Enablers Of Evil

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An important insight of Karl Marx was that rights, as in individual rights established in the law, create inequality. The reason for this is obvious. People are not equal so left to their own devices, they will have different life outcomes. More important, since human society is defined by scarcity, this will inevitably result in the unequal distribution of the benefits of society. A rights regime will impact the distributive choices because the more talented will lay claim to a greater share of benefits.

Communism would solve this problem by first producing superabundance, so that those distributive choices were greatly simplified. Of course, superabundance is only possible when you eliminate gross inequality. This leads to Marx’s expression, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” This is a main difference with socialism, which seeks to close the gap between the rich and poor through redistribution of wealth.

This is all sounds quaint and a bit nutty in the current age, but it turns out these problems are going to be front and center in the diverse future. If you listen to the diversity warriors, most of what they are saying revolves around what Marxists would have called distributive choices. Instead of thinking about the distribution of benefits based along individual or class lines, like the communists, they think about the problem along lines of group identity.

The logic flows from egalitarianism. If all people are equal, inequality must be the result of something other than nature. Individual choice can explain differences in individuals, but what explains measurable differences in groups of people? The only option once you eliminate the obvious is the structure of society itself. The reason blacks, for example, are overrepresented in prison is the criminal justice system distributes justice unequally between the races.

This is what the diversity warriors mean when they talk about whiteness or white supremacy culture. These are the unwritten rules of society that benefit one group over other groups. Since it is white societies that make this form of madness possible, they naturally conclude that white society is the problem. As insane as it is, the diversity warriors are not irrational. From their starting premise, theirs is the only rational answer for why we have inequality in our societies.

This is why conservatives are worthless against these arguments. Here is a “conservative case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” post in National Review that is a good example of the problem. The author thinks there is some accommodation within his conventional American view of politics for the politics of diversity. He assumes that these people will accept equality of opportunity, when in fact they view that argument as the problem they are seeking to eliminate.

This is the central problem of diversity. Scarcity is a permanent feature of all human societies, even wealthy ones. For example, there is a finite amount of health care in America, which means some people get less, maybe even no health care, while others get the heath care they need. Since there are still some market forces at work, rich people will get luxurious levels of health care. Dick Cheney, for example, was able to buy a heart for himself.

Further, Mother Nature does not distribute her gifts equally among people, so no two people are identical and no two groups of people are equal. Combined with the scarcity problem, it means there will be an unequal distribution of benefits between people and also groups of people. Even more important, the more diverse your society, the less equal the outcomes appear. The reason is there are lots of people with a grievance for not being in the top group of society.

The way to think of it is this. In 1950’s America, blacks were a little more than 10% of the population, while whites were a little less than 90%. There was a small percentage of Asians and other. In a world where 10% of the population has a racial grievance, most of the rest can safely ignore the complaints. In a majority-minority society, the majority always has a beef with the minority group at the top, so that minority group must always be on guard against the majority.

This is why the arguments in favor of natural rights or equal opportunity sound increasingly ridiculous to people who live in the world. To conservatives they make perfect sense, because their income depends upon maintaining these fictions. To the diversity warriors, these arguments are confirmation that they have the morally superior argument and therefore they are justified in pushing even harder. The conservative case for diversity is exactly what it claims.

Instead of letting nature take its course, the Marxists imagined an administrative state making the distributive choices. It was this managerial layer that would determine “according to his needs” issue. The diversity warriors have assumed control of the managerial state and the corresponding administrative state. They are now proceeding to remedy the equality problem. From each race according to their abilities, to each race according to their needs.

Of course, this has no better chance of working than Marxism. Unlike communism, however, this new egalitarian drive will not just make people poorer. It will unleash the passions of cultural differences that cannot be remedied. These differences are the product of thousands of years of separation. This is ultimately the conservative case for diversity. It promises to unleash 10,000 years of evolutionary differences within the confines of Western societies.

This is what makes American conservatism so evil. It is the sugary drink in which the poison of egalitarianism is dosed to society. The diversity warriors believe they are on the side of angels, while the so-called conservative know otherwise, but they choose to cash in on the madness. The simpleton who wrote that NRO piece is too dumb to get this, but his handlers surely know better. Yet, they volunteer to be the willing accomplices to the executioners of Western civilization.

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186 thoughts on “Enablers Of Evil

  1. With the absolute collapse of sub-Saharan African countries once whites leave or are pushed out of positions, I find myself wondering about the future of Africa – and the West.

    Affirmative Action, as noted often, is a race to mediocrity in an ever-more-complex and merit-driven world. Red China is not pursuing this nonsense. The same GAE management with the hubris and ignorance to think they can, and demand to, destroy Russia is pushing ever-more-Woke, DIE, AA policies across the West with the fantasy that these will improve, rather than destroy the West.

    But …

    If we overthrow AA (SCOTUS, this Spring), and if we return to merit (the only way out of our current domestic and international predicaments created by the morons in charge), what do we do about BIPOC & their nations? Not that I really care, if they don’t interfere with the first world, but…

    As we (if we) continue to progress along the lines we have since the Industrial Revolution, there will be less and less need, desire, room for those who can’t survive in any first world economy. The idea that they can be given a “leg-up” to join us has been, and is being, disproven globally. So – what is to happen? The global South just accepted as a cesspool unable to progress, no way to join or participate in modernity? That’s what their IQ and civilizational capability predict. How’s that work?

    We likely won’t be smart enough to (will be too empathetic to) prevent a Camp of the Saints at first. But, one assumes (or would like to) that we will finally awaken – or it will be the cause of secession and WE won’t accept that… Then what?

    If the fundamentally unable-to-civilize-or-advance BIPOC nations are quarantined as the first world (soon to include Red China – or at least cities within) continues our acceleration into the digital age… does an alternative exist to just seeing the global south as uncompetitive, uncivilized, unable to feed themselves… how do they not, then, become eradicable pests?

    Humanity is being divided, more than ever before, by IQ. As we continue to progress, that division will become more stark – and more necessary… Our geopolitical competitor won’t worry about this. We will. Perhaps we must, I don’t know.

    Perhaps global population reduction is necessary to avoid what seems to be the end of the road down which we are heading. But, if so, it needs to be the low-IQ cohort that is depopulated.

    Does anyone see a way around this?

    • Peter zeihan believes economically, europe, russia, china, and japan didnt have enough children to even be considered for world leaders in the next century. Maybe france and turkey, argentina and usa will be okay. That means nobody will be able to guard the trade routes necessary for africas previous 50 years of population growth. Unless somebody makes a bold move to recolonize africa for resources, hundreds of millions will probably die off, goes the theory

  2. Nat Review used to have a kind of literary quality, I think. It seems impossible to me to write “a gay Uganda-born educator of Egyptian and Indian descent who was raised in Canada and kicked out of her Islamic school at 14 for questioning dogma” at West Point without some wry acknowledgement of the Onion-tier funniness of that info tidbit, but if you just put these interns from the local edu-factory’s Young Reagan Leader Institute on it, they will write it with a straight word-processor face. Are these kids actually that brainwashed or are they just auditioning for the think-tank job by debasing themselves thus? I think by and large young people are not this naturally Tracy Flick-esque, the ones at magazines are just particularly keen signalers.

    Death to the think tanks.

    • For the record: I think this woman and her odd Wall Street-friendly notion of “Diversity without Division” (!!) are not only fair game but potentially enlightening/amusing subjects for a young Con Inc. hire to weave some words around, but she’s capable of writing the brochures herself. That’s her entire job in fact.

      Andrew Ferguson at the late Weekly Standard used to take examples from a service, called McCune Miller, which was just a syndicator for various academic research verbiage press releases, and comically perform “news analysis” on the claims. Not comedy in the sense of Jon Stewart propaganda preaching (which is actual feel-good/knee-jerk liberal pride in substance) but more of a disassembly technique. I feel this skeptical slant is absent today from non-prole conservative media — Fox is prole and credulous, of course, an extrusion of ‘90s AM talk radio largely consisting of plastic-surgery cows gossiping to each other; but the money-losing magazines were never in that market, and really must feel ChatGPT breathing down their neck, to opt for being “megaphones for the convenience of frauds,” as Russell Baker said in a different context.

  3. It’s obvious that the solution is to breed every one together so that the differences aren’t so stark.

    • I think that’s precisely what they want — to achieve global communism by breeding the white race out of existence and creating a single, worldwide brown race.

      • And in the process, placing a very low ceiling on what the human race is capable of. Better that everybody is mediocre at best than anybody be superior. If, throughout history, the human race had been a uniform caramel sludge, there would be very little history, just a dim and dismal trace of mud huts and cassava gruel.

