The Coming Crisis

Every war is a part of a larger story of relations between the nations that fought in the war and the war in Ukraine is not an exception. This war started a year ago, but it is part of the story that started in 2014. of course, that chapter was preceded by the aftermath of the Cold War. In the case of the neocons driving American policy, their portion of this story begins during the Trial of the 193. Like all stories, the war will end and what will follow are more chapters to close out this story arc.

Within the war itself there are chapters. In the case of Ukraine, the first chapters could be called the pre-awakening. Both the Russians and Ukrainians, assumed this would be a short affair ending in rounds of talks. The Europeans, in contrast, thought it would be a short affair as well, but instead ending in a Russian collapse. They had been assured by their American handlers that Russia was a hollow country. Once the sanctions hit them, the peasants would revolt.

Interestingly, all parties kept on believing their version of the plot even after it should have been clear they were wrong. The Russians kept pressing for negotiations, even after Ukraine told them Washington would not allow it. The Europeans kept pushing new sanctions packages, even after it was clear the Russian economy was not going to collapse and there would be no peasant revolt. For a few months last spring and summer, everyone stuck with the old script.

It appears that it was the Russians who were the first to realize that the script was wrong and that they needed to rethink things. The mobilization of reserves along with a reorganization of their military structure in Ukraine followed. The Russians figured out that this is a long war of attrition between Moscow and its allies versus the American Empire and its allies. What we have seen for the last six months is a slow, deliberate grind of the Ukrainians by the Russians.

We are about to see the final closing of one chapter of this war and the opening of a new chapter due to developments on the battlefield. The first and most important bit of news is the encirclement of a town called Bakhmut. If you look at this pro-Ukrainian deployment map, you see the line of contact in Ukraine. In this case, pro-Ukrainian does not mean pure propaganda. It simply relies primarily on Ukrainian sources to assemble the map and unit positions.

If you zoom into the area dead center of the line of contact, you will find the town called Bakhmut and see a large grouping of Ukrainian forces. They have been throwing everything they can into this town in order to hold it. The Russians now have the town surrounded, with tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops inside it. It appears that Zelensky has instructed the forces inside this cauldron to fight to the last man, much as he did last year with the Mariupol garrison.

There are two primary reason Zelensky and the general staff are sacrificing tens of thousands of men for this town. One reason is strategic. It is the keystone to this defense line in the Donbas. If it falls, the Ukrainians will have to fall back to their last line of defense east of the Dnieper River. That last defensive line is not as built up as the current defensive positions. The Ukrainians are buying as much time as they can in order to build up that new defense line.

The other reason for this massive sacrifice of men and machines is the general psychology of the war on the Ukrainian side. They have been told since the start that they just needed to hang on until the Russians crumbled. Then they were told to hang on until the West could provide wonder weapons. Now they are hanging on because they have no other option. For Zelensky, this war is about buying time while hoping for some change that will save him from his fate.

Another reason for the great turning of the page that is coming in this war relates to that waiting strategy of the Ukrainians. They are running out of supplies. Reports keep coming in from Ukrainian sources that they are out of ammunition. The reason they are out of ammunition is the West cannot get ammunition to them fast enough. The reason for that is the West is running out of ammunition as well. After a year of ground war, the Western warehouses are now empty.

The issue has become so critical that the people running foreign policy had Biden sign “a presidential waiver of some statutory requirements (Waiver) authorizing the use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to allow the Department of Defense (DoD) to more aggressively build the resiliency of America’s defense industrial base and secure its supply chains.” This is the first step in transitioning the economy to wartime, which means prioritizing defense over civilian items.

Something similar is afoot in Europe. What the West has come to realize is they were all wrong about the Russian economy. It has performed better over the last year than the European economies. They were also wrong about Russia’s standing in the world, particularly with other major powers like China and India. They have not been willing to go along with Washington’s war on Moscow. Eighty percent of the world’s population now supports the Russian side in this conflict.

Another piece of this is a bit of reality Western leaders have ignored for so long they stopped thinking about it. That is, the industrial base of the West no longer exists as a practical matter. Generations of offshoring and global supply chain management have left Western countries with a tiny manufacturing base. China now has more manufacturing capacity than the U.S. and Europe combined. Throw in Russia, Brazil and India and you see the problem.

The shape of the next chapter in this new global war is still unclear, but one storyline will be the looming political crisis in the West. The sanctions regime is simply unsustainable for Europe so it must come to an end. It cannot come to end until the war in the Ukraine has come to an end. The trouble is European political leaders have ruled out any end other than Ukrainian tanks rolling through Moscow. Europe has created an unsolvable problem for itself.

Another part of the story could be a change in China. For a long time the Chinese have viewed their relationship with Washington as purely economic. If they did good business with Washington, everything else solved itself. Beijing now sees that things have changed and so they are changing. All of the war talk over Taiwan has finally convinced the Chinese to adjust their position. Sino-American relations will no longer be about business, but about great power conflict.

Of course, all of this will be happening against the backdrop of a political class in Washington that looks like the shuffleboard courts in Boca. Everyone who wants to be Pericles in this war is too old to say the name clearly. Of course, Washington is full of potential Cleons among the younger generations of politicians, but none of them are bright enough to understand it. As this war enters the crisis chapters, the West is desperately short of men who are good in a crisis.

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197 thoughts on “The Coming Crisis

  1. The only ‘quibble’ with this excellent piece, is that it sets too late a date for the birth of the neocon’s boner about Russia.

    It wasn’t the Trial of the 193 (late 1870s) that birthed these cretins and their obsession with the modern Amalek; it was the discovery and denunciation of the Judaizing Heresy (Жидовству-ющая ересь) in the Orthodox Church almost 400 years earlier.

    This was an attempt at an archetypal “Long March Through the Institutions” of which we are now so familiar, there having been successful implementations in all elements of the manageial State.

    Post-1480 by still WAY pre-1875, the constant agitation the neocon’s ancestors led to their expulsion under a series of Russian rulers, and eventually – in 1791 – to their confinement to the Pale of Settlement, which included what was referred to as “[the] Borderlands” (Окраина).

    The MUCH later “going to the People” undertaken by “socialist students” (LOL) in the late 1860s/early 1870s was a bit odd given that serfdom had been abolished peacefully in 1861, but whaddya-whaddya. The bundars didn’t even know how an artel worked, but advocated it as an ‘ideal’ form of social organisation.

    Now with all that said… it should be obvious to all astute readers – i.e., those who understand that epistemology is racist – that these expulsions happened for absolutely no reason, apart from an innate irrational hatred by the Russian aristocracy.

    This hatred is so irrational and so contagious that it keeps habbening everywhere Nuland’s ethny has a more-than-homeopathic population share.

    People even get the date of the underlying shit in this century wrong. The SMO’s roots are not in Maidan in 2014, but (roughly) a decade earlier.

    It was Putin’s confrontation with the oligarchs – Berezovsky, Patarkatsishvili et al. – starting six weeks after he first took office.

    Berezovsky fled to London – 90% poorer, but still a billionaire – and vented his spleen by pouring tens of millions of dollars into the “Orange Revolution”, starting in 2002/3.

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  3. Well, Chimeral, China was but one topic under discussion here today, and not the sole topic. Good ‘ol Rebel apparently set you off somehow. I daresay, he does know the difference, but he was making a wider point. He was focusing on our hostile immigrant “masters”, who think they own this place and us, as well. They don’t have to come from outside, unfortunately these barbarians already had the gates thrown open to them by, surprise, surprise, the hostile aliens lording it over us now who previously were immigrants. Get it?

    He is not a “retard”, never having given anyone a reason to think so. Bald insults? Really?

  4. This is completely off topic here and against my normaly blackpiled nature .
    If any of you are sending kids to college you may want to think about ave maria univ. in florida. this group of stuedents on a pilgramage looks and acts a lot diffrent than what you see almost any other school. pay special attn. to the girls.

  5. Neocons are like a virus. They were contained in the Pale of Settlement until some leaked out and spread west before infecting Russia prior to WW1.

