Imagination Land

One of the strange and unnoticed aspects of the modern age is how much time is spent debating imaginary things. In fact, most of our public debates are about things that may happen or could never possibly happen. The things that are actually happening get very little attention. In some cases, like the ongoing criminal operations of the Biden family, the only people discussing them are “conspiracy theorists”, a term that has been transformed to describe imaginary villains.

In fact, much of what passes for public debate is the shift from things that are real and observable in the present moment to things that do not exist. Crackpot libertarian congressman Thomas Massie spends most of his time warning about a highly unlikely problem with E-Verify, so that his voters do not notice the waves of migrant invaders filling up their cities and towns. He is not alone. Every politician is an illusionist now, making reality disappear behind a curtain of deceit.

What has happened to modern American society is a form of the Peter Pan syndrome, in that society prefers to live in a world of make believe, rather than face up to the tough choices that come with adulthood. Libertarian kooks would rather think about a world governed by the non-aggression principle than think about the problems that the current world is presenting to us. Ten thousand migrants a day cross the border, but libertarian guy is concerned about theoretical abuses of state power.

It is not just libertarian kooks who avoid reality. It is a system-wide phenomenon that now defines our public life. Trillions are being spent on climate change, which probably exists as a concept. We know the earth’s climate is always changing. As a real threat to humanity, however, it exists only in the imagination. Given the rampant fraud in the world of science, it is possible that everything about climate change is a lie, yet we are pretending that it is a real as a rose bush.

To fight climate change, governments are putting mandates on carmakers to force them to make electric cars. The people who produced this mandate have no idea if this makes any sense or is even possible. In fact, it is not possible. We do not have enough lithium, for example, to make the required batteries. Our power grid will have collapsed long before that is an issue. In fact, it is already happening. We are spending trillions on climate change while the power grid is failing.

Imagine a politician running on a platform of upgrading the power grid. He promises to improve reliability and toughen it against storms. Many of the lines will be put underground to improve aesthetics. This could never happen because his opponent would instead promise to use the money for “gender affirming care” or maybe combat racist road systems. She would win in a landslide because who cares about the power lines when imaginary problems need our attention?

Imagination land is so powerful, it even warps the mundane things. Here is a story about a sportsball coach who used salty language in public. It was rude and he apologized for it. In the world of real things, this would be enough, but in the world of imaginary things, he must be punished. Imaginary people were traumatized, maybe even physically harmed by his words. According to his boss, the imaginary people now have scars that cannot be seen, because they are not real.

Much has been made of the public apology in these matters. It is a weird ritual that never has the intended effect. The coach just got fined millions of dollars for harming imaginary people, despite his real groveling. What gets missed is these apologies are always directed at people who do not exist. In the material world, you apologize to a person who you can identify as a victim of your actions. In imagination land you apologize to imaginary people for imaginary crimes.

Last month, Douglas Mackey was found guilty in Federal court of violating the civil rights of people who do not exist. The government claimed that his tweets mocking Hillary Clinton voters in 2016 harmed these people. They produced no one claiming to have been harmed by these tweets. They did not establish that such a harm was even possible, but that did not matter. In imagination land, anything is possible. When anything is possible, you go to jail for imaginary crimes.

Another example of how imagination land now crowds out the world of reality is the Bud Light marketing fiasco. The people who cooked up the idea were sure that there are millions of crossdressers desperate for a beer that appeals to them, so they created a campaign around a crossdresser. The fact that in the real world there are more left-handed ginger midgets than men who wear dresses did not matter. In imagination land, the crossdresser is the future.

Everywhere you look in the modern age, the imaginary is crowding out the real, as if everyone is now terrified of reality. The media fills the zone with terrifying stories of disinformation campaigns and hate speech be imaginary actors, while ignoring the tsunami of lies that comes from the government. More time has been spent trying to pretend a brown guy is a white supremacist than looking into the very real problem of the Biden family taking bribes from foreign governments.

The usual suspects rush in at this point and claim it is all a plot by the “deep state” or some other catchphrase to get money and power. As ridiculous as this age has become, one has to leave open the possibility that we live in a simulation controlled by men living in a hollowed-out volcano. Alternatively, maybe Wells was right when he noted “It is a law of nature we overlook, that intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble.”

Generations of easy living, living outside the world “change, danger, and trouble” has turned us into Eloi. Our triumphs over the material problems of human existence have left us incapable of dealing with the reality of human existence. If we just wish hard enough, they will go away. If not, then we just fill our minds with the pleasing conflicts that exist only in imagination land. We are a society of helpless children determined to remain children regardless of the demands of reality.

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183 thoughts on “Imagination Land

  1. It’s really easy:

    if your money is an illusion, sooner or later everything else will be an illusion as well.

    Actually, rather sooner than later.

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  3. Yes, we know. We know.

    Libertarians are fair game. The group, or tribe “libertarian” is a melting pot of epicurean salads, which makes “It,” such as it is, undefinable, and so “It” can be cast, conveniently, according to “Its” detractors’ quotidian caprices.

    I read your site regularly, Z. But the tone and grammar in today’s post suggests a distracted mind. It starts with a cheap kick at an illusive straw man, and then veers into a rehash of regurgitated main-stream media content, borrowing exclusively from that milieu that we all should be cautioning our young people to avoid.

    I know. I know. The pitch and yaw of today’s nonsensical media ‘terrain’ is designed deliberately to be disorientating. Like Fentanyl, it is an artificial, relentless narcotic, and I understand its hold on the desk-bound urban man. Spinning its sloughed detritus into profitable political commentary is a satisfying hobby, and, for some, a paying vocation. I get it.

    Still, by reading your daily accounts over the years, this friend of the blog has gleaned that urban Maryland is stuffy, unattractive and overbearing. And the chore of wading through the media’s squalid effluvium to craft each day’s essay must be overwhelming to any thinking man.

    So I ask respectfully, why not take a long break from the screens and the tweez-ing through silly media, for a half-year, say, just to clear the clogged ‘tubes?’

    Break out of the squalid eddies and red-tides of our daily, American agitprop. Take a job on a hemp farm in Oregon. Take a ‘Harvest Host’ or a ‘Work Away’ gig in Peru or Arizona or Portugal, or in all of them. Go lean on your wits away from the screens and ride your fancies in real meaty space. It’ll do you a world of good.

    And both Clownworld, and we, will still be here when you get back.

    • “So I ask respectfully, why not take a long break from the screens and the tweez-ing through silly media, for a half-year, say, just to clear the clogged ‘tubes?’”
      Why not indeed, steveaz? Taking time out of your day to write a non-comment like this suggests you might need to reconsider your own priorities.

  4. With the exception of the voodoo of systematic racism and open borders, the only group loving the woke, imaginary issues is good whites particularly university educated white women. Everyone else is just looking to see what is in it for them.

    This holds true with Lee Kwan Yew’s famous observation that (to update it) in a multicultural society people don’t vote based on traditional issues they vote based on tribe and imaginary issues.

    University educated women love drama and virtue signaling. The modern issues are great for them as are wars against toxic masculinity because that signals power for HR and less of a need to deliver at work.

    Blacks just want gimme dat and special privileges that don’t require competence. They are being trained to also vote on the voodoo of get whitey and dat systemic racism

    Hispanics want more of their family to immigrate and more government spending since, like blacks, they get far more in services than they pay into the system. Bonus if it means less blacks around them

    Asians are mainly concerned about local education issues. On a federal level they want gun control and more immigration for their family and tribe to give them more power.

    Good whites are woke.

    That only leaves bad Whites whom everyone else hates to care about traditional real issues.

    The woke stuff is a good smokescreen because it sounds better than running on gimme dat and shifting money to wealthy people.

    • Don’t overlook that blacks and hispanics always side with the “alpha.” They were both solid Trump constituencies until the TV turned against him. No white man, not even the Nordicized portrait of Jesus, has ever been as beloved by blacks and hispanics as pre-2015 Trump was. And they were flipped *instantly*.

      I’ve always admired black and dark American men’s disobedience, and *kind of* forgiven their criminality as an unfortunate side effect of it, but then they all caved at the first sign of Hillary’s dominance.

      Turns out they’re just gay.

