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One of the interesting elements to the Tucker Carlson story is that no one knows why he was fired, but lots of people are sure they know why he was fired. The only thing from Fox so far has been a brief statement in which they announced his departure and thanked him for his service to the company. Carlson made a short video from his home studio telling his fans that everything is going to be fine. Otherwise, there is nothing solid on which to base a theory.

The best reason so far was the first reason. The timing suggested it had something to do with the lawsuit Fox was forced to settle with Dominion over their coverage of the election shenanigans. Facing a rigged trial, Fox agreed to pay Dominion an absurd amount of money for hurting their feelings and the feelings of the crazies who demand we believe Joe Biden is more popular than Jesus. Right after they made the deal, Tucker and Dan Bongino get fired.

Given the nastiness of the people who chant “election denier” it is perfectly reasonable to think they would demand a pound of flesh from Fox. Many of the crazies jumped on this idea because it made them feel like winners. On the other hand, the Murdoch clan may have decided that they were dragged into this mess by people like Carlson, so they were going to purge the ranks of these people. Again, the timing of this is what lends support to the claim Carlson was fired over the lawsuit.

This being the current year, it did not take long for new theories to emerge. One was that Rupert Murdoch was spooked by Tucker’s speech at Heritage. Reportedly, Rupert Murdoch freaks out when people mention God around him. Others said Carlson’s candor about the news media in the speech is what did the trick. The speech covered a lot of ground, so the people pushing this theory were spoiled for choice. The speech was the last straw for the Murdoch family.

A new theory has been dropped that suggests The Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky had Tucker fired. He supposedly had a call with the Murdoch clan just before they made the call on Tucker. The antiwar crowd has seized on this story, claiming that the Murdoch clan are either in bed with the dictator or they were pressured by the regime to get rid of their most prominent war critics. This does not explain the Bongino firing, but maybe that was unrelated.

The New York Times has now created a new theory. Someone at Fox News is leaking confidential company material to regime media. These are texts that were produced in discovery during the Dominion lawsuit. In one of the text, Carlson used the phrase “white men” in a positive way. According to the anti-white bigots at the New York Times, this was such an outlandish threat to “our democracy” the Murdoch clan had no choice but to expel this heretic from their company.

Amusingly, the people the Times is fond of libeling are perfectly willing to accept this as a valid theory for the firing of Tucker Carlson. Here is Keith Woods on Twitter signal boosting the theory. It is a great example of the Gell-Mann amnesia effect. If the Times placed this story next to a story denying human intelligence, the same people would point out all of the errors in the latter but accept without question all of the claims in the former, never noticing the contradiction.

The trouble with all of these theories is that they depend on the assumption that Carlson is something different behind the scenes. This is not a bad assumption since most entertainers are horrible people. They play a role on television that is designed to attract an audience. In real life, they are usually terrible people. In the case of Tucker, the crazies think he wears a white sheet in his free time, while his fans worry that maybe he does not wear a white sheet in his free time.

In reality, Carlson is pretty much what you see on television. If anything, his on-air persona is more biting and tough than he is in real life. Unlike most people in the media, he is a normal person in real life. He is rich as hell, but he likes the things normal men enjoy, like hobbies and time with his family. He is a rarity in conservative show business in that he actually lives a conservative life. It is highly unlikely that he says anything in private that is all that interesting.

What is really going on with these theories is that they provide an escape from facing the underlying reality to this story. That reality is the people at the top of American society not only all agree on the important things, but they all agree that you are the real problem. What defines people at the top of the managerial class is their disdain for normal people. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on members of the elite to conform to current fads.

Since Trump came down the escalator, the Murdoch family has been subjected to the worst sort of social pressure. Despite their great wealth, they still seek approval from their social class. The reason they fired Tucker and will most likely turn Fox News into a gay version of CNN is they simply grew tired of being pariahs. Maybe the lawsuit was the final straw or maybe it was an innocuous thing, but they finally decided they were tired of fighting and submitted to their mob.

This has been the story of the last eight years. Trump and his supporters among the Cloud People have been viewed as traitors. The antibodies of the ruling class have been at work isolating and then expelling them. The Murdoch clan feared expulsion more than submission, so they submitted. Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, has been expelled. Soon, Trump and his followers will be expelled, and democracy will have finally been cured of this terrible disease.

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208 thoughts on “Tucker Thoughts

  1. Alas you missed the firing reason I like best; Rupert had him fired ’cause his fiance called Tucker a messenger from God so of course he had to axe him and ex her. 😉

      • If it were my job to defame all three parties without seeming guilty of favoring any of them, I’d consider it a good compromise. Read it as if you’re the average social-media lib. It would reassure you that you were already right to hate them all before you heard the story. Tucker and the ex are crazy Jeezo-morons, and Murdoch—though superior to the others because he has the power to punish them and used it—is fundamentally soulless, as the other channels/papers have always said he is. Crafty.

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  3. You evil right wing DEMONS

    Did you know parents are having to REGISTER their children’s dna

    Because an AR-15 makes a child’s head EXPLODE
    and they can’t be identified


    Let’s just get rid of guns!!
    And be thankful for all President Biden has done for us!!!

    –Thom Hartmann Show, 5/3/23

    • I’m happy to get this confirmation of my AR’s firepower. Had been questioning it, wondering if I made the wrong choice

      • Interesting. Couple weeks ago, I was at a military vendor show at the range. On the table before me was a half dozen or so new model AR pattern rifles in ”6.5mm” with suppressors. These were the new Special Forces equipment now being issued.

        The ex SEAL manning that table was well versed. We discussed just how long the military was evaluating alternative calibers to the 5.56. I had read white papers after the Somalia debacle, which this guy was aware of. Seems he had experience shooting “skinnies” and seeing them get back up as his vehicle passed by. 🙁

        As the Special Forces go, soon will the services. So the lesson to be learned I guess is to only shoot fat people and if not, head shots.

    • “Because an AR-15 makes a child’s head EXPLODE
      and they can’t be identified”

      Obviously these people have never heard of the .30-’06 Springfield.

  4. I’ve been seriously wondering lately whether the settlement Fox made with Dominion was a campaign contribution. For many many years it’s been typical for government bureaucrats that want to give money to some left-wing cause to encourage someone to sue them. They can’t give the money to the cause directly, but they can surrender to some kind of legal settlement in court and cut them a check that way.

    Fox is a publicly traded company so they can’t just donate millions to “fortification” efforts, but maybe the Murdochs told the lawyers to settle this particular lawsuit so they could funnel the company’s money into the NeverTrump cause. This would come with the added bonus of giving them an excuse to fire anyone they wanted to get rid of anyway.

    • I think that is a big part of what BLM is. Corps and individuals are capped on campaign contributions. However, you can launder the money through BLM and a lot more money makes it back into the DNC – and it is tax deductible.

    • Something is rotten with that settlement. I’ve seen various reports of Dominion’s yearly revenue and most are in the range of $17-$23 million with one outlier at $40 million. Fox does not have morons for lawyers, they wouldn’t settle a case for $800 million when they could just buy the company for a fraction of the amount. And the threaten them with some Alex Jones verdict angle doesn’t add up either. Fox can hire an entire mobbed up DC firm that absolutely would not let that happen.

      Z said after the Alec Baldwin on set shooting, I’m going to assume it was premeditated murder until I see irrefutable evidence otherwise. In that vein, I’m going to assume the public statements about this settlement are some kind of lie until I see the signed agreement or an SEC filing showing the payment.

    • It’s always been the case that the executives of a company are bound by law to act in the financial interests of the shareholders. I’m sure this is one of the many things that the gynocratic hive mind intends to do away with. It will meet the same fate as freedom of speech and association, property and gun rights, the right to self-defense, and all those other pesky laws and traditions that recognize that people are separate from each other and that some are more capable or more deserving than others.

      The Great Mother does not acknowledge that those who own stock in a retail store may have interests that are at odds with, say, the guy who wants to break into that store and walk back to his car with a flat-screen. There are no petty individual interests allowed in Gynamerica. Only the Hive has any valid interests and the Hive is never against itself.

      Except that it is – all the time, especially when the hive members are stupid and can barely understand each other because they don’t even speak a common language. Maybe once all the multiracial bees are done looting everything from each other someone will remember why businesses were expected to turn a profit and the executives weren’t allowed to just blow the company’s money on boutique virtue signalling causes, or just coke and hookers for that matter.

