The Farce Of Europe

Big events reveal things that may have been in plain sight for a while, but they remained hidden for cultural or political reasons. The mortgage crisis of 2008 is a good example of something that was hidden in plain sight. The sub-prime corruption should have been obvious, but few people saw it. When the system started to lock up, everyone suddenly noticed the massive corruption. The signs were there for a long time, but it was the fear of collapse that forced everyone to face it.

We are seeing an example of this with the war in Ukraine. Europe has been a land run by ridiculous people for a long time, but it was concealed by tradition and the Global American Empire pretending that European “leaders” are serious people. The war has revealed that Europe is a farce. It is not a collection of countries operating in concert for the common good. It is a collection of territories of the Global American Empire run by provincial clodhoppers with no real power.

Baiting the Russians into war served no European interests. It is obviously bad for the people of Europe. There is nothing to be gained for them by this war. It is wrecking the economy and reducing the standard of living. It is not good for European business, which now finds itself uncompetitive due to the costs of war. Germany is now on a short path to de-industrialization. Given that the German economy is the heart of the European economy, this will harm all of Europe.

The war is proving disastrous for the political class as well. Unlike the United States, there is no big sprawling military industrial complex in these countries. They have some boutique industries, but nothing like the American arms industry. That means there are not great profits to be had, which can be used to bribe the political class. Instead, the stockpiles of Europe are being stripped by NATO to supply Ukraine, while EU politicians pretend to be leading the effort.

If the European political class existed as anything more than a carnival act, they would have told Washington to pound sand and made a deal with the Russians long before this war in Ukraine could get started. In fairness, Angel Merkel pretended to be doing that in 2014, but that was just a con run by Washington. She has since admitted that she was lying to the Russians to buy time for Washington to arm and train the Ukrainian military for a war with the Russians.

Merkel was the most important “leader’ in Europe and she was nothing more than a toady for the Global American Empire. That right there speaks to the impotence of the European political class. This is why the Kremlin does not bother to take the calls of European “leaders” anymore. What is the point? A state governor in America has more sovereign authority that a European leader. If Ron DeSantis called Putin, Putin would take the call because DeSantis has real power.

The fact is “Europe” is just an economic zone heading for the abyss because the plans of Washington require it. American politicians are happy to get those checks from the oil and gas industry, which is getting fat selling LNG to Europe. The American war machine is happy to use Ukraine as a testing ground. If the Europeans have to reduce their lifestyle, well, that is tough luck for them. The people in charge have bigger issues than the welfare of the territory called Europe.

The fact is, Europe is dead and it has been dead for a long time. None of the EU states is a sovereign country. The national governments do not control their currency, which is a prerequisite for sovereignty. Their budgets must be approved by Brussels, which sets most regulatory policy for the bloc. These “countries” no longer control their borders in any meaningful way. The EU controls the flow of people by the farcical rules set up to deal with refugees from the global south.

A country that does not control its money, its laws or its borders is not a country, so it has no need for serious national leaders. This is why the political class of Europe has become increasingly comical over the last decades. It is the same reason that American mayors, especially in small cities, tend to be eccentric. A mayor has limited powers and mostly performs symbolic acts. That is the definition of a European leader. They have no real power, but they need to perform for the public.

It is not just the continent. Britain has become a floating carny act as well. Does anyone know the name of the current Prime Minister? Would anyone be shocked if the White House did not know his name? Why would they? That role has been reduced to an administrative post. The proof of that is Washington is planning to send Boris Johnson to Ukraine to deliver the latest instructions. Maybe they think Boris is still in charge or, most likely, they know who is really in charge.

The sad fact is the Global American Empire spent the last half century turning Europe into a giant outdoor theme park. It draws in tourists to gaze at its long lost glory and it soaks up American cultural items. Walk through a mall in Europe and you hear hip-hop music and see NBA jersey on display. The European culture that tourists want to see is locked up in museums, while the real European culture is as vulgar and degenerate as the rest of the Global American Empire.

In this excellent post by Gilbert Doctorow, he explains how this proxy war with the West is redefining Russia as a nation. Wars often define countries. The two industrial wars of the 20th century changed America from a republic to a global empire. Wars can also destroy countries. This is what happened with Europe. Those two wars plus the Cold War drained the vitality from Europe, reducing it to an economic zone, a dependency of the Global American Empire. That is obvious now.

The hope for Europe is that this reality is made so clear by Washington’s war on Russia that the farce can no longer be maintained. Perhaps some elements of the European political class grow tired of the humiliations they must endure and seek to regain their nations from the clutches of Washington. Perhaps the cost of war loosens the grip of Washington on the empire. Otherwise, that grip will squeeze what little life remains in Europe and the lights go out forever.

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258 thoughts on “The Farce Of Europe

  1. 14 senators did not vote to fund this european war. so we do have a base to elect a president from.dont ever vote for rick scott or marco rubio from my state. my sympathy is only for the soldiers on both sides.

  2. The US, NATO, the West etal, are just the prettiest horses in the glue factory…the bRiCs (emphasis added) nations are the new factory owners.

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    • man writes, “Unlike the United States, there is no big sprawling military industrial complex in these countries” but this ignores the fact that plenty of them have long-established MIC’s of their own, each sucking huge sums from their citizens and in some cases, such as BAE with overseas subsidiaries and/or mfg. Germany’s willingness to make money selling Leopard tanks opens a whole new can of worms: “German tanks sweeping across the steppes” will be nothing but inflammatory to the entire Russian people, many of whom no doubt earlier had deep reservations. Where are the lobbyists for peace?

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  5. Where the real power is, at the local level, is with the county. The number of people involved is few (3-5 county commissioners in most places), the amount of money they control often dwarfs that of cities within the county, and their decision often bind town, village, and city governments to using their chosen contractors/bidding businesses.
    It’s the closest thing to absolute and untouchable power. And, fewer people to bribe.

    • The twitter comments are unanimous.

      I’m guessing internal polls were, let’s say, not so good.

    • “She said she is proud of what she has accomplished during her time as leader, citing progress on responding to climate change, addressing child poverty, easing access to education, improving worker conditions and dealing with issues of national identity”

      Notice something missing?

      • Yup.

        I wonder what upcoming coof revelation it is trying to get ahead of by resigning now.

      • Arden is a monster, a Stalin/Hitler/Lenin wannage but she also is just The Help/A Whore. She may know people like her are expendable will be sacrificed if/when mass deaths begin. There seems to be a lot in motion right now that indicates a great deal of fear. I will reup my prediction that the first Cloud gets whacked either this year or next and it will most likely be an inside job, Cloud-on-Cloud violence. It was noteworthy Schwab and Soros avoided the Davos freakshow this year. They seem to agree with that prediction.

      • anything like an actual accomplishments. oh, and turning her country into a prison camp in a wild panic over the coof.

        • She could redeem herself somewhat by pardoning Brendan Tarrant. After all she is responsible for a lot more deaths with more to come than Saint Tarrant was.

      • New Zealand is the ‘First world’ country with the highest levels of child abuse. I wonder if that has anything to do with her decision.

  6. Europe started on the road to destruction when feminine virtues started to dominate. There is a tug of war in Europe between the feminine desire to virtue signal that they love the newest political trend and the masculine desire for a stable, prosperous country. The feminine is now the clear winner among women and many men. Women can be easily swayed to work against their own self interest. Just look at the women who become bitter wine aunts because they felt they deserved only the highest status men and couldn’t settle while partying their youth and fertility away.

    • Europe started on the road to destruction when feminine virtues started to dominate. There is a tug of war in Europe between the feminine desire to virtue signal that they love the newest political trend and the masculine desire for a stable, prosperous country.

      How about the masculine desire for excitemen, violence, and life-space?

      Irrational or not, Give War a Chance.

      • ‘Excitement, not “excitement.”

        Zman’s thinking is too linear.

        If his desire is for “Europe” to be freed from the imperial Washington regime, Zman ought to ponder what might happen to the feminized satrapies over there if Europe gets drawn into hot, shooting war in Ukraine.

    • Jordan Peterson made a great observation which is female maternal instinctions of empathy and compassion are not scalable to the larger arena of politics, economics and business. For example, intelligent women support so-called “affirmative action” programs even though these programs clearly descriminate against more qualified candidates of a different gender. But it is justified as being fair and one might say compassionate because of systemiic discrimination against women which is not true. And this empathy and compassion which is essential for nuturing children is also applied to other so-called disadvantaged groups such as visible minorities, homosexuals…and the list goes on and on until the merit principle is eroded or even destroyed. And at that point, civilzations start to collapse and those who suffer most are women and children. So by their actions, women are contributing in a major way to their demise.

  7. The hope for Europe is that this reality is made so clear by Washington’s war on Russia that the farce can no longer be maintained. Perhaps some elements of the European political class grow tired of the humiliations they must endure and seek to regain their nations from the clutches of Washington.

    Berlusconi was Italy’s Putin. Before him, Craxi had been another Italian Prime minister seeking actual, not mock, sovereignty for Italy. When their disobedience went over the set threshold, they were removed by the co-ordinated pressure and action of the media, judiciary, and rival political parties.
    Decades prior, Aldo Moro had to be killed: he wanted to ally with communists, when Italy had been allotted to the non-communist part of Europe..

    All of this was abruptly accelerated since 2001; indeed, when the “American” (can’t write that without the quotes, really) century was kicked off.
    In the 1990s you’d hear of France and/or German heads of government loudly and quite firmly oppose this or that decision, wars specially, by the USA.
    Since the 2001… when, I think, the change in the make-up (and thus, “personality”) of the USA elite really come to completion, everyone in the EU has been under boots.+
    The media has been “unified”, and it rains on people’s minds what amounts to the translations of the USA/UK headlines and “news” from the day before.
    The few who aren’t apt to be corrupted easily in governments are made to resign.
    How? Either through action by that country’s (corrupt/non-sovereign) judiciary combined by wild media campaigns or through pressuring the entire government that tries to have the back of the disobeying person through The Markets.