  5. Speaking of imagined hobgoblins, MSNBC can only speak of Trump’s imaginary rapiness and Neely’s imaginary innocence, while Fox can only speak of the impending locust horde- a crisis created by the Biden regime.

    Odd it is that both of these crises, Trumpian villainy and a manufactured invasion, that both keep the spotlight off the case of the illegitimacy of the Regime itself.

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  7. To me it seems that all this imaginary magical thinking has its roots in the civil rights BS. That the sub-Saharan African, despite having no written language, no voyages of discovery, no civilizational achievements of any kind, is the absolute equal of all others – just a little White man’s nurturing juju is all it takes – is observationally ludicrous. However, once Whitey began twisting himself into a pretzel trying to square that circle was the beginning of the end. Now it’s make believe 24/7/365. Reality never seems to intrude in the clouds.

    • Jordan Peterson interviewed an author named Macdonald or something and she shared som le absolute horror story examples of affirmative action in medicine and other industries. I swear to god I’m never hiring a woman or POC for as long as I live and no one else here should.

      • Heather MacDonald, “The Diversity Delusion”. Well worth reading. Examples clearly stated and referenced. For example, University of California law school admitting Black students one full standard deviation lower on LSAT’s who wind up in he lowest 10% of graduating class.

  8. I don’t think the Antranser-Busch people thought there were millions of crossdressers to market their piss beer to, but rather to the millions of the woke who may be “cisgender” but think crossdressers are cool and trendy.

    • It was to humiliate us . that’s the purpose of propaganda . it has nothing to do with sales.

      • I’ve encountered some marketing firms who come in and “rebrand “ clients companies. They basically remove all the white people from the photos and add a few blurbs about climate change to the website, then charge six figures. By this point the white or Asian guys who started the business have checked out on their equity and have given the company over to woke white women.

        • Quite an old saying :

          “When women are placed in positions of importance in large corporations, the smart money has left the building.”

    • That particular instance is probably more of a principal-agent moral hazard problem. The marketing VP made her name legendary amongst the far left, and will never want for a cushy well-paid job again in her life. The brand tanked and OPM (other people’s money) got burned like a Jewish-owned tenement after the new fire insurance policy goes into effect, but that isnt her problem.

  9. I predict a boom in providing luxury services to the Clouds, so here is our (the Dissident Right’s) shot: bodyguards, building electronics, plumbing, and house staff.

    I mean, do ya wanta get Inside?
    As in, Mau-Mau close?

    I realize I forgot sex workers and clean drug providers.
    Holy smokes, folks, it might be time to look up some old friends in low places. Muster and wait for the signal.

    • In the final novel of Covington’s five part series, eating meat is illegal in the country but the rich are still obtain it through a black market. The WNs are able to get up close to the elite by infilitrating this delivery service. Now that I think about it, there were a few honey pots as well…

      • Heh heh. Ranchers. And we thought the ranchers were so innocent. That’s a good one, indeed!

      • Some Guy –
        Looked on Amazon ( for a friend ), Is this your rec ?
        ” Picked by the Billionaire: Covington Billionaires Book 5 (An Alpha Billionaire Romance Love Story) “

    • Regardless of how any 2A battles turn out, there will be a boom in the armed security business in AINO, just as there has been in South Africa. But we still have yet to approach their levels of violent crime which brought that about.

      • I believe that level has been hit in many major US cities. NYC, Chicago, Philly, Baltimore, St Louis ad nauseum.

    • Milo actually made an offhand remark about the return of feudalism on his telegram. It’s been eating at me for months because my whole strategy for career success the last 15 years was to buddy up with rich guys starting businesses and provide them a creative service with the potential of riding their wave to success, like Da Vinci did with the Medici in the 16th century.

  10. I have to admit, as I tap this on my phone, that the internet has exacerbated imaginary world, even as it’s made info that used to only be found in libraries, institutions, and obscure newsletters available to anybody, practically anywhere.

    You see it in society, in the coming apart, too.

    I’ve come to see civ as a human farm, in no small part because the essential role of information control is becoming increasingly obvious. I suppose it’s a forgotten lesson of the printing press.

    Criticism of the Enlightenment is valid, but I the internet experience might point to something significant, in that enlightening the people generally had a liberating effect, but the cult of expertise soon restored some control. People rely on google and Siri; maybe AI is the future lab-coated Scientist! you can trust, since, like the Scientist!, it’s super smart and objective, right?

    Idk, random thoughts. I guess it’s no more ridiculous than temple priests, but at least religion has a little self-awareness by acknowledging a higher power, instead of trying to convince people some text on a screen, that men created, came to life and has the answers. Because knowledge is God, right? You just gotta collect it all, and BOOM— the spark of life!

    • This reminds me of a lot of people I know–and you might know some too…the majority of the population is larping their lives, top to bottom. They watch one or two youtube videos on something or other and think they know about it.

      They’ll tell you with a straight face about their local real estate chops or how they can play the piano. However, it’s a bunch of retarded bullshit. I wish I could give examples from my life…but a couple of them are so bad, we’re talking about national attention for what amounts to fake turtles all the way down.

      Does Z talk about moral hazard? Cause my wife and I don’t do shit anymore. We’ll waiting until everyone is broke, starving, and begging. Then maybe we’ll get up to fix something. Until then, Imma do whatever the fuck I want for my fam and my fam alone.


    • The favorite saying of wizened old timers is “life isn’t fair”. The internet shows just how unfair and how unjust and how cruel life is, updated every minute, 24/7/365. It is probably more than the average person can bear. I know watching Western Civilization literally dissolving before my eyes in real time has been difficult for me to handle. People say you’ll be happier if you ignore the news and politics. It doesn’t really affect you. Maybe they are right and I should just invite my new neighbors the Somalian warlord and the MS-13 gangster over for a BBQ this weekend.

        • Another old saying, “There are no strangers just friends you haven’t met.”

          • Boy, that should be plastered on every Griller’s Silverado. Along with “Kick me.”

  11. Imagination, or perhaps sometimes hope is a better word, is more powerful than learned experience. Yesterday I was talking to a Trump loving loyal Alex Jones viewer friend. God bless her. She told me we were going to get a lot more of the black vote this next time. I was unable to refrain from laughing out loud.

    The NPC shitlib is not so different. He clings to the hope that Montravious and Queenie will build a space station. Like with my friend, it’s a noble idea, leading to an imaginary improved hoped for future, but so far divorced from reality that it might as well be a comic book. Probably is an actual comic book.

    In both cases, this imaginary hoped for thing is a much more pleasant mental place to live than reality. For them, anyway. And as long as reality doesn’t intrude, why change?

    Hopeless strung out drug addicts once, for a time, earlier in their drug journey, lived in a magical world where reality had been vanquished, and they felt not just good but GREAT most of the time. It’s not sustainable but it’s wonderful while the good times last. Reality can’t compete with it.

    Getting through to normie that the reality is the system he believes in is dead and there is no hope, is not really a winning sell. Who wants to believe that when the grill is right there waiting to be fired up? Ditto for the shitlib – why should he step out of fantasy land when all the media he is plugged into reinforces it and makes it feel warm? All the incentives and rewards line up with staying in the land of imaginary hope. Reality doesn’t pay.

    • Have I mentioned the whole, “Rasta Space Station,” thing totally ruined Neuromancer for me?

      • Well, it was a bit improbable, but maybe some form of AI was actually minding the store and keeping the station safe and functional so the Rastas would be unimpeded in their ganga intake with no dire consequences That kind of AI would really just be a sort of digitized white guy.

        I did like Maelcum and his shotgun.

    • I’ve been IQ pilling normies with a new strategy. When they even hint of outcome disparity in any area, i guilt trip them and I say “imagine being a young white , Asian, or Latino boy who loves football or basketball. As soon as they compete against the kids from the inner city, those inner city AA kids are faster, jump higher, they’re bigger, with longer arms and legs, longer fingers, higher testosterone at that age and maybe have deeper voices. The white or Asian or Latino boys’ hopes and dreams are crushed as they realize why one group dominates most sports and everyone has been lying to them about it. However, the tables are completely turned in math class. It’s like God or nature made us all with our own strengths and weaknesses. It may not be fair but nature never is, and lying to our kids about it only hurts them more. ” Everybody from boomer Christian’s to lefties can’t help but tell me they see my point.

