Managerial Madness

One of the lingering questions about the Covid panic is why did the West suddenly go insane over a regularly occurring phenomena? Pandemics hit the West every generation or so with varying lethality. Most are like Covid in that they are bad for the old and the sick, but mostly a bad flu for everyone else. Once it was clear that Covid was not the Spanish flu, much less the Black Death, the response should have been  like those of the past, but instead we got a panic.

In the United States, the panic started when Trump announced the cancellation of travel to and from Europe. That was March of 2020. Europe quickly returned the favor and then the race was on to see who could be the most egregious with regards to abusing their subjects in the name of health and safety. In the United States that meant laughably ridiculous policies like mask mandates, social distancing and the forced closure of restaurants and barbershops.

Panics are what they are because they are irrational, so much of what happened at the beginning is just mass insanity egged on by the media. The nonsense stories about bodies stacked up in morgues kept getting recycled because there was an eager audience of panic-stricken people. Social media was full of people needing to feel like part of the story by spinning personal tales to support the narrative. Many people derived psychic pleasure from feeling like the end was nigh.

After the chubby nurses had finished their TikTok videos, someone had to notice that the hospitals were not overwhelmed. Forgotten now, but people got curious, defied the lockdowns, and went to their local hospitals to see what was happening. Contrary to the reports, the hospitals were not panicked triage centers. They were ghost towns because everything had been cancelled except emergency care. At some point, the staff had to know what was really happening, but they remained silent.

That is the biggest concern about the panic. We were getting good data on the reality of the virus by the autumn of 2020, and it was clear the virus was something like the Asian flu or Hong Kong flu at the worst. The doctors and nurses had to know this by late summer and early fall, but the public health officials insisted otherwise. In fact, we now know they colluded with the tech companies and the media to silence anyone pointing out the facts about Covid. Why did they do this?

The most common response to this question is to shout, “money or power” and then move onto another topic. No doubt some people made money from the panic, and it did give the managers a sense of power. The trouble is we had plenty of state governments go the other way on the issue of lockdowns. Ron DeSantis is going to make a big deal of the fact he did not succumb to the panic. He was not alone, but he had all the same incentives as other states but did not follow the herd.

Maybe the way to think of the money and power answer here is to put it in the context of the managerial society in which we live. The millions of administrators and their managerial bosses finally had their war. The people who populate the array of public and private bureaucracies dedicated to managing some aspect of your life were finally being called upon to defend the world from destruction. The army of public health experts were going to have their turn on the big stage.

The managerial madness that set in and stayed with us long past when it made any sense was not the crude form of money and power that is the most popular answer to every question regarding the behavior of our rulers. People were not taking bribes or gaining new authority in the system. Instead, the vast managerial class and their administrative underlings finally had the sense of control they had always imagined they should have over your life.

It is important to understand that the people who populate the big chairs in the big offices of this age have been bred for this life. They are like dogs selectively breed for certain sorts of work. Anyone who has owned a dachshund, for example, will tell you they have an innate need to dig. If you let them, they will turn the backyard into the surface of the moon trying to find whatever it is they think is there. The wiener dog lives to root around and find what lies beneath.

Like a working dog, the people in the managerial class are bred for their role, so they have that same desire. Instead of digging around the backyard, they desire to manage the life of people that fall under their area of management. In a crisis, that desire explodes in a mania of micromanagement. In other times, it expresses itself as an endless need to expand their roles and thus expand their control. The manager is bred to manage, and she will manage something.

This managerial madness also explains the manufactured crisis. The same people who went berserk over Covid made the predictable mistakes with Ukraine war. If who you are is defined by how you handle the unexpected, after all, you are the one your people come to handle the exceptions, then you will be tuned to seek out the situations that need your particular set of skills. A form of Munchausen syndrome by proxy has infected the managerial class resulting in endless crises.

The reason the system often feels like it is shaking itself apart is that we are plagued with people looking for a crisis to manage. That has resulted in people finding a crisis where none exists. The end point of a society run by managers is a society run by females standing on chairs shrieking at imaginary mice. This also explains why females now outnumber males in the managerial class. You see this most clearly in health care, where the demand for crisis managers is the highest.

It must be said that a fair bit of what went on during Covid was driven by corruption, stupidity, and avarice. The vaccine boondoggle was just a scaled-up version of the Sackler family opioid scam. It was not the genocide the Sackler’s committed against poor people, but there is still time. The negative effects of the Covid vaccines will not fully be known for a long time. A competent system would have stopped both, but stupidity and corruption make avarice the coin of the realm.

Even accounting for the simple answers, we are left with the question as to why the managerial class went mad with Covid. The simple answer here is that perpetual panic is the natural end to managerialism. Once your society is consumed by a ruling class that imagines itself as the indispensable answer to every problem, they eventually are consumed with the need for problems to solve. We are being destroyed by an out of control need to manage the next crisis.

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285 thoughts on “Managerial Madness

  1. Too many women now holding positions of power. Practically every major office in the Biden administration is held by some ignorant twat and/or POC.

  2. >> They were ghost towns because everything had been cancelled except emergency care. At some point, the staff had to know what was really happening, but they remained silent.

    Any Wall Street analyst covering the hospitals or the health insurers had the information to know that covid wasn’t the crisis the media claimed. Probably as early as late July 2020 when second quarter earnings reports started coming out. Hospital admissions were down 15% to 20% — people were staying away from hospitals but there was never a surge of covid patients to offset the decline. At the time, HCA’s CEO reported that they had implemented procedures across their hospitals to handle localized spikes in cases.

    Health insurers were abnormally profitable in 2020 because they were taking in premiums while the number of claims had dropped precipitously. (Insurance is highly regulated, of course, and they had to give most of it back in the following year through rebates, expanded coverage, co-pay waivers, etc.)

    The information was out there, but it was ignored.

  3. Okay, this is a little late, but I hope it will be read by a few people, nonetheless. First of all, I just want to say that it will not be possible to do justice to this horrible episode in human history in a blog post or comments section. The Covid catastrophe needs entire books written about it, many books; and the punishment of the lockdowners, and the care of the lockdown-injured (especially the children) must comprise a major portion of the moral justification for an American regime change. This was the last straw.

    Secondly, I will stipulate to much that has been said about the managerial class and the Boomers. Z is more or less accurate in his depiction of managers as zealous, petty tyrants. The caveat is that such people, like the poor, are always with us, so it remains to be explained why they broke into political ascendency just now, with the politics of Covid. The Boomers are a generation raised by Hollywood to be World War II LARPers, so their response was also very predictable. The problem here is the absence of any countervailing force to put them in their place. Why was there no one to tell the old fogeys to sit down and shut up?

    I answer these questions by insisting that the politics of the Covid era was essentially a monetary phenomenon. I am not talking about simple greed. I am talking about a much deeper ambiguity that lies at the heart of modern notions of money itself.

    If you want to find the true, paradigmatic origin of Covid politics, you must look back to the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 and the bizarre phenomenon of negative interest rates. A negative rate of interest is a violation of the ordinary laws of economic physics. It’s a piece of financial antimatter that cannot exist in normal space and time. When sovereign governments and central banks colluded to drive the interest rate below zero, they effectively declared the zombification of the economy to be their official policy. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this. It was the first modern example of the oxymoronic idea of “sacrificing the system to save the system” which was to become the Platonic form underlying all the Covid madness. And it was not merely an example, but also a wellspring. Since money, and the price of money represented by the market rate of interest, is the end-all and be-all of the material side of life, an irrational rate of interest forces every business, every individual, and every transaction to begin to behave in irrational ways. Society and its institutions become literally demonic perversions of their normal selves. This was the birth of Covidianism.

    The idea of printing money to save a financial system already drowning in bad debt is the very height of idiocy, yet this was the policy adopted because it became necessary to “save the system,” because too many people were already beholden to it. Once that step was taken, we no longer answered to reality but only to the system and its internal logic. Anyone trying to admit reality to the thought process became a threat to the system and was summarily punished. When moral hazard was eliminated, certain people, namely banks and Wall Street, figured that they could do no wrong and acted accordingly. They engendered a massive K-wave of phony prosperity that everyone came to depend on, so society as a whole began to reflect this false ethos.

    This fact became obvious in the early days of the lockdown when the call went out to empty the hospitals in order to “protect the healthcare system.” It should have been insisted upon at that time that the purpose of the healthcare system is to protect us, it is not our purpose to protect the healthcare system. This is kind of like saying that we cannot deploy the army when the enemy is invading, because they might get shot (haven’t you heard there’s a war on?). This transvaluation of values represents an inversion of means and ends in precisely the same manner as the Great Financial Crisis: Sacrificing ourselves to save a system which has repudiated its duty to us and no longer serves us anyway.

    From a distant perspective, Covid Politics was the reaction of an overly complex and failing regime trying to save itself, as it had formerly saved its solvency with negative interest rates. In both instances, it signifies only that the regime could not be saved by legitimate means and therefore should have been allowed to die. In order to kill the zombie regime, it is necessary to stop subsidizing failure. But everyone who is in debt is beholden to the zombie’s scrip, and thus becomes a failure subsidizer, wittingly or not. This is why the regime lasts. The dollar is literally nothing more than a corpuscle that transfers lifeblood from the productive to the parasitical.

    The best strategy for defeating the regime is to get out of debt and get your money out of the financial system. For independent men, Covid politics would have held no sway. It had power only because we are chained by debt to the system that is killing us.

    • Interesting Prop-O,
      But “no meat on that-there bone:”
      Griller Ain’t Buying!

  4. “The simple answer here is that perpetual panic is the natural end to FEMALE managerialism”

    Fixed it.

    As women play a greater role in society, female behavior plays a greater role to play in the societal response to any situation.

    Most women:

    + love drama

    + thrive on hysteria

    + want to control others especially men

    + are aware of the newest trends and let the trends guide them

    + hate criticism and take it very, very personally

    + value safety over freedom

    All of the above explain nearly everything we Dissident Right men hate about the modern world. Without addressing the role women, especially single uni educated ones, play, nothing will fix our problems.

    Look at the places that are ground zero for wokeness and you will see that they are very gynocentric: HR, media, the Western Left (such as the Greens and Democrats) and schools.

    Managerial men have learned that you cater to, not defy, Big Vagina. The ruling class is using Big Vagina to implement its plans.

    Social media has put all this female madness on steroids. SM is a perfect fit for the female mindset and men are rapidly adopting female behavior. All the men I have met with Trump Derangement Syndrome acted, once the topic got to Orange Man, like 14 year old girls.

    Look at the countries that seem sane on most issues and you will see a lot of patriarchal attitude and no girl or homosexual male bosses.

    All of that is why low IQ Africa is starting to seem a lot saner than high IQ white countries.

    • Clip that description of female behavior, print it, and give to any boy when he turns 15.

      • Women are crazier than when I was young boy but boys today at least have more access to red pills on women
        I pity men who were raised by single women because they are usually heavily indoctrinated to serve Big Vagina.

    • Excellent post.

      You also can’t forget how women voted. If I had a nickel every time I heard one say:

      “I voted for him because he’s handsome”.
      “I voted for him because he’s dreamy”

      Everything except the real truth – “I voted for him because I’m a fucking retard”.

      • And a lot of the appeal that RFK Jr now has with women is just for the reasons you cite. As much as I give him credit his willingness to champion unpopular opinions like anti-vaxx and anti-big finance, a lot of the reason that women support him is that the thought of voting for a Kennedy makes their panties wet.

        There was an article a few months back about how his rallies are MILF-fests.

        Women should not be allowed to vote.

      • Two big red pills for me were:

        1. Seeing the meme that if only men had voted Trump would have won nearly every state. If only women voted, Hillary would have likewise won nearly every state

        2. Seeing a poll on building the wall. The group most against it was single white women. Nearly 90 percent opposed the wall.

        All that statistics since then on Covid, censorship, the anal revolution etc reflect women as the main problem

      • Remember those female reporters on the airplane who were slobbering over Barack Obama (ick), yelling at anyone who obstructed their view? And don’t forget the puddles they left in their wake when Bubba Clinton was on the scene.

        • Many Hollywood panties were moistened when Tony ‘the Twit’ Fauci was riding high. Yup they gushed about him! lol And that dood couldn’t attract a female fly.

          Astonishing, but illustrates certain unpopular facts about female attraction to power. They either want to be endlessly empowered directly, or siphon-off the power of weak men.

          Either way, the point is to dominate men and rule over them whenever possible. It’s a Gretchen Whitmer nation now.

    • Isn’t there a bible verse that goes something like “Women rule them and children are their oppressors”?
      The women part is self-evident, but I’d suggest the “child oppressors” part would be the fact that black street criminals are getting younger and younger. Some of these murderers and robbers are now what us Boomers used to call “Teeny-Boppers!”

    • ‘“The simple answer here is that perpetual panic is the natural end to FEMALE managerialism”

      Fixed it.’

      Great comment. You’re right, none of this political and racial talk means anything unless and until the Woman Issue is confronted and resolved.

      The reason Anglo men are too frightened to defy Big Vagina is that the consequences of any such defiance come quickly and furiously, via their pact with the State, which they control, LE and the courts included.

      Women make you pay if you revolt against the gynarchy by failing to obey. Men in America have learned this lesson and choose to self-subjugate and Keep On Grillin as they say hereabouts. Christians and ‘conservatives’ are among the worst cucks.

      Western women are destroying their own nations, and if that remains unaddressed — or worse, continues to be funded, lauded, and jet-fueled with empowerments — then the nations will fail and fall.

      I will look for your comments in the future.

      • Thanks.

        The best example I have seen recently of the consequences of disobeying Big Vagina was a married Google marketing manager who was fired for complaining about his female Asian boss constantly hitting on him.

        While that was a great example of the sisterhood punishing a disobedient male, the rationale they used for firing him is very illustrative of the female mindset and why they destroy organizations.

        Google claimed the evil male was “biased towards high performance employees.” Let that sink in.

        Women hate to be held to a standard. That is why they tout body positivity and love HR bureaucracy. Checking off a list is much easier than producing anything challenging.

