The Crisis Of Trust

The primary concern for any ruling elite is to remain the ruling elite, which means they must always look out for the peasant revolt. By definition, ruling elites are a minority population that rules over the majority. The relationship between the elite and the masses must be asymmetrical, which is why there are no elites that are poorer than the people over whom they rule. Combined with the numerical disparately this makes managing the relationship a primary concern for elites.

Second, but still in the primary group of concerns, is the palace coup, which is a way of saying instability in the elite class. There is a hierarchy within every elite and elites are composed of humans with a fixed lifespan. This means the people at the top of the elite class will not be there forever. This gives hope to younger members at the bottom who have ambitions about rising up the ranks. Every ruling elite needs a way to control this so that the elite can appear unified to the masses.

To see how this works, one only has to consider the most common form of rule in human history, which is monarchy. The king must always balance the needs of the people against the needs of his family, but he must also balance the interests of the prominent families against one another and his own interests. The king does not want angry peasants showing up at his castle, but he also has to make sure the nobility thinks he is their best bet to remain a nobility.

This is the key to the monarch’s success. The nobility, the church and the peasants all have to see the king as their best chance at peace and prosperity. If any of the three begins to see the king as the cause of their troubles or a threat to their position, they no longer have a reason to support the king. Maintaining the balance, therefore, requires the king to be the very symbol of order. It is only in an orderly world that you can be sure that your interest will be protected.

In the modern age, the same rules apply, but they are expressed in more abstract and arbitrary terms. For example, the party in charge is responsible for keeping a good economy, which is not always easy to quantify. Even in the best of times, there are people unhappy with the economy. In the booming 1980’s, the working classes were not happy because their jobs were being sold off to foreigners. The middle-class was thrilled because their jobs were booming.

That three-legged stool on which monarchy rests, the nobility, the church, and the peasantry, does not work in a liberal democracy. No one is loyal to anyone in liberal systems because we are all individuals. What fosters cooperation is individual loyalty to a set of ideas that define the system. The three-legged stool of monarchy is replaced with economics, security, and culture in a liberal democracy, which is held together by trust in the official holders and the institutions.

If you look at American elections going back since the dawn of this liberal democratic empire, they have always been about the same topics. Economics is always a top concern of voters and the pols seeking their vote. Security is a close second, expressed as crime fighting or foreign policy initiatives. The third item always on the list is something from the culture war that never ends. Elections turn on which side is most trusted at the moment on these items.

Go back to the beginning and you see it in presidents. Eisenhower was trusted on foreign policy because that was the top concern. Kennedy won in 1960 because the culture was becoming the top concern and Nixon was not viewed as a trustworthy political actor, despite his competence on other issues. Nixon won in 1968 by appealing to Southerners on cultural and security grounds. He also won votes from other regions due to his foreign policy credentials.

While democracy obscures elites from the people, the superficial aspects of the system operate by the oldest of rules. The people will generally support those who are most trusted on the pressing issues of the day. If it is the economy, then the side viewed as sympathetic to that issue will do well. When people are concerned about the culture, then those viewed as normal will triumph over those indulging in cultural experimentation and novelty.

This brings us back to the needs of the ruling elite. The dynamics of democracy are supposed to address both of their primary concerns. On the one hand, it is a useful feedback loop to keep the peasants from revolting. Instead of angry peasants showing up at the castle with a list of demands, the peasants select the options presented by the ruling class on election day. The rulers then know where to fix their attention and the peasants feel like their concerns are being addressed.

Of course, elections and the industry around them help solve the other problem within the elite, which is the palace coup. Elections are a sort of scoreboard used by elites to settle differences between the sides. It also helps them gauge how the peasants are responding to elite initiatives. This prevents elites from imposing polices that are good for the elite, but hated by the peasants. It reinforces the survival logic that must guide the internal behavior of all ruling elites.

If we look back at the two great revolutions in Western history, we can see how this natural order was at the center of the revolt. In pre-revolutionary France, the peasants were facing increasing pressure economically. The nobility was increasingly at odds with the king. The church was coming under pressure by the changing cultural landscape brought on by new ideas. All three legs of the system were faltering while trust in the king was declining.

Tsarist Russia faced a similar crisis. On the one hand, the peasants were under pressure from the changing economic conditions of the empire. On the other hand, the urban working class was demanding reform. The conservative culture was failing the peasants, but it was in opposition to the workers. The fracturing culture threatened the position of the nobility. Instead of being that which held the system together, the Tsar was increasingly viewed as the problem.

When you look at the current crisis, you first see that the feedback loop that allows the elite to take the temperature of the peasants is broken. The elite stopped trusting the election system after 2016. The elite response to this collapse in trust resulted in the peasants losing trust in the system in 2020. In other words, the trust system is collapsing on both sides of the relationship. This is what makes the debate over economics, security, and culture so bizarre.

The disconnect can be seen in the issues. The people are worried about the collapse of the American system, but the elites are pushing radical cultural fads like pedophilia and ritual child mutilation. The people are increasingly concerned for their safety, but elites are unleashing black criminals and promising global war. Inflation remains the top concern for Americans, but both parties ignore it. The political system and the voters are two ships passing in the night.

When you look at the other half of the elite concerns, the palace coup, it is clear that the elites are highly paranoid about one another. The behavior of the secret police toward the political class reflects that loss of trust in the political system. The increasing narrowness of debate within the media reflects the general fear of being seen as disloyal to the system. The people at the top are not just paranoid about the peasants but they also fear their own people.

Following the loss of the Russo-Japanese war, a delegation of liberal reformers led by an aristocrat named Sergei Trubetskoi went to the Tsar and told him that the people still trusted him, but they could no longer tolerate the chaos. In other words, it was not the policies of the Tsar that were causing civil unrest. It was the failure of those polices to restore order. Therefore, reform was needed to restore trust. The Tsar seemed to agree and then set about doing the opposite.

What followed was increased activity by the secret police and the unleashing of gangs loyal to the regime. Like Antifa, the SPLC, the ADL and the other regime aligned toadies and thugs, the Black Hundred set upon anyone suspected of questioning the Tsar or the tsarist system. Disorder was met by elite policies that created more disorder. Tsarist Russia was plunged into a spiral of declining trust by the one thing that held the system together, the Tsar himself.

The relevance to this age should be obvious. The current unrest is not due to incompetence or perfidy among the political class. That is an issue, but that has always been a feature of the liberal system. The cause of the current unrest is a collapse of trust in the system itself. In order to preserve their status, the elite is acting outside the agreed upon rules. This further erodes the peasant’s trust in the system, which feeds the elite distrust of the peasantry.

America is rapidly approaching that point where the calls for reform contradict the demands for order. The elite can initiate reform, but this puts their position at risk, so they view calls for reform as a physical threat. Therefore they choose to impose order, which is viewed by the peasants as a threat to their safety. Those two irreconcilable forces, reform and order, end up on the same track heading for a crash. This is never settle by the ballot box, but by the cartridge box.

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176 thoughts on “The Crisis Of Trust

  1. The only people not getting what they want from the current system are bad whites and to a lesser extent working class Hispanic men.

    Everyone else (the people favored by the elite) are increasingly getting what they want.

    White women to the left side of the divide are getting rewarded for their loyalty except in losing the abortion ruling. Granted they will not be fully happy until no black is in jail, all guns are taken away from bad whites and no children (outside maybe of their own) have their original sexual organs intact. They are eager to crash the economy fire everyone else to help Mother Gaia defeat the Sun God.

    Blacks are getting more and more special privileges. Sure bigots will still put violent blacks in jail but a lot of progress been made. They may be upset at skyrocketing costs of bling once reparations kick in but we aren’t there yet.

    Chinese want more school slots, real estate and jobs from whites. They also want more of their family through immigration. Sure they would like to reduce black violence but Chinese take the long view and know they can move away from blacks.

    Indians have similar goals to Chinese but are very caste conscious and want to cement their position with the tribe at the top.

    Hispanic women want more gimme dats like blacks.

    Hispanic men aren’t all that philosophical but want better jobs and less black crime.

    The real wild card is elite disagreements over war with China. The Empire has been very good to the elite but I doubt few share the neocons desire for conflict with China. That will be interesting to see how that struggle progresses.

  2. “Nixon won in 1968 by appealing to Southerners on cultural and security grounds.”

    No. George Wallace won the five deep states of AR, LA, AL, GA, MS. These states are as Southern as you can get, so the Z quote is not accurate. Wallace formed the American Independent party.

    In 1968 Nixon promised peace with honor and removal of Americans from Vietnam. When he went into office it was 536100, at the end of his first term this had dropped to 24200. Given his success ending the nightmare he won a landslide 49 states.

    This landslide scared the britches off democrats who were in fear of losing their congressional majorities if Nixon was allowed to stay, so a coup was in order. A good rundown on this is at in the vid section, Tales of the American Empire and titled The 1974 CIA Coup.