    Russia survived the horrible virus, lost many people, but recovered. Neocons, who hate looking bad, are losing to Russia again! They’ll never admit they are wrong, so expect more bloodshed until someone finds an anti-virus for them in the west.

    • Maybe Ivermectin could deal with them, LOL…it works against most viruses, that’s why the neocons banned it….

  6. OT, it is reported that the CIA’s pet rodent Ron Desantis is a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon!!!

    What an insipid, er, INSPIRING title, “The Courage to Be Free” says it all.

    Free to walk into a big box store and endure the taunts of a 24 year old woman for letting your mask slide under your nose.


    • I once met a guy who read Obama’s Audacity of Hope. He was a depressed liberal midwit, convinced that it was the most profound book ever.

      I wonder what kind of a person buys a book “written” by DeSantis.

      • “”I wonder what kind of a person buys a book “written” by DeSantis.””

        They are thinly veiled end-runs around campaign finance laws.

        Hardly anyone reads them, but DeSantis will be getting a nice chunk of change.

        • Ah, another means (if one were even needed…) of “fortifying Democracy”.

    • DeSantis did write a book something like, “Dreams of Our Founding Fathers.” He published it when he was in Congress and confronting the Obama anti-American revolution. He was as forthright as he could be calling out Obama’s anti-Americanism and how nefarious the Obama regime was.

      He may not be the ultimate champion, but he isn’t one of the Obama syndicate’s stooges.

      • Well, he is one of GOPe’s stooges, so curb whatever enthusiasm you might have for him.

        Governor, just stay in FL, fight off the left, and prepare for the dissolution, if it comes to that. This is your best and highest use.

      • Of course he’s no Obama stooge, He’s a BUSH stooge. Its jeb’s hand animating this puppet !

  7. Full disclaimer – I have gone from a flag-waving, patriotic conservative to a full on Anti-“America” zealot at this point. It was a long time in the making, but unfortunately, I have grown to absolutely despise this country. It hates me and people like me, so I hate it back. That being said, just to show how deranged and rotten our ruling class really is, they are now going to expect all of the young white men, whom they have declared as domestic terrorists, to go fight and die for their corrupt money laundering operation.

    I can’t think of ANYTHING that could possibly be bad enough to wish upon these people. Whatever the most excruciatingly painful, God-awful agony that could ever exist known to man is would not be enough. That is how much raw hatred I have pent up at this point.

    • I subscribe to a newsletter for for parents trying to deal with kids who have been completely brainwashed in school and on line into being “trans. ” . I try to offer consolation and encourage them to turn to catholic faith in to deal with the completed Horror of what has happened to their beloved child. I really don’t know what else to say to them . the striking thing about it is they are very hostile towards their parents. that hate had to come from somewhere , and I think it’s the genderqueer councilors that they are exposed to who get them into it . the government pushes it constantly. and fights the parents when they try to help the child. that level of evil is Satanic. It really is a form of child sacrifice . only instead of throwing them in the volcano , they destroy their bodies untill they suicide themselves . thanks uncle sam

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    • I’m in the market for a Uke bride for Sandmich Jr. He’s a bit of a layabout but he does have the advantage of being alive.

      • Is junior Pureblooded?

        And what is the v@xx rate amongst Ukie front holes?

        Every fantasy we have about young fertile White front holes must begin and end with the question: Is it v@xxed?

    • unfortunately the UKE women have all been shipped to Europe and placed in refugee camps . there they cannot escape and are culturally enriched . the average European guy won’t meet them till they have a couple of children in the center .

    • Uke women have a well-deserved reputation as some of the most stonehearted, epic mercs of all-time.

  9. Grinding down is also the ruling class’s signature. Covid wasn’t a fast kill, but a slow kill that will expand the coming NHS administrative State economy for years of debility and sterility.

    The Ohio sabotage has poisoned the water supply of the entire eastern half of the US, a Camp LeJeune that will feed the government-corporate medical Cartel for decades. (Camp LeJeune had only a few thousand gallons as the same toxin as East Palestine.)

    Sabotage of food, fuel, energy, policing: we are being broken. Admin State is the vision of the echo chamber of the admin state. They see themselves as “expanding market share.”

    The vaccine industry, need I say more?
    We face a slow kill, which will feed the Admin State of permissions, rationing, illness, crime, and punishment until the only wars left to fight are the internecine ones between our overlord factions.

    What may save us is piracy.
    As Stranger notes, if the US Navy loses its ability to police the ocean trade routes, there goes much of our power to project our metastizing cancer.

    • (The NHS, National Health Service, is the largest employer not only in the UK but in the world. I believe it is the largest segment of their economy as well: the Dole is a post-services economy.)

    • That does seem to be the The Plan doesn’t it. It’s also consistent with the feminized style of the new ruling class. A century ago a ruling class with as much hate for the native populations of the West would have just gone all “Final Solution to the White Problem”. The crazy ladies and ladyboys of today seem to have this passive-aggressive idea that they’ll just sorta-kinda mismanage the country into oblivion over say, 30 years and thus get to their idiocratic paradise.

      That plan does seem to presuppose a certain inaction and lack of initiative on the part of the rest of the world though. Will China, Russia, India, Brazil, etc… give the ladyboys three decades to win their creeping civil war on their own people? Events lately seem to suggest not. Of course this suggests that, sadly, real change here in the GAE may rely ultimately, not on some griller awakening, but a series of obscure events abroad. They will be obscure here at least because the American media will ignore them. Sometimes though even the regime media reports on reality because no one tells them “don’t talk about that!” before they put out the story.

    • Catherine Austin Fitts nailed it when she called this, “The Great Poisoning.”

    • remember the Georgia Guidestones said only 500 million people . they have started toward that goal.

  10. There’s things you file away that fall into place or gusset an argument that can lie dormant for quite some time. late last summer, I’d heard that US forces were emptying armories in the middle of the night, using night vision. More cucked countries did it in broad daylight. I sure would like to see an honest assessment of the reserves that the military west has. In canada, a roundtable of recent military retirees estimated that the armed forces could only field a fully armed and supported force of 4000. It’s always worse than I think.

    • Canada does indeed have virtually nothing

      People like to point at the geographically sublime position of the USA, but the real geographical lottery winner was Canada. All the benefits of empire, none of the responsiblities.

    • We do have vast numbers of black and brown young men to send to the trenches. You’d think they of all people would be motivated to fight for this regime, yes?

      • at least the black and brown young men can claim they are fighting for a regime that fights for them. the traditional American fighting man, not so much. I’m pessimistic on our ability to muster a serious force. This isn’t 20 years ago, so much good will has been burned.

      • Heh. Them meeting the Muslims, South Asians, and Africans, that would be a sight. Let’s send them to Western Europe. That’s what NATO is for, eh?

      • The regime only wants their votes and to place them as sinecures so Fink, Dimon, Schwab, the Bureaucracy and company can send them instructions they will dutifully sign off on and carry out.

        They want to express their hatred of whitey and take his place – so long as it is a place of celebrity, easy money and status.

        Sadly, that means the only enlistment they’ll serve their masters for is on American soil.

      • No, the Brown Sludge will be reserved for the home front while, predictably, the white boys who actually are the “war fighters” would be put in harm’s way elsewhere. Can’t wait.

          • As a legacy American (settler, not immigrant) my family has served in the US military in every war since the Revolution. Some died, some lived to tell stories. My wife’s uncles and mine were on opposite sides in the War between the States. My uncle Cecil died at Normandy. My Dad landed Marines on Iwo Jima. Two dead relatives in Korea. Four in Vietnam. My wife and I served in the 70’s. My son did three tours in Afghanistan. All that to show my history and I WOULD NEVER SUGGEST ANYONE JOIN THE CURRENT US MILITARY! It’s simply not the same country and I fear it never will be again.

  11. I’ve read that Russia basically mothballed their arms production when they no longer needed to add to inventory. That is, they sprayed oil all over the machines and sealed the factories up leaving just a skeleton crew of maintenance workers. When more ammunition was required, they cleaned the oil off the machines and got everything up and running again. All they had to do was find workers and train them. America used to (and may still) do this with naval ships.

