Doomsday Approaches

The shadow that has hung over the Ukraine war is the fear that it could lead to a direct clash between Washington and Moscow. Given that both sides have large arsenals of nuclear weapons, conflict could lead to Armageddon. Compounding things is the fact that Biden cannot stop talking about nuclear war. Given his mental condition, this suggests that he is often in earshot of the decision makers, who may be seriously discussing the possible use of nuclear weapons.

The dynamic of the war thus far has been Washington poking Moscow hoping for a response, which it can use to justify escalation. First, they said that they would not supply Ukraine with Western weapons, then they sent Western weapons. Then it was long range guided missiles. Now we see modern tanks being prepped, with discussions about F-16 fighter jets on the agenda. All of these weapons transfers are intended to provoke a response from Moscow.

The proof of that is the fact that none of these systems can make a difference on the battlefield for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that the West has designed its weapons to be used in combined arms warfare. Alone, these weapons are not terribly useful and may even be a hinderance to the Ukrainians. The M777 howitzer, for example, is known for being maintenance heavy. Giving the Ukrainians these weapons just adds to their onerous sustainment burden.

Of course, the “cry out in pain as you strike” tactic is the regime default. This is used domestically and internationally. It goes back a long time. In his ongoing criticism of Washington with regards to the war in Ukraine, Douglas Macgregor likes to remind people that the Roosevelt administration did everything it could to bait the Japanese into launching an attack on American assets. They needed a reason to get into the war and that was viewed as the best avenue.

When you combine the psychological instability of the people running the war for the regime and the long history of provoking adversaries, the prospects of a nuclear holocaust start to look better or worse, depending upon your perspective. If the usual suspects stick to their usual patterns, it means they will keep provoking the Russians until they get the desired response. That desired response will justify some further provocation eventually leading to all out war.

The first question to answer here is what response from Russia would warrant a direct attack on Russia by NATO? The obvious answer is an attack on NATO. This is why the Poles rushed to the nearest microphone demanding war with Russia when the Ukrainian missile landed on Polish territory. The Polish president knew the plan and assumed it was go time. It turned out to be a Ukrainian missile, but the incident confirmed the thinking within the West.

Assuming the Kagan cult has concluded they need a Russian attack on a NATO country in order to launch their nuclear war, what would the West have to do in order to provoke such an attack by the Russians? That is turning out to be a tough question to answer, given what the West has done thus far. Russian people have been attacked in NATO countries like Estonia. Russian assets have been seized. The West even engineered the assassination of Alexander Dugan’s daughter.

Over the last year, the West has done a number of things that would justify a response, but so far the Russians have been careful to avoid the trap. The closest they have come to a direct retaliation was the missile barrage after the Brits set off the truck bomb on the Kerch Bridge in the Crimea. Given that the missile attacks on the Ukrainian power grid have continued, that may have been a coincidence. The missile barrage would have required advanced planning.

The fact is time is on Russia’s side and they know it. Every day this war goes on drains the West of vital resources. The Pentagon is already making noises about the Ukraine war harming its ability to deal with China. The war has also exposed the fact that Europe has let its militaries and arms production go to seed. Germany, France and Britain no longer have a military for all practical purposes. It will take them years to fix the problems, even if they find the will to do so.

If the Russian have a very high tolerance for provocation, then the question flips around to the other side. What limit is there in Washington? Where is the line that the people running policy in the Biden will not cross? Given that regime players have been gleefully talking about “de-colonizing Russia” for the last year, it is hard to imagine a red line that they would not dare cross. If you are bragging about your plans to regime change Russia, you probably have no red lines.

Now, there is another angle here. This could all be the result of a bluff that has badly backfired on Washington. The initial taunts before the war were not intended to bait the Russians into launching their operation, but were a bluff. The subsequent economic sanctions and arms shipments were a further bluff. Washington was telling Moscow that they were in it for the long haul and would stuff Ukraine with arms. The hope was that Moscow would reconsider and retreat.

It is entirely possible that the Global American Empire is facing a catastrophe in Ukraine because the Russians called their bluff. It is also possible that the Russia misread the signals coming from the West. Given the mistakes they made early in the war, it could simply be the Russians read things the wrong way. They not only did not see it as a direct threat to intervene, they assumed it was just the usual hot air. One side was bluffing while the other side did not see the bluff.

Either way, once things got going the regime seems to have fallen into a form of the sunk cost fallacy.  They invest in new bluffing strategies in order to save the investment in the previous failed bluffing strategy. At this point, the Russians know the limitations of the West in terms of time and material. The huffing and puffing from the West is seen as a bluff, one that can easily be ignored. Will Washington accept this reality or pivot to some desperate action?

That last question could decide the fate of the world. At this point it is clear that the Ukrainians cannot win. The death toll is staggering. The Russians cannot be bluffed or bullied, so what does Washington do next? Do they try one last desperate attempt to provoke the Russians into something foolish? Are there any sane people left in Washington who can step in and stop this madness? The fate of the world may rest on the mental stability of the crazies who started the war.

Regardless, it appears that the neocon scheme to de-colonize Russia is reaching a denouement in the coming months. Ukraine is running out of men to throw into the meat grinder and the West is running out of machines. The war will end in 2023, but how it ends is the question. Can Washington find some way to strike a deal with Russia that Russia will accept? Have the Russians concluded that no deal can be made with such untrustworthy people? We will know soon.

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209 thoughts on “Doomsday Approaches

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  3. “Can Washington find some way to strike a deal with Russia that Russia will accept?”

    Signs are beginning to surface that the less crazy faction of Washington do perhaps seek that deal.
    Were I Russia I’d say: fine. We take so far as Odessa. You restore Nord Stream fully. That’s the deal.
    Of course all launched enterprises for the creation of alternative international institutions, an alternative to the dollar, and so on won’t stop.
    Neither will the cleansing of the Motherland from agents of foreign, hostile influence.
    Only the war will end.

    That’s what I would say if I were Russia.

  4. “Poles rushed to the nearest microphone demanding war with Russia when the Ukrainian missile landed on Polish territory. The Polish president knew the plan and assumed it was go time.”

    Little bit of nitpicking, but I’m afraid Z is a little bit off the mark here.
    I’m not sure what Z means by “Poles”. Support for war with Russia is in a fraction of one percent of general population, word “war” has a little bit different connotations in Poland.
    But to put it in a proper perspective, find a craziest liberal lunacy in America, and imagine someone saying that Americans demand any of that.

    Poland preparing to invade Russia has been a trope in Russian propaganda for as long as Putin is a thing.

    “The Polish president knew the plan and assumed it was go time.”
    That cracks me up more than anything.
    Polish president is an empty suit, Polish government lost the plot, they’re way out of their league in this Ukraine debacle. They tried to be helpful and do what they were told in exchange for protection, but ended up staring down the barrel of Russian .45. Yeah, they should have known better, but they never f*cking learn. Polish president was in a full panic mode and started calling NATO and POTUS to find out what the f was going on and what he should do about it. He didn’t know Scheiße.

    • “Poland preparing to invade Russia has been a trope in Russian propaganda for as long as Putin is a thing.” – this is an outright lie. Viewing Poland as a minor power trying to provide any necessary provocation for some major conflict was and still is the attitude.
      “Poland invading Russia” – please, go look at yourself in the nearest mirror…

      • ““Poland invading Russia” – please, go look at yourself in the nearest mirror…”
        I just shaved, and I really like what I saw in the mirror, but OK, I know what are you getting at.

        “Viewing Poland as a minor power trying to provide any necessary provocation for some major conflict was and still is the attitude.”
        Yeah, well, you phrased it better, I’ll give you that, although I don’t know how did you get so emotional, the only difference are details.
        Years back I met some guy in National banquet hall in Brighton Beach. He said he was a journo, but looked more like a regular bum, and he wouldn’t f*ck off insisting that Poland is trying to take back Ukraine, and preparing to go to war over it.

        It wasn’t that hard to see how this was going to go down, there was enough time for both sides to build narratives around it.

        After all, all these countries between East and West were designed as merely trip wires. Ukraine is now pre WWII Poland and Russia is Germany, but the game looks pretty familiar, difference being that there is some major players outside of the West.

        Looking back I begin to see how this whole thing unfolded and how there was simply no other way. Russia had this “курица не птица” attitude, never seeing Poland as country worth a minute to talk to, and Poles were desperately looking for anybody that would sell them any kind of insurance policy.

        So here we go again.

  5. I don’t think the nukes fly for many reasons :
    1A: it would interfere with their plans to starve us all to death.
    1: china own most of america , and russia won’t nuke their partners stuff.
    2: china owns a huge part of our politicians . they will not want their stuff nuked .
    3: our military leadership is compromised. remember that metrosexual miley
    bragged after the election that he had told the Chinese he would warn them if
    trump planned anything against them.
    4: Global finance holds paper on almost all the assets that would be destroyed
    5. everybody in DC, new york, los angelas, and Chicago knows they would have a life expectancy in minutes once the first one went off.
    even if they tried, the nuukes would not work because :
    1. they are old and have not been maintained.