    The Markets is the name of the entity that gets “upset”, and threatens a country’s economic stability and fate, soon as a member of its government doesn’t toe the Washington-drawn line.

    There’s uniformity… in what the main politicians say to the public, in the stances the main journalists and “experts” and “scientists” and newspapers and newsprograms take on every subject that matters to the Empire, that is worthy of China, and the Soviet state, and no equal to it can be found in the history of the main Western-European lands if one scans the past, unless one goes some 2 centuries back.

  8. great post Z , but I think the Winner here is the CCP. With Europe in ruins, the American military completely exhausted and out of ammo at the end of this who do you think will be the last man standing? their wuhan gift and the bill gates solution means that all the west’s resources will be theirs for the taking . ponder the long term effects of this: . It is truly mind numbing if karl is correct .

    • “American military completely exhausted and out of ammo “- where did you get this idea? The MIC has been raking in a fortune- the American people refuse to see the connection to soaring prices and Congress’ feeding them at the trough with untold billions, including $50 billion in the name of “defending Ukraine”- so much so that they have every incentive to run third shifts, pay overtime and expand production. And the way they are controlling not just the MSM, but even a lot of social media is incredible: look at Youtube commentary on the war in Ukraine and be amazed at the numbers of MIC drones (the human type).

  9. I don’t think so . the actual real string pullers are above the WEF , which is above all western politicians of all parties.
    They are international and plan to live in hi-tech paradises with a much much smaller population servicing their every need . see this. . china , india, and much of asia doesn’t us mRNA vaxes. and the african vax rate probably 5% at most . they will have lots of people to do their bidding when we are gone.

    • Miforest-

      All of the adenovirus jabs also instruct one’s cells to create spike proteins. The AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson variants are also associated with clotting issues and other injuries.

      • sino vax , used in china is not mRNA, and india went state by state , with some states getting great results with an ivermectin protocol and some states using the much cheaper sinovax. If you want a good read, bick up “unrestricted warfare” , written by 2 PLA col. in the late 90’s . it details how they intend to use unconventional methods to undermine, disrupt, and defeat the US .

  10. The NYT is having a low-grade freakout about Ukraine at the moment. The helicopter going down is exposing how few resources they have on the ground actually.

    It’s so much fun to watch.

  11. More narrative shift? This is a headline from today’s Atlantic: “The Greatest Nuclear Threat We Face Is a Russian Victory

    Putin’s blackmail is dangerous; its success would be even worse.”

    What happened to all the good news about Ukraine’s imminent victory? About Russia having a democratic revolution, Putin dying of cancer, etc? I thought NATO would be in the streets of Moscow by spring.

    • The US would love to tear down the statues of Putin, like Sadam’s, but unfortunately there aren’t any…But since more than half a million Russians, and unknown numbers of Belarussians, on the borders of the Ukraine, that would seem to be a moot point…

  12. Complex societies tend to collapse back into what is sustainable by their resources and manpower when sudden constraints appear. The Babylonian/Chaldean/Assyrian societies did this all the time. They depended on conquering neighbors, enslaving them, and using the slave labor to create and maintain canal and irrigation systems to cultivate the desert. The slaves did not reproduce so it became a never-ending race to find more neighbors to conquer while not being overthrown by their military or seeing power struggles in the military. Similar things happened in Rome in the West. And the more complex and dependent on skilled manpower, the more rapid and complete the collapse.

    Our transport network, power network, law enforcement network, food network, and what remains of industrial production are dependent on an aging workforce, that is not replaceable by “little brown dudes floating over the Rio Grande.” Just imagine a draft of most White guys ages 17-65 to throw into the Ukraine cauldron as our expeditionary forces get mauled in Ukraine. You can see system collapse all over, just because there are no people capable of running it. And our elites don’t know/understand the severe manpower constraints and think complex networks just “happen” by magic. Even if you told them the rail, river barge, air network, and trucking network would collapse under that draft they would not believe it no matter how much detail they were given. Belief in magic is powerful and immutable among our elites.

    Our collapse like a complex computer or power network is going to be rapid and irreversible once it starts and cascades. Or think a dam failure. Once the structure starts to get compromised the pressure of the water gets irresistible.

    • Those “little brown dudes” just might surprise you. At least they have shown the ability in the past to build pyramids and altars for human sacrifice so they are not without skills. Maybe that is the reason TPTB are bringing them here.

      • Build pyramids/human sacrifice.

        Jet engine repair/electric grid maintenance.

        I’m not sure those things are comparable.

        • More to the point, the brown dudes that built the pyramids don’t exist anymore. Their genes are long gone.

        • This – Electric Grid Maintenance.

          Most people have no idea how delicately balanced the entire electrical grid is with each generator carefully synchronised to the load.

          Too much input and the generator overspeeds, too little and the generator lags and with it, the capability to pull the entire grid down.

      • Yep. I’d be more worried about the sad, pathetic white millenials. With many honorable exceptions, they are the worst generation in history. And our future depends upon them.

        • I wonder how different it might have been had they been encouraged to be electricians and plumbers instead of gender studies majors. That is, I don’t believe it’s all their fault

      • We have considerable archaeological evidence of the attempts to cultivate corn in Meso America. Basically it took about 7,000 years in fits and starts to get even minimal progress on a semi-reliable crop from corn in its native wild state. It took Europeans about 100 years to get “heritage” corn and the current sweet corn was developed in about 20 years starting in the 1920s or so. While some of the temples are impressive they are also manifestly ugly in all aspects, and their societies based upon human sacrifice were built-in self destructing. And they merely ate not domesticated horses (originally native to the Americas) and could not domesticate anything beyond the Chihuahua and Llamas. They built no roads equivalent to the still extent Roman Appian Way (or some still existing in Britain). They had wheels but used them only in toys, and did not work metal beyond decorative objects.

        It takes both extremely high IQ and the ability to rapidly process information, and respond quickly, and years of training to be a competent airline or air freight pilot. That’s basically the US Military first filtering those able to fly and then training and washing out those failed as feeders to the airlines. You can’t just plonk anyone in a pilot’s seat, and to a lesser extent that’s true of big rigs, river barges, rail road engines, and other complex systems particularly those with high maintenance requirements: airplanes, railroad engines, trucks, etc. All that power that comes from complexity comes with a bottleneck of critical manpower costs and lack of scaling very easily with that manpower. There was a reason why the US rotated senior pilots in WWII out of combat to instructor status; and the Axis just left their guys in until they were killed, all that knowledge dying with them.

        And there is another “surprise”: the border is wide open and El Chapo’s son has now been arrested and is facing extradition to the US. His cartel forces have been “busy” in Mexico doing things that are not very nice. When / if El Chapo’s heir is extradited to the US I fully expect the same sort of things to happen here, and who will stop it? How can it be stopped? It cannot and will not and that will only accelerate the collapse. If dudes from Mexico kill half a town in Iowa to get their boss out of jail.

        • I have a relative in law enforcement. The other day he asked a colleague his best transport story. A few months ago, a local MexAmerIn cartel leader murdered a white girl. His cover job was a security guard at the local community college. He made his car look like a cop car. You can fill in the blanks what this scumlord did to this innocent young woman.

          He was being transported from the jail to high security when three cars of his members surrounded the transport vehicle. The saving grace was that the police had planned for it and had four vans of their own fully armored as if they were a convoy in Iraq. They surrounded the drug cartel leader’s ambush and put it down.

          That was a stunner. Imagine life in Northern MexiCongo when the police are defunded, or they can’t be defunded.

          I just don’t understand while the ruling class here is doing this. We are dealing with pure evil.

          • read z’s article on the group from central Russia who are running the kegan clan in the state department . The kegan clans overlords are also the overlords of the WEF. they hate christians and blame them all for WWII and the russian progroms before that . they want the west wiped out . they are using every means they have . migration , destruction of food production,destruction via regulation of the energy system. they are using their control of culture to sterilize westerners with trans and LGBT, and outright limiting our lifspan with this . . clear now?

        • you are correct, but it to quote a former sec of def.,”it would be a greater tragedy if we lost our diversity”

      • They had to teach and pass on skills to maintain that infrastructure. All that knowledge passes away in a generation unless it’s maintain. This is the greatest strength and weakness of humanity. It’s constant renewal, but also constant vigilance to maintain and increase skill level and knowledge.

    • what your comment left out, is that the current ruling class is going to collapse along with all those networks.

    • Our transport network, power network, law enforcement network, food network, and what remains of industrial production are dependent on an aging workforce, that is not replaceable by “little brown dudes floating over the Rio Grande.”
      Man I just had a crew of them in my house due to an insurance claim doing flooring and tile work. I finally had to kick them off the job, they had no business doing any kind of crafts type work.

      • Have had various teams with differing results. YMMV. Seems the better ones move to commercial work.

  13. “Those two wars plus the Cold War drained the vitality from Europe, reducing it to an economic zone, a dependency of the Global American Empire. That is obvious now.”

    Europe was was reduced to an economic zone at the conclusion of WWII.

  14. I usually try to isolate myself from pop culture but one of my weaknesses has been some Japanese anime series. Most (99%) are trash or worse but I’ve always liked the Ghost in the Shell series for whatever reason. I was browsing Netflix over the holidays and came on a new series made within the last couple years. It had a concept in it that we are living right now.

    It seems the governments of the world had come together to start and maintain sustainable wars to prop up their economies and lessed social pressures at home. the American Empire was the bad guy or at least not good guy in that scenario. Having seen that, I really don’t see how we aren’t doing this right now. Low intensity wars to prop up the MIC and to reduce population pressures and kill alpha males.

    • That’s what we’re doing, but I’m not sure the rest of the world is happy with this scenario.

      • Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045 I believe it was, it’s the latest of an old anime series and on Netflix only I think.

