Evil & Stupid

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Agribusiness) is waging jihad against his fellow Republicans in the House over H.R. 2, an immigration bill that has been working through the House since January. He has specifically targeted the E-Verify provision, that would require employers to use the system, which has been in place for decades, to verify that their employees are legally allowed to work in the country. He has been on Twitter railing against the E-Verify system.

There are two schools of thought as to why Massie has picked out this provision of the bill as his reason for opposing it. One is the old “Republicans donors like cheap labor” argument, which is mostly true. Massie gets a lot of money from agribusiness, which relies on illegal aliens to work in meat packing plants, commercial farming enterprises and food processing facilities. What you never find in a food processing plant these days is anyone speaking English.

The other explanation for Massie’s berserk opposition to this provision is that he is a libertarian who spasmodically opposes government programs. He has been dressing up his arguments in libertarian jibber-jabber. He claims that Joe Biden will use the system to prevent normal Americans from working. According to Massie, this program will require you to get permission from Joe Biden in order to work, which is a weird claim, but consistent with libertarianism.

In fairness, both explanations could be true. In order to get into the House of Senate, you have to be willing to take bribes from the donor class. The reason both parties support the current chaos is because both parties have the same paymasters. Those paymasters think borders are bad for business, so they oppose anything that would result in an orderly border policy. Hiring libertarian goofballs to be the messenger on this makes it look principled, rather than cynical.

The donor class will get serious about immigration when they start feeling the pain of immigration in their own lives. This is what happened a century ago. When newly imported anarchist and communist started killing rich people, rich people suddenly got religion on immigration. In short order Congress passed bills effectively ending immigration for over half a century. We will see the same thing once a rich person is murdered by Mexican cartel members.

There is another reason for Massie’s behavior. He may be a sociopath. His claims about E-Verify are obvious lies, yet he tells them with enthusiasm. The system has been in place for decades, but it has been voluntary. In theory, employers are prohibited from hiring illegal aliens, but they ignore the law. The point of making E-Verify mandatory is to force employers to comply with existing law. Massie’s claims about it being a new government program are an absurd lie.

Putting that aside, what we are seeing here is an example of how the Republican Party is an ongoing fraud on its voters. It exists only as a relief valve. You get mad at the Democratic administration and vote Republican. They promise to do something about the latest thing, but then they always find a “principled reason” for not doing something about the latest thing. You see all of their favorite tricks in this latest immigration bill that Biden has already promised to veto.

The first trick is what Massie is doing. He claims to oppose open borders in theory, but he can never find a proposal he likes. Either the proposed solution violates his libertarian principles or, as he argues in this case, the proposed solution is not perfect, so not good enough for him. If you read his Twitter, you will see that he is playing both of these tricks on his voters right now. He says E-Verify will not work and it is a violation of his principled stand against the government.

Of course, the only reason the House is pushing this bill along is the Republicans know it has no chance of becoming law. When they had the House, the Senate, and Trump in the White House, they could not be bothered. Trump was sitting there with his pen ready to sign an immigration bill, but there were always more important things to do like moving commas around the tax code. Republicans only get serious on immigration when they have no chance of passing legislation.

The worst part of this fraud is that people like Thomas Massie deliberately use the virtues of their voters against them. In this case, he is waving the bloody flag of Covid around to scare his voters. “See what they did with Covid now imagine what they will do with this program!” Meanwhile, over three million illegals have entered the country since the start of the year. Millions more are queued up. America is facing an invasion and the Republicans are aiding and abetting it.

Stanton Evans famously quipped “We have two parties here, and only two. One is the evil party, and the other is the stupid party.” Ever since it has been assumed that the Democrats are the evil party and the Republicans the stupid party. The truth is the parties are neither of those things. It is the voters. People who vote for Democrats are evil, while the people who continue to vote Republican are stupid. Only when enough people smarten up will be able to address the evil.

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150 thoughts on “Evil & Stupid

  1. Well, now, Z, I see a small logical problem with your post. You write: “The reason both parties support the current chaos is because both parties have the same paymasters. Those paymasters think borders are bad for business, so they oppose anything that would result in an orderly border policy.” Very true. And then you write: “The point of making E-Verify mandatory is to force employers to comply with existing law.”

    How are both true? Why do the paymasters pay our glorious congresscreatures to force them to do anything?

    I’d like to suggest that the way to have an orderly border isn’t to further convert the interior of the US into a prison/panopticon. It would be better, since we’re being invaded from the south, to deploy our otherwise-useless armed forces to repel said invasion. Not by “detaining” the wetbacks, either. By sending plenty of high-speed southbound lead into those wading parades across the Rio Grande. Problem solved, quickly.

  2. There is another reason to oppose requiring eVerify: It expressly sets up a system whereby individual employees must have government permission to work before an employer can hire them, upon pain of imprisonment or a fine.

    After all the things we have seen government do with the authority they have been granted, and what they have usurped, we should all be running away from such a system as fast as our feet can take us.

    Government authority ALWAYS gets abused, sometimes within the lifetimes of the people who granted the authority.

    • This was a lie when that fat idiot Massie said it and it is a lie when you repeat the lie. E-Verify does not require you to get permission to work anymore than you showing your picture ID to vote or rent a motel room means you need permission to vote or rent a motel room.

  3. I am most shocked and distressed by this post.

    For a couple of years I followed Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, where Mr Massie was often spotlighted as one of the few remaining honorable members of that august body.

    I must say I am most shocked and distressed.

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  5. “When newly imported anarchist and communist started killing rich people,”

    Yep. See also Sacco and Vanzetti

    • Thinking Zman is wrong on this point. The current wave of immigrants, as far as I can see, are economic migrants. Do they have any politics beyond gimme? Is one of them going to wander into Beverly Hills or wherever people like Bezos live, and jump out of the shrubbery and assassinate some billionaire? Surely that would be happening already. Don’t hold your breath on this one.

      • I don’t think that any botder jumpers are going to off a Cloud on purpose. But some polar bear type just might if one (or more) of those border jumpers did harm to them or to their family, and then reasoned it out that the Cloud was the one who put them or their family in harm’s way through their rah-rah for border jumping. A good old fashioned blood feud…

        • I agree. There is another reason. The border jumper is being told who and what to hate. The old nation is evil as are its heros and founders. Just as evil and deserving of genocide is the white man.

