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Been pressed for time this week so I took the easy way out and cranked out a show about the news. Thankfully, Trump made his big announcement so the news was full of loony stories about Trump. I have never been a big Trump fan, but I have appreciated the knock on effect of his career. He has flushed out many people who had previously been thought of as stable minded.

I recorded the show before I knew Nancy Pelosi fell off her broom. She has called it a career as leader of the Democrats. The race to succeed her will be interesting, as the bench is not very good. The scuttlebutt is that Hakeem Jeffries from New York is lined up to be the next Democrat leader. He could very well be more ridiculous than Pelosi, which is something few thoughts was possible.

This will be the first test of the transition from the geezers running the parties to the feckless airheads vying to succeed them. There will be other tests as Schumer and McConnell have one foot in the grave. Biden, of course, may already be dead but animated by secret forces. Washington is about to enter the clown shoe phase as they move from the dinosaurs to the circus freaks.

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This Week’s Show


  • Trump Town
  • DeSantis
  • Death To Republicans!
  • Never Trust A Bankman
  • Ukraine Fatigue
  • Queering The Senate
  • Twitter Drama
  • David Harsanyi
  • Burn Baby, Burn!

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122 thoughts on “News Radio

  1. For your edification and exasperation;

    And in the spirit of the conversation regarding assf*****s, VW has a commercial that features an interracial sodomite couple with…wait for it…a sheep in lieu of a dog as a pet.

    Beastiality; Sodomy; it’s all good!

    You know why?


    The shot callers love rubbing our faces in the shit of their decadence.

  2. Zed, where on earth do you get ‘gays are 2% of the population’ from? Look around. Take any five random people on the street and probably one will be identifiably gay. Then factor in all the closet gays and those who don’t even know or accept that they are gay. I arrive at a figure of about 30%. I know, mind-blowing.

    As I said in a recent post, I think the proportion has been increasing over the last few generations as an evolutionary response to overpopulation (effectively promoting sterility in a population). How? My theory is that blanket modern medicine, toxins in the environment, and excessive stress denote overpopulation, and Nature’s remedial response is this genetic twist in the zygote.

    Given that humans in technological societies have been living such unnatural lives for so long, I posit that increased gayness is absolutely inevitable. How to deal with it is exactly the problem we are having right now.

    • How would a gene know about overpopulation? How would it then decide that beards, muscles, and hairy legs are more attractive then curves, boobs, and dulcet tones?

      Genes want to survive and reproduce themselves. XY pairs want to find a XX pair. Men naturally want to be respected & be a protector. Woman naturally want to be loved, be protected, and be a mom. What our culture is trying to do is unnatural.

      • Dutton writes a little about this. There is theory that gays and celebrates can promote the continuation of their genomes through the promotion of reproduction and survival of closely related kin. This is along the lines of ethnocentrism. IIRC

        • I suspect it happens when you get too many “pretty boy” genes. Just the right amount of pretty boy and you get something like the not particularly manly Leo DiCaprio, who has plowed his way through hollywood and would have 200 kids in an era before birth control.

          Probably just one extra gene of soft boyish good looks to tip the scale and he’d be working the glory holes at a truck stop.

      • Some female biologist has posited that make homosexuality is caused in part by a gene that makes both sexes more attracted to men and sexually promiscuous.

        The upshot is that it results in higher fertility among the women carrying the gene which offsets the lower reproductivity of male carriers.

        She’s done an analysis of family size among the sisters of gay men and found a positive correlation. So it appears to be plausible. Though obviously not generally accepted.

    • About 8 or 10 years ago, at my former urban watering hole, one of the regulars was a legit flamer. A homo’s homo, who reveled in offending anyone who wasn’t comfortable around him. One night he was complaining how he liked being homo more when it wasn’t the cool and trendy thing to do. For what that’s worth.

    • Anson, way too large. Never read a study that has homosexuals at more than 2.5% of population. However, that’s not a equally distributed number. Cities attract these people so you find groupings in certain areas that exaggerate the population numbers at large. Also, there is a tendency in this liberal society for trendy folk to identify as gay or “bisexual”, thereby increasing these numbers.

      Just because you see an androgynous, wimpy male, doesn’t mean he’s a true homosexual. Women as especially prone to this for social reasons. There have been many that have had homosexual relationships, but then turned “straight” and got married.

    • Anson, where on earth do you get gays are 30% of the population from? Oh, yeah, you clearly just made it up.
      And the question is gays. You no doubt added in everything LGBTQAI+++ to get anywhere near that number and no doubt still over guessed. Which is typical deceit used to make gay numbers look bigger than they are.
      According to Wikipedia, “In February 2022 a Gallup poll reported that 7.1% of US adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. 34.6% of LGBT respondents were lesbian or gay”
      34.4% of 7.1% = 2.44%
      Zed is far closer than you.

    • Are we fully gay men? Or bi men? And I assume we aren’t talking about lesbians. Because every single woman on this Earth is gay, if gay means bi.

      If gay means not sexually attracted to women. Only men. I’d say it’s about 10% of the population now. Since human population is vastly in the big metro areas. The otherwise normal male mind gets twisted by so much visual and social stimuli, so that sex with another man loses its stigma and repulsiveness.

