Nixon’s Ghost

Fifty years ago, Nixon was run out of politics mostly for the crime of having insulted the sensibilities of the new class in Washington. Through the Second World War, Washington had been a provincial backwater in terms of elite culture. The war changed that, turning the city into the imperial capital with a high culture of its own. Richard Nixon was an offence to the sensibilities of the bourgeois radicals who came to dominate what is now known as permanent Washington.

When you read the bill of indictment against Nixon from this point on the time line, it has a quant and innocent feel to it. Other than the Watergate break in, the rest of the alleged misdeeds look like an idealized version of the Clinton years. His accusers claimed he interfered in various executive agencies, which was a spurious claim at the time and laughably ridiculous from the perspective of this age. Nixon was a piker compared the presidents who followed him.

Proof that the universe has a sense of humor is that the the young radicals of half a century ago are now in charge, doing all of the things that supposedly outraged them back in the Nixon years. Joe Biden, who was in national politics fifty years ago, an incredible fact all by itself, was fond of saying of Nixon that he was a singular problem, not a reflection of the system or his party. The argument in favor of defenestrating Nixon was that it was in defense of the system.

It has been clear for a long time now that Biden is personally corrupt. His son is a drug-addicted degenerate who has made tens of millions for the Biden family by selling access to and favors from his father. Fifty years ago, Biden and all of official Washington would have said such behavior is a threat to the system and the offender must be removed from office. Today, they say talking about this is a threat to our democracy and you need to be removed.

Of course, the news of Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal brings up another great parallel to the Nixon years. That is the modified limited hangout. A “limited hangout” is a bit of tradecraft used when the official story for an operation is blown. The operative then fully admits that the cover story is fake and volunteers some bits of the real story, but omitting the parts that he wants to conceal. This diverts public attention to the new narrative away from the real story.

In a meeting to discuss the unfolding Watergate scandal, H. R. Haldeman described to President Nixon the new public relations plan to contain the scandal. In the conversation he described it as a modified limited hangout. Interestingly, this is now common practice in Washington. We call it spin. Every day that goofy looking African woman reads the latest narratives to the Washington press zombies who then dutifully repeat the story on their platforms.

The Hunter Biden plea deal is a modified limited hangout. The first phase is the press release describing the deal. Then the media zombies will be fed some juicy details of the crimes in order to shift focus away from the other crimes. Anyone who raises the issue of Biden taking bribes from Ukraine will then get accused of being a conspiracy theorist or maybe a shill for Putin. In other words, the Biden family admits to a small crime in order to shift attention from the big crimes.

Obviously, the difference between now and then is the media. Nixon faced a much smaller mass media, but it was extremely hostile to him. Biden will never be asked about it or have it mentioned in his presence. This is why they went with such a small hangout, rather than something more substantive. In fact, this plea deal looks like a deliberate middle-finger to the rest of us. Even brain-dead zombies in conservative media have noticed this.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the degeneracy of the mass media since the Nixon years is quite a thing to behold. Not only are they defending this crooked deal, they are treating Hunter Biden as a victim. You see, these charges are never brought, but he is the son of the most popular man in human history, so he is being held to a higher standard of justice than mere mortals. The obsequious media rumpswab is the first line of defense for our managerial tyrants.

All that said, the argument against Nixon was fundamentally a republican one, in that his critics demanded that his defenders place loyalty to the institutions over loyalty to party or the man himself. There is no doubt that many of the Republicans who finked on Nixon thought of themselves as a modern Brutus. Even though they had doubts about the motives of his accusers, sacrificing Nixon in order to elevate republican virtue was a trade they made with conviction.

Now that the roles are reversed, those radicals of fifty years ago now demand loyalty to the man in order to defend “our democracy” which simply means the system that allows them to rule unchallenged. It is a good reminder that the lawful can never deal lawfully with the unlawful. That was the mistake fifty years ago. The lawful should have done what was necessary to physically remove the radicals from society. Instead, they thought their loyalty to the law would be enough.

It is an example of the Frank Herbert quote. “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.” For the radicals of fifty years ago, republican virtue was a bus they rode to power. They made those arguments because they thought they would work. Once in power, they got off the bus and climbed aboard the authoritarian bus.

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177 thoughts on “Nixon’s Ghost

  1. Who took more contraband pharmaceuticals over the course of his lifetime?

    Hunter Biden or Hunter S. Thompson?

    • tough call…gold medal at this moment could go to Mr. tune in turn on drop out himself – Tim Leary.
      H Biden still alive so he may yet rise to the occassion.

  2. “quant and innocent feel”

    GOD made that Typo; Sociopaths who are convinced of their righteousness sums our elites.

  3. A news headline from the Times of Israel just popped up on my sail phone: “US condemns settler rampages on the West Bank”. Isn’t that just special? The former US can’t be arsed to condemn (((“settler”))) rampages in the GAE Empire, either here at home, or in other parts of the world in which the GAE holds sway, like maybe Ukraine.

    Guess (((TPTB))) are trying to look good in the ROW (rest of the world) right now by appearing to be fair and balanced. But here? Here the rampages not only continue, but they grow ever more consequential and harmful. Funny that.

  4. Modern society is based on consumption. The ultimate consumer is the cannibal.
    Amongst humans, the most naturally cannibalistic homo sapiens are independent females and sub-Saharan Africans. The core drivers of modern Leftism.
    Just thinking out loud.


    • Based on my limited reading of anthropology, it can be shown from tooth marks on bones that cannibalism was fairly common in prehistory.

  5. I was 4 years old, with my parents in a shopping mall, when the subject of Nixon’s ouster somehow came up. My very first political memory. There was red white and blue bunting hanging from the ceiling of the mall, way up there. It was “because he lied” one of my parents said, I think it was my dad. How quaint, that a president could be ousted for lying. Even quainter, that anyone could believe that was really why. But I didn’t give this a great deal of thought at the time.

    Hollywood’s subsequent treatment, Oliver Stone, Frost/Nixon, that silly farce with Redford and Hoffman, demonstrate that you are ripe for disappointment if you expect anything like truth to be acknowledged, let alone embraced, in your lifetime, about the great events that occur during it. Something to bear in mind when the Fauci and Zelensky biopics win Oscars. Perhaps Fauci will be played by a black guy, or have a black wife. That could make it entertaining.

    The GAE treated Nixon rather shabbily considering he and his trusty sidekick Henry were the ones who made the deals that enabled it to go on a roaring, consequence free, half century long money printing spree. You’d think a little gratitude would be in order. Tells you something about those people, doesn’t it.

    • That kind of reminds me of going to see Star Wars with my father around the time of my 7th birthday. I remember whispering to him, “are ‘rebels’ good guys or bad guys?” and he answered “usually they’re bad, although these ones are good.”

      I took that answer quite literally for years until I was old enough to step back and see that one’s judgment about a particular set of rebels is always situational. What was he thinking of when he said that? The Confederacy? The dirty hippies of a decade earlier?

      No parent is ever going to bat 1.000, but I come back to that brief exchange all the time when raising my daughter, and concentrate on not saying too much when asked sticky questions.

      • George Lucas is on the record in at leadt one interview stating he intended the Rebels to represent the Viet Cong and the Empire to represent the US.

        • To be fair, USGOV probably could have avoided that bit of unpleasantness if they’d been as hell-bent on breaking up the French empire as the British.

