Know Your Enemy

The German philosopher Carl Schmitt observed that politics is about the friend – enemy distinction, played out in public. Everyone has people they call friends and people they think of as adversaries or enemies. This only becomes political when others outside these relations are called upon to pick sides. Politics is about groups of people opposing one another in public and forcing others to pick sides. The winner is the one whose group dominates the others.

The thing is, it is never easy to know your friends in politics, but the only way to survive is to know your enemies. Those would be the groups whose very existence depends upon your demise. Friendships are transactional as they are situational. When your interests align with those of another faction, you are friends while you have some common interest. When conditions change, the friendship ends. Enemies are always enemies because who they are the negation of you.

This is why conservatism has never amounted to much in America. They insist that politics do not exist and instead public policy is decided by factual accuracy and the best ideas to solve problems. While the people we insist on calling the Left run around playing politics, the conservatives spend their days making impressive charts and graphs explaining why they are right. Occasionally they win an election, only to be outclassed by their opponents once in office.

You saw this clearly with Trump. Despite all of his faults, and he has many, he is a guy who completely believes the civic nationalist creed. He is the living embodiment of those School House Rock civics lessons. When he won in 2016, he just assumed everyone would have to respect the will of the people. After all, this is how our system is supposed to work. Instead, he was routed by the schemers, conmen and deviants that dominate Washington politics.

We are seeing the other side of this with the neocons. They do not care for Ron DeSantis, but they can work with him. He was a reliable vote for their warmongering when he was in the House. He has the endorsement of the House of Bush, so even though he opposes their domestic agenda, they can work with him on their larger plan to blow up the world. More important, he can be useful in undermining support for Trump in the coming Republican primary.

In other words, they do not necessarily see him as a friend, but he is not an enemy and because they share his current enemy, they can quietly work with him towards the goal of toppling Trump. The trouble is DeSantis has a very thin skin, so he could not resist taking cheap shots at Trump with regards to the indictment business. He also flip-flopped on his Ukraine statements, probably fearing that he may have jeopardized his support from the Kagan cult.

As an aside, Russia, the war in Ukraine and the subject of peace is becoming a central issue for the Republican base. This is a carry over from the Bush years when the party lied about the Iraq invasion. Since then the party base has become increasingly skeptical about foreign policy. Republican voters also tend to be practical, so they question spending hundreds of billions on foreigners when the country seems to be falling apart from decades of neglect.

In the 2016 election, the litmus test issues were immigration and trade. Trump went one way and the field went the other. It was a strange thing to see when logic said the field, or some of it, would be smart to follow Trump. We are now seeing the same thing with foreign policy issues. Opposing the neocons is a good vote getter, but bad for making friends in the regime, so the field, including DeSantis, is racing to sound like Lady Bugs Graham, while Trump sounds like Pat Buchanan.

Putting that aside, the friend enemy distinction sounds simple in the abstract, but in practice it is very difficult. Most people make the fatal mistake of looking for friends, rather than identifying their enemies. Note that conservatives have said for years that you should vote for someone not against them. This is part of the conditioning to keep their voters from focusing on the enemy. It is a clever trick that has allowed them to profit from finking on their voters.

Politics, at its most basic, turns on accurately identifying the enemy. Friends may turn out to be unreliable or stupid, but the enemy is always the enemy. The surest way to identify your enemies is to look for those who demand that you place your interests second to those of some alien group of political actors. For example, the people telling you that Ukraine should come before your kid’s school or that you must impoverish yourself in the name of climate change. Those people are your enemy.

For dissidents, and a growing number of Americans, the system itself is the enemy because it is based on denying you any benefits from the system. In fact, the system has evolved to harm the bulk of the population. That means you participating in it profits the forces that are committed to your destruction. In this regard, the Ron versus Don charade being put on by the mass media is another way for the enemy to lure decent people into supporting their own demise.

In the end, the simplicity of the Carl Schmitt formulation is the place to start when looking upon the looming election circus. First identify your enemies, then look for anyone that promises to harm them. The goal of politics is always to harm the enemy and profit your cause. If the enemy is not obvious, then the process itself is the enemy and you are best served being an amused observer. Not participating is the most political of actions, because it declares the process the enemy.

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156 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy

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  2. Well there was a brief instance there where, based on his record as Governor and his reference to the “border dispute” in Ukraine, that I thought Sanctimony might be something. Stupid me.

    • The Tribe yanked his chain, snapped his, basically neocon self, back to awareness of how the money tit will continue to flow. Good doggie.

    • Me too…De Santis obviously has had a brain cramp to fall in with the likes of Jeb, just to run in a race where he has no chance to legitimately gain the nomination, and even less chance of chance to win…He should have endorsed Trump and wait for ’28, when the deadwood will be gone…

      • Particularly so if, as I understand it, he will have to resign from his current office.

        As the old wing walkers used to say, “Never let go of nothin’ until ya got a hold of somethin'”.

  3. I’m sure somebody already beat me to it, but Trump’s belief in the totality of the civic nationalist creed is also one of his many, many faults.

  4. “Mine is a most peaceable disposition. My wishes are: a humble cottage with a thatched roof, but a good bed, good food, the freshest milk and butter, flowers before my window, and a few fine trees before my door; and if God wants to make my happiness complete, he will grant me the joy of seeing some six or seven of my enemies hanging from those trees. Before death I shall, moved in my heart, forgive them all the wrong they did me in their lifetime. One must, it is true, forgive one’s enemies– but not before they have been hanged.”

    — Heinrich Heine

    • Gauss: Interesting choice of quote. I presume you are aware of Heine’s ‘early life and family’ details? One then wonders just whom he considered an enemy to be hanged.

      • Must you insist on ruining a good quote? Me and Genghis Khan would have been racial enemies back in the day. That doesn’t mean he never expressed some admirable sentiments.

