state but also by collective action in a coalition of state governors (DeSantis, and others, especially if New York and Pennsylvania form a MEGA MAGA ULTRA bloc), defying Federal authority with real muscle, not mean Tweets like the Bad Orange Man.

            If that little weasel Shapiro is frauded into office, along with his buddy Strokey, expect Strokey to resign shortly for “health reasons” and his bitch wife get appointed to some position in Doctor Jill’s retinue, and Shapiro appoint Admiral Dick Levine to replace Strokey, to rub shit in Pennsylvania Normie’s face. All three of them were good buddies in Tom Wolf’s Administration of Misfit Toys.

        • Definitely. Oz is playing the tired bipartisan moderate card. Mastriano is smeared as the next Hitler. It’s the same ‘return to status quo ante’ narrative of ‘20. We’ll see if it goes down the same way.

  4. I would still urge everybody vote. It is still important. Even if you feel like the system is hopeless, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t just sit the election out. Here are a few:

    1. The realist does not waste his time dreaming up more ideal forms of government. He works with the situation as it is, and with the means available. The available means are now, and for many years will be, democratic and parliamentary. Even when elections are stolen, they are stolen by making it appear as if the necessary votes were cast. The democratic form still has immense power over the contemporary mind. There is no other system to work with, so work with the one we’ve got.

    2. You are not voting in order to get “representation.” You are voting in order to influence the outcome of the election. Therefore, if a certain candidate or party or issue is more beneficial to the big picture, then vote that way. This applies in spite of the fact that we know that candidates lie and that policies are not always made in good faith. So what? We are all familiar with Burnham’s distinction between formal and the real meaning of policy. We know that government is to a certain extent a black box. Nevertheless, we can still form a prudential judgment about what the effects of a certain policy are likely to be in the real world, and we can vote accordingly. This is especially important when it comes to killing legislation. The Leftists have pulled off enormous power-grabs through the legislative process simply because not enough “no” votes were found to kill the proposals. The greatest test of leadership is the willingness to leave well enough alone. “No Change” is a noble position that needs men to stand up and fight for it, otherwise the “Hope and Changers” will tinker with the system until they break it.

    3. Local issues matter matter immensely. At your city and county level is where the rubber meets the road. This is where your vote will determine how much taxes you pay, how the taxes are spent, and who sits on your child’s schoolboard. It is a dereliction of duty to not vote on these things, but you can’t vote on the local issues if you don’t vote at all. Even if you eschew casting a vote for state and national candidates, at least vote in your local elections.

    • I respect a ballsy, contrarian opinion. Good for you for directly and respectfully contradicting our esteemed host.

      I think 3. is your strongest point.

      I would only urge our readers not to vote for any Republicans except those whom Biden would label as “ultra-mega-super-extreme MAGA Republicans.” The GOP needs to die because it is designed to dissipate nationalist energy, although a few of its politicians are salvageable.

      • “The GOP needs to die…”

        Die, or undergo a transfiguration?

        Ron DeSantis, Keri Lake, Tucker Carlson …even Elon Musk?…recent arrivals on the scene, may be signs of such a transfiguration.

        For now, as Line says, vote for the mega maga Republicans. They may at least act as a decelerate, buy us more time, and you can tell your grandkids you did what you could to resist.

        Even if voting doesn’t do much good, not voting doesn’t do any.

        • What would our enemies have us do, then do just the opposite.

          They would have us not vote, which is a pretty good reason to vote. They spend countless millions in telling us how to vote, so it must matter to them.

        • Look up who the biggest GOP donors are and what their priorities are and that should tell you everything that you need to know. The donors control everything.

          Trump’s biggest donor was Sheldon Adelson who was on record saying that his biggest issue is protecting Israel.

          Do you think the donors want to cut off their supply of cheap illegal labor by enforcing immigration laws? Or bring back manufacturing jobs to the USA, which will be more expensive for them?

          • I’m just going to add that I think that a belief about whether donors control, in almost all cases, the behavior of politicians is the dividing line between those who believe in voting and those who don’t.

            Most people who believe in voting believe that a candidate who puts together a platform that appeals to most voters can win and implement the changes that voters want. I don’t even believe, in most cases, that such a candidate will even be recognized by most voters on election day because that candidate will not be able to raise enough funds to prevent being eclipsed by the candidates backed by the donors.

            For this reason, democracy is plutocracy.

        • Densatis, Lake, Carlson, Musk are all staunch adherents of the same morality that has dominated since the great post war consensus. They philosophically agree 100% with the idyllic end of history state that the “woke” want, they just disagree somewhat on how to get there.

          Nothing new about any of them except the names.

    • I see some rather big problems here:

      1) If the realist must “work with the situation as it is, and with the means available”, then what does one do when voting has no positive outcome? If party A promises polices you reject and party B promises polices you reject, what does the realist do? isn’t boycotting the process “using the means available” in this case? If company A promises to flavor their product with cat urine and company B promises to flavor their product with cat poop, are you saying the realist must choose between those two options?

      2) “You are not voting in order to get “representation.” You are voting in order to influence the outcome of the election.” Isn’t this an argument against voting? If the most you can expect is you happen to pick the winner, but that winner will in no way represent your interests, what was the point of voting?

      3) Local elections in some cases can be important, but in most cases they are never important. This is a straw man argument as no one says no one should ever vote in any election. There are exceptions to everything.

      In every other aspect of life sticking with a failed strategy or policy is disqualifying. A football coach who sticks with a quarterback who throws the ball to the wrong team gets fired. the salesman who opens his presentation with arm pit noises and therefore never closes a sale gets fired. In politics, we are expected to keep choosing between two parties that hate us and want us dead. Why would anyone think this is a good idea?

      • Of course it is only a fantasy, but here in NY where the State Assembly is currently 107-43 in favor of the Democrats, it would be fun if all of us voted Dem, giving them a 150-0 majority and a 100% popular vote. Why not? 43 seats may as well be zero from a legislative standpoint. Such a result would pose a dilemma to the PTB; how to vilify the dirt people when there are no dirt people? How to claim an “honest and clean” result from such an improbable outcome? How to revel in the glorious victory knowing or suspecting that you, and the system you control, are being mocked?

    • I agree local still matters. Even state-level, it’s still possible to make a difference, though less-so.

      Had a conversation with a friend about that the other night. He’s concerned with the Senate, I said I think DC is less relevant by the day. He was saying the quality of candidates is declining, and that worries him. I said that could be evidence it’s all show, and the people making the decisions aren’t holding office or appearing on the screen.

      I wouldn’t call the guy normie by any stretch. More like an older dissident who isn’t as cynical, because he came of age in a time when there was less reason to be cynical. But he has eyes and he’s figuring it out.

      • Is that implying that there were quality candidates before in America?

        Who are these people? Republicant or Demotripe? It’s been a uniparty blob since the Civil Rights era.

        All these politicians are the same.

    • So one continues to play in a game of cards with a marked deck?

      Here in my State exactly nothing has occurred to address the ballot fraud/irregularities of 2020. Just last week, the results of a partial, independent audit initiated by the the Legislature was released. Of approximately 100k mail in ballot envelopes sampled for our largest County, 20% could not be matched up to the registrants’ signature on record—yet these ballots were *not* sent for “curing”! (Curing is primarily the process of contacting the voter to confirm the ballot is theirs.) Indeed any number of unsigned ballot envelopes were detected as well as other anomalies—for example close to 100 ballot envelopes had *identical* dual “swiggle” lines drawn on the signature box—sort of like an illiterate making his “mark”. There were 100’s of ballots from folks no longer State residents at the time of voting. There were over 70 felons who voted. Ballots dated and undated after the election were counted. Heck there was even a ballot counted where the signature box had printed in it “voter is deceased”—we can only assume/hope it was a blank ballot.

      Note, none of this audit makes a claim one way or another as to whether Trump or Biden was the rightful winner of the AZ balloting—it is simply designed to validate, or invalidate, the process. However, remember that the margin for Biden in AZ was something like 14k votes. Those are small numbers and “insignificant” errors (read vote fraud) are really not so insignificant as to not make a difference.

      There are certainly a lot of folks who think like ID. Just the other night I got a call asking if I was going to vote since it was “so important” this election—aren’t they all. I said no, the process is corrupt. The caller response was it is important to vote so that such corrupt can be “detected”. I said what do you need? The fix is simple: same day voting, paper ballot, hand count. People are completely clueless. (OK, so perhaps there is some meaningful compromise to my requirements, but no one in the Legislature is even discussing such. They want to ignore “the man behind” the curtain so to speak.)

