The Storytellers

Those of a certain age will probably recall when they were taught the difference between the great man theory of history and modern history. The former claimed that events were driven by individuals, while the latter stressed events. Those great men we read about were products of the events around them. If Napoleon had never been born, some other man would have filled the role. Therefore, history is about the narratives that shaped the people, including the great men.

A similar thing happened in content creation. In the middle of the last century, the content creators working for newspapers and news gathering organizations decided that the basics of events were insufficient. They needed to create a narrative to explain those events, to put them into proper context. In his book, Banana Sunday, Chris Munnion described how content creators would arrive in Africa with scripts, looking for quotes and images to complete them.

The scandal business has undergone a similar transformation. It used to be that when a famous person got into trouble, he did one of two things. Either he presented the facts in order to explain his behavior or he went away in disgrace. Then narrative creators came along to present a third option. They would create a story for the person to tell that would contextualize his actions in such a way as to make his accusers into the bad guys and himself into the victim.

That last bit seems to have had a mesmerizing effect on the managerial classes, as they no long respond to scandal in the old way. Joe Biden is as crooked as a ram’s horn but displays no shame nor an inclination to explain himself. Instead, the content creators in the media have created a narrative to contextualize his corruption as part of a partisan plot against him. In this age, facts are no longer important, because they are controlled by the prevailing narrative.

You see the power of narrative in this story about January 6th. It is about content creators suing for access to video of January 6th. “Without full public access to the complete historical record, there is concern that an ideologically-based narrative of an already polarizing event will take hold in the public consciousness, with destabilizing risks to the legitimacy of Congress, the Capitol Police, and the various federal investigations and prosecutions of Jan. 6 crimes.”

In other words, the claim here is that without the proper narrative, people may come to an unwanted conclusion about the events of that day. Most people would read that and think the content creators are afraid of having their lies exposed. That may be part of it, but the main reason for the letter is they think narrative is reality. They think Tucker Carlson will create a new narrative to supplant the old narrative, which is the reality in which all of them exist.

What we are seeing with our ruling class is they have come to think of their tall tales as reality, while reality itself is a conspiracy theory. In the case of January 6th, they think the insurrection story is real. In that story, cops were killed by an angry mob trying to overthrow the government. It is a conspiracy theory to point out that the only person killed was a white woman executed by a black man. The former is their reality, while reality is a reckless conspiracy theory.

We see the power of narrative everywhere now. The Ukraine war is a perfect example of how their own fantasies have supplanted reality. Content creators make up whoppers about how the Ukrainians are destroying Russian tanks with slingshots, while the poor Russians are forced to fight naked in the snow. Putin is a maniacal dictator holding together his rule with brute force, while his country crumbles. This is the reality of the people running the West.

Events on the ground have no bearing on the thoughts and opinions of the ruling class because they are excluded from the narratives. It is as if the people in charge think that if they tell the story the right way, with the right amount of enthusiasm, it will change reality to match the narrative. As we see with the Tucker Carlson story, these people think reality is literally a creation of their imagination. Whoever produces the best tale gets to shape reality.

This is what drives them to rewrite history. We get movies about Vikings featuring African actors because the past is just a story. That means they can change the past by writing Africans into Beowulf. You go girl can be the reason men walked on the moon, simply by creating a narrative in which you go girl wrote all the software used to get the astronauts into space. For the managerial class, these tales they spin for themselves are more real than reality itself.

As insane as it looks to the normal people on the outside looking in on these people as they create these whoppers, it is not without logic. In a world dominated by words, rather than deeds, a good story is better than a good deed. Look at the resumes of the people running the West and you find no one who has done anything in his life other than talk to others in his class. The resumes of these people are stories about themselves that contain no truth value.

Can a society run with a ruling class living in an alternative reality? Clearly in can for a little while, at least until reality intrudes on the fantasy. Perhaps the people who live in reality and make the world possible will keep on providing the energy to keep the system going. Maybe the system is on autopilot now. Alternatively, reality could be prepping for its violent return to the main stage of life and the storytellers are headed for a terrible end to their own narrative.

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162 thoughts on “The Storytellers

  1. this is why. the title says America but its really the whole west

  2. The Dilbert saga has the makings of a nothing burger. Say something blasphemous, affirm the consensus ideology while doing so, prostrate yourself as an enlightened even more zealous slave of the regime’s own ideology than the regime itself can comprehend, repeat countless times with countless figures.

    Some Right wing politicians have it down to an art and make careers out of it, celebs are more clumsy less practiced.

    Twas antiquated and funny hearing “an earnest case for segregation” in PG 1960s terms.

  3. This reminded me of that famous interview with Rumsfeld back in like 2003 where he talks about how the Bush people are creating a reality and we (the ordinary people) just need to be ready to study and take stock of that new reality presumably like a bunch of puppies watching a skyscraper go up. I recall how the lefties wisecracked about Rummy going all Pomo and ethereal. It’s obvious now that they weren’t really bothered by the elitism, the pomo presumptuousness, or the insults to basic reality. They were just pissed off that *they* were being told to stand back and watch in awe by this representative of what they thought of as “hick America”. Of course, Rummy was always one of elite too. He just rubbed the Flyover State Daily Kos losers the wrong way by making them feel like hicks too and pointing out that they were not members of the Club anymore than the redneck mechanic who fixed their car.

    • The run up to the Iraq War was the first time I felt that if I magically had the means to prevent what was about to happen the government would gleefully murder me. It probably had been that way far longer. I feel that way constantly now.

  4. If long enough in the tooth you may well remember when “storyteller” essentially meant “liar.” Rather than a narrative shaper, the storyteller was a fabrifcator. The older definition fitted today better than the past.

    Propaganda is pervasive and generally works. There does seem to be a bit more resistance to it than in the past, though. Anecdotally, I read the online comments to a local television “news” station’s report on the blatantly fabricated “Day of Hate” reported on and memoryholed this weekend. The comments by about a two-to-one margin called BS. More than a few outright blamed the fraud on the FBI and/or the ADL. Since this wasn’t some dissident site, some of those probably came from Normies, too. These comments probably revealed why they no longer are permitted on most media websites. This isn’t to mitigate how effective propaganda is, but it does seem not to have the same reach as in the past.