      For for fully gay women lesbos I think the percent in U.S. is prolly 5 percent.

      Totally off topic. Most gay guys are totally nice and cool and smart guys. The annoying one’s are probably like only 15 percent of them. And that number will diminish as gayness normalizes.

      Off Topic. The greatest figure skater in the world is Asian American. I don’t think he’s gay. Also he a major in a serious subject at an elite school. AS HE’S THE BEST SKATER IN THE WORLD. iT Takes an Asian to pull that off. This isn’t soccer. this is precision skating. I could type all day I’m high as a kite. But to prove my restraint in the midst of utter highness, I will stop typing


      • “Are we fully gay men? Or bi men?” Typo. I left out a word. I meant: Are we TALKING fully gay men? Or bi-men.

        It’s pretty hard to calculate since about 15 percent of men are still in the closet. And I think a lot of pro male athletes are closeted. You can’t be THAT into being around the perfect male physics and caring that much about your own, unless you’ve always been, or have developed from thousands of hours of locker room time, into a bi man. WHich I gather is technically gay. So yeah, I’d say 26 percent of U.S. men are gay.

    • My niece had male friends in high school that came out as homo and trans. I believe that there is such an emphasis on the inherent evil of normal, white men that some white men will do anything to get the target off of their backs.

  3. Z Man excoriated David Frum as anyone, who cares about our people should. Later, he interpreted Harsanyi’s Federalist article as presaging a purge of national conservatives from the GOP. I add that Frum wrote an article in 2003 that successfully purged anti-Iraq war conservatives, like Buchanan and Paul, from the GOP.

  4. So, it turns out the Binance guy, who helped blow up FTX, also thinks Tether coins are a scam:

    Also note the scam Binance is running by forcibly converting peoples’ USDC stablecoin deposits into their own proprietary BUSD coin.

    That would be like Chase converting your USD deposits into some proprietary internal fiat called, “Chasebux.”

    Nice work, if you can get it.

    • Its been obvious Tether has been a scam for a few years.

      If not it must gave something close to $67 billion in dollar assets in a liquid form in order to be backed fully. Sounds likely, not.

      It will come out a result of the ongoing court case and the intentional implosion that Tether is probably 2% or so backed, and some of that is probably in other coin assets, and that they have been issuing million of unbacked coins to insider and politicians to inflate coins in the markets.

      To be fair they are not do anything different than the Fed in this respect, but I suppose they want to keep the control for their ponzi, not anyone else’s.

    • Eh, crypto might be the basis for some future monetary standard, but no way it’s anything but a scam in the current system. The mere fact Bitcoin and the other variations was allowed to exist for as long as as they have…just sayin’, been targeted by the tax man for the most minor of mistakes, on either mine or the IRS’s, any high profile financial instrument that goes unregulated like crypto is abnormal. Cool if you made some money off it, though.

    • Yeah, that’s great. Again, this keeps getting better and better and reveals how shaky the Banana Empire truly is. Imagine if Powell were to raise interest levels to the degree necessary to stop inflation? I’m putting my largely worthless money on an unprecedented economic implosion next year. Personally I’m ditching anything Blackrock-related now, too. That’s going to be the big collapse. Portnoy’s right about what should be done but the United States is too utterly corrupt at this point to act.

    • The biggest FTX news is that everyone, even the most /ourguy/ guys, has obediently adopted the celebrity nickname “SBF” to refer to a financial criminal named BANKMAN.

      Defeated minds.

  5. Immigration and integration is not about economic reason or social improvement
    Chuck Schumer just wants society becoming more unstable and chaotic
    In healthy society, grifter are really hard to rob people

    In multiracial society where everybody is minority and decaying social structure is gold mine for scammer

  6. I agree on voting. Its not a path to saving the country. Its a pagan ritual.

    On Trump: Trump endorsed 183 Candidates, 174 won. 95%.

    I agree his announcement varied between low energy and high energy.
    He did make it clear it was about a movement, not him. If he actually BUILDS an organization there’s opportunity in *the people* in that organization. Let me explain another way- I beat my head for months trying to find employees to hire. Bust.
    Then I was making a return of $2800 at Lowes and their employees -2 of them- really leaned forward to get it done. SOLUTION = when I go to hire I’m just going to poach people already working. Why drill a dry hole if there’s wells working? Everyone who wants to work – is working. Find the workers at work (Lowes won’t collapse, and its a side gig).

    So my suggestion is don’t troll for new dissident hires, poach from other right wing groups- because the GOP sucks.

    Any Leftist approves, and they took over the fucking world. They know what they are doing.

    • >>On Trump: Trump endorsed 183 Candidates, 174 won. 95%.<<

      How’d he do on the ones that weren’t safe district slam-dunks?

    • You must have a better Lowe’s than the one by me, I can’t get the employees there to answer a question to save my life.

      • They vary.

        Where I live, the Lowes have higher end employees than the Home Depot. But then again, HD is cheaper and carries the Ryobi tools (even though, I have been slowly switching to harbor freight).

        Lowes seems to have the retired tradesmen who know a ton and enjoy being there while the HD in my area has the younger guys (who don’t know as much) who are using the job to go do something else.

