Gradually Then Suddenly

There is a famous exchange in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises where over drinks one character asks another how he went bankrupt. The reply is “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” Often this is misquoted as “a little at a time then all of a sudden” which sounds better than the original. Hemingway was famous for his economy of language, which did not always serve him well. Even so, it is probably Hemingway’s most famous line, even if most people do not know the source.

The main reason it is a famous line is it is true in the narrow sense of business, but also in the broader sense of life itself. Things do not suddenly fall apart all of a sudden for no reason at all. In fact, the expression “no reason at all” precedes all of the big lies because nothing happens for no reason at all. The big events in human history are the slow buildup of little things then all of a sudden, a lot of history seems to happen in a short period of time, to borrow another famous expression.

This is something to keep in mind while following this story about an FBI whistleblower’s claims regarding the Biden family. According to Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. James Comer, this whistleblower has presented to them documentation showing the FBI has evidence of a pay-for-play scheme run by the family of Joe Biden while he was Vice President. The allegation is that Biden sold his influence to a foreign entity in exchange for cash to the Biden family.

For starters, this is not a new claim, but coming from two politicians not known for rocking the boat changes the nature of the charges. Joe Biden has been dogged by corruption allegations for a long time. He is worth tens of millions despite never having had a job outside government. That and he bragged on the campaign trail about extorting personal favors from the Ukrainian government. He got a prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold an aid package.

Next week there will reportedly be a hearing at which the current head of the FBI will be asked pointed questions about the specific documents Grassley and Comer cite in their letter to the FBI. Most likely Christopher Wray will lie and stonewall at the hearing, refusing to acknowledge even his own existence as a way of telling Congress that he is above the law. This is one of those gradual things. Gradually, the bureaucracy refuses to acknowledge the authority of Congress.

Those paying attention know the FBI is America’s most corrupt organization. They tried to overturn the 2016 election by running an illegal surveillance operation on Trump, then engineered a year’s long coverup of it. Holding black mail material on Biden may actually be worse. That is the real story here. They also have Hunter’s laptop, which they tried to hide and still refuse to acknowledge. Why would they need all of this dirt on a sitting President?

This is one of those gradual events. In isolation, the FBI shenanigans during the Trump era could be written off as partisan zealots abusing their power, but when you add in this stuff you suddenly get a different picture. What emerges is something like a praetorian guard controlling the most important offices in the system through blackmail, extortion, and espionage. The question that should follow is who else are they blackmailing with secret material?

Another gradual moment is the great leaving alone the media is giving to this and the other whistleblowers who have revealed corruption in the FBI. If such revelations happened in the Trump years, the coverage would be wall-to-wall. We would know the name of the whistleblower, as the press would have made her a star. The reputation of the media is very poor, but most people still trust it. This sort of bias is what will eventually lead to the total collapse in trust.

A glimpse of what is coming can be seen in the Tucker Carlson drama. Fox News Channel has lost half their audience since they fired their most popular host, but the collapse is not just about Carlson. It is the final straw, the one break in trust that on top of many others is what finally does it for these former viewers. Gradually, then all of a sudden people realized that Fox News was a scam, run by grifters who privately mocked the people in their audience.

Of course, the Joe Biden story is itself an example of the gradually then suddenly phenomenon in our politics. For half a century he was nothing more than an affable dimwit who represented the interests of the credit card companies. Everyone in Washington knew Joe Biden was a stupid man, but he was likable and generally regarded as an honest man. Sure, he told outlandish lies about his life, but no one thought he was taking bribes.

As with everything else in the 1990’s, Joe Biden appears to have gone from affable dimwit who was mostly honest to a man who walked around Washington with a list of prices for the services he could offer. Those two grifters from the Ozarks set the ball in motion for everyone. If their corruption was allowed, then why not a little influence peddling in the Senate? If that is okay, then why not sell insider information in exchange for stock tips?

This is how we find ourselves with a corrupt buffoon in the Whitehouse, held hostage by a secret police relying on blackmail and extortion. All of those small steps here and there down the path of corruption eventually led to that all of a sudden moment on election night in 2020. Half a century ago when Joe Biden was in his prime, no serious person imagined him in the White House, unless he was on a visitors pass, but all of a sudden, he is president.

In the fullness of time, we will experience the great all of a sudden moment and the usual suspects will swear it was for no reason at all. In reality it will be the result of those many gradual changes that began with the decision by official Washington to invite the Devil into their world. After that, it was one small compromise here, another there, until there were no rules at all, just naked power. Then all of a sudden, no one had any reason to trust anything, and Hell followed after it.

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209 thoughts on “Gradually Then Suddenly

  1. I listened to the Z Man interview with Patrick Casey and I have a question.

    In the beginning of the interview, Z Man dismisses the idea of natural rights, but later in the interview, he speaks passionately about the need to present our complaints and demands as moral claims. Don’t the same objections to natural rights apply to moral claims?

    If a belief in natural rights is specific to northern Europeans, doesn’t each evolutionarily distinct group of people then have its own morality? If so, shouldn’t we expect that non-whites will not feel compelled by our moral claims?

    Conversely, wouldn’t any non-religious defense of morality also support natural rights?

    My question is sincere. It is not an intellectual gotcha question.

    • It is a good question and will make a good post, but briefly I would put it like this. Since different people cannot have a shared morality, difference people can never truly share the same society. One must dominate the other. A world where team natural rights is a minority in a society run by team tribal rights, the former will be ruled by the latter, no matter their arguments.

      I want to live in a society run by people who share my morality. Most people who look like me also want to live in a society that shares their morality. Even the white people on the Left want this, but instead they settle for the perverse morality of the ruling class because it is the only option. This is why we need to create another moral option, one that is more natural for European people.

      • ‘Even the white people on the Left want this, but instead they settle for the perverse morality of the ruling class because it is the only option.’

        You believe that the feminist white women who spearheaded — and now staff — the U.S. Politburo/Deep State want to share your morality? Really?

        You are saying that the tens-of-millions of white women at forefront of the Feminist Takeover the past fifty years are ‘settling’ for a perverse morality imposed upon them by the ‘ruling class’?

        That is simply not true. White women, very much willingly, LED the inversion of the moral order over the past century. They are NOT the passive victims of a perverse morality imposed upon them by mean elites. Modern white women ARE the ‘perverse morality’. Same goes for the millions of white men in America who fund, promote, and enforced the feminist laws and culture of the U.S. the past fifty years.

        I’ve known, worked with, and lived with many of these Prog men and they are not suffering from an imposed morality. Like their white Leftist sisters, they are the imposers of totalitarianism, and they enjoy their ‘morality’ and being the Establishment very much.

        • ray, I respectfully disagree.

          “That is simply not true. White women, very much willingly, LED the inversion of the moral order over the past century. They are NOT the passive victims of a perverse morality imposed upon them by mean elites. Modern white women ARE the ‘perverse morality’.”

          Most women have little agency or ability to think for themselves. One of their strongest urges is to align with the winning team. I’m told that up till the 1960s, women were more conservative than men, and that women were the most ardent supporters of moustache guy.

          Since WW2, the winning team has acted on an anti-traditional white male imperative. White women have perceived this and aligned themselves with the winning team. They instigated very little of this.

          If you’re going to bring up early feminists, I suggest that you check their ancestry first.

          • LITS — ok maybe I misunderstand your position. Or maybe we disagree. I will try again.

            ‘If you’re going to bring up early feminists, I suggest that you check their ancestry first.’

            I did a pretty extensive study of the roots of U.S. feminism and general pagan revivalism a few decades back . . . had to use university libraries mostly, the net wasn’t much help then.

            And I would suggest that you are incorrect to state that white women ‘instigated very little’ of the modern Woke-Fem Politburo. In fact, white women were and are the diseased beating-heart of American Feminism, going back to Abigail Adams’ constant pleas to her henpecked hubby, and right on through to the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, which began Institutional Feminism in the U.S. . . . by agency, organization and attendance of white women, overwhelmingly. Quakers and Old Money for the most part.

            The satanic rebellious women of Early U.S. Feminism were not Jews. Sorry to disappoint! :O) Their day in the black sun didn’t arrive until later. I have written about the critical influence of synagogue-of-satan Jewish women on American Feminism elsewhere, quite awhile ago. It was extensive but late.

            Seneca Falls — Lucretia Mott was from the Coffin (Coffyn) family. It’s Anglo-Saxon, not Jewish. A Quaker. The Coffin Family btw are a fascinating study just by themselves, if you’re into the details of Early American occultism.

            Elizabeth Stanton was a Cady — N.Y. Old Money. Again, not a Jew but as Anglo-Saxon as Jolly Olde. Female apostate Jews didn’t begin to be a force in the feminist movement until the second half of the 20th Century, when all hell broke loose. Figuratively and otherwise.