    • The internet has damaged it some but I suspect that is almost entirely among people who already distrusted the media to some degree. Some folks, it just never seems to cross their minds to doubt. I want to believe there comes a point at which normie gets tired of being brazenly lied to where anyone can see it (see recent lab “leak” story for example) but I haven’t seen it. Normie has demonstrated no ability, whatsoever, to stop falling for the same tired old war drum beating/false flag gambit that the empire has been running ever since the USS Maine. Leftists are good at doubting it when there’s an R in the white house but I guess globohomo figured out the solution to that didn’t they? No more Rs in the white house. They will follow any D president straight to armageddon. And lest you have hope for the future, it’s the youngest generations who are far and away the most gullible.

      • Covid did some damage, too. Again, not enough to change anything, but a nudge here and there in the right direction. It also is obvious most people not only believe blatant BS, they WANT to believe it. Those types are beyond help, and, yes, the youngest contingents are the worst. This always has been somewhat true but it is much more so now. Besides the desire for a total information monopoly, this religious fervor to believe in The Current Thing accounts for much, including the unhinged reaction to Musk.

  5. Another example of this from very recently is Woody Harrelson on Saturday Night Live. Because within the entirety of his performance he uttered a sentence or two that impugned and placed negative light on the clot shot and pharma in general, content creator media within the same ruling class bubble reacted to defend and shore up their official, “proper” narrative, and they did so en masse in knee-jerk reflex style

    The first takeaway is that sane people scratch their heads wondering why anybody would care very much (if at all) what Woody Harrelson has to say about anything, and also what anybody might say on Saturday Night Live, ostensibly just an entertainment show. Yet they do, and they care deeply, ascribing the utmost and high-level urgent importance to it. It is because of the mindset described in today’s post they do this, e.g. that which gets said and otherwise performed on Saturday Night Live is reality itself (in their hiveminds) and thus for this reason of the most crucial importance.

    The second takeaway was the reaction, in which no less than four of their same narrative-creation organizations reacted in lockstep and within hours, if not within minutes, to “correct” anything “improper” Woody Harrelson may have said or simply may have possibly implied. They all used the term “conspiracy theory” (of course!), and each headline was worded almost identically, and so close to identify that the whole reaction itself, seen as a whole, is downright bizarre. Part of it must be unconscious at this point, literally like an actual knee-jerk reflex itself, or like an antibody immune response that simply occurs spontaneously.

    Excellent blog today. This quality of the ruling class is a major underlying contributor to why Clown World honks so loudly at present.

    • You can begin to see that the Borg reacts to a small narrative disruption like Harrelson in similar fashion to how it reacted to a large narrative disruption like 2016. The only difference being scale.

    • Overvaluing the symbolic doesn’t alone account for their wild rage whenever anyone anywhere disobeys.

      “They believe it!” can handle the behavior of, say, CenturyLink. They wrongly but *really* believe that the mean-girl dweebs of are a stochastic tranny-slaughter machine, so of course they’ll break the law to shut the site down, and of course the government will let them (or demand it) because the C suite and the state are, even when not the same people, the same pathology. Sounds right.

      But there are phenomena that that kind of light-touch Freudian explanation fails to match. Like right now NATO (et al.) are openly proceeding with a plan (or ten) to physically and biologically obliterate Europe forever, because a powerless backward fraction of its citizenry would like to have children, and for those children not to be molested, maladjusted, spayed or neutered. It is true that every un-raped and/or -castrated living European child is a *symbol* of resistance, but—

      Why? Of all things? WTF?

      And why is their reaction to it *murder everyone forever*?

      • this is why. the title says America but its really the whole west

  6. Its my fondest desire that the storytellers and their believers soon meet terrible ends, both to their narrative and to themselves.

  7. “It is a conspiracy theory to point out that the only person killed was a white woman executed by a black man.”

    My understanding is that white woman Roseanne Boyland was also beaten to death by black cop Lila Morris (and if the beating to the head with a weapon was not the only fatality-causing factor, it was the biggest one). Also, Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips had heart attacks triggered by tear gas, in one case by a canister shot to the face. Also, Matthew Perna and I think a few other protestors from that day have committed suicide after the full weight of prosecution and oppression landed on their shoulders.

    Maybe I’m living in a partisan bubble with how I understand things, but seems to me that Nancy’s NKVD in essence slaughtered eight or so normal decent Americans that day, after the power structure gave bioleninist Communist battalions mostly consequence-free free reign to burn and assault in their hundreds of pre-planned attacks the previous year.

    • After the Kavanaugh hearings, who could be blamed for thinking it was open season to run around in the capitol acting like a jackass

    • A number of Capitol Police have committed suicide in the last couple years also, and the megaphone has attributed that to their having suffered from an unbearable trauma of having been viciously assaulted by feral fascist insurrectionists.

      I imagine though that it’s more likely that the cops were normal Trump-voting conservatives (as Brian Sicknick was) who just wanted to do a decent job protecting law and order, and
      1. hated being part of the destruction of many normal decent middle-class Americans they could sympathize with
      2. hated having been put in the position of patsies by the intelligence service’s Ray EPps color revolution psy op
      3. hated being affiliated with the four frothing celebrity lib-partisan cops that the Jan 6th Committee kept trotting out
      4. in general, hating being cast as some of the globalist-liberal’s most loyal servants

      • Your theory has merit, and let’s take it a step further and consider the possibility that those weren’t suicides at all.

        I’m recalling that several of the deaths were quite fishy.

        • Had not heard that, and it 100% makes sense. I appreciate you bringing that up.

          The older I get, the more I see that the system really does Jeffrey Epstein/Seth Rich/Gary Webb/George Patton/etc people regularly. First JFK, then Oswald to keep his mouth shut, and then Ruby to keep *his* mouth shut. I have my suspicions about Anton Scalia and Andrew Brietbart. And anyone who pokes around too much into pedo rings …

  8. “What we are seeing with our ruling class is they have come to think of their tall tales as reality, while reality itself is a conspiracy theory.”

    How many black pilots fly the Clouds to Davos? If there is one I will be shocked. If there is more than one, I will accept the Ruling Class actually believes its own narratives. I’ll give odds that the Clouds’ pilots resemble their attorneys, look like their doctors, and are the same race as their investment advisors and their neighbors.