      • Meanwhile, they’ll intermarry like European potentates in the 18th century, necer sullying their own blood lines.

    • There was some tool in the Instapundit comments pumping that, “we’ll all be a shade of brown and live in peace”, never minding that there are already countries that look exactly like that and no one would confuse them with “peaceful”.

    • It’s obvious to me that actualy won’t work. somolia , syria, lebanon, The congo, and other places where everyone is the same color seem are violent hellholes.. Way to simplistic. the english and irish are all the sme color and look at the peacful history they have.

    • As I responded to someone below, from cursory research Adams appears to be childless, twice divorced and apparently has FU money. He is not fragile and is thus dangerous to the Regime. He apparently will not back down and will continue to have a large Facebook following.

      This contemptible culture has produced a lot of childless, atomized, but wealthy folks. It was encouraged, and may become Exhibit A in Be Careful What You Wish For.

      This is nothing but upside for us, and it will be gratifying to watch people in the future asked whether they agree or disagree that it is OK to be White. It needs to be put directly to them.

      • There was a book published years ago about a white woman taking some kind of melanin pill that turned her skin black so she could experience firsthand, and write about, racism in the 1960’s South, where are those pills today because we need them…

        • It was a man, John Howard Griffin, who had some kind of treatment to render him able to pass for a black in the South. His book was titled Black Like Me.

          I read it as a teenager. That was a long time ago, so the details have faded in my mind, but he reported that essentially every white person treated him like proto-dirt.

          One incident he described that I do remember was encountering a white man who looked vaguely academic, complete with smoking a pipe. Surely this benign contemplative would be sympathetic, or at least not hostile, Griffin figured. Wrong. He turned out to be every bit as vicious as all the others.

          Back then I was, of course, properly shocked at the behavior of southern whites as recounted and my immature liberalism got a boost.

          My guess today is that some of Black Like Me was true. Some was exaggerated. Some was made up.

          Questions I have today:

          Was there actually a way, in 1960 or now, to turn a white person’s skin convincingly negroid? Did Griffin’s otherwise white features not arouse skepticism?

          Did the hostility he (claimed to) receive have anything to do with enforced integration, like Eisenhower ordering American soldiers to escort a black student to a white school?

          Did Griffin’s political leanings, whatever they were, affect his objectivity? Did he cherry pick events to back his thesis?

          • Heres a quote from the book: “On a bus trip, Griffin began to give his seat to a white woman, but disapproving looks from black passengers stopped him”

            So the blacks didnt want their brother to be nice to the white lady.

    • I’m sad because I see this as probably a blunder. Scott Adams has stated on more than one occasion that he was trying to get himself canceled, but I think he may have chosen the wrong hill to die on. The goal should have been to get canceled over statements that would look like common sense to as many normies as possible, in order to draw them in and lead them further. If he had had been canceled for saying something like “I’m pretty sure the police would treat blacks better if they stopped committing so much crime“, or even something about IQ statistics, those are statements I could have defended even to my liberal friends. But characterizing black Americans as a whole as a “hate group” and saying white people should “get the hell away” from them? Even I find myself picking holes in that. (What exactly is a “hate group” anyway?) I know this was a calculated move on Scott’s part, but by choosing his words carelessly he may have lost many of the people he was hoping to bring along with him. In any case, it will be interesting to see what he does with his new life as a podcaster.

      • I listen to his show while im at the gym. Hes about half as smart as he thinks he is with an even worse memory. He walks back a lot of his claims and demonstrates absurd mental gynastics to argue that what he said word for word didnt mean what we all thought. Its like arguing with a woman or chatgpt. You can do a Scott Adams vs Scott Adams video to show him contradicting himself pretty easily. Im glad hes warming up to white identity. He implied that he lives in a white neighborhood to avoid blacks, etc, which is progress. I hope he goes scorched earth and meets with jared tayler or something

  4. Well, it looks like the teachers in Rhode Island (??) are going to do student loan forgiveness for all non-white teachers. I think this is a test of the teacher patronage system. Will they accept being left out of the gibs because of their race? Or, will they kiss the feet and accept this as penance for being born white?

    The teachers unions are a huge part of the Democrat’s patronage system. It doesn’t seem wise to sew division within it. Unless the plan is to disallow white teachers at some point.

    • Providence is two-thirds non-White. Rhode Island is below 80 percent White. Some of New England is looking a lot like AINO.

      • I see. In the city it is majority non-white so the patrons who matter are fortifying themselves. Makes sense. I went from a white pill to a bitter black pill.

        • Black pills are hard to avoid. Here’s something to whiten it up, though: Puritans will have to pay Mrs. Shaneeka to keep the lil’ chirren retarded.

    • With one little podcast, he did more for white people than Trump did in four years in the White House.

        • Weeg: “Scott Adams seems surprised by black dislike of Whites.”

          From Wikipedia: Born June 8, 1957 (age 65)
          Windham, New York

          Again from Wikipedia: As of the census of 2000… [t]he racial makeup of the town was 98.13% White, 0.36% Black or African American, 0.42% Native American, 0.06% Asian, 0.42% from other races, and 0.60% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.75% of the population.

          Note that 0.36% Black or African American in a year 2000 population of 1660 souls is

          (0.0036) * 1660 = 5.976

          So about 6 kneegr0ws total in his hometown of Windham, NY.

          Again again from Wikipedia: “the town has a total area of 45.4 square miles”.

          Ergo there are about 45.4 / 6 = 7.566666667 SQUARE MILES PER KNEEGR0W in Scott Adams’s hometown.

  5. At the root, we are all like ping pong balls being swept down the Mississippi River by a powerful current. Up ahead is a rapids that will set these ping pong balls into violent collision (its already begun, there are now thousands of videos online showing the pot beginning its boil). And the spring is winding tighter and tighter among the sane as our political “leadership” continues its addiction to corruption, incompetence, and treason. This country has never experienced worst leadership across-the-board than at the present time.

    So what happens when the pot boils over? To be determined, but you really don’t want to be in a big city when it happens. Your best defense is a large buffer between you and the Crazy; plus robustness, resources, and real skills. There will be no cavalry coming to save you. Your survival is solely up to you.

    Bongino is the classic ConInc archetype. He won’t wake up until he and his family are third in line at the gas chamber door and his youngest looks up at him and asks . . . “Daddy, what’s that smell?”

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  7. The simpleton who wrote that NRO piece is too dumb to get this, but his handlers surely know better.

    My impression of most of my fellow humans, unfortunately, is that they can talk themselves into anything. Political philosophies like classical liberalism and Marxism seems to activate the same brain pathways as religious belief.

    • Indeed, I personally know people who sincerely believe the most absurd nonsense. I’ve learned not to underestimate the incidence of stupidity in prominent places.

      • The stupid are not surprising. It’s the otherwise intelligent who still swallow the woke that shock me.

        • C Matt: “It’s the otherwise intelligent who still swallow the woke that shock me.”

          We badly misunderestimated the omnipotent power with which “Social Proof” or “Social Approval” holds sway over at-risk personality types.

          There are lots of rather high-IQ folks who would rather die than commit a perceived high society faux pas.

          To our great detriment, the Frankfurt School reverse-engineered the algorithm for Inner Hajnalian social-norm-imposition, and has been using that algorithm to play the Inner Hajnalian sh!tlibs like a fiddle.


  8. From reading todays post and the comments I am convinced there can not be a harmonious society based on diversity in a county or in the world. There will be suppression or slavery of some race, religion or class by a dominant group with all the power.

    • Diversity and division have the same etymological root. Diversity is the source of all conflict. Always has been. Attempting to structure a society around diversity is folly at best, madness at worst.

  9. White people are in the way of utopian equality.

    It isn’t logical. But they feel that we are the biggest obstacle to reaching the promised land. As long as there are white people around, inequality persists, so we need to be dealt with. Remember that only white people can be racist.

    2016 alerted the elites to the White Person Problem. Trump caused them to freak out and they started attacking us instead of letting us grill ourselves into oblivion. 80 million white people voted for Trump in 2020 in the face of the largest psy-op in history, with the entire media, MIC, sports, military, street thugs, and riots intimidating us.

    Before 2016, the White Person Problem was going away on its own. A black man was president. The Bitter Clingers and Deplorables were dying off. Redneck white trash was going away, and the New America was going to be a beautiful, LGBT, mixed race, diverse country. (This isn’t logical either).