  5. Z, I like you but please get your shit straight for the rest of us. Desantis wore his bitch mask for 3 years and let his Sheriffs arrest beach goers. The asshole lockdowned his state and promoted the vaccine the whole time. He let his local officials do the dirty work, even if he did some symbolic stuff (banning mask mandates only AFTER no one was wearing them anymore).

    • Yeah, this notion that Desantis was some great warrior on Covid bears little resemblance to reality. Don’t forget that he was going to punish the cruise lines for mandating the jab, and then he did f__k all.

      He was better than most governors but that was a low bar to clear. Very low.

  6. The entire Sniffles Saga cannot be fully reflected on and understood without also reflecting on the Summer of Love. When that broke out, it went on for months, as exactly the thing that with a real pandemic would exacerbate the amount of sickness and death by an order of magnitude (at least). The Summer of Love allowed to go on as it was within, for instance, a major bubonic plague outbreak would have resulted in enormous stacks of dead bodies out in the open, a large percentage of the population dying all within a month or two.

    Of course, no such thing happened. All we got was mechanical regurgitations of “they’re mostly peaceful protestors” of that piercingly soulless and sociopathic quality that globohomo managerialism so excels at. It’s what makes the Globohomo Empire so qualitatively special. Where I live, I remember having to retrieve mail right within an active Summer of Love zone. I would not go all the way in if things appeared riotous — eff the mail. Even when I did go in and get mail, each time while not rioting or anything of the sort, there were large hordes of vibrancy and bright yellow-green hair and the like, very large in numbers, with none of them wearing sniffles hijab.

    Even retrieving mail as infrequently as possible, this went on long enough I witnessed this, quite a few times, each and every time, also each time with at least a few shop owners sweeping glass, removing paint, etc. from the prior evening’s celebrations and festivities. While never stated expressly, the lamestream media implied that, somehow, “peaceful protesting” does not spread the sniffles no matter how large the crowd and how minimal the “social distancing” or usage of sniffles hijab. Also implied is that reverence toward the newly sainted Saint Floyd confers immunity from the sniffles.

    Not only did this confirm for me 100%, beyond any possible doubt, that the sniffles “pandemic” was complete and utter bullshit, it also confirms the managerialists and all of them, from the ground-level karens all the way up to the very highest levels of the Globohomo Empire all themselves knew it’s bullshit, with 100% certainty. This is important because it confirms the Great Sniffles Panic was at least in part a premeditated and stage-performed hoax perpetrated from the very top, even if large numbers did in fact develop mass formation psychosis and so played along unwittingly.

    Then the following winter they had the gall to aggressively push the clot shot. I mean, after they had already established that devotion to Saint George Floyd as well as support of BLM and antifa (functions as boosters) conferred total immunity to the sniffles, wasn’t there no longer any need for the clot shot?

    • The pandemic response was aimed directly at white people*. I knew the whole thing was a hoax after the hydroxychloroquine demonizaton campaign, but once the mantra “racism is a virus” was issued, everyone should have gotten up to speed.

      *The clot shots, not so much, surprisingly. Yes, due to their numbers whites were badgered the most, but only due to the numbers. They were literally passing out 40’s and Kools to lure Shaneeka and Shitavious to the vaccination station and running clot shot PSA’s in Spanish on loop.

    • On the streets of NYC, masks were NOT encountered until Memorial Day Weekend, when they suddenly started to pop up.
      (Interesting timing?)
      I am one of those who had been out scouting the hospitals, and the Funeral Parlors, and the morgues.
      On that Saturday, at Grant’s Tomb, I upbraided a Karen for her silly, fear mongering, antisocial fashion statement (mask).
      Her response was to pull her face diaper down to her chin and scream “At Least I Care!” into my face – point blank!
      By the following day, the Yentas were getting bold ON THE BEACH at Coney Island.
      “What about The Brown People, Ka” I responded while pointing to a hassle of mask-less, smiling vibrants, “Karen, you’re being pretty selective, here: do THE BROWN PEOPLE have to wear that silly, thing too? YES or NO, Ka! ”

      Prior to Memorial Day, 2020, ’twas mostly a comedy of errors, a “uncoordinated gal-driven chimpster,” if you will. “Round then, however, orders started coming down from Douche-Central. The rest is history.

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  8. When something crazy goes viral, i always look for overlapping subcultures. Its impossible to explain covid mania without mentioning trump derangement syndrome. We also had boomers of all backgrounds scared for their lives that your nose wasnt properly covered by the top of the mask, and black activists claiming racist doctors would let them die if they got sick. So thats all it really takes, 50 million trump haters looking to blame something on him, old people who run the government scared for their lives, and obese, paranoid blacks wearing their masks until late 2022.

    You guys might be different, but all my dads buddies in their 70s are obese, double vaxxed trump supporters. Theyll be honest about race and women but they still trust democracy and government.

    • ” and obese, paranoid blacks wearing their masks until late 2022″

      They are wearing them now.

      • Yep, still see them out and about. ‘Course they might be handy as constant apparel if the urge suddenly strikes to hit a lick, or something…

    • “Munchausen syndrome by proxy ” is a good description of the insane managerial class, and sticking that label on them would seem like a good tactic.

      Their insanity results in them ruining society’s health, which makes them ever so important and noble – until civilization collapses.

      Most people want to feel like they are ‘helping’ , but only those of us who actually have jobs that provide goods or services that people would willingly pay for , are actually helping.

      Much lunacy results from useless people feeding their egos junk food

      • There do seem to be large numbers of people who are experts at how all of society should live and function…….. and nothing else

  9. I know z is opposed to “magic jew theory” but there is a video that used to be on poast of sven going on a rant about how this was a “Jewish science experiment” and because they fucked up, they had to lock down and wreck everyone’s life because they were selfish and afraid of you getting them sick.

    Considering that the Wuhan lab was disproportionately run by (((westerners))) and considering they were researching diseases like mers, I feel it’s a plausible theory. I find a lot of the epoch times types talking about “the CCP virus” as a telltale limited hangout.

    Once it got to around March 12th or so, something didn’t pass the sniff test.

  10. The root of all of this is the fallacy that managerialism solved the Great Depression. If you ask most people, they’ll tell you about how FDR fixed everything by hiring people for make-work projects, social security, etc. The reality is that all through the 30s the government’s “Our Democracy” fetish was the idea of a command economy since everyone assumed that the fascists and communists were way ahead of us (according to all the phony information produced to appease Stalin). So they paid farmers to burn their crops while people went hungry, fixed prices to ensure that no one could sell anything in a deflating economy, and so on and son on. And the Great Depression kept going until WW2 generated the mother of all broken window economies and kicked the economy back into gear at the cost of leveling Europe and Japan.

    The managerialists went back and took credit for all of this as being the product of FDR’s policies, and forever after the government’s response to any problem is always more government meddling. Our society is genuinely trapped in the year 1945, even beyond all the six million cookie stuff.

    • Even going so far as to award Bernanke the Nobel for printing money to prevent the next depression. I have the notion that one could age even worse than Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer.

  11. dissident canadian grillers have launched a major “offensive” under the leadership of commandant “Filthie”, filling the skies with greasy smoke.

  12. Yeah. Politics gotta have a war. Government gotta have a war. Bureaucrats gotta have a war. Moralists gotta have a war.

    Because otherwise, who needs ’em?

  13. I can’t find it again because internet searches don’t work anymore, but just yesterday in passing I saw a big-media headline that said, approximately, “Majority of Americans Falsely Believe There Were ‘Covid Lockdowns.'” So that’ll be the story now—as accurately predicted years ago by conspiracy fans.

    The Democrats who call themselves communists have been all in on “true lockdowns were never tried” ever since the release of that batch of Florida beach pics that falsely made them look crowded. (The internet also won’t tell me what the opposite of foreshortening is.) The “real left” gets its orders first, and they gradually filter down to your wife.

  14. “Instead, the vast managerial class and their administrative underlings finally had the sense of control they had always imagined they should have over your life.”

    And as part of that urge to establish and maintain control, the many restrictions associated with the manufactured Covid “crisis” were intended to *train people to obey*.

    And in the process, to reveal those who were unwilling to do so; to set up a sharp distinction between the compliers and the refusers; and to encourage animosity towards those not taking the “threat” seriously:

    “What, you don’t care enough about your fellow Americans to wear a mask? You don’t care if your neighbor dies?”

    ‘Public health emergency’ replaced ‘national security crisis’ as the words which were meant to scare people into instant obedience.

    Anyone refusing to comply was likely to be someone worth watching: no doubt dangerously independent in many other facets of their lifestyle.

    • Couldn’t have put it
      Better, Real Bill: Bravo, sir,
      For your thoughtful take.

  15. I keep hearing about all these crises. I had to laugh yesterday when some woman mentioned the homeless “crisis”. There is no homeless “crisis”. There is no mental-health “crisis.” There is no drug “epidemic.” There is no carbon “crisis,” what a ridiculous notion. There is no “crisis” of trust in government. There is no reproducibility “crisis.” There is no white supremacy terrorist “threat.” There is no “epidemic” of hate. There is no “crisis” in religion. There was never a threat from those refusing the vax. Am I missing one? I’m sure I am.

    There is only one boss crisis and it is the MORALITY crisis. Everything else springs from that. It occurs to me that I only achieved moral clarity in my life 10 years ago with the Supreme Ct. Obergefell decision. Internally, I rebelled and it has led to where I am today. I hesitate to say that everything leads back to the 19th amendment to the U.S. constitution, but there it is.

    • By the way, I left out a crucial concept. Morality is judging. You hear “don’t be judgmental,” but judging is an inescapable part of being moral. Society cannot exist without morality. Our refusal to judge has led to where we are today.

      • Ah, but those who scold us for being judgmental are the most judgmental of all.

        • Yes and they feel entirely justified in scolding you because ‘You started it!’
          Just like children.

        • Ironically enough (or not ironically at all) the original meaning of “bigot” was essentially “one who believes himself to be more virtuous than his neighbours.”

      • “ Our refusal to judge has led to where we are today.”

        You have Jesus to thank for that.

        “Judge not lest ye be judged yourself”

        The left took that line, ran with it, and here we are.

        When Jesus is also threatening you with eternal torture, its hard for people to resist being manipulated by lines like that.

        It is the single dumbest, most retarded line in the New Testament and alone is proof that Jesus was no god.

        • Without getting into religious disputations, I just pointed out in a comment over at Founding Questions that the hypocrisy/pharisaism attack vector is the Progs’ favourite way of undermining Normie McGrillson’s vestigial grasp of capital M Morality.

          The fear of being seen to be hypocritical is a chink in Normie’s armour and they go for it every time Because It Works.

        • But is being judged necessarily that awful? Taken out of context, it’s easy for one to get the sense that being judged automatically portends some kind of punishment, a thing to be feared. But a righteous man isn’t afraid, or shouldn’t be afraid, of being judged by a righteous God. Of course anyone would fear being judged by a petty and capricious judge who had power over him.

          • “But is being judged necessarily that awful?“

            The first part “Judge not” is a direct command from someone who has repeatedly talked about sending people to hell and torturing them forever.

            The second part of that line “lest ye be judged yourself” is the consequence of ignoring the command.

            The command and consequence cannot be ignored or rationalized away like you are trying to do.

            No other culture or religion has such a problem with punishing bad actors as Christian cultures.

            Christianity is the root cause of why degenerates cannot be ostracized or eliminated from our society.

          • “No other culture or religion has such a problem with punishing bad actors as Christian cultures.”

            No Christian culture had any problem with punishing bad actors. The problem started when Christianity disappeared from the culture.

            In the Middle Ages, even small crimes where punished with the death penalty. In Francoist Spain (maybe the last important Christian culture), there was no problem in punishing bad actors and ostracizing bad behavior: I was there.

            It’s when liberalism (liberty, equality, etc.) became the official religion of the State when these things happened. In Europe, Christianity is marginal. In USA, most Christians are Christians in Name Only.

            Of course, you can take a sentence out of context and justify anything. You could use this sacred document of liberalism saying about “the pursuit of happiness” to make antidepressants mandatory.

            But it is liberalism who chooses the sentences of Christianity to be promoted and the ones to be forgotten. When Christianity is taken as a whole, these things don’t happen.

  16. In looking back, it still dumbfounds me how the bulk of the populations around the world fell for the scamdemic and all its facets hook, line and sinker. I remember having some concern when I saw what was happening in and around Wuhan in January of ’20. But when the hysteria hit in Feb/Mar, I was like, WTH? After watching and listening to the media/feds lie about Trump 24/7 for the previous 5 years and now I’m supposed to believe them on this? GTFO. I had no special insights, wasn’t crunching numbers or anything else – it was really just common sense as much as anything – particularly as the year wore on. People weren’t dropping dead in their tracks or careening off the roads. Then when the magic elixir was getting rolled out, I was like, wait a minute, here is brand new technology for which there is absolutely no long term safety data. Why would anyone take a chance on that – especially for what was essentially the flu? Oh, because the news and fauci swear it’s “safe and effective”? Again, GTFO.

    I recall taking my wife to get her first shot, for which I could not talk her out of. It was a big production down at the hospital close to us – winding lanes all around the facility. Probably a half hour to complete – everyone was so happy and excited to be getting and administering this unknown cocktail of crap. The crone that gave the wife her jab looked at me expectantly and asked if I was here for mine as well – uh, no… Despite it looking like there will never be any retribution visited on ALL of those who put us through that nightmare, I still hold out hope.

    • You are an intuitive man, which means you have a reasonably keen bullshit detector. Be grateful and proud because it’s a dam’ rare thing these days.

  17. The Zman has left the disciplinary aspect of the plandemic unaddressed. Across all industries and sectors, deviation from The Narrative was punished swiftly and harshly. Loss of position, end of career, public disgrace. And it remains so to this day. There is something more sinister evident here than mere idiot groupthink. Who ordered all western nations to take the unprecedented, and mostly unconsidered step, to lock down simultaneously, remains just as unanswered a question as who ordered six states to stop counting simultaneously.