  6. This still provides a vector of attack. The peasants are dim-witted, but they do hold to their peasant morality and an effective means of riling them is to rub their noses in how the higher castes are permitted to violate that morality.

    We mistakenly assume that blacks are controlled by some rational calculation of which politician to support that will provide them the greatest amount of gibs. This is nonsense: we also insist that half of whites irrationally vote against their interests, which would imply that blacks are purely rational while whites are the ones acting on volatile emotional impulses. In reality, the average black looting a Target isn’t doing it out of some ploy to make sure Biden gets elected president and increases his food stamp budget by $100. He’s doing it because he was told (and believes) that white people get to commit crimes without any punishment, but blacks like him get put in prison for 100 years just for smelling like weed.

    There is some truth to this. The police were told to get the crime under control in the 90s, and the only realistic way to do that was to put blacks in prison. And before they do their first murder, they’re highly likely to get caught with drugs, so draconian drug sentencing against blacks effectively reduced crime. The side effect was that young blacks noticed that young white frat guys were smoking weed too but the cops would just yell at them and then let them go, and the Dems were able to capitalize on this unequal treatment under the law to effectively control blacks as a golem ever since Obama’s hypothetical son with the skittles.

    So pointing out unfairness works, but it has to be about something the peasant cares about if you want him out in the streets. Dumb blacks didn’t riot because rich politicians weasel out of their income taxes, they did it over weed. Dumb whites won’t riot because of Ukrainian bribes or anything else that sounds like the plot of a boring movie with too much talking. They’ll do it if we keep banging on the vast gulf between how the Feds reacted to Hunter’s gun versus Ruby Ridge. Or even better provoke the Brahmin caste into giving a very public slap on the wrist to one of their own over kiddie fiddling, they’re nearly at a point of decadence where they’ll try it and that’s when I predict the opportunity for getting the pitchforks and torches out will come.

    • Gave you an upvote. May I suggest that, until the torch and pitchfork time comes, that a person who wishes to be…non-compliant, earnestly seek ways to be disrputive, yet minimize the attention and thus risk drawn upon himself? TomA sometimes speculates on such options. Some time back somebody suggested it might be helpful to “practice” by breaking relatively innocuous laws like using the “Authorized Vehicles Only” opening to make a U-Turn on the interstate (first, of course, making sure you aren’t a risk to traffic.) Done incrementally, I would think of thiis as sort of a DIY course in civil disorbedience. Although far be it from me to advocate flouting the law 😉 in some times and places this might become a matter of necessity. Do you have a side hustle where you only take cash? Legally you should report it as income, but if you don’t, you are depriving Sauron of some of his lifeblood. Shame on you. 😎As with any self-development program, you gotta start small. If you are a total virgin, perhaps start with something fairly tame, like leaving boogers under the end table or night stand when your wife isn’t looking. Not everyone is cut out to be a super hero, motorcycle riding guns blazing like Ah-nuld. To mutate a WW II slogan: We also serve, those who stand and wait…for results of having put sugar in the gas tank, or having left the seafood salad sitting at room temperature for eight hours. Or whatever. 😈

  7. O/T- There is an article about Taylor Sheridan & Yellowstone on the Hollywood Reporter. You are thinking, who gives a sh-t, right? And I don’t blame you, but its a particular line that caught my eye. If you’d like to know how the HBO Executives & Upper Mgmt. feel about “flyover country” (where I still currently am) here’s the paragraph-

    “A crisis meeting was scheduled with the network vp (“whose name I remember, but I’m just not saying it”) to get to the bottom of HBO’s reluctance.

    “We go to lunch in some snazzy place in West L.A.,” Sheridan says. “And [Yellowstone co-creator] John Linson finally asks: ‘Why don’t you want to make it?’ And the vp goes: ‘Look, it just feels so Middle America. We’re HBO, we’re avant-garde, we’re trendsetters. This feels like a step backward. And frankly, I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think anyone should be living out there [in rural Montana]. It should be a park or something.’ “

    Sheridan later put some of those lines into Yellowstone‘s season two, when a New York magazine reporter disses Montana to Wes Bentley’s character, Jamie … and then Jamie murders her.”
    You literally ‘shouldn’t be living out there’. Everything between eastern border of California and the western border of NY State / Virginia should be like “a big park or something”. What incredible arrogance and ignorance. They wonder why we hate them with the burning intensity of a supernova.

    And it is not just the C-suite at some jew run networks. It is -all of them- every smarmy liberal lefty thinks like this. I pray for the day we are half the monsters they paint us to be, because if Whites would find their balls again you could sweep these soy latte drinkers away effortlessly. They exist on the backs of the efforts of far better men and rest on the shoulders of giants, even if they are too dumb to realize it.

    Should you be interested:

    • Somewhat topic related,
      The CEO of the Everett submersible tourism company was quoted saying he dosen’t hire 50 yo white men as crew members or engineers because “they aren’t inspiring”
      Lol he’s at the helm of the missing sub.
      For those who may not know, Everett is a city just north of Seattle,typical puget sound area douchbag. Sleep with the fishes smart guy.

      • I saw the article you mentioned, and it made me smile, knowing his disregard of the 50 year old white dudes advice, that the mission was too dangerous, will lead to a horrific death.

        Yeah, it made me smile and feel warm all over.

        • Since reading the passenger list and then hearing the douchebag CEO’s comments, I have been hoping they all go to a watery grave. To paraphrase the eminently quotable Josey Wales:

          Fish gotta eat, same as vultures and worms.

      • it’s worse than that. a 50 y.o. white dude he *did* hire told him the submersible was unsafe, so genius ceo fired the guy.

      • Another example of a smug Cloud Person who would literally rather be dead than be associated with the deplorable “uninspiring” Dirt People.

      • As one of those uninspiring white guy engineers only a few years away from 50, I’m struggling to even locate the world’s tiniest violin.

      • Thank you for this comment. I was completely unaware, but I researched after you wrote. Though I realize death is the penalty we all pay for being foolish mortals, there is a bit of schadenfreude. To be fair, however, he probably died in a microsecond due to crush. My kids will suffer for years based on his ideology. Doesn’t seem fair upon reflection.

    • Related: A close acquaintance is a higher up in programing for one of HBOs main competitors, and took a meeting with Sheridan about Yellowstone. All I have heard from this guy from ten years is how he needs a big hit to really launch his career. He stated he didn’t like Sheridan and passed on it. This was before the show was actually made, and he was giving me the gist of it. I couldn’t help but feel however he just HATED the idea of associating with a show in Montana, that his attitude was exactly like that of the mentioned executive.

      He claims he has no regrets about passing on the show. I actually believe him because he hates the deplorables so much, he couldn’t handle attaching his name to something that may not portray them in a horrible light every moment. Based on his body of work, I know this to be true. He basically punched his career in the balls for the time being because he didn’t want to produce a show whites may like. Yet another example of how deep this sickness in these people can run.

      • I should add, he *was* a close acquaintance for two decades, but this general attitude from Hollywood has definitely caused us to fracture over the past several years.

    • Having spent some years among the coastal shitlibs, mostly east coat limo liberal variety (or wanna be limo liberal) I can attest that the HBO vp’s expressed sentiments are rather mild compared with much of what I was exposed to.

