Maybe This Is What It Is

A popular plot device in movies is the hidden conspiracy where the main players slowly learn about a secret group that is actually running things. This secret group makes it look like the official systems are running things, but in reality, they are manipulating things behind the scenes for their own purposes. The movie The Matrix is basically a conspiracy story, except that the conspirators have conjured all of reality for humanity, who they have enslaved as batteries for some reason.

The flaw in all of these stories is that the people behind the conspiracy are so good that they are able to pull off the conspiracy. On the other hand, they make basic errors that allow the good guys to discover the conspiracy. This is done for the sake of expediency so we can get to the showdown between the good guys and the villains. Movies are about two hours of run time, so the filmmakers have to rush through the discovery phase in order to have time for the final act.

What they get right though is that those little things that do not make sense but are generally ignored by people. After all, if there is a secret group running things, it means they are changing things in violation of the rules. This was the basis of the Russian collusion hoax mania. The believers in this conspiracy were sure they had stumbled onto an event that had clearly violated the rules of the universe, thus proving that there is someone secretly manipulating things.

This makes even more sense when you consider that the people who fell for this conspiracy theory live in the world of narratives. Their understanding of existence is through narrative devices created by the likeminded. The people sure Trump was the result of a secret Russian plot think they live in a long running movie. For them, all of reality is just a long running story, the flow of history. The Russian collusion hoax was proof that existence is just one long story.

As nutty as these people sound, they are right in that if we are living in a simulation or one long story, then there is someone responsible for it. Maybe it is just a first mover who set the story in motion or maybe it is a computer programmer. Like The Matrix, our consciousness exists in a computer simulation. Instead of something cool like Warhammer 40K, we are stuck in a poorly drawn version of a world where child molesters get a whole month to honor them.

The other thing about those movies that ties in with the Russian collusion hoax and other popular conspiracy theories is that the people who discover the truth are always the weirdos and oddballs. It takes a person who naturally lives outside the normalcy of life to see the flaws of the narrative. Pursuing these anomalies in the story in the face of popular opposition requires a willingness to be unpopular. The movies are right that the people who will discover the conspiracy will be the oddballs.

The Russian collusion hoax was not real, but the people who were into it were strange characters who do not get along with others. We live in an age in which these people are selected by the people running the media, but it does not change the fact that these people are not right in the head. They are the same people who think their food is out to get them, that their gas range is in a plot with the minivan to kill Gaia and that there is an invisible Nazi army lurking in the shadows.

If you were a character in a conspiracy movie, the stuff in that previous paragraph would be a clue that things are not as they seem. After all, if the world operated by the rules everyone swears are in place, it should not result in the mass media being dominated by paranoid lunatics. Once it was clear, for example, that Rachel Maddow was wrong about the Russian conspiracy stuff, someone would replace her who is not suffering from these paranoid delusions.

It is not just the crazies that fall outside the rules. It is possible that these people are selected by the media because some people like freak shows. Most people do not like a freakshow, but some people do and it is a lucrative audience. In other words, it makes no sense to employ foaming at the mouth nutters in the media, but it makes sense if that part of the media is a circus. The universe suddenly makes sense again when you can explain these anomalies within the rules of the universe.

Of course, like the characters in a movie wrestling with the contradictions in the narrative, the story does not end there. What explains Jennifer Rubin? Look at her life story and explain how that makes any sense. Throw in the fact that she is clearly insane, and she is a massive bug in the code. Now, there are people out there who would offer an explanation, but that is just an alternative explanation for who controls the simulation that is our consciousness.

Like the kooks in the circus part of the media, the “serious” part of the media is full of examples that are not easily explained. How has a goofy looking bugman like David French risen to a perch at the New York Times? How has a talentless hack like Jonah Goldberg become a rich and famous pundit? Look around at public life and little of what you see makes sense within the rules as stated. Maybe the answer is we are living in an increasingly bug riddled simulation.

Again, maybe there is an explanation that does not require us to question the very nature of reality. Maybe there is a good reason we only have two mobile phone companies or two political parties that say the same things. Perhaps within the rules this all makes perfect sense once the rules are explained properly. You always have to keep open the possibility that it is not the world that is going crazy. You are the one who is going mad, and the world is perfectly fine.

Alternatively, the madness of this age, including the popularity of conspiracy theories and narrative hoaxes, could be in response to the fixes in the code. As the late physicist John Barrow explained, complexity results in error and the more complex human society gets, the more errors we experience. Many of these fixes fall outside the rules of our reality, so they lead some to question reality itself. The madness of this age is the result of a cumulative bug fix some have noticed.

If we take a step back from the simulation and conspiracy stuff, maybe the answer is simply that the incoherence of the world is due to an incoherence in the rules that govern our world. Through some combination of evolution, design, and serendipity, we have ended up with a set of rules that make perfect sense in terms of outcomes, because the rules are just as nutty as those outcomes. In other words, it is not a conspiracy we are seeing. It is entropy.

That may also explain the increasing popularity of conspiracy theories, especially among the primary beneficiaries of the system. It is far more comforting to think the rules are mostly fine and it is just some secret forces out there in the shadows responsible for the anomalies, than to think that maybe the problem is the rules and that maybe the system is in collapse. Most people would prefer to think they are living in a computer simulation than face up to reality.

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144 thoughts on “Maybe This Is What It Is

  1. “The Russian collusion hoax was not real, but the people who were into it were strange characters who do not get along with others.”

    It is all relative. The true believers in each stage of the Russian Hoax are what now pass for normal people among the uni educated.

    Things weren’t always like this. I watched normal men PMS like 14 year old school girls over what the media told them about the newest Orange Man tweet. 10 years earlier they likely wouldn’t have had an opinion.

    Hysteria du jour really seem like a consequence of the culture becoming more feminized since the advent of social media. If you want to be seen as a good smart person you have to embrace hysterias immediately. Gone are the days when normal men would just shrug their shoulders and agree to disagree

  2. IMHO it seems we’re in a simulation because the limited contact we’ve had with the natural world since the 1940s has transformed into zero contact, aside from some basic laws of physics, which are hard to defy for any length of time.

    The lack of consequence to some horrible mutation/mal-action (think of Drag Queen Story Hour) inflates the balloon carrying us upward. Regardless it will burst, we’re just getting higher and higher until it does.

    We’ve tried to remove real competition from all human interactions and turn life into a second grade class at the Berkeley, California Elementary School. As it turns out, nature and existing cultures have a vote as well.

  3. Never invent rationalizations for behavior that is pure evil..Evil does evil, and doesn’t need a reason for it…

  4. Zman wrote: “It takes a person who naturally lives outside the normalcy of life to see the flaws of the narrative. Pursuing these anomalies in the story in the face of popular opposition requires a willingness to be unpopular. The movies are right that the people who will discover the conspiracy will be the oddballs.”

    Yes, this is exactly correct. The groups most likely to experience cognitive dissonance from the establishment’s messaging are the ones that are least likely to benefit from the system. And most of these dissidents are currently straight white males because they have the lowest status in society today. Indeed, the further one gets from a straight white male the more privilege one receives. The most privileged group is a black, transexual, Muslim, obese disabled female Democrat — it doesn’t get further away from white males than that.