    • What’s that you say? Nukes could hit the biggest and most diverse liberal cities in the USA? Say no more

    • “1. they are old and have not been maintained.”

      Good point. At this point, the techs who were capable of the never-ending maintenance are all retired or dead of old age. The money for maintenance is likely being spent on “new stuff” that will never be produced. The US defense budget isn’t spent to build weaponry, it’s spent to line the pockets of the producers, who don’t actually produce anything except Power Point presentations.

  6. in terms of improving fitness, would a nuclear exchange be a ‘bad’ thing?

    fires improve the health of a forest.

    • In this case I think probably not. If the nuclear exchange was Africa vs the Middle East that would indeed improve fitness, but that’s not what we have here.

    • People who breed successfully in our most violent, ruined, and starved environments are pretty bad at everything but breeding.

      What nature smiles upon and what we want aren’t much alike.

      It’s a problem.

  7. Next to last line says it. “Untrustworthy”. Russians are paranoid enough. We’ve fed it for years by breaking commitments—mostly around NATO expansion—with Moscow. The “Mannerheim” moment has passed. Folks forget that when the Finns picked up the Continuation War with German help, they advanced to the original border then refused to budge. Despite Hitler and the General Staff threatening and haranguing Finland to advance to Leningrad via the “back door”, which would have resolved the siege in the German’s favor. In the postwar construct that made Mannerheim a “trustworthy” party. Finland remained intact, independent, neutral, but armed to the teeth. The current crop of morons have tossed any such resolution away. Buy a couple bottles of potassium iodide and invest in some radiation badges and real filter masks.

    • Same with Switzerland. They remained neutral and armed to the teeth. They were useful however in certain ways to both Allies and Axis. But the lesson was learned and strictly followed. Tend to your own affairs, but don’t be a pussy.

        • The Swiss were among the last to give their women the right to vote. 1972? Something like that? Too bad. Half their electorate is incapable of understanding the concept of neutrality. Their weak minds aren’t hard wired for it. They’re unhappy unless in some kind of herd. They get involved in others’ business. Neutrality is a man’s concept.

          If we do have a nuclear exchange it will be precisely because of busy bodies like Victoria Nuland. At least in the aftermath of nuclear winter we would have men in giant fur coats running the show again.

  8. Russia holds all the good cards now in Ukraine. There is not much good reason for them to negotiate with people who have lied to them at every turn. In the short term they could save some Russian boys’ lives, while awaiting the GAE’s next gambit, once it has had a chance to catch its breath. Right now it is flailing. So the sensible Russian position should be to carry on and let it flail. If the GAE truly is being led by deranged people for whom nothing is beyond the pale, well, you can’t do much about that can you?

    The story for a while now has been that Russia has massed all these troops for a big offensive that’s going to kick off any minute now. If that’s what they were really up to I’m sure they would tell you ahead of time like that, right? Everybody seems to believe it, so it seems like a good chance that’s not the real story. I suspect those troops are there primarily to deter GAE/NATO intervention. Russia doesn’t need a “blitzkrieg” to win in Ukraine. The slow grind is working, on multiple levels.

    • I agree that those troops are, in part, there to deter NATO. But they’re also useful in spreading out the Ukrainian forces and making the slow grind job easier. If it’s easier to encircle strongholds due to fewer Ukrainian forces, you save a lot of men and then just pound the encirclement with artillery.

      Anyway, I agree that there’s no reason for the Russians to push a large, mobile offensive. Just keep doing what they’re doing but more of it. Put pressure in more spots, but use the same tactics.

      Also, the Russians would be stupid to agree to any peace that requires them to trust the Americans to hold to their word. Take everything east of the Dnieper River and install a Russian-friendly govt in Ukraine.

    • In large part the world’s trouble stem from the very fact that a century or more ago various peoples were allowed to literally go beyond the Pale 😈

      • Read “Two Hundred Years Together” by Solzhenitsyn and you will conclude that the Neo-Bolsheviks better known as the NeoCons are absolutely mad and without a shred of humanity but powerful due to wealth stolen by central banking and other nefarious methods. They installed the Biden Regime in a rigged election and own most of the so-called “leaders”, actually puppets, of the western world. The Russians who saw over 60 million of their population slaughtered by the Jewish dominated Bolsheviks under the former USSR understand very well what they are up against. And this time they will not lose…at least not without reducing centers of NeoCon power to smoldering embers in the City of London, Washington DC, Israel, Wall Street and other financial capitals. Putin understands Russian and Khazarian history and NeoCon subversion, lies and deception very well. Most people fail to grasp that we in the West have been turned into modern serfs to be controlled and plundered…and the best defender of our freedom is Russia and a growing army of patriots and freedom fighters throughout the western world. Putin has stated that this is an existential war for Russia…but it is also an existential war for western man who is enslaved under the yoke of tryanny.

        • To add to your on target assessment of the neocons, yes they are insane, and arrogant as well. they have been running our foreign policy at least as far back as Bush the elder, and a reading of wulfowitz manifesto that the PNAC published shortly before they took total control under the Cheney administration tells one exactly why we are here today. Now they are doing whatever it takes to turn China into an enemy also partly because of the Chinese partnership with Russia, but also because the Chinese are rapidly overtaking the west’s control of the world economy. So many things are happening in the global south that the neocons are crapping themselves and the are determined to prevent the inevitable by engaging in a two front war, ( we did say they were crazy).
          And finally, they seem to think that they can somehow survive a total nuke exchange, even though most of them have absolutely any real life skills. Imagine coming out of that survival bunker, and having no idea what to do next.

  9. I don’t think we need worry about all out nuclear war. Nuclear war isn’t profitable. Even if you’re a billionaire Rothschild type and have one of those fancy bunkers that can keep you alive underground for a few years, what sort of world would you be living in after you leave the bunker? Who is going to service your Bentley? Who will be preparing your seven course meals? Who will be cleaning your heated pool? Who will grow your artichokes, your avocados, your olives? Who will raise your Kobe beef or mix your martinis? And, stomping on all of those grapes to make wine is just so much work! You might get tired.

    I don’t think those missiles will ever fly, because the people who ultimately control whether or not they fly really enjoy their perks. The current state of affairs suits them quite well. So if there are nukes in those silos, I suspect they are not armed.

    There’s lots of money to be made making weapons of war. And there’s lots of money to be made waging conventional wars. But if nukes start flying, the cash flow stops. And that would be just so awful.

    • Hey ML, it’s always good when you swing by. I’m going to point out again that your reduction of everything to the profit motive causes you to misinterpret the world.

      “I don’t think we need worry about all out nuclear war. Nuclear war isn’t profitable.”

      I suggest that the tribe that mostly runs our media and government hates the Russian people as much as they hate the Germans. I’m sure you know about all of their Cossack folklore.

      Hatred can overwhelm the prudent pursuit of profit.

      • Surely they hate most of humanity. I have no doubt about that. But surely they are smart enough to know that nuclear war between their paid thugs in Washington and the Russians can’t possibly do “them” any good.

        All the gold in the world can’t buy you a comfortable life if several thousand nukes go boom.

        And you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that every issue boils down to money for me, or for any other paleo-libertarian. I don’t read Reason Rag. But I did go to a Libertarian state party convention 30 or 35 years ago. I was curious to know why Murray Rothbard was so disgusted with them. It didn’t take long to find out.

      • So you think that hatred could motivate someone to make all of planet earth uninhabitable?

        The Rothschilds and their fellow banker thugs may be extremely unethical, but their ability to accumulate massive wealth at the expense of the rest of us demonstrates that they are pretty smart.

        Stupid crooks assault little old ladies to steal a purse. Smarter crooks rob banks. The smartest crooks own banks.

    • Mencken Libertarian: “But if nukes start flying, the cash flow stops. And that would be just so awful.”

      The Frankfurt School has an even bigger and more ominous threat than Russia right now.

      And that threat is named, “Jerome Powell”.


      February 2nd, 2023
      ‘Jim Cramer says his group of FANG tech companies have lost their magic’

      ‘The acronym… first coined by Cramer, stands for Facebook parent Meta Platforms, Amazon, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet…’


      There are very few businessmen alive today who can remember tight money, which was the law of the land for almost a decade, prior to Black Monday, October 19, 1987.

      Curiously enough, the Frankfurt School Sanheder, Alan Greenspan [star pupil of Saint Alisa “Ayn Rand” Rosenbaum, Mother of G0d], had just been inserted into orifice a few months earlier, on August 11, 1987.

      What a strange cohenincidence.