    • The ruling class is a big thing. It has levels. There are the people who are really in charge, and then there are the people who are in a position that they could, if they so desired, thwart those people in charge. That latter group being our elected officials/administrative state. They are the ones who, increasingly, believe the most fantastical nonsense. Sure Klaus may not have a black pilot, but the assistant deputy secretary of the dept. of homeland transgenderism is quite likely overjoyed to.

      • “Sure Klaus may not have a black pilot, but the assistant deputy secretary of the dept. of homeland transgenderism is quite likely overjoyed to.”

        The twice-removed undersecretary, a/k/a “The Help” (“Ho” privately) would take a government plane to Switzerland and it would land in Bern or Geneva, in all likelihood, but yeah, that’s remotely possible.

        • For instance, I am convinced that James Comey, to name one, is a true believer, that he thinks he was doing what he did to save the world from racism, sexism, and climate change. Back in the era of the Dulles brothers and Hoover, no such baizuo would have risen so high, but these are different times.

    • … and their pilots are all purebloods too. The clot shot is for the hoi polloi, to thin the numbers. The Clouds, certainly the true ones at the very top, don’t themselves believe the clot shot narrative they disseminate.

      • The “highest” level jab injuries I’m aware of (off the top of my head) are Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and Gavin Newsom. The latter kind of surprising. I thought he was on the short list for future potus. I’m thinking some others have probably slipped my mind though.

    • Gore Vidal wrote years ago that the ruling class never expects their laws for the masses to apply to them. Private jets to carbon reduction meetings. Sea front estates while telling the masses the oceana are rising. No masks at gatherings while mandating them for the masses.

      Yeah, at some level they understand exactly what they are doing. At the very least they feel they are special. Gates said he needs his private jet because he does so much important work combating climate change

  9. Speaking of reality, the Fed managed to let some slip through in its selection of recent survey responses:

    “The feckless leadership from the White House, the damaging energy policies and the electrical vehicle push are causing unneeded chaos in all parts of the economy. What will happen to the automobile manufacturers that have totally remade themselves if electrical vehicles are proven not to be the answer? And what about all the battery-making facilities that won’t be needed?”

    You just love to see it.

    • Who had no American car companies left standing on their collapse bingo card

      We’d almost be there already if not for bailouts

      • The Toyota family said the EEV scam would destroy the auto industry. Mary Barra said that too – until GM needed government beneficence and she wanted to stay an important person in this world.

        Kind of a perfect metaphor for these wreckers. They want to change the world. Doesn’t matter if it is for the good, just that they are the important ones bringing about change. Change! Disruption! Eyeballs! Transformation! goes the chorus led by the Pied Pipers in funny hats.

      • I’m betting that now that what’s left of Chrysler is part of The Stellantis Island of Misfit Toys:

        – The Chrysler nameplate will be allowed to celebrate it’s centennial next year, and will quietly disappear before the end of the decade

        – Dodge’s hopes ride on on electric version of the Challenger/Charger. I’ve seen the prototype and it looks like a fusion of the 1966/67 and classic 1968-70 Charger styling cues, but, It’s Electric. Even Ford, dumb as they are to sully the Mustang nameplate with the Mustang Mach E, is still building ICE powered Mustangs. Other than this plug-in Charger all they have is a parts bin CUV called the Hornet. I suspect Dodge will soldier on for a few more years before disappearing.

        – Ram will probably stick around because God Knows the Europeans know NOTHING of building American style trucks

        – Jeep will stay around for a bit until the Europeans learn how to copy American 4X4s and we’ll get some weird ass French or Italian “Jeep”

        GM? I can see GM either being bailed out or sold to the Chinese. They’re down to Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC and at this point outside of the name recognition in China for Buick, I have no clue what Buick offers that I can’t get cheaper at Chevrolet.

        Ford? Ford’s the wildcard. They make bank on the F series trucks so they don’t want to F that up. That said they have precisely one car (Mustang), a bunch of run of the mill CUVs/SUVs, and a yen to go all in on electric. Could go either way with FoMoCo but I could see a Japanese make buy out Ford for the truck technology anyway.

  10. Haven’t read all the comments yet, so this may be a bit out of sequence, but:

    Author’s post brought to mind the comment from someone I can’t recall about the death of one of the most intellectually destructive men in western history —

    “Jacques Derrida has now begun hia own terminal narrative with death.”

    (Apologies for minor mis-remembering.)

    One of the cleverest comments I’ve ever seen.

  11. “For the managerial class, these tales they spin for themselves are more real than reality itself.”

    Looking back on a long life, it has always been so for a segment of the population. What has changed is how the bulk of society relates to those people. When I was a young college student, we had a name for those type of people—crazy, as in delusional. For a fancier. official terminology, you could look up the symptoms in the “DSM” (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). That was a few revisions ago, when the manual appropriately named homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and such for what they were—psychological aberrations to be treated, not celebrated. Now that we’ve “defined deviancy down” as well as dumbed down the populace, the DSM classifies these delusional people as normal.

    I remember listening as a student to one of such folk giving a presentation of her “realty” for a good half hour. Yes, she was allowed to walk around freely as was the new thing in psychiatry circles for non-violent persons, and for all I know was a speaker in demand. 😉 She was as eloquent as she was delusional. Her world view explained death, reincarnation, spirits which guide and also harm us, etc. What I still remember today was how remarkably connected, cogent, and logical the whole presentation was if you assumed her basic premises. I was fascinated. The lesson I took away was that these type of delusional states are hard to talk one out of believing.

    • The American Society of Oncologists should meet and declare that cancer is no longer a disease. Huge medical problem solved. Average lifespan increases by 10 years overnight.

      • @Ostei

        I used that exact same metaphor just the other day when talking to a friend about the fantasy world that the leftists live in. Soon, diagnosing someone with a terminal disease will be grounds for being thrown into the void. Telling someone they have a terminal illness hurts feelings, so all need to be done is remove those disclosures. Cancer cured!

        This is guaranteed to work just like removing police. If you remove the police, the criminal race stops committing crimes! Presto!

      • Is this not what they did with flu “deaths”? Anyone who dies of a respiratory ailment during flu season is treated as a “flu death,” up until two years ago. They transferred this count to Covid by tying money to the body count. If you ever want a laugh, check out the precipitous drop in flu deaths in 2021 (or whenever the f$%# they started the Covid crap). Childhood deaths went from the upper hundreds to three. People are so stupid.