    • I’ve been aesthetically fascinated by anime’ even though I have problems with some of the plots and cringe at some of the dialogue, which seems to be dubbed by the same six Canadian voiceover artists. However, I found The Wings of Honneamise to be a real gem. It’s about a ne’er-do-well who aspires to be an astronaut with a mythical monarchy’s space program, as initiated by the low-prestige and not-well-known Royal Space Force. Yet the program succeeds in staging a rocket launch, which ignites a conflict with a (also mythical) republic…Some of the imagery is futuristic, some of it retro; check out the trailers.

  15. Wow…quite a rant! Sounds like someone’s Krups coffee machine is on the fritz! Or did your diesel VW fail it’s emission test again? 😉

    Although I did have a good laugh at this line – These “countries” no longer control their borders in any meaningful way.

    True enough for the Italians and Brits. At least the Hungarians and Poles put barbed wire up and told the EU to pound sand.

    Meanwhile In South Texas they quickly built a Potemkin Town and swept the homeless off the streets just before Biden showed up. Nice one!

    Over here the Aachen police arrested Greta and hauled her stupid a$$ away from the coal pit. Sad really. They could have done the world a favor and tossed her over the edge just as the Bagger 293 went by.

    • Did you see the video of the “arrest” of poor Greta? They are not even trying to make this stuff look real anymore.

      • I am waiting for it to become the in-store ad for a United Colors of Bennetton or some other fashion brand. It looked that staged, and I am sure some young marketing team just hasn’t quite caught this as a idea yet. But, they will. They will think of a series of Gaia activists getting arrested and causing traffic jams wearing their brand as an in-store photo series.

        The only problem they are going to have is that it won’t be diverse. Only white children do this crap.

    • you are why europe is doomed. when faced with an existential problem you resort to pointing out that we have problems too.
      that sort of Na na nah Na Na.
      point out “germany is burning!” karl has the answer , remind us that the US national debt is too high!. no need to get the fire hoses out , he told those americans they go problems too. in the meantime germany is reduced to ashes .

  16. If we’re lucky, the war in Ukraine will define America as a nation, too — or at least make the split between Real America and Paper America actionable.

    My initial read on the war was that it’s no skin off my nose. I felt (and feel) terrible for the Ukrainian people, who did absolutely nothing to deserve this, but other than that, why should I care? If forced to pick a side, I would’ve picked Russia, but only because a) the people making Ukraine the Current Thing piss me off, and b) Zelensky’s an AINO stooge installed by a CIA coup, so fuck him. But other than that, whatever.

    [If we’re being completely honest, back then I even understood AINO’s rush to arm the Ukrainians. It’s just realpolitik — anything that erodes a rival’s geostrategic position at low cost to yourself should be pursued. If China got into it with Vietnam, I’d be all for sending the Vietnamese a bunch of stuff too.]

    But now I’m openly, zealously pro-Russian. Not because I’m any big fan of Putin, or Russia, but because while the enemy of my enemy is usually also my enemy, anyone sticking a finger in Clown World’s eye deserves our wholehearted support. If the paratroopers from Red Dawn landed outside my town this afternoon, I’d draw them a map… but only after popping champagne.

    • Agreed. It’s amazing what it’s all come down to, ain’t it? We defeated the Soviets, yet the West has become the Soviet Union: cancel culture, Wokeness, PC, ESG, etc. I was in the Navy in the Cold War. I never thought 40 years later that I’d be rooting for Russia.

      • You said it. Ardent cold warrior here but sympathies now totally with the Russians who were the soul of reason in trying to negotiate a better security arrangement in their neighborhood than “muh NATO.” The “US” corruption and lies give off a stench now I never could have imagined in the 70s and 80s. At home as well, more’s the pity.

    • Russia won me over a few years ago, with the news that they weren’t allowing Americans to adopt Russian kids – out of concern for adoption by gay couples.
      Common sense and concern for the least powerful citizens. To hell with our ruling class, asap

    • If you have long been undecided about what of the two warring sides (NATO through Ukraine; Russia with plausibly deniable support from China) maybe you haven’t been much aware of what the capitulation of Russia to the USA elite would mean for the entire world. USA people included.

  17. This is a great post.

    Nothing will change in Europe until the safety net is brutally cut out from underneath them. Just as white people become white n-words on welfare, Euros become Euro – trash on welfare. No one will budge until the feeding trough is empty. Europe does things a little differently than we do. We split the baby and do half welfare half warfare. They go all in on the welfare. Suddenly the 5 hour waits for an ambulance in the UK will be the norm for all these places. Pensions will be radically reduced, they’ll be introduced to American style $8k deductibles for basic health services, etc etc. All with sky high inflation. They won’t like it one bit, and as these things happen the politics over there will destabilize by the month, just as they will eventually destabilize here. We haven’t seen anything yet!

    All these carny acts will be exiting stage right, and a time of open street wars over slices of government pie will be at hand.

    • Europe is no different from America in terms of where this ends. No pol or hero on a white horse will save us (Sorry, DJT!). The only hope is if the current structures in both regions collapse and something better grows out of it.

      • There are few men or women with any vision, other than Ron and Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, and those listed below.

        Trump has only superficial understanding but is a visceral patriot, compromised by his fawning over Israel alas.

        The women seem to have the most fire in their bellies (along with tons of common sense) — Kari Lake, MTG, Lauren Boebert, Laura Loomer, Katie Hopkins, Marine Le Pen, Ann Coulter, Margaret Thatcher, the Italian gal, Bronx Tina, Tina Peters, and Tulsi Gabbard (with reservations).

        No leader can do much without without an awakened people. We’re light years from that. Decades of unbelievable wealth have confused millions upon millions. Privation will focus many minds but first the woke and idiot progressives will have to go through a period of ardent socialism while they demand the (bankrupt) government make everything nice again like it always was before. The West is still a long way from ditching its obsession with government and free stuff.

  18. When the GAE’s actual power and moral authority begin waning, Europe will separate followed by the hinterlands of AINO itself. These are late-empire days with all their decadence and dysfunction.

    • My feeling is actually that the US itself will fall apart first. Europe’s phony federal structure (the EU) will probably then dissolve within weeks of the first big US state secession.

  19. Uh-oh. Doctorow’s post is ominously Not Good News for the j**s.

    Explain major crackdown, shortages, and madness here at home. The antichrist only knows how to apply the lash: Tyranny, incoming.

  20. This continent is fucked. I pretty sure in my little shitty corner of europe we will bury a third of our population until the end of this decade

    • I have some hope for the trans-Danube Europe. The Visegrad Group has been fractured by the war, but Orban is so far standing like the proverbial stone wall against globalist of bureaucrats, Soros-subsidized NGOs, “activist investors,” and out-to-pasture politicos. Of course, Orban and/or his Fidesz coalition partners get subjected to the charge of–wait for it–AN-ti-SEM-it-ism.<>! Talk about canards! I believe that, FWIW, latter-day Rosencrantzes and Gildensterns are safer on the streets of Budapest than those of Paris–whether the Champs or the obtuse network of .

      • If anyone is going to survive is the east assuming of course that they don’t get stuck in the middle of a war between GAE and Russia.

      • Oops, sorry for the goofs. I’m not sure how that happened, but thanks for the upvotes; it seems that the readers got my drift.

  21. Today’s explains the American gerontocracy, as well.

    Our leading lights are old and mummified, with no ready protégés trained up to step into their shoes. Why?

    Because the next act doesn’t need training. They’ll be nothing but script readers, anyways.

    • Maybe it’s because the gerontocracy is fine with burning it all down as they exit the mortal plain.

    • Some percentage of that is due to the years they spent clearing the decks for Hillary’s inevitable reign. When she failed to come through, there was nobody else waiting in the wings.

      • Nuland is a sort of Hillary-lite, though she seems to be fine with wielding real power with no limelight.

        In some ways that makes her even more dangerous.

      • The Weiner-Abedins were supposed to be Hillary’s enduring legacy, the first royal family of post-America.

        Years of work went into it—and Breitbart wasn’t going to publish the dirt he had on “Carlos Danger.” He just enjoyed showing Weiner’s weiner to his famous friends. One of the times he did that, there were more cameras around than he thought.

        The Opie & Anthony show saved America (from one especially stupid fate).

        • Honestly, i think Huma is Hillary’s girlfriend. She’s been with her since the 90’s. Do you honestly think Bill and Hillary have sex together? Or that Hillary has any interest in having sex with men for that matter?

          • Jeffrey Zoar,

            I am with you on this. If you look at pictures of Chelsea before the nose job, you might notice a distinct similarity to Webb Hubbell. Screwing the boss is a time-hallowed tactic for career advancement, and ol’ Hillary is nothing if not ambitious.

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  23. 30 years on and it’s obvious who won the cold war and who lost. Worse, we flipped. We are the evil empire of godless communists and Russia is a god-fearing non-communist nation.

    • Z: “The sad fact is the Global American Empire spent the last half century turning Europe into a giant outdoor theme park.”

      I had an epiphany the other day, and realized that the reason Israel received hot [rather than inert] batches of the v@xxines is because the Council of the Sanhedrin want to vanquish and eliminate the Sephardim & the Mizrahim & the Ethiopians, so that the Sanhedrin can transform the Holy Land into Disney World East, for the sole enjoyment of the Khazarian Ashkenazim and their satanically obnoxious children.

      It all makes sense now.

      They’re gonna build Star Wars Space Mountain right there on the Temple Mount.

      • Maybe a little hyperbolic, but it does fit my observations anout the Big Jevvs vs. the Little Jevvs. The Big Uns have no real attachment to the fate of the Little Uns, in fact they exhibit a marked contempt for the Little Uns, and at times connive against the Little Uns, because in their calculus the Little Uns are their own Dirt People who present an impediment to their Luciferian “Chosen People” fantasia. After all, their credo is “By deception shall they rule”. Even if this leads to self-deception and universal ruin, it is their nature.

    • Are Evil Empire II’s leaders godless commies or satanic pomos? At any rate, they’re very bad news whether their capitol of Washington be New Moscow or New Nineveh.

    • We won the Cold War. We lost the Cold Peace. We could have been a close partner with Russia in our fight against China. But the necons wouldn’t have it.