    Last night, I happened to be watching an old (and bad) movie set in Africa. When it came to the part where the tribal Africans were dancing ceremonially in the clearing between their thatched huts, I immediately thought of the Tik Tok nurses. Only difference was scrubs vs. loincloths. How come all these nurses know how to dance like tribal Africans but I bet nary a one of them knows how to waltz?

    Today, in just a few minutes, I will be going to see a doctor for the first time since before the plandemic. So I don’t really know what to expect. He’s a 50something white guy with good schools on his resume (or at least they were back when he went through) so I’m hopeful it won’t be a disaster and I feel like I have to walk out.

    Most but not all of my extended family took the jab. And the boosters. One such cousin got married last year. Expressed eagerness to start cranking out some babies. Now she’s pregnant and due this fall. I pray for her and the baby.

    • I am relieved to report that there were no masks required and few being worn at my new doctor’s office.

      • A while back, my wife tried to see our doctor when she was a bit ill. But when this fact emerged during check in, the squalling virago behind the desk upbraided her for her cheek, literally declaiming that, “We don’t see sick people here!” She instead had to decamp to her car to await a “telehealth” visit with the doctor. Paid for it as if she had been in the presence of the face shield wearing doctor, calling her from no more than 100′ away, of course. All of the diagnostic benefits from being physically present across from a doctor during an office visit were jetisoned – observation of affect, coloration, etc. – and left to the inadequate portrayal on a cell phone screen. Okee dokee.

        This was a real red pill for her. At least I tried to make sure that that impression was gleaned from this maddening episode.

  18. COVID was the convergence of a few things. It’s existence enabled the election fraud that is now law. The near creation of the lock down industrial complex. If it had went on another year then we would never have been rid of it, and finally the endless money pit of the vaccine boondoggle.

  19. Here in the wokest part of Liz Warren country, attendance at many events still requires the latest booster and the wearing of K95 masks. People still get covid or what’s called covid, and word is that you can have asymptomatic covid, undetectable by the compulsory antigen tests taken before and after the events, and so be an unknowing spreader.

    Any contrary assertion about covid being over is dismissed as misinformation. We’re like the Japanese soldiers marooned on Pacific islands after WW II who, when discovered, refused to believe the war had ended.

    This need for endless virtue signaling (the trans thing now rules the roost here) betokens a guilty conscience. We privileged, non-racist whites want less privileged, racist whites (the two being one and the same) to reparate the non-whites who’ve convicted us of whiteness. We’re into self-flagellation, and covid is our whipping switch.

    • You in Central Mass.?
      Amherst/Northtampon – ’round there?
      Dismal, dismal ‘nabe!

    • …imbroglio:
      Your description begs the question: when the heck are you gonna take your money and move
      out of that state/Commie hellhole?
      I’m sure you’ll have several “valid” excuses.
      But where there is a will, there is always a way.
      Put your money where your mouth is, dude.

  20. You also need to keep in mind that a large number of state governors are boomers (age 65+), who saw the virus only from their perspective. Also, boomers argued that if anyone young came close to them, they were in mortal danger. Therefore, in boomer style, they punished the entire society to make sure they were safe.

    • Well, that is very glib, and pat, but painting with such a broad brush is incorrect.

      There are a lot of us old coots about who didn’t buy it, nor did we push it off onto others. We, from our long life experience, being well aware of the self-serving crap regularly ladled onto our plates by TPTB, as soon as we saw the “Hurry, hurry, get the jab or everybody will either die, or be the cause of someone else’s death!” shuck and jive being foisted upon us, dug in our heels and said, “Nope, this is horseshit”.

      Yes, the marketing was tailored to older people, not only to get them to take the jab out of fear for themselves, but also to have pressure brought to bear upon those younger than them to do likewise to avoid infecting the oldsters, and it was successful. Sadly, among the older folks, all too many have always been sheep, easily herded, and posing few – even the obvious – questions, so there is something to your broad brush assertion, but the majority of people are always passive, and easily duped by insidious propagandists. But don’t be laying this shit off on a generational cohort other than yours, please, when it is crystal clear that the intent of TPTB was always and ever to attain this result, and who were not shy about applying baleful pressures, and extralegal powers that they arrogated to themselves to enforce their will across all age groups. Did you forget about the very real threats against jobs and whole careers that were deployed against the masses regardless of age upon those recalcitrants, those “vaccine hesitants”, who weren’t falling into line? Or the TPTB’s politically-determined exceptions to the mandates that proved their true motivations as being a grab for autocracy? So it would appear.

      Much of the actual resistance to the jab and the lockdowns had its origin among the Boomers and the GenXers, you know, people who had genuine remembrances of the “Before Times” of the US/Canada/the Wider West, and who had memories of the lies of .gov upon which to draw.

      In the days of my long past youth there was a prevalent saying among the callow youth, “Never trust anyone over 30”. Now, I am willing to turn that one around (not entirely fairly, of course…) to a new formulation, “Never trust anyone under 30”, judging by how willingly that (comprehensively indoctrinated) younger cohort slurps up .gov’s bull shit like a milk shake, herded along toward avid acceptance of an all-powerful, autocratic “mommy” state.

      So what do you say, sport, care to rethink your views a bit?

      • JerseyJeffersonian: There is plenty of blame to go around, without anyone attacking or defending ‘his’ generation. I’m a boomer who generally dislikes boomers, and I have always bucked ‘authority.’ Most of the people I still saw wearing masks in Texas were old (boomers and silents). However, the few times I was chastised for not wearing a mask at the height of the panic (I’d half put it on at the store entrance and then drop it down to my chin) was by younger White shelf stockers.

        Lots of old people did think only of themselves and their purported health and mortality. Lots of younger people virtue signaled shamelessly. Lots of emotionally weak women were deliberately albeit foolishly scared to death. Lots and lots of people to blame. All I know is that I never had a shot or wore gloves or ridiculous protective gear or used a sanitized grocery cart if I could help it. I just went about business as usual, which included washing my hands as soon as I got home. Never even had a sniffle yet the doctor claims my blood has antibodies so I must have had covid. Rubbish.

      • Incredibly weak argument. SOME boomers were antivax? Who cares. Most were pro vax and 90% of politicians, the people who pushed this on us, are boomers or silent gen. How convenient you never trusted anyone over thirty when you were young and now youre turning it around to say the opposite to benefit your opinion once again. Thats called female reasoning. Just admit your generation has been running politics the last thirty years, during the greatest increase in debt, immigration, and corruption in american history. No one is saying you as anon commenter are to blame as an individual, but old people locked us down, causing the second recession in ten years, so they could live their elderly lives in front of sportscenter just a bit longer. No one cared about the kids or the younger people.

        • I wrote a long, and I think thoughtful, response to your expressed concerns, but something went wrong, and it went up the flue.

          Read my comment without the misplaced rancor, and find that I never said I bought into the “Don’t trust anyone over 30” in the first place, nor did I, other than tongue in cheek, attribute reality to the revised formula. Female logic? Not hardly.

          Some of the matters which you lay off onto boomers were settled law even before many of us got the franchise for federal elections in 1971.

          I don’t contest that greed, and short-sightedness of many of my contemporaries drove the further implications of such changes in law and governance, but…

          Eh, what’s the point? It’s the boomer hate society around here to an astonishing degree due to a pervasive lack of historical knowledge, an appreciation of the inertia generated through policies and events going back more than a century, and the power of the Deep State to push us all around. The absolute numbers of those truly aware of these forces is small among any age cohort, but instead of building upon whatever insights some of us who have gone before and lived through those times might share, we who participate here get lambasted for the conduct of the inevitable mass of drifting jellyfish with whom we share contemporanity. Seems as if you have yourselves absorbed the idea that nobody of a certain number of years before YOU can be trusted. Welcome, children of the Sixties!

          We who have things to share, things that provide the parallax view conducing toward comprehension of where we are, and how we got here, well, we might as well GTFO despite whatever benefit that might accrue.
          We are not sages, and stake no claims in that regard. People of good will should hope to learn from each other. Should.

      • What A Reader said is true. Why yes, many if not most governors are over 65.

        Also many, if not most are career politicians and/or democrats, RINOs, fools, buffoons, unconvicted criminals and/or crazies.

        My broad brush; I’d say never trust anyone under 150 (OK, OK, including me, I’ve almost 70 years to go before I hit the you can trust me implicitly mark.) until and unless said trust is earned and never ever under any circumstances trust any government elected or appointed official (I might made exceptions for certain dog catchers but for no one higher up the government ladder.)!

        Can ya buy that Jersey? 😉

      • Whenever someone starts a generational flame-fest I tend find that most of the derogatory stereotypes are pretty much true. After all there just doesn’t seem to be anything on which anyone, since WWII anyway, is willing to base a consistent morality. Each generation thus comes stumbling along and invents whatever self-serving set of bullshit happens to work for them at the moment regardless of its negative effects on everyone else.

        I will say that the current 20 somethings seem rather uniquely aggressively supportive of whatever the regime is pushing moment by moment. This is perhaps some kind of end-state – the personality (or lack thereof) that results from peeling away all the onion layers of civilization and tradition. The next step in that process is just to off yourself.

    • The only generation from whom I have sensed substantial pushback on the madness is X. All others appear more or less equally complicit

      • We’re old enough to be cynical, and young enough that the reaper is still a few houses down.

  21. dachshunds are actually hunting dogs! they were bred to go down into tunnels and drive out rabbits and so forth.

    • Daschunds are incredible pets. They are extremely loyal, fun-loving and playful. They are incredibly intelligent. I didn’t know until I got one, but their athleticism is incredible.

      If you get one, and you are a busy person, get two as they love play and companionship and will need a buddy and playmate. Make it another daschund preferably or a cool bigger dog.

      My lady was telling me about a friend who had a mini-poo and a daschund. The daschund got hungry and made a meal out of the mini-poo after three years of companionship. Not to disparage the daschund. Quite the contrary. All that is to say, despite looking kind of goofy, it is a beast and one of the greatest pets you could have. I imagined the mini-poo finally getting on the daschund’s last nerve and the old German breed finally just exercising its best option for moving forward in life without something insufferable in his midst.

      • “I imagined the mini-poo finally getting on the daschund’s last nerve and the old German breed finally just exercising its best option for moving forward in life without something insufferable in his midst.”

        There is a lesson in that for us all…

    • Those fierce little dogs were bred to hunt badgers in their lairs. Their very name says as much; in German, Dachs is badger, and Hund is dog, or hound, which is more connatative of a hunting dog.

  22. “ …we are left with the question as to why the managerial class went mad with Covid.”

    Very simple: get rid of Trump. I watched this whole sordid scamdemic unfold looking askance. My eternal question remains: why did I need a “vax” for a malady that has a 98% survival rate?

    BS. All of it.

    • When you consider that many of the Covid deaths were due to ineffective or downright lethal treatment with ventilators or remdesivir, the survival rate from covid was about 99.9%…Congress, its families and staff, was treated with Ivermectin and zinc, and had a 100% survival rate….

      • Right. And the Covid death toll is a minute fraction of the official tally.

    • Get your ADHD meds Boarwild. You had to get vaccinated to protect the already vaccinated. Sheesh. What is so hard to understand about that!?!?

    • Considering the political atmosphere in AINO at the time the plandemic began, I have a hard time believing that anyone, on any side, didn’t understand the political implications (re: Trump) on day 1, or needed to have it explained to them.

  23. never believe that covid wasn’t planned and deliberate. .
    52% of the covid deaths didn’t have to happen. this is from july 2020. very early . it shows 50% of the deaths from covid didn’t have happen. and it shows everyone in the medical establishment knew it.,published%20Thursday%20in%20International%20Journal%20of%20Infectious%20Diseases.

  24. Someone I knew worked for an extremely rich, powerful Jew – one of the richest, most famous and most powerful, we’re talking billions, but he shall remain unnamed here – and his entourage during the pandemic. I was told by the this reliable source that he and his family were absolutely soiling their pants about COVID, and taking every stringent precaution and having their staff do the same. This was before the vaxx rollout, and I’m not sure how they reacted to that (lost touch with source).

    • The Ashk know very well that they carry huge amounts of mutational load –> fair bit of paranoia (who woulda thunk?) about any new disease on the block.

      Add to that the certainty that this Billionaire would have hired ‘experts’ to advise him on this new phenomenon… and knowing what we know about ‘Experts’…


      Of course whether or not he later took the jab is the Six Million Dollar (mea culpa) question.

  25. The managerial hysteria Z describes, combined with innate feminine fearfulness and the nursing instinct, are very real, and they doubtless played a major role in the Covidiocy. But let us also note how the capitalistic component of the western power structure used the hysteria to its advantage.

    The corporations joined lustily in the promulgation of panic and lockdowns precisely because they knew they could survive capital shorfalls far better than small businesses. And the longer the panic continued, the more small businesses would fail, thus handing their market share to the corporations on a silver platter. The rest of the power structure, in turn, applauded the corporate stance on Covid precisely because the corporations were part of the same power structure. The entire system, therefore, benefitted. It grew richer and stronger, while regular folk grew poorer and weaker. Covid was a huge boon to the enemies of western civilization.

  26. The thing shocked me because I felt that socialism might actually be better then what we have now. What if the government nationalized all publicly traded corporations and made them in state owned. Wouldn’t that actually be better than the public-private ‘game of footsy” we have now.

    For the record I am NOT a socialist

    • We effectively have this now. Although the corporations technically are privately owned they are agents of the State. It has not worked well.

      • I would argue that
        the State is the agent of the Corporations and the Corporations are agents of the Finks who mange them via wealth funds. The corporations are just an inter-owned and controlled conglomerate subordinate to Finksterism.

        Even today the WHO is pushing hard for a treaty based digital passport system. It would be the perfect thing for the network of paranoid mobster Finks to keep Riff and Raff in check.

        If the TV had not promoted the ‘Demic, then no one would have much noticed. In 1969, life went of during a big flu.

        So, don’t we have to ask, who’s the Fink who runs TV town?

        Gaia Girl and her canvas sack are just distraction.

      • Isn’t what we have closer to the idea that was Fascism? It was imagined as a three leg stool of cultural institutions, government and industry all colluding to rule together. Isn’t that exactly what we have?