            It is true that women were, by far, the most passionate and inflexible supporters of Mr. Moustache; women were the snitch-heart of the Gestapo.

            But women have never been as conservative as men in the U.S. Quite the opposite. Women are rebels and libertines at heart. See Genesis, nothing new under sun.

            It is a pretty but pandaemonic utopia to assign no agency/responsibility to women and their actions, given women will be judged by God, as men will be. If God assigns women agency — and He sure did, given their personal and collective punishments at Eden! — then men would be foolish or worse to do the opposite. Created beings without agency are called ‘animals’.

            Assigning women no agency in a society and legal system they rule over is the tradcuck position, the muh princess position of the Breitbart Conservatives. Endless empowerment + can do no wrong.

            Perhaps we must disagree, then.

  2. “What emerges is something like a praetorian guard controlling the most important offices in the system through blackmail, extortion, and espionage.”

    *Let’s nor forget murder. Thinking of Antonio Scalia here. Very suspicious.

  3. Gradually then suddenly is also how the censorship is being implemented. You see this both in the US and Brazil after the natives became restless and voted for a man deemed bad by the good and smart. Trump in the US. Bolsanaro in Brazil.

    Now Lula is dropping the gradually and going for the suddenly by trying to pass a law banning all online disinformation.

    In the US they have put the gradually on steroids and have been working on the suddenly. Fortunately they picked a buffoon to be the disinformation czar and there are still pockets of states working against the suddenly.

    Libertarians want to stop any government entity, such as states, from stopping the suddenly and the GOP is more comfortable with the gradual approach to destroying freedom.

    Democrats just need to more comprehensively rig the 2024 election then we can go full bore suddenly in destroying the remaining freedom bad people use to stop the realization of paradise on earth.

    • The one positive thing about this whole scam known as the United States is that the day is coming when you will wipe you ass with $100 bills. And the United States will be nothing but a failed paper tiger controlled by people who will all have an appointment where sooner or later they’re lined up a brick wall somewhere.

        • They have 1,000,000 firearms combined with the military and collective police forces. Their domestic “enemies” have at least 450,000,000 firearms on tap. The logistics are not on the Bolsheviks’ side

  4. ‘In reality it will be the result of those many gradual changes that began with the decision by official Washington to invite the Devil into their world.’

    Washington’s been claimed-and-conquered footstool of the Devil since inception. A combo of spiritual power and mass Christian values and culture held evil back until the pagan/goddess revolution of the mid-to-late Sixties began the final erosions, the ‘falling away’ in Biblical terms. A Managed Operation, to be sure.

    The District is named after pagan goddess Columbia, simply a stand-in for the late Paleolithic and Neolithic Great Mother that dominated the Old World. Columbia’s personal District, global operations HQ, was meticulously planned and laid out by persons and groups dedicated to the ‘goddess’, and to feminine power and sovereignty. The District teems with statues representing worship of, and obedience to, the ‘sacred feminine’. It is not accidental that your intel agencies are full of homos, geldings and feminists, just like Jezebel’s Court.

    A goddess facetiously named Freedom stands atop and OVER the U.S. Capitol. All ‘decisions’ made by the Little People below and beneath occur under her supervision. The elements conceiving of and constructing the District of Columbia signaled their spiritual affiliation with a wink, both overtly and covertly, ‘in plain sight’. True descendants of those worshipping the massively popular Inanna cult in Mesopotamia, or Semitic Asherah religions.

    The Pilgrims and Plymouth began populist Christian America. But long before Plymouth, other interests explored and claimed the Eastern Seaboard, and the continent in general, founding monuments and planting corrupt seeds. They were not Christians to say the least. Rising from the Atlantic, Goddess Columbia spawned two sons: the elder was named Mason, and the younger was named Christian. So, America is kind of a Cain and Abel thing. Plan accordingly.

    • Republican government ultimately means being ruled by those hungry for power, not those born into it. The results we have now, and are obvious. And Presbyterian elections, vs Catholic/Orthodox apostolic succession, are the source of the rot. A monarch might be evil, but 400 years of monarchs wouldn’t be.

      The more conservative modern governments have more democratic civil services, more representative of ordinary people than the American swamp. Ordinary government workers go “elevated state” (think opposite of deep state) and reduce the power of psychopath politicians. But nothing beats a king.

      • While that’s all true, the quality and character of the people is still more important. It wouldn’t matter what kind of monarch you put in charge of Haiti

        • 400 years of decent kings could make Haiti into a new Singapore. It only takes 10 generations to tame a fox. Human behavioral differences are trivial in comparison.

    • It sounds rather far fetched until you begin to examine the particulars of the design, architecture and decoration of The District of Columbia, including the choice of the word “Capitol” for the building housing the seat of government, the symbolism of the plan of The City of Washington within the District, the arcane symbolism to be found on our currency and much more. The painting on the dome of The Capitol–The Apotheosis of Washington–is replete with symbols of ancient religions and the gods thereof. The very elevation of George Washington to the status of a god is itself quite revealing. We were ab initio a country of Christian citizens with pagan trappings, but things have only gotten worse as the Christian content of our country has been drained off, until we find ourselves now largely a country of pagans with Christian trappings.

      • ‘ . . . until we find ourselves now largely a country of pagans with Christian trappings.’

        The vast majority of U.S. citizens — certainly including Christians and ‘conservatives’ — have no clue how and why America entered into political existence, nor who guided its ‘progress’ before the official founding.

        The strange and terrible truth is that America was planned and created to serve as a ‘pillar’ or podium or footstool for the use of the elite’s chosen deity: the Great Goddess or Great Mother of the ancient world. Our globalist rulers hew to goddess cults. It is a dire mistake for Christians to imagine the cults of Demeter, Diana, Isis, Asherah etc. in antiquity somehow disappeared.

        Those cults did not disappear, but instead gradually morphed into the fabric of our countries. The cryptocratic matriarchies we now witness in America, Britain, Australia, Canada and elsewhere are not an anomaly of the human condition, but instead the baseline and norm of the human condition. What is radical and unprecedented is Christianity and patriarchy. These run counter to the psycho-spiritual worldly wiring from humanity’s ancestors.

        For more, I can recommend America: Nation of the Goddess. Of course Bachofen, Frazer, and Erich Neumann are always helpful in this general area.

  5. It should be no surprise to anyone if they push Joe out prior to 2024. The fact that he, of all people, is there in the first place is evidence enough that they can install whoever they want and produce enough votes for them. Likewise they can discard them once they’ve outlived their usefulness. However they arrange it, the regime media will supply a veneer of legitimacy.

    Joe is supposedly, so I have heard, against putting US troops in Ukraine openly. Thus, they will have to find somebody who is ok with it. Have already found them, I am sure. The empire doesn’t have another choice, if it is to be one.

    • The surprise is that he has not been pushed aside.

      I was expecting it would come around December-January of this year, but I did not expect Democratic net win in the U.S. Senate the preceding November.

      It is either a troubling, gnawing symptom of Fortification Of Democracy, or a frankly disqualifying commentary on the vice president (who may just be that Leonard Cohen “Everybody Knows” public figure exemplifying Current Year).

      • Not to ascribe omniscient powers to them, but if they have indeed planned to dispose of Joe, then they will be neither early nor late in doing so.

  6. “The question that should follow is who else are they blackmailing with secret material?”

    My question is: Who is behind all this, driving it? Wray is a lackey. Who’s calling the shots?

    • Big Jim,

      It’s all speculation, and there can be multiple centers of power, but my guess is that the people who control the media are the most influential because they literally dictate the morality of almost everyone. It looks to me more like the politicians dance to the media’s tune, not the reverse, for example.

      I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to investigate who has controlling influence on the media.

      • Some of the wealthiest oligarchs in the world are the owners of media empires. It’s obvious who is the main driver.

  7. The Devil was in DC way, way, WAY before the 90s, Biden, and Clintons.

    The near entire goal of the federal apparatus is to weaponize the lowest, worst, criminals against the decent so as to drag everyone down to the state of stupid, terrified, drug-addled, and dependent while the criminal state/ruling classes enriches and entrenches itself and furthers its reach.

    To poorly riff an old Paul Harvey routine: If I were the Devil, I would write the history that makes me a hero and the good and God as the villains.

  8. I know this is irrelevant to the article’s point, but I prefer Hemingway’s “Gradually, then suddenly.” I think that phrase has far more punch than the wordier “a little at a time then all of a sudden.”

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  10. But what does the FBI want? What are its aims? Assuming it is the eminence gris controlling the FedGov node of the Power Structure through blackmail, what’s its agenda? More wealth? More power? The complete hegemony of anti-white ideology? If Z is right about this, it behooves one and all to essay a thorough analysis of the FBI itself, what makes it tick, and what motivates it.

