Your Country As A Service

In the money game, it is said that if you need hard money to control your ruling class, your ruling class will find a way around the limits of hard money. This is observationally true as every government in the history of man has found some way to corrupt their currency for short term advantage. For most of human history this has meant debasing the currency with cheap metal. In modern times, it means installing humanity’s worst schemers with the task of manipulating the currency.

That expression about money is a pithy way of pointing out that words on a piece of paper are never a restraint on the corrupt. The reason is the written law is just the formal expression of the unwritten law. Those words on the paper represent the spirit that organizes and limits the ruling class. If the people in the ruling class no longer abide by the spirit of the law, they will find a way around the letter of the law. This is something we can see plainly with the basics in America.

If you were to ask Americans to name the most fundamental freedom in the Constitution, they would surely say free speech. Some would point to other things, for sure, but the consensus would be speech. It is the thing America is most known for around the world. Europeans will often point to our first amendment right to speak our mind in public as the most important American right. It is the thing the world most identifies with being an American.

Despite that, the right to speak your mind is going away quickly. The most outrageous example is the recent trial of Douglas Mackey. He was arrested immediately after Biden was installed for the crime of mocking Clinton voters in 2016. Mackey operated the Ricky Vaughn account on Twitter, which was notorious for mocking the Left, especially the zombies who lined up to support Hillary Clinton. While obviously a satire account, it was comedy gold in the meme wars.

The government claimed that his jokes about the stupidity of Clinton voters denied these stupid Clinton voters the right to be stupid Clinton voters. That is not an exaggeration or a misrepresentation. The government offered no one who was denied their right to vote but managed to convince a judge and jury that these jokes tricked stupid Clinton voters out of their right to vote. The verdict is on appeal, but Mackey now faces ten years in prison.

Everyone involved in this case, except for Mackey, of course, made clear that they have no respect for the basic right of speech. The government found creative ways around the words on the page to charge Mackey. The judge found creative ways to rig the case in favor of the state. He then threatened the jury with lifetime sequestration when they were deadlocked. The jury then found a way to convict a fellow citizen of speaking mean words to rich people.

The thing about the Mackey case is not that it is rare, but that it is just a causal and blatant example of a pattern. Here is a new case where the Feds are charging people with holding the wrong opinions about Russia. They claim that these people were involved with Russian agents and spreading bad words to blacks. Most people would assume you have a right to spread bad words, even if they are about blacks and they come from a Russian citizen. It says so on the paper.

The recent Fox News settlement is another example of how thoroughly corrupt the courts are now. Fox was accused of doing fake news, a thing so common that the words no longer have meaning. The judge was determined to make sure they were punished, so Fox had no choice but to write a big check. Meanwhile, the New York Times manufactures fake news and deliberately defames people but enjoys blanket immunity from the court system.

Of course, the place where most speech occurs in the modern age is on the internet and the rulers are moving to close off that avenue. The Restrict Act is described as “a systematic framework for addressing technology-based threats to the security and safety of Americans.” The stated purpose is to let the government shut off services like TikTok, but in reality, it will let the party shutter any site they wish. It is the modern version of The Sedition Act of 1918.

There are two main differences between the assault on speech today versus the assault on speech a century ago. The most obvious is that The Sedition Act of 1918 was specifically aimed at anti-war speech. Today, the reason for stripping the rights of the citizens is personal and petty. The people in charge do not like being mocked by the peasants on the internet. The assault on your basic rights is part of a war waged from the top against the white middle-class.

The other main difference is that there was a clear limit on how long these limits on speech would last. This was a wartime act, and everyone agreed it was an exception to the general rule of open debate. In other words, the people who crafted the bill did so knowing the general rule was the default, but that in the extraordinary circumstances of the war, they were making an exception. Today, it is the reverse. The new default is you need permission to speak in public.

Looking back, this change in the spirit of the law, at least with respect to the ruling class, should have been obvious. The concept of the terms of service has proliferated with the spread of technology, despite running counter to Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence. The contract of adhesion has always been a carefully regulated exception to contract law, but now it is the default. Everything you do is becoming subject to a terms of service agreement imposed on you by the powerful.

It is why appeals to the letter of the law mean nothing now. The people who view the letter of the law through the lens of the terms of service, naturally look at the Constitution the same way. As the issuing party, they get to interpret the words on the paper however they wish. Every judge is now operating like a content moderator at a social media platform. You are free to choose another country provider, but as long as you are in this one, they control your content.

The only difference is that YouTube sends you an e-mail whenever they willy-nilly change their terms of service. In a Country As A Service, you learn about the new rules as they are booking you for violating the new rules. Those weird e-mails have been replaced by the sound of the jail door slamming on some poor victim of the new rules against hate speech or mean content. You can guess what “your account has been suspended” will soon mean.

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160 thoughts on “Your Country As A Service

  1. Federal authorities charged four Americans on Tuesday with roles in a malign campaign pushing pro-Kremlin propaganda in Florida and Missouri — expanding a previous case that charged a Russian operative with running illegal influence agents within the United States.


    God Damn! You mean I’ve been giving the milk away for free?

  2. Scary pilpul right here, in that “Russians are coming” case in FL: “allegedly weaponized our First Amendment rights — freedoms Russia denies its own citizens — to divide Americans and interfere in elections in the United States”

    Boom. There’s the kill shot they’ll use going forward. “Weaponizing the Bill of Rights” means we have to take away the Bill or Rights. For your own safety.

    Must give the devils their due, so skilled at manipulating words.

    • And all this after the Supreme Court has repeatedly said that political speech is the MOST protected speech under the First Amendment, and that freedom of political speech was the primary motive behind it…

  3. in the words of the great matt Bracken : ” we are just ants at their picnic. ” that is how the elite view us . they are acting accordingly.

    • Terms of Service Country is all fine and well … until there is a serious conflict with peer competitors that can generate extinction for the regime and ruling class (and perhaps the country as well).

      A certain eye of S—- type has called officially for Regime Change in China and also breaking that nation up into different parts. This has not been received well in Beijing.