  12. For decades, the media has made clear what is on or off limits for “respectable” debate. We are conditioned to not notice very real and pressing matters and that obstructed energy is diverted into re-fighting WWII and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  13. And Trump just got fined millions of dollars for denying involvement in an imaginary rape. He doesn’t do dressing rooms, the tailors come to him by appointment.

  14. I thought you meant the Oakland A’s announcer who’s been suspended for saying that the other day, he and a colleague went to the “Negro” Baseball League Museum. The Black director came to his defense. “Well that’s its name.”

    When Gillette trashed its primary consumers with its famous ad of a few years ago and took a hit for doing so, I wondered what the strategy was since the company had earlier been reorganized due to its near bankruptcy. Then it dawned on me that there was more profit in virtue signaling than in selling product as something was going to bail out the company for any losses.

    What could that something be? You could call it the Gillette or, now, the Bud Lite put.

    • No prominent component of the Power Structure will ever go bust and be sent to the knackers. If that could happen, CNN and National Review would have been shit-canned 10 years ago. Nope, the Power Structure looks out for its own. When a corporation, media outlet, college, movie studio, etc. goes financially into the tank, the necessary funds will be manufactured or diverted to keep it afloat.

  15. Most “leftists” don’t particularly like living. Theie causes, abortion, assisted suicide, drug legalization, careerism always seem to have something to do with dying.

    They try and avoid the struggles. It makes sense they are drawn to a make believe world.

    Unfortunately their delusions cause very real problems for the rest of us.

    Oh well, we will continue on. In reality. Jesus said something like pick up and carry the (heavy and painful) cross daily, and do so dutifully.

  16. All true, which is why the collapse is the cure.

    The collapse does two important things that are necessary prerequisites for remedial change. The first is that it brings back real tangible hardship and existential threat (as in the natural world of our evolutionary past). This is the ancient driver of fundamental improvement. Stupid and lazy gets you dead (and therefore not reproducing), while smart and strong enhance survivability and fecundity. The second is that the resulting chaos of collapse creates a societal fog that allows remedial action to flourish. When normie goes 3 days without a meal, he WILL riot, even he is must waddle onto the street. LEOs (at least the ones that haven’t fled the chaos) will be fully occupied with riot control and protection of precinct stations. NGs will be called out, but they too will also be fully occupied with property and perimeter controls.

    Into this melee of crazy herd dynamics, opportunity knocks. The invisible man is now impossible to find in a sea of marching morons riven with emotional insanity and burning down the city. The back door is now open.

    • everyone wants to say we are like Rome , but I think we have more in common with carthage . a seagoing empire , economy built on trade , with numerous enemies. but China will be our rome.

      do nor look forward to this . The kind of things that will happen to innocent and blameless people is unthinkable . don’t forget there are many who do not deserve what our generations are bringing down on us . also the CCP will be asked by our government to come and help “restore order” . I am sure they will oblige.

      • I don’t think there are really any historical analogies for the GAE. It has a few things in common with this one or that one but a lot of things different. The British Empire would be the closest if not for the fact that it had the GAE to prop it up when it declined. There will be no one to prop up the GAE. So the decline will look very different. There is a sense, I’ve talked about this before, in which China is incentivized to keep the American market alive as a market for its goods. But the cost of that is probably greater than the benefit it gets from selling the goods.

        I’m pretty sure the decline of the GAE will be similar to that of Rome in that it will lead to a dark age. Truly we have already entered it. A realm of dogma (Science!) and heretics (dissidents).

        • well, why not , theyre not going anywhere soon . so might as well be cordial for as long as possible.

      • Well then I hope to give a good accounting & :die in a pile of hot brass.
        I hope I have enough time to drink the bottle of 69 crown I’ve been saving

    • Now there’s a dystopia that sounds like utopia to my ears. Hasten onward, o fiery comet!

  17. We are living in a world that is cross between PCU, Idiocracy and Atlast Shrugged. The vapid “cause-heads” run around screaming about the current thing while the local doctor tells me to “just, you know, take the vax cause it has electrolytes and stops racism” all the while every single basic service gets worse and/or goes increasingly to illegals and non-taxpayers. But don’t worry, the leaders will bleat about discrimination against hijab wearing Bangladeshis and appoint dusky 92 IQ men to run the airports in the name of progress.

    Your kid having speech problems? Wait in like behind 400 squatamalans and ‘gros before they’ll see you. Want peaceful, quiet public transport? Equity means getting stabbed by all sorts of weird African nationals while sitting in junkie urine.

    Anyhow, the clownishness is only topped by the weirdness. I’m waiting for a sandwich and staring at a Buddha shrine full of rotting bananas in a Vietnamese sandwich shop staffed by Central Americans while they blare pop country. Maybe I’ll be able to catch the latest Victorian era show featuring Bantus doing basketball moves to avoid rapiers.

    • “Anyhow, the clownishness is only topped by the weirdness. I’m waiting for a sandwich and staring at a Buddha shrine full of rotting bananas in a Vietnamese sandwich shop staffed by Central Americans while they blare pop country. Maybe I’ll be able to catch the latest Victorian era show featuring Bantus doing basketball moves to avoid rapiers.”

      Pure comedic genius Yak-15.

  18. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William J. Casey, Director of the CIA from 1981 to 1987. (yes, it’s a real quote: )

    One of the main, if not the main, question that globohomo has explored over the past 100 years is: is there a limit to the stupidity of the masses, and is there a limit to what we can get them to believe? They have spent a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money trying to get to the bottom of this question through a plethora of ways.

    What they eventually concluded was no: most people will believe anything they are told by the establishment and “experts” without exception. We just saw it with COVID when 70% of Americans injected themselves with an experimental, ultra-dangerous mRNA fake-vaccine because the media and establishment “experts” told them to. And these “people”, instead of asking themselves what in their thought process was wrong, refuse to introspect — and it’s on to the next narrative scam.

    Before criticizing the masses for failing to investigate and organize societal trends in their own minds, though, let’s first ask if the masses of “normal people” have any thoughts at all or simply verbally regurgitate whatever they hear, with no associated thoughts behind their statements. The concept is astonishing, but the latter is how most people actually live according to a 2007 University of Nevada Department of Psychology study on college students. Per the study, regarding the frequency of common phenomena of inner experience (inner speech, inner seeing (aka images), unsymbolized thinking, feeling, and sensory awareness), only between 22% to 34% of the individuals studied had frequent internal dialogues:

    If this study is accurate, most people may simply be meat robots, lacking thoughts inside their heads, and they react to stimuli as they experience it. There’s no introspective thought process that could differentiate between reality and non-reality except in the most basic sense.

    • NF-

      Very well said.

      It lines up with my simpler thought that I’ve been living in a zombie film for quite some time.

      • Therein lies a conundrum. I suspect a very high percentage of people who can actually do things, i.e. tradesmen and IT technicians, are meat robots. Likewise, I imagine that a very high percentage of the pit fiends who have engineered the destruction of Western civilization these last five-odd decades, are thinkers.

        I believe the chief problem with postmodern humanity lies outside the realm of intellection. Perhaps instead, it is some form of spiritual sickness, or even actual manipulation by unclean forces.

    • I’ve had the thought that I have to guard against being a dissident meat robot. It’s just as easy to be mind programmed by dissident media as it is by regime media. And I’m sure that has occurred to the regime.

      • Hi Jeffrey, yes, it’s important not to fall for the (liberal) action->(conservative) reaction -> globohomo “solution” dialectical synthesis. When globohomo rolls out their new narratives they always control the public-facing conservative “opposition”; real dissident views are maligned and hard to find.

        Also see this quote by Eustace Mullins, who stated: “The central bank owners adopted the Hegelian dialectic, the dialectic of materialism, which regards the World as Power, and the World as Reality. It denies all other powers and all other realities. It functions on the principle of thesis, antithesis and a synthesis…Thus the World Order organizes and finances Jewish groups; it then organizes and finances anti-Jewish groups; it organizes Communist groups; it then organizes and finances anti-Communist groups. It is not necessary for the Order to throw these groups against each other; they seek each other out like heat-seeking missiles and try to destroy each other. By controlling the size and resources of each group, the World Order can always predetermine the outcome. In this technique, members of the World Order are often identified with one side or the other. John Foster Dulles arranged financing for Hitler, but he was never a Nazi. David Rockefeller may be cheered in Moscow, but he is not a Communist…a distinguishing trait of a member of the World Order, although it may not be admitted, is that he does not believe in anything but the World Order. Another distinguishing trait is his absolute contempt for anyone who actually believes in the tenets of Communism, Zionism, Christianity, or any national, religious or fraternal group…If you are a sincere Christian, Zionist or Moslem, the World Order regards you as a moron unworthy of respect. You can and will be used, but you will never be respected.”

