Mob Morality

A sportsball coach is in the news for having used a taboo word during an interview with some jock sniffers. The other jock sniffers are now demanding the coach be hurled into the void so they can get some piety points on Twitter. The coach, of course, has issued the groveling apology, which will make no difference. The people howling for blood are not interested in his apology. They want blood. These cancel campaigns are a form of human sacrifice to appease the mob.

The thing about these campaigns is they obscure something that no one bothers to ask and that is who decided that you cannot use certain words? The coach in this story was responding to a question about fans throwing rubber marital aids onto the floor during games at Xavier University. He jokingly referred to them as “Catholic fags” because it is a nominally Catholic college and the fans of their basketball team seem to be obsessed with rubber penises.

Now, the word “fag” has always been an expletive. As such it was always considered rude to use it in public, especially around women and children. Men, of course, tend to use rough language around one another, but it used to be the custom to avoid such language in public. Today we live in an age where men in dresses are allowed to chase children around the playground, so prohibitions against using rough language in public seem more than a bit ridiculous.

Obviously, that is not why the mob is after the coach. You see, he expressed something less than a positive opinion about people attracted to the same sex. The question that never gets asked is, who decided this? This taboo is not in the Christian Bible or in the Hebrew Bible, so this taboo is not from there. We did not have a vote on it, nor has anyone run for office promising to institute this taboo. What is the moral authority for demanding that we worship homosexuals?

The same question can be asked for most of the novel taboos. Racism used to mean a prejudice against someone for their race. Until the middle of the 20th century, no one cared about racism or used the word in normal conversation. Making judgments about people based on race, ethnicity, sex, class, education and so on is what humans naturally do when evaluating people. All of those, except for the last two, are now official taboos ruthlessly enforced by the worst people.

None of these modern taboos have a recognizable moral authority. Racism, which now means white people making informed decisions about nonwhites, is especially ridiculous, given that the enforcers are almost always white and living in white nationalist communities. The whiter the community, the more absurd and infantile their views on race, but the more certain they are about the alleged racism of their fellow whites living over the horizon.

What is going on here is a bit of moral base stealing. The people wagging their bony finger at the fag-bashing coach assume a moral authority and then proceed to stand on it while lecturing the rest of us. If you could sit down that jock-sniffing weirdo from CBS Sports to explain why he thinks what the coach said warrants him being hurled into the void, he would not be able to do it. All that he knows is he gets points for being at the front of the mob demanding the blood of the heretic.

This is why you see no one in the media that is willing or able to ask any of these people the rather obvious question about these things. Who decided that it is immoral to hold negative opinions about homosexuals? It has always been rude to say disparaging things about people when they are not around to defend themselves, but it has also been rude to pick your nose in public. Rude and immoral are not the same things, so who decided to make rudeness taboo?

The same question can be asked about all of our taboos. There is no moral authority that anyone would recognize. Jesus was fine with slavery, so it is unlikely that he would be upset about judging people by race or ethnicity. Jews call themselves the chosen people, which means the very definition of what it means to be a Jew rests on an assumed racial superiority over all other humans. If racism is the worst taboo, why are Jewish people allowed to practice their religion?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the guy who cooked up the term “homophobia” was psychologist named George Weinberg. He not only coined the term, but declared that it was immoral to be a homophobe. Who in the hell was this guy to think he could conjure a new moral code for the rest of us? That is what he did and lots of other self-important people joined in on it. Why did all the beautiful people suddenly decide that this weirdo is allowed to make up new rules?

Of course, we know the answer. The people in charge have cooked up these novel taboos because their heads are full of nutty ideas about humanity. They do not make any sense because the underlying ideology makes no sense. They never think about it very much because their time is filled with waging their bony fingers at the rest of us so they can get piety points online. It turns out that the moral authority for this stuff is just as mysterious to them as it is to the rest of us.

The reason moral authority for this stuff is a mystery is that the authority is the mindset of the mob. The fundamental morality underpinning democracy is that fifty percent plus one is what makes right. Win the mob, or convince yourself that you have won the mob, and suddenly you are on the side of angels. If the mob can be convinced you are a heretic, then the mob shows up at your door. The morality of the mob is as mysterious to the mob as it is to the rest of us.

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248 thoughts on “Mob Morality

  1. Z Man asks, “What is the moral authority for demanding that we worship homosexuals?”

    White people feel strongly that a person should not be condemned for qualities about themselves that they do not choose, like race or appearance.

    Since most people do not consciously choose to be homosexual, then it follows from this feeling that homosexuals should not be disapproved of.

    In general, only white people feel that a person should not be judged harshly for unchosen qualities. No other race feels this in any appreciable way.

    This belief shows that white people are the most compassionate people, although unfortunately in this case, the compassion is pathological.

    The only way out of this is to accept that you can condemn people for qualities that they did not choose.

    • “I love being black! (Black(BLACK))”

      “I love being Jewish!”

      “I love being white (and male)”.

      Two are acceptable. One is horrifically racist.

      “The Beginnings”, RL Kipling, has never been more prescient.

    • Paragraph 3 is completely incorrect. Degenerates have a mental illness or have suffered a trauma and use degeneracy as a way to hide it or make it okay.

      These people were not born messed up. They either need treatment or banishment.

      • Your probably right, Mr. C.

        The statement that homos reproduce by abuse is probably true in many cases.

        My point is only that few of them will report that they made a conscious decision to be a homo.

        • Agree, in those “born that way” it’s a birth defect. In most, though, it’s abuse. (I’ve known a million homos.)

          This gay tranny schmidt pushed by the likes of Mindspring is the same circumcision- humiliation trauma to break the slaves’ minds, to make them as stiffly hysterical as a Mideasterner.

    • I’m sitting here trying to think of a joke about opening the prisons while we’re at it, but reality beats me to the punch again!

    • You are allowed to condemn people for unchosen qualities thus the approved and honored hatred spewed against whites: white fragility, critical race theory and systemic racism

      • I agree, but in most cases, it is non-whites making the charges that you cite. In other cases, it is “fellow whites” leveling these accusations.

        Most whites feel instinctively that is it immoral to reject or criticize someone for something that they didn’t choose. That was the source of MLK’s persuasive power over whites.

        • It was also the source of Gandhi’s successful use of “non-violence” as a tactic to overthrow British rule in India. No other country would have been so keen to change its ways save the very moralistic Brits who were thus able to be shamed into giving up their power. MLK simply learned from Gandhi’s example and applied it to the whites in the USA. The homo crowd saw how successful this was and used it to bootstrap themselves into a position of power over normal people by shaming them into thinking there was something inherently wrong about being repelled by the idea of same-sex relationships. Now we see it being used to foist transsexualism and pederasty on us. Where will it end, one can only wonder.

    • Homosexuality is a chosen behavior. It is not innate upon birth.

      Homosexuality is hateful to God and destroys societies from within.

      In the old days when we mocked homosexuality and excluded homosexuals from our company and association, national Executive departments were not ruled by proud Pete Buttgiggles, all of whom insist we ‘celebrate’ their anti-human perversion and always speak the words they demand, or else be subject to punishment by their State.

  2. Fag has been a long standing term for cigarette derived from the word faggot, which is a bundle of sticks or brush tied together to use as fuel, to burn.

    Once again the homos appropriate a perfectly fine word and use it against us normals.

    Oh, and I want my goddamned rainbow back.

    • It’s downright criminal the way they appropriated that wonderful Judy Garland song

  3. A new one on me!
    A mindless mob has a mindset!
    About morality, no less.
    Where’s my ROFL?

  4. “…the authority is the mindset of the mob.”

    There is a name for this, it is called “democracy,” and it has been this way ever since the trial of Socrates.

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  6. Jews call themselves the chosen people, which means the very definition of what it means to be a Jew rests on an assumed racial superiority over all other humans

    Depends on why they were chosen. Only thing that makes sense to me is God wanted to show that by loving this group of degenerate ingrates, He can love anyone.

    • I’ve said that before. Part of the reason I think the Bible is inspired by God is that no culture would write and preserve a history as relentlessly unflattering to themselves as the Old Testament is to Jews.

      • Z: “The thing about these campaigns is they obscure something that no one bothers to ask and that is who decided that you cannot use certain words?”

        Gee, I wonder (((who)))?

    • “Degenerate ingrates” invented the following vaccines and meds:
      Jonas Salk (polio)
      Mordechai Haffkine (cholera and bubonic plague that he tested on himself)
      Rudolf Stefan Weigl (typhus)
      Waxman (antibiotic)
      Baruch Blamberg (hepatitis antigen)
      Zelman Waxman (streptomysyn to treat tuberculosis)
      Samuel Hahneman (homeopathy)
      Yalow Sasman (insulin in blood)
      Immediately throw out any of these meds if you or yours are using it. Don’t allow “degenerates to interfere in your life.

      • They also invented every form of sexual degeneracy, fucking people out of their money, transgenderism and the art of lying and propaganda. Spare us your apologist view on the juice.

      • Congratulations, Z!!!

        Barnea just re-assigned Ziva David herself to be your new nemesis.

        You’re moving up in the world, Bro.

        You’re starting to show up on (((their))) radar.

