The Great Stupidification

If you were alive in 1985 it would have been perfectly normal for you to argue with your liberal friends about the issues of the day. This was the time of the Great Interregnum, when it was possible to have open debate about most topics. People like Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor were allowed on television to speak their minds about topics that are now totally forbidden. There were some limits, but for the most part everyone accepted that everything can and should be discussed.

It is hard to imagine such a condition, given the world of harsh censorship that we experience today. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but daytime talk shows would regularly have people on who claimed to be fascists. The host would make sure to let the audience know they were bad guys, but they got to say their piece. Holocaust deniers and black nationalist also were part of these shows. It was entertainment, for sure, but these people still got on the big stage.

Then as now the people we call the Left in America controlled the institutions, but forty years ago there more confident. The typical liberal person was fine debating a typical conservative, because they thought they were right. Both sides figured a good dose of facts and reason would bring the other side around. The people putting Black Hebrew Israelites on daytime television were sure that once people got a look at these people, they would laugh and then forget about them.

The thing that has been lost in all of the censorship and cancellation campaigns is the panic that motivates these things. The people trying to purge the public square of normal debate are doing so out of fear. That fear comes from a lack of confidence and that is driven by a sharp decline in intellect. The Great Fear we are experiencing is mostly due to a growing intellectual darkness that is consuming the liberal class that controls the institutions of cultural production.

You can get a sense of it from the Twitter drama. Musk bought a company that had 7,500 fulltime employees and 5,500 contractors. He summarily fired half of the staff and ninety percent of the contractors. Twitter has not gone dark or failed to work properly since the mass layoffs. It appears there were sabotage efforts, but those have either failed or were found out before they could be executed. In other words, half of the people working at the firm contributed nothing.

Slowly we are getting some insider accounts of what life was like for the people inside this company and it offers an insight into the rest of the hive. Most of the “workers” did no actual work, even people employed as programmers. Instead, they spent their days playing make believe, creating things like workers co-ops and support groups for increasingly exotic identities. Twitter had become an adult daycare center that catered to the needs of the increasingly unfit.

If this was going on at Twitter, a company that had to try and make a profit, imagine what happens in places with no need to turn a profit? It explains why CNN turned into 24-hours freak show. They were collecting over a billion a year in revenue through the tax farming system that is your television service. Corporate activism threw billions more onto their coffers for political reasons. When ratings ceased to be a concern, it is no wonder Don Lemon was their featured star.

The most extreme example, the engine of wokeness in the modern age, is the American academy, which is totally disconnected from reality. Hundreds of billions pour into the system regardless of the product. Small private colleges tend to be more practical because they have to make ends meet, but even there they have found a way to get on the free money gravy train. Oberlin College is a finishing school for the mentally unstable females of bourgeois America.

The American university is awash in cash, so the administrators are free to indulge the whims of the infantilized faculty. In fact, all of the selection pressure is in favor of the sorts of people who fall for these ridiculous academic fads. Absurdity and stupidity have become moral signifiers on campus. Empiricism and probity are now seen as the sins of the white power structure. Acting white is now the greatest sin, so the inhabitants seek to produce the most antiwhite fads possible.

The great stupidification of America is obvious in the language. The great and good now salt their language with abracadabra words like disinformation. The fact that they regularly confuse disinformation with misinformation is the tell. The hair-hat on CNN wailing about disinformation on-line has no idea what the word means nor does he even care, because for him it just means forbidden. Like a chimp flinging his poo at an enemy, he flings the word disinformation at the audience.

Conspiracy theory is another popular abracadabra word. The World Economic Forum posted on Twitter a video they labeled The New World Order. This is a phrase they have been using for decades. Twitter then puts a warning on the tweet that reads, “The New World Order is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.” Clearly, the term “conspiracy theory” now simply means anything the hive mind has banned from the hive.

The hive now has lots of these words and phrases. They seem to think they just need to position one of these magic words next to the thing they fear and it will magically disappear from their presence. Alternatively, if they label someone with one of their magic words enough times, that person will disappear. The dullards at the ADL now believe if they chant “antisemitism” enough times everyone they hate, which is 70% of the population, will simply vanish.

This is not the behavior of intelligent and confident people. This is the mindset of a primitive man, terrified of the world around him, so he embraces various rituals and incantations to provide him protection from the unknown. Instead of chanting a magic phrase to invoke the gods, the modern progressive chants “racism” and “fascism” to chase away the evil spirits they are sure lurk in the shadows. This is why public debate has suddenly become impossible.

It has been said that the Eskimos have many words for snow. The reason is snow plays a huge role in their life, so they need a nuanced understanding of it. Similarly, the modern progressive has many words for outsider. The reason is they are obsessed with the imaginary wall between themselves and the outside world. The reason all of these magic words mean outsider is the obsession is the wall. The modern progressive is defined by that wall, so it is his obsession.

What appears to have happened within the managerial class is that the smart fraction is slowly being overwhelmed by the deranged faction. Twitter is a good example of how an insulated institution succumbs to bourgeois excess. This is surely happening all over government, just as it is happening in the academy. Work still gets done, but the capable are now dragging a massive sack filled with gender theorists and critical race theory workshop participants. The burden is becoming unbearable.

Twitter may be a foreshadowing of what comes next. Now that the election system has been fortified for democracy, the ruling class can begin to relax. The threat is receding so they can begin to shed the defense system of howling lunatics they accumulated over the last decades. Like Twitter hacking off its useless parts, we may see something similar across the ruling class. These useless primitives are no longer worth the cost of carrying them, so they will be cut loose.

On the other hand, Twitter could be a rearguard action. The Marching Morons solution is no longer possible, because the smart fraction within the managerial elite has already been overcome by the crazies and stupid. The people who had to be protected from criticism because they were too weak cannot be challenged now, because they are too strong, so they will now define the managerial elite. The system will collapse under the weight of its own stupidification.

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222 thoughts on “The Great Stupidification

  1. “Most of the “workers” did no actual work, even people employed as programmers. Instead, they spent their days playing make believe, creating things like workers co-ops and support groups for increasingly exotic identities. Twitter had become an adult daycare center that catered to the needs of the increasingly unfit.”

    Useless eaters?

    Klaus Schwab, call your office.

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  3. A very big difference between the 80s and now that explains much of the modern censorship is the rise of the feminist in all organizations.

    In the 80s there were still remnants of the patriarchy. Now most organizations are a gynocracy. Whenever women get numbers and power major censorship soon follows. There is a lot of talk about making the online and offline a safe space from hate. That is women’s speak for I don’t like to be criticized or challenged to think.

    Every time a poll comes out about free speech, women choose censorship and men, especially White men to the right of the divide, choose freedom. For example, a recent poll of college students gave the options of inclusivity and diversity on one side or freedom in the other. Not surprisingly the vast majority of females chose inclusion and, somewhat surprisingly, the vast majority of males chose freedom. White men, especially in the managerial class, submit to women so freedom is not going to start ringing anytime soon.

    • You are right. A woman’s primary motivation is feeling safe. That is understandable. All the silly movies with women beating up special-forces-trained men notwithstanding, women are smaller and physically weaker than men are. That is why, often despite themselves, they are attracted to strong men and all the pandering of liberal guys and their quest to find their feminine side doesn’t lead to a healthy sex life.

      Before WWI, women made up about 20% of the workforce and many of those were there only until they got married and had kids. Now they dominate HR (i.e., indoctrination) and marketing (i.e., propaganda) and so have finagled massive influence.

      Now, instead of having kids and staying home with them and nurturing them, they turn those skills on adults who shouldn’t require mothering. But here we are, our social capital slowly bleeding out and too many would-be men letting this craziness pass.

      Do you want to change the world? Find a woman with traditional values who wants to stay home to raise a family. Family by family. That’s the most important playbook for our side.

      • This is true but you’re gonna need men who wants to have children rather than go on overpriced ski trips.

  4. I don’t know if I truly understand what is playing out here, but 100% this has all the feeling of when the USSR collapsed. Z Man has made this point numerous times, as well as others. The people just quit believing the lies.

    My very profound concern is that as of yet, or at least it appears this way, about 1 out of every two people in this country are true believers who only deepen their beliefs as time goes by.

    We literally live in an age where preadolescent children’s fantastic whims are being indulged as if though they possess the sober wisdom of their elders, while old white people are being shoved into nursing homes to have POCs who hate them be in charge of their care.

    And yet, if elections are to be believed, we have 1 out of every 2 adults standing in line to vote for people who support turning little boys into castrated eunuchs.

    Even if you live in a deep red state, about 1 out of 3 people enthusiastically support child castration.

    I want people to wake up, to look around and question the insanity of all this. All we really need is 20% of the “others” to find a breakpoint where they can no longer support it. If that happens, it will effectively crumble. But the signs only point toward more and more people being convinced that this is holy and good.

    I know that at least 4/5 people who vote Republican are deeply concerned and just as polarized as the blue voters. But how do we fortify our opposition and delegitimize the elites when all we can do is whisper in dark corners?

    • I wonder what we’ll have when it’s gone, however. The USSR allowed its constituent former republics to go their own way after December 1991, but once it was all dissolved, there was a Russian nation standing right there. It’d been there all along, in fact.

      Not so in the US. There’s nothing underneath the Republic, so to speak, other than a few colonies of Great Britain on the East Coast. Rest of the landmass is a free-for-all.

      Pretty terrifying, to be honest. And it’s happening, slowly, but picking up steam. People’s hearts aren’t in this any longer. They’re just going through the motions. There’s nothing holding us together but laziness and force.

    • The media must be destroyed first. All other approaches will fail as they will be subsumed by it.

      You conceptualize it as if people are persuaded, or that it is a support gained.

      It is nothing to do with such a thing. These instructions are implanted directly into neural structures through electronic media saturation and symbolic programing.

      The entities that were formerly human have no defense against it, and are not conscious in the way you understand. They are walking biomechanicals running programs looping in their hardware.

  5. Systems don’t collapse, they are overthrown or destroyed by a stronger system. Believing in collapse is a cope. Its also believing in your own brand of magic. Collapse is belief in The Last Judgment, simply not a solution.

    Neither Rome nor the USSR nor The British Empire collapsed, they were overthrown or withdrew from exhaustion. Barring nuclear war – a destruction by enemies not collapse- the American system is quite sufficiently stable to endure, increasing its extractions and oppressions and getting ever better at “collapsing” opposition- if they don’t provoke nuclear war with Russia or China they will endure until Americans organize systematically and overthrow them.
    The tattered but enduring Federated aspects of our political and social composition actually work against any National Solution and in favor of the regime by providing resilience, however unwanted.

    But if one dares and others dare and band together one goes to jail, or loses money or business, or dies.
    So…hard pass, No.
    No organization will rise to actually challenge the system. Risky=NO.
    Not life, not fortune and nothing sacred, certainly not Honor.

    The Irish Democracy fable is often invoked here, the IRA actually told its recruits that death or prison was guaranteed.