  5. The Regime is clamping down. The NYT story is for the armies of young Fetterman voters. Say he had racist texts because he mentioned white men and they nod and mark Tucker for a spot in the ditch and permanently associate anyone mentioning white advocacy with the horrible devil Carlson.

    Carlson and Bongino will be the further ghettoizing of any pathway to real dissident discourse and thought. Comment sections on further reaches are being policed. Ones that they can’t policed, like this one, are probably going to be kill switched.

    If we respond to the provocations they win. If we don’t, we slowly bleed out. As long as there are pensions and salaries to fight for and guard the regime is holding all the cards.

  6. Turns out Orwell was actually an optimist. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a tranny freak sodomizing a murdered baby — forever.”

    • Ewww gods I regret that upvote

      Let’s not go all Mike Pence here, okay people? Hint hint and move my tap to the down column

  7. Everyone seems to have a wishlist for Tucker. Personally, I wish he would have explicitly savaged the left’s “Our Democracy” construct. He probably would have, with a little more time. He may still, for that matter.

    For one thing, the term only applies to the left. It’s Their Democracy, their Mobocracy, wrested from heritage America’s Republic. The Estab had counted on the final push of getting those few million more feet across the border going off with increased momentum during a Hillary term. Obama had spent a lot of time courting the Hispanic bloc – encouraging the bilingual policies, Dreamers etc, until Trump’s running called attention to the border and slowed their pipeline.

    Obama also expanded the coalition with the “People of Color” umbrella identity (simultaneously diluting blacks’ importance while ginning up their resentment). Now the establishment is cultivating the mentally ill as a voting block and the newest permanent member of their coalition – drawing young people to a life of mental illness far beyond the civilizational steady-state 3% gay rate. What new coalition will Mobocracy be creating this time next year?

    Second, half of the population has no business voting. Progressivism at work, over decades, has made good on delivering the vote to all but children.

    Third, democracy and fiat money go hand in hand since politicians garner votes by promising “stuff” that any real budget cannot afford. We live wildly beyond our means, and that goes doubly for the gubbermint-dependants spouting the “tax the rich” on behalf of AOC and the “Indian” harpie from MA.

    As for the Murdochs – they suffer from the same illness as Trump did – a “false consciousness” – and an unattainable desire for approval from the establishment. Pretty please, a pat on the head! They can’t accept that they form the basis against which the Estab defines itself.

    This particular crop of “elite” seem the most lacking in the entire history of empire. It’s not that Biden is senile or that GWB was goofy or that the WH Stenographer Dinner attendees are childish – those are the excuses they make for themselves to feel better about their miserable existences. The reality is they are evil. All the other claims are just windowdressing.

    • That is perfect!

      Now, when the ratings fail to scratch the surface of Tuckers numbers, the cry of RAYSIS!! Will be given as the excuse.

    • “looks like Tucker’s been replaced by a colored guy.”

      Are you surprised?

      I hardly watch any television, but when it is on and I catch a glimpse of it in passing, or flick through the channels with the remote before shutting it off, there is literally nothing on it but Negroes. Every show, every commercial, every channel. I have come to refer to it as the (ahem, ahem) “Negrovision.”

      If everything you knew about the United States came from television, you’d think it was located in central Africa.

      • Sounds like we’re very much in the same boat. I avoid boob toob for all sorts of reasons, but in those instances I happen to stroll past a public TV screen, all I see are mandrills and orangutans. Just the other day I was in a Hilton hotel lobby, and there was a TV tuned to CNN–natch–upon which was a pitch-black negress discoursing about Tornado Alley. Ye gods.

    • Yeah, Fox isn’t paying the Black guy $1.6 million/mo either.

      Pretty racist to fire the expensive white guy and replace him with a much cheaper Black guy.

      (DR3, I know, I know)

  8. I haven’t seen what Tucker has said about it, but Bongino said flat out that it wasn’t a firing, rather they couldn’t come to a contract renewal agreement.

    Of course, it’s easy to be unreasonable enough that no agreement can be reached.

    Methinks Fox is gonna find itself plumb Tuckered out.

    • Bongino always struck me as controlled opposition. He was part of the Deep State Security apparatus.

      If only he votes harder next time!

      • I’m not very familar with Bongino, wasn’t he uniformed secret service? How could he have gotten as far as he has without being controlled opposition? Plus dude has a face made for radio, jeez he’s hard to look at.

  9. Reportedly, Rupert Murdoch freaks out when people mention God around him.

    I know of another being that freaks out when people mention God around him. Hmm . . . .

    • Ahem, but I cannot ever remember seeing Nosferatu and Rupert Murderer in the same place at the same time.

  10. I have no idea why he was fired, so I’ll use my fount of ignorance to post conspiracy: My gut feeling is that his termination is kabuki – too pat somehow, too slick.

    There’s no real drama, no leaks that could really hurt Tucker – as Zman says, the leaks just make him look like his normal, sensible, mild-mannered self. If they hated Tucker and wanted him off the playing field, why didn’t they make sure they had real kompromat on him before they pulled the trigger? And Tucker seems happier than the Cheshire cat falling into a tub of cream – it all seems fake and performative, like they’re pulling their punches.

    Theory #1 It’s Tucker for President-time! The globalists decide they want rid of Trump, so they decide to field the only guy who could take the primary from him.

    Theory #2 Tucker is the new Shapiro: They want Tucker outside the MSM pissing in, someone who can act as backstop for all the racists and misogynists, someone who can capture and channel Deplorable energy in the right direction: supporting Israel, voting harder and praying for Jesus to save America, because Little Ben isn’t getting the job done.

    Evidence? Not a shred. If shit made sense we would be in the mess we’re in.

    • A more likely theory: Murdoch is 92. His children are chi-chi liberals who got him all riled up to get rid of the employee who causes them embarrassment in their social circles. Murdoch flew off the handle and shitcanned Carlson. I give that one, also based on complete ignorance, far better odds, and in many ways it is the worst of all scenarios.

      • My problem with that is that it rests on the “Cloud People are Dumb”-thesis. It has the same flavor as “Ivanka Cried So I Bombed Syria”.

        • Cloud people get old and erratic, too.

          The lack of preparation and subsequent leaking of innocuous information indicates this wasn’t staffed up as usually happens when the axe falls on a high-profile person.

          • But their botched hatchet job could equally well support my theories.

            Just because they let a senile old man occupy the White House, doesn’t mean they’d accept the same for an important institution like Fox. Murdoch is part of the club and I doubt he’d fire Tucker without sounding out the idea first.

          • @Felix:

            “Just because they let a senile old man occupy the White House”

            You anticipated where I was going. Biden is The Help and not a Cloud. It is easier to keep a whore sidelined than the pimp. And even being kept under wraps doesn’t prevent Biden from having…moments.

            And to do my own jiu-jitsu, Murdoch was able to have a senior moment precisely because he is a Cloud.

            I will recast the chicken bones again, of course.

        • If you always take the view that the Clouds are smart and have a master plan, eventually you end up ascribing Godlike powers to them. If they are human then they have to make mistakes some percentage of the time. Occasionally be rash. Sometimes be dumb. Miscalculate. Overreach. Get caught napping. Problems compounded by their numbers and lack of a single figure in charge.

          • If you always take the view that the Clouds are smart and have a master plan, eventually you end up ascribing Godlike powers to them.

            Not necessarily. You can have all the smarts in the world, that doesn’t mean you can plan for every eventuality because real life always throw you curveballs.

            In analyzing politics, you should never ascribe to stupidity what can be explained by malice.

      • What Jack Dobson and Zman said are almost certainly true, since we already know a bit about the kids’ (and their wives) politics.

        Sometimes something “happens” that scratches a lot of itches.

        It’s kind of amazing Tucker went on as long as he did, especially considering he could not have first-tier advertisers (no offense to second and third tier). I almost get the feeling Tucker was deliberately moving ahead at an accelerated clip, knowing full well the call could come at any time.

        • These types have pathological imposter syndrome. It is one of the first things you notice about them, along with a degree of discomfort that feeds off itself. This is true if they have actually accomplished something, and even worse if they are heirs/trust fund baby adults who know they were born on third based and headed for home.