      I agree with ID that a proper voice in selecting officials is important in a democracy—but more important is that the *process* is deemed to be fair. I no longer believe in the process, so really my voting is merely an inconvenience, really an annoyance, and no longer an exercise I can take pride in.

      What did voting get me in 2020–disappointment, and a demented old fool in the White House and a whore in the Naval Observatory. Not my cup of tea being played for a fool. In 2022 I will be voting sort of, by abstaining, which I consider a vote of “no-confidence” in the system.

      • Compsci: Well said. All the sincere calls to vote assume that it will have some impact, some relation to the outcome. If one no longer trusts the process, despises all the people involved, and now hates the resultant system, why ought one to participate?

        It’s not merely lack of representation. It’s not merely a deeply corrupt process (felons and aliens voting, lots of foreign money, etc.). The entire supposed outcome – some sort of pretense of representative government – is something I do not want. There is no one I trust to represent me or my family’s interests. No matter who wins, we lose. I will not be their patsy. I will not be Charlie Brown for Lucy. I will not play their game, by their rules or anyone else’s. I want to kick over the table and set it on fire.

        Local? It is to laugh. Local means han and pajeet candidates. It means lining up and submitting my voter ID to people whose ancestors going back 100 generations were and are alien to everything America was supposedly founded on and for. It means participating in a farce, and behaving as though I really believe my voice will be heard or that I will have any influence over those with the wealth and power who run this country.

        I reject the people, the process, and the system. Those who vote – for whatever justification they claim – are giving their tacit consent to the whole thing.

        • “Those who vote – for whatever justification they claim – are giving their tacit consent to the whole thing.”


          Your consent is meaningless. Consent, decent. What difference does it make?

          Voting is no more a sign of consent than not voting. A 80% voter turnout or a 20% voter turnout, what difference does it make? The regime is going to do what it wants to anyway. They are more concerned about winning elections than about voter turnout.

          Besides, the way they cheat, they can claim any voter turnout they want.

          • Voting percentage of the population below, say 50% certainly *is* a sign of consent—non-consent!

            Yep, I agree that TPTB will do as they see fit regardless—but they can’t claim legitimacy as that they have the majority’s support of the democratic process.

            I’d go even further. I’d argue that in this “two party” system, if there is a plurality of *non-voters*, say 40%, that such overwhelms the other two party’s “split”. Then the process is also illegitimate and it does not serve the will of the people—in theory at least.

            And of course, if even the above “non-compliance” can be isolated to a particular race, that may also be considered problematic and indicative of failure of the process.

            If my (non) vote was so unimportant, why are TPTB incessantly screaming for us to get out and vote? It’s a facade, a pacifier. They know it, but many of us dirt people have not caught wise.

        • Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football is such a great metaphor. I wonder if younger people even recognize it.

          After the Bush-McCain amnesty attempts forced me to leave the GOP, I used the
          Lucy-football metaphor to try to convince other Republicans to follow my example.

    • So just be slaves to Conservatives and the center right because it feels good and is easy? I don’t want to support the extreme assimilationist right in Europe or North America and I’m not in some grand team with them. Them winning is bad, horrible.

      They’re awful, worse than the left in some regards (race, culture, immigration), better in others (crime, education), and atrocious if you average everything.

    • Thanks for posting this. I’m extremely cynical about democracy but I still plan to vote. I’d say my list is this:

      1. The current situation is that of a civil war with the two sides being not so much “in disagreement” as simply being different types of people. Votes can be cast with no expectation of any real policy change but simply to demoralize the enemy. The feminine, hysterical, degenerate, and psychologically weak nature of our foes makes this particularly effective. We’ve all seen those “liberal freak out” video with crazy snowflakes wailing in pain after 2016. Let’s encourage this as much as possible. Sure it’s harsh, but honestly, most of these people just need to off themselves and we need to encourage them to do it.
      2. The point about local elections is well taken. A lot of the time people on our side forget that, while the Left has vast wealth, they are not actually able to buy the outcomes in every local election and there are still many parts of the country where the local people simply will not tolerate shenanigans and where urban-looking hipster fruitcakes and minority “mules” stand out too much.

      In the long run we certainly need to address the “democracy problem” of course. There is really no penalty for assaults on our values and freedom and the cost of utilizing the democratic machine to harness the evil and stupidity in the masses, while huge for ordinary people, is trivial for people like Soros and the global ruling class. To them playing the democracy game is what nickel slots are to us. Sure, I know a given nickel is not likely to pay out but the game is cheap and there might just be nothing better to do. This is how the Left advances in fact. Most of what they do fails but it’s the basic principle of throwing tons of shit at a Teflon wall in hopes that something sticks in some spot where the Telfon is torn. They also know it takes years, sometimes decades, to roll back their victories.

      Here in Oregon, there are 4 utterly noxious “ballot measures” in the current election, the most egregious of which is measure 114. This is your basic Leftist gun grabbing package – 10 round mag limits, a state-issued licence to buy any gun, and some kind of ill-defined training and safety program to pass before you get the licence. There’s also a requirement to gather gun owners’ addresses and the possibility that they will actually publish lists of gun owners online. It’s basically California on steroids.

      Now the thing is so poorly written and thought out that it might actually be impossible to implement*. In any case it’s a huge violation of the Bruen precedent and the lawsuits are primed and ready to launch so it might never take effect even if it passes. Current polling has it failing like 49/46. Here’s the local shitlib news outlet’s story on it: https://www.kgw.com/article/news/crime/gun-violence/measure-114-oregon-poll-results-gun-control-close/283-c342776d-f3b3-4799-ba76-061424bbd62e

      * “impossible to implement”: I wonder if the idiocracy of Western nations will eventually get so bad that some of the worst laws will simply not be enforced just because no one can figure out what they’re supposed to mean. Needless to say, I’m not counting on this in the case of Measure 114.

  5. In the Peoples’ Republic of Illinois, Chicago suburbs, we are inundated with abortion ads.

    Last Saturday afternoon I had a college football game on, and every commercial break had women’s reproductive rights (newspeak for child sacrifice) political ads. I thought about the typical Saturday afternoon college football audience in Chicagoland (mostly younger to middle-aged males, mostly white) and wondered why they’d target such ads at that audience. Further, the team playing was Notre Dame, so you would expect an inordinate number or Catholics in the audience.

    Are they that out of touch?

    Are they just incompetent and reckless in how they allocate their advertising budgets?

    Or are they just seeking to demoralize White, Catholic males?

      • It will be interesting to see tonight, as Notre Dame, with its inexperienced, unqualified, affirmative-action hire coach, plays a primetime game on NBC against #4 Clemson. I suspect I’ll be bombarded with freedom to worship moloch ads.

        It would not be unreasonable for Notre Dame to request that NBC tell its affiliates to not allow abortion ads during the broadcast, as it should not want to be associated with something so at odds with the University’s teaching and mission.

        But since Notre Dame, like much the rest of the Catholic Church, is run by a bunch of pussies, it won’t.

    • The purpose of a great deal of ad spending is not to reach a target audience it is to to pay the media.
      The best example are the adds for drugs to treat ailments with vanishingly low occurrences in the population. Like Ukraine, they are vehicles for buying influence.

  6. re: Paul Pelosi

    Z, you mention that maybe Tucker is right and we should leave family out of politics. I’d agree with that except for the fact that Democrats were on their sue within MINUTES issuing blood libels against us.

    Game on, baby.

    They’re hiding the video footage because – and you’re 100% right about this – the FBI and the Government in general is lying. If they release unredacted video, they get proven as liars again.

    Even stupid people (about politics) I know have figured this out.

  7. Personally, I won’t be voting again until strong Pinochet/Franco vibes are hitting me in waves. Anyway, best of luck on Tuesday. X

    • I thought about voting.

      Then I realized that, as our host stated in today’s podcast, I am one of those White guys that hasn’t had any representation in the US for years, possibly even decades.

      • It’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Over here in Airstrip One, there is really is absolutely no point. We’re a conquered people armed with cricket bats and frying pans in a demented gynocracy where a mass murderer has just signed on for I’m A Celebrity as the RNLI taxis our replacements in from French waters. I’m up for adoption by the way.

        • You could just stop reading the Daily Mail.

          You, living in the UK as you surely do, should know you can own a gun.

