Bros Versus Yos

Back when were allowed to notice things like race, confrontations between urban hipsters and the natives were called battles of bros versus yos. Years back in Boston, a college boy was gunned down by a yo right in front of my building. Homeboy was minding his business, driving down the road when the college boy tried to jump over the hood of his car. The college boy hit the hood of the car and rolled onto the street. A confrontation ensued and homey blasted Dylan or Brad or whatever name the college boy was given. They never found the shooter and I always suspect the cops never looked that hard. Sometimes, you have to let nature take its course.

As the Left evicts NAM’s from the cities, we’ll see more stories like this one. The fact no one notices the skin colors is part of how it will go. The SWPL’s have plenty of code words to handle this stuff anyway. Words like “sketchy” and “dodgy” have become urban SWPL slang to describe black neighborhoods. The more sarcastic may even use “diverse” and “vibrant” if they feel like they are among coevals. The main tool the Left uses to push out the undesirables is complex rules. My bet is there was never a time when the city rented the park. The hipsters pushed for a change so they could take control of the park without having to confront the locals. Zoning laws have been a popular way to do this too.

The irony of all this is within living memory the tide was running the other way in cities. In the 50’s and 60’s these city neighborhoods were populated with middle-class white people. Local officials, real estate agents and would-be landlords used block busting to shove the whites out into the suburbs. They would get one family to sell to a black family. Within months the rest would agree to sell, usually after an unpleasant confrontation at the school or park with their new neighbors. Then it would be Katy-bar-the-door time as the whites fled to the burbs. All In The Family was based, in part, on this phenomenon.

Now, the children and grandchildren of those suburban pioneers are returning the favor.