          I have absolutely no doubt the tranny psychosis is pushed by corporate execs, to give one example, because they lack the confidence to call bullshit. The Murdoch spawn likely felt they were in the wrong having Carlson on their payroll, which is in fact imposterism albeit not what I am referencing specifically. Even if Felix is 100 percent correct, and he may be for all we know, that was almost certainly an element to what happened here.

    • Are you kidding? He didn’t get fired and ghosted: there’s a continuing massive attempt at a smear campaign against him. A woman who was shuffled around at FOX prior to being fired is suing him for creating a “hostile work environment” despite never meeting or being in the same room with him. Her complaint has to do with Christmas decorations. I’m not making this up.

      • The Santaphobe-story is part of what I think smells fake and performative. It strengthens Tucker’s anti-establishment-cred but doesn’t actually hurt him.

      • I almost forgot. On his show this week when he was talking about that part of the story, Mark Steyn did something my mother used to do. The woman with the stupid allegations of antisemitism/etc. against Tucker has a very obviously Jewish name, I think Abby Grossberg. Mark equally obviously avoided saying her name and called her “…oh something-or-other,” as if he couldn’t remember. My mother always did exactly that when the latest malefactor who’d made the news was a Jew. If she’d been around for #metoo she’d have called Harvey Weinstein “…oh Harry Something.”

    • You know, it would not surprise me if, at the end of the day, it was revealed that Carlson was a controlled asset all along, used as posters have said, to keep Normie placated.

      Applied to the CIA
      Has repeatedly talked about his upbringing in LaJolla and DC
      Dad was media big wig
      Someone pointed out, heir to the Swanson fortune

      I confess I loved when he pissed in their corn flakes time and again.

      It just seems all, too, convenient.

      But what do I know, I could be wrong.

      • You don’t get that job in the first place if you aren’t an asset of the regime. Which he certainly was in the past, the only question is did he at some point “turn”

        It’s also true that as the tyranny and depravity of clown world become more overt, the controlled opposition, if it is to be such, can’t just pretend that’s not happening. There has to be some degree of hangout, if there is to be controlled opposition at all. A fine line for it to walk

    • At this point, any theory is as good as the next. I think Z is basically correct in that Dominion and social pressure were the dominant factors, although Tucker may have wanted out. My guess is that the ambiguity is deliberate, in that Fox is trying to engineer a “constructive termination” in order to keep the non-compete in force, possibly through the next election. The leaks are less to besmirch Tucker’s character than to convince the courts that he essentially fired himself.

    • What’s the point of having “FU money” if you don’t exercise that prerogative from time to time?

      Kill the chicken to scare the monkeys.

      Might be just that simple.

    • I dont understand the tendency to submit to the idea that every possible eventuality is preplanned and scripted down to the tiniest degree by an omniscient omniscient establishment.

      Is this kind of totalizing defeatism just a psychological defense for if and when things get worse? Like hedging for dissapointment with the possibility of an all purpose I Told You So?

      Bad guys have a lot of power, sure, but quit mythologizing them and taking their self image for reality.

  11. ” What defines people at the top of the managerial class is their disdain for normal people.”

    Though the decision to cancel Tucker seemed to be sudden, it was likely an accumulation of things, principally FOX going mainstream and Tucker becoming an embarrassment unlike Hannity and Laura who’s permitted to dump on the regime but only because her critique amounts to futile calls for the Repubs to have some more balls. Her stable of guests is harmless.

    Megyn Kelly’s take is that the Murdochs are willing to sacrifice ratings to bring the big brands back and that doing so will increase FOX’s bottom line at the all-important 8:00 p.m. EDST slot. Since Blackrock and Vanguard have large stakes in both FOX and Dominion, the settlement may be money changing pockets. And Maria Bartiromo still appears to have her job. And why axe Bongino? They also axed one of Ticker’s producers whom everyone seemed to like.

    The lawsuit seems to have been brought by a double agent who’s lost what little credibility she may have had. Apparently, she and Tucker never met.

    In the long run, it’s unrealistic to expect too much from cable news. Personally, having spent quite a number of years in the Episcopal Church, I appreciated Tucker’s digs at that woke, opportunist, morally corrupt institution. And Trinity College isn’t far behind. (Why didn’t Tucker go to Yale where he’d’ve been a legacy kid?) What’s admirable about Tucker is that despite the golden spoon with which he was born (check out his dad, Dick Carlson’s career,) Tucker seemed to have some genuine feeling for the toiling masses. So did Charles II, Stuart rascal though he may have been.

    • There could be something to the advertising angle. Although advertising is a misleading word for what it really is. Regime media doesn’t care about ratings, nor do the “advertisers.” They are rewarded by regime affiliated corporations with “advertising” for spreading the regime message.

      If you were wondering why Raytheon and Lockheed Martin “advertise” on Fox News. As if anybody viewing could or would ever buy any of their products.

      For years I have puzzled at advertising by utility companies. Why? It’s not a competitive market. Who else were you going to get your electricity from?

      • Not all utilities are monopolies in every market. Water/sewage usually is, but electricity and gas might not be in many markets.

        • I have lived a lot of places, and I have never once had a choice about who my utility provider was

      • For years *I* have been puzzled by Pharma ads. It’s not as though I can write myself a prescription. I often have to web-search the disease and drug in question (they’re often really niche). So what’s that about?

        • The pharmacy companies for 40 years are used to go to doctors offices to advertise their stuff. It didn’t work out at all because the doctors and whatever they wanted regardless of the advertising.

          In the 1990s, pharmacy companies changed their tactic and now advertised to the patient directly and then the patient would contact the doctor. Most of the time if a patient request some medicine with the doctor ( unless it’s clearly dangerous and contra indicated ) they’ll go ahead and give a prescription for the one the patient wants if there’s a choice between the advertised medicine and competitors drug .

          Advertising directly to The patients was incredibly successful financially rather than going to the doctors.

          In great Britain for example pharmacy ads are not allowed on TV

        • It also buys favorable coverage from the news media, which is primarily sponsored by Pfizer.

  12. Excellent as usual, Z! But I think it is something bigger than just the firing of a popular pundit going on here. It just feels like there is a bigger story here? Let me throw out another theory:

    Tucker got fired – and as you said, Don Lemon got turfed the same day. According to Mark Dice, CNN is now making pained efforts trying to pass themselves off as more balanced and objective. Fox is now too.

    Is the ruling class finally becoming aware of the great peril they are in? They have been playing with lighters, black powder, and gasoline for at least the last 20 years and more likely 30. There was big money in sensational copy and performance artists and content creators made a killing off of ginning up nasty rivalries and confrontations. As a result EVERYTHING is political now, right down to sportzball, the flu and the rope you use in the garage to pull the door down. The crazies have always been a problem for us and a profit for the establishment… but now? The crazies are breeding like flies, and normie is getting restless.

    Normie isn’t laying on his couch anymore. He’s not drinking Bud Lite, He is starting to Notice the wrong things. Worse, he is talking about them. Antisemitism has gone through the roof. I think the jew noticing that would also be seriously wanting to know why. All the newspapers are laying off, downsizing or even closing down altogether. People are not watching sportzball or buying tickets. Several times a week, you see average normie white people getting viciously murdered by stupid looking clot headed blacks on Blab and other free thinking/free speech platforms.. The Narratives are falling apart. Even the lefitiest of the leftie shitlibs has to see that the wheels are coming off their bus, and Normie is loading his guns and stropping his bayonet. The real Boogaloonians are now pretty much radio silent and deep underground… and the FBI is stuck going after morons like the proud boys, or the stubfart Oaf Keepers. Won’t be surprised to see them going after white supremist organizations like the Shriners, the Elks and The Loyal Order Of Buffaloes next. Nobody is buying it and the result from the public is derisive laughter.

    Could this be the beginning of an honest attempt by the media to restore some kind of civility and objectivity? Hell’s bells – TRUMP is going on CNN next week! In The Hive… you fear The Bad Orange Man and you sure as hell don’t go after icons like Don Lemon. Or women or jews. Hell… Leftie would have run Twitter right into the dirt had they not been able to pawn it off on Elon.