    The thing is that the White Person Problem isn’t going away. We will continue to make up a large plurality of the American population up until the 22nd century. Even if they reach 1 billion “Americans”, and the white population has shrunk to 100 million… that’s still 100 million white people, and probably further to the right than the white population today. Even in a minority white country like Canada, a few angry white guys threw a giant wrench into the whole COVID scam. And made the entire regime look like idiots. It’s not that other groups didn’t figure out the scam either, but white men were the only ones who stood up for themselves.

    Just as the engineers & kulaks wrecked Stalin’s 5 year plans, white people wreck the regime’s DIE plans. Take from that what you want.

    • “Just as the engineers & kulaks wrecked Stalin’s 5 year plans, white people wreck the regime’s DIE plans. Take from that what you want.”

      If past is prologue, there will be mass graves. That’s what I take from that.

  10. “The diversity warriors have assumed control of the managerial state and the corresponding administrative state. They are now proceeding to remedy the equality problem. From each race according to their abilities, to each race according to their needs.”

    This “philosophy” is a two edged sword. We saw it in the USSR and we are seeing it in the USA. In the USSR, with State control of resources for purchase and wages to buy such, the best and brightest did what they could to maximize return on their efforts—they simply did the least amount of work for the State mandated, and fixed, wages. All benefited equally (whatever that means) and all suffered *equally* through diminished productivity of the whole. The end of that story is known—societal collapse.

    Likewise, we are seeing such behavior—best captured among, Federal, State and local employees—here in the USA, especially in heavily minority populated areas. Governments from local to Federal are now awash in DIE hires, who as a whole are less productive than the Whites they replace.

    However, they receive the same wages and now even more advancement opportunities than the Whites “pulling the wagon”. The productive, having no incentive to excel, simply reduce their efforts to the level of their surrounding co-workers. That is an inward and downward spiral.

    This cancer now spreads into the private sector, albeit a bit more slowly since merit renumeration are not as suppressed, however the unproductive drag of DIE increases yearly. And we have not yet delved into the problem of simple incompetence at all levels of the organization because of DIE via AA hires. Leaning on the shovel is one thing, not knowing how to use such to dig a hole is entirely another.

    • Just to piggyback, even from each race according to ability to each according to need would be a much, much better hell than putting Jaquarious in charge of indoor plumping.

        • To repeat myself, we have such an example as you decry, Ostei, in the last few years with the Boeing 737 fiasco. The plane’s computer control allowed low skilled, poorly trained pilots to literally touch icons on a computer screen for automated take off and landing. Third world airlines loved this as it allowed them to use their own people to pilot such planes. National pride thing.

          There are videos I’ve seen of US (read White) pilots describing the same freak take off events that caused the two Mid East crashes which shut down the flight certification for the 737. In those cases, these pilots knew instinctively what to do (seconds counted) to bring the plane out of stall. Whereas the third world pilots reached for the airplane “users manual” and were reading such as the crashed.

          This kind of human failure will—if not already—become more numerous in our new DIE society.

          • It will be fascinating to see if there is a way for airlines to market their lack of diversity in such a way as to send that message with very plausible deniability of the message being sent. At one point, it would have been possible to point toward a commitment to hiring military veterans as code for “we have White flying you.”

          • You’ll have to avoid Western airlines. Unlikely that Emirates or Air China will be jumping on the unqualified African pilot bandwagon.

            The experience is already much better on foreign airlines. The hostesses on Turkish Airlines are young, smiling, perky white women. Air Canada? More like Selma and Louise, plus Shaniqu’a. And a few flamers as well.

          • This is a response to Jack’s post about how to market White flight crews. I’m guessing it could be a simple “market solution” where certain (non-US) airlines expand their routes in what might seem implausible ways. Sweden-Air flight 150 from Mexico City to Luzon now boarding, gate 12… Then they just make some totally normal commercials for their airline. Totally normal 1985 style commercials — smiling, pretty white flight attendants, square-jawed ex-military White guy pilots with booming deep voices, totally normal stuff.

            They would probably need to be non-US companies to get around the AA hiring rules though and having their headquarters in still mostly White cities in Northern Europe would keep Antifa and BLM safely protesting the racism by burning down a McDonalds in Atlanta or something.

            As the GAE destroys itself and finishes losing the Ukraine war there will be lots of opportunities for European nations and companies to uncuck themselves and start tearing off pieces of America’s own domestic markets that its insane negro-worship has skewed beyond any semblance of rationality. I don’t know if they’ll manage to do it. Some of those countries are pretty severely brainwashed, but if there’s money on the table and especially if they need to re-align themselves towards a multipolar world they might have to.

          • Pozymandius –

            One of the Scandinavian airlines made an Ad saying nothing is really Scandinavian. It disavowed the Scandinavian people and culture. Sweden Air may not look like what you think it will look like.

        • I saw an article today about a British Air flight from Barbados to London and back featuring an all black crew for the first time. They were all so proud celebrating black history mummph. I doubt I could take that step across the threshold. Of course, the usual White cucks were gushing over being able to participate in such an event. Truly pitiful.

  11. (just a little OT about healthcare, in the White world, the US system is the dumbest. Telling to a Finnish, a Danish, an Austrian or even a French than “there’s not enough health ressources for everyone would make them laugh.
    There’s a point where left and social-democrats were absolutely right, it’s the healt system point.

    Walter White can’t exist in Western Europe

    (that said, Walter White did nothing wrong. I can’t say the same thing for his awful brother-in-law, his retarded ingrateful son, his bitchy sister-in-law, and above all, his “friend”, the junkie CRYBABY BASTARD SOB POS JESSE PINKMAN😬)

    • Pasaran: I can’t claim any experience with the French health system and have heard nothing but good things about the Scandinavian systems, but I dealt personally with the English, the Russian, one in Asia, and the US. While the US system is in need of massive reform and repair and the price structure is totally skewed by insurance and federally subsidized care for the POX and the old, it is still far better than anything I experienced anywhere overseas.

      Plenty of corrupt and incompetent (generally non-White) doctors. Most of them are arrogant and inflexible. But quality care is readily available and, at least pre the covid insanity, instantly available.

      Now if you want to compare the US versus the European vax schedule for children, no question. The US system is insane and deleterious to children’s health.

    • Comparing Denmark to the USA is like comparing Mayberry to Chicago, if Chicago was paying to defend Mayberry

  12. How many subscribers does National Review have now? Even in 2000 it was mostly retired accountants and Poli-Sci professors with the little home libraries that had those swivel naugahyde lounge chairs. Those people have been covered in dirt for 10 years now. I just imagine the magazine now being pushed out like those Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower pamphlets.

    • it would be funny if NR had 0 actual subscribers; if all the “subscribers” were dummy accounts created by the people putting out that rag. with names like “Hitch Rowly” and “Manesh Pornu”

  13. I’m more angry/annoyed reading NR than reading Salon.com

    And it’s scientifically impossible not to be annoyed by Salon.

    • It’s about intellectual honesty. Salon is honest about hating us. NR claims the opposite.

      I can tolerate evil people who are honest, but not in my back yard (NIMBY). I don’t want NR types in anyone’s yard.

  14. While I am generally OK with “inequality,” we now have an inequality that is obscene and more importantly, unjustified.

    Most people would agree that the 40s-70s was the most prosperous time in American history. During this period, the top marginal tax rate was 90%. America blew that money mostly on retarded stuff like wars and the space program, but it didn’t have to be that way. Some of the money did go to sensible things like infrastructure.

    This 90% tax rate prevented movie stars, musicians and athletes accumulating obscene fortunes. It also tended to favor smaller-medium size businesses. It also encouraged local businesses to spend locally on things like sponsoring the little league and writing it off.

    One of the first things to happen after the Reagan tax cuts was massive mergers creating ever larger institutions. Of course, outsourcing also began in this era. They built obscene fortunes sending production equipment to foreign lands to be operated by dirt cheap labor for tax-free importation. Millions of Americans got fired so peasants in Asia could do the jobs for pennies on the Dollar. Then these people who did the outsourcing used their newly obtained obscene wealth to buy the politicians. Those who didn’t or couldn’t outsource teamed up with those who did and got politicians to open the floodgate of cheap labor via immigration.

    Despite falling revenue to the government caused these tax cuts, they never cut any government spending. So now we print the money instead. The Laffer curve is just complete and utter BS. They are using a rubber ruler. Even adjusting for inflation is useless because inflation is not accurately calculated.

      • Of course as a Frog you are use to the government breaking it off in your ass at an obscenely high tax rate, n’est-ce pas?

        What you fail to understand is that as more & more burden is placed on your system due to France becoming an Islamic State before your very eyes, those same taxes that use to provide a nice social safety net and great services for native Frogs like yourself are going to become a gibs program for Muhammad, Abdul, Aesha, and Fathi.