      The east coast limo liberal (and attendant wanna bes) being a distinct species from the west coast granola commie space cadet liberal, it is important to make that distinction

      • My experience is that east coast liberals are more arrogant, west coast liberals more entitled.

    • Yellowstone was never a “pro white” or conservative show; quite the contrary. Like Mad Men, the cast is all white so white people like to watch it and imagine it’s on their side or something.

      Don’t forget Kevin Costner’s “Dances With Wolves.” That was part of the early 90s new phase of hate-whites.

      • Oh, I don’t know.

        One of the big ideas I get from it are,”mess with whitey, (The Duttons), push them and push them, they go Roman.

        If you watch the show, they give absolutely no quarter.

        My favorite scene is when John Dutton and his son Casey are discussing what to do to a group that kidnapped Casey’s son.

        (He was recovered)

        Casey: “What are we gonna do?”

        John, “We’re gonna kill ‘em son”.

        He said it without any hesitation.

        And kill every last one of them they did.

  8. “ For the radicals of fifty years ago, republican virtue was a bus they rode to power. ”

    Yep, the Rep’s made the appeal to the “better angels of our nature”—they always did like to quote Lincoln. The radicals, being more practical, always bet on “…the evil that lurks in men’s hearts…” Mark 7:21

    Solution? More scripture, less modern gobbledygook.

  9. “The lawful should have done what was necessary to physically remove the radicals from society.”

    If Whisreal ever comes into existence, that is a lesson that must be remembered. In fact, it may be the most important of all lessons. Leftist radicals cannot be tolerated. If allowed to operate freely within any society, they will inevitably destroy it. When they are spotted, they must be crushed. Defining “Leftist radical” is the tricky part. But then, definitions always are. Doesn’t mean you throw up your hands and give up.

    PS–American conservatives were entirely ill equipped to understand the New Left radicals that emerged in the second half of the 60s. They were so fixated on relatively harmless mainline liberals and well known communists that they completely ignored the venemous and evil new vipers that slithered from the bulrushes. Fatal mistake.

      • A favorite punishment of the commies, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

      • Compsci: Then they become agitators and political ‘refugees’ elsewhere and continually cause trouble. They need to be ended permanently.

        • I favor prison islands in the Aleutians. Drop them off and allow no fossil fuels to be imported, only food, tools and “alternate energy”- but without any subsidies. Let them live by socialist principles – the wealthy will provide for the thugs, all to be shared equally.

        • A dire precedent.

          But do you want to be the passenger or the crew chief on the helicopter ride.

          Alea jacta est…

        • @3g4me

          You’re speaking my language with them. Permanent removal is the only thing that should ever be considered.

    • I think about this a lot. In the unlikely event that we can salvage some part of our civilization and form some kind of breakaway nation or nations the question of “how do we avoid repeating the events of 1968 – the present?” must be answered. Starting off with the right people is important of course but it’s a necessary and not sufficient condition for creating a new society. Our society was full of the “right people” in 1968 after all and still went down this road. I wonder if there might be something to be learned from Russia here. They get a lot of bad press for being “authoritarian” but is the Russian recipe something to look at more seriously? Indeed, what is that recipe and can it be reproduced without cloning Putin, Medvedev, and a bunch of other people over there?

      • The problem isn’t so much the system as the people running it. I know it’s tiresome to blame the Bronze Age Cult for everything, but where would we be if they and Homo Africanus were not among us? The recent Japan v. Alabama comparison is interesting – aside from the fact that the measures they used for “GDP” or “wealth” were highly suspect, where would you rather live (assuming no language barrier)?

        What a majority White nation needs to overcome is its White Man’s Burden, or White Guilt Complex. Seems the influence of mass media really kicked it into high gear.

        • Let’s say we were 100% white or reasonably close to that in the 1960s. You can name any number of European nations for whom that was true then, and look at them now.

      • Importation of cheap labor to the benefit of the wealthy has been at the root of much disaster. Not just slavery, but also the immigration of the early 1900s, which bought a lot of anarchists and bolshevik khazarians – and ended about the time of the wall street bombing. BS will go on until the wealthy and powerful suffer of it.

        I favor free markets, but i’d be totally ok with a 100% wealth tax/ fines on our current ruling class monopolists – maybe it’s becoming possible to “reach across the aisle” and turn the left’s thug class against the uber-wealthy?

        • The more likely form is a movement by the left’s thug class to “tax the rich” which will find little resistance among the right – they’d be eating their own, to an extent which many on the right would enjoy, rather than oppose.

        • I’m all for steeply progressive taxes with very few deductions. Make them bleed, if they know hardship then they may learn. If not, let them know complete and utter poverty.

    • One of Ayn Rand’s lesser-known works: “The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution.” (1971). I don’t recall reading the book. But merely from the title, one might infer that Rand had a bit of insight into the problem.

  10. The Leftists are right; anyone who gives up power to their enemies in the name of “freedom” is a fool. Power is to be wielded or it shall be lost.

    I don’t want “democracy” either.

  11. The near uniform hatred reporters channel towards Greenwald, Hersh, Taibbi, Assange, even the semi-carny act O’Keefe, etc is just a manifestation of their envy…and their shame.

    Actual reporting can still be done. But it takes guts. The vast majority of them aren’t up for it; when they look in the mirror, I think most of them hate what they see.

    It’s SUPPOSED to be a dishonorable profession…earn someone’s trust, then betray them. Then do it again. By making it nice, neat, and sanitary (by re-reading government issued talking points), they’ve betrayed the essence of what they’re supposed to be.

  12. There are signs of resistance: Massachusetts middle schooler (((Liam Morrison))) wore a t-shirt saying “there are only two genders”.
    School administrators Carolyn Lyons and Heather Tucker ordered (((Liam))) to remove t-shirt.
    (((Liam’s))) lawyers (((Andrew Beckwith))) and (((David A. Cortman))) said the order violated the student’s First Amendment rights and his Fourteenth Amendment rights, but US District Judge Indira Taiwani said the violations have not been proven.

    • We have a district judge named Indira Taiwani. That strikes far closer to the root of our problems. Can we ever return to normalcy if a female sub-con sits in judgment?

      • Incidentally, wasn’t there an Old Testament prophet by the name of Liam? Habakkuk’s nephew, I believe…

    • Sure you have those triple parentheses properly deployed?

      I might also suggest the usefulness of triple brackets – thusly, [[[Indira Taiwani]]] – connoting a non-heritage Amerikan of a different ethnicity than that indicated by triple parentheses, but indicative of another ingredient to be increasingly found seasoning the “melting pot” of Amerika.

      • A great idea- and gotta admit, when the Koz shoots, the Koz scores!

        The best comedy really is slightly insulting. Zing!
        Da zinger wit da stinger.

        • No, wait-
          Actually, since the parentheses are Aryan/
          Africanus Erectus hybrids, and the brackets are Aryan/
          Australoid Aborigine hybrids…

          I’d use the time machine and tell the Neanderthal, “Ugg, you missed a few. Go back and get them all!”

          (Really. Since my faith tells me Nature’s God is an ecosystem at work, and phylogeny an unfolding series of function, I say the Neanderthal purpose was to wipe out the obsolete archaic forms that delay the next unfolding of the ladder.

          Might we do the same to the failed hybrids, spiteful mutants, and crooked gene Bidens in our times.)