    I dunno… I could be full a beans… but this firing of Tucker feels to me like something much bigger, that there are tectonic masses involved… and that they are finally beginning to move. Something HAS to be done, or something is going to give – we could be at war with our families and brothers soon. I already am.

    Maybe that biases me in the way I perceive things. Whadda I know?

    • Seems like wishful thinking to be honest. You’re hoping that somehow things will just go back to normal (1980 or 1990).

      Have ideological ruling elites and/or crazies ever actually stopped and said “hey, we’re going too far”?

      If there is any “pushback” it’s more likely because there are still a certain number of sane people in the upper echelon that never got purged. They may be slightly emboldened at the moment. There are not many, but there are still some.

      • Nah – I have been hanging out with you bums here too long to have any illusions of that, B. And were I to have my druthers I’d go straight the hell back to the 50’s.

        No, they will NEVER stop and question themselves – in public at least. That is why we are still in the ‘Kraine pretending that the Ukes can win against Russia. But you can bet these discussions are going on in earnest in the backrooms.

        We are so accustomed to lunacy from the left that we forget that they used to be capable of reason and you could debate with them.

        All I know is that if I were an evil, filthy stinking jewish power broker like our esteemed Blog Hoast and his side-kick, Cornelius Rye…HAR HAR HAR!!! – I would be chitting bricks and they’d be square. Consider their position – the lunatics are poised to run away with the institutions. Biden, his veritable zoo of trannies, queers, and affirmative action flunkies are literally cratering the economy. Could it be that the jews realize that their golems that they unleashed on us – are poised to consume them too…?

      • B125: “Have ideological ruling elites and/or crazies ever actually stopped and said “hey, we’re going too far”?”
        But see Lenin’s New Economic Policy in the 20s and perestroika.

    • I think the Lemon thing was them using the Tucker headline to bury the lead. I’m not reading anymore into it.

      • Yeah the rumors about Lemon have been around for a while. I think the Carlson timing was just a way of covering it up. I mean, can you imagine how many times Lemon has harassed women and said wildly inappropriate things? I am willing to wager that his, erm, boondoggle position had a million scandals that could have erupted at any time. I base this on nothing other than passing observation, but I bet CNN has paid dozens of settlements to women (or men) to keep Lemon’s behavior somewhat under wraps over the years.

        • Imagine how entertaining a montage of all the bitch queen hissy fits that Lemon probably threw during the course of the firing would be.

      • You may be right Mr. C… but other small tidbits come to mind that may support my supposition. Only two things can happen going forward:

        a. The neoliberal order can leash their lunatics and impose order before they destroy us all.
        b. WE can impose order on them, and if we have to do it, the roof is coming down and the body counts will go through the roof.

        I see there is a Kennedy in liberal politics again… and he presents himself as one to impose sanity on his fellow lunatics… I personally don’t think either he or Trump is capable of such a thing… but somebody will do it. Reality dictates it has to happen at some point… .

    • Sadly from my perspective, the shitlibs I interact with daily are fully within their media bubble. They literally do not know about any of the things you mention! They are completely ignorant of them or if they do have some knowledge more often their opinion is merely the Current Thing Narrative and they are too stupid to realize or care.

      This is why I am convinced that this will all inevitably lead to ultra violence. These two competing “realities” cannot exist within the same nation if it wants to remain peaceful.

      • Are you an unwilling passenger on the shitlib crazy train too, Bluebeard! I am – my whole family is so pozzed that I had to be cancelled. I am brought out at infrequent family social functions but otherwise locked in the basement away from respectable company! 🙂

        My monkeys are all in that bubble too but they are mostly too damned stupid to question anything… although some are showing alarming signs of noticing things. The rest keep them firmly in line – it’s a fascinating study to watch them and the social dynamics shift within the hive.

        It is too early to tell, but the managerial class on the other side of the great divide HAS to be noticing the chaos and mayhem breaking out, and the failure of the media to contain it. Heresy and apostasy is everywhere now. On Blab, school kids are drawing swastika tattoos on themselves. They are laughing at their teachers and trannies and queers that are flipping out.

        Surely, as reality begins to impose itself… these guys will notice it? The oligarchs and power players are not nearly as stupid as the rank and file liberal morons. Somewhere, some of them HAVE to have some kind of concept of self awareness?

        We shall see…

      • To support Neon’s point, I have an old school, “Democrats are the party of the working man” liberal friend who gets all his news from NPR and Colbert.

        He was astounded to learn that Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t kill blacks, and he talked to me about his sense of being misled. The tone of all the media that he had consumed led him to be certain that Rittenhouse killed blacks, like a klansman.

        To his credit, he has become somewhat skeptical of the media’s reporting on crime now. None of this has changed his absolute credulity on climate change, unfortunately.

        • Now you need to convince him that it shouldn’t have made any difference if he had killed negroes.

    • Glenfilthie: “The crazies are breeding like flies…”

      Maybe if you were to consider indoctrination & mesmerization & hypnotization & brainwashing of the weak-minded to be “breeding”.

      I.e. if you’re talking about an abstract psychological breeding.

      But in terms of PIV intercourse and natural childbirth [no epidural, no caesarean], I don’t know that the Left is still in the ball game.

      Setting aside Hart/Cellar and mass immigration, there simply aren’t gonna be very many young White sh!tlibs in our near future.

      And that’s before you factor in the effect of the v@xxinations [which is to head straight to the patients’ gonads, in order to sterilize them, perhaps even before the pericarditis/myocarditis sets in].

      BTW, speaking of psychological breeding, this is why the s0d0mites & the s@pphistes & the tr@nnies are compelled to molest: The psychological torment of molestation is their recruiting & initiation & mesmerization/hypnotization ritual.

      Anyway, the tl;dr is that massive demographic changes will be taking place in the next decade or thereabouts, to the point that many Normies circa 2033 are not going to understand WTH just happened.

      And I’m including White sh!tlib normies in that diagnosis: The few surviving White sh!tlibs won’t recognize anything at all.

      BTW, Tucker Carlson has done rather well for himself on the PIV/natural-childbirth angle, as has his bestie, Elon Musk…

  13. While we are busy looking at the past and trying to make sense out of how we got where we are, the regime lives in the future, because the regime knows the future. It has plans. And I’ve no doubt that Tucker’s deplatforming was part of their preparation to clear the decks of any resistance for 2024. Their election rigging apparatus is still in its relative infancy. You are seeing the fine tuning in real time.

    • The present is unpredictable, the future is certain, to quote someone. He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the future, to quote someone else. The tension between those two lines of thought probably better explains the ham-handed approach to all things in the endless present than mere insecurity, which is how it appears on the surface.

  14. Assuming Z’s theory of Pariah Fatigue is correct–and I suspect it may well be–Fox’s capitulation resembles Daniel Snyder, who, after many years of standing up to the crazies on the Redskins moniker, finally bent the knee and gave the NFL its sanitary Commanders. (Hey, at least it’s not some abstract collective noun like the Wild or the Magic.) So far, we have virtually no examples of elites who have been able to permanently ignore the perpetual shaming from the Power Structure. Verily, we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven. We are simpering, mincing and fearful. We treat opprobrium as if it were the literal equivalent of being burnt at the stake. Until we gain some real toughness and perspective, the Great Derangement will continue unabated.

    • “We treat opprobrium as if it were the literal equivalent of being burnt at the stake.”

      GREAT line.

      Social media, to cite one example, may not be the cause of this phenomenon, but it certainly has acted as an accelerant. Westerners have become quite Japanese-like in recent years and embrace and fear “the nail sticking out gets hammered in” impulse. While the individualism of White Westerners is decried because it indeed made us vulnerable, it also led to the creation of great art and resulted in remarkable scientific advances. Hammered in people, fearful of opprobrium, are incapable of such heights, and perhaps the current iteration is incapable of any level of civilization.

    • I’ll have to look this Snyder fellow up, Ostei. I suspect, like most who temporarily resist, he appealed to reason.

      God can help us here, if we let Him. We simply denounce our enemies as Evil heretics and continue to bear the cross, come what may. Easier said than done, of course; I have not been in Snyder’s shoes. But realization of Evil for what it is is the missing ingredient, I think. And, from lessons of the Holy Fathers, who held fast during the most incredible oppression, we see that this indeed is the way.

      But it’s a painful way, alright.