      The US has for now, enforcers who can and will enforce the will of the Elites/ruling class for the Terms of Service. However, there is very little industrial capacity for War. We have one plant in Lima Ohio that can produce the M-1 Abrams. Output: 2 tanks a month. Russia has at least six different tank factories that can produce their top of the line tank at 200 a month, collectively. The same holds true for missiles, shells, air frames, and the like. As far as mobilizing an expeditionary force across either the Atlantic or Pacific, much less supplying it at the end of a 5,000 mile supply line, and organizing and motivating it to fight, forget it. Forget too building a new fleet. America has neither the industrial capacity nor the WWII work force in waiting that could produce over 50 carriers from 1942-45. All those dudes floating over the Rio Grande or crossing into Arizona are not even fit to run a 7-11, much less wire or weld or assemble the complex machinery that comprises modern naval vessels. Much less work in a steel foundry to produce the steel needed for the vessels.

      Russia and China know this. Neither is going to be gentle to the regime and its elements calling for their own regime change and “decolonization.” So there is that.

      • Is this why Raytheon is now offering up to $20k signing bonuses + relocation to try and get bog standard engineers to move to Tuscon?

        They’re offering the unicorn engineers signing bonuses up to $50k.

        I wonder how those clowns feel about all their DIE initiatives and mandates now?

        • I bet they love their DIE initiatives. They may indeed have a lot of slugs on board, but it keeps them in compliance with Fed mandates. What’s killing them, as with all other engineer heavy industries, is probably the retiring White work force and the lack of suitable replacement options being produced by the US University system.

          Hell this is true even when White “engineers” are found and hired. Son works in one of those engineering tech heavy corporations here. They simply can not find degreed engineers and when when the do, they are found under/unproductive. Trouble with such, as with AA, is the concern over morale when some personnel don’t pull their weight and others have to handle their work load.

          The productive people avoid these people and these “fuckups” are even given names. Case in point, two new hires: “Can’t Do” and “Won’t Do”. In staff meetings, these “nicknames” are even used in discussion in place of their real names. 🙁

          The way this particular corporation makes due is to have (sellout to) foreign ownership and move many engineering divisions/responsibilities overseas to their new owners’ facilities. The engineering shortage is not that bad there.

          However, the US loses as the facility shrinks. Shipping jobs out of the country is not always a scummy capitalist move to make money. Sometimes it’s simply survival in a dying society.

          • Compsci

            Right on here. As someone who works on tech, I can tell you that the competency problem is a very real thing.

          • Compsci-

            Well said!

            I would only add that *some* of the H-1B push is the flipside of sending jobs overseas.

            On a certain level it is a pragmatic reaction to a dying society that is seeing masses of experienced, knowledgeable people retire fron the workforce while simultaneously failing to internally replace them with similar numbers of high-quality young people.

          • And that is what I have heard from my tech friends and relatives, and have personally experienced when I tried to hire a decent programmer…

          • The young guys are smart. They just don’t see an upside. Why work hard at X job that will give you less than inflation yearly pay raise, work you into a divorce and medical, and have zero loyalty to you when the market turns?

            You guys are stupid, you think hard work for the corporation pays off. Enjoy your fixed income.

            Let me put it another way you know who did really well while Rome burned? Farmers in Gaul.

  4. Free speech has been cracked down on in America for much longer than we’ve been alive, unfortunately.

    In the 1930s 30 million people listened to Father Coughlin’s radio broadcasts and newspaper where he had an isolationist, anti-FDR, anti-establishment perspective. The government forced his radio program off the air and closed his newspaper before banning him entirely from politics under threat of losing his priesthood. Other individuals purged for wrongthink include journalist John T. Flynn, who no one has heard of today but who was bigger than Walter Lippmann in the 1930s; historian Harry Elmer Barnes — who played a central role in “revising” the history of the First World War so as to remove the cartoonish picture of unspeakable German wickedness left behind as a legacy of the dishonest wartime propaganda produced by the British and American governments; and many others include Charles Beard, William Henry Chamberlin, Russell Grenfell, Sisley Huddleston, and A.J.P. Taylor. For a deeper dive into these figures, see Ron Unz’s article “American Pravda: Understanding World War 2″:

    In 1953, historian Henry Elmer Barnes described how the censorship process worked, which remains ongoing today: “The methods followed by the various groups interested in blacking out the truth about world affairs since 1932…fall mainly into the following patterns or categories: (1) excluding scholars suspected of revisionist views from access to public documents which are freely opened to “court historians” and other apologists for the foreign policy of President Roosevelt; (2) intimidating publishers of books and periodicals, so that even those who might wish to publish books and articles setting forth the revisionist point of view do not dare to do so; (3) ignoring or obscuring published material which embodies revisionist facts and arguments; and (4) smearing revisionist authors and their books… leading members of two of the largest publishing houses in the country have told me that, whatever their personal wishes in the circumstances, they would not feel it ethical to endanger their business and the property rights of their stockholders by publishing critical books relative to American foreign policy since 1933. And there is good reason for that hesitancy. The book clubs and the main sales outlets for books are controlled by powerful pressure groups which are opposed to truth on such matters. These outlets not only refuse to market critical books in this field but also threaten to boycott other books by these publishers who defy their blackout ultimatum.”

    • Superb comment. I have my issues with Unz but he has done a great job covering the memory holed history and chroniclers of it in the 20th century.

      Most of the dissident right knows about the Holocaust censorship but thinks that America was a whitetopia before Boomers.

      The rot goes back at least as far as the Wilson administration & WW1. But like rot in the foundation of a building, it has to progress & can take awhile for it to be visible to the people living there.

      The powers that be are lucky that Americans are not a curious people & many simply want to be seen as good, smart people as defined by the propaganda arm of the ruling class.

  5. This isn’t mere pettiness on the part of rich people.

    Information is power. And while it used to be true that bullchit flew half way round the world before the truth even got off the starting blocks… it no longer is. The truth and the BS now race neck and neck and if you have an IQ…the truth wins every time. Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election to Donald Trump…she lost to Pepe The Frog. They don’t care if the peons mock and laugh, but it drives then bonkers when Normies and Grillers start fact checking and do a passable job of it. The real trouble starts Whitey finds out the truth of exactly why his ancestors lynched blacks and didn’t want them in politics or positions of authority. Or the jews.