      • Anna’s a member of the tribe, thus I suspect the parentheses are supposed to ironically illustrate the lack of trouble making Yids in this story.

  13. The removal of Nixon was clearly an intelligence coup. He was elected just two years prior, winning the popular vote by 23%. Then a naval intelligence officer with no journalistic experienced served as a mouthpiece for a high level FBI “informant”, regurgitating details of the Watergate break-in, which was committed without Nixon’s knowledge by several people with ties to the CIA. He was replaced by an insider who had served on the Warren Commission, which was probably a cover up the CIA assignation of JFK.

    • “The removal of Nixon was clearly an intelligence coup.”

      It was an FBI coup. Mark Felt was Deputy Director and and was pissed at Nixon for not appointing him Director.

      The FBI had been a corrupt snakepit since it’s inception.

    • Nixon’s crime was ending the Vietnam ATM.

      No, not just weapons.
      Drugs. The CIA ran the Golden Triangle from Yunnan (China)/Shan Burma toThailand to Laos/Camodia. The CIA’s largest operation, the Indonesian Civil War, the one Barry Soetero’s mother and grandmother were involved in (funding, and organizing), was to gain gatekeeper banks for laundering black ops money.

      The CIA, with Frank Wisner’s Office of Policy Coordination since 1948, began a series of covert actions to rescue French Intelligence’s control of the trade and the region in French Indochina. Vietnam itself was a war to save French drug turf from Ho Chi Minh nationalists. (The Minh, then Cong, were also as nasty a bunch as the Ukrainian Azov Banderistas.)

      Note also, that the Soviets and Maoists were fighting over the same turf; indeed Mao made opium illegal- the first emperor to do so!- that the profits from his Vietnamese acreage might exceed anything Chang Kai-Shek and FDR made with their far-flung opium network.

      Drugs have long been the primary fund for political revolutions, secret wars, and spy networks. Alcohol made illegal is what funded the Sanhedrin takeover of WASP USA. Indian opium was what they offered to the Han nationalists who sought to throw off the Mongol yoke.

      The French, or should I say the (((French))), Nathan Rockeller’s crypto clan, had been using the trade to control Indochina since the 1880s; this was of a piece with HSBC, the “investment” bank that poured Sasoon opium profits into thousands of businesses, railroads, ports, warehouses in Asia since the Opium Wars of the 1850s.

      Those profits were also the investment capital that built Industrial Revolution America, Britain, and France. Colonization itself was a legacy of the Spice Wars, the 400-year age of pirates, sailing ships, and resource discoveries.

      Goldman-Sachs and Blackrock/Vanguard are direct heirs of our clever Fellows and their joint-stock East India Companies and Rockefeller limited-liability umbrella corporations. Financialization has ever been their tool since they turned their slave trade profits into Dark Age caravans for Viking furs and Muslim silver, and then war loans to European and Persian kings; from war loans to income taxes since the Spanish-Dutch war over Austria. (Actually, ever since the Mesopotamian temples were built.)

      But this is not to harp on our “Fellow-whites”; no, I would point fingers at the White kings, courtiers, and gangsters who eagerly seize the tempting fruit proffered before them.

      Greed and crime have built the modern age; will Nature’s only solution to reckless growth and war, incentivized by criminal greed, be a forest fire?

    • I’ve never explored the Watergate affair. But having grown up in the DC ‘burbs during those and later years, one of the most stimulating local “conspiracy theories” was that that what was really going on at Watergate was not a bungled burgary of a psychiatrist’s office to get dirt on Sen. Eagleton, if I recall the official story correctly. No, the rumors had it, actually there was some form of honey pot trap, perhaps hookers, to compromise various powerful officials. I’m not sure who ran it. CIA, FBI maybe. Perhaps in the early 1970s that might have worked for blackmail. Nowadays, I suspect most men in power would just laugh in your face if you threatened to “expose” them.

  14. In the words of Muslim fundamentalist terrorists worldwide “democracy is a train we get on and then get off when we reach the right stop.” This goes to show that both islamic terrorists and the current left wing have more functioning brain activity than anyone in the “mainstream” right. The same right that’s getting behind laws that protect Alicia from getting fired over her corn rows in some vain hope that a tear comes to Alicia’s eye, and realizing she’s been voting wrong her entire life, votes for Greg Abbot’s replacement.

  15. Watching the unhinged reaction to Trump’s election from all sides is what finally pulled the blinders off my eyes. As we know the establishment went nuts, he was not considered part of the “in crowd” which served to make me realize that The Deep State is real & has existed @ least since WWII. They took out Kennedy then railroaded Nixon; guess they figured they better not assassinate two POTUSs within ten years.

    It’s sad & earth-shattering when you realize that the country & the ideas you were sold growing up have all been a lie.

    • On paper, the left could have just sat 4 years out and found a better candidate for 2020. Instead, in her concession speech, Hillary began casting the first RussiaGate pearls before the public – a scheme that was already pretty far along in the works at that point, with Obama’s obvious blessing. It sounded so nutty and random that she referenced Russia at all that day, but in retrospect, the Est was so far gone by 2016, that a complete takeover is all they would settle for.

      In other words, they had felt so confident of Hillary’s installation and the transition to One Party State goal under Hillary that they had no contingency plans. By the time there was the slightest chance of losing, they were completely committed to a hostile takeover, no holds barred. The country has been hijacked. It really was the Flight 93 Election, but not in the way what’s his name at Claremont meant.

      • Furthering your point, Trump was very liberal before he ran, and governed as a moderate Republican. They could have easily waited 4-8 years, and his legacy would have been a speed bump easily reversed. The fact that they no longer care about popular opinion shows how confident they are in vote rigging.

        • Trump’s first SOTU he campaigned on building a wall and increasing legal immigration with a points based system. The only countries with worse immigration than America are AUSCANZUK and our points system.

          Yes the regime could have easily let him win on a meaningless wall and opened the borders even more at the same time.

  16. Ok, I will chomp down – and share my extra special ‘Nixon’ memory.

    When I was a kid, in the before time when we were allowed to roam outdoors on our bikes, my family had a babysitter. As in great looking (to my around 10-year-old eyes but we know 10-ish is now equivalent to 27), about 19. Anyway, what I remember, in addition to riding up to her neighborhood to casually happen to see her, was that she ALSO worked as a volunteer on the 1972 Nixon campaign.

    Somewhere I have a lapel pin, still, “Nixon Now.” Maybe even a bumper sticker, that she gave me.

    Girl next door looks, friendly, and a Nixon volunteer. Now, only ugly women shill for politicians.

    If I was of voating age then, she would have had my vote for the devil, let alone Richard Nixon.

    • Man, that brings back mamories. Back when I was 4 or 5 years old, I had this baby sitter named LaVonne. She was maybe 17 and totally voluptuous. Even as a li’l shaver I could see that. Never checked her politics, though, but this was the early 70s, so she may well have plumped–so to speak–for Tricky Dick.

      • Having hot girl teen babysitters must have been a 70s thing. I had several myself, especially after my parents divorced in 1975.

        Nixon is my first political memory. While watching Saturday morning cartoons they would break for “In the News” with reporter Christopher Glenn and they mostly covered Watergate which I had no interest in at the time.

        I really enjoyed listening to the Nixon Tapes on YouTube. He was very smart and had a genuine interest in all the trends happening in society. Of all the Presidents in my lifetime be would have been the best to have an interesting conversation with.

