The Conquest Of Paradise

Donald Trump faced his accusers yesterday and did so with a degree of seriousness that has been rare during his time in politics. He was somber and serious throughout the legal portion of the show. Presumably he had agreed in advance to not say anything to the public while in New York. When he returned to his villa in Florida he gave a very serious speech to the assembled supporters, which was a blend of sadness and a serious response to the day’s events.

The striking thing about the speech at his villa was that is actually captured the mood of the country at the moment, at least the mood of heritage America. There was a funerial vibe to the event. Opening with the old Lee Greenwood song was a reminder of how things used to be, but also of how they will never be again. That song was for a people who loved and respected their country, but that country no longer exists, so the song sounds increasingly ridiculous.

Yesterday, the door was finally closed on the America that created the people who signed onto the MAGA movement and voted for Donald Trump. In their America, you fight things out in the court of public opinion, shake hands and leave it to the voters to decide who won. In whatever the new rulers plan to call whatever it is they think they are creating, those with power crush those without power. There is no longer a place for the spirited civic nationalism of Donald Trump.

Another striking feature of the event was that most people looking on from their couch wanted to hear a beer hall speech, not a boardroom speech. In private conversations people are slowly shifting from talk about how to fix things to talk about how to get revenge on the people who smashed things. Maybe it is the usual suspects laughing about a tranny slaughtering innocents children. Maybe it is the persecution of Trump, but the mood if shifting among the Dirt People.

The trouble is there is no one capable of giving the beer hall speech. Even if such a person is around to do it, the people in charge are regularly warning that they will crush anyone who dares give such a speech. The crooked judge assigned to the Trump case promised to strip Trump of his right to speak in public if he incited violence, which in this age means speaking out against the regime. The regime is populated with stupid people, but they are also paranoid.

Of course, the question that lies at the heart of it all, the question that haunts the anger and sadness of heritage America, is how did it get to this? Honest people, willing to think clearly about things, understand that in the America they thought was real, there is no need for a Donald Trump. There is no need to fire a warning shot at the rulers, because there are no rulers, just politicians seeking approval. They do not need to be warned by the voters like this.

It is the age-old question. How is it that something that seems to work, something that everyone seems to support, go from what it is supposed to be to something that no one wanted or demanded? When Caesar prepared to march on Rome, he no doubt wondered how it reached that point. As Trump prepared to surrender himself, he posted on his site that he could not believe they were going through with it. He was no doubt wondering how it all went so wrong.

The demise of old America was written in the soul of it when the American empire was formed in the beginning of the last century. In “The Devil and Daniel Webster”, a short story written in the 1930’s, a farmer named Jabez Stone, from Cross Corners, New Hampshire, offers up his soul for seven years of prosperity. When the Devil arrives to collect his soul, Stone hires a lawyer named Webster to defend him. Webster is able to convince a jury picked by the Devil to rule for his client.

The story is primarily about patriotism, but a peculiar form of patriotism that was sold to Americans at the time. Unlike the nationalism of the Old World, American patriotism was devotion to a set of ideas. The reason Webster was able to out lawyer the Devil was he explained what it meant to be an American to the jury and they agreed that America would always have a greater claim to an American’s soul than even the Devil holding a properly executed contract.

For generations Americans have been taught to accept this naïve and foolish belief that trust in the rules is enough to keep even the Devil in line. As long as we believe the words on the paper, everything falls into place. The result is one devil after another taking up residence in the system. Look around the high ground of America and it is impossible to find anyone who abides by the rules. They exercise their power for their own advantage, regardless of the rules.

When you invite the Devil into the garden, even a civic nationalist paradise like 20th century America will eventually succumb to temptation. Unlike the short story from the beginning of this tragedy, there is no talking our way out of it. The Devil always gets his due and for the civic nationalists, that means the conquest of their paradise by the people with whom they made the unholy bargain at the start. There will be no talking these devils out of their due.

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247 thoughts on “The Conquest Of Paradise

  1. A commentator of the blog wrote

    ***”But who was the Devil that we invited into America and how did he capture our soul?” ***

    ===>> answer is : Washington and the constitution of the Republic.

    A “nation” based on a piece of paper isn’t a nation but an ideological state, which end, purely logically with Biden and his Red Guard.

    Each step get further left : 1860, 1932, 1944, 1965, 1992, 2020.

    Moreover, the star spangled is an ugly banner.

  2. I won’t be voting in the 2024 election dance but I will follow it. After this indictment Trump may push the Overton window edge even more.

    Then there is RFK Jr on the democratic side. He will be a fascinating candidate. He has the name but expouses opinions that are deemed evil by good white people. However, if he is allowed into the debate he will discuss things that are not supposed to be discussed as did Orange Man in 2016.

    Neither Orange Man or the newest Kennedy will be allowed to win but it will be fascinating to watch the media and standard politicians spin the obvious things both men will discuss as evil. This should help normal people see reality when Biden or his officially sanctioned replacement is sworn in after yet more ballot shenanigans.

    • He talks plainly about the poison vax, granted, but I just saw where RFK Jr. said that in considering his candidacy he ‘passed his biggest hurdle, his wife green-lighted it’.

      Sigh. Junior asked Mommy first and she said it was OK! I can go to the lake, guys!!

      And that, folks, is why she’s called ‘Mystery’ Babylon. Because even before their eyes, even mastering their lives, she is invisible.

  3. Conservatives often fall back on the Constitution as a security blanket when they get scared. The Left does not honor the Constitution because they don’t believe in it. The Right still operates from an outdated framework.

    • The Anglo-American “right” since the English civil war and America’s founding consists of making fair and just systems for the left to subvert and cheat.

  4. I love this post, from The Grateful Dead to a beer hall speaker. I agree, we are moving to the point that is exactly what we need. I volunteer if needed.

  5. Along these lines, Disney had its Investors Meeting Day, and it did not go well. Lots of small investors slipped past the screeners and asked live questions to Bob Iger about grooming, the Alphabet agenda, Woke culture wars, and how that was losing the company money. They were angry. Angry at happy childhood memories being sullied and insulted by the Alphabet right to kids agenda. Angry enough to lie to screeners, and ask Iger things he did not want to answer about the Alphabet people mostly (a sore spot for ordinary normie) with Iger’s answers comparing Alphabet people to the Civil Rights Movement and WWII. [The Alphabet people wield enormous power in Hollywood, its massive.]

    But Alphabet people particularly the current iteration really make normie angry, and the Regime seems hellbent on pushing the Alphabet Agenda. See the Bud Light is now just for the + in the Alphabet soup campaign. [Run naturally by a wealthy woke White woman.]

    That is something. Not directly related to Trump but significant in the times. No one will fight and die for the Colors of Benetton.

    • Matt Walsh made the point to his viewers today that “go woke, go broke” is just a cope, that these companies never seem to pay the price. He pointed out that if you’re against the alphabet groomers, you really don’t have the ability to attack them all, their numbers are legion. Therefore, we have to do what the left has always been very effective at, killing the chicken to scare the monkey. There has to be an organized effort to crush at least one of these companies, thus putting the rest on notice that they never know who will be next.

      • It’s their proximity to the media and the printing press that acts as a force multiplier as well as ensuring they never go broke.

        • The Wild Geese Howard: “It’s their proximity to the… printing press… ensuring they never go broke.”

          That’s why Jerome Powell’s Presidency is so fundamentally important.

          Every time President Powell raises interest rates, our enemy gets closer & closer to going broke.

    • Alissa Heinerscheid, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, may be a tribe member

  6. The clergy and the people have abandoned God. Alexanders Solzhenitsyn’s diagnosis is as pertinent for the U.S. as it is for Russia.

    We’re headed for one hell of a ride.

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  8. This country deserves no less than to have both its presidential candidates running for office under indictment, if not jail. That spectacle would perfectly reflect the so-called state of the union and the culture war we are now doomed to fight until one side not only wins, but also completely destroys the other.

    Leaking select facts and impeaching Biden is not that difficult, but it remains to be seen if enough of our representatives are up to the task. Proving money laundering is straight forward and does not require proof of intent. The records are there or they are not.

    Donald isn’t theoretical, nor is he particularly well read in history, but he seems to finally understand that he will never be accepted by the establishment. He has a role in history that he may not be aware of. And that role is the only ready tool we have at the moment, while many on our side are still unaware there is a winner-take-all struggle going on.

    The next step for Heritage America is to accept the struggle and realize our role. We are David and the state (with its leftie tyranny-loving supporters) is Goliath. We can win, but it won’t be an outright power contest – it has to be a long drawn-out gear grinding contest of survival – something our side is best-suited for.

    It’s a harsh reality, but our way of life is over and the sooner we see it, the better. Our side has skills and survival wits. The left’s talents aren’t useful outside of depending on the advanced society they played little part in creating. People being handed positions of power they’ve proven unable to earn on their own can hardly be expected to maintain even minimum standards of those institutions.