      Greenspan immediately began flooding the market with fake money, and his Tribe instituted the greatest theft of wealth from a sovereign nation in all of human history, even greater than what they had stolen from ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

      TENS OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS they stole from the Federal Reserve; possibly a hundred trillion dollars or more.

      The Frankfurt School ran that scam for more than THIRTY YEARS, via the Sanhedrin and the Sanhedrinette (((Greenspan & Bernanke & Yellen))); from Black Monday until Jerome Powell slowly began raising interest rates in 2018.

      Again, there are very few businessmen alive today who can remember tight money.

      None of the young up & coming sanhedrin – Brin, Page, Bezos, Phuckerberg – which used the free flow of fake money from the Federal Reserve to create their empires, have any sense of what tight money is all about.

      And I would argue that if the Sanhedrin are suddenly growing weary of war in Khazaria, then it’s as much due to the obstinacy of Jerome Powell as it is due to the obstinacy of Vladimir Putin.

      The Sanhedrinette in particular has been screaming [Adrenochrome-Soaked] Bloody Murder about it for months now:

      Oct 19, 2021
      Janet Yellen says the recent debt ceiling hike will only cover the government’s bills through December 3rd

      Nov 16, 2021
      U.S. might not be able to pay bills after December 15th, Treasury Secretary Yellen says

      January 13, 2023
      Janet Yellen: U.S. Will Hit Debt Limit Next Week, “Extraordinary Measures” Can Prevent Default

      January 28, 2023
      Yellen warns of debt ceiling “catastrophe” for U.S. and beyond



      Pray for the physical health and safety of Jerome Powell.

      : “He fights for us.”

    • I wish I could buy into your POV.

      Such could only be be probable if you assume those making the decisions are sane and rational, however every day, ten twenty times a day, we see, hear, read proof they really and truly are Bat Sh– Crazy.

      • They promote crazy beliefs and behaviors in many members of the public, but that doesn’t suggest to me that our rulers are crazy. Their success in bamboozling the public decade after decade suggests they are quite sane, and extremely evil.

    • Things almost spun out of control during the Cuban missile crisis. There were also computer and radar accidents in the 1980s that could have gone sideways with the Soviet Union.

      The movie Dr. Strangelove makes a good point that two nuclear powers in conflict represents a very fragile situation.

      And I think the men who control the means of violence sometimes have their own ideas. They don’t always care what the Rothschilds think. I can think of a lot of big historical events that weren’t good for business but nevertheless happened because they were pushed by passionate people.

    • That’s what Norman Angell said about the possiblities of a global conflict in 1914. National economies were so intertwinted that war was impossible. He may have been wrong.

  10. 3/4 thru this piece

    We are burning our own food plants

    Feeding chickens commercial feed that prevents egg-laying, because egg yolks block vaxx spike formation

    Ffs, Russia doesn’t need to do anything when our own government is already killing us

  11. ‘The U.S. military has big plans for a port in Australia. So does the Chinese firm that controls it.’

    If your declared future adversary controls the port, why select it for where you would want to put military assets? One can guarantee that a spy network is already in place to watch the activities of the US operations there.

    Yet more proof that we are subjects of the Kingdom of Idiocracy.

  12. the war ends when the west passes around the hat and it comes back empty. The patsy will be chosen at the appropriate time.

    • Not a bad prediction. Folks my age may remember Vietnam conflict. At the end times, Nixon (with Congressional support) proposed a Federal income tax surcharge to pay for the unending war. All hell broke loose and we were out of there in a year or two.

      • Hmm… That sounds like a nice idea. In case some high level RINO apparatchiks are reading here’s my suggestion: pick some Cuckpublican, maybe one of the ones who keep joining Brandon’s gun grab efforts, and have him propose the “Ukraine National Salvation Anti-Racism Unicorn Fart Victory Tax”. He’s not going to get re-elected in ’24 and you can all grandstand while taking turns kicking his corpse. Besides, it’s time to ramp down the fake war on Russia and ramp up the fake war on China. Supposedly there’s some general going around saying that’s the New Spring Product.

    • I didn’t know that USGov spent $5 Trillion with a T on “covid relief”.

      That wasn’t a revival.
      They shut down the economy and then resuscitated a corpse-

      • Its been a corpse since 2008 (at least if you believe in an economy that isn’t centrally planned). They’ve been picking the winners and the losers ever since, covid was just more in your face. Kill small biz (can’t be controlled as easily) and bailout giant corps. Been the name of the game since at least the 90’s but you only get it in your face in certain events (08 and 2020).

      • ummm it already is, you just haven’t realized it yet. Does a non bankrupt society act the way ours does?

  13. Assuming that there’s no nuclear escalation, and that’s a big assumption with these DC people, as Russia wraps this up they should eventually be meeting Ukrainian officials somewhere in the world for “peace talks.” Some stalemate will be drawn up that has explicit wording about not joining NATO, etc. Everyone will go home and the war will be over. That’s when the civil war will begin in Ukraine as the Ukrainians begin to process what happened, and contemplate a ruined future in a smaller geography and “who did this to us?” The Zelenskyy regime, and it is a regime, could be toppled and in its place something else, certainly not pro Russian, but some regime with a siege mindset like a European version of Burma. In a couple years we could easily be throwing arms at Zelenskyy to save him from his own Ukrainian militia retribution.

    As the Russians finally win, the costs will be seen as exorbitantly high but still necessary. This paramilitary Wagner Group that has emerged and been so effective in turning the tide will continue in some form in the inner workings of Moscow. The people behind that group will only grow in power and importance and probably dominate in a post Putin Russia, as they should since they’re the ones who demonstrated competence in this crisis.

    • i think the zelensky regime will fall before any peace talks. they seem to be in a precarious position even now.

      • I think not, Buck Fiden and the uniparty will protect and support the guy who’s only claim to fame before becoming president of the Ukraine was playing piano with his penis. The money laundry must not fall!

        • Here is entre for my pathetic joke. The world needs a music album with the artist standing before his instrument and the title of said album “Fully erect pianist.”

    • Is a negotiated peace possible with people whose signature on a piece of paper is absolutely worthless? America’s word is absolutely worthless. So is Germany’s word. Frankly, so is NATO’s word.

      Merkel, possibly an even worse “leader” than Hitler, openly admitted in public they signed Minsk 2 as a way of “buying time” to arm Ukraine. You cannot negotiate with a bad faith negotiator.

      I suspect “unconditional surrender” is the only acceptable peace terms.

      • Additionally, we have a deadly combination of Small Hat Neocons/City of London and sick Malthusians running shit. Remember Bill Gates 2010 video talking about vaccines will aid in reducing world population to ½ billion. Add in Paul Ehrlich Population Bomb weirdo and Obama and his crew using the Georgia guidestones as fantasy porn. These freaks are dangerously real. Couple them with Cossack crazy hoos and, well, total chaos/evil is loose that feeds on itself, attacks itself, eats its tail. They are not rational.
        I set in a supply of iodine tablets. I look around and take into memory what my world looks like as it shortly will not be the world I knew and took for granted, whatever happens. Whether bombs-radiation or tyranny wombats with children on their dicks sacrificed to Baal.

    • “In a couple years we could easily be throwing arms at Zelenskyy to save him from his own Ukrainian militia retribution.”

      Whew! I can see that, thank you, Wirth. Let us hope so, better a wicked world than none at aĺl-

    • The Wagners have about 20000 troops basically trapped in Bakhmut. There will probably be no deal at least until those troops are captured or killed.

  14. I have no respect for the Ukrainian men who allow themselves to be murdered in this conflict. Easier said than done, I know, but there is absolutely no chance I would ever fight in any Globohomo war. Many have been blinded and tragically given their lives for people who hate them and want them dead. Same goes for Poles, Balts, and Scandinavians.

    Ukraine is unfortunately a dead country – young (and middle aged) men dead, women in Europe and Canada, riding the carousel.

    Russia just needs to wait. Every day the USA becomes less of a threat. Every day, 5,000 “Latinos” pour into the country, make the USA that much more like Brazil. Brazil is not a threat to anybody despite a huge population. Every day, more fighting age American white males OD. Every day, Ukraine depopulates more. At some point Ukraine will simply be empty fields and Russia can claim it.

    Long term, Russia will win as long as they avoid being nuked. Which is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities.

    • Everyone is Hitler to a zionist.
      The GAE, and most of it’s inhabitants, have all gone mad and cannot see their own insanity.
      John Hagee is a dual covenant preaching heretic.
      Evangelical zionists being some of the most blind, always in pursuit of their Schofield eschatology, they can never view the world outside their misguided belief.

      “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.”
      -John 2:22

      The only sacred blood is that of Christ our Lord.

  15. I was watching a sermon by the great John Hagee yesterday and he put it well – Biden is Chamberlain and Putin is Hitler. The installation of Biden into the “Presidency” was TPTB’s way of doing away with the few remaining hedges that protected America. I think that the sexual mutilation of children was the final straw in God’s eyes.