  7. Even funnier story – FTX Bankman’s wife lived in a “polycule” with 10 sexually active roomates (who made the FTX decisions), and was into race science and HBD.

    Dare I say, based?

    Details from a blog linked to Ellison have begun to shed light on the former Alameda CEO’s personal beliefs and world philosophy—one shaped by hardline views on polyamory and sexual competition, a fascination with race science, and a belief in the natural synergy between crypto and fraud.

    The account’s author consistently displayed a fascination with sex and power dynamics. In another post, the author said that two key qualities of a “cute boy” are “controlling most major world governments” and possessing “sufficient strength to physically overpower you.”

    The Ellison-linked account also demonstrated a substantial preoccupation with “hbd” or “human biodiversity,” an online euphemism for the discredited fields of race science and eugenics popularized by the alt-right.

    Ellison has, for years, vocalized her die-hard obsession with Harry Potter. In one post, her affiliated Tumblr account tied her love of online character quizzes to her penchant for sorting Indians by their caste, which she presumed to indicate genetic distinction.


    BAHAHAH. This cadre of psychos and pervs basically took all the dinosaurs in Washington for a loop. Kind of interesting though. I suspect that most of these new people at the “top” have at least some knowledge of HBD/race realism, such as Musk, Bezos, and Bankman. Interesting to see where things go.

    • The folks of the Fried-Bankman variety are totally aware of HBD. They deny it while using it to achieve their ethnic goals.

      As for the link: wow. Who knew the British Empire was responsible for the multimillennial caste system in India? Can’t have non-White racists portrayed as racists, no, no.

      This is just going to get better.

        • Reading between the lines, Big Jew is about to take a hit, albeit not one the Gentiles would suffer either criminally or civilly under the same circumstances:

          What got my attention there was the Blackrock, etc., involvement, although that angle wasn’t fleshed out. My guess is this has the potential to start an implosion that will be blamed on Covid or Trump or DOBBS, YMMV.

          This explains why the Ukraine Money Laundering Factory is being abandoned, and the above-normal screeching from Tribalists about the semi-lame Fed tightening. Let’s just pre-announce: Jerome Powell is an anti-hero despite his other theft, and he will be remembered in history as an evil figure and why the collapse happened.

          Winners write the history and all that.

          • Jack-

            Some commenters on Zerohedge who watch the crypto space feel that Tether is the next potential scam to blow up in a big way.

          • Thanks for the heads up, Geese. This excerpt from a related piece over there is both chilling and hilarious:

            “Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was, until last week, a major political donor – he gave $5.2 million to U.S. President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and spent another $40 million supporting mainly Democratic candidates ahead of the November midterm elections – and an influential figure in Washington.

            Bankman-Fried regularly met with regulators and lawmakers, weighing in on how the crypto industry should be regulated. He was a vocal supporter of one bill, in particular: the bipartisan Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act (DCCPA), a still-in-progress bill…”

            Given the “lawmakers” are just ignorant, corrupt and clueless puppets, they probably fail to realize how buffoonish they look now, if they even are capable of grokking that. Someone, trumpton I think, mentioned this week how close we were to CBDC. My guess is the markets crater before that happens, but what the effect will be remains up in the air.

  8. Maybe burning at the stake or perhaps a “swim” in an alligator/crocodile infested pond – while the other potential candidates look on. It’d be epic entertainment.

  9. Without sounding TOO much like a Z fan boy, which admittedly I am, I think the show as excellent. I look forward to these each week if for nothing else than to remind me that I am not alone or crazy. Also, I’m not necessarily a Z fanboy but I am a fanboy of the ZBlog ecosystem and the fine minds on here. I try to read nearly all comments each day.

    Couple of things to remember:

    1. You are doing this work for free and as far as I am concerned it is God’s work. You’ve given thousands of displaced, normal people a place to voice their thoughts and share their experiences with like-minded people.

    2. If anyone complains, they can start their own essay blog and podcast. Neither of which are easy and I am often amazed that you have the time to do this every day. Not to mention, I can’t even stomach a single CNN article for 10 seconds, never mind reading one in its entirety to pull material from. I am not made out of the necessary material required to do that.

  10. Speaking of childish and stupid…

    Black Twitter should be flooded with brownwashed memes that advance the noticing. Anything that splits the enemy camps increases the number of moles to be whacked is to be welcomed.

    • Black *male* Twitter has been a swarm of crazy Jew-blasting since the day it was turned on. There’s no one there to convert.

      One of the problems Twitter had with its tests of “AI” automoderation is that it couldn’t be taught that black people are allowed to say whatever they want. No matter how much data they fed it, it couldn’t *deduce* that rule, so it kept banning black guys by the shipload. That’s why Twitter has hand-crafted boutique moderation by troons and pajeets.

  11. I thought it was a great show. Best in a while now! Better than anything you might pay for on the news rack!(needless to say.)

    • The shows are always a treat. It would be nice if Z didn’t sigh at the end of each segment as if he just got done with one tedious chore but still has four more tedious chores left. It’s just better when you’re enjoying a performance if the performer sounds like he’s enjoying it too. And he obviously does sound enthused during the segment itself. It’s just those ending sighs and “ok, how much time is left” grumbles.