          On top of that, in all of the imagery they see that is not coming from their homeland, they will mostly not see the white man. When they do he will be a buffoon. Over time, border jumper’s children will see the mighty negro and negress as the actors of history – kings, queens, knights, emperors, empresses and commanders and builders of civilization. That isn’t true, but since that will be all they know, well, that will be the new truth.

          We will be completely erased if we don’t spend a lot of time and energy preserving our heritage and ourselves.

          The greatest crime in all of human history. The scale of it is absolutely breathtaking.

      • That was probably true for Ellis Island, too, but radicals and organized crime hitched a ride. I doubt it’s much different today.

  6. so both parties are beholden to the same donors. Since that appears to be the same in UK,France,germany,poland,Brazil,Mexico,canada,spain,italy,Belgum,japan,Korea , and a lot of other places. they must be some pretty big donors. Some large an powerful group must be coordinating this. something like the CCP or some world forum of some kind. Nah! what was I thinking , it’s just ordinary garden variety crazy liberal! no coordination! no overarching Orgainzation! that is just crazy talk ,
    you can’t put on a kids birthday party without planning , but this is all just chance and happenstance. and if you don’t believe it is you are nuts. a kook , pure tin foil hat .

  7. Cheap labor is America’s curse. From African slavery, to mass immigration, to illegal immigration, to tech. Good for the bottom line, and that’s about it. The worst part is, we’ve always known better (Elon Musk worrying about AI or whatever is like Jefferson worrying about slavery), and the political tables have turned for long stretches, but we never get over the hump, always go back to being a pirate operation, a bunch of colonies, instead of becoming a nation. Very frustrating.

    • Elon is on the “more legal immigration!” train, as expected, because finding white guys who can’t fit body panels together very well is impossible, and only high caste Indians can do middle school algebra.

      The one strong insight I think Marx had is that being a “capitalist” and being extremely, destructively antisocial are approximately the same thing.

      • Hemid: “extremely, destructively antisocial”

        Anti-social Personality Disorder is in Cluster B.

        I’d be thinking moar in terms of two non-specified PDs: Psychopathy & Sadism.

        Nice guys always finish last, and garden variety Psychopaths always win.

        Whereas Sadistic Psychopaths grow up to rule the entire world.


        In all seriousness, I don’t know what can be done about the problem of Nice Guys always finishing last, other than the Nice Guys growing a pair and discovering their Inner Psychopaths.

        And in all seriousness, muh gut instinct is that the assortative mating of modernity [e.g. the classical pairing of Ivy League boys marrying Seven Sisters girls] is causing a statistical explosion in the incidence of e.g. Psychopathy.

    • Whenever you hear the words “cheap labor”, it means “your descendants will be paying through the nose, in perpetuity”.

  8. E-Verify has been a legal requirement here in Arizona for many years, and our economy has not collapsed. I personally don’t like it, and if the Feds ever made a serious example out of employers who hire illegals, it wouldn’t be necessary. That’s the trouble with people who use libertarian talking points, they assume that everyone is going to play by a reasonable set of rules. If those rules aren’t in place, none of that stuff is practical.

  9. O/t, maybe, maybe not:

    Goshdam, there’s the “after” video of Choke Neely.

    The Marine is helping reposition him as some black dude talks to Neely (kind of chewing his azz out), and Neely takes a deep breath. You can see he was breathing after the Marine released him.

    He wasn’t dead.
    The Marine didn’t “kill” him.

    Gab (Dionichi):

    Wasn’t somebody here discussing selective enforcement?

  10. It’s not about if, or even when. It’s really about how. As in, how best to bring about the needed change before the bottom gets so low that no rebound is feasible or the price of hitting bottom is measured in tens of millions of innocents. At the root, the key issue of morality is . . . how to accomplish necessary change with the least harm to innocents.

    Let’s look at Ukraine. In February 2022, Russian had been begging the West since at least 2007 to negotiate a security arrangement that kept NATO off their border. Four Administrations ignored these pleadings, thus necessitating a war. There are now hundreds of thousands of dead common folk alphas and innocents, and their population has declined by nearly half, most of which fled the war and will never return.

    Can you think of a solution that might have been implemented back on Feb 23, 2022 that could have avoided this war and loss of life?

    I can.

    • Haaretz: “There were about 25 people in the Bush administration who orchestrated the Iraq War.”
      (From an article bragging about how they were nearly all ******.)

    • “Can you think of a solution that might have been implemented back on Feb 23, 2022 that could have avoided this war and loss of life?”

      The stupid Finns might long for such a person who could, named Mannerheim…when it is their turn to ‘fight to the last Ukrainian…’

      • Finns and for that matter, the Baltic toilets, Poland and the 404 seem to be rushing headlong into forming the 4th Reich. I left Sweden out but they have always had a strong streak of Nazi. All of Europe seems determined to join in the new Reich headquartered in DC. We are the baddies now.

        • Speaking of the Finns, how did that work out in 1939-40? Some Swedes went in, otherwise not even weapons. Not ONE non Finn put, what is that term, ‘boots on the ground.’ Lots of good op-ed pieces in newspapers, though.

          The only boots ended up German boots, in 1941. At least Mannerheim, a true statesman and warlord, knew to swap land for decades of peace.

  11. “We will see the same thing once a rich person is murdered by Mexican cartel members.”

    Not a chance. I am sure at least several wealthy leftists died on 9/11, and nothing was done then. Why should it be different this time?

    • Nothing was done? Patriot Act, War on Terror, making air travel a royal pain in the ass, etc.

          • And the 500,000 Iraqi children, the ones the vampire Albright reveled in drinking the blood of before she waddled off to meet her god in a lake of fire.

    • After the Wall Street bombing in 1920s the American financial elite did not think of themselves as citizens of the world who were going to simply decamp to some other trendy spot if living in New York got to risky or ugly for them. This generation has no loyalty to any country and doesn’t care about other Americans at all. Not being able to get food from their favorite restaurants delivered reliably would make them more likely to support mild reforms than the threat of violence.