    Trust Christ as Lord if you haven’t already.

      • I always like to ask people like this minister: Do Jews need Christ?

        Their answers are always entertaining.

      • Jeebus, what a fat bastard.

        First impressions matter. If that’s his profile pic, you can be sure the in person version is much worse.

        Hard to care about someone who won’t even care for himself.

    • John Hagee is a false teacher who among other things, claims that Jews so not need Jesus to be saved. He even has said that Jesus did not ever claim to be the Messiah, in direct contradiction of scripture.

      Just do a web search on “John Hagee exposed.” His heresies have been thoroughly documented by many.

      • Word. The man is a total fraud and a shill for The Tribe. I followed him years ago when he attacked the Clinton Crime Family. But, in typical pig-headed Texan style, he has been blinded by the truth along with a lot of other “Evangelicals.”

    • You guys already gave away the store once.

      So we supported you-know-who.
      Did we prosper?

      This is how we lost God: we put Another in His place.


      LMAO! There are many high IQ posters at Z-Man’s site so I’m trying to puzzle out if this is a -very- clever piss take / troll or if somehow an actual dyed in the wool Evangelical somehow erroneously slipped from Breitbart forum to here. I want it to be the former but sadly acknowledge it is likely the latter.

  16. In the old days of cold war spy novel – and real – intrigue, the KGB seemed all powerful and acted worldwide with impunity.
    With the DC Junta seemingly insane, and Joe obviously a puppet, I’m wondering why someone under Putin doesn’t enact the Clinton doctrine? Hasn’t C_A had “heart attack guns” for decades? Obomba would be obviously SS protected, but would an epidemic of “Died Suddenly” amongst Jarrett, the Kagan Cult, Nuland and his support minions even be newsworthy in this Covid age? Would it change the course of the war? Isn’t that the best way to run a war – bring it home to the rulers? Tom Clancy’s “Ryan Doctrine”? Would it save humanity? After all, the MAD Doctrine worked for generations.

    • Oh wait. Missed on that one. “Died Suddenly” amongst the unvaxxed Ruling Class would send up more red flags than a May Day parade on Red Square.

  17. I believe the police state apparatus going after its puppet Biden is somehow related to the obvious factional war raging in the GAE over the Ukraine. Which faction want to pressure “Biden” is unknown. Klain splitting may have been the result of some Neocon from his Tribe telling him to flee. We also see more and more propaganda pieces finally admitting the obvious arc of the war; simultaneously the staple Putin is Hitler! screeds are disappearing. The Rand press release, which is what it was, took dead aim at Foggy Bottom. Look for the military to start being heavily criticized.

    Boris Johnson’s sudden appearance in D.C. obviously was at the request of the Neocons. They know the few sane elements left in that shithole are gaining the upper hand as the lies and graft and psychosis become undeniable. A mild winter prevented an uprising in Occupied Europe; the odds of two fortuitous weather events in a row are unlikely and those who want to hold onto the GAE’s last satrapies know it.

    The Banana Empire is going to crawl out of this, assuming the nutjobs don’t launch nukes (VERY possible), a helpless, pitiful giant. The self-inflicted economic damage alone has made that certain.

    Foreign policy is in the hands of people who lop of their sons’ penises and perform double mastectomies on their daughters to virtue signal to one another. The “proxy war” is just another manifestation of this psychopathology and we will be lucky not to be vaporized by these unhinged monsters who share a continent with us.

    • Domestic policy is in the hands of people who eradicate academic standards starting in kindergarten and leave the children of the Heritage population in day care with psychopaths bent on crushing their souls. It is in the hands of people who abandon the majority population to psychopaths with a blood libel bent on their destruction.

      I was on LinkedIn last night. The latest virtue signal by CEOs is to hem and haw about how a people oriented company should not lay people off, blah blah blah blah. The institute a race and gender caste system in their own work force then prattle on about how they are so humane.

      The new way to say you have been laid off is to say that you, “have been impacted by the recent re-organization at (insert-company-name)”

      Do the Cloud People know the extent to which they are despised?

      • “The latest virtue signal by CEOs is to hem and haw about how a people oriented company should not lay people off, blah blah blah blah.”

        Later this year you will have the pleasure of reading how, “akshually, we are different.”

        • Awkshawlee?, I like toduhlee ferrgawt tuh menchawnn? that like someone, like awkshawlee put a post honoring? the stunning and bra-aave? resignation of Jacinda Ardern. It was such like, such a total like totally awwsumm? tribute to how sometimes, when you are overwhelmed and like can’t like give anymore of yourself to the people? it is like an incredawbul gift to them to be all like humble and step down for someone who will give as much as you dawd. It was such a like rawd post that gawt like huge likes ya know?

          (This was best impersonation of how top-tier University graduates speak. Some elite huh?)

      • “Do the Cloud People know the extent to which they are despised?”

        It’s unlikely. Hopefully, they won’t fully realize it until it’s too late (for them). It will be interesting to see what sort of bug-out plans the super wealthy have. Obviously, a lot of them have extensive bunkers, provisions and security, but staying in place with your survival kit just makes you an obvious target. I’m wondering if there are any significant redoubts they can relocate to.

        I have to imagine that with the extensive (and previously unheard of) resources that multi-billionaires have at their disposal, they are able to devise evacuation contingencies we have no idea about. Maybe they intend to hold up in some remote mountain fortress until the coast is clear, then re-emerge to establish their dream-world…

      • That would be known as a “reduction in force” in my book. I experienced it way back in early 2009. My employer kicked my ass out the door and never wanted to see me again … along with 20 others.

    • I’d say Big Brother is more likely to arrange missile attacks on Airstrip One–on us, that is, not on Russia.

      We won’t retaliate if DC takes out some local competition like Chicago or San Francisco.

  18. There ought to be a sign over the entry door to the room where every dial turner, button pusher operates stating: If you play with fire, you might get burned.
    (Or branded on their foreheads).

  19. “Given that both sides have large arsenals of nuclear weapons, conflict could lead to Armageddon.”

    Nuclear Armageddon, LOL. If it’s a limited exchange that takes out New York, Washington and Boston but leaves Moline, Dodge City and Dallas unscathed, what’s the downside?

    • There are maps and simulations on this ad nauseum. Every population center probably gets its own cluster of warheads and there are military targets everywhere else, particularly in the North Plain redoubts. The jet stream will spread lethal fallout over the entire northern hemisphere. Perhaps the far southern will be habitable. The 1959 film ‘On the Beach’ isn’t too far off.

      • When I was in school, they would hand out maps of the US to us with red dots and circles on them to indicate the likely impact of Soviet missiles. I am not sure if this was done everywhere, but it was done in my school. In retrospect, I doubt parents were thrilled with this. In the 1980’s there was a TV movie depicting a nuclear war.

        Current thinking says that a nuclear war with Russia kills a third of the US population. It assumes a limited exchange, rather than a mag dump by both sides. That is the sort of thinking that should give one pause.

      • Yeah, I’m familiar with the doctrine of “massive retaliation” and the possibility that they’d nuke EVERYTHING and only the cockroaches would survive.

        I just think it’s fucking hilarious how the left-wing nutjobs were continuously pissing themselves over the possibility of nuclear war with Russia from the 1950s through the 1980s when the military-industrial-complex was controlled by right-wing white men who wanted to kill commies.

        Now that the military-industrial complex is “woke” and controlled by queers, women, blacks and trannies, they’re totally willing to risk nuclear war with Russia on behalf of a Jewish comedian in “Keev” who supports gay rights and abortion.

      • First, both the US and Russian nuclear arsenals are old and many warheads will likely misfire or have degraded yield, which is why many targets will receive multiple nukes. Second, civilian centers will get air burst detonations because it does the most harm to the greatest area, but results in far less ground surface contamination. Third, it serves no purpose to target an empty missile silo in the northern plains states (or elsewhere). Only large military bases or important infrastructure sites are likely to see ground impact. I don’t know what models you’re looking at, but large swaths of the Northern Hemisphere will remain habitable. Global winds diffuse contamination rendering it far less harmful and most will fall into oceans.

        • My guess is that the radiation won’t actually kill that many people but will simply lead to higher cancer rates over vast areas for years afterwards. I expect most of the deaths to be due to “diversity effects” in major cities when the lights, water, and food have been gone for a few days and then widespread starvation due to those wonderful “supply chain issues” we’ve all gotten used to. I mean, if we can’t get food from the farm to the shelf because of a nasty headcold, imagine how things are going to be when the distribution hubs have actually been vaporized. There’s also a real possibility that there’s enough animosity in the countryside for the urban masses that armed roadblocks will be set up to turn back any trucks that might be carrying food into an urban area.

    • Sadly, all those missile fields in the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming are considered, “warhead sponges,” at this point.