    • AnotherAnon: “This country deserves no less than to have both its presidential candidates running for office under indictment, if not jail.”

      Bobby Jr filed today, as a DEM.

      He’s very anti-V@x.

      [Or at least he claims to be; hopefully he’s not just another crisis actor.]

      • Climate change fanatic. But picking which flavor of Democrat I want is probably the only voting choice I have

    • The lid is going to blow.
      More every day are not in any kind of talking mood
      No listening to forked tounges nor worm tounges

  9. “How did it get to this?”

    My mind immediately snapped to that same line in Lord of the Rings, with Theoden paralyzed and hopeless in the inner keep, only a handful of soldiers left, orcs and trolls howling and banging at the gate. “What can men do against such reckless hate?”

    The parallel with our current situation is uncanny: the realization that The Enemy is relentless, unrestricted, and overwhelming and cannot be negotiated with, only seeking to destroy everything that is good and beautiful in the world.

  10. As a dissident, the thought of Trump getting convicted and then winning the presidency from his prison cell gets me quite hot and bothered. Imagine the chaos.

    • Yasou…
      TPTB would NEVER let that happen.
      They’ll murder him before…hell, they’ll murder US before…!

    • My prediction for 2024 was that Biden slips into a coma before the election, gets reelected anyway, and spends the entirety of his second term unconscious. But the prospect of a Republican candidate spending the entirety of his second term within the New York State Department of Corrections opens up the possibility of a genuine choice for the people of America.

      • Anybody over 40 or so probably remembers Lyndon Larouche who famously campaigned for President from prison at one point. That was the first thing that came to mind reading your post. A friend of mine back in the 90s had these cassette tapes of Larouche ranting that he would play for our group of friends as a joke. We couldn’t have imagined the current politics back then of course.

        I think the ruling class has ironically set the stage for, as you say, a real choice for the American people given that “dead” or “in prison” are the statuses most of our rulers richly deserve anyway.

  11. One of the things I don’t think people have properly appreciated about the culture of the Grateful Dead is our utter comfort with paradox. We were never an either/or kind of a culture, we were always both/and. The deadheads had a very strong sense that there were good guys and bad guys, and they knew who they were. With us, it wasn’t so clear. We had Hell’s Angels hanging around for ages, and those are people who don’t even try to be good guys.

    At one point I complained to Garcia about what I thought was the unnecessary presence of all the Angels thugging it up backstage, making everybody kind of nervous and making it even harder for women in a scene that was already misogynistic to the max. And he said, “well, y’know, I don’t think good means very much without evil.” Which is true, but that doesn’t mean you always have to have a seat for evil at the table.

    – John Perry Barlow

    Grateful Dead lyricist, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Wyoming rancher and Republican, and overall a fascinating figure of the late 20th century.

    • Barlow in my opinion was a cuck. I was around that scene from 79 on, went to a bunch of HA fundraiser shows at the palladium on 14 street. Pigpen was a member. Those boys were compassionate in a Vajrayana way. Like a mother violently jerking a kid out of the street before a car hit them. And no I don’t go and see the dead and company/Phil and friends money grab grift. I am listening to a show right now from 76 though.

      • The late great Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, one of the greatest white bluesmen ever, died in 1973. He was never a Hell’s Angel and by all accounts he was a sweet and shy individual who only cultivated that look and stage persona to cover up his vulnerability.

        Are you thinking of the Academy of Music shows in March 1972? That venue was indeed on E. 14th St., later became the Palladium, and the GD played a run of shows there in Apr-May 1977.

        • You are correct sir, the HA shows were JGB shows for Sandy Alexander. It’s always a good day for me when the boys get a shout out in our thing. Stella blue? She needed the money…

      • Vajynabush quoted Barlow about Grateful Dead contradictions and it reminded me of one that has occurred to me. Since you were around the scene, maybe you have some thoughts.

        The Dead, like Dylan, borrowed much of their musical foundations from hillbilly music, yet they would have had contempt for most of the people who created that music. In addition to the music, they seemed to mythologize down-and-out, on-the-run rednecks, whose cultural outlook and politics they presumably would have scorned.

        I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but that’s how things look in retrospect to me. It’s just weird that these hippies were borrowing so much from rednecks, when most of the hippies I have known would hardly recognize rednecks as human. Thoughts?

        • “Goddamn well I declare
          Have you seen the like
          Their walls are built of cannon balls
          Their motto is don’t tread on me”

          Not bad for a bunch of rich hippies.

          • Robert Hunter was a brilliant lyricist and his role in the GD is immeasurable. At the time he wrote those lyrics the band was decidedly not rich. For one thing, their manager, who happened to be drummer Mickey Hart’s father, absconded with a large chunk of funds circa 1970. The song He’s Gone is about that. The band didn’t become wealthy until the 1980’s.

          • Vajynabush, I never saw the Dead, but I did see a Robert Hunter solo show when I was a young teenager. I was into Yes and Black Sabbath at the time, so Hunter’s music didn’t reach me. I mostly watched the hippie chicks dance.

          • Come hear Uncle John’s Band
            playing to the tide
            Come on along or go alone
            He’s come to take his children home

            Yes, he has. But how did Robert Hunter understand so thoroughly a spiritual matter only now taking place? Because be assured, ‘Uncle John’ is on-scene and so is the rising tide of destruction: luciferians, LGBTQ, fembots et al. There are only two ways to receive that kind of info.

            The Dead, a paradoxical group for certain. Wool-dyed hippies outta the Panhandle spouting Christian harpazo eschatology. Robert Hunter, Biblical prophet. lol

            Right is right however and so, credit where due. All aboard!

          • Come hear Uncle John’s Band
            playing to the tide
            Come on along or go alone
            He’s come to take his children home

            Yes, he has. But how did Robert Hunter know way back then what would be happening now? Only two ways.

            The LGBTQ/feminist/luciferian Tide certainly is rising. And ‘Uncle John’ is on-scene to ‘take his children home’.

            The Dead definitely were paradoxical. We grew up together I guess you might say. Bunch of Panhandle hippies, spouting Christian eschatology concerning harpazo. Yup must be the end of the world. Right on time!

        • I don’t think the GD itself would have scorned the rednecks, and with just a few exceptions stayed out of politics, unlike many of their peers. Jerry had more of a live and let live mentality, and Barlow’s politics were hard to pin down. Robert Hunter was on another plane, and his more cynical songs about America could resonate with some here. US Blues is patriotic but in a wry, non rah-rah kind of way.

          In more recent years Bobby and Phil have been more outspoken in supporting liberal causes and politicians. There were a couple Deadheads For Obama shows in 2008, for chrissakes.

          The majority of Deadheads did and do lean left and would hold that scorn. Yet there was always a significant minority of redneck Deadheads as well as conservatives, of which Ann Coulter is an example.

          • There seem to have been some legitimate anti-authoritarians among some of the Boomer’s pop icons. I’m thinking of Hunter S. Thompson and of course the GD. They were usually characterized as on the Left but I like to think many of them would not be too happy with what the Left turned into around the time of The Obomination and wouldn’t be supportive of Covidian Fascism.

            Even today there’s some crossover between “hippies” and “rednecks”. I met some of them in Hawaii of all places. They’ve got water catchment systems and off-grid solar and try to avoid corporate employment but are probably not Trump fans either.

            I’d say the main thing that’s changed is that The System is tightening up in a lot of ways and non-conformists of any variety are left with a lot fewer options. It’s good to see some people still resisting this.

          • You say that, but how many of their similarly-leftist contemporaries have bucked the moral fads of today? John Cleese? Morrissey? The list surely isn’t long.

    • Yeah, sounds about like what I’d expect from a bunch of degenerate hippy drug addicts.

      • Pozy, far Northern CA, the land of the Emerald Triangle, is very much a hippie redneck kind of place, full of off the grid pot growers. Who incidentally largely got screwed by the legalization.

        LITS, the hippie chicks at GD shows were the best. So many attractive young women and most of them pretty easy-going, not Karens.

        • I still have some of my GD show clothes, they are so pretty. We just finished watching the documentary “Long Strange Trip” and I gave my Gen X girlfriend “Workingman’s Dead”. I didn’t like the Deadheads for Obama but the rest has been pretty good.

  12. Has anyone seen the movie “the deer hunter”? I feel the movie could be a metaphor for America. In the movie it’s clear that society lost something though it’s not clear what.

    In general the 70s have a lot of beautifully melancholy songs that could also be a metaphor

    Main street
    After the thrill is gone
    Just remember I love you
    Ten years gone

    • The Deer Hunter was one of the first boomer-centric odes and is extremely tiresome to sit through. The wedding scene? I’ve been to actual weddings that wrapped things up in less time. We get it, the guys have a bond over their small-town, ethnic past. I should be the target audience for that, but even as nostalgia it doesn’t work.

      “Ten Years Gone”, though… Fantastic song in every respect. Of course in the 80’s Springsteen made an entire industry out of those types of lyrics. Billy Joel too, particularly with “Allentown”.