      • “Degenerate ingrates” invented the following vaccines and meds:

        Lets start with the first one, shall we:

        Jonas Salk (polio)

        From the WHO website re polio vaccines:

        A breakthrough occurred in 1949, when poliovirus was successfully cultivated in human tissue by John Enders, Thomas Weller and Frederick Robbins at Boston Children’s Hospital. Their pioneering work was recognized with the 1954 Nobel Prize.

        (From the well known White supremacist anti-semitic website Wikipedia:)

        Meanwhile, Jonas Salk applied the Enders-Weller-Robbins technique to produce large quantities of poliovirus, and then developed a polio vaccine in 1952. Upon the 1954 polio vaccine field trial, whose success Salk announced on the radio,[8] Salk became a public hero but failed to credit the many other researchers that his effort rode upon, and was somewhat shunned by America’s scientific establishment.

        Gee, what a shocker!

        • Also from the NIH Adverse Events page:

          Shortly after the licensure of IPV in 1955, the vaccine manufactured by Cutter was found to cause paralytic disease. It contained residual infectious virus. The reason was traced to the method of inactivation. At that time the dynamics of the inactivation process were not fully understood, and the U.S. government’s requirements for vaccine production were ambiguous.

          Hmm . . . a much lauded vaccine whose processes are not fully understood that causes dangerous side effects – where have I seen this before?

      • “Samuel Hahneman (homeopathy)”

        That’s an interesting inclusion.

        Now do European Gentiles.

      • And in what peoples’ cultural and scientific matrix did these beneficial advances achieve fruition?

        They did not arise out of some yeshiva in a shtetl, sweet cheeks. In those places you got young men with tiny boxes lashed to their heads perseverating for hours as if they were deeply autistic, but not deeply transformative advances in medical science, or even science at all. Now, when those young men entered the cultural and scientific matrix of European gentile civilization, they then were equipped to contribute to beneficially transformative advances in the sciences, as well as in artistic culture, but these already existent sciences and arts found their wellsprings in European gentile civilization.

        Credit to those whom you have cited, and all credit to the scholarly religious traditions in their culture that were repurposed to these new ends. But their contributions in the larger enterprises of Western science, and artistic forms attained whatever maturity and power they attained only through the long-standing efforts and genius of European gentile forerunners and contemporaries. Credit where credit is due, but these individuals of merit were not created ex nihilo.

        So, let’s get real here, shall we? In various other fields, I am afraid the “contributions” were rather vexed, and it could persuasively be argued that they arose out of the toxic, hareful stewpot of Talmudic gentile hatred, a tradition that carries forward to this very day. The European gentile culture afforded heretofore inconceivable possibilities to the Jews. But the way that Talmudic gentile hatred has been sedulously nourished in certain quarters, one cannot help but be reminded of the old Middle Eastern parable of the Frog and the Scorpion. The Frog, against his better judgment consents to ferry the Scorpion across a stream, only to have the Scorpion sting him in mid journey. The Frog demands to know why, when he had consented to do the Scorpion a favor, did the Scorpion maliciously sting him. The Scorpion can only reply that it is his nature.

        Take this to heart; many among us gentiles who have felt that malicious sting certainly have.

  7. Wow. It’s been 17 years since “You talk like a fag and you’re shit’s all retarded.” was a laugh line in a mainstream (20th Century Fox) film.

    But everyone involved piling on the coach does in fact, talk like a fag and their shit is all retarded.

    • For a long time, “fag” meant new students in English Public schools like Eton…in other words, young kids…Who decided that it applied to homosexuals?

  8. Trump just fined 5 mil. Probably the funniest part is when the news articles list the date of attack as “probably in 1996.” Hilarious. How could one defend themselves against such nonsense? A person is ruled against, based on a preponderance of evidence, when even the year is in question.
    Of course, those of us with a brain know that the reason the date is not given is because then it could be refuted (i.e. Trump could prove he wasn’t even in the city at the time).
    Now, I am not despairing for Trump (I did not vote for him and am a complete pessimist). However, anyone looking for proof of the derangement of our judicial system need look no further that this ruling. Absolute insanity.

    • What has become of statues of limitation??

      What offence besides murder has no statue of limitations?

      Or in this case, “probably” 1996–nearly 27 years ago! More than a generation!

      And all of us know that, because this involves Trump or, more accurately, is *said* to involve Trump, there can be no statute of limitations on this offense or on any other with which he might be charged now or later or ever.

      So again I ask what has become of statutes of imitations?

      • She filed charges under the Adult Survivor’s Act which was passed in New York last year. It allows retroactive filing of accusations of sexual offenses that normally would be past the statute of limitations between November 24, 2022, and November 24, 2023.

        If that seems to you like the most selectively-designed law you’ve ever read in your life, well….

        I can’t see how it’s possibly Constitutional. “Constitutional!” Hahahaha. I crack me up.

        • From the Wikipedia entry on the law:

          Notable cases (there’s only one)

          On the day the law took effect, it was utilized by the writer E. Jean Carroll in expanding her litigation against businessman and politician Donald Trump from a defamation charge to one for battery as well.

      • The statute of limitations languishes on the same burn pile as rule of law and equality under the law.

        And there is a thing known as a civil statute of repose, which bars any action at all after a certain point regardless of circumstances. I cannot speak specifically to New York, but I’m unaware of any state that goes beyond 20 years (my familiarity arises from insurance and its interplay with products liability). I’m certain this issue was raised by Trump’s attorneys, unless inapplicable, and disregarded. And this is the future: any wrong real or perceived can be raised forever in a legal forum. Reparations are a good example. The brake is the United States will not be around all that much longer in its current form.

        • And from what Vizzini just posted, the statute of repose was inapplicable (thanks, Vizzini). Anyone who owns a corporation in New York had better re-evaluate their headquarters. Any manufactured product could lead to a liability action in 40 years. This will not stop here. But, again, there will not be a US in its present form that far out.

          • The “opportunity” to file has passed; so re-evaluation of NY domicile now is closing the barn door after the cows have left.
            California had a similar law, permitting the filing of long dormant civil cases for a brief period ending on Dec. 31, 2022. The purported reason was to permit sexual abuse victims to seek redress for crimes that were time-barred from prosecution. Earlier in the century, the legislature tried to retroactively extend the statute of limitations to permit the prosecution of pedophile priests who molested children. The court, in People v. Stogner, ruled that this was an unconstitutional application of law ex post facto. While the civil statute may face a similar challenge, the legislators are betting that it’ll pass muster. Thousands of cases have been filed against the Catholic Church, and at least two dioceses (Santa Rosa and Oakland) have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More are expected to follow.
            So, a weapon designed to attack one enemy has been deployed to wound Trump, too. Lawfare is real, and it ain’t no picnic.

      • What’s become of the statute of limitations? I want to say the kangaroo court at Nuremberg following WWII had something to do with it…

    • Typical “compromise verdict” in a case with no evidence. Trump can’t buy rich man’s justice (the only kind there is) anymore.

      The defamation they say he’s guilty of is his denial of the accusation—his mounting a defense. Cases like this don’t set formal precedents, but they do form habits. In our lifetime (I’d bet in five years) pleading not guilty to anything *while being a designated loser* will carry a death sentence.

      As will being Trump, within less than two years.

    • Yep…it’s the very nature of totalitarians to make vague accusations that can’t be refuted….

    • NYC could see an attack ten times worse than 9/11 and it wouldn’t move my give a crap meter. It’s not my country

  9. A little OT here –

    Went fishing yesterday with 2 of my conservative, civ-nat buddies. One of them was chatting about the left and yada yada yada. The other pipes up and says, “one thing that is really good about this trans shit is it’s pushing the moderates over to our side.”

    Then the other says, “yep, even more people of color are changing their minds.”

    They’re both really good guys, good friends who I am very fond of, but I could not help but sit there in silence thinking to myself how hopeless it all seems…

    • Tired Citizen: I understand these are your friends, but I cannot imagine voluntarily spending time with someone who unironically says “people of color.”

      • I get it, it’s difficult for me too. It is impossible for these folks to face the reality that their country doesn’t belong to them. They are still in the phase where they think the pendulum will swing back. It is the tell tale sign that they have zero awareness of who their fellow “countrymen” are.

  10. They are probably the most upset at what he said because it was truly funny.

  11. It goes to show that the vast majority of humanity will always be ruled by an oligarchy. Democracy is the most expensive and least efficient form of oligarchy on Earth. The inner click decides all morality. If they sav Kiev is now pronounced Keeve, so let it be written so let it be done. Instantly every clown on every network is saying Keeve. Religion is no “upstream from politics.” This is a filthy lie. Religion is far downstream. The left is more honest about this which is why they’re on a 200 year winning streak. The left knows intrinsically that everything flows downstream from power. The white middle class wearing MAGA hats deserves to be punished until they understand this. They deserve their downgrades in living standards until they understand this concept.

    • The rainbow flags on the churches and the masks on the congregants say you are correct

      • There are buildings formerly occupied by churches with rainbow flags – there are even buildings designed to resembles churches with rainbow flags.

        There are no churches with rainbow flags.

        • Indeed. The Church is not a building. The Church is the Body of Christ, a communion of believers. Some may confess the words with their mouths, but they fail James’ test of showing true faith by their works. As Christ said, “Ye shall know a tree by its fruits.”
          True Christians will be heading back to the catacombs, and some will suffer martyrdom. Those people who remain in the buildings flying flags are disciples of the Antichrist who have chosen perdition.