      • Why send warheads to unpopulated areas that have already fired their own warheads?
        Nope, the Russians will target population centers.

        • The idea is to attempt a strike before the missile leaves its tube or possible shortly thereafter launch while the rocket motor is in the air but hasn’t attained full proper flight path yet. The way I understand it is the silos would be hit no matter what in the off chance to neutralize them, but a follow-on salvo of war heads would detonate in a string of airbursts in the paths the American missiles would take. Guess the shock and heat disturbances done to the air would do harm to a missile.

          • Drop ’em in midair when they’re only a state or two away, eh?

            Judas priest, this just gets worse and worse. We targeted Moscow and hit Springfield instead.

    • Xman: I was reading some of my doom porn fiction before bed the other night, and when first NY and then DC were nuked, I wanted to fist pump and cheer. In reality, of course, the spiteful mutants and their imported shock troops are spread throughout AINO (the opinion editor for a major Idaho paper is a NY lib import; Iraqi rapefugees conspiring and committing major insurance fraud in Washington state, etc. ad nauseam). The city of Dallas would be no great loss, nor most of the suburbs. Same could be said for almost any reasonably sized urban area in any state.

      Problem comes with spread of fallout and follow on effects (transportation, power generation, etc.). What initially seems like a good idea often isn’t. My husband wanted to keep a full set of older tires for our vehicles when we got new ones (just in case) and stuck them on our small back patio. I didn’t want mosquitoes breeding in the standing water when it rained so I covered them with a tarp. First a rabbit took up habitation and then rat droppings started showing up – we both should have known better.

    • A nuke on the Ukraine—say a concentration of Russian forces—will be retaliated with a nuke on the Ukraine, say their armed installations or perhaps a city. No one will go all out immediately. One can expect an extreme outcry from the world when the first nuke goes off in Ukraine. That’s the signal to de-escalate and talk peace as the value of “winning” the conflict has gone to zero, while the risk to losing is approaching infinity.

      • There’s another issue too, perhaps *the* issue: both sides know the nuke numbers published by the other side are bunk. A madman in a western capital, who hates the native population anyway, may have no issue calling the bet with the thought that most if not all Russian nukes are little more than cardboard tubes to serve as a parade float. He might even be right, I mean, probably not, but still if it were left to him…
        Also though, the Russians might be right, and there will be no nuke war because no one is going to shoot one of their six good nukes at the other guy.

    • I’m not sure that our nuclear warheads will work. No testing since the 1990’s. The Energy Department lost the ability to make tritium. Everything is going to be ok.

  20. First, there is nothing that an individual citizen can do to change the dynamics in DC, even when it becomes obvious that the Biden Administration is lurching toward a nuclear war with Russia. Don’t believe the Bongino bullshit about voting harder or calling your congressman; they only genuflect to their donors and handlers. Instead, use your time and effort to make yourself as survivable as possible. Get out of the big city (ground zero), find or create a safe haven far from primary target zones, stock it with essentials, and have a plan to get there on short notice. Following a nuclear exchange, there will be many survivors (it will not the end of all life on the planet), but the deadweight of society will fall by the wayside very quickly. You’re going to need toughness and ingenuity to keep going.

    Europe will be a leading edge indicator of the potential alternative scenario to US-driven escalation into a final face-off. Likely one of these countries will decide (in desperation) to implement an immediate change in political leadership (the old fashion way). If so, this could trigger a wave reaction elsewhere and send a message to DC about pushing the Crazy too far. We can only hope.

    • From everything I have read (not hysterical click bait) I would agree. The majority of strikes would be airbursts producing relatively little fallout. Best as I can read it looks like if you are in an area subjected to such fallout you need to hunker down for 2-3weeks before things become safe enough to venture outside. Maybe I’m an optimist but I live pretty remote and I wouldn’t see more than 4 warheads within 1000 miles of me so the odds don’t seem that bad.

      • The red zone around Chernobyl saw much much higher contamination than what most of the rural US will experience in an all-out nuclear exchange, and yet life still persisted there including plants, insects, and some mammals. If you’re not within the lethal blast radius and can quickly evacuate upwind or crosswind, your chances of survival are better than 50:50. Yes, there can be serious health effects related to thermal and percussive trauma, but both Hiroshima and Nagasaki proved that many will survive.

      • The basic rule of radioactivity is actually right there in the word. If the “activity” of an isotope is high, its half-life is short. The worst stuff is actually gone in a few weeks but if you’re right around where it landed you will quickly get a lethal dose. A few years later though the same location can be rebuilt with no problems as was the case in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • Yeah! Fur shure dude … I’m gonna buy some mules and then start cutting down some trees for a log house. Then when the harvest comes in we’ll be in high cotton!

      • Yes, I know you intended that as fine sarcasm, but do it nonetheless. BTW, mules are a good choice. Good on ya.

  21. The “Putin is Evil” Russia/Ukraine war was prepared for eight years following the Maiden Revolution by the U.S. establishment and the likely reason, in retrospect, for the hasty and embarrassing American withdrawal from Afghanistan months before the Ukraine war started. The war advanced numerous establishment objectives.

    First, it was designed to shift the focus away from a flailing COVID narrative without allowing any of the perpetrators to pay for false fear-mongering, such as Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the plethora of doctors, nurses, scientists, government and media organizations that pushed it not just nationally but worldwide. 

    Second, it providing a “Russia’s at fault” excuse for politicians to shift blame for soaring inflation, which was fundamentally caused by the $11+ trillion dollars printed during COVID in the U.S. and had nothing to do with Russia.

    Third, the Ukraine war gave the U.S. establishment the opportunity to attempt to destroy Russia and carve it into many pieces for future exploitation. Pull up a map showing the aggressive expansion of NATO eastward since the end of the Soviet Union, with Sweden & Finland poised to enter NATO in the near future. The expansion of NATO was a deliberate breach of verbal assurances provided by America to Russia when the Soviet Union dissolved that NATO would not expand eastward.

    Other establishment objectives advanced by the war include the following:

    The war furthers the Great Reset agenda pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and one of the top exporters of grain worldwide, and the disruption caused by the war is causing food prices to soar. This may in turn lead to starving refugee swarms from Africa into Europe, seen as a plus by the WEF to help crush populist discontent in western countries.

    The U.S. military industrial complex gets massively enriched. The Senate approved the initial $40 billion aid bill with no checks or balances on the aid (Rand Paul tried to insert a special inspector general to oversee the funds but failed), and there have also been many follow-up spends totaling additional tens of billions of dollars with additional funds from allies. According to a CBS documentary only 30% of U.S. supplied arms/munitions reached its final destination. Roughly 10% of U.S. manufacturing output pre-war went into weapons production, or about $220 billion/year, so the money to be made is enormous. Compare this with Russia’s total military budget, which in 2021 was only about $63 billion/year.

    The amount of graft and kickbacks to the military industrial complex and American politicians is a significant portion of the aid supplied, with corrupt Ukraine politicians taking a cut and funneling much of the rest of the funds back into America, which is par for the course in Ukraine except in terms of the size of the graft. Additionally Blackrock gets to buy up ultra-depressed Ukrainian assets for pennies on the dollar in coordination with Zelensky.

    The U.S. (and U.K.) achieves its objective of preventing Nordstream 2 from going online, which would have solidified longterm ties between Russia and Germany to the U.S.’s strategic detriment, and even Nordstream 1 has been scuttled.

    Globohomo gets to purge Ukraine of Russian influence by banning the Russian Orthodox Church and by banning all opposition parties.

    The U.S.’s seizure of $400 billion dollars of Russian central bank funds has shocked the world, triggering an upcoming de-dollarization and a potential upcoming end of the petrodollar system, which would be a cataclysmic shift; every country in the world looked at what the U.S. did and asked, if they can do this to Russia what would stop them from doing this to us if they decide to? Therefore if Saudi oil can be traded in non-dollar currencies (as they are currently signaling), there will be much less incentive for other countries to hold dollars, which in turn will trigger a massive influx of dollars back into the U.S. and dramatically increase inflation, possibly to hyper-inflationary levels. But this too may be part of globohomo’s Hegelian dialectical plan: cause hyperinflation as the problem, usher in CBDCs as the chosen false solution when the desperate masses cry out for help and institute a level of micro-managed tyranny never before seen in the world.

    So the war furthers these objectives while Russia fights, in a grinding, plodding, expensive war (both in men, materials and funds) its own genetic and religious brethren in a country named “Borderland” in Russian. It looks like a win for globohomo regardless of any specific military outcome. There are small signs that globohomo may be looking to move on from the conflict in the future, such as a January 2023 RAND study recommending a wind-down.

  22. This is about the time that a sane country would stage a military coup to overthrow a broken government and avoid catastrophe. Since our own military has taken to wearing dresses, crashing ships over lover’s tiffs, and poisoning crews with jet fuel, I am worried.