        • True, but for it to be pure fascism, that “stool” must be a perch for the volk. Who are the volk in AINO and Western Europe? Basically the deviant and the diverse. It’s a postmodern spin on fascism, I think.

          • “It’s a postmodern spin on fascism, I think.”

            That’s good and, I think, apt. Although, to stroll down memory lane, a wildly disproportionate number of the original Italian version belonged to the Tribe…until new alliances were arranged. For some reason that little factoid doesn’t get much attention.

      • Yes but why not make it official so that it’s transparent. If you don’t want to go to state run target you can find a local knockoff brand that’s not publicly traded.

      • That’s sounds suspiciously like fascism.

        “Of course, Krupp, I.G. Farben, Siemens and all of the other corporate titans can operate as they see fit…so long as their actions adhere strictly to the measures set forth in the latest Four Year Plan!”

    • It’s not the system, it’s the people. I’ll take Scandinavian socialism (before they got enriched) over most capitalism anywhere, anytime, but the ideology is not the point. It’s the people.

      Given the people we have now in our country, I doubt that any system could succeed. I’d advise taking everything you can from our government. We’re in the looting phase and it likely can’t be reversed. Might as well get yours.

      Most of my instincts are individualist. I want the hard working guy to be rewarded over the lazy guy. I want the guy who invents the better mouse trap to get rich (but not rich enough to buy politicians.) But from what I can see, Scandinavian socialism was great.

      Socialism within a homogeneous society is an attempt to help the good people who are not gifted, but are part of the national family.

      • yes, the “secret” of Scandinavian success can best be explained by a question……. What system wouldn’t work well in a small nation of 6 million well educated white people?

      • Exactly, with the right people nearly any system could work. The people have always been the secret ingredient. Exceptional nations are full of exceptional people not third world trash.

  27. The COVID timing is easy to explain. Globohomo needed a way to rig the election against Orange Man in favor of unpopular Dementia Joe and they needed (what became permanent) vote by mail in key states. They even installed a Democrat tsar at the post office to oversee the fraud:

    The second reason was in response to the red light warnings surrounding a failing capitalism, they needed an excuse to print trillions of dollars to prop it up as professor Fabio Vighi explains here:

  28. Without sounding like a retarded libertarian who brings everything back to the central bank, in my opinion, the warm, bathwater like ocean temperatures for this hurricane to form and develop is the unlimited (literally unlimited) amount of credit that the central bank can create during the lockdown made this possible. At least six or seven trillion was created out of thin air and pumped into the system to keep everyone satiated while they were playing video games in their houses. So much so that the poorest of society saw a substantial increase in their standard of living for a short time. And. much like the opiates peddled by the Sachler family, everyone loved it! Right down to the nearly defunct LLC owner who got his PPP loan (grant).

    The big question is, why did Sweden of all places, managerial central, go the route of Florida? I believe that it’s because, unlike most of Europe, they retained their central bank, and were too fearful of crediting too much krona, re-experiencing the terrible inflation event they had in 1990-91. The state knows that they can program the population to react any way they choose. Free will is a chimera, as 80% of the population is mostly retarded worldwide, across the racial spectrum. The owners of Sweden still feared inflation more than the virus. I could be completely wrong and there’s a quirk to that society that separates it from even their immediate neighbors.

    • You are correct. The Covid insanity was essentially a monetary policy phenomenon. I’m going to come back and write a longer post about this, but in the meantime, I am endorsing your comment.

  29. You ask why the managerial class went mad with Covid. But you’d already answered your own question.

    ‘The end point of a society run by managers is a society run by females standing on chairs shrieking at imaginary mice. This also explains why females now outnumber males in the managerial class.’

    That’s your answer. Covid was the global Debutante Ball for Karen. She’s out the box now! Already emboldened by forty years of entitlement, privilege, and empowerment, Big Karen capered and pranced like a sow in shit. Nutball Nurses danced and crowed and snapped selfies, their moment of Total Control come round at last.

    Only thing you get wrong is the assumption that Covid was some naturally emergent entity. It was not. As I said when Donnie rolled out Operation Warp Speed, Covid was a hybrid concoction, part biological and part lab-artificed. It was intentionally developed and disseminated.

    Men value freedom. Women value safety. Which of those values is embraced and codified in America, Canada, Britain, the West generally.?

    Fresh meat on the table and the dogs fell to it with gusto.

    Long before the Covid Hysteria unleashed Kommandante Karen in all her glory, the virus’ development and deployment had been seeded — predictive programmed — into various cultural forms, chiefly via film. A short internet search found many such instances.

    Covid was a fully managed operation, a dog whistle alerting Bitchdom and attendant lapdog males that their moment in the sun had arrived. Total control, total safety, good morning Nurse Ratched and blessed be! everybody lookit me, I’m the Star of the Show now!

    In America alone, eighty million Galadriels slipped on the Ring, that Precious Ring of Power. All shall love me and despair! That is a mighty tool in the hand of evil.

  30. It’s hard to say what is most infuriating about the COVID panic, but the thing that p.o.’ed me most from the outset was the combination of disingenuousness and ignorance on the part of the managerial class. When the panic started, a bunch of academic quacks and frauds came out of the woodwork with models claiming a 100 billion-trillion-kajillion people were going to die from the coof. These quacks were then used as justification for “slowing the spread”. The thing is though that these quack’s models didn’t have an exit door. A 100 billion people were going to die no matter what. The only possible effect of “slowing the spread” would be to stretch these deaths out over a longer time period so they’d be easier to manage.

    The fact that this was never discussed leads me to believe there are 3 kinds of people in the managerial class. I’m sure a bunch of them didn’t care one way or the other whether the models were right. They were just happy for an excuse to be busybodies. Since we’re ruled by a large number of murine half-wits, I’m also sure there are bunch of them that truly believed the quacks but simply didn’t understand the implications of what they were being told. They probably thought “slowing the spread” was the same thing as “stopping the spread” so lockdowns would save lives. I think the 3rd group however is the scariest of the bunch. There must have been some in the managerial class that believed the quacks and truly thought that a 100 billion-gazillion were going to die and they were sitting there rubbing their hands over the thought of efficiently managing the burn pits.

  31. I always wondered to what degree the Covid panic was caused by the higher ups knowing it came from a bioweapons lab and being convinced it was one minor mutation away from being the Black Death. Of course, that could just be me projecting logic onto insanity.

    These fake experts are really prone to running away with whatever bad scenario they can conjure up in their heads. There are people in the climate scam predicting mass extinction from global warming. Then, when the worst case imaginable doesn’t happen, they can congratulate themselves on how they orchestrated mankind not getting the worst case.

    • they created this. they knew what it was. when the powerful want to do open evil , they pretend they don’t know it is evil. the GOP pretends to do everything their base is against , but they don’t say “FU voters” they pretend that they believe what they are doing is what the what their voters want. there is NO insanity there. just evil intent .

    • I wondered this as well. If you knew (as they did) that it came from the Wuhan lab and was conceivably a bioweapon, you’d assume that the infection would be bad, or as you said, could quickly mutate in the wild into something bad.

      If this were the case, I don’t believe they would have been so seemingly assured of their safety that they wouldn’t have instituted whole-scale lockdowns immediately (in December/January 2020) when it was clear what was going on.

      No, their first strategy was to attack Trump as xenophobic for shutting down travel from China and encouraged their constituents to go to coastal Chinese New Year street parties (which were some of America’s ground zeroes). This is what one would do knee-jerk fashion if A) you saw covid as dangerous as prior swine flu and zika outbreaks, which weren’t considered emergencies and B) you hadn’t formulated an intelligent political long game to play with this outbreak.

      Once they realized that covid would be useful to trundle their preferred presidential nominee through without having to worry about scrutiny of primary tallies and campaigning and more importantly once they realized that their ace-in-the-hole ballot harvesting scam–universal mail-in voting–would be something the public could be convinced they needed put in place, they immediately and uniformly changed their tune.

      • In the absence of dangerous comorbidities, most people survived. What was inportant to remember is that the “gain of function” genetically engineered into the virus enhanced its transmissability, and thereby made the panic easy to sell.

        Now, other elements of the engineered viral genetic impact are far more dangerous than mere transmissability. The shoes have been dropping left and right on that score. A bioweapon it is.

    • There is some reason to believe that when the virus first “escaped,” it really was as bad as claimed, but then it very quickly mutated into something less lethal.

      • Typically a novel disease sweeps through a population and culls the susceptible weak and old. The remaining population (perhaps) sickens, but survives stronger/resistant for it. That the death toll would lessen as the waves passed through the population was pretty predictable. This was shown in the death rates of the time.

        I’m curious as to just how “bad” follow on Covid mutations would have been had their infected population been “novel”—as in never exposed—as well. We were seeing early on when the Covid tests rolled out big time, lots of folk in the population who showed prior exposure/infection with no reported disease symptoms—ever. Some estimates as high as 40%.

        This statistic was used by the few immunologists who remained sane to declare for a cessation to the Covid lock down insanity. We know what happened to those few brave souls.

      • I think so, too… Obviously it’s possible to also get reduced mortality after the weak have been culled in the first wave, as another commenter has mentioned.

        Don’t know jack about biotech but I wonder if hothouse lab-forced mutations might tend to be rather ‘fragile’ in that once released into hosts in the wild, they will have a rapid mutational rate away from their just-released state and then after a while mutation rate will reach some kind of asymptote. If so, might explain some of the early Wuhan panic… the thing could have been much more lethal at the very beginning.

        Ron Unz has some characteristically Unzian takes on the whole thing. He does have a point when he says what an amazing coincidence it is that the Iranian leadership was hit hard very early on.

        • This would also explain a lot of the initial panic by the PTB. They knew what it was, because they designed it.

  32. Spectacular as usual. The comments are even more so. I cannot add anything more – all the Dissidents have ample ammo for their arguments. But I think I see other sand in the gears that the Dissidents need to look at: free speech. I have always been an unreserved advocate of free speech as are many of you. But… holy smokes. No, none of us need to have people to censor what we read or think or say.

    But what about our children? They don’t have the wherewithal to evaluate the complicated social issues; and yet we stand idly by while lunatics, groomers, Marxists and sadists teach our kids to hate each other and themselves for any number of unworthy reasons and motivations. They may not be able to differentiate between good or bad… but they CAN assimilate what they are taught in the right environment. If you tolerate lunatics pushing their agenda on kids in the name of free speech… you are inviting the devil into your home. Do not ask how I know this.

    Likewise our women: they are being weaponized against their men, and ultimately themselves and their families. They are now standing up as virtuous mothers as they offer their kids up to the queers and trannies. They are slaves to their emotions and easily swayed by them – even to the point of betraying hard wired genetic matriarchal instincts. Note how many will fight for the “right” to murder their own babies in late term abortions. If you stand virtuously by while poisoned minds go to work on them – in the name of free speech? Oh boy… now you DO have the devil in your country, your community and even your home. And they will do what their demons tell them to. And they will spread.

    Our morality has been undermined. Our nation is NOT being destroyed by “the system”… it is being destroyed by those that are in charge of it. That system produced the most prosperous, powerful nation in human history. It has laws on the books about sedition, treason, criminal negligence and the penalties spelled out for each. America and the west do not need a new system; it needs to clean house. It is PEOPLE doing this. We acknowledge the fact that some people shouldn’t own guns or have kids… could it be argued that some people shouldn’t have free speech? None of these panics and crises could have happened without the help of the media. That media now is now 95% owned by a group of the most sinful, wretched people that have wreaked havoc in their host populations since biblical times. So it goes for the managerial elite currently in power and the donor class. None of our immoral social movements and self destructive fads would be possible without them.

    We have some very dicey and dangerous thinking that we need to do… and to be honest, I don’t like it any more than any of you. It means getting your hands dirty. To recover, we will need to start breaking their toys like the media before anything meaningful can happen.

    • We have state censors now. They make sure your children know all about the joys of anal sex and transgenderism, and that women know men should be hated. The state censors stop your children from knowing about racial realities. I have no problem with censorship at this point as long as we are the ones who can impose it, which isn’t the case now. I previously was a free speech absolutist but now see the wisdom of groups such as the ADL and SPLC despite their evil natures. I would like one day to be able to shut them down. They have taught us well.

      • Jack: Agreed. I, too, used to be a ‘free speech absolutist’ and have also learned the wisdom of censorship. There is never such a thing as totally free speech; the question is who is in charge of the censors. Whereas we used to have laws against blasphemy in public, we how have laws against ‘intolerant’ words in private (or what passes for private with your laptop, phone, doorbell and vacuum recording you – not to mention erstwhile friends).

        Allowing ‘free speech’ to those who are evil or antithetical to the public good (of White societies) is to provide fertile soil for the seeds of your destruction.

        • Oh shit now something else to fret on. Is my vacuum cleaner really spying on me. The bastid.

          Will publicly confess, I had serious doubts about the toaster as well. As for the fridge well, everybody already knows about those.

    • The problem is free speech is fake and has been for a very long time. What free speech actually means is the enemies of Western Civilization get to say whatever evil they want unopposed, while opposing them is de facto illegal.

      If any of the free-speech zealots actually believed in free speech, they would have personally guarded George Lincoln Rockwell. But that’s not what they did. They showed up and drowned his speech, attacked him physically, got his speeches shut down.

      Just yesterday (I believe), a preacher in Reading, PA was arrested for failure to celebrate homosexuality. There is no free speech and there probably has never been free speech.

      • As an abstraction, free speech is real. Alas, most of its proponents from the 60s to the present are crypto-totalitarians who never really desired the abstraction to begin with.

        • Our rulers do not support free speech in any sense of the word. All of them oppose free speech. The only abstraction of free speech they may possibly believe in is their own free speech. They don’t believe we should have free speech.

          The only “rights” you have are those you can enforce or defend. Maybe, perhaps, 200 years ago there was free speech (but not really, Massachusetts rounded up the men who fought for the revolution when they opposed ruinous taxation on them Rural Western Ma alone), but whatever free speech may have existed at one time, it most certainly does not exist today.

          There are hate speech laws in virtually every Occidental country. There are de facto hate speech laws in the US.