  12. It is well known that one of the great triumphs of the Left has been control of language.

    The many words to label the hated other are well-known: racist, mysoginist, islamophobe, antisemite, homophobe, transphobe, bigot, xenophobe etc. These words are ostensibly political invective with a side of pysychological condemnation (“phobic”). But they’re more than that, of course. They’re slurs that call for violence against the so-named. They are calling the so-named subhumans, in the same exact way they claim the Nazis made the word “Jew” a synonym for subhuman.

    Even more ingenious, they have outlawed the slurs against them. And the slurs against them are not of a faux political nature. They are of a direct, vulgar and frankly objective nature. They are words of disgust. You know them: nigger, faggot, cunt, witch, etc.

    And conservative people were never going around using these vulgar words even back in the day. Because they had good manners and didn’t feel the need to simply insult someone randomly. But we see where good manners (endless defense and individualism) have lead. . .the Left spew their hate words like water and do so with a stamp of approval and virtue. Despite being absolute monsters, they always see themselves as Captain America punching out the Red Skull in their insane and childish minds. And because they are the good guys anything is permissible against the bad guys.

  13. All these “nutty ideas about humanity” spring from poststructuralist relativism, which gained purchase in American academia in the second half of the 60s. Without delving into boring esoterica, I’ll just state that the poststructuralists (or postmodernists, if you will), for reasons pertaining to ostensible linguistic incommensurability among the various cultural groups, have declared that our inability to understand one another means there can be no common standard for judging one another. That being the case, judgment itself is verboten, and tolerance of every people and pathology is demanded.

    Of course, the Leftists busily smiting dissenters like Bob Huggins don’t know sweet Fatty Arbuckle about Bourdieu, Baudrillard and Bauman; they’ve simply assimilated the shrieking relativism from the general atmosphere issuing from the sulfurous craters of academia all these decades. What’s more, they are not even beholden to their own ideology. Hence, even as they bleat on about tolerance and non-judgmentalism, they deploy essentialist genocidal language against the white race. As has been the case with the Left over the last 50-plus years, all structures, including ideology, are merely tools used for the creation of a Leftist totalitarian state. And in this state, normal white people will lead horrifying lives.

    • “And in this state, normal white people will lead horrifying lives.”

      Probably. But they won’t do it for very long. And you can take that to the (failing) bank.

  14. It did very much seem that liberal morality emerged as a status marker difficult for ordinary people to follow. So, people who live in all-white neighborhoods made it taboo to complain about diversity, people who owned corporate stock and property and had high-wage jobs made it taboo to complain about low-wage immigration. People who can work from home made it taboo not to wear a mask in the workplace.

    Some of the sexual stuff is confounding though, especially transgenderism. I would have thought the high status classes would be disproportionately *more* likely to have little Philippa decide she was really a Rupert, dramatically slashing the chances of grandkids. Do they not care? Ditto for the recklessness of the vax. It’s still about signalling they belong, but the impulse to do so got so strong it tipped over from ‘keeping down the plebs’ into wanton self-destruction.

    • The ancient Roman aristocracy eventually stopped breeding as well. It may simply be a recurring pattern in the civilizational cycle that the upper class eventually annihilates itself trying to set themselves apart from the proles.

      My guess this time around is that some form of “mind uploading” will become the hip trend if you can afford it, and all the cloud people will rush to kill themselves and be copied into a computer program that will subsequently be turned off.

      • With enough data to work with, couldn’t ChatGPT or whatever it is sufficiently mimic the deceased, at least enough to avoid detection? (Was a recent Black Mirror episode on this).

        • That’s probably how they’ll do it, the idea of scanning all the neurons and actually translating that into a computer would be horribly inefficient (sort of like running an emulator). So the AI will watch everything you do and eventually be able to respond the same way you would with high accuracy, at least well enough to fool people who know you.

          Of course you’re still actually dead and burning in hell for being a leftist and that thing you did with the family dog.

    • ALL of this nuttiness is properly classified as the problems of a people that is too rich, too secure, too well-fed, and which has WAY too much time on its hands.

    • ” … but the impulse to do so got so strong it tipped over from ‘keeping down the plebs’ into wanton self-destruction.”

      If ONLY … !

  15. I’m not the first person to note that modern notions of “racism,” like so many other things about the GAE, have their roots in WW2 and its mythology. That the civil rights movement of the mid 20th century was inspired by the holocaust (never mind the particulars of that event, for our purposes we are talking about the widely accepted narrative of it). From WW2 and the holocaust sprang the notion that if a white person is “racist,” if he sticks up for white people, then next thing you know he will be shoving people into ovens. This notion attained widespread acceptance, as if it was a logical, scientific progression from “racism” to ovens.

    Somewhere along about the Bush/Obama years, disapproving of fags came to be defined as the same thing as “racism.” Perhaps that had something to do with Weinberg. So that if you disapprove of fags, next thing you know you’ll be shoving people into ovens.

    With the advent of clown world in 2016, cross dressing freaks attained the same status as blacks and fags. So that if you disapprove of drag queen story hour, next thing you know you’ll be shoving people into ovens. It’s a perfectly logical progression after all.

    You could get the idea that both the GAE’s ascendancy and the seeds of its destruction were all wrapped up in the same big event.

    • The Jews (the big Jews, that is) won WWII, along with other big non-Jew players.

      Lots of innocent little Jews were killed certainly along with many other innocents, but the Big Ones won.

    • ” … if a white person is “racist,” if he sticks up for white people, then next thing you know he will be shoving people into ovens.”

      Well, they can’t be GAS ovens. And they can’t be wood-fired (too much See-Oh-Two). And is there even a biomass oven on the market yet?

      “Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera” to quote the King of Siam.

      • Okay, solar powered ovens, then. Unites Cancel Culture with Climate Change hysteria. Can’t get much more Current Thing than that.

  16. Wasn’t it the courts who decided you couldn’t shout “nigger!” in a crowded auditorium? I get confused.

    • Comically and sadly this is 100% more dangerous than yelling fire in same said theater. One will get you funny looks that maybe you are a little unhinged. The other has the chance to get lead flying and naggers don’t have the best aim…

    • Maybe it has happened already, if not I’m sure there are some (near) future juries out there that will acquit someone charged with murder if it is found that the victim said nigger. Likewise, fag or other such unapproved words for sodomist will lead to a similar acquittal. Sooner or later.

      • I think it has already happened. A jogger was acquitted a few months ago for killing an old white guy after some sort of chimp out dispute because the jogger claimed the guy used that word.

  17. updated version of The Recruiting Sergeant seems appropriate today.

    As I was walking down the road,
    A feeling fine and larky oh!
    A recruiting Sergeant came up to me,
    Says he “You’ve got a fine behind you know!
    For Dementia Joe is in need of men,
    Come read this proclamation oh!
    A life in the Donbas for you then,
    Would be a fine vacation now.”

    “That maybe so,” says I to him,
    “But tell me sergeant Queerie-oh!
    If I had a pack stuck upon me back,
    Would I look fine and cheerie oh!
    For they’d have you prance and mince until
    Fudge packing one of trannies oh!
    It maybe warm in Bakhmut,
    But it’s draughty in the basements oh!”

    The Sergeant smiled and winked his eye,
    His smile was most provoking oh!
    He twiddled and diddled his wee fake gash,
    Says he, “I know your only joking oh!
    Our cast of queers are so warm and high,
    Their beards you’ll feel them blowing oh!”
    Well I winked at a colleen passing by,
    Says I, “When hell sees it snowing oh!”

    “Come rain or hail or wind or snow,
    I’m not going out to the Donbas oh!
    There’s fighting in Washington to be done.
    Let your trannies, pedos and vibrants go.
    Let Hebrew men fight Hebrew wars,
    It’s nearly time they started oh!
    I salute the Sergeant a very good night!”
    And there and then we parted oh!

    • Do you know how to tell if you have a bowl of Queerios? If you pour milk on them, they start eating each other!

  18. From the linked CBS article:

    But in August 2020, while working a game between the Reds and Royals, Brennaman was caught on a hot microphone calling San Francisco “one of the f-g capitals of the world,” using a homophobic slur.

    This is just a statement of fact. San Francisco is not just “one” of the capitals, it’s probably the capital! And I’d wager that San Franciscan’s would probably proudly proclaim it so! This is what is becoming so crazy about “woke”. Even if this guy had been a little more restrained – “San Fran is one of the homosexual capitals of the world” – he’d probably still be in hot water for stating the truth.

    I know we justifiably give Michael Anton some **** for ranting about natural rights, but I think he hit this nail on the head. “We’re not doing it, and it’s good that we are.” San Francisco would say “We’re the most homosexual friendly city on the earth and we openly celebrate that regularly”. Hapless sportsball guy says “San Francisco is a homo capital.” Woke reaction “How dare you say these homophobic things!”

    • “Homophobia” is a scam coined by some (((shrink))) to confer the illusion of power on maybe 5% of the population–though this is amplified by the numbers and wealth of urban gay communities. Anyway, I’ve known several gay and lesbian individuals and my sentiments toward them run the gamut–except that phobia–fear–isn’t one of them. Neither was hate, until the confederacy of weirdos and sickos attached themselves like barnacles to the LGB ship of state. So far, the LGBs have refused to sand them off. Or…maybe they’ve mutinied and are holding the bridge crew hostage.