  12. Conservative politics in Kentucky is astonishingly backwards. In my neck of the woods, I was just yesterday visited by a candidate who was aligned with Cooperider (the gubernatorial candidate) and was somehow endorsed by Mike Lindell, presumably because of his affiliation with the nascent state GOP issue of voter reform. Now, I’m not opposed to reform in principle, especially since these guys are promising to get rid of the dominion machines and also to automatically void county results if the number of votes cast exceed the number of the population. The problem is that these guys have been so focused on the issue of fair elections that they are oblivious to that reality that the party machines are, for whatever reason you wish to posit, incapable of nominating anyone worth voting for in any election. Even if they solve the issue of fraud, that’s not going to change anything because the candidates are all terrible.

  13. Good post as usual from the Z-man but I wonder if the 1920s solution (anarchists and communists start threatening the elites) is likely to occur in this century. The elites are simply too well insulated from the problems that the invaders bring. I suppose an MS-13 gang could kidnap and kill an assistant secretary and his or her family in nothern Virginia, or a investment bank vice-president in New Jersey, or a prominent TV newscaster in California, but there would have to be a pervasive threat, a feeling a dread that permeated the elites, in order to get them to act. The technology of isolation (e.g., private helicopters, motion sensors, drones) is simply becoming too good for the elites to be threatened by the consequences of what they’ve done, at least in any foreseeable future.

    • The “elite” can continue to run the country from their bolt holes in New Zealand, if it comes to that. They would in that case be no less accessible to we commoners than they are now.

    • Not too sure about that. A fellow at the frontera (border zone, Laredo) told me about a doctor who’s clinic had done so well, he was building a $2 million hospital.

      So, the gangs kidnapped his daughter.

      The half-built frame of the hospital is still in that neighborhood, but the doctor and his daughter are not.

      (Praise heaven, he got her back for the rest of the $2M.)

      I’m thinking rising South African style fortification of the houses, New Jersey style fortification of the shops (3 inch thick plexiglass), and city centers like Brussels or Newark: occupied by day, eerily empty by nightfall.
      Nothing seen but teeth and eyeballs after dark.

    • The elite are more vulnerable than you think. In fact they are in much worse shape than we are, I think. Remember, these are people who have no real-world experience and have never faced any consequence in their lives. Their security and their aides are probably fairly bright and ambitious and certainly not loyal. The upper elite won’t be able to sleep or eat or anything at some point.

      Let’s say a billionaire makes it to his bunker, he will need a staff and security who at some point will tell him that there are too many people and there was a vote and the billionaire was voted off the island.

      Most of the toadies have families who will be a priority for them and the stuff of the elite will become too tempting and easy for the toadies to continue serving their masters. Human nature being what it is the bad guys will go where the money is.

  14. “People who vote for Democrats are evil, while the people who continue to vote Republican are stupid.”

    Does that mean more accurately the Republicans are the party of the pathological, and the Democrats the party of the psychotic.

  15. Regarding Massie, I am not the first to observe that the Republican politicians from the red states are often treasonous about open borders.

    Cornyn in Texas. Miss Lindsey in South Carolina.

    I live in such a red state and I see that the reason that Republican voters are taken in by these traitors is because they have not had sufficient contact with diversity and massive immigration to wise up. Most of the Republicans that I have met in my state still think that it’s 1985 and what this country needs is more Reagan.

    I literally have had Republicans tell me that we don’t need to worry about massive immigration in our state because we are so welcoming that we will win over most of the immigrants. And we need their hard work on our farms!

    These people are the sweet self-of-the-earth, I’m blessed to have them as neighbors, but they deserve what they are about to receive. I wish there was another way…

    • In Arizona, we’ve had that contact. I say that as a White guy who generally likes and gets along well with Hispanics. But we have already have plenty of them, and there’s absolutely no vetting of the ones coming in.

      • Do you have any thoughts about why McCain was always reelected?

        I remember that he was once under pressure during an election about his lack of concern about immigration/border, so he did a campaign ad with some homo in border patrol, where they discussed the urgency of the issue. The ad concluded with the guy saying, “You’re one of us, Senator McCain.” I was furious.

    • nonsense, the “GOP” rigs the primaries . lindsy grahm had 13 primary challengers the last time he ran. laa funded by “unknown donors”. as a result the 31% of the vote he go was enough to win! nonr of the elections are honest . they are ALL rigged. in 2022 the michigan GOP threw the 4 best primary candidates for govornor off the ballot. Voters there got tooter dixon .

    • “These people are the sweet self-of-the-earth, I’m blessed to have them as neighbors”

      They are spelled M-O-R-O-N-S

      If they are like the ones I left in my native Spain, you are not blessed. Yes, they think everybody is good and being nice is the most important virtue. So what? If they are refusing to see the obvious, if they take pains to reject your most obvious arguments and are enabling to take your country to the dogs, it is no good that they are nice. It would be better than they are unfriendly and don’t take the country (and you inside of it) to hell

      I see my country, Spain, like millions of people that are tied together. Most of them want to jump over a cliff. No matter the arguments you give to them, if you scream to them, if some self-destructive behaviors are obvious. They refuse to stop believing in a Disney progressive fantasy even when the country is being conquered by Muslims, native people get poorer and poorer, insecurity is increasing, people get more and more slave and every time you try to get some idea into their empty heads, they think you are too negative and “nah, nah, nah, I can’t hear you”

      While singing “What a wonderful life”, they jump over the cliff and the fact is that they drag everybody sane to the cliff, cryiing and screaming”

      Give me an assh*le every day. I can manage him . I can do nothing against millions of these nice people

      • Interesting comment from a Spaniard. I seem to recall that there was a certain Spanish general who knew exactly how to deal with the Left… the man was a hero.

  16. So we’re going from aspiring young scholars to aspiring adult lawn mowers, is it?

      • If you want a vision of the future imagine a gasoline-powered leaf blower running just outside your bedroom window at 6 AM while Mariachi music plays on a poor quality truck radio…forever.

        • Don’t throw me into the void, but I kind of like mariachi music.
          If you take out the warbling singers, it is effectively German oom-pah music.

        • Ploppy: The future? That’s much of Texas NOW. And the only leaf blower I will hear where I am now will be my own, battery-powered one, to get the leaves into my burn pit.