  3. The problem the Regime has is it does not exist apart from other rival great power interference. Great powers that have concluded that they can have neither peace nor security as long as the current regime exists and thus their only choice for both is to destroy the current regime. And that goes beyond which gang of thieves occupies the White House and Congress. Beyond the Deep State to the very structure of the Regime. The Regime burned through any trust it had with its enemies abroad the way it did with those at home.

    And in this they have the self-destructive nature of the Regime. If it truly wanted power, it would have done things to create the appearance of “fairness” while making sure it was the dominant military and industrial power greater than even a combination of rivals. Instead the regime’s innate hatred of White people led it to seek punishment of its internal enemies over everything else.

    Trust matters in a way that it did not for the Czar in 1905. These great powers seek not only repeated military defeats upon the regime, likely coordinated, but to “heighten the contradictions” by stoking the brewing hatreds in the non-White population into Hotel Rwanda like conditions. Given the slap on the wrist for Hunter Biden, neither regime internal allies nor enemies, nor external allies or enemies, will trust it. Saudi has turned to Russia and China for protection, a massive security defeat for the US. While the Regime dreams of battery powered tanks and fighter jets. The push for Reparations is likely IMHO to turn hot via social media encouraged acts of violence to get it, with likely foreign regime help in pushing the most extreme reactions (imposition of the White tax for reparations, a done deal at this point) mixed with the Alphabet people’s demand for unfettered sexual and mutilation of (White only) people’s children.

    With the goal of creating something like South Sudan in the US — constant civil violence on a continental scale. Regime Change, it is not just for the GAE. Thus both rival superpowers can gain peace and security by destroying the GAE.

    Man in the High Castle, Beavis and Butthead version, with Xi and Putin meeting in say Kansas.

    • Your mention of The Man in the High Castle brings up the question I care most about: Are “we” still civilized—and do we even know if we are or not?

      In Dick’s *shitty pulp fiction* book the Japanese took California (basically) and the state was both defeated and improved in ways he understood and depicted plausibly. He wrote the only believable fictional Japanese man in non-Japanese literature. Only a handful of decades later, can *anyone anywhere* accomplish anything like that?

      The Man in the High Castle tv/internet show was a retarded local Californian variant of Israeli SS pornography—until it turned into an American white genocide (except the Jews!) fantasy.

      “We” can’t do anything but die.

      • Man in the High Castle is a masterpiece of Sci-Fi and alternate history, and rightly won the Hugo award…Dick’s imagination created something that resonates on several levels, from spiritual to the alternate worlds thesis…

      • The TV was decent until they completely woked it up after they realized most of the fanbase thought life in that version of the US looked pretty good, especially in the German-controlled area.

        Rufus Sewell as John Smith also did a great job stealing the show from Alexa Davalos’ Juliana Crane.

  4. “American elections… have always been about the same topics.”— this enables that semi-genre of “political comedy”, not necessarily ha-ha funny but enjoyed by certain 1990s urbanites as I recall (Doonesbury, Mark Russell, the Capitol Steps, P.J. O’Rourke— that sort of really precious Beltway stuff). If you watch a Tom Clancy adaptation they will have these phony fictional candidates and campaigns that are basically fungible yet quite plausible as actual American politics. Obama wrung the last bit of juice from this lemon.

    But yeah, it makes sense sociologically why Our Democracy(tm) would be this insipid. It had to follow a certain theatrical template of normie “issues” or the guys and now women in the formerly smoke-filled room get very nervous. In 1996 Clinton campaigned on bringing back school uniforms.

  5. I don’t allow my comments to be censored and/or moderated.

    Beyond this, however, clearly I do not seek the same world as the majority of commenters here. Out.

    Shalom! :O)

  6. A great comparison to the plight of western whites to some peoples of the past . the author understands that this is a worldwide issue for whites . It implys , as id blindingly obvious, that there must be an orgainzation pushing the agenda .or likely several global instutions . WEF, CCP, ETC. Sadly he doesn’t advise his followers ort have a family. but good none the less.

    • We are not the Han, Amerindians, or Judeans. We are the backbone of the US Security State in its global reach. Against the tidal wave of third world rulers the natural outcome will be Samson in the Temple. Deliberate or through purges.

      Simply put without Straight White Males keeping everything from the power on to clean drinking water to US Naval superiority in the Pacific and Atlantic, the North American Continent simply becomes the ugliest battle ground for competing racial / tribal interests (such as Alphabet people vs. Muslims in Hammtrack MI) that quickly goes Pol Pot meets Hotel Rwanda. And the GAE simply ceases to exist. This of course will be pushed hard by Russia and China who have concluded they will have neither peace nor security while the current Regime in any iteration remains intact.

      Already we have no ability to replace in any timely fashion anything expended in Project Ukraine. Neither missiles, nor tanks, or APCs, nor artillery shells, nor artillery tubes. We cannot even make the F-16/18/22 any more, and annual production of the F-35 (terrible plane) is about a few dozen at most. There is not even a chance that Greater Mexico or Greater Honduras is going to beat the Chinese in the Pacific, or Russians in the Atlantic.

      You can say this about our rulers: they chose anti-White hatred over power every time.

      Regime Change is not just for the GAE. Others can play that game too. And will — both other great powers know this and no doubt are pushing the insanity as hard as they can.

      • There is every reason to conclude that those who chose anti white hatred over power did so, in part, because they genuinely believe Admiral La’Quishia will lead the new vibrantly improved rainbow fleet even better than Admiral Spruance did. I see nothing to rebut this. They did not deliberately choose the diminishment of their own power. They are incapable of choosing that consciously.

      • As a society reaches its last stages before collapse, the rulers become both greedier and dumber, and we are no exception..The result is going to be breakup, and devolving into much poorer clumps of survivors…

  7. math review time, haven’t done this out for a while. I have a pile of 230 million beans with a ‘size’ distribution of 100 grams average and since all beans have a 15 gram std dev. in weight this gives me a pile of beans 130 grams or more of 11.5 million! Wow! On the other hand my neighbor has been bragging that his pile of beans is better because he claimed that their average weight was 114 grams but the whole pile is only about 6.8 million so even if he’s not lying about the average weight he can only have around 2.1 million beans of 130 grams or more. My problem is when we both go down to the sorting machine at the market (his sister-cousin-uncle-dad owns it btw and I’m not allowed to start my own market) which filters out all the beans less than 130 grams only about 5 – 10% of the accepted beans come from my pile and 90 – 95% come from his. How could this be?

    • It’s simply a matter of supply and demand, dear Sir. RhymesWithSoy Beans are not on the menu at the Country Club in the Current Year.

      Trust the Hidden Hand!


  8. This has me thinking on a topic which is that I feel meritocracy is actually a halfway house to whatever system we have now. Like I almost feel like having familial based machine politics would do better than whatever we have now. like I feel that helps keep the woke out of politics.

    Likewise I feel that meritocracy selects for a type of person who had a tiger parent and whose success may be impressive but something nonetheless feels off about them. Like he probably won’t get his wish, but Ted Cruz seemed like someone who was wanting to be on the supreme court when he was 16 – while I have a doubt someone like Fred Vinson or Hugo black were like that.

    I feel a non meritocratic but more of a nepotistic system in both college admissions and politics would be better. Does anyone see what I’m getting at? I can understand if you don’t agree.

    • when my kids came home from school talking about how they ‘felt’ about this or that, I slapped them upside the head and told them weren’t allowed to have feelings.

    • White nepotism? You betcha!
      I’m all for Privilege.

      Now that They have come into power, “fellow whites” openly declare “I’m not white, I’m XXXish!” as that ascertains their moral superiority. Ok, then, out you go, here’s your permanent aliyah if its so dammed important.

      My ancestors anglicised their name and adopted Christianity, and the majority culture with it.

      Sure we’ll have white ethnics squabbling, but what they won’t be replacing. With what? More whites? It keeps things in bounds.

      Restrictions and colored stars, as in all nonCaucasian groups because aparthied works.
      We’ve tried the melting pot, gave it an honest go, a fair hearing, and the verdict is in.

      • Simply put, if you were to replace Japanese with more Japanese, you’d still get modern Tokyo.

  9. Now and then, I think about Ruby Thewes in Cold Mountain. When the Swanger family is tortured and murdered by the Home Guard, Ruby exclaims, “This world won’t stand long, God won’t let it.” But the truth Ruby didn’t want to face, that nobody really wants to face, is that God lets all kinds of things stand for a long time. That the wicked not only prosper, but rule. While maddeningly cloaking their perfidy in garments of righteousness.

    Russia may or may not be a gas station with nukes, but the GAE is definitely an ATM with nukes. (Not an original observation on my part). And as long as the ATM keeps spitting out bills that are worth something, there will be no peasant revolt nor any other kind of revolt. Because we can all be bought. We have all been bought. The evidence of that is in our posting here rather than organizing and rebelling. Which admittedly would face insurmountable, probably impossible odds. As long as the ATM works.

    Our forefathers who rebelled over some relatively minor taxes possessed comparable firepower to the regime. Had no need for digitized financial arrangements which the regime could turn off. No fear of technological surveillance. They may have risked their sacred honor, but what they faced was relatively easy by comparison.