    • I’ve always enjoyed John Rocker’s incredibly accurate summary of riding the NYC subway.

      • A very fun way to push the buttons of a leftist online is to quite simply post “John Rocker was right!” whenever the subject of Gotham or immigration comes up.

  19. How can there be a moral authority when the age we live in only accepts relativity?How does one turn a relative law into an absolute? you can when you embrace ignorance.

  20. One should read the Talmud for a better understanding of where people like George Weinberg get their views.

    • I have pushed Michael Hoffman many times here – he is an incredible source on this subject.

      • “I have pushed Michael Hoffman many times here – he is an incredible source on this subject.”

        May I ask you to be a bit more specific, pls?

        • Michael Hoffman 2. He did the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, most famously. However, he has written a bunch of other books. Dude is brilliant. I have read four other of his books, and the level of scholarship is incredible. He has several books on the talmud and rabbinical writings as pure genocidal content. He has a wikipedia page, just to apprise yourself. The scholarship is truly immense. He also has a twitter account I follow where he regularly references talmudic writing. His most recent post actually dealt with an entry from talmud that labels ham as black. If you are looking for someone who doesnt give summary, but instead delves deep into the writings and backs up with a ridiculous line of research, he is probably the best (for us goy).
          To be clear – he isnt a virulent antisemite either. He’s a devout Christian and is not a jew hater, but he absolutely traces the abuse of power through hateful talmudic writing and practices.

    • The average Jew doesn’t know jack s–t about the Talmud except that it exists. Only the most observant every actually read it.

  21. The miracle is that a buffoon like Huggins could make a fortune coaching college sportsball. Anytime a white guy gets the mob treatment, it’s a bad day. But I can only muster limited sympathy for him. If a normal white guys hangs around the university scene long enough, he’s going to find trouble eventually. He found his after making millions of taxpayer dollars. My sympathy is for the white kid who has a bunch of ball-chasing “student athletes” taking his place in college.

  22. “If racism is the worst taboo, why are Jewish people allowed to practice their religion?”

    If racism was the worst taboo, I could probably live with that. But racism is perfectly mainstream and acceptable so long as it is against the right group, namely White people. Not only are you allowed and even encouraged to make racist statements about White people, but you are forbidden to say anything neutral or positive about White people. For the beautiful people, racism is their highest value.

    • Curious. There is one word, the word “nigger”, not even on George Carlin’s 7 taboo word list, the use of which is beyond sin.

      Curious. Paradoxical considering how much more profane our culture and our use of language has become and that blacks use that word
      regularly, especially in their music, while it’s more common for whites to show the most outrage.

      Ni**er, like other taboo words, would lose their sting with regular use, just as m@therf@cker & other curse words have. Much of its power is due to the fact that it’s become de facto, illegal.

      • One of the great ironies of the black’s reason for their use of the word as frequently as possible is to take its power away. They have been very clever in giving it the only power it ever had. That is by making it a word that they use exclusively and which if others use it, can ruin their life.

        Of course, that is an aggregious assault on one of our civilization’s highest principles – freedom of speech.

        They’ll destroy the civilization to get even a false sense of power to use a word that you cannot. They’ll destroy you if you use it. They have given that word tremendous power, and claimed that power/right as exclusively theirs. Not bad for a supposedly low IQ group.

        • Not supposedly… Even a retard can understand preferences pushed in its face over and over again.

    • Just so. And you’re also a racist if you notice their anti-white racism.

    • Tars: here’s a “universe mind” moment for you: even the very word “racist” has never meant what you think it does. “Racist” has never meant anything about a person’s views on races or members of races. It is only an ethnic slur against Whites. Always has been. Honkey, whitey, cracker, racist, peckerwood, hillbilly, redneck. 7 words, one meaning.

      • And just to point out, the spam filter didn’t do nuthin on that post, even with a string of antiwhite ethnic slurs. Type a list of ethnic slurs for some other groups, watch the banhammer fall.

          • Mocky? Never heard that one before.

            But what could possibly be more empowering and liberating for Oppressed People of Color (TM) to be able to use The Worst Word in the English Language (replaced f–k) with impunity, while if whitey has been found to have ever uttered it he or she deserves to have his or her life ruined?

    • “Not only are you allowed and even encouraged to make racist statements about White people, but you are forbidden to say anything neutral or positive about White people.”

      Nail hit squarely on the head.

      Hate is perfectly acceptable, as long as your hate is directed at the approved targets (bad whites).

    • Boy, that “they hate us ‘cuz they ain’t us” applies in frickin’ spades to the beautiful people.

      Racism really is their highest virtue!

      (Bonus: it’s also a free pass to make sh*t up and be the most obnoxious c*nts imaginable. Fweeee-dom!)

  23. Now, as you fellows know, here in The Isles, “fag” refers to both a Homer Seckshall but also to a cigarette. Thus, I need to be rather careful if I use the phrase “I’m going to smoke a fag.” if I ever happen to find myself in GAE. There’s a hate crime brewing right there!

    The good news is that GAE and the UK are just as pozzed and just as Godless – so we’re all square!

    • No one was ever quite sure which one Rock Hudson was looking for when he was asking around at the pool.

    • “The good news is that GAE and the UK are just as pozzed and just as Godless – so we’re all square!”

      Even more good news is that you have a new Queen.

      • And you are still the homeland of the global AIDS epidemic.
        Also the OPEC country with the highest AIDS rate so arguably the least heterosexual country in history.

        Flaming Americans.

  24. “Not to put too fine a point on it, but the guy who cooked up the term “homophobia” was psychologist named George Weinberg. He not only coined the term, but declared that it was immoral to be a homophobe.”

    Perhaps Weinberg can go back and inform St. Paul, any number of the Apostles and the Christ Himself. They will be most upset to have missed this most awful error!

    Of course, Weinberg’s ilk have been Phariseeing the plebs like there’s no tomorrow for the last deux thousand years.

  25. For those who like heavy metal, a theme song for today’s essay might be Black Sabbath’s 1981 song “The Mob Rules.” More coherent than many similar songs: “If you listen to fools, the mob rules.”

    [Rock trivia: singer Ronnie James Dio would always insert the word “rainbow” in one of his album’s songs; it was his tip of the hat to his first gig, Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow.]

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  27. If racism is the worst taboo, why are Jewish people allowed to practice their religion?
    To ask the question is to answer it.

  28. “Never apologize and never explain. It’s a sign of weakness.”
    – John Wayne
    When will these idiots realize that apologizing gets you absolutely no sympathy and often makes things worse? Especially if you’re a white male. If you’re going to go down anyway, hold onto your self-respect.

    • The first few people who apologized can be explained away as naive’. But given how the apology has not helped the last 1000 people should be a clue that an apology only encourages them. They should be laughed at and ridiculed.

      • Need to adopt the Braveheart mentality. You’re going down anyway, so no point in begging for the King’s mercy. Further, by begging for mercy the rulers will know they have broken you.

        • William Wallace was a Norman aristocrat, so not sure how useful his example will be for most people unless they’re part of the Biden clan.

          Mel Gibson’s take on history is about as reliable as Obama’s.

          • Are you sure of that? He was a Scottish knight (Angle/Saxon/Celtic ancestry). The enemy Edward I was Norman/Viking ancestry. (per Encyclopedia Britannica)

    • “These cancel campaigns are a form of human sacrifice to appease the mob.”

      I’ve always thought of these incidents as less of appeasement and more of intimidation and the raw application of power. Such application’s intent is to accrue more power. The more vague and arbitrary the application, the better. Therefore, the side that grovels with an apology loses power, the side receiving such gains power. So the admonition, “Never apologize and never explain. It’s a sign of weakness.”, is a prescient one.

      • Compsci —

        Agree with your comment.

        Seconded on the OP quote. It’s crucial in understanding the big picture concerning our New Totalitarianism. Meet the New Order same as the Old Order. Merits repeating:

        ‘The people howling for blood are not interested in his apology. They want blood. These cancel campaigns are a form of human sacrifice to appease the mob.’

        We’re witnessing a modern rendition (sorry) of mob bloodlust, the mass expiation rituals that are absolutely central to cultic and ‘religious’ practices back to the dawn of the species. (See James Frazer and many others.)

        Such group rites were carried out first on psycho-spiritual levels (drama, music, etc.) and later material levels, yep human blood and lots of it. Babies preferred.

        To take a famous example, JFK’s hit was a carefully managed and staged fertility sacrifice, a pointedly public year-king killing, intended to satisfy demonic thirsts, terrorize and demoralize the population, and ‘open the door’ for radical change.

        Such a traumatized and shocked populace becomes highly vulnerable to suggestion, ‘guidance’ and radical transfiguration. Which describes the political and spiritual coup of 1963 and following ‘fundamental transformations’.

        The fertility/sacrificial pagan rituals of the ancient world — and New World — dominated ‘religious’ expression and group catharsis in humanity’s past, particularly after widespread establishment of agriculture. John Barleycorn must die, etc.

        Same as it ever was. Letting the days go by.

    • Huggins, like Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy before him, wants to hang onto a job that nets him a few mill a year and guarantees him big celebrity and a luminous spotlight. All else, including dignity and self respect, pale before this burning desire.

      And, actually knowing Huggins slightly (and having held him in reasonably high regard), I can tell you that he is a prima donna’s prima donna. There are few coaches out that who relish their fame as much as he does. He is desperately clinging to his fame.