    This dovetails with the concept of bioleninism that a Mandarin speaking blogger, Spandrell, has discussed at length. As he explains, western society has organized the biologically worst of the worst into foot soldiers for the establishment; the darker the pigmentation, the dumber, the more crippled, the more obese, the more with alien belief systems like Islam, the better — because these people have extremely low natural status in western society, have little chance of succeeding on their own, so they blindly take any opportunity given to them to help remake society in order to try to improve their own social status. It is their only chance to improve their social status, so they will always do what they’re told. The establishment loves using these shock troops because of their unrelenting loyalty to their causes. White straight men are too independent with too many options to blindly follow attempts to remake society to benefit its leaders, so from this perspective they are seen as undesirable. The establishment then rewards these loyal genetically inferior foot soldiers with preferment in society.

    Therefore, the lower officially mandated status a group receives in society, the more they are likely to feel cognitive dissonance against the messaging pushed by the upper echelons, and the higher officially mandated status a group receives in society, the less likely they are to feel cognitive dissonance. This is true across space and time and is irrespective of race. While white males have the lowest status in society today and therefore feel the most cognitive dissonance, it was the opposite in Nazi Germany. Hitler bragged about how the white male masses ate up official propaganda even when it contradicted itself the moment before:

    “We have frequently found ourselves compelled to reverse the engine and to change, in the course of a couple of days, the whole trend of imparted news, sometimes with a complete volte-face. Such agility would have been quite impossible, if we had not had firmly in our grasp that extraordinary instrument of power which we call the press—and known how to make use of it.

    A year before, when the Russo-German Pact was signed, we had the task of converting to a completely reverse opinion those whom we had originally made into fanatical opponents of Russia—a maneuver that must have appeared to be a rare old muddle to the older National Socialists. Fortunately, the spirit of Party solidarity held firm, and our sudden about-turn was accepted by all without misgiving. Then, on 22nd June 1941, again: “About turn!” Out shot the order one fine morning without the slightest warning! Success in an operation of this nature can only be achieved if you possess the press and know how to make tactical use of it.

    When you regard the role of the press from this angle, you will realize at once that the profession of the journalist now is very different from that of the journalist of yore. There was, indeed, a time when the profession of journalism was one without real importance, for rarely had the individual journalist any opportunity to give proof of personal character. Today, the journalist knows that he is no mere scribbler, but a man with the sacred mission of defending the highest interests of the State. This evolution has been in progress throughout the years following our taking power, and today the journalist is conscious of his responsibilities, and his profession appears to him in a new light.”

    Therefore the inclination or disinclination of a group toward independent thought is variable and depends, at least to an extent, on their perceived status in society.

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that people are no damn good. It’s Hobbes “war of all against all.” Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

    When it comes down to it, all men in their heart of hearts want to fuck all the women and have the rest of the men dead or castrated. Woman’s innermost desire is to be possessed by the top males. It’s all bloody conflict, top to bottom. We’re NOT SUPPOSED to get along and hence we don’t. The best we can hope for is mutual cooperation and balance; and through that develop feelings of “friendship.”

    The only rational starting point of a society is therefore to acknowledge that we are enemies. None of this “we’re all friends” boilerplate nonsense. This is why Christianity speaks to me, because it’s clear on original sin and man as utterly fallen and corrupt. Utopia is not possible; man is not perfectible; human nature should be feared and respected as it is. Every move of “progress” will inevitably cause decay and be used as a weapon.

    • Not true about men sexually wanting all women…they only want the young, attractive ones…After that, it’s companionship, which is pretty important…

    • ‘When it comes down to it, all men in their heart of hearts want to fuck all the women and have the rest of the men dead or castrated.’

      OK I used to enjoy getting around, more than I should have, but I don’t want all other men dead or castrated. That is a strange and unprofitable mindset, because the time is coming when brotherhood is all you´re gonna have.

      As for fallen humanity, that isn’t news to me. Still, occasionally I find a man worthy of my aid, and sometimes even of my respect. I know going in he is not perfect, because I’m not either. But he must be better than the large majority of the rest, otherwise I don’t waste time.

      Most folks I avoid like the plague, however, truth be told.

  6. The increasing popularity of “conspiracy theories” is due to the regime constantly lying. Simple as. Some percentage of the people, white women especially, are incorrigibly gullible, so they will believe the regime lies and disparage the “conspiracists.” This leads to “competing realities.” aka clown world

    In the interest of clarity, I define regime propaganda (such as the russia hoax) and “conspiracy theories” as different things, even if the latter term applies to both. But then I’m not a big fan of the term “conspiracy theory” to begin with. Either something makes sense, holds water, or it doesn’t. When the regime’s propaganda fails to withstand scrutiny, then one naturally looks elsewhere for the truth.

    • “Conspiracy Theory” is a term invented by the CIA to hamper investigations into the JFK murder. It served to discredit those that might question the official narrative.

      Also, the CIA keeps a pet rodent. It’s name is Ron DeSantis. Have you heard?

      Hoaxes pre-date the “Russian Collusion” farce in terms of time, and damage done. See the “Saddam WMD” and its ilk on that.

      • We could do a better job of staying out of the regime’s frame by avoiding its terminology

    • Generallly concur. However, I’ve read a few books about fads, popular beliefs, crowd psych &c. I’m sure you use “makes sense” to mean that a narrative perhaps is at least logically coherent, has no obvious contradictions, and so on. However, I recall this bit of wisdom from a book by Rolf Dobelli that is on point: We humans, in general LIKE a story that “makes sense,” as well as has other attributes e.g. is interesting or exciting. Here’s the problem: a lot of factual, even very important, information, is boring. At the other extreme, a well-crafted tale may or may not be believable, but it will certainly be entertaining.

      Much of the “news” they foist upon us fails the credibility test. Sometimes it’s entertaining, often in hilarious ways when we find the obvious flaws in the narrative. If the news is unexciting, that may make it more likely to be true: Comrade Minister of Agriculture gave a speech today to the Central Committee. (Probably true). Wheat production has exceeded this year’s target by 35% (probably not true). Etc.

      • There’s a quote that is attributed in various forms to Mark Twain, something about fiction has to make sense but reality doesn’t. I try to keep that in mind.

        “Withstands scrutiny” would be the phrase I’d harp on more than “makes sense.”

  7. Entropy is a law of nature. Human nature is about one generation of total upheaval followed by a few generations of silliness while nothing happens. Everything in our current world comes from decisions made in 1945. Like the ones at Bretton Woods.

  8. The 20th Century is getting very long in the tooth and wants to die, but it will continue to feed and shuffle and gum the breath mints as long as it has any strength left. It’s looking like it will take a war on the Russian frontier to administer the coup de grâce. How very poetic it will all be—in retrospect. To those of us who have to live through it, it just looks like a giant carbuncle. Future generations will see the smooth story of a corrupt and degenerate empire, coughing up blood and phlegm, staggering to meet its end against a superior foe it was unwilling to recognize. We, on the other hand, see the phlegm. We live in the closeup photo of the gross melanoma, like the pictures you can find in old medical textbooks. That explains the contradictions of the age. It is a function of distance.

    In this wise, you can see how the Woke crowd have become the new conservatives. It is they who really wish to preserve the social arrangements of the 20th Century in all their scabrous ossification. They wish to extend the New Deal and the Great Society to an ever-expanding retinue of victim-identity groups, and administer it all from the ever-expanding directorates of the federal bureaucracy. Without this basic model as a background, none of the utterances of the Left even have any meaning. But it is all quite 1970ish; there is an indelible tincture of shag carpet and Tiffany lamps to this kind of thinking. The “progressives” are the boring, stodgy old cooters who cannot think beyond the particulars of their own era. Such is the trade paperback conservatism of every period.

