Crazy River

I expected to be traveling this week, so I planned the show in advance, but some unexpected misadventures changed my plans. I liked the show so rather than do something new I kept it. The only thing I regret is I was not able to talk about Trump destroying girl power on CNN this week. It was a masterful performance that was reminiscent of his 2016 campaign.

The crazy thing about it is the people at CNN seemed to think that girl power would be able to handle Trump. What were they thinking? Megyn Kelly was ten times better at being girl power and Trump wrecked her career in one show. Kaitlan Collins is supposed to be CNN’s new star and now everyone is laughing at her. Even the crazies have turned on her and CNN over this event.

The destruction of girl power was not the best part of the show. The audience was laughing right along with Trump. There was one shot of the crowd where older women were holding their hands over their mouths as Trump described his recent court case with the crazy woman. They were laughing so hard they were afraid their dentures would fly out, so they had their hands over their mouths.

Again, what in the world was CNN thinking? Reportedly they just let people in who wanted to be in, rather than hiring actors as is now standard. Those normal people were there because they at least think Trump deserves a chance. That meant he had a chance to win the crowd. It was if someone at CNN decided to stack the deck against girl power so she came off looking ridiculous.

This was also bad news for Team DeSantis. This was the old Trump, the guy who won in 2016 mocking the establishment and their pieties. He did not do that in 2020, because he thought he had to be restrained as president. He is not president now, so he seems to think he can be himself. That and he seems to have no illusions about winning any friends in the establishment.

Trump is not going to win the 2024 election and may be forced out of the primary by party shenanigans, but it was good to see the old Trump again. He was always best as a wrecking ball, mocking stupid people like girl power. What made Trump fun in 2016 is that he revealed these people to be feckless airheads. That is what we need more of, so it is good to see the old Trump again.

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This Week’s Show


  • The Bugman (Link)
  • It’s The Fuzz (Link)
  • Migrating Trees (Link)
  • Bad Schools (Link)
  • Racist Cables (Link)
  • Rebel Pronouns (Link)

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149 thoughts on “Crazy River

    • What Whites—good or bad? What I saw was Blacks chimping out with a smattering of Muzzies in the mix.

      OK, I spotted perhaps a half dozen White complexions. Nonetheless, this is a prime example of how MN has destroyed itself with their influx of such minorities. Hell, we should send all the Southern border crossers immediately to MN. It would raise their average population level of IQ and behavior.

  1. The internet cables story annoyed me. Just another example of whitey can do no right. Two major companies (which is no doubt filled with white men in all the technical positions) are competing and expending resources to bring your Stone Age civilization up to par. RAYCISSS! They’re using the same routes as the trans-Atlantic slave trade! It resembles the scramble for Africa! If no one was doing this? RAYCISS! Whites are deliberately trying to hold us down! You know what, let’s just sit and wait for you guys to lay some cables on your own terms and connect with the rest of us. I think we’ll be waiting a while.

    PS. I know what they actually want. They want white “advisors” to go over to Africa, do all the heavy lifting, funded by external entity, but have them take all the accolades.

  2. When Viet Cong fully took control over Saigon, they killed all protesters

    Feminism, girls can do anything crap are allowed because of white men holding  their positions

    When white men completely loses control over any resource, usefulness of white women is over

    The narrative will change so quickly before white women noticed their new social status as sex slave which much more horrible than execution

  3. Does anyone know the artist/title of the Swedish song played as the outro-music?

  4. unrelated matter – but has the value of celebrity been diluted? Like I feel that seven decades ago – everyone knew who Bill Holden or Burt Lancaster were.

    Nowadays, I doubt most people here know that Elvis’s granddaughter is a somewhat big name actress (of course she has a different last name but whatever).

    • Diluted, oh yeah. The barrier for entry is so low even playing videogames is online is enough. Not just that but level of worship is wsy more obnoxious than when I was growing up and early adult years.

      • I dunno I keep thinking watching someone play Project Zomboid is a pathetic time waste, but then I visit my parents and have to watch mainstream broadcast news and I have to say it’s a toss up.

    • krusty-

      It is my belief that this is a side effect of the fragmentation of popular culture.

      Also, today’s actors are largely a pack of fruits. In the 60s you had guys like Lee Marvin, who was a Marine sniper on Iwo Jima. Though, I have to say even Lee sounded surprisingly fruitily liberal in some of the interviews he gave back in the day.

      • @wildgeesehoward – that’s what i call the pc principal effect. If you could get guys who look like RWers saying lefty stuff – it has more of a buy-in. Like Jim Garner was a kind of western tough guy actor who also happened to support liberal/democratic party causes.

        • Krusty-

          The entire show Yellowstone is designed around the idea you just described.

          There is a rich catalog of online memes lampooning the show’s liberalism in a conservative setting.