  5. A couple of months back we argued whether similarities existed between our situation and Weimar G. Z insisted that the presence of bipeds was the only similarity. Many argued that the strong dollar belied my reasoning. Anyone change their mind?
    PS sorry to be such a petty prick.

    • To White Knight here, I believe the zman point was “history rhymes but doesnt repeat,” so thinking the events and outcomes of the 1930s can be repeated in the 2030s is incorrect, because of fundamental differences. You cannot simply cut and paste the past to the present and be guaranteed a good result, or even the same result.
      However, the inflationary recession, international martial humiliation of the country, the sexual degeneracy esp the trannyism, the feminism and equal rights/womens liberation, Continental negro-worship: there are many similarities that are growing more similar and more prominent every year.
      I think the valid counterpoint to Zman is that while a flu is different from a cold in material ways, the proper response is still the same. And the closer the flu’s symptoms to the cold’s, well….

  6. Completely unrelated to today’s post but looks like the French Revolution 2.0 is taking place. That’s the way ….

    • In this contemporary example, Queen Macron basically told the People instead of cake, to eat shit. It still comes down to autocratic fiat.

    • The electricians and gas workers shut off the lights and heat in Macron’s Presidential palace! Ha!

  7. This all really smells like a replay of World War II. The “Don’t get involved in Ukraine” crowd is very similar to the “Don’t get involved in Europe” crowd from the 1930s. If history does repeat itself, the government will false flag the Russians kicking a puppy and all the normies will mobilize for the next Great Moral War against Evil and Bad Stuff except this time it kills 500 million instead of 50 million.

    • …and, then as now, the same group is the primary driver of the push for war and the suppression of those who oppose it.

      Of course, it is not only that group acting, but without their energy and power, probably neither war would have happened.

      • Well, that group had already declared war against Germany for chosing the Wrong Guy as soon as he ascended to the Chancellorship. Really, look it up; world Jevvry did this.

    • 1910 perspective here.
      In 1910, the human condition was a rising star so bright; no one alive could have imagined world wars brewing, the only contact with the federal government was the Post Office.

      Most galling is that we are told to worship the Fathers of wars, “a clever trick that has allowed them to profit from finking.”

      Without such creatures, what could we have been? A world of Scandinavias, of former Canadas, of Beirut and Paris, of Tehran and Buenos Aires and Prague as the glittering jewels they used to be.

    • Mass starvation would be the result of even a somewhat limited nuclear war…I would guess 5 billion dead…

  8. Uuuuggggghhhh!!!!

    Do you listen to yourself, Z? Not to be a dink… but hells bells!!!

    Yes, identify your enemies! I’m seeing noggers, jews, perverts, beaners, contentious crazy women, etc. And you wrap up by saying, “the system is the enemy…”

    For the last fricken time: the system WORKS. It created the most powerful and affluent nation in the history of mankind. It has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of grinding poverty and squalor. It did all that in less than 200 years! Your system will work fine…IF you deal with the diversity problem. Or, if you will…your enemies. You have a people problem because the human trash swarming in aren’t smart or civilized enough to live in a civilized nation. Unless this changes, America ends only one way…

    • Glenfilthie- The system passed the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act. And the group disproportionately involved with getting it passed came here via the system. The system is impaired, to say the least.

      • What keeps us all together is trillions in bribery (government spending). The modern era has never once experienced a crisis that stopped this bribery. Even for a time. The greatest social experiment in history will come to its climax when the bribery stops or the currency exponentially inflates. Either way. Look out!

        • “Industrial society is the only society ever to live by and rely on sustained and perpetual growth, on an expected and continuous improvement. Not surprisingly, it was the first society to invent the concept and ideal of progress, of continuous improvement. Its favoured mode of social control is universal Danegeld, buying off social aggression with material enhancement; its greatest weakness is its inability to survive any temporary reduction of the social bribery fund, and to weather the loss of legitimacy which befalls it if the cornucopia becomes temporarily jammed and the flow falters.

          Ernest Gellner, Nations and Nationalism (1983)

      • The Hart-Celler (H.R. 2580) vote: It was the inevitable product of mass immigration from the mid-19th to the early 20th century. By the 60s all of the founding institutions had been co-opted by people who had no particular affinity for them other than as a means to wield power to benefit their particular groups.

        • The Immigration Act, yes . . . and the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the ‘Great Society’ that followed with it. Tack those two body-shots onto the 19th Amendment and it’s a prescription for fracture, dissension, and decline.

    • After you took that snow globe from D-Fens, did it hurt when he stabbed you with the butterfly knife?

    • The system produced the white shitlib, which has proven to be the most dangerous enemy of them all. The enemies you listed wouldn’t be here without that one bringing them and promoting them. And would be inconsequential against united whites.

      • Are any of you capable of thinking like white men JZ?

        That is like blaming guns for crime, or spoons for making Orca Winfrey fat. If the system were to blame… how would you fix it? With the stroke of a politician’s pen? That is the nogger solution to everything – with lots of gibs and free money!

        To fix this, millions of PEOPLE will have to be deported. Tens of thousands of PEOPLE will have to be arrested and punished, and God only knows how many will need to be executed

        These PEOPLE do what they do by playing the system against itself, undermining it or disabling it altogether. Your ancestors gave you a republic – it was up to you to keep it.

        But I suppose I should just STFU. All I can do at this point is make people angry about it and that won’t change any of what’s coming.

          • Point taken JZ. But there again…

            “I didn’t make this mess, I’m not cleaning it up…”

            If not you (and me)… then who?

            The guys that built our country would literally have spat on their hands, raised the black flag and started slitting throats.