      I suspect most here, Christian or not, have encountered the Evil too many a time and have said “No more.”. Could be at work, at a family gathering, or the like. But these are important stepping stones, and after you’ve taken one? Well, perhaps the Grace of God descends and you can take more.

      • My impression always was that Snyder thought that his, ahem, genetic makeup gave him a ‘get out of jail free’ card on these minor social squabbles.

      • OrangeFrog – nothing worth looking up on Snyder. He’s a wealthy small-hat who bought a football team (like so many others of his ilk, who write about/report on/purchase a place in physical pursuits they are incapable of competing in). His ‘resistance’ to the name change was not one of reason or principle – merely a temporary appeasement of foolish fans.

        • I enjoyed Z-Man’s description of NFL owners as “white presenting” in his recent BTGD article about their televised slave auction.

        • That’s quite irrelevant. Finkel or no, he was being pilloried by all the Goodthinkers nonstop. And he ultimately capitulated, just like everybody else.

      • Aggh! Fat finger- I meant and up, and got the down!
        You hearten me, Christian, you are entirely correct in this.

      • It’s interesting that they didn’t change the name until the WuFlu showed them that they don’t even need people to show up to the games. The local government covers all their potential losses and the cable TV/broadcast rights flow into the coffers no matter what.

  15. Yeah I’ll go along with that recap.

    Tucker is not a warrior, he’s a pink-pilled educator. So, like Donald Trump, Tucker didn’t count coup or take any scalps. Tucker made waves but no permanent changes. The Politburo isn’t worried about him. They’re just methodically extinguishing the resisters and truthspeakers.

    Tucker’s a Standard Normie, Eighties-era lib with an extra jolt of intelligence and common-sense patriotism. Solid family man but don’t expect him to skeer anybody on the battlefield. I used to call him ‘Cucker Tarlson’ because like his fellow ‘conservatives’ he cannot handle the female question, which is at the heart of America’s demise. After all, what would his three daughters think as they made their way through Woke College and Empowered Don’t Need No Man Careers?

    I wish Tucker well, he did pretty good and most important he confesses Christ. But he is a sheep, not a sheepdog.

    • From what I have come to understand he is ok with ‘gay’ marriage, so I’m not sure how that demonstrates he ‘confesses Christ’.

      • Says he’s Christian. Haven’t met him personally so I dunno. For his sake I hope he is.

        A good example of what ‘confessing Christ’ is occurs when the King addresses His latter-day church of brotherhood, in Rev. 3:8. He praises that church because it did not ‘deny my name’. So, pretty straightforward.

        If Carlson is a supporter of homos pretending to be married, then that’s a problem of worldly pollution and certainly calls his sincerity and commitment into serious question. He ain’t in my church put it that way.

          • Did he wish me harm? Not following you here.

            I said if he was a proponent of homosexual ‘marriage’ then he wasn’t part of my church.
            Nobody said anything about harming anybody.

    • He was at his best when he skewered limp-wristed Republican leaders like Kristi Noam. To openly take on the monolith that is the inner party? Well, a man has his limitations.

    • Please turn down the volume on the bitter divorced guy. Did it happen so recently that it’s occupying your mind all the time?

      I imagine you’ve got legitimate personal complaints and those deservse discussion on their own… but that doesnt mean each and every possible issue can be solved if we could only get rid of slimy girls.

  16. Will miss Tucker calling Zelensky a “strip-club manager”. Made me laugh every time.

    • Will miss Tucker calling Zelensky a “strip-club manager”.

      I prefer “burlesque dancer.”

  17. The Tucker saga also exposes how anything short of “total victory” is framed as a loss by our chattering class. Fox is CNN most of the day. They even had a big LGBTQIA+ celebration last year. Most of them were down with the riots in 2020. Tucker was a lone voice even at Fox. But having even a single guy not toeing the line is too much for them to take. He must be destroyed.

  18. For lack of Tucker, I’ve gone back to listening to the Sith. The Fall of Tucker has them reinvigorated and ready for the fray; one of the Hive olfactants was farting out the change in direction*, saying “Trump fatigue”.

    Simply put, with Le Tuck as their newest freshest Hate fetish, the Sith are losing their sh*t!

    (Ants lay out a trail by smell; the other ants can’t but help themselves to follow to the next breadcrumb. Humans use sound, not smell, but we still signal Hive or Not Hive, Tree or Not Tree.

    Ray’s delightful “Hive or Not Hive” reminded me of a hold-your-breath moment in the movie ‘Mimic’, where a man-sized soldier cockroach is sniffing the goo-covered heroine as she escapes the hidden hive under New York.)

    • (I kept reading, can verify that the NYT piece is all the rage on the Sith airwaves.

      Also: “it was a toy drone!
      Putin false flag!”

      “Arrest the corrupt conservative Supreme Court justices!”

      And, “grab the white people’s guns, ‘cuz a Cartel loonie the authorities knew about shot some poor illegal refugees seeking a better life!”)

      • That’s funny if they are saying Putin staged a false flag as an excuse to unload on Ukraine.

        Because that means they are admitting Putin has thus far been exercising restraint in Ukraine.

      • Excellent. The “breeder brain” plays a very large part in my ‘religious’ model of race and spirit.

  19. It’s a pity, but it’s not terribly surprising from a business point of view.

    In the final analysis, TV is about advertising revenue. Ratings are not necessarily the same as revenue. Yes, Tucker had great ratings. But the major advertisers, with the encouragement of the Regime, were growing leery of Fox, just like they are doing with Twitter.

    Meanwhile, Fox needs the support of the Regime to make acquisitions and secure programming rights (FIFA, NFL, NBA etc). Fox is also competing for content with Netflix, Amazon, etc. In this scenario, it is very hard for them to continue to resist the Woke hordes.

    Tucker is probably happy he can reboot on a Podcast for big $$ and avoid the Howard Beale treatment.

    • That Carlson has been able to “avoid the Howard Beale treatment” (great reference, by the way) tells us he’s no serious threat to the regime. I suspect that the powers that be merely grew tired of what in their minds was his annoying antics.

      Regardless of his level of sincerity, Carlson always functioned as a COPE for his fan club — as if one fella “speaking truth to power” could somehow compensate for the irreversible corruption and degeneracy that have come to define our entire culture/politics. That COPE has now been removed. Could be a good thing. At the very least, it’s not nearly the bad thing that many presume it to be.

    • In his Sub-star, the Zman reminds us of the cable tax that supercedes ad revenue.

      I’m thinking the ability to float commercial paper (corporate bonds) has become as or more important than quarterly earnings estimates.

      This means cash flow is a higher concern than fundamentals, because of ESG loan guidelines.

      The corporations are captive to the banks. That, and a lot of golden parachutes are being prepared.

      It’s a bust-out, the execs will burn the bar down once they’ve got the insurance check. Excusee, I meant to say the company will reorganize.

    • “Fox is also competing for content with Netflix, Amazon, etc. In this scenario, it is very hard for them to continue to resist the Woke hordes.”

      Assuming they could make a decent app, hosting a bunch of non-woke traditional entertainment could make Fox number one in competition with Netflix and Amazon. Netflix is full of absolute garbage. Not just “woke” garbage, but films that make the typical B movie look like cinematic masterpieces. Between the “woke” garbage and the just plain garbage on the streaming sites, it should be relatively easy to blow them out of the water.

      • That’s some genius Dissident thinking right there. We could easily run right past these lunatics.

        That’s why I listen to “Indie” music. Without fanfair or studio contracts, for decades the white kids have been putting out clean, interesting, often lovely music with nothing but beautiful White voices.

        It’s the White version of the fake Judeo-Negroid rap industry, and it has no Suge Knights or Dr. Dre’s.

        So, of course, the big Coachella festival billboards featured only talentless black clones. One billboard, for boygenius, none for the rest of the most popular White acts. They must want somebody to get shot.

  20. “Since Trump came down the escalator, the Murdoch family has been subjected to the worst sort of social pressure. Despite their great wealth, they still seek approval from their social class.”

    Isn’t it strange how conformist the supposedly most-exceptional people can be? It’s tempting to think it’s the nature of power, but there’s power in being different, too.

    “What defines people at the top of the managerial class is their disdain for normal people. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on members of the elite to conform to current fads.”