          • Owning a firearm, limited in choice as it is in the UK, is not the same as using it. Yes, there are firearms, but from what I hear it’s not easy to obtain nor employ such as we are used to in the USA.

  8. Fauci broken on the wheel is absolutely right.

    Mayorkas should be horse whipped by border agents, train raped by a days worth of border jumpers, dragged behind a bus to every station he sent illegal aliens to, dragged back to the border, have an illegal with face tattoos take a tomahawk to his head, then crucified on a 40 foot high cross as a wall double the size of Israel’s goes up while he is moved one foot a day across the entire southern border. He is kept alive until he hits the California coast where he is taken down and left to wander naked on the Tijuana border where the families of victims of violent illegal immigrant crimes and any interested border agents decide and carry out his proper and brutal end.

    Did I mention I think the traitor Mayorkas is scum who needs to be made an example of? To watch that smug smile on his bug eyed, black-eyed pea face as Biden triumphantly proclaims the greatness of our replacement is an affront that must not go unavenged.

    • Mayorkas isn’t a traitor. He is loyal to his group. Mayorkas is enemy. He is the descendant of those who opened the gates in Spain and facilitated the invasion.

  9. I have been saying for a year there will not be honest elections, the Democrats cannot climb off that perch if they wanted to and they don’t.

    Once again as in 2020 National Guardsmen are tasked to guard voting warehouses, which is what they are, I wonder if they’ll stop ballots from being tossed like last time (it was a 20 year old kid who just sensed it was wrong, he couldn’t be farther from political, unless you mean girls and partying).

    We’ll know more on Wednesday, probably more of the same.

    Blows to legitimacy are worthless.
    As if that will lead anywhere.

    They have real power, they exercise it resolutely, THAT is legitimacy.

  10. Regime-ology is a tricky practice. But the FT has been running article after article blaming “voters” for valuing their daily lives and not being able to afford both food and gas over “democracy.” And calling for some “action” to get around them. So there is that.

    Robert Barnes on the Duran show noted that this regime has done things that were considered unthinkable and has made the Legal System as a whole an instrument of punishment for political enemies. [This practice is universal in the West btw]. My take is that cheating in the midterms will take place but will not be decisive given people’s direct and massive unhappiness with daily life and not being able to afford food which has skyrocketed in cost as well as low motivation of the base absent Orange Man Bad. So quite likely the Legal System will be employed — mass arrests of pretty much most/all Republican winners, along with Trump and DeSantis as “election deniers” or being in league with Putin or whatever. Thus the regime can morally posture (its favorite thing) as “saving our democracy” and create the clampdown they obviously are yearning for at the same time. This is based on what I’m reading in the FT — the direct pipeline from the Regime’s propaganda.

    How that will play out I don’t know. Sack of potatoes but even something as trivial as video games can be radicalizing. Trump’s early success and boosting came from angry/alienated young White men radicalized by the feminizing, gaying-up, and people of coloring their favorite video games for “the Message” because it was their only “thing” that got invaded by hostile tribes and destroyed. Stuff like destroying Star Trek and Star Wars matters because it is a direct (and deliberate) assault on the memories, feelings, and identity of the former fans – mixed up that Christmas when they were twelve, memories of long dead pets and family members, an anger intense and unquenchable. Add to it being hungry and cold, one could have at the very least a spreading series of strikes. [There is already a bus maintenance strike here in Orange County the first in a generation.] When people get an inflationary pay cut every week they increasingly have little to lose.

    • From the House organ itself, eh?

      Cold Fury: “That kind of rhetoric is typical, but under Obama and Biden, it’s been backed up by arrests, investigations, surveillance, raids, imprisonment, censorship and the whole banana republic gamut.”

      • Beautifully phrased, no?

        Saw that at WRSA earlier today.

        Sometimes it sure is lonely being aware.

  11. Shamelessly copied and shared:

    An accelerationist, a conservative, a White nationalist, and an America First fan walk into a hockey game.
    The opposing team scores a goal.
    “Shit!” the WN exclaims, but his friends are cheering. “Why are you cheering?” he asks.
    “Now our team will be properly motivated and start playing some real hockey!” the accelerationist says.
    “I don’t want their fans to think I don’t support scoring,” the conservative says.
    Soon after their team scores a goal and the WN cheers, but his friends are silent.
    “This is awful!” says the conservative. “Now the other team will be mad and take it out on us. Also, we’re not winning over any of their fans.”
    “This is clearly a fake goal meant to get us to let our guard down,” says the accelerationist.
    “And what about you? What do you think about all this?” the WN, exasperated, exclaims to the AF fan.
    “Que? No hablo Ingles” he replies.

  12. Demographics are still changing quickly. The Republicans (especially in Florida) are temporarily benefitting from a large amount of Whites in the 50-75 age range (Boomers more or less) who are politically active and have a high turnout.

    Arizona/Texas turning blue is being slowed down by a large migration of Whites from California, Oregon, and New York, as well as a small but significant increase in Hispanic men voting Republican. The Upper Midwest is still White enough to be competitive (for now).

    These are coming together to sort of mask the underlying issue. At a certain point the math just no longer adds up and you get a blue state. Georgia is the closest to tipping. I’m sure there is fraud but with even 2010 demographics it’s a solid R state.

    Brazil is the same – “White” people voting for Bolsonaro while the underclass voting for the commie. It is a permanent welfare state, and one right winger happened to sneak in under unexpected circumstances, and was booted after one term.

    Republicans will probably have a decent night next Tuesday but it will do nothing to change the long term trajectory of the nation, which is already baked in.

    • B125: Accurate and factual assessment. Only change I’d suggest is re Whites moving to Texas from CA and elsewhere – even if they call themselves conservatives they are generally socially liberal and just want lower taxes. Anyone who is not a White nationalist will ultimately be drowned out by the POX tide.

      Demographics are destiny.

      • People moving to Texas from NY and California do not call themselves conservatives. They complain about homelessness, crime and high taxes – then they move to Texas and vote exactly the same way they did before.

        • Tired Citizen: Absolutely spot on. And then they complain endlessly about not being immediately embraced by their new neighbors, and not being appreciated for their immense bravery in relocating.

    • All valid observations. A few tweaks are in order, though.

      I expect Whites will become a minority in the United States within the next decade. They will remain the plurality for twenty or more years afterwards, and assuming free and fair elections (as if it matters either way) would be able to eek out a national “victory ” until about 2045 or so due to the Electoral College, Senate, etc..

      The good news is the United States is rapidly disintegrating and probably will be a nullify well before then. Much credit goes to Covid. It was a blessing in many ways. People need to continue to sort and ride it out. There is no political solution, only survival of our race and what comes afterwards.

      • Prospering, either personally or as a race, is going to require identifying and utilizing the increasing number of black swans that will be flying over in the next few years.

        A lot of the Left’s victories in one area end up hurting their own people or causes in other areas. Covid hysteria, for instance, has definitely helped the weaken the office gynocracy in many companies by virtualizing work. The office banshees can’t control everyone as well when people can just turn off their webcam or mute the audio. Covid also gave companies cover for just outright getting rid of large numbers of useless AA hires as part of “public health” re-organizations.

        Ultimately, yes the “US” will become more and more a rump state governed on behalf of plutocrats and mobs of swarthy lumpen-proletarians. The closer it gets to that “omega point” though, the less likely it is to keep existing at all. The real long-term goal must be constructing more workable and organic states when it fails.

        • Fragmentation is well under way. To use a term that confused a certain wise Latina, de facto separation has started around the edges after Covid gave it a hefty push. We are in terrible shape–I just returned from a fishing trip and noticed the Mestizos along the lakeshore outnumbered Whites roughly two to one, and those people do not respect game regulations and laws any more than immigration control. Still, the deepening fissures are irreversible, and we need to enjoy the green shoot when they appear.

    • If the rising POC tide managed to destroy the GOP and the two party duopoly along with it, it would be a tremendous service and a very rare inadvertent positive side effect.

      But I’m extremely doubtful. The center right is good at politics and I’m sure those greedy baboons will figure out a way to stay relevant.

  13. “This time there are scads of “election deniers” on the look out for mules and ballot stuffers. Lots of people want to be a star for having caught a rigger red-handed pulling shenanigans.”

    Yeah, but…courts here have put a stop to those good citizens monitoring the ballot drop boxes. 150 feet limit. Dem’s have posted Fed numbers to call if any user feels “intimidated”. A least one group has called off the watch due to threat of arrested.