      • Gundy was never in danger of getting fired. He was in danger of losing out on black recruits. Which being a lifelong coach, he no doubt fears a lot more.

        I don’t know what Huggins is afraid of. This has nothing to do with blacks, probably the majority of them approve of his speech. And WVU isn’t going to fire him for “homophobia” I don’t think.

        • Huggins is in enough danger of getting fired that he recanted and beat his forehead against the ground. This is academia, the epicenter of Insane Clown World.

    • We mock him around these parts, but Teddy Spaghetti has been making the No Apology point rightly for a long time as well. Its one thing he consistently has gotten right. There is just no benefit.

  29. Huggy Bear bows down to the New Religion and mewls. Hands over his teeth and claws. Publicly, in that old timey Mao spirit.

    Dood has mucho eff off money but offending the woke overseers proved too burdensome. Wow Huggy all that macho posturing with your players over the decades didn’t mean doodlysquat, did it? When they laid your gonies on the block, you folded and begged Belial for pardon.

    When I was young we called homos homos. Didn’t want then allying with women and destroying everything good.
    See back then in the Late Pliocene, men generally were in charge of stuff, and so truth more or less held sway, rather than the Mob of Offended Furies ruling over the land.

    The Mob isn’t a mystery, it’s a Mystery. I heard they chanted for Barabbas too. Nothing new under the sun, the whole world lieth in wickedness.

    Tsk tsk Huggy Bear you are such a homo. :O)

    • There are many such cases. Posturing tough guys who buckle when challenged for real. I’d rather we had men who didn’t posture and just had the backbone to not grovel for the crime of being men.

  30. ” The whiter the community, the more absurd and infantile their views on race” The mix of christian guilt with media propaganda has drivien the people of places like Iowa and to an extent Indiana completely insane. they try to cope with self flaggelation . but they are the real problem .

    • The really sad thing about Iowa is that their college towns are every bit as libbed out as places like Berkeley, Madison, and Amherst.

      Freaking Iowa for Pete’s sake!

  31. Satanic Inversion, Transvaluation of Values, Revenge of the Nerds. Rude of me, too, but I’ll admit it: at this point I see civ as our debt to the deceiver and a necessary evil of fallen human nature. Left unchecked, you end up with a bunch of broken-spirited, mammon-worshipping softies who can’t reach to wipe their own asses, much less defend themselves. Ruled by the weakest who at least have enough will in their black hearts to rule— until everybody expires, somebody better comes along, or by God’s grace there’s a revival. History is clear on that much imo

    • Apt turn of phrase there: The Left unchecked, which to a large degree is the source of many of today’s problems.

  32. Btw, if Hillsdale College wanted to prove itself, it would offer Higgins a job as a basketball coach.

    But, of course, it won’t because it’s not really opposition.

    • CoaSC: It’s civnattery on steroids. More rotten fruit of the ‘enlightenment’ – principles over people.

    • When did Hillsdale college signal opposition as you imply? Rather they profess as 3g4me points out, Western Canon and CivNat values. Also, I’m not sure Hillsdale has much interest in promoting sports as most colleges. 😉

      • Hillsdale doesn’t take federal financial aid dollars. It would be a Division Three school at best; so no athletic scholarships. I doubt very much they could attract the type of thug-affaleet “student” in sufficient numbers to run a basketball operation. Even if they wanted to display civ-nat virtue ala character not color blah, blah, blah.
        No, they’ll sit at the feet of VDH and learn that the solution to American democracy is assimilating all those good, hard-working Mexicans with family values.
        It’s all a lovely violin concerto while Rome burns…

    • Hillsdale was really gung ho on the masking during covid, more so than many more supposedly liberal institutions.

    • They should hire Huggins and change their mascot to the Hillsdale Homophobes. I’d send them a big donation.

      • Visit Hillsdale if you want to see a “who’s who” of donors. There are a lot of very wealthy “conservatives” who’ve built that place over the years. Again, I say “conservatives”—not “DR” types. There’s no reason to consider Hillsdale some sort of dissident force (as we understand it) in academia, just a breath of fresh air in Leftist academics clown world.

        When the DR can set up and support its own version of Hillsdale, you’ll know we’ve made it.

        • I’d be honored to occupy the Enoch Powell Endowed Chair in the History Department…

  33. I think that the paragraph before the mention of Weinberg arrogating to himself the authority to erect and enforce a moral code answers the question of who he thinks he is to be able to do that. When you are one of the very few, select, emissaries of God’s light on earth … …

    Last night I heard an 18 year old tell us how her best friend was scolded by her college professor for interrupting class. The story villainized the professor and made the student out to be innocent. It was a trifle manner. My impression was that the teacher was trying to enforce a standard in her classroom, even if she was a bit gruff about it. However, the 18 year old created an anonymous account on some web site to rate your teacher and denigrated the teacher, piling on to a bunch of negative comments.

    It isn’t my child and in this day and age not my place to offer some corrective advice. Their parent didn’t do it. It was a teaching moment, to politely inform the child that anonymously mobbing up against a teacher is petty and vindictive. Perhaps a more mature and fair way to deal with the situation would be to have a direct, calm and rational conversation with the professor. Have the nerve to ask why she scolded her friend. Have the nerve to say you thought it was inappropriate? Get her perspective.

    But, parents don’t do that anymore. That is why an 18 year old has the emotional coping ability of an 8 year old, at best. The thing that bothered me the most about this was the energy of the 18 year old in telling this story. There was a darkness in that the child reveled in describing the hurt and injustice inflicted on her friend and zero attempt to empathize with the professor. She couldn’t the slightest strand of a sandal to walk in the professor’s shoes. Worse, the glee and joy the child took in showing all its post that denigrated the teacher from an anonymous post on a web site was shocking. It was almost sinister. Such a nice and sweet little child reveling in being so petty and vicious.

    Parents have abdicated their duty to correct and teach their children. We must not hurt their feelings by pointing out their errors – they may not like us if we do. Maybe that journalist got his start on and leading the mob and scoring hit points by ruining a man’s career is the next logical step.

    • ‘It was almost sinister.’


      Sounds like the very face of the Mob to me.

    • RealityRules: While 18 year olds are generally immature and often vindictive, I believe you err in attributing the malicious behavior purely to lousy parenting. The key word in your account is “her.” Young women are justly infamous for their pettiness, self absorption, and vindictiveness. The issue is not so much one of walking in another’s shoes, it’s one of deliberate destructive retribution for a perceived slight.

      In this, the putative right’s pampered princesses are just as bad as those on the left.

      • It may be that females have a greater proclivity for those traits. Similarly men have a greater proclivity to anger and physical violence. However, just as men need guidance and mentoring in order to channel healthy uses of anger and physical violence and control them, so do females need to become higher functioning by channeling constructive constraints on those traits.

        Otherwise, you just give them an excuse to engage in those behaviors. It is similar to how at some point albatross populations were held to a higher standard of behavior and severely punished when they failed to hold to the minimal norms.

        The people responsible for correcting a young female and guiding her to healthy responses to the world around her and to walk in someone else’s shoes are parents. This child is correctable and teachable. Will she engage in petty judgement and gossip no matter what – probably. But would she get off on ruining a professor’s reputation for scolding her students into showing respectful behavior in the classroom one time? I doubt it.

        That is the least of the darkness that is emergent in the morality-less, inadequately parented youth who will be in the world sooner than we think. I suspect that at some point, the darkness that has accrued en masse due to lack of good parenting just to save the feelings of the child and pander to the insecurity of the parent, will have an e = mc2 plus massive feedback loop effect when this evil must be stood up to and stopped.

    • “Their parent didn’t do it.”

      Why can’t you just say “her”?

    • Great post, evidenced by the vote of twenty-three up, one down. Gotta wonder who the lone refusenik was.

  34. Coincidentally, I just got a 1 week ban from twitter for calling Elon a fat fag. Not sure whether it was the fat or fag that got me in dutch. I like to test the limits of tolerance whatever platform i’m on at the time.

    • Wonder what would’ve happened if you added ‘white’ & ‘male’ to fat fag – twitter algorithms might not know what to do with that.

      • A small mushroom cloud would appear over San FranCrisco. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    • When your career (and possibly your family’s middle class existence) is threatened, you’ll try anything.

      Now, Higgins is rich, so why he grovels is just he’s terrified of not being a big-time coach, which is pathetic.

      • It seems like apologizing only saves a guy’s job if it includes “sensitivity training.”

        Which leads me to thinking how any of us would do in one of those classes. How could you keep your mouth shut while being subjected to obvious lies, distortions and antiwhite propaganda?

    • Or kneel, like those police did. What a disgrace. Best not to show even a scintilla of weakness, or remorse.

      • Police kneeling was one of the most pathetic, weak things I’ve ever seen. Almost up there with some pastor I saw washing a black guy’s feet in a tub of soapy water in front of a huge congregation.

    • The woke mob has brainwashed people into thinking apologies help, but they only work for (criminal) blacks and trannies.

    • Someone ought to start framing each of these moments as basically giving into Judas/Barabbas-loving mobs who want their 30 pieces of silver gibsmedats OR giving into the retarded Jacobin plebs who want their public entertainment of ritual humiliation and blood spilling.