    The American and European systems simply don’t work this way. They buy their weapons and ammunition from the private sector. But once they have enough of some particular ammunition type and aren’t ordering more, the machinery or specialized tooling required for that type of machinery, gets scrapped. In some cases, the companies don’t even exist anymore. Unlike in Russia, they cannot keep their factories mothballed. They need continuous orders to stay profitable.

    At least, this is what I’ve heard/read and makes sense to me.

    • Heard the same.

      US completely dismantled and destroyed the F-22 production machinery decades ago.

    • Quite so, I’ve delivered loads of scrapped production machinery to second-hand sellers who refurbish it and sell it, usually to the third world.

      The largest annual convention in Vegas is the secondary market; dang, that is another hidden potential for the parallel economy.

      So are brokers for farms, grain, livestock, fuels, metal; the backbone of the parallel economy is enormous, robust, distributed, and well hidden.

      So many potential contacts, so little time. Let us resurrect the Grange.

  12. Most of the world, outside of the West, has a lot of respect for Russians. I’ve seen it while travelling to Latin America, and heard it from Arabs. People will do things for the Russian guys. It’s not forced or transactional, they just like them and are happy to help. At worst, most people are neutral about Russia and don’t really care, and definitely don’t care enough to want to see them nuked off of the map.

    I think the destructive social agenda pushed by the West has turned away the 3rd world quite a bit. They’re happy to go along with it when the west pushes “human rights” and “women’s rights” and whatever else sounds nice, and gets them Western money and investment.

    However, nobody wants trannies. Not one man. As all normal men should, the elites in other countries see trannies with complete disgust. Not Xi Jingping. Not Narendra Modi. Not even the leftist Latin leaders. Definitely not V. Putin who has a dozen kids with various slender blonde models. They want to eat meat, smoke cigars, and have normal relations with women. Same goes for BLM, outside of the West, Africans are most certainly not worshipped. Nobody wants to be scolded by a bunch of feminists.

    These elites don’t hate their own people (and are part of their own people, and see themselves that way). So they aren’t going to promote this sickening agenda – weakening a people is the only reason it would ever be promoted.

    There are obviously other causes. But the West moving from performatively woke, to true believer woke, has scared other countries.

    • Me and a Russian guy were about to get mugged by a group of Arabs, late at night, in Europe. This Russian guy told them that we were Russians, and then they kind of grumbled, and backed off. I said nothing hoping they didn’t ask me to speak Russian.

      I also hoped they didn’t start fighting. He was aggressive, knew MMA, and would have fought them, but I didn’t want to be caught in a 2 v. 7 fight at 3am while drunk. Either way they let us go once they found out he was Russian. Maybe they saw he was crazy, too, and didn’t think it was worth it.

      True story. Example of Russian privilege 🙂

      • I think in that case being Russian was supposed to mean you didn’t have any money

      • Russians have a take no sh-t rep for certain much like Aussies use to have at one time. Aussies were rough & tumble types but everyone has seen Aussies cuck nationally after Covid lockdowns turned them back into a meek prison colony.

        Russians still have some of that mythology around them even though obviously not every Russian is a stone cold killer or drunken lunatic. Italians also enjoyed this for a while when the Mafia was still a thing but they are domesticated now for the most part.

        • I heard an apparently true story a couple of years back concerning that “take no shit” Russian attitude. There was a fairly large Russian presence in Germany, and one day, some arabs or other dacoits sexually assaulted a young Russian girl, and when this became known in that community, the men gathered up baseball bats and other weaponry and went en masse to the dwelling place of these dacoits. They proceeded to beat or otherwise seriously injure a lot of those dacoits.

          I also heard reports of kneegrows who were being bothersome to Russian women in nightspots in Russia getting curbstomped by the Russian men.

          Presents a salutary contrast to the behavior of the chavs in Britain turning a blind eye to the grooming and rape of their young women by islamic scum from Pakistan.

        • Earlier today I was watching an Aussie news report on their “Voice To Parliament” referendum, which would give Aboriginies a special advisory role in government. The government is now pressuring sportsball and other normie activities to preach the benefits of this endeavor. The clip I watched showed highlights of Aboriginal violence and dysfunction and included a few interviews.

          Oh dear. They make our joggers looks like, well, Wakandans. No one should be taking any advice from their types. But naturally, polls show the referendum will pass easily.

    • The West already was in a state of rapid economic and civilizational decline but Woke indeed was the death blow. The damage it has done is irreparable.

      • This is the best case scenario for the West according to Nick Land, which I tend to agree with:

        (1) Modernity 2.0. Global modernization is re-invigorated from a new ethno-geographical core, liberated from the degenerate structures of its Eurocentric predecessor, but no doubt confronting long range trends of an equally mortuary character. This is by far the most encouraging and plausible scenario (from a pro-modernist perspective), and if China remains even approximately on its current track it will be assuredly realized. (India, sadly, seems to be too far gone in its native version of demosclerosis to seriously compete.)

        (3) Western Renaissance. To be reborn it is first necessary to die, so the harder the ‘hard reboot’ the better. Comprehensive crisis and disintegration offers the best odds (most realistically as a sub-theme of option #1).

    • Even in the West it’s not so clear. The only sports league still taking a knee before games is the faggot English.

  13. I’m reminded of the great orrador and champion of Thenian democracy, Feragles, who said, “The whole world is filled with all the dead men and their grave is written on all the, the people and their hearts.” Look, all this stuff, it’s important, ok?

    • +1000 for the image of de la Rochejacquelain.

      “Mes amis! Si j’avance: suivez-moi! si je recule, tuez-moi!
      Si je tombe – vengez-moi”

      I know the relevant parts of the Vendée like the back of my hand: we lived in the countryside near Cézais for a couple of years in the mid-00s – which is halfway between La Châtaigneraie and Fontenay-le-Comte.

      Prior to that we spent a year renting a tower in a château in St Paul du Bois that had changed hands several times dring the War for the Vendee. We ate at Le Gavroche in Vihiers – about halfway between Cholet and Saumur – two or three times a week. (Remote work was already a thing for Aussies in our industries: law firms and clients don’t care where contracts are drafted).

      It was instructive to visit the museum at Cholet, which had old pamphlets from the time – with the slogan “Liberté, égalité, fraternité ou la mort!” at the top.

      Sounds a lot less friendly with “ou la mort”; as a personal motto it’s fine, but directed at others it’s overtly threatening… typical of a narcissistic megalomaniac like Robespierre.

  14. A third reason is that Zelensky is not Ukrainian in any meaningful sense of the term. When the war is lost he will eventually board a US military plane to join his parents at their $7MM villa in Israel, or to his estate in Florida. That the Ukrainian people have not risen up to assassinate him boggles the mind.

    • This is the only reason. The first two stated reasons are BS. Zelensky, his tribe and the GAE are mass murdering Slavs, which is the main goal of this war from the GAE point of view.
      Russians wanted a quick resolution. Now they don’t have any good options. They do not want a long war of attrition, because they understand that Ukrainians are their own people and killing a lot of Ukrainian men means self-genocide.

  15. I used to be an armchair student of military history, before I found other things to do. It dawned on me, at some point, that a primary catalyst for virtually every war in history was that one side or both thought it was going to be easy. Far fewer wars would have been fought had the instigators known what they were in for. Add one more to that list. And it appears that mindset is still hanging on in the west, when it should have been dead and buried months ago. But then these are people who thought it would be a good idea to provoke Russia right on its border, so discerning reality isn’t their strong suit. Drawing from history again, typically the incompetents who blunder you into a war aren’t sacked until some catastrophe happens, and we aren’t there yet. Of course by then it can be too late. In modern war, things tend to happen faster and there is a smaller window within which to “reform” the war effort once it has been shown to be misled.

    Probably the GAE’s larger error than provoking Russia on its border, and that is a pretty large error, is in overestimating the amount of international support it would have. What we have now seen is that the GAE no longer has majority international support, thus its zenith has already come and gone. We dissidents have been saying that for a long time, but it’s now demonstrably, undeniably true for anyone to see.