      • The evolution of Springsteen from protest singer to mouthpiece for the man has been something to see. Since it’s not as if the man he reps now has brought the jobs back.

        • Springsteen was always a leftist POS. His idol was Woody Guthrie, but he wanted Bob Dylan’s commercial success. He came along at a time when Disco and then glam rock made any straight white man look like a gigachad. He was appalled when Born in the USA became a patriotic anthem, and has fought against it strenuously ever since.

          • Never cared for springsteen. Gotta say tho I love his “santa Claus is coming to town”

          • Yup.

            Springsteen is on record at least once confirming his working class schtick is nothing but a LARP based on his father.

          • James Taylor has real talent, though. There was a time there was REAL TALENT and HEART in American entertainment, even if they were libs. There’s no talent that I can see any more.

      • That beautiful byzantine style russian orthodox church from the movie is about 10 minutes from my dad. It was awe inspiring to see it from the freeway as a kid. Now there are condos blocking it last i visited.

      • The fool in Steely Dan’s “Only a Fool Would Say That” is John Lennon

    • ‘Has anyone seen the movie “the deer hunter”?’

      Robert De Niro, John Cazale (“Freddie Corleone”), Christopher Walken, and Meryl Streep. Saw it when it came out in late ’78. I like Walken as there’s something not quite right about him but otherwise I don’t see the point of the film other than portraying ethnic American bonding in a small town. The Viet Cong forcing captives to play Russian Roulette has no basis in fact.

        • I sometimes wonder how many Hollyweirdos *haven’t* been involved in at least one suspicious death at least at the “guilty bystander” level. The amount of drug use alone seems to suggest not many.

    • Yes Deer Hunter is a type of recounting of American destiny. Sort of a modern Moby Dick, which also was prophecy concerning America.

  13. I work in nyc. It’s illegal to stop people from stealing by store staff. Liberal justice and all. My new “F-U” is to walk into the local corporate store with a mask and help myself to a coke. Why, because “F-U.” If others follow my lead, it will become an issue that has to be addressed. But really, idf anymore, because “F-U.”

    • Eventually, only whites will be prosecuted for shoplifting. And no, I’m not joking.

      • Yep.

        It’s only “illegal to stop people from stealing” if they have a dark enough skin color.

        The same Negro DA who upgraded 34 misdemeanors to felonies when he prosecuted Trump ordered this staff to not prosecute armed robberies, for fuck’s sake:

        And exactly what is the racial breakdown of robbery suspects in New York?

        White 4.8%
        Black 64.5%
        Hispanic 41.6%

        • To paraphrase Norm MacDonald, it should be noted that the figures don’t add up to 100 because they were done by a negro.

      • I have a friend that works at a big box store. He said the top thieves are white homeless people. Most steal to support drug addictions. What might surprise you is they don’t get prosecuted despite being white. Security is ordered to not touch them. Now they can’t touch their shopping cart, even if it is filled with stolen merchandise. Perhaps being homeless druggies gives them more privilege than white people who aren’t destitute?

        • Some time ago I was shopping in a grocery store called Food King. While checking out I asked the cashier why the store no longer carried hand baskets for shoppers who only wanted to purchase a few items. She replied, “Because people steal them. And the only people who don’t steal them are white.”

          The cashier was Hispanic…

      • Eventually it will be just too tempting for me to start up that “” (or something like that) site where people just put in their “orders” to be filled by my crew of suitably swarthy “professional shoppers”. I’m just providing jobs for minorities you see. Just try to prosecute me, racist!

        • Five Finger Discount=Commercial Burglary/Theft

          Home Shopping Network=Residential Burglary

    • I am sure most people have seen the videos of African American gentlemen in places like San Francisco walking into stores like Walgreens with a large bag, emptying the shelves and casually walking out. Maybe when YT sees this happening he should pullout his own bag and join in the plunder. Maybe men and women in business suits should start urinating and taking dumps on the steps of city hall just like the homeless drug addicts do. They count on Normie following the rules. Maybe it is time to reconsider that.

  14. Meanwhile in Germany, our leadership in Beril has gone full woke. The final nails in the coffin of western morality are being driven in, not with a gasp of horror, but with a gleeful cheer by the mentally deranged fanning the flames of our destruction.

    Rest assured there will be no commissioners for children at risk, the elderly, handicapped or infirmed. Forget about Social Services providing a wheel chair ramp for your grandmother, because the Queer Commissioner needs that money for State funded child mutilation.

    Translated from the link below –

    Identity politics agenda: to be able to govern, the CDU goes along with everything
    This is what happened: The CDU/CSU only pretends to be conservative when it is in opposition. As soon as it sits at the cabinet table, it gives the go-ahead for a sociopolitical shift to the left. This is how Berlin’s possible new governing mayor, Kai Wegner, intends to let the SPD’s identity policy concerns pass. In the 135-page coalition agreement, partly identical in wording to the previous agreement of the SPD, the Greens and the Left, the terms “bourgeois,” “liberal” and “conservative” do not appear. “Queer” is mentioned 32 times, writes Alexander Kissler in “Der andere Blick.” To the commentary

    This is the background: in the future, with the blessing of the CDU, there will be a “queer commissioner” in each of Berlin’s twelve districts. Under Wegner, Berlin wants to remain the “rainbow capital” and increase “lesbian visibility”. The CDU also supports the fight against “anti-feminism” and wants to try its hand at a “parity law”. The voting age is to be lowered to 16, the “International Day against Islamophobia” is to be publicly celebrated, and interdepartmental “gender budgeting” is to be promoted.

    • Karl, is the EU/GAE forcing this on Germany, is it voluntary emulation, or some combination thereof? German English proficiency, I realize, makes it quite possible the leadership is just swallowing the same propaganda as Brits and Americans, but the GAE forces policy on Germany, so it would be interesting to read your take on why this is happening.

      • No German politician is stupid enough to end their career by standing up to this new woke agenda. It’s political suicide. They prefer to take the path of least resistance every time, especially when the rules or effects of these politics doesn’t affect them directly.

      • Germans are a little too fond of following the rules. I distinctly remember being screamed at by a guard at the Berlin museum because I got too close to look at a Bosch triptych.

        This quality makes them very efficient at, say, finding solutions of a certain finality when virtuous men with mustaches are in charge, but it also makes them the normie’s normie when ruled over by GAE.

  15. Z’s piece today is poignant and on point. However, I must disagree with part of this statement: “How is it that something that seems to work, something that everyone seems to support, go from what it is supposed to be to something that no one wanted or demanded?”

    In point of fact, beginning in the 1960s, there were plenty of people who didn’t support America and demanded its replacement with Insane Clown World. They were marching in the streets, burning down neighborhoods, shooting cops, occupying university administration buildings, spitting on soldiers, and leading a so-called “free speech” movement. These people were, in the main, and just like today, negroes, Jews, sexual deviants and white Leftists, and the vast majority of them were devotees of Michel Foucault and Herbert Marcuse, derivatively if not directly. Those people are the devils, demons, witches, and hobgoblins who conquered paradise and turned it into Hell. And so, in a Satanic inversion, it was the archfiends who exorcised the angels. The dies irae are upon us.

    • dies irae indeed – and for the ‘archfiends’ the last lines from that movement:
      Quantus tremor est futurus
      Quando judex est venturus
      Cuncta stricte discussurus

    • Kevin MacDonald documents in the third of his Culture of Critique series that the push for non European immigration and non skill based immigration, such as diversity and family reunification, was pushed by Jewish organizations since the 1920s

  16. The problem with the “speech in the beer hall” is that we know how that turned out (exactly a century ago, in fact).

    The guy who gave the speech was arrested and thrown into prison. He then agreed to pursue power by appealing to the people and having them vote for his party in legitimate democratic elections — which is exactly what Woodrow Wilson had demanded of his country.

    After he was elected in democratic elections, the U.S. colluded with the communist Soviet Union of of Josef Stalin to kill his people, rape his women and conquer his country.

    The problem at hand does not offer easy solutions…

    • Hitler as the standard of pure evil. . .any true dissident must question this.

      You see TODAY who they call evil and who they call good. You see NOW how they always lie.

      How could you then believe they were super-duper honest about WW2? Hitler really was a one-balled, gay, hate monger, who was dumped by a Jewish girl one time and therefore wanted to conquer the world for pretty blonde peeps.

  17. The most interesting thing about our country in 2023 is that once you strip out two false things, 1) A debt riddled consumer economy and government that sold off its industry piece by piece, and 2) the false doctrine of “equality” (now equity) and the magic dirt philosophy that goes with it, we’ve got nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing. We would implode into a singularity as a country, like the house at the end of Poltergeist. Yugoslavia would have nothing on it. How will it end? Either a legendary bloodbath, one for the ages, or everyone just splitting and going their own way in a national divorce? I think history suggests the former even before the latter is an option.