  17. Massie invented an AI “hand” while at MIT which allows people to “feel” things they see on a screen, and he worked with a woman whom he quickly married. He lives in an off-grid house that he was able to build and sustain with the money from the sale of the company he and his wife founded.

    He’s smart enough to be stupid, meaning for all of his intelligence — he’s off-grid because he wants to be free from the threat of having his water and electricity shut off by the State — he reflexively turns philosophical when presented with problems that aren’t. This is the libertarian curse, and why they are the political equivalent of Shakers at this point in history.

    • Ah, the point of bringing up his MIT background — he has never been on the receiving end of non-state power, as he was a member of that class to begin with. He was lauded and feted for his brilliance, and always has been. Hence the only threat he is capable of identifying is State power; non-state power is, by definition, good to him, since by its nature (he is an engineer) it will act as a counterforce to opposing power. It doesn’t occur to him that both forces can flow in the same direction and with the same destination.

    • I highly doubt, wherever he lives, that he sits on his deck, and instead of hearing silence, hears the distant beat of Tejano music, and sees the distant flicker of a fire at some encampment, the arguments and conversation getting louder and louder each hour after midnight. Would this “libertarian” call the Sheriff’s department? Or would he have a “live and let live” attitude. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that he wouldn’t allow it near him?

      You know and I know that the hypocritical POS would call the Sheriff, and discover a magic libertarian right to “peace and quiet.”

      • I don’t think he has anyone living within a mile or two of him. He has a castle, all but in name. Most of the materials he built it with came from that land, too — rock, timber.

        I admire what he’s done with his own life, and it’s certainly a model I wish I could’ve emulated for mine, so I don’t criticize him lightly. If we had 100 of him in the House, we’d certainly be much better off.

        But it bothers the hell out of me when a guy like that gets into office, is ineffectual for years, and when handed power, immediately prioritizes the last thing that we need to be worried about right now. Makes me even more convinced of the theatrical nature of our televised political spectacle.

    • > he reflexively turns philosophical when presented with problems that aren’t.

      Yup. Lolbertarians are the living embodiment of the quip, “You have to be really smart to be this stupid.”

    • I did not know this about his background. Sounds to me like he has never experienced the real world up close and personal. May not be a typical Cloud, but just as out of touch with the everyday life of everyday ‘Murricans.

  18. Embedded in Massie’s argument is the notion that E-Verify will somehow track Americans, as if we don’t have smart phones in our pockets tracking us every three feet. As if the intel apparatus isn’t recording everything we say and write. As if we weren’t lined up and given SSN’s nearly 90 years ago. As if the old men in white Tube socks who vote for him don’t have Medicare cards from HHS in their wallets. As if our passports aren’t already chipped and connected worldwide to every port of entry. I could go on and on. Massie tells us to suspend our common knowledge that even breathing in today’s modern world creates a blizzard of paperwork and tracking, yet the ONE PROGRAM that, if implemented could give a raise to a McDonalds employee and better social services at the same time is this eye in the sky prison program.

    So the end result is poor Cletus, living in Massie’s Kentucky district, gets to see even more Mexicans and Hondurans etc. unpack their bags across from his double-wide. Soon they’ll have a garden trailer hitched to a pickup, and will be underbidding him for gardener services around town. But Massie doesn’t live around Cletus. Massie has a domicile across town at (insert Country club). Massie isn’t there anyway. He’s in D.C. having an intern fetch him things at his beck and call. Poor Cletus will probably vote for him, if he votes at all.

    CLetus needs to get a clue. Politicians aren’t your peers and aren’t your friends. They will screw you every time unless you’re shooting at their feet and yelling “dance for me boy.” We need to stop pretending that they’re human.

    • Massie lives in an off-grid house, pretty far from any country club. He built it himself.

      He is doing the bidding of the country club in this particular matter, but he’s pretty far from being a member of that set. He’s pretty autistic. Remember, this is the guy who called for a recorded voice vote for Trump’s CARE Act, which caused Trump to call him a third-rate nobody.

  19. E-Verify is an example of why the country is broken beyond repair and an example of anarcho-tyranny. I, a natural US citizen have had to do the E-Verify thing since my first job 30 plus years ago while foreigners aren’t subject to the law. It’s a small thing, but it is also emblematic of the problem. Even this small thing cannot get fixed. Trump is promising mass deportations again while we cannot even stop them from working illegally.

    • All E-verify does is validate that the information the job applicant provides on the https://www.uscis.gov/i-9 form belongs to them. That’s it. Identity theft is a huge problem for the person whose identity is stolen, but the gov’t basically sanctions it.

  20. Well, Massie is from Kentucky. You could not get a horse on the track without an army of imported workers.

    The H1B-equivalent for Ag workers used to be available on a government website. I was looking at it for a work project. You would be amazed at how many visa spots are given to horse trainers! Hundreds. And this is just the legal spots. Obviously there are tons of illegals working around the track too.

    So my guess is that, forgive the pun, there is “horse trading” going on and that Massie is helping meatpackers and chicken processors in exchange for some concession on something Kentucky-related that Massie wants.

    • The only way to stop this crap is mass imprisonment of everyone involved, especially the politicians. There are no consequences for anything they do. Imposing consequences is the only thing with a hope of accomplishing anything.

    • Years ago, I did a one hour show just reading the short description of the visas. The descriptions were short, but there are so many visa types it took most the show to read their descriptions.

      • I remember the, “A to Z of Visas,” show!

        That was funny for all the wrong reasons.

    • The whole system is beyond repair. I remember years ago reviewing a Visa type that allowed for “special kills and talents.” This was used in several instances that came to light to import models from South America and Mexico.

      Now I have nothing against hot chicks from South America but the Visas in this case were supposed to be for positions that cannot be easily filled by Americans. I think we have hot chicks in America even today.

        • Not so fast on the ban of hot chicks from SA. Looking around recently, I might say the importers have an argument.

          Besides, no quicker way to get immigration shut down than to start publicizing the importation of hot Latina and Asian women.

          • Indeed, the threat of millions of young caliente latinas pouring into the U.S. — rapidly snapped-up by starved men — might be the only motivation that would stop Ms. Amerika Inc. from destroying the nation utterly.