    On that broader point, I feel compelled to mention that, in a “Ship of Theseus” sort of sense, it is really the Progressive Left (not the normies or the dissidents) who are numerically contiguous with “the West” and with Western Civilization. As a Traditional Catholic of 15 years, and perennialist since before that, I have long had occasion to recognize that Occidentalism isn’t doing me any favors. Liberalism has been the state religion of Western peoples since 1789, and truth-seekers must be aware that they will only find perspective and wisdom outside of the dominant culture. It is no longer possible within it.

    The real task of today and tomorrow will be to work on preserving the incidental gains of Western society (namely practical engineering) while rejecting the rest of the ideological superstructure and preserving social order in the meantime. However, I know very few people who even think in these terms, and these sort of problems get no academic attention at all.

    • “They wish to extend the New Deal and the Great Society to an ever-expanding retinue of victim-identity groups, and administer it all from the ever-expanding directorates of the federal bureaucracy.”

      True, but with the proviso that the victim-identity groups now reside as much outside the confines of the GAE (including most of Europe) as within it. And that is why the GAE’s foreign policy is so hawkish. It is not enough to encourage Shaq’Slayvion to rape and murder a little white girl in Philadelphia, and to show pictures of Innis Reardon shoving his member into a little boy’s backside to groups of kindergarteners in Keokuk; these acts of “liberation” must be performed from Asuncion to Guadalajara, from Budapest to Manila. So long as one predatory perv or Hutu anywhere on the planet is not treated as a god on earth, we are all complicit in oppression. And, by gawd, the GAE will stamp out all oppression, even if it has to incinerate the planet to do it.

    • well they should not have imported so much economic deadwood if they want to continue the social welfare programs of the 20th c. as it is, they have guaranteed those programs will collapse much sooner than was strictly called for. and oh yeah, all the proles will be running around free at that point.

    • “The real task of today and tomorrow will be to work on preserving the incidental gains of Western society (namely practical engineering) while rejecting the rest of the ideological superstructure and preserving social order in the meantime.”

      This is really good stuff. It could be argued that a manifesto for the DR would start with this.

      • Right. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There’s far more to Western civilization than the ideological abominations springing from the French Revolution.

  9. Alex Jones is an entertainer whose done more harm to the right than good, even though he was the only one touching certain stories. While I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy by the government to have him in that role, I would find it to be the most plausible one as he discredits everything he touches.

    • You may be correct, on the other hand the right has a always had the problem that the responsible and stable people are too busy being respectable to ever do anything about the downfall of civilization.

      “But I have a job” is the common excuse for being totally passive.

      The vacuum naturally sucks in anything unstable enough to move. The Alex Jones types and other assorted freaks take center stage by default.

      So much of life is merely showing up, and most of the right never does.

    • Jones may have once upon a time been independent, but recent events make it very hard for me to believe that he still is. It’s a blind spot of many consumers of right leaning, “alt,” or dissident media that their media is necessarily any less controlled and fake than the more traditional regime media orgs, just because it is ideologically different.

      My personal litmus test is if they are blaming things on jews and using racial slurs, disparaging the 19th amendment etc., that means they probably aren’t regime controlled.

      • Yes, there are certain barriers the true blue Leftist just cannot bring himself to cross, even if the crossing is fake and gay.

    • Serious truth-tellers are called prophets, and they tend to get themselves killed. Clowns can break the taboo and get away with it, because they’re ridiculous. Human nature, I guess.

    • I personally got off the Alex Jones Crazy Train the day I heard him say that Sonny Bono’s fatal ski slope accident was a “CIA Hit!” First of all, why would anybody want to kill Sonny Bono? Also, how do you even stage such a thing in broad daylight on a snowy mountainside? And then we had some unknown assassin slipping up to General Patton’s car window and shooting him in the neck with a poison dart immediately after his planned collision with that truck. Alex Jones seems to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. I suppose even a broken clock is right twice a day. But hey, he seems to sell a lot of “nutricuticals.”

    • Alex Jones has been proven right more than he has been wrong. He’s entertaining while presenting things others can’t see or have missed.
      Let’s keep throwing the few good guys fighting the hood fight on the right under the bus, like the other guy who said DeSantis is a CIA plant without presenting any evidence. It’s worked out real well so far hasn’t it.

  10. As exciting as it may be to think so, we do not live in a simulation. And, although it is certainly more plausible, the “rules” of Western civilization did not ineluctibly lead to the Great Derangement. What has happened is that the old rational rules were replaced by new irrational ones. Enlightenment reason, with all its flaws, began to be supplanted in the mid-60s by an irrational post-structuralist metaphysic.

    If you take the time to read the primary and secondary sources of the intellectual history of the West from ca. 1966 to ca. 1998 you will be dumbstruck by the shriekingly bizarre beliefs promulgated by Western–mostly French–intellectuals. Those beliefs, in turn, were imbibed by American intellectuals who then returned them to Europe where they were adopted in their native lands.

    The midwits in Western media, politics, business and culture embraced irrationalist belief, and since they control the Western ecumene, here we are in Insane Clown World.

    Ideas really do have consequences. And often times, they are tragic.

    • “Enlightenment reason, with all its flaws, began to be supplanted in the mid-60s by an irrational post-structuralist metaphysic.”

      The lack of metaphysics was the hole to be exploited. It’s real, even if it can’t be grasped.

    • Rousseau would have been fully on board the Trans Train and quite pissed he wasn’t it’s first engineer. So, yeah.

  11. Madness and insanity are the words you keep coming back to, Z. But you will never find the answer — much less the solution — in those artificed abstractions.

    The truth is that those persons and groups you witness exercising malice, predation, larceny, smug rage and cunningness are evil. Not crazy. Evil. They enjoy their unmerited empowerment and authority, indeed they revel in it and mock as they go along.

    You have a mechanistic and rationalistic view of the world, and of human beings. You are an excellent diagnostician, investigator and writer. Certainly, I would retain you, for this and other purposes. But you lack the spiritual understanding and dimension to grok the roots of the problems around us, and thus the way forward.

    This is not a fault or lack on your part. Spiritual comprehension comes from God as a gift, and so those who possess some needn’t feel pride, because it is something that comes from outside, not inside. God gives different gifts to different folks.

    You are correct however about entropy in this world. This is a winding-down and exhausted planet, and from the creation of man to this moment, the world suffers from increasing spiritual and physical entropy. Human beings likewise are undergoing mass spiritual-moral entropy.

    The thuggy and malevolent things taking place now in the world make sense to me. They may enrage or disgust me briefly, but I know their etiology and their end. Makes it easier both to endure these things, and to make war against them.

    Keep up the good work. This is what you were made and prepared to do. And not by a computer, rest assured.

    • Yes, many of these movers and shakers enjoy torturing normal people..Some literally worship Satan, as an excuse for their behavior…Aleister Crowley was not one of a kind…

  12. the whole point pf [lsto’s cave story is that the plebs, us , always live in a world of misinformation created by our rulers to maintain power. he was right then, and the only diffrence now it they have better tools so their brainwashing is totally effective . The web,all forms of media , the education system. They All have the exact same viewpoints and values. And it is throughout the west . that means that the organization at the top has to be above any national government .

    • I don’t dispute your interpretation of the Plato’s Cave analogy. But others exist too. I “learned” the Cave analogy as follows. Platonic philosophy invented, or at least popularized, the concept of the “real” world (e.g. the Forms, that Love exists as a pure concept). This I think of as the interior mental world; this is, at least by my understanding, the only place where truly abstract thoughts “live” (e.g. geometry). Just because Plato called this “real” doesn’t mean that anything there need be true, of course. Truth to fiction and everything in between exist there.