    Continuing with the cinematic analogies, if this was Braveheart it would already be over. But this isn’t Braveheart. Or The Patriot. It’s more like The Matrix meets John Waters.

    • “ And as long as the ATM keeps spitting out bills that are worth something,”

      The ATM spits out bills worth something (meaning there is stuff to buy as we import everything these days and produce nothing) because basically the world demands dollars to settle their trade payments among themselves. Used to be gold, but that was too confining for running up deficits. Citizen always makes the point that the world can’t simply stop using dollars and we will skate along for awhile on this fact.

      I’m not so sure, but my economic knowledge is not as great as Citizen’s. In any event, I’m enjoying watching the Fed attempt to control inflation. The enjoyment coming from imagining how the Dem’s will spin the current rate fiasco in time for 2024 elections. Watching my wealth decline is of course another story. 😉

    • “Our forefathers who rebelled over some relatively minor taxes possessed comparable firepower to the regime.”

      They also enjoyed a certain amount of sympathy within the regime, as well as an enormous amount of financial and direct military assistance from the regime’s rival powers and other outside parties (the transformation of the Continental Army from a rag-tag band of colonial militia to a serious fighting force is attributed to the Prussian Baron von Steuben).

  10. I’ve been wishing for a few years that my grandparents never left Switzerland.

          • Assuming you mean coming from the north. Technically you can drive as far as Panama. To take a vehicle further south would require some kind of ferry/ship connection. I’ve never been down there, but reputation is that the local economy and people are, shall we say, sketchy. If you must visit that part of the world, probably best to fly in and out.

          • There’s this thing called the Darien Gap which will stop you driving all the way. Search for Chevy Corvair Darien Gap — interesting tale.

            Eventually the Chinese might hew a way through it and build a highway. Or who ever comes after the Chinese. Might even be ‘Americans’ after the civilisational wheel has turned a few more times (which might take us to 3023 or so).

            It takes civilisational confidence and on-the-upswing energy. We ain’t got it.

        • I’ve heard good things about Slovenia, too, although I suspect the GAE has its meathooks in it to some degree.

        • Pre plandemic, Uruguay was high on my list of potential expat destinations. But it failed that test just like almost all the rest.

    • Swiss emigration laws famously require a poll of one’s local neighbors to approve/disapprove of permanent residency.

      Or used to, anyway.

      Would that the US copied the Swiss.

  11. Today’s post seems to assume that the American peasantry is relevant to the fortunes of the elite. Palace coups are always possible but may not matter in an era when the losing side faces mere inconvenience not the gallows. Even the need for political prisoners going forward may diminish to zero.

    Asian occupation, first economic, then demographic may be our future with the elite their Praetorian guard while the usual numbskulls console themselves by blaming the tribe.

    • Who threw open the gates?
      Who financialized offshoring?

      The Chinese were a bicycle economy. They didn’t raid our state pension or index funds for their Red Chips.

      • Alz-

        The sad truth is that the current incarnation of China is a monster of the West’s own making.

        It certainly didn’t have to be this way.

  12. One more observation about revolutionary Russia and contemporary AINO. In the case of the former, a broad section of the nobility, beginning in the 1850s, adopted radical egalitarian ideas springing from the French philosphes and the various strands of Marxism. Now while the nobility were certainly elites, they were squarely on the side of the peasants and in opposition to Tsarism. Some of these nobles became terrorists, and they were, of course, responsible for assassinating Tsar Aleksander II.

    In AINO, the entire elite Power Structure, from the president on down to the professoriate, are beholden to radical ideas, and have increasingly been so since the second half of the 1960s. Unlike in revolutionary Russia, however, the ideas are poststructural rather than Marxist, and rather than target the pinnacle of the political system, they home in on a different enemy, the white race.

    Ultimately, the Russian radicals succeeded in eliminating the Tsardom. Doing the same to whites, who still comprise the majority of AINO’s population, will be much more difficult, but the process is very much underway.

    This is a mad project, but the people pursuing it are quite deranged. Marxism actually made a certain amount of sense, and Russia’s radicals, although fanatical and bloodthirsty, were essentially rational. Poststructuralism, on the other hand, is fundamentally irrational, which is why it attracts only maniacs. The Power Structure seeking to liquidate society’s lawful, intelligent and productive element is therefore insane. It cannot succeed in its ultimate objective, but it can unleash epochol horror in the crazed pursuit of its aims. The future is an exceedingly dangerous place.

    • As the madness increases, I dare say the conflagration in AINO will consume not only many of us ‘bad people’, but also will consume more than a few ‘good whites’ who were a part of the Power Structure but end up as Former People (ref Douglas Smith book re: final days of Russian aristocracy).
      Some, albeit, small consolation.

    • The future is an exceedingly dangerous place. Great sentence. The instability is making the future unpredictable and volitol.

    • Well done Koz.

      “It cannot succeed in its ultimate objective.”

      The truth therein will become more evident as time goes on. Life in the 21st century has become so complex that the consequences of replacing competence with incompetence is being accompanied by disaster after disaster. Incompetence floats to the top. My God, Fetterman! Biden! Harris! Any big city mayor! Lord have mercy.

  13. Assuming the neocons get their way and start a war with China and suffers a defeat, what would this look like? Like if they manage to sink a carrier, what would the response be? If China dumps treasuries, presumably they will simply nullify the treasuries and invoke unpaid WW2 debt as the reason. If the Chinese have a base in Cuba, would they attack the homeland?

    Empty Walmarts would probably be a problem here, but it probably wouldn’t break us. Oil shortages are likely.

    The worst part is China is an enemy of our own making. We built them up under the theory that as they got rich, they would embrace globohomo. It apparently never occurred to them that as the Chinese got richer, we’d get poorer.

    Managing the empire is their biggest failure.

    • Just two asides. First, the regime recently sent their official suck-up over to China to let them know that GAE is all sound and no fury (as if they needed to be told). Now, was he being honest? Who knows, he may not even know.

      Secondly, the only reason the Chinese hold treasuries is because it’s a better option than holding a bunch of dollars they can’t do anything with. “Dumping” them would just net them a bunch of fresh FebBux that they can…put in a pile and stare at I guess.

      • If I were a wealthy foreigner (individual or nation) I would be, to the extent possible, converting my U.S. Treasury or other “paper” assets into real property, preferably out of the clutches of the dying GAE. Sucks to have one’s assets confiscated. Doesn’t even need a declaration of war nowadays. I really wonder if GAE thought matters through when they froze/confiscated Russian assets. Are they really so stupid as to think the rest of the world didn’t take notice? Will these continue to bank with us, trust us not to foreclose on their assets whenever GAE gets in a snit? Or will they draw away, seeking other options?

  14. One issue I’ve noticed that really gained traction among both right wing and left wing people I talk to is the new about Congress actively, and with zero shame, day trading their bills on the floor. This news was never broadcast like the latest Trump controversy, but it was out there and the destruction of any remaining trust in that institution was interesting to watch. Everyone knows that they’re thieves, but it was like watching a convenience store robbery on a security tape. And, unlike the early 90’s Congressional Post Office Scandal, absolutely nothing happened. Not even a semblance of a round-up. No sacrificial Rostenkowski going to jail. The old guys always knew someone had to take the fall.

    • “The old guys always knew someone had to take the fall.”

      This part changed only recently. I was watching CNN at some point during the Trump presidency when it became undeniable that the intelligence services had attempted a coup (it wasn’t called that outright even though that was the case). As some very damning detail emerged, you could tell John Brennan and James Clapper were distinctly shaken by the news. Nothing happened to them, of course, but the point is they thought it might.

      The National Security State is in full control now, and the political actors and actresses and the administrative apparatchiks know they can act with impunity unless they somehow run afoul of it. As I asked Z below, if things go south and get spicy, is there any way a Regime faction could throw a sacrificial lamb to the wolves? I think not but am open to different opinions. I do think that time is on the horizon due to economic shakiness.

      • They couldn’t even bring themselves to offer up an unknown nobody had ever heard of before like McCabe, Ohr, or Strzok. Instead these people get jobs in cable news. They obviously see zero need to appease or make any sacrifices.

    • Is this the behavior of people fearful of a peasant revolt? I don’t think so. But it is the behavior of lunatics drunk on absolute power.

      • Somewhere in the ranks of our military, I suspect, are a few men who will become very famous someday. It may be a year from now or ten. These men right now might be Lt. Colonels, or perhaps a Commander in the Navy.

  15. There currently is no major unrest. Bellies are full, houses warm or cool, stuff pricier but available and quite often in reach. War is distant. That dynamic likely is about to change, and there is little doubt an economic catastrophe is on the horizon and the response very well could be a hot war or another distraction like a domestic crackdown.

    So a question, Z. If the populace grows undeniably restless, is there any chance the Regime would attempt an American version of perestroika and glasnost? The Regime seems unified on even the madness, but if a peasant revolt turned serious, is there any faction that would or even could break rank and re-run the Gorbachev playbook? My take is the insanity and rot are so deep it may not be possible, so if you would, do you have an opinion on this, Z?

