Trump 2.0

In the before times, Bill Buckley would claim that he could know everything about a man’s politics based on his opinion of Israel and abortion. These were clarifying issues that did not easily allow for nuance or ambivalence. If you had any politics at all, you had an opinion on these issues. To some degree it is still true, but the clarifying issue of this age is Donald Trump. You cannot engage in politics at any level without having a position on the most famous pitch man in history.

All politicians, once they become famous, evoke strong opinions. This is due to the hive mindedness of the ruling class. For them, the friend-enemy distinction has come to dominate every aspect of their being. They have imposed this binary mindset on the culture so everyone, even the least informed, feels they must have a strong opinion on everyone and everything that is in the news. These opinions are moral signifiers that users wear like badges to indicate group affiliations.

Trump is something different. His biggest fans can and often do talk about his many faults as a politician. They can list all of the failures of his administration, while also praising him as a man and president. Many have fallen into a cult-like trance, but most of his fans are clear-eyed about the reality of the man. Despite his many faults and failures, they remain loyal to him because of what he represents. He is the ultimate protest candidate for people not allowed to protest.

For dissidents he has mostly been an amusing bull in the China shop, creating havoc among the beautiful people. Lots of people on this side foolishly thought he was going to be a something other than Donald Trump once he got into office, so they are still a bit salty about Trump, but they did enjoy the show. Others saw Trump as a chaos agent who created havoc in the enemy camp. The demise of conservatism was underway, but Trump swung a wrecking ball through it.

Last night Trump made it official. He will be running for president in 2024 and he is the prohibitive favorite to be the Republican nominee. The usual suspects are now rushing out to play their role in the drama. Here is state media making sure the drones in their cult know that Donald Trump hates democracy. The yesterday men of conservatism are doing their same old act. Then you have the moral panic crowd promising to be as ridiculous as ever.

Many on this side of the great divide are not thrilled by this. Again, some are still salty over falling for the god-empower stuff. Others, like RamZPaul, think Trump is too old and want someone younger. Ron DeSantis is half Trump’s age and seems to hold most of the same views as Trump. Having a young and more predictable version of Trump has obvious appeal. DeSantis has also shown that he understands government and could possibly get something done as president.

The other issue with the reboot of the Trump franchise is that his act feels dated now, like a now out of clothing style. When Trump bulldozed his way through the primaries and then the Clinton campaign, it was hilarious because it was refreshing to see someone give these people the business. His name calling and snide comments are not as funny now. His targets are just as loathsome, maybe more so, but Trump’s attacks just lack the same punch as 2016.

American politics is not kind to second acts. Pat Buchanan had a great run in 1992 but was largely ignored in 1996. Ron Paul had a similar run in 2008, but his 2012 reboot was a flop. Ross Perot is another example. Trump stands out because he won the primary and the general election, but like his populist predecessors, he will face strong headwinds from an audience not fond of reboots and sequels. That and the GOP will call in their vote counters this time around.

That is the critical question for dissidents. Is it better that they steal the 2024 election from Trump or is it better that they steal it from someone else? What happens if the GOP assembles their dream ticket of Nikki Hailey and Tim Scott only to see the magic of mail in votes hand the election to Biden? That is the other piece of the puzzle that has been ignored. It now appears likely that Joe Biden will be the first zombie to top the ballot for a major party.

On the other hand, what if the GOP rigs their primary this time and they assemble their dream ticket despite strong opposition from the voters? Pulling shenanigans on DeSantis or someone else would not get much attention. If they do this to Trump, it will be a disaster for the party. Given the corruption and incompetence of party leadership, this is a very possibility. Keep in mind that Democrats did this to install Joe Biden as their nominee in 2020, so it a strong possibility.

There is plenty to chew on for dissidents with regards to Trump 2.0, but now the debate must shift from whether he should run to how best to take advantage of it. Trump made the call and he will no doubt spend 2023 barnstorming the country doing rallies and media events to keep himself in the news. As with 2016, this has to be viewed as nothing more than an opportunity to change some minds. Who knows? Maybe Kanye West will join him on the campaign trail.

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220 thoughts on “Trump 2.0

  1. What happens if the GOP assembles their dream ticket of Nikki Hailey and Tim Scott only to see the magic of mail in votes hand the election to Biden?

    With that team, the Dems won’t have to cheat.

  2. Isn’t Trump declaring this early a hedge against the possibility of arrest by the feds until they toss out the laws entirely?

    Trump 2016 was fun, but we’re never going back there:

    All the ’80s imagery in that cut works because Trump is a creation of the ’80s. Also because, for everyone without TDS, Trump has some entertainment value, like the ’80s.

    • No. Not even a little. The Government Party will rewrite that rule just for Trump. They will pretend they never had such a rule. When shown documentation proving that they’ve had a ling standing policy against this sort of thing (see also: Hunter Biden), they’ll scream “Disinformation! Racism!” Once charges are filed, when asked, they’ll reply “We can’t comment on an outgoing investigation.”

      You know the drill.

      The rules will change because they need to change to destroy their enemy.

      • The exception is more interesting than the rule. The rule proves nothing; the exception proves everything. In the exception the power of real life breaks through the crust of a mechanism that has become torpid by repetition.
        Carl Schmitt, Political Theology

  3. First and foremost, to capture lightning in a bottle as Trump did is extremely difficult even once. To do it again would be nigh unto miraculous. Having said that, I voted for him the last two times specifically because he was the bottle in which I hoped the lightning of dissident politics and the dismantling of the power state could be accomplished. I got it mostly right, anyway, even though Trump was scattered and unfocused once he got into office, to a large degree the result of the attacks he experience from both the democrats and the “Never Trumpers” in his own party, along with their obedient lapdogs in the Big Media cartel. His legacy remains, nevertheless, and should he survive (both physically and politically) to become the nominee of the republican half of the uniparty, I will vote for him again. As to his alleged abandonment of the J6ers persecuted by the Fed Gov, Trump could hardly be blamed for that inasmuch as he, erroneously and stupidly believed that this mob would “peacefully and patriotically” march around and then disperse without instigators in the mix starting a false flag operation that would draw a number of suckers into its vortex. But it would be inconsistent to have asked for a peaceful march, as he did, then be seen as supporting even one violent demonstrator. So he is damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. I still think his call for a demonstration on J6 was perhaps the single biggest stupid thing he did in his entire tenure; I could see the outcome even from my distant perch here in Nowheresville, USA.

  4. Trump is who is available now, what there is to work with, its a long way to 2024 AND we have proxy war with Russia and possible war with China.

    Xi and his cabinet appeared in military camouflage last week for the first time, a clear signal of war. Does not mean war , but signals war.

    Finally the $600 Trillion in derivatives is now imploding on its way to exploding. The Derivatives is where they hid the inflation – no longer.

    Its a long way to 24.

    • Yes. FTX drags down the Bankman-Fried and associates Clinton and Schwab, major Silicon Valley VCs and a host of media. This is egg on their face.

      A swift unraveling is what we need. A slow decline gives them time to gradually suffocate us.

  5. Trump and DeSantis split the populist vote of growing disillusioned republicans/whites and bloody each other up, and it paves the way for the RINO cuck ballot of Nimarata Haley and Tim Scott. You saw it here first.

    • DeSantis is intended to be the splitter candidate. The eGOP keeps talking him up, and they’re too stupid to realize that we know who they are. Trump will be able to unify Republicans by calling out the splitter strategy for what it is. Republicans in Wyoming figured this out and destroyed Liz Cheney by unifying around Hageman. Some dropped out and endorsed her Those that remained were the splitter candidates.

      The same will be true in the GOP primaries.

      The issue is how to defeat Democrat ballot harvesting.

    • The covid hysteria has taught me that the majority of Americans are not of sound mind. Folks actually believe whatever the current thing tells them to believe. Normies are oblivious and just amble along with the herd. They’ll continue to voooot harder if those influencers in their online networks profess to vooooot. The contrary position of abstention will hold the others. And neither will believe the fraud staring back at the from the reality behind their screens.

    • People still believe its politics. That ship sailed decades ago.

      Trump is hated. blah blah. Its out guy, they think he’s a threat etc is no different than the normie view.

      It is a mass conditioning experiment where you are the subject and those you perceive as victims are just playing their roles to set up the conditions.

      Just like the apparent victims in the milgram experiment were fake. You were the victim, not the ones being apparently electrocuted in front of your eyes. The worse the apparent victim targeting, the stronger your attachment becomes. Especially if you engender free floating emotional distress through stuff like obvious betrayal/humiliation by in your face cheating that is intentionally used to amplify the conditioning and personality bonding.

      The massive negative promotion is precisely that. The entire right is conditioned by a media they know is against them to bind emotionally to the designated target by the very act of the overwhelming negativity and humiliation. It funnels humans into a rally/attach re-enforcement mechanism at a basic level.

      They did it with the supreme court people in the same way by running fake attacks, that the supposed victims were in on, to cement your support for their picks.

      Real opposition are smothered, memory holed, deplatformed or JFKed like the people rotting in prison for 2 years, not promoted. The machine controls all the entry points.

      No wonder they hate the proles as useless, as they use no more than 4 or 5 simple cult psychological conditioning techniques and no one ever recognizes it being done to them.

  6. Trump looks like a time bomb. You can’t be that old and that out of shape and not have something eventually give. Look at how many obese people disappear between 75 and 85. So ideally, trump is arrested, and the stress of the situation and hearing the clink of his cell, and processing it leads to some cardiac event at 3am, resulting in his demise. Given that the right wing has been washing from one conspiracy theory to another (many of them proven at least half if not completely true) over the past 10 years, this would top them all, even without and evidence whatsoever. Especially if the coroners report had some contusion or other abrasion on his body. This would super charge the MAGA movement and potentially carry the GOP to victory in ’24. Trump could finally help the right in death more than he ever did in life.

    I’m being positive here not negative. Looking for potential silver lining outcomes.