        • The same is true of heart disease and a few other major killers. Their death tallies dropped dramatically in tandem with the rise of so-called covid deaths. A Johns Hopkins researcher published a paper pointing this out and was quickly cancelled.

  12. After the last 6 years, anyone who isn’t at least a little bit suspicious is not worth talking to. There are only two sides to this divide: they are lying to us, or they are not. It would be nice if recognition of that were explainable by something simple like IQ, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    The danger is not really that we are living in a world of lies. So what else is new? The danger is in how much of the ruling class believes its own BS, how high are they getting on their own supply. I am beginning to suspect it is quite a bit, and at higher levels than a sane person would imagine. As we have noted, this system does not select for competence.

    In terms of managerial decline, we won’t really hit bottom at least until the millenials and zoomers take over the managerial class. They are the ones who really and truly believe their own BS. Anything, and I mean anything, that goes wrong prior to or after their takeover, they will have no problem blaming on capitalism, or white men, or climate change, or boomers, or transphobia, or racism. Thus they will not change their outlook, at all, prior to or after taking power.

  13. Welcome to the Soviet Union folks, starring Joe Biden as Leonid Brezhnev. My question is who’d going to play the roles of Andropov and Chernenko?

  14. Maybe, some of the beltway morons are really soldiers in a secret army who follow orders to the letter. Until they receive orders to back off; they will follow their current course to global disaster.

    This may be a better explanation for their apparent incompetence.

    • To paraphrase a comment over at The Automatic Earth, “….the global digital panopticon is the sort of societal plan you’d expect from an ant or a bee, rather than a human….”

  15. Most people I’ve spoken to about Biden’s corruption have no problem with it. Of course his son worked for Burisma as a fig leaf for bribery. That’s what politicians do. Why else would you go into politics?

    I’ve heard this type of talk from very straitlaced normies, the kind of people who act as if they value integrity and civic responsibility.

    This really is the age of make-believe.

    • Degeneracy.

      It’s the Age of Degeneracy.

      Just look at the filth that passes for popular entertainment these days.

    • Biden is just so awful at it. Bush league.

      The Clintons and the Obama knew how to grift, both in and out of office.

    • Even The Precious didn’t enjoy the level of media support and obsequiousness that Biden does.

      If the media wanted Biden’s corruption to be an issue, it would be, and those same normies who aren’t concerned about it now would be very concerned. Because they were told to be concerned.

  16. Zman talked about Donald Hoffman the other day – did evolution create our human consciousness or not? Great question.

    Well, it’s pretty logical to conclude that our experience of reality is designed to keep us alive and reproducing. As cave men and farmers, this revolved around kinetic and thermodynamic issues: can I chuck a spear to kill this critter? Can I grow a crop?

    But what if you can reproduce without regard to kinetics and thermodynamics? What if we are at the end of this evolutionary process?

    And worse yet, what if status now revolves around developing and accepting narratives rather than discerning physical reality? Status leads to better ability to reproduce. Will we breed a new Elite of storytellers rather than hunters?

    • There is a bulletproof way to test if someone can truly beat reality with the power of narrative. Pour a pot of boiling water over their head.

    • I think what we are seeing with the managerial class is an aberration. Thirty years of thinking all the struggles were over has led to this state. Reality is creeping in all over now. The Ukraine debacle is a good example, but the South Africanization of western societies is becoming too obvious to ignore.

  17. And the longer this nonsense goes on, the tighter the spring gets wound. We have passed the point where the Crazies can tap on the brakes and ease up on the insanity just a smidge in order to keep the plates spinning a little longer. No, they just double-down and push the accelerator to the floor. But how much lower can we go when the Cloud People institutionalize inviting pedophiles to children’s story hour at the public library?

    My guess is that when the rubberband snaps, its going to make the French Revolution seem like a Sunday picnic at the church social.

    • You need leaders and a candidate new elite to start a new revolutions. Purely popular uprisings are a myth. Are you aware of any potential leaders and plausible wannabe elites?

    • The atmosphere we daily breathe is indeed becoming more apocalyptic with every passing week.

      • Ostei: We’ve made financial and relocation plans for the future we expect. And I know ‘the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.’ I try to take everything I read with multiple grains of salt. And yet . . . even with electric bills skyrocketing in Europe, no one froze to death and no one rose up against their government. They’re now rationing produce in England. Here, everyone just expects eggs to cost $3-$6 a dozen (my husband was rather surprised to pay almost $4 for the loaf of bread I asked him to pick up).

        But the parking lots here are all full, the restaurants all booked up, and the new normal is firmly in place. I try to make sense of what I’m seeing (Mohammed the most popular 2022 birth name in Galway, Ireland) and act prudently in response, but it’s hard not to question your own rationality when everyone else is utterly delusional.

        Sure wish that meteor would hurry up.

        • Darkly amusing, perhaps, but the other day I thought I’d make some Smores. Hadn’t had any of this since I was a little shaver. Went to the store and saw Graham crackers at five samolians, Hershey Kisses at six and never even bothered looking at the marshmallows.

          Despite folks apparently adjusting to Insane Clown World, I really do sense a groundswell of fury and frustration. And as to the desiderated meteor, I think I can just make it out over yon horizon.

    • i’m thinking part of that “snap back” will be “flipping” on the nigs. i.e. they will become the scapegoats, and blamed for all the problems. it won’t go well for them as every other race hates them, and will be glad to see them gone.

      • I wish I could agree with you here, but I don’t see that happening. I also disagree with TomA in that there will be no “mad max” collapse like he always thinks. I don’t WANT to disagree, I just don’t think it will happen. I think you are underestimating the number of people who would throw themselves into a fire just to avoid being called racist. Not only themselves, but their children too. We are past the point of no return here, and I just don’t see anything to stop the snowball. It would be one thing if normal white people were united in some way and came together as a force to stop it, but there is too much to lose for them to attempt it.

        As for the blacks, I don’t see it that every other race hates them. The Asians still seem to blame whitey for everything. Maybe you have a point with hispanics, but in my experience, the hispanics tend to align with the blax more often. Maybe I am just trapped too far inside my own bubble, so I could be wrong on that.