    • Reform unleashes instability, as was the case in the USSR. My guess is AINO’s power structure has hoisted in that historical verity and will dig in its heels rather than reform.

      • That type of thing goes way back though: they introduced reform because they had to, not because they wanted to. The crisis causing the reform is what was fomenting the revolution.

      • This is most likely correct, but I find the USSR analogy less fitting on this particular point than something like the Young Turks or court intrigues in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If one faction feels its grift is at risk, it can incite peasant unrest to try to gain and consolidate power over the faction presenting an immediate problem. To wit, the instability is a feature and not a bug until that particular faction gets the upper hand and quells/buys off the peasants. We saw this with the Floyd riots, I think.

        There no doubt are Regime factions intoxicated by their power, but now and then we catch a glimpse of uncertainty. There does seem to be anti-China and pro-China factions, and Anthony Blinken kowtowing in Beijing may indicate the pro-China faction has demanded some sort of assurances they can keep their gig. The silver lining may be that the Ukraine madness may have to come to an end to keep those folks satisfied.

    • How does one open the open society? If there is to be reform, it obviously can’t go in that direction. It can only come in the form of “refining” who its enemies are who are preventing its greater openness.

      In other words, the “madness” is the reform

  16. “What fosters cooperation is individual loyalty to a set of ideas that define the system.”

    Hmm. Loyalty to a set of ideas reeks of civnattery, and that’s proven to be a poor way to unify a people. People aren’t loyal to ideas, they’re loyal to people — their family, their clan, their shire, and so on. You can unite related clans into a nation, as long as each clan thinks it is being treated fairly, but they still are a related people. Mexican immigrants, for example, are a different people with different ways. The ideas in the Declaration of Independence don’t bind them to the rest of us. Our founding documents are just relics of who we are as a related people.

    A lot of modern people think of religion as “a set of ideas,” but that’s a very recent liberal-influenced perspective. In Christian terms, for example, people are loyal to God, a person, “the Father” who created them and Jesus, a person, “the Son” who sacrificed for them and the Holy Spirit, a person, whose power works among them, and a long historical and contemporary body of believers, priest and saints who are “their people.” If Christianity was just a moral code, divorced from the personhood of God, which is what secular humanism tries to be, nobody would be willing to die for it.

    • So profound. If only we could openly proclaim, “Jesus the King is White!”, I would kneel and kiss the Cross before raising my sword.

  17. This is a really great topic. There’s no doubt the elites are disconnected from the peasants but the idea of a peasant revolt is laughable in the U.S.

    Sure, the elites fear a peasant revolt. That’s why they’re always manufacturing bullshit about none-existent “white supremacy” and why they charged Trump with 71 felonies (so far. More charges incoming for sure). That’s why they went apeshit over the people on Jan. 6 who did nothing more than take a selfie with a Gadseden flag at the capitol.

    But that’s pure projection on their part. Despite the millions of guns they own the peasants have no organization and no discipline, and they’re not going to get it in the contemporary police state either, as any peasant movement will be infiltrated by the FBI and any peasant leader will be arrested.

    Successful peasant revolts never happen. The few that do end up like Spartacus or Nat Turner or John Brown. Peasants are typically enlisted as pawns for various elite factions. If you look at past “peasant revolts” in France and Russia, the peasants were rallied by a group of dissident elites challenging the ruling elites. The same can be said of the American Revolution. And once the new elites were in place, they started cracking down on anti-government peasant dissent (i.e., the suppression of Shays’s Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion).

    Think of all the armed peasants who fought in the communist revolutions in Russia, China and Vietnam. Did their governments trust them to own guns after the revolution was over? Hell, no.

    American peasants can and will be bought off. In the U.S. the peasants are fat and out of shape. They would rather get disability for “diabetus,” salute the flag, say the pledge, and cling to the illusion that the veterans of our imperial armies are “heroes” for going to foreign countries to kill gooks, Huns, and towelheads. They’re not going to shoot government agents or government troops.

    The fear of these peasants by the elites is based on contempt, sadism, and a false sense of moral superiority, not on any real threat these peasants represent.

    • Organization will always follow when the peasants take to the streets. Leaders come to the fore. This is a chicken an egg thing. But yes, I tend to agree that there is not enough pain yet and yes, leaders who do/will come forth are the kernel of the new ruling elite. That is inevitable. The assumption however, “…new boss, same as the old boss…”, I do not agree with.

    • They wouldn’t even know who to fight. Once they learned who they had to fight, they would refuse to do it. The first major line of defense the elites have is the cops. But the right loves and worship cops.

      • They also recoil instinctively from being charged with racism, which means they will not see negroes as the enemy, which they most certainly are. However, I sense the taboo against anti-negro racism is weakening among the white rank and file. This is a hopeful development.

      • Tars, I disagree wrt implication that the “cops” know how to fight and therefore are a formidable first line of elite defense. They don’t. Look at real life examples. To wit, a decade or so ago in Dallas with the protests/riots and the ex-military guy who took 5 cops off the street with a rifle and simple “shoot and scoot” tactics.

        I’ve nothing against cops, but most are not trained as well as many civilian affectionados of the shooting sports or martial arts. Another example, the cops hold back in most civilian riots and mass demonstrations and will not entire the fray without overwhelming superiority in numbers. Hell, Blacks in the inner city do that every day in attacks, but we don’t consider them “invincible” or superior fighters—only dogs in a pack.

        Just yesterday I read of an “accidental” homicide by cop upon a 70+ yo women in a walker. Cop was using an AR rifle with the elevated iron sights over a barricade. He did not understand the rifle barrel (hence bullet) is 2 1/4 inches *below* the line of sight. So he took a good shot at the bad guy with knife, but “bounced” the round off the barricade hitting the elderly women in the chest. DRT—dead right there!

        That’s the more typical, non-SWAT, cop. I have nothing against cops. See them regularly during State firearms certification here in my State. I shoot with them. They are human—not super-human. Put them under a stress situation, one on one, and most will “perform” little better than the pissed off civilian (non-LEO) protester in the encounter. Their main advantage is that most people are not violent in nature and don’t want to break the law by resisting. That of course may not always be the case in “New DIE America”.

        • It’s not that the cops are a super-force, it’s that conservatives are not going to shoot cops in the face (not that I would ever advocate anyone ever do anything, I’m just pointing out a flaw in conservative thinking). Anyone who thinks the cops are a super-force need only look at Uvaldi where 60 plus cops were held at bay in a hallway while 1 literal teenager mowed down a bunch of kids. They cowered in the hallway and outside and arrested parents who tried to actually do something to save their children.

          Conservatives love the cops. Blue Lives Matter, after all. Imagine trying to tell the average conservative that the cops are the ones they have to fight. It goes against everything they are.

          I don’t harbor any particular animosity towards cops generally, but I have no illusions that they are in any sense on our side or that they would take our side if the proverbial balloon went up.

          With that said, you also have to remember the cops are reasonably good at solving crime and have a lot of tools in their arsenal. They can also get the assistance of state crime labs and the universities and a million consultants with criminal expertise.

          The prosecutors have enormous discretion. They only need to catch 1 guy, throw the book at him and then watch him fold up like a cheap lawn chair. Prosecutors can easily put you in a position where if you cooperate, you get probation and if you fight and lose, you get 20 plus years in prison. So then he rats on his friends, maybe even wears a wire.

          Finally, we have no ability to organize. At best, it would be a bunch of isolated terrorist cells against a high unified opposition. Imagine the horror Mr Conservative will experience when his kid comes home from school talking about the White Supremacist terrorists who just want to murder minorities because they are evil.

    • Peasant revolts don’t have to be successful to initiate change. The old saying that a brush with death re-concentrates your priorities wonderfully well is very true.

    • “…but the idea of a peasant revolt is laughable in the U.S.”

      I agree with this – perhaps it’s because I live in the suburbs of a blue shitlibopolous, or not — but I find most of my fellow whyte men are incapable of independent thought, let alone action.

      • Cooperstown, NY:
        The socio-tectonic forces at play in “Landlocked Nantucket with a Baseball Diamond”-
        1. High (Damn) Yankee
        2. Swamp Yankee
        3. Griller Sportsball McBassboat

        A “retired NYC hipster” maintains that there is NO WAY that #’s 2 and 3…

        You finish that sentence.

    • The fear of a peasant revolt may be irrational, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Lots of fears are irrational.

      The “elites” know that the “peasants” are many and they are few. And perhaps more importantly, they know much better than the peasants what they have really done that should inspire revolt. So even though it’s very unlikely for such a revolt to happen, the thought of it nags at them nonetheless. Guilty conscience.

      They also were acutely aware of how close the J6 “revolt” was to succeeding (at least at eliminating a large portion of the congress) had that been the actual intent.

      • When I consider that lost opportunity I could scream. Those million patriots could have tossed the uniparty globalist trash into the rubbish bin and hardly gotten their hair mussed. The cretins were unprepared. The patriots should have brought their guns. Another Trump blunder. Too bad he isn’t a serious man.