        • GF – Unfortunately, the system IS the enemy. Maybe it wasn’t a 100 years ago (though that might be debatable), but it sure as hell is now. Further, there is no reforming it – at a minimum, everyone currently involved with it has to go. Your third paragraph pretty much spells it out. It won’t be pretty, let alone easy, but like I said, at this late stage, starting from scratch is probably what it’s going to take. The Frogs got things going on – maybe they’re showing the way.

    • By that line of argument, one could toss the entirety of Western civilization into the incinerator.

      • Judging by the new multipolar world that is starting to coalesce… yes, that is definitely on the agenda.

        • Not the whole thing. After all the best they already have, our betters sold it to them for a fast buck.
          Just the actual garbage, that is us white trash.well me anyway.

    • Time to DEAL with them–if possible. The supply of Spahn Ranches is finite, even though the territory may be immense and population density may be sparse. I’d prefer neither to hide nor to watch our implosion, if only for the fact that the Loizeaus may not have checked whether I’m inside the building before depressing the plunger. Better to fight with what Sun Tu supposedly called the courage of despair.

      • That said, I’m watching with bitter satisfaction as Russia, a potential ally prior to the (((1881 Gang’s))) 2014coup, veers east- and southward to link up with China, Central Asia and the Middle East. The Belt Road Initiative may to turn out to be one of those utopian endeavors whose reach is beyond its grasp, but the prospect of an alliance of Technocratic and resource-rich nations is at least inspiring, compared to the West’s dogma of D–I–E, where science gets down to the business of war–well, Splendid Little Ones, at any rate.

        c, veers east and south toward China, East Asia and the Middle East.

  9. Pretty much all of them are enemies and the rest are cowards.

    Think of how much cowardice is on display every day now. “Men” and “mothers” who will not even defend their own children from perverts invading libraries and schools and hosting “kid friendly” strip shows. Most Christians won’t even go to jail for their beliefs, let alone become martyrs for the faith. Instead we get churches openly celebrating and promoting evil.

    At least the degenerates have the courage to do what they are doing in the open where they could, in theory, face a pitchfork (or AK47) wielding mob.

    • Z: “The goal of politics is always to harm the enemy and profit your cause.”

      Pondering the hopelessness & despair of Meta-Darwinism is so very deeply depressing.

      No wonder so many Normies lack the gonads necessary for discovering how deep is the rabbit hole.

      It’s as though the Normies sensed, instinctually, that if they were to ackshually research the COVID v@xxines, then the horror of what they were to discover would have given them emotion-induced [rage-driven] heart attacks.

      Instead, the Normies opted for pharmaceutically-induced heart attacks.

      I almost don’t blame them for their cowardice.


      Speaking of Meta-Darwinism and pharmaceutical horrors…

      UPDATE: Eyedrops Sold In Drug Stores Nationwide Are Contaminated With Deadly Bacterial ‘Superbug’: MANUFACTURED IN INDIA – 3 People Die After Using Artificial Tears Products, 8 Lose Vision, 4 Have Eyeballs Surgically Removed


    • Doesn’t take that much courage when the blue has your back, along with the DAs and black robes. Fortified for protesting.

  10. As dumb and degenerate as we become as a country, it’s still up to an external force to knock us off our perch. I think they’re pretty fed up with us but the catalyst has yet to come.

    • The infamous “Sea Peoples” often credited with causing the Greek Dark Ages / Bronze Age Collapse / etc. were an ad hoc multicultural mob-army of miscellaneous world idiots and assholes, rather like the one the West is currently importing at a rate of a thousand or so divisions per day.

      • Multicultural, exactly. Exactly. The roving bands of every nation became a human tidal wave.

        (The nature of this, remarkably, was recorded in field reports made of clay tablets; rather than being erased and reused, they were baked in a palace fire, leaving us a permanent record by harried fronts.)

        Cartel and all the gangs of any color will become the new locus of street power.

        They were created by government fiat, I fear they will prove themselves worthy of government’s affection.

    • The lower 48 is as militarily unassailable as ever and practically no amount of rot seems capable of changing that. Any talk (and it exists) of being conquered by China etc. is just as stupid and uninformed as fears of Japanese invasion in the 1940s or saying “we’d all be speaking German now” if we hadn’t sent our men off to Europe. These things were not possible then and they are not possible now.

      Thus the GAE’s comeuppance, if and when it comes, has to be economic.

      • That is why it wasn’t a military conquest. We were turned into another nation’s (or two or three) vassal by using The System against us. It was a long, slow institutional conquest.

      • “Any talk (and it exists) of being conquered by China etc. is just as stupid and uninformed as fears of Japanese invasion in the 1940s or saying “we’d all be speaking German now” if we hadn’t sent our men off to Europe. These things were not possible then and they are not possible now.

        Thus the GAE’s comeuppance, if and when it comes, has to be economic.”

        This is true about any nuclear power–that’s why the spectacular failure of the Russian sanctions terrified D.C. because the next step would require the ruling class to have potentially charred skin in the game. I hesitate to make predictions about how long the US will be the major economic power because that could vanish in a blink of an eye or go on for decades due to things totally out of its control at this point. I’m leaning towards a shorter time line but grant that may not be the case. Jerome Powell is acting like the economic situation can be salvaged unless he’s engaged in some sort of 4D chess.

        • Was there supposed to have been a “not” in there?

          Perhaps: “Jerome Powell is acting like the economic situation can NOT be salvaged, unless he’s engaged in some sort of 4D chess.”

          • I actually meant “can be salvaged.” Powell is trying to shore up the dollar rather than allow the free money frenzy to continue; he thinks the currency is salvageable and is using traditional tightening to prevent devaluation. Whether that works, of course, is another question but he’s putting the brakes on the looting unless, again, there is some sleight of hand going on with him.

      • they Russian ship launched hypersonic missiles have made
        our aircraft carrier fleet giant floating coffins .