          Free speech is about as valid today as “our democracy”

      • “What free speech actually means is the enemies of Western Civilization get to say whatever evil they want unopposed, while opposing them is de facto illegal.”

        Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance” is now de facto government policy.

    • “America and the west do not need a new system; it needs to clean house.”


        • No, the PEOPLE make it impossible for you to “voat harder”.

          What would happen if, the next time, some grinning “election official” came out to inform you that the voting machines were down…and he got shot in the face? What would happen if Shaniqua were shot while stuffing the ballot box? Or if that election office that locked the doors and papered over the windows so people couldn’t see in…what would happen if it started to burn?

          • calm down . That is not justified . that won’t work either. they would use it for an excuse to make all elections vote by mail only . don’t blame the messengers . they Aren’t on the ones planning and implementing this .

          • They would only only do that if we let them. In fact, they ARE going to eventually do it – they’ve told us so, repeatedly.

            Shooting the messengers of odious and obnoxious people is an excellent way of sending messages of your own – especially to people that are no longer listening to you, and hellbent on killing you, replacing you and taking your stuff.

          • The critics love to ignore that all this will need to be done in any portion of AINO we are to “take back” Every state is corrupt.

            People love to talk about how based and red-pilled Texans supposedly are. But 60 well armed mestizo cops sat outside (and inside) a school building with 1 literal 18 year old inside slaughtering children because it was “too dangerous” and “officer safety” They even prevented parents from trying to stop him themselves when these cowards refused to act.
            As I said at the time, not a single person will be punished, instead the agencies will be rewarded with more cops and bigger budgets. That is exactly what has happened.

            Even in Texas, they cannot control even the policing agencies and make them do their job. It’s no better in Idaho, Montana or any other US state.

            If you cannot punish grown men paid to protect the community for cowering in fear while children are slaughtered by some maniac, how the heck will you stop everything else.

            So I completely agree with your posts.

          • They need no excuse to make the elections mail in only. City of Tucson has done that last election. Look for internet voting as the next big thing.

        • Remember when Leonidas gave Xerxes a return message through Xerxes’ emissaries . . . good times.

  33. “The end point of a society run by managers is a society run by females standing on chairs shrieking at imaginary mice.”
    Punch line of at the least the month, if not the year.
    Of course, the irony is that if and when a true crisis does occur – the shriekers will continue to do just that, and that alone: shriek.

  34. That was all good, but you failed to mention a key factor: A few people in high positions in the US govt knew that the virus had been engineered in a Chinese lab to be especially infectious. They weren’t sure just how successful they’d been.

    • Yep. I vacillate on whether the release was intentional or accidental, but it had the same effect either way.

      • it started was when the democratic primaries were getting going . if you remember , bernie had an insurmountable lead in the polls . they also showed that trump would swamp him in the general . the Chinese and WEF were not going to let that happen. clearly the timing said it was deliberate.
        that allowed them the control they needed to rig the primaries for and the general for joe.

  35. Great essay but the central point is this:
    > This also explains why females now outnumber males in the managerial class.

    We can talk about managerialism and the failure of democracy all we want, but the bottom line is we have foolishly liberated women and now hysterical behavior is enshrined as society’s greatest virtue.

    • ‘Liberated’ is an apt word I guess, but it also implies that women were once imprisoned, which is BS. We stopped correcting them and checking their excesses. Men and women are supposed to be complimentary and balance each other out. Men got weak.

      • “Men got weak.” That’s the crux of the matter. Nature made women prone to hysteria and panic. Men are supposed to counter that feminine tendency with reason and proportionality. I’d say one of the biggest problems facing the West is that we don’t really have men anymore — at least not men who honor or even recognize the traditional masculine values (restraint, for instance). That is doubly true of the soy boy types who end up in the managerial class. They’ve undergone considerable feminization through formal education with essentially zero toughening up. These fellas really don’t deserve to be identified as men.

    • Whole Covid Hysteria was made-to-order for the collective feminine. Intense drama and personal attention, planetary threat to safety, micro-management friendly, power and control invested into their hands.

      The Lifetime Movie of the Millennium.

  36. “The end point of a society run by managers is a society run by females standing on chairs shrieking at imaginary mice.”

    This is priceless metaphor, and barely that!

  37. I hear the opening of that System Of A Down song where Serj Tankian hisses, “They’re trying to build a prison!”

    At the time, I worked for one of the largest, wealthiest companies in the world. One of their senior most managers stepped down from his role in the business and took on the task of driving the world to Zero Covid. We got weekly updates with fancy charts and rah-rah speeches and messianic goals that would be met, if, “we all follow the rules and do our part”, which effectively meant working 12 hour days from home on nothing that had anything to do with saving the world from a new variant of the flu.

    This person had been with the company when it was an unknown little group of shaggy haired dweebs in an unknown industry sitting out in the middle of a redwood forest. I assume then he worked 20 hours a day building the business empire. In the vaccine mandate leg of the tyranny I would wake up and get this guy’s self-important, self-anointed Messiah messages. Mid morning we would get the latest update about going back to the office. It was left ambiguous if between the government and this company which was obviously pushing the government was going to force everyone to get vaccinated. It was left ambiguous if the un-vaccinated would be forced to work from home and be permanently marked as outcasts.

    After reading those emails and seeing the threats from government officials and observing New Zealand’s Dame and Australia’s camps a few of us would get on the phone together. We found each other from who was silent or pushed back during the required reading sessions of anti-white literature while St. George’s freedom fighters burned our cities down. We found each other by what I dubbed the Slack Deductive Exclusion Algorithm. That is, those who did not go onto Slack and gloat and exalt in doing their part by getting vaccinated were a candidate for a subtle, “on the level”, test.

    Those were very dark days. It was not clear if we would all be forced to vaccinate and if we did not, be kicked out of society. So, we would read the emails from these people who carried on about how much they loved the world and cared for and included everybody. Then they said people could come back to the office but those who were not vaccinated would have to wear a mask at all times. Discrimination. Intolerance. Exclusion.

    We would get on calls and figure out what we would do if we lost everything; if someone came to our door would we take a bullet in the head or bend the knee and get the shot; if we got fired for not getting vaccinated what was our legal recourse; … …

    At the same time we were literally told that our careers depended upon putting the hiring and promotion of downtrodden negros ahead of us. We were treated to humiliation rituals where white men were literally called evil and accused of pitting Asians (celebrating their success in our country) against Blacks in order to divide and conquer. I nearly pasted from the Stephen Steinleight paper where he openly says that the Jews, whose immigration strategy to weaken America was backfiring on them, would ally with Asians and other minority groups in order to, “divide and conquer”, so they could continue to dominate America. Obviously I didn’t do that little history realism lesson for them.

    In any case, these wonderful saviors of humanity exalted their virtue while those of us who knew hospital workers working in health care deserts. We looked at the data that showed this was the flu yet were threatened with being permanent outcasts in the civilization and nation our ancestors built.

    This is why this ruling class will fall. They don’t think things through. They are that mediocre but highly ambitious student who becomes the teacher’s pet when they realize the teacher is weak and needs her ego stroked and that it will get them to the head of the class. They can’t know everybody. As the pie they seek to engorge themselves at gets smaller, some will get elbowed out. They will make very powerful enemies in doing so. One or some of those powerful enemies will realize that out here is an army of people who have the wisdom to live a life of joy and happiness but to also hold a healthy hatred of those saviors who would and did crush us to get that limelight. They will have at their disposal those who have will and fortitude and a hardened hatred. They will have at their disposal people who realize they have been abandoned but who have the will and discipline to acquire the skills and mentality needed when your rulers no longer guarantee your physical safety, and seek to crush your ability to succeed on your merits – people who get even more skill and harden themselves for any reality they may encounter.

    The Regime will have an army of these business executives who got their MBA, made a bunch of money when it was being printed and handed to them, but whose real desire was to live on Sesame Street in a Star Trek fantasyland. Once they had the money and things were on auto pilot, they did become Florence Nightengale, Elmo and Big Bird lecturing the world on what is right and good. They will be able to pay their legions, but mercenaries are not loyal. When it gets tough, they will want more money. Within their ranks will be those who the Regime crossed those who just feel a justifiable and perfectly natural contempt for those muppet worshiping fools. On top of managing reality, they will sleep with one eye open.

    It is bad. It is going to get much much worse. I won’t live to see it, but this regime, aside from printing up money and telling lies is also getting better and better at inspiring hatred – the kind that is deserved and natural to hold when the enemy is a mortal threat. That hatred will be channeled to a constructive purpose someday. The Covid tyranny was not the beginning of their end nor is it the final straw, but it was a big one.

    Live your life with joy. But, never let go of that healthy hatred for those who openly announced their intention to destroy you and your way of life. Take your kids out of the schools and give them an amazing education – technical; civic; moral; martial. Connect them with their kin across the land. Let the ties grow strong in play and serious matters. This regime of Femmes in Nowhere Land will lay itself to waste. Minimize exposure to the blast radius and forge a multi-generational covenant with yourself, your family and your folk that our posterity will one day be the sovereign who will define and controls its destiny.

    • Superb.

      “The Covid tyranny was not the beginning of their end nor is it the final straw, but it was a big one.”

      Hence there will be no March 16th celebration of FIFTEEN DAYS TO FLATTEN THE CURB, unlike the increasingly irrelevant 9/11 nonsense.

      Read this Wikipeida entry and take note of what element is missing:

      The Regime knows what you wrote is the truth.

    • great write up. clearly this was all planned in advance as a larger power grab. it’s not a joke that agenda 2030 says this it will all be done by them. the vaccine served their purposes in 2 ways. first it justified a ” social credit ” system to track who had it and enable verification. once everyone was in the system, the other credentials could be added and more things would be excluded from those not compliant with the vax and every other thing they added to the system to control your behavior. they are de-farming the Netherlands now , planning on killing 200K cow in Ireland, confiscating farms in the us.
      It will be a lot worse than it has to be because nobody wants to believe all the evedence it was planned

      • Yes. And, the plan for Ireland and the Irish, is to import Africa, keep the name Ireland and call Africans, The Irish. The plan is the same for Canada, though the human fleshbag imports will come from more diverse planetary sources.

        One thing implicit from the opening of my anecdote and exhortation to our path to sovereignty that includes healthy hatred was this.

        That extremely senior executive stepped down to run Zero Covid without a hitch. What does that tell you about how important he is at the top of the business? He is fully replaceable.

        The same is true of another most senior exec of his function at that company. The first few months I was there I would get emails from this executive and they were filled with the usual DIE and Safety and Unicorn Farts titles and contents. He was in charge of one of the most important functions of the company, but until I thought he was the head of HR until one day I finally said, “Who is this sick f*** who is always sending these emails and is going to interview Ibram X. Kendi?” That is when I discovered that he was the top of one of the most important corporate functions.

        Yet, he made his role into a glorified social worker, social justice warrior

        In short, a lot of these people are in lofty positions but they are thoroughly replaceable. I don’t know if they have a conscious awareness of that fact. Their behavior and energy indicate that. Perhaps that is what drives their desire to be Chief Global Social Transformation Officers in the Pity Party Division – at least on a subconscious level.

        I don’t know. I don’t care. While we despair, we can take heart that they even step down from their roles that supposedly have utility and they are not missed. Now, they poke hot irons in our eyes. Keep your eyes open that their actions betray their importance. That is why they need to save the world and hold on to those fancy titles and titular based pedigree and pursue goals that can never be attained.

        Their project amounts to shouting, “Hey! I can be nicer and fairer to more people than you can!” That is a sad sack who lacks vision and the ability to accomplish things. That is why they are so afraid of letting us speak. They are naked, and some level they know it as they shiver beneath their gold hued aluminum foil crowns.

        Be patient. Keep your hatred in a healthy box. Know that opportunities will present themselves.

        • Have a family too. it’s good for you beyond anything else. and Its what god wants too..

    • “We would get on calls and figure out what we would do if we lost everything”

      You guys actually communicated with each other? I know that you realize how risky that is at a big, successful company where so many of your coworkers are selfish, somewhat sociopathic, and mercenary. You are living in your own personal prisoner’s dilemma.

      Were there any leaks or defections due to these calls? Any close calls?

      • It was a tiny group. We met in person and in stealth worked together in remote areas on occasion to have fun and blow off steam. It wasn’t without risks, but keeping it small enabled us to blow off steam and escape the pressure cooker of severe isolation in the face of the extremely heavy hand of the Regime. Not going through it alone was important.

        • That story doesn’t
          Sound quite right to me:
          Large Language Module?

          (And who listens to System of a Down?)

  38. I agree that one big reason that the c-vid problem became a crisis is because of the psychology of the managerial class. This psychological aspect becomes even more interesting when you remember that those at the top did not really believe in the crisis.

    Remember Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done and Gavin Newsome dining out during the lockdown and Boris Johnson’s whole cabinet partying. Remember the lack of concern over all the BLM protesters without masks.

    It looks like the foot soldiers really believed, but the higher you go up the chain of command, the more you find cynical exploitation.

    I guess that within many of the middle managers, there were competing feelings to believe that:
    • this really was a crisis and that their skills were required to save the world, and
    • it really wasn’t that bad and that they were safe to break the lockdown in their personal lives.

    • This did lead to me teaching, and my young teenage son understanding one of life’s very important lessons: if the powerful people who scream about a crises do not personally act like there is no crises, then there is no crises. If there is no actual crises, then what’s it all about? It can only be a scam. Either for money, power, or control. The true believers are a different thing to watch out for, but the scammers are usually pretty easy to spot, if you are observant.

  39. Covid was the most clarifying event of our lifetimes. We saw in real time how horribly broken Westerners (and others, especially Asians) are as people, and how most will go along mindlessly with outrageous, dangerous and destructive diktats. These are the people who allow totalitarianism, which has arrived, and can and will follow monstrous order. On a personal level I estranged myself from a person I once consider a very close friend when he proved a fearful, obedient foot soldier of the state. Many others have experienced the same.