          • To increase their own price, women try to import more men, then when the market starts to bring immigrants’ female offspring on the line, that sudden familiar clamor to banish TikTok/affordable transportation/beauty pageants.

      • (Oops sorry
        Small phone fat finger
        Upvote change to upvote)

        A hot models visa
        Where’s my Ukrainian landshark
        The origin of the word “Boobs”

        B : top view
        oo : front view
        b : side view

        • Boobs.
          Hilarious, but redolent with truthiness. As Sev often says, I am liberating this for the good of the People.

    • I noticed that 80% of the jockeys and at least half the trainers. maybe more, at last Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, had spanish names.

      • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the trainers with the most visas were the top trainers – Pletcher and Chad Brown – and they are very white guys.

      • And of course everyone had to have a narrative about overcoming some sort struggle before making it to the limelight. The owner of the winning horse was Venezuelan and the infobabe that interviewed him after the race tripped over herself to ask what his victory meant to his home country.

        Every last corner of our world has become saturated with messaging intended to reinforce the anti-white morality of the elites.

    • Fraud relating to the temporary work visa categories is probably close to border-jumping in its contribution to the illegal alien population. IIRIRA (1996) was supposed to have biometric entry and exit tracking of temporary workers as well as well as enforcing public charge laws and increasing penalties for overstays. It’s the law but none of those things happened. Even student visas are part of the fraud.

    • The big tech companies do nothing but whine about the “shortage” of engineers. The actual “shortage” is of engineers who’ll work far below the market rate.

  21. Chatting with the niece in Dallas just now, the Mexivasion suddenly makes sense:

    California food
    Texas oil
    Pacific and Gulf ports

    Occupation troops under DC control

    This is a life or death battle; the Cities need both to survive

    And the troops can outvote us
    Until they’re issued badges and guns, that is

    How many here know it’s a US govt run operation through Panama’s Darien Gap?
    Busses by the dozen each day
    Like NGO ships past the Gibraltar to the EU

    • Alzaebo: It’s a very coordinated onslaught world-wide, paid for by the massively-inflated fiat currencies the bankers use to pay White people. There is really nothing you can do to stop it, so it’s no use even complaining about it – just do your best to get away from it. And for God’s sake, DO NOT go and patronize the inevitable ‘Mexican’ or ‘Chinese’ restaurant in the nearest small town – learn to cook and give the invaders nothing.

  22. The thing I’ll give libertarianism credit for, even though it’s the gateway drug, is the desire to leave others alone and be left alone.

    It’s a noble idea, but so is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Iow, impossibly at odds with the reality of this fallen world.

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, as they say. Imo that’s because the world has to be destroyed to be saved, and that’s none of humanity’s business. I think everybody knows that instinctually, and they may be led astray sometimes (I certainly have), but you have to be evil and/or stupid to be convinced of the lie.

    As Z points out, though, it doesn’t matter until the elite feel the pain of their insane policies.

    • I think everybody knows that instinctually, and they may be led astray sometimes (I certainly have), but you have to be evil and/or stupid to be convinced of the lie.

      Indeed, Painterforms. Indeed.

      We can be led astray. But the God-fearing need to recognise it and repent, repent, repent. Some of the folk doing Evil just don’t recognise it, so cannot repent. But the minions of Satan Himself do recognize the Evil and seek to do it anyhow. And they, of course, would never repent.

    • The biggest mistake libertarians make (and I’ve been one) is to assume that any reduction in government power is automatically good. The theory leads situations like 1990’s Russia, in which financial predators swooped in to monopolize the “shares” granted to a citizenry who don’t understand the concept and are in dire financial straits due to the collapse of the social safety net.

      • The biggest mistake Libertarians make is to assume government power can be reduced. It cannot, it can only be transferred to other entities.

  23. I image-search Thomas Massie and I see a beta boy, a man in his early fifties without character in his face.

    Would I let him on my little league team, no. Would I accept him as a friend, no. Would I permit him to legislate in the nation, you cannot be serious. Ditto, foxhole companion.

    Thomas Massie is the type of character that women set up in power when they rule polities. Eminently compliant, devoid of masculine threat, weak and corruptible. I mean, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, the GOP is just a farce. Lisa Murkowski . . . this is what the Republicans offer as ‘opposition’ to the DNC Woke-Fem Politburo.

    I doubt there are ten real men in the entire Capitol. It ain’t an accident.

    • Ray’s bloody feminine Mysteries and Ostei’s radical nonlinear Postmodernism sure do resemble each other.

      In fact, they rhyme like hades, don’t they?

      • ‘Bloody feminine mysteries’?

        That is eminently stealable. I don’t know what radical nonlinear postmodernism is but it sounds impressive so I’m in.

    • I recall from 10 years and more ago, when Required to spend a week or so in DC every other month: In the staffers’ ghetto, most makes were gay, and the girls were so hungry for male “attentions” that even the most average hetero male staffer never had a lonely Friday night. Counterparts billeted there said one with moderate charisma and manly form could write their own ticket with the ….. girls.

  24. So we’re supposed to believe that the same regime that refuses to enforce black letter laws against murder and theft will turn around and honor the spirit of this law against their own interest s and desires?

    Or that the same regime won’t twist the enforcement into tools of oppression as they’ve done with any number of other well intentioned laws / regulations?

    This one weird trick will neuter the regimes replacement strategy?

    No offense but that all is more delusional than vote harder!

    • The hardest thing for Normie to understand wrt DR3, selective enforcement of laws or standards, and a myriad of other things progressive constantly pull seems to be:

      Hypocrisy doesn’t matter – it’s a flex.

  25. One myth that continues to come up is the idea that Americans did nothing to assuage the immigration farce. Yes, Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 was the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent of the country, but there were attempts to deal with this issue at the State level.

    Some examples of this are:

    Texas: Plyer v. Doe (1982) “A state cannot prevent children of undocumented immigrants from attending public school unless a substantial state interest is involved.”


    California: Prop 187 “People shall not receive any public social services until verified as a United States citizen or as a lawfully admitted alien.”


    There are more examples, but the point is that for all the wailing and slavish devotion to the idea that we are a Nation, “Of the People, By the People, and For the People” the ruling class has shown time and again that the people do not get to run their own country.