    Let us have men that fear not death nor prison nor love money more than dignity and we’ll have Americans again. Let them find each other and they’ll be an America again.

    This may happen, in the meantime count your money.

    • The IRA was run by Mi6 for at least substantial portion as a UK arm of Gladio.

      Give some of the stuff around Michael Collins and his associates for those who care to look, it may well have been compromised from the start.

    • The IRA was backed by states : USA, USSR,Germany ,Libya.
      Much of the UK elite was sympathetic to their cause.
      The IRA became a leftwing organisation.

      People choose to ignore these facts when they talk about emulating the ‘RA.

      Maybe seek backing from China?

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  7. Great point about the old talk shows. I noticed a few years ago that Facebook apparently has an algorithm that flags all images of Hitler, and sometimes even the mere mention of his name, as “hate speech.” Context is irrelevant; even stuff clearly intended to mock Hitler or the Nazis gets flagged.

    I used to think this was just laziness, but more and more it seems like stupidity or insanity. I imagine there are people working at social media companies REALLY THINK that the neat World War II photos I’m trying to share with my history-buff uncles are going to spontaneously turn us all into raving Nazis just because Hitler or a swastika happens to be in some of them. I can’t even begin to imagine how they would process something like the Phil Donahue show…

    • Donahue was a holier than thou lib for sure. I remember some quote of his along the likes of, “yes I’m a rich White man in the richest country in the world, but… I could have been born in Mexico or Bangladesh, or where ever…” Yeah, and you could also have been born a toad.

  8. I imagine Twatter was in the vanguard of “social media” along with faceberg etc. It was they who enabled the crazies a platform to band together and spout their collective insanities and ultimately, amazingly help drive, if not force, public policy in many areas. I’m unsure if companies like this should be done away with, or users be carefully vetted – such as an educated, intelligent, sober minded land owner, gainfully employed, heterosexual White male. Worth contemplating…

  9. If you want to dangerously increase your blood pressure, watch those old Donahue episodes with Jared Taylor and JP Rushton. It’s like watching gods among swine; and of course the swine win by sheer numbers and stupidity. By the early 90s Clinton-era, political correctness was locked-in and in full swing. The happy Reagan-era was quickly swept under the rug and forgotten.

    But like Z-Man said, the Left owned the media way before that. Norman Lear was a one man conservative-strawman destroying machine. Poor Archie Bunker was supposed be a dumb punchline (like Alex P. Keaton), but the country was still white enough where those guys were beloved.

    But Hollywood has virtually NEVER made tv/movies with a right wing hero and left wing villains. Lord knows, they have done and perfected the inverse.

    Heck, even John Wayne wasn’t explicitly a “right wing” hero. An American hero, sure. But the conservative artists (unlike the liberals) were capable of putting their viewpoints and stories out there with nuance and humanity as opposed to sheer political invective and strawmanning. Stallone was considered a “right wing” movie hero back in the day, but he wasn’t really. He just wasn’t stridently liberal and his Rocky and Rambo presented sympathetic and heroic portraits of white manhood. To the Leftists, that makes it “right wing”, but it isn’t really. It isn’t right wing propaganda that matches the endless leftwing propaganda that has brainwashed us all for generations.

  10. I graduated high school in 1985 and I find it pretty amazing how my generation (early Gen X) was not liberal. They were mostly apathetic, not interested in politics and generally liked President Reagan. To be liberal at that time seemed outdated, something from the hippy era. At the time the apathy was sort of frustrating to me but now I strongly prefer it to the wokeness, liberalism, and censorship most of today’s young people support without critical thought.

    • I hated the apathy/grunge of the 90s. It was surely a symptom of the politically-correct decline, but it was still harmful the whole Kurt Cobain vibe.

      It was just perplexing how we could come off insanely fun and triumphant and BEAUTIFUL rock and power ballads of the 80s into such hopelessness.

      • I find the following phrasing grotesque, but what was called “grunge” was the last white art movement—white working class art, specifically, and it was poisoned and undermined in all the same ways the people who made it and loved it were.

        It was also the last “intellectual” pop music, in that someone like me (a musicologist, officially) can examine it and talk about it, describe its historic/artistic lineage at length, justify its merit, etc.

        Nothing now is like that.

        Literally nothing.

      • fakeemail-

        I’m going to split the difference with you.

        I enjoyed grunge quite a bit when it came out as I was growing up in the ’90s.

        However, looking backwards in time, I do find it odd that, having spent the ’90s in a sunny, optimistic corners of the world, the popular music of that era was so stylistically and thematically dark.

        I do think our friend Hemid makes a lot of good points about the artistic and cultural value of grunge below. I particularly like his points about it being the last great white, working class, grassroots musical movement.

        On the other hand, on a gut-level, I do feel that grunge had in-built sonic, stylistic, and visual limitations that limited its time as a driving cultural force, compounded by the rapidly shifting demographic picture of the ’90s.

    • I graduated HS in the late ’90s in Main Street, USA, and I am continually vexed by how many of my classmates have turned out to be hardcore Wokesters.

  11. Musk is a crony capitalist masquerading as an entrepreneur. Most likely, the Government agencies that finance Twitter got tired of paying people not to work and so they sent Musk in to do what the Government couldn’t overtly do. Not without admitting that Twitter is to the IC what Tik Tok is to the PRC.

    So Musk fires people without them ever knowing that the Government they worship fired them.

  12. Democracy deniers, it’s a bit late, but I have a question to ask the market traders and risk assessment guys.

    ProZNoV brings up FTX. (Thanks for the reminder, Pro.)

    Did the crazies, this social mold fed by illusory money, just kill their golden goose?

    I’m thinking of the PGBT, the bank backstop “insuring” the pension system.

    Of a pensions cascade, rather than a derivatives cascade.

    The admin unions are the source of perpetual funding feeding the mold spores. Look at what happened to the teachers union.

    Trigger point, maybe, for whatever must come?

  13. “Oberlin College is a finishing school for the mentally unstable females of bourgeois America.” lol this was beautiful

  14. Those in charge of enforcing the censorship are Robespierrests. They would do well to recall, or at least to learn, the fate of Robespierre. No quarter given.

    • The censors must be named and put through public trials, people died as a result of their work and their lives should be put on the line. “Following orders “is a confession not an excuse, juries should(obviously) be full of people who suffered because of the evil done by censors. The next time, the call goes out for censorship, people should be terrified of taking the positions, “remember the last group, they are buried out back”.

  15. Thank you for this, and right before Thanksgiving when I have to travel and interact with the mind-bendingly stupid left wingers I am related (by marriage) to.

    My MiL is so proud of a DiL who graduated from Columbia (squeeeeee!) in a distance learning masters program in “Strategic Communications” (lol). If you looked up “Fucking Millennial” in a dictionary her picture would be there.

    Anyways the moral to the story is I may not be welcome back, which is what I am going for.

    • Remind her that affirmative action is the only reason she was accepted to college. Part of our terrible trajectory in this country is due to all the artificial power gifted to women. She’ll be begging for a bail out of her student loans in 5 years.

  16. Yep. A ruling class that feels firmly in the saddle can afford to let the far-right extremists on TV.

    • Or it could imprison them indefinitely without charge, convict them of traitory for joining a nonviolent protest, murder them in the street with impunity, etc.


  17. Small private colleges tend to be more practical because they have to make ends meet, but even there they have found a way to get on the free money gravy train.

    Not in my experience, boss, which is fairly extensive (though several years out of date by now). YMMV, but as a professor I’d take Big State over Small Private Liberal Arts College any day of the week. Most kids and Big State have no idea why they’re there, and while all the gripes about Those Darn Kids Today apply (in spades), they’re still about as normal, for the most part, as kids these days get.

    The SPLACs, on the other hand, seem to go out of their way to recruit weirdos. Girls at Big State make up bespoke pronouns because they think it gets them likes and shares on TikTok; girls at SPLACs get double mastectomies and hormone shots. The last one I taught at (right before I hung up my jock, so this was a few years ago) allowed therapy animals in the dorms. No kidding. I had a student share with me her pictures of her therapy hedgehog, and I promise I didn’t make one single word of that sentence up. It was purple hair and nose rings and gaudy tats and bespoke pronouns as far as the eye could see.

    • One of the things one sees at SPLACS is a huge divide between the athletes and the NARPS (Non Athletic Regular People). My two younger boys remarked on this often, although the use of the term ‘regular’ is somewhat misleading. In fact, (and of course one needs to take into account the not insubstantial lesbionic quotient) the athlete girls are way more normal than the NARP girls. Heck- even the lesbian athletes are more normal at most small colleges.

      • This is true. During my tours of duty I pretty quickly got the rep as “athlete friendly,” because I didn’t openly hate athletics with the heat of a thousand suns (it’s not just football, though of course eggheads reserve their nastiest ire for football. They hate ALL sports, because as you say, athletic kids tend to be well adjusted). This probably warps my perspective somewhat, because instead of my class being 90% weirdos, I’d have the entire JV football team — much easier to teach, but it made the weirdos seem that much weirder by comparison.

        If you MUST send your kid to college, I guess I’m saying, make sure he plays a sport, too, at least at the club level. Otherwise he’s going to come home with a weird piercing and bespoke pronouns and etc.

        • A couple years ago The now previous president of our local SPLAC commissioned a study on the feasibility of getting rid of athletics- the study came back- “Sure, you can do it, but not if you expect to ever again get any alumni donations”. She then embarked on a crusade to destroy the (tremendously successful) men’s lacrosse team. Ultimately she failed, but not for lack of trying.

        • I disagree. Once upon a time that may have been true, but look at how many athletes got the vax, how many bend the knee to wokism. Look at how many athletic college girls become only fans hoes. Hell, at my college the rugby girls were amongst the worst of the worst. Partied the hardest, got into fights, got men to fight each other over them. I get it, They look pretty, especially compared to their freaky counterparts, but the Greeks were wrong. Beauty does not equal goodness.

          • Bwana- no argument from me, and I’m sure things have deteriorated in the 4 years since my boys were last in school. It’s just that the athletes are MORE normal. Also huge pressures were brought to bear on them during the Covid madness.

            Possibly OT, but…

            I was at a wedding the other week- there were two young women there, one an HS classmate of one of my lads. They were obviously a couple ( the girl who was Junior’s classmate was raised in a “Heather Has Two Mommies” household.) Both were very attractive ex Ivy league college jocks (ice hockey and soccer) All I could think was that these two were most likely socially conditioned lesbians- probably LUGS*, but but now, because of the increasing normalization of gayness were “LUGS and thereafter”, which I’d guess is way more common today. Two women, making a choice in their 20’s that severely diminished their chances of reproducing, and increasing the odds of both of them becoming childless wine box aunties. And don’t get me started on raising kids in a gay household.. All around, just sad.