    Still, the Covid response radicalized a large number of people. They generally don’t agree with us, at least yet, but they no longer believe the government, the propaganda organs, and self-proclaimed experts. That number should be 100 percent, but 10 or 20 percent is enough to cause the Regime to look over its shoulder, which it does now. Covid made the Right recognize the thuggery of law enforcement, and contributed greatly to the growing chasm between localities and central government. Public health and the managerial state in general were horribly undermined. In all these regards Covid has been positive.

    I don’t disagree with what you wrote but emphasis needs to be placed on the coordination involved, which most certainly was not emergent behavior but the result of obvious long-term planning. If someone wanted to bring a once-independent people to heel, the results did not disappoint. Much of the planned coordination was not ill-intentioned, but a substantial percentage was.

    The long-term dangers the vaccine pose are unknowable at this point. They certainly have caused upticks in cancer and heart disease, as you point out, and there are excess deaths. Have the adverse reactions peaked? We don’t know. If millions indeed die, some angry individuals will go kinetic.

    Covid brought home to those who were willing to see and listen that the Regime is at war with the people. While the reaction to the virus was terrifying, we also need to acknowledge it has proved helpful to making people realize that horrible truth.

    • Covid-19 convinced me of one thing, and that is Joe Stalin was right in at least one way. He basically said that if you want to stop having problems you must first get rid of all of the troublemakers. At this point in time the numbers are 2,000,000 firearms on their side, and 450,000,000 firearms on our side. That’s called Gun Barrel Democracy.

      • For those sportsball enthusiasts you will recognize that it is not the amount of possession you have with the ball that matters but what you do with that possession.

  40. I am still amazed when people talk about the “Covid Pandemic.” Not a single person can explain to me how in the year before Covid we had 40,000,000 cases of influenza, but during the year of Covid we had only 3,600 cases of influenza. That’s right, 3,600, and that was the official Government number.

    I was and am still amazed by the reactions of people when I bring up that stat. Most are shocked like deer in the head lights and say nothing; a very few say Covid was a scam all along, but the interesting responses are from the FJB people. If you imply that most of those 39,996,400 cases of Covid was actually influenza diagnosed to be Covid just to earn huge sums of money, they will gaslight you and call you a “conspiracy theorist” no matter the facts, and still ask, “Did you get your shots?”

    It’s all insane. You know, the Soviet Union had its clown moment during the Chernobyl Disaster. If you read about how and what happen, you will understand why the Soviet Union collapsed. I believe Covid was our Chernobyl Event, for today you either believe everything the cloud people say, or you believe everything they say is a lie. Something like at least 25% say everything we’re told is a lie, and it certainly doesn’t bode well for the United States. We will eventually collapse just like the Soviet Union did, and don’t be surprised if it only takes 17 weeks.

    • “I believe Covid was our Chernobyl Event, for today you either believe everything the cloud people say, or you believe everything they say is a lie.”

      I thoroughly agree. Many of us arrived there some time ago, but Covid indeed was the Chernobyl moment for the GAE.

    • Well we are, at the least, lied to concerning anything that is significant and have been for a very long time.

    • Influenza cases declined during the Covid years precisely because it had been pushed out by Covid, which became the dominant respiratory infection. Only a small subset of the population is vulnerable to catching a respiratory infection at any given slice of time, so the most virulent virus of the season tends to monopolize all the available hosts.

      Eugyppius has done extensive work documenting this phenomenon, so don’t go busting out of your drawers with that “not a single person can explain to me” bit of supercilious rhetoric. The explanation is out there, but you obviously haven’t availed yourself of it.

      • That’s splitting hairs saying “declined”. Yeah, declined from 40 million cases to 3600 cases, based on my crappy math skills, that works out to a 99.99999% decline. Ha!

        A better word would be eliminated. The common flu was elminated by the covaids hoax because the juggaloes can’t be bothered or are too stupid to actually build a cohesive narrative. It’s a B level lifetime movie shit script all the time.

        You have some interesting points on these boards, but lately I’m starting to get the sense your trolling us.

          • No you can’t, Dasein.
            You can’t “adjust your projected estimate” like you’re the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      • ” Only a small subset of the population is vulnerable to catching a respiratory infection at any given slice of time, so the most virulent virus of the season tends to monopolize all the available hosts.”

        Hey bud, say Howdy for me to your other buds in the room who also work for the government and inject themselves into online discussions to further or maintain your propaganda. Your game gets old, by the way.

        Covid was not more virulent than the typical seasonal influenza, and its fatality rate was far lower than any of them. It sure as hell wasn’t the 10% mortality rate of the 1918 Flu Pandemic.

        This is the same bologna I heard from any Covidiot Democrat who “tried to explain their science” to me in another one of their official Government propagandist diatribes. The only difference between them and you is that they are idiots, and you know exactly what you’re doing.

        • These guys are something else – and watch out: an increasing percentage of them are actually LLM bots.

          (System of a Down!)

          I was once nearly fired for chastising a SubContinental Gentleman on the subject of fomites and washing habits. (Remember “wash your hands?” That was an EARLY tagline.)

          When I was a regular subway ridin’ office worker, I was good for two solid respiratory infections a year…yep!

      • Modest Dasein, Eugyppius work is naive and incomplete. he will not openly challenge any regime policy . he is in germany . it he challenged the narrative he would be jailed .

        • Ah. I sensed a bit of “Alex Berenson” waffling, these guys either are in danger of losing whatever microphone they may have.

          Allies still, our guys, as is Dasein- his is the contrarian Diagnostition role, pointing out flaws with vim and vigor.

      • Virulence has nothing to do with preponderance. Virulence is severity, as measured by symptomatic intensity. And, at any rate, there is little evidence Covid is more virulent than influenza. I’ve had Covid twice, and both were the rough equivalent of a bad cold.

        • Same here. Perhaps even three times—every winter around Jan 1–for Covid. That would make me having Delta through BA variant. The first two cases *were* diagnosed through testing available at the time. The potential last two cases were confirmed with follow up blood work and antibody counts—IGg3 and IGg4 levels.

          Only interesting finding is that 6 months after last bout, the antibodies for Covid IGg3 remain strong, whereas boosted people drop off the charts. This is what they tout as “natural” immunity (as vs clot shot).

          As a side note, my physician is cooperative in this follow up, repeated, bloodwork and submits the diagnosis as “long Covid” which is recognized as an official “disease” and the insurance pays for these repeated analyses, otherwise you get only one free blood work up per year.

      • Really, ID? Was the Flu pushed out by Covid, as in one virus at a time, or was there incentive/inclination to diagnose every respiratory disease as Covid. Certainly, here in the USA, hospitals were paid $13k for a Covid admission and then three times more for a ventilation. Hospitals got nothing extra for a flu case. Not sure Eugyppious teased that one out to my satisfaction. My take is that the flu spread pretty much as always, but was misdiagnosed for various reasons.

    • A researcher at Johns Hopkins also discovered that in 2020 there was a huge reduction in death by heart disease and a few other killers, and that the total of that expected shortfall very nearly matched deaths attributed to Covid. Very soon after her work was publicized, Johns Hopkins disavowed this woman’s work without providing a scrap of evidence to its contrary.

  41. The panic among the elite and the media over the previously non-controversial drugs ivermectin (Nobel Prize-winning drug) and hydroxychloroquine as treatment for covid was perhaps the biggest eye-opener to me, along with the use of the dangerous drug Remdesivir (“Run Death is Near”)

    The whole thing seemed more evil and malicious to me rather than simply managerial glee at controlling things.

    • Hydroxychloroquine, which was presented as highly dangerous, had long been used to treat autoimmune disorders precisely because it is very safe and has few side effects. There is no way that many if not most physicians knew that.

      • Yes, hydroxychloroquine has been widely used for malaria as well. At that time, my doctor told me he would never write a prescription for hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, but insisted I take the vaxx. (Of course I dropped him and now have a new doctor who strongly opposes the vaxx.)

        • It was the widespread use as a malaria preventative that caused the then almost completely white, male doctors to corelate it to a reduction in autoimmune symptoms. Again, this is basic medical knowledge that was widely available to lay people let alone physicians. It would be nice to know how many died who were denied hydroxychloroquine treatment, but of course such a study never will be funded.

      • Here we had a County Supervisor, who also was a physician, call for a removal of license credentials for any doctor who did *not* recommend the vexxination or attempted to prescribe therapeutics for treatment. For good measure he asked all concerned citizens to report their physicians to the medical board should such behavior occur.

        We also had a Rep Gov who banned pharmacies from filling such therapeutic prescriptions. Having family in the business, I was told the only way to get such medicine from them was to lie about the illness being treated—and at that, pharmacists were still denying filling the prescription out of fear for their licensure.

    • early on HFH hospital in Detroit did a study on hydroxychloroquine on 2500 hospitalized covid patients. it showed a 50% reduction in mortality. when asked about this Fauci said ” the study was flawed”. he didn’t say how and there were no follow up questions. I know a nurse and she said the doctors who got it were taking both Hydrox and Ivermectin. CDC covid protocol expressly forbid giving it to patients. multiply the number of covid deaths by .52 and that will give you the number who would have been saved.,published%20Thursday%20in%20International%20Journal%20of%20Infectious%20Diseases.

    • “The whole thing seemed more evil and malicious to me rather than simply managerial glee at controlling things.”


      Both, both, both, both, both.

  42. Covid was a manufactured crisis where there was probably more than one agenda. Firstly, there were already problems with the global supply chains. Covid provided a convenient camouflage for those problems. Secondly, it was a convenient way of ousting Trump and installing a brain-dead marionette whose strings could be pulled by the deep state overlords. Thirdly, it was a test run for the emerging panopticon surveillance and control super-state that encompasses North America and Western Europe. Fourthly, and perhaps not so importantly, big pharma made some money out of pimping and peddling murderous “vacciines.”

    That it was manufactured for ulterior ends is made clear by, among other things, the fact that just about all talk of it has disappeared. It served its purpose and can now be buried. On to the latest craze.

    The shitheads who most fell for this are probably the same shitheads who support woke ideology, BLM, and the agitprop that Putin and Russia are evil and the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich respectively.

    The manufactured Covid panic has had an enduring impact on the West. Things are not what they were four years ago and we’re not going back to that world.

    • Good list Arshad Ali. There is also the financial crisis that was like being on a jet in a wing seat and seeing the engine on fire. Remember that in September ’19 the bond markets went tits up. There were massive corporate bond rollovers due in ’19 and ’20. The markets could not withstand the smaller ’19 tranche. Money printing was running weekly, making the height of ’08-’14 money printing look like child’s play.

      I believe that is another huge factor. They needed cover to do a default, and recapitalize through debt the critical industries and to cover for major commercial real estate defaults.

      They only made the debt problem far worse, but they did succeed in providing cover and papering over the defaults. They also have a dry run for when CAGW is used as the pretext for a permanent shutdown where saving Gaia will be used to finish off the middle and upper middle class and erect their neo-feudal state. It is all being done so the banks do not have to take their losses. We’ll see if and for how long they get away with it.

      I believe this is a huge reason for the trans/sexual thing. The plan only works if those who would normally constitute the middle and upper middle class are broken people.

    • It was all so obvious to those who could see. The people lost their faith in Christian Morality and the state was more than happy to fill the void with a demonic, preverted, nihilistic morality all its own. Sadly, there is no going back to the before times.

      I Thank God everyday he gave me a discerning mind to see through the covaid hoax and that me and mine are still Purebloods!

    • Ali, spot on. I might add that a political class that can play power/political gain games with a national health emergency such as Covid would have no qualms about starting WWIII in Ukraine should it seem to benefit them and their goals. Such is the danger of that ilk in power.

  43. “The end point of a society run by managers is a society run by females standing on chairs shrieking at imaginary mice. This also explains why females now outnumber males in the managerial class.”

    Bingo. The managerial class is now feminized. Government is your mommy now, not your daddy. Daddy government will spank you AFTER you do something wrong. Mommy government will try to prevent you from doing something wrong in the first place. Or force you to “eat your peas” for your own good.

    Sure, there were bugmen and grifters like Fauci involved in the COVID hoax, but even Fauci stated publicly that masks wouldn’t make any difference. (Then he backtracked when he wanted to stay relevant).

    But the real pandemic hysteria came from the feminized media, feminized social media, and females like Whitmer and Walensky. Remember Walensky CRYING and saying “I’m scared?”

    There’s your managerial class, right there.

    It’s noteworthy that male-governed Florida and Texas and the masculine Canadian truckers refused to go along with the bullshit.

    • Well, Texas was kind of wishy-washy. It was mostly keeping it voluntary officially, but let individual businesses decide if masks and vx were mandatory. Not until late in the game did it protect dissenters.

    • Male governed phooey!

      The most “ballsy” governor was a woman, Kristi Noem, who refused to go along with the bullshit.

      She was the ONLY governor who did not shut down South Dakota unlike DeSantis who did shut down Florida for a couple of weeks.

      She has been repaid for her bravery by being ignored by the media.

  44. I would argue it’s not so much the managerial class (or the classic assumptions re money and power) as it is the vector between managerialism, feminism, and utterly ordinary people finally receiving the attention and deference they have always craved.

    Too many people hear “power” and they think simplistically of dictators or military leaders. It’s a basic error of binary thinking. Instead of power (and the implication of brute physical force, torture, or fear) think authority. Most women crave authority to organize and control families and societies in the way they think fitting – i.e. like kindergarten on steroids. Think Diana Moon Glampers. Total enforced ‘equality,’ ‘fairness,’ and the classic marxist “From each according to his abilities . . . ”

    Add in non-Whites getting the ‘respect’ they have always felt entitled to and the deference from Whites they have always craved. We’ve all dealt with the lazy, entitled, arrogant blaq/pajeet/han at the post office and the DMV, Never before were so many of them entrenched in the managerial state, in previously majority White societies. How many doctors now – particularly those on boards or in government- are female and/or non-White?