    • My favorite illustration of this stark-naked conclusion is California’s Prop 8. Apropos, I believe that abortion will, long-term, be completely legalized (all three trimesters) with a similar ruling to the Plyler case. In essence, a ban on abortion that the states implement will be overruled, enabling the opposite (full abortion) to become the law of the land.

      • Republicans caricaturing their voters, or just plain betrayal:

        “Let’s do a total ban on even medically necessary abortions of stillbirths or abortifacients by mail!”

        And then they end up with 167 million Chimpoids in their formerly white district.

        • Well, there is data out there that making abortion as back-up birth control illegal my reduce the number of unwanted births – the theory being that if you are going to have to carry and raise it will limit the number. The main culprit in “out of wedlock” births is the welfare without responsibility. But good luck getting some form of accountability or responsibility tied into receiving welfare.

      • Meh, whatever. I’m all for abortion. By and large, white women don’t get abortions, and the ones that do… I’m okay with them not breeding. Abortion is like the emergency brake that’s slowing our downhill demographic slide… why would you want to release it?

  26. This is an excellent explication of the legerdemain Republicans use to gull their credulous voters. These Republicans are not stupid. They are actually quite cunning, and of course, in cahoots with the Democrats. In my opinion, neither party is stupid, but both are evil. And of course, as Z points out, the voters are indeed dumber than a package of ball-point pens.

  27. “In theory, employers are prohibited from hiring illegal aliens, but they ignore the law.”

    And they ignore the law because it’s not enforced — which means it may as well not exist on the statute books. Immigration officials are told to go easy on slaughterhouses and agricultural workers. The US food system relies on cheap labor — and probably no American is willing to be exploited like the slaughterhouse or field workers — long hours, dangerous work, or working for 12 hours in 95 degree heat.

    “People who vote for Democrats are evil, while the people who continue to vote Republican are stupid. Only when enough people smarten up will be able to address the evil.”

    Probably quite a few people do see this — but what’s the alternative? As I often say, the US mode of governance is skewed in favor of an entrenched oligarchy. The two-party charade masquerades as “democracy.”

    • Ah, selective enforcement of the statutes. Why do I have this nagging suspicion that Our Elites have learned how very handy this can be. “Yeah, of course we are lagely putting these statutes into effect, only to ignore them. For now… But when we need them available to us to enforce against people we don’t like, well, they’ll be ready to hand to suddenly enforce to shut them down.”

      It’s the old, “You probably break at least three federal statues every day trick”, but consciously weaponized, sitting there humming, waiting for use.

      So, as an example, for now, some sectors of the economy get to flout the laws concerning illegal immigrant workers. But if, say the Climate Change Nazis want to cut way back on the slaughterhouse industries with their legions of illegals, and they have the whip hand, then rigid compliance will be mandatory, decimating the workforce at the slaughterhouse.

      I used to work at a university law library, and was charged with maintenance of the US government document, and brother, the sheer volume of statutes (the US Code), and the bureaucratic rules supposedly developed to enforce and regulate the actual implementation of the statutes (the Code of Federal Regulations) was stunning in its extent and granularity. Too much power concentrated within that mass.

      • “But when we need them available to us to enforce against people we don’t like, well, they’ll be ready to hand to suddenly enforce to shut them down.”

        You’re absolutely right. That’s the long and short of it. If some reason the illegal alien becomes too uppity, demands that safety regulations be adhered to, demands breaks at work, then invoke and enforce the laws. This is serf labor. It’s to be kept docile.

        • The case of the protesters holding torches in Virgina, right? Illegal to burn for intimidation, lol, facing six years in prison. Of course, lighting police cars on fire is not illegal for those fighting against white supremacy.

      • Indeed they didn’t have too much trouble finding which ones they could use to go after George Santos.

        Which raises the point once again that Donald Trump must be pretty clean, since they’ve had to resort to using a woman like Ms. Carroll. Not a campaign finance violation or wire fraud charge in sight (the stuff they are using to go after Santos).

    • well in that case you are ok with $10 loaf of bread or dozen eggs, and $25 sack of spuds, and whole chickens at $50/per, because poorly paid labor with few rights is what keeps the costs down.

      And on the other hand, they did not care that their streets were full of potholes with no sidewalks as long as they rode down those streets in Escalades or Navigators. They did not care that their buildings had leaky roofs, broken windows and rats, as long as they had new gel nails, athletic designer shoes, and fresh fades. Personal appearance mattered most to them and they had no trust in their neighbors.

      • “well in that case you are ok with $10 loaf of bread or dozen eggs, and $25 sack of spuds, and whole chickens at $50/per, because poorly paid labor with few rights is what keeps the costs down.”

        You are right but I didn’t have the courage to write this here. If you want affordable food, you need serf labor.

        • The alternative to cheap food by serf labor is to break up corporate farming and to rebuild the Surface Famine Relief Rail, that is, the old small town rail networks that connected ag towns with everybody else.

          The cheap labor used to be kids and Okies, it still is blacks in the South in places, and food prices didn’t skyrocket.

          I remember working in the fields, it wasn’t brutal. But seeing those workers in Yuma, I’m telling you, ya don’t treat human beings or even animals like that.

          (And I remember when some of our locals had overseers, dogs, and shotguns for their labor. Now the labor has Cartel overseers and contractors, who are much worse.)

          It’s the corporate system dependent on Federal regulation, I say, the exact same corporate structuralism that has ruined the medical and educational systems.

          There is the source of food inflation: rising prices, squeezing bottlenecks, rationing, and degrading quality.

      • blanket trees and ham bushes: And what’s the cost of having one’s entire nation mongrelized? The cost of having no neighbors who share your cultural inheritance, your language, your faith? And while I know exactly what sort of rejoinders I’m going to get from the “any abortion anywhere of anyone is the worst thing ever” crowd, AINO has too damned many people – and too many fat people – anyway. More and bigger does not equal better – see China and India. Wish the ‘green revolution’ had never happened.

        And yes, I will pay for food what the White American farmer needs to make a decent living.