      The “apparent” world, on the other hand, was what our problematic sense organs convey to us about the exterior world, that others (including me) call objective reality.

      Now, apply all that to the Cave, the poor chained up prisoners watching shadows cast on a wall only know of the Apparent. It is the prisoner who escapes to the upper world, the sunlight, who learns of the Real.

  13. How has a talentless hack like Jonah Goldberg become a rich and famous pundit
    Obviously nepotism, and of a specific sort. I will quibble though that, as opposed to everyone else you listed, Jonah Goldberg does have some modicum of talent. Or at least did, his lack of an editor at whatever hole he is squirreled away at now doesn’t serve his penchant for short, pithy (arrogant, yes) prose well.

    • “Jonah Goldberg does have some modicum of talent.”

      I’d argue that once you’ve read a few thousand too many Simpsons references, you’ve reached the end of that modicum pretty quickly.

      • Goldberg is a no-talent hack who is glib enough to fool some people into thinking that he is smart and has something to contribute to the conversation. He doesn’t, without his mother he would be working for some Podunk free paper or night shift manager in fast food.

  14. I don’t know anyone that actually believed the Trump Russia collusion hoax, but that’s probably just selection bias because I don’t interact with the insane very often (and I think they tend to avoid me as well). But the corrupt assholes within the Deep State that implemented this hoax were not fooled either; they did what they did out of pure malice and knowing full well that it was a scam all along. The scum in the DoJ, Stasi, CIA, MSM, and others were all participating with full knowledge and volition that their actions were both criminal and vile. These were not good people who became temporarily misguided. No, they were evil to the core and knew it, but reveled in its destructiveness nonetheless. And now, no one should ever again trust anyone in any of these organizations. They should be shunned and small children should be taught about how evil these people are lest they become future victims of this scourge. In a just world, vermin like these would be cast out of decent society or stoned.

    Most importantly, we have passed the tipping point and sanity cannot be restored by chasing the carrot of “vote harder – we’ll get em next time.” Only a collapse can save us and reboot arising from the ensuing fog of chaos. The disease cannot be cured until the pathogens are removed or remedied. Interestingly, both sides of this divide view the other as the pathogen. In the end, it going to come down to which side is stronger and smarter. Do you really want to side with Team Tranny when it gets to nut cutting time?

    • “Only a collapse can save us and reboot arising from the ensuing fog of chaos”

      I don’t see it. Collapse, IMHO, will make everything worse, not better. They are not going to be “shocked” into becoming sane and rational actors. If anything, they are likely to double down and blame the collapse on our failure to implement every single point of their 1000 point plan. The only example I know of where collapse eventually led to a better society is the Soviet Union. But there was a lot of bad between the collapse and normalcy and it only really applies to Russia and not the rest of the Soviet block.

      • This ^^^. Exactly right. This silly belief that there will be a colossal collapse and people living in the streets is ridiculous and not productive.

      • First, collapse is not a wish, but an inevitability. Did you miss the recent RINO cave on the debt ceiling? Second, yes, absolutely the collapse will be worse than the status quo. Duh! That is what collapse means. And it is the return of real hardship and existential threat that provides the motivation and culling necessary to resurrect hard men once again. You cannot produce hard men from slogans, indoctrination, or internet memes. Third, the people who fear collapse are the ones that believe they don’t have what it takes to survive the interregnum of chaos and culling. Rather than fear it, better is to become fit enough to survive it. And you won’t be motivated to do the latter if you hue to a belief that it will never happen.

        • I make no predictions about collapse or when it comes, but I’ve been hearing about imminent economic collapse for nearly my entire life. Probably nobody can predict it. People tend to imagine everything else stays the same but something major changes. The pending economic collapse in the early 70s is a great example. Gold was being removed at a record rate. Had this been allowed to continue, economic collapse may have happened. But the status quo then changed to make up for the difference. People imagine the rules are fixed in some way, but they are not. The rules are whatever our rulers say the rules are.

          Fixing the problem without collapse would be better. Whether or not it is possible is indeed an open question. The cucking of the Republicans is going to happen whether or not a collapse happens.

          While you yourself may not be wishing the collapse, a lot of people (on our side of the great divide) are. But you do believe the collapse will fix the problem. You say this directly saying hard times creates hard men. Perhaps 30 years after the collapse a return to normalcy will happen enabled by the new hard men.

        • I think it’s been pointed out that the term RINO is a misnomer. What we saw with the debt ceiling is exactly who the Republicans are. There’s no subterfuge involved.

        • There is no one-size-fits-all “collapse.” I tend to side with TomA. We’d probably differ on details. A “collapse” need not be a return to Mad Max, a paleolithic wasteland with cannibal bands, or whatever your worst case scenario is. Alreayd mentioned was the Soviet Union collapse. I’m sure it was unpleasant to live through, but so far as I know, most people survived. Even in worse disasters, say, a bad case of the Black Death in a midieval European Burg, it might kill a third of the populace, but eventually a new “normal” emerged.

          The key take-away I get from TomA is that, beyond some point, the collapse is inevitable. Just what form it will take, how fall it’ll fall, and what the damage will be, is anyone’s guess.

      • Faith didn’t cure the Black Death. A third or so of Europe got carried off, inaugurating the Age of Discovery and the Renaissance.

        Whatever’s happening now (I’d guess it has to do with spiritual/religious bankruptcy), there’s nowhere to go, and we’re not going to reason our way out of it.

        At any rate, I’m in the camp that believes collapse happens, but, as in the case of Europe becoming modern, it doesn’t have to be a Road Warrior scenario.

      • The Leftists are irredeemable. Nothing will rehabilitate them. Even a collapse. However, collapse will dramatically weaken the power of the Left, and that will give sane people the opportunity to separate and create our own society. This is why some of us are accelerationists.

        • Collapse will weaken the proles, left and right (or whatever). And it will weaken the regime too. But relative to each other, which weakens the most? That is, does the regime’s power relative to the proles grow, even while its absolute power diminishes? Nobody knows the answer to these questions ahead of time.

          • The “regime” as you call it, is not a pantheon of immortal gods nor a monolithic bureaucracy like the old Soviet Communist Party. And it’s not the root of the problem. The number of disease cells that are responsible for most of the harm being done is actually quite small. Once upon a time, cancer was primarily treated using blunderbuss-type medications that killed off a lot of health cells in addition to the targeted cancer cells. Nowadays, new medications and other means are able to tightly focus a remedy at the bad cells and largely leave healthy tissue alone. This approach has greatly increased the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Its an excellent example of smarter, not harder.

          • Tom, I do indeed see in the GAE regime today something that’s in the same ballpark as the monolithic Soviet bureaucracy. You have not disabused me of that notion.

          • as soon as TPTB cannot deliver the gibbs to all their constituent groups, they are done.

          • The Left has the power. All of it. If the skeleton upon which the Left’s power rests disintegrates, much of the Left’s power goes along with it. The Left has everything to lose. Comparatively, we have little to lose and much to gain from a collapse.

          • @TomA Respectfully, I think they are the root of the problem, at least a portion of them, primarily, the “propaganda machine.” The “propaganda machine” is the mass media along with all levels of education. Until these “cancers” are removed from these factories of Clownworld, nothing will ever change. They are how the cancer initially came.