    • I tend to believe the FBI wants what the Senate wants. I’ve said before that the Senate is the real “deep state” hiding in plain sight, pretending to be dysfunctional and divided and happy for you to see it that way, pointing fingers at the executive anytime there is blame to be placed. The FBI protects the Senate and is an ever present threat to the executive. That’s what it’s there for. The Senate can pull on the FBI’s leash anytime it wants to.

    • Perhaps they just want, as most people, to continue following their view of the world. All of their actions are easily explained when you no longer consider it some insidious conspiracy of a few and recognize the chicanery is widespread as a natural result of two things: progressive beliefs and the power to impose them.
      I am sure most of them just believe like the average lib fruitcake. They are speaking truth to power, as that odious saying goes. There is no overt, stated goal. Just the desire to live in the world as they view it, and the tyranny of their will impacts others.

      • Hm. The FBI as the Cornell Sociology Department, but with guns and way cooler shades. You may well be right.

    • Same reason the juice makes sure every politician in dependent on campaign funding from them: the ticks stay in power as long as the people that are supposed to actually have the power know they’ll die if they try to pull the tick out.

  11. Never underestimate the Stasi. They are a behemoth that will kill you if need be. Just ask the young mother holding a baby in her arms at Ruby Ridge. The moral of this story is that no one should ever trust a Fed, and its best to avoid them at all costs.

    But it’s also important to recognize that this criminal gang will not fall to reputation damage or even a housecleaning should a strong president get elected. The Senate controls whoever is selected as a replacement Director, and that process will forever be corrupted. Only a Deep State insider will be allowed to occupy that position.

    So what to do? The Taliban beat the pants off of the US military in all its might and monetary muscle. They did it by being persistently corrosive at the bottom of the social pyramid. Like termites and cockroaches, they kept eating away at the foundations of the behemoth until it collapsed under its own weight. The Stasi cannot chase every shadow, nor can the economy continue if all the productive people are locked up in detention camps.

    Cockroaches baby! Its the only way to be sure.

    • There was a story of some anti-Semitic flyers in Atlanta and the Feds sending down a goon squad to investigate it (it looked like the pamphleteer had put them into sandwich bags weighed down with corn to make sure they stayed where ever he put them). That guy could probably single handedly bankrupt the government by making them repeatedly spend thousands of dollars to investigate $5 bags of anti-Semitic corn.

      • I smell a campaign to force the University of Nebraska to change its mascot from the Cornhuskers to something less hurtful and more socially responsible. The Blintzkrieg, mayhap?

      • Surely he moved over state lines after DeSantis signed that bill outlawing anti-Semitic sandwich bags. Wouldn’t want to run afoul of that carefully crafted, and vey necessary, bit of legislation, would you?

          • The fact that DeSantis did the signing IN ISRAEL actually made me wonder a bit. It seemed a bit like taking your mistress to the kids’ big soccer game. Even if everyone knows you’re cheating it’s not good to advertise the fact. Of course that’s probably the real message. RD is married to the neocons, not the American people.

          • Pozymandias

            “RD is married to the neocons, not the American people.”

            Yes, emphatically so.

    • Yes, the Taliban beat the Empire in the way you describe, but there is another aspect.

      The Empire DOES NOT CARE if it wins wars. Winning or losing is besides the point; it’s the racket, it’s the MONEY that counts. So sure, hamstring troops with insane rules of engagement, send them door to door like dupes to get blown up. They don’t care; just keep the grift going.

      I get the queasy feeling that the Empire will tell it’s tranny army to use FULL FORCE if and when internal “white supremacists” make a peep.

      • The US can’t occupy worth shit. They only succeeded in Japan and Germany because those countries were full of law-abiding hardworking Japanese and Germans. If the US decides to do Pink Dawn in Bumfuckville, Florida and the locals just start putting bombs in the roads it will be exactly the same as Afghanistan: 20 years of research opportunities for new designs of prosthetic legs and adapting truck nutz for our soldiers so they don’t feel like less of men for having had their goolies torn off by an IED.

        • If the locals in Bumfuckville are white, rather than put mines in the road, they’ll offer up their tushes to the Mauve Tranny Battalion.

          • If the locals in Bumfuckville are white, the ZOGs rules of engagement will be very relaxed compared to what they were towards the sand people.

        • The genetic makeup of the conquered was one factor, but another, I believe (at least) equally important factor was leveling the place first. Which provided an example of how resistance would be dealt with. Leaving the people destitute, hungry, and dependent, with no alternative.

          Regime change via invasion/occupation doesn’t work as well if you try to be too nice about it. You can’t win hearts and minds. You have to crush hearts and minds.

      • For the goatherder wars that was true, but now that it has provoked a nearer peer it must either prevail or wither

        • Since we haven’t really seen what Russia is capable of yet, I’m thinking that we may just be near peer to them. After all we have no idea how good their stuff truly is, especially air defense, their front-line fighters and especially their missiles. I’d be willing to bet that the T-90 may be better than the Abrams.

        • I vote wither. This is of course anecdotal, but the other night I was watching the food network show “chopped” where they’re having a cook off between the four branches of service. First up was the mighty Air Force. The four representatives were a female black, male black, male mystery meat pacific islander and female flip – just what I think of when I think US Air Force. The guest judge was some fat obnoxious female negropotomus. None could competently manage time or had any serious cooking skills – despite that being their military role. Now obviously these aren’t front line soldiers, but if they’re even remotely representative of the armed services at large, we ain’t got a chance against a serious opponent.

    • Fast like a cockroach. Slippery like an eel, and sneaky like a rat. My recipe for success in any endeavor.

      • Never let them see you coming or going. Every janitor is an invisible man. And don’t get me started on the apprentice electrician who everyone ignores except to make fun of. Nurse, what’s in that syringe?

        When you destroy all social trust, the sky is the limit.

  12. Joe Biden was always going to be the “write two letters president” where he would be used to pass moronic things that further the state religion. When their stupid policies backfire, he was always going to be the fall man. No future as he is 80+ and no actual ability to mentally defend himself.

    The next step is to appoint some sort of woke but competent person like Gavin Newsom to take over. He will keep pushing the Overton Window while advancing the rainbow flag and BLM flags. It was more or less planned with Biden in the first place. Newsom will be president, they try to take away security mechanisms from Americans next – gold, guns, and Bitcoin. That’s when the real fight begins.

    • Sundance over at Conservative Tree House has argued that this was the case. Use Pedo Joe as a figurehead while backstage it was the third term of Obama, complete with his apparatchiks (for instance, Susan Rice, who merely coincidentally suddenly resigned…timing is everything), to pick up where he left off in the destruction he fostered. Then, when dictated, give Joe the hook, either through a forced resignation, or through impeachment (with feigned horror at his transgressions [about which they would profess no knowledge] from the Democrats whose votes would be needed to shove him out), and then on to the installation of a preferred successor.

      Following is my own tinfoil reasoning. That would not be Cameltoe, so if the timing could be worked out, she would be placed elsewhere, for instance as Feinstein’s replacement, being appointed by Gavin Newscum, and this before Pedo Joe was out. And wouldn’t you know, leaving a vacancy in the office of VP, then fortuitously available to be filled by Newscum, rather like Nelson Rockerfeller filled the spot of VP, and guaranteeing the Continuity of Putsch, regardless. These people (including the RINOs, of course, as active members of the Uniparty) are shameless, so appearances be damned. Newscum is in, Joe leaves one way or the other, and Newscum is then available to serve two terms after being President during the rag end of the “Biden” regime’s time. A reptile with good hair, and more competent than Cameltoe.

      • Jersey Jeff — I also assumed that Barry Soetoro still runs White House operations.

        • On whose behalf. Someone let the community organizer rise up, made him Senator, and lets BLM/BS run the street and cultural wings of conquest. He isn’t doing this on his own. He has no resources on his own. They could deal with BLM and the rabble of, “community organizers”, very quickly and harshly. He too is someone’s stooge.

          It isn’t Oprah and the BET mogul who are funding and planning this with Barry out front. Though, if that were the case, wouldn’t that be … flabbergasting.

          • He rode the wave of Bush Derangement Syndrome into the WH. That was the first time I noticed the mind virus. “Change!”….. “Hope!”….. The Americans I used to recognize had suddenly become alien creatures. It was supposed to be Hillary. He usurped. Not so differently from how Trump did in 2016, really.

            Then, consider, just bear with me a moment, the possibility that he is a pretty sharp guy who knew how to consolidate power once he had it. All the easier to do with a not just compliant but fawning media establishment. And has held onto it ever since.

            Maybe that’s not conspiratorial enough for this crowd. But otherwise we are just looking for some big jew(s) who pulled strings to accomplish exactly the same things.

          • ‘He too is someone’s stooge.’

            Yes, Obama is a tool, but a powerful and cunning tool, not to be underestimated.

            Ann Dunham and Barry’s real daddy were Subud cult insiders, and evidence suggests that Barry was groomed for the presidency since childhood, at minimum.