    • Even if it was a real heart attack it would still be murder. You think that the jail staff wouldn’t be slow walking any treatment or transport to a hospital? Something that was treatable would become fatal because of neglect.

  7. Trying to engage in politics at the national level as a serious reformer is a fool’s errand. The world has been carved up by the Eyes Wide Shut crowd, and if anyone seriously threatens that they’ll turn up dead, naked and hog-tied in the Pine Barrens.

    I predict that DeSantis won’t run, but will stay where he is and consolidate his power. It’s a far more attractive prospect for him – he’s actually making a difference, and enjoying the poop-flinging while swirling a nice cognac and deciding which woke citadel to storm next. Like a king. This ought to be the template going forward in red states. It wasn’t ‘moderation’ and ‘muh principles’ that turned Miami-Dade County red, and neither was it charisma – it was cold steel and competence.

    • Excellent comment. DC is done and, thanks to voting fraud, so are elections. The only hope is states’ rights and a breakaway movement. DeSantis needs to let Trump do his stuff and spend his energies fortifying Florida and carving strong links with other Red states for the coming debacle.

      • Thank you. I don’t know if you watch Timcast at all (bit of mixed bag) but the subject of a national divorce comes up often. Tuesday’s guest was one Daniel Miller who fronts the Texas Nationalist Movement ( There’s an appetite for this in some libtard quarters, so mighty oaks and tiny acorns, etc…

      • I cannot believe those in power will relinquish any of their control. They want it all.

        I foresee ruthless oppression directed at whites. Implementation of a national social credit system will be the next step even though current thinking is the covid attempt at this has failed. It will be established under a different guise such as the new cold war registration effort to take stock of America’s human resources and civilian firearms capabilities. Once that’s in place, a contrlled breakaway will be impossible.

    • Great comment and it’s reminiscent of feudal lordship, which means it’s emerged before and probably will again.

      On a macro scale, the republicans will never win again if they don’t start using the mail in ballot strategy. I’ve been commenting about this for two years and conservatives instantly tell me it’s dishonest. I don’t think it’s necessarily always illegal, just so effective that the polls and surveys will always be wrong from now on. Covid was the black swan event that showed the dems how effective this is.

      • Thank you, and I strongly agree about the historical aspect.

        Those conservatives should watch the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode ‘In the Pale Moonlight’, in which Captain Sisko crosses the Rubicon. It’s a great lesson in how total war inevitably dirties everyone up.

        (Season 6, episode 19)

  8. Report from MAGA-land: They’re talking about going all in on cheating themselves. Charlie Kirk recently tweeted “The rubicon has been crossed. I don’t like it, but its time to win. We will build the most sophisticated and aggressive legal ballot harvesting operation in America and never let this garbage happen again.”

    • They’re fighting the last battle. By 2024 the regime will have concocted another way to steal it. Schumer is out pushing amnesty today, perhaps they won’t even have to cheat with 30-40 million new foreign voters added to the electorate.

  9. Charlie Kirk, who’s become noticeably more based since his humiliation by Fuentes’ groypers concerning immigration, etc., has returned to his own vomit in the aftermath of the midterms: “I don’t like it, but it’s time to win. We will build the most sophisticated and aggressive legal ballot harvesting operation in America and never let this garbage happen again.” So… while the Dems are running their warehouse operations on behalf of purely notional voters, the Reps are gonna do the hard slogging of tracking down actual drug addicts and the newly naturalized to persuade them of the wisdom of voting conservative. Because their principals require it.

    • I don’t see where Kirk mentioned trying to win the drug addict and immigrant vote in your quote. All he mentioned was aggressive ballot harvesting. And if somebody is of the opinion that peaceful political victory is still possible, that’s clearly the only option.

      • This harkens back to TP-USA’s former distinction between *legal* and *illegal* immigrants, which is a distinction without much of a difference (when you tick the voter registration box saying you’re a US citizen, no verification required). Legal ballot harvesting, if there is such a thing, is not something that the Dems will be terribly bothered about. So, the Reps could be out of the running right there. But if states’ election laws really are enforced, and the voters really have to be actual people who just can’t be bothered to vote on their own, how likely is it I wonder that they will support conservative candidates?

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  11. Now is a good time for me to apologize to our eminences, the Zman and Citizen Silly.

    They were having a private conversation about judicial eugenics, and of course I interrupted with a lot of foam-flecked blather and wild hand-waving.

    (I had not yet read Monday’s Taki and didn’t know what they were talking about.)

    To be honest, I’d been stranded in the freezing Arizona mountains for near four days. I was down to one candle and my last can of butane.

    So, I was thinking, umm, warm thoughts.
    I am contrite and will avoid such unfortunate spew.

    The silver lining is, I still had enough juice to charge the sail foam and to listen to the steal of Kari Lake’s election.

    At that point, the temperature in here grew positively…tropical.

  12. Trump isn’t enough. He was WOEFULLY unprepared the first time and now is bordering on ridiculous especially if he thinks the vote-counters won’t cheat again.

    He’s not enough. Voting isn’t enough. Something has to happen; don’t know what exactly.

  13. Okay. In one of the outer rings of Circe America something very amusing happened today. Target announced that theft has reduced its gross margin by $400 million this quarter and will reduce it by $600 million for the year.

    I don’t think Target even features non-blacks in any commercials. Hard to tell, I only see them embedded in web pages and occasionally passing a corp shop window or bar with a TV. The CEO is a graduate of Kellogg Business school which yesterday announced that recent tech layoffs will not be required to submit a test score for admission.

    At least there is some occasional gallows humor available.

  14. I listened to Trump’s speech and the energy of his crowd is definitely muted, even the professionals working the crowds with tactically timed “YES!” and “Right!” had problems getting the pot to any real boil. One exception was when Trump said this:

    But as I have said before the gravest threats to our civilization are not from abroad but from within. None is greater than the justice system, the FBI and the DOJ. We must conduct a top-to-bottom overhaul to clean out the festering rot and corruption of DC.

    The cheer started slowly but then picked up steam and kept up until they were chanting “Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp!”

    I bet that was not in the script. His fans are going Dark MAGA on him, they just want to see people swing from light posts.

    • He is, of course, correct. But, this is coming from the guy who appointed Christopher Wray and Bill Barr.

      • Not so, amigo!

        My bestie told me wakes up early each day dreaming of a new way to hate Trump.

        To actually see his head explode might be the capstone of our 58-year friendship!

  15. IMHO Trump just looks ridiculous at this point. He may be good for entertainment value but everyone knows there is no saving America now, at least not all of America. Trump doesn’t even look like he is a serious thorn in the side of the cabal anymore.

    The political structure in this country is no more real that pro-wrestling at this point. It is a waste of time to pay attention to it.

    • Z: “It now appears likely that Joe Biden will be the first zombie to top the ballot for a major party.”

      I am not an historian of the Presidency, but Joe Biden is at least the THIRD literally brain-dead puppet of the Frankfurt School to have been installed and/or maintained at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      The first two were Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

      Henry Makow used to contend that the Frankfurt School turned Woodrow Wilson when it was discovered that Wilson was having a torrid love affair with the wife of a fellow professor at P-Town, and the Frankfurt School got their hands on the love letters, and used those letters as blackmail to control Wilson [until his brain exploded, after which the Frankfurt School only needed to control Edith].

      Similarly, Henry Morgenthau Jr ran the entirety of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration; Roosevelt’s brain was rotted out with syphilis, and Eleanor Roosevelt took up the same role in the White House as had been played previously by Edith Wilson.

      [To his credit, one of the very first acts of Truman, as President, was to fire Morgenthau.]

      It looks like they tried to resuscitate JFK for about half an hour at Parkland Hospital, but I guess the tech back in 1963 just wasn’t quite up to the task of keeping the poor fellow at least plausibly alive [or maybe the chutzpah back then just wasn’t quite as brazen as it is nowadays].

      Boy oh boy would the Frankfurt School have loved to have gotten their talons into Jacqueline Kennedy.

      I wonder which Sanhedrin is tasked with whispering sweet little talmudic lies into the wireless earpiece of Dr Jill Biden, PhD?

      Meaning who’s the David Axelrod of the Biden Administration?

      PS: The really big question here [which appears to have been curiously lost to history] would involve Lyndon Baines Johnson.

      He died at the ridiculously young age of only 64, barely four years into the first Nixon Administration.

      That speaks to me of likely mental incapacitation on Johnson’s part, during much of his presidency, which would then give us four brain dead DEM presidents.

      But the history of the LBJ presidency seems to have been swept not just under the rug, but out the back door altogether, to be forgotten forever.

      • (psst- LBJ’s granddaughter bragged about her Hebraic great-grandparents; LBJ himself was the staunchest of supporters.

        I do know he was receiving $55,000 per month from at least one mobster as license to operate in the Baton Rouge-Dallas territory; without doubt he was selling license fees to other, err, political donors as well.)

        • Yes. Old LBJ was president when the Israelis nearly sank the U.S.S. Liberty and killed a lot of sailors. He did nothing in response to that except cover up the atrocity.

        • Hmm, mob connections in Dallas? Good to have a mook like Jack Ruby to untraceably point in the right direction when he had a little clean-up on Aisle 7 to expedite.

  16. I am having a hard time seeing a downside to any of this.

    But it is way, way too early to tell how to play it.

  17. Trump blasted open that Overton Window in 2016 by putting immigration front and center as a campaign issue to great success. Even though it was an “ILLEGAL-NO, LEGAL-YES”, message, it still shook things up.

    Even though Trump won’t do it, he needs to blow things up and cause pearl-clutching by making “race replacement” the issue. Tucker Carlson did it in a way, without the racial part, but everyone was able to fill in the blank. The ADL certainly saw Tucker’s remarks that way.

    • Ah. Le Tuck’s sudden disappearance during an election week with a crash of the FTX bluewashing machine and a Ukie false flag to boot, must mean he is off slashing gallantly at a horde of ADL zombie lawyers.

      • Speaking of disappearances, whatever happened to Mark Steyn? He’s been conspicuously absent the past few months. Is he ill?