            * LUG = Lesbian Until Graduation.
            Z Man has said numerous times (Kathy Griffin has made this point as well) that most lesbians don’t look like you wish they would, rather they resemble the guy who comes to resurface your driveway. Still true, and possibly I have a sampling error, but at least here in the lesbo capital of North America I’m seeing more OnlyFans type lesbians.

    • The nice thing about schools like THE Flyover State University is that yes there are the deranged lunatics in the Grievance Studies Department and the Humanities as a whole, but there are pockets of sanity and reality that exist because they have to. The Ag School and Engineering Schools come to mind.
      A rational, intelligent student often doesn’t have to interact with them except through some first year classes that show them that blue-haired psychotics are real, and should be avoided at all costs.

      • My professional advice for anyone who feels they *must* go to college: 1) Don’t. Seriously. Unless you absolutely are 1000% certain you’re going into a field that requires research-grade lab benches, you’re wasting your time and money. Go to trade school.

        2) If you don’t believe me about 1 — ya just gotta have that piece of paper — go into the easiest, cheapest major you can. All Humanities courses can be done by mad lib, usually online, often with your first 2 years at a JuCo (same class, 10% the price, all credits transfer). Structure your first term paper in such a way that you can do a few simple find/replace operations, so that you can plug in whatever hobbyhorse this semester’s purple-haired, nose-ringed, genderfluid professor rides most frequently.

        3) If you can’t stomach that — and I can’t blame you — go Business Administration. You can do it on autopilot, mostly online, again with the JuCo thing.

        4) Most importantly, **stay away from the girls.** I know, I know, you’re not physically capable of taking this advice… but remember that I told you so.

        • @Sev you’re not joking. I took an Intro Sociology class and a second Soc class a bit later by the same professor. I used the same ten page paper for the midterm project (something something, Max Weber, something Protestant Work Ethic, some thing something…) in both classes. Got an A both times.

        • You don’t need college for many sales/business development careers and since COVID, many are work at home gigs (that does require discipline). Find the right service/product. The best ones are all commission (more discipline required) which means that you be able to float the boat till the moolah starts coming in. Start at 20 years old, build a pipeline and you won’t be working hard after 30.

        • It might not be a bad idea to go to play a sport. You’re not gonna really learn anything, but the athletics would be fun.

  18. “half of the people working at the firm contributed nothing.”

    OH OH OH now do healthcare! 😉

    But seriously, any industry that has gone bonkers in the age of 0% interest rates (the past 20 odd years) is probably a fraud and most of the people that work for them do nothing but collect a pay check. The worst part is that the great majority of these people will not admit it to themselves. How are they not just as deluded as the people presented to us as “activists”? Or how are they not just useful idiots in other words?

  19. “If this was going on at Twitter, a company that had to try and make a profit…”

    I see no evidence that Twitter was ever intended to actually make a profit. That was an elaborate charade. If it ever did make a profit that was happy serendipity for the people involved — the three letter agencies, activists and ideologues who saw Twitter as a means of social control.

    • Twitter and other social media platforms appear to be mostly DHS/CIA psychological operations.

      I bet that far more than half of twitter employees were/are useless to the platform.

      • I would not be surprised that it was maintained by the TLAs and 5 guys on placement at twitter and the rest were playing around in sandbox code that never went anywhere near production.

      • Facebook was founded the exact same day the CIA/In-Q-Tel Lifebook project was shut down.
        I forget if Facebook was In-Q-Tel funded publicly know but it’s known Google was.

  20. As far as I can tell, the massive censorship wave started after the one-two punch of Brexit and then Trump. They realized when the opposition had access to their own media platforms where they could deliver their messages on their own terms without the bad guys editing their message, people believed the opposition.

    Back in the 80s and 90s, the bad guys had total control of the media. The alternatives to the mainstream media were basically non-existent. Outside of video and audio tapes and mimeographs and copy machines, there was no way to reach an audience through a medium you controlled. But Youtube, Twitter, FB, Tik Tok etc were new ways of reaching huge audiences. Where a cassette or VHS tape could reach a very small audience through ads in the back of magazines or something, social media could instantly reach millions. Outside of hosting, the good guys were in total control of the format. The bad guys couldn’t stack panels with leftists and anti-White bigots on a social media video the way they did with TV and cable.

    I believe if Brexit failed and we had President Clinton, social media would still be free.

    • Yes. You can go on line and see Hillary on the Senate floor demanding Internet censorship many years before Brexit and Trump. Vampires know the effects of sunlight.

  21. The trick will be in avoiding the mob of morons when the basics start to unravel. The only thing keeping it going is inertia at this point. I am constantly amazed that any government can still manage to provide the basics. I’m wondering just how close the aqueduct system for the LA metro area is from going belly up for example. If that happens even for a few days, that place is going to burn, but it will be a diverse riot. I noted they just hired their first DIE officer recently. She has a ton of experience NOT associated with bringing power and water to LA. Should be fun to watch.

    • Luckily, LA is in a state called “Hot Oven” and located square on a tectonic subduction zone. At least the survivors won’t freeze to death in their ruins.

  22. Cheap money, people!

    It’s worth exploring the possibility that cheap money/capital has enabled a lot of this ideological excess and weirdness. Big tech and software companies couldn’t have afforded so many “designer” beliefs and excess staff in the years of expensive capital. Cheap and expanded-access student loans gave rise, at least in part, to University bloat and madness. The cheap-money era is over.

    Unfortunately I’m old enough to have done business in the Silicon Valley of the 80’s/90’s and I can assure you this kind of crap didn’t fly in those days. They were competing with the Japanese and they were merciless on cost-control and efficiency. Andy Grove would have eaten Jack Dorsey for lunch.

    An enormous reverse tidal wave is now sweeping Silicon Valley and the VC community as cheap money disappears. I’m guessing we will see less of this BS as Techies focus on survival and capital preservation. I’m not saying that CEOs won’t pay lip service to the Wokes, but I think the insanity may give way to some semblance of balance. But I could be wrong…..and the Universities have no market feedback loop, so they are a lost cause obviously.

    • For all the talk of cheap money being over, we still have negative real rates and relatively low nominal rates. It appears that the economy is so unproductive it cannot withstand even these negative real rates and nominally low rates.

      • The only “real” enterprises in the economy are in the crosshairs of the BBB/WEF commies. I hope that the Russians’ old friend, General Winter, will come to our aid, and thwarts their headshots.

  23. Selling crypto that doesn’t really exist, could land you in prison.

    Whereas promoting ideas that don’t really exist, could land you a job as a pundit.

  24. Regarding Leftist censorship, I believe the chief difference between now and 1985 is that the Left now has unalloyed power, which allows it to censor to its heart’s content. Yes, the Left largely controlled the institutions in 1985, but there were still enough conservatives in positions of power and influence to repulse the Left’s worst exactions. Those people, however, have either died or were purged and replaced by new anti-white radicals.

    We’re now at the point where the Right–such that it is–has absolutely no power to defend itself, and is left to scurry about in the digital shadows posting angrily and bragging impotently about how much ammo they’ve stockpiled.

    Leftist censorship is simply the mopping-up operation of a burgeoning totalitarian Power Structure. The Left censors at will because it can. And it’s a smart thing to do. When Whiteland comes into being, we will do the same to any Leftist who rears his demented head.

    • In 1985, the demographics were also different. More people existed who cared about their country rather than just using it as a means to extract its wealth.

      • There’s a significant truth at the core of “wokeness.” Polls have always shown it. Only white men value free speech, personal liberty, etc.—*any* Enlightenment/American/liberal idea. That’s why only countries they’ve ruled have ever had any notable amount of those things. Recognizing that unfortunate truth (and who surrounds you in the dentist’s lobby) is the “libertarian to [scary word of the week] pipeline.”

        (JQ enthusiasts’ alternate take on this phenomenon—strategic deployment of Whiteness to injure Whiteness—is also correct.)

    • When you control the media, you don’t need outright censorship. You put the opposition on your TV show and use it as a hit piece. Or your write hit pieces about your opposition in your papers.

      What social media allowed is for the good guys to have a platform they controlled. By platform, I mean the “show” not the literal platform. You had this with all mediums, audio, video and the written word along with a potentially enormous audience instantly available.

      The bad guys realized what a pickle they were in after Brexit and then Trump. The good guys were influencing politics and even potentially the fate of nations, not to mention bankrupting the bad guys. A yt good guy could pull in more views in a couple hours in his basement with basic audio and video equipment than Don Lemming could in his multi million Dollar studio cable TV show. Plenty of blogs had a higher readership than a given writer over at the NYT could get. That is why they had to shut it down.

    • Back in 1985 — and I was there — there were so-called “liberals” who believed in things like free speech, but very few totalitarian “leftists” like today.

      In other words, a lot of the differences were over policy, not ideology. In 1985, everybody believed in free speech, the question was whether something like pornography and obscenity were protected free speech or not.

      That’s why PBS would air “Firing Line” with WFB, despite his having made the “listen, you queer, I’m going to sock you in the nose” threat to Gore Vidal on national television in 1968.

      Today, of course a person would be permanently canceled for far less.

      The people running PBS at the time were certainly liberals, but they, like nearly all media types back then, felt they had a duty to always present a competing view opposite their own to avoid the appearance of bias. But they were nearly all males.

      I think that one of the main differences between the “old liberals” circa 1985 and the New Leftists of today is the number of females and gays in power, it is my observation that females and gays are much less willing to tolerate dissent from orthodoxy, because any free and fair and open discussion is almost certainly going to reveal the obvious absurdity of the idea that women and gays are equal to straight white men.

      You cannot, for instance, go on national television and propose forming an all-female or all-gay infantry division and putting them into frontline combat to see if they perform better than all white male units like the ones who stormed Normandy on D-Day, because it will immediately become obvious that they will fail and that the concept of equality is farcical.

      So woman and gays in power have to censor anyone who MIGHT broach an uncomfortable truth up front and prevent it from ever being spoken…

      • Campus speech codes date to the early 80s, and the push to establish them began prior to that. The fact of the matter is that 60s radicals, who purported to support free speech, began curtailing it the moment they gained power. But it is undeniably true that women, heauxmeaux and negroes have been at the forefront of squelching free speech, all in the name of equality dontchaknow.

      • It’s not about what’s really true or logical it’s about status
        Read spandrell bioleninism
        People are CHIMPS playing STATUS GAME

    • “The Left censors at will because it can. And it’s a smart thing to do.”

      Yes. It’s a harsh lesson of life: only fool does not use his power. Because if he doesn’t, he will soon lose his power and the enemy will fully use his.

      The triumph of the Left is staggering really. They made conservative speech into “hate crimes” and “violence” and Leftists ACTUAL violence into protected (and revered!) speech!

      I guess once they made porno into an example of America supposedly living up to it’s stated values of the First Amendment, then the rest was fait accompli.

      Free Speech is only for a moral, religous, and baseline intelligent people; like the rest of the Constitution. If my people were in power I would NEVER allow the Left free speech again. Any mention of open borders, trannies, DIE and the whole bill of goods gets you locked up in my world. Because I know if I didn’t lock them up when I can, then eventually they won’t make the same mistake with me. That’s just how it is.