    • Not so much knock us off as just pass us over. Like the aging starlet who no longer gets call backs.

  11. I have this idea that civic nationalism could work, sort of, if Civnat G. Normiecon were able to recognize enemies. But when a man is elected president (say, Trump), and the “left,” unable to accept being out of power, goes into a frothing rage, half of the normiecons out there take them at their word that Trump must be the problem, rather than seeing the problem for what it is, deranged leftists unable to accept losing power.

    At the end of the day, Civnat G. Normiecon, just like the people he votes for (Trump included), cares excessively what leftists say and think about him, about what is said about him on the tv or written about him in the NYT. He is deathly afraid of being the left’s “other.”

    • I believe Z-man awhile back described our political/societal situational priority as “getting rid of the crazies”! Prescient and succinct observation that still seems to hold more than ever.

  12. ZMan shows the way. The system is the enemy. If somehow a Republican can get into office, there would be no practical difference between DeSantis and Trump.

    Oh Trump would say he was anti-war and such but then Lindsey Graham would meet with him to explain that the war is really really necessary. Or Ivanka would cry or something. Then he would say that he was going to stop sending billions to Ukraine and withdraw the U.S. advisors but “the generals say we can’t do that.”

  13. The shit dog phenomenon.

    All domesticated dogs are descended from wolves. At some time in our ancestral past, man tamed wolves and slowly selected for traits that benefited hunter-gatherer tribesmen. And these first artificially-selected subspecies were generally large, strong, loyal, and skilled at alerting to danger. Later, other variants became work dogs (as in herding sheep and aiding hunting). Nowadays, we select for purely ornamentational traits and have created useless little yapping rat-like dogs that are no bigger than a real dog’s defecation pile.

    And the same phenomena is now happening with respect to “selecting” politicians. As a society, we now favor the worst possible traits in our political “leaders”, and over the past century or so, have created a subhuman variant that shall henceforth be termed “scheming weasel vermin.” These creatures are vile, ugly, and preternaturally evil, but possess one powerful skill. They can fool you into thinking they are your friend, and then later stab you in the back with glee in their heart and not a hint of guilty conscience. Will voting harder fix this? Not a snowball’s chance in Hell.

    • Don’t forget the scheming weasel vermin’s friend, the Ed Dutton-coined term, the “Spiteful Mutants.” These are the psycho leftists, who in another time and place would’ve been expelled from the village, left to fend for themselves and would die off, unable to pass on their genes.

      • The term spiteful mutant is from Michael A. Woodley of Menie. He and Dutton were collaborators some time back and wrote a book together. However, Dutton will and does give Woodley credit for coining the term.

    • “Nowadays, we select for purely ornamental (sic) traits and have created useless little yapping rat-like dogs.”

      “As a society, we now favor the worst possible traits in our political “leaders”, and over the past century or so, have created a subhuman variant that shall henceforth be termed “scheming weasel vermin.” These creatures are vile, ugly, and preternaturally evil, but possess one powerful skill. They can fool you into thinking they are your friend, and then later stab you in the back with glee in their heart and not a hint of guilty conscience.”

      I go back to this line of yours “At some time in our ancestral past, man tamed wolves and slowly selected for traits that benefited hunter-gatherer tribesmen.”

      And ask you two questions:
      1) Who does the choosing of dogs as pets these days? (Hint, they’ve started switching over from cats)
      2) Who does the choosing and electing of politicians these days?


      Perhaps that’s why we have the dogs and politicians we have nowadays.

    • I would only add that the means for “selecting” is unpleasant. While selective breeding played a role, mostly it was a subtractative approach. Pet wolf bites kid, kill it. Rabbit dog starts chasing deer, put it down. We had a pet terrier when I was growing up that started killing chickens. Gramps tried everything. Tied a dead chicken around its neck etc…. Nothing worked. He regretted killing that dog (incidentally named maggot), later said he should have just got rid of the chickens. Ahem, sounds a bit psycho when I write it down.

    • “As a society, we now favor the worst possible traits in our political “leaders”, and over the past century or so, have created a subhuman variant that shall henceforth be termed “scheming weasel vermin.””

      I think that process of artificial selection started about 4000 years ago with Abraham.

      • Abraham’s father, Terah, was an idol-maker, honoring all people’s gods freely.

        Betrayal. All of their stories begin with betrayal.

        • (I must note that in the evangelical wave of the small hats, the Semite Mohammed did the same; his family protected the shrine of the market gods, which he later destroyed.)

    • Democracy is the god that failed, as a German professor of politics wrote. At it’s best it is of a very limited suffrage and a means to keep one clique from gaining permenant control. Then it works quite well, comparitively. But democracy obeys no limits over time. First it was universal male suffrage in the US by the time of the War Between the States. Then it was suffrage for women, debtors, the welfare dependant, millions of workers paid by fed, state, and local government, the dead, and finally the imaginary ballot. But in truth the experiment was really over by the War, we’ve just been coasting on the creations of the dead all this time. Time’s out.

      Imagine trying to vote your way out of this. Really?

      • The sadists in the UK government considered killing all the cats, “cuz Covid.”

        They had done such before to the cows, when “mad cow” was leaked from their Portland Downs biowarfare lab, and continue such with repeated assaults on chicken populations.

        Partly as commercial sabotage, and partly because the spiritual Infection drives them– imagine what would happen to the rat and mouse populations with a dearth of cats. (And eggs help provide natural vaccination.)

        Say what one will about the poor cat ladies, but such evil: they won’t even let us keep our beloved pets.
        Remember that they would take from us the smallest bit of solace.

  14. I don’t care how good you are with resisting lockdowns and fighting the tranny agenda, if you risk WW3 in order to protect the global money-laundering and bio-warfare labs in Ukraine, then you are my enemy.