        So just like the US, you will be funding sh-tskins to live off your labor and productivity, in perpetuity. And your derisiveness and mocking bring out the absolute worst stereotypes of Europeans, and particularly the French. May want to work on that Surrender Monkey…

        • Bla bla bla bla bla…

          You, you’re certainly perpetuate the cliché of the fat incult monolingual American.

          And please, don’t go on military history.

          You have no history
          You have no soldiers

          Everyone had been, is or will be terrified by your materials and your logistic.
          But not a single asian/european soldier would be respectful for an american soldier.

          Oh, and one more thing, as said my beloved Lt Columbo :

          There is no country in the entire world which can compare to France, in matters of military history.

        • I’m somewhat sympathetic to the idea that prosperity was broader and deeper when top taxes were higher as well as to Pasaran’s snarky take on the American vs. French health care and social systems. However, these kind of debates are all about 20 years too late and fundamentally irrelevant.

          The European style of health care and the welfare state in general was always a historical fluke made possible by American military protection and White demographics. The Euros themselves are now ethnically destroying themselves aping the worst of American immigration boosterism. As has been pointed out above, a welfare state with one French guy supporting 5 Africans isn’t going to work no matter how much taxes “the rich” are forced to pay. As for America providing security, well you guys just sent all your surplus ammo and equipment for the Russians to use as target practice. It’s not your fault though, we know your “leaders” are just GAE stooges who take their orders from DC and that’s who told them to do that.

          Liberal democracy, in the US, Europe, or anywhere, is now just an infernal machine that turns every policy, whether of “Left” or “Right” to the same ends. Cut taxes on the wealthy and they have more money to import more brown labor. Raise taxes on them and your vile government can expand the Deep State, White funded entitlements for browns, DIE propaganda, and import still more browns.

          On both sides of the Atlantic society is now just one of those giant Dr. Seuss machines with lots of different tubes that all have different labels on them but then the camera pans over and you see that they all feed into this one giant contraption belching smoke. Go ahead and adjust the valves on your favorite tube. None of it matters. The machine belches on.

        • Kinda’ funny that no one even debates if the government SHOULD be able to tax income anymore, just how much they should be able to take. History tells us that if they can, they will, until the citizens tell them they can’t. Last two times we said “you can’t” it involved tea in a harbor and shooting at a South Carolina fort.

    • “ This 90% tax rate prevented movie stars, musicians and athletes accumulating obscene fortunes.”

      No one paid the 90% rate. Not then, not now. The “loopholes” were many. One needs to look at the average income tax rate and that was not much more than it is now.

      Last year, the top 50% of the population of wage earners paid 98% of the income tax. The top 1% paid 42% of the income tax.


      But I agree there is a disparage wrt wealth distribution in this country. The problem is that income tax restructuring is not the solution, nor is the solution increased taxation to fund more welfare.

    • Tars: I agree that at some point, how much is enough but . . . I do not agree with a 90% tax rate (and as Compsci notes below, there were always tax accountants and loopholes). If something is earned by one’s labor, the government has no right to confiscate ‘x’ percent to redistribute it – not locally, not nationally, and certainly not overseas. The gap between the wealthy and the middle class is now obscene, however. Because there is no innate limit on man’s greed, there must be some external controls. What those might be and how best to do it I’m not the one to say, but government confiscating one’s income is not the way to go.

      • WRT wealth—liquid assets, property, cash, house—the top 10% or so have 80%. The bottom 90% can fight over the remaining 20%. That ain’t good, but oddly enough, I’m told it’s not out of line with other countries and previous centuries.

        I have no solutions.

        • It’s no so much the money as it is how business and the wealhy dealt with avoiding the 90% tax. The only people who paid 90% was actors, athletes and musicians. As far as I’m concerned, we should take all of their money and they should be happy that they ain’t strung up from light-poles across the US.

          We want people to avoid these taxes by investing in their community. By keeping production in America. By funding basic research.

      • It’s not the 90% tax that’s the big deal, it’s what the effect the top marginal rate had on how business operates. As far as I am concerned, we could launch all that money into the sun. Having such high marginal rates disfavors enormous institutions. Now, granted, there were some very large institutions. But they also spent a lot of their income on funding basic research. There were private labs all over the US. There were the private labs run by the big corporations and there were other labs run by consortium where small businesses pooled their funding to create these labs. One reason this was so common was it could all be written off. Now almost all basic research is done by universities. All the money that used to go in to inventing the transistor and ICs now goes to things like climate change and other government preferred research after the government takes a huge chunk of the money.

        There is little point of sending production overseas if all the income generated by that evil practice is going to be taxed away. Since they no longer need to operate in small town USA,they move to NYC (because it is only an import company now and not a manufacturer), the company town is no longer funding things like little league, parades, fireworks on the 4th of July and other things these companies once did.

        I’m no economist and maybe certain details are wrong, but there can be no denial that we were far more productive and far better off back then. Even though it’s hard to prove 90% marginal tax rates contributed to that prosperity, it didn’t hurt it. It didn’t have the effect all these economists claim it has.

        While the middle class is better off not paying high taxes (which they didn’t), the government needs to be funded by something other than printed money debt. Every man, woman and child in this country owes 100k Dollars just to pay for the debt not including interest plus ongoing funding of the government. That’s the 320m population, not the tax base.

        While cutting spending sounds like a good idea, keep in mind this is clownworld. They’ll cut social security and give tax breaks to billionaires and reparations to blacks. They will never cut all the wasteful military stuff, the Indian (feather) stuff, scale back all the bureaucracies and other wasteful stuff. That’s just not how government works.

        • Tars: They are welcome to cut Social Security; it was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning. And they give it to all the alien parents all the foreign-born are bringing in, in the name of ‘supplemental’ ss.

          Not to go all libertarian (which I’m definitely not) but government used to be funded with tariffs. Let the other guys pay. I’m fine with that.

          Depends on what county you’re talking about, too. AINO? I don’t want a penny of our income to support it. White ethnostate? I’m fine with some form of retirement funding, various social assistance, etc., although private is preferred.

          I think you’re mistaking America’s relative prosperity and harmony from 1940-1970 on taxes, when it really had almost nothing to do with that – it was demographics and, in the beginning, destitute/destroyed European economies.

    • America blew that money mostly on retarded stuff like wars and **the space program**

      *emphasis mine*

      Yikes. Agree 100% about the war stuff, but gtfo with the anti-space program nonsense.

      Just, no.

      • Yeah, I kinda like having weather satellites, communications satellites, above atmosphere astronomical observatories. In my earliest days, none of those things existed, and only geeks like Arthur C. Clarke even envisioned them as the potentially life saving, and civilisationally enhancing things that they have largely proven themselves to be.

        As with all things human, the uses to which space expenditures have been put are doubtless compromised; but on the whole, I think that these monies were well spent to prime the pump for the constructive uses that have eventuated.

      • There were good aspects to the space program, but a lot of bad aspects too. Going to the Moon was a complete waste. We didn’t even retain the knowledge gained to do it. Even to the extent it created new knowledge, it cost a fortune.

        Right after the first successful moon landing, Congress was turning NASA into an affirmative action jobs program. Read ‘Whitey on the Moon’ by Paul Kersey.

        Satellites may or may not be entirely commercial, but they aren’t entirely government either.

        NASA today is a jobs programs for the well educated. They literally call their bosses “Mom” (which is some retarded acronym).

        But at least we can all enjoy a big tall glass of Tang.

        • If you spend a little time reading up on the purpose of Mercury, Gemini, and the early developments of Apollo, (hint, they really were one program divided into stages) you’ll realize that all three programs developed an immense amount of technical knowledge that make the mobile devices we communicate with possible.

          We wouldn’t have had a space program without the goals that Apollo set. Therefore we wouldn’t have western dominated modernity (which of course may or may not be bad in certain contexts), but we certainly would have had a Soviet led version of modernity, and I’m not sure it would have been any better.

    • “The Laffer curve is just complete and utter BS.”

      Yes and no. It all depends where you assume the tax payer is on the Laffer curve. If toward the tail end, the tax payer is avoiding taxes because they are deemed too onerous. If on the start of the curve, then you simply reduce taxes revenue for the government, rather than increase it to the hypothetical maximum.

      This is why it obviously worked in the Reagan era, but can be said to have failed in later tax reduction schemes/replications—we had pushed the tax payer to a different point on the curve.