  12. You want an ideal method for executing our horrid rulers in a revolution? How about this? A few years ago, some pop culture writer locked himself inside a glass box for twenty-four hours while nothing but Jefferson Starship’s “We Built This City (on Rock and Roll)” played on an infinite loop. He emerged fairly distressed but otherwise intact. Instead, we take our grifters and rulers and sleazeballs and put them in a series of such cubes warrened throughout the countryside. We could even put Christmas lights on them, so that they’re not eyesores (and of course some of our rulers would not enjoy the Christmas motif for obvious reasons.) As for music, it would have to be something that would stoke their rage at first, then eventually break their wills and cause them to puncture their eardrums with their fingertips. Merle Haggard’s “I’m a White Boy” would do just fine. And instead of leaving them in there for twenty-four hours, they stay until they starve to death or die of oxygen deprivation. Put them two or three to a pod the size of a small prison cell so that they lack room to even walk or sit down, and their natural rancor toward themselves and others will overflow and cause them to act like rats trapped in a cage. I would love to see Schumer tearing Pelosi’s eyes out as the mutual recriminations flew. “This is your fault, you and your hammer-sucking schmuck of a husband!” “Shut up, Chuck. You’re just in a bad mood because there aren’t any flies in here for you to catch with that forked tongue.”

    Wow, this is more fun than I thought it would be.

    • Not to sound like a nancy boy. But torture turns your soul and self-image into John Wayne Gayce. Is this what you want for us?

      Hard labor with a chance at redemption is what we give them.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Solitary, hard work, voluntary study of selected materials. Potential for release to selected areas after things calm down and *strict* observation. If this sounds like the recent Soviet Union, then so be it. They are a dangerous contagion, take no chances.

  13. While Trump voters indeed may be eighty percent of Republicans, I seriously doubt those who fully buy into the warmed over Buckleyite/Reaganite idiocy and fakery registers in double digits. The GOP effectively has been dead since some reality television host exposed it as the utter fraud it always has been. Quite a feat, though, for six or seven percent of a political party to be able to dupe and control the other ninety-plus percent. The communists couldn’t pull that off. The quicker the Republican Party dies, the better. Ditto the United States as presently constituted. Neither can be reformed.

    As an aside, among the 12 Republican senators who voted to enshrine gay marriage into law was Mitt Romney, of course. Reliable reports, never denied, were that Romney demanded Rick Grenell, who is gay, be fired from the campaign due to his extracurricular activities. Even in 2012 that was edgy. So in a decade, Romney has gone from not wanting a homosexual on his campaign to supporting gay marriage. Talk about evolving. Talk about fraud.

      • The Mormons want POLYGAMY [not to mention pederasty, i.e. child brides], and they see sodomite/sapphiste “marriages” as the opportunity they’ve been praying for which would allow them to shove their toe in the door.

        The Mormons are a literal existential threat to the White race and Western Civilization.

        {1-Man}/{1-Woman} monogamous mating is the biological hallmark of the White race.

        No other race of hominids [not even the juice] evolved beyond Big-Man-Rules polygamy.

        If we lose monogamy, we lose everything.

        It’s over.

        The Mormons are every bit as Evil as all the old lunatic paranoid schizophrenics*** warned us they would prove to be.


        ***Whom we, in our soft squishy well-fed comfy arrogance, completely ignored.

        Never doubt the old lunatic paranoid schizophrenics.

        They’re always correct.

        The doubters are always wrong.

        • “ 1-Man}/{1-Woman} monogamous mating is the biological hallmark of the White race.”

          I must disagree here. Monogamy is best explained as a social construct. If we go way back…the biggest, best males could attract mates—perhaps in abundance—because he could support them and assure their children survived to reproduce. Wimps lost out in this game and failed to spread their weak genes. Nature has no problem here.

          The above scenario is support pretty much by the rest of the animal kingdom, including primates. Humans however developed more complex societies and thinking such that group cohesion was better assured by sharing the females, hence one on one. However, alpha males just about everywhere practiced some form of polygamy. So we might say we developed a compromise—but that does not equal a biological imperative.

          Admittedly, Whites seem at the forefront of such.

          • The Greeks were monogamous.

            The Romans were monogamous.

            Their Gods were even [largely] monogamous.

            Heck, even the Trojans were monogamous.

            All of recorded*** history indicates that the people of the British Isles were monogamous.

            We have no polygamy whatsoever in our written tradition .

            Whereas the j00z are known to have practiced polygamy from at least the time of David & Solomon [circa 1000 BC] through to the near modern era [1800-ish], i.e. roughly three millennia.


            ***We don’t know much about e.g. Druid culture, so we can’t speculate too much about what the Druids were up to.

            However, in the semi-mythical genealogy of Irish kings [ostensibly tracing their ancestry all the way back to Adam & Eve], I am aware of no claims of polygamy.

            I saw an article recently, about an excavation of the “Long Barrow” culture in central England, with the remains of some family members [proved by DNA analysis] which were found buried together, but I can’t seem to find the story right now.

    • The act is to harass organizations that don’t support it using the IRS and other agencies.

      It should be the persecution of normals act.