    • The complacency of the average AINO resident suggests a pretty good likelihood for a relatively peaceful national divorce. Some of them may talk tough on social media but that’s generally with the expectation that somebody else will do the dirty work.

    • “How will it end? Either a legendary bloodbath, one for the ages, or everyone just splitting and going their own way in a national divorce?”

      The Ukraine war offers some insight here. It is patently obvious the Clouds wanted to nail down at least the European satrapies as the GAE contracts and grows poorer. Many lives have been sacrificed and even the economies of putative allies destroyed to keep Europe in line. Separation here also would invoke at least as much savagery, unless…

      1. The Puritan psychopaths still have enough juice to jump off a nuclear war and take a large segment of the Cloud base off the table; or

      2. The central authorities grow too weak and too incompetent to have enough reach into separated areas.

      I honestly can see any of that happening. Fragmentation and dissolution actually have started but doesn’t represent much of a threat yet, but that threshold may be crossed soon enough. As an aside, an aberration like 9/11 would have absolutely no unifying national effect at this point, so I don’t expect a false flag.

      • 9/11 part Deux would probably trigger the fracture rather than stave it off as everyone blamed their favorite bogeymen for doing a false flag attack. That doesn’t mean the ruling class isn’t dumb enough to try it. I’d expect the Russians to be set up as the perpetrators. Normie *does* still hate him some Putin.

  18. Practically nothing has surprised me since Nov. 2016, when I realized very suddenly how many different institutional entities had to work together to perpetrate the Russia hoax. My big red pill moment. Prior to that I was pretty much just another civnat who didn’t trust the liberal media.

    So this political prosecution seems kind of anticlimactic and expected. Even the plandemic wasn’t a total surprise. At that point I knew something was coming to upset the 2020 applecart, I just didn’t know specifically what it was, until it arrived. The tranny worship was unexpected. But what sane person could have seen that coming.

    So will this be a red pill moment for anyone who hasn’t already had one? I doubt it. We are talking about people who managed to keep on grilling through the last 7 years. I think most of them would board the trains.

    • Who needs boxcars?
      Take the jab, it’s safe and effective.
      Take the booster, the jab wasn’t effective.
      Take the second booster, the jab and the first booster were neither effective nor safe.
      Take the third booster, it will cause your head to explode.

    • Seven states stopped counting votes on election night 2020. One state (NC) reelected an unpopular Governor. The rest reported impossible results in favor of a dementia patient. Anyone not redpilled by that obvious fraud is beyond hope.

    • I remember right around the time Trump was leaving office and especially after Jan 6th telling the few people I know who are DR and I can count them on one hand-

      “See that guy? (Trump) I can tell you with 100% certainty he will be charged with a crime and possibly in handcuffs within 48 months, the Machine/Deep State fear him that much.”

      I was off by 12 months. The only surprising thing to me is it took -this long-, they’ve been planning it since the day his presidential immunity expired.

      He will see the inside of a jail cell because the indictments will be endless. Even if he brushes this one aside the Atlanta DA will be next and then the big kahuna the Federal indictment for the “Classified documents”. This guy has only 2 paths forward.

      1) Become president again and be the guy he -claimed- to be the 1st time around. Dissolve nearly every federal law enforcement agency and dig up the Intel agencies to the root.
      2) Go to prison

      There is no other path forward for him and I’m uncertain he is aware of it himself.

  19. The models suggest that the pace of decline will accelerate. I know, no one wants to hear that, but reality is reality. The oppression will increase (especially where it is most effective) and it will be white guys wearing jackboots doing most of the oppression. And they will be both formidable and ruthless. That should not be ignored. But the good news is that they cannot lock up everyone and still function as a country and an economy. So they will try to make example cases like Trump in the hopes of intimidating everyone else. And this is where smarter, not harder becomes an imperative.

    Become the nobody that nobody notices (examples are the janitor, delivery driver, repairman, nurse, accountant, beat cop, construction worker, grocery store stocker, etc.). Go silent and become as innocuous as is humanly possible; boring to the extreme. In your spare time, privately learn new skills (especially leveraging off of what you already know and do). And everything solely within the confines of your cranium; no outward reveal of any kind. Be polite, appear tame and docile, and you will be largely ignored. It’s human nature.

    When the fog comes in, immerse yourself into its protective obscurity. Wear it as a cloak and practice gliding through it. This is serious business and your life will likely depend upon it. And for God’s sake, don’t bring your cellphone with you!

    • Tom, at this point my only question is should I stay in my red state or take off for Mexico. I happen to be in probably the last red state the baizuo will ever care about or want to set foot in. So I’ve got that going for me. But I think nuclear war is a bigger danger than civil war, so viewed in that light Mexico would be the better option.

      • I have no idea whether “Zoar” is your real name, but the genealogical hits I’m getting on “Zoar” indicate Polish Roman Catholic, and if that’s the case, you might as well move back home to Poland rather than to Mexico.

        OTOH, if “Zoar” is just a random handle, and if you really are an Heritage Amurrikkkun, then why wouldn’t you intuit that Amurrikkkuh is the hill worth fighting for?

        • Just what I said. I think nuclear war is more likely, and sooner, than the civil variety. I doubt small town Mexico will be in the blast radius. Moreover, Mexico retained its sanity during the plandemic. By my count, that makes it 1 of only 2 nations outside of Africa and the ME to do so.

          My internet handle has its meaning to me but it doesn’t have anything to do with my name.

          • And after the nukular apocalypse, what’s gonna keep the Aztec/Incan/Mayans from eating you for dinner?

            It’s in their blood.


            It’s what they do.

            As an Amurrikkkun, you might be able to amass on the order of tens of thousands of rounds of @mmun!tion to smuggle into Mexico with you, but I bet the cartels are sitting on tens of MILLIONS of rounds of @mmunition.

            They will simply outgun you, put your corpse on a spit, and barbeque it for a day or two, before finally getting around to eating it.

            Heck, they might even skip the BBQ and simply eat you raw.

    • TomA, you sometimes mention models. Are they your own? If they’re public, can you link to them?

      Given that models can usually be configured to give the desired result, I tend to be skeptical, climate change and all… But I’m still curious.

      • Read Turchin. The basic idea regarding the “fall” part of his thesis is that once you lose the asabiya, in other words the society’s capacity for collective action, then it’s over. And it can be “over” for a very very long time, see how Southern Italy is still a basketcase 1600 years after the fall of Rome. There is absolutely no doubt we have completely lost that, the last time we managed to scrounge some together was 9/11 but the tribe used it in service of their agenda. He has books that go into heavy detail on the modeling and books that are written more like a normal historical nonfiction book.

        There is also Tainter, who posits that civilizations collapse because they reach a level of complexity where the costs of “doing something” to solve a problem exceed the benefits gained from the implementation of the solution. The US hit the downslope of this curve long ago, and look at the things it is doing (like blowing up its allies’ pipeline) just to maintain its tenuous hold on its world empire.

  20. Buck up fellas, times like these produce interesting outcomes. For example, someone who was a failure at everything in life might reach the pinnacle of fame such as a US Grant. Don’t forget what you believe, but come to terms that its not popular right now 😉

  21. I don’t give a damn about Trump, who did absolutely nothing of note once he obtained power, including about the mass censorship of his supporters, which took on a new dimension recently with the legal persecution of Douglass Mackey — and for his final act as president, Trump threw the Jan 6 saps to the wolves.
    But I understand the anger at the spectacle of an overweight black pleb prosecutor in what is now perhaps the least American big city in the country presiding over this next chapter in the partisan persecution of Trump, while he simultaneously coddles violent felons among his racial compatriots.

    • They clearly need to go through this. It would be better if he went to the slammer because it would drive home among even the dumbest the current situation. A not guilty wouldn’t have the punch. The Mackey thing is just beyond the pale, but so was the J6 thing, and various others railroaded. Loyalty to the most disloyal man on earth is a n- i-gg-er mindset. Loyalty to a disloyal system will get you nowhere. We have a loyalty problem on the right. No it’s not a one way street.

      • Trust the plan, JR. Trump’s trial is a necessary step in the trick that ends with locking up Hillary. The white hats are guiding events behind the scenes.

        LET’S GOOOO!!!!!!

        (Fortunately, trusting the plan requires no sacrifice from us other than forwarding emails and liking facebook posts!)

        • This really sums up the difference between cons and dems, the cons are all talk. They engineered a color revolution in 2020 to seize power. They’ve spent years jailing their political opponents and people who protested against them in person and online. They defacto-legalized all sorts of crime in the biggest cities and then opened up the jails so the criminals can wreak havoc on the population. They attacked their allies’ infrastructure to maintain compliance with the empire’s mandates. obviously, this group has gone completely rogue and nobody is there to stop them. In fact, the cons seem genuinely surprised when the dems say they’re going to do these things… then actually do them.