    • Im pretty sure every time taxes were cut in the usa, the government saw an increase in tax revenues due to higher economic velocity, since it increased investment in business. Economic inequality isnt proof of poverty. The poor are obese and spoiled, and their free services arent even accounted for in the poverty metrics. Spend some time with inner city blacks and youll realize none of them pay rent or for healthcare. Thats about $20k a year in free gibs completely off the books in the economic inequality debate.

      I never expected that corporations would go woke and so many white people would choose to hate themselves. If the private sector fell for it, then a bigger public sector would have as well .

  15. …this new egalitarian drive will not just make people poorer. It will unleash the passions of cultural differences that cannot be remedied….
    Reference South Africa and Zimbabwe as confirmation.

  16. The only thing , that might reverse the current trends before it’s too late, is a complete economic collapse, that will wipe out middle-class people, who both finance and support this system. Fighting with a bunch of Negroes in front of the soup kitchen for bare survival will cure even the most ardent white liberal of his folly. But it must happen over the nest decade or so, before the demographic make-up makes it impossible.

    • I agree. I think back to what would have happened to “woke” if they had tried it with my ancestors, even just a single generation removed. Hell, the police were so scared of the hill people in the Georgia county where I grew up that Jimmy Carter had to send in the National Guard when he was Governor to close an AMVETS chapter that sold moonshine. The local cops, State Patrol and GBI told him to pack sand. Middle class has too much to lose now, or so they think. Only the poor “white trash” remembers what it’s like to have principles worth fighting for. Well, the ones who aren’t Meth’ed up and shacking up with Mullato’s anyway.

  17. “From each race according to its abilities, to each race according to its needs.”

    If this is the creed of the diversity warriors, they are not implementing it. Each race is not allowed to contribute according to its abilities. Whites in particular find themselves increasingly stymied at each step by affirmative action and other measures of woke politics. It seems to me that major structures of US society — education, employment, judiciary — are now oriented against them.

    It also seems to me this whole ideologically incoherent charade is being orchestrated by the chosen ones primarily, with assorted opportunistic fellow travelers tagging along. Let’s put it this way: without the organisation and funding by the chosen ones, there would be no woke politics and diversity war.

    It seems to me that until and unless we’re allowed to speak candidly about race and ethnicity, we’re not going to get anywhere. Oh, but we mustn’t forget: if we do that, the end result is the Holocaust!

    • Perhaps a more realistic phrasing would be, “…from each race according to its abilities, to each race according to its contributions…”.

      • How about, “From each race…aw hell…screw it. Send their worthless asses back to Africa where they belong.”

        • I tend to agree. I’d recommend bringing back “banishment”. Those who commit crime or are hopelessly indigent get bounced pronto—and I don’t particularly care what race they are.

    • “From each race according to its abilities, to each race according to its needs.”
      A big problem for us is that most rural and red state people like my Utah have not had extended contact with Blinks. The big church teaches to love one another and be nice! Be Nice! Man oh man…the people back here are sheep wandering blithely among a growing number of wolves. I firmly believe our world is too far gone. No coming out of woke, denying reality, declining IQ and heavy mutational overload until the bottom is within view. We must separate first. Don’t at this point in time waste your energy planning your brave new world. Nothing yeasty and fundamental here to create with. Just leave me alone. Kraal up with like minded separatists.
      Listened to a conservative podcaster out of central Texas. Another variation of Be kind! Love one another. The great family of man! Has not had extended contact working in downtown Oakland around Blinks as I have. The naivety is stunning. I suppose if you haven’t been eaten by an alligator, you don’t know what the deal looks like. It’s me and Derb and his famous The Talk for my family.
      Oh…shall I tell you how, my first day at work in West Oakland in 1994 as I was being trained I heard Pop Pop Pop. What’s that! Small arms fire. Now get back to work. End of that day and found my car side swiped during a police chase. Oh….same parking area 10 years later the guard took a random bullet to the head while patrolling. Psychotic living-dead Blinks chasing me on my lunch break. The endless grifting at work. Running the water distribution system at night, I’d see sites in Richmond go suddenly blank on my computer screen because the copper cables were in the process of being stolen. The Oscar Grant riots over and over out side the worksite building on lockdown on graveyard shift with one old guard. Need more?!

  18. And you didn’t even mention the worst part, that like the ambitious rock star who gets rich and famous to fill some kind of hole in his soul, it will only get worse for the spiteful mutants if and when they get money and power. We already know this because many of them have money and power and are more miserable and enraged and busybodyish than ever before.

    We talk a lot about their hatred and jealousy of what white society built, but I think there is also a lot of envy for something simpler that a lot of us have, at times, still, despite the madness. And that is moments of contentedness and genuine happiness. It’s why they need our attention, as you’ve so often noted, because it’s the only time they know they’re making us miserable. They love the city council and PTA meetings where white mothers ululate and beat their breasts about CRT; they love to see normal white guys on their podcasts and AM shows tearing their hair out about grooming and Drag Time Story hour. Conservatives love it, too, as it gives those in the griftosphere like Ben Shapiro a chance to both defuse and capitalize on white anger, while redirecting it.

    And still I think that when they finally get what they want— normal white people as miserable and politically fixated as them—I don’t think they’ll like the result. It only happens though when it has no choice but to happen.

    Covid didn’t do it, which means no heavy-handed government-corporate overreach will do it. It will have to come through literal hunger, routine blackouts that turn off the Netflix and the porn, energy shortages that keep the pizza from arriving at the door and the grocery from being well-stocked. It has to get bad enough that even some of us—after all our tough talk—are going to regret when we go past the event horizon. I had a good, normal childhood and teenage years, but I don’t think that any other white youths will be able to say that until we come out the other side of this thing.

    • “It has to get bad enough that even some of us—after all our tough talk—are going to regret when we go past the event horizon.”

      You are absolutely correct. It will be hell. People don’t need to be naive on that point.

      GREAT comment.

    • “We already know this, because many of them have money and power and are more miserable and enraged and busybodyish than ever before”.

      No description better describes the Obama than this one.

      Think about it;
      President-twice? Check
      Millionaires? Check
      Can do no wrong? Check
      Influencer behind the scenes? Check

      And still, if you ever watch them, they are as miserable and angry as the day is long.

    • I’d say, more specifically, they need you engaged and fighting back in a channel that you will *lose* at. For example, through the Con-Inc framework. Or, through some “facts and logic” debate, where you debate in good faith and they debate in bad faith. Always ceding to their morality, as well.

      Once you start fighting back in an un-approved method, they completely flip their shit.

      The only place I’ve seen truly broken white men is in Cuba. Thin, miserable, and sickly with their mulatta wife and kids. They gave up. To be fair, so did every mixed person. That’s probably what our rulers want – maybe then, we will finally learn our lesson. However, unlikely that will be able to be replicated anywhere else since Cuba is a tiny, isolated island – and they are Spanish, not Germanic.. Most white people already fled. Even in South Africa, the whites aren’t completely broken.

  19. Yep. I have long believed that the “Marxist” nations of the 20th century “jumped the shark” so to speak by imposing “communism” in agrarian societies with a history of despotic rule rather than in industrial, advanced societies.

    Marx was pretty clear that communism was only going to happen after capitalism created wealth that communists could then proceed to expropriate. What we are seeing in the West today is a racialized communism where race is a proxy for class struggle, where you have a brown lumpenproletariat demanding redistribution of wealth from the white bourgeoisie who created it (or, more accurately in the post-industrial era, inherited it).

    I am hardly the first person to point out that most of Marx’s bullet points in the “Communist Manifesto” have already been achieved in the West: “centralization of credit in the hands of the state, a graduated income tax, industrial armies, public education,” etc. etc. Add to that the “abolition of the family,” feminism, the deification of lower-class brown people and the abolition of borders (“the working man has got no country”) across the West and it sure smells like communism to me.

    Now, I am aware of the criticism of people like the esteemed Paul Gottfried who think that we are not seeing true Marxism because the working class is not rising up from the factory floor against the capitalists, and that further we are living in the neoliberal/global capitalist world order. I would only say that, in strict Marxist terms, global capitalism has to proceed global communism, and that in democratic societies violent Marxist revolution is unnecessary when the proletariat can simply vote for a redistribution of wealth.

    (To those who would object that it is the bourgeoisie who are the most “woke” while the working class voted for the capitalist Trump, I would only say that Engels, Che, Fidel and many other communists were bourgeois, and Marx himself, while not exactly bourgeois, was certainly no proletarian).