    And so it goes.

    • It didn’t help that the mule watchers just “had” to play dress up and put on all their tacti-cool kevlar armor and bring their AR-15s.

      • It may be a false flag of sorts. The one experience I’ve had with so called “citizen action” was with a group that were adamant with playing low key and working with authorities. Hard for me to believe there are folk who dedicate their time and effort (immense) only to be so stupid as to blow it all through alienation. But hey, that’s just me.

    • If these dissidents were actually smart they would fill the drop box with quick setting concrete at 3:00 AM, or wait until it was full of ballots, then douse it with kerosene, pour kerosene into the box and light a match (all while fully masked-up of course).

      But no, let’s just stand there “poll-WATCHING”, i.e. uselessly jerking off while Shaniqua backs up a truck and dumps thousands of fake ballots.

      • Anyone who did that would get J6’ed. Anyway, going to such lengths reinforces the idea that voting matters.

        I suggest watching, videoing, then editing the whole thing into a blooper reel – ‘America’s Dumbest Riggers’ . ‘Look at this clown, driving up at 4.30 in the morning with a sackful of ballots’ (If the license plate forgot to get blurred out so much the better) Maybe do the clip where the suitcase comes out from under the table at five after midnight.

        Undermine respect for the whole thing, treat the process as a joke.

        • Down-vote accepted. *Some* elections matter. It’s not enough to point and laugh. I don’t know what can be done though. What do you do with a rules-based system run by people who break rules? Telling the rules-breaker he’s breaking rules doesn’t help. Breaking the rules doesn’t help, and now the rule-breaker is pointing at you (just before he ruins your life forever)

          • Woodpecker: I really like the way you worded that. Gets to the heart of the issue. It’s a rules-based system run by people who break the rules, and supported by people who follow the rules to their own destruction.

            I won’t play by their rules. Why I refuse to vote and am trying to remove myself from their system in any way possible.

  14. Aww, shinola. Here it comes.

    MSNBC is reporting that pediatric hospitals are overwhelmed, running out of ICU beds because of “children contracting RSV, a respiratory virus.”

    After the Mother of All Elections, comes the next pandemic to demand childhood vaccination.

    Such convenient timing with the childhood schedule.

    This is it. They’re coming for the kids. There will be no grandchildren: Children of Men.

    • Another virus that causes trivial illness with the same non specific symptoms:

      a stuffy or runny nose
      sore throat
      mild headache
      a general ill feeling

      Munchausen syndrome will see the mothers masked up and lining up for a redo of the merry go round.

    • I agree. They have really started to perfect the cycle of hysteria: election, pandemic, economy – on a rotating basis. And they have been coming for the kids, for they are Satan-worshipping ghouls who relish the sacrifice of children.

      • Almost like 2008 was a test run, what was the strange flu that the media hyperventilated about after the crash? Was it swine flu or some such? Most of the public ignored them then, but after a further 14 years of impoverishment getting them to jump thru the hoop wasn’t as hard.

    • I’m getting to the point where I wonder if a species that collectively cowers in the face of the common cold and influenza deserves to continue existing.

  15. I expect a Republican blow-out. But what is more important: the base expects a blow-out.

    One way or another, the GOP base will be disappointed. They will either be cheated by Democrats stealing the elections or by Republicans betraying them after victory. Even if the Republicans are seen to make a good faith effort, they will inevitably come up short. Whichever outcome, it is just another click of the ratchet. And good for us.

    Every Republican who will be involved in disappointing their voters has taken the vax or has claimed to, has taken money from vax merchants, and most are on record in 2020 talking about how the vax is good and good for you.

    I think Our Man in Tyneside is right about the vax regime. But even if he isn’t, I say that whatever it is we are trying to do, it is all about the vax. Even when it is not about the vax, it is about the vax. Or can be.

    This one issue really ties the metapolitical room together, if you will. And into that room we can hurl grenades (first rhetorical and then, well…) for the next half-century if not longer.

    If we can’t meme vaxxer (or some other term of abuse) into the 21st Century version of “appeaser” we deserve to be forcibly injected ourselves.

  16. Why is this Covid Karen still allowed to write for any magazine. This is the problem with modern America. Nobody ever pays a price for being wrong, no matter how much anyone suffers because of it. They just swing from failure to failure. The only thing that changes for them, is they get more money and a more prestigious job.

    I actually would probably support an amnesty under the conditions they apologize and then go away never to be heard from again. They should be working as Walmart greeters or serving fries or some other profession where they have zero responsibilities. Being this wrong in public should disqualify you from public discussion. But it never does.

    • Hemp Rope Nationalism, I say.

      Better yet, this, as I posted at CFN:

      “The media is dead, a walking zombie with remnants of electrical impulses that enable it to lurch around as if it were still alive.”
      -mrs. saj

      So THAT’S what the 5G, polygels, and graphene are for.

      Corpsicles. Like lobotomized felons linked by a control box to a live operator as remote control workers.

      A sentence custom-fit to the occasion. Before they do it to us.

      Birx Knew.

    • The constant chirping about accountability and responsibility is how you know there is none of either in the USSA.

    • Don’t use the term “Karen.” It is virulently anti-white. Use terms such as “busybody” or “scold” or wicked wife, but I abhor the use of that anti-white term. It should not matter if it fits; it continues the antiwhite animus that animates the modern media. I will put it thusly: that word is splattered all over news agglomeration pages. That alone should temper its use.

      • I always enjoyed the word shrew. Its my go to word for describing YVES SMITH at naked capitalism.

        Definition of shrew

        (Entry 1 of 2)
        1 : any of a family (Soricidae) of small chiefly nocturnal insectivores related to the moles and distinguished by a long pointed snout, very small eyes, and short velvety fur
        2 : an ill-tempered scolding woman

        • Well cited, sir. It just amazes me that so many supposed dissidents would adopt the morality of the left by using their terminology. Maybe some of those “karens” are white women who have had enough of diversity. Not all, and the rest should thus be dubbed ‘shrew.’

  17. I don’t see the mechanism by which Kamela Harris can be removed. I thought at first that it would be via a Supreme Court nomination, but that’s no longer available. I don’t see her going quietly, and her supporters aren’t going to take her removal lightly. Assassination is an option, of course, especially if a MAGA supporter could be framed.

    I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that Biden (assuming his decline remains gradual) and Harris will be the nominees and victors in the 2024 election.

    • She’s dumber than a box of rocks, has no skill to exploit her position and no real “base” to rally to her flag if she had the skill to do so (which she doesn’t). If they really want her gone they’ll offer her some no-work “research job” at some regime affiliated outfit making more money than a prostitute like her would ever dream of with the note that it’s time sensitive and goes away at the end of November. My guess would be that she would see her way through to “spending more time with her family”.

      (In fact her surest way to keep her job is for Jill Biden and her cast of clowns to smell out such an offer because she would know what’s coming next, but it might not matter).

      • Like all prostitutes, she has her price and it’s probably not even that high. I would imagine getting rid of her will not be that difficult. Like you said, she has no real base and so nobody is going to miss her.

    • I too expect Biden to run again in 2024. But win? Not so sure. I might even vote for Zion Ron if he were the R nominee in ‘24. Not planning to vote for DJT again though.

      • the dominions voting machine programs all like biden a lot . if he runs he will win hands down.

      • Politics is jew theatre, walkaway from it. Nothing changes, things progressively get worse…welcome to the jeworldorder

    • Ballsy. Heretic’s got ’em.

      Based on the Cloud Clown trajectory, a landslide for Kamela would be pitch-perfect.

      If her campaign writers pitched a crusade against anti-semitism, insurrection deniers, birthing persons, rifled barrels, fossil fuels,
      cash, ink, seeds, cows, and the uncontaminated, she would be a shoo-in.

      • “rifled barrels”

        Smooth bores were good enough to fight off the bloody British and are gosh darn good enough for an honest citizen.

        • With quill in hand, breeches buckled, and tricorn hat firmly feathered, I venture forth to conquer Twitter!

    • My predictions:

      Hillary Clinton will run and win in 2024.

      Dems are desperate for someone, anyone, to replace Biden. She will get the nod from big donors and corporate interests to run. If Biden doesn’t agree not to run the Democrats will expose the skeletons in his closet so he loses the nomination.