    • Lover’s tiff? Lol, what was that about? If it’s been major news, sorry, been off grid with the kids.

    • Look, Hitler survived to the last week of the war. He did not do so because he was liked. Zalensky is in a similar situation. He is head of a “criminal organization”, not really a Democratic country like the rubes believe. He has (behind the scenes) repressed opposition media outlets and imprisoned or exile opposition leaders. Even recently, he fired some of his provincial ministers under the rubric of corruption—but who knows, perhaps they were signaling a break from him.

  23. On the one hand, the MIC and Biden have committed so much American prestige to “victory” in Ukraine that it seems nearly impossible for them to back down now without severe geopolitical consequences. On the other hand, the whole world just watched us walk out of Afghanistan after spending a sum of money which makes the Uke aid seem trivial in comparison.

    So apparently, our MIC/Pres have a teenage girl’s emotional state and decision-making apparatus. Therefore anything is possible.

    The RAND report is obviously the Pentagon’s attempt to “nip in the bud” any plan to intervene directly or protract the conflict. We have to remember that as many military careers were ruined as were helped in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes the MIC made money, but for serving officers, it was a 50/50 proposition. Senior active-duty types would rather talk than fight actual Russians after having been fought to a standstill by goatherds.

    The “game theory” solution for General officers in the Pentagon is to negotiate. Why? Because the Politicos will blame senior officers for the very likely Uke defeat if we go “all-in”. Any unlikely victory would be hogged by the Politicos. Meanwhile, the peacetime “learnings” from the proxy war (drones, LR missiles, ISR enhanced capability) will be incorporated into MIC budgets for years to come, helping all kinds of Pentagon types without risking careers.

    • I’ve sat in many, many wargames and helped write many, many think-tank reports, and I can confidently state that none of them have any impact at all, at least on the combination of hubris and self-righteousness that infects our ruling class. I don’t think that it is an accident that the same people who were scared out of their minds by a bad flu season are strangely ambivalent about the prospect of a nuclear war. At this point, I think the only explanation I can offer to explain why the leadership is so cavalier about taunting the other big nuclear power is that they are drunk on their own self-grandeur and really, truly *believe* their “right side of history” nonsense, either to the point that they don’t think anything can go wrong, or perhaps slightly more charitably, they can’t be *blamed* for the negative consequences, since *their hearts were in the right place.*

      • The regime’s equanimity about the prospect of nukes flying adds to the sense that it’s just a bluff. Biden and Co. were around to see when Reagan bluffed in similar fashion. His political opposition was terrified too. But the Soviets were genuinely mystified and unsure whether or not Reagan really meant it. I suspect “Biden” is hoping for a similar effect.

        • All the Russians have to do is pick up a phone and call China to see what their U.S. puppet’s next move will be.

  24. There was always tension between the US State Department and the Pentagon regarding the war in Ukraine. The recent RAND report brought this into full public eye. Briefly stated, the Kagan Cult at State wants to continue to flood Ukraine with all sorts of weaponry and mercenaries, believing that Russia will eventually agree to negotiate. The Pentagon sees the Ukraine war as a losing proposition and a dreadful waste of US resources that will be needed in an upcoming war with China.

    I doubt that State can win this argument even with the full cooperation of the 3-letters. A Pentagon victory will delay any possible nuclear war for another year.

    Incidentally Z-Man, I once saw the decline of the US as resembling the decline of the Western Empire that began in 180 or so. I have now come around to your view that it more resembles the decline of the Athenian Empire. It seems the US has already entered her Peloponnesian War phase, passed her Melian Dialogue and is on her way to her own Sicilian Expedition.

    Fun times directly ahead.

    • This is, in my opinion, why Elon Musk, who is a proxy for the Department of Defense, bought Twitter. The State Department crowd was fully in charge of Twitter before the acquisition. The Pentagon came to the conclusion that it could no longer afford the State Department crowd controlling the narrative on matters that ultimately fall on the DoD to enforce, particularly Ukraine and Taiwan. This is particularly true at a time when their traditional recruiting class (young, white men from the South and Midwest) are no longer willing to fight and die for the global American empire.

      Elon Musk has been cavalier about the entire Twitter project because he is backed by the Pentagon. The $44B he paid for Twitter is a fart in the wind to to the DoD. If he loses it all the DoD will simply make it up in contracts to SpaceX.

      • That’s an incredibly interesting suggestion. While not dispositive, Musk almost immediately started to rationally call for peace negotiations upon his acquisition of Twitter. I don’t use it or other social media but I gather prior to Musk’s takeover the war drums were banging constantly there.

        I do not discount there remains a tiny remnant of military brass and perhaps even some MIC types who have great affection for their countrymen. Still, the vast majority do not but they do not want to be exposed as a paper tiger and watch their grift dry up. Those would be the ones who slid Musk into place.

  25. The Russians will not back down. The situation is similar to a a chess master facing a tyro who comes at him with a premature assault with queen, bishop, and knight. If the master keeps his cool, he can easily repulse the attack and go on to win. The one thing the master won’t do is resign the game.

    It’s not only Biden who’s brain dead but the neocon establishment. And their deep-seated problem is they’ve never been in a situation of sustained conflict with a peer, where judgement, patience, and delicate maneuvering was required. The incompetence of this establishment is only equaled by its hubris. This sucker’s going down. I’m fatalistic about this. One way or another US hegemony is over — even if it involves a nuclear conflagration that wipes out me and my family.

    • Arshad Ali: My view at this point is the Russians are not so stupid and gullible as to trust any potential deal or assurances offered by the West. The Minsk accords? The spread of NATO? The continuing assimilation of nation after nation by globohomo? Why on earth would any sane people accept any ‘compromise’ proposed by chronic liars? Which the raises the question of how AINO handles the end of the Ukraine debacle – do they just take their toys and go home a la Afghanistan, or do they double down?

      As you note, nothing any one of us can do. And I find it hard to ‘predict’ what choices insane and evil people living in an alternate reality will make. We can only watch and try to prepare our families for a host of unpleasant after effects.

      • “I find it hard to ‘predict’ what choices insane and evil people living in an alternate reality will make”

        This is dangerous at several levels, not the least of which is one false move by these nutcases could spark a conflagration. The Russians see the same madness unfolding over here that we do.

  26. We are entering the post wiz bang military era that has reigned supreme for the last 50+ years. When a $10,000.00 missile can shoot down your $1,000,000.00 missile, cheap technology has leveled the playing field. Does anyone doubt, as an example, that aircraft carriers are now nothing more than a $13,000,000,000.00 target? Can the US military shift? They’ve done it before, but then again they’ve never been THIS clownish before.

  27. Every time I look at DC, I think of that scene at the Do Long Bridge from “Apocalypse Now.” “Where’s the CO?” “I thought you were the CO!” “Man, there ain’t no f*ckin’ CO.”

    Acknowledging the likelihood of at least some wishcasting here (as terrifying as that is), I don’t think they actually have a plan, or ever did. The Kagan cult wants to bait Russia into war, but they don’t control the actual resources that could make that happen (Victoria Nuland can’t order a nuclear strike on her own authority). The Pentagon probably doesn’t want war, but they do want a whole bunch of shiny new toys to play with, so why not dump the old ones on the Ukes? The defense contractors and Wall Street are of course cool with this, and so’s the Big Guy (provided he gets his 10% of course), energy companies love it because they can sell price-gouged LNG to Europe, and so on.

    In short, everyone is working only for his immediate short-term advantage. All this stuff happens on Zoom and Twitter, and since these are the kind of people who believe Twitter is real life, it never occurs to them that the enemy gets a vote, too, as do the poor bastards dying in the trenches (I have a very hard time believing the Ukrainian army hasn’t mutinied yet; it’s a real testament to the courage and patriotism of the Ukrainian soldier, though of course if they did and it was suppressed we’d never hear about it).

    They’re just flailing around. Everyone is running his own best scam, and they’re so busy scamming each other that they never look up.

    • “Charlie’s idea of great R n’ R was some cold rice and a little bit of rat meat.”

  28. We know the people running the GAE are insane based on Nuland’s trip to Moscow to threaten Putin directly. That incident was also a giveaway as to who is really in charge of the GAE.

    That said, every indication is that the GAE is preparing Poland to be the next proxy in line to face down Russia to provoke them so NATO can invoke Article V.

    The main wrench I see in that plan is that Poland may have a few hundred thousand bodies, but where will they source the gear and ammo to equip them?

  29. I have watched a couple of videos of men being pressed into service by the Ukrainian army. The men had gray hair. I interpret this as a real shortage of fighting age men.

    I think the Israeli bombing of Iran might be a further indication that the war is going badly for Ukraine. It looks like The US gave the Israelis the green light to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites if they also hit the drone factories that are supplying Russia. I’d like to see some analysis of this by those better informed than me.