    Of course, Marx was wrong in his optimism that communism would somehow be good and salutary. To the contrary, it will be dystopian, idiotic, and stupid. The proletariat, when freed from the obligation to work, will simply become degenerate and infantile. Rather than “hunt in the morning, …fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner” it is proving to be more along the lines of “gay in the morning, queer in the afternoon, and transgender after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming binary.”

    • I don’t mean to be rude, but at this late hour in the saga of Our Race, how can you take anything from Karl Heinrich HaLevi Mordechai “Marx” at face value?

      Like everything with the j00z, it’s all just one great big giant psychological warfare campaign.

      You are being told what you want to be told as a means of mesmerizing & hypnotizing you into obeyance.

      • The issue is not so much Marx as Hegel, who Marx derived his philosophy from. We on the DR openly admit that white societies are more “advanced” and “developed” than primitive nonwhite ones, economically, scientifically, etc.

        What, then, is the endgame and purpose of such development? Marx merely argued that in a materialistic society, it was communism. He may have been wrong about that, but what is our response?

        Is Drag Queen Story Hour the ne plus ultra of the development and advancement of Western civilization?

        • Xman: “but what is our response?”


        • Drag Queen Story Hour is bait. They are fishing for some White to react in a way that can be used for media propaganda and regulation justification.

          The weirdos do it because they are weirdos and they like sticking it to normal people. The people at the top use weirdos as a free proxy army.

          • As I have heard it articulated now and again, some people just want to see the world burn. These people are destroyers, but oh so useful to those who can slyly use these destroyers toward their own ends. Now those are the people who need to be sanctioned.

  20. DEI Version 1.0 was pretty harmless, because it was like the playground cars that have fake steering wheels for children – the “Diverse” think they are driving, but it’s not a real car. The Whites are the mothers at the playground making sure diapers are changed and nobody gets hurt.

    Version 2.0, ongoing now, is where White guys in the background spend all day fixing the new problems the “Diverse” crowd creates, while in the meantime trying to keep the old machinery of society running. Think air-traffic control tower meets Popeye’s Fried Chicken drive-thru on Saturday night. Or Chicago.

    Version 3.0, coming to your town soon, is some fusion of Guatemala and Somalia. This is where the White guys are chained to the control panel of the utility grid while automatic weapons fire echoes in the background. The head Cholo and the Emir scream something unintelligible at the White guy about their iPhone chargers not working while waving guns in his face.

    It’s always your fault and it always will be your fault.

  21. Can the National Review be any more ridiculous? From the linked article:

    “Manji, a gay Uganda-born educator of Egyptian and Indian descent”

    Put Manij on Rushmore, by God, he has earned it!

    Con, Inc., is a dead letter. Whatever else he is, Scott Adams has done more for our people in a few days by drawing attention to the violence against them than the National Review managed in three-quarters of a century of absurdity. As the severe costs of DIE become undeniable and as the Regime moves to outright racial genocide, the Dilbert types will not be able to be cast out by the purge faggots. We are moving toward purely racial political blocs, and that includes at long last Whites. The fragmentation of the United States along these lines will serve as the model for White advocates around the world.

    • There will be no ethnic European awakening or voting block. More than half of the white race would rather die than be racist.

      The closest block that actually exists is the global warming-ists, who are voting to tear down the electrical grid.

      • Agree. Between Wealthy White liberals, Evangelicals, and Sportsball Normies, there will be no “awakening” for Whites. Only eventual extinction.

        • The DR has easily doubled in the last 5-7 years. Perhaps more, it’s hard to say for sure. It wasn’t that large before. The ramping up anti white pogrom won’t do anything to reverse that trend.

          They can’t stop whites from concluding the same thing I did: There’s no upside in being a “good white”

        • My beautiful White colleague is as woke as they come. I do not foresee her waking from her woken stupor. However, that does not mean a significant number of other WWs will not awaken. As much as I would like all Whites to awaken, we only need a sufficient number to do so. That is not impossible.

      • We do disagree on this point. It is starting to take form now. I am not referring to electoral politics, to be clear, as much as overall societal change. I don’t even think I appreciate how bad it is about to come, but that is the necessary component. All of the White groups you correctly identified will be among those hardest hit. We may even be surprised with how quickly they come around although I agree it likely will be kicking and screaming.

    • With all due respect to our esteemed host, Scott Adams is not only the story of the day, but the most important story of the year to this point. He said precisely what the DR has been saying for the past decade, and has thus far refused to recant and grovel. What’s more Musk has risen to his defense.

      Despite the Power Structure’s strenuous attempts to quarantine the truth about Hutus and their malevolence, the truth is now out in the open. A man with a megaphone subverted the anti-white/Hutuphilic narrative, and now I suspect a great many Grillers will begin tentatively engaging in crimethought and crimespeak. I don’t want to be overly panglossian, but this could be the moment white identitarianism is well and truly born.

      As an aside, it will be interesting to see the Power Structure’s response to Adams. The Dilbert cancellations were utterly predictable and are meaningless. Adams certainly knew this was coming. But it will be interesting to see whether the PS attempts to quietly sweep all this under the rug in the hope that white people don’t notice Adams’ words, or if they crucify him by confiscating all his wealth and throwing him in a DC dungeon where he will be murdered by vibrant gaolers. Does the PS try to enshroud Adams, or do they turn him into a martyr? If they were smart and rational, they would do the former. But we all know they’re quite mad, and their intelligence is open to question. Adams would be wise to get on the next plane to Moscow.

      • The Adams story is an inflection point, I think. A primary difference with Kanye West, and the most important one, is Musk taking up the cause. The nightmare scenario for the Junta is that the “is it OK to be White?” question may be posed to those who matter. Asking that question more than the answer itself is devastating to the cause of silent genocide.

        The Regime may have learned from West that fading to black (heh) works best, but that requires almost universal cooperation. As you note, these types are so impulsive it undermines them, so wealth appropriation probably is on the table.

        It is not that I’m feeling particularly optimistic this a.m. but events such as this one do show what a house of cards the Regime is even while it holds all the aces.

      • Ostei: The issue with Adams, as I noted elsewhere, is not even just what may happen to him personally. The left will come after everyone he’s ever known, and every family member he has. Got in a fight in 3rd grade? They’ll track him down to get a quote that Adams’ has always had anger issues. Didn’t date blaq women in college? Rayciss.

        I recall reading somewhere that the defunct blogger In Mala Fide quit because after he was doxed, they came after his young nieces and nephews.

        Sure, Adams has plenty of money. But banks make errors, accounts get closed, funds get frozen or confiscated. And every friend and acquaintance will be tested for ideological purity. He will quickly learn if he has any true friends. And his blood family, no matter how distant, will be tarred with the same brush.

        Have never followed the man but very few have proven to have the necessary intestinal fortitude to withstand the pressure. If he does, kudos to him, but don’t envy him.

        • The rampant childlessness and atomization have made people far less fragile, so that’s one good result of a societal tragedy. The more anti-fragile the more dissident someone can be. It may be better than FU money. As best as I can tell, Adams is childless, twice divorced and has FU money. This may explain why he hasn’t caved. And, yes, the Soviet-style State probably will seize his assets.

          As an aside, the bigoted hate group ADL has denounced “it’s OK to be White” as “hate speech.” The ADL doesn’t think it is OK to be White.

          • The ADL is the hate group of all hate groups, and the group they hate most is the white race.

        • Yeah, he knows a few things about the nuggras they don’t teach you at Yale, just alike all those white southern octagenarians.

    • Jack: It used to be a tossup trying to decide who I disliked as neighbors more – the Orientals or the subcons. I still dislike both, but the subcons have won out in the “I cannot stand them” category.

      And someone in silicon valley is paying big bucks to have the Daily Mail feature prominent articles on Vivek Ramaswamy daily, along with dozens of bot-generated comments touting him as a great conservative murrican. Never heard of the guy until perhaps a week ago and then he’s in my face every day when I peruse their headlines.

      I guess the Silicon Valley subcons have realized Kamala probably won’t ever get the top spot, and they’re unsure of Nimrata’s viability as a candidate, so they’re pushing their own choice.

      Really clumsily, artificially done. And the name is nails on a chalkboard.

      • I haven’t kept up with this dude, either, but is he globbing onto the “(I)t’s OK to be White” meme? As someone pointed out, the Subcons are dimmer than our original enemies but far, far more numerous. Those I’ve encountered are totally obsequious, and that’s apparently more than my anecdote.