      • Bear with me here, I’ll make this work…

        Some years ago, one of my friends, an excellent pianist with whom I played some really good chamber music, recounted a story. He had been roped into judging a musical talent competition. One of the contestants was a big, zaftig jewish girl in a low-cut dress who had elected to sing a then obnoxiously popular song by Andrew Lloyd Webber from his musical, Cats. Friend David had a very hard time not laughing when the girl started singing in her nasal, NY accent what sounded for all the world like, “Mammaries, all alone in the moonlight”.

  17. “the lawful can never deal lawfully with the unlawful. That was the mistake fifty years ago. The lawful should have done what was necessary to physically remove the radicals from society. Instead, they thought their loyalty to the law would be enough.”

    Yes. Now, they do the same with loyalty to the colorblind society whose letter of the law is hyper aware of color and is entirely based upon color consciousness, and to St. MLK. They are falling all over themselves to enjoin us to celebrate Juneteenth and have it be an extension of July 4th. Do not make that mistake. No sooner did Hawley do that, then an angry black guy showed him that this display of fealty is not enough. Sadly, Hawley is running around casting himself as the champion of restoring the vigor, virility and vitality of the American man. Looks like another impotent Jordan Peterson type to me.

    Great post Z-Man. Absolutely great post. For us here, whenever one our supposed champions shows that they do not understand the iron rule of reality that Z-Man points out today, like Hawley groveling for Juneteenth for black votes he will never get, consider them dead and useless to us. Our champions are out there. Strengthen yourself, strengthen your resolve, and emerge as one of them, or help one who is emergent.

    P.S. To the white billionaire who didn’t want any whites to get the opportunity to ride on his sub-sea Titanic exploration trip – especially, “50 something white men” I say: Thank God no white men were there to help you and if Karma were real, not a single white man would lift a hand to go below sea and dig out your corpse. We curse you and we spit on your grave, and when we get to the other side of our salvation, the only mention of you will be that we survived traitors like you and re-introduced shame and castigation of any who openly despise and discriminate against our people and death to those who actively undermine our folk.

    Toleration of these traitors is over!!!! We are finished with this and we are not going to take it anymore!!!!

    • “the lawful can never deal lawfully with the unlawful.”

      The plot of every great cowboy movie.

      • Mustache Man, in his famous book about his struggle:
        “Terror cannot be overcome by the weapons of the mind but only by counter−terror.”
        And later: “…violence is broken only by violence and terror by terror.”
        And even later “…only terror is capable of smashing terror…”
        I quit searching about 2/3 of the way through the book.

        I believe his boys were being preyed upon by thugs and eventually they returned the favor. Reprehensible as much of his philosophy was, I do believe he was on the right tracck in this one respect.

      • Umm…they already did.
        It’s called the mainstream media.

        How ’bout demonstrable lying is malicious intent to harm?

    • “the lawful can never deal lawfully with the unlawful”

      I wonder if Z Man was implying that this is an ideal to which we should not aspire.

      I think most of us want to live in a rule-based society when possible. Maybe the point is that there are cases where we must suspend the rule of law, like when Rome acepted a dictator.

      • FDR’s agency heads were originally called “dictators”, until the PR people decided that maybe didn’t put them in their best light.

    • “Looks like another impotent Jordan Peterson type to me.”

      Jordan Peterson is by far the most commonly-cited source of redpilling amongst people I’ve met in person.

  18. White pill:

    Turns out the CEO of the sub company exploring the Titanic who went missing along with customers who paid 250k for the privilege was proud of not hiring 50 year old white guys with relevant experience. He wanted younger, “more inspirational” employees. He did fire one old white guy for raising safety concerns.

      • I have to admit: I laughed at the Stonetoss cartoon. 🤣

        That said, the hubris is/was strong in Stockton Rush, to the point he ignored safety concerns, valid safety concerns it may sadly turn out, because it appears “He knew better”.

        From the article:

        “A few months after Lochridge’s dismissal, the company published a blog post that laid out its reasons for not having Titan certified by the American Bureau of Shipping or a similar organization.

        “The vast majority of marine (and aviation) accidents are a result of operator error, not mechanical failure,” it reads. “As a result, simply focusing on classing the vessel does not address the operational risks. Maintaining high-level operational safety requires constant, committed effort and a focused corporate culture – two things that OceanGate takes very seriously and that are not assessed during classification.”

        In 2019, Rush gave an interview to Smithsonian magazine, in which he said: “There hasn’t been an injury in the commercial sub industry in over 35 years. It’s obscenely safe, because they have all these regulations. But it also hasn’t innovated or grown—because they have all these regulations.””

        Chesterton’s Fence, the engineering edition.

        • “Corporate culture”, eh? Well, if this doesn’t inspire maximal confidence, what will?

        • “The vast majority of marine (and aviation) accidents are a result of operator error, not mechanical failure.”

          Speaking of failure, here is a failure of logic. The historical safety record is irrelevant. If your particular sub is mechanically unsound, it doesn’t matter how safe other commercial subs have been or how good your crew may be. There remains a dramatically increased chance of mechanical failure and subsequent death.

          • Nonsense. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that it’s dishonest to assume the new vaccine you propose to put in Phase II trials is as safe as one from half a century ago. It’s called a “vaccine,” after all. (And yes, they routinely make such tenuous comparisons in medical trials.)

    • I’ve been a certified scuba diver since the tender age of 12. My father – a submariner & US Navy diver – instilled in me respect for the elements & especially the depths; there is no way in hell anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have agreed – let alone pay $250k for – to submerge to 12,500ft in the open ocean in a structurally uncertified fiber vessel with no emergency life support systems & untethered to a mother ship.

      Perhaps Darwin was right after all. If they’re dead it’s no one’s fault but their own.

      • According to my schoolgirl math, 12,500 ft =12,500/12/12= 86.8 cubic feet of water times 62.58 (lbs per cubic feet)= 5,223 pounds of pressure per square inch of hull.
        I’d want to see it tested.
        I’d want to see the tester tested.
        I’d have someone look at the tester tester.
        tldr NFW.

    • From the lawsuit between the fired engineer, Lochridge, and OceanGateL

      Lochridge was told that no form of equipment existed to perform such a [hull] test, and OceanGate instead would rely solely on their acoustic monitoring system that they were going to install in the submersible to detect the start of hull break down when the submersible was about to fail.
      16. Lochridge again expressed concern that this was problematic because this type of acoustic analysis would only show when a component is about to fail—often milliseconds before an implosion—and would not detect any existing flaws prior to putting pressure onto the hull.

      So, so sad some billionaires and diversity fetishists are deceased. Wonder if the acoustic monitor pinged.

      • Are you implying that this “sub” was never tested before this deep dive? I know nothing of the incident, but assumed someone got into the damn thing before going commercial and selling “rides” to the public. Hell, they even test carnival rides this way after assembly—you built/assembled it, you take the first ride.

      • I’m no mechanical engineer, but that method of monitoring sounds even dumber than a guy I know who dropped five figures on custom axles without sending the vendor a detailed spec and drawing package.

    • The submersible fuck-up is a metaphor for the elites who run our society, and it is terrifying. Here is a CBS video from last year about the sub, and some of the safety concerns. Entirely worth the watch.