    If you think that’s good news, I’m genuinely that sorry I must differ. Because it means the GAE will have that much of an easier time portraying itself as the little peace loving guy, forced by the meanies on the other side of the world to defend itself against their “unprovoked” aggression. Its inability to manufacture weapons a piece of evidence it can use to make the case that it did not want war, hadn’t planned it.

    • I can’t help thinking that when the west adopted globohomo and put trannies in charge, the Russians, among others, no longer felt intimidated. There are fewer countries interested in debt based economies that are underwritten by democracy/sodomy than GAE guessed, despite the propaganda campaign. (I can hear jimmy fallon in the background “sodomy, so great, so great!”

    • How many wars were going to be over by Christmas–as in THIS COMING Christmas? Oops!

  16. Gee, after fifty years of Total Feminization, I just cannot grok why the West would be ‘out of men who are good in a crisis’.

    Last time I saw a photo of the Defense Ministers of Western Europe, looked like a hive of chitterers at a bridal shower. Meanwhile U.S. intel teems with hard-charging, padded-shoulder, empowered women. Single women, mostly. True Believers.

    The West, and Anglo nations especially, hate and deselect for ‘men who are good in a crisis’. Or just men, period, unless they’re the homo variety.

    Yes, I’m quite certain the West is well-equipped for protracted global war. As long as battle campaigns are limited to gossiping.

    • I know, right? Is there some kind of law that says defense ministers have to be women? Weird. And they are all useless.

    • A lot of the political units of the Western world seem characterized by the same basic array of factors. Take the place I’m trapped in, Oregon. We just endured the disastrous reign of Kate Brown, who has now been replaced by an even worse female donkey whose name I can’t be bothered to look up. But who is “Kate Brown”? It turns out she’s a worn out party girl who was actually born in Spain. Her followers are very proud that she claims to be some sort of non-binary whatsit and has both a cucked house husband and a female consort. Then think about Trudeau in Canada. This is “Canada’s Boyfriend”, a walking hairstyle who gets paraded out every so often to parrot globalist talking points and is then put back on a private jet to some resort in the tropics. For that matter, think about Bill Clinton’s preposterous time as Governor of Arkansas and his wife’s notorious carpetbagging and coattail-riding. Everywhere you look, Western polities are “led” by people who’ve obviously been hand-selected for… something. Usually that something just seems to be an empty head perhaps aided by some useful addictions and perversions. Sometimes the something is a unique knack for corruption (Hillary Clinton and the Bidens). It seems the old qualities of intellect, toughness, and serious mindedness that used to characterize the leadership class are NEVER the ones being selected for though.

  17. “Europeans kept pushing new sanctions packages, even after it was clear the Russian economy was not going to collapse and…”

    To further bolster that, there’s this:…”Seaborne oil exports remained resilient in February, as the nation found new buyers even as the full force of Western restrictions was brought to bear. Oil-market watchers are closely following Russian export data for signs of disruptions after the European Union and the majority of Group of Seven nations banned most seaborne imports of oil and fuel in condemnation of the invasion in Ukraine. Aided by ‘shadow fleet’ of tankers, Russian producers have turned to buyers in the Gulf, Latin America and Asia, ship-tracking data shows”….

    That really shouldn’t have been all that hard to predict – IF there were some people thinking in DC making decisions capable of thinking beyond green energy, black superiority, and all the colors of rainbow flags.

    • I fully subscribe to view held by Andrei Martyanov, a/k/a Smoothiex12, that the number of those in Our Western Elites who are grounded sufficiently to function in reality is functionally ZERO. Maleducated, and forming up into a uniform cohort of those similarly enstupidified, they obliviously will step into the abyss with all the rest of us in their train.

      In my heart of hearts I hope that there will be a reckoning upon them; namely, them being sprayed forth as a vast cloud of pink mist from a legion of wood chippers.

      • Look at these leaders – the Trudeaus, Macrons, Scholzs and all those awful women. They are interchangeable drones. They all belong to the WEF, none of them have ever done a real job, their CVs are padded out with useless NGO internships and bogus educational honours. And they all appear from out of nowhere. Obama was the prototype. They all come freshly minted from the Davos Garden Gnome Factory

        • I hadn’t read your comment when I wrote mine above but it seems you, me, and JJ, all had the same basic thoughts here. Death to the Garden Gnomes!

  18. The West bet the farm on economic sanctions and blocking Russia from the global financial system. They assumed that this would cripple the Russian economy and Putin would be forced to relent.

    Not surprisingly, the neocons think in terms of using financial leverage and access to trade to get what they want. Given the state of the military and American’s unwillingness to take many losses, it’s really all that they have anyway.

    That’s what make this war so incredibly important. Russia is showing that Western trade sanctions and the mighty dollar can be beat. What’s more, other countries getting involved to begin building alternative trade and finance routes.

    It’s hard to describe what a disaster this is for the neocons. Don’t get me wrong, the dollar/treasury system still reign supreme, but the trade sanctions weapon has taken a massive body blow and crumpled to the ground. If these other countries can begin building an alternative to the dollar or, more likely, an alternative to treasuries as the global reserve asset, the world will have changed as much as it did with the end of the Cold War.

    That’s how big this war is.

    • Agreed. The sanctions were supposed to be the silver bullet and they misfired. We probably have no idea how big of a shock this was to the Regime. Additionally, Woke with the attendant black and tranny worship had caused massive loss of prestige, and only the economic power, which is still there albeit in a diminished form, kept the West front and center.

      The West in general and the United States in particular will exit this madness far weaker than it entered it, and that assumes it doesn’t decide to take the world out with it in a nuclear holocaust.

      • what are the chances the fukktards in charge accidentally nuke their own cities?

        • I honestly don’t think anyone really knows what will happen when the button is pushed. Those missiles have been down there in the siloes for so long, who can say?

        • It would be the kind of thing they do all the time. But the greatest danger today is the same as when the insanity started: a false move, possibly a breach of protocol and understandings dating back more than sixty years, in a pique of feminine anger causes Ivan to let the birds rip. If you are looking at people castrating their sons and removing their daughters’ breasts, you tend to believe they would nuke you.

      • Don’t forget the lost national pride. In 15 quick years patriotism has all but died in the US. This is something the regime as not accounted for. The ones who used to “rally” behind this kind of thing simply don’t care. They checked out when we began worshiping the rainbow flag.

        • They really began to check out when the flagpole to which the Holy Rainbow Flag was attached began to be rammed up their asses wielded by the hands of spiteful mutants of all types cheered on by Our Leaders.

        • Although national pride has no doubt diminished, I would not be so quick to assume it is not still usable to the regime. Case in point: the Ukraine war. The same normies who only months earlier were starting to question the regime on all the lies they had been told about covid, quickly applied Ukrainian bumper stickers to their cars. Just when I thought the tipping point had come and a significant amount of normies would wake up to their potemkin village, nope it was whatever the TV person told them to think. Dust off the old Rocky IV DVD and let that Russian hate flow!

          • Anecdotal, yes, but in my town the Ukrainian flag has been displayed by the same people who were Covidians. Normie doesn’t seem to give a fig. I suspect he’s tired of The Message, tired of it all.

    • Exactly. But my question is, if a schlub like me could have predicted all this, why couldn’t they? Are they really that stupid?

      • Not stupid, just incredibly cocky.

        Also, the neocons have never lived in the real world, so they have huge blind spots.

  19. The reasoning used on the MPAI population, the ones flying their faded Ukrainian flags next to their rainbow and BLM banners is that this ‘totally unprovoked aggression’ blah-blah is the reason we need to ‘stand with Ukraine…’

    It reminds me of the logic of the demented figurehead shouting in his glassy-eyed fashion, ‘this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated…!’ No follow-up, accountability when this MPAI-aimed narrative was debunked.

    That brings us to 1944. One group of Ukrainians were fighting FOR the Germans, another, against. They would still share intel as needed. At war’s end the Ukrainians had a standing army. It would not be a stretch to say that the Latvians and other small nations allied themselves with the Third Reich in the war against the USSR in hopes of having just that – a military force to use in the event the Germans lost the war — or their cake and eat it too if the Germans won.