      • We had a “Subcon” as you call them run for the US Senate here in TN a couple of years’ ago. Fortunately he lost in the primary. A young guy, a DOCTOR! (so were his immigrant parents!) Ivy League education, nice-looking wife. Went to a rally in our town. He spoke warmly of his growing up in a small-ish place a couple of counties away. Got a cheer from some guys in the audience he said he went to “high school” with, to give him some yokel creds. I did a little investigation and learned his “high school” was a very select private school, one of the oldest in the South. Lots of other bull-stuff, too. These Subcon families are bright enough, but there’s a whole clannish sub-system that they operate in. Turns out also that our candidate was self-funded and related to a huge wealthy family that’s now naming hospital wings and graduate schools in Ohio — where he was born! The 2nd generation likes to marry into old-line Christian families, upper class but weak, whom they meet at Harvard or Brown, and boss them around;-) Sad but true. The lower-caste Subcons own the liquor stores!

        • Dr. Dre: It’s definitely an observable pattern. JD Vance, parlaying his ‘hillbilly’ cred by currying favor with the elite crowd while marrying a subcon. A number of DR websites were pushing an Arkansas candidate in 2022 (cannot recall his name) whose mother was a local but father was an immigrant subcon. All in the supposed cause of conservatard/White rights. It sickens me.

          Whites have got to learn to take their own side.
          No substitutions, no half measures.

    • I know that Scott Adams has received quite a bit of “grifter” accusations on this comment board, but he has put his $$$ where his convictions dwell. He had to have known that he would be subject to the Torquemada of the SJW sect, but he told the truth anyway. Admittedly he may have enough FU money to not care about a few newspapers, but still, it was a ballsy move.

      • Grifter or not, Adams actually is quite incisive about persuasion. He has made “it’s OK to be White” into a national conversation. That’s a win. The slogan actually predates “Black Lives Matter” and similarly was designed to force denials of its assertion.

        Making the assertion or asking if it is OK to be White is the win, not the answer.

  22. “As insane as it is, the diversity warriors are not irrational.”


    I live in the heart of social justice country. My friends, acquaintances and colleagues believe, though they don’t always seem conscious of it or articulate it, that for so very long whites, more so male whites, more so straight male whites, and now more so straight, Christian, male whites have had an unfair advantage in the distribution of material wealth and social benefits never mind who may have created the bulk of that wealth and those benefits. Now it’s time to correct this maldistribution via “equitizing” (reversing) it. After a period of time, a la X. Kendi, the reversal can ease up to a future equality of the equities, justice being neither more nor less than an identity pendulum swing.

    This isn’t a cynical conviction. It’s a genuine belief akin to Z’s belief that genetics, culture and history override individual identity. A cow is not a sheep nor can be now matter how that cow might self-identify. My woke neighbor, in all sincerity, has told his teenage son that he’s going to have to “work harder” in life if he’s to have the same opportunity as his sister and that’s okay. Not many years ago the caution was the opposite. The article in NR may be a well-meaning grift, but are the SJW’s wrong or do they understand something about human nature seeking its advantage that can’t be conservatized or dissented away?

    • They believe that today because there is no cost to them to believe it. In fact, there are gains – social status; feeling of moral superiority.

      As soon as there is a high cost to them they will no longer believe. Of course that depends on the cost as well. If the cost is that their male child hates them, it won’t bother them in the least.

      One of the challenges our side is going to have is in channeling the anger of our young people toward our foes rather than revenge against their parents who left them for dead. I am not big into Christianity, but forgiveness of our parents is important and particularly so for younger people.

      • RealityRules: “I am not big into Christianity, but forgiveness of our parents is important and particularly so for younger people.”

        Matthew 10:34 – 10:36

        Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

    • imbroglio: Your neighbor is disgusting and perverse and a dangerous true believer. I hope his son hates him (and his privileged sister) and finds his way to our side.

  23. The diversity people are entirely correct, though. The rules we have, especially the ones that insist they are merit-based or equality-of-opportunity, are exactly the ones most suited for White people.

    A merit-based system will necessarily lead to exactly the differences in achievement we observe between blacks and Whites, and blacks are entirely correct to refuse the conservative argument that a merit-based system is fair. A game where you never ever win is not one you want to play because it isn’t fair.

    • Which is why separation is the only possible alternative. I have long tried to explain to conservatives that nobody on the left, especially blacks, is interested in a merit-based society, because they no, even if they won’t say, that the vast majority of blacks have lower merit.

      The sort of White or Hispanic or Asian who gravitates to the left is also either the low merit type, or simply Machiavellian — they know how the game is played against Whites (esp. straight males) and they have no moral compunction against taking advantage out of it. They don’t share conservative Whites’ moral qualms about taking an unearned advantage over another group.

      You can’t argue people out of that reality. You have to get away from them, kicking and screaming if necessary.

      I have heard some conservative commenters say recently that a national divorce isn’t feasible, because the aggrieved populations aren’t geographically clustered, but to some degree they are. It doesn’t have to be perfect to start with. They also point to the India-Pakistan partition as *bad* example, but it seems self-evidence to me that the partition and mass migration of most Muslims out of India was the best outcome that India could have expected and the violence it engendered was totally worth it.

      • Bad or good, and it is quite good in my opinion, the partition is taking place even now and accelerating. That train has left the station.

      • Such a “partition” will produce “homelands” which will attract those living outside of such. In a few generations, there will be less and less racial mixture throughout these areas as people sort themselves out accordingly. Trick is to not forget why these places were created in the first place and lose them through alien migration as we have the entire USA in three short generations.

    • Whites still think that’s the game we’re playing, they’re getting crushed, and they think it’s legitimate. That’s the real insanity.

    • Blacks do win, though, just not as much as the more capable. The modern Americanized African is the fattest most spoiled-rotten African that has ever been or ever will be again after when this vile empire of lies, usury, and sodomy twitches its last death throe.

    • Oh, but it is fair. What is unfair is taking from the competent, the intelligent, the lawful and the productive, and giving to the incompetent, the stupid, the criminal and the indolent. Nuggras don’t want fairness; they want what rightfully belongs to us.

  24. In our circles there’s a lot of talk about the problems resulting from Abraham Lincoln not sending the slaves back to Africa as he wrote in 1857.

    A bigger issue, I think, is Hart-Celler in 1965. A close to 90 percent White America with 10 percent blacks, and a small amount of other races was a problem, but it was manageable.

    And then the gas was thrown into the fire.

    What was unleashed after 1965, opening the door wide open to all the people of the world is a disaster, making no chance for a harmonious society.

  25. The woman in the article is a perfect metaphor for much that is wrong on our society – a queer female of color grifter with a weird unamerican name. Checks all the boxes for sure. Of course, floyd wasn’t murdered and there is no “legacy of slavery” – that’s just more bs to browbeat the declining White population into submission, which have no doubt, is the ultimate goal. And if you can make a solid six figure income cashing in on the chaos, what the heck, right? It’s the new “American” way.

  26. I never hear anybody saying ‘diversity is our strength’ anymore. I used to hear it all the time in the 90s (when the GR was just getting ramped up). It could be that I’m not exposed to the media where it’s being said, but I wasn’t all that plugged into the media back then either. The thing about the MSM, it’s so ubiquitous that its message tends to get to you whether you are a consumer of it or not. But I digress.

    So maybe they felt that message had been accepted, and they didn’t need to push it anymore. There is some evidence of this. I’ve encountered young people saying they wanted to live somewhere more “diverse,” saying that they didn’t want to live in this place over here because it wasn’t “diverse” enough. How can people be so monumentally stupid?

    But I tend to believe not that many people are buying it anymore. Now that diversity has been achieved, and we can all see the results, even the left is unable to pretend that it has improved anything. So the messaging has switched from “diversity is our strength” to “white man bad.” Since diversity has failed to produce utopia, it must be his fault. Because who else’s fault could it be?

    • “ I never hear anybody saying ‘diversity is our strength’ anymore. I used to hear it all the time in the 90s (when the GR was just getting ramped up). It could be that I’m not exposed to the media where it’s being said”

      Oh it’s still there. I also don’t believe that all that many people are waking up. Not to mention, you have an entire generation of young people coming up who have never been taught any other way. White kids hate themselves, and their parents would rather kill their own children with mutilation or clot shots than be called the “r” word.

  27. “As insane as it is, the diversity warriors are not irrational. From their starting premise, theirs is the only rational answer for why we have inequality in our societies.”

    I’ve long argued that diversity warriors are simply following the logic of their initial assumptions, and that the logical endgame is the subjugation of whites. If all groups are equal, but you have unequal outcomes, it’s because of systemic racism which is created by white people. White people, whether they know it or not, are racist and their racism spreads throughout the system.

    Unless whites can be taught to stop being racist (in which case, the various groups will have equal outcomes), we’ll never reach our paradise. Since that never happens, the punishments against whites will increase but no matter the degree of punishment, the groups will never be equal, which leaves getting rid of whites or, at least, giving them zero power in society.