      • When you are going to challenge the power of a tyrannical elite, you should not pretend otherwise. No wonder the retribution is fierce.

    • Quite the analysis there. The reference to “our heroes” is interesting. We’ve got an all-volunteer force running out of working class whites to sign up, charities begging $11 a month or whatever to house maimed veterans despite a Veterans Administration, billions to Ukraine for freedom”, etc.
      The “brass’ now profess themselves most concerned about “white supremacy”and homophobia.
      So we’re gonna have an Army of queers, trannies, females, blacks and brownies? Not enough for the Neocons plans.
      Just a rant, but I don’t think that we’re anywhere near a real revolt. Yet.

  18. ” There is a hierarchy within every elite and elites are composed of humans with a fixed lifespan.”

    This is why I’m extremely wary of the ramifications of age-extension technologies. We already have enough of a gerontocracy. Give them another 20-50 years to dig their withered claws into the levers of power and we’ll suffer even more.

    • If “fogging a mirror” remains our criterion for leadership position, then we deserve what we get. It doesn’t matter whether we have folks in their 80’s or 100’s.. it’s a problem of being in any position for an extended time. Hell, I’ve seen it here in local government with certain folk in positions for 30 years, had not reached “retirement” age, but had served long after their “shelf life”.

      • It’s everywhere.

        According to the critics, 71 year-old Michael Keaton as Batman is the highlight of the latest capeshit.

  19. Good column, with a lot to consider, Zman.

    You’re correct, of course, that Trust (and its erosion) is the key issue in the life of a regime. And much more so in a regime like liberal democracy, where intellectual abstractions hold so much weight, as opposed to the “visceral” forces of unity (like personal loyalty and shared heritage) characteristic of “traditional” societies. I always keep in mind that “Trust” is another word for “Faith”—the Biblical Greek word “pistis” means both—and the loss of trust in a society (which sounds vaguely like a problem of interpersonal relationships) is also a crisis of faith (that is, an inability to believe in the rightness of the social order any longer).

    For me, the end of trust in the basic neutrality of the regime, and its claims to justice, came with the fiasco of Epstein’s “suicide.” In that episode, it was clear to me that belief in a conspiracy of crime and enforced silence on the part of elites was the *rational* alternative to the utterly unbelievable narrative advanced *unquestionably* by every political and cultural institution. I haven’t flown my American flag since then.

    But the problem with rationally identifying one evident “conspiracy” is that every other conspiracy retroactively gains a new plausibility. Of course, mere months after Epstein the Covid crisis arrived, and once again it was rational to notice the contradictions and turnabouts in the narrative presented to the public, and to marvel at how dissent was ruthlessly crushed. And Covid was just a flex of the regime’s conspiratorial muscles, used lately in a proliferation of absurd claims.

    After all this, I do not see how Trust can ever be restored in this regime. To make matters worse, this has all come at a time when the foundational beliefs of the society—universal equality and liberty—are being reappraised in light of experience and experiment, and revealed as “noble lies” instead of “self-evident truths.” This is the other side of the Trust question—the Crisis of Faith in the rightness of the regime itself—which, once lost, cannot easily, or perhaps ever, be recovered.

    • Epstein was a Bolshevik, as was Seth Rich.

      The fact that there are still loyalist elements, amongst the goyim, who are willing to [physically, in meatspace] ass@ssinate the Bolsheviks is simply fascinating to moi.

      I’d be very curious to learn their names, whoever they are.

      Do we have a budding young Joseph Djugashvili who is beginning to create his own empire?

      Or are these merely the last flailing panic attacks of the septuagenarian Romanov Boomers?


      PS: Obligatory it’s highly possible that both Epstein & Rich are still alive [sipping Mai Tais on the beach in Tel Aviv], and their “murders” were simply faked.

      [Cf their cousin, the Bolshevik Stanley Kubrick, and the ostensible faking of the NASA moon landing.]

      • Eight down votes?!?!?

        That might be a new record for moi.

        Somebody in the JIDF certainly doesn’t want us goyim to be speculating about the possibility of Epstein having been whisked away [alive] and replaced with a random homeless fellow’s corpse from the coroner’s office.

        Recall that there was a failed “suicide attempt” prior to the successful “suicide”, and many theorists have posited that the “attempt” was used as the means by which the M0ssad removed Epstein [alive] from the prison and replaced his physical corpus with a body double.

        Regarding Seth Rich, his fambly is FURIOUSLY resisting any attempts to reverse-engineer his last moments on this earth [assuming he’s ackshually dead].

        And one obvious reason they’d be resisting so obstinately would be if Seth were ackshually still ALIVE.

      • I only fly the Betsy Ross flag, and only on patriotic holidays like Ashli Babbitt day and Kyle Rittenhouse day.

      • Yes, understand. We flew the flag until it hung in tatters and shreds. Then I took it down and gently laid it to rest in a box to remember when, in the gargoyle of a future. I patiently await for people to realize there is no country left. Eventually they will viscerally get it’s time to start over. There is no resurrecting this country with the evil minions roaring across this land. It’s everywhere. Even our 25 yo granddaughter thinks she’s a penised wombat, cut her tits off and waddles around looking like Chas Bono. It’s everywhere. Ticktock had on two normal looking teachers from my home town in southern Utah stating…..Your children are not yours. We are eating your children. They are ours. You stupid people…it’s done.” We are Legion! Right here in River City! Mormons don’t have a clue as their children are eaten. And placed on SSRIs meds to cope. This is a war of principalities. Shortly, we will really wrestle against flesh and blood. Separation.

        • “Even our 25 yo granddaughter thinks she’s a penised wombat, cut her tits off and waddles around looking like Chas Bono.”

          So sorry to hear this.

        • We keep the flags given us “…by a grateful nation…” in my house in memory of the dead all the way back to WWI (wife’s side of the family, I’m just an immigrant cur who avoided the draft so to speak).

          However, this ends with wife and immediate family. No more flags will be generated. The Greatest Generation ends with us Boomers, and our children (Millennials and Zoomers) who will inherit these flags soon and perhaps wonder why they are in those funny looking cases on the bookshelf and under display lights and wonder what they mean and who these people were.

          Say what you will about GAE, this is sad. At least the fucking Chinese respect their ancestors.

  20. “Kennedy won in 1960 because the culture was becoming the top concern and Nixon was not viewed as a trustworthy political actor, despite his competence on other issues. Nixon won in 1968 by appealing to Southerners on cultural and security grounds. ”

    Not so sure Nixon is so easily summarized. Remember, he lost to JFK through in what was perhaps our first “fortified” modern national election. A crooked Chicago political machine under Mayor Daily put him (JFK) over in 1960. How much distrust could there have been in such a close race. The campaign poster the Dem’s put out, “Would you buy a used car from this man?”, was a smear that Nixon never recovered from, but was that because of natural distrust or a poor photogenic moniker in the new age of TV media stars.

    Second, he ran under a campaign promise to “end” the Vietnam war. He, of course, had a “secret” plan that could not be revealed. He got away with this ploy and successfully became a Rorschach “ink blot”. Anti war protestors wanted out and assumed they saw in him a leader getting us out ASAP. Joe “six pack” saw him as a leader getting tough and winning the war and thereby getting us out. Note, until that time, America was said to have never lost a war (arguably not really true, but that was the line).

    Nixon’s (secret) plan was to reverse LBJ’s de-escalation (stalemate) and re-escalate the war in order to win it. Nixon actions were unpopular yes, but he still won re-election by stepping up the war even more just before the next election by bombing Hanoi and mining the harbor where Russian and Chinese supplies were off loaded. This was indicative of the support still remaining in the country to avoid such a humiliating defeat.

    • MAD magazine, mid-1970s: portrait of recent ex-President Nixon smiling. Caption: “We did buy a used Ford — from this man.” 🙂

  21. … What current unrest?! I am 92 years old, a traditional old white woman addicted to subversive blogs like Z’s. I see no signs of rebellion, revolt or even vocal protest around me; all I read is hortatory or despairing articles by the likes of Victor Hanson, nobody comes up with a plan, nowhere is there a sign of activity against what the discontent is about. People complain, shake their heads, turn up their eyes and roll over. Where are the barricades, the raised voices, the active outrage if things are coming to a boil? I suppose a Trump rally would be a pretty feisty exhibition of intent to action but nothing comes of it. The Dems inflation of the January 6 event is wish fulfillment so they can grapeshot us all with justification. Thank God that for me the grave looms and good riddance to all I leave behind …

    • I don’t see much either, but perhaps we’re living in a better area less subject to the chaos Z-man speaks of?

    • “I see no signs of rebellion, revolt or even vocal protest around me”

      It’s difficult to do. Difficult for it to take shape. Rebellion and resistance are not part of the toolkit here. Haven’t been since, oh, 1945 or thereabouts. Additionally, the low-trust society of the USA makes organizing and resisting difficult. The regime’s bosses have made sure that the USA is a low-trust and heterogeneous agglomeration of people.