    • Ukraine just announced that it is mobilizing that who have been deemed physically unfit for service, so yeah, they are running out of people to send to the front.

        • Due to the immense losses in the wake of Operation Barbarossa, in Summer 1941 the Russians did the same thing as the German drive neared Moscow, hastily assembling “worker’s militias” – raw, untrained, & largely older men – to throw in front of the Germans.

          AH then loused it all up by taking his foot off the gas pedal.

          • It wasn’t loused up so much as the Panzers and the infantry went as far as they were going to go in the icy cold of the Russian winter.

            Had Der Germans known of the panic in Moscow in late September/Early October 1941 and how easily they could have taken the capital, they’d have moved a damned sight quicker.

            That said your point stands. When losses rise anyone who can carry a weapon and aim it gets recruited and sent into battle, ready or not. The Germans wiped out an anti-aircraft unit desperately trying to defend the approaches to Stalingrad in the early phase of the battle. The unit used their guns as anti-tank weapons to stall the assault, but were wiped out. When the Germans advanced past the gun emplacements they’d found they’d killed a unit comprised of women.

          • The original schedle was to invade Russia a month or 2 earlier. But thanks to the Italians getting bogged down in the Balkans and Greece it was put so that Italy wouldn’t be embarrassed.

        • MMack –

          AH did stall Army Group Centre in their drive on Moscow to let von Runstedt – in command of Army Group South – catch up to them. This is why Guderian went apoplectic & wound up getting relieved. When the offensive was restarted it was too late; winter had arrived with a vengeance & the German logistical line was already well overextended & breaking down.

          Shame. That was the real “A-Team”: Generals Fedor von Bock (overall command of Army Group Centre), Heinz Guderian leading the armored spearhead, & Ritter von Leeb in @ Army Group North.

          They could’ve done it. AH screwed up.

  30. Macgregor is awesome. Dunno what to think about Ritter. According to his detractors, he’s a pedo. But given the Establishment’s penchant for framing and smearing it’s detractors this way…I dunno whether to believe it or not. Ritter has been a PITA for the Neocon war machine since forever. FWIW… he does have “crazy eyes” like you see on a lot of the more odious and obnoxious female politicos…

    • I think MacGregor has the correct insight at the strategic level, while Ritter thinks and operates most comfortably at the tactical stage.

    • With what we’ve learned over the last few years, I wonder if Ritter wasn’t set up because of the trouble he had caused the neocons.

      • If one takes a few minutes to look into it, The Colonel was “off message” and had to be dealt with. I don’t think at the time anyone knew just how corrupt the justice system was. I bet Ritter won’t make that mistake again.(not getting top notch representation, and believing the “truth” would set him free.)

        After all, if TDS will kill political opposition, bogus criminal charges are nothing.

  31. Will NATO come up with a peace deal that the Russians can accept? After the confessions by Merkel and Hollande that the Minsk treaty was a sham to enable arming the Ukraine, absolutely not…The Russians will proceed until they have destroyed the Ukraine’s army, wiped out the Nazis, and established enforceable borders…

    • The only peace deal I see if Russia keeps what they currently occupy and the Ukrainian army is completely dismantled, making the country a no-go zone for NATO and Russia. NATO has been too bad faith for any other agreement.

      Zelensky will need to be sleeping with the fishes before that happens though.

      • The thing to watch is the ongoing purges in Kiev over alleged corruption. The CIA chief went there and all of a sudden Zelensky is concerne3d about corruption. Not only did he purge a bunch of senior people, he is now investigating one of his benefactors, and guy named Ihor Kolomoyskyi. I wonder if the CIA is not setting Zelensky up to be killed by his own people.

        Let’s say Zelensky gets killed. Washington could try to blame the Russians or maybe they blame some faction, like the ultranationalists that they do not like. This provides the excuse to halt money transfers and weapons. This puts the political situation into chaos, which would result in a collapse of the army or maybe the army simply turning on Kiev.

        The Russians are then left to impose whatever peace they see fit. The West gripes about it, but they can do nothing. The neocons are sent back to plot new crimes against humanity. This is sort of what happened when Obama pulled the plug on the Iraq occupation and abandoned the war on Iran strategy.

          • As Kissinger said: “To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal”

          • I think he will end up in Israel with enough lucre to last him a lifetime. I believe the whole point of the Ukraine operation was for the neocons to kill as many eastern slavs as possible.

            I believe the neocons would prefer that the dead slavs be Russians, but Ukrainians will do. Zelensky no doubt hates eastern slavs as well, so he is the perfect guy for the neocons to put in charge in Ukraine and refuse any negotiations that could result in less eastern slavs being killed.

            Once his work is done, he will be rewarded handsomely.

          • @Mis(ter)Anthrope

            “I think he will end up in Israel with enough lucre to last him a lifetime.”

            His parents are already there, set up in a new $8 million home

            “I believe the neocons would prefer that the dead slavs be Russians, but Ukrainians will do.”

            I think this is absolutely correct, and would add that I think that they see their Ukrainians Slavs as human cattle and now, one way or the other, their property is going to slip the leash. They would much rather the Ukies be dead than either be free or belong to someone else.

        • i wonder if the russian plan isn’t to depopulate ukraine as much as possible? kill as many men as possible, before the country collapses, drive as many people as possible out of the country into the eu. one way to increase the russian population is to hand out land and housing, making family formation easier.

  32. “60 Bradley’s loaded onto onto the Arc Integrity, left the port of North Charleston, South Carolina to be delivered to Ukraine “

    It’s like the US is providing a target list to the Russian navy, begging them to sink it.

    The real question is, “Will the Americans sink it, if the Russians don’t?”

  33. Russia really has been patient. They know we are a collapsing empire looking for a way to go out with a bang instead of a whimper. So they have declined all the opportunities for escalation so far while grinding away in the Ukraine. Hope that continues. Our own collapse is imminent either way.

    • I think China and Russia want to manage the end of the empire. Indian and the Saudis seem to have signed onto the project. A sudden collapse of the empire, like what happened with the soviet Union, would be catastrophic. Whether a controlled demolition is possible, given the makeup of the ruling class of the empire, is unknown.

      • Hrmmmmmmmm. Astute.

        The Chinese especially cannot afford to see its markets in America implode. Their economy is built on the same house of cards plan that ours is.

        Compare and contrast with Putler’s economic model: they dispensed with the jewish banksters, tied the Ruble to the gold standard, and are forging a new empire with actual rules and stability. Comparing that mindset to that of Globohomo Inc… and theirs is the third most powerful currency in the world and they are beginning to turn nice profits…. So this only ends one way.

        • China is locked into the GAE economy more than Russia is, much more. So they will feel the pain of an American collapse for sure. However, China is turning inward. They have basically stolen all they can steal, and copied all they can copy. They can now run a pretty decent civilization with what they took from the West. Furthermore, in living memory, Chinese remember poverty and suffering. What they have now is far better that what they had, even 20 years ago, so they can tolerate a backslide in living standards.

          But Americans are soft. They have been living in comfort and relative peace for a long, long, long time. Going back to even 1993 standards would be a disaster for many. It would turn our cities into zoos real quick.

          And when I say “Americans” I bet you all think White. Of course Whites are sliding below 60% of the population. That is the demographic that has been living in comfort and peace. Blacks and Hispanics have not. They will weather the collapse much better than the White man. Unfortunately. What does that mean? I don’t know. But all those suburban potatoes are in for a hell of a shock.

          • I’m not so sure about your last point. Blacks and Hispanics are suckerfish attached to white whales. As go the whales, so go the suckerfish.

          • Hispanics and particularly blacks are, if anything, softer in the ways that count. They are into their fourth generation of parasitism and have lost all memory about how to survive. Once the urbans cores out to about ten to twenty miles have been plundered they will revert to cannibalism after the pets are slaughtered.

            I grant the same applies to many Whites but the disconnect is much less.

      • I’m surprised we haven’t seen more incidents of wetwork surface, ala Seth Rich.

        Or maybe they are hiding in plain sight, concealed in the background noise of all kinds of folks, “dying suddenly?”

        • Argentina, Algeria and Iran have applied for BRICS membership. Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey Egypt and Afghanistan are expected to follow suit.
          If all these countries become BRICS members they’ll comprise over 50% of the worlds population.
          This has been in the works for a while.

    • “the West has done a number of things that would justify a response, but so far the Russians have been careful to avoid the trap.”

      Just to note, that Russian level of patience would have served the Germans and Japanese well in another age. Much as the tyrants of old just couldn’t help themselves, the Russian chess masters can.
      As Z notes though, how about our tyrants, can they help themselves? Their redemption may come from the fact that even a tool like General Miley knows that there is no way for their schemes to work.