      • You’d be surprised. At least w/ regard to produce people tend to vastly overestimate the % farm labor costs contribute to food prices. This is a few years old so adjust for inflation, but I doubt the % are much different given that there are more illegals than ever https://tinyurl.com/55myuzxa “farmers received an average 30 percent of the retail price of fresh fruits and 25 percent of the retail price of fresh vegetables. . .Farm labor costs are typically less than a third of farm revenue for fresh fruits and vegetables. . .”

        • The exact ratio is a guess from old experiences, and I am sure there is variation, but I recall that food in pre-diversified Europe costed about twice the (much lower quality) equivalent in pre-diversified America. The notion that we NEED an army of 3rd world serfs to avoid hunger or deprivation is simply wrong.

          It’s a question of resource allocation. You can pay your own farmers a fair price for their labor, or you can screw them and save money, which will then be extracted from you anyway through taxes which will be used to fund your own replacement.

    • Enforcement requires funding. They appease the voters by passing laws they have no intention of funding.

    • The labor cost of a head of lettuce is such a tiny fraction of the shelf cost that doubling agricultural wages might add 3 cents a pop.
      It’s more about work practices than finance.
      In 50 years Pedro’s descendants will be getting reparations for this crap.

  28. “Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action, we can ensure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.” – Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, addressing the U.S. Bankers’ Association, New York, Idaho Leader, 26 August 1924.

    • It becomes all rather tiresome when one reads just how many of the people a) linked to people involved in the devil’s work and/or b) actively doing the devil’s work actually tell us what they’re doing.

      As commenter Citizen of a Silly Country notes below,

      Whites are saps. Until whites wake up, we’ll continue to get played – and rightfully so.

      How many times must we be told?

      • The Griller–and 50 percent of whites are Grillers–will continue viewing every insult and abomination inflicted upon him from on high as springing from anything but the one true motive, which is, of course, erasure and replacement.

        Are these people too stupid to see the truth, or are they too weak to accept it?

  29. At some point, whites have to take some responsibility for being so gullible. I mean, blacks are dumb as a box of rocks and get fooled about all kinds of things, but even they know that politicians should recognize them and overtly compete for their vote.

    Whites are saps. Until whites wake up, we’ll continue to get played – and rightfully so.

    The social trust that was such a powerful tool for whites from 1500 to 1950 is coming back to haunt us. If whites survive (and I believe that we will), we’ll be a different breed. If we retain that social trust, we’ll instinctively know (feel, really) that it’s only allowed for fellow whites. It’s not impossible. The Japanese seem to have exactly that society today.

    • That social trust took a huge thud during Corona, though; particularly with the elderly and 30-40 age groups. A lot of geezers simply broke and never recovered psychologically from the trauma of being constantly being fear for several years (though the whole affair did reveal faults in the whole “elder respect” East Asians are famous for – obasan looses her crap and overreact to something like Corona, the whole family has to follow suit). The younger crowd escaped into their phones, games, and social media. I swear people in general here talk to each other less. They certainly don’t say “sumimasen” nearly as much when trying to push past you.

  30. E-verify is a loser.

    Ancient cultures famously cut the noses for grievous crimes. At a glance, everyone knew they were dealing with a criminal. Make no mistake, mass illegal immigration not just a crime, it’s a dagger at the throat of modern countries.

    Let’s not be monsters. A clean, surgical, modern and humane way to do this would be to clip off a small piece of the ear lobe.

    Anyone caught employing someone with a nicked ear who didn’t use e-verify would be up for much, much harsher penalties.

    (Imagine seeing your neighbor building a shed, or cleaning their yard, with a “nicked ear crew”. Imagine harsh fines and monetary rewards for snitches.)

    The point (I guess) – stopping illegal immigration, and encouraging self-deportation isn’t a technical problem. It’s a matter of national will.

    • I would go to the source of the problem, fine and imprison every manager, owner and board member in any business caught employing illegals. Make the fines punitive and long prison sentences.

      • And make sure they go to gen pop with all the gangbangers, not club fed with Martha Stewart

      • Mike: Lawfare does not work when you are not the one with the power to make and enforce the rules.

        • Frankly, all proposed solutions to the problem are irrelevant because they presuppose implementation within AINO. As long as we continue living in AINO we will suffer misery and injustice. The only sure solution is a separate nation.

        • I know it doesn’t but I dream of and anticpate a time when we make the rules and enforce them.

  31. I saw this making the rounds in Libertarian circles. E-Verify will be used to deny Americans work? What a dolt! The Cult of Woke will be increasingly used to deny Americans work.

    Speaking of which, is he outraged and coming after Hollywood for limiting the opportunity of whites to work? Is he going after corporations who have reduced white male board members by 10% in just 4 years? Is he going after companies, universities and the government for explicitly erecting policies to hire and train non-whites to the exclusion of whites?

    Answer no. That is the answer to whether or not he cares about Americans being abused by power when it affects their ability to work.

    As for the border invasion, it will never stop. Even if a bunch of invaders go and squat on Massie’s Kentucky homestead, it will not stop. The Clouds will shrug, thank Massie for being a perfect tool in the form of a goofy hill-billy and make it his problem as they float on yachts in the New York Harbor and the Caribbean

  32. “The donor class will get serious about immigration when they start feeling the pain of immigration in their own lives. This is what happened a century ago. When newly imported anarchist and communist started killing rich people, rich people suddenly got religion on immigration. In short order Congress passed bills effectively ending immigration for over half a century. We will see the same thing once a rich person is murdered by Mexican cartel members.”

    If only.

    Unlike a century ago, today’s Clouds are insulated and isolated to a degree previously unimaginable. While the elite richly deserve to be liquidated, it will be next to impossible for a foreigner to get close to them. What is more likely to happen is someone within their inner circle or a rival Cloud whack them or has them whacked. In fact, it is a good bet we may see that happen within the near future, particularly if the economic downturn pits one faction against another.

    One brake, though, may be collapsed cities. While a pure stunt, the bussing of illegals into D.C., Chicago and New York and elsewhere has allowed some invaders to put down roots. They in turn will invite their families and friends to feed off the paved land and in many cases participate with them in criminality. While the equity owners are isolated, their property will be exposed to the onslaught and their help, be it political or corporate, may feel actual fear and be less productive. Further, Shitavious and Shaneeka will chimp out as previous scenarios like Compton play out. Black mayors in NYC and Chicago already are feeling the heat as their African constituents compete for welfare and other gibs with the invaders and bitch and moan about the brown folks who will supplant them.