        • He’s absent from Fox, but he does a nightly show for GB News – you can find it on YouTube. He explained that while he likes Tucker and gets on well with him, he didn’t like the way his appearances were being steered by the management. He was being turned into the comic relief, and there were getting to be a lot of restrictions on what he could talk about. Everything serious was becoming out of bounds. He basically bowed out of the guest host role, and now only appears occasionally for visits to Tucker’s show.

  18. The current politics, as we sit in late 2022 will not be the politics of late 2024. Just as the politics of late 2014 were shattered by the Trump victory of late 2016. This country will be on a long toboggan ride over the next two years. One that does down down…down. All kinds of desperation will take hold. People will be desperate for jobs (unlike today). People with home equity will be repeating 2007-08, 401Ks will once again be vaporized, etc. People tend to get more socialistic not less as things like this happen. They want to be cared for. It’s human nature, and with muh democracy, it’s the rule. Now throw in the Republican House, which will choose Raytheon funding over Medicare/Medicaid, signing a nice suicide note. Throw in two more years of dying boomers, and two more years of little brown communist tranny Gen Z’ers on-boarding into the electorate. It’s over. Unless of course…..a hot war… God forbid.

    The worst outcome is Orange blob and DeSantis nuking each other figuratively, and the satanic Pompeo, through a tragic set of events, emerging as the front runner, with Pajeet woman as his side kick. Tim Scott is too…….”The Green Mile.”….even for Republicans.

    • Even though the GOP wants to believe otherwise (desperately), there’s no putting ¡Jeb! back in the tube. A squish ticket would lose every state, “white wave” or no.

      • Like they lost this week’s second Steal, this time when the Dumbs came back to snatch most of the swing districts, Congress, and local assemblies?

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  20. When I was in college, a friend of mine and I went to this concert by this great rock band that never made it huge, but were a national touring act. It was an awesome show, one of the best I’ve seen.

    A year later, the same band was coming to play at the same bar. We went and while it was another great performance, it wasn’t the same as the time before.

    The point of this anecdote is that this isn’t 2016. Trump isn’t a unknown wrecker. His act is staler than a month-old loaf of bread. I watched a few snippets of that speech and he looked old and tired. He looked low energy for sure. He’s old, not Biden old, but he’s not getting any younger.

    He’s a fool (as is any Republican) to think they can win against the white wave of mail-in “ballots” and ballot harvesting by the Enemy. I agree with our host here that Trump is the last Republican president we’ll have in my lifetime, barring something happening to the political structure.

    I think both parties are in on the fix (notice the GOP did nothing in Pennsylvania and Arizona to fix the mail-in ballots and other issues). The GOP accepts their Washington Generals’ role and the uniparty fiends all go hang out at cocktail parties and laugh about how they’ve pulled another one on us rubes.

    • “notice the GOP did nothing in Pennsylvania and Arizona to fix the mail-in ballots and other issues”

      Worse than that. 10 years ago we had voter id and no no-excuse mail in voting in PA. Then there was a scandal in the state supreme court, resignations, Dems took over, threw out voter id. GOP didn’t appeal, years later GOP legislature passed mail in ballots.

      Sea change so dramatic I assume GOP decided to sell out the Commonwealth.

      • Miss Lindsay offering up a national ban on women’s Second Amendment, abortion; giving us such luminaries as a Turkish carny and an addlepated footballer…

        Man, that must’ve been a whole lot more than just thirty pieces of silver.

  21. I don’t know if Trump in office again will be good for America, but it will be great for Europe. Especially so he can put his big boot of reality up the arrogant, self righteous asses of our political elites.

    I would predict with Trump in office, the new “phoney” war in Ukraine will come to a screeching halt. Lines will be drawn and everyone goes home.

    Of course liberal heads will explode, but majority of people have tolerated this woke nonsense long enough and it’s reaching a tipping point. With someone like Trump, hopefully we can drive a steak through it’s degenerate heart.

    Well…we can dream anyway.

    • Moldbug is relatively good at diagnosing problems and systems but terrible at suggesting solutions. His solution for Europe is great though.
      Total American withdrawal & non intervention when the French and many other military coup occur. Show the right it’s possible to end parlimentery sham system to inspire other people to do so.

  22. Idk that he can’t (or won’t) fix anything. McConnell/McCarthy/McRomney hate Trump. Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Soros hate Trump. The purple-haired female she-harpies hate Trump. The LGBTQWTF types hate Trump. The smarmy fake-smart, horned-rimmed glasses types hate Trump. The (((people who are trying to genocide whites/Christians))) hate Trump. At this point all I care at this point is hating back all those that hate me.

    Trump 2024: Because fuck you that’s why.

    • Mr. Generic: I did that in 2015. I even got (and wore) the t-shirt. Not interested in a re-run or same old same old.

    • All that hate for Trump and all he can muster is low black unemployment, I love Israel, and take the shot, it’s good.

    • Cheers to that!

      The highlight of 2016 was when Trump blurted out that the Iraq War was a “big fat mistake”. You could hear the shock as jaws dropped across the audience in that primary debate. (SC I think it was.) And with that single phrase, the GOPe was blown apart by a populist sentiment no one previously dared utter out loud. Bushes went ballistic and neocons were on the defense for a change. Good stuff.

      It’d be great if Trump was more Trumpish, but I’m also grateful for what he did smash/ still might smash.

  23. “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome real estate developer!?!?”

    To paraphrase literally everyone in the US.

      • Fair point.

        Not sure who to hold in more contempt.

        The left, which is straight up evil.

        Or the Trump-gonna save us (this time), 4 dimensional chess, God-Emperor-Cross the Rubicon wing of the right, which is too stupid to tie their own shoes.

      • JEB Bush was the hands on favorite to win the primaries in 2015. That is until Trump stepped in. What I’m saying is that the front runner position is not really meaningful until the field lines up at the starting block.

    • That’s a really apt analogy. Becket himself was a turncoat – a secular bootlicker of Henry II that, when installed, completely turned on Henry. Becket himself probably changed because of gross insecurity and vanity – he became devout to the Church to counter criticism that he was secular. In many ways it is analogous to Trump. He was an insider in Washington who, upon assuming another mantle, due to massive attacks, doubled down and was manipulated by his vanity. He originally wanted to ally with Russia and get out of Middle East, and attacks on him led him to double down and make both situations worse.
      Even more insightful is that Henry more likely said something like, “What have I done to have servants around me who allow this priest to treat me so?” This would apply to every local official who saw it as zis and zer duty to make sure that Trump was not reelected.

  24. I’m with Citizen of a Silly Country on this one. I’m totally disconnected from it at this point. The place I live, in particular, scarcely resembles the country of my youth anyways.

    My neighborhood looks like a UN convention hall. It is full of mud people, brown people, yellow people, hijabs, a general genetic slurry which the entire US will resemble soon enough.

    I consider myself an ex-pat living in the North American Globalist Kosher Bodega Economic Zone™ (God Bless NAGKBEZ!), temporarily.

    All my energies are currently directed at doing what these economic migrants are doing, but in reverse. I’m carving up my piece of the dying US carcass in the form of a high Western salary and using it to go outside of NAGKBEZ and live well. Geographical arbitrage I believe is the official term.

    The one thing Covid-19 actually did that was positive is it totally changed the landscape for 100% remote work. I intend to capitalize on this bigly and keep myself in 100% remote roles from now on if possible. I will keep my VPN handy so I -appear- to be in an expensive area. DC, San Fran, NY, LA, whatever and command a salary appropriate to that region. But in actuality, will be living large in a place where you can live for a small fraction of that cost.

    Wish me luck bros, I had a long hard road to get this far and have no interest in concerning myself for a place where the vast majority of people are either actively attempting to destroy their own heritage or are simply so dim they can’t see the edge of the cliff rushing towards them. They can ‘pretend vote’ for whoever they want at this point.

      • A lot of White Americans are moving to Mexico. I suppose they figure they’re surrounded by Mexicans and corrupt government in America anyway, so why not?

      • Hungary (Orban), Italy (Meloni) are my top picks largely due to their leadership. Italy is not -much- cheaper than the States and its Western Europe / EU so has some automatic globoh0mo, but I have blood ties there and Meloni scares the leftists enough they are painting her as Mussolini 2.0, that’s good enough for me. I’m not sure either will survive long term as part of the EU but they are years behind the US due to demographics alone.

        Secondarily to that, any EE country. Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, etc.) and Balkans (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, etc.) have seen what ‘the West’ is offering and many have opted out fully. I would have to go live there for a while in each place before I could 100% decide but that 100% remote thing allows for me to ‘test drive’ in such a manner.

        Thirdly and probably just for long-stay visits but nothing permanent – various South American locales and ‘BugLand’ which is basically SE Asia. Highly doubt I’d land in one of these places for long term for obvious reasons.

          • Portugal would be my recommendation. Quiet, dirt cheap, people are friendly, the weather is mild and yet still very much Europe. Very white, immigrants avoid it because it’s not a hand-out country. The language is a bit of a challenge, but it depends on how social you want to be with the locals.

          • Reply to Karl: Was just in Portugal. There are a fair amount of Pajeets in the major cities and the Algarve coast, and some blacks in Lisbon.

            I very much enjoyed my time there. I’ll say one thing: While there are beggars in Lisbon, and much graffiti, there is none of the squalor that has been spreading like a cancer in American cities. We felt very safe there.

    • With you apex. A few years ago I moved to one of the most rural and (of course) white areas of the country. Can’t move out, but I have moved well within.

  25. Drumpf has no chance in 2024, nor does any Republican, including DeSantis. The “Blue Firewall” in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin will never be broken again. Arizona and Nevada are on lock too.

    Mostly demographics, partly fraud pushing the Dems over the finish line as well. Look for NC and GA to go blue in 2024 – then Montana and eventually Idaho and Texas. The Republicans are managers of the Red states until it’s “time” for them to flip, at which point the switch from Red to Blue is made and that’s that.