    • “What they eventually concluded was no: most people will believe anything they are told by the establishment and “experts” without exception.”

      It’s not just so-called “experts.” Look at the concepts fed to the masses, to their own detriment – that benefit others with gimlet eyes, warmongers, and other miscreants:

      i) Send your kid to war, become a Gold Star Mother – subset of “thank you for your service.”
      ii) Go into debt, or plunge your child into debt for decades for “college.”
      iii) New car smell, average monthly payment now about $700.00 for a new jalopy, built to last less time than any prior generation.
      iv) Pay more in mortgage interest than you pay for your house.
      v) Water? Yeah, about that: $2 grand a year AND un-drinkable in many places.
      vi) Voting makes a difference.
      vii) This is a “pandemic of the un-vaccinated….”

      Long before we get to fake notions such as the stupid, “diversity is our strength” we enslave ourselves in debt. We enslave our children in debt. We march them off to needless wars for reasons 100% false.

      So to close, I say “As Seen on TV” should replace the former, “In God We Trust.”

    • ‘only between 22% to 34% of the individuals studied had frequent internal dialogues’

      Julian Jaynes covered this stuff back in the day, and I never quite believed it. I always assumed that everyone had ‘internal dialogue’, I mean, you kind of have to think about what you’ll make for dinner, no? Whether you’re gonna drive your car over to Taco Charlie’s or into Lake Superior?

      I assumed God put into everyone some manner of self-reflective and self-corrective capacity, some baseline of conscience. Scripture affirms that at some level ALL persons understand God’s basic rules, don’t steal don’t kill and whatnot.

      But Scripture also goes on about people with ‘seared consciences’, back in the time of the apostles — the moral sensibilities of persons rendered fully cauterized and insensate.

      Tack on two millennia of spiritual entropy, toss in fifty years of intense satanic programming (thanks CIA) and voila! mebbe 70 percent of people ARE voluntary zomboids. Makes life simple ‘n easy I guess, let Lucy Fer do all the thinking.

      • The question for me is,
        is there a short-circuit (ray’s posit) allowing for an external influence crowding out processing space (Ostei’s posit), which precludes a possible third position: that connection to a benevolent external influence (an collective oversoul) is liberating, that is, “finding salvation.”

        • Addendum: here might I extend deepest gratitude to Apex; he mentioned a common experience (NDE) that I had forgotten about, since that avenue is closed to me.

          Would that I could speak to Infant of sacred things! Few can match the calibre of such a mind. For those not meant to rise above, but to dive below, Apex reminds us on where to find better armor.

          We must dive deeper yet!
          We need an armorer!

    • This is the dark truth behind what we talk about when we speak of society drifting Left or the rule of law weakening. There was never any real “popular support” for the things we value here even in whatever Golden Age you want to talk about (1958 works for me though). They were put in place a long time ago by vigorous and intelligent men who DID think real thoughts and were also willing to impose their will on others. Their system endured because it produced the things the meat robots wanted and needed *without* them needing to think. The old thinkers though never planned a good way to replace themselves at least in the numbers needed to cope with new technologies and historical changes.

      The proposed remedies are things like “returning to a Constitutional form of government”. That would require people in large numbers to actually think about things like the role of the state and individual freedom. If they could have done that though, they would not have drifted on autopilot into the current mess.

      I signed up with Nextdoor to keep an eye on local crime mainly but it’s incredible depressing to see the things people post – “Look out for these three youths (of exactly the ethnicity you imagined), they were on my porch at 3:12 AM last night and here’s the doorcam video…” It’s obvious that the neighborhood is going insane but the same idiots who post this stuff are also very proud of our mail-in voting (Oregon) and have BLM signs in their yards. There is no energy within the people themselves to restore order and make the place worth investing a dime or a damn in. Eventually those men of intellect and violence will return though and the meatbots will be given no more choices.

  19. Sometimes Zman comes off as a bit too rationalistic to properly assess Clown World. For instance, he writes:

    “Another example of how imagination land now crowds out the world of reality is the Bud Light marketing fiasco. The people who cooked up the idea were sure that there are millions of crossdressers desperate for a beer that appeals to them, so they created a campaign around a crossdresser.”

    Now I may be speaking out of turn here given that I paid only the scantest attention to the Bud Light debacle due to my decreasingly low tolerance for cultural tomfoolery. Nevertheless, how could anyone conclude that the Bud Light tranny episode had anything to do will selling beer? That wasn’t about peddling cheap swill, my friend; that was about selling THE AGENDA. For whatever reasons, trans-mania is all the rage among today’s Western elites. Here’s my speculation as to possible explanations for elitist trans-mania: 1) It’s part of their war against fertility. 2) It further divides the public and thus makes them easier to rule over and exploit. 3) It has the potential to confuse a lot of young people, rendering them less capable of rebelling against elites. 4) Today’s elites are simply batshit loony. All of that is speculation on my part. Trans-mania never ceases to baffle.

    That said, this was overall another very fine essay by Zman.

    • Anheuser-Bush/Inbev has secured favored status in any of its future dealings with the Palace for a long time to come. That’s the real reason they did it. It may have cost them more sales than they planned. But they own half the “craft” beer labels you see. If you drink beer at all it is hard not to drink some of their product. Sort of the Procter and Gamble of the beer world. Which I decided to boycott after their Gilette razor commercials, and have failed to do 100%.

      • The Gillette event was exemplary. When accounting day finally rolled around, the amount of money they publicly admitted to—really, bragged about—losing because of that ad campaign was nine billion dollars.

        Firings, fines, shareholder lawsuits, C-suiter defenestrations: zero.

        Any company big enough for the public to know its name *is* the government and as such is immune from all laws, including economic ones.

      • Yup.

        It’s amazing how many of the safety razor blade makers Eastern European and the developing world are ultimately owned by Gilette, innit?

        • It was Dawn dishwashing liquid that got me. I decided to buy some to compare it to the brand I had been using. But as you note, many of the generic/store brands are manufactured by the name brand companies and then sold under a different label.

        • I tried to boycott Gillette and went through just about every razor on the market and none of them gave as good a shave or lasted as long as Gillette. Pretty much all of them were woke too so I went back. Didn’t want to but I did and haven’t regretted it.

      • There are tons of locally-produced “craft” beers or “microbrews” all over the US. There’s no need to patronize any of the mega-breweries.

    • You and Z are both right. It was about pushing the agenda as you note, but I also have no doubt that horse-faced jewess had no knowledge of her actual customers, and thought the people she interacts with in her bubble represent a huge untapped market.

      I would add a 5th and most important explanation for elitist trans-mania. As with all other promotions of deviancy, the goal is to undercut Christianity as the basis of our individual freedoms. Only the state can grant those.

      • You may well be right, DLS. Perhaps I can be a bit too rationalistic myself. I have a hard time getting my head around the possibility that anyone could seriously think that promoting tranny-ism would be a good way to sell a product as pedestrian as Bud Light. But you may be onto something about the “bubble thinking” of the Tribeswoman supposedly responsible for this particular incident of lunacy.

        As to your fifth reason for elitist trans-mania . . . again, you’re probably onto something.

      • “the goal is to undercut Christianity as the basis of our individual freedoms. Only the state can grant those.”

        1000%, here. I’ve queried many Christians; a Mexican driver of low birth illumined me most.

        He explained that he was free.
        Free of the urge to drink, to fight, to sin. It held no interest nor attraction.

        He was a free man.
        Free in his own mind.

        The State’s promises and threats meant nothing, nothing at all to him.

        Another, a former biker (as in gang), said he didn’t read scripture or all that. He just let it work without thinking much about it. The drinking, drugs, smoking, wenching, fighting, vindictiveness- all of these fell away, shed like molting skin.

    • “Nevertheless, how could anyone conclude that the Bud Light tranny episode had anything to do will selling beer?.”