          Even to this day, I look at National Review, and they’re whining about how Bragg’s indictment is flimsy. Like that matters – what have the Dems done in the past 5-10 years to indicate they care about the law and procedure? I know they’re paid not to, but at some point these people have to start to understand the nature of who they are dealing with here.

          • If the National Review types acknowledge what is actually happening, it upends their Muh Constitution and Rule of Law cargo cult. The Upton Sinclair quote making the rounds recently comes to mind: it is hard to make someone understand something if their job depends on not understanding it.

            Ghost Dance harder, bitches.

          • As some recently put it rather nicely :

            The Republicans have principles and the Democrats have goals.

            And the Democrats don’t let principles come in the way of their goals.

  22. To add insult to injury the grifting Con-Inc. carnival barkers are laying blame on these poor rubes for not “voting harder” and not “believing hard enough” in the system. Perhaps that’s when the cult members walk out. Not when the belief in their theology is completely shattered, but when some well fed cult insider blames them personally (which is what’s going on now) for their theology not working as directed. They didn’t believe hard enough. They didn’t contribute enough. It tortures me to no end watching this. I guess most people are born to be used. It felt almost coordinated yesterday. Right down to fraud Nick Gillespie telling the younger crowd, basically “S-t-f-u, you’ve never had it so good.” There was definitely a recent meeting of the con artists across the right spectrum on this very subject. I do hope that one day the rubes, like at the end of The Truman Show, just walk out of the dome.

    • “It’s your fault” is all they have left. It is very lame but they think, maybe correctly, they can grift a bit longer off it. No one ever got poor by underestimating the stupidity of the American people, particularly conservatards although the Left seems to be rapidly devolving into similar type rubes.

      It reminds me of nothing less than the accelerating Cloud looting, grabbing as much silverware as possible before closing the door.

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  24. “There will be no talking these devils out of their due.”

    Yep, Talking has failed. Voting has failed. I can only think of one recourse. The question is when and where it starts.

    • You’re right.
      The only choice is…. it’s time to separate. It doesn’t matter what Trump or anyone else does to keep the train on the tracks. It’s already derailed and become East Palestine. This is the Ed Dutton/Z moment. Between falling IQ and increasing heavy mutational overload (the brain is 85% of the genome/before public health turn of the 20th century, 4 of every 10 children died before age 5-nature culled the herd, now ironically 99% stay alive and the mutational overload increases) and mutations show up greatly in the brain. These people are so mentally ill and deranged, anxious and tyrannically controlling because they are Machiavellian and afraid, favor “the other,” detached from all reality, think Jacinda crying long-faced Ardern. There’s no changing them, curing them. Separate from them.
      I’ve had to do that in my life. I’ve had 2 friends go so mass formed they started glaring and snarling angrily at me, loudly declaring they would take every peck that comes out and bend the knee, grrrrrr, looking at me as the enemy. I stayed out of previous conversations and didn’t provoke them. I saw the anger in their eye….I had become an enemy. I am healthy, happy, low weight, no body pain, and girls hate that. Said F that I’m out of here. They morphed into the deranged type that rats you out and seeks to destroy. They’re destroyed brains will never return to normal. Time to Separate! Stay out of The System! Don’t let them play Whack-A-Mole on you.
      Oh No! We’ll have a civil war!
      Duh! Well, no shit, Jacko!

      • The great snow finally stopped yesterday, and a herd of a dozen deer is nibbling in the wash off the back deck. Cat watching them curiously. Reminding me to tend to my canning beef and freeze drying. Plan with Basic Husband for possible flooding. Either Monday or Friday, drive to maintenance yard and stock up on sand bags, check in with next door neighbors. Temperature will jump 35 degrees in 6 days. Now that’s reality.

  25. The American Experiment fails again. Big whoop.

    I guess the experiment amounts to idealism— identifying the nation with its ideals and its system of government. Not flesh and blood, or at least the culture they produce.

    People thinking it’s The End are still here. Good luck trying to convince them otherwise. People thinking they’re doing the ending are still losers. Good luck convincing them otherwise, too. It’s in everybody’s head, a strong delusion that only exists because people keep believing in it. Stop believing, and it’s ridiculous. Frustrating and ridiculous.

    Satan is a loser and a deceiver. This country was filled with religious dissidents, people who take the Word very seriously. Probably too seriously, losing sight of what’s practical. Not that it’s any better to be utterly practical. Men are between God and animals, not one or the other. Regardless, I don’t think it’s coincidental things are going down the way they are.

  26. Trump’s ‘list of complaints’ speech was exactly the wrong speech. It was the equivalent of his “black unemployment” speeches while he was President. It’s an expression of cuckoldry. He should have put on a fire and brimstone speech. But he simply doesn’t have it in him.

  27. It’s all fun and games until Normie comes off that couch. Then the REAL looting and burning starts – just as Fwance. You wouldn’t know it from the media, but Fwance is on fire. Cops are now joining the demonstrators and siding with them. America is not the only nation in chaos right now.

    We got here by letting jews, women and vibrants have a say in our affairs… and we have the economy, military, and institutions to show for it. Maybe Trump will not save you, but he may be the catalyst for what has to come.

    • The story about France has been largely embargoed, Glen, lest it give bad ideas. Further, the United States now is far more vicious and evil than France and would already have started to murder dissenters. The United States will be far more like China than like Russia when its totalitarian system comes under fire.

    • “It’s all fun and games until Normie comes off that couch.”

      Normie ain’t getting off that couch. He won’t even defend his children. Normie loves that couch. It’s comfortable and with a good view of the TV. Plus, normie understands that alone, he can do nothing. We have no leaders, we have no organizational abilities, we have no power. What is normie going to do? Go loot a target?

      • I think the point is when they take normies couch and turn off the TV, what else is there to do?

        When you give someone nothing to lose, they act like they have nothing to lose.

        • Normie still has much to lose. What you see happening now is preparation for the day that no longer is the case and Normie might get off the couch. The accelerated looting indicates Regime awareness of the approaching time of scarcity.

        • When normie has nothing, he will go down to the station to check in for his train ‘out east’ with his one allowed piece of luggage.
          He will run into line in front of the trench like all the poor saps in the ww2 exection films.

    • Female judges, jewish lawyers, minority law enforcement and gay journalists.

      When this is fully enshrined you will finally see the last white heterosexual man running for his life across a scorched landscape.

  28. as an old guy, My opinion is america was undone by our love of the media and scientist . both are worshiped as gods

  29. Donald trump:” The system is completely corrupt, I will be acquitted. ” . I saw it as vote harded . again.

    • The fact that Trump thinks the “system” works, and will work correctly, shows just how obtuse he really is.

      How disappointing.

      I’ve been using that word (obtuse), a lot lately.

  30. Back in 2021, there was speculation that Trump would wind up dead at the end of all this. Certainly, with a whole bunch of felony counts, he will go to prison. There is simply no way a Manhattan jury lets him walk.

    He has had many chances to make things different, but he really is a CivNat in his soul. So he cannot conceive of what is happening. He’s like a person watching a shooter load a rifle in the mall, but doing nothing to save himself because he cannot believe the thing that is definitely happening is happening.

    Mot of us bought these comforting lies that our country had things sorted out. Now, we have only, uh, Irish solutions.

    • Trump has moved among the powerful long enough to have known better. He had his chance to change things (Repub. control of WH, SC, both houses) and p*ssed it away. Didn’t even pardon Assange or Snowden.

      • No, Trump never had both houses, nor SCOTUS. To think that, is to be willfully blind as to the political situation he entered. There was alway a cadre of pol’s—often called RINO’s—who thwarted him at every turn. Admittedly, they played him and he fell for it. Nonetheless, they succeeded, in essence, in running interference for the Dem’s.

        It all began *before* inauguration even. Chris Christie was in charge of finding candidates to fill appointed positions in the cabinet. CC was the point man for the RINO’s and he began to recommend the “old guard” to fill essential top spots. A flare up occurred between the Trumpists who wanted to “clean house” and the same old, same old, who wanted another round of Bush II. The Trumpists “won”, Christie was removed, and it was game on for the RINO’s to oppose Trump.

        Yes, Trump was too easy on the RINO’s *and* the Dem’s, but that was only partially his fault as he never really had a mandate and base to wield power as those who voted for him wished. Trump was a politically naive outsider and hesitant when confronted with differing opinions.

        This was my greatest criticism of his candidacy. We have good examples of such spectacular failures when one enters office without a solid base of support from a party—Swartzenegger and Ventura come to mind. Political outsiders popular with a fed up voter constituency, but hated by the good old boys who relish their political power and care not a wit for the will of the people.

      • One wonders how a guy who sat across the table negotiating with serious 70s-era mobsters in Atlantic City over — frankly — criminal money can be so clueless at what and who he is facing.

    • If things are that bad…you can bet a team is ready to go that will take heads. With his money…I wouldn’t be surprised if some very nasty contracts on some really nasty people are just waiting for a green light from the boss.