    Even in 2016, Arizona took days to count. Hillary was in disbelief and refused to concede, probably expecting those extra ballots in Michigan, PA and WI to be found at some point. That mistake will never happen again.

    Other than Trump spitting in the face of those wretched uniparty slimeballs in the GOP again, there’s not much to look forward to with federal politics. It doesn’t matter. Hopefully DeSantis stays as Florida governor and advises other Red states on how to stay Red – but it seems like most Red governors are in on the goal of turning their states Blue (like Brian Kemp).

    • Wisconsin could have been broken but the Mooga crowd chose to nominate a goober who lost over a “good enough” who would have won.

      The legislature there is solidly R and would be happy to end ballot shenanigans if only they had a Governor who would sign off.

  26. You know what else is a moral clarifyer? DeSantis planning to replace a statue of a Confederate general in Florida’s capitol building with one of a so-called “civil rights” activist. The 2024 presidential race has not even begun and DeSantis has already began cucking. He is not one of us.

    • His running mate would be the Pajeet slut, who also has a similar background with desecrating Southern monuments and history, so it makes sense. The early missteps and the transparency of the puppetry, nay, the visibility of the strings, shows that even the thugs who run the totalitarian state are as stupid as every other major actor in contemporary American life.

    • We are so appreciative of Governor DeSantis for putting up the Bethune statue said the Bethune Statue Fund guy.

      Yeah, but not so appreciative that, “our communities”, will vote for him. Va’s Winsome Sears immediately called for jettisoning Trump with a huge smile on her face. It was on behalf of Carlyle Group’s governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin. Surely that grave dance was done to clear the way for Youngkin to get Carlyle to sit directly in the Chief Executive’s chair in The Oval Office.

      I think if political ads and press conferences were like sports commercials it would at least add some honesty and transparency to the process. Heck do it for speeches and even Congressional sessions.

      “The current paragraph of this year’s State Of The Union brought to you by, Carlyle Group and AIPAC.

      The next paragraph is brought to you by Race Grifters and Black Supremacists of America – Ensuring a 92%+ black voting block forever.

      The final paragraph of tonight’s State Of The Union is brought to you by Foreign Remittance Transfer Operators of America, a Division of Wall St. and The South American Oligarch’s Association and La Raza – Because scimming transfer fees and transferring wealth to foreign oligarchs and drug cartels and abuelita is good for America!”

    • I hadn’t heard about the statue replacement. I haven’t trusted DeSantis anyway so this is pretty much a killer for me. Plus he has all the wrong people lining up behind him. If the slut is on the ticket that’s a deal breaker in itself. I’d sooner see the current whore re-elected.

    • Careful! He kissed the Wall and signed a toothless statute…and then went on to break up the Juice districts aligned against him.

      He and Trump’s catfight is likely the strategy of: don’t be too principled to lie to liars. Subterfuge.

      Sand in the gears. Holding the Red territories until they can be flipped blue still buys us time and brings our flock together.

  27. I’m just finding it hard to care any more. It’s clowns everywhere you look, and being asked to pick your favorite clown. We deserve this. Let it all burn.

    • It’s Revelation of the Method: the medieval mindset eschatological occultists running the show make their chicanery so obvious, their cartoon puppets and schemes so outlandish, that people will uncover “the secret” and revolt, doing the demolition work on their own.

      Kabbalists on one side, Mason Magicks on the other. Occultism has once again seized the ambitious classes.

      • To wit, this is why they reduce complex systems to a tiny set of factors; for example, the complexity of environmental systems is reduced to a carbon dioxide molecule, the complexity of social relations is reduced to skin color and sex.

        Mixing these few factors in alchemical fashion (intersectionality), the technocratic occultists of Machine Green and Marxist Engineering are attempting spells to alter reality.

        That’s the thing about occultism: it is not only base, but boggiling stupid. They dream no higher of frightening, or f**king, or feeding on other monkeys.
        Of physical immortality, status, power, and other such picayune visions.

        The linkages between heart, mind, and ancestry is broken. Thus the lower centers of the brain are driven, while higher facilities function intact. A quant can still dream himself an archon.

  28. This essay beautifully articulates my feelings on the whole scenario. I don’t vote, but I enjoyed Trump in the same way I enjoy Musk: for the trolling. Trump is now dated, and his attacks on others now are simply spiteful and nasty, as opposed to the mirthful glee that used to inform his attacks. Of course, his change in demeanor is understandable – for seven years now they have been hunting in every aspect of his life to bring charges against him – that would jade anyone. I’m serious when I say he must be one of the most upright businessmen ever, as they have not seemingly found anything yet.
    I think what you will see in the next two years is the same gameplan: completely ignore him. This will help both obfuscate any chicanery (either in the primaries or general election) and spite him. Think of how effective 2020 media was in hiding the size and enthusiasm for his rallies. Unless you are someone such as us, people who seek alternative media, you would in no way be surprised by Biden’s election. It is only for those who recognize unprecedented increase in numbers of voters, discrepancy between reality (on the ground, as opposed to media projected) and fiction, and the incredible shenanigans at voting stations, to realize that the election was no doubt much closer that reported, if not opposite in result.
    They will simply follow this plan again, and 90% of Americans will be none the wiser.

  29. I would argue that the best way to view the upcoming Trump campaign is by whether it hastens the collapse or not. The Republican base is solidly for Trump and will only get more so over the next two years. Trump also appeals to a lot of people who rarely vote. But he has all of the DC/Deep State, RINOs, MSM, and liberal America arrayed against him. Nevertheless, the only way he can be derailed from the nomination is via a phony criminal indictment or serious shenanigans by the R leadership in the primaries. And either of these will just alienate many voters who will then boycott the 2024 election. The Ds wouldn’t even need to cheat in order to reelect Biden’s corpse.

    Ideally, all of this will become irrelevant because the collapse will already be underway, but if not, then Biden’s dead hand will surely put the last few nails in the coffin. The real danger is false hope that keeps normie on the couch for two more years. The collapse is not going to be pretty and only the strong and smart are likely to survive.

  30. Gotta love that NR article bashing Trump.

    They acknowledge: “Trump killed off the Clinton dynasty in 2016, nominated and got confirmed three constitutionalist justices, reformed taxes, pushed deregulation, got control of the border, significantly degraded ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and cinched normalization deals between Israel and the Gulf states, among other things. These are achievements that even his conservative doubters and critics — including NR — can acknowledge and applaud.”

    But he criticized the RINOs, tweeted a lot and didn’t like all the 2020 election fraud. So no.

    • It’s hard to put into words the amount of loathing I have for National Review, especially since it was one of my first main reads as a conservative.

    • NR omitted that Trump also finished off the Bush dynasty. Interesting omission, huh? Mitch McConnell is the last avatar of the ridiculous nonsense they are peddling.

  31. Another thing to consider is where the country will be in two years. Economic indicators are not painting a rosy outlook over the next 24 months. Inflation, cost of living increases, and the overall decline in almost all facets of American life could take its toll on the voters psyche.

    As Zman noted not too long ago, the red wave that didn’t appear at midterms might have been the best outcome, as this keeps the lumbering apparatus moving, thus speeding the system’s decline.

    While it will probably be entertaining, the outcome of the 2024 presidential election will not change anything. The American Nightmare will reach her conclusion. For the Dissident Right, our goal should only be to survive it.

  32. I read a summary of the speech Trump supposedly gave and he actually did the black unemployment routine, the I’m the best president of Israel routine and of course, the word White never came out of his mouth. Guess what favorite son-in-law was right there with him? He also spent time talking about how they have been stealing the election. He has learned nothing. I’ll probably end up voting for him in the primary, but only for the LOLs.

    • Trump’s popularity with the Orthodox portion of the Tribe was a legitimate 100.00% by the time he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Viewing him as the Zionist Tribe candidate, as opposed to the Deep State’s Globalist Bankster Tribe, explains much of his actions and statements, from continuing to listen to his son-in-law to his stubborn vaxx-boosting to his abandoning the J6 protesters to his latest speech.

      The real slogan was “Make the American Golem Great Again”.

      Meanwhile, DeSantis ALSO has demonstrated Zionist loyalties. There are theories going around that he was only pretending Tribe loyalty in order to deceive them into weakening themselves. Not only would that be a dangerously stupid strategy… never try to con a con artist… but I’m plain and simply tired of being disappointed by men who demonstrate foreign loyalties. Also, by Normie conservatives gaslighting themselves.

      If DeSantis really was our guy, instead of a Presidential run he’d end democracy in Florida (the Deep State has mastered vote fraud) and turn the place into a sanctuary state for white men. He has the allies and populist support right now to actually do this. Maybe even a SCOTUS that would admit the Constitution permits such conduct. But no, he wants his turn in the Oval Orifice.

      • I forget the details, but I think he signed into law some BS about antisemitism or the anti-BDS thing.

        I just don’t get the constant allegiance to Israel in so many American politicians. You want to be president of AMERICA, not Israel! It is infuriating. Like we exist to please their special country. You absolutely cannot serve 2 masters.

      • But he did successfully deceive them into weakening themselves. He was able to break up their districts, and to fire the infiltrators in the ranks opposing him because they no longer had the focused support from said districts.

        This is mastery of court politics. And to play the game, ya gotta be in the game. He is, he has demonstrated much-needed talent, and he delivers a lot of what we want.

        Look at the vote totals. From ekeing it out to landslide support. We must have kingdoms that are not inherently hostile to our living there.

  33. Seeing a lot of non-support from internet Rambo-Pinochets because Trump failed to “stop the steal”/”cross the Rubicon”/etc.

    There never was, isn’t now, and never will be a pro-Trump (or “Trumpist” or populist or whatever) faction anywhere in any Western government—because he is *us.*

    Coup accomplished, the junta summoned soldiers from far-flung “red” provinces to surround the capitol and point their guns out at the people. Not a single one refused.

    It’s good that Trump’s running. We need to *see*. Again.