    The Ukrainians attacked the Soviets in 1946, then the conflict erupted again in 1947 with tanks, the works. At THAT time the Ukrainians had their share of what are referred to now as “knot-zees” – but in that earlier case, were actually veterans of a Waffen SS formation, and battle tested.

    • Didn’t want to lose even our intelligent audience with a tl;dr.
      It was not until the early 1950’s that Stalin finally subdued the Ukrainians, and that after losing thousands of Red Army soldiers in open warfare, as well as guerilla warfare.

      In the end, MPAI holds as John Q. Normie does not know shit, does not want to know shit. So his mind is a blank page for the implanting of messages.

      Messages that lead John’s wife to be eligible for ‘Gold Star Mother’.

      • “In the end, MPAI holds as John Q. Normie does not know shit, does not want to know shit. ”

        This would be good if it were true. John Q. Normie should be involved in normie stuff. Ideally, John Q Normie keeps the machinery of the society running smoothly. He is well suited to his task and does his task well.

        The idea that Normie should keep abreast of all this stuff is embedded in democracy. ‘Normie needs to know all this stuff in order to make an informed decision on who to vote for, what policies should be supported and so on.’

        It is just one of the many flaws of democracy. The average Joe in America, Mr Normie has an IQ of 100. If he is exceptionally well informed, still knows next to nothing about world affairs. Of course, most are not exceptionally well informed and basically know nothing other than what he reads in a newspaper. He has no reason to know anything. It wouldn’t benefit him if he did. Once every 2 years he casts a ballot voting for his party.

        Hell, the people who do study these types of things as a full time job know little. Their “expertise” is rarely tested and when it is, they are almost always wrong. Further, nobody is ever punished for being wrong. All the people who said the sanctions would crush the Russian economy still work at the same jobs they did the day they predicted it. They have probably gotten a raise. They are still deferred to as experts in their fields. Like the “Kremlinologists” before them, their expertise is fake and they don’t know jack. Most of what they believe is probably not only wrong, but the opposite of reality.

        Frankly, I am A LOT more confident in Mr Normie’s knowledge of his own job than I am of the “expert” political class. His job is simpler, he has actual experts guiding him. If his work is shoddy, he gets fired. He has no delusions about his own importance or in his abilities.

        • “This would be good if it were true. John Q. Normie should be involved in normie stuff.”

          I am fine with that UNTIL TPTB want to audition my sons for a body bag, and a free flight in steerage. And my wife for the role of “Gold Star Mother.”

          But in my experience, theJohn Q. Normie I think of cannot open the hood on his own car, has an IT job, is beta-tized, and raizing an effeminate son. The wheels he is keeping spinning include those that fleece and oppress us.

          John Q. voted for Biden.

          • I think “raizing” is a slight mispelling. You probably intended “razing”, as in destroying a young man potentially of value to his people, and leaving pretty much nothing but a smoking hole in his place. This is Best Practices in Contemporary Fathering, don’t you know.

          • They are going to do that whether he is politically aware or not. Without democracy, it would probably happen less often.

          • I don’t think he is the source – although he may use the term.

            Using my fingers, I searched and came up with a number of different sources for “Most People are Idiots.” Perhaps the mention was to the acronym, not the phrase.

            Videos such as “Why are there so many stupid people” came up on the search “MPAI author Most People are Idiots.”

            In any case, my anecdotal evidence trends towards, MPAI.

        • Most people have fingers. Thus, most people can use a search engine.

          Do you have fingers? Asking for a friend.

          Also, common as fuck acronyms are like a shit test. Oops, there I go again.

          • I would remark that meeting polite requests for clarifications with smart assery also is a shit test. We are of differing ages, backgrounds, and exposures to current memes here. Bear that in mind if you would, please. Thanks.

            P.S.: I didn’t know the meaning behind that acronym either, so I was grateful for the courteous replies to Vajynabush’s question that dispelled my apparently unforgiveable ignorance.
            Here around Philly, we distinguish between two levels of disrespect: 1) “Tone”, being supercilious; 2) “Attytood”, being actively insulting. Neither is good. You probably don’t intend to suggest that other posters are to be grouped
            with that group of Most People (who) Are Idiots…

            Robust debates here are common, but thankfully this comment section is largely free of chippiness and ad hominems, the bane of many comment sections. In consequence, this remains an inspiring place.

  20. Anyone with real talent and a skill set worth something would not hold a high position of power in a system that seeks and promotes Kamalas and has for years. If you’re a woman of mixed race ready and willing to wear the knee pads, the world is your oyster in this decayed system, like a rat finding a dumpster behind a restaurant. That’s what our “elite” is choosing for “leadership.” And men who steal ladies’ luggage. All we can do is prepare for the bitter aftermath and cross our fingers won’t involve anything nuclear.

    One thing these people will do when they circle the wagons in D.C. is try to draw in any third country to save them. It’ll be a call out to the far reaches of the Empire to come save Rome from falling. Then this country, at long last, can experience the burning rage of seeing foreign troops on its soil propping up a regime that despises them and has been looting them for decades….sounds familiar. The ultimate battle for “our democracy.” It will be a day of much irony.

    • Blue helmets standing guard in Washington will be the best thing for recruiting DR converts.

      • It will be the PLA under some flimsy UN/globalist legal pretext the progs will eat right up.

        • Here’s the problem with abbreviations online. Do you mean the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), or the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA)? Or probably some other marxist groups from the 70’s have the same initials.
          Frankly, if the towel-PLA took over the Imperial Capital, they might end up doing a lot of good; they have a certain perspective on our Greatest Ally. Even the chopsticks-PLA would be better than what’s in power now. You can convince an occupying-army of foreign origin to go home; you can’t similarly convince the entrenched “I am captain now!” invaders to go home, as they think your home is theirs.

          • Seriously? IDGAF and if you are trending “Palestine Lib Army” for the Chinese Army, when China is the topic of the day … I don’t know that online discourse here has to cater to your lowest common denominator.

            Like fucking special ed.

          • Well, Chimeral, China was but one topic under discussion here today, and not the sole topic. Good ‘ol Rebel apparently set you off somehow. I daresay, he does know the difference, but he was making a wider point. He was focusing on our hostile immigrant “masters”, who think they own this place and us, as well. They don’t have to come from outside, unfortunately these barbarians already had the gates thrown open to them by, surprise, surprise, the hostile aliens lording it over us now who previously were immigrants. Get it?

            He is not a “retard”, never having given anyone a reason to think so. Bald insults? Really?

    • Is it just me, or does the Luggage Stealer look an awful lot like Pennywise?

      • And she is lazy too! There has been a steady stream of resignations from her office and one of the frequent complaints is that she won’t review the research that has been prepared for her and so she continually goes into meetings and presentations unprepared.

        Presumably, none of this work has been necessary so far, so why start now?

        It’s probably too much to hope for, but I wonder if the people who must support her start to have bad thoughts about the system that would elevate her.

        • She is the perfect example of Dunning-Kruger. She is clearly a moron. But, she is completely enamored with her knowledge. Thus, the results are clear: every time she is on camera, she speaks like a retarded 1st grade teacher.

      • I have to be discreet, however by sheer chance I happen to know of someone who advises Willie Brown’s Girlfriend and her staff. There are of course many such people, a whole army of sycophants who “advise” her. Nevertheless, as an index of how degenerate these DC people are, this one particular man is married with kids… and recently sent around a widely circulated *work* e-mail declaring that he is bisexual and “coming out.” I leave it to you to judge the character of such a person, one who has the responsibility of advising the Vice President. This of course was a means of getting a leg up on his competitors in the Swamp in the race to win the race as a noble victim.

  21. Now tackle the elephant in the room.

    The USA/EU is now in the vortex of the toilet bowl flush and accelerating into the void; which means that we are transitioning from slow collapse to fast collapse. This is happening because we have actual idiots running the show in DC. Biden is a corrupt dementia patient managed by evilmongers and the entire Congressional leadership is tangibly worse because they know that they are evil and incompetent. How else can you explain continuing to pour tens of $billions into the black hole of Ukraine while US infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes (hello, East Palestine OH)? And the RINOs think that faux investigations is somehow a solution to this problem. It’s simply prurient entertainment for the couch potatoes ranting with Carlson.