    • They had to keep up the appearance of debate and facade of parlimentery democracy while establishing total control Antonio Gramsci, long march through the institutions, etc.

      “we will do the same to any Leftist who rears his demented head.”
      Because political states conceived in violence are ruled by lions. After a long period of decay, foxes have amassed considerable power using speech and their position appears strong but is losing legitimacy so censorship is necessary to maintain control.

  25. Utterly spectacular and spot on, Z. Well done.

    I too have been watching the Twitter tempest in the teapot, with the feeling that it is indicative of a tectonic shift… or a small pebble skittering down the slope prior to a massive avalanche. Or the canary in the coal mine.

    I hear the Dissidents slagging Trump and I totally get it. At the end of the day, he is a product of the system, he has to function within it, and that if he adopted the Dissident mindset and acted on it – you’d have civil war the next day. There are too many stupid people on the gravy trains that our institutions have become, and they rely on the free ride for everything they have and are.

    In two years’ time… I think the average Dissident will be begging for a Trump return. Either that – or they will be running around in BDU’s with guns and ammunition and potting the commies as opportunity permits. Hell – the average LEFTY might even be grateful for a Trump return.

    Whatever happens, the status quo is unsustainable.

  26. Some contributions:

    I date the idiocracy back to the time of the Windows ribbon. Intelligent people knew it was dumb, yet no one could stop it. It was necessary to dumb Windows down because the dumb had started using computers. Gradually the dumbing down became a dumbing up. There’s no other way to explain the existence of Windows 8.

    Civilisation was built on lies and taboos that were fed to the people to keep them under control. Only those at the top knew the truth. Now even those at the top are divorced from the truth because in the technological era, everyone is open to scrutiny, so they must swallow the same lies and taboos and act as though they are truth.

    I have a ‘hierarchy of reasons’ (because Maslow’s hierarchy doesn’t cut it) which isolates the basic elements of human nature. The number of the elements are three. At the bottom are all the impulses relating competitive behaviour—this is the fundamental characteristic of life. Above that is Insecurity, which arises out of competition. Above that is Pride, which arises from insecurity and is the self-assertion of the group or individual. All human affairs, history, culture—everything—can be understood as functions of these simple dynamics.

    Fear and insecurity is the engine driving nine-tenths (or something) of human behaviour. When groups rub up against each other in ways that evolution never intended, there is systemic insecurity. Toxic insecurity is now at full stretch, sustained by the lies that everyone has to swallow. Being unnatural and unstable, this situation must eventually spring back in ways we are yet to witness.

    • Have to disagree about the ribbon, somewhat. The issue as I recall was that Microsoft’s research showed that almost all the functionality for their Office packages was never used because the options were buried behind nested menus. A side issue, of course, was that competitors could easily ape the look and feel of Windows/Office so a radical UI re-write (that, at the time, wasn’t even supported natively by MS’s own tools) would keep the competitors at arms length.

      The real dumbening came in with web based Office apps which, while better than they were, are still pretend versions of the old standbys.

    • I’ll suggest you substitute self-esteen for pride. Pride to me is a positive, pride in yourself and what you’ve accomplished and especially how well you’ve lived up to the things your parents and family taught you and expected of you. Of course I grew up in a functional two parent household so my experience is probably different from most people coming up today.

      Self-esteem on the other hand to me is generally a negative. Entitled people have excess self-esteem and it seems to come with ignorance about how to function as an adult in the world.

    • “When groups rub up against each other in ways that evolution never intended, there is systemic insecurity.”

      It’s an interesting hypothesis you put out there; I certainly agree withe driving force of competition and insecurity. I vaguely recall as a young child getting into some minor altercation with an obnoxious non-white child in my class (white majority class). Of course teachers do what teachers do, and tell us we’re both equal, we have to understand each other, be friends, etc.

      As a child, I was very upset because I couldn’t articulate something very primal. I was feeling something indignant like: “I don’t even like a lot of my white classmates and you expect me to like him?!”

      In other words, there were obnoxious little white jerks in the class, but atleast they were *my* jerks. But to ask me to accept a non-white jerk, too? A ship too far, says I!

  27. Very nice article. As for language, a bigger sign of the idiocy is the way these dolts LARPing as elites speak. They all speak with this throat gargle. Every phrase is a question. The ratio of filler words to meaningful words is heavily skewed to filler. The meaningful words do not have meaning – they are cliches that are assembled together. Often, an intelligent person wonders if they are listening to a Turing machine cliche bot, or a retarded human being.

    The weakness and rot of the regime is evidenced by the weakness and rot in their spoken language. The upper echelons have an added twist, where they brand lies in an opposite speak. Simply invert the meaning and you have deciphered what the truth. The Department of Homeland Security. Diversity, Inclusion and Equity – Discrimination, Intolerance and Exclusion. …

    The Climate Catastrophe canard is believed and pushed by our most educated people. It is the ordinary people who know it is BS. Our college educated, will believe anything. Their primary skill is self delusion.

    In the end, moral courage was forfeited, and masculinity thrown on the pyre and burned.

    Another sign of decay is the justification given for the vision – if there is even a vision. Look no further than the space fetish. Every justification is either, “Because we are human”, or “How cool will it be when friends can wake up, one on the moon, one on earth and have a zoom call.” Even Musk and his Diversity dean at SpaceX seem to be doing it because, “Wouldn’t it be cool.” It would be cool if it gave us access to natural resources in great abundance at a price where we would be exponentially more wealthy. If not, given that we are hopelessly bankrupt, it seems like another fancy nail in the coffin. I don’t want humans on Mars bankrupting me. I want robots on comets and moons extracting resources that a net good to me and my people.

    Perhaps Krugman’s article arguing that we will solve our financial problems by fighting a pretend war against pretend space aliens hatched this. Perhaps he did this as the warning that psychopathic cult leaders always give. They throw out some thoroughly preposterous or evil idea at some unexpected moment. If the people don’t flinch or immediately look at each other and kill him for the pure evil he just admitted that he is, he knows they will believe and do anything for him. They aren’t fighting space aliens, but they are dismantling our way of life and covering the planet with solar panels to save Gaia.

    A real man would justify space exploration if the endeavor itself was profitable – not to fulfill some comic book fantasy. I’ve been touring the South. Everywhere, at least for now, are monuments to the original settlers. All of the colonies were established by Continental Lords determined to increase wealth and expand their dominion. The settlers on those expeditions were here for the same. The project had a practical aim. They had the moral courage and convictions that they could go forth and explore and build a better world.

    This regime is morally paralyzed. Its projects are immoral. Yet, everything that is done is justified by moralizing – “Change The World.” I think they are all just stealing and looting and erecting moral facades. They can’t embark on an endeavor and say, “This will require the finest men. It will require great courage, daring. It will require brilliance in all fields of human endeavor. We are doing it, because our people, our nation, our Gods are destined to reveal our goodness and our glory.” Could you imagine having a leader who would say that? They can’t. They convinced themselves that captialism, the West and white men are evil a long time ago. It gave them the moral justification to loot, burn and destroy us. We gave them the means to do it. Everything they do, we fund.

    The 60s was the infantilization of our civilization. Those infants in adult bodies have been in charge for a long time. The worst of their legacy is that they forfeited their duty as parents, and as bad as they were, well look at what their children are doing in Twitter and at FTX. Realize they are in control everywhere.

    I don’t think the ruling regime is casting them out. I think the hysterics and degenerates are mimicking them to an extreme. Only the financial catastrophe they have created for us all will save us.

  28. The American academy is a particularly dysfunctional place. Most “professors” are now adjuncts, impoverished PhDs paid by the course, lacking salaries and benefits (why these people don’t walk away and become high school teachers where they’d have salaries, benefits and a union is beyond me). All the while, the numbers of administrators, most even more useless than the Twitter employees you speak of, grow like Topsy.

    I’m now convinced that most of the insanity coming from the academy these days comes from the administrative class, rather than the dwindling numbers of full-time faculty. What, pray tell, do presidents, vice presidents, directors, managers and so on of diversity, inclusion and equity actually do?

    This isn’t to defend modern liberal arts faculty, most of whom are paid up members of the cult, but the worst of it is they may only be the smaller part of the problem.

    • I think this divides along generational lines. Just yesterday, I wrote a professor a note of thanks. I took several of his classes around 15 years ago, and I had a scenario come up that reminded me of him, and so I wrote him a thanks for the teaching email. He wrote a generous note back, and it was nice. He is probably around 75 or so now. When I think of my professors, I find the older ones to have been excellent, but the younger ones clearly slipping in quality and clearly slipping in the ideology. The true professor, an expert in his field, intrepidly searching for truth, is dying out. His replacement, the pronoun expert, is rapidly replacing the dinosaur.

      • At least 75% of contemporary professors are leftwing activists masquerading as professors. They are imposters.

        • Again, I speak of my older, hoary, wizened professors. At least in the classroom, they focused on the material. I say this as someone who despises social libs. It was the younger ones that pushed the agenda.

      • Bingo. Theres a sort of demographic you run into in my neck of the woods – the 70-75 year old retired male schoolteacher. Usually a liberal but sort of has the Robin Williams in goodwill hunting or dead poets society vibe to them.

    • “why these people don’t walk away and become high school teachers where they’d have salaries, benefits and a union is beyond me”

      It is self perceived social status. They would rather be penniless aristocrats than wealthy merchants, because the latter for all their financial stability, are commoners.

      • Another way to say it: one can’t pretend to be part of an intellectual elite if one is working in a high school.

        • Which is ironic, as that is exactly what teachers and other assorted credential-oriented retards think of themselves.

      • Actually, possession of a Ph.D. is what qualifies one for membership in “the club.” Adjunct profs continue their university drudgery because they hold out hope that one day they’ll gain a tenured post. Hope springs eternal with these people.

    • A chap with a doctorate in chemistry from Harvard is not technically qualified to teach chemistry in high school. A lame-brain with an education degree from Cleveland State, is.

      Academic administrators are, of course, a huge part of the problem in academia. However, they get all of their nutty ideas from the professoriate. Most administrators, at least at the mid- and low levels, have never had an original idea, even a terrible one, in their whole miserable lives.

      • You are completely correct on all your points, at least from my experience. But just to tag on your previous point that I replied to – look, I had the ultra feminist professor. And she certainly pushed certain views. But let me tell you, she was the one who taught me how to write – really wrote – academically. She knocked back everything we wrote until we put forth an argument that stood the up to true scrutiny. Even though there was an agenda, I still look back at her instruction with gratitude. To me, that is a fair trade, and I do not resent her for it. Heck, I respect her, even though I completely disagreed with her, because her interest was still to teach us to really write.

        • You are thanking and respecting the very people that intentionally and without remorse fucked the country and turned it into hellmouth.

          Learning to write “academicese” is hardly a tradeoff for child mutiliation, mass invasion and ruination.