      Trump will run, assuming he’s not in prison or dead. DeSanctis is not stupid so he won’t ruin his career by running against Trump. Republicans will rig the nomination process so a “moderate” Republican like Pence or maybe even Pompeo wins. My money is on Pence, since they owe him a solid for betraying Trump, and their plan is to throw the election anyway. Trump voters will sit this one out en masse and Pence or Pompeo will lose in a landslide.

      In the unlikely event Trump wins the nomination Liz Cheney or some other hack will lead a third party candidacy to peel “moderate” Republican voters away from Trump. Trump will lose in a landslide.

      2024 is Hillary’s for the taking.

    • I was just thinking the other day that all of these holocaust museums should be rechristened as “Gratitude Museums” where they show some gratitude for all the blood and treasure spilled by us in the war, rather than the hatred for us these museums portray. Maybe even have them themed where each museum could highlight a dead American who died in that awful war.

      Instead of being grateful and thanking us for our sacrifice we get endless warnings about how we could break out in “antisemitism” for no reason whatsoever and not-elect an out of work painter….. It’s so disgusting.

      • I often think the same thought. I think about the huge numbers of young men who stormed beaches and gave so much who came from the deep south and rural America. I think about how they were and are constantly portrayed and mocked in film and television. I think about how now they are the targets of vitriolic racism and outright demographic replacement.

        All the tragedy reminder museums and reminders and the endless reminders to their children that they need to be ever ready for the next one that might be perpetrated by living in the midst of those who saved their asses, yet who just may perpetrate the next one. I haven’t seen a single expression of gratitude. They didn’t even make those sacrifices for our freedom. They did it for the freedom and outright survival of another people.

        Yet none of those who called them to duty for that cause, or who survive today because of them has a single word of gratitude for them or their children. In fact, now, as they tell it, those men and their families are the embodiment of a great evil. It is really remarkable. Ingrates as a term doesn’t even begin to cover it.

        It gives a whole new dimension and depth to the term usury. It is sickening.

      • Well, they’d need to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to the Red Army, too, as they were some of the first to overun some of the more notorious facilities. And that’ll never happen, ‘cuz that’d be like celebrating the Cossacks.

  18. Business as usual in DC would result in the RINOs gaining control of the House by a dozen votes or so, and the Ds retaining control of the Senate (most of the vote rigging will be aimed at saving senate seats for the Ds). The savages would be largely pacified by this outcome and resume their hopium-based denialism. And the Rs would then put on faux investigation carny shows while willfully getting buck-fucked in the backroom and rolling over on legislation. This is the pinnacle of liberal democracy. Ain’t it great.

    Conversely, if the Ds somehow manage to print enough votes to retain the House too, then things would get very interesting right here in River City. Even cucks like Bongino would have to admit that the system is broken beyond repair and voting harder is no solution. And then what?

    It all depends on the economy. If we go into deep recession or depression (and ensuing hyper-inflation), real civil war is the highest probability as several states will likely begin secession activities. Second on the list is an overt gambit to force authoritarian rule (think Bolshevik Revolution), but first they need to kill off lots of alphas or the Jackboots will be overwhelmed and defeated if they come out to play. A new high-lethality Covid strain could accomplish this, like the one developed in that Boston lab. Just sayin.

    • “A new high-lethality Covid strain could accomplish this, like the one developed in that Boston lab.”


      They’ve got lists, and that Boston “scientist’s” wife is a Regime lackey, isn’t she. Another masked threat, wasn’t it?

    • You don’t use infectious agents as a weapon, you cannot control the spread. You are as likely to be affected as your targets.

      The whole bio weapon on purpose nonsense is stupid as a concept.

      You use fake infectious agents, a fake test, or one that tests for an already common illness that 60% of the population carry/get regularly and use 1-to-1 injections to do the work, or an agent that can be added to supplies of water/food et, that cannot be transmitted.

      • Earlier this year, the Russians exposed documentation taken from the US sponsored bioweapons labs in Ukraine that revealed research into selective infection agents specifically targeted at ethnic Russian biology and genetic traits. And it is now being reported that the Chinese were working on Covid vaccines prior to the lab leak and pandemic in 2020. IOW, perhaps biogenetic warfare is more advanced than generally known.

        • It not that they don’t research it.

          Its just no use as a general weapon unless you can also control the contagion, make sure of a restricted genetic target set, or you have some agent that makes one immune.

          No corona/rhino virus respiratory infection variant fits these criteria.

          • Agreed, since we have what, some two billion years of adaptation to viruses?

            The contagion must be artificial, as in by direct injection into the circulatory stream or by contaminated ingestion.

            As a firestarter, though…can’t start the Prairie Fire* without a match.

            (Bill Ayers, “Prairie Fire”, and his dream of gulags / genocide / Morganthau for the squares.)

          • We only know about the Covid related bioweapon research in Boston, but that does not mean that other forms of research using other agents is not going on elsewhere and hidden from view. Maybe the Boston exposure was a distraction to deflect attention away from other potential targets of investigation. Your narrow focus on Covid is not a guarantee that no bioweapon threat exists.

          • @Tom

            I do not have a narrow focus on covid. I was responding to your comment about “new high-lethality Covid strain”

        • I have some small amount of expertise in this area, and I am deeply skeptical. I’m not skeptical that our friendly rootless planetary internationalist cosmopolitans wouldn’t TRY to tailor bioweapons against all of the the various European peoples that they want to vanish from the pages of time. I would be shocked if they had not. However, I am deeply skeptical that there there is a biochemical pathway unique to Slavs (or anyone else) that could be targeted whose interruption would result in significant mortality.

          The most fundamental (critical for eventual reproductive success) systems are HIGHLY conserved. Cellular energy management, for example, is much the same in humans as it is in bacteria. Bacteria got the solution to the problem correct before humans evolved. Conservation in this sense means that a relevant biomolecule in a species retains much the same local electromagnetic field (determined by sequence) and that significant departures through mutation result in deterioration of function to the point of death or lack of reproductive success. Specific sequences may vary, but only insofar as they produce a biomolecule whose EM field can still perform the original function. It’s the EM field that actually gets conserved, not the string of letters that we think of as sequence. That is simply a blueprint and there is always a constrained range of blueprints (variation in specific sequence) that can result biomolecules that can perform the same task.

          That said, I’ll throw out a sheet anchor: one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know. Maybe there are some dedicated and intelligent evil internationalists who found a Rus Death Star exhaust port that everyone else missed (because no else was looking because the rest of us aren’t genocidal maniacs) that they plan on firing a viral torpedo through. I’ll certainly read with interest anything the Russian Federation release on this matter.

          • Seems like the best you could accomplish would be diseases that hit some groups harder than others. For example, making a form of malaria that can spread in temperate climates would harm blacks, but it would also harm non-blacks far more. If you superglue a quarter to the sidewalk you might annoy a few goys, but it’ll be the Jews that scrape their fingernails down to bloody nubs trying to get the quarter.

          • I’ll put my mad scientist lab coat for a bit here and say that the best way to do this might be an engineered virus that has some ethnic specificity but where lethality is dependent on some third factor, ethnicity and virus being the other two. An engineered virus encoding a metallo-protein that was needed for the virus to become really deadly might work. Then you make sure the target population gets lots and lots of that metal. This could even be something semi-voluntary like introducing some new food product that (totally legally) contains a lot of the particular element that fits into the metallo-protein’s coordination center. I’m sure knowing the victims killed themselves would add some perverse amusement value for the perpetrators.

            Of course only people with a media machine that can advertise and market a novel product and the money to produce and distribute it would be able to guarantee this part of the scheme would work and we all know that collusion between media, corporations, and governments just never happens…

    • TomA: “…they need to kill off lots of alphas or the Jackboots will be overwhelmed and defeated if they come out to play. A new high-lethality Covid strain could accomplish this, like the one developed in that Boston lab.”


      When was the historical cut-off point at which a statement like that would no longer have been simply laughed at?

      The 1990s – the Clinton era – were largely about normalizing licentious & lascivious misbehavior [plus the Tiny Hats raping Russia & Yugoslavia]. To the best of my recollection, no one [who was allowed to be publicized] thought or spoke any serious thoughts whatsoever in the 1990s.

      Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys” debuted in 1995, but only a tiny handful of us nerds paid any attention to it [and even fewer of us remembered Michael Crichton’s 1971 movie, “The Andromeda Strain”].

      Stargate SG-1 introduced the planet-destroying Aschen race, and their vaccines, in January of 2001, and then revisited the Aschen Question in August of 2001.