    And we are not going to analyze our way out of this mess anymore than we can vote our way out. The collapse is the cure because nothing will change until the environment changes. We need a return of real hardship to shake things up enough to get normie off the couch. Your chances of surviving the interregnum are far better in a rural setting than in a big city. Act accordingly before its too late.

    • TomA — I see the downvote on your comment. You might take some consolation in your regular savaging by referring to the old saw that:

      …. a prophet is never honored by his own people in his own time.

      Perhaps some time in the not too distant future, a small group of former Zeophytes will pull a bottle of good whiskey from the rubble of a liquor store and raise a toast to your dogged focus on your task.

      • Not to worry. Those two are shills for the Stasi that have been assigned to keep watch over me. Every vote they cast is knee-jerk. And you know you’re over the target when the flack is the heaviest.

  22. “…the industrial base of the West no longer exists as a practical matter. Generations of offshoring and global supply chain management have left Western countries with a tiny manufacturing base.”

    Back towards the end of the Cold War, they used to say “The Soviet Union is a Third World country with nuclear weapons.”

    Have any of these people been to Detroit lately?

    • Michigan still manufactures a wide variety of goods. Volume is small. It could ramp up quickly, there are many just barely scraping by and they would be eager for well-paid factory jobs.

      The problem is the C-levels and their financiers cannot fathom paying mere laborers actual living wages.

      • Dow Chemical with HQ in Midland has an enormous complex and, as a company, is nearly as large as BASF.

        The real problem with Michigan manufacturing is all the farting around with EVs happening in Detroit. What an incredible waste of time and effort.

    • Detroit is a third world city loaded with negros. Far more powerful and destructive than nuclear weapons. All Ukraine need to do is ask Washington to send all of their blax and drop them on Russia. Russia would collapse within ten years.

      • Citizen

        Magic 8 ball says said luggage testers would be dealt with much more effectively than they are here.
        But that’s my opinion, I could be wrong.

  23. Just a quick “back of the envelope” observation about economy: China exports roughly $500 billion worth of junk to us annually. In contrast, U.S. manufacturing appears to be in about 2.3 trillion. Let’s assume it’s all goods (no services) for now. I haven’t access to finer level data but we can make some assumptions. In the first place, a lot of that “US” manufacturing relies on foreign sourced parts. Secondly most foreign nations (including China) have far lower wage and other input costs than does the USA. Effectively, that makes their $500 billion a bigger share, compared to our $2.2 trillion.

    Having scribbled thus on the metaphorical envelope, we can draw some preliminary conclusions. Foremost among those is that if we did get into a shooting war and/or attempt sanctions against China, the USA would quickly find itself in dire straits economically. They have us by the balls, and there probably isn’t a whole lot we can do about it. China depends on the West for a lot, too, especially continuing as a major consumer of their output.

    In a better world peoples might play on a level field, at least most of the time. In stark contrast to “mutually assured destruction,” an optimist might indeed term such an economy “mutually assisted prosperity.”

    Unfortunately for the majority, much of the West’s policy is driven by people who who harbor animosities against what certain nations did to their grandparents or great-grandparents, or even older racial hatreds.

    • Was thinking about that myself lately. There is perhaps little aside from food that I use that is *not* made in China. I do not see how it can be replaced in less than a decade, and that’s assuming we don’t divert resources to producing war goods.

      On the positive side, the essentials—food, energy are in abundance and we won’t starve in the dark as most other countries would.

      • I disagree. We are stupid enough to force alternative energy during wartime. We will use wind power to send our children to the slaughter.

        • Doubtful. In an emergency, an existential emergency, all bets are off. We will revert to fossil fuel. War is that type of emergency—especially if the Fed’s fear an uprising behind them from the paroles.

    • It’s just as big of a problem for China as it is for the USA. They need to sell us their cheap junk just as much as we need to buy it. Maybe more.

      I read somewhere that during the Crimean War trade between the UK and Russia went on as normal.

  24. Z,

    Thanks for this straightforward analysis. I keep thinking of the saying attributed to Marx: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

    To wit: “The Europeans, in contrast, thought it would be a short affair as well, but instead ending in a Russian collapse. They had been assured by their American handlers that Russia was a hollow country. Once the sanctions hit them, the peasants would revolt.”

    Yeah, there was another guy who once said about Russia: “You only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down!”

    I wonder whatever happened to him?

    “The Russians now have the town surrounded, with tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops inside it. It appears that Zelensky has instructed the forces inside this cauldron to fight to the last man, much as he did last year with the Mariupol garrison.”

    Russians surround a city and the troops within it. Where have I heard that before?

    “Then they were told to hang on until the West could provide wonder weapons.”
    Der Manstein Kommt! said the troops in the Kessel.

    “For Zelensky, this war is about buying time while hoping for some change that will save him from his fate.”

    From your Counter-Currents link on your homepage, here’s a link to what happens when America says you’re our SOB:

    “The issue has become so critical that the people running foreign policy had Biden sign “a presidential waiver of some statutory requirements (Waiver) authorizing the use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to allow the Department of Defense (DoD) to more aggressively build the resiliency of America’s defense industrial base and secure its supply chains.” This is the first step in transitioning the economy to wartime, which means prioritizing defense over civilian items.”

    Where I used to live (Silly-nois) Stellantis just closed Belvedire Assembly in Belvedire, IL yesterday. I could see this waiver being an excuse to slush some cash into non-performing businesses like the now shuttered Mopar assembly line to produce, well, goodness knows what, but it will at least produce Democratic voters.

    “The sanctions regime is simply unsustainable for Europe so it must come to an end. It cannot come to end until the war in the Ukraine has come to an end. The trouble is European political leaders have ruled out any end other than Ukrainian tanks rolling through Moscow. Europe has created an unsolvable problem for itself.”

    “We are in the position of a man who has seized a wolf by the ears and dare not let him go.” – Generalmajor Fredrich von Mellenthin, 5/14/1943

  25. “It appears that Zelensky has instructed the forces inside this cauldron to fight to the last man, much as he did last year with the Mariupol garrison .. There are two primary reason Zelensky and the general staff are sacrificing tens of thousands of men for this town.”

    I doubt that Zelensky himself makes many actual decisions about any of this. The people who actually are directing this war on all levels – strategic, operations, and tactics – are the US DoD, in concert with and some reptiles from CIA, State, etc and some of the more belligerent guys from other NATO nations. Zelensky is just a mouthpiece, a prop being used to try to gain legitimacy, and an actor playing a role.

    • His job is to be sexually appealing to women. To their discredit, he is. When he’s on TV looks like a guy *from* TV. His corruption is public knowledge—so women will know it’s unpunished and desire him. It’s the first ever war where Americans’ support for it *doesn’t* differ by sex. He makes women want to see *their* men die. Brilliant casting.

      Hunter Biden has been made the locus of regime corruption for the same reason. His lifelong crime spree is pornography for women. Wanting to see him punished for anything means you’re an “incel,” envious that “he fucks,” etc.

      Not all of our enemies are stupid.

      • Can confirm. Woke colleague described this ridiculous Keebler elf as “attractive”. Really shocked me.

      • Yes.

        Women have run the show for decades now — e.g., Tater Joe’s cabinet is overwhelmingly fem and feminist — and so the intel-managed agit-prop, almost without exception, is targeted at the female collective.

        When that sadistic midget Fauci was at his populist height, women were gushing about how attractive and charismatic he was. Nupe not kidding. Whoever the chickadees imagine holds power — however momentary — suddenly is the hot property. Zelenski, the Pope, you name it.

        Offstage managing a collective or hive-mind is far, far easier than herding cats, which is what managing men is. Or used to be, anyway.

  26. You consider two reasons for why Zelensky (et al.) might be willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of Ukrainian men in the battle over Bakhmut. But what about a third, and more sinister motive?