    There, I suspect, is the answer. It has more to do with the nature of aristocracy, so to speak. The best—or at least the people who aspire to be the best—prove to be utterly mediocre. The most normie, in a sense. Maybe hence the disdain. Tucker’s expulsion is proof he’s the best of that particular bunch.

    Normie is frustrating, but normie doesn’t pretend he’s something he’s not. His life doesn’t revolve around chasing markers of status and convincing others to take part in his delusion. (Unless that’s what he’s told to do lol. Normie is the good soldier, at best.) These people are the worst, because they’re driven to be something they can never be, and they’ve managed to infect society with their pathology.

    Writ large. Think trans.

    • “His life doesn’t revolve around chasing markers of status and convincing others to take part in his delusion.”

      Hmmm, IMO this notion does not pass the sniff test. Joe and Jane Normie signal exactly those things, with their name-brand college bumper stickers. Doing so, they not only plunge their offspring into heavy debt (not to mention mind control), but convince others it’s all worth it.

      • Shh— I’m trying not to shit on normie!

        Seriously, I take your point, but the idea that people are lumps of clay or sheep doesn’t come from nowhere. Normie apes the strength-in-numbers crowd because we aren’t led by those with actual, God-given talent, capable of ruling more than a steaming pile of shit.

        • “Shh— I’m trying not to shit on normie!”

          Look, I agree with you on that score. It’s just that I have contact with Mr/Mrs Normie and they shit on their selves. Leading me to exactly what POV?

      • The pressure is always to conform to your social caste. If you’re a managerial elite then it’s the bien pensant social activism and a Tesla. Middle class is similar bien pensant social activism and a Prius, as they perpetually try to ape the upper class.

        Working class conforms to its own caste standards, if you’ve ever been near a construction project note the identical gigantic pickup trucks polished and perfectly clean. Oh and the identical arm tattoos. The mudsharking women also have such similar fashion sense that I can usually identify them even without the jogger with his hand down her pants in public, or the little pickaninny trailing behind her.

    • The empire has aspired to expand the “elite” to numbers that are simply impossible. We have something like 40% of people thinking they are at least part of the elite or, at a minimum, can be elite at some point in the future.,

      “Normie” is in reality over 90% (probably over 95%) of the population. Granted, it’s not one big undifferentiated mass, but rather the “normal” range. We have a ton of mediocre climbers watering down the whole concept. None of them are the top 1/10th of 1% or even 1%, frankly.

      • Yep. Just a recent survey, Pew Research I believe, the wealth it now takes to be included in the top 1% is about $2.5M (or more obviously). For the top 2%, $1.5M. Now, assuming wealth follows elite status to a high degree, that would seem to reduce the numbers of folk *allowed* entrance.

        But we can dream, can’t we? 😉

        • I’m not familiar with the Pew survey, but the U.S. government percentile stats are always given across all age groups. If Pew is the same, the 99% not having $2.5 million includes college kids and people just starting out. A more informative number would be 99% percentile wealth at age 60, when folks are nearly done earning. My guess is that number, for the top 1% is more like $10 million.

      • Right. It’s like normie is the commoner, obviously enough. But there’s no king and a bunch of court creatures, so you get the social climbing vibe. Weird.

  21. I don’t know, guys. Why would the CIA fire the one guy with an audience in the millions who exposed the CIA’s corruption, up to and including assassinating a sitting president? It’s a mystery, I tell you.

    • Tucker didn’t “expose” anything. He picked up a few stories that had been circulating in the wild for years and gave them a partial hangout.

      MSM needs plausible deniability, the appearance of giving both sides a hearing. Tucker gave them that.

  22. What now happens to the thousands of hours of Stop The Steal recordings Rep. McCarthy gave to Tucker exclusively?

  23. I think the essay is onto something the Murdock’s and their next generation may just be tired of playing Satan to the loonies and they can see the writing on the wall that the crazies are only going to stay around and grow even more powerful.
    So Tucker gets chucked into the volcano.
    Trump keeps climbing back up the sides of the volcano and reappearing but he is destined to get chucked back into the abyss.
    We don’t get out of this easily.

  24. “Carlson used the phrase “white men” in a positive way.”

    If true, good for him. White men of yesteryear sure got us some good stuff. Last night, as I was rocking my youngest son at 02:00 in the morning, I was reading RFC for the SSH protocol. In the contributors section, well, it was like a Klan who’s who: white names (mainly Finnish and Estonian) all over the place. No women, either!

    To get back on-topic, whatever Carlson’s negative points, it does seem like an interesting development. I mean, from what you fellows say, he seemed to be realizing certain “naughty things” in real-time.

    May the Good God be with him.

    • Apparently, Carlson’s unfathomable transgression was saying that multiple guys beating up one guy is not the way white men fight. Such behavior is dishonorable. Such a statement, you see, is white supremacy. **shrug** I really couldn’t care less. The more I hear of what the Power Structure designates as white supremacy, the more I feel like waving my white supremacist banner on high.

      • It’s all White supremacy. You see WS is just another term for a superior White culture and ethic as practice by the White race. I don’t apologize for it, and never will.

        WS only recently became popular as a cope for the cultural inferiority of any number of minorities who dwell in close contact with Whites. Not putting down all races and cultures, not elevating what we typically term White trash either, only simply talking about means and averages. There are clines.

        Had this discussion with my daughter just yesterday. We were discussing a *new* dog we have. An elderly women passed away a week ago or so and wife was the only person at her side in ICU. Her son could not be bothered to stay by her side. He’s White trash, and looks the part. Almost with this woman’s last breath was a concern about her three dogs locked up in her home—uncared for. My wife said she’d handled this and not to worry. Then she passed and wife came home to tell me of the situation—she’d never held a person hand while they died. I was stunned at the story, but accepted that we now had a binding obligation.

        After some time attempting to contact neighbors in this woman’s (primarily Hispanic) neighborhood, wife found a neighbor who knew the women and had the key’s to her home. This neighbor explained that some other neighbors had become concerned over the dogs and had “taken care of them”.

        Wife not being reassured obtained the keys and we entered the home. Two of the dogs who we learned were young and smallish were gone. Left in a dog crate in the dark was an old, and I mean old, Poodle. Seems no one wanted an old sick dog, so they grabbed the young ones and were gone leaving the Poodle to fend for himself. How? Wife, of course, grabbed the old, fat, sickly Poodle and kept her (our) promise. (The damn dog never leaves my side—he knows a good thing when he sees it.)

        My daughter could not understand how anyone could enter a home and “rescue” only two of three dogs. She is hopelessly naive as to cultures. This is one of the few times I bluntly told her she doesn’t understand because she assumes everyone is “White”.

        • An excellent observation and story, Compsci. Alas, one of the things you describe (unconditional compassion) that makes our people superior, has also made us self-destructive. It is one thing to rescue a poor, old, harmless and helpless poodle. It is quite another to rescue a hapless race of people who are quite the opposite of harmless. Whites do not understand the reasonable terminus of a good thing.

  25. The only time I saw Carlson was via clips on various websites – and he was about as good as it got as far as calling out or lampooning the deep state and their narratives. But I have to say his high pitched girlie man laugh was like nails on a chalkboard.

  26. “In the case of Tucker, the crazies think he wears a white sheet in his free time, while his fans worry that maybe he does not wear a white sheet in his free time.” Damn. I don’t think we credit Zman enough for his sense of humor. That’s a hilarious line.

    Here’s what I told a cousin of mine who said he was “devastated” that Tucker Carlson had been fired: one guy on a cable news program talking trash about our rulers will not save our civilization. Like virtually everything else hyped by mainstream media, this firing is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Carlson getting the ax might actually be a good thing for a lot of his fan base. It could serve as a wake-up call for them. Perhaps some of those remaining blinders might come off. Time to lose every last iota of faith one might retain in the U.S. regime.

    P.S.: It’s easy for me to say all that because I was not a follower of Carlson. I’ve seen plenty of clips of his commentary and he was fine as it goes . . . but if this is as “edgy” as a person can get away with being on primetime TV, our culture is probably a lost cause.

  27. “the Murdoch family has been subjected to the worst sort of social pressure. Despite their great wealth, they still seek approval from their social class. The reason they fired Tucker and will most likely turn Fox News into a gay version of CNN is they simply grew tired of being pariahs.”