          This is a version of I sold my country for a few ethnic restaurants, but worse.

        • Eloi, nobody can teach you to write. You either have the ability or you don’t. Now, some people can teach you to write better, usually through very tough criticism. One of my history profs, a Finkel, and very likely a Leftist, helped me write better by puncturing my literary ego after it had swollen to an absurd level. (That was in 1993.) Unfortunately, most of the academics who have gained their Ph.D.s in the last 35 years or so, themselves do not write well and may even view correct usage of the English language as white supremacist hegemony, so they won’t teach good writing even if they could.

    • That’s absolutely true, I was making $15,000 to teach eight classes per academic year until I got canned for mis-identifying a transgender three years ago.

      Administrators and HR, not professors, control the academy. Even the leftist adjuncts get screwed.

  29. “ The typical liberal person was fine debating a typical conservative, because they thought they were right.”

    That’s along the line of my thinking, with a bit of a twist. The typical liberal person of yore was living in a time of wonderful ideas/theory without data/proof one way or another. For example, the Civil Rights movement was predicated on equality of the races. They took one side, some folks the other. Both sides took the path of assuming the best and working toward the goals of remedy and inclusion. The “experiment” has now demonstrably failed.

    Most of recent political/social history can be explained in this way. The Leftists are frantic because their progressive ideas are now shown with hard data to be failures. Their response however, is not to concede defeat, but to repress the evidence and people who cite such evidence.

    The above is why I often give early movements and ideas a pass—we simply did not know enough to be smarter at the time. But the recalcitrance and doubling down and repression we find today can not be lightly looked upon, nor forgiven.

    • This is spot on. Every project of the Left undertaken since the Progressive Era, with those of the 50s and 60s being the worst have been abject failures.

      It was a mistake to give them our society and our money to conduct an uncontrolled experiment. Democracy was the means for them to take it. An honest analysis of history will conclude that to conserve America would have meant a brutal crackdown on the activists in the 50s and 60s. A crackdown far more severe than what happened. On top of that, a forceful assertion, that this is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic that will be defended at all costs, backed by the willingness to expel those not willing or able to participate. Instead, they folded, gave up on addressing our financial insolvency and embarked on The Great Replacement.

      I think the WASPs signed off on that because they lacked the moral courage to admit that even then, Social Security was doomed. Rather than deal with the problem, they analyzed it improperly and thought, or were convinced by lenders and subversives, that the magic of importing future tax payers would fix it. Progressivism, thus managerialism, emphasizes quantitative thinking not qualitative thinking.

      Great point about the inability to admit failure.We are now in the
      phase where instead of admitting failure, they are blaming. The problem is they wield huge amounts of power. If we think they broke a lot of things waging war on poverty, wait until the official war on white people gets heated up.

    • “we simply did not know enough to be smarter at the time”

      The Crisis of Parlimentery Democracy (1923)
      The Concept of the Political (1932)

      Everything happening now is a total vindication of Schmitt and the other German Conservative Revolutionaries critiques of the English and their parlimentery democracy nonsense. The left and established their university + regime media formula that runs America to this day during the FDR dictatorship. They had planned to slowly turn the USA into an “old left” communist state but the anglo-soviet split, new left, embrace of capital happened and they kept marching and building power.

  30. “The people who had to be protected from criticism because they were too weak cannot be challenged now, because they are too strong, so they will now define the managerial elite.”

    Nietzsche was right about this self-doubting age. Wonder if he’ll be proven right about the Ubermensch. (Although I wonder about the church’s influence— maybe the clergy’s influence— on orthodox Christian morality.)

  31. Anyone else read the White House summary of the G20 meeting?

    It sounds like it came straight from Davos.

    Get ready for infinite digital surveillance, mRNA injections, CBDCs, and global taxation.

    God help us all.

    • Or God help them. Are we farm equipment, helplessly waiting for St. Abraham to summon his army of rescuers, or are we possesed of the means to save ourselves?

      • High on their own supply:
        “Yeah it’ll work, CNN said so after all!”
        Barring that they can hardly walk it back. First, that would require some level of introspection and secondly they are so far past their skis that at this point they’re married to however the landing is going to go.

  32. No matter how intelligent a person is, if you convince them to believe false ideas, they’ll come to false conclusions.

    > That’s how they’re make smart people stupid: convincing them that stupid things are true. A kid taught to believe “anti-racist egalitarianism” is going to have incorrect opinions about life, no matter how smart they are. They may be theoretically smart, but they’ll be stupid about practical things.

    > And the best way to make smart people believe stupid things, is to convince everyone around them that those stupid things are true; especially for young people, for whom peer-group pressure is a very real thing.

    It’s easy to convince yourself that if everyone else believes it, it must be true. And even if it’s not true, the social cost of disagreeing with your peer group is greater than the internal cognitive dissonance of going along with something that you’re pretty sure is not correct.

    So yeah: certain words come loaded with all sorts of associations. Just as calling someone a “heretic” a few hundred years ago was invoking centuries of religious dogma, and placing the person holding the dissenting religious opinion in a position outside of respectable society, calling someone a “racist” today invokes the entire panoply of woke dogma, and places the heretic in the position of a social outcast.

    • I have quipped in the past that we live in an era when inductive reasoning is dead. All the efforts of the overlords seem to be about instilling deductive axioms in the people (e.g. “diversity is our strenf” “everything is razzist” “there are many genders” blah blah). Having destroyed people’s abilities to focus, inflating their ego, and rendering them complete morons, Normie shall never challenge the axioms he is given, and he certainly would never arrive at an alternate principle via inductive reasoning.
      This is why you cannot convince normie. No amount of evidence presented to help build towards a separate, contrasting principle will sufficiently supplant the “Truths” he is given. Inductive is dead: it involves focus, humility, and logic/ intellect.
      Inductive reasoning is probably the most empowering tool we have, and, as the state of society indicates, it lies there unused.

  33. I think some of the disappearance of debate has to do with fear, but I think a lot of it is a general fear of physical violence, which obviously increases with diversity and lowering IQ, which bring impulsivity with them. Amren has many articles about black sociopathy, and how low time horizons don’t just mean “I’d rather have one lollipop today than two tomorrow,” but “I don’t like that person or what they’re saying, so I will hurt that person.” Colin Flaherty even had a book called “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.”

    I’ve seen this play out in real time. Some Jewish fashion designer created a t-shirt that said “Obama is my slave.” I don’t know his motivation (maybe just provocation) but he clearly has a right to produce and wear such a shirt. He got punched out by a black guy and some black member of the commentariat said he deserved it, because he was racist. And *this* guy was one of the smarter ones.

    This dynamic also explains why cops are being killed or just having their orders ignored more and more. In more primitive societies, a cop is just another guy, and if you can’t bribe him but you beat him up then he can’t enforce the rule. The abstraction of rank and the symbol represented by his badge require an ability to conceptualize that they just don’t have.

    The Antifa goons and leftists who say our speech is violence or causes violence are sort of right. Some people cannot be engaged in debate, and, like dumb but dangerous animals, need to be humored and placated when not in cages. Honest free speech within earshot of a spiteful mutant acts like a literal shrill beacon to send them into a fighting frenzy, like a mailman’s literal dog whistle.

    • In a civilized, high-trust society, the police are members of the public who happen to have particular responsibilities toward maintaining order, but those responsibilities are in the main no different than that of any other citizen, it’s just that police are paid to devote attention to them full-time. That fosters two-way respect.

      What we’ve created today is a system where the police, as an arm of the state, consider themselves as distinct from and superior to the man on the street. This is why neither black nor white should respect the efforts of law-enforcement. They’ve been militarized amd the only enemy in view is you and I.

      • It doesn’t help that the efforts of police to uphold the law and the social order that it ideally advances, but rather the DAs and defense attorneys work hand in globe to undermine the laws, and indeed the whole idea of social order . And any policeman who tries to continue to uphold the law and the social order becomes a target of the vicious ideological vendettas of the DA, defense attorney, and whomever else considers it their bounden duty to vitiate the law and undermine social order. Derek Chauvin was not a thug, at least no more than the people he encountered in his duties made him one. And look where he has wound up. Balance, please.

      • The end of the beat cop and the militarization of the police have a lot to do with it. If a man only has his sidearm and his hickory stick and he has to literally walk past the people in the community he serves (and also has to walk that beat at night) it seems to make him a little more recalcitrant to throw his power around. Something like the murder of Daniel Shaver at La Quinta couldn’t have happened in that sort of environment. The officer even had the words “You’re Fucked” on the dustcover of his rifle, and was given a cushy retirement after killing that terrified kid.

    • And yet their gang hierarchy seems to work just fine and all the rules are respected..could it be cause and effect? It’s such a puzzle../

  34. >”Twitter may be a foreshadowing of what comes next. Now that the election system has been fortified for democracy, the ruling class can begin to relax. The threat is receding so they can begin to shed the defense system of howling lunatics they accumulated over the last decades. Like Twitter hacking off its useless parts, we may see something similar across the ruling class.”

    Won’t happen. The entire point of communism, contrary to whatever its stated purposes may be, is to give work to otherwise-unemployable apparatchiks. Hordes of nanny-state enforcers are to be unleashed upon us – the number of them, no matter how astronomical, will never be enough. Even when we get to the point of a commissar seated at every family dinner table, it still won’t be enough.

    Elon, like Trump, is an exception, not the rule.

    • They are already automating that with your phones, smart devices and stuff like alexa.

      people will gladly pay for the enforcer in their own home, in every room, in their car and on their person.

      ‘I wear the chain I forged in life,’ replied the Ghost. ‘I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will’

    • Agreed.

      The recent NYT “paper of record” puff piece about SBF and FTX is an excellent example gatekeepers staying the course, and doubling down.

      Massive, in your face fraud, credible accusations of aid to Ukraine being laundered right back to the D party via crypto exchanges, and the NYT has nothing to say other than “crypto is hard, isn’t SBF a nice young man?”

      It’s laughably over the top propaganda, but that doesn’t stop them from publishing it.

      • They publish it because they know it works. I know a lot of people who believe crazy things showing me that it does work. They do not care about people like us because they know they’ll never get us believing, but the masses will and they are right.

    • Elon, like Trump, is an exception, not the rule.

      Melon Husk is a alphabet agency plant. If he were real, his little auto shop would be valued according to the rules that all other car companies are – instead it’s being propped up by big, institutional investors to the tune of fifty times its actual value

      The PTB have given Elon billions of dollars and a mandate to push green technoporn, allowing people to think there’s a future without nuclear power and thus, keep us dependent on fossil fuels.

      Notice how the Pentagon reacted when Musk suggested that maybe Starlink could get in on the Ukraine profiteering Bonanza, rather than provide free services: “Stay in your lane, car boy, we own you.”

      If Elon ever goes rogue we’ll know, because Tesla stock would crater overnight.

      • Look up the 15 minute city open prison system being rolled out across the west.