    It’s the logical conclusion if assume all groups are equally capable and (white) systemic racism is prevent equal outcomes. Sooner or later, whites will need to either push back against the basic assumption of equality or be turned into helots.

    • So, the entire NR article is basically a lavish tongue bath for a stateless piece of mystery meat named Irshad Manji

      But should talk of diversity and inclusion be completely off the table in conservative circles? Is DEI so tainted and un-American that it should be purged from the national conversation?

      Or is there a way to promote diversity and inclusion in American institutions — and to have difficult conversations about things like the still visible legacy of slavery and discrimination in America, ongoing racism, and persistent divides over sex and gender — in a way that improves relationships without sending half the population into a defensive crouch?

      Irshad Manji believes there is.

      Manji, a gay Uganda-born educator of Egyptian and Indian descent who was raised in Canada and kicked out of her Islamic school at 14 for questioning dogma, is one of a small number of educators trying to change the way people think about DEI.

      That person is so globalized she no longer has a native culture or people, so of course she’s all on board for nation-destroying diversity. She hates the world, because she’s an outsider to everyone, but she cloaks that hatred in care.

      • DIE is a wholly appropriate acronym for this movement…Society can’t long survive the promotion of imbeciles to important positions..The Marching Morons was great fiction, but that society would have become rapidly extinct…..

        • Because of its appropriateness, they insist on spelling it DEI. Spelling it DIE is a potent little rhetorical ploy not unlike “It’s okay to be white.”

    • What makes it worse is you constantly here “systemic”, or even “systematic” racism thrown around all the time. There’s never a clear definition of it. It is always changing. That’s because it doesn’t actually exist. There are no laws preventing blacks from doing things, in fact there is exactly the opposite. The reality that is considered heresy is that blacks as a group are unable to perform in a civilized, western society. They do not belong in one and are better suited for the savagery required in the jungles of Africa where they belong. No matter how many advantages or preferences you give them, it is impossible to change thousands of years of DNA and they will always underperform. Since the truth cannot be considered, the excuse is to blame it all
      on whites and use the “slavery” and Jim Crowe eras as the backup.

      This is all further proof that multi-racial and multicultural societies can never ever work. There will always be grievance which will be weaponized to gain advantage.

      Look at the real world effects we are now seeing from this. Apparently some black pilot crashed his Amazon cargo plane killing himself and two others. It turns out he met none of the standards normally required to be a pilot. Now his black family is suing for letting him get through the flight standard requirements when he was unqualified. United says 50% of its pilots will be black or female. Disaster is on the way. If you decide to have a major surgery or get on an airplane in 10 years you are out of your mind.

      • One need go no further than an investigation of the 5 fired policemen in The Memphis fiasco. Basically, they’d have never gotten a job in any police department outside of a major minority metro area desperate for minority hires. They were low level criminals themselves.

      • Tired Citizen: 10 years? You are an optimist, friend. I essentially stopped flying 20 years ago when the TSA began (one exception only) and have no plans to ever fly again. Surgery? Depends. If it really will cure whatever supposedly ails me and won’t leave me unable to wipe my own bottom – and if the doctor, nurses, and anesthetist are all White. Otherwise, I’d prefer to check out.

  28. I watched that 15 minute video with the young Asian guy acknowledging not just anti-institutionalized white hatred and policy but understanding where it will lead in the future. It was cringe worthy that even his premise is that them having compassion for us will make them better than us. For he accepts the narrative that our forefathers were evil and mean to them. That isn’t true. They came here to flee true oppression and/or to find freedom and economic opportunity. Many rose up and are doing better than us. I appreciate his acknowledgement. However, his premise that his ancestors were oppressed by my ancestors is false and it only fuels the hatred of the people he is trying to convince not to hate. I also hated his smug call for “them” to be better than “us.”

    In any case, the judiciary is being stacked against white people. The WSJ had an article recently where the number of white men on corporate boards shrank 10% in four years. The article celebrated that fact and is pushing for an acceleration.

    Things are heating up and only just getting started. The conservative case for DIE. That is called surrender. Soon, the conservative case for replacing the American flag with the black power flag. (It flies above Connecticut’s state capital in February). The conservative case for mandated quotas for transgendering children.

    • Well, we’ve already seen the conservative case for winning a nuclear war in the WSJ, so everything is on the table in this looney bin we call America….

  29. Even if you dispense with egalitarianism and let nature take its course, so that the more talented rise to the top and lay claim to a greater share of benefits, you’ve still got a problem if society is structured is such a way that the more successful you are the more inconvenient you find it to have children. A different problem to be sure, but still a problem. Note that this will be a problem even in societies totally lacking in ethnic diversity, but that, as with everything, diversity makes it worse.

    • “the more successful you are the more inconvenient you find it to have children”

      True, so let’s take a page from the Left and re-define success as having children. It’s not even a redefinition.

    • We have not as a society created the right incentives for bring children into the world—especially when you have successful White families with the mother working a full-time job to make ends meet. Of course, the second problem immediately rears—that of minorities taken increased advantage of such programs.

    • A number of states, most recently Hungary, have used the state to incentivize having children. How ’bout for every child that you have and raise till the age of 10, while staying with the husband, is another year of free college at any institution whose standards you can meet? Or, you family, provided that it remains intact, never pays taxes again.

      Of course, the real solution is to control the media. Someone almost always does. Further, most people, even intelligent people, do not have the ability or time to think independently. So, most people have their values dictated to them by the media. So, take over the media and tell all the conformist, approval-hungry women that married motherhood is the coolest. It’s really that easy, once you’ve got the megaphone.

      • It’s easy to be an armchair general and tell countries what they should do, but a lot of advanced countries are now making serious efforts to increase their birthrates, and so far nobody is having much success. It seems to be a hard problem that would require serious restructuring of society to fix. Frankly, I don’t have much wisdom to offer here.

        However I do think that one of the really sad things to come out of WWII was the “discrediting” of eugenics. Yes, you can do bad things in the name of eugenics, but if it were widely accepted that intelligent and capable people were doing something positive for the world by having children, rather than “saving the planet” by not having children, that would be a good thing.

        Of course the problem of dysgenics doesn’t only apply within societies, it applies between them as well. The more successful a society is, the fewer children it produces. So of course the most failed region on Earth — sub-Saharan Africa — is the only place still producing a large surplus of kids. Get used to it, because they are going to be showing up at your doorstep soon! It isn’t that there is something intrinsic about black people that makes them have a lot of children — the birthrate of American blacks isn’t that differ from American whites — the problem is that, unlike white and Asian countries, majority black countries just don’t seem capable of transitioning to fully modern societies.

        The result, unless we can find a way to bolt the doors, is going to be the largest mass migration in human history: the Tsunami Out of Africa. Black people will be showing up everywhere, not just Europe and America, and they will keep coming and coming and coming, without end. This is going to be the crisis of the 21st century, not climate change. And certainly not Covid or Ukraine, which is why I find it dismaying that so many of you insist on wasting your time on unimportant side quests of that sort. If you care about the future of white people, Africa is the only issue that matters!

        • This is why Steve Sailer, regardless of his shortcomings, is to be commended for pointing to the population boom in subsaharan Africa as the most critical statistic in the world.

      • You are onto something here. The incentives you mention are perhaps of the type that will not enthuse minorities as much as Whites. There are others of the negative sort as well. Even ignoring race, there are perhaps certain incentives that just make sense like no children, no social security.

  30. In reference to the point on diversity warriors utilizing Marx, If you want to understand any “ism,” all you need to do is have a basic understanding of Marx and apply the protected class for the economic group. CRT and post-colonial simply substitute a race or ethnic group for the proles. Sexism – put in women. Age – put in old people. Trans – put in trans. With that rough substitution, you will have a pretty solid grasp of the belief system, such as it may be.

    • Isn’t that easy, though? By what right do you claim self-rule is legitimate?

      Isn’t the answer based on some natural right or some concept that each man is legitimately entitled to have a say in government? Well, there you go.

      • It’s based on American political culture, which grew up far away from the Crown and the Church. People had to govern themselves.

        • There were nonstop governors appointed by the Crown in Virginia from 1624. Colonial governors in Maryland from 1692, and prior to that it was governors appointed by the Catholic Calvert family who owned the colony.

          Etc. & etc.

          • And for that matter, how is reverse-engineering the American ‘libertarian’ streak onto the Old World working out? We aren’t a stable empire, and the rest of the world needs a stronger central authority imo.

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