    In other words, FOX is controlled opposition, they are are only allowed to give the approved “conservative” viewpoint so long as it does not actually threaten the power of the ruling class.

    FOX is a pacifier to keep Norm Griller thinking that voting still matters, he lives in the freest country in the world, blacks are just the same as whites except for skin color, Ukrainians are fighting for freedom and democracy, and Israel is our greatest ally.

    Nota bene, Israel bootlicker and Ukraine shill Hannity still has a secure gig on FOX. That tells you everything you need to know.

    • I stopped watching Hannity several years ago when he just kept repeating himself over and over. Hillary used bleach bit on her servers, and now here is Lindsay Graham to lie about how he will get to the bottom of it.

      Now it occurs to me that this is why he is no threat to the regime. Sure, he pounds the table about whatever is already known about what the left is doing. But he never breaks any news or has any original insights. Tucker was exposing details no one else in mainstream conservatism would touch.

      • I agree about Hannity. Every now and then I will accidently flip to the Patriot channel on XM and if I wasn’t looking at the clock on my car radio, I would think it was still 2010, Obama was still president and Hillary was pulling everyone’s strings. To be fair, the look of our political and economic systems is so similar that I can understand getting confused.

      • Aside from what’s already mentioned wrt Hannity—like he’s the stupidest personality on the air—is that he makes the show about himself. He can’t stand to let a caller or “guest” expound for more than 15 seconds without inanely interrupting and taking over the point being made—always without adding anything of substance.

        Yet, Hannity’s show is high in ratings? Why? Well, I assume he’s found a niche among Joe Normie types. If so, then we are doomed that there are so many as to create such an audience for such a low intellect narcissist host.

    • “FOX is a pacifier to keep Norm Griller thinking that voting still matters, he lives in the freest country in the world, blacks are just the same as whites except for skin color, Ukrainians are fighting for freedom and democracy, and Israel is our greatest ally.” One hundred percent correct! Not a shadow of a doubt about it. But shouldn’t we have already known that long before Carlson got the boot? I knew it many, many moons ago. I’m guessing you likely knew it as well.

      The more invested an entity is in the system, the more suspect that entity is. FOX is a massive corporation with a major seat at the system’s banquet table (guess who’s on the menu?). Nobody with any grasp of how the world works would trust such an outfit. They’re telling you all the news that the fat cats want you to believe — no different than any of the leftist organs. They’re just scamming a different a group of rubes than those leftist organs.

      • Definition of “gatekeepers”: keeping the argument safely corralled in approved lanes.

  28. I’m curious about who schedules the guests, particularly on the popular Gutfeld show. When a man in womans makeup and a dress shows up, if it ain’t Benny Hill, it becomes a clown show.

      • Funny you should mention “Uncle Milty”. Damn, I’m old, but I remember his shtick of cross dressing. But you know, it was funny. He never pretended to be a women. Heck, the shtick was to make fun of *himself* as a such a poor imitation of a woman. The women laughed harder than the men in the audience.

  29. Re: “Reportedly, Rupert Murdoch freaks out when people mention God around him.”

    Elderly man not long for this world freaks out at the very mention of God?

    I wonder why?

    • He must have something to fear. I’m an elderly man and look forward to our meeting. Not too soon mind you but eventually.

  30. The marching morons of ConInc. are 1,000% committed to the notion that they will eventually muster the right magic words and miraculously persuade the masses to return to sanity. In this fevered delusion, “sane” politicians are thereby elected to office and the country does a 180 deg turn for the better. But this is just a slick version of “chase the carrot” so that you don’t have to get the fat ass up off the couch.

    With the firing of Carlson, who is going to pick up the baton of Master Persuader and keep normie ranting in front of the TV as the approved pressure relief valve? This is critical because, as long as normie has beer and Cheetos, he will grunt and fart his way to relief rather than take to the streets in protest. Murdock needs to think seriously about replacing Carlson with Dylan Mulvaney and doing a Bud Light on Fox News.

    And all of this is a sideshow. Two megatrends have sealed our fate. The first is the industrial scale vote manufacturing that determines the outcome of all elections going forward. The old canard about voter fraud being about 0.5% is laughable now. It easily reaches into the 20-30% range in most urban areas around the country. Second is that voter fraud is actually unnecessary. Tens of millions of Americans voted to put a dementia patient in the White House and millions of Pennsylvanians voted to put a certifiable nut case in the Senate. And this is the tip of the iceberg. Most DC politicians are either pathologically corrupt or full retard (or both).

    The only real remedy is collapse and rebirth under the natural duress of existential hardship. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. And the quicker we hit bottom, the higher it will be.

    • Some future system will build it’s own lethargy into itself so that the whole thing doesn’t need to be burned down to reform it.

    • If an infintite number of grillers were given an infinite number of typewriters to pound on, they’d still fail to arrange the key strokes in such a way that the scales would fall from the eyes of the spiteful mutants that rule over and torment them.

    • How sure are you that things will reset in /our/ favor? Are you sure you want this?

      Your counter would be, “what, wait until we’re weaker?” It would be a valid argument.

      • Like somebody said, if you find yourself having to explain why a cross dressing pervert shouldn’t be going into the girls room, you’ve already lost

        • We’ve already lost the argument because we (typical conservative Normie) frame it as “We want to keep our children away from these sick, delusional people.” Whereas, we should frame it as, “Why do you sick, delusional people crave access to young children?”

          One argument puts us on the defensive and cedes the status quo to the perverts, the other puts them on the defensive and really gets to the point of their efforts.

      • Alzaebo – We have no fate but what we make. If you have concerns about how things may turn out, then put more effort into improving the odds in our favor. How many trophies can you contribute?

        • Ah! My frustration is nearly as boundless as my determination. So many, many mistakes and false turns. Never, ever quit, not ever.

          Hasty, though- I think you’re impatient.

    • Voter fraud in the US is as old as Tammany Hall. There’s no reason that we can’t have paper ballot, show an ID, same day voting, the same way most countries do.

      • The reason is because we have elected bad politicians to infest DC and voter fraud keeps incumbency at over 97%. Chicken and the egg. The voter fraud problem won’t go away until we elect better politicians, and we can’t elect better politicians because of the existence of voter fraud.

        • Or, we use the corrupt process to our advantage. This will do one of two things: We elect “our” guy, or We counteract the advantage corruption gives such that opposition to reform gives way on both sides.

          As has been said, the above won’t happen until we learn to disallow our virtues being used against us.

          • The right has a big handicap in the ballot harvesting game. Which is, they don’t have a one stop shop to go get mountains of Republican votes like the Democrats have with college campuses.

  31. It was suggested in the thread yesterday that the target audience for propaganda is not normies, but true believers. Normies will never do anything. To riff on that idea, perhaps the reason Tucker survived as long as he did, and why he has now gone, is that Fox News was supposed to be dirt people propaganda. If Tucker started to get mind-share among a fraction of the upper middle class, that would be about as welcome to the elite as a toilet backing up.

    • “It was suggested in the thread yesterday that the target audience for propaganda is not normies, but true believers.”

      I believe this to be in error, for the following reason: Satan wants to damned as many people as possible – thus destroying their chance at finding The Christ and Redemption. So, not only is normie a target, everybody else is, too.

      For example, imagine the joy of The Evil One when he manages to convince the son of a strong, Christian Dissident man that he’s really a women.

      The Evil is real. Let us speak of it for what it is.

      • Hear, hear. You shall have weapons.

        “Run…run!” was all we had, until now. I say, Attack. Attack the source- in Its own domain. You will, WILL, have the method and the means. It is for this our people were made.

  32. No one in power or close to power and authority can resist the mob/blob for long. I suppose Trump came the closest and has held out the longest, at least on some issues, but the blob immune system has him fairly well contained, no matter his popularity with the majority of dirt people. As the Borg are wont to say, Resistance Is Futile…

  33. Was looking at the Guardian today, since TC was fired they have been running stories about how evil he is, eg he might have used the C word in private, so he just had go go

    And now today they are running a story about journalists that have been silenced in various countries. Strangly TC didn’t make list

    • The other day the Wall Street Journal was bloviating at all of the evil countries which don’t have a free press.