    The good news is that this will work for them as well as the Covid vaccine did, or the, war in the Kraine, or Hillary’s run at the presidency. These clowns literally can’t plan or execute bathroom breaks. Biden and Nadler have shit themselves in public. They masturbate during zoom meetings and get caught at it. Morons like AOC amass wealth despite having a flat line for an IQ. The only reason they get away with it is because the can is still rolling down the road. When the lights go out and the free money ends and people get cold and hungry, racial realities will come crashing back like a tidal wave. They always do…

    I think I’d look good, in jackboots actually….😂👍

    • Glen,
      when the lights go out , the UN will be “requested” to provide relief and maintain order. The PLA will be a significant part of their forces.
      the politicians will hold welcoming parades for them . normie will get misty eyed at the generosity of our “saviors” . then , I don’t know what .

      • When relief and order is requested of the UN it’s….the US that provides it, not the asshats who can’t field an army to save their own skins.

        • Correct, and having an external force enter sovereign land to enforce “order” will be the greatest call to arms that can be made. Sounds like a win to me.

          • I don’t think normie will geto off the couch even then. they will tweet their outrage from home.

  6. The general idea here is something I’ve been saying, in various ways, for almost 25 years now, ever since the internet started becoming popular. I’ve never really though of the internet as a technological revolution. It is more of a perceptual revolution. It changed what things were allowed to be done and who was allowed to do them, who was allowed to know secrets, who was allowed to include or exclude others.

    It is a revolution I never signed up for and never wanted, but most of society went along with it without question, and it has had profound practical effects. For example, there would not have been any giant tech corporations like Amazon or Google had not longstanding financial and legal practices been abandoned to accommodate them.

    This is one reason why I know, in spite of all evidence o the contrary, that the internet is a transient phenomenon in human existence. It simple isn’t affordable under ordinary accounting procedures. It thrives on cheap debt and venture capital, and the era of such things is coming to an end. Reality will catch up to the distortions of bubble-era finance, and probably it has already begun.

    • I’d make a distinction here between the pop-internet and the tech-internet. I got on the tech-internet very early. I was hooked up to a dial-up provider and browsing newsgroups on a 486 with Slackware Linux 1.1 that I had installed from a CD I bought through the mail. That internet was basically a spin-off of DARPANet and it had only been a few years prior that no one outside universities and defense contractors has access to it at all. Connecting still required a lot of intelligence and perseverance and the culture was as “based” as you can imagine as a result even though the colleges always brought in the usual Commie types. There were no rules or “moderation” though and these people were mocked and wedgied relentlessly.

      I don’t think *that* internet requires much more than smart people with a desire to communicate and do cool things with technology. It was a very similar vibe to the Ham radio community in fact though far less polite. The pop-internet came much later and is basically designed to make lots of money for venture capitalists by producing tech for morons to sell themselves to other morons while advertisers capture “eyeballs” and tech companies take a cut of the moron-revenue. It may well be that this pop-internet is a fleeting thing. We can certainly hope so.

      • Yes, I agree with what you’re saying, I just didn’t have time to expound in that direction with my first comment. The world would have been a much better place had the internet never been popularized. America circa 1990 is about the level at which the communication tech expansion into consumer products should have ceased.

      • Correct. The internet as we call the applications it supports would be nothing without the technological base it uses to communicate. I was also there and communicating over DARPA technology using crude applications which worked fairly well within a computer, but less so as the applications communicated outside of the local environment. Our network a that time was coax Ethernet and basically use by large computers transmitting data to each other in the “computer center”. I still remember sitting in the office late at night and “talking” to people halfway around the world who I didn’t know, but just said hi. Student geeks, faculty, anyone who had access to the internet and was at a terminal.

        At least three significant improvements, again technical—not sociological—followed: faster, cheaper, simpler Ethernet, with longer distances, via fiber optics; affordable computers (personal PC’s); and the concept/development of fast and efficient searches through database search algorithms. Only then one finds interactive browsers (really another programming language—html) such as Netscape and the concept of WWW appearing.

  7. Just a reminder that during the outset of the War to Prevent Southern Independence, the Lincoln administration shut down several hundred newspapers and jailed thousands of Northern dissenters.

  8. That Fox lawsuit is worth a mention.
    A few minutes of MSNBC Regime signaling- the Voice of the lord, dispensing the latest edicts from the throne- informed we peasants that the Dominion lawsuit against Fox for “spreading conspiracy theories about the election” was settled at $776 million in a $1.5 billion suit. Smartmatix, the other major e-voting machine company, is now suing Fox for $1 billion.

    With corporate cutouts doing lawfare at this scale, that tells me the century of democracy is well and truly over.

    • Context: these two companies own about 70% of the global electoral market, that is, the people who actually buy voting machines around the world.

    • Essentially Dominion has conducted a successful shakedown to fund their ongoing operations and future expansions.

  9. It’s probably worth noting that the author of the Wapo article about people being charged for saying and thinking the wrong things about Russia is Devlin Barrett. Barrett won a pulitzer for reporting on “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election, which of course turned out to be entirely fabricated. Needless to say, Barrett’s Pulitzer was not revoked — he did the work his government handlers paid him to do.

    Barrett is an American, but interestingly went to college in Canada, McGill University, which is one of the universities with the closest ties to China. Funny that an American boy found his way all the way up there. I know that doesn’t prove anything, but what really needs to be proved. We are ruled by a cabal of degenerates that hate us and the press are their lapdogs.

    • Have you noticed how everything keeps coming up roses for the CCP? The Yuan will clearly be the worlds new reserve currency .
      They are getting their Oil from russia at a big discount . Their economy grew at 4% in the first quarter .
      Their biggest opponent has now used up all of its available military hardware by giving it to ukraine. e cannot make replacements.
      The Us military is degraded by Woke leadership, their best men leaving rather than be jabbed, and those who stayed turned against each other with critical race training .
      the US food production system has had a rash of unexplainable fires and explosions.
      Their puppets have hamstrung US energy production and drained the the strategic petroleum reserves.
      Thousands of military age chinesse men come across our southern border every day – see Michael Yon substack for details and pics.

      that a lot of coincedences going in their favor. Probably nothing .