            Ann Dunham likely was a CIA asset. The forces that shepherded and empowered Barry operate at global levels of influence and are trans-generational. I do not believe those elements are finished utilizing Barry but have only begun.

  13. Regarding the future of Fox News, here is their presentation of the “conservative case for transgenderism,” soon (suddenly?) to be followed by their abject surrender on all related issues:

    “Conservatives need to understand and accept that the trans community is not going away. There will be, going forward, a small but significant number of Americans who claim to change their gender, and a much larger group who accept those changes wholly and at face value.
    “Since neither side can fully convince the other on the basics of the trans issue, the question becomes: What can each side tolerate while still holding true to their convictions and beliefs?
    “…Conservatives can treat the trans community with respect and dignity without betraying their positions on sports, prisons, or children by simply accepting that Americans have a right to live as any gender they choose so long as it does not interfere with the rights of anyone else.”


    • “Americans have a right to live as any gender they choose so long as it does not interfere with the rights of anyone else.”

      I used to believe that.

      But it’s not true. And these people are erring into considerable Sin at the behest of Satan. And to normalize it, entertain it and encourage it is also Sinful.

      Once these “Conservative” folks recognise this, and the trannies do to, then real healing can begin. Until then, it is just one more capitulation of “Conservatives” to Satan.

      • Along with the freedom of association (“why should I be forced to associate with trannies?”) they also never have an answer to “how is this good for my people?”

      • Yes, there are some things you can’t throw into the pile of “individual rights” and that which a sane and healthy society simply cannot accept. When it comes down, it’s either their way or our way.

        There is no mushy middle of insane people going about their insanity and not interfering and destroying everything around them.

      • “Americans have a right to live as any gender they choose”

        …as long as they’re in a mental hospital.

    • The most interesting aspect is the gatekeepers think they can split the baby on this one and they cannot. It has them worried because that is how the Left always has prevailed and this is the time half will not be accepted.

    • From the article: “Progressives can hold fast to their belief that gender is a matter of personal knowledge rather than biology without insisting that everyone accept it and while admitting that there are serious concerns about fairness and safety.”

      Progressive response is “no”. Now what? That’s why conservatives never, ever win and progressives always win. You have to draw a line in the sand and say this unholy madness is unacceptable and can never be agreed upon in any form. And at that point you realize the fundamental problem – can we really coexist with these people?

      • “You have to draw a line in the sand and say this unholy madness is unacceptable and can never be agreed upon in any form.” [Emphasis myne].

        Indeed. That is exactly what must be done. And what each of us must do, in however trivial a matter. When we see Evil, we must: recognize it and counter it in some manner.

      • Mycale: Even more important: Do we WANT to coexist with these people? My answer is a resounding “NO.” I absolutely love that I do not have to see anyone other than my husband unless I choose to leave our land. And even then, I deal solely with White, rural, Christian Americans.

        Tolerance of and compromise with evil is . . . EVIL. Same fatal path this former country first embarked upon. Same “individual freedumbs” siren song. But most people never learn.

        • 3g4me,

          Most certainly.

          A couple of weekends ago, we took our sons to a farm that is also an outdoor play area. I was outside with middle son, and returned to the cafe area to find my wife talking to a woman.

          Turns out that this woman had ‘migrated’ from Chicago along with her husband and child. My GoodWhite siren went off immediately. It hit overload when the professions of the duo were revealed: Her, an employee of the BBC; Him, a university lecturer.

          On the way back home, my wife remarked about these folk, saying that the lady seemed “nice” but citing the professional background as a red flag. I concluded by saying that hopefully we’ll never see these people again.

          We were both in agreement. No to Leftism. No to BBC. No to Chicago-Whatever Uni. No to Wokism. No, no, no!

          • OrangeFrog: Good on you and your wife for remaining vigilant. “Nice” originally meant “ignorant” or “foolish” (I’m with Chaucer on this one). Those Chicagoans may have changed continents but they merely exchanged one leftist hive for another. Tons of people like that (found one here a few years ago – from Rhode Island); all are best avoided.

          • Any American living in the UK, unless he’s there as some weird condition to receive an inheritance from a kooky old brit relative who died, is a Leftist. There’s just no other reason to go there now. What’s happened to your country is very sad but I don’t need to see it in person.

            In fact, this is why I will often abruptly turn off a video on YT or a podcast too. “Elsie, a young American woman living in London…” Nope, nope, nope. I don’t need to hear about this silly little bitch and her reasons for crossing the Atlantic. There’s a 99.99% chance that I know them all and could probably write the narrative myself. I’d rather not ruin my day though so it’s back to watching videos about rotary engines or some dude throwing metallic sodium in a pool of water or something.

          • You can tell yourself that but it doesn’t mean it’s true Mr Poz.

            Your country seems much more far gone than old Blighty.

            I’ve noticed this with American rightists;always predicting the end of Europe but the catastrophes seem to happen in the US. Demographically ,politically, and culturally the US is in the vanguard of all this.

            It’s the inverse of the Tom Wolfe quote about the dark knight of fascism.

          • Actually you’re right about the demographics Europa. I was thinking more about the stupid “slice of life” stories we get here about some American (usually a young woman) who goes to the UK. They always present these things as some great revelation that we ‘murrican rubes are supposed to marvel at. It’s like listening to some preacher tell a story. You know the story isn’t really about what it’s about.

    • “Conservatives need to understand and accept that the trans community is not going away.”

      Yeah, we understand that the murderer, rapist and pedophile “communities” are not going away. That doesn’t mean we have to “accept” them.

    • “Americans have a right to live as any gender they choose so long as it does not interfere with the rights of anyone else.”

      “BAKE THE CAKE M**********RS!!”

      We’re somewhat past the thin edge of the wedge. Surely no-one’s falling for it this time?

  14. Hmmm… Emperor Maxentius drowned in the Tiber.

    Isn’t there a river in our capitol city?

  15. You can tell a lot about a person’s value if they say things happened for no reason. Here in our state, I’ve been trying to privately warn the politicians to stop the spending spree before the economic crisis hits full speed.

    With every new bit of info, a bank failure here or the sudden evaporation of funding for a major project there, they say, “that’s nothing, it happened for no reason at all, it happens all the time, this is fine.”

    Even when I accurately predict the next step, they refuse to listen. Not one of them wants to hear anything about it. They never ask questions and they just repeat regime catchphrases.

    Gradually turns into suddenly because a lot of useless people are rewarded for how their acting. Moral hazard has never been higher.

    • As always, history turns on a dime. There’s always that last straw, for want of a nail etc., Some little action not paid attention to, and the whole jenga collapses. Bud Lite is a good example, Pearl Harbor, any number of obscenely stupid decisions by those in charge. And yet the wonder is that most of them responsible for those decisions never suffer the consequences of their actions, they go whistling blithely through their lives accumulating wealth and power. They don’t understand the level of rage they provoke because no justice or punishment accrues to them personally. I prefer to believe in the big wheel of cosmic justice, the one that says the kid who bullies and taunts you daily through your childhood grows up to be the grandfather of the child upon whom you as a brain surgeon, will be operating, or the court judge who will sentence the man who pushes your grandmother down and breaks her hip while stealing her purse has a niece who was her beloved caretaker.

    • This bank thing is worrisome. The dollars involved are way less than 2008, but the regime has burned through all it’s “powder” it could use to address the crisis. Now it looks like they’re corks being swept along by the currents, because that’s largely what’s happening. I’m naturally a pessimistic and a perpetually wrong doomer so I discount m own opinion, but I don’t see how they get out of this without locking the system up behind a “bank holiday” for a week to try and fix this when it suddenly starts sliding on them (“try” being the operative word).

      • The only question is whether they nationalize the banks openly, or secretly. They’re already doing it secretly. Guaranteeing all deposits, no matter how large, is nationalizing the banks. But as usual there is a lot of pretending not to notice going on.

        • Nationalizing won’t stop it beg because the problem is also offshore non-banks. And the size with that factored in dwarfs the 2007 crisis. I mentioned in another thread but the person misunderstood: eurodollars, not euro.

          Just set your watch: official rates will be near zero by end of year. Mass unemployment. The only thing that can stop this is a war with China that shuts down global shipping lanes to keep prices up. I surmise that’s what covid was actually about and the war with Russia, trying to hide what started in 2019 in repo.

          • official rates will be near zero

            There’s not much they can do in that regard without blowing up the currency due to inflation. Also, how many times will Congress be able to bailout the FDIC?
            The Fed didn’t start hiking rates because they thought it was good policy, they did so because they didn’t have a choice.

  16. Putting Biden in charge was just the Regime flexing on all of us. I know I’ve said this here before, but it bears repeating. Zman ascribes this to corruption and rot. Maybe. But I’m ascribing it to seriously powerful Regime, unafraid of any backlash, putting a known senile old fool in charge and daring anyone to object.