  14. I don’t know how true this is, but I recently heard on a couple of podcasts that these huge machines that will have to shut down in Germany are really not designed to ever be shut down. An example was a steel mill. Supposedly these things are designed to be hot and running 24/7 365 for the life of the plant. That shutting these things down may mean they will never run again. Or perhaps they will be lucky and be able to restart them, but it would be a long lead time.

    Also Germany is playing major games with the nuclear reactors. IIRC, they said there were 6 left in Germany with at least 3 scheduled to be closed now. They have not changed this schedule, but have kept them going on an emergency basis. The problem with doing this is it takes a year or more to get the fuel for them and they will run out of fuel by spring.

    Germany has spent enormous sums of money on this “renewable” stuff and will now pay the price.

    • France, believe it or not, is in worse shape wrt their nukes. Even though touted as prescient wrt nuke power, they have been a victim of the Greens and others and have not built replacement reactors. About 40% of their capacity is shut down for maintenance, and the bulk of the reactors are entering end of life. The last one built was to open in 2016 and is still not running. So it seem that Frenchmen may freeze in the dark this winter as well.

    • Glass kilns are one. They think they can lower the temp to keep them viable with much lower gas bills but it’s not been tried before.

  15. Regarding zman’s point that hanging and guillotines are too gentle for the political class:

    I say pump hydrogen gas into their scrotums until they float away like balloons and then shoot at them with flaming arrows.

    • “I say pump hydrogen gas into their scrotums until they float away like balloons and then shoot at them with flaming arrows.”

      I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your pamphlet.

    • Serious torture is wrong. And death is too good for them. Instead we make them work unpleasant jobs for the rest of their lives. We give them face tattoos so society knows who they are. We put them to work with the retarded. Make them caretakers in infirmaries. Orderlies in hospitals. When we run out of real jobs for them. We put the rest to work cutting down all the Japanese Cudzu vines that strangle the forests in the South.

      • Chain gangs would be ideal. At least get something productive out of them. And the humiliation of sleeping, showering, and eating butts to nuts in a sweltering and primitive wooden dorm would bring them back down to earth in a humiliating manner. Also, it’d be fun to toot your horn at them as you whizzed by in a gas-guzzling SUV.

        • Crassus’ approach would also allow you to toot your horn as you drive past.

          Take the kids. make it a day out and show them what should be done to society destroyers.

      • Honest work. That is getting interesting.

        We could put them in prison that looks like recent TV commercials; That is to say, a prison without any white men. We staff it with very disinterested guards – say the service men who got purged in recent years.

        Another idea would be to do a reverse Tong move. Send them over to China to do a bit of work. As they work, every day, year after year, they listen over and over to the audio book of Friedman’s, “The World Is Flat.” Maybe an infinite loop only of the line, “they sweat, we think”, followed by a sinister laugh.

        I am sure we could get creative with deportation to Haiti or somewhere else along with throngs of former future citizens.

        There was a good movie a while ago called, I believe, La Mariana. It was about an Italian journalist who gets trapped in Albania, stripped of his credentials and has to wander a hellscape of post war Albania. At some point he gets put alive into someone’s oven. It was a propaganda film designed to create empathy for Albanians in Italy. It didn’t work too well for that purpose. In any case, fodder for other creative punishments.

        • There’d definitely be different levels of punishment. Since we’re not going to do actual torture. The warmongers would be assigned the worst existence. Mindless work with no conversation. Something like cutting kudzu in the hot Alabama sun all day. Working in coal mines while the real miners retire and live off their wealth. This is the worst level for the worst lying propagandist one-world warmongers. Donny Deutsch, NR staff, David Frum, Steven Colbert etc.

          The levels below them would be slightly less bad jobs. For the ones who are just playing their given roles through varying levels of agency/passivity. From influential newspaper editors, down to puppity anchormen.

          • The echelons of the hierarchy of evil within the Power Structure is an interesting topic. Certainly the warmongers are very bad, but I think even worse are those who attempt, through propaganda and other psy-ops, to turn whites into enemies of their own people. I’m thinking first and foremost here of professors in the social sciences/humanities, and advertising execs. These are the shit-bags I’d like to see swinging from the lamp posts first.

          • @Ostie. “I think even worse are those who attempt…to turn whites into enemies of their own people.”

            Re the levels of badness. Hard to feel who’s worse. Those that actually hate us and act accordingly. (Frum, Crazy Professors). Or those who know we’re not the bad guys, but go after us for the money and clout. (Colbert etc). I think the latter is worse.

      • There probably is no torture for these people which would turn my stomach. But I think you’re still on to something. Torture can’t really last very long if it’s the kind we have in mind, but a lifetime of humiliating hard physical labor might be a worthy punishment. Of course, this would make them the strongest men among us, so that may be a problem.

      • Well, some sort of pale of settlement solution may also be in order. Put them back to good honest work wearing sack cloth and farming potatoes. Don’t let them handle any sort of money or precious metals, their community can maintain an internal economy based on exchanging potatoes. This should serve to counteract the covetous impulses that lead their kind down the path of sinful behavior.

        • “Don’t let them handle any sort of money or precious metals, their community can maintain an internal economy based on exchanging potatoes.”