  24. I don’t see any way the European political class grows a spine and pushes back against this insanity, simply because the European political class for many generations now has been selected for vassalage. A ridiculous person like the PM of Finland is never going to stand up for her people, because she has no conception of it. She doesn’t do any real work that requires any leadership or courage, she just does what the EU/GAE tells her to do.

    Look at the Germans. The GAE is fully implementing the long-desired Morgenthau Plan and the Germans do nothing. Even as the Americans use German land to train soldiers for this ridiculous war, the Germans do nothing. Who in Germany is going to stand up for Germans? Decades of anti-German propaganda coming has destroyed the German people and they seem to think they deserve everything that is coming to them. Well, at least they can tell themselves, as they starve to death frozen in their own homes, “well at least we weren’t called antisemitic.”

    • The GAE can even blow up their economy-saving pipeline and they do absolutely NOTHING! Ficking incredible!

    • What you say about the Germans more or less applies to whites in general. 25% of us are race traitors who are burning down western civilization and the other 75% stands aside with their thumbs up their asses and watches them do it.

      We have become a pathetic, contemptable people.

      • Exactly so. We have allowed our nations to be colonized by third-world people who despise us. Third-generation Muslim immigrants to Britain from India with plummy accents consider themselves economic migrants. Period full stop.

  25. For many years my analogy has been that Europe is like the kids at college learning about socialism while Uncle Sugar is paying the tuition. Where it turned absurdly comical was when the npc/moonbat left in America began looking to Europe as an example to emulate. Even today they remain completely ignorant of Europe’s true status in the world and the reasons Europe has the freedom and finances to pursue utopian fantasies. Which actually tend to work pretty well in nations full of docile white people for whom an empire across the sea is paying the freight.

    Every time I start thinking about how big government projects don’t work I remind myself of the stupendously successful GAE effort to pacify and infantilize Germany. It succeeded probably beyond everybody’s wildest dreams to the point where today’s Germany would be unwilling to defend even itself. Germany is no longer a country. It’s just a place on a map containing the descendants of Germans.

    I doubt this project would have worked so well had it not been reduced to rubble first. Virtually all the patriotic fighting aged men killed.

  26. “Baiting the Russians into war served no European interests. It is obviously bad for the people of Europe. There is nothing to be gained for them by this war. It is wrecking the economy and reducing the standard of living. It is not good for European business, which now finds itself uncompetitive due to the costs of war. Germany is now on a short path to de-industrialization. Given that the German economy is the heart of the European economy, this will harm all of Europe.”

    Ah but you’re wrong. It serves the exact same purpose as Covid: You will own nothing and you will like it!

    Can’t Build Back Better unless you destroy what stood before

    • You are correct. it did empty out the American and NATO stores of ammunition and arms . we have burned through everything and have no industrial base to build replacement. since all our glamor weapons are full of Chinese parts, good luck with that war in the tiawan straits.

  27. I live in France and the Z-man article is sadly accurate insofar as it depicts the present clownish aspects of European leaders. I must, however, insist on a major exception for Victor Orban, who is dedicated to preserving the Hungarian people and nation. Not suprisingly, he is hated and despised by virtually the entire EU bureaucracy. And the Serbian people, if not the present Serbian government, are determined to preserve their nation. If there is hope, it lies in the east.

    • “Walk through a mall in Europe and you hear hip-hop music and see NBA jersey on display.”

      Do Hungary & Serbia reject the jogger trappings that pervade the US? Wiggers baffle me.

      Agree, if there is hope it lies in the east.

      • I visited Budapest and Belgrade last fall. My impression is that the Global American Empire/EU puppet culture is popular in the cities but not in the countryside. That’s just an impression as I speak no Hungarian or Serbian and my visiting time in both countries was short. I do feel, however, that Victor Orban is for real. Hungary is lucky to have him as a leader.

        • Diversity Heretic: “Victor Orban is for real”

          Fed Chairman Jerome Powell tests positive for COVID-19

          Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms, the central bank announced Wednesday… Powell is vaccinated and boosted, according to the release.

          What better & more ironic & more poignant way to eliminate a pesky goy [who turned off the Greenspan/Bernanke/Yellen spigot of free fake money, thereby upending the apple cart of the Global Usury Industrial Complex] than to poison him and kill him with fake vaccines of your own making?

          Insert hand-rubbing meme here.

          I’ve been trying to warn people that Powell needs a food taster and a 24×7 security detail comprising ex-USMC & ex-Seals & ex-Green-Berets; any doubters & naysayers need to go to a search engine and search on the string “focused foiling”.

          I’m assuming that Orban must have long since taken those precautions [because if he hadn’t, it would be a literal miracle that he would still be breathing oxygen].

      • Dunno about Hungary and Serbia, but it seemed pretty bad in Germany. Lots of young whites were Africanified or Arabified, listening to ugly rap music in public, speaking in an ugly way, etc. Every group of young Germans seemed to have an Arab or African clique leader as well.

        American whites aren’t great either, although they seem to be more into the “Zoomer” culture than straight up Africanization.

        Australian, Canadian young whites strangely seem to be some of the best. Sure they all listen to rap music but they don’t take the music/lifestyle seriously. They still act like white people. Country music is also quite popular in Canada.

    • Hungary and Orban were the focus of a 60 Minutes segment that decried their xenophobic policies. They had the audacity to encouraged population growth of native Hungarians and to restrict the importation of non-Hungarians.
      As if one needed more evidence of 60 Minutes, CBS and others being tools.

    • Orban does his best but as he pointed out a while back, he needs one of the large countries in Europe to back him, maybe the new government in Italy will step up

  28. The only thing that can save Europe is collapse and rebirth. And it will need to be an ugly collapse that utilizes the lamppost solution very publicly, and with dozens of pissed off dirt people pulling on the rope, and viral videos live-streaming everything to the internet while showing gendarmes standing aside in neat rows. Do that and the Cloud People will never again dare set foot in Davos.

    But this outcome is not guaranteed. Europe has lost too many of its alphas in prior wars and most of its menfolk are betas now. You would be more likely to find strong German farm women pulling on the rope now. European men can’t even muster the dignity to protect their children against the foreign grooming gangs. So maybe Europe does devolve into madness and barbarianism for a few centuries before the next batch of alphas arise via natural selection.

    • well you’re going to get a lot of cross pollination between white euro females, and invader males. the current wimp society will be replaced for the most part.

  29. “Angel Merkel pretended to be doing that in 2014, but that was just a con run by Washington. She has since admitted that she was lying to the Russians to buy time for Washington to arm and train the Ukrainian military for a war with the Russians.”

    I’ll throw this out: Merkel has been bullied into lying about the above. She speaks fluent Russian and understands Russia’s concerns. The woman was central to German/Russian co-dependence and even profited directly from the energy partnership. If I recall correctly, Merkel served on one and maybe two boards of Russian energy corporations. She had every reason to maintain good relations with Putin and Russia, and she was fully aware that the United States wanted to provoke a war and tried to avert this.

    Prior to last February Germans did not particularly care about Putin and Russia and it was not an issue. Since the war, though, the ridiculous Eurocrats and their propaganda organs have been turned against Merkel to a degree similar to what was done to Trump. So, being the woman she is, Merkel has been criticized and ostracized so much she readily accepted an out by claiming she was running a con on Russia all along. No doubt this offer was given to her along with the script by the GAE’s EU puppets, and she readily agreed to the terms.

    If this speculation is correct, and I think it is, this is just another lesson in why women should never be allowed into positions of power. While not quite as harmful as the migrant crisis, but only barely not so, Germany’s de-industrialization will lead its people to their destruction. But ol’ Ang will not feel so uncomfortable among her peers, and that’s all that matters!

    Finally, of all the evil that flows from this war the GAE provoked, the eventual impoverishment of Europe looms largest. It is a mirror image of the evil the GAE inflicted on its domestic White working class, and will be near the top of the bill of particulars against it when judgment day arrives, which draw nigh.

    • Nonsense.

      She profiteered from undervalued Russian energy imports just like the rest of them, and she went along with treating the ‘Kraine like an expendable proxy. She was a Power Girl, and Putler was just like the soys she surrounded herself with. She was a Globohomo clown all the way through. As is Macron and whoever that pajeet is in Britain. Hell, that silly bint was flipping off Trump too!

      Europe is run by menopausal old women, slutty party girls, and queers. This will end badly…

      • The Ukraine War sawed off Merkel’s end of the table and personally affected her financially. She may have been some super-secret mole but I suspect she was a duped pawn who was forced to make a false confession to maintain her Globohomo good standing.

    • You’re far too kind to Merkel. As someone once said about her, she would have made a reasonably good mayor of Leipzig. A total mediocrity.

  30. America continues to have tremendous power compared to the rest of the world. I think we have to process that. There’s too much talk of an Imminent Collapse, which we’ve been hearing about for 50 years.

    America remains a continental superpower. No other country enjoys the vast resources we do. And contrary to what you hear, the grid isn’t about to collapse. As we see in Ukraine, it doesn’t even collapse that easily in wartime.

    This doesn’t mean the USA won’t face real problems. But the time horizon is a lot longer than a lot of dissidents would like to believe. I think this means if you want certain things to happen politically you need to find a way to affect the political process. Not fantasize about everything falling apart and then getting control. It’s never a good strategy to start with waiting for your enemy to just go away!

      • Exactly, karl. The timeline is speculative but the collapse is underway even now. Maybe Mayor Pete can get the Jackson, Mississippi, mayor onboard as an advisor.

        • Mayor Pete is like those European fops who don’t know how to do anything on their own.

          That FAA software snafu is concerning, but way back in the ’60s, Ayn Rand pointed to an increase in train wrecks one year which to her mind suggested the men of intelligence were finally shrugging and the apocalypse was nigh. That didn’t pan out.

          We also had the Y2K crisis which amounted to a bunch of nothing. People were terrified airplanes would fall from the sky at midnight. LOL.

          I think z-man has alluded to the fact that things can just get more miserable without collapsing. And you just get used to it. A lot of civilizations roll on in near misery for centuries.