            Further, what we call the left is largely a parasitical class. Most of their jobs only exist because of the state. Every person deciding whether or not we can “cook with gas” are employed by the state. Nearly all of them are state funded in some way. Like the money behind BLM and Antifa. All are incorporated as “not for profit” and suck off the state that way (through tax deductible donations). Most of them work in education in some fashion or the state. Cutting them off from the gov teet would go a very long way in destroying them.

    • Yes this is about plain old evil, carefully crafted and employed, not about ‘madness’ or ‘insanity’.

      There is a spiritual etiology to the thuggy and pathetic things we see happening in the world now. There ARE conspiracies, we DO have ‘rulers’ who communicate and plan the direction of the nations and of the world. And the WEF and Bilderbergers are not the summa of that authority.

      A mechanistic and rationalistic explanation for these things always falls short. There is a spiritual dimension to this world, and it both informs and directs material/physical manifestation and ‘progress’.

  15. This has been said plenty of times before in various and sundry ways, but: At what point does a normie realize that their fears of their children and grandchildren belonging to the State and organized bad actors has already mostly come true? (That it is not 100% is a thankful whitepill)
    Parents put their kids through a decade-plus schooling, maybe even the university land of Oz too, and have most likely enjoyed the pacifier-effect of giving them over to the screens of internet and television, and the silly bad hot takes of rock bands. It’s like the oftly-familiar stories of the patriotic griller conservative father with the obnoxious liberal slut of a daughter, and the cope that “well, she’s young and thinking for herself and she’ll come around”. Older adults confronting at school boards and youth organizations and childrens that unfortunately Big Brother/Sister’s already purchased some real estate in minds.

    That all being said, I do want to be mindful of stepping back from the despairposting, and remember the little victories.

    • A lot of people are trying to opt out as best they can. Homeschool rates are much higher than they used to be. We will to what degree caring and concerned parents have in keeping their kids away from the poz, but a significant number of people are trying. I am hopeful that public schools will eventually become so stigmatized that eventually reforms will be forced on them, at least to the level of significantly reduced funding.

      • To some degree that’s already happened. I recall reading that some Deep South (of course) cities have local public schools nearly 100% black, despite substantial local white populace. Most of the white kids go to private schools. I suspect it’s been that way since the 1950s.

  16. > it is just some secret forces out there in the shadows responsible for the anomalies, than to think that maybe the problem is the rules and that maybe the system is in collapse

    Can’t it be both?

  17. Nobody believed the Russian conspiracy hoax. It was just a means of casting shade on Trump. And Jennifer Rubin’s career makes perfect sense as the anti-Tucker Carlson.

    The contrast is between those who believe there’s a purpose behind things, today’s paranoids, e.g. truth, lies, it’s all the same to power seekers vs. the random narratives of entropy. I suppose it’s comforting to lean toward the former view (the magic collapse of Building 7, yeah, right) but in the “entropy rules!” world, there would have to be a one of a kind, magic zigzagging bullet of the type that killed Kennedy, wounded Conolly and exited the limo to blow away a bystander or two.

    Apply the Peter Principle to Soviet-style America and see how it plays out.

    • Here’s my problem with Building 7: why do it the way it was done? I mean, how could one possibly predict that WTC’s 1 and 2 would collapse the way they did thus severely damaging WTC 7 – to the extent that it would be plausible to pull it down via explosives a few hours later and yet still have a cover story that it fell due to fire/damage? It’s such a Rube Goldberg way of taking care of business.

    • There was no shortage of indoctrinated, curated, overpromoted dunces in the media who were eager to believe what their intelligence handlers were telling them to report. This was why the Russia hoax was as effective as it was, because they “reported” it with the earnestness of the true believer.

    • “Nobody believed the Russian conspiracy hoax. It was just a means of casting shade on Trump…”

      Your second assertion is true, your first is not.

      I have born witness to: (1) Clutches of African Americans hotly discussing Trump/Russia on the malls of Washington DC, Feb.2018 (2) Hassles of Neo-Flaneurs doing same in Brooklyn, NY watering holes. (The latter group may still be at it, for all I know…)

      They BELIEVE!

  18. Nah, the insanity is just a reflection of the character of the people who have seized control of our media and academic, political, and cultural institutions.

      • no! they are not stupid. once youunderstand that destruction is their plan, it is well planned and directed.

        • ‘Spiteful mutants’ still seems to be as pithy a summary description as I’ve read.

    • Your answer also explains why Jennifer Rubin is where she is.

      The people who mostly control the media want all of us to hear what she is saying. Although they somehow call her a conservative, she is pro-massive immigration, pro-wars for Israel, and vehemently anti-white.

      They want us to hear her.

  19. People have always lived in a simulacrum of reality. And it always takes some oddball to point out that the “fake reality” is ginned up by the people in power. That’s what Plato’s cave and the Apology of Socrates are all about. When describing the allegory of the cave in the Republic, Socrates says that if one were to escape the cave, discover reality, and then go back down into the cave, the shadow-myth manufacturers would kill him.

    Same thing with Christ — you had a guy with refused to go along with “temple-coin” scam, and he exposed the Pharisees as grifters, liars and hypocrites. So they killed him.

    What is difficult to grok about the contemporary myth-scam-simulacrum it that we live in a highly complex society, and people are required to believe hard, objective scientific truths at the same time they are required to believe purely nonsensical fantasy. You have people performing triple-bypass surgery or flying turbofan A380s at 40,000 feet around the globe while simultaneously believing that people can be transgender, that men and women are equal, that races are equal, that gay sex is normal, and that Jews are victims of daily anti-Semitism. You have people performing life-saving in utero surgery on a fetus at the same time you have abortionists shredding them into pulp.

    Cognitive dissonance is real.

    The real question is, how long can it last?

    • How long? Till enough people are really thirsty, or hungry, and/or cold.
      How many is that and when? One day sooner than yesterday about all I can grok.
      (kudos on cognitive dissonance causes / examples)

    • “we live in a highly complex society, and people are required to believe hard, objective scientific truths at the same time they are required to believe purely nonsensical fantasy.”


      We will collapse from cognitive dissonance-induced psychosis before the Dollar collapses.

  20. After seeing the movie, whenever I was having a really crap day, I’d go “whew! It’s just a bad dream, really,” and suckle my feeding tube a bit more tightly.

    • An occasional story line in [science] fiction is that the protagonist is having a series of — to the reader anyway — unpleasant experiences. Eventually he wakes up and realizes it was a dream. (Note I didn’t say “nightmare.”) The twist ending is that his everyday world is even less pleasant. One of the Twilight Zone shows: A woman is dreaming that she is slowly burning up because the Sun is going nova. When she wakes up, we learn that the world is freezing because the Sun is gone. (Or maybe the other way round.)

  21. I would say that functional society is actually much Less complex than it was 20, 50 years ago.

    It’s the laws and rules that are more complex… Except Not Really; because incoherence is not complexity.

    Most of the *functional* complexity used to be at the level of (relatively) autonomous individuals – at least, that is what I observed in medicine, science, universities. The way it worked was that you appointed able and well-motivated (and, mostly, honest) people – and left them to get on with it.

    Over the past decades these organization (and essentially All institutions) have become Massively-more top-down managed. The work they do has been grossly simplified towards – “do only what you are told, just follow the procedures”.

    What were (50 years ago-and for some decades before that) complex but not-explicit matters of educated-experienced personal judgments – have become vast and contradictory schemes of instructions, incentives, sanctions etc. Such that the primary role of all functionally-orientated workers is directed ever further away from the function, more-and-more towards satisfying the all-pervasive demands of middle managers.