      I guess since the US and it’s satraps have private contractors running things, totalitarian censorship doesn’t count.

  34. I guess most of you patriotic Americans forget about the Las Vegas massacre coverup that Tucker was part of. That’s when I stopped watching his bull crap.

    • What’s your theory? My Nevada cop friends and contacts still maintain that “it was a crazy guy & we still don’t know why he did it.” I don’t think most people in Vegas believe that, but no full & credible explanation has emerged.

      • Whatever the true motives of the alleged shooter (or any other shooters) were, I would not underestimate the ability of the casino owners to squelch everything about this story. They have both the motive and the clout to make that happen. The last thing they want is people thinking of mass shooting when they think of Vegas. Bad for business. Not to mention their legal liability for allowing the guy up in there in that room with all those weapons (if that’s what really happened). They are the people most directly and negatively affected by any sunlight on the truth about what happened. Thus it is in their interest to make the whole thing just go away, and they probably have the ability to make that happen.

        • Most credible thing i heard was it was a hit on MBS that went bad, so they shot up the concert as a cover up. Not very long after MBS got his revenge, killed some family members and stole the wealth of the others. Also that journalist that was chopped up into pieces had something to do with it.

          • Agreed. This hit was a World Bank / petrodollar level affair, so the chaff will be commensurate.

      • Like the current Tucker event, people are looking for excitement where there’s only a lie.

        When you lack information about a crime’s perpetrator, turn to “victimology”—in the old sense. Who are the victims of the crime? Did the perpetrator know who he was killing? If so, mystery of motive solved.

        The Deadliest Mass Shooting In American History™ was a shitlib slaughtering rednecks because the TV told him to.

      • Do your cop friends know what he did for a living?
        My experience with law enforcement types is that they know exactly where to keep the old brain walled in to in order to keep their job (and that’s if it’s even required as most are prebuilt to only wander the pasture border spray painted on the ground by their owner).

  35. I’ve yet to see a “damning, leaked” clip of Tucker that didn’t make me like him more.

    The clip with him saying his appearance would be judged by “post menopausal women” wasn’t just funny, but a pretty keen observation of reality of his networks main demographic. Along with his critics demo as well.

    “Misogynistic?” For that? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  36. I was genuinely surprised by the media matters “leaks” and any dirt dished out in general. Tucker appears genuine. He is who he says he is. Maybe his speech about truth or whatever isn’t a double-secret CIA plot. Maybe he’s just a rare bird.

    It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s all entertainment for me.

  37. I agree with Dave Smith.

    I was shocked the day he was fired. Then a few days later I was surprised that they ever let him on the air. He did segments on how the CIA killed JFK.

    • Yeah, kudos (?!) to Fox News for keeping him on as long as they did. They could have had a lineup of Hannity and Shapiro and Gutfeld and whatever CoC goon they scraped off the floor of the AEI executive bathroom, but they kept Tucker who has been radioactive to the regime since 2017. Read his book Ship of Fools (published back in 2018) and you wonder why Fox didn’t can him way back then. I’m guessing he had a lot of support, especially in the management of FNC, which is a white pill. Only the holy of holies (the Murdoch inner circle) wanted him out.

      • It was the least surprising cancellation since the Sandinistas closed LA PRENSA. Every time Carlson broadcasted was a shock given the totalitarian nature of the GAE.

    • It would have been a little too obvious if they canned him the day after he said the CIA did it

  38. That white people have specific rules of combat and fair play is a fact so obvious that it’s farcical to argue against it. This is why the usual suspects are either just pointing and shrieking or posting graphs of lynches throughout history (let’s forget for a moment most of those guys lynched were guilty as hell). I have never seem a black confrontation that did not incorporate the swarm strategy, nor one that stopped once the person was down and no longer a threat.

    More generally, most of the leaks have backfired and made him even more likeable, and this is the first one that would make the normiecon a little squeamish to defend, even if he knows Tucker is right.

    There’s a reason the truth about race needs to be the focus of right-wing rhetoric, because as soon as whites are able to process and understand such a clear truth, all the regime propaganda comes crashing down. Paradoxically, this message may be the best way to get this conversation going if used right.

    • One on one, man to man, sure.

      When white men go to war, especially Americans, they couldn’t fight any dirtier.

      Blowing up civilian infrastructure projects (electric plants, dams, pipelines, pharmaceutical plants, etc) leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths of women and children over the ensuing decades is just standard operating procedure.

      Organized white man violence is pretty awful.

      • We destroy efficiently and ruthlessly, yes, but we also build back. That’s what high-IQ, K-selected people do.

      • It must be efficient and ruthless if you expect to win. Ask any Republican why the democommies run rings around them. The Marquis of Queensbury was a fag (even though he hated Oscar Wilde who was also a fag).

    • Every chance I get (which, alas, is rare) I use Z’s idea to push freedom of association as it’s something the regime has no answer for outside of “because we say so”. There’s no moral argument on their part for forced-association, and in fact their morality works against them in this regard.

      • Not so sure. What of the old Hillary saw of, “it takes a village…”

        Forcing integration mixes the bad with the good, thereby (in their minds) distributing and ameliorating the pathology of the minority classes.

    • Always remember, whites try to belay confrontation. Blacks and others are waiting for the moment a white turns his head and averts his gaze. Then is when they strike.

      Eyes steady, stay ready.
      Keep your eyes locked on their eyes without flinching.

      • Even you women. It applies, and it works, for you too. They know it won’t come cost-free.

  39. I agree – so many reasons….

    Probably not a coincidence that during his last couple of weeks on Fox, Tucker interviewed Trump, RFK Jr., and Elon Musk. All characters that the cloud people desperately want silenced. Also doubt it’s a coincidence that Biden clumsily announced his reelection bid the day after Tucker was yanked off the air.

    • True, but I suspect looking closely at the Ukraine grift already had him on thin ice. The Empire is drawing to a close and Ukraine may be the last war looting available, so revealing its totalitarian face may be of low cost to those smashing and grabbing.

    • I would bet it was a number of reasons, all sharing a common theme: Tucker dared to give air to Regime non-approved thoughts. Doubt it was one specific thing, but Icarus flew too close to the sun on too many occasions. And too many were watching.

    • Tucker always had interesting people that were outside of the FOX approved demo: Tulsi; Greenwald; Gonzalez; Greer; Tracey. That’s why people watched. It wasn’t just regime talking points.

  40. Cancelling my youtube tv subscription today.
    Tucker’s was the only show I watched on the entire spectrum.
    With the cancellation, my last link to hollywood/media complex is severed.

    • Moving to a new house next month. I see no reason to continue paying for cable TV.

      • Maxda: We moved just under a month ago. I haven’t watched tv in years, but my husband still paid for and watched cable (although less and less as time went by). Since we moved he has not watched one moment of tv – not in the hotel, not in our new home (which I think has roku). I am so grateful for so many things right now – among them, that our rural move seems to have finally severed my husband’s tv habit. Our younger son got roku at his new house in town (about an hour from us) and was still following the NFL draft – but for once, my husband did not share that interest. Instead, he and I now watch the deer outside our window as we eat dinner.

        • Glad to hear you’ve made the move. I hope You and Yours are well.

          And great news on the lack of TV – always a plus.

          • OrangeFrog: Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you and your family are doing well amidst the various cutbacks, limitations, and massive price increases I’ve read about in England. Take pride in your three White children.

      • In the short term there are still normie boomers watching Fox News, Tucker introduced them to arguments they weren’t going to hear anywhere else. The ratings have fallen off faster than I expected. Maybe even they are getting tired of the crap being peddled at them every night.

    • Long term, the most significant aspect of the Regime’s latest shitshow may be the death of cable television. Good riddance. Short term, we are once again reminded that this is a system riddled with insecurity and more afraid than we are confident that it isn’t long for the world. While censorship and oppression have sadistic elements, they ultimately represent fear. Wounded beasts are the most dangerous, though, and people would do well to bear that in mind.

      The Regime has gotten rid of someone who says nasty and hurtful things about it and brought home the point to millions perhaps for the first time it no longer has much if any legitimacy. It is a system in crisis.

      • As long as it’s a monopoly (depending upon where you live) it’s not going away. I’ve mentioned it before, but “packaged cable” is often cheaper than “internet only.”

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