          • When you think about society collapsing, think of Cuba.

            Cuba had periods where there was no cat left in Havana. All cats had been eaten by the population. The poverty is unspeakable, even for a Third-World Country. There have been husbands accompanying their wives to prostitute themselves in order to get money for the family.

            How many revolutions and collapses there have been in Cuba since Fidel Castro conquered Havana in 1959?

            What about North Korea? Poverty is sustainable with enough repression. And the repression is growing.

          • Robert: “We also had the Y2K crisis which amounted to a bunch of nothing. People were terrified airplanes would fall from the sky at midnight. LOL.”

            My understanding was that billions & billions & billions of dollars were thrown at code review in the mid- to late-1990s, back when a billion dollars could ackshually buy you a nation or three.

            Meaning that a mere quarter of a century ago, Big Business and Big Gov still had a sense of noblesse oblige which compelled them to fix the dadgum problem.

            PS: It was only sixteen years ago that the computers of a squadron of F22s all shut down when they crossed the international date line, and had to be lassoed and dragged home by tankers [which just happened to be nearby].


    • Robert has a point. The worst of times in America will be better than the best of times in many other places. Even so, may God raise up brave men to help divert us from the insane trajectory we’re on now.

      • I’d rather live in most European countries as a working class white than live in the US.

        US is okay if you are wealthy enough to avoid new America.

        • A good exercise is to think which country would you want your grandchildren and all their descendants to live. . Assume they will be either be middle or working class.

          I find it clarifies the kind of demographics you’d be looking for.

        • I’d agree, except that Western Europe is and will continue to destroy its demographics just like the US. Heck, they might even worse. We’re importing Central Americans, Indians and Asians. They’re importing Muslims and Africans.

          • Our leaders are trying to fix that. Border crossings in the last couple of years include a lot of Africans and Muslims. How they get from Africa to Mexico is the interesting question.

          • “Heck, they might even worse. We’re importing Central Americans, Indians and Asians. They’re importing Muslims and Africans.”

            I have to try to dispel this canard.

            Latin American nations are among the most violent and unstable on Earth. On average they are much worse than most Muslim nations.

            However their dysfunction is of the more mundane gang-banger variety than the headline-grabbing religious violence of the Middle East. That and the tiny hats have programmed everyone in the west to fear Muslims. Western military interventions have destabilized Middle-Eastern nations in a way absent in Latin America.

          • “Latin American nations are among the most violent and unstable on Earth. ”

            Right, I lived in Central America and my country has been the most violent in the world some years. This has historical roots, but I won’t bore you.

            This is why Latin American needs more repression and strong men. When military dictators ruled Latin America, crime was very low. What has produced this violence is the importation of legislation created for Europe and US: human rights, soft laws, etc.

            This is why you should not have massive immigration or cultural imperialism. Laws are adapted to the characteristics of each people. Each country should have its law.

            Having said that, with exception of some lunatics, Latin American people don’t hate Whites and don’t want to conquer your culture. They are in the US for the money and, in fact, they would prefer to be considered gringos. When I tried to speak Spanish in the US, many Latino people told me with pride: “I don’t speak Spanish!” while their body language revealed that they understood this language. When immigrants come to Central America, they try to mimic the expressions of US people, which is plainly ridiculous.

            In my native Europe, Muslim people think Europe is theirs (Allah gave it to them) and European people are squatters. My sister is a high-school teacher and several of their students have told her so. They are only waiting to be abundant enough to conquer Europe and change the culture. And they are more peaceful in their countries but, in Europe, there are the authors of the majority of crimes.

            So pick your poison. More violence or becoming a Muslim country? I think the best thing is to avoid massive immigration.

      • back to the grill and be sure to catch Hanity tonight Maniac. you and robert can discuss the show tommorow.

    • Agree. American remains a colossus compared to any other country. It’s not even close. We also are a long, long way from any collapse.

      The best that I could hope for in my lifetime is to see more independence on a local, state or regional level. That’s where the work needs to be done.

      • All i can say in response to these we’ve got tons of time:

        How did you go bankrupt?

        Slowly and then all at once!

        The decline has been ongoing since at least the 70’s. First bankruptcy was in 1971. The United States had made a contract with the world to honor their dollars sent back to the US with gold. Until we defaulted. We then setup a system of strictly Fiat which we artificially valued the dollar with oil, since you could only buy oil with dollars. That system is now ending and the only reason many of us are here is because its ending and the decline is picking up speed. Many long for the time of the 50’s and the 60’s, notice how they don’t pine for the 70’s? Its like going down the stairs one step at a time, we aren’t falling down them yet, but each step down is a lower high and lower low.

      • did you notice that according to a real inflation calculator you currency los 30% of its value last year ? how bout that war in ukraine? we’re showing them who’s boss aren’t we.

    • You may very well be correct, but the GAE also could collapse tomorrow. The United States is both a colossus and a failed state. It dominates the economic and military spheres yet struggles to keep the lights on and water running. It has thought leaders who believe a nuclear war is easily survivable.

      Your point is taken, but the hegemon is built on shifting sand.

    • It is the old line about bankruptcy, a little at a time and then all of a sudden. From our position on the time line and our position in the power structure, we simply cannot know the distance between the last “little at a time” step and the “all of a sudden” step.

      That said, collapse is not going to be one day waking up and the traffic lights stopped working. Instead it will be one crisis after another, then a major retrenchment, then more crises. Maybe I will write about it tomorrow, but the Ukraine war has revealed a serious crisis in the American war machine, one that is not easily fixed.

      • “Maybe I will write about it tomorrow, but the Ukraine war has revealed a serious crisis in the American war machine, one that is not easily fixed.”

        The shift from direct warfare to proxy war reflects whatever remains the future of the MIC and the GAE overall. I hope you do write about how this reflects the overall inability of the GAE to maintain past arrangements. I would argue the collapse is underway across the board. The Jackson, Mississippi water system isn’t the future. It is now.

        • The FAA “glitch” explanation was an indirect admission of the failure of “affirmative action” hires to follow procedures. This, along with pilots showing ‘EKG’ problems, is heading towards a vast reduction in airline service. Another step down the stairs.

      • The other big issue is the dollar/treasury system. Now, don’t get me wrong, the dollar will remain the GRC for a long time, but the seizure of Russian assets was big.

        Who buys all those treasuries is becoming a real question. Sure, the banks need them, but there are a lot of treasuries that need to be purchased – like a lot. If foreign CBs stop buying or slow their buying, that’s a big hole.

        If that hole is filled by the Fed, that’s an issue. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

        • There is also the fact that dollar hegemony creates a unique form of seniorage. America can, in effect, export unwanted inflation to developing parts of the world. If China, for example, can do buy oil with its own currency, they do not need as many extra dollars. part of the inflation problem is the fact that Asia is demanding fewer dollars, so those extra dollars are washing back into the American economy.

          The main problem for Washington is the rest of the world is not going to let them abuse the dollar to underwrite regime change and other hegemonic activity. Soon, Washington will be presented with a choice. Behave or lose the dollar as a weapon. Right now, the rest of the world wants to see the former, but can live with the latter.

          • Part of me would prefer the latter in spite of the suffering it would cause. But I don’t expect humanity will ever learn that lesson, so maybe not. Idk.

          • Powell and Yellen have been weaponizing the dollar against everyone – friend and foe – for a year. They need demand destruction to bring down inflation, so they pushed up the value of the dollar, which causes energy and food costs to go up around the world much more so than in the US.

            In essence, they’ve moved that demand destruction overseas as much as possible.

            So, it’s not just the seizure of Russian assets, it’s just the general behavior of the US. We’re weaponizing the dollar all over the place. The RoW understands this and is trying to find ways to fight back if needed.

            The lynchpin has been Saudi Arabia. Their deal with China was a huge shot across the bow to the US. Selling oil in other currencies is the big key. If that happens, other countries can significantly drop their demand for dollars.

            But there’s also the issue with treasuries. The US simply can’t afford positive real interest rates. Doesn’t work long-term, so treasuries become depreciating assets. Why would countries hold a something that loses 2% a year after inflation. Better to use their dollars to buy tangible assets.

            But that comes back to the dollar. If they have to have dollars, they have to hold treasuries to use in times of dollar shortage. But if energy is sold in other currencies or for gold, you don’t need those depreciating treasuries.

            We’ll know in the next couple of years if RoW managed to create a system where countries can buy oil without dollars – at least part of the time.

          • Foreign government hold a couple trillion in treasuries, with Japan holding half of it. The last thing they need right now is to liquidate their treasury holdings. I would assume they acquired those holding through purchases from Japanese companies and banks.

            The monster that no one mentions anymore is the six trillion held by the the US government. Those treasuries held by Social Security will need to be turned into cash over the next decade. Lots of treasuries will hit the market and lots of cash will enter the US economy. Since that is nowhere near enough to cover the bill for the boomer retirement, it means even more borrowing.

            Most likely we enter a period of pure monetization of debt. The Fed seems to be signaling this by raising their inflation target and then not doing much to achieve it. Gaffing the reports is cheaper, at least in the short run.

          • The loss of the dollar will hurt. But watching the GAE MIC get its ass handed to it by Russia/China/SArabia will be a glorious thing. We could shrink our defense budget by 75%, and it would have no impact on ordinary citizens. It’s funny that I have adopted a lot of views of the old leftwing: gut the MIC, big Pharma is evil, the FBI/CIA/NSA are the secret police, the Patriot Act will cost Americans their privacy, we should raise taxes on the rich (Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos – fine with me), etc. But I look over to my left and no one is there.

          • Yeah, the sheer amount of treasury debt that will need to be sold each year is astonishing. The duration of the federal debt is ~5 years, so just refinancing the current debt will be more than $6 trillion a year.

            The deficit will average another ~$1.5 trillion (maybe more), so that’s getting close to $8 trillion a year. Throw in $500 billion from SS fund, and you’re looking at a solid $8 trillion a year that the bond market has to absorb.