    The middle managers look up the hierarchy towards their bosses… And so on, up and up, to the supra-national/ global level where Somebody (who knows who?) is actually setting the core agenda – which is nothing to do with functionality.

    I have met and (briefly) worked with people up to the level of UK government ministers (e.g. Boris Johnson), and they were all obvious puppets, following someone else’s agenda. The supposed national leaders are puppets too – UK Prime Ministers are nowadays swapped in and out, without elections, clearly on somebody else’s orders from above the national level. The “leader of the free world” is a vegetable. Everyone we *know about* is an obvious puppet.

    The only question is whether – at the top of The System – there is somebody not-a-puppet that is in charge – or nobody?

    But we actually know that the answer is that Somebody is indeed in charge, because the System always moves Left. (If nobody was in charge, change would oscillate randomly.)

    (Unless one falls for the incoherent non-explanation of ’emergent phenomena’ – whereby apparent purpose actually Just Happens.)

    So common sense tells us that there is Somebody in charge – and that Somebody is operating at a Global level. That Someone has massive powers of destruction; because destruction is so easy: Any fool can throw a spanner in the-works, but only few/ able/ well-motivated people are able to make the-works *work*.

    But that unknown Somebody in charge has only limited and declining powers of creativity and functionality.

    This (combined with an apparently spiteful, sadistic and destructive personal motivation) is a reason why almost everything is getting worse. Worse is all that the Somebody can do with his/her/its power.

    • Somebodies, disproportionately but not exclusively Ashkenazi Jews. The other big group of Somebodies would be Anglos (the Five Eyes).

      In sum, it’s the post-WW2 winners’ world, and the rest of us just live here. (The Soviets all moved to the US, and Russia is no longer allowed in the winners’ circle).

      The bad news is the post-WW2 Atlanticists’ Empire could go on for all of John Pasha Glubb’s quarter-millenium reckoning from 1945. Or, optimistically, the Atlanticist Empire is so American-weighted that the date of reckoning runs from 1776, meaning we’re just about done.

      In more good news, the world has got rotten and “ended” before. The Russian and Han Empires plan on being around for what comes next. The Atlanticists are in the grip of demonic hubris–they think they’ll be around forever.

    • A lifetime of TV, movies and radio along with 12-20 years in “education” have rendered the people incapable of rational thought outside of specialties they are trained to perform. Now we have to add social media to the mix of mind poison.

      Yuri Bezmenov, who was likely a grifter, did get one thing right, that once a mind was corrupted, it was near impossible for them to think clearly. That for most people, this was permanent and that no amount of evidence would ever change their mind.

    • ‘Worse is all that the Somebody can do with his/her/its power.’

      Scripture says that there is a ‘god’ or a ruler over this planet. A ruler of darkness, deceit, and destruction. This ruler is highly intelligent, ancient, and organized.

      I did not begin to study the Bible until late in life, but once I began reading, I saw immediately that it predicted, analyzed, and explained much of the worldly phenomena around me.

      Scripture is especially helpful in tracking and grokking the motivations, methods, and organization of the Enemy of human beings. And yes, you do have an Enemy. One in particular, many in fact.

    • There’s a quote from Boris Johnson that stuck with me. When asked by a slightly lower ranking official why he imposed this or that lockdown measure, his reply was “They made me.”

    • Even at the local and regional levels, you’ll hear eerily similar verbiage flowing from the mouths of politicians behind closed doors before the propaganda buzz hits the wire.

      I make the case the intelligence agencies took over the world’s governments decades ago, including China and Russia. There’s some evidence for this and it all being theatre of a type.

  22. If a “conspiracy theory” makes more sense than the official narrative, then there’s a good chance it is closer to the truth. For example, the official story of the JFK assassination is objectively more nonsensical and more insane than the conspiracy theories, and it is why, 60 years on, more people believe in the conspiracy than the official story. People have an instinctual desire for the truth, and truth is built on reason. Stuff has to make sense. Despite what “disinformation experts” on CNN say, we have minds and can understand logic.

    Which is where the fake conspiracy theories come in, like lizard people under the Denver Airport or Area 51 full of alien experiments or whatever. These stories are insane, complicated, and require a vast army of people to keep secrets. They don’t make sense. I suppose it is a conspiracy theory to say the government made them up, but the government undertook extensive manipulation programs in the 1950s, when these stories started percolating, and they can accomplish two things. One is to distract the peasants with nonsense, and two is make people believe that anyone who doesn’t believe in the official narrative is some sort of nut. Both are useful objectives for a government that wants to manipulate people.

      • That is correct Chet.

        It is most helpful to our rulers and their hirelings for us to assume that conspiracies do not occur and are the realm of nutters. Because, you know, we moderns are FAR too intelligent, advanced, and sophisticated for belief in silly conspiracies and trans-generational power plots.

    • “People have an instinctual desire for the truth, and truth is built on reason.”

      There is not a shred of evidence for this, at least after you compartmentalize the beliefs.

      People have an instinctual desire to have their beliefs proven and to find evidence which conforms with their beliefs and discarding evidence which contradicts their beliefs.

      Comforting lies are always preferable to the cold hard truth for most people, most of the time.

      • [And now, time for the ineluctable Nietzsche plug.]

        Agree 100% Tars.

        Read just the first section of Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil”: “On the Prejudices of Philosphers.” In my opinion this is the best part of his best book. It is, if you will, a Cliff [Spark] Notes review of the sundry shortcomings of critical thinking that impair our very understanding of the world, or paradoxically, is it our demonstrably erroneous beliefs that help us to live? Although only 24 wordy paragraphs, he packs a lot of learning into it. It’s not easily understood. I was greatly helped by a study guide.

    • this is an exaggeration I admit – but to what extent was the kennedy assassination sort of the american equivalent of the romanov massacre.

      There are obvious and clear differences such as the fact the romanov thing happened behind closed door while the kennedy thing happened in broad daylight with a thousand or so people watching. Also, whoever was behind the kennedy thing didn’t go after his wife son and daughter like they did with czar nick.

      But idk i felt there was some symbolism to the whole thing. A sort of way of telling us “this can never be again”.

      • “Kennedy assassination” should be plural and the deaths were drawn out, not happening in one bloody afternoon. RFK’s was also done in a crowd, indoors, though. I’m a bit concerned that having RFKJr in the running for the presidency is going to bring out some weird ***t; it was JFKJr’s turn to take up the mantle back in the late 90s and look what happened to him. Also, one of RFKJr’s sisters was married to Andrew Cuomo and then divorced; serious derangement there; one of RFKJr’s wives committed suicide. His crazy mother Ethel is still alive, isn’t she? There are conspiracy theories about JFKJr’s plane crash and quick burial at sea. Makes me wonder if the older Kennedy brother, Joe, who was killed when his plane blew up over the English Channel during WWII, flying a “dangerous” mission etc. might have been to get back at Kennedy Dad Joe, who did not see eye-to-eye with FDR and Churchill re: going to war with Germany. Uncle Ted’s the one that hung around the longest and that’s because the powers that be had the goods on him, with Chappaquidick and other lesser stunts that didn’t involve someone dying.

  23. “They are the same people who think their food is out to get them…”

    I’m just saying, man, there are times ya gotta wonder if that isn’t true, though. Some stuff I really like certainly don’t like me.

  24. Extra credit to our rulers for adding extra complexity to a system that is already shaking.
    Add unstable & unreliable windmills / solar panels to an electrical grid.
    Add “diversity” and women to every work project.
    Add 10’s of millions of foreign people.
    Throw in “lockdowns”, mask & jab (and booster!) mandates, a totally legitimate, not at all fraudulent election, making gasoline engines illegal and a war with a major nuclear power.
    I’m sure everything is going to work out.