      Politics might get fun and interesting again. I’d laugh like a loon if I woke up to hear that Bill and Hill got “arkansided”…😂👍

    • Trump isn’t going to prison. Even the rabid CNN talking heads said “this is all they’ve got on him? Nothing new here.” Kevin McCarthy is going after Bragg. Maybe con inc has found a spine. If they let the dems do this Trump, con inc is next.

      • To stay out of prison this has to conclude before it gets to a jury. Because there is no way a Manhattan jury lets him walk.

        This prosecution is part of a plan. It’s not just some TDS prosecutor throwing charges around. Keep that in mind. Trump is not going to be an option in 2024.

      • Con inc has found a spine? C’mon, man, you’ve gotta know better than that. Be a dissident, not a Griller.

        • Trolling a non griller won’t change things.
          Yeah if I weren’t a hard dissident I wouldn’t be here.
          That’s the problem with too many dissidents, all nihilistic, everything has to pass a litmus test of perfection, if it isn’t perfect, scrap it.
          Bragg is going to get the same “the process is the punishment” Trump is. I’ll take that win. Get a grip!

      • Are you suggesting that a Manhattan jury will acquit? Serious question.

        They will convict on many felony counts and Trump will go to jail. He will go to jail because even now, he cannot imagine an alternative. There are no grim ex-SOF guys who will do anything at all, there is no plan to flee to Russia, there is nothing except a plan to sit and tweet and raise money and then to go to jail for a decade.

      • Awe did I hurt some feelings when I said Trump isn’t going to prison? Need a safe space? This isn’t it! Lmao

        • The most likely way he stays out is some plea deal that allows both sides to claim some sort of victory. Probably involving him ot running for POTUS.

    • Normalcy bias. And when you point out to normies that things really are completely rigged and the time for ideological debate is over, they become unhinged. Read about the strange saga of Jerry Taylor for a peek into that mentality. David French is another type in that vein: when he realized the battle between Left and Right is territorial, not ideological, he joined the Left. The prospect of an existential fight horrified him.

  31. Wisconsin turned permanently blue last night. It was a funeral for the Republican party at the national level. Getting to 270 is now impossible. Conservatives always thought they could vote their way out of this mess. I live in Wisconsin, and all I hear this morning is “just vote harder.” These people are a lost cause.

    • “Vote harder” while they import Marxists by the tens of millions from around the globe.

      You folks got any more of that magic dirt?

    • you didn”t see this after the 2020 steal? it is going on down the ticket too now. everywhere . not just wisc.

    • Hillary and The Precious out stumping for a state supreme court candidate was a big tell for anyone with eyes to see

    • The Rep’s (here in my Southern AZ district) concept of vote harder was to find a MX immigrant, naturalized, to run for Congress.

      Now this guy appears to be a nice guy with *6* children, and he speaks English. However, the Rep’s version of voting harder seems to me to be something akin to the condemned man helping the hangman tie his knot. The only redeeming aspect of this candidate is that he can’t be groomed for the first Hispanic President—at least not until they change/ignore the Constitution.

  32. Has there ever been a song like Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” (I’m proud to be an American….) where the feeling shifted so fast and so drastically? As Zman says, it sounds ridiculous. Yes it does, but now it also sounds melancholy to me.

      • It should be ironic. But I’m guessing Greenwood would sing it just as earnestly today as he did when it first came out.

    • Personally, I was kind of hoping for Metallica’s “Don’t Tread on Me”, but I guess I’m part of the beer hall crowd.

    • What is an “American?” It lacks any objective definition, doesn’t it? So to boast that one is “proud to be an American” is ultimately no different than bragging about being something wholly undefinable. It is absurd and always has been.

      • America had a definition beyond the “piece of paper.”
        No Z man, American patriotism consisted of loyalty to blood and soil, and common old world European values and the glue that held it together, even post melting pot, was Christianity. It wasn’t just ideas on a piece of paper. I’ve had about enough of the nihilistic “the founders were a bunch of baffoons and their experiment failed.
        Their experiment produced the greatest place to live in the history of mankind for 200 years. It’s not the founders fault they weren’t immortal and therefore not here to protect what they created. The failure is the people who came later dropped the ball the founders handed them.

        • Yes, but Z-man’s criticism of American “arrogance” holds. The White majority at the time of the “great unraveling” after WWII allowed all sorts of pernicious laws to be enacted that changed the very composition of the American populace.

          This was allowed because of the belief—implicit or explicit—that beneath the skin, there was an American waiting to surface in everybody.

          • One caveat: whites in general never believed that scratch-a-Hutu-and-uncover-an-American nonsense. The white masses never supported throwing the gates open to the Third World. It was the bloody bastards in charge who forced PoC on reluctant whites.

        • “It wasn’t just ideas on a piece of paper.”

          I agree about the blood and soil stuff, yet people take an oath of office to the piece of paper.

          I guess that’s the best they could come up with, but when I get out, I recognize Americans most places.

          That tells me we’re a traditional nation, but for whatever reason we’ve never acknowledged it. Idk, maybe we like our dependence so much we can’t stand the idea of being united lol.

        • I think the moral of the story is that it’s just impossible to put down a set of rules that can stop civilizational entropy. The founders weren’t buffoons, but they probably should have read more Machiavelli and less Locke.

        • Vinnyvette: Please provide an objective definition of “American” that goes beyond merely indicating someone born within certain geographical borders. Any definition you provide will be SUBJECTIVE — and one apt to draw disagreement from large numbers of folks who define it differently (or refuse to define it at all). Additionally, the USA has never been an expressly Christian nation. I’ll refer you to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The closest it ever came to being expressly Christian was when it added “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance (two words not included in the original Pledge). That phrase was added mostly as an anti-Communist measure and take special note that no particular god (Jesus!!) was specified.

      • It’s not much different from being a “Yankees fan” in terms of real-world importance.

    • I never liked that song personally. Back when I was a lefty, the song sounded cloying and silly. I was never a patriot. The kinds of people who liked that song, I felt, were using the flag and that sentimentality behind it to justify any military campaign. I remember listening to talk radio and that Greenwood song was played all the time after 9/11. So I disagree with Z-Man here. I don’t see the Greenwood song as a melancholy throwback to a better time. I see it as one of the first bits of modern regime propaganda.

      • Though I’ve never been a leftist, I have long viewed patriotism as mostly a gimmick by which the powerful bamboozle the powerless into remaining in a state of servitude. A genuine nation might be deserving of patriotism/nationalism. But, as I stated, America has never been a nation in the traditional sense. So patriotism is basically a scam the shopping mall managers use to keep the shopping mall workers and customers in line. Supporting outlandish foreign military misadventures is, of course, a major part of that.

        • I call BS.!
          I’d bet until it went off the rails you were just as proud to be American as anyone else. In typical American fashion, as soon as your team loses, you throw it under the bus.
          Everyone here has always hated being American, even before it went to shit three decades ago right? Lmao

          • Good point. However, I don’t think everyone here now hates America. I don’t. But I no longer believe we are on the ascendency. Somewhere we made a wrong turn(s). To morn decline is not the same as hate.

          • Well you certainly can hate the US government as virtually everything bad that has happened around here was either driven ir allowed by it.

          • I agree with Compsci. I don’t love or hate America. It’s just no longer a country. It’s an international shopping mall. You get the best deal you can for you and your tribe. You pay in as little as you can get away with, and get back as much as you can. It’s all transactional now. For fun, throw as much sand in the gears of the regime as you can without getting caught, and hope for some kind of separation.

          • I never had any attachment nor fondness for “America” as a country, though I did appreciate the old values – the creed, if you will. But the lefties are right; being an “American” used to mean being a person of European stock in North America. It wasn’t an “idea” until the immigrant fetish got going. And whenever a foreigner imagined an American, they all imagined a fair-haired hwite man or woman. (I think they still imagine a guy named Bryce rather than a guy named Emilio or Deshaun.) Anyway, the flag never got me misty. As long as I’ve known it, it’s stood for something I’m not into. Which is sports and militarism.

          • I may have been proud to be an American once upon a time, but I for damn sure never liked that shitty song. Or Toby Keith’s garbage tune.

        • In that same vein, Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” hasn’t aged well either.

          • What about Hank, Jr.’s, “Hey, Saddam, don’t give us a reason!”?

            The Eagle and the Bear make a mighty strong pair, indeed…

      • Marko- Zman didn’t say it sounds melancholy, I did. He said it sounds ridiculous.

      • I see what you’re saying. However, the regime was nowhere near so obviously evil back then as it is now. One could still plausibly argue back in 2001 that America was a good place. Such an argument is patently absurd in 2023.

    • In its touching, maddening naivete, it is the perfect anthem for the Griller who frantically wrenches the voting lever as the flames encroach and the gibbering demons and goblins laugh with malevolent glee.

  33. The answer to the question,”how did it get to this?”, Heritage Americans allowed it. No more; no less. No one has said,”enough, this shit stops here”.