  34. This is looking more like a war on Ukraine by the U.S. The infrastructure is getting gutted more each day, tens of thousands of young men dying on the battlefield, and millions leaving the country. What then? Well, Zelensky has had talks with Black Rock about reconstructing the country after all of this. Sounds like the Soviet Union after the collapse and corrupt oligarchs taking over and establishing their governances. Lots going to get rich here just as it was then.

    That’s one way to explain this because it’s obvious the war can’t go well otherwise for Nato. Russia just lets it’s enemies bleed out all their high tech military equipment. Jets and tanks given to a country without the personnel to operate them ? Where can this possibly end up. If one was truly “for Ukraine” this would not be prosecuted like this.

    Putin must feel pretty good about now looking at his chessboard.

    • I thought the US was doubling down in Ukraine to protect the biolabs Nuland admitted to and all the investments that firms like Blackrock and Monsanto hold there?

    • Correct.

      Say what you want about Putler – he is a stone cold statesman and strategist. Were he an American politico rather than Russian… the Biden’s, the Clinton’s, the Obuttholes, and the Bush crime families would have been liquidated decades ago. He will not be goaded into anything – he will simply react to threats in the most practical manner possible.

      This will not go nuclear. It will end with our leaders looking foolish and stupid, and frantically casting about for a new Current Thing.

      • I can’t agree.

        Our leaders are so dumb they will pull a John Travolta in Broken Arrow and shriek, “F ’em if they can’t take a joke!” just before they push the big, red button.

        • Well, to all appearances Our Leaders are a bunch of nihilistic wreckers, so you really can’t put it past them that this could be the outcome.

          As to the GAE warring on Ukraine, this is entirely possible. Consider that in times past Ukraine was a principal conduit for Russian natural gas entering Europe and thereby strengthening prospects for integration of Europe into the Greater Eurasian Project. MacKinder revisited, ack, can’t have that! The GAE has in times past presented as The Psycho Boyfriend; “If I can’t have you, no one will !. So considering what the GAE has already done to Germany, derailing the alternative route for Russian natural gas entering Europe through outright, brutal sabotage, why would the GAE want to take the chance that Ukraine surrenders, and out of consideration for its own self-interest becomes neutral and consents to transit the gas again out of their pressing need for the transit fees? The answer is no, the GAE will wreck Ukraine comprehensively rather than see that possibility survive. The Ukrainians, and in fact all Europeans, are merely muppets to the NeoCons/NeoLiberals, unworthy of pity.

      • Hopefully Trump was our failed reformer Gorbachev, Biden our incapacitated Yeltsin, and some heretofore nameless worker bee our Putin.

        Coup, looting… restoration? Don’t want be too optimistic, but, you know?

        • The KGB produced Putin. The CIA produced Bush the elder, and more recently creaures like Comey. So we are SOL.

          • Not a Putin fanboy, but he’s undeniably been good for Russia. If the USSR of his youth could produce him, I have to imagine something similar is possible here.

    • Has anyone seen an online 2 or 3 minute commercial by the Ukraine called I think Ukraine 2030? It basically says that the country will be given the the likes of Blackrock to do whatever they have in mind for it. It puts a fig leaf of hope on what would be a WEF dream dystopian future.

  35. The shot callers(the ones who don’t run for office but control those who do), are evil, sociopathic psychopaths.
    Decolonize Russia? Say what it is. They want the resources in that part of the world, and on top of it all, a bunch of straight, white Christians control it.

    They will not abide in that!

    As for striking a deal, the GAE can not be trusted. If Russia does “make a deal”, they will deserve the subsequent ass hammering that will be the result.

    • Not going to happen…Putin would be removed from office if he tried…The Russian public wants blood at this point.

      • Yep. Putin is a moderate. If he goes, the firebreathers take control. If that happens, then Ukraine is finished as any sort of independent entity, and more than likely so are the Poles. Those tiny, pesky and annoying little Baltic states will be brought to heal. So will Finland.

        • I want to see the Baltics get slapped down so hard. They have been even more insufferable than the Poles. And that’s saying a lot.

          • There are ranches in Texas bigger than any Baltic state. Like you I would much enjoy seeing these noisome pests brought low by Russia. And the Poles? Let them try to exist in peace after Ukraine is turned into a sheep walk, and with Belarus and Russia as their neighbors.

            These worthless nations have forgotten and basic rule of men and states: “Never piss in a well that you might need to drink from one day.”

      • after all those videos of russian soldiers being tortured and murdered, the ukes are going to be paying their pound of flesh for a long time.

    • “As for striking a deal, the GAE can not be trusted.”

      Forget the GAE thing – ask the red men how ‘trusting’ the Federals worked out. One solemn treaty after another. Indian chiefs making the long trip to the (then) imperial capitol for a photo op.

      Before the ink was even dry, renege on so-called treaty. Grasp at more land, more resources. Eventually, red men end up in open-air concentration camps.

      That’s before we even get to these modern camps, aka “Sun City”. The oldsters live in Camp Manzanar, and don’t know if CUS THERE’S POTTERY CLASSES and pickle ball.

      • Memo to future red men equivalents: make decorations of your enemy’s body parts, after you’ve finished torturing then to death. Let a few escape.. Sends an important message.

  36. What about the Rand report that came out a couple of days ago that seems to suggest some schism in the “elite” thinking on the possibilities (or lack there) of victory and perhaps getting out while the getting is good? Frankly, I can’t see the Russians negotiating with the corrupt, lying US government.

    • It would be like Lucy finally letting Charlie Brown kick the football.

      They just don’t have it in them.

    • My read is the MIC is getting worried, so they contracted RAND to get those worries into the bloodstream of policy makers. It seems that the MIC accepted as true the claims of the neocon about the weaknesses of Russia before the war. Like a fighter prepped to exploit the weakness of an opponent, only to learn that the opponent has addressed that weakness, the MIC is very worried that they are in a fight they cannot win.

      The problem they have is Biden has no control over his own policies or his bowels. Blinken and Nuland are running foreign policy and they do not care what the MIC has to say about any of this. That may be why we are seeing German generals sound the alarm over weapons transfers and Ukrainian losses. Who knows? Maybe this FBI investigation of Biden is a plot to replace him with someone that will shut down the Kagan cult.

      • The MIC has enormous supply chain issues it refuses to admit, especially when it comes to integrated circuits going obsolete.

        • Yup, when ole shitpants hits the red button, instead of launching any nukes, it will just change the channel on his TV.

          From CNN to MSNBC.

        • For at least thirty years, the MIC has worked under the assumption that it would never face high intensity warfare and it would never face a well armed and supplied opponent. The Soviet Union was gone and China was all about making money. That left small players on the fringes who would need a beating once in a while.

          The MIC understands this, but the political class does not. The question though is even if the political class wakes up to this reality, can they do anything about it? In order to transform the military into a force that could plausibly match the Russians in a land war and the Chinese in a sea war, it would require a radical transformation of the American economy. There is no way the financial class goes along with that idea.

          • An additional issue for the MIC is the allegiance of US forces once they see all the fancy equipment burning in fields in Eastern Ukraine. There has been *a lot* of effort put into survivability over the past two decades. If that’s shown to be a Potemkin Tank, the motivation of Mothers of America sending their kids off to fight is gone. Next step, draft.

          • “In order to transform the military into a force that could plausibly match the Russians in a land war and the Chinese in a sea war, it would require a radical transformation of the American economy.”

            It looks grim right now, but a multipolar world is the hope. The reality, too, if we’re able to survive this dangerous spot— and there are signs of sanity, hopefully just the beginning. Woke would still be a bizarre subculture, and the End of History still an amusing theory, if tptb still had to be disciplined.

  37. First, I enjoy essays on this war because it strokes my bias against the NATO grift. So thank you. I do hope this ends sooner rather than later and with a light shone upon the corruption.

    Second, can anyone explain why “the” is put in front of everything involving Ukraine? The Ukraine, The Donbas, The Crimea. Feels like The Ohio Stare University. Just curious.

    • The word Ukraine would translate into English as borderland, so English speakers put the definite article before the word Ukraine. The same is true for Crimea and Donbas. In many languages, place names are descriptions, rather than proper names. When you translate a foreign word that means “place with the big rock in the middle” the definite article is used, or it used to be that way. If the word for “place with the big rock in the middle” is garblenock, then in English it becomes the Garblenock.

      • Garblenock. I think I found the name for a stray cat that’s been hanging around my property.

        • I call it the Ukraine because it’s never been a real country. It’s an abortion made up off misfits who won’t try to get along with anyone.

      • I’ve always heard that the Ukraine was a region for most of its existence, not a country, until recently. So it was like saying “the Midwest”, as it was just a region of the Soviet Union for most of the 20th century.

        Alternatively, maybe it was named by Southern Californians who put “the” in front of all their highway names.?

    • “The” OSU reference is so funny;-) Love when I see a car’s
      license plate bracket reading “OSU Alumni” or “Harvard Alumni” — which of course is plural, as if everyone in the car is an alumna/us!

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