        • Tired Citizen: I try not to doompost, but I generally agree with you. Your average person – of any race – is generally stupid and follows the herd. The vast majority of women are utterly irrational. And almost no one truly wants to be independent and self sufficient; they all prefer to be ‘comfortable’ and taken care of by others whenever troubles arise.

          No, even though I’m a Christian I don’t have a particularly high opinion of humanity. Like you, I’d love to agree that reality will reassert itself and the wicked will get their due, but I don’t truly expect it – certainly not in my lifetime.

          • I’d long had the thought in the back of my head most people are sheep who enjoy being dominated. Covid made it undeniable and more: they also like being abused and reminded who’s boss. Like a battered wife.

            Anyway, I think the sheep are toast, and not because they’re waking up. Society will change drastically.

        • I don’t know where you got the Mad Max vision in regard to my posts, but I have never suggested that kind of extreme Hollywood scenario. The collapse is most likely to consist of severe economic depression accompanied by violent rioting in the big cities (see actual 1960s era riots in LA, Detroit, Philly etc). Rural areas will weather the storm without much wanton violence or mayhem. Russia in the 90s is also a fair comparison; return of real hardship, rise in alcoholism, drug use, and criminal gangs. Yes, some young men will be attracted into militia movements, which will keep the Stasi quite busy and distracted. Also, can expect a lot of Balkanization and armed private security groups coming into existence. This has all been modeled extensively.

        • I write for a college sports website filled with Grillers. Recently somebody posted a thread on Scott Adams’ anti-Hutu remarks. Overwhelmingly the Grillers came out on Adams’ side.

          As for the Hispanics, in my neck of the woods they are far more likely to wear 10-gallon Resistols than NBA jerseys. They don’t like the nuggras any more than we do. Somehow, they seem far more resistant to the negromaniacal/whiteyphobic indoctrination than just about everybody else.

          As for the Asians, I really can’t say, but my gut feeling is they’d be more than happy to see the Hutus just vanish into thin air.

        • the asians know very well which group is preying on them in the cities. i am guessing you don’t actually now any asians; they are not shy about how they view nigs as beatial and dirty.

          the reason i think tptb will “flip” on them is that they tend to do that on a pretty regular basis. and that the nigs have built up a huge supply of animus, that is just itching to pay them back en masse.

  18. Is the divergence between the prevailing narratives and reality new? How can we know for sure? Before everybody had a camera and before the Internet, how would the masses of people verify if the narratives offered by the ruling classes / journowhores align with reality?

    • “Lincoln saved the Union.”

      “Remember the Maine.”

      “Vote Wilson, he’ll keep us out of war.”

      It has been going on a LONG time.

        • Just the other day I saw something about some western pol warning about how we’d have Russian ships off our coast if we didn’t toe the line in Ukraine. Sorry I can’t find the link or remember the name, but it did happen, I know it’s not my imagination.

  19. We’re definitely on auto-pilot. And much like a United flight with hastily hired Shanequas in the cockpit, the systems themselves and their redundancies are what’s keeping the plane from crashing. But those systems aren’t designed to have no pilots at all, and are only as good as the people touching the controls. The economy is already in terminal decline given our debt levels. It’ll probably start there. I think history will marvel at just how long our systems could take a beating before the catastrophe. Having reserve currency status is the ultimate redundancy in the system.

  20. Civ needs a narrative to exist because civ is an artificial world men create within nature, but the narrative had better not stray too far from reality.

    Biblical version, which I think sheds an interesting light on civ, whatever you think of the story: Civ is the result of Satan’s artifice (temptation) through the woman and the man’s willingness to listen to her. God’s sentence: expulsion from the garden and labor.

    My opinion: Labor keeps you grounded in nature and the flesh. Not that that’s all you are, but I notice lazy people smoke their own dope and get out of shape. Like daddy Satan, I imagine. Doesn’t ever seem to end well, and the longer it goes on, the harder the fall. Also my opinion: never get too civilized. You’ll end up being ruled by women, nerds, and losers.

    Just thinking about a narrative earlier, the idea that whites owe an unpayable debt to blacks for slavery. That, itself, sounds like slavery to me. I have a hard time seeing the basis in reality for that narrative, and I doubt it will end well, either.

    The whole civ is a collection of narratives divorced from reality at this point. Get prepared. Can’t hurt, but it’s probably too late to start at this point.

    • “Whites own an unpayable debt to blacks for slavery.”
      Any such debt was paid in full – in blood – during the Civil War.

      • I don’t see how that holds up to scrutiny.

        Reality is, we owe them nothing. Aside from the fact that not a single person who was ever a slave is alive today, every African American today is far better off on net because of slavery.

      • If you’re paying close attention, you’ll see that the BLM crowd is beginning to come around to the “it was never about slavery” view of the civil war. Pointing out Lincoln’s statements about blacks.

        • I wouldn’t expect any less from those retards, who are about as monumentally stupid and historically illiterate as the DR3 NormieCons.

      • Actually, the Hutus owe whites an unpayable debt for bringing their ancestors over here and then not shipping them straight back to Africa once we understood what they are really like.

    • I frequently heard an expression in West Africa where I was a Peace Corps teacher when I was young & idealistic.

      TIA. This is Africa, nothing works.
      As we become increasingly Africanized we will learn to say TIA also, this is America, nothing works. A trend we are working hard to fulfill, something to DIR for.

        • Notice not a single article anywhere on any English language press site that this was absolutely easily predictable.

          Funny thing is, as bad as it is, it’s still the jewel of Africa.

        • Ironically, I suspect that Sun City is just about the only place left in S.A. that Western artists will consider playing.

      • In my youth, I served the empire in the US Navy. My first duty station after boot camp and electronics technician school was the US Naval Communication Station in Asmara, Ethiopia. We were told that “Africa always wins”. They screw up everything they touch.

  21. Given current IQ levels in the USofA and the trend towards the sub-100 side of the Bell Curve – how are they to know what to think unless the few remaining smart ones left in the room tell them.

    • I believe the current pronouncement from Lynn is that there are *no* functioning democracies where the national IQ is less than 90. This finding was made some time ago and does not take into account the lowering of the Western national IQ’s which are masked by re-norming of the IQ tests to 100 every so often. So who knows where the USA is now—but it’s not at 100.