          • @wildgeese –

            is the show yellowstone set around the national park? Because I know that in Wyoming politics, Teton County (where the park is) is the only consistently dem county in the state.

  5. Looks like there’s a new “he/she” tranny kicking ass on jeopardy. Admittedly not as much of a dude wearing makeup tranny like “Amy” Schneider – but the phiz is obviously not female – not even close.

  6. I gotta be honest. As the Podcast progressed, Z seemed to get more and more annoyed. A hell of a lot more people need to reach that point before anything meaningful changes.

    I was waiting for him to tell somebody to get off his lawn! 😏

    • Bartleby the Scrivner: “A hell of a lot more people need to reach that point before anything meaningful changes.”

      Z: “Again, what in the world was CNN thinking? Reportedly they just let people in who wanted to be in, rather than hiring actors as is now standard… Trump is not going to win the 2024 election and may be forced out of the primary by party shenanigans.”


      Lemme play Devil’s Advocate here.

      Consider the following news story from earlier this week:

      ‘Just Brutal’: ABC Stunned by Biden Getting Clobbered by Trump in Poll
      May 7th, 2023

      “…former Clinton hatchetman George Stephanopoulos… fretted: “This is just brutal for President Biden.”


      Also look at the ownership of AT&T and the ownership of Warner-Discovery [which was spun off from AT&T after the Warner merger, and which includes CNN].

      Both AT&T and Warner-Discovery are now largely owned by the goyim; Blackrock shows up in both of their ownership lists, but Blackrock’s share looks to my eye to be largely overshadowed by the goyische share [Vanguard, State Street, etc].

      And we know that for years now, somebody [or some group of somebodies] very important & very powerful has been laundering vast sums of money through Peter Thiel to Elon Musk, who now “owns” Twitter [in addition to SpaceX & Tesla & goodness only knows how many other companies].

      So here’s an hypothesis: Suppose there is a core group of Old School Boston Brahmin & Gay Mafia & Southern Segregationists & West Coast Muir-ists & whatnot [both in the private sector & in the Deep State], who have had it with the Frankfurt School’s destruction of this nation, and they’ve all banded together to take back this nation on behalf of us goyim.

      I don’t know whether Hillary has another political run in her [already she was very sickly, seven years ago, in 2016], but RFKjr is ready, and so is Gavin Newsome.

      As are Trump & DeSantis.

      In fact, I’m wondering now whether AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner was one of the very first broadsides launched by this hypothesized core of White power brokers, in an attempt to break the hold upon this nation which the Rootless Cosmopolitan Shape-Shifting Happy Merchants have enjoyed for about a century now.

      The point here being that maybe this hypothesized group is so fed up with what’s happened that they’re even willing to re-install Trump himself as the means by which to pluck order out of (((chaos))).

      And who knows, maybe some of these hypothesized Old School goyim aren’t all that crazy about WW-III obliterating the entirety of the Anglosphere?

      • Bourbon;

        Two observations.

        An interesting analysis of the situation. It reinforces the notion that the only way to navigate the current situation is to be behind the scenes, invisible. Not “protesting” and putting a target on your back.

        I’ll marinate in your idea, and that brings me to my second thought.

        From your mouth, to Gods ear.

        • Elon just hired an eggplant-ette from Long Island, named Linda Yaccarino. Apparently she’s currently in the DeSanctimonious camp.

          Conservative Tree House
          May 11, 2023

          But she served in the Trump Administration, and being from Long Island, she could plausibly switch back to Trump in the blink of an eye.


          Both the CTH article & the Wiki article are chock full of info about her.

          Apparently a lot of people are very very interested in whatever it is that Elon is up to.

          And of course Tucker is waiting in the wings…

  7. I wonder if that Grand Forks guy is in fact, creating a legend for himself. When the purge comes, he will be off the initial lists. Everything that you said about him sounds too pat, like he is overdoing his bona fides for remaining off the boxcars. His commitment to ‘pure Ingsoc’ is a tell.

  8. Speaking of Girl Power, have you ever noticed the turnover of slim young female field reporters and anchors at your local TV news stations? They come and go so fast I can’t even remember most of their names. Does anyone here have any inside info on this employment practice? Are these girls simply auditioning, or what? I can’t get any answers from my local TV news stations.

    • I’m pretty sure this happens a lot in smaller markets with lower budgets which predispose them to hiring college grads that will accept lower salaries.

      Of course the young women, having been brainwashed by Sex and the City are looking to save some money and move to NYC posthaste, having been programmed to seek the sort of stimuli also enjoyed by the Michael Jackson impersonator community.

    • Was in the field when younger. They’re jumping around between small and mid markets until they get their break into a larger mid or a large market. Most never make it and eventually quit. Its longer hours than you would suspect and you’re disposable and the pay isn’t great. Like everything else, the Megyn Kelly’s are the rare exception.