      To have that one based White sheriff to outright tell Leftists/POSes: your morality is shit, you are undeserving of the status of adulthood, you are a perpetual annoyance upon our way of life still existing at the mercy and tolerance of better people. No apologies. No walking it back. Shatter that smug self-righteous conception in a Leftist, and leave ’em to howl in agony, because they know they’ve heard the Truth and the Truth shall set us free.

      It gets so tiresome that the absurd cycle keeps repeating itself, really sets me off now and again

    • The kind of guy who works his way to the top, such that he has FU money, is typically the kind of guy who will never say FU. The system selects against that type of guy

  35. “Not to put too fine a point on it, but the guy who cooked up the term “homophobia” was psychologist named George Weinberg.”

    Every. Single. Time.

    Anyway, the amazing thing is just how quickly this stuff spreads. I remember the first time I read “the r-word”, referring to retard. Just like that, you were not allowed to use that word in any form, anywhere, and it was immediately enforced by the mob and media. Now, of course, calling someone a retard is not nice – I know from my school days. If you hear your kid call someone by that word, it is a teaching lesson for sure. How did it become “the r word”, though? Not just that, but unlike other gamer words, it was once used in medical/clinical settings. Other words like “idiot” and “moron” referred to similar disabilities but are not verboten in the same way.

    I kind of feel like it is just dorks in the media and government getting revenge on their bullies, but I also feel like the elites dictate stuff like this to keep us in a constant state of confusion and paranoia.

    • “Other words like “idiot” and “moron” referred to similar disabilities but are not verboten in the same way.”

      They certainly ARE:

      “Along with terms like moron, imbecile, retard and cretin, its use to describe people with mental disabilities is considered archaic and offensive.[2]”

      • “is considered” huh?
        By whom?
        Not by me, a native English speaker, unlike the yidistani who wrote that wiki entry.

  36. Another question is: how brain dead do you have to be to use the term “fag” on live TV, in a press conference, as a sports coach? And generally, make any negative/derogatory comment about a group (unless you are making political arguments against an approved Bad group)?

    It’s funny how clueless some people are. I wouldn’t be caught dead ever saying a no-no word in public. I don’t like the prevailing morality but facts are facts. I wouldn’t go to Saudi Arabia and start blaspheming Mohammed either.

    What this incident seems to show is that there are alot of normal guys out there who haven’t realized how bad things are. It’s definitely not 1980 anymore.

    • Yeah even South Park libertarians couldn’t normalize the word again, and that was 20 years, ago.

    • Without knowing a thing about the coach, I can guess he’s a moderately right wing but basically progressive on everything, who thinks we all bleed red but sometimes says a bad word while grilling with his pals.

      • B125: Precisely. A civnat boomer who would earnestly proclaim raycissm a mortal sin, but is shocked to be set upon for using ‘guy’ humour.

      • Yes. I believe the vast majority of white coaches over the age of 50–and maybe even 40–are Grillers with an outsized sense of Hutu-adulation. Such people are forever walking a steep ledge in a typhoon. One slight misstep and it’s curtains. My guess is that if Huggins is fired, he’ll be replace by a boon coach. All the better for West Virginia to signal its fealty to the Power Structure.

        • I don’t know what the exact numbers are, but I’ve noticed that the new coaching hires in major college basketball the last couple of years seem to be more black than White.

          • There’s no doubt about it. White head coaches are becoming ever more scarce in both basketball and football. What’s more, when a negro is hired as a head coach, he fills out his staff overwhelmingly with negroes, thus ensuring that even more future head coaching candidates will be black. I can see the day when fewer then 10 percent of major college/professional football and basketball head coaches are white.

        • Yup. Just like Mizzou (Missouri State), somebody wants this guy’s job. This was an inside hit, an assassination.

    • See the one where the guy says something to the effect that he had a blast at the “[Negro] League” museum? That takes the cake!

      • I worked with a recent Russian immigrant. He overheard me and a fellow white coworker discussing the Negro Leagues and he said with a gasp, “you can say that word?”

        • Well, you can only just barely say that word. The generally “approved” word among the non-rayciss seems to be “black”. But ya know, the word negro is a lend word from the Spanish, and means “black”, so what’s the damn difference.

          We were in the past tasked with using the clumsy construction, African-American for a while, but that has mostly been superceded. A thought has occurred to me that maybe when the construction of “halfrican” started being used to denote a mulatto by very bad people, that they backed off of insisting that African be included in the approved descriptor.

          • I get a kick out of ‘colored people’ (bad) vs. ‘POC’ (Trendy!)

          • I like mulatto. The word has a delightfully sneering nasal quality in the “mu” part. Also for any Monty Python fans, it is a decidedly woody word.

    • When one live in Insane Clown World, one must either play by the rules of the Insane Clowns, or perish.

      Incidentally, former Texas Tech basketball coach Mark Adams lost his job after a program insider–probably a negro assistant coach–reported to the athletic director an exchange between Adams and one of his black players wherein Adams quoted the Bible in support of the necessity of obedience. This was spun so as to make it appear as if Adams was claiming to be a master and the player his slave.

  37. Have to (potentially) disagree just a bit. The mob has taken over, but the framework of its morality was put in place very deliberately by the usual suspects. The usual suspects pushed very hard for two things:

    1. Minoritarianism – that minorities of any stripe must accepted and, later, praised

    This was obviously done to protect themselves.

    2. Whites are uniquely guilty of everything bad

    Thus, whites, even if they are a minority, don’t get any protection.

    That’s the framework that the mob uses. Sure, it’s runs with it in very odd directions sometimes, but you can see the framework underneath.

    As to “says who” or by what authority, I’d say that it is also pretty clear. It’s not the mob that enforces the morality, it’s our rulers behind the mob. The people with the money and political clout to destroy your life. Somebody pays for the mob, somebody has lawyers that can sue you, somebody has organizations that will come after WVU if they don’t punish Higgins, somebody has politicians and their law enforcement muscle to put pressure on people and groups.

    There is a structure behind the mob, and it’s not crazy. Indeed, it’s very calculating.

    • Excellent comment, Citizen! I don’t think, for example, that the mob will be exercised by the use of terms such as “cracker,” “redneck,” or “hillbilly.” More sophisticated speakers, of course, use terms like “clingers,” or “deplorables,” but derogatory terms are quite acceptable, provided they’re applied to the right people.

      • The mob is called the “mob” because it doesn’t think—it reacts as it is told. Now the question is, as Citizen points out, who tells the mob how to react. It’s a bit of chain, but we can see a bit of it in the media and with certain pundit—those “thought” leaders who seem to come out of the woodwork whenever they are needed—and I’m pretty certain, there are folks pulling their strings as well. All made to appear “organic” so we can’t figure out whom to blame.

        • Correct. It is why I don’t completely buy Z’s assertion that it is all emergent behavior. To simplify my take, it is carefully coordinated and directed emergent behavior. That is a contradiction in terms obviously but it is accurate.

          • Emergent behavior is in a sense what makes the control possible. Like the herd that reacts to a stimulus – a sudden movement on the right makes them go left. The one who controls and supplies the stimulus uses the emergent reaction to control the mob.

      • “right people”, why am I thinking of “right whales”, in that they were the ones most profitable to be harvested..

    • ” It’s not the mob that enforces the morality, it’s our rulers behind the mob. The people with the money and political clout to destroy your life. Somebody pays for the mob, somebody has lawyers that can sue you, somebody has organizations that will come after WVU if they don’t punish Higgins, somebody has politicians and their law enforcement muscle to put pressure on people and groups.

      There is a structure behind the mob, and it’s not crazy. Indeed, it’s very calculating.”


      It is the very same phenomenon seen in Venezuela and originally in Cuba with committees for defense of the revolution(s). Antifa acts as similar agents of the State; there is little doubt they are under the control of the FBI and intelligence services. In fact, state-sponsored terrorism probably is more prevalent throughout the GAE at this point than in any of the countries it calls out as despotic. The monitoring and coercion over language in what once passed as the West rivals the Soviets and Nazis from the last century and if anything is far worse in that it targets majorities as enemies.

  38. As usual, it’s normal, hetero White males who bear the brunt of frothing mobocracy’s lunacy. And as usual we/they must bear obeisance to the lowest forms (ie joggers) and the most degenerate (ie fags and trannies). The insanity of the modern western age knows no bounds.

  39. I don’t think Jesus was okay with slavery, rather he wasn’t concerned with earthly burdens. (Slaves, whores, and even gentiles could ascend to The Kingdom.) Christianity effectively ended European slavery. It was replaced with serfdom, which wasn’t much better, but let’s not get too autistic here. And I wonder who revived (or, at least, helped revive) slavery in the New World? I’m sure there are people here who could answer this.

    Side note: there are some Orthodox that claim Christians are the “chosen people” because we realized the fulfillment of prophecy. So Jews are off the hook. They can practice their religion.

    • Marko: Disagree. Nowhere did Jesus speak against the existing social structure; instead he often spoke of reciprocal social responsibilities between slave/servant and master. He was concerned with individual salvation, not earthly social pieties.

      It has become axiomatic among Christians that ‘of course’ Jesus opposed slavery. I see no evidence for such an assertion.

      • Indeed, I believe in the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus make clear that *equity/equality* comes after death when “all men have a seat at his Father’s table”.