      • It can’t be even close to 100 anymore. The American sub-populations who average over 100 are statistically insignificant, and half of America is Mexico (and it’s the dumb part of Mexico).

        When’s the last time you met a Dane? A Finn? A Belarusian? If you can tell Asians apart, you’ve probably never seen a Japanese American. The Singaporeans are all in Singapore. Jews are only on TV. Etc.

        I doubt we’re still in the 90s.

  22. “Alternatively, reality could be prepping for its violent return to the main stage of life and the storytellers are headed for a terrible end to their own narrative.”

    I’ve really started to enjoy these optimistic closing lines you have in many of you essays. Gives me a nice image and a smile to start my day.

  23. Bravo.

    It really is amazing how every single one of their resumes is identical, and free of deeds. They are deathly afraid of being seen for what they are by anyone who might have actually done something, anything, in this world. That fear is only eclipsed by their fear of being out-credentialed by someone else who may get that cushy check-for-all-play-no-work that they deserve.

    The phenomenon of narrative supplanting reality that you so perfectly describe is exactly what, “leaders of the black community”, have been doing for 1.5 centuries. The ruling regime has been hanging out with them for too long. Cut to HRC you go girl-ing to black congregations.

    Speaking of fantasy, I was desperate for something to watch with my lady, that I can watch free of any blight. We found, “The White Queen.” It is based on a book written by a woman and all of the major roles in the production are filled by women. It captures part of the story of The War of The Roses. The story is told through and focuses on the women. They are portrayed as the actors, decision makers and shapers of history.

    The end of season one is interesting in that it portrays a train wreck because of female bickering and stunning levels of paranoia. Calamity ensues all because of the refusal of one woman to sit and talk with King Richard. Instead she imputes motives on him. I don’t know if it was a script writing own-goal, but it was an interesting statement. The second season is a duel between two women, the King’s mother and his wife, to see who can out murder each other. It’s ending is interesting as well. Queen Elizabeth chooses to kill her own brother in order to save her sons despite that he has promised her he will protect them and her.

    In all, while it was weird to see the men sidelined as the primary actors, the women were at least multi-dimensional and the men not caricatured. It was really just a sort of role reversal where men acted on the periphery to facilitate the women’s plotting and scheming for their sons to wear the crown so they could be Queen or mother to the Queen.

    The first was made in 2013. There were a couple of blacks as extras in street scenes that the camera paused too long on. Ridiculous and annoying, but so isolated I wouldn’t let it ruin things. The second season was released in 2017. It featured a black extra who was teaching the young Richard of York swordsmanship. It was a blight, but it lasted for two minutes. A bit of a cringe, but it passed. Then there was an Afghani guy who played a monk who spoke to the Queen’s mother at an abbey. A small role but utterly ridiculous. On the whole there was very little of it, so I felt like I got off lucky while watching an interesting female LARP on being the actors of history.

    I decided to give the next season a whirl. It was released in 2019. I had a bad feeling about it. The Spaniards main guy in season 2 was portrayed in a swarthy way and there was a scene where the court had a bunch of women dressed in pseudo middle eastern garb doing stylized belly dance moves. It was sort of like a bollywood dance in the Spanish court. In any case, we know the Visigoths were Aryan and having just kicked out Islam they would have banished that culture from sight. Then Elizabeth and Henry stand before the Spanish King and Queen. The King is silent while the Queen speaks in Spanish. Henry can’t speak Spanish so Elizabeth steps in to listen to Isabella’s demands. Elizabeth capitalizes on Henry’s ignorance hiding from him that Isabella demand that Elizabeth’s brother Richard be killed to eliminate rivalry to the throne.

    Yeah. It was like that. Entertaining to see how Hillary Clinton sees herself in her mind and probably how she sees Philandering Bill. So, I proceeded to try Season 3.

    Well, its first scene has a black women playing first lady to the princess Isabella. The first line was Isabella asking her black attendant for advice. I turned to my lady and told her I am not watching this. I turned it off, I lit a fire and we enjoyed each other’s company.

    I don’t know if the ruling regime is doing this stuff with the intention of replacing our culture and our people. Are they so clueless as to not understand the implications of this imagery? Is there non-education so bad and their common sense so lacking that they do not understand that in politics symbolism through culture is everything? Do they not know that the towering genius of Mozart bowed to the threat of the Monarch for poking fun at him and writing opera’s in the people’s language?

    There are clips of a Pakistani in the Scottish parliament listing off every major role in Scotland’s government as white. He stands on Scottish soil in Scottish Parliament and denigrates the people and the government as too white.

    Does this regime not understand what it is doing to itself? They are replacing themselves in their own history and somehow don’t understand that in politics symbolism is all powerful.

    They are going to have to go. One way or another, whether it is to their pets or to us, they have signed their death warrant. They should pray it is us, for once they snap out of it, we may have some use for them. Their pets, now emboldened, will not.

    • My goodness, Man!

      The White Queen sounds properly rotten – I’d have not even given it a single consideration; as with all modern TV. Sadly, they aren’t going to be making realistic stuff anymore – that might hurt someone’s feelings.

      I guess it is quite funny, if you can shut off the rage inside at the re-writing of pieces of history. The funniest one I saw, and it was one the wife was keen on, involved a law firm staffed entirely by blacks. The law firm was meant to be prestigious. I couldn’t stop laughing – the notion of an elite black law firm is too amusing to me.

      I guess it could happen, and that perhaps I am just a bigot!

      • Don’t you know OrangeFrog that they haven’t been in their own elite law firms because they never saw it. Now that they have seen themselves portrayed as that they will become it.

        It is just like how Isaac Newton never happened until he saw a guy like himself portrayed on TV and so then he proceeded to be a titan of physics. Oh wait. He had no TV. Well, that is the narrative and I’m sticking to it.

        P.S. The 15th century black lady in waiting (meaning a very high level aristocratic woman), is where my TV turns off and I cut my losses. In fact, I doubt I’ll be turning the TV on ever again – unless our people get their act together and start writing and funding and producing our own culture. This is our fault for outsourcing our cultural production to others.

        • Righty-Ho, whenever I see a #lack face, I switch channels or go to books and dvd’s (the UN-edited ones)..soon they will get the message in their pocketbook regions.

        • It won’t stop until some enterprising DR type funds his own movie on the life of MLK starring Tom Cruise as MLK.