      • The reference to our “strategic oil reserves” comes up regularly in this group, but I wonder if folks understand completely what the situation is. This repository was establish under Reagan (IIRC or even Carter) in reaction to the Arab oil embargo. A quick method to gain access to oil when needed for shortfalls—but that amount was never more than a flew months worth of partial supplement to short supplies.

        However, there is an awful lot of oil in the ground in reserves that have been set aside specifically for the armed forces, e.g., Teapot Dome (yes the one in the scandal) is one of them. Here’s a quick link from Google:


        Running our salt dome stored reserves down is perhaps short sighted, but there is much, much more proven and reserved for the military should the need arise. Drilling would take a bit of time, but the oil spigot won’t turn off over night either.

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    • Psychoanalysis – you got it! I would say you have an anal fixation. Your focus on the process of expelling after extended meditation, i.e. digestion, represents a stunting of development in the stage that linked the anus with pleasure. Your parents were too indulgent, thus leading to an overentitled sense of expulsion. You are probably coprophiliac based on the disordered nature of your thoughts.

      Obviously, this is a jest 🙂

      • That gust you heard was Krusty sighing with relief upon reading Eloi’s concluding sentence.

    • It reads like you lived your life as a pretty standard liberal. Practically every normal liberal with whom I’ve discussed politics eventually admitted to the same viewpoint: “I’m certain that my views are correct and it should be illegal for anyone to disagree, but I don’t want to hurt them, just exclude them from society until they repent.” They only admit to this view assuming I agree with them of course, if they were debating a conservative they would re-frame all of this in sanctimonious language about preventing harm.

      Most liberals never grow out of it, living their entire lives unchallenged by anyone because they’re surrounded by other liberals. If the liberal does have a non-liberal friend then that friend won’t argue with him, anticipating social or career retaliation for doing so. Thinkers tend to drift away though, since liberalism is built on a very rickety set of premises that become increasingly difficult to ignore when you witness your 50th chimpout at a Target.

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  12. Carl Schmitt would have predicted all of this. The Sovereign just wipes his butt with the Constitution if he feels sufficiently threatened. On the bright side, we’re beginning to unnerve them because they are willing to go to these extremes. On the dark side, I think they will go way further than they have gone to date.

    • My marker for full-blown totalitarianism is when people start to be disappeared. You see outlines of that with the 1/6 political prisoners, but they were at least openly arrested before they were thrown into the D.C. gulag.

      • I marked it at the state mandated experimental medical injections, the division of the people into essential and nonessential, etc.

      • What gets judicially done to the tiki torch guys from UTR Charlottesville will be a huge tell in the weeks to come.
        That’ll really pain me to see more regular white guys get thrown into the maw of the State for having a simple solidarity moment

    • Z: “In the money game, it is said that if you need hard money to control your ruling class, your ruling class will find a way around the limits of hard money. This is observationally true as every government in the history of man has found some way to corrupt their currency for short term advantage. For most of human history this has meant debasing the currency with cheap metal. In modern times, it means installing humanity’s worst schemers with the task of manipulating the currency.”


      Seized assets from Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are fetching 85 to 90 cents on the dollar
      Market Watch | 19 April 2023

      “The reality is that the whole point is for BlackRock to get rid of these assets,” said David Petrosinelli, senior trader at InspereX. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to accelerate the scale of sales, depending on what conditions look like.”


      Last week, there was an overview of Fink’s career at Life Site News:

      Everything you need to know about BlackRock, the company that owns the world
      Apr 12, 2023

      At this point, Fink has arguably achieved uber-Sanhedrin status, on a par with Lord Rothschild.

      • Z: “In the money game, it is said that if you need hard money to control your ruling class, your ruling class will find a way around the limits of hard money.”

        I meant to tie all the loose ends together; lemme go ahead and add a few more data points.


        Israeli Banks Transferred $1 Billion Out of SVB Before Collapse

        Israeli business paper Globes said the bank was considered “the major funding body for Israeli companies” and that its fall was “closing the oxygen pipe” for the sector.

        Yellen guarantees all deposits after Silicon Valley Bank collapse, as Biden promises action


        If Larry Fink knows that by intentionally crashing a particular bank, he is guaranteed to get 85 to 90 cents on the dollar for JUNK ASSETS [which he wanted to unload in the first place], then, because he has a Sanhedrin-ette at the Treasury Department who is covering his professional posterior, the concept of Arbitrage becomes meaningless: Larry Fink wins even if he goes Short when he should have gone Long, and Larry Fink wins even if he goes Long when he should have gone Short.

        It’s meta-bank-robbery; all done on paper, with no knives & no guns & no physical human hostages.

        It’s simply looting the system electronically & regulatorially & judicially & abstractly.

        The ghost of Meyer Lansky is rolling over in its grave right now, knocking its head against the coffin door, and screaming to itself, “Why didn’t I think of this?!?!?”

  13. “Pay us or we’ll riot” has long been the implicit message of race-hustlers like “the Reverend” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

    Black Lives Matter and ‘the racial reckoning’ upped the ante, by showing us just how violent and destructive black rage and resentment can be.

    Lawfare by black opportunist lawyers like the despicable Benjamin Crump has now added the threat of civil suits filed against anyone who dares to interfere with the right of sacred blacks to commit crimes.

    The refusal of Soros-funded prosecutors to prosecute black crime— and the decriminalization of crimes which “disproportionately affect” blacks (which is all crimes of violence) in black-run inner cities— is sending the message to white society that opposing the rights of blacks to victimize the rest of us is one of the many forms of behavior which have been redefined as “racist”.

    In Great Britain, the gov’t is advising citizens to not oppose home invasions (which are mostly perpetrated by “people of color”) .

    > How long until our gov’t starts advising us to not resist crimes committed by blacks?

    • It’s already illegal for Whites to defend themselves against blacks. That’s one reason why I hesitate to install cameras around my house – they are unlikely to help me in the unlikely case where I have to break the law in that way.

      It is interesting how quickly the old advice about how quickly you contact the police if you’re involved in a self-defense shooting has become entirely the wrong advice.