  9. female terrorists in Afghanistan …

    Z-man, sorry to quibble these chicks have always terrified me. I think Kipling saw some of them up close and personal and had a few words to say about them:

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
    An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.

  10. “ Again, what in the world was CNN thinking?”

    Just throwing this out there but…could this be a faltering, retarded first step at going legit? Consider: CNN’s content is now so bad…not even lefties will watch it. The only people tuning in are queers, jews, race whores, wahmen and pedos. In addition that demographic is being vied for by all the other mainstream outlets as well. Those small victim groups will eventually turn on each other and CNN’s market share will take a hit again. If they want to grow and survive… there’s only one way to go. They are going to have to reach out to the conservative side of politics.

    So it was they invited Trump and his filthy commoners in to speak. Their shitlib power base would have been furious…and they thought Miss Girl Power would mollify them.

    Unfortunately girl power isn’t a thing in the real world and now EVERYONE is angry at them. That’s my story…unless a better one comes along?

  11. This is such a dark day. Definitive sense that I now live in a foreign, hostile state. As in, this is Day Zero of the New Order. Crushing to walk among the cultists knowing how this all ends, while they merrily continue down a dead end, oblivious, hostile, arrogant.

    • William, I assume that you’re referring to the end of Title 42 and the floodgates being thrown open to massive immigration even more than ever before.

      I’m usually pretty understanding of my liberal acquaitances, but I simply can’t stand to talk to anyone who thinks that it’s no big deal or a good thing. Even the people who don’t know it’s happening, I can’t forgive.

      • Somebody on Fox just said it, this isn’t ‘an influx of migrants’, no, “we’re importing homeless people”.

    • With all due respect William, have you seen the swarms of illegals coming across before title 42s end? I’m not going to say it can’t get worse, but it’s pretty frikin bad now.

      A question I often ask here, and never get a response to is,

      Why doesn’t the Texas Governor declare a state of emergency and deploy the Texas National Guard?

      For all the hemming and hawing about the Feds response, or lack thereof, the people on scene are better positioned to seal the border.

      A 30 cal directed into a few groups would, over time, stem the flow.

      What am I missing?

        • 🙇‍♂️

          I’m already an insufferably cynical asshole.

          Why doesn’t someone call him out??

      • You’re not missing anything.

        I’ve been fighting this since I was in Texas for Pat Buchanan in spring 1992. Your questions have not had an answer for 30 years now, and it appears there will never be one, at least in English.

        Abbott is playing a role. He has done nothing to stop any of this. He and Silent Ron, in fact, are participating in it, by spreading it across the US.

        No Republican governor has ever stood up to oppose this, and the last serious effort in Congress — from Tom Tancredo, who had plenty of detractors himself — was back in the childhood years of some readers here.

        It’s over. We have to find a new path now. The old one is now filled with hostiles.

        • It’s funny, but since my original post, I read where Abbott is a WEF stooge.

  12. I don’t read lefty these days, but I used to, and regularly. Back then, I had the vague sense I was listening to a guilty conscience. Like a mother unconsciously transferring her guilt to her children, or something like that. Doesn’t seem like anything’s changed. The tree thing is a great example.

  13. There is a growing number of POC women who are getting advanced degrees in CS who don’t seem to have ever contributed to the field in a meaningful technical way. I ran across one a while back – MSCS from Georgia Tech who doing her grad degree was shocked that facial recognition didn’t recognize black faces. She was outraged and demanded fairness in AI as her graduate study. So, presumably some Asian and European men did the research and work to fix that. She is going around the university and corporate circuit lecturing whites and asians about racism and fairness and inclusion in AI.

    I searched for a dissertation, a github repo, a job that involved coding or research – nothing.

    I think at the end you nailed it. What the hell are these people doing here? We import people to scold and mock us full time. The money for that can’t run out soon enough.

    • I remember reading a magazine for video producers and there was an article written by an angry black cameraman. He said white people designed the image sensor in the cameras to only detect white faces. I wrote in explaining how the laws of physics work. If your face is so dark that its not showing up on camera, it means your face is reflecting less visible light. Perhaps a night vision infrared camera is better for black faces. Or maybe he could light his talent’s face better.

    • Ridiculous, anyone with even the slightest amount of computer science education should know damn well that face recognition algorithms only can detect people with souls.

  14. Fuzz is adhering to the iron law of progressivism by accusing us of doing or planning to do what he and his buddies have been doing for decades.,

  15. Good podcast. A few random thoughts:

    Re trees–

    These psychopaths can wreak enormous environmental damage to forests if they begin tinkering with the trees they think Mother Gaia demands to heal her wounds. The deciduous and coniferous forest belts in North America have not changed, and trying to play God within them will be the same as introducing invasive species into the fauna. These lunatics are the same as those in the Commune who lopped the heads off gargoyles. Strike that, they are worse.