  15. Paul Gottfried’s been carrying the torch for Schmidt for decades but it looks like the old political theologist is about to come back in vogue now, anyway. Alexander Dugin’s books are illegal here in North Korea lite (you’d figure killing his daughter would have been enough), but his contrasting of Schmidt’s thalassocracies and tellurocracies is about to get tested in something besides a philosophy book. Land-based powers like China and Russia are figuring out that they only need to control strategic bits of the ocean—especially warm water ports—to beat former rulers of the seas like England and the USA.

    It turns out that not sailing the world is a good way to keep your eye on the homefront and not to accidentally bring back stowaways (re: immigrants) to contaminate your homelands. Also, like many captains away on long-term voyages, the USA and England have slowly grown crazy, warped in the head.

    It’s looking like Leviathan is going to go belly-up, starving for air on the shore, while Behemoth takes his time picking the carcass apart at his leisure.

    • It’s hard not to lament that we could have been a great big, unassailable, continent sized Switzerland.

      • Yep. We were set up for eternity on this continent, with the people and the civilization. We would have risen and fallen, but that cycle would have been circled by our people.

        The Great Replacement is the greatest crime ever perpetrated on earth. What an insidious and vile evil to replace a people in their homelands by stealth. On three continents and across tens of nations. It is shocking.

      • Well, our native version of the Swiss Canton system got all shot to hell in the War of Northern Aggression, and subsequently completely dismembered with evident glee by the centralizers and the newly-arriving Spiteful Mutants who liked it all tribal and shit.

  16. Zman: “While the people we insist on calling the Left run around playing politics, the conservatives spend their days making impressive charts and graphs explaining why they are right.”

    That describes Steve Sailer, the nice guy who just wants to be friends and convince the left and the mainstream right that, by golly, he’s right!

    Worse than Sailer though, who at least gets into racial issues, are those in the conservative corral of ineffective opposition, who say things like “Democrats are the real racists,” “America is an idea, not a people,” “Violent cities run by Democrats,” “Individualism Bucko, not white identity,” “As long as the immigrants come legally,” or “Stop trying to divide us!”

    If conservatives consider the left the enemy at all, it’s only because the left are the real racists, or they don’t insist that immigrants come here legally or something like that.

    • “As long as the immigrants come legally,”


      I think even as young as fifteen, when hearing discussions about our “new, highly benevolent arrivals”, someone would always utter this inanity. That, or “As long as they come to work.”.

      Heh, well guess what? They did come legally, they did work, and now we have lovely and diverse enclaves that function as convenient fifth columns whenever needed.

      Put simply: Whilst I could have stomached a small number of these people, they do not belong here. And they should never have come.

        • Heh.

          “As long as they come legally.”.
          “As long as they work.”.
          “As long as they pay taxes.”.
          “As long as they vote and partake in politics.”.
          “As long as they respect the law of the land.”.

          “Oh dear me, we seem to have been replaced and all channels of protest are dominated by aliens.”.

        • There are any number of “studies” here that show our new vibrants work and “pay taxes”. These studies also often show that the amount of welfare they receive is far in excess of any taxes these folk will pay during their working lives.

          I’ve read a few of these reports. Nothing surprising. What was revealing is that a few of these studies tended to indicate that such welfare use extended into the second generation—first generation born on American soil. This too should not be surprising given HBD science. Low IQ immigrants produce low IQ offspring and therefore a lower SES to be expected in a1st world, technological society.

          As I’ve said, the folk coming illegally are not engineers and doctors.

    • Of course, Leftists are real racists, albeit not the only racists. The part of the syllogism the Grillers won’t supply, however, is that they are anti-white racists. That just comes too doggone close to white identitarianism, the political hemlock of the CivNats.

  17. Carl Schmitt said know your enemy. He also said that the Sovereign is always in control, even in a liberal democracy. Schmitt said that we see who is in charge when there is an emergency, and it’s the Sovereign.

    This is our problem now. We saw it during Covid and the “long emergency” of the GWOT. Whatever we want to call it -“Deep State”, “Oligarchs”, or Schmitt’s Sovereign – whatever – they are in charge. Trump never quite understood this. Obviously JFK did and look what happened.

    But they are not on the ballot and they rule from the shadows. That’s the whole point. Yes we have to know our enemy, but they are careful not to reveal themselves in a blatant way. So we are left to punch at empty public avatars. We are now two generations into this problem and it may take one or two generations to solve it, if we ever do. One election cycle is really nothing in the scheme of things.

    • Every time the press begins to question Biden and you hear chattering offscreen from an army of harpies shouting, “Come on, we have to go!” just once I wish the cameraman would spin his rig around so we could see these people. I think Zman says they all come from some institute where they’re trained like actors, and most are former Obama drones. Soros is obviously one big string puller, but there are plenty of others supporting this.

    • Obviously JFK did and look what happened.

      Ike warned about it on his way out. Under his admin was when it was starting to flex its muscles. Under Johnson it took control.

      • Yes, but Johnson and then Nixon waged a losing war in Vietnam and when we left, the mood of the country was toward no more wars of nation building in crap holes. Reagan reversed that sentiment with Grenada and his over riding need to topple the USSR and the resulting military buildup. We could have let the Cold War go and let the USSR collapse and organically change but for Reagan.

        Reagan rebuilt the armed forces such that Bush (a neocon) had an irresistible tool of aggression handed to him. In Gulf War 1, Bush 1 could field a force of half a million to face Saddam. In GW2, Bush 2 could only field a bit over 120k.

        I like Reagan, but he really was the inflection point getting us to where we are today.

        • Grenada was not the catalyst for that. It was the easy victory in Gulf War I.

          It’s also easy to pretend in hindsight that everybody knew the SU’s collapse was a matter of time or that it wasn’t a threat to the west.