  34. The GOPe leaked the announcement two weeks ago that they are going to rig the primary against Trump or, in the alternative, simply ban him from participating in the the GOP primary. I expect they will ban Trump from the GOP primary in the belief that his supporters will switch their allegiance to DeSantis in the primary, then to the GOPe candidate of choice. This belief is sorely mistaken.

    We rubes in flyover country are acutely aware that we have been systematically disenfranchised by electoral fraud implemented by the Democratic party in the 2020 and 2022 elections. It will be the ultimate betrayal for the Republicans to do the same thing in the primary. Millions and millions of lifelong Republicans will sit out 2024 or will write in Trump as their choice for President, effectively splitting the vote. In this scenario I look for Texas and Florida to go blue, giving the Democrats over 400 electoral votes.

    I’m sticking with my prediction that Hillary will be the Democratic candidate in 2024 and will win the presidency in a landslide, courtesy of the GOPe. Dark days indeed.

    • Personally I’d rather have a Democrat than any of the swamp monsters the GOPe would want to run. Hell, they might even give Liz an opportunity.

      You do have to wonder what the effect would be if the GOP offered up a Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney and there was a record low GOP turnout.
      This would utterly destroy local governance. That’s really the only important downside.

      • While any politics at this point (for a long time, really) is pointless, the GOP grifters fully realize Buckleyite conservatism is too farcical to sell at this point. This is why they will rig the primaries if possible to nominate DeSantis. I would prefer the Pajeet and some black step-‘n-fetchit but you take what you can get. If primary rigging is off the table, the Republican poohbahs will undermine Trump in the general and possibly help with the fraud.

        Controlled opposition is hard.

  35. At least the Dems appear to know they’re lying when their MSM-mouthpieces repeat for the umpteenth time that the 2020 election was the most free and fair election ever. Trumpsters who say the election was totally stolen so we’re gonna run with him again in 2024 and vote even harder this time are simply delusional. If they actually believed what they were saying, why on earth would they expect a different result next time? 2016 only worked because the ruling elites expected a Goldwater-style blowout—Trump was just too extreme. Their pollsters happily confirmed that assumption. When Trump won the electoral college convincingly (on election night, no less), they could do little but unleash endless riots and mayhem, stock his presidential appointees with swamp people, and sandbag him within the bureaucracy. Now, in 2022 we’re seeing more of their available arsenal. Candidates who want to be viable must strictly conform to the liberal democratic consensus, or else. The only (non-fake) opponent who stands any real chance in 2024 would be Jesus Christ, and then only if he was unwilling to be crucified.

    • > The only (non-fake) opponent who stands any real chance in 2024 would be Jesus Christ, and then only if he was unwilling to be crucified.

      Jesus had a pretty bad experience with democracy once before.

      • They are for damn sure “giving us Barrabas”, right? On the rare days when I have to go in, I run from Grand Central Station to the office haha.

    • Secession is the only viable solution. Make Florida a independent Red sanctuary statement de jure or de facto.

      Can’t run DeSantis as they will turn him into cannon fodder. FBI & NYT already working on it

  36. Watching trump last night was like watching sons of anarchy a few years back, it was literally the last show I watched on tv. I’m embarrassed by this fact today. I got the same feeling of embarrassment last night. I realized I was watching a make believe story about stupid bikers while wasting the time I have left. Same thing last night. You do have love the absurdity of the men in professional white long sleeve Business shirt sporting a very gay black leather vest with bickers for trump center rocks though.

    • My wife kept trying to get me into Sons of Anarchy. I thought it was too ridiculous for words. Throw in the psychotic leftist Jew male lead and the Jewess from Married With Children and I couldn’t even be in the same room when it was on.

      • I actually saw some seasons of SoA. Really was a very good example of *amoral* degeneracy being taught to the people. Really, there were no values and no relationships that were sacred. All could be discarded for whatever was expedient in the moment. An excellent example of “defining deviancy down” as Bork put it.

  37. I will support Trump if, instead of constant rallies, he directs all his followers to relentlessly vote harvest in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Imagine having thousands of Maga people storming houses trying to get people to fill out the forms for Trump. Leftist heads would explode as the fourth Trump guy comes to their door and asks if he needs some help filling out his ballot.

    He’s a smart guy, and I’m sure he realizes the election is won or lost a month before the actual election with who has the better harvesting mechanisms. It’s just a matter if he has the guts to take it to the proper conclusion.. When the police inevitably start arresting people for doing the same thing the left is doing, we can really drive the nail in the coffin of our democracy.

    • The DOJ will hold the Republican harvesters in jail for years awaiting trial. That will be the end of that.

      • They won’t even make it that far. The left will have some of it’s favorite pets go a few days without their meds and then remove their choke chain and watch the bloodbath while one of these harvesters walks up to someone’s front door.
        We’ll hear the usual things from the corporate media, “The cops knew about him/he/it/unicorn”, “Family was worried and informed the local authorities, to no avail. Sorry, he/him/it fell through the cracks and the victim should have known better.

  38. There was a “Treehouse of Horror” episode years ago in which all the human-shaped advertising signage—from the Pep Boys to Vegas Vic, the Cowboy in Glitter Gulch—got up and started attacking people, Stay Puff Marshmallow Man-style. Lisa eventually figured out that the only way to kill the monsters—since they were living advertisements—was not to look. She even crafted a catchy jingle “Just Don’t Look.”

    The point is that certain monsters can be starved by being ignored, or killed by turning your back on them. Voting (as you’ve pointed out) is one monster slayed in this way. Not signing up for Twitter again is another good way to turn your back on Monster Musk, who also needs attention like an addict needs their fix.

    Ignoring the game of national politics at this point isn’t apathy, though, because it allows you to work on real community building, and to make your donation money count wherever you put it. Buying some coffee from that lady at Above Time who fought the Antifa psychos to a draw is a better use of dissident dollars than throwing it into the money hole of some PAC, which will probably just waste it, a la cirrhosis-livered Steve Bannon. Likewise would buying Ann Coulter’s next bestseller about why Trump does/doesn’t deserve another chance be a waste of money and time.

    Let Trump and Kanye dye their hair together and go on the trail together and campaign together. I won’t look this time. I still feel a little dirty having voted the other day and I’m trying to hang on to the little bit of dignity I got left.

  39. “Ron Paul had a similar run in 2008, but his 2012 reboot was a flop”

    The 2012 campaign was about spreading the message of liberty and by that metric it was more successful than 2008. I may be revealing my libertarian sympathies with this cope here but it stands to reason many ended up here because of the influence of these campaigns.

    • There is truth in this. I ended up here because Ron Paul was a non-interventionist who I discovered in ’05 or ’06. That led to the first logical explanation of how The Fed works to enable perpetual militarism, plus the phony debt financed economy. I ended up here because of the rabid discrimination as diversity push from ’12 to now that got way out of hand in ’20. I only came to terms with The Great Replacement a year ago. I think gently presenting info on TGR to people a degree or two away from us in our personal lives is the next Ron Paul move.

      At this point, the people who end up here will not be brought by some future Ron Paul, but will be pushed here by the regime itself.

      As far as what it means to be here now, I think we are looking at what I call and briefly outlined as The Huguenot Option.

    • I posted a couple weeks ago in praise of Ron Paul. His excellence was in questioning dogma. Who else questioned the Civil Rights Act on the grounds of impact in governance? Through asking cogent questions and pointing out the pernicious effects of government, he has led many to this side. I am not a libertarian, but he was the one who pulled me away from conservatism by pointing out the flaws in their beliefs. I was always a race realist, but he helped me appreciate the issues with the legal instrumentation as opposed to the moral “right” of government. In many ways, he was the window to let others see that many other options exist outside of the narrow confines of mainstream American politics. And when you start to realize the breadth of options, you really start to feel confined within the narrow scope of polite opinion.

    • I recall the ZHers at the time LOLing over the Obama win in 2012 because the Ron Paul supporters were (rightly) peeved that Romney/Ryan heavily rigged the convention against Paul. They made the case that their hand sitting cost the GOP the election and in a close-ish election it wasn’t very far fetched.

      • Zerohedge used to have a fantastic comments section. I get your point (that it was flawed back then), but it had a nice, dedicated, educated, diverse (intellectually) group of posters. It went downhill several years ago – and I still miss Boris Alotovkrap.

      • Main thing I recall from Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign was the blowback comment and thinking – the guy’s right, and the only one with the cajones to say it.

    • People need to understand that the inner parties choose the candidates. If the delegates choose the wrong candidates they change the rules on the fly until the desired result is achieved. The “R” team did it to Ron Paul. The “D” team did it most recently to Tulsi Gabbard. Now you would think the “D” team would have preferred her to first-round dropout, zero-support, Kamala. You would be wrong.

    • It’s as dated and lame as sitting on a couch, wearing a large beard and a man-bun, browsing on your iPhone 5 while watching HBO’s new show Girls

      • Speaking of dated and lame, are we getting to that point yet with the ubiquitous blackety-black TV commercials? Has black fatigue set in with the normie crowd yet? (I know, probably not….sigh.)

  40. Reply ↓
    We are in a tough spot. National politics are effectively closed. In Pennsylvania they can run a brain dead guy and have his tramp wife openly say she will in truth be the Senator. They can slap the country in the face with impunity and they do it and they don’t conceal their glee after each sweet follow through.

    There are several states where the state level situation is the same as the national level. There is no point. It is territory that is gone. Do you fight the school board, which includes the teachers, the curriculum writers, and then Disney and the entertainment industry? Any red state is worth fighting to preserve its status and expand from the local to the state level. Those are the remnants of The Land Mass Formerly Known As America (great phrase earlier poster). They will continue to be the geographical rallying points.

    If it were that the country was facing the financial chaos wrought by the Central Bank Managerialism of debt financing, it would be one thing. We could manage that, and that journey would make a once resilient now soft people resilient again. The anti-white and replacement regime creates an entirely new set of concerns.