      • 3g:

        Exactly. And those people are also the ones who think that Jesus was a carpenter. ZERO evidence for that. All other evidence is against it. Strongly against it, but these are not people who have ever read the Scriptures. And they never will.

        • He wasn’t a carpenter in the sense that it was His vocation in life. But, I wouldn’t say the evidence is strongly against that He worked as one, at least for a while. There is a gap period from around 12 to 30. Joseph was a carpenter. Not unusual that Jesus would have filled some of that time at Joseph’s side. But it was obviously not His purpose. It is an assumption to be sure, but not an unreasonable one.

      • Job owned slaves, which he lost (they died) in his tribulations. God restored to Job everything he had twofold. Therefore God made people slaves to Job. Jesus is God. Therefore, Jesus has made people slaves.
        Also, we are all slaves: either slaves of sin, iniquity, and evil, or slaves of God and all that is good and holy. Aint no in between.

  40. Racism. Sexism. Misogyny. Anti-Semitism. Homophobia. Transphobia. Islamophobia. And all the other dreaded isms and phobias.

    What do they all have in common? They are all abstractions. They cannot be objectively identified. They exist or do not exist entirely in the eye of the beholder.

    Nevertheless, most of today’s Westerners — progressives, conservatives, moderates, and disinteresteds alike — talk as if all those alleged monstrosities are actual, concrete entities. They speak of racism, for instance, as if it’s a sycamore tree or a Toyota Camry. There seems to be little or no awareness that an ism or phobia can mean totally different things to different people. Something Person A considers “sexist” often qualifies as wholly innocent in the judgment of Person B. Seldom if ever is the extreme subjectivity behind identifying the isms and phobias acknowledged.

    The effectiveness of mass brainwashing is breathtaking.

  41. One small step at a time.

    Hypothetically, a victim of cancel culture who has been genuinely and unjustly harmed for a petty “offense”, and lacking any effective means of remedy because of the demise of traditional legal protections, has an evolutionary incentive to retreat from current society and heal themselves privately. Part of this healing process could include a determined effort to learn new skills, particularly with respect to becoming “invisible” in the sense of being boring and unnoticed (and therefore out of the spotlight of the cancel culture vultures). Becoming excellent at social stealth can be both a defensive cloak and a necessary survival mechanism. And this is something that can be practiced and improved with serious intent. Doing this can even become a form of empowerment.

    And then in your spare time, you might also give serious thought to what you could do with this newly developed skill.

    • as in the prison practice of “training the guards” to regard you as inoffensive?

  42. I believe in intrinsic aspects of human nature. Things such as aversion to seeing stabbings, protecting your kids, curiosity about the world, repulsion at depravity, dislike of people not like you, and disgust at unnatural acts are something innate. If you think about nearly all the horrific things we see now, all of it is designed to subject us to events that cause a natural recoiling in a normal person.
    Consider the natural aversion to seeing someone cut. Our body is conditioned to be averse to seeing innards because our body is conditioned to maintain its own corporality. Now consider how much children are subjected to these images in games and movies. We call it desensitization, but it is really a form of traumatizing.
    Perhaps the imposition of the new morality, through the mass trauma we experience, is a way of creating a broken and complacent populace.

    • dislike of people not like you

      Maybe I’m heretical on this point – I don’t know if you have to go that far. But certainly a preference for your own kind is natural. Doesn’t mean you have dislike others, just not prefer them. Unless of course they consistently give reason not to be liked.

  43. Yeah, mama and papa told me I was crazy to stay I was gay in New York A fag in L.A. Rolling Stones 1979 some girls. There’s more where that came ( no pun intended) from. growing up in nyc, those lads would move amongst the dirt people, no problem . I’ve heard they’ve changed some of their lyrics due to political correctness. Of course they did

  44. this is one of those things that bothers me. I’d like to think i have a heretical personality. I’m of the view that everything should be fair game. We should allow South Park to make fun of christians yes but people should also be able to make fun of christians, what happened in the camps eight decades ago, CSAM, 9/11 etc. People should also be free to do Al Jolson type minstrel shows. Like this is what Lenny Bruce would have wanted (or at least I hope)

  45. > Jesus was fine with slavery, so it is unlikely that he would be upset about judging people by race or ethnicity.

    Matthew 15:26: He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

    By every modern definition outside of simply blindly hating another race, Jesus was a racist, and it’s hilarious to see people squirm at this passage.

    • The “dog” thing is pretty jarring to a modern reader. But it was left in the Bible, purposefully, and used in service of converting gentiles. If early Christians really thought Jesus was racist, they would have covered it up, or Christianity would’ve died on the vine.

      My two cents: everyone back then called out-groups “dogs”, so I have a feeling that Jesus was being jocular. But it’s lost in many, many translations.

      • My guess is it won’t be in the Bible 20 years from now. When people–Leftists–set themselves up as gods, they have no compunctions about altering the words of God.

        • All of this will be over with 20 yrs. from now. Well before that, in fact.

  46. A question that bothers me lately is “what is it that white people have, that blacks want yet cannot obtain by their own initiative?” Seemingly they have the same or better opportunities to start their own businesses, evaluate and hire their own personnel, make stock market investment decisions based on their own knowledge, obtain college educations and then prosper in their chosen fields, so why all the hostility against palefaces? Hmmmm.

    • Is that a trick question?

      Other commenters on here have previously posted how Whitey has been, for the most part, responsible for most of the advancement of civilization throughout history.

      It’s simple jealousy.

      They hate us, cause they ain’t us.

      • Why They Hate Us
        by Joseph Sobran
        Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so
        large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western
        exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the
        world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western
        power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have
        disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel
        not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they
        don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white
        man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t
        conscious of it. And superiority excites envy. Destroying
        white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of
        designated victims we call ‘minorities.’

        From Sobran’s Newsletter, April 1997

        • Was watching on the of Skinwalker Ranch tv episodes to see white male bonding and it occurred to me we never see POC on any of these type of “curious about things outside our ken” programs. It’s still very heartening to see white males working in harmony.

    • Maybe this is my autism talking, but I ponder the slipperiness of certain terms that dominate The Narrative. Do “white supremacists” want to rule over blacks? I think most practice avoidance. As for “superiority,” one compares Nigeria with Switzerland and is tempted to draw certain conclusions.

      Should whites be ashamed of our “white privilege”? Life is unfair & plenty of loathesome people enjoy special privileges. But some of us feel privileged and grateful to have inherited certain traditions, social norms, values, etc from our ancestors.

      • Perhaps I’M being autistic now: Ponder for a moment the Left’s use of the term “privilege.” Unlike many such words, I don’t think they’ve mutated its meaning. However, consider its use in the phrase “White privilege.” What unspoken connotations lie therein? Well, consider that “privilege” means, of course, that a certain group enjoys certain advantages denied to others, or perhaps most others. Here’s what I think an important point: Nowhere in the definition does it say WHO granted the privilege; the only mandate is that X is better off than Y regardless of the cause of that inequality.

        This ambiguity invites abuse. Whites are indeed “privileged” on many axes compared to other races. However, it’s of paramount importance, at least at times, to ascertain whence said superiority originates. If the benefit can be conferred by human agency, all well and good (at least to social reformers). The evil shall be punished and the good rewarded, according to the standards of whoever holds the power. But what if the advantage only comes from Nature (and/or God, if one prefers — it’s all the same for the present analysis) that means that the granting the boon is not susceptible to human wishes. Alas, it IS at risk of being impeded or destroyed by envious human power. Thus, a fair interpretation of “White privilege” is, of course, that we somehow got these advantages unfairly. If similar powers can be granted to non-Whites great. But in either case, the advantages Whites enjoy must be removed.

      • Why is it a shocker that a society/culture created and built by Whites would favor Whites, systemically or not? If they don’t like it, plenty of other options out there. Funny they seem to want the one that “oppresses” them.

    • When you hear blacks air their grievances about Whitey, it seems clear to me that many of them don’t really understand the nature of “initiative”. They think the white man is keeeping civilization from the black man for… reasons. They do not understand that the white man has a nice house in a nice neighborhood because he worked hard at a job, worked to keep his marriage and family stable, managed his money, saved for the future, etc. They seemingly think that the white guy is hoarding all the money out there and keeping it from the blacks. Now, why they feel this way, well it’s a long story, but this is certainly a feeling the media is quite happy to stoke.

      • I would emphasize the “nice neighborhood” aspect. One reason that White places are generally nice places (I’m speaking of being Caucasian friendly, of course) is simply that few to no non-Whites reside there. And, I might add, a certain number of dysfuncitonal Whites need to be excluded for an optimally functioning society.

        • Two words: magic dirt. These nice neighborhoods don’t exist in a vacuum. They exist because the people who live in them want them to be nice and put in the work of maintaining it. The primary way to do that is by living an orderly, peaceful, clean, law-abiding life. These happen to align with the values of many people of European descent, for whatever reason. Yet this dynamic is impossible to explain because these groups see the world differently. You cannot drop people who believe in a different set of values and expect the neighborhood to go on. This is a social experiment that has been run millions of times in the US with the same results each time.

      • Right, it’s because they don’t see the 35 years of hard work it took to get there. Clothes bought at the thrift store, brown bag lunches, driving the same car for 15 years, no real vacations, no cable tv but utilizing the library instead, riding the bus because paying for parking was a luxury, living in a sketchy neighborhood until the very end, saving instead of blowing money on little things. Where’s my reparations? I have a good life now but still get ticked off when some government teat nuzzler yahoo says yeah you’ve got it good.