      But, again, it was only us nerds who paid any attention.

      There were the bizarre Anthrax Attacks during the greater 9-11 theater; the Wikipedia article on the Anthrax Attacks indicates that we [who- or what-ever “we” are nowadays] still don’t know “who” was responsible for the Anthrax Attacks.

      Over the years, there were reports here & there of Warren Buffett & Bill Gates financing mass sterilizations of kneegr0id women in Africa, but apart from the staunchly Pro-Life community in the USA [which would be maybe 0.25% of the population], nobody every learned about those sterilizations.

      To his credit, the Tater, Bobby Kennedy Jr, did outstanding work in trying to warn Joe Normie that something was horribly wrong with this tidal wave of foreign substances which the pediatricians were starting to jab into the arms of American children, but, again, likely not much more than about 0.25% of the population paid any attention.

      To this day, I doubt that an assertion along the lines of “in 2022, an high-lethality Covid strain developed in Boston will be deployed to kill a large portion of all Amurrikkkunz” would be taken seriously by much more than about 33% of the population.

      I doubt that the other 67% of Joe Normies have even started to correlate the increasing tightness & pain in their chests with having been exposed to artificially engineered MRNA [either directly, via v@xxines, or indirectly, via MRNA shedding by their v@xxinated lovers].

      Just yesterday, I was in a Big Box building supply store, and saw one of these sh!tlib lunatics pushing a shopping cart down the aisle, with a big black cloth mask over his entire face, and grasping the shopping cart with hands encased in black gloves.

      And I got to wondering – do you suppose he’s simply insane – that’s always the obvious explanation with a sh!tlib – or do you suppose he’s a virologist at the local university, who’s in on the secret, and he’s wearing the gloves because he doesn’t want to touch any shed MRNA which was deposited on the handlebar of the shopping cart?

      He certainly looked like a weaselly little academic turd.

      At PubMed, you can get authoritative pronouncements concerning MRNA half lives being anywhere from 10 minutes to 941 days, and those numbers are constantly changing, as new research papers get published.

      • The Aschen story arc in Stargate SG-1 was surprisingly eerie and melancholy for that franchise.

        Don’t forget all the virus related plot lines in the original and rebooted version of the X-Files. Tons and tons of predictive programming in those!

        • Recall that the plot for the pilot (1rst) show for the X-files included a scheme to smash an airliner into the WTC. It aired BEFORE 9/11. So protestations by the apparatchiks “How could we have KNOWN!?” seem rather hollow. Hollywood dweebs were making money off of the notion before it happened. As long as the direct deposits to their bank accounts continue, gubmint doesn’t care.

  19. A Republican landslide next week, will convince the Republicans that Civ-Nattery, is a path to political domination for at least a generation. It will cost us precious time on the demographic clock.

    I did not know about, “The Basketball Player.” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! He was persecuted by the destroyers of bodily sovereignty. Well, persecuted in the sense he couldn’t play sportsball and lost pay for lost games because he would not coof jab. Wouldn’t that be the cat’s pajamas if they have to start playing PR whack-a-mole with their pets. There is a danger for us that a bunch of our people, particularly young people will waste their time and energy watching people not their own standing up to The Wizard. They placed a bet on a dark horse so to speak, and it may be apt to jump the track barriers and trample its way to the owner’s box. Let’s see.

    On a positive front there was the Georgia political ad that finally speaks out against white racism. Even better is the reaction against it. Worse, it was used in a state where a black guy with an IQ of maybe 60 is the conservative candidate for the United States Senate. Maybe it is best all those Confederate and American heros have been removed so they can’t see this play out.

    On the whole, that ad is, I suspect, is the very beginning of their worst nightmare. Well, they were the ones who took a bunch of colorblind, civ nats and gave them racial awareness and made them consciousness – by openly declaring war on them and their posterity. They have a plan, but the Gods are beginning to get angry.

    • > On a positive front there was the Georgia political ad that finally speaks out against white racism.

      The left’s reaction was not that is was wrong, but it was simply immoral to say it.

      Crazy good ad.

      • Like the response to the House Gollum tennis shoe salesman, the response to the ad proved, and underlined the very point of it. Perfect.

        • Next up: reinstatement of the escaped slaves act.

          Civnats: “As long as he was dragged back to the plantation …legally!”

  20. Regarding fragmented social media, I’ve heard from several sources that most people on Facebook don’t really look at their main feeds anymore, but immediately go to their groups and have their conversations there. This seems to work even for the conservatives, even though the platform is comically censorious.

    As the VR Meta is a bust, largely because they have the insane notion businesses are going to want their employees to put on headsets for virtual meetings, it’s going to be interesting to see the catalyst for a mass migration. As much as I like Gab, it’s way too edgy for your average Joe.

    The reason places like Twitter and Facebook are still hegemons isn’t because of politics, but because most people just want their sports and celebrity gossip in an easily accessible place. The political posters are actually just a small part. The problem is, that means right-wing accounts can be ruthlessly banned without the company worrying about a mass exodus. It also means right wing accounts need to stay on to interact with average joes.

    It’s another discussion whether this is even worth it, and Torba’s strategy of a parallel economy has far more potential. If an average guy starts buying specialty products from a dissident adjacent business, that will change his mental framework far more than a twitter meme.

    • If that gets traction they will just shut down the payment/banking aspects, as they are already starting to do for gun shops.

      You will need an entirely parallel banking system. So good luck with that given the massive regulatory factors to prevent entry and ensure they all follow the same script.

      crypto is not going to help as there will be no real on off ramps outside regulations, even if they let it live once the CBDCs come into being.

      Maybe offshore banks, but given the splitting of the world and erecting the new berlin wall around the west, I think they are already onto that and plan to close that off quite soon.

      • “Maybe offshore banks”

        Offshore banks don’t want to open accounts for Americans — too much hassle from the US government. And legally the American is supposed to notify the US government of his offshore account. It’s become too much of a burden being a US citizen and hence captive to a vicious and capricious government. Quite a few Americans are renouncing their citizenship.

        • Its amazing how much extra territorial effect FATCA actually had.

          Seems awfully convenient as a set up for the coming dystopia where all your assets become converted to the CBDCs and you can’t move them anywhere else in the world to avoid it (similar issue now for Europeans and Aussies).

        • It’s a pain to renounce your citizenship as well. Heard of folks who are in nations enthralled to the US that comply with punitive taxation requests from us. You have dual citizenship, you have dual taxes—regardless of where the earnings come from.

          • That is true for all US citizens no mater what country they are in.

            I think the US and Eritrea are the only 2 citizen tax base nations, rather than where you live.

            Although the EU is talking about doing the same.

          • “You have dual citizenship, you have dual taxes—regardless of where the earnings come from.”

            Boris Johnson had dual citizenship (on account of having been born in NYC) but renounced his US citizenship because of the tax burden. The thing is that even if you live in the US as a US citizen, you know that the taxes they extort from you don’t go towards anything that helps you. The US government is an extortion racket.

          • Trumpton. The problem I thought was that the countries were aiding the US in collecting the taxes for the IRS. Not sure that was/is being done elsewhere or universal. On the other hand, who cares to live in Kenya or some other crap hole.

            The example I saw was a Dutch documentary where a women who was born here and as a young child repatriated. She has not been to the US in 50 years. She has never worked in the US. However, the Dutch government was facilitating removing US income taxes from her paycheck because “treaty/agreement”.

  21. “If I had to guess, the riggers will have a tough time of it this time simply due to the dynamics of midterms.”

    I had to reread that sentence, though it would be valid either way…😎

  22. Nevada can, and likely will be stolen. Universal cheat by mail was adopted permanently in 2021.

    You may hear that R’s are doing well in the early vote. Don’t believe it – mail can be received until Thursday after.

    Republicans won close races in CO and OR before universal mail-in voting. Since? Not so much.

    • The Oregon Governor race will be one to watch. The Republican has had a small lead for months thanks to a left leaning independent in the race. If her lead evaporates in the days following the election the response from the Republican establishment will be worth watching. The Republican establishment is very confident of racking up huge wins, if they don’t fight obvious fraud this time for people they recruited to run.

      • The Dem will 100% win Oregon. I’ll be legitimately shocked otherwise.

        People forget that an R won a senate race there as recently as 2002, and that their Gov candidates routinely get 46%+. There’s a reason they can’t get that last 4%.