          • I don’t have film production chops. I have been agitating for some nut rubbing of our own:

            1. The Story of David and Bethsheba with all sub-saharan characters.
            2. The Story of Solomon with all sub-saharan characters
            3. A telling of the first genocide in Palestine as described in Deuteronomy, but through the eyes of the people who were genocided because Yahweh said so.

            I should say I don’t have the first problem with watching a film or movie with non-whites. The issue is, make it believable based on reality and pick your own story your own history and tell it. I would love to see a great story about some other time or place that is truthful and interesting. That is the thing about this so called multi-cultural regime. It isn’t at all multi-cultural. It is mono-cultural with European culture at the center, but substituting in POCs and women and salting it with Howard Zinn historical delusions and misanthropy.

            Of course, you heard about how Kevin Hart was kicked out of Egypt for saying, “We Wuz Kangz.” ??? He was. The Egyptians have a ruling class that is proud of being Egyptian. They stood up for themselves and have half a wit to understand how cultural preservation leads to their elite’s preservation. They refuted Hart and cancelled his appearance in Egypt for having the balls and the stupidity to suggest that sub-saharans built and ran Egypt. Now that is a Cancel Culture I can get behind.

            But our ruling regime is defined by what they oppose. The 60s campus protest never ended. Now the Millenials and Zs have magnified that enmity and antipathy. The target of it all is The West. It is us or them. It is that simple.

          • I would SO love that. Think of the possibilities;
            Rosa Parks – Gwyneth Paltrow
            Rev. Sharpton – Jack Black
            Jessie Jackson – Liam Neeson
            Tuskegee Airmen – New Kids on the Block

        • That got the kabash in my household too. That whiny weepy do-gooder Clare and the utter garbage in that series. It was written by and for retards.

          • The only redeeming thing in the series was their rendition of “The Isle of Skye” song in the opening credits of the first season.

        • Wild Geese: I’ve never seen the tv version (I just do not watch any tv). I will admit to reading the first couple of books (trashy fiction of various sorts is my escape from Klownworld and helps me wind down and fall asleep). The initial premise (not merely time travel, but the stone circles being the vector for such) was interesting, and initially Claire was not the typical airhead female character. But as your link notes, everything soon descended into rape fests and utter irrationality. Also related to your link, the first such trashy novel I ever read I picked up at my aunt’s house.

      • You’re dam’ right there can be an elite black law firm! There’s one in Detroit: Sha’Tavio’us, Tra’Shond’ra and Plaxi’co! All three will likely sit on the Supreme Court within the next 20 years.

    • Correction: Mozart wrote one full opera in the vernacular (the Abduction from the Seraglio) at the request of the Emperor Josef II who wanted to further the cause of opera in the people’s language, German. It didn’t last long and until the Magic Flute he never did it again.

      • Unfortunately for Mozart, Emperor Joseph died in 1790. He had been a great admirer of opera and supported Mozart. His successor, Leopold II, hated opera and was not a fan of music in general.

  24. “In a world dominated by words, rather than deeds, a good story is better than a good deed.”

    Old saying rarely heard these days: TALK IS CHEAP. It seems a high percentage of Americans no longer realizes that. Social media have greatly exacerbated the problem. People routinely freak out when somebody says something allegedly controversial — as if a mere comment has a massive effect all by itself. It’s delusional. Aside from hurting the feelings of the fainting-couch crowd, words don’t do much on their own. Actions are what count.

    But do elites really believe their own narratives/bullshit? I’m skeptical of that. My suspicion is that many of those who control and push these narratives know very well that they are gaslighting the public. Hell, that’s probably part of the fun.

    • Indeed.

      It appears that whilst talk is in fact cheap, a whole load of people act like it isn’t. See it all the time in my trade: “Yeah, we’ll do X, Y and Z – fix it up real good!”. But X, Y and Z are hard to do, but it doesn’t matter, because soon everybody forgets; but Mr. Talker got to look good.

      In fact, everything cheap and shoddy seems to be mimicking as something expensive and hardy. Clown World value inversion right there.

      • The delusion that talk matters above all else is primarily a byproduct of the extreme feminization of modernity*. Notice how much weight women put on things like conversation. Many of these ladies appear to believe that the right combination of words can turn a bad situation good. Men intuitively understand that no amount of clever verbiage can get one out of a true corner. But our culture no longer has any men in the traditional sense. So everyone obsesses over whether folks are saying the proper combinations of words. Say something improper and it’s damn near the apocalypse. It really is absurd.

        *The extreme feminization of modernity is mostly due to technology and widespread, unprecedented comfort. A world of struggle is a man’s world. A world of luxury is a woman’s world.

        • This is so true. I get so many strange looks from my wife when we are watching a movie or TV program (one with a narrative, not those stupid reality shows). The subdued bad guy will threaten to kill the mans family when he gets bailed out of jail, and the good guy will still turn him over to the cops. I tell her how stupid he is and the right thing to do is just kill him on the spot. No fuss, no muss, go eat breakfast. For you really young guys out there, it actually used to be that way. Honest.

    • Stop hitting me with your words!! Your verbal violence is unacceptable. My violence is self-defense.

    • Another apothegm no longer heard: Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

  25. “Can a society run with a ruling class living in an alternative reality?”

    Almost all of them do. This is where Plato’s Parable of the Cave came from. Most societies are constructed by mythmakers talking about the shadows on the wall. The residents of the cave will believe the myths rather than the truth, and they will kill anyone who escapes the cave, finds truth, and returns to debunk the myths.

    It’s perhaps the fundamental problem of human nature.

    • Then Plato was wrong or our reading of him is wrong. For all of human history, ruler have had to worry about palace intrigue and the ruling class has had to worry about the peasant revolt. A mistake in either area usually resulted in death. As a result, ruling class have had to be well acquainted with reality.

        • There are good myths and bad myths. Because Plato believed there were a variety of human types and natures, the healthy city constructed healthy myths for its resident classes, all of which contributed to the health and welfare and the good of the polis.

          The modern tendency — the hermeneutic of suspicion that has been adopted by all, even conservatives — is to assume that all books of this nature are secret manuals to control the masses of people. This leveling impulse should be resisted.