    So maybe we have some Praetorians plotting to replace Uncle Joe with a Claudius-like figure who turns out to be competent. Or maybe the flexing gets even worse and they put the Courtesan veep in charge. The plot to oust Uncle Joe could have plenty of twists and turns before the final act.

    • I agree with you. There is evidence to corroborate – albeit circumstantial. Joe Biden is post-America’s Boris Yeltsin – the buffoonish, drunkard they propped up in post-Soviet Russia.

      Who are they. Well, they are the same they in both cases – American financial plutocrats from the Wall St./Ivy League-economics-dept complex. It is the exact same people.

      Putting up Biden is a very clear message: “We can stand up an egregious stooge. He is one of your folk, but we can get him to denigrate you and make you a second class citizen. We can get the entire media apparatus to pretend that this is all perfectly normal. The conservatives in congress are so cowed none will dare offer any real resistance. We can stand down the military and purge your folk. Just what are you rubes going to do about it?”

      This is intentional. It is a signal to the country and it is a signal to the international organizations – we, not the people, run this show. DiSantis’ recent little antic is another clear message about who is in charge and who are the satraps.

      • Yes. It’s exactly the same psychology as when Caligula made his horse consul: “here, plebs, grovel before your new equine overlord!”

        As Doctor Dalrymple noted, propaganda is about the humiliation of being forced to embrace absurd propositions, viz “this demented old gangster is the leader of the free world”. It robs you of dignity and saps your morale.

    • Agreed. It is the same dynamic with trannies.

      Something may have gone wrong with the plan to replace Biden, though. It seems too coincidental that this scandal over his well-known bribe-taking has emerged only after he announced his plans for re-election.

      We need to neither underestimate nor overestimate our enemies here. They are ruthless and control everything, but they fuck up routinely as well. It is something that gets lost due to their obvious and overwhelming power.

      • Absolutely Jack. Maybe we get a Claudius (a longshot), but more likely a Nero. Or maybe it’s the “year of four Emperors” and we have a total open brawl that gets out of hand.

    • I completely agree. I always have to say that people are assuming Biden is being replaced. You can go to the comments two, three years ago, and find that the majority said he would be replaced in months. I have long said he will not be. I still say that. If they wanted Joe out, they could do it. I see no push for that. I think he will be president again, and I think the Hunter stuff will come to nothing.
      Which inspires more awe: People who lie and sneak behind your back, or those who rub your nose in their shenanigans? The Caligula reference is exactly perfect.
      Not replacing Biden is the ultimate display. Instead of horse droppings in the Senate floor, you have a senile crook’s soiled Depends. I do not think he will be replaced. At most Hunter gets a slap on the wrist.
      What is also possible is Hunter did something to tick them off, and they might want to make him suffer a bit.
      However, Joe stays.

        • Well, if you ever examine the artwork they seem to love (of horrendous child abuse – just look into it), I would say that is exactly what they enjoy. I do not think many here truly understand exactly how wicked they are, and how they flaunt this – especially their love of abusing children. They plaster their houses with it.

  17. Joe Biden spent 35 years in the Senate as an affable boob at best and a corrupt, sleazy grifter at worst. He had no principles, no morals, and not much competence. Certainly not the sort of guy you want in power, but not the worst either. He really didn’t do anything except glad-hand and feast off the material benefits he gained from his office. He was chosen by the Barack operation for exactly this reason.

    It’s worth noting the current crop of Democrats are much, much worse than Joe Biden. Oh, they are corrupt, sleazy grifters to be sure. Oh, they are completely incompetent, sure. They’re all running scams like Joe Biden did, and they were all likely centered on the Ukraine (which is why they all care so much about the border skirmish). However, they also hate you and want you dead. They do not care for the rule of law and see it only as an instrument to ruin anyone who stands in their way. We have been seeing that for the past 10 years (since Barack’s 2nd term, roughly). With this crop of gangsters, Joe Biden then becomes elevated. This is how this clown ended up in the position he is in. Sooner rather than later, though, Joe Biden will be gone, and this current crop of gangsters will take his place.

  18. “As with everything else in the 1990’s, Joe Biden appears to have gone from affable dimwit who was mostly honest to a man who walked around Washington with a list of prices for the services he could offer.”

    I remember in the beginning of the first Obama administration there was a crappy ‘shop meme of Biden in a wifebeater washing a Firebird Trans AM on the Whitehouse lawn. Lovable yet creepy uncle thing going on. Was this guy an affable greasy guy even back in the ’80s? Whenever I see his picture I feel like he wants to sell me a Ford Pinto.

    • Just watch his performance during the Thomas confirmation hearings, the bizarre questions, the leering expressions. He has always been a 3 alarm four flusher and all-around creep.

      • I hate to be so shallow but Biden had hair plugs.

        It is all you need to know about him.

      • I remember when he dropped out of the 88 presidential run because he stole Neil Kinnock’s speech , almost word for word. My naive mind assumed he would go away in complete humiliation, never to try national politics again.

    • “Affable” was never my impression. Even before his dementia set in, he was always one word away from flying into a rage. There are more than four decades of film of him threatening to fistfight his constituents.

  19. Twenty years ago, GI Joe from middle America was called to go fight them there so we didn’t have to fight them here. In the most middle of middle America you now find little Mogadishu and smallworld Somalia. The call to prayer goes out starting at 6am and happens five times a day – decrees the all Muslim city council. The small town downtown businesses and churches fly the Flag of The Occupation Regime. Some fly a pirate flag with the pirate and sword in rainbow colors. They post long screeds about how abortion is crucial to the health, well-being and freedom of women on placcards in their doorways. Brand new statues of magical colored activists are erected while the plaques and monuments to the pioneers and builders of the towns and cities rot.

    In the airport, the regime is everywhere. It is there to tell you, “You are being erased. There is a new people here now, and we worship them; and you, you must be deferential.” A woman reads the New York Times on the plane filled with article after article heralding the new religion’s catechisms. African fashion is the headline at the Brooklyn Academy of Music museum. The neon signs in the airport announce Asian Pacific Heritage Month and tout Xing Xong Ling as the first, not Asian American, but Asian Pacific Islander female pilot and lauds her greatness. The Wright Brothers and Lindbergh erased. The stewardesses where bizarre makeup and 6 inch eyelash extensions and bizarre giraffe design hair weaves.

    The airport in middle America has hints of what the big city airport looks like and what it too will soon look like – the bar scene from the original Stars Wars movie. The all-POC TSA line is filled with bitter people whose brazen contempt for you is no longer concealed. Git yo bucket on thuh rolluh – stopping just short of ending with a seething, “whitey.”

    Trayvon Martin, he who got what he deserved when he viciously attacked a man nearly to death. Now he is in the Smithsonian in an astronaut/NASA uniform – a young man of brilliance who was on the path to becoming an astronaut until the vicious, white hand of racism took his dreams and his life from him. Then Michael Brown rhino charged a cop and got what he deserved, but Papa Brown’s incantations to Burn this motha f***a down did do magic as Holder and Obama did deals with BLM and permitted and condoned the razing. Then St. George of The Holy Overdose did give his life so that the nation could burn and the color revolution could be completed. Oh how they must be laughing at the multiple depths of the meaning of color revolution they have pulled off.

    It happened gradually, then all at once.

    The thing is, this didn’t just happen. This has been coordinated. Sure the tailings are just the chaos of momentum, but something highly organized created the cesspools of momentum.

  20. The broad exposure and subsequent non-suicide of Jeffrey Epstein somehow figures into this, I think, perhaps significantly. Everything has unraveled quickly since that seldom-mentioned, always present scandal. It is obvious even to the thick that Epstein was running an extortion racket for and against the powerful, likely at the behest of the FBI and so-called intelligence community.

    Before the corruption became so widespread and pathological, the typical D.C. boogie would have been to offer up a sacrificial lamb to take the fall. The lamb ultimately would make bank after a short stint in Club Fed. Now that so many hands are dirty*, and the FBI is acknowledged across the board as the epicenter of corruption that extends into every nook and cranny of the apparat, that simply cannot happen this time because it would expose and impact the kabuki inquisitors as well.

    So we have the only available to this den of thieves: rule by force, intimidation, and terror. It cannot stand for long because the factions by necessity will go after one another as the pie decreases in size, but, man, it is going to be hell on earth until it falls and even for many years if not decades afterwards.

    *Many have been dirty forever. Easily bought journalists and media company executives, for example, have been a thing for a long, long time. The FBI has been a corrupt extortion racket since its inception. Insider trading long has been a congressional perk. The list is endless.

    • Agree about Epstein but both you and Citizen below are talking about battling factions emerging. They are not visible yet. I fear the status quo could continue indefinitely.

