Hive Language

Back in the old days at the birth of the Internet, the place for technical people to gather on-line was the bulletin board. You dialed in with your modem and logged into a bulletin board to read posting from others and engage in debate with others of similar interests. I think the first BBS I logged into was a college football site. Not long after e-mail lists came along and then NNTP servers. This was the first “social networking” and was for nerds only. You had to know stuff to get on-line. Today, even retarded people have Facebook pages.

Now that the Hive is on-line, they have co-opted the language of the Internet. It used to be that a “troll” was someone who posted to get attention. Someone would post on a college football newsgroup, for example, that Miami was a school for thugs and drug dealers. A big argument would erupt allowing the troll to irritate a bunch of people. “Trolling” was a way to stir up trouble. Clever trolling has produced some of the most amusing bits on the Internet.

Now, the Hive has redefined the term to mean “people they don’t like.” Anyone who holds an opinion contrary to the Cult approved opinions is called a troll. Like Nazi and racist, it no longer has meaning. But, it also means the person so labeled has no meaning. So much so it can get you killed, apparently.

London (AFP) – The death of a British woman accused of a vicious campaign of online abuse against the parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann has ignited debate over the growing scourge of Internet “trolls”.

Brenda Leyland was found dead in a hotel room earlier this month after being confronted by Sky News over her alleged trolling of Kate and Gerry McCann, whose three-year-old daughter went missing in Portugal in 2007.

An investigation is ongoing, but has found no evidence of foul play or third party involvement.

Using the Twitter handle @Sweepyface the 63-year-old reportedly posted thousands of hate-filled messages about the couple.

Her name figured on an 80-page dossier compiled by members of the public cataloguing alleged abuse directed at the couple and their two other children from a long list of Internet users, which is currently being investigated by the police.

It is a trend that has been replicated the world over against high-profile figures.

Brenda Leyland was not “trolling” anyone. She was most likely a nut who was harassing people. The abracadabra phrase “hate-filled” tells you that the couple she was harassing were members of the Cult. Noticing the obvious about the Cult is always hate-filled so I’m just connecting the dots.

Think about the mindset of the people who came together to compile the dossier on the dead woman. These are the sort of people who turned in Jews to the Nazi occupiers in France.



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  1. Yeah really. That ain’t no troll, who can be sardonic, witty, mocking and show the left as emperors with no clothes. Brenda was a sick piece of work, a trashy sociopath. I wonder if she attended Westboro Baptist “Church”

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