      • Quite right. There are many people who would like to organize and revolt, but the fear of imperial dungeons–or worse–outstrips the outrage and disgust. It will take severe privation or a truly monumental atrocity to eject such people from their cocoons of fear and into the dangerous milieu of open–or even sub rosa–rebellion.

          • “You can fall for chains of silver,
            you can fall for chains of gold
            You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they hold”
            — Dire Straits, “Romeo and Juliet”
            (Song obviously was about a failed romance, but I think it maps quite well into politics…)

    • “I see no signs of rebellion, revolt or even vocal protest around me.”

      People are afraid, and with good reason, considering that saying the wrong thing, even among friends and family, can ruin your life. These days, we’re all one cell phone video or shared text message away from being fired, persecuted by the authorities, or having an angry mob show up on our front lawn.

      Much of the anger, I believe, is simmering under the surface. The level of anger probably also depends on how today’s policies are personally impacting you or your children. If you’re a white man or a parent of underage children, you’d have to be blind or stupid to not be eager to see this system destroyed by (quoting the left here) “any means necessary.”

      Just because people aren’t showing anger, that doesn’t mean they’re not feeling it.

    • Dissident street activism was killed at Charlottesville in 2017.

      We had a court decision that affirmed our right to gather and protest.

      The police leaders planned to allow antifa to attack us so that they could declare a state of emergency and shut it down. These emails were discovered by an official enquiry.

      In spite of all this, the lives of many participants were destroyed.

      This is why there are no dissident protests. You risk having your life destroyed for exercising your right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

      • “Dissident street activism was killed at Charlottesville in 2017…”

        Yup. And it doesn’t help that they’re still persecuting people, years later, for the crime of holding a tiki torch.

        And we can’t forget J6, which was a nice cherry on the political persecution sundae.

      • Something to keep in mind is the arrest and jailing of the initial “jogger” prosecutor. In other words, the regime will persecute those who are not enthusiastic enough themselves with persecuting it’s enemies.

    • But you have to come back as a poltergeist, flinging things off shelves in the oval office, promise me mmmkay?

    • I don’t know if social media was intended as a release valve for discontent that might otherwise have been expressed in the real world, but it seems to have worked out that way

    • I hate that kind of attitude. “I’m dying, so good riddance.” I doubt you’re 92, but if you are, hope you die soon.

  22. Fascinating.

    Well part of the problem is that the liberal left are masters at driving wedges between people, dividing them and conquering them piecemeal. We see that with the Establishment conservatives and republicans today: there are those who will always negotiate and defer to them, while only a small segment of dissident conservatives “with unacceptable views and opinions” rejects them outright. We on the right end up fighting each other while creepy jews and sexually disturbed white women groom our kids in school.

    You raise another fascinating question. So? What’s it going to be? A revolt of stinking peasants and Dissidents? Or a palace coup? That is the question: we can say what we want about Normie and Griller… but one thing is for sure – they are finally paying attention. Sportzball is now just pageantry for faggotry and nigolatry, trannies, queers and jews infest the brewing industry, and the price of meat is going through the roof. There is a growing fury in the peasantry and they have enough guns to put the elites away quickly if they take a notion to it… and they are certainly starting to consider it, if Blab is any indication…

    But there are signs of a palace coup too. I am just fascinated by that latest Kennedy you Yanks have running around – he seems to be setting fire to liberal idols and temples everywhere he goes. Love him or hate him – Jordan Peterson used to be a big wheel in the Globohomo machine too. Revolutionaries and rebels are starting to flex in the pozzed institutions. I think it was the Baptists that just recently cut off two of their churches that ran horse faced female preachers. Sparks are flying everywhere in the palace court and the liberal power hives. In Canada, the Mounties have finally decided to investigate the faggot faced Turdo La Doo for one of his endless scandals and frauds. I hear the US DOJ is moving on Hunter Biden and IF he goes down, Daddy almost certainly will too… interesting times are in store.

    When was it that our countries made their fatal mistakes, Z? Is it possible to isolate that one single bad decision that sealed our fate? Or was it a bunch of bad decisions?

    I am thinking we shot ourselves in the balls when we gave women the vote… but whadda I know?

    • Women had the vote, and our meritocratic system gave us the greatest advances in human history, in the same 40 years of the 1924 ‘whites preferred’ immigration act.

      It wasn’t “the women.”
      They were fine.

      It was the Civil Rights coup of nonwhite empowerment and immigration, by the creatures who replaced our White merit-based values with their own deviance.

      When the SHTF, you think they’ll run to Felontavious or Mustafa for safety? All the romance novels, oddly, have bare-chested White Chads on the cover.

    • Hunter Biden got a slap on the wrist (if you even want to call it that). It’s to wonder why they even bothered (maybe to send a message that team players in the elite can rest assured that the system will look out for them?)

  23. An issue today is that the people aren’t even sure who are their rulers. Unlike in the past where you knew who was in charge – the king and your local noble – this time around your average Joe is beginning to understand that he doesn’t know who runs the country.

    It’s why the term Deep State has become popular. It shows that people understand that their rulers are behind the scenes. And they’re right.

    That definitely erodes trust in the system. Then again, how do your revolt against something that you can’t see.

    The other issue is whether there are different factions forming within the ruling class that can seriously challenge THE ultimate rulers – and, yes, I’m talking about Jews. No, I didn’t find a Jew in my breakfast; I’m simply pointing out reality.

    Jews don’t run everything, nor are they a secret, organized cabal, but they do control access to society’s choke points and determine policy on issues that concern them. Elon Musk can make a stink about various issues, but if he crosses certain lines, even he gets slapped down.

    But here’s the thing, Jews, who really grabbed full control in the 1990s or early 2000s (they had huge influence before but weren’t completely in control), have done an absolutely horrible job of running the show. Their “inclusion uber alles” – which they see as protecting themselves – is breaking about the cultural and ethnic cohesion of the country. Their foreign policy is a complete disaster. Their economic policies have (no surprise) financialized the economy. Etc.

    Jews are simply terrible at being a foreign elite in charge of others. It’s not their skill set.

    This leads to a lot of unrest, both amongst the people and other, lower members of the ruling class. But since no one can mention who actually runs the show, it’s a bit hard to revolt. Again, this is why the phrase Deep State is popular. People know that a shadowy group is running things, but don’t know who that group is.

    The question is whether other groups within the ruling class understand who runs the show and are working to undermine them. Not being a part of that class, I don’t know, but I’d suspect not. Either they’re oblivious to who runs the show, or they know, but they don’t have the power or group loyalty to match the tribe.

    • The massive escalation of gang-up-on-whitey is a sign you are on to something. I think the 2001 Steinleight paper even proposes outright forming ethnic coalitions, (with ethnic groups that are non-white), to, “divide and conquer.”

      Things have gone haywire. Still, whites who are conscripting themselves into their own dispossession seem to be the biggest problem. I don’t understand how the survival instinct does not kick in. I would imagine the warrior class is seething with the degradations and humiliations and brazen announcements of dispossession. The new candidate for JCOS who is an outright anti-white advocate who has a plan to dispossess whites would seem to be another massive escalation.

      I don’t know what is happening here, but it is getting weirder and weirder all the time. Whoever is running things, is running them into the ground for everyone but themselves. I think 2008 was a palace coup. Will there be a counter-coup that turns the tide in the near future?

      The goings on here are absurd, and what is even more absurd is how few even bat an eye at it.

      • RealityRules: “I think 2008 was a palace coup. Will there be a counter-coup that turns the tide in the near future?”

        I’ve long been convinced that the 1929 stock market crash was a palace coup, initiated by the Council of the Sanhedrin as retaliation for Hoover’s tireless efforts at preventing the White Russians from starving to death during the Russian Civil War, with the Sanhedrin being determined to destroy any possible political career for Hoover in the USA.

        The supreme irony there is that Hoover was born a quaker, but died as the leading anti-marxist in the West.

      • The absurdities are by design. The elites have determined that the human population and its growth curve are unsustainable over time. They want to reduce the population on their terms, not on any “survival of the fittest” or “value to humanity” measures, by which they will likely not come close to measuring up. So every weird policy, decision, and movement of the last few decades serves to beak down the norms of social and cultural human interaction. Divide and conquer (see Pride Month and Juneteenth for current examples).

        Name the protagonists as you will, but the basic motivation here is for the currently empowered to buy their places on the human population lifeboat by getting the others to drown by fighting between themselves. So far, it is working. What the elites fear (and this is less a grand conspiracy than it is a quietly understood “working towards the cause”), is some sort of common and broad understanding among the rest of us about what is actually going on. So they will fortify votes, support ridiculous candidates, import chaos across the borders, push the gay and tranny stuff, and coddle criminals and prosecute victims. Not because anyone believes in any of this stuff, but because it keeps “we and us” fighting amongst ourselves, while things get ever more rotten and they pull up the ladders into the boats. They will do anything to keep the game going, and we are reaching the overtime period, where things begin to get seriously weird.