    It looks like political engagement should be focused entirely on narrow issues: ending Affirmative Action; attacking AA escalation in the form of open anti-white hiring, retention and promotion policies. For the rest, some energy must be spent on making select people a couple of degrees removed from our immediate circle aware of TGR. The bulk of our energy must be spent pursuing things that will help our people deal with being a despised minority. That will take a lot of energy. We are going to have to become like the Huguenots and other minority religious groups in Europe. Those groups can be quite successful.

    On the one hand this is a sinking feeling. On the other, resurrecting, preserving and creating our own culture and institutions in an unofficial nation is a noble cause. Just taking control of our children’s education and ensuring they are globally competitive is a monumental task. Just creating our own art and entertainment networks is monumental. Surviving not just the gaze, but now the armies of Sauron is monumental enough.

    A cross generational hero’s journey for an entire people is calling.

  41. “but now the debate must shift from whether he should run to how best to take advantage of it”

    It is all upside. Trump never will win or be allowed to win, even if he could win. The Deep State openly would assassinate him if there even were a possibility he could claw into the Oval Office. As I have written in the past, I will vote for the first time in years for Trump not because I expect anything to come of it, but to both register dissent/disgust and to foment more chaos that further exposes the United States as the vacuous and vicious dictatorship it has become. It will be the last vote I ever cast.

    I’m pretty certain this formally will finish off the Republican Party as symbolic controlled opposition, too. Its federally elected members just re-upped McCarthy as Speaker and likely will re-up McConnell as leader in the Senate today. We all know the GOP is unserious and ludicrous, and the more who see it the better. The sooner the Republican Party dies, the better.

    Finally, it simply cannot be emphasized enough: get out of the cities and move to places at least not formally hostile to you and yours. The US is post-rule of law now, and survival is all that matters in a totalitarian regime.

  42. Good grief.

    Trump has announced just after the midterm results in order to prevent any momentum gathering to oppose the mass rigging that has just happened. Seems pretty obvious.

    It completely sucks the air out of the repubs to move forwards in challenging the results.

    Just wait another 2 years and forget what you just observed. Mr Goldstein is here again in his shiny hat.

      • What is 4d about it. Its straight forward on the basis of timing.

        He is a stooge and he is playing the same 3 card monty.

        Its like talking to people round a street card game and saying that guy winning before the other punters join is the plant and being told its 4d chess that the guy is involved.

        People to update their thinking out of headline politics make believe and look at actual behavior and real world effect, of which Trump has suffered none.

        • Which is it? Is Trump a stooge or is he the master manipulator heading off challenges to the election result?

          Trump announced early to ride the interest in the midterms and scare off the potential challengers. There is nothing more to it.

          • You are not even in the ballpark. Trump is a placed stooge and is a willing part of the overall scam club which is the manipulation. Its not tricky. As i said its 3 card monty.

            Politics as real is deader than disco. Writing about Buckley or Trump as a political outsider despite the last few years showing he just plays his part is like having a discussion with a hipster grey-beard uncle about woodstock man and how it was all so real.

            The entire public sphere is psychological manipulation through social and mass media to create and foster control groups. That is all it is.

            Everyone given air time promoted in a negative and positive sense is there to create cults of personality for 2 sides to use as tools to lever the overall narrative forward.

            Failing to recognize this is equivalent to keep playing your old Dylan albums in the hope it was real at the time and not a record company marketing exercise.

          • You are in the wrong paradigm of analysis which is why you cannot accept it. Its not politics, its conditioning as a process and only that. there is no 4d bullshit.

            Take the mid terms. The reason they drag out the obvious steals in some and ensure conceding in obvious frauds in others without challenge is precisely to make it obvious and engender helplessness and frustration which become a free floating anger and anxiety in the normie repub voters. They did not just lose, they were also huiliated as powerless.

            They could have done it quickly, and made it less obvious but they chose not to. They also picked the strongest media promoted maga types to strengthen the effects.

            That emotion of betrayal has to anchor somewhere. usually it would manifest in a move to retribution, however at the point just when this would happen Trump rides in to offer a psychological attachment as a savior hope to act as the floating emotion locus. This creates a very strong personality cult.

            The unfrozen emotion is now attached to Trump as a strong binding to him.

            Its a technique they use all the time in cult conditioning to leaders and psychological prisoner conditioning.

            That is why the pattern is obvious. You see it all the time now in elections, in Ukraine etc. There are no outsiders possible in this game. Like milgram the apparent victims are in on the experimental conditioning, whose real target is you.

            It is solely a trauma induction/attachment mechanism that just looks like its still politics from 50 years ago.

            Flailing about in the past is blinding you to the reality of the present.

      • The 4d chess stuff is attempts to describe spiritual phenomena without a spiritual vocabulary. Not necessarily angels and demons, or whatever. America has become fully corrupt and dumbed-down. Events make no sense, things get worse. It’s the spirit of the age.

  43. This is all good. For Our Thing, the dream scenario would be the GOP flagrantly rigging its own primaries to hand the nomination to “Nikki” “Haley” (or whatever Yeb! clone they come up with), only to see her get crushed by Brandon. They won’t be making the same mistake with Brandon they did with Fetterman, so they’ll run the Katie Hobbs playbook — no, His Majesty won’t be doing any debates, or any events of any kind, or even answering questions. The mere sight of “Nikki” “Haley” begging and pleading to be allowed onstage to be browbeaten by some ultra-partisan leftwing hack will cause all of us to laugh ourselves into a hernia, and might even do Normie a bit of good. The whole thing will be a giant middle finger to the very concept of representative government, and I for one couldn’t be happier.

    • “The mere sight of “Nikki” “Haley” begging and pleading to be allowed onstage to be browbeaten by some ultra-partisan leftwing hack will cause all of us to laugh ourselves into a hernia, and might even do Normie a bit of good. The whole thing will be a giant middle finger to the very concept of representative government, and I for one couldn’t be happier.”

      It would be awesome if that Pajeet were the designated fall girl. Maybe she could get some black grifter like Tim Scott to run with her. The worse the better.

    • Did you know Rick Scott is black AND a Republican?
      I’m so happy to vote for him: now I’m not a racist.

  44. Times like this try my long-term optimism, but so did Obama’s second term. Pretty clearly, the game is a grind, fits and starts in one direction. Things won’t change until the game changes.

    At this point I’m 100% convinced it takes utter disaster to get white people off the couch. Plagues and collapse, these sorts of things. Even then, people seem to think it’s a show until it’s a matter of life and death. Oh well.

  45. Donald Trump is the ultimate political ink blotter test. Whatever you think about the man — good, bad, or indifferent — it almost certainly says much more about you than it does about him. I perceive Trump simply as a brand and little else. He epitomizes a 21st Century media environment of style-over-substance. It’s difficult to believe that he personally stands for anything beyond his own fortune and fame. Consequently, both those who love him and those who hate him vastly overrate his significance. They yearn for him to either be a hero (man on a white horse) or the second coming of Hitler. It all looks quite hyperbolic and ludicrous from where I’m standing. And what does it say about me that I maintain such a view of Trump and all the mad hoopla that accompanies him? It indicates that I am a cynic who doubts virtually every aspect of the freak-show carnival that is modern American politics and culture.

    • Heck, I don’t even have to ask anyone. I just invoke the name.

      Invoke Him and get a sneer or a “yeck!”, then you are clearly my enemy.
      Invoke Him and get an eye roll and an apology, then you are clearly misguided and not my enemy, but not my kind of guy either.
      Invoke Him and get a thumbs up or a wistful smile, then you are clearly misguided and not my enemy, but not my kind of guy either. This includes Nick Fuentes.
      Invoke Him and get an eye roll but nothing more, the you might be okay.

      • You basically echo my own sentiments, Marko. Those who loathe Trump are almost invariably worth avoiding. Conversely, I tend to sympathize with many of those who love him, though I think they’re investing far too much psychic energy in the wrong guy. The presidency is primarily a ceremonial position at this point. American politics and culture have a certain momentum that cannot be reversed through mere elections. No single individual, particularly one as flawed and limited as Trump, will show up and magically reform the system. We either save ourselves or we go down with the ship.

        • “Those who loathe Trump are almost invariably worth avoiding.”

          I wouldn’t pigeon-hole everyone with that assessment. I know a number of people who loathe Trump because they feel he spent too much time catering to minorities for his four years in the WH and ignored the people who put him there.

    • Wkathman: Very well said. At this point Trump is the White man’s Obama – people project their hopes and beliefs and perceptions on him regardless of what he says or does (or doesn’t do). I have said repeatedly here that I do not vote and I will not vote – that will not change. I allowed myself the weakness of false hope for Trump in 2016; I try not to repeat my mistakes.

      Let the blacks and mestizos and juice he’s championed vote for him. Will he repatriate all those numericans who’ve arrived in the past four years – let alone the last 40? Am I supposed to celebrate his supreme court nominees like Amy Barrett and her adopted Haitians mourning the death of St. Floyd?

      I don’t really care who supports whom in Washington’s puppet game of thrones. And DeSantis is a politician – a successful one – but not anyone I would trust or rely on. And all those people who apparently believe moving to Florida will be a panacea – they’re welcome to their Cuban and Haitian and Puerto Rican neighbors – not to mention the hurricanes and humidity.

      Trump is a carnival barker. His ego and bombast were funny enough and even refreshing in 2015. Now they’re as stale as old bread. I don’t expect any of the political drama to change anything – no future election will ever be free and fair – and I increasingly doubt how many in the past ever were. The magatards will continue to vote harder; the civnats will celebrate their increasingly mixed neighborhoods and their ‘hardworking’ Hindu and Han neighbors. I will focus solely on my family and friends’ future – away from the madding crowd and as insulated as possible from any and all politicians, local or national.

      • “And all those people who apparently believe moving to Florida will be a panacea – they’re welcome to their Cuban and Haitian and Puerto Rican neighbors”

        Don’t forget the juice! Between demographics and immigration, FL is miraculously defying political gravity. Suspiciously so.

  46. I’m not enthusiastic, but if he’s on the ballot, I’ll probably vote for him, assuming I bother to vote. I’m under no illusions he’ll actually do anything for me, but then, he isn’t likely to declare me a public enemy, either.