    The anti-White foot soldiers have not figured out how to confine the would-be replacements to locales and are unlikely to be able to do so. Thus, this evil will not be consequence-free for them.

    • It’s a good point, Jack.

      As long as Clouds occupy suburbs or centers of cities they are rapidly diversifying, it seems unlikely that, in the event of a serious riot, they’d be able to save themselves. Or even defend themselves for that matter.

      I mean, a full blown chimp-out, in and around a very affluent area is going to be bad news. High impulse, hyper-violent and entitled Shantaviouses are going to be tough to put down. Even a well-oiled police force, if one exists, may struggle with such an event. Which to me, seems more and more likely as days go by.

      Of course, the super-duper clouds will just heli-jet to some bolt hole bored into the face of Denali – but the mid-levels and the managers? Hard to see how at least the lower-to-mid-level Clouds don’t get a taste of their own medicine.

      I could be being overly optimistic, of course.

      • The Whores and The Help will feel the heat, for certain, and that will have some indirect consequences for the Clouds. There is no doubt they are trying to figure out how to flood rural and suburban areas with the invaders and keep them out of their cities, but that is impossible. Nancy Pelosi made me laugh when she said the invaders needed to stay in the South and West because they are needed to do agricultural work. That indicated she was feeling the heat from the urban centers.

        • I suppose one can discern just how close to the heat Pelosi is; it being the case that all the plastic in her face will distort in direct proportion to the ambient temperature.

          Mark you, that could be an improvement…

      • Orange,

        Thank you for the hearty chuckle.

        “Even a well oiled police force, if one exists, may struggle with such an event”.

        Spoiler alert!

        No City copper is going hands on in the event of a large scale chimp out.

        I have a handful of friends that are still on the job. It’s answer calls for service and stay in the hole till check off. Boo Boo done punched you in the face? Here’s your report. You can get a warrant. It used to be citizens could sign a complaint on scene. Now, the sharp cop tells the victim to get a warrant. Getting a judge involved puts sand in the gears.(where have I heard that before?)

        Interaction with the public is a non starter. When the luggage tester was elected mayor, over 1,000 of Chicago’s retirement eligible officers put their papers in. If people of any stripe knew how many police were ACTUALLY on the street at any one time, the loop would be empty. Detroit is around the corner for Chicago. Make no mistake, no one, especially local police, are coming to save anyone.

        • Bartleby the Scrivner: Back in DFW, I saw cops almost daily – always waiting for just the right White sap to pull over for going five miles over the speed limit. They had nothing else to do. But as far as dealing with all the diversity that couldn’t be bothered with red lights, or headlights after dark – no cops to be found.

          Thirty years ago – even 20 years ago – if I saw an accident, or a traffic light out, or a gypsy begging outside a store, I behaved like a good little citizen and reported it. Now? I will not voluntarily contact ‘authorities’ for ANYTHING. They certainly can’t be bothered, and I no longer give a damn about the pretense of civic order or the ‘law’ that White civicucks think still exists.

          No one is coming to save you. No one that gives a damn about you and yours is going to enforce the old cultural norms. Shoot, shovel, and shut up is the only thing that makes any sense (when unavoidable) for any White with a shred of common sense. Better yet, move as far from population centers as possible and live with as little public interaction as possible. Most women, and the men who genuflect to them, will find this anonymity and solitude horrifying – which makes it even more peaceful.

          • Man, 3g, did you get out of the Metroplex just in time or what?

            That’s what I call a graceful exit!

  33. Massie has some odd quirks to say the least. I think he is a true believer libertarian, which means he is a crazy person. He has been one of the best in Congress in opposing the Kagan cult and otherwise makes decent votes on immigration with exception to this one. He opposed reelecting Boehner as Speaker in 2013, but voted for fellow lunatic Justin Amash instead. As a rule of thumb, I don’t think a normal, well adjusted person could make it more than six years in Congress without throwing his hands up and quitting in disgust. If you stay longer than that it is certain you are controlled by corporate interests, insane or both.

    • Libertarianism is a kind of hero cult for straight young white men. Most of us grow out of it. For those who don’t, I paraphrase Churchill, “A man who isn’t a libertarian at 20 has no heart. A man who is still a libertarian at 40 has no brains.”

  34. I used to tell people, “It’s not the lesser of two evils; it’s the evil of two lessers.” But even that isn’t accurate. In truth, it’s the evil of one lesser. Both parties represent the same tiny clique of technocratic oligarchs. How countless millions of folks out there fail to realize that boggles my mind. Chalk it up to wishful thinking.

  35. As far as picking off rich people either on purpose or by accident, the vast majority of illegals are far too stupid to pull off such a stunt, plus uncle schlomo takes care of them in one fashion or another. 100 years ago the anarchists were White or (((white))). Hell, the beaner cartels are probably on the payroll of one or more of the intel agencies, so no incentive to rock the boat, at least at this time. So, as usual, it’ll be the dirt people who take the brunt of the damage and of course TPTB couldn’t care less.

    • I attended a libertarian party event for a candidate back in 2016 and raised my hand and asked a question about e-verify, all I got was a vague answer that it would not work and the candidate opposes it.
      Libertarians are ineffective to stop what is upon us.
      It’s a circle jerk for geeks.

    • Largely agree, but the Clouds do have property and employees (elected and otherwise) who are at risk. It won’t affect the Clouds directly but there will be indirect consequences such as increasingly unsafe cities and vulnerable corporate headquarters.

      • They don’t care if it hurts them as long as it hurts us.

        As seen on TV, every time an illegal alien rapes and murders an upper class college student out for a jog in the park, her parents aren’t even sad about it, because tacos. They literally sacrifice their children—and whatever number of descendants—to avoid glimpsing white losers in the kitchen when they go to a restaurant. It would ruin their appetites.

        They would give anything to erase us.

        • They are not the elite. An elite would not be out jogging in the park, nor would her elite parents allow her to do so. She is at most, an elite aspirer.

  36. Amen! I saw Massie’s posts on Twitter and your replies. What an evil prick he is for treating his voters this way.

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