    –Ol’ Fuzz is hilarious but typical. Despite the fact they are enormous fuck ups, the Left seeks to perfect even its opposition with their perceived albeit absent wisdom, to the extent political opposition even exists. After Biden was installed, leftwingers were sincerely suggesting they choose their opponents outright rather than implicitly. Even if the demographic catastrophe had not taken place. the prevalence and dominance of White leftists already would have rendered the United States’ political system the pathetic joke it is.

    –On Trump, CNN is engaged in a massive struggle session. Anderson Cooper has penned a column on why people would be justified never to watch the network again. These people are quite insane and we do not need to be in the same polity. The carnival barker dispelled any illusion these people do not richly deserve to be liquidated although the likelihood is they will continue to slither until they get everyone impoverished and/or nuked.

    • Jack-

      Go check out how the biomass energy generation industry is destroying our forests.

      They’re literally shredding the trees in real-time.

      • Gosh yes. Mowing down swathes of old-growth England and Germany to install solar panels.

        I can hardly wait til the fertile Netherlands become the smart “Tri-Cities”, a skyrise slum for black and olive-skinned savages.

        The Green Movement is intent on poisoning the air (chemtrails), water, and land. Satan is terraforming his new digs.

        • Alz-


          Trading quality greenspace for these useless solar and wind monstrosities is something that absolutely enrages me.

    • Uncertain how you could find this shocking in 2023.

      AWFLs (Affluent White Female Liberals) are some of the most radical and fanatical of the DIEversity cult. They would gladly line you up against the wall 3 at a time to save bullets were they ever given free license to do so.

      Look at that one woman in the article and those crazy eyes along with her comments and “Satanist” leanings. People like that are legion in Loudon County VA and all the sh-tlib rich lily white counties surrounding DC proper.

      They are the most vocal and hostile yet, to a person, not a single one of them has a black neighbor or has lived next to an apartment with a dozen illegals packed into it. Funny that…

      • Ha. I remember the name of one of them – Karen Jimmerson. . She fought – not supported, but fought- an affordable housing project proposal in her town.

        Ed Dutton is right about witches. They exist.

      • okay but still – are the people in Loudoun County more dangerous in a long term way than the people in Austin (neighborhood in Chicago) or Morrisania (neighborhood in new york city).

        Obviously in those two neighborhoods you are more dangerous in the immediate sense of getting mugged or accosted. But in the long term sense, I feel the people mentioned in the essay are more dangerous.

        I also thought Loudoun was more moderate than the rest of northern Virginia. Like Patrick Henry College, which is kind of a hillsdale type school, is located there. I think there’s a lot of horsefarms and vineyards there too.

        • Twenty years ago or so, Loudoun was probably more middle of the road, but the massive growth has changed that. Many of the people moving into Loudoun came from Fairfax and Arlington, so you got a huge influx of crazies.

          Granted, these are interesting crazies because they are men and women with children. They are the rare extreme liberals who actually want kids.

          Regardless, these people are intense about getting involved in local politics. As soon as they move in, they start looking at “getting involved” in local movements and politics. They love the whole scene. It’s bizarre because normal people avoid it like the plague, but these people can’t stay away.

          Loudoun has a lot more normal people than Arlington and Fairfax, but you only need a small number of crazies to screw up the whole system.

          I live around these people. There are a few crazy men, but it’s mostly women. They are a fanatical bunch. I’ve tweaked them many times and you can see how angry they become. They also don’t forget.

          You also see that they’re never – never – challenged on their ideas. If you question girrrl power or diversity, they are, at first, completely baffled that someone doesn’t agree with them. The, they become mad.

          Oh yea, and they really, really, really hate Southerners, including the few who are from the South, though, oddly, they tout how they grew up country. It’s weird. They talk about how different their childhood was and then shit on the “rednecks.”

          Weird people all around.

      • The insula. Latin insula means “doorway”.

        The breeder hindbrain. Focused on the hot social passions, this aptly-named doorway is open to the malign influence.

        Thus their deft interest in local, admin, and uni politics- note that non-whites do the same.

        The malign influence’s function is to stir the mating dance of dominance and death, overwhelming the cool reason of the frontal neocortex.

        Women and nonwhites (including judean mulattoes) are paricularly susceptible or vulnerable to this 442 mHz frequency. Males, white males, tend only a to marginally higher degree of resistance. It used to be enough.

        Witches? Jacobins? Tribal warfare? The black mold crawling up the walls can’t retard itself.

        White men are the penicillin.
        That’s why they occurred.