        That EV was used as a temporary mirage to enable all the car banning will soon become apparent when that gets put in place across Paris, London. Berlin etc and they will no longer even need a pretense that there is an alternative needed and will just shutter most of the car companies apart from a few to provide pod taxis for govt workers.

  35. Speaking of stupidification, I have been thinking about leaving my company and entertaining the idea of another opportunity. I am a mobile developer so I am constantly getting hit up by recruiters. Some are from tech recruiting forms but many are from the actual hiring company. For these, if the recruiter has their pronouns listed I immediately delete them. If no pronouns are listed I will then check out the company website. What I’ve been finding is incredible. It is nearly impossible to wade through the disgusting mass of DEI plastered all over the pages in order to even find what the company builds. There is almost no information on the company structure, leadership or its products. All that matters is that their piety and worship of our criminal race is pushed out for all to see. This is all that matters now. It has become the sole focus. Meanwhile, the quality of engineers has dropped to nearly zero. The obsession with hiring anyone but white males is starting to take its toll on what is being produced.

    I’ve decided to hold off on going somewhere else. While my company is as wild as the next, it’s not in my face nearly as much as some others… for now. We have a “Chief Diversity Officer” though. She’s a well know black supremacy activist, so I often wonder how long she will be placated by her enormous salary and inflated ego. My company has declared that it must be 62% non white by 2025, so there is that.

    • Come 2025, I’d really be feeling sorry for the remaining 38%. They’ll be doing a lot of work to carry that 62% along.

    • The aspect of using website info to judge institutions/business was one I used when the kids were considering colleges. It was rather simple in those days to pull up a university website and search for terms like “diversity”, “scholarship, “merit”, “equity”, etc. One could then sense how poz’d the institution was for the time.

      I suspect this strategy is now deficient, given how the general society thinks such emphasis on DIE is the norm. On the other hand, just how serious are these institutions. Is such just “puffery” to be used in selling the product?

      • I recently had to comb through customer websites to see who their actual owners were (“Mom and Pop Mold Corp, brought to you by GloboPedoCorp!”, etc) and all these mid-sized manufacturers, most of whom I’d never even heard of, had a dedicated DIE section on their website. The worship of black people on their sites was at least on some level tolerable compared to their new found love of sexual deviants.

        I’m currently waiting for the government to slip DIE in as a business requirement in their CMMC scheme. It already requires “information security training”, wouldn’t be too hard to add DIE requirements in and have Raytheon and GE hassle their supply chain about their dedication to the cult of democracy.

    • I recently went through this to get out of a massive tech company that was severely dysfunctional and anti-white. I had the same experience. However, you can find companies that will only hire by merit. It is tough, but they are out there. I built a pretty large spreadsheet with one ‘Woke’ column being a binary value with one being a disqualifier. After 10 years of this garbage I can’t degrade myself anymore. The level of anti-white hatred and discrimination at work and on tech job/career sites is galling. The level of anger it incites can make some days tough to get through.

      Not sure how to preserve anonymity and get that sheet to you. XMas is coming and I’ll be making my ’22 and ’23 contributions to this and other dissident sites. Perhaps, behind the green door permits some anonymous exchange of resources.

      Good luck. Let’s hope that deteriorating financial environments in tech have some dampening effect. At some point, we will have to find a way to build our own companies. We’ll need a verification system of an underground railroad for talent. The hard part will be getting financing and finding customers who do not require that we be non-white and demand we be anti-white. Perhaps your current company’s business and customers are, “ripe for disruption”, and since you know the business can get a team of people to erect a competitor. Maybe spin up a competing product and steal a good but unhappy customer by giving them that list of features and bug fixes they’ve wanted but never gotten due the anti-white navel gazing. That could eliminate the need for VC fund raising.

      • @PeriheliusLux

        “The level of anti-white hatred and discrimination at work and on tech job/career sites is galling. The level of anger it incites can make some days tough to get through.”

        Exactly this. It is hard to focus.

        “However, you can find companies that will only hire by merit.”

        Thanks for offering to share this. I am obviously VERY interested, but also, how do you determine the level of wokeness for said companies? Where/how can one truly find out?

  36. I noticed when “liberals” shifted to “progressives” in my own life. I used to have intelligent debates with liberals about communism/socialism, unions, the MIC, the “environment”, healthcare policy, etc. Sometimes they were right and I learned something. Now, they just have nothing behind the liberal buzzwords they hear from the progressive mouthpieces on TV. Over the last 20 years it gradually shifted from 1) intelligent debate to 2) agreeing with some of your points, but not adjusting their beliefs to 3) putting up the magic words like shields, and not even acknowledging a legitimate difference of opinion, or that their marching orders are 180 degrees from yesterday.

    • You are talking to small self contained semantic loops running in their neurons as a parasite, not to people with minds.

  37. Case in point. Bongino genuinely thinks of himself as a messiah with the right message, and he has been positioned to replace Limbaugh, so he preaches with the zealotry of a True Believer. And what is his message now in the wake of election steal ’22? “Come on boys, we’ll get em next time. Chase the carrot of 2024. Stay the course. Vote harder-harder.” He is completely oblivious to the stupidity and futility of this message. But he has a sheeple following and they will obey. It isn’t just the Left that has the stupidity problem.

    So what is the cure for this malady. Sadly, only a collapse and a return of existential hardship will solve this problem. As an example, you will know that the Ukrainians have had enough of no electricity, no water, no food, and the endless cannon fodder deaths of husbands and fathers, when Zelensky disappears and the replacement sues for peace with Russia. The sheeple with dance until they’ve gone 3 days without a meal and are freezing in their own home. Only then can real change occur.

    • $7 #2 heating oil, gas and food prices around here may introduce this sooner than you think. It’s not even hardcore heating season and you’re already seeing bitching starting—and this is among people that can still afford it. Imagine the surprise in New England when the inevitable Arctic blast arrives and the Russian LNG that is normally delivered to the Boston LNG buoy (additional pipeline construction has been banned by NY) fails to arrive. Oops.

      • Liberals live in a totally enclosed fantasy world, in which racial differences don’t exist, blacks come from Wakanda, gender can be changed at will, fossil fuel energy can be replaced by sunshine and wind, electric cars will save the world, income can be “guaranteed” to people who don’t work and are in fact wrecking the country, the will of the voters matters, college degrees in gender politics are valuable, etc…Their collision with reality will be epic in the coming years…

        • The ONLY hope of any change is when the conflict with reality comes. This is the only thing that changes ideology. You saw this happen in real time when the leftist banshee who rushed off to get her son vaccinated and then posted her piety on twitter only to retract her beliefs once her son contracted myocarditis. Then she whined as the leftist hive banished her.

    • The problem with this is that TPTB are not quite THAT stupid. They do realize that by keeping normie comfortable enough they won’t have to worry about uprising. Also, I believe that even if normie has trouble hearing his house, or even putting food on the table he won’t do much. He will need every other normie to join in too and it’s not going to happen. The football stadiums are packed with white people despite being told repeatedly that the NFL hates them and wants them dead for three straight years. Our fed has declared war on half the nation and given strong preference to blacks no matter what they do. Corporations have openly declared that whites need not apply. All of this and normie is still grilling happily and the guns remain in the safe.

      You often talk about this apocalyptic collapse, but it’s just not happening, and even if it did, not much will change. To enact real change, whites must band together and a force 1m strong would need to make their presence shown in Washington. Entire communities would need to organize and openly denounce the diversity infiltrating their neighborhoods.

      To do these things would be to sacrifice your home, all of your wealth and everything you’ve worked for, not to mention your children’s future – for something that has a slim chance of success.

      Not to mention, the woke virus is not contained here, this new religion is worldwide and is even worse in places like Germany.

      I used to think that when people had enough, they’d resort to you know what. Nonsense, all of it. The supposed “right” in this country will bend over and take it once again. You’ll see a repeat of this in 2024, and as punishment the regime will do even more harm to the bad whites.

      • Sadly, I agree. No amount of debasement is too much for Normie. Covid reactions or lack thereof were the turning point for me. The point that I realized that most Normie conservatives were never going to wake up in any significant numbers and would certainly never truly consider dire actions. No sir, that would be against our principles and not who we are. Better to fade away and let your forefathers’ sacrifices be for not. At this point I hold equal contempt for these weak cowards who are on “our side.”

        • I would argue that Normie is so debased, that existential hardship will make them scream even louder for TPTB to aid them. And TPTB will – handouts – but conditional ones. Take your weekly Covid vaccine, appease Gaia, wash a minority’s foot, etc. Non-compliance will lead to a cutting off.

        • Agreed. Covid was also my point of no return. I’ve never had much faith in humans, but seeing so many people fold like cheap deck chairs was truly shocking. If the food shortages ever do come, these sheep will kill the bakers, not the pols who caused it.

    • “He is completely oblivious to the stupidity and futility of this message.”

      Oh, I doubt that. It’s a good-paying gig he has there and I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose it. Lifestyles must be maintained, after all.

    • I think it depends on how bad stuff gets. If, as I suspect, we’re headed for a 1930s economic style situation, even the normies may be hard to placate.
      It’s also be difficult to maintain so many expensive parasites.

      • If I recall correctly, even at the height of the Great Depression still 60 percent had jobs, and there were groceries in the store and gas in the pumps? But this time I don’t believe the young ones will be feeding their malnourished bodies by joining the military to fight in a war.

    • Bongino is not alone. Many of the major talk radio folk are going the same way. The theme developing is to ditch Trump and revert back to RINOism. And while we’re talking of Leftists not wanting to discuss alternative ideas, many of these talkers simply hang up on those callers who wish to discuss election “abnormalities”.

      Definitely a push to rein in the sheeple and start the farce all over again. Will be interesting to hear folks commenting here on their Thanksgiving dinners with relatives to see if there has been some shift in thinking among family wrt “same old, same old”.

  38. One of those TV hosts who featured guests with opposing views was Phil Donahue, although I never could stand him. In 2003 MSNBC, owned by war profiteer General Electric, fired him for opposing the imminent Iraq War.

    • One of my colleagues used to go to a gym at lunch that was just off Times Square that always had the TVs over the treadmills tuned to this shit. We’d play a game of not putting on the audio feed and trying to guess the particular pathology on display that day.

        • If you recognize and understand the underlying pathology/cause, the disease course becomes entirely predictable. So yes I applaud Jared, but he’s not prescient. (I think that’s the word)

          • in 2003 I was 27. I was not into politics and despite being a conservative at that time, I never really focused much on race matters. As time went on that obviously changed and I became a realist through experience. Not because I read “far right” propaganda that radicalized me. REAL LIFE. This is what the left cannot understand. Reality is a thing.

      • “If diversity is so great it must be Christmas every day for the Indians”

        HAHAHAHA!!! Holy crap what an evisceration. You can tell Donahue knew he got destroyed.