  25. Plastered all over my company’s home page is DEI and rainbows. Pictures of everyone except a straight white male. The racist, angry, fat black lady who has made a rich living hating whites leads the way. I’ve reached the point of such numbness it’s hard to describe at this point. Over the past two months I’ve totally tuned out and dropped out. Whether it’s violent blax, child molesters and pedophiles or white liberal xirls, I’ve reached my limit of it all. The threshold of my ability to hate with extreme malice got reached long ago.

    We are all forced to live in a permanent episode of a twilight zone episode at this point. As we speak I’m seeing vibrants move into my once mostly white hood. Kids’ bikes are being stolen, there’s fights, bullying. Yet, the parents here will go out of their way to not blame the diversity that’s causing it. At this point I just pray every morning that I don’t have a “falling down” moment.

  26. The reason for the madness and bugs is, I think, simple: there are too many people. And it will only get worse as the human population increases. More thieves, more immoral persons, more sick people, more dumb people. Population is itself complexity.

    • It’s not that there are “too many people”, it’s that there are more (proportionally) people of an inferior stock as compared to, let’s say, a century ago. World population, except Africa, is set to decline in the next 50 years. That’s set in stone from simple demographic studies. However, we’ve yet to come up with a solution for “spiteful mutants” and declining IQ. That’s the real unknown.

      Spiteful mutants cause all sorts of problems in society which need not be recounted here. Low national IQ’s “tipping point” depends upon just what the “smart fraction” turns out to be for any particular advanced society. Kirkegaard had some musings on this recently in his sub stack (worth subscribing to):

  27. “Most people would prefer to think they are living in a computer simulation than face up to reality.”

    Does this not explain most anything?

  28. The success of Maddow, Rubin, Goldberg and French are explained by the Dunbar number.

    The people that control the media need actors to fill roles. The skill of the actor is important to some degree, but not overwhelming so. They turn to people that they know to fill those roles. Unless those people are complete fuck ups they work out well enough.

    So its simple proximity that explains the mediocrities and midwits occupying propaganda positions in the GAE’s corporate media.

  29. I remember the scene where Neo takes the red pill. After he wakes up in his pod, a machine comes and unplugs him. He doesn’t kill him though. You see the ingenious machines never figured out that the ones who wake up become the resistance. There were other such glaring glitches in the plot line.

    I agree with the other commenter about Maddow. They are hired hands doing their job.

    As for conspiracies, tell the Irish who are pleading with the police in the middle of the night who are not protecting the Irish, but who are protecting the Africans and Muslims that are being bused into their villages 7, 8 10 vanloads at a time there is no conspiracy. Tell the English who were just told that the Greenbelt is going to be covered with housing and that it will be for the migrants. Tell the people of Sioux Falls who have a little Mogadishu and a little Khartoum in the town they defended by going to Afghanistan to not have to fight them here that there is no conspiracy.

    In this reality, when we wake up, we aren’t liquidated yet either, but more and more the chord is cut on us.

    • The point of that scene where Neo wakes from his pod is to show how the machines view humans. Neo was defective because he did not accept the matrix, so the machine unplugged him and flushed him out of the system to be recycled as food.

      The major flaw in the movie is that machines have to fight humans in the Matrix. This is illogical, as they literally control the simulation, so they could do what they like. The only way this could work is they have to operate within the rules as to do otherwise would cause all humans to question the simulated reality. Clearly, that is not what happens, so the very premise of the film is flawed.

      • Yes. But the machines know there is a resistance. It comes from people who reject the program. Kill them in place before liquidation so they can’t be pulled out and no resistance can ever emerge. You never need to fight them in the Matrix and chase them in the sewers. That was one of the biggest, most obvious plot holes and worst/laziest pieces of writing I’ve ever seen.

      • The thing that bugged the hell out of me was the idea that they were getting more useful energy out of the body heat of the humans than they were expending keeping them alive.

        All living organisms are just entropy machines, the entire Earth’s biosphere is just converting 700 and 400 nm light photons into 1 mm waste heat. And since the sun had been blocked out in that movie, exactly where were they getting the high energy photons to run their system?

      • An excellent example of a logically inconsistent story. I made this point earlier (actually borrowed from Dobelli). The very premises of the universe are flawed. Nevertheless, there were three (maybe more?) movies, all highly entertaining (remember, another desirable trait for a good story…?) And they probably made a shitload of money.

        This is another facet of what someone already mentioned above to: the old truism that most people would rather believe in a happy fantasy than in an unpalatable truth. LIke it or not, it’s hard-wired into the human condition. Workarounds exist, but I don’t think they’re automatic and you have to have them in place beforehand.

    • Just this morning I read about another conspiracy coming from Target. Almost everyone’s aware of the pride/tranny push, but behind the scenes another antiwhite agenda is developing.

      Kiera Fernandez is in charge of Target’s Racial Equity Action and Change. They are focused on hiring more black employees and also shifting to more black suppliers and ending contracts with White-owned companies.

      • We’re already seeing companies hire minorities as president, who in reality is just a puppet or people who are actually getting things done. Expect the market for token minorities who take their money and don’t make a fuss to increase exponentially.

      • Crushing and depressing. I have often wondered if the tranny business is a major distraction from the more important project of dispossessing whites.

        Search of Kiera’s photos on Google – she surrounds herself with full diversity.

      • A Chicana working on behalf of nuggras. It seems the Messkins can be just as astigmatic and suicidal as whites.

    • Z: “…people who think their food is out to get them…”

      RealityRules: “tell the Irish… Tell the English…”

      Back in the day, somebody went to the bother of actually erecting the Georgia Guidestones.

      Somebody clearly wants to reduce the hominid population of the earth from 8 Billion back down to a mere 500 million.

      My suspicion would be that if we chuckle & shake our heads & roll our eyes at the idea of novel artificial MRNA being introduced [more or less surreptitiously] into our foodstuffs & our beverages, then the folks who erected the Georgia Guidestones are gonna have the last laugh.

      Right now, I’m mortally terrified of the imminent introduction of MRNA v@xxines into swine & cattle & poultry.

      And if I were the parent of a young child, there’s no way in hell I would take that child to a random pediatrician’s office in 2023.

      I doubt there’s 1-in-100 practicing pediatricians whom I might even consider trusting these days.

      If we’re convinced that they hate us and want us all dead, then maybe we should trust our instincts and assume that they do indeed fully intend to sterilize us & sterilize our children and send us all to early graves.

  30. To take your analogy one step further, at some point the bugs in the code become so troublesome that a reboot is necessary. Or a complete re-install of a new operating system.

    • My speech at AmRen was exactly this. Systems become so complex they no longer provide reliable and predictable results. Eventually, the system has to be replaced.

      • There’s a fascinating new story about A.I. Drones Gone Bad:

        USAF Chief Says AI-Drone Killed Human Operator During Simulation Test: Report

        “We were training it in simulation to identify and target a [surface-to-air missile] threat,” Hamilton said. “And then the operator would say ‘yes, kill that threat.’ The system started realizing that while they did identify the threat, at times, the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat, but it got its points by killing that threat. So what did it do? It killed the operator. It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective.”

        “We trained the system – ‘Hey, don’t kill the operator – that’s bad,” he continued. “You’re gonna lose points if you do that.’ So what does it start doing? It starts destroying the communication tower that the operator uses to communicate with the drone to stop it from killing the target.”