    • From an article about Amy Bishop over at the New Yorker magazine:

      “They often talked about their families: Bishop had four children (her oldest, Lily, was a student at Huntsville); Moriarity had recently become a grandmother. Moriarity had voted against Bishop’s receiving tenure, and Bishop knew it, but they had remained cordial, and Bishop had confided in Moriarity about her professional despair. “My life is over,” she had said at one point. ”

      Try to imagine a woman who is a mother of 4 children saying “my life is over” for not getting tenure in some university. With 4 children, she did more than most of her generation. Presumably 3 of her children and possibly 4 still live at home.

      Think about just how broken that woman is despite having 4 children. You would think those 4 children would have given her some perspective. Her job means everything to her. She is an indictment of our society.

      • A typical academic. Probably 90% of all professors care far more about their precious careers than they do about their own children.

  16. It’s plausible that, motivated by the unpopularity/age of Biden and the lack of an heir apparent, the regime has made a deal with Trump. Be as inept and ineffectual as last time and we’ll let you be president again. Nominate our hand picked cabinet officials who will undercut everything you campaign on, like last time, and we’ll let you be president again. So as to placate the filthy MAGA horde. They obviously wouldn’t be able to get everybody in the managerial class on board with that, Trump would still be subject to ankle biting from state AGs and homeaux apparatchiks in the national security council and whatnot, but that’s nothing new.

    I don’t really believe that. but when it comes to politics I usually get closest to the truth by taking the most cynical view I can.

    • “Be as inept and ineffectual as last time and we’ll let you be president again.”

      A deal. This sounds like the most plausible thing yet; the media will get rich, the political loyalties affirmed, economic confidence and the money fountain restored, and if it go boom, the fault is laid.

      (On us, but that’s already baked in.) That’s how squeeze-release works, right?

      Cheese in the trap, just in time to initiate the WHO global dictatorship slated to ride in on the SPARS Pandemic, 2025.

      • If the Big Crash is as imminent as the DR thinks it is, then the regime knows it too (and/or is planning it), and they will be looking for a fall guy. A fall movement. I am pretty sure they don’t want the “left” to take the fall.

    • I believe the heir apparent is Gavin Newsom. The trick is how to push Brandon out without the whole house of cards collapsing.

      • Brandon is pushed out via threats to his family and their ill gotten fortune. The new guy will pardon all, or Brandon will remain long enough to pardon them all himself. Thank President Ford for setting the precedent for pardoning “crimes” that one has not been charged with or convicted of.

  17. There is a root to the Crazy. We have been too affluent for too long. All the ancestral drivers for eliminating the stupid and the inept were washed away with the advent of civilization, industrialization, and mass communications technology. A huge cohort of people can now get away with being useless and moderately harmful because of the excesses of the current age and the ability to borrow on the future. And its clearly getting worse faster.

    And there are no adults in the room. A flood of impoverished illegals is now racing across the Southern border bringing disease, hunger, crime, and chaos like a biblical plague. Border state governors are simply aiding in the distribution of these dependents deep into the interior, where they will take root like a metastasizing cancer. What we are seeing is a variation of the Mouse Utopia Experiment in which the colony collapse is being engineered with deliberate malice.

    Why is this being done? Because the models suggest that when the pressure cooker finally explodes most of the Untermenschen will turn on each other in a melee of mutual slaughter which then justifies and enables a Jackboot solution.

    Cui bono? We have no fate but what we make. Smarter, not harder.

    • I can’t shake the notion that Abbott is playing an assigned part with his busing program

      • Jeffrey Zoar: Abbott is all about the optics, never the substantive. He loves sending the National Guard to the border with no rounds for their weapons. My son wasted 5 months of his life on one such ‘optic’ and could do nothing but watch as the endless line of mestizo campesinos crossed onto our magic dirt.

  18. Sorry about the trip, Z. Looks like it would have been fun.

    As to Trump, it’s still fun to watch him make the establishment look like deranged fools, but I have to say that I can’t bring myself to care much anymore. In 2016, it was a ball, but after BLM riots, Covid and Biden’s hate whitey campaign, I’m just done with the other side.

    I’ve reached the indifference stage. I just want a divorce, whatever the cost. I don’t want to argue with these people, I don’t even care enough to laugh at them because that means that they are still in my life. I just want them gone.

    So, good for Trump, but he and the MAGA crowd are still playing a game that they can’t win. As someone once said, I don’t want a seat at the table. I want to turn the table over.

    • The conservative desire to “own the libs” is deranged. Why do you still fell the need to talk/joke with your AVOWED ENEMIES who are literally killing you? Stop seeking their approval. Time for talk is LONG GONE.

      It’s a relatively small amount of people who have a stranglehold on the media and the money and by holding the levers of power they create a wall of beauracracy, cops, soldiers, and endless tax power between them and the ruled. But they are still people who put on pants one leg at a time and they have addresses.