  18. “[T]he system has evolved to harm the bulk of the population. That means you participating in it profits the forces that are committed to your destruction.”

    Exactly. The delusion that one can strike a blow against the establishment by partaking in electoral shenanigans sponsored by that same establishment is copium of the highest potency. A rigged game cannot be won by regular folks; it can only properly be ignored and avoided. Detachment is key. Psychological secession must precede the real thing.

    • Not voting is an easy and least effective way of not participating in the system. Going off grid (if enough do it) is the most difficult and effective. Sand in the gears is probably moderately difficult and effective.

  19. I have maintained since 2019 that we can vote our way out of this, but not in a way that CivNat G. Normiecon thinks or wants.
    A vote for the Bad Orange Man is a vote for civil war, initiated by the spiteful mutants in and out of the Regime. That is why the Vichy Right rolled over in 2020 and will again in 2024, because they know that the Bad Orange Man being elected President will be the election of 1860 all over again, not because of what the Bad Orange Man would do, which would be empty posturing and Twitter slap fights, but because the Regime hates him and what he represents and the potential threat he and Heritage America poses to them.

    • That’s sort of my take as well. The United States was convinced a Trump re-election would have caused California at a minimum to exodus the union. They were not afraid at all about how conservative areas would respond to election fraud. What apparently was not seen was that the rubes no longer would support foreign interventionism and imperialism afterwards.

      The USA simply is a conman who has run his grift so long and so successfully he cannot fathom the mark is onto him. The world has already moved on, and the citizenry is starting to do so mentally.

    • Good for you for taking a position contrary to the conventional wisdom here, which is that we can’t vote our way out of this mess.

      You say that voting can help us, but don’t explain, beyond saying vote for Trump. I’m curious to hear more.

      • My understanding of Pickle Rick’s comment was that it could be a vote to trigger serious, violent internal conflict:

        “A vote for the Bad Orange Man is a vote for civil war, initiated by the spiteful mutants in and out of the Regime.”

        Perhaps I misunderstood?

        • That’s exactly what I am contending, in exactly the same way that everyone in 1860 understood what a vote for Lincoln represented. We all know that the Right, for any sense of it, will not and can not initiate or emulate 1775 or 1860, for any number of reasons, including the ones Z brings up today. Thus, forcing the “Left” to do what they so obviously, desperately want to do, which is bring on the showdown and quit postponing the inevitable is the “Vote BOM” tactic.

      • I assume you are responding to Pickel Rick above, who states giving the Regime a big FU by successfully voting the God Emperor back into office will trigger the Final Solution, one way or the other.
        If that conflagration eliminates the regime’s apparatchiks and other acolytes, then the process of rejuvenation can finally begin.
        If not, if Evil truly is meant to win, due to inherent human nature (selfish materialism, because we are all mortal, resulting in a reversal of Pascal’s wager), then so be it. Let us determine our destiny now.
        That is what Pickel Rick is saying above. Personally, I agree. Let’s see if people’s stated values are really valuable to them, enough to actually fight for them in the material world.
        I suspect those who want to win will do so. I also suspect it will be the Devil who triumphs here on Planet Earth, whether he is real or a stand in for human genetics. Having observed the comments here and on other dissident right websites, I think we all know I am right.

    • Excellent points, Rick.

      “the Regime hates him”

      They fear him more than hate him, or hate him because they fear him.

      Trump had the potential to completely turn over the apple cart and derail the gravy train by cutting funding to the pentagon, exposing China’s bribe money & control of DC politicians, limiting immigration in any way, replacing American energy independence with windmills and solar collectors made in China, and the offshoring of American manufacturing.

      • Did he do any of these things? To me, this is the fallacy of the line of thinking in this thread. In four years, Trump did nothing. In four more years, he would have done nothing. Antifa did a solid effort at harming innocents, and nothing happened. Now, I realize fear can be irrational (i.e., they fear Trump even though he is no threat). I do not believe this is most likely; however, I can certainly acknowledge a fine line exists between hatred and fear.

        • The fear is how the Left would react; no one thinks the Right would do anything. Trump cannot win, in my opinion, and even then would not be allowed to do so even if the State was required to employ extreme measures as it has in the past.

          Frankly, I think this is in a sense the end of the line for the GAE and explains why it is strapping down its remaining satrapies in Western Europe because the rest of the world is moving on. One thing it does not want is the Ukraine grift being dragged into a political debate. DeSantis will roll over on that issue.

          We are in for quite a ride the next year or so.

          • He (DeSantis) already has. In an interview with Piers Morgan he called Putin a war criminal and went back to the Russia as a gas station with nukes trope.

          • @wendy:

            No shock there. The GOP poobahs would not be in the DeSantis camp if he weren’t war-4-ever. They don’t think he will win or even care about that aspect. He’s to be the face of the debate kabuki.

        • Eloi:

          First, i said that they THOUGHT that he had the potential to do those things, but in fact they persecuted & blocked him at every turn.

          Secondly, he did make America energy independent.

          Thirdly, the border was better protected and we didn’t have the concomitant horrendous fentanyl deaths.

          Fourthly, our economy was in much better shape.

          Fifthly, Russia did not invade Ukraine.

          Sixthly, not all of our major cities were the murderous hell holes they are today.

          Seventhly, i could buy a dozen eggs and get change from a fiver.
          I could fill up gas tank for under $20.

          Eightly, i don’t wake up in the morning wondering whether this is the day WWIII begins.

    • This is the truth. The “left” (for lack of a better word) is simply unable to accept being out of power. When they call Trump “divisive,” what they mean by that is “someone who keeps me from having power.”

      I think it’s an open question if they can accept any future republican president, regardless of how milquetoast or compromised.