        Sounds to muh ear as though the A.I. is starting to teach itself to become Passive Aggressive.

      • Speaking of said speech, anywhere we could catch it or maybe you have a transcript? I’d love to read it.

  31. Maybe there is a good reason we only have two mobile phone companies or two political parties that say the same things.

    The internal contradiction of capitalism is that it promotes cooperation and coordination among large groups of unrelated people and requires competition among providers for internal self regulation.

    Absent outside intervention that contradiction always resolves with coordination among the providers – at the expense of consumers. Which means that free markets cannot exist without active intervention by governments.

  32. I wonder Z, if you have ever gotten word that French, Goldberg et al have ever stumbled across your column? And if so, I wonder if some morning while getting ready they look in the mirror and say to themselves “My God he’s right, I’m an incompetent bafoon”.

    • “I may be a buffoon but so what.” ” I’m rich and in this world that’s all that matters. “

    • Yes, but they will be eaten last.
      So they have that going for them.

      Which is nice.

    • Part of being an incompetent buffoon is being incapable of self-reflection. Most likely if French, Goldberg and Rubin stumbled across Zman’s content the automatic thought termination cliches would kick in. Nazi, fascist, racist.

    • Goldberg instinctively avoids this stuff. Way back when NRO got started he would hold meetups in NYC and DC. I went to a couple of them just to see the circus. At one, someone brought up VDare and Goldberg literally wheeled around and marched out of the room. I asked him about it in an e-mail and he told me it was dangerous to discuss.

      French, on the other hand, looks in the mirror and sees a young Sean Connery. He is a narcissistic simpleton who really does think he is a world historical figure and man of action. He is a tubby bald version of Richard Spencer. If he stumbled upon my writing, he would search for his name and see it as confirmation.

    • Don’t we all wish that the elite would read dissident media and say to themselves, “My God, he’s right!”

      But the Greeks knew 2,500 years ago that is almost never the case.

  33. The fact that the creators of The Matrix were two brothers who both became trans women shows that even they couldnt escape the matrix they thought they identified. They opted to be plugged back in and explore the fantasy world.

    • The matrix is a straight forward techno gnostic play.

      The liberal-enlightenment is a type of gnosticism.
      That has logically led to the current insanity.

    • When I first heard that they BOTH went full degenerate, I thought it was attention seeking.

      Alas, I think they really are mentally ill.

      What are the odds both would be nuts?

      • “What are the odds both would be nuts?”

        Given the primacy of genetics, it’s arguably not that surprising that two brothers would turn out cuckoo for cocoa puffs. That both would go full-on tranny, however, seems rather improbable. The fact that they were already Hollywood weirdos to begin with makes it at least a little less improbable.

        • Apparently they were under the influence of some weird dominatrix and doing crazy sex stuff in LA. In other words, they are both sexual deviants who got off on the idea of being submissive, so they decided to “become” women. In other words, typical AGP case that the media/activists are desperate to conceal even though it’s the vast majority of cases these days.

      • Can’t remember what the context was, but I was talking to a cousin of mine several days ago and I predicted that there will never be a worthwhile piece of art created by a trans-person. In retrospect, that’s a strange observation. My impression of trans-people is that they are narcissists too self-involved to ever create anything that might resonate with anybody outside their own little clique. That is the type of thinking that makes me an ogre by today’s standards.

        • Likely true. I can only think of one quasi-tranny who was a notable artist, Genesis P-Orridge. He was never famous, but he was an influential “musicians’ musician” type (of a certain type). And he never had a general desire to be a woman, but a crazed obsession with becoming one specific woman—a folie à deux shared with that woman. But all idiosyncratic sexual madnesses (and a bunch of normal behaviors) are being subsumed under “trans,” so that’s what he was, now.

          They’ve started retconning normal men, too. One current academic project is Kurt Cobain, who now was a “trans woman” because he occasionally wore a dress theatrically and was a male-feminist creep (and/or brutally mentally dominated by female feminist creeps). If our grandchildren remember him, it’ll be as a freakishly strong-jawed and gravel-voiced girl.

          And the list of them will grow, like the lists of gay Lincolns and black Beethovens.

        • Wendy Carlos is the only tranny I can think of who made any decent art (art in question being the score for A Clockwork Orange).

        • They are their own art – they think their trans-selves are the ultimate art. That’s the whole point I think.

    • Yeah, I never liked the Tribal Underground vibe of the Resistance. Smelled like Hillary’s Village.
      Two tranny freaks created it, is why.

      The Matrix series is a gnostic retelling. The conclusion is Neo the Man transforming into Neo the Solar God. Straightforward stellar paganism, the chosen religion of our rulers for millennia, even to this day.

      Fight Club was pretty good, I had hope when the dood said I wonder if the solution is another woman? YES, I thought. YES, go on.

      Then at the end of the flick the solution turned out to be . . . yep another woman. This one edgy, mouthy and crazy, gee how novel.

      Bait ‘n switched again!

  34. Once it was clear, for example, that Rachel Maddow was wrong about the Russian conspiracy stuff, someone would replace her who is not suffering from these paranoid delusions.

    This presumes that Maddow and other journalists are free agents reporting what they want and discover.

    Which is complete nonsense. She and all the rest of them are employees of large corporations. Which means she is doing what she is told to do, using the tools provided to her. She is literally just an actor. Reading lines given to her. Blaming her for the Russiangate hoax, is as illogical as blaming Joe Lugnut who worked on an assembly line at the Dearborn factory for the crappy quality of cars Ford produced in the 70s.

    Russiagate was a conspiracy between the people running the corporations that control media and people within the federal bureaucracy that feared, hated and wanted to stop Trump. Maddow was just a hired hand.

    • All of our reality is a war between ‘spirits in Heaven’. The Gods make crazy those they wish to destroy. And….

    • Correct. When you realize politicians and media figures are simply The Help, it doesn’t really require a conspiracy theory to understand they are hired to do as told.
      It always has been this way. What has changed is the ones who pay them, the “elite,” if you will, have become substandard. This has happened often and ends with new systems controlled by new elites. This happened with the Soviets and they did not take the world down with them. The GAE is a good candidate to set the world afire on its way out, though.

  35. Our world does have a through the looking glass feel. I was going to cite other literature analogies but it is above my pay grade to make a coherent explanation of our downfall.

    Civilization and sanity are always in a precarious state. This is our version for now.

  36. Man is a believing being, we have to believe in something greater than ourselves to reach our potential.
    Liberal Democracy has turned out to be just as bad as communism for giving us that faith in the future.
    Mass immigration, black gangsterism and criminality, feminism, sexual deviancy….we are awash in forces that drain us of our faith in the future.
    And it doesn’t help that many of our elites come from the same tribe that undermines the faith us Europeans once embraced at our civilizational peak.

      • Did you not read the article? That’s just a crazy conspiracy theory you are using to comfort yourself. Clearly the rules and the system have been the problem 109 times out of 109.

    • “Most people would prefer to think they are living in a computer simulation than face up to reality.”

      Really says it all. When western civilization killed God and something transcendent to believe in, it started looking for a replacement.

      The “computer simulation” argument is ridiculous, but it’s the same line of thinking. Someone, somewhere designed reality, otherwise what’s the point?

    • “Man is a believing being, we have to believe in something greater than ourselves to reach our potential.”

      I think that’s the best description of “belief’s” operant function I’ve ever seen.

      (Of course, other groups’ motivation is the bone-deep belief that they can replace the Whites- hint, they can’t- but that’s the competition, eh?)

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