    So, the upshot is, he’ll at least do me no harm, and he makes people I don’t like cry.

    That may not be much, but in absence of any actual alternative, I’ll take it.

  47. Trump is prevented from getting the nomination, gets annoyed and runs as an independent. He comes second to Biden with the Pence/Haley ticket nowhere and some, at least, of the Republicans finally start to take life seriously. Oh well, no harm in day-dreaming….

    I do think it’s important for DeSantis not to run, if there is a relatively peaceful way out of this we need strong governors in place.

    • And it rhymes. This country is bankrupt. All are negatively impacted in one way or another by the Covid cure. Sometimes compounded by their Adderall or other drugs/media addiction.

      Across the pond, Germany leads the line of the primarily Eastern European states and has turned towards These folks who are now warm and satiated. Ukraine is just a Russian easement for utility and food transport supporting its new European friends. Trading is done through a commodity-backed Eurasian currency.

      In the Dis-United states, BLM has transmogrified into the no lives matter. It’s not really a movement, just a chaotic reality.

      Joe Van Biden cannot remember whatsoever what Ron Klain directs him to do and thinks C’mon Man, Trumps is not so bad, and inadvertently supports him and Trump becomes president. He’ll fix the bankruptcy. What pushes him over the line is his promise to execute the drug dealers and human traffickers live on his Truth platform and syndicated on A&E.

      I’m not voting but I’m sending the campaign 50 bucks. I want to be on the nice and not naughty list.

  48. Trump 2016 = Offense
    Trump 2024 = Defense

    He’s running so they can’t throw him in jail and complete the process of ruining him. If they pardoned him, he would go build another golf course, host a TV variety show and generally leave them alone.

    Meanwhile, the Midterms suggest more pain is necessary to wake up the masses. Conditions are so good here in general that 3 years of lockdowns and inflation and St. George riots haven’t woken up enough normies. “There is much ruin in a nation”, as some smart guy said……

  49. My own opinion is that Trump was like the uncontrollable crazy man who came out of the Wild Woods of Politics, smashed in the the front door of the comfortable front door of the clubhouse that both parties had created. Trump smashed the furniture, drank all the booze in the bar, started fires in the restroom, and took a big smelly dump in the closet that the republicans were allowed to use in the clubhouse. Now the place is wrecked, the republicans can’t use their closet anymore. Trump really upended their worlds. However tearing up the clubhouse is a different kind of skill than rebuilding. I’m just not sure he’s the one to do it. Sometimes fate gives you a role to play, and then decides like Moses, you aren’t the one who goes into the Holy Land. Like the farmer in Field of Dreams, you are tasked with building the ball park, but aren’t allowed to go back into the corn to meet your heroes, but others are. And you don’t know why. History is like that sometimes.

  50. I agree Trump at this point is like Joe Montana playing in Kansas City, the best is behind him.
    Can anyone on the national ticket beat the mail in ballot vote harvesting schtick anyway?
    I doubt it.
    Not even Desantis in my opinion.
    The lunatics have not brought out their full arsenal on Desantis yet.
    They will if he gets the nomination in the future.
    It’s over at the national
    level, except for entertainment value and even that is not much fun anymore.
    It’s like NFL football, glance at it once in awhile at the sports bar but most of the fun is gone, it’s all fake and gay and filled with people who hate me,
    I rather go to the park or go fishing.
    This also applies to Trump now.

    • G Lordon Giddy: Many upvotes. ” . . . most of the fun is gone, it’s all fake and gay and filled with people who hate me; I’d rather go to the park. . . ” Spot on.

    • I would estimate the real vote in PA, MI, GA, NV and AZ would have to be at least 55% (probably 60%) for the GOP to overwhelm the fraud in Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Maricopa County. That would require greater than an epic Reagan type landslide. The Senate mirrors this as well. The GOP will probably control the House for a long time, but do nothing with it. The scary part is in a decade or two when we have 5 Sotomayors on the Supreme Court.

  51. My apathy toward Trump is likely felt by many others. But it’s not just an apathy toward Trump. It’s an apathy toward the whole system. Trump, 2020, Jan. 6, all of it, just showed what a farce the whole election game is.

    Combine that with the changing demographics, which, eventually, will make voter fraud unnecessary, and it’s clear that I have no stake nor feeling toward the system.

    I might as well be an ex-pat living in another country. I live in this country, but it’s not my country, and I have no ability to change the system, so I’ll take a peak every once in awhile at what’s happening politically out of curiosity but it’s more liking checking in on a game between two teams that I don’t care much about.

      • So is DeSantis – unless he stays in Florida. The national level is lost. Local is our only chance.

        If he becomes president, he’ll change nothing of importance. However, as a governor who starts to push hard for states to break away as much as possible from federal control, he could go down in history as starting a great movement.

        • DeSantis is better off getting the Florida constitution changed to eliminate term limits for governor’s. Then make himself governor for life of Florida like Putin is basically the lifetime leader of Russia.

          The national level is over.

    • It’s an apathy toward the whole system.

      I suffered Trump’s speech to the end. The energy is muted, the cheers feel somewhat staged – there are clearly professionals working the crowd, providing the spontaneous outbursts of “YES!” and “RIGHT!” at tactical moments.

      Except at 53:00 when Trump says:

      “But as I have said before the gravest threats to our civilization are not from abroad but from within. None is greater than the justice system, the FBI and the DOJ. We must conduct a top-to-bottom overhaul to clean out the festering rot and corruption of DC.”

      The cheers starts off as all the others, a bit desultory but then picks up steam until the crowd is chanting “Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp!”

      I bet that wasn’t in the script. His fans are going dark MAGA on him, they don’t care about wars or inflation or walls, they want to see people swinging from lamp posts.

    • That is a great way to look at it. It’s like the ex-pats who move to Ecuador or Mexico for the weather and cheaper living. Just stay off the radar of the cartels and do the most you can.

  52. Just a hunch, but from here it seems like the dems might happily let Biden decay and run pretty boy Gavin Newsom.

  53. “American politics is not kind to second acts.”

    Grover Cleveland and Richard Nixon have entered the chat.

    Joe Biden would like to enter the chat but is using a piece of soap as his mouse and thinks his television is an iPad.

    I know, I know, exceptions that prove the rule.

  54. DiSantis keeps looking more like an establishment-directed bot and less like a MAGA candidate. Getting endorsements from the likes of Dubya and Jeb! is not a good sign. Yesterday, DiSantis called for the removal of a Florida Confederate statue and its replacement with some obscure 19th century negro educator. I’m sure the Judeo-Puritans are having spasms of ecstasy this morning.

    A couple of things about Buchanan and Ross Perot. When Buchanan ran a second time, he chose some obscure black woman as his running mate to deflect media charges of racism. Many of his potential followers turned away with a silent groan. As for Ross Perot, he was initially in the race and leading when he mysteriously decided not to run based on some idiotic excuse. Then he changed his mind and jumped back in. Too late. Both men dealt fatal blows to their respective candidacies by their own bad choices.

    • I think the main question is whether we’d prefer DeSantis competently getting a couple things done to Trump wrecking stuff. But that would assume either could beat the fraud, which they can’t.

      So the real main question is which we’d prefer running in a campaign that will ultimately lose? You could make the argument that when they steal it from DeSantis, that will be an even more bitter pill because he isn’t a crazy as Trump, etc., etc. But that assumes the normies might finally wake up, which they won’t.

      So the real, real main question is: who cares?

      • Who? The establishment, that’s who. They would like nothing better than to see MAGA tear itself apart so they can get back in the game. I hate the establishment more than I love MAGA.

    • Apparently the statue swap was initiated during 2019-20. Not that it improves the situation, but it may mean your news source is deliberately misleading people about when for ‘reasons’.

    • I remember watching Ross Perot giving a speech to some black group and he used the phrase “you people” and right then I could hear the thud of his prospects hitting the floor..

    • Buchanan chose Lenora Fulani in 2000, not 1996. In 1996, Buchanan won the New Hampshire primary and was in a good position to take on Bob Dole in South Carolina — before a week-long media onslaught regurgitating the anti-Semitism charges he’d accumulated since the 1970s. In 1992, Pat finished 2nd to GHW Bush in the NH primary.

      I tried to leave this comment earlier today, but couldn’t get it past the spam filter, I guess. I worked for Pat for quite some time in the 1990s and must correct Z Man and you folks on this score. He was very much a threat to the GOP in 1996, which was his “second act.”

  55. I don’t think they would need to steal the 2024 from any Republican. GOP elite dream candidates would get crushed by any Democrat just like Jeb or Rubio would have lost badly to Hillary in 2016. That’s not say they wouldn’t continue committing voter fraud, they have these people on the payroll so they might as well use them. The big change would be if the Republicans really threw someone like Nikki Haley up there, the potential for an independent to run and get 10-15% is pretty high. There is no repairing the party after that.

    • Yep. Mucho clueless GOP schmuck supporters as well as the more reluctant righties flapping their gums this week about the fraud in order to prolong the vacation in Demographic Denial Land (also avoids the contrived nurturist characteristics of The Abortion Debate, yet another kayfabe struggle which far from promoting either Christian Sovereignty or libertarian-capitalist freedom flair is simply a management aspect of welfare-state totality now). Truth is, the Combine doesn’t *need* ballot-harvesting matrix manipulation to stay on top of most “close” jurisdictions, it’s just another card in their back pocket to play in case of emergency. The Racket doesn’t actually need to compete in Florida or Texas either; maps are fully a consultant/grifter-fostered canard and a key component for the two fake sides of this scam being presently locked in theatrical stalemate.

      Scattershot brazen fraud is symptomatic of the diluted democracy (voting yourself benefits), not the cause of it. Can’t count all the WSJ/Fox News dullard op-eds I saw about how Republicans doing so amazingly in NY State, when you think about it (“Like Rian Johnson they subverted expectations, wow!”). Who but a Fetterneck-level retard today would donate their decreasingly valuable patriot $$ to GOP candidates in Arizona, let alone Michigan/Pennsylvania?