      • Yep. Our rulers haven’t had to deal with people who think and act like them for many generations. We’re basically run by a mob family that has no competition.

        They don’t really have a large base or a system behind them. Just fear and intimidation. But here’s the thing. Most their enforcers in the FBI, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, etc., (at least the competent ones) don’t really believe or trust our rulers. They just work for them because the pay and benefits are good.

        If they ever turn on our rulers or simply decide that they’d rather run things, there’s not much to stop them.

        • Eventually enough of them will figure out that they can run things better than their masters. The masters are unfit for anything and won’t be able to offer any resistance.

  19. The segment re “nationalism” explains the rationale of our southern border crisis, and why the winebox libs will cheer “we welcome refugees!”

    Just as “racism” and its antipode “anti-racism” were an alien concept forcibly introduced in 1916, so with “nationalism.”

    Calling a nation a conspiracy would’ve sounded as lunatic as calling a kingdom a racist plot.

    Thus we must welcome refugees! Because the two biggest threats to our people and nation are racism and nationalism!

    Dark mirror thinking. This is straight-up d.m.t., taking normal instincts and inverting them through some lense. Inversion, normie calls it hypocrisy, but no, it seems as natural a reflex as breathing.

    Heartiste told us that a woman’s hindbrain urges her forebrain to make her face say the opposite of what her hindbrain wants.
    Inversion, in other words.

    I call that “breeder-brain”, and say that nonwhites and liberals are breeder-brain dominant.

    They make sense to each other and sound perfectly backwards to us…to the point of calling us the backward ones!

  20. “Whatever skills she had should be put to use in Ethiopia.”

    Why do you hate Ethiopia?!

    • It’s interesting that she couldn’t get her paper on “Internet Cable Colonialism” published because it relied on “black scholars”. It reminds of the firewall some leftist was trying to build on a “we wuz kangs” article on wikipedia where he characterized the people pushing the idea as racists since it’s so patently untrue. The academy doesn’t mind all sorts of weird, leftist research, but they’re trying to draw the line at stuff that can be falsified by a six-year old. I’m not sure how long they’ll be able to hold the line on that.

      • I assume those cables brought her the means to do computing until she could use that to get out of Ethiopa. Maybe we should just pull those cables.

        The ingratitude is bad enough, but the malice behind it is formidable. It will have to be dealt with.

  21. One of the dumbest things about the Media and Trump is the repeated claim that he received the equivalent of 5 billion dollars’ worth of free coverage during the 2016 election.

    This serves the purpose of (falsely) absolving the Media for his rise in stature, while at the same time hiding the fact that advertising revenue for the networks were at all time highs. For all the protestations they want him back. For profits, they need him back.

    CNN is still trying to recoup the sunken costs of the failed CNN+ failure, and one can almost guarantee that behind closed doors executives were nearly giddy about the town hall uproar.

    “CNN sunk $300 million into the streaming service, according to The Wall Street Journal, hiring big-name anchors, including the former “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace and the former NPR host Audie Cornish.”,former%20NPR%20host%20Audie%20Cornish.

  22. Regarding tree migration. The cycle of hubris never ends. On my ranch I battle at least five different invasive species, at least four of which were introduced intentionally by the forebearers of the forestry officials planning the tree migration.

    The history of intentionally human-introduced invasive species is rife with catastrophe.

    • If only they knew as much about nature as our climatologists. Every problem would be solved. 😉

    • I remember when the State Forestry Department just went out and planted trees without having to write white papers to justify it.

  23. Like Zman has pointed out many times, these people are not reality based. They believe in ridiculous ideas. That being the case they are easily destroyed by someone who is willing and in a position to do so.

    The reason for the normal people and not actors? They think everyone in America hates Trump and believes what they believe now, so they don’t have to bother with actors.

    • We’re three years into the junta and the bug people are still blaming everything going wrong on Trump.

      • They just can’t shut up about Himself, like psycho ex-girlfriends with scissors texting you 500 times.

      • Obama set the precedent of not being roasted by the media for blaming everything on mess-I-inherited-from-[X].

        I think few normie con grifto-pundits talk about Obama’s term any more not because there is nothing to usefully analyze from it, but because Soulful Poetry Boy From the Hawaiian ‘Hood permanently broke the idea of politics as practice, changed it into politics as performance. Griftcons need you to believe that a — not to pick on him; he’s just currently the one in the barrel — DeSantis who’s Smart and knows Good Policy and went to National Review-approved grooming universities is just the ticket to correct the societal AIDS we witness acutely thanks to the Internet. But whatever DeSantis’s actual abilities or mettle, we do not need a Pres. Whitey Corngood who will immediately hire legions of AEI and Heritage staffers. We rather need someone free of predilections for cosplaying “The West Wing” as Obama’s credentialed ilk performed. Anyway, for obvious reasons, we probably won’t get that, it is against the telos of the system. Next prez after The Biden will undoubtedly be a circus freak like Fetterman or that Bronx knock-off of Eva Peron.