      • With the disappearance of the rule of law and the pie shrinking due to a number of economic factors, digital warlordism is inevitable. We see outlines even now, I think, with the looting of the financial system, particularly banking, as the middleman faction tries to plunder as much as quickly as possible and the old school, old money Puritan faction trying to preserve the value of its wealth. Powell vs. Yellen, to oversimplify.

        I get your point, though, and sometimes it seems like this will go on for eternity and at other times it seems like collapse might happen the next day. Erasure of the boundaries and the rule of law lead me to think it is the latter.

    • I believe it took a trip to Epstein Island and committing a video-recorded felony with a minor to become a political “made-man”.

      Those videos unlocked the doors of power, and kept those in power under control. The FBI has them now.

      • “The FBI has them now”….. It’s very difficult to disagree with that conclusion

      • That might have been the original intent, though it really seemed like their scheme tended to drag people into it who were perfectly okay with it (I mean, can anyone really picture Clinton (either) saying “no sir, I will not be a party to that, I have standards!”).

  21. Once it’s accepted that the system is corrupt and you only gain power and wealth through grifting or by playing hardball to control a part of the system, i.e., the grifters work for you, you’ll inevitably start getting various factions competing to gain power.

    You’ll also start to get politicians who realize that they control enough people with guns to turn on their donor masters. “What good is your money if you’re in jail or dead.” Of course, at some point, the people with the guns realize that they’re the ones with the guns, not the politician.

    Maybe, we’re heading to that point. Maybe, we there.

  22. I’m reminded of the spinning plates act, if they start a few too many plates spinning (corrupt officials and coverups), all of a sudden they can’t keep up and all of the plates come crashing down.

  23. i only remember the tail end of the 90s and the conventional wisdom in hindsight is that bill clinton moved the party to the center and that it was obama who moved it back to the left. Am I missing something?

    • It wasn’t Clinton’s politics – which were middle of the road – but his and Hillary’s morals that changed Washington. They were and are grifters. Washington accepted them. This gave tacit official approval of grifting, so others followed suit.

      • Yup, it’s the same dynamic you see when your boss constantly cheats the rules, so his underlings follow suit. And the Clintons were so blatant about it there was no plausible deniability.

      • Does anyone remember Cokie Roberts going thermonukular on the David Brinkley show, because Monica Lewinsky was an UNPAID INTERN ?!?!?

        Moast all PUA analysis of the burgeoning new Age-Of-Consent laws holds that the Wine Aunts loathe & despise their younger-hotter-tighter competition.


        PS: I’ll be damned – I checked her wiki – and poor Cokie died of breast cancer in late 2019, just before the onset of COVID.

      • It’s hard to believe now, but the Republicans had such momentum back then that Clinton had to declare that the age of big government is over.

        All of the Republican complaints about overspending and overtaxing actually had serious purchase back then with the electorate.

        Then W became President and spent more than anyone before him, the Republicans didn’t object, and everyone eventually realized it was just cheap talk.

    • Before Bill Clinton, the democrats were openly hostile to businesses, especially corporations. That hostility pushed them into supporting disparate “right wing” groups opposed to the democrats.

      Clinton made peace with the large corps and brought them into the democrat-left coalition. People at the time thought that meant he was making the party more centrist, less left wing. Maybe that was the case for a while.

      Long term, all it did was remove their funding and organization from the “right” – leading to the situation today.

      • Yes. This was arguably the biggest change in American politics since WWII. NAFTA had a lot to do with it also.

      • maybe it explains the change in places like Dupage county illinois. Used to be a republican stronghold and Clinton himself never came close to winning it. In the last election, Biden got 58% of the vote there.

        • As I related on a Z post from a month ago, a trip up to Naperville, IL, in the heart of DuPage county, yielded an eye-opener:

          “Election time is in the air in Silly-nois and the election signs sprout from the ground like dandelions. I notice the signs as I’m driving along and unnoticed by me, so does M’Lady. At one point as we’re driving through Naperville, IL, she turns to me and asks “Have you noticed anything, um, odd about the candidate signs here and down by our cousins?”
          I reply “Sure, 75 – 80% of them are either Indian or Arabic names.””

          I’m willing to bet it’s demographic shifts in the voters with new folks from other countries coming in and conservative folks moving for greener pastures, retiring and moving, or dying off. College age kids with their heads full of liberal mush moving back don’t help either.

        • i think dupage county is still 70% white. So maybe the white voters that live there are not the same type of whites who lived there 25-30 years ago.

          • krustykurmudgeon: Try 65% per 2020 census, so today probably 62-63%. Barely above tipping point. Very fertile soil for 17% Asian population.

            Anything below 85% White and the place is doomed in the next decade. Population replacement is real and is accelerating. Most people have no clue just how fast Whites are aging and dying out and how many children the yellows and browns crank out fast to cement their claim on what they now openly proclaim is ‘their’ country.

          • Per La Wiki, as of the last census DuPage is 63% White, 13% Asian, and 15% Hispanic or Latino.

            So there’s been a shift and if you add in A Certain Demographic at 5%, you’re at roughly 1/3rd of the county being From Other Places.

            A key is the County Board is Democratic 11 to 7.

            Your point of “So maybe the white voters that live there are not the same type of whites who lived there 25-30 years ago.” is definitely the case. Folks who can afford to, like M’Lady and I, left the Collar Counties years ago. The out-migration of Illinois is pretty shocking, amazingly DuPage county is among precious few counties in the state gaining residents. That said, I expect the 63% seen now to dip further as The Blessings of Diversity bless the county.

          • As 3g4me hints, once you account for the 25-30% of Whites who are shitlibs, anything below 85% White is dangerous. 70 percent of a 70% White area is only 49% of the total vote.

          • Anyways I feel you have two types of white flight. The first is in prole areas. Like I don’t know how familiar you guys are with the la area but you had places like Huntington park bell gardens Montebello etc that were full of the shitkicker types. In the 70s, they all died off and moved out and we’re replaced by Mexicans.

            Then you have somewhere like dupage county or pockets of northern Virginia where there is some white flight but it isn’t as dramatic And you have Asians and subcons moving in.

            I’m not sure which is worse. Asians tend to assimilate into swpl/awfl culture and may actually be more dangerous. Blacks/Hispanics don’t have that power but they are a nuisance in a more immediate sense.

    • Despite “Hillarycare”, yes Bill was an economy-first centrist who balanced the budget & reduced welfare. Of course the roaring economy helped him greatly.

      Maybe this was my youth & inexperience talking, but politics got real nasty during this time. That’s when news became “infotainment” and when the GOP started using government shutdowns and supreme-court picks as a weapon. (I know, I know, Robert Bork, yadda yadda, but it takes two to tango.)

      Republicans & their voters HATED the Clintons. I was a normie lefty, like many teenagers, and I did not understand the anger. I thought the GOP were being hateful squares, stuck in the past.

      Then of course the election in 2000 got stolen and the Republicans proceeded to wreck the economy, spread liberty, and declare war on everybody. Obama was a welcome relief in 2008. (“Change”, remember?) Obama didn’t get proto-woke until his second term. That was the beginning of the Left becoming unhinged. I know, because that is when I left the Left and started following the dissident right…

      • marko – obama second term was when i started becoming suspicious of the left. Although even to this day my attitude is more “let’s just humor them and things can all go back to normal”.

        Like why can’t we have the nice all-american boy, who also happens to be liberal. Like Walter Cronkite, RFK Sr, Earl Warren, Jim Garner etc were all liberal but they at least gave buy in to the system. All except for RFK were from prole backgrounds. I’d rather have them than Katie Porter.

      • Obama’s job in his first term was to normalize and institutionalize the insane illegal actions and abuses-of-power undertaken by the neocons in the Bush White House. The wars of choice, drone bombings, warrantless wiretapping, mass surveillance, color revolutions, persecution of whistleblowers/real journalists, etc. All this stuff was used as a cudgel by the left in the Bush admin (rightfully, it’s horrific, although for them it was obviously not about principle), but Obama came in and put a nice happy brown face on all of it. Once that was done, he was able to set his social engineering revolutionary operation into motion which of course we are still in the thick of today.

        • That was the dynamic. The “Biden” regime has been Obama’s third term; his people had everything to do with getting Joe past the primaries, and they have gotten the right to govern because of this.

      • You aren’t remembering the Clinton Supreme Court nominations correctly. The patron saint of crazy cat ladies was confirmed 96-3 and Breyer’s vote was 87-9. As for your last paragraph, I always thought it weird how you young lefties ran around for screaming “Bush is Hitler” and then said nothing when your lord and savior Obama increased the number of drone strikes on little kids birthday parties in the Middle East.

      • “I know, I know, Robert Bork, yadda yadda, but it takes two to tango.”

        Bork was actually advanced as a nominee during Ronald Reagan’s presidency and featured Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Drunky, Joe “Hey Fat!” Biden and Teddy “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy smearing Bork’s reputation.