    Does Zelensky, and do his handlers, actually care about the lives of their “fellow Ukrainians”? If those Slavs die in fair numbers while actually holding Bakhmut, good on the existential as well as the military-political front. If they die in still larger numbers while being defeated — well, that’s even more Slavs that won’t ever be able again to pogrom, right?

    • I do not think anyone cares about the lives of Ukrainians. Victoria Nuland cackled when told about the number of deaths in Ukraine. She literally said that the worst case scenario for this war is a lot of dead Slavs. She thinks it is funny.

      • It is truly horrendous that this aspect is invisible to the American public at large.

      • I attended a summer school program with Ms. Nuland’s younger half-brother, Will, many years ago. That was the first time I’d ever heard the phrase “shiksas are for practice.” I don’t believe his mother (his father’s 2nd wife) was Jewish, however.

        They are an odd group. Their father, Sherwin Nuland, was a Yale psychiatrist who became obsessed with death and dying after decades of depression and wrote several books about it.

    • Another rumor (and this is very optimistic) is that NATO is training a fresh division or two of Uke troops in the U.K. and they need more training time before they’re deployed to the field and (as the rumor goes) the longer the Russians are fumbling around in Bakhmut the better trained and equipped these troops will be.

      Even granting all that though the best thing such troops could accomplish is the defense of what remains of Ukraine. Used offensively they could make good headlines for a week before being ground into nothing.

      • Even if such a force could be assembled, it would need weapons. Since the West is out of old, Soviet stock, it means Western weapons, which are in short supply. In order to train the Ukrainians on the Abrams, for example, they have to be built, which will take many months. Then there is the training, which takes many months. Of course, the Abrams is a sitting duck without air defenses, which are no currently available either.

        This is what makes the Alamo defense of Balhmut so crazy. It is a waste of men and machines that could be put to some use in the future. If the West could reconcile itself to a long war, then it would withdraw to the West of the river and begin building a new army with new weapons for 2024. At least it has some chance of success.

        The trouble here though, as I think about it, is once the Russians fully integrate these four areas, any attack on them is an act of war. Russia is a highly legalistic place. Such an attack would trigger a far greater response than what we have seen thus far and it could trigger a greater war.

        The West has no good options now.

        • I agree that the West/Ukrainians should have fallen back across the river and regrouped. But, as you say, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Russia was more than happy with that. Just as it’s very difficult for Russia to fight on the western side of the river, it’s equally hard for the Ukrainians to fight on the eastern half after they pulled their troops to the west.

          Russia would be content to have eastern Ukraine as a natural barrier to NATO. Indeed, a good peace settlement would be 1) Russia gets the Donbas and land bridge to Crimea (basically) what they have; 2) the remaining area of Ukraine east of the river is a demilitarized zone but still part of Ukraine; and 3) Ukraine doesn’t join NATO but can be armed by NATO but no long-range missiles, only those that can hit eastern Ukraine.

          What’s scary is that the neocons are adamant that Russia get nothing. Granted, they could change their tune as facts on the ground change, but they’ve shown themselves to be insane.

          My bigger fear is that the Ukrainian military starts to collapse and the govt also starts coming apart. At that point NATO rolls into western Ukraine under the guise of “humanitarian” aid to deal with refugees or whatever.

          • I wonder if part of the Russian thinking is how to prevent a sudden collapse. They probably would prefer an intact Ukraine to make a deal to end the war. If the Poles seize parts of Ukraine, then Hungary could make a claim. All of a sudden, Russia has no one with whom they can make a deal.

            That said, if Poland crosses the border, it is the death of the EU and NATO. The Germans and Hungarians will flip out.

          • I suspect that the Russians are wondering themselves how this whole thing ends. They’ve clearly found their footing militarily and their economy weathered the storm, so they have the luxury of thinking long-term.

            As you’ve mentioned, the Russians likely don’t want to take over all of Ukraine. It’d be a mess of a country and they’d likely face constant US-financed insurgency.

            I also can’t imagine that Russia will accept any deal that requires them to take the word of the US, which leaves territory.

            But, again, if you listen to what the neocons are saying, the seem to truly believe that this can only end with Russia getting nothing. The Russians go home and Donbas remains a part of Ukraine. They really believe that this is possible.

            The neocons know that allowing Russia to win in Ukraine would change how the world looks at the US. The great power lost a battle. They can be beaten.

            You can already see the effects. The recent Chinese report/essay which pretty much tells the US to get lost.

            Would they have done that before Ukraine? Unlikely.

            But I do wonder how this can all end. The neocons would never let Ukraine accept a deal where Russia gets the Donbas and everything east of the river is demilitarized. But I can’t imagine the Russians going for a deal where they allow Ukraine to rearm and having the US word that Ukraine won’t be able to join NATO.

            I’d suppose that the best option now for the Russians is a slow grind of the Ukrainian military and see what opportunities arise politically.

          • That’s the thing-Russia is pretty much in the driver’s seat right now and can dictate the pace. As long as they keep grinding the Ukes down and no support gamechanger manifests, then what advantage is gained by changing course?

        • It also explains why the long-awaited Russian big arrow offensive(s) isn’t happening. Why bother attacking when your enemy is re-enacting the first day on the Somme for your benefit? They can just sit tight and pound away.

          • Brian Berletic from the New Atlas explains the situation very well. Russia is letting Ukraine throw troops away in Bahkmut. They’re also setting up the frontline for a possible spring/summer push, but even that push might be just more of the same but on a wider front.

            Finally, the Russians are preparing (and hoping) for a possible Ukrainian offensive, which would be their last gasp. Honestly, if Ukraine launches a spring offensive, their leaders should be tried as war criminals. That’s just sending people to their death for no reason.


        • If the Ukrainians were to retreat west far enough, the Russians could be happy to establish a de facto ceasefire.

      • No amount of training can make green troops anything but green troops. Nothing is the same as having someone actually determined to kill you.

        • Well, you are still green. But becoming familiar with your weapon and basic tactics through drills significantly increases your chances. Better than being handed an AK 47 as you exit Starbucks and whisked off to the front

  27. For some time, I wondered why the EU didn’t just tell the US government to FO. Then it became obvious that those countries (ex Hungary) are run by the same cadre of moronic imbeciles and tough wamynz that rule over this dump. The west being desperately short of men who are good in a crisis is a gross understatement. There is no one in the west in a position of power who one could hang their hat on to do the extreme hard work of ending all this insanity.

  28. About a week ago, Ben Wallace told the media that the Russians already had 97% of their army fighting in the Ukraine. The UK media then used this figure as a fact. I assume Wallace got the number from the British MOD. Do they believe it, I’m beginning to think they might

    All across the west, the people at the top are fools, or at least the leaders we see in public are

    They may not actually know that the Russians are slowly winning

    • “About a week ago, Ben Wallace told the media that the Russians already had 97% of their army fighting in the Ukraine. The UK media then used this figure as a fact. I assume Wallace got the number from the British MOD. Do they believe it, I’m beginning to think they might.”

      Read this and let me know:

      “Putin issues alert after drone strikes 60 miles from Moscow; Russian death toll surpasses all wars since WWII: Ukraine updates”

      “Russian death toll surpasses all its wars since WWII
      More than 60,000 Russian troops have died in the first year of the Ukraine war, more than all Russian wars since World War II combined, a new study says.

      The analysis by the Center for Strategic International Studies estimates that 60,000 to 70,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine. Russia suffered roughly 200,000 to 250,000 total casualties – personnel killed, wounded or missing – during the first year of the war, the analysis says.”

      • A pro-Ukrainian website that tracks the number of Russian military deaths using funeral announcements, local media announcement, family posts, etc., puts the number of Russian military dead at a bit under 20,000.

        That group, by it’s own admission, probably missing some deaths, so let’s say that the real total is between 25k and 30k with a similar number of wounded.

        The Donbas militias aren’t counted in that number but are probably between 5k and 10k.

        All in, Russian and Donbas militia have probably lost ~35k to 40k with similar wounded.

        Ukrainian, by the West’s own admission has lost at least 100k with likely a similar number seriously wounded.