      Exactly, I am SURE many of the folks here know the applicable Stonetoss comic.

    • 5. As part of their war on Western civilization, the elites seek to obliterate distinctions between rationality/irrationality and sanity/madness. The normalization of all forms of sexual derangement and deviance helps accomplish that goal.

  20. “Everywhere you look in the modern age, the imaginary is crowding out the real, as if everyone is now terrified of reality.” – The imaginary is crowding out the real just as our imaginary currency is crowding out real value. We can all dance around reality because we’ve been materially allowed to for decades. Each generation getting more gross and warped as the collective memory of reality gets further and further behind us. Most of the country was born outside of reality. We live in the prison village in the show, The Prisoner, only with Fentanyl and black people, and illegal aliens. It’ll all be taken out by compound interest, and in the end, rampant inflation. The idea of dealing with life outside the fake village is not what people want. I’m not much of a Plato fan, but he hit it out of the park with his cave analogy.

    • Woke: sees the shadow as reality

      Broke: knows it is but a shadow

      Bespoke: Knows who casts the shadow

  21. “What has happened to modern American society is a form of the Peter Pan syndrome,”

    Even Japan has fallen into this. JCB head says his monetary policy is based on Peter Pan. You must believe in the policy for the policy to work.

    Direct quote:

    “I trust that many of you are familiar with the story of Peter Pan, in which it says, ‘the moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.’ Yes, what we need is a positive attitude and conviction,”

  22. We know that CO2 levels sometimes correlate with warming and that they sometimes have an inverse correlation with warming. We know that there are cosmic, orbital, volcanic, oceanic, solar and other effects on the earth’s temperature. We know that we are at a very low level of atmospheric CO2 compared to the typical mean of the preceding eons. We know that CO2 has a logarithmic warming effect despite the lying linear extrapolations. We know that when CO2 levels were 5 times higher than today’s for periods of hundreds of thousands of years, there was far more life on planet earth than there is today. In short, we know that CAGW is a lie.

    We also know that we have a very real debt crisis brought about by the welfare state, albatross populations abusing handouts and a debt ponzi scheme dubbed “perpetual, sustainable growth.” We had a very real economist, Paul Krugman, with a Nobel prize propose that the way out of debt was to pretend that we were going to be invaded by space aliens and so we should spend gazillions preparing to fight off this imaginary invader. Once we spent enough, he said, we would be free of our debts because we had, “grown the economy”, through government spending. He posited this with a straight face in the newspaper of record of the Global Hegamon. No person in the so called elite, offered a criticism or shamed him into forfeiting his awards, titles and prestige for being so unhinged and irrational. Of course, he and his denizon of economic worm tongues whisper in ears at palaces across the West that more people will solve the debt problem. So blessed is the entry of the hordes.

    Of course, you can also see videos of Krugman in a more serious light. These are the videos where with the dead eyes of a Gulag henchman, he says white middle Americans are going to have their power taken away. Nobody flinched when he said that in 2018 either. He is the angel and those who protest being targeted by their race for having their power taken away are the devils.

    Speaking of sinister and vile people who need a neck size taken, I saw Jen Psaki yesterday. She was interviewing some BA Cult congress-pseudoman and they were gloating about how they have prosecuted and purged all of the most overt symbols of MAGA rebellion against the global elite. Above them hovered a ghost, and I saw the sanpaku eyes of Alejandro Mayorkas.

    It used to be that a king or a noble would fall and often by rumor spread by clever political enemies. One thing about this day and age, is that you can see the conspirators and what they say. As hard as they try to scrub the distributed digital record of who they are and what they have said, they can’t. Some no doubt are untouchable, and unknown, but who will want to be the face of the regime in this construction?

    I think that the world they are constructing will most closely resemble The Hunger Games over 1984 or Brave New World. Perhaps, the people who will be rounded up for the death spectacle will not be the representatives of the Dirt People, but representatives of the many disposable Cloud People. For they inspire a deserved contempt. Perhaps they’ll vote each other off of the cloud and offer up sacrifices through a death spectacle as a release valve for the dirts. The dirts can take a break from the abuses of a cartel run police force and military and countless other degradations.

    Psaki vs. Jean-Pierre vs. Lloyd Austin vs. Mulvaney vs. Bankman-Fried vs. The Nuclear Transvestite vs. Chief Diversity Officer of UNC vs. Kinziger vs. Adam Schiff vs. Massie vs. Huggins. I think it may just be diverse and inclusive enough to boot! Do you think that Gates, Soros, Mayorkas, Page/Brin/Schmidt, Kagan, Kristol … … wouldn’t gladly offer them up as a distraction and relief valve?

    I do think that eventually the wizards behind the curtain will have harmed so many people across so many generations, with an accessible digital record as proof that they will inspire retribution. Somebody has to feed and guard them and their offspring. And if, by chance, robots do it, well software and firmware can be reprogrammed and models retrained.

    The problems that must be solved may be imaginary, but the crimes and transgressions committed in order to solve them are and will be very real and extremely severe. They will not go unnoticed or unpunished.

    • “We had a very real economist, Paul Krugman…”


        • Economics cannot entirely avoid the problem that ultimately, no one is coordinating the overall economy. If you see an idle factory it’s seldom the case there’s really not enough electricity or fuel to run the machines there or any real shortage of raw materials. Instead some intangible factors have created a situation where the factory isn’t profitable to run anymore. It’s easy for economic witch doctors like Krugman to come along and propose, basically, that we all just need to destroy everything we have that was made in that factory, thus creating a demand that will make it profitable to re-open the factory.

          Something like this allowed the Soviets to have a booming economy in the 1930s while the West languished in the Depression. In that instance, the “intangible factor” was Stalin’s henchmen aiming a gun at everyone’s head and saying “work!”. In practice this kind of systematic coercion is harder to sustain that people imagine even in a totalitarian state. That doesn’t stop well connected toadies like Krugman from thinking it’s a good idea or can be a general recipe for economic success.

    • Like all modern “economists,” he strongly hedged. He printed dozens and dozens of articles cheerleading the bubble/loose fed policy and made 1 or 2 articles mildly criticizing loose fed policy. Then, after the crash he was like “see, I told you so” and “anything that cannot go on forever eventually stops”

      It’s clowns all the way down.

  23. “As ridiculous as this age has become, one has to leave open the possibility that we live in a simulation”

    That was Baudrillard’s argument — that we live in a “fake reality”:

    “Baudrillard claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is a simulation of reality.”

    Of course it’s just a restatement of Plato’s parable of the Cave.

    • Or you can take a few steps deeper into the cave and say there’s no reality beyond the symbols and signs.

      • The entire point to Plato’s parable of the Cave is to demonstrate that there IS reality beyond the false, perceived “reality” of the shadows on the cave wall.

        • I just wonder who’s actually in the cave sometimes. I learned at the feet of a couple of people who believe what I said.

          • And besides, Plato’s ultimate reality was a world of ideal forms, or something like that, right?

          • Putting too fine a point on it… the world is the cave. Plato is in the cave, watching the shadows of the forms dance on the wall, like everybody else, but he was aware of what he was watching. That made him and his ilk (philosphers) the best. But they’re still in the cave, so their superiority is kind of delusional.

        • Correct. And Plato believed the Greeks–effectively stand-ins for westerners–had the unique ability to grasp objective reality. This is one of the reasons the postmodernists are explicitly anti-Platonist. Plato, the font of Western philosphy, inaugurated Eurocentrism and–dare I say it?–white privilege, while epistemologically marginalizing the Other. This sin, in turn, justified imperialism, colonialism, slavery, genocide, etc.

          That Plato was a very bad man.

          • As the Brit with a deCartesian education told me, Alexander conquered the world with a spear.

            If that ain’t real, I don’t know what is. Point to the Greeks.

          • Dismiss the world of Forms, which isn’t hard to do, and you’re left with reality as a mental construct. Plato is only a couple of steps above postmodernism.

          • True story! But, having realized that, aren’t we still watching them? 😆

    • Good call. But it’s worth noting that the simulation Z has in mind is purposefully generated by some infinitely vast intelligence, while Baudrillard’s simulation springs from the hypertrophic ramification of signs that ill accord with the signified. That said, your point still stands–a simulation is still a simulation, whatever its nature.