            Foreign CBs haven’t increased their holdings of treasuries for a decade. That means investors will need to pick up the slack. We’re talking two or three trillion more in treasuries that need to be absorbed each year compared to just a couple of years ago.

            The entire global bond market is only $40 trillion. That’s a lot of extra treasuries that need to be bought. I just don’t see the capacity in the private sector to absorb so much. Maybe, but that’s a lot – and at what price.

            Which comes back to QE. The Fed picks up the slack to keep the interest rate down. Fine, but you can either save the bond market or the currency, not both.

            The US (the world, really) simply has too much debt. There’s no good way out of the problem. When it becomes an issue (already is for Japan) and how they solve the problem is unknow, but we’re not talking decades out. This will come to a head in the next decade.

          • Saudi Arabia just announced that they will allow China to buy oil with yuan. A real game changer. It will take quite a while for the impact to be felt.

      • Remember that Assyria once ruled half of the world. Its army was the terror of the Middle East. Much of the Old Testament is about Assyria bashing in the heads of the Hebrews. This mighty empire fell in two weeks (612 BC).

        • the hand writing on the wall back then would apply equally well on the walls of congress

          • The US Congress seems to be continuously celebrating a Feast of Belshazzar. Even if a hand appeared in front of it and wrote upon the wall, the politicians would discount it and call it “Russian propaganda”.

            It will take something extraordinary to cease the madness coming from the Potomac.

        • The fall of the Soviet empire springs to mind from that too. the Coup against Gorby consisted of hardliners making a last ditch effort to save the system, but, it was too late.

          No, the commoners probably won’t show up to overthrow a system, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll show up to help save it either.

      • I am going to guess that part of the problem with the GAE war machine is that we lack the industrial capacity to maintain a long slugfest of a war.
        We have built nice shiny weapons systems but we are now without the capacity to build large scales of ordinary weapons and the ammunition to feed them.

      • Please do write about the GAE war machine. I have lots of thoughts about it that I can’t speak about in public because there are to many “thank you for your service” around. But I would like to have my ideas reinforced or challenged.

    • It’s already happening. If you look closely, you can see devolution of power and fiefdoms being carved out. Honestly, flight to the burbs should’ve been the first sign, except that media and transportation have done a great job propping things up.

      I’d argue the error is in fixating on the bigs, iow expecting it to be some top-down, overnight Road Warrior affair.

      The thing that keeps me up at night is the thought that corporations are the new church, Capitalism! playing the role the Christianity played when Rome collapsed. Z has talked about it, there’s also the boardroom scene from Network. I don’t want to consider the possibility of a venal, spiritually- and culturally-bankrupt future, but damned if it isn’t a strong possibility.

      • “I don’t want to consider the possibility of a venal, spiritually- and culturally-bankrupt future, but damned if it isn’t a strong possibility.”

        The future is now. Corporate and religious creeds basically are the same. They fly the same flags.

          • “corporations are the new church…playing the role the Christianity played”

            Gosh what a stellar observation.

            The churches were the bank and library, too, the village’s gold on their walls.

            Eventually, they became the second leg of Imperial power, the Vatican- and went a-raiding on the Crusades against Constantin-ople, the Orthodox East, the Europe of its time.

      • Corporate monopolies are not “capitalism.” They are aberrations tolerated by the political class that is supposed to preserve and defend the Constitution, defend liberty, and promote free markets that are appropriately regulated (no fraud, enforcement of contracts, rule of law, public order).

    • It is true, we are the strongest in town. But it is much like the bully. Strong, but in many ways, fragile. Once one guy stands up and wins against the bully, his biggest asset – fear – becomes greatly diminished. It then becomes far more costly to maintain the hold on power. He may still be able to do it, but runs a greater risk of destroying himself in the process.

    • We know the American empire will not last forever because no empire lasts forever. The question is how much power Washington DC can project around the world and across the continental USA going forward. In the near future, obviously quite a lot. Going forward, impossible to say. The USA was at the peak of its power in the early 1990s, and 30 years later it is schizophrenic and out of control, albeit still powerful. What are 30 more years of the same ande more pressures going to look like? You look at Rome and the time between its peak and when it lost the ability to maintain and project power, and you are looking at hundreds of years. The most likely path we face is that the USA gradually loses the ability to project power abroad, and Washington DC loses its total grip on the mainland simultaneously, returning autonomy to local areas. There will certainly be points that accelerate and exacerbate this – in fact we are likely living through one now. Unfortunately it will also have a negative impact on the lives of its citizens and subjects, as we are seeing today.

    • Robert: tl;dr: America is great and powerful and the lessons of history don’t apply to us . . . so vote harder, citizens!!

      Start with a flawed premise and arrive at a ludicrous conclusion. Perhaps you’d specify who here has recommended just waiting for things to fall apart so we can ‘seize control.’ Most of us do believe the dictum about not interrupting an enemy while he’s making a mistake. We also believe that your dictum – “Work within the political process to effect change!” – is hopium on stilts. The system selects for and funds a certain type of person. Even the official media has concluded that voter sentiment (that magic 50% + 1 of magic dirt/magic paper murricans) has zero impact on government policy.

      Go ahead and vote harder. Run for office. Put your faith in the next ‘populist’ candidate. And don’t forget to write your congressman! Meanwhile, others of us are trying to best position our families for a less than sanguine future. Personally, I’m not expecting an EMP – but I’m certainly planning on being away from the cities for the next set of riots. And, in case you hadn’t heard, they’re bringing their act to the suburbs – to your very neighborhood. But comparing how the Ukrainians – far more accustomed to privation – are handling lack of power to how diverse AINO will deal with it is classic apples and oranges.

      They floated the proposal to ban gas stoves just to test the waters (and further their concern about ‘indoor air quality’). Fwiw, new construction hookups to natural gas are already banned in various blue hives. There need not be a ‘government’ ban on anything . . . but the next time you go to buy an appliance, oh so sorry, we don’t carry those any longer.

      No one here is plotting a coup or planning on controlling the levers of government. We’re all trying to plot our own course through the decline. Your proposal is to hope for the best because there’s a lot of ruin in a nation. Quaint, but hey, enjoy your zoo.

      • Electricity can be shut off. People with propane can get by until their tank is exhausted. That’s their concern. Also, Shitavious and Shaneeka, who tend to be far away from the Hive, wanna keep dem stoves so they be backin’ off fo now.

        Everything they do now is malignant and targeted at Whites.

        • Gas stoves, guns, internal combustion engines – if the Hive gets its way there’s going to be a huge demand for illegal, improvised complex machines. I keep thinking of all the little workshops the Palestinians have to make those rockets they harass Israel with. Palestinians are not even known as particularly “handy” with tools and machines either. Think of all the illicit devices that will be made just outside the surveillance camera limits once the Hive really cracks down. Hopefully the whole vile system will crack UP first though.

  31. It’s funny. When I was a young, elite Americans still looked to Europe as a source of culture and, even, approval. They were the Athens to our Rome.

    That seems completely gone today. If our elites think about Europe and Europeans at all, it’s more a combination of contempt and how to use them. Sure, our elites still love a nice European vacation, but they no longer identify with Europe.

    Of course, that may be because we’re now ruled by a group that was never a big fan of Europeans. The withdrawal of the WASP elite meant that Europe lost their blood and culture representatives among the American rulers. And it shows.

    • “The withdrawal of the WASP elite meant that Europe lost their blood and culture representatives among the American rulers.”

      It comes down to will, doesn’t it? Not merit, not blood, not even Truth, it seems— although they contribute greatly. But ultimately it’s will that makes a good stew out of the ingredients.

    • Europe is too white now. Anti-whiteness is now a stronger motivator for them than their imagined European socialist utopias, carbon taxes and extensive public transit systems.

      There doesn’t seem to be much pretense from the ruling class of improving anything now (they used to say “we need to be more advanced like Europe..” they just want to destroy everything and turn everywhere into Honduras.

  32. I wonder if Zman can explain this remarkable transformation. We are in the same age cohort and I’m sure he remembers (as do I) touring Europe as a college kid and being shocked by the dominant anti-American Leftism.

    So these same European kids grew up to grovel at our feet! What happened? Yes I understand the Eurozone project was a political project and I understand the GFC crippled the EU financial system. But it is still pretty astounding how fast things changed.

    I don’t think things can change until there is generational change. We probably won’t live to see it. The entire EU political order has to be swept away, most likely by another crisis. Maybe that’s Ukraine, but I think it will take even more pain.

    • It really is remarkable. Schröder was the last independent German politician of any note and he is now treated like a pariah.

      My sense is the selection pressure against anti-Americanism was masked as European internationalism. There were big rewards for being pro-Europe and no rewards for being pro-German. The sophisticated people were beyond petty nationalism. Of course, behind that façade of continental sophistication was the GAE.

    • Agreed. In the 80s and 90s, Europe – and, especially, Germany – was very anti-American.

      Perhaps it has something to do with Z’s emphasis on negative identity. The Europeans focused their energy on being against America but had no vision of what they wanted for their own people.

      I’d also say that the Europeans were spoiled children. They bitch about mom and dad (US) even while living in our house (getting security) and eating our food (US maintaining the global trade and financial network). The Europeans don’t want to stand on their own two feet.

      • It’s interesting Germany was more anti-American when the Soviet Union occupied a big chunk of it!

        I wonder if the collapse of the Soviet Union didn’t take the wind out of the sails of those attacking America. Maybe it started to look like we were the only game in town.

        • I think there was some of that. But even in the 90s, Germany was fairly anti-American, though it was more focused on culture than the military, which was beginning to pull out somewhat.

          The 1990s and early 2000s was the window for the Europeans gain back their independence from the states. And you can see that they tried to some degree.

          Getting oil and nat gas from Russia. Creating the Euro. These were attempts to gain some independence. But it seemed to stall with GFC and has completely fallen apart with Ukraine. I don’t know what turned them around.