    Add in small hats and guilty, gutless Whites and you have the classic storm. And yes, of course it will happen again – and once again, almost everyone will comply. For every vaxxed individual who’s had second thoughts or doubts, there are hundreds of thousands who remain convinced they did the righteous thing and helped save humanity. They have suffered no ill effects (yet, that they know of) from the vaxx, and all the rest is noise to them. I’ve met many such people, still smugly convinced they are right, or utterly bewildered by the vehemence and hostility from the ‘holdouts.’ Why wouldn’t you just comply? How could you possibly question and dispute duly credentialed authority?

    And in the face of such easy compliance, they yearn once again to be part of a crusade. Women abolitionists. Women temperance workers. Women suffragettes. Add in the dusky and dull and here we are.

    We have had a managerial class and a bureaucracy for decades now. It wasn’t until women and non-Whites took control that we ended up with a rainbow clown face, always wearing a badge of authority or sitting behind a desk, leering at us forever.

    • Remember, “thank God Bill had his booster or his fatal stroke would have been so much worse!”.

      There’s no fixing them. Removal is the only way.

    • “Add in non-Whites getting the ‘respect’ they have always felt entitled to and the deference from Whites they have always craved.”

      This reminds me of Rudyard Kipling (don’t remember which poem) calling Africans “devil children.” He nailed it. They literally have (on average) the cognitive and emotional self control capability of 10-year-old European children.

  45. Many lessons learned which I will never let go of.
    Many family members and a good portion of those around me who are selfish to a sinful fault. They couldn’t give a fig about the struggles or suffering of others. Stay home and watch Netflix they said. Most weren’t getting the option of income to do so.
    I hate them.

  46. Right now, Nevada is on the leading edge of this …. I watch now from afar. It’s an explosion of fanatical managerialism, with Democrat women leading the charge. Their regular legislative session just concluded. Their elected body has plunged deeply into the deep end of this pool. In a state with little rural or small town population, Las Vegas controls the state — about 600 square miles of Clark County’s 8,061 square miles — dictates to the entire state. Seven percent of the landmass by counties contains 73% of the population.

    The Democrats have a super majority in the Senate, and a near super majority in the Assembly. Sixty-two percent of the legislature overall is Democratic, with 15 of 21 senators are from Clark County (no “electoral” college system for NV …. thus the Dem’s / Left’s dream of destroying it on the national level); 9 of 13 Dem senators and 20 of 26 Dem legislators are female.

    The state is lost. Las Vegas controls everything that happens there. And to make matters worse, the Rs vote heavily with the Ds on many matters. I’ll spare you all a recitation of the bills advanced, the arguments behind, the naked fleecing of taxpayers for pet Dem constituencies, and the gamesman(woman)ship employed. Suffice it to say they played the same priority plan that’s evident at the national level. Coincidence …?

    Anyway, this is a state to watch to see how all this unfolds.

    • I’m in Nye County watching the nutty Las Vegas busybodies do their witchcraft. Zman is right, it’s easy to understand burning at the stake when you’re seeing childless yeast collections get a chance at power.

      The one I cannot get a full handle on is my Assemblyman, Greg Hafen. He swears up and down he’ll protect the right to keep and bear arms for example, yet he is conveniently out numbered.

      The other new wild card is Governor Joe Lombardo, the “nothing to see here” former sheriff who aided the cover up of the country music mass shooting. He actually did just veto 3 anti-gun bills but he could also be counting on an override in the Legislature.

      Yes, it remains to be seen how Nevada plays out.

      • You’re there, just how did Lombardo ever get elected govenor after that groveling performance after the Vegas shooting? That whole was so fake that no one with any sense believed anything about the official story. I remember Lombardo looked like the Feds were holding a gun to his head and his family hostage.

        • I remember Lombardo looked like the Feds were holding a gun to his head and his family hostage.

          Probably a reason for that, I mean they had just got away with shooting a bunch of people in a downtown area.

        • Mike, I think the way this works is you get both sides when the lawyer comes to your office to discuss things. You get, “I guy like you should be governor, you know, and we are know to deliver on our promises. Also, remind me again: your daughters haven’t ever been r4ped, have they?”

        • Well, ya’ gotta admit Joe Lombardo is a classic Vegas name. Sounds like somebody who would have opened for Louis Prima back in ’56.

      • Vince — Lived in NNV 40 years. Spent professional life there. Left 5 yrs ago as I saw what way state was going following retirement. It seems unconscionable to me that a lunatic population infesting 600 square miles of Clark county can dictate with impunity to those living on the remaining 100k +/- miles2 of the state. What, indeed, does an Elko County Rancher, or a miner in Pershing, Eureka or Nye County have in common with the degenerate crazies in America’s adult playground?

        Saddens me indeed. Due to what I did for so long, I saw most of the state in detail, and met citizens of all walks of life there. I watched it deteriorate over my four decades there. I also watch ed in wonderment as I traveled over the years from the North to the South as Las Vegas grew like a rapidly-metasticizing cancer up US 95, out Charleston to the point it lapped up against Red Rock, and out 95 toward the Dam.

        I remember the discussions among a few in the early 90s about the growth in the south, and its causes — didn’t understand at the time that all those thrown out of work due to things like NAFTA were the ones streaming into Vegas for jobs as hotel maids, porters, slot mechanics and new convenience store workers. they came by the hundreds of thousands. It should be no shock that the budget bill the Dems got passed and signed gave 15 million to the Culinary Union ….

    • If you want to skip to the end of the book, see Minnesota.

      In less than 5 years it has completely gone of the cliff and is a smashed heap on the rocks below. I weep inside for my land and the land of my ancestors.

  47. The video below is a classic example of the mindset described in today’s post.

    Obviously, this kind of mindset is a psychosis, but its worse than that also. This woman is dangerously stupid, both to herself and others, and is driven to be proactive in her crusade to impose her will on the rest of society. And that is an actual danger and tangible harm to everyone with whom she comes in contact. IOW, she is more than just a nuisance. She is the equivalent of a societal pathogen spreading disease within an otherwise healthy organism.

    Now that is the problem, but what is the solution, or more properly stated, the remedy? How do we rid ourselves of this type of pathogen? Ditto for the managerial class that is killing us like a slow-motion cancer. If voting isn’t working to accomplish this end result, what will?

    Perhaps this crazy woman would be less inclined to badger someone for idling in an electric car if she had to spend most of her waking hours searching for something to eat that day.

    • Tom,

      Agree with you on this one. Personally I’m more in line with a more “permanent” solution. The government will steal from others to ensure she has food…

    • TomA – Perhaps this crazy woman would be less inclined to badger someone for idling in an electric car if she–>got bit*h slapped first<–and then had to spend most of her waking hours searching for something to eat that day.

    • I’ll bet she wouldn’t rap on some dreadlocked black guy’s window

      I’m also going to assume she’s not in a CCW state. People in those places tend to know not to confront people in this manner

    • Societal pathogen is the perfect description of most Leftist constituencies. They are very contagious, and far deadlier than Covid. Is wish there were an effective vax against them.

    • I doubt anyone is going to see this comment a day after the post, but come on, this is so obviously staged.

  48. “The millions of administrators and their managerial bosses finally had their war [and] the sense of control they had always imagined they should have over your life. … The manager is bred to manage, and she will manage something.”

    Absolutely. In the words of the administrative head of a hospital I am familiar with, “Now is our time.”

    • All the proverbial hammers emerge to rid the world of all those nails, and everything is a nail.

  49. The Administrative State is indeed a self-licking ice cream cone. So is the Warfare State. The Founders warned of the danger of standing armies. The Ukraine debacle is going to be yet another example of this danger. The Ukraine thing is even worse than the Coof, because the problem with Russia was completely artificial/manufactured while at least the Coof, whatever its origins, was a real virus.

    Together, these two States have us completely dominated. Pharma companies are now the main media advertisers, so they control the media in partnership with the Defense Contractors. DeSantis and RFK Jr. should run on a platform of taking Rx and Defense advertising off the air completely.

    • You do realize that DeSantis is completely in the control of pharma and the MIC, don’t you? It would be a great platform, I’d be behind it, but DeSantis has oligarches, pharma and MIC people fund raising for him and working in his campaign.

      • Absolutely. DeSantis is a neocon Israel firster. He could destroy Trump in a debate about operation warp speed but he won’t. He is beholden to his sponsors.

        • Ron’s manufactured:
          Trump, for all his damning faults,
          Is “‘his own’ clownshow.”

    • Remember, the whole project originated as a DARPA project in conjunction with Pharma, Ecohealth, the NIH/CDC, and John Hopkins (Ft. Detrick).


    • FNC1A1: I realize you are attempting (unsuccessfully) to make a rhetorical point, but drop the notsee stereotype, please. Use Stalin. Or Pol Pot. Or the FBI. Or the Puritans. Otherwise you are merely reinforcing their frame and losing the argument. They never wanted to hurt anyone – they’re good people. How could you call them a notsee. Etc., etc.

      • But, FNC is speaking to them in their own language, all they can understand.

        You can’t speak Swahili to a poodle, or kindness to a Nordstrom shopper, they won’t get it.

        Maybe, though, that’s the problem. Having to speak to them at all

        (with anything other than a slap, a fist, or a noose.)

        • In a simpler time, long ago, I would tease my Ex-Wife that she would’ve gone FAR in the NSDAP.

    • I think that your comparison is unfair to the Nazis. At least, they faced real problems that threatened to destroy or impoverish Germany.

      Don’t accept our rulers’ morality.

  50. I do not believe it was all so benign and accidentally

    “We had grasped the great truth that it was not rifles, not tanks and not atom bombs that created power, nor upon them that power rested. Power dependent upon public obedience, upon a willingness to submit.”

    To Build a Castle, Vladimir Bukovsky

  51. By some estimates, the Covid vaccines have resulted in a level of excess death approaching 600,000 people since the spring of 2021 (both Edward Dowd and The Ethical Skeptic have done good work on this topic, but there are others). The number of permanently injured people is several times this number. Cancer, cardiovascular, and autoimmune disorders are all elevated multiple sigmas out of their normal bounds. I personally know or have known multiple people, previously healthy, who have come down with mysterious autoimmune disorders, sudden cancers, and cardiovascular problems, most of whom range from their 20s to 50s. Some of these people have been forced to take long periods of time off from work, or else find a new line of work altogether. In all likelihood, the Covid vaccine will turn out to be the biggest medical disaster of all time, yet it’s barely discussed in the media, if at all, and no one has been held accountable. Given the trajectory of events over the past few years, I doubt anyone responsible will ever be held accountable.

      • Yes. It has come out that Pfizer paid large sums of money directly to certain network news personalities in addition to the networks themselves. Anderson Cooper being one of them.

    • Allow me to countersignal. I know a lot of lefties and they got vaxxed as much as they were told. None of them have suffered ill effects. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who got the side-effects that you often see on right wing social media. Yes, they still all got sick with Covid (cognitive dissonance anyone?) but they’re still alive and well and following the next Current Thing and being upset about it.

      I think a lot of right-wingers are obsessed about the vax because it was their moment too: the managers needed a crisis to manage, and the right-wingers needed a crisis to apply their conspiracy theories and Gadsden flags to.

      • I know plenty of people on both sides who had serious side effects – including a friend who had a palsy In his spine and lost the ability to walk for a while. The difference is that the righties blame the vax and vow to never get another. The lefties blame other things and vow to keep getting boosters.

      • In my circle of family and friends there has been an excess amount of health issues and deaths among those who have taken the experimental vaxx. I also know many who turned down the shot and I don’t know of one health problem among them.

        • Of course this is all anecdotal evidence. I don’t know and most importantly don’t trust anything coming out of obviously-biased media outlets. But in my little world, I don’t see the “died suddenly” thing. Or even much less than that.

          • Died of “suddenly”?
            Just run through the past year’s submissions of “private,” family-submitted obits hosted by a networked funeral provider servicing a high density area (e.g., Dignity Memorials in NYC).

      • I don’t even know that many people and I know three people for certain with vax-health issues, although none of the three would ever say that.

        One interesting anecdote from where I live is that there were an excess amount of cemetery burials in the spring of 2021, but then a dearth thereafter, almost like “something” had “pulled demand forward” around that time.

      • The numbers thus far are about a 4% rate of “Serious life altering conditions or death”, after taking the vax and the boosters. It will be some time, possibly decades, before the numbers are known for people taking just one shot or two shots.

        We do have the excess death rate that posters are talking about. That rate should be the biggest scandal of our lifetimes but I suppose it could just be global warming. Also keep in mind many of the numerous vax lots were much worse than other lots.

      • All this could be resolved with a simple two-cell table showing vaxxed vs. unvaxxed mortality rates.

        I have never seen such a table on the antivax panic circuit and it’s not one of those things that are easy to fudge: dead is dead, vaxxed is vaxxed, not much room for interpretation or ambiguity and very hard to hide.

      • Close friend (age 60) who has long covid. Twice vaxxed, twice boosted. FedGov employee so required to get vax. In good health before. Only had covid once and it was late in the game, when the virus became less virulent.

        Long covid is absolutely debilitating, like having pneumonia that never ends. Walking more than 10-20 yards is difficult, and walking up or down one flight of stairs is exhausting. Working more than three days per week is a challenge. Can no longer maintain interior of home, exterior yardwork is beyond even thinking about. Will likely end up on disability, selling home, and moving to ground-level, single-level condo or townhome. It’s not an overstatement to say that life has been completely and totally ruined by this.

        I’ve had covid three times, the first time early on when it was a virulent virus. Same age cohort as my friend. Never vaxxed. Each time I recovered completely within a few weeks.

        A sample size of two is not sufficient to form a scientific opinion, but as Vox Day says, we all know it’s the vax. The clot shots were not vaccines, they were neither safe, nor effective. Heads need to roll, starting with the leaders of Pfizer, Moderna, the CDC and the FDA.

        • as Vox Day says, we all know it’s the vax.

          Vox Day was a Qtard right up to the day when they putsched the White House in broad daylight without a single patriot loosing a shot.

          As I wrote above, vax mortality is extremely easy to research so we don’t have to rely on what we (or that preposterous gnome in his Dungeon Master-chair) “know.”

          Anecdotal evidence should only ever be considered if there’s no way to get quantitative ditto – and quantitative evidence, by the way, is not “look at the mortality rates shooting up! What could it be but the vax?”