      I can’t believe how stupid and childish these people are. Everyone, including the reporter. The only serious people in the entire thing are the university scientists.

      The rich chick crying about the Titanic and obsessing about it for 30 years is ridiculous. So are the adults dressing up like four-year-olds waiting for a break in the weather. That is feminized Western society for you.

      I’m really, really concerned about the childish stupidity and narcissism of our social elites. Everything a is a big fucking game to them, serious concerns are casually dismissed by snide jones and laughter. Nothing is serious.

      I DGAF if they kill themselves but I don’t want them controlling social policies that could get me killed.

      • Is that Jane Pauly? Yeesh, being a court stenographer really is like a government job. Reminds me though of recently seeing an episode of Wheel of Fortune for the first time in decades and seeing the same people hosting as when I was a little kid, and I’m not young. Can you imagine the science that goes into Vanna White to keep her presentable for TV? She’s probably like Lenin in his tomb: mostly wax.

      • “I’m really, really concerned about the childish stupidity and narcissism of our social elites. Everything a is a big fucking game to them, serious concerns are casually dismissed by snide jokes and laughter. Nothing is serious.”

        I sometimes wonder if the everyday members of the populations of the Western world exist as real people rather abstractions to our out of touch elites. Maybe society is just something akin to the ultimate version of “Sim City” to the elite.

    • Schadenfreude in spades. However, we might not want to snigger too much. Won’t be long before Quan’Shavi’us and Timw’anik’ia are manning the cockpits of all the airliners and they begin smashing into one another in the air over major airports. Air Hutu reads better than it lives. Or dies.

  19. It was a fait accompli that Hunter would get a slap on the pee-pee, don’t do it again. It shows how degenerate the ruling class is that they think letting him off with a sternly-worded warning will make Joe Normie believe that justice has been done. I think it’s a miscalculation of epic proportions.

    I think it’s a massive red pill to millions that the system always protects its own, especially when compared to what’s coming for Trump unless he drops out of the race. They seek to lock him up for life for declassified document “mishandling” while letting Pence and “The Big Guy” skate on much the same offense.

    Meanwhile, Hunter is part of an organized criminal bribery scheme and he’ll get off on a nothing-burger misdemeanor, not to mention the laptop filled with evidence of bribery, child sexual abuse and other crimes that was conveniently buried by the social media oligarchs.

    Their calculation is that Joe Normie will go back to his grill, salute the flag, vote for DeSantis and keep sending his kids off to war to fight and die in hellholes to enrich godless servants of Satan while they rig the votes in the key states and maintain our status as a one-party state devoted to sexual deviancy, worship of blacks, the destruction of white, western civilization and obliteration of Russia.

    I hope they’ve miscalculated and if they have, things could get very interesting in a hurry.

    • just too much contrast with how the j6 people and trump have been treated by the “justice” system.

    • I wish you were right, but I fear normie will never wake up until the complimentary deliveries of canned sunshine arrive from the Borei-class subs parked off both coasts.

      • There will be no canned sunshine – nuclear bombs don’t exist, remember?

        No sunrise in the west – no deadly radioactive fallout – no nuclear winter. Just all a huge scam. Theory but not reality. Do we not think that if they existed it would have happened long before now?

        • Is it all just a post-testing scam like “Saddam’s phantom WMDs”?

          Perhaps the tritium ran out, or it’s deemed too expensive to do atomic bomb tests.

          Perhaps, they’re nearly all duds now, mere shell casings meant to keep us scared of the Dimona “Jericho Option” (a tiny country of scammers threatening that every major capitol is in range of their super-secret “400 missles”.
          A bluff, in other words.)

          • Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been raided prior to Aug. 1945 – look at photos of Tokyo after incendiary raids then compare Hiroshima after Aug. 6. The USAAF had plastered the Japanese relentlessly with air superiority and burned the cities. But in order to “end the war and save countless lives lost to invasion” …

            BTW – don’t you think both Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have a huge circle of glass at ground zero? Or maybe I misunderstood the “power” of the weapon.

    • The audience for the Hunter show isn’t normal American men. It’s single women, non-whites, and alphabet people. They are all, in their various ways, animalistically aroused by open corruption.

      Whoever decided that Hunter would be the face (etc.) of Washington criminality has deployed the most brilliant op I’ve ever seen. The average Democratic voter WORSHIPS him—and through him, the regime. And the right is constitutionally incapable of talking about him in a way that doesn’t cause “tingles.”

      It’s genius.

      • Excellent insight. I’m most familiar with “psychology” via Nietzsche’s 19th century view of it. His idealized man was a “free spirit,” a man who lives by his own values, not the morals of society. Hunter probably wasn’t exactly what Herr Fritz had in mind but let’s play with it for a bit. In medieval terms, Hunter is minor nobility. In a decadent® time. I’ll admit I haven’t checked his early life but just from reading the news, we know he’s sired a son by a strip club dancer, as well as having drug and hooker habits. His reputed business connections for profit does show some business skills. I speculate that he really does create his own rules to live by, not because he rejects society’s so much as that he has lived a life where he is insulated from consequences. In that he is hardly alone.

    • That’s a dam’ good summary of where we are today. You’ve wrapped it all up in a tidy package and placed a pretty bow on top. The contents of the package, alas, are a core of plutonium encrusted with a 5-inch layer of jackal shit.

    • If you can consistently write like that, have you considered a Substack gig? (Meaning this as a compliment.)

  20. I like Erdogan’s version:

    “Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.”

    The Sixties radicals gleefully destroyed the system to change it. Now they want status quo ante and seem not able to maintain it. They must think to themselves, “trust no one under 60.” They will all be dead soon enough, hopefully not in a nuclear holocaust they provoked. Their successors seem like even less likely to keep the abomination intact.

    • Jack – the 60’s radicals were all about “standin’ up to The Man” until they became “The Man” then demanded unfettered obedience.

  21. “For the radicals of fifty years ago, republican virtue was a bus they rode to power. They made those arguments because they thought they would work. Once in power, they got off the bus and climbed aboard the authoritarian bus.”

    Homage from Zman to Erdogan, who said the quiet part out loud. The bus they rode to power was the hard work and gullibility of normie whites.

  22. There was a fun article on Fox News (I know) that talked about some rapper named Kodiak Black who got 3 years for the same gun charge as HB.

    The R’s would be smart to stoke this flame to show everyone that “democrats are the real racists”.

    Anyways, spot on analysis that this plea is purely to bury the lead. Anyone with an IQ above 80 should be able to see this. The problem is they don’t want to.

  23. I just recently read about the influence peddling done by FDR’s kids with the full knowledge and support of their parents. They make Hunter Biden look like, well an incompetent crackhead by comparison. All this would have been within living memory and widely known by the major players in government during the Nixon years. The newspaper industry has always been a joke, everyone in power knew they would make up whatever suited them. Was TV news the big driver here? The public during this era seems to have been easily manipulated by TV news. Was there a fear they had to go along or they would get crushed in the press and turned into pariahs?

    • Barnard: “Was TV news the big driver here?”

      Meyer Lansky is widely believed, by many historians, to have been the wealthiest man of the 20th Century.

      And Henry Morgenthau ran the entirety of the US gubmint for more than a decade [to include creating the Eisenhower phenomenon plus overseeing the Patton assassination].