      • > That’s one reason why I hesitate to install cameras around my house – they are unlikely to help me in the unlikely case where I have to break the law in that way.

        Never forget if the camera footage from the jogger incident hadn’t been mad public, those guys wouldn’t be serving life sentences. They were foolish enough to think it helped their case. In the new order, there is never justification to hurt a black person.

        • In that particular case I don’t think it mattered. They were going to get them however they had to get them.

          • One thing the Aubrey video did is prevent the case from becoming, as was intended, the George Floyd Reichstag Fire. Small consolation to the defendants/political prisoners, to be sure.

        • I thought it was. I remember seeing the one filmed from the truck and the jogger “exploring” the construction site.

        • The first job when engaging in a martial arts fight with your gubbimint is to realize that the fight is on.

          The second is to counter. If you get a nogger in the house…pull out your silenced pistol or SBR and do a mag dump. The next day you for a drive in the country and dump some biodegradable garbage.

          Clean up the mess, wash your hands, and mind your mouth.

          • The thing that’s always worried me about that is that a jogger is probably dumb enough to bring his smartphone with him on a burglary. So now you’ve got all that GPS data linking you to the dead monkey.

          • Perhaps.

            But the nogger has a rap sheet a mile long, and you are squeaky clean… plus the authorities don’t care about noggers either. They’ll just assume he was out for a jog, lost his phone, and one of his fellows caught up to him…

            Regardless…the cops are pozzed. Understand that and treat them accordingly …

    • Home invasions are not a thing in the Uk or the rest of Europe.

      American exceptionalism is most evident in your ridiculous crime situation.

      • Home invasions are not happening in the UK? what are you smoking. It’s even worse in the sense that break ins are just as likely to happen with residents present.

        • In the US, burglars are rolling the dice whether their victims are armed. In the UK, it’s much less of a crapshoot for burglars — they know their victims are more likely to be disarmed.

      • “Home invasions are not a thing in the Uk or the rest of Europe.”

        Wherever there are joggers, there are break-ins. In the UK that will be areas with large populations of joggers — London, Birmingham, Manchester.

    • They already told us not to resist.
      Remember what happened to George Zimmerman for resisting the black 17 yr old “boy” in 2012?

  14. I’ve always thought it a good policy never to say anything on the internet that you wouldn’t say in person, that you wouldn’t be willing to stand by and put your name to. Whatever the law might say about it, I don’t see freedom of speech and freedom to larp as the same thing.

    None of that is a defense against a regime that is intent on getting you. Nothing is a defense against a regime that is intent on getting you. They will change the definitions and legal implications of words to suit their purposes. What was normal 10 years ago is reactionary and subversive today. I refer you to Barack Obama’s hate speech as expressed to Rick Warren.

    It is curious that they are going after “African socialists” for their “Russian disinformation.” There must be more to that story. You’d think if anyone were free to larp it would be them.

    The real comedy (if that’s the right word) is the GAE prosecuting people here for things that it perpetrates worldwide every day.

    • “It is curious that they are going after “African socialists” for their “Russian disinformation.” There must be more to that story. You’d think if anyone were free to larp it would be them.”

      The story is the Regime is so insecure now that it goes after even staunch allies if they deviate from the party line. Think about the old saw about revolutions eating their own.

    • There is a bit more to that story. The guy who runs the Africa Uhuru thing is a gay black weirdo who was recently charged with a bunch of crimes before the Russia stuff. I think it was kidnapping and rape. I forget the details. They used to call the guy black Hitler. His big thing was black communism and reparations.

      • “gay black weirdo who was recently charged with a bunch of crimes before the Russia stuff”

        Except for the Russia stuff, all the other items there would have given the dude a high social credit score. Messing with the latest Forever War apparently is enough of a demerit to override them.

        • Also, it helps the regime’s PR to have a few token black leftist political prisoners on their books.

          “See, we’re not just arresting and jailing white right-wing deplorables!”

      • Black Hitler? The guy that talked like Ruby Rhod in the 5th Element? Darn, he was hillarious.

  15. One more nefarious issue too is weaponizing people’s social media to paint the accused as a bad person, regardless of its applicability to the case. We saw this with the guys who shot the jogger where they scoured their social media posts and interviewed countless people to see if they ever said mean things about blacks. the same is the case of the guy in Austin who smoked the scumbag who pointed an AR-15 in his face.

    They know what they’re doing. They’re telling the jury “This is a person with bad thoughts. Whether he is innocent or guilty in this case is irrelevant. He must be punished.”

    If any of us get in a hot situation with the law, first thing to do is nuke all your social media accounts, histories, etc. then throw your laptop in a river. It may not save you, but the egregious things they will need to do in order to grab the info will at least make heir life hard.

    • Chet, I think it’s way easier for all of us just to stay off of social media. I’m not on anything that’s not work-related. No upside.

        • True, but right now they prioritize and social media is at the top of the list. It ends with what you tell your children (although we see some of that now with the transgenderism psychosis), but that’s a few years off as a primary target.

        • “Numerous people are standing by to testify to the grievous damage inflicted on them by Willard’s hateful, violent words”

    • Not having social media accounts with your name on them in the first place is an even better idea. And not posting pictures of yourself on the internet.

    • That will never work. You’ll never be able to clean it all up. This is another reason not to speak to the police. These questions about social media etc will be the very first questions they ask you. It will probably be asked as contact information.

    • You are absolutely correct – I have not, in a decade, posted a political thought on social media. They did that with the Perry case. Using social media for the purposes of showing the person is engaged in wrongthink is the perfect example of how dumb a jury of your peers is. This goes back to the OJ case. The defense spent so much time muddying the minds of muddled individuals that, even though they produced no real evidence to defend him, they distracted the easily distracted populace’s attention from the truth.
      This was also perfectly evident in the Casey Anthony trial. What does it matter who found the body? No one is claiming that he killed her. All smoke and mirrors, for those that are easily fooled.

      However, let us also acknowledge, that posting here is just as bad as social media. They track this stuff, too.