          (Of course, our enemies and allies come in all colors and races. But that was hilarious.)

      • Buckwheats… That poor kid.

        For the guy who shot Ashlee Babbitt on January 6 I would recommend: 1) Impalement Vlad Tepich-style; 2) Combined with the Blood Eagle. Act in haste, repent at leisure.

    • Nonsense. I say we go with very slow insertion into wood chippers… feet first. This way, when it’s done with, they will have finally contributed something back to society as fertilizer.

    • It’s good to see some hard analytical thought given to dealing with enemies, beyond just the usual helicopter tour.

  16. Crypto is what happens when autists conflate “FIAT” with “Fake”.

    The Federal reserve creates one’s and zeros. It’s backed my the most powerful military on the planet, the wealthiest economy, numerous international treaties, NGOs, and literally billions of contracts that delineate its usage down to the fraction of a penny.

    Crypto is backed by nerds in their underwear using gaming graphics cards to find solutions to esoteric and exotic math problems.

    One is not like the other.

    Now BLOCKCHAIN is interesting, but the winners will be banks (remember what a disaster “free” checking was for the poor?) and control freaks in governments.

    Great exit music, btw. I lol.

    • What “backs” crypto is that it surveils and records everything that ever happened to it. That record is more valuable than gold to any entity that wants to oppress you.

      Nerds are dumb.

    • Crypto is also what happens when there is a ton of free or near free money to go around and lots of BS marketing. The narrative has ever shifted since Bitcoin first came around. I was aware of it very early when a bitcoins was Dollars or 10s of Dollars. Back then, it was a new currency to avoid the banks and the regulators. Then as its usefulness as a currency was shown to be malarkey, it was digital gold and then was a hedge and now it just needs regulation, the thing it was created to avoid.

      All the people who thought it was a currency never resided in a place like Philadelphia, Baltimore or Detroit. I have dealt many times with cash register attendants who need to count change using their fingers.

      • People talking about rolling blackouts and Europe freezing. Crypto takes a lot of electricity. So there’s that, too.

  17. “ I recorded the show before I knew Nancy Pelosi fell off her broom.”

    My advice to Nancy is, don’t drink and fly.

    • This was my immediate thought as well, instantly upon reading the sentence, I wondered if there is a DUI (FUI?) charge pending? Because they now have so much experience with Paul, and practice makes perfect, is the DUI (FUI?) charge swept under the rug already? Inquiring minds want to know! All I can say for certain is that these Pelosis sure seem to get hammered a lot.

  18. Near the end Z Man said he thought the show was ‘a little off’. I, on the other hand thought it was spot on – in particular the ‘burn baby burn’ segment and the feckless, craven personalities in charge of the DC Rino clique.

  19. Yeah I don’t get that twitter thing either. It’s like talking to the mass media – there is no upside to it, all it can do is get you in trouble and expose you to lunatics and malicious perverts.

    I am on Blab. I am willing to bet there are still too many creepy jews and loons at twitter that I can do without meeting.

    • Twitter:

      Sign up for free.

      Post whatever you want.

      Get fired and be forever unemployable 1-7 years from now for a comment that was fine when posted, but the gestalt changed from one day to the next.

  20. Pertaining to January 6th or J6, as it is referred currently, is an example of how the idea of a free press has become a farce. While historical events are retold with some added flair, or embellishment over time, J6 has been twisted into a fantasy story for the progressive-liberal to tell their children as a bedtime story boogeyman.

    Yes, there was a riot at the capital. Yes, it was dumb and unnecessary. But to elevate a riot to the severity to the level of an attempted coup or insurrection by the media and politicians is another sign on how ridiculous our state of politics has become.

    I witnessed firsthand in the military actual insurrections in places around the globe. Thoise incidents didn’t involve selfie-taking grandmothers from Ohio, or people in viking cosplay dancing around. They also do not have untold numbers of undercover alphabet agency plants in the crowds. Or the supposed protectors of an institution moving barricades and opening the doors for protestors.

    Real insurrections involve AK-47s, burning the presidential palace, and the slaughter of innocents caught in the middle of opposing factions. Murder, looting, rape, and all other manner of atrocities. It truly is sickening to watch these soft-bellied, weak politicians forcefully shape the narrative to their own end on this event.

    More of our citizens should be able to see the facade of it all, yet many choose to hold faith in the myth that our ruling class actually has the well-being of the populace in mind.

    “America is a Corpse. The Democrats are checking her pockets for any valuables, and the Republicans are attempting CPR even after rigor mortis has set in.”


    • The J6 farce was what finally got me off the Trump train — not because he encouraged people to come to D.C., but because he left them hanging afterward. No pardons, no legal help, no money for the families of prisoners, no calling attention to the plight of people rotting away in D.C. with foreign guards abusing them.

      When I was a kid, it was the Soviets who threw people into gulags for protesting. Now it’s our own government.

      And the Republican party is worse than useless. The Dems glorify and bail out their protestors. The republicans vilify theirs. It’s why I no longer vote Republican and will never send those traitorous weasels another dime.

      J6 is a national disgrace, but not for the reasons the media tells us.