      • I don’t think it is possible that Trump can be elected, even if he gets the nomination. As Zman showed recently, the Democrats now have a virtual lock on the electoral college. Trump showed he was either not willing and/or able to put in the hard work to defeat the enemy while he was in office the first time, so I doubt he could win even if the system wasn’t rigged. Other than Trump’s hardcore fanboys, nobody is going to get terribly riled up if Trump gets the nomination and then loses the general election to Biden again.

        If DeSantis were to get the nomination and then lose the general election (which he certainly would), it might wake up a lot of normies to the fact that the current system is beyond repair. I don’t think DeSantis is any kind of savior but compared to Biden, he is George Washington.

        So, while I will sit out the voting process, I would like to see DeSantis get the nomination to demonstrate how screwed up “our democracy” truly is.

      • That’s why the Dems are always harping on ‘our democracy’ – because they consider it THEIRS and theirs alone.

    • While entertaining I don’t see BOM’s ascendancy causing CV 2.0. They pretty much corralled him last time so I don’t see how that changes a second time around. The Vegetable is more likely the accelerant candidate although more a death of a thousand cuts than a bang.

    • Yep. I’d vote for Trump not expecting a damn thing except for the freaks, usual suspects, and my in-laws to freak the f*ck out.

    • Interesting point. However, we all know voting for Cheeto Hitler is futile. The man doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of ever being seated in the Anti-white House again. It’s far more likely he’ll be exhibited in the stocks in broad daylight in front of some nuggra memorial.

  20. I’m probably naive, but I think this started ramping up during the Obama years. The Hope and Change folks pretended otherwise, but he was a typical filthy Chicago machine politician, with all of the “benefit your friends and hurt your enemies” that entails. The federal government and the national Democratic party didn’t seem to obviously punish folks who didn’t vote for them before that. The one-two punch recently of the feds ignoring the Ohio train spill and local Dem governments paying Antifa/BLM thugs for rioting show this pretty starkly.

    • “The Hope and Change folks pretended otherwise, but he was a typical filthy Chicago machine politician, with all of the “benefit your friends and hurt your enemies” that entails.”

      Nope, Obama wasn’t a good Chicago politician. When he went up against a REAL Chicago politician, Bobby Rush, in the 2000 Democratic Primary for Illinois 1st District, Rush cleaned the floor with his skinny butt.

      What he was and is is a good Illinois politician. His State Senate election was to a district full of “squishy headed Liberals”. It did help him his Liberal leaning friends kneecapped his Republican opponent Jack Ryan by releasing details of Jack’s divorce from actress Jeri Ryan and the subsequent custody battle. The records were sealed but the Chicago Tribune and various Chicago TV stations went judge shopping and found someone who ordered the records unsealed. Ryan bowed out and the idiotic Alan Keyes filled in and suddenly Obama’s a US Senator.

      That said, he really DOES fulfill “the “benefit your friends and hurt your enemies” that entails.” Thank your lucky stars he was as uninterested in going full Iron Fist as he was.

      • Well, his terms in office were not Iron Fist; think of them instead as a slowly, almost imperceptibly, metastasizing cancer, and that certainly by design. Installing their “stay behind forces” burrowed into the bureaucracy, gutting the upper levels of the military, and most particularly the “Justice” department and the Judiciary, and all the while continueing their March Through the Institutions of academia and other civil society strongholds, and most particularly in public schooling.

        • Can’t agree enough with both. BO had the wind in his sails to be the Evil General, the Stupid Left thought he’d bring the Revolution.

          But, our enemies are far smarter than that; he and the criminal DSA (Democrat Socialist Alliance) Pelosi-Reid Congress were the change agents to ensure a lasting victory.

  21. …”the people telling you that Ukraine should come before your kid’s school or that you must impoverish yourself in the name of climate change. Those people are your enemy”…
    We have a BINGO.

    ..”the system has evolved to harm the bulk of the population. That means you participating in it profits the forces that are committed to your destruction”…
    Double BINGO

    …”identify your enemies, then look for anyone that promises to harm them. The goal of politics is always to harm the enemy and profit your cause”…
    Trifecta of not to be forgotten truths that are clear, succinct, wise counsel.

    Sadly, Red Team R does not understand this, or worse they do understand, and yet, as Z states, they persist in wasting their days making charts, graphs, or on rare occasions, even a clever argument explaining why they’re right. Meantime, Blue Team D wrecking ball continues the razing of AINO.

    • In making its enemy/friend distinction, Team Red puts its voters in the “enemy” column. That’s truly remarkable.

      • It’s like that scene in Conan where Thulsa Doom beckons, “Come to me, my child,” and the girl jumps.

    • An awful lot of conservatives spend an awful lot of energy denying enemies. Our enemies are not this group or that group, see? They’re certain individuals coincidentally associated with this or that group. The *real* enemies are people who are, and will always remain, outside your personal sphere of action.

      One thing that stands out in thinking about fighting the entire system was the way the old communists worked. Lots of actions against things not obviously part of the system: vandalism of public transportation, for example. It was a form of the medieval concept, really. The sovereign who cannot provide security is not really sovereign.

      • I long for a “PM questions” type of exchange in the Congress. They start each exchange with, “my right honorable friend” and follow that with a litany of invectives that would make a harlot blush. Gotta’ love tradition.

        • Over there every speaker gets jeered. Over here it’s a scandal if anybody in the audience makes any noise at all other than clapping like a seal. I like their way better. Not that it has led to anything at all worth emulating in terms of government policy.

          • A few stray claps or none at all with the awkward silence would be more effective than jeering. Would love to see that.

  22. Yes, the system itself has become the enemy, and it has overwhelming force and power and is increasingly sociopathic. It also lacks legitimacy at this point, which is why it is stepping up its bullying. “You don’t like our Ukraine grift? Tough. We will destroy you.” The Armenians can tell you about how end-stage empires behave. It is something dissidents always need to keep in mind.