      • Even if all you ever did was watch one Jordan Peterson lecture about a Disney movie, the regime is going to report that you “had been frequenting white supremacist websites”

  16. At least I know where this is all coming from. The regime is in crisis mode. Domestically there’s an issue — maybe a crisis — of legitimacy. Internationally the empire is up to its neck in the sh!t — the world is de-dollarising and the empire’s sphere of influence keeps declining. At the moment I don’t think it extends beyond Europe and (maybe) Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Domestic crackdowns and curtailment of what hitherto have been considered fundamental rights will step up in intensity. Thus do empires flicker out and die.

    Some of the disparaging comments Z man has made in the past about Big Brother Biden will soon be classed as speech crime, thought crime: “Biden is the death mask of the dying regime” and “Whereas Biden was a stupid gasbag in his prime, he is now merely a doddering old fool.”

    It’s now more important than ever for WNs to band together.

    • Events outside the empire are increasingly beyond their control. The deal the Chinese negotiated between Iran and Saudi is the biggest geopolitical coup in the region since Nixon and Kissinger stole Egypt from the Soviets. It heralds a new order in international relations, and not the kind envisioned by Soros and Schwab.

      • Interesting how my comment got flagged for moderation. Probably for referencing a certain James Bond villain. Kind of proves the point of the post.

      • No-one abroad listens to the US regime except its European catamites. Even Japan is now buying natural gas and oil directly from Russia..

        There’s going to be a popular backlash against the rank incompetence of the stooges running the empire. They’ve done in two years what might have taken twenty or thirty years with the careful husbanding of resources.

  17. The black “people holding the wrong opinions about Russia” also promote slavery reparations among other things. This indicates the Regime will shut down the free speech of even its allies if they hold opinions contrary to The Current Thing. Also, if I’m not mistaken, one of the United States Attorneys involved in the case is the same one who had led the political prosecutions, torture, and other civil rights violations of the 1/6 protestors. This monster would have been quite at home in the NKVD, and it is likely he in fact has a great deal of affinity for past totalitarian police agencies.

    The world is laughing. And as the United States continues to recede from the world stage and grows weaker economically and militarily, expect much more of this trashy, thuggish police state behavior. Insecure nations always go this route. Mentally, the world has moved past the United States. Will we have the luxury to do the same or will the constant fear of the midnight arrest make that a luxury?

    • That’s the feeling that I get. The world is just tired of the US/Neocons. Sure, the seizure of Russian assets and the sanctions were important, but it’s more about how the US has acted for decades.

      The rest of world has grown enough economically and militarily that it’s beginning to notice that it could create its own systems that the US can’t control.

      People keep focusing on the minutia, but it’s really more about a mindset change. They just want out. They’re not being confrontational. They just want to get away from these weirdos.

      The whole process will take a very long time, but that’s not the point. The point is that the RoW (except Europe and Japan) is mentally done with the US.

      • Yep. As I’ve written before, the GAE’s “I wont be ignored!” mentality will be the most dangerous aspect of its decline. It has nukes and psychopaths hired to use them, after all. Left-wingers are the biggest narcissists one can endure, and the GAE is a leftist project.

        Once it is no longer able to bully the world, and that’s on the horizon now, the GAE will up the beatings inside its borders. Someone has to pay attention, after all.

        • We’re run by a middle-man tribe that instinctually needs to meddle in everyone’s business. Indeed, it feels that it has a right and obligation to run the world for the betterment of themselves and, in their minds, the betterment of all humanity. (They’re very similar to 19th century Yankee missionaries in that sense.)

          I also fear that they can’t just “let it go.” Being ignored and, even worse, being excluded from the cultural and business affairs of any society is their greatest fear. I can’t see how they don’t go to war to prevent that from happening.

          • “Being ignored and, even worse, being excluded from the cultural and business affairs of any society is their greatest fear. I can’t see how they don’t go to war to prevent that from happening.”

            One of the great ironies of provoking the Ukraine War is how it accelerated the world moving past the GAE. It was supposed to cement the centrality of the Empire or at least nail down its European and Pacific satrapies; it may have done the latter for a brief period, but only a brief period.

            War is a given now. The only question is what sort of war and what sort of weapons. Given the United States is now a narcissistic Jonestown, nukes are possible if not likely.

          • Yep. The Neocons screwed the pooch with Ukraine. They hoped that the sanctions would cripple Russia, leading to regime change, a regime friendly to the US.

            Basically, Russia would go back to what it was in the 1990s, a beaten dog that the Wall Street could indebt and loot. They would be a huge personal victory for the Neocons, given their family history with Russia.

            With Russia on Team USA, China would be isolated and extremely vulnerable due to no access to natural resources (US controls Russia and Saudi Arabia and can cut off Iran.)

            US dominance is assured for another 20 years.

            Whoops. Instead, Russia proves you can get around the sanctions. China and Russia become much closer. Saudi Arabia realizes that the Neocons are insane and will regime change anyone including MBS, so Saudi Arabia cozies up with China. Even India begins to understand how insane and dangerous the Neocons are.

            They all realize that the Neocons will never stop, ever. They have no choice but to start building alternative trade and finance systems. The US is a dead end.

            Again, this will all take a very long time, but the course was set with Ukraine. The Neocons couldn’t have screwed up any worse. Sure, Europe is more dependent on US than ever, but Europe was never going to move away from us anyway.

            Nope. The Neocons set in motion a major decline in US, i.e., their own, power. It’s stunning how bad they are at running the show. Their talent lies in manipulating highly-functioning system, not running them.

          • A Russia/China alliance is impregnable, even against the GAE. Everyone has always known this, from way back. Even the neocons know this.

            The way I read it, this means the GAE has 2 choices: double down on the campaign against Russia, since it must be peeled off from China before China can be confronted, or else just accept fading away into irrelevance and isolation

            I know which one I’d put my money on

      • I agree with the rest of the World. I want out and to just get away from these weirdos too.

  18. The “anti-discrimination” laws passed at the behest of the “civil rights movement” ended our freedom of association.

    The persecution of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville demonstrated that our 1st Amendment right of freedom of assembly no longer exists.

    Accusations of “hate speech”, and Progs’ insistence that “hateful” words are the equivalent of violence, are in the process of ending our 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech.