      • I was waiting for the One God argument, an inevitable simplification, but am surprised by “the hypertrophic ramification of signs that ill accord with the signified.”

        Would that be analogous to an organic process? As in, black mold crawling up a wall, or pus accumulating in a wound?

        I don’t see Hell, the malign influence, as evil anymore.

        I see the composting layers and fermentation broil as ingredients in a dual ecology, a dance of the immaterial and material.

        That, due to the sparseness of the living layer, its elements must be continuously broken down and recycled.

        This process, most unfortunately, hurts like…hell.

        Thus I call Hell the Infection.
        This broil, we call pain, and death, the only questions that matter- and, the only questions that religion cannot answer, “Why?”

        • I am remiss. Why?
          I answer: because of the nature of the building material, built up incrementally over countless cycles of Creation.

          Not a Big Bang and a Heat Death, mind you, but a Big Diesel.
          Each heartbeat lasting a hundred billion years, each beat adding layers of structure to the bones, to the compression-ignition point of the next Diesel cycle.

          But ya know? That’s a bit much to chew on. Best we have something a bit more practical for this day.

        • Perhaps Z’s “simulator” is the One God. Or perhaps, depending on your view of the world, the One Devil.

          Inasmuch as I think Baudrillard’s simulacrum and the postmodern mania for language is a load of tommyrot, I cannot say whether it’s analogous to an organic process. There can be no analogy with a nothing.

  24. The issue is the degradation of our society is moving slow enough where people aren’t putting 2 and 2 together. Add this to the zombies on their phone who are addicted to their dopamine shots and we’re going to be a long ways from the bottom.

    Our food is already over-processed slop, our communities are completely deracinated, Health care is now run by psychopaths, 30% of our young girls say they’re gay, and fertility is falling off a cliff. The acceleration over the last five years is dizzying, and more people just watch like they’re spectators whom it won’t affect.

    • Chet Rollins: “the degradation of our society is moving slow enough where people aren’t putting 2 and 2 together”

      Gotta hand it to ’em – the Frankfurt School turned up the heat on the frog ever so slowly.


      Chet Rollins: “Health care is now run by psychopaths, 30% of our young girls say they’re gay, and fertility is falling off a cliff.”

      Losing the hospitals is gonna hurt. [Unless somehow we could create a samizdat chain of pro-Life hospitals to compete with the mainstream pro-Death hospitals.]

      OTOH, we’re all descended from millions upon millions of years’ of hominids which never heard of a doctor, much less a v@xxine.

      I’m at the point now where I’m starting to sense that hospital births are simply too dangerous [vis-a-vis the v@xxine peril], and that we’re best served by hiring a Pro-Life midwife & a Pro-Life respiratory therapist to oversee matters at home, in the domicile.

      [It really helps to have an experienced neonatal RT at the bedside when the kid is pushed out.]

      • Check out the mystery meat students and their fat, dysgenic bodies. When I was in High School, maybe 10 percent were such disgusting specimens.

      • This is good though. Now people who want to educate their children outside of the system that worships the magical albatross collective, have another name and foundation to contact.

        Just hire them directly. The only political battle should be to get your money to follow the child. While that is being fought, at least the kids are being taught by one of their own. Thank you for the lead.

      • 3g4me-

        Jesus Christ.

        We are doomed.

        The PLA/PLAAF/PLAN are going to roll us off this landmass without even breaking a mild sweat.

  25. ‘The people who cooked up the idea were sure that there are millions of crossdressers desperate for a beer that appeals to them, so they created a campaign around a crossdresser.’

    No. The Bud Light campaign was designed to ‘put us in our place’, just like the rest of modern culture. To denigrate, mock, and vex us, showing us once again that we are powerless, that if the Woke-Fem Politburo and its minions want to turn another symbol of masculinity (beer) into crossdressing anti-masculinity, they will do so and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Sure we can boycott Bud Light, but it won’t change anything. The corporations are not responsive to market pressure, only to ideological pressure.

    We have long been in the In Your Face phase of intentional national destruction. It is not enough for my enemies to have total power, they must see me and mine degraded and mocked and belittled constantly, because what fun is endless empowerment if your enemies aren’t suffering?

    There was never even the slightest intention on the part of Anheuser-Busch to open a new market (transvestites). That is not to understand what is going on here.

    • When most of the stock market is owned by a handful of companies, the free market does not exist. Like everything else, our free market is imagination land. At least the Soviets explicitly said what their economic model was.

    • ray: Agree. It’s all about the subjugation and public humiliation of heterosexual White people. Your erasure from history, fiction, and the modern public square is not enough – you must thoroughly grovel before being consigned to the the dungheap.

      • 3g4me —

        It is first and foremost an attack on masculinity, because the only thing the powers fear is brotherhood. Especially the Philadelphian church.

        The globalist and occult-org ‘sorcerers’ guiding the program do not fear whiteness per se, given that the white female overwhelmingly led/leads the Monstrous Regiment, the Woke Charge — which at root always is simply rebellion against Father, fatherhood, and masculinity. A poisoned First Garden, ever and always.

        That a decades-long pogrom against whiteness exists is obvious. But the top powers and principalities of this world are goddess-worshippers, from Sumer to Babylon to Egypt to the Near East to Columbia’s Personal District. They are not blackness or race worshippers. Race is only a tool to them.

        There is a spiritual through-line from the Garden right down to this moment, of worshipping the ‘goddess’ or, if one wishes, the ‘sacred feminine’ or simply women. In our cultures men worship (obey) women, and women worship themselves.

        The prophets, apostles and of course the King attempted to show the way out of that invisible prison.

        • When the race exhibits widespread weakness, it is the females’ job to get the males to fight, to engage in the breeding dance of dominance and death.

          (The breeder hindbrain, insula dominant, is well named as the “doorway” (Latin: insula) to the hells, the fermentation broil.

          Alignment along a benevolent Alpha figure, helps retune a (white) man to his increased frontal neocortex heritage.)

          • Forgive me, but I must disagree on a point: Race is everything.

            The one-alleles (for hair and eye color), the non-whites such as Habiru (Hebrew) mulattoes and Chinese, are also cursed with the hot social passions of the breeder hindbrain.

            They are a backup, an incomplete copy of what Whites are meant to be. They can mimic somewhat quite a bit of what we are, but will end up providing a substandard version as they return to the bestial mean of the lower registers.

            Thus I reject current Christian theology, insisting as it does on veneration of the Habiru.

            Our story was stolen, and reworked. We must insist that the King was White.

            Any other will become only a tyrant, and close the Gate. The Gate to the Seeding layer (Heaven) is the entire purpose of the exercise.

    • Hammer hits nail dead of center.

      It is also designed to get the hordes who will replace you to dehumanize you so whenever Radio Rwanda makes the call … …

    • “…showing us once again that we are powerless”

      Not so powerless one has to watch the crap. Without TV and movies, or any mass media, life looks pretty normal…Until one visits the mall and sees what TV, movies and mass media (and mass immigration) have done to the American people.

      • It’s getting tougher to avoid this stuff, though. My local Walgreen’s now has a rack of rainbow-themed (and China-manufactured) paraphernalia at the checkout: hats, scarves, bracelets, etc., much of it targeted at children.

        This shit won’t stop until all of us have either lost our minds or blown our brains out.

  26. A few weeks ago a presentation was held at a public high school in Arlington, VA. The presenter was the exorbitantly overpaid Chief of DIE. He’s a black guy who took the opportunity to advise the teachers and staff that the reason the students of color were underperforming is due to the white teachers, particularly white male teachers. The students need teachers of color to inspire them. Once that change occurs, the test scores and behavior will magically improve.
    The black AP history classes are gripe sessions about the evil ways of the whites.
    Their DIE budget is over $1.2 million this year.
    Maybe they can appropriate funds from the rapidly declining tennis, golf and swim teams and the math, science and chess clubs.
    This is all old news but it really does seem like the perfect time for separation.

    • I live in red state Idaho. If I had school age children I would no more put them in public school that I would stick my head in a fire. No public school can be considered safe anymore.

      • Absolutely. But what what percentage of young white parents can afford somewhat less deviant private schooling or have the time and wherewithal to home school? These are mighty hard times for dissident parents.