        • Former NBA player Chris Dudley lost the Governor race in Oregon in 2010 almost certainly because of fraud, and the party did nothing to help him. They will mail in however many votes they need to pull the Democrat over the line before Thursday.

  23. Thought it was weird when I saw a Fetterman commercial during the World Series the other night even though I live nowhere near Pennsylvania. Why wouldn’t they save money and just run the ad locally? Just saw this unintentionally hilarious ad, which I assume is online only at Powerline. His campaign staff might also be brain damaged if they think this is going to be effective. Some campaign adviser has to be making a killing off his ridiculous campaign. The advisor will no doubt build a career off a win, claiming to future candidates, “I got a brain damaged hobo elected to the Senate, I can do anything!”


      • Like that wasn’t obvious when Obama made one of them the ambassador to Ireland. Kinda like Kennedys dad.

      • That does sound like a Rooney deal, they’re gutter scum who have tried to go legit without really knowing how to do it. The Rooney rule was one of the things that ruined the NFL for me, not that I was a big fan anyway.

        I saw that commercial and it looked like something that would come from Oz. Just they visuals were terrible for a candidate who has had a stroke and is obviously incapicitated. The best thing would be to show him as active and alert even though it would have taken some really good CGI.

        If that meatsack wins the country can’t go much farther. We have bad enough now but He’s a bridge too far.

  24. “This time there are scads of “election deniers” on the look out for mules and ballot stuffers. Lots of people want to be a star for having caught a rigger red-handed pulling shenanigans.”

    The long and short of it is that where the contest is tight (ish), there will be fraud. And at this stage of the game the regime doesn’t care about losing legitimacy — it’s got no more to lose.

    In any case I’m indifferent about the outcome. Nothing will change regardless of the results (fraudulent or otherwise). Just more distracting circus from the regime.

    Anglin has a good piece on how Brandon is claiming anyone questioning the results is being “unlawful.” Pretty soon even to think such heretical thoughts will be thoughtcrime.

    • So, you got clean organs?

      We should sell them.
      Recoup the cost of your execution, to preserve our democracy!

      • Arshad Ali: “Anglin has a good piece on how Brandon is claiming anyone questioning the results is being “unlawful.” Pretty soon even to think such heretical thoughts will be thoughtcrime.”

        Serious question here.

        Do any of y’all wanna speak up in defense of Tater Nationalism right now?

        I’m so God-confoundedly sick and tired of the Taterz that I’m ready to go all Arbeit Macht Frei on their sorry leprechaun posteriors.

        [Apologies in advance to Fast Eddie, but bro, it is what is.]

        • WN is a waste of time in a country as far gone as South Af- I MEAN, AMERICA.


          I follow Anglin, and back his play basically 100%. But the demographics and the general ‘tardery in the US is so damn thick, that it’s a lost cause IMO, and it’s a waste of time trying to resuscitate this freakshow of a country.

          More than half of the military age males I see on the day-to-day are Hispanic. ALREADY. More than half. K? There is no future here.

          The best thing that could happen is China nuking the coastal bastions of democracy, and then letting the rest play out as is should.

          That won’t happen. People should just leave America. THERE’S NO FIXING AMERICA, IT’S JUST TOO STUPID AT THIS POINT. You have to put this rabid dog down, and hold it’s irresponsible (((owner))) accountable for the damage caused.

          • People who aren’t even from this country are voting in many states. You got mail-in ballots. You got bs voting machines. You’ve got a corrupt regime in charge.

            Anybody who believes anything good will come from voting, at this point needs to have their head checked.

            Voat harder brooo!!!

            Bullets, not ballots.

        • “Do any of y’all wanna speak up in defense of Tater Nationalism right now?”

          If you mean white nationalism, probably everyone here is white nationalist in a sense. If you mean WN as a political position and stance, forget it. It hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell. For various reasons — some rooted in history, some in the rapid demographic changes that have occurred in the recent past and continue unabated. But I’m sure Anglin knows this.

          The country’s beyond repair. Look elsewhere. Quite a few Americans are — but they’re all well-heeled.

          • Everyone everywhere is a White nationalist. Everyone wants to live in White countries–including the 5+ million IQ-80 Mestizo colonists who cross the border each year, plus millions more Nigerians, Kenyans, Brazilians, Squatemalans, Tamils and Dravidians, and on and on and on. Everyone in the whole wide world wants to live in the nation our forefathers carved out of a trackless wasteland. They approve enormously of White Nationalism. They are voting with their feet. No one wants to leave, least of all forty million IQ-55 Africans-in-America who continuously denounce Whitey. They all grasp, even the dimmest of them, that back in De Muddaland, there ain’t no EBT cards.

    • the regime doesn’t care about losing legitimacy

      Maybe, but they sure seem to care an awful lot about maintaining the historical legitimacy of what is now AINO. There are a lot of events where people stand and put their hands on their hearts and sing the national anthem and/or recite the pledge and even they know they don’t want all those ‘taters asking themselves “why am I doing this?”

      The day I go to a local (normie) government function and they do not recite the pledge I know it’s “game-on day”, they know that too.

  25. Those Kamala Harris quotes are absolutely hilarious. She must be the black female version of Hannity.
    Neil Parrot is running for congress in MD. I caught a blurb of him on the radio and it was laughable to hear him ‘parroting’ those same ridiculous lines we’ve heard since the dawn of time about how this is the most critical election ever! and we need to send a message to Washington! Get out and vote and then plug in to watch the next sports ball game. Whatever happens on both accounts, whites in America will be the losers.
    It’s so refreshing to be checked out of all of that.
    Great show, thanks.

  26. The available fraud margin appears to be below 10%. Races closer than that can be rigged, but the closer to 10% the greater the risk of exposure. Recall that the ballot rigging in 2020 gave Biden just barely enough to win. You can see it as the counting progressed. One their current trajectory they needed 112,349 votes to make it look “close”. They printed 112,345. And they had to focus on Trump in 5 counties in 5 states.

    Congressional districts are another matter. There are simply too many, and it dies you no good to rig a vote in Delaware County, PA for a 100% lock candidate.

    My guess is they decide to focus on AK, PA, and GA Senate seats and a few key Governor races like PA, MI and NY. Try to avoid a total wipeout.

    It won’t matter because the GOP will do nothing of significance. If Murkowski loses and McConnell gets replaced as Leader and they don’t replace him with Thune, I’ll buy the argument that this election is different.

    The only peaceful way for our side to stop the trajectory is to remove the regime from power. They’re not going to do that, even if they win massive majorities.

    • Hokkada: “It won’t matter because the GOP will do nothing of significance.”

      This is the main thing to remember. All the hue and cry about ballot harvesting and felons voting and ‘tight’ races is utter distraction focused on the process. They want you invested in the process, in perpetuating the pretense of rule of law. If I thought there was any hope of diminishing Joe Normal’s faith in the system/muh democracy, I’d wish for his mythical red wave and then sit back and wait for standard business as usual. But it’s happened time and time again, and Joe and Jane never learn.

      I remember Gingrich and his ‘contract with ‘murrica.’ I remember “GOP majority will repeal Obamacare.” But the average voter remembers nothing and learns nothing. “This time it will be different” is the same hopium as thinking you have any real say or influence in who rules over you. Or that history doesn’t apply because ‘x’ will never happen here. Time to give up on childish things.

      • Yep.

        All the stupid memes around brothers of Italy stupid woman, and now the new “nationalist” govt is in place Italy is just doing more of the same.

        They are even going further than Draghi with more massive debt to alleviate the “energy crisis”

        Another Liz Truss globohomo puppet.

        When will people learn?

        • trumpton: Never. Look at all the exultation about Musk/Twitter. Even if he was fully on the level (no possible way but people adore successful liars), even if he hadn’t already teamed up with the ADL for speech monitoring, he needs corporate advertising on board to help keep the finances afloat. Have all the advertisers pull their money and he’s shite out of luck. No business exists in a vacuum, and they’re all ultimately at the mercy of ESG scores and the central bankers.

          Goes back to your point about parallel banking. It’s one thing to try to pay cash or barter locally. It’s another to try to function in parallel in Klown World. The scale and implications are just utterly unrealistic. And it conservatards keep mindlessly repeating “Go woke go broke,” while championing idiots like that ‘my pillow’ guy. And Trump continually hints he’ll be their valentine again, and Joe Normal hope springs eternal.

      • Oh, people learn and remember.