          • Also the drift in the use of “myth” as narrative or story that acts as a guide for a society to its use as a pejorative is somewhat recent? At least I don’t recall it being used in the negative context when I was in high school.

        • But what Z is saying is that our “mythmakers” believe their own myths and consequently–and to their peril–are dangerously disacquainted with reality.

      • The Cave should be read in the light of how Socrates sets the stage for it: “Let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened.” Our *nature.*

        The founder of the beautiful city — Kallipolis — must know something about man’s nature before he begins constructing it. Central to man’s nature is myth and musike. The entirety of the Republic is devoted to addressing the deformation of man’s nature by unhealthy myth and music, particularly when young.

        The best answer we have as to whether Plato thought he got it right can be found in his Seventh Letter.

    • In my lifetime there were always people who stuck me as having an almost supernatural gift for sensing bulls**t, be it mine as a teen, or the talking heads on the newscasts. No empirical facts to back up that feeling, but they were always right. Perhaps it goes back to our genetic wiring to sense predators, i.e. “I don’t see a tiger, but I know this isn’t a safe place to be” or later on when a politician promised you something you could already get yourself if you wanted it. Maybe we rely too much on facts and should just fall back on the “gut” that tells us that maybe the sky IS falling, everything we see and hear on media IS a lie, and the only real allies we have are people that look just like us and preferably have the same last name.

  26. My working theory on the narrative aspect of the news cycle is that this kicked into high gear once news organizations began the 24/7 format around the mid-90s. Simply put, there is not enough ‘news’ to fill an endless round-the-clock reporting rotation, thus the evolution of a soap opera style of narration around daily news. Events that in the past would be somewhat mundane became sweeping arcs of a national narrative they would report on as if the outcome could change the entire trajectory of the country. This created the trope of ‘breaking news’ being trotted along the bottom of the screen…every five minutes.

    The irony is that actual events and stories that deserve the attention and importance are usually downplayed, or ignored entirely. Regime media gotta regime of course.

    • another thing they do is report horror from all over the world, giving the sense of total chaos and mayhem everywhere. bus goes over a cliff in india, baby falls in well in venezuela, etc etc. even local news sources report world wide events.

      • even local news sources report world wide events

        And ignore local crime, especially of a certain “color”.

    • Problem is, this narrative based news goes back further than the creation of CNN. Of course, I would agree that it is far more narrative driven today.

      But the real problem with cable news isn’t that there isn’t enough news to fill the time, it’s that the format they use is so bad and unsuited to a 24 hour news channel.

      A 24 hours news channel is broken up into 1/2 hour and 1 hour “shows” further broken up into 5-7 minute segments. You really cannot do a story justice in the amount of time they allocate to each individual story. They end up just repeating the same exact headlines and talking points all day long. Worse, they will bring out 5 pundits to talking about a very narrow topic for 4-7 minutes. Each pundit has like a total of a minute to spit out their talking points or to answer some retarded question from the dimwitted host. This is completely retarded and a total waste of the 24 hour news channel. What they essentially do is play a version of the 6:00pm news over and over and over.

      CSPAN would occasionally get the format right and run a 2 hour interview of someone in the news where the interviewer can get ideas out at length.

  27. Dare we think that the entire 20th century or much of it was based upon a narrative about we the white hats vs them the black hats and don’t we know the white hats are always on the side of angels?
    The false narrative extends back into the twentieth century otherwise we would not have reached our current predicament.

  28. Very good article. Note that what we will get when Tucker gets done is the FOX news version of January 6, and not the complete picture.

  29. Z: “They think Tucker Carlson will create a new narrative to supplant the old narrative, which is the reality in which all of them exist.”

    We trad-cons badly misunderestimated the power which “Social Proof” or “Social Approval,” as dictated by “The Narrative,” wields upon the hive mind of the Inner Hajnalian White sh!tlib.

    The Frankfurt School reverse-engineered that Narrative-driven “Social Proof” and has played it like a fiddle.

    God only knows why The Narrative is such an omnipotent impediment for the White sh!tlib hive mind to overcome.

    Free-Thinking versus Klownworld-Mesmerization is like the difference between Perfect Pitch and Tone Deafness.

    As though one side or the other is missing a Kantian sense.

    [I’d argue that it’s the sense of horror which ought to be emanating from the Amygdala, and that it’s entirely plausible that the signal has gone dead from the Amygdala precisely because of SSRI poisoning.]

  30. “You go girl can be the reason men walked on the moon.”

    They were black Go Girls, too! As detailed in the highly accurate movie Hidden Nigures

      • Exactly. Sassy is a must have.

        Rumour is that Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works actually came into being when, in an inspired fit of negrotude, Shaniqua with a pen clamped firmly between her buttocks, successfully twerked out a simplified solution to the Navier-Stokes equations on the whiteboard.

        This theoretical breakthrough then led to the development of the SR-71 – in which the ‘S’ stands for ‘Sassy’.

  31. You quoted: ‘ “Without full public access to the complete historical record, there is concern that an ideologically-based narrative of an already polarizing event will take hold in the public consciousness, with destabilizing risks to the legitimacy of Congress, the Capitol Police, and the various federal investigations and prosecutions of Jan. 6 crimes.” ‘

    I’d have thought that full public access would create such a narrative in public consciousness. In other words, whoever is asking for access to the record intends to selectively pick and choose from that record to push the official narrative.

    “In a world dominated by words, rather than deeds, a good story is better than a good deed. Look at the resumes of the people running the West and you find no one who has done anything in his life other than talk to others in his class. The resumes of these people are stories about themselves that contain no truth value.”

    This can continue for a while. Eventually reality intrudes. There’s that old adage of Lord Action about power corrupting. He should have added — or perhaps it was implicitly subsumed in the corrupting — that power insulates one from outside reality. Everything I know of history — of sultans, khans, and emperors — is that eventually they all slid into an alternative fantasy world and eventually they all came a cropper.

    “Those of a certain age will probably recall when they were taught the difference between the great man theory of history and modern history. The former claimed that events were driven by individuals, while the latter stressed events. Those great men we read about were products of the events around them. If Napoleon had never been born, some other man would have filled the role.”

    It’s an interaction between powerful individuals and historical forces. Someone other than Napoleon would probably have acted differently. Likewise for Hitler and Stalin. There may be something to Carlyle’s thesis.

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