  21. Disheartening that people are falling for and fawning over the big new right wing father figure presented to us, who’s going to make it all better, Desantis, as if Bush never happened and we never went down this road. How did that Elite larping as a christian conservative cowboy workout? Sure prevented SSM didn’t it, no.

    The Florida man foams at the mouth with rage over anything Confederate and the little iconoclast is removing a Confederate general and replacing him with a civil rights degenerate this weekend. The man who went to elite schools and has spent time out ingratiating himself to Conservative ideologues seems to hate everything places like this stand for with a burning passion, but somehow it’s good he’s “competent”? Why, his posse is a retinue of terrible Conservatives of the same ilk as McTurultle, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney. He will promote Conservatism and enrich himself and his team, he will defend the civil rights regime and the post war consensus with all the power of the system and make sure you get nothing.

    It would be like French people clamoring for Sarkozy to come back, wake up.

      • Oh boy he”ll definitely stop the trannies, just like Dubya stopped the gays. That’s for sure what motives the little iconoclast down in Florida. The same one who honors the civil rights movement, which is an extension of the trans movement today……

        Hmm don’t trust someone who hates the Confederacy, is loved by the Republican Party, and never utters anything intellectually curios about identity or progress, but rather parrots tripe that comes straight from the annals of Conservatism.

        How could anyone?

  22. “This will be the first test of the transition from the geezers running the parties to the feckless airheads vying to succeed them.”

    Probably leading to collapse and a reorganization of society. Rome’s collapse was followed by feudalism and Christendom. The Black Death was followed by Capitalism! and Democracy! I think we’re in one of those moments. This crisis will probably carry off the current elites, too, so I doubt we’ll get the Great Reset. Just hoping whatever comes of it is good.

    • Thinking about it, if the Renaissance/Enlightenment hearkened back to Classical Antiquity, and the pendulum theory is true, does that mean the future is more feudal and Christian?

      • Feudal and religious. Minders will be out to make sure that your TV only receives channels from the 500 state endorsed tranny porn broadcasters.

        • In any case, I think the Rights of Man crowd will go the way of Romans and royalty. Elites eventually go soft, retarded, go too far and fail. The rest is speculating about the consequences. Customary instead of legal rights, waning science and reinvigorated arts, etc., seems reasonable to me. Won’t be the same as the Middle Ages, but it’ll rhyme. Some people will hate it, some will love it.

          • Also morality over reason, of course. This new morality started out as reason. Still is, that’s why it comes out of the academy for the most part. It’s just that reason is now retarded.

  23. Yesterday’s comment section was full of great posts. Well done everyone.

    I just followed a link to a story about US Warships visiting various European ports. There was a photo of an aircraft carrier named: The USS Gerald R. Ford.

    Gerald Ford!?!? How about a USS Spiro Agnew? In any case, clown world began a long time ago. Somebody here who has chops as an animator needs to do a cartoon that features a trio of aircraft carriers. The USS: Trayvon Martin, Michael “Burn This F***** Down” Brown, and the George Floyd. Not sure of a plotline. Let me see – I’ll take a quick crack at it. Let’s see:

    The carrier formation is sailing the seven seas to bring Chinese police to justice for police brutality. They arrive and see the police putting down a slave revolt. (All of the Naval personnel are black; In place of US flags and military symbols Nike flags and Under Armour logos are used.). As they enter the vast city, the police are beating and shooting the ragged workers in the shanty streets. High above the shanty town stand the steel and glass towers of every major US financial services, retail good (including computers), company and pro sports franchise.

    A squadron goes in to begin to engage with the Chinese Corpo Cops but the sergeant gets a call from his superior. He is ordered to disengage. In a moment of moral crisis the sergeant speaks back saying he can’t allow this to happen. His commanding officer puts him on speaker phone. The voices of Lebron James, Kaepernick, Puff Daddy, Stephen Curry, Stephen Smith … .. come on and say something to the effect. “Yo n***a! Tink ’bout what you be doin n***a! We be having shoes and jerseys ta sayell m***a f***a! We be makin’ stacks blood. We be makin’ it fo our ancestors n***a – all dem kangz back in the muthaland n***a! You stop deez police and you against us. You nothin’ but a mutha f***in Uncle Tom. Think about all dat sacrfices your brothuz and sistaz dunn made – how many Wuflu A** Asians we jumped and cold cocked and throwed on railroad tracks, run over wid spinnaz and took thay walletz straight cold hawted n***a. You help dem now, you done will done undid all dat hawd werk. Hey. Look heah. I’ll give you 2 million dollaz and each uh yo men 10000 dollaz if you crack doze WuFlu m**tha f***az and git them bak ta maykin us dem shooz and jerzees”

    The sergeant rogers that and rousingly orders his men with an anti Asian speech to assist the Corpo Cops in putting down the revolt. A few slaves get away and jump into a river. The sergeant orders a platoon to chase them down. They jump in and drown. Back in Chicago, outside of the Obama shrine, a group of vibrant youths who watch a commercial of Lebron and want his new shoe. It is $350 so they can’t afford it. The see some other black kids walking down the street, kill them and take their shoes. The episode ends with Sharpton, Crump, Ellison … suing the US Navy for the wrongful and racist drowning death of the platoon. President Hakeem Jeffries gets a call that Russian ships are approaching the LA coast. His secretary of the Navy informs him the navy is broke as they have been sued to bankruptcy for racial discrimination.