  24. ‘’Human assisted migration’’. I thought you were going to refer to the southern border, not nature meddling.

  25. I felt like Trump missed an opportunity and could have humiliated Collins right at the start. She was previously the “entertainment editor” at the Daily Caller where a big portion of her job was posting clickbait stories. Trump should have started with something like, “Kaitlyn, I’ve followed your career for a long time, I loved your work at the Daily Caller when you were working for my friend Tucker Carlson, especially that story you did on the hottest Syrian refugees.” I doubt she would have held her composure.

    • He does seem to have a tendency to not totally destroy his opponent. Part of it might be his streak of civility, but it also might be because he’s actually careful in his takedowns. If he accuses them of petty things, but then when they get all bent out of shape out of it and run two-hour long TV specials about it, it’s his opponents who come off as deranged and petty.

  26. Speaking of “girl power”, I see Musk has apparently hired some super duper woke girl power old bag to run twatter. I guess the idea that platform might have become a little more free speech oriented under Elon can be utterly scrapped once and for all.

      • Musk needs Twitter to make more money. The only reason to hire her is to bring the advertisers back. The problem could be I doubt most of them are suffering as a result of pulling their ads off Twitter. Are they going to pay simply to prop up the platform? They still do this for network television, but it has another revenue source from carrier fees. What does Musk do when she can’t make it profitable?

    • WEF Chair, on the Ad Council pushing the Vaxx, DEI, and #StandUptoJewishHate!

      I see nothing but positives here.
      She’s gonna help Elon boost Twitter’s ad revenue into orbit!
      Maybe a rollout of Twitter Light?

    • There is such a concept as setting someone up for failure. So The Muskellunge might be playing that game.

        • It looks like he’s not being allowed to do what he wanted with Twitter: reform it into the “identity portal” everyone has to pass through to be allowed on the rest of the internet.

          Remember when he said that was his plan? Nobody does!

          Turns out the shitlib equivalent of normie-cons (e.g., journalists and elected officials) are too rage-addled to let him take his allotted place in the conspiracy, so he has to hand it off to girlboss/whore #90845.

          • That’s right, he wanted to call it “X”- and possibly envisioned it as the bottleneck to access the (RESTRICT Act) controlled Internet.

            Talk about a bloody fortune as the toll collector!

            As folks here said, the value of his membership in the Club is worth more.

            He can sell fellow members tickets to Mars or a brain chip or something, they’re his actual customer base.

        • That would not surprise me at all. The Left wants their binkie back. Musk wants to recoup his losses. The Left would see “The new and improved Twitter 2.0, now with 5000x more censorship!” as a big win… but since they’re currently getting ratioed when they urge more and more censorship, they need to have some “soft” censorship in place first.

          Sounds like a good time for an office betting pool: Musk sells Twitter to Soros Media in ____. I’ve got “early spring 2024” — early enough to where they can use it to disguise all the massive Fortification for Democracy, but not so late in the game that it’s really obvious what they’re doing.

          • Fortification!
            Yes, that’s it, the Murdoch Call Option.

            Soros and his ilk, such as bond vultures, make their fortunes short-selling.

          • (Ah, dang it, I shoulda kept it as “Put”, but the value will go up as the P&L goes down. Technical quibble.)

      • If Twitter drives the IQ 100+ crowd insane, then TickTok does the same for the <85 IQ crowd.

        People will imitate the stupidest thing, be it actions or thoughts.

        I wonder which is more damaging to civilization.

        (Ruminations going through my head as I just had to stop my car in busy traffic because of a black guy on a bike swerving in and out of wrong direction flow. In Salt Lake City, of all places. Police could narrow the suspect pool to 10 or less based on demographics, if they had time for this stuff)

    • I’m suspicious of how much power a CEO even has anymore. Add this to the fact she sounds like a complete goofball and it makes me wonder is Elon will still be really calling the shots.

      The company I work with has a female CEO, and interactions with her have been…. uninspiring. It’s not just he women either, but all of them are becoming more and more figureheads, like British royalty. People don’t understand how rare a real CEO like Musk, love him or hate him, is.

      • The power of a CEO really is overrated; more a figurehead to potentially blame if the Current Plan doesnt work out.. It’s the people below xim that cause the most harm, if history is anything to by.

        • Depends, if the CEO is a substantial shareholder/ equity holder, then he has clout. But true, it comes more from his standing as an equity holder.

      • Exceptional CEO’s, like exceptional politicians, generals, athletes, you name it are incredibly rare.