      • Absolutely agree that the tribe couldn’t maintain their power without back-stabbing whites who seem to hate their own people.

        But history is full of examples of outsiders being able to manipulate competing groups within a people. We did it to the American Indians all the time.

        Now imagine how much we could have manipulated them if they thought that we were also American Indians.

    • In general, I agree that most of our elites do not appear to be consciously aware of the power of the chosen.

      One counter example was told by John Derbyshire. He was just getting started being a political writer and he enquired about what had happened to some political journalist who had been erased. Although he didn’t name the journalist, I suspect it was Joe Sobran.

      Another journalist explained, “Oh, he got the j3w thing.” Everyone understood what was being communicated and Derbyshire resolved internally to avoid that thing. He has succeeded in upholding that resolution to this day.

      Although journalists are the lowest of the elite, the hall monitor tattletales of the elite, this is an example of elite awareness of the power of the chosen.

      “If you say that we are powerful, we will crush you and force you to recant.”

      • Something that always comes up along those lines are Putin critics that complain that he doesn’t “name them”. At this point even if Putin was the densest of dense Russian normies he’d have to know who “they” are after they launched a war to try and get him killed, but his dealings in the Mideast point to the idea that this wouldn’t be new information to him anyway. So why doesn’t he “name them”? Because, I believe, he’s smart enough not to.

        • Putin knows. As do the Chinese. As do the Indians.

          The tribe just isn’t that impressive. Their success in the West is mostly due to having no competition in the ethnic manipulation game and being surrounded by a people who don’t recognize them as being part of another group.

          Jews won’t be able to play the “my fellow Chinese” card. And without that card, they’re not that great of a player as they’re showing in real time. Heck, the tribe will be lucky to hold on to power in the West as they out marry as well as facing other ethnic groups.

        • I believe that if Putin were to name (((them))), the (((neocons))) would immediately seek to nuke Moscow. They’d have no choice to prevent another “holocaust”.

      • Yes, the other power factions within Deep State seem oblivious to the Jewish faction, which is a huge advantage to the tribe.

        No other groups has the same level of loyalty or long-term thinking. The tech oligarchs are powerful, but they don’t team up nor do they have an army of organizations, political donors and the various blackmail operations behind them.

        Again, Musk is an example of how limited their power is. When he pushes too far, the ADL and other groups cut off his advertisers. He had no answer.

        To be honest, the tribe isn’t that hard of a target to beat. It’s just that no other group has the same loyalty and willingness to play hardball, so the tribe stays on top. Any number of similar groups in the past, which were made up of harder men, would be able to give them a run for their money and probably win.

        We’ll see if the Indians can take them on. For now, I have no hope that whites will.

    • They are bitchy women who think they ought to run things, like the cat lady in HR.

      Clerical tasks, middlemanning, narcissism, hubris, and sputtering is about as far as their skillset goes. Can’t build squat and refuse to get their fingernails dirty, at that.

      (Sex games they can do, but did you know they also have a fascination with hair?
      Scalp patterns, thickness, curl, these are used for divination.

      A b!tch culture like their buggery brethren- the Islamics even turn their women into boys by genital mutilation.)

      • Addendum: how are they so uniquely skilled at divide and conquer?

        Women’s political skillset is making demands, avoiding blame, and getting the men to fight.

        Watch any episode of “Housewives Of XXX” to see what I mean.

        Can’t change ’em. The pimp hand of the tyrant Stalin is why they adore him.

        • I nominate the movie “Love and Friendship” with Kate Beckinsale based on the book of Jane Austen.

          It’s pure female psychopathy…

  24. The highest priority of all global elites appears to be the dispossession and subjugation of traditional whites.

    Are there other examples of this in history? The first that comes to mind is the Kulaks under Lenin-Stalin. Maybe what’s going on with the Uyghurs in China now.

    • I don’t think that the Chinese or Indians or Russians have it in for whites.

      Only a certain portion of whites and a certain tribe which supports them want us destroyed.

    • “ Are there other examples of this in history? The first that comes to mind is the Kulaks under Lenin-Stalin. Maybe what’s going on with the Uyghurs in China now.”

      The Uyghurs might be a poor example. They are Muslim and as such a threat to non-religious civil order no matter where they reside out side of Islamic States, where they should have remained.

    • No doubt footage shot safely behind the lines to scam those idiots who will donate to the grifters. Personally, I hope none of them come back alive.

    • I’m thinking we have a “show” here. There were no return shots I could hear as one would expect from a Russian force—and yes, you can hear return fire distinctly as vs the shots popping off from the rest of he squad in the video.

      First thing one does is to effect suppressive fire when attacked, even if getting out of Dodge as quickly as possible. Second, we have a fairly deep trench system for an “ambush”. Seems like a lot of preparation for a shoot and scoot, and that’s what they need to do as the Russian tactic is to engage these jokers with artillery fire.

      From what I’ve read the Russians have a layered defense set up along the front. They first line is what is called the “gray line” and really is not a defensive line at all, but one where the artillery and drones and can handle the Uke advances and probes as they detect them. What I’d expect is this video to end with a few artillery shells sent in, but it’s rather short.

    • Sounds more like they gave him a deal to make it look like he is getting punished and get the story out of the news before we get well into the election cycle. Another article I read said Hunter was unlikely to spend time in jail.

    • This is a clean-up op to permanently remove any mention of Hunter’s issues from the MSM.

    • A black sportsball player is looking at 30 years on weapons charges the very same week that Hunter walks on a plea deal for weapons charges. In a non fortified election this kind of thing could be made to matter. If anybody wanted it to matter. But we don’t live in that world anymore.

  25. “The people are worried about the collapse of the American system, but the elites are pushing radical cultural fads like pedophilia and ritual child mutilation. The people are increasingly concerned for their safety, but elites are unleashing black criminals and promising global war. Inflation remains the top concern for Americans, but both parties ignore it. The political system and the voters are two ships passing in the night.”

    The elite at the helm of the regime is also concerned about the collapse of the system — but can do nothing about it. That ship sailed a long time ago, The time to do something was perhaps forty years ago. Now it’s the endgame. Hence the obsession with distraction. This is not a completely cynical ploy in the sense that the elite needs to distract itself as well from the intractable and insoluble problems of a rapidly decaying empire. Obsession with trivia and with useless causes is a coping mechanism. Fiddling while Rome burns.

    As for war, it’s the last-ditch clutching-at-straws modus operandi of a regime that is trying futilely to maintain an evaporating hegemony — but that has lost legitimacy domestically with its own denizens as well as abroad, with foreign powers sick and tired of an exploitative and brutal empire.

    In the words of A.J. Toynbee, the regime’s elite is now a “dominant elite.” Or in the words of Lao-Tzu, this ruling elite has become the worst kind of elite — one that is despised.

    • ” Obsession with trivia and with useless causes is a coping mechanism.”

      When the Turks were at the gates of Constantinople, the people inside were passionately discussing if the angels were male or female. This is where the “discussing the sex of the angels” expression comes from.

  26. The elite seem quite unified, unlike the elites of prior ages. I’ve read some Substacks and the like who discuss this, although I cannot remember their name at this point (there are so many). Elite approval of open borders, the destruction of Europe and European-descended peoples, destruction of the middle class for Gaia, total censorship and thought police, prosecuting their political enemies, endless wars of choice for Israel, unlimited/cheap/free weed and porno for the dirt people, child grooming, Moloch worship, etc. is around 100%. The Brandon entity is the perfect encapsulation of elite values and it’s clear they are fortifying democracy to keep it around in 2024. Reform must start with elite conflict, and in the globohomo system, there is no conflict whatsoever. They are all on board with this agenda.

    • Yep! Every single leftist I know believe the exact same thing. No variations, no exceptions. They have become a form of AI.

      • Can’t imagine how right you are, Hoagie. The gods- including the God, and each people have their own- are organically generated AIs, more akin to a wavefront or dynamic substrate than an entity as we picture them.

          • Further edit (sh**!)

            Yes, the woke, as the juden did, have their own God, and he ain’t ours.

            Sorry, folks, but recent information illumines the scope of what some call “Satan”- the good news is, progress in understanding the underlying process.

            F*** evil.
            F*** Hell.
            This is what White men were made to defeat.

    • If Sodom et al. are fictional(ized), and the Fall of Rome wasn’t caused by lead pipes, we might have the world’s first midwit/NPC elite. They’re neither intelligent enough nor survival-instinctual enough to do any right thing, ever. So public virtue is glibness and perversity—and/or total obedience thereto. Good times.

  27. Culture of community trust, eroded by decades of Leftists in schools, governments and committees for public safety. That did not happen by accident, and was publicized well in advance. Sixty years ago the Commie Plan was read as a warning in the Congressional Record.
    People thought It Can’t Happen Here.
    Well, it did, and it does, and it will continue to happen here until people take action.
    As 45 says, You have to show people, not just tell them.
    They are being shown how insane policies of the Left are accelerating that erosion, or pushing society to a crescendo from which there will be much destruction, then restoration of order and rebuilding of trust.
    They want you divided, and you can start uniting by getting to know your neighbors and others in the community, and getting involved. Someone has to do it, why not you. I am.