    Everyone on this board knows the solution, but is wise not to discuss it. It will start slowly, with random events that will come like a bolt out of the blue, until the American Gestapo (the security apparatus), realizes that no one is safe. After all, as Bracken has pointed out numerous times, everyone has to live somewhere. Police and other alphabet groups will want to protect their own, not some low level flunky whose in charge of tranny story time.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    • “Heritage America” got outvoted by foreigners and outgunned a long time ago. The “White Nation” doesn’t exist and never existed. Allowing all of the foreign whites into the country was the first mistake of diversity is our greatest strength nonsense.

  34. Gonzalo Lira’s idea for a “White Man Walk Out Day” is a good one.

    There is a home in the county where I live which was built in 1870. The foundation was constructed of giant rocks and mortar. It was crafted by white men 150 years ago and remains structurally sound.

    Western civilization was built by, and rests on the backs of, white Christian men. The chattering class and tptb have gone to extreme lengths to pick away at the mortar and replace the solid rocks with sand. They’ve done it through egalitarianism, immigration, the opioid epidemic, etc.
    If only the fall would solely impact those who have caused the destruction.

    • For a general strike to be effective it needs a specific demand(s). A general strike because “we don’t like the way things are” is useful only for adding to the chaos.

      • A general strike followed by stone cold silence will send a message loud and clear. The system collapses without white men keeping the lights on. The lights going off “is the message.”

      • You got something against chaos? ‘Cause order dam’ sure ain’t doing jackshit for our type.

        • If I thought the chaos would benefit us, sure. But chaos will just be blamed on white men, lack of infrastructure spending, capitalism, etc.

  35. Well done, Z. The Rubicon was crossed some time back and yesterday just acted as official confirmation. My reaction and I suspect that of others was a combination of disgust and mild amusement. The garbage tier nature of the totalitarian exercise came as no shock, of course. The United States has been this way for some time even as it pretended to act with moral and ethical authority. Much of the rest of the world started to move past America long ago. If there was any surprise at all, it was the dignified and sober reaction of Trump. He seemed to apprehend for the first time how utterly shameful the modern United States is.

    I plan to watch how Con, Inc., and the rest of the grifters push vote harder now. That will require tremendous skill to pull off even with marks as stupid as conservatards. My guess is it cannot be pulled off and they will openly become part of the dictatorship.

    Pulling out, states act more and more adversely to the central government and its official religion now. The Tennessee statehouse yesterday stripped committee assignments from three black Democrat representatives who led an actual disruption of official proceedings. More and more states finally are banning genital mutilation of children. And so on. So how long until the federal government either overthrows these hostile local governments, supervises their “elections,” or literally invades circa Little Rock? Will individual states resist and develop weaponry to respond, or simply roll over as has been the case in the past? It is probable the US will emulate the USSR, its closest predecessor, and allow some dissent before it cracks down. Think of the Gdansk shipyards.

    Whether intentional or not, yesterday also was confirmation that the United States is receding from the world stage; there is no longer any need for pretense as to its true nature. This would correspond with my take that the Ukraine War was provoked by America to retain and consolidate its grip on the European satrapies while it loses everything else. It also indicates to me there is concern that the dollar will lose reserve currency status more quickly than has been anticipated (Trump made an allusion to this last night, which would indicate it has been a topic of discussion among officials).

    Finally, Havel’s admonition to “live as if you are free” is a good one. Whether the United States is less vicious than the previous communist dictatorships will determine if it is solid advice. It is shameful now to be a citizen of this country but dignity is something that transcends government.

    Again, this was a very eloquent take, Z, thank you.

    • I plan to watch how Con, Inc., and the rest of the grifters push vote harder now.
      My wife was listening to some normie con thing last night (MRC, run by Buckley’s nephew) and while it didn’t land on “Planet Z” it did orbit it tightly enough that the callsign could be read on the side of the ship with the naked eye. As predicted the gatekeepers keep having to go further and further in to the White self-interest camp.

      • There is little gate left to keep. Normie is incredibly stupid, of course, but the point of yesterday was to inform him the pretense has ended. Whether he hears or not depends more on him than the volume he plays Hannity.

    • Little Rock 2.0 will be difficult for the feds to pull off because it’s not like trannies are being excluded from school or anywhere else. There is nothing in particular for the gestapo to enforce on that front. Post soldiers outside the hospital while some doctor performs castrations on 8 yr olds inside? I suppose in clown world anything is possible.

      • Little Rock kicked off after a Supreme Court ruling. The current “conservative”* Supreme Court extended Title VII to include trannies, with “conservative”* Justice Gorsuch explaining he knew that wasn’t the legislation’s intent but, gosh darn it, he likes trannies so it shall be! Look for some weird right to castrate your child-type ruling to be found in the rotted parchment.

        *The scare quotes are out of habit; transgenderism is or soon will be a conservative value

      • My guess is that AINO will send in its imperial thugs to forcibly remove rebellious governors and replace them with hand-picked stooges. Said governors will then get the Trump treatment. Hell, forestalling rebellion is probably one of the primary reasons the regime is persecuting Trump.

    • > More and more states finally are banning genital mutilation of children.

      Unless the children are male infants and their mother consents. That’s still perfectly legal and encouraged by the medical community literally everywhere in this country. Noticing this is a hate crime.

    • “My guess is it cannot be pulled off and they will openly become part of the dictatorship.” Call it Neocon 2.0.

  36. But who was the Devil that we invited into America and how did he capture our soul?

    To start, I’d say that of the seven deadly sins, ours was pride.

    White CivNats believed that our ideals as laid out in the Constitution and, especially, the Declaration of Independence were so wonderful and correct that every person on earth should live by them. Not only that, but these other peoples would want to live by them and could live by them.

    White CivNats just assumed that anyone coming to the country was enthralled by our ideals and rules and would become just like them. This pride was the basis of our immigration and foreign policy and remains so today.

    The Devil with the small hat recognized our sin and used it to take our soul. Until white CivNats recognize both our sin and who is the Devil, they’ll remain in hell.

    • Did anyone else catch Trump’s line last night about Special Counsel “Jack Smith”

      “I wonder what it was before the change?”

      Stunned silence, followed by laughter.

      We are getting close now.

    • Well, most Americans never made that deal. We never signed the contract. We want out.

    • For those who don’t know, Kevin MacDonald has a theory that is meant to explain the gullibility of Northern European whites, called “the moral communities thesis.”

      He posits that the harsh conditions under which we evolved forced us to build bonds of trust that were broader than just kinship. Further, since survival was so tenuous, those who were dishonest or lazy were cast out of the tribe. This caused the morals of the community to be the bond for the tribe.

      There are a host of objections to this theory, for example, the Eskimos seem to have evolved under similar conditions, yet display none of our gullibility and foolish naiveté.

      In any case, our psyches are easily manipulated by those who evolved in the crowded bazaars of the Middle East and bonded through kinship.

      • I think that this is generally correct. We developed to fit our environment both physical and cultural, which may explain why we’re different from Eskimos and American Indians. They had similar physical environment (cold) but different societies and cultures.

        They didn’t have much agriculture or cities. Obviously, their religions were much different. This would lead them to develop differently.

        That’s the difference between human evolution and plant/non-human animal evolution. Our culture and societies influence us along with natural habitat.

        Anyway, yes, NW Europeans developed to be high trust. And that works as long as your surrounded by other high trust people but works against you if let in low trust people.

        We made that mistake. Our environment has changed. The question is whether we’ll adapt or die out.

  37. “Americans” have never comprised an actual nation. The French are a nation. The Chinese and the Japanese are nations. Hell, the Cherokees are a nation. But Americans have never been much beyond a collection of largely disconnected individuals who just happen to live in geographic proximity to one another. This so-called country has long been a melting pot/diversitopia with the potential of turning into a powder keg. A genuine nation is united by blood and heritage. There is not enough shared blood or common heritage to prevent this ship from sinking. And it was doomed from its outset. A “proposition” cannot form a lasting nation — especially when there’s no general consensus as to what that proposition entails.

    • Something highlighted for me recently, that I never thought much about, was how the Constitution itself was a commerce driven vehicle. In grade school the main drawback to the Articles of Confederation cited were how states were going to print their own currency and setup trade barriers to one another, often with the jab “I mean, can you believe such a thing!!”. In hindsight, literally any other consideration was secondary, if it even existed at all. The world’s largest strip mall from the get go.

      • Correct you are. Commerce has always been the glue that would supposedly hold us together. It’s captured in that old cliche “the land of opportunity,” a typical bullshit American phrase that can easily be reinterpreted as land of greed. Greed, it turns out, is a poor foundation for lasting unity.

        Come to think of it, seems it’s been a rather long time since I heard anyone refer to this shopping mall masquerading as a nation as “the land of opportunity.” The withering away of such puffery alone indicates that people are losing the faith they never should have harbored in the first place.