      However, I would argue that, in destroying Philo Farnsworth, David Sarnoff was the moast important Sanhedrin to emerge in arguably two millennia.

      More important even than Lord Rothschild.

      Sarnoff pwned the 20th Century.

      Ta1mudvision simply obliterated all other forms of media.

      In that respect, Jack Welch’s steadfast refusal to wield NBC as a counterweight to the Frankfurt School’s saturation poisoning of the culture has to make Welch the most reprehensible traitor of the 20th Century.

      Welch, and, I suppose, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

      PS: Obligatory TRIPLE PARENTHESES for (((Mark Felt))) as “Deep Throat”!!!

      Mark Felt, Lisa Page, Lois Lerner, Ron Rosenstein, Merrick Garland, etc etc etc: Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

  24. I’m confused. Did anyone expect something different?

    As Z has mentioned, the rule of law is long gone, at least for the ruling class. I figured that Hunter’s case would be decided on Joe’s standing with the ruling class. If he was still in good favor, Hunter would get off. If not, Hunter would be get some jail time.

    Looks like the ruling class still wants Joe around. Of course, they can always pull out evidence against Joe or Hunter anytime that they want if they decide to get rid of him.

    Regardless, at the top level, it’s the rule of men, not laws. Indeed, that the case for anything of interest to the regime. The rule of law still applies for matters that don’t impact them, but as soon as something becomes important to them, the rule of men takes over.

    • Exactly. This was a triple bank shot for the Regime.

      1) Flex on grillers by showing Regime favorites are untouchable
      2) Loudly display that the next four years will witness unprecedented looting and grifting, because Biden will now have to share with the other pigs
      3) Proclaim that they, and only they, will decide who comes next and that they will run a corpse for President who will get 95 million votes if they so choose

      • Captain Willard: “they will run a corpse for President who will get 95 million votes if they so choose”

        Not all that long ago [maybe within the last year?], Andrew Anglin posited a theory which held that the goyim wouldn’t believe some new cultural phenomenon could occur in meatspace unless first the goyim had been conditioned by ta1mudvision and/or the j00vies into accepting the phenomenon as being possible in meatspace.

        I.e. only after having had the idea staged for them in ta1mudvision or j00vie storytelling could the goyim then accept the idea in meatspace pseudo-reality.

        And the argument could be made that the two j00vies, “Weekend at Bernie’s” [1989], and “Dave” [1993], were created to begin conditioning the goyim to accept a meta-farce such as the Biden presidency.

        Circa 1989 to 1993 would have been the formative years of Gen-X and the earliest of the Millennials, who are precisely the folks who should have rioted in 2020 [against the election steal], but who, instead, were apparently psycho-sociologically conditioned into simply not giving a damn.

        Remember, the Frankfurt School thinks long term, in epochs measured not by mere decades or centuries, but moar in terms of MILLENNIA.

        And I suspect there’s a great deal of Truth in Anglin’s theory.

        First you condition the goyim psychologically to the idea of living lives as slaves, then you enslave them in physical meatspace as ackshual slaves.

      • @Captain:

        4) It highlights the complete impotence and utter irrelevance of the Republican Party when it is not directly complicit with the Regime.

        I even encounter Grillers complaining now. They follow up by Grilling Harder, but long as there is something to throw on the fire…Grill Harder.

    • It may sound Con, Inc.-ish, but it is true: much if not most of the United States’ prosperity was predicated on Rule of Law, specifically equal application and the enforcement of contracts. As that goes away, so will the wealth for most of us. Yes, China, but it actually does enforce contracts and keep to its word in the financial realm vs. the GAE. Poverty is the future and despotism is the present.

      • I’d suspect that our rulers would prefer to have the rule of men only apply in their world and in a targeted manor for the rest of us.

        Without the rule of law, everything breaks down. Even Biden doesn’t want every drug-addicted guy getting off. He wants the rule of law for everyone but HIS son. Same with taking bribes, etc.

        The problem, of course, is that once the rule of law is abandoned, even for just one person, it’s hard to keep the people on board. More importantly, it’s hard to keep other members of the ruling class on board.

        If Biden and son can get away with all of this, why can’t Trump’s son take bribes. Then senators start thinking the same thing. Then, congressmen think the same thing. Then, state senators. Then, state reps. Then the dog catcher.

        The Clintons showed that you could be a crook – in the open – and get away with it. Now, the rest of Washington is getting in on the act. If it’s not stopped, it will move down to the state level and then the local level.

        If the country was still 90% white, the people would eventually put a stop to all of this. Whites just don’t do well with the uncertainty of the rule of man. But the country is more and more non-white, and arbitrary rules and the ignoring of rules fits their nature perfectly.

        What will white GrillerCon do when he sees corruption on a daily basis even in his own little suburb?

        • “What will white GrillerCon do when he sees corruption on a daily basis even in his own little suburb?”

          Grill harder.

          • Hey, Burt. The temps on yer pork butt ain’t risin’ fast enough. Whyncha crack open the vent and stoke them coals some more? Gotta grill harder, bud, if you wanna put the Donald back in the White House.

        • Citizen: That corruption has been occurring on a daily basis in every little suburb for years now, but Joe and Jane GrillerCon remained blind to it. The non-White mayor of a majority White town? The juice head of the schoolboard in the Christian suburb? Even now, when the occasional White woman protests the lowering of standards (steadfastly supported by her Asian allies, of course) or the trannie agenda, she feels buoyed by not only righteous indignation but also ’empowerment.’ And the crusading White mom likely supported the internment of those who refused the clotshot.

          In reality, of course, she is pissing on the tip of the iceberg ( So then she’ll vote harder, until the trannies demonstrate in front of her house, her kids are harassed daily in school, and her husband’s job is threatened. And meantime, ConInc. will tell her how trannie rights are human rights and an integral part of ‘our democracy,’ and she’ll fold.

          • Trying to get, out of muh mind, the imagery of GrillerCon Karen removing her underwear, pulling up her skirt, squatting over the ice, and making yellow snow…

        • “What will white GrillerCon do when he sees corruption on a daily basis even in his own little suburb?”

          They will vote harder.

        • “What will white GrillerCon do when he sees corruption on a daily basis even in his own little suburb?”

          Then GrillerCon will die. And be replaced by Gen Z, mestizos, Nigerians etc. Gen Z will have too few kids to bother naming what their subsequent generation will be.

          • The generation after Generation Z will be Generation Omega — The Final Generation.

      • Rule of law, to the extent that our country approximated that in the past, was a result of the northern european population.

        We are the only people who feel in our bones the desire for rule of law instead of rule by men. Most others can’t even conceptualze that and history demonstrates that.

  25. The US government is utterly and unapologetically corrupt and don’t give two s**** who knows or can see.

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  27. It’s interesting to observe how the middle-class “radicals” of the 1960s morphed into establishment figures thirty and forty years later. Of course the “radicalism” was merely a thin veneer for getting laid and getting stoned, along with going on some useless placard-waving demos and reading a little Che and a little Fanon. When that phase ended they went to business school and law school, financed by well-heeled parents, and then went on to conventional lives and careers, with some rising to political prominence. Clinton is one example. Of course a worthless p.o.s. like Biden wasn’t even a superficial radical. A good account of this morphing is to be found in John Le Carre’s “Absolute Friends.”

    • Even The Clash understood this.