  56. I highly doubt that Desantis will run. The campaign would be brutal and even if he miraculously got the nomination , he knows what slim chances there are in the general election. He also won bigly in a state with 20 million people and looks magisterial running it. I’d keep that for a while, he’s young.

    As for Trump running while seriously believing he can win? This thing is all ego driven and a personal diversion for dealing with his final declining years. Of course all bets are off if Putin helps again 🙂

      • Honestly unless we go to only in person voting, no mail in except extraordinary circumstances, and valid ID, normals don’t have a chance.

        Also while silently observing our culture, social media, absorbing all the descriptive data on most Americans I realize we our truly broken and can’t be saved. At least for many decades. Politically it’s all futile. Sorry, I’m just being a blackpilled Ahole today.

        • David Wright: Being a realist does not equate to being an Ahole. Castles in the air are fine for daydreams but not much help with rampant inflation, immivasion, and wrol. Demography is destiny . . . or you could take the civnat/HBD Ron Unz route and encourage Whites to ally and miscegenate with orientals and mestizos for the win.

      • You’re correct about this! I hate to say it but the only way Republicans can win now, especially in Arizona, is if they play dirty like Democrats. Unfortunately, it’s what this country has become. I don’t condone this, but we may see a lot of tech savvy meme makers direct their energy from raiding websites and mocking candidates to stealing votes like Democrats do.

        • The play dirty comment is not without merit. If the ballot corruption is to be fixed by reform, then it must be useful to the “other” party. Otherwise, the Dem’s will block all attempts at meaningful reform—as they have done so far in AZ.

        • The Dems can do it with 5 election officials in the large cities of swing states. The Repugs would have to do it with 100 election officials in smaller districts. And elude the FBI and DOJ in the process.

      • They underestimated the Trump vote in 2016. In 2020, they were ready, and while the cheating process was sloppy, they got it done.

        By 2024, they’ll get much closer to having cheating down to an exact science. And maybe even making protesting stolen elections illegal. Threats to “our democracy” and all the rest of it.

        • They were clever enough in 2022 to use the polls as an approximation of the “mail-in” ballots they would need, and pumped them in at the beginning.

    • I don’t think he will, either. He’s young enough to wait out this cycle and run in 28 when Trump will be out of the picture, one way or another.

      He has the luxury of waiting, so why jump in now and risk alienating Trump supporters he may need later? Not to mention, if he avoids contention with Trump, he probably has a good shot at the VP slot this time around.

      • Pretty much what I’m thinking. It’s a no win situation for DeSantis this election cycle. If he loses the primaries, he’s gone for 2024. If he wins the primaries, the split off of alienated Trump supporters and the old Dem corruption machine causes defeat in the election. Bonus: DeSantis then becomes a loser and will have an even harder time at a second run. Think back how long it’s been for such to occur—Nixon?

        Possible wild card, DeSantis runs a reasonable and fair primary bid and as has been common accepts VP spot with Trump. However, Trump is not Reagan. Ego is waaay too big to accept a viable rival in second spot, albeit he did accept Pence.

        Of course, such is Normie type speculation based upon a fair election system, which is not apparent to me.

  57. Regardless there are way more questions than answers at this point. Trump will be tied up in legal maneuvering by various authorities, and I agree his schtick has worn thin.

    I sincerely hope DeSantis is smart enough to decide not to run. The People In Charge will never allow him to become POTUS, and he is a shining beacon of how to be the executive of a state. Plus I plan to move there in a few years.

    • The regime is trying to do the bait and switch game with DeSantis. They are giving him the Trump treatment in the hope that he runs and splits the vote in the primaries. Then the party slips in one of their zombies as the nominee. They tried this in 2016 but it was far too late to make Cruz into a useful sock puppet.

      • Cruz may have to survive court challenges as to his legal ability to be POTUS. He is arguably not a “natural born citizen” as per Constitutional requirement.

        He was born in Canada, of a citizen mother and foreign father. Cruz received his citizenship through his mother. In short, he was “naturalized”, but not native born. He obtained his citizenship through means other than being born on USA soil, or in territories in USA possession/control—for example, McCain was born in the “Canal Zone”.

        Now there are many, Cruz not the least, who will argue this point. However, the Founders were masters of the English language and would not have made a distinction between types of citizens had they intended for Presidents to hold office had they been born (and raised) on foreign soil to be permissible.

        Whether SCOTUS will interject in such a political dispute is problematic as well. Probably they’ll ignore the issue and allow Congress to settle the matter through impeachment after the election.

      • The problem with the splitter strategy now is that people do seem to have figured it out.

        The eGOP is going to have to rig the primaries to get their candidate. The splitter strategy is too obvious, and too easily called out.

        That’s the huge advantage Trump has in 2024. He may be a lot of things, but the splitter candidate he is not.

        The other thing Trump does well, even if inadvertently, is cause people to decloak. O’Dea in Colorado got destroyed last week. I took great pride in casting a write in vote for myself. Why? He went full Liz Cheney when asked about 1/6.

        Now, CO hasn’t elected a Republican statewide twice since 2004…when mail in voting got going…coincidentally. So O’Dea was never going to win. That being said, hearing that he got destroyed was a good thing.

        The biggest mistake the Official Government Party has made in the last 15 years was making Trump into an enemy. We have, as a result, uncovered the traitors in our midst. It’ll take a few election cycles to drain the poison. But a lot of them were primaried and tossed.

        Keeping Trump in the game puts more traitors. They can’t help themselves. I mean, look at the endorsements DeSantis us getting. There’s no question he’s
        the establishment’s splitter candidate.

        People are wise to that.

        It doesn’t matter though. DOJ is likely already preparing to arrest Trump. It is unlikely such a move would result in millions flocking to DC to burn down the DOJ. Most people are arm chair warriors these days.

  58. All that is going to happen is the left will ratchet up the demonization even more than the past. If you vote for or support Trump this time around, you will be removed from your job, have your possessions stripped and quite possibly hauled off to jail for denying “democracy” and having wrong think.

    Personally I find Trump to be an annoying blow hard who simply follows the same path as all of the other conservatives. He goes out of his way to prop up blacks and hispanics but fails to show any support for white people who are still the slim majority in the land mass (I refuse to call this place a country or nation). Trump hasn’t learned a thing. You can’t out-welfare or out-pander the left with regards to pleasing the criminal race. Look forward to hearing about more “platinum plans” and black unemployment.

    The only reason I care at all about the potential for a Trump presidency is that it will be the final match required to ignite the country. The low IQ savages will be out in full force and will burn down all of the cities. The left will completely meltdown like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Mass chaos will ensue and all of the white liberals living in urban areas will have their homes burned and looted. This would bring me such inescapable joy that it couldn’t be measured. The unfortunate reality is that in order for something new to be born, we are in need of killing the diseased cells.

    Of course, this is all fantasy because it will never happen. What will happen instead is that Trump will lose in a landslide due to the embarrassing comedy show that is elections in the USA. They will never let him win, and the rigging will be upped to levels superseding even 2020. Maybe with his loss in 2024, some more normies will make the jump to our side, but I have to admit that I am not all that optimistic.

    • “They will never let him win, and the rigging will be upped to levels superseding even 2020.”

      I agree. And this recklessness will come at a cost that will be hard to underestimate. Our managerial/elite/ruling class is losing its collective mind and whatever is left of its reputation. The 2024 election will finish it off.

    • Actually, playing the black/hispanic/jewish game would be the correct path for Trump to win, if the elections were honest. But since they are not, he has locked himself into railing against the fraud, while campaigning like there is none.

  59. Many have fallen into a cult-like trance

    I was at the house of an associate (of sorts) that does the whole “talk like MLK live like KKK thing” when a neighbor of his drove by with three giant Trump flags on his truck (natch) and a Trump paint job on the vehicle to boot. My bugman associate took my grimace to mean that I was keen to his own bizarre world-view; I let him keep his fantasy as the truth wasn’t called for at that moment (cults, all the way down).

  60. I agree that Trump running again doesn’t have anywhere near the same vibe – at least not yet. He never should have walked away from the bogus 2020 selection. That said, he’ll surely drive the leftards even crazier which will be fun. May be time to go long box wine and Ritalin. Of course the GOPe cucks will get their panties in a bunch as well, so it may take a bit of the sting out of the mounting economic issues.

  61. I feel so blase and jaded by all this electoral circus, I can’t make fine distinctions between the circus performers. If Trump runs, I’ll vote for him. With the same lack of enthusiasm I had the previous two times. As a true dissident I don’t expect anything from the political process except a few cheap thrills for the rubes and marks.

    This sucker (the USA) is going down and our energies would be better employed in creating and nurturing small communities that may have some chance of survival among the rubble and detritus.

    • Trump’s angle was revolutionary in 2016, but for 2024 a completely different angle is needed (such as Z’s idea of declaring that no run is possible until the elections are fixed). Trumps civnattery nonsense was holding on by it’s fingernails in 2020, but with supporters jailed and the vote permanently rigged it’s not going to be enough in 2024, I don’t think even DeSantis, as he is, will be enough (and in fact DeSantis can heavily out-flank Trump by wising up to those issues along with black crime).

      • The fact that Trump never defended any of his supporters going back to the run up to 2016 left a bad taste in many peoples mouths. People were chased down and assaulted leaving his rallies. Guys protecting his supporters from violent Antifa were arrested and languished in jail. Remember the guy who opened up the Trump supporter’s head w/ a bike lock? The victim was hospitalized w/ a skull full of staples and the perp got a slap on the wrist.

    • “ This sucker (the USA) is going down …”

      I agree, but to me the issue is one of speed. The frog in the pot of slowly boiling water sort of thing. In short, that is a major problem in moving folk over to this side of the divide. Folks have gotten use to their conditions as our slow deterioration has allowed them to “adjust” to things. Add to that their follow-on generations that have known no other conditions and you have complacency.

      Anyone like Trump who bring the Lefties out into the streets gets my vote.

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