    >!They don’t have to amend the Constitution or pass laws: merely *changing the definition of words and concepts* will suffice to redefine our erstwhile rights out of existence.

    • Bill – amazingly, the only folks with a legal permit to assemble that day in C-ville were Unite the Right.

      • Indeed!

        Yet they’re being prosecuted to the full extent of the law, while the violent antifa who attacked them— including the black guy with the hairspray flamethrower— have gotten off scot-free!

        That’s “justice” in George Floyd America!

      • Anarcho-tyranny: persecute lawful, peaceful whites; liberate criminal, violent negroes and their fellow travelers.

    • Don’t forget pushing the taking of constitutional rights onto “private companies.“ Oh, WE aren’t taking your freedom of speech, Twitter is, and they can moderate speech however they want as a private company.” Or “Well these banks have a right to not do business with someone if they don’t like your politics.” Meanwhile, they either A) have a direct line to those corporations to tell them who to black list or B) They have an actual government FBI liaison there like Twitter did who does this stuff. Civ nats and normies have no answer for this stuff. It fries their programming.

      • Corporations are a legal creation of this system and as such are inherently tied in with the government. They are just acting on it now.

      • I own a small service business. By the same right that Twitter or the BOA enjoys, I guess I can deny service to sh!tlibs because I don’t like their politics, or to anyone who annoys me.

        As it happens I love working for sh!tlibs because they pay well; indeed, I have a substantial “Lefty surcharge” that I add to my bids and by gosh they always take them. They never will know that that “What we believe” sign cost them an extra 20%.

        That said, I wonder if tptb would agree that what Google or Twitter can do, I too can do.

    • Done through the “judiciary”, almost all of it. And once done, and with no gainsay from the highest court, step back and behold the power of stare decisis to permanently void all of these rights. If you will, trace this back to John Marshall and his power grab in Marbury v. Madison going uncontested. The principle once established, its regular, albeit at times fitful, expansion into more and more areas of application became inevitable. The Commerce Clause, anybody? Federalism and any genuine separation of powers has died the death.

    • They don’t change the laws, they change the people who enforce the laws. That’s all that matters.

      [Insert Stalin observation on voting]

  19. From the linked article: Russia’s foreign intelligence service allegedly weaponized our First Amendment rights — freedoms Russia denies its own citizens . The tortured logic of that statement makes it physically hard to read.

    Also worth noting that you-know-who is using laws in Florida to round up people they don’t like to have them extradited and charged on laws that aren’t even legal in the states in which the accused reside.

    • And in Russia it’s probably much clearer what one is prohibited from saying or writing. At least you know where you stand.

      In the US, the unwritten rules change on a whim and, as Z Man said, “you learn about the new rules as they are booking you for violating the new rules.”

      • This is true. The Russians learned some hard lessons about this topic and they have stuck. By putting clear limits on what can be said and where it can be said, they can tolerate lots of opposition media. Putin gets tougher questions from Russian media than Biden gets from Western media.

        • ” Putin gets tougher questions from Russian media than Biden gets from Western media.”

          Yep. And while RT and Sputnik News have their fair share of propaganda, neither even approach the NYT on that score. It isn’t a total inversion of the Cold War (yet), but close.

        • This used to be the case in the West during the Cold War. During the Cold War, as long as people stayed away from either bad mustache man, they could pretty much do what they want, and there was little micromanaging of people’s personal lives.

          Moreover, there was a great deal of emphasizing not only greater personal liberty in the West but greater material prosperity. Prosperity which increased not decreased every year. Now it is entirely the reverse.

          The elites have bet hard, and irreversibly, on the Colors of Benetton. They truly believe that the “diverse” set of people will triumph just like in Marvel and Star Wars movies and the latest Star Trek diversity stuff. [Which is why Hollywood is dangerous — elites believe wholeheartedly in fairy tales.]

          • Agreed, but it seems likely that for propaganda purposes the GAE paid lip service to civil liberties due to the Cold War. Once the GAE prevailed, the gloves came off and the screws were able to be put to its own citizens. As the United States gets weaker and poorer, the civil rights violations will increase due to lack of confidence.

  20. What do the models say?

    As inflation rises and the dollar declines, real hardship will reemerge across the middle and lower classes. This change in environment will initially manifest as anxiety and repressed anger yielding to impromptu rage fits and wanton episodes of personal violence. Social trust will decline sharply and key institutions like MSM, Congress, and the Courts will be viewed by most as corrupt and malicious. LEOs will be overwhelmed trying to deal with the attendant lawlessness that accompanies evaporating social trust. And ordinary people will take to the streets in mass protests, even here in the USA.

    This unrest will enable new legislation and presidential decrees that further limit personal freedom and increase incarceration of non-conformers. And the ensuing vicious cycle will turn protest marches into full-blown riots. At the least, this emotional venting will be expressed as property destruction (cities will burn).

    Will normie finally get his fat ass off the couch? Sorry, but no. Only 3 days without a real meal will do that. Don’t be in a big city this summer.

    • Sorry, Tom. “[A]nd ordinary people will take to the streets in mass protests, even here in the USA.” Not going to happen.

      “Ordinary people” are still in the DC gulag for protesting the Biden installation. Their names are not known and they suffer alone.

      If you are “protesting” and not a protected class, then you will be fired from your job, rendered unemployable and tossed into legal purgatory until you are bankrupted and/ or sent to prison.

      My plan is to vote harder.

      • @MowNoname – are you familiar with the writer Julie Kelly? She’s written a lot on that topic.

    • What undid the Soviet Union was side gigs. “They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work.” Everyone was doing side gigs, even the top people had to skim off and engage in massive corruption just to make ends meet. Others spent more time as cabbies, or on private gardens, or anything to make hard currency than their nominal job.

      This is the central problem elites face when trying to organize a Palace Economy — people will work their own interests as much as possible. This is particularly true in advanced, industrial societies where even regime thugs demand clean water, decent food, safe places for their kids, etc. The USSR collapsed because it could not (and had not for years) paid its soldiers and enforcers and found no ideology motivating people at that stage. Who will fight and die for the Colors of Benetton?

      • “Ain’t no Russian even called me a racist white male oppressor.”