    Just a thought. Voting and the politics of the republic in a long dead republic are not going to get us anywhere. Complaining about being replaced everywhere won’t either. Effort into extreme satire that tells the truth may yield some results and might be a heck of a lot of fun. Food for thought.

    • Gerald Ford’s career was not simply a short term VP/POTUS between Nixon and Carter. Ford was picked because he had a lengthy career in the House and was a staunch advocate of military funding via committee function. The military was simply recognizing his importance to their interests. Ford was no clown or incompetent or stumble bum—albeit he was painted as one by a hostile press, especially after the Nixon pardon.

  24. I think people are tired of MAGA. Not nationalist populism but the gaggle of poorly qualified candidates who are gonna tell it like it is! Enough to the point where many elections that were easy wins became losses. Even if you believe election fraud is rampant, the margins were far too close in the first place. I think white people prioritize stability above all else. JD Vance, snake that he is, offered a message that spoke to what working class whites (and increasingly) other groups and did it in a way that wasn’t stupid. That is the real lessons learned but we’ll see if anyone lessons. Pinning it all on election fraud is a surefire way to keep failing.

    • Right. MAGA brought in people who weren’t involved in politics. Candidates and voters alike. They’re receiving hard lessons now. Do they learn from them, or do they give up? We’ll find out if it’s another Tea Party.

      Strongest headwind in zero institutional support. Even the commies had that to some degree in the beginning.

      IF politics still matters in the long run.

      • Paintersforms: “IF politics still matters in the long run.”

        In the long run, the only things that matter are Fertility Rates and the 2nd Amendment, plus the various modernistic extrapolations of the 2nd Amendment [such as the right to tinker away in your basement, creating viruses which only attack & sterilize (or kill outright) your enemies].

        The entirety of non-White human affairs amounts to nothing more than Darwinism and Meta-Darwinism.

        If the White race is to survive, then we’ll have to give serious consideration to taking off the gloves, ditching the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, and going Darwinistic/Meta-Darwinistic ourselves.

        Furthermore, if anyone is curious as to what “Meta-Darwinism” amounts to, then spend some time thinking about what the tripartite mind-virus of “Seinfeld”, “Friends” and “Sex and the City” did to White Christian Total Fertility Rates [amongst late Boomers, GenX and the Millennials].

    • Judging by the downvotes, it looks like there’s a lot of anonymous Kari Lake simps around here.

      • Yeah, feels good. The only candidate to expect magic satchels of red votes to show up for her in Maricopa County, while complaining about satchels full of blue votes coming in.

    • It’s only been two years since 75 million people voted, mostly in person, for maga. The polls will forever be wrong now thanks to the mail in ballots. It’s not all a fraudulent conspiracy theory as much as it’s a game changing strategy that nullifies anything Americans really want. If the polls show Americans don’t want transgender kids, the ((( elites))) just start inundating black neighborhoods in swing states with ballots 6 months early, the record “turnout” rate will swing the entire state, and the news will claim America axktyally wants transgender kids now as shown by the overwhelming support. Republicans either need to start utilizing this strategy, pass laws against it, or find someway to remove certain groups from their states altogether. Until then I trust the comment sections more than voter “turnout”

      • Our side gripes in comments sections. Lefty rigs the game, then works hard to take advantage of their rigging.

        Lefty wins; lather, rinse, repeat.

        • That’s the so-called “dissident right” for you, or the online component of it at least; to which amy serious movement the internet has largely been a collossal failure.

      • I suspect the next curve ball will be … online voting. Manipulation of electronic bits is much easier than dodgy voting machines or finding new bags of paper ballots at a strategic time and place.

        Mail-in ballots won’t go away, just be subject to a few “reforms” involving inconsequential rule tightening. Meanwhile voting by smartphone will be declared utterly secure because the voter will have to be matched with a database of registration rolls dating back to the War of 1812.

    • If one ignores the corrupt election process, then it matters little how good the candidates are. Continuing to play in a rigged game is the way to keep on failing. Fix the process and all will settle down.

      Changing candidates, ignoring the process and yes—blatant examples of fraud is the Surefire way to keep failing.

    • I go back and forth on the value of engaging in politics. Z Man thinks it’s often actively harmful to our cause while people like RamZPaul think that it is a potentially useful rearguard action. Even Z Man acknowledges that voting in local elections can be productive.

      I see in the comments that many people decry the likelihood of elections being rigged and that our kind is probably a minority right now.

      However, I don’t see any mention of the dynamic that discourages me most: A small group of people control which candidates rise and what issues are considered important.

      More specifically, donors control which politicians are even recognized by voters on voting day and the media determines how most voters interpret each politician. The donors and the owners of the media are coexistent. I don’t see a way forward for us beyond forming small communities until this group is deposed.

  25. The anorexic coal burner wrote a piece about Orange Man that is typical of the NeoCon establishment.

    • I haven’t read her latest piece but in the past she has done a good job detailing Trump’s failures and the reasons for those failures.

      An anorexic, coal burning, Trump-scorned woman can still be right.

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