        They had so much fun they rebooted the movie as High Tech Lynching: The Clarence Thomas Story in 1991.

        • And Bork was targeted not so much for what Ted Kennedy said about him, but for his role in the Saturday Night Massacre. It had only been fourteen years, and there were plenty of folks from Watergate still in the DOJ and on Senate staff — not to mention working throughout DC — with a taste for vengeance on Bork for firing Archibald Cox and forcing the resignation of Elliot Richardson and Bill Ruckelshaus on Nixon’s orders.

        • i kind of wonder if the biden administration is considering giving the “epstein” “or “mary pinchot meyer” treatment to one of the people on the supreme court? Hearing about it in the news makes it sound like a bat signal that they are.

      • You got a few downvotes, and I’m not sure where you’re coming from here, but I would remind the younger folks on here that the Clinton campaign in 1992 *was* pretty nasty. The American Spectator and David Brock took direct aim at the Clintons for a year-plus, not to mention Rush Limbaugh and others who constituted the conservative media apparatus at the time.

        There were rumors about Clinton trying to renounce his citizenship during a trip to Moscow in the early 1970s while he was at Oxford, for example. And you had Gennifer Flowers and others taking aim at Clinton’s philandering throughout the campaign as well.

        To some extent, this was the hangover from Lee Atwater’s 1988 campaign against Dukakis, which was brutal, and several of the fellas on The Lincoln Project of today cut their teeth. Dukakis was savaged via word-of-mouth and gossip. Pappy Bush even used to joke in front of reporters about Dukakis: “What’s 18 inches long and hangs in front of an asshole? Mike Dukakis’ tie.”

        • Yeah I don’t understand the downvotes. I was a teenager and a normie lefty. Like 80% were and are. Maybe people here think Republicans were the good guys in the 1990s? They were shit then, and are shit now.

          • I downvoted you for stating that Clinton was a centrist, when in fact he was a leftist who was forced to the center. Reduced welfare and balanced budgets were things he never would have done on his own. They were forced on him.

          • It’s because you forgot to eat this:
            I thought the GOP were being hateful squares, stuck in the past.

        • isn’t david brock the media matters guy? Interesting how he flipped

      • Obama’s woke leanings were pretty obvious from his radical background. They came out with the Skip Gates incident early in his first term, but really came to the fore in the 2012 campaign with the thug who would have looked like his son, if he had a son.

    • Since the 80s, selling out has become its own morality, the new center. See libertarianism, de-regulation, big tech business model, etc. Clinton found religion in ‘94.

      Corrupt politicians are nothing new. The conquest of nation by commerce is.

    • Clinton was forced to the center by the Republican majority which took over Congress in ’94. He was as far left as he could get away with. With a D majority on the hill would have been much farther.

      Not that Republican majorities cure all ills, or even any ills, but for a couple of years in the mid 90s there was a well spring of civic duty in the party.

      • Election day 1994 is when the media, which has a higher percentage of spooks in it than CIA headquarters does, turned fully and permanently against the average American—known thenceforth as “angry white men,” etc. TV had been a 24-hour all-hands campaign against voting Republican for the past two years, and we resisted it. So our fate was decided.

  24. It’s been a bit disheartening to watch friends who were ardent Trump supporters until very recently. They turned to Tucker Carlson and he provided a glimmer of hope for them.
    I think there are so many who are more lost, confused and discouraged than ever.
    I’m grateful for Sports, Culture and Other Stuff and the comments section.

    • Melissa: People who seek others to do the hard work and be their heroes will always disappoint you. Most people are naturally passive and would much rather follow the herd and be taken care of than forge their own path. “My leader.” “My social security.” “My my my my my.” Anything except “My responsibility.”

      • 3ge4me:
        Great point, very true.
        It’s almost impossible for people to navigate through the madness and have at least a small understanding of how/why it’s happening. Times are getting tough.
        There is no voice for the dirt people and no savior.
        I live around many of the forgotten and abandoned. Maybe they’ll be the ones to emerge from the rubble.

  25. There’s a reason Sundance refers to the “intelligence”department as the fourth branch of government – they run the show, both domestically and internationally. All the the politicians, especially presidents, are mere faces and figureheads for public consumption. They have no real power of any kind. When you think about it, you really wonder if there’s any way out of this mess. I suppose most governments around the world are similar (except most don’t have nuclear weapons as well as tards with itchy trigger fingers) – even kings can be corrupted by the security apparatus and ever growing cancerous bureaucracy. Is the human condition great or what?

  26. All of society is built around draining public trust though and *converting the sacrificed trust into dollars and power for globohomo*; that is the machine that runs the world. Tucker did this personally as well, being silent when the 2020 election fraud was ongoing.

    How does one create institutions that put trust at the forefront when it goes against every incentive structure of society? Such organizations ultimately gets corrupted or bought out.

    Trust in the medical field was eviscerated during fraudvirus, trust in the military is declining as well but still has a ways left to fall.

    • > Trust in the medical field was eviscerated during fraudvirus, trust in the military is declining as well but still has a ways left to fall.

      In he last five years I have met maybe two medical professionals younger than 30 who weren’t either incompetent or woke psychopaths. The absolute worst are elderly care staff. You can tell they just wish everyone in their care would just die already, and sometimes they help accelerate the process.

      The collapse in medicine is going to be insane to witness, and the boomers without children who will take care of them will be the first to witness it.

      • Chet Rollins: “In the last five years I have met maybe two medical professionals younger than 30 who weren’t either incompetent or woke psychopaths.”

        Back circa the GHWB-41 era, noticeable percentages of the interns were badly “off” psychologically.

        I have family members who remained in the medical edumakashun bidness these last few decades, and they all agree that the psychopathy amongst the interns is now endemic.

        Stay healthy and stay the he11 out of the medical system.

        We are all descended from millions upon millions of years of hominids who somehow managed to survive without any medicine whatsoever.

        The leading cause of death in the United States is ENTERING AN HOSPITAL AS A PATIENT.

        Stay the he11 away from hospitals.

        And for the sake of God almighty, don’t submit to any vaccinations for any reason whatsoever.

        • And stay the hell out of “retirement” facilities. My mom died in one, and one of my aunts will as well. I had any number of clients who were basically incarcerated in them during the covid scamdemic. Further, many, if not most of the employees are coal black joggers. Assuming I don’t stroke out and have no say in the matter, there’s no F-ing way I’m going into one of those places. If things are closing in on something like that, I’ll take myself out one way or the other.

      • what about the stereotype of the doctor as a fun loving guy on his second (or higher) wife with a sports car? I assume that’s only the surgeons?

        • That is my primary care clown.
          I would like to have a good veterinarian treat me.

          • Early 70s friend of mine is a retired veterinarian; once head of my former state’s veterinary professional organization. He said there was a sharp demarcation point where he looked out across the group and noted that most new vets were female. It’s been going on for a couple of decades, according to him. Didn’t ask how many had green or pink hair …..

    • “How does one create institutions that put trust at the forefront when it goes against every incentive structure of society?”

      Heh. Well, you could start by having a racially unified people with some sort of culture in common. In addition, you’d probably want to keep the number of people in this society below a couple hundred thousand. Can’t do much about that now!

      I’m reminded of the civic-mindedness of the generation of (pretty much white) people who are now between 50 and 75. These are people who voluntarily cut the communal lawn, turn up to clean algae out of the local pond or have “Neighbourhood Watch” signs in their windows. These people are still highly numerous, but from a generational perspective, the sorts of civic activities done by these folk just will not be done by younger generations on any scale.

      For me, it is just one more piece of evidence of the gradual destruction of social capital.

      • Social trust indeed requires a monoculture and racial homogeny. You still can have an intact Britain even at this point if people come around to admit this and are willing to do nasty things over the next few years. The United States as a unified entity is done and a lost cause, hence the accelerated looting.

        • You still can have an intact Britain even at this point

          Ah, I’d love to believe it, Jack. I really would. Good Olde Anglolande getting her mojo back. But: whilst we are – according to some census a couple of years back – still eight-five percent white, we have so much rot.

          I’d say we have a good couple million salt-of-the-earth whites who’d back a strongman and are riled up as Hell; but the rest? I just don’t know. Like the US, we have a phenomenal problem with GoodWhites who seem to be very numerous in the most powerful institutions. They see very little of what happens “on the ground”, so to speak.

          And then there’s the fair few million in the middle, the sort who say “I’m not racist, but…”; will they back a strongman? Would they support the nasty things that need to be done? Don’t know.

          Mark you, in this entire comment, I have supposed that a “strongman” is already in the offing. Even that’s unlikely as far as I can see.

          Christ was and remains the only redemption. Simply put: the English must find God and serious, devout small community. It is the only way, and it will be very hard.

          Perhaps it is the same in the US?

          • I still believe those few million are enough. They have to harden themselves and it will require leadership that is as yet not apparent, but it’s not hopeless.