        • I recall another collapse of anti-Americanism back under GWB. South Korean youngsters were rioting in the streets protesting US troops on their soil. Then Rumsfeld said something like, well, if you don’t want our troops in the DMZ, we will be happy to take another look at that. There has not been a single protest since. GWB and Rumsfeld turned out to be disastrous for the country, but that was a fun moment.

          • The most interesting thing that happened when Elon first took over Twitter and started firing idiots was every Japanese guy I know rejoicing that they *finally* saw Japanese people and media in their “trending”/feed/etc. Until that day, Japanese Twitter had been South Korean Twitter (with Japanese ads). They always blamed the outsize influence of teenage girls and their crappy taste, but it was all fake (as fake as teenage girls’ taste). It all disappeared *instantly*.

            I don’t know what “we” did to Korea and I don’t know where to look to learn what happened, but somehow during this century it was made a wholly owned cultural and political subsidiary of globohomo. They’re just *not* Korean. They’re ruled by a feminist cult (literally), their celebrities are all soyboy creeps and uncanny plastic-surgery-identikit girls—and the people are fat. Our fathers couldn’t have imagined it.

            Order has been restored and Japanese Twitter is Korean Twitter again, just like American Twitter is back to being ADL Twitter. But something interesting flashed by for a few weeks.

      • Citizen: I used to feel as you do, but I am now willing to cut Europeans a lot more slack. They experienced massive bloodshed and destruction twice during the 20th century, and that’s not counting Kosovo and its aftereffects. No, they didn’t pay ‘their share’ of the defense budget – but their economies had been in shambles and the post WWII prosperity was the broadest and deepest they had hitherto experienced.

        And we wanted them in the position of supplicant children. Yes, their own execrable ‘leaders’ devised unnecessary wars and mass privation, but we didn’t want them to be genuinely independent and challenge our corporate hegemony. I remember all the ‘buy American’ slogans when US cars were nothing but disasters on wheels – but buying Japanese was seen as unpatriotic.

        And we meddled EVERYWHERE.

    • They still do. Look at any poll of the people and you’ll see a strong anti-american sentiment almost universally, but all the while they will aggressively support any propaganda we throw at them that suits our interests.

      Can’t even call them dumb for this contradiction. Look at how many right-wing people are sill cheerleaders for Team Red even though they show daily how much Team Red hates us.

      Democracy is just dumb.

      • Yes Chet, but the Elites run the show there and popular opinion is functionally meaningless, just like it is here. I just cannot understand how and why local Elites there gave up all their power and sovereignty to do our bidding. Their economies and stock markets have lagged ours badly. It’s not like it was a financial bonanza and the bank stocks have generally been destroyed over there (see Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Italian banks).

        This topic of how we co-opted the Euro Elite is worthy of a lot more study and I hope Zman writes more about it. I have some inchoate thoughts but I’m generally baffled.

    • Also the US was seen as politically right in the 80s and early 90s. With the onset of the Clintons, the US was seen as lurching left, which was more to European’s liking. Certainly a lot of anti-Americanism is fueled by anti-right/anti-conservatism. Probably not the only factor, but a significant one I would guess.

    • I am not old enough to remember all those politicians, although I do remember the European criticism of the neocon wars of choice in the early 00s. Yet, at the time those politicians were criticizing America, there were American bases in their countries. There was NATO, which is America, underwriting the militaries of these nations and running the security. In most contexts, we call a country that is full of foreign bases and not in charge of its own military an occupied state. To be fair to those politicians of a prior generation, they may have been fully aware of their vassal status and may even have hated it, even if they knew there was no political will to do anything about it. Yet, at the same time, they also pulled for the EU which did more to institutionalize and cement those nations’ subservience to the GAE than anything since NATO. I question whether on some level that anti-Americanism was a LARP.

    • An Euro here. I think it started with the end of the USSR and the Clintons. Before them, the European left was focused on economic terms and US was the capitalist empire. The European left relied on European intellectuals. Euros have always been kind of left-wing so there you go.

      Bill was charming and the bitchiness of Hillary was lost in translation. They reoriented the left from class warfare (which has been discredited because the fall of the USSR) to political correctness to ally with the economic powers

      The European left had to move on. Economic warfare had been discredited and they were forced to adopt political correctness , which came from USA, to have an ideology. So the left started copying new American ideas (feminism, gay, environmentalism, etc.). Any new American idea was celebrated because European intellectuals had no new ideas. This reoriented the left towards USA.

      And the expansion of media, which put American series and movies in TV all day long did the rest. When I was a kid, there were only two TV channels and they didn’t broadcast all the day long. After having tens of channels, the size of the American entertainment business overpowered national productions.

  33. A state governor in America has more sovereign authority that a European leader. If Ron DeSantis called Putin, Putin would take the call because DeSantis has real power.

    Harsh. True.

  34. Some clodhopper from down in Griffin, Indiana swallowed a yo-yo!

    Great essay and love to see clodhopper used correctly. The Euros are probably dumb enough to swallow a yo-yo.

  35. Good essay.
    The American empire is now a degenerating force in the world, we turn everything into a strip mall of weed shops and basketball shoe emporiums.
    We have no culture.
    I have recently discovered Francis Parker Yockey and would recommend looking at Pete Quinones recent live reading of Yockeys Imperium chapter on culture with Paul Fahrenheit.

    • America has lots of culture, but it’s aggressively subverted by the usual suspects.

      In my job I work with a lot of German engineers who like to use cultural themes in the tools that they use. One guy made a development suite for some in-house products, and based all the commands Wild West references, something that is as about as close you can get to pure Americana.

      In more recent times there’s the story of the computer renaissance, almost exclusively consisting of American computer nerds with a insatiable passion, built with the same pioneering spirit that energized the frontiersmen.

      It’s also clear why they don’t export this though. The American frontier spirit is anathema to an Empire that only seeks to consolidate.

    • “We have no culture.”

      Before Europe became a total satrapy, its big knock on America was how much its culture had degraded the old continent. Most American culture is garbage but certainly not all of it, so that latter gets the same treatment from Globohomo as Europe does. Europe has received the same treatment as the South. The fact both continue to have remnants of their respective cultures is a mind-blowing testament to their peoples.

      It is a matter of people being so immersed in Globohomo culture that they do not realize it just as a fish doesn’t realize it is wet.

  36. American foreign policy, since the conclusion of WW11, is double-pronged and neither aspect is ever verbalized in public.

    1. Germany must be kept down. The small countries are afraid of what an untethered Germany could become, and so to some degree, they have welcomed American involvement as a restraining force on Germany. (Even Merkel didn’t yelp too loud finding out that her conversations were routinely surveilled.) The fiction is that Germany and its jr partner France pretty much keep things running.

    2. The UK is the US’s jr partner in balancing the Continent. Period. It truly doesn’t matter who the PM is.

    It used to be funny seeing Ted Turner’s CNN plastered on European TVs in the late 80s with Atlanta front and center. 35 years on, and America’s Empire culture has become World Culture. Intentional or not, the Empire’s domestic culture war is also being exported abroad.

    • The fear of Germany just shows how out of touch Europeans are. Germans long ago became the most anti-war people on the planet. Good luck trying to create a serious military in that country.

      Most of them don’t even consider themselves to be German, preferring to be European or a citizen of the world. Mentally, the Germans have been defeated for generations.

      People live in the past.

        • All because the Kaiser had the audacity to build a blue water navy.

          “Britannia Rules the Waves!” don’t ‘ya know!?

      • Devil’s advocate time.

        Well, maybe the general German population have become tame and compliant, but try telling that to the people of the former Yugoslavia who felt the heavy influence of the German elites during the troubles, and the reactivation of their historical attitudes favoring the Croatians, and abominating the Serbs.

        Or ask the Greeks in more recent times. Maybe they deserved some of the scorn directed their way, but they really got slammed by the banksters.

        Serbs and Greeks both gave the Germans trouble during the 2nd WW, while the Serbs were a problem to the Germans/Austro-Hungarians also in the 1st WW. Maybe a wee bit of enmity survived? Now, nobody is weeping tears for the German Masters of the Universe when they are staring down ruination; perhaps turnabout is fair play.

  37. This essay is what is meant by the phrase “turbo America”. For a long time, Americans were the fat and loud, but warlike, cousins of the civilized Europeans. We kept them safe and in return they let us open a Starbucks next to the Tower of Pisa.

    Talk about letting the invaders in. Now who’s the cultural behemoth? It is America. For the longest time we were the Cousin Eddies, and now our RV is parked right in front of Westminster, after we dropped our awful kids off in Brussels. WE dictate high culture now. It’s RVs and atomized wandering economic units b*tch!

    Except that “turbo America” will not extend into the Russian, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern spheres as our regime had hoped. We will just punk out those who are weak. This federal prison we call earth cannot be controlled by one gang. Since Europe has submitted, we are going to punk Japan and parts of East Asia next. Whoever we can.

    Pay attention in the showers, fellas.

    • No kidding. You’d be in some beautiful historic town and then see a GD McDonald’s. Talk about ugly Americanism at its worst…

    • Great cousin Eddie comparison.

      Finally reach a point in life that I could do a trip to Europe and there are few incentives to go. Maybe they will finally invent that vacation memory implant from Total Recall, I’d settle for that.

      • With the current Euro/USD exchange rate it’s the best time in decades to go. If they aren’t still enforcing all those jab mandates for entry, I haven’t kept up with that part.

      • Europe is much less Americanized than this article implies. Yes, the political class is a bunch of retarded clowns sucking on GAE peepee. Some bigger cities have built skyscrapers and some cities are now hosting “diversity”. Many people, especially in NW Europe, are into capeshit.

        But most of the cities and towns are still pretty, it is still possible to witness ancient traditions and the USD will go further than it did a few years ago. You’ve got nothing to lose as a tourist. Europe is White people’s Holy land. Time to do a pilgrimage.

        • This is probably true. The cities – like American cities – are pretty much all the same airline terminal vibe. I was speaking to a Greek lady saying how I wanted to visit Athens one day, and she made this terrific “blech!” sound and said “No you don’t. Athens is full of Syrians now.”