        Russia has ~140 million people. Ukraine had 40 million but ~10 million live in Donbas and Crimea and another 10 million left the country, leaving 20 million.

        A Ukraine of 20 million can’t sustain those losses. A Russia of 140 million can sustain those losses for a very long time.

        • One of the startling things about the numbers from that group is the decline in casualties on the Russian side. The “burn rate” on the Russian side was high initially, but has dropped steadily. The reverse is true on the Ukraine side. That is the worst possible result for Ukraine. It is not going to change now that they are facing an ammo shortage and they are outgunned ten-to-one.

          What makes this so monstrous is everyone in the West has to know this. There is no winning formula for Ukraine, so the moral choice is to sue for peace and get a deal done to end the fighting. Even at this late date the Russians would probably take the deal they offered last year.

          • I fail to understand the strategic importance of the Ukraine in the first place, unless you were planning on invading Russia. Or something is being hidden in the Ukraine.

          • This is a reply to Mr. House, the Ukraine is very important strategically if you have designs on Russia like the neocons do. They want a world without Russia and Russians. It’s a sword pointed at the heart of Russia (Moscow) and a great jumping off point for the industrial and agricultural heartland.

          • Mr House: “I fail to understand the strategic importance of the Ukraine in the first place”

            Setting aside the fertile soil & the mineral rights [to include petroleum], there is no strategic importance whatsoever which can be attached to the Ukraine.

            This war is entirely about the SENTIMENTAL importance of the Ukraine.



            200 Years Together

            Chapter 1

            Before the 19th Century

            From the Beginnings..

        • The, “Ukraine has 40 million people, it has plenty of manpower for war!!!” crowd are really starting to annoy me.

      • Center for Strategic International Studies.

        That’s like using the Onion as a source.

        (And tiny hats everywhere one looks in the organization).

        Every. Single. Time.


      • Are you passing this off as a serious article? It’s not, it’s the usual bilge passed off as news by the Brit tabloids and the ISW. They’ve had high casulaties I’m sure but the 404 brags are just junk with no relation to the truth.

        I saw but didn’t click on it, an article about one Ukie guy destroying 5 Russian tanks in one firefight, a reborn ghost of keeeev. If you’re the AFU and treat destroying one T-90 and one Terminator, you’re not accomplishing much on the battlefield.

        • No, just posting a link I saw on another site that breathlessly announced the largest death toll since WW2, just to show folks what’s out there.

      • it’s rank foolishness from yahoo news quoting a neocon think tank. you should know better .

  29. just think of the agreement ukraine and europe could have had at the start of the war, compared to now!! there is no way the russians can allow ukraine to exist in any shape or form; and expelling the current cockroaches to europe provides three benefits:
    1. gets rid of troublemakers on your doorstep
    2. punishes europe
    3. creates land to reward the troops with

      • Ukie women breeding with most retarded of the Russians will still increase the average IQ of the Ukrainians by several dozen points.

        The long term benefits to the Ukraine are incalculable.

    • Getting rid of the Galicians by fobbing them off onto Western Europe would be awesome. That bunch is Ground Zero for the Neonazis.

      Failing that, having some of the southern tier revert to the Hungarians and, to a lesser degree, to the Romanians, would be a good start. The Russians really need to seal iff whatever rump Ukraine that might remain from direct access to the Black Sea through taking all of the strip along the Black Sea all the way through to Odessa, the Romanian border, and to link up to Transnistria to head off the Moldovans from getting any stupid ideas. Also a few sub rosa communications with the neighbors that any Gladio-style action from their territory would result in Khinzals and unannounced visits from the men in green.

  30. Not that LBJ and McNamara were any good, either, as the Nam War showed, but they at least were highly intelligent. Biden, Austen and the other equivalents to LBJ’s cabinet all are dunces. It’s shocking how much the ruling elite has declined.

    • Just look at the electorate. If you ever are foolish enough to vote again, glance at the people beside you in line. Blue haired, non-binary monsters who have zero value to society have the same amount of political power you do. More even, because the government gives them preferences and spoils, including rigging their vote. Is it any wonder we have what we have?

      • Go to the nearest supermarket and spend 10 or 15 minutes watching the zombies try to navigate the checkouts.

        I rest my case.

        • When I am at the checkout of a big box retailer I like to look around at the men there and try to figure out which ones could be counted on if a SHTF scenario suddenly occurred in store. Generally speaking, only about 1 out of 20 inspire any confidence in me. Most are just too out of shape and soft looking.

          • Most of them are fat and effeminate. They’ve never even used a screw driver, never mind even owning one. They are slobs.

  31. Nice article.

    On top of all of this, the ruling regime in The West is replacing its population that identifies as members of the nations and the lineage of causes and patriotism they hold in their hearts. In some sense it is if they have dug in to their own socio-political Bakhmuts in the capital buildings of The West and the emerging capitals of the Anti-West globalist centers.

    It looks like Germany is preparing to partner with Ghana for the next leg of The Great Replacement.

    Own goal after own goal after own goal. Too bad population replacement isn’t something that comes to an end after 90 minutes plus penalty time. (Back to the theme of yesterday’s post)

  32. Excellent summary.

    Saw a question posed to a panel the other day asking “If Russia is doing so well, how come they’re not taking territory?”

    Michael Vlahos responded with something like “It’s not just about territory. If your enemy is going to make it easy to kill every last man in your army, take advantage of it then walk over all the territory you want unopposed.”

    The true casualties of this on both sides are anyone’s guess, but Ukraine has self-depopulated (fled, mostly) and all that’s left are pressgangs for young and old men. This is not an issue in the Russian Federation.

    • This is a point I have been making for a while. The West thinks in terms of territory taken, while the East tends to think in number of enemy destroyed versus the number of friendlies destroyed. It is not an absolute difference, but more of a general tendency on each side. it comes through in this war as the Russians clearly settled on a strategy of economically eliminating the Ukrainian army. As one of their field commanders put it, the job is to die very little while the Ukrainians die a lot.

      The Ukrainians have been maneuvered into this by the West, but also the Russians. last summer the Russians reshaped the front to their designs. That said, this could not have happened without Western planners forcing the Ukrainians to fight for every inch of land. If they had insisted on conserving men and machines, they would have pulled out of the Donbas and began planning an offensive with Western weapons. it is too late for that now.

      • “The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor bastard die for his”. (Patton)

        “When in doubt, kill. Win by attrition” (First Blood)

        • Anecdotally, many Russian vets of Afghanistan quite enjoyed First Blood and sympathized with the Rambo character.

      • As Patton put it “the object is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor bastard die for his.” Or something to that effect.

  33. Every position our rulers and enemies in the West enforce is always the worst possible and most damaging to the populace. The most corrupt and ideologically possessed ever to exist.

    Now we see the next phase in this war where the diminutive tyrant in Ukraine is calling for American bodies be sacrificed. Maybe soon we will have the Mussolini moment with this clown and maybe slowly crawl back to some sense of sanity. Then I pray for the great reckoning that I pray will come.

    • David Wright: “Every position our rulers and enemies in the West enforce is always the worst possible and most damaging to the populace…”

      Z: “There are two primary reasons Zelensky and the general staff are sacrificing tens of thousands of men for this town…”

      The two primary reasons are:

      A) Zelensky and the general staff are khazarians, while

      B) The tens of thousands of men are goyim.

  34. Every single politician and bureaucrat in DC needs to read “Who Moved My Cheese” and get their thinking rewired, unstuck- whatever. These unimpressive bureaucrats and politicians haven’t had a lateral- or new- thought in years. The old maze/ patterns don’t work anymore and they refuse to see it.

      • Good joke. Apparently that title doesn’t exist. “Who Stole My Cheese?” DOES exist, as a parody book.

  35. “For Zelensky, this war is about buying time while hoping for some change that will save him from his fate.”

    Someone give the man a cyanide pill and a revolver. Though I think he has a haven in Israel and maybe in Miami as well.

    Beautiful penned piece by the Z man. The neocons are getting their comeuppance but unfortunately dragging down much of the hapless West with them.


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