    • Great points. My apologies to anyone who thinks I am “lost causin'” by bringing up the War Between the States, but James McPherson – a court historian, though a fairly honest one – makes the point in several books that while the Northerners fought for “ideals”, the Southerners fought for blood and home. One may point to Robert E Lee, who when declining the generalship of the US armies, said that he could not raise his sword against home and family. I would like to think that this sensibility, or at least a memory of it, still exists in the South. Or could be re-awakened.

      • It’s apropos that you bring up the War Between the States. The entirety of that affair — its causes, its development, and its aftermath — should have made it crystal clear that whatever “America” might claim to be, it certainly is no nation. What kind of unity requires force of arms to keep it together? One that is a fraud and definitely ain’t worth the blood, sweat, and tears required to maintain it.

      • Why would this comment have a downvote? Let the whites in the rest of the nation feel what it’s like to be beaten and treated like dirt for a hundred fifty or so years. Enjoy,

    • Wkathman–

      Upvoted, but I will add that the nation came into existence, and prepares to go out of existence, with The Almighty People clueless as to what the American Experiment really was, and why North America already was ‘spoken for’ by Old World elements centuries before the Declaration.

      New Amerika became precisely what its true central planners always desired, and that is one reason the adversary in the Book of Revelation is called ‘Mystery Babylon’. Because from beginning to end of this national-striptease, the People never knew why America exists.

      Patmos John tried to give The Almighty People a hint:

      ‘And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus . . .’

      (Rev. 17:6)

      • “The Almighty People clueless as to what the American Experiment really was” — Yes. Some of my people were in the Virginia, South Caroline and North Carolina militia in the Revolution. I would be very interested in know what they fought for. I’d bet a week’s pay that it wasn’t for Enlightenment ideals. And to say that Great Britain was “oppressive” is pure fantasy. I genuinely think that the “revolution” was a huge mistake.

        • “ I genuinely think that the “revolution” was a huge mistake.”

          Perhaps, but has Canada, Australia, New Zealand done much better remaining in the sphere of the UK? No, it’s something “in the water” as they say.

          • Canada is British ?

            The revolution reinforced the belief that ideas drive nations and not people. Canada ,Australia ,New Zealand, and the Uk have been infected by this ideology too.

            Is it wise to use the present iterations of the US and the Uk to argue over actions taken so long ago?

          • I really wonder about that. I’m increasingly of the opinion that England was poisoned by the USA; Canada, the most insane of the old empire, is that way precisely because it’s right next to the Duhmerican beast. The ruination that the US has inflicted on European civilization is a crime of the highest order.

    • Yes and no. We had a better run than most blood and heritage countries. But the conditions and people that gave us that run no longer exist. So like all good things, it has come to an end.

    • In 1790 the Founding population was 98% Protestant, 80% British, and had a higher literacy rate than either England or France. To paraphrase John Jay in Federalist #2: same ancestors, language, religion, conception of government, manners and customs. That pretty much ended with the mass migration of impoverished, unskilled people which began in the mid-late 19th c. until the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921.

    • But not all diversity is equal. Germans can live alongside British and both groups will work together well. Somalis in Iceland, not so much. The point being, inter-white diversity, which was America’s demographic condition until 1965, is not problematic. The problems start, and diversity becomes unworkable when too many wildly disparate groups of people are forced into propinquity. America worked when it was white. It doesn’t work now that it no longer is.

  38. The absolute last thing God should bless is the USA – in particular, the US government. Of course, they couldn’t care less as they worship at the alter of satan. Pretty somber piece to go with a somber time – I guess there may not be any primary or election fireworks after all as the tards in charge won’t now allow serious dissent. Maybe Trump should have holed up in Florida and forced the jackboots come and get him.

    • I feel quite certain that God has withdrawn his blessing, that is, if he ever granted it in the first place. God sanctioning the Great Satan doesn’t make much sense.

  39. For generations Americans have been taught to accept [the] naïve and foolish belief that trust in the rules is enough to keep even the Devil in line.

    If you’ve married a non-English-speaking foreigner, like I have, this bit of old wisdom comes up from time to time.

    Around the world, even in Europe, cucked as it is, people think Americans (White Americans, actually) are naïve. We come bounding onto the world stage talking about “muh human rights” and “God-given freedoms” and our natural love of rules and regulations. Because of our gosh-darn git-er-done upbringing, we assume that everyone, even in leadership, is a good ole boy, and working hard is all it takes.

    You can’t imagine the amount of eye-rolling we’ve caused. While we were actually powerful, the Old World had to put up with our Boy Scout s**t. Now the power is slipping away, and the eye-rolling is turning into contempt. Problem is our leadership still thinks they’re boy scouts, when clearly they’ve morphed into an Old World regime. And everyone can see it, including me, and my wife and billions and foreigners will never call me a naïve American ever again.

    I am the Slav at the bar cursing the world, and so will Americans be. Despite mocking the boy scouts, the world will miss the boy scouts.

    • True..The ruination and feminization of the Boy Scouts is a proxy for America…so much has been lost..

      • Just to note/remind that after the Boy Scouts caved to demands for more inclusion, less religion (Christianity), and normalization of homosexuals in the ranks. They are now being sued by rapacious lawyers for sexual abuse by those very homosexuals that they now have normalized in their ranks.

        Oh the irony. My suspicion is that few if any “normies” understand the dynamics of the once vaunted group’s destruction. Disclaimer: Son is an Eagle Scout and I and wife were involved for many years in Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts.

      • Lots of dissidents mention their red (or is it black?) pill moments. The moral collapse of the Boy Scouts may have been mine.

    • Sorry to disagree , but we have been force for evil at least since Smedly Butler wrote “war is a racket” . great book by americas most decorated soldier.

      • But our “evil” was in saving the world. I don’t believe there was ever a world power before that thought its expansion was a moral gift for humanity, beyond the old “order and security” excuse. Did Rome or China or the Ottomans ever conquer by enlightenment? No, they conquered because they could, and they did. No moralizing; just business.

        I guess the question is, which is worse living under? A regime that believes in raw power and makes you fear it, or a regime that makes you submit to moral lectures every day? Pick your poison: autarchy or theocracy.

        • If only there *were* such a dichotomy. I fear we are/will all becoming China. Here is an all powerful State that now with their “social credit score” enactment are not only telling you how to behave, but enforcing sanctions for infraction ruthlessly.

        • Ivan Groznyi (the Terrible) is perhaps the most evil figure in history. That being said, I’d rather live under his rule than Biden and his ilk. Groznyi’s atrocities actually waned at times because he acted from mere paranoia and not moral afflatus. The abominations of America’s leaders do not slacken ever because they beleaguer us with the approval of their own conscience.

  40. Frankly, it’s kind of refreshing to have such a bold, open confirmation that rule of law is over and that there’s no going back. We’ve spent our lives cleaning up after the evil, the malicious and the stupid. Enough of them, and enough of that. Whether we like it or not, now we have to work on separating from them and building something better.

    Hard times to come? Almost surely. Better to have hard times than more of the same. Better to have hard times than continue to bend the knee and getting worse times in return.


    • Look to Afriforum in South Africa. The Boers were born into adversity and have thrived while all around them is going to kak. We Americans are also a frontier people – and you can still see that Anglo frontier blood and attitude in places like Southern Arizona (a frontier state bordering semi-lawless Mexico). Let’s remember that our ancestors faced far worse!

  41. Well, at least the entire nation now gets to experience Reconstruction. That’s not entirely correct, though. The events of the Reconstruction Period were actually felt nationally by opponents of the GOP. But the wholesale use of military, police, and judicial coercion was very intense in the former Confederate states. And that is what we are now again seeing. Naked power is being employed to crush opponents of a regime that is roundly despised.

    • Yes, this is Reconstruction II, although the tyrants are even more stupid and vicious than their predecessors. Dumb oppressors are the worst. I had not thought of this as a second Reconstruction, and that’s a brilliant take.

      • We’re in it.

        The left equivalent of civnats, who similarly cast whatever they do as a patriotic repetition of the American history equivalent of “settled science,” have been calling what they want to do to us “a second Reconstruction” for many years. And they forthrightly state—with sexual relish—that they’re going to make it as violent and destructive as possible.

        The Obama admin, with its cultivation of BLM (et al.), “critical” this-and-that in the bureaucratic ideology, and the final, total merger of corporation and intelligence (in Chokepoint, etc.), implemented it.

  42. You’re taking a rather gloomy line today. Let me cheer you up. The problem with Americans is — in my exceedingly humble opinion — the hubris that they are, individually and collectively, the masters of their destiny. A more fatalistic line that an event or situation has its own structural logic, which plays itself out in time, might be more appropriate. This will lead, paradoxically, to a more upbeat assessment. The GAE is now suffering a series of body blows geopolitically and economically. It cannot survive them. The status quo will melt away. The current regime will crumble away. As slaves toiling away in Mordor let us take solace in the fact that Barad-dur must collapse. Be patient.


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