      • One thing I’ve noticed in the myriad “poor black person” stories on TV news is how these poor blacks will live in a shithole with no job and all the time in the world, but they make zero effort to fix or tidy anything. There was one local segment about some group of do-gooders going around cleaning up the yards of poor blacks, a Sisyphean task if there ever was one.

        I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if the next one is white people starting a charity to go around wiping blacks’ butts for them because of the racist disparity in loose stool.

    • > Seemingly they have the same or better opportunities

      Some do. The ones that take advantage get out of the ‘hood as quickly as they can, generally have favorable opinions of white people, and harbor their own racist, anti-black views that would make a Klan member blush.

      The problem is that large numbers (probably even the majority) of blacks do not have the opportunities to achieve the material wealth they see members of other races obtaining sheerly because they lack even base levels of raw human intelligence.

      However, rather than acknowledging their own limitations and that said limitations are God-ordained, many blacks have gone along with the brainwashing, and choose to embrace the comforting lie that they could have all these great material things if only “whitey” wasn’t holding them back. (Now who could be at the forefront of pushing this anti-white propaganda, I wonder?)

      • Mr. Generic: The ones who get out of the hood are generally the most resentful and anti-White of all. They almost universally attribute their success to their own efforts and abilities, rather than the many White helping hands and the extant civilizational structure they live in.

        Most people resent their charitable sponsors. Blacks will routinely denounce and condemn the GoodWhites who adopt and raise them, or slaughter the deluded White who befriends or mates with them.

        • I suspect its the opposite, the ones that make it out of the ghetto get to experience very obvious mollycoddling from goodwhites. Imagine playing a board game with your friends and winning, then finding out that they intentionally let you win because they thought you had self-esteem problems and would throw a tantrum over losing.

          Look at Candace Owens: she is essentially famous for being able to talk like a normal human instead of using porch ape vernacular. And she must be aware of this low bar that has been set for her.

          This is why they hate the “my black friend” liberals so much, and why oftentimes among the lower classes they get along better with whites who don’t try to appease them.

      • I’m not sure of their “limitations”, from what I can tell, they have no problem working the ever complicated system to obtain subsidized housing, food stamps, free children’s shoes haircuts backpacks school supplies school lunches etc, and certainly their men seem to understand the concept of evading monetary child support requirements while also excelling at profit/loss travel and overhead expenses calculating the running of whores, child sex trafficking, drug importation distribution and sales, and the hiring disciplining and eliminating business rivals and street employees, so what am I missing here? Could it be they are more clever than we?

    • This is a good thread. Mr. Dithers, this is a brilliant paragraph and following set of observations. You need to find a way to get this succinct and well conceived Socratic masterpiece to a mass audience on Twitter. Perhaps use it as a stock reply to people who have a large following already. It will be very effective.

      I think part of the answer is the same as to why Marxism is so popular. One of Marxism’s great mistakes, or maybe its subversive intentional bugs, is to see the world in a zero sum game – you have and I don’t because you took from me.

      I think that many blacks believe that all of the wealth and bounty just exists in a pure state of nature and that whites just took it from everyone. They haven’t thought through that all 200 million of us don’t get on a giant conference call every morning and give each other jobs and patents on technology that magically appeared from the skies. We don’t reserve thirty minutes at the end to conspire to keep every one of them who we personally know about because we track and identify them all, down and out.

      If anything, they have a far more organized network that does something more similar to what their childish theory implies of us. In short, susceptibility to this kind of childish stupidity may be an expression of human biology.

      Middle class whites couldn’t be converted to Marxism. They made themselves middle class and their better’s inventiveness and organizational skills made it possible. They understand that. (I can be a stock broker because someone invented finance, markets and computers … … that enable me to do my job. I must have the skills to use the tools and use them better than my competitors … …) Middle class blacks, most of them owing their middle class status to expropriation and wealth re-distribution programs, seem to be eager Marxists. They can’t seem to understand this abstraction. People just have things and they get them because someone shares things with them.

      The best expression of this was a video Ramzpaul recently showed where some black community organizer showed up in a fancy suit at a podium on a street corner with a choir of amen brother shouters. He began to complain that Walmart had left the hood. He began to demand that blacks have jobs, entertainment, grocery stores, … next door so he didn’t have to go anywhere to get those goods. Ironically, black violence and dysfunction and white cowardice and sellout by its leadership made whites flee to the suburbs. Whites have no problem driving in hours of traffic to find and attend jobs back in the cities their grandparents and parents fled. It was a masterpiece display of the childish nature and utter lack of self awareness of a group of people.

      We do seem to have far too many of us impaired to not see or condemn the obvious foolishness of guys like the guy in the suit. Until then, the guy in the suit wins and we slide ever closer into decline and despair.

      • Whites are the least likely to work together to improve the lot of their group. I was talking to a Pakistani immigrant who is a multimillionaire. He explained how unrelated Indians and Pakistanis of modest means will pool their money and buy shares of convienience stores. They keep reinvesting their money and buy bigger and bigger shares of each subsequent store. This is the kind of thing that rugged individualist Whites just don’t do, much to our detriment. Sure you can buy shares in large corporations but I am talking about cooperating to build wealth at a small business level.

        • Hillsdale doesn’t take federal financial aid dollars. It would be a Division Three school at best; so no athletic scholarships. I doubt very much they could attract the type of thug-affaleet “student” in sufficient numbers to run a basketball operation. Even if they wanted to display civ-nat virtue ala character not color blah, blah, blah.
          No, they’ll sit at the feet of VDH and learn that the solution to American democracy is assimilating all those good, hard-working Mexicans with family values.
          It’s all a lovely violin concerto while Rome burns…

        • I buy 100s of XYZ, sit on my ass and collect a dividend for which my maximum tax exposure is 15%.
          Wogs buy a share of a store. They work it from sun up to sun down, for low margins and the occasional robberies and thefts. As they expand their commercial empire, they have to bring over more cousins and pay them to grind away, too. Maybe the cousin remains loyal and grateful. Maybe bitter and resentful. At any rate, they never become anything more than peddlers of beer and cigarettes and shitty processed food, i.e. the dregs of society. If they manage to send one of their kids to college, that one is lost to the academic brainwashing and becomes a queer studies major, not a doctor.
          So, no. I’ll stick with my plan.

    • They have an inferiority complex. That is why they are constantly accusing us of feeling superior to them.

      • RR: “They made themselves middle class and their better’s inventiveness and organizational skills made it possible. They understand that. (I can be a stock broker because someone invented finance, markets and computers … … that enable me to do my job. I must have the skills to use the tools and use them better than my competitors … …)”

        I always keep in mind dirty Harry’s words, which came across as an insult in the movie, but which I took as advice:
        “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

    • A rhetorical question, mr dithers, I’m sure.

      I think we’ve pondered and “answered” this question before. Blacks have the opportunities—codified in law and societal convention—to make themselves prosperous in “White” America. The problem is that they simply can not take advantage of such opportunities because they are Black and *not* White. Their cognitive and behavior proclivities keep them where they are.

      It’s a painful truth—too painful—and therefore must be explained away as the evil doing of others.

  47. I saw someone interviewing college girls the other day and the girls were complaining about white male privilege and then the interviewer said “can you give me an example that you see of white male privilege? and the girls ran. They both said “Um um um,I got to go, running late” and just ran. What a great question to ask.

    • I saw that too. Of course the stock answer, which these morons hadn’t even been bothered to learn, is that white male privilege is systemic and is everywhere so no need to give examples. The proof is in the unequal outcomes. At least that’s the racism schtick in a nutshell.

  48. This post made me think of a previous Zman post that discussed “by who’s authority” things were/are the way they are.

    I enjoyed that post, and this one dovetails nicely with it.

    I’ve found that if I refuse to participate in other peoples delusions, I’m much happier and saner.

  49. If we could stress the Catholic part of his disparagement more maybe he could buy a pass. No harm dissing on Catholics is there? Go as far as you want.

    You didn’t mention the jock sniffing sports broadcaster on his pregame talk. You know, mentioning how great his visit to the Nig***league museum was. Is he gone for good yet? On and on we go.

    I noticed your boy (Greek name guy) from the Duran being interviewed by a smitten Polish woman. She asked him if he had any heroes growing up and he hemmed and hawed for a bit then finally came up with names like Dr J and Reggie Jackson.. It all starts somewhere.

    • Really?

      A couple of luggage testers who hit a ball and throw a ball in a hole are his “hero’s”?

      How disappointing.

      Well, I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bath water regarding them.

      • The plural of hero is heroes, not hero’s.

        Sorry but the misuse of the apostrophe to make plurals of regular nouns makes my brain hurt.

    • Calling Jesuits Catholic is the bigger slander. The fag part is more likely true.

  50. “They never think about it very much because their time is filled with waging their bony fingers at the rest of us so they can get piety points online.”…
    I’m more inclined to think their narcissism has them waging their boneless appendage far too often. Their fixation on all things sexual is glaring.

    • I thought the typo of wagging vs. waging was a brilliant mistake. They are waging their bony fingers at us by poking them in our eyes constantly.

    • Their fixations on the most base elements of existence and their inability to appreciate the finest things in life are part and parcel of their innate primitivity.

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