      • Thank you for this. Mr. Taylor handles himself very well in the face of the mocking and specious arguments of his host. The latter ends up looking like a bit of a fool, constantly interrupting and presenting non sequiturs over and over.

        I believe the applause we hear now and then was from Peter Brimelow who is seen smiling in the front row at least twice.

        Kudos to the show for at least giving a platform to Mr. Taylor’s ideas, unlike his alma mater where according to him, he was no longer welcome in 2003.

  39. Z: while there are absolutely institutions of higher “learning” that are, as you say awash with cash, there are a bunch of colleges out there that are in serious financial trouble. My two younger boys went to Midwestern SPLACS (Small Private Liberal Arts Colleges)- I’m guessing neither will have to worry about attending their 20th reunion, as the colleges are unlikely to exist. And these are schools that have been around for a long time.

    BTW Before any of you jump on me for sending the lads to such places, they went mostly to play lacrosse. Oh and get a piece of paper signifying something or other…

    • There’s massive infrastructure creep in every part of education. Just look at how much is spent on creating a new high school, and now prospective students from these schools, that are practically resorts, expect an even higher level of luxury, especially from private colleges. Never mind you can get a solid education with a few old buildings for 80% of majors, with another 15% could be done with some basic scientific facilities, greenhouses, etc.

      Also, for all the issues with faculty creep, it’s also an issue that students now expect counselors, mental health experts, and a nanny environment to feel safe.

      The first universities were literally just a few old wise guys who rented out a building and taught young students, and we can see from notes from these classes that still exist they received a far higher caliber of education than modern universities with all the money flushed into them.

      • The opulence at the modern state university is breathtaking. I recall reading that at the University of Missouri the student center has a rock climbing wall and fulltime masseurs. The poor college student has now been replaced by the full time five-star resort guest. It is no wonder they do not want to leave campus. It is why adjuncts will take second jobs just to remain attached to the college in the hope of getting a full time role.

        • When I went eons ago, I remember my meals consisted mostly of PB&J, ramen, mac&cheese and soup. I did find spending a great deal of time in the original library of the university – constructed in 1843 – to be very inspiring!
          Gothic construction out of hand-hewed stone, as well as oak and black walnut. European cathedral quality stained glass windows depicting scenes from the new and old testament! It imparted an air of “You are here to expand your mind. Many who came before you labored hard to construct this place, so use your time wisely.”
          Alas, they finished construction on a brand new, state-of-the-art library around five years ago. All glass and steel, no soul at all. They turned the original library into staff offices, what a friggen crime!

          • Your college library resembles my own, I consider myself lucky to have studied when I did.

            ArchitecturalRevival is a pretty neat Twitter account posting nice new builds, e.g. Swann Ridge in Georgia which looks like some European community.

        • I was heading up to Sullivan County last spring, passed through Bloomsburg. Not much going on up there except the university. Shocking how much fancier the town is since the last time I passed through. Major roadworks and all. Big money. You’re driving through rather impoverished farmland, then suddenly you’re in what appears to be a bustling small city, then just as suddenly, back into the middle of nowhere. Bizarre.

    • Ganderson-

      There are still plenty of tiny commie farms with funding.

      Denison in Ohio with 235 staff is sitting on a $1.1 billion endowment.

      The big time commie farms are doing just fine.

      Notre Dame is sitting on something like $18 billion.

      • Howard- you’re right, there are a lot of schools doing just fine, but a lot that aren’t. Too lazy to look it up but I’d bet Denison’s rival school down the road (Ohio Wesleyan) is in much dire-er straits. (Dire-er? Is that even a word?)

        There are many institutions in trouble- Scott Galloway at NYU is really good on this issue; I think he even has a chart where you can track his opinion of which schools are in good shape, and which are not, although he was an early and vociferous Branch Covidian, so…

        • The SUNY system is hemorrhaging money. The college closest to me is more than $10 million in the red this year, and it’s not alone among schools in the system.

        • Ganderson-

          I am a Wiki autist when it comes to college endowments so I looked up Ohio Wesleyan’s numbers.

          OWU currently has 200 staff and a mere $236 million endowment, so they are doing less well in relative terms.

          Somehow, they have a president named Rock F. Jones with a Master’s in Divinity.

          On the other hand, I know a badass field service guy at work that brags about living in the field in Mongolia for weeks at a time that is paying his shitlib daughter’s tuition to OWU to study political science.

          Strange days, indeed.

          • Full disclosure Howard- I have written numerous checks to OWU- it costs a lot to get your kid on the lacrosse team! Rock Jones, who’s announced his retirement, is not a bad guy- pretty normal, as college presidents go; and he’s been there for 10+ years, which is a long tenure. He’s also an ordained Methodist minister!
            Looking forward to the OWU-Denison lax match this coming spring.

  40. “The Marching Morons solution is no longer possible, because the smart fraction within the managerial elite has already been overcome by the crazies and stupid.”

    Forget Trump, Camacho/Not Sure 2024:

    Look, I know sh-ts bad, but he’s got this guy, Not Sure, who’s the SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD! And he’s gonna fix EVERYTHING!

    Now, anyone know where I can get my Brawndo? I feel low on Electrolytes.

    • Saw/heard an ad the other day for some skin cream. It claimed “X has what your skin craves!” I about died laughing.

  41. If the Republican party is so ossified it cannot get rid of its corrupt, incompetent leadership, then imagine the difficulties competent people are facing in other institutions.

  42. The FTX guy gave a very enlightening interview through twitter messaging with a Vox reporter. Setting aside he casually admitted to countless illegal activities, the most interesting part was when he talked about his “effective altruism” and more or less admitted they were all just meaningless buzzwords he just mindlessly regurgitated so the right people would know he was one of them.

    This was a guy who famously played League of Legends in a meeting as investors were throwing literally billions at him, lived in a polycule, and had the hygiene of a hobo. Everything about the guy screamed man-child, but he said the right things and had the right connections, so shut up and take my money.

    Let’s say this was just a simple money-laundering operation, which is looks like it largely was. Even when you are looking for a patsy you’re going to find someone who can run things somewhat competently, just so crap doesn’t get on you when everything goes up. He was just a bug who would do what he was told…. comically bad.

    • I remember a commercial in the early 2000s mocking the dot com bubble. I don’t even remember what it was for, possibly an investment company. It showed the date as 1999 and two young guys were meeting with a room full of old guys in suits. One of the young guys says “we have a website under construction.” One of the suits asks, “you are on the internet?” After he says yes, another old guy says, “we’d be fools to pass up this investment.” Not much has changed, if anything it has gotten even worse.

      • I went through that period as the “gatekeeper” for those types of investment proposals at my old firm. When I cleaned out those files, counted 165 of them. Recommended investment in two. One made 50x at sale, the other was just a touch over break even when cost of capital was factored in. Rest went toes to daisies. Funny thing, I ain’t that bright. But these guys would parade in, say the magic internet incantations, then present you with what I’d joke “a capital structure in search of a business”. But they were just schemes. And the door opener was always “we’ve talked to so and so F-500 peer and they’re interested in investing”. My job was just to keep these charlatans from bothering our C-Level guys.

    • Elizabeth Holmes did the same thing. Her trick was to be weird. The black outfits, the weird vocalizations, the new age language, all of it was to tantalize her bourgeois targets. They lapped it up. Like SBF, the trick was to flatter the marks be appearing like some sort of shaman-genius that just happened to confirm their biases.

      I will note that Steve Jobs turned Apple into a juggernaut with the same act. He tried for years to make Apple into a real technology company but that largely failed. He then turned the company into a cult, making the iPod into an amulet the faithful could display in public. Those shows he put on were right from Stranger In A Strange Land.

      • I still have 3 ipods, but they never made the one I really wanted. An ipod classic, with 1TB or RAM, and a bigger battery in place of the HD

        Never got the hype for their phones

          • Oh I still have Minidisc too, best thing Sony ever did, I just burned a copy of the remastered version of Revolver

          • Minidisc and CD, I have a couple of reference-grade players still in active service. It was a genuinely nice piece of audio tech. The first few iPod models were also nice audio, nigh reference grade stuff.

          • Oh man, I had a home Sony MiniDisc player and a couple portables in the late 90s in undergrad…those things were an absolute Godsend in terms of flexibility and portability before solid-state MP3 players became commonplace.

        • Did you ever Look at the Dankpods channel on youtube? That guy added 1TB of flash storage to one old Ipod classic and 2TB to another.

        • Hey let me ask you, what OS do you use to load the music on to the discs ? This is why I haven’t upgraded from Win7 Pro. If you’re using something newer, I’d love to know what it is, thanks!

          • For ipod? Still need iTunes or something that can handle Apple’s ecryption system, which I would imagine would be any modern OS. I’ll admit I really am out of date with ipod hacking, tho. You can find easier to use, higher capacity no-brand players from China these days.

          • No, the mini discs. The program that comes with the mini disc player when you buy it. I should also add that my minidisc players are walkmans, not the home version.

        • I had and may still have the Zune. 2 versions, one bigger than the other. If I find it, say it appears in the closet when I’m looking for a random pair of clean socks-I may resurrect it. My Android and Spotify are not cutting it as of late.

          I chose Spotify because I could drag and drop the MP3 file onto a desktop folder supposedly synched to Spots cloud. Worked ok in the beginning, now I swear it ignores files with verbotten content. Jerrod Taylor, et al.

          Now, as of late, my not very fancy android will download the files directly from the web site but the files seem to disappear. I can’t find the files in the download of internal or SD card storage. The file will work fine if I select it to play immediately after download. Right now I’m too busy to look into it but this hidden file thing came about recently.

          With the Zune, I could just download the damn file in put it on the Hard disc. Oh, but the app software is no more.


      • In 2003, several years before the iPad, my senior project was to use Microsoft’s new tablet technology to make a proof of concept for its uses. We made a simple app that allowed people auto mechanics on the field to tap in different diagnostics that would then upload to a central server.

        The table had everything a modern tablet had, touch screen, wi-fi, similar app feel to Apple, though admittedly a clunkier UI. What it didn’t have was a leader who could create enough critical mass to get it off the ground. The rest is history.

        I will give Jobs credit in understanding intuitive UI design in a way most engineers simply could not.

        • Jobs was a design genius in that he understood how humans prefer interacting with the physical space. I think we can credit him with defining the computer desktop concept. That said, his real genius was in figuring out that people were will to overspend for salvation and that is what he sold the second time around with Apple. The iPod said you were the elect. Then it was the iPhone and then the iPad.

          This is not entirely knew. American Express is credited with the concept of snob appeal. They convinced people that their cards were a sign of success. The best places preferred American Express and the bets people used American Express. They even charged the merchant and the user a premium for access. Quite a trick.

          • They still charge merchants a premium for taking their cards. It isn’t as big a spread as it used to be, but that is because Visa Mastercard have raised their rates to be closer to AMEX.

      • “I will note that Steve Jobs turned Apple into a juggernaut with the same act. He tried for years to make Apple into a real technology company but that largely failed. He then turned the company into a cult, making the iPod into an amulet the faithful could display in public.”