      “And every gimmick hungry yob digging gold from rock and roll
      Grabs the mic to tell us he’ll die before he’s sold
      But I believe in this and it’s been tested by research
      He who f**ks nuns will later join the church”

  28. I remember the televised Watergate hearings when I was very young. They angered me because they were on when I got home from school and the cartoon I watched was cancelled. Back then, even at a young age, I could clearly see the media was very biased against him.

    • Hunter can simply submit two or three “paintings” as payment for his overdue taxes bill and fines.

    • NateG: I was a shitlib high schooler and avidly watched the Watergate hearings. Now I realize it was all theater, of course. I still hate Nixon, but for totally different reasons (Kissinger, opening to China, and the EPA).

      • The irony is that JFK was much more conservative than Nixon, and more so than any president since. Yet he is a leftist icon. Nixon was a middle of the road RINO, but had to be destroyed at all costs. Much like Trump, the swamp regime could have just waited a few years and got the same victory, but just a little later. And now we see the same with Trump. They will destroy the country and its institutions, when they are winning the long game anyway. I really detest these people.

    • Watergate is my first political memory, but I didn’t know what they were talking about and I didn’t care. My mom, OTOH (a leftwinger), watched every moment with rapt attention.

  29. You have to find White Pills wherever you can, so as to maintain some semblance of sanity. Mine is via the Dan Bongino thermometer of ConInc’s temperature. For 10 years of podcasting, his demeanor was Sunday School decorum, but now every other word is an expletive and he endlessly hurls epithets at Leftists as if they had just beat his dog to death. This unhinged divergence with prior sensibilities is my leading indicator of the panic now setting in among the insider community. He regularly calls out the Stasi as being a corrupt shill for the Deep State (ditto for DoJ) and if he is ever made God Emperor of Universe he will fire everyone in DC and their cousin too. Last, he has an involuntary orgasm every time he thinks about going to war with China and has become a full-on UFO and AI fearmonger. And yet he is still one of the more sane members of the national commentariat. This is what we’ve come to. These are the wages of never weeding the garden.

    • Wow, I’ve got to start listening to Bongino. He sounds like a train wreck in the making. Maybe the new Art Bell. Although I can’t get on board with war on China at all.

    • Bongino:
      > Hypes AI
      > Hypes UFOs
      > Lusts for war with China

      Yup. He is — and shall always remain — a fed. The hyperbolic swearing is a poorly-constructed act to gain trust and relevance with the normies who are drifting off the reservation.

      “Hello, fellow dissidents! This Deep State is awful, am I right?”

    • Bongino is in no way “con inc.”
      if he were, he’d still be at Fox, along with Tucker Carlson, who has also been kicked to the curb by con inc.
      Bongino’s style has always been surly and excitable, never
      Sunday school subtle.
      Let’s keep throwing the few solid talking heads the right has to the curb. That strategy has worked out real well hasn’t it? The left circled the wagons around the worst of the worst, while the right keeps benching the best of the best.
      It’s like taking your best generals off the battle field n war, because they win, just not the way they were told to win.

      • I don’t want Bongino off the air. That would be like disconnecting the gas gauge on your automobile. But he is not the messiah Patton that you think he is. Bongino’s foundational gospel is the vote-harder mantra, which is serving to seriously delay the day of revelation and reckoning. He is keeping normie on the couch will the promise of a miracle election and second coming. If this was the 1930s Germany, Bongino would be rallying the Jews and gypsies to stay and vote, right up until they close the doors on the boxcars.

      • The Left protects those of its own who move further to the left. The “Right” destroys those of its own who move further rightward.

        I’m not sure Bongino is relevant here, but to the extent we are “benching” Bongino it’s because he’s not a genuine DR. That is Leftist tactics, and it sure as hell worked for them.

    • the Dan Bongino thermometer of ConInc’s temperature

      Well i got a visual of that and it isn’t pretty

  30. “His son is a drug-addicted degenerate who has made tens of millions for the Biden family by selling access to and favors from his father.”

    Pssst, Z, you left out the whoremongering and bastardry.

    • That said, his biopic will be an epic rivalling “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

      • But Belfort did it on his own. HB is a moron who got played by his own father.

        Now that I think of it, I kind of feels bad for the guy. Never had a chance.

        • Agreed! But this just adds to the “pathos”….imagine the final scene in the movie when he finally figures it out…

          • Didn’t he label Joe as pedo Peter in his phone?

            Imagine how many prostitutes Hunter has probably gotten away with injuring or murdering. American Psycho is probably more close to the truth on Hunter.

            There is a video Hunter took of a shocked and frightened looking prostitute getting dressed as fast as she could without making any sudden moves, I think she was Ukrainian, and Hunter was badgering her to tell the camera that he didn’t hurt her or anyone. Over and over again. She meekly said no you didn’t hurt me or anyone. “No, no” and looking genuinely scared for her life.

    • You left out incest. That is truly a degenerate family. Even 50 years ago the whole family would have been ostracized and out of polite society. But now, well welcome to Hell.

    • “Z, you left out the whoremongering and bastardry.”

      Not to mention fucking his dead brother’s Jewish widow.

    • i think biden family’s proclivity for incest and pedophilia should be “broken out” from simple degeneracy.

  31. Steve Bannon seems to be slowly losing his mind over the fact that his brand of civic nationalism is being pounded into the mud by these radicals. The cognitive dissonance of observing the fact that the rule of law is being trashed right in your face is causes him to come unglued. Dave Clements came on his show about a month or so ago and explained why the fraudulent voting system now in place in many states cannot be overcome. Bannon seems to have digested that information…before going right back to his favorite mantra of voting the scoundrels out, calling your congressman, and inviting a parade of Jewish freaks and grifters on to explain how we are going to take down the Deep State. It really is pathetic. Most of these people are the same kind of Republicans who took Nixon down 50 years ago. They insist on the rule of law while stupidly assuming their opponents will step aside after they have been defeated in an election. Amazing gullibility.

  32. The fall of Nixon also created the narrative of the hard-nosed journalist with expert sleuthing who broke the case in the public consciousness. Once the real story is known, you realize the press were always regime hacks.

    • Oh Dear Lord In Heaven, it created at least two, if not three generations of “Journalists” who intended to Speak Truth to Power and sallied forth to Change The World! 🙄

      (Along with the annoying tendency to add the -gate suffix to any political scandal. Could we freaking drop that?)

      Once the real story is known, you realize the press were always regime hacks.

      Yup, ain’t it amazing there are barely any pictures of Wheels Roosevelt in his wheelchair when he was President?

      I liked reporters better when they were blue collar, cynical at the world, and drank and smoked themselves to death.

  33. Good take on the Biden criminal enterprise.
    I believe you misattributed to Herbert the quote mentioned. I first read it in Burnham’s Suicide of the West where he quotes a Frenchman. Still one I cite often.

    • It’s a great quote and getting the attribution right is important. I usually see it attributed to Herbert, but Burnham seems more likely to me.

      Can anyone here give chapter and verse?

      • It is one that even Orwell might have a version. I wonder who Herbert read in the political realm.

      • Can’t find the reference offhand but Herbert (and others before him) restates a guiding principle of Islam, which goes something like:

        “When you are weak, beg for mercy. When you are strong, attack.”

        The intent is to lull the infidel into taking you in, allowing you to gain strength, so you can kill him.

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