    I disagree that the conservatives as defined by Buckley ever sought to win, though, as in impose an ideological or political solution. Their role was to act as foil but not to reverse anything; Buckley as much as admitted this at times.

    As for the empty pageant known as American politics:

    “The trouble is DeSantis has a very thin skin, so he could not resist taking cheap shots at Trump with regards to the indictment business. He also flip-flopped on his Ukraine statements, probably fearing that he may have jeopardized his support from the Kagan cult.”

    In a true liberal democracy, going full-bore warmonger would have finished off DeSantis yesterday, and it could yet although that is less likely. The State either will criminally hamstring Trump or murder him. That’s the American way. How could it possibly abide a national debate on its Imperialism Forever project? Granted, the GAE is dying, but there’s more booty to plunder and mere whims of the population is no impediment.

  23. The same people have apparently gotten lazy in the justifications for NeoCon adventures. The new(old) reasoning for escalating involvement in the Ukraine-Russia conflict is so we can ‘fight’ them over there instead of in the USA. Sound familiar? This convoluted logic was used for Iraq after the WMD business ended up being nothing but smoke. This Red Dawn mindset continues to convince people that these political factions actually care about them. Meanwhile, as we fund pensions and salaries in Ukraine so Zelensky can buy another exotic car and send his wife on Paris shopping trips, the CBO has recommended means-testing for VA disability. To help balance the federal budget of course. These folks are evil to the core.

    • i don’t hear that argument being made for ukraine. it’s all about stopping putin because he is bad.

      • The logic stream is that if Putin is allowed to take parts of Ukraine then the Russian flag would be planted in Paris within a year. They are now going with the alleged domino effect of communism from Vietnam.

        • Funny how they say that invasion will definitely happen while they also tell us Russia has run out of bullets and shells, ever since April 2022.

          • Heh.

            The whole “Russia will invade all of Western Europe” thing is farcical on it’s face.

            However, many people I know will say things like, “If we don’t stop him now, then he may well push through Europe!”. How on Earth will he do this? And why would he want to? It is painfully clear that Russia has land desires on certain parts of Eastern Europe and that’s been going on for God knows how long.

            But pushing into Germany?! France?! And then England!? Bwahaha.

            Who knows, the fellow may nuke us; but I don’t think a westward drive from land forces and air forces is going to happen. And that’s just a cursory analysis.

            Now think of the width of the initial front, the number of countries involved and the stretched supply lines.

            Having said all that about Putler, he didn’t call me no white supremacist.

          • Orange Frog –

            Thinking of the stretched supply lines implies that our highly educated professional class:

            a. Knows about supply lines and that they are critical to winning any war
            b. Thinks that logistics is something other than something they saw implied as cool when thinking about investing in Amazon because it, “is a logistics company.”

            Never underestimate how poorly educated, unable to think and simple minded the vast majority of our fellow border-in-name-only dwelling economic units are. This is particularly true of the college educated.

            Of course, the people who write and fax the press releases to every press release poster, (“journalist”), know that. They also know that The Deplorables have wised up to their blustery paranoia rousing tactics. That is why they want them and the white men who may some day wake up replaced.

        • Maybe the common folks in Europe would be better off if the Russians did invade. The diversity would leave a war zone and a Russian controlled governemnt certainly would be better for the natives than what they have now. I could support an invasion.

        • Just the other day a civnat friend was telling me how the danger was Russia could roll over eastern Europe, or even to Paris. I pointed out that this wasn’t an imminent threat, since one year on the Russians still hadn’t made it out of eastern Ukraine. He had no reply.

          • Jeffrey Zoar,

            You’re clearly ill-informed. I live in North East England, and I can tell you that I definitely saw a T-34* outside my front door this morning. They’re here!

            Just look outside your frontdoor! Ivan will be in the bush, Olyksandr above the porch, Dmitri will no doubt be going round back and Vlad will be coming down the chimney.

            *The MSM tells me that Ivan has to roll out old, old weapons coz dey be loozin’.

          • Putin’s threat to Europe (really the GAE) is that he has the potential to be a bigger ally to Europe than the GAE. Russia has vast natural resources to provide to a resource poor Europe. America has little to offer except a military and nuke umbrella.

          • Geez, Compsci.

            We also have T-bills!

            Here, want this slip o’ paper? The twerking comes with it at no additional cost!

      • It is sort of “we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them in Western Europe” variation, though. It is a stupid claim but the rubes have eaten the dog food a long time so they do this out of habit. It is hard to believe DeSantis, who seems intelligent enough, thought it would fly. The only reason the State doesn’t tell the populace “suck it, we are doing this” is due to the need to preen before the world as a liberal democracy. That the world has moved past the United States gets as unnoticed as the population no longer believes the oligarchs.

      • __________ is bad. (Fill in the blank for the all-purpose policy formula. Putin, Saddam Hussein, Khaddafy, Assad, Anti-vaxxers, Jan 6ers, Trump, an Austrian painter….)

        • Stop it.

          We both know that, ahem, “Austrian painter guy” is much, much, much badder than all the rest!

          • I work for an Austrian based company here in the US. I got in hot water during a “celebrate famous Austrian” day celebration when I casually commented, “Hey, didn’t you guys forget someone?”

          • Somewhere (somewhen?) there’s an alternate history timeline in which Hitler was accepted to art school, had a successful career as an artist and never became seriously involved in politics.

            In this alternate timeline, does someone else fill Hitler’s role as leader of the NSDAP? Does the NSDAP simply fade into obscurity as just another post-Great War German political party? Does Stalin’s USSR become the sole great totalitarian power in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s, unopposed by a nonexistent Third Reich?

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