        Remember this past spring when the Senate voted 100-0 to end daylight savings time?

        Thankfully, the House and President jumped up and got all of that complicated legislation passed!

        Also, remember to change your clocks this weekend.

        • Mow: But but . . . the super-smart people like Sailer claim permanent daylight savings time would be best for all. Because who doesn’t prefer getting their children up at oh-dark-30 to send them off their wonderful public schools, so that important people can enjoy their evening commute and corporate newscast in bright daylight?

          I mean jeesh, why don’t farmers and animals and such just get with the program? If we only had truly high IQ people in charge, they’d be sure to fix everything.

          • Funny, but some States (AZ) don’t do “Daylight Savings”. Got rid of that in the 60’s or so. No complaints, no problems. Well, one problem—other States time zones and remembering their time + or – an hour when communicating. With computers this is pretty much a non-problem too.

  27. I kind of doubt the dems can illegitimately steal back to back elections – that may be a bridge too far – even for them. They have at least vaguely “respect” the will of the people. If they curiously, amazingly or impossibly manage to avoid an overall shellacking, it’ll have to awake millions more to the fraud of the entire voting process, and thus our “vaunted democracy”.

    I’d much prefer to see the hysterical tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth that would accompany a decisive beat down.

    • I dunno. If they are feeling cocky enough to run a candidate with brain damage in Pennsylvania, engineering a couple of steals isn’t beneath them.

      Also on that subject, the Fetterman/Oz election is another example (among many) of a measurement for our nation’s decline in political terms. In this election one almost feels as if it is a practical joke from the Ds & Rs to see just how much absurdity the voters will put up with. One candidate who has to have his shoe laces tied for him, and the other famous for playing a doctor on a black billionaires TV show.

      What qualifications or skills prior to this election did either of them display to get on the ballot?

      We’re living in a real life simulation of the movie Idiocracy, but there is nothing funny about it.

      • ArthurinCali: This. Idiocracy plus Harrison Bergeron on steroids. No, it’s not funny, but the constant denial of this reality and pretense that somehow ‘we’ can change it is what depresses me.

        • 3g4me,


          At my work I am surrounded by folks who have personal beliefs bordering on worship that the messiah Trump will win 2024 and all will be put right in the country. Decent people, but they are still mesmerized by the idea of civic nationalism.

          Gonna have to get alot worse before the scales fall from their eyes to see how badly things have become.

          • NPCs abound.

            I am only a little surprised they do not have small statues of him that they parade round on their shoulders like the hindu, or babylonian city god festivals.

            Have you not noticed that the cult around the person is now the de facto public mechanism of discussion?

            Ideas have vanished except the simple slogan.

            Trump/Fauci/Biden/Trudeau/Putin/Macron etc etc.

            Its now each NPC group with their own saint/god like bronze age city states as the only reference point for their mind worms.

        • Not sure, but he did discuss on a talk show. Seems he actually applied for such citizenship. Since his parents were Turkish, he got it. He said it was “convenient” because he traveled to Turkey to visit a lot. At that point, he lost my support.

          American may be bad, but rootless cosmopolitans are not going to improve it.

    • For a regime that forced injections of experimental drugs on the entire population when they knew it would not be effective, there is no bridge too far.

      • Correct. Anyone who thinks they have a single civil or property right that can be arbitrarily denied is delusional at this point.

        Speaking of, just for giggles it would be awesome is a campaign for Covid reparations began. I don’t think there would be a moment’s hesitancy to condemn Covid reparations as “too-White.” The NPCs would not notice it for the most part but the contortions to stop it and talk about it would be a laugh riot.

    • They haven’t even vaguely respected the will of the people in 20+ years, and we’ve got three wars (two of which we’ve lost so far), a scandemic, multiple fake impeachments, clot shots, tranny grooming, and 20% inflation to prove it.

      They will turn on a DIME on Tuesday and declare the entire election fraudulent if they perceive that the winners are going to vanquish and exact retribution on the losers. When told that elections are perfect, they’ll call us hypocrites and racists. There is no amount of flip flopping they won’t engage in. These are the same people who refused to take “Trump’s poison jab” and 7 months later were threatening people’s lives and calling them plague rats for refusing the kill shot.

      If they avoid a shellacking, they’ll claim the GOP wave was fake news. All evidence of the fraud will be buried. Anybody who questions it gets a visit from the FBI, and all judges (just like Brazil) will declare it unlawful to even question the results.

      The only way this ends is in bloodshed.

      • Just based on the economy alone, the dems should get crushed, as has virtually every party in charge when it goes south. Record high gas prices, highest inflation in decades, rising interest rates, S&P down 20+% ytd – to say nothing of the illegal alien invasion, joggers going bonkers everywhere and young people keeling over for “unexplained” reasons – well, if they retain control, it’ll be obvious the major fix is in. And as mentioned, it’ll have to further waken millions as to the absolute illegitimacy of the entire sham democracy.

        Maybe the dems are willing to risk that rather than give the rino cohort the head seat for a while – I guess we’ll see in a couple of months or whenever they finish tallying up the votes…

    • UsNthem. The Dem’s are controlled by minority lunatics and White leftists. They will cheat simply out of habit if given the chance. You make the implicit assumption they have a reasonable semblance of traditional White cultural values—they do not. Winning at all costs is the name of the game for them. Election integrity is not. Figuring out what occurs after elections are shown to be farcical is way out of their time preference concerns.

  28. Rigger is such a racist term!

    I’m thinking they’re gonna steal this one like Grand Theft Auto. A little shock-and-awe to cover the nuclear detonation of the children’s vaccine schedule.

    Bolsonaro that, you denialist haters!
    To my delight, Morning Joe has “How the Deep State Saved Our Democracy” coming up. The organ grinder’s monkey just shat in the tin cup.

    When they’re rounding up and hunting down the purebloods for clean organ harvesting, I’m going to think back to this time from my hiding place and marvel that I got to witness such a show.

    • Bolso has a better chance than Trump because he was a military officer and he probably put a bunch of his guys in key positions. Trump did neither of those.

      Conversely, Knan is in trouble in Pakistan because, even though he’s a living sportsball legend, he has no military ties and probably doesn’t have many guys inside compared to the CIA.

  29. They will only catch fascist Republican riggers. It will be a ridiculous theatre, but that’s how things are these days.

  30. All the people predicting the red wave seem to be prevaricating or hedging a bit like Zman here. Bidens last speech along with a few of his higher tier orcs are giving a heads up on their plans. Warnings no less to those who question their shenanigans.

    • The in-your-face stuff we are now seeing says the gloves are off. They no longer feel they need to pretend to be on the level, so next week could be a Brazilian circus.

      • Xist, even the Brazilian runoff had a winner declared in a day. It’s going to be weeks or months for some races here in the US.

        They elected a no kidding criminal, for gods sake, and the organs of state power are going to back it because “the people have spoken.” As they should, because that’s democracy, I guess.

        How anyone on either side of the uniparty can pretend our voting systems aren’t corrupt beyond saving blows my mind.

  31. I’ve typed this same thing now at least ten times.
    The highest elected “republican” on the west coast for over ten years was Kim Wyman who was secretary of state in deep blue washington state, the thing she eas most proud of accomplishing was getting permanant mail in. She mow works for the biden admin. That tells everything.anyone needs to know.

  32. Gavin Newsom is the only politician I’ve seen who’s possibly more sociopathic than Obama or Justin Trudeau. The smile is such a threadbare mask that I just expect him to don a translucent poncho, start explaining the merits of Huey Lewis and the News, and then to begin wielding an axe maniacally and killing yuppy stockbrokers and high-priced call girls.

    • I think Trudeau is far more sociopathic than Obama. Obama was marinated in left-wing radicalism from birth, but at heart he was just a lazy (which he admitted) stoner running a grift on all the white liberals. I think he was more a narcissist than a sociopath. Now that he’s got his multimillion-dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard, we don’t hear much from him.

      Castro’s bastard, on the other hand, is a truly a sicko and a megalomaniac…

    • Newsom is going to be the Blue Caesar.

      Rhetoric from formerly sane people like Michael Beschloss wild eyed saying that a red wave will destroy the freedom of press, if writing history, and the murdering of your children is just telegraphing where the left is planning to go soon.

      The left is terrified that their theft, crime, spying, murder and corruption is going to be punished. It won’t, of course, but they’ll install a Blue Caesar before they risk a come to Jesus moment.


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