        “No blood for Drag Queen Story Hour.”

  21. Just like the constant yammering about banning “assault” weapons, we’ll be hearing more and more about the need to ban “assault” speech. Of course those bans will only target normal, regular White people…

    • It is already called hate speech. It’s working well for them. No need to rename it to assault speech.

      • They don’t say “hate speech” anymore unless they’re old and stopped keeping up with the times. Since the year of Trump the language in the regime TOS has been changed to evoke mass death, not the speaker’s attitude. Here’s some from yesterday:

        “Twitter has quietly removed a policy against the ‘targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals,’ raising concerns that the Elon Musk-owned platform is becoming less safe for marginalized groups.”

        HR policy yesterday, the TV news today, your jury foreman tomorrow.

        • You know what? I want so-called “marginalized” groups to feel as unsafe as possible. In fact, I want them to be so terrified that they refuse to show their faces in public. They should never be heard and seen as little as possible.

    • One term is “stochastic terrorism.” The idea that, having spoken the idea that, possibly, trannies are dangerous to children, the speaker of such hate facts is casting his bread upon the water and inciting violence. Terrorism, really.

      It’s just another case where the old rule governing non-protected speech is being ignored.

      It is true that you cannot constrain the elites with documents. It’s one reason that the old idea of having a rival institution whose interests are not perfectly aligned with the elites’ was such a good idea.

      • Stochastic terrorism, huh? Well, if this be the case, the entire educational system of AINO is an archipelago of madrassas whose purpose is to catalyze violence against whites.

    • No, even better, in NY they got $21K each and I think Boston similarly gave them a huge cash payout. Openly buying your mob and openly jailing your opponents is here.

    • “Apparently the prosecutors never heard of Brandenburg v. Ohio or Texas v. Johnson.”

      Oh, they likely read it. They don’t care.

      • Brandenburg I thought was supposed to be a triumph of liberal jurisprudentialism. Right up there with Brown or Miranda.

    • These are descendants of the same people who chased “Nazis” across continents and endless decades. Arresting people in their 80s and 90s with tenuous connections to “the camps” at best. Secretaries, grounds workers, whatever, doesn’t matter.

      The Tribe has the longest memory in the world and their blood libels span generations and centuries. Cross this regime at your own peril because it may be MANY years before whatever that perceived infraction was comes back to bite you.

      This is nothing new for the Usual Suspects and their Useful Idiot followers. Same game plan since WW 2 updated for the modern age with modern tools.

      • WWll was Build Back Better- burn it down and rebuild the ruins in one’s image.

        ‘Cept, it wasn’t really in /our/ image, now,was it.

    • It’s pretty obvious that there is only one path forward. All the talk about parallel institutions and Benedict options and so on are fine when they aren’t dragging everyone off to a dungeon.

  22. Perhaps the most distressing things I’ve observed the past 2+ years, and there have been many as I woke up to TGR, are the judicial appointments. Those were just the big appointments that go before Congress. The level of psychopathy on those appointments are astounding. Then you figure between Obama I & Obama II, that Obama III has pretty much set things up for an extremely hostile judiciary. The Federal and many state judiciaries must be seen as completely captured.

    Then you go and look at Yale, Columbia (Columbia Law 2025 and its website is absolutely chilling), Harvard, Stanford … … law classes and it seems this

    Meanwhile the great defender of Western Civ, Jordan Peterson, is calling hostile, anti-white Pakistani subversives as white as Irish and putting his deepest thought and energy into the deep philosophical meaning of the brist while Bugs Bunny sits at the head of the table.

    Btw, I’ve noticed some intense moderation on more normie conservative sites that didn’t exist even a few weeks ago. Con Inc will always catch up.

    Will Fox and some of the oligarchy be alarmed and start to do something, or are we completely hosed?

    • “Then you go and look at Yale, Columbia (Columbia Law 2025 and its website is absolutely chilling), Harvard, Stanford … … law classes and it seems the worst, and far worse, is ahead of us. These people seem unhinged – exactly like the TN3.

      Black Days. How would we know, that this would be our fate.

    • “or are we completely hosed?”

      You’ll put the lotion on the skin or get the hose again.

    • I think you better re-read your link. It has literally nothing to do with what you are saying and, in point of fact, links to a Canadian energy regulator promoting “Safety Culture”. You are either a dim bulb or a purposeful misinformation agent, possibly both.

      Yes there is “normalization of deviance” but not at ALL in the way your link describes. Are you a ChatGPT test run?

      • Think about our side using safety culture to oppose the madness in our culture. Just as normalizing deviance can lead to horrible accidents in industry, so has the normalization of deviance in society.

        Our opponents employ all kinds of tools to undermine us. Use every tool available to fight back.

        I won’t address your ad hominem remarks as they are themselves the mark of a dim bulb

  23. The past few years’ trend of using the term “weaponized” regarding speech or just about anything else is the ultimate form of projection by these people.

  24. Burning a flag(*) with a tiki torch = protected speech.

    Burning cuties to the ground while looting = protected speech.

    Holding a tiki torch = not protected speech.

    *-(not the rainbow flag though, obviously. Let’s not get carried away here)

    • “People of color” = correct speech.
      “Colored people” = hateful bigotry.

      “What We Believe” sign in yard = you are a caring and wonderful person.
      “The Ten Commandments” sign in yard = you just made yourself an FBI “person of interest”.

      People’s Front of Judea = righteous and good;
      Judean People’s Front = ridiculous a-holes.

  25. Looks like the Dominion thing is going to try and roll through many conservative targets. With the corrupt judges in their hand it could be a veritable legal blitzkrieg coming. This will fortify even more from other nefarious sources.

    Freedom of speech is severely crippled as is even the basic right to defend oneself, whites mostly. Maybe this is accelerating due to the coming final collapse of our country. Our goose may well be really cooked this time., something has to happen soon as far as blowback.

    • The Voice of the Regime mentioned Fox, OAN, Newsmax…prepping us for the Restrict Act. Australia did this during the Iraq War years by taxing phone wires, the pole-to-pole wires by the road. Over 100,000 sites had been “blackholed” (wiped out) before they lost count. The internet was decimated in Oz.

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