          • Lack of Christ is why England is failing. It was once the greatest Christian nation – and the greatest nation on earth.

          • The United States is spent as a polity and as a people. Britain will have the advantage of seeing what happens to us here–unless that is suppressed, which is highly possible.

            You are absolutely correct that GoodWhites are problem, or at least 80 percent of it along with “Whites.” The mystery meat folks are tools and weapons.

      • I’m reminded of the civic-mindedness of the generation of (pretty much white) people who are now between 50 and 75. These are people who voluntarily cut the communal lawn, turn up to clean algae out of the local pond or have “Neighbourhood Watch” signs in their windows. These people are still highly numerous, but from a generational perspective, the sorts of civic activities done by these folk just will not be done by younger generations on any scale.

        Over the course of 15 years, I coached my kids’ Little League teams and ran our town’s LL softball program. In the last couple of years before I “retired” in 2015, it was increasingly hard to get any parents to coach teams. Sending emails to the parents who signed their kids up, practically begging them to coach their own kids and their friends in “our community”. Crickets.

        My friends still on the LL board tell me it’s even harder now. The Millenials and Zs can’t be bothered. Their attitude generally seems to be that Little League is just a place to drop your kid(s) off for a couple of hours.

        • mikeski: Those Milennials and Zs spent their entire lives in daycare and after-school care and organized activities. Their parents entirely outsourced their upbringing. They’re simply repeating what they know and what they were taught.

          I will never forget how I was roundly attacked in my bible study group when I bemoaned our search for affordable health care so that we could have another child. I was the sole stay-at-home mother in the group and all those ‘Christian’ women immediately justified why they ‘had’ to work and how their children were providing “salt and light” to their daycares and public schools.

          Seminal, learning moment in a lifetime of such moments. People are generally selfish and stupid and self-absorbed. Rely on them at your peril.

  27. Is it plausible to blame it all on Clintons? Nixon was taken down from the inside, and Kennedy didn’t kill himself, so to speak. More likely, the people running this country got old and lazy and decided to outsource work to small-time grifters.

    • Before the Clintons, public figures were encouraged to avoid even “the appearance of impropriety”. After, they sought only to maintain “plausible deniability”.

      They were still corrupt, of course, but less blatant about it.

  28. > If such revelations happened in the Trump years, the coverage would be wall-to-wall.

    Wall-to-wall? Floor-to-ceiling more like. You’d need breathing apparatus

  29. I’m no fan of what the Democrats have become and I suspect our crowd here leans to the Republican. However, lest anyone believe they are sacrosanct, permit me to give but two historical counter-examples. Feel free to downvote me if you like.

    1970s: Watergate. This one almost surely involved Nixon.

    1980s: Iran-Contra: Happened during Reagan years. It’s possible Reagan himself was not in on it, but it’s a fact (at least, as I recall the news items) that the CIA was illegally smuggling guns into Central America. It’s kind of hard to deny when one of your guys gets shot down. Now, whether or not the spooks were smuggling cocaine back north, I will leave as an open question. But why not? When you’re (mostly) above the law and off the books, why not make some extra money on the side?

    These are but two of many black spots in American history. Grumble if you like; my point is that neither party is above suspicion. Of course such bad behavior can be excused, to some degree, but observing that most cloak and dagger stuff is done by the Deep State, with partisan officials only marginally involved, indeed if they are involved at all.

    • “Grumble if you like; my point is that neither party is above suspicion.”

      That’s what everybody here has been grumbling about since forever – hardly need to tell us this, old son!

      The Contra affair makes for pretty interesting reading, however.

    • Watergate

      Bizarre since Nixon had the election in the bag. This was like the Globetrotters getting caught stealing the game plan from the Generals, and about as consequential despite the decades of feigned outrage over it.


      I never had much of an issue with the “Contra” part. Reagan’s sole focus was defeating the Soviets and the Ted Kennedy Congress didn’t care if the Soviets built a naval base down in Cuba v2. The “Iran” part always seemed weird though, and probably doomed us to our future adventures because Saddam realized he was getting played.

      In either case, both are a far cry from “child molester sells nation’s secrets to enemies for a bigger pool”.

      • Yes, the Clintons were a turning point in that their corruption served no larger purpose than to increase their wealth. Also that it was so brazen, their lies weren’t even plausible.

    • I don’t deny that Republicans Can Be Dirty Too. I was born and raised in Silly-nois. We threw Republican Governor George Ryan into prison, there was former Speaker of the House and felon Dennis Hastert, and Google or Bing William Hale “Big Bill” Thompson, considered perhaps THE most corrupt mayor in Chicago history, if not US History.

      That said, let’s ask the key question here: Did anyone involved in the commission of Watergate or Iran-Contra benefit financially from their activities? As in, at the time the illegality in question occurred. Discount for a moment the books that came from the Watergate insiders like Dean or Liddy.

      Watergate? Political dirty trick that went criminal when Nixon wanted the investigation thrown off track (Ironically the aforementioned George Ryan would do the same thing over twenty years later to an investigation on selling drivers licenses for campaign fees and trying to obstruct an investigation into it).

      Iran-Contra? Well, with that much money slushing around perhaps someone “dipped their beak” before the cash raised went to the Contras in Nicaragua.

      What Z points out is different. It’s past the point of “Greasing the Wheels” to get something done (wink wink 😉) and graduated full on to “Pay to Play”.

      “Greasing the Wheels”, sometimes considered “Honest Graft”, sometimes considered baksheesh, is grumbled about but tolerated If It Gets Something Done. Hey, if some politician and some builder had an “under the table” agreement and the politician got some re-election funds or a refinished house, but the city got a new hospital or the state got a new six lane highway, well that’s the cost of doing business ™.

      What we have now is, to quote Goodfellas, “F-ck You, Pay Me!” It’s naked cash grabs (in terms of the First Family almost literally naked) that really don’t do anything to help the voting public but nicely line selected people’s pockets. In the meantime President Puddinhead and his Merry Band of Misfits seem determined to impoverish everyone else but his insider circle.

  30. It’s been widely reported for a long time that Senators spend a majority of their time in fund raising, up to six hours a day every day.

    If that’s even remotely true, there simply no way that it cannot lead to systematic corruption over time. So yeah Biden may have started out as a relatively honest dunce. But year after year of “fundraising” with threats and quid pro quos, slowly pushing the boundaries and not even realizing that was happening because all of his peers were doing the same thing – almost has to lead to epic corruption after decades.

    • There’s also the fact that senators, congressmen and even their staffs are paid off after they leave office through various means – board of directors, consulting for various organizations, speeches, etc. It’s all obviously pay back for help they provided when in office.

      Is it a grift if it’s official policy?

      • Indeed, Citizen. Indeed.

        In fact, this was one of the things that struck me, even as a younger man, about the people in politics. They always seemed to stick around, and nothing seemed to stick. Of course, there was the occasional patsy, but that was par for the course.

        I’m amazed I bothered to vote for “the lesser of two Evils” for as long as I did. Still, the “right-wing conditioning” that commenter B125 referred to some days ago sticks hard. Old habits and all that.

      • Those “perks” are not payback for a job well done. They are pay-offs to keep their mouths shut in the future.

  31. Rumors have existed for many decades, going back to the 50s and 60s, about the FBI holding blackmail material over politicians. The vector of their acquiring that material was the “background” checks that every national political figure had to go through as part of their vetting. Originally it was just about protecting their budget and turf and J Edgar Hoover’s peccadilloes.

    Any public figure that mentioned such rumors was labeled a conspiracy nut and exiled off the national stage.

    • There was a serious cleanup of the FBI that started in the Nixon years and continued through the Reagan years, but when the Clintons blew into town that was quickly reversed. People forget that their first act was to grab the unredacted background files from the FBI and then use those to blackmail opponents. From that time forward the FBI has grown increasingly corrupt.

      • We all know that the FBI being “political” and employing dirty tricks is nothing new. But in the 1960s and 70s they were operating against commies, black-power activists, anti-war types — all “bad guys” in normie’s eyes. Now they’ve flipped the script and normie is the bad guy.

    • Yeah, the Female Body Inspectors were rotten from the start when that sanctimonious pervert Hoover managed to sell his dream of an American Secret Police to Wheels in 1935.

      • Plus one for the correct expansion of the acronym F.B.I!

        Reminds me of a T-shirt that my boozy uncle got me for my 10th birthday… me mother wasn’t impressed.

      • Pickle Rick: “sanctimonious pervert Hoover”

        Got any URLs to substantiate that allegation?


  32. Great article!! I would add the Bushes who took the scam on the road in bigger ways than ever before and set us on the police state/war machine path.

  33. The praetorian guard is the spine of the US deep state. There are other actors involved, of course — MIC, finance, media, the monopolies. They are the nucleus of the empire and everything revolves around them.

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