    • Now we see who runs Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, South Africa … …

      For now, we have the ability to self select and separate. That includes taking your money from that district where blacks will get the jobs. For all of us who are doing this, we must promise ourselves and our children, that this is the final strategic retreat. This must be done to gather strength and organize for the inevitable confrontation that we will welcome and not flee.

    • Once the teachers of color are in place to inspire the students of color, the test scores and behavior will not improve, and in fact will probably worsen.

      Then what? Will the administration come to the realization that the students of color, on average, aren’t as intelligent and as well-behaved as the White students?

      Of course not. Standards will be removed. In Imagination Land, they’ll become creative and use their imagination to come up with a reason to discard the tests or justify the dysfunctional behavior. Most likely the reason will involve Whites as being at fault in an imaginative way.

      • Of course it will be whitey’s fault. The claim will be the drop in performance is caused by segregation, conveniently forgetting they were the ones asking for it.

      • The reason is already here—White supremacy or structural racism if you prefer. See, no matter how “well” a minority does in “school”, his performance prospects outside of school are hampered by another make-believe boogie man. It never ends, because it can’t end. It can’t end because it’s all fake reality as today’s missive outlines.

      • Eventually, the MD could be awarded on the first day of medical school. Since AI will be doing all the diagnosis anyway

        • Well, yeah, sorta like that Obama fellow getting awarded the “Nobel” Peace Prize only to rain all over the supposed justification for him having been presented the Prize in his acceptance speech, and then after some interval of time had passed to remark that he “was pretty good at killing folks”.

          Yep, another fantasy shot to hell – potentially – but not really, as it was then to be memory holed with alacrity and thoroughness. No Damascus moment permitted, no siree.

      • They don’t care about that. What is important is that they got the job and the benefits and the retirement from whitey that they deserve. It is the access to money and a job that they care about.

        Your then what is a European then what. It is concerned with abstractions that affect the future well being of your civilization. Their then what is: got a guaranteed job where I don’t have to work; got a guaranteed retirement age and wage; now for the most important then what: Hooters in the Caribbean two times a year; new ride and rims; suits and watches (e.g. bitch magnets), to get up in the club; new stereo, velvet trappings light show for all the twerk shows I’ll be getting when I get them home from the club.

      • This is already happening, of course. Standards, the measures of merit, are rayciss. But of course, they’re only racist because negroes cannot measure up to them. If, through divine intervention (and that is what it would take) negroes suddenly began outperforming whites on the SAT, this test would make a comeback with the force of a thousand bobcats.

  27. I enjoyed this essay. Thinking of things in terms of imagined versus real is a good basis. I’m sure a lot of the issues dominating the imaginary public square are imagined.

    I disagree on the Bud Light example. I don’t think those marketers were targeting trannies. They were signaling virtue to their in-group members. The mistake is their product is consumed by out-group members. Had this been a weird luxury good or fruity beer, this never would have made a single headline.

    • The Bud Light campaign was really off putting to normie men. The experiment Clay Travis just did throwing out a cooler of free beer at a concert with three brands in it and coming back at the end to see almost all the Bud Light still floating in the water was telling. Bud Light was a product that had low brand loyalty to begin with and now normies would be embarrassed to be seen drinking it. They will have to spend a ton on money just to get to a stabilization point.

      • This thing is so interesting and maybe even telling. We are clearly seeing a public rejection of trannies.

        I don’t care what the future marketers do in response. My take away is that this turned on the lights for a second so we could see where people are standing. Maybe some folks make their way over towards like minded people before the lights go out again.

  28. Here is another example of the world of make-believe a lot of people choose to live in.

    ‘Fleeing bloodshed, poverty and despair, immigrant asylum seekers line up in the desert.’

    What is always, ALWAYS missing from these articles are the important questions that are never asked:

    Where will they live? Who’s gonna pay for the healthcare, public services, education? Are there that many jobs waiting in agriculture/slaughterhouses/restaurants to support millions more? No concern for the environmental impact on natural resources? Culture changes? Crime?

    The mainstream media apparatus frames this as if we are still in the early 20th century industrial era, with numerous factories and farms needing physical labor.

    • ArthurinCali: They ‘flee’ the travails imposed by their own nature and bring the same with them to enrich the White man – along with TB, scabies, lice, etc. Childless women will be touched by the photos of brown-eyed brown-skinned children, and even the White women who are natural mothers will willingly hand over their own progeny’s sustenance. “It’s for the Children!” they will cry. And yes, those alien, diseased, and inherently violent and and stupid ‘children’ are the future. And that future is now . . . in real time . . . and most Whites are too pathologically subjugated to even whimper any dissent.

      • As Mark Steyn said, “In ten years, that doe-eyed little Ethiopian will be carrying an AK-47 and raping everything in sight.”

    • No one ever asks how they got there to that place in the desert either. The regime media would have us believe they walked all the way up Mexico south to north.

    • The idea that we solve the world’s problems by bringing people to our shores has always been ridiculous. However, it suits the ‘infinite growth equals infinite prosperity’ crowd while also satisfying the need of the managerial class to have imperial control over other populations at the same time as it denies its imperial ambitions.

  29. This was a nice piece. This parallels with my view that, in our era, inductive reasoning is dead. Deductive reasoning is inherently abstract; inductive is inherently grounded in the material. When the imaginary/ abstract is the truth, you can only use deductive reasoning; e.g. Climate change affects everything and is the biggest threat in the world (major premise); this is a thing (minor premise); therefore, this is climate change (conclusion). Substitute any of the isms and good/ bad and you can see the same pattern.
    To be clear, I am not saying these people are logical. I am saying that this is intuitively the process that goes on in their heads. The beauty of all this imagination/ abstraction is that the beliefs (major premise) can be effortlessly swapped for a new one; e.g. Anything that disagrees with trannies is hate. This disagrees with trannies. Therefore, I can hate this, because it is hate.
    The only check for this is grounded in experience, the realm of the inductive, that would lead to a new general premise that is less imaginary and more a response to the situation on the ground. Of course, this does not happen anymore (for most); thus, we have the current situation.
    But as one last point. We are the Eloi – I chose my name years ago after I read Wells because his books prodded my thoughts. But the Eloi had their tenders. Never forget the Morlocks. They are the ones that can swap the beliefs, I would contend.

    • I award you two points for making me look up the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning. it was worth my time.

      • Everyone here should look these definitions up. Not that the definitions are of great importance, but to considered how often one uses such in their daily lives—even without formal training and definition in the concepts.

        This is a select group where logic and reason seems un-naturally “natural”. 😉

      • Yes, thanks, I have a hard time keeping them straight myself. Many thanks to Mssr. Z for “abductive”, since I’m not educated enough to categorize in such stark tones of black and white.

  30. Heading out to work In Ktown today, Ginger left-handed midgets are few and far inbetween, I would be surprised if I see one gray hair though. 40 % are still wearing face diapers. I even saw on driving a convertible with a mask on last week. I never see one with a tool or broom in hand, they must be just pushing money around skimming 2.0% , monkey see monkey do ?

    • Now that the “emergency is over”, may we please start telling these people (in a nasally, school-marm tone) “Take off your mask!!!”.

      If they don’t, can we ask to speak with the manager?

      • Mow Noname: Just publicly snigger at them, and be glad you don’t have to breath in their noxious fumes.

      • As if you didn’t wear one when told. Those of us who never did think the same of you as you do those people still wearing them.

  31. The question is when will reality hit upper middle-class whites. In my neighborhood, it’s not even close. Sure, surrounding areas have gone from working class white to Hispanics. Sure, the Home Depot and Costco are starting to look like a UN session.

    So, yes, you can see the brown tide rising ever closer, but these whites can retreat back to their neighborhoods and ignore reality. It’s the same in many Northern Virginia areas. Upper middle class white (well, mostly white, the Indians and Asians are arriving) neighborhoods are too expensive for the brown horde so whites are safe. This has been true for decades and will likely remain true.

    I’m not sure how these enclaves of imagination get penetrated. Their money is a shield. And these are insanely rich areas, just rich enough to keep out the Hispanics and Africans. But, again, not rich enough to keep out the Indians and Asians, but, for now, the Indians and Asians play by white rules. That may change in the future.

    • Sorry, meant to say that these areas “aren’t” insanely rich, but their expensive enough.