        But middling or average CEO, politician, general, or professional athlete demands the same pay, prestige, status and admiration because they have the same title.

    • Ah, of course. A Twat for Twatter.

      Never trusted the Muskrat and placing any woman in charge of Twatter is treachery, dooming ‘free speech’.

      Placing a WEF stooge — much less a feminist ad-exec who ran the Propaganda Department at NBC — in the Twatter top spot is total betrayal. It is not only to embrace the Lie, but to impose the Lie upon the masses.

      You see me coming down the street, Muskrat, you better run.

      • My impression of Musk remains the same: he’s an autistic fat head. he’s all about musk.

  27. Join Kaitlyn and her new co-host, Ellen Degeneres!
    “Reading Hour with Bojangles”
    “I for one would love to see the old-fashioned minstrel shows come back, …

    I would call it “Reading Hour with Bojangles” and we would sing old time plantation songs. If snacks are needed, we would serve corn bread, collard greens, and chitlins with a side of sweet tea..”
    Cowbell, at CFN

  28. Absolutely right that Trump was hired to be a wrecking ball. Not to create chaos but to expose the morons and question deeply why we’re doing certain things (like NATO). That’s when he’s at his best.

    But when he’s trying to win over the establishment or please his daughter Ivanka, that’s when he’s at his worst.

  29. Never understood who the girl-boss is supposed to appeal to. Every married man has listened to that scolding, hectoring tone at some point or another, as has withheld the urge to roll his eyes clear to the back of his head, and most women have a memory of the high school mean girl who tried to sabotage her friendships using the same tactics.

    There’s maybe a ten percent demographic of older, childless, female ball-busters this relates to, and it seems more and more this adds up to well over half of modern media.

    That being said, Trump gave everyone a master-class in keeping frame and not allowing someone to set the terms of debate.

    • It’s a good question. I think I establishment gets high on the idea of castrating males. I’m talking about the kind of “men” who are now in high positions of power.

      And liberal and moderate white women seem to imagine themselves as girl bosses. I’m afraid they are natural toadies to power. They’re not really exercising power on their own behalf, they’re more like enforcers in a cult. Like the tattletales we grew up with.

      • The girl boss does not see herself as a leader in the traditional sense, but rather as the rules enforcer, the consensus builder and the fairness Tsar. Her concern is for the process, not the product.

        There are exceptions, but they are rare, and without exception, they all want to be loved by those they rule.

        • Would that these bitches could show the restraint of Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings, who faced down the temptation of taking the Ring of Power from Frodo; to become a beautiful and terrible queen, loved by all. A striking moment in Tolkien’s masterpiece, the recognition that not only men, but also women, could potentially fall victim to the temptation to become as gods.

          • Then they do the Rings of Power series and rewrite her character to be a total c*nt.

      • I’ve used the term “gynocracy” myself but really there’s no such thing so I’m always half-joking. Genuinely powerful women are incredibly rare. There are lots of “powerful women” of course but they always turn out to be the ill tempered concubines of more powerful men. Powerful men have always amused themselves by appointing these women to rule men they have contempt for.

    • Never understood who the girl-boss is supposed to appeal to.

      Younger, handsome hyperboreans looking for a sugar momma for a while.

  30. I disagree that Trump is not going to win in 2024. We can’t count that out just yet and we should labor for that end in good hope. Politics isn’t perfect, political candidates aren’t perfect, and political systems aren’t perfect, but still you need to pick a horse and stick with him and go to war with the army you have. Trump represents the best chance of a decent outcome that lies within “the art of the possible,” so I would think that helping him is both necessary and righteous.

    • You’ve missed Z’s point entirely. Regardless of the support he gets, they will make sure he doesn’t win. In fact, they will probably make sure he doesn’t even run. It wouldn’t surprise me if they assassinated him.

      • ID still believes in meaningful, if not “free and fair” elections. He’d line up to vote—even if the person taking his vote at the polling place tore it up in his face. Some people never crack wise.

        However, I must concede that I’d renege and vote in an election with Trump at the head of the ticket, baggage and all.

      • Indeed. You can’t put anything–anything–past the pit fiends. The mask has slipped, the gloves are off, it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy…and…well…I’m fresh out of cliches.

    • Let tptb assassinate (or go through the trouble of stealing an election) of Trump or RFK JR. There more people now who who will assume the worst. Then let us make them martyr to our cause.

          • rdz-

            Tend to agree.

            Even if I could roll my physical age back to 24, I am not prepared, nor would I want to live a Mad Max lifestyle.

            Thus, perhaps I should take the advice of those advocating that we blow our rainy day funds on something we truly enjoy until TSHTF.

    • ID, your innocent belief in the integrity of the system is charmingly quaint. But we’re beyond that shit.

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