          • Is there a single known case of an unjabbed person with “long covid”? I never heard of it.

          • @Jeffrey
            It should be a fairly simple matter to produce receipts, then.

            Mind you, I don’t believe in “long covid”. It’s a term that was introduced when it transpired that coronavirus didn’t actually make you very sick, so they scared people with this nebulous in-the-future threat – at a point in time when nobody had been infected for more than a couple of months.

            Now “long covid” is the current thing with hypochondriacs, covering everything from fatigue to dizziness.

          • Vox Day was a QTard because he’s a status chaser. He wants everyone to see him on his throne giving stupid takes.

        • Sorry about your friend.

          He’s probably the reason why vaccinations are in development so long. The Covid Vax was rolled out (verrrry conveniently) right after Trump “lost” the election. I imagine there are many more people that got side effects than would have, had it been tested, and had they had the choice to get it. So instead of all the side-effects you hear spoken at the end of pharma commercials, which is usually a handful of people in voluntary trials, now you have thousands who were the involuntary trial.

          I wonder if these side-effects are seen other populations. Like China. China was more vaxxed than anybody, and they had their own vax.

          • Thank you. I neglected to mention the exhaustion suffered. It’s not uncommon for my friend to sleep 16-20 hours per day on days when not working. It can be a struggle to get out of bed, shower, etc., and by the time that is finished is exhausted again. Previous was a fairly active person. Not necessarily athletic, but active.

            The symptoms have persisted for almost a year now, ebbing and flowing somewhat in severity. The poor air quality from Canadian fires has made things particularly difficult, with deep chest coughing rather like pneumonia.

            The decline in health status over the course of a year has been shocking. I can’t imagine a normal lifespan if it persists.

          • There was a study out there that says it’s the result of too much mask wearing. Oxygen depletion or something like that. Wouldn’t you know they were pressured (successfully) to retract it.

            I’m very open to this possiblity because I am willing to bet there is scarcely a person out there with “long covid” who doesn’t wear a mask regularly.

      • Brave. Tough judgment call, and a good call, too.

        They don’t see it, yet we needed something we could clearly point to, as a rallying point.

        The sides of the looming religious war are firming up. Friend / enemy distinction, who can you count on and who you can’t.

        • We could make a split table for “long covid”, too, as well as injury, mortality rates.

          Market Ticker noted the CDC and VAERS do keep such tables, refuse to make them public, which requires sophisticates to parse those data sets with homegrown software.

          The biggies won’t “unmix” them, disguising the signal.

    • It’s really hard for me to get fired up on this since a great many of the vaxxers A) Knew everything we knew and B) Didn’t care. Yeah there was some collateral damage but it’s hard to escape the niggling feeling that a lot of these people are getting what they have coming to them. (That’s was always the puzzling part because it seems to be an own-goal on the part of the regime, but it appears they’re insane enough not to care, like castrating their own kids).

    • I put less attention to those VAERS reports when they appear as simply a “statistical” anomaly. What scares the pants off of me is that many of these instances are written up—with sound theoretical causation linked to the vexxine—in peer reviewed papers. These I pay attention to.

      The problem is that sound study/science takes time and numbers. Bad rush to market “science” takes little to no effort and the financial incentives do not tend toward producing sound/solid findings. 100M+ subjects (just in the US) is going to show a lot of “problems” we should have found initially. Unfortunately, I just heard the other day that big Pharma is going full speed ahead with the technology (mRNA) to produce an array of new and old vexxines since the technology and time to market is irresistible.

  52. “…why the managerial class went mad with Covid”

    Because, like millions of Cartmans, they demanded you will respect my authoritah, and they enjoyed fucking with people, for no reason other than that they could, to rapturous applause.

    • On the plus side, it began the process of the right beginning to hate cops. That was long overdue.

        • I’ve said this many times on the comments here but I feel you need the fun-loving though slightly arrogant doctor who has a sports car as opposed to the bug person glorified social worker archetype you see in other doctors.

          I also feel you see the first archetype the most in surgeons who are usually the most valued and highest paid doctors

    • As any parent know, at some point “eat your vegetables” is no longer about nutrition.

  53. Working for a lab company, I was in the middle of some of the madness. A lot of the managerial types are stupid and will believe whatever they are told to believe. So they are easy to manipulate into a panic if the elites think it’ll help the next election or their profits.

    I did visit a giant hospital on a project that had mobile morgues in the parking lot because they were killing so many people.
    Doctors who should have known better were denying patients drugs that worked (horse dewormer, malaria medicine) while administering dangerous drugs that don’t work (Remdesivir) then putting them on ventilators knowing half would never wake up. It was managed mass murder.

    Instead of being appalled by it and trying to stop the killing, most of the idiot managerials were alarmed into obeying and managing harder.

    • It sure didn’t hurt that those ‘covid’ diagnoses, ‘approved’ treatments and so on were financially rewarded. If you are a hospital administrator, what’s not to like?

      • Before the Covid scamdemic the hospitals as a whole were going broke. After, they were well “into the black”—a bounty given for each Covid patient discovered and “treated”. This incentive brought to you by the same government bureaucracy that wants to run a socialized medicine scheme on the nation. What can go wrong?

    • “mobile morgues in the parking lot because they were killing so many people.”

      Holy sh**!! Good grief, that’s a first. Keen capture!

    • It makes me wonder if the Xhosa cult could happen on the current year. Maybe we’re not any less primitive than 1850s africans

  54. I don’t disagree with any of this, but it’s important to note that all of the managerial crisis management not only did not require anything of the managers, but created a feedback loop in the form of work-from-home arrangements that pampered the managerial class as a reward for their continued panic. We really didn’t have lockdowns as much as white-collar workers working-from-home while poor people brought them stuff. But that’s not to say the primary motivation for sustaining the Panic was material, instead I’m agreeing that laptops created the conditions where Managerial class could feel virtuous about their self-regard.

    • There’s some modest statistical evidence now that the COVID work-from-home phenomenon produced a White baby bump in the last year or two.

      Many of the Natalist Tradcoms with whom I interact are thrilled at the prospect of work from home.

      Push out baby.
      Repeat ad infinitum.

      [Never let a good crisis go to waste…]

      • One of the few silver linings. It also got people outside. It’s subsided a little, but I definitely see more outdoor recreation than I used to. Even if I don’t like that my road has been discovered, it’s better than Netflix and chill, that’s for sure!

  55. Watch one of those “day in the life of x” videos that are everywhere and the answer is clear. Swaths of people working on committees with useless titles got a break from being useless and got to actually do something that impacted the real world. Deep inside, they knew they were parasites, and covid finally gave them a sense of importance.

    Political leaders seemed to have a complex of being the most insufferable and stifling kindergarten teacher you have ever seen. Watch some of the Michigan governor’s press conferences at that time and watch her facial mannerisms. Complete psycho control freak that acted like she was talking to toddlers.

    • Chet Rollins: “Deep inside, they knew they were parasites”

      There I’ma hafta disagree.

      I suspect that you’re [subconsciously?] assuming that they are possessed of the senses of Introspection & Extrospection, but I don’t see those qualities in any of the sh!tlibs with whom I interact.

      Sh!tlibs have all the psychological nuance of a battalion of Sherman tanks rattling down to the front lines, obliterating everything in their paths.

      I would argue that the average sh!tlib is utterly oblivious to its own innate parasitic nature.

      • ‘Seared consciences’ in Biblespeak. Idea is, once people have lied to themselves — and to others — sufficient that deceit becomes second nature, well then whatever innate self-reflective potentialities they once had as a creation of God disappears. Only the Self remains. Ole Sigmund’s Raging Id.

        Scripture makes clear that God never imposes ‘strong delusion’ upon persons until they’ve met the conditions above.

        Along around the Eighties I recall a glossy mag actually titled Self. Glam women on cover loaded with swag. I thought oh shit beestie is arising, this won’t end well.

  56. This explains the managerial class reaction: What explains the willing mass compliance?

    We’re generations away from WWII, or the Civil War; religion has collapsed, families are broken, individuals are atomized.

    I think everyone just wanted to be a part of a “great struggle.” They didn’t want to let it go, even when it was obvious that this was a nothing burger. We’re herd animals, after all.

    Shelby Foot of the Civil War trilogy famously wrote:

    “[men and women] took what came with a general determination to measure up to what was expected of them. It was their good fortune, or else their misery, to belong to a generation in which every individual would be given a chance to discover and expose his worth, down to the final ounce of strength and nerve.”

  57. You’re missing the conspiracy behind this pharmaceutical extortion racket. Basically, it was a test run for the next fake pandemic where they wil want to impose a more vicious lockdown.

    • He is also missing the various pandemic simulations conducted by Bill Gates and the WEF folks. Mr. Z has generally resisted the conspiracy answer that is accepted by many dissidents.

      • In Z’s defense, it is imperative that we understand the psycho/sociological underpinnings which allowed the Conspirators to lead the mangerialists around by their noses.

        As far as I know, nary a single managerialist in the FDA nor the CDC has stepped forward to publicly denounce the Conspirators & their Conspiracy.

        Furthermore, the rumors we all heard were precisely that it was the PhDs in the FDA & the CDC who were refusing the V@xxines, and only the lesser edumakated workers who were consenting to the V@xxines.

        Why haven’t any of those PhD mangerialists gone on the record denouncing the COVID hoax and the V@xxines of Death?

        [And why hasn’t Kevin McCarthy nor Rand Paul subpoenaed the PhD managerialists to testify as to why they themselves refused to submit to the V@xxines?]

        There’s something about the psycho-sociological nature of the mangerialists [perhaps something as simple as pre-selection for personality type prior to offer of employment] which causes the managerialists to behave in these inhuman fashions.

        The Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex only succeeds if all the hive insects are of one mind when it comes to the protection of the hive.

        If there are any traitor drones who spill the beans as to what really happened, then very quickly the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex will be overwhelmed & destroyed by the Active Aggressive Industrial Complex.

        • In Z’s defense, it is imperative that we understand the psycho/sociological underpinnings which allowed the Conspirators to lead the mangerialists around by their noses.

          But that’s not the same as Spontaneous Managerial Mass Neurosis (SMMN) being the driving factor behind lockdownerism. I agree with Kerdasi that there’s a worrying lack of conspiracy theory in today’s column.

          SMMN does not explain, for instance, why suddenly journalists worldwide were going on about people who died WITH Covid, rather than OF Covid. That’s pretty much an admission that a) journalists knew the numbers were fake and b) they were quite happy to propagate fake news on the issue.

          Back in April 2020, the Danish director for the Institute of Infectious Diseases (Seruminstituttet) told the public that Covid wasn’t a big deal and we should just keep calm and carry on as usual and stay home if you had the sniffles. Next day he had to do a public struggle session – very painful and humiliating, it looked, but he kept his job and never strayed from the script again.

          The epidemic lasted three weeks, four at most, it was over months before the “vaccine” was rolled out and offered to the public for “voluntary” injections. All this could be ascertained by consulting the government’s own numbers, published on a government website and liked below every Youtube video on the subject.

          All this to say that even the most jaded paper pusher would hesitate to promote direct lies that threatened public health and national economies because if there’s one thing they fear more than they love power, it’s to have any kind of responsibility dropped in their lap.

          Senior civil servants get up in the morning and go to bed at night thinking of ways to cover their ass, in case an oversight committee comes visiting. Half of all the paper generated in the public sector is insurance policies against being held responsible for bad managerial policies.

          • And by the way, we just had the cost of the jab leaked to the public here in Denmark. In Copenhagen, it was $40 per, in the rest of the country the price was between…

            (…checks notes…)

            …$1,500 and…. holy mother of fuck!… $3,500 PER JAB.

        • Anecdote: I have friend whose father is a retired pediatrician (Yale, Case (Western)). He fancies himself a maverick, but for reelz, “there is no one more ‘establishment’.”

          This man, who administered (tens of?) thousands of childhood vaccines over the course his career, became something of a conservative – not a sceptic, mind! – on vax-ing issues over the course of time.

          He and his wife remain purebloodz.

          I inquired as to whether he became a signatory to the Great Barring ton declaration.

          (The look he shot me!)

      • All western governments plan for pandemics. I have first hand knowledge of this through my work on pandemics. In fact, the American government has lots of people working on many plans for every conceivable pandemic. There are 80,000 people at NIH alone. They need to keep busy and one way to do it is to work on these plans. The same is true of the military. Every year they revisit the plan to invade Canada, for example.

        • If you want to kill people, what better field than healthcare? If you want to break things, what better field than the military? If you want to corrupt children, what better field than education? If you want to start fires, what better field than firefighting? If you want to sow chaos, what better field than crisis management?

          Public trust makes it possible, and public trust is evaporating. It’s possible it’s paranoia, but I think it’s just as possible it’s a growing public awareness. Drives you a little nutty at first, because you don’t want to accept it, then you have to come to terms with it.

        • Yes, all governments have had detailed, published plans to respond to pandemics but in this instance Sweden was the only government on the planet that actually FOLLOWED the plans.

          Lockdowns, forced/coerced “vaccinations”, travel bans, canceling medical procedures, masking — NONE of these were ever included in any NIH/CDC/WHO/etc. plan anywhere in the world pre-covid. In fact, all of the plans had explicitly promoted THE OPPOSITE.

          This is the evidence us conspiracy theorists like to focus on. Why did nearly every government abandon long-standing plans en masse everywhere, at the exact same time? And why did all of the changes to long-standing plans annihilate our freedoms and/or benefit Big Pharma to the tune of billions and billions and billions of liability-free dollars?

          • It really is only the conspiracy theorists who are shock and awed at total costs. Anything implemented as national effort to do something will cost large sums and…*gasp*….profiteering occurs. Get over it.

          • One of my decreasingly-normie friends used to tell me one of capitalism’s virtues is that it bends greed to the good.

            Get a headache trying to square that one.

    • Part of this certainly was a glorified bailout of the catastrophically expensive U.S. healthcare system by having it get the maximum amount of money for the least amount of work. Looking back decades every U.S. medical act has been a way to patch the system without any kind of reform (i.e. just dumping more money into it).


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