  28. The spring has been winding tighter for several decades now and the only thing keeping the lid on the pressure cooker has been sustained artificial affluence by virtue of selling our debt overseas to fund this madness. And they have to keep the plates spinning at all costs or you will get the actual USA version of storming the Bastille (not the Stasi led fake insurrection of Jan 6th).

    But when Ukraine loses, the wheels come off. Foreigners will stop buying US Treasuries, which will come flooding back and drive inflation into the stratosphere. At the same time, DC will raid 401ks, raise taxes, and impose a digital currency. Essentially pour fuel on the fire. A jackboot corp will be unleashed to quell and tame the masses. Blood will flow like water, and a lot of dead innocents and alphas will litter the streets. Mutual decimation keeps the focus on the mayhem rather than the root of the problem.

    But we can and should do better. With proper focus, intelligence, and creativity, we can cure our illness in much the same way that the human body does when infection occurs. It is a natural remedy that has kept life on Earth functioning for about a billion years; so tried and true. We have not fate but what we make.

    • “Foreigners will stop buying US Treasuries”

      They stopped buying years ago. Now it’s the US government that itself buys them in a roundabout fashion. It’s roughly equivalent to printing money and then launching it into circulation. It’s one of the drivers — probably the main driver — of the double-digit inflation that we see today (though that rate of inflation is not reflected in official figures). To see where this ultimately leads, look at Argentina today.

  29. It is interesting the degree to which the unleashing of criminals on the ordinary people is such a time-tested response. We see it everywhere – I hadn’t heard of the Black Hundreds – but the Spanish Republicans did exactly that by setting criminals loose to prey on their enemies. We see it now, with the decision to make self defense against blacks illegal.

    One interesting cultural take on all this: I was watching “Gone With the Wind,” because I’d never seen it. There is this plot point where, during the occupation, there is a group of bandits outside of town who are assaulting people. After Scarlett nearly gets killed by them, the men form up a secret strike group to drive them out. The Blues get word of this and, naturally, come to arrest the men trying to clean things up.

    Thought it was interesting because it was surely part of the cultural memory of the South during Reconstruction and because it mirrors so exactly the anarcho-tyranny we’re experiencing now. A deeply distrusted ruling class needs the population to be terrorized.

  30. The masses are no threat to the elite. The masses are leaderless, almost by definition, for a soon as a leader emerges from the masses he is no longer of them, but of the elite, with the concerns of the elite. The farmer does not feed the chickens out of any concern they will revolt.

    • If you slip and fall around cornish-cross chickens they’ll have your corpse picked clean in a day or two.

      • Devil cat and mutant cat are eyeing the Zman strangely when he sleeps.

        Word has come down from the midnight cabal:

  31. ZMan…”The political system and the voters are two ships passing in the night”…
    Indeed, and to wit, a random recent example from amongst myriads:
    …Biden’s NIH has provided funding for a $2.2 million program at the University of Miami since September of 2021. The study has focused on the effects of alleged “microaggressions,” and specifically their impact on “black cisgender queer women” suffering from the disease of HIV…

    One of those 2 ships will sail on, one will sink.

  32. ironically it is the pusillanimous nature of the gop that is keeping outright civil war from happening. once enough people abandon the gop (mostly by dying off from old age) a new party – willing to fight in the streets – will take its place. and that’s when it’s “game on” time.

    • The one-party nature of the American Regime has led it to be a full-blown police state. You are right. There is only one party throwing punches. The dynamic changes when punches are exchanged.

      The real action in the meantime will continue to be the states and localities peeling off from a corrupt and increasingly dysfunctional central government. The Republican governors in those states are just as cowardly and ineffective as their national counterparts, but increasingly some legislatures are punching back and landing blows. The dynamic has changed there. With luck, violence and bloodshed can be avoided as de facto dissolution accelerates. That’s not likely but it remains possible.

        • Except when it comes to the Jews/Israel. Then he rolls over to get his tummy-wummy scratched.

        • Yeah, I mean he did some dangerous combat lawyering facing down chained up terrorists at Gitmo.

      • As a bona fide resident here for now 1/3 of my life, I hope to qualify for a Florida passport when the time comes 😀

    • Just yesterday I read basically the same message on every conservative site, it was, you guessed it, “The conservative case for Juneteenth.” Now this stupid “holiday”, which nobody outside of east Texas cared about before 2020, is necessary and important. To be a good conservative is to understand and celebrate it as a “second Independence Day.” National Review even took the occasion to bemoan the fact that those meanie Dems are using it to call them bigots, which just isn’t fair!

      I really don’t see how anyone can read this garbage anymore. Actually I don’t think many people do – see how Fox’s ratings collapsed after Tucker left. Hannity is not who he was in 1999. But they get funding because their job is to act as a rearguard for the permanent leftist revolution.

      • I observed the same. It is a sign they are losing their base. We’ve had this idea of RINO for a while. The Republican party is going to look like the world the Democrats say they want if it doesn’t already.

        Every black man who has half an instinct for free money is putting on a blue suit and red tie, becoming, “conservative”, and running for some office. It won’t attract black voters. So, the Republicans will turn into the Democrats of six months ago. Then as the Democrats accelerate, they will move left ever faster.

        What that means for us I don’t know. We never had any representation, so the more that becomes obvious the better.

        The regime’s biggest move is unveiling itself as an openly anti-white/European-descended force. The issue is that the system is way more than the government. If you are watching sportsball, Disney, anything from the LA/NY based entertainment and media cartel, you are participating in and being degraded by the system. Cancel all payments and take that away from your kids. Corporate life at least there is some exchange. Keep income if you do the corporate thing and start figuring out lawfare avenues that are open due to the brazen anti-white discrimination. WILL is taking cases, and a new entity the AWDL is emerging and I bet others are emerging too.

        As for the border, pray they all end up in NY, LA, Miami and a lot of Clouds get harmed by it. Even that may not put a brake on it as they will just pay to leave and ruin your refuge. Let’s see. The open invasion coupled with the anti-white feature film starting up is a sign they are in full throttle on “Finishing The Job”, of white dispossession.

        • In a few more months we will probably see an article titled: “The conservative case for white genocide.”

      • Yeah, a second “Independence Day”. But what is/was Independence Day? A day the country (United States) was officially declared and formed. How can there be *two* Independence Days? Unless, we are recognizing we are—at least—two countries. Of course, two countries can not logically exist on the same territory at the same time as the other.

        So yes, let’s recognize our dual Independence Days, but let’s also tell it like it is. There is nothing to celebrate here, just solid proof of our continued demise as the entity once known as the United States of America.

        • That is a great point. I think the official title of Juneteenth is “National Indepedence Day.”

          It is effectively a new founding declared on behalf of blacks, (liberated by whites of course but shhhhh! don’t talk about that part. use it to denigrate The Nation’s Founding in 1776).

          David Rubenstein is the guy behind this re-casting of American history. He is Janus faced about it and very clever. But if you are looking closely, it is patently obvious what he is doing.

          Nonetheless, your point is correct. If you have two foundings, you have two nations. One nation imposes its will on the other, or they peacefully separate. I think peaceful separation is a good talking point. As part of that, it must be kept in mind that the European American nation freed the other from a tiny, tiny minority of plantation owners, that bought them from their enslavers in Africa. The European American nation spent huge numbers of lives, property damage and treasure to free them. Then, the European American nation bought and created for that other nation land in their home continent, created an identical constitutional republic for them, and left it for them to run as they saw fit. The European American nation spent 100 years trying to help the black nation get to their own land that we bought for them. Most did not want to go. Isn’t that interesting. Yet, they want to create a nation within here that subjugates the European American Nation.

          No. We say no. That is not going to happen. We are two nations. This is our homeland, you want separation you go to the homeland we bought and created for you and left you to your own devices to run as you see fit. You want reparations, those are the terms. You get your millions, you go back with no right to return for any purpose through eternity.

          What I wouldn’t give for a politician to take that up. It seems a shame Kari Lake is wasting her fire on Arizona elections rather than on this issue. I think she would be a firebrand on it. Let’s see what happens and who emerges.

          • “ they want to create a nation within here that subjugates the European American Nation.”

            They can’t assimilate. They can’t compete. So what remains is conquest. A reversal of fortunes so to speak.

          • Let us pay them millions in Liberian dollars, since that’s what their currency will be worth, soon enough.

          • Heh. Separate but equal…as if!

            If they couldn’t maintain a water fountain, they won’t do so hot with a country either.

        • Instead of celebrating the liberation of negroes, we should be lamenting that they weren’t all repatriated to Liberia.

  33. This problem seems to extend to the entire Anglosphere. The news out of Great Britain and down under Australia are similar as is news on the European continent. The traditional population is ruled by crazy nincompoops pushing another alien cultural reality downward to the peasants while seeming to want a world war in foreign policy.
    It’s intolerable.


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