        Jobs might’ve been a sumbitch, but I’m typing this on an iPad and have my iPhone nearby, while Liz Holmes has a sentencing hearing today. +1 to the late Steve Jobs.

        And in terms of turning a company into a cult, he was just following what the old smokestack businesses did, especially the auto industry. There’s plenty of cult-like devotion to Teslas, Subarus, Porsches, Ferraris, etc. Hell back in my day (hitches up pants) you were a Ford Man, a GM man, or a weirdo what liked Chrysler products. Within GM you were a Chevy Man, a Pontiac Man, an Oldsmobile Man, a Buick Man, or some rich guy who drove a Cadillac.

        Building an aura around something to bring the customers back isn’t a bad thing per se. Heck, even the oh so smart tech nerds picked up planned obsolescence from the old auto biz. 😏

        • Yep, I’m not weird, I”m wise enough to put on my Mopar branded suspenders. I love my dodge Hemi 5.7, pulls and hauls like no other gas engine…as the rest of the truck rusts to dust around it.

          Inspections around the corner. I’m going for the new, well new to me, annual undercoating for a couple hundred bucks so I don’t have to hear the inspector tell me once again “it’s looking pretty rusty under there…”

          • “I love my dodge Hemi 5.7, pulls and hauls like no other gas engine…as the rest of the truck rusts to dust around it.”

            Following in the great MOPAR tradition of Slant Six or 318 V8 and A727 Torqueflite equipped Dusters, Darts, Satellites, Chargers, etc rusting away while the engine and transmission run forever.

      • Elizabeth Holmes fiasco is a strange one. I remember first hearing about her and her “product” and thinking, this can not be. It defies known science—at least as my poor university background allowed me to understand such. But hell, there’s only so much that one can pay attention to and I’m no chemist/biologist.

        However, who the hell is she talking to? If I were on the Board of a company advising on such an investment, I’d hire someone in the field to study and explain such. What the hell happened?

        • Back when she first started getting attention, someone sent me a clip of her asking what I thought. My first instinct was to assume it was a joke I was not getting. The weird eye movements and the affected speech felt like a gag that I was not getting, so I asked the person to explain the joke. He was offended. She had some sort of weird voodoo that caused some people to become as naïve as kittens.

          • She was a woman in an environment that was mostly males with socialization problems and old guys who, I’m sure, all thought they could score with her. She was, on the surface only, intelligent with credentials who had memorized all the cliches and grifter tricks.

      • There were many other devices that functioned better than the iPod, but Z hit the nail on the head. Rather than make the superior product, Jobs wanted the superior brand. Using trendy design and sleekness, he captivated the younger generation. The iPod became exactly that, an amulet. Still, I would rather it be iPods than face diapers.

        • All the other devices relied on people using the built-in file manager on their system to manage their music, the appeal of the iDevices was the use of iTunes to do that automatically. Yes there were many other better, cheaper devices but they were of no use if the commoner couldn’t use them.

      • Like SBF, the trick was to flatter the marks be appearing like some sort of shaman-genius that just happened to confirm their biases.

        That can’t be the entire explanation. Her board was a who’s who of neocon heavies (even Old Man Kissinger, for Christ’s sake!) and all she had was a few napkin sketches of some Star Trek device. The gift of the gab alone doesn’t get you that far.

        I figure the big money signed up knowing it was a Ponzi scheme, confident they would be the first to know when it was time to head for the exit.

        • This is the art of the con. The mark thinks he is being dealt a special hand. It is what blinds him to the con. Victor Lustig sold the Eiffel Tower for scrap by presenting an inside advantage to scrap dealers. He invited them in with the claim that they had been selected by the government because of their reputations. Flattery is powerful juju, even on people who should be secure in their positions.

          That is the problem with managerialism. No one is ever secure in their position, so everyone is vulnerable.

          • That was the thing with Bernie Madoff as he conned his fellow tribals in to thinking they were in on the scam with him (he, of course, being one of the only scammers to go to jail).

          • But Lustig didn’t go on national television to advertise the investment opportunity because you can’t fool all of them all of the time. The con only works if the crowd isn’t calling out “it’s up his sleeve!”

            And Lustig didn’t rope in a consortium of the most powerful men in the world, because such people can afford technical advise and they can hurt you if they get angry – as Bernie Madoff found out.

      • The cloud people are desperate for a female Steve Jobs, it really boils their piss that all the new tech is invented by men. Musk gets this too, its why he picked Gwynne Shotwell for a top job at SpaceX (TBF to Shotwell she is AFAIK a qualified engineer)

        • Exactly. They were too busy masturbating to the fact that she was a female tech genius (supposedly). Funny how, despite all this DIE stuff, all the really important stuff is still invented by men.

  43. The most amazing thing is Sam Bankman Fried is going to get away with stealing billions of dollars and funneling a lot of it to the Democratic party. I knew no one was going to prosecute him and now they’re writing panagerics about him about how generous and caring he is. It’s incredible.

    Effective altruism is just another way to say sociopath camouflage.

    • What is happening is what happens in a rotten police precinct. Morality slowly inverts. The dirty cops start out hiding their deeds from other cops, but they slowly include other cops in the corruption. Before long a critical mass of cops has either actively participated in the corruption or took money to look the other way. They now have an incentive to hide the corruption and so they pressure the honest cops to keep quiet.

      This is what has happened in Washington over the last decades. Everyone is getting their beak wet in some way. Bernie Sanders has gotten enough stock tips to make himself a millionaire and keep him quiet. Everyone has dirt on everyone, so no one is willing to cry foul. Once a critical mass was on the take, it was a race to the extreme. We are now waging a proxy war against a nuclear power in order to perpetuate a money laundering scheme.

      As an aside, this is why they keep digging around in Trump world looking for dirt. It is unimaginable to octogenarian crooks like Pelosi, Biden and McConnell that anyone could go through their life not stealing lots of cash. The lack of dirt has convinced them that he is hiding something big, hence the raid on his villa.

    • Does anyone have some good articles or sources that explain the method of laundering, particularly as regards to funneling it through Ukraine? Thanks!

        • AFAIK FTX seem to have created their own cyrpto coins, and they could control or rig the value of their coins. you could use that to launder cash I assume, but who knows, I doubt we will get to hear the real story

          It was nice of the Ukraine to hit Poland with a stray missile as FTX gathered steam

          • Compsci-

            There is at least one study out there by a research team with a modest grant that shows it is trivially easy to detect and monitor crypto traffic on a large campus network.

      • I have yet to see a comprehensive explainer, because they are still busy hiding the bodies to allow for a public accounting, but the basics are this.

        1) An exchange charges a fee to match buyers and sellers. In this case, they match those selling crypto with those buying crypto and take a piece of the transaction. Most likely when crypto was on the rise they were front running the transaction. That is, when you sold your crypto, they used the old lower rate, but when the buyer bought it, they used the new high rate. This allowed them to take a larger share of transactions.

        2) Users were encouraged to buy and hold, even when crypto went into decline. The reason for this is the exchange was borrowing against the customer deposits. Rumors are they had borrowed 100 times what customers had on deposit.

        3) They used the proceeds from #1 and #2 to invest in risky assets, often booking profits before they were realized. This allowed them to inflate their own balance sheet and hide liabilities. Imagine buying a building worth ten million and listing it as an asset for what you expect to sell it for after you flip it. The building burns down and now it is worthless, but you still have the asset on the books for the inflated amount. This allowed them to work #2 from their own balance sheet.

        4) It is suspected that money sent to Ukraine was not all converted to the Ukrainian currency to be used to pay troops and essential workers in the war machine. Some was reinvested into FTX, which created its own coin they sold to buyers. The profits from this were then used to give pro-Ukraine politicians in Washington access to discounted crypto, which they quietly sold for a profit. Of course, FTX publicly gave the pro-Ukraine party tens of millions in donations.

        5) Their own crypto may not have actually existed. This is a controversial claim, but entirely possible. This means they sold crypto that could not be traded anywhere by the FTX exchange, because it never really existed.

        • A dude Bankmans age dumping vast amounts of cash into politics is just bizzare, a normal person in their early 30s gets serous cash, they buy a Ferrari and try to figure out where supermodels hangout, but not this dude, its creepy

          • Perhaps because he never really had it and was not in control of it, apart from as a proxy front.

            He got to live in the bahamas eat junk food and play video games. The rest was run for him.

          • He didn’t need a supermodel(s), have you seen the pics of his girlfriend/co-worker? She was really hot, all he could handle.

            sarc of course

      • Yeah it really strains credulity. The villainous Jew character who obsconds with billions of dollars from the financial institution that he controls is named bankman? If you wrote it into a script it wouldn’t pass muster because it would cause the audience to lose their suspension of disbelief

        • Predictive programming man! Sorry, but it couldn’t be more obvious unless you named him “Shylock.” Actually, it is more obvious, as that reference has gone by the wayside. Our elites love their little in jokes as a further way of humiliating their peasants.

    • Dropped this comment about a little project Bankman-Fried got up to in the recent past over at Larry Johnson’s site, but got no traction. Chasing the latest news on the Ukraine front, too busy to notice how this fits.

      Well, here is another reason to just love that festering hive of corruption, FTX.

      It seems that they lavishly funded a bogus “study” to undermine the potential viability of treatments/prophylaxis against Covid a couple of years back. Links to a video and some other coverage here at cryptogon dot com.

      I will add two observations:

      1) No therapeutics, no prophylaxis, the Clot Shots’ Emergency Use Authorizations stand, and the gene therapy proceeds, full speed ahead. (Gotta wonder if Bankman-Fried and Co. owned a lot of stock in Pfizer & Moderna…).

      2) Keeping the Covid Panic in full spate made it child’s play to sell Mail-In Voting, a principal mode for perpetrating ballot fraud. This project helped with that, and further justified the huge donations to the DNC/RNC uniparty in support of ballot fraud via the FTX double shuffle through Ukrainian money laundering.

      As B-F is clearly a sociopath, I’m sure that he was down with sickening, sterilizing, and killing large numbers of what he doubtless considers “useless eaters”.

  44. The old saw, “he who controls the language…” may be true, but only up to a point. Kind of like the Empire’s shock and awe aerial strategy, it works to a point, keeping the enemy hunkered and passive, albeit restive. Boots on the ground are always needed to complete the job. It remains to be seen what–and if–happens when the ears no longer hear.

    • Meanwhile, thousands of young males are foregoing college, debt and browbeating to seek gainful employment in jobs that pay well and don’t have much HR toxicity.
      Look around at who has been doing the trade and similar work that is invisible to the typical media consumer. (The latter see objects, not people.) That segment of the workforce is mostly guys who noticed the BS ages ago and saw what their families and neighbors were going through. They got the college pitch, heard after the shrill proto-Woke nonsense and said No Way.
      When you can make a decent living by a variant of the Benedict Option, why not?

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