      Change doesn’t come when the working class gets hit. It comes when the upper middle class and rich get hit. The white working class was hammered first, then the white middle class, but the upper middle class remains mostly untouched. The rich are definitely untouched.

      Until they feel the pain, nothing will change.

    • Silly, I’ve got a concrete answer to your question of how the upper middle class whites begin to feel at least some pain.

      This is the place that I left 7 years ago because I foresaw exactly scenarios like this.

      The sad and funny part is that I know that many people in Marin will quietly hate this, but will never dare mention it. They will continue to submit to the loud progressives among them and probably still vote for them too.

      • To answer both Line and Citizen:

        You see, they (subconsciously) think that if the homeless camps have reached them, then all of Deplorable Land is like that, only worse.

        When the Marin Counties start to look like that Sao Paulo photo of lux high-rises on one side, a huge barrier, and endless favela on the other, they will congratulate themselves on the rightness of their path.
        They found shelter!

        Away from the zombie hordes, who are incapable of understanding how deplorable they are. I mean, just look at how those deplorables live!

        The Worsening will reinforce the distance between the classes, and harden their hearts.

    • I have noticed multiple articles in the Canadian mainstream media in recent months about how our immigration levels are too high. Also several high level bankers and financial people have “cautioned” the country on extremely high immigration levels.

      I was wondering if this is coming out simply because these rich people are no longer able to escape all the strange people in costumes doing 3rd world things.

      The true political elites don’t care as they live in the hills around Montreal and Ottawa, which is not being slammed (as much) with immigration. But the business elites live in Toronto and there is no escaping the changing demographics, even in the richest neighborhoods.

      Toronto just voted to allow duplexes, triplexes, and quad-plexes on any single family zoned lot last night. Slowly but surely those rich areas where the bankers live will be converted into slums full of boarding houses with triplexes on every lot.

      It’s quite a change. Going back to 1990 I can’t remember anybody in any kind of high position *ever* saying bad things about immigration. And suddenly multiple articles have popped up.

      • Not sure about how Canadians will react, but this is eerily similar to the immediate aftermath here of the Civil Rights act and the start of “block busting”. Black families began to move into lower class White neighborhoods when deed restrictions were outlawed. First Black family into a White block, and the “for sales” signs went up. Last White family to leave had to sell at a loss, or simply abandon the property.

        Here however, we will see those apartment complexes going up in single family residential areas being subsidized (in various forms) by the Fed’s, further accelerating the social decline.

        • Exactly, a replay will raise the value of being in the System, it’ll increase the price of the ticket.

          For us, the ticket will become more and more unaffordable.
          (or house, or city services, or medical care, or electric bill)

          I predict a boom in luxury services: catering, chauffeuring, DJ’s, escorts, bodyguards, etc.

          • Already see it in the medical profession. Want a non POC doctor? Have to use concierge physician. Starting at $5k a year fee just for the privilege of being his patient.

  32. The illusion of equality is what seems to be driving most of this insanity. As soon as we get enough low IQ minorities ensconced in the crucial professions, we’ll soon get all the democracy we deserve.

    • Epaminondas…all the democracy we deserve…and get it good and hard.

    • One of the best memes is a photo of a ghetto with the caption “when are whites going to receive reparations?”

  33. For me it’s a matter of the limousine elite versus the helicopter elite. I think I actually got the idea from Chomsky (apparently another habitue of Epstein Island.) A rich man who travels via helicopter doesn’t ever have to be disturbed by what’s going on down there in the world, as the favelas only look like little model buildings from the sky. The man who takes the limo to work has to deal with the homeless squeegee wielder hopping out in front of his car and smearing the window with dirty water. And even the best suspension system can’t quite hide the effect of trying to navigate a potholed road.

    Trump (with the usual caveat “for all his faults”) is a limousine elite, and wants to remain one. He wants to be able to sit ringside at a fight without worrying about being kidnapped. This is a real problem in Mexico by the way, as Floyd Mayweather’s fight against Canelo Alvarez was actually scheduled to take place there, until some Sinoloans made it clear they would kill Floyd if he won.

    Of course, a “helicopter elite” can pretend they’re a limousine elite, if they literally live within walled cities where the dangerous and desperate dirt people can’t reach them. Regardless, though, I’m not as sanguine as Z Man on the idea that the rich people will stop this if an when it affects them. Abbott and De Santis could send a convoy of biblical proportions of nothing but face-tatted gangbangers to the Vineyard and Chappaqua and all it will do is make the elite hate normal nonelite whites even more, for having the temerity to be right about immigration, and to point out the hypocrisy of their betters.

    Besides, it really is too late, now. What do you want them to do? Admit they’re wrong? Even the bourgeoise whites and Jews who read the New York Times have filled the comment section on the Texas shooter with Breitbartian outrage. But again, it’s too late. We need to worry about surviving, not winning arguments or converts anymore. If we make it, maybe we can have our own autonomous nation. If not, we end up tied to the grille of some souped-up Mexican warlord’s Cutlass Supreme, Mad Max-style. It’d almost be worth it to see the skull of someone like Adam Schiff used as a piece of fretwork on some warlord’s throne after the Fall, but, alas, I think he’ll bugout to Israel before it happens.

    • ” … Of course, a “helicopter elite” can pretend they’re a limousine elite, if they literally live within walled cities where the dangerous and desperate dirt people can’t reach them. […]”

      Why can’t you just say ” … can pretend *he is* … if *he* literally *lives* … can’t reach *him*”?


      • Because there is more than one person in the elite. A pedant is insufferable enough. When they’re wrong, it’s ten times worse. Especially when they’re as histrionic as you.
        WHY GOD WHY?!?!

        I thought the other side was filled with lunatics quibbling about pronouns. I guess we’ve got our problem here.

        • Yeah, I had to reread your posting since I did not discern the reason for the admonishment from IP. Let’s be a little more reticent in the future. We’re all on the same team.

          • Ah. Infant is just plain fed up to *here* with all the pronoun crap.

            It’s turned a good man into a Pronoun Nazi! Those scoundrels, does their wickedness know no end?

  34. I thought it was very interesting in the case of Bob Huggins that West Virginia said the $1 million in lost salary would go to alphabet soup charities, but said nothing about giving any money to Catholic groups and no one said a thing about it. If Huggins comments are so beyond the pale then how are Catholics not also harmed by them? It shows how beaten down they are by those who rule over us that a Catholic group wouldn’t even bring this up.

    • As a practicing Catholic, I have to say that we have no claims to charity regarding this since it was Catholic students that set the whole thing off by throwing dildos on the court. If anything hurts us, it should be the shame of behaving in such a disgraceful and undignified matter. Absolutely nothing about the incident exhibits the “light of the world.”

        • That is also assuming the story is true. I talked about this story with friends, at the time Huggins was at Cincinnati, we were all college basketball fans. We don’t ever remember hearing anything about this. Of course a very low percentage of the students in the Xavier student section would be practicing Catholics.

      • What I was wondering about is where do those “dildos” come from? Don’t they cost money? Or do they now resell them at Goodwill Stores or something. What ever happened to throwing used “D” cell batteries?

          • My vision of the future is delirious hordes of drunken college kids lobbing blue dildos at the bound-and-gagged common man…forever!

      • And apparently, Xavier University was celebrating “Tranny Night” for this game. No genuinely Catholic, or even generically Christian, institution would do such a thing. Xavier is Catholic in name only. As part of the academic wing of AINO’s Power Structure, it is effectively demonic.

  35. We are Eloi and Morlocks early on in the timeline. Soon some of us will go underground and abandon the weak woke people above. Underground in this example would be the hinterlands.

    As far as Budweiser screwing up by thinking there is a big market for cross dressers and trannies, I don’t think that was their target. Like all of these public embarrassments it just a big signal to the woke zombies. Pavlovian responses to follow.

    I have some The Machine Stops references here but I suppose enough here understand that already.

    Oh, one more thing. The Catholic phag slur by the coach was interesting but not in the outrage or his groveling. No one noticed the slurring of Catholics was not the main focus but the phag part was? Of course we know.

    • Yes, and it is about to get harder as we slide down the right hand side of the peak oil curve and the carrying capacity of the planet goes from 8B to 1B. Have a nice day.


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