          There is only Holy Countryside now.

          • Europe is White people’s Holy land.

            Upvote just for this. America seems to be its diaspora. May we one day retake our Holy Land.

          • Americans LARPing as Euros is pathetic. Their heritages might derive there, their responsibilities do not.

        • Forever Templar,

          At this juncture for the whites in both North America and Europe, it is “Sauve peut etre!” time.

          • Montefrio,
            You may indeed have the right of it.

            But the point was, neither European, nor North American whites have the resources to do more than to try save themselves. The Yanks ain’t coming, and the Europeans have their hands too full to render assistance to us here in North America. Hostile aliens wish us both bad cess, and we are sadly plagued by traitors in our midst.

        • I will tell you that Granada, Spain does Christmas better than anyplace I’ve seen in the states.

    • “…fat and loud…”, well, we are definitely fatter than ever. Frankly, the slothful and slovenly appearance of the American public has reached truly depressing proportions, pun intended. The exponential proliferation of obese, pierced, tatted up slobs that comprise what seems to be half the population is truly shocking to my senses. The financial and social cost of treating these bipedal mental and physical health catastrophes is going to be ruinous. I can’t help but feel revulsion at the sight of this this massive swath of humanity that fills every venture into public spaces.

      • Don’t worry, Bernd. We have plenty of our own obese, pierced tatted up slobs here in Europe too. And our men are pretty ugly too.

  38. Thos was brought home when the GAE blatantly destroyed Nordstream 2. Germany meekly kept their mouth shut. And irlt was flushed down the memory hole.

    • Yes, the deafening silence after the sabotage of the NS2, especially by the Germans, was a sign of just how defeated these people are. I joked that it was the equivalent of a dirt bag boyfriend bitch slapping his girlfriend in front of her parents and brothers – and they don’t say a word. Indeed, they pay for the boyfriend’s dinner and talk about how they can’t wait for him to marry their daughter and sister.

      That’s Germany and Europe today.

  39. Davos must be aware of this, no?

    If the Nuvo Russia and Central/East Asia, including Iran and India, combine to become the new hegemon with an alliance formed with Latin America, what’s in it for the neocons? My theory: our ruling elite is arranging to become the caretakers of what will be the Amero/European satrapy, our currency pegged to the merging of the ruble, the yuan, the Japanese noodle and whatever media of exchange come next. One day… one day… Peter Schiff will be proven correct. And the point of Ukraine, once a province, now a money laundering operation, may be the venue of the grand potlatch intended to consume the last of NATO’s assets in preparation for The New Arrangement.

    • People tend to overestimate the smarts of the neocons. They are clever, but mostly they are driven by a singular obsession, which is the real key to their success. It is also the reason their schemes have slowly crippled the vehicle they use for their schemes, which is the American empire.

      What is scary is they keep talking about using nuclear weapons. make no mistake, when they make those crazy claims about Russia using nukes on Ukraine, they really mean their own plotting to use nukes on Russia.

      The hope is this Ukraine debacle leaves Washington in crisis and they turn on the neocons and drive them off.

      • “What is scary is they keep talking about using nuclear weapons.”

        If the deracinated GAE military had not been purged, we would be looking at a seven days in May scenario precisely for this reason. As it is, the world is at the brink of a nuclear abyss and the folks with the power to jump it off are batshit crazy. They either will start a nuclear war or be stopped only because it is too costly to tolerate them.

        • Obama, actually those tugging on his strings, decimated the flag ranks of any remaining reservoir of traditionalism. The new flag ranks were recruited to regime patisanship, and any pretense of Constitutional defense became a thing of the past. Now it’s Wokeism Über Alles.

          Holder, with his “inept” gunrunning scheme into Mexico may have been signaling to the cartels, “Hey, we can do business with you people. Running your drugs, and destroying the lumpenproletariat whites works for us”. That event, and the scurrying to minimize it, had more significance than was allowed to be seen. Just my theory, but match it up with subsequent developments and reflect upon this. Phase change like Ruby Ridge, and Waco – revelatory events with deep significance in retrospect.

      • Yeah, I keep hammering that point as well. The neocons are built for exploiting a system, not running it. We can see that in their performance running foreign policy for the past two decades.

        The problem is that they don’t know that they’re not built for running the show, and they certainly don’t want to give up that power.

        My fear is that there’s no group left to oppose them. Anyone with an skill who might challenge them has been purged from the system long ago.

      • The problem with running off the neocons is that even if they and their fellow travelers do not own the GAE lock, stock and barrel they at least have a controlling interest. Regime change in Russia, followed by the looting of its resources is how they plan to keep the fiat currency Ponzi scheme going for another generation. Maybe they are even right, given the havoc a general collapse would cause.

        Biden is clearly being leveraged over the documents issue, but to what end, I don’t know. Maybe he’s being encouraged not to run again, but I think many of the oligarchs are quite comfortable with a senile puppet, and since they have lock on presidential elections anyway, who really cares? If they can elect Fettermann, they can re-elect Biden.

        What I fear is that they are pressuring Biden to go all in on Ukraine. They may believe they can prevent the war from going nuclear, or at least keep the fallout confined to Eastern/Central Europe. It’s a tall order, but in their minds, a non-nuclear world war and the concomitant martial law would let them achieve all their authoritarian ambitions, foreign and domestic.

        • The political class has one weapon they can use. They can start to audit these not-for-profit operations. It is the nuclear option, for sure, but if they pierce the veil of secrecy around these operations, the system falls apart quickly. Imagine if every 501c3 had to report every donor that gave more than $500 in a fiscal year. The money dries up quickly for many of them. That and ban all foreign donations to American not-for-profits.

          • Hell, make the reporting/identification threshold $600. That’s what the IRS is shooting for for us Dirts, so why not?

  40. If PUTIN WANTS TO SHOW THE WORLD WHO THE “GOOD GUYS” Are, he should target Davos with one of his hypersonic missiles,like sometime this week.

    • I suspect that’s why a bunch of big-name attendees bowed out. Schwab didn’t even go to his own giant shindig.

      • After years of “You can tell who votes Republican because they don’t have passports,” they’ll fake some kind of MAGA Insurrectionist attack on a restaurant or something.

        If anything.

        It’s probably just an excuse to send out a wave of articles about how we need ever more censorship because the people farthest from power (that’s why they’re conspiracy theorists—LOOOOOOZERRRZ!) are a danger to those closest to it.

  41. It’s quite sad, what’s become of Europe. Of course, it’s still very beautiful, both in scenery and architecture, but to have fallen under the spell of the satanic US government may well prove to be the death knell that even the two industrial wars weren’t.

    • The two industrial wars pretty much were. That was the end of European sovereignty. Only now are people becoming more aware of the fact. The GAE isn’t really doing anything now that it wasn’t doing all along, just presently with less competence.

      • That fact has been there since the 1944 Bretton Woods confab – although the Brits didn’t really get it till the 1956 Suez Canal crisis when Ike showed them who was really the boss.
        Spot on: GAE lumbers along but less competent.

      • If the Euro “allies” hadn’t succumbed to the gay global american empire, they may very well have rebuilt and forged their own way. But they did succumb and didn’t forge their own way, so we’ll never know – other than they’re pitiful vassals of the ggae.

  42. Some dude from India is this weeks British prime minister, and Ireland is worse, our PM is an Indian fag

  43. “Unlike the United States, there is no big sprawling military industrial complex in these countries.”

    The United States military is a paper tiger, it lacks cohesion, useful weapons and the ability to produce more weapons and artillery. We cannot win wars against lesser fighting forces, we certainly can’t win the war against a peer.

    “A country that does not control its money, its laws or its borders is not a country, so it has no need for serious national leaders”

    We are not a country either. But a nation still exists within us

    • It’s very important for people to start identifying with their nation, their tribe, more than the fake elites who run the USA.

    • What truly makes the US military impotent against a peer is its unwillingness to bleed. That comes from the top down. Thanks to decades of wars against goatherders where the primary strategy was PR driven, it has become command doctrine to avoid casualties. Thus, in a land war against a peer, the US will retreat rather than take casualties to hold ground, which means it can’t hold ground. This is why the US is guaranteed to lose a ground war against Russia. Not because of weapons systems or tech or any hifalutin stuff like that. But because of will.

      • I think that unwillingness to bleed is in many ways bottom up. It indicates the weakness of the people and the speed in which bad news, in words and images, travels. You see it in Russia also.

        • It is probably a combination. The bottom sees no point in bleeding for GAE, and GAE knows it will be unable to sell its wars if too much bottom bleeding occurs.

          But, as long as the bleeding occurs elsewhere and is someone else’s blood, the farce continues. The GAE may or may not be able to win a land war in Ukraine. I seriously doubt it could win one here.

        • It’s no doubt true that decades of police actions against goatherders have caused amnesia in the ranks about the true nature of war. In a war against a near peer there would be guaranteed to be some level of “culture shock” to the American fighting man who is generations removed from such an experience. It is no longer part of the institutional memory.

          But I don’t recall the GAE shying away from the 1991 Gulf War just because there were conventional (and not much disputed) predictions of casualties in the tens of thousands. There were practically zero desertions over that. Nor do I think the American fighting man himself was especially casualty averse when he embarked to Afghanistan or Iraq 20 years ago. He may have been moreso by the time GAE withdrew from those places. It’s hard to say.

          It was in that first gulf war when the political class and the generals (but I repeat myself) first acquired the belief, which later grew to an expectation, that they could win big while bleeding little. Which was, in that war, really just due to a confluence of factors which would be hard to replicate.

        • Those who skedaddled away from Russia, in the popular mind, are probably viewed as having fortuitously self-deported; they were 5th Columnists, complicit in the West’s attempt to break the Russian Federation. Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out…

      • Well, after you on that “willingness to bleed” idea.

        I’m willing to take risks in pursuit of worthy goals. However, no worthy goals have been served up for almost 50 years so I